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The Golden Era Aug 26, 1893

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;.'���:   ..jliqil'jU'l't
%i PfflMlSaU
VOL. IIL   XL) 4.
;   .,.' I'.lf."
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
uorvotirs, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
85  Outs   Per  Uox.
 :DEALER IN:���	
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscri'it.ons talcan for all Canadian,  AriBi-icaii, British or
Foraign Newspapers and Periodica*.;.
Golden, 1j C.
(Incorporated 11170.)
'    .   ,,      CIGARS,
Etc. Etc.
 :C: -----
Prices quoted and samples sup| lied on
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Writo us.
The Hon. Col. Baker is expoctu] to line ideas concerning tlie.'i.o'jij|ci(^er'i.yed
be in Golden on Tuesday next, he left from such an expedition uud wero
Ottawa on Friday last. j wonderfully surprised at'ffi^Wnldity
There is to bo a new bridge built with which bacon and beans vanish up
from the C.P.R. track above tho depot, there. In lactone member.Of the
across the Kicking Horse river to the crowd, "that gentleman with the
Townsite. jovial round face" gave the outfit away
Mr. Miko Carlin bus a gang of men
busily engaged grading ou tlie Smelter
Townsite preparatory to continuing his
main train line to tlie Alexander Block.
Mike Carlin   lias bought tho timber !.,,.    , ,   ,,  ,   .      .      ,      .       ,      ,
���" billiard bull, but  when he departs, oh
limits across the Columbia at Golden.
The area is ten miles square and con
when he said "they were eating all the
time," How ihe bornx glaze of a man's
collar wears a'way during such a trip.
Watch the mining man when he
arrives, his   face   is as smooth  as*, a
my, a porcupine is not ir it. Moral:
Carry your razor along 'with yo'tl my
tains about ICO.000,100 feet of lumber.
The C.P.R.   parly locating the line
through the Crow's Nest Pass is now       Tl,e Oknnuuiin Minim-, llev^,*.
at Michelle Crock.     It is said by them j    ",Vo have to-day receive^.-Vol, tlj'-tfo.
that   Mr.   Van   Horne    is   expe.-ted i ��� cf  this nice little puper publisheiJiin
through during the fall.-Okaiiagan OkaniiRan.Falls.     It ispublisjied'i-ja
; section   of   the   Southern   O^ui'iyfan
Mining Review.
The Rev. Mr. Ross tells us that hi-
had a very agreeable trip up Ihe river
on missionary work. He was however
unable, from want of time, to -40 further than   the  Thunder   Hill   mine,
where he preached and  baptized   on the newspaper named.
S.iiibaih moriiing.   He also held divine vies  me   modest but
address HUDSOrSBMi;.;:
Go'y.- Calgary, or
service on the evening of the sumo day
n't Windermere, and baptized, on both
occasions, having good congregations.
Oilier points wi r ��� visited. He baptised
six children. The missionary, Mr.
McKinuon, is held iu high esteem by
Oinmuiiity. uud bus done good
j work. Mr. Ross speaks with much
' appreciation of the hospitality of .Mrs.
��� McKay of Sinclair ranch, and Mrs.
which Is rapidly coming..tp.'tthi-,f|;.%it
us u gold producer and which 110 doubt
will receive uu impetus fl'Otn.tb.0 information imparted concerning it to the
outside world through the medium,of
Tint first iit^i-
sonsible..     The
patronage given it good,and the appeimt-
une'e of the sheet geiierally.jjs, worthy
of the proprietors and the disti-jiiti   ..
aim newj
Xi.-v ready for business, h-i, Loon newly lroi.ll
mushed.    The table is first class.     The
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Ts a wholesn I ��� and retail
druggist and can supply
McNeis h -  Proprietor.
 : kiioji :	
Fort   Steele
Vermont Cn-ok. " ll ���'���':�����
The boys out ill tlie Vermont' Creek
claim are getting along nicely, 1 They
have worked well ibis summer, this
work bus been pleasant as they tinil as
they open up the property that ore'is
there iu abundance So far they hiive
ion the (lump 11 bout SO tons of li'rst
grade ore, thev mean lo push nloti'K
until they have ready for transporta-
tioii about -llil) tons. '- '   ' '
It is tlie  intention  of   the   present
owners lo  put  iu  ..sleigh   ruud (life
wiuttr, by  this moans it will Make it
; both easy and cheap to  haul the pi*1
 ; diiction.      Ii��t   silver rise just a little
Prealiytui'inu. nnd we shall see many such enterprises
Divine service will  be  bold in the In bund, by Mules we grow, ihograd-
I School House on Sabbath first, at 2:110 ; mil growing will be our sure fouui'tt-
j by the Rev. Walter If. Ross, tioii. ��� '-' '*
I'lllll-ell nl I'.llltlullil.
Reading Room, Field, Sunday
-JTtli, 8 a.in , Celebration of holy communion,' 10:110, Matins uu.l sermon;
8 p.m. Evensong uud sermon. To bo
conducted by thoRt, Rev. the llishop
of Pennsylvania.
in: it tiiw.i.
tlie iiiii.rr, I ami coin i*cl..l centre of Eastern
Itritiidi t'liliiniliii.: lii'i.ihiiiiirter-i nf th . I'ulil-
en Siuejtjiig works, the l:pjier Columbia
N'..vigt.'tlon Co., i.iul Umber industry; the
outlet for the iviiloly known anil t't.r
famed agriclliii'id mill gr*t?iiig I..ml nf the
Columbia A Kootoiiuy vi.lleys: nnrlvi.lletl
fur scenery of nil kinds;  the illstribi.ling
convenience, as by it watches nn(lis;,u;m.tl,eH,h",""il"!,i-Uuu"tryu",l,e
will bo found a grea
other repairs sent to W. ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
Don't  Forget  The  Address;
Box 7,
..IK Sil 1 (������������l.eiiil Strike ill tlia-.lt Ulver
Frank BethllllO came up from this
part uf   tlie country  Inst Friday week
bringing  with him  some samples for
assay.      He reports  that down about
.'i0 miles from Donald be bus discovered
with hia partner Moore, a ledge of such
ore us was assayed, measuring some 80
feet across and which can be 1raced'for
two   miles.     In   consequence Of "Mle
A StIuiik .liilik'iit. : ruiiior   having  been put iu eircilliitibn
Mr.  Chns.   Watts, a   well   known other   prospectors   have gone in this
was in town  rancher residing in tho Upper Country week.     We   hope their  opinion-will
j met with a serious accident lust week. : oouflrm  tliut of  Flunk  nnd that'they
While engaged in building, a house for too. will be pari owners of one of the
F. Owen has returned from the I L,_���i, ,.���,���,! , ,-  ;,.;���,. Boiiamnis of  East   Kootenai.    The
Goldon, nn Ihe main line of (lie ('������nailif.n j     ]Jllst week some me��� WL.1V.
I'ai'ilic nail-ray, at its I'liiiiii'i'iHin  with the
steamboat navlgiiljiin uf the l.oliuiibiii river : I by the Hospitnl committoe to clear the ;
ground for the building just below Mr. |
Parson's house.    They did so but overlooked to keep the lire away from the
surrounding brush, consequently most j
cf it and good trees us well have  been
burnt, greatly disllgiiriug tho other-;
 : wise pretty surroundings,
Dr. Herbert of IJonald
this week.
j # Donald, B.G.
Watchmakar, JaWeller & Optician.
t.Mil VIEW   FAHTS. |     Messrs.   Keller and   Sal telly   have
  : lacated a 4 foot lodge of gold quartz
Five men are at work on tho Brown IJM* nort'' of ���������� boundary at Krugor's.
A considerable number of prospectors
aro at work in this vicinity.
! It is a true vein and will nss.iy
iThey havo sunk n 110-foot shaft.
Twelve meiv hnve left for Botindnry
Creek to do placer mining. They outfitted here.
Messrs. A. Honsigner and M. Sharp-
nick arc putting in 11 i.'i-foot tunnel on
their claim 4 miles below here.
The 10-s'tamp mill is running in the
day-time only nt present and employing 8 men, but as soon as more men
coil lie put iu tho mine a night shift
will be put on.
Kruger   has also   taken   op a claim
there. ���Okanagan Mining Review.
Choice Fresh Batter, Baled Hay, Feed and
Seed Grain, Vegetables of all Kind)
���1 ATI-
J-riocerlt'M. r'-'ovNiinf.  Flour
and Feed.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
McMurdo basin.
The   Rev.   J.
town this week.
c. c,
himself, be fell from the ro
severe   internal   injur,vs.
Kemm was in ! brought down on Saturday
j Johnson, and  taken lu the
if, receiving
11.. was plane can be reached e.isil.i fl'ulli Beaver
lust hv Bill ���'** well iisDoiinid. The chief consider-
hospital lit!"tioii is  that  from
Mr. G, K. Manuel of Donald was in
town on Thursday.
Messrs. Brewer and Aylmer came in
ou Thursday last.
Mr. T. B. II. Cochrane came in from
Victoria on Wednesday last.
Mr. Alex Reiduaiue in this week and
went up tho river on Tuesday's boat.
Messrs. J. Rutherford and J. P.
Doi'iiu Clinic in from the Up|ier Country
lust week.
Mr. W, Clements went out to the
������ Bobbie Burns" this week on a shooting expedition.
the former trail
Donald on No. I tbut evening, whero, 'here is splendid water ooliueotbn
wo  understand he is doing   favorably,   right up  to ihe  locution with a.sipaji
hre.ik caused by some fulls.
Ilo.pltal Mnttora.
Can anyone tell us who has the contract for building the Hospital 'i Tune
passes, but SC far as the out ward signs
of activity nro concerned, very little
work is being done. We hope ibc
committee will be ullvo to the importance of their appointments and the
lesponsibility resting on them.
Oliver's Mu.lrui i in.nily Co.
This titlen'otl htile company'per'.
forined   iu the  School House on'Wl'd-
nesday und Thursday lust und Ifn't-e dn-
Oiicl) OCCllSiOII every siitisfuctionl ���' Tt)
detail would be to occupy rather more '
space than we call spare, but we think
we shall be tilling the bill when we'
say tliut everyone who had the'oppori.
ttuiiiy of taking iu theeutertainineiitr,
left the hall n-cling   lhat tho money
wus Well Spoilt,     From-beginning to
InlKurv Mt'ii Miiilns.
Messrs. Dave Dickie, F. Du:k, I. S.
Mr. W. G. Neilson of Beaver was iu j Freeze, J.  R.  Costigau   and   F.   W.
town on Monday nnd left for the Upiier 1 Padmore came buck from n trip into e..d the show was funny, made mow
Country the next day. jthe   "Unknown"   011   Monday   lust,  so by the talents of   Will   Coiir'ttaoy.
Mr. J. H. Woods, who is so well bringing with them some samples of The children were welt trilned'Hhd dltt
known in this"district, left on Saturday 'quart* which we hope will assay their share towards making the enter.
lasl for Hamilton, Ont. I '-aw..y up."   They also hud some very tainments puss oil uicoly. tata*^k_>_
���Kite (Sull.cn Viva
Tka UOLDEN' ERA is publiahed every
Saturday utoruiug iu time to catch the east
aa.l went mail trains, alsu the mail for the
upper country, Wiuduruiere. Fort Steele etc
It ia* the only advertising medium iu llie Kent
Kaotauiy dutrict.
Siihaeriptiiin Itatos:
$-1,00 i��r aiiiiuin IN
Ailvartjiie Hants and changes must lie in
tak ollce nut later than IJ a.in, on Thursday
is iksiM insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on nppli-
eatiur *��
All cash to Im pui I to the Manager, from
'.li.! n tlio Jump-in**'* rei'iiipt will lieiilitiiiiiod.
Lead ...
Ziuo ....
25 per cent.
2o        "
Ctl I
iii tii ?n��lls!)iii( Cflnpany.
SATURDAY, AUG. 2d. IS!)*).
A few De.orlptlvi*   lleiniirka concern-
Inn the Criiwfi.nl Mill.
The quart-) having hoen ground, and
the gold thus  freed  from  the matrix,
the  precious   metal   is  separated,  tlie
lighter  materials, such  as silica, and
even iron or zinc, are Hunted away by
water pressure  from  below, while the
."���id, ny reason of its greater weight,
falls into the hath of mercury, there to
be   amalgamated,       Wherever gold is
associated with sulphur or other deleterious  mutter, this device of   water
sortitij- by   specific   gravity   operates
taost  effectually.      It   follows, then,
that if the ore can ho ground sufficiently   line, the   sulphur,   antimony   nnd
other sickening elements will be separated from the gold, however small the
particles of gold may be, and the atoms
of gold thus released from their envelopes or adherent, substances, lire caught
in the hath of mercury.     This bath is
presented  in a  clean, substantial  and
constant   state, nut   broken   up into
minute particles  nor exposed in any
degree to the  injurious effects of sul-
���(burets or other source.* of contamination contained in the water.     Herein
is a further secret of the great sii'ieri-
ority of the Crawford Mill over stamps
or other mills that  grind the ore and
mercury together.     The ingenious arrangement  by   which  water  is introduced into the mill under pressure, and
fl.iws evenly  iu an upward direction
oertlie surface of  the  mercury, pie-
vents particles of crushed on, which
have a less specific gravity than gold,
from reaching the mercury.     What is
not gold is forced upward liy the pressure of the ascending column of water,
until  having  been crushed   infinitely
fine by the balls, it floats off  with the
water,   leaving   behind   the   weighty
particles of gold.      Whilst the  water
enters the   mill  with a   considerable
upward pressure, the ilirectiou of   this
���pressure' is   reverse,!   by   the lateral
sweep of the balls, and is also exhausted by expansion  in  the wide   dome of
the mill; so that the very tine particles
of gold are prevented from being ejected with the tailings,
The results ��� litis far attained by the
use of this mill in the field, illustrate
iu superiority for more conclusively
than anv descriptive statement of its
A large number of experiments were
mu.le iu England, in It'll, when mure
than forty different ores from all parts
of the world were treated by the Craw-
Jurn Mill. I'ne Australian ore from
the Raveaiswoud mine, which fails to
yield.more than *.��.'> per cent, of its gold
In au ordinary stump mill, yielded upward of !H) per cent, to the Crawford
Kill, and this without roasting or
chemical treatment of any kind.
Special reference is made tu the Ra-
venewood ore becaused it has not only
defied even* mechanical process Hitherto, but it ia so loaded with heavy
metallic components that even to treat
it chemically is enormously costly.
Xa analysis of this ore is instructive:
Total      (ill per cent.
This is the case of u rich but highly
metalized ore; let us, however, go to
the other extreme and take llie case of
another Australian ore -the ore of
Mount Morgan Mine. The gol I iu
this niiiii'itppenrsto have been ejo.tted
from the interior of the earth iu the
form of siuiim. It is distributed in the
tiniest invisible particles, throughout
a matrix of soft chalk or pumice,- bin
for tne extreme minuteness of the golii
particles, this is au ore which, being
absolutely " free milling," would yield
its gold to i, stamp mill more readily
thull almost any other. As it is, however, a stamp mill will not touch it,
and wus being treated in bulk by ehlori-
iiution. The first test, with the Crawford mill gave eighty-two and one-half
per cent | the second, under a slighter
pressure of water, ninety-two and one
half per cent of gold saved.
These two instances, viz. : - the
Raveuswood ores uud the Mount Morgan ores, the one of extraordinary re-
frnctoriuess,uiid the other soft us clnilli
represent the opposite pel s of the var
iotts characters of ore. With both tin
Crawford null has proved n uiimpleti
success. In the various tests which
have been made ou American ores from
all parts of this continent, precise-!}
similar  results   have   been   achieved.
Cn.Indian tlolil Coin.
The Ciiniuliiiii Trade Review comments on the fact tliut Canada has as
gold coin of her own the gold coins ol
Great Britiiiu and the United States,
Iieing at pur value for tlie littler und
$4.8 i'i to the pound for the former. It
is remarked that ours is a gold currency
ind that silver is merely a subsidiary
metal, being legal tender only to the
extent of ten dollars, while copper i>
not a legal tender for more than u
dollar. It is observed that tho foreign
trade of Canada lining large, she bus
onsidernlile interest iu ull mutters relating to foreign exchange, ami whenever her credit abroad does not exceed
her maturing labilities, she has to pay
��� he difference by the exportation of
gold, which is the great medium of a
foreign exchange. The luck uf gold
euinage of her own bus led uud still
leads to a great deal of friction between
the public and tho government from j
���vhicli this gold is secured for export.
Were Canada to have hor own gold
coinage, with which the government
would invariably redeem its notes, all
trouble as regards foreign gold would
lie done away with. A Canadian gol,I
coin is also needed Hi complete the
monetary system of the country,
Ottawa, Aug. 18. -A speoial meeting of the Privy Council will be held
iu Saturday.
The Conservative associations here
are arranging for a public reception to
Sir John Thompson and Hon. C. II.
dipper ou their realm.
The statement of the Post Office
Savings' Bank for the year ended June
,10th, shows that the bank has recovered from the effect of the re luctioii of
interest four years ago. from four per
cent to three ami a half, as the deposits during the year exceeded the
withdrawals by inure than a million,
uud the balance at the credit of depositors was the highest ever known, being
IdS, l.'ill, IBS) an increase of nearly two
million over last year being eleven
hundred thousand more than the highest amount ever reached previously.
It is stated that in the change to be
made iu connection with the Canadian
uilitia Hon. Matthew Aylmer, of Lon-
Ion, Out., will go to Ottawa as
Assistant Adjutant-General. Lieut.-
Cols. Straiilienzie and Villiers, Deputi
Adjutants-General, are to be retireu
.vith a gratuity of $-1.-200; Major Fraser, paymaster of A Buttery, will be
sent to Winnipeg and hisofficeabolish-
ed. Other changes are said to be in
contemplation, and will be made known
later iu the year.
It is announced that Hon. Mr.
Luurier will reach Ontario early in
September. He will remain three or
lour weeks, and it is likely that he
will address ih-ee in. etings a week
during that time.
Henry G. Arnold, a most prominent
'.inner, is dead at Windsor. He was
a veteran of 18S8.
The Empire, in uu editorial on the
Bering sua decision, nays that if the
United States is disposed to accept the
d .vision and act upon it iu good fatb.
this country cannot afford to be less
Robert Turner died at tho city hospital, Hamilton, yesterday, from thu
effects of having his leg cut riff by a
railway train ut Orillia ou Monday.
He was aged 22 aud unmarried.
subsidies and proceeds of its laud sales.
Ten yours ago the company made an
arrangement with Canadian government by which dividends at the rate of
a certain per cent, per annum were
guaranteed until the 17tb of August,
189S, payable halF-yenrl . The money
necessary to secure this guarantee was
loaned by tho Diiiiiuinn government.,
being borrowed upon Canaliiin bonds
sold iu England and subsequently the
company obtained n clour receipt of the
loan by transferring u portion of Its
laud subsidy bank lo ihe governuietll
uud paying seme cash, The uiuotin*
requirul to guarantee the dividends
was tJJ-I.SOO.OOO. President Van Homo
says that the company bus uu nconuiu-
lation of surplus earnings aggregating
���$70,000,000, which is to be uso.l to pay
dividends upon stock two yours utter
the exhaustion of the fund in the
government** lauds.
A  Vaiu.iblii I>lu ul.
New York, Aug 18.- It is said thai
the big diamond which is tho star o:
the Fiffnuy exhibit at the World's Pair
bus deeii bought by Mrs. Charles T.
Verkes, wife of tl.e Cbicugo Street
Railway king, for 8100,000.' The diamond is about the size of
A l'l'i'llous T   Ip.
Rahwav, N. J., Aug. 18.-Capt,
Chris. Paveson. who intends to cros.
the Atlantic in u l.i-foot Norwegian
skiff, started on his perilous trip yesterday. II'. hud intended sailing sooner but, was delayed by the uou arrival
of bis instruments. The bo.it is a Nur-
woigjin skill, and will carry two tanks
holding 1C0 gallons. Provisio is for
| only two weeks cnu he sto.vcl awaj
lowing to tlie suiitllness of tho craft.
H.j will depend on meeting the  Iruus-
Mutnl Ho-iort.
We are indebted to the Engineering
mil Mining Journal of New York  for
the following quotations i -
Ni:w Yum*. Aug. II, IHfKI.
Silver. The Lou Ion market advanced
sharply this week owing to 11
good demand for China trade
and scarcity ui supplies. S ip-
plies lire limited is the reduction
iu smelting output is now Iieing
felt. London U4jjd, per oz.,
New York 7.V.
Copper. Is iua little hotter uouiaiid,
all hough consumers continue to
buy only very moderate quantities, being ablo to get ull I hey
want at llijc. for Luke. Eloetro-
lytio DJe. English market
easier at ��41 10s. to ��41 17 ll
per ton.
Lead. There is very little doing in
this article consumers covering
only their moderate immediate
wants at 3.2fi to I!..'10c. Production has fallen off considerably, but consumption has decreased fully ns much, so that
it,    is   doubtful    if     au   early
The ll.C. Capital.
Victoria, B.C., Aug. 18. -A farewell
liuiier was given ut the Union Club
this evening in the honor of the officers
of " C '' Buttery, who leave for Quebec
i on Sunday morning. The first detachment of Royal Marine artillery arrived
front the east to-night and take up
quarters at ihe barracks occupied by
"C" buttery. Tomorrow the battery
puck up. The oulp officers who remain are Muj. Peters, appointed D.A.
G., uud Dr. Duncan.
His Imperial Highness the Yorihito
of Japan went to Esquiiuaiilt to-day,
and hud a full reception from Admiral
Stephenson. He was duly entertained
and visited the dry dock. The partv
hud rooms nt the Driiird hotel, where
tho prince received visitora. He left
for Vancouver to-night, and will travel
through to Banff, Chicago and Washington.
The Russian seizures have occasioned
much surprise and comment, lor the
vessels seized were specially instructed
as to limits. It is believed the vessels
can be enured, especially the Minnie,
whoso posilitiou is so minutely de-
scrilied by the Viva.
At 2 o'clock this afternoon there was
a fair representation of seiiling men to
present themselves to Collector Milne
and Capt. Gaudiu and claim compousa-
! tion due them under the award for thu
modus vivendi of 18(11.
Tm-cliln-c the O.P.B,
Now York, Aug 17. -The funds in
the hands of the Canadian government
for 'he payment of dividends upon the
stock of the Canadian Pacific Railway
company will be exhausted today and
advance of any amount is prob- j thereafter thut corporation must pay
able. | the dividends out of its earnings, its
utliiiitic    steamers to   replenish
store of provisions and water.
Fli'mUsh Act oi* ll liny.
Beaver Falls, Pa. -A lieudish net
was perpetuated near Homewood.
which resulted iu llie nuatli of three
boys. Frank M. Graham, aged 17, ol
Homewood, he witii thv.'O other hoys
was hunting ground h .gs near tin
village. lie got a e.u.i ot blasting
powder, placed it iu a pile of rock anil
waited till the boys approached, H,
lighted a lire and crept tn a safe distance. Burgess Reed, aged 11, .Limes
Reed, aged 14 and James Cnyney, ngod
17, approached'the'tipot tincoiisiious oi
danger. Ulie can exploded. All were
mangle 1 and Inline I terribly, und died
of the injuries. Graham made his
Indian l.'iii-i'eiiey I'i-UIh.
ou, Aug. IS.- A special tns- |as oxemp|jfi,
patch to the Times from Calcutta, says
thut the absence of a demand for Indian council hills is a unbilled there to
the enormous importations of silver
that we.iu made during the protracted
sittings of the H.'iscliell I uliuu Cur-
renco Commission. These Importations
during the your ending March last,
amounted to fifteen mores of rupees
(150,000.000 rupees), against it normal
roaring importation of eight crores
���80,000,1100 rupees). Tne dispatch
adds that a great, full in exchange
within the next lew weeks is inevitable.
Tho readjustment which must follow
to bring the rule to In Ll must hu
Bombay, Aug. 18, The chamber of
commerce of tilts city uud tho India
Currency association have sent protests to the Marquis of Lansduwuc,
viceroy of India, against tlio sulu of
India councils bills at a price under Is
lid. Tliey stute that the action of the
council in soiling bills at less than
sixteen pence has demoralize! trade
uud is causing much loss to the commercial interests of the country.
li. S. Government .Make a blitnlile.iiit
Dein.i.ul uu til j Commercial Co,
London, Aug. 18.��� S.r John Thompson and Hon. C. H. Tupper sailed on
the Parisian for Montreal on Thursday.
S.r J. thinks that Canada ought to bu
sitislied with the award of the Bering
sia tribunal inasmuch us it was inevit-
ible that any regulations would tend
to restrict pelagic sealing because the
treaty .111 nut j;ive the arbitrators the
ri'sbt to regulate the killing of seals ou
land or within territorial waters.
II ignlatioiis were prepared, ho says,
which would literally have abolished
pelagic sealing in accordance with the
American contention. The practical
reasons which Lord Hamuli and he
advanced, however, induced a niodili-
cation. '1'h Is so dissatisfied tlie American arbitrators that they refuse.I to
vote iu the matter. Before going
ibourd Hon. Mr. T upper s.ii.l be believed the Unite I States would agree
to the regulation-: which would protect
ssul life in Bering Sea, whilo not stopping profitable pelagic sealing.
Washington, Aug. 18. -On   Thill's-
lay Sscivtary Carlisle made an official
lemand on the North   American Com-
Hernial Co,   for $289,718. Id for rental
mil  bonus of   Ihe  Priiiyloli   Islands.
Sis action is bused   ou au opinion reu-
lerel by Attorney-General Gluey.     In
uis letter to Lloyd Tevis, ol San Frau-
lisco, president of the North American
Commercial   Co.,   Secretary    Carlisle
says :    ''Theaction of my predecessors
in making reductions in the rental uud
bonus which  your company agreed to
pay to the United States under its contract  for   the  exclusive   privilege of
taking fur seals in A.aska wits without
authority of law."     Tlie original contract, made in  1880, fixed the annual
rental and specified  the catch in any
1 your, said  catch  to be reduce I at any
time in the discretion of  the Secretary
j if   tho Treasury.      Ii nddition to the
rental tho Government  wus to receive
$l>,li0 per skin for each seal taken, besides oihei provisions as to the care of
the   natives.     Acting on an opinion
rendered  by  Attorney-General Miller,
Secretary  Charles  Foster  reduced the
catch of   seals  from thu  original contract and   reduced the  rent in proportion.   This action of Secretary Foster's
is now  declared  to  have been illegal,
hence the demand made, which, it, is
understood, will lie  followed   by legal
proceedings iu case the demand is not
complied with.
Tlio following telegram wus sent to
the Queen und President respectively :
The World's Pence Congress of Chicago scud equal congratulations to Great
Britain nnd America on the triumph
of arbitration as u substitute for war
I us nvainnliftnri in the recent Bering Sea
question, cementing the friendship of
bath nations and full of the happiest
augury for mankind.
Work ol' nunia-.i Devlin.
Vienna, Aug.   18.��� A  guiig of men
have been arrested iu Kiskttpitz. liroa-
tin, because they have mutilated young
children.     The  men   huvo for yeurs
made a trade of crippling children and
then sending theiu out to beg.      When
the," police  forced  their  way   into thu
house yesterday  they found two girls
i of   12 or   14 yeurs, with   their   legs
I broken ;  ttiiol her girl  lay hound on a
I bed with  her right,  arm  broken and
! both   eyes  gouged   out,     Two other
children, hardly less horribly mutilated
wore found on cots in the cellar.   Many
Instruments, which  bud bean used in
producing  physical  deformities,   were
seized for evidence,
llonilin.v Biota.
Bombay   Aug.   17.-The   religious
race rioting  was resumed in this city
yesterday and for  several hours the
j streets wore seonos of desperate conflicts
. | The fighting wus of the most siinguin-
The Evening Journal, of Atlantai  ,    ,,���,���,���> ������,i ���   i . ,        .
., .    n  ii    u i     ti   -i Vary   nature and a   large   number of
Ga., controlled by Hoke Smith, secre- *, "     "u ������������**���   ul
t���ry of the ih-erior in Mr. Cleveland's iwsong were killed and wounded. To-
cubinet, hus declared for free coinage, day being a Hindoo holiday, the
of silver. I authorities anticipated a renewal of the
'x. ���mild or strong current. Less than naif
the price of any other company and more
home testimonials than all the rest to-
pother. Full list free. Mention tluo
paper. W. T. BASE & CO. Wit tlsor, On*
recent   disturbances   and   wero   iu   a Down With High Prices Fop
measure prepared to suppress an out-1 Eleotric Belts,
break, but the police and the forco of <?1.55, 82.85, $3.70; former prices $5, $7,
troops in the garrison were inadequate fQ'    Q'ailty remains thoHun,e_10 dif-
.        ,   , , ,���     i.terent stylcB* dry buttery anil noidbelta
to cover the   whole   city, and belore
quiet hud been restored  in one district,
fresh  outbreaks  would occur in ot hor
in other parts of t'.ieci'y.    The rage of
the mob was directed especially against i
the mosques, several of which  were I
sacked   and   burned.      A'l   the public j
buildings are now guarded by troops, |
und the gunboats  iu the  harbor havei
been  cleared  for notion  anil brought .
into   position   to    eoit'i'   the   native
quarters.     Tim local   authorities in
Condont of  being able to quell thu u|
'tfttoint-oo GTrtvi}0.
1'iiuko lUinriuvr's I'ei'il.
Now York, A
son of Donald Burns, i
Rika, aged IS years, in
; u snake charmer, and
i long, a Pvl lion, met In
place, on Roosc
! heard of the vici
! uud visit,; '. the i
17. ��� Frances Burns
ii animal dealer,
dan old woman
Jupiter, 24 feet
let in the elder Burns'
it street,, Rika bad
usiiossof the Python,
uce,    ."".he looked ovi r
j the other
London, Aug. 17. -A dispatch from L���
Bombay says that  nil hough there bus ���.
bean no renewal of the rioting' iu 'hat
city to-day, conil !.::.c" husjiot yet been
fully restored.     The shops are closed
and every (ruin leaving  the   citv   is
filled with faiiiilics, carrying  personal
effects, who   are   ruturning   io   thuir
native districts with a view io securing
safety iu the event of general trpuhle,
Tho  working  people  refuse to resume
their occupation until after to-morrow,
which   is  thu  Mohammedan   prayer
Stnoro lit-! Vr Howlii i.i E.eupcn.
Martin Vun liui-eu Rowland, the
noiorioii.; Texas highwayman, who iu
1801 held up the Cariboo stage uud
robbed the strong box ut the British
Columbia Express Co.. securing ">1(J,-
000 iu gola dust, escaped from the
penitentiary at New West mi lister on
the evening of the 11th instant, and is
still at Urge. The manner of his
escape was very simple. He funned
one of a gang wo: king in u ravine on
the west side of the penitentiary
grounds. A picket fence, live feet
high, runs aero.s the ravine, terminating at the twelve feet walls on either
side. The gang was working on lb.-
westside uf the. ravine and a guard
with louiie.l rifle stood sentry O'.ly
fifty feet away. Suddenly be sprung
on the fi>in,e. threw hi* hand up. rested
it, on tlie top of the wall, and 'be next
moment, leaped clean over and safely
roaclie I the ground on the other side.
'lite whole operation did not occupy
five seconds. So quickly was tlio
iistonishiuc feat performed that 'he
guard had no time to raise his rifle
and fire. Rowland is fifty years of
age and only f> feet 7.'. inches iu s.a-
ture; but he is wonderfully agile for a
man of his years. Siarcdv hud he
touched the ground when he bounded
like a deer into the bushes and wns
instantly lost to view*. A posso was
sent out from the penitentiary and the
bushes sparclieo for some distance, but
Rewlarid wus nowhere to be seen,
Men were out all niglit watching the
roads lending from the city uud patrolling the river batik, but the runaway
was not met.
j\ New I'lai'or Country.
Wonderful reports have been received i
from Bonner's Ferry, which are greatly
excitiug the people of that town.     It;
seems, that  rich  dirt, going tj2 to the:
pun, is   being got  out on the Mouyoa
river near Its mouth.   Prospectors are
going into tlio now pi.nee country as
fast as they can, uud as il is consul,'red
a glacier deposit, these now (lolda may
rival Uu; famous  Fraser river strides.
The new gold fields arc located seven
miles oust of Bonner's  Ferry, uud if;
the excitement keeps up that town will
be depopulated within n  wee!;.    Kaslo
ikes uud finally asked to
Mowed to handle the " big fellow."
as Jupiter is known, After some argument Burns consented and opened
Python's box. Rika made a movement, as if lo place, her arm under the
snake's holy.      Like a flush the huge
reptile darted h.'s bead ut her, seeking
to bind on her neck und pill her down
while he coded himself around her.
Ho half succeeded and the woman
screamed, At this juncture Burns,
who liud been alarmed for the safety
of his guest from the first, threw a
blanket over Jupiter's bead, by means
of which and his own great strength
Im finally got the snake buck into the j
box and shut the lid.
A recent marriage notice ends with I
:hc singular expression, probably added j
hy a wng. isli friend: "May I heir!
future troubles be little ones 1"
After the dance. - Sue:    " Which figure in the quadrille do you like   bust ]
Mr. Spooner?"
Spoonor :     "Yours, Miss  Lumber-
vs. ���>>'���:w -'3 ,
JM'- &���-. "��>'\
'J ill 1 lte.it 11> i mil (lajrlstratloa of Vetera Act 1870.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Court of Revision and Appeal held at
the Court House, Donald, this 7th day
of August, nt 11 o'clock a.m., bus been
adjourned iill Moiubty the 28th day of
Angus:. 18!),'!, at same place and hour.
S.   liKIHilt.WU,
Collector of Votes, E.K.ED,
Hon*. J, A. LouoiiEEii, Q,C.
ii. 8. Mi'C.u'Tiiit.
{Luna-need   &   ItfeCai-ter,
lWristoi'8, Advocates. Solicitors, Notaries
l-.tt:.,  Etc..
Solicitors for Hunk of Moulrei.l,
CAi.ii.uiY, - N.W.T.
Meihliers Associi. D.L.8. & IMj.H, for ll.C
SURVEY! Hi's, t'kil Eiigiueurs, Draughts:
iiion, Viduntors,etc' Ciiigiirvi.iiil Now Ue.it
minster. Correspondence siilicitod.,
l\.J,Jlil'KMO.N', U.L.S..|'.;.>. nf |:.r. SOm.
I .il.ii.iitv, Mini.
A, O. V,-;i:;::i,i:i:. D.L.S. & |'.|, s. ,������:-.;..
Ntnv \i'kki'.mi v-n.i: B.C.
SlcCartJi-r-   &    Hut"
Rerristers, Ailvoet/tus, Xuti ries, it
li.rs lor :
Ihe ImporU BimttofTiuiiitlii.
'I hi* I uu,,illi Periiiiiueut Lu
'111" Vulkshiiv l.ei.il ,v-.-,r,
I he iMLSsey-Hurris ��� u. (I
Oliicos- Stephen rvvoiu.o
I'. JIuUaih-iiv, f'.c.
lliiitAt'l: II.utVKV, B.A., L.L.ll,
IM ;���:   '",'iVlH;:
n.iisi urpLfi*
itlj, utC; bit
CO (Limited)
13. L. tiBSLWlffS,
i:xi;i:-;i-:ki,', eiv.
(1(11,1)1. X r - -        B.C.
9I-. E.',    P. V. IS., *
Riports on Mines it Mineral Properties
i'O 1 AljIlBUI' Sr.,  Ol'TAW.l.
iter fi Lead Ores.
P 37'CI
so:.'. Mb.M. 1
isr. C.E.
isg   ust
, At, ll a. - E
r. Sruiiiiij, 13.1'.
md McGill.)
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Head Ollice. Quniuci*;   Brunch  Offices
SllEltujuioiCi-l, & 17 Place d'Arincs
Hill, iMo.NntBAL.
Thos. Fry,
PttLfw harvey Practical   Watchmake
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
Analytical Ciemht & Acs-iycr,
Golden, British Columbia.
lmia    AssAYF.ii i'ii raw     sua
British Columbia Government
of all s?2:i;c3-i3 so:* Trm tlio P.-avincn to
Bank Of tatreai.
Interest at Current rules.
W.  II. CRAVE LEY. Maxaobii.
[ TV���M'i<iii*!n��!ii*> (.um-a-itci-'l  Mcronil  to Xone  in the Xorttli
West Territories.
JJltlflJJj PQ 1 will niiiil I I'ltKlil nn receipt j
i I'l'li l-i"��'. ol'u L'st.'iicp.u rei-eipe 1'nr li I
r.i:i,|il<> VEUETAULE HALM that will re-.
move Tan, l.'i'i'cliU's. Pimple*. lllfi'p1ifi->,
illlioklieuils, i'i,.,,   lo'.ving the s'tin soft.
clei.raud lienulit'i.l.    Address A. D. sTl'll-
PEL, I'll Aim St., New York.
M.tVllFI   fi'
Livo.-y & Feel Stables,
Sack.lo Iioi'sos for Hire.
Job    Depgtrtmer|t
"It is worth lac pt'o. to evervrersnn
who uvea reads a nenspap* r."���Paillcgion
^a..  C3-.
tVI-ok'U't"*' !i:!<l fiU'tnil
_:0*-. OF ���:o:���
A Poc-ict Pr'ner for tho una ot Bepnrtpra,
(lorresiionilenis io.il ci.p) Choppers.
Huort, siniiili, md lunctioal rules for
maliinit ami ci.lili.ir newapap* r repy,
anil nf-qui! viilne In all alio with tu
write cerra ii Em ,i-Ii.
n    p lop. 10 rents
RMAN, l'ubllsh��
" Nan-.u Streat. New York,
i Cattle, Slieepand
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. 0.
Sunt en r.-ic I f if p
n r oo,.y.   aT.LA"
Train Held Up.
St, Louis, Mo , Aug. 17.-The Frisco train No. 4, due to arrive here this
morning, was held up by tivo. mon at
St. James, Mo., this innrniilg and rubbed. The robbers succeeded ill Opening
the safe, but. it is not yet known how
much they got.
Yellow fever hits appeared in Georgia,
For Informal ion -mil free Hanatiooli viiloto
MUNN Ss t:o��� :-t,l BlioaliWAT, Nir.,' YotiK.
Oliie.t bureau for Boouring patmitii In Alaol'loa,
KveiT patent ttilien ontbj-113 is tmiiplit before
tlio public by a not me given tree of eiitirce in the
Lamest olrciitatlon of any selentiSe paper In tlie
world, Splendiilly lllustr-ited. No Inlellinem.
niua thoifi-l be wllliout It. Weekly. S3.IIJI a
year: ti^OSIX moiiilia. Aiidreiis MCNN .V CO.,
Piuu.i iiinis, 3111 Broadway, A'cw York oty.
Undertakers and
,   *   .   Embalmors,     ���
Calfltui'.v     -     -     AHin.
tu.i:i:i:.U':i   iiiiiu'iis  i',::i.-.:'.'i,,r   jj!
ATTIsN'DKtl    TO. j;
GIANT  PO-WHEB.       j
i   Magasino At Thunder Hill
Xo. I, 00 per cent: No,?,-10 per cent.
For Deep Work and mowing Dp Stumps'
V&vm:* Miii-(ly Citsli.
THUNDER MILL M'g. Co., fLt'd,)
Agent. Kt'.l'or Ritliot Co.    !
PlOKXSiSIt l��AtWff SIMP,   j
Il'ynu ivrut ynnr lionao Piiinteil. Pitperwl
nr Culs.iniuiei!, or any Ituirl ol uki,,'ii I'liiiiled ;
write to.l. H. MILLWA'^I). Ca|.i1 wtv. the ���
Lending Paint Shop in tlio ivesl,  fur good
work and prices that tire right'. I
"- fctle?**
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier iu Wines, Liquors, nnd Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from ur the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C. LINTON BRG3.,
Stationers, Booksellers,
CALGARY       -        ALBA.
to Miulood and bound over to keep the ' number of the wounds were upon the
peace, the doctor, however, not chnrg-: bunds and arms, The left side of her
ing him with the crime of shooting. ! throat wns cut, largo arteries being
Tlie man wns very vindictive against j severed, and her face wus slushed in a
Dr. McEachran because he would not. j frightful manner. The woman's true
allow the men on the ranch to round I name is Koiieninnii, and her home Sco-
tip a number of cattle which the ex-j field, Wis. A man, name unknown,
employee had purchased from him the  bus been  arrested for the crime and is
now iu jail here. When arrested his
clothing wus soiled with blood. He
wus a work.nun in Darwin's camp and
liis employer says he believes the man
is insane. Circituist..iices point to the
prisoner us the guilty man  as he wus
agreement belli-,
that ho should do so
Gold Gravels.
The Similkaineen G<*dd Gravels Exploration  Co.,   Ltd., which  has  been
Notwithstanding  the billed attractions of the Windermere races, but few
were   tempted   to   leave   Gulden   Inst
Friday to attend.    It. so happened that operations at once,    A competent miii-
most of   the  men  are  awu.v working I�������   "Xpert has  been   secured by   the
to tiikn charge of their prospecting work, which will be of the
most  thorough  character, and, when
formed for  the purpose of  prospecting seen going towards tho shanty shortly
and working the deposits near Prince- before the crime wus discovered, and
ton, at the junction of the Similkaineen he hud  previously  quarreled with the
und  Tuluineeii   Rivers, will commence
itself probably so
loe.ents abroad" us
, of their feeling:
of   active display
and those who are iu town are suffer-1 company
ing under the influence of the "liuiiti-
cial crisis." Tlie Duchess left the
wharf at 7 a.m. but somehow there
wus not that brisk "go" knocking
about which has so often characterised
such excursions, probably on iiccount
of the sinnlliiess of the crowd, our correspondent says.
"Most of lho party were apathetic to
"the sublime and beautiful natural
'���scenery, owing perhaps to having
"been over the route several times
For people not to enjoy the Columbia
river  trip would  be uu  impossibility.
The  grandni ss iu
overcame the   " i,
to  keep  tho  nrdo
within thu   bound
The number ot attendants at the races
was fairly ;; ud, but by some means
tnexplaiuod or understood tlie events
did not take place at I o'clock us
advertised, hut.4 p.m. uud consequently
some of the races were cancelled, also
the Polo match and wrestling ou
horseback. Several Golden horses
took part in the.races. Mr. Harry
Coiinacher's succeeded in carrying off
two prizes with bis horses,'Charlie C.
and Little George. We ap'ieiiti a list
of the successful contestants:
Quarter mile, 1st H. Coiinacher's
Little George; 2nd D. P. Kiinptou's
Half mile, 1st (I. Geary's Reform;
2nd D. P. Kiinptou's Reciprocity.
Half mile hurdle, 1st 11. Coiinacher's
Charlie C.; 2nd G. Geary's Nigger.
(100 yds. 1st G. Geary's Nigger; 2nd
D. P. Kiinptou's Reciprocity.
Steeplechase, 1st Loivey Abelle; 2nd
Lewey Paul.
Quarter mile foot race, 1st Lewey
Abelle; 2nd R. 1). McTavish.
100 yards foot nice, 1st R. McTavish
2nd Lewey Abelle.
Among those who came in from further south to see the races we noticed
Mrs. Hucklo and Mrs. Durick, old
residents of Golden; and Mr. uud Mrs.
From reports wo heard and what we
���saw. things seem 10 be doing very fairly
in the Upper Country this season,
Mr. Ccnunchor took his horses up tu
Fort Steele, to enter in the races
that were to beheld l here yesterday.
11. McTuvlsh also went up to contest
in the foot races,
completed will leave no doubt ns to tbo
actual value of the ground now held
by the company. Sho,,ld the report
on the completion of this work, prove
favorable, active operations will at
once follow, and work will be continued
in the most energetic manner until
thorough development bus been completed.
There is little doubt, but that the
expert's report will he of a favorable
character, as this ground bus long
been known to coiitttitl gold and
platinum iu con:-, le ruble quantities,
and possessing, basl Us, many natural
advantages necessary for successful
liydraiiliciiig, ean hardly fail to prove
a property of inimunsu valuo when
thoroughly developed,
The stock of ihe company since
being open for subscription bus been
rapidly tukeu, and the trustees already
have sufficient funds in hand to commence operations us indicated above,
uud continue the work until the company is fully satisfied of the value of
the ground, which they hold under
lease Irom the Provincial Government.
St. Mary's IIIver Excitement.
Tliere is quite a stampede to the
headwaters of St Mary's river ; from
lilteen to twenty prospectors are going
in every day from Marysville, the new-
town located ut the mouth of Lrfiiuico
creek, eight miles south from Pilot
Bay. The ore is silver and is reported
us running up in the thousands. The
steamer Alusworth chIIs ut Marysville
on returning from Kaslo to Nelson.
The recording otlice for lhat section is
li.P. II. Art rUtilu.
Word has been received from Cariboo
by Mr. Hobsou. manage-*of the Horse
Fly hydraulic mines, representing
Canadian I'acilic capital, bus bonded
the Sjuth Fork hydraulic claim ou the
Qitusuello , and also the Choo Fail'claim
ou the siime river. The bond is for
three weeks, i.nd the iiinount offered
the South Fork company is -111 cents
per sliuiv, und 2."i,L(;0 for the Chinese
dualling Work on n (lull way.
Work bus not uceu discontinued  on
  the Revelstoke brunch of the Canadian
Wal (I (lunch Shunting Cn.o.      I Pucilic, as   men   are  still  engaged   ill
Dr. D, McEuehruii was questioned clearing the right-of-way. On the
by a CiiLnry Herald Reporter iu reler- j Nakusp and 8locan operations are It-
ence to the ulleged attempt ou his life coming aotive, and it is expoetnd Unit
at thu Wiilroml ranch, The doctor truck-laying will commence nest week,
stated that a mail who had been iu llie! All engine will be brought down Irom
employ of the ranch company was the j Revelstoke. steel having already been
guilty party though lie did not think forwarded from Robson. It is couli-
that thu inn ii really meant to commit dently stated tlie t.raok will bo at the
murder The bullet wus tired through ',llu:ul o( Slocan Lako (eight miles from
the window of a bedroom iu wliioh j New Uiuviir) within two mouths.
Lady AdelaCochrane and Lady Gwuu- '
dolin   House was sleeping.     It passed 1 Terrible Crime.
through the thin board partition.sep-j Medford, Wis., Aug. 21. An atru-
arating the sleeping apartment; from' cious murder was committed at Per-
the regular room and striking the? wall: kiustowu, a smalt village west of here,
glanced off penetrating through' an-1Saturday night. The victim was a
other partition into the room occupied '��� fallen woman who lived alone in a
by Dr. McE.ichran and Dr. Campliell. : shanty about half a mile from the
The bullet which embedded itself 111 j village. When found her body was
the wall, passed within a few inches'covered wilh knife wounds, thirty-nine
of Dr. Campbell's head. Theiriaii who in number, probably inflicted while she
did the shooting was alter wards taken | was struggling  lor life, as a greater
The Si'iil tut eh.
Victoria, B.C., Aug. 21.- The sealer
Penelope, dipt. Cole, from the Japanese sou, arrived lust night, nineteen
days across, with 2,271 skins. The
Captain says all schooners ran north
to Cooper islniids and won't return
just yet. He reports the Carlocta G.
Cux leading the catch with 2.HM skins
the Agnes McDonald next with 2.US0,
und the Penelope third. The schooner
Geneva in dune hud loOCO. Half way
home the Penelope spoke the W. P
Sawyard with 2t0 skins. Capt. Cole
reports seeing a number of pups iu
���ra.      Last
. ..v;...s lu,de
ii. in.in the
iiroiigli the
lluuily For l.u
The Kaslo sumpliug i
ploto un.I ready for all c
Saturday the first truati
lour and a bull loud u
Don Ton initio Wus pi
mill, uud the returns snow ill-i-d ozs.
silver uud 4:1-1 per cent lead. The ore
was shipped to tlieTucoina smelter vie.
the Statu uf Idaho, Tuesday morning,
The new sumpliug works have a capacity of lull tons daily.- Kiislu-SiOcuii
Hnfl-.ic mm Ilea
Shainoklii, Pa., Aug. 21.- George
Rohan, a farmer of Chemung county,
X.V., who had a wallet containing
���S2,MjU wns attacked by highwaymen.
Ruhaii sei/.ed u fence mil, but after u
hard tight was knocked down. Rohan
thrust his wallet into his black Spaniel
dog's mouth and the Intelligent animal
dashed off into the woods, the robbers
ill pursuit. They shutatllieaniiii.il
repeatedly, but to no purpose. Rohan
was badly used up, but when the
annuel value buck to him ill the minims still bearing the wallet ho seized
it iu ii.s anus and covered it with
kisses. He lost no lime in getting
away from the vicinity.
Italy Incu'iM-il at France.
R > ue. Aug. 22. ���Some 500 workmen
tried to start uu unti -French not ibis
afternoon, but were charged anil dispersed by llie police. Several were
wounded nnd many were arrested. Tue
mayor of the city has issued a manifesto in winch he exhorts the people to
remain culm aud trust the government
for the sulisluct.oii of thud' demands.
The minister of the Interior has sent
orders to all the prefects to do their
utmost to maintain order and prevent
M'isoiiiil injury to French citizens.
The disposition of the Government
towards the anti-French agitators was
illustrated lu-dav III llm trials of the
men ,u rested during the demonstrations
of Saturday and yesterday. Five of
thu men were ordered to pay small
lines for having assaulted a policeman,
the rest were released. The grievance
arose in a light between French and
Italian Workmen employed ut the
Alliges Muries salt works, France.
Italian.-, lire indignant ut the laxity
with which thu French wero visited,
hence the riolous dciuohsi rations
against the republic. Their object is to
coerce the Government iiitodeini'.iuliii|-
an apology from France and ind utility
for their compatriots killed.
Upper Columbia Jfi^Co.
Tramway from C.P.R. Golden to Colombia-River.
Sirs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud lake and Upper Columbia Lake.
" PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between,Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay River.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Lluelroa Upper Columbia Lake to Port Steele.
Thrsdiiy und Moll. 18-00
. 12-00
15t 0
Wed. and Sun.
I Miles
| from
I Guillen,
1 0
Golden, s. Duchess leave
Galena "    arrive
Windermero "        '
" Tramway loave
Thunder Hill, s, Pertiirr.
CaiuJ Flat,        '���   "
"       Stage lo,.ve
Fort Steele "
t'rni n
Tuesday mid Friday 7KX)
* 2 SO
o 00
Wei. and Saturday 10:09
5 30
"             17-H0
Thursday             7tO0
11 03
Fri.li,}'                    7-00
12 00.
Ffojg-ht Rates to Fort Stee'r;.
A   Class 1 At!	
B       "    8, 4, ii, & li .
C       "    7, 8. 9, & 10
Freight Classification.
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele   4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
���' Golden to Cnuol Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
:M.   B.   LANG,:
Mining Menial Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
C rein berries,
H. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
'���Iain always open to conviction,"
as the man said when he had been
found utility by the jury.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
TXAVE on hand tor SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
xx sisting of Short Nipples, Bushing's, I nion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Grlobe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work.   Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
[kinds of buildings.


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