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The Grand Forks Miner Jun 19, 1897

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 SECOND   YEAR.-NO.   58.
GRAND FORKS, R, C,   SATURDAY,   JUNE   li), 1897.
Held Their Regular Weekly
Meeting Yesterday.
Sevoral   Matters    Under    Bif-cussion
Whicli aro Not Yet Definitely
Settled— Treasure's Bond
ley; from second printer to second class,
Valido Duford, IMillre Mader, Ouy Rose;
from first to second primer class, f!he- -
ter Smith, Lena Mader; from tablet
claBs to first class, Mario Duford, Joseph
O'Connor, Claude Smith, Frank War-
moth. ;	
A Mining Expert,
Alfred Wooilhouse, F. G. S., member
of Institute of Mining aid Metal, London, Englan d, Mining and Consulting
Engineer, was in the city several days
this week, leaving this morning for
Greenwood. Mr. Woodhouso iH looking
for a group of mines that have good surface showings and soiuo development
work -Tone, with tlio intention of form,
ing a company to operate thorn,
Tho council held its regular weekly
meeting yesterday afternoon with all
members present except W. K. C. and
Li. A. Manly, Bylaw No. 6, relating tb
trades liconsos was introduced and referred to Hie license committee for revision after passing through two imaginary readings.
A bill for his first month's salary as
city marshal was presented by S. E.
Hepworth and referred to tho finance
committee, as was also a bill of Mrs.
Keyes, of Rossland, for 875 for furnishing duplicate typowritton copies of the
Rossland bylaws.
Councillor Duford reported that tho
street committee had ordered Bcrapers
and a plow for the purpose of grading
Bridge street where it ascends to the
dist bench at Mrs. Brown's property.
Mayor Manly explained to Mr. Duford
flint tho committee had no right to order material but should decide upon
seme plan for tho street improvement
and recommend this plan to the council
for adoption. It was decided to cancel
'the order for scrapers and plow and do
the grading by contract.
Treasurer McCarren reported on arrangements made for keeping tho city's
money in tho burglar chest in L. A.
Manly's safe.
The public works commitieo was
authorized to meet with the school
trustees and townsite company wilh a
view of ascertaining what arrangements
can bo made for providing a location
for a public school, The townsite company has donated threo lots on the
bench wost of tho city and there appeared to be a sentiment in favor of
the city's purchasing tho throe adjoining lots. This matter wijl bo reported
upon at the next meeting.
Treasurer McCaren was enstruoted to
prepare a bond in tho sum of |5,00Q
with sureties satisfactory to the finance
A number of other matters wero discussed in a rambling manner without
any definite action boing taken or thoir
being put into a form tangible enough
to bo reported upon.
L. A. Manly's Bar Opening.—Th£
Dklmonico Restaurant.
Last Saturday evening L. A. Manly
Horhially opened the bar room of the
Victoria hotel, an.l the affair was a great
.success >f its kind. The patrons of the
place wero served with an excellent
lunch. The now bar room is very com-
iiio lious and is fitted with a horse shoo
shaped bar behind which ono may lind
any form otalcholic beverage ho desires
gopten up in tho most approved methods
lor tinkling (ho palato and warming tho
,coc!<lesof the heart. Mr. Manly has
placed on draft the celebrated New York
beer of Spokano, which is an innovation in this city.
Tho room formerly booupied by the
Victoria bar is boing fitted up us a restaurant by Messrs. J. T. llibbard and
Martin Dufour. It will bear tho name
.of New Vorks famous "Delmonioo" and
will bo modem in its appointment after
the pattern of tho American grill rooms
.where the cooking is clone in sight of
the patrons. A commodious lunch
counter is provided and private boxes
a o furnished for ladies and small dinner parties. The Delmonico wiil be
open on Monday.
Will Make the Forks Headquarters.,
Threo important visitors from Victoria this week aro Dr. T. J, Jones,
I). E. Campbell and G. II. Haines,
nn inbers of iho ( ascade Water Powor
and Light company, who at tho hist
session of tho provincial parliament
iv*. ra gran tod a charter for furnishing
tvuter system and eleotric lights for tho
territory within a radius of 10 miles
from Cascade City. These gentlemen
ar' nere for the purpose of preparing
plans to bo submitted to the government for approval.
Dr. Jones, in conversation with a
Min b reporter this morning said that
it waa their intention to make Grand
Forks their headquarters and lo control the water power within 10 miles of
*thi;i city, with tho excoption of that territory Included in the charter granted
to the Grand Forks Water Power and
Light company, comprising six miles on
.each Bide of tlio North Pork for a distance of 2o miles above this city, in
which the Grand Forks company has
tlio exclusive right except so far as the
city itself may desire lo uso it.
The law requires that pinna for tho
proposed wator or light systems must
be submitted to tho government, and it
Is tho intention of tho Cascade company to prepare their plana as soon as
Mr. Wollaston cau do tho uecessary
suiveying. Several days delays is
caused by waiting for the arrival of a
screw, tho duplicate of one lost from
the level.
School Closed.
Tho public school closed for the summer vacation last Friday. Following is
a list of those who received tho honor
roll at the public examination: For
proficiency, George Carrahor; for painstaking, Leon Huntley; for deportment,
Marie Duford; promoted from fourth to
fifth class, George Carraher, Leon Hunt-
The   Diamond    Jubilee   Celebration
Will be a Crarket
On nej.t Tuesday will begin the Grand
Forks celebration of tho (10th anniversary of the reign of Her Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, and' the occasion
will be celebrated in a manner never
beforo paralelled in tho Boundary country. The residents cf this section will
congregate in its metropolis on the 22d
and spend that and tho succeeding day
in holding pastimes in honor of tho
groat ovont.
Tho comtiiilteo on sports, Dr. Ilepworth, L. A. Manly and P. J.Davis,
have their arrangements nearly com.
plelo so that there is now no doubt that
the celebration will provo to bo the success that every one anticipator' Dr.
llepwortn, secretary of the committee,
reported that all but about $100 of' tho
prize monoy hr.s boen donated and that
tho balance will bo easily obtained.
Qno important feature of the sports
which should not be overlooked by
those intending to participate, is making application to enter. Anyone do-
siring to take n.-ift in any of tho sports*
should mako application on Monday or
before to Dr. ilepworth or they will not
be allowed to enter.
The race ti aek is in the pinlj of condition and the granite boulder for tho
drilling contest haB beon put in place.
Another boulder will be secured in caso
tho oco may not accommodato all of
tho contestants.
The order of sports has not boen definitely arranged but it is understood
that tho bicyclo race and a part of the
horse raceB will tak*} placs on Tuosda y,
and tho horse race3 and drilling contest
on Wednesday. The dance will occur
qn Tuesday evening and the hall will
by that time bo in fine condition.
Upper Grand Forks Managers Putting in a System.
Messers Hay and McCallum are putting in a water works system in Upper
Grand Fork?, moro commonly known
as tho VanNess addition, and they expect to have it ready for business within a week, The capacity of lhe wator
works is of cottrse not vory extensive,
but it is sufficient to supply tho requirements of tho territory to bo supplied,
and ns its population becomes moro extensive it can be increased.
A pump with a capacity of ,100 gal-
lone per minute has been put in at a
spring heading near the foot of Hardy
mountain, and powor is furnished by
a 35 horse power boiler. A tank holding 12,000 gallons will give a 30 pound
pressure in all part?, of tho addition.
A four inch pipe carries tho water
from the pump to the reservoir and it
is circulated by a 2Jij inch main and
ono inch distributing pipes. Hydrants
aro to be placed on tho street corners
and hoso provided for fire protection.
The Copper Queen company, which
owns several properties on La Flour
mountain, aro doing a great deal of development work just now and without
an exception their claims aro looking
The owners of tho Lame Foot claim
aro now waiting for the air compressor,
whon work will be started wilh renewed
e nergy.
Thomas Donan haB just completed
tho assessment work on the Hiawatha
claim, joining the Egyptian, and left on
Tuesday for his property in French
camp, known as the Trail, where he is
going to do assessment work.
La Flour mountain is all activity this
summer, tho property owners being
stimulated with the recent railway
At present work is suspended on tho
Star nnd Crescont property waiting the
arrival of machinery from Spokano,
Long Lake Claims.
Charles Stewart was in tho city on
Tuesday last and sho.ved us some fine
milling and concentrating oro from his
Mocking Bird group in Long Lake camp
whioh consists of four claims with great
surface showings, Tho rock shows copper sulphides and somo galena, somo ef
it running up to IS percent copper win lo
high gold assays havo also been obtained. Mr. Sto.vart has concluded lo
dispose of thoso promising proporties
and is now open for a proposition for
either sale or bon:l. Samples of tho
rock mav be seen at this office.
Understands His Business.
Grand Forks can boast of at least one A No t
mechanic in the person of M. It. rooney, proprietor of the Grand Forks Black-smithing and
Carriage works. The Minku had one of its
presses badly broken In tn nsporting it from
Marcus to ibis city, and dispaired of being able
to have it repaired this side of Spokane. Mr. F.
was consulted and after exaimin*- tlie wreck
expressed a willingness to prescribe for tbo
disabled parts, and as a result wo arc now able
1*0 run the press. Onr advice to everybody who
happens to break a piece of machinery is to consult our friend Fecucy beforo sending away to
have it lixed, for we arc Batlslied that if such a
thing is possible ho will do the job better than
it could bo done elsewhere.
James T. White, of Boundary Falls Dead.
JJer.easod   Was  One  of   the   Pioneer
Prospectors of the Botii-dary
Country--Had MaDy
QBEBMWopn, II. ('... JnnelS.-Jnmes T. While
formerly owner pi tlie boundary Falls hotel anil
one of lho Lest and most favorably known mci
in this country, died Inst evening at the Green*.
wood hospital, from injuries contracted In a
runaway between Boundary Falls and Midway
late yesterday afternoon, lie was unconscious
from the time of the nccid jut until his death.
His brother, Tom, arrived ill the hospital 1 Keen
minutes aftor his death, 'the (uncial will be
held tomorrow, Knturday.
Dr. Jakes, surgeon at the hospital states tliat
Mr, Wliite died Iron*, concussion of the brain,
as he was thrown from the wagon on his head
and in such a manner as to cause boll, wheels
to piss oyer his head, as was evidenced from
cut-, and bruises over his face. He was return,
ing fioui Midway after making records of a
homestead and several mining locations at or
near the mouth of Elioio creek on Boundary
J. T. White was known in this city,
and in fact all over tho Boundary country of which ho was the pioneer prospector. He wa3 owner of tho Tunnel
claim in Smith's camp, the lirst located
in that section and was also proprietor
of the Boundary Fills townsite.
lie sure and stop at Edwards' ferry for good
meal': and clean bed.
J. E. Jones, of Rossland, haB been
spending a few days in tho city.
Tea to 50 per cent saved on groceries
at Uutlor's,   Selling out at cost.
John A. Riley, of Rossland, is staying
with friends in tho city for a short time'.
William Brown, of Cascade City, is
here, having come io on last Tuesday's
G. W. Williams, toe stago man, is in
the city on business in connection with
tho stage line.
Ed H. Kane, ar. old resident of Trail,
was among the'many visitors in the
metropolis Ihis week. *
J. C. Conlin.. of Toronto, bus boen ip
the city for a short timo with a view of
taking in the Jifforeut camps.
Poter T. McCallum, J. P., returned
from Midway on Wednesday last where
he had gone on a business trip.
Mayor Manly returned lust Tiu-S''ay
evening from Rossland, whero ho bud
been for tho past week on business.
Chas. Stewart, of Nelson, appeared iu
our midst tho first of the woek and i3
sizing up the city with a view of invest'
A.F.Russell, of San Francisco, has
been in our lpidst for the past few days,
having como in on last Monday's stage
from Marcus.
Tne Miner has in its possession a
statement from Messrs. Sneads and
Hopwoith regarding tho alleged benefit
that was give for Mrs. Mader sometime
ago, which will be published next week.
Tho annual election of school trustees
will take place on Friday the 25th Inst.,
when three British subjects will be
elected for the ensuing year to fill the
above offices.
Chas. Mathesoe, of the No, 1 property up the North Fork, will lr-ave iu a
fow days for the Lardeau country south
of Revelstoke, Hi intends to develop
come claims of his in that section and
will likely be absent all summor.
Messers Porter and Morgan on Wed.
nesday  commenced  work on tho Grey
i'^agle making an open cut leading up
to the month of the tunnel. On Monday they mado a charcoal pit on the
"hogs   back"   below    tlie   tunnel   silo,
Their work is plainly in sight from tho
main part uf the city,
Butler's closing out prices: Arbuok-
lo's coffee, 20 cents; Price's baking powder, 123, 10 cents; beans, 4 cents) evaporated poaches, 12'./ cents; .Mocha and
Java coffee, 10 cents; E. Li. tea, JO cents;
table fruits, 20 cont--; Golden Gate baking powder, 50 cent can for 25 cents;
tar soap, 3 for 25 cents. Selling out
from now on regardless of cost.
J, T. Haber lust evening brought
down some rock from the Star Fraction
on Observation mountain between tho
Grey Eagle and the Bonita, which ,vas
located last April. The rock is a transparent quartz flecked with copper and
wliite iron. It is good looking ore, and
the Star fraction may become ono of
the valuable properties of Observation
An important marriage ia to occur in
Sp-kane this week whereby Mr. James
Relghtley, of Anaconda, and Miss May
McCauley, of Midway, will bo united in
tbe bonds of matrimony. Thoy departed
from Anaconda by private conveyance
for Spokane, They are expected to return home some time next week when u
Grand reception and chivorio will bo in
waiting for them. Mr. Keighlley is a
prominont business man of Anaconda and, Miss McCauley is
daughter of A. McCauloy, the Midway
hotel man. Ilo is to be congratulated
by every one in this country fur securing ono of Boundary's most charming
and generally admirable young ladies
Mr. Keighlley is well and favorably
known all over this country.
Freighters and travelers will always lind tho
best of accommodations at Edwards' ferry,
On a Par With thk City's Gkkeral
The post office has been" moved from
tho front of Manly ti: Averill's store into
the new building on Biidge street,
erected by Post Master L. A. Manly between the wotoriu hotel and Wright's
restaurant. The post ofiice occupies
the rear portion of tho room, the front
part being occupied by White aud Kerr,
with, a clock of ffeutB furnishing goods,
The new post oflice will be a "great
coiivioncc to its patrons and oipully bo
to assistant Post Mastor Robert fetrie,
who has charge of the mails, The
office is fitted with separate call and
stamp windows, 100 Icon boxes with
1'alo lock**; and 50 c;;ll box.!-!. Box
rent \>'i!l be pljargoij a.l the rats of 50
cents per month for lock boxes; and 25
cents   lor call boxes. *
The call and stamp windows will bo
open from 7:30 a* m". to 8:30 p. bi. on
week days, and from 10 a.m. tiUnoou
on Sundays. All mails will close at 10
I), m . and letters, to catch the mjrning
stages out, must be mailed before that
Within the port master's private sane*
tup: all' the convienonces of a model
office of this class are found. Thero is
plenty of d<Tik room, a commdious dispatching table, mail racks etc. On tho
first of July, when a rconoy-ordor department is to be "added, a safe will be
put in, but tit present this necessity is
lacking. With the advent of a monoy-
orde'r system, Grand Forks residents
will po longer bo under the necessity of
rustling for bills whenever' Ihey want
(o make a remittance by mail, or else
carrying check accounts with outside
J. W. Jouos, who had the contract for
doing tho work, has shown by tho manner ho haa performed his work, that ho
thoroughly competent do anything in
hi.; line that may bo entrusted to hiin
in a mannor equaled by a few.
A Party of Montana Phospeotors En-
roi.te From Camp McKinney to the
Head of The North Four.
Richard K. Knight heading a party
of prospectors leave? Green .vood in a
few days tor Marcus to receive supplies
for malting ouo of tho most extensive
prospecting trips undertaken this sea-
son in Ihis country. They Intend first
to take in the country on tin; west Fork
of Kettle liiver above camp McKinney
where Mr. Knight haa recently beon
made familiar with a new country yet
unexplored, After going over this section the fiarfy will star! in above Cump
McKinney and thoroughly explore the
territory between this point loth; head
of Bound:*;,' "rook, thona-3 through tho
Granite Beit to tee head of the North
Fork, covering an unexplored section of
about 200 miles in distance, Tho party
is fully cauiped with all the necessary
provisions and will be prepared to give
this section a thorough report upon
thoir return.
Mr. Knight has beon in the Pass creek
and Long lake districts for the past two
months, durjng which timo ho has dono
considerable work upon the Lady of the
Lake claim, aside from making a number of locations, one of which is the
Francis, on Ehole creek, from which he
has some fine specimens of quartz currying gold and copper. He also has has
made threo locations on tho West Fork
of Kettle river that promise to be good
properties when deveiopod. Mr. Knight
is a thorough mining man nnd a reputable prospector and wo may expect to
hear of some good disco cries being
made in the new country through which
he proposes exploring.
The Boneta.
Work on tho Bonita tunnol was suspended hist Tuesday noon upon orders
from the manager, Jas. Cunningham in
Spokano. For five feet the tunnel (was
driven through quite heavily mineralised
rock, and Mr. Haber who is superintending the work, is now of the opinion
that this was lead matter. In contact
with the mineral was a vein of while
qtn.rtz about a foot in thickness, and
beyond that the rock is principally a
black schist with some quartz and
slightly spnnklod with mineral. Tho
arrival of Mr. Cunningham is daily expected ami it will then be decided
whether to proceed with the tunnol or
sink ou fhe mineral already cross-cut.
The tunnel is now in seventy feet.
Arrived at Last.
Our shipment of the celebrated
Brantford Red Bird and Black Bird
Bicycles aro now to hand—We will be
pleased lo show these wheels to the
public, no trouble whether you buy or
not.   .V tew of them to rent,
lii.'WEi: tic Donaldson.
Main .street on First Uench.
Free. Ono 123 can Golden Gate baking powder with every 85 sale at Butler's.
Ice delivered to any p;
BY-LAW NO. !*.
A By-law to Dofinc tho Conditions. Requirements, and Regulation: of Licenses for tin sale
of Bpirituos, Fermented, Intoxicating and
other Liquors in Itic City of Grand Forks, for
limiting the Number of Licenses to be issued
to Hotels.
WHEREAS il fs deemed expedient in the Interests of lhe City of (irand Forks, that Ih, 1-
ditions, requirements, and regulations in order
to obtain ami hold licenses for tho sale of
spirituos, fermented, and Intoxicating liquors,
should be defined by by-law.
1 (a) Whore the words''liquor" or "liquors"
occur in this by-law. they snail bo construed
to mean aud include all spirituos and mall
Liquors, and all combinations of liquors and
drinks, nnd drinkable liquors which are intoxicating.
(b) Where the words "Board" or the "Commissioners" or the "Board of Licensing Com
inissiouers" occur iu Ibis by-law they shall be
construedto~mcan and include lhe board of
licensing commissioner'- of the City of Grand
2 Tbe board of licensing commissioners of
the City of Grand Forks, may direct the issue ol
licenses written or printod.or partly written
and partly printed; which mav be in lhe
form contained lu schedule "A" tg this by law,
audio be signed by tbc chairman,'or wrling
chairman .'I' tl"- br/ard, and countersigned by
tb" fit.. .-I," v. of ib" several kinds a'ud d'esi 'lotions following, Hull is to suy —
rut   Wholes*!, iv   "* •*.
;b|   Hotel lit- ii--.
■(c)   Sp-'i'i.i.'   o:.01   li' i: i   liconsos  n'. public
picnic*,. ■
:: Every such llcens, .hall authorise tho sale
by the person name.'!. ,,'.'; upon tl." promises
named iu the license ci 'tilicate to sell, according to il,,- terms of I - . cease, mnl -nbieii to
the provisions'of tii- bj law*, nil spiritous and
cal* ftqupr**, iindall 'ombiuations ol liquors
und'driuks, and drlnltublc liquids which aro intoxicating.
■i A wholesale liens,, shall uulhorlxo the per-
s.ni :iauicd in tie license to -ell nud dispbNo of
liquors from out of li|s vurchousc, store, shop,
or plan- defined ia tho license, iu quuuiitiosoi
not less than two gallous, and wheoovor sucli
selling by wholesale is in ruspe ■;,,. buttled nl".
purler, beer, wine, or other form lined or .spirituos liquor, each such sale shall bo in quantities
of ""I less than one dozen reputed ipinrl bottles.
No Liquor sbi.lt bo consumed iu or about lhe
hoi,-" or premises, in respect of which tbe 'i
cease is granted.
5 An hotol license shall authorize tbc porson
named in the liceus to sell ami dispose of on
the premises named in tbc license, liquor by
retail in any building used as at: liotel and containing nol less than ten bed rooms actually
furnished   * ' '  used lor deeping purposes for
gUOStS "? ti..   .'    'iii*.
ii a BJiccia] i -"use shall authorize the holder
of a relail licein '" sell iiqicj-s by retail at n
booth, fair, or public pienfe hold within liio
limits of the municipality; sin li license simll be
ln force for tho period mentioned therein, not
exceeding forty-eight hours, and **10shaUbo
paid therefor, and only one i ueli special license
shall he granted for the same dale.
7 In the event of the promises named fn any
license being destroyod by lire, ton lown, re
moved or closed for the purpose of rebuilding or
improvement, it shall be law ful fur tie board ui
licensing commissioners to graul lo tin- holder
of such license permission lo sell liquor under
the authority or lllcllccnsc tofupofarily in uny
other premises iu tho immediate neighborhood
thereof during - ich rebuilding or inipro* eiuent.
S 'lhe mayor may grant permission lor a temporary transfer ol a retail Liquor license cither
from one premises lo anbtheror from ono person
to another, but subject, to ratification by ib.:
board oi licensing commissioners at its lirsl sitting thereafter.
ii Nq wholesalo license shall be granted to
any person who carries una relail business of
any kind ou the premises for which a license is
10 Every license issued shall be in force from
the date of its issuo until and inclusive of tho
1st day of'July, or tbe Istdayof January which
ever shall lirst happen after tbc date of the Issue thereof, unless in tho meantime revoked,
cancelled or Suspended by the license commissioners \yho hIh, 11 huvo tiie power to revoke, cancel or Suspend the same.
11 No license shall bo issued until the applicant lias lirst paid the Intense fee- pr. scribed, as
payable iu the schedule marked "U' to ibis bylaw, forlicepsos tor the sale of Honors.
i"_' No person shallseU'oroli'er for sale, in-
lo-d'.'Onjr 'cplO'. o" ii* t:i id -.vithii il ; ioiofi;
of (lie Oity tn Grand Forks without having lirst
obtuinluga license authorizing him to do so
under lids bylaw, l-itt liiis section shall not
a'iply tu sales under legal pn., i ssur for distress
or sale- by assignees, of iusoli ml ,:■ btors; pr lo
Bales made undor licenses lawtully iBsucl under
the provisions of "An Act Llelotiug lu Licenses"
Chanter?*!, Vol. I. -f tho "Consblidal ■ cts ol
IS&f' uiid'ndw existing.
it: No porson having a liconso tu soil by
wholesale shall allow auy liquor - "■, by I in: u-
in Ids [j isscssion for sal" and ful* the sal or dis:-
pbsal of which .-tii'l: license i.- required, to bo
consumed wilhinhis warehouse orslu " wilnin
any building which fun.", pan oi it Oris appurtenant tu, i.i- wMch communicates by any entrance  wiili   any    warehouse,  shun or   -thcr
promises   .vherev'or au>   uriicjc   :■>   u   1 '",■
di.. sed of updei such lici uso i> sold by  relail
Or wherever tilorc are kept any broken -jackag/a
of such articles.
14   No person   unless be is duly anthorlzod
ns aforesaid, shall by any sic ' uoUoo give tin:
public to believe thai he is so licensed.
I", >'o person snail keep or have in any
house, building, shop, eating house or hoti.so of
public entertainment, "i in any r 10111 or placo
whatsoever foj tbe purpose of selling, bartering,
or trading therein, any Intoxicating liqours unless he is duly licensed for tlmt purpps") under
the provisions of tills by-law.
ir, The proceedingBectfonsholl nut apply to
prevent anv practicing chemist or druggist,
duly authorized uiidor any act. in force in the
Proviuoeto dispense medicines, from keepiu;:,
having or selling liquors for strictly medicine!
purposes; but no such sale shall be mado i.i
packages oi more than six ounces at a time,
except under certificate of n registered medical
practitioner. A record of ovory sale o rolhor
disposalof liquorsso made with the name of
the person to whom sold or disposed of, and
tlie nnine of the medical man who granted ibe
certilicate for the same (if any) shall be kepi in
a book which may be inspected nt all reasonable hours by any police officer.
17 Alt licenses aod certificates of transfer of
licenses shall be constantly alii) conspicuously
exposed iu the licensed warehouses and shops,
an.l in the ba'ri'oouis of hotels ami saloons.
is Xut mure tbnnone bar shall bo kept in
nnv botol "i* li"""  'd house under ibis bylaw.
in tcvciv hotol who iv* : ..■- in pa* ment or as
a pledge for any liquors supplied hi ov from ins
licensed premises anything bul cilrri ni money.
or the debtors o\* ichoqui onabankor banker
ormiulugstock shall [or each oll'onso incur0
penalty not exceeding twenty dull..,- besides
'JO Any olllcer, policeman, constable or Inspector may for the pui'i 1 w: pn venting or detecting any violation oi ;;!'.. ol tin: ■■ - ■ 11
tills bylaw which II is liio din;, lo enforce at-auy
time enter Into any and every part oi any hotel, or liouso ui public entertainment, warehouse, or other placo wherein refreshments or
liquors aro sold or repul 1 to bi iid, \\ hother
under license or not, and i:i - search >■,,:',■
part thereof ami ni the promises conned
therewith, as lie thinks necessary for the pi 1
poso aforesaid, ami every* person who Is therein
and win, ii't'ust's lu admit such officer, police
mail, constable or inspector, demanding 10 ou
tor iu pursuance oi tiii- section in tuo execution ul lib-duty, or who obstructs or attempts to
obstruct il," entry of -""ii officer, policeman,
inspector or constable, or onj such search as
aforesaid, simll bo subject !■• Ho' pi mil " "
this bylaw.
■Jl No license shall bo grunted to any applicant under this bylaw who i1- not "i lho full
in;" ui twenty-one vers
'JJ Kitri person li ensed 101.Pr ibi- bylaw
who permits druukenn tin;  riolont. quar
relsome ur riotous u, , isorderl' c tiduol to take
.1.;,'" ,,11 bis pr, mi • -, ot- :, ho • "li- or ; livers
Intoxicating liquors to any drunken p rsoii or
,- . .ii: nu, druukou person t,, cotisumi ntos
,' ■   ". li pior mi l.i., promises, "f inn 10- per-
sum 01 uotorioiisl. bad oharacli r ssol
in, ; ,,11 ids promises, s'nil in.'iir n penally nut
oxct "dim; .'..ii with costs ut prosecution,
■j:: Every hotel keeper who fails or refuses
cither porsoiu lly 01 igh any ouo acting uu
his behalf ezcepl [01  somo valid reason, to sup-
ply Lodging ui- ,.' lodtttion tu un)   person
demanding iii" s;',ii"', and every liotel keeper
v.bo refuse? t supply im als t" >'■■■,■ pcrso . le-
maudlng ii," -.011' shall 1 u guilt; ui an ■ si
undor Ihis bylaw.
24   Every hotel authorized to bo licensed under ibis bylaw shall .   .        I '
continuance uf tbc 0] er   to               ybiw shall
, inli   to  t ntuin,  in  ;,-:".:..■: to; what  ts
i" edeii for tb" uso ol tb" famil' of 1 e s> ' er of
such promises nol less than 1 tn In d ■.■
for stuost puri>oses. each of which she Un .1
ol 11U liu."- ii.- h .   Ire 1 ind 11: Ij cubic lei
spucc foi each porson occupying the sum ,-, md
each sell bedroom shall have a wind    pcti
at least two foot square together \i, ■■ iu ■..;,.
case, a suitable complement of bedding and
furniture, and ovory hotel in addition tlieroto
BliaLl bo and shall have during tlio coullnuance
ul ibe liconso to H,c satisfaction of lb" board, a
well appointed nnd suiiicie,,; dining room in
tbc inn:,' promises capable ut'scaling tbc number of guests that can be ordinarily nccommo-
daii'd nl tb,' hotel in accordance with tho bedroom accommodation hereby provided with
the appliances requisite for daily serving
•io Any person who has lawfully obtained a
license under tho provisions of ibis bylaw may
un application tu the Licensing commissioners
nud ou satisfying such licensing commissioners
that suoh transfer is not mado for tbc purpose
of dofcating, delaying or hindering ;\n\ per.- -.1-
w*ho became creditors of such licensee while be
held sucli License in respect of tbe business carried on in such licensed promises, and un nnv*
ment uf the fee therefor set out iu tb.1 schedule
hereto, transfer said license lo any person or to
any oilier premisoi to be approved of by said
ii   When In consequence oi the death of the
porson holding a license, or in case he bcitigu
l:.i:autc:i lb; lice sued prrn ■.,:,•: a Is : |  :   . I   iir Ills
lun-" expires by eilluxlon of timo, or be ,,i.-
sends, or by operation oi the laws Is doprived 01
the premises, the legal representative of such
porson or tbc assignee at law.may on application
tu tb" licensing commissioners notwithstanding
the iiun-pr.,dm tio.i nf tl„, lir-iisi., obtain n
trio.sl.r ui snub liinnise on such Icons as tu tin
said, ommissioncr may seem Jpst, and lur such
tiansfor a'fei of twenty dollars shall bo paid to
tb" "ity.
-7   t ud   ,'', r  tlio ilntc of tbc passing
i'r..i oi" keeper of premises which arc II-
eenscd iindci the provision! of this bylaw, (ox-
ceptlngonly tlm holders uf wholi -ale lie n- -,
iu" em such license ■;.. Issued, shall dcslgnnli
the licensed i" mlscs under some distinctive
| »■' "i 1, "i ■" 1 approved ui be iim licensing
commissioners ol tb   city aud simll  nut alt.:- 01
inn. the sume w I ■ Ihe Ci usenl nf tin. 8nlil
Jic'ii-itic cn'i,.',, - lunori. A teglstor shall be
kept by the city clerk in which all such mime-
or v. on. and .1 descripi >i  tb"  premises  in
which tl; i :. :i 1,.. 1. pi. Every kei per
uf llconsei -vol cituse the name or
slgi by ■ ■ -. n .- ■ rt,. known in in- en
tered ii .. -i I,-  and ■' f"" of one dollar
inO ).:■ paid !.;. -U",'i 1." - lur every "lit, v so
I.I:"'    .
- An' Oi" constable nf tbc clfv uu belns -,
Instructed by n resolution pi 1I16 council shall
i" ; . 1 center or complainant un [1 r (his bviaw
All  !,.!i\ ;cti. ms  ubtajncl   under   this   ',, liu*
'"■   I» rsops holdli'B It- •    shall 1,"'   tu-
""i 1 ■ b; ii," convicting ■■•:' -istrntes ou tbc
bac-i of said liconsos, and un;- li""n-,, or renewal of license iss I undor ibis bylaw    ball
!  absolutely forfeited whenever tin ■ :■
■fictions under ihi* bylaw 1 hall have been obtained and cndi wed ou in ',••. I; ni nnv license
■ s 'fiti,:i" issued in accordance with tho t rtu-
nf Ihis bylaw. All Infon 1 on or complaint for
Iho prosecution of any oiieijse against nnv ol
th 1 : ,. tslons >,f ibi- In law ihtili 1." nut ':■ 01
laid in writing within thirty days niter tl" com-
111 - Ion ui tin- Qfi'cnsc,
M   Por any and every violation 0! Bection   IS
of thia by-l**AV, a penalty nf n it    \ ling * .*o
li.ii'1,' id nnd III ty ,in!b.1 toge'thcr with tho
anion it which should have been paid for such
1I1 ■:-" besides ""■ii-, it \ 1 .• imposed io 0."
mayor, police magistrate or justice, or |us! 1*
,,i it,,, i,...i"", ■ onvicting: .md for anv
viulnlinii if any other part or portions of this
by-law, for which no penalty or penalties here
inl 1 foro imposed, a penalty not exceeding 1 ■.■:
hi'mdi-ed nud fifty dollars besi i"s cost!, 1: ay 1-
imposed by the  naypr, police magistrate, Jus
ti",.. or .insiii'.-s nf tb,. ;,,  convicting and in
default-of psymeutof any Buch penalties and
custs, tb" same be recovered by the distress onil
sale of the goods and chatties of tho person :o,
convicted, o:d in case such goods and chattels
prove insufficient to satisfy such penalty 111 1
cost.:, then by iimprisonmont of   such  per  .,
fnr "uy tern: nut ,.  ."id  thirty days, in  '!.:
common goal or lock up house.
form OF : I':::,:;:
  has paid ib,
,-*  —    in l'csm'"t uf n   lbs ns"  tn  sef
liquor by ;.and is entitled  ti euro
on the business of  a
    from :,-
Chairman Board of licensing: Comnilssiouei
 '. city Clerk,
ThereBholL 1," paid ii"- following licensi fe ■
or do lies tor such licenso tc.-i cctlvoly from tin -
in tin,,, issue! bv the License commlsslo i
the lily "i
Wholesale Liquor License foi  oach six
montiiB       S'y  >
Hotel Liquor License loreach-8i.\ inmiiys   pn u
Special Liquor Licenso foriiubllc picnics
fur !■ hours         10 oc
Transler of Liquor License         lo 0,
Reconsidered ami Duallyudqptcd, tl ■ ■■■ yi ■
the oity attached thereto, am! nun bored :*, on
tic loth day 01 J une, iv;!7
[seal) JCI1N A. UAX1 Y, M vycii.
II. 8. 1'iyi.ev, '.'ity Clerk.
The above is 11 true copy ul a by-law pass
t'ae   Mioicjpul  Council of tbc  City  cf (.Iran,
l''"iks. mi the l-",i!i day uf .inn,., lye. and nl! p ■
suns arc hereby required in (ako notice thai a i*
one desirous of applying to bavo such by la \ ■
liny part thereof quashed, must   umk,,'10-   .r
plication fpr that purpose to the supremecou .
1. it bin one month after lb" publication ol  11
bylaw in tbc Iti'itis'.i   Columbia (iazotte, <u- .:
will by too lute 10 In' heard iu that behalf.
li. is. (;avi.i:v, Oity clerio
J!V 1,AW NO,
A BY-LAW tn authorize tbe borrowing ui  "a,
IX .nun t!,i Dank nf Montreal!
WHEREAS if is provided by section 11  of t:
"Act to Accelorato tbc Incorporation ni Town*
and Cities," passed by lho Legislut'vo Assombl;
ut* ibe Province of British Columbia, in 1 he 1 ei 1
1897,   that  the Council nt   tbc city ,0' ,,1 ;i,
Forks may in tb'.' the yeai t'*.'7. but tiotaftoi
wards, pass by-laws lor contracting debt- bj
borrowing money or othorwise, mid for levy
im rates, for the payment ofsuch debts mi r,,
laical"" binds or improvements, cither or botli
ur tbc rateable res 1 proi»erty oi tbc Muuielpii
ity.  fur any   woiks  ni  immediate   necessity,
which are wjthin the jurisdiction of tin'
oil; such debts, however, not to exceed in tho
w'holu the sum of *"20,uuu (twenty thous md do
lars), ivlthout observing the provisions of -",
tinn l'i; sub-section :' oi Bection '"; sub-section
c, ol Bection *. 1; sections 7,*>, 7i'., 77or70of tin
"Municipal clauses A, i, 1-y , '
A Mi WHEREAS in antieipatl ,11 of borrov tn
thesaldsum of twenty thousand dollars, :■
cu, Hi" Council ut i.i'iuil  Forks lind  ,,
mctoii!,,!', ii ti m  t ■   m ssarj   iu b .: row
mm ol two thousand dollars    t   to mod
the current   expenditures of the corporation:
AND WHEREA I   tho   Uauk  "I   Moutrou     ■
wiilingf , make Hi"   required advance of    ,vpj
liousa   ■ dollars,  1 I.UO'Ji, the] 1 foro ' ie Con
rn i,inu,1 luiil-s in council assembled  enaol ns
1. That it shall and may be lawful foi the
Mayor and Treasurer of the city of Qrand I orki
n. 1 icr tin' seal of the corporation toborro . from
tbc Bank of Montreal the sura of two i1 ntsaad
dollars, [*l*i,000j in meet the current cxpondl*
lures ul tt in,,ration.
'J. Thai n simii and may bo law! 1 for tho
Mayor and rreasurcrof tho City ot'Ci  ud Forks
 1  li  Ivor to tin   manai   r of lb,.'
sal ,  tank al lhe 1 Ity 1 [  Rossland the 1	
Bory nuic, .I ibi t orporatlon for the sum oi two
thousand dollars, [12,0001, payable af 1  0 otiice
mt!,   said bank in the City ol Ltosstam atsuch
... roed upon w ith  tub rest  111
 0 ,    lit per ",'1' per annum,
;;.    lb" said • ion ul two thousand dolln
oon], bo ;- :   ,   id is aforesaid -1 ■ II bo reii
out nt;i," ti;s, moues-  .vhlch shall come . ito
1:." :, iasurj ol t'i" said  1 011 iration 1 t,d    iu.ll
form a first charge thereon whether tlie sit no
shnll I,,' represented i-y or bo tb" proceeds ol   hi
1 al     : Lho ilcbc niinus'
ration, or othoi rise:
bu pr.
snid eoipo
1   That on the   maturity of  tbc  -i.01   notelt
shnll nud maj  he      "fill foi 111" snid   inaj'or nud
 ichali of ; bu snid   city ui' Grand
Forks to cxi :,i" and di liver to tile manager 01
ibe said Bank nuolhi r promissory note,or nib, 1
priiniisson noles in ren 'V nl of any ,,v nil ni iho
said notes for sin li sum or sums as may be then
due ibei.'uu ,', ot, Interesi then ou, ns afori - iid
aud so on from time to timo to execute and deliver to the said bank inanagor other promissory
notes in further renew nl as aforesaid uuli! i in
aid sum so borrowed is fulli paid and sati led
i'rovided tlmt any and nil of tbc said notes -hall
> ,i" due nnd payable nut later limn lie
tl  rtj lirsl uny ui Decouibi r, A. D, 1807,
Done and   iiassed   Incouncil  uL  the  City oi
Grand Forks, ihis sixteenth day June, in tho
vearof our Lord one thousand eight hundred
aud ninety-seven. .loll N A. MANLY.
Mayor or the City of guano Forks:
11. s. Cayiky.
Clerk oi the City of Grand Forks.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that .'10 il.iy.-'
nfter date hereof, or whenever the Board 01
Licensing Commissioners shall sit after said
dale. I intend 10 .'apply lo the said Commissioners fur a license to sell spiritous and fermented honors by retail in ami about the premises known as ihe Athertn Hotel, situate upou
lot No. 10 iu block No. 2 in the City ot Grand
Forks, ABB Hall.
Daled lho loth day of May A. D. 18S»7. •m
TnE MiNF.r.ts publls'iied on Saturilay and will
mailed to Subscriber on payment of Two
Dollars a year.
Displayed Advertisements 52 an inch per
month. A liberal discount allowed on long
Tram lent Advertisements 20 cents a line lirst
insertinu and l'I ecnty a line for each additional
Local or reading matter notices 35 cents each
Job Printing at Fair rates. All accounts for
job work nud advertising payable on tl.elirst of
uacli month. !•'. II. SIcCaBieb & So::.
The Victoria Colonist has boen up-
holding tho governmental policy in regard to railroad building through tho
mining country, that policy being ovi-
dently, to build through from Lethbrldge to Pentieton in two soctions,
thai from belhbridgo to Kelson boing
built under oharl ir granted to the Can*
adlan Pacific Railway company, and
known as lhe "t row's Nest Pass railway," and lhe section from Nelson to
Pentieton to he built by August Heinze
of Columbia tic Western fame. Tho
roatl from Nelson to Robson is already
built so that Iloinze's charter will call
for a lino from Robson to Pentieton.
From thero connection with tho coast
will bo hud by connecting with tho
Canadian Pacific via tho Shuswap &
Okanogan system of rail and boat between Pentieton and Sieamoose.
Other coast papers, led by tho Van*
eouver World, havo beep, advocating
.•the building of the road through the
Hope mountains from Fen tiotori to tho
coast instead of making Pentieton tlm
western terminus, Dr. Milne of Victoria and Mr. Norman McLean of Van-
couver as j>romotera of tho Vancouver,
■"Victoria & Eastern company, havo opposed in Ottawa the granting of a char-
ter 11 Itcin-'o, holding that in tho interests of tho coast cities their road should
have tho preference,
Minister Blair stated before the rail-
way committee at Ottawa that tho real
objection of the Vancouver, Victoria ti;
Eastern representatives to the bill was
thai it would be of moro interest to the
Const cities for tho purposes of trade
that tho charter which they were' promoting should be sanctioned and liio
Columbia and Western application refused. IIo could not see that that was
strong ground to take. The Oolumbia
1& Western was incorporated in British
Columbia before tho Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern, and tho Columbia &
Western has already constructed a portion ot its line, Moreover, there is satisfactory evidence of tho financial ability
of tho Columbia ti: Western to construct this undertaking. On what
ground ot fairness could parliament,
therefore, refuse lo give this charter.
Every member of the committee no
doubt sympathized with tho pooplo of
tho i'oast cities in their desiro to secure
tho traio of tho mining districts, but it
did not foliow that they would be deprived of any legitimate proportion of
that trade by roascn ot the line being
built only to Pentieton. Tho route by
Okunagiui Lako to Sicamous means
only about i50 mile3 fullicr than a di-
riot line to tho Coast, and it would be a
matter of serious consideration to parliament whether it should aulhorizo an
expenditure of eight or ten millions for
the purposo of saving this 150 miles .
Necessarily it would be some ('oars before thoro would be sufficient development in British Columbia to warrant
such an expenditure.
He felt all conlidnnco that under the
arrangement which tho government had
in contemplation with tho 0. P. R. for
the building of lho Crow's Nest Hue
they would be able to insure the people
of the Pacific coast such rates as would
enable them to completo successfully
for lhe trade of mining districts, The
people ot tho coast cities ought to be
■satisfied with the arrangements which
the government was making. Tho government ought not to bo asked, either
directly or by implication, to commit itself loan expenditure of eight or Ion
dollars to savo LOO or 150 miles. More*
over, there was no conclusive ovidonco
us to the feasibility of a lino wost of
Pi ii ioton to the coast.   *
Tho Colonist, in justification of its
policy op. the railroad question, says.
Tic Colonist has Celt throughout this railway
discussion that it had a patriotic duty lo per
form, which far transcended party obligations.
It took occasion more thnu slice to say thatit
eared little who held the nlllces at Ottawa or
Viet ria provided the policy that prevailed was*
for lhe Interests of British Columbia, it has its
personal and political preferences, but firayaf
all it places its iluiy to the constituency of
whicli it is, to some extent at least, lhe spokes,
man Therefore it has abstained from hampering Ibe federal government, in dealing with
liritish Columbia railway matters, by Insisting
on what there was no reason to suppose wc
could get. We do not wish to bo understood as
admitting lhat the Crow's Nest Pass subsidy
OUghl all to bo charged against this province
on a computation of what its lirst claims to
Dominion assistance are. This railway Is by no
means a work for the sole benefit or principally
for 1116 benefit of British Columbia, Neither do
we almlt that the suggested subsidy to the
Columbia & Western at all satisfies the Just do-
. mantis of tho province iu this regard. This
does not, however, prevent us from conceding
thnt if the Dominion government obtains from
parliament such n monoy grant as will secure
construction of a railway from Lethbrldge to
Pentieton within two years, it will have done all
that could bo reasonably asked at the present
session. If it will insist as a part of the terms of
the Columbia A Western subsidy that work shall
be begun at Pentieton and be pushed to coin-
frletlou to Boundary creek as rapidly as possible
we think It will give very general satisfaction.
In spite of what some of tbo papers supporting
the government say, we maintain that it will Le
a distinct advantage to the'coast cities to have
donneotion With lcuindury creek, Grand Forks,
Christina lake, Kossland and points east by way
of Pentieton.
Therefore, while we share in the general regret lhat the Coast-Kooteiiay line, so far as the
western end of it goes, must be postponed for a
time, wc admit that tho government railway
policy means very much to tne province and
that tho coast as \yell as the interior will bo benefited by it.      	
The dominion government has recognized in Grand Forks thu business canter of tuo Boundary country, by ordering that the customs house be moved to
this city, It has long been recognized
that fhe oflice of tho customs inspector
nitst bo moved from tho farm house
which Inspector R. R. Gilpin now occupies about half way between Grand
Forks and Cascade City, and no ono has
doubted for a niini'.ln thatit would ultimately bo locutod in Grand Forks.
The news from Ottawa therefore, whilo
it gives general satisfaction to residents
of this city, occasions no surprise  hero.
Having the customs olliee in this city
will be a great convenience t.> tho
freighting companies, whose outUts aro
now compelled to wait for inspection
six miles from their destination, whereas under the new regime they will not,
after unloading, bo compelled to reload
for a six-mile haul, aud those who
aro destined for tho reservation or
Greenwood and vicinity, will have tho
comforts of tho city at their disposal
whilo waiting their turn at tho officer's
The removal ot the customs olliee
hero will bo a good thing for a'l con-
The sitting of the County Court of Yale will
holtlen at I
at the hour of 10 o'clock  in   the forenoon, respectively.
By command W. G McMYNN,
Government Olliee, Midway, B.C.)   D. R. 0. C
June 1,1807. i
HIS  HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor has
been pleased toinal:"tl,c follo-iylng appointment:—
22nd May, 1897.
SlDNBY   ItcssKl.l.   At.MO'.'lt.   nf lhe  Town of
Orand Forks, t.-ouire, to be il Mining Ueoorder
for  tho Grand   Forks Mining  Division of the
Vale Electoral pistrict,
What is being done toward raising
tho Diamond Jubiieo fund? Over $1100
is promised in cash prizes for tho events
of the celebiation, ami so far as The
Mineb has been able to ascertain, not
ovor half of this amount has been
raised and 8-00 of thi3 has been appropriated by the city council. It would
bo very poor policy, to say tho least, for
tho city, after advertising to give a certain amount of prizes, to fall Bhort of
that amount, and the "managers of tho
jubilee celebration should "got a rustle
on," to use a street expression, and eco
that the balance of tho fund is immediately collected. There is little time
loft, and for the satisfaction of those
who are interested in tho gamos, tho
committee should bo ablo to announce
that thoy are ready to meet their obligations.        	
The Miner is pleased to note that the
city council has decided upon taking
activo steps for tho protection of tho
city from firo. Tho council should be
in fact what it is in theory, tho guardian
of all the city's interests, and tho start
made toward a liro protection system is
a Btop in too right direction.
THE following section, numbered jot, of.tlie
"Companies Ac!, ls!)7," relative to tho issue of a free miner's certificate is published for
tho Information of joint stock companies. James baker,
Minister of Mines.
Provincial Secretary's Olliee, 11th May, 1807
11)1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary ln section I of tho Mineral Act, 1800, or
section I of lhe placer -Mining Act, 1891, or
elsewhere ln tho said Act or under the mining
laws of the province, no free miner's certilicate
shall la; issued ton joint stock company for a
longer period than one year, and .such certificate shall date from the 80th day of June in
each year, and every free miner's certificate
held by a join! slock company at the passing of
tills Act shall be valid and existing until nud
shall expire on the iioth day of June, I8'.t7. Upon
applying lo renew any such certilicate on or
before the 80th 'lay of June, fhe joint stock
company shall be entitled to a rebate of a proportionate amount ot the fee paid for a certilicate heretofore issued according to the further
time for which it would but for'this section
have been valid.
Spokane Falls & Northern,
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain R'ys,
The only All-rail Route, without change
of cars, between Spokane, Rosa-
land Nelson.
No. 403,
"Companies Act," Part IV., aid amend-
ing Acts.
"The'Madcrey Gold Mining Company"
Registered the 9th day of March, 18'37.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have 'this day
registered 'The Monterey Gold Mining Company" (Foreign), under the "Companies' Act,"
Part IV., "Rogiatration of Foreign Companies,"
and amending Acts.
The bead olliee of ihe cr.id Company is situated
at the City of Spokane,1 State of Washington,
The objects for which the Company is established ate:—       ~ *
To work, operate, buy, sell, lease, locate, acquire, ] rocul'c, hold ami deal iu mines, metals
and mineral claims of every description within
the I'nitcd i-tales of America and the Province
Df British Columbia, Canada; to carry on and
conduct a general mining, smelting, milling
and rcduotion business: to purchase, acquire,
hold, i reel and operate electric light and power
plants for the purpose of mining and treating
ores, and for the purpose of furnishing lights
and creating power for all purposes: to bond,
buy, lease, locate and bold 'ditches, iluinos and
water rights; to construct, lease, nnv. sell, build
or operate railroads, ferries, tramways or other
means uf transportation for the transporting of
ore, mining and other minerals: to own, bond,
buy, sell, leur-e and locate timber and timber
claims, and timilly, to do everything consistent,
proper, and requisite for lhe carrying out of the
objects and purposes aforesaid in their fullest
and broadest sense within the territory aforesaid .
The capital stock of the sa'ul Company is one
million dollars, divided into one million shares
of the fair value of one dollar each.
(liven under my hand and seal of olliee at
Victoria. I'rovinceof British Columbia, this Oth
day of March, 1897.
[i„ s.l S. Y. WOOTON,
Registrar oi Joint Stock Companies.
No. 101.
rr^r^-mrrmmm    , „   ,     i t, , |, ■*■   ■   - , -,, , , ir-i-*--***-****- ■-,, ,
"   %*PSE**!* '-;"'"•"*-;v—"•---"-"-•-"trtm^i&*mi0m*m„.-„■■■'■«*pjr-|KW!(
Kerr & JFloocJ, putejiers,
ii..V,    Grand Foitentfre-bi^-Md <J»d Ml'l^ky; '      *i,
K. A. MATTHES, MA^A(iJill.' I
ClfAll kinds of'Meats Cot man Sausages and Head Cheese Always on Hand.
>'-- ,-"■*      i J
"    ■*<-:.'        \
Liuery Teams, Saddle
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses,
Harness Shop in Connection, Teamin g of al] Kinds Done.
Properties Reported on,
Devell pnion and Assessment Work Supervised,
Ranken & Campbell,
And Investment A?enis.
Conveyancers      j
Records Searched!
Grand Forks, B. 'J.
Going North.                                  Goin*,-So'.-.th.
12:10a.m MARCUS	
Close connections at Kelson with steamboats
., l.-,,clsn,i,lnll   ftnnlnll.,,'  f til--, 1V,1,,I«
loBe connections at Kelson with stea:
Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake Points.
"Oomeahieb' Act," Part IV., and amend-
ino Acts,
"The Yellowstone,  Gold Mining Company" (Foreign.)
Registered at!* day of March, 1807.
THEREBY CERTIFY that 1 have tjiis day
veglctercd "Thu Yellowstone Cohl Mining
Company" fForeitr.il) under the "Companies'
Act." Part IV., "Ucglstratlon of Foreign Companies," and amending Acts.
" Tlie head office of the said Company is situated at the Citv of Spokane, In the State of Wash-
iucton, U. 8. A.
Tho objects for which the Company is established are:—
To work, operate, buy, sell, lease, locate, acquire, procure, hold and deal ln mines, mete!s
and mineral claims of every description within
the United States of America and tlie Province
of British Columbia, Canada; io carry on and
conduct a generil mining, smelting, milling
and reduction business; to "purchase, acquire,
hold, erect and operate electric light and power plants for the purpose of mining ami treating
ores, and for the purpose of furnishing lights
and creating power for till purposes; to bond,
buv, lease, locate and hold, ditches, flumes and
water rights; io construct, lease, buy, sell,
build or operate railroads, ferries, tramways or
other means of transportation, for the transportation of ore, mining and other minerals; to
own, bond, buy. sell, lease and locate timber
and timber ciaims; and finally, to do everything consistent, proper and requisite for tlie
carrying out of the objects and purposes aforesaid, iu their fullest end broadest sense, within
the territory aforesaid.
The eupi'al stock of tho said Company is one
million dollars, divided Into one million shares
of the par value of ono dollar encli.
Given uiidcr my hand and seal of olliee at
Victoria, Province of liritish Columbia, this Oth
day of March, IM".
|i. 8.1     ■ S. Y. WOOTTON,
Retdctrar of Joint Stock Companies.
TERMS $1.60 AND $2,00 PER CA,
(Foemerdy Thf, Grand Forks IIotei,)
Passengers for Kettle Riuer and Boundary
Creek connect at Marcus with stage dally.
I ft'
No. 453.
Yellowstone Park Line*.
Review op Some Leading Properties
of the Day.
Diamond Hjtoh Camp, June 15.—Editor Minor: Tho Diamond liitoh company nro working two shifts and have
struck a fine body ot ore 100 feet below
the shaft. ..'_,
Tho Diamond  Fraction company aro
working ono shift and their property is 	
looking well.   Mr. Stoneohest  and Mr,
Siderman aro owners of this claim.
The Pathfinder company are waiting  Tll-3 Fast   Lin©,
for  Bomo lttmbor and flooring.   Their
hotol   iB   all   paperod   and   everything
about   tho   mino   is in good   working
Mr. Huff has just arrived with two
mon to work on thebittlo Minnie.
Tho Little Bertha hoys finished up
their assessment last Tuesday. Thoy
havo struck u good lodge of gold-bearing
Mr. J. II. Smith left vory suddenly
about a week ago to locate a eoppor
mino three weeks' travel into tho wilderness. In his excitement ho left his
dog which is now whining mournfully
for his mastor's return,
"Companies' Act," Fart IV., and amend
'ing Acts,
"Golden   Eagle   Consolidated Mining
Company," (Foreign.)
Registered the 20th day of April, 1897.
I HEREBY CERTIt'Y that I have this day
registered the '-Golden Eagle Consolidated
Mining Company" (Foreign), under the Companies' Act, ' Part IV., "Registration of Fpr-
eign Companies," and amending Acts.
The head office of the said Company is situated ut tlio City of Spokuno, Slute of Washington, U. S. A.
The objects for which the Company is established arc:—For the purposes of mining, Belling,
milling, concentrating and smelting the ores
and minerals contained in the mines known es
tho "Golden Eagle" and "Pack Saddle" mines'
or claims, situated about six miles above (irand
Forks, B. a, east side of the North Fork Kettlo
River, and the "Blue Bird'' mine or claim,
situate two miles west oi Grand Forks, B. C,
all iu Yale District, Kettle River Mining Division, British Columbia, and to also wuk, opcr-
Groceries, Salt Meat, Fruits, Conf ection^ries-
A Full Lino of Fishing Taokel just Rocoived. Prospectors and Minors wil!
find it to their interest to give mo a call before purchasing as I can save yoi*
cioney.   Don't forgot tbo place. BR1DGF STREET, CRAND FORKS, B. C.
C. M. KEENS, Proprietor,
Lunches and short order meals at all hours,
Fine   Home   Made   Taffy  Fresh  Daily,
GRAND   FORKS;   B.   G,
y->. ff ,-nj £ :i 11 I I I ,    1,1  *lli'*>   UWtUlU MS-WJ   tl'»'J.   IU   inoo     ll'iin,   W|'Uia
Slm"*OVirk*J" Nicn""!/"^*!    ate, buy,soil,lease, locate, aoquire, hold and
"OU.JJCli.VJX   YJkjL V ivCi   deal in other mines, metalshndlmlneralolaimij
Through tickets to nil points in tlie United
States and Canada.
Direct connection with tho Spokano Falls &
Northern Railwuy.
No. 1 West 8:26 p, m.
No. 2 East 7:01) a. nl.
Tickets to Japan and China via. Tacoma and
Northern Pacilic. Steamship Company,
,Notico is herebj given that thero will
bo a mass mooting of tlio electors of tho
Qrand Forks school distrlot on Thursday, the -1th inst., for tho purposo of
.selecting a school site, as provided in
suction 1'J of the public school act.
W. CI. llKl'WOKTIl,
Secretary  Board  of School Trustees.
Grand Forks, Juno 11, 1897.
For information, time cards, maps and tickets apply to agents Of Iho Spokane Falls ci
Northern and its connections, or
F. d, curbs General Agent,
Spokuu.*, Wash.
A. P, CHARLTON, A. (i. P, A.,
No. 2Q6 Morrison St., Portland, Or.
Write, for new map of Kootenay country.
of every Kind ami description within thu United States and Province of British Columbia,
Canada, and to issue fully paid up stock in payment therefor, anil for the purposes herein to
issue and receive negotiable Instruments, and
to purchase and sell real estate and personal
property, and to generally carry on a mining,
Smelting, milling and reduction business; to
purchase, acquire, hold, erect, and operate electric a ul power plants lor the purpose of mining
and treating ores, and for the purpose of furnishing lights and creating power for all purposes; to bond, buy, lease, locate and hold
ditches, flumes and water-rights; to construct,
lease, buy, sell, build or operate railroads, ferries, tramways, or other means of transportation for transporting pros, mining and other
material; to own, buy, sell, lease and locate
timber and Umber claims, and llnally to do
everything consistent, proper, convenient and
requisite for the carry iug out of the objects and
purposes aforesaid, iu their fullest and broadest sense, within the territory aforesaid.
Tlio i'iiplttil slock of the said Company iB ono
million dollars, divided Into one million shares
of the pur value of one dollar each.
(liven under my hand and seal of office, at
Victoria, Province uf British Columbia, this
20th day of April, 1W.
Ii.. s.) 9. Y. WOOTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Everything New and Best Furnished House in Town-
INBODY   &   DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Found at the Bar.   Special atton tion Paid to Transoient Trade,
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Termius of
Stage Line From MarcuB, Washington.
McAuley & McCauig,     •   -     Proprietors,
We havo some lino rcsidenco property
on tho Sound, improved and unim-
proyed, to trado for property hero or in
lower California.
When applying for Crown Grants request that the notice of application be
published in the Grand Forks Mineb
—the best advertising medium in the
Kettlo River and Boundary districts.
For sale at a bargain: Complete
prospector's outfit, horses, tents, cook-
ing outlit, rifio, blackemithing outfit,
tools. Apply Wm. Guttridge, Grand
Forks, li. C.
Now is the time to insure your buildings.
Call and seo the low rates that can be obtained
by ins iring through J. K. Johnson, Are insurance agent for this section.
Should carofully considar
the cost of matorial, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
can he purchased at the
Qrand  Forks
Sawmill ....
C. K, SIMPSON, Proprietor.
Certificate of Improvements Notice.
Bonita Mineral Claim, situate In the Kettlo
Ulver Mining Division of Yale UiBtrict.
Where located: — Observation mountain,
Brand Forks.
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable Prices,
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.   Special attention paid to Clean
ing and Repairing.   Give me a trial order.
TAKE NOTICE that I. F. Wollaston, acting as
agent for the lionita Gold Mining company
Free Miner's Certilicate No. 88,800. intend, sUtty
davs from the dale liersfei lo nj,|ily to the "fining Recorder for a Cerfltlcate ol Improvements,
lor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, mu«t be commenced before tho issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements,
Dated this 7th day of May, 1807,
Does all kinds of   kinds of repairing and.
horse shoeing,   AH work gauranteed,
Paints, Oils, Brushes, Sash & Doors*
Anthing You Want in tho Hardware Lino and Can't Find ft go to
W. K. C. Manly's Store, Grand Forks, B. C.
II Jt*-"■•-"
t*rK-.'»*n -awi
BY-LAW    NO.   1.
A By-law for regulating the  Proceedings of
Council und for Defining the Duties of the
Officers of the Corporation of tbd City of
Grand Forkj.     	
WHEREAS, It is expedient to juis.- a by-law
to repulatc the 'proceedings ol the Municipal
Council and in Committee of the Municipal
CoiTncil of the Corporation of the City of Grand
Forks, and to dofine the duties of the several
Officers of snid Corporation, and the manner in
which said duties snail be fulfilled;
THEREFORE, The Municipal Council ot
the Corporation of the City of Qrand Forks, In
Council assembled enacts as follows:
1. The Bald council shall meet every Friday
in the year at the hour of 1:30 p. in., unless
Otherwise ordered hy special motion, or unless
such day shall be a public or civic holiday ac-
cording to law. when the council shall meet jit
the some hour the next following day which is
not a public or civic holiday.
2. The mayor may at miy time summon a
special meeting ol 'the council and it shall be
his duty tdsu'mmpn-n special meeting -when?
ever requested hi-writing bo to do by a imi-
(oritv of the members of lhe council.
8. [Jules8 there shnil be a quorum present
in half un hour after the time appointed for
the meeting oi the pouncll, the pouncil shall
then stiiud abrolut-sly adjourned until the next
duv of meetiug unless a special mooting bo
duly called in tin meantime; and the-clerk shall
tokodowirthonames of the members present
at the expiration of such half hour.
4. hi ens.' (if the absence or dentil of the
mayor or head of the council, a special meeting maybe summoned nt anytime by the clerk
upon a special,requisition to him signed by a
majority of the members of the council.
5, Aseooii after the hour qf meeting as there
shnll be a quorum preBeut, tlie mayor shall
take the chair and the members, uncovered,
shall be called to order.
0, Incuse tlie mayor shall not be In lUtend-
ance within thirty minutes after the hour appointed, the clerk shall call the meeting to or-
rler until a chaliman shall be chosen, who
shnll preside until tkearrival of the mayor.
7. lu case of the death or absence of the
mayor, the council may, from amongst themselves, appoint a presiding officer, who, during
such absence. Shall have nil the powers or
mayor and preside at all meetings of the council.'
" 8, Immediately after the mayor or other
presiding olHoer shnll have taken his scat, the
minutes of the preceding meeting shall lie read
by the clerk, in order that any tnistykes therein
may be corrected hy the council.
ft. The mayor or other presiding olllcer shall
preserve order and decorum and decide questions ol order, subject tu an appeal to the council by any member.
■ 10. When tlie mayor or other presiding Officer is called on to deolde a point of orderor
Practice, ho shall .do so without unnecessary
comment, and shallstate the rule ornuthority
KtipUcoble to the case if required.
; 11 if tlie mayor or other presiding officer desires to leave atlie c]tair for the purpose of
takftig part in tho debute, or Otherwise, he
shall call one of the aldermen to fill his place
until lie resumes the chair.
' 12 Every member previous to his speaking
£o any qaestiou or motion, shall rise from llis
Seat, and shall address himself to the mayor or
other presiding officer.
" j:j Every member wdio shall be present in
the council chamber when a question Is put
shall vote thereon, unless the council shall
fex< use him, or unless he be personally interested Ln the question, provldedo sueh interest is
resolvable into a personal peciuiary prolit, or
Such as is peculiar to that member, and not iu
Common with tbe interests of the cilize-B at
targe, and in sueh case ho shall not vote, and
If any member present persist in refusing to
vote lor other than the reasons hereinbefore
stated lie shall be recorded as voting in tho
negative on the question before the council.
If ii member claims1 to be cxeusrd from recording his vote a motion must be formally made to
that effect.
' 11 A member culled to order from the chair
shall sit down, but may afterwards be permitted toexploin, and the council, IE appealed to,
shall decide on tl-e case, but without debate; if
there be no appeal, the decision of the mayor
or other presiding officer shall bo final.
15 Anv member may require the question or
motion in discussion to be read at any time
during the debate, but aot sou to interrupt a
member while speaking.
1t> No member shall speak more than once
to the same question, without leave of the
oonncil, except in explanation of a material
hart of his speech which may have been misconceived, and in so doing he is nqt to Introduce a new matter; a reply is allowed to a member who lias made a substantive motion to the
Council, but nut to any member who has
moved to change nn order of tho day, an
amendment, the previous question or an instruction to n committee, and no member without leave of the council, shall speak to the samp
question, or iu reply for Lunger than a quarter
of au hour.
17 No persons except members and officers
of the council shall be allowed tr> come within
the bar during the sitting of tho council without the permission of the mayor or other presiding olllcer.
is No standing order or ruje of the council
3hr.ll be suspended except by a vote of two-
thirds of the members nre.-cnt.
* Iti lu all uuprovldod casus in the proceed-
iltg"S 01 the council or in committee, the law of
bjtrfiflmfmt shnll be followed.
*jd  The general order of business nt every
tegular meeting shall be as follows;
J    First.   Reading of minutes.
Second.   Original communications.
Third.   Petitions.
Fourth.   Reports of committees.
Fifth,   Consideration   of reports  of   committees.
Sixth.   Enquiries.
Seventh,   introduction of by-laws.
Eightb. Unfinished business.
Ninth.   Motions.
Tenth.   Consideration of the by laws.
Eleventh.  Giving notice.
21,   All   communications, accounts  and petitions shah be considered as having been referred to the proper committees,  unlefs otherwise oidered.
22 Tlie business shall in all oases be taken
up in the order In which it stands, unless
Otherwise determined on by a vole of two-
thirds Of the members present, and without
debate thereon,
23 Notice at a previous meeting shall be
given of all motions for introducing hew matter, other than mutters Of privilege and bring-
lug up petitions and communications unless
the council dispense with such notice by a vote
of two-thirds of the members present without
21. All motious* except motions to adjourn
pr go n> lo com m idee of the whole shall. A'hOQ
required by the mayor or his presiding officer,
be in writing ami seconded before being deluded or put itoin the chair. When n motion
Is seconded U simll be mnl, or, H viva voce,
stnted. by the mavor or other presiding officer
pr cleik before debate.
20 After a motion Is read by the mayor or
Other presiding olllcer or clerk, it shall be
doomed to bein possession of the council, but
may be withdrawn at any lime before decision
or amend ment, with permission of the ootiuoll,
20. A motion for commitment, until it Is derided, shall preclude all iimeudmenis of the
main question*
27 A motion to adjourn shall always he In
order, but no sooond motion to tno same
idled shall be made until some Intermediate
proceedings shall have been had.
28 When n question Is under debate uo
million shall be received unless to commit It,
tn amend it, to lay it Oil lhe table, to ltost pone
it, to a Ijouru, or to move the previous question.
2;) The previous question until it Is decided
simll preclude all amendments of the main question, and shall be put without debate, in the
following words: 'mall this question be now
put?" aud if ttdrt motion be resolved in the
affirmative, the original question is to be put
forthwith without any amendments or debate,
Hit All amendments shall be put In the reverse order of which they are moved, except
in filling Up blanks, wlien the longest time
and largest sum shall be put lirst, and every
amendment submitted shall b.) reduced to
writing, when required by'the mayor, ami be
decided upon ov withdrawn before the main
question is put to vote. Only one amendment
shall be allowed to nn amendment, and any
amendment more than one must be to the main
ill In all motions for the npnointraciit of any
hereon to any olliee In the gift of thu council,
the nanio of all candidates shnll be submitted
before any vote is taken, and the nominees
shnll be then voted upon. In the appointment
Of any person to nny position in the gift of the
council the candidates shall be proposed and
then   voted    for  by     ballot,   the    balloting
rianers having been previously prepared and
nitlaled by Ihe clerk of the council, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes being dropped after each vote until only two remain, or until one   shall have received a ma
jority of the votes coat. When more than one
person iw to he elected or appointed, each member of the council shall be entitled to vote for
as many as there arc positions to be filled.
Any candidate receiving a majority of the ballots cast shall be elected. If more than one
ballot is necessary the candidate having the
smallest number of voles on the preceding ballot! shnll be dropped,
:£" After any questiou except one of ludefi
Ulte postponement any member who voted
thereon in the affirmative may at the same or
the first meeting thereafter, move for a reconsideration thereof, but no discussion of the
main question shall ho allowed unless recon-'
Bldorea and there Bnall be no reconsideration
unless notice of the same be give:: at the meeting at which the main motion is carried, and
after such notice is given no action shall be
tnken hy the council ou the main motion until such reconsideration is disponed of aud po
question shall be reconsidered more than
once. * - ,
38 when the Question under consideration
contain* distinct propositions, upon the request
of any member, the vote upon each proposition shall be taken separately.
34 After any question is finally put by tin.
mayor or other presiding officor, do member
shnll Speak to the question no* shall nny other
motion be made until after tho result is declared, and Lhe decision of the mayor or other
presiding officer as to whether the question has
been iiiudly put shall lie.conclusive.
3."i Whenever it shall be moved and carried
that the eoi.mil go into committee of the
whole, the mayor or cthei presiding officer
shall leave the chair and Shall kpbol it u
chairman of committee of the whole wlmshall
maintain < rder Ln the committee, who shall report tbepniceediiigs of the lommitt'.e, but the
chairman of 0 committee Whose report is under consideration, or a iin/ml-or introducinj; a
bylaw shall not be required to take the ohaif.
30 The rules of th" council, wilh the exception nf Rulo 16, Hhnli be observed in committee
oi the whole bo far as may be applicable except
that no motion shall bo required to be seconded nor shall a motion for the previous
07 Questions of order arising in committee
of the whole shall be decided by tlie chairman
subject to nil appeal to the mayor, and if any
disorder Phould arise In the committee, tho
mavor or other presiding officer will resume tlm
chair without, any motion being put
88 On motion in committee of the whole to
rise and report the question shall be decided
without debate.
B'J A motion fn committoo or the whole to
rise without reporting or that the chairman
leave tbe chair, shall always be In order am!
shall take precedence of any other motion; on
Blum motion debate shall be allowed aud ou an
affirmative vote the subject referred to tho
committee shall be considered as disposed ot in
the negative, and the idayor or other presiding
officer shall resume tin: chair, aud proceed with
the next order of bnslness.
10 Every bylaw shall be introduced upon
motion for leave, specifying the title of the by-
law, or upon motion to appoint a committee to
prepare and bring it in
41 The question, "That this bylaw he now
rend a lirst time" shall be decided upon without amendments or debate.
12 Unless previously reported on by a committee every bylaw shall,unless otherwise detor-
miued by the cotiticll, be committed after the
second reading thereof to a committee of the
wiiole to report tiie same.
•13 Every bylaw shall receive three several
readings arid on different days previous to its'
being passed except in urgent aud oxtraordt-
nary occasions, and upon a vide uf two-tlii:ds
of tlie member:-, present when it may be read
twice or thrice or advanced two or more stages
in one day.
■14 When a bylaw Is road In tlie council the
clerk shall certify the readings and time
on the back thereof, niter ihe bylaws have
passed ho shall be responsible fur their correctness if amended.
4,"j In proceedings of committee on tho whole
upon bylaws evqry clause Shall be considered
iu proper order.
ir. Any bylaw tor the appropriation of money
brought in on the report id a committee of the
whole, shnll puss through nil its stages without
being again referred to ihe committee of tho
whole unless upon special motion   In writlug.
■17 All amendments made iu committee of the
whole shall be reported by the chairman td the
council which shnll receive the same forthwith; after report the bylawBhall be open to
debato and amendment before it is ordered fo;
a third reading, Whena bylaw is reported without? amendment il shall forthwith be ordereed
to be rend a third time, at such time as may be
appoiuted by the council.
-is Every bylaw whloh has passed the cduu
Cilshall immediately be signed by lhe mayor
or presiding olllcer and city clerk, and sealed
with the seal of the corporation and shall be
in the custodyof the clerk.
i.i Every member who shall Introduce aby-
law, petition or motion upon aqy subject which
Diay be referred to a special committee, shall
he one of the committee without being named
by the council,and shall, unless tbe committee otherwise determines, be chiiirniau of such
50 Of the numberqf members composing any
Standing or select committee, two members
theivof shall be a quorum competent to pro*
eCeil to business.
61 There shall be annually appointed at
the lirst or second meeting of each newly
elected council the folio .ving committees which
Bhali compose the standing committees of'tho
First   The standing committee on finance
and assessment;
Second.   The standing committee on works
and property;
Third.   The standing committee   on  fire,
water and light:
Fuurlh.   Tiie standing committee on police,
health and relief.
52 Each standing committee of the council
shall consist, of two members of the council
and the mayor shall be ox-officlo a member of
all committees.
68 The members of each standing committee
of the council shall at their first meeting proceed tu elect from among themselves a chairman, ami Immediately after such chairman has
been elected, tiie day of the lirst regular meeting of sueh committee shall be determined,
and also the-hour at which sueh meeting shall
he held,
51 Members of tbe council may attend tho
meetings of any of its committees, but shall
not be alloyed to take auy part In any discussion or debate, except by permission of a ma
jiuity of lhe members of the committee.
55 The business of the standing and special
committees shall be conducted under the following regulations and subject to the rules
governing procedure In the council except that
no motion will be required to be seconded, nor
shall a motion to'" the previous question be allowed, nor shnll the number of limes a member
mav speak to the question under consideration
be limited.
First. The chairman shall preside at every
meeting find shall vote on nil questions submitted and lu case of an equal division the
question shall be negatived,
Second. The ohairmau shall sign all orders and documents which the committee
mav legally adopt.
Third. In bis absence one Of the other
members Shall be elected to preside who Bliall
discharge all the duties of the chairman for
the meeting, or until the arrival of tho ohairmau.
Fourth.   No orderor  authority to do any
matter or thing shall be recognized   as  em
anating from nny committee  unless Ulg iu
writing, nor unless it is signed by the chairman or acting chairman.
56 The general duties uf the standing and
special committees of the council shall bo as
First. To report to the council from tunc
to time whenever directed by the council,
and ns often as the interests of tho oity may
require on all matters connected with the
duties Imposed on them respectively, and to
recommend such action by tho council iu
relation thereto as may be deemed necessary.
Second. To prepare aud introduce into lhe
council all sueh bylaws as may be necessary
to give clt'ect to the reports or recommendations of the respective committees that are
adopted by tho council
Third To give effect by the Instrumentality of the proper officer or officers to all bylaws add resolutions of the council that re-,
latetothe duties of the respective commit-*
Fourth. To audit all accounts connected
with the discharge of the duties imposed by
the council or with the performance of any
works or the purchase of any material or
goods under the supervision of thoir respective committees.
Fifth. To consider and report respectively
on anv and all matters referred to them by
tho council, the chairman signing such report and bringing up the same.
Sixth, To present to the council on or before the Last regular meeting of the oouoll iu
eaoh and every year a general report of the
state of the various matters referred to tho
committees from time  to  time  during the
year, the work or business done through or
by such committee and the expenditure
made under their authority or superintend-
en. e.
Seventh.   To  see that the person  in pffice
or appointed to office i onducted With the  deportment of each   respective committee have
given ordo give  Ike  necessary security required of them for the performance of their
duties iind in the case of any  new appointments tliat the security  i.s given beforo any
such person enters on "his duties.
COMHTrri-B ON FI>'A!-'( ;:.
67   In addition to tiio duties prescribed   by
law or by this bylaw or by nny bylaw of the
City of Qrand  Forks, the duties specially imposed on tho standing committee, pn finance,
hereinafter referred to as the finance committee, shall be ns follows:
First. To supervise all contracts, orders,
engagements, reports, recommendations and
proceedings involving the expenditure of
money ot nil or any of the other committees
above named, or of any officer of the corporation, and no contract, order, engagement, renoit, recommendation, or proceeding involving the-expenditure of money ot
any of the said committees, except as I., rein
otherwise provided, or of nnv officer of the
corporation shall have any |egul effect or operation until the same shall have been in Iti
before thesdd finance committee, or until
the council shall have passed the same in
tlm usual nmniier.
Second. To supervise all account.-, ex
pendlturcs and outlay, and all sums p ij al le
under contracts, before any moneys art paid
therefor, of all the other committees, end
shall require tin law and all byUwB and
resolutions of the council with '' >pect
thereto, to l, . complied witli before claims
or accounts arc paid; and rto oe mint, claim
or demand whatever nol express!) authorized to be paid by statute, '■■ law or resolu
tion of the council sioill be paid until the
same have been first laid before the Bald Ij
uauco committee and repi rtctl ou by the
Laid committee,
Third. The finance committoo shall have
the right to objocl to any contract, order, engagement, report, recommendation, claim,
account, or proceedh-Cg, Involving the expenditure of money in ease the same, shall
not comply fl) with the law or with Lho
bylaws of the council; or (2) shall exceed
the appropriation made to the committee on;
(8) or shall exceed the appropriation td the
special work or servlcoreported on: or (1) fu
case the same shall require the oxpeudi u i
of any money beyond the estimate for the
year for any work or service.
In ease n contract,order engagement, report, recommendation, claim, account, or
proceeding of any other committed
sdall lie objected to on any
of the grounds aforesaid by the finance
qommittee and the same i- tfppealed agaiusi
by Any member of the council the objection of
the lin.iucu committee shall prevail, null •- a
two-third vote of the council be recorded
against such objection,
Fourth. To Introduce a by-law after the
adoption of the estimates in each year to regulate ihe manner in which the revenue required for the current year should bo raised.
Fifth. To corisider and report, as often as
may be necessary ou the management of all
matters connected with stocks, bonds, or
securities, of any kipd held by the corporation.
sixth. To have the special supervision of
tne books of account, documents and vouchers, and of all moneys, debentures, end securities in the treasurer's, auditor's, tas collectors' and assessor's offices, and shall also have
the supervision of the treasurer and auditor,
and oi auy or all offices iu the departments
under them.
Seventh. 'To advise (ho treasurer, auditor,
tax collector, and assessor, when called upon
io do so, in any or all mailers pertaining to
their offices.
Eighth. To see that all duties nnd services
which ought to be performed by tne city clerk,
treasurer, auditor, assessor, and tax collector,
and any officer or officers lu the departments
nre fully e :ceuted.
Ninth. To forbid the Blguiug or delivery o f
any cheques or of anv security, or ti:" poy-
ment of auy money, if they should think it
expedient so to do, until lho matter can bo
further considered, or con bo referred to tlio
Tenth. To regulate all matters connected
wnli the -'ceipi and payment oi money, and
to order the adoption of such regulations in
connection therewith as may bo deemed necessary for the prevention of :\ny payment
being made in contravention of tho by-laws.,
and generally to manage the financial a [lairs
of the city.
Eleventh. To have supervision over all
matters relating to hotels, saloons, stores,
shops, billiard rooms, bowling alleys, ale
houses, or other nouses where any gamo or
gomes of chance or skill an played fur stal -
uv wagt r, or when paymeui or row' ir I
accrues lo the owner or oee ip.ml of said
house or houses, arid generally supervise all
business or callings subject lo license.
Twelve. To regulate all matters cuanostcd
with or relating io the licensing of auctioneers, horses, cabs, carriages, omnibuses, and
other vehicles used for hire, and to consider
aud report on by-laws governing thesume.
Thirteenth, To recommend tq tne council
su-ftli regulations as should apply to hawkers
or petty chapmen, and other persons carrying
ou petty trades, and to consider and report
thereon, and the sum or sums which should
bo levied'for license, permitting Hie said pur-
sous lo carry un said business,
Fourteen." To have .supervision over all officers of the corporation appointed ns police,
uplessotherwise provided by statute, inspectors of license, and to rcqort thereon a-; occasion requires.
Fifteen. The pouiulkcopor orpouudkeopers
Of tho city shall discharge his or their duties
under tlie supervision of the committee on
license and in accordance wilh this by-law
and all other by-laws of the statutes in that
58 A summarized statement of all expenditures made and estimated and ascertained liabilities incurred shall be furnished by other
committees whenever called, upon by the finance
committee to do so.
oi*. No sum of money for taxes, rentals,
licenses, fees of any kind, or otherwise iu any
way uffectlugor diminishing the revenue of the
city, shnll be remitted or suspended by the
council until recommende-r' lo the council as
aforesaid bysrch finance committee.
tiu. No committee or officer of the council
sha.l exceed the appropriation made to siich
committee for any pnrposo, nor shall it be lawful without the approval ol the finance committee aud of the council tor nny committee lo expend money appropriated to any one purpose on
any other proposed work or service.
ui iii addition to the duties prescribed by
law or by this by-law, or by auy other by-law
of the t'iiyof Grand Forks, proscribing duties
to the committee.on works and property, tho
duties especially Imposod on the committee of
works and property shall ho as follows:
First. To consider nnd report on all matters relating to sowers, drains, streets, lanes,
alloys, and public thoroughfares.
Second, To report and recommend to tho
couuoll such regulations for the control of
p rival!' buildings, drains and fences, ns may l".'
mnl welfare.
jequlslta for Iho public safety and
Third. T.i report to the council In their
final report for each year on all works of
permanent Imnrovqmenl connected with thu
• Ity properly nbovooiiliuierutct] 08 it may be
considered esM-ntial to the Welfare ami convenience of the citizens, to be carried oul
during ihe onsuing year, together with the
estimated cost of the work so recommended.
Fourth. Todlroctand control tho city engineer and his stall in the discharge of their
duties and lo roporl [,, the council from time
to time on all matters connected with the
duties of his department,
Fifth. To give oflocl to such orders of the
council in relation to tuo performance of
work under other committees.
Sixth. And shall confer from time to time
with any other committee, commission ofc
company, having special authority in the
streets, so as toprovido a uniform system of
opening up strocts or brooking in upon macadamized, planked or paved portions thereof
With the least damage thereto as possible,
Seventh. To manage and report on all matters connected with lho preservation of all
ground- sotapurtfor publm porks, gardens)
walks or cemeteries, and all buildings thereon, and all market buildings, fire halls, jails,
lockups, hospitals, or other city buildings,
and the prevention at*encroachment on sueh
Eighth. To report on all matters connected with fencing, ornamenting and preserving the park*, gardens, walks or cemeteries', as aforesaid, and lo carry out all such
works "Minieeted therewith US the council
may authorize, ■     ,. .
Ninth To consider and report on nil ttflairs
connected with the leasing or selling uf city
Tenth' To consider and report on all matter.- in connection with the purchase of sites
for public buddings, and the erection and
maintenance of all buildings erected thereon.
Blevenlh. To examine into or cause to be
examined Into and reported on, all nuisances,
sources of filth, sickness caused by unhealthy
premises, contagious diseases, and epidemics:
to enquire into aud report ou the best means
of prevention or arrest of tiny infectious dis
orders; to see thut the condition of any
public health by-law of the city are strictly
carried   out nnd obeyed, and that offenders
ago inst tile same are dealt   witli  us  provided
by sueh by-law: and generally j i naintai'.i a
titri* t supervision overall matters relating to
orafii ctinu ll e public  health.
Twelfth." Tonavecontr il over the medical
bca}tb olllcer, Inspector, -city oeavenger, anfl
ull other health officers, appointed by tin
council, and to Bee tbat tjie said officer:, properly perforin the duties required ef them.
Thirteenth. To enquire into and report on
any cases requiring relief.
COStMITlEK ON'PIRZ,  V'-UJ-.I,  .■*.' Ij   LP HT.
62 -In addition to the duties prescribed by
law or this by-law, or any oilier by-law of thu
city of Grand Forks, the duties especially Im-
pOSCO on tin. standing committee on fire, water
and light, shall be as follows:
First. Fo manage and report on the organization of fl lire brigade, the supply and maintenance Of the ncccssarv engines, horses.
hose, hose carts, v.a!er tanks, and all other
op parti ti - connected therewith, aud to sec that
the snnio when procured are kept h goo:
order, repair and efficiency.
Second. To enquire Into and report whti
required by tlie council on o proper tilte i r
bites for an onglm house or bouses, the estimated cost of ercctiiig'the building or build
iugs thereon; the begl and i ioal elcglb'e
plans therefor, should the boujc ho found
ii''t iarv, or thf renting of new promises,
■ liould the uunu be de termini d on,
'i bird.   To have supervision ovoi the mem
i ■!. oi the lire brigade.
Fourth. To report on thi lighting of the
city, ou the placing of lamps, and the Itispoi •
tion thereof.
' Fifth. To enquin Inti and i perl on tin
Htipply of water nud the erection nud maintenance of hydrants, tank!. w< lis or - .her
means of supply.
iJlxth. To consldi r ami roporl on all matter! com cctcd will] thi fctnhli him iij of tire
limits,'and tlie Inspection o'f buildings with
reference thon t< , and tho prosecution ol offenders agalusl such regulations as may be
Seventh. And shall copfci with the committee oil work; so as tu provide a uniform
system of opening up streets oud breaking in
upon the macadamized, planked or paved
portions thereof vith the loasl damage
i hereto p ; ■ dble.
Al'!   ■■.-■ i.vi::-i   A.KD   Ui'VI,.s   OF OFFICERS OF TJIE
i ■ ft] I KATIOK,
63 The duties ^i tin) various officers of the
corporation In addition to those prescribed by
law or any1' hylau. or resolution of the council,
shall l" as follows;
(I r\* CLERK.
The duties of the clerk qf the cityofGrand
Forks in addition to those prescribed by inv. or
any |>j lav, or i isolqtion of the council, in connection with ;.il standing and oil other committee-; shall be:
First. To communicate or convey to (he
committees all petitions and other documents
referred by tho council.
Second. To give notice lo tlie members of
the council of all meet fugs thereof, when held
on anj other day than the day appointed for
tiie regular meetings.
'I bird. To have ohorgi of the city seal and
only attach the same to any document connected with lho corporation on the order of
the mayor or the council rn- the committee on
finance, or as required by law.
Fourth. There shall bo paid to the city
clerk for th;- use of the corporation by every
person who shall desire the seal ot the said
city to be aflixod to any document whatsoever in which tho corporation shall be in nowise concerned, tho sum ol one dollar.
Fifth. It shall be the duty of the said clerk
when required by tho mayor or thp chairman
of any committee, to deliver to ihe same all
documents and papers under Ids charge
which may bo n inlrod to be acted upon by
tho council or said committee.
Sixth, li shall bo the duty of the said clerk
after the passing of any resolution of tho
council directing the payment of any sum of
money out of ihe city treasury to communicate the same to the treasurer, certified under
THEasi i :.:■■
"il The dulioslof the tnjasiircr oi the City of
(.fraud Forks shall he those prescribed bylaw,
or by any bylaw of the council.
65   The  duties  of lho auditor or auditors of
the Citv of tiraud Forks   sbail bo those  proscribed 'by low, or by any bylaw of tho council.
:','. Iqndditioulo thedu cs prescribe.! by hnv
in by any by-law on resolution of tho council,
the collector, aud overy officer of Hie corpora-
lion (other than tlio treasurer; wh« •■ otlke
occasions his receiving or col In f„iug monoy for
thi corpora; lou, shall unlof-s otherwise directed
by by-law, or resolution of the council, pay to
the treasurer daily all his collections, and shall
at the same time if required by the treasurer,
deliver lo tho said troasurer, n declaration
Signed by such collector, or other officer as aforesaid, to the ofi'ocl that the amount so paid is all
lhat he has received up to the time of making
such payment, and tho treasurer or standing
oommltt'oe on nuriijeo may require such declaration to be sworn before the mayor.
67 Tho treasurer*shall from time to time report 10 the council all Olllci rs who make default
m complying with the ioquiromenls of tlie pn -
(■ceding section of thia by-law, with the particular-of tho default.
G8 All appropriations of money shall be submitted to 0 committee of the whole, before bcjng
passed by the council, if demanded by any one
member of the council.
6i) No committee or member of tie.' council
and no officer of lhe corporation shall un behalf
of the corporation enter into n contract without
having obtained by by-law or resolution tho
previous authority or '-am" ion of the council,
70 No money hereafter voted or raised for
anv purpose shall be applied to any other purpose without expressly rescinding or repealing
the resolution or by-low by or under which the
same was voted, so far as sucli resolution or bylaw staled the purpose.
71 Every tender for work, or supply of material shall be accompanied at tho timo of its
delivery to the proper clerk Qr officer of the cor<
poration by an accepted bond, cheque, or cash
deposit, equal to live per cent of the whole
amount of the contract for which such tender
shall be made or put in, and every such cheque
shall b ■ forwarded to and remain in the custody
Of the treasurer of tho corporation until the contract for which such tender shall have been put
iu Is awarded nnd tie. contract signed, when tlie
cheques and deposits of the tenders, oro payment by tho city, shall be returned to him or
them, aud i n all eases where a lender has been,
accepted, and the party tendering fails to execute his contract and furnish tho requisite bond
and sureties, the Slllll deposited shall be forfeited to the use of the city.
,j vil contracts between tho City of Qrand
Porks, nnd contractors under which labor is to
ho employed shall contain a provision making
ii imperative upon the contractor to furnish fhe
trcaMircr nl least once every two week.- with a
pay list properly filled up aud certified by tho
COUtractor to be a  correct   exliibil   of all   the
names of persons - mployi d and wages car 1
under said contract, [Imbalance duo, and thai
the pel ■ us named woro oi tuollv employed on
tlm work embmei din tno control I, nl o making
it optional on the pari of tho citj tu cause lo bo
paid dlr rtl) I hrouj h the treasurer, or other
person appoint) d b> tin city, the sold wagi »
an i chargi tho some to the contractor.
7:; Ml contracti between tho Cfly of Grand
Forks md the contractors shall contain a pro vie
[i i barrl .; tho contractors from Chiuoso and
*  , an   e <'n the work : equlructed for,
74 \ pro.rest- '■ number shall bo given to
over) outra I made by tho City, boglnnjug with
number one for the lirsl contracts made hy the
authorlts of the council,
JOHN A.  MANLY,  M.Wott.
if. 8. t-'AYixv, City clerk,
Tho above i- ii true copy of 0 by-law passed by
lho Muuclpol Corporation of the City of Grand
Fork., on the 14th day of June and reconsidered on tho loth day of June, 1897, and till
persons are hereby required to toke notice that
nny one dosirlous of applying to have such bylaw i rimy part thereof quashed, must make bis
Application for thai purpose to the supreme
court within one month next aftor the publication of this by-law in tho British Columbia Ga-
zette.orho will be too late to be hoard in thnt
II. S. cavi.kv, City clerk.
Theosophical Society.
WELBON BRANCH: -Meets every Sunday
evening at S o'clock at the residence oi N.
Larson, A cordial invitation by the society is
extended to all who are interested In the study
of Theosophy. Geo. lb Sto. kino, fres,
Mrs. ii. a. Bub.vus, Becy.
Carson Lodge I, O. O. F. No. 37.
Xi Ui Ui X 1 evening at8 o'clock iu their
hall at Carson, 13 C. A cordial invitation extended to all sojourning brethren.
P. Ii. NELSON, R. 8,
U. ib McL.uikn, N. G.
Kettle   River   Stag*.   Linij.,
G. W   WILLIAMS, llanager.
Stage pea' i ; Marcus on the Arrival ot the northbound Iran, arrivinf; atGranc'
Fork** at r*:.!~' [>. .'■•: Leavep tfie'Forksat 1 :<)0 a. m., arriving at Marcus in time u
conncel with northbound train '
K0X0ii0\rt\i:-'.>rt ,';\0X0X0X0*0X0Xiiv.0*.0Kf:y.0t,tlX0X0X0X0X0'ii-,xa
0X0X0X0^)''.   '..:.0X0X0X0Xl-X0X0X0-i0X0*.0X0X0X0 X0X0X0X0XV X
C. A.   JONES «
g Paper Jianger, Sign Writer, Etc a
H Qrand Forks,
I>.       V/«     \10
B Estimates Furnished on All Kinds of   .York. £*
0X0\- 0X0X0X0X0X0X0*10X0X0 ^^0X0^!!^ 0V,0X0X? >*. « & 0U0X'
x.0%0%./'X0X.0X0M0X.0X0&i:.,z.,ix0x ^t0xax0X0y.0\flXfy^X0X0X0^
onds of Electric, Steam
or Morse Car Railways
Persons having   mining or other  Properti s   that   wil
boar investigation, can  have a Company  promoted, oi
pell them, by addressing	
17 and 19 Broadway, New York Oity.    London offices:—Chiswell   House, Ni
13D Finsbury Pavement, London, E. 0., England,
Quilddiy uiooli JVlliliiiy m^;i;u^.
pinanclal anci Mining Brokers.
iirouys of  Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc^
? Seeds! Seeds!
A Large Stock ot   Northern   '.   n s-
Garden   Seeds in   Bulk.   The   V'erj S
BeBt Quality at Eastern Pricen, 1^.
NEW   STOCK   OF _««&. Q^
«= SHOES - I
First Class Quality au.i the prices Will Please Vou. %-»
Of   Ail Kinds at Spokano   Prices   Freight ana   -u
Incidentals   Added.
O.   B.   &   P.  B.   NELSON,
Grand Forks, B. C.
The Mammoth Hotel of the Kettle River District.
MRS, A, V. DAVIS, Proprietress.
BOSS, "..     wa: H
Good Accommodations and the Table Supplied with tho.
Best the ^Market Affords!
Mrs.   A.   Bryant,  *..
iir Proprietor,,
We arc daily expecting a shipment of the celebrated
Parties wishing (o buy or rent wheels kimlly call aud seo us.
Bower & Donaldson,
Next tp Mr.-, Bro.Vn'fl- on North sidfi oi Main Street, on lirst bonclu Everything Lively at Greenwood JOlty,
Twenty One Properties Being Operated
Near There -Eioh Strikes 'Being Made in the West
Pork Section
Greenwood Cjty. B. O,
JBhe 18,189'
Editor Miner:—The people of the
Boundary crock coui,try aro highly
elated uver the pnwp*>ct3 of a railroad
Into Hub section at an early date, and
hope that Qrand Forks will bo mado a
terminus beforo '.-now Hies, as predicted
by the Miner. Even now worn they to
start this way and wo were confident
lhat wo wev*j to be furnished .vjth railroad facilities ii'sido of a yoar, that
would bo sufficient to encourage a vast
Amount of enterprise, both in tho way
bf mining development and otfie** improvements.
*: Greei wood undoubtedly stands aB a
very advantageous point directly ceil
fral to tho mines, and in this district it
is generally conceded that Greenwood is
going to bo to Midway vhat Leadville
k.vas to Den-'or, Colorado—ono the min-
iVig camp and* the other tho oity; while
'hand Fovhs will romain tho gateway
to the ea.*t and Midway the same to-
tvrd tho Pacilic coast. These matters
Dan oa'y be surmised whon it comes
flown to general Interest, but things
may be very materially changed when a
railroad gets into the country. 'When
it is generally known that "all a country wants is a railroad to bring it opt"
then the corporation influence has itB
best leverage, and they generally take
advantage of it and do aa they please,
without regard  to individual interests.
For the past two weeks this country
has been rapidly tilling up with pros-
heotors, most of whom outfjt here and
strike for tho West Pork section, while
it is asserted that throughout tho
country between Boundary creok and
the North Fork there are many prospectors giving that section a thorough
investigation: This is in whit is knqwn
as the "granite bolt." Parties 'down
from there Hub week state that thoy
found many ledges cutting tho formation in porphyry dykes, but tho veins
{ire small. ITiis is truo in all mining
cjuntrios where cross or dyke veins aro
found in trachite or minacious granite,
but they nevor fail to widen out into
largo and strong veins at any reasonable depth. Jf freo milling they are
good enough. Tho samples brougUt
down showed pyrites atsc] black sulphur-
bis, \e-:y much resembling galena.
0? tljp najnihg interests surrounding
proem-rood nothing unusual can be
said, only that there aro twenty-one
mines being worked around here, upon
which about 6ixty men are being employed regularly. Mi;st important of
these are the Sunset in Deadwood, tho
■Jewel in Long Lake camp, tho Golden
Crown in Wellington, the D. A. in Kim-
berly camp, the No. 1 in White's camp,
tho Goodnnough in Central camp, and
the Skylark property. All are increasing their forces as fast aB possible.
The Skylark was closed down last
Monday for a few days on account of
the Reynolds' whirn breaking down.
Thero are nine mon at work on tha
Golden Crown in Wellington camp, and
porno line high grade oro is being extracted. On the Calumet property,
owned by the same company, four men
are engaged in doing surface work.
Aa soon ar, work is started by the
government ou their part uf the road
over to Pass creek and up Eholt creok
to tho summit, Mr. Hill, who has the
working bond on tho Jcvol, will at once
be,'in building the road from tho summit meadows over to his proporty, a
distance of tour miles. Thoy will start
pork on or about the tli'Bt of tho month.
The D. A., owned by tho Boundary
Creek Mining company, is being constantly worked, and a lino class of gold
and silver ore produced. D. A. Ilolhrook, who has charge of these proper-
t'es, says ho will be prepared shortly to
ncreaso the mining force by starting
work on two additional properties owned
by this company.
Now that a very important change
haa been made on the Winnipeg extension development work is looked for
Upon this proporty, an 1 thoro is authority for the statement that it will bo tho
most extensively developed mino in the
In Doadwood camp there aro about
twenty men at work—eight on the Sun-
sot, leu on the Mother Lode, and tho
rei-t doing assessment and development.
The machiuory for the Jewel mine, in
Loug Lake camp, is here and will bo
shipped as soon as the road is completed. There are ten men at work on
the Jewel, in charge of W. J. Barker,
who was formerly foreman at the j3ky
lark mine. Some fine gold ore is now
being taken from this property. The
Penero Qrande, near the Jewel, is also
being worked t*y the owners.
Thomas Welch has bonded the Colorado, Lucy, Montana, Virginius and
Emerald proporties- in Greenwood camp,
near tho Calumet, Golden Crown and
Winnipeg, and has associated with himself a RoBBland gentleman. They recently paid 10 por cent down on a good
prico for the property, and havo started
to build good, substantial cabins preparatory for work. Mr,. Welch is
beyond doubt one of the best posted
(Dining men in tho country, 'and was
successful laBt* winter in disposing of
tho Gold Bug and Hidden Treasure in
Deadwood camp for a good ligUrp. They
will probably work all these claims this
season.    *
Ilobort Wood, tho "Father of Qroen-
woodCity,', associated with C.L.Thotqet,
recently made n lino discovery in tho
Lako View mino at Long Luke. At a
depth of HO feet 1 feel of lino ore in a
solid body was opened up. It is a high
grade of gold and copper oro.
ft is stated that work is»soon to be
started on tho Rauiblor property, Pass
creok, at tho suggestion' of Dick Shea,
of Rossland, who recently visited the
claim for tho purpose of recommendiug
this proposition.
Tho Hilltop, a well known property
near the Winnipog, has been bonded
for a short time to a Spokane man, and
rumor says it's a 90.
The assessment work is being done
on the Frederick's., a property in Copper camp owned by Messrs. Bailoy and
Brown, of Spokane. They aro said to
have a Hue copper showing on the surface.
There is a fair prospect of tho Snow-
shoo mine in Greenwood camp being
started up later than August!. It is
stated that recont reports upon this
property through Colonel Turner arid a
prominent expert has insured its sale to
worthy capitalists, thus its' assurance
of being extensively developed this
The s haft on the Last Chance mine
in Smith's camp iB now down 100 feet
and a lino grade of ore is boing taken
out, showing in many cases wire silver
A sale is pending on this property, and
from all indications it \yill soon be sold
to tho Ropublic Mining company.
E. P. Snydam has had a flattering
offer for the Terrible property, near the
Winnipeg, Golden Crown and Calumet
mines. If sold this proporty will bo
added to tho many prospects to bo
worked extensively in Wellington camp
this season.
It would be impossible to enumerate
the many claims being worked in this
district at present, but judging from re*
ports taid and the reports of blasts
daily heard one would think tho rumor
of a railroad in the near future was
having its effect.
There are a number of Boundaryitos
getting thoir sporting clothes on to take
in tho jubilee blow out at Grand Forks
on Tuosday next, at the same time
measure the results of their trip to the
Forks preparatory to going to Nelson
on tho fourth of July. Holidays are
nut too Bwift and don't come too often
to suit Jloundaryites.
Tho I wo daily stage lines coming into
Greenwood now go by the Greenwood
camp route, through, the heart of the
mining country, and Anaconda is left
on tho sidetrack, outsido of what has
already boen purchased by the Greenwood Townsite Co.
Jim Hood, who was shot by Recorder
MeMynn some time ago, will soon begin civil action against MeMynn in
consequence of the recent decision of
acquittal by Judge Spinks. Tho mat
ter is now on tho compromise dDckot.
James Sutherland, the notarj public
here, fins been appointed custouiB officer at Midway and will take his office
W. A. Carlyle, the provincial miner*
ologist, is now looking oyer tho mines
of Boundary district and will visit
Grand Forks district next week, preparing hiB roport.
J. II. Fulconor. doputy supreme chief
ranger of tho Independent Order of
Foresters, will instituto a court hero
noxt Monday evening, having secured a
membership of ovor .'30. Ho speuks vory
highly, and in fact is proud of tne lodge
at Grand Forks. Thore are already
fivo members of good standing in this
Wm. Giel, Inspector of inland revenues, will report favorably upon the establishment of a bonded warehouse
here, Rendall & Co. have been granted
tho privilege ar.d the storeroom will be
located in tho log promises in the rear
of thoir store.
T. A. Garland, of this place, last week
purchased a threo-fourtliB interest in
the Anaconda townsite. Col, Weir re.
taining his interest of one-fourth. The
prico paid was 810,000. It would seem
that by this purchase Mr. Garland was
a [very important agent for Messrs.
Wood & Galloway, of tho Greenwood
Townsite Co., and that Anaconda would
Boon be a child to the Boundary metropolis.
Mr. Elkins, the local constable, is
holding  down   the recorder's office at
The Plan for the Capon
■i. .    j* ;
Will be   on
Sale in a Few Days
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in on
this deal. Its the most desirable Residence
portion of Grand Forks,   Easy Terms.
Agents, Grand Eorks, B, 0-
Midway this week while Mossrs, MeMynn and Dean aro at Vernon courting.
Tho trial of Keene, foreman of the Cariboo mine, for the shooting of Roderick,
comes up this week.
Mr. Lind, tho former townsite man at
Anaconda, has gone into the mining and
real estate businee-s, and represents the
Gouthorn division to Greenwood as its
Local sports when thoy aro in "inoo-
ocus desuetude" put in their timo during the evening running h irse races
and talking drilling and boxing matchos.
They are doing considerable practicing
and may havo an eye on tne priia donations at Grand Forks noxt Tuesday.
Should Greenwood be given tbe privilege of incorporation as a city—nnd the
prospects are now very favorable—wo
will not be long in getting on our city
olotheo and come out as big as tho infant metropolis of Grand prairie.
Sam Martin's new stage lino (s a
drawing card for this side of the mountain. He is preparing to put on a cov
ored hack and run daily.
A fire company was organized here
last wepk with 22 volunteer members.
A bar of steel bent to a triango will answer tho purpose of an alarm for lire at
present. G- R- Maden was made president, J. A. Russell vice-president, D. C.
McRae becretary-treasqrer, Billy Nolson
foreman, II. B. Munro first assistant,
and M. E. Frazee, second assistant,
Money was at onco subscribed for a
hook and ladder cart and tho necessary
Tvyo Gallon Clause of the Booze Bylaw Tinkered so It Does Not
Affect the Brewery,
The city council met on Tuesday last
at 1:30 o'clock, all the members of the
council wero present with the exception
of Aldorman Davis and Mayor Manly,
who had not yet returned from Rossland. After tho minutes of the last
meeting woro read and adopted, on motion of councilor J. K. Johnson, Dr.
Hepworth took the chair. The clerk
then reud tho following communications;
Grand Forks, Jcne 15, 1897.
To tho mayor and council of the city
uf Grand Forks; Gentlemen—We hereby
beg to apply for tho city printing for
the ensuing yoar at tho usual rates allowed for such work. Yours respectfully, F. II. McCartek & Son.
This communication was roforred to
tee finance committee for their roport
at next mooting. Tho other waB from
J. J. Kelly, and read as follows:
Grand Forks, Juno 15,1897.
To the mayor and council of the City
of Grand Forks: Gentlemen—The Anaconda, Nelson and Greenwood baseball
teams, through their respective cap.
tains, have challenged tho Grand Forks
team to play a match on the occasion of
the Queen's diamond jubilee. I would
like to know how much money, if any,
the city is willing to set apart for prizes
for tho above matches. Vouis respectfully. .J.J. Kelly.
This communication was referred to
tho sports committee. Dr, Hepworth
asked leave to introduce bylaw No. 3,
which is au ordinance relating to the
control and management of the firo
protection and also tho sanitary condition of tho city.   The council was then
formed into a committee of tho whole
with J. K. Johnson in the chair. Thi3
by-law was road tho first and second
time, when tho committee arose,
Councillor L. A, Manly moved, seconded by Dr. Hepworth, that Councillor J. K. Johnson, chairman of tho
water, fire and light committee, take
immediate steps toward ascortaining
the probable cost of procuring a two-
tank Champion chemical engine and
also tako immediate steps towsrd procuring a number of buckets pnd ladders
and tho other neeeasary fixings fpr tho
equipment of a first-class firo brigade.
The matter of reconsidering the
liquor license by-law No. 2 vyag then
taken up, aud on motion of Councillor
W. K. C. Manly the council was formed
into a committee of tiie whole for reconsideration of this by-law. Dr. Hepworth moved that wherevoi* the v/ord
"brewery" occurred in the by-lav/ it
should bo struck out. This motion was
seconded by Councillor W. K- 0, Manly,
and unanimously carried; so now the
brewery remains as before, subjeot to
tho dominion act.
Councillor L. A. Manly moved, sos-
onded by Councillor Duford, that fhe
oity solicitor be instructed to draft a
money by-law at once.
Op'piotion of W. K. C. Maqly thp
meeting adjourned.
And Met Again.
An adjourned meeting of the city
council was held last Wednesday eveti-
ing when all the members, including
the mayor were present.
Tho Clerk read the following communication.
Grand Forks June 10,1897.
The mayor and alderman of the City
of Grand Forks: Sirs—I have the
honor to apply for the position of chief
of the fire brigade of this city. Any
references that you may require as to
character and ability, I shall bo happy
to furnish. I have the honor to be. Sirs
your obedient servant,
Frank Truax,
This communication was referod to
the wator, light and firo committoo.
An account of F. IJ.. McCarter & Son
for 812.50 for coporate seal, minute
book and city cut, was rofered to the
finance committoo. A lotter from Mrs.
Brown was read which had reforenco to
grading the first bonch on Bridge street
near her residence. This was refereel to
the public works couimitteo.
The council thon was formed into a
committee of the wnole for the corisid:
oration of bylaw No. 4, with Dr. Hepworth in tho chair, This bylaw author.
zes the city to borrow $2,000 from the
Bank of Montreal at Rossland. As a
temporary loan for current expenses; it
was read threo times and passed, receiving the mayor's signature the same
Tho council the-a adjourned till Friday afternoon at 1:30.
Has now open for inspection a fine line of
y"^ ■€ Including Tea Set?, SG.5Q for io pieoes, Dinner
I       '^/~\r°' bP'&lfi'X T  Sets, 812.50 for 87 pieces;   Also a 'largU assort-
Vj| y_f Vw-JKl .vJL w     ment plain white'dishes, Toilet Sets, eolorod aim
g      plain white 83.25, and up,   Also', a lafge stock of'
Bry Goods, Miners' Supplies, Boots fLu^^^^^c
Wall Paper, Straw and Felt EatyVJlUCenCo^
«■* «?* Clothing, Waterproofs and Rubbers J- $
Owing to a change in tho firm our ao-
counts must bo settled at once, and tho
same are placed in tha hands of Filley
tic Ogden for immediate settlement.
Manly & Averill.
Grand Forks, June 6, 1897.
The finest line ot men's and boys'
Btraw and soft folt hats in the market
at J. Anderson's, the Bonanza store, upper Grand ForkB.
Church Notice.
Presbyterian CHURCH-f-servicea every
Sabbath in rhe church nt 11 a. in. and 7:30
p*-m. in the BGliQol roon, itf Grand irorkd, Sabbath school 10:.ri'l a. ill. in the school rooitt,
At Carson weekly !! p. m.
REV, Tups, P.vtok, Pastor.
GRAND   FORKS, ' B.   8.
Law and Collecting Agency,
a l. Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder,
"" *   GTtANb   FORKS,   B.   C.
Plans and specifications drawn, estimates furnished'on all kinds of building;. Work strictly
Watch Repairing My Specialty.
All Work Warranted.
GRAND   FORKS,   -  -   ■■   -   -   B.   O,
Bath  Rooms,
RIVEUS1PE,      -      -      -       ORAND FORKS
Fresh milk delivered at your door morning
ami evening. Grand Forks Dairy, Manly &
Brown, Props.
Grand Forks ♦ ♦ ♦«
and Eureka Camp.
Making Carson, Nelson, Curlew, Eureka nnd
Sans Poll three times weekly, fuegiliijy:, Thursdays and Saturdays.
I N, OWENS, Prop,
Manufacturer of
Spring   Beds,   Mattresses,
Dealer ln
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.    ?■
•Sow Filing and all Kinds of Repairing.
Resident Physician tic Surgeon,
y-iORBES M. KERB¥,      ""'"--••—• •"
Provincial Land Surveyor,
And Civil Engineer.
Offici;, Midway, a, c.
: Ass-ociato Member Canadiai:
Etfciet'y -of Civil 'Eiiginecrsb
A    C. SU'JTOtl,
Npi'Aitv Public, Etc,
Jas. delllols Green C E P LS.   F.Wollaston, P LS
Provincial LandSuryeyor§.
Civil Engineers, Etc,
Barber Shop.
penlr&lly Looated.  All Work Gauranteed to b£,
FirKt-Cluss lu every Respect.
Solicitor, Etc.,
Office, Main Street,   -   GRAND FORKS, B. I:.,
And Mining Engineer.   Member of Quebec Miiu,
ing Society.   Mineral Claims Examined
mid Reported on.
.  .IMII.MII    !■■      MB^BM      .M-
A     B. HART.
Contractors and Builders,,
Olliee, Store, and Saloon Fixtures a Specialty,
Plans and Specifications Mado and Estiinalet
Physician and Surgeon.
Office In Drug Store.


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