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The Golden Era Oct 19, 1895

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Array V\.cvT i*J
XUL. V.   XU. 11
13 Per Yeah
OF INTEREST TO YOUjT-e Largestand Best
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock fur exceeds
my expectations Ju suits, punts, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
huts and crips-.
In ordor tu remedy this I oiler the followin *; inducements:
I   have   over   FIFTY   Suits   that   I   will   sell   at   cost and
have   over
Boots & Shoes.
Hats & Caps. T
1 have over THREE HUNDRED pairs of punts ihut I will sell
. ...ut exitet cunt.
I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell ut ull prices.
assort men t of sll kinds uf
u v
Mr. 'IViiiplelou  has had a large ex-
Thero will le no service in St. Caul's
Church to-morrow, owing t.> the uli-
seuce of the lay render, Mr. J. F,
Armstrong in the Upper Country, and
us Harvest Festival services arc boing
held in  Donald ii  will  bo Impossible | the stock
III'.   Kill III    IIIKIM.
i,ive  over  TWENTY
low prices..
vests    that   I   will   sell   at   very
I have nn immense stock of boots and shoes ut
prices satisfactory to all.
London, Oct. 14. -Tlie scare in the
mining market has been the feature of
exchange  and bus had tho
for Archdeacon McKay tu liuld servico : result of shaking out  numerous weak
'"���'re. operators, leaving   tlie   market   alto-
gother in a  healthier condition,   Tim
^^^ irullujise of prices  wus pill'tlally rceov-
poriiiiicn in truss fining iu tliu eust uud ' tho C.P.R., nnd party, passed ihluugli
can Iii the worst eases." lounspociul   Tuesday  afternoon.    Sir
___   _    William Is  on  his annual inspection ��ver the
i trip over   the   roud, and   was iiccotn-  advance is expected.     The other mai
jpanled  by   E.   S.   Cloiiston, general j kets were dull,     The  shipping strike
Sir   W,  C. Van Homo, president of
ed and should no  further trouble arise
current  settlement u further
Ol'It TOW Hi.
Oolden, on tliu iiinin Ijue ul tliu t'.iii-idiim |
-   ...  ,. ,,       ----. -,��� ���rr-j���r-1 uiiiiiiiuui   uf   thu   Hank of Montreal!
Puoillc l.iiim.iy. ut ns (uiiiiui'tiuii witli tlui
stoniiiliout tftvlgiitiuii of the C'oluiubia river; j Jllines   l!isr*s,    contractor;   Assistant
tinti mliioriil inni, .���i.iiiiiiurciiil centre of Kiisteiii< -, , M,.lm(,el. VM cllief Engineer
llritish I.nliiiiiliiii: lieiiilciiiiirtel's ul tin I.ul.1-. si o
on Siiioltiug wurks. the..Upper  Columbia | Peterson, Gilbert Parker, tho novelist,
MMHIH , .   j*. .i    i      ,      i      '..i    I Navigation  l.'u., und  luinber industry; the
have huts and eupn to fit. the head' and suit the outlet for tlie widely   known   ��id   fur
pocket j t'.'iiiiini uuriciiliiii'iil mul grazing Iniul cf the
Columbia A Kuuteiuty Valleys i  unrivalled
lor scenery of nil kinds:   the distributing
point for the ricliust uiiueriil country uu the
j and Seer, tary McDonald.
It will be toyviir interu-it to (tall anil exumine thcisc
cash  Etvi:<;.t,i\s.
Golden, B.C i ���
H. D. HUME, Prop.
Fishing for   whisk;
Horse   river   is   the
Golden.    It buppeueil
tine ago   one of   thu
- in lliu Kicking
Intern   sport  in
I liir. way : Some
boys who lives
Mr. 11.  G.   Parson left lust week on
a business trip tu the coast.
Dr. Mackld, of Calgary, spent Monday in town, on his way buck from
the const.
\\rin*es eir|cl   Liquors.
Agent for Drowry's well-known Lager Beer
and Golden Key Brand Aerated Waters,
Slater's Celebrated -��� -
! M. Dainard received the contract for
the grading on Allicna Street and
I Fifth Ave.
Ltiiiisden's   survey   party   from the
Crow's Nest Puss came iu on The
Duchess lust week, eu route fur Montreal.
not a thousand miles from the saw
mill, hud the misfortune 1V1 tu let. u
bottle of Scotch drop into the K eking
Horse, ut.it to ull iippeuriuices wns beyond recovery. Two bright young
men, however, conceived llie i.lt-ii ul
fishing it out. us the bottle could
plain!*,' be seen (from the Govt. bridge)
lying nt the bottom uf the rlvur. A
pole wns procured and it wire noose
attached to one end uf it and the fishing commenced. iVfier exercising a
great deul of patience, the efforts uf
tho fishermen were rewarded and the
bottle of Scotch safely brought ie
land and was pronounced lu be the
biggest cutuh ol ihe season.
Cliui'cli Services.
Tenders are being asked for the supplying of brush for tbe fixing of the
north bank uf thu Kicking Horse
Mr. James  Henderson was the successful tenderer for the erection of the
Presbyterian Church
commenced shortly.
Methodist service will bo held in the
s,.liool   house  to morrow   evening   at
7:110 o'clock, conducted by Mr, Robins.
Presbyterian   service   will be   held
tu -morrow   morning  in   lhe   school
house    ut    10 o'ulouk, conducted  by
liev, T. S. Glassford, 11 A.
The Young People's Society of Chris-
Work will be I''""   Endeavor   meet-,  every   Friday
levelling   in   the   school   buiise   at  .K
j o'clock.
Mr. W. C. W.'lls, of Palliser, tvh-ed
his family from Xew York lust week,
thut it wus not his sou George who
wns murdered iu thnt city.
|       -.JUST ARRIVED
; A select and varied stock of Trimmed und Untrimmcd
A.mortgage sale of some valuable
town property tukes pluce on Monday,
at tlie office uf .Mr. N. V. Mackay,
Alexander Block, ut 2 o'clock p.in,
During her stay in Golden, Mrs. J,
K. Anderson hns been interesting her-
j self in the   hospital   and bus collected
iquite a   number ol   dollars   from  the
| boys in town.
j    Mr.   G.   B.   McDermot   bus  Inula
street  lump' erected  at bis stoiu door,
A Complaint from Fort Steele.
j We have received u letter this week
i from Mr. D. V. Lewis, Fort Steele,
complaining of thu net iin of a resident
of Fort Steele in trying to have his
children expelled from tlie public
school because ihey were colored and |
hu did not wish bis children to go to
school witli colored children. Did
any ono ever hear of anything so
ridiculous V The school ut Fort Steele
is ii public school and colored children
hare just us much right lu attend us
tlie best white children ever born, us
lung us they cuiuluct themselves properly, .Mr. Lewis'children attended
Lhe Golden public school for quite a
lung time and   nu complaint wus ever
Felt Shapes, Plumes, Tips and Trimmings.
Latest Styles.     Moderate Prices.
whiirli is it boon tu thc public, showing
tboiii where they can buy everything
except white elephants.
Mr. C. A. Warren  is   having some |
had a bad elfecl ou English railroads.
Foreigners showed a weak tendency ou
the Constantinople trouble. Silver
securities wore firm. Americans were
steady, but wi'h no sign uf uuy substantial improvement, Changes for
the week were only fractional,
Mining speculation in both I'm in
und London lias been checked by forced
sales uud fulling pri.es. A few weeks
ago every operator was buying anything and. everything with a South
African name for a rise ; but nuw only
the best stocks are holding their
ground. Thc stringency is cuuscd by
aylidicate operations in Paris with
Russian, Spanish and otlier societies.
It is really a great gain since mining
speculation was overdone, and it was
time fur the promoters to call a halt.
The enormous increase in the output
of gold in Transvaal is an alluring
topic for economists, who ure seeking
to forecast the effect upou the value of
i silver and general prices ami making u
comparison with '.he results of the
discovery uf gold in California and
Australia. The reaction in Kaffire
bus affected the whole market, nnd
bus induced u feeling of unrest aud
timidity in financial circles.
A lot of weuk people will be hurt,
but some who ought to know, think
thut the outcome will be a recovery
of prices from the slump that they
underwent. This week's Economist
names twelve stocks which showed-,
total shrinkage iu valuation of $110,*
000.000 Thursday over the nine dav*.
before, over $-.0,000,000 of which aro
j in Iliirnato's bunk and Bitrnato's con-
| sols alone, and takes a rather dubious
view of the future, but tbe Statist
thinks thnt the market is iu a healthy
statu in consequence and looks for a
It hud been lightly supposed that
Colonel North had touched the top
notch of vulgarity which a Hritish
navvy returned enriched from foreign
parts could hope to attain. It is recognized now that Barney Buruutu,
with his added touch of Semitic geniiw
���nukes the colonel seem paltry witli
respectability by comparison.
This Kaffir millionaire is daily giving London fresh marvels uf bnrbnricr
boldness to talk ubout. He upj-eurcil
in person on the stage of Drury Lnnc,
the other night in the mining field
scene of *'Cheer. Boys, Cheer," grill*
nitig like John L. Sullivan at a benefit
heard from any of tlie parents in this,
i .1. i.i   i Yet while the Kaffir boom is on, duties
town,   beennse  they   happened lobej ,  , . ,, ��     ' ���������""������
colored.    The onlv remedy in the mat
,      ��,    tj   . i i i  ii      i even princes
ter for   Mr. Resident, whose   children! '
, .     ,.     , .i l    ,! 1 here is a good  deal ol   difference   of
nn. too good to attend the snnin school ���
,     ,     ,,,, ��,i I opinion   as   to  thc  result   of    unit
us colored   children, is   for him lo en-    '
���MH_MI-^-^-^-M--M gagea..rlvute  tutor   for his childie.ilweek*  8et,le��**" <����� Afrie*n mining
A charming assortment of Fall Dress Goods, inolnding ^-Jl'��1r1e.montf "*ttdo ��r��u"d hi" f10'0- ,.,,<! Wnhdi-.iw the... fro.., the puhiu.
������������������~���*���""J -_���_������ __^^^   ^^^M ..     -.    | i|'|1(, (1],|   Wlll'el.l"lllse ttt      till.  l'.��llt' fll      til,''
I man
I because   be  came   from the Southern
Mr. .1. R, Anderson, Deputy Minis- States, where whiles uud blanks were
ter of Agriculture, and Mm. Antiunion,; not   allowed to go to school together.
arrived from the west lu��t week.    Mr. j Well all we have lo sav is, if lie Bun-
; Anderson has ;irocetidud  lo Fort Seek) nut accommodate   himself Iii tlie laws
-"-*-   1 on business   iu   connection   with  his of this country, be had
' | department. I the Sjutlieru Suiies.
. cnarminc' assortment of ran uress wooas, inomtunu'i";1*""'*. - - """-'land wiiiuii-uw them from the public
Henriettas, Cashmere, Serges, Flannels and Flannel- The��ld.*��*������ t-�����' ��H ��-,���-,.   Mr. Lewisuiso statesmhis
--.-   ii .'..���.. /i .... ��� <���?��� ��� _��� ' premises bus been removed aim a more., ,        ,        , ,,
ettfig, Prints,. COttOllS and SJlirtlllC'S. ',,    ..,,,,.        ...    , letter that   the  only reason this man
' ' ' -9 substantial building put in its place. ,,     .       , . ,    ,.,
i r could  give for  noting hs lie did whs
An Early Inspection Invited.
are glad   to   have hiin io dinner, unil
Iiml   him to their taste.
, shares.       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Yokohama, Oct. IH.- A dispatch received here Irom Seoul snys the body
uf ibe murdered (Juit'ii of t'oieu lias
been fui.ii>!.
AI c x li 11 d c r L>1 oc k,
Golden. B.C
Ottawa,   Oct,    Hi. -j\ii   oriler   linsv
beep issued for the  opening ol   Cuiiu-
belter return tu diun nuiiils on  Sunday  during the its*
; iiuiiudei ul I'm siiusi-Uj Wit* (-Bc-lt-im OH-rt
The (Jt)Ll)E.V EUA is published every
Saturday morning in ti.ne tu .-.-itch the eust
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
upper uountry, Wiudor.iture, l-'oi-i Stuule etc
It is tliu uuly advertising medium in ihe Eu..t
Kootonay district.
Subscription Kates:
Advertisements mul changes must ho in
tlio oflico uut later than I4.1 a in. ou Thursday
to insure insertion,
Advertisement rates made known on -ippli-
catior -.0
All cash to bo paid tu the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
The G-lden Era Publishing Company,
Turkeys until
SATURDAY, OCT. 10, 1895.
In noser's Puss.
We pnssed from Bunff at break of day,
And gazed throuirh vistas glorified.
To see its beauty fade away,
Till down the Rockies otlier side,
We crossed the fair Columbia's tide,
And   cloiul)   the   Selkirks   throne on
By frowning storm kings occupied,
In Roger's Puss, grand, dim uud lone.
Sir Donald stood in protind array,
And glacier-breasted deep and wide,
With   clouds   outrlung   like   banners
As if the world he there defied ;
And Eagle Peak in sombre pride,
With awful balconies upthroMn,
Seemed with the very heavens allied
In Koger's Pass, grand, dim nnd lone.
I saw the beauty of the spray,
That leaped the turret walls untried
Through dark abysmal depths to stray
And on tumultuous billows ride;
And standing in that dark divide,
With rifts above to heights unknown,
It seemed a glory magnified.
In Roger's Puss, grand, dim and lone.
0 vision, long with ine abide!
For kindred souled was everyone
Who caught the rupture enger*eyed
In Roger's Puss, grand, dim aud lone.
���By   tlie   Rev.   Dwight Williams in
N.Y. Christian Advocate.
Important Mining  Case.
The principal civil case iu the assize
court held at Nelson last week was
that of Hogg et a! vs. Fai-rell et all.
This case comes from East Kootenay
and was sent to this assize from Kamloops, It i.i a dispute growing out of
a mining partnership, the circumstances of which were about as follows:
C. C. Farrell, Ole Johnson, und C.
Farrell formed a partnership with
Thomas Ruder; the three first-mentioned going out prospecting, Ruder
furnishing supplies. A strike wus
made neu>- Moyie lake by C. C. Farrell,
all three assisting in the locution, the
notice appearing in C. Farrell's name.
The claim wns called the Lake Shore,
When the party returned to Fort
Steele some delay was occasioned in
dividing the properties located, in
which each member of the partnership
claimed a quarter, and C. Farrell left
before the necessary papers were made
out. Since then C. Farrell conveyed
the whole claim to Alex. Hogg. The
present action was to have the court
declare that Hogg held a three-quarter
interest in I he Lake Shore in trust for
C. C. Farrell, Ole Johnson, and Thomas Ruder. The jury found that Hogg
held in trust for the other partners
and a decree was given accordingly.
When the* case was disposed of an
attempt was made to pny the jurors
$2.50 per day, and afterwards Sl.fiO,
but the foreman, O R. Robson, stuck
out for 85, the regular fee in British
Columbia, and eventually received it.
���Nelson Tribune.
Doiui'd   count   your
after Thanksgiving.
A bud man he is afraid of nothing
except a bolicemun.
Ve are all yust so good as efervpody
���"������MX) |ier milium IN else ven ve are det.
Ven der mice is uvav der cat chases
after der leedle pirds.
If you doan'd vaut to got a tumble
vulk slow veu it is dark.
It is a long lane vot doan'd had no
bisoockle riders py itself on.
Y'ust ven a man learns how to Iif
prolierly death send dot undertaker.
Doan'd vait for to-morrow���to-morrow is der day after you are det.
Dis vorld he is a fleeting show to
dot man vot doan'd bad no object in
Der doctor he is all right-flowers
and earth dey cover up nil his niis-
Night time comes py and py, no
mutter if it is der longest day py der
year in.
My son, if you vould bo vise, yust
let your ears grow uud keep your
tongue tied.
Der vorin vill turn ven trodden upon
but be doan'd hnd much life left by
himself iu.
Some mens vill put a silver dollar
py der contribution box iu uu Sunday
und vill svindle a newsboy ouid of a
penny on Monday.
Efery cloud be huf a silver lining,
but dot lining be is turned wrong side
ouid pudily uften.
Love is pliud, but he doan'd had no
trouble to find somebody vot vill lend
him around.
To-day und to-morrow is yust like
gold and silver -one to-day is vurtb
sixteen to-morrows.
Dare ure no pirds in last year's nests
because dem leedle boys doan'd lefe no
lust, year's ne.:ts. niu'd it?
I.' you gif food and kindness to der
liling you doan'd had lo spend so much
money for Mowers for der det.
.���-'oiiie mens is different from clums,
because ven dey crawl py dare shells
in .ley doan'd cume ouid 110 more.
Yon cati'.l inuke a silk burse py a
sou's ear ouid, und you do-u'd need a
silk burse unyvay, unless you got
plenty money, unU dot is vot dem
sittings punks is for already yet,
Der greatest man dis vorld efer huf
lie doan'd go fishing because he is
afraid be may huf tu lie veu he gut
Sin und a hearse he is yust alike -
dey are pootiful py der ouidside on,
but deuth he is py der inside, ain't
If you vaut to spend der summer in
der country init happiness you must
iuivite sorrow to spend a veek in der
city mit you in winter
Vy should der spirit of mortal lie
proud ? Veil. I told you : Because
ven it is immortal it doan'd had no
use for being proud, ferstay ?
Ven a man he goes proke py Vail
street in his adwice goes begging.
If at first you doan'd succeed vy
keep on failing till you do succeed.
If a mini vorks ull der time he
doan'd hud no time to see vy he is
tiling ; und if lie doan'd vork at all his
neighbors dey is wondering vy he is
on earth.
Grief und joy dey nre companions
alveys. Veu grief goes py a funeral
joy puts on mourning ; uud ven joy
goes py a vedding grief is vating outside in dot churchyard.
A  preacher, says  an exchange, re*
the noses of the innccent. They are
full of guile and deceit. When vou
think you have broken one to ride and
subdued its wild and Satanic nature,
behold it bucketli you off and teaieth a
hole in your pants, Look not upon
the bike when it bucketh like a broncho
and hurteth like thunder, Who hath
a bloody riose? Who hath skinned
legs? Who hath ripped breeches?
They who daly long with a bicycle."
Stood Them Off.
San Francisco, Oct. 11.���A lino display of grit and the liberal use of a
pistol probably saved the life of Mrs.
Leva Maishall, telegraph operator at
Baden, for the Southern Pacific. Late
lust night, L. C. Herbert, office manager, left the office, leaving Mrs. Marshall iu charge. About 15 minutes
later, Mrs. Marshall was startled by
some one kicking on the door. She
was alarmed at the violence displayed
and putting a pistol in her pocket weut
toward tbe door to open it. Before
she reached it the door was kicked in,
and a tall, dark-complexioned man,
wearing a musk, entered and demanded money, leaving his companion outside. Mrs. Marshall drew her revolver, but the villian wus too quick for
her uud fired at her heart, missing it
hy a few inches, the bull entering her
left elbow. Mrs. Marshall then used
her revolver, emptying it on the fleeing robbers. Shu wuited some time
thinking the shots would be heard.
No assistance coming, she telegraphed
truin despiitcher Walters of this city
wbo iiuni-'diutelv sent a special car to
bring her to San Francisco for treatment. Befure the truin reached here a
constable arrived ami commenced a
search for the men without success
Mrs. Marshall is uow ut St. Luke's
hospital here. Her injuries are not
very serious.
Cruel Itevvnee.
Critanin, Sicily, Oct. 11.���A woman
known as (.actinia Stomoli, has been
arrested for the wholesale poisoning of
children with phosphorus. She administered the poison by mixing it
with wine and prevailing upon ine
children to drink the mixture. Her
victims already number twenty-three
It is stated that they all died in fearful agony. The woimui bus confessed
to having ceminitted the deed, add offered uu explanation that she wanted
revenge for the death uf two of her
own children, who hud been bewitched
A crowd uf people attempted tu lynch
thu unnatural ..retch, uud were prevented wiih great difficulty.
It is snid that Vesuvius is 150 feet
higher ihsn it was a few months ago.
Novel Use of ���lion.
The uses of mica ure manifold. One
uf its latest developments is distinctly
novel. An ingenious Australian has
invented and introduced a mica cartridge for spurting and military guns.
The [iliiug insidu the cartridge is visible and a lurthor advantage is that
instead of the usual wad of felt a mica
win! is used. This substance, being a
non-conductor unaffected by acids or
fumes, acts us a lubricant. Where
smokeless powders, such as cordite or
other uitro-glycerine compounds ure
used, mica has a distinct advantage
over every other material used in
cartridge manufacture. Being triins-
purent, any chemical change iu tbe
explosive can be iitouce detected- The
peculiar property it has of withstanding intense heat, is here utilised, the
bieech and barrel being kept constantly cool. The fouling of the rifle is
ulso avoided, the wad actually cleaning the barrel.���Canadian Mining
There   is only   one lawyer to every
cently tried to ride a bicycle, aud met I C,'m *��& in trnm
with such hard luck thut he expressed I    TI"*,otHl ����mueT of   ine Ch"**1--* ���"������
himself in   the following luiitfui^e:��� IE��ttl*��-. oleray i�� 2^,0-0.
"These bladder wheeled bicycles sre'    Flowers of some sensitive plants ire
diabolical  devices  of the  demon of I "s sensitive as the leaves,
darkness.     They   are contrivances to!    Two million pounds ohauge  hands
trap the feet of the unwary, and skin i in Billingsgate Market every year.
Hearts by Mull.
A game of cards by mail ? Yes; a
game of cards with one player in New
York aud another player in Washington is now being contested between
Actor Frank Mayo and Charles E.
Evans, his manager. In Washington
the other day the pair sat down to a
series of twenty-five games of hearts,
wi'h a summer trip to Europe on the
issue. The eud of the twenty-fourth
game found them at seven-thirty in
the evening with points tied, Mayo
hud but half an hour to hurry to the
theatre to make up, and Evans but a
few minutes to get to a train to New
York. "Call it off," said Mayo, hurriedly. Evans was about to assent
when thn fairy that gave him ideas
when he was laugh-making in "A
Parlor Match," come to his aid.
"Finish it by mail!" he ejaculated,
startled somewhat himself by the
thought. " Mail ?" queried Mayo; perplexed. Evans gave tiie deck a swift,
'left shuffle, flipped oil half the deck
dexterously, thrust it in a pocket,
dropped the remaining cards into
Muyo's bunds, hailed a passing cubby,
and flung back as lie started for it,
" My deal; your play !" Evans' proposition unfolded itself to Mayo on his
way to the theatre, and tbat night he
wrote his manager's name and address
across the deuce of hearts, stuck a
penny stamp on the back of the card
and dropped it in a mail box. Next
evening his card came back readdress-
ed to himself, accompanied by the
heart ace. Every day one or the
other pursues the game. Next week
Mayo will be playing from New York,
and Evans from Washington. It is
estimated that, the game will take at
least a month to play. It is doubtful
if the country's postal service hss ever
been put to a more fantastic use. ���
A sitting of the County Court nf
Kootenay will be held at the Court
House at Donald, on Monday the 11th
day of November, 1895, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
By order,
J. F. Aumstro.no,
Donald, B.C., 11th October, 1895.
"HEALTH ACT, 1893."
NOTICE is hereby given that "An
Act respecting the Public Health"
is now in force, and that nnder the
provisions of the said Act Alfred T.
Watt, ol the City of Victoria, Esquire,
M.D.. has been appointed Secretary of
The Provincial Board of Health.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4t 27th September, 1895.
How he Mud* a Good Bargain.
"It is the easiest thing on earth to
sell a mine in London for almost any
price, provided you have anything to
show an expert," said Major Frank
.McLaughlin to a reporter of the San
Francisco Post.
"There is also a right way and a
wrong way to go about it. Some
time ago I went to London to
negotiate the sale of some mining
property. Of course the first thing I
had to do was to let capital know
what I was there for. Then, when
enquiries commenced I simply said:
'Gentlemen, I have mining property
to sell. If you mean business and
want ro buy, send your expert but to
examine the property and make a report on it. You will know then what
you are buying.'
"A company was organized. An
expert examined the property and reported favourably, and a meeting wus
held to discuss terms.
"' Now, Major,' said the spokesman
1 we have found that the property may
be worth something. What is your
" 'Two hundred and fifty thousand,'
said I.
������ 'That is more than we expected to
pay. We expected to pay about two
hundred. There is not much difference
between two hundred and two hundred
und fifty. If you will drop the fifty
we will take it.'
" I had ex|-ected to get about I1C0,-
000 for the pi open *,, so with a slow
reluctance I agreed to accept their offer
when the papers were made out I was
surprised to learn that tbey had been
talking about pounds and I about dollars, but I was verv careful not to let
my surprise leak, and that is the way
1 got 81,000,000 lor the mine."
They make whalebone nowadays
out of leather.
Nearly ton percent of the recipients
of the Victoria Cross are military
Iu 16(10 gold was nine times more
valuable thi.ii rii.u., now it is fifteen
Under and in pursuance of the
powers of sale contained in a certain
mortgage which will be produced at
the time of sale, there will be offered
for sale, by public auction, on
Monday th* -1st day of October,
1895, at 2 o'clock p.m., at the office of
Neil F. Mackay, Alexander Block,
Golden, the following property, situate
in the Town of Golden, vis.:
Lots Ten, Eleven and Twelve, in
Block Four, as shown" on a map or
plan of survey of Golden, approved
and confirmed at Ottawa, the Kith
March, 1886. by Edouard Deville.
Surveyor general of Dominion Lands
and of record in the Department of the
Tne above property is situate at the
corner of Second Avenue and Second
Street, near the Columbia Hotel, anil
is one of tbe most desirable properties
in Golden.
Terms 10 per cent cash, balance in
twenty days. Further terms and
conditions made known on application
Calgary, Alberta,
Advocates for tiie Mortgage*.
Or to NEIL F. MACKAY, Golden.
Qilcty, Tto.ug.tj, FenmCirc.
bye lew perfected st-nt-ic saethed that
cannot fall onles* tbe com is beyond bum-*!
sid. Ym feel taptwedtta fin* day, (tela
benefit tray day, soon know Toonelf akb ���_
sin body, mind and heart. Drains
sod losses coded. Every obstacle to happ**
mirried lite moored. Nerve face, will,
energy, bnia power, when failing er loir:,
en restored by this treatment, AH msll
sad weak psrfioos of the body enlarged and
atrenglheasd. Vktiasof stales sad excesses, itclaia year manhood I Sufferers from
tbll7,omwork,ewly anon, 111 hcelth.rcgela
Tom rigor I Don't detpeir, even if iatbel-vt
Stages, Don't be diihentened if quacks
hire robbed yoa. Let u show jroo lb-Ins.
dial science and batia*- honor Hill exist t
Here go hand ia hand. Write for our book
with exple-tlloai aad protxb. Sent sealed,
free    lihrer 2,000 references.
C3IE MEDICAL CO.,Bik,falo,��.Y.
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
_m ft
Showing;   tlio Dates    and   Places ef
Court, or Asslr-o, Nisi I'rlus. Oyer
und Terminer, and  uoneral  Uuol
Uellverr for the Yeur 18(15.
F.ll.I.  ASSliiKS.
Clinton Thurday ..Ulith September
Richlield.. .Monday.. .ilOth September
Kamloops.... Monday 7th October
Vernon Monday... 14th Ootuber
Lytton Friday 11th October
New Westminster. Wednesday.lith Nov
Vancouver..Monday ..Uth November
Victoria Tuesday.. lilth November
Nanaimo Tuesday..2(ith November
Application for Certificate of Improvements.
KOIIKIIT    _.     ntlltXS   MIX-1M-   CLAIM.
Take notice that I.Robt.Fotheringham
free miner's curt ideate No,47M*>8, intend,
60 days from the date hereof, to apply io
the Gold Coin in issiouer fur a certificate
of improvements, fur the purpose of
obtaining a Crown -.rant uf tliu ubove
And further take notice, that adverse
claims miisi lie sent tu the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dited this ninth day of August,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer
In the  County Court  of Kootenay,
holden at tlie East Crossing of the
Columbia River;
In the matter of Patrick Sullivan, deceased, and,
In the matter of the Official Administrator's Act; dated the Fifth uuy of
August, A.D., 1895:
Upon  reading the affidavit of John
William   Clever,  it   is   ordered   that
James Ferguson Armstrong,  Official
Administrator for the County Court,
District of Kouteuuy, shall be Administrator of  all and singular the goods,
chattels und credits of Patrick Sullivan, late of Fort Steele, in the District
of Kootenay,  Free   Miner,   deceased,
and that this order be published in the
Goi.ni'iN Eua newspaper, in each issue
thereof, fur the periud of sixty days.
g*.U0iro��# CDavfr*.
HUN. J, A. LOUUH-Kl), Q,C.
Longlieed  A   MeCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc..
Solicitors for Hunk uf Montreal,
OAI.OAllV, - .N.W.T.
ILLS. & P.Ij.S. for B.C. DOMINION &
Driiiightsiiiiiii, V'lluatnr.etc., CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicitod,
R..U_l'llSON, D.1j.S.,1M..S. of ll.C. -tOnt.
The creditors and persons intrusted
in the estate of the ubure named Patrick Sullivan, are requested within
HU days uf this dale tu forward lu me,
(wr registered letter, full particulars of
their cliiiius, and after the expiration
nf such GO days. 1 shall proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard only to such claims as I sliail
have notice of.
Dated at Donald. 8th  August, 1895.
Official Administrator.
First insertion 17th Aug. '95.
Assoc. Mum. I.nht. C.E.
jff.XIXft   EXftlXEER,
CociiiiAxu, Aliia.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire,
AN EXAMINATION for efficiency in
the practice of assaying, under
motion Is!, of the "Bureau of Mines
Act, ISM.-" will be held during the
snniitli of September.
Fur the ordinary certificates uiindi-
���flati's witl be required *o pass in prnc
iticiil assaying lor gold, sil.er. leuil
((dry assay), copper snd iron, and srlso
ito answer such oidiiiai-y questions
irSlatiiiu to'the practice of ass.-yinj; ��s
���th*'examiners may think fit.
A fee ut   fill  is  .payable for the or
���di.iary cert ilicate.
For full   ptumioul'irs  apply ito rthe
Minister of Mines. 'Victoria.
Minister ot Mii-ties.
-28trh August, ,1895. 7 -Si
Notice of Assignment.
Pursuant   to   the    Creditors   Trusts
Deeds and amending acts ;
NOTICE is hereuy given that
Michael Carlin and Joseph Lake, both
of Golden, in the District of Kootenay,
in the Province of British Columbia,
trading us Curlin <_ Luke, General
Merchants, have bv deed, bearing dute
the 2nd day uf August, 181)5, ussigned
all their real property and all their
personal property liable to seisure and
sale miller executors to William
Georgeson. of the city of Winnipeg, in
the Province of Aliuiilob>, Wholesale
Merchant, .for the purpose of paying
uud satisfying ruteably and iu proportion to their claims, without preference or priority, the creditors uf the
said Michael Carlin and Joseph Lake.
The said deed was executed by tbe
���aid Michael Carlin, Jcseph Lake, und
William Georgeson ou the -ud dny of
August., 181)5, und the said William
Geurgesuu has accepted the trust
.created by the suid deed.
All creditors ure requested lo send
addressed to William Georgeson, care
of Thompson, Cu.lville & Co., Winnipeg, Mauituba, full particulars of their
.claims duly verified. s..ch claims to he
.sent within till days of tins date, after
which date the said trustee will pro
need to distribute the trust estate
.among the creditors of whose claims
Jie shall have received notice.
Dated this 5th day of August, 1895.
Of Donald in the District of Kootenay,
Solicitor fur Trustee.
A meeting of the creditors of the
said Curlin it Lake will be held at the
office of S. A. D B rtrniid. Official
Assignee, comer of Seeoi.d Avenue aim
2nd Street North, iu the city of Winnipeg, iu the Province of Manitoba, on
Saturday the 10th day of August,
18''i*>, at i p.m.
lUolilen Hospital Society..
:Frnm:'):.*M. H,in. to II ��,n|.
���'���      -2  p.m. ������' 4 p.m.
..        7     .<>   ,|i   H   ."
���Sunday from   10 a.m. to 12 in,, nnd
fft'om 7 p.in.'IO'8,p,iu.>
From 2:.<0 p.m. to 8 p,m���.daily,
except Monday and Suliirdsj*.
,L.v Oiiuli.
Whole-tale and Keinil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers.
Calgary Alba
T-liKllKAI'li    IIUIIKIIS   I'llOMI'TliY
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers &
Dealers In
Wall   Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Cuule-tionery, Ac. etc.
Pianos,  Organs, ft Sewing Machines
sold for cash or long time
OittiEiis nv MailoiiOtiieiiwi.se will
Receive I'iiosipi- Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel.
Golden, B.C.
late with  Mi.-si.s  Barlow ft Witlti.
Poi'tuge la Prairie.
All orders left with Mil. G. B. Mc-
Dkusiot will have prompt attention.
token UospitJ Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now.oRep.for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the .undersigned or any member qf th
PRICE Ten Dollars per year ai'rSi.
Dollars per half year.
NO .E.XTiRAS except private .wards.
ining I Smeltin.
00, (Limited)
���  .... i,J  u .
��:,-��� I--.I" .. I'lli*.
.: 'ii' ol '
i y ii.:  V
. ........    I...r|f��M(.... -
ml for .��������� '���   ��� nd j ;
.'    '*�����..   "   ",v><-   .
foy fu)| jprtienl'ips apply to
H B, ALEXANDER, manage.}
iu -i..i ,j
Job   DcparUnrxit
-_:C,;_-OF��� W���
Jortnetlon ooncernlnir Patents end 1..  ���
Uin tbem sent free. Also e Muloguo of hhkii-'i-
Ictt uid Klentlflc books sent tree.
'lie ���Itli-
PetenM teken . tbrpusb Mum A Co, receive
"-^-���noetoelnthe Scion-" -*-������-
re bnuiftht . '" '
it to ibe In
weeklr. alee,
.���j oj-pulstlon .
TiiffsV" ^���-'.���'-'���''-c��-.f?'"""
nlentlflc Americnn, snd
elr belnratbe put '
ntor. TlUs spK-""
lar-net ���sjMu'iiuion'of ���_�� Mientia'e work in tiie
 *�����_-����.. t[,-p-��	
tha* ere Droiutbt widely betorei
out cost to,ibe. Inventor, This .��> ........
fur tbo
aildinf BdiUdLmontbir.I
copie*. 'jJ3 cent-  BTerr nun..
bouses, witn plumt, ensbllm nulldeir
syesr. Staple
...how the
���''Monsoon" Teain put,ap by the Indian Tc^*
.grower* na a sampk* of the best>qualities of htilinn
T.Ciui- 'Thcfsforr (hcy^use.the.^r-Jitust^C.-irfl[jftjhfi
url.'clion of thr Tea and its bl-Jr.-.., that is t,-, Hy I'licy
put it up (themselves andm-H il only in the originifi
pickaffes, thereby ���nJMrin^' iti purity and excellent*-.
���Put up in,�� lb.(] i, lb. and 5-IV packages, and never
fold in bu^ft.
iif ypur groopt does not keep it,.tell him to write.jp
i        -If e.nd,W rro.��;t flttflet Eut, loiontp, Awarded
���'iest Honors���World'- 1
A pure Grape Cteam of Tartar Powder.   Frei
iom /.'umonia, Alum or any other adulterant
The Teleiilione Newspaper.
The Buda Pcsth telephone newspaper was founded by Theodore Puskas,
and has turned out nn extraordinary
success, The paper is available everywhere in the city, in places of amusement, doctors' waiting rooms, restaurants, stores of all kinds, ollices of
merchants, bunkers and lawyers, in
hospitals and in private bouses, for
the use of aged people to whom reading is fatiguing. Although the paper
speak* nil day, the information is
carefully classified, an.1 each subscriber has a programme by which lie can
tell what kind uf news is about tu be
given ut iiuv period of tho day. At
half past eight I he day's work is begun
by the reading, in a clear, sonorous
voice, quite free from tbe nasal twang
of many telephones, of the telegrams
received in the night from America
and the different parts of Europe. At
a quarter to nine follows tlur daily
calendar with metropolitan news nnd
the list of strangers that have arrived
in thc city up to the previous night.
Then comes ollicial news, contents of
the official gazette, etc., and at specified hours are heard in turn reports on
the opening of the .-toirk and corn exchanges, local ami ecclesiastical news,
theatricals, art und science notices.
From u quarter past eleven to bull'
past eleven information is given on
foreign, provincial and sporting matters, und then to a quarter to twelve
reports arrive from tbe Vienna stock
and corn exchange, with all sorts of
military, court and political items.
Early in the afternoon, when the sitting of the Reichstag begins, the parliamentary report is supplied every ten
minutes. The oflico is iu telephonic.
communication wiih the Reichstag,
und ic often happens that important
speeches from ministers and members
are known to the public while the
speaker's still addressing the bouse.
A short summary of all important
items is given at noon und again in
the evening for those wbo may have
missed any of them. Towards evening, when news is growing scarce, the
subscribers ure entertained with vocal
and instrumental concerts, quartettes
and solos, the latter being given by the
most talentel artists of the capital.
Literary articles are often spoken int..
the telephone by the authors themselves. All this is given to the subscriber for a penny u day, und boih
wire aud apparatus are conveyed to
his house free of expense. Tliere ure
6,000 subscribers. The organisation
ot the staff resembles that uf any
other big paper. Ten men wilh strong
voices and clear articulation act as
speakers aud take their turn in shiils
of two at a ti.ne. When uuy important event is about to be rend, a shrill
warning blast is sounded.-Scientific
The Crlnle In Vanatuntlnople*
London, Out. Id.���The Constantinople correspondent of the '-Standard"
blames the Armenian Revolutionary
Committees for forcing the Armenians
to close their shops and to maintain
the appearance of a panic, when tlie
Armenians  themselves  are  ready to
resume business. "I visited the
prison,'' the correspondent snys, "and
questioned the. prisoners and found
that there were no serious complaints
against the police. The inspecting
commission sent ti list ol iVi prisoners
for liberation while I was tliere. The
revolutionary lenders are responsible
for the continuance of the dead-lock,"
A despatch to the "Daily News"
from Constantinople says: "Reliable
news Ims been received here tbnt fifty
Armenians were killed and a number
wounded nt Aknhissnr In tbo village of
Adin. on tlie Aniitolinr railway by a
.Moslem inoli. The slaughter occurred
on Oct.. Dili, which was market duy,
when ninny Armenians had gathered
from ndjiu uut villages. Early in the
morning a Turkish rough finding that
the Armenians were not, armed, picked
a quarrel and shot one of tbem. There
wns then raised ou all sides, tlie cry,
"Why hesitate to imissucro
the infidels?" A mob of Turks
armed with revolvers and knives then
looted the market and massacred lhe
helpless Armenians. Their boilies
were thrown into tlie wells. It is
stated tbat the Muilir was responsible
for tlio attack. Ko women or children
were injured, probably on account of
the arrival of the Kiliniiiikiili from the
village of (,'luve, three miles distant,
who made violent efforts at the risk of
bis own life to save tlie Christians.
Otherwise the slaughter would have
been complete. The panic is reviving
iu Constantinople on account of the
isolated attacks and the Armenians
are again flocking into the churches
The police disregard tho safe conduct
curds given to the Armenians .by the
foreign embassies and they insult and
maltreat the holders of them."
The "Chronicle's" Constantinople
advices of Monday suy that M. Cam-
bon, the French Ambassador, M.Neili-
doff, the Russian Ambassador, uud
Sir Phillip Currie, the British Am
bussadur, to day presented to Said
Pasha, tbe Minister of Foreign Affairs,
the final demand of tho powers for
Armenian reforms. If this is not ac
cepted au ultimatum will be presented.
No further uiodification will be permitted. The, scheme drops the demand for a Christian High Commissioner, but otherwise it is identical
with tbe proposals ol lust May. It is
believed, however, that Russia hesitates to force an acceptance because
she fears ultimate Armenian autonomy. News received from Trehixoud is
to the effect that tlie Russian postal
steamer is lying with 2.000 Christian
refugees ou board. Two other vessels,
ulso full of refugees, are there awaiting the arrival of Russian ships to
transport tliein to liaioiiiu.
News Notes.
Winnipeg, Oct. 15, '05,
Durant's trial is slightly delayed.
Three new llritish peers have been
French continue to score successes
in Madagascar.
Speculators in South African shares
experienced a scare last week.
Awful barbarities are credited to the
French troops in Madagascar.
Porter, thc Montreal embezzler, has
pleaded guilty to taking $-15,000.
Turpin, the French inventor of war
material, has gone to Constantinople.
Gold bricks ure now a regular and
frequent product at Rut Portage mines
An experimental shipment of Ontario fruit to tlie old country proved a
Cattle are being shipped from Ontario to the Northwest for feeding purposes.
Affairs an Constantinople are quite
alarming and promise to become more
Reported that British gunboats have
bombarded and destroyed Tanbara,
The Templo opera hous<- at Duluth
wns burned, The loss will amount to
The U-iul of .Mrs. Lafrainbois, charged with murder at Hull, Que., has
been postponed.
An alleged plan to eSfoct the escape
of Harry Huyvvurd, the condemned
murderer, bus been discovered.
Seven or eight witnesses will go
from Toronto to testify against Holmes
tlie alleged murderer uf Peilzel.
Ii. J. Seargeant, ex-manager ol tbe
Graml Trunk, will net us Canadian
advisor to lhe board  in Loudon, Eng.
Tlie sentence of \V. W. Taylor, the
defaulting slate treasurer uf South
Dakota, litis been cut down to two
A mass nf evidence bearing on the
scientific and historical accuracy uf
ibe Bible will be submitted ut the annual Church congress at Norwich.
The Ctrliett-Fitzsimnions fight will
take pluee on Oct. ill, at Hot Springs,
Ark., several details having been ur
ranged to comply with the state law.
The latest order-in-couiicil iu reference to grain standards requires No. 1
hard to bo at lenst two-thirds Red
Fyfu wheat, weight 60 pounds per
bushel, and contain no scoured wheat.
News of the Curean uprising is con
firmed ; foreign troops have been landed to preserve order The queen has
disappeared and is believed to be dead,
and the king is now the real as well as
titular ruler.
Ori'-tttiAi. Map of Biutisii Coi.umiha.
COPIES of the ne.v official map of
British Coin in bin, W.)5, issued
under authority of ibe Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds <_ Works, can
be obtained at the office uf the undersigned by booksellers, stationers and
others who may desire to place tliein
for sale in their establishments, upun
payment at the rate of 93 pei dozen.
Deputy Commissioner of  Lands   and
Lands & Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., Hth October, IHO.*).
_������mmmmmmmmmm,  Trusses, witb
Se-rcct esse to wearer, then by ell otlier
irvirncMeHMd Th.yiet-.l->largest
Rupture under severest strain.  &e*re-
-----    ���* irfectedtbo
lit ��laf St-W..Ter.��t**-
Upper Columbia IaS;ayCo.
Commencing* May 28, Steamers leave Golden
Steamer���Golden to Adela .      . ,     leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken       .      .       Wednesday.
Steamer���-interlaken to Canal Flat
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.
Steamer���-Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m:
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken      .      .      Saturday
Tramway������Interlaken to Adela  , ...      ... .    . '
Steamer���Adela to Golden   .     arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through $12.00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin 50cts., in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate f> cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden to Fort Steele  A 3.00;  B 2.60;   C2.00; DUO.
���   Canal Flat A 1.75;  Hl.lJO;   C 1.40;  D 1.20.
Rate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian  Freight Classification,
��� "   B       ������-.������   II and 4
"   C       " " , Suiidli        " "
,i  j-       ii ..   7anjn
Hate C aud D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or more at one time
Freight, will be delivered as fur south as navigation will permit, and
will be charged for according to distance transported.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       P.P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Small Investments.
Returning prosperity whl mnlte many rich,but nuwl-erernii thoy make so luu.h within
a short time as by successful **��� jreirulutioii in drain, rrvvbion* ami Stock,
FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our
Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated by us.  All successful speculators operate on s regular system.
It is a well-known fact tbat there are tboiisiuiils of men in all parts of the United States
wbo, by systematic trading through Chicago brukers, make large amounts every veer,
ranging Irom a few thousand dollars for the nisii VI ho invests a hundred or two hundred
dollars up to $--0,000 to 11(11,000 or more bythose wlio invest a lew thousand.
. It is also a fact that those wbo make the largest profits from comparatively small investments on this plan are persons wbo'live away Irom Chicago and invest tlrough brokers
wbo tborougnly understand systematic trading.
Our plan does not risk the whole amount invested on any trade, but rovers hot- sides,
so tbat whether the market rises or falls it brings a steady profit that piles up enormously
iu a short tune.
WRITE FOR CONVINCING PROOFS, also our Manuel on successful speculation
and our Daily Market Report, full of money-making pointers. ALL FREE. Our M-nuiul
explains margin trading fully.  Highest references iu regard toour standing aud success.
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rlalto Building, CHICAGO, ILL.
Manufacture---, of Sash, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Baluster.*?, Newel Posts, Hand Rails ami
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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