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The Grand Forks Miner Mar 20, 1897

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'■■':   '. I..
Five Oandidates For Aldermen  Also
Placed in the Field to Make the
Eaoe in Oompany With
Mr. Mauly.
For Mayor John A. Manly
For Aldermen :
L. A. Manly W. G. Hepworth
J. H. Featherston J. K. Johnson
W. K. C. Manly.
As announced in the last issue of tho
MiNii r, a mass meeting was hold in the
school house last Monday ovoning by
the supporters of John A. Manly, to formally place that gentleman before the
citizotiB of Grand Forks as a candidate
for mayor at the coming municipal election, Long beforo the time arrived for
calling the meeting every seat in tho
Lone., was uuoupiod unci atauuuig room
was at a premium.
The report had gone forth during the
afternoon that the opposition wore organizing with a view of capturing the
meeting. This report, it is to bo regret-
tod proved truo. Unfortunately for
them, however, they either lacked
strength or tho moro conservative and
level-headed followers rofused to aid
the instigators of the scheme.
Mr. Geo, E Filley was chosen chairman and after thanking those present
forjeonferriug upon him the honor of
presiding over the first pol itical moeting
in Grand Forks, stated that as he understood it the meeting had been called
by the citizens who were supporters of
John A. Manly to publicly request him
to run for mayor at the coming city
G. Earl McCartbr was elected secretary and Mr. J. H. Featherston, chairman of the citizen's committee who
waited on Mr. Manly and requested his
consent to accept tho nomination for
mayor, was called upon for his report,
lie stated that the committee had called
upon Mr. Manly, that he had acquiesed
to their request and this meeting had
been called for the purpose of ratifying
their action. On motion tho roport of
Mr. Featherston was adopted and it
was moved and socouded that Mr. John
A. Manly be the unanimous choicsof the
meeting for mayor, which motion was
Mr. Manly was called for and coming
forward thanked those present for tho
honor thoy had bestowed upon him, as
ho considered it would be a groat honor
to anyone to bo elected mayor of Grand
Forks, and stated that ho would use all
honorable moans to bo elocted but in uo
ovont would ho ask anyone to sign a
paper guaranteeing him their support
or uso any coercion to socuro a voto. lie
statod thut it waB usually the case for a
person  uooepting a  nomination  at  the
hands of tho people for any office to define the platform on which ho would
make tho race. In this respect ho had
very little to say beyond tho fact that
he did not believe it would bo a judicial
policy to rush in and plungo the city in
debt for street grading, building bridges,
etc., thereby increasing the taxes, but
would advocate a conservative course for
the present, only making sueh improvements as were absolutely neco-isary, such
as sanitary regulations and tiro protection. Ab far as building bridgos was
concerned he was strictly opposed to tho
city erecting any until such time as its
revenue would justify it without going
into debt. If private corporations or
individuals wanted to build bridges
they had a right to do so. If elected he
proposed to uso his best endeavors to
keep tho exponsos of tho city down to
the receipts of tho present yoar. Again
thanking thorn ho closod his remarks.
The chairman aBkod the further pleasure of the meoting. On motion of Mr.
Featherston they proceeded to nominate
five aldermen to run on the Manly
ticket. Aftor several aye and nay votes
the following gentlemen woro chosen:
L. A. Manly, Dr. Ilepworth, J. K.
Johnson, J. II, Featherston and W. K.
C. Manly.
The meeting thou adjournod.
Jumped the Tra.k,
The MarcUB stage experienced another accident last Thursday eueuing,
between Ren RaeBoaure's stage station
and Hall'B ferry. Coining down a stoop
hill tho brake broko, letting tho sleigh
run up onto tho hedB of tho horses,
which became unmanagablo and started
to run dashing the stage aguiiiet a largo
hollow tree and throwing tho occupants
out with a torriblo force. There were
seven passougers, among whom were
Frank Griffin, Frod Wollaston of this
place. All were more or loss injured;
Mr. Wollaston suffering a badly sprained
ankle, another passenger, whose name
we failed to loam, got his face cut up
and tho driven having hiB wrist wrenched. _^_____
Nickel and Cobalt.
Messrs. Otis and Chaplin, who have
charge ot the development worR being
done on the Anchor Mining company's
proporty, situated in tho reservation on
San Pierre creek, report tho opening of
a large vieu of oro which assays eighty -
five per cent nickol and cobalt and car-
res silver and gold. Ab this is the first
nickel discovered in this section they
consider they have struck a bonanza.
Held on April 3rd.
Tho Rossland municipal oloction will
be held on April 3rd. Tho exact date of
the Grand Forks election has not been
made public aB yot, but it is moro than
likely that ours will come oil about tho
same time.        	
White House Opening.
Jainos Hamilton, propriotoi of the
White ilouso, will give it grand opening
on Tuesday morning next, at 10
o'clock. A sumptous frco lunch will be
sorvod.   Everybody is invited.
But the Spider Landed Too Often and
After Putting up a Plucky Fight
the Kid Went Down in the
Eighteenth Bound.
When applying for Crown Grants request that the notice of application be
published in tho Qrand Forks Miner
-the best advertising medium in thu
Kettle Rivor and Iioundury districts.
That Grand Forks is up to date
no one will deny. No delegation wen t
from here to the "big" fight at Carson,
Nevada, but on the afternoon of St. Patrick's day while sevoral thousand of
the world's most prominent "sports"
wero witnessing "Lanky Bob" Fitzsim-
mons acquire the honor of being cal led
tbe champion slugger of the world bv
whipping "Gentleman" Jim Corbott in
fourteen torriblo bloody rounds, about
fifty "dead game sports" from Grand
Forks, 0 arson and Nelson were enjoy-
iug a duplicuto on a small scale, in tho
shape of one of gamiest and most hotly
conlestod feather-pillow "mills" ever
put up by two amatueis, Tho principals in the affair woro tho Coeur d'Alene
Kid and tho Missouri Spider, two Grand
Forks lads about 18 years of age.
What the contest lacked in science
was more than mado up by tho plucky
fight tho boys put up. The preliminaries of tho affray were arranged by the
contestants themselves. The scrap was
for the purpose of settling a difference
of opinion as to which was tho bost man
of the two and also for tho gate receipts.
When it was given out that tho boys
had decided to settle their differences by
a glove contest evorybody treated the
affair as a "josh," but as the timo drew
near it was evident that thoy were in
earnest and moant to keep thoir word.
The"iciH" wae pulled off on the reservation just across tho line from Carson
and proved to bo as gamey a contest as
any one ever witnessed, taking eighteen
rounds to decide the victor.
The raatcn was governod by Marquis
of Quoensbury rules, in a fourteon-foot
ring, three-minute rounds, two of light
aud ono of rest. Eight-ounce gloves
wero used, Capt. Hargravo acted as
referee and Mr. Clark as time-keeper
while Harry McKay socondod the Kid
and Paul Fishor the Spider. The Kid
tipped tne scales at 118 pounds and the
Spider at 12&%
While tho Kid was tho heavier of the
two the Spider had the advantage of
being tho tallest and longer in tho arms
by nearly threo inches. The boy from
Coeur d'Alono was tho favorite in betting circles and although ho lost tho
tight he fully demonstrated by tho punishment ho took thut he was a stayer
to tho backbone
Uoiow wo givo a dotailod account of
tho mutch by rounds.
Time was] culled ut 9ifi4,
First Round—Tlio boys ounio to tlio scrntcli
with a eonlident smile ou their luce and without any foolishness conimoucod slugging each
other right and left, lhe Spider alining his blow!
ut tho Kids lace, while the latter kept lauding
on tbe Spider's body. Tho lighting was
quick and rapid to the finish, nnd when time
was called both were puffing and blowing like
a locomotive climbing u steep grade.
Second Round*—Both lighters advanced to the
center nnd the Ocur d'Alene boy at once forced
the light for tbe lirst half of tho round with ft
view of licking the Spidor In a canter. Tho
Spider kept reaching for the Kids face aud Anally landed with his left duke on his nose, which
started the blood to flow. This blow was Bucb
a surprise to the Kid that he was dazed tor ft
second and before he could realize what hod
happened, the Spider got in a right hand upcut
en the left jaw of the Kid scoring a clean knock
down. For a moment It was uncertain whether
or not the Kit would bo able to eome to time,
but after laying in a dazed conditiou for &
couple of seconds he slowly raised to his feet
and made a rush for the Spider. As pretty close
lighting followed us was ever seen in any ring,
and the way the boys slugged each other with
the pillows would have done credit to high
class professionals. The sound of the gong was
welcomed by both of the lads, who showed
signs of fatigue.
Third Round—The Kid caino to the center
with blood freely flowing from his nose and
mouth, while his Lips were badly swollen from
the punishment lie had received about the face
aud head. On the other baud tho Spider showed
no indications of belngell'eeted by the numerous jahs he received on the body. They sparred
for wind, but thu Kid could not be contented
with this slow mode of lighting, and again
forced tlie light lauding hlow after blow on tho
Spider's body, with an occasional swipe along
side the head with his right. The Spider beiug
on thu defense was kept busy keeping out o£
the Kids reach, but every now and thou would
jah the Kid geutiy about tlie nose aud eyes aud
whon lho gong sounded hoth wero willing at
Fourth Round—Both fought shy of each other.
The Kid landed a terillle swing right baud blow
on tho Spiders beck. Spider found the Kid'r:
uiik with hisleft aud followed with a beautiful
upper cut which wus stopped hy the Kids right
jaw. Either of these hlows would havo dono
thu business, had they had sufficient power behind the pillow. Both Bparrod lor wind. Tbe
Kid reached for tlie Spider's jaw and found it.
The Spider returned ou the Kid's nose. Another
pretty exhibiton of close lighting followed aud
was kept up until the end of the round, which
set the oro wd wild with excitement aud eveu
money was offered by the backers of both.
Fifth Round—Both came up looking fresh, although theKld's face showed plainly the effects
of tho severe punishment ho had been subjected to and the blood was streaming from his nose
and mouth. Tho Kid wont aftor the Spider
with body hlows while the Spider kep-
dancing around the Kid, and when an opening
was ofl'ered, which was pretty frequent, would
land ou tlieKid's noso with his loftand follow it
with au uppercut with ills right, although very
weak it was apparent that they would prove effective in tho end.
Sixth Round—Both sparred for wind. Tho
Kid landed heavily on tne Spider's body. Tho
Spider returned witli a jab in Kid's lace with,
cither his right or left. After sparring for wind
a fow seconds the Kid undertook to rush tho
Spider, who proved to be to quick lor him and
by several beautiful ducks kept from being
put over the rope in his own corner. All tho
timo tho Spider wus getting away he kept up at
lusil lade of blows on the Kids head.
Seventh Round—Although severely punished
and his right eye nearly dark, tho Kid rushed
his man furiously, chasing him all over the
ring aud as the Spidor undertook to duck away,
landed a right hand swinging blow oh tho side
of his neck, which set him going lor a second,
and had tho Kid ombraced tho opportunity
could have put him out. Recovering from the
oltects of tho blow, tho Spider took tho aggressive end and crowded the light. In tho ralxup
that followed tho Spider iound tho Kid's sore
nose with his left and followed It with a right
handed upper-cut Iu thu sumo place, causing
the crimson to freely flow, Thlsseemed to act.
tie the Kid, and both fought like doraons until
the gong sounded, and from the way thoy both
took their punishment it was anybody's fight.
Eighth Round—This ruund was a repetition of
the seventh, both lauding on etch others face
nock, and body but with such weakness, however no sorlous damage was dono.
Ninth Round—The Kid, although very groggy,
started In to crowd lhe tight, hut lulled to land
anywhere oxcept  on tho Spider's body, whilo
U. E. McOartbb - - - * Bditob ANIi MaHaokb,
Thk Miner i« published on Saturday and will
mailed to Subscriber on payment of Two
.1 *l!nrs a year.
Displayed Advertisement's $9 an Inch per
month. A liberal discount allowed on long
Trancietii Advertisements 20 cents a line lirst
insertion and 10 cents a line for each additional
Local or reading matter notices 2'< cents oaoh
Job Printing at Fair rates. All accounts for
job work and advertising payable -in tho lirst of
euuh month. !■'. II. McCIABTEB -SiBon.
loarc that tho government fins awakened
to the necessity ot taking steps to protect the rights ot the owners of crown
granted mineral claims, by the introduction ot a bill at the present session,
giving them the option of purchasing
tho surface rights at a reasonable figure.
The passage of this bill would forever
sottle the title to townsites in mining
districts and obliterate the chances of
their being questioned by the action of
wholly irresponsible persons, as in the
case of Greenwood.
As yet no authentic information h.is
been received hore concerning tho appointment of u returning ofiicer for tho
election of a mayor and five aldermen
for the city of Grand Forks. Nevertheless there seems to bo no doubt but
that a municipal government will bo
elected within thirty days from tho date
of the Lieutenant-Governor's affixing
his signature to the bill which was on
tho Oth hist. Alroady the situation has
beon prelty thoroughly canvassed by
both the opposing parties and atpresent
a bitter factional light seems imminent.
It is to be hoped, however, that before
the timo for the election conies all concerned will roalizo the folly of tho courso
now being pursued and by intelligent
and harmonious action this factional
strife, jealousies and heart-burnings of
a contested election will be avoided.
The sentiment seems to be pretty strong
among the property holders and a majority of those who havo a right to vote
that what money the municipality may
acquire during the present year should
be expended economically and entirely
upon needed improvements, and not in
the interest of any particular section of
the town. The health of the city is of
tho greatest importance and adequate
Bewerage and wator systems' and tiro
protection must be had ia any event.
As tho policy of both sides seems to bo
identical we fail to see why there should
be any strife over tho organization of
the first municipal government and
there is no reason why satisfactory arrangements cannot bo porfectod between
those interested and every member of
the now administration be elected by
Last week ttfty-sefon companies, representing ii capital of over 851,000 gave
notice of incorporation in the liritish
Columbia Gazette. The indications aro
that if the Companies' Act which was
introduced in the Legislative Assembly
some time ago as a threat to those desiring to over capitalize companies, is
not passed beforo long, there will be
hardly a mining claim in tho province
but will 1)0 capitalized for one or two
million dollars.
aftor late hereof I Intend to apply to tbo
Honorable, the ('hief Commissioner of Lands
i':>,' Works for permission to purchase B0 acres
of land, sltuati ii on th ■ North Fork of Kettle
rivor and described as follows: Commoncing
nl the south west corner ol lot 717, Osoyoos Divi
Rlon Yale Distrlot, thoi lewestaOehaiuB, then *o
north 10 chains, thence casl 20 chains, thi ■■<■
sniiiii in,-tiaiir, totho i"-i 0 ofcommencome it.
Grand Forks, B, C , March 2, UW,
i. irehln hcrctnfor ■ suhsiBtini? between ns
tiit- undersigned ns hotel keepers Ln the Cosm -
Hotel in tho town of Grand Pork*, B. <'., haa
this day been dissolved bj in itual consent. AJ
debts owing to the said partnership are to be
piii I to Jobit H.Hmith, tho undrBisjnud at Grand
Forks aforesaid, and all claims agalusl the said
partnership are to be presented to the said John
H. Smith, by whom tbe same will be settled.
Dated iV Grand Forks, B.C., this  Oth,  day Of
Maroh, A   D. 1897. A. V. . i'UKS'AR.
H.Q.Cay,.ky, J. 11. SMITH.
As io siguature by A. W. Preslar.
A, c. Button, as to signature by J. II. Smith.
Colonial and Foreign Mining Regulations.
Prospects for the precious metals and gems
Orn nl us prospecting nnd exploring purlins.
I ics and reports on mining properties.
Willi Colin Campbell,
!',(). B, STOCKING!,
Watch Repairing Mv Specialty.
All Work Warranted.
li.   C,
Contractor and Builder
GRAND   F0UK8,   B,   C.
The Okanagan and Spiillumcheen
Co-operative Creamery association,Ltd.,
Iiiih been organized for tho purpose of
erecting and operating a butter factory
at Enderby. Tho trusteos are O. R.
Lawee, chairman, David Crane, R. D.
Long. R. B, Cooke, H, J. Greyell and
William J. Riley: treasurer, T. Rookesj
secretary, Qrahkra RosBtnan. The association is strictly co-operative, oach
shareholder having ono vote.
The Butte Mining World nays: "The
newspapers published in a community
aro a true index to the conditions of es
isting affairs, If they aro Cull of advertisements and circulate extensively, you
may put it down that tho community is
enjoying a period of prosperity."
Judging from the Miners advertising
columns Grand Forks is deador than a
a skinned eel.
The bill of tho Greenwood City Water
company has been introduced in the
legislature and passed its lirst reading.
Tho incorporators arc* Robert Wood and
C. S. Galloway, of Green A-ood and Chas.
Wilson, J. II. Senkler and Edgar Bloom-
field, of Vancouver with a capital of
No. S11.
"Companies' Aot," I'aht IV, and amending Acts.
"The Bonita  Gold. Miniug Company'
Registered the8th -luy of February, 18117.
T HEREBY CERTIFY that I huve Hue iluy rer;-
X lstorcd "Tho Bonita iinlii Mining Company"
(Foreign), under the "'-ompanies' Aot," Part
IV., "Registration of Foreign Companies," and
amending Acts.
The head nilier. of the sn.i.l company ii Bituat-
e<l at tlio City ol Spokane,; State of Washington. P. 8. A.
The objects for which the Company is cptiili-
lished are:—To buy Boll, lease, bond,mortgage
and convey any mining property which aaid
Company may acquire within British Columbia
or within the United States of America; to op
orate snid milling property, and to do all necessary work therein for tho development and
operation of the Bamc; also to construct, maintain ami operate trails, roads or lines ol transportation, either by water or by laud; to uuiid
Humes or ditches, to acquire water power and
rights, and Blectrioor other motor power, and
to leaBo or sell tho same; to erect mills,
smelting or reduction works for public nr pri-
vati* use, and iu fuel, to canyon a general mining businessin nil of it* various departments
ln compliance with the laws under which the.
said Company Bhalloporatein the I'mvinceof
British Colum bin, Oanada, and in tho United
stales of America, and to do all other business
which may bo Incidentally necessary for the
carrying out of the general purpose of said
Tbe capitul stuck of thu ,.,iid Company is one
million dollars, divided into one million shares
of the par value of one dollar eaoh.
Given under ray band and seal of olliee at
Victoria, Province of British Columba, tnis 6th
day of February, Js'.)7.
fi.. s.i IJ. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint stock Companies.
Plans and specifications drawn, estimates fur-1
nished on all kinds ol building. Work sirictljj
Does nil kinds of   kinds  of  repairing and j
horse shoeing.   All work gauranteed.
Does all kinds of repairing and horseshoeing^
Work strictly flrstclass,
rrr E. STACHE,
Bath  Rooms,
RIVERSIDE,      -      -      - .     ukand FORK"
Barber Shop.
Centrally tjooated.   All Work Gauranteed to bj
First-Olass in every Respect.
PETER A. Z- PARE,      -      -      PROPRIETOR
The jumping of the townsite of Greenwood City by ono J. Fisher, on Monday
of last week, is a deplorablo ail'air and
should bo looked upon with discredit by
everyone who jb identhied with the
future wellfaro and prosperity of our
enterprising neighbor over tho range.
Ths grounds on which this "jumper"
places his claim are absurd and will not
stand in any court of law, and aro based
upon a decision lately made by Judge
Forin, recently appointed to tho county
court bench in Kootenay, which is on*
paralcllod in the history of jurisprudence; i. o., that although a mineral
claim is crown granted, the owner has
no titlo to tho surface, While thoro is
no ono, who will take the trouble to
inform themselves but will be satisfied
that in the end Mr. Wood, tho original
owner of the Greenwood (lity townsite,
will bo able to fully establish his rights
in the premises, the action of Mr. Fisher,
gives persons with malicious intent an
opportunity to place n cloud on the title
of tlu»property in dispute, thereby doing BU irreparable damage to Messrs,
Wood and associates, for which they
havo no redress,
However, it   is very encouraging to
New Freight Service.
Tl.e C. P. R. iB about to furnish the
Bottlers of tlio Boundary Creek and Kettle river districts with a freighting sor-
vice from Pentieton, tho southern
terminus of the Shuswap and Okana-
gan railway. A sufficient number of
big wagons and draught horses will be
used to haul all freight brought to or
shipped from tho districts. District
Freight Agent Peters has received a
report from Agont Anderson who has
recently mado a trip of inspection
through the ontiro eastern portion of
tho Oboo/os district, etatin-» thoro is
sufficient trade to niako the establishment of a wagon freight system a profitable bueinoss for tho railroad. Tho
servico will be introduced with as littlo
delay as possible.—Vancouver World.
Searcher of Records.
Notary Public'
To Have Telegraph Connection.
The C. P. R, telegraph company will
huve a telegtaph line constructed and in
operation from Rossland to ..lidway via
Grand Forks, Greenwood, and other
towns in this district within six months.
Work will be commenced whenever Ihe
weather permits, With telegraph communication and a bank at Grand Forks
and Greenwood, which aro almost certain to be opened for business within
the next sixty days, our isolation will
bu nearly at an end.
Silver-plated    Itnives    and   forks   ut
Manly's Hardware,
Assessment Act and "Provincial Revenue Tax.
Roe.k Creek Division of Vale District.
with the statutes, that Provincial Revenue
Tax anil all TaxoB levied under the Assessment
Aot ate now due fnr the year 1807.
All nf the above named Taxes collectible
within tho Rock Creek Division of Yale District are payablo at my office ut Osoyoos, U. 0.
Provincial Revenue Tax. S8 per year.
Assessed Taxes are collectible at the following
rates; viz:-—
If paid on or beforo June 80, 1887:—
Tliie.'-flflli.i nf one percent on ileal Properly
two and one-half per cent on the assessed value
of wild land, one-naif of one per cent on Personal property. On so much nfthe income of
any person as exceeds onothfcnsand dollars, the
following ruti-H, namely:—Upon such excesB
when the sumo Is cot more than ten thousand
dollars, one por rent; when Buoh excess i.s over
ten thousand dollars and not more thint twenty
thousand dollars, one ami one-quarter of one
per cent] When BUCh excess is over twenty
thousand dollarB, one and one-half of one
per cent.
n paid on or after Isl of July, is(.>7:—-
Fou i-1ii.li'- ol one per rent o i Heal Property,
three per cent ou the aSBOBSed value of wild
land, thrco* Quarters of one per con ton Personal
Property, On so much of the Incomo of any
person as exceeds one thousand dollars the following rates, viz:—Upon such 0X0088, when Ibe
name Is not moro than ten thousand dollars,
one and ono-quartor of one por cent; when
such excess is over ton thousand dollars and
not more than twenty thousand dollars, one
ami one half of one per rent; when such excess U over twenty Jtho isautl dollars, one and
three quarters Of OUO percent.
Jan, 2, 181)7, 0. A, I.AMBLY,
Assessor und Collector.
Chas.de BloisGreen 0E PL8,   P.Wollaston P L i
Provincial Land Surveyor
Civil Engineers, Etc.
Offlre in ViinSess' Addition with J.H. FetUhci*
stou, nsBiiyer.
Provincial Land SurveyoiJ
And Civil Engineer.
Office, Midway, n. 0.
AesorlatO  Member Caimdir'
Society   of  Civil   Engines]
Teacher of
Student from the College nf Music of (Unci j
Tint ti* and pupil of the distlnguishtd Master iii
Violinist, chas. Baeteus orlho Brussels Fran j
Belgian School of the Violin.
OFFICE HOURS— Monday, Wednosdn
Thursday, Friday ami Saturday, 2 to 6 p. m.
11. FEATHERSTON, B. A. 8, c.
And Mining Engineer.   Member of Quebec Ml
IngSooioty.   Mineral Claims Examined
and Reported ou.
the Spiiler would poke him In tho f ■ with his
left and uppor-oul him with IHb right with regularity, and tho gong rounded Just in timo to
keep the Kid from going down.
Tenth Round -Thin round wus oharuetorlzed
for fust nud turloua lighting by bothol tho boys,
win, woro loudly cheorod by the spectators.
The Kid rushed tho deol.whllo tho Spidor would
jul, Hi,. Kid ln the face. The sound of lhe gong
was welcome tousle to both of thorn.
Eleventh Round—Tha Kids (nee commenced
to resemble a iifteen-oent "ohuok Bteuk" niter
it had iioen undergoing a battering process, and
he fully realized that unless he emild put his
mail to sleep by "rushing him" und getting in
a chance "knook out blow" the "cheese waa
off." From lhe instant lime wus called Urn Kid
crowded the tight,und until tho gong sounded it
wan give ami tuke •■', -npid succession, with
honors uliouT equally n., iileil.
Twelth Round—The Camr d'Alene boy seemed determedto put his man "out" and rushed
at him like u tiger pummelling him about tlie
body vigorously. This sort oi amusement was
not appreciated by the Spider who used Mb
legs to good advantage and ducked out of several close phices, but kept dusting the flies from
the Kid's nose and face.lirst with ono Imud and
then tbe other, until the gong put a stop to the
punishment thai the Kid wus subjected to.
Thirteenth Round—While nearly blind in both
eyes tlie Kid continued to crowd tin: fight witli
the hope of getting iu a "knock out" plow on
the heart, and the. referee had to caution him
to not get below the belt, The Spider used the
same Indies that he had pursued from tlie lirst,
and whenever an opportunity afforded would
huul his dukes on the Kid's face As- the gong
rung the Spider wus punishing tlie Kid unmercifully about the fuee.
Fourteenth Round—Both came to the scratch
witli renewed vigor, The Kid made another
rush, driving the Spider Into his corner aud
against the tope and could havo easily put him
over if he had followed up his work, but having
to stop to spit tlie blood I rum bis mouth, the
Spider landed with his left on theKhi's nose nnd
follwed it with liis right, which started the
Kid "going." The Spider taking iu the sitnu-
tion took the offensive nnd rushed tlie light,
Which would have ended in this round, but lor
the sound of tbe gong.
Fifteenth Round—Both of tlie hoys eom-
nicncd to realized that they had "bit off more
thnn they could chow," and BhoWed signs of
wanting to let go ns quick as possible. The Kid
stinted in to rush, but showed weakness, and
was not able to make much of an effect on the
Spider, who would duck nnd get away witli
ease. Just us the gong sounded the Spider lauded one or his rigid handed upper-cuts on the
Kids jaw, which stinted him u tottering, and it
would have been un easy matter to have linked
him over il lime hud permitted of it.
Sixteenth Round—Tlie Kid spits the blood
from Ids mouth us he conies to tlie Bcratoh, nnd
immediately landed a swinging blow with his
right on the Spider's neck, and had him going
for a second, but failed to follow, up tbo point
gained. Although bleeding freelv, the Kid
fought liken tiger. Fust ami wicked lighting
followed und counter blows were freelv exchanged. The Spider by continually Jabbing
the Kid on his sore nose, got ids man groggy
and again assumed the aggressive and tlie sound
of the gong again saved the Kid.
Seventeenth Hound—Both showed signs of
weakness und it v.'us evident thut tlie end was
near at hand. The Spider led ol! with his left
limiting on the Kid's lace, which wus followed
with a right bunder, and every time the Kid
would reach lor hiin, lie would get out of his
way and eome back witli a fuee blow, whicli
wus so weak Hint it had but little if any eifect.
When the gong Bounded it was plain lo ail the
Coeur d'Alene lad lind lost; both eyes being
so near closed that it was almost impossible for
hiin tnsce his opponent while the blood flowed
freely from his nose and mouth,
Eighteenth Round—Vi ben lime was called the
Kid was tho lirst to the snatch, but wns very
groggy, while the spider showed no signs of being worsted by the slugging lie bad received
about the body. The Kid ut once tniule a stab
nt the Spider's body hut fell short Tin* Spider
planted bis left ou I lie Kid's nose and followed
II with.-in upper-cut with his right landing on
the jugglur vein ou right side of lhe Kids neck,
which sent him down with a thud. The Kill
made an attempt-to get up, hut on reaching a
hnlf sitting position fell hack and ns he wns being counted out, guniily called to his second to
help him up to niB feet as ho could not get up
alone. It WOB no use. the jig wus up and he bad
lost one of the hardest aud hottest contested
glove contests that will be witnessed again for
many a day.
March 0—OrOBi, fract.,   Brown's  cmnp,   Neil
Five Jnek, Summit oamp, I. A. Diusniorc.
Four Ace, ditto, O. W. Carter.
Shamrock, Wellington camp, Bert Ring.
Rosy, ditto, II. G. Brown.
Thistle, ditto, Wm. Sands.
Banner, North Fork, ('. M. Tobiason.
Majestic, Brown's oamp. Win. Guttridge.
Copper Queen, Hardy Mt., Aug. Krlekson.
Long lireeii, North Fork, F. Oomstock.
Wnlln Wnlln, Wellington camp. A. F.  Suun-
March 10—Portland, I'nss creek, J. W. Settles.
Bully Hoy, ditto, .1. W. Scale.
Superior,   Meyer's creek,   \V. U.  Conkle, P.
Donald, J. R, Brown nnd F. 11. Carey.
Crow's Nest, tt. 0. Inhesion.
March 11—Knttler, I'rovidenee oamp,  A. Wen-
Maroh 18—Annie 1--, i'uns creek, Jus. A. Stack.
Mountain  drove. North Fork, It. and J.  IS.
Clhsoii and .1. K. Redmond.
March    l.v Ahibuiuu,    Skylark    camp,    Alox
-March 11,-Black Bear, Greenwood camp, 0,  H.
Store   Keeper. E.  of   Boundary    Fulls,   A.
Tidal Wave, Gout Mt., E.Baker J. G. Wright.
Little Giant, Goat Mt , O, C. Luther.
Sunt bein Belle, Brown's oamp, F. D. Bears.
Victoria, diito. .1. D. Boars.
Annie l.iiuric, Smith's ennip, II. Wright.
March 0—Iron Ore. Smeller, Butte, ti I nl.. A. 0.
Sutton In \V   W. Merk.
Mother Lode, '., inl., .1. F. Ritchie   to J. Weir.
Fredrick  s..  a.  uml  ii. w.   Spenco to Bon
Brush uml R. N. McLean.
Minneapolis,!* im.,  Wm. T. St.ill to Chas.
E, Adams,
Maroh 0   Uettio Green,'.. inl.. Win . Gardner lo
Mrs.S. A. Minblen.
Combination, ', int.. Jas. s. Brueoto R. Jakes.
Alpha, ' , int . A. J. Mlnerto M. IS. Terrell.
St. George, Thus. Ilagiin to II. G. Brown.
March in  sweet Sixteen,'., Int.. A. Forthiorto
B. G. Duke.
Columbia,   ;, int.,  C. 11. 'I'eschner to c . II.
R-Bell, Remington, und Deliunar, Jno. llanlv
and J. K. Bamberger to II. M. McCartney.
Maroh U—No. IS, I*. Gome to R. Wood.
No. II, Wm. Strong lo It. Wood.
Helen,! s int., Jno. Hanbury to T. M. Daly.
Helen, l-bi int . T. M. llulv to Kohl. .Smith.
March 13—Chief of lhe Wei-Id, Y. int., 0. W.
Carter to Chas. Hutwunl.
Violet. ',, int.. Ohas Harrington to Jno. Frost
Montana, H. 1). MoLead to Jno. Mulligan.
Emerald, all, Hunk of England, ■., Int., M. II.
Mei.eoil to Thos. Hardy.
Iron Clod, Y int., Geo. Henderson toT. Hardy.
March 16-Unton, T. Roderick to I. A. Voree.
Lincoln,   %, Rio,  ti,  Teller,   '..,.   and   iivke
Head,'{, int., T  MeAvoy to J.'K. Kelly.
Rio, Yi int.. J. K. Kelly to Rnl'ns Buck.
Jutinii.lu, nnd   Eclipse,   all,  J.  ...   OlBon to
Win. Gurlund.
Idu, Alien K. Stuart to A. K. Stuart.
March 16—Mountain View, \<. int., Geo. Henderson to Job. Dale.
Bctts, E. W. Gilpin nnd G. F   Kaulston to E.
E. Alexander.
Winner, }£ int.. 0. B.Nelson to J. McLeiinghen
March 0—Texas, Ohas. VanNess, J. L. Wiseman.
March II -Lottie Fay, E. .1. Short.
Central city, I.. Larson, 11. S. Cayley.
March 18—Surprise Frank Donald
Maroh 15—Great Ilesper, Jas McNieol.
March 11—War Fugle, It. Denzler T. I). Johnson.
Court Notes.
Owini? to Judge Spicks being delayed!
in RoESlaud longer than ho anticipated
ho tailed to arrive ut the Forks until
Wednesday evening, and on Thursday
morning at 11 o'clock lio proceeded to
hold court. There several cases on tho
docket that wero continued until tho
next term of court, owing to counsel
not being ready to proceed. Among tho
cases disposed otf were:
This was a action brought by the
plaintiir for tlio use of a team of horses
harness and wagon tho defendant bad
used on a hunting excursion last fall.
After hearing the evidence on both sides
judgment was given for tho plaintiff.
Thi6 was a criminal action bought by
Colin Campbell as private prosecutor,
It appears that Davis had sold an interest in tho Ingersoll mineral claim to two
different parties, and it was on account
of his making the last bill of salo that
ho was brought up. The caso only lasted a few minutes the judge dismissing
tho case.
This action was brought for enforcement of a contract. The plaintiff had
loast a hotel from dofondant, part of tho
rent of which was to be paid in board.
Judgment was given for tlio plaintiff.
This was an action brought by plaintiff for SAjO damages, the alleged cause
of which was, for the construction of an
irrigating ditch made by defendant
across plaintiffs land. Judgmont was
given for defendant.
Distinguished   Visitors.
The Hon. Ed. DriBCOll, the enterprising and
hustling mayor of Carson, B. C, wns a visitor
at tho Forks yesterday, lie reportH that Carsou
is preparing for a big "boom" with the vanishing of the snow, A six-story brick, to he used
as a city hall, will be erected within the next
lour weeks. This is only one of the numerous
improvements contemplated. He wns accompanied by Aldermen nan McLaren, Coleman
mul Shaw, a committee appointed at the lust
meeting ot the council, to confer with a like
committee from the city council of Grand Forks
looking toward tbe establishment of a line of
steamboats, to operate on the Kettle river,  be
Al! Others are Side Shows.
When it Comes to Looking For Bargains,   Gall and be
Convinced that you can Find Anything you
Four flore
On the Road
We Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assorted
Stock   of
In the Kettle River and Boundary Districts, Consisting of Groceries, Provisions, Queensware, Hardware^
Sash and Doors, Wall Paper, Dry Goods, Clothing Boots
and Shoes.    Also a Full Line of
Mail Orders receive Prompt attention.
Give us a trial order and we will gurantee
rSLUiiitiuurun,   i-/ u|nuiii; no uuv   ivvtumc    uvui,     in;-       .-j .   *       i, .   #
tween Grand Forks and Carson.   Asjwo go to   SintlttTtl-PTl AH
press tho committee is still conferring. )J.4&hX&Lf*\jVMXJAl9
Onoof lho new progressive firmB nf tho city ]\l\ A]V|      ¥ &     A V filX I LL.
re Filley tt Ogden, who havoopenod up a line J.TJX^.1 1 *-* M. -w   i x t  i^i\im-M)
are Filley it Og'lcii, who huve opened up a line
oflloe for the transaction <*f a general real esttito
and raining business.  They are agents for tho
t. .in ii   i-ii-iiii nn mil    ., ,,, I   11 in in.nn'  ) 11,, 111 r i,,
ana raining business. They are agents tor tne
town oompany, and the many Inquiries they receive shows that Grand Forks ami her many advantages and vast mineral resources arc in tho
mindS of iuvestorsevorywheiv. Those wishing
to buy or soil property will do well to see thin
•iir-m They havo recently published a complete
,g law in Damphlet form that is a valuable
The "Big Store,"
Itwitiun the reach ol nil.   Tins linn mil evi- . . - . ,^ ■,   -j-**.        . *»j     ,-.-
th^tlowm'',KOO'lbu6i,'03S'mdboaKroath0lp'0       Riverside Ave., (irand t orks, U. (^.
II r ui
min in
iiirii1,*;  iuw   in  uti ii i ('ii ,t*i   i'iiiu  L.iii-   —
work Tor all int'erested, ami tho price, .Wc puis
it within the reach oi all.   This 11 rm will evi THE   (illANi)   FORKS   MINER,   SATURDAY, MARCH   20,1897,
T. J. White, ot* Anaconda, spont it day
or two in town tliis week.
T. Ryan, of Eureka camp, spent a -lay
or two in town the past week
D. Clark, of RoEsland, was a visitor at
the Forks the early part of tho week.
H. 0. Keetly, of Davenport, lias been
visiting at tho Forks for the last fow
W. F. Thompson and Ed. A. lfain, of
Midway, were visitors in the Forks last
J. P. HcLeod, tlie solicitor and barrister, came over Tuesday from Anaconda
to attend court.
C.A.Jones is building a neat residence on Main street between Riverside
avenue and Second street.
Mr. Ryan, of Yakima, Wash., iB in
town with, a vie ,v of locating. Ho ox-
peels to engage iu the hotel business,
W. J. Massey, of Toronto, Out., was in
town this week. Uo has como to tho
Forks to invest in mining properties.
W. L. RubsoII lias boon granted a
ferry bconso on the Kettle river, at a
point one milo south of the boundary
L. A. Manly started Wednesday for
Victoria, whither he goes on a business
mission and expects to bo absent about
ten days.
Mr. Wolf, of Eureka camp, is pushing
work on tho Lame Foot, which is one of
tbe best known and richest claims in tho
lower country.
W. G MeMynn, deputy register of the
county court, and Constable Deans, of
Midway, were at tho Forks this week on
oiiicial business.
Wm. McKay left laBt Saturday morning for New Denver, B. ('.., where ho
will assume the foremanship of a working mine in tbat vicinity.
G. B. Gootlell ,fc V. F,. Karne of Portland, Oregon, wero passengers on Mondays f;tago from Marcus. They may remain somo time at the Forks.
J. N. MeDutfeo, of Portland, Oregon,
paid tho future great a visit this week
and was greatly pleased with Grand
Forks' chances of making a city.
Jas. Taylor arrived via Tuesday's from
Marcus where he has been spending the
winter. Ho is on his way to Wellington
camp whore he is interested in several
valuable properties.
Charles Vac Ness was a passenger on
Tuesday's stage from Bossburg. Van
has just returned from an extended tour
of tho east and was a guest of Presidout
McKinley on innaugeration day.
Tho Bossburg Journal is tho latest addition to ovr exchange list. It is a neat
seven column folio, published every
Thursday, by Alex A. Audorson, and the
first number is a "cracker jack.'1
Louis V. Cuppage, superintendent of
roads and bridges spent Sunday in tbe
Forks and left on Monday for home.
Ho expects to do considerable road work
in this vicinity early in tho spring.
I. A. Dinsmore says that he would
not under any consideration accept auy
position under the city council of Grand
Forks without the consent of tho head
of the police departmont at Victoria.
Capt. Carter returned from Rossland
on Monday and expects to commence at
once to develop tho Viola and Bowes
properties, in the vicinity of tho Seattlo
about six milos north of Grand Forks.
R. G. Butler left on Thursday for Spokane, where he goes to purchase his
stock of groceries. He expects to return about tho 5th of next month and
will be ready to opon up for business
about the 10th.
The Grand Forks school will be removed to tho hall over W: K. C. Manly's
store, Bomo timo next month, where it
will be conducted until such time as tho
school trustees can provido suitable
quarters for it.
O. M. Kcono returned to tho Forks on
Monday night's stago and expects to
make his future home bore. Mr. Keono
lias rented tho room now occupied by L.
A. Manly as a saloon, and will opon a
restaurant in about thirty days.
Richard Sidley, tho genial  and joval
justice of the ponce of Sidley
P. U.. has been visiting in town
this week. Mr. Sidley is an old tinier
in this lower country ami predicts a
gnat future a head of Grand Forks.
A 815 gold assay was recently 111 in li -
from the Our Minnie claim, on i, Inm
tina lake. It is th" intention of Ibe
owners of this claim to run two i-liiflH
on the shart that has been started, as
soon us lhe snow has sufflrtiently left to
admit of work being done to advantage,
E. Jacobs, formerly of the News-Advertiser, of Vancouver, arrived in the
Forks via Wednesday's stage. Mr.
Jacobs is making a tour of inspection of
the this district with a view of locating
and establishing an agency to furnish
information concerning the resources of
the country to outside newspapers.
Jesse Shannon, one of the owners of
the Jea nine May proporty up the North
Fork, came into town on Thursday last
and reports that the shaft now being
sunk on this property down iifty feet.
They arc now working in a copper ore,
the seam of which varies from two to
twelve inches in width.
Johu A. Manly left Thursday morning for Spokane to attend a meeting of
tho Olivo Gold Mining company to bo
held on the 10th hist. From Spokane
he goes to Rossland to be present at tho
meeting of tho townsite company to
take place on the 23rd, after which he
will return homo. Mrs. Manly accompanied him.
A. L. McDonald, tho pioneer contractor and builder of Grand Forks, returned from Seattle last Saturday night,
where he has been spending the winter.
Mac says that Grand Forks is well advertised on tho coast and that a groat
doal of capital from that soction is opon
for investment in this locality.
About the first of April lho postoflico
will bo moved from its present quarters
to the new building now being erected
on Bridge street, for that purpose, between the Victoria hotol and Wright &
Luthet'B. Mr. Robort Petrie will also
conduct a cigar, tobacco, confootionery
and fruit stand, with a stock of stationery as a side issue, in tho same building.
Tho concert given last Wednosday
evening by Voorhees & Davis was not
as well attended as it deserved. Those
present, hoe-over, woro well entertained
bj an excellent musical program consisting of solos and duots on tho mandolin, banjo and guitar. The social
dance aftor tho entertained waB a most
enjoyable affair. Messrs. Voorheoa and
Davis will give another entertainment
next Tuesday evening when all lovers of
good music should turn out and enjoy
a musical treat.
Kettle River
Carson Lodge I. O. 0. F. No. 37.
Xi U" vi J-i cvcuiiiff ntft o'clock In Iheir
hull at Carson, It C. A cordial invitation extended to al 1 sojourning brethren.
1'. B. NELSON, R. S.
D. D. McL.UlEN, N. G.
Q. W. WILLIAMS, nanager.
Slage Ltaves Maw.'us on the Arrival of tho northbound train, arriving at Grand
Forks at 8:45 p. m. Leaves the <Fcrks at 4:00 a. m., arriving at Marcus in time to
connect with northbound train
1 Livery Teams, 8
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale.   Teaming of all Kinds Done.
Boundary Hotel:,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Termius of
Stage Line From Marcus, Washington.
McAuley & McCauig,     -    ■    Proprietors.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Druggists Etc.
A Full Stock of Toilet Articles
Always on Hand. Also a Well
Assorted Supply of
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, and
by figuring, rind out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
can be purchased at the
Grand  Forks
•   •  • a
Church Notice.
Sabbatn in the church at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p- m, in the school room at Grand Forks. Sabbath school 10:30 a. m. in the school room.
At Carson weekly 8 p. m.
Rev. Titos. Paton, Pastor.
Law and Collecting Agency.
Barrister at Law,
Notary Public, Etc.
All Roads Lead to Carson.
Dealer in General
Carries a Complete Lint of
C.  K, SIMPSON, Proprietor.
Tho befit wire spring in the world is
mado in Grand Forks. I also do all
kinds of line furniture and other
r\ • nJCir.amiiNU,
ur0C6ri6S,   RUBBER  STAMPS,
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Also a Full Lino of
Harness, Saddles, Bits, Spurs,
Etc., Etc.
and Seals.   Agent for tho best makes of
Sewing machines.    Also   the Hummer
11. A. HIK.1I*.
To Handle Freight Between Bossburg
and Qrand Forks.
  Mr. John II. Berg, ono of mo townsite
EITHEfi A 300 0E 500 TON PLANT  "wnei.of U.,.,-;l,,r,, Wash., spent a day
cr two in Grand Forks this woek mter-
T0 BE PUT UP BETWEEN viewing our merchants regarding having
NOW AND PALL* tl"'"' tro-Sht shipped via Bossburg.   He
says the citizens ot that town are awake
to tin* fact Unit if thoy can   make Boss-
CLOSE      TO      THE     CITY  k>ure th" "hipping point tor the Kottlo
river country their success is assured.
In order to accomplish this? end they
Tlio Exact Locution   a Secret  as Yot  propose  to  organize   a   transportation
All kinds of Meats, German Sausages and Head
Cheese always on band.
but it Will Bo Soraowliore iu the
Immediate   Vicinity    ol
Grain! Porks*
oompany which will contract to deliver
treigh! at Grand Forks a-: noon aftor its
arrival at Bussburg as it can be loaded
und freighted here.   If they aresuocess-
,   ful   in securing sufficient business to
Mr. Chester Lacy, a representative of justify it tho company proposes to put
the Northport & Canadian Land com- the road between Bossburg and tho
pany with head-quarters at Rossland, boundary line in lirst class condition as
was in the city this woek on business soon as the frost is out of tho ground
relative to the erection of a smelter near sufficiently to permit of work boing corn-
Grand Forks. The company iB largely monced, and to erect a large warehouse
composed of members of tho' Gooder- at onco so freight consigned to them can
ham-Blackstock syndicto which latoly be unloaded and stored immediately af-
purchased tho famous War Eagle mine ter its arrival. It the promotors of this
at Rossland. These gentlemen can com- scheme are successful the vexatous demand any amount of capital und if they lays that aro now experienced in having
propose to build a smelter hero there goods delivered will bo oblivated and
will be no lack of funds to carry on the tho benefit to our merchants can bo
In conversation   with a MiNr.it man
last Tuesday evening Mr. Lacy said:
"1 am hero for the express purpose of
closing a contract for the  erection  of a
roaauy seen,
Oahson, II. ('-., March 18th.*—[Special
correspondence]   Everything   is quiet
smelter in this section.   Tlio details of and orderly this morning after the light.
the deal are all arranged  with the ox*  Tho eastern drummer is sojourn-
ception of the capacity of the Biuoltor. in-r jn the land The goueral ex-
It has not yet boon determined whothur pression for the last week has beon have
to build 300 or BOO ton  works but this you lost or found your "grip." Mr.
will bo decided before I leave. Massey representing a Toronto   whole-
"J have made careful examinations o£ sale liquor house spent a day in town
the various ores of this vicinity,  which this week Tho fact there is a let-
eeem to bo mostly of a low grade and ter in the post office hero,  addressed to
therefore particularly adapted to local Bob Fitzsiniraons, would  indicate that
reduction. , Carson is acquiring  a  reputation  as a
"It is our intention  to manufacture lighting center Messrs. Wolf and
our own smelter brick and judging by a Pemborton, of Wolf's camp, came in yes-
sample of your brick which I saw today teniay and report everything O. K. and
I think it will do very well tor our work progressing favorable In tho tun-
purposes, nol, which is now in 100 feet.   The ore
"I am not at liborty to stato exactly is   looking   so   favorable that  another
tho location of the proposed smoltor, but force of mon has beon put on making in
it will in all probability be in the immo- all three shifts Mr.  Allon   Biack
diate vicinity of Grand Forks. burn, of the Star and Crescent,  wus  in
"Work will be started us soon as tho town today and  reports that proporty
enow goes oil eutliciently to purtuit of its looking better with overy shot Mr.
being prosecuted to advantage and  by Joseph 'I'nylor, the pioneer prospector
next fall Qrand Forks will be smelting of Kettle  river   and  discoverer of the
its own ores." Wellington camp, was   a  guest at tho
With reference to tho   probable cost Grand Prairie hotol last night.    lie has
of a 300 ton smelter  ho thought about just returned from a  trip outsido  and
1255,000 would cover tuo entire amount looks much Improved and no doubt thu
necessury ot tho establishment ot such trip hue been bonoflclal to him.   A Mr.
an institution. Shortger    accompanied   him Mr.
It is now practically certain that in- James Fox, the locator of Empire oamp
sido the next 00 days work will begin on on the reservation, arrived in town yes-
tho smelter and before tho end of 1H!)7 teniay. At present he has four mon at
tbo mines in the Grand Forks district work sinking a shaft on tlio Echo, which
will be able to have their ores treated at is down thirty live foot, disclosing a six-
homo without tlio great oxpense eonse- foot vien of carbonate, which carries
quont upon shipping to distant points. heavy in silver and lead and showing
This will make valuable many proper- tj-OOesot gold.   What is supposed to be
the main lei!r;'was struck tuo fore part
ties in the near vicinity of town which
can turn out large quantities ot ore
rangii.g in valuo from #10 to s?JO to tin-
ton, which  will leave a nout prolit   if
of tho week.
The Decision Reversed.
A special to the Rossland Record says
Bonds o! Electric, Steam
or Horse Car Railways
Persons having   mining or other Properties  that  will
bear investigation, can  have a Company promoted, or
sell them, by addressing.
17 andl'J Broadway, Now York City.    London  offices:—Chiswell  House, No,
139 Finsbury Pavemont, London, E. C, England.
Leaves Bus-burg on the arrival ot tho southbound train arriving at Grand Forks
at 0 o'clock same' evening. Leaves Grand Forks at *t o'cIock a. ft)., arriving at
Bossburg in time to connect with northbound train.   Fxprese.and freight prompt
ly attended to and handled ut reasonable rates.
Grand_Forks_, B. C.
The Mammoth Hotel of the Kettle River District.
MRS. A. V. DAVIS, Proprietress,
' —C. A. JONES,—— |
Paper (ianger, Sip Writer, Ife
Grand Forks, '••-    =    -     B. C.
f| Estimates Furnished on AH Kinds of Work. H
The Rush Has Started.
Invest Through Us.
Wo Imve now on mile the following good properties:
GROUP OF        )    One-half milo from Grand Forks and adjoining the celebrated
TWO CLAIMS.   \    BONETA mine.   Will bo sold as a group or singly.
GROUP OF        I    Ono mile and a half from Grand Forks, quartz lodge, good
smelted at home but would not pay lho   lll()  cu-u,f ,ju ,*■,..,*,.   judgomonl   In tho TWO CLAIMS.   ]    Assays and an immense surface showing of ore.
OVER TWENTY        /     For sale cheap in  the vicinity of tho Great  Volcanic
GOOD PROPERIES \    Mountain and Seattle mining properties.
expenses of production and treatment if
requirud to be shipped.
A reuowod activity Id developing the
claims of this section may now bo expected aud with the completion of the
reduction   works (irand Forks   will at
Paris Hello cane has boon reversed and
the opinion iioems to prevail that lho
Paris Hullo people will gain the surface
rights to the Zenith claim, consisting of
about l'i aorss un.l also v.-in tlio mineral
rights to the entire claim. It is held
■once take its plact in the front ranks as that no bond need lu given and thai,
a producing camp. mineralized rock in place is sulllcient to
. make a location valid.
Fine line of canned goods and dried
fruits. Celebrated California honey at
Manly &. Averill's.
The Above    )    Wo can honestly recommend as good, investments.     Wecanjge
Properties     )    you good claims in any particular soction at bed-rock prices.
-Correspondence Solicited.
'McCarter, Johnson & McCarter,
Jessop Drill Steel, Powder, Gaps and
h'tiso at Manly's Hardware,
Or F. H. ncCARTBR,
Spokane, Washington,
-Grand Forks, B. C
- • <*»*-«-**rr M*J> ,JLiiE   GftAND   tOitKS  Mi-Niiil,   >Aii'i;b/ii
RCli   20, 189?.
Synopsis   of   the   Testimony   in the
Government    Investigation
Held Last Week.
The government investigation o£ the
shooting ot Jas. Hood, on the morning
of Feb. 20, by officer MeMynn, was held
l?y C. A.R. Lambly, S. M., of Osoyoos,
at Greenwood and Midway, last week, to
take evidence in the case t,o be submitted to the Attorney-General who will
decide as to whether it will be necessary
to take any further steps in the matter.
Ponding tho outcome of this investigation Mr. MeMynn has been suspended
from tho office of constable, a course
which ia always pursued in all cases
jirhore an officer is under investigation
for any misdemeanor.
Below we give a synopsis of the testimony adduced at the investigation as
reported by tho Midway Advance of
March 15;
The first witness called to the Btflnd was Mr.
James Hood, tho injured man, who in BUD-
iilanee sufd that on the morning of Feb. 26, after
having staked out ft mineral clqim, which a
number c( other parties were anxious to acquire
he got on his horse and rode as fust as he could
to Midway, arriving there about 3 o'clock in the
looming and at once proceeded to the recorder's
Office. Being the first man on the ground, he
took up a position just outside of the door to
*Vwait thQ opening of tlie office uitho morning .
Shortly afterward Messrs. Fisher and Lewis arrived, the former only remaining a few minutes
and then adjourning to a neighboring livery
stable. While they were waiting witness and
Air. Lewis engaged In n quiet conversation during which he kept up a constant tapping of
his feet on the steps to keep them warm, as the
night was a very cold one while Mr. Lewis
walked up and down on the snow In front of
where he stood-' During their conversation a
dim light was visible In the window of the
room next to the otlice, which all of a sudden
was extinguished and shots were fired from the
building, or rather from the north-east OOrner
The party shooting was only a few feet away,
The second shot passed over his head and the
third struck him inflicting a flesh wound In the
arm and he shouted "1 am shot in the arm."
Owing to the darkness He was unable to." see
who did the shooting, lie then started in com *
pauy with Mr. Lewis iu the direction o£ the
hotel, and as they retreated three more shots
were tired. Ou cross-examination he stated
that he understood the party to arrive ut the
office first, after making a location of a mineral
claim, would be the one entitled to the firBt
record of the ground.
Mr. Lewis was next called and corroborated
the statement made by made Mr. Hood, adding
that when the shooting started he shouted out)
"Here, stop that shooting, we are not doing
any harm!"
Constable Beans tesificdas to his informing
Superintendent Hussey, head of the provincial
police, of the circumstances of tho cose.
Constable Blkins testified that during the ill"
neBS of Mr. MeMynn he had performed Mb
duties as recorder and looked after the prisoners. That for a portion of the day before the
shooting Mr. MeMynn got up and came into
the ottiee but soon went back to bed again. In
the evening when he turned over the money ho
bad taken in for record fees, he went to Mr,
McMynn's room, and tendered the same. Several attempts, were made by that gentleman to
total up tlie amount in the cash book; finally
he begged that the matter be allowed to stand
over, ns he felt too sick to accomplish the task.
He did not seem to be able to concentrate his
Dr. Jakes stated that he had been attending
Mr. MeMynn, who was suffering from a severe
attack ol lagrippe, for about a week previous to
tlie shooting. He had been very feverish and
excitable and depressed by turns.
James Kerr, J. P., testified to haying solicited
Mr. Hood to lay an information if be felt so
inclined. Mr. Hood however refused to do so.
Miss McKenzie was next sworn and testified
to being awakened about three o'clock on the
morning of the shooting by a strange sound
which seemed to come f?om the recorder's
office. She distinctly heard a kind of tapping
sound, a movement of footsteps and persons
speaking in a very low tone of voice, and felt
certain someone was in the olllcc and went to
notify Mr. MeMynn, whom she found in Lho
kitchen. Informing him of her suspicions, she
advised blm to got 1:1b gun and go outsido and
frighten them away. Acting on her suggestion
Mr. MeMynn went ontide and shots were Immediately heard. On his return to the house
She accompanied  him   to the ofiice where an
Filley & Ogden,
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The Future of Grand Forks is assured—it will be a
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examination showed that it had not been
broken into.
Mrs. MeMynn testified corroborating in detail
the statements made by preceeding witnesses.
Mr. MeMynn theu took the stand in his own
behalf and after relating tbe story of the sickneBS
of himself and family from tbe time of its commencement until the night of the shooting ho
went on to state that he was awakened out of
a deep sleep and fancied he heard people talking in tbe ofiice. He was wet with prospiration
and very nervous. Tho noise continuing ho
began thinking something was wrong and became anxious about the safe which contained
about $1,000 of government money; he also
feared for the saftey of the-prisioners in the
lock-up. Crawling out of bed he slipped On his
coat and trousers and taking a revolver went to
the dining room. Glancing at the clock he
noticed that it was 8:40 a. m. Ho then passed
into the hall and listened at the office door and
faucied he heard men talking softly iu the olliee.
GOingto the kitchen lie saw one person walking backward and forward near the olllcc steps.
Miss McKenzie then came to the kitchen and
told him men were hammering lu tlie oflice,
advising him to go outside and shoot to Brighten
them away. Rushing outside to the north east
corner of he fcaw someone standing close to tho
ofiice door and ahorse standing within reach at
tne ofiice steps. Thinking this person was
whiBpering to some one in the ofiice he fired
three Boots; hearing some one shout "Stop!
Stop! Let's get out of this!" and also "I'm hit
in the arm!" The person then disappeared
around the corner of the house, apd about a
minute later he saw for tlie first time two persons
about fill yards away on the sleigh road leading
south to the hotel. He fired three more shots
and then going up to tlio ofiice door and found
it locked. From there he returned to the bouse
and in oompany with Miss Melven/.k- examined
the ofiice and Bafe finding them all right.
Mr. MeMynn, continuing his testimony, expressed great regret at the unfortunate a Hair,
lie also also contended thnl in many respects
Hood was to blame for the shooting. First—
Incoming to the office at the time he did as
the location would be equally as good if made
within 16 days as if made within 15 minutes
after the location. Secondly—by alarming all
the family by the noise. Which U Is clearly
shown in llh' evidence, he made; also having
his horse at Ihe office door, when there is a
hitching post a few yards away, thereby giving
further grounds of BUpioion that the intent waa
to rob the office, and as well his failure to
knocK at tho door or otherwise let him know
who it was and what was wanted.
He was completely missled.by all the facts of
tho case and can only explain his actions by
the condition he was in and tho peculiar circumstances of the entire affair.
A mill-site has been surveyed in Central camp.
At the opening sale of town lots at Fairview
the other day fourteen lots were sold realizing
A thirty-foot shaft has been sunk on the Iron-
cap, iu south Dei dwood camp, and the ore is
reported as assying well.
The work of running a tunnel on the Mother
Lode, in Deadwood camp, i.s being pushed. It
Is now in nearly 100 feet
Mr. F, B, Smith has purchased the Interest of
J. Dufonr's interest in the Btage line between
Oraud Forks and Greenwood.
Development work on tho Republic Mining
company in Smith's camo is being pushed under
the supervision of W. T. smith,  a fifty-fppt
shaft is to be sunk ou both claims.
i    «


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