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The Golden Era May 1, 1897

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 j WwC'    \^U%.U
j     A^TT'   -*' ���_
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Bill Heads,      Posters,
Letter Pads,   "Dodgers,
\ Business Cards,   .-Etc.,
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in East Kootenay.
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promptly executed.
vjl. y\. NO.
GOLDEN B.C.. SATI.JtPAY, MAY   1    1697
Per Year
General 0 JV_ei*ehant.
o aoaoe esee ao 9 a'
Received this week further shipments of
Boots and Shoes
Dry  Goods.
My (Spring: Stock in these lines will soon
> be complete.     Do not fail to inspect my
range of
Summer Blouses,
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Golden, on the main line of the Ci.iuidian
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steamboat navigation of the Coh.ii lie river;
'he mineral anil coimiiercialcentri of Eastern
liritisli Coluinliia; headquarters uf thjl'old-
u Smelting works, the  l.'pper   Columbia
*-OOJ>.o.ej>o_eui_ej) op.o.
A complete stock of
iPaiiits, Oils, White  Lead,
Wfodow Glass, Etc.
Just arrived a carload $f g*opc| Prairie
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Phoenix of London and other Firs Insurance Cc's
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'������.'. *
The Confederation L.!e Association- Toronto.
+ + +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of .Ontario.
I Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
* ���   '      * 'uown       ���   "
ring ha
 ,     -leys:
of all kinds;  the distributing
outlet for  the   widely   known   and
famed agricultural and grazing land of
Columbia- Kootenay Valleysi   imriviilleil
for scenery
point for the
richest mineral country on the
Mr. Joe Lake of Windermere was in
town on Monday.
Dr. Lindsay of Calgary, left yesterday for Fort Steele.
Hutchinson A McGregor, general
merchants of Revelstoke have assigned
Tlie smelter bridge is Iieing repaired
by lhe Government with C. W. Miller
as foreman,
The retail grocers of Montreal have
started a boycott against tbe departmental stores of tbat city.
Mr. L, C. Fulmer and party of Brinff,
left yesterday for Fort Steele wiih a
large outfit, They will locate in that
Service will he held in the Presbyterian Church tomorrow evening at
7:110 o'clock. A cordial invitation is
extended to all.
The Russell House has been opened
for business. Mr, George Meade, late
of the Kootenay House is the proprietor.   G-ildeu now has 4 hotels,
A special London cable rays that
Justin McCarthy, the well-known
hia'orian, novelist and leader of the
Irish Parliamentary party it dying
Thn Canadian Pacific ia going to
build HO additional locomotives durlnir
the next two yean, at their Montreal
and Toronto Junction work-shops.
The Koot.nay Coal Company, the
iromoters of which ate nearly all
Ottawa people, ia incorporated by letters patent with a capital of f 1,500,-
Mr. Malcolm Melon is of Calgary,
hus none up to Steele with an outfit of
horses, etc., with u view to engaging
in the meat business iu the Fort Steele
Serious trpnblt is expected in the
Yukon bat wren Americans and Cn is-
dians owing to a dispute over territory claimed by countries. Both s.les
are armed.
Manv (reoplo hove no other way to
succeed in this world hut to pull others
back; but thr true way ia to elevate
others as high as wo can and then put
ourselves above them.
Mr. A. W. R. Marlc'ey. ireneral j Mr. Allan Granger returned from
agent for i he Confederation Life As-1 Kamloops on Saturday last He r. ���
aociation, is visiting the town in the ports that the whole country for miles
interests of his company  and  leaves |iaround   Kamloops is staked out as
for Fort Ste le on a business trip.  ...
The Upper Columbia Navigation Co's
boat.,'-.Pert" made her tiiat iriH up the
river this week leaving lien on Ti-er-
day morning with a full passen-ier
list and the mulls.
mineral claims.
Quite a number of visitors from
Field are in town today to attend tl t
funeral of Mr. J. Bouchard, late section foreman at Field, who' died on
Monday as the result of an attack of
,   ,     ,    .,, , pneumonia.     Deceased   was   a   well
On Snnday last the local oildfellows know. BDd popu-ar  officjal   and   hu
marched to the Meihoilist Chinch in a d(.at|, ��� the comparatively early age
body. The Rev. Mr. Otborne pieich-1 of 37| ht8 cauged mwh reKret ,moU(J
ed an appropriate sermon, taking for bm ��������������� ���,.-<.���,*���-,. -The funeral which
his text " Ye are all Brethren. took nla.e this morning from the Can-
Mr. Colin   C.   Mackav,   wife  and r sdian Pacific Railway station   to  the
children, with Misa Reid and Mr.  and R��"-:y- .Catholic cemetry wat  largely
Tuesday  fi'oin ��ttt!"**e<-.   Among tboso from the west
to attend the funeral were J. C. Greene,
Golden ; H. C. Killeen Joseph Cirlit,
I). McGinty, A. Hanson, Ths. Stephens
P. Thibedeau, O. Craig. B. Reddidit I J. Couvion, of Field. Burial service was held in the Roman  Catholic
Mrs. Martin, returned
an   extended visit to Oslirnry nnd lef
for their home at Windermere  yesterday.
A meeting to complete the organisation and make definite Hrniugeineiita
re. base hall club will he held , at t he j Ciiurcb at 10:30, after which the body
Russell House on Moiidii evening, j ��>a- taken to the cemetery. All nr*
May 3rd. A large attendance is: rnnirements in connection with the
requested. | funeral were undertaken by the friends
! ot the late Mr.   Bouchard  at  Golden
Mr. Bnllman of Thtinderhill. arrived ,.,������ Field.-Calgary Herald, April _S.
yesterday from   Calaary   with   three 	
heave teams of horses whi-h   will   be _      ,.,���,__ -���__.__
lined for frelghtin. work between Mud A New Mining Company
Lak<* and Fort Steele. He left f..r The moat recent accession to tht list
home yesterday accompanied by Mra. ��f Britiah Colnmbin mining ventures
Bullman. '" *'ie  ^aHt Roo'enay and Elk River
| Development   and  Exploration  Com*
It. is estimated on the an-horit*- of pany (Limited Liability), which haa
Michael Davitt. M. P. In i ie Imperial I just been incorporated under the laws
Parliament, that Enplish Capitalists I 0f the province.   The head office of the
have ��100.000.000 invested in Turkish
bonds, nnd these capitalists fear that
the war between Greece and Turkey
will ruin their security.
Mr. Thomas McNanirht left on
Thursday for Fort Steele where he will
ftlvelv pinrni-p in thetnlnin. business.
While in Golden Mr. MeNtnght mn-1��
tnanv warm friend, who will join with
tbe Fiu In wt.-ilnir hlm unbounded
success in tho Upper Country.
A letter i-x-olvol .1 E.l'.'nntnn 'rom
company is located at Fort Steele, and
the capital stock has been fixed st
$75,000, divided into 300,000 shares at
25c. each. The management of the
company for the first three months of
ita existence has been vested in the
hands of the following trusters, whose
names are a sufficient guarantee: J no.
Lim ham, of Rossland, broker; George
K. Lecson, of Calgary, gentleman; J.
L. G, Abbott, nf Rossland, barrister,
and William R. Hall, tf Rossland,
ireiitleinan.     The  promoters  of  tbe
Guillniim* Ilest -lulu, at Lesssr 8Uve omipany are Messrs. John Unchain,
Lake, and brnneht in bv the police de* 0f Rossland; G. K. Leeson, Ot Calgary
tschment. aisles tbnt on account of Hl,d y,'m, Gillie, the well known lum*
there Win. no rabbits in ibe north ��htj bar man of Carlton place,
people are starvlnir. TT** fuliln: 'Tbe
people at Stnrt-r-nn T,"k" ate over 20
horses, fnr   thoy could  kill no rabbits
or mooss.
"- *
Liberal Victories
Winnipeg,   April  28,  ��� Ex-Mayor
Jiimiesbn,   Liberal,   has  been elected
The Golden and Fnrl Steele TVvi-lW1 oyer Taylor, Independent, by about
ment Co. be'o slmidv sold !>S.nr0 1.2C0 majority. The official majority
shares of 'he bti.ff" tbo.- linen offevml will not be made known till this after*
���ro the public. Tbis Company waa in* I noon. Jamieson had a majority in
corpomteil on April Kth ��nd in this every division and Taylor has vtry
sain of stock has hi-aten "11 lnc.nl com*' likely lost bis deposit.
psnion nut of sl.'lii. Tli*. .'oniiianv Porlage la Prairie. ��� Dr. Rutherford,
will put two shifts nf tnlne-s to work Liberal, hat now 454 of a majority
at once on their claims on   Kinhasket, with  five  places to hear from, which
Lake, and development work will bt
pushed forward without delay.
ill  likely
over 500.
increase  bis majority to. ���"���The tyfilbtti (Sva by any person of sense.   Yet the Pro-
The GOLDEN ERA .-lpublishe.1 every vilui,al tomiM* entertained it and
Saturday n*ori~ii;i- in time to catch li..' easl made an  agreement   with Mv. Baillie
and west mail tiains, a)so tha mail for  tin for tht construction of the Canal.  The
upper corn-try, WinderDjere.Fort Steel.- etc. agreement is dated 28lh October, 1886
t is the ou,y advertising medium in the Eel, Hnd wU1 ^ fou_d      illteJ   ,   the Set*
JCootenay district.
Subscription hiatus ��� liUJQper annum  in
Adverti-enjents and changes must be in
the office not Jafflr than IS a in, on Thursday
{' insure iiwartion.
All cash to be paid to the Manager, from
who ii the Company's receipt will beobtn.ii.cl.
.Vdvctiseivent rates niijde known on ttppli-
cntior *,-)
The Guides hT Pubfishlog Coup-)
history oi
'. I; ��� ���
Mr.   W lliam Adolpb
man appeavt to have bee
.coneidf-icbje /ability u.-.,',
teased  a  high   opirii.uti
son of
o pos*
i own
merits and to have tiuxao'lea iu impressing the Provjfl,ci^l Government
that ho waa gifted with .considerable
.engineering ekill and tbfe to construct
a canal between the Upper Columbia
Lake and tbe Upper Kootenay Riv#r,
,so at to obtain a waterway from thp
town of Golden on the C.P.R. iu J3a��t
Kootenuy down to Jennings funding
in the .'"fate of Mon��a~~a beyond the
International Boundary, JJr.Grohmai".
was an Englishman When be fifH'
ca.ne to this country we do not know,
but at all events somewhere in tht
years 1884 and 1885 he waa in nfigo-
tiations with tbe Provincial fiiowfn-
ment as to the construction of this
.canal and obtaining A magnificent
grant of land for itt construction.
���The son1 end of the Upper Columbia
Lake is nci mote than a mile and a
half irom i I ->per Kootenay River,
aud the >: . i>l between them it a
woodud plain called the Canal Flats.
-Tbe Lulre however it about 0 feet lower
than tho river, which at that point
where the Canal was to Qomraence is a
rapid -ciiving stream with a considerable volume of water. The riv-*r it
not navigable for many miles smith-
ward from tbit point. How Mr.
.Grohman succeeded iu inducing tbe
.Government to embark .upon su,ch a
scheme will never be weU dfitefmiwii.
We have had tbe greatest dijftculty in
getting access to information bu* thete
are tomt printed papert egtant which
throw tome light upon this mestf/ix-
traordinary enterprise whereby the
Province and it! people hare been depleted of about 30,000 acres of the
finest land to be /ouud iv JEast Kootenay���extending tion; tbt bottom and
beuahea of tbe rjvtr down to tobacco
Pt.iin.l, and r.cihing to show for it
except a ditch, unsuitable even for
iii'ip.ation pin-foses.
Eien if .the scheme had bee   a [caul-
ble one it -fonld not have been .
use, as  it would   not have ft ured
continuum   waterway,   Jbenim..   ton}
milee of tbp Columbia River Im
Mud   Lake  and  the Upper Colon ��� ���
l.nke is unnavigable, there, being a Call
ol  311 feet between theee two
How   the Provincial Oayernni'v ..-t.
i-tuioed tbt scheme ut all <.; i It
had been practicable and (eai.ti-lir ivo
arc at a leu to undertland boouilte.
: he scheme was a Doiniuion matter. *!
the navigation to be provided exti .-led
into another country.
The  printed papers -whicli 1}
presently  refer  li   dp noi vt
tht Government ni.'.1" iny -<*u - or
/jontulted any eu^-reo.'r<�� < -\-.i-
���Jiility of the sehet�����-. On.tin cont -y
we atcei-laiu froin otjfluiry ... be
.scheme wat laughed ���-��� I y ��� pi* 'In
valley   who hail the meal know
ledge  end  who mi-. iii.ee with
Mr. Baillie and I \,, : ;i opp./i", ' ..'
aeeing hit plant. ThjJJa pi u lio'a d
bt extant somewhere in tli'e^Depni : ��� -rr
of the gommitsioner ul 'J. m 1
Works.     Tbt tohtrae wat con��i 1
-.ion Papers of 1887 at gage 316. The
agreement it between Willunn Smith,
the then Chief Commissioner nf Lands
and Works, ��i)d the Kootenay Syndicate, Limited, of Lou.ior, anil William
I A lolphrBaillie Grohnuui, Thi/, '���' gWj
ment refers to previous r,'. .i
agreement made ob the 7th i u;-1 w,
1885, between Grobni-m -im . .-o-
vincial Government. We do ik ow
whether tbit agreement is e_ ,uit or
not. Mr. Grohman ap|iears to have
floated two companies���the only thing
tbat did float in connection with the
construction of tbt canal, Tbe first
wat the Kootenay Syndicate Limited,
of which he wat tht Managing Director, tht other directors being J. P.
Fenwiok and Tbomae Bate. The solicitor wat Arthur Fell, 40 Queen Victoria Street. London. We do not know
much about thit syndicate or tbe
Kootenay Valleyt Company Limited,
which wat formed on the 7th Auguet,
1889. Both were foreign companiee
with their head offices in London and
the scene of their operations far removed. We bave however been able
to ascertain the chairman of thit company wat Henry Seton Karr and that
jti Secretary wat alto Artbnr Fell,
solicitor, 40 Queen Victoria Street,
Londpn. The Kootgnay Valleys Company wat formed (1) To adopt and
narry oat a certain agreement dated
the 16tb March, 1887, made between
the Kootenay Syndicate und Robert
Maurice Rand ; (2) To engage in any
other business. The capital wat ��100,-
000 in 20,000 shares of ��5 each. Mr,
Robert Maurice Rand wae evidently a
mere go-between, a link to connect
the two companion together, tbe moving and controlling spirit being W. A.
Baillie Grohman.
The Kootenay Valleyt Company waa
floated in 1889 and tht ditch appears
to have been flnithed about 1892. We
do not kgoir who wat responsible for
the drawing up of tbe Articles of
Agreement, gt whether they were re-
vistd by tbt Attorney-General. There
were tome nine or a dozen in number.
Tbe following is an epitome of them ���
Article 1 -A navigable canal wat
to bt made .30 feet wide, 4 fttt deep,
with a lock MO feet long and 30 feet
wide. Plun�� were to be lodged on or
beforo 1st July 1887. Within tis
months work wtt to bt commenced
after plant and specifications were
approved of Canal to be completed in
t ivo rearjj and in full working order.
.', n iule 2.���The company to keep the
nan     m.fujl  working order for the
i" iho public in aii tinn-coming.
j\.;l :(.��� Governmi-in could take
pons . sion of canal if repairs were not
made to the satisfaction oi  the Com-
: i-fioner  of  Lands am' Works after
ree months notice.
Article f���/Stipulated as to tht
.   Is lo be levied for mei-chnnditt pass-
. through tbo C-'.i.i.
\iticle 5 provided for a right of
way of 78 feet in eitlici i-ido whioh
��� i-i not to be alien.i'- but rttaiped
"i tbe enlargement ol the pimal,
Acticle 6.��� Grant we,--- ft, ae mtit
of 320afi��t! for every '2. So'' ttpta&j
on it.    jLfnder  the tr.
Grohman   deposited tii,On* ,i ir*
antee be would .complete tbeoanal.
We do not know how tba . -cist
ajnount wt! arrived at.
Ajticle 7.-The balance oi .'deposit wat to be forfeited in the event
of tbe canal not being completed, but
lands granted w,er��- to bt retained to
tbe extent of f 5 par acre to cover the
forfeited deposit.
Article  8 Within  six   months a
tteam tag wat to be put on tht Upper
Kootenay River capablt of carrying 10
tons from tht Canal Flft to-tht boundary line, always provided the river is
navigable for steamers. Tbit was a
lien, beautiful provito.
Article 9.-On  completion of canal
Worka.     Tbe tchtrae was cou.rr; *.  .     Article ��.-On  completion of canal
fop absurd to bt teriousiy entertained J in accordtnot wkb t^o contract, 30,'.
000 acres north of Bull river and south
of Canal Flat wat to be made over,
Tbe agreement alto ttipnltted that the
land to be eonveyed wat to comprehend the 2,000 or 8,000 tcret on tbe
Canal Flat, and that the remainder of
it was to consist of swamp and bottom lands and bench lands down to
tho Boundary line. In short tbe best
and finest land in tbt valley was to be
.""jTwo quej-fj<-ns here arise and the
ilrst is whO-waR the Attorney -General
that revised this agreement; he must
oither have been possessed of blundering ttnpldity or been guilty of gross
dereliction of duty in patting such an
agreement*���where no proviso it made
for the forfeiture of the lands or the
cancellation of the agreement���in the
event, which did happen, of tbe syndicate and Mr. Bai|'je pot eftrrgjng out
tbeir agreement, And the second
question it who was tbt engineer that
approved of the plans, supervised the
work and passed the same, Hit name
should bt known, and if alive tome ex*
planation should be got. We do not
know whether the canal wat tver completed or not by the syndicate or Mr.
Baillie. but wt do know that not a
tingle boat ever passed through it, so
lopg as the syndicate or Mr. Baillie
were connected with it. The wbple
30,000 acres were granted at three
different dates, in 1889, 1890 and 1892,
and are known aa " Lands A." We
know that disputes arose between Mr.
Baillie and the government, after Mr.
Baillia't company had nohleil the lands
snd whether it took post-ensign of the
canal under Article '; >. the , leement
we do not know, I... .' like to
know. Our means ���' rf.r .atjon are
meagre and the go,-. = nt is naturally net prepared to .iirow much light
on thie job. Bill an interosiing correspondence is printed in the Session papers of lfi91���where tbe Dominiou
Government teems to have returned���
and it appears at page 491 as if the
canal wat completed in-1889 no lar at
Mr Baillie Grohman or his syndicate
were concerned. Tbere teems also to
bave been tome disputes ss to tlie land.
Tbere being complaints by Mr. Baillie
Grohman that tbe Hopqrqbie James,
the Provincial Secretary, had got bolu
of 2,320 acres of tbe landt, being lott
125 and 128, to which he had /got
crown granta on 25th April, 1889.
Some other time we shall return to the
land grants of tiio Honorable James.
We will however content oaraelvet
with thit present swindle.
At the time tbe agreement wat entered into tbe Hon. Win, Smith, tbe
Land Commissioner, appears tp bave
visited the Upper Valley in October
1886, for we observe from theacpounta
ending June, 1887, certain pay-gent!
in connection with thia visit, tuch at
boat hire, Columbia Lakes to Golden
City 125; provisions tupplitd by Jas.
Baktr at Cranbrook 118.12.
Tho fatt of tht syndicate was it wat
wound up on 80th April, lj-92, at 80
Gracoohuroh street, London ; Mr.
Bsiliio Grohman in tho chair, and
moviug tbe resolution letting forth
that the shareholders approva of tbe
vario.it steps be bad taken to protect
tbeir interests, and in respect he had
\ incurred liabilities the syndicate were
unable to meet, it uns resolved that
the company be wound up, and that
all tbe property, rights, c -., of Tlie
Kootenay Syndicate bt trausfoi-red to
William A. B.illie Grobiuan. '1 'vr-
were toint protest!, but Mr. Uiomuaii
wat all pnwtrful in voting strength
aud tht resolution was declared carried aud the tyndioatt disappears out
of existence. What - other arrange*
ments were afterwards made wt have
uot yet ascertained, but Mr. Baillie
Grohman censed, we believe, to have
anv connection with The Kootenay
Valleys Company. Tbe 80,000 acres
are now pOsseHsed bv, tbie Company.
Tbeir agtiit being Mr. -George Alexander. They hold crown grant! at
provided for in tlio form ot tht Ltn'd
Act.   The grama art  lott  108,   109,
(CoMt'uL-tjl on Paga6.)
MR JOHN BULMAN, Winfield Pork,
Thunderhill, will handle freight between
Adela, Mud Lake and Fort Steele, and
return. Goods warehoused at both ends.
For rates apply to
Prospectors and Miners having claims or
interests in claims for sale, could not do better than communicate with
Minin-; Broker & Financial Agent,
Go_d_n and Fort St____
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to
apply sixty days after date to tbe Commissioner ot Lands and Works for. the District
of East Kootenay, for permission to purchase S20 acres of in-surveyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown Lands, described ss
follows! Commencing at a post planted
on the eust hank of the Columbia river
East, WestNortii, Swtti.
YaaiiMd n*t (��� ^likM-diNc*
tion to*etf.erfe��t.Fl*ttng,
Weil-Made, ������ l>pr��ble
Ye people of i3oId(m, and DonoM tpp, ^_   .
Your Tailor has oome, bis name is Frank
In England he cut for houses of feme.
Such as Hobson-. of London, who bears g
[great name |
And in Canada too, Just letine say
He was outter far the great Hudson's Bay,
Columbia river say 60 chains and thence
following the Columbia river south *-) tbe
point ol commencement.
Dated, Galena, I). C, -Oth March, 1897.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate In the Golden Mining Division ol East Kootenay District
located Spillimncheen Mountain.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner's
certificate Nu. 41117. intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Gol
Commissioner fir a certificate of ii
ments, for the purpose of .obtaining a
Crown grant oftlie'nbove claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims
qiust be sent to the Gold Commissioner
an action commenced before the Issujiflpe
of such certillcate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day of Juno, 1896,
John McKab,
By his Hfc-on., F. W. Ayliper.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that
an auction sale of lot in the Town site of
Flat Creek, being parts of Sections 14 and 15
In Township 31. Range il West of the 6th
Meridlsn^will be held on Thursday, the 20th
ef May, 1897. at Laurie, B. _., a new station
on the Canadian Pacific Railway, two and
one-half miles East of Iilecillewaet and about
two miles from tlie pmpertyto be sold.
TBRllKi���Onafourth in cash aud the balm-re in three equal annual instalments, with
interest at tt per cent per annum.
For upset prices inul other information apply to Agent of Dominion Lands, Kamloops.
Ily order,
r Secretary.
I -1 .-irtment of the Interior,
Ottawa, loth April, 1807.
I'mbe*~��roughiydone by thisMune Frank
Both Ladies'tnd Gentlemen's clothes let me
Will bt workmanlike dent, tnd Witt up "*
Now let nie solicit yourwork. eld and new,
And put ta the test, your tailor.FrankPugbi
His charges you'll find will be oil right
And the work when completed, "Just ont
--Patronise Home Industry I"
Store opposite pott office,
Golden, B. C.
Met Alexander Week, Upstairs,
fiO-jPElvJ. B.C.
Mjnpj Leased, Bonded, Bought, Developed
and Operated.
Correspondence from Owners of Mining i-ropertjps and Parlies Seeking
Mining Inveitu'iepts solicited.
���rV    ���    fit
Pure Drags
Send to     -     |     i     i
New Denver*
.Notice to Taxpayers
Assessment. Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Northr:it*. Division of East Koote-
nat District.
NOTU'i: is hereby given In accordance
with the Statutes that Provincial Revenue Tax snd all taxes levied under the Assessment Act are now due for tlie year 1897.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Knot.-
nay District are payable at iny office, tlin
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at lhe following rates, vis-���
If paid on or before June 30th 1897:
Three-filths cf one per cent on Real Pro-
Two tnd out-half per emit on assessed value
nf wild laud.
One-half of one per cent on personal pro*
i .in so much of tho incomes nl any person as
i-xciisls ona thousand dollars tho following
r,it..<s iiMiieiyi���Upuu stu'b excess of income
-. ben tlio sum U not mora tln.ii ten thousand
dollars, one per cent: wheu such excess is
over leu t|-o-isand dollars aud not more than
twenty thousand dollars one snd one-quarter
of oiip per conti when such excess is over
tivauty thousand dollars, one and one half of
one por sent.
Ii paid on or after the 1st July 1897
Four-lift-*" of one per cent en Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value uf
Tbrpp-fpu-llis of one percent on Personal
On so nini'li cf the Incomes of any person as
exceed* ana thousand dollars the following
rates nania|yi���Unoa such excess when the
same is not nip-p than ten thousand dollars,
oneandoiiiH-iutrterofniie per cent; when
such excess it aver ten thousand dollars and
not more than twenty thousand dollars, one
and one-ball pf one per ceut: when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars ont and
three-quarters of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue Tax W.Ol per capita.
Assettor and Collector.
Goldep, January 2pd. 1887,
loch and Jewelry-repairingdone to
���lw best style of ibe trade with tbe
ic ni -Mssibje delay. Mail and ex*
I .re..s orders f pieive prompt attention.
Watchuker ud Jeweller - GtMeR. B. C.
(Opposite tbe CpJM-nl'ia House.)
'   Agent for the Canadiuii Sme|ting k
Assaylna* Works.
Assays, Tests snd Smelting of Ores
with the greatest expedition snil scientific accuracy.
Caller write for further information.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL It now open for tht
admission of patients.
TICKETS may bt had from tht undersigned or any member of tht
PRICE-Ten Dollars ptr ytar or Sis
Dollars ptr half year.
NO EXTRAS txcept private wardt.
Acting Secretary.
Chare- tervlees.
Tbe usual evening service will bt
held to-morrow in St. Panl't Chnrch
at 7:80 o'clock.
Metboditt tervlce will bt held In tht
tchool ��� house to-morrow tvtnlng
at 7:80 o'eloek.
Service will bt conducted In tht
Presbyterian Chnrch by Rtv. Jit.
Harcourt, B.A., to-morrow morning
���t tl o'clock, a
' The annual report by Mr. J. F.
Armstrong, Gold Commissioner lor
East Kootenay, appears in the Annual
Report of the Minister of Mines for the
year ending 31st Dec 189(1 and is as
The value of the output from placer
mines has decreased in consequence of
several properties formerly worked by
hand passing into the hands of hydraulic companies, who did not get
their plant into operation until the
best part of the season was over. The
wash-up for the balance of the season
was satisfactory to the proprietors,
and both companies on Wild Horse
Creek .are now well prepared -for next
year's work. A little desultory placer
mining waa done on other creeks, but
the proceeds were small.
The output from lode mines is practically copBned to shipments from the
North Star Mine. Thia would have
been larger but for accidents to two of
tbe largest steamers transporting the
ore, * one being laid up for a month,
and another being sun- at the begin-
ing of the best stsge ol water. The
shipments from this mine consisted of
2,644 tons of ore, yielding 83,220
ounces of silver and -,179,807 lbs,
Development work has been done on
the Sullivan group, on Mark Creek, on
the Cronin group, on Moyie Lukes, on
the Dibble group, ou Lost Creek, and
on a few others, while the work on
the bulk of the claims hus been confined to tho necessary representation.
The Cronin group, has much ore on the
dump, but will uot muke shipments
until the construction of tbe Crow's
Nest Railwuy, which is expected to
to pass close to tlie (nine.
During the past season some capital
has   been   secured, and the  spring ol
. 1897   will  see  more men at work ou
development than any nretious season
Fine prospects oh which little work
hss been done, are numerous and cupi
tslists   wbo  are  willing to assist in
development work, can liud profitable
The number of the prospectors in the
district has increase., but the majority of tbem have only enough capital
to locate and represent tbeir claims,
and without more1 financial strength
the progress of mining will be slow.
If tbe Provincial'Mineralogist could
visit and muke a .report on the district,
at, sin early date next summer, it
would he of great advantage to the
mining interests, for a thorough examination by a thoroughly competent
person will be of more value than the
information which I could give ns to
tbe mineral character of tbe different
As a great influx of prospectors and
invettors is expected next season, I
add to my report a list of the localities
in whicli lode mines hnve lieen located
or worked durinr* the season, together
with a description of the menus ui'
access to the office of each d-.-i-.iorr
mentioned. I consider that the district has a good nuinbei of useful
trails; they/have not always been located to the best advantage, but they
are being gradually and systematically
improved, and in laying out new trails
the quettion of gradual gradient is
kept iu view, and where advisable the
trails are built on a location fit for a
waggon road.
MEANS OH '���q���_lJN!<-An.l.S'.
In this district, the' Miffing Recorder
for each division, has bis office in the
town from ivhich the division is
-:. Fort Steele is centrally loca'ed for
itt division, and is a good point for
the purchase of  supplies.     It can he
' rfesclied from Golden, B.C.,. ou the C.
P.R. and from Jennings, Mqutanu, ou
the Great Northern Rail road, by steam-
���er during the season of navigation,mid
. by stage during the rest of the ye.u,
and by tho Moyie Trail from West
Kocteuay via Goat River, and hy the
St/Mary's trail   from Kootenay Lake
:'.t\A Pilot Bay. The trunk road from
Golden to Fort Steele It in good order,
and fit for the transportation of heavy
loads; waggon roads radintu from
Fort Steele to Cranbrooke, to a point
on  the  St.   Mary's River near Murk
,.- Creek, to the placer initios on Wild
Horse Creek, and to the International
Boundary lines at Tobacco Plains.
With the exception of the last, these
roads are in good order,
Windermere ia. situated on the trunk
road on the line ol navigation Irom
Golden. It ia In a good farming couutry where produce can be purchased at
reasonable prices. The northern pare
of the division situate at the head of
the Kootenay it, from want of trails.
difficult of access, though not distant
from ttatjoui on the C.P, li. in Alberta. ���
Golden is on line of. the C.P.R., and
if well supplied with stores. All supplies for points south are sent from
this place by boat or waggon, to thn
different landings from which the
trails diveriio.
In the Donald division, the trails
are built from the different railway
stations, The northern part of the
division is almost unexplored
How access enn he obtained to the
different localities mentioned in the
above list:
Mark Creek is   reached  by a wagon
road, from   the   North   Star steamer I
Landing, on tho Kootenay.   This road |
will   serve   as   tha   out let   for many'
claima wilh whioh it can be connected
at   a  small expense,     The mouth ..
Perry Creek is not fur  from the eflfl of i
the St. Mary's waggon  road, and it is !
intended  to  continue  this road soma |
distance  np   the   eveek In 1897,   Tho
other tributaries ol' tlio St.. Miii-y's, can |
be reached by, n   good trail, completed
in 18911, from   the  enn ot  St, Mai-I's
wagon road to the bead of Lutisdq'.vlie
Creek.     This   new  trail was local od
with ensy gradients.Btid enables horses'
to carry a good load; at the summit it
Bugaboo Creek it reuched hy a trail
from Spillimacheeri Lauding, 50 miles
by river from Golden, A trail from
Carbonate Landing, 20 miles liy river
from Golden, reaches the claims on the
three forks of the Spilliiuacheeu; there
is also a sleigh road from Vermont
Creek on the South Fork to the North
Fork Trail, and thence to Wells Landing on the Columbia River, 80 miles
above Golden. There is a trail up
Fifteen Mile Creek, from its month.
A trail was constructed in 189 I. from
Goldeu Landing to a point on Canyon
Creek, above the Canyon, uud thence
All these trails lend into ihe McMurdo Country, and will be a gre.t help
to the numerous prospectors who are
likely to enter this division in 1897,
as supplies can be packed in on horses
to the very summit of the S Ikivks
Trails Iroin the CPU. line, lead to
the claims on the (Ci-'.-'.ig Horse und
its tributaries.
1803   were  82,208.10, while  in  1893, Mr. Martin is a member has introduc-
the.y were (2.878.2(1, being an increase ed   a   bill   to   grant  n cash bonus of
ol 7b' per cent, The value of the miu
ei-ul output in 1895 was $17,575.00.
while in 189(5 it had risen to (154,427
au increase of 779 per ceut.
A good trail, e'.
was constructed i
to Bald Moiintnii
��� trail
to ['..r-
Mr. Mart ln's Constituents lluiniiul HI.,
Forcibly of ill. PletlRO AR-ilinst
liritisli  Purine.
Hon. Mr, Martin, we observe, and
tlie Colonist for him, editorially, try
to srrf'iik out oi the solemn plodgo
which Ih' lion, gentleman had to give
his constituents of North Yale before
they would allow him to ..u< :-��� .'���-"��
in the Government, tbat he wu.il i ������
sign rather than he n purty tn voting
.j cent of cash subsidy ts the British |
Notwithstanding the equivocation ol j
the Chief Commissioner and the chief]
Government   organ, there   is   nnttb
slightest doubt  that Hon. Mr. M  iti
did distinctly pledge himself, nl Kan,
loops,   'o the effect os stated ...hove,
fact which is capable of .proof.
(920,000 to such a railway;
������Therefore be it resolved: That, in
the opinion of this meeting, should
Mr. Mai-tin give his support to such.
ho will have broken his solemn pledge
to the electorate of this constituency,
mid we therefore, call upon him to
vigorously oppose that portion of the
proposed hill."���Daily Columbian.
How He Got Uld Of It.
Iii the unpremediatod manner peculiar to the feline tribe, an office cat
took it into its head to die. What
were the clerks to do with the corpse?
was the question. No back garden ta
bury it in ; to throw it into the road
wus illegal; but it could not remain
in the office.
One of them hud u brilliant idea.
Procuring a common ii : basket from
jthe nearest ttshmongei-'a, he sewed pom*
pnesv'h body up in it, 1 .. 'ng a couple-
of i heasaut's (ail feat her- protruding,
i Going out. I.t got on the oi .side of an
j omnibus, and placed thi basket ou an
I empty seat iu front of him, and stayed
Golden* Ft.Steele
.(Limited Liability)
Development Co.,
lutbfiziii Capital Sloe. 7So,aoo Shares ol par value ol Sl.oo each. Tieasuij Stock .00,00. Slues. ���
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for the purpose o| acquiring and developing properties in
East Kootenay, the richest pint ol British Columbia.
The management ol the Cpiupniiy is iu the hands of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore,
able 10 secure on behalf pf Ibe Ciiipniiy the bust properties available.
Provisional Board of Directors:
President: Tl|i-_..�� MeKA|lq_Tj Es'j., Financial Agent, Fort Steele.    Vlco-Presidnet lAl.EXANIiEltALLAN, Esq., Merchant, C'nlgary.
umi ii. llAltllUK, -Mi-., Secretary Golden Lumber Co., Golden.
Treasurer: Al.l x.**s'tii It Mdi/UKLX. Ist-., Manager Lell Iclephoiic Co., Calgury.     Secretary: Gl-O. 8, Ml (.'AHTlr.lt, I'arrister, (.olden
There are no salaried officials in this Company.    The promoters shares are pooled until the Company earns
dividends.    Experienced  prospectors  have  been engaged to'secure claims for the Company iu the Gulden und
Fort Steele Districts,
Th" Cmpiuv will develop and sell these properties snd handle properties on behalf of prospectors nud iuves-
honsnfid shares have already been sold.   Tbe balance of the first block of 50.000 Treasury Shares
on the Canadian market and a second block of 50,000 is being placed upon the market iu Great
10l's.     iMO ,'
has linen |.
Shares ure selling at
10  Cents Per Share,
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full information apply to *ny of the
Directors or to
or to Secretary, .Uoiil.ii.
Messrs. Ellis & Grogan,
ttiokei-M, Calgary.
I'llllkiTii   Dunk of Montreal, Calgary.
connects   with n West Kootenuy trail  oupine   Creek, from a   point on the C.
from   Pilot.   Bay.     The Moyie claims I P.R. between Donald and Beavermouth
art.  near tho old Wnliu trail, uud enn | is not in good order, but passable,
be   reached   either fro-
from Ity ken a.     Won.
reached   by   u trail fr
All the claims on   i lie
Kootenay are eenclii'd from the steamer
bindings nnd the ini.rk I uud by comparatively short trails.
WlNliliK.Ml.iu; division.
Some of the claims on Fiudluy creek
are ensy of access, others arc sltuuteil
beyond the trails.
A good cuttle trail was conn.Ir-t rl'ln
1896, from the Columbia River, along '
Toby  Creek   and   its North  Fork to
Hatiser Lake in West Kootenay; 'hire
is also  a  trail up the South fork to,
the summit of the Selkirks.
The claims on Hotse Thief Creek are
difficult of access at present, Short
trails to Windermere mountains diverge from the trunk road.
Vermillion River at the hoiid of the
Kootenuy, is very difficult of access
for reasons given ubove.
ii l-'oi't Steele or I A trail is being constructed by your
,< .I'eak can he ; ly instalments from Bear Creek Station
"iu Criiiibrooke. | to Prairie Mountain, it is now prac
east side of the : ticiildo   for   men   on foot with heavy
p.icks. and   it   is intended to make it
passable for horses in 1897.
A   short   trail   from   Beavermonth
Station   loads   to  the  claim, iu that
An expensive trail on tbe east hank
of the Columbia leads from Donald to
Kinbii '. t Lake. It has been little
osetl lately, as prospectors have giveu
...y little attention to thul section of
the   ivision.
1 he report concludes with some in-
ti'i-e'ating articles. These shew that
Ior the year ending Slat December,
189(1, there were 504 claims located.
208 certificates of woik issued, and 34
Crown grants issued. That in 1895,
404 Free Miner's Certificates were
grunted, while in IM*'-*, 537 were
grunted being au increase of SS per
cent,     That  tbe mining receipts for
Mr. Mai-tin's   constituents   are, evidently, not going to let him off, either,
jus ii muss   meeting   held at Kumloops,
1 on Tuesday night lust,  condemned the
, gunning ol   any    monetary aid to the
i Bute Inlet ami Qnesnelle Railway, endorsed strongly a ivsolntiuu lor uss si-
iiiii-o  to  a   road   from Pentictoi*, via
'Kamloops, to   Cuiibii". i-nnuectiim  nt
Peiitiotioii with llie propositi Cnliinbis
A W.'Stern, nnd   | ns.-,ii th   following
resoluium. to le Im wauled to the Hun
G. II  Martin:
������Whereat   the  Hon. G. B. Ma ft in,
Chief   I oiumissiuiier   uf   Lends   und
Works in the Gnu-mmem u| ihis Province, ut   the   time of   his elation to
represent this district of North Yule
I in thc Provincial Lei isliiliire iu 'HI, as
[it condition if h s mil bin-.' iippm-ed m
the   said   election,   gave   iiis   s.r
i promise that he would oppose any propositi to iti-tint  ii nioiie.   UiIiiib toward
the construction uf  the British Pnorfio
Railway, a  line  prop-is,-.!   In 11> built
from the const, .ia the northern route
through Cariboo; uud
'���Whereas the Government of which
to iv iiuh ;he "game."
Presently, a seedy individual took a
vacant seat and after furtive glances,
round, proceeded to sidle up to the supposed basket of pheasants and gradually sneak it under his cont. At the
next stopping-place the seedy one mado
of with bis booty, leaving the ingenious young man to congratulate himself nt the success ol his little plot.
4 ���
For Youiik  Wives.
Try to be satisfied to commence on a
small scale.
Try to avoid the too common mistake-
if making ail unwise effort to " begin
where the parents ended."
Try not to look at richer homes and
co.et their costly furniture.
Try going a step further, and visit
the homes of the suffering poor when
secret dissatisfaction is liable to spring
Try being perfectly independent from
the first, and shun debt in all its forms.
Try to cultivate the nlornl courage
that will resist the arrogiiuc/i of fashion.
Trv i o co-operate cheerfully in arranging tbo family expenses, and share
equally in necessary self-denials and
Try to be cheerful in the family circle, no matter how annoying may lie
the business cares and the housekeeping trials.
Try to remember thnt it matters but
little what " people think" provide!
you sre true to your.sel.es, to right
and duty, and keep your expenses within your means.
��� ���
The Meul Ilusbnnd,
A woman who, be it noted, is still
unmarried, thus describes the ideal
He would not, except on very rare
occasions, be detained in town on urgent business.
He would not speak to or even look
nt me unkindly, A woman's heart is
easily broken.
He would not throw cold water cn
my suggestion that "denr mamma
should come to stny with us,1'
He would not, every time I wanted a
little money, ask me if I wished him
to end my days in the workhouse.
Ho would not bring a friend homo
unexpectedly to dinner.
He would not, in case I forgot to
darn his socks and sew buttons on his
shirts, remind me ol the fact in language more forcible thun polite.
Musings of nn Old Staffer.
Never try to conceal anything from
woman -except the truth.
Never ask a woman for anything.
Either tuke it without asking, or pretend you don't want it at all.
In love, trifles ure the only tilings of
What you think people say about
you is precisely what tliey don't suy.
The girl who never notices you is
the one who observes you most. Breaking off an Engagement.
It hat to long been recognised by
society at large that the breaking of an
engagement should come from the
lady't side, and tbat a man it bound
in honor to hit word, tbat it may
sometimes give rise to the error of tup-
posing tbat cutler no circumstances in
life should a man ever end an engagement.
There many cases in which it is not
only justifiable, but any other couise
would be wrong. Should a man be so
unfortunate as to discover thut a girl
hat insanity or nny other hereditary
taint in her family, or has formed intemperate habii.-i--t.his is not unprecedented, outrageous us it may seem���
be is positively to be roinmended for
breaking his engagement. To fulfill it
would be to commit a wrong,
When a girl flirts with other men,
or shows a man plainly that ahe does
not love him, he Is quite within his
rights in givlne her up. When she
hat deceived him in any way, and tbe
knowledge of that deceit comes to bim,
then he is absolved from all duty in
fulfilling his pledge.
When his prospects tuddenly fail,
���nd he has no hope ol marry ng, it is
not his place to break tbe engagement,
but to offer to release his finances,
should she desire her release, It is for
her to decide whether the engagement
should continue or not���he cannot
honorably end it.
Tbe same may be said ol those unfortunate cases where his affections
cool, or he finds after his engagement
that there is another girl he likes batter. He cannot, in honor, break hit
engagement because ha has changed
bit fancy. He mutt tell his finance
the truth, and ask for his release,
which few girls under those circumstances would not he only too willing
to grant.
Improving Hor Mind.
A correspondent writes to the Timet:
President Kruger's little bill reminds
ine of another which was shown to ine
as a curiosity. A provibcial manufacturer in a email business had a daughter, a line, handsome girl, about eighteen years of age, who was employed
in her father's office as a clerk. A
gentleman of family and fortune, well
on in bit sixties, came into the neighborhood, fell in iovt witb tbe young
lady, and was accepted us her future
husband. She had been but slenderly
educated, and, in view of the intended
change in her social position, her lover expressed a wish that she should
give up her olerkahip, and should .endeavour to "improve ber mind" on
lines which he laid down. This was
done, but difficulties arose, and filially
tbe gentleman broke off the match', at
the tamt time intimating that he w ish-
ed to act liberally in the way of pecuniary compensation, and inviting the
lady to suggest an amount. She replied by a carefully-drawn bill of
charges on commeroiallv-ruled paper,
demanding to much tor larcerated affections, no much for loss of the expected position, eo much for expenditure in tbe preparation of her trousseau, Ac, and, finally, " to lots of
time in improving my mind," ��52,10s.
��� ���
A Remedy Which is instantaneous and Permanent in Effect���A Calgary Resident,
Crippled fur Three Years, Becomes as
Strong as an Athlete,
No subtle or mysterious force could be
more miraculous in Its effects than is South
American Cure in all cases of rheumatism. J.
A. Andersen, of Calgary, N.W,T., b/ijb that
seven or eight years ago be became afflicted
with rheumatism and tor three years it made
him a eripple so that he bad to use a stick to
get about, In Ins own words, " I suffered
untold misery, and though treated by tbe
best physicians in the country, and I s|��nt a
term ul the hospital, recovery seemed as
hopeless as ever, A friend recommended
South American Rheumatism (Jure. It gave
help immediately ami after the second bottle
1 threw away my stick. 'I inlay 1 am us
Strong as un athlete." Price 7a (rents. 8o|d
by V. A. Warren.
��� ���
Miss AnnJa Patterson, of Sackvlll, N. Ii.,
Once the Victim of Nervousness and General Debility, Takes on tbt Health of Early
Some rernedhw nre nothing more than a
come run -own, ���������� ">>>' ��� ��j"r -'j""i -j�� -.t
Worst forms have shown themselves,. South
AwrlctoServlnewill cure. It strikes at
(be nerve centres and builds up the system
by wiimvlng tlier^canseof trouble. MUs
Annie Patterson. of"8ackvllle,N.B,, a lady
well known hi the Maritime Provinces, suffer
td terribly from Indigestion snd nervousness
and her case seemed Incurable. Bbeaocept-
ert South American Nervine without hope
Sbatlt was any different from any other rem-
.die,D-thff words are i ",I Ijt4.titon.only
one li)ttle when my system began to lake on
rt* health of f oriler years, and aftern taking
S^boittleslwascomplettlycared." SoH
by 0, A. Warren,
tha Proper Way..
" Anybody can acquire a good memory," aaid the teacher to his class, "if
he trains hit mind to bang things on
their own pegs, so to apeak. For instance, in what year was Gladstone
"Idon't remember," answered the
" Don't remember! Well, you must
go about it in the right way. How
many Muses were there? ���'
"Ofoourse. Now double the number."
,   " Now multiply it by 100."
"Eighteen hundred."
"Very good. Hold on to that. How
many Grucea wore there?"
"Precisely. Multiply that by itself."
" Nine."
"Jnst so. Now add that to the result you first obtained, and what have
you ? "
"Eighteen hundred and nine."
"Well, now, there yon bave it.
Gladstone was born in 1809. Everything depends upon going to work in a
proper manner, Thn memor/ needs a
bit of help, that's all. "
The following colloquy is said to
have takeu place between the lute Mr!
Spurgeon nnd a hoy in his orphanage:
"Mis'r Spudgin. s'poslng there was
an orfin 'syluin an' a bunuerd orlins in
it, an' all the orfins had uncles and
auntses to bring 'e,n cakes an' apples,
'cept one orfin w'ot hadn't no one,
oughtn't somebody give that orfin sixpence?"
"I think- so, Bob," replied Mr.
Spurgeon ;.:'' but why ? "
���'' Cntise I'm him." snid Bob.
The ��� orfin " got his sixpence.
��� ���
Is Throufh the Kidneys -I.iko a Well Planned Sanitary System They Keep the Body
Human Healthy���Interesting Story from
The kidneys have very appropriately boon
described as the sanitary system nf the Im
man hoily, Let them liicoiuo Inopernting
and disease will quickly follow, rial unless
the obstructions ure removed, deatli will laths result, Mr. D..J. Locke, of Sherbrook,
P. Q., sii'i'erod for years from complicated
kidney trouble, ana spent over HOO in efforts
to secure relief i but no relief came mini lie
used South American Kidney Cure. Iris
statement is that four bottles completely cured blin, and today he is in the enjoyment of
sound health, In the most distressing cases
this remedy gives relief in six hours. Sold
by C, A. Warren.
��� ���
A funny story is being told of a
honeymoon couole who travelled in an
American sleeping-car. The bride left
her berth to get a drink of water.
" When I come back,"ahe said to her
husband, " stick your foot out of the
berth so that I shall know where it is
The conversation was audible to the
other occupants of the car. When the
returned a masculine foot protruded
from nearly every berth. The startling effect to the bride of two rows of
full-sized feet lined up along the sides
of the sleeper can be better imagined
than described,
All intelligent effort in advertising
has a theory behind it that directs and
molds it.
Business Card;
These wonderful Dyes save thoutandi of
dollars annually to happy homes in Canada.
At this season, old, faded and toiled dressej,
capes, jacket*, and ment' and boys' suits can
be re-dyed, and mode to look as well as new,
Ot a cost of ten cents,
Diamond Dyes are the easiest to use I they
are the brightest, strongest and most durable.
Ask for the " Diamond"; refuse all others
Direction Bath end samples tf colored cloth
frit, address
Wevls & Richarpson Co., Montreal P. (*>.
Office   ....
Alexander Block, - Golden. B. C.
The Alberta A Kootenay Deaelopment
The East Kootonay Mining and Development Co,, Etc., Etc.
Mineral claims bougt, sold, aud developed.
B. J   JKl'SON,
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion &
Provincial Land Surveyor, Draughtsman, Valuator, Etc., Calgary, N. W
T. Correspondence Solicited.
R. J. Jbphon, D.L.S., P.L.S. of B.C
and Out. Calgary, Alba.
Mining Broker, Financial Agent,
Conveyancer,    Notarv Public
GOLDEN,      and     FORT STEELE.
Undertakers and
.    .   .   Embalmers,
Calgary ���       Alba
Ths Neilson Furniture Go
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The   Neilson    Furniture  Co.
Calgary, Alberta.
(Memb. N. Bug. Inst. M. k M. E.)
-Mining Engineer k Assayer,
Vancouver, B. C.
I A.lvniices made on consignments of Ores
rani Matte by special arrangement for European .Smellers,
ASSAYS und   REPORTS  accepted fas
finul by leading financial firms.
Specialty: Checking Smeiter Pulps and
llulliflii Assays,
REPRESENTING tho Cossol gold Extracting Co., L'td, of Glasgow,
The Mac Arthur-Forrest Cyanide Process.
Wholexnle and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
The best Ilcer in Canada is made by Ihe
Calgary  Brewing tt Halting
Co.,   Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Peer, Ale and Rutin Water
Insist on getting Calgary lieer every time
They all have it.
Tlio Coinpaii y's agent for Fast Kcotenay I
H. (j. Parson,
Oolden, B.C.
eooaaenttaToiien eaesmytotmcenm MMata
lo Amerlo-   W. h.v. . Wublnflon o-M.
Patapu take, tlimwh Mima * Oo. i-.-r.l-.
1-WjU-doUo.Iu tli.
or is it
going, but
lie relied
on for correct time/
^^^^^^^ ably.
"Watchmaker $ Jeweller.
*l     '  *
> & CD ~9 9 9 O) "9 tt"�� 9 t 9 fi~�� 9" 9 9 9 99 �� �� ��� ��� ��� # 0 > 9
_ __. -
Upper Couqbia NaVigatioq &Trari}Way Co.,
���    t    ���    and    ���    e    .
Iqterqational Traqsportatioq Eonjparjy.
TIME    TABLE.    1897.
Goi.ni.*. FORTSTKKL-Broute-l'ntil opening of Navigation, SttgewQI
leave (,',!i>en .overy Tuetdajv *-, p. ni., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st May, Steamers will leave Golden 4, a. m��� Tuesdays and Fridays, connecllng with stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
ami Sunday afternoons.
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday and Friday mornings snd arrive at Goldon
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
F"rt'Steele and Jeiinlnga Romte.
Navigation ex| cried to open lOib April.   After 1st May boat* will leave       , .���
dully (except Sunday). / ���*
Goblen 1st March. ��� ������     J
F. P. Armstrong,
9 �� IDToVa 9 9 9 9 9 ts aT�� 0> 9 �� 9 ��_)������������������ 9 9 9 V 90 9p9 9~9 I'-^if ly)
Job    Depaxtmer|t
9H Brntim, s��w ft-*,
���:o:��� OF
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
t i ��� ���
Manufacturers ol Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Ralls and Brackets.  All sites of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do all kind ef repair
as soon ss passible,  f 11 sizes of Pipe Fitting and Brass goods on hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory fpd
Maple Plank,
m __.
(Continued from Page 2.)
110, 111,-112, 113  ail'd   li-t  between
Canal Flat and M"ud Like.    The Hon.
Mr. ti"aiv-''ilr:-s*i)'ii'.''l*'- ya'il V  lot  110,
b'limwi, which are   ��� a al   *2G4.
On 1st Uu is Uu iiofei vaiut.. ilt 11,200
Tht next parcels of land are. in Bum
reward will aoon be theirs. Most of
these old timers are now engaged in
active ohuroh work, but have been
placed ou the superannuated list, and
are now living a quiet life in town or
on a farm free from the pares oi the
world, they await the call to como up
 _  ._     ��� j(ev> David "Williams, who lives two
piers Flat and comprise lots 129, gronp J miles southwest of Nixon, Out., in the
1; 180, 181 115, group 1,     Then   on I township of Windham, Norfolk county
the Bull River aie lots 117, lis. while **���--   one-_-  'hese early  days circuit
: riders.     He  was a man of  vigorous
north of tbe Bull River t.vo   lots   126
and 1_*7.   -On Skad'Cre"-'-../i.c! ������; -josi'to \
Sand Cree* are lots 120,   1.1,1'-"*,
Gold Creek it lot 124.   So'u''li of v..
River It lot 186, at the'Vf-out'li of the
Elk Rivtr it lot 132, and op-mite tire
Elk Riv*r it lot   13.1 .   Theee -laii-ls,
with hotel included, aro entered in tin
valuation -roll at 144,880.   Suoh it the
hittofy of tht canal   until thi 'Upper
Columbia Navigation A Tramway Co.
comet into t.Istenoe on 20th  April,
1891, whto tbey And tbe canal in the
potsetsioa of tbt government,  tnd
make applinttibn for" use of the tame,
with the v(ew of having athroughfare
(or itt ��� rajfiio between Golden and Fort
Steele.   U-ka*iag '-"tilt 'a  tramway
line between Mud take and the Upper
Columbia 'HW a%i receive- a grant of
land on 28r4 April, 1892, not to exceed 16,000 MrV,  on .1$*'company
complying'-'WltV certain eouditiont.
Tbt limitt pi tl|t grant  wtrt  to   be
boundedf-ri-fht^dirtV by  tbt  Wuth
boundary of tbe C.P.R. grant, on the
touth by tbt 50th parrtll of north latitude,  wliieh   would  pits   through
Sheep Creek considerably to tbe north
of Premier Lake.   The condition of tha
canal then waa that it could  not  be
utilised until the Government expended $2,500 on repair.., and  whiuh  expenditure appeara in the accounts  for
1892-98 at " Making repairt fair contract vote No. 161, A. Grohman, Canal Repairs,"  The Navigation company
euccWded with tome difficulty in getting through three boats.   Then in the
following year the  floods came  and
washed but the' canal and again rend*
trtdHt'-taless.   The Government then
placed In Itt estimates a ! further suni
of $2,600 for additional'tei'-airs, which
wat never expended, because the Government sent down the Deputy   Land
Commissioner to  examine and report.
He visited the ounal and we presume
madan report, wliich we have had no
opportunity of  seeing.  "The  result,
however,   was   that   the canal was
closed up at the upper mill  at  the expense ol s.Jiii.-   h nn.l red-,   of   dollars;
and the $*.'..iU0 were ttvw'tetl*1ii ilia no-
' counts as " tl.'- li.i.sed balaiiuu of a|i-
1 propriatiou* "   The canal is   now  a
mere ditch u.'ilitt-d for  auv   purpose,
���nd no amount of money would render
tt advantageous ut part of a watery
highway letwevu  Golden and Fort
Steele,     On the other hand tbe people
of Ka.t Kootenay li aye been deprived
of 80,000 acres of lliB   linest  laud   iu
.East Kootenay. ami all titer have to
show ior- this it, tills useless ditch and
_ a hoap-nf logs staudlrtgon   the bench
low Kooiouuy bridge mid   which   is
-.rr.UJi-il in Mi'inci' in'ufii'ol    ne  Pro-
)-lijr-l .r.r   GlollintU City.
Ine Circus Rider.
laOoaodaWts Often Oiu- or Ur-i,' Hard
ship���Tkt lltry ��f Oat Hew X^Jsyn..,
From the Hhncoe Bplpriiipr,
In tbe early days of .Methodism in
', Cautda the gospel wag spread abroad
in tht land by the active exertions of
the circuit rider. It required a mun
of no ordinary*health aud strength; au
iron constitution and ouii��ggiiig determination to fulfil the arduous duties
incumbeut on one_j�� ho undertook to
preach salvation to hia fellowtuan. Il
wat no easy tatk that 'lice men an
themselves to, but thay were strong lu
~ the faith aud hope of ultimate re-tar.*.
Many fell by the wayside, while others
struggled ou and prospered, tnd t Ipw
���rt to-dtj* enjoying a ript old agp
dtppy in the knowledge that a lastiu-r
1 r  ilth  and  although   without many
,  antagts in the way of early educa-
. i . no succeeded hy dint of hard and
constant study   in beinj-  admitted to
ihe ministry.     He w-is the first born
in tbe first houso  built  in Glen Wil-
Hams near Goorgut own, Mr. Geo. Ken
ne ".. ihe founder of Georgetown being
a i���������������! her of his mother.   To-day be is
70 ��   tn old and for the past 26 years
has lived in this'.coiiniy.    For ninny
8 had hoen
fferer from kid
diseases. He tried
eilies, and although
H.uily relieved ho
���ji'se until in October
ikeh  with paralysis.
illy recovered and
is ul speech hut his
wrecked, and his
..ji Mint he could noi
.tat- of the person to
d io speak without
for several   iiiiuutes.
y. -...
nev   iid   kindred
all kinds   of   reii
sometimes    tm; ,
gradually gie-
1896 iio was  * i.
From this he |lj <
recovered his pow
mind   was   bail.,
memory was ku
remc'iiber   th��
whom   he   vis-lit
thinking intently
One day driving io church he wished
to speak of a neighbor who lived next
to him for 20 years, but  he could not
recall the  name   for nn hour or more.
In addition   to his  mental trouble, he
hud intense bodily suffering; jiniiis iii
the   head, across   the forehead, in th.
temples and behind the ems, ani'os*, the
lower   pait   of   the   skull  mid iu the
joint or the neck.    He hud great weak
Otts and  pains  in tlie buck, hips and
legt.     In   fact, so much did he suffer
that sleep was almost nn impossibility
and   he   fell away in weight until he
weighed only 145 pounds. By thia
time, Deo. lbli.i, he beoame despondent
aud felt that if Im did not soon obtain
relief, he woni.. soon bid adieu to the
things of this .vovld. On the 20th of
December hi) rend -"��� .. cure: '-rill
the Reformer by Lo Williams'
Pink Pills, and lioiu-- -'rrz��d. with
a sudden inspiration ut once wrote to
Brookville for a supply ot lhat marvellous remedy. Immediate good results
followed their use and he has improved wonderfully during the ;m8t year.
He has recovered his boil ily . :.!-, itiict
strength, is' iiomp-ii-iti-vviy '��� , ! ������'.
pain and his memory is :...'i;;, as good
as it ever was and us tho iinp.i-uyeiiio.iit
continues the prospects arc very bright
lor complete recovery. Ik- in.r-i i-uinad
20 pounds iu weight since beginning
the use of Dr. Williams Pink Pill.. Mr.
Williams aays: "I can heartily endorse the muiiy good things said of
these pills in the papers, uud strongly
recommend them tu any oue suffering
as I wns."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a blood
builder mid nerve restorer, They supply tho blood with its life and heallh-
giyitig , i'i'i'U-1 if-, thus driving disease
from the system. There are numerous
pink oo lured imitations, against which
the public is war-itd,' The genuine
Pink Pills can he hud only in boxes
ihe wrappers around which bears the
full n-aiie in.-.rk, "Dr, Williams Pink
Pills for Pule People." Refuse ull
HO'I'H.K GKK-N. TAV5Y PI I.U.   tint
bar ih-iglailJ..   Hafe, Sur. antl Alway, r-li-bl*.
kUtU-.K >UHSTI TUTU'S   rion. .11 itnifgiiu
et mailed, baa frum oH,��r����li..n, on '-out of
tl.UO.   B'tWpiii'i-ul-iniSvJrnn
' ribATOM.'Mtalrjwml"*
liKKitoiK hair cu be ���mote.! '(-.>���.. |lir tae*. am,* and
nwk in Tara Minnies, and
(-north for-v.r de-ttoyed bv
S-m by maii.Malcd,
ceil . WS'.iol
into nearly every home, hotel and mining' camp
in East Kootenay is the Golden Era. It is re-
cognized by all as the best advertising medium
in the District.
This Popularity
    Te.., put up ky Ih. Indian Ta*
rromnua awnpl. of th. beat qualitie. of Indi���t
Teu. Thenfor. Ihey i��� Ih. peelee! car. In the
���electi-n of Hi. Tea .nd il. blend, lhat ia why Ihey
put it up t���emMlvee and tell It only in the orif in���
brukswea. -lereby aeoirin-f its purity snd ���ueUmc.
Pol up in K lb., i Ib. aad j lb. padujrea, and nsvtr
wid is bulk.
If your groear dam aot keep It, tell him to write lo
II and 13 Front SlrMt Eaat Toronto.
ERVOUS DEBILITY, .erRyR.��.*7bs:
t. bosea. ��t OO    i-arUcnUta Freer.   The
Um M����cl*r Co . M-a-nol. Ua
THiRTV-SEVENTH YEAR.   ��� ��� ���
lNPiti-*iw'iAeiii to Mining Men,
iumiomi ran.
' 220 Market St., San Francisco-Cal.
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
I ci
Paeif ie Hy.
Direct Route to all Eastern points
Montreal and Toronto
Direct connection with Ocean Steamers at
Halifax, St. John and
:   Now York.
Baggage clierked to European destination
]   Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland.
Ami all poiiits in the Far Famed Kootenay
awl Silvery Slocan,  To
China    and   Japan,
via the famous Empress Steamers from
Kinpress of India 29th March
Empress of .lapiin IMh April
Kmpress of thiii-i ���   10th May
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via Ihe Can, Aim, Lhiofruni Vancouver
Warrimoo 8th April
Miu-vojia bill Muy
Apply for particulars to
Traffic .Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
C. K. WKI.IjM.
Agent, -hittlden.
Your Sweetheart
The rrferenre is to the sweetheart |
ot the man who wttrt a Mtnjr tait ',
Tbe* til like it which Is t certain |
argument in ilt fsvot. Uut the most !
convincing argument is that all of Ibe j
material used by Ihis linn is sponged ,'
���nd fully shrunk, and a guarantee ol |
woikm.aiblp is given wilh each auit <
rifflit: at lioinc. and the confidence won by an
honorable caruor of nearly seven years makes it.
of especial interest to advertisers
Every advertiser receives good position.
Rates are never broken
All are treated alike,
And the advertising* pays.
After pondering these facts, Write us, it costs
nothing and may benefit both of us.
Oh, No
There is no reason why you should send your Job
Printing away from home. We make a specialty
Letter Heads,
��� -.'." i ���. -i",*-
Bill Heads,
In fact we can handle anything in the Job Printing line.
The work is right.
The price is right.
Call or write and get our pricea     We are at all
tim*;s pleased ro t'vtmir-h an estimate on work or
our advertising rutos.
Published every Saturday at Oolden, B. C. ���___;
Jtightai Honors-Worl".? Pair,
A pure Crape. Cream of.Tartr-r Powder!  Frc-
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
farewell Social and Aildress  to the
Kev, T. 8, Olassford ut Donuld.
The Rev T. S. Glassford prior to
his departure from Donald was along
with Mrs. Glassford entertained to a
social which was held in the Hall of
the Oddfellows. There was a good attendance and a pleasant evening was
An address, which was signed by
the five managers of the church was-,
presented to him by members of tha
congregation and other friends ; while
A purse w'ith dollars were presented to
Mrs, Olassford.
Mr. Glassford made a touching reply in acknowledging the presentation
and bade good-bye, The address wat
as follows:
Donald, B. C, April 9th, 1897.
R_v. T. S. GijAssfohd, B. A-.
Donaid, B. C.
Rev. and Dear Sir: Wo, the members, adherents and frieijds of the Presbyterian 'church, in Donald, feel that
we cannot allow you to leave us without expiessing in some small way our
deep appreciation of your labors iu
this place as our minister.
In a place where ministerial work is
peculiarly difficult you hnve striven
faithfully day by day ta lead us nearer God.
We are deeply grateful to Mrs.
Glass ford and jourself net only for
the work done among O'irsclvis but nito our children. We realize how
much it bat meant for these little ones
to have hod you as their minister anil
friend, and we would assure you, that
the memory of your kind interest in
them will not easily be effu.-ed.
We would ask Mrs.-Glassford to accept the accompanying purse at.. a
small token of our appreciation of her
work here as your wife, trusting that
it may serve to remind her in an imperfect way tbat ber labors have not
been unnoticed or unfelt.
In eaying goodbye we should like
you to know tbat we shall very often
think of you in the new field in which
jt it pleasing God to place you. In the
wordt of His servant of old, our earnest prayer for you both is that the
'���Lord will bless you and keep you,"���
that "He will make Bis face to shine
upon you, and be gracious unto you,"
lhat "He will lift up the light of His
countenance upon you and give you
Signed on behalf of the congregation
aud friendt, -
f   J. C. Pitts,. "
|    T. J. Barron,
Maougert  -j    A. Percival Proctor,
J. McLeod,
I    Win. Newman..
A tpokano  Mining Man   on   mining
Properties In East Kootenuy;
My. P. A. 0. Farrill of Spokane,
ivho bat bad considerable experience
in mining matters, ln,.writing to the
Vancouver World describing thn min
jug properties iu the northern Koute-
nays declares that the Slocan and East
Kootenay posseses the richest lead and
silver ores ever yet'disci vered. Mining
men in Colorado have told him that no
tuch dtpotitt of lead and silver ore
have ever yet been found In any quart-
tr of the globe to compare with those
of the Slocan and East Kootenay,
The North Star group of mines at
Kimberly, East Kootenay, he referred
to aa among tlie greatest mines ever
discovered. Tbe Sullivan, another
group of mines close to the North Star
owned by the chief stockholders of the
Le Roi, he was told, would yet rival
tha North Star and the Le Roi as a
wealth-producer, ' All around the
North Star and the Sullivan are da-
potitt of mineral to vast and astonishing that Kimberly is certain to be one
of the foremost mining camps on the
continent. Further south near .Moyie
Lake is tbe St. Eugene group and
other mines; thit will alto make a
4>reat roininf camp.   Th* de-elopmenj;
of this wonderful District of .East
Kootensy entirely depends upon the
building of tbe Crow's Nest Pass Railway. As at present surveyed the line
will past within ten miles ol Kimberly
and right through the St. Eugene
grou-id.      ., ������
There it also a free gold district in
East Kootenay, that of Perry Creek.
Perry Creek is intersected by niinior*
out ledges o( free gold-bdhring quartz,
and with the event of the railway
Perry Creek will be a desirable place
for capital, as well as for imlusuious
workmen; but everything depends upon the quick construction ol the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway. This railway
will open British Columbia to capital,
enterprise and labor more rapidly than
anything else can possibly do.
The HIiuritT.   Emoluments for East
The return presented to the Legislative Assembly by the Attorney-Cleu
eral showing the fees and emoluments
received by all sheriffs during the financial year ending 30th June, 1*<9H,
makes the total income of the sheriff
of East Kootenay for that year to be
$817.94. The return applicable to
East Kootenay is as follows:
Executions $1,166' 04
Service fees        34 75
Landlord's Wnrrents        84 CO
Receivership fee  3 00
'Salary      800 00
���    ��� $1.8.7 79
Retained by Deputy Sheriffs..$700 45
Expenses of travelling, etc.... 309 40
$1009 85
Total amount of emoluments. $817.94
Attempt to ���.SBiisslimte a King and
Rulers whether of Kingdoms or Republics are equally, liable to die at the
hand ot the assassin. Two attempts
have recently ijeen made one'against
the life of, the King of Italy and the
other against the life of the president
of Uruguay, King Humbert of Italy
accompanied by his aide de camp, General Potnlis Vuglia, was going to witness the Royal Derby, held on the
Campngna near the city of Rome.
When ihe King was driving in an
open carriage through St. John's gate,
his assailant who was waiting for
him rushed up to the carriage in
whicli his Majesty was tested and attempted to stab him. The Kiug
avoided the danger by rising from bis
sea.. The would-be assassin seeing
he liad failed iu his attempt to assassinate the King, threw away hie dagger ami was immediately arrested by
two carbineers., while his Majesty
calmly ordered his coachman to drive
on. His Majesty attended Ihe race
and along with his nephew the Duke
of Aosta witnessed tbe running of the
Royal Derby. His Majesty was loudly
cheered and In reply to numerous congratulations, observed ''Itis only ono
of theT'ttle. adventures of my trade."
The name of the assassin is Acciarito
and he it twenty-four vears old.
The attempt to assassinate President
Borda,. the bead of the Republic of
Uruguay, was made on the streets of
the capital Montevideo as the President, was walking up town. An unknown man met the President in
the street and shot at bim. The President escaped without injury and the
criminnl has been captured, but refuses
to disclose his identity.
It is supposed that political fanaticism was the impelling motive for tho
crime in both cases.
Advice to I'llgrlms.
As a bright light attracts moths to
its flume, so do the riches snd fame of
Kootenay attract thousands of people
anxious to better their fortune.. We
would like to make a few remarks upon
the rush to Kootenay :
Itis true that the district-it a rich
one, but its inhabitants cannot support all the paupers, drones, hoboes
and broken people of America.
It is true, that Kootenay. has plenty
of gold and silver, but it is in the solid
formation and cannot . bo picked up
from tbe roadside like shells from the
ocean's shore.
It is true that there is plenty to do
but every job has more than oue man
for it.
It is true that living is comparatively high and'that the man With only a
uickel or two is strictly out of it,  ,
It it true that fortunes can he made,
but- seldom without capital to start
with or extraordinary luck..
To the pilgrims and tA)nderfeet who
are thinking of coming to this glorious*
oountry we wonld say:
Have niouey in plenty or an assured
situation before you bid- the folks
adieu. If you don't vou may have to
sleep in the street and chew scenery
for breakfast.
Do nor, come out here and expect
that you are smarter than the natives.
Some of the brightest minds on earth
breathe tho osone in Kootenay and it
is hard to keep even with them.
If you have failed everywhere else
do not expect to be any better here,
and you will not be disappointed.
If you are tough and ordered to
leave your community do not come at
all. You will find competition too
If you have little money but plenty
of manhood and are composed of the
same stuff as the trail Waters of thit
great oountry, come along Ton will
win in the end provided you do not
bond yourself to boozereno, cards and
the w-unan in red.���New Denver
4 a
Temnjernnc* Orqsnde
; The Templar, the organ of the temperance party in Canada and who
styles itself a crusader for social reform
hns commenced sn agitation against
the Appointment of the Duke of Leeds
as Governor-General of Canada. It
devotes, considerable spsce in its col*
limns to this agitation ��nd has collected snd published the opinions of the
press .ind of its correspondents which
ere opposed to the appointment. It
calls upon sll Religious and Temperance Societies to make early remans
trance. It ie making plenty of cry
snd-editorially announces: "No Gin
Duke Need Apply. A perfect storm of
indignant protest greets the proposal
to appoint the Duke of Leeds, Gover-
nor-i>nera| of Canada." That may
b" tH" ��tatt bf matters in and around
the sithatifiri of the editor of The Templar" who has hit hendqoartera st
Hamilton. Ontario, but we are sure
the storm of indignant protest has
nol: extmde-** elsewhere beyond the
editorial ten citjr, and it ie/to he hoped
in the ipfcrests of decenoy and temper
ance it* will terminate there. The so-
called temperance agitator overlooks
the apostolic injunction���"Be temperate in all things."
Premier Greenway of Manitoba it
contemplating a trip to Australia and
New Zealand towards autumn.
Preparations are 'going ou for the
erection of the Canadian Pacific Railway cold storage warehouse in Winnipeg.
Truth says:-It is doubtful if Lord
Salisbury's health will permit him to
retain the posts of Premier and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
Under these circumstances many Unionists are suggesting Lord Roseberry
ss Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. '
Brandon papers state that there is
a likelihood of John A. Christie of
that town being appointed Lieut.*
Goveruor of the Northwest Territories
to succeed Hon. C. H. Mackintosh,
Mr. Christie wat the Liberal candidate againtt Hon. T. Mayne Daly,
when the ex-minister of tbe Interior
was elected iu Selkirk by a very narrow majority.
Common language it the best advertising language.
BoircilAKD-At Banff on Sunday, April i��,
Section Fore-nan I iota-hard of Field, British Columbia, aged 117 years.
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong, fj
Has Oured      i
and Given Them   (���
a New Lease      '
\     of Life, \
��� ". i
Do Not Allow     j
Your Dealer to
' Offer You
a Substitute.
When you come to Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
BOOMS.       -I
GUESTS. -*���'"-
GOLDEN,   J*.��tV
S. *  ADLER,     Proprietor.
Any person depositing any animal or
vegetable matter in the Kicking Horse Kivor
on Its bunks er in the I'aiiil between the ������rib-
work and the bank of the river will be prosecuted.
Gulden, B.C., 29th April. 1897.
Ky order of the
Local Hoard of Health,
NOTICE is hereby given in pursuanee of
UnctionUblthe'-'Coinpani-i'Aet Amendment Act 1B0H " that a special meeting of
the shareholders of. the Bald Mountain
Mining and Development Company -I'd
Liability, will beheld at the office ot the
Company, Alexander Block, Oolden,
British Colombia, on y
Tuenday, '(.1th Dny of May.
1897, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, for the
purpose of considering, and. if deemed advisable, of p-issin-* a resolution lo dispose
of the whale or any portion of tbe assets of
the Company. ,
Dated at Oolden this aird day of April, 1807.
.'*;������ A.ALLAN,
.    ."-P4-t. Sectretary
THE   ���������������������>��
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cignrs.
Rates $-.00 Per Day.
Hi! Columbia House
Home Comforts.    -,..,,
Modern Conveniences. .    ;.
He-t Cuisine in the West.   .
Commodious Sample Rooms.    -
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
tttm, jYIeJ_eish, - Prop,


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