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The Miner Apr 3, 1897

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bia as vrell ap possessing all tho requirements of a business centre, and tbe
"Gateway to the country."
II. II, Broten ia building a nsat rosi-
denoe in VanNess' addition.
John Rogers has his now residence on
Second street about finished and ho
moved in Thursday.
THE END IS NOT YET   w°**<°°a.b. Jones- forty roomiod- THE FORCE IN GREASED
ging house is progressing as rapidly as
the work can bo pushoJ.
Ihe addition to Henderson's store is
enclosed and will bo placed in tho hands
of tho decorators and painters for the
finishing touches.
Plans and specifications aro being
prepared for a neat theatre and hall,
work on which will bo commenced within the next few weeks.
Many New Buildings to go up at Once
and the Cry is Still They Oou.e.
—Contracts Being Let for
Townsito Buildings.
And the Proporty is Now Being Worked
Night and Day in Hope of Striking the Ledge Inside
of Sixty Days-
It is evident that Grand Porks has
not had i ts gonerai start on a building
boom, nnd that the best part of it i3 to
come yet, Thore has been ovor twenty
now buildings erected in Grand Porks
during the past month, aud a majority
of them are good substantial structures
intsead of what is commonly known as
"shacks." Thero would havo been many
moro substantial business blocks and
fine residences erected ere this were tho
builders able to get tho necessary quality of lumber, but tho supply has been
very short up to tho present timo.
Both buw -ni!lni<-8 n<W rjnning. ui.d
turning out all tho necoseary rough
lumber, and dressed flooring, but they
cannot supply tho required amount of
finishing lurabor for such residences as
aro now proposed. Inside finishings,
such as kiln dried materials, will havo
to be ghippod in from Spokane. Then
again, dimension shingleB aro not to bo
procured here, at present, and they will
havo to be shipped in. Windows, doors,
and materials for wainscoting and picture moldings in the rooms are another
oxpcnsivo addition that will have to be
shipped. Tho number of expensivo re*
sidences to bo eroded here in tho noar
future will require the establishment ot
a planing T"ill and a local market for
such materials.
Plana and speciftcatione. nre now in
tho hands of contractors and builders for
tho erection of a line cottage for Chas.
Cumings, manager of tho Townsite
company. The building is to be ereated
on the oast sido of tho rivor above Hon,
John A. Manly's residence. It is to
cost in tho neighborhood of 88,000 and
built on tbe plan of an English cottage.
Work is to be started as soon as Mr.
Cumings gets here. Ho now has a car
load of line furniture at Bossburg waiting shipment to this place.
Another residence of equal expense
aud attraction to the east Bide is to be
built at onco by Mr. McRea, of Rossland,
the plans and specifications now being
reedy for tho contractors.
Chas, T. Long, who is now in the east
on business, will also build an attractive
residenco on tho oast side tho plans and
specifications, of which will bo horo
shortly and turned over to the contractors.
Tho Grand Porks towi.sito company
havo also Bent plans and specifications
here for tho erection of a fine buniuoss
oflice to bo erected on the cornor of
Bridge and Riverside streets*, near tho
bank of tho river.
Tho oust side promises to bo a vory
arlstrncratlo addition to Grand Porks,
and with the completion of Dr. Averill's
fine residence, that of tbe Hon. John A.
Manly ami many others now proposed,
Grand forks will have assumed city airs
«*i,ual to any In Southern British Colum-
Dr. Averill's business houso on Second
streot, just south of Bridge street, is
now completed and Dr. Smith has taken
possession of the first story as an olliee
aud residence,
Tho buildings which were startod
Bomo timo ago aro rapidly nearing completion and other new ones aro being
commoncod as fast as tho lumber can
bo delivered.
Tho building boing oroeted by Dr.
Averill on tbo oornr** if Biserside avenue and Bridge street is enclosod and
will be turned ovor to the painters und
decorators next weok.
Mr. Jacob Caso this, woek, purchased
the lot next to Kerr's building on
Bridge street and will at once commence the erection ot a business houso
which ho expects to occupy aa a restaurant.
Government   Makes   Appropriations
for  Buildings.
Dr. Ilepworth, secretary of the board
of school trustees, received00 Thursday
an ollicial notice from tho educational
department at Victoria, a cony of the
estimates for the revenues and expenditures of Brilish Columbia for the fiscal
year ending the 80th of Juno, 1898. In
theBe estimates it is found that the sum
of $1,600 is Bet apart for tho building of
a recorders office and lock-up at Grand
Porks, besides an additional sum of
$1,200 for the building and furnishing of
a public school. The justness of these
appropriations are vory apparent and
and tho local government is to be congratulated on their speedy action in
thoso matters. Tho building of a euit-
ablo record olliee and lock-up at Grand
Forks is absolutely necessary as at present prisoners havo to bo kept at a
hotol, as thoro 1b not-even a calabooao
iu the town. The uecessity of a suitable
school houso is clear to everybody, as it
is a woll known fact that tho present
accommodations aro anything but adequate. It is to bo hoped thut tho government will be as expeditious in commencing work un it was in making the
appropriation, as tho necessity for theso
buildings at onco is most essential.
Mr. Jas. O. Cunningham, socrota ry of
tho Bonota Mining Company of Spokane, which owns tho Boneta on Observation mountain overlooking tho town,
arrived at the Porks on Monday with
another force of mon to push devlop-
ment on the property ahead as fast as
posflible in tho hopo of striking tho
ledge beforo tho option lately given on
a controlling interest in tho mino, expires. Tho now mon want up to tho
mino on Tuesday and oight mon aro
now omployed on the property, working
two shuts.
In conversation with a Minei: reporter
Mr. Cunningham said:
"Wo believe we havo a mine in the
Bonota and aro willing to run the risks
of losing tho money wo aro putting into
development work. As yet wo havo not
offered any of our stock to the public.
The treasury stock is being taken up
by tho original shareholders as fast as
issued and wo do not intend offering any
to tbe public until tho valuo of our
property ia proven.
"Yes, we havo given nn option on tho
controlling interest in tho company. A
Mr. T. Morgan, representing a strong
English syndicate, has been trying for
some timo past to secure tho proporty
and last weok wo made him an oiler of
51 per cent of tho stock, enough to give
him control, for 955,000. This offer^has
been accoptod and a (10 days option given on thoBn terms."
Speaking ot tho work now underway
Mr. Cunningham said that much softer
rock was being encountered tho last day
or two in the tunnel, almost as much
progress having beon made Tuesday as
was mado tho entire week before.
When last measured up tho tunnel
was in nearly 00 feet with anywhere
from 12 to 25 feet to go beforo tapping
the lodgo. At tho present rato of progress this will take from ten Cays to
two weeks, or more, according to the
angle at which tho vein dips into tho
If tho ore body is found with tho tunnol now being run, it is intended to go
further down tho mountain sido and
run in another tunnol to crosscut tho
vein at a vertical depth of from 200 to
■100 foot.
Jossop Drill Steel, 1'owder, Caps and
Fuse at Manly's Hardware*,
Better Luck Right Along.
W, M. Esllok was in town on Thursday from  Bossburg,  and  reports the
roads between bore and thore in vory
bad condition but says that, so far, tho
Bossburg  ,Btage   haa    never   failed to
make connections with tho down traia,
to Spokane, and it generally moots tho
train to Rossland.
Mr. J-j-iliek has boen working on tho
Bettor Luck group of claims, of which
he is ono of tho owners. This prop erty
is situated in Better Luck camp on the
reservation, about ten miles from Bossburg and about ono and one half miles
from Ron RaoBasr's.
A shaft haB betn sunk to a depth of
between 50 and 00, showing a large body
of oro as3aying from 83 to 620 in gold
and also carrying silyer and some cop,
por. It is intended to do considerable
moro work on tho property ao soon as
tbo spring opens up a littlo better.
Mr. Esliek reports a rich strike of
free-milling ore on a claim owned by W.
P. Brien and Reed Crowl, and situated
just across the river from Bossburg.
Largo assays have boon obtained somo
going as high at 8310 in gold. Excitement ovor the now strike runs high and
claims aro being staked  right and left.
lie left yesterday for Bossburg but
expects to return as soon as tho snow is
off the bills and tqjond somo time prospecting in thisviciuity.
Big Pass Creek Deal.
A bond has just been given on the
Rathmullen, Traralger, Glasgow, Westward Ho, Lansing, Ben llur, Malta and
Rob Roy to James M'O'Toole, the consideration beihg $202,000. noariy the
wholo of which, howover, ia W bo paid
in stock. Tho parties giving tho bond
aro J. B. Hondorson, W. M. Wood, T.
Carmichal, T. S. lligginson and E.
Tho properties are situatod on Pass
Croek and betweon thoro and tho North
Pork of Kottlo river.
Tho   company   formed to take  evor
these properties is named tho Rathmullen   Consolidated   Mining & Smelting
Company, Ltd., capital $2,000,000.—Midway Advance.
Getting Ready to Ship.
O. A. Sanders came up to Grand Porks
this week from Toulou mountain, where
ho has beon at work on tlio Scotia Mining and Milling company's property, aud
brought with hiin somo fine specimens
of ore. Mr. Sanders reports tho tunnel
that is now being run on tbe War Eaglo
in 220 foot and in a large body of shipping oro. Tho lodgo was tapped at 100
feet from the surface and tho company
is now placing machinery in position,
and as soon as it is in working ordor
they will comnionco shipping. Mr. D. P.
Mitchell, of this city, is largely interested
in this company, boing ono ot tho original bcators of tho proporty.
Struck the Ledge.
C. C. Rahlfs has just returned from
Deadwood camp where ho haB boon work
ing on tho Mother Lode proporty for the
paBt two months. Mr. Rahlfs reports
this property showing up well; a tunnol
having been run some 200 foot to eroBB-
cut tho lodge, and that on Wednosday
lust what is supposed to bo tho hanging
wall of tho ledge was struck. Several
high assays have been made from tho
oro taken from the workings of this
tunnel. Col, Weir, the present owner
has great fuith in the Moilier Lode bo*,
ing among tbo early producing mines iu
tho Boundary creek district *■>
Do You Own a Few? If Not Call at Once
We are Agents for the Town Company and will take pleasure to
Show you Property.   We offer a few Crisp Snaps
in the Following:
Hotel property—Two lots; 20 bed rooms;
best equipped hotel in tho town; fine bar room,
largo barn. Will be told furnished complete,
except bar fixtures. Cash rental 8250 por
month. Call quick on this deal. Siekness
in family compels removal.
Edward's Ranch and Perry—320 acres fine
land; substantial buildings; 35 acres in cultivation; water works; COO acres in pasture; bar
and fixtures. Tho best located and most profitable Mad houso in the Province, Price
81,200;   part cash, balance  ox easy terms.
Ranch of .120 neros; 7 miles up North Fork;
good log buildings; fine timber, level productive agricultural land; bui.dings cost 8800,
If closed soon wo can sell this valuable property for $500.
Mining Stocks,  Prospects, Developed and Undeveloped, For Sale.
Coma in and see us or Write Us,
Grand   Forks  more Talked of Than
All Than the Rest.
No Other City in   British Columbia
Is so Well and Favorable
Parties recently ovor frciu Rossland
itate that no city in the West Kootenay
country bas a greater boom on than
Grand Porks. In -every brokor's office,
and upon the corners of the most principal streets tho raging conversation is
favorable to the Kottlo river district,
with Grand Forks as tho magnetical
When asked as to how to get into tho
North Fork, Boundary creek country
and the upper reservation soction you
are told that Grand Forks is tho -'Gateway to the country." When asked as
to its railway possibilities you are told
that no railway route can reach uny
portion of this section of tho country
without coming to Grand Forks.
'"How is tho route from the west via
Pentieton?" is another pertinent question. The only way to answer this is to
Bay that the trade and business of this
country is not coming that way to any
great oxtont.
Marcus and Bossburg are striving for
tbe business ot this section, both as regards freight aud transient travel. As
tho trains now run ou tho Spokano
Northern the uptruvel frcm Spokano
find it to thoir advantage to stop off at
Marcus and take the Grand Porks stage,
wjiilo people on the down train from
Rossland find it to their advantage to
stop off al Bossburg and take tlio short
lino over the hill to Toulou's place, and
thero meet tho Marcus stage for Grand
Porks. As a rule the Marcus stage is
loaded aud in many instances passengers aro required to take the Wright
stage as extra in order to  get  through,
Wright & Sohwan run direct from
Bossburg, whilo tho William's route
[ram Marcus run a branch line over the
hill at tbo same timo. thus making two
routes from Bossburg. There is not a
day passes but that both stages are
crowded with passengers who aro eager
to get through regardless of the unpleas ■
unt conditions of the trip, for .-.day and
night ride.
Both stago lines aro endeavor-log to
accommodate the travelling public and
in so doing force tho conditions of the
route, compell stage men to muke haz-
zardous trips and place double work upon the stage stock along tho line. Tho
travel is unusually heavy anil the route
very dangerous to passengers and expensive to the stago companies.
It is a well known fact that fifty per
cent of tho people would kick and grumble were they not pushed through to
their destination on a daily route, und
whorl they get out on tho road and find
tho condition of tilings and tho uiuny
disadvantages of travelling without a
stop over they will then kick and grumble about tho stago line, while if it wero
understood that a lay-over was nocej-
sary, at either Marcus or Bossburg, and
make the route a day one, there would bo
agreatdoal more satisfaction to the travelling public, und much less expense,
and loss of property to the stago company.
Now, that the roads aro bad, and the
route almost impracticable for night
staging it is to bo hoped thut the day
ruu will be satisfactory to all. Tlio
heaviest part of tho truvol into this
country comes from Marcus. Tho Spokano train arrives there at. 12:00, noon.
Tho train from Kosslund arrives at Boss
burg at 2 o'clock, p. ra., and the differ-
enenco of nino miles betwoen Bossburg
and Toulou'-a place, and eighteen from
Marcus to Toulon's brings the two lines
about on time with tho up and down
trains on tho Spokano Northern, both
ways from (-Irand Forks.
It is reported that a night train is
soon to be run from Spokano, arriving
at Marcus at four o'clock iu tho morning. This will enable passengers to-take
tho morning stago from Marcu-i to
Grand Porks, and at the same time enable the Rossland passengers to g-it out
of Bossburg early enough in the
morning to come through the same day
by the Bossburg route, leaving thoro at
nine o'clock, immediately upon the arrival of tho train from the north.
This arrangement will make tho stage
ride from both points a day run and we
will get our mails here in the evening
instead of in the morning, yet the delay in timo will be the same as the pro-
present schedule.
Por a cup of cofl'oo aud croam go to
tho Arcadia.
Work to Commence at Once.
Mr. Chas. Oumings, secretary and manager ot
thu Townsite oompany, Mr. John A. Manly and
Mrs, Manly, returned from Rossland lato yesterday afternoon, and report a very disagreeable trip between BOBSburg anil the Forks. Mr.
Cumings Is authority 1'or the statement that
work ,on the *-everal proposed buildings to bo
eroded by tho Townsite* company, will bo commenced at onco.
On the Way.
Mr. Aikman received tho information from
Victoria, this morning, that tho oftloial papers
appointing him returning officers for lho coming municipal election, had boon forwarded to
"nimby the proper officer**,   Until they arrive
nothing definite win he known regarding tho
timo of the election.
Mocha und Java coffee, -JOc a pound at
(lill ,v. Kirklund's.
Steel Tray Wheel Harrows at Manly's Hardware Store.
Inspect 'Jill &. Kirklund's .Shoes beforo purchasing elsewhere.
Pan Moriarity of Camp McKinney, *vas rogi**,
tered at the Victoria tiiis week.
F.M. Aitogast, of Colville, Wash., Is iu town
■si'-ing up the place with a view of investins.
II. T and Robert RaouHB, of Rossland, cnn*_e
in on Wednesday and may remain permanently
among us.
Mr. MeCllutool* of Colvillo Is iu town ou a
visit. Ho is interested in tho Morrison claim
in Deadwood cam],.
Kranois McLiy-.n a resident of Cascade City
appeared iu our midst this week. Mac says
things are lively lit tin; Fails.
Mrs. O. C. Luther and family arrived in town
the lirst of the week Irom Seattle and will uiako
tlio Forks their future home.
A.C.Sutton was a passenger on Thursday's
stage from Greenwood, haying been on a visit
across tho range for the last lew days.
H. A. Wilson, of Marcus, Wash., is in towu on
business relative to -some mining properties and
may remain some little lime among us.
Colin Campbell mado a trip up tho North
Fork Wednesday to lookar. some property, llo
reports the snow rapidly disappearing.
Judge .-'pinks arrived in town yesterday Ot-
ternoon, having come from Rossland whore llo
has been visiting for the last ten days.
Kankcn & Campbell, real estate aud investment agents/have rented one of the offices lu
tlie Averill building aud will occupy it as soon
as completed.
MeSBTB. Pare and Sutherland, owners of the
Daylight claim in Summit camp, are making
preparations to open up their property anil intend fo start work immediately.
Neils Larson has just returned from doing the
assessment work on tho Bimetallic and star
olntms and reports that lie has struck some lino
ore on the lirst named property.
John A. Manly says the mines near Grand
Forks will bo vigorously worked tills summer*
iio estimates that over 1,00(1 mon win be employed lu that vicinity,—-Rossland Mining
Sam Bwanson, of Cascade City, was among
the many visitors at the Forks lhe past week.
He says considerable building is being clone In
his lown and lots are selling   like hot cakos
in a Norwegian settlement,
Rev. li. U. Proper was a passenger on Wright's
stage from liessiiurg last Monday. Mr. Proper
has come for tlie purpose of establishing a
branch of the Baptist ehuroll at Grand Forks
ami will likely have work on aohurchbuildiiuj
started within tin; next thirty day*.. THE  GRAND  FORKS "MTNER,  SATURDAY,   APRIL  3,   1897.
Sd is tho Dominion  Government and
the Crow's Nest Pass Lice is
Now   an  Assurad  Pact—
Som-j of the Surveys.
In the Spokesman-Review of March
25th, wo find the following regarding
the Crow's Nest Pass railway:
Rossland, B. G, March 20.—A telegram received hero this morning says
that tho Toronto (Jlobs, tho official organ of tho Laurier government, today
gives tho information that nn arrangement has been perfected between tho
Canadian Pacific railway and tho Dominion government whereby tho construction of tho Crow's Nest pass railway extension through the coal field.; of East
Kootenay to Rossland will bo proceeded
with immediately,
This dispatch is authentic and may bo
regarded as dually determining the immediate construction of this road.
This information in becoming generally known hero and the citizons ot' tho
town and district are jubilant, as tho
completion of tho road a&Si) tea tho smelting interests of Southern Kootenay with
cheap coking coal as well aa for domestic purposes.
So-ne of the Routes That Have Been
Examined in the i-'asl.
The information that tho question is
finally decided as to who will build the
Crow's Nost puss railway will be received with pleasure by tho people of tills
section, as the further development of
East end West Kootenay will now bo iig*
The building of this road means much
to British Columbia. It will opon up it
mineral region of surpassing riohness,
whicli has only been waiting for transportation to bo mado known 10 the
world. Much of this great mineral area
has been practically useless because so
far removed from transportation; but
now the prospector will bo rewarded and
a market afforded for both tho high and
low grade ores lying on or near tlio lino
of tha projected railway.
Tho great coal fields in tho Crow's
No3t pass wil! become available. Theso
fields have been known for many years.
Tho character of somo of the coal veins
closely resembles anthracite.
Tho route of tho road has not been
fully determined. A survey mado several years ago started from Loth bridge,
Alberta, aud ended at Nelson. Loth-
bridge is 108 miles west of Dunmore, on a
branch of the Canadian Pacific railway.
This branch road was built several years
ago, and operated as a narrow guage by
the Gaults, who owned the great coal
mines at Lethbrldge, A few years ago
the Canadian Pacific acquired control
and changed the road to a standard
gauge. Jtii-l bow the lino will bu built
west of Lethbrldge is not officially
known. The people of that section have
always thought it would, when built, go
through Fort Maclood, and at that point
make connection with the lino now be
ing operatod between Maclood, Calgary,
and Edmonton, and'.hen follow up Old
-Man's river and Pineher creok and
thence through the pass, Canadian
Pacific officials express tho opinion that
thp Gurvoys will not reach MacIeod,*but
keop to lho south and west, striking tho
Old Man's river several miles above,
The old surveys, after leaving tlio
Rocky mountains, strike Elk river, following down the stream for several miles,
thence across to fhe upper Kootenay,
crossing that stream about twenty miles
below Fort Steele; thence in northwesterly direction to Crankrook, thence
southwest to Moylo river, down on the
east side of Moyie lake and river, and
across to Goat rivor, running a short distance down that stream.: thenco northwest below the head of Kootenay lake,
crossing the river and following up the
west side of the lake to a point opposite
Balfour, thenco down tho Kootenay to
A later survey, it is said, has bien
mado up tho Moyle to its head wat-rs,
crossing tho divide to tho headwaters of
tho Kootenay and then following tho
route indicated.
Mining men say that an old survey up
the St. Mary's, if followed, would bo tho
shotteot and open up a richer mineral
country. Surveyors, however, spy the
route is impracticable, as, where tho
summit of the Pureell range is reached,
a descent of 5,000 feet must bo made in
17 milos. This survey, if followed,
would havo its disadvantages from u
transportation point of view, for when
tho line reached Crawford bay tha further service would bo impaired, as barges would bo required to haul tho cats
to Nelson, liy tho other route it would
bo an nil rail route to Nelson, although
much longer. There are moro,engineering difficulties to bo overcome by the St
Mary's route, tho engineers say.
Parties of surveyors havo been in the
field all winter in the vicinity of Goat
river, tho Kootenay, and on the west
sido of tlie lake towards Nelson.
§ Seeds! Seeds!
A Large .Stock of Northern Grown ?-■
Garden Seeds in Bulk-. The Very %
Host Quality at BaBtern Prices, *
f-jjk First Class Quality and tho prices Will Ploaso Vou.
§h 9f   A;l ft*1****-* !*t Spokano   Prices   Freight and
J$ Incidentals  Added. ^5
3   0.   B.   &   P.-B.  NELSON, g
§ Livery Teams, Saddle
m^sm*       Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale.    Teaming of all Kinds Done.
The Coal l-islds are E-iornnjus.
The Canadian Pacific railway is going
to get no bonus from tho government
towards the construction of tho Crow's
Nest railway. That seems to be taken
for granted. On the contrary, it seems
to be taken for granted th.it some effort
will bo ma Jo to re-invest the peoplo
with the valuable coal fields
which tbo British Columbia politicians
alienated to themselves and their
Just exactly what theso coal Holds
amount to in extent or in valuo tho
World has hitherto been able to toll only
a general way. We have stated that
thoy included ever/ variety of coal—lignite, bituminous and anthracite; that
thero were kuown to be thirty-two con-
Bocutlve soaras exposed to view, ot,o of
them being thirty foot wide thirty miles
long.; that fhe combined width of tho
seams was 180 feel;. Tlio Telegram last
nigut produced evidence to show that
the coal fields in question are evon moro
valuable and moro extensive than we
had boen informed. According to information furnished tho late W. II.
Howland in 1892, by an expert, tho
Crow's Nost property is estimated at
fifty million tons, while tho whole
amount of tons of coal embraced in tho
coal lands now controlled by tbe Cana
dian Pacific railway is "almost inconceivable.'' The market for the Crow's
Nest coul promises to bo a very profitable and extensive ono. The Great
Northern railway will distribute largo
quantities of it throughout Montana,
Idaho and Washington, whilo tho Canadian Pacific rail ,.'.'iy will handle th? coal
throughout the mining districts of liritish Columbia. The railways themselves
will consume immenso quantities of it.
All the Btneltors and steam plants within 1.00 or 000 miles ot the coal fields will
be supplied from this source. —Turoi)to
Leaves Dos- burg on the arrival of the soul b hound train arriving at Grand Forks
at 9 o'clock same evening. Leaves Grand Forks at I o'clocit a. m„ arriving al
Bossburg in time to connect with northbound train. Express and freight prompt,
ly attended to and handled at reasonable rates.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Tcrmius of
Sta^e Line From Marcus, Washington.
MfcCauig,    -   -    Proprietors.
Financial and Moling Brokers.
Groups of  Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc,
or norse
Persons having mining or other Properties that will
bear investigation, can have a Oompany promoted, Ol
sell (hem, by addressing	
17 sod 19 Broadway, New York Oity.    London offices.'—-Ohiswell House, New
.'I':1 Einsbury Pavement, London, li. C,England. *"--*.
THE (ilUKD F5MS Mltfm, SATURDAY, April % mi.
m? 1K11   RTYRITS   MTTtfVR   be explained by those in authority. The TTOtiobisheebbv oivkjtthatoo dattb
. MwiiNl'    1 V'U1\H    jll 1 . m,ii. *       , ,. IN utter dato hereof Iiutcnd to apply to  tbe
*.„.,,..- ,-—~    .^_„_—.    ,,|(i   1,,-t  jjun   which   used to serve as a   Honorable tho lihief Commissioner of Lands
tin; Minf.1* Ut published cm Saturday nnd will   footbridge has been removed by settlers
who wor
mailed  lo Subscriber ou payment uf Two
.i.-liursH year.
Displayed  Advertisements  $2 uu Inch  per  tho lake by Christina creek aud   as the
month.  A liberal discount allowed on  long   ,    .,        .' ,, ...     ,   * , „ •
i*oiitrat*i»r *ra1' must cross the creek the  bridge is
Tranoi-mt Advertisements 3Q cents a line first even moro needed by the people up tho
Insertion and 10 cents a line for each additional  , ,    ..      ,.,,
Iniertion. lake than hitherto.
l^ocal or reading matter notices86 cents each A very small amount of money would
"jobrrmting at Pair rate.   All nce-.ni.-. for put in this bridge and convert the pros-
job work and advertising payable on thelirst of ont trail into a wagon  road  from  Cus-
4ach month.               F. li. ftcOABTEE & Bon. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^     ConB-(ler*n,, tho
 satorday7marcu «um. r;lvT°thl> K°™rnmont <hastlhaa ?r°m
the Christina lake  country their delay
Work! tor permission to pun-basi.' ho  acres
of land, situated an the NnrthFork of Kettle
o trying to take lumber   up  to   river and desoribod in follows:   Co. curing
..,,.. .      at thoaouthweat corner of Jot,7l7,0«oyoo» Divi
sion Yale Distrlot. thenco west 80 chains, thence
north40Chains.thence east *j*> chains, th- ine
south -iu.ciu.iuM tuti.e point of cominenoemeat.   « ——- -_-—-— _,____„  ._,.__.__
Gr , ,-ork,,,. c, .LffSE* 0Luut county court notice
in doing something to  render this dis-  NOTICE TO   TAXPAYERS
Sittings of the County Court of Vale will lie
holdeu us fellows*.
nt the hour of ten o'clock ln tbe forenoon respectively.
By command W. u McMYNN,
(iorcri.mo.it Olliee, Midway, B. C j    D. it. C. >C
March '.'1,18:17. I
Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue Tax.
Damu Rumor  ia  authority   for the tr[et leBa ina.CCeBsible can  scarcely bo
Statement that the O. R. & N. Co., is excU8B-*|f i)Ut p3rhaps they are waiting
making for tho Boundary and Kettle fm. gomo railway compai.y to  give tho
River country, coming by way of tho or(**er_
Okanogan river and Osoyoos.   Next! While wo are on the  subjoct of this
  section of tho country we would like to •R"t'fe 0rec* Division of Yale District
Let all British  subjects in the Kot- askj als0) why nothiDg bas boen dono in 	
tie river division see  that their  names the matter of  transferring  tho  records WOTTCE 18 HEREBY GIVEN, ln  accordance
*«> nmndrlv rpeiqtorpd    Just as soon i* r-„   ■   ■      1,        i •          ■_• u **-N   with the statutes, that Provincial Revenue
-are properly legistorea.   just as boou q, Christina lake   claims  which were Tax and alUTaxes lovlcd uuder the Assessment
as it is shown that wo have a   voting ,    •     nnqs|„,,fi      Thn   mutter -h-.s Aot are now duo for the year 1807.
it-       ,,,i„,„n„,i-,f„r*,„„. m-,,1-. twsslanci.     ine   matter nas All of tbe above named Taxes eollecHblo p-m. in tho school modi at Grand Forks,
population our demands for new roads, been brought to the  notice of govern- within the Rock Ureek Division of Yule Dis-  !,„.,, „„,,„„, ,„..,„ .   ,„   ,„ ,„„ „„,,„„,
trails etc   will receive uroDer consider* *.«•-..             -.u         -. tnctiue payable nt my olliee at Osoyoos, Ii. C.
trans, etc., win receive piopc.  wu-iuu men*. oft-^jg for raonths past. Frovinoial Revenue Tax. (at per year.
-*Fltion.                                                                                                  Assessed Taxes ine collectible at tlie following
     - —                                                   rates; viz:—
A Railway for Squaw Creek. If {laid on or before June 80, 188'
Carson Lodge I. O. 6. F. No. 37.
T    ft    ft    V    MEKT8   EVERY   SATURDAY
X. Ui Ui L 1 evening at s o'clock in Ibelr
hall nt Carson, It 0. A cordial invitation extended to all sojourning brethren.
P, B. NELSON, R. a.
I). 1). McLAI.KN, N. 0.
Church Notice.
Sabbath ih the church at 11 a. m. and 7 jTSO
Sabbath school 10::10 a. m. in the sehocl room.
At Carson weekly 3 p. m.
Rev. Thos. Raton, Pastor.
As a rulo, it is a vory odious   habit to
pry into other peoplo's private affairs,
,,   ,      , , „ .,        Three-fifths of ono per cont on ltcal Property
H. A. Chesney, superintendent  of tho two nndnne-hallporoonton the assessed value
,,., ...v.* %..—.   r—-1- 1-     ■   ei rii-nolr M.llln    u,-,l   Mintncr nnm "f Wild land, one-half of one per cent on  l'cr-
but as a matter of idle curiosity we would Bauaw Creek Milling and Mining com- Bon(U proporty. 0n so much bf theum-obmiof
...    4   , i     ••> -    11   -t 11,    ", .,„ ^   pany, cam© down from  tho mines last  w person as excueda ono thnusant
like to know why it is that the  Vernon   *     -7 " following rotes,   namely:—Opon suuu excess
when the ptiiiio is \ ot more than ten thousand
dollars, one per cent; when such excess-Is over
ten thonsand dollain and not more than twenty •■
Colonial ami Foreign Mining Regnlutions.
Prospects for the precious metals and Kcma
Orgamzcs prospecting *nd exploring parties.
Examines and rcportB on mining properties.
With Colin Campbell,
(IRAND  FORKS   R. <!.
*,                        , .  ,          ir.,,. ,.,, evening and will remain a week or ten
-News receives a higher rate for govern- . B
...   .h .,„„   fh„„ _. days in Spokane, c osing up some min-
taent advertisements than tne other pa- '          r          '           b   *                                                                                       .
..,,.,       , r, „f„„..„ .i^,,.:,,. ing deals.   Mr. Chosnoy is ono of the  thousand dollars, one and one-quarter of one
bers in the Yale and Kootenay district. ,h                ,     ,•                  ,           ,       tier cent:   when such excess Is over twenty
  pioneers in the Squaw creek country,  th         -   - ■■
A conservative estimate shows that and has tha most unbounded faith in
tho   government  is  expending on the the future of that region.   For theput  u^nT^Z^^jJ^l^o.7lli  LbW b\M  Collecting AffeilCy.
orts   land, three-quarters of one perceuton Porsoual 00        u
lusand  dollars,   one  and  oue-hali' of one     T
per cent. J
If paid on or after 1st of July, 181)7:
toads of this district just  about  one- year he has boen untiring in bis effor
tenth of tho revenues received fr; 111 it. to induce the Central   Washington to
What tho people would liko to know extend its road into the Okanogan, and
is where has tho other nine-tenths gone? has carefully placed before tho stock
■quarters 01 one pert
tin  so much of the tncomeofany
Will someone please explain.
holders of the road all the facts   and
Aoita'I'K the division of the Yalo district. The burning need of the eastern
bor'ion of the Yale districtisarop.esen-
tation in the provincial legislature, and
that, by someone identified with its in*
person us exceeds one thousand dollars the following rates, vi;*:—Upon such excess, when the
same is not more than ten thousand dollars,
one  and   one-quarter nl one por cent; when   GRAND   FORKS,
sueh  excess is over ten   thousand   dollars and    	
not more   than  twenty  thousand dollars, one   ' ~' ''     "" "™	
statistics regarding the resources of tho   '-"a °'"-* h"u of one per cent; when such ex-
"f.        ° eess 1b over twenty tthoisaud dollars, one and
Squaw Creek, Mothow  und  Okanogan   three-quarters of ono por oeiit.
„., ,  ,■,,,, .,      ,,    . .      .. Jan 2, li*'.i7. O. A. LAMBLY,
dirtricts that he could collect tor them. Assessor and collector.
In addition he has sont samples of ore  "-"*-■"■■ " "™ "  "
from all tho leading properties, and lias,     °',!o7'
terests.   A divison of the district is the  wrk" tor that coun,ry*
Surest   aud  most  speedy   way to  ac     Now success oppoarf, lo bo about to
"complish this.
in every way,  been  au  indefatigable CERTIFICATE   OF   THE   REGISTRATION  OF A
Barrister at Law,
Notary Public, Etc.
crown his elforts.   Yesterday he had an   "Companies' Act," Part IV, and»M2ND-
interview with Receiver 0. P. Chamber* JNa Acts,
The timo to do work on lhe roads is  -ain ot the Central Washington in which
Supertor    Mining    Company"
just as the frost leaves tho ground, then the extension of the road was thorough-
they are not cut all to pieces by heavy ly discussed and in which Mr. Chesney
■freight wagons.   It costs twice as much  BtateB   that   ho   wa8  assured   by   Mr.
to put the roads in shape after they aro  Chamberlain that   tho   Central Wash-  -,-nBREBY CERTIFY that! have this day reg-
'   be built into  J. istered "The Superior  Mining C
MIDWAY, b. c.
Searcher of Eecords.
Notary Public.
Registered the I'.nli day of February, 1697.
ington Central road would 1
ot," Part
Companies,*' and
all cut up as it would if tho work was ...     .        „.„■,., ,r„. ..,■.„.„,,,, ... ,  . ■■ ,,■,,.,
"Ojj            4.   v        ti       1      mi               j    • i" ort.iKii j,  liiit m.'I   i in,1     'iiiniuinit'Sjifii     t nrt
■done at the proper time.   As  economy  Bridgeport   by   duly   1.    lhe   road  is tV„''BoRistiation of Foreign ~
h.„„.t„i,„  ■-,„ ....lifv „f i.1R  „„,.,.,„    graded ten miles from Coulee   City to "'l,1.1,''"1,1"",^',,15' „f,,       .,                •    •.    .
Beems 10 uo  ine policy 01  tne   govnn-   0                                                            j The head onlce of the said company Is situat-
toent this is the "olden  opportunity to  tho north end of Moses Coulee and from ed attheCiiy of Spokane, State of Washing.
tnaka a big saving.
there it will tako a direct line north to
Ion, U. s. A.
The objects for which the Company is cstjtb-
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Bridgeport by Foetor'fl croak.   This ex-   'Jf-od aro:-To work, operato, buy sell, lease,
,        .  , . . locate, own, acquire, procure, hold and deal iu
Theri' is no denvin0, the truth of  tho toneion of tho road will be  of immense mines metals and mineral claims of every kind
J    ° ,        .,.,,-        <   1 , i and description within the Province of lliitish
assertion that Grand Forks should be benefit to the mimng   county, and  as Columbia, Canada, and the United states of
taadeaportof entry at once without- Mr, Chesney says will result in thou- i^Jgi)8SZ^wT^m&
horts at Carson and Cascade City,   Sit- sands of tons of ore being shipped from nosB- to purphtwe, acquire, hold, erect and
*! .-. ■-'    +1   •■   ,. 1- operate eleotrio light and power plants for the
bated as it is, at present, tho customs Jow graue properties trial at present can purpose of mining and treating ores, and for  Offloe In Drugstore.
Physician and Surgeon.
house is most inconvenient for the in*
not afford to pay transportation charges   the purpose of furnishing liKlits ami creating
The road  will  ultimately bn  extended power for all |.ur|.osesj to bond, buy, lease, lo-
Ji-ihit'intn   nf nil  th,;,   Tirtttln Piur,,*   (mrl      i          .:«                       i     •     Ii             .1         * catc and hold ditches, lluniea ami water riehts:
OapuantS or ail ine  nettle Klvei  and along bquaw   creek   in the northwest- to construe., lease, buy, sell, build, operate and
Boundary districts.   With the  amount terly direction, crossing  tho   Okanogan conduct railroads, fer.-ies, tramways or other
•bt development which will be done in country and skirting the Twisp    It will ^HSSl^^S^i^^^,^:
tho Christina lake district this summer moss the Casoades through  the Rainy seU.loase and locate timber and timber claims
tno unrisuiid wite uistuct tnis summei, paBB anafollow down tho Skagit valley aud flnaUy to do-eveiythingoonsistent, proper
it will bo almost unavoidably necessary to connect with the Seattle & Interna- and requisite for tlie carrying out of the objects
-         ,   ...  ,              ,        ,     . ~,          ,    .... ,■       ,      **,'    i          , ,u       •   i and  purposes   aforesaid  in  their fullest  aud
to establish an outpost at Cascade City tional.—- Spokane Chronicle.
this year, while at Carson  ono has been
badly needed for a long timo. By making Grand Forks a port of ontry with
butportB at Cascade and Carson all parts
*of tho district will bo pluood in easy access of a customs house.evorybody wili be
Accommodated and the progress of this
Section greatly facilitated.
broadest sense within the territory nforcsuli
The capital stock uf the snid Company ie one
million dollars, divided Into one million shares
of the par value of one dollar each.
Given under my hand and seal of olliee at
Victoria, Province of liritish Oolumba, this luth
day of February, 1807. /
|i,. s.j " 5). Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
SAMP1ES GIVEN PROMPT AND CAREFIlLATTFIITinH W0TH)-*S 18 HEREBY GIVEN that the-part-     •-*■»    <   "   --.•    •
owiirLWWKamumi-iHriuuMncruLHiitniiun  j_\|   nership heretofore subsisting between us     Office tnVanNess',
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Chas.dc BloisOireen C E PL Si,   F.Wollaston P L 8
Provincial Land Surveyors
Civil Engineers, Etc.
As the travel between Kottlo River
-ind Rossland Will be much greater thia
}*ear than ever before a bridge over
Christina creek is becoming moro and
more a pressing necessity. Why thero ^^ffi;.*1^
Should have boon such an extraordinary aud Reported on.
♦■May in getting this work done can only BRIDGE STREET*, GRAND FORKS.
T H. FEATHERSTON, ii. A. 8, c.
 IP heretofore subsisting between us *-"■*»*■■> m vanness' Addition with J.H. Feathcr-
thc undersigned us holelkeepers in the Cosmos ■»"", assayer.
Hotel in the towu of Grand Forks, J).  0., has '
this day been dissolved by mutual consent.   Al nnp-iirt! M   if-cnuv
debts owing to the said partnership are to bo L',-'--*'1>*1'0 ■»■*-• Ji-l'jJvlit,
pant to John ii. smith, tlie undnignedat Qrand 1
Forks aforesaid, ami all claims against the said t>          ■       ,    *, T         -,   „
partnership are to bepresooted to thosaidJehn rrnVlTlCia,     .3.11(1 SniTfRtrnr
H. Smith, by whom the same will be settled. xiuvrm/iaa J-iauu touivojfUl.
Dated at (Irand Forks, Ii. C, tlijs  •ill.   day ot And Civil Engineer
March, K,D. 1807. A. W. 1'Klcsi.Ali. Jangineer.
11.C.CAVI.UV, j. 11. SMITH.       Ol'I'ICI'., MIDWAY, B.C.
As to signature by A. W. Preslar. Associate Member Canadian
A. 0. SUTi-ox, ustosignuture by J. Ii.. Smith. Society   oi  Civjl Ei.gimvei.ii,
H-i^.-avi,,.-!,^. ,.., M.„ THE   CRAXD  FORKS MTNEB,   SAWED AY, ATKIL   3, 181H.
More than 50 Slocan -mines are Bhip*
-ping this winter.
A discovery of nativo tin is reported
from Salmo, B. C.
The iiriggs group on tho South Fork
of Kaslo creek haB been sold to Spokane
Quartz Creek district is looking up
and a number of mines aro nearly ready
to ship.
The owners of tho Montezuma claim,
Slocan, have decided to put up a concentrator.
Five hundred shares of LsKoi stock
were sold in .Spokane last Thursday at
87.10 per share.
Nearly four feet of fine oro is reported
in the bottom of the shaft on tthe Last
Chanco in Smith's camp.
It is rumored that tho Gooderham-
Blackstock syndicate intend floating the
War Eaglo mine in London.
Vancouver assays of ore from the Oro
Fino group at Fairview ran respectively
5215.91, §310.80, 8355 and 8804,90.
The machinery for the R-Bell, Summit camp, has been shipped from Salt
Lako and will bo installed at the mine
A miner fell down a 130-foot chute at
the Idaho mine, New Denver, 11. 0., not
long ago, and escaped with only a few
There may be two stock exchanges
-started in Rossland as thero is said to
bo an undercurrent of opposition to the
new exchange.
The now steam hoist is now iu place
on the Jewel in Long Lake camp and is
working satisfactorily. Tho shaft is
now down 100 feet.
The mining claims sold and bonded
at Fort Steele, B. C, recently numbor
over 50 and tho amount involved will
reach the sum of 8000,000.
The Silver Tip, Valparaiso, Chrisco
and Uncle Mike claims in tho Lardeau
districts have beon sold to Honry Croft
and F. W. Rolt for SG.000 cash.
Mino owners oa Springer cioek will
ask the government to appropriate83,000
towards the construction of a wagon
road from Slocan City to tho Arlington
According to a Rossland publication
•the Highland and Sierra Madro claims
on Rock creek in tho Trail Creek dis-
trict-havo been sold to an Austrian syndicate for 832,00-3.
Tho Trail smelter is sooking contracts
with Slocan mine owners for ore from
that section. Agents for the Bmolter are
promising that if sufficient contracts
can bo made that a load! furnace would
be put in at Trail.
Mr. Ileinze's branch lino between
Trail and Robson is said to bo practically
tho first section of the Columbia -fc
Western road towards Boundury creek,
it being the intention to build tho next
section by way of Dog creok.
It will no doubt create surpriso to
.know that mining for diamonds is now
being carried on golden in Cariboo. A
deposit of tho bluo clay similar to that
found in Kimborly was recently discovered and several small diamonds havo
been found. This information comes
from a source which can bo roliod on.
It is now proposed to mako a mill test
of the oro from tho Boundary Mines
■companj's property, tho Mother Lode
in Deadwood camp, with u view of ascertaining whether it is Busoeptlble of
concentration—as was tbe case with the
LeRoi ore at Rossland.   If  this experi
ment proves successful its valuo to this
section can hardly bo estimated.
An important striko is reported to
have been made on tho Big Four claim
on Eover croek, opposite tho mouth of
the Salmon river. Tho oro taken out is
identical with that taken from some of
the best Rossland properties. The striko
was made on an unknown load. Assays
show $52 in gold. Eight mon have
been working on the proporty all Winter
during which several thousand dollars
have been expended.
Montreal mining men evidently havo
■curious ideas regarding tho sizo and
shape of tho LoRoi und War Eagle
mines. A gentleman recently wroto
from that city to a promicent mining
broker of Spokane, saying: "If you
happen to run out ot mining properties
and want a list of good first class propositions, all you have to do is to send to
Montreal and you will get il. I venture
to say there are 1,000 pieces of property
being offered thero, most of which adjoin the LeRoi and War Eagle."
A report comes from Toronto that a
British company, with a Col. North at
its head, after failing in an endeavor to
secure tho famous Wnr Eaglo mine,
turned its atteution to the Cariboo gold
quartz mine in Camp McKinney. No-
gotions wero opened with George 13. Mc-
Auley, of Spokane, and other owners of
that mine, and, according to word received, a deal has been agreed upon.
Undor the arrangement (ol. North has
the Cariboo under bond for 8500,000.
This is equal to 70 cents per sharo for
the stock, which is a good .price. Tho
Cariboo is in tho Kottlo river district.
Tho samo syndicate is dickering to so-
curotho Minnehaha, an extension of tho
Cariboo, with ■ a view to consolidating
the two.
Bonita May Bo Sold.
Theotiicers of tho Bonita Gold Mining Company report that C. T. Morgan,
representing n London syndicate, has
mado an offer of 855,000 for 51 per cont
of tho stock. At a meeting held Friday
night the trustees gave the syndicate a
GO day option, and a meeting of stockholders will be hold in a few days to
ratify the action of tho trusteos. The
Bonita is one-half mile from Grand
Fcrks, on Observation mountain. Tho
officers of the company state that surface oro assayed 810.32 in gold and 10
per cent copper. J. B. Sargent is president of the company; Dr. Richtcr is vice-
president ami treasurer, and J. C. Cunningham io secretary and manager. Mr.
Cunningham will go to tho mino tomorrow with another shift and tho prospect
will bo worked ni^ht and day, in hops
of reaching tho ledge beforo the end of
CO days. Tho tunnel is now in 45 f jet,
Another   Hotel.
Grand Forks is to havo another hotel.
It ia to bo built by a gentleman from
WilkiBon, Wash., aud the lot was purchased for it last Friday by E. Spraggett
from Filley it Ogdon, tho townsite
company's ngents, and is situatod on
Bridge street between Gill & Kirkland'a
store and thj livery stablo. Tho party
for whom tho purchaso was mado iB expected to arrive in about throe wooks,
whon work will bo commonced and
pushed as rapidly aB possible. Tho dimensions of the structure havo not as
yot beon made public, but it is said it
will bo aa largo as uny in tho district.
All kinds of Meats, German Sausages and. Head
Cheese always on hand.
Grand Forks, B. C.
The Mammoth Hotel of the Kettle River .District.
MRS. A. V. DAVIS, Proprietress.
Kettle   River   Stage   Line
G. W. WILLIAMS, Hanager.
Stage Leaves Marcus on tho Arrival of tho northbound train, arriving at Graud
Forks at 8:15 p. m. Leaves tho Fork3 at 4:00. a. m., arriving at .Marcus in time to
connect with northbound train
'S   -■■■■■>•£ A.  JONES,-
Paper |f anger, Sign Writer. Etc
Grand Forks,   =
B. C.
O Estimates Furnished! on AH Kinds of Work. W
for" thirty days
We will Offer for the Next Thirty Days a
Group of three Claims on
Pass Creek,
At a prico that you can double your money inside of ninoty
days. This Property will .Stand tho closest Investigation and
will satisfy anyone that it is a good investment.
Wo bnvo now on ealo tlio following good proportlo-i:—
GROUP OF      j    One-half mile from Grand ForkB und adjoining the celebrated
TWO CLAIMS.   J    IJONETA mine.   Will bo Bold as a group or tangly.
GROUP OF        )    Ono mile and a half from Grand Forks, quartz ledge, good
TWO CLAIMS.   )     Assays and an iuiBionse surface snowing of oro.
OVER TWENTY        )    For sale OHBAP in  tho vicinity of tho Great   Volcanic
GOOD PROPERIES  \     Mountain and Seattle mining properties.
The Above     J    Wo can honestly recommend as good investments.      Wo can got
Properties      )    you good claims in any particular section at bod-rock prices,
When applying-for Crown Grants-request that the notice of application bo
published iu the Grand Forks Miner
—the best  advertising  medium  in   the
Kottlo Hirer and Boundary .districts.
Correspondence Solicited.
McCarter. Johnson & McCarter,
. «—ii —iirand Forks, B. £.
.Spokane, Washington- THE   GHAjSP   ITOTtfCS MINETt,   SATURDAY, APRIL
Almost Every Mining District ia British
Onlun-.bia  Receives) Its Share
of Attention-Kettle Elver
Diutiiot Described.
The annual report of tho minister of
mines presented recently to the legislature of British Columbia, is very complete in its scope, and deals with many
districts and mines little known to tie
average newspaper reader. British Oolumbia has como to tha front in one
short year as a country of mines and
mining, and its output for the year of
18'JG shows an Increase over that of 18U5
of more than one and one-half millions
of dollars. In 181)5 the total output of
all tho provincos from tho mouLh of the
St. Lawrence river to the western shores
of Vancouver island was 65,655,302,
while 1S96 rolled up tho comfortable
sum ot 87,110,125.
Referring to the Boundary district the
report saj s:
"The Boundary District is essentially
a gold district. The great bulk of the
ores is a mixture of tho various iron
sulphides with copper pyritos,all more or
less auriferous, The croppings ot several of theses deposits consist of vory lai ,-o
masses of (frequently polario) magnetite
through which arc disseminated copper
and iron pyrites. Where denudation
and wearing action have had sufficient
opportunity theso cuppings have been
removed, and calcito, specull'r hematite
and quart/, appear as tho normal accompanying gangue, Thia class of ores has
a wide range in value, but, excluding
tho extremes, may bo said to carry about
§15 in gold, with two or three ounces
in silver, pet- ton, and five pot* cent copper, it i3 exemplified by many of tho
prominent proporties of tho district,
among which are the 'Emma,' an.! 'Oro
Diuero' in Summit camp; Stemwinder,'
'GoM Drop,'Knob Hill'and -Snowshou'
in Greenwood; 'Winnipeg,' und ' a-u-
mot' in Wellington,' Golden Rod' and
'Oro" in White's camp and the 'Mother
Lode,' 'Sunset,7 and 'Great Hopes' in
Deadwood camp.
"In the granito3 along Boundary creek
and iu tho silieious rocks by which they
are ilankod—in other words the more
acidic rocks—iissuro vein.-', of varying
width aro found, which afford quartisoBe
■dry silver ores and some large bodies of
presumably partly free milling gold
quartz. In the former ease tho minerals present with the quartz include
small amounts of galena, zinc blende
and iron pyrites with ruby silver, &c,
.as in tho Skylark Camp; and iu tho
vicinity of Long Lako, bosidethe above,
tellurium and tellurians of gold and
eilver, with moro or los.-i froe gold at the
Burface, aro found. All theso dry silvor
ores contain gold. Thoir veins aro from
a few inches to live or six feet in width,
and the greater part of the value is often concentrated in a narrow pay streak.
An iilo<v of the values of this material is
bad from tho statement that la IS'M a
shipment of 85 tons of sorted oro was
made from one property, and the metal
■contents were 1(1,1)17 ounces silver, 10.
ounces gold, and 7,S'HJ   lbs   of  lead*
Small shipments from other claimshave
■boon made, showing gross values ot
about 8100 por ion, but tbo average
valuo or unsorlcd oro may bo place I at
about 850 per ton,
"These ores are found oyer a considerable part of tho district, and notably or.
the 'Jewel'*and 'Diuero G.iande' claims
in Long Lako camp; 'G, A. B.'and 'D.
A,' in Providence onmpj 'Skylark,' 'Crescent1 and 'Li.st Chance' in Skylark
camp; 'NoneBUob,"Boundary Falls'and
'Ruby' in Smith's camp, and tho -No.
Seven' and 'Lincoln' in Atwood'B und
White's camps, respectively, the latter
affording grey copper as tho principal
source of value.
"Tho milling oro mentioned above
occurs on the '0. B.' and 'Big Ledge'
claims, south of the 'D. A.' It ah'ords
values from 815 to 810 par ton.
"in the Copper camp tha ore is entirely i:i the conflicts, has a quartz gangue, and is almost entirely copper glance,
oxidized at surface and partly again reduced to metallic copper. These ores,
while they carry only a small amount of
the precious metals, sometimes give assays of over thirty ounces in silver.
The copper tenure is about seven or
eight per cent only, but this grade could
probably bo improved by wet concentration of the sulphide:;.
"This class oE ore is found on tho
'Ojpper .-,'ir.c,' 'King Solomon,' 'Copper Queen," &c„ in Copper camp, and
tho copper pyrites and some copper
glance aro found on the 'Bruce,' 'Texas,'
and other claims in Graham's camp,four
miles west of Midway,"
Th i North Fork district is describes
as foilo'.vj*
".V great amount of development work
has boon done during thu past yenr, but
chiefly by the individual owners of tho
different claims, although lately a number of joint Btock Companies havo been
formed to work theso properties
"On tbo 'Pathfinder' mineral claim a
shaft has been sunk SO feet, witba cross
cut of 25 feet, all in ore, which is said
lo assriy $'M in gold and copper, and
lying between a formation of diorite
and porphyry.
"Ou a claim, near the Pathfinder,
called tho 'Standard,' a 10-foot cross cut
in similar oro has been run.
"On the 'Columbia' claim, on Volcanic creek, a drift has been run 30 feet.
"On the 'Napoleon Bonaparte' mineral claim, which lies between Volcanic
and Bouldor creeks, a -10-foot shaft haa
been sunk. And oa the 'Bonanza' claim
lying between Cedar and Lynch creeks,
a 50-foot shaft has been sunk, and it is
intended to continue development work
throughout tho winter on this claim,
"On Pass creek, which drains tho
country from Summit cam;) and Long
Lake camp into Kottle river, a number
of new locations have been recorded
during tha past year and on somo of
them a iargo amount of work has been
done, with oacouraging results.
"On the 'Iron King' a,.d 'Kupper
Queen' claims 00-foot tunr-elshave been
"On the 'Twins' and 'Bluo Ridge'
claims 10 toot cross cuts havo boon driven; and on the 'Garnet' and 'King Bco'
claims about 8700 expended in development work."
Of tho Oassiar district tbe report s.iys:
"Thoro is plenty of quartz known to
exist here, and I do not see why some of
it should bo sufficiently rich to pay.
8o far but little attention as been paid
to thia place, and I honestly believe that
If pm: peeling was turned In this direction that something of Importance would
also hi ro for hydraulic mining, and it le
mjy hones! opinion that if souii-* attention
was paid to this sort of mining that'it
would prove to boa good investment."
A great deal of attention is paid to
the mines in the East Kootenay distiict;
and attention is also called to t'.i" fact
that the Crow's Kent pass railway is
needed before the mines Of lids district
will bu fully developed and mado paying
properties. The report on this district
Is as follows!
"A short examination was mado of
thoso parts in Bast Kootenay where
mining was being actively carried en.
but with tho oxcoptrloli of mines such no
the Noith Star, Moyla L;:ke mines, and
the placer minus on Wild Horse creek,
little work other than assessment work
was being done, However, in tho southern part of Fort Steele district the prospectors wero very busy during tho past
season; both in tho Belkirks and Rocky
mountain ranges, and a largo number of
claims were staked of in close vicinity
to tho North Star mine and on tho St.
Mary's river, Bull rivor. Perry croek,
and their tributaries. The construction
of the Crow's Nest Pass railway, which
now seems to be an assured fact, will certainly stimulate far groater activity, for
there iG no doubt what aver but that this
part of tho province should bo thoroughly explored as moans of ingress and
egress, improve, as already some valuable properties havo been discovered and
developed, and many'locationj have
beon made, which work will greatly enhance in value and importance. Hitherto means of communication havo been
such that considerable timo had to bo
consumed ill reaching any part, and
prospectors and mining men havo boon
attracted to ether parts more easy of
access, but with a mora extended steamboat service on tho rivers, new roads
and trails, and with keener interest
aroused by the progress of mining in
other j arts of Kootenai', tho division of
East Kootenay is on the £vc of receiving
much greater interest, with ovory probability that her latent resources will
prove very valuable."
In tho loport on tho Revelstoke, Illi-
ciliewaot, Trout Lake and Lardeau districts, whicli wore not touched on tho
previous bulletins on West Kootenay,
the various mines are referred to, showing that a lively increase has beon made
i'] mining progress during 1890.
Reference is also made to tho great
excitement in Lilloet consequent upon
thu location of rich gold-bearing mineB
Oayoosh creel;, where the Golden Eagle
is bifuated.
Of Nanaimo district, Marshal Bray,
gold commissioner, reported that 303
mineral claims were recorded during tho
year, and 3G7 frco minors' certilicatea
issued. Tho Vun Anda, Victoria, Ravon,
Silver Tip, Loriudalo and Nutcracker on
Texada island, are mentioned, and other
claims on Thurlow, Valdez and Channel
islands, und tlio satisfactory progross
mado referred to.
Many other districts wero touched ou,
such as tho Victoria, Westminster, Harrison Lake, Glacier Lako. Mission. Ob.il-
liwack, Sumas, Stave Lake, Pitt Lake,
Barrard inlet, Howe sound, Squamish
river, Malaspina strait, Jarvis inlot.
Powell lako and elsewherp, adjacent to
tho straits of Georgia, ln theso districts
a -,-rcat doal of prospecting was dono
last summer, and several lino strikes aro
The coal mines of tha province are then
taken up and the report shown that they
prospered equally with tho mines of gold
ami silver. The report seems not to bo
prejudiced to any particular district but,
handles all in a fair ami impartial manner, paying no more attention to itons-
huid and Trail than to the most remote
properties on Wild Horse creek, or lho
northern Slocan. Taken as a whole it
shows that British Columbia has taken
a long stride in advance in mining mat-
tors and bids fair to take anotuer during tin- present season,
Try Gill & Kirkfa-nd's Rod  Snal teas
und coffees,
-L-i Toaoher ol
Student from tl:.* oollm-e ol Music o( Cincinnati!, nud pupil of tlie distlnplllsbtd Master nnd
Violinist, elms. liactens ol the* I;i*i,k-jo1k ]-'i*iiiico-
Bolglan School of thu Violin.
OFFICB HOCUS- Monday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday find Saturday, 2 tofip. m.
noes n*l kinds of   kiijda of repairing aufl
horse shooing,   All work k lUTttntteed,
TT    H.  HUFF.
GitEENwoao'crra, b. <;.
Docs all kinds of repairing and liorsosiioeln-
Work strictly ilrstclass.
A   L. •JoDONA'.J),
Contractor and Builder,
., ('.
Plain and speciiioa^loiis drawn; estiiTi.itCfl fnt-
i:ishi!il on all kin,!..of building. Work .urie.iiy
It Doesn't Pay to Worry
and Stow Over a Hot
Stove When STon Can Buy
Seventeen Nice, Fresh,
Toothsome Loaves For
One Dollar at
The same Rulo Applys to
Pies, Cukes, Doughnuts,
Cookies and all Kinds of
Pastry, Etc.
Should carefully conside-*
tho cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
cun be purchased at tho
Grand  Forks
 9-c a-
C.   IC  SIMPSON.   Proprietor.
People  on  the  Coast Think  <ir.-**id
Forks all Right.
A Returning Officer is Appointed For
Our I'irst City f-lection.
Lloyd A. Manly returned via Wednesday's stage from a ten days trip to Victoria and sound cities, whither he had
been on business, and reports everybody
in lhat section greatly interested io
Grand Forks and tho Kettlo river and
Boundary districts.
Mr. Manly had with him a crayon
birds'-oyo viow of Grand Forks and the
surrounding country, which he says was
much sought after by thoso who contemplate making changes in their business locations and paoplo who had become imbuod with tho idea of trying
their fortune in miniug operations,
In regard to tha timo of holding our
first city election Mr, Manly states that
it was his understanding, whne in Victoria, that ail tho details had beon completed and the necessary papers for lho
election had beon forwarded Mr. Aikman, who had boen designated as returning officer, and expre3sod groat
surprise that they had not been received
here before this time, as they had been
forwarded some timo prior to his departure.
During his sojourn in Victoria Mr.
Manly was interviewed by a Colonist
reporter as follows:
Lloyd A. Manly of Grand Forks, B. C,
has been several days in the city registered at tho Driard.* Conversing yesterday about tho prospects of tho Kettlo
rivor and Boundary crook districts, Mr.
Munly said that tho tide of travel towards Grand Forks had already set in.
from twenty-five to thirty peoplo arriving daily by the five stago linos running
into towu from the north and cast. Of
these ttage linos two wero from Marcus,
whero connection is made with tho Spokane Northern, and it is tho intention
of one of the lines to put on iwo stages
to accomm-idato tho increasing traffic.
Although tho snow, is still ou tho ground
the majority of thoso now visiting Grand
Forks came for the purposo of business,
looking after present interests or seeking investmont. Tho prospects are that
a great tush will be mado info tho district this year, and thero are these who
claim that iu two years timo that thero
will ba 10,000 people in the valley of
which Grand Fonks is the centre.
There arocjuite a number of properties
adjac-nt to Grand Forks which havo
got beyond the stage of prospects and
aro full fledged minos, Among these
are the Emms and Stemwinder, owned
by Midgon & Farrell, who have refining
works at Mridgport, Conn. This firm
intends to shortly select a site for reduction works, whero tho ore will bo matted and shipped east for refining. Mr.
Lesg, of S-ilt Lake, owner of the R-Bell
mine, at .Summit camp, is shipping in
machinery for tho purpose of working
tha mine. Tho ore from this runs 120
ounces silver, 10 per cent, copper, and
$2 to $8 in gold. The machinery will bo
placed in position as soon us it can be
■taken to tho mine. Numerous other
properties will receive attention, and
■ it is safe to say that a great number
of men will bo actively at work in tho
tho hills vory ehortly. Tho ono
drawback at present to rapid progress is
absence of railway communicatior. but
this lack, Mr. Manly is confident, will bo
supplied this year by connection at Pontic ton and at Marcus.
Tho town of Grand Forks is in tho
throes of its initial civic contest, the
election of tie lirst mayor and council
taking place sometime next month. It is
■■confidently expeoted that JobnA, Manly,
tho father of Qrand [forks, will be its
lirst mayor, although there   is  another
candidate in the Hold--Mr. P, T. Mot'al-
itiui.   Fur councillor-i, the eaudidutoj so
far heard from are Dr. Hqnwnrth, John
Featherston, VV. Duford, J. K. Johnson
and Lloyd A. Manly, theso gentlemen
having been selected at a mass meeting
of citizens.
Although there is plenty of snow on
the ground, building is in active progress in the now lown, a dozen stores anil
houses boing undor way, while about
forty mere are arranged for and will bo
Started at the earliest moment, Among
those is a handsome and spacious hotel,
for which plans are prepared aud tho
foundation is now being laid.;
Mr. Manly has with him a crayon
bird's-eye-view of Grand Porks und tho
surrounding country. Tlio towu is at
the junction of tho north and south
forks of the Kettle river, a wide and
fortile valley stretching east and west.
Whilo the surrounding mountains contain tho procious metals which havo
.caused tho town to spring into healthy
existence. Aside from these, however,
thero is au abundance of f.:rtilo land
which produces fruits, grain and vegetables in profusion, whilo tho surrounding hills give pastureage for stock.
Overalls 75c-at Gill & Kirkland's.
When it Comes to Looking For Bargains.   Qall and be
Convinced that you can Find Anything you
Two Car Loads
Freight Via Bossburg.
Mr, Bilyou was in town this woek
from Bossburg with tho first installment
of R. G. Butler's stock of groceries.- Ho
reports a largo amount of freight being
sent into this section now via Bossburg
where formerly everything camo by way
of Marcus. . Tbe shipments by this
route have become bo heavy, in fact, as
to necessitate tho building of an addition lo tho freight warehouse.
Bossburg haa only boen in tho Sold
for tho shipping business of this distiict for a short time, but in that time it
has obtained a good share of the trade,
and as out- merchants begin to roalize
that thoy can hare their goods brought
in quicker and more safely by thatrouto
a great increase may Le looked for.
Finer Than Silk.
Tho Bocbelors of Grand Forks will entertain
their friends next Friday evening, by a social
d unco, in Manly's hull. The committee who
have (the affair in charge arc sparing nc pains
to make It one of the toniest of tho season,
and those who arc fortunate enough to receive
au invitation can congratulate themselves.
The marriagable ladies of the town, assisted by
■■"their mamas, will conln.biito to* the success ot
the event by servitor dainty refreshments.
Still 3 Hore
On the Road
We Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assorted
Stock  of
Oysters served in any stylo on  short
notice at the Arcadia.
Manufacturer of
Spring   Beds,   Mattresses,
r-eitler in
OHA.ND   FOBKS,   B.   C.    ';
QtSF-fizw Filing and all Kinds of Repairing,
Dealer in General
Carries a Complete Lint-of
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Also a Full Line of
Harness, Saddles, Bits, Spurs,
JutC, JutC.
In the Kettle River and Boundary Districts,: Consist-,
ing of Groceries, Provisions,   Queensware,  Hardware,
Sash and Doors, Wall Paper, Dry Goods, Clothing Boots
Shoes and Drugs.   Also a Full Line of
Mail Orders receive Prompt attention.
Give wife, trial order and we will gurantee
The "Big Store,"
Eiwrside Ave., Grand Forks. B. C. TEE   GRAND   FORKS MINER,
SATURDAY, APRIL   3, 1897.
All Uir.d-iof eonfectionery at tho Arcadia.
W. J. Broadfoot, Nelson, B. C, wao a
visitor n't tho .f'wkfi. tjjf* vtft.K
Silver*platod Itnives and forks at
Manly's Hardware.
Midway has fallen intra linn nnd is now
enjoying a tijetclass lumb-ir famine.
The UTonog America mine near Boss*
burg is reported to bo showing up finely.
W. F. SjB-itbt and; D. C:. MjjRfce, of
RoBBland, wero among tho throng that
frrivod at tho Forks this week.
The Rev. Thomas Faton.'loft on Wednesday for Rosslaad, at which place ho
-expeeto to. preach next Sunday.
P. T. McCallum started for Rossland
last Wednesday on a business mission.
lie expects io bp- efcsont about Eva
Geo. C. Rose, R. C. Sadler, J, S*. Har-
Tisson and Jas. M. Lynch, wpro arjong
tho Midway, vieitoco to the Forks thju
A. Hoyt, Trail B, O., dropped in this
week and spent several dflva looking into the advantages thafcC-J-and-Forkfi. has
over all coi^petilorfl,
W6rhis prog.res6ijg vory favorbly on
the Midway irrigation ditch, Messrs.
Glaus and Miller,, the contractors, proving themsohjes to be rustlers.
Wo-jk will conataonce shortly on tfcp
Crown Point No. 2 ahd 3 claims in tho
Crown Point camp, which were bonded
by tho B) C. Frosppcting Syndicate.
A. Presiar returnod on Wednesday
from a, burned trip to Bossburg,.North*
port, Marcus and Colville. Ho reports
thing? lively, at all thoso places c*nd
flverbody talking about Grand Forks.
A grestt' deal of work is now being
dono on tho various claims intbo immediate vicinity of Bossburg, Wash, somo
tine showings are being mado and it is
fast coming to the front as a mining
A. L McDonald; iiho qon'xactcr' commenced work '--his 'week on a neat livo -
jpom ro6tdenco in Van Ness' addition.
Mc e:-,pocts to havo it ready for hiB fern-
ity who are expect to arrive from Seattle about tho middle sf May.
Dr. Averill will start work nost Monday te.orr.ing on another business block,
on thti-loi adiacont to tho building now
used us a school houae. Tho building is
to be '-X.xCO and the lower floor will, be
Stted up as a store room- while the bo-
conr> stoi-y will bo used as olllco rooms.
Evaa Evans, ono o5 the-original owners of tha Remote claim on Oilmen ivtion
.mounlain, arrived in town this weok
froiD Spokane whero he bas been spending the winter mouths, and espressed'
touch surprise at tho change in tho appearance o!;tho town since laBt fall and
predicto- na immenue immigration into
tho FoikB thia spring.
MessrE. Kerr &-Flood-aro making pro-
-p-irutions.to build a 21-xlC. addition tc
their buttho3 shop ran Second .street and
otherwise improve tho sEop. The interior is to be painted and.handsomely decorated, now machinery added,and. tho
manufacture of all kinih* of oaueago,
Burnod boot, etc., will bo made a spoeiul
feature. Mr. K. Matthes, tho manager
of tho Grand Forks branch of thin firm,
is an experienced and up-to-date butcher and proposes to make the Grand
Forks brunch tho litvost. in, tlio Kottlo
rivor distinct.
Cahmon, B. 0., April l6t.—[Special
Correspondence.]— Tho iniluxof immigration inci-oasos tho population, our
town is gradually growing, the aooi-d of
tho hainmor is heard in tho land and
several buildings aro under course of
The contract for tho now city hall baa
not yet been awarded although Boveral
tenders have boon received by tho city
clork. Tho matter will be discussed at
tho ne:tt meeting of tho council. Of
couree tho time is up at 12 o'clock, noon
today, but tho council deem it prudont
not to act, too rapid in the matter as
thore ia a groat responeiblity resting on
them, a,six-story brick building with all
modern anpliance3 such as olovatorB,
steam heater,, etc., etc., demands their
most omminent and wise consideration
and nothing but the beBt of bonelB on
the part of tho contractors will bo
Joe ^-buster ia excavating for tho
foundation of his now restaurant on
Riversido avenue. According to plans
and specifications it will bo ono of tho
nobbiest buildings, when completed, in
town up to date.
J.as. Campbell of HughoB cfcCarcpbolI,
or the Comstock Mining, Co., has gone
to Spokano partly on business and partly
on pleasure bent. Jim is a joval boy
and we hope that ho may enjoy a pleaB-
ant trip.
John Ccekrell,.moro familiarly known
by his many frionds aB Black Jack, left
this moming,for the Smilikamoen country, whero ho bap some raining interests
to iook after The broad smile on Jack's
countenance goca to show that he is in
reioipt of a budget otglad tidingB from
that camp whero his partners have been
working all winter.
The genial host and hostess Mr. and
Mrs.. R. E. Davis of the Grand Prairie
Hotel were the rccipitents of luplsasant
surprise party on Thursday night, tho
25th Inst., when a jovial party of merrymakers from GrandForks swooped down
upon and took by storm not only the hotel and its inmatos but the wholo town.
A very pleasant evening was spent by
dancing and other amusements, which
was kept up until tho weo small hours
of the, morning,, music, being provided
by Prof. Hepworth's orchestra.
Scott Mcliae, of Deadwood, spent a
fow days in town thia week. Ho reports everything progressing favorably
in Deadwood and adjpining.camps across
tho hill,
Mr. Glover io driving a tunnel on hia.
claim in the Birdina group and from the
heavy blasting ho is evidently matting,
rapid progrSES.
Taken  off the   Market.
There waB a meeting of tho trusteos
of tho Observation Mountain Gold Mining company last Wednesday ovoning,
whon it was decided to place no move
BtoeU on tho market for tho present,
pending a proposed doalwith an American capitalist who haefflfanilied his desire to havo a controllii^lntirest in the
company. During tho pending of thoso
negotiations tho books of tho company
havo beon closed,for tho prosont, but iu
any ovont work will bo startod on tho
company's properties as soon as tho snow
is sufficiently gone to admit ot work being elono to advantage.
The only   lirst  class  place to got a
tynioh in tlio city is at tlio Arcadia,
Fine Roads These.
Abottt tho middle of tho past woek
Snodgrass & Sons woro unfortunate
enough to lose u valuable stago animal
on tho summit wost of Camp McKinney. While driving along, tho animal
lost its footing owing to  tho condition
of tho road, and plunging out into tho
deep snow broke its two front legs.—
Midway Advance.
March tits.—Little Babe, No 2, Hardy Mountain,
Will. Silllils.
Last  Chauev,  lirniul Forks,  Wm.   Purr, It,
K:.i*el»lor, North Fork. A. L. Eogort.
Dauntless, welllnfftfm.o&mp, DoiiglmMaTnnts
DcsMolne, Brown's oamp, ft. A. Brown.
Golden, Brown's camp, Mrs. .'. Averill.
Main Slay, ditto, 11. W. Averill.
March ai-Clty of Toron to, Brown's camp, A. C.
International, Midway, -j. Benorman.
Snowdrop, Midway, Peter Heldstab,
Daylight, Seattle camp, Chas. Cussons.
Cl3.m Muiic, Hardy Mountain, J. li. Perkins
and ft. I'elrio.
Cream Pitcher, Grand Prairie,  Tiws.  Darts-
Marsh 27-Sitle   Issue,  Grand   Forks,  Joseph
Miirch 28—Ivanhoe.Rook Creek, J.  Beckwith.
Margaret, ditto, Thou. Curiy.
Miyeh'Jil— Mother  Lode, Boundary Minos Co.
March 28—Karthquake, W. K. V/hite.
Jack Pot, Sanderson aud Mortarity.
March 21! -Hunter, J. MoQuirk, E. J. Kelly, K.
Hunter am! F. Guso.
Bavonswood, ditto.
queen Bird, J. Mctjuirk. E. J. Kelly  and W.
L, McK»tf.
Golden Eagle, U. M. TobiSson.
March 25—Heola, J. Meilorc.
Maroh 27—Evening, ArchieConnore.
March a;—Mother Lodo, J^int., Jas. Scho-lleld to
Boundary Mines Co.
Ditto, all. Jno. Wuir to B.'M. Go.
Florida. Y» tot,, F, X. Gautliier to E. Johnson.
Tark, I>. W. Dillon to A. li. Williams, M. Jug-
gars and I,. Seliorn.
March 25—Wild Rover. \i int., 0 O'Ncil to Juo.
Oil lam
Gotdcu Reef, Yj int., G. W.   Smith to Chas.
Single Standard, M int., C. E. Huff to J. II.
March 27—Johanesburg, A. S. Block  to- Ott o
Barrow, Wir.r.io F.. Dr. Jim, I. C. U„ %. each,
J. Fisher to Stephen Taylor.
Lone Sti r, % tut., Alfred  McKinney to Fred
Rogers and Jay Carl Williams.
Amazon, Nugget, F. M. Longshore to Amazon
Gold Mining & Smelting Co.
Hcncretta, Yt. int',  0>  W.  Carter  to   I. A.
Di uBmore.
When applying for Crown Grants request that the notice of application ba
published in the GitASD FORKS Miner
— the best advertising medium iu tho
Kottle River and Boundary districts.
To Control tlie Trade.
Thero is a rumor on tho streets today
that the Canadian Pacific Railway company has obtained an option on the Nol-
son & Fort Sheppard and Spokane Falls
& Northern rail vay systoma The purchase price ia said tt be Eeven and a half
million dollars.
All tho officers of the 0. P. R. who
have been approachod refuse to affirm
or deny the report. It is claimed, however, that several agents of the company
have hinted that somssuch e deal is being considered bj the hoad officials of
the road at Montreal.
The purchase of Mr. Corbin's railway
would give 0. P. R. the on tiro control of
all transportation linos in Kootenay until the Ne I son aud Bedlington road is
built to o onnect with the Great Northern railway at Bonner's Ferry.—Nelso.n
Still Another Hotel.
Hugh McGuiar sold this week his property on Riverside avenue, between tho
Whito houso and tho barber shop, to
Mrs, Annie Hamor,, proprietor of the
Arcadia oyster houso, who contemplates
building at once a three Btory building
30x00 foot, to be usod aB a hotol. The
first floor will be UBetl aa an office, bar
room and lunch counter. The parlor and
private dining room* and savonteou bedrooms will be situated or. tho second;
while on tho third thoro ia to im eighteen sleeping apartments, Tho holme
is to bo furnished throughout in the
most modern Btylc, and will be conducted on the European plan. Mrs. If amor
oxpoetn to havo the houso completed
and ready for business by tho lirst of
No. 880,
r»G A.OTS,
"Zenda Gold and Copper Mining Con-
pany" (Foreign,)
Registered the Aid 'lay c-f Mftrob, I88T.
I HEREBY QERTIIrY that I havo this day
restore.1 tbe ''Zendft <io!d ami Copper
Mining Company" (Foreign), under the cotn-
panies' Act," I'ait IV., 'fntffJstraMon of For-
elgn Companies," and amending Acts,
The head oflice of tne s.iid Oompany is situated at tho City of Spokane; in the btate oi
Washington, U.S. A.
The objects for which the Oompany is established are:— To pnrchaen, hold, own, work and
operate mines of k*>M, silver, lead, und otuer
minerals, and to sell th*.* Hal no; to buy and sell
orefi of all kinds; to build, e^nip, own aud operate any mill, smelter Of reduction works neees-
sury or convenient tor sueh business, und to
that end to purchaB-u and own any real estate or
personal proporty necessary or eouvmiiout;
thcrfor; and to construct and own auy wittfon
road,tramway, railroad, or telegrapn line or
telephone line that may be iieessary or convenient for such business,
The business of this corporation to be conducted in cither the Uuited states or in Brittili
Columbia, or boih.
Theeauital sto<!k of th*said Company i& one
million live hundred thousuud dollars, divided
into one million live hundred thousuud snarca
of the p»r value ol one dollar each.
Given under my hand nnd seal of oflice at
Victoria, Province of liritish Columbia, this 2nd
day ot March, l«It7.
LUb.] 8. Y. W00TT0N,
RcRistrar of Joint StocK Gumpauics.
No. tn.
"Comtanies' Act,"Part IV., andameni>-
jncj jVcth.
"27ie     Auras      Mining     Company'*
Registered 25ih day of February, 1897.
IBERiEBY CERTIFY that I have tlds day
roistered "Thu Aurus Mining Company"
(Foueign) undor tho "Compajiies' Act.'1 Fart
IV., "Rogistrution-of Foreign ComnauleB," and
amending Acts.
The head oflice of the said Company is situated nt tho City of Spokane, in the Stute of Washington, U. H. A.
The objects for whicli lhe Oompauyia* established arc:— To purchase, hold, own, work and
operate mines ot gold, silver, lead and other
metals, aud to sell the same; to buy and ho 11
ores of sueh metals; to build.,, equip, own and
operate any mill, smelter o-r reduction work*
necessary or convenient in such bupineBS, and
to that end to purchase and own auy real e3tat* »
or personal properly iieccsfiajy or convenient
therefor; and to construct and own any wagon-
road, tramway, railroad oc telegraph or telephone Hue necessary or convenienr for such
business*! said business to be conducted either
in the United. Stated or British. Columbia, or
The capital stock of the said Compauy is ono
million dollars, divided into ono million shares
oi the par vulua of ouo dollar each.
Given under my hand and seal of oflice, at
Victoria, Fro-vinee of liritish Columbia, this
25th day of Fehsuury, 1897.
DL, 8.] S, Y.. WOOTOM,
Registrar of Joint Stock companies.
Watch Repairing My Specialty.
Ali Work Warranted.
B.   0,
Barber Shop.
centrally Looatod.   All Work Gauranteed to bo-
First Clasi in every Respect.
Bath  Rooms*,
IUVEHS.M1H,      -      -      -       (MIAND ffOBJfaj'
-r  •-- -        -  -


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