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The Golden Era Feb 6, 1897

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Array Oim^~
VOL VI. NO. 2/.
Per Yeae
H* G. PflKSOfl,
Attention P
*$   g   ���$
���  ���   -��
New Goods are beginning to
arrive! Now being opened
A Pleasure to Behold
For the next 30 days I will
sell for cash before taking
Vj>     stock.    Be sure and get bar-     ���VV
gains, as. room must be made
for new goods. Very Low
A charming assortment
of Laces, Insertions, Edgings
Muslins, Etc*, Etc.
Also a shfe*imt of Trunks
Vilises, W'Mp$, Etc.
A fresh _4_hm best of
ofl^he j
Do you want a piano P   If!
(INCORl'OKAT-l) 1070.)
"A Drop
'���In the Bucket"
Oolden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Hallway, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of tbe Columbia, river:
the mineral mitU-oiiimem��l--eiitr(iofr__terii
liritisli Columbia s headquarters of ths -olden Smelting work*, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
famed a-rrie.uitural uud uraiting land of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for tne richest mineral country on tne
The Dominion Government survey*
or* are st work survsying ths lsnds is
ths Upper Columbia valley. Tbis is
something which th* ranchers In tbis
valley have long been fighting for sad
it ie quite svident that Mr. Bostock
hss been using his influence in tbs
Mr. W. C. Miller hss In his possession sn Oddfellows emblem 96 yesrs
old. Ths emblem is of silver and
bears the date 1802 being originally ia
tbs form of a watoh key, Mr. Miller,
however, hss recently bad it trans*
formed into s scsrf pin. It is unique
in appearance and quite * curiosity.
Four newspsper reporters were arrested in Buffalo frr attending a priss
fight, but Judge King dismisssd tbem
saying "that it was*principle of law.
as well as common sense, that three
kind* of men were permitted to go
anywhere without blame���doctors,
clergymen and reporters."
On Saturday last Capt. Armstrong
caine through from Golden to meet Mr
C'urran of the North Star Co. We
learn that before returning to Golden
he purchased ail the Company's inter*
est in the steamers Annerly aud Bust*
Ier, also the wharf at Jennings, Mont.
The company will now own all ths
steamers coming from south of the
line, be also obtained tbe contract for
moving 6000 tons of high grade ore
from Fort Steele to Jennings, Mont.
���Fort Steele Prospector.
so you will find that
Agent For.   .   .   .
The Ptifflnix c. London ana other Insurance Cos
+ + ****���;���   ������:��I."n
The Confederation tile Association, Toronto.
';+ + +
Die Equitable Savings, Loan ft Building Association, Toronto.
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Uig Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
Sou shouldn't get the
enefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
the Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
Watch, dock & Jewelry
in the best style of the trade with tht
least possible delay. Mail and Express
order* rscsiv* prompt attention.
Weteli_ss.l-.er and Jeweller.
���MeMee, B.O.
Opposite the Columbia House.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mil, Ins of charge, one of their
Illustrated  Cstsloaues and   Pries
Lists to any person sending them
thsir addreee.
The  Neilson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Snow fell heavily all day Thursday.
H.  Mitchell Innes left for Calgary
on Thursday's No. 2>
Mr. Wm. Carlin of Fort Steel* returned from a trip t. St. Paul this
The Provincial Legislator* meats in
seesion on Monday nest for the transaction of business.
The Chines* New Tear wss celebrated on Monday last by tbe local Celestials in grand style.
A meeting of the Bald Monntain
Mining Company will be held here on
Tuesday, Feb. 16th at 2 p.m.
Skelton and Hamilton ar* busy
hauling ice from tbe Columbia Biver.
for the merchants and hotel keepers.
The woather during the past wsek
has been extremely mild and trains,
from the west have been very irregular
The law firm of Lougheed A McCarter lias been dissolved, Mr. McCarter
retiring to enter tbe Kootenay field.���
Calgary Herald.
C. M. Edwards brought Leitch the
msil robber in from Fort Steele on
Saturday night. The prisoner was
transferred to ths Donsld gsol on
Mr. Thomas Cochran* aad Lady
Adela Cochrane had the honor of dining with Her Majesty and the Boyal
Family at Osborne, Isle of Whight,
recently.���Montreal Gasette.
Stock taking at thn Big 8tore is uow
over and sn iminsnse clearing sals is
now on in order to mske room for a
fresh spring stock which is srrivlng
daily. Bargains in dry goods beyond
The Kiekapoo Medicine Co. are giving a series of entertainments in the
Alexander Hall this week. Between
the acts they extol the heuling qual
ties of their medicine. Ths entertainment* are of a superior quality and . ~-'r-- Class
are beiu-- well patronised.
We have received this week a oopy
of the report ou Sice u, Nelson sud
Ainsworlh mining districts hy W. A.
Carlyle, Provincial Mineralogist.
Accompanying th.- report is s map of
West Kootenav and �� portion of Lillooet, Yale and East Koottney.
Famine In India.
Well authenticated reports frum India sh*w the condition of the famine
stricken districts to be simply appalling. It is sstimated that six millions
ot British subjects are on the verge of
starvation. Already the famine has
claimed thousands of victims. The
case of India's famishing millions ap-
pssls to the sympathies of tbe whole
world. The appeal is being heeded.
The people of England are eagerly engaged in tb* work of relief, and British
people in all quarter* uf th* world at*
���ending succor to their fellow subjects
in the Indian Empire. Even tbe people of Bussia have joined iu the relief
movement, and are giving money and
food. Carada surely will not neglect
tt perform her part in tbis great
humane work. The Montreal Star
newspaper has inaugurated a Canadian
fund���tbe first to be started in the
|'Dominion-aud its publisher haa headed the list with a subscription of flv.
hundred dollars. The Hon. Wilfred
Lauier, Premier of Canada, has writ*
ten to the Star, expressing his hearty
approval of the relief movement and
contributing to the fund a handsome
cheque. The appeal for assistance is
meeting with a hearty response in all
parts of the country and  among all
All the Protestant clergymen of
Montreal have written a joint msmor*
ial to the Stnr suppui liu., tlm movement.
Everv subscription to the fainh.*
Fund sent to tbe Montreal Star, io
mutter how small it may be, will be
publicly iickliowle :-;ed.
��� Soliiwl   Hc-.nrt.
6th Class:   X'liiiie  W.-lls  Ist.
" Winiiifivd Armstrong2ud
Gertie Klt-ldi* Int.
Mary Connor 2nd.
Mi.-igir Arul.ui- 1st.
Omni (Lunl -Jn-i.
L -tlie Wou-llry 1st
. '��� -liar'.-* Hensen 2nd.
1st Part II   Stanley Mootlir 1st,.
.Mnrjurii* Armstrong 2nd,
1st Part I    Addie Autoy* 1st;
" Percy Lake 2nd.
Average sttsndsnce, daily 31.
4th < lass
2nd Class Wlie (ijo^i-n <_f(t
The OOLDEV RIU .- nublished every
Saturday inoriiiiij; in time to cateli the east
and west mail trains, also tlie mail lur the
Upper country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
it is the only advertising medium in the Kent
K joteimy district.
Subscription Kates t Jj.-MTOiier annum IN
Advertisements and chances must be in
the office uot later than 12 a in, on Thursday
t> insure insertion.
All .rush to be paid tn the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt wiil he obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on application *.o
Ik Ufa In Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, FEB. 5, 1897.
Liberty of tho Press.
The action of libel differs from other
actions in one important particular.
Usually tbe jury pronounces upon the
facts, and the judge applies the law.
In libel, however, the jury decides
both as to the existence of tbe alleged
facts and also as to tbeir legal bearing
The object of this is to protect the
liberty of tbe press. During tue last
century an unknown wricer, who called himself "Junius," made a series of
tremendous attacks on the leading men
in puplic life in England, no-withholding his bold hand from the Kin--
himself. Iu his celebrated letters lie
employed wide learning, remaikable
' argumentative-dexterity, biting satire
and terrible invective, clothed in pointed, diiect and trenchant prose, which
has never been surpassed for its own
The letters of ������ Junius" were published bv a printer named Woodfall,
wbo was accordingly indicted. Previously, at the trial of Wilkes and the
printers of the " North Briton," Lord
Mansfield had laid it down that it was
the province of the judge alone to
judge of the criminality of a libel.
When Woodfall came before the court
His Lordship told the jury that "as
(or the intention, the malice, the ded
tion or any harder words it might he
given in informations for libels, public
or private, they were merely formal
words, mere words of course, mere inferences of law���with which the jury
were  not   to  concern   themselves."
Again, in a case against the " Evening Post." His Lordship directed them
lo confine themselves to the fact of
These decisions left the real decision
virtually to the judge, and were seen
to be fatal to the liberty of the press
and of the subject. A powerful agitation was set iu motion against such
a construction of the law. The liberal
view was espoused by such great men
ns Mr. Burke, Lord Ashburton, and
Lord Camden. Mr. Erskine maintained the rights of juries in the courts,
and finally Mr Fox brought in a bill
which was passed iu May, 1792, 32
George III., chapter 60. This bill
settled the law as it has remained substantially to this day. Of it Lord
Macaulay says: ''Fox und Pitt ure
fairly entitled to divide the high honour of having added to onr statute
book the inestimable law which places
the liberty of the press under tho protection of juries."   Ex.
The Philadelphia and Heading railway hue-paid almost a million dollars
so far in damages to the relatives of
these wbo suffered at tbe great disaster at Atlantic City last rummer,
when 44 persons lost their lives and *
large number were injured. This is u
terriffic price to pay for the carelessness of an employee, or for some defect
lu the system, but a few such lessons
will teach American railways to be
mors careful of human life. The number of fatal accidents in England is a
trills compared with what ic is iu
America. Everything is doue there to
render travelling by rail as safe as
walklag slong the streets.
A City of Rich Churches.
There are one hundred andeighty-'two
permanent places of worship in Toronto, not including various gospel and
mission halls.
The value of church propertv used
for places of worship in Toronto is
nearly five millions of dollars.
Toronto has a church for every
twelve hundred of its population, not
including missions, of which thero is
one to almost every church.
The protestant churches of Toronto
are worth, with the ground on which
tbey stand, over four million dollars,
and the Roman Catholic nearly one
million dollars.
The Salvation Army has over eighty
six thousand dollars worth of property
which is used iu its work in Toronto.
A Map of North Kootenay.
P. Leake M. E., who has been engaged for the past two months in preparing a mining map of North Kootenay, has now completed his work and
will shortly forward the map for pub*
lication. It is a very complete map,
giving the watershed of the Upper
Columbia in very minute detail, some-,
thing never before attempted. It does
the same for the river system of Trout
Lake. It places as neurly correct as
possible all the properties of the various camps, and locates all the principal townsites, trails and railway routes
as correct in every particular as far as
research and information can go, and
it will be a most useful and important
factor in advertising and making
known this northern country and its
camps. It will be printed in colors,
and will be in size 24 by 20 inches. As
it is the first of the kind overproduced
for North Kootenay it would, perhaps,
not be amiss for the Government to
purchase a certain number for use in
the recorder's offices and, may be, for
distribution. ���Kootenay Mail.
Vancouver Gossip.
Vancouver, B. C, Jan. 80.���The
city through its representatives in the
council demands that the Dominion
government shall continue the Crow's
Nest railroad route through to the
coast. Nothing else will satisfy public opinion in this part of British Columbia. A long document setting out
in detail the claims of the coast and
the advantages of the route, is to be
sent to the minister of railways under
the seal of the city and a mandate will
be given to the Dominion members
from this province to press the demand
with all possible vigor.
Democratic ideas are making headway in the wild west. Tho Vancouver
city council is ubout to consider an application to the legislature to amend
its charter by abolishing tbe ward
system and property qualifications for
mayor and aldermen, uud substituting
for the latter an occupation franchise
as in England and Scotland.
The labor party demand also the
abolition of all contract work by the
city, aud a substitution nl day labor.
This lust change is not likely to be
made, as the city already employs day
labor in all cases where it is thought
possible, and only gives contracts
where absolutely necessary.
Many citisens 61 Vancouver are indignant ut the funeral obsei-uies'wliich
took pluce over a monkey. A pnt
monkey, which had been living with
a Vancouver family for yeurs, went
the way of all flesh, and it wus un-
nounced iu the local press, that the
monkey's mistress had been nervously
prostrated for severul days over the
shock at losing her companion. The
sequel to the story is that a handsome
casket was purchased for the monkey
whose remains were buried in a plot
in the cemetery. Some treat the matter us a jest; others declare in ull
seriousness that the monkey line
should be drawn on cemetery intor-
���������J. ' ,   :
The Famine Relief Fund.
Ottawa, Jan. 29. ���Replying to a
cablegram from the Governor-General
with reference to the movement for relieving the India famine, the Seoretary
of State for the Colonies has telegraphed to His Excellency remarking that
the energetic action of Canada will be
warmly appreciated. His Excellency
has arranged to send the results of the
Canadian subscription direct to Calcutta, in care of the chairman of the
central relief oommittee.
The Montreal " Star's" Indian famine relief fund had reaohed lit noon
$16,000 and this afternoon another
thousand flowed in. The 116,000 was
forwarded by the '��� Star " to the Governor-General to-day. Among the
the large subscriptions received hereto
day were $500 from tho Canada Life
Assurance Co., and a like amount from
the Union Bank.
The Manftoba Government will give
92,000 to the fund, the city of Winnipeg probably tl,000, and the city of
Toronto 91,000.
An advertisement should be so arranged that the first glance conveys
the idea.
The exposure to all sorts and conditions of weather that a lumberman is
called upon to endure iu the camps
often produces severe colds which, if
not promptly checked, result In congestion or pneumonia. Mr. J. 0.
Davenport, ex manager of the Fort
Bragg Redwood Co., un immense institution ut Fort Bragg, Cal., says they
sell large quantities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy at the Company's store
and tbat he has himself used this remedy for a severe cold and obtained immediate relief. This medicine prevents
uny tendency of a cold toward pneumonia and insures a prompt recovery.
For sale by Druggists Langly & Co.,
Wholesale Agents Victoria und Vancouver.
The Port Steals Kail Bobbed---very letter
in the Hail Deitroyad.
The Fort Steele mall was robbed at
Wasa, ou   Sunday  morning between
the hours of 12 and 4 a. in.   The letter
sack, was   enclosed in  a  large sack
which the robber carried into the brush
about 300   yards   from   the   waggon
where it was ripped open and the letter
sack taken away by the robber,   He
was trailed to Fort Steele, and captured within six hours from the time  he
done the robbing,     Tbe robber proved
to be Alexander M Leitch who has resided nt Fort Steele for some  months,
His record is not what   it  should be
and if reports are true, he has  turned
several tricks that would place him behind the bars.     Suspicion was turned
towards Leitch on account of several
forgeries that have been committed, as
was supposed by him also the breaking into a building and robbing a till,
he has been suspected  of committing
these acts though  nothing could  be
proved; we ulso learn   that   he   was
cuught tapping a till nt Wasa.     Constable Barnes has been watching bim
for some time, and in 20 minutes after
the arrival of tho stage  hud  captured
his man, and recovered 91,100 supp ised
to have been stolen from the mail.
About 1 o'clock on Saturday night
he broke into the stable of Charles Levett, saddled and stole a   horse,   and
went to Wusa, he succeeded in getting
the mail pouch, returned to Fort Steele
und turned the horse loose,  took the
mail pouch to  his  house   and   went
through the suck and   letters   ut   his
leisure,   enjoying   a   cotufartuble tire
supplied by the letters stolen,  and ns
is supposed, getting the sum of 91,000
in cash, destroying every  letter  that
was in the pouch after gettiug what
money they contrined.     The officers
upon searching his house  found  the
iron attachments to the mail suck in a
stove in which everything wus burned,
ulso a watch that was in a registered
package.   Two weeks ago Leitch went
to Wasa ou Friday which is   the day
tbe mail arrives tliere, aud the supposition is thut the opportunity did uot
ocour (or the successful taking of the
mail suck.    A lnrge sum of money has
been expected on the lute mails, whicli
did not arrive, parties have been closing several mining deals and one directed that 91,000 iu cash  be sent hiin,
this is probably the money taken from
tbe prisoner.  SavernI cheques amounting to four or  five thousand dollars
should also have been on this mail, also money aud oheques to other parties
in all it is estimated thut about six to
eight thousand dollars iu cinques and
money were in the mail. It. is probable
that all the cheques ure destroyed. The
loss will be trilling us the cheq.es cun
be replaced.     This is the first time in
the history of the district that an attempt has been made tc rob. the mail,
and the efficient manner in which the
robber was capture.! is highlv  to the
credit   of   constables   Edwards  and
Barnes and tbeir assistants.
At 10 o'clock a. in. Monday Leitch
wus brought before Messrs Galbraith,
Norbury and Maclean, J. P's, ��� for a
preliminary cxuniinittioti on u charge
of robbing Her Majesty's mails,  aud
was committed for  triul to the first    ,      ...
..... .. iwliosiillor  ,    -,.-   ....
court of proper jurisdiction either at huving this medicine at your bund. Sold by
The Editor's Request,
"My poor friend, you have but a
few hours longer to live,'* suid the
kind old doctor at the bedside of the
editor of the Rurulville Bazoo: "Is
there any last request you wish to
make-nny direction you wish to have
curried out V
"Tell the foreman," suid the dying
scribe feebly. " to do by us as we have
always doue by others, and give us us
flattering au abituary notice as his
conscience will permit hiin to. Request
bim, too, to run it at tbe top of the
editorial column, next to pure reading
matter, and also to cull attention to it
In a local paragraph. Tbis is a luxury
which we have never felt able to afford
for ourselves till now, but we feel thnt
uml'-r the circumstances il is a pard-
onub's exhibition of vanity on our
part- K man ils-ver dies but once, you
know. And, by the way, kindly request the marble cutter to carve on our
tombstone, beneath tho customary
statement of the facts in the case, the
legend : ��� We\Are Here to Stay..' "
Forebodings' of Autumn
Thouiands Who Oread an Attack of Catarrh
as Winter's Cold Approivchei-Yat Catarrh
Can be Banished Under the Magio Touch
of Dr. Agnow'i Catarrhal Powder.
This is not a dogmatic statement, strong
as it may seem. Leu ting members of 1'arlia-
ment, the most prominent clergymen of the
Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Uapt-t
Mid '.oiniin Catholic churches, have borne
testimony to the eiiectiveness of this iiietti
.-ine.   Mr. Julia MtwEdwurds, tlio popular
purser of   tlto Ciiiiiuli.in  I'acilic siiunier
" Artlitibiisca," is one who was cured of intense suil'eriug from' caturrlnd troubles by
the use of this medicine,     lioud Samurittiii*
like, he lias ever since i-ecoiiiiiioiitlen it to any
Head olf uu atiack of catarrh by
Donald   or
Kumloops.���Fort    Steele
Death From SuiTo.atlon.
Almost a Patality Bet for Or. Agaow's Core
lot tho Uaait-Stranga Etory of a
northwest Lady.
A death to be dreaded is that from suffocation, uii<i vet this is uuo of the usual pluses
of heart disease. Mrs. J. L, Hillier of White-
wood, N. W. T., came us near this dangerous
point, us need be, She suys t " I was much
afflicted with heart failure, in fact I could
not sloop or lie down liir fear of stillbcutiuii.
1 tried all the doctors in this section of the
country, but they failed to give me relief, A
local druggist recommended Dr. Aguow's
Cure for tlie Heart. 1 tried it, and with the
result that I immediately secured esse thnt I
did not know before, and utter taking further
doses of the medicine tbe trouble altogether
left me. It is not too much to say that it saved my life."  Sold by C. A. Warren.
C. A. Warren.
If In this world you wish to win.
And rise above tlie common chump,
Take off your coat and pitch right in���
Don't wait, lay hold, hung on i.ud hump,
iiiitl   '     " '
t by luiiavw.
Duu't wait lur wealth vour tuther's got-
Dou't wait until the iron's hut,
Hut make it hut by uu-scio;
Ti.'-u olf yuur com uud hustlu.
A llocu in nm ml Froi- Los Angeles.
632 Castelar St., Los Angeles, Cal���
After huving suffered for a long time
from acute rheumatism without obtaining relief, 1 used Chamberlain's
Pain Balm uud was almost immediately relieved. I highly reuommesd this
as the best medicine known. D. M.
Hamilton. For Sale by Druggists
Langly A Co., Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
Sand To-day. -'
Ladies and gentlemen, be alive to
your own interest. There hss recently
been discovered, and is now for ssle by
the undersigned, a truly wonderful t
"Hair Grower" and "Complexion
Whitening." This "Hair Grower" will
actually grow hair on * bald head in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
���Hair Grower." It. will also prevent
the hair from falling. By the use of
this excellent remedv boys raise an excellent moustache in six weeks. Ladies
if you want a surprising bead of hair,
have it immediately bv the use of this
"Hair Grower." We also sell a "Complexion Whitening" thst will In ono
month's time make you ss clesr and
white as tbe skin can be made. We
never knew a lady or gentleman to use
two bottles or "Whitening," for .befall say that before tbey finished the
second bottle they were as white ss
they would wish to be. After the use
jf this ������Whitening," the skin will forever retain its color. It alee removes
freckles, etc., etc. The "Hair Grower"
is 50 cents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening-' 60 cents per bottle. Either
of these remedies will be sent to any
address on receipt of price. Address
all orders to ���
201 Division  Street, Otawa, Out,
In a recent editorial the Snlein, Ore*
gon, Independent says; "Time and
again have we seen Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy tried and never with-
out the most satisfactory results.
Whenever we see a person afflicted
with hoarseness, with a cough or cold
we invariably advise them to get
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; and
when they do, they never regret it.
It always does the work, and does it
well." For sale by Druggists Langly
A Co.. Wholesale Ageuts Victoria uinl
Direct Route to all Eastern
Montreal and Toronto without
change of cars.
Direct connection steamers at
Baggage cheeked to European/
destination. _
Special trip
Around   the World,
R.M.S. '-AORANGl** intended to
leave London March 17th,
1397, via Teneriffe, Cape
Town, Melbourne, Sydney,
New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii,
and Vancouver; Tickets
good for 12 months.
Shortest and quickest route to
To China and Japan via tbe
famous Empress Steamers
To Australia and New Zealand,
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for particular* to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
���. E. WELL'S.
Ace-jt, fee Idem. )
A Victim to Cold Chllla. Violent H'uiui-
neheaaud Palpitation oi'the II. art-
Three Months Mitt leal Treat meiit
Vailed to Help Hlm,
There are few troubles which result
more' disastrouly to health than un attack of la grippe The patient may
recover from its immediate effects, but
it nevertheless too ' frequently leaves
behind it a wrecked constitution.
Among those who have suffered severely from ils baneful effects is Mr, Harry
Dagg, a well known fanner who lives
eight miles south of Ninga, Manitoba.
It was when la grippe swept over this
country in a fierce epidemic during the
spring of 1893 that Mr. Dragg's trouble
���t began. The disease left him a victim
to cold chills, violent headaches and
dizziness, accompanied at times by
severe palpitation of the heart. Mr.
Pragg went to Boissevnin to consult n
doctor, who told him that the trouble
was liable to develop into consumption
and advised him to uiscontimie all
work. For about three months he remained under the doctor's care, but
instead of getting better was gradually
growing weaker, and had become so
run down that the slightest exertion
would completely use him up. At this
stage a neighbor handed him a pamphlet advertising Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and after reading a number of
the testimonials he determined to give
the pills a trial,   He felt that his case
' was critical, and wisely decided that
the merits of the Pink PiUs should be
thoroughly tern-..), so he procured a
dosen boxes After tukin-- the third
box he says titer, was no doubt in his
mind that they were helping him, aud
even the -litr.hr improvement noticeable
gave him fresh courage. He continued
taking the pills throughout the winter
o. 1K94 ami when spring wns come ln's
health was completely restored, und
he was as strong and vigorous as lie
had ever been, and (ram. that time forward he has enjoyed the ln~_i of heult'li.
Mr, Dragg states that liu still uses 1 In-
Pink Pills in spring and full us ti topio
und always feels the better lor their
use, and he is certain if others will
follow his example there would he less
sickness and suffering throughout the
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills strike nt
the root of tbe disease, driving it from
the system and restoring the patient io
health and strength. In cases of paralysis, spinal troubles, locomotor ataxia
sciatica, rheumatism, erysipelas, scrofulous troubles, etc, these pills are
superior to all other treatment. They
���re also a specific for the troubles
whioh makes the lives of so many
women a bnrden, aud speedily restores
the rich glow of health to puje and
���allow, cheeks. Men broken down by
overwork, worry or excesses, will find
iu Pink Pills a certain cure. Sold by
all dealers, or sent by mail' post pa iii,
at.Oo.a box, or six boxes for 82..IO,
by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brookville, Out. Beware of
imitations and substitutes alleged to
be "just as good."
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
C liu roll Services.
The usual evening service will la-
held to-morrow iu St. Paul's Church
at 7:80 o'clock.
Service wiil be conducted in the
Presli.v-uirian Church by Itiivr _. 8,
Glassford, B.A., to-iuonow morning
at 10 o'clock.
Methodist, service will be held in the
schoo) house to-morrow bveuilig
ul 7:110 o'clock.
Putting an ad in a single issue of s
paper and then withdrawing it is like
letting a life insurance policy lapse
after one premium has been paid.
Northern Division of East Kootenav Distuict.
NOTICE is hereby given iu nccordnnce
with the Statutes that I'l-oviiiciitl Rev-
onuo Tux and all taxes levied under the Assessment Aet are now duo for the year IHI7.
All of tlio above named tnxes collectable
within tho Northern Division of East Kootonay District are payable at iny ottice, the
Court House, Goldon.
Assessed taxes ate collectable at the following rates, viz .���
If paid ou or before June 80th 1H97:
Three-tilths of ono per cent on Real Property.
Two and oue-hnlf por cent ou assessed value
of wild land.
One-halt'of one por cent on personal property.
On so much of the incomes ot any person ns
exceeds ono thousand dollars tho tollowing
rates nninelyi���Upon siteh excess of income
when the sum i.i not more than ten tlimisimd
dollars, one per cent; when such oxcess is
over ten thousand dollars and not moro than
twenty thousand dollars ono and ono-miarfer
of ono per cent; when sm-li excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, one and one-half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1897
Four-fifths of one por cent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-fourths of one por cent ou Personal
Oil so much of the incomes of any person ns
exceeds one tlimisand tlnllnrs the following
rates lunnelyi- Upon such excess when the
same is not more than ten ���iliniuunid dollars.
one mnl oiie-f-uartor of one per cent; when
such excess is over tun thousand dollars and
nut more than twenty thousauil dollars, ouo
and one-hnlf of ono per cent; wIibii such excess is over twenty thousand dollais one and
thi-eiwpiarfor.-i of one jv-r cent.
Provincial l.evem.e Tax $1.0) per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January -ud, Wil.
gUj-j-imsa (taxii*.
Hon. J, a. -ouoHEisu, y,c.
. McCaiiter.
Longliet'il  A  "UH'arter.
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iturs, Notaries
.    Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank     Montreal.
Caloary, - N.W.T.
k. j. .ii:riiMOX.
D.L.S. A P.Ij.S. for U.C. DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Vuluntor.etc, CALOARY,
N.W.i'.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEIMI80N, D.L.S..P.L.8. of ll.C. -Out.
.Cal.ouHY, Alba.
Conducted hi ull its brunches hy
(M.N. Eng. lust. M. & M. E.)
Samples tested np to 200 lbs.   Certihcutes
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Whole-tale ami Retail
of the Paid Mountain Milling uud development Company will ho held in Golden,
II. 0., on
TneMdn-v.    Feb.    0th.    1SJI7.
at the office of O. 8. McCarter, Esq. If ynu
cannot attend personally please arrange to
be represented by proxy.
Sec. Trustees.
NOTICE is hereby gi>en Hint iippliratl.-n
will be made to the Lot-it-lativ* Assomlily of
Hritish Columbia at its lies, session tor au
Act to incorporate a crniipany tor the pur-
ptjse if eons'meting, equipping, maintaining'
anil nrarating a railway fro-n a point at ur
near frVrt Steele iu ti northwesterly direction
to u point ut or near fit-Lien, with powers to
construct, equip, mainti.iii and upei-.-ite
branch lines from any point or points nloii-r
tho main or branch lines and also to enn-
struct, equip, maintain and operate, telegraph and telephone lines and all necessary
works in cniiiiBt-tioit with the suit) railway;
with powers of iictir iring lauds, piivilogos.
boiiiit-es or otlier aids from any Government,
municipal corporation or other persons or
l-otlins u'ul to nill'cetraffic and oilier arrt.n-.rc
incuts with rnilwiiv, steamboat or otlier Coin-
pities t and for all other usual, uei-esr-ary or
niciileiital rights, powers and privileges iu
that lieluilt'.
Duiftl this 1 Ith day of January, A,D., 1K>7.
till Ot Solicitor fur Applicants.
PHjKH ClIRi-D IN �� Til 0 Niohtm.-Dr.
Agne-v's Ointment will cure all cases uf itching riles iu from thr-e to six nights. Ouo
application brings cnu.furt. For blind and
bleeding piles it Is peerless. .1 Iso cures Tetter, Hull Kheuni, Eczema, Harbor's Itch and
all eruptions of the skin, liu cents, Suid Ly
0. A. Warren.
COPPER        ���  .    W*UVi tU.
Write for prices.   Give assays, etc. '
Ooi,luu 11..apttill Society.
Houns i-i.it uo'-mubTAi'io*-.-.
l-'i-tun 9:80 a.m. to 11 a.in.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
.i       7     ����� ���*.����� h   ������
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to   i'i in,, ami
from 7 p.in. to S p.m.
visin.NO nouns.
From   -.'r.'IO  p.m.   to  s  p.tit., dui
except Moud.iy and Saturday.
Bv Ou. i it
S~> YOU WANT  -.'    C
W THAT   ^^^'
Tha leading Catalogue in Canada
��Votira tor tha asking-write lor It.
, Tells about Beat and Rarast seed* known.
Seeds by Mall���tale arrival guaranteed    '
W Steele, Briggs Seed Co. m*
!*Tj��*'3wk*" Toro,,i0'0nt
_l    "Canada's Greatest Seed Houmi."    _
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embiiimers,
Calgary     *     *       All;a
T-I.EOHAl'il    OKII-lif*    IMtOJIl'ri.V
ATTI~*,l)l'll   VII.
Golden City Bakery.
Fresh Bread Daily.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS mny be bud from the under-
signed or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollnrs per yenr or Six
Dollars per half yenr.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Anyone sondfne a sketch and deeoi-lotion runy
qnlcblrascertain, frtio, whether an Invention la
probnhl* imtont-ible. Cotanuinlcatlons strictly
ooiillUential. Oldest nsciicy for securing putents
In America.   Wa have a Waalili-atoii ufflee.
I'atonia taken throus- Muuu A Co. ���im-vo
onoelal notice III tbe
beantlfullr Illustrated, Inr.-wt clroul-.tton of
S1..0six mouth*. Hpcciiuin cupli-s nml 1���is.
Book on I'ATtrsTs sent -no. Addrosa
3111 Uroudway, Kow York.
THIRTY-GSVENTH YEAR.   ��� ���  ���
Twenty Pages; Weeklyjlllustrated.
T_R_�� DOllA-S PER YEAR, Mtl.AD.
nam copits mi.
220 Market St., 8an Fwanoi8col Cau
  ��� _��� ���������*���������������_������_���������a���w^
Expert Watch Repairing.
Having been appointed by
the C.P.R. to inspect all
watches carried by their employees, my duties will take
r   liii hi ���i  l_i.s��-u_i___________________^___^__
me to Golden every week
after Jan. 1st, 1897, when I
will be pleased to do any
work required by the people
of Golden.
Canmore,      : - :     Alberta.
Shorey's Clothing
is always Satisfactory.
Every garment is warranted to give satisfaction and hss a little.!
., guarantee card in the pocket. ' '
���       Their materials are all good and every seam is sewn with the best:
nen thread.   Shorey's Clothing is cut on wch a variety of patterns!!
,, 'hat any figure can be perfectly fitted.   All Shorey's Bicycle Suits]'
;, and Spring and Fall Overcoats are Waterproofed by the Rigby Proceis
;; and no extra charge for it.
j.       All dealers sell Shorey's Clothing now because their customers'!
�� insist on having it.
Job    Departmer|t
���:o:���OF -:o:���
Manufacturers of Sash, Doors, I ou dii gu
Turned and Sawn Baluster*, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock:
The Machine and BlacRs-niith l-hop aie prcrartd to do
all kinds of repairs as soon as possible.     A. 1 sizes of Pipe
Fitting* and D.a.s Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shnfts, Axlcp, S]dkrf: t Felloca.
Hickory and .Maple Plank.
by tho-jjudi. Saft, Sura aad Alwayi nlwbl*
REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. From all druggi.t.
or rt-il.d, fin from obamailuu, ou receipt ol
$1.00. Scaled putieulan 8 ctnu
Suptrnotu hair can bo rorae-
���til from th
..�� uw_ the _ce, anus and
neck Is Two Minute-, and
^growth IbroTerdeitroyed by
'PILATON/perfettlvhumleM. Sent by tnail.Moltd,
on receipt of price. 91.00. Agents wanted.
ERVOUS DEBILITY, o'fRy".��n?bs;
ftc, maraaiaod cuiad by LANB'5 SPG*
CIPIC RBMEDV. By m-li, 11.00;
6 boxoa, SS.00. Panlcalm Free. Tha
UnaMedlclaoCa., Montreal. Caa. a.
The modern stand- j
ard   Family Me-ii-*
cine:   Cures   the
common every-day
ills of humanity. J, .
' Awarded
Hl.hsst Honors-World's j-alr,
A pure Crape Creim of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or sny other adulterant,
The Kickapoo concert company wore
with us last week and gave aome very
enjoyable concerts.
Tne watoh iuapector hss completed
his inspection st this point snd ths
boys sre showing their watches to
each other and comparing; notes.
Skating is still in full swing snd
the boya have atarted to play hockey,
making their first trip to Banff and
playing a tis gams witb ths Banff
team. This hss given them great encouragement and the olnb promises to
bs very successful.
Our weather has got book to tbe old
thing and overcoats are onos mors lsft
at borne.
"Mike" Green hss completely recovered from his illness and is again
on duty.
���oiler Staff Inadequate for ���ncfmene
Area la Distress,   .
Kaipur, Feb. 2.���Tbe correspondent
of the Associated Press who ia inquiring into the famine iu this, tbs largest
distriot of the Central province, having
a population of 1,500,000, finds the
situation very grave. This is tbs centre of the rice-growing industry, which
is the only orop grown, and ss it hss
failed, there is a total extinction of
foodstuff in this locality, and real
famine exists. About 1,300 villages
are affected, and 5,000 persons are employed on relief works. Ths worst
part of the district is the.Dbarmi.para,
80 miles from here, where lamentable
conditions prevail. Many people bsvs
already lost their lives in tbs struggle
with hunger, and many others, are
dying. The staff employed in tbe
work of relieving tbe sufferers is inadequate for the enormous area. If
Ibe work of relief had been properly
arranged earlier, the mortality would
bave been knur, as ths rains are Increasing the spread of ths disease snd
it will take three good years to recoup
the losses io this distriot. The poor-
bouses are a tait criterion of  ths con*
- dition of the people. Besides the pro*
fsssioual beggars, they are crowded
wfth laborers, reduced to the lsst
stage ot skeletons. Their stomachs
���re hollow, aud the skin is hanging in
largo folds. Other* have -.vollt-u
stomachs, a sign of acute privation.
It is found that tbe esttitnucn snd
ryots, or field workers, usuuily laity
men. are unable to do anything, snd
tbs womsn are in the same condition.
Ths dols of food is only enough to
kssp body snd soul together. It does
not suffice to build up the system
���gain. This is where private charities are wanted. This is ths worst
distriot yet seen, snd it is in argent
need of funds. But tbs correspondent
bears thst tbe Jubbulpors district Is
worse. If seed is not sown people will
be utterly incapable of procuring food,
���nd ths conditions nsxt year will bs
too ���wful to oontemplste. The Gov-
srnmsnt was lata in realising ths situation.     Earlier measures would bsvs
��� prevented much of ths distress exist-.
ing. Tbs food supply in this district
ii scanty, and Will shortly bs ss*
The Golden Blake Make a Seed IhewUg-
Capturing Two Priase**Partleslsrs
ef Ue May.
Golden wss represented at the 3rd
Annual Bonspiel of the Calgary Curling Club by the following rinks:
F. H. Bacon, C. A. Warren, W. Mo*
Nsish, H. G. Parson, skip.
'  T. Todd, J. Lamontagn, D. M. Rae,
J. Rae. skip.
G. S. McCarter. J. Todd, G. Wood-
ley, P. White, skip.
There were 19 rinks competing in
the Bonspiel, 8 Calgary rinks and 11
T.slting rinks, which were ss follows:
Goldsn 8, Edmonton 8, Fish Creek 3,
Sbeep Creek 2, Innisfsil 1.
The Bonspiel opened on Tuesdsy,
January 26th, ths following is a record
of play of esob of the Golden rinks:
parson's rink
Un Wednesday morning this rink
met Hunter of Sheep Creek in tbe
Wslkerville snd defeated him bv 1
point, tbe score being 15 to 14. Ia the
sscoad draw of this competition Parson
was not quits so successful, being vanquished by Oowsstt of Calgary after a
most exciting gsme, tbs score being a
tie on tbe 14th . end; in the play off
Dowsstt scored two points lesving the
gsms 14 to 12. Tbs result of this
gsme put Parson out of tbs Walker-
villa competition.
On Wednesday evening Parson was
defeated by Klnnisten of Calgary by 8
to 17 in tbe McNeill competition.
In the third event, the Bannerman
A Critobley competition, Parson again
met Hunter of Sbeep Creek defeating
him by 1 point the score being 14 to
13. In the second draw Parson defeated Johuson of Calgary 20 to 11.
This put the Golden riuk in the semifinal ; in the' next gime however Parson suffered defeat at the bands of
Laudar of Edmonton, the score being
14 to 8.
Person still had a show for 3rd
place in tbis cuiupetition having to
pisy off with Walker of Calgary. He
was however knocked out by 3 points,
lbs score being 12 to 15.
In tbe Visitors' Trophy Parson met
and defeated Vance of Edmonton by 12
' In the semi-final be met Douglas ot
Inhisfail aud was again victorious
winning by a score of 12 to ll. In ths
final Parson met Aird of Fish Creek
and after an Uphill gams won first
place ia this competition by 14 to 9.
Tbe trophy is uow on exhibition at
the Big Store and is a veiy haudsome
cup, the design being a set of
brooms crosssd surmounted by a our*
Hug stone. In sddition to tbe trophy
tbe indivudal members of the rink
were esob -.resented witb a gold watch
white's rink
wss defeated by 4 points, score 14 to 10
In the Wslkerville first round he
met snd defeated Turner of Sheer Creek
to the tuns of 19 to 7.
In the second however hs had a hard
row to hoe against Dowsstt of Calgary
who again defeated him; the score wss
a tie on the 13th end but on the last
end Dowsett added 2 to his score,
winning the game by 14 to 12.
In the Bannerman A Critchley competition Rae put up a great game
againat Kinnisten's rink���which is
said to be the crack rink of Calgary-
defeating him by a score of 15 to 9.
The victory was a most popular one
and at the conclusion of ths gams the
Golden rink waa cheered to the echo.
In tbe second round Rae met Walker
oi Calgary and was defeated by a score
of 14 to 9.
In tbe Visitors' Rae was knocked
out in the 1st round by Aird of Fish
Creek, losing by 8 points, score 12 to 9.
Taking tbem altogether the Golden
rinks made a very creditable showing
in the Bonspiel and are very well satisfied with themselves, and no doubt
Golden will be well represented at the
next Calgary bonspiel; it is their in
tention however to practice the knockout game in order to cope with aome
rinks whom they bad the misfortune
to be defeated by owing to tbeir deficiency in tbat style of play.
Spiice will not permit us to give an
account of the banquet which was
held at the Queen's hotel, suffice it to
ssy that it was a grand success.
During .their stay in Calgary the
boys were royally treated and the Calgary bonspiel will be talked of for
time to come, and next year's bonspiel
will be looked, torwsrd to with interest.
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong.
White plsyed his first gams on Tuesday afternoon when he met Kiuuisteu
of Calgary in the McNeill competition,
being defeated by a score of 16 to 8.
On Wednesday afternoon White met
Taylor of Edmonton in the first draw
of the Walkerville and again suffered
defeat by 2 points, the score being 12
to 10. This dsfsat put White in tbe
Consolation event.
In tbe Bannerman A Critchley competition White met Smith of Calgary
snd wss defeated by a score ot 19 to 6.
Iu the Visitors' competition While
defeated Laud-r ot Edmonton by 14 to
12 but was knocked out in tbs second
round by Aird of Fish Creek, tbe score
being 20 to 11.
In the Consolation event Whits do*
feated Vanes of Edmonton in ths first
draw bnt wss defeated by Aird of Fish
Creek in the final, taking second place
in'tbls competition; winning a hamper
ol liquor.
bar's rink.
Ras was not so fortunate ss tbs
other Golden skips and although returning without a trophy bs mads a
good showing with tbs different rinks
hs met daring ths Bonspisl. His first
gams was witb Dowsstt ot Calgarv in
ths McNeill competition in which be
Curling Notes.
A meeting of the Curling Club wss
held en Tuesday evening at the Col
umbia House for the purpose of making arrangements for the visit of the
Calgary curlers here on the 15th snd
16th of this month. After some discussion It wss decided thai a dinner be
given in honor of the visitors and a
committee was apvointed to mske all
necessary arrangements.
Tbe president reported tbat Mr. W.
C. Wells of Palliser had presented a
pair of curling stones to the clnb for
competition snd it was decided to offer
them ss a prise in tbe 13 point competition whioh is-now going on.
In addition, to this tho club bave
three psir of curling stones promised
for next season, so tbat next sesson
promises to be sven more successful
than tbs present ons, ss far as trophies
are concerned.
The District Msdsl wss presented to
tbe winner, Mr. Wm. McNeish at the
meeting ou Tuesday evening. Tbe
medal is neat . and artistlo In desigu
and ons well worth winning.
The watch inspector paid us a visit
this wsek and found that the Field
boys bad nsarly all good watches.
The Kickapoo people gave ns two
concerts and a ball this week, which
wero muoh enjoyed by all especially
tbe ball; though one of our young
ladles was disappointed at uot getting
her favorite color to wear.
Light Double Ret Collar Harneaa,
Silver Mounted,HiiikI Made.rttrlc.ly
First Claaa, only in use four days;
Cheap for Cash.  Apply to
O. II. Cruse,
Dsisli Station.
of the llnW Mouiitiun Miniiic- awl Development Company will be held In Oolden,
Twenday, Feb. 16th, IBM,
st the office of 0.8. McCarter, Edicj. If you
cannot atteiKl pernoimlly please arrange to
be represented by proxy.
Sec. Trustees.
Caloary, Jan. S3, Wl,
Has Cured
and Given Them
a New Lease
of Life.
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You
a Substitute.
1 Intelligent
_9 ���     .. *y
The great end and aim of al]
intelligent general advertising it. to cover ALL the
ground in a certain district
To do this, place yonr adver-
tismont in the columns of
it is* the best advertising 28
medium in East Kootenay.    8 ?
|j The Advantages are;
Having of time and money in
many different ways. Covering the entire district at
**A little expense. Reaching the
class of people which gives
the very best returns of all
to the careful advertiser.
Published every Saturday at Golden, B. C.
I \+'***+-'mm****+***%%*+*++tl+++%+++am] '
fiMww��tShorey's Clothing .-iw
BenUM--A<>nT* s�� ths eaty asas-ds-eis sr,sM-��wW|a��!
*j--S>-a-_GB  notes their week end iketr s-aanatee has goad aaa-aU.
I       AUll^s_��rtstaswSpqafsdss4Sl��__sndwra����iil-tak��sp��wHhfJa.!
I      ^*n^��ejfds8riuswnp.t��dsWs����Wsofeos_brtsndsm^
I       Th^BI||-W_*f-��orfaUtlMhSj��_,_rfr_UOT__)^^il_u��s_^^
s-argsfeek.   Eesrybody is asking far Many** dslhlag bat *
tt7topsMtdspeopktotske_->rior|oods.    , ,
look in the pocket for ��horey>a GaanmtAeTUkot


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