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Glenora News Jun 17, 1898

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 the waters in the numerous streams: Co'lin^'^Tr^Wkichard ��ing, Van- j efforts. , Under date of May 27 he
have   subsided   and   the   swamps I couver,,  A.    P>*Dennis,  Rossland,< says in the Times: _-
I have dried out the trip may be un
���**v, *<33r"
A   StfrwgiiigJtarto' Shades iliefess- ' J
"**-' "It is to bejlflpea thai the drying
out of the
mass wllicm il\e mos
Say the  Mosquito* fire
Than the Hi4hu)ayrnen
at SkagUay.
McNe\"ini     Trail,    P.  GWyer,!     "Michael  McCue,   Edward  Ballard and Charles
W .   �� ���.!    1     , ���   - _i, r 1.        1        1    .< t^ ��� *��r>      �����'rH*ula�� ��VTi\ed direct hv the  Islander  from Wran-
dVriaken   with better show of sue-1 Rossland, Prank   Dunmgan,   Trail (geI yc;U.rJ;iy   They tdl a dt,lehll    *> ofthc
and L. Seott McCrae, Boston, MarfT|5ti|tioe^>te- The�����re*��prospectors waiting at
v   .      ,,    .^ ��� . ���.  .   , "tv"', Glenora*, Horses and mules are of no use, as they
A. C. Dennis,   former Chief Kit-1 ^nfc,rCtheir muuiaii sot. n.uck when attempt-
gUldfcr Of the Columbia   & Western , m^UVHake the portage, to  ic'rjraph Creek,   It a
quitos a cbetk.    For, the past three. Railway,   jjoes    to   Trail   to take n���*���<*- - W�� - t,,u��� ��,,w k.,-,
weeks we found then* almost intolerable-     Their   were  enough   to
make   a   man  <qnUi'\vork and sit
downjnd weep. ' J*airly good past-
iree Engineer Corps on the
'i^pii    Survey   have   been
ind will tooke the Ogilvie
Efc Monday.
under James Coyle
6%early in May, sixty
'north, and for eight
camped directly on the
speaking of the condi-
trail, A. P. Dennis, a
le party said:
miles, or to a point
beyond ttie \2okebsie lakes, the
trail is in serviceable condition for
pack annuals. The rough places
are to he looked for on the north
slopes of the two divides, where
the ice beneath the moss is still
intact, ��.^-L^jyiad. j�� Canadian ,^j* ,
Mounted I'<>Iice have been at work ���
uragt^ is to be^irj now along the
trail after crossing lbe first summit."'
The men who caae up wither.
Coyle over the ice, arriving in Telegraph Creek  late last March, and
charge   of   standardizing^ for^. the.Jap*^
1 must hir
to ��.at to pull him through, and as,no
���Vail at Glenora at less than $i.{oa
^- he is well supplied with, more v he
back tocivilizatior.
Canadian    Pacific   Railway,    Jthe
narrow-gauge   road- fr^nvTrail to f   tijwe isn't enough mud on the
trail! between   Glenora and   Telegraph* Creek to  "stall"   anything
or   anybody.    There   are   twenty
The Seattle papers are not happy I moreaitile establishments in Glen-
unlesseach issue contains a dozen ora- W well  supplied with  goods;
lies about the Stikine route.    The and Potatoes are 5 cents, lb.. butter
Seattle Times keeps a man at van-  3o ctv. fresh  beef 25 cts., ham 20
wlio   are   now wann.g lure h>r the    ouver  to man||facture lies about cts.,  Hour  5 cts., and  everything
boat for   Wrangle, are A. C. Den-1 th.s   * ^   ^   & ^ in proportion.    So much  for
bungling liar., but he is a fruitful thatjort.    He continues:
One,  iUld ,tO Show   yOU  hisSJtylewe       "AJ|iious accident is reported tohavehapnendd
to a pHrtv who attempted to make the pass with
oxen.. The oven reached the summit, lost their
balanoAand   stumbled   over   w ith all   the outfits of
nis, transitman, of Trail B. C, \Y.
Thompson, levelman. of Trail, B
C. W. Hutchison, Victoria, Chas-1 herewith reproduce   some of   his
L ,1!
us. ;?lt
Onr mill fiear Telegraph Creek is nclW running.
In this space we wilJ  soon quote you prices
on lumber    prices that can't bo beat.
the pa*?'.
This statement does not annoy
is too laughable for anything Instead of being a knife-
blatJrV afiair, as the Times would
have people believe, there is a flat
stretch of ground on the top of the
summit that is over three miles in
length, and the approach on both
sides Jv so gradual that even an
oxen  with the   "blind   staggers"
,    % bTIKINK Ll >H5EK C��k_ fff^t^mJttMm, ���
A, Under date of May apt this
O. Address Telegraph Creek, B. & WB
^S^BP'^'^-'ZJ��^ ^-'^W* :4P^f^^
Important AiiaouiNM'ineiit.
for the past two weeks on a bad
bit of rail, where the mountain
falls off steeply to the bridge over
the little Tahltau. They have
removed the moss and given the
trail a chance to dry out
"The 'second summit/ where
the big Tahltan and also one of the
feeders to the Takn take source, is
not formidable, as the elevation is
taken gradually over a gentle rise
in twelve miles of trail. Beyond
the Hudson Bay Post there is little
or no heavy climbing but here the
packers real trouble begins. We
got reliable reports of the condition
of affairs from the Indians and
Klondikers who were doubling
back. Weeks ago pack trains
passed pur camp on the way in,
but none of them had returned up
to the time we left.
"Silas Taylor, a young man from ���   *
Berlin, Maryland, with his partner
took letters, news papers and light   ffifo^jft  j��ft- ��� ilt�� -j^g ^jfcv i'^lfc. jf^ ^g- y^'--tyfc;   Vfr'   JKk
.supplies into Teslin with pack dogs.   ���.-,* y   ,y.v       1 \r    f^ J   1^ \T r\l)   \
He   repassed ns May 14th on a re-   jgj 1>LJ10       1 i\     ULh.NUlCA, |&
turn   trip.     He reported the little   "fl The C'as.siai Central Railway Co. is now   offer- f
colony at Teslin as short on grub.    \g jng to sei| building sites and town lots to the inhab- M
Flour cohld   not   be bought.    No   ?| itants of GKnora.    Prices and liberal terms may  be P
baking   powder   was in the camp, !
and the sawmill outfit though eager
This   Sapce  wii   next Week Contain an
Important Announcement from
Telegraph Creek.
Watch for it.
to   lure   men, could do nothing in
way of furnishing them board.
"Dr. Edwards, of Montreal, informed us that his outfit had
reached Long lake and was there I jj|j
building boats for an eight-mile | ���
water course rather than attempt
to cover this distance by the trail.
Erotn what we saw of the trail we
would Strongly advise friends not
to tackle it under present conditions.    Eater in the Summer when
mmediate application  to the company
n   Glenora.     Special   inducements  to
j* obtained b\
j ; at its office
�� bona fide settlers, or those who   undertake  to  build
W at ou\:c.    The company is leading water to its lands
*k for the benefit of settlers and pack trains.
Cassiar Central Railway company.
Edward'D. Self, Manager.
(C. C. Ry. Co.)
fill American   contiaues  the work
he is paid for as follckwfc*'
"The river  is so shallow   that rne   shifting  sand
j bars often    itch the  steamers.    The   Monte Crista
andStij at'' DtiSefare now hi^h and dr) on bars."
"The iau .t sensation on the trail is the raid of
: one Dr, Rogers and his twentv thieves, who nwJe .i
: quick journey through to the lake with twentv dogs.
I Stealing outfits, hay and horses and terrorizing the
; camp.   Their   clean-up   was  enormous,    They (el
the horses to the do^;^ as they could not use them   i
The police are after them.
That fellow hadn't better come
within reach of the captain or .the
owner of the Stikine Chief, one of
the finest boats on any r.i.ver. It
i.- needless to say that there are no
police after Dr. Rogers. There
are 250 soldiers and policemen
within two-days' ride of the Rogers party and they could be caught
if wanted.
It is plain to see that this liar is
.in American, or he would know
that camps arc not ' terrorized in
Canada. This country is noted
tor its peace and quietness, and the
absolute safety secured to every
citizen. No party of twenty or
'even forty thieves could terrorize
even a one-man camp between
Glenora and Dawson City in
Canada but that would be in jail
inside of forty-eight hours, and
would suffer the extremest punishment allowable under the circumstances. This is a country where
they hang   murderers  and quickly
punish evil-doers of all kinds.
Of all the bungling liars since
Ananias' time, the Vancouver
correspondent of the vSeattle Times
is the worst.
Tim itaamef is making regular trips between Wrarijwl aiul Glenora.
i��| Passengers, Ireitfl't, lumber and animals will be unloaded at the town now
^|l   being  built  at the  Terminal  of the Cassiar Central Railway or at the old
j^{ Townilte of Glenbr*.   Freight and kt>oi1s will be stored by the company
Cor the convenience qf the public at reasonable rates.
l>\v.\io> D. Siii.r,  Manager e', C. Ry. Co. .
Bishop Ridley hns been presented with
a ewe lamb, and he is raising it by hand,
by means of a nurnlng  bottle and corn
doused milk. GLENORA Nt-WS
An "All-Canadian Route" newspaper published at Glenora. B. C.| at
least once each week,, and oftener
if possible.
that   Mr.   Herschel-Cohen   is the
"Moses" whose coming is anxiously awaited by the three thousand hustlers encamped here in this
wilderness of doubt and anxiety.
Glenora is the metropolis of the Cassiar District^ i">
practically the head of n.fvitfniTon on the Stikine
. and is the "warmest to��n north of tin- 49th parallel. The Nbws m the only newspaper in Glenora, [or in the Cassiar district, for that matter]
and is published Sun miles north ol :dl other
newspapers in British Columbia.
The aim ot the Nkwk is t&aduattos the intvtests ol
the All-Canadian route to the Klondike, t>' labor
for the trade ot the Canjuli. 11 Klondike tor the
merchants of^Cnnada, and too reap l>'' its publishers the reward theirrlmstlint; ahilit) earns.
Our Year, in Canada or I . ^Dt| -        ...... $.<���""
Six months,  $j;        months.^^Psins'le  copies,   J.se.
Advertising rate. S; per itflPin*nionth,  flat.   So
discount! and no special positions,
ERS OK....
FRIDAY,   JTJNg 17,   1898.
The declaration of intention
made last Thursday by Mr. II.
Herschel-Cohen of the Cassiar
Central Railway Company, of
which organization he is the head,
means much to our people. If he
has told the truth,, *ishe future of.
Glenora is assured,, and we will
have a substantial town at this
point. If he has buj. talked for
publication," and the two thousand workers do not materialize
within the next sixty days, then
we will know that jre have been
fooled again,, and such a result
will forever settle this camp so far
as those now here are concerned.
The C. C R. people need only
to begin grading their roadbed,
and a substantial town will spring
up on their new to\vtisite at this
pofcit." Wen ik.u ^^Wfi.d engaged
in business will proceed to fall
over each other in the attempt to
buy corner lots and erect substantial business houses thereon. Given
something certain to depend upon,
and the pioneers of the All-Canadian route will show the world
how to build a town in a day���a
town that will endure.
Time will tell the story. Those
who have faith and the nerve to
stay with the camp until the good
times promised do arrive, will
make big money and make it ipiick.
But the railroad, wagonroad ami
political powers that be have
"played horse" with the people-
here to such an alarming extent
that the editor of the Xkws hasn't
the nerve to offer any advice to the
confiding public over the new development in affairs pertaining to
the future of Glenora.
This great philantliropical institution intends to  camp right here
until the cows of prosperity   cone
home. We have paper enough to
last us five years, after which date
we can print the Nkws on birch
bark, if necessary. The day will
come when there will be substantial prizes to give out at this particular point, and the Nkws' capacity for prize money is landless.
If the Cassiar Central does not
materialize according to promise,
some   other   road   will.    Railroad
builders will never go out of badness in British Columbia so long
as there is a dollar or an acre of
ground to be obtained from the
For the present all eyes are upon
the Cassiar Central Railway people,
and we   sincerely   hope and trust
Elsewhere  in this issue   will be
found   the government's    Instructions to Returning Officer Alexai -'
der respecting this district's part in !
She   coming  elections.      The gov-
ernment office at Port Simpson will'
be the   place of    nomination,   the!                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
date to be published later.  - .  ==���
If due notice is given of the date  jm    *   R   <)F      BlUTISlI       NORTH     AM ERICA..
of holding the  nominations, and a ,
Paid-up Capital', /.'i ,000,000 Stg. $4,866,666,67 ('.OLD.
Reserve Fund',  -,/,'-'75.OOO $l��338,03tlr33
LONDON,   KNl'.l.AM).   \<>.   3  CLEMENT'S  LANE,   LOMBARD ST.
>*-*   "�����.p> i corvi-'JI
Furniture, Carpets, Crockery,
Glassware, Cutlery, Blankets,
""""^Sheets, Bar Goods, Napkins,
Table Linens, Curtains	
Window Shades, Complete
House Furnishings.     Send for
large illustrated catalogue, free.
Wejler Bros., Victoria.
reasonable   time   is   given   before'
election day,  our voters  can have
no   just cause of  complaint.     All
we   have to   fear is that   some dis- J
appointed politician from Victoria
or Vancouver, some man who has!
no  active interest   in   Cassiar, will
step  in and  secure the honor,   lo
the everlasting loss of Cassiar.
Capt. John Irving, our present
member, is by no means a bad
representative of the Cassiar. If
(Uenora can secure a representative,
our district will be in safe hands.
It seems to the Xkws that our
voters should take some action
to protect our interests in the
premises. If some such man as
J. Frank Callbreath could be
returned from this section much
good would come of it. He is a
man who knows the needs of the
district, is thoroughly reliable and
has the courage of his convictions
There are, DO doubt, others who
would In- Willing to .sucrii.ee tfuir
winters for the next few years for
the good of their district, but
some one of them must come to
the front and put himself in the
hands of his friends or for years
to come our district w ill certainly
Ik- misrepresented.
The steamer Queen arrived in port thi>>
morning at half past 4 o'clock with Brig,
Getl. Anderson, six officer* ami 167 regulars, who went up lo Skagwey ami Uvea
last winter to maintain order. Two companies were left behind lor farther orders
and it is not yet known when they will
ioire down.    Seattle Times, May  18.
Branches   in  ;ill ih<-   Principal     Town*     ol      the   Dominion   of   Canada   and   Office*   in
SEW VOWS v Wall Street!  SAN FRANCISGO, 111 Sannoraj Street.
Branches in Hrltlsh Columbia.- Vancouver, Victoria, Rouland,  Trail. Sandon,  Kmlo, Slocan City.
N. W. T. ��� Dawson   City.    I Klondyke.)
Gold! Dust and Amalgam Purchased.
The Vancouver and! Victoria   branches are conveniently  situated for
giving travellers to the Yukon  Hanking facilities.
"" W. GODFREY, Manager'Vancouver Branch.
FuvMTiire, Carpets, Rigs, Mats,
Linoi.ei/m, Oil Cloth.  .
We  Carry   the   Largest   and   best    Assorted    Stock   in   B.   C.
Chairs especially packed for Shipment to Glenora.
Hastings St    VANCOUVER-
Wr-ite    to  'Us.
JECelly Douglas & Co.
Johnston, Kerfoot & Cross.
 308 Cordova St.,   VaNCQJL'VBR.
Wholesale   Clothing,   Hats,   Caps,   Rurnishings,
Fir Robes, Blankets Etc.
(Ml it for
General Dealer
Have one of the best equipped
Mule pack-trains in Cassiar. Will
pack to Teslin or Dease lakes.
Foi rates apply to tne at my store
in Glenora.
Drugs, Patent Medicines.
Toilet Articles.
Tobaccos and Cigars,    gi.ksc.ka h. c7
The Nelson Drag Stores Co,
Wholesale   and   Retail
Druggists, Seedsmen, lite.
Miiniil 1. lurrt.  of the...
"Nanshx    Medical   Cask,"
,*Sk.o:te.k Scatter," Etc.
100 CatHhM* Su,       Vancouver
Hie All-tadiaii We,"
Leave Victoria and Vancouver reg��
ularly for Wrangle, issuing through
tickets and bills of lading to  Glenora.
Kor freight alul passage  apply  at office,
Wharf Street.,  Victoria.
Ml 1.1.INC. CO., LTD.
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Compressed feed, Hay, Grain
and Meals of all kinds.
John Irving,  Manager.
M. K. Smith & Co.
(BSTAK.1BHBD   iH.<��.)
manufacturers; OF PLAIN
and fancy biscuits.
It is a Mistake
To think you cannol gel s good
Cigar in	
���r vicinity.    W.   F.  Thompson,
Nkws office, can supply you	
with any quantity greater	
than one box	
Victoria and VawCOUVEH.
m ciG
Are  well  known all over B. C.
When you come OUt for supplies
give us a call.   We have the
largest factory in Victoria...
.,, 46 Yates st. Victoria.
n I
sy   S
The Cassiar Central to be  Bdilt
Work   to   Be     Begun    at    Glenora
And    De.ise   Lake   fit
Vancouver,   Jun��   <>.   H.    Hirschel
Cohen said today at the Hotel Vanct user:
"The Cassiar Central Railway from Glenora to Deise Lake will be built immediately. The headquarters will be at Dease
Lake, though targe consignments of supplies will be sent to Glenora; also, construction will begin from each end at
once. The road will be 99 miles long.
Sixty miles will be completed in six
months, and the entire distance by August of next year. The railway will connect with the waterways of the Stikine,
Dease,    Laird,    Pelly and Francis rivers.
The   unexplored   territory   is  expected to
W' ...
be   rich    in   minerals.      The railroad will
command the trade of the country between the Klondike and MeKen/ie rivers.
The company has the choice of 700,000
acres of land, but have obtained no rights
vet. The whole therefore is yet open to
any one. Front now, lor eighteen 11 out lis
to come, the company will employ ^ooo
The above good news is contained in a
Vancouver special to the Victoria Colonist, and appeal-- in that paper of June le.
NO   LATE    riEWS
The      Ogiivie      Did      not      Arrive
Our long-expeeted news pertaining to
iiie trngmmn v.tv.&tion did not seaah
us yesterday, for no boat came from the
south. When the confirmation of our
hopes arrives, we will immediately make
h known to all assembled within our city's
Services of the Church of England will
be held in lie church tent adjoining
Callbreath's barn every Sundaj as follows;
Holy Communion, 7a.m.; Matins, io:;,o
a. m.; Evensong, 7:30 p. m. Rev. B.
Applbvard, S. I'. C. Missionary,
Presbyterian services will be held every
Sunday at Glenora and Telegraph Creek
by Rev ��� John Pringle.
From SKa9uu.iv to Bennett fl Terrible Stench-
Mr. W. Stuart, who was recently in
Vancouver on his way 10 Dawson, and
who went up Iron here to Skagway
with Mr. II. While, Router's correspondent, writes to the Ottawa Free Press,
giv.,.g a description of his journey across
White Pass to Lake Bennett. The following extracts are of interest;
From the Ford to the Summit the trail
passes aliing the side of the mountain for
n mile or more about too feel above the
valley below and then up the centre of the
valley over a branch of the Skagway
River to the Summit. The trail is very
narrow on the   mountain side   and is very
dangerous. It looks as if the snow might
slide at any moment and carry everything
with it into the vallcv below. A large ox
fell Over this part of the trail anil was
smashed to pieces. After von pass the
Summit the winter trail is over it chain of
lakes to the Log Cabin Hotel, 16 miles
from the ford. Summit Lake is about 8
miles long and one-hall mile wide. Between Summit Lake anil Middle Lake
there is a long dangerous canyon 50 feet
to 100 feet wide. Through this canyon
the water rushes over rocks and boulders
at a   great   speed.     At   the   head  of this
canyon there is a restaurant called Rescue
Camp. It is well named, for a more
dangerous and bleak looking place, without tree or shelter, except rocks, you
could not imagine. At the lower i'n\.\ of
Middle Lake we passed Balsam City, a
number of camp* and canvas tents, so
called because it is the only place where
you can get any wood. Met ween Middle
Lake and   Shallow   Lake   there is a small
gravel portage, and a son .ol "Auld
Reekie" keeps a restaurant there. From
the end of Shallow Lake to the Log Cabin
Hotel the trail l-'aves the lakes and follows along the tops of a low grlvel ridge. '
W'e traveled the 10 miles in four hours
and ten minutes Log Cabin hotel is a tent
14x24, with balsam bunks in one end of it,
two tin stoves and one table. The night
ot the 20th of February it was 35 below
zero and blowing a gait. Ihiity-one
men and one woman slept in t^-- lent,
some standing proppe I against the wall,
packed like sardines in a box. \\ e had
dinner at the cabin, $1 a meal. Prom the
cabin lo Bennett, 10 miles, the trail is
over a very rough country, hills and
valleys covered with boulders, from the
si/.e of your head lo as large as the City
postoffice. This part of thetra.il is covered to within thnce miles 01' Bennett with
small scrubby trc.es. The lire has run
over and burned the most pari of the
lumber. The snow is nearly all gone off
the trail between the Cabin and Bennett,
except in the valleys, and the trail is in an
awful state, mud and water up to your
waist in places if you slip off the boulders,
and dead horses are lying jtfrt as they
died On the trail. It urill be hard to bury
them, as there is not enough mud to cover
them. The stench is bad now, but in
anothet month it will be terrible.
The White Pass in winter is a very
good way of coming to this country, but
for summer I think from all I can hear
the Chilkoot Pass is the best. The lying
cabmen of Niagara are not in it with
Dyea and Skagway cabbies. There are
over 3,000 dead animals, horses, cattle,
dogs, goats and sheep, from Skagway to
Bennett. It is like going over a battlefield. What with the cursing and swearing and yelping of dogs and the sight of
the dead animals it makes many a man
think is all the gold in the Klondike worth
such a sacrifice of life? 1 think not, hut
being Scotch I cannot turn back, but must
march  on.
The Union Hotel, by R. E. (Pounder of
Victoria, L a new Glenora institution,
located opposite John   Lynghohn's  store.
Our* people atv Waking afHlie terrible
mail facilities, and with a just ivuise.
J. Dalby of Victoria is on his way to
Teslin with a wooden steamer for the
Tcslin-Vukon transportation company.
He started on the ice, but is on' about ten
miles on the road with wide-tired wagons,
pushing through as last as possible.
The ��U'anwrvT>Mchesna\ is now on the
1 hi. tv Telei'Vph Cift-k. * Vf^-.r ..a'..---s
are Capt. Janie< Lee of Oregon, Capt.
Xutnwall of Portland, Cap'.. VVellbum of
Searboro, Eng.. Pilot Wilson of the Stikine, and Purser P. G. Ballanger of Montreal. The N'Kvvn'is indebted to them for
mam courtesies.
Hugh Madden was a Telegraph visitor
Mrs. Butler paid Telegraph a visit
Monday,  and  in  the evening entertained
friends with music on beard the Victorian.
Himself   and   Partner    Lost  Their
Lives Last Montr).
W. M. MeKinnon, of Hunter &
MeKinnon, Silverton, B. C, lost
liis life last month by drowning.
With his partner he left Glenora
for Telegraph Creek in a Peterboro
canoe, it was overturned and both
men drowned. McKinnou's body
was recovered by the Indians and
brought to Glenora, where an inquest was held and a verdict returned in accordance with the
facts. The body was interred in
the Glenora cemetery.
(L. S-)
VICTORIA, by the Grace ol Cod, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, Queen Defendei of the Faith,
Sec, &c, &c,
To the  Returning Officei of the Cassiar
Electoral District!
WHEREAS His Honoi the Lieutenant-
Governor of British Columbia has, by a
Proclamation   bearing  date   the   7th  day
of June, 1S0K, been pleased to dissolve the
Legislative Assembly of the said Province;
and   whereas it is necessan to hold Elections throughout the said Province to till
the   vacancies caused by such dissolution,
\\> command you that, notice of the tim>
and  place   of  Election  being duly given,
you   do   cause   Election to bo made, according to law, of Two Members to serve
in    the    Legislative    Assembly   of  the
Province of Hritish Columbia for the Cassiar   Electoral   Oislrict,   and that you do
cause   the   nomination   of Candidates at
such Election to be held on the day
of 1K0S,  and   do cause the names
of such Members when so elected, whether they be present or absent, to be certified to Our Supreme Com:, it the City of
Victoria,   on   or   before tee day of
next, the Election so made, distinctly and openly under Our Seal duly
indorsed upon this Our Writ-
have caused these Our Letters to
be made Patent, under the Groat
Sea! of Our Said IV" "ce of British
Columbia, Witness, lie Honorable
Thos. R. Mclnnes, at Our Government House, in Victoria, this
seventh day of June in the year of
Osr Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight,
By Command.
Register of the Sr,-  !m<3 Court.     |
THOS. DUNN & C0.,ltd
We Make a Specialty of Goods for the Northern Trade.
 Merchants and Contractors	
Can obtain all their Necessary stock of Blankets,
Mackinaws, Overalls, Underwear, Sox, Pants and
Furnishings at lowest Wholesale Prices.
Will  be  held  on    SATURDAY,   25th JUNE,   189S,   at
Outside    the    Government    Office    at   Telegraph   Creek.
*��. BY   AUCTION. ��
����� ��� ������3i ���������*������ ��� .I.,
Upset  price   o\~  lots  will   be Two Hundred Dollars,   Terms
of Sale, Cash.
for, James Porter,
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works,
10th June 1S9S. District of Cassiar.
Wm.'H. Bullock-Webster.
Wholesale and. ..
... Retail Druggists.
Front Sinvt  Op?. MeKinnon Wharf
Wholesale Dry Goons
TENTS,    Etc
Vancouver,   -    -    -    -   B. C.
160 Cordova St., Vancouver,
Clothing, Hats, Caps and
Men's Furnishings; also
a large stock of special
Klondike  Clothing kept
on   hand.
furnished on application.
Mail    orders     promptly   attended to	
(Established 1858.)
We Carry the Largest   Stock of Drugs
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, Patenl
Medicines, Etc., in B. C.
Solicite 1	
������������ f
,.,, REDON 8: HARTNAGEL, Props. ���
r* '
Lib Jilnj Was Not M\u liUepl
C,l EiVOBfl.
Prisoners     must     Be    Tanert,
getrter   With< Witnesses,
to    Nanai4Tio.
brethren. It is bound in brass and zinc,
has no house over it, and glistening in tin
sun reminds those lor miles around that
the ashes contained therein wore once the
hone and si new of a living man. To the
burial of the Indians come the members of
opposing tribes, who huv new guns and
blankets to burn with the dead. According to Indian etiquette, what they thus
burn with the dead is returned to thorn
ten-fold at the next "l'otlateh." It is
considered a great disgrace to burn anything but new articles with the dead
The headquarters of Capt. W. II. Webster, head constable of the Cassiar district, is at Telegaiph. His office and the
,, jail are all in one log cabin, about uxih
in size. It contains two cells, which up
The Court of AkkLcc. advertised to be to Tuesday held three prisoners----Clans,
held in Glenora did rtol materialize, and the tpurderer, Harry Hunter and a "bad
the sensation Of all-the season was lost to man front Bodie" who would tote a gun
our town. Those lawyer fellows of the whenever Capt. Webster was out of
coast cities, who expect to make some fajMtn. One day he struck an Indian over
money out of every court held within their the head with his gun���at the expiration
reach, discovered that the court could not of his nine months' sentence be will prob-
be legally held here, through our failure , ably leave the country.
to comply with the law respecting.jurors. In the office Of the jail are tin* books o(
It provides that the jurors must be made the previous courts held in this section.
up from a list famished the attorney Capt. Webster showed us the entry of the
general each year, and '"oni no other trial of the Indian 'Attou,' alias John-
source and in no other nunner. No such son, who murdered George Jenkins at
list went on from horn this year, and con- Telegraph on July 19, 1879. He was consequently there is none lo select a jury victed of wilful murder at the assizes held
from and no legal juror* can be selected. August 23, 1K79, at Glenora, and was
Capt. Webster was.instructed to herd his hanged at Laketon on October 1. 1879.
prisoners and witnesses and hurry to He is diserihed in the book as "a Roman
Nar imo with them, and he left Tuesday"] Catholic, American, and Stikine Indian."
night on the Stikine Chief with officers, A. W. Vowell \v as the corouerr
prisoners and all the witnesses he could As a relic of the old Cassiar days, when
lariat following on.the Mono Wednesday, foolish men would carry revolvers, as
On the Ouchesnay Tuesday morning some do now, Capt. Webster presented
Qlaus, the rnuraerer, and Harry Hunter, the writer with a "gun" taken away from
tiie pirate, were brought to town Irom a h;l<j nian in IS74. It is a Remington
Telegraph Creek by Capt.. Webster and six-shooter, cap and ball pattern, about
his constables. Most ol the witnesses twenty inches long and w��ighs about ten
came on the Duche.snity, and'a crowd of pounds. Each chamber must be loaded
jurors followed on the Victorian. I he separately, with powder, rags and ball,
Duchesnay reached Glenora at 9a.n1., and the exploded caps are still on the
and five minutes later Capt. Webster cylinder just as the bad man left them,
knew that he had made the trip for noth- for the gun was nexer cleaned after taping, tare.
While the expeiise1 to Hlf-govcrnmenT ' One pari of llurand's pack tram was
will he immense, y��st the greatest hard- at Telegraph Tuesday getting ready to
ship falls on the witnesses who have been bit the trail. The soldiers were there,
held here for months, and who must now their goods piled up in different parts of
go t.i N'anaimo. All of them are Klon- town and the men doing, guard duty, as
diker who are ;in\iou�� to get on 1 heir well as packing over the hill. Two steam
way, .tid for the time lost and food con- boats were in town, McKcn/.ie, Mann it
sumed by them no allowance is made by Co., had flirty men there building ware-
the government. Orte man, Mr. Robin- houses and storing supplies, business was
son. has made ill arrangements with a lively on all sides and everybody was
pack   train to take himself ami supplies in , happy. ,
next week, and now he must go to Nanai-'     Frank   Callbreath seems to do the busi-
mo. ness,   of   the   town.      Il< is building two
lis a hard proposition all around, and a , large corrugated-iron warehonses and a
severe disapointnnnt to Glenora as well. ' wharf, has a general merchandise store,
Vou may depend upon it thai the Jury saloon and hotel, has an interest in a
liM   will   be properly presented next year,   sawmill (Mr. Strickland is also in with the
sawmill snap) that is running at a lake a
mile beyond Telegraph, and has a pack
train on the road between Telegraph and
Teslin. He is working from daylight till
neujsioiKB. .dark,   jj   hours each day, and is not sup-
On Mondaj last the publisher ofthe'post,d 1o bc k)sing much money. His
Nkws, accompanied by his wife, made store is everyone's headquarters.
his first trip to the busy little townof Tele- Telegraph people expect that some day
graph Creek, The trip was made on the tnejr town wyj he the metropolis of all
steamer Duchesnay, now running regu- ,his district, and they have many reasons
larly between the towns, and to say that u, gjye for their belief. The future will
it was an enjoyable one is putting it ^n t|H. ,a|t.
mildly. -    - . ���
Telegraph   Creek   is in reality the head
of   navigation    on    the   Stikine.       A few
miles above Telegraph  Begins a canyon
60 miles long and with water so swift
that   no   boat  can navigate it.    The town,
itself is beautifully located. There isn't
much room for corner lots, but what there
is can be made into an attractive town-
site. Surrounding the town are hills of a
heigh: thai almost entitle them to the dignified names of mountains, and over those
Sold by all stores in Glenora.     Try a can of them.
Established   1HK0.
Incorporated i4c,5>
llcli'iiiiiiii McFcely it IX Ltd. Co4a *.. \ anc
wholesale and retail
.   >
Turner Bfeton & Co.
H.. C Beeton &'. Co..,  33   Finsbury Circus, London, Ew.
Wholesale Diry   Goods,   Liquors  and
Cigars, Flour and Miners' Supplies.
AT   TE*-EG��flPH   CREEK.
n Very Pleasant Excursion (or the
Neuis Folks.
Glenora Hotel.
Leading   Hotel   op Glenora.
Wines,  Liquors, and Cigars,
Vancouver,   B. C.
S. S "ditch" will  leave Vancouver wec'klv lor Wrangel, mak;
t.   i\\}U fasVjJpa.ssagc   to    connect
'with    Sir." "Rothesay"    for
S. S. "Coquitlatn"  same tri|> fortnightly with   freight   and passengers.
S. S. "Capilano," open to special
charter, capacity ;>2o tons d.w.,
or 75 horses or cattle.
For Katfs apply   to  Company s  agent at
Wrangel or to bead office. City	
Wharf,   Vancouver	
<��� H. Darling, Manager'
Development Co
Steamers "Victorian,"
"Monte Cristo"
Steamers and Boats now-
being   built on  Teslin  Lake.
Daffy connections from Glenora to Wrangel by the
Canadian Pacific S. S.
Lime fleet o( Steamers,
"Cbostantine,"      "Dal-
ton," "G. M. Dawson,"
"McConnell," "Ogilvie"
"Sebwatka," " Terrill,"
"Walsh,"       "I"r*m}m."
"Duchesnay"    and	
I 6m
s you innst conic orgdifyou travel by   flit;     iipof     TI-TT'
land. I
On   the summit of the highest hill is the
graveyard of the Tahltan Indians, and
few ever saw one like it. This tribe
believes in cremation. They hum the
body, gather up the ashes, lock then in i
the highest-priced Saratoga! they can find
and then build an attractive little house
over the trunk. The house is built of
lumber, is shingled when possible, and
has a window. The trunk that holds the
ashes   of one "HyasTyte"   is on the top
��f two  poles, higher than his lest noble
 ...AFFORDS...    *<
Hotel Metropole. \
rWh kot��.
Connections   made  at  Wrangel
with the superb Steamships
Kvery Floo*
Rates     from     $2.50     per    day.
fin, MOOftTV* & DEMPSEY, Pro����.
Don't   Fa'i   to   Co    Your   Par!
Vedt Touin.
Wholesale   Grocers
 AND Kvcry  Xvedncsday   for  Victoria
Provision    Merchants,  and   Vancouver   and   all   points
EAST.    For rates and information
 ��� ' apply to
' |M. J. McGrkGok, Agt., Glenora.
Special Attention given to H R CAHTKK| Gen'l Agt.. or
Orders Received by ' A   CoKnwtr Pm��< and Freight
Bt' ..    ,37 Water 81.   Vancouver.       Agent. Wranjrrl.


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