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Glenora News Sep 9, 1898

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Vol.    i .
GLENORA,    B.    C,    SEPTEMBER 9,    1898.
No.  17-
II    M
river bed. "Gold is strewn all 1 joining in the mad rush for claims.
over that country," said he, "and | Barney I,evy_ was one of the orig-
it   is  decidedly  a gold bearing re
Latest Advices Prom Pine Creek
Prove it Good.
IT      IS     IN     BRITISH      COLUMBIA.
Gold   Washing   Suspended   or)   Ihe
Klondike���Great    rtialt    to
Pin* Creek.
Pine Creek is now the Mecca of
the gold-seekers, and the Klondike's "nose is out of joint."
Latest despatches from Skagway,
dated August i.sth say that Capt.
W. H. T. Olive, Manager of the
Bennett Lake and Klondike Navigation Company, operating the
.steamers Ora, Nora and Flora, was
one of the first men to get into the
Atlan Lake gold district, and he
has several fine properties, that is,
properties that are considered by
all the prospectors to be fine. He
believes that the Atlan Lake region is all right, and expresses the
belief that much gold will be taken
out of the region.
"I have made two trips into the
gold region of Atlan Lake, and th<-
last time I was there was just five
days ago," said the Captain. "I
should judge there was a thousand
men iu the region. We carried
about three hundred and forty on
our boats, and I. believe that three
times as many more went down the
river in small boats. About 100
small boats loaded with prospectors
have gone down to the new diggings, and they are still leaving
Benuett. On our boats we charged
$30 each way, the distance being
140 miles. The Nora has been
leaving for the gold fields each alternate 36 hours, and on each trip I
has been carrying quite a number
of men."
Captain   Olive   was   one of the
first   men to enter the Atlan Lake
region,     about   two   weeks   ago.
Major   Strickland   told him about
the strike, and he left immediately t
with   the   result that he got in on
the   ground   floor on Pine Creek.
Major   Strickland was made aware
of the discovery by the appearance
of Fritz  Miller, Juneau, who went
to him with his location notices to '
have     them     recorded.       Major j
Strickland   told Captain Olive im-
mediately,   and   the Captain thus!
had   information   first   hand   and
early in the game.     Captain Olive '
is authority for  the statement that
1,000   claims   have   already been|
staked   out   along Pine Creek Bnd
about 750 along Spruce Creek.     A
creek   of   no name a little further
away is also being prospected, and
the Captain believes that the news
of another   strike is liable to reach
Skagway   almost   any   day.     He
says   that   the bench claims along
Pine   Creek appear as good as the
A letter received in Victoria the
other day from Mr. G. H. Martin,
i the special correspondent of the
1 San Francisco Chronicle at Juneau,
: telling of the big gold discoveries
1 in Northern British Columbia. In
j a private note accompanying the
story, Mr. Martin says:
' 'I have made it absolutely con-
��� servative as far as figures and facts
are  concerned.     It promises to be
a   very   big thing."    Here is the
1 story as told by Mr. Martin:
"Four   dollars to the pan at bed
rock   and  bed rock but five to six:
1 feet   below   the surface; no frozen |
Uancoiluerite Discovers
Ground ami QUartz.
inal  crowd  of  Skagway   rushers,
and  no doubt has secured a claim j
of some sort.    Mr. Joshua Holland \ A
of this city also sent in men to represent  him, and will be among the I
original   claim   holders.      H.   G.
Dalbv   writes  to his father in this!
city  that  he made up his mind to j ����� n*.nnmm*B or the trail.
go���and    went���just    as  soon   as -���
Policeman   French  came to Skae-1
wav,   and  he  saw for himself the ! H,u' ocarina M-ny Trial. Hav.
$1,200    in    yellow    treasure  that i        struck   What  They ToinK
illustrated  the  story   of   the  new ; i�� n:ch Gaotind.
creek  as  it was told on the 8th ot \
this month.
Gcofjc   P.   Prilchett  Paasca Rulay
Thursday   morning.
Early  Thursday  morning Sept.
7th,   there passed away Glenora's
oldest    resident,    Mr.   George   P.
Pritchett.      The  old  timers  will ^^^^^^^^^
. miss     him     most���the  men who  restaurant at  Telegraph Creek
muck;   no   swamp.      Such is the, roughed it with him in early days,
latest   tale in brief from the banks' and sat round the cabin fires on the
P. H. Golden, a former Vancou-
verite, who went up the Stikine
river some time ago, is now at
Glenora. He and a companion
named Story have built a store
house, while John Larsen is out
prospecting,   he    having  sold  his
News received  from Mr. Golden
of Atlan Lake.    Old prospectors of | jj��$ winter nights.    "George's" j
today  is to  the effect  that  he has
4l-��l,V~a�� . UM^'tZw'^JS.1 death solemnized our town. Stores struck Placer P*ound and quartz.
Alaska aie snaKing tneir neaas; nd ])otels dosed their cloorSi aml ^ but he has been keeping the mat-
after the manner of Chinese man-| the populatiorii me��� and women, | ter quiet around Glenora until he
darins their 'I told you so's, are I turned out to pay their last tribute '
well taken, as for once the broad | of respect to the memory of an old
theorists,   who   have    predicted a |friend; . Telegraph was well repre
continuation   of  the  Klondike region southerly  to the Cassiar and
prospects further. He has little
doubt but what it will pay. The
country is a hard one and many
have returned. "Some of the
Hudson's Bay Co's post people,"
says Mr. Golden, have been living
on   fish  and cariboo meat all surn-
sented  by   Mr. Hyland and others
of the earlier days who stood by
I the grave, their hearts stirred by-
Cariboo, always selected the Atlan ' memories of long ago. Mr. Pritch-
Lake  region as the scene of a big|ftt was born in Virginia; spent the
strike   and   the  strike has come.' ear,ier     Part of his mature life in
��,, ������it. New  Jersey, went to California in 1mer
The  new region is realy a Juneau ^  ^ davs> was ,or snine time      In   going    up thc stikine  the
enterprise-a Juneau man located |n  Cariboo   and came fcre with a  Golden party lost their outfit about
the little creek, which is now the  pack  train  in   1874.     He lived at
objective point of thousands and as first  on  a ranch eight miles down
a result of his policy Juneau men 'the river but has f|ved in Glenora,
, . sometimes   its  only   resident,   for
own  many claims. ;sixteen years      He hftd passed the
First authentic news of the fact allotted span and was 73 years of
that dirt running from $2 to $6 a��e at the time of his death. "No
had been  struck at five feet down, straighter   or  more  upright  man
reached  Skagway  on  the last day I"�� came  to Cassiar than George
t   ,  , ,   ., .      ���      ��t-* F.   Pritchett,"   said   one who had
of July,  and the rush set in that |kno^.him ffjr almost a quarter of
cleaned the town, men and women ��� a century.
12 miles from Glenora. The team
dropped through the ice and was
drowned in five seconds. Being
caught in this fix they had a hard
Mr. Golden says the reports
about gold being found near Glenora and at Teslin Lake are lies.���
Mono  wEpqiwED.
We are now prepared to deliver Lumber at Glenora.
Bill Stuff"a Specialty. STIKINE
Write for prices  LUMBER   CO.
P. O. Address Telegraph Creek, B. C.
General Merchants.
\j) Packing, Forwarding and
I Warehouseing.
WAREHOUSES at Glenora, Telegraph Creek, Teslin Luke, Deaie
Creek and McDame's Creek. STORES at Telegraph
Creek, Dease Creek and McDame'i Creek, and agents for
Wrig-ht & Callbreath, General Merchants, Teslin Lake.
! This Boat Will Make Weekly Ttip*
Bctuleen Wraniel and Glenora.
The staunch little steamer Mono,
that was so unfortunately wrecked
[ while on her way to St.   Michael,
has been  repaired   and placed on
! the Wrangel-Glenora    run.     She
I was bought in by her captain and
I builder,  Captain Armstrong,  who
j is a well known river captain, who
: knew the worth of his boat.    She
i is of light draught and will be able
i to make the run up the Stickine
j much later than the heavier boat."..
!She   will make   weekly  trips  between Wrangel  and   Glenora until
1 the close of navigation.
The   Hudson's   Bay    Company
j offer for sale the following animals.,
with equipment   complete, at pres*
ent   employed   for   the Dominion
Government    upon   the   Military
j Transport   between   Glenora   and
I Teslin Lake.    The animals will be
ready   for   delivery about 1st September next:
165 pack horses and equipment
(moreor less).
85 mules and equipment (more
or less).
8 heavy draft horses and harness.
2 wagons (Bain).
Tenders will be received at Hudson's Bay Company's Office at
Glenora for the whole or any portion of the above.
R. H. Hall,
Manager, GLENORA NEWS ���ilwaysi�� Canada without heavy
   ; subsidies.      Had the promoters of
An "All-Canadian Route" news- the   Teslin   lake   railway been as
paper published at Glenora, B. C.,at enterprising   as   the  promoters of
least once each week,  and oftener the rival American  road, and been
if possible.                      ^^ | content   to   build their railway for
BY   GLENORA   NEWS   CO. the traffic that the country offered,
  there would not have been the suf-
oi��nor.i;uh,M,H-iropoii.l.liiu'cassiar g��^J f.riiig   and   hardship   at Gleiiora
practically tin* head ol navigation on im ohkiiw o                                 *
and is the "warmest" town north of the nth par- .1    (     t]            hfl      |      ���      ] ljrj ,    t]lc
aliel.   The News is the only newspaper in Ule- l"��>     ""���'
a ror in the Cassiar district, lor that matter]
!   * ...    1 n ..-.1   ...      -_.-����*.L.      ���.i1     -.11      .ttlu.r
���strict, lor that matter .     r_���    ,.,,���,.��.       Tlit. nracnnl  nn-
iles north of all other  past    lew    \cai.V      I lie pieseill tin
:,   ap/rsjn HritishColumbia.^ f ..... ofl fortunate   state   of   affairs   is the
ul is published 80c
The aim of the News is to advance the interests of
S^S^ of a system which recognized
nH^^her^irit^hltiin^Ei.i^c^is:"^ I that   every   man   who   evolved a
'! railway   scheme   should help himself  out   of the public exchequer.
Nelson Tribune.
One Year, in Canada or t". S ,,.,.  $.(�����>
Six months, S-j;  ,i months, $1;  single copies,  tjc.
Advertising rate, $3 i��-r inch per month, flat,   No
discounts and no special positions.
Furniture, Carpets, Crockery,
Glassware, Cutlery, Blankets,
Sheets, Bar Goods, Napkins,
Table Linens, Cur1 iins	
Window Shades, Complete
House Furnishings.      Send for
large illustrated catalogue, free.
Weiler Bros., Victoria.
==        REVENUES   FROM    THE   YUKON.
_______ -    ExclUsKe       ol       Royalty      Have
ANOTHER   GOLD   FIELD. Reached Over $200,000.
The revenue of the Yukon dis-
If the reports from northern' trict, exclusive of royalty, which
British Columbia of important was said some time ago to have
discoveries of rich placer gold de- reached over $200,000, amounts to
posits are accurate���and there $331,817, From timber due on
seems good reason for believing j the Yukon there was received
that they an.���another valuable $43,911; dredging leases, $133,005,
addition has been made to the and mining fees, 5145,263. The
known mineral resources of the Government obtained practically
Province. At present there is | nothing from liquor permits the
some uncertainty as to whether actual receipts being $940, as
part of the new field is not beyond against $3,160 during the previous
the boundary of the Province and year. The Government of the
until more authentic information ; North West Territories, acting
is received, the exact situation will: tinder authority which it has to
not be known. The boundary control the traffic in liquor, took
line in that region has never been ��� advantage of the opportunity to
positively defined, although its [ secure the revenue from this source
locality is approximately known, and before, the Yukon vvaudetached
Mr. Ogilvie, the new Commis- from its jurisdiction, and that is
sioner of the Yukon, who is now why the return from the permits
leaving for Dawson to assume the is so insignificant. The net i��-
position to which he has been ap- crease ^u the Yukon receipts over
pointed, had an interview with the ; last year is $325,956. The income
Provincial Government in Victoria [ from the issue of free miners' cer-
ou Thursday last and has promised tificates was $116,243. Mining
to furnish it with reliable inibr- revenue, not included in the Yu-
mation in regard to the matter as kon, amounts to $10,264, as against
soon as he reaches the vicinity and $3,162 in 1N07, an increase of $7,-
has     obtained   reports   from   hi.--  102.
officials   who are  in that locality. DUTIES AT THK PASSES.
By sending out a special messenger The duties collected by the Ca-
to the coast this report is likely to Ladia_ Customs officers at the
reach \ ictoria within three weeks, slirnmit of the White and Chilkoot
and meanwhile the Provincial Gov- pasSes upon the foreign outfits en-
ennuentis taking steps to meet the tering the Yukon district during
new conditions which the discovery the fiscal Near just closed amounted
has created.-News-Advertiser.       to   about   a   quarter of a million.
Averaging the duty at 2^ per cent.
Muci-l complaint is heard in Vic-  this means that fully a million dol-
toria with respect   to the failure of lars' worth   of supplies were taken
Messrs.    Mackenzie   \    Mann   to  j���   over   these   routes  during the
construct  the Teslin lake railway. year   in which the duty was paid.
1 he   eliect   of tins, in the opinion ' Taking   into consideration the fact
of the merchants on the coast, will that   a considerable portion of the
be   that  the trade of the Klondike outfits, such as blankets, clothing
Will be diverted from Canadian to utensils,   provisions   for   the trip
American channels.      The ground  etc.,   are  admitted free, the goods
for  this   assertion   is that a rival} brought in must have amounted to
railway   has   been   started  and is fully $2,000,000.
a.tout   completed   from one of the
American ports to navigable water.
This   road,   when  completed, will
represent private enteprise, and the
seuate   of Canada is being roundly
condemned for blocking the policy
of   the     Laurier   government   in
heavily   subsidizing   the construction   of   the   Teslin lake railway.
To   the   people who were anxious
Bank of British  North America.
Paid-up Capital, �� 1,000,ooo_Stg. $4,866,666,67 GOLD.
Reserve Fund, - ^275,000     " $1,338,333-33
Branch���   in   all the    Principal      lowrtH     ot       the    Dominion    of   Canada    and    Offices    in
NEW VORK, JJ Wall Street;  SAN FRANCISCO, iii Sans.ime Stxeot.
Branches in British Columbia- Vancouver, Victorin, Roailand, Trail, Sandon,  Kaalo, Slocan City.
N. W. T.���Dawson    City.    (Klondyke.)
Gold  Dust and Amalgam  Purchased.
The Vancouver and   Victoria  Branches are  conveniently  situated for
giving travellers to the Yukon Fanki' g facilities.
���"' W.  GODFREY,  Manager Vancouver Branch.
Furniture, Carpets,  Rugs,  Mats,
Linoleum, Oil Cloth.
We  Carry  the  Largest  and   Best   Assorted    Stock   in   B.   C.
Chairs especially packed for Shipment to Glenora.
Write    to    Us	
Hastings St, VANCOUVER.
Kelly Douglas & Co.
"V^_ TN7 O O TJ V 323 23
__,        -    -    -   CORRESPONDENCE    SOLICITED.    -    -    -
M. B. Smith & Co.
Bmckman & h
Aj)i lor Smith's   VcrrUhie   Uisculta. eapeejalljf pre-
ym.d lor mining cnnips.    Smith's I '.\   tliwuirs,
Qlaapell and Bflti   in thr m.T.ket.
Wm ���rwe. irrite u. or any wholesuie Ihhim in B. C.
Victoria and VANCOUVER.
General Mkkchanui.sk,
Miners Supplies,
Glenora, B. C -s
Manufacturer* and Dealers in
Compressed teed, Hay, Grain
and Meals of all kinds.
General Dealer
Steamer Governor Stone man flban-
cloned  at Circle Ctly
C. A. Brown, of Manitoba, who
arrived in Vancouver from Dawson
last week, says that the river
steamer Governor Stoneinan was
unable to get down the Yukon
that the Canadian road should be a"d WM abandoued at Circle City,
built it does not occur that any She drew five feet of water' The
blame attaches for the non-per- ?stelle You,,K' a dredger belong-
formance   of   the work save to the inS to parties from  Poraland, Or.,
Have  one  of   the   best  equipped
Mule pack-trains in Cassiar. Will       "T|l|i    A||.(W||j]]l)    |{|)||V
pack to Teslin or Dease lakes. '"'    nH ulllflU'a"    ,l"��lC'
For rates apply  to me at my store  STEAMERS
in Glenora.
Glenora Hotel
members of the senate. They appear to lose sight of the fact that
il   is   possible   for people to build
had quit work. Her machinery
could not penetrate the clay at the
bottom of the river.
Leading   Hotel   of Glenora.
Leave Victoria   and Vancouver reg-
Wines,   Licpiors and Cigars.        u|ar|y for   Wrangle,    issuing- through
tickets  and   bills  of lading  to Glenora.
For freight ahd   passage   apply at office,
Wharf Street.,  Victoria.
John  Irving,  Manager. LOCAL MENTION.
Govt. Agt. Porter was in town
W. F. Thompson, editor of the
NEWS, is expected home this week
from Teslin,   Selkirk and Dawson.
#Mr. and Mrs. Rufinot, lately arrived from Ashcroft, left on the
Monte Cristo Monday morning for
occurred two months ago, but it
was not until recently that
O'Brien's body was found in a log
jam 30 miles below the scene of
the accident. Mr. Hyland has
telegraphed the news to O'Brien's
relatives in Nova Scotia.���News-
THOS. DUNN & C0.,ltd.
MiLL   STJ_Pi?.LI___!ri_
The Strathcona returned Tuesday evening having reached the
Casca which was on an up trip and
had   ran   on a rock.     The freight
For   Sai.e-A   good   saddle or from  the Casca was transferred t0
pack   horse   with   riding   saddle, |the   Strathcona   which  brought it
bridle.,   and   blanket.      Will   sell back   to   Glenonu     The accident
cheap.    Enquire at News office.
The Mono came iu Wednesday
morning. This is her first trip
since her repairs. She left again
Thursday on her return to Wrangel.
P.    Bums,   who bought out the
was not serious  but necessitated a
return to Wrangel.
The gold discoveries on the border of British Columbia and the
North West Territories have naturally attracted the land hunters.
Thus   A.   E. Ironmonger Sola, of
line'of general hardware.
We Make a Specialty of Goods for the Northern Trade.
 Merchants and Contractors......
Can obtain all their Necessary stock of Blankets,
Mackinaws, Overalls, Underwear, Sox, Pants and
Furnishings at lowest Wholesale Prices.
Saunders   store  at this place, sold | Klondike   fame,   has given notice '
3 the Hudson
busv   taking
the same to the Hudson's Bay Co., I in the B. C. "Gazette" that he will!
who   are   busy   taking   over   the i apply to the Chief Commissioner of
stock. j Lands and  Works to purchase 160
The Strathcona came in Monday ' acres' more   or Jesd' of laud on the
.afternoon.   Her damages in the recent   accident   were not so great as
first reported.      She had five sacks
,of mail.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries left Monday morning for Teslin. Mr. Jeffries goes to butcher some beef
cattle that have been taken in.
They expect to return and spend
the winter in GL-uora.
The Monte Cristo came in Saturday loaded with freight and
passengers for this place and Tele-
| north bank of the mouth of Atlinto !
River.    Mr.    Norman W. F. Rant
wants to purchase 160 acres on the
east shore of Atlin Lake.
The Bennett Lake and Klondike '
Navigation Company,  Limited, is 1
authorised   to   carry   on business
within   the   Province.     The head '
office is 23, LeadenhallStreet, Lou-'
* * j
don, England.     The capital of the
company   is   .��75,000.    The head
office   in   the Province is 39, Gov- ���
eminent     Street.     Victoria,   and:
Frauds Mawson Rattenbury, is the
The Cassiar Central Railway Co. is now   offer- W
ing to sell building sites and town lots to the inhab- H
itants of Glenora.    Prices and liberal terms may   be wj
obtained by immediate  application   to the company j|
at its office   in   Glenora.      Special   inducements   to W
bona fide settlers, or those who   undertake  to   build jj|
at once.    The company is leading water to its lands P
for the benefit of settlers and pack trains. |g
Cassiar Central Railway company. ���
Edward D, Self,  Manager, (f|
(C. C. Ry. Co.)    . {$
This steamer is making regular trips between Wrangel ami Glenorn. ',',
Passengers, freight, lumber and animals will be unloaded at the town now Lfc
being built at the Terminal of the Cassiar Central Railway or at the old m
Townsitc of Glenora,    freight and floods will be stored by the company ,i
lor the convenience of the public at reasonable rates, KM
Edward D. Self,  Manager C, C. Ry. Co. &
graph.    To complete her contracts' attorney,     Thc Comi)aiiy has bee]]
���   155* -""-oV"
already made she will be compelled
to make at least six more trips
established to  construct, and work
steamers, rail   or tram roads in the
While   enrotite to the Klondike.
Services of the Church of England will
Dominion   of Canada, to facilitate be held  ,���  thl. church   tenl Rdjoi_ing
last   week   Commissioner   Ogilvie access  to   Dawson or elsewhere in Callbreath's barn every Sunday as follows:
stated   that   after looking into the the Klondike, and to obtain an act Holy Communion, 7 a. in.i Matins, 10:30
.matter   he   found   that the Atlan |or   acts   of   Parliament of the Do-
lake strikes are on  the British Co-   minion to build a railway from the
iumbia side of the border line.        \ north end of Marsh Lake to Hoota
linqua   River,   and a  railway on by Rev. John Pringle
L.   T   Hall left Thursday morn- dther side of White Horse Rapids =
mg   lor   Teslin   to take charge of ,md MiJcs   Callvon and to obtain
the   Hudson's   Bay   Co's store at
a. m.j Evensong, 7:30 p. m,       Rkv. B.
Appleyard, S. 1>. G. Missionary,
Presbyterian services will be held every
Sunday at Glenora  and Telegraph Creek
that place. Mr. Hall has been in
ihe Glenora store all summer and
is an agreeable gentleman and will
make friends wh erever he goes.
T. J. Holt, of Mackenzie, Mann!Ass".v
&   Co.,   arrived in Glenora Satur-"
any  land  grants, concessions, and
rights connected therewith.
Hotel Metropole.
.-y-A. 3sr o o cr v _3 _r ...
l":ii ii.siu'tl.
n.vtb Room*
Every Floor.
Rates     from     $2.50     per     day.
and   Ore   Testing   Works,   6m HODSON &  DEMPSRY, Prop*.
Vancouver, b. c.
on   the Monte Cristo and left  Samples received   by   mail will receive
prompt   attention.     Price cards on application at Nkws office, Glenora.
Monday morning, accompanied by
Dominick Burns, for Teslin. He
goes to bring in the crews of trail-
.nakers for his company. The
trail is now completed. They expect to be gone fifteen days.
160 Cordova St., Vancouver.
P.    H.    Hai-kin,   of Marshfield,
Wis., Edwin H. Jones and Charles
Jones,   of  Pheasant Forks, X. W. !
T.,   arrived   in Glenora Thursday
from   the   Ashcroft   trail.     They!
left Kamloops 011 .May n being all Will open in  a few days with
They had
that time on the road,
a large outfit and had no suffering
from lack of food, but say that the
trail is something terrible. The
youiio- men stood the trip well and
were in the best of spirits, and in-;
tend   going on into the Klondike.
Mr. John Hyland has brought
from Telegraph Creek the effects
of Edward O'Brien, the unfortun-
ate man who was killed by a fall- i
ing rock as he was paddling up the
Stikine in a canoe.     The accident
Clothing, Hats, Caps and
Men's Furnishings; also
a large stock of special
Klondike Clothing kept
on hand. Price lists
furnished on application.
Mail orders promptly attended to	
jm f)CCO
Wholesale and. ..
... Retail Druggists.
Frrnt Street,...  Opp. MeKinnon Wliaril
the largest and hest Stock
in Cassiar of Groceries,
Wines, Spirits, Cigars,
Tobacco, Cigarettes, Clothing, Blankets, Rugs, Rifles,
Cartridges, Stoves, Heaters
Hardware, etc., at the old
Glenora, B. C.
(Established 185s.)
We Carry   the  Largest   Stock   of  Drujjs
Chem;cals, Toilet Articles, Patent
Medicine*, Etc., in B.C.
Wholesale Dry Goods
and Men's Furnishings.
TENTS,   Etc.
Vancouver,   -    -    -    -   B. C
r��� RKDON fc H/VRTNAfUa.  IVofsv. YUKON mHIL   POSTS.
Winter   Storms   to be   Robbed   of
Their Terror.
Dawson and the Klondike gold
fields have, says a Seattle report,
taken several strides nearer civilization this Summer and never again
will the treacherous bars of the
lower river in Summer or the miles
of ice and snow in Winter be able
to prevei., xmununication with the
outside world. Lines of powerful
little river steamers running in relays between the rapids on the
upper river have solved the question for the season that water runs
in the great North West. Before
the snow flies again the banks of
the Yukon from Lake Bennett to
St. Michael will be studded with a
continuous chain of roadhouses and
mail posts.
The river boats that are now
operating on the upper river are
distributing material for building
the posts and provisions to stock
them at points thirty miles apart,
from Bennett to Dawson. On the
lower river the little steamer, May
West, is doing a like service. A
big band of Esquimau dogs and
numbers of reindeer have been
pur;-��ased in Siberia, and the
steamer, Del Norte, is now transferring them to Alaska. Some
fifty Laplanders and their families
have hired out to the Government
contract holders to man the posts
on the American luniks of the
river, and on the Canadian side
Mounted Policemen or whites employed for the purpose will be on
The river boats were found a
necessity lor quick travel to Dawson and have passed the experimental stage Their owners have
made a mint of money in the short
time their boats have been operating. The Government mail eon-
tract, for which $Ko,ooo a year is
paid, and the Canadian mail contracts, representing nearly as much
have resulted in establishing a line
of posts for Winter travel. There
are two lines of steamers now in
A Canadian company has a fleet
of   four   vessels,    the  Ora, Nora,
Flora and Dora.     They have running connections  with the steamer
Willie Irving.     The Upper Yukon
Company   has   two   steamers, the
Goddard and the Kilbourne.     The
river boats   of each line are run in
relays.       From   Lake  Bennett to
the head of White Horse Rapids is
covered  by one fleet of l>oats, and
from   White   Horse to Dawson the
run  is  made   without a portage.
All  the  boats on the lower half of
the  run  have  shot the dangerous
White   Horse   Rapids.     On every
trip   they   have   to traverse Rink
Rapids   and   on   the   return   are
roped through.
According to the engineer of one
of the little steamers which recently
visited Seattle  this is a very exciting     operation.        The    distance
through   White Horse Rapids and
the swift water above is about five!
miles,   and   the   boats make it in
fifteen   minutes.      He tells of his
experiences on the Ora, which was I
the first boat to get through.     He
was   down   in   the   engine-room,
which on   the little river boats is a
few feet below the water line.    All
around him on the inside were the
plunging rods of her complicated
machinery. Outside the water
was foaming, swirling and tumbling around until it seemed that the j
boat would fill at any moment.
At   the   entrance to the canyon j
the  river  takes a sudden turn and
the   boats   that  go through bump j
against   one   of the rocky sides of
the   canyon.      Unless the Captain j
straightens   her   out   immediately
she is doomed.     Iu the case of the j
Ora the   straightening process was
successfully carried out and the ex-1
citing run commenced.
The signal bell in the engine-room
was   constantly  jingling.      "Full
speed   ahead!"   would be counted
out by the  strokes of the bell, and
before the echo  had died away the j
order   would   come   to   stop her. (
The   signal     "Back   full   speed"!
would ring out and then the entire I
line of signals in constantly changing   order.     The   poor   engineer
Collapsed   at   the   end of the run,
and the Captain  had hard work to j
persuade him  to continue the trip, j
The   river   boats have carried a j
large number of passengers at $175
for the trip.      It is estimated thatl
the four Canadian boats have taken
in   over   $200,000 from passengers |
and freight in the last two months.
It   cost   $100,000 to put the boats
on the river.    It is now possible to
make   the  trip to Dawson in nine
days.    It has been made from New ,
York    in    fourteen   days.      One,
woman    was   landed   in   Dawson
twenty-eight   days   from the time |
she left her home in London, England. ���
Before last Winter it was considered   an impossibility to make the
trip   out   from the Klondike with
any degree of safety in the dead of
Winter.     Many men came out last
year over the ice for the purpose of
selling claims or because they were j
short  of supplies.    They tramped j
for   days   over  the trackless river
surface,   followed   by   dog teams, 1
for which   they had paid, in many
instances, several thousand dollars. J
All   but   one or two made the trip
out, but with great hardship.          '
During the coming Winter semi-
monthly mails must come over the
entire   course   of the river, and it
would   be   obviously impossible to
make   the trip if last years' conditions were unchanged.     With provisions and sleeping stations thirty
miles   apart,   the   trip   will be an
easy   one   and   can  be made very
quickly.    All a man would have to
start out with from Dawson would
be   a   pocket full of provisions for
his   lunch.      By   night he would
reach     the    first   station   above.
Thirty miles a day is easily traveled
especially   without   a  pack.    Not
even blankets will have to be carried, for   sleeping accommodations
will be provided at every station.
The mails will be carried on the
lower river by reindeer teams and
on the upper river by dogs. The
carriers will work only between
two or three stations, and their lot
will be an easy one, compared to
that of the mail carriers of former
years,who, in starting out, always
bid their friends good-bye as if for
the last time.
JI   |\   ^or Miners, Prospectors,
JvlUlU hotels and Restaurants.
CRYSTALLIZED EGG is simply a fiesli shelled egg, with water
extracted, reduced in bulk and weight. You add two tablespoons!ul
of water to one of Crystallizeii Egg, and you have a fresh egg with
all the nourishment and original sabstances retained. 48 pure eggs
in each pound can. No broken or bad eggs. No shells. No Waste.
No heavy freight or pack Chafes to pay.
LA IWONT'S is the only pure and genuine Crystallized Egg in the world.
Been in use over 30 years, and guaranteed to keep 'in anv climate. Put
up in square, screw top tins, with red and blue label. Ask your dealer
for LaMont's. If he should not have it, you can always get it by ordering
from the agents for Canada.
���j Cordova St.. Vancouver, B. C.
Established 1886.
Incorporated  1*195.
Ijf  (6 C()., LU. Cordova st.    IMM
wholesale and retail
Turner Beeton & Co.
H. C. Beeton & Co., 33 Finsbury Circus, London, Eng.
Wholesale Dry  Goods,  Liquors  and
Cigars, Flour and Miners' Supplies.
Union S.S. lo. of B.C.
Vancouver,   B. C.
S. S. "Cutch" will leave Vancouver weekly for Wrangel, making fast passage to connaat
with Str. "Rothesay" for,
S. S. "Coquitlam" same trip fortnightly with freight and passengers.
S. S. "Capilano,"  open  to special,
charter, capacity 320 tons d.w.r
or 75 horses or cattle.
For Rates apply to Company's agent at
Wrangel or to head office, City	
Wharf,   Vancouver	
*" H. Darling, Manager"
Development Co
Steamers "Victorian,"
"Monte Cristo"
Steamers and Boats now
being built on Teslin Lake.
Daily connections from Glenora to Wrangel by the
Canadian Pacific S. S.
Line fleet of Steamers,
"Constantine," "Dal-
ton," "G. M. Dawson,"
"McConnell," "Ogilvie"
"Schwatka," "Terrill,"
"Walsh,"       "Hamlin,"
"Duchesnay"    and	
'Hiere is room on our sut>scrip-
tion books for another subscriber.
Connections   made at   Wrangel
with the superb Steamships
^^^^^^^^^^^^M AND
Wholesale   Grocers       "^T��mlTI^~"
Prnvlcmn    VT        L      . Every  We^^day for  Victoria
Provision    Merchants,  and   Vancouver   and   all   point.
EAST.    For rates and information
       apply to
Special  Attention given to M" ^ M00**^"0*.  Agt., Gleuos*.
Orders Received by | H. B.   Cartsr,    Gen'l   Aft.,  or
M^-- R- A.   Corbktt, Pass, and Freight
�����    i37Wat��St.   Vancouver.       Agrnit, Wrangel.


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