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The Golden Era Sep 2, 1893

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 9^5 <otfx
vol. in. xo jtr
$3 Per Year
are a positive euro for all cases of heiidnclie, whether
nervoiirs, bilious, or neuralgic     Sent post
free on receipt of price
25  ���T.-nti.   Vvv  Box.
ATjlT J ipj |    Mr. W. Adamsoii, of Calgary, w
���V      \  bus been working at  the Th under I
cf  El      Lb ���,'!l"' ���'unm in on Monday  night,
North Mlur.
Work"fi'us biH'ii'siispundud'fer a little
lime, but there is no knowing how soon.
Messrs.  (I.  E.   Manuel, A.   G.   *,[. !lll(l l'i"lc nuiy bo taken in hand iii-iiin.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  SIiocc,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Sto^fc  is Con-
���Qtantlj1 on hand.
Subssriptionn taken for aii  Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Hev.-3pr.p3rs and Periodiaais.
. Golden, BC,
��� ������ n . 11* ft p 1 A    A   UAH S O ET
'Sprnggo,   A.   P.   Cummins,   und  A. I ������-���'��� ij,'slil- '*'���  Hill, the oneluwr, has
Di'inigoi', nil of Doiuild were visitors |'Bivotl "s n -��-v llotos concerning tlevel-
1 bis wool:.
On  Monday  nig-hl  .Ink MoCbtinoll
uo more of the boys, judging hy
li, noiso tboy   niiidc,   were  having a
Mr, li, C, Hill, M.E., cnine.down on
list  Mondtiv's  butt
opment clone; the showing is extraordinary, anil lool well-for the future
I of silver lend miii  ' that country.
"A eross-oi itm irom 10-foot level in
main shaft out the vein 14.6 Wide,noar-
ly perpendiotilar, This is well defined
ml shews little mineral. There seems to
(Incorporated 1.17C.)
Etc, Etc
ondiir's  bun  and proceeded to , ,,, ,       , ,:'  .,    ,,,',      . ,  v   ,,
1 .    ueahorseof dioriteat this point. North
no  on Tuesday.     Mr. Hill is    r   ,   ,.,      ���   . , .    ,,-- f   . ,
1 ut shaft, vein is exposed for 2m feet by
q-eoted buck again in u few day*
two surface cuts. Vein isabottt about
Mr, Murk Dntnond, lately employed |l)0'ftwicle,oiiri-iesoaVbonates and galena,
on Ihe Calgary. Herald, was in town Tho galenn assays,70 ozs, A winzo is
this weeli on I.'uil.tL'.''v1; Kamloops where Link thirty-six f-.-otinl.iindout through
lie has secured a position on theLarbdnu'es and galena, and there is
Seiitlntl. good gaiena iii tlio'ilo'ttoin,     11J7 feet-
Mr. \V. G. Slade came back on Moil- [souib of this shaft :i drift is run across
day Irom a long trip, wilh Mr, Cuiiiii'd the vein.   The vein is (ill feet from wall
a.  plitcer export, into the St,   Mary's to wall;   nil carbonates 'and galena,
country.   Nothing of impoi'timco was There are four feet, of solid galena In
discovered so  far as we can ascertain,  foot-wufl;    T)ie vein in this winzo is
The switch connecting the train line striii'ihtoiiinjr up, and there is  from li
Prices qtiotod and sumples sup| lied on  with  tlio   Alexander block   has been  to 10 inches of sort clay-gouge in the
application. completed and the extension laid. This  foot-wall,
  week several car loads of merchandise     r"  lll(' south drift there is about 20
yn/v.t.,l    ���iinnn������   ,,,,-���.���,    <������  nave been hauled over this new systom. K1-0' (jf ���':��'lis-   Another drift is started
���~ -.Li till     ill I,o It 1> Ml   ll J �� ( .1     lit . ' i -,M    r   ,', i .1        i ���  i        -ni
Mr.  P.  Mercier, who has been fore- lu0   f""1"'1' s"""'  which  W1"   1,ave
Now ready for business, haa been newly built
and newly fbrnishei The tnblo is first class. Tlie bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
EoNeish -  Proprietor.
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
address HULSu h S B&i
Cm'y      Pn.f.-,-..;i     f).
... -,  OCI.',...' ������', Ul
man  at  tho Tliundcr Hill mine siuci
about uO feet of backs.    This drift lias
,, .    r .���        ,i not r. ..'.-iii'd llie vein vet but tliere  lire
tlio commencement of operutious there,   j       ^ tn
c.iuio i.i last week.     Mr,  Mercier pro-
poses   to   take  a   trip to   the World's
Mr. Arelilo MoMurdo
lue in from
i hi> International on Monday, bringing
se'vo'i-al   samples   of   very   promising
boulders of flout, and indication  show
; that the vein is not far off.
The ore body is proved for 400 feet,
wilh an nvorage width of about ,'10 feet
nnd tlio lowest depth  is 81 feet with
1 yood ore ou the buliom.     i0,lU0 tons
^t    ^    ^   " '" quarts! with him,     Mr. John [lender-
HUI)S,QNJ!S    BAY    C.Q.   son and Mr. Forbes also camo in from I
 ���               ��� that section, also'bringing samples.
J. G. TEMPLETON.   k'vom] ""':' ra:i,u lW" froln""���'
of smelting ore can be taken out now.
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist uud can supply
tlt'ely Sp< ft.
Several gentlemen of this town have
,.,.,.           ,,     i    .   . been out after triune this week, but the
I bund, r 11.11 mines on Monday s uout. ,                                                   '
���,,,',                   ���'.,              , , hi.; has heen small.     Ducks und geese
Work has been temporarily suspended 	
,       ,               ,,,   ."              r    , are very plentiful but. aro shv.   due of
thoro, but   we will give some   lurtli r ,.,.,'
,.   . .     r our visitors tins week  Lord  , wus
TO  liV.VXU, HBBVIIAXTS f��''''f���"���";; "ture operations ^                               ^ ^
iu our next issue,      Mr.  James Brady ,      ,   .        ,.   ,   ,                        .  ,   ,
,                     ,                        ,      .,, slough iu u utile boat auQonipaiiietl of
lins gone lo the coast in conler with
i ,    ,,      ,   ,  ,,.                  ,       , ..-, course bv his r.ll-i.     Stroke by stroke
nR'TTJ'W   the Board ol   Directors on the subjeot. ���                            ,    ,       ,
u.i.j-iu.ji, |K, proceeded io   Ins   goal,  but-those
On Wednesday morning tho Minister ,...,      ,      ,. .,  ,���       ,  ,
ilitile    lionnlies    ���' uio.i") nitos        also
__|of   Bin.  Hon, tho  Hon.  Col.   Baker. I0re    ,.il.ll,|!ltill"   .,,���,   s0  boinem\
ovnrostt,. paida visit to tbo school.     Ho found L])0 amnl8mni) ,.,���,,,,,,, to that he con-
Eaj-aaBssI   fiolilen.onlhoiiii, le of ihe Ci-iniill-in GV0,'-''thin"'   '"   ''"'  ol,VSM '""'":''   baM eluded t'.iero was only ohe goose to bo
1',,,-ilii- H.llwi.v.��,tl.s eonnei'tiun will, the recommended afewslighi nnprovuinons ���h d���      d 00nsUleret,.iiawetioa the
steam mitt u.vlpti.,11 ol thu 1 i>|i.i.,Iih. river t h��� the way of furiiiture.   Our member ,    .
tl.o iiiiiiorul u.iil coiiuiiorcli.lcontrnotEimtoi'ii - butter part of valor.
Hrltisli (oiiiinliiii: lici.ilqiiiirtoi'H ot'ilu U0I1I-'is making himself entirely ono of us
|..inlet  lor  tlie  ivnloly   Itnown    1..1.I   t,ir oincial capaoity.
7^^^,,L         C*-!     ^,^1,^                                     : I'aiiieil ,-urrici,ltiii-.-,l .-nil ura-.iiiir l.iii!  of tlio ���                                          ���      ���           The  contrnct   for  building the bos-
I1 Ol  t       v)iC ZQlG                                   Cn urn 1 a *t Kooifimy >V ova 1   uiirivh ot The R ght Rev, the Bishop of Petin-    ...       .       .         ,,,!,,
a   ^7ii, _;uv   v   iv krseenery of i.llkfi��!si ino dlstriliiiilng     ,     ���',,,,    Wi,ii ,i- ,��� i,.,.-.. 1 ��� ������,  l''u,] hn     ' " to Mr...Tas. Hender-
will ho  Pn-irifl n OTfin*-   <"i"lVP-nV,p--   ���! ��� in* it ivi'i'Iio ���   nilfl  ���1oh,ff,,rllw rlelioat mlnoral country un tlio s.'"' niaanu jus. ivniinae   nai    ..-..i                                  T       ()
Will !��'  lOlUll a gltu.   < .1 l\(  lit 1( X ,1, n\   II. tia. ( lit'.,   mill b tiiiBUt. speniiing a few  days at Field, taking    ,        -,,.,,   ,            ,        .-,.
.,,!,���,, .,���,���,;,,���   001-1+ tn   V       II Ii,Y\l��TMWP    fbi��-- 1  ' -1 !       ,                    .          ..                          about   41,000, the next   being > .0 over
OtllOl  1 epulis   sent IO    \: ,    /VliHiAAr-uJajiU, l^OjaciiU,      in the many points ol  interest which '
will l'ecpivo prompt attention. LOCVL JOTTIXGS. that  section of the  Rockies pres mis.
At  the Chtiroh  of   England services,
  , , contract of  ('..arse  lumber   will go 011
������    ... ,       ,  ,, .      . ,  hold in the Reading Room on Sunday.    , ,    . ..
The B shop of  Pdiinsylvituin passed    ,      ,,. , ,   , . ,  the same basis t
me   Btshop   preachel    morning  ami
through 011 I iiesilay. . , ....
ovenh.g to large auu itttonti.ie cougre-
Mr. Berl Mir.Int.vr3, of Roger's Pmw LRtlons who   ihoroiiffhly   appreciated
wns In town onTuiii'sdn.i. hla earnest and iusynctive seruious.
Col, Baker a...I   Mr. A. I'. Ciiniinilis
went west on Wednesday evening last,
r,!\I.. Iiniti- ivuiu.'ilta.
)on't Forgot Tho Address;
1-OYflHfiaOll S0X      ^ #
Mauuei, ^ Donald, at
Watchmaker, Jsv/eller u Optician.
ibis and  th ��� third   man  some  J.'IOO
1       ��� still.      .'. ��� labor   bus b-eu lei bv
Tlie KU'lgii Rout!.
It, is a matter of vi'ont Importance
that "a sleigh road be made into Vermont nnd MoMnrdo districts this win-
I'll'ille Schn���l Honor Unit.
The greatest number of credit marks
wero made by:
Margaret Conner in Ihe nth Class.
tor.     We trust that our ever obliging     Mary Ann Kenny
gold commissioner has culled tho at teu-
tiou of the Minister of Mines to this,
so that be will bo iu n position to sup-
Ethel Moodie
Mai le Anderson
Harold Vv llson
port the estimates necessary to cover:    The  average    nitendnnce    for  the
the expenses. | month of August wus 26,5.
T m. Raid, who was n former resident of Goldon, has bjen In ou 11 visit
this week.
We are glnd to hour that Dr, Taylor
of Ottawa bus aouoptoii the appointment off red him as House Surgeon tit
the Oolden Hospital Assochition, Ho
will left the East on ihe llOth nit.
und may beeMpcutod here on Monday
or Tuesday next,
Mr,  Oardner. C.P.R.  s irveyur bus 1
beau   i.i  town  this  week,   I ho object Imperial Institute.
,                   .being to ascertain the approximate cost Wo are ple..sod to gather from  Col.
Prom this timo on, only ono trip nl,   u.|iUi|l_,   thl.   ,.,.,,���, Horse and The Hon. James Baker, that he favors
week will  be made by tho Columbia ���������������������������   ,-,��� |hiu fl.oin  the  tie  the movement of the B.  C, minernl
Co.'s steamer.                                      L              h    mill, across  the Golden ��*lilbit from Chicago to the Imperial
.,           ,      .   ,   .          ...             .   ,] lusliliile.    Lnnilo...   us   soon   ns   llie
Harvesting Is being actively wrrM^Townsite Co.'s property.    Such u ste,., u-,)1.|,1's v.Ml.,, ,���.,,,.     Th(, (lis|l|:ly of
on in the district,  llieoropa all around j Wotil.l  make things wry   convenient Sudi a general collection i'n England
Congress Boponl. tlio Sherman Silver INtaa&ngur Mat.
I'ltrotiaae I.avv. I   August 23, up rivpr.���Messrs. Diekie, Pat-
All amendments fixing certain ratios : torsftn, Knrlier. Ppllock,lIoog.Tolloin��elio.
were rejected by large majorities and | ..DJ)W1 .rlv^'rMo*??- "'"'"^'V. CJ:..io.;,n,
1 McTnvish, Me Ivor, Adnuisuii, Fiiruey, ll.-iini-
] pre, Piirli.'i.u.iu.,
���Tohnston, tliulol
l'lillbiiitin, Louis.
would do inui'h lo make B.  C.  known
..,- Hug;   with the
rat nre descriptive of
11 he country shoal I be sent usil is sad to
....  . relate thai iu England great ignorance
] prevails conceriiing.be geography even
(ii:'i to tlie Bclimil. and resources of llritish Columbia.
Mr. P. Lang has very generotislv Ml.,(j-. B. McL��an.'who had oh.arge
Mr. P. (Hover is busily oiigagod given a boll to tlnrPulilio School, It nf the comtnercinI iiailts for the Toronto
erctiiig a boiisn for hiuiseli a little has been'fixed this week and will add: Empire, bus loft thut paper to devote
below Mr. J. F. Armstrong's.-. -     greatly to the importance of , ho premi-11"0 oiltire nine to.theCanadia.i Grocer,
"' " *  1 V- , 1    1      r 1 tho  Hard ware Merchant and the Drv
There Is lo bo a wo Idlng up country | ses.   Iso-ouo need bo lute from now on  -^ Ki,vi(,w. ^ Mj, McIj6an.jg olw of.
lire'nuking well. ',,,,,)  us the steainboals  of  the Up'|
Mr. Prank Lang has  bud his houso Columbia Co. run iu  cnujunotion with  Ul ,l'1'  "��K
pui'iii'.i ibis week, wl.'cli gives it lyuie  the groat line, profitable also.
tin imposing appearance.       . 	
Messrs. H. Cjuiinelier, .T. Hamilton.!
and P. G. Henlv. returiiod or  Mondaj
last from the Upper Country.
direct vc;*nnl enrried by a vote of ^-10 to,       .,,,.. Mn,,, .   ..m, , 	
iin'     Tl,.   ,������-<.  ��,,.��   rocivPil with i'. ". 11"���'���.IV11   ,' ''''���    "'next   week.   Ibu   luter   aniiOiiuoeiuoiH   as -judginirdroiii-th,! s,-,e, iisto.l should. ,,    Rsr wnWr!l ���;,  linniici.il und com-
110.      Ihe   news  wus   received with   |0 hm-ton, ( unite, I aim un, I'liiiiiuerteii,       ���' , .     I,    ,       ,   ...      _,,    ,,...        ..,.>'.- .,.-     ���,','   ���������  .-,;���   ,,��� ;��� ��� ���,; .���.-,- ��������� ���
,,,.,.,... . 11, 11 1    ��� I will 1-0 ul- - AU>.\ei -. obnsou.      ' - ���'��������� ���  be beai.I .ill over the-fowii-    ��� ���" inerciuTiniftters on the-Cidadliili prew,
general satisfaction 111 the oust. 1��_-. 11......... 1. �� h.uh.ui    .u. .< ���Kite (Solicit UBx'ti
Tin GOLDEN B1U i.i published evory
Saturday morning in time to catch tliu oust
and west until trains, also the mail tor the
upper country, Windermere, Port Steele etc
It ia the only advertising medium in the Ke..t
Kootenay district.
connection with  international expos!-1 liniTisii   hay.
tions, arrived iu the city from Chicago i 	
yesterday,   and wus  seen   by a   Free  The   Imperial    (.-l.-linitlou   ut    the
Press  reporter during  the afternoon. WurW's Fair.
Sir Henry, after his s x mouths' Further reports .-f the British Day
arduous labors at Chicago, looked! proceedings at tlie World's Pair suy
fugged, us indeed lie confessed he was. that Festival hull presented a brilliant
������I am off to-morrow morning to tho scene of decoration wneu IhOOO people
Slbierlption Rites: SlOO pur aniiiiin ix jSelkll'ks for some climbing, and intend  euiereil to listen to singing, music und
A Ul* A NO E.
Advertisements and changes must be iu
the u.tico not Liter than I'J .1,111, on Tliursiliiy
I" insure insertion.
patriotic nihil esses, Mayor Harrison
wn�� 011 the platform and was heartily
hissed  fur talking against the convic-
| to take a mouth's holiday."
!    '"Duyoi regard the great fair as a
;success ? "
'��� Financially, probably not; but in j tions and seiitiinoliis of .he audience.
every other way, yes.      It is a inagni-  He practically   apologized to the loyal
Advertise nout rules inildo known on uppli- i ,���,,������, gB,,|wrj���g 0[ ,,11 the world's best | Ciiiindiaiis   present lor Ills  annexation
"  work, und it bus a splendid setting,  talk on Dmiiiiiou Day.    Co.-iiuissiou-
The struntiire of tho buildings is urtis- ers Tasse, of  Quebec;   Griiiliutou, of
voiced  English   cheers  went   up   us
might   have told   those   who listened
the secret  of English  supremacy and
English  power.     As   the   noise died
away, Col. Hayes-Sadler iignin stepped ,.       , .,, ,.,���������.,     ,
, ..     ,      ,   , u    r       1    iig August  21st  were $420.000;   for
forward to the platlorm.     H)   leaned]    h
fur over, and proposed the name of the
Montreal. Aug.   24.��� The tram-! receipts of the C.P.R. for the week end-
All cudi to bo pui I to the Manager, from
who.n the Co npuny's receipt will be obtained.
T.12 Galdsn Era Publishing Companj,
Illll I Iill   CDLOIlllV   MIXRHAl.S.
. n.li 111 f'.i -lit ll All Til-it Aro Nei'lo i
to SarprU.' th,, IVorl .
Writing under date of the 8th Inst.,
the Mint real Gazette's World's Pair
correspondent thus described British
Columbia's portion of the mineral exhibit: 111 approaching the Canadian
exhibit in the Mines and Mining building from the ninth there bursts ou the
view a magnificent display of gold in
nuggets,gold dust, gold conglomerate
aud rich gold-hearing quart',. The
most striking of this guidon show is a
huge pyramid, made of model bricks
of gold iu British Columbia Irom
1858-189il, which was over i.iU 600,-
100, Near this pyramid of gold, at
tractive iu uppuurunce from the vast
amount of money il represents and
from the ingenious way Cuminissioner
C. P. Liw his taken to impress
the great gold yield of his Province
upon v' itors is a noit glass case containing nuggets and coarse gol I also
platinum, nrquerite (silver amalgam)
���all worth some -54.000. Tlio rich
specimens of gold quartz from this
Province are from different localities,
and although the auriferous depos.ls
are most widely distributed, as shown
by the finding of "color" in nearly
every creek and river, yet hit seven
districts contribute to tiie gold ipiurt/,
exhibit tliut can lie seen in ihe British
Columbia court. These districts, with
value of quartz per ton, are: Cariboo
has pyritilero'is ore, SI") |ier ton;
Lillooet. free quartz, 14i per ton: Si-
milk.iuieen. free quartz, $41 par ton;
Okauagau, free quart**, 14) |ier ton;
Trail Creek, Wast Kootenay, cupriferous refractory oyrrhotitn, 311 i*er ton ;
Nelson, free quartz, $17 per to 1; McMurdo, East Kootenay, free quartz,
113, besides lead an I copper ores. $���'���
���per ton. The product from hydraulic
and placer O'-eritioti* in 181)2 in this
Province amounted to the good round
sum of 3M2.000. derived from llie
fellow ing localities:
Cariboo  3104,000
Cassiar       2t.00ti
Yale         1)1.000
Lillooet           40,100
East Kootenay       iiO.OOO
West Kootenay       10.000
British Columbia has, also some 20
Samples of gold dust from different
localities, endi   ropi*esented   by  about
finally grand."
"Ami Gie.tt Britain upholds her
prestige at Chicago?"
" Undoubte Ily yes, in almost every
" Yon made a special effort, I believe
.0 secure a representative exhibit of
English art?"
" Yes and it is so, proving a sourco
of great attraction. England has captured most of the prizes in art."
'��� Do tlie colonies share her glory!'
"They are very well represented, in
particular. Canada and New South
Wales. The Dominion has uot lost us
opportunity and makes a very fine
show. Tue Canadian mineral exhibit
especially attracted my attention "
T'le I in 111 en a., Solium Run.
All the available copies of the News-
Advertiser of the lust two issues have
been bought up and sent forth to England. Germany and the Eastern parts
of the Dominion. Tliesu papers contained accounts of the lin.ueus.ty of
the influx of fish to the greatest salmon
river iu the world
A fe-v among the numerous readers
of (he News-Advertiser have presumed
to doubt the possibility of a steamboat
Iieing curried away by a run of fish,
und other paragraphs of tlie veracious
narrative. Reports from eye witnesses
have been sent into this office since,
lio.vovfr, that throw all the miraculous
tish tales overboard.
I.i Yale Creek yesterday, crossing by
iio.it or canon was simply an impossibility. Two gentlemen attempted it iu
a canoe, and after heroic efforts to
������pole" across on the slippery tish
backs, they were obliged to get out and
wade over, supporting themselves on
the sides of the canoe, and walking 011
the jam of salmon. A little further up
country where a mining ditch had
neon dog across the stage road into a
creek, tributary to thu Fraser, a log
bad Homed down the ditch, which was
eight feet wide, and stopped thu entrance to the road culvert. The fish
eager to Und a water outlet from the
over cro.vdal creek, ran up to tbo culvert in S'ldi an irrosistablu rush us to
force 1 be forwarl ones out 011 to the
wagon road, which wns piled up several feet deep on tlie track, so much so
that the Road Inspector was obliged to
engage men and  tennis to cart away
Crituii; Reuwick, of New South Wales;
S,r Henry Trueuiun Wood, of Greal
Britain; Berliner, of Cape Colony;
Vincent, of Trinidad ; Quelch, of British Gulaiiu, uud Blucliyudeu. uf Indi. ;
delivered addresses. Tlie Columbian
children chorus of live hundred voices
sung God Save the Queen, Rule Brit-
tuniu, Home S.veet Home, St. Plltl'ick's
Day, and tlie Siar S.iuugled Banner.
The principal address wus delivered by
Commissioner Cockuuru, of Canada.
I.i part he said :
"Canada is 4J times the size of
Great Britain and larger than the
United Status, omitting Alaska, by
500,000 square miles. Over -$,--4,100,.
Oil) bus been invested in developing
and equippiuu: bur railway system 01
some 15,000 miles uud the Dominion
Government bus encourage I private
enterprises  by  devoting 3i4.j.000,0OO
as bonuse- to the same purpose.
Cumuli..ns fully realize what is meant
by the development of the great Northwest with its millions of acres of the
richest wheat binds in the world, and
we have been busily preparing to curry
that mighty commerce to Europe by
the river St. Lawrence. Canada is the
fourth maritime power iu tlie world in
registered sea going tonnage, yielding
only to Great Britain, Sweden, Norway
ami Germany. As to annexation, I
may say frankly that wo do not desire
it eitiier with the United States or any
other nation. We are willing 10 see
closer lies between ourselves and the
United States, but they must lie of a
moral not of a political character. We
are re uly for reciprocity treaties iu
brotherly frieli laliip and good will.
Canadian national sentiment is nil-
questionably loyal. You Aiuericin
citizens shed your blood and lavished
your treasure 10 prove your loyalty to
I'our fl ig and constitution. Let us respect each o: ber's national convictions, '
Sir Henry T. Woood, of the Royal
British Commission, look occasion iu
his remarks to repay with telling effect
to the sallies of Mayor Harrison in the
direction of annexation. He predicted
that, on the other hand, nt some golden diiy to come, Ihe United Suites
would return'again to the fold of the
Mother Country. He painted a glowing picture of ihe character uf the
re'mn of thu present gracious Queen,
and declared that under it the United
States woul I liud many advantages
and  reach  gieater prosperity than it
President of the United States. Up
again sprang the cheerio,������ people.
From fur back 011 the stage a man run
forward, carrying on h tall staff the
Stars and Stripes. He waved lliem
out over the house. Three times cheers
were given; and then, when lungs
se.'nied exhausted, a patriot in the
front seat, with bis last despairing
breath shrieked, "Tiger!"-World.
In 11 New Form.
While the newspapers in surrounding towns ure numbered among the
things that were, or are sending out
such tit [ul gleams of light ns to indi-
cutn the failing fires of despair, the
Miner, firm in the belief that the futme
of Nelson is sufficiently bright to
warrant it, appears this week iu a new
dress nnd an enlarged form. A fully
equipped power press bus taken the
place of tho old time Gordon upon
which "ye pressman" has boon wont
to regis'er bis weekly kick.
Every effort will bo made to maintain the Miner in its recognized position, us the authority, mining and
general, pertaining to this section.
It is  believed that this effort on Ihe
part of tbo management will meet the
approval  of   both the business men of
e  the town, and the public generally, as
the salmon in  order  to keep the road
clear for passage of traffic     This was j ever hud before.
found such an ex|iensive contract that I    0l)0 of ,ll0 lerK*erest nn(i mogt .���������*,.
a Ann had to be constructed lielow the jng .,fj,.cU ���r tllB celebration was pro-
culvert to keep liui'.k Ihe lush of lish.    I ,*,���.,����� bv  ,|1L. ���|ilK|'.��� of Home, Sweet
A small part of Si wash  fishermen, j Home, hy the great chorus.     As  the
one ounce   small nuggets from Siinil- ��� bent on  making fish  while the "big old melody, dear to the heart of every
kuneoi   .vortli $*}���)?; course gold and run" lasted, hud three nets out for two j English-speaking   mini, was   finished
boats, They dropped in ibe three nets there were three cheers which iipmlleil
and let tlii'in diui a short distance, in volume those wbloli hud greeted the
worth i'i iOO; nnggots from Caaalar, | when they went to work to unload the; mention of the names of the Queen and
fc)0 j gol I in qtiartt, $2 > I, an I nuggets I first two nets. '1 his win; such a heavy j the President. It was clear that the
from Mosquito creek, worth (160, | contract that it was some time before I En.lish home is still dearer than all
Here, to. is ii*ore coarse gold from 'they could go down after the third net. 'else to the English heart. Col. Hayes-
O.nineo, worth 310; the wl'olo con-iThey were struck with astonishment; Sidler, British consul in Chicago, was j
rlusively proving lhat onr highly j that they could not see a sign of the'chairman of Ihe meeting. With him
favored  Facifi;  Province has lindeni-  net.     Wooden and tin floats, net and'on the plalform was seated a group of
small  nuggets from the Ophlr mine,
MoCulloik creek, Big Bond, 141 OX*.,
a bettor -medium for both advertising
and news is thus furnished.
The present number bus a special
interest in us much as it is tlie first
sheet published on a steam press in the
Kootenay District.-Miner.
lle:ir.v Irving.
Many kindly acts are reoorde,] of the
great player Henry Irving. It ia re-
'uted that Mr. Irving was being driven
to his. theatre in a cub, wlu-n the horse
fell and diel 11 few minutes after.
Henry did not, us most would, sneak
off without paying Ins fare, but asked
the mm if it wus his Oitll horse.
" Yes. sir, and 1 bad to depend ii|iou ii
to get 11 living fur myself und family."
Henrv saw thai it w is no, acting li.it
truth ; then betook notes for 31.x) from
his pocket-book, gave them to the man
and told him to buy himself another
At Banff, during Mr. living's stay
there a short time ago. the Ladies' Aid
society of St. George's church gave a
garden party. In its report of the
affair the Banff paper said : " A hope
had been entertained that Mr. Henry
Irving uud Miss Terry would grace the
event wilh lheir presence. Mr. Irvine,
however, in a kind note expressed his
great regret at no*, being able to come
owing to an excursion made that day,
but soothed onr feelings of disappointment by 11 generous contribution of
five pounds sterling lo the fund."
the sumo week lust year $420,000.
Montreal, Aug. 24,-Dr. Albreeht
Lcntze, formerly vice-consul at Yoko-
huiiin, bus been appointed German consul-general for Canada.
Toronto, Aug. 24. - Canadian banks
have been free importers of gold during
the, past few days. I.i addition tu the
.1" 1 '-'4,0U0 bi'ough in by the Canadian
Hunk of Commerce and the ��'15,000 by
the Merchants' bunk the steamship
Ems, which arrived at New York yesterday landed ��50,000 pounds for thu
Bunk of Toronto and ��1)0,010 pounds
for the Bunk of Montreal.
Ottawa, Aug. 2o.���The niorine department  has placed the stun of 325,.
000 to tho credit of the collector of
customs nt Victoria, B.C , 10 pay the
Inst of the claims passed upon and
accepted by the British government for
losses sustained by scalers under the
modus vivendi of I^IW. The sum of
j'o.OOO has bran already paid to owners of vessels nnd coptains. The lust
$25,00.0 is for cluims made by hunters
uud seamen.
A t'limHltnii Part}-.
Toronto, Aug. 21.-The Telegram.'*
London correspondent cables: The
formation of a Canadian party at
Westminster is being talked cf here on
the same lines as those recently discussed by the Australian party. S.r
Jus. Buden Powell, Sir Stafford North-
cote, A. Staveley II 11, and Hon.
E Iward Blake are spoken of as being
interested, thu idea lioiiig to watch any
colo.ii.il matters that may come up in
1 hu bouse.
Toronto, Aug. 24. ���A  specie! l.on-
oon cablegram lo Ihe Telegram says:
A nicotine; of Australian uud other
colonial members of the House of Coin-
nons for the object of forming a hew
political body for furthering thu interests of tho colonies, wns held al Westminster yesterday. &ir John Gurst
���ire-Jded, anil said colonial member*
should organize, and ihey would be
able to exercise 11 useful influence over
lui'-ei-iiil legislation affecting ihe different colonies. Sir diaries Dilku foresaw
.1 great sphere of beneficial activity for
the new party. He would extend th��
membership to include ull self-governed
I colonies. He declared the intention of
tho body would not inerfere wi h the
work of agents-general, but supplement
their work. The meeting adjourned
for a week, w hen all colonial members
will bo in attendance.
"Not Demi. But Sleeping."
The report that Kaslo is "dead" is
a misleading one. The town is dull,
and there are too many people engaged
in the holel und saloon business; bul.
on the whole, the town is in livens
livens any other iu 8o.ithern Kootenay. Real estate is unsaleable nmi
rents arc too high ; but the same conditions have prevailed in oilier towns,
and yet Ihpy lived and pros|>ercd. So
will Kaslo.���Nelson Tribune.
able good gold lends thai only want
push and capital to surprise the world
by the immensity of its gold yield.
fish alike had disappeared, gone to the distinguished men and women, some of
bottom in fathoms of water, borne'whom now owe or have ai some time
down  by  tons of  struggling salmon,  owed allegiance to the Queen.     When
 ������ j These are only a fair sample of the1 Col. Hayes-Sadler proposed cheers for
QrsiW Britain's World's Pair .."omiiils-  many  accounts of the wonderful sal- ' Queen Victoria several young men in
.l-raor at Wlunlpv*. mon  ruu of  1893 received from men  one of the boxes threw out the Union
Sir H?ury Trneman Wood, secretary 1 whose veracity, even ofi the subject of I Jack. The men nnd women on the
of the Royal Commission of Great'fish is beyond question, and whose stage leaped to their feot; all over the
Britaiu at the World's Fair, a man name*: and addresses are at this office,' house people were standing, hats were
���ulioha* b-."}.-tv littfto-AS thro^U hi-:'-News-Advertiser. [waveband   such a chovus of  deep-
S eklncii Compromise.
Washington, Aug. 25.���Agencies
ure ut work lo bring about nn understanding on the silver question. It is
proposed 10 ret-enl tho present silver
purchasing act and pass a law which
will simply authorize the secretary of
the treasury, within 11 given number
of years, lo p.iiehuso 300,0110,000 ozs.
of domestic silver at current prices, in
such quantities nnd at such times as
I ho may select and to issie cerlilioates
upon ihe bullion. It is claimed thut
iliiscoiiiproinisewill meet llie approval
of President Cloveliiiid, and it will
satisfy 1 he iillru-fri'V coinage advocates
in Ihe senate. It would deflnitely
ili'tfriiiino the future policy of this
govi-rnnii'iit nnd fix I lie termination
of silver purchases. Should this compromise l�� accepted it will contemplate
I the aiiopiiou of the Voorhees national
ttattmore Mine.. ���������,-;  circulation  bill without aineiul-
The  output   of   llio  Canmore coal  ment.
mines is now  200 tons 11 day, every I	
pound of which is taken by tho C.P.R. Iti��:cnpl from tlie Ni.yj.
At   Anthracite they   have &.0C0 tons I ' London, Aug. 24.-The Berlin eor-
stored ns a base of supply, nil of which  respondent of the Centra) N<*ws tele-
will be rosoreened when loading on
cars. Tho Canmore coul is now being
washed nnd  in   future will have no
graphs that the Duke of Edinburgh,
who yesterday succeeded to the titles
nnd dignity of the lute Pake Ernst of
dust. New stores are Iieing opoiied by . S.ixe-Cobourg and Goihn, has resigned
the company at Cannioro and Antlira- his position as admiral of tho fleet of
bite and the business is being rapidly the British Navy, retaining only the
extended in. all directions. | honorary title. '
Cloauru Is Applied.
Down With Hisrh Prices For
Electric Belts.
tl.oo, $2.65,33.70 j former prices $5, $7,
-gUtstn.es* (Cttvi***.
Metal Iio-iol't.
We are indobte I to tho Engineering
and Miniii'.t Journal of New York fur
the following quotations : ���
Nbw Yoiik. Aug. 18, 1801,
Silver. Ti.c Lon !o:i market advanced
sharply this week owing to a
good demand for China I rude
ami scarcity of supplies. 8 ip-
plies ure limited ns the reduction
in smelting output is now being
felt, Loudon Ddjjd, per oz.,
New York 75c.
Is in a little better demand,
Aug.  25.-The  strangers'. ��,���  ��� ,,   ,- ., ,,.   , ���
,,   .        .    ,    ,, ,   , 1910.    Quulty remains the same���10 thl-
gallenos  of  the House of Commons ferent styles* dry battery andnoid belts
were   crowded   early this evening to | ���mild or strong current. L'ss than hull'
suffocation by persons eager to witness ! the price of any other compiiny and more
,    , .      , .  home testimonials than all the rest to-
thelast scenes in  the report stage  of k^ner.    Full list free.    Mention tins
the home rule bill,    The peers' gallery   paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wu ilsor, Ont>
was   totally   empty.     The members';	
benches  were fairly  well filled.     Thei
proceedings  of  the evening were disappointingly tamo.    Timothy Heulev,'
anti-Purnellite  for North  Louth, got;
the floor about 10 o'clock  uud  talked |
Until 11, merely to prevent Mr. Balfour,
the  Unionist leader  from  winding up'
the debate,     William   Johnston,   an
Uister Loyalist, tried to out Mr. Hi-uly
short,   but   without   success.        The'
house became rustless shortly before 11
and deollne.1 to listen  longer to talk
against   time.     Cries   of    "Divide"
drowned  Mr.  Hialy's voice., s , it wus
impossible to hear a sentence during
the last  five minutes of   his   speech.
At, 11 o'clock the Speaker begun to put
tho eii'litonn  Government amendments
standing iu the name of John Morley.
chief secretary for Ireland.    Only two
of the eighteen Were challenged by the
Opposition.   Ii each division ihe government's   majority  was i!8.      When
the last  amendment   wus pronounced
carried   the Liberals   and  Irish, who
had   shown  only   slight   enthusiasm I
during the previous proceedings, O.irst
out   with   loud and   repeated cheers.
The Opposition remained sdent.      The
Speaker announced  the  third rending
of  the Home Rile bill for  next Wednesday,   and   without  further demon-
strasioii the house adjourned.
London, Aug. 1:5. - The Earl of
Li.ner.ck lias issue I a whip requesting
urgently the attendance of all Couser
vative peers at the Rjnie Rule debute
in the House of Lords ou Sept. 5.
Aberdeen'., Ilupurturc.
London, Aug. li. - The Earl of
Aberdeen has now fully completed his
arrangements, prior to leaving for Canada on Sept. 7th, He will meet the
Queen uud take formal farewell at
Kerry Hill Junction ou Monday, during tlie I itler's journey from Osbor.ie
House lu uuiiiior.il.
although consumers continue to
buy only very moderate qiianti-
ties, being able  to  get all they I
want ut ilijo. for Like.   Electro-
lytic   tHe.      English     market i
easier ut ��41 10s. to ��-11 17 III
per ton.
There is very little doing in ;
this article, consumers covering
only their moderate immediate
wants at U.25 foil.i)0c. Production bus fallen off considerably, but consumption has decreased fully as iiiiluh, so thai
it is doubtful if an early
advance uf any uuiount is proh-
Hon. J, A, LoimilEEl', Q,C.
(1. S. Ml'CAKTER.
JjOU��lH'c<l   &   HrC'ni'ter,
iWristers, Advocates. Solicitors. Notaries
Lie, Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk uf Montreal.
tlAl.iiAliv, - N.W.T.
.iii.Misox nmi v.iii:i,i.i:it-
j Members Assoeu. D.L.S. ,V- I'.L.S. for ll.C,
SURVEYORS, i ivll Engineers, Draughts-
I men, Valuators, etc   C'lilgin'yi.nil Now V?est-1
iiiinstor.   I orrostioiiileiive solicited., j
i K..L.lEi'ii.sii.\', D.L.iS���l'.L.."j. uf B.C. &0nt, !
C.tliflAltl-, Alba. 1
! A. O. WlIBKLEll. D.L.S. A I'.L.S. of B.C.    !
NlilW \Vi:si'.iii.\ni',.i; ll.C.:
Mi'l'iu'rliy    A    Iliii'Vi'.r.
Hiii'i'i.stei'.s, Ailvoc.iti-.i, Notaries, "fee.   Solid
tui-.s lor: -
The Imperii.) Ilmikof Cannilii. ���
The CiuimiI.-i lYrniiiucut l.uiui *\' "*i:viiigsi'ii.
Tli ��� Yorkshire l.u.n & Siicuritiesf urpuri.tiuii j
The UuMiy-lb.rrii, I o. i Lulj. elc, etc.
Uiliccs -Stephen Avem.o, L.jgury,
! I'. MutlAlirilV, (J.C.
iluiiAi'.u ilAiivi.v, B.A., L.L.B. I
ii. i��� cvstmss.
GOLDEN        -        -        -       ll.C.
iningl Smelting
GO (Limited)
"I looks like a tramp ma'am," lie
said; but I ain't. I'm a sailor iiiii'am. !
I was wrecked and washed ashore."
"You ain't been washed since, I'll
Wager," said the unsympathetic
M. JE..    *'. C. ��.,
Reports ou Mines it Mineral Properties
i'i)! Ai.nnitr Sr.. Ottawa.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
CuLlllKANK,  Al,IlA.-Fr. Sl'EEI.B, B.C.
((ii-.ulu.'ite nt L.'.v.-.l anil .Mcliill.)
MIXIX..'    I-l-n-i.'iXl'llSlt.
Head Ollice, QuKHliC ;  Brunch  Ofiices
SuiiitmiooKK, & 17 Place d'Annes
Hill. MllMltEAI..
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores,
For full particulars apply to
     Thos. Fry,
w. P��Llew harvet Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
Analytical Chemist S Allayer,
Golden, British Columbia,
Han Pranolacu'a ".llil-wtntor Fair.
S.in Francisco, Cal., Au-;. 2i>. -At 2
o'clock yesterday afternoon the lirst
spadeful of earth was turned for the
midwinter fair in Oolden Oate park.
It was the occasion of great ceremony.
Thousands of jieople were present,
business being suspended in town,
sohools closed und thu national guards
Electricity anil Quart*.
D. S. MncKenitie, of the C.P.R. telegraph offico, who has hein on a holiday
and  prospecting trip in the Kootenay
country  since June 1st, returned yesterday.    His trip has evidently agreed
with him.    He prospected most of the
time north of Bear Luke, and located n
claim, the   Evelyn, thut  has   a   Hue:
showing.      There is considerable flo.it I
rock on it, nnd is joined by the Silver.
Glance, Boss, and  Miner  Boy,  which
are   said  to  be  excellent   pro|ierties,
assays  therefrom  nverairinir from 200 '.
to  (ii'iO o/,s.   silver to the  ton.      Mr. :
Miclveiizin  snys that all   mining men
claim thut Kootenay is the richest on |
the continent, thu only trouble being
tho uii.'.jtth'd state of the silver market ;
and the soaroitv of capital. S-moi
mines are bcintr worked, but no ore
will be shipped iinros. the line until
tho silver question becomes settled.
* He says that tliere was a big strike
made in the St.. Mary's country last
week, two miles up Gout river. Tlie
assays run from iltlO to 0.000 ozs. to
the ton. There is a rush of miners 'o
that section; IS started on* the day .Mr.
Mackenzie left. There is even yet a
great deal of snow in the Kootenay
mountains. On the summit buck of
Watson there are 2a feet Ibat he!
walked over on his way out, and for
40 miles around snow is visible.
<j,l lllrtcjitlnii un 1 R ���irlstr.itiou or Voters Art is;o.
NOTICE is hereby -liven that the
Court of Rivisioii and Appeal held at
tlie Court House, Doiiul I, this 7th day
of August at 11 o'clock a.m., has been
adjourned till Monday llie 2Sth day of
August. 181)-}, at same place and hour, j SAVINGS
��� so j    ass a vim to run      sua
British Columbia Government
of all spooi-nea- S)nt from t'la Provin*'. t3
YVorkniiiiiMhip <.unrn-it<M"l  Nrcoti'l  to Xonc In the Xorth
West Tcrritoi'lcM.
S.   ItEnilltAVE,
Collector of Votes, E.K E D.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. ORAVKLEY. Maxaiikii.
I will mail f PitMK) on rocoipl
of a 2 stamp, a receipe for a .
VEGETABLE BALM tbi.t will re
move Tun. Krecklua, I'liii-ilca, Illotcliea..
III.icklm.Hls, etc.. leaving Hu- skin soft,
clour ami bountiful. Address A. I). tSTEM-
I'EL, m Ann St., New York.
-ive.*y & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire. I
<.oi,ni \.
it. v.
" It Is worth llie pr*c to every person
who .van nails a newapap.r.H���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
���. a. X7BVZXTB.
A Pocket Primer for tbe uso ot Reporters,
Correspondent., ami I'opy Chopper.,
short, simple and -.tactical rules fur
making- una eoltlnir newnfan-r n.p),
���ml <��f - nu*l vain, tn all ��ho with to
wr.te vrro -i. KmuI,1i.
Sent on iw In' ���f p-lra    H'li'f, 10 rents
p.'eon*-.   ,\I,LAN KORMAM, Publisher
117 N "	
��VIios>n-iI��'ii:mI Uetail
(Jattlo, Sliocp and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN.   B. 0.
Job    Dcpartmcr|t
_:0:_. OF -:o.-
For Information and free Handbook write to
MINN- Jt CO.. SCI BlliMD-v.lv. Nr.w VnllK.
Oldest bureau far securing: patent.) In Ainpru-a.
F-veiy patent taken out. Iir us Is brmti't.t befu,e
tbo publle br a noiloe given free ot oiinn-e In tlis
It. \reeklr. S3.U0 a
AddrA. M1INN A (O.
<l*.r. New York rii>.
Undertakers and
.  ���   .   Embalmers.
(ulicni'.v A Mm.
Till.lion .-.I'll   oitneilS   ri:ri.\i!Mi.y
3 ATl'llM'Kil   TO.
Magazine At Thunder Hill
No. I, 6(1 r")r rent: N'n. S, -10 per cent.
I For Ileep Work nmi BIpirln/j L'p Slumps
Term.i Stri'lly Cnnh.
THUNDER HILL .M'fr. Co.. (LtVI. ���
Affont. Rl'.t'or Rithnt Cn,
|.|- I'll ,>   li' '���!   '-,-   ���'    II.'
it  M   '"' I It- .'U'/JiJ  ..!-���',
:> if
H. Connacher, Proprietor
NVivl.v ri-fiiiH and fttrnlshod, Str'<*tlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Coiinncroifll men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of pnt'st*. He-idquurtcrn for mining men and
miner!.. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnl wholesale and
retail denier in Wines, Lbptors. and Cigars
R|iprinl :iti��*micii given to orders from ti,. ths
Columbia River.
LaRest elreulntlon of any sclantltto paper in I he
world. SnlendldlT llllistr-ltod. No InlnlKccut
man should be without It,  ���**   "'   "	
year: tl.SOi.l nontbs
vur --��� ""' '"
I'luuslliiii". 301 Broadwa-r,:
:   Ifyrti mm yintr liotian Ph\ntt��. Papered T.-T  A   k> f? "\r        ("* t' ^\ V XT  il f* \-\ T7 p?
' or Ciilso'mnoil, or anv kind ot asi-rn I'uinterl' J- J a .V I. V 1 v   X \���' \���r i >   ^ > x^. ^.-- A .A JUs A ^ .
I write to J. H. MILLtVAKD. CAI.iiAIIV. tli<"
' landing Painl Shop in the tVoi��t, for g..or| ; f^ir��r.'r.TI-V ���, B.C.
rn>.        wnrk aivl price* thai urr richt
nul J,
ax > xmvaaiii-j.-VJ.Eits.
TOYS,   1
A Very SiH'i'.-ifu! JlootlllK
The weather was beautiful throughout,
the course tyns good and tho committee
uud othor oilicials courteous and iin-
vukillCI ���&, partial, which came as a pleasentrelief
after I ho previous races at Winder.nere
whore one man comprise,! pool seller,
coinmlttie. .j..ilge, and would also have
acted lie. starter had all the races started at i bo one point.
Tn Mr. Mathers is due great credit
i for ihe splendid provision made in loth
i liquid und solid refreshments.   Every-
nuo agreed that, the initial  meeting at
I !''ort Steole bad proved a  success, and
that  the succeeding   ones   would   be
j largely pmionized.
n Borrosi on
11 promptly
li ut.)
nl   11:30
IIIIN A 1.1> NOt ll.S.
ho 3C0 yds race
siui'li'il.     Con
Tho races stun
with   I'.   I'.   Norbury
Leslie  Hill und Mr.
Judges stand.
The firsl event wns
in   which live horses
liacher's Little George took  llt'sl   with
Brcatt's Srewdriver second.
Tlie second event wns tin; cigar nice
in which I here were six entries. Hyde
Baker's horse, ridden by l.is owner,
tjok lirst, und o
tuner, und : Ou Friday iiiorniiiu lust us Ogllvie's
arl iu the froight v.-ns iii'iiring Illecillewiiet, a
broken rail caused si:; curs and the
locomotive to leave the track, three of
tho cars going to the bottom of the
dump. Mr. DeChevue jumped to save
himself, but wus not careful In choosing bis landing place, and came down
on u rail pile und now is nursing u
sprained ankle, Churl le however thinks
f tbo Indian burses ! that lie did as well us could he expected
considering his chances, nnd will soon
be ui ��� i,���!."t'.niu.
Owing to a burnt trestle west of
I Rovelstoke, Monday's train was delayed four hours, passing through bore ut
An adjournment wus then mndo for
lunch which  proved  very  acceptable,
ana reflected grout c.cditun the caterer,
Mr. Mm her-, both as regards quality
nmi quantity. j ��� o'clock
Tin. lirst event after lunch   wns   the I     -.,       ,   ,r , , ,        ,   r
:    Mrs. ,1. Uopgood has returned from
wrest ing on horseback in which iIhto  ., ,        ,        ,    , ,
���    Manitoba, where she bus spent u shorl
wercsix on tries, nil in. linns. This pro veil
one of t he most interesting events  on
id wns both cleverly
. osied.    It  resulted
for    Joseph,    with
Alex    Miute.    on
the pi'OL'i'iiininC]
uud stubbornly
in a victory
������Eustti second,
' -\vjjiim considerable money was'wagei-ed
.wus thrown .curly in tlie contest, nnd,
ns most, of f.is .backers thought, too
The.next event' wus the saddle-horse
raw w.ith seven entries. In the iirsi
ilnsh RVeatt's Huppy Jack came lirst
mule!-'lie wirc'liut. it wus decided to
run it nver again us the horse bin]
.crossed the-* track running several ol
the others off.. In the sec md trial
only Happy -Jack .und Moyeiiu'a horse
started, and again Happy Jack acted
qneerly, first running outside :'
oi: one side and then coming o i uiruin
crowded Moyoau's horse ..1: the her
side, coining under tho wiieaiono, The
judges': drs: money to iho In.linn
horse uud i. allowed Huppy Jacks
claim for a nluco.
holiday ; ou her rotin-n she wus i.ccotn-
paniod by Miss Auuio Hopgood, who
! intends lo make an  extended  visit  to
ler brothers bore.
We aro sorry to lean  I hat Mr. J,
Iiimiesi-ni,  passetiger   brakeinaii,   ii
-ed to visit tin' Harrison   : u
���wing to his  knee troubling
: hope that soon  his  plcasem
be  poin'S out  the   various
'  interest along bis run, may
ure of the ride from Donald tu
S;. ���
CI ���
Iva.ulo ��� :��� ,.
Oliver's Novelty Company pleased
very go I audiences the iiie.li.ts of their
uppeiiraii e. Courtney's presentations
of the "c on" wus especially ndniired,
though every part was well taken,
.iliss Plorrie made quite a hit in her
song " I'm so shy." The bit wns
mostly on onr jeweller nnd it is said he
spent all h;s week's earnings trying to
make friends with them afterwards.
On Saturday evening there wus a
mooting of trackmen here.    Mr, Hurley
Ti:.,e wus quilo'n dispute about this i was  nincii
those  ive  noticed from a
ami some loud lulk wns indulged iu lij
Happy Jucks's   backers, but   it   wns
Uiially settled by calling all bets off and-|'nf- Field, has   been   seriously   ill   at
ii.uilT. During Mr, White's absence
from duly bis place has been tilled by
Fred Johnson his brukeinuii.
Mrs. Perley of tbo Glacier was in
town (or u day or two lust week,
Mr. J. McOintiis bus his bouse lin-
islii.'l. Wonder who is going to keep
it in order for him?
Sheriff Redgrave has com pie tod im-
li nlie (' I I'fovouieuts un his  house und has now
returning the money.
The hurdle nice wns i culled and
three horses faced tbo starter. Coiinacher's Charlie C. bolted at I bo second
hurdle and it was some time before bis
rider could get him back ot. the  truck
Ninth's Tom ������cleverly riden by Chris
McDonald caino iu first closely followed
by the Indian horse, but.   ���-. in^ io lib ,
having run  around  iho lirst   Inn.lie. i
second place was given
Mrs. White wife of Conductor While
Who came  Over   the  jumps   in   grnnil
In very comfortable looking place.
. e.o. l.n.i bnck on i Cussiur's garden is in line condition
and roilects great credit ou his enter-
Operations on T. Forrest's well came
to a s itldeil stop the oilier day, seemed
to have struck a rock.
The  lumber for the new manse is
style once bis
the track.
The (100 yds brought only three
horses t i the post, und wns won easily
by Couiinuher's Little George, with
Geary's Nigger second,
The mile nice I rough! out a  Hold of
seven horses, uud was won by Geary's | arriving slowly, maybe it will be ready
Roform who was very cleverly  ridden
by   Dave   Connors,   with   Bowman's
horse second, und Low's Shamrock u
close third.
I.i the lOQyr! I ii ��� McTavish won
easily, with one of.the Indian ssccoud.
The   slow  race brought out  al	
a doiiiin horses and Wus won by Eustace
Black. , '   "     ���
A match fob.t.race for a 100 yds., in
bents, botween.Bretttt und McTavish,
was I lie lust event and created more
excitement than any other, uud a considerable amount was wagered on it.
iNives won bv.fireiitt iiusiruiglil bouts
mainly th'ro'iigli'his superior knowledge
of starling.
for uso by Christ mas.
Tbo members of the Football Club
are practising regularly and nt a meeting held Tuesday evening it was do-
cided to endeavor to arrange a match
with ' tlio Vernon Club and the
secretary was instructed to write at
once for dates. Tne |*lory of the Donald base bull club still clings to the
town arirj'the football club thirsts for
fuiuQ.as well. Wo hopo they will bo
successful, in beat hit: their opponents,
who have been so far unbeaten.
Mr.   Morgan   has been  the guest of
Mr. Downey  for tho past week, he re-
tui'iii".! east on Wednesday's train.
Heartily Wiilcomuil ul Golden.
The Huu. Col. James Baker, Provincial Secretary and member for our
district, returned from England ou
Tuesday, en route for Victoria, and
stopped off at Golden to see how bis
friends were getting on. The very
uordial greeting extended by Goldenites
must have been more than pleasing
and shows that the efforts of the lion,
member on behalf of the electors and
the Province generally have been much
appreciated. We bud tho pleasure of
a half hour of his company uud helped
ourselves to the following brief points
of interest.
He says that there is grout depression in the money market in England j
which bus been brought uboiit by u
variety of causes. First, the failures
in Australia j then the bad harves* iu
the Unite I 'Kingdom, followed by the
shock to llnauciers by the silver question in India which is likely to interfere with trade. Then came the failures
in the United States and tlie uncertainty us to the silver question in th..t
country an! thu effect oi' legislation to
come, upon that, important subject.
Then there is the coul strike which
bus throw half a million of men out of
work in England. Altogether there is
a coinpieie want of confidence and it is
impossible tu got money for any enterprise, hj.vever good. Some of thu
leading financiers in London stated to
Colonel Baker thut, they had never iu
all their experience known such depression and utter want of confidence
as to what the immediate future nuy
bring forth.
Col. Baker bus been interviewed
while in England by some lending
capitalists who have in view the formation of ii llritish Columbia Development Company which would !,.. prepared to build rail ways,'develop fisheries and '.nines, promote colonization
und inflict to liud capital to develop
anything which would he likely to
pay, The position of the promoters
was such us to ensure the p.'o.luctio i
of the required capital an I the scheme
was progressing favorably until the
linancial crisis threw it into abeyance.
Col. Baker would have returned two
months ngo but he wus unfortunate iu
being laid up with a bad attack ol
"phlebitis" which male him almost a
prUouer for two mil a half months
and was a grout trial to his active
mind. After attending to his various
duties iii Veto/in, it is his intention,
if his health will permit, to visit West
Kootenay and also this district some
linn during tho full. He bus baea fo--
tunate enough to obtain tlie nxessary
capital (},*)0,CCC), for working iho
Mount Ceuis ground on Perry Creek,
provided it can be worked as a hydraulic mine, and a mining expert is
shortly about to report upon it. He
has met and boon interviewed by several emigrants with capital who intend
to settle iu ll.C. with their families
and be has laid the foundation of a
scheme for the settlement of agricultural colonies (of farmers with small
capital), ill favorable points in the
He found the space allotted to B.C.
at the Imperial Institute wus of a very
meagre description und he has obtained
from the authorities there a large space
iu a prominent position worthy of the
Province, and ho favors the removal
of the B.C. exhibit at the World's Fair
to the Imperial Institute as soon ns the
American exhibition   bus been closed.
It will be seen that notwithstanding
his illness our member bus not been
idle or neglectful of tho interests of the
Province. After leaving Golden, Col.
Baker will stop a day at-'-.Donald and
then go direct to Victoria.
Tramway from O.P.B. Goldon to Columbia'Kiver.
Strs. DUCH ESS & H YAK on Columbia River
Tramway between End Lako and Upper Colr.nUt*. lake.
u PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons fcptweon Upper Columbia Lako ore'. Kootenay Kivor.
tk GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riy.
Btaj-o Liae frj r. Upp?r ColamMa La'.:.* to Fort Steele,
Friday ���
LANDINGS.      | from  I   GOING SOUTH.
I8:'X)     iiO
irr. Oolilon, s.Hynk, I've.1       I	
"   OiJeiin        "  urr. 8 2 Ii0 |
" Whiilorinere "    " \  ���> no [Wednesday
riiesdny     7:��)
llh'IO' 1 o ,______^^__
GsOO 11.1 il'vo. Adeln          "     "I   5 53  \1 huratli.y.
2��:)\ I a an-.    " Tramway leave
18:00 1*28 I " TliuiKlerHill.Portiu'i'J   7 00
17:00 inf. ll're. Cani.l Flat, "   "   I. 7.00
30:10 ���' Ur.        "    Stage I've.            Friday   .
Tiflj Hi", I've. Wflsn            "       | 11(11  |Siiturduy..
fliQO!   180   I "   Fort Steolo   "
12 till
111: I)
Freight Piates to Fort Steele, Canadl;:^ Freig-ht Classification.
A   Class 1 & 2   :.-!.C0
il       "    fl, 4, 5, &(1 !  SJ.25
���C       "     7, 8. !), it 10   Sl.oO
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steel'? - 4 cents per lb, and 2 p. c, on marked value.
" ,     Golden to Canal Flat Hcts. per lb. und 1 p.c. "
:. 3. H. C >C   . r-if-fS, Prescient;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Minings Genial Sup
HOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Ere,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
Dies, ���
C ran berrie s,
IL B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
This is to certify tliut Win. J. Ivirk-
patrick and Win. H. Johnsou, of
(lulena, have dissolved partnership in
their ranch,
W.  .1.  KlRKPATniCK,
W. H. Johnson.
Dated 25th August, 18911.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
I'D'A.VE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
���*"*��� siKtit!��- of SliQrt Niiiples, Biishing-s, I'nion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers'Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and' contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings. ...


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