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The Golden Era Aug 19, 1898

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Array lo
The Golden Era
Ii the most widely circulated and
beet advertising medium in East
Kootenay. Thie ie the paper that
'������ it read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, 92.00 per Annum
in Advance  	
| Map of Golden
I Mining Division
I By !'.<'. Lang ...
,,,     On receipt of SI copies of this valuable
--  map will bo mailed by
The Golden Era Company I.'ttl. Lby���
�� Golden, 11. C.
VOL. VIII.   NO. 3
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ego 9 3 o_o ftoaoooco
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Our   Grocery  Department
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Golden, B. C.
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Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors arid Cigars.
Rates $1.00 Per Day. ��� ::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men,
Baggage Transferred Free.
}{ot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
3I0st Proprietor..
,W\Veare Manuf acturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Largo Stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Gins.-.-
ware, Platinum Goods,
Aoids, Chominnls, and all
other Assayers1 nud Milters' requireinencs.
Saile Agents, for Morgan
Crucible Cprnpany, Batter*
. seft;; Beoker'e Son's Balan
ce; Brunlon k Poarse's Poeket Minq Transit, etc,
Vancouver, H. V.
I'.O. Box .183. Telegraphic Address-   "ASSAY," Vancouver,JJ.C
Progress of   Mining; Operation..���a
Bird'. Eye View of the DUtrlct.
Less attention has been given hy
pros|>ectors io the Donald Mining Di
vision than to any other portion ol
North East Kootenay. Yet tho proa
pects of minora! deposits of vuliii lieing
found there appear to lie as good as in
any other portion of the Columbia
Valley. Promising placer deposits lie
unworked on Quartz creek and there
have been locations of excellent gold-
copper ore maale on Porcupine creek,
but as yet no development work lias
been done, so that practically nothing
has been proved regaining these prospects, On Bald Mountain there is one
of the biggest deposits of gold-bearing
quart*, we have seen in East Kootenay
and we shall refer to it fully later on.
On Kinbasket Lake a galena deposit
has been in process cf development..
Placer gold and platinum have been
found iu the Bluewuter, Cummins
creek, at the Wnlt-a bit, and at Canoe
river. Here, then, is a large area of
country showing promising indications
at many points, but which is ns yet
The far north can be reached by a trail
known as the Moberly trail running in
a north-westerly direction from Donah!, and though the trail is in bad
shape in many places at the present
time the route is an excellent one,
being over an easy grade, and with
abundance of fodder for pack animals
on the way. It was in this district
that the editor of the Golden Eka
spent the greater pnrt of last week, and
though the ground covered nocessiiateal
travelling over some ot tho toughest
country we hive ever struck, there
was much to compensate for the hard
er side of the trip. The first property
which we visiteal was* that located last
year by Messrs. Moo-lio ami Conner
between the Clearwater nnd Blnewater
rivers. From D-mald to Fish Lake is
a distance of la miles, by the Moberly
trail, which was found in good shape
thus far, e.tc.-pt foi* laejiig hhickeal hy
windfalls and a tow, boggy Waces. The
bridge over the Wait^lNJjPdaiinige.l
two years ago, by highuvater, has
been put in good shape, anuvtJicuce the
trail rune along the river mt to the
Columbia, and follows this tftt terrace
which strikes across to the Bvewater,
four miles further on. This Vver impresses the traveller with the appropriateness of the name as he descemls
to it from the tcrraco on which be has
been travelling, especially as he con
trusts it with the Blackwater, which
joins it a little below lhe bridge. The
Hluewater is crossed by a good trail
bridge, and then the trail follows the
Blackwater for the next six miles to
Fish Lake. Four miles from the Blue-
water bridge is the favorite luncheon
(jround of travellers, whore the trail
along which stream is abunda ceof
feed for horses. At Fish Lake a trail
turning to the right takes the traveller
off on the route to the Clearwater mine
This side trail is a terror at the point
where it goes down to the lake, for the
grade here is steep enough to make an
exciting toboggan slide. It is certainly
too steeK for horses. The Clearwater
is again crossed at the foot of the terrace, where the pretty lake known as
Fish Lake breaks into view. This hns
been a celebrate'! lishing ground of
Donald people for years past and on
the trip the writer fell in with two
well-known Donald residents, C.
Baines and W. Caldwell, ivho were
out on the joint business of a fishing
excursion and a trip to the Clearwater
mine. At the lake is a capital camping placo and plenty of feed for horses.
but what with mosquita.es ami black
Hies it is not always the best of places
in which to camp for the night. A
fair trail leads from the lake to
a distance of about 4 miles. Here the
toughest part of the trip begins. A
new trail has been made from the
Clearwater to the mine, and a great
deal of work has been put upon it, the
Government subsidising it to the extent of $|00. A better route could
certainly have been got, for the first
part of the trail consists iu a sud, on
ascent from the crook, which makes
hard climbing for both man and horse,
and the route will have to be altered if
any considerable amount of packing
has to be done to and from the mine.
Two miles over a rough, rocky river
ohannel bring the traveller to tho camp
established by T. A. Knowlton. the
gentleman who bonded the property
and is working it at the present time.
is on tho summit of the divide between
the Blue-vater and Clearwater rivers,
7.400 feet above sea lea el. The property includes three claims, Little
Brother owned hy J. W. Conner,Mow
gli hy U. P. Moodie, and Akcla lay Dr.
Taj lor, A trail of some thirteen 'signage has been made up the steep mountain e|de to where the mineral boaring
veins oiucrop on  tho   summit.     The
histery of the discovery dates back
some, four years ago when some In-
d.ans told Mr. .1. W. Conner of the
deposit. He went out to see it but
owing to the roughness of the country
he did not stake the ground at tho
time. Samples brought in, however,
gave assays of between $300 and $400.
and last year Messrs. Conner and
Moodie went out and located the
ground. H. C. Hammond, of Toronto,
was so much impressed wilh the
samples of ore shown him, that he
went out and saw the property. He
returned with a magnificent lot of ore,
which, ou assay by W. Pellew Harvey, want over $100 in gold, silver,
and copper.   He then
on the properly and sent Professor
Hardinan of Montreal to inspect tho
ground. The Professor, although impressed with tlio richn as of the ore,
reckoned that from tho inaccessibility
of the location, it would be a doubtful
proposition, and on his advice the
bond whs abandoned hy Mr. Hammond
Last year .Mr. Knowlton took a working bond on the property, and recently
started work on it. He had an assay
made on the ore in Montreal, when ihe
result showed a value of something
like $850 to ta.e toil. On his return
from the cast this season Mr, Knowlton decided to start work on the property and goc in as soon us the ground
was clear of snew.
It occurs at discovery in stringers
traversing a porphyry dyke. Thi*
dykelie about 30 feet wide rising be
tween slste and serpentine an.l there
are nbout a dozen of these stringers
running tho width of the dyko Tiiest-
stringers run from two to twenty-four
inches in thickness, and are from two
to tun feet npart,. They all carry ore
which is iu the form of giite.ua ou the
surface aiual grey copper lower down,
both pres lacing very high graile. Tha-
couniry rock on both sides of the porphyry dyke is so badly broken up thai
when a tunnel wus stand with a view
to cutting through the group of stringers itfivus impossible to keep the roof
up fair gelling the timbers in, and the
tunnel had to be abandoned at thai
poujt| There is no appearance here ol
ii dftjliud lead immediately connecting
with ' these sti itinera, though in the
valley beneath, sonio 1000 to 1500 fcei
It     . r      .j
traceable through the glacial basin,
with a strike of N 70 VV, and the line
of which cuts riajht into the porphyry
dyke at right angles to the lead. This
dyke runs east and west with a dip ol
55' to the south. There is therefore
every probability that the lead will be
siruck as the work deepens. This
theory is strengthened by lhe fact thai
tho ore in the stringers all lies on the
font wall, and cxtouds but a shut i
distance in from the foot wall of the
porphyry dyke. The richness of the
ore found in the stringers gives
ill the main lead when that is found.
Already half a ton of this rich ore Ims
betn laken out, and it is Mr. Knowl
ton's intention to send some of I' to
McGill College, at iMoutreal, for a
thorough sampling. Several open cuts
have been made into these stringers,
one of these cuts being 17 feet long and
H feet deep, and another 15 ieet long
and 10 feet deep. The quartz is a
whilo crystalination peculiar io the
whole of the Blnewater Basin of the
Donald Mining Division. Slate and
porphyry are sometimes mixed with
(lie quartz, and the lead in the valley
shows strong exudations of talc. Mr.
Knowlton has opened up the load in
the valley to some extent und duds
showing a fine quality of galena on the
surface, but of course no work has
been done ou it to prove iho extent or
Maine of ihe mineralisation.' A tunnel
has now been opcui'il on tiie cuuip'siati-
of the divide on which lhe chums tare
located, uud it is intended to drive thin
under the oaitcropof that stringers
This work will prove lite extent of the
mineralisation to a certain depth, and
will serve to shoav whether it is of a
permanent character. Thu work should
also prove lhe existence of Iho lead m
that point aud whet her its niincralisa
tion corresponds with the splendid
snowing in the stringers. A great
aiiiticulty in tunneling ai this point is
the trouble iu getting in timler, a8.it
is some disunite away, anal has to be
hauled some 1400 feet up a steep Inolllli'.
On the other hand the steepness of thu
mountain is a greutassistmice in proving the ground, as it gia-es sai match
depth for every fool of tunnel dm on.
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rial   lira-,at    Na.l'tlaa'l'll   It.    II.   In   EAlt
Kaaait.'llai y.
The management of tho Great Norl h*
eru Railway evidently has a high
opinion of the future of the Kootenays.
That coinpauy does not seem content
with the railways it now has iii this
district, vis, the Corhln system and
the Knslo & ,Slocnn road, but has it
seems, decided to forthwith construct
a lino of railway from Bonner's Ferry
Ilitho, down the Kootenay river to the
International boundary, there to connect with tli9 proposed Nelson & Bed*
lington railway.     From another, end
a reliable source, it is loarned that tho
Great Northern controls certain valuable railway charters in East Koote-
mv, and that in tbe near future a
branch commencing at Jennings,
Montana, on the maiu line of the system, will bo extended northward as far
hs Golden. Tho completion ol these
projects together with tho Kettle river
valley extension, will give the Greet
Northern access to every raining camp
of importance in southern British
Columbia. - Rossland Miner.
From information which wc have
received, the lino from Jennings will
follow the hank of the Kootenay river
from Tobacco lo Fort Steele thence up
the Kooteuay valley to Golden.-Fort
aSteele Prospector, THE GOLDEN ERA,  FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 1898.
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Beds, Etc.
The GOLDEN BRA is nuMislied every
��� Krialay evening, It is the best advertising
medium in the Kiast Kootenay district.
Subscription Kates : tt.OI) per annum IN
Alterations and changes ef standing advertisements must be in tiie onice not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advert sements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable caro will bo taken,the
proprietors will not'bo responsible tor any
omission or error iu any advertisement.
Ail accounts to bo paid ta> the Managing
Director, or his authorized agont, from whom
the company's receipt avill be obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ads., 81.50 per
column inch; Log 1 ads., HI conts per linn
for lirst insertion, la cents for each additional
insertion; Heading notices, 1** cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should bo addressed to tho Managing Director, and all
litornry communications, letters lor publication or news items should ho adalresscd to the
..alitor '   '
Correspondence is invited am matters of
pail lie interest, hut to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the case ot
.-iiiuiiynioiiB letters the name anal iiahlross of
the writer must lie enclosed, not for publication, but tor tlio private information of the
aaditor and as a guaraiueeof goasl faith. Any
letter received litter than Wetlnosilay will
have to stain! over till the folloaving issue.
The Golden Eia Company ..tailed Liability,
Office, Golden, n. u,
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FRIDAY, AUGU.ST 19, 1898.
Now that the war is over capitalists
will be moro free with their investments and we may hope to see some of
the excellent prospects of North East
Kootenay taken up and worked to
Is going to be our Banner Year.    We
aro wide open for business, nnd
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Mr. Boaven has been unable to form
a government. That was the inevitable foreoaste when hetook the responsibility. The result has been that the
Lieut.-Governor has sent for Mr. Sjiii-
lin. That was the gentleman representative of the Opposition who sho Id
have been sent for in the first place.
The Opposition partv was, however,
in this difficulty -that utter a convention of the members thereof it wus de
cidel that the election of lender should
remain over till this week, Mr. .Soinlin
himself approving this course. If lua
therefore assumes the Premiership
in any other than a tentative form,
pending that mooting, he avill fall into
disfavor wi*li his puny, an.l indeed he
has already been accused of a broach
of trust in the matter, Mr. Sunliu
offered the position of Attorney-General to Mr. Joseph Martin, lint that gen-1
| tletnan refused to accept tor t hu reason
that he believed to accent oflicj pend-'
ing the meeting already arrungeil
would he a breach of trust with the
party. We have always found Mr.
Semlin a tiioro.igh geiiiliiuiaiu, and we
ilo not believe lie will lend himself to
anything which will cause trouble in
the ranks of the partv itself. Wc
therefore hopo to see Mr. Soinlin take
such steps as shall eusuro a good
strong government being formed from
the Opposition ranks as well as the
preservation of unanimity in the ranks
of the party itsalf.
The   rosult   of   the hearing of   the
Windorniere cases at the County Court, j
before Judge Forin, fully justifies the
remarks we made on  the scandalous'
administration   of   justice, by   which |
these cases were sent for trial.      Here'
were two men arrested, brought before I
a magistrate   who   evidently   knows!
very little about the proper discharge !
of   duties   pertaining  to Ilia office, re-1
fused a fair   hearing in that an appli-1
cition  for  adjournment  to   produce'
eridetice was not granted, committed
for trial   on   evidence which did anything but justify such a comae.     Tho
result   has   boon lhat these men have
suffered a cruel wrong by being locked
up In prison all  this time, and but for
the efforts of   their   counsel in taking
advantage of the speedy trial clauses
f the County Courts Act, they might
have been lying  in  prison yot. or for
the next three or four months for thai
matter.   This is the sort of thing thai
people talk glibly of as British justice.
In   our   opinion the    Magistra'e  at
Windermere, who is responsible for the
outrage of these men being committed
for trial and held  in prison so long is
more deserving   of   punishment than
they, for the wrong he has dono them.
II reliance is to be placed on the reports
published in another ccluir.n referring
to a line if railway along the Columbia
Valley to Golden, connecting the Great
Northern system with the C.P.R.,
there is a great future before this district, ns such a railway will brine
means of transportation within au
immense area of mineral country
which can never be dealt with by any
other moans than a railway, which
will bo available for transportation all
the year round.
The position between Russia and
Britain is a very threatening one. The
break'ug limit of British patience
seems to have basin reached, and much
as Lord Salisbury hns been esteemed
as a diplomat the people of Great
Britain seem io have lost confidence in
him and to be determined to have their
rights asserted, oven if it must lie by
force of arms. There appears to be
verv little doubt but that Russia bus
had the best of it thus far in the China
deal. The territory affectel is one in
which the United States is as in ch
interested as the British nation from a
commercial point of view, and if matters come to the worst we should like
to see Britain and the United States
fighting this battle shoulder to shoulder in their mutual intesost. Such u
war would, however, under the best
conditions, be a terrible calamity, and
one which it would be better to avoid
if possible.
There is something sadly wrong
with the principles of trail construction in this district. These trails are
made or opened in the beginning of the
season and thin allowed to remain,
with the result that they soon become
blocked, and are often -thus next to
useless, or at all events a great inconvenience to travellers. The Bald
Mountain trail is badly blocked with
timber at tho lower end. The trail
from Donald north by the Columbia is
in a very bad state from fallen timbers.
The same may be said of the Brown's
Creek and other trails iu the district.
What is wanted is a system of letting
the maintenance of the various trails
by annual contracts, the contractors
being bold responsible under pr-iper
bonds for keeping the trails clear it
fallen timber, repairing of slides and
bridges. Wc have seen this policy in
force and know hovv satisfactorily ii
works, and we are sure that if a sinii
lar policy were adopted in this district
it would prove far ahead of the present hop, step uud jump stylo of doing
It is a groat satisfaction to commer
cial and industrial interests to learn
that the war between the United States
and Spain is at an end. The event has
been a disastrous ono to both nations,
meaning to the United States tho piling up of a huge debt of 8130,000.000,
and to S,iaiii it means the loss of hei
most important colonies and ber re-
Illation to the lowest grade among
E iropoan poavers, Oil iho other hand
tho war has shown lhat the United
States is a coming power that has to
he reckoned with, in the future; it has
drawn closely the bonds between tho
United States and Britain, amounting
virtually to an alliance; it has shown
that the United .States navy as far as
it goes is a big thing, having annihilated two fleets with tho loss of only
one man ou each occasion, and wil lion'* the loss of a ship.
The evens of the last few weeks
appear to indicate that East Kootenay
is at length about to bo embarked as
one of tho first mining distiictsof
British Columbia. If the work now
being dono by tho Minos Development
Company proves successful it is beliov
ed that both tho Swansea and the
Dailos mines in the Win lennerc district will he shippers of ore within a
short time. The strikes recently mado
on C.iuyon Creek and Fifteen Mile
Creek nre amongst the lies', copper
strikes that have been made in the
district, and though they are hut in
the prospecting stages there is every
evidence of their proving permanent
and payable mines. The properties
referred to are all copper ores, and are
conveniently situated * to transportation.
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remedies Mid a number ef pli'yiiirjiins, but
th"y emild do very tittle for mo, only giving
mo at time? n little temporary relief. I saw
South American Rheumatic Cure advertised
and decided tu give it a trial. Tlio first lew
does boiieiittuu ine wonderfully, and after
taking only two bottles tlio pains disappeared.
and theso has brenne return. I consider my
cure a marvel, hn 1 had been so bad for two
years that h; d I tern given the whole uni
verse I could not He ou my left side." ��.
Errett Merrir.kvillo, Cut,
���  Soldb;.* C. A. Warren. 5ft
Helen ing to the political -situation
in Brit Uli Columbia, tho Winnipeg
Tribune H.iys : "Mr. Martin bus unquestionably tho ability to Ie.nl, and to
lead well. If British Columbia secures
him "as her premier her people will
have great reason to be thankful, for
he will straighten out all tangle." in
quicker time than any living Canadian,
and he will give the province an administration of which she will have
reason to be proud. Whatever all the
B.C. politicians may think of the matter now, if Mr. Martin ia given the
lend, tliey will soon acknowledge that
the right thing has been done. Manitoba will rejoice to be able to congratulate her aider province on securing so
able and honest a premier as Mr.
Joseph Martin. He has brains and
honesty, and these are the two groat
essentials in these degenerate days."
A Bayonet Thrust is a pin scratch to
Hie t-irtums of Indigestion and Dyaj epsia.
The bravest ooldier will weaken before the
onslaught nf those redoubtable enemies to
health. Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets
break down tho strongholds of disease, build
up and fortify the wasted nerve force, put
now lift, new hope, new energy, hoist the
banner ot victory in the stead ot the flag ct
distress.   .���>.'> conts. 5'Jl
Sold by C. A. Warren
Advertise' in the OOLDEN ERA
Many of tbe North American Indians
were 1fitagul��fcenCl tfpecinicns of physical
manhood. Thi** \v:is du*?.1'largely, to their
active out-dour life. Nevertheless, they
had the wisdom ui know tliat an active lift
in the open air alone, would not keep a
man healthy. Tin y had their medicine-
men, Who leathered hirbs 'from field and
forest nnd brewed decoctions to assist tht-
natural processus of the various vital
organs.        '
Modem civilised men do not a* a usual
thing recognize the same m cosily until it
!s too late. They ignore medicine until
*hev are within the grasp of some serious
ir fatal disra'-K*. The time for a man to be-
���rin taking medicine is w'aon he begins to
feci out nf sorts, if a man is thoroughly
well and healthy he does not feel that way.
If he does feel that way he may be pretty
-.ure that he is half sick. When he is half
sick it does not take long before he is
"whole-sick." Dr. Puree's Golden Medical Discovery is th-.* best medicine for a
man when he* is sick or getting sick'. It
puis him all right all round. It puts bis
stomach right to begin with, and that is the
most imp'-rtunt point It puts his liver
right, nnd th.it is lhe second most important point. It mirilies hi�� blood and fills it
with the lif*-iriving elements ->f the food
he eats. aMkfhat is the third important
point. Tt umes out all disease germs and
impurities of every discriptlou. It makes
the appetite keen and hearty. It is the
greatest blood-maker und flesh-builder. It
cures 98 per cent, of ill cases of consumption, weak lungs, spitting nf blood, obstinate coughs and kindred ailments. Thousands wbo were given up to die have testified to their recovery under this marvelous
medicine. An honest dealer will not urge
a substitute for the sake of a little extra
profit.    He gives you what you ask for.
Guqqiqgham & jiarYey,
(Late of Vancouver)
Assayers & Chemists,
*fc     Wm titer,  (j olden.
All work don in duplicate a'il ; liar-
run -.Oil. A port nn of ena-li sample
received is kept for future reference.
���c guarantee Hut thew
Plubn will relieve
palo c-jitckcr dun uy
other. Put tip only ia
yud rolli. TbeUtfcr
���flowi you lo cut the
Piute any iIm.
Every family
should have one
ready for on emergency.
Bewaara of imitation.
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best?
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Atlalress for particulars,
The MUrison" Typewriter
1)1 nnd % Wenalell St.
617 CM-mot, 111.
The Great Pain Reliever
is-       ������' -'��� '��� '��� ������"���
Superior to All Others.
It   relieves   the pains .and aclics the
'minute spiilical.   "It Cured:���   '-.''
^tift* joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
(L'hillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore ('hest,
Cold on the Cho-st,
Coughs, Colds, etc,
Can he v.sod internally ns well ns ex-
ti-rnHlly.   Humlmls testify to iis
Miii-ii'iil  relief.    No home -ahould
he without it.
Saild hy all dealers,   25 cts. 91tc
7,000   Bi*.
on." ed over from 1897 must he sacrificed now. New "High Grade, all
style.*, hest equipment, tuia ran teed.
$9.75 to   $17.00
Uied whe 1*, late models, nil makes
$3.00 to   $12.00
We ship on approval without a cent
payment. Write for bargain list und
art catalogue of swell '98 models.
Bicycle free to advertise them. Rider
agents wanted. Learn how to cum a
Bicycle and make money.
J. S. Head Cycle Agent,
4,V.s.'3UO Chicago, III.
. . Robert Dodds . .
Will   start   business   next   week    in
Miller's building. 429st
Business Cards.
B^iilder and Contractor,
-   -*���.-   -   Golden, B.C.
A supply of Building Lime
*   For Sale.        '     ���
?Ians prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. ���        28to
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sulv-Agont tlaaiaiiiaion (Jovcrnineul,
Agont Dominion Ten-unite-, (1ailila*ni.
Special attention to Mineral Claiirib.
IKM Onico, Aloxiintlir lllovii, Oolden.
.TAMES B^ADy, DX.S. A P.L.8.
...Mining Engineer...
M. A'm'n {net. M. E.
Agent for obtaining' Crown   Grants,
doingn'nnunl assesmen't wo'rlt.'etc.'
Address:      Uolden, H. C.
Clarence Herppy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1870) Lkadviu.-b, Colobado
Samples by ninil or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay fricest-Gold, silver and
ton, *1* any two of the-above, Met nnyone
W the above, 50a-; copper'analysis,- tl; nlalia
ii'iin, niekol or tin, 85. Write, for full price
list antl< mailing envelopes. ���      ...
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for Ihe
admission of patients. ���''      '   '''
TICKETS may be bad from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE- Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Golden    Era
.    .    .    AND   .    .    .
6. C. Mining Record
Will be sent lo any address on
receipt of $;���! 00 which covers
a years subscription to both
papers. ��� -1
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for   Security
of   Policy   Holders.
I'roiaideiit���Hou. Sir Oliver Mot-rat.
Vii'D-Pre.iilenl���Jowpli W. Klavelle   Esq.
Managing Direc or��� F. U. Cox.
E. A. Habokn,
HO Agent, Golden, B. C.
Healthful, safe, iticxpctisive.hoino
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections; no publicity, nolo s
of tiino from business and a certainty
of oure. Consultation and correspou-
UniUHT PIIUC donee free ami
nUlflt LUnt confideiitial. Dr.
Tun UmilIV. London, Out. Re'
ferences as to Dr. MeTuggart's professional integrity penniltcd by Sir W.
R. Mevodii li. Chief Juatico; Hon. O.
W, Rus��, Minister of Education; O.
W. Yarker, banker; H. S. Strathy,
manager Trader*' Bink.
Particulars onn be obtained on reference to tho Editor of Tub GIildkn
Era. '
Subscribe to the Golden Era and
help to advance tbe interests of the
district. Send $2 for a year's subscription!        *���'-
i*l a...* a*>a* a
^m&ney FREE!
(OMlt**,*,-.. ...v......-.���. i:- -
iiu-ifi- o'ir flp-MlU it Arrant I or twoSV**e
ijopgrghmij guarintwOj
^r.ri.trfnvW^.-Ur bank, your te>kt
any tiank, U)p��riitorof IhtsfnuM, *r of ��ey
ot tlm ini'ltltudu uf tmtrona whe m** pur
cha rd mllUniui of tl.illuii' worth of las-iiu-
nifiiln Ci om u* during nwirlj M ymii. Onr*
itift a thunund rf*iit ri-rtrwi��*, wt>t frcf.
Ciena for our new lfeflHComiosii.',
illustrated in colors, flt.ntainiuK full
descriptions of all our Plnnoe awl
Orwu.    KRMK.MBER wo ur�� tbe
__ _   rittly firm of aotuil mknufaccurera
��� ���   wiling fxcluitvety to tbe jreneral
hmi public dirct't, at nclory oo��t���the
rm whomymi��.tttaia Real "Sjar} Valfljof TOUT ���"^���*u_lllJ"a-lf<L"$!> A
-.��� - , JTS'^fiijMireit-iliotM
N',maToair*.'t'llretllnftrlva)-l--j. Salta-la-lawr''
TBIXHt Se Katl-fcftiM, Ro Pw.
V\ Ut WifclT Rane ��r OrgaS for noth-.
Intf.   rull ttxpluiiLUon with every <
f-utiilopuo, I
EaUblMa-aat ��.ia-lj CO r.aatrk
CABUIOU     1    ** f* ^ktWtmtn   -��    ...l.a>ai..i*M -a.n-IJ 00 1 e.ra.     /--.u
ORNISH   & CO.,     '��M ' ^UlAKHIUnTnN   M   I V'-^M
'        Mn,il>.-l,,..*.or.V���i,rif.�� l'l��.c*aaaa>rlOr.aa��.. . ItHBIHHM lUllJ W. ��t.,lan--��
���>' ra".'>��� -I'ayaV.-ri-tlyWt tit t a V>��' O >TIT1>HT'V'V'V'..' I'.'.' >a ^-..-yi -,'T'T'T' THE GOLDEN' ERA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 1898.
Oooil  Work  of   the   Party.
When at Winnipeg, James Suther-
Iand, M.P.P., organizer ol the Liberal
tarty, speaking of the Liberal policy
generally, said it was meeting with
favor throughout the Dominion and
Waa proving that it was based on
sound principles. Business is in a
Satisfactory condition throughout the
Dominion. As to changes in the
tarilf it would not be possible or advisable to speak in view of the approaching conference at Quebec for which the
premier must hurry hack. As regards
lhe conference Mr. Sutherland would
hot venture anything' further than to
express the hope that a number of
points now in dispute between the two
ebuntries would be satisfactorily settled. One thing he would say was I
that not only had the tariff been -reduced much mote than appeared on
the surface, but' the preferential tarilf
Was proving as effective as had been
anticipated. Resides this the preferential tended and was greatly tending
ta develop trado with the mother
country. This wits one of the reasons
Why the Work now being done by
postmaster general Muloe.lc wns so
important. Increased trade required
Improved facilities for correspondence
and this Was what Mr. Mulock was
providing. Mr. Sutherland referred in
nn enthusiastic manner to the good
work done by the postmaster general
in reorganizing his department with
ihe result tbat the annual deficit hud
been nearly wilted out. He siid that
till the ministers were working'hard at
their departments and were making
great improvements. Much work remained to bo done, but the ministers
Were buckling down to it with renewed energy. In every department a
general overhauling had been going on.
Regarding the enlargement of the St
Lawrence canals, Mr. Sutherland said
they hoped to see this completed by
next season, and lie had no d.ulit thu
facility this would give to navigation
Would make itself felt in rates from
and to the west. At present the
stnallness of the canals on ihe east
end has a tendoncy to hanaicap the
Canadian carrying trado.
' Tin pro-taut state of afftirs on the
Intercolonial railway is I hat. the Drum-
���1)011(1 Outinty railway is rented for
another year by the government. This
will, in all probability, become a permanent part of the Intercolonial system at an early date. It gives it a
western terminus in Canada's chief
com'tiercial centre, Montreal, anal thus
places the road in a much belter posi-
li'in than when it ended at Levis.
With this improvement and the in
creased traffic thereby secured, the
government hope to miffo the road
c-nno up to a pelf supporting basis in
abort tiir.o without Increasing? the
rates to the people. Mr. Sutherland
also referred to the iiniui-*,i'ation work
done this year.
A   Distressing   Malady Cure! by the
Cn or Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
From tlio Hartlaud, N It., Advertiser, 4
Right in o-ir owu village is reported
another of the rem irkab'e cures that
make Dr. Wi'liatus' Pink Pills so
popular throughout the land. The
oase is Mial ef Mrs. E. W. .Millar. The
Advertiser interviewed lior husband,
who was glad to relate the circumstances for publication, that others
might read and have a remedy put into
their hands, as it were. "For five
years," said Mr. Millar, my wifo was
unable to walk without r.id. One
physician diagnosed her case as coining from a spinal affection. Other
doctors called the malady nervous
prostration. Whatever tbe trouble
was, she was weak and nervous. Her
limbs had no strength and could not
support her body. There also was a
terrible weakness in her back, Three
months ago she could not walk, but as
a last resort, after trying many medicines, she began to use Dr. Williams'
Piuk Pills. Improvement was noted
in a few days, and a few weeks has
done wonders in restoring her health,
To day she can walk without assistance. You can imagine her delight as
well as my own. We owe her recovery to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I
recommend them tor any case of nervous weakness or general debility."
Mr. Millar is part owner and manager of one of our lumb.r mills and is
well known throughout the county.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by
g >ing to the root of the diseaso. They
renew aud huild up tho blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from tha system. Avoid imitations by insisting that every box
you purchase is enclosed in a wrapper
bearing the full trade mark, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.    602
An Extraordinary Offer.
We nail tho attention of all our readers to tho arrangement we have just
made with Misbs and Minbrai.s, of
Sjranton, Pat., the leading technical
mining journal of the world, and by
which our readers are enabled to
obtain, at sniall additional cost above
their subscription, a year's subscription to the above well known journal,
as well as their choice of several
standard up-to-date mining books, or
Fire Assaya for gold and silver, copper, irou or lead. This offer, which is
fully described in the advertising
col-trans of page four, is one ol which
���aye advise every subscriber, and all
prospective subscribers, to take early
advantage. 503
An Ontario Farmer Rescued by
Paine's Celery Compound.
Wells k Richardson Co.,
Gentlemen :- It is with very great
pleasure that I test ify to the value of
your great medicine, Paine's Celery
Compound. For nearly two years I
suffered from indigestion and kidney
and liver troubles; - After trying several medicines that did not effect a
cure, I decided tu try your compound.
Btjfore using it I was so low in health
tbat I could not eat or sleep. I could
not lie in bed owing to pain in my
back, and it was only by resting on
my elbows and knees that I was enabled to obtain a slight degree of ease.
Before I had fully taken one bottle of
your medicine I began to'improve, I
have now taken in all fourteen bottles
with grand results. . I am a fanner
and am now working every day. 1
am a living witness to the worth of
Puiiio's Celery Compound.
Yours sincerely,
Cl. J. Sjivb,
504 Sheffield, Out.
-a   a _
C. Troyer, of Windermere, seems
mightily offended because we bare not
treated him according to his ideas as a
gentleman and have omitted to address
him as "Esquire." You cannot make
a silk purse out of a sow's ear and we
are afraid we cannot make a gentleman
out of Mr. Troyer, for both he and the
journalist who publishes his letter,
transgress by their acts the first principles that go to make gentlemen.
T.-oyer "Esq.", complains lhat we
have misrepresented the application to
vote which ho filled up. Wo have ob
taiued a copy and it is as wo said it
was. For Troyer " Esquire's " own
information, and as be does no? appear
to know what hn signed, we publish
the copy of his application :
"I, the undersigned, claim to have
my name inserted in the Register of
Voters for the E tst Kootenay Electoral
District, in virtue of my being a British subject of the full age of tweuty-
oue years, having resided In this
province twelve months, and in the
saidelectorul district for two months
hereof, and not being disqualified by
any law in force in this Province.
���' Dated at Windermere, in the Province of British Columbia, this thirty-
first day of May. 1H9S.
" Signature ��� Christian Troyer,
Residence -Windermere.
Profession, Trade or Calling-Miner."
As Troyer "Esq,", was just a week
in the electorate "Immediately previous" to sending in this application,
be will thus find that his boomerang
has returned and hit him in the neck.
We don't wish to see him getting into
any trouble but. there is u law iu this
province which provides for the punishment of persons illegally claiming
to vote. Neither Troyer " Esq.", nor
anyone else hns tbe right to break
that law with impunity, and no gentleman or person deserving the title if
"Esq." would do it.
Toby Creek Mines.
F. M. Chadbourne, who recently returned to Nelson from a four weeks'
visit to northeast Kootenay, where he
went to examine and report on some
mineral claims for an English syndicate, reports that his company have
secured six claims in two groups, One
is on Toby creek, and consists uf the
Matterhorn, Eikhorn and Iron Horse
claims, situated about 28 miles frotn
Windermere. The other group consisting of the Headlight, King Solomon
and the Silver Islet, are located at tbe
head waters of Horse Thief creek. Mr.
Chadbourne took a force of men and
supplies and did considerable work on
the first group. He found a splendid
surface showing In the claims of copper-iron pyrites, which also carries
gold. lie also found another large
ledge un the Matlerhorn which shows
lead carrying grey copper, which he
considers very rich. The second group
are about three miles distant from the
first aud are of a somewhat different
character. On them is a ledge of
copper-stained quartz with bunches
anal streaks of grey copper, which
shows principally on the Headlight.
The vein has thrown out immense float
which can bo traced orer tho entire
claim. No work has been done on
these claims yet, but ICO pounds of the
float were brought tu Nelson lor assay,
which has been found very satisfactory, and work on them will be commenced in about throe weeks.
Owing to the difficulty of access this
section of British Columbia has made
but slow progress, but several good
properties nre now being opened up on
Copper Creek and the north fork of
Toby creek, as well as those tnetitionod
above. The Jumbo and Mineral King
| claims, situated ou Toby creek are also
attracting attention and will iu time
be shippers. All the country neeils is
development and facilities for transportation will be provided.���Nelson
KREI*   C1I.01K   WATflll!
Look to it that You nro Well (lii.ir.iod
Against that Stealthy Enemy, Kialnoy
Di.toase -South Aiiiai-ia-.--.il Ki.lttey t.'ure
is tht Only Remedy Win h will Ke'icva
at once nud Cure.
Michael McMullin, of t'hosloy, writes : "t
had linoti tri'ililel wilh gravel and kidnoy
diaacase for eight years At titties the pain
was so severe I could not lie in ono position
fur any length of tiino. I took South American Kidney Cure according to directions. I
got iinnioili.-tte reliof. Tlio soreness and
weakness ail left. I can testify tn the remedy heing a wonderful cure." Ihis stealthy
enemy avill nut quit yon by using pill doses.
It must bo a kidney specific���a liquid that
will dissol'-o all the hard substances and carry
them .iff through nature's channel, t*oiith
American does this. It isa liquid and never
ta ils to euro.
Sold by C. A. Warren. OOa'i
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses and
Rigs of sll kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
GOLDEN, B. C. 131tc
Upper Columbia Navigation & Tram-
Way Co., L't'd, and
Iqternatioqal Transportation Co'y.
Connecting with C. P. It. at Golden B. C, and
Orcat Northern Railway at Jennings. Montana.
Whole-title and Ketall
...Butchers |
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.       20to
The McMurdo House,
carbonate lax-uno,
east kootenay,
Ciias. Cartwkioiit, Proniietoh.
Oooti accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Ssle or Hit
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leavo   Golden Tuesday and
Friday mornings nt 4 a. in.    Connect
nt   Windermere with  Stag"  for  Kurt
S*eelo and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Consignors  avill  lie charged   with all
way freight lietween Golalen and   Windermere at which  point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on  goods to
Witiderinero and points   beyond will
bttae to be paid to the Company's agont
at Windermere before delivery of goods.
Baggago allowance on Steamer 150 lbs.
per adult; allowance on Stage 25  II.*.
per adult. If desired est rat bsggnge run
iie forwarded hi' express team at express
rates (10 cents [jer pound).
Address nil express enre of V. V. Co', Golden.
C. H. Parson,
:.N2Ht "rtnnn-rei-.
For some years the Indies of Canada
have suffered much loss and inconvenience from uso of deceptive home dyes
put upto look like the popular D amend
Dyes. These imitation package dyes
were sold at very low prices to retail
merchants, who in turu made immense profits on them wheti sold to
women who were unfortunately influenced to buy them.
These imitations of Diamond Dyes
were never sold more thau once to any
woman. They possessed no foundation qualities or good points to make
them valuable or popular. They were
made of the cheapest ingredients, the
colors were dead, muddy and unsightly
and they ruined all materials they
came in contact with. These common
dyes are now so dospised and shunned
that storekeepers are glad to sell them
at half price to be rid of them.
The Diamond Di'es are still marching on to new victories, and have
always maintained their position by
true merit alone. Beware of the imitation and cheap dyes that are still
pushed on tbe unsuspecting by some
dealers. If a storekeeper values your
trade he will recommend you to use
the Diamond Dyes, 505
Pacific Hy
East via the Lake Routes.
Steamers Leave Vt. William
Alberta every Friday,
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
*t *���
One way anil  Round Trip Tickets ut
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Klondike Gold Fields
Direct via C. P. R. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway,
At theapeat ItaleH.
Yes, I see it all now
The Reason Why
Miorey s mm t,,
Is better in style'and finish than what I tan get
from my tailors.
Of course a large concern like Shorey's
can keep a sta.Tof experienced workmen upon
one class of work from year to year until tiiey
become absolutely perfect, while a tailor's
hands produce a sack coat to-day, a dress coat
tomorrow and so on, consequently they cannot be expected to attain the proficiency t f
Shorey's workmen.
Shorey's Guarantee Card in the pocket of
every garment shows that the firm is bound to
ve perfect satisfaction in every instance.
k,M*M*-.iM**aaa*-,H--i-aa*.,n -*-a*"*��.--��- at --.--* .t*-aa*--a..---a--. a, *-*-*-.,*---*,. *---*���,.----. ,���*---*. *M-*a*-.Ht
Man and Wife J .in Hands in Proclaiming tbe
Great, South American Nervine King ef
Cures for Stomach Trouble and Norvos.
Hr. S. Phillips, of Wiarlon, Ont., writes t
" I was vory much emaciated by chronic
dysentery and dyspo;is!a fur a number of
years. No remedy or no physician soonied
to lut'cwsfiilly cope with my ca,e. Wlicu
all else bad failed I read of the cures being
effected by .-iontli American Nervine. I decided lo give it a trial, Bofore I had taken
half a bottle I w.-ts much improved mid fa.t
greatly reliovo,l. A few bottlns ail* it have
loodo me a neav man. 1 am bettor and healthier than 1 felt fur yours." His wife was
also a great sufferer from stomach troubles
and headaches. She say*: " Seeing the
wondorful effect it was having on my husband, I trial it also. Tbo remedy gave me
almost Instant reliet'.and lias cured and made
a strong woman of me."
8old by 0. A. Warren. 605
Judicious advertising is the keystone of success. Advertise iu tbe
Golden Era.
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
of price.   Catalogue tells you
why.   Write (or one.
New York.
Sailings from
Tees... Aug 2
Cottage City  " ll
Citv of Seattle  " 4
Alki  " ��l
II nan lie  '' 12
Topeka    " III
Tecs  " 15
j C PR. connection through from Van-
1 couver to
Dawson city in 10 days
Apply to the nearest Canadian   Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
lite Ticket Audit, Golden
liUMBE^ CO., IiT'D,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Kiibber Stamps and Seals will
bo received at the Uolden Kra Office and
executed with promptitude
The Oolden Era Com pany,
Limited Liability.
Assaying Institute...
Headquarters, Calgary, Alberta.
Ph. D-, B. C. M E., Etc., Manager.
Special Cotirso in Oorm.-eiy.
Assays,  Sampling, Analytical Work, anil
Concentrated Ores.    All parcels oforo are
carefully sampled, one portion tested, one
portion lahellod and kept for six months as
sreterenco, aud if dosirod tho third portion
will ho returned to owner, as a check ou
assay mado.
CASH WITH SAMPLE.'), which should bo
���left with the undersigned, from whom
erms may bo obtained on application,
l.csidoiit Agont,
insist Oolden, IU'.
...WE   PRINT.. .
Send us your orders,
Tbat is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited I.iabimti*.
managing: Director.
Address: Goldon, B. C.
Golden and Beaver, B. C.
Every day a bargain day.
Buy Shoes when you need them.
No need lor waiting till a "bargain"
(lay to buy them at a fair price if you
wear "Slater Shoes."
Always same price��� proportion of
leather, workmanship and profit, uniform year in, year out.
No premiums to pay���no cut prices to
wait for, only steady, "tlcpeudabla
nioncy'sworth.straight and above board,
guaranteed by the makers. Goodyear
welted. Name and price, Jaj.50, ��4.50
and tj.50 per pair statu pcaf on sole.
"The Slater Shoe."
II. G. Parson, Solo Local Agent.
Bright men and women, who are not too
proud to work, and would like to mwkenoino
money during the next throe mon iis in toll-
htffttie wonderful ntury��f tho lifo of Mr.
(iladsiono to thoir neighbours. $1.00 a day
easily made, soiuo make threo times that
.sum. No risk, no experience, uo capital
uecepsarv. Write quickly for particular*.
"TIieStm-yi.fMr. Gladstone's Lifo" is of
the greatest man of the agus, and embrace*
the history of the nineteenth uontury, the
moat wonderful century jtince time began. It
hav the solidity of fac< mid the fascination of
fiction- aud i.i told in eloquent simplicity.
Better-send for your outfit Wore you -sleep
..ttil lie first in tlio field. Capital unntcenaary.
Big wages pad!, for tho book sells to overy-
Bradley Grtrretson Co., I.united-,
���\% ToruuiQ.
The only Canadian " Lito of Gladstone " is
hy Castell Hopkins Hou.-ti. W. Boss, and
Sir Wilfrid Laurior. A lasting monument 1 i
the great man and to Canadian literature.
Beware ot American catchr-emiybooki ban
dlod by Canadian Houses. Our bonk has beci:
in preparation tor years, Handsomely bound.
Profiuoly illustrated. Big commission. Bros
pectus tree to canvasser. Freight paid ;
books on time. Witli this book you can down
thorn all.
Br-wHey-Gurrotf-un Company, Limited.
480 Toronto.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established Itouse in British Columbia. Monthly S05.O0 and cspent**. Vvm
tion steady. Reference. Enclose -teU'-iddnv
sed stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Com
pany, Dept. Y Chicago. KMap-il
The Donald school re-opened on
A balloon ascension will he given
here on Tuesday Aug. 30th.
"W. 0. Neilson, M P P., returned on
-Wednesday from a trip up the Valley
among his constituents.
There has been great anxiety at
Vancouver over i he forest fires which
have been closing in un the city.
Salada Tea is good enough lor the
Queou, Is it good enough for you?
H. G. Parlon bus it -40, 50 and Gleams per lb.
Supt. Niblook bad the misfortune to
lie run over by a band car at Medicine
Hat and resulted in his being laid up
for three or four days.
Miss Millar, formerlv teacher at.
Notch Hill, and whose home is at
New Westminster, litis been appointed
mistress of the Donald school.
Singer Sowing Machines nro the best
Low prices for cash, or easy monthly
payments. H. 0. Parson is agent for
K ist Kootenay.
Owing to the delay in making the
additions to the Golden school it will
not. be re-opened for a fortnight, yet.
Mr. Bates returned in readiness to a. pen
on Monday last.
The Misses Cross, daughters of Master Mechanic Cross, of the C.P.R, are
on a visit to Mr. and Mm. Hobbs of
Donald, and have been seeing tbe
eights of tbe district.
H. G. Parson has filled some viry
respectable orders lor supplies for mining camps tip the river this week, and
could handle a few more like them.
Try him,
A meeting of citizens will be held
to-morrow at the Government office
for the election of fire wardens. As
the election is a very important one on
this occasion we hope to see some interest taken in the matter.
Mr. M. Fleishman, of Field, wos
irun over by a train east of Calgary su
Monday, and had to be re.-noaed to the
Calgary Hospital, where one foot had
to be amputated, and it is feared the
whole leg may yet have to be removed.
The Columbia Valley settlors have
sent in a petition to Mr. Bostock, M.
P. asking him to take steps to prevent
damage to their lands by dyking the
sloughs in the river, though agreeing
fo tiie channel being deepened as much
as possible.
Foreman Gisborne, who is in charge
of the gang of men employed in string
ing the copper wire from Montreal to
Vancouver, pilled into Golden on
Tuesday morning in his "private ob-
eorvation car." He is pushing on
with the work to the coast as rapidly
as possible.
Mr. Truemsn, the well-known photographer of Vancouver, arrived at
Oolden yesterday and will remain
positively only until Monday night so
tbat those who desire to avail themselves ol his skill should call at once
at his studio near the Era office. Mr.
Trueman's work is too well-known to
need commendation.
The Rev. W. B. Costley, of .Stock-
bridge, Ga., while attending to Ida
pastoral duties al Ellenwood, thar
state, was attacked by cholera morbus.
He fays: '-By chancel happened to get
hold of abottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy, and I
think it waa the means of saving my
life, It relived tne at once." For
ale by all druggists, Langley & Co,
wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver. -195
Messrs. Cunningham k Harvey had
an explosion of their gasoline tank the
other day, Mr. Harvey being considerably burned as the result. Work was
delayed at the laboratory for a feav
days until another tank could be obtained. Consequent on the numerous
new strikes of late, Messrs. Cunningham k Harvey havo been very busy at
their assay office.
On Friday afternoouaspocial sitting
of the County Court under the Speedy
Trial provision, was held at Donald,
when the charges againt J. Dinsdnle
and F. Hankins, of Windermero. were
heard by His Honor Judge Forin. The
first case, against Dinsdnle, was with
flrawnby'fhe Crown Prosecutor for
want of evidence and did not go to
trial. - In the oaee against Hankins,
Bis Honor regarded the matter as trivial, alter hearing the evidence ol R,
Northwuy, and proposed releasing tho
accused. Mr. Griffith supported the
suggestion whioh was given effect to.
W. White, of Revelstoke, appeared for
the Crown, and G S. McCarter for the
accused iu both cases,
About one month ago my child,
which is fifteen months old, had an
attack of diarrhoea accompanied by
vomiting. I gave it suoh remedies as
are usually given in such oases, but as
nothing gave relief, we sent for a physician and it was under his csre for a
week. At this lime the child had
been lick for about ten days and was
having about twenty-five operations of
bowels every twelve hours, and we
wero convinced that unless it soon
obtained relief i". would not live.
(Jharobarlaiii's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was recommended, and
I decided to try it. I suoh noticed a
change for the better; by its continued
um a complete cure was brought about
and ii now perfectly healthy.���C. L.
Boons. Stnmptown, Gilmer Co.,
W. Va. Sold by ali druggists,
laangley k Co. wholesale AgeutB Vio-
V*H*1�� and Vtincouver. 495
H. G, Low has sold his interest in
the Undine claim to J. E. Cilock.
J. Giffin has recorded the transfer of
the Gobi Leaf and Iron Mask claims
on Spruce Tree creek to J. W. Conner.
G. "Upton brought into town on
Wednesday some splendid sanities of
copper ore from the new find on the
Vermont creek sleigh road ueia Wells'
Professor Robertson, tbe new Government Mineralogist, passed through
Golalen this week on his return from
an inspection of the mines of South
Eil*t Kootenay,
The Pilot Bay smelter, it issaid will
mako another start. This time under
the management of the British East
Kootenay Syndicate, Limited, of Oar-
dill, Wales.
A. .McLean has made n fine strike of
copper ore on the north fork of the
Spillimachene, and M. Dainard went
out nn Tuesday to see it. Au assay
mado on this ore ran 30 per cent in
H. O. Lowe brought in this week to
tho Recorder's office somo flue samples
of oro from his claim, the Trade Mark,
on the Beaver, and also fioin the Pilch icamen, on tho North folk of the
On Saturday week W. R. Lindsay
brought into Donald 20U lbs. of ore
from the Little Brother claim on the
Clearwater. There is half a 'on of ore
sacked at the mine and it appears to
bai very rich stuff.
Ralph Hughes informs us that tho
copper deposits recently found on the
Vermont creek sleigh road are showing
np well under development, G. Upton
and a party ot men having gone up
there last week with supplies to prove
tho value of the discoveries.
One furnace of the Trallsmelter was
blown in on Monday last and the
second furnace will be started within
the noxt ten days. The foundation of
the new lend furnace has been started
anal the plant, for it is now in transit.
The smelter can now treat 350 tons of
ore and will handle 500 tons with the
1,'iid furnace.
Tbe Wasa group of mines, situated
on Wasa creek, about 12 miles north
of Fort Steele, have been honied to H.
E. Crouitsdale. representing the Hall
Smelting and Mining Co., of Na-lson.
The consideration is ��-0.000 in four
payments. Work will commence ut
once, a contract having already been
let for a 50 fool tunnel,  -Prospector.
Mr. Parker, consulting engineer to
the Mines Developim nt Co., which has
taken up the Swansea mine at Winder
mere, considers the Savansea and the
Delos two of the best properties that
be has como across. As a matter of
fact, out of 1000 prospects submitted
to his Company, and Which he reported on, these were the only two which
he could recommend.
The battle over the Lo Roi mine is
becoming interesting and tbe minority
represented by Senator George W.
Turner and Col. VV. W. D. Turner
havo brought suit against Col. Peyton,
the B A.C., Hon. C. H. Mackintosh
and Whitaker Wrightto recover S7H0,-
000 for damage for alleged conspiracy
n connection with ihe sale of the Le
Roi to tho B.A.C.
Tbe following new locations have
been reconled at Golden: Aug. II,
Copper Chief, by J. W. Devlin, on
Cariboo Mountain ; Aug. 15th, Gooil
Luck, by A. McLean ; Cinnamon, ami
Silver Tip, by P, Nelson, all on McLean
creek, tributary to the North fork of
the Spillimachene; Ptrarmigun, by A.
McLean, on Fifteen Mile creek; and
Queen Anne, by J. W. Hayues, ou the
north fork of the Bugaboo,
The Golden and Fort Steele Develop
ment Co. have let to T. Mercier con*
tracts for the development work ou the
Mercier group on the Bugaboo. These
contracts will include the extension of
the tunnel on tbe galenalecl-e to prove
whether or not it widens out, also a
tunnel on a ledge of gold-bearing
quartz, which is showing in the face
of tho saddle, and a tunnel from tho
Duncan slope, to prove the largest
lodge of gold-bearing quartz which
outcrops on the property.
The following claiina have been recorded at Donald:    July 13 h, Acorn,
we are satisfied that the Bennison will
prove a shipper second to none in
British Columbia.
On Monday the season's assessment
work which has been carried ou under
ihe supervision of J. Noble on the
Bald Mountain Co.'s property was
completed, nnd the men came in from
camp. The wo k consisted of a t un-
nel 8G feet in length driven on the
extreme eastern claim of ihe Com
pany's property, and the extension of
the tunnel behind the cabin to a fur.
ther 50 feet, making it 220 feet in all.
In the formor case the tunnel struck
the lead and was carried into it a
distance of four feet, nnd in the latter
case the lead has been cut through to
the hanging wall.
The Golalen British Columbia Co.,
represented by W. G. Mitchell Inttes,
has been reorganised, and a new company formed to take over its properties. Tbe name of the new company
is the New Golden British Columbia,
and the capital has been increased io
.��12.000 sterling A transfer is record
ed from tlio former company to thu
new organization of ihe following
claims: Silver Tip, Cinnamon Bottr,
Black Bear. Amy, Norma, R.aolia'i,
Barbara, Ethel, Ellen, Mltoher, Aetna'.
Omega, Lakeview, Vailc.au, St.. George,
Pretty Girl, New Chum, Old Chum,
Dragon and Venus,
NOTICE is hereby given that sixty (60)
days jitter date I intend to apply to the
(.'kief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase (VIO acres of
land on the South side of Finlay Creek,
Bust Kootenay, B. C; described as follows :
Commencing nta post on the 8. W. corner
of Lot 44, G.I. East Kootenay, marked
" E. L. Brady's 8. E. corner , thence
North 80 chains; thence vVest HO chains;
thoucu South MOchiiins, sud thonco East
80 chains more or less to initial post E.L.
By James Brady.
July Kith, 1807. 482*21
Mr.   Semlin
Culled On
-Ho Pormn n
The D. & L.
The D. fit L. EMULSION
Is tbe best and most palatable preparation of
Cod Liver Oil, agreeing with the most delicate
I ��� prescribed by tbe leading physicians ef
Tsa marvellous flesh producer .--id will give
you an appetite.   50c. & $1 por Buttle.
nesureyougctl   DAVIS ft LAWRENCE
the genuine    [        * 0., Limited, Mwntre.il
| J*0*f*m^*ml0m+0**mjm**i4m^t>*imim3m0*��m3mlmim\0f
T-iiyntbii -S Gordon Props.
Mr. Beavan having failed to form u
cabinet at the request of the LIhu -
Governor intimated ihe fact to H.*
Excellency on Monday, whereupon Mr
~pmlin, tho Opposition leader wa-.
sent for. At first, the Hon. Joseph
Mart ill refused to join the Cabinet, but
subsequently consented und a Cabinet
was therefore sworn in as follows:
MR. SEMLIN. Premier and Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Genera i.
MR. COTTON. Financo Minister.
Parliament will be called together
immediately to approve vv otherwise
the new Cabinet, the other two portfolios of which will ba filled within a
lew days.
In connection with the Presbyterian
Church, Golden Sabbath service* will
be held at 11 a, in., and 7:30 p. in.
Sabbath School 2.ISO p. in., choir
practice ou Thursday at H. p, ni. and
prayer   meeting on Friday at 8, p.m.
Good accomodation for prospector's and
Froi^hturs,    First-class meals.
p��f Hates; Modbiute,
Not a Heart Failure i
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart���The
Greatest of Heart Healers���Relieves
In Thirty Minutes.
Tostimony bean it out that in many cases of h#ift
disease which have been treated for years by phy.
sia-iims and .pronounced hopeless this wonderful
remedy has proved the life-saver���not a cure-alt
���it'a a heart specific���so potent���so quick in relieving��� no remedy known to medical science today specifically for the heart has so honestly filled
the niche for which it waa formulated���and tha
claim is borne out by tho testimony of thousands of
cured ones and the endorsaticn of most eminent
physicians on the com.nent���if there is uneasiness
about the heart���shortness of breath���fluttering������
tainting   or   smothering   sensations ��� dropsical
' tendency, any or all of these denote heart derange*
oi  the  slightest symptoms may result in sudden.
��� relieves in thirty minutes in most acute cases.
!R. AGHEWd CATARRHAL PC'/DEii-Painlcss and pleasant to use���attacks
the disease like nia-ric-���clears the nasal passages���allays the inflam*
���nation and libals the abetted part3���the only known remedy that gives
quick relief unci a permanent euro in cases of catarrh���hay fever���sore
throat���tonsilitis and catarrhal deafness. "... _
OR, ,"JG!CTS CIHTfi'iuMT���Simple and effective remedy for itching, blind
and bleeding piles���and all burning, itching, stinging or disfiguring skin
discuses���one application gives instant relief.
Dr. .<*.';�� iw'o Liv.r Pitts cure 00-iatlpa.tlon - ���Ick h.adaoh. ��� blllau.nM* ���
t.lxxln��ae-lo*a of ap(*tlt. and dyopop.lu-ll-.tl. pllls-llttledaMS-SOatatk
The Canadian Remedy lor all
Large Bottles, 25 cents,
Prop's. Perry DavU' Pain Killer.
New York Hontreil
The services at St. Paul's church
Golalen, on Satntlay next Aug. 21, will
he as fellows: 11 a.in Morning P/nycr
and Celebration of Holy Communion.
7.3o p.m. Evening Prayer aitJ sermon.
To Consumptives.
The undersigned having ln-en re-
a-tored to health by simple means.after
suffering for several years with a lung
affection, and lhat dread disease Consumption*, is anxious to make known
to his fallow sufferers tlm means of
cure. To those who desiro it, he will
oheerfull* senai (free cf charge) a copy
of the prescription used, whiath Ilies-
will find a sure cure for Consvmption.
Asthma, Catarrh, Buonuiiitis and
all throat and lung MALAWI'S. He
hopes all sufferers will try his remedy,
aa it is invaluable. Those tlesiriug the
prescription, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing.
will please address, IIky. Edward A.
Wilson, Brooklyn, N.Y. (-Glials
We betf to announne that we have
obtained another gasoline tfl.uk nnd
are prepared to perform till work iu
our line at the shortest possible itotico.
Assayers ami Cln mists.
Golden. B C, Aug \M., 1893.        510
anil Al-tco will liosatlil lay auction, sixty day
after dale! unless tho taunt ut' tioU.ii be paid
to it.e fortliw itlt,
Ooltlen, B.C., Aug. Bill, 1808.        500 IH
Under section 88 of tho Mineral Act, I8IH1
the interest f h >rlc* Van Ntisa iu lite tnin-
. oral cliaiius Coi per King, Anaconda, St.
by W, J. Lappan, between Oitl's creek Laurence, Mother Li.ua;, Kurokii, lllueblril
and Bluewuter; July 6, Porcupine, by
C. Maxwell, on Quarts creek ; July :-'i.
Phoenix, by C. Baines; Maple Leaf, by
W. Robertson; Mountain View, by
Walter Scott, all on Quartz oreek, mid
Deninan, and Helen by 8. Yuill, between Porcupine and Quarts creeks.
T. A. Knowlton came in from his
Clearwater property on Monday and
left by Tuesday's boat to start work on
some claims in whicli lie is interested
on Fifteen Mile Creek. The ore on
these properties is copper iu the form
of chalcopyrite, und is said to presdnt
such a fine showing tbat there is already a lot of ore there reudy to ship.
If there is any possibility of the mine
becoming a shipper, Mr. Knowlton is
determined to make it such. ^-S.
H. G. Lowe broke up his camp Inst
week on the trail from Bear Creek
station to the Bennison mine, and the
work is therefore stopped for the pres-
enc. The trail has been opened as far
as tbe summit between the Duncan and
Beaver rivers and another seven or
eight miles of work will be required to
bring tbe tiail up to the Bennison
mine. We are inlormel that a first-
class wagon road can be m ado along
this route at a small cost. Tbe sooner
this work is carried out the better, for
Golden Market*.
Wheat tl.CO to 81.05
Oats   O.tlOto   0.68
Barley   0.8B to   0 80
Beef (live)   4 ��0 to   4:7ft
Beef (dressed)   K 50 to   R50
Pork (live)   5.50 to   5.50
Pork (dressed)  8.00 to   8.00
Mutton 10.C0 to 10.00
Butter  0.25 to  0.35
Eggs   0.25 to  0.50
Hay (baled) 17.00 to 20 00
Hay (loosoj 14.00 to 14.00
Potatoes  0.75 to  0.90
Stable to Rent
Opposite the  Qitccn's Hotel.   Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms.   Ask tor propriotar.
| Hudson's Bay Co.
Incorporated 1670.
The   Most
in   Woxtern
Intending Prospectors should
write us for one of our new
Folders, which contains nn
excellent Map mid all estimate
of the probable r.aast <>f a complete outfit fort he (iohl Fields
381st Calgary.
f.i*"**|   *--"*-,
.tlAlli   COXTttAOT.
SEAl.Etl TENDERS niltlrossr-d lo tliat
Postnutslor(ionorial, aaiiltat-received nt Oti.-t
���va.iiutil uuoti,on ilae -.*.';ral September, I8UB,
for Ilio a onaroyiinceof Hor Majesty's .Mtiil* on
pro. tist'tt contracts fur four yoars utioe per
vvouk ov.cli way butwooti
t.oltl  n  unci   Wlualoi-mel'a',
Pa, I Steele tttlfl WiaaalaTiiiere,
from Ihe 1st voveiitbor noxt.
I'rluteal notice-, containing farther iutW
tiiatit.n as hi coneliitMiis ut |.t-tap,tsotl caantrncts
may bo seen ..ud blank furatts ot totiuer may
le obtadncil at the i'ost Offices oi a'oldeu.
Clttlena. i a lain.hia Valley, Miuulair, 'thunder
Hill, K..iniiont Springs, Fort Steele, anal at
this office.
P. O. Inspector,
Peat Office Inspector's Office,
Victoria, B.C.,
K'lh August, atW. G08s2
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
necoral.    Published iu London.
Subscription, S2.50 por annum.   Stibscrip*
lions and advertisements received by
E. A. HAUUEN, Oolden,
Agent for Ensi iUolenay.
Hon. F. W. Aylinor      President
W. G. Mitchell-Innes Vice     do
W. li. Noilson, J. I'    du       do
E. Jobnsuu  do       do
U. A. Haggen Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of the assoclatl-in
will bo held on the first Tuesday in every
month at the Columbia House, Uolden,
All possible information will be furnished
by tho association upon application to
E, A. Hadiikn, Sec, Golden,
'���Companies Act, 1897."
Canada: \
Province op Biut'shColtmbia. J
No.  104.
i **Nevv Oolden British Columbia,
Limited," is authorised and licenced
to carry on business within the Pa-o-
vittce of British Columbia, and to
carry out or effect all or any of the
nllleuts hereinafter set forth to which
lhe legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
Thai ha-a 1 aifli jo of the Con unity is
situate at No li, Q.teen Street Place, in
the City of London England.
The amount of the capital of thu
Company is ��12.t0U divided into 12,-
ObO shares of ��1 each.
The head olHce of the Company in
this Province is situate a* Vancouver,
and William Gilbert Mitchell Iunes,
mining agent, whose address is Vancouver aforeside, is the attorney for
the Company.
The objects for which the Company
has been established are: ���
(a) To purchase, take on lease, or
otherwise acquire, mines, mining
richts, and metalliferous land and
any interest therein, aud to explore,
work, exercise, develop and turn to
account the same, and in particular to
acquire and take over all the properties, mines, estates land hereditaments
and rights, the property of a Company known as Golden British Columbia, Limited, now in liquidation,
together with the assets and effects of
such Company, and with a view thereto eurtr into and carry into effect,
Hither with or without modificatsous,
a draft agreement which has .been already prepared and is expresseal to be
ti.a ie lietween Golden Br tish Columbia, Limited (therein culled the old
(Jompauy), of ti c first part, Freder
Ick Hebet't Williams, liquidator of the
old Company, of the second part aud
New Qoldon British Columbia, Limited (therein called tho new Company),
o! the third part.
(b) To crush, win, get, quarry,
stllelt,   calcine,   refine, dress, amalga
lanaie, Hanoi).nl.ate, purchase, und pre-
I pare (or market, ore metal and mineral
subst lice of all kinds, and tocarry on
either upon or in connection wilh the
premises or olsewere, the business of
iniiiiM, mslera, smellers, and workers
ol any process in thu production, reduction, and tiatiliiiiL' merchantable of
minerals, inotiils and inert Ilio pro-
dnuis, supplies of water, merchants,
ami niaiiufaciur>:rs,iin I workers of any
minerals, tneitils, articles and things
used iu or iu connection with mining,
milling, smelting ami other processes
nforesa! I, or auy of them:
(c) To search for mines and minerals
either on land known to coututn such
mines aud minerals or otherwise, and
io buy and sell, lease or take up, the
rights of search or other miners' rights
or claims under any mining statues
or regulations of any place where the
Company carries on operations, and
other rights respecting the same:
(tl) To acquire options, or enter Into
contracts for the purpose of any grants
concessions, lea es, or setts,easements,
or interests in lands, waters, mill
sites, to.vn-h |8, mines, minerals, and
other hereditaments, and any plant,
machinery, implements, conveniences,
piovisions and things, and any other
property, real or personal, movable or
immovable, (or purposes incidental
thereto, or to any other objects of the
Company, or oapuble of being used in
connection with metallurgical operations or required by workmeu or others
employed by the Company, and to
work, transfer, let, or st,blot the same.
(e) to acquire an) inventions, letters
pi t nt or licenses,  capable ol   be ng
used for the purpose of the Company
or any of thein, and to work,.transfer,
let, or sublet the same:
(f) To acquire and undertake the
whole or any part of tho business,
property and liabilities, of any person
or company carrying on any business
which this Company is authorised to
carry on; nnd to acquire and hold any
shares, stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or
otherwise, ol or other interests in any
English, colonial or other companies,
associations or undertakings capable
of being managed or conducted so ss
directly or indirectly to benefit (tlio
business of tho t'oni| any. Also toad-
vance money on any such shares,
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures.
securities of or other interests in such
companies, associations or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
stocks, bon-ls, obligations, debentures
or securities as partial or full security
for payments due to the Company, g
(g) To acquire, construot or hire, or
join with others in acquiring, construction or hiring, any mills, canals,
waterworks, machinery, roads, bridges
tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stock, buildings, works, mattors, or
whioh may be necessary or oonvenlenc
for the purpose of the Company, or
snr of thein, and to the working : of
the same or any part thereof:
- (h) To improve, manage, develop,
let, underlet or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal with in any
manner whatsoever, the undertaking
or any par or parts of the p oper'y of
t he Company, or any rights, wayleaves
or easiunnnts in or over tbe same, and
to accept as payment therefor either
cash or shares and partly shares, in
any other company purchasing the
(i) To establish and maintain agencies of the Company in British Columbia and in any other colony, dominion, foreign country or state, and
io procure the Company to be registered or incorporated in any suoh eolony,
dominion, foreign country Or stato.
(j) To amalgamate with any other
company having objects altogether or
in pan similar to lhe objects of this
Company, and to enter into partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or person or firm engaged or
about to eugage in any business or
transaction which this Company is
authorised to engage in, or capable of
being.conducted so as directly or indirectly to benittt this Company:
(k) To hold, in tho names of others
any proi-orty which the Company is
authorised to acquire, and to carry on
. r do any of the business and sots ud
ihings aforesaid, either as principal or
agent, and either by the agency ol or
as agents or trustees for others:
(') To make, purchase, sell, accept
or indorse bills of exchange snd other
instruments, negotiable or otherwise
and to borrow money either with or
withou secuiity, and either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise' 111*
eluding the issue ofdcbenttf scharged
upon all or any of the Company's properly (both present and future), including its uncalled capital:
(in) Mo promote and form otlier companies (or any. of the objects mentioned iu this Memorandum:
(n) To invest and deal with the
moneys of the Company not imme*
diately required upon such securities
a id in such manner as may Irom time
to time be determined:
(o) To distribute any ol th* proper*
ty of the Company among the members in specie:
(p) To carry on businesi in any part
of the world and to do all such thiogs
as are incidental or conducive to the
attainment of the above objeets.
Given under my hand antl seal of
office Victoria, Provinoe of British
Columbia, this 8: h day of August, ont
th nsands eight hundred and ninety*
eight,   [L.S.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Begistrar of Joint Stock Companies,


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