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The Golden Era Mar 7, 1902

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 U.iyjU-r**' hJlr***4****.
- a
VOL XtNO ��^\
GOLDEN, British Uoltobia, FRIDAY, Mabch 7.1902
$2 Per Year.
T. B. M-Bkitt, President.
Oeneral Manager.
After-Stocktaking Sale
Interest Allowed on
Deposits of $1.00 nnd
Upwards at Current Rates.
j. a. man.
Manager Oolden Branoh.
TA8. Bbadt, D.L.S., & P.L.S,
Mining Engineer,
U. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Ssirvw* made for Aasesiment Work and
frem. Grants.
Land for sale en Lake Windermere and
ladlav Creek Eaat Koo!*nav.
Hnll Bros. & Go.
Wholesale k detail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor.
Hotary Publle.Conveyanow, eto
OIBealn Upper Columbi* Navigation and
TrM����y Company'i Building,     .
Maldea, II. c.
TT-irreyiTlo'tJarter & Pinkham,
Harriet*,-*, Solleltor*. Ar.
Revelstoke, B.C.
*_^H Few Mon 11 C
Fort Steele, B.C
ONi* ef th* Largest niidllest Managed Hotel* in British Columbia.   ���
��.SfRial ��tt��ntion given to baggage of
Oaa-n-roial men. Delivered to mid from
��t*llon.fr*e of charge.
BaTKS, tt per-day. Special rate* for
regular burden.
and such a stock-tak'nu 1 Not a corner skipped, not a shelf or drawer or
package missed. Every article ha* been looked at with eyes of coldett
criticism, Pedigree has counted for nothing. What ha* been or what
may be ha* not been regarded We are working for now���and finding too
much of certain good* fos present need* havo put iri-esiaiable prices upon
them, of whieli these are sample*:
Chipped Beef, 1 lb. cau SO 15 Ground Coffee, per pound.
Shore Mackerel, 2lb. can   . .... 45 Strawberries
Finnan Haddock. 1 lh, can  IS Raapbenies .
Fresh Herring, 1 lb. can  15 Red Curranta
Sardines, Munu's, 1 Ib. cans... .four for 25* Black Curranta
Baking Powder, 4 Ib. can  76 Gooseberries
baking Powder, 8 Ib. can  60 Apricots
Balling Powder, 12 os. can  20 Pears
Jam or Marmalade, 5 lb. carton  GO Pineapple
1.2 pound cans, six for 1 00
Pcrcasc  8 50
.8 pound cans, four for 1 00
ipercass    5 25
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tram way Co.
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, g-jfSg
For rates on.Oi-e and other information apply to
C. H- Parson, 8E<
Just Passed Into STOCK.
The Ice River District Rich in Precious Minerals���Silver, Gold, Lead, Copper, Zinc,
Iron, Mica**"Has a Promising Future���A
Valley of Great Natural Beauty.
Some Sfteen yeara ago, Sir G. M.
Dawaoti pass-id through the Ice Biver
valls-y on his wonderful survey. His
maps and repoi ts were issued, but who
oared for the geology of a country
without roads. Very few prospector*
traversed it, and gradually this section
oame to be known on tho railroad circular as a bunting field. But today
we have nes* life awakiug In this field,
resplessdeut beauty the magnificent
peaks which surround aud furnish a
picturesque background to the vallev*.
.Mount Hunter lies to tlie west some
six miles away, and the beholder sees
at the first glance the appropriateness
of tho appellation. Mount Oodsell
rears its lofty head Into view at a dis
tance of four miles and seems to look
down in   soorn   upon   the  less lofty
and it is fast proving one of the rao��t' p,-,-,, wj,joh intervene.   In fact, turn
-S^ESSSSBH-B ;2*_33.3-*
������wth Am*rl**n Narvlna our*,
tote ****** mm *ta canar.
Ally upMt nst-rvoua ayrrtom
whioh Mvalop*- Into Naurwi.
gtk of to* ttomwh. No mra
vowo troublo ihot It will not
our* qulokly aad parmanantly.
WBUB Davtsten, of IMf-d, Ool, mrt ta
Dm* mlMnbt* rooolhs of very acute ssjfltring
hem Mtmlfla of the nomach and a generally
OWdrwd nsrvoui lytuta. Doctors tailed u
lad lay Irsatmttnt that would give me ��ny par.
���Maori Mp. A trlmi, wbotnTSouth American
NmlM bad cured srf a my stubborn cal* of
its-mart Iroobls*, ncommewM ll for his eat*.
H* triad It-en* bottle giwtly heaadial ��*d all
fcrfffltf emoted e pottoenem eat** ae
���.IdbyC. W. Field.
Now York, Maroh 4-Th* annt* ol
lb* Canard Um Swan-hip Company
b*t* Im raesrlv-4 a daspatoh from
l/ondon laying that th* Etnrta, tow *f
0�� it��tm*T Wm. Cliff, bad be*n eight.
���dWOmllwwMtof th* A��ore*. hav.
in* l**t dar prop*ll��M. fi*port* *ay
tb* Etrnrla wa* picked np Whan BOO
milt* (rom Fayel. All wsir* w*U on
hoard. Th* Canard** had herprop*l
l*r tbjtft broken, bnt wa* otherwise
aainjared, __________
New Dress Goods
New Muslins
New Lace.
New Prints
I ew Window Drapery
New Linoleums.
Out of Town Customers can Shop
by Mail. Samples Sent on Appli-
valuable   fields   for   prospecting   yet
opened up in Baiiish Columbia.
Mining has proved itself tbe most
legitgnate of industries. All the
money that the world possesses has
dome from the mines, Tbe dollar that
the miner wrenches from tlie stubborn
rock is a new creation. It belongs to
no other man. It does not lessen tbe
value of property that any man possesses. During the year 1901, mining
industries of the United States paid
$52,82(1,462 in dividends and yet it is
alluded to as a "gambit.".
The mineral bearing territory of the
Ice River Valley extends for milea, not
only on Ice Biver, but for miles down
the Kootenay valley, The geology
vVitlsiu tlie mineralized Mt consists
mainly of slates cut by dykes of lime,
jtraniie and porphyry,, nhich f rmation
itt neither complax nor rare, but is
moat favorable for deep mining und
enduring urn deposits. Tlse veins so
far exposed'and exploited are distinctly of the fi.sure.type and many of ihem
nre prominent and sti-o-ng, varying iu
widili from six to twenty feet. Tlse
ores ate various, showing silver gold
lead, zinc, coppor, iron, mica��� all of
good values. Tne Waterloo group,
which ha* achieved more than local
fame for its monster surface showing*
of solid mineral, is situated on the
eastern slope of Smuggler mountain,
sixteen miles south-east of Leanchoil
station, in a basin carved from the
giant hill* by the hand of Nature. The
morning sun break* over tho mountain
sentinel* to the west and fills with a
flood of glorious light thi* idei.l spot
amongst   the   hills,   touching   with
"Eft AND
" -;v-&��&ji
which way you will, the eyes of a
lover of Nature encounters scenes
which fascinates, and he stands in
silent wonder in contemplation of the
handiwork of nature's Ood. And
while the beauty of these valleys is
grand, it is not to it this article is
dedicated, but rather to the bounty
placed within the hearts of these hills,
which sleeps in its matrix ol darkness
and silence until the miner blasts down j
th* doors that lead to its chamber* of
fortune. The formation of this new
Hud is prolific of rich ores, a fact evidenced by the values obtained wherever
any exploration haa been made upon
the fiisnree that traverse this district.
The suriace values are as fine as can be
seen anywhere, and it has been proved
that the reins improve wilh depth
What i3 row da-sired is prospectors
who will hustle to bring thi* new field
to the front, und I am confident that
within thie* years enieltfrs will be
treating their own crcs on Ice river
and other streams throughout this
now district, lit many localities where
milling bas proven a great success the
topography of the country seems to be
radically against auch result*, but
throughout ihia new district the topography seems in a large measure to
bear out all theoretical conclusions regarding mitienilogical conditions, and
where the geological formation is in
tbe least favorable, a* it is here, a degree of certainty is at one* established
for moderate success iu thr development of an ore body.
Tta* Oreat Inreat.r, While In Mld-
Ooanu, en Koata to N*W Tork,
Cosnutunlcsvtes a Distance
���f 1,000 Miles With
tbe Lizard.
N*w York, March 1-Mr. Williaiii
Marconi, who returned from England
today, on the American liner Philadelphia, broke all record* of wireless*
telegraphy during tbe voyage from
Southampton. A complete connected
massage Of four word* was received
from the Marconi station at Poldhti;
Cornwall, near the Lizard, when lis*
ship was 1,5511} miles from that point.
Furthermore, signals w*jre taken by
instrument ou the Philadelphia, whicli
were sent frotn the station a distance
of 2,099 miles. With a station on thie*
side, equal in transmitting force lo that
at Poldhu, he Could have maiutaiued
constant and effective communication
ashore during the entire voyage.
To obviutb any chance for tbe sceptical to dispute the genuineness of the
result, every message was taken od
tape, and four of these wus received in
the presence of the captain and chief
officers of the ship, wlio certified td
thein in writing as soon as tbe inurnment had ticked them off.
In addition to this Capt. A. B. Mills'
marked off on a chart the several points
on the ship at which six Of theso men-
sages were received.
Mr. Saunders, the Msrcimi director,
was enthusiastic over the success of
the experiments on thu trip, "It is a
great triumph for the Marconi System,''
be said, "The messages transmitted
back and forth between the ship and
the station at Poldhu dealt largely
with the experiments we are making;
After we got the Poldhu station, practically in mid-ocean, wc did no moro
talking until 11 o'clock last night. At
that hour we spoke the Nautuckei
Station, and sent several private messages ashore. We go to Canada in te
few days to arrange for the putting ap'
of a permanent station at Cape BretoC.
There will bo many stride* forward ill
the next few months."
Th* -bleu do not ewtala *������ laJarioat-MO
���r Bucatlc���wouldn't harm tk* men sjalleat*
Tin* silituilat* dlmuoa, preveat hnwnlatleS,
make (ha blood rich, givi nerve aaahmln tm*
The aeal of mott slrkneas ll the atomic!*, Dr.
Voa Stan'i Pineapple TtbtW ptnr-UMtaaay to
hnlthin "camp1'there.  $htty tabtiti, jje, H
HoM by 0. *W, Fl*!!,
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading Co;
Paa* a Merles ot Beaelullons Affecting
Cos.l Landa and Mineral.
Kaslo, B.C., Feb. 28 -The Associated Boards of Trade of Eastern llritish
Columbia eonolnded their labors today,
and will meet next year at Fernle, Th*
Board passed a resolution urging the
Dominion Government to inak* Im
mediate (election of the Government
reserve ol 50.000 acres of coal lands
and lease thom with such safeguard*
a* will absolutely procure, now and iu
the near future, tl.e possibility of araal
gamation with control by the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Co, or any allied corporation, and that the maximum prioe
to be charged for ooke to be $3.50 per
ton f.o.b ,- and the maximum price for
{���inch screened coal be $1.75 per ton
A reaolution waa passed asking tbat
the Kootenay-Tale Cariboo federal district bo divided at once on the line ot
the Columbia river,-and that an election for a member of the Dominion
Parliament be immediately held in the
new district thereby created weat ol
th* Columbia river.
Another resolution passed wa* in
reference io the mineral rax:
That wliereii* there ia now imposed
by the Government of Bi-isish Colum*'
bia 2 per Cant, of ths gross value of all |
ore, after deducting the charges paid!
for transportation and smelling; where-
as ihe prosperity and growth of the
mining industry of the provinoe largely depends on the possibility of profitably working the low-grade ore deposits
ol tho country ; and where** the inci-
Uenc* ot tii* tax as at prennt l*viod hr'nate,
considered to be unjust, being upon
mines having different condition! as to
value of ore and cost ol production;
where** ii i* believed thut a conaidcr
able portion of th* revenue which it
may be deemed equitable lo levr upon
the mining industry conld bo derived
from the tax already legally collectable
upon Crown grained claima, upon
which less than work to the valu* of
$200 annually ia done if such tax were
systematically collected, or in default
thereof, if the laid Crown granted
mineral olaim* wer* to b* sold by tbe
Government to the highest bidder, and
(2) By changing til* conditi'0119 io
ragard to such Crown granted claims,
so that work to the valu* of $400 annually should be required, or, failing
that,, a tax of 60 cent* per acre be in.
posed, and
(Af By requiring that instead ol
work to the value ol $100, being the
annual assessment conditions on Crown
granted claims, work to tbe value of
$80 be accepted, with *ninorea*eof th*
fee for recording asiarsmeat work to
$12.50, with no increase iu the number
of assessment* before the iai.tan.'* of
Crown grant*, and by these menus ths
development of the resources of the
Ba it resolved that th* Governmant-
be asked to look to the mean* herein
suggested fur a portion ol the revenue
from the mining industry, and tor*
duoe by sn much the amount to be
derived from the tax on mineral uro-
dnoed, and to change the incidence ol
tho the tax by deducting from lhe taxable value ul the ore thn cost of mining exclusive of capital expenditure and
head office expenses; rich reduction to
beaubjeot to tl.e jurisdiction of audi
| official as the Government m'av deslg-
Tbo statetnont was issued by tl.e
Government on Saturday that Hon*.
Mr. Wells was in receipt of a telegram*
from Mr. J. N. Greeushields, of Toronto, atating that he is now on hi*
way to British Colombia witb a signed
contract for tlie construction of the1
Canada Northern It il alt'o stated
that tbe head offices uf the system will
bo iu Victoria. It is also said that
Mr. Greenahieids is the bearer of other'
importaut despatches relating io other
Nearly all the iiianib,>rs attended Mr';
Booth'* fuucral on Tuesday. The services were conducted by Bishop Perrin1.
It is likely that Mr. William Sloan!,
who opposed Mr. Ralph Stnitli in the
Niiiiuinio Dominion electron, will rattiest North Victoria as* the Dnttiinu.r
cir.idid.iic, agaiust Mr. P.uiorson.
Mr. C. E. Pooley was elected Speaker'
when the Houso optned on Monday.
Up to the time of going to press we'
have had uo word Of any busine***
being dono ky onr legislators at Victoria. The bolting members of the Opposition hare been airing tlreir grievances, and some rather lively passages'
at arms have occurred between tbe.
Premier and Messrs. McBride, Tallow
and Gurdon.
Oltaw.*., Fab. 28-Hou. 3,4, vT*M��'
announced today that tho branch of
the Royal Mint, to be erected at Nejieanf
Point, Ottawa, would coat $300,000)
The plans have been sent to' England!
for approval.
British Columbia's mfcnrliersf -for th*1
Common*, ye.terday, presented *-
nnanimoui pts.ition in' favor of Gordon!
Hunter's appointment to th* ohioF
justiceship. A Yukon*shilogaiion wliicrr*
hat) urged tlio uppointiirtut of F. C'
Wade to* the vacancy on il**a B. OV
Bench, wna informed that Il.e m .iter'
had been decided.
Governor lions of the Yukon L* iri
Ottawa to' discuss the royalty an.l concession issue* with tlte l-f-y.-er-iiaeiit)
he also wants air appropriiiiioii fur a*
winter rou* to DWio'f (Mil Whin**
Horse, and ia |-,'nasing- lot larger expenditures for rcida to tbe cr-icW, W
I ho'ipital* mid feu- selwofcr". THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C.. March 7, 1912,
��itc ��oitieit  <3vix.
El). V. Cll.Utrxll-*, - KUlitor and Publisher
Subscriptions 52.1*0 per year hi Advance,
Advertising I'-ito. made known on request
Tun report ot the Chinese Coiyiiiiis*
sion hus been laid boforo the Federal
llunse, nntl, ns wns io be expected,
favors lhe exclusion ot Chinese, Tlse
report i-s very longiliy,going very fully
Into ssil mallei's pe'i.-.iiiing totlisj mode
of living ol lho Chinese, ihu proportion
ul luxes paid by them, tbsi piobiilsle
effect on existing industries of tltair
exclusion, au-I give-, tin itnmotise
i.iiiuiiiit ul evidence gnilieresl Ti-oni ail
purls of the province, together with the
liudiugs of the commission thereon.
The Inst chapter, entitled ���' Ooisclu*
sions," recoiinneiids the securing of a
treaty, allowing the exclusion ol the
Chinese, and t.voo[iliecoiiiinis��iunei>,
Messrs. Cluto and Foloy, recuinmend
the immediate imposing ol u $500 lux,
while the third member. Mr. Munn.
ihinlis n -J3C0 tux would do for ilie
present, and if. nf-cr f.vo years, it i-
found impossible to exclude ihem, Iiu
favors rasing the tax to $500.
Iu tbe face of this-report, by their
commissioners, parliament will, with
out doubt, enact the necessary iegisin-
t ion raising the tax, thus affording our
province the protection against llie
"yellow plaguo" so long demanded.
The senliiiiciilalisls of lho eaat will
fiml fuod for retleciiou in ilio report,
ivliich should ho widely circulated
among these who hnvo so long opposed
1'rilish Columbia's demands for promotion against Chinese labor, out of a
mistaken sympathy for the Chinaman.
The Imperial authorities, too, can
well afford to givo tho rojiort serious
cjnsideratioii, and it ia to h.* hoped
I lint Chinese exclusion will bo u lad
bef-jre long. The expense of the com*
mission bus been heavy' but if, us u
result, llie Chinese uro excluded, fen-
will be lound who will s.iy the money
hns nol been well spent.
We congrululato ilio members of the
commission, including tlio energetic
secretary, F. J. Deane, ontiie couvinc
iug maimer in which tUse facts bi-ouailu
suit during their Investigation have
Leen Li ought before the House.
Is Golden io havo its smeller to help
develop Northeast Kootenay? We
strongly advise the people to take steps
to recover their legal rights. If lhe
Hoard of Trade refuses to lend assist
mice iu ihis mailer, then a j'tildic
meeting should be culled and a strong
eomiiiitiee ut citizens appointed to take
ihe matter up with tho Ooverninent.
Only a community of deadhead* and
" inosaliitcks would quietly submit to Ihe
imitmciit which ihia town is receiving
lit I he hands -t ihe Townsite Syndi
elite W. feel sure I hut lhe business
men ot Hidden, who huve invested
luctify hew; oro alive to tho mcessiMes
of the situation and will take ��ucl;
action as will protect, not only their
usvn interests, but those of thetown at
TlIEItE is aoinetliin* lhat smacks 0
sinfulness in the war the Dominion
Government apjioiuts judge-, to the
bench in this province. We understand
slut Gordon'Hunier, K C, of Victoria,
has been ajipointed chief justice ol the
Supreme Court of British Columbia,
over ibe heads pf tried and experienced
men now on the bench. With the
(.ovei-nnvnt a judgeship is nut a matter of ability or legal ���nprenncy, but
n reward for party sorvioes. Common
sense und fairness suggest that appointment* should ba mad* to higher
s.i'ilcna from among those who har*
nerved well and fa'ithfully in loner
court*. Hut common **n*e anl fairness hnd nothing to do with the ap*
poini ment referred to above.   Intrlguo
Hnd wiro pulling did the trick. There
is mighty little encouragement lor
judges under the present Bystem, as
they can never hope to rise to a higher
office, unless tliey descend to depths
of political servility nnd intrigue.
Juijuinu from reports of public
meetings in Victoria these dnys ono
would think the proposed new ruilway
through the Yellowhoad Pas* was projected solely for the benefit ol Victoria.
This province will pny out nn enormous subsidy 111 order lo connect Victoria wuh a transcontinental line mid
thus prevent her from falling into
he obsourity which now so surely
threatens her. Ineideiitiilly, of course,
other portions of tlio province may bo
benefitted, but really the whole thing
is dine for Victoiia Victoria has beeu
p.ip-fed ull her lifo and now strongly
objects to being weaned. If lho pro-
iosed uew railway took its natural
course, the ono originally intonded by
the promoters, it would cetne out at
Bella Coola or Port Simpson. But the
citizens ol these northern porta moat
not expect to get their rigbss when
Victoria's cujiidily ii aroused. Vic-
loria forever, even though tlie laws ot
Nature decree otherwiso and the
heavens tall I
The citizens ot Peterboro havo not
been contented with ihe name ot their
tosvn for u long time us it i-i a source
of continual annoyance. -There is a
small place in Ontario which has the
same name to indicate its position on
the map, and, by virlue of its age, is
bettor known, so that many letters ansl
considerable freight, find iheir way to
the Ontario town. They havo been
seeking tor a name for some time and
now have struck a hai.py thought und
have made application to have the
name changed to '-Wiliner." This
name is taken from the lirst name ot
the Hon. Wilracr 0. Wells, member
for this riding. They have certainly
chosen a name thai has it right to he
perpe'.unttd in ihit .'dr. Wellsjhus doue
ii great sleul for slint. town.    Outcrop
Aro we right iu taking it for grained
that when the citizens of Peterboro get
���tl.eir "new iiainu" tliey will sing a
'��� new song"?   .
burned the documents they contained,--^ii
There has besn another outbreak of
disorder at Barcelona. Frequent meetings are being held, with the object of
declaring another general strike. The
metal workers aro constantly assault-,
ing their comrades who hare returned
to work, and refuse to resume their
tasks until all the imprisoned workmen aro released.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 28���According
to tho rfficial ncccount of Ihe disturbances of Feb. 24 at Mosoow Univeraity,
400 student, armed with bludgeons,
ron burs and revolvers, wrecked the
nterior of tlie university buildings aud
barricaded themselves within and hang
out rod flags frnni the windows. The
police nnd troops forced an entrance
and arrested the ring leaders ot the
iolers. A decree of tho minister of
public instruction has been gazetted
ordering the exiiulsion from the university and high schools of all stud-
ems arrested In connection with the
London, Feb. 28���The Pekin correspondent ot the London Times learns
that the Gorman agreement fur tl.e
acquisition of Shuntung province ia
upon the eve ot settlement. The agree
ment will virtually close a large por-
tion of the province to Britisn und
American industrial enterprise
New York, Ftb. 28 Iu one of tl.e
most remarkable operations known lo
surgery, says a Baltimore special to
tho World, the brain of the Hev. Win.
A. Stark, a pastor of ihe Broadway
German MeihodiBt Episcojinl church of
this city, has been actually lifted frum
its bed and root* ot certain nerve* I hut
hud caused the clergyman excessive
neuralgia, were extracted. The patient
is said to huve stuod tlie 0|>ci'atioii
well nud few doubts of his recovery are
entertained. Tho operation was performed at tlie John Hopkin* hospital,
Madrid, Feb. 28 -Tho mining region*
aro a ferment of agitation, At Albu-
jou ami Muslredejoo, rioters have set
tins to the municipal revontie offices and
Government Perfect. Pinna to Lociir*
100 Fasi.ltlua 1.1 t.uasslar.
Mr. J. W. Macintosh gives the following description of a proposed new
settlement in the Cassiar district, and
the terms obtained from the provincial
Government, to the Victoiia Colonist :
"Tho Bulkley river, is one ot the
main branches ol the Skeena. It
empties into the Skeenn at Hazellon,
which is 150 miles trom tho mouth.
Tho valley ot the Bulkley ia about 110
miles long, and trom eight to ten miles
in width. Tho country is level find
partly open, while the rest is easily
cleared. By giving eaoh settler 320
acre* of land, there is room for nearly
1,000 settlera in the valley. Arrange
mints have been made with the Government that conditional upun 100 settlers going there inside of 18 months,
each will receive a free grant of 100
acres, und lhe option ol preempting
220 acres additional, for which ths
Crown grant can be s'cured b.v pay-
ment ot $1 per aero. The Government
will liuli.1 it wagon road through the
vallev and build the schools necessary.
The valley is situated on the western
slope, the clima'o is excellent, and In
iliuns who havo lived there have grown
potatoes and grain with  good success
"As soon aa navigation opens, a
delegation will be sent up to select the
lands and make pre|iiiriilions for lhe
���nunmer's work. Several members of
ihe new settlement are in Vancouver
uwai'ing the coming of spring, when
thay will jirocoed to their new homes,
build houses aud prepare the lund tor
cropping. The hulk of il.s* sen lers are
experienced farmers (rout Manitoba and
Eastern Canada who irrn pretty sure to
make a success ot their new venture."
The Colonist adds: 'Hon. Mr.
Wolls, Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, is to las complimented on
the successlol outcome of this important immigration scheme, in which he
was materially assisted by Mr, R E
Gosnell, ot tho Provincial Bureau of
Information and Immigration."
To Keep Pace With the Times.
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Uart Oritrs at MtakisviMi*, Min, |.c
Telluilde, Col., Feb; 88-Between 60
and 70 min aro reported dead beneath
a (now tilde which wreekid th* Lib.
Wty Hell mine abaft hous* today.
Vietcrla, Feb. 97-Hon. Gol, Prior
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Mlnitttr. of Min**, and will ran In
Victoria ai Govsrrnment eandidate in
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How many nava to stay ������My
pimply noo lo tho bono of
my lifo--How fow would
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Aci-ietst/a Ointment tho t*
In* that Mr. Ully did.
"I bar* fend Bt. Ague-'* Olatmmt tfea
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am Jim tta
lorUdMydl*. THE ERA GOLDEN, B. C, March 7 Wl.
JS ESTABLISHED   1077. li-lCanroFW
TtD  1890.   |
for Downright Satisfaction,
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Been Established 24 Yeers.
Write tor Prices. Make Trial
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McMillan Fur and Wool Co.
200*213 fflHST AVE. N.
[for a
Stage and Steamboat Connection with the
Upper Columbia.
The centre for thc-.-^^
Headquarters for tbe Lumbering Operations
in the Interior.
Lots may be had at very
reasonable rates in the
Dominion Government Townsite.
Get in More tie Boom.
According to Thia Authority, th. Dlaltoa.
eat Man Will Throw Out a Warning,
What the Noae, Eyea, Llpa and Othoi
Featurea Serve to Indicate.
Howoyer dishonest a parson may be nnd
hawsM'arailnMjf'n conocnllng hlacharacter,
bl* fnco will throw out ii warning for those
who know how to Interpret lt. "Either
hia round, smooth features or hia oblique
glance, eyobrons, ayes, nose and mouth
and pointed obln will reveal bin. in hi*
trim oolor*." Tbia sweeping statement
may bo called In question, but Mr. Blob-
orri Dlinsilnlo Btocker ia verv poiitlve tbat
lt Is well founded, and In Tlie Humanitarian ho tolls how the facial indexes to
oh.iras.tcr ma; bo read. If tho face bo ill-.
Tided by two Imaginary horizontal lines,
tbat division Inolndlng the forehead and
eyed Indicates tbo cutout ot Intellectual capacity, tbat Inolndlng the nose and eheok
bones Indicates will powor, that including
cheeks, llpa, jaws antl ehin Indicates the
feelings. So much fnr tho itenornl indications. Mr. Stoeker then prucoeds to more
specific information. First, aa to tho forehead, the scat of the intellect:
"If tbo lower part of tlte forobeod be tbe
fullest, so that it advances over tho eyes.
It Indicates that tho observing powers and
practical faculties aro In the ascendency.
Should the upper section be prominent or
bulge forward, lt shows tbat the reasoning
powers and theoretical tldo of the Individual are strongly represented, while if lt
be filled out in the middle, tho fullest in
the center, It then denote* that tbe com*
poralivo faculties are In evidence end
that tbo person possessed of Ii baa tbo ability to classify, to arrange his Ideas, to orlt-
lolso and reason by analogy and recollect
what has taken place.
"Viewed fnll face. A wide forehead
ehowe a broader mind tban does a narrow
one, and a bigh forehead Indicates more
Intuition and altogether loftier characteristics than n low -one.
"A forehead greatly developed above,
which sinks lu near the oyos, Indicates nn
lr.f.intllu, crude personality."
Noxt aa to eyebrows, tbo contour position and extent of whiob show tbe development of tbe perocptivo organs:
"Straight eyebrow* show orderly habits,
a metbodlaal turn of mind; arobed or
pointed ones, perception of color, taste in
tbe arrangement of tints and tho ability
to match shades and hues, svhilo such as
aro set iar apart from each other sbsssv the
eajiaoily for judging of sizes and proportions witb a greater or less amount of accuracy. -
"II the eyebrowa bond down in tho mid-
dlo toward tho eyes, so that they apponr
Indented, as tt wero, they show a nature
tbat la dJsituRfd neiiiior to furgive nor forget aud tbat is resentful or apt to give 'tit
tor tnt.'
**According to tbo greater amount of
apace between the ridge of the eyebrow at
hn outer terminus and tlio corner of lho
eye can be accurately determined tbo oul
eulailve powers of a person.
"Wben tlio outline of tbe eyebrowa 1*
straight, It indieiitoa sincerity and frankness, if, however*, It shonld bo oblique
and the hairs spring from the root ul Ihe
nose, It shows elusive and deceptive tendencies."  ���
Tbo eye, we are told, shows by Its full-
r-.-s-is und convexity the power of apeech.
Tlio size of tho eye shows tho degree ssf
sentiment, fancy, regard for the opposite
aox. Tbo distance between tbe eyes indicates' power of remembering forms uud
outlines. The color indicates tbe tompor-
niiiont, but on tbis point wo get no particular*.
-No other fenturo la ao pregnant with
moaning an tho nose. Tbe mere size counts
fnr little, bub Ita height abuva tho cheeks
unerringly Indicates mental capacity and
elevation of character. A pug or snub nose
lu.lietiiua either immaturity or arrested
development; a Koman arch, love of power; a Grecian etraight noae, refinement,
iirrlstio taste, lovo of pence; tbe turn up
liiciiiis vivacity and cheerfulness; the
drooping down nose, prudence, reflection
and usually melancholy; the hooked or
coiiklil.o nose, lovo of gain.
Tbe llpa are tho truo sign* of passion
and appetite. .The upper Up, aocording
to Its fullness and redness, show* tbe extent of the social attribute* and the lower
the domestic trait*.
"Thick lips denote sensuality and love
of tb* good thing* of lifo; thin one*, oppositely, Indicate a want at vitality nnd but
little capaolty either for enjoymont or affording pleaaure to other*. The 'happy
inodlum'���'the proper mean'���I* tbe best,
���uch lip* Indicating a full aharo of tha
milk of hnman kindness and a loving,
aynipathotio, feeling nature.
"Upturned Up* Indicate a witty, mirthful isoturo, but auoh a* descend at the an-
glosof tho mouth denote a gloomy, unhopeful temperament.
"When the space from tbs nose to tbe
opening of the mouth���1. c, that part of
tbo face whioh I* often apokon of as the
'uiipcr Up'���Is long, stiff and full, It allows
���elf rollanoe aud eonfldenoo In one a own
opinions and Ideas���pride.
"If tbl* portion of tbe fact Is short and
concave whon looked at In prodls eo tbnt
the upper Up rises and exposes tho teetb to
view, tbe oxaot opjioslto state of affair* exists���viz, love of commendation. aud tb*
desire to be well thought of by others-
A obln projecting downward and forward indicate* firmness), a short and retreating ohln ahows Instability, a narrow
obln shows ah unscrupulous, ouuning nature, a wide cblna well developed souse
of honor and duty.���Literary Digest.
The Mover atlaalng.
In the Fifty-first congress Major Mo-
Klnley wa* chairman of the ways and
means committee and the floor leader ot
tbo majority. Tho McKinley blU was under dismission, and there waa in understanding between Mr. Reed and Mr. Mo-
Einley tbat at 8 o'olook on that day a motion should be made for the oommittee of
the whole on the state of the Union to rise.
Tbe honr of 8 o'olook came, and Mr.
McKinley wa* nowhere In sight, having
gone to the oommltte* room for a brief
time to attend to som* othor btuineaa.
���"Ihe gentleman from Ohio," aald Mr.
Read, Interrupting tht proceedings,
"move* that tbo oommittee do flow rise."
Than, with another hasty glano* (bout th*
home, h* added forcibly In an undertone:
"Where In th* d���1 ta th* gentleman
from Ohio!"���Washington Peat,
Bo Eloped, and UU Descendant* to thi
Fourth Generation Followed Bli Bx<
ample���The Raoord Now Contulm Eight
Ctuea, and It May tla*a Addition,*..
"I wad in Tbo Sun not long ago," emCl
a Steuben county mnn, "an item from a
woBtcru paper mentioning with sotueshow
of boastful net-is a family in tbo town whor***
the paper is puhiishod tlmt bus a record of
six elopuinents to its credit thus fnr, with
two duughters left wbo mny Increase the
Boore. That record is fair, but Is hehlnd
thut of a family tbat 1 know about. It
may be thut this family, whioh begun
eloping In S teuton county a good many
ywira ago and hus been keeping it up in
other counties nnd states ever since, hug
���been longer in the rnce than tho western
eloping family brought forward with so
much brag, but thut doesn't rulq It out.
"This family is tho Manning family
Tbere huve been eight elopements In it,
nnd I wouldn't be surprised If I should
hear when I got buck home that the record
has boen put up to nine, for I had It
straight frotn headquarters only a week
ngo that things were shaping that way.
George Manning started the record of the
family in the eloping line. He was an
early sottlcr up in old Steubon and worked
for Goneral Wheeler, one of the big guns
of the pioneer days. Manning fell In love
with the general's daughter, and sho ro-
olproeated. When ber aristocratic father
found Hout, ho discharged tho presumptuous hired man. The hired man owned a
good horse, and lt was not until a good
mnny hours after Manning had quit tho
general's service that tho general found
that Manning hud ridden bis horso rapidly
toward tho west with tbe daughter uf tho
honse of Wheeler riding on tbo horse bo-
hind him, General Wheeler chased the
elopers through tbo wilderness alt tho wny
to Olciin Point, learning on tho way that
they hod paused long onough at Genesee
sett-lomont tu bo married. At Oleun Point
tho general gave up the chose, for the eloping pair had gono on down the Alleghany
rivor In a cunoo.
"Manning settled with his bride in the
wilderness of Warren county, Pa., and
took up larao tracts of fine land. Ho became a colonel In tho war of 1812, und ufter tbe war grew immensely rich from bis
pine lumber. Ho had daughters. Ho nliso
faftd among bis mnny workmen a humble
sawyer named Curtin, who fell In love
with the oldest duuphtor, Kilo. Sbe returned tbe lovo of the young woodsman
Curtln bad tho courage to ask Colonol
Manning for bis daughter, and bis request
wus emphatically refused Then he eloped
with the girl    This wus in ItUl) *
"Threo yearB lute! another daughter
eloped with and inarriid a young doctor
whose practice wns barely sufllcient to pn>
for his own living When hediod, how
ever, onlv four nr five yeurs npu lie wm*
worth half a million lit* wns Dr Am
broso W Sullivan, famous in tht* A lie
ghatiy valley one of his daughters. Alici
-Manning-SiiIHvn.*, ,.���.'.i.-t* tho turn of c
young wan v. hn v.iih nbjeotlonublu tu hei
father Thu luttur fnrlmdo hep to marry
bint Sbe foil *.*-��� ed bur stem parent -
youthful qxumpio and promptly >��� ���>���
With her lover Thi*. i-:i'if to profit h> i ���
perlenee, when bin aixn.mil linugli * m
engaged to a vouti-u; inott ivbo^y.-
father's chuicu, Dr titilljvjin co ���
the match Tbis must hnve hi
polntment to tho daughter,'fur t...
off-tho match herself mid a yen
elopod with und nmrrtod the br
her former love without, givingh* i
aohnnco to say whethqr ho would
the young man n. t. son-In ���law i ������ i
"Colonel Manning ul a had a mt
nanio was Jftsnn.    Atthoiiiieof *.
fell In love with Betty Grate; tht pre
'daughter of ono of hi? la. i-i-r s tc-.: .* ei
Tbe colonel was furious wnon  Iio.
of this attachment nnd tiVn-iht ho * m.i .
break it off by sending the boy*nwa*j i
Philadelphia  to school.   The boy wci..
without a protect, much to hit father*-*
Burprlso.   The father wusn't fo muc h stir
prised, though, when he learned two (lay
lotor that tho prutry Qai-iy i;. I joi ml *ftt
son on the way    Colour! MiHintuu s"tii ���
ho would disinherit-, the buy; bur, l.ani'n;.
that tho -couple, jnst as bo had dune yeare
.and years before, hud been married on tht.
way, ho sent nfter them, overhauled tbem
at Harrisburg and brought thein back
When Colonel Manning died, Jason sue
oeeded to tbe management of his large
business. A son and a daughter were born
to .Jason Manning and his backwoods wife
"In 1868 tho son was 23 and wanted to
marry Stella MoCrea, wbo was 17. Mai
oolin McCrea, the girl's father, and Jason
Manning ware bitter enemies, tha result
of buslnoss difficulties, and both parents
opposed tbe match. Jason'sson, who was
named George for bis grandfather, Colonel
Manning, having the precedent of both
parent and grandparent before him, simply settled oil dispute In tbo matter by
running away witb Stella MoCrea and
marrying ber Tho very next year bis sis
ter Belle defied parental objection tu her
choice of* a husband, George McCormlck,
and eloped with him Ho has slncu made
something of a mark as a lawyer and politician in western Pennsylvania George
Manning, who eloped with Stella McCrea,
and son of .Jason, who eloped with Botty
Graco, recently bad bis own precedent followed by his 20-year-old daughter, Stella
McCrea Manning, who eloped with Georgo
Burns, aged SI. Tbe nnly objection to
this match that tbe girl's parents bad was
that young Burns was a cousin of her
mother Hums' sister, by the way, eloped
witb Sotb Small of Pittsburg only a yenr
ago, but I don't count'her tn this record
of tbe Manning family no moro than I do
the Fry Manning and Doo Manning families, distant .relatives of old Colonel Manning, both of which have an elopement to
their oredlt "���New York Sun.
Asthma Cure F^ee.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Per*
manenl Cure in all Cases.
"It Ira'Is truo, I* It," salted Rollo, ns hn
flnlnhcd reading "Tho Pled Piper ol
Himiclln"���"It Isn't truo tbat be could
pin* oii hi* pipe ao that the rata wouM go
���II nnd down tliomaolvci."
' "Woll,"roplled Rollo'* father, "I don't
know about thai I think It may be true
Your Undo Georgo can play tho Onto so
tbat It will *oara a *��w Into a river and
drive all th* dog* In tha neighborhood
era*;. Y��*, I *hould slay the poem 1�� true."
���London Fan.
i rite Vour Name-and A.I.I re-.*. jVlninly.
There is nothing* like Asth -
malene. It brings instant ro-
lief, even in the worst cases.
It cures when all else fails.
The Rev. C. P. WlUls of Villss Ridj;.*;
III., says: "Your trial boltlo ol Atiihinii*
Isiii** receives] i.i i*oo.I condition, I cannot
te! 1 you how lliiinktul I fell (or the uoo-l
derived from it. I was a .-lave chained
witli iititriil sore tlu-ont and Allium for ll)
years. I despaired of ever being cmeil.
I saw your advertisement for the cure of
this dr.iudfsil and lormeniinn disease'
Asthma, and thought you had overspoketi
yourselves, hut resolved lo give it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.    Send me a full sized bottle."
Rabbi of Cong. Bniii Israel,
New Yokk, Jan. 3, 1901.
Dits. Tajyt Bkob'. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen : "Sour Asth malene is an excellent remedy (or Asthma and Hay Feter
*   and its composition alleviates all troubles
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Its success Jis astonishing and wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains no
opium   morphine, chloroform or ether.   Yours very truly,
which   combine with  Asthma.
AvoulSi'iiixos, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1901.
Dit. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen,-I write this testimonial from a senso of duty, having tested
the wonderful effects of Athmalene, for the curo of Asthma. My wife lias
been afflicted *ith spasmodic Asthma (or tl.e past 12 years. Havingexhaust-
ed ray own skill as well na manv others*, I chanced to see your sign upon vour
windows on 130th sireet, New York, I at once obtained a bottle of Asthmalene,
My wite commenced taking it about the 1st of Novomber. I very soon noticed
a radical Improvement. After using one bottle her Asthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently
recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Tours respectively, 0. D. PHELPS, M.D.
Dr. Taft Bitot?. Medkiike Co.:
Gentlemen.-I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried
numerous remedies, but ihey have all failed. I ran across your advertisement
and started with a trial hotile. 1 found relief at on^e. I havesince purchased
your (ull-sizo bottle, and I am ever grateful. 1 have a family of four children
and for six years I was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and
am doing business every day. Thia testimony you can make such use of as
you see bt.   Home address, 235 Riviiigton Streot. S. RAPHAEL,.
G7 East 129th st, New York City.
Dn not delay.    Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDIOINE
CO., 79 East 130th St., New York City,    ***SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine onr list and see if there is anything- you r��*uiro
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada :���.:-.
Capilal Subscribed $1,000,000 00
Capital P��ld Up     450,000 00
Government Depojlt....     250,000 00
Asssets $180 to every $100 of Liabilities
First and Paramount:   <* Absolui* Security to Policy Holder*."
e. v.cii.\nBi,n.s.
District Agent   -   ���   GoMah.
__________ C0FV��IOHT8 &o,
Anyone ssssndlni. * eketc-h and deecrlptlon mar
quloklrsusssertaln, tree, -*-lii>thpr an Invention la
pntbablT patentable. Coiuinunloatissna atrlutir
oonadenllal. Oldaat ajrcncy torasssinrlnic lutein.
In Amorloa.   We have * Wnsslilnptfln oltle*.
Patent* taken tliroui.li Mann A Co. rut-uve
ipeolal nottoo lu tho
tmrnUfttllr lllu��rnt��l, brfret-t olnmlRtlon ot
tin? coiontltie .Imirnul,wt��� .ily,termsf 1.C0 it vnar'
II JO ill niomh.i.    Sppclu-mn 6<ratCI mid UAXg
Book ok Patents soq*. fie.', Ad<Ji-i>3a
MUNN  h CO.,
Ml VrMtfwuv. Stir York*
V- N
���r iv%/w&%fii eWQftW-h Q'&el.'&Q/S *}/&
I Town and District.!
i/% t/g/f*^-^ j/%-s-*��va^i ���/xfA'gix*
Wa* ti-.*r�� a aiMting of tha Boarsl of
Tra.l* on Monday ?
No.   They ��m��lt(*r) rat.
Mr. Jos Carlin, of Fi*ld, *per.. a day
in Golden this w*ek.
J. McKay, of Sinclair, waa In town
thia week. He reports thing* quiet up
tho valley.
Sheriff Redgrave l-eing called away
lor a few day*. Mr. Hainhly is filling
his place as jailer anl ihat iff.
Mr. F. H.lliilny reports that good
progress is being mad* on hi* new
hotel at Field, and that he will *oon
lie in possesion.
Mra. R. J. Robimon i* settled in her
new home and will receive on Wedne*-
day and Thursday afternoons of next
Mrs. Riehard Allen, of Palli**r, who
hits been visiting In Golden for a few
days, the unos. of Mrs. (Rev.) Laidloy,
returned Monday afternoon on No. 3.
Mr. C. H P*r��on, who returned on
Sunday, after mending eight days nt
the coast, say* that ha aaw the sun on
two different occasion* while there.
Mr. Thos. O'Brien got hack on Mon
day from his trip lo the Old Country
He has completely recovered (rom the
attack nf la grippe which prostrated
liiin in New York.
Percy Patmore, the genial purser of
the SS. Duchess, left for Peterboro on
Sunday's state, having epent thr
Christmas holidays with his parents
i* London, Eng.
The C. P. H. are opposing the ��|ipli-
cation of F. Halliday for a hotel llcenm*
a; Field. Mr. Tho*. O'Brien hae been
retained bv (he Company to represent
thtm before the Commissions ������.
The first weak ol Mnrch has passed
and thore has been no change from the
exceptionally mild weather of Febru
ary. The long, hard winter predicted
hy the Indian* ha* got *wit*hed off
��� imevvliere else.
The Calgary Herald reports the pa*
ling north ol a flock of gees*. TiV��
look* Ilk* spring. Maybe the Hook
noticed will wiih they had not bean ao
anxious to preempt th* best ground in
Ih* far north, before lha winter is
finally over.
Mr. Robt. Miller I* in Donald thi*
week helping W. Avery lo take down
a house which they, will more io
Golden. The house will be put on e
lot somewhtrt near Mr. Bobbins' place,
and will be owned and occupied by Mr,
The lumber camp* are breaking up
Mid the usual jollification 1* going on
thi* week, though a larg* number of
thos* who *p*nt the winter in the
ramps left at one* for their home* on
the prairi*. Th* cut thi* year haa
heen larger than ever before, ovtr 200,
000 logs having boen ��calid.
At a recent meeting of lho directors
of the Fir* Association, it was decided
in case of any mora sorer* weather, to
dry out the fire engine. Direct connection ha* nude betwen the pump and
the boiler sa that in case it was nocre-
���ary the luilcr could be filled in a few
minute*. Chemicals have been placid
in tho Columbia, Kootenay and Rinse!
hotel*, and at the Fir* Hall.
Tho Manitoba Legialaturt ha* Im
itlied ita leasion, and pa*��*d il.e bill
reftrring the question of the enforce*
inent of ll.* Manitoba Liquor Aot to
ths people, who will rote on It April
2nd. Thi* Government fouud itself
with a wl.it* ���lepliant nn itt'nanda in
the stupe ol a prohibition *ct that wa*
pronounced comtitutional bv th* Privy
Council *f Eiiglaim and take* thi*
means of endeavoring to got it off their
The Nelson Tribune ha* been unfor-
tunat* enough to havs the sheriff seize
the plant, judgment having been seenr-
���d on *n amount ol 93,000 due thr
bank. The workmen's wage* are also
in arrears, lt is to be hoped lhat mat
Mra car, be satisfactorily arranged aod
and the. Trlhsin* continue under ita
pr*Mnt management.
E. A. N**h, lat* of tho Dominion
Govarorae.it Laud Oflice, and C. H.
Smut, 1st* of th* Hudion'* Bay Co ,
hart entered lata partnership. Tiny
hare opan*d ao offlc* on Victoria street
ansl will carry on butiuat* a* manu-
leotard-*'- financial, insurance and
real wtat* agmt*. They repreasnt
���out* of tii* oldait and beat coinpanie*
going basinets lu Cauada, and wt wlsb
them every incc*** In their ntw venture,--Kamloop* Ssntitiel.
Mies G. Robinson, who was so ill
during her brother's-^absenoa in th*
east, is now rapidly recovering he.
.vonted health again.
On Tuesday. Eli Aubrey, the man
who wa* ao wriously stabbed in tke
fight iu Beach'* camp on Christinas
day, met with a friend named John
son, who had just got in from the
oamp and had abont (30 in hi* posses
lion. They spent the afternoon in
visiting th* different ho*.el* and finally
went to on* of the home* of Ill-lain*.
About 7 o'clock Johnson wok* up in
the Columbia, and found himself without money and luspected Aubrey ol
"rolling* him. In the meantime,
Aubrey had got a fighting jag on anil
ran up agalnat E. Sohuutar, who
proved too much for him uud he now
wears oneeje in mourning. F, Lang
came along and, a* a precautionary
measur*, took Aubrey in charge to
give hiin a ehanc* to sob*r up. John-
ion found his man in jail and laid the
information against bim. Tne case
came up before Mr. Griffith on Thursday. Thos. O'Brien for'prosecution.
Prisoner was committed for trial, He
elected to be tried summarily boloie
Mt. Justice Furin, who sentenced him
to six mouths' hard labor in Kamloops
Milk! Milk! Milk I
Do you know that vou csn get good
pure milk every day .-.t a very lowcosi,
Parties requiring any quantity would
do well to communicate with Palmer k
Shaw, Salmon Arm, B C. Prices right.
Special rates on ten gallon cans.
Tl.e Golden Distriot Game Protective
Association met lu lhe Columbia
House on Monday evening to discuss
ways and mean* to prevent the slaugh
ter of game bird* during the breeding
season, aud after a lengthy discussion
the following resolution wtis moved by
F. W. Aylmer, seconded by M. Dainard:
���Whereas there is a large tract of
swamp and marsh ground bordering
the Columbia rivor throughout the
whole distance between Windermere
Lak* nnd Goldan, a natural haunt com
mon io both wild geese ansl ducks for
breeding purposes ; and, whereas, owing to the fact that there lias not been
a close season for geese these grounds
havo been of late year* heavily allot
over during tl.e breeding Mason by
parties In pursuit, of geese, with th*
result that it is only too evident lhat
if some action i* not taken to prevent
this distuibance of wild fowl on these
breeding grounds during the (pring
month* it can bo only a year cr two
until they have oulirely disappeared
from the Columbia valley :
"Therefore it is resolved, that the
unanimous opinion of thia mauling is:
(a) There should be the same protec
tion afforded by the Game Act so wild
geese as is to ducks aud other wild
fowl; (b) provincial constable* sheuld
be instructed to enforce th* Game Act j
(c) a special constable be appointed to
act during th*closo season (Jan. 1st
to Aug. 31st) whose sole duty it shall
bo lo attf-nd to the enforcement of lhe
Game Aet; (d) copes of this rcsolii
tion bs sent lo th* provincial member
and lo other Gain* Associations."
Tlie destruction of moose ai d elk by
Indian* wa* then taken up and M.
Dainard moved, teconded by E Plow
" Win res* th* country In tho neigh
hor hood of the Upper Columbia Lake*
is frequented by hand* of Moose *ud
elk, and, whereas, their numbers are
being tepidly reduced by Indiscrimin
ate shooting by Indiana and . other*
whioh, 11 allowad to go unshecked will
result in the extermination of .these
animals in the district aforesaid ;
���Therefore It is resolved, Thut the
Government be request**! lo prohil.it
th* killing of moose and elk by either
Indians or white for a period of five
years, and oopies of thi* resolution be
sent to Ihe local member of th* Pro
vi ncial Huuse and ot her Gums Association*."
Churoh Services.
Services every Sunday at 11am. and
7:30 p. m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and Srd Sunday* of .the month
ufter Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festival* and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from theohanoel.
S*inday Sohool tt 2:30 D.m.
All are cordially invites, to attend
the services.     C. F. Yaibs, Vicar.
Service every Sundav st 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Suhool and Bible Class at 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
at 7.
Rev. J. E. Hoqq, Pastor.
Servis**>s evejy Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3. pin.
Sunday School al 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday *t8 p.m.
Rev. R.B. Laidley.  Pastor.
I,   O.   0.   F.
Rocky Mountain Lodge so. 54 meets'iu
0*l.ltello*vn Hull, Uoldeii, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
Save Your Snowshoe lags.
The most popular brand of Chewing
Tobacco in Canada to-day Is "Pay
Hs��U." Erery plug of ���>i"��y Boll"
bear* a "Snowshoe" Tng, Consumer*
ahould save these tags, as valuable
presents are given for thein, Tags nro
good np to Jan-1.1 ��0i��. Write for
uew illustrated premium catalogue.
The _tnpir�� Tobacco Co , Ltd., Winni
pegbranch,   Winnipeg, Mau.
�����������.���    ���i���
Insure in th* Imperial Life
Jobj.rinting. At lho En* oflice,
I.. O. Ij.
PRATT NO. 17611, meets in  Iheir list
every serond Thursday in the tiiout h.   Visit
ing Ill-others welcome.
W.M. Sec.
A. .'. A A. JI.
, A. F.
k A. M. Regular Communication. 2nd Monday in every month, Sojourn-
ing broetliren cordially invited.
C. H.PAltSON.SeeroHrv*
Canadian Pacific
Railway axd woo um:.
Train* pssa Golden
Tourist Cars Daily to
Thursdays and Sundays to
Fridays to
Lowest rate* nnd best serrlc* to and
from all point*.
Full information anil Illustrated P-.ni*
phlets furnished on application.
Agent, A G.P.A., .
Goldon, B.C. Vancouver.
London, Feb. 28���Ths War Secretary
Mr. Broderlck. announces! in the House
of Commons todai that during ihe last
two days, 600 Boers had been either
killed or captured, and that 2,000
horse* and 28,000 head of oattle had
fallen into the handa of th* Britiih
troop*. Tha prisoner* included Gen.
DeWet'* aon and th* General'* aeora-
Paine's Celery Compound
A  House - to ��� House  Canvass
Would Show  that  Thousands are Being: Cured.
The people who hare not heard in
somo way of Paine's Cel*ry compound
and its wonderful triumph* over the
diseases aud ailments ol lite, oannot bs
counted as ne.rspa.ier or magazine
readers, nor are they In touch with the
medioal progressivonssj of tho time*.
A house to house canvass (if that
wer* possible) ol families where Paine's
Celery Compound I* bring usod during
these early tprlng days, would dis
close an ov* whelming amount of evidence regarding the implicit confidence
tbat is placed in thia greatt.it. of all
apring medicines. It would show tbs
tnonnous number of people who ara
being cured of som* form of nervousness, sleeplessness, rheimatistn, heatl
ache*, kidney tnd liver diseases.
Now Is th* time that Paine'* Cilery
Compoand can ahow astonishing and
happy results to-the tick. Now that
spring i* with n*. giving a promise *f
fin* weather and new beauties, it ihould
lend enoouragesnent to ths' work of
getting well and strong.
Tbe uss of Paine's Criery Compound
for a few weeks will truly sstonish
erery debilitated, weak and sickly man i
and woman. The change from a
muddy, sallow oompleiion to a fresh,
healthy oolor. with bright, sparkling
���yes, un< louded brain, the enjoyment
of refreshing deep, clear, freah blood
coursing through th* body, will b* the
*ure reward of every user pf Paine's
Celery Compound. Accept no substitute or imitation. See that the namo
PAINE'S Is ou waapper and bottle.
Government to Grant Subsidy of 91,800.000 and 8,000,000
Aores of Land to Induce Company to Build Coast .Section.
Ths draft of the Canadian Northern tasttion for tan y����r��. Tb* monty
oontnot with tb* Provincial Govern- bona* amount* to 11,800,000, and th*
m-nt was brought down in the Hon** land bonu* to about 8,000,000 Mm.
on Tue.d.y. It prov|.)e* for a bonu. of -���,_.,.������ j, _,,, ,��� , ���._,*���,..
��4,8C0 p*r mile, for the first fifty mils. ,,������ totfuttnlatM<l frt,-h,( ���*-,���-
oonMroot-dj for the nett. M mil.., ,���. ������_,_��� m ,*,, -_,,���,,���*.���..
14.000 p*r mil., and for the balanc. to Mmti_Md tn,-1i���a,to��nMotWlth
.7a���rm           :   ����tJM<"a   ! the Como, and Cap. Soott Hallway.
-14.600,   Tw.nty thou.��nd acre, of .^          _y t���       th, G���WBIBMt a
land per mile, along the railway, are ���,���, o{ tbtKnnmBlnvMmMy
iu lie granted,  n sections, a. th. rail- ���_,,, tn,       *������. ������,_��� aMm ���-.*}*
way I.  oompl.t.d.   If ther,  I. not ,0 ,h, m0B--bo-,,,, p,Id,
enough   land  along  tha railway   to
satisfy  th* agreamtnt, the oompany Pro��l*lon I* mad* lor o��n*_l*tIon ol
may go outside and take contiguous th* agreement If the oompany,  altar
land* In block* one mile *qu��re.   Th* ����rveylng. find* the rout* Impraetl.
land  I* exempt  Irom provincial  or ����������    *'������������-o��d i* to be commenced
municipal taxation while In th* po��- by Jane 1, 1808, and to b. built with*
���ession of tbe company, and theoapiial In -'��� T**'* ol ,h* *4*n--tot ,h-,-lrt-
stook and revenues of the oompany are The seouritv for the porformano* ol
eiempt from provincial or municipal lha work I* 160,000.
B. 0.
Engineer}, Firemen, Machinist* and
Electricians send lor 40-page pnmplet
containing question* asked by Examiu
Ing Board of Engineers to obtain Engineer's license. Au.diess, Geo. A Zi'ller,
Publisher, 18 So,., h Fourth street, St.
Lou.s, Mo., U.S.A. ��
March is a Favorite Month
Fcr Home Dying*
In all well rogulaiesl homes in city
or country, tl.e work ol home dying is
largely done in .Maroh. The dresses,,
skirts, oa|ses, jirket*, blouses and oihrr
artioles of wearing apparel used and
worn a year ago, but now dingy and
faded, will be brought oul, o.rafully
looked over and ra dyed wilh soma nsw
and stylish color for this sea.on'*
With sueh aids ns the popular Diamond Dyes, It is folly to spend money
fnr new materials and garments. The
Diamond Dyes always make old and
faded thing* look a* good as new. Ths
but a* wall *��� the humblest families
use the Diamond Dye* luoceufnlly and
profitably svsry iprlng.
Have you decidsd to mak* up a pretty
and stylish mat or rug from Your rag*
and waste materials ? Thtre ia a plea-
���ure in being able tu point to ynur own
home-made mat* and rug*. Sand your
address to th* Well* A Blohardun Co..
Limited, 200 Mountain St., Montraal,
P.Q , and yon will receive sheeia ol
design* for your inspection.
FOR  $12.00,!
EM. Barrett
Manufactures and carries in stoclj. Lumber Harness,.
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Baggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddle, Halters, Rid
ing Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Slices of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds lvpaired.
Prices right.   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
Our New
Spring Goods
Have Arrived
in our stock are so good that it is surprising that
they are not cleared out at once.
Some people are a little slow getting on fo the
value of our   -
In which\line we challenge comparison with any
stock in. town Stylish fixings of high-giacle
quality can be purchased cheap.
J. C. TOM & Co.
8 The
Nickle movement
in 3 ot. case.
Alexander ��S
I *^
ltrtt*bl*u AogeaaosUtlo* ftr
Replete in Everything.
Bting oath* only direct rout* to th* mine* on Toby, Horse Tl>i*f and No.
Creeks, it I* tb* headquutws of all mining man.
Good Stable Accommodation.
Finest Brands
of Liquors
and Cigars.
Columbia River L^��VWer Co
Fir and Spruce Lumber,
ALL BINDS OF....   -m.    _. .       ,  ,
 ���fir Dimension a Specialty.
Mills at Golden* Beaver and Kualt. *-
Terms Caih.
��tj_MW, h.e.
Largeit Capacity In th* Mountain!.


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