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The Golden Era Jun 7, 1901

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Array Tl
James HitoxasoN,
Builder Se Contractor,
���ilUlagUm. lor lisle.
PrsMiptattMliM gttent*
Hlfta Writs- r
Heoafe Artist
Haaae JDee��*-��is-��r.
IsMV. Mm *t XMtaasy Xtes*, Matt,!.��.
VO}*.  XI NO.  40       \Jf
GOLDKN, Bbitish Columbia, FRIDAY, JUNE 7. 1901
$2 Pes Ykab.
Hot Weather
Black Cotton Hom for women, full tubioned, Herm��dorf
sly*, six pair�� 1 00
Lisle Snishsd Block Cotton Hose   .:. ** 86
Summer weight Blaok Ca.hmer* Hom, .*. thn* pair 1 00
Fine whit* Lisls flnlshsd hoM                 96
Pur* Lisle Thread, all Black aad Blaok with white sole,
slso opsn work ilMlgns  60
Cotton vmm tur women, two tor 86
Fast black Lisle finl.h.d Taffeta OIovm  96
M*a'i Batbrlggan Ond*rw*��r, per *ult 1 00
Man'* fin* Li.l* and Cotton half hoM  ��
Men'*C.hm.r.Hom, ..'tbns pair 1 00
Light -eight negligee shins .'  60
Silk Front Shirts, without collars  1 00
With NeoktiM, assorted pattern.,  two for 36
We quote only s few numbers but ths assortment is compete,
Oxford Shoes lor ohlldrsn-Tsa, Os Blood and Black...6 0 76
Ox lord Sho*. for youth, and hoye	
(Strap Slippers snd Shots lor Ohlldrsn	
Women', fid Slipper*. Dongola Oxfords, siagl* aud
double *tr*p sandale, regular valuss ft 60 and tt,
your choice for.    SOO
Ben's rentilstsd Shoes, tan and black, Mv.n ttylw, all
weights, suy sty!*    8 <*>
Trade where Cash does doable duty.
Capital A.thorixetl. $S.6M,00Q
C��s*4talPaM<r*>  tu-MMMMlO
A***    ;���;*���',: I.TSH.1M
.^e*i->-''no*' *&&***���
D. 87 WtuciE, General Vis.
���       I. Hat, Inspector.
���  BramehsMt
__ MASITOBA* K. W. T. aad B. C.
Bajmdoo, Cslgary. Mrn.nton.
OcMea,      Nalson,        Poring* b Prairfa,
Prlae* Albert,     Revelstqko,     Sir '"
Vsncouvsr,       Winnipeg,
A(��Mts !��� <Kre��t Britain:
Lloyd's lJtuik- Ltd., W Lombard St, Londo*
with wh*m moooy may be deposited for
trsrautr by bitter or cable to any of to*
sbovs branch...
Agents im Halted States:
KEWYORK-B.nk of Montreal, Bauk ol
America. '
GHICAOO-Fint National Bank.
8T. PAUL-fleoond National Bank.
SAN FRANCISUsJJ-Wells, Fargo k Co. a
Agent* la Soath Africa.
Interest allowed sm deposits,
Frevlncial, Miuicipal snd other dsnstntuiM
Available al ill point, iu Canada, Uultsni
Kingdom, United SUM*.
J. 8. Gibb, Igr.. Oolden Branoh.
Thomas O'Brien.
IsMTigter, Solleltor.
HoUry Publio.Convey ancer, eto
Otlcein Upper Columbia rjavlg.HM sod
Tram.��y Comi'sssy's fcsjkluig,
HsMes, H. C.
Hvny; MoCBrtoi- ft PlnlHilm,
' *  Bnerlstara. Sn.LII.ra, Ae.
B*��elst*k*, B.C. r*ort8IMl*,B.a
A. M. I'WIKHAM.       .vv.
Alenwler Block Holden B. C.
Upper Columbia
Staamare OUCHESS and HUK
.tintsen -of 1901 Open* April 2nd
a. a. aan*.
Only Quick -and Oomfortahle Route to Min-
intr Towns of Windermere Mining
Modorn Concentrator, 100 tons capacity.
I-rigertsrood Hulst, Electric (linking Pump,
On* pair g's1 Sad one pair 16" Water Wheels
and other l'lattt.
For particulars apply to J��. O. Bon 112,
Rav*l*toste Surtloa.
jBTRAY ED unt* tb*lir*irdSS* of O. F.
*** son, e onlriclor, fflasharry, a black i
with star on forehead.  If owner does not
claim properly within 10 days ths animal
will he sola to pay expenses.
Ooldstn, B.C., May 81, IMI.
Jas. Bbadt, D.L.S., & P.L.S,
Mining* Engineer,
M. Am'n. inst. M.E. "
AgMt for obtaining Crown Granta, doing
annual assessment wsjrk, etc.   Addrea. i
Farther Newe of th*rightlagat Tlak-
taatela���1.S50 Brttlaher. and
Seven sBaaa Wen Bagag*d.
London, Jun* 4���Lord Kitchener, in
���a despatch from Pretoria, dated June*,
ssjrs: "Dixon's report ot the fighting
at Vlskfontsin, Msy 89, just received.
On our *ld* 1,460 mtn, with Mvin
rubs, wsre sngsgsd. Th* fore* wss
returning to camp at Vlakfontaln whan
th* enemy, under oover of th* v*ldt fire,
ru*h*d th* re��r guard, coniiiting ot
two gun* ot th* 38th Battery and 380
mm of Derbyshire, ind Yeomanry.
Tbey temporarily captured the two
gum, when th* remainder of ths fores
cams into aotion, and ths Boers were
driven off and th* gun* were recaptured.
"Tha Boer position was occupied.
Our casualties wsrs 8 officer* and 61
nun killed; 6 officer* snd 115 msn
w'funded, snd ons ofitasr snd 7 msn
ing. Ons officer aud four men
aince dlad of wound*.
'Forty-one Boer* wer* killed on the
gfsund. Further Boer casualties are
kuown.   Reinforcements srs being
jHamilton, Bermuda, Jund 4.-The
Governor hss received notification that
ths transport Armenian wilt arrive
hare July 3, with nine hundred Boer
prisoners, si.d that two oompanies ol
ths Boyal Warwleksbits regiment will
aft as thsir gusrds.
vtvixo it AI.U
London,   Juue 3'���Ths war  office
made Ibe following announcement tonight: "AH ths information received
Irom Lord Kitchener respecting recent
engagements in South Africa has been
comotunicated to the public."
hisvtkn orr.
Willowmore, Cape Colony, Juno 9.���
Commandant Shseper, with 700 men,
attacked Willowmore yesterday yesterday. Saturday, but was beaten off at'er
nine hours' lighting.
���'TV's-Twft-mTsuttJtf.-rsii'seit. ...
Cajse Town, Jun*: il. -Jamestown is
threatened by Foucre's commando,
i ';..' '.'   . rigs nouses.
Montreal, June 3.-Tho 800 horse*
wbioh today sailed for South A tries
on the loria'were  a valuable cargo.
Expert* who watched with keen in
tewst ths shipping of ths horsM re-
marked on th* fin* display of hone
flMh, hnd wsrs of lhe opinion that a
finer collection of animals oould net bs
optsinsd anywhere.   The English offi.
cer, who happened to be pr***nt, wa*
*��k*d hi* opinion ot tb* shipment snd
"You eould not gst finer horses st
Aldershot." ���
. One of thelons's officr. said thst
the steamship company received ��80
hesd for every hone landed in South
Africa, and ��18 head -for thoM which
may have died ou the wsy. At these
figuras, thelona's living freight would
cost ths Oovernmeut about IHO,000 for
.  . -*.  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
���eata IM* K.okla* Ben* Blv*r.
Hull Bros. Se Co.
0*111*, Sheep in* Holm Dealers.
lMV��Q��iliton Tu-twlay 4 a-m,, ��M^i,iM'^"<*^^
AthalnW, CantarbnrY and Windermere eame ey-ening
RetnrnlogiiPrive at Oolden Wednewtay afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 *.m. for Peterboronj-rti. and Inter*
���mediate polnts|Wtuipning arrive at Oolden Sunday
tow rates on Oro, I*uin'N*v Hay. "&paia and e��*1-
^.. V      IVir *tarthe^^
Thii Derby was rati on Wednwday
aad Volodyovskle, owned by Wm C.
n    O    nibOflU Whiting, won ���from*field^^ oftwiniy-
C. H. PARSON, S��er��tarjr,j*-*�� ������*"
Oold hss bMn dlscoversd In Yeso,
th* north.rn Island of Japan. Th*
territoriM In question sre under hie for
half th* y��r. and th* native mind hss
already drawn a peralM MtWMn IbtJ mat with an equally hostile rscsptl.n
B. A. O. In Volaatarr LlqaldatUn.
London, Jun* 3���Tb* Shareholder.
ol th* Brltlah American Corporation
sgiesd to-dsy to go into voluntary
liquidation. Tb* corporation wa*
oloMly affiliated wiih tbe Loudon k
Globs Finance Corporation, Limited.
wboM lu.penilon In December ls.t.
caused to much escitemenl on the
8took Eiehtng*. Lord Dufferln wss s
direotor of ths British Amsries, as wsll
M of tbe London A Globe Finance Cor
Th* misting tod��y wa* on* of th*
stormtMt hold. Whsn ths chairman
ssld thst owiua entirely to tbs London
A Globe'* d*f��ult, th* Britiih America
Corporation oould not oontinua bail-
tim, h* wss stssiled with all kinsle of
hostile d*monstr��tions, aud oriM of
"Tb* tame old game," and "Are you
you not ashamed to (ao* ua ?'���
Mr. WblMhsr Wright', explanation
u�� gold field and Klondike.-both In
rtgerd to climate and probable produc
tion. A gold fssrsr hss Mt in among,
ths Jspanns, many of whom sr* (or-
taking their ordinary avocation* lot
gold slaking.
The uproar continued during ths whols.
Ottawa, Jun* 8-At tod��y'�� cabinet
meeting Mr. Aleiander Henderson, of
Nsw Wealmiis.tsr, e*-auorney-geiieral
of Britiih Columbia, was appointed
judge for th* comity ot Vancouv*r.
Thi* I* one of tbs judgeships for wbioh
sn spprO|,rlatlon was msde during the
rMSst letsiOB,
���������mswrer MaKlnloy."
Lincoln, N.B., Jun* I -Taking for
hi* text, "Emperor MoKinley,* W. J*
Bryan tonight gav* ont an extended
���t*t��m*nt, bearing on the Supreme
Court decision in ths insulsr c*M*.
Mr. Bryan declare. thatthe8upreme
Court ha* joined with the prtMnt.Con-
grass in sn effort to change our (orm ot
Government, snd hs call, on the people
to repudiate tbs verdict. Mr. Bryan
���ays in part: "By * vols of fivs to
four, ths Supreme Court has declared
President McKinley Emperor of Porto
Bie*, and, according to pres. des-
patch**, the Emperor ht* gladly and
gratefully accepted Ih* title oonforred
on him by the highest judicial tribunal
in the land.
ThoM who are encouraged to believe
tbat the Constitution has caught up
with th* Hag, were doomed to diaap
pointmant. The decision declare, that
th* peopl* aro not the *ourca of power;
it defend* taxation without representation, and denie* that Government* derive* their juat power from the consent
of the governed.
It assails ths foundation of the Republic, snd doM so on the ground ol
expediency, Th* dissenting opinion,
bristle with precedents and burn with
Weleom* Mala.
Winnipeg, June 4.���Beports from
provincial point* on the C.P.B. lines
laat night indicated that therein which
(ell in tl.e western section on Sundsy
hsd yesterday become general over
almost ths entirs province. On the
touthwMttrn branch the rains com
msneed in the morning and (ell heavily
(or several hours. In Winnipeg the
rainfall wo* not heavy, although a
shower at midnight soaked ths strMt*.
The drizzle which commenced in the
afternoon continued intermittently all
night, From Ihe report* received there
would soem to he but (ew points in tbe
province where sufficient, rain to allay
the apprehensions of the fanner* has
not (alien during the past two day*.
All along tho Pembina branch, Brandon, Emerson aud Stonewall sections,
many hour* o( rain are reported, th*
heaviest, being in Brandos diltriot.
Mor* rain is predicted.
Holland, June 8���Bain continued to
pour down for about four hour* this
afternoon and the ground is thorough
ly soaked and grain can almoat ba *een
growing. Farmers are now ���atisfied
snd happy and thsir minds ralisved
slier the critical dry spell. Busines*
man fading jubilant. It is still raining st dark.
Common Sense Has Stra.k tha atspth*-
Pembroke, Jun* 3-Bev. Dr. Sutherland, of Toronto, secretary of .the mis-
lion bo*rd, replying to au appreciator.v
resolution presented to the Montreal
Conference, report of mission work and
policy of tbs Church, strenuously o|-
posed tha pre��ent policy of multiplying
small Hold* ot labor and advocated
doubling up of weak circuits to permit
* decent **lary to be paid, the extra
work to be borne in part by the local
pre��ch*r. He said that Ih* eastern
and central conferences are overcrowd*
td with mtrritd minitter* and no restriction i* placed on young man in
larg* number* seeking to enter the
miuistry. On th* otber bend difficult..
1* experienced in getting young men tor
th* Northwest snd Brltlah Columhis,
Ths multiplication of poverty-stricken
eiroulta he* n*c*.sitat*d lha creation ot
a *ustsntation fund. Thi* policy cripple* all the other fund*, pramaluroly
places men on the superannuation fuud
snd efficiency is discounted in every
direction. This expeudlture uf eueritj
Snd money iu weak fields in Maseru
Canada prevent* tb* Church from assuming its duty in New Ontario and
th* West. He advocated the abolition
of double and sinulo oironlta where a
married and lingle man areemislo-ed.
He urged tho api.lioation of int-r-
denomlnatlonal comity iu sections
where people are l-w.
A motion favoring co-operation he
twesnt Pt-sshyrei-fsnsandMetboiists on
WMk field* wae withdrawn owing ta
the committM at present having that
question in hand.
Ottawa, Jun* 3 - A few appointments were made today. Mr. Geo. L.
Tay lur, of Both well, Ont., bas bna
appointed police magistrate at Whit*
Horse. Yukon, Prof. E. Haanst, an
���Xpert mineralogist, ha* been appointed ludarinteudeiit uf iniiure. Mr.
Haens-t i* ��� gentleman well qualified
for th* position. Mr. Wm. Pearoa at
Calgary, formerly min* inspector, ho*
been aj,pointed ins|iector of surveys**,
Mr. G. W. Dawson, ex M.P., nnd recently Liberal organinr (or theeoiern
part of tbe jsrovince ot Ontario, will be
in.pector of penitentiaries, at a lolary
of A)2,400. There are uow two inspector*. Douglu Sewart ia the other
London. June 1. ��� A military Hot
occurred Saturday night at Shorfselife.
A detachment ot the Dublin Fusiliers,
actuated by aome imaginary grievance
wrecked their barracka. The guard
wa* called oat to arrest the ringleaders,
and .hot. were fired bythe Fusilier*
whe wet the reinforced guard with a
a volley *f ball cartridge and bayonet*.
Two men of the guard* were seriously
injured by bayonet thrusts. Th* riot
luted Iwo houn.
Winnipeg, June 4. ���At a meeting of
the Ma*.le Leaf Conservative club last
night a resolution wss passed requesting ths local Government to dismiss
all Liberal employee, on ths jiround*
that the *|*ira of th* Goversmsnt ��r*
not properly Mfeguarded by auch confidential clerk*. Hi* honor th* lieut.n-
ant governor ha* raluaed to (ign any
more minutes of council dismissing
employee* and a deadlock In lb* lit*-
alion it tb* rasult.
Ottawa, Jun* S.-Thrre are 360
machine woodworker*, 200 carpenter.
end 60 tinemith* on atrik* for higher
wage* and shorter hours. There is a
probability of the *tonemasons, bricklayer* aad pladerer* following suit.
as tbey will probably retuM to handle
the material from the ifren who tabs)
the place of thou on isriS*.
Coorwrnlnc ths. Oohont Bite.
By court*iy of tbe secretary of the
Si.li. ol Board, Mr S G. Bobbin*, w*
publish rh* following letter from the
Superinteadswt of Education, which
explain* itself:
Education Offics-,
Victoria, June 3, 1901.
S. G. BonDisa, Esq., Secretary School
Board, Goldeu, B.C.,
Sir, -1 beg to acknowledge receipt s.f
your letter of tbe 23th ult. I may
state 'h*t the department haa not decided to accept the. offer of' Mr. Alexander of the lots meutioned iu your
former communication pending an investigation into the question ol .souring a perhap* mor* eligible site In the
vicinity of the Golden hospital. Wheu-
the question ol site ha* been Anally dis-
po<.s-sd of (he construction of the new
building will ba begun, hnt the Department ia Mrmiing with a great deal ot
difficulty in itt attempt* to ob'aiu *
site on the sooth side ol the Kicking
Horse river, which is likely to |srov*
lati.tactory to all concernesl.
I hav* th* honor, etc.,
Alexander Hohisson,
Sunt, ot Education.
Th* Montreal Family HeraM
Wteklv Star the biggest thing of its
kind in Canada, and the Eua, Iron
uow till the end of the year for TS
oents siash. Two splendid plctnre*
goes with th* Montreal paper. To
thoM who hav* alrasdy paid their ��.b
soription* for thi* yesr w* win give
th��'fl.tr��hf lor balance of year |��> too.
A'sserlran  Cap  DofsiBsSar   Dismasted.
Following closely on the heels of ths
regrettable accident to Sir Thos Lip-
ton'* ynoht, Shamro.sk II, come* th*
newt ol the breaking of the mainmaat
of the Constitution which was built te
left-nd the cup. These accidents would
ami., to indicate thai ii. the t'Oisitruettoa
ol these racing machines, stability hus
bMn sacrifii'Sd for lightness and th*
question at once occurs tn tl.e average
mind whether any real benefit lu the
interest* of ship hultding results from
the enormous sums speut Ou thee* un.
eii-bre erali*.
. ����� i a i ii        i
Sunday, at midnight, th* summer*
tlrar*s��fd eome* Into effect on tbe (',,
P.B., tarn's** which the train frsan Van*
eouvet (No. 2) arrive* a; Golden st
lOtOS, sud tha train from Wli>ni|i.g
(No. 1) an ives at 1.1:53. Xhl* t* aboi.t
the same u 1**1 year. e*ti Ih* tout
tim* for the run from MonttfeM to Van.
oouvor reniaiiiB the sain* ��� 100 hours.
For a low days ths train fn>m ths sast
will bs rather uncertain until Thursday
when we way **|-stt to SM It spa lists*.
4 I
(She ��0l&m ffirtx.
Ku V. ("H.M ieih, - Editor ansl Publisher.
Subscri stions Si! 03 per year in advance.
Advertising rates made ki.oivu on request
FRIDAY, Ju.VB.7, 1901.
The P'-ople of this town would do
well so sake advantages of opportunities
|,resHi.tiu i 'lioinselyes low, f'ir I hoy
nuy not I.live the chance later on. . In
many ways Golsletl woisld he aisle lo
is Ivanoi* lies- own iiitert'Sts l-eiiar il she
wen brganls"sl as.. itiiitiiutpalfty. but.
tne argu...out used iiiziiinsl incorpor
if ion is that it would itict-earo taxes.
Is iit'id not la. so if opportunities How
I'l'essssiiiug tho...selves are properly
lioknl ..Tier. It is Well known that
iliers. is valuable water power Up the
Kicking Horst! river, enough in fact,
to run every bit of machinery in Ihe
province. Thu citizens of Gol.loss ought
to taku iiui.iediato steps to ttocuro con
tl'ol of this water |iowor. If they dou't
si.inii one else will, nod we might i ist
as well have U ns nol,
Thuiuisre two reasons for this., one
of then, being that Oolden will some
liny nuosl I'ower for running ivaier
works and eleutrii* light, and will save
Mcnsy Iss having water power to run
tl.e machinery. '.'Iiu ol her is that it
will hu si source of revenue, (or tlu
town will Iiu able to sell power to o'h
era. Tills will lit'lj, to l.eo|i dowii ex*
I'i'iises in llie way of litxiis.
If. may also s.ivo money in the wny
of bonuses, fur instead of |iaying cash
tn industries locating liu.-e, we could
offer them free poWur for is 'tiuiiibor of
ys'ssrs. lt is slwuys a wise policy for
thu pnojsle to hold all ...it.iral resources
anil l.y properly bundling them make
t leu. revenue jii-oducurs.
it would be u tsstsil mistake ro allow*
some uu.i.|iaii.v or individual to secure
control of this valuable nss.'t mid it
c.iii.ioi be expected lhat it will long le
in.in u.ieu.-lrolled.
We would rt'Spuctfully refer this
iiihi lur to the cousidoratisii of our local
Hoard cf Trade. This organization is
the only one at jiresem in town in a
posh iou to t'sjke ujs this question inn
practical maimer and Hitch good will
result from bringing it bufore tl.e pub-
I.e. We feel sure that most of our
local bs.lsi.iess mon ure keenly alive to
evs'iyihiiig iifFectingthc welfare of this
plnco ...id since ely liopo there will be
uu delay iu Inking necessary action.
Already several parties have been up
tl.n river examining tho falls ami have
exprc's-til ihe opinion that thero is
I'l.oiigi. power i.vhilab'c to supply half
il.ecoutiue.it with light. To the lucky
purl lea who .ccure lhe franchise there
i- it mine of wealth in sioi'.i, llie quca
tun is will liulden l*e tho furtuuiite
.,w uer or some jirivme individual ur
corporal iuu V
Eves, if we do not want lo use
il ut pre*>eijt there is nothing tu pre*
vent us frum leiisi.ig "lie franchise foi
a number of years. Thu main |soint is
fur Goldm. lo secure the franchise so
sbe will have it wiieu she wuuls il
1 he Hlierln* 1*1,sell.
" Olint(oii. May III.���The 'assises con
clusiesl   luday most  unexpectedly,   lho
ds'ptitv   .sheriff,   Francis    Webb,   who
wash, tiliat'geuf the jury iu thuChiiiusc
luiirilei- ease, hilving iu tiio  facts of tl.e
most explicit Instructions (rom Chief
Jusiice Misi-oil,  nllowe'l  lho jury to
huparnie.   As this wus the lust case uu
the docket,   and   tl.e   l.-.lunc.i of   the
j'.rers.t.ail  lueu ili-ctiargetl,   tlio court
had no option but to dismiss the jury
���sud asljos.ru tho case Until another assise.    The   Chief   Justice   afterwards
lined she deputy sheriff $.'iOO.
���    . -*.*..   .. ..
Asiilnat Secret Socle! lea.
DeaMuines. I >wa, May i*. -By ..
voir of IKI lo Gil, the General Assembly
s.f the Unitet Presbyterian Church,
.{li* altes'i.ssutt adopted the report of
tu* ju'dicisti'y cuiiiinitieu uj'uu il.e
sh Huge ot craest* Will, icisrsl losriicle
1"). This is interpreted lu mean ll.at
the Hil.ifiHK.o.. ut members of seeiet
societies io tht 'church is forbl l.leiij
A Timely Suggestion.
Ei.itor Era :
S,r,-I w:ould like to call attention
through yen: columns to a thing muoh
needed ill Gold*., viz., an association
o. the merchant*, who, if they were
organised, .might prepare some scheme
ts] combat tl.e tendency of the residents
of this town lo spend their money for
the benefit of outside places. We have
three general stores that carry as large
stocks as are carried in many towns uf
(i.'C times tl.e size ot Golden, two drug
and notion stores, two tailors, a jewel-
. ler and n leather goods store, which can
readily supply all the goods needed in
town. Yet in tho (ace of all these we
Und that many of our leading citizens
make it a rule to send their money oul
of town for good's that the local mer
c'ibiiH could Supply, aud which, il not
in stook at the time, could'be procured
i n lime lo fill the order. '.Pile benefit of
dealing in town would be tell by everyone. The money sent away each year
runs away up into the thousands.
Take for clothing alone. If une hun-
dren suits are ordered, snd this is a low
estimate, that is $2,500sent out, which
would mean that th* shops here would
have lo double their staffs it the order
wus made up in town, aud the increase
in this line is only illustrative of the
On t he other hnnd these outside firms
never contribute one cent (or the good
o( the town. When the lire engine
was purchased, largely by public subscription, none ot the retail firms out-
aide tho town contributed one dollar,
but the local firms all put up. It is.
tl.e same with any local subscription
list. The townspeople lire expeced to
give liberally, and then to stand by and
see the very ones who solicit subsciiji*
lions go beyond the local dealers when
tliey have c.sh to s|>ind.
Let the merchants get together and
devise some jilan to stop this drain on
lhe ...wn, and discourage the habit of
sjieudiug money made in Goldeu for the
benefit of outsiders.        Merchant.
Tne Boat Race.
ElilTOR Eras
Sir, ���Wo note with some interest tl.e
challenge thrown out by " Steamboat
Man,'' iu your issue of Muy 114, uud
though it may aeem a hold one at tirst
sight, yet when you consider a steamboat race for one mile it is indeed a
very small affair. I do not think it
would 1st a fair test ut nil of either
bouts. Why, if two men weut out (or
a race in a canoe or a dugout tliey
would not think of doing less than a
mile, and usually that distance and
return, And yet Steamboat Man suggests getting up steam, tunning boata
with judges, etc , till for a mile race,
and, I suppose, he wants it down
stream ut that. We would suggest,
lo it a little better, old man ; make it
wurth whilo. SPORT.
Distinguished Tourists.
A few minutes after 10 o'clock Saturday forenoon a special train consisting
of. u number of splendidly appointed
coach .is and containing ihe Inter-State
Hallway commissioners ou their way
to the grand convention in San Fran,
cisco passed through Golden. They
were fur the most part Americans of
the best type and there were not a tow
of tl.e fair sex travelling with th.m.
One of ilie |iarty waa Governor Gobhin
of Pennsylvania, while the majority of
the party seemed to be senators and
congressmen, List Saturday being
Decoration day, an iii.iiirera.iiy dear
to American beans, they had stopped
off nt Regina and on the platform of
the station held services, A speech
waa made by tl.e Governor of Pennsylvania, himself a veteran of the civil
war, and "Star Spraugle.l Banter' and
usher pat riot ic songs were sung with
great s'siilt to the ..sioiilshme.it of ihu
gouil i*o|iloof Itegln... With the party
wss General J. C Lutln of Pennsylvania, who us a young cuptuiu in the
federal army was in command of the
party lhat captured'the members uf
Jefferson Davis' cabinet, and among
the coiiiirjissluuej's wsss Senator Kogaii
l.e cap-
A Brave Resistance bv tho l"toer.
London, Mar 81 Lord Kitchener
report, to the War Offlce. under date
of Pretoria. May 80, as follows: "Gen.
Dixon's force at Viadfontein was at
tacksd yesterday by Deldrey's force,
and there was severe fighting.
''The enemy was eventually driven
off with heavy loss, leaving 35 dead.
'���I regret that our casualties aleo
were severe. The killed and wounded
numbered one hundred and seventy-
"Four officers were killed "
London, May 81.���On the anniver*
ssry of LordRoberts'entry Into Johannesburg comes new* of severe fighting
and heavy losses within forty miles of
the Gold Reef City. The battle at
Viadfontein, on the Durban Johannes
burg Railway, reported by Lord Kit
chener today, is the most serious engagement since General Clement's
reverse at Magaliesburg. The garrison
of Viadfontein, apparently largely
oompoBed of yeomanry, had 174 men
put out of action. That their assailants
came to close quarters and suffered
heavily is shown by the number of
dead left on the field.
London, June 1.���Lord Kitchener's
account of the* cattle of Viadfontein
serves to light up the publio interest
once more in the Boer war Two fads
stand out. First the determined nature
of the Boer cssttlt upon an entrenched
position, oil miles from jQhannesburg|
and secondly the heavy losses suffered
by both sides. This has been the first
real engagement fought for mauy
months and ia decisive proof that the
Boers, led by a cool wary general, like
Delarey, can still offer a strenuous
resistance to the Britisli arms. The
details of ibis buttle may indicate that
the British foice was surprised and
the casualty list ran up to 174 in this
way, but the Boers, iu any event were
Ihe assailants and were not repulsed
with severe losses. The Boers are also
reported to have fought with exception
si gallantry while iu pursuit of General
Humor's convoy.
The natural explanation of tl.e fight
ing is that one .nine after another ia
opening iu the rand ami refugees are
returning to Johannesburg iu small
groups, and the Boers are making de*
M|se.'sstu efforts lo frighten Ihem and
prevent a resumption of industry in
thO guld belt. Viadfontein was pro-
balsly designed to Ise aloud warning to
the refugees that lhe war bad not end
ded i.uil that Johannesburg was stil
au unsafe place of lesidenee. A Bri
liah officer, who wns on furlough after
fighting to Colenso to Lvdenbtirg, hits
been predicting the closing skirmashes
of the campaign.    ,
A "IVOndorrul Invention.
They cure dandruff, hair falling,
head-ache etc., yot costs the same as
an ordinary comb���Dr. Whiles Electric
Comb. The only patented Comb in
the world. People, everywhere it has
been introduced aro wild with delight.
You simply comp your hair each day
and the comb does the rest. Thia
wonderful comb is simply unbreakable
and is made so that it is absolutely
impossible to break or cut the hair
Sold on a written guarantee lo give
satisfaction in every respect. Send
stamps for one. Ladies' size 60c.
Gouts' size iJ3o. Live men and women
wanted everywhere to introduce this
article. Sells on sight.. Aitents are
wild with success. (See want column
of ihis impel-1.) Address D. N. Rote,
Gen. Mgr. Decatur, III.
. Al; Bs-corsliiiu to some of the delegates |of 'lv*>'���"������ ���flf* ot ihote whom
ir exp.-hs (rotn Il.e church  those who - t-,re(- on 'hat occasion.
are now isiesnlsers of .sesi.ee  societies.
'Til's above dt'spatcli i.pp~a.ii.g in tlie'
A   I'liiiiou i'U feet long, lignsd by
dailv I'Sjers  has occasioned consider-  "" ll"* ��">��>'"���������� I*' I'1""''' WoolsiocV.
usde. juisSpi'srelKimion on she part 0( "hK ��������-n sMmt to the ..lini.ter of ju.tice
���..ember* of secre. ..scle.ies iu Briti.h i **-���*!���-�� for the ex. rcise of cleineucy in
CsiliMiiliia.   I. Will Ise'iKs'is-ed that this
ii,.nun is snkeii by il.e  United Pre*hy-
is-riun  Churoh a  body lll.it" has only
two cougregaiiuus is. Canada and
which baa no connection' witb Ibe
jPrHsbjlrrlai. (,'l.i.rel. of "Canada.
JOB IIM.N'ilXi'l ;.ni'.Sls.c;.illy.
I tbo case of' Fred Colli.is. the Woodstock buy no*, under sent usee uf death
in Nelson jiil
iv-isii*.. lo travel anil advertise Ibr >>hl eatali-
PsIi-mI house of ssulisl titunKti.il ..muling. - 8���|.
ji. yt,t*i a year ansl expenses, .11 payable In
c..ah. No'canvassing require.!. Live r��-
, lei-eiices. ...a, i-ncluse *-*)ll'-.i.l.ires->u.l sitainped
I .sstvels,pe,   AslsircsA   ....o���no,,  -Vi   i'hxiuii
l.l���|(.,.|l'l'������... ,,1-t   ||
Bedding out plants now ready for
the (lower and vegetable gardes at
Henry's Nurserios and Greenhouses
Vancouver, B. C. jl
Prospectors sh6uld list .their properties with Andrew P. Rosenbcrger
of ilie prospector's Exchange,  Nelson.
WANTED-Ladies and gentlemen to
introduce iho '"hotteai" seller on earth.
Dr. White's Electric Comb, patented
1HI.9. Agents lire coining money,
Cures nil forms of scalp ailments,
headaches, eic, yet coata the same as
an ordinary comb Send fsOo in stamps
for sample, D. N. Rose.. (Sou. Mgr..
Dtcatur, 111.'
The happiness of home life depensf*
largely on the health of the wife and
mother. When her strength is unequal
to the daily cares and duties of home,
the evening hour finds her utterly worn
out, too tired to talk, too weary to read.
At first even she is glad to have her
husband go out for the evening, She
want, rest and tjuiet at any price. And
.o the foundation for marital misery Is
often laid in ill-health.
But when the housewife 1. healthy
and strong she finds in her day'* duties
only a sufficient outlet for her energy.
She looks forward all day to the evening
hour spent with her husband over *
book, or pawed in quiet conversation.
And every evening so spent draws the
wife nearer to the husband and knits
together the twain who are "one flesh "
In the higher unity of one mind.
Every woman should know thst th*
general health depends on the local
womanly health. Irregularity, weakening drains, inflammation, ulceration and
female weakness are disorders whicli np
the woman's strength nnd destroy her
happiness with her health.
In ninety-eight cases in every hundred
the um of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription will effef a complete cure of
womanly diseases. It is a reliable regulator. It driea the drains which enfeeble
women. It heals inflammation and ulceration and cures female weakness. //
makes weak women strong and sick
women well.
Sick and ailing women are invited to
consult Dr. Pierce, by letter, free. AU'
correspondence is held as sacredly confidential and womanly confidences are
guarded by strict professional privacy.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.
In a little over thirty year., assisted
by his medical staff of nearly a score of
physicians, Dr. Pierce, chief consulting
physician to the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. V., has
treated and cured more than half a million women.
Tbere is no similar offer of free consultation by letter which has behind it
s physician of Dr. Pierce's eminence and
success, or an institution of world-wide
fame such as the Invalids' Hotel and'
Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. V.
Write to Dr. Pierce and obtain - a
specialist's opinion absolutely without
charge or fee.'
"I was plcRRed that Dr, Pierce, answered my
letter." writes Mrs. C. \v. Voting, of South
Regent Street (I-.ee Park), Wl.keM>trre, Petma.
*��� I am perfectly willing for you to use my name
and sHl.lress. an I tliliik it mv duty to let the
Beople know what o wonder it I medicine yoa
sve.   When I' Ii.id those liilfhnpH I btgaa to
think I would never have children, aud my
husband al.vnv* said that if 1 would tske your
meilidue I would noon be all ri��ht. Hy back
used to almost break and I wuuld get sick at
my stomach and huve such headaches I did not
kuow what to do; they used lo set me nearly
crn-iy. and I used to dread to get up, I felt W
bnd; then I began taking your medicine.
When baby was expected 1 look it all the time
I was that way. I felt fine all the time and I
never.get those dizzv spells now, I hardly ever
have a nervous headache nny more. I have ���
perfect romp of e boy; he is the light of our
home. I am now twentv years old and my
baby is almost eight months old. ��� I now feel
well, nnd weigh iso pounds, and the baby 33K
pounds. We feel very grateful for the eood
your medicine did for us. We-are both healthy,
thanks to Dr. Pierce'.* medicine."
"Your 'favorite Prescription' haa done M
much for 1116," savs Mrs. Biiisan Wenst, of Lawn-
dale, Cleveland Co., V. C��� "that 1 feet ft my
dutv to write to yon and tell you I think ft
saved my life. I had been under the treatment
of two docton���had two mishaps. 1 waa almost
a skeleton, weighed only seventv pounds. ��� A
���friend of mine recommended Doctor Pierre's
Favorite Prescription, and when I commenced
to take it my health began to improve greatly.
In ten months I was a happy mother.  I had
ouly taken six bottles and have never taken any
Mily 1
id n
I'uvui.ic |-icas.iiptiuu,   uuu  tviicti  s  -luiiiiiicii-lcu
to take it my health began to improve greatly.
... ._���  Qj. j ���     .  ,..._.    . , _j
medicine since, of any kind, and now weigh 130
pounds. I am now awaiting the oomiiig of
another child In the beat of health. I cannot
say too much la praise of your,' Favorite Prescription/-"
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets art at
onoe the most agreeable and most effective laxative tor women's use.
IMtntu^motoUif. la ta*
fsMwrt ch-mlaM-*--* of 1
_ **ig*
i betare
j'vsrtSL'iiislJrinnntH*. ,.
Churoh Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of' the mouth
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days st 8 a.m.. or
as may be announced from theohsnee).
Ssinday School at 2:80 p.m.
All srs cordially iavlted 10 sttend
th* services,
C f. Vatm, Viesr.
Service every Sunday st 7:JO p.m.
Ssinday School aud Btbla Cists at 8
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday oven-
at' 7. .,       ���    "
Bev. V. M. Purdy, B.A., Pastor.
Servis-ea every Sunday.st 11 a.m. and
7:8'   f tn.   ,   .. . ,      ������'"..
Sunday School ��t 2:30 p.m.
Prs.rsH- Meeting;on Tuesday at8 p.m.
Bev. R. B; IvAIDI.bv, Pastor.
^TOJ��ACH.-TIjis is sadly tonolten the era*
Ho ...any nanaaous ns��fru.ns purporting to
cnrs-siito the epd sio .lis* |>atlfnt, ussire harm
thanajsod. Dr.* Vou Stan's -l'ineap|4a.Tablets'are * pi.rely vep-otable p*psln preparation, as harmless as milk. One* aft*** s-aUlsg
prevail!, any ilisordarbf tba diirSstlvjf nr-
u-aifik 001.1 a boi, 85 eeuts, sW��y tt.-T.
J'otiiiorer*����   ,,.���':. ;-.. Sj{  f.
.Brussels, June 1,-,At, ��iraoreln��ry
scene suceurrid is. Antwp, ye��^*rday
when mutinous .civic guarolsmsn psr*
aded I be sirsets .��� sipglng lb*, "Mar'sel-
laise," while the |iolioe hsd. [p.be called jn ,|p ptuleo* li^.;oflli��rt frpm tii*
���fobelliiigilrst-ops. ��� ThSre has been tr-o-
tioi.i for sosue lime. .*���     .   ���*
Business and Residential Lots For Sale,
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy 1 erms of
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching conn-
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River .
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made lathe Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ehsurf great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will .ensure the
operation of tlje Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered founts
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise.
takes place. , ,
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives, agree-
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon*      ,,
H. G. Parson, Merchant.
Uow often this doubting: question is .asked,
and when the truth comes to light it Is proved that heart disease is accountable for the
sudden death.
No case of heart trouble is so long standing or so severe.
that DR. AGNEW'8 CURE F0R THE HEART will not
relieve inside of thirty minutes-and it never failB to cure.
Because it is a liquid specific it acis directly and quick-
ly���It is powerful and harmless-���It' has gone right to $i*'.
death's door for many a victim and nursed them book to ���������(���
health���Ii is priceless to heart sufferers.   Sold by R. W.
Patmore. ..'   ,'        :*i ..-���,���', -. *#
Important Testimony Regarding* Dr. Clarke's Little
Red Pills.
To ths Editor ol ths Era :
Sir,���I deem it a duty I owe to my
fellow sufferer, to add my testimony io
favor of Dr. Clarke's Wonderful Little
Red Pills.. I wss a viotlra ot rheums*
tinn, and for many years wes unable
to move about. My stomach wss si
wsys out of order, snd nothing that I
look neve ms strength orpower. After
trying every known remedy, I noticed
tbe sdvertissment ol, th* above pills,
and concluded to give thein a trial,
Six boxes made ms almost a well man.
My stomach assimilate* food, snd I
havs hardly a pain or an ache. I only
hope that my esperien'o* may bo lhe
experience of others. ��� Mstthew B,
Johnson, Lockport, N.Y.    '   '   V-
Wm*. Snowden, tbs- well-known proprietor of the Snowdsn Honse, Pstsr-
borough, says: I consider Dr. Clark.'.
Llttl* Bad Pilla s marvel to medicine.
They have no etjisl.
.'.T���*-���.: :
Dr.  Clarke's Little Sed Pills srs a
positive and certain cure forlagiipp*,
rheumatism, asthma, paralysis,' catarrh
eoasraa, cough*,,baokstche, indigestion,
���llftoniaeh and liver trouble*, female
complf Int..'sMsajiiWheji the diastases have
been standing Ior many years, th* qibtt
stubborn oases will yield.   Price BO
c*nts |��r box.   For sale by local drug-
gisi*.   Dr.   Clarke'*   Sure Cure   for
Catarrh, and Dr. Cl.rke's Sit* Ciinf
*orEo��*H)*, same price.   f|0 wUl 'bemrtb*
paid  for any caaa they  will not per* WJ2?'
msnsully cure; ,-\'C, **t*9ri
���fin OlsVrke-S.'Bii're Curs forUr��t-*j|g
and Dr. Clarss'aSur*Ouio,1 or>*6o*t*|S��,
���am*price. ,Te.| dollars will M��sj
tot aiiy fkse tbey will not perinansjnl
ours.  . ..;-,.������     : ;'������  *.' ,;,
Ths Toronto Mlnlstsrlal Assoojetion
hat Started an anti-cigarette ereeade
and it should be backed up in 1| by
every right-thinking citissn. Tb* pig-
arette has. nothing that can be said in
It. favor, It does not'smell nlett. It
does not tssls nice and it dot* net look
nice. Yet lhe die of it ie d!.gusti*gly
prsvslsnt. Ths worst featur*f��f tb*
cigarette however, i* the ea**Vwith
wbioh ohildrtn oan obt��ln it, I|lsteke
bad enough to *h v.mtn wUh ',*^t et
thots flngsr-alainsr* In his moo(>-,but
it looks wore* loess on* In ibsj^euH,
bis ohild and that it.no .n^e^ton
tight in Vanconrer. It Is .*.t��*s)f,i*��t
the publio cannot basroussd toli'rsal-
l.ttlon ofCh* msnscethat thisImirilM.
It is sure to bsvsa t.rrlbl* *fl*et msn-
tally, morally sad pbysleally en those
���#ho|n a'coHbl*'. of itbiim flll'bave
to tak* the place oltherasn' ptftfay.
Th* morphine flend* ait): t**tf^^om
ths rasksof thseh)srs**ssm��t#sf ,i*nd
a'hundred other ajfils follow Iii the
tiaiu ol the clgatetts. A war en eig-
srsties is not a wsr on tobseoo. Smokers -aai'-'tten-smekersr of tobaeeo in
pipstt or olgsrs can combin* to eopbat
this evil, whioh flu* our insane asy*
lam* *rid threaten* to produo* a warpsd
arm sturitsd growth Of mailo**.-
Vabcosver W*rW. j
������*, .   ���:iik,,rvm'imr..'r,!T''''t-\;'
A certifiwte ot sjifiolency In assaying
has been iwued $$.%. MiolMnol
Psiterboro, IWnderttisjr* distriei.
,f^e -ousts-Hr-til ��(fl��*-�� M ft*****4**
iSvsMlxed alsrs* qsi*n4ty,pf Chlhsts
win**., clgara ��rt,,sHx> osi^bjoard ths ,
?. S'.,T��rtar, irs^U*-'��rtl'iil*,froiri.tli*
���oelW-WmWimt^       ''
Tb^.j|(��odV:-��l^>^t':(m iBtfc
t$*'j*s**ty-fWl*%-\ti*������"���'��� ''���;. '"': THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C. Jum* 7,1111.
The ssddest trsgsdv that sver occurred in this valley wss- the one whioh
look plaoe at the residence of Hon.
Prank Laseelles, Thunder Hill, on the
morning of Wednesday, May 29th,
when that yonng man, laboring under
the delusion that somsons wss outside
the bouss wsntlng to force sn entrance,
sbot snd Instsntly killed bis Chinese
cook, thereby rendering hi* Ufa forfeit
to the law, or at anv rata forfeiting
that sweetest of all boon*-liberty.
Ths unfortunate gsntlsman hss been
noted for hi* eccentrioities. one of which
wss strongly shown In ths selection of
a site for his residence, whioh wss two
miles from the wsgon rosd to Fort
Steele snd over eight from bie nearest
For some tim* psst hs ba* been
brooding oyer a fancied insult to him
in connection with being called to give
evidence in Magistrate Scovll's court in
a' ditpnie over s horse. Since that
time be has bsen muoh unsettled and
cm Tuesday'afternoon be took his sad*
dis borseand wsnt but riding. After
the usual supper hour he returned to
tbe houss*without his horss snd witb
no cost on and expressed a desire to be
let alone, as he. wss not feeling well.
In Ihe houss with him there lived John
Lambert, Fred Kimpton and two
Chinese Servants. Of the latter ohe*
was named Muck Lum, a cook, who
wat ths victim of ot the tragedy. He
was well thought ol by his employer.
After retiring on Tuesday night he
found himself unable to sleep and requested Lambert to lit up with him,
and for a. time acted in a very irrational 'ttlanner, but apparently there
came io the surface of hia mind a glim-
- Mer of hia usual gentlemanly manners
' and. ft* ty.ld L isnbert it waa all foolishness lo keep'Hi is. out of lied, and told
..   his to go to sleep.
Lambert was 'awakened in tl.e gray
of the moruis.if bv. I.rarlng Lssscellea,
an>u>uncj�� frl.nt.^after counting live l.e
w'sjilj'.'sj^i-sot tlm lirst. tun., he saw,
Thinking Kiinptouhnd left tl.e house,
Lsin'sert vol out as quickly hh possible,
and after looklug round the premises
���nd s'-eiug no one. heard a shot fired,
and saw one'of the' Chineso aervanii*
. running with clothes in . his hand.
Finding from thia Chinaman Kimpton
was all right and gelling nothing further from hiin Lambert at, once atruck
ftot theeamp of two men who were
f ncing an outlying part of Lascelle's
In the meantime Kimpton lolls ol
how he stood in a* room across a hall
��������� from th* maniac, and unable *to shut
:. the door or get, to the window, stood
aud hsard the shot fired from a Shot
gob; at a distance of twib* feet,: into the
Chinaman's brain, and ot the language
' used by Laacelle. t'oths now inanimate
form of hi* fancied fos.   Kimpton then
���bade good his escspe In'scanty raiment, and after dressing made bis wsy
to the nearest neighbor, Mr. Bulmsn,
where < lis told  of * tbs terrible  deed,
',' snd securing a.hor���� rod*, to Winder ���
mere..and gave  information   to the.
offloen of the law.
Thj>' other Chinaman pnrcba.ed s
horseafsom sn Indian living nesr and
rode the 42 -nils* to Fort Steele before
night,*'fi-pm whence the new* wis
wired toPolden.
On Kimpton'. arrival at Athalmer,
Officer Cameron and Coroner Elliott,
1 with Kimpton,' J**. L��mb*rt and and
, Clans Hawlsy, drove out to Litseeifes's
ptses-lp take him Into custody, snd
holds* Inquest on th*. body o| th*
Chinaman. As they nesred Lascelle'i
properly he met them on the ro��d,
brandishing: *��� loaded Wlnohasttr,
whioh osusstd a general desire .of "sb>
sane* of body* to lis Shewn by*the
oconpantt of the rig. Officer Cameron,
howsvsr, qnlstly stspped np to Laecel-
lss and disarmed him and placed him
'��� !.��n.*-M'.MlMo to Bulmsn's for ths
night snd spent it raving and in ths
morplng vfs"hronght tb Athalmer jail
and tK*r* lodged. Ths Inquest wss
held Wednssilay morning and a full
report will apffsr In ifnr.-sgula- iren*.
On Cspt Armstrong's arrival in Ool-
it* pn jjljwl'sslsy lie w��s at. one* Informed aa to the telegram received from
Ft. .(Sift^sitd hi"arranged lo run1 the
Duohei. back to Windermere stones
taking with lilm Mr. T. O'Brien and
to set In the interests pf Laseelles, and
a correspondent of the Era. As speed
was a great contideration no freight
wss carried and sll intsnding passengers were notified to be on board at 8
p. m. Ths run ws*' made up t he
Columbia by moonlight and before
uoon Athalmer was reached r.nd after
a consultation with Dr Elliot Mr.
Griffith who was in Windermere ordered Laseelles to be removed to Oolden
st once, Dr Elliot accompanying him
on the journsy ss msdical attendant.
The return trip was delayed by Dr Elliot having to arrange his, business to
permit of ths trip but a start was made
from Peterboro, landing about li p. m.
The staff of the Duchess having been
on duty for twenty four hour* continuously it Was impossible to run sll night
so a stop wss msde at McKays isnding
for the night,
Mr Laseelles pstsed s restless night
in spits of tb* effort* mads by Dr.
Elliott to indues sleep by mean* of
opiate*. The Dr. remained up the
greater part of the night with him and
shortly after breakfast was rewarded
by seeing his patient fsll asleep.
On hi* arrival at Golden an examination of Mr. Laseelles was made by
Dr Elliot and Taylor and a certificate
of insanity was signed by tbem, snd a
commitment to the Insane Asylum at
New Westminster wss made. Too
much praise cannot be given to Mr.
O'Brien of the energetic manner in
which arranged matters in order that
Mr Laseelles need not suffer confinement in the jails ot the distriot which
have no proper accomodation for those
who are suffering from tlie suspension
of their mental faculties, which state
of affairs makes It necessary, in cases
where restraint is needful to treat such
unfortunates ns criminals.
Dr. Elljol, also was unremitting in
his attentfons to his patient and spared
���to effort on his behalf!
The Inquest on the viotim of the
Thunder.'Hill tragedy wits held on
Wednesday evening May 29th at Mr.
Bulman's, Thunder Hill, when Coroner
Elliot empanelled the followii'g jury:
W T John, Jas Lambert, Clans Haw-
ley, JBHavilson, T H Hogan, EN
Russell (foreman.) The following evidence wns given: ,'
Fred Kimpion, sworn,���I work for
F, Laseelles, be started.talking wild
about break of day, Wednesday 29th.
He seemed to ihmk there was*some one
ou'tsideand worked himself np into a
r.'g *. Jack Lambert got up und went
outside,. Laseelles heard tl.e door close
and asked who opened tl.e door. He got
no answer. Laseelles then said he
would count 5 and if be got no answer
he would shoot the first s��� of a b���
he met. Ha came through into the
pantry. T oould not see whether he or
the Chinaman opened the door. He
then shot. I saw him shoot. I was
about, ten feet off. I heard the Chinaman fall after lie bad shot. He said:
'Jack I did not think you would use
me that Way. I always thought yon
were a s���of a b- and now I know it.
Will you get up and apologize or must
I get another can ridge T He then
turned and went back into the dining
room and then I got up and went into
the new house. He then went across
the fields with ths.shotgun. Hs hsd
nothing on but a pair of short trunks
and a ooat. I could hear him raving
(or some time: after he left, then he
qulslsd down and I went aud took a
look at the Chinaman and found blood
around him and saw he was dead. I
I went into the Chinaman's bedroom
to look fori the other Chinaman but
didn't find him.. Then I esms to Mr,
Bulmsn's and got s saddle horse and
went to Windermere and notified Mr.
Griffith and Mr Cameron.
John Lambert sworn, said: I work
for Mr Laseelles. On Tnssdsv night
hs asm* borne late and appeared strange
He took a horss sway with him that
afternoon bnt asms .home without it.
He had neither hat,'nor coat on whan
became in. F. Kimpton and I were
sitting in dining room when 'became
in. I Sskod him if he got wet, he gave
no answer. The' Chinaman got his
Supper rtady, hade a good supper.
While eating li�� atked in* if I would
be kind enough not to liar*, any conversation .with him ss hs did not feel
well! iti, did'not talk any more that
night, * About, midnight he .went to'
bed and about 2:80 Wednssdsj morning hs woke me up and asked msif I
would be kind enough to go and sit in
hit root* as* he lira* not feeling very
well: I ssld ������Yes. certainly." and got
up snd' went lato his room, He lit the
lamp* snd wanted ma 'o sit by his
bed side,., I did'so. Shortly after lis
ssksd'lile if-fr would have a .drink, I
ssld I wonld.^.' He* pushed over. s, bs-jltlp
He did not act altogether sane.    After
a while he Iold me to go to bed and
that he would be all right in the morning, na lie was only a little nervoua.
After 1 had sat,.a little longer he said
it was foolishnesa to keep me out of
bed,   I then went ont of his room and
ss I went out hs said: "For God aake,
Jaok, do you think this is D. T.s"   I
said:  .'-No, I hope  not."   He  then
caught me by the shoulder and said
"For God sake don't, leave me, Jaok.
I went and laid down on my bed withont taking my clothes Off, and slept to
gray daylight,   Wss awakened hy him
oalling "Jack! it is daylight, I only
thought it was 12 o'clock."'   He went
ontdoors and. came in again and went
to bed aS I (nought.   I did not sleep
any  more.   About 3:30 I heard him
calling to tome imaginary person outside the house.   He kept on oalling lo
them and apparently getting excited,
soreaming iu all styles and manners.
I did not hear him mention any names.
I heard him say he would like to be
lawyer as they conld do as they
liked with people.   Then he ssld he
would count 25 and shoot at the end
of the counting,    He started to count
and got as far as nine and quit and
said "I will give you a-of))-s tho
chance to start at five again.     He
started at six next time and said he
had all sorts of weapons to protect
himself   from   highway   robbers,     I
waited till he counted 13.   I thought
Kimpton opened a door and went out,
I got  up and   went out and   walked
round to the front of the house to see
if ihere was anyone   there so as to
warn them. I saw no one. Itlienwent
towards w. o. and heard a gun go off.
Thought it was fired from a front window   or door.   I   went  down behind
stable to  see if  I could  see any one.
Saw no one. Came back onto the road
again aud saw a Chinaman running
out partly dressed with shoes in one
hand and pants in the oilier.    I asked
him what had happened.   He said "No
savey."    Saw    someone  coming   un
through1 the field and supposed it was
the other Chinaman.   I asked the first
Chinaman if F. Kimpton was all right
und he  said  "Yes.  he get away*.   I
then  went  to Ulsen's camp and saw
them   and advised   one of them to-go
down as he knew Laseelles better than
I did.   While I  whs there Mr. Johns
cams'  over from   Bulmiiu's and   said
Liisc��lles had killed a' Chinaman slid
then I came over here to Bulman's.
P. B. Hurst, sworn.���I work fori".
Laseelles, am fencing part of his larm,
was in camp on Wednesday morning.
Mr Lambert came and told us to go
down to Laseelles as be was not all
right, We got breakfast. Mr John then
then oame and told us a Chinaman had
been killed.   We got down to Lascelle's
about 11 o'clock, found the Chinaman
waa dead and blood upon the Door.
Mr. Laseelles was not there; I thought
perhaps he had committed suicide. I
have been with Laseelles since May "th
1900. Always thought him to he not
altogether there.
J. W. Ulsten, sworn.���I have about
one year with Laseelles, was fencing
when Mr John told me that a Chinaman was killed. Went down to house
about 11 and a Chinaman had been
shot and was dead and blood all round
on the floor.
Thia completed the evidence snd the
jury then retired and after a short
time returned the following verdict :
"Having exsmined the body we the
jury hereby agree that Muck Lum
came by his death by a gunshot wound
at the bands of Mr. F. Laseelles and
we are of an opinion that Mr. Lascellea
was of unsound mind at the time.
Edward N Russell
W Thoraton John
Jas Lambert
Claus Huwloy
J B Havilson
T H Hogan.
The body   of the Chinaman   Muck
Lum was buried and Mr Laseelles was
brought to Athalmer on Thursday.
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Solourulng brethren cordially inii, W. PATMORE, W. M.
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nesday and Sunday.
C.P.R. going West, 1(1:88, Daily..
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Proapsctors should list thsir properties with Andrew F. Rossisberger
ef the prosprotor's Exchanga, Nelson,
Work on Mr. Robbins' house is being
ru.had and It will aoon be re*dy for
Another football match will be played between the junior*.nd union next
Wednesday evening.
Mr. Ju. Mnlr, on* of Calgary'* leading legal gentleman, was in town this
week on business connected with the
administration ef Hon. F. Lsseellss'
Dr Tiiylor accompanied Hon. F,
Lascellee to the coast a* meslicsl at
tendaiit. Dr. Elliot ot Peterboro look'
ing after hi* practice during hi* ��b
Hr. it Brady hu moved from the
house hs recently occupied to the cottage owned by T. McLeod, Mr* Dunne
moving into th* cottage vacated by
Mr. Grady.
On Friday, 90th September the Duke
���nd Duohess arrive at Ottawa and remain there until Tuesday 24th, on
which dar they leave lor the Pacific
The summer ..rviee of Ih* C. P. R
-will be inaugurated on Monday, Jun*
10. On that date th* Imperial Limited
timeeard wilt go into effect, and the
.rip will be mad. in tha um* iime a*
last sea.on, namely 100 hours.
Hon. Francis J. Laseelles, who is so
prominently Iss-fore ths public at presSns
in connexion wilh the tragedy as
Thunder Hill, is * ion ot the fourth
E.rl of Hsrewoosl, and half brother of
the present Earl, end also couain ot
Sir Transls Laacellea, Ambassador to
"Lord" S.lisbury was in town this
weak. To sheourl.r. wanted aay no
mora, but far th* bsoefi* ol the geneial
public, we may say that "Lord* Salisbury is s fasuilsr naiiie for Mr. R. J.
Saliiburv who represent* the Wutern
" Cigar Factory .-.of Winnipeg in the
* We��l. " '���������������.'*���.?���.
'. Sbcretery Pughe of the Victoria* received * letter from Ihe Revtlatokc
Junior* telling him that they will play
I ha Oolden Juuior* on tha 1st July,
witho.t fail. Everv hoy in Ih* team
here ahould be out every practice til!
the fir.t.
J. C. Oreene haa arrangement* completed to raits* the root of that portion
of th* Queen's Hotal which hoes the
station. Ano:h.r storv will be added
improving ih* appearance of th* property aud giving increased accomodation whioh i. much needed.
A rumour hu been received In town
lo the effect that Field intend* tore
peat its sucos-sa of laat Dominion Day
���ud hold ��� prograsnius ot sports. This
will maks it ii��po��sihle for Ooldtn to
do anything, ��ud is rather unfortunate
����� R-tvelitok* i* nanding a Football
tsain h��r* on that day. It Fisl.l
would po.lpon* thair celebration to
later dale, a good programm* could be
arraugnd for Oolden whleh would pro-
rid* good tport (or th* whole diltriot
A team of th* lenior football play
cr* of ih* towu played a game with th*
Junior Mam on W*due*d*y *v*iiing in
which the Junior* put up * r*ry credi-
tsbls game, holding th* senior, down
to on* goal. Alter ih* gam* wa* over
a meeting wu bold *1 th* Russell
Houn* whan lb* organisation of a
Se: lor Football Club wu diacuasesl
aud ��rrang*in*ni�� mail* for th* hold
Rsv. R B Laldley, new paitor of
Methodist church, arrlvad Thursday.
Mr and Mr* MoNeiih rammed on
Thuraday'* boat from a visit toSincla r.
Ths Cslgnry Fair Irom July 10-18
haa been fixed st Ihe slack**! tlm* for
f��rtner*. The three day* raomg, in
which over B0 Manitoba bones will
compete, and the special class for aimy
horses will attract an immense crowd.
W. Alperson, * mining man who r*.
prusnt* * large amount of English
capital, waa a passenger on Tuesday's
boat for th* Windermere district when
h< ���pent*, iimo tim* last fall and in
wbich he intend* to invest.
Ths Inter-Western Paciflo Exhibition will b i held in Calgary on July
10th to 18th. Thi* exhibition is faat
coming to ths front as th* gathering
for tb* western portion of the Territoriea and eastern part ot Britiih Columbia. A good programme of sports
has been prepared and apecial rates so-
A Rifflit V��3rdiGt.
I> full of Business���in fact, we Lavo 9 llttl* more
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ever, wait patiently their turn to purchase tbf
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following  .   .   .   .   .
Mar Report.
Senr.  V'.���Walter Hou.ton,
Kenny, Nellie Shaw.
Pasud for High School-Walter
Houaton, Laura Kenny. ., .
Jnr. V Bert Hanna, Ida Bookhout,
Muriel Miller. ... .
IV.-Lillian Woodland,? Melville
Mclnto.h, George Lot*.
Senr. III.���Stanley Moodie, John
Paraon, John Blakely and Wynn Orif.
Attendance. - 28.
jur.   III.-Edith   Whiting, Bertie
Robbin* Addia Antoya. *
Senr. II.���Laurence Dshlquest, Budd
Griffith, Walter Morgan,
Jnr. II. -Willie Miller, Julius John-
ion, Tommy Connor.
Attendance. -29.
.   , Clara B. Montgomery,
I Reader. - George Woodland, Char
lie Dahlgue.t, Bobbie Miller. *
II Primer.���Florence Morgan, Nannie Nicholson, Irene Duron.
Sr. I Primer.-Garnet Avery, Vera
Jr. I Primer.-Olive Milligan, Jim
mi* Henderaon, Eva Gore.  <
T*blsrt.-N*lli* Miller, Maggie Ranche
Jennie Capelle.
Ella K. Pkisolb.
Columbia���Tho*. H. Homo*, wil*
and two children, Jas M Guun, Wm
Alperson. New York; R Elliott, M.D.,
Peterboro; C Cameron. Athalmer, W
W Skelton, Peterboro; Ed Vincent,
Calgary; K Bourne, Siosnious, A
Hum*. Firlanda; Geo A Helson, Lind
s*y, Ont; A N Tennant, Calgary; A
MoAlliater, R J Sali.bury, Winnipeg;
Ja* Muir, Calgary; P F Rloh���ru��on,
V��tioouver, A F Keluy. Pitorbora; C
Cameron, Ntw Westminster, A MoAl
lister, Windermere; Bert Low, A Mc-
Aulsy, Carbonate.
Kootsnsy Mrs J Ballsrd snd thru
childran, Dslorainc; O E Merwood,
Winnipeg; C St Peter, A Fsncher Cal-
get); V Andcraou, Field; J Ballard,
Spilliiiiachene; J Allan. Calgary; G
U MoDo.inld, Rovelbtoke; J McCready,
Gold*!.; T J Graham. Revelstoke, J A,
McBain, Toronto; C W Armstrong,
Momnal- A Welander, Moberly.
Queeti'a-F X St Charlu, Oold*n;
Wm Bott, Brimo; David Jen kin.,
Wi d��nns>re; Jaa Plppy, Oolden, J**
Brady, Windermere; HH Cooper, Van*
a ^ Catarrh
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has several kinds.in stock and
good;   :-:    :-:     >:.'    :���:      .���-,
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If not an inspection will pay you.
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ing of * mealing on Friday aveiilng I ���,,,-., u,*., William*. Thorns* Bruos,
��h��n sll ini*rv*i��dln th* gam* ��r�� I Prtwhoro. ���}���, uB���iao,t, Dan Oimp-
��aut*d io *n*nd. Tton I*good nw-, W|t p_niMtt Howard Char-��an. Vie.
Mrial In town for* uolor ***** ���*���>��> j tori*.; R��lph Coughlin, K��inloops; All
Min* of th* n*��r ky towns h*vs turn* j MwAi Tendon; R Byrne., Coowullxj
���shtahuuMtacountrfoniosilwassd-jj^p,,,,,.,,,.!,, 8��|mot* Arm-M Bush,
d*ngs��odliotg*in*s.Thsorg*iiluilon 0n*rtai ; J H Jnbuaou, fl.o�� Bjrus,
of * -senior nam would slso help '!>���; Leancbutl.
jioiOT* to***un much tw*d*d   statu j    Bo-Mlii_ ���.--�� Orssr, AUs^'willr,
practlc.   It I* l.o>>l lh��t lh*t* will I *M &.rtittti,i \taUm Steinhiff. Ft*d
b* * bant* *nd smthuilutln *tt*i.da..c��| ��.���,���., rrlli Klllulti Wm mJ-op, Jo#
a* tbe Bu*a*ll Hottsc on Friday .wis-  Hall, P Andrew* .1 Robinso.-*. J. Kia-|
��� Hey, Juy JDIilWortb, Mnrk Wtdiou,
'���'   ' i -'���*'. ii'i-gr
Palliser Pabulum.
From Our Orm Corre-scond.nl. i ti
Palliser, June S.- It i. rather re*
freshing to not* the emphatic manner
in whioh tb* Provincial Government
bu uwrttd tt* right to the control of
th* fisheries of thi* Provinoe;. That
was a stsp fsr in advanoe of anything
previom Government* had dared to at-
tempt in the malntraene* ot provincial
rights. Right or wrong on. cannot but
admin lb* courage of th* premier and
hi* ministers in appropriating *ll,*or
svsn mon, than I* implied by provincial autonomy. When it i* born* in
mind that Britiih Colombia ha* long
groaned under burden, not of bar *wn
making it i. little wonder that ��o
practical, yet ��o g*ntle, a reminder
ihould be given that flr.h and blood
woold bur no more. A* lb* hud of
ths family, tba Dominion ought to b*
an eiampl* to its member* of all that
is lionorabls and fair. Wh.tsrver natural naourciss uoh provinu I* in
possession of, iog*th.r with th* revenue
derived th*nfrom, ihould, ������ a matttr
ol oruinsry bu*lnu* and common jostle*, btiniad* to develop thatpartlculaf
provinoe. B. C. most no longsr bs ax-
plotted fnr soms st*rvllng* In th.grsat
confederates! ' fsmlly. It they, dulr*
Orients! offal dunipsd on our thort*
tb.n by sll that Is fair and honut this
provincs should collict th. 8100 hud
tax nnd ou it lor il*ownb*n*fit. Oar
forest and,mln*r*l nvtnnut.*sdsWstf'
juitmut oni ssqultabla. llnu, and may
vmnot hop* that Onr wbol. catsgory ol
grievance* will he wiped oat* by th*
Dunsmuir cabinet in . their laudable
efforts to *bt��la provincial right*.
Jouph MoCOnr-slI, neently In Ooldsn bo*pit*l lor siomsoh aiinisut, bs*
gons to Cslgsry lor tnstmsnt.
On Sunday last ths Rsv. Boyd, of
Field diuonrud from I*. 55; 1 to ���
nnmbar of worklogmin fn tbs mill
dining room; Th*B*v. gtntltman *x-
bort*d his hunn to abstain fromsx*
oeasu wh*>h*�� of ositlng nr drinking.
He latlia.ajd ��� Klsts ol whisk** wonld
h* bwstttolal II taksrn msrdioisally and
deflusrd rsll*M*s Having *or��-����il*"
4nfd��*lni).ssii|dwr,Mn!rsl snd our llvu
well r*tful*t*H. H. *tat*4 'tliat it *aa~
hi* sluin to mak* th* muting* uuo*r-
roonlous and iafonnal and bo|sjd In
tbia way r* popuUrlu tMu. tttu*
wu Mither prayr* Uot oollsssti**.
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now ia the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   .   ...
2,000  TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 6c. per tin.   '
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c. ���"������
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
abl* interest to (isrent.. Ther* ia not'
quite lhe number of children ef .chool
sgs required to begin with,' Some nrgs
thst ths building, should bs erected
���nd thst would attract pannls with
eligible children. If th* bachelor* h.r.
to do their duty add marry *���
they ought th* school question woold
not nmain long unsettled. Bnt ths
bachelors claim .that Jobn Chinaman
huuaurped the positions of th* girl*
and thir* are not near enough maiden*
to m*tt th* demand, ft may b*
well to remark that than an soms
nelly fin* hntbindlik* bachelors here
who hsrs th* mun* and tb* dull-* to
tak* wives and tbsn sn othsrs .gain
whom thsdsvll hlras.lt wonlda'tbavs.
Water in ths Kicking Hnru is 8ft.
Mow high water mark. ,
Dsn McDonald has gons to Shnswsp
for th* .timraer.
Ur. and Mrs. Geo. Will*, ILtt Mud-
��w��, th* Misus Allan, llr. MoConnsll
Mr Sharp*, Mr Allan arid Mn Brown
wan at lb* Kicking Hon* (ail* raunt-
ly enjoying th* beautiful work ol natnra
tb*n. Tb*y all txpru* a dulr* to go
again, whioh Is a s*riific*ts olthe
attraoiivsn*** of tb* oataraot son* 80
tut In height.
Arrivals at ths Hold D* Bunk an:
& Wilson and J Hayd*n, St John, N.
B.; R Bullock, Arkanuw, 0 Nlool,
Oall, Ont.; P Tsrnall, Linooln'* Inn
and Belgravla, W, 0., London, England; P Paddon, P��rl*, Ont. Thsso
gsntlsmsn an all undswgolng troatrasut
at tha ususl wag*,
Frtsh suow hu f*|l.n on th* summit*. Mr Brovru's Mtatou havs bun
nlppsd by Jack Vf**f-'.' A .Ian* ilsjgb*
rids in the Rooklu aad asatsro psopl*
frldd tip to a crisp **ltb'jitat.
.A pnblio ratstlnj 1* to. b* bald to
eonsld.r librsr> snd sohool msttara.
A n*w mintrs' lamp hssbsta Invut-
���d whioh clurly Indloatu th* prsssao*
ol carbanttsd hydrogsn ga* In th*
atmo*ph*r*. Wb*n tkls gu is ttmmt
In ���iriBclspt qasmlty to bs dsngsrous,
a .mall elsrotrlelamp, oosjsiud nd, light*
up sutoraatiully and tnu* **t wkm
lb* (*a dlsspsrus. -*-,
'     During the Holidays we give to every purchaser 'dt'"
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tewt a beautiful
present free.   We import Our Own Teas and Coffees ud
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
, We have positively the finest and best-jelected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and onr prices are the elos-BBt.
No Jaw-Bone   *   .., .
Taken in exchange'for Goods.   CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
Q. B. metPRjVfbf,
olden, B.C.
Th* quutlon of s*t.hllabt��t a public' ^*"^Sirp!K��nn^ I
ithool h*rt i* ih* aubjeot of con.ider* | W. P*lmor*.-i45
" Cakadum Comtino-smt "Exntmott
ALL 8ootb African Volunteers, who bin
net already don* to, sn requested ts
communic*!* with lb* ukdenignerl without
delay,*, also Ihe nut of Un of thaudsKtu-
ad ar of IhoM wbo bav* not ysrt returned to
*'' Columbia,.  *���
ooa U .	
the 1st July, pro-slow.
Brltlah Columbia, or any otber persona int*r*
**t*d ll mining prapartia* held by neb Vol-
Slimit. The latest d*U pouibl. for recelv-
g .ppllcatlon. for eieraptioa und.r Ihs
sl��v*XcUwillb* *
.'��� MlnUUrofl
Depsrlmmt of Min*.,
Ticlorls, B.C., lid Jons, 1101.
mm   ,i
***��� BtHtr lupsctor. vriD to r*c*rr*d by
Ih* Chktf In-ptctor ef Stum Bolhra, K��w
WesTtmlnattr, B.C., np to Jun* lOik. 1��1.
Applicants mutt bt totmm th* agw ot S
��nds�� ysar., tk.y.mn.i hav*.had at lust
Uv* yurs' practical workshop uraWime* as
ro.chlnl.ts or boiler mak.ra, aud must also ,���
* ttnrowgh und*nit��*dlng *f stum
Notice to Contractors.
Boisa Tsaar lliw Waoo* Road.
upon to *;
JOB PamtlJIO o*r IjHwlsUy.
Form.ofpsi..���_ *,  	
minstor, B.C., (ndmuttoproptrly.nl
rjartleujar. m��yit to' oblalud, tn
'file cuudMiifii MtUdMI ftif ettwltittoa
wUl tbMbeaoldUdu to Aete tad plaoo!
CUUCmmmtSoii ~"
Canadian Pacific Railw��|
amu eee van.
Start!*,* Jut* Wth, will
m*k* tk* na ttom Omt*
to coast Is.
Chup raiu now In *f*et
to tkt .*, .    .
���MaiJUlU*.  ���"    ���HIIIH      '
For lull psrtloulsra��ppl-i
���   MtlwHtMHlaftalafM.,'
vt to   .   .   ��'   .  ".   ���
(JiEWItLS, 'AS.66TtUI,i
Am**, .  ������: Ae*t)A,'M
floldrt. B.C. Vr��Tr*��j|p('^1


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