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The Golden Era May 27, 1893

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Array &
VOL. II   NO 43
82 Per Yeah
INSTANT    -     HEADACHE     -     WAFERS
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
norvours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
85 Cents   l'er ISox.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc.  Etc.
Prices .quoted and samples supplied on
Golden, B C.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Now reaily for business, has been newly built
newly furnished,     i ne
toi'ked with choice Win
Co'y, Calgary, or
,    The members of  the Western  Pre
Association   who  have  been  visiting
' the coast cities passed cast on Monday
] evening;.
George Ross of High River, Alberta,
is expected with a siring of race
horses for tho races hero on the Dtll
and h'th of June.
..Mr. and Mrs. W. Hanson Booruu
nnd family, of Calgary, were iu town
Ibis, week. Mrs. Eoorne will remain
for some timo on a visit hero.
A special with Pres. Van Home and
other prominent olKcials and shui'O'
holders of the C'.P.R passed through
Golden on Tuesday last, goini; west.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren, father and
mother of our respected Chas. A.
came iu last week and will probably
remain during the summer,
The wife und family of Mr. McRuo,
who is here superintending the placing
of the machinery on the government
dredge, arrived from Vancouver on
Messrs Owen & Caiman request us
to correct a statement made lust week
iu reference to several quartz claims iu
the McMurdo basin. The claims are
bonded iu the naino of that firm and
not in that of a London syndioiite.
Mr. W. J. McLean, of Calgary,
arrived on Tuesday last to act as
station  agent  here;   Mr. Meikle w
;s from   Donald during the sports here,
g | on the Dtll and lith June : ���
Ollico of Asst. Supt.
Med. Hat, May 17, '93.
Deaii Sin,
Referring to you your favor of l'ith
inst., it is iutun lud on 1st June that
passenger trains will leave Donald,
com lug east, between 10 and 11 o'clock.
Iu case a special train is required I
would like to know how many people
you will guarantee, so thai you may
not be disappointed by taking chances
of their being moved by freight trains.
When you give ine this information I
will lay the matter before Mr. Kerr,
and let you know what arrangements
can be made,
Yours truly,
Mr. George Alexander has handed
to us, for publication, the following
telegram rceired by him ou the 2Urd
inst., from Hon. Forbes G. Vernon,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, in reply .o urgent representations addressed to the Government by
Mr. Alexander when submitting to the
Chief Commissioner Mr. Leslie Hill's
i proposal, and  also to the numerously
| signed petitions presented  by  Messrs.
had been  appointed to fill tlio position | Aivmei. alii  fjo.inaoher ou  behalf of
during   Mr.   Wells'   absence   having'
resigned.     Mr.  Meikle went oust on
Messrs Carl iii & Lake have
this   week   from   Winnipeg, a   lar
vmer ami  uounnolier ou
the people of East Kootenay :
Victoria. ll.C, May 2;l. ���I consider
Mr. l.esiie Hill's offer most fair.    Gov-
received eminent will refund company  twenty-
live   huniired  dollars after say five-
he table is first class.    The bar
and Cigars.
"Startling Facts"
| For men only, SENT FREE to anyone
"Outnrio   Druggist,"
�� nlgnry.
W. McNeish,  -  Proprietor.
Baby   Carriages.
HAVINO secured tlio Agency of the famous
McKee & Harrington baby carriages, 1
am prepared to furnish a superior article at
very low prices. These gools are the best.
and are guaranteed to g'ive satisfaction.
Call and see photos and get prices.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
N.B.   Mail Orders promptly executed.
Choice Froih Butter, Baled Hay, Teed and
Seed Drain, Vegetables of all Kinds
(aiorerliw, I'rovialon.v,  Flour
nn<l Feed.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
The Vancou 'er World Co.
Deserves to receive the support of
the Provincial people und public generally for tho enterprise they have
displayed in sending out representatives to write up the various districts
in the Interior. The articles so far
contributed and published have been
most interesting and reliable and are
sure to do much good. The circulation of tho World is enormous and on
account of its value is suro to go on
increasing rapidly. We look forward
with much interest to the East Kootenay letters as dealing directly with
our locality, as also do we to these
promised ou other camps in British
Columbia. The advancement of the
interests of the Province iu no matter
what quarter, is sure to benefit us
indirectly and wo hail with pleasure
the effects of tho publication of the
series of descriptive letters promised
by the Vancouver World.
One of tho most invitinj
the house furnishing line
��� articles in
-the dinner
Guillen, mi the main line of the Canadian
Pacini: h'..il\my. nt ii�� connection with the
steamboat navigation nf the Columbia river:
the minor;,I anil I'oiiinioi'cii.l centre of Eastern
Id'itisii Columbia; headquarters uf III ��� Gulden Smelting works, the Upper Culunibia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet fur the widely known ami far
tiiiuetl agricultural ami grazing land of the
Columbia 61 Kooteimy \;.llcvs; .unrivalled
tor seeuery ut .'.II Iii.ids; tlie distributing
pnint fur the I'ichottt mineral country uu the
AV. C. Slade left for Canal Flat this
Constable Hiil'ol I Redgrave was in
town tills week.
Mr. 11. Low returned from the Upper
Country on Thursday.
Mr. W: I'ellew Utll-vey returned from
a business trip west, on Thursday.
The Duchess will be making her Oral
trip for the season this week.
Supt. Wh.yteof Winnipeg, and Asst.
Supt. Niblock of Medicine Hat were iu
town this week.
Mr. Dover, of Hunt & Dover,Nelson,
arrived ill town from the west on
Thursday evening.
Mr. Brady, the energetic manager of
the Thunder Hill mine, arrived by
steamer on Thursday evening.
Mr. W. Clements returned to town
this week, from a hunting trip, having
succeeded in killing two bears.
Thomas Jones. Cham McKay, Fete
Lanilirich, and James Liinnour came
in  from the Upper Country on Wed-
consignment of biggies, w.igous. and
all kinds of agricultural implements
These are now ou exhibition iu the
building next to D. Kimpton's livery
stable and may be secured at reasonable prices.    First come first served.
Mr. J. A. Campbell has opened 11
harness shop iu town and is now prepared to do all kinds of repairing, etc.
in this line. This has indeed been
11 long felt want in this .vicinity, and
such enterprise on the part of Mr.
Campbell will no doubt be fully
appreciated by the residents of this
Mr. H. Conuiicher ami Hon. P. W.
Aylmer left for Victoria on Saturday,
to lay bofore the Hon. Commissioner
of Lands and Works the petition
which was recently circulated iu Eisi
Kootenay, asking for a grant to build
a wiigon road from the North Star
mine to the Kootenay River and
urging the necessity of immediate
Mr.  Will
World, has
lie  is   1
look  of
there is so much scope for fanning in
tills district. Ifo will contribute to
bis paper a series of articles 0.1 East
Kootenay   her mineral, farming and
ilison, of   the   Vancouver
been 11  visitor  ibis week,
try much   pleased  with the
Golden   and   surprised   that
hundred tons hauled to river, provided
not less than this amount expended ou
wagon load from the Kootenay to
Mark Creek.
(Signed) Forbes G. Vernon,
Chief Coin. Lands <!fc Works.
The  people of East Kootenay have
every reason to congratulate themselves
themselves on this important step to
! the development of a  property, second
perhape to none  iu   British  Columbia
: for promise us a   galena   mine.      We
[believe  this  is  the  harbinger of the
1 time when East   Kootenay   will  head
jthe list of districts of this Province
I actively exporting   ore;   the property
I in question, and Thunder Hill, between
them will probably be able to ship as
1 much ore from next fall as any other
j ten minis in British Columbia, and in
saving   this   we speak advisedly and
1 with knowledge of the relative facts of
the proposition.
On behalf of this district wo would
return thanks to the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami works for his prompt
mid favorable consideration of the
representations of the people; and the
deputation who proceeded to Victoria
to lay the fails, Messrs. Alymer and
Coiimichor, are owed the best thanks
of the district for their exertions.     It
is iu the fact thai our men are prepared
to act and work, as well as talk, that
lies  the  best  of  nil  auguries for the
other resources.     Ho will have lots to advance and prosp
write about no doubt.   Mr. Wilkinson 1	
left for Banff 011 Wednesday. lions.
Messrs  Hogg  and  Houghton, civil  CoSSfOH.- At  Golden.   May
tv of our district.
��� from Montreal, j
engineers, arrived Ii
on Monday and proceeded up the river;
011 the Hyak  on Tuesday  morning en
route to the Crow's Nest Pass, where I
I they will be on the survey of the C.P, j
R, Crow's Nest Railway.     Mr. Hogg
was in charge of a party in the mountains ut the time of the location of the
C.P.R. Mr. Lunisdon the chief engineer of the Crow's Nest Railway is
entftting the Pass from the East.
Mr. Harry Conuiicher, sec.etnry of
the Golden Sporting Association, has
received the following loiter from Supt, .
Niblock In  reference to 0 special trujn
.1. W.
th, the
Connor, of a
wile of Mr
LovB.���At   Golden,   May   18th,   the
wife of Mr. R. Love, of a daughter.
r.i����-iiK. ��������� 1,i��t.
Up. - Fred   Wells.   D.   Dickey, B.
Hustwick, Geo. Pollock.
Down.    Constable Redgrave.
Takes �� Bun <��� Man.
Miss Grotesque -De von know-telle   no man bus ever kissed me.
Calloway Most nun are cowards,
- New York Herald. ert'.u' (tfutJic-.t OBrit
Tlia GOLDEN E1U is publUliod every
Saturday morning i.i line to catch thu east
and west mail trains, aliso tho mail far the
upper country, Winder,noro, Kurt Steele etc
It. is the only advertising medium in tlio Kent
Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates; S-'.OO per annum in
Alvertisoiiiouls anl changes must be in
the iiiHi'e unt later than I:! a.in, mi Thursday
to insure iniortion,
Advertisement rates made known un application tu
All easb tu ho paid to tb" Manager, from
wliu.il the Go u[iauy'.s rocoipt will hoobtiiinoit,
Ik Wfa l�� Pjblishinj fapaivf,
SATURDAY, MAY, 27, 1808,
Tlio C.I'.lt.'H Annul It part.
The annual report of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, just published, furnishes as good an index of the Dominion's progress as any speech or report
that emanates from the liaise of Commons. L'ke the Dominion itself, the
railway is audacious, progressive and
confident iu the future of the country,
The report outlines a large number
of now undertakings for the current
year. Millions of capital are to be
invested all ovor the country, and it is
not likely that the le/el-haade! men
who manage the C.P.It. are going to
s|ieinl this money in foolish or non-
profitable schemes. It is stated that
in five months tho new route from
Minneapolis via R.'gina will he iu
running order, thus giving tho C.P.R
one of the shortest roules botw.en
Chicago, St. Paul mil the Pacific
Coast. 'Pie building of several small
branches is contemplated this year.
An elevator of 1,500 010 bushels oipu-
city will bo built at Fort William and
another oi 81)0,000 bushels at Winnipeg. Large additions to the company's
wharves at Vancouver and to the
term inil facilities at Montreal an 1 iu
t Ii is city aro to be undertaken, and the
telegraph system is to lio extended to
a iiuuibi.r of important points. The
receipts oi the railway h tve gradually
increased from $11,1.10,412 iu IKSI to
$21,400, do I in l'S-.U. A very satisfactory statement in the report is that
referring to tlie estim uei business for
the present year. This season will
witness an increasi of 111 pin'cent iu
the acreage under crop iu the Northwest over any  preeoliug year inula
obstacles to rapid trade. Now that
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company is about to place cars on the
route from Vancouver to Rovelstoko
for the oxpross purposo ot carrying
merchandise consigned to the Interior,
and that quick transit will be quurun-
teod, the outlook for a considerable
triilli.', being done is mos encouraging.
Tins opportunity for building up a
largo business with Kootenay is one
that should bo taken advantage of by
the merchants, traders and manufacturers of this city. The new service
will come into force next Monday.
The cur or cars leaving Vancouver on
Monday will connect with the steamer
for Rjbson o.i Thursday, so that
Nelson, K.islo and nil points ou the
Columbia and Kootenay rivers oun be
reached by Friday or fatut'Juy at the
furthest, Shipments must be delivered at the freight house here not later
than 5 o'clock on Monday evoning to
ensure transportation that week.
There is no reason whatever why
Vancouver should not liecoine the
entrepot of tlio trade of the Interior.���
Vancouver World.
Tin, Australian Crisis.
Port Arthur Herald: No sooner
has the Dominion Government made
urritugeni nits for a regular sto-i uship
service between British Columbia and
Australia, at a cost of $l2.i,0U0 a year.
than Mr. Andrew Holland, who is uo.v
iu Sydney, writes to his friends in
Ottawa that, the bottom has dropped out
of the Australian colonies of the South
seas hi severe terms: "I never, even
In the worst tunes iu Can id,i," he
says, "heard .suchiiu.iivors.il outcry
against the country. V.co and immorality prevail to an astonishing
degree. I have niei several Americans
here, from the United States as well
as Canada, and they are all anxious
to return to their own continent. Tiie
people of this country, like the bears
iu a Canadian winter, are living upon
the fat accumulated ill a season oi
plenty. You may say that. ���Sydney
is only one point iu a great continent.'
At present. Sydney is Australia ; it is
tho only place where there is aqy
money. Outside ot the big cities there
| is practically nothing. Svdtiey is
I Xow South Wab's, Melbourne is Victoria, Adelaide is South Australia;
BrisballO is Q iee.island. A tillable is
deal. Melbourne is bankrupt, Sydney
is suffering from complete prostr.
iu trade mil u political ci
tniit  serious  trouble  will   follow  the
enforcement   oi   the   law,   because
understand  thoroughly   the  Chinese
naturo  and the Chinese  methods of
revenge     Thou I have something else
to judge by in regard to this question,
in tho shape of a lei tor from Mr. Mar
till, president of the Imperial College
of Pekin.      Iu this  letter Mr. Martin
says  ho called  not long ago upon Li
Hung Chang, the Chinese prime minis
tor. and asked him   many   questions
you are now asking me.     The  only
reply Li Hung Chang would make was
that tho Americans would all be driven
out.     LI Hung Chang nets for the
emperor, and is  virtually  llie govern
iiient.      The  Chinese   sometimes   are
slow to act, but once aroused they are
the   most   vindicative   people  o.i tr.
Aw."ill Damage May lie Done.
Pittsbuig, May 18. - The storm of
wind anil rain that has prevailed without cessation throughout eastern Ohio
..ml western Pennsylvania for three
days is believed to he over. The Allegheny an I Monongolielii rivers are
still rising, but tlio water will hardly
reach the danger line (twenty-four
feet), and no serious damage is apprehended here. At Heaver Falls the
excitement is St.11 at (ever heat; few
people slept last night as reports wore
rife that the upper dam just east of the
to.vn was weakening and a break was
possible at tiny time. If this should
occur a body of water seven miles long
au 1 hall a mile wide and eight feet
doap would ho ready to dash on the
lower end of Beaver Falls and other
towns below. The Pittsburg & Lake
Brie railroad ollicials were arotui I all
night with au enormous force of men,
ilo.ng everything in their power to
prevent the break, and it is believed
their efforts will bo successful.
We still profess  to bo a Christian peo-: and one French officer, Capt. Thereahx
The situation at Newcastle is grave.
The Sheuaiigo river is live feet higher
than it was ever known ami is still
rising. All last night families were
taken from the houses and the work is
still going ou. A break is threatened
on the levees west of the town at any
moment, Since midnight over ten
���miles of the New York, Pennsylvania
& Ohln track has been ruined.
large railroad bridge near
pie. This means that no public officer
ot high or low degree should lie un
mindful of the restraints of religious
sentiment. It moans that the religious
teachings of our people should load
them to exact from those who make
and execute their laws a recognition of
these restraints. It means that the
rules which a popular religious souse
approves, should underlie the performance cf every public duty, and it
menus that those who assume to bo
religious teachers iu this laud where
the people rule are related In responsibility to those in public stations. You
therefore, will, I hope, permit me to
say that though you do woll to insist
upon the conscientious discharge of
official obligations, and though you
ought never to shrink from the exposure ot official shortcomings, the
contribution you owe towards accomplishing good government will not he
fully made unless you teach the people
by precept and example that they will
find their safety and welfare in enforcing upon their public servants the
observance of the mandates of Christianity and morality. There ought to
be inspiration in the thought that our
country's destiny is iu our hands, and
it ought to dignify our Americanism
to feel and know those who teach and
those who govern, and those in every
walk of citizenship, have a share in
our preservation as a Christian people;
and in the guarantee this affords of
great national achievements.
The visitors were then presented by
name to the president by Dr. Bnrtlett,
and to Mrs. Cleveland by Col. J. M.
Wilson, superintendent of the buildings
and grounds, who was iu full dress
uniform. They then strolled through
the parlors and conservatory and
afterwards took their departure.
was captured by tho Siamese. The
Siamese government repudiates all
responsibility for the affair and declares that it has no intention of
making war upon France.
went  down  this  uioruiii;   with over
two   hundred   loaded  cars.     Several
has been completely  \\ iputi bridges an I houses floated down this
correspondingly largo freight trufiio is lout of existence."      What can wo get  morning and the  carcasses   of   dead
expected   after   next    harvest.     The| by  trailing  with   s ich  a country as animals      Boats were plying in three
leal of  water  ill the  principal streets.
numlier ot acres of laud sold by the Mr. Hnlland describes V    And mutters
company during the year was   four | have iiot improve I siuco he wrote, for
some pi  the largest banks ill the uolo-
tiiues greater than in 1891. A large
movement ot Bottlers from the Unite t
States to the Canadian Northwest was
a marked feature of last year's iniini-
gr.iti.> i, T.us.i facts speak well for
the future ot tho company, and they
lead us to belie vo that the time ,K at
hand when the settlement of Manitoba
ami the tirritorlcs w.ll proceed uit:> a
rush. - Toronto World.
nies havo collapse I within the last
fortnight. Sydney is Bald to be the
only place where there is money, and
Sydney is the capital of the only free
tl'u lo colony iu tho group.
At Johnstown the river began swelling
au 1 there was a very denied rise last
night. TheiM are fears that great
damage w.ll be douu to the lower part
ot the city.
The Lost Mine.
Chihuahua, Mex., May 11. -News
reached hero to-day that the famous
lost mine iu the Chihuahua mountains
has been discovered by Martin Lanier
and Frank Pond, two Americans, who
have been searching for the property
for several months. About 20 years
ago Lanier, his father and brother
wore traveling through the Chihuahua
A j mountain and camped ou the reservation of tho Chihuahua Apaches. A
member of this tribe showed tho
Lanicrs a number of gold nuggets and
directed the.e. ,n tin; spot from which
the wealth was obtained, and they
worked it for a few weeks, taking out
several dollars' worth of gold with
pick and shovel. The I idiuns one day
made a raid  ou their 'camp and killed
Kooteiuiy'H Trade*
Quite ii iu�� de is now iu progress for
the trade ot Southern Kootenay between the coast cities, ou both sides
of the line and in Sp ikauo, The latter
from its situation  mid the fact u large
number of Aineriotms uroiuw domiciled In Southern Kootenay, and likewise bolng easy ot hoc ��� . Ins a big
advantage over its rivals. Spokane's
trade with Kootenay is alrea ly a very
considerable one. Its business men
are alive to tho Importance of existing
conditions and the vast possibilities
thcro aro iu tho future lor the trade
and commerce to be transacted with
that section ot this province lying
���joiitli of tho Canadian Piiolflo Railway
drained by the Kootenay, the Columbia
and other navigable rivers. But the'tho recalling of the Chinese embassy
coast business houses will contest tho and consuls now in tho United States
ground with those iu Eastern Wash-j and the severing of diplomat lo relu-
ington. Heretofore transportationItious. Of course further traffic borates and the time occupied iu touching tweeu China and this country would
the  traders in Kootenay were sorious be out of all question.     I am certain
Tin- United Btatos W i null,
San Francisco, May 1 i. -Itev. Dr.
Gondii, head of the Presbyterian Chinese Missions ou the Paoillo Cons', who
has boon engaged in Chinese mission
work for over twenty years and spent
much time iu Southtin China, was
interviewed relative lo the effect, of the
Supreme Court decision iu China. Ho
said, ������ I feel that any attempt to enforce the provisions of the Geary Act,
so far as to deport the Chinese now iu
tho United Slates, would bo a dangerous thing. I should certainly expect
that immediately upon their leaving or
the attempt to do this the Chinese
Go.-eminent would order all Americans
to leave China at once. Every American building iu China would lie destroyed, either torn down or burned
and the killing ot many American
residents could hardly bo prevented.
Tho first move would, no doubt,   be
Polities iaii.i Ploty.
Washington, May 11).- President
and Mrs. Cleveland received the commissioners and visitors to the Presbyterian General Assembly iu the east
room ot the White House at 4:1a
o'clock. They entered the room in
which the head ot the procession was
already massed, accompanied by Rev.
and Mrs. Wilton M. Smith, of New
York, guests of the house, and Mrs. J.
Al. Wilson. Mrs. Cleveland looked
the embodiment of good health. Dr.
Craig, moderator, was presented to
the president by Dr Bnrtleli, chairman of the committee of arrangements
and niiioc a brief felicitous address.
President Cleveland said in response:
" I assure you it affords me much personal gratification to meet on this
occasion the representatives of that
great religious denomination which
has done so much to make our people
better and happier and which is usso-
cinted with so many tender and pleasing incidents of my individual experience. The though is also iu my mind
that in thu light of my public duties
and responsibilities there is a propriety
in extending to you a wclcomo to the
home of tho nation's chief executive.
The Spokane Review says that the
rush into the Slooan country just at
present resembles tho famous stampede into the Black Hills, with tho
exception that there is much less of
tho rough element, intelligence and
business methods predominating.
Authentic reports that the snow is
fast disappearing have an effect upon
prospectors in winter quarters similar
to that ot warm sunshine upon a hivo
of bets, and iu this enso thev are hurrying in colonies, iu pairs and singly
from all the mining regions of tho
Northwest to the new camps ot fabulous promise.
The deary Act.
Washington, May 20, The Chinese
law is still a live subject of consideration and discussion iu the diplomatic
branch of the Government. To-day
the Chinese Minister, attended bv the
official interpreter of tho Legation,
called nt the Department of State and
was immediately shown into the Secretary's private room, where a consultation ensued lasting nearly half an
hour. When Secretary Greshttin was
asked for information upon the subject
he said that, of course, he could not
repeat what passed between the Chinese Minister and himself, but that ho
did ieel that he could safely declare
that there was now no reason to fear
any trouble or any outbreaks either in
the United States or in China, growing
out of the Chinese law. From this
statement by Secretary Greshmn, it
may bo inferred that the Minister has
set at rest any doubts he may have
entertained as to a formal retaliation
by China or the danger of foreign
outbreaks and mob violence directed
against the American missionaries and
other residents In China. Later In the
day Chief Justice Fuller of the United
St, ites Supreme Court, who has shown
much interest in the legal aspect of
the prcssut Chinese situation, had an
interview with Secretary Greshmn,
Secretary Carlisle said to-day that
he would certainly enforce the law as
to deporting Chinese, as far as tho
menus at his disposal would permit.
He intended to begin with that class
of Chinese who are iu this country
illegally, having come in iu contravention of the law of l.SS-1, Having sent
this class out of the country, he would
then  turn his attention to  iho other
one of the brothers and took the other i mul larger class, those who have failed
brother and the father prisoners, The
two survivors were released upon
promise to leave the reservation immediately. Lanier, the elder, drew a
diagram of the situation of I he mine,
which he kept in his possession until
u few weeks ago, when he died. His
son immediately fitted out an expedition iu Texas to search for the lost
mine and found it without any
to comply with the Geary Law its to
registration. But $lli,000 remains of
the appropriation for the present fiscal
year to curry out this luw, but ��i>0,-
01.0 will bo available for that purpose
on July 1st next.
F.lwni'il Illnke.
Loudon, May 13.���Hon.  Ed.  Blake
will spend the  Witsun recess  iu Scot-
laud, speaking at Aberdeen, Inverness
and Dundee.
Suli'itte In a Court itoom.
Seattle, M..v 20.���A special from
Spokane says: Frank E. Johnson
shot himself iu the Municipal Court
Room this afternoon at 2:110 o'clock
and died twenty minutes later. This
morning Capt. Coverly met Johnson.
He had a cab nnd was driving up and
down the Street in front of the Boulevard Hotel. Capt. Coverly thought,
thai something looked suspicious and
stopped him. Johnson said ho was
trying to see his wife, who was stopping at the hotel. Tho officer upon
searching him found a 44 calibre Colt's
revolver. Johnson was arrested and
taken to police headquarters where he
was placed under $2.o bonds to appear
KlRlitliiR the l'lciuh. before Judge Miller this morning.   He
Calcutta, May 17.-According to I failed to appear. His wife, Mary A.
the latest advices the situation in the i Johnson, canto to headquarters this
Mekong valley is becoming very grave. | morning and swore out a warrant for
A serious conflict bus occurred be-! his arrest charging him with tlireaten-
tweeti the French Annomito garrison ! ing her life. He was again arrested
at Khong and the Siamese. A severe und taken to Judge Miller's court,
struggle  occurred  and a considerable Several policemen, the City Attorney
Cholera Excltomoiit.
Hamburg, May 16. -Considerable
excitement was caused here by the
official announcement that a laborer
has died of Asiatic cholera at Sohi-
llluck, near Hamburg.
number  were  killed ou   both   sides
Several French officers were wounded
and many   others were  in the court
room when Johnson was told to stand up. "Are you guilty or not guilty ? "
asked the Court. At this moment
Johnson pulled his gun from his pocket, put it to his left sido and shot himself through the heart. His wife,
Mary A. Johnson, is a variety actress,
��nd at present employed at the Louvre
Theatre as a singer and goes under the
name of Alice Hamilton, which John-
sou claims was her maiden name,
Yesterday she filed a suit for divorce
against him. She left him several
months ago and his visit to Spokane
was to get her to go back which she
refused to do. It is believed this and
the divorce suit drove him to do the
deed, Upon his person was found besides a large dirk knife, a four-cornered
Japanese dirk knife, a complete set of
burglar tools, including a dozen skeleton keys uf all kinds, a pair of nippers
(which are used to reach into a lock
and turn it) looking glasses, scissors
and other small articles.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenuo Tax.
Una Thirty-one Wives.
St. Petersburg, May li.-Count
Griishn, who is lib' and bus been living
a roving life, being of independent
means,has just been discovered to have
no less than 111 wives, whom he married in different parts of the country
from the Volga to the Danube and the
Black to the Baltic sen.
Curfew Hell.
Toronto, May 20. The Children's
Bill introduced by the Hon. Mr. Gib-
sou passed its third reading iu the
Legislature last night. One of the
clauses of the Bill provides that with
the consent ot the municipalities a
"Curfew bell shall be rung at 9 o'clock
at night as a signal for children lo go
home.". This clause Mr. Whitney
(Dtindas) attacked as lieiug illiberal,
unchristian and singnlaily out of
place iu a civilised community, and he
���ieiniimUd a division on it. which
being taken resulted iu a ministerial
majority of 40.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, In accordance with the Statutes., that Provincial Kev
eui.e Tax and all Taxes levied under the Assessment Act are now due for the year 18011,
All of the above ii..iued Taxes colleetiblo
within tin' Eastern Hi' isiuu, of tlio District
uf Kniiten.'.y, are p,.y..l.lc at mv office, Court
House, Doiuilih Assessed Toxoa are collect-
iblo at lite following rates, viz.:
If paid on or before Juno :10th, 1898
Provincii.1 llevonito, %'M) per capita.
One li;.If of one per cent on Ifoi.1 Proporty.
Two per cent oil assessed value of Wild
One-third ol uno per cent on Personal
One-li.-lt'of niic per cent.un income,
If paid after June 80th, 1893:
Two-thirds of one nor cent on Ileal Property.
Two and oiio-llt.lf percent uu assessed value
of Wild Laud.
Oue-lmlt' of one porcettton Porsonal Prop
'I hroe-fourths of one per cent on income.
Assessor mid Collector.
Donald Jan. fllh, 1811).
��hteim*o* ��itvtis.
Hon. J, A. Louiuieed, Q,C.
G. S. MoCAitTnn,
I. Mi<rlif<-tl   &   McCartcr,
Bui'rlstnrs, Advocates, solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc,
Solicitors for Bunk of Montrei.l,
0'ai.oakv, - N.W.T.
Members Assocn. D.L.S. & P.L.S, for 111'
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, eta' Calgary una New Westminster, Correspondence solicited,,
R.J���Iei'1Isiin, |!.L.s.,i\L.s. 0f ii.c, oiOiit.
.   ��� ,��� ,  . Camiaiiv, Alba.
A. 0. WliEEl.Ell, D.L.S. .V I'.L.S. of ll.C.
New Westminster B.C.
McCarthy   &   Harvey,
Blirrlstors, Advocates, Notnrios, &c,   Solicitors tur :���
The Imperial Hunk of Cnniidn.
Tho Canada. Permanent Loan & Savings Cu.
'1 lie Yorkshire Loan & SociiriiiosLorpurntlon
The Mnssoy-Hiirris io. (Ltd).etc., etc.
OIHces���Stephen Avoni.e, Cidgary.
P. MaCAltTilY.Q.O.
Horace Harvey, U.A., L.L.B
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
ii. l. ctji.iii.\n,
OOI.UEN       -       -      -      B.C.
Notice is hereby given that a   Sitting  of
the County Court, will bo held on Friday,
the 211111  day uf Mi.y,  ISIKI, lit   10 o'clock
a.in., .it the Court House, Dont.ld.
s. Rewirave,
1,'cgistr.n' County Court.
Dun;.Id, Ktisl Kooloill.y,
March. Ifitli. IKOil.
JM. JB.,    V. C. ��.,
Reports ou Mines & Mineral Properties
20ii Albert Sr., Ottawa.
Aasou. Mem. Inst. C.E.
M.XlXtt    EX4��'J\EER,
Cor11kane, Ai.iia.- I't. Steele, B.C.
Down Wi'h Eiah Prices For
Electric BeHa.
81.S5, ��2.05, &>.70 | former | rici s $.">, $7.
$i,0. - Qiiaity.remains tin-nunc���Id dil'
ferent styles; dry buttery aid uoid belts
���mild or:- to mg uurreijt. Less than unit
the price of any other company and more
Lome tectimomals than all the rest together. Full 1st live. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAEIt & CO. Wu dsor, OnS.
Metal Report.
Wo are indebted to the  Engineering
and Minim.' Journal of New York  for
the following quotations;���
New Yiiuk. May 19, 189U.
Silver.   Tlio   demand   has   continued
good, but the condition ot  the
market is dull at S.'llc. per OH, ill
New York; 88Jd, in London.
Conner.      Business dull nt 11.7'ic. per
",,...      v    ,,,,.,,. ,r    GOLDEN AND S   . EUGEN
lb. in New York  English G.M. ,   .   ,,
_, i      = from tho 1st July next,
B s 14n per ton. I   Primed notices continuing farther iirfor
Lead.   This market is very strong lint
A COURT OK ASSIZE, Nisi Prhm. Oyer
.���Hid Termiiior. ami Goneri,l Gai I Delivory
will he held nt tho Town of I idil, hi thu
Conntvof Kouteimv, on Thnrsd.'.y, the lath
ih.yof Juno, isiii.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Socrotiii'v's Oflico,
SBtli April, IW1.
(Ul'lldtllite of Laval and McGill.)
is i x i x ��   i: x a ism ii it.
Head OlHce, Quebec ; Branch Offices
SilEltnnooKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Analytical Chemist 5- flsuyer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1802    AssAVioit id mi:    isoit
British Columbia Government
of all specimeno ssat from the Province to
I llll
Postmaster flew r..l will bo re oiveil
wit until noon un Friday tin1 L'llth May, for
the convoyaiico of Per Mi.jaity's itiiills nil;.
pro|Hisoil cunti'.'ict for foi.r your, weekly iu
siiiiuuer and fortnightly in winter, each way
Bank ur Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manaoer.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses tor Mire.
very little business is doing.
A few transactions took place
at 4.2.0c. per lb. ; Spanish
and English .I'll) per ton.
DIMDI PC ' will iiii.il'l'KEEInu receipt
rlmrLE" ot'.'i 2stump,n roeolpoforn
simple VEGETABLE BALM tint will ru-
mnve Tim, Frecklim, Plmrlcw. lllotvlicH*
HliirklioiiilN, etc., leaving the skin soft,
clear anil beautiful. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, IK) Aim St., New York,
malion as tu conditions of proposed contract, I
maylienlit.'iiueil nt the Post OfHcoi of Galena
Windermere,  r'ainiiunt Springs   Kiootenay
ami Fort Steele, anil at ibis office.
P. o. Inspoctor.
P.O. Inspector'sOfflco,
Victoria, B.C., illsl March, lsil.1.
����=' fVSS^ERS-
CONCENTRATED sruAll, 510 limesstrong-
thau sugar.    Can curry oqttal to Hollos, la
vest pocket,    Send 85.00 to A.  E. Wnlihiii
Co., Wholesale  Druggist,  Calgary, and a
iply by mail will be forwarded,
" It Is worth tho pr'ce to every person
who even reads a uowspupi r."���Darlington
inn .10CIINA1, IIKFEIIS 10
Blue Pencil Rules
For Information nnd frco Hnmihook write to
Ml.'NN" * CO.. ail BIKMUWAT, Nsw York.
Oldest bureau for geOUrlflu patonta In Amurim.
Every pateia taken out by us is broujrty bufnro
the public by aiioiico wiven free of charge iu tlio
I'wittifrc Mnltm
** <��T"J
LanrcBt ctrcnlation of nny scientific paper In tlio
world. Splendidly illustrntiHl. No iiititllitreiii
nan should bowitlnmt it. Weekly, Stf. WO a
year: IMOsl* months. Aildrust* MUNN ,t ('O.,
rtuusuin*, UUl ilrutuiwuy, Nuw York Cltjr,
a. a-. asTHViire-
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple nnd pruttical rules for
making? nnd editing newspaper copy,
and nf equal value to all nbo wish to
wr.tu correct Kimiit-h.
WlKth-Hiili" anil itctnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
J. SMART & CO. [
Undertakers and j
.   ���   .   Embalmers,      '
Gnlgnry     -     -     Alba,    j
TEI.EIIII.M'II    ORDBRS    I'llll.Ml'l'I.V     |
Magazine At Thunder Hill
No. 1, 00 per cent: No. 2, 40 per cent.
0    For Deep Work and Ulowine; Dp Stumps
Ts-1-m.a IStrlstly Cn��Ii.
THUNDEK HIM. M'��, Co.,(U'd.)
Acoilt. h'l'.l'ur Kithot Co.
Sent on receipt of price. Pi Ice, 10 cents
per copy. ALLAN TORMAN, Publisher
117 Nassau Street, Now York.
IMOXl'.l It I*A1XT KII01>.
If yna want your house Painted. Papered
or C'alsomnieii', or any IcjntJ of n sign Painted
write to.l. II. MII.I.WAli'l). C.M.iiAltV, the
Loading PaintShop in the west, for good
work and prices that are riRht.
Gold, Silver A Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Thos. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alha.
WATCEOLi^ING,, $1.00.
Woi'kmniiMliip diuarnntt-oil  Sce.inil  to ^ono  hi tint Xorth
West Tei'i'itoi'k'H.
Job    Depeirtmerjt
���:o:��� OF��� :o:���
iipsiiiiy    aav��uu,
S^- H. Connacher, Proprietor.
-: >-*��^i'^**i!^*if **":~ ������
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIltST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guestH. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient, to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer In Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia ftiver.
GOLDEN, -        B.C. '.
Stationers, Booksellers,
AVe   publish  to-day  a   letter  from
Capt,   Armstrong  which very clearly
states the oiretr.nstances of the case
We have no doubt  lit all that the sum
of $1,000, rocplirod   for  obtaining the
Government, gtunt of $2,000 towards
the maintenance of a hospital, will be
subscribed  promptly and cordially by
the residents of the  East  K -otenny
district.    The fact that $400 is already
forthcoming before any application  is
made  to the  public at  all is a strong
confirmation   oi   this.     The   Golden
Mining  and Smelting Co., the Upper
Columbia   Navigation   Co.,   and   the
Golden  Saw  Mill, have each   offered
$100, and  Messrs Carlin &, Lake and
F. P. Armstrong each $o0.      Wo now
call  for subscriptions  from  the residents  not of  the Golden  district only
but   of   the  entire  district   of   East
Kootenay, for tho remaining sum of
$ 100,   and   we   have     no   doubt   of
announcing at an early  date the subscription of this stun.
On the question oi a site, we have
loeen authorised by the Smelter Company to slato their willingness to
donate a free grant of a suitable she
This is a matter which requires no
lengthy writing up. It appeals tu
every man ami woman of East Kootenay and will not appeal iu vain. The
only fear is that some may lie slow to
send in subscriptions from a feeling
that before their offer is received the
whole amount may already be in hand.
But the great object ill this case is to
have work started on the widest possible basis of popular representation :
if more than the thousand dollars is
subscribed, a pro-rata reduction can
afterwards be male in tlio amount.
We appeal to all who are interested in
East Kuotenay to help this project
with their names and such sums as
they can afford, and to lose no time
in sending in a notice to that effect.
We shall have much pleasure in j Charles included iu ihe reading inter-
receiving and acknowledging iu these ruptions by ilio President, Baron De-
eolumus any contributions for the | Courcel, duriug Mr. Carter's address.
Golden Hospital Fund.
daintie.1 of the season. The menu was
au excellent one consisting of roast
beef, lamb, mutton, fish, oyster
soup, beefsteak and oysters with
vegetables grown in the town ; such
as now onions,radishes, lettnce.dande-
lion etc., etc. Secretary was Mr. S. S.
Palmer. The company had a very
good time together and were sorry
when the feast was over.
We have been puzzled to known
what the li.O.R. 11. means and can
only conclude that it has something
to do with railroading, probably Royal
Order of Railroad Reprobates.
"The World Man on the Wing"
was in Donald ou Saturday picking up
subscript! ns and items for tiie Vancouver journal. Wo saw one paragraph
which was a voluntary contribution
referring to nautical mutters of the
past week. ''It was not the schooner
General Supt. Abbott with Mr. Mar-
polo came in on the 20th, after No. 2,
on a Siioeial to meet at this point the
president and party.
The yard of the C.P.R. is looking in
splendid order am! reflects gieat crodit
ou the officials who aro responsible.
Courtesy seems a bye-word with the
people of Donald.
Hopes are entertained that the various mineral claims surrounding this
district will be opened up with good
results this summer.
A great many of the residents will
take in the Golden Sports ou the 5th
and lith of next month. They want to
know if there will be a steamer connection with the latter place. ?
Wo regret to hear that Mrs. S. Bad-'
grave, wile of the much respected
Sheriff, is still very dangerously ill at
the coast. It is probable that she will
removed shortly to California to se-
what such a great change of air will
do for her.
During a visit to this town last
week, we noticed many mutters of interest, and will endeavor to record a
lew of t!  m :    First of all with usual
loyalty, the Queen's birthday prepuru-
,      . ,      .   ,      ,      ,���,        legal proposition.    Iu refuting Carter's
tions were been taken in baud.     There ,
. ... .      .i     contention that tho seal was a   do-
was  to  be  an  entertainment un the
,.,,,,, ,    ,       i niestic animal, ho quoted a statement
evening of the 24i h ;   proceeds from '
, . ,     ... . ,    .    , ., of H.   M.  Elliott,  who was  sent iu
which will be put towards the Library I
���    .       ,         .,-   ,     ., ii i    pursuance of ft special act of Congress
Funds; also on this day there will be:'                       '                         "
���    ���     tnnu   rn    .   ,i m    ���     to the islnnils in 1890, to ascertain the
a picnic of C.P.R, loilcs to the Glacier,
I* conditions of the rookeries,  to show
| that seal move with difficulty on shore
A  divisional   point   of the C.P.R.       ,        ., .   ,      ,    ,     ,    ..
,.,���i  (,aSiiy  travel  hundreds of miles
We do not hold ourselves responsible for the
opinions expres.iedby our correspondents.
Editor Golden Era i
Sir,-It is high time that definite
steps should he taken for the completion of arrangements fur building an
The project, so far, has not heen formally taken up by anybody J the
different friends of the scheme having
simply advanced it in a quiet way
whenever opportunity offered.
Tho matter now stands as follows :
Iu the estimates for the coming fiscal
year there is a grant of $2,000 for the
maintenance of an hospital in East
Kootenay and there already was an
appropriation of $2,000 towards tho
erection of a building providing the
people subscribe $1,000. This grant
would lapse under ordinary conditions
on tho 80th June, but bus been extended to 1st Sept. The building must be
completed by that time.
Now, if we want the hospital for
Golden there remains to bo arranged
for: -
1. A committee representative of
East Kootenay to undertake the management.
2. Tho acquisition of the necessary
site. About this there cannot he
much difficulty. Tho owners of the
Towusite   have   already   offered   the
renin I, and iu any case the Dominion
Government would undoubtedly give
it on its reserve hore.
a. The $1,000. We should bo able
to get this without going very far
I away from Golden, hut as the hospital
ALL East Kootenay, ALL East
Kootenay should be asked to contribute. I believe tint that largo class
who "don't go much on churches"
will co.no forward handsomely on this
occasion. Certainly, Mr. Editor, you
must confess that the one man I have
solicitod has justified my belief.
As to mailiteiiancj, u pretty cluso
estimate can ba funned of the number
of subscribers and they appear to
I make up an amount quite equal to
perty w|,.lt wi|j (^ i-o.i��ii-eJ iu excess of tho
: Government grant.
I would  suggest   that yon call a
it was absurd to claim property | me3thlg   tol.  Mondayi ,2th  Jlme) t0
consider the whole question and in the
meantime issue a circular to your sub
scrluers   asking   what   amount  each
will contribute towards this charitable
Having said so much  it   may  be
thought tilting that I should start the
hall  rolling and I therefore hand the
subscription list as below.
Yo..rs, etc.,
F. P. Armstrong.
Upper Columbia Co  $100
Golden Saw Mill     1C0
F. P. Armstrong      50
Carlin & Luke       50
[It will lie soon by our editorial
column that tlio Guided Milling &
Smelting Co. have offered u subscription of $100, besides a free grant of a
I site.���El).]
Upper Columbia ?SXCo.
Tuesday k Friday 7n.m.
Wednesday & Siitttrday
(iulili'ii by steamer Duchess
Thursday & Sunday.
Windermere        "
Adela                   "
Tramway between I.nkcs
Thunder HllhU'iund r'lntss Port li!K
Caiuil Flat & Ft. Steele, stage
Freight Rates to Fort Steele-Class 1 & 2, 83; Class 8, 4, 5, & 6, $2.25;
Class 7, 8, 1), & 10, $1.50.
Express Rates to Fort Steele - 4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
Passenger Fares--5 cents per mile on Steamers & Tramways
and 10 cents per mile by Stage.
Manufacturers and  Dealers in F.r and Spruce Timber
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Cedar Shingles, Lime, Coal, Brick.
Tile I'lerlllK Sua Arbitration.
iris. May 2il.���The Bering Sea
tribunal of arbitrating resumed its
session to-day. .>ir Charles Russell
luok up again t: question of pionei'tv I
iii the seals. He argued thai unless
'he  United States   owned individual
���'������, it Wit:
iu .e herd. Sir Charles proceeded to
read extracts from the British stenography report of the arguments on
international law by J. C. Carter, of
isel for the United States, and Sir
:m.   b.   LANG,:
,1.  '!���>
LO'l ill
1'.' )( l
!'-'��� ,\
Carter was greatly irritated and hotly
urged tliat his own revised report of
Ins arguments ought to la) quoted instead ot British reports. S.r Charles
Russell contended that Carter, iu
admitting that the United States had
granted to Indians the right to seal
catching, had given away  the whole
means a ureat deal to tho town selected
for this concentration of men. money
j feed on laud and is wholly u fish enter,
awl talent.   To emerge (ruin  the city  ...   ,,,    ,        .  .   ,.   .....     .
B '   Sir Charles pointed to Elliott Sestimate
oi the East   Kootenay   district   nmi   .        ,     .   .      . .       .,,
,   ,     ���  ,     , [that a herd of seal consumes six null-
nenetrnte into the heart of such a place ;.     . -,. . ,,       .,����,, r
* ... ,   ,       i ion tons of hsh annually.    -"If    asked I. ,  ..        ,        ,
as Donald nearly leads one to believe 10,  ,,.    ,     ,   , .  .        , .  , in a muss  of  struggling  humanity,
he is in Piccadillv.    Fashion and dis- ! S'r ("T !'    ��� k   *, .TT!ttn(l the "*��� of lhoUMnd�� of womBn
,,    "    ,.   ., (annual, why  is it not branded as the
play are visible on nil sales.
Tho Floor Giivo Way.
Chicago, May 20.���A disastrous
accident io-ifay marred llie close of the
congress of women. A section of the
llooring, 20x20 iu extent, in the art
institute, suddenly gave way and fell
to tho ground, a distance of 12 feet.
Seventy-live panic-stricken women fell
Meiral Supplies.
���HE. rA-VY   I'f'HACCOEto
ATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etu.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
{American law requires cattle on the
Dr. Web':- and party passed through , prttu.;es to l* branded V "    Sir Churlcs
on Saturday last.- The.cars were elan- jwfcrroi in ironical   language  to the
orate, anil evwything indicated wealth  ptttbeti0 ,ont 0f American arguments
ion the subject of tho seals.     He also
and the presence of a few uf America's
upper ten.
There was a meeting held, to provide
ways means and men fur a Base Ball
Club. Donald is no doubt very energetic in this respect, and sets, Golden
au example' which it might t* well
tor her lo ituitaie-
The memhe-js of the K.O.R. E.. No.
:',17.1. asseukUled lit the  Cobweb   hotel j
iast week, to parU��.i��>.�� iu some of tho!
argued that the doctrine of the reverend! lis establishing ownership, never
applied to migratory animals, and lie
pointeil out the United States did nothing to promote the return of the seals,
like owners ot bees, swans and doves.
An effort to domesticate the seals had
A little bit - The pony's.
increased the uproar, and great excitement followed. Cries cf pain and
terror rose from the collapsed section
of the building, and there were exaggerated reports of many persons having
been killed or injured. After scores of
people hud rushed to the rescue and
nearly 60 had been extricated, it was
found that about eight persons were
seriously injured, but none fatally.
The most seriously injured are: Mrs.
Ada Jack, 42nd and Michigan avenue,
Chicago, left leg dislocated ; Mrs. 0.
C, Briggs, Argyle Park, Bis., sprained
ankle; Mrs. Orecly, Mich, avenue,
on Mill and Mining Machinery, Boilers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements. A good general blacksmith
shop in connection with the Machine Shop.
Sash, Duora, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson,


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