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Glenora News Sep 2, 1898

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Vol.    i.
GLENORA,    B.    C,    SEPTEMBER 2,    1898.
No.  16.
fliltkntlc   Report  of Frenchmen
Jilst Arrived.
Ttjer Made the Trip From Haiclton
to Glenora in 22 Day* Will)
Packs on Thelf Back..
Many men in Glenora will be
glad to have received at last
authentic news from the Hazelton
trail, of the positions of their
different outfits for whom they are
anxiously waiting, and this is
owing to the plucky performance
of Messrs. Maluin and Malassigne,
two Frenchmen, who have accomplished the remarkable feat of walking with packs on their backs from
Hazelton to Telegraph Creek in
22 days. They report to have
spoken with 34 outfits on the trail,
while they missed three others who
are supposed to have taken a wrong
turn. The distance from Hazelton to Telegraph Creek they estimate to be about 425 miles, and
they agree with all the others who
have come through that the trail
is in a shocking state. All the
outfits run short of food and their
horses play out; and it is owing to
their being without horses that
these two gentlemen were able to
come   through  in such good time.
The trail follows the Kispyox
River on the east bank for about
20 miles, and then bears to the
east and strikes the Skeena 40
miles away. It keeps close to this
river for about 50 miles and then
leaves it to take a westerly direction and afterwards again meets
the headwaters of the Skeena at
the Summit, known as Ground
Hog mountain, about 180 miles
from Hazelton. The Skeena meanwhile shapes its course like a great
horseshoe. It will be seen that the
trail here has taken a very zigzag
course which adds considerably to
its distance. Thirty miles before
reaching the Summit the travelers
passed some lakes, which, they
were informed by Indians living
there, were the source of the Naas
The trail then took them 50
miles through open prairie country
towards another less important
summit and there they meet the
Stikine headwaters. Some few
days walking brought them to the
3rd South Fork of the Stikine
which is followed for about 50
miles when it is crossed by canoes.
This crossing is supposed to be
about 100 miles from Glenora.
Thence by a westerly direction another summit is mounted from
which the second South Fork
issues.   This is followed for about
30 miles and then crossed, after
which a straight course carries the
trail to Telegraph Creek leaving
the fork to the east.
From this description it will be
easily seen that the route as laid
down in most maps is quite erroneous, the one actually followed being a great deal longer, and from
this fact no one will be surprised
that many outfits have run short
of food.
Messrs. Maluin and Malassigne
met on the road four relief parties
who are carrying food for those in
need, and it is to be hoped that,
with the assistance of these, all
parties now on the trail will eventually arrive in safety.
The performance of these two
pedestrians proves that men walking have a superiority in speed
over horse and mule pack trains,
provided enough food can be carried to bring them through; and it
proves also how guilty are those
ignorant persons who have boomed
a trail over which they have never
traveled, but which has resulted in
much loss and disaster.
! three assays made of the average
I ore and the value was placed at
1 from eight to twenty dollars. It
has been the universal belief that
there was some rich ore on the
river, but little prospecting was
done for the reason that miners
seemed to be headed for the Klondike, and nothing short of it would
satisfy them, but as the most valuable properties on the Yukon are
taken, this part of the country is
receiving more attention and the
prospecting in a great many cases
is being rewarded by the discovery
of valuable gold bearing claims.���
Wrangel News.
The Discovery of a OUartx Vein on
the Hmtric.n Bid*.
A valuable vein of gold bearing
quartz has been discovered up the
Stikine river, tome fourteen miles
from this place, and on the American side of the boundary line.
The claims have all been taken and
the owners believe they have some
very valuable proper*y. The man
who first discovered the vein and
who, of course, took his choice,
was in the city last week and stated
to   a   News   man that he had had
m��. Connor Fell Over a Cliff White
Walking Near the Edge.
When Manager Strickland and
Mr.   Barlee went prospecting last
week they took with them a man
named Connor, who was to show
them the location of a quartz ledge
some   where   near   the   canyon.
While walking   too   near a cliff
last Monday Connor fell over.    He
caught at some bushes but they
were too   small   to support   his
weight,  and he fell  a distance of
forty feet,  injuring   his hip and
bruising himself badly. He was left
there and made as comfortable as
possible while  Messrs. Strickland
j and  Barlee came  to  Glenora for
I assistance.    They sent back a boat
' for the injured  man who will be
j brought to Glenora for treatment.
j Clearihue's pack train arrived
i from Teslin Sunday morning and
; left  again Monday on  the return
trip.    This makes their fourth trip
to Teslin this season.
John Brown of Telegraph  Greek
the Victim.
While     Lining   Up    at   th*   Rapid.
near   McKenile  & rTlann'a
and Was  Srauln in.
We are now prepared to deliver Lumber at Glenora.
Bill Stuff a Specialty. STIKINE
Write for prices         LUMBER   CO.
P. O. Address Telegraph Creek, B. C.
General Merchants.
[j/ Packing, Forwarding and
WAREHOUSES at Glenora, Telegraph Creek, Testin Lake, Dease
Creek and McDame's Creek. STORES at Telegraph
Creek, Dease Creek and McDame's Creek, and agents for
Wright & Callbreath, General Merchants, Teslin Lake.
Tohn Brown, who lives at Telegraph, and who was employed by
J. F. Callbreath in his warehouse
at that place, was drowned in the
Stikine river Monday afternoon
j about four o'clock, at the rapids
near McKenzie, Mann & Co's
I warehouse in Glenora.
Mr. Brown had come from Telegraph in a row boat bringing
some police officials, and had
started on his return trip, being in
a hurry to reach home as he had
just completed arrangements with
Mr. Stephenson, the Glenora
butcher, to deliver meat to him
early next morning, he went alone.
He was seen lining his boat up at
the rapids and had a fore and aft
line, which was wrapped around
his arms. It is thought when he
reached the strong current of the
rapids that he pulled the wrong
rope thereby throwing his boat
farther into the stream and drawing him in, and having the rope
around his body he was unable to
free himself until he was too far
out to reach shore. He was seen
by a number of men and was
thought to be swimming. He
called loudly for help but it all
happened so quickly, no one was
able to reach him. He was seen
for a short distance, but must
have either lost his presence of
mind or been attacked by cramps
for suddenly he sauk to be seen no
more. The deceased was 38 or 40
years of age and was well spoken
of by his acquaintances. No particulars have been obtained of his
former residence or where his relations are.
One singular incident connected
with it was that at the time he
met his death, he was towing in
his boat the outfit and personal
effects of young O'Brien who was
recently drowned.
Messrs. Boswell & Kendall came
in from the Ashcrof trail Thursdaj
with a small band of cattle. They
will take them to Teslin and there
butcher them and float them down
on rafts to Selkirk and Dawson.
An "All-Canadian Route" newspaper published at Glenora, B. C, at
least once each week, and oftener
if possible.
found. Ignorance of or disregard
of this fact has resulted in some
people losing large sums expended
by them in the purchase of claims,
about which they knew nothing
more than that they were situated
on a creek, along which some
fortunate miners had taken large
quantities of gold.
While   on the whole the Yukon
Glentfra is tho metropolis ol the Cassiar District, is
practically <!��.' hoad ol navigation on the Stikine
anil is the "warmest" town north of the 49th parallel.   The NbWS is the only newspaper in Ule-
"-������ I ' :!"' l - ""ntc/'noru.' of aiTXr | district   has   realised the auticipa-
in   regard   to   it,   there is
and Is published
newspapers in British! olumbla, I tj,���,e
Tha aim of the NKWS is to advance um interests of | nunc,
the All-Canadian route to the Klondike, to labor  t1ntt,Jf,0, 1,, i,mtifv   onnthor "rnch"
for tho trade ot the Canadian Klondike for the | notlling 10 JU.Stliy   anotner     1 11 a
merchant, of Canada, and to reap for its publishers the reward their hustling ability earns.
f. S���
..,  $3.00
$1;   single copies,  15c.
Advertising rate, $;i per inch per mouth.  Hat.    No
discounts and no special positions.
One Year, in Canada .
Six months, $j;  ,< ���������
If   the  reports which appear in
of   people   to that locality such as
occurred last   autumn   and in the
spring   of   this   year.    It is to be
I feared   that   there is now a larger
: population in Dawson City and the
1 vicinity   than   will be able to find
i a   living   during  the approaching
winter.    Doubtless the authorities
! will   have   a regard to this matter
and will take steps to prevent anything   like   a   general  scarcity of
food   arising.      In  ordinary cases
these     things   adjust   themselves
without   any   interference   on the
Furniture, Carpets, dflockery,
Glassware, Cutlery, Blankets,
Sheets, Bar Goods, Napkins,
Table Linens, Curtains	
Window Shades, Complete
House Furnishings.     Send for
large illustrated catalogue, free.
Weiler Bros., Victoria.
the press, and the statements made
by miners and others returning
from the North, are at all accurate,
the output of yold during the past |
winter in the Yukon district has Part ��f ,hosL* in au��">nty, but the
been much larger than the esti-i ���sltualion in the Yukon is an ex-
mates made by those whose official | ^ordinary one-both as regards
positions are such as to give them
opportunities of ascertaining the
actual   facts.      We   are  inclined
the  climate   and the difficulties of
! communication  with the district���
and     exceptional    measures   are,
ho-.vcv.-r. t��� ;,ke lit, muu- cm,. ,, therefore,   not  only justifiable but
I may be absolutely necessary,
ative estimates,   especially a*> these
made   by persons presumably
entitled     to    credence   while the
The   Hudson's   Bay    Company
larger   figures are given by people offer fof sale the following animals,
no   responsibility  and;
who   haye
who would probably tind it difficult
to show how they have arrived at
their estimates.      There is also another   matter,   which must not be
overlooked iq any calculation as to
the   value   of   the   gold   brought
clown.      That   is   the fact that in
many   of these reports it is stated
that some vessel has brought down
a certain sum���"ingold or drafts."
As these drafts hive been given in
payment for gold .-old to the banks
or trading companies in the Yukon
district, and the gold brought will,
of course, be shipped out, it is easy | Glenora ft
to see that an estimate based on
the reported amounts brought
down ' in gold or drafts," may
really include the value both of
the gold and the draft given in exchange for it.
We are, therefore, inclined to
think that the more moderate estimates   of   the output��� $8,000,000 '��� has   been
with equipment complete, at present employed for the Dominion
Government upon the Military
Transport between Glenora and
Teslin Lake. The animals will be
ready for delivery about 1st September next:
165   pack horses and equipment
I more or less).
.S5  mules  and equipment (more
or less).
8 heavy draft horses and harness.
2 wagons ( Bain).
Tenders will be received at Hudson's   Bay   Company's   Office   at
or the whole or any portion of the above.
R. H. Hail,
$300 to the ton.
Bank of British North America.
Paid-up Capital, /i,ooo,ooo��Stg. $4,866,666,67 GOLD.
Reserve Fund, - ,��275,000      " $1,338,333.33
Branch.,   in  all the   Principal      Iowa,    ot      the   i'Omioiuii   of   Canada   and   Offica   in
NEW YORK, jj Wall Street;  SAN FRANCISCJ, lal Sansooie Street.
Branches in British Columbia- Vancouver, Victoria, Roa^land, Trail, Sandon,   Kaslo. SlocanCitv.
N. W. T.���Dawson   City.    (Klondyke.)
Gold Dust and Amalgam Purchased.
The Vancouver and  Victoria  Branches are conveniently situated for
giving travellers to the Yukon Pankh g facilities.
,m W. GODFREY, Manager Vancouver Branch.
Furniture, Carpets,  Rugs, Mats,
Linoleum, Oil Cloth.
We Carry  the  Largest  and Best   Assorted   Stock  in  B
Chairs especially packed for Shipment to Glenora.
Write   to   Us	
Hastings St , VANCOUVER.
Kelly Douglas & Co.
fa        -   -   -   CORRESPONDENCE   SOLICITED.    -   -
M. II. Smith & Co.
(ESTABLISHED   18.18.1
Aak tar Smith's V^reUbl. Biscuits, npeo'nllv pre-
asyad tor raining; catnpa.   Smith'. Dor Biscuit*.
Qtsftpest and Beat  in the market. 1
Wm erkm writ. u. or any wholesale house in B. C
Victoria and Vancouv��k.
fl RtchStrike Reported Near Qticen
Charlotte   Islands.
J.   McMillan,   a prospector who
working   on an   island
General Merchandise,
Miners Supplies,
miners & forwarding agents.
Glenora, B. C. ���. .
Brackman 4 Ker
Manufacturer, and Dealers Id
Compressed feed, Hay, Grain
and Meals of all kinds.
General Dealer
or $9,000,000 or jtio.< 00,000 at the I near the Queen Charlotte group
outside-will fully cover the value ! since May, came into Vavcouver
of the gold that was the result of'today with some-very rich sped-
last season's operations. Consider- j mens of free gold quart/ which he
ing the conditions which prevailed claims will assay about $300 to the
in the Klondike district last winter \ ton. The quartz is also plentifully
and the Fact that some owners of sprinkled with copper Mr Mc-
claims could not get sufficient labor Millah says his strike is located a
lo vi ork them, while others have few miles from sea level and he will
been doing little, in the anticipa- return shortly to develop it He
tion that the Government royalty pronounces the quartz he discov-
will be reduced, we think that ered the richest In free gold he has
even the lowest estimate of the out-' yet seen on the west coast and he
put should be regarded at very has spent several years in prospect-
satisfactory.     It demonstrates the ing in that vicinity.���Colonist.
extraordinary   richness of the de-1 ���
posits, although from the best in-' Mr- an(l Mrs. A. I). Rofinot,
formation there is little doubt that' o{ .New Vorlc' wllere among the
the   gold is not evenly distributed, I i���y.als0^th*.^h^oft trd*l*8tlI'��ADIN0   HoTBI-   OF Glenora.
"The Alt-Canadian Route."
one ot   the   best  equipped]
Mule pack-trains in Cassiar. Will
pack to Teslin or Dease lakes.
For rates apply  to me at my store STEAMERS
in Glenora.       ^^^ .'ISLANDER,"
Glenora Hotel
and that the
e quantity of
even   on   one   creek
taking   out   of a lar;
gold   on   one claim does not at all
imply   that on other claims, either
above   or   below   it  on the creek
similarly     rich   deposits   will   be
week. They have been on the
trail since the 10th of May. They
came down the Skeena from Port
Essington to Wrangel in a row
boat. They are waiting here for
the arrival of their outfit when
they will leave for Dawson by the
way of Skagway.
Wines,   Liquors and Cigars.
Leave Victoria and Vancouver regularly for Wrangle, issuing through
tickets and bills of lading to Glenora.
For freight ahd passage apply at office,
Wharf Street., Victoria.
*,    John Irving, Manager. LOCAL MENTION.
The Monte Cristo is expected
from Wrangel today.
There is room on our subscription books for another subscriber.
George Pritchett, the Glenora
pioneer, is reported on the sick
yuite a number left on the
Case* Wednesday morning for the
Coast cities.
Manager Robinson, who was in
town Saturday, reports the trail in
fine condition.
At the election held in Teslin
City on Saturday, Aug. 20, not a
single vote was cast.
J. J. Woods, former manager of
the K. M. T. & T. Co. leaves for
Allan Lake next week.
A number of the Hudson's Bay
Co's horses have arrived, and the
sale for them will soon open.
Stewart's pack train left with
supplies for Teslin on Tuesday.
This makes his third trip this
For Sale���A good saddle horse
with ridding saddle bridle and
blanket. Will sell cheap. Euquire
at News office.
Mr. Wood, proprietor of the
Bellevue Hotel, left on the Casca
Wednesday for a short business
trip to the Coast.
Mr. Mobley, accompanied by
his daughter Mrs. Spencer, left
last week for Teslin. They expect to winter in Dawson.
Miss Ryan and Mrs. Spencer expect soon to leave for Teslin.
Miss Ryan intends going to Dawson where she will engage in business. Her many friends in Glenora wish her success.
Among the parties to arrive over
the Ashcroft trail this week is two
ladies. They have been on the
road ninety days, and appear to
have stood the trip well. They
will leave for Teslin next week.
Manager Strickland, of the K.
M. T. & T. Co., accompanied by
Mr. Barlee and Mr. Woods, also
of the same company, returned
Monday from a prospecting trip.
Their finds, if any, have not been
made public.
There are numbers of people
tiaily irriving from the Ashcroft
trail, among them some ladies. All
unite in condemning the trail.
Man> on the trail are now subsisting on ground hogs antl porcupine,
as  the  food supply has given out.
David Cochrane, of Cochrane &
Jardine Co.. came in from Teslin
Tuesday night for supplies. Mr.
Cochrane expects to take iu about
a ton and a quarter of provisions.
Mr. Jardine took their first consignment on into Sefkirk, where
they expect to winter.
The Strathcona had an accident
on her last trip of so serious a
nature that she put back to Wrangel and transferred her freight and
passengers to the Casca, who will
continue to run in her place until
she is repaired, which will be as
speedily  as possible.    When near
the canyon the Strathcona rah on
a rock and broke three holes in her
side. She immediately put pack
to Wrangel for repairs and expects
soon to be in service again.
The lieutenant-governor has
made the followingi ^appointments
for the Province: Hon. Charles A.
Semlin, to be chief commissioner
of lands and works; Hon. Francis
L. Carter-Cotton, minister |of finance and agriculture and Hon.
Joseph Martin to be attorney-
Later reports of the attempt at
suicide of Joseph Claus, the Stikine murderer, show that he was
successful. He died in great
agony. It was at first thought his
wife brought him the poison in a
beefsteak pie, but the evidence
showed at the inquest that she had
not visited him for a week.
Mrs. Jeffries, who came up over
the ice last winter, and who lost her
wardrobe by the burning of her
tent, came in from Teslin Wednesday with her husband for supplies.
They expect to return next week.
It is quite probable that Mrs. Jeffries will be the only lady who
makes a second trip to Teslin this
A young man by the name of
Richardson committed suicide at
Telegraph Wednesday by shooting
himself in the head. He had just
arrived over the Ashcroft trail and
was evidently discouraged. He
sojd his horses and outfit and
climbed the hill to the cemetery
and there killed himself. His
money was found in his pocket.
Fred Carmen, who has been the
head clerk of the K. M. T. & T.
Co. since its arrival in Glenora,
has resigned his position and expects to leave for Teslin next week.
Mr. Barlee, who has charge of the
company's store at Wrangel, is in
charge temporarily. It is the intention of the company to close
out their business at this point as
soon as possible.
THOS. DUNN & C0.,ltd.
]&��*.( XjXj  STTDP.FJLIES.
We Make a Specialty of Goods for the Northern Trade.
.Merchants and Contractors.
Can obtain all their Necessary stock of Blankets,
Mackinaws, Overalls, Underwear, Sox, Pants and
Furnishings at lowest Wholesale Prices.
The Cassiar Central Railway Co. is now offering to sell buildingf sites and town lots to the inhabitants of Glenora. Prices and liberal terms may be
obtained by immediate application to the company
at its office in Glenora. Special inducements to
bona fide settlers, or those who undertake to build
at once. The company is leading water to its lands
for the benefit of settlers and pack trains.
Cassiar Central Railway company.
Edward D. Self,  Manager.
(C. C. Ry. Co.)
This steamer is making regular trips between Wrangel and Glenora.
Passengers, freight, lumber and animals will he unloaded at the town now
being built at the Terminal of the Cassiar Central Railway or at the old
Townsite of Glenora. Freight and goods will be stored by the company
for the convenience of the public at reasonable rates.
ErtWARD D. Sm.F,   Manager C. C. Ry. Co.
Servicc!i of tin Church of England will
be held in the church tent adjoining
Calibreath's barn every Sunday aB follows!
Holy Communion, 7 a. m.j Matins, 10:30
a. m.; Evensong, 7:30 p. m. Rev. B.
Appleyard, S. P. G. Missionary,
Presbyterian services will be held every
Sunday at Glenora and Telegraph Creek
by Rev. John l'ringle.
Hotel Metropole.
Wholesale and. ..
... Retail Druggists.
Rates    from     la.50    per     iuj.
��s> ilODSON *  DEMTSfcTY. Props.
fl:. IMEMAMY. F. C. S.
Assay   Office   and   Ore   Testing  Works,
Vancouver, b. c.
Samples   received    bv   mail will   receive
prompt   attention.    Price  cards on appli-   HI ITD   f, CTIrWADT
cation at News office, Glenora. OLID \�� Ol��lTf Mil.
Bntb Koosss
Will open in a few days with
the largest and best Stock
in Cassiar of Groceries,
Wines, Spirits, Cigars,
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Clothing, Blankets, Rugs, Rifles,
Cartridges, Stoves, Heaters
Hardware, etc., at the old
Glenora, B. C.
160 Cordova St., Vancouver.
Clothing, Hats, Caps and
Men's Furnishings; also
a large stocic of special
Klondike Clothing kept
on hand. Price lists
furnished on application.
Mail orders promptly attended to	
i�� ������������
Front Street,  Opp. MeKinnon Whsst
(Established  1858.)
We Carry the Largest  Stock  of Dragt
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, Patent
Medicines, Etc., in B. C.
Wholesale Dry Goods
and Men's Furnishings.
TENTS,    Eic.
b. c.
0 // pine creek. I believe,  will eventually   take the
place of placer mining, and I am
of the opinion that the richness of
this class of property will be so
great that Alaska has yet to experience its days of real prosperity,
the   steamer Ricn mining companies have such
Some Interesting Facta of tHe neuJ
DISiliriSB and Tnelr Prospects.
Mr. C. E- Davidson, of  Juneau,
one of the most successful mining
engineers in Alaska, was one   of
the   passengers   on
Cottage City, and when interviewed ! great faith in the quartz proposi-
by a reporter, told of the depart- ; tions thilt they have sent repre.sen-
ure of several hundred miners from tativea to the United States to
Juneau to Pine Creek, 7 s iniies . secure all the requisite maohinery.
from Skagway, where the latest Before leavinS Juneau * met
rich find is repotted to have been | Captain Bert, the noted mining
made. Engineer Davidson also expert who went to Alaska on the
... steamer Tonquin, with a party of
���'The merchants, and in fact, \ prospectors. The Captain and his
all other men of money in Juneau, I Party were then about to go to
seem to have implicit faith in the1 ^iaat William Sound, and stated
reports of marvelously rich dig-1 that they were following a line of
gings at Pine Creek, as they have ' Information which they believed
grub-staked several hundred miners j would unquestionably result in the
and sent them to the scene of the discovery   af    rich    property.'���
new diggings.   The reports from ' News-Advertiser.	
Pine Creek arc believed to be of an j throhiEB  ousted.
authentic nature, or else the people ; 	
would not place much confidence The NeuJ g��i* strike Sets Experts
in them and grub-stake  miners to m s���� once more,
go there to prospect. The popu- "This new find of gold up north
lation of Juneau noted a short j knocks the theories of the experts
time ago was about 2500 people,, mt0 a cocked hat," remarked
but now it is several hundred less, Charles A. Bramble, the mining
on account of the stampede to engineer and crown lands surveyor.
Pine Creek. When I left people "The idea has been that the belt
were still leaving for Skagway 0f rich placer ground extended
just as fast as they could get from the Klondike to Cariboo,
away. The excitement over the 1 taking in the Cassiar and Omenica
new discovery was intense. regions.    It   has   been   held that
I believe the time has now ar- this ground lay between the coast
rived when it will not be necessary 1 range���which geologically speak-
to go to the Klondike in search | ;n��� js a new range 0f mountains���
of gold. Asa mining engineer, I and the cretaceous range of the
hav* explored the southern part of Rockies, which is not auriferous.
Alaska, and I can say with strict; Reasoning from this there was no
regard for veracity that rich min-' hope of fmding aiiy placer ground
ing property has been discovered west of the Hootalinqua. The
there. New ledges in the vicinity , experts aU claimed tlmt the rich
of Juneau which show up m>, ground ia the north must lie in a
meusely rich have just been found, continuous belt from Dea8e iake
and I expect that in the course of tQ Klondike between the Liard
a short time much machinery will md Hootalinqua rivers, but this
be shipped from Seattle to be used last strike of courst. upsetg gU
in the development of these prop- thjs completely.
eaties. Just before I left Juneau a ..Rcally the ouly theory that
good strike was made at Ketchikan holds any water at flU nQW ig the
and many people have also gone oW miner,8 adaKe that lgQjd ifl
there. The specimens brought where you find {t , and goes t0
from Ketchikan are some of the show that a man cau gQ near.y
finest I ever examined. The gold anywhere up iu that country witb
contained very little quart/, and a pick and �� pan and stand a good
mining men of Juneau have great show of makjng ft atrike..._.
faith in the property. A number province
of large mining   deals were   con-
BUmmated   before   I left   Juneau, i    Mr.   McDougall,  who has  been
The Keystone Gold Mining  Com- employed   by the   Hudson's   Bay
pany,   a Pennsylvania   firm,   pur-  Co., in the transport of the soldiers
chased some fine  property on Ad- is hi  town, having completed  his
miralty  Island and is making ar-  part of the contract.     Mr.,   Mc- j
rangements to have it developed  Dougall came from the other side j
just as soon as possible.    A deep of the Nahlin in three days.    This'
shaft has been sunk,  and there is is the best  time on  record.    He'
every reason to believe that a ledge will remain  in Glenora  until after
will be discovered  any day.    The  the sale of the Hudson's Bay Co's
Alaska   Gold    Mining   Company stock,   advertised in  another   col-!
composed of  Indiana people,   has Umn.
just  opened up a group uf claims	
on Berner's Bay, and the prospects!
are so flattering that a large consignment of machinery will be
shipped from Seattle in a short
time to be used in developing the
property.    The Frank Bock prop-
erty, near Seward City, has also YOtjR ADVERTISEMENT
been sold to a rich company, and
the prospects so far have been so
higely satisfactory that orders have
been placed for machinery necessary to commence operations on a
large seale.
Quart?   mining   in    Alaska,   I
^1 for Miners, Prospectors,
Hotels and Restaurants.
CRYSTALLIZED EGG is simply a fresh -shelled egg, with water
extracted, reductd in bulk and weight. You add two tablespoonsful
of water to one of Crystallized Egg, and you have a fresh egg with
all the nourishment and original sabstances retained. 48 pure eggs
in each pound can. No broken or bad eggs. No shells. No Waste.
No heavy freight or pack Cha.-gcs to pay.
LA MONT'S is the only pure and genuine Crystallized Egg in the world.
Been in use over 30 years, and guaranteed to keep in any climate. Put
up in square, screw top tins, with red and blue label. Ask your dealer
for LaMont's. If he should not have it, you can always get it by ordering
from the agents for Canada.
si Cordova St., Vancouver, B. C.
Established  1886. Incorporated 1^95.
McLennan, McFeely $ Co, Ltd. <*��&��.
wholesale and retail
Turner Beeton & Co.
H. C. Beeton & Co., 33 Finsbury Circus, London, Eng.
Wholesale Dry   Goods,  Liquors  and
Cigars, Flour and Miners' Supplies.
Vancouver,  B. C.
S. S. "Cutch" will leave Vancouver weekly for Wrangel, making fast passage to comiuat
with Str. "Rothesay" for
S. 9. "Coquitlara" same trip fortnightly with freight and passengers.
S. S. "Capilano," open to special
charter, capacity 320 tons d.w.,
or 75 horses or cattle.
For Rates apply to Company's agent at
Wrangel  or to  head office, City	
Wharf,   VancouTer	
H. Darling, Manager-
Development Co
Steamers "Victorian,"
"Monte Cristo"
Steamers and Boats now
being  built on Teslin  Lake.
Daily connections from Glenora to Wrangel by the
Canadian Pacific S. S.
Line fleet of Steamers,
"Constantine," "Dal-
ton," "G. M. Dawson,"
"McConnell," "Ogilvie"
"Schwatka," "Terrill,"
"Walsh,"       "Hamlin."
"Duchesnay"    and	
Connections   made at Wranful
with the superb Steamships
Wholesale   Grocers
Provision   Merchants.
Special  Attention given to
Orders Received by
137 Water St.   Vancouver.
Every Wednesday for Victoria
and Vancouver and all points
EAST. For rates and information
apply to
M. J. McGkjk'or, Agt., Gkneip.
H. B. CahTsk, Gen'l Aft, or
R. A.  Corbbtt, Pass, and Freight
Agent., Wrangel.


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