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The Golden Era Nov 10, 1899

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Array r
<i* - (      ft  < ' fr
Thomas O'Brieu,
BtrrUtir, Solicitor.
* MoUuy PnttUe.Con-geyanear, eta
Offlce in Upper Colnmbia Navigation and
*'-  Trsamy Company's Building,
"t.OOK HEBE Earn *B/KKK l-*o'w NI jffil
tVUnt Do People Bay la Good for
Col��*afbs& Colds?
Pectoral  Balsam.
Prepared  by
C.   \Y.   FIELD,        '- .      OOLDEN
VOL. IX NO. 15
$2 Per Yeab
II *\*
H. G. Parson,
j Gencreil,Merchandise,
Wholesale & retail
Shirts,  Undershirts & Drawers
California Overalls.
in any color or any she. No goods
in the world so well servo the purposes for Which thoy aro adapted
as these.
Old Miners and Prospectors need
no introduction to them.
fresh customers will be staunch
friends After a trial.
Imported direct fron San Francisco
at the Old Prices, which is 25 per II
cent lower than the manufactur- ||
ers' present quotations, jc��
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Go.
Ooniuoting with G.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manngcr.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberollas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Nock Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees ai
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
astsaaaaeaaaMasa����g**BM**asae-gaga-��i ���*���**��� i i,i ��� a l sea i       ���**-**ii'-l<"l' i^muugaatle
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C���
First Glass Accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Published Every Friday Evening at
"���    TWO DOLLARS Per Tear.
Subscribe tor It I
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hbad OrnoK: Toronto.
Paid Up Capital     f 9,000.000
Reserve      ���      -      1��00,0(M��
II. 8. iWlard, President.
T. R. Merritt, Vice-1'reKiiUiit (St. Catherine*)
Win. Ramsay, Robert JalFray,'(".Sutherland,
Stuyuor, Etias Rogers Wm. Ilumliio.
D. K. WlLKIBS, Geueral Manager.
F.. Hay, Iuspoutor.
.  Il-wndon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Poft&tfB ti Prairie, Prince Albert,
itevcl��t(ji-;6, B.C., Neluou, 11 C,
Vancouver. B.C., Winnipeg,
Goldon, B.C., Strathcona.
Eaaex, Furgua, Unit, Hamilton,
IngerauU, Listowo1, Niagara Kails, Fort Col-
bourne, Knt Portage, rtault Ste. Mario,
SI Cafltef .!&���, fit. Thomas,
Toronto, WaH.ind, Woodstock, and
Montreal, yuo.
Agents lu I a-cnt flrituSn:
Lloyd'* Rank, Ltd., 12 Lombard tit., London
with whom money mny bo deposited for
transfer by toller or rabloto any of the
above bra tic hon.
Agents in En lie ;l 'Mate*:
NEW YG&t-lJank of Montreal, Bank of
CHIOAOO-First National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Hccond Natfnual Bank.
Interest allowed on dopopita,
ProrhltciM, Muttfc-ipal' and otlier debentures
Available at all point* in Canada, Unit-jd
Kingdom, United Statu.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
A reward of Four Hundred Dollar-** will l����
paid to anyone giving information that will
bind to eonvfptJen of anyone killing or steal-
ing tattle ami JiWhW.of the following hrands,
lielnnging to the Elk l'urk Ranch Co. aud
H. E. Forster.
���i ��� <***���> rlu.il i-lt-fi, *M liilit tier out:o��.
On left hi..
On tuft rllia.
Ota left rib*.  ,.
Oil left hip.
I!-*,r*.-.-*e I.i-iinilrd:
On rifflit lii'i-k.
On liftaliimlilfi.
Oil li'fl slintiltlet".
On riflit .lioiilili.T.
Oiijet't -ltuiilr!-:r.
Elk Park Ratlcil to.
H. E Forster,
.���iii,li.C.|fip|il. Il'ill, IMV.I.
, ,,, ,       I.,                  |       .jl,.
The Era under tho new management (Smith & Bat��n) will bu issued as
heretofore each Friday evening, Subscribers wbo have paid tlioir subsorip*
will receive thi paper tor the time for-
which they have paid, and all eon-
tracts with advordserri will be curried
but on the term* arranged with the
late Editor. Mr. E. A. Hnggan, although it ia posaibla we may call on
some of our advertisers for acbango of
ad., but we will net call on all at once.
Wa should like to son changes once a
month, a* it help* the publisher as
much as tbo advertiser by nuking the
paper more atcoptable ro tbe reading
publio both tieVo and elsewhcie. In
order to do tbis it Is necessary tu show
the outside public thnt we are not alone
in looking after the welfare of our
thriving community, but tbat we have
the encouragement of the people in our
efforts to plttt'e feefwo the outside public
the resources and advantages ot Noiih
Ease Kootenay.
We contemplate making some changes in the paper and will endeavor to
make a bright, up-to-date publication,;
consisting of nothing but pure rinding
We will be pleased to receive items
of the coming and going of your
friend*, antl all Items pertaining to
mining, etc., will be published with
pleasura. We want the Era to reach
every home in North Eust Kootenay:
and will date alt lupscrfptfons Hunt us
during November and December from
Junuary 1, 10OO.
We expect to have arrangements
completed to enable es to publish a
war bulletin the early part of noxt week
and will endoavT-tt- to ftive the very
latest news as cheaply as pofiiible.
Should wetiarry this Ont efb trust the
war reading public wilt give us such
support as will enable us to publish It
Notice is hereby given that I Intend within
sixty dayn toa:>ply to the chief C.tmniLislijil-
nr of Land* and Work* to pun-hupo tlm following dtwcrilicd land, fiitnatnl on Number j
Two Creek,on weat nidoof ('nlumliia Itiver:
No, I corner Ataka commencing at S. E. cor- ���
ner ut'Mr. Colon ('. Mackny't land, thenco
running 40 chains onat, thence 40 chains
north, tlieii'.ti40cbsiiwwont.theiice40chains
i'��irth tn fwiut of cominencement, t-entaining
IfiOacros more or Iohh.
Datod Ihis 10th September, 18W.
D. A; MAfiTlV.
Situate in the Onliliin mining DivUimt nf
Emit Knotouay District. Whom ldt-at(Jtl
en north torn of Hpilibnai-lieitt) Rivet-,
near Burns Jtnalii,
Take notice that 1, ttolin Htmdpi-Mon, of
tioldou, aH agent tor W. C. Tillwiu, of Kalein,
Oregiiii. U.S.A.; l?raQ miner's Certiflciit*)
No. 7l'iT)A, intend sixty deyA from the date
hereof to amilytnthb iiihiitntrOcn-ilerfiira
t'prtiHcalo uf liuproveiii'iiits for the (mriioso
(.( obtaining a Crohn (Jrant uf the above
Aud further take tint Yo tliat action muVr
sectlmi ,"17 must bo commenced boforo tho
issuance nf such certificate of inipiomiienlK,
Datod thll aWnl day of Nepieiuber, im.
Sir Wiliiiun Mnc**ion:*iI I of Montreal
tho well known mcrchantil-f tnillioniir*j
has ve y Ifbomlly offered to pny for
tho full eiiuipfotent rot cdnca'ional
nii'iniil trniuitig in one pli'cu in evory
provinco of Cni!t la. to<;other with a
��� brecydava iiiaintonttnua fund (o inco;
tho expense of qualified teAch*rs and
incidentals. 'I'brso tencbers will bo
brought from Europe to begin the work
but next summer it ia proposed tosnnd
to.-u.hcvs from Caiuda to Gieat liritan
aud Sweden for a couise of innnual
trainini in tha "Sloyd" system. I'
is undcrstoo:! tht-se will than undortake
thu work in the Dominion. The training wilt be for boys between tiino And
fourteen years of age in public schools.
This will bean admirable preparation
n particular for s*,ich employment-* as
(Sarpenrry, calunet making, building
constructions, fine inatal work, wood
bud stone carving and modelling, For
boys of mttuhanicai aptitude this has a
\Vide range of possibilities. One of
these schools is to bo established in
Calgary, and another in somo place in
D. C. but whero, is not yet sealed.
AL CLAIM WW.      ^
tiie wiilsTLErt Fractional MIn-
Situate In tlte Uolden Mining DivHIen of
North East Kootenay Dlsirict.  Wbhro
.fW-atod-NvM the bend of tile Middle
Vork of the SpUUniacliene River. .
Take wtlee.tfjat.wv, Wil]iam MtiNeW,of
Certificate No. 7lfttA,andThptaullvNNUglit
of Oolden, Administrator In tlte Estatd of tbe
late Harry 0. Woodley. Free Miners Cerlt-
Jtiti*. No. &8WA, iatend 00 dart from tbe
ate hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
tor a Certificate of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining a Crowu Grant of tbe
above claim. -
And further take notice that action under
section It?-must bo commenced btJfnre tlte
insiianeo of lueliCertfffca to of Improvement!.
Dated this liOth day of August }60U.
THOMAS TODD. Admlnistraton
THUS. UcNAUUHT, Admlnibtratrt.
Rubber Stamps.
Ordors for Rubber Stamps and Seals will U
received at the ��Otl��& Eiu-Offlc* aw!
executed with promptitude.
Limited Liability.
I^ho followina admirably written
article is from tho pem of H,n\ II, It.
'hirner. cf Gulden, and appeal*.-* in
'��� Work for tiie Far Wast," a quarterly
magazine of the Church of i'inghnd: ���
'���The traveller from the Atlantic to
tbe Paciflo by the Uhradian Paciflo
Hallway will, itfi*.!t* abont four daya*
journey, reach the summit of thu
Rockieii After a dny uml a half of
inonotoHous pruiriG, he will find himself ill the midst of sublime scenery, a
siltscesuioi) of enchanting sights, t>f
surprises of nature and enghteefilig,
continuing until in thirty hours lie
reaches Vancouver, the terminus of tlm
railwny. At thesummii of the Rockies
he will enter the provlhbe of British
Columbia nnd tltfl diocese of New
Westminster, ��tlJ tllQ Hint parish it
the missionary district of Donald and
Goldeu. As the train carefully creeps
for fifty miloS doitfn the western tlope
of the mountains, tunning rartflf with
the tortuous nnd rapid Wapta, the
euphonious Indian name ef tbt river
jrcltpt by tha ifltMern bsrbariani the
Kicking Hore-Jf now plunging into
tonnels throtigH projecting spurs, now
crawling round curves of hitherto
unknown radii, and finally for Mven
miles struggling with .the WaptA for
tht postestitfn of the bottom o^a deep
and narrow canyon, he will And him-
self suddenly ushered into the valley
th rongh which the river Columbia is
flowing on its 1,500 miles course to the
Paolfle. Here is the village, or, as it
loves to bo called, the town of Goldtfn.
Coming down tbis fifty miles of apparently useless country, rough and rugged Ip the oxtr'eirtc, ht will past Field,
a purtly railway village*, where there
It �� large hotel for tourists, and a
restrvt of assisting locomotives is kept
throo being Ronerally required for
,pAff��eneer trains going up tho moun
tains, and two large saw mills employ-
iiirf many hands. Passing on down
the valley he will como to Douald,
until recently the home of many railway officials and the site ofen^ifre
repairing shop*. The railway company
bave in their wisdom moved tho shops
to another place, tho officials have
folIoY-veS, and Donald is fast becoming
tbe habitation 6f bats and owls. There
is a lovely little church, which cannot
be left with tho bats and owls, .but
will be removed to some more populous
centre. Still pas-sinj; ou down the
beautiful Columbia to Itoavcnnouth,
wh��t*e there is a large saw mill an I a
small colony, of whom very few aro
church people, he will turn up the
lovely Beaver valley to climb tho
Selkirk's, passing over bridges of dizzy
heights, through miles of snowsheds,
and linally reaching the summit at
Roger's Pass, a purely railway village,
where a reserve of assisting engines,
known as " pushers;" is kept, ui:d
situated in a veritabta crack through
the Selkirks at nn altitude of S/OCO feetj
above thtn sea, the scene of the terrible
avalanche ot last winter, which wiped
out the engine-house nnd station, overwhelming eight pcrsonr, Thia ti the
western end of tbo parish, IOU miles
(To be tf'ftiituitted.)
Telephone to Wladenftsra.   .
The promoters' sto-jlc ol the Eist
Kootenay Talephono Company has
been more than than fully subscribed'
The directors hud fixed ou the first of
December as the date whon subscriptions for ths promoters' stock should
be closed. They have now been obliged
to clsae tholibt, A.s Hiibscriptiorfa over
the amout fixed upon have been sent
The capital stock of the company
hss bern fixed at the moderate sum of
���50,000, divided into 10,000 share of.
|5 each,
the undertaking tho Company has
entered upon It a very extensive one ���
the construction of telephone lines
ibrtighout East Kootenay. Their
efforts have been more than justified.
rfm every pan of East Kooteuuy��� a
district larger in extent than \Wh\
���>��� |'H6*flto-y*-*- where busy centres ore
springing- np which will shortly rival
the important tofiw of West Knote-
li'rijfj applications are coming iu for
telephone communication. Penile, in
I'the eastern hounds, whose population
numbers thousand", has Wn tbe earliest applicrjit. The Crow's Xust coal
ffrilda have uiadB this fowti tha most
populous in Kast Kootenay, and i' is
only ii few short years whin it will be
the largest town in the Kooienuys.
Tiie ffrst pnrt of tho company's
tohe.us will b.i the making of the trunk
line between 'Golden nnd Windermete
district, which is now tho foremaht
mining centre in Southern British
Columbia, and connections with tbe
mining towns of Canterbury, Athalmer
Windermere, Peterborough und Boulder. Aftof^this is complete t we understand the comp'iny hnve H-t-cd on either
Cranbrook or Port Steele as a main
centre to operate lines from iu various
directions���west, east aud *ouih. Going west there is the great mining
town of Movie, while eastwards there
is Wardner and Blkoi with ita smelter
site, and fo the north Itimbericy and
Wasa. These nre the Important chief
mining centres and do not include tha
numerous subsidiary mining camps
und tou us thut are rapidly coming to
the front.
As soon os ths charti-r is otjtainSd
the company will go ahead with the
first part of their system.
(From oar Owu Corrcsreinlout.)
Worjt ti progressing vfltfy favorably
en the waggon road from Athalmer up
Toby Creek. Tom Martin Is foreman
for tmi contract taken by II. A. Kimpton and W, Utin-u'd for the contract.
tnktH by Hon. P, W. Alymer 0. ti.
The Government is supplying a vitlii-
nble waggon road to this dirtrict with
very little cost.
l*��terborough town 'ois nro In do-
inati.l buildings nro giing up all tho
lime. Thn Rod Liueoi-e wilt ba shipped
via Peterborough.
II. P. Colltftt hns \6t rt contract for
an office and stable dt Peterborough.
T. ll. Trtylof C. El. intends erecting
ah cffbifl ai> Peterborough.
Frnnk Dargis Prop, of tho Athalmer
Houho ha-* oomplo'ul a large stable to
be uied in connection with lha   hotel.
(From our Own CorreapoVdlfitll
lira. J. 0, Pitts and family returned
last Sunday,- lifter a month's pleasura
trip thi'Bugn East  Kootenay,   "There
is no place like home."
Messrs. J, C. Pitta and It. IV. Patmore. have been busy having the ung-
ilsh Church man*;? taken ilo'wh and
shipped te Golden this tve-ek.
Tho old Oddfellows Hall, is also
being taken down umlor the supervision
��f Mr. Caldwell, which will bo rebuilt
In Golden, I understand (or Are hall
Donnldilcs ate busy making preparations lor winter, Mr. Baines boing
rushed to meet the demand for tho win-
Mt't supi-ly of wroil.
John Henderson has gone^ut toCar-
bonate Mountain to do development
work on a galoua property in which
he ami Mr. Potersan. of Trail are interested.
Tho shaft on the Pretty Girl, the
property of the NeV "Oolden Britjflh
Columbia Limited walfi down 6H feet
when tbe foreman -John Henderson,
stopped work. The mine was looking
welt, with a body of gray copper ore
showing for n width of l2\ tint, and
giving the fine assay returns of:--gold
$2; silver 50 ozs; copper LM per cent, ���
The Certainty CrMd and Mining
Company have'6ampiofed their road to
connect i ho Pornhyry and Iron Hill
Mine with Golden. As soon as tho
freighting contract is arranged a hoisting plant and cable tramway will bo
shipped in and put in position to push
on work. Siables, assay ofiico oro-
dressing house nnd loading, station are
hping *bnllt nt the mi no. On Holiday
morning work o'h tiie mine itself resumed to go on night and day in twelve
eight hour shifts. The two main development tunnels will be continued
and drifts have now been started north
and south on the main ore chute, from
which stoping of oro for shipment will
be begun next week.
The dlfe>s#6 *f tire OjHthtVv Gold
and Mining Company paid thoir engineer, E. A. Haggen a high compliment
in their report which wns presented to
the shareholders at the resent meeting
and from which the following is an
extract:���''This report establishes the
fact that a large amount of work was,
performed during the four months eX-}
istence of tl.'o Coinpnny, and, Gentleman, ine largest part r*t that large
amount of work was performed by Mr.
E. A. Haggen, the engineer of the Company. Your directors contend that the
Company is so far a success, and if
success thrre be, the Company owes it
to the ability, to the constant aud
hard iaber, And to the unceasing de-
votednifci ct Mr, E, A. Hugs n. Your
Directors are pleat el to pay bim, this
public tributeof gratitude, which they
hope, will be endorsed bv the shareholders."
Tt is reported that the Doers lost 8(&
killed, -wounded... and captured in att
engagement on Fathamtfi (arm, nee**'
Ladysmith, last Thursday. Theoltemy
mado another attack on Friday bus
weirs "ffgain driven ^twrk with heavy
Gunnery Lieutenant Egerton, of H.
M.S. .Powerful, ts dead from wounds
received in action,
On Sunday ln.it Boej*s were ngaiji
defeated at LadyamitTi, beirt^- cut off
in every direction and were cut t'o
pjeoos, Two thousand of their number
suvVeAdored to the Britisli forces
Troops ai-o oxp?ctcd hourly at tlfo
. The latost news is to the effect that
Kimboiiey and Mafeking ate both safo.
Lsdystrntji is crowded with Boar prisoners of war. Everything ia beginning to look brighter.
Sopial and Athletic CluK
The fen-rfttft class, under the able
instruction of Mr. Evans as maiti-e des
amies, is grow'iigl.*yi- ' ."*.bors and
rapidly acquiring skfi in tha use of
-the foil. The members aro already
discussing the relative merits or the
guards and are beedtning quitid fnwiilai;
with "certc," "tievce," "seml-oircle'*
aud ������secomio." A fencing tournament
will be held about Christmas in which
all the members will contest with each
other for championship hollow-. The
art of fencing labors under thu disad
Vantage of having smVivod tluusis
which 'called it into being ; for since
the Jays of duelling havei'tmscd, whan
it was a v ital part of tfraining of every
gentleman, fencing has sunk to be a
pastime, although centuries of au&ioua
care hAyb been lavish-uden evtsi-y dr'.ail
of tW'ol-'d play, Sports deserve to rank
in order of precedence in proportion as
tbey bring into play the qualities of tie
mind as well ns those of the body,
Fencing calls for and puts into play-
many valuable qualifications-intSlii,
gjiice, temper, patience, quickness,
condition aud balance ; rapid thinking,
planning of attacks and swiftness of
execution aW essential requisite fur a
good fencer. Among the physical
powers peculiarly developed hy fencing
may be tnentlonud especially thu use of
tbe hand, wrist aud lingers, which
play as important a part hers na tbey
do in performing im it niusic.il iostru-
tit'Siit. Ail dcli&acy and tineuess- such
as neatness in parrying, quickness and
closeness in passing a diseugago and
the like, depend on ihe free uso ot the
fingers nnd wrist. Then again, there
is tlio training of the eye in anticipating attack, detecting openings ami Um
accuacte measiiremeui of distance. The
position of the body alBo, forced well
down on tlio knees, giv*s pliability to
tho limbs and authority to the niovo-
tnonts; and, above nil, tho erect carriage of tho head and the bt'tttJitig back
of thn ihouldet'S, pull a mun together
and develop his phyatea) powers, tending iti establish a free upright bearing
verv different from the shambling
hand-ill the*pocket style too cmu.noii
now a days.
Tho loag talked opening or the club
will bo hold in the Alexander Hall ou
Friday evening next, 17th, An excel*
I0.1t entortuinineut will bs provided
consisting of music, snugs, recitations,
boxing and fencing exhibitions, con
eluding with a hiuuhabU comedy.
"Tho Limerick Btyn ty members of
the Dramatic Club. The last rehearsal
of this play rellected great credit ou all
taking part and another week's practice will ensure a most successful pct-
formanco. After the entertainment is
orer there will ba refresh incuts, followed by a dancot
Wedding- Bells.
At Revelstoke on Nov&rabbr 1st, U
quiet wfcdAing took place at the Presbyterian Mau'se, when Usv. J. Frate'r
Evanu, B.A., was uuiied in marriage
to Miss Margaret Emma McRoberts, of
Novar, Ont. Mr. Evan's and wife
returned to their home in Golden oh
Thui'sduy. Tub EftA with tfte many
friends of the happy couple extends it
right loyal welcome and hopes they
will be spared many years of happy
wedded life.
NOTICE is hereby gircu tbat M day*
afterdate wo Intend to apply to the Ohm
Commissioner of I.aiids and Worko at Victoria
for (ho foUoi-^iig t*mber.iensb:-S.tuatod o\\
ihe west si-rib ot Windermere Lake, East
Kootenay District-, t-onuiieinilug a\ a post
planted at the S.W. corner of lot :i47, thenct*
east "lOchatns, thenee south 80 chains, ttience
went 89 chain**, thonco B-drth li!0 chainst
thence oaat40 chains, them-e touth 40IhaiiE
to place ot coDini'ineem^iit, contsiidug dJG
acres mora or lew.  . .
DAVID HALE.    .,.
Goldeu, SoV-. P>, im.
NOTICE is hp.n-hy given tbat **b tlkft
tiftsj il.-1", wo intend to mako application fe
the Chlor Conurffejoner of Lands nud Worltl
ibr n Hpb'.hi!, Ib;wi��'b to i-.iit andcafryaway
timber Irom tlio lu'lmviug describod laiidM-i-
SituatH'I on Uoulder CrpeK, in tho District of
Kast ICootenay, at or near tho Forks of taunt;
coiimioucing at a atake plnnted ahont 10(1
ranis east of tho vre��lc, thence IGO chains
Boutb, tbetwo ev'.' chains west, thortb lw
EhflinS north*, tutucb fi"i-. chains i��a��t to plac'd
ofconmonueraeut,couhuidug t-tiOari-os mon
or less.
Winder&ttro, Oct. -20, iS'jlt.
NOTICE is hereby given ]bht ;.!t crcditoi%
and persona having claims agaiiifl the ests6i
of Edith .lahr, Into ot Gdltten, H.C., are ro-
ouirad to Bend to (Jeoi'go S, McCarter, Eaq-,
ftan'lutbf, Ht Itevslstoko, Iltt'.j solicitor mr
Mn I col in IlIcKl)i):;ib, Adniinistriiinr of this
estate, full (Jlirtifiulhraef mieh rlahna on or
before thBilfith dav i-t' NovSnuter, lSUft arid
thnt after iho said h'th November. 1W9 tlifi
sail] Adiiiiuiatratuf will .proco'Ml to distribute
Piitil fetutb .timofg-ft tlle . persttus entlilotj
thnretn. having rt-gai'd only to those claiina
of which the said Ailniir.i^trator slititl then
have not.ro and that tha -said Administrator
will not ho llnhle for thu prnreefla of aa��
estate or any pari llioroofsa distributed fd
any portion of whose claim thS i<;.i*l Adininiv
trator sluill nut ha\c> )md imtico at the time at
tlibdlstrlbnlloti tHefbof-
Duted (his t:ith day of October, A.D., 19��,
nlO Solicitor for sa'd Administrator.
tragedy at Calsrapy.
The people of Calgary were horritied
last Saturday afternoon by tho news
of the tlieoting of George Gonin, a
prominent auctioneer and commission
agent and a noterf tfiticen. The ehoot-
ing was dono hy his partner iu business, E. A. Harris, who came to Cal-
galry last eitnmer. Harris Uisooverfcd
Gonin in what be supposed iinpfQjior
relations with his (Harris') wife nnd
shot him several times, inflicting aeri-
ofts wounds in tlio abdomen* Which' rt
was found necessary to ejerate upon.
At last accounts Gonin waa in e. critical condition and strft Sinking.
Harris gave himself up to the police
hut hat been reversed on bail of (t400f).
Mrs. Harris was also taken iu ebnrgo
nvi -fcottttd ever to e\.%v,t irb��r-e��Hed.
NOTICE is HBfaW givdi th;it an Hppliestinh
will lib nuiub m tha Legislative Auoutblyef
tbo Province of itrllish t'otumliiaatitsnR^t
session for an Act to incorporate a vumpsny
with powor to construct, ivjiiin. mniiit.-iiu ami
opnrate a linn or lines of tclnpltohu itluctrieal
works, |KiWer hnufea, j.-ener.tion plant and
all such other aPpliancHM as art noceattary
and prober for the irei 0'aHnti of 1 ler.triei'tv
nr ��� nli! r i��iih y nnd tri.iionitting the naniV
within mid throtighiiiit ton D:.��t ic.
uf Eiwt RBotenay im lie varlunj
townsites in tho mil dir* trirt :f\
tho Company from tim* to time di>
torrom-uft and lo conilriift, inaintnin ami
i��r.uniit' tho samo along tho sites nt, and
across or undor ii'ij- lugliway, streets, nub'iu
bridges, or any aiiull phteori ht the said <lw-
trfct as lho Company from timo to Hum do.
tfrmiuos. and to construct, eren ami nmiti-
laln such and t>o many onle* arid other work*
and rtoviuosoa thoCompanyiteoaianeeesaary
fur making cqiitnletlnjrj.supporting, iisinir,
workinjr, upernthig aiid iniiintaiiiing the
s>-j*t*��ui f.f ���i'onininntL-ation hy teloptx n6
or electrical works, powor bouse,* generating ) lint and otlier appb'uucea, awl
to open or break np any part or parta^f ll*
MM highways ivr Kfstm ai ofibn as the utt
ConijCtny, iia agonts, ofHcen or worknten
think proper, nhd for tiie pnrp-vesof tah
undertaking to purchaso, s-rniure.or loasli
and hold ami sell nnd dispo>Kotor sittTtndty
lands, htithlmg^ or t-flrieaTcpts within ih^
Knii<Kiifoi*osH(il aiul to porchasoorloaiielftV
any ter'm 4tf ywnr.i, my tmepmat lino eatab-
lishe.t or to oti ei>tr,t>lit<i*��it in Biittsh Calnnt;
bis, eomiocting or t�� bo eoonoclod withtfijM
lines which the Company maycoa'itrurt sen
to pnrcha.se or lease for any mnn ta yean tMi
light tit* nuy company to const met aud mum'''
taru an* sin-h i&lephonoline and to amalgam-
Ate wiiTi or lease hs line or h'ntw, or any por*
tion or portions thereof to anyfcompanj'
ponses-shtg* 11s f��nip4-i(t>ov nny line of telephone mmimmi-atii>ii muna'ting, or to \M
eonnetited mitt iho said Omphby)] linoer
lines and w t'l-iJMrt* Uy. l>.hi'ian.6s,i'riri|ftria
orotlior ithti t'roiu .*ii.v^jmfimiis or Itofm
corporate, end wh h' all w fftr usual, -nr^ttParV
or iiickiontiH rights,' ptwoi-x or pflvaei^M'^V
may. bo neerfisnry or hnirlnnfatov ruMWii-^'
lo tee .ituntiuclit of lha abbve ubjecls'br ati^
Cl them.
Dated UilitCih day of Ombliria��.
'���� ��3K��Nt��i*-i'fcr %he .Vn^H-^�� BRITISH HEROES.
Official List of Casualties Among the
Onicers-Gen. Kock Dies In the
Hospital at Ladysmlth.
London, Nov. 3. ��� General Sit
Georgo Stewart White has oabled the
war office that in tbe engagement on
Farquhar's farm, near Ludysmith, on
Oot 30, when Lieuteuant-ColouelCarl*
Iou'b column waa compelled tosurrend'
er, six officers were killed and nine
wounded. Among the uon-commiS'
siouurt officers and men the casualties
were 54 iu killed and 231 wounded.
London, Nov. 8.���At 12.40 yesterday morning the war office issued the1
test of tho dispatch which is dated
Lndyamith, November 2, 10 a.m., giv
ing the list of casualties among the
offiei'is, which is aa follows: Royal
Artillery���Killed: Lieut. J. T. Mo-
DouruII; wounded, Major Jno. Daw*
kins, slightly; Lieut. Hurry Belcher,
Kings Royal Rifle corps���Killed,
M.jor W. T. Myers, Lieut. H S.
Marcden and Lieut. T. L. Forster;
wouuded, Major Henry E. Buchanan-
Biddell uud Lieut. II. U. Jalmsou, both
stvi rely.
Royal Irish Fusiliers ��� Wouuded,
Capt. G. B. II Utce and Oapt. W. B
Silver, both severely.
Gloucester regiment-Wounded, Capt.
S Willcock, Capt. B. O'Fyffe and Oapt.
P. 8. Stayner, all severely.
Natal Mounted Ui ties���Killed, Lieut.
Wm. Chapmuu, Medical corps, killed,
Major Krtwnrd Gray
Thu morning pupers nro divided in
opinion us to whether Sir Geo. White's
latest account of the caBnnlties includes,
tho losses of Lieut.-Col. Carlton's
column beforo its surrender The pro-
pouderauce of opinion is inclined to
believe that these are not included,
eiuc ��� if they were Geueral White would
probnidy havo ni"iitioiud the fait
The Daily News has a dispatch this
morning fr mi Ladysmith dated Tuesday at 10.80 a.m., which gives the first
independent account of the cutting off
ot Lieut.-Col Carlton's column in the
engagement at Farquhar's farm. The
correspondent says the column was sent
out Sunday irght, made a wide detour,
aud reached the spurs of the Drakens-
berg before dawn. Colonel Carlton
stormed tne heights wilh the bayonet
aud maintained his position against
great odds until his ammunition was
exhausted aud surrender had become inevitable. Nearly two hundred had then
been killed and wouuded."
A dispatch to the Daily Telegraph
from Ladysmith,' Med Monday night,
giving a description of the battle, suys
a smiJiarmule stampede occurred to
Lieut-Col, Grimwcod's col'imi on the
Bulwan side. The ammunition wat
lost, but our infantry quite held their
own. It was a serious misfortune thit
the Powerful's bluejackets were not
summoned sooner, as the result of tho
engagement would have neen different,
DrltUli Fl��t-ClaM Hattloihlji Christened
liy Hi*. Joseph Chamlierlalu
������ Venerable."
Chatham, Eng., Nov. 2. ��� The
launching of the British first-clnsa
battleship Venerable here, today, waa
accompanied by scenes of unusual enthusiasm. The christening was performed by Mra. Joseph Chamberlain
who was accompanied by her husband,
the British secretary for the colonies.
They received n great ovation. The
daughter of Sir Wm. Henry White, director of nnval cons*ruction, presented
Mrs. Chamberlain with n magiiificeut
bouquet, antl, takiug a chiset and
mallet in her hands, Mrs. Ohauiberhiin
successf-lly served tho cord, releasing
the warship from its ways, at thu samo
time breaking a bottle of wine over its
bows, saying, "I name tho Venerable."
Great choers weut up from the as-
sembled crowds when the ship gilded
(���into the wnter and tho land sttnek up
"Life on the Ocean Wave," followed
by "Rule Britannia ;' The guests iu-
cli-ded the first .ord of the admiralty,
Mr. G. J. Goschen aud other naval
men. Tbe admiral iu charge of tho
dock yard entertained tbe distinguished
party at luncheon.
Kltnbcrley Surrounded.
Hopo Town, Capo Colouy, Nov. 3.���
Magistrate Hnrsmworth haa arrived
from Klipdam nud reports that there
aro tix thousand Boers around Kimber-
ley and all tbe roads are strictly
patrolled. Ho says he passed close
enough to Kimberley to see the searchlights, was informed that the defenders of Kimberley were satisfied they
could hold out, but wore weaiied with
the inactivity and hoped thut a relieving force would soou arrive. Stories
of the Boer victories have spread
rapidly along the western border uud
Mugistrato Harmsworth states that
over half of the Dutch residents of
Beohnanaland and Griqualand will join
tha Boers after the declaration of annexation.
OupeTown, Oct. 31,���Delayed in
transmission���It ia asserted tbat 3,000
Boers have collected at Bethulio
bridge, near Kiuicerley, under Field
Cornet Dutoit. The Orange river is
now in full flood nnd fording is reported to bo impossible.
London, Nov. a.���Au official telegram reporting the condition of the
wounded at Kimberley adds tbat Col.
Kekewitcb, the British rominauder
there, has learned from various sour es
that the Boer losses on the occasion of
the late aortic of tho British troops
from Kimberley were very heavy.
Loudon. Nov. 8.��� Tho war office has
jnst informed the Associated Press tbat
a dispatch has been received from the
governor of Natal, Sir Walter Francis
Healy-Hutchinson, announcing lhat
commuuicntion with Ladysmith has
been interrupted since half-past two
o'clock this afternoon. This is not regarded by the war office, however, as in
any wise confirming tho rumors of a
complete investment of Ladysmith or
the capture of Colonso.
London, Nov. ?.��� Lieut. General
Chas. Wright Youugbusband, retired,
is dead.   Hewfls born Joue 20,. J g31.
Buffulo.Nov. 8.���Duncan Robertson,
a young man from Hamilton, Out, was
arrested by Immigration Inspector De
Barry when he arrived in Buffalo Tuesday night, on his way to Worcester,
Muss. Mr. Da Barry investigated and
found that Robertson was violating the
contract labor law.
.   m
Special dispatches from Ladysmith
duted Tuesday give further details re
gar :ing the renewal of tho bombard*
ment. The Boers, having reoccupied
their old positions, remounted big
guns. Their firing was accurate, bnt
almost hurmle-s. Some of the troops
were slightly injured by splinters,
Lieut. F. G. Eger.on m d his men from
the Poweiful did splendid work nud
quickly silenced the Boers' guns. The
Boers acknowledge having suffered
heavy loses in men and horses in the
previous battle.
Geu Jan H. Kock, who wsb seiond
in co;i maud in the Transvaal forces,
wbo was wt untied in the buttle of
Elandsluagte, died in tbe hospital at
Ludysmith on Monday night.
Ntws bus reached Gen. White that
M feking is closely besieged, uud that
the Boers havo successfully repulsed
the ponies. The surrender of Mafeking is cxp oted. It is also confirmed
that tl.e Free Staters seized Colensbnrg.
London, Nov. 8.��� Again ii i*nsserted
at Aldershot thnt the mobilization of a
b cond army corps will begin on Nov.
10, and that tho whole reserves of the
transport branch of this army corps will
be called out. A composite detachment of Roynl Marines will be formed
At Portsmouth, consisting ot experienced
men for inland Servian iu South Africe.
fit. Michaels, Azores, Nov. 8.���Tht
Danish tteanier Polar St. Jernen,
Oapt. Nielsen, from New Vork Ootober
8 for Copenhagen, has arrived here
with her thaft brokeu and propeller
gone, In tow of the German steamer
Chicago, Not. 8.���Three men are
now known to have peri-shed and three
others are reported missing as tht re-
stilt of the collapse of a seven story
bnilding at 189 and 141 West take
street.    Abont 1200,000 damage wai
Montreal, Hot. 3.��� marly tbis morning lis men entered the premises of tht
Canadian Brewing Co., Delorimier
avenue, bound and gagged the night
watchman, and blew open the two
safes, lecturing abont $300 in cash.
Brandon, Man, Nov. 8.���The death
oocurred yetterday of ont of Brandon't
bright yonng business men, William O.
Onrrit, proprietor of Onrritfi muslo
���tort. Dooaaied wat abont 85 yean of
age and ia a ton of William Carrie,
bailiff. Ha wat taken ill only six dayi
ago Wi* ttfJwW ftver.
FrlUn.v, November 8.
The Ontario W, C. T, U. has elected
Levior Doty, ol Chicago, has tailed
tor |S,000,000t
Dr. Parson*-*, of Knox church, TON
onto, will rcwii**!! iu   April.
Messrs. I'atei'aon anil l.oirnn nUdrcasad
a Invge ;utlilic mooting at lluiwa-jv.iln.
I'ln- Urltisti first-class liatticshii) "Venerable" was launched at Chatham, Eng.
Several Yukon iteamera are wrecked In
tho lei* owing to a eiulden clog in the
SlcsurR, Siflon, ratcrfon, Frneer nud
Logan addressed a largi. invfting of nice,
turn ut Mollta.
Slocan laiae owners havo Imported
Italian labor front tho Staled uud a
strike hai   resulted.
The Sharkey.Jetirlea tight comes off
tc-nii;!it iu New Vork. Doth men are
in good condition.
Tin* German press is asking the 'jer.
man iieople lo reconcile tlu-niHelvea to
the coming Iohh uf   Saiuon,
VatlBtor, the lather und lum! nnd. lie.
cum I of the fiml murder at Kganvtlle,
Oui., lias committed Kiilcidf,
Negotiations for the partition of
Samoa are proceeding rapidly between
DiUaiii, United States und Germany,
The Midnight Sim may Lo equipped >is
an hospital ulii)) for South Air leu under
direction of   tliu TrinceHS of   Wales.
Davis, the dctielhu, gave evidence at
tlm Anderson trliil in Winnipeg, uud was
severely cross-examined hy Mr. llngci.
The U. S, tinny rasualliea for the lliir-
teen   inrmthN   ending    June    -HMii.  1MIU,
wern 10,070, of which o.olu wete death*,
Col, Domvllle ha* naked permission
from Lord Minto lo raise u corns of
cavalry la Canada for fcioulh African
The Salvation Army members wetroin
cd tc Winnipeg the new eommauder-'i of
the Northwest forces, .Major ind Mrs.
Sou thall.
A Newfoundland t-ouMtiuu; steamer
which went lo the wreck of the Scots,
man. la believed to have foundered with
all on hoard.
Dixon got the decision over Cm ley in
New York, at the end of lho 20l.li
round for the fen ther weigh I champion*
whip ot  tbe world.
Fowls require plenty of bulky food.
Parched wheat la good fur sick fowls.
He sure to bave tbe poultry house comfortable, roomy nud well veutllatcd.
Do not allow tbo drinking fountain to
stand lu tbe same place all tbe time.
It Is rarely advisable to attempt to
keep Brahmas and Lcgboros together.
There la no sure cure for the habit of
feather pulling but to kill the guilty bens.
Eggs turned onco e week will keep
much longer than tbose left undisturbed.
Tbe objection to wood atdic* In tbo dust
bath Is that it Is too caustic and Irritates
the skin.
Oats scalded at night and allowed to
remain until morning make a good
change of diet.
To havo good, ttroug, healthy, vigorous
chicks you must hare good, healthy
breeding birds.
A young goose tbat has not fully completed Its growth can rarely be fed too
liberally, as they will oot become vory
fat until fully matured.
The Brahma Is voracious and wil) eat
more than tbe Leghorn If food is provided to both alike. Tbe Brahma is, therefore, readily fattened. Tbe Leghorn it
more active tnd prefers to bare a fret
range. ,
The Mule Batteries Also Keturnlng-
Reported den. Bntler Has Uft
Capetown for Udysmllh.
London, Nov. 2. ���The breaking down
of the Delngoa cable route, combined
with the mouopolmtion of the available telegraph lines by the government
aud the state officer**, is responsible for
tbe fact Unit nothing further lias arrived from South Africa.
Up to midnight nothing had been received concerning Monday's casualties.
Tbe war oflice officials are working under great strain. Oaptain Perriott,
stuff captaiu to the military secretary,
has jnst died, his tud being hastened by
anxiety and overwork.
An unconfirmed statement is published thnt General Sir Redvers Buller
ban left Capo Town for Ladysmith. A
belated dispatch from Ludysmith describing Monday's fight says: "Acouple
of squadrons of Hussars had a narrow
escape from disaster early in Ihe day.
They found themselves, suddenly confronted within etiay range by au overwhelming force of Boers, wbo seemed
to spring from tho bowels of tbe earth.
The Hussars were splendidly disciplined and wero extricated with only
one man wounded."
A special dispatch from Pictermaritz-
burg, Nntal, dated Tuesday morning,
rays: Smugglers from the Gloucestershire regiment nre arriving at Ladysmith. A nnmber of mules, with a
portion of the mountain battery, are
also comiu�� in,"
London, Nov. 3.-���The Queen is credited with expressing sincere sympathy
for Sir Goorge Stewart White aud the
officials aro iu nowise inclined to judge
him harshly. So far as thu publio is
concerned, however, while gratification Ih felt at the manner iu which the
isolated battnlious sur.endered, there Is
still severe criticism for Geueral White
and Lieut Ool. Carlton for allowing
tbeir columu to get out of touch by the
abseuce of proper scouting and for uot
retiring whou lhe ammunition wagon
was lost. Iu favor of Lieut.-Col, Carlton the explanation is hazarded that he
believed it was imperative to the success of General White's operations that
he should hold the position at Nicholson's Nek.
The Morning Post comments severely
upon the British contempt for the
enemy, us shown by the belief that the
large Boer force at Acton Homes conld
be held in check by Carlton's small
column. It points out that, even if the
British there bnd been supplied with
ammnuition, they could only hold ont
a few hours longer, inasmuch as they
were iu tbo mest complete sense, detached, and because i.obody npparontly
at Ladysmith hud uny idea of their
distress, or took measures to rescue
them. The columu was sacrificed, says
tho Post, becau-e it was sent into action gagged and blindfolded. It had
neither scout nor patrol. Twelve huu-
dred men were thrown fRWiyTBf luck
of cavalry, which would not have been
missed from another part of tbe field.
Loudon, Nov. 2.���Tho gloom caused
by the British disaster at Ladysmith is
in a measure relieved by today's story
giving an account of thu heroic stand
made by the decimated battalions until
their last cartridge was shot British
nerve was momentarily shaken by Gen.
White's use of the word "capitulate"
in his first telegram, bnt it is now
known the Gloucester! and Fusiliers
fought buck to the wall against overwhelming odds, and upheld the best
tradtiiuns of the British army. The
tension hot been relieved, since there is
no longer any ground for the lott of
life nud men being accompanied by
dishonor. Details today show the catastrophe in a brighter aspect. Tbe foil
battalions were uot engaged and therefore tne list of prisoners has been materially reduced. While tbe disaster
now appears to have not been ao muoh
in consequence of defects in tbe plan of
action aa a misfortune wheveuy the
column was deprived of its am muni
tion. Still, it seems incomprehensible
why the plight of tbe luckless column
was not known at headquarters as tbe
seen ��� of tbo surrender was apparently
only about three miles northwest of
Ladysmith, and Lieut.-Col. Carlton
moat have expected relief tq reach him,
or instead of attempting to occupy a
defensive position he would have retraced his steps to Ladysmith when he
suffered the fatal loss of hii ammunition. Apart fiom General White's
statement that the losses aro very numerous, there is nolhiug to indicate the
extent except a vague report to the
effect that tho soldier wbo brought tbe
news to Ladysmith said the British
dead aud wounded were lying in heaps
and hundreds needed doctors. The
oouolndiug sentence in General White's
dispatch, relative to the safety of Lady
itnuh, li received here with a certain
reserve in view of tbe faot that similar
official auuraucei were given recently
at Dundee and Glencoe, and there li
interne anxiety for furtUr newt of tbt
reported renewed atta k, wbich it not
mentioned in official dispatches.
Fatal Holler Explosion.
Sheffield, Eng., Nor.   3.���A boiler
explosion at the steel works ot Southern
tb Rlohardion bere this morning, killed
four and injured twenty ikkoui,
Colon, Colombia, Not. 8.���A report
bu reached bere that on Oet. 94 two
armed government i teamen destroyed
seven insurgent vessels, one of the latter sinking with, it is rumored, 300
soldiers. Tbe government troops wen
victorious In a pitched battle with tbt
insurgents uear Bucarainoug.
Ottawa, Nov. 8.���It li jnst probable
that lhe Canadian government will
make another offer of troops to tht Imperial authorities to aid and assist Her
Majesty's foroet in the Tranivaal. Tbit
ii now nnder consideration, on account
of the disaster at Ladysmith. If inch
an offer ii made there will be no trouble
In raiting a regiment
London, Nov. 8.���Tht morning pap-
era comment, with tbe greatest aitl'fao-
tion, npon Canada's suggestion regarding tho lending of a teoond contingent
to Booth Africa.
Thursday, November S.
Itaptd work Is in progress on ihe Irrigation canal nt i'.irilsui.i, Alta.
Indication* T.oiut to mi early election
Daroii Hy Hon, of   Huglnnd, la dead.
Mrs. J. StoSvmt :;ud Lady Tapper wore
In|ured In a runaway accident in WlnttU
Jos, II. Harris, t-x-president ol the
Wiuuipeg grain i xchaiigo. died in Toronto,
Several memt ers ola New York gold
proupectlnn party lon their lives in
Tuesday':-* hun-icnue along the Atlantic
coast did much damage to united States
Major Kouthall and wife will lie the
new Solvation Army coiiiinnuders In the
Four persons wero killed and twenty
other* injured nt a i oiler explosion it
.Sheffield, Eng.
A large meeting of electors listened to
addresses hy Messrs, Sifton, Logan and
other* at EfotlHi,
The American Ladies' hospital ship
fund for .South African service, now
amounth to ��8,000.
Kir. William Vaster and daughter, of
Kgaiivllle, out., Ilstriet, were murdered
hy unknown persona.
Tlio steamer Geo. L. Colwell foundered
off the South Carolina coaat and only
the captain was saved.
Planter*- In the i'escayan district,
Philippines, are now pnisalag their work
free irom the raids ot   hrtgunds.
The British caliiuet had u in-let meeting and afterwards tlio defence committee conferred with Lord Wolseley,
Three men were killed aud three are
missing as the result of a collapse of a
seven store}   hulldlng in   Chicago.
The feelings of the Urtllsh people have
hum greatly stirred hy the exhibition of
Satrlotlsm at the farewell to the Cana-
lan  contingent  at  Quebec,
LmI.vhiii1|]i Onrrl-on t-onliilcnt ��� Brltl.h
Have Two aO-Ponnd.ia nml th.
Boer* 40.Poi.iide*--.
Ladypaitli, Nov. 1.-A heavy artillery
engagement was fought at Ladysmith
yesterday and Btill continue.. The British hae two naal gnus, 50 pounders,
a nd the Boers have 40 pounders. The
oity is olosly Invested.
London, November 2���It Is announced in a speoial dispatch from
Ladysmith tbat tho Boers again olosed
aronnd that plaoe Monday night, sending shells into the British camp. The
two guns landed from the British
cruiser Powerful opened fire on the
Boers at dawn on Tuesday. The Boen
brought up more guns, but some of
them were silenced. It is added that
the Boers' losses must bave been heavy.
The garrison of Ladysmith is described
as being in good spirits and confident
and the troops are said to be fnll of
fight. The artillery duel waa stiil in
progress Tuesday night.
Oape Town, Nov. 1.���-The guns of
the British naval brigade have knocked
the Boer forty-pounder clean off ita platform and have silenced the Boer gnns
on Herpworth Hill, overlooking Ladysmith. The Boers abandoned tbeir
Berlin, Nov. 1 The Tageblatt says
Oonnt Botbmer, president of the German peaoe sooieties, has telegraphed to
Queen Viotoria praying her to accept
the mediation of tbe United States in
the war with the Transvaal.
Brussels, Nov. 1.���Dr. Leyds, diplomatic agent of the Transvaal, has received the lonsent of the British secretary of state for war, the Marquis nt
Lansdowne, to allow a telegram to be
sent to Pretoria lo ask the number of
killed and wonuded on the side of iho
Quebec, Nov. 1.���The Sardinian
passed Fame Point at 11 o'clock last
night and reported all well.
London, Nov. 1.���The war office today issued the following additional lilt
of fifty-eight casualties sustained by
General Yule's foroe from the time of
the battle of Glencoe until it joined the
force of Sir George White: King's
Rifles, fonr killed, 18 wonnded.
Leicestershire regiment, one wonnded,
nine missing. Artillery, one killed, one
wounded, two missing. Mounted infantry, 97 missing. The lost mentioned
were attached to the squadron of tbe
18th Hassan, who were entrapped by
the Boen alter tho battle of Gleucoe.
They were nndoubtedly captured witb
the Hussars. A careful culcnlation of
tbe British losses in all the engagements since the outbreak of hostilities,
excluding the casualties among tbe noncommissioned officers and men in Monday's disaster at Ladysmith, whioh an
thus far unknown here, gives a total of
918, to which irobably 1,200 will need
to be added when the details regarding
the Ladysmith. levirio are received.
This total Is made np as follows.
Officers, 188; being 0 killed, tl
wounded, 58 caplured. Men, 788; being 187 killed, 483 wounded and 114
lima, Peru, Nov. 8.���Via Galveeton
���Last evening an attempt wu made
at Pisco, department of Lima, to start
a revolutionary movement. The pro*
moten captured the oustom bonse,
when a stcok ot arms and ammunition
was stored, then attacked the barracks.
They wen repulsed by government
Vancouver, B.O., Nor. a.���Aa (ho
result of careless handling of a shot gun
at the Extension mines on Snnday,
Louie Oetelle, an Italian, It laid np
minus an eye, while Francesco Rabl-
laid, a fellow i ountryman la confined
In tb* provincial Jail it Nanaimo.
Territorial Elections.
Reglna, Nov. I Then li every pro-
babllity ot a Territorial election within
tbe next few months. The amount ol
money voted at Ottawa for the Northwest Territories ia wholly Inadequate
for the expense! of the Territorial government. The recent Influx uf population bas greatly Increased tbe expend!
tote on education and publio works to
tbat now the "Jomplng-off point" at
Premier Haultaln calls lt, haa been
reached and there Is nolhiug left for It
but to enter confederation. It is highly probable tbe anembly will be convened at soon aa possible, say within
the next three months, wben Premier
Haultair will formnlate bla conditions
of provincial autonomy, and will then
appeal to the constituencies for a man*
New York, Oot. SO.���A special d a-
patch to the Henld from Washington
,aya i No mon tall fighting will o-'our
in tbe Island of Cuba. Bwntary Root
bat reoelved from Qeoenl Brooke a copy
of an order Issued by hll direction by
Brigadier-General A. B. Obaffe, putting aa end to Ik* tpotl.
WliNMI'l.t. HAhKETS.
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 hard at Fort
William, 68%o
Flour���Ogilvie's Bnogurian patent,
11.90; Glenora, el.70; Manitoba strong
baken', 1.50; XXiX, $1.15, Lake ot
the Woods p*<eni,tl 80, strong baken',
11.70; second later., $1.50; XZZX,
11.10 per sack ol it poinds, delivered
in Winnipeg.
MilHeed���Bran ill, .hurt. 118.
Ground Feed���B��si Oat o-iuj., 180
per ton; mixed barley and oats,(18.00;
barley chop, 16; Oiioake, t'il per ton.
Oata���J8 to SOo ou irack, Winnipeg.
Barley���21 to 8tiu lot fotd; mailing,
ti to 88o, enc lot..
Flax���At country pdnts, (1.10 per
Wheat���At conutiy point., 54 to 58o
per bushel.
Hay���Baled, (8 5u on traok, Winnipeg; Loose, (5 to tn.
Butter���Creamery. 22c at the fao-
tones; dairy, 17c tor finest grades.
Cheese���11 fi to lie at the factories
for Manitoba.
Eggs���Dealers paying 17c at country
Vegetables���Potatoes40o per bushel;
oarroia, 80o per bushel; turnips, 12>4
to 1 So per bushel; btets, 25 to SOo per
bushel; lanuips, l*t4*o ptr pound;
oaulitlower, 50 to 75o per dot; onions,
lo to l^o per pound; cabbage, (10 to
(18 per ton; oelery, 80o per dura
bunches; pumpkina, 75o to (1.50 per
doxen; squash, lu per pound; Hubbard, iHo; manow, 80 to 76o per doa.
Seneca root���86e per pound.
Hides���lu.peoted bides, No. 1, lot
No, 8, t)o; No. 8, 5a Branded bidet
grade No ��, and bulls So. ��. Kip,
6 to 6)40; oalt, 8o; deakln skins, 26
to 85aeach; sheepskins, fresh killed,
too each; country .kins and lambs, too
eaoh; bonebldes, 6Uo to 76o eaoh.
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba fleece, 7
to 8o per ponnd.   None offering.
Dressed Meats���Beef, good to ohoioe,
8 to OHo; mutton, 9 to lOo; lamb, 10
to llo; veal, 7 to (o; pork, 7o per lb.
Poultry���Tarkeys, 11 to l.^o P"
ponnd, dressed weight; geese, none
offering: ducks, 9 to lOo per pouno ;
spring ohickens, 11 to 19Jio per pound;
fowls, 9 to llo per pouua.
Game���Teal duoke, loo; fall ducks,
80 to 25o; mallards,80 to 86o per pair;
small geese and waviet, SOo; large
geese, 76c.
Tallow���2H to 8^o per pound.
Cattle���Export steers, off oan, Winnipeg, tH to 8X01 butchers' grades,
8 to liJio.   <
Sheep���Ohoioe antmals.off can,4*^o
per ponnd
Hogs���Ohoioe, Ho off oan.
Mlloh Cows���New, (25 to (45
Horses���Partly broken western from
(60 tq (100; well broken southern and
eastern of medium weights and sliea,
(126 to (176 eaoh.
Pay in SCRIP for Dominion Lauds and
Save 30 per Cent. Discount.
For full information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to nny offlce of tlic MERCIIAXTS* CASK
CANADA in Manitoba or the West.
Reported  by Alloway k Champion,
Stook Broten, Wtonipeg.
Jinnta.                           MM H.1KI-.
Montreal  itt ....
Moljor--.  MS klT
Mcrcli.nta'  HO Itt).
Union  lis ....
("oratnerco  U 18"%
Commercial Obi.  IS IM
MontreolTel  1-0 lit
l!ltrHaa..B'y XD bl�� SI
Halifax B'y  US ��
Houtnal Oaa  IM l*1
Toronto R'y.....  ill Wfi
DuluthPrelarr-id.....          . .M
C. S.W.Und  SO M
Cn.PM.Ry, Montreal  �� MM
Money,time          ,! ....
Money on flail          W4 ....
Quoted  by Alloway k Champion,
862 Main street, Winnipeg.
Reich-mark. te.tt H
AuBt��laii Uulden mM
Holland Build.��� t��
Fr.no. , I'M
Hauian Rouble. 58 W
FllinUh Mark-us la
Krouor M
Philadelphia, Nor. 9 ���A dispatot
received by ths Maritime Excbaugi
hero to-day from Charleston, S. E.,
says tho steamer George S. Colwell.
O-iptain Caskill, frou Fernandlna, for
New Vork, foundered. Tbe oaptaii
was the only one saved.
Beilln, Nov. H,���Tbe czar ond cur
hia are expeoted to arrive in Fo**adan
Saturday. Tbe visit la tai i tc b.' ot i
purely private nature. Some unknown
penont yesterday evening motll.iin
tl ��� statute faring the Stadt Sobolss il
Ottawa, Not. 9.���The Countess ol
Aberdeen, who has been here for tht
past few days on business connected
with Ihe Victorian Order of Nurses.
and also visiting friends, left for Mont-
nal this afternoon.
Ottawa, Oot. (I A militia order It-
sued today, provides for tbe trauif.r of
Oapt. Pears., of the Royal Canadian
Dragoons, from B to A squadron.
New York, Oot. (I.���The United
States battleship Massachusetts passed
ont ot quarantine Ihis morning for a
few days' trip at tea to experiment
with winlen telegraphy.
Toront-i, Oct. 81.���Edward Robin-
.on, aged 80, wu ran down by a waggon while bicycling on Jarvit street
this morning. He died lo tbo court,
of half an honr.
Rome, Oot. 81.���Parliament having
been summoned for Nor. 14th, Depn
slle Prampollne, Morgari and BUtolati.
white trial for npteUing the TOtlnii
nrnt ot tbe chameer wai to oommence
today, have been released from oostody.
Mew fork, Oot 81.���Dwlght town-
send died latt night at hit rial-knee
in this city In tbe 74th year of bu age
In 1880 Mr. Towntend became associated with John W. Mackay and had
muoh to do with the formation ot What
li now tht Postal Telstra-**
A j....... **t era* wm -sv-i*
four h-ubt*-***���ta* atism.
Wm MMd la Battl..
Shall I tell yon the story of little
KameV It It a name to bt spoken
with reverence.
Kame wae tbe ton of Nori-san, one
of the no caste, which Indicates a
tiller of the soil. He lived near the
village of Kioto. Hia borne waa one
ot many comforts for a farmer whose
chief source of revenue Is a rlccfleld,
a small grove of mulberry trees and
an orange orchard.
Kame waa tbe youngest of live, lt
waa bla duty to carry the traya of ���ilk-
worm cocoons to the thatched sheds
where the women dropped tbem into
boiling water, gathering with branches
the Invisible skeins to spin Into visible
One bright morning little Kame waa
seated with bla venerable lather before the cottage. Norl-aan bad been
telling bim talea of bla forefathers, of
their heroism In the great wan of the
Bhoguns and the rebellion against the
Batnaurl. Kame fell aaleep, much to
the elder'e displeasure, bis young mind
filled with golden Images and moving
armlet Inspired by triumphant song.
Then the Itinerant barber came plodding up the duaty road from the village. At all tbe world knew, the barber was tbo district newspaper, aa It
were, wbo, while manipulating hia
queer tools, told everything he knew.
It waa In tht midst of a recital of
the possibility of pig tailed Invasion
over all the land tbnt a note of terror
escaped the old man's lips. Tbe little
dreamer at his aide awoke with a
atari, nnd In so doing overturned tbe
barber's box of qneer combs, bottles,
boxes and razors. Tbe barber's angry reproof waa supplemented with a
growl from Norl-san, thut disturbed
In bis toilet and the more Important
newB of tbe coming war.
"Lad," lie cried, "have 1 taught tbee
to sleep amid such pei-llona times?
Oet thee to tbe sheds and flail rice till
the sun goes down. Tomorrow, may-
bap, thou wilt have come to thy
Kame arose, convinced In bis heart
that be had done no wrong, but be
held bit peace, moving toward the
sheds to bear hia penance bravely.
Booh he waa Joined by his fatber.
Kame did not salute him deferentially,
after his familiar manner. The parent
waxed wroth.
"Son," he cried, "what bave I taught
thee to uy to thy betters? Wben art
thy manners toward thy father?"
The boy only bowed In humility, then
relumed bla taak grevlously. The elder
seized, bla heavier flail and took poll;
tion at the other end of the mat.
Suddenly the comb fell from tbe
father's freshly barbered hair. He bent
down to recover It ere It be broken by
the other's flail.
Instantly tbe tip of Kame'a swift
flying flail struck tbe bowed bead witb
an appalling sound, and the old man
pitched forward on his face In the rice
and lay quite still.
Kame'a blood frou In his beart He
could not move���could not cry out at
yet Then be uttered a wild moan,
sinking by the still form, sobbing despairingly. Then came brothen and sisters, neighbors and paasenby, lifting
tbe quivering form, dashing wator Into
the drawn, drab wrinkles, and tbat
Image of death resumed a human aspect once more.
Kame watched It all aa In some hideous dream, and when at last the father's eyes opened the boy fell upon hit
face, throwing the rice chaff over hit
head In token of sorrowful petition.
But the elder recoiled from bim. .
"Son," cried he, "thou art my flnt
disgrace and sorrow. 0 unnatural one
that would bo gnilty thus of the crime
of crlmea-to strike a father downl
Whatl Art tbon possessed of a devil to
fall eo low?"
Then Jurned the old man to hit elder
son at bit tide, crying, "Oo, Ta-kel
Run to tbt village and ask of the
learned Judge, Blban-quam, what shall
be the penalty upon tbe son tbat
strikes a father. Gol" And the brother
sped away.
Tbe messenger returned. "Tbe oracle of the law, 0 father, demands that
a black ci-oss shall bo tattoed upon the
offender's brow," bt uid with ouch
solemnity, "and hau-e aball tho Inarate
be driven an outcast upon tho face ot
the earth, homeless and despised."
And so ere nightfall was little Kame
branded with tht cone of Ingratitude
and tent forth an outcast forever.
Fair Umay, the daughter of the silk
weaver down tht valley road, ttood at
tbe edge of ber garden of popples.
Suddenly tht recognised Kame, whom
the loved. Tbe lad was to changed
that the scarcely knew him.
Bnt ths yonng man, shuddering tt
tht tonnd of bar voice, rank to his
meet as he swept bla hands befon his
forehead,"Oh. Umay-aanl" bemoaned.
"Go away, I pray thee. Oo, that 1
may not defile with even a glance one
ao pure and good. For, behold, O
daughter of the Just gods, I am henceforth an outcast, branded with shame!
1 struck my fktberl
"Oh. dear little Umay-tan! Thon
whom I love to mncb-tboo wilt hearken and believe me. Listen, I pray
And then bo told her til. even from
the beginning, ending again aad again,
"It was an acoldest-Ob, befon sll that
Is sacred to us, little mother of my
heart, It was as accident I meant no
wrong, and yet thon teett here"-
And tragically he pointed with bit pale
flngen to hit crime stslned brow.
"Oo to the shrine of our fatbera yonder," she whispered. "There remain
prostrate before them while I go and
plead thy cause."
Soon did fair Umay nturn, but her
hurt was heavy. "Hs bade me from
his sight forever, even coned me,"
she moaned. "Go thou forth Into the
world, 0 Kame-un," sht sdded, embracing the penitent "Go forth, bnt
take comfort for In spirit I thall bt
ever witb thst."
For weeks he wandered. One day
he happened upon t newly muttered
regiment of soldiers. Tbey were on
tbeir way to the transport tblpa for
China and the wan, and hit prayer
found willing ean.
The way wu bard and the ttrlfe
one of peril and much blood But step
by step, by valor and strength ss well
as wisdom, Kame-san arose from tht
rankt, for tbere wu none such st ht
now In battle���he wu ever In tbe van.
At tbe siege of Port Arthur It was
Kame-un who led the charge through
tbe ranks of the enemy to the heights;
then at last In hand to hand combat
In which four Chinese swordsmen went
down before him, Kama himself was
wounded unto death.
Five months later fair Umay wss
bowed In drums smong ths popplet by
ber native valley road when she uw
strangers moving np from the sea.
There were two men, with scarlet
crosses on tbeir arms, and noon the
reed couch which they bore lay a figure, quite motionless and pale aa death
Itself. Though dressed In tbe garb ot
an officer, bla bud wss swathed In
bandages, the fond eyes closed.
"Oh, Kame-un! My Kame-san!" ahe
walled. "Ie It Indeed thou whom I
love? Wben hast thou been? What
means It all?" But tbe soldier repressed her with a gesture. "Follow,"
he commanded In a weak whisper.
Norl-san, the venerable, was seated
before his cottage, bowed In thought
He wu contained by wonder of the
fate of bis beloved son whom be hsd
sent forth In soger, marked with a
curse, though he deserved It not
At the litter approached and tbt
wounded one upraised, Kama's blurring eyes scarce recognised tbat bent
frame and attitude of sorrow.
Tbe old msn struggled forward.
"Thou, my son?" he faltered. "Is It Indeed thou returned to mer' Outspreading his arms, he unk from sheer weakness in tbe dust
Tbe soldier wrenched his body from
the litter, gaining hit feet Then ht
cried, "Yet. fstber; It Is Indeed thy
son. But fur not for the curse upon
his brow Is wiped sway In blood. Behold, Kame-un la again worthy of bis
father, and of tbee, O beloved ont,
though the price be a soldier's life sod
��� mslden's broken beart!"
And thus did the hero of Port Arthur
snatch tbe bandage from tbe matted
brow, disclosing tbe wouud where tho
black cross of shame had been slashed
away by the sword of tbe lost defender
of the fallen fortress, snd so fell dud
it bis father's feet���Crlterlon.
The Near- at Drlvlat ��� Bart-la*
Tbere Is some excuse for tbe ui-groe's
tendency to lie and steal. Always In
fault or sssumed to be, be bu become
sn adept st excuses, snd lying Is part
of bit nature. He runs through every
grade of falsehood and deceit, bnt
hardly, a word tbat he utters Is strictly
true. Believing thst he bss some claim
on tbe wblte man's wultb, he Is con-
stantly devising schemes to get It. and
he never mlaau an opportunity to takt
an advantage-or anything elae. The
wblte man seeks ss ugerly to take
advantage of Ibe negro. Both lay
truth and honesty out of buslneu snd
even out of non commercial affairs.
Testimony In court Is a notorious farce.
With sinners wesrlng on their persons garments or Jewelry tbtt are tht
proceeds of questionable or dishonest
transactions, kneeling st God's altar In
prayer for the otber tinners wbo bsvt
been despoiled, then need be little
wonder tbtt nobody hss eonfldence In
anybody. Not only- every negro, bnt
every white msn, hss to secure his
merchant with a mortgage If he wants
credit Tbis credit snd mortgage system leada ucb party to take every
advantage of ths other; cotton Is
bought snd goods an sold at ruinous
prices; snd ths wbsls business world
Is like t carnival of ravenous besets
Intent  on   mutual  destruction    " ""
Next to Dr. Oronhyatekha himself there is no member of the Independent Order of Foresters more favorably
known than the venerable Col. A. B. Caldwell, who founded
the order in the United States and organized the National
Guards Under Governor Seymour in 1862,
Col. Caldwell lives at Syracuse, N. Y., and tells of hi*
wonderful experience with Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
in the following letter:
"For the good of the community, I volunteer this
testimonial to the wonderful value of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills. I used them for nearly one year for urinary
troubles, kidney ailments, torpid liver and constipation. I
never before met with such a mild and efficacious laxative,
I take one pill a day before retiring, and the effect is wonderful in producing calm repose, excellent, appptite and
good digestion."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill a do e, 35
cents a box. At all dealers, or Edmamson, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. ��� ^ *f
Q-ox,:DE:ixr Bra.
tbe genre It 0��v* to ��� Yotm* Mod*
teal -Undent.
"I bad an experience tbe other night,"
uid a young medical ttadcnt. "tbat will
autely turn uiy gulden locks to gray If it
or anything like ft ever happens again."
"Poor digestion or uneasy conscienceY*
"Neither," was the reply. "This waa a
cold, hard fact���rery cold and very bard
It felt too. It was some time along lu
the early morning hours that I waa suddenly awakened to feel the cold mutile
of n pistol barrel pressing against my
forehead! Scared? Well. 1 should say so,
and am not a bit ashamed to confess it,
for when a man is suddenly wakeued In
that way be isn't himself yet���part of bis
spirit may be yet wandering off somewhere. 1 didn't more a muscle. I could
barely see, out of tbe corner of my eye
the man who held the pistol, standing silently at the head of tbe bed, but tbere
was no mistake abont tbe edge of his
weapon pressing against my bend, if 1
move,' thought 1. 'he may blow my
brains out���bis confederate is probably
ransacking tbe room.' Tbe cold sweat
was flowing freely and rain regrets for
what 1 bad done nud hadn't done In my
past life flew through my mind like a
flock of crows. 1 fell to wondering If yon
would pay to my administrator that
"Come, now. stick to facts!"
"Welt, I began to wonder that tbe confederate did nut make at least fl little bit
of noise. Tbe wild humor of burglarising
my room also struck me. I took a most
cautious peep at the man at tbe bead of
the lied and son���my coat hanging there.
An eye paining look at the pistol convinced me that there was uo hand at
the otber end of It. 1 raised my bead out
of Its range and quickly reached tor It.
"I could see nobody in my room. But
tbe pistol���why, it was one of an old
p:tii' that bung on the wall over my head.
Our rery diligent maid bad probably
loosened It while dusting���undoubtedly
the shaking given tbe wall by the heavy
trolley ears passing the house bud dono
the iest.
"The affair wits only an Imitation of
the leal article, but It was lifelike enough
to Hiitt life. I've been thinking since of
letting a spring gun nl my door and
hanging on tlte end of it a sign, 'Burglar,
-51*11 ve."
- Minard's liniratjores Dipbtberia.
Biw a DrnkM ftsfcnd Wis Made i
Stker Mm tya Determined Wife.
Sat vrrltm���"! had for ��long time been
thinking of trying the B-unaria Pmaorlp-
Uon treatment on mjr busbend for Ut
drinking haWM, but I wns afraid he would
disoorer that Imt giving him medicine,
snd the thought unnerved ms. I healtated
for nearly a week, but one day when lie
same home very muoh Intoxicated and
Wfw*Mk'ssalary nearly all spent, I threw
off nil fear and dstermlned to make SB
���fforl to save our home from the rain 1
aaw opining, at aU hatards. I sent An
rourSamarU Pranrlptlon st"
Us coffee as dlnoted next morning and
tratohed and prayed for the result. Al
noon I ga-ro him more snd also st supper.
He^ssv" tumtoted s thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving 11 regularly, a,
Ihaddlaoovend something that let even
nerve In my body tingling with hon anil
happiness, and/oould we a bright fu tun
' tpreid out before me���a peaceful, bapp,
home, a share In the goad Btlar--Jt"
attentive, loving husband, ooi _���.
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for mv husband had told me that whlskn
was vile stuff and ha was taking a dUU*.
�����!��.. I�� wss only too true, for before I
had given him the fnll course he had stop-
pod drinking altogether, bnt I kept giving
the medioine UU li wat gone, and (hen sen)
for another lotto have on hand If be thonld
���-elapse, as he had done from his promises
before. He never .has, and I am writing
yon this letter to tell yon how thankful I
am. I honestly believe It wUl sure the
wont oases."
A P-mphlet In plain, tested envelops,
jut bee, giving tenimonlals nd full Information, wits directions how to tske or
administer Samaria Prssorlptloa  Cone-
Jordan street, Toronto, Oat""""�� *"*��
i  ���       ������ ������
Valno of ��� l.an*h.
The value of n good natural langb may
be rated low by some people, but many
writers bare attested Ita worth in no
measured terms.
It Is not surprising tbat the merry
Charles Lamb ahould bare said, "A
langb Is worth iou groans in any mar*
1 ket," bat from tbe Mps of the somber
Carlyle one is scarcely prepared to bear,
"No man wbo bas once heartily aud
wholly laughed can be altogether or Irrr
clulmably bad."
It was Douglas Jerrold who boldly stated tbat "what was talked of aa tbe gold*
eo chain of Jove was uothlng but a sue
cession of laughs, ��� chromatic scale of
merriment reaching from earth to Olympus."
"I   am   persuaded,"   wrote   Laurence
Sterne, "that every time a mnn smiles,
but much more so when be laughs, It
adds something to his fragment of life."
Last of oil conies tbe verdict of Ur.
Holmes, given witb bis own in) mi table
.humor: -"Tbe riotous tumult of a laugh, I
���take It, Is tbe mon law of tbe features,
land propriety the magistrate wbo reads
I the riot act."���Youth's Companion.
: Hull LWitii cira (mm n om
Da.lnn*. tie* War*
A nan not In lhe Reading terminal
the ntber day so wiii|i-ml up in t Button
atwtptper thst hs let his train slip ol
without lilm. Wlion he found thst be
woulil hare to wait two more hours, he
, teeiiud niinoyn];  but, noli-litutauilliii
' bla tnnnynnee, hs was kind enouih to
explain In a loud rules to a couple of nul-
tfornu-il ottU'lnl. bow they ought to run
Jibing, st the terminal.
* "Ton ought to do ss we do iu Boatnu,"
ke sakL "At the stations there tbe
names of the dtlet and towns all over
i the country thst tht trains run tc trt
\*> printed In big letters os the wslls, nnd
tbt sects for tbe welting passengers srs
grouped srouud these names.   Suppose
.1 n-snt to go to Wssblngton.  I ruu my
' ere ever Ihe walls, tnd when I Snd tbs
name I'm after I sll dowu near It, In a
Washington seat. Then, when s trills
Is i-vady. ths eoonclatoi*���as we call bin,
In Button; I do not know, whit you rail
f him here���goes quietly to the people who
*t* )n that train's seat, touches tbi-ni nu
He. shoulder and murmurs Is s polite
wnyi  'Tour train, sir.*    'Your Irsiu,
i madam. Oat. ll.' Now, that's tbe way
ts do IL No shouting, no confusion, no
trains escaping without their nasM-ngers,
Thst's how we mauags things In Boston."        	
Oelsg Tkr-wk the M-tl.aa.
"Whit la your purpose In returnlug so
sllentr ssked tke practlcsl politician's
I    "Are people wondering shout ItT
>   "Ot course tbey are,"
"Well, thsl's what I wtnt.   I have no-
\ Meed tbat nearly every politician whs
amounts to much is st aome time or otlier apokrs of ss s sphinx.   I don't kirn*
I sa It lines any gm��l. but It seems cu��-
tomary/'-Wsshlnstnii Star.
I Himi uiiiat cm duo*.
mm Experience In the Cloalae Dare
of m Colorado Town.
"I had some experience running n newspaper which had never been duplicated
by any other man io the world," said
Charles Paulson of Abilene, Kan. "For
���hree months I ran a weekly paper la a
town with two Inhabitants���the postmas-
ter and myself. It was at Congress, Cola
Vhot was a boom mining camp in 18S3,
and miners flocked In there by tbe hundreds on account of a 'strike.' Claims
were gobbled op tike hot cakes.
"Under the mining law, after $600
worth of work is done on a mining claim
It is necessary to Insert a legal notice to
a newspaper of general circulation for a
period of tbree mouths. My father held
an office In San Juan county, and while
out visiting him I saw an opportunity to
lease a newspaper plant and make a lot
of money running legal notices. I did so.
For several months I did a laud offlce
business.   It was a thriving little town.
"The business of tbe town enabled the
postmaster to make about $1,500-a year.
A few montba before there was to be another adjustment of tbe postmaster's salary things began to drag at Congress.
The mines were not panning ont very
well Tbere was a strike made at Tellurite, and all tbe miners picked up and
went to tbat pla.ee. They were followed
by the merchants, saloon men. gamblers,
rlance ball people and all. Within a week
tbere was no one left there but the post
master. James Edward*, and myself. Edwards did not enre to give up his post-
office so long as It paid m well. Ue was
ftom Ohio.
"I was tied up with a lot of legal notices. I was certain to get my money for
tbe notices as soon as tbey bad run tbe
required length of time, so I could leave.
We had everything our bwn way. I
would help bim run his poatofflre, and he
would help me write hot stuff, set It up
aud pull tbe lever of au old Washington
hand press. The postoffice business was
confined almost wholly to bundling the
circulation of my paper���tbe Red Mountain Pilot���about 00 copies.
"The day tbe legal notices last appeared I told Edward 1 was going to pull up
stakes and leave. His big salary ran another month, and he wanted me to stay,
offering to divide up, but tbat wos no Inducement. When he found I was deter,
mined to leave, be said. 'I'll lock up tht
postoffice and go too.' He turned tbe
key In tbe door of tbe postoffice, and I
locked tbe door of tbe newspaper office,
and we walked out of town."���Denver
Th* Varloaa Devices Used la Order
to Get Quick Aetloa.
"Gun fighting used to be an exact
science In the west," said a visitor from
Texas, "and men became skilled In it
just as tbey might In any of the handicrafts. It was a queer thing. Marksmanship bad little or nothing to do witb
it, for nearly all personal encounters
were face to face. The great point was
to get .'quick action.' and the fellow who
drew aod bred fit-fit generally won the
fight. Tbat fact led to all sorts of
schemes for pulling a gun witb tbe least
possible delay. One of tbe earliest was
tbe 'shoulder holster,' which consisted of
a strap suspending tbe pistol Just over
the left breast. A man expecting trouble would stand carelessly grasping bis
right lapel, aud a sudden dire inside bis
coat placed tbe weapon In bis band. It
was much quicker than reaching back
to the hip and, moreover, waa usually
a surprise.
"Carrying o derringer la tbe pocket of
a sack coat and firing through the clotb
without drawing waa a trick that spoiled
many a garment and cost maw a man
his life. At last It became difficult fur
a man with his hands in his coat pocket
to get near enough to a victim to make
-sure of bitting bim, and a frontier genius
Invented a variation. He simply cnt the
rlgbt pocket out of an alpaca coat and
carried bin gnn in a bolster at his hip.
Tbe thin, Sopping alpaca showed plainly
It concealed no weapon, but when be
put his band in the pocket opening be
could reach clear through and secure bis
pistol from tbe bolster. Wben the hand
came ont, tbe pistol came witb it. great*
ly to the astonishment of bis adversaries.
"Another trick was to carry tbe pistol
up the sleeve, witb tbe end of tbe barrel
resting against tbe half bent palm. I
once saw a desperado kill a man by that
device. Hia bands seemed to be perfectly empty, and wben a weapon flashed In his grasp it waa like a piece of
magic. Later another fellow lu camp
tried tbe same thing, dropped tbe gun
and got a bullet la hia stomach for bis
When Children Smoke Pipes,
Every oue hae is id that Hawkins In*
traduced tobacco lato England, and tbnt
King James Invlgbed against It. Elizabeth liked to alt on a low stool and watch
Sir Walter Raleigh puffing away. In
Anne's reign almost every one smoked.
In Charles ll'i reign "children were sent
to school with their pipes In tbeir satchels, snd tbe schoolmaster called a halt la
tbeir studies while tbey smoked."
Iu 1702 Jorevlu spent an evening with
bis brother at Uarra way's coffee house,
Leeds, and writes: "I was surprised to
see his sickly child of 8 years old fill Ita
pipe of tobacco and smoke It as audfar*
andly as a man of threescore. After that
a second aud third pipe without the least
concern, as It U aald to bare done abort
a year ago."
To* Well Dose,
"Tea, dear," continued the newly made
husband as be gased despondently at tbe
steak that waa broiled almost to a crisp,
"you are very charming, ond you do several things uncommonly well, but you
don't know bow to cook a steak."
"Aod ret, my love," answered tbe culprit with a becoming penitent air, "yon
saliTyourself that it waa very well done."
It Is scarcely necessary to add tbat tbt
cyclone was a verted .-Philadelphia North
American. ���
Aa IimH Opinion.
"My Ideas/1 aald tbt young man,
haughtily, "art at least 2D years ahead
of the times."
"Ureal mistake," said tbt railroad
man, gravely, "great mistake. Tbe way
to avoid collisions la this lift ta to run
strictly according to achtduIe/'-Wash-
Ington Star.
A woman's last caution to her children
when tbey go visiting Is to remember to
be polite, god her first question wben
they return la aa to wbat they had to
It will surprise mnny to learn tbnt ear
diseases wtrt studied some 3,40(1 years
M0WMVI8IS Sl'tfodl^rS.Sl
���TUABANTEBD Silverware, and buy vour
"*"    ' *    i the factory,
 -present, direct from
and thereby save 60 cento on the dollar.
Nothing to so suitable fort Christmas gifts.
a plaoe el ��� w. ant silv krwark, aad
.^���OTL**��" V**!? <&bm tfett et
-tTllon-AMMod O-anuuse gee. with
siaty af-Ntsth
The following testimonial is only one of tbe
hundred* daily reoelved by tbe Proprietors of
Japanese Catarrh Car*. Coming from British
Colombia, where, owing to extreme dampness
of the climate, catarrh is more prevalent and
more difficult to enn than In other part*, makes
It more valuable. Mr. Jamas Firr, of tha well-
known Arm of J.aE.A. Farr, ChfllUhick, K.
0., writes: "I have been very badly iioublni
witb catarrh for y*ar��, and tried all the ndver-
tbk-d remed'ee aod many doctors, bnt in every
case ths catarrh earns taok. One year ago 1
porchased six ttoxesur Japanese Catarrh Cure,
and slnoe finish!) g the iieatment with tb's
remedy, have not feu the hast s gn of catarrh.
My nephew, William Uentley. was also *o ad
wiih caiai rh that It waa un -leu ��ot to go near
bim; he has also leen cured by A -niiese
Cata rh Cur*. We keen It tor sate In our Ht re.
and know of man) others similarly afflicted
who have been cored."   "
bold by all druggists. A free sarapii' wll> be
* "ii       . -tutfcrln ���  Tom th'   ���     ����
En los -cent slam < Address The Orlffl lu A
Macjiherao,! Co., 1.1 Church sire-ei. Turn to.
A Hospital Visit In Which He Cheered the Con Cede rates.
"Just a week before bis ussassltiatiou
President Lincoln visited tbe Army ol
the Potomac at City Point, Vo., and
carefully examined tbe hospital arrangements of the corps there .stationed. At
that time I was an agent of the United
States sanitary com is. Union," snys Dr.
Jerome Walker of Brooklyn, "and. although a boy of ID years, to me wus assigned tbe duty of escorting the president
through our department of the hospital
"The reader can Imagine the pride
with which I fulfilled the duty, aod as
we went from tent to tent I could nol
but note his gentleness, bis friendly
greetings to tbe sick and wounded, bis
quiet humor as he drew comparisons between himself and tbe very tall nud very
short men with whom be came lu contact
and his genuine Interest in tbe welfare of
tbe soldiers.
"Finally, after visiting the wards occupied by our invalid uud convalescing soldiers, we came to three wards occupied
by sick and wounded southern prisoners.
With a feeling of patriotic duty, I said:
'Mr. President, you won't want to go in
there.  They are only rebels.'
"I shall never forget bow he stopped
and gently tnid his large hand on my
shoulder and quietly answered, 'You
mean Confederates.' And 1 have meant
Confederates ever since.
"There was nothing for me to do after
the president's remark but to go witb
him through these three wards, and I
could not see bnt that he was just as
kind, his handshakings just as hearty,
his interest just as real for the welfare
of tbe men as wben be was among our
own soldiers.
"As we returned to headquarters the
president urged upon me tbe importance
of caring for them ns faithfully ns I
should care for our own sick and wounded. When I visited, uext dny, these
three wards, tbe southern soldiers nnd
officers were full of praise for 'Abe' Lincoln, ns they called bim, and wben. a
week afterward, the news came of the
assassination tbere wns no truer sorrow
nor greuter indignation anywhere than
was shown by these same Confederates,1"
���McClure's Magazine.
A  Baehelor  Who  Gets  Senior  Ma-
ehlne Agent* to Do His Mend I off.
"He's the meanest mnn that I ever had
anything to do with," Bald tbe sewing
machine agent. "I received a note from
him the otber day sayiug that be desired
to view one nf our matchless machines
with the view of purchasing It If found
to be satisfactory. In these piping da.*
of competition it ts a novelty for a sew
Ing machine agent to be Invited to call
and show goods, so when I bad recovered
from my surprise I promptly loaded a
machine in my cart nnd started for the
address the man bad given.
"An old man met me at the door and
Invited rae to bring tbe machine Inside so
he could more closely examine It. I did
bo, setting the machine up in tbe sitting
room and calling bis attention to Its fine
points. He wae an attentive listener,
and I talked witb tl.e confidence of a man
wbo considered n sale certain. Finally,
having exhausted all my arguments, lie
asked to see a praeticul test of the capabilities of tbe machine. I agreed aud
asked him to bring me something upon
which to work. Ue left tbe room, returning a few moments later, bin arms
filled with damaged linen.
"I sat down ot the machine and show
ed how easily rents and tears could bt
mended, making the garment as good ni
new and saving in n short time the price
of the machine. The mnn seemed very
much Interested and kept handing me
garment after garment that needed attention. 1 worked for two solid houn
mending tbe old man's garments, and at
last, having nothing else tbat needed attention,-be commenced to find fault with
the machine. Finally he told me tbat hi
guessed be wouldn't buy a machine right
"I was so mad that I didn't dare trust
myseTt to sneak, nnd I was glad afterward tbat I didn't, for when I learned
tbe wbole truth I realised my total inability to do the subject Justice. That miserable old sinner, who happens to be a
bachelor, had brought me up there merely to do bis mending and bad no Idea of
buying a machine. He has worked tbt
same game on other agents."���New York
A ainvnlnr atone.
A remarkable pebble, which was picked up somewhere in Egypt, that land of
dark mysteries, is in the possession of a
well kuown la phi 1st on Twelfth street,
near Walnut. Tbe stone Is translucent
and, at a casual glance, looks like an ordinary seashore pebble. It Is about half
tbe size of a walnut and oval in shape.
Wben the stone Is held to the light, Ita
remarkable peculiarity Is beheld. Inside
Is a drop of water tbat circles about tbt
Interior. How It ever got tbere Is a mystery that nature alone could solve. Tbt
surface of tbe stone Is perfect, but there
Is no doubt of the hollow Interior. Tbt
pebble Is only interesting as a curiosity,
but many wealthy Institutions bav*�� offered good round sums of money for It
The owner, however, will never let It get
out of bis possession, aa It waa given to
him by an old tailor friend who wat
drowned aereral yean ago.���Philadelphia Record.
An O Btclal Lie.
Friends of the two remember tbe quae*
rait tbat used to go on between tbe latt
Sir Rowland Hill and Anthony Trollop*
when they both were connected witb the
postofiice. A discussion arose one day
as to the meaning of "official" language
and "private" language.
"In official life." said Sir Rowland,
glaring at Trnllope. "I am accustomed to
describe myself as yonr obedient servant,
whereat In real life yon know very well
that I an nothing of tba tort"���Baa
Frandtco Argonaut.
geared Her Off.
They were speaking of tbt ntw woman
"If a girl proposed to yon," aha said,
���Von wouldn't dare refuse herf
"If a girl hsd the nerve and determination to make a proposal," ht replied. "I
wouldn't dare marry her."
In view of the clrcumstaoCN aba decided to wait for bim to sptak Int-Chica*
ga Pott
Mm. Lnnptry puts her ngo at 30.
Marked down from ."il* lu toiler to attract
it linrgajn hunter of 2S.-8t. Louis Ulobe-
Perhaps Mr. Kipling can regain hiB
Uul<] on the Indiana folks bv insertius a
Uttle Hoosler dialect in hi? stories.���
Washington Post.
M. BiTtilluii Is not the first sad example uf a man who went in for nu ndver
ttseuietit and came out with uothiug but
euutiihiiius.��� Washington -Star.
William Dean Howell* "does imt believe tbat he wus born with literary talent." Lots of people do not believe that
he acquired any.���rim-ago Times-Herald.
General Coxey Is said to have made a
pile of money iu zim-'niiniiit: It is sufe
to suy tbe gciiM-al will Wt Hie other fellow do the walking hereuftor.���Houston
Bathhouse John Is having trouble with
bis constituency in Chicago. These stories nlimit his green dress suit have evidently caused him to tie regarded as a
haughty aristocrat.-Washington Star.
Colonel Es|erhazy seems very much In
duuger of passing Into history as n scoundrel, liar, perjurer nud anything else ,voo
please. There always wit* something
misty about bis name.���Philadelphia In*
qui ter.
Opera lovers will learn with dismay
that Maurice (Iron has been made a
knight of the French Legion of Honor.
When Sir Maurice next makes his appearance in the operatic horizon with bis
"stiii's," the public will prohnlily hnve to
��� limb the steplndder of prices to behold
rhem in their glory.
It may be only e trifling aold. bnt nag*
toot tc and It will fatten Ita fangs In your
lungs, and you will toon bt carried to an
untimely grave In thit oountry we bave
-iiditeu charges and must expect to have
"ougna and colds. We oan not avoid tbem
but we ran effi-ot a oure hy using Blckle's
\nlCons imptlve Sjrup, the medioine
thnt bos never bwn known to fall tn our-
nig coughs, colds, bronohttls and all
affections of the throat, lungs and ohost.
One who hid found the world sll bright
Pell by the wayside on ��� day,
lint Iiu|Il" bent down and kissed hii cheek
And bade liim rise and go Iii* way.
He toiled tn hungry lonellnen;
The friends ho knew in farmer days
Forgot, somehow, to seek him out
Or help him on with words ol prate
The weary years dragged ilowly by;
Ono morning fame stood at his door,
Anil lined up in an anxious row
Wero all the frienda he'd known before.
Bo failure or success attends
The man who Iosl-b or who wins,
Tliat lie may know where friendship ends
And where self interest begins.
-Cleveland Leader.
ara the causes of desponaenny and melancholy? A disordered liver Is out cuusa
and a prime one. A disordered liver
meant a disordered stomach, and a disordered st'uuaoh meaoa dlxturbanoe of tbe
nervous system. Tbis brings the whole
body Into subjection and the vlotlm feels
slok all over. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
are a raoognlsed remedy In this state and
relief will follow their use,
4m   Unexpected    Sensation    Hxperl-
enoed by Many Persons.
Many persons wbo visit Niagara falls
find they huve a great desire to leap from
various points on tbe several bridges or
from one of the numerous points of ob-
iit'i'vutitio. Por thiH reason, after ouce
having experienced tbe fusel nut lug sett*
satioti thut couxes tbem (iti to death In
the deep and rapid running waters, they
never go uear nny of the seductive points
without being In company with some one
Wbo will guurd thein from harm nu a remit of whut perhaps might be termed by
tome their weakness.
Many people who have visited Niagara
bare confessed tbnt tbe waters of tbe
beautiful river bad a weird fascination
for them while standing ut places where
death wuuld lie eusy by simply letting go
one's bold aud slipping iuto tbe river,
and people saved from suicide there
have admitted tbui they knew no reason
why tbey should end their lives, but tbe
scene waa so delightful (but It coaxed
tbem to aeek the pence of deuth there.
In other places tbun at Niagara tht
public comes In touch witb folks wbo,
when on an elevatiou. have a prooeness
to jump off. aud for this rouson they
keep away from all such danger points.
An interesting explanation of tbis desire
Is tbat given some years ago by Professor Low of the army balloon corps.
He bud frequently Invited a newspaper
correspondent to make an ascension with
him. but each time the Invitation waa
Later be told the professor of tba
temptation he bad to jump from high
places and tbnt be feared making an
ascent. Por this he wns laughed at, tbe
professor stating tbat tbe reason people
bad such desires wns that they were full
of electricity; that the magnetic current
In tbe earth was the attraction and that
whut he was standing on carried the
current. He also said that up In a balloon the continuity was cut off. Finally
the man made aa ascension aad fouftd
thnt the desire to jump wos not present
It Is a curloua statement,���Philadelphia
Record.   ���       	
Woman trt ��������
lug to -radorsttnd
Unit Uie Backache,,
Headaoh-'S, Tlrso
Feelings snd Weak
Bpella 'mm which
they suffer are due
to wrong aotion of
the kidneys.
The poisons thst
onght to bt curled
oS srs tent bwk
Into ths blood, taking with them s mill-
tltuds at psint snd tubes.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drive smj *psins tnd tehes, mtVewomta
healthy snd happy���this to enjoy life.
Mrs.C. H. Oifissplt, UM Britain Stmt,
St. John, N.B., stysi
" Soms time ago I hsd s violent stttek
of Lt Grippe. From this, aevere kidney
trouble arose, for which 1 doctored with
a number ot tht best physicians in St
John, but notlred little relief. Bearing
Doan'a Kidney Pills highly spoken of, I
began their use and In s abort time found
them to be a perfect enn. Befon taking
these pills t suffered snch torture that!
lould not turn over in bel without easlst
ines. Doan's Kidney Pills bar. rescue!
me from this terrible condition, and hav.
removed every pals and ache.
work while yon limp withont s grips
�� pain, curing Dyspepsia, Slek Beadaclis
and Gamrtlpatltn end n-rke yon fetl ballet
In tht Koralsg, Prise Sua.
A Solid
Whan it comes to healing up old
running- sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.���
that relieves the local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally���that
clears the blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss D. Melissa Burke, Grind*
stone, Magdalen Islands, P<Q.�� says:
"It is with pleasure I speak in favor of
B.B.I), which cured me of a running sore
on my leg. I consulted three doctors and
they gave me salve to put on, but it did no
good. Finally my leg became a solid
running sore. In fact tor nearly a month
I could not put my foot to the floor.
"I was advised to use B.B.B. and die
so. Three bottles healed up my leg entirely so that I have never been troubled
with it since."
Immersing the plnnta in water is a
good remedy for red spiders.
The ground should be thoroughly prepared before n new orchard is set out.
The hest strawberry plants for setting
out are new plants of oue year's growth.
Saltpeter is a quick fertiliser. Por languishing flower beds use a pound to a
square rod.
Many orchards have their vitality injured by late and deep culture. Give the
new wood time to mature.
Pears nre best when ripened off tbe
tree in tbe fruitbmtse. Pull thein as Boon
ns matured and ripen well before offering
.tbem for sale.
Under no condition should fallen fruit
be aljowed to remain under the trees nnd
decay. It breeds too many insect pests
and diseases. Gather It up and feed it to
the stock.
When nn apple or pear is matured, it
readily parts from the tree when lifted to
a horizon till position. The stem of tin-
fruit will break nway from the twig to
which it is attached, leaving a clean, well
defined scar.
Dear Sirs,���I was for seven years n
sufferer from Bronchial trouble, and
wonld be so hoarse nt times tbat 1
conld scarcely speak above a whisper.
I got uo relief from anything till I
tried yonr MINARD'S HONEY BALSAM. Two bottles gave relief aud six
bottles nindo a complete oure. I would
heartily lecounnend it touny one suffering from throat or luug trouble.
Frederic ton.
England's Inst words to Kruger are beginning to have a suspicious "farewell
tour" flavor.��� Oes Moines Leader.
���Ine Chiimlieiliiiii might counter on
Oom Paul with the Scripture quotation,
"Topknot, route down,"���Memphis Commercial Appeal.
The Kuglish in the Transvaal want only the privilege* of rltiyiisblp. They do
not want to pny Dutch Mixes or nerve as
Dutch soldiers.���Ht. Louis Post-Disptitch.
British newspapers huve n great ileal
to say about the unpleasant habits of the
Boers. Prominent among these is the
haliit of shooting straight every time the
trigger Is pulled.--I'liilndelphhi Bulletin.
Oom Paul apparently has taken for
granted the truth of tiie saying that Pie
English are n nation nf shopkeepers- At
'east, he hns mode them n number of
Mounter propositions.���Ht. Louis Hepnblio
He Toob the Advice.
Lawyer���Well, have you ut Inst decided
to tnke my advice and pny this bill of
Lawyer���Very well. William, just adi!
��1I> to Mr. Smith's bill fur further ml
A Boy's Bad Sprain,
Mr. B. Bunnle, of Union Mines, B.C.,
writes: "My son Saniu 1 Bonnie got his
leg crushed and bruled In trie mines
seven wetks ago. Tne swelt>ng never
fully left It until we triei Griffiths' Men-
rtiof Liniment. On the flr-i application
tha swelling and snre< es- entirely left It,
snd the muxoles began to loosen up so
muoh that tbe same evening he was able
co use his foot freelv tor tbe first tt ue. I
ooslder It the best liniment known."
All druggists, 86 cents.
IllnNtrntIons nendy nt Han't.
Student���Heat expands and cold con-
Professor���Correct. Olve tn eiatn-
Studeut���During the summer tbe af-
fectlous of city people for their country relatives expand and In winter
tbey contract.	
SOMETHING MORE THAN A PURGATIVE���io purge la the only effect of
many pills now on the market Parme-
Im's Vegetable Pills are more than a purgative. Thsy strengthen the stomach,
when otber pills only weaken It. Tbey
oleanse tbe blood by regulating tbe liver
and kidneys, and tbey stimulate where
otber pill compounds depress. Nothing
of an Injurious nature, used for merely
purgative powers, enter* Into their oom-
Parnell WouMo'l Head It.
An error lu spelling waa as offensive to
Parnell, Mr. McCarthy tells us In bli
"Reminiscences," as the sight of a block
beetle Is to many u man.
I once bouded him a letter which 1 bad
received from a constituent of mine asking mn to call Parnell'a attention to soms
Improvement which be thought might In
mado iu a bill then before ths house dealing with tbe subject of agricultural occupation of Ireland. Unluckily tbe poo!
man who wrote the letter had spelled agricultural with two "g's." Parnell looked
at the letter, smiled sadly and handed il
back to me.
"Do forgive me," he snid, "and tell ms
all about It. I couldn't read through a
man's letter wbo spells agricultural with
two 'g's.'"
It was indeed a curious stroke of fats
which led the unhappy author of tin
Pnmell forgeries to ormimcni his letter/
With flagrant examples of had spelling.
liniri'i Linimeit Cnra Cii, Etc
The tl.nal Pr.llmlo.rl.a.
Tbe tlii-atrli-sl Ht-nxon Is nin-u. Ton
srtrraws Harp Htnmml runnwnj* trams
om1 has i-fliifflit s tlili-f. two linve bad
tlii-li* illniiinmt-t stolon aod a few bave
tiled to act.-Baltimore American.
Uro.aS Vo* la.plrlo..
"What inak��� you tlilak shs Is (st
tint: along In -rears?"
"Tbe onlj hlrthdsy parties tbey bare
st their bouss bow us (sr bw bus
ddtUfo eh*/ t/*vyu*AO ahMa^ Mf**dAtm)
aiJL *er**uU��t/ *vt-4*tX^At4C^^,
I Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
veiy nice, but they
hurt my delicate SKIN*
Tits AnsavToiUTBoe* Coy.
There never wus, and never will be, e
universal |ian>tora, to one rsinedy, for aM
lis to wntob flesh 1- h* Ir���the vary natutv
ot many ouratlves uuiug suoh that were
the ger us of uiner and uifft-rently seated
diseases rooted tn the nysieto of tbe pa
tlent���whnt wouIJ relieve one 111 In turn
would aggravate tiie other. Ws havo,
however, In Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a sound, unadulterated ttn e, a
remedy for many aii't grievous ills. By lu
gradual and jiiil<*iou�� we the frailest systems aro led into convalescence and
strength bv rhe iullueuce wiiluh Quinine
oiertB on Nature's own restomtives It
relieves tho drooping spirit* of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despoud
enoy and lack of Interest lu life is a disease, aud, by tranquilizlng the nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
Imports vigor to tho notion of tho blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, strengthening tho healthy
animal functions ot the sy*--tein, thereby
making activity a necessary tesutt,
strengthening tbe frame, and giving life
to tho digestive organs, which naturally
demand Inoreased substance���r��BUIt, improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, have giveu to the publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of Boientists,
this wine approaohes nearest perfection
of any In the market.    All druggists sell
Tbe Effect nf tlu* Mirror.
"I have been noticing a curious little
elrcuuiHtnnre r.t my Ft ore," said n Caiuil
street business m;iti llie other day.
���"There ti a very tine plme glass In lhe
side casing of my show iviiulow, uml
right behind it in n handsome mirror,
One day not long iigo I observed what
sW'tued to he n lot of while dust on the
window ledge and toll] the porter to wipe
it off, Next day the ledge wits ns dItaly
ns ever, and after having ii eleaiieil half
ii dozen successive times I discovered the
cause ��f tiie trouble. The mirror wuh
certain to catch the eye of every woimilt
who passed, nnd every little while one
would step up close nud make sonic mysterious motions over ber face. Tliey always did it when uobudy wus in sight,
nud every time the operation was performed the accumulation of white dust
Increased. It wus it blend of several varieties of face powder."���New Orleans
THR nOKSfC-nohlesC of the broh
creation���whou buffering from a ont,
tbraslou, or sore demon as muoh oenefl*
as Its urn-ter in a like predloauiont, troin
iho healing, soothing action of Oh
ness, swelling ot tho neck, stiffness of tht
joints, throat and lungs, aro relieved h\
Muffled Voice���Why don't you shoot,
Bill���Sllffern snakes, pard. thnt Imt-
tie's right lu tho way.-New Vorli
Worry,  Sot Dyspcpslo,  Is Hurrying
Im to the (.rove.
The breakdown lu American life comes
from worry, and worry has almost come
to be a national disease. If au American
has nu money, he worries himself into a
state of iniml and when he gels money
he worries himself to death for fear ho
will Iono it. He worries at his work bo-
i.'iiiisc he is afraid he will not accomplish
what ho is given lo do. He worriotf ubnui
his meals; they uie not ou time, or they
may disugreu with him, or they mny ho
costing him too much. If ho pays for a
thing In advance, he is afraid it will not
come up to tho ipoct Heat Ious, nud if bo
gets it on credit he is tit mid (hut lie will
uot ho nlilo tu pay for it when tlio bill
comes iu.
He is afraid to leave bis money In tho
house lest It bo stolen. He is ufniiil lo
carry it with him lent somebody should
borrow it from him. He is nfruid to put
It in bauk lest thu hnuk should fail. And
so ho worries about it. Hc worries ulmut
ills business, whether it is going smoothly
or not. He worries about his family,
ulioiu. the education of his children nml
the progress they aro making. Hu worries about tbe nation, ntmut congress,
about tbe two great political parties,
about tbe nst'onnl conventions, about the
giilxM-iiatorial elections, about the tariff
and limtticlal questions, about the hill Inii vu
nnd rcfereuduny about the abstract right
of -secession, about the decadence of poll*
tics, about civil service reform, about
sanitation, the wnter and gus quest ious,
the paving of streets, the street car system, the class of plays at the tbcuterx,
the nomination for mayor and the election of school visitor In tbe 'steeiith civil
He cither sleeps too much or he sleeps
too littlo. He has an idea thnt lire Is a
conspiracy and thnt he must preserve
eternal vlgilnnce or the conspirators will
get him. He lives so much on bis nerves
that he gets angry on slight provocation
tnd thus wastes more tissue.
The true secret of health and life am)
utecess is cheerfulness. Tbe limn wh'
Iocs his Appointed tusk without Mir
fussy will live n good denl lonirer. "Ibm'i
���vorry*' aud "Don't be afraid1' are tw<
���cry good rules to observe. The America*
ample must learn these rules by hen:
Uil pill them Into practice If they wis!
o live long ami prosper.���Memphis Cvu
uiorclal Appeal
The full name of the saltan of Sula Is
Hadzi Mubuuiuied  Womnloi Kii-am.
King Hf.mbe;t's mother was au archduchess or Austria, while his wife, Queen
Margherlto, was the granddaughter uf
King John of Saxony,
Emperor William has soot to tbe
Crown Prince of Greece his portrait, inscribed with the Well known sentence
from Homer, "Only oue shall he ruler,
only one king."
The Grand Duke Michael, the Russian
heir apparent, has been appointed colonel
in chief of the Ninety-third (Irkutsk)
regiment of Infantry, a command which
was held by his late brother.
The Btiltnn of Turkey is most Inquisitive ns to what is snid and written
about him abroad. Every dny translations are Inid before bim from the new#>
papers of the world, and these are close-
I* imrnsed.
W, N. U.   215
tor the Printer
111 I/O Hsd. by tha wlsbrsud tnt
llllXO *->' Ault * Wib<"*��-
TYPE Th* '*"��" ""* *"'
m A*trrft N,w*' wsttiu*-**
PLATES ��r ���*--
mm. s ���*>**<%   0an *>7<b."Ost
only plant of *h*
kind io Canada
Of all makes and
kinds���ne* and second haud.
Unequalled by any other In
Canada, in matter, paper and
prase work.
All Kinds for Printers
���as* OMrsi   Toronto.
Psclli Gssst Brsseki IN Csrtsfs
Mrsst, Tssessts-r.
If you keep cows you cannot afford to be
without! CREAM SEPARATOR, and If you
want to havt the beat, moat moderate 1b
prlca, and on easiest terma, apply to
A. A.  LISTER ft 00., LTD.,
833 KIiir St., Winnipeg,
Dealers lo Dairy Supplies and Produce, Oaa-
ollno Knglnea,  Hurt* TrwMl fowere, Eto.
PARIS  1900
Parties contemplating tho trip are Invited
to write for particulars of personally conducted or independent tours from Wlnnlpsg
Director of tho "Qouin" School of Un.
Suagcftund ReorcHcntutive of Thomas Oook
, Son, of London and New York.
A thlr-f-**, UTS Main Strut, Winning.
mW*l*'*\M.' h!!��W. jkssk
*���.   COCKSHUTT PLOW CO., Wlaalgag���
LOCH, STEELE k ftUITOL   cir��i�� Ta��
importer, of OrocerlM     gUfiSSSi
Willi U. H��nllton,OnU    L.S.* B, gploas
If you cannot attend tbe YtlnnlfM-i Dual-
ockb College Jnst now, do not woi-te your
evenings at home. We can give your butruo>
tlona In some subject by mall.
Wrltu for descriptive catalogue.
O. W. DONALD, See.
tlrsJ. *a*ly i\ti*,re*;ta. ot k>v�� taiem lemetttlm, mm* m
t*.tt soon, hfsdtchr, bt* *alk*e,o\V* rtn-p **mr Ih* I******
Cm tbt batk �� tW, -Wi ��� *Mf<H ot hW��w4��M
sf, e,tmp*,t. ���t'li'is-M, coM Matt astl H*t. y*m AA*
��*****, tttitt*  attty-kr-Xlo*,   Wl USSMt*. UM * ���*���**
tit., tic, at ��iH arm kT Mil trr* * Ut<*mjettate af ,M
fcsMM -GUNAOATHON HOHS rtttflUW," *r%*
M htmnhmt Itr In its. TW>m**I tt amp MV At*
���UlttWtU Om *%��* *mMmtmtt*mriy. Mn.aW.Ufc*
JVT'O'Swplfcoa ft eee of W. MM MMf IM-****
ISMtMUkMir ll toMt ttothinr ���* !*������ ��h�� r��"����*J| s Wt-tf.
1-i.flii-fSiiw Kivlird.    Wt -ptsnnlt* �� ���� *e Ul -*-***-* ctalm.
"���-"-'��� '- ���- *kti hi mm tafSM, "A St-misc k*
���tii*to**at.   Alitamm
McDERMOT has Just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture.    Although furni
ture lias
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
��       Purchased Before the Rise
und customers will bo given advantage of
this SNAP.
Tho stock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest flsrures on any article you want.
G. B. MeDermot,
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO.,
lia'.'e opened as
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
Full   Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Kirqptor]     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Movements nre on loot to give Ih.
people ol Revelstoke a modern public
Anderson hns been acquitted ol complicity in the Molsons Ua.uk robbery at
Mr. FarrofC.P.B.fell whilegetting*
on board tho caboose to doy nnd received a severe cut over  the left 'eve.
Survioe at the Presbyterian Church
Sunday evening ni 7:30. 5ih?oct-
" The Conqueror from Edom." Everybody welcome.
Superintendent Duchufiiiey has a big
force ol men at work repairing tii.
snowshela along tbo line for th. com*
log winter.
The secretary of the Golden hospital
be��s to flcknowl"dn6 ihe iWdjit of $10
from A. W.E.ana. brother of the late
Walter Evans.
Sixteen of tho candidates who offered
themselves at theannu.l ��xuinir.inntion
of the 11. C. .Medical Council suocoed--d
in passing, and have been order*"! to
be registered aa medical practiliouers
fos the Province.
E. A. Haggen, Engineer to the Certainty Company, has accepted the ten.
der of S. E. HiinSly for freighting ore
and machinery in connection with tlte
Porphyry and Iron Hill Mine on Can
yon Creek.
Frank Donahue of the C.P.R. bridgo
glim,' met with a serious uccidntit yesterday as the result of being hit with a
derrick. He was removed 16 Oolden
hospital and is progressing favorably
under the circumstanes.
Services at St Paul's Church on
Sunday noxt Nov 12th will he evensong
and sermon at 7..10 p. m. Then) will
he no morning sorvice. Morning service on thnt day will bo ot Heaver-
mouth at 9. a. in. C. P. R. time.
Methodist Church Sunday Nov, 12th
public preaching services at 11 a. in.
and 7.80 p. m. Morning subject
"Plain facts" evening subject'-That
dreadful place" Sunday school 2.80.
All are invited snd will be made welcome ot any service.
On Tuesday E, A. Haggen M. E. received the following congratulator telegram from Mr. de Varennes, tbe
Secretary-Treasurer of tho Certainty
Gold and Mining Company Limited:-
"Direotors congratulate you on success
C.syon Creek road. Jubilant over
Ws havs it sn good authority the
arrangements srs in progress Ior the
organisation of a new shipping com*
pany to run steamers between Uolden
snd Windermere. Tbs project contemplate, ths building of a boat to run on
ths Columbia River on the lowest
stages of water till the river freezes
Frank Lavln brought down a gang
of men and a number of teams tbis
weak from th. thriving town of Petsr-
borough to tako up the saw mill wbich
his company bave purchased and will
erect at that place. Mr. Lavin fpcak.
in (-lowing terms of the ns-v town of
Peterborough and predicts a bright
future for it.
We regret to announce the sad intelligence received by Air.. Dixon in
Golden laat Saturday evening of the
death of his sister from consumption.
By the saico telegram came further
niiv.s of the death of a brother, who
fell for his country and Queen in tha
Transvsl. He held a commission a.
Captain in the 6th Dragoon Guards,
who did such splendid work the otlier
day in the Tinnsval.
Mr. H. E. Forster has imported snd
-shipped to Firlanda u first-class Clydesdale stallion. Firlanda is rapidly
tnking a plnco In tho fore front of
British Columbia ranches and what
with tho enterprise of Mr. Foster him
self, snd his attorney Mr. Bangs, the
district of Norih East Kootenay already
owes them much for what they huve
done to promote its interests and, at
tract attention to its resources.
Not Made to Order
But Made to Fit
Rigby Proofed
Frieze Ulsters
III seven shades. 52 inches
long. Deep Storm Collar.
5 pockets-���deep, flaps. Made
of Frieze���not Etdffe.
auteed to please oi
money back.
Sold by all Up-to-Date        ��7 CA
Clothing Dealers for *<J����W
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
-low is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy terms of Payment.
Winers going* northward via Canoe river route will
find it a largo saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere tor Calitornia Giant Powder Co
Mrs. Love is visiting friends In Donnld this week,
Harry Gain, came dewn from Athalmer last night to spend B fow days in
Oolden, Alex McAulay accompunied
Miss M. Id. Smith agraduteof Vogels
Business Cull'ge Vanoouver B. C. has
taken a position in IH, A. Haggou's
office as stenographer and typewriter.
G B. MoDsrmot, onr hustling merchant, has gone up to Firlaud 1 for a
weeks shooting.
Thos. O'Brien went down to Rovelstoke Sunday ou business.
R. C. Jelly hns gono to Field to fill
tht position of night operator, while
Ur. Brei-s fills a similar position bare
W. R. Millar, wife and family, late
of Souris, Manitoba, is tho latest
addition to Ooldeh's population.
F. A. Mulhollaod, of Cantarbory,
wss a visitor to Golden during tbs
past wosk on business in connection
with tho Windermere telephone sy stein.
Frank Fields moved bis family lo
Field on Tuesday.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer arrived home
from Atlialmer to-day. where be hae
lieen superintending his contract for
the construction ot a waggon road up
Toby creek.
J. L. McKay, manager ofElk Park
Jtatiche, near ;Sinclair, is. visiting iii
Uoldmi, li��vloK*arr!v.d to-day.
Evaxs McJtoaHirrs-On ibe 1st inst.,
at the Mausp, Rovelstoke, by Rov,
T. Menziea, Rev. J. Frawr Evans,
B.A., ol Gulden, to Margaret Enimn
McRobsris, of Novur, Out.
This Union, Tub.Sxowsmdb, and So.
si minf.r.l claims,
Situato in the (.oltlen mining division of
North East Knjileiiny district. Where
located���Near tlio Itoad of llugaboo
The Wkstkiii*! Cxoss ulxim.ti. claim
Situate in Ilio Gulden mining division 01
Kast Kuolenay district. Whore located
���At tho head of Bugaboo Croek on the
Take notice tbat 1 Thorns. McNaught acting ns agent fur (1) The Ut-l'on and Fort
Steele Development Company, Limited,
Free miner's certiorate Nu. UldHSII, laaued
.10th Juno, law, snd for Joseph Lainontagi-e,
Free miners certificate No. 7IU0A, laauod
Wth March. I8W. tin wi-ora of the Union
minora] claim: (2) tlte aald Golden and Fort
Steele Development Company Limited, snd
for'!'. Mercier, Free miner's certilieate No.
II19I2U, i��iuml2nil August, 180*1, Iho owners
of lhe aald SnowalHo, No. 81 and Woatern
Cross mineral claima, Intend t�� days troin
tbe date hereof to apply to the mining re*
corilor fur a certificate of improvements fur
tlio purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above claims.
And further tako notico tbnt action under
seclion 37 must be commenced beforo the
issuance of such certitii-nteuf improvements.
Dated this Wh day ol UctuLer, UW
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Cdlumbia Kiver, and tho
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
kootenay Valleys, froiy (jtplden to Cranbrook, ensure great..
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay."
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now-offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree- ���
mont for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
The I. O. F. rates of premiums nre
lower than that of any oilier fraternal
society and are much less than the
rates charged., hy regular insurance
companies Mich* as-the Canada Life
and New York Life for all lifo policies.
During ibe months of October and
November Intending applicants may
be admitted to Court Kicking Horse
No. 1)713, Golden, npon lui-uishitig a
satisfactory medical examination and
an application fee of #1.00. Now is
the best time to join for those wishing
cbcsp insurance. * *
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates ��2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  O.  Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Store and look over tho breezy,
np-to-dato novels he lias just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles-
Eyes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factoryi
In Patmore's
you can eet Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipes, Tobaccos, ete.   School Supplies of all kinds
at right prices.
The following is the sending of lhe
pupils at tho Oolden school for tho
month of October:
Fifth Class - 1, Walter Houston- 2,
Laura Kenny.
Fourth Class-1, Earnest Slither*
land; 2. Emily Kenny.
Sur. Third Class-1, Tom Stephens;
2, BertHsntin.
Jnr, Third Class-1, Jaok Parsons;
2, Melville Mcintosh.
Snr. Second Clnss-1, Lena Mcintosh;
2, Stanley Moodie.
Enrolled in 1st diviaion, 117.
J. A. HATES, Principal.
Jnr. Second Class���1, Katie Kenny;
2, Horn- Moore.
First Class-1, Peroy Eake; 2, Arnold lliiima.
11 Primer Class-1. Maggie Mcintosh
2, Bubble Miller
1 Primer Class-I, Moss Morgan! 2,
Lilv Mnrsnn.
Tablet I'hwi-I, Blanch Engblom;
2, Florence Morgan.
Enrolled In -'ml division 47.
Average ul tendance Il9.
The following ia Ihe Donald   school
report lor the Mine mouth.    Tbo foi
lowing are Iho names  of  lho  poplle
who  bold first ud  second ranki In
t h.ir respective cls.se*. .
Fourth Class-1, Nelllt Shaw; t,
Eva Menuel. *
Third Blsss-1, Bsrlrsm Shaw; J,
Lilian Woodland
S.,r. Second Claee-I, Larry McKay
2, Stanley lloKay. * ��� ���   ���
Jnr. Second Ohus-l.lTy MeMillao;
2, Maggie Daniels.
I. Clnss-1, John Caldwell.
II. Primer Class -1, Bella Woodland.
I. Trimer Class A-l, Muina McKay
2. Jeanette Caldwell ��� .
I, Primer Class B-l. George Woodland 2, Gladstone Woodland.
Average attendance 1* _
LlVery * rJeeO Stables
Bigs ol all kinds Cor Uro at reasonable rules
Teaming ef all kinds a Specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
WANTED-Wo will pay 912 00 a
\voek salary to either ft man or woman
represent the Midland Monthly
Magnaii'.n ns a mibacripiion solicitor.
The Midland is the same sizo as Mc*
Clures or the Cosmopolitan. * It is
now In its sixth year and is the only
Magazine of this kind published ia tbe
great Central West. A haudsome
prtalum given to each subscriber
Send 10 cents for a copy of the Midland
and premium lists to the Twentieth
loek's CottsnBoot Compound
., I. .nooe.3foll--u.e1! monthly by over
Deeet* T��ke no otber, u Al] Mixtures, pill* tnd
imitations *re dangeroni. Prle��,Hn. 1, llpcr
boXiKo.a.lOdegFWSBlronRer.f-ap'Srbox. Ko.
1 or 1, mttltdim receipt of price ind twofroont
Itamps* The Cook Oompany Windsor. Out*
W"-Hofc I and 9 Mid tm1 recommended by ai
ndponidbl* sroggis ta U Gonad*.
Xj. 1 nnd No. 2 R'-ld InR-SoWon by C. W
KK'M, C; A. Warren, nml It. W. Pj.tmore
Head ol navigation an Colombia Riv��r,
The most central point In Wlnd.rmcre Mining Division. '
Extract from ttepori of Minister of Mines lor 18081    "A waggon rose!
could be built from the 'Salmon Beds'   ATHALMEK-at a reasonable oest, 1
and will be so built as soon as it is justified by the mining development.''
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, mi!' j
good fishing and shooting in immediate vicinity. I
Level surface with gravel sub soil to build upon; cold, clesr water thel
year round for household purposes, nud splendid water power close to town.     1
Large andcompleto sawmill (20 M. daily capacity) on the ground assuna*J
cheap lumber.
fiWui. .any, particularly .6 to investors Wishing to build.
C. t). Liang, Agent
If you want
Good Bread
Vie   .
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling Company guar
antes their flour the equal of any
brand on the Goldeu Market and
hereby authorize all grocers to sell
. it subject to above guarantee aud
tbey will refund the full amount
paid for Dour upon return of any
not equal to guarantee.
Sold by O. A. Warren.
The B.C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd1
Vancouver.      -     B.C.
We are Manufacturers ami direct fmnortera, and carry a large sleek of Bsstaw
Fitrnacos, Fire Clay Uiwls, Scientific and Prai-lii-nl IIooIm, Ohuswaro, I'latiuam C
Acids, Chemicals, and sll other Asanyera-ami .Miners1 reituiroiiicuts.
SULK AUiNTS fur Morgsn Crucible Company,  Valerias, "Becker's
Dahmeec, Etc.
Catalogue and full particular, on application.
Notice's hereby given, tliat Ilio Interest
hold bv Samuel Wilauu in the "Last dunce"
Mini-rid Claim,ritualist ilea- l'alllsor, ivill lie
sold bv public anction to the highest Wilder
in sist'y days after dale of Ibis notice,.at the
Court House, Uolilon on thu 10th day uf No*
ronibfir at ton o'clock, fur default in payment
of nssossmont together, witb nil costs and
charges oi-i-asluneit by aiit-h default, unless
thesiium l-o pnlil ht-t'oro that ilulfl lu Robert
M. Wilson, ioklen, F. M. C. No. MOM.
Dated at Uolden, liilb Sii|iicinber, IW��.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist te Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Jas Bhady, D.L.8., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am-n. laal. MX
Agsat fcr obtaining Crom Qrsals, doing
--���' -'work,eto.   Addressi
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A aupply of Ibiililing lime for Sals,
repem. "Pi	
Plans propsi
rotni-t attention given to
To Be Sold
In Lots tb Suit Buyers
IS OrMglit Hnlc%
;   l*/C*yuap*...  '.
Tbo .b��T����l��ek Is In Ural class oondllios,
eat Is ��^��S�� r*t>. figging snd lur
to he made to
The W��f Mly HI��c LiMlted,
Wholesale ft Retail
Cattlo, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
Wood'h PHOfPRODIKa js sold in Golden
iy R. W. Pstmrro, O. A. Warren, and C.
V. Field, Drugglals.
11 ���   ��� " :    ��� - '   '     %
For a pine Sait
and a Perfect pit|
J. C. TOM.
The Fashionable Tailoif j
Opposite The Columbia House.     *m*j\
Fruit Store & Restaurant
Silver table furniture.
Call and Inspect at
Lakeside Hotel,
Tayhton & Goedon. Phops
Good oecemmodsllon for Piwpeclors and
Freighters.   Flrst-slasuneals.
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, notaries,
Revelstoke, B.C.
W��l attend sll Cwwt-f.Cosrls at Oeldeo.BL
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Eto.
Asuyer * Ketiltnrglst
Windermere,  - B.C.
Coffins jana
Orders prelsfdy attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Oolden, B.C.
Canadian Pacific Rallv
(Juiciest Time and Lowest Itaiot tt tut
poioia EAST and WEST.     ~l
BX-nnion Rates to
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