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The Golden Era Jan 10, 1900

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Array 0   : f I
Builder & Contractor,
it, B.0. .
A aapplY V amaa Uamlat Bale.
***--U��i prepared,  ftomyls
attention giveu to
"' ii   a i     "'���
Successful --.-..Inn, Chaps
of all kinds oa tbe Face, Ham's* or
Lips, is
"Wltiih Hatel Cream.
Prepared by
FIELD,    Tho Druggist.        I
>   ��� sf.iv.ie ***-e-mmm
VOL IX  NO. 25
���ft* Year
Bia Store
-ii iii.it
Saturday, Jan. 13th, 1900,
We. commence a Clearing: Salo of all Fall and
Winter Dry Goods. Every odd lot -every
broken line,���all remnants,-overy fabric���
every shade-evory attribute of 1899, wiH
;be sold at prices we cannot quote, as. tl ere
������Is no type small enough to print them.
General Merchant,
Ale&arjder Block.
' m***********!-,^
Can You Not See
tbat for the correction of defeature sight the
most perfect aids to vision known a.re thn B.
Patmore's j^tore,
Und it is acknowledged by all that his stock
of drugs, confectionery,, patents and sundries
is tho best in town-.
jr. w. pAtmoi^Ei
Sltaitejp.*fc*o*^,M"h]ng Dirlsba of North
K**.it itontcusy.
When* li'Wed-On Ihe Middle Mi of Iho
Spillluiachatio Ulvor,
TAKE NOTICE that I.. Frederick W.
���fir1""'. jllcWt JwjMNHlB. Crater, Froo
Miner j iotfficatei.Nd. Si3004. intend, alxty
daya front date boreof. to apply to the
Mining Roconler for a Certificate of Iin-
nrovoinoni., for the pnrpoae uf obtaining a
Crony llrant ofthe above claim..
And birlber take notice that action, nnder
Section B7, nuiat la) lakeu before Iho isauance
of��)<-h Cerfifiiato of Improvements. ,_
lialedthlellih day id Btcemft, 138*1.
a lot of lines before stocktaking and during January
month. The list is long that
must go.   Do not fbrget the
C;     A.     WARREN'S.
A Fine Watch
Ii the Waltbam, P. S. Bartlett,
17-jeWelled, adjusted, stem-
wind and set
Tou oan have one in a strong,
.,.*, 3-aunee case for.   .  .   .....
Oont Forget to Call!
Athalnier House,
Athalmer, B. 0.,-
IlMt o.
F.   DARGIS,   PrtOP.
stoss accommodation lor ireveliere,
Bodega   Restaurant,
Seals at any hour.
Fish and Game In season*'.
BnU, CtKei, Fruit
and Confectionery
Always In Stook.
Fresh Oysters.
Music I
We  Sell
The Gbhhakd-Hiintzman-
The Finest Canadian Plane.
Thi Morris���
A Bfwty at a Las. Price.
Spleadld Tom, Fine Appearsdbo,
Very Moderate Price.
The latest Ediadn I'hono-
ffraph for      $12.50
Edison fifcords at Bflct*
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
8tc, etc.
Sheet Miislc of alt Wni"s and
all Musical Supplies.
The Alberta M title Co.
Imperial Bank Of Canada
Capital Authorized, $8,500,000
Capital PaU Up M,311,033
Rest      , ���     ��,      1.5IWJ7U
H.'S. Uowland,      -      President.
T. B. Morrilt, ���        Vk-e-Pres.
Win. Rawaay,    T, Sulherlnad Stnynor
Robert Jarfray,- Klks liogeni,
Win, Hondrie.
IlBAl) OfKlCISl   ToaOSTO.
D. II. Wilkik, General Maugor.
-, U.vv, Inspector.-
MANITOBA. N. W. T. and B. C.
Brnniliiu, Oalgary, Edmonton,
OqWhOw.   Nelson,        Portage). Prairie,
Prince UlUtt,    Uevelstolio,    Strathi-tnia.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
{Wellington Street.
Yonge and Queen Streo'a.
Ynnge and Bloor Streets.
King and York StHots.
"Essex, Fergua, Gait, tlaratltuu,  higore-jll,
Llstowel, Niagara Fall.,   Port Colboun
Hat Portage,       Saidt Ste. Maria,        8..
Catherine.. St. Thomas, St.Tbomaa (Esat
End Branch. Wellnnd.   Woodstock,   and
Montreal, IJue. ..."
Ag-entaln GreKl flritnlnt
Uojd'a Bank, Ltd , 71 Lombard Si, London
with whom money may be'dopoalted for
transfer hy letter or cabl. to uy of the
above branches.
XccnialB "CiAlodStatem
NEWYOttK-Bank af Montreal, Bank of
CHICAOO-FIrst National Baak.    *
ST. PAUL-Second National Bank.
SAN FRAHOlSCO-WeU., Fargo A Co.*.
Bank. -
Intoroat allowed ou denotUU.
Provincial, Munlulpnl snd other ilelienturos
AtaJhUe St. Si -pnlhln lh Canada: United
Kingdom, United State.. ; '
i. S. Gibb, Mgr., Oolden Branch.
A reward of Four llunOrol Dollar, will lie,
titan to anyone giving iiit'oriiiMli-in that will
*lsflilto conviction uf auyuno killing or steal-
inff cattle ami >.Ar.c-i.of tl-.c following brnuda.
la-longing In the Kilt 1'ark' llaucli Co* and
HiB. Forster.
, Cattle l.rxnilcil:
'I  Onrleht tll-sVWtf ritai*****,.^*. -
'I   Oil loft hip.
M  Ouloftriba.
%    Oi| left ribs.
qB   On loft hip.
Horac-i Urftjtrted:
" Oii.*[igh*in.v-,lt,
'll   Onlitft-ihoiildor. \
M   OulcftsllouUor.
���1   On right alimililcr.
-4*}  Ou left Khoulilii...
II. E Forster.
Siurlaii. II.C, Sept. IDili, WKI.
F��r Sale.
Owing to my inability to
bo ni th^stona conttniially I
am compelled to close out
my businoss consisting of all
kinds of millinery, Ladies
Fancy Dress G-Oods, Hats,
Trittinings etc. etc., articles
too numerous to mont'ton. I
will soil the whole stock out
ana out at d very reasonable
price and on easy terras.
Parties by}ng goods now
will receive auy article nt
actual c'dst.
Oeorga D. Shaw ot Chicago Is the
fortunate posso-isor of tha latest wonder In a raining applianoa which will
"revolutionise" tba present system.
By tha use ot Mr Shaw Jt .pparstu. It
will ba wholly nnnacWiarr to do toy
[���respecting or aren pnliiuiuary dt-
taiopraent work. To Californa drift
miners It fill be psrlioulktly .alaabla,
.daliling them to dispense with ex-
aonsitre-tiinnellDg under 'ha lava cap,
Thia, of course, on the presumption
tbat Mr. Shaw la atatlng tha truth.
H* write, that ba haa an instrument
that will "detect tha prssenoa of ore,"
��pj) approximately Indicate "tba depth
n-Keassry toainktoraachJlv" ant "tba
axaot point to sink to catah tba ore
wb.ra It approaches naanst th. an/;
faoa." Hadaaen'l nan batata not*
outcropplogs-jast "npitobS". tba bra
aa It unwarllf approaobis the eurface.
H.Uiu na to "juat think of tba aim.
lass digging dona ����ry year wbioh cab'
ba avoided by Its naa." Ha atftes tbit
"tbe world aa yat ta not uplliad tl
iu great value." Ha will Mil a United
States patent (or f26,000-that la, all
thia nation-attempt Qalifornia. Tbat
fortunate State ha roeervee for bim-
sell, so ihat It wonld ami useleee for
any an. to (ttumpt negotiatigtn with
Mr. Shaw, lor tbat State. Itaeeiitthat
Cbloago-nilllonalraa anawaraol tha
sxl.unoe.ofthis-h��l*A.-ind.��� liable
any dav'.w.bny thssiolusl.e rigjit. as
that any... dna who,-^a*��ta g Aould
Progress of tbe Fight, as Published In Our "Dally
War Bulletin."
London, Jan. 1.1 --The do'opatcVre
ceived from General Buller announcing
bia forward move of Tbursdey is
intarpretted as meaning that he had
���p.awd..round the western end of the
Boer lines at Colenso and that he ia
now several miles behind them a'hd
within fourteen miles of Oen White's
outpo.t at Ladytmtth. Tbe enemy a
few days ago had force, and guns it
Springfield, where Bullet- dates, Ijhls
despatch. Those commandoes have
been dlalodged either by fighting or
manoeuvring, the Boers retiring across
the TugelaBlrtrns Buller advanced.
A well-informed correspondent of
the Morning Po�� says:���"The Boer
strength originally waa eald to be
110,000 men j but since beiit-H aitginent-
ed by Cap* Colony It la estimated that
tha fighting atrength of the enemy
oan he fairly placed at. one hundred
thousand men and two hundred thousand rifles." ������-'..
The death rate from disease lu L'ndJ -
smith averages from eight to ten daily.
tt la reported that there are thirty-
e'ght hundred mea In th. hospital.   -,
Ottawa, January li.���It la reported
hen to-night that tha .ler of Lord
Strathcona to aand four hundred
mounted M-ft,. Jo. be. raised. In tbe
Canadian Northwest for service' in
South Africa, bas bean accepted after
an exchange of cables between the
Dominion snd Imperial Governments.
This offer was made "some time ago,
but awing to Strati-conn's illness th.
negotiations were delayed.
Victoria, January IS.���The Cans*
I  Uann
dian Government haa a"6ce*pfed
dun-bis',  offer  of  a   company  of
mounted scents for service In South
.GaneraliFreu-*]*! rcconnBltred aronnd
the enemy's left flank on January 10th
and udvanced from Slimanger'B Farm
on the 11th with cavalry and horse
artillery to bombayil the Boer Inager
east of Coleabitrg Junction, but be was
unable to outflank the enemy.
L-tdysmith, Jan. llth���Tha Boars
are fortifying l hoir positions north and
west, doubtless with tho view of se*
curing a safe lino, of retreat should
their opposition "to Boiler'* advance
prove a failure, They surround Ludy-
smitli in largt nnmt-ers nni may contemplate another rttlack. It is definite-
jy.Jsnowny. howeVtiV, ihut they are
grently dopt-essod by Ihe heavy losses
they sustained in their attaok on the
garrison on Saturdny, tho Gth inst.
Prior to that date they tvt-ro oonfibi.pt
of thUh' iihillty to tlelcn*-, ti-.e gfti-i-le'^n
nnd take pocecsaion of the town.
London, Jan. 15.���Th. Wnr Office
insilPd a dispatch at midnight from
Lord Roberts, daled tfaoe Town, Sunday, 14tb, 8,1)0 p.m. say nig: "No
chaise in tlm situntioii up to the
present moment." A  .
Simultaneously tho War Office iisu-
ed the following despntch from Lord
Roberts, dated Cape Town, Jan. 13: -
'���Methnen's cavalry mutle a reconnais*
sance ai'd rejoruod ou January llth.
It \Vcnt twenty-five mil'-s into the
Orango Free State country clear of tbe
eueiny except tbe petrols. They found
anrythiitg quiet at "Modder  Eiver."
Ladysmith, Jin. 12���Tho besiggers
bave boen quiet for two days now, but
can be seen lu active movement on the
distant bills. We hare perceived two
small bodies of Bcfcvt gellovlng wllth
two machine guns.
London, Jan. 15���A despatch frem
Belmont, Cape Colony, dated January
10th. aaya-f Col. Pilcher with four
hundred Cauadiana and Qitaenlanders
aud a battery of Royal Horae Artillery
made a reconnaissance yesterday and
ndyiin.ced ten miles into tbe Free State
territory. They sighted the patrols 6?
the enemy. Boer, fled, abandoning
tbeir riflos and ammunition.
Ladysmith, Jan. 18,���^Everything
points totbajaot that tnere will be a
great battle within the next few daya.
The British forces are concentrating
for operations on a largo scale.
Bensbuig, Cape Colony, Jan. 1">. ���
Tbe Boors this morning mado ao attempt to rush ,a Ijill heldby acoropany
of th. "tortsKires %li'd<$eW:Z|-��landers
but were repulsed at the point of tbe
bayonet, losing twenty-one killed ana
fifty wonnded.
. Mqdder River advices yesterday report trill a long range. ..belling had
been earried on during which the Boers
are said to have suffered severely
A despatch dated January 16 has
been reoelved which snys O^wcre's
troops made a, demonstr-ijicn beyond
Molteno in lhe direction of Strombarg.
The burghers were not sighted so the
British remained at Molteno. Arrivals
from Stormberg estimate , that there
anflWO.Boere li tbat plaoe, mostly
reftl colonists and Fre. Staters.
Pntoria, Jan. 13.��� Aa a, result of
tb. bombar^ipent of Mafeking yest'el--
4ay a PHlisli fort was demolished and
th. British retired, On. Boer waa
Pinorsmaritiburg, Jan.. .16 -.There
wu very heavy firing heard yesterday
and It Is believed, that the Boera
an contesting Butler's passage of the
Tugela River. Th. howltsera ware
evidently busy, cud the firing,,, is dc-
aotlbed as tha heaviest yet heard in
Natal.  , _,   . ���.*
Modder River, Jan, 16.���A brisk ex
ohange of shells occurred tbis morn
lu, tb. Boerj letorning the fin for
ifie first time in sovetal days. The
British entrenchmenti ate continually
being str.ngth.ned .nnd.oxt.nded. A
hsavy rain liaaifallen recently, render-
filg��b��.f(!Mfl,olitbe rlyar impas'abb*.
���kVt, *f��yr��*i��h�� j-JTrin^flKiasar-,
W nlay tbo railwny tho untin dis
tance "between Mi d-lor nnd Kimberley,
Boors having us>d the raile for fortifications. Stories hni'e reached onmp
to ths effect that the Free Staters wish
to epd the war. At the latest council
meeting held at Bloomfonteln recently,
at which Preaident Steyn and Com-
.mandant Cronje were present, it was
stated that unless the British forces
attaoked by January 17th the Free
Staters would return home,
London, Janury IB.���All the morning papers cot-jinn tb. do*n��atch from
Spearman's Farm to the Times announcing that Geu. Lyttleton yesterday successfully ferried and forded
Potgiester'a Drift and seised a line of
low ridges a mile from there. During
the night the How'i'tse*- ba'tterlea were
carried across. To-day tho naval
guns and howitzers shelled tho strong
Boer position. Gen. Warren also crossed the Tugela Rivejs to-iftty six miles
ftft-ther west, hear Wsgon'Drift, with
..11 his arms, facing a hot and heavy
fire from th. Boor cannon aud rifles.
:* Loudon, Jan. IS.���General Buller
has completely surpvined the Boers and
hus occupied the hills beyond ?btcies-
ter's Drift fifteen miles weet of Colenso,
having shelled tba Boer trenches heavily. Tbis completely disposes of the
statan.ent.thn-- General Warren's forces
went In the dirficlloij- ot. .W.eenen nnd
.greatly restores confidence in Puller's
A Cape Colony doepntch says General
Methuen made a demonstration in
force, shelling jth. -Bee��� ,v*-qr,ks a^sexi*.
ty. (Jatacre is skirmishing around
Molteno and Fnnch has been throwing a few shells at tbe Boera st Bene*
burg. Col. Plumor ia moving to the
ntief of Mafeking from Beobuanaland
In command of two thousand troops.
London, Jan. IS.���Tha Standard's
account of t be assault upon Ladysmith
on toe 6th shows that tlle ga'rris'tjfi wns
surprised and several times the situs
tion was critical. Out of thirty of th.
Gordon Highlanders who surrendered
every man of thom was wounded. This1
Is the fret mention of tii. capture of
the Highlander*!. The Standard
further announces that the Boer rc-
,pulse,.nt Ladysmith was the heaviest;
oouolarstrcko oft he we*-.
London, Jan. 18.���A despatch from
Ladytmith dated tbe 16th, by wsy of
Frere, 16th, saya:���"The enemy fp.day
made a dstccmiued-effort to'ce'ptMretwo
positions at Caesar's Camp and Wagon
-Hill. Caesar's Camp wes held by the
First Battalion Manchester regiment.
At early hour this morning the .Hoitk)
burg coniuunilo tocoetierl To'evading
'tturpiohets, making wny through the
thorn bushes and reached the foot ol
the elope. At baif-paat two the alarm
was raised bv our sentries, but before
the danger was renlittd- the outlying
.positions Lad b<-en rushed and the
defenders slain. On bearing the firing
two companies ot tbe Gordon High
landers went lo the assistance of tho
Manchester**. At first it was thought
that the Boers were concentrating on
tbo southern slope, but tbeir further
advances .Wore, stthp-ped by the steady
volleys of our Iniantry and tbe deadly
fire of our automatic gun effected a
most satisfactory lodgement two miles
further towayds Sproon.
A Cape Kewa despatch describes
Lord Dnndonald's advance to Swartz-
kop Hill, commanding Potgierster'a
Drift, and saya Lyttleton's brfgcile
mas sent to hold �� pdnition at the hill,
leaving a strong body to hold Colenso,
and Oen. Hildyard's brigade at Springfield. Our whole force advanced without delay to ths ferry paint at IJot*
gierste'r's. * The Jerry wes on the
farther bank of tbe "Tugela River and
In order to bring it to our side Lieut.
Carlyle and live men of the African
Light Horse swam across tho rivet1
and brought It over. After four drys'
halt on the south elds of the Tugela
our advance northwards .began on
Tuesday, the I6t.b inst. Lyttleton's
brigade cro^te-! the drift the same
evening and held tbe kopje on outright, while Warren's,division made
an attack on the ��n*ira"y's left llank.
tj'ondoo, Jan. 18.���The Daily Mail
has the following despntch yesterday
from Pletermartiaburg: " News, just
received hei? io day reports Bullet- as
making satisfactory progress."
Spearmnn'e F.-irm, Natal,   Jan.   IS,
a. ro.���Geuerul Lyttleton's brigade
with tb. howitzer batteries successfully crossed tb. tugela River nt Potgiester'a Drift on Tuesday, the 16th
Inst. The water In the river was high,
rising above id), fttn't. W?,a- The
Boe!-* 'only fired two ohotc bn the advancing forces and then re: roateil iii
force to their trenches, Lyttleton's
passage bcino- nnlnterrcipted beyond
these two shots. .Tho British advanced
In skirmishing.crdor aod the siiiii.il
kobjes or, the summits wero occupied by
(i.oOp.ul. During the night it rained
heavily and tbe Boer tranches .were
well-shelled ip.front of Mount Alice.
While the British remained in possession of the kopje and plains heavy
mists enveloped the hills arjund tho
Ik-en position, tut the -haval guns and
howitzer batteries made good practice,
thoroughly shelling nnd searching the
eiiemy's trenches.   On tbe Boer  right
Dublin's; Coniumgbts, - EnneskilleiR
and Border regiinento i -proceeded
.to* Springfield, a few miles outside
of Frere. Lord Dundonald passed tbe
targets whioh were made to represent forces advancing in b'lrirmishing
order, Evidently th. Bens had been
nring et these from the adjacent hills,
Dundonald pushed dh-eind.a* tbe main
column advanced lt was noticed tbat
all were confident. '
Loudon, Jan. 19.���A despatch from
.Durban oa-rs word hns beep received
from Potgiester'a Drift, uiidK* oMg.jal
Tuesday, Itith inst., saying Sir Chan.
Warren has arrived within seventeen
miles o{ ..Ladyemith . and ..tb.lv, tint
'British wounded are atriving at Knot
River, whore th. hospital Is being
filled by every train Irom th. front;
indicating. chat tbefe bat,been sever-*
fighting, slthough no conSrotatlon of
tbis report has been received.      ���������������\-~
London. Jan. 19. ��� Military critics
ifl So*.!*. Africa in affiliation witb tbo
War Office consider, that ,thp *��*->"%
along the sditt'h aridtvisnv'6fT.a'Jyira'lt!K''
can hardly be delayed beyond to-day.
A despatch from Durban say* t'u-1
fighting has already begun. Thb dispatch also adds that Buller's forces
engaged lt>>flapking operation aero****-*
the Tugela River are thirteen or rear-
teen.thousand bayonets, twelve hundred nurse's and. forty guns, while tbo
disposition ot his other fifteen or
twenty thousand mon is not known,
although the essumntjqn ,is-that .tbe
when th. hour lor combined uovb-
ment arclves.
The Champion Skater.     ,
Goidenife's wJ��o /aijed to show up at
the rink Wednesday night raissedono of
the greatest treats of fait nnd fancy
ikating, by J.k. McCullocb.tbe woildi
champion skater, the equal of wbicii
tbey will never have the, .pi'iviWi^. of
.wltneseiti-r ftgalri. ��� All present vttrif
witb the expectation of seeing greet
things and certainly wero not diBn-p
foljitefi ...
His fancy skating was simply won.;
derful, It boing thought hsnlly pcsoibln
that such figures.ctjuld.ttb executed. Ip
nimosl rnstlo oue-,li.:Ly to r,-*rica bitn
spinning round nnd round, yet one
could no*, help seeing thnt ho enjoyed
it thoroughly .himself. -He > enve tin
exhibi*ti.*n c't* eltnting on Milts, and did
a f.'rpnt deal of clover, f.ncv and fa*.
skating with a grace und ease that wa*-
His Raping oyer.fiy? flour barrels is
a "row vras a feat that few mon . eoul.i
do-on foot, and was a marvellous performance. ,
He also gay. an Mbibitibn of fast
skating. To show hia spend hVhtcrd
some of onr local men, who wero hs*
teunded at bis flyingralo. Hi.J'acitig
backwat-d was swifter than tho faste**;
local man forwards. During the whole
performance music was supplied by. the
Golden Stripp-,t-end.. The iiinl: company deserve groat credit for having
secured such a skating feast for Cold
enites as was witnessed fast night.
The receipts amounted to ttil.
Board o! 4trb\*%'.
The Board of Trade held their ^,nr.::'
nl meeting Monday ir*st, the priucip��!
business being the electing t>r hefe
ofiicers for the coining year, tvbti aje
an follows:���J. Gihb, Ptesidents C, A*
Warren, vico-presideiit; .Tlioitiu.
O'Brien, -secretary treasure. The. hex's
meeting will lie held on the Bib ol
A Husc.iilnr Christian.
Canon McKtly, ci llie Episeopa."
Church and contiguous missions a*.
Golden,B ',.'.. who lias made applicntior
to bo attached as chaplain to thi*.squadrons going to South Afrioa. .n-.iist be i,
striking member ofthe'-hutch militant
hero on earth. For yoars he wai
stationed .at l3rinco Albert, nnd hii
birth and trailing have constituted,
him ono of the most, ex-*-eh cf Saout.t
riders a:,il ���.''n'.iT.ie*-. A good story./
nt lho ettpence of some peoplo wh-:
thought him a tenderfoot, is told,
Some years ago an oullit wastAbon-.
Jfaviog Fort. Bttntoni wj the Unlttfs
States side of tho line, to go north. A
olericnl-Ioolting young man art-ivri iu
town a day, or Uro, ptfcvlBuily, att.i
obtained permission to nccompuuy tl-,.
parly. He required a horae, hotyevei*..
and soon bad one, houfeltt. *t was t
title WttV it, aiipearnnoe, but the sellers
knew, hs McKay, for the stranger, *v-*j
he, did not, tii.it. tli'vhttiihftl was an
inciiral In kicker, aha hnd dismounted
the most uxp i" cowboys. So the:?
was much ohucklingjn town, over the
tun in |iro8j*-M*iis''tul 6vi>r> bodv turned
bttt tb si-o the s!Ey-pilo:'B tliscomlitj'ire
When the tin,, cmne. the yentijj:.. tba:
quietly jmniitd into the saddle an-
etayed tberei .The iiorti'a did , ita ui
most to unseat hiin, lint ii: ,v.in* an ���
amid   tbe a|iplause of  tl.e   crowd Mi
Mojf a- rode Hie animal: out Of  towc
At Prince Allien Mr. Hcltny's  pa,
_ __��� . , sion   for  out-of-door   life   .Wps   no-
a breach waa made in,the snnd bnuk ' unfrequently used by the nierty ,la*l-
emplaeoment8 where 1| is supposed the qf thtj po|jce,force as.-evcuob f?r,.,jok-r
Beer guns hnd been placed. . The ca,n-; tit. his (ixpeiice. bn ooo...occ'asior
uor-a'dliig wns heavy nnd continuous j when he was absent on oliuttcii buslneus,
and the enemv was   observed   leaving, ho plnccd;a^pjitcard on. the jibiifbb doc:.
the trenches in small parties. The hill
facing the Britieh position was shelled
next.        j-        .;
General Warren forced the passage
of lhe Tugela River seven miloa to tins
lolf of Mount Alice sucbeesfttlly with
alibis arms.   - .-   .
,,Natal, Jan. 15 -The forward. ir.ovo-
ment to tbe relief of Ladysmith began
en Wednesday, Jan. 10th, from Frere
and Chievely, Lord Dundoirald's mounted, brigade,... with, lho. flftfe hrlgade
under General  Hart, oomtnltilng the
bearing iiiscription;."dJiurc^^Closed "
S,o't;ic v.-uy prjntod beneath thewwordi*,
lo equally large type, the. Inscription
"Gone bear huntliig."���Hoiitna'.
J. tt. fecy, C. 13, has severed hi*.
connection with New Westminster an
residetit t-iiRineer tuid hail accepted r,
piBitiou in tho headquarters of thfli
department at Ottawa, He wat to: '
dered an informal - at|4* itpinoin;. -
banquet i**K��rii!ob*,i-"i las* weeli: WHITE'S LOSSES.
OmCKKS KILLED,.-!* ��l OUJillKll.
Enemy's Losses Over 8,00-a-JIetlinen
Sever.ly  Injnrrd-A Sulphiu-
Boat Has Been belted.
London. Jan. 18���Tbe Daily Mn[i
says: "We iearu that in the attack ou
Ludvsmi h last Satutday, Jim. 8. lho
B itis.li losses were 14 oft! ers killed, 34
wonu.ed and over 800 non-onmuiii-
aioueii odiums and men killel and
wounded. The Boer leasts, we hear,
aro estimated at between 9,000 and
3,1,00 men."
A dispitch to the Daily Mail from
Pletermaritzbnrg, dated Jan. 8, saya:
"Private adivces froniLidysmitinlHted
Jan. td, say that, rations of bread aud
meat are plentiful aud the garrison had
not then touotiod the 'bully' beef end
bisouit supplies Luxuries are scarce
In Lndyamiih, but tbe hospitals are
well supplied with milk, and ibe hordes
are In good con itiou."
Although the number of deaths from
dvsentr.v and fevere nt Ladysmith hnve
beeu published by the war oflice since
Saturday night, nothing has beeu given
oot regaraiug tbe loses in tbe engage*
ment. The war oftlco assert that it
bas nothiug to give ont.
Arm-obalr critics, who in the ab
nt-nce of reportori.il or official descriptions fn m the scat of war, pour forth
pages of conjecture and opinion, conclude that not much is to be expected of
tbe Briti h hosts in South Africa, nntil L ird Roberts shall have pleuty of
time to think and fresh levies shall
have arriv, d.
Tbe Capo Town correspondent of the
Daily Mail, telegraphing Mondny.snys:
"Tho vanguard of tho sixth divisions
waiting at Table Hay until the arrival
of Lord Roberts."
Although tbe war oflice decliiies to
confirm the report that Lord Met: nen everything else necessary  to take tbe
bas be-n reo .lied to England, inquiries | soldiers from the great prairies of tbe
Buildliis uml Stook or Manitoba Produce
Compiin*- Tulnlly l}e.U-oycd,
Winnipeg, Jau. 12.���Tbe Maui oba
Produce nud Commission Co. 's premises
oo Bannaiyne avenue east, were burnt
at an early hour thi-, morning, tho
building and stock beiug completely destroyed. The loss is estimated at closo
on to $78,0110, covered by ��6 ,000 in-
suran e. The Manitoba Produce om-
pany placo iheir Iobs nt close to $5*1,-
000, with a hope of some salvage. Tbe
ba-ementof the buildin-t was stored
with wines and liquors, tbe stook ot
Mr. Cordinglv, of Geo. Velio & Co.
This was nlso completely destroyed and
represents a loss of $10,000, covered
by $7,000 insurance. Tlio insurance
ou the stock of tbe Prodnoe Co. ia
heavy, amounting to $4t 000. Tbe
building, a tbtee story I rick structure,
belonged to tee Ttruer, McKeaml eatate nud waa formerly used by tbo fiim
ns a wholes.', giocery war hou e. It
is valued at about- $15,100, covered by
$10,000 insurance. Mr. Ireland, secretary of the oomp-iuy, had some of
his household furniture stored in tbo
building, wbich was uninsured and
was valued ,.t abont $800.
Tne onnse of the fire ia not definitely
kuown, though it is probable thut *
spark from tie furnace igu ted some in*
flammable material, lyiug near the
stores of liquor, whioh supplied excellent food for tbe flames and made it
very difficult to cheek once headway
was gained. _^
Magnanimous Strathcona.
Ottawa, Jutt 12..���It is understood
that Lord Strathcona, Canada's high
commissioner, bas made ou offer to
raise two mounted squadrons of 200
each, or 400 men in all, iu the Canadian Northwest, lo go to South Africa.
All that Lord Strathconu desires is to
get tbe militia machinery of Canada,
iu other words, tbe assistance of tbe department of militia, in enrolling, outfitting aud eqnippping tbe troops, and
he will defray tho entire cost of th.
same, as well as tbat of transports aud
mado by a correspondent at Melhuen's
home in Wiltshire, have elicited tho
information that, when ho received his
wound, his horse threw him heavily to
tbe ground nnd spinal and other injuries supervened.
Southampton, Jan. 12.���Tho Canard
Hue steamer fjtubria, which has been
chartered as a transport by tbe British
government, sailed from Sonthamptou
todav witb 3,200 Bcldiers for South
London, Jan. 12.���Tho arrival of
Generals Lord Roberts and L rd Kit
cheoer at Onpe Town wasuuuouuced at
a late hour last night. Tbey will be
allowed to get to work without any unnecessary detu nstrationso pnblio welcome. The situation bas not ohanged
for tin worse siuo ��� they left England.
Mojo-Gen ral French bas doue some
good maneuvering and lost one com*
pany in a nigut maroh. Gen. Metbnen
..nd Mijor General Gatacre aro where
thoy were. General Buller bas not
moved, unless be has advanced since
Suuoay. General White has beaten
back the enemy wilh great ailSculty.
ueneml Huberts will have abont 10,000
additional troops this mouth.
The disappointments nud reverses
are endured by Englishmen with fortitude and grim stoicism, but the utter
1 ck of trustworthy news from General
bullers' army has been borne witb in-
crens ng signs of impatience and irritability. The summons of tbe ambulance corps to the trout lust week after
every available battalion and cavalry
troop bad been called Into Natal, was
accepted as tbe signal for tbe impending battle, bnt when Ladysmith wns
bard pressed on Saturday tbe relieving
army was ouly capable of making a
harmless reconnaissance. Geueral Holler s immediate advauoe was regarded
as the inevitable sequel to tbe desperate
Boer assault upon ludysmith, bnt
three days have passed in silence, if not
in inaotlon. Probably no recent exp r*
ieuce bas been more trying to the English temper than this conspiracy of silence in Nutal. wben every man bas telt
in his heart that there was no t'me to
lose aud that an army of over 20,000
British soldiers ought to be moving
witn nuiiriog energy and irresistable
force across the Tugela river tor the deliverance of Geueral White's heroio
Wrecked on * Reef.
St, Jobns, Nfld., Jan. 12.���A large
steamer, believed to be a passenger
ship, has been wrecked on a teef iu St.
Mury's biy, about five miles from shore.
Tbe vessel, which lies witb ber heal
low in tbe water, ie on fire aft Several
persons bave beeu washed off the deck
dnring tbe day. Just bet re night fall
others were seen in the rigging, and it is
feared tbat these will perish before
daybreak. The steamers' name cannot
be ascertained.
IteT. Geoghegan Acquitted.
Ottawa, Jan. 12.���The court of bit
hops In tbe oase of Rev. Thomas
Getghgau. of Hamilton, su ponded for
seven years gave its judgment today
acquitting Mr. Geoghegan In every particular, aud restoring nim in hit previous position. The judgment waa
unanimous. Tho evidence waa in-
Shanghai, Jan. i2.���Ll Hung Chang
ba. arrived h re on hit way to assume
the vlcMoyth p of LianKwau.
Viotoria, Jan. 18.���Ohas. Hayward
was eleoted mayor of Viotoria today by
��large m-Jorit..	
Rev. Tho* Geoghegan, of Hamilton
haa I'M" restored to lila former oosltion
by the court of   blaliopa.
Biitatn'f reply itefinlivg contraband of
war lin. been received b> th. 0. S.-tov*
���ininent. and I.  satisfactory.
ll.nry tVIUIajn., n Imrclar. ��w sentenced Ir Toronto to le iianaeil for tlio
murder of John E. Varcoe, a merchant
Trrlaa lo Pleaae Bai.Ie-ren.
Mlstrese-1 am surprised. Yon say
yen wen married six months ago, divorced three months ago and remarried your husband lut nlgbt
Domestic-Yes'm. You see, tt tb.
flnt pl.ee bo b.d th.y wtnted a married man, so we got married; bnt tb.
next place tbey wanted a single man,
ao we got divorced, and I earn. ben.
How b��'�� fonnd a place where tbey
want ��� man for gardening ud wif. to
cook, so w. got married again, taiI I*n
going tbm witb  bim. ~ St* Ink
west to plac t them at the front, thor*
oughly equipped with modern weapons,
aud in guod fighting condition.
The matter is still under the consideration of tho Dominion and Imperial
governments. A military expert says
that it'wonld take about $1,000,000 to
carry out what Lord StHthcouu suggests. Nothing official is to be hud on
the sulject. If tho matter is carried
ont, then an opportunity will he given
to a number of those iu tho west wno
were disappointed to go to South Africa.
There is yet any amount of materia! to
pick from west of Winnipeg.
Ron. J. ll. iiulmere.
Mr. Hofroeyr Is president of tbe Afrikander Bond of Cape Colony and is
one of tlio best known Dutchmen ia
South Africa. Although n subject of
Queen .Victoria, lie is an ardent sympathizer with tho Boers. Under hia
leadership and that of the Hon. William P. Schrelaer the Afrikander party
reeeutly wrested the politico! control of
Cape Colony from the Imperialistic
party, beaded by Cecil Rhodes.
The Deaths From Fever Number ��2 In
Four Days-Free Staters Fight
Belter Than Transvnalers.
drain, Provisions and Stocks
Privft e W re Connection wl h a 1 Leading
Markets. Oraln.ndS��lurltl��sikiU(ht,8ola.iiil
O med nUnrttu. O r.,.o dwwo Solioltud.
Fr.v.touypln-rCodefurLlihBd open Atmll ��
148 Princes. St., Winnipeg, Man.
f. O. DKAWtK iasi.
<U' Squadron's Reception in Montreal
Ottawa, Jau. 12.���"fi" sqoadrcn
from Winnipeg passed through Ottawa
about 6 80 a.m., before daylight, aud
arrived at Montreal about 10, whero
the boys met with a maguiflceut de*
Toronto, Jan. 11���Ool. Ettson re*
ceived word from Ottawa this morning
tbat the departure of Toronto's quota
for tbe contingent wus Inaeflnltcly
postponed owing to the steamship
Jdoutezuma being condemned on ao-
oonut of unfitness.
Viotoria, B.C., Jan. 13.���Parliament
will be asked to investigate the widely
circulated reports of pro-Boer orgauita*
tions in tbis city. Evidence is at hand
indicating that there reolly has beeu
uo treasonable orgauizatiou or local
subscription for tbo Transvaal cause,
but tbat residents of German or Bel*
giau birtb have been grossly black*
Dialled for tbe business advantage of
tbo blackmailers, tbe newspapers 'and
correspondents falling into the trap
and innocently aidiug the blackmailers'
plans wit out sufficiently exploring
tbeir inf rmatiou. Yonng Brothers,of
New England hotel; Oapt. Jacobten,
Fred Sturm and J. O. Vols will tak.
legal actlou against Ihtlr cowardly at*
.Ilsastrous Milliard.
El Paw. lexat, Jan. 18.��� Advlo I
from While Oakea, N.M., in tbe Sacramento mountains, 1(0 mllet northeast
of El P.no, say thit section was sn ept
by a blizzards yesterday, tbe effects of
wblob wero disastrous. Many thousand bead of stook were frozen stiff. A.
Haney was found dead near Negal. He
and a companion itarted to walk to
White Oaks when they were overtaken-
by the storm. Haney lay dowu in the
deep snow by theroadsid and r-etisbed.
His companion snoceeded in teaohiug a
house a mile away.
,���    ���        iiw as.
A sir Dis*.
Mrs. Henpeck���No doubt the ancient,
wen considered wise because titer.
were fewer temptations In those daya.
Henpeck���Why. my dear, the proportion of women In the world mutt bar.
been about tbe same.���Life.
Cnpld In a Huff,
"Our engagement Is off again."
"What', tbe matter nowl"
"I gave ber * belt buckle with my
photograph on It, and tbe uses It to
fasten bn dog's collar."-Chlctgo lw
Lo.dou, Jan. II.���Gen. Lord  Hob-'
erts, tbe uew commander of tbe Brit*
i.-b toro s in South Africa,  and hie
ohiefot staff,   Oon. Lord Kituhener,
bave arrived at Oape lown.
London, Jau. 11.���A dispatob to the
Daily Telegraph datod Monday, Jan. 8
at uoon from Frere Gamp, says:
"Firing from ibe Boer positions aronnd
Ladysmith began early toduy. It stil:
continue, but the tannomiilin; is light
.aud irregular."
The btandurd correspondent at Frere
Onuip I'ablts: "A heavy gun monnted
on Umbulwaua bill has b on firing
slice d.ybreuk. Evidently the liege
of Ladysmith is ttill maintained."
London, Jan. 11.���The Daily Mail
has tbe following d'-sp tob da ed Jan.
8fromFrero Dump: "With the ex*
oapt on ol the usual shelling of tbe
Boer positions by tbe nnvul gi ni, tbe
British force reum us inactive."
"Eight Boer oamps were seen today
by a patrol along tbe Tugela in n westerly diiection.   All were quiet.
"Natives say that when the British
rocounoilend near ColensoonStiurday
the Boers hurried from Springfield.
This supports tbe belief tbat Oolenso
was weakened to atlaok Ladysmith."
Tbe list of victims of disease iasned
by the war oflice gives 2- deuths from
euterio fever aud dysentery In .Ladysmith in four days, revealing tbe f lot
that the besieged nro existing amid bad
suuitary conditions.
Tbe war oflice announces that she
list of British oasuolths at Ladysmith
last Saturday has uot yet been received.
Tbe following dispatch dated at brere
Camp, Jau 10, uoon, has beeu received
from Gen. Bul er: "A Transvaal telegram gives the enemy's loss at Ladysmlth ou Saturday as four killed and
Io wounded and this after, as.Is admitted, they had withstood a withering firo front six maskol butteries and
been defeated nt ail points. Natives,
bowevcr, assert tbat the Boer loss In
one cotnmaudn alone was 160 killed
uud wugon loads of wouudsd. The
heaviest loss Is said to have teeu among
tbo Free Staters who were forced by
tbe TrauevauUrs into the most dangerous places,"
Tne Standard lus received the following dated Jau. 8, from its special
correspond nt at Frere camp: "I bear
ou good untboriiy that Pres dent Krng*
tt- sent word to the Buer headquarters,
uskii g why Ludysmith bad not been
attacked, and lhat the reply wat, "We
should lose t;*o niimy men," Hit answer lo this excu-e was the suggettion
that iho Free Staters might be put in
the fore I rou r. This bint wns takeu,
nud the attack delivered. Presi ent
Kriig.-r's advice was so far good lhat
tbe Free Staters behaved better than
the Transvnalers have done. At all
events, tbev managed to seize a hill.
Later in tbo day, tbe Transvaoltrs retired before Gen. Whites oouuterat-
tuok, amid the j- ers of the Free Slaters, wbo uotually stuck to tbeir position uniii they were bayonetted in tbe
ditohes. After tbis affair it ii almost
certain that the allies will quarrel."
Russia and Persia.
Loudon, Jan. II.���Tho Calcutta correspondent of the Daily Mail lays tbat
"whiletlieoHioi.il statement that uo
alarm Is felt concerning Afghanistan
it quit - true, I bave good reason to believe tbat the Iudiau government hat
received disqnieting information re
garding Russian movements in tbe di-
rcctiou of Portia.
"Russia is taking advantagi of Ibe
Transvaal tionlle to slnngihen ber
armamuts and to posit forward ber
outposts along ths Persian frou ier,
with a view of ultimate annexation, a
design in wbioh Oermany would pro*
bably acquiesce iu c msideratlon of re*
oeiving railway concessions."
Manitoba Mounted Rifles.
North Bay, Jan. il.���Tbe train witb
the Winnipeg troops cn board is making good time, and arrived bere at 8.80
p.m. Everybody cn board is well and
happy. The horses are all io excellent trim, and ttaudiug tbe jonrney
perfectly. At Sudbury tbe boys bad a
grand reception; the toirns people were
ail ou the plaifotm laden witb good
things, including turkeys, geese, fruit
and caudles, which were put oo board.
When the train itarted every man bad
bit pockets lull of Sudbury cigars. At
North Bay a large orowd with ��� baud
welcomed tbe toys.	
Edward Blake's Loyalty.
London Jan. 11.���Edward Blake ad-
dre sing his constituent, nt S��uth
Longford on Siturday depreoated Irish*
Amer can threats to invade Cauada.
if he tbonght them serious ond oaptble
of execution be t id he would not now
be addressing bit constituents. He
wonld have to torrow a Leo-Metford
rifle, learn tho new rifle practice and
lake pasiago to defend bis wif. and
children and grand ohlldreu from bis.
brother bome-i ults.
British Hnvtrament Crltlclted.
London, Jan. 11.���The plight of tb.
Brltlth arms In South Africa Is over-
shadowed by tbe atom wbioh is burst*
Imt over tbe head of th. bom. government. The .Manchester speeches of Mr.
A. J. Balfonr, tht government lea er
in the honse of commons,, have loosed
inch a torrent of criioism from tbe
press and individuals of hit owu party
that wets parliament to re-assemble
today it it doubtful if the Conservatives
would retain power In spile of their
tremendous majority of Hie past session
London, Jan. 11.���Lady Alloe Montague, sister nf the Dnke of Manchester, died yesterday ne Daves-Pi ,tz, a
health resort Iu S-vltserlaod.
Tlte cilltui* am) nrllst of an iii.lec.nt
l-nrl-t rni'tnmi |iii|i.-r, who hnve i.sued
lilaiiitin-r iilllioii. un Uu- (Jiii-'Oti, linvt.
lifpn nniuilt.il nl  ll,.ir trial.
I's-l-ramler *riirm*r. ol . tlte Uritlsh
Cfllniiilitn Ivirlaltttinv, lin. inovi-il n want
nf i,,iiftili.|ir tin,, la (tie ciivernineilt
na nn niiieiidm.nt io ll;e ,(ieocli frum the
Tl.,* new .Mi-llltol-A r.ldin-l ��� Mer.. II
J. Mfii-i!uiin!<! -l.-rfiiM.it. I'.'Id.T ��lih
l���,itfi,ll,,.. 'lea.r. l' II* t'Miiifil,efl nhd
-In. Jbl.ii.un. Hliheul. I..v. liven la-
���i.liait una office.
Wiunip-g, Jan.  11,   1900 Wheat
prices bave shown a declining tendency
dutiug ih ��� past lortnig.it, although the
market bas tbowu a steadier tone tbe
past two days. Tbe grain trade appears
undoidded at to the possible future of
values and is therefore not inclined to
enter into extended operations. To
ome extent the EugliabTrantvaal
troubles are responsible for tbit condi-
lii.n, for it is realize,! tbat tbey may
eventually involve other nations, which
nonld advance the pi ioe of graiu aud
general prodnoe. There it also tbe possibility of orop scares, whioh addt to
tbe timidity of those wbo r. gard the
-itoation us I earish and ar. Inclined to
sell sboit. Extptt business continues
small, although the tmall amount on
oooau passage would seem to warrant
tbe expectation of a liberal demand.
Money iu England is very tight, how
ever, and this may have something to
do with her .mall purobases. Tbe Argentine harvest is praotioally completed.
Tbe crop it a very largo one and said
to be of fine quality. That country it
expecled to offer wheat freely at lower
prices than the Amerioan wheat can be
sold at and shipments from there will
probably be limited only by the vessel
room obtainable. Tho atatistlcal position of the market at present is unfavorable to values, but crop disaster or
political complications .wonld quickly
change tbe sentiment and bring about
a subitjutial adavnee. The conrse of
pricet will depend upon tbe developments of the next two or tbree months.
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 bard at Fort
William, 64^0.
Flour���O-iilvie's Hungarian patent,
11.80,-Glenora, f 1.70* Manitoba strong
baken', tl.60* XXXX, 91.10; Lake of
the Woods patent, $1.90, htroug bakers',
11.70; Medora, 11.40: XXXX fl.DO
per tack of 98 pounds, delivered in
Millfeed���Bran in bnlk, $9. CO to
$10.00; shorts in bulk, ,11.60 to
$1*1.00 net
Ground Feed���Boat Oat chop, $30
por ton-mixed barley and oatt, $18 00;
barley obop, $16; Oilcakes,$2? per ton.
Oata���Milling, 27o, aud feed gradet
96 to SOo on traok hero.
Oatmeal���Per sack of 80 lbs. $1.70.
Barley���96 to S8o for feed; malting,
83o on track here.
Oorn���89 to 40o on track.
Wheat���At country points, 48 to Uo
per bushel.
Flax���At oountry points, $1 30 per
Bay���Wild, baled, $6 60 to $6.60;
timothy, baled, $7.60; loose, t4 to $6.
Butter���Creamery, 38c; dairy, 18 to
J0o for fine grades.
Cheese���Manitoba 18, Ontario 18^0.
Eggs���Strictly fresh, tOo.
Vegetables���Po atoes, 46c per bushel;
oarrots, 40o per bushel; turnips, 20 to
96o per bubel ; beett, 80 to 40o per
bmbel; parsnips, ll^o per pound;
pnmpkini, l^oper lb.; dry onions,
76o to $1 per bushel; cabbage, IH to
toperponno celery, .860. per dozen
buuebet; green house lettuce, 40o per
dozen bnnches; green home parsley,
80o per dozen bunches.
Seneoa root- 87o per ponud.
Hidei-Inspccted bidet, No. 1, ?Jfo!
No. 3, O^c; No. 8, 5*,o. Branded
bidet grade No. 9, and built No. 8,
Kip, 7o; oalf, 8 to 8>^o doalin skins.
96 to 86c each; iheeptkius, 40o to
60o oaob; each,- liotsebides. 60c to 76a
Wool���Du unshed Manitoba fleece, 8
to Oct per ponnd.   None offering.
Dr, tsed Meats���Beef, choice, SJs*o to
6c per pound; s-.coiid grades, 6 lo 6^o;
mutton, Be; lamb,9 to lOo; veal, 7 to
8o; dressed host by. to oy. per ponnd
Poultry���Turkeys, llo per round,
dntsed weight; geete, Oo per pound;
dnobt, 9o per pound; oblnkene, 9o per
Pay in SORIP for Dominion Lands and
Save 20 par Cnt. Discount.
For full Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any office ol the MERCHANTS' BANE
CANADA In Manitoba or the West.
Reported by Alloway k Champion,
Stook Bro.ert, Winnipeg.
.     Bank* a**r*    Btytr,
Montreal        ....        M
Union ,  US
Uemmurce....        lit tt)
���   Ml~~~*~**' " '
Pern.,  !�� "��
Ooiumerclal Caul.....*  1.' J**"!-.
MontruulTol.,,  177*4 lit
gloh.4 Ont,Nav  no '*%
fUhfiu. H'y ;..
Montreal (ia......       Ill
Toronto B'y....,	
^ululh PrahrVy	
111 U
10.-14 Iiu
to 11
J. v. W. Und, ,        �� 10
Van. P��v.R*y. Montrv.1         tl    ��� -tl
din. t'ac. R'y. London WeX ....
Money,time          fl���i ....
Money on call        *S ....
quoted  by Alloway *  Obatnplon,
$69 Main street, Winnipeg.
-Metae-arke,. ���..t..�� t-4
Aaetrlaa liuldan >M
Holland HuiliUr. le
Franoa..', , 1-7-1
SwlM Root,!-. ,.,.,    MU
nnalsh Markka. ti
Iron*.... *
^W_i_*ir*r**f*f fi-iT-f" ���"<*" * f- ~-M*ete*unetr
FrltUy, ���latntar.r 1 *.
A l SoiMU 210 rnui wer*n ��o�� ���barrl-
a riling ot Dative* la reports trom
Cb-M- Hayward hai been tlectetf mayo*
ot Victoria. B. O
Tbv Brit lib parliament hai beau eon-
Bioueil for January 80.
Blcbaril llardliijf Davie bae called froin
N<mv Yorii as a war correepondjut
A ehipmcul or 2-3,000 bales oi Uuy Mt
New York yerterday for C'opa Town.
A ltiuHiaii army lias been ordered to
the froutlere ot India aa*\ Ar_oanU-
A 178.000 tire In Winnipeg deriroyad
tlio Manitoba Produce Co.'* bui.diuv uud
A 100,000 damage suit bae been onter-
ed liy Jaa. ItoxtM- lu tha Vii.o ,-uario
bank caee-.
a largp poeeenger steamer le In dan*
gcr in bt. Alary'* Bay, Mid having run
on a reel.
ran Britieh stea-mey Hupoli frutid*r-
ed in tliv China Sea, Nov. 20, end her
crew ot  40 are ml**in*,
tins Ttimtlee weni tne Wlnniper district curilug medal by defeating tht
Orunitea by 80 point*.
TliumcUv, Jniiaary 11.
Ottawa'* population li   57,000-,
fin:all-pox ba* again broken out In a
Quebec pniieli���St, Germain
Tiie Bi-ltieb privy couucll ineoti at
Oeijorne with  tbe Queen to-day,
iir. Edward Bloke hae deprecated
Iileh-Aiuerkau threat* made agaloet
Flour and grain la tranelt to tht
���ut'juy baa heen (lcclare��l contraoand hy
Oreat Britain,
Tliu Crowu Prince Frederick William
will have conl��rred upon bim by -Spain
tbo Insignia of  the Golden Fleece,
Ur. 1'liepoe, formerly o, Aloieoue bank.
Winnipeg, baa been promoted to tha
management of tba branch In Hamilton.
A strona point wa* scored for Moll-
neux In tbe evideuoo of Emma Miller,
of Newark, who mid tho sliver i.ottle-
n'm. Stcademan, of Toronto, died from
the effects of the shock caueed by a
12 yeat-d1 penitentiary sentence passed
ou bis son, George.
The couit of uisbops le sitting ut Ottawa to bear the appeal ol llev. Tho*
Grogbciiin, of Hamilton, Irom his bus-
pt'imion of seven years,
Wflilnssda-f, January 10,
Tbo most serious fire in the town's
history visited Blytb, Ont,
The Edleon Electric reservoir, New
York, was destroyed by fire.
An appeal ba* been made lu Winnipeg for tbe famine sufferers of India.
"Terry" McUovern defeated ���j.o. Ulxon
for tin' featherweight championship uf
the world.
New regulations have been made regarding the transportation of newspapers to Yukon,
Springfield, Mo., division of Hibernians ba* decided the members cannot
assist the Boer campaign.
Tbe dates for tbe Stanley cup contest, Shamrocks vs. Wliuilpetf Vlutorlas
will prouably bo Feb. 12-14.
Toronto's pew mayor, E. A. Macdon<
aid, denies he favors the annexation of
Canada to United States.
It Is rumored that a British cruiser
fired ou the Dutch cruiser Frlesland
near Detngoa Bay, killing an officer.
Americans of Santo Domingo have appealed to tbe Lulled State* against
French dictation of too severe torme,
Tuesday. January 9.
A French warship ha* arrived at
Santo Domingo.
Eva Ifouk. Of Montreal, ha* been asleep
for 10 days.
Koiit. Hendry, aged 101 years, died at
Kingston, Ont,
The iiiibonic plague has broken out la
Honolulu and Manila,
Histories of England hare been thrown
out of   Chicago school*,
Mr*. Jas. E. Ste-en, of Montreal, lor-
Bifrly of Winnipeg, is dead.
May Yaidley, a Brandon girl, wa*
arrested on a charge of forgery*!
The O. F. It. and li. T. li. snow largely
Increased earning* for the year 1009.
W. W. Ogilvie haa let a big lumber
contract in Fort William for the new
Col. Hughe* u. P., Is tying Idle la
Cape Town, having received no military
Tbe amount collected In Winnipeg In
aid of tbe Transvaal contingent amounted to |4,T40.9O.	
Monday, January e*
The Vanderbllt eatate will not exceed
Explorer Tyrrell will spend thit year
tn the Slave Lake country.
A couple from Franklin, Man., eloped
aud crossed tbe boundary line.
Western post' office employees will
hare their salaries advanced at one*.
Julia Marlowe, tbe actreu, ha* btefl
dhorced from her husband. It. L. Taber
Sir Charles Tupper was thrown from
a carriage near Edmoutou and badly
shaken up.
The Manitoba forestry exhibit for
Pari* I* the most complete yet received
at Ottawa.
���Lewis Blair, second eon of tht Canadian minister ot railway*, died luddtn-
ly at Ottawa.
Hie Excellency tbe Governor General
has orgaulted the "Canadian Contingent Patriotic Fund."
The' British government ia urging tha
Newfoundland governmeut to renew tht
modus vlveudl for a 'yw��.
Sami-day, January 6.
Another Infantry regiment is proposed
for Winnipeg.
Emperor William will vUlt tht Parlt
Exposition  In June.
Gen. Otis hat uow an army of 05,000
man In the Philippine*.
The Victoria* defeated tbt Winnipeg*
at hockey, 6 goals to S.r
Tbe Queen will open tiie British par.
(lament Iu perion, Feb. 14.
Col. Ruttan lias heen appointed D Ot
O. for Winnipeg military dletriet.
Bobt. Howe, a Belleville. Out, till
���eu ot many years' standing, le dsad.
U. 8, ha* takeu possession uf the Island
of Sibutu near  the  Philippine uronpa
Sir Thomas Upton hu* not yet issued
another challenge for tht Amtrlea tup
W. W. Watt wu* lak* from Jail and
hinged by a mob at Newport Ntwi,
Whllt being shown a* revolver in n
���tore In Montreal, a boy named Dab*
wns fatally thot,
Seven cases or typhoid lever hart bttn
discovered amongst the orew of tht
Transport   Mnntexttma.
���      I******     I   ���    l!l I
Montreal, Juti. 10.��� braeit F��llowi*
brother of -Walter Jbllowi, wbo wm
arreited on Saturday, wai tuktn Into
cm cdy today in connection witb the
Ville Mar.e b ��k Irandi.
A British iThoonar trading with the
Admiralty Islands wat captured by native* fcnif fifteen of  tbe crew eaten.
Alleged Boer ���ympattiliers" In V|r-
toi-ia, B. a, ar* baring a bard tint of
It: tbey declare thtlr Innocence of
charge*.  ,
Damaging evidence wa* giVST nimlnsi
Hoi turps by Prof. Fratcr, a handwriting rxpvr* nt the celebrated New York
Murder trial.
Too Much Ball Par HI* Fish.
Tliey were passing n good story at
the courthouse yesturttny afternoon
concerning a young lawyer who was
admitted to practice a short time ago
and recently bung out bis shingle. Hin
offlce Isn't * v��y pretentious affair,
bat he didn't think it necessary to
apologise to bit friends for his little
elgbt by ten, witb several feet partitioned off for tbe ute of his "clerk."
Tbe other day lightning struck, uud
the.door opeued slowly, while a voice
charged with a strong Irish accent ask
ed If tbe lawyer was lu.
"James," said the rising disciple or
Blackstooe, gettlug up from ti conch
nt the time, "I wish you'd step around
to tbe First National bank nud tell
tbem that tbe auiouut of that draft
Isn't quite right. It sliould be $1,570
Instead of $1,625, and before you re
turn drop into Sly. .lohugre's offlce uud
tell him I've collected that $3,500 clntin
for him. Wblte you're there, sti'p
across the hall and lu forin Mr. l-'ogn
boll tbat unless tbat uote tor $10,000 Is
paid In tbe morning I shall begin fore
closure proceed lugs- Don't lose uu,v
time, as I've u great deal of work foi
you this morning."
"Ite blrlns!" gnsped ibe elicit pro
Hpectlve, wbo hnd progressed us fin
as the doorway futo the Inner offlce
"this he's uo place fer me wid er twr
dollar fifty clnt claim ter k'leet." And
he departed.-Mllwnukec Wisconsin
Thlon They Did In ITOO.
An advertisement lu a facsimile itt
me of a .Maryland paper lu 177.1 uliowh
thill (lie housewives of Unit day used
������ookiiifj utensils of n kind thai ouly a
favored few can offord lo nse now A
I'oppersmlth "from Ijincnster" livitiji
"Kaltlmore-Towu" advertises coppei
lisli and wash kettles, copper and brast-
brewlng kettles, saucepans, coffee ane
chocolate pots, stewpaus nnd Duici;
There wus plenty of help lu tbi
household then with the slaves. Kev
i-nil advertisements refer io tliein. In
oue a "Commission and Insurance Itro
ker" "(Jratefully acknowledges tin
favors uf his friends, and tmpes for a
eontluiinnce of their correfpondence
���He has now for rale, ti rocket nl
good IIOl'S. a Id Inch new CABI.R-
nml wants to buy a NKtiltU Ulltl.
nhout 12 years old."
Womeu were In certain kinds ot
imslncKs nt Uml Ume, for n Mnn ol
"taylors" advertise tbeir business iik
two doors from Mrs. Chilton's tavern
People liked to bear a little- gossip In
those days also, ns now. and whnt iiui.t
be called a society note follows the no
tlce or a wedding ami Informs the pub
lie that "Hy a late marriage In Hi. Ma
ry'g the l.ndy Is become Mister In law
to ber own mother and ihe (ieuilemau
BoiHn-law to bis Slsierln law."
A Pern WlttlelsMt OMtoHrt ��o��atk*
���v for Apprtelatlv* Htader*.
Mrs. Crtmsoul��eak���Remember,John,
there arc no roses wltbont thorns.
Mr. Crimsonbeak���Yea, bnt there are
seasons when there art thorns without
any roses.
He-What ts the quarter of anything?
She-Why, the fourth of tt
"Well, tbe Fourth of July Isn't a
quarter of It"
Bacon-Whales' teeth are used as
money In tbe Fiji Islands. '
Egbert���When a FIJI tramp wants
to get a bite, I suppose he asks for a
couple of teeth.
"Those two clocks of yours don't
seem to strike In harmony^'
"No. 1 hardly expect It Tou see, opt
Is a Dutch clock, and tbt otber la a
Bhc-Dld yon ever Ond a four leaf
He-Yes. once, and tbat very day my
landlady asked me If 1 couldn't pay up
my back board.
Blll-Tbey ought to send some of
the baseball umpires ont to Kimberley.
Jill-What for?
"Why, they've been successful In
keeping fighters off tbe diamonds.'
Bhe-I think If tbey got a picture of
Aguinaldo running It would make
quite a bit In those picture machines.
He���Oh, tbey haven't got them work-
ing fait enough yet for thatl
Yeast���You say you bought yonr
wife a folding bed? How does It work?
Crlmsonbeak���Fine. You see, sbt
talked tn ber sleep fearfully, and that
was the only wny I could shut ber up.
-Yonkers Btatesmad.
A Broken Shoestrlnjr.
"There goes a man wbo may wish
before long thut he had a good, sound
shoestring In his shoe," remarked a
mau to a friend as n rather slipshod
individual passed them an the street
The mau referred to had a broker
shoestring In one of bis shoes, and tin
otber bad been spliced In several
."1 am not talking from the point ol
view of neatness," went on the llrsi
man, "but on account or an accident
that befell ute recently. I was about
to get off a street car when the shoe
string In one at my shoes snapped, li
had been tightly laced, and tbe break
occurring wben It did. Just as I bu<
taken my hand from tbe rail, wn*
enough to make me lose my balance
I fell myself falling to the street. Ther-*
was a trailer ou tbe enr, aud I wu.
pretty badly scared, as I thought tba
I stood a-good chance of getting a Ic;.
under the wheels. Luckily I made n
final effort to straighten myself, aud I
got clear witb nothing more than n
painfully twisted ankle.
"A shoestring ts a small thing, but
after that scare I determined Hint I
woujd always hnve a good one in my
shoo."���Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph
Too Much For Him.
"Doctor, I wish yon would do something to limber up the muscles that art
used lo laughing. I want to tough
without any effort."
"Eh? What do you want to do tbat
"Why, you see, I'm hired over bere at
tbe tbeoyter to lead the laughing when-
ever there's a new play put on, and
they've got a new one tbere now that
Just gags me."
Tempered Witb Mercy.
"Yes, I was drunk, your honor," tbt
prisoner said, "but I've been pretty
well punished already. I had $00 when
I went out on tbe street, and a lot of
gamblers got hold of me and swindled
me out or $58."
"Under those circumstances," remarked his honor, with a sympathetic
cough, "tbe court Is disposed to be
lenient with you. Tbt line will be $2."
-Chicago Tribune.
Vootro e, Pa., Jan. 10���Oornellus
Shpw and JumpflJ. Eigan, the murd r
en of Jackiou Pepper, a wealthy firm
r who lived in Rnsh township, Wf rt
hanurd i-ere today. More than 10 > pe
ions including the jury witn-usi d tbs
double habtti p.
Mndrld, Jii. tl���ihe L'berol today says offi -ial dlspatcl es have been
received from Moulin, confirming tbt
diffjiHtol-ts Miiuoauciug that bubonic
-iligoe 1 ad b'oketi ont there, ami add*
tnK that there i ad been ilx oases and
four dentin.
A Point of Resemblance.
Tbey were dancing. The music was
heavenly. The swish of tier silken
skirts was delightful- The fragrance
of the roses upon her bosom was al
most Intoxicating.
"Ab." she said, fooklng up Info his
face nnd smiling sweetly, "you remind
me of oue of Whitman's poems!"
A sudden dizziness seemed io setae
bim. It wss as If he swk floating
along In a dream. Wben be could catch
his breath to speak, he asked:
"Which one?"
"Oh. noy one!" she replied. "The
feet nre all mixed up In all of thera."-
Cblcngo Times-Herald.
Dispose* to Bo Bitter.
"If thero Is anything I despise," said
ove diplomat, "it Is a practical Joke."
"I feel tho same way about It/' answered the other, as he laid down his
newspaper, "aud I know what I'm
talking about. I was a delegate to tbt
pence conference at Tbe. Hague."���
Washington star.
A Retentle** Cynte,
"The English language," said tht
mao of enthusiasms, "ts a gold mint
of poetry."
"1 thought It must bare been soma
sort of a gold mine." answered the person of prejudices, "or else tbe Eugllsh
wouldn't hnve taken a fancy to lt In
the first place."
Tfco*a*htte*s Com plat at.
"The soldiers are complaining bt-
cause tbey haven't any ammunition,**
said the Filipino officer.
"Just like them." replied tbo chief;
"always finding fault. They don't realise that tbey can run much faster If
they are uot loaded down witb n whole
lot of cartridges and iblngs."-Ex-
Mafclo* It Pleasant.
Mrs. Wiggles-Mrs. RJobnson spoke
of you wben I met ber yesterday.
Mrs. Wagglte-Dld she? What did
sbe say?
: Mrs. Wlgglei-Oh! If 1 bad thought
you would ask me tbat I would never
have sold anything about Itl-doiuer-
ville (Mass.) Journal.
Tht Mrettry.
'That Dreyfutvcase Is a great mystery," Mid tbe reflective cltlseu.
"Haven't you got through"-
"Yes, I got through guessing about It
long ago. What pussies me now Is
that 1 ever managed to get so wildly
excited over It"-Washington Star.
"In order to settle a little bet." tbt
young* man said, passing a ring over
the showcase, "please tell rae whether,
tbe correct pronunciation of tbe name
of the stone In tbat ring Is turkeese or
turkwolst." .
The Jeweler Inspected It and banded
It back.
"The correct pronunciation Is glass,"
he iold.���Chicago Tribune.
More Marina Utvrainra,
���Do you know. Margaret," mM a Ca-
hunbui father to bla 18-year-old daughter
tbe other morning, "that It was after 11
o'clock last night wben that yonng mee
left barer
"Oh, It couldn't hart been, pipa."
"Bnt It was,   Now dont let that happen again."
"But paps, I couldn't tell hia ta lesvt.
I did nothing to entertain Mr. Btsytatt
ticrpt to Show hint toy temp-book.'*
"Well I'll briig home ay accouot bosk
this evfOtag. with tbe dry feeds, mIM*
up.   tf be tall*?gtia,-Ao*' Ua thlt"-
0kl��ItajtJturiar, j/^w:.-   -
Discovered by Dr. Chase, the Famous
Recipe Book Author���Now Used
in Nearly Every Home in
go doatm'.pntKilptlOD ot oompouniied drug��� oen posalbly be so effertl-re io
nil., Isg and ouioitoonglui "' cold' ����� Dr. Ohuti' Syr op ot United and
Th. ttoetft of msnufsottire of tbl. (test fsmllj remedj is so difflcn t (ad
.obnwIMalrd thai II oannot to thrown together In a drag store.
Beside, turpentine ud Unseed, the onnti.e propertiea of whioh are well
known, this preparation ooatalui h*t a down login dieote jnst asilmpl. and
yet of iooalonlatil. rain, in poaitinl; healing and curing inflammation ot th.
throat and long! �����*���
Dr. Ohm s Sjrrnp ol LlniMd and Turpentine 'o-s not oo tain morphia,
which lootnei by deadening ch. n-srrea. not only ot la. Inflamed p-rti bit
also Ihe itomiuh, Whioh it absolutely rnina if tnken for any length of time.
Ai�� home, remedy for cronp. bronchitis, latum., a, nghi aud cold., Dr,
Chase's Syrnp ol UnseM and Tnrpentiue is tsnapptoaehfd. ll oan lw nied by
any nx-nibe.- of tbe family, from baby to grandtaiher. It ll prompt lu otion
aad bMllufl'.'U-l Notuing ih it. .fleet
Dr. Uh-fi��'iSyropof Llm ed aid Tnrpsiitine, >< cents a buttle. .Family
.las, eo-italulng mora than thie. Ilmea its muoh, to cent.. At all d alen tt
gdonmoa, Betes k Oo., Toronto. ���')
Aad Wouldn't Por tke World Art
Like aa Idiot.
"Uy dear." aald the young father,
"tbere is one request I want to make
of you.".
"What Is It, dear?"
"I wish, denr, tbat you wouldn't talk
this baby talk to our child. It's ah-
eurd. Tbe Idea of saying 'kltchy*
kltcby-kee' uud 'whose wIheIcuiis Is
'oo?'' to a human being Is Utile less
thon barbarous* Don't you let the
neighbors do it. either."
"I'll try uot to. dear," she answered,
patiently. "But It seems to amuse
Doi-Jy so much."
"Don't call lilin 'Dorjy,' either. It's
positively idiotic. His unim-'s 'deorge,'
nntl there's no usi> of stiii-ting lilm out
In life with a i-oi-nluilai-y like a Polynesian lltltlolllll Itj-tnu."
"Hut he's a little fretful today and
wants to hi' tiitiusi'd."
"There ore mtlonal ways of amusing a i-ltllil.   Yon iiui sing to hlra."
"I tinvf. l-i-cn singing to lilm."
"Well, giro lilm lo me. aud I'll sing
to hint awhile."
Rlii- |>iiHHt'd thi' tmh.v over, and be
|it*oi-i'i'iliHl to do bis Ik'hi witb the
toreador's Song nnd tlte Ri-danlti love
song nad various other st'lt-t'tleUK.
Thi' liuhj- ������nul-m-d iu wlilmpei-lug. tie
continued "to sing, mid prescnily tbe
Utile one began to smile. In a little
while It wns fnst asleep.
"You hnve quieted lilm benutlfully."
the tnothci*. .admitted. "Ry the wny.
whnt wns t'lirit song you sang over and
over again? It seemed so tuneful nnd
"Haven't yon heard that?" he queried In nstonlKhuient. "If�� from the
latest comic opera, and It's a corker.
The chorus goes:
"Tofiill-.-fy, foodledy. up-l-deel
Jimnilt.v. Jtimmll.v. jfniieri*-!
niKKlt.v. Jiuulty, minmlty-hol
nilmmlty lil.m. and .way we gol
"1 only remeinlier tbe chorus, but
I'm going to buy It and learn the wbole
thing by heart."
Dolnc Penance Far flat.
In former times persons guilty of
grievous nnd uotorlous olfeiiHea were
required to make open confession nnd.
furl her, to make satisfaction for the
Bi-iiiiiliil given by their bad example .by
dolug penance publicly In n while sheet
In their irarlsli cbiu-cb. The sheet wns
used to show clenrly to every one
which wtts the offeuder.
The Inst time that public penance
was done In nn Kugllt-h church was
on Sunday evening. July 30,1882. when
a man named Ilnrtrce. In the church of
All Saints. Hum Cleredon. made an
open confession of Immorality and
promised lo perform the pennnce tbue
Imposed on bim by tbe vicar.
No white sheet waa used on tbis occasion. The last cane In which one
was used nppi-iii-s to have been one lu
Bt. Ri-ldget's cliurcb. Chester, in 18.11.
Rm ou that occasion the pennnce wns
uot public, the church door being
.In the previous year, however, public pennuce In a wtiiti- .licet wns doue
In n cpi.ntry church In I'ssex. and a
similar Hilugoccurred In Dillon church
near Cambridge In IHtll.-Stray Stories.
Am Old Fa.fclo*. Revived.
"They seem to lie reviving an old
fashion In feminine apparel orer in th*
"What's that?"
"Yes. They were aronnd th. barrels Hint held Mrs. Aguinaldo'. captured frocks and things."���Cleveland
I'lnln Dealer;	
Some Conditions that Induct
Similar Consequences.
Toronto, Deo. 17���A bullet In ���
nan's heart causes death. So does a
grain of sand, or anything elie that
should not to there. So with th.
. othtr organs of th. human body,
lake th. bladder for instance. Thon*.
audi of parsons suffer from thsdiseaas
known u ''Ston. In th. Bladder,"
whil. a lingering death end. th. agony
of thousands mom..
That this need not to is proved by
tke following letter:���
844 Qiasn St. But,
Toronto, Nor. M, UM.
Dear Sirs,���Five month, ago,, and
for thn. years previous to that data,
I wu enduring suffering, u were u
man oan bear. I endured tortures
moh u I oanuot dssoribe, or you oan-
UOt tmdsrstand. Hy trouble wu
Btons in th. Bladder. I uud on.
kind, of medioine after another, but
withont getting the sllgbt.it relief. I
thonght I oould never be oured, and
death wonld have been preferable to
my agony, I wu pennaded, however,
to try Dr. Arnold".-English Toxin
Pills. Before I had used tun* boxes
tb. stone wu dissolved and expelled
without th. least pain. I am now
thoroughly cured, thanks to Dr, Arnold's English Toxin Fills, whioh did
' what no other medioine in th. world
conld do form. I
���   A. Stinson.
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills,
th. ouly medioine ou earth that oun,
disease by killing the gernu that eaos.
it, art sold by all druggists at J5o. *
boxi sample sis., too., or tent post.
paid on receipt of prim, by The Ar.
gold Chemical Co., Limited, Canada
Uf. Building, 4> King Stmt Wart,
A Well-Known
Toronto Traveller
Cured of ('atarrh
Aftir hight
Years' Suffering.
Ur. B. S!. Fleming, tho mil known and
popular Toronto representative of Meaata.
Eiring A Sons, Cjrk Manufacturera, Montreal,
writes: "I have beeu a conitant suffer'r from
oatarrh of a severe aod disagreeable type for
e ght years, which beeatno worse each winter,
in s*tite of the huiidrudii of dollars I *pent with
catarrh specialists and many remecbes, wh.rh
only off rded temporary relief. I tried jup��n**e
0 terrh Cure about one year ago, and since
oomi letlng this trt-aiment have not fett the
liaat symptoms or my Joiraer Tralile. A few
months ng i I reoommenned lt to a friend
���dm.lai-ly affected, and he Is nnw cotniilettiiy
cured also, i can highly recomm.-nd It to any
neroon troubled With tills intot annoying
Jniianese Catarrh Cnru relievos cold In the
bead in one minute. Hold by all druggists.
Pr.ee fi' cents. A iree sample will be sent to
any person tioubleil will catarrh. End se
fr-cent Mamp. Amlr>M* tliu Grlfflihs 1 Use*
phtiison Go , 121 Church street T ruiuo
Refused to Treat a Patient Until Iir
Received HU Fee.
"1 used to think I wae a pretty wise
guy." snld Will MeCm-mlck, tbe Ken
York singe manager, lo a New Vork
Telegraph reimrtei-, "but since a little
experience I liiul recently 1 am willing
to throw up my bunds uml humbly confess that I am not 'it' In aay sense of the
word.   As 1 left the door of the theater
1 met n youug woman standing outside
who .wus crying with pain. 1 asked her
what the trouble was. add she replied sbe
hail suddenly been taken 111 aad could
hot wulk home. Sbe told ue sbe lived In
Wiutt Forty-eighth street, and 1 volunteered to accompany ber.
"She led me to a flathouse and to her
room In tbe rear, where she fell to the
Boor aud began screaming for me to go
to the front room and get a doctor. I
went to the apartment she designated,
rapped on the door, and a young man
came out and asked what I wanted.
" 'Are you   a physician?' I asked.
" 'Yes," he replied calmly.
"'Well,' I sold, 'come to the back
room; there Is a young woman i\i*rc dangerously ui.*
"lie grabbed a little satchel and followed me to tbe room. Wben we got
there, be leaned over the woman, felt ber
pulse and Bald she waa suffering from
heart failure. He was a little slow, and
I asked bim why ba did not minister to
ber wants.
".'Because,' he replied coolly, i did
once and I have never been paid for the
"As It was only a matter of $3 I told
bim I did not care to see the girl die,
and. reaching Into my pocket, pulled out
the required sum aud handed it to the
physician. Pie gave the patient some
sort of powder, aud in five minutes she
was as well as any woman I ever saw io
my life. She thanked me for my kindness, and 1 left the bouse, feeling I bad
performed a good night's work In saving
a woman's lifo. The next driy I saw her
walking down Broadway with the same
physician. I told tbe story of my good
deed to a friend beside me und pointed
out tbe woman.
" '1 never thought you were such a good
thing, Mac,' he said. 'That man witb
her Is hei husband, and she bas been
working that same game for eve years to
my knowledge.'"
Aad Likewise Spoiled tha Fun of th*
Troublesome Jack lea.
A military university president wbo
was formerly n unvol officer recently told
the story of un amusing experience which
fell to (be lot of Admiral Dewey while
be was serving ns executive officer of the
Colorado tt lhe close of the civil war:
"A uew officer on board a ship," said
the professor, "ts put through a 'course
of sprouts' by tbe 'Jackie*-'���the common sailors���wbo aro pretty skillful at
that sort of hazing, It ts often disagreeable and embarrassing for the- new offi
cor. bnt the sailors usually munage it so
cleverly tbat tliey keep within tbe regulations.
"One af tbe rules on board sblp is thai
Ibe men shall not carry matches. A lantern Is kept burning for tbe convenience
of smokers.
"A* young Dewey came oo deck early
one morning, one of tbo Colorado's
roughest characters sold to a shipmate
who was confined wilh bim in the 'brig,'
or ship's prison, la a tone loud enough
for Dewey to bear
"'Bill. I've got aome matches In my
pocket, and I've a blamed good notion to
burn this oli'x-hip under his feet.'
"Dewey diiVt soy a word, but Immediately turned on his beel and rang the
fire bell, at tbe same time calling out.
'Fire on the brig!'
"Such an alarm, to early In tbe morning, before tbe men had tumbled out of
their quarters, was unwelcome, bul In a
few seconds the decks swarmed with
half dressed sailors, who manned the
four powerful Art noxxlei which protect-
td the brig.
"Of course'Dewey, as executive officer,
directed the streams, and in a few momenta two very wet, very cold, very
much disgusted and half drowned Bailors
wore howling for mercy,
"Dewey shouted: 'Fire outl Make secure!' Then he turned to tbe dripping
���nllon and snld, 'I guess those mutches
of yours are too wet to do much damage
bow.' "���youth's Companion.
He Guessed It.
^Permit me to suggest, miss, tbat you
���re not looking your beat." snld tbe photographer.
"I know It," the replied.
"The wny ynu hare used the powder
and Ihe pencil gives you a rather ghastly
"I know il," she sold again, "and wben
you touch it up. If yuu can make the
cheeks look sunken aod tbe eyes listless,
I wouldn't tnlud paying you something
. "Yea, yet, ot eonrse," be returned, beginning to comprehend. "Ravages of
blighted affection and all lhat Wben
does your breach of promise case come
up for trlair-Cblcago Port.
Wrong motives for action bring rata la
their train: right motives cannot fall to
bring success, 'itight for right's soke" is
the only snfe guide for onr children, as
for, ourselves. And It Is a sufficient one.
Contrary to Ibe accepted Idea of many
grown people, a child con grasp It. I am
not sure bnt that often a child can grasp
this truth, mnch more clenrly than an
adult, because Ihe jrojitbful mind Is less
befogged by worldly wisdom.- La dies'
Home Journal.	
Those Mules.
"Oeaeral Wblte snys tbey haven't a
trace of those runaway mules."
"No, of course not. They took the
traces with the rest of tba baraesi."-
Clereland Plain Dealer.
���earhe-avd Id a Crowd.
Lisping Lover-Tballle, If -you don't
love me, tbtyr tbo; but, If you do Iov*t
uie and don't like to thoy tho,
thaiwsths mr baudthl-Tit-Blts.
mini Limnt cm oummu.
Worn] flawing 'i-Hii'sis nre the latest
diversion (iiuotig iho ytiiMht women nt
Malm Spring*.- I'm ver Times
Oi:i* city hall is um tiiily costly m bnild,
but cosily to iift-ji Ami iinfoituimn-ly it
Is Hrei'rmif.-I'bllaiii'Iplifll Times.
Chicago bus a hold robber 'who lid.-s
about in a cn li, Mc is uot the regular
driver t��r the vehiHe.-JMftslMlrj: .I'osi.
Statistics give Itusttfii ihe ilisltuguiith-
ed honor at euiisiiisihtg iii'iire.wlii.-I;,v per
capita than any oilier (ity in America.*
"Tlietn pesky l-uul winds" i|ie,td lil.inie.-
Kansns ('ily Times.
One of tiie most inipiit-iunt of mir ting-
usines announces an article on "The Ar
fistic Siile of t'hleng.i." This will rank
with tbe great dlwm-erieH nr the iig��.-
N'ew York Evening Sun.
That eniiiiniiiik.v which does not enn*
siiicr a rascal to lie a rascal until leaden
heeled justice bits overtaken him is in u
parlous state, Plilhtdelplihi is that com
mu til ty.���Philadelphia Ledger.
A Chicago paper speaks with tin air of
satisfaction of the decline of the com
merce of New York city. Still a eltv
which put up S-HUiiHUMIU worth of buildings the last season may manage to get
along.���Indianapolis Journul.
Chicago is larger by 15.000 through
tbe annexation ���f a miburh ended Austin. Tbe prairie fires aud coon hunting
In the corporate limits of the Windy
City become more hit crest Ing every year-
-St. Louis <;l��be-Democrat.
IT IS A LiVi.H i'lLL.-Mnny of tho
aliments tout man h .h to contend with
have tbeir < rigiu in a dhort-ereu live/,
wh i h Is a doliuaio orgnu, peculi rly susceptible to the di>-ttirOanues timr. oome
from Irr gular Intuitu or lack uf core lo
eating au i urink.ng Tbl- accounts for
the great many liver regnl-tors now
pre-sed on tbo utteutino of sufferers Of
thp-e there is none superior to P-trmelee's
Vegetable P 11-. Ti-eir operation though
gentle Is t-ff< o ive and t..e moat oellcute
oan uh Hem.
Could Still Bay He Was In the Fifty
Dollar Class.
A certain writer, entirely unknown
in the literary world, wrote a very
spirited poem and, more Id J6st than
otherwise, marked $50 ns the price of
It. inclosed it to nu editor and calmly
awaited Its return.
To his grunt surprise the editor re-
piled. Inclosing a check for J50. "You
conic high, but we must have you!"
Of course the writer thought bis fortune wns made. If be got $50 for that
pnrtlcuhM- poum, why uot $50 for on-
Other? He would keep up the price,
nnd lie did.
But the editors didu't!
[���'or nix mouths he labeled bis pro
iluetious "$50." but tliey came back to
bim with painful regularity. Even the
editor wbo first paid Dim tbat price
lliln't try It ou again.
He bud frniued the check for Just the
mt Infliction of looking nt It occasion-
ally. Hut tiimlly bu wns compelled to
i-iisli It in order to satisfy tltt* grocery-
uinli, who hud uo literary leanings.
Bill lie got even ut lust. He Kent off
(en poems to different pu hi lent I ons.
liMHtlng them $5 uadi; Aud hu sold
the lull nt I hnt price.
"It's a come down," hc aald, "n falling with ti dull Hind, hut ten times
five Is 50. I'm still lu the $50 cluss!"-
Atlatita Constitution.
Why 11* Smiles.
Tin1 inillclltai wn-ailip* my face tl not
TIip Kmllf nt one who won
Tin1 liris lie mode election day;
I Hill Ir Inintuw Die sun
Wai-l.s niiiy (Iiui lohtliv of the year
WliPn fciusitjie Is the game.
And lo the hrr-akfaiit tuMe, lot
The biu'kwilful i-ubi'i have inme.
 -Baltimore Newt.
A PlLLF0iiUii:Ni-.iiOu-S WATERS.���
Thore are many peisoua of tiuulchy appe-
t te and p��or dU acibii wbn,arter a nearly
meal, are sut-ject t<- niuo i si*l*f,*rlng Tne
food of wb on tnt-y novo p irtok.-n ll��h like
lead in their -tnumvlis ttu-tduche, de-
p esslon, n mother-ng foiling follow.
Om so anil ted Is noil tor ba-lne s or
work of any hind. In this condition
Parniele-'s Vegrta >ie 1'iHs will bring relief, 'Ihey will a-sis' tbo sslmt'stuin of
the ailment, nni no i according to direction will restore hcalriiy dige-tloo,
Al-miy-a the Wrong Tfaln-g,
"There's n ints'i now to coutrol Ihe
output uf peiiiiiits."
V.Woll, whai we ueed is a trust to
control Hie output of pen till I shella."-
Chictigo Itecord.
Poetry Rdltors nml Poets Rsrepleit.
A mnn iimsi he pntlent with 'every
bore wbo comes tii. for llie Reason that
ihe man may some day hnve $'2 to
spend with biui.-Aiehbwn (ilobe.
Boston (Iiiliiueii.
Fogg���The iio.vs ai die club nro rntb
er severe on Morton. Tbey sny be bus
more money limit brains.
Bans I should mil thai n eompll
ment from tbeir poini of view. Tliey
votild possibly have no use for a mau
with hiuii)H.-ltosiufi TniriHcripl.
Serious Conditions tbat SUburn'i
Umk and Nerve Pills ean
Readily Cure.
On, of the Indlctitloiis ot Mrloui hurt
trouble Is tbe tematlon ol noakueM or
lolnliieii that oomo. on it tlinei.
Bomotlmos it ts limply a dlwy fuallnir
that posses off, or It may be t lUte of uu -
itouKlouineu with hind, ud feel cold
���nd oounlennnc.
ghiutljt pale.
Tboie iymp-
lonn Indicate a
weakened heart.
Tbey ar, nnmi.-
taka'Jle evidence.
of tbe engine ot
life breaking
Now there'i
only one reliable
remedy for reitorlng strength and vitality
to weakened hurts ud rellerlng all Ih.
dbtreulng symptoms. It la Miltraro'i
Heart andNerve Pilla.
Ths east ot Hn. A. Strstton, Frederlo-
ton, N.B., amply proves this. Here Is
Her statement:
"I suffered very much from an Impoverished oonditlon of tht blood, coupled
with extreme nemusnest. A dluy sensation on arising bulckty or eomlng down
stain, often tronbled me, and my breath
was so short that I oould not walk np
Btnln. Ths least tiertton caused my
heart to flutter snd palpitate violently,
and I sometimes felt ��� smothering sensation on going to ileep.
I doctored back and forth tor my weakness, bnt I got no relief from any medicine
until I tried Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pilla, and I ean say thst they helped Ml
wonderfully. Sometimes my face and
arms would swell and puff, bnt all then
troubles speedily yielded I* tht restoring
influences of Mllbun's Btsit snd Nerve
PUIS, and I am now strong and well. 1
did not un them long until I ngtlned Ihe
blessing of kstlthful, rifresblng slstp sad
" -��� -lwij-rt bt a plssst-r-	
id ftt�� tt ofiim.
We littlo know the toll ant?
hardship that those who mu<
the "Staff of Life"undergo
Long hours In superheatot
and poorly ventilated workrooms Is hard on the system,
gives tho kidneys more work than the)
can properly do, throws poison Into thr
syscera that should be carried off by these
delicate Alters. Then the book gets bad���
Not much uw applying liniments two
plasters. You must reach the Kidnevs tc
cure the baok. DOAN'S Kidney Pill.'
cure all kinds of Bod Backs by restoring
the Kidneys to healthy action.
Mr. Walter Buchanan, who has conducted a bakery la Barnla, Ont., for thi
past 15 years, says;
" For ��� number of mn proTtom te Ukln*
Oomi'i Kidney Pills I Buffomf * great dul from
ncuta pains Herons tha small of my buck, pnins in
ih-rbiK-k of my head, dlstinM*. wssry fMlIng snd
Knersl dolilllty. From th* first fsw d����M of
mn s Kidney Pills I commenced to improve, ind
I hare continued nntil I ��iu to-dsy s well mnn
I hnvo not cots pnln or ache about me. My head la
���If.ir: tha urinary difficulties all gone; my sleep is
���>l*mihlng and uiy boultb U betlar sow than for
The Mnn Behind the Hale.
A rural correspondent, wbo snys he
ivnuts tlu* poetB to "tote fair." sends
us ihe following elnsstc stanzas to the
mnn behind Ibe mule��� n fellow entirely
overlooked by Mr. Mnrkbnm:
They've been an Rone an wrote onoufh,
Aa all tiie world dors know,
About the msn who works Ihe Ian'���
The iimn who sliiiRB Die hoe-
But wliuI | wants 'rm all to do
ISjChflRffe the writ in rule
An tell us 'bout thai other msn���
Tbe uuin Miin' the mule.
Be breaks the Lord's commandment^
Likewise the snlilrn rule:
lie cannot be a (.'hrlmiun
Fit russin of the mule.
Fcr ot all the Lord created
To turn u human fool
Thsr's noihln thai kin ever hoU
A candle lo tbe mulel
Fer cf he'a loaftn roun' or tied,
Iticcoil tip fli liatncKs fine, . .
The mule is never fifiilxflcd���
He's kfekin all the timel
An the mun lliut has tiie wisdom
Whicli all the world could rule
Il (Imt patient, ptoddln feller���
The man bcliiin) the mulel
���Atluiim Constitution.
So rspldly does lung  irritation spreiid
���nd (ie< pen, that often In a tew wwks a
���imoin oough  uolmiu t s in  tubtfi'C-jiM
ounsumptlon.    Give heed  to a   o*uig
cuere is always itongrr in delay,  pet
bottle    of    Bickle's    Antl-t on��uinpll.
���Jinn, ond mrn vour elf.    It-is a iiodl-
' luo iitk-nnia seti for all thmat ni d lin .
troubles,   lu is c- nipoiitide i tr. m i-ovtr
berhs, catdi one ��� f  ��hion stands at tin
head of the lit-c hs exerting s wonderful
Influence In coring consumption and all
lung diseases.
When your birds have bowel disease, chauffe tho food for s few days
and nt tho enine time change the grit.
"Swelled head," or excessive self-
nss-nrnnco is often, according to Pr.
Campbell, iu Tho British Medical
Journal, a symptom of tho incipient
���stage of general paralysis.
A Grave-send (Eng.) ,7. P., w*# will
celebrate his uinciioth birthday in
January next, commenced to ride a
blcyclo last year, and continnes to da
uo withont tim least nervousness.
Or: Thomas' Eclectrlo Oil shonld be turn
by tenons tronbled with affections of tba
throat or lungs, sores upon the skin,
rheuniatio pain, corns, bunions, or external injuries. The reasons ate, tbat 11
Is speedy, pure and uiiohj>fttonable,
whether taken internally or applied onl*
Naggftm From Oeorffla.
When the dollar rings, tbere la Always n rush to open tho door.
There Is gold In the land, but we en*
joy It most wben the other fellow digs
for It.
Take time hy the forelock. It Is also
wise to take the mule tbfcre.
You cnn'l get on the sunny side by
waiting for the world to turn round.
Men who live In the stars generally
think this Is a hard world wben they
come tumbling down.���Atlanta Constitution.
Croup Promptly Relieved.
Mre J Stmms. Mk Pleasant, Vaooou-
v*r. B. 0,, writes: "One of onr children
has boen suhject to nmup almost slnut its
birth. We find Griffith's Menthol Lin I
ntent always to give prompt relief, and
would not be withont lt In our home. As
a liniment we do not think It has any
equal.   All drngglsts, SSols.
Seemed Qaite Probable.
"Sold my story, old man," exclaimed
the writer Joyfully.
"Well, do you know. I thought fr#m
nn Item I saw In the paper thnt very
likely you had been successful," re*
turned the cynlo.   "Wheu did you sell
"Last Monday."
"Just ns I thought According to tbe
paper n magazine editor was commit-
ted to an asylum for the feeble minded
Tuesday."���Chicago Tost.
Cabby's Little Joka,
Small and Nervous Oeut-Er-are
you (piito sure, cabman, that your
horse won't boll}
Kit eel Ions Cnbhy-LorV yusl Why,
wlv all your weight In tbe keb, *��� could
not holt ter save Ms life!���Judy.
(Sure cure for Insomnia,    Commit to memory
and repeat over, rapidly, without breathing- until
you go to aleep or t" crazy.'
11* traveled over Florida, and tbe map had been
On his many mental tablets. Penaacola  to gey
And you couldn't doubt ids knowledge, for he
sure:)' bad the hunch
Un tlu.- numes of all  the placet from  Yulee to
Saddle Hunch.
Hut be stuck to ll ao constant])', and he toured(
lhe state ao long
That   he si ruined  his cerebellum, and  his tired
brain went wrong,
Until now. at Chattahoochee, niged within ihe
padded cel'a,
From curly dawn till lata at night he tragically
Alalia, liicanopy, i'anasoffkee, Bonifay,
tardUM, Wucahoota, Oi-oee. Kinlioiioway,
I'a.ni'i Kola. Ummilla." Cisco and Katitro bay.
Tallahassee, Kanii|iuliu. Otklokunee, Manatee,
Pasadena, I'uncaiitiuli, 1'iinluiJ. Mm l.ulre;
All aboard fur Ukuliumiika. Witlilueooi'hee. Noe-i-
We'll just  tske a trip to Juppa. Misaocukie and
Visit Iclieimkine, Chulunta. Rye and not forget
To see .limn sIkIi Io J tip I ter, Itomcu to Jullelle.
luterlachcn, lly-potuxo, Kcontliia and l-unuik,
lloinususaa. Izasuru. Iwirly l.'inl and Orunt,re I'ark;
fake in Jacksonville by daytlnht and Ui-ulu after
Chanel '*���''��� here for Kuchee Anna; stranger, have
you ever been
To UrmiM hee, Oekluwaha. Injunliamoc, New Her
To  Thniiolosuasa,   (ioslien,   Wewahilehka   or   to
Then there's Largo and Narcoosaee, Vhur. home of
lhe Hjiar;
Arredomfo. (eiri�� Uiinio. Slllh pli-a. Muluhar
And so uu ud .inniiiiniii till yoi| tlmi't know wtiere
you are.
Now I rnui-lil lids rhyme infr(nal as I heard Ihit
niuiliiiiin rant.
And I tltiumht  I would add lo It, bnt rej,*ri'i  lo
suy I inii't.
For Sopchtipijiy  and  Khu  (Utile were  the nest
names on the list.
Tben Ochcvee and Ot-klnchbee��� please excuse me-
I desist.
���Kdwln P. UmhrlfElit in Tampa Timet.
Tiie Ita Una Passion.
The clergy mini bud ilulsbed,'and tbe
organ was pi'itllug forth the sonorous
rnpiure or Hie Mendelssohn march.
"One moment. IJcorge," said tbe ra*
dfnni bride, ami facing the audience
M\e inlseil her eMiulsliely bound,
tbottgli somewhat bulky, prayer buolt
in hei'diilutlly gloved hands uud point
ill ll directly nt Hie lull I fn nt audience.
There tyas a sharp click.
"All right. George," said the bride;
'come nloug."
And ns ihey nmrebeij down Uie nl-sle
tiie showed Him thai tbe supposed
prayer book wasn't u prayer hook tit
-ill    ll wns n en in ern,
"ll's my own- idea, tjeorge," She
'���luspcretl ������<'lever, hurt Itf'-Clcvu
uud I'liiiii Di'titer
During tbe year the s a-e devoted
to advertising MINAKO'S LINIMENT
will oon am expressions of no uncertain sonnd Mom people who speak
rom prrsmnl txpeiieuoe as to the
merits of this bust cf H-juteholu Rem-
She Wiinti-il to Re Seen.
UxuspernltHl Uid Oeiitlemaii tto lady
iti frbiii or imiii ICxi'iif-r mc madam
but.my sent rosj me 10 shillings, sud I
iVftui in xce.    Vuiii biii-
The l.udy-My but bus cost me IU
miiii'iiH, sir, and  I  wuut to be sueul
.. -audi.  ._
Which Was Soeeessfal.
"Poor old Skribliirl The critics ripped
him up Ibe buck, pronounced bis book
ti vnlgnr pniduellou until to be read"���
"Ami flieii Skribbii- knew a good thing
wben be niiw li"-
"Aml wrote iiuolber one. Uiaclly."���
Uultimoie News.
Hiuui'i Liniment Cnrs Mm.
Tbe S-enllment of Ibe Sons:.
"These songs of lhe sen are very
Impressive," she exclaimed wben the
full chested baritone hnd censed wur-
"Yes," answered the young man who
lacks poetry, "bul they're misleading
Vou get uu Idea thai after s umu has
been Id tbe navy awhile he goes uround
singing about his home on ihe rolling
deep when everybody knows (list If he
Is lucky his home will lie right here lu
Washington."���IVnsblnginu Star.
Tom CorwfN's Month,
Tom Corwln nud an enormous
mouth. Ue once snld lie bud lieen lu-
suited by Deacon Smith. The good
brother asked for flintier exploitation.
"Well," said Corwln, "when I stood
up In the lecture room to relate my
experience ond I opened my mouth,
Deacon Smith rose up In froul nnd
snld. 'Will some brother please close
thnt window and keep It closedV'"-
Snn Francisco Argonaut.
A Bpeelmea of Cockney Hit mor.
It consists merely In ignoring the horrible or trnglc side or it funny situation. Everybody knows the old story
of the cockney laughing nfter a firo.
" 'Jump, yer silly fool!' I says. 'Me nn
my mite's got a blanket!' An 'e did
Jump, nn there wiirn't no blanket, an
V broke 'Is bloomiu neck! LniigbV I
'aren't laughed so much!" - Blackwood.
A girl shonld never throw nway her
old slippers. They will come in bandy
nl her weddlng-nnd much handler In
nfter years.��� Chicago News.
The secret of success In life Is for a
man to be ready for his opportunity
when It comes.
Briefs Frott Olllrllle.
The mnrket reports tell us there le
great activity In money. Fact is. H**
so active we Ond It Impossible to catch
up with It.
Admiral Schley Is n whole sou ted fel
tow. with a streak of hnmaii nature Ic
him as hlg ns �� barn door.
The Blllvllle fnlr was a great sue
cess. The mules ran so fast orer Hn
race course they shook off all lhe moil
According to Statistics.
No niunif woman ever came
To fame
Draffitof wftli her such a name
At Way nie.
���Ch'oaaw Trlbw*
*M *Mm'<&4(J
mhw mam noun,
KmagMt tt agmus
*���.   CDCftsatTTT P
,   Barrows,     _ .
PLOW OO- m***u\m**m
Brouie Urmaa
Seeder hit*
* Mljuala le
buttnin fur
all kinds of
small needs.
Write for ��
We Is-neh ��hi>riliiind, all lluflneaa suO-
ieota  and  Tnicitraiilij      Mo  Holiilaya  at
tmaa    ludlrldual Inatroetlon.   Sl><d��i>tt
um/ ant-Mr at may lime.   Ott Particulars.
G. W. I>ONALl>, See.
nut i uiiMi cui ma m om
W, \. D.    25*
LRU STEEU * |Km    Ctrcl. Taa.
1-port.rt.fOroc.,...      tltituSAe
fntl U. Haroiltuo.Out.     L.B.A B.SplaM
Write as for fan infurroutlon.
W.   H.   SPROUlE   &   COMPANY,
Real Bstatt and Financial Broktra,
373 Msio St., Wiimiptf,
Algeria since the your 181(2 bas in-
creased its ruilway system by uu less
tlimi l.i'Sl miles. New lines ui-u under
cnustriu'tion. Works mi the Ureal Huhiirs
line Imre nisu lieen stnrtiHl.
A new type nf electric railway cur is
bchiK used in Hi-ussi'ls, the object ��f
which Is to reduce uir resistance The
froul of the cur is iriniigiihtr in sliiT|ie.
tbe cunt roller und inotmrnuu being Hia-
tiuiii'd in (be ungle.
Ammig lhe enriusities in ihe new Rail
n-ny iniiKetiui ut Dresden is *i priiflitiuii-
tlim |)i'ititi>d iu is;;;t wiiniiiijt luissengers
thut trunks canuul be forwardeil uiiiess
tbey are brmifftil In tbe Ktiiiinu ut least
un buur befiu-e lie de|itirlure nf tbo train.
There never nua, und never will be, a
inlversal tanucfi-t- In oue remedy, tor all
Us to wnlch Limit ti hnir��� the very nature
it mnny curatives lining suoh that were
ehe gi>r ns 'if other and rtlfM-eutly seated
JI senses ruotid in the sy-ieni of the patient���whit woul.i relieve one Ul In turn
"-rouhl nggmvut-H the other. We have,
tiowever, in Q iiniie.< Wine, when obtaln-
tble In a sound, unttduIterated nta<e, a
-euifdy for iimny nnrt gru-vous ills. By Its
--tradaat ami jtidJntuua umi the frailest sys-
���emit nre Ih>i Into convtileiiuenoe and
strength bv the inlhtence wbioh Quinine
->xerts on Nuiure's awn restoratives It
wlleves thn druoidng spirit" of those with
���vhoni s ohronlR Ktnte of morbid deBpond
������noy aud luck of Interest ic life is a dis
ate, nnrt, by trnnqnllizlofc the nerves,
llsposes to sound and refreshing sleep���
imparts vigor to the notion of the blood,
���fhlih, being stimulated, courses through-
>ut the veins, strengihenlng tbit healthy
tnlmal functions of tbe syntem. tliereby
making activity a necessary result,
itrengthentng the frame, and giving life
to tbe digestive r rgniH. which naturally
demand fnorpasen tmbstanoe���result, improved appetite. Nurthrup and Lvman, of
Toronto, have given to the publio their
superior Quinine Wtoe at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
thia wine appronohei nenreat perfection
of any In tbe market.    All drngglsts sell
The German S-rrvnnts' Ordenl.
The young person who fills so Important a place In our domestic arrangements ns housemaid, purtormnla
or "general" ofteii enough takes a
pride In bemppenranee. which, though
entirely natural. Is sometimes Irritut
iug io the less reasonable type of mis
tress. What would sbe Hi Ink If il
were necessary for her, as it apparently Is In Germany, before Hiking a place
ns domestic servant to provide burse)f
with n speelnl passbook in which a full
description of her nppcnmnce.musl be
This description of the German mnld-
Kei-vaut Is entered by the pollee of ber
native district nnd Is sometimes dictated more by candor tbtiti chivalry.
The color of the eyes ami hair und I lie
idinpe of tho nose are nil duly chronicled, and if the constable Is of opinion that nny of ibe.se features are
"ugly" he hns no hesitation in saying so.
What possibilities such a system
suggests! Imagine llie young person
about to start a career as cook presenting herself before Ibe local constable
to await his verdict ou her nose and
llpsl���London St. .lames Gazette.
She Prefers Maniacliet.
"Delia,  mt- yon   Tin-  lOnglnml or (he
"The Knglish wear Bide whiskers, nnd
the liners weiir chin whiskers.'-Iinliiin
ipiitls J on run I
Ilia Valuable Time Wuatvd.
A Chicago lady who Is tbe wife of a
wealthy and influential citizen had a
great deal of trouble recently with her
domestics. She bad discharged her
cook, and second girl and for a few
days wns obliged to do her own cooking.
lt was on one of these mornings that
a peremptory knock sounded on the
kitchen door. She wiped her bands
on the apron and found at the door a
low browed, Insolent looking man, with
a small satchel swung over his shoul-
"Go and tell your mistress I want to
see her, Bridget," be said, with a
wave of the hand. Madam surveyed
hiin In silence a moment and then replied stiffly, "I don't choose lo."
"Ob, you don't, eh? Well, now, trot
along, my denr, or I'll have you fired,"
he returned, with a vicious glance,
Mrs. Blank wns backtug within. To
he so Insulted on ber owu doorstep wns
such a heinous crime tbat her resources
failed her. But In a moment she bit
upon a plan thut would bring this
piece of Insolence to object humility.
Drawing ber stately figure up to tbe
full nud fixinjr on lilin a gaze of imperious disdain, she said in measured,
frigid tones, "I am tbe lady of the
Did he quail? Oh.no!
"Arc you?" he rejoined quickly.
"Why didn't you sny so uud nut beep
me wnitlng all this time? I got some
soup here that you want, und"���
He was staring at the door while the
bang echoed out over bis shoulders In*
to the yard.���Chicago News.
The Danver af Modesty In Polities,
The chairman of the state committee glanced at the latest butch of return*! and sighed wearily. His look
wns the look of a man who hud no
hope, who saw an abyss at bis feet and
kiKKv that he must plunge Into It.
"Why, what's the matter?" his chief
assistant asked.  "You look HI."
"I am," the chairman replied. "Have
you seen those latest figures?"
"Yes, but surely there Is nothing In
tbem to discourage you. Tbey only
add to the glorious victory we here
won. Our plurality keeps getting
greater and greater as the distant
counties are beard from."
"Yes," groaned rhe chairman, "that's
the trouble. My career ns a campaign
manager Is ended. After this I shall
be shelved. The party managers will
never repose any confidence In me
again. Our vote will be at least 8.000
above my highest claimi I bare al-
ways been afraid that my accursed
modesty would ruin *nc, and now the
worst has come."-Chlcago Times-Herald. 	
Question of tore.
"I wonder," be said, "tf I ought to bt
"What's happened?" asked his friend.
"Why. I went to her father and aald
that, because of my deep love for his
daughter, I wnnted to marry ber."
"Well, be snld that, because of bis
deep love for his daughter, be wouldn't
permit it. Now, do you think that I
ought to hc mnd or Just disappointed f
���Chicago Post.
Winter is a trying time for most
people ��� especially so for delicate
ones. Colds, la grippe and pneumonia find them easy victims.
Do you catch cold easily?    It
shows that your system is not in a
condition to resist disease.    You
will   be  fortunate  if  you  escape
5 pneumonia.
Nature is always fighting against
disease. The right kind of medicine is the kind that helps Nature by toning up the system and
enabling it to resist dit-ease. Such a tonic is only found in Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. By building up the blood
and strengthening the nerves these pills reach the root of disease, restore health, and make people bright, active and strong. -
Mrs. R. Dox.-.ee, Grarenhnist, Ont, writes:���"I bell-re that
Dr Williams' Pink Pill, ssred my life. Wtttin I tn-gnu Ihrir n*e I
wu to wesk tuat I wa. ra.rci.ly able io be cm ( my bed, and
*lio>Yt*d every symptom of going into a deol ne. I wu p* e em.01
at*-n, suffered irom beadacb- s and ne ve exbaneiiou. I used Dr.
Williams' Pinli P lis for a conpie ol moutiis, and tbey bate com-
pletely rt.K-red ue."
Sold by all dealers or post paid at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2.50, by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville. ** ��� -ji ���
3^w��� **        SSA
the Crowd!
Thoy All Go To
Our Complete Staff
lms boon wurking eighteen and twenty
hours every dny this month filling orders
us they como from North, South, East uud
Santa Claus
luw jurt arrived nt our Store difrect from
London, Eiiglniitl, with SOO real English
Xnuu Stocking!., just crammed with funny
things for Hoys nnd Girls. Santa���poor
chap!-Is pretty tired after his long trip
with snch a heavy pack, but seems quito
uheerfnl and e&ye he is rail glad lo have
tfTrlr&l in time to give us $10.00 for tha
Firo Hall now being built in Golden.
We have plenty
of Jim Cracks, Jumping Jacks, Mechanical
Toys and nil tho other Tomfoolery necessary to nmKo little oues happy.    We fiud
A Decided Disposition
on the part of die public fo-i buying useful
things this year, and wo wore nover so woll
placed to cuter to your wants in this respect
We have Just received
a forgo contdgnmont of Table and Pooket
Cutlery direct from, lho Cutlers In Sheffield
ii nd bought before the advance���Carving
Hctta, Game Setts, In Maliognny, Rosewood
and Velvet Casus���beautiful goods and
CHEAP. Also Dinner, Breakfast and
Dessert Knives with Ivory Handles.
Forks, Spoons, nut tor Knives, Pickle Cantors, Table COuets, Decanters, Cut Glass
Tumblers, Plriod Uordi, ic*, -Ste.
Skates! Skates I  Skates I
to fit every boot ard evory "poilkot.   -Xiao'
Boos to tit every skate- Men's, Ladies'and
Misses' ut very low prices.
In Staple Goods
we lead tbe advance column for the relief
of everyone. -It .pays to trade at a store
doing a largo business. We elear out
everything and In oounequence are con
tinually receiving the freshest and newest
A carload of Stoves received fronVthe Qurney foundry
ast av eek, and another car of our Celebrated Farniture
rom the eastern factories expected about the :40th fhstant
Over $40,000 worth of goods in stock to select from.
If you are not already a customer of this up-to-date
Store, give us a trial order. Trading with us means1
BUSINESS, PLEASURE and VBOttt* as thousands of
our customers can testify.
Wishing- Yon  a Happy Christmas and a
Prosperous New Year.
G. fi. meDEIflVIOT,
Golden,   B.C.
Kirrjptor)     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere** Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
tmrnaaaaw, u   t i i      sssM-��ss������_���_������
. THE .
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Grcone, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co,, Ltd.
Vancouver.,    -     B.C.
W��atraM-mufactiirws;nd fltreeUmwrters,andcsrrysUrgs .trekof Balsnoes,
Fwa��cee, Fire Cloy Uoorts, HcientiJe sad Praetle*l Hooka, Gloeaivare, PUUnnm Gooda!
Acids, Cliomlciik ��td nil otlier Assnyer.'and Minora' requirement..
SOLE AUMTI'S for Morgan Crucible Cptnpany, Ust>rusi Becker's Sons'
Bslsiu-tM- Kir.
Catalogue and full particulttra on application.
��� ->   . **->
.,    -W ���.*.  . ��� ��;
Hemming,   Hawing,   snd   Coughing
,ssd by  Poctor.l   Balaam. FIELDS.
Tlio Social and Athletlo   Clob bold
their annuel meeting last Friday eve-ling in tbe club rooms and  appointed
iw offiio.rs.
Still left���A few choice'turkeys end
gene; end another choice upcountrv
vesl to hand. HULL BKOS.
-Parisian Emollient Cold Cream" is
���rood for littlo Chaps or big Chaps
hands, prepared hy Field.
The Canadian Pacific and tbe Grand
Trunk bave eaoh subscribed 115.100 to
the Canadian Patriotic fi'lid. wbich
now amounts to about 9*10,000.
Services at St. Paul's Church noxt
Sunday Jan, Slat wil] l��; at 11 a.m.
'latins Litany and sermon, al 7.,10
p.m. Evensong and wmon.
Service in the  Presbyterian oburoh
next Sundav eveninit at 7.30 Subject
Our great example" A   Scotch solo.
In my ain coutitrie, will be  sung by
Ur. Phillips.
Herstofore (.olden has generally had
a clear board ol health, btit It Is hoped
tbat tbe present little sears will bs of
short duration. Every pi-N-utioti
sbonld be takeu by every person.
A choice aasortinent of Chrlatie
Brown k Co's delicious Ct-.ccnt ju.t
received .at the Hi*. Store. Water Ice,
Wafers, Imperial Wafers, Macaroons,
Cracknels, Fruit Caltasand many other
Tbe Prsbyterians Intend |having
another concert and social' entertainment in kid of their church debt
Tuesday evening February-sixth. A
choice programme of recitation, snd
songs is beiug prepared aud an enjoy
able evening may be looked fei ward to.
On Monday evening (he fire bell
again rang. This time, iiotVeveV. it
wss not a falss alarm, as the chimney
ot W. R. Hitler was horning furiously.
Before the pall brigade -had crossed the
Kicking Horse bridge thecblmuey had
���burnt out, con.��quently the fire engine.
was not needed-
It la the unanimous desire of the
province that a body of men be sent to
South Africa; and seeiug that these
men will be distinctly British Columbians, it 'might be just a. wellthat
tbey be know,! by some other name
than Bough Riders. Doe. the name
Columbia Rangers strike you as being
Tbe annual fancy dress carnival In
ooun.ctiou with tbe skating rink will
bs held sometime In the second week
ol February, at t be eatne time as the,
bonspiel, thus giving the people ample
time to -prepare their costumee. There
Is every reason to "utile! vo that both tbs
carnival aud bonspiel will be a great
Ths Ladies of Vancmver, wbo srs
going to send 1,000 pair of socks to
South Alrica for the Canadian Soldiers,'
bave written to Mrs J. Oibb asking
her to collect as many pairs in Golden
and surrounding distriot as tbs people
would be willing to give. Those who
feel that tbey can donate a -few pair,'
new ones ol coarse, should 1st Mrs;
Gibb have them aa soon an possible,
and she will see thai tliey are far-warded to Vancouver.
Methodist church Sunday Jan. Slat
The paster will preach at both services
Morning aarviee at 11 a.m. evening service at 7.30 p.m. Subject -The eecond
coming ol Chritt-'iuiisio speoial for lho
occasion Solo and ohorus "When Jesus
comes". Hemeinbertbo Tuesday uight
meetinga. Thece commence at tt o'clock
and are growing in numbers and Interest. Nixt Tuesday night will be an
open discussion on tho subject for Sunday night, Lot every one coins.
H Abbott, di-rector of tbo Vanconver and Jiulu Island Railway, is asklnt
for tenders up till noon en Mouday the
29th inst., for the clearing of the
right of way for Vancouver and Lulu
Island Railroad Irom Fairview side ol
Vancouver lo tbo north arm of the
Fraser, this line ha. ftlM-dy teen
surveyed and partially cleared. From
this it would appear that Luia Island
peopte Will have comniualcation with
tbe outside world in Ihe course of s
few month;.
The account published In th* Standard (Kamloops) is cf the opening day's
proceedings and reads as, follows":
"After the woary welting a covered
vehicle, drawn by two remarkable spec*
Imens af equine architecture, cams
floundering through then-ud. The thing
In gold lacs���Lord Aberdeen's hideous
legacy to a Provinoe that sold him
ranoh at abont aeventvtwo times Its
msrhet vslue - olloib-d cumbreuely
down snd the overstrained springs ot
tkecarrlag. levelled themselves witb a
grunting squeak of content that wu
well nigh human. Tbe guild did a
proper 'present arms' which same was
Imperfectly acknowledged by the gold
laced and bawhlakered monstrosity;
after which the obese Shirting form
clamcerwl up ths steep stairway to the
spot whore it is supposed to perform
with dignity the duties of its office.
the duties wero soon doue. A creaking
and sagging of the carriage, another
salute from the long euj.rliig and rain-
Soaked persons In uniform, a popular
outburst of musciul energy by tlio mud*
bespattered band, whioh was pntty
soon discovered to bo meant ss'QodSave
the Queen' and t be opening of i he Houss
w.is temple a." For a scandal the
above is certainly very remarkable, as
being the only similar esse tin
record in the province, where a, rejjre*
ssntsttvsof the Crown hss bsen libelled.
It is noticeable that Joe Martin was
the first to call attention to the above
on the floor on the House, saying tbat
If tbe government ftllkd to tako pi
seeding* against the now notorious
editor, he (Msrtln) would be compelled
to do It hitnsslf. Thssdltor may be
abls to sxplain issuers! bnt It scorns a
very deradlng wsjr ot gaining: feoto-
titty, _.
(From our Own Correspondent)
McGregor's Bridge outfit ware in
toWn last week. Bridges were Inspected
ssst and west from here.
Mao mad* a trip to Revslstoks and
returned with bis little family, Th*
latest addition ia a girl. Mm say* hs
Is all right now, " a boy and a girl.
Mrs Kimpton, cf Wlndsrrasre, -was
la town oi a visit t* lur slstsr, Mn.
Then has been eeveral cans ot
lagrlrr* la town lawft.
Mrs. R. A. Kimpton, of Windermere, is visiting In Golden this weak.
F. Smith, representing W. J.- Gag*
k Co., Toronto, paid tb* town *
business call lust SattUfday.
j .'Lake, of Athalmer, starts for bora*
to-morrow with a load ol goods forth*
Big Store at Athalmer.
E. J Scovil, of Windermere, arrived
In town, yestsrday, on his way roKsslo
,T. C. Pitts, ol Donald, went up to
Windermere on Monday's stags.
Rev. H. B. Turner returned from
Windermere on Thursday.
Geo. E. Manuel, of Donald, cauio to
the metropolis to ete ths skating exhibition on Wednesday.
K. Muuson, ol Athalmer, is in town
spending a few days.
J. G. Ullock and bride returned to
Golden last Saturday morning.
R- R. Bruce, of the Delphine mine,
Is lu towu ou a business trip.
bast two, possibly three, rink* wonld
go, Two rinks wsrs made up there
and then composed of H. Q. Parson
(skip). J. E. Griffith, W. MeNslsh, G.
Pinkham; J. G. Ullock (skip), C. H.
Parson, M. Dainard, C. A. Warren,
Thess two rinks have been practising for ilio bonspiel, and have been
putting np some good play.
It was also decided to try and 'sand
a rink or two to Rossland to take part
In the bonspiel thero te he held next
Patriotic Concert.
Golden ha* excellled itself! was tha
unanimous verdict when the proceeds of
sf tbs concert in aid otthewldows'and
orphans' fund naimada known. Ths
peopl. of Goldsn believe, in patronising
a concert when given* la si worthy
oanse, andTussday evenlng'thsColum-,
bia Hall was jammed, standing room
being tbe lot of many. The entertain
ment was probably the most successful
ever held in tbe town, end It I* certain
that no company ol performer* ever
gave greater pleasura to a Golden
audience than did th" children, ladles
and gentleman Whb so efficiently took
the active parts.
The prO|,rammo which was divid d
into two pans was a splendid eu*. Ths
Aral part consisted ol a play entitled
"Ioi on Pari* Franoals" by tb* Golden
Social and Athletic Dramatic club was
a decided success, ths osst ot ths play
was "Major Rogulu. Rattan," Mr. W.
G. Mitchell-Innes; "Victor Dubois,"
Mr. J. Pinkham; "Mr. Sprlggins" Mr.
J. Gibb; "Mrs. Sprlggins," Ml.sLang;
"Augelina (their daughter,") lire. Dr.
Taylor; "Julia (wife of Major Rattan,"
Mrs, Robbins; "Anna Maria (maid of
all work)" Mrs. Griffith. For us t*.
mention tbe Individual -rttot-rs of every
person in the play would occopy mot*
specs than allowed by the printer, and
he. warns us that it .A nearly 'filled,
suffice it to say that each one of the
performers carried ont his part decided
ly well, showing that a great deal of
interest and more practice mad* tb*
play an interesting and-ami-nosing ons
to the audience, aud displayed ta'lent
(sr bsyoud tb* expectations of everyone
The second part was as follows:-
Song, "Just as the sun wsnt down,"
by Rov. J. P. Wostman, wbioh was
throughly enjoyed; Highland Fling by
Vera Patmore, elicited a perfect storm
of applause and money al well. It is
hoped Vera will uot forget to let us
have another dance next entertainment,
for In the fewest words possible Vera
can dance the Highland Fling, Song,
Absent-Minded Beggar" by Mrs. H,
R. Moodie, ws* perfectly rendered, and
nothing would euit the audience but
that the laat vers* should bs reputed, wbich succeeded in bringing
roa ud after round of. applause, while
this -was being snng ths hat wos pas,-
ed around by Budd Griffith andStauelr
Moodie, who were dressed io while'
sailor suits, Song, "Tommy Atkins."
by Mr. Plowright, th* audience joining
lu the chorus. Mr. Plowright has
I ecn so often before a Goldeu audience
that he needs no special mention, slept to ssy that he was appreciated
met* than aver. "Soldier* of the
Queen," tuog by H. R, Mad-locks, hsd
a splendid reception, lite audience
again kindly joining th th* churn*,
which added terror, If not ol any particular assistant** frou a musical
standpoint. This Is Mr. Msddoek's
first appearance before a Golden
audience, aud ho will be gladly heard
again. Quartette, '-The old stable
jacket," by the Glee Club, scored *
success, Tableau, "Tsnting to-night,"
by tbe Red Cross Association, was
certainly ptrfee., and plainly snowed
ths sad, yet true side of war. But ws
most not forget to mention tbe exhibition of lifting by th* jaw by Prof. E.
F. Garrison, which k*pt tb* audience
spellbound wondsrlng what nut.
Mis* J. McBensld.wsStheawoitiptimlst
of th* evening and fully aatieled tb*
demands of the performer* a* wall as
tb* audienc*.
Theelsnce and supptr afterwards wa*
a grand succsss, and again showsd
with what exoellent taste and ability
the ladle* of Oolden ean satisfy th*
Want* of th* Inner msn.
The proceeds ol th* evlulng totalled
��� 181.0.'-, with th* possibility of it* being (till further Increased.
The Frisco peopl* hav* suit in $3.40
to swell Hits lund.
Situated in Ibe Oolden iiiinlug Division of
Eaat Kootenay Dintrirt. Whore located
Ou Middle fork ef Spillionuliene River,
near Burn. Basin.
Take notice that I, John Henderson, of
Golden, as agent for w. 0. Tillaon, uf Salem,
Oregon, U.S.A., Froo miner'. Certilieate
No. BI04I0, intend alxly daya from the dale
hereof to apply lo the mining recorder for a
certificate, cflint-orvements Ibr Ihe ptirpooe
of obtaining a Crown Grant of ibe above
And further tsks notice tbat action nnder
section 87 muat be 'commenced before tbe
Issuance of auch certificate of improvements.
Dated thi. 19th day of January 1800.
Ylotico ia hereby given, lu accordance with
tbe. Statute., that- Provinci I. Hoyenuo Tax
and all taxes levied under tit* Assessment
v due for the year 1000. All
��� jed  to��a_colleclab]e wltllL 	
\tirthe.r|vDWlaii)u ofE-wt Kootenay District
above name*
are payable at my office, tho Court House
Oolden. AaMascd tax., nre collectable at the
following r.iles, vis.t���
If Mid on or before June HOth.IMO*
Threefiflhs of oue per cent on real
Twn and one half per cent en assessed
' oof wild lend.
Islf of one per cent on po-aonJC
Ou so much of tbe Incomoof any person
as exceed, ouo thousand dollar, tbe
following rates, namely, updo trm-h
excess uHiictnns when the mun la not
'more than teu thousand dollar., one per
eenti when auch excess Is over ton
thousand dollars aud not mi re. than
twenty thousand dollars, one and oue*
.quarter of oue per cent; whon such
excose la over twonty thousand dollar.,
one thd ono-half of one per cent.
Il paid on or before Ihe 1st of July, IKK),
Four-fifth, ot ono per cent on real
property; three per cent on the assessed
-valuo of t-vild land: three-fourths of one
per cert oh pel-sonnl property.
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale;
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.'
GOLDEN is tho key to the Upper Colnmbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Hi ver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching conn-
try, extending frem the head waters ofthe Colnmbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
tho Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact tbat transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Colnmbia and
Kootenay valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tiie
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next km
THE GOLDiN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices a^re favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a farther rise
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
exceeds cne thousand dollars
Ing rates, namely, upon sue
On to mnch of the income of any person dt
.,. .��� .*........ .....     ,-(,��follow.
- 'ii oxces.
piien the same la not more than ton thousand dollar., one and one quarter of one
per cent; wben such excess Is orer ten
thousand dollar, and not more thau
twenty thousand dollars, one and one-
half or ono pel centt when auch excess is
o-*0r twenty thousand dollar., one and
tbroe-qiuii-tcos of one por cent.
Provincial Revenue Tex, 93.00 per capita, .
F. C. LANG-,
Asses-Wrifnd Collector.
Oolden, January 13th, 1900.
rrasentatlon to Mr. Ullook.
Oo Monday afternoon last * large
number of tb* cltlxsrie ol Golden met
in the parlor of the Kootenay House
In order to pay their respect to Ih*
populsr proprietor, who bad returned
from the east tbe previous Saturday,
having taken unto hiuis.ll* wile. Mr.
Ullock wu called Into lb* room, whil*
Mr. Warren read au addrea* expressing
the good wiihM ant ������lent of
the iieopl* .of Oolden towards Mr.
Ullock and hi* brids snd asked kirn io
accept the gift placed baton him together with th* address, which carried
with It th* beet wish** ud congratulations of the people of Goldon.
Mr. Ullook apok* brlefiy in reply,
thanking th* assemblage in fading
word* for the thoughtfolMss show*
him ud hi* wife, assuring ths oom'
pany thit the handsooi* olook prsosnl-
ed to him on thi* occasion would ��t
all tlm** be considered * gift of a well
wishing circle of friends.
Th*s Eli ca�� only reiterate th* good
wl.hee of the people of ���olden towards
Mr. ud Mrs. Ullook (aw Miss Doyls),
both ot whom ars wall ud popufefly
knows in Goldsn, aad may they long
"be spend to enjoy thflr new Walk It
tbl path of life, blsesed with true
hsppluM* ud continuous good health
Curling- Notes.
Ol Monday aftaroooa * meeting held
at th* office of the Navigation Co. of
thoss Inlerostsd in hsvlog th* Goldtn
Curling Club represented at th* C*l>
gary bdnspitl.   It wh dtdUM thst at
NOTIt E Is hereby given th-t nn applicat*
ion will bo made to the LeirUativc Assembly
of tlio Province of ItrltisB Columbia, ati-.s
noxtscaKion, for an Act to incorporate a
Oam-pmvy with power to construct, equip,
maintain, and operate telephone ami telegraph line, within and throughout the Province of British (.'olumbia, and to coiufuct
.reel, and maintain aach and ao many polos
and otlier works and devices aa the l 'omv-nny
deem uocewary for making, comi'Ietiue, sup
porting tuiug, working, uutraVnit and maintaining th-iaystoin of communication by tclo-
hone and telegraph, and tu opon or bro .k np
any parlor par:, ol Ihe said hluhwhyaor
streets aa often as said Coni-ienj', magenta,
officers or workm'en tul-ik propJr and for llie
purpoS'-sot Ihe undertaking to pnrchoso, acquire or lens, and ll'dd and sell and disposo uf
lands', bulling, or lonoiacnla within lhe limit.
'' nud to purehiiae. acquire, or lea***,
.-doers;. Id
for any
term    ol
telephone or tclegrpafi lines oilaoliahed
���*- shed.In Hrittsh Columbia, ,   _
to be -BiWifected wilh too line
to be established
���tod,, or to b. ounuBciwi -riui ino tme
Ich the Company may construct and te
amalgamate wilh or lease its lino or line,, or
any portion or portions theroot. to sny Com
" ���ty poewuaiiur. aa Pronrlelor, any lino of
ipbotie or telegraph cbtumunlcatlon MA*
my poaMxaing, aa Pronrlelor, any
Jepbotie or telegraph 'cbiumunlcutl	
Heeling, or to be connected, with the uid
Company', line or lines, and to borrow money
for ibe purposes of the Com]   -' '
iy, end it
asaeia for .that pur?^a&dto*eiVeb<iniiilo5
and priv'tag-M from-any penou oi body .'or-
pledge or mortgage any of
*  lWto
Borate: and with all otber usual, ueeeussy or
Incidental rights, power, or privilege, at
May be ueeeuary if Incidental to the attain
ment ol ine above oojecls, or anyeftbem.
d��t) Sollclli-rforth-ijtuipllcants.
I, O. 0. V.
J *T. WOOD Hecretarv.
If you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
Th* Calgary Milling Company guar
Ante* tbslr floor tb* equal of suy
brand oo th* Goldon Market And
hereby authorise all grocers to Mil
It subject to *b*v* guarantee aud
Ihey will refnnd the full amount
paid tot fltfur upon return of uy
not equal to guarantee.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist te Druggist,
Robt Elliot, M.D.,
ito-MMd PhjnMMl e Surgeon
Livery & Feed Stables
Blgael all kinds for hire at reasonable raloa.
. Teaming ofaOktass a Specialty.
A. C. Hakwom,
Why Sp&nd ]VIoney
on READY-MAPE CLOTHES when von can
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Sprges,
Fancy Vests and Overcoats in the Provinofe
It is foolish to syend your money in the East
on Inferior Domestic Goods when you can get
tho Eest Imported Material nt home at lower
Clothes tlsaned and Repaired.
J. C. TOM,
P. A. Desormeau,
...  Tailor.
Golden, B.G.
���oath Hide Kicking Bone niver,
HUU Bros. 8e Co.
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Eftolo*.
Thomas O'Briett,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Publlc.Conveyanoer, eto
Oflce in Upper Columbia Navlmtljjtl and
Tramvay Company'a JJuildliieh
Golden, b.0.
White* Scott,
Barristers, Solloltort, Notaries,
Bevalstoke, B.C.
Will attend all County Court, at OoUinJll.
w. WaiTB, <j.c. j.M.8oo*iT,n.A.,L.b.n
Hwrejr, loCarter -k Pinkham,
������rrlatera, Selloltere, A:
ft    '    ""
ort SteeHI', B.C.
Oolden, B.C..    	
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Owmnlil Celine.
U*\ MT. Vmttmurm, B. C.
Thorough Inatructlon In business
tWth'od*, Book-keeping, (w* uss no
Isxt-books, but do actual buslbsss)
Shortbaad and Typewriting. W*pn-
pan for wamlnatloo*.
Coffins and
Funeral Bobs* ol sll kinds.
Order, promptly sllended to,
W. L. Houston,
OoldeH, B.C.
Lakeside Hotel,
Oood sccommndallon for l'tbareeteta aod
Freighter..  Ftt-sMlsssueate.
ft. J. SCOVHJ,
Notary Public,
Conveyance, Etc.
Agent for E. A, HAOO_N|
Asia-far It Metallurgist.
Windermere,  - B.O.
 i    it mtiiHti
Jas. Beady, D.LS., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M.Am'n. lost.MI.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Quickest Tlm* and Lowed Kate* to at!
point* EAST aad WEST,
Bnuraloa Bates to
and aU Wlnttr Btwrte.
Old Country.
Apply for particular* to b**t**I CF.fi
agent ort*
flea. Tm��; Agetit,


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