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The Grand Forks Miner May 22, 1897

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SECOND   YEAR.--NO.   54.
GRAND   FORKS  B.  ('.,    SATURDAY,   MAY   22,   1897,
Victoria Business Mean Gives
His Opinion,
He Believes That This Oity Will Be a
.Kimiiiier Por Business as Soon
as ii Raillodd Starts
Thi- Way.
Steve O'Brien of Victoria, li. C, and
0. W. Mnliin, ot Tacorna, have boon
Bpendiog tin Week in Qrand Forks tho
guests of Mayor J/anly. Mr, O'Brien Is
known all over the northwest on account of his heavy property interests,
Jle ia owner of the Grotto; the most
popular saloon in Victoria, and has extol sivo mining interests on Toad mountain. He also haa considerable properly
in   Kasioj Larileau   nnd  Grand Forks,
In conversation witli n Miner repre-
ontative, Mr. O'Thlcii said! "Of ell the
mining camps I have been in I believe
this to be the leader. Its locution and
general advantages aro such that it is
bound to bo the foremost city of the
mining country, The only thing Grand
Forks ia:ks is railroad transportation
and I feel certain that a lailroad {will
start thin way within n year. And when
the first shovel full of earth is turned
on a road headed for Grand Forks this
town Will have n boom that will ben
hummer. It won't be an artificial boom
either. The town will juat grow all at
once into a good sized city and it will
liefer go backwards. There will not bi
many days work done on tlm railroad
before you see me in business here. I
know what the town has back of it.
The most influential men of the province
have interests hero and they liavj ba-
come interested because of the immense
mines that lie up Ihe rivor a feu- miles.
I understand that by the time a railroad reaches here fifteeh, mines will lu
ready in ship ore, and you know that i-i
a wonderful showing. Byen after lho
railroad reaches here, the mining camps
around here have gut to fee 1 off of this
place Its position is such that they
couldn't help themselves If ihey wanted
to. Sfes, sir, Grand Forks is bound to
bo all right and tiie follows that get in
on the ground door ar." going to niako
big money here.'1
Ladies' shirt waists at Manly & Av-
i E. W. Prast came in from Victoria on
A new line of boots and Shoes nt
Manly tic Averill's.
I" J. M, Ginnis .vasavisitor from Greenwood on Thursday.
.   Prod McCrea aud Goo, trig arc in tlie
city looking about.
Robt, R. Healey, of Nelson, B, •''., was
a visitor in the city this week.
i   A.  Webster arrived  in the city from
Greenwood on Wednesday last,
■  I'eter Larson, of  Helena, Mont., is in
tlie city looking for investments.
,  M. II. MeNutt,  was an  arrival from
Butte, Mont., dining tho week.
J), t'armody, of Victoria, dropped in
on Friday with a view of Investing,
J. A. Coryell, pruvii --inl land survey ir,
was in the city Wednesday from Midway.
Just ariivod at Manly \* Averill's a
line line of dry goods, and move on the
1'". \V. (lilllam, of Spokane, was among
the ninny new arrivals iu the city this
.1. A. Cowan, of Greenwood, was tak.
ing in the sigh!:: of tl" metropolis this
Tho sawmills aro both busy and can
scarcely keep pace with tlie demand for
lumber. .    .
Thos, Wren camo in from Spokano
on Friday and wil! remain some time
among us.
: R. K. Neil arrived on Friday from
(•Spokane und will remain several days
in the city.
W. Aikley, of Walla Walla, Wash.,
was a passenger on Wednesdays Btage
from lho lower country.
' James Kirkiip, a brother of Ross land's
'famous constable, was an arrival in the
city on Thursday last.
We noticed Mr. E, Fra/er, of Greon-
'ivood, among the, arrivals from over the
mountains on Wednesday.
1 Phil, A.brahams was an arrival from
'Victoria on Thursday. He may invest
and/sottlo here permanently.   .
F. II. McCarter, of Thk MlKBH  left
yesterday morning for  Spokane, where
ho was suddenly callel on business.
Tho building boom Is abroad in the
laud aud the ring of hammer and saw
greets tho ear on all sides.
E, 0. Dugan, ex-mayor if Butte,
.Mont., is iu the city for tho purpose of
examining mining properties.
II. Jones, of Pentieton, was in lho city
during tho week, taking iu the sights
and looking into our resources.
Jas. Davidson was among the many
I!i sslandites who arrived in tho city
during the week it: search of Investments,
Work lias been prosecuted all week
upon the race track west nf tie* city
putting it into shape for the Fourth of
July races.
,1. M. Taylor, was down Erom Wellington camp on Wednesday and reports
worts progressing on many properties in
that camp.
!■'. II. McCarter took a trip over the
mountains to Midway, Anaconda and
Greenwood this week in the interest of
The Miner,
W, A. Kelly, proprietor  of the Palace
hotel  of  Walla Walla,  Wash., is in the
city, ostensibly on tho  lookout for a lo
cation for a now hotel,
Wm. Graham, proprietor of Edwards
ferry, was in the city tdday and showed
us soma lino rock fr mi his Bluebell
claim near the ferry.
M. McMartin was an arrival on Friday, lie has cone all tho way from
Montreal to see this great country of
which lie has heard so much.
Mrs. Shanholtzerj of Des Moines
Iowa; daughter cf Mrs. Perrine; is expected to arrive in the city next week
to make this tut* future home.
James McCounell, one of the owner.*
of tho Eagle claim on Hardy m mntaio,
has'returned from tho coast where he
has been spending the winter.
Wm. Stache is making considerable
improvements in his barbershop, Tin:
entire interior is being remodeled and
painted and two chairs have been put in.
Ei Inbody, one of th.) proprietors of
the popular Cosmos hotel, left yesterday morning for Rossland on a business
trip, H" will be gone a weak or ten
Miss Elsie McLaren wa.s thrown from
a horse at Midway on Tuosday las ,
striking ou her head. She escaped
with nothing more serious than a severe
shaking up.
The building to be used by the Chi
cago Meat Market is about ready for
occupancy aud the company expect to
open for business some time during tho
coming week.
Robt. Bergman was in from Christina
lake Friday and rep oats a line  showing
being made on the claims in t.,.1   vicinity,   II" owns several li.io  properties in
that neighborhood,
Chas. OUmminga, manager of th e
townsite, went to Spokano yesterday
morning and wili return on Monday
with Mrs, Cumtnings who recently
came to that city from the cast.
P. Porter und Granville Holbrook, of
Garfield, Wash., arrived, in the city on
Wednesday last and will remain some
time. They may invest and. decide lo
make this their future home,
It. M. Mullen, of Burke, Idaho, is in
the city with a view of investing and
may decide to locate hero He reports
himself as extremely well pleasoJ with
what ho has already seen of our resources.
Tho Sunday-school will give a basket
picnic Monday in honor of the Queen's
birthday. Thu affair will tak" place in
Mr. Manly's Held, on the b.:..ch west nf
town. Everybody Is cordially invited to
attend.    Bring your lunches.
MaurlceO'Connor who with his brother
Is working the Humming Bird claim,
uiuo miles north of the city, report • I
yesterday that they had uncovered six
feet of solid ore ou tho lodge 30.0 feet
north of whore thoy havo been working,
11. C. Ikach, ono of tho owners of tho
Ciacker Jack group on the cast side of
Christina lake, was iu the city today
Ho gave us aline description of this
group but lack of space couipells us to
hold it over until our,next issue,
A. K, Stuart, agent for the Midway
Townsite Co., came over the range yesterday and reports things flourishing iu
Midway. The irrigating ditch is nearly
completed and the general aspect favors
a good summer in tiiat sectio n.
L. M. Presnall and J. Ii, Waller, of
Seattle, passed trhough the city this
weels on their way up the North Fork
to prospect. They left Seattle on tho
11th and spent a week ou Jumbo mountain and at Pierre's lako examining
cloiins in that vicinity.
The Wheals of Oity Government are in Motion.
Church Notice.
lho Rev, T. A. P. Frost will preach
in tho Province blcclt ut .11 a. m., and
8 p. m. Don't fail to hear this Baptist
divine, Como early bb many had to
stand  last week,   Everybody welcome.
Wns lield Last Saturday  aud   Application!! Pot* the Appointive
Offices Were Ea*
Tho first tfaeoting . tho city dou cil
was held in tho schoolhoUso at noon on
Saturday last. No b'JBincsb of rtny importance was Irausa-'. id bey ind swearing iii the liiaj'oi and al lermon. Th i
thei iir.g was thou adjourned Until 8
o'clock the same evening in the Club
rooms. When Mayor Manly called the
Ui".ting to order there weir present
Aldermou VV, (!, Hepworth LA. Manly,
J. If. Johnson Jell I'avis, W, K, C,
Manly and Edmund Dufoi I.
.!. A. Aikman acted as temporary
clerk and tho mayor proceed."I to appoint Ih" following standing coil nut
te-. Finance, Davis and Hepworth;
board of works, I,. A. Manly and E,
Duford) water and light, ,7. K, Johnson
and VV. K. ('. Manly.
The 'ji.i'.'-lioii of appointing temporary city off!sera then came tip and aftor
some discussion Hepworth moved, seconded by Johnson, that the offices of
city e!ei;; and city soli lito'r be separate,
and that ajiplicationn for those offices
be received. l'he clerk thon real tho
following applications for Hie various
appointive ofricesi From il. ?, Cayley
for clerk; from \. ('. Sutto-i for clerk
and Bilicitor: from John D. Swanson
for sccrntary-trciisurerj Jamod Addison
[of assesforj Rich ird Mc^arron for
treastlrei; S, F. Ilepworth for conslahlo.
On motion, th i applications were r::-
cc-iVcd and placed on file until tho next
mi oting, when they  will bo acto 1 upon.
Owing to Provincial Cm tab'i Din
tnoio having if moved id: "Pice to the
suburbs, ii was decidi I to appoint a
temporary constable until tbo situation
was liled at the next mooting. S. If*.
Ilepworth and Al Preslar wi re proposed; the former finally being selected
to serv : until this eve ning at a salary
i.: "I rJO per duy.
A corporal! ,n son! w.i ordered [roi i
tho Grand tin hi Miner, as '•'. ell as en*
v lopos, letter heai .-'. etc.
The bylaws r it being yet prepared, it
w in decided to let all other business
stand o er until tho next moating and on
motion of Al lotiiian Manly, tho Hist
session ot tho council of tho City oE
Qrand Forks adjourned,
0. F L'ph.-im Is lo lown fro.n Itossl.iud.
Wm. Bfronf m t wus In from tho hills during tlio
Ico dcllvcrod tc any purl ot tlio city, i . AI.
ft. M, Annla camo III from Spokatiti during
ihe wyek.
H'c mmc nnd slnp . t ted wards retry rj tod
ini-ii'sand biean bed.
itr Milling to n was in the city from Midway
for the pHst row days.
\V. ,-:. Murphy wns in the <.!.;■ during the
week ft*oin Vautouver,
Reginald Driscoll, of. Carson, win a Visitor nt
tha metropolis this week,
V, T. Mi Galium, J. I'.. has moved   his oillu
to Hi" Van Ness addition.
Mr, Fox camo In rroui tiU elciliiii up tlio
North Fork on Thursday.
Uny your supplies bf Gill & Kirklai l's, Lin
ol inpest Cnsh store in town.
ll. v. MePonetl, of NeUon, was among tliosi
who visited tl ii> during the ivoolc.
Freighters ilnd travchrs will always lind the
best of accommodations at 101 u urds' iti.y,
Frovh milk delivered at your door morning
aud evening. Orand Forks bdlry, Mind. A
Browtij I'i'.-rs.
c,  D, SpAyer, of Portland, wns among the
many nisidbnts of tha Webfool statu  who at
rived during tho \\ celt,
G. T. Mclutyra, of Winnipeg, Man,, Is in
towiij having come to look over the cotintry
with flvlow of investing.
ii, a. sheud$, t'"? reliable n^sayer, Is puttilig
up ii bulldiug iu front of lilsdwelling on Bridge
Btrcet to bu used as an assay oflice.
Jack Coryell, P. L. S.jiwaa i,n the city on
Wednesday !nst ou his way to i!:c Pathlluder
claim whero he bus gone to survey that property.
■ Wiley Glover and Max KtwU have gone dn
a prospecting trip up the West Fork of tho
Kettlerfvor and expect to return in about 10
days time.
Thomas Dartmouth and George Hicken are
doing their annualassessment workon" their
properties on Pass creek which join the iron
King claim.
Sum Hutchcson who..bwus some Pass creok
propcrltlea and who has boon Wintering in
Marcus i.s iu town and may remain during the
summer months.
Prof. Blair'a famous Plymouth Rock Bggs{2
por setting. Laid herd lu tlie Forks nnd guty-
hntee;l fresh. Apl>1y to Goo. IngriLhain at
Manly & AvcriH's.
Now Is the time to insure your buildings.
Call and ate the low rates Lhat can bo obtatno i
bo ins lring through J. K Juhnsjn, lire insurance agent f ir this se -li n.
The building which Mr. dse -- crreoling tin
Bridge street, to be used n n re tan rant, Is fast
ncaring completion The g.aziu^ ami n few
finish in on lies being about all Lhat i- necessary now.
Mrs Wm. Mnder, whir has been very III for
some time past, was thought to bo dyinj foi a
whilo Thursday. After lyiug some time at tho
poll ! of death, however, she rallied and Isul
present slightly Improved.
Any perron dashing to pun hose n inosl tit
sirab'e dwidlii    It u« > and lot, l he house containing Bis   rooms ai 1 it kitchen,  can obtain
full Information by calling ut Tax Mist t ■-.
where the property !.- listed.
The many Irlen li of Mm. Helen I, ICeycs
will be please 1 to learn thai ■ I ■ hai - ■ --'r • ■ I
th ■ n, ]■ iliitm 'tit ■ I oII'hmu! s-ter.nj ■■; hi r f ir
tho city of RofHlond. Mrs, Key us I i I ter i I
Mis. II. a. Shed [Sol this i ity.
W. R, MegaWj of Vernon, wns iu Mi city liio
first of tlio wc ,. and n h hen he lo tsed part
bf Louis Sehleile'slbt on UiMgestreet and will
erect a building and op u n braucll of iii ■
larg i Voi id.i  ■■ tabll ihm ul a! thi- plaei.
II. M. Gcnln. mlniti, i ■ order for the Curlew
dlsirh t.   si. tl mi ;    "    sVls in.   Wash .   wns   n
pleasarii caller at th i Misfit oHU*   nn   Friil i;
lie rep rts Ihlngs prngrcsslug steadily at   N '
bo:i an.1 tho outlook   very   bright   fur   n busy
summr-i soil a oi.
Chas, Van i: ■■.- i- , ,■■ ; i . ont'y | -..:■■,■■ !
the building ■'■' tl \ m ■ - iph ! f->r n ■ hool
bouse, and owing to the : I iluft tin • i
other building suit'.1 le for school purp ise»i it
has Leon found necessary td dlseontlhiie tl ■
school till after tli ■ summer vacation, whon it
suitable cehodl house will be provided.
I, A. Manly contoinpl.it >s niuvlug his sah in
^nto the corner ol hisbuitdiug ul Bridge and
Riverside. The partltl m which formerlj si .-
il rated Dr. llepworth's I nig store rrom '... .* Flay
and McCallum oflices has been taken o il at !
the combh i *i io in wil! he occupied by tho
riuloon. Tho pn e mt ba r i n v." 1 bo use 1 foi
li reading room i'id a ow : luura. wIM go
into th') pn sent t adlng an 1 fa" 1 i i un.
1. W. Jones mdurns the '"^■j oi two was-n i
loads of furniture which i e v ■.<■■ iavi • ship-
ned in from Vnrctis 1 hursdaj ..'-■ tho
rrolgliti rs w bo wi i ■ Handling liis good ■ .-■ a-
o   l ni il.ii!'- ferry an i I irgol t,o co\ *i  nj   ti-o
t amp   fire   bed  -goin -   to  bed     Duii ig I ho
u igi:i   sparks   from   the fire i' ': ■ ! the i
canvass covering o:   the wii [on an.I h
teamsters were aroused aim opt the entire con
tents ot two wagon \ were destroyed,    i o: nrtn-
cipal  lQ5fl   wns n   I no a   nutnl •: ul i - ■ *
which arc n total 1 ips.
Bridge Across the   North
Fork Was In Danger,
RU5M  coniNd.
Many   Rosslamd   Pkoplf, *..'• *i i>-.   to
'.! in -i : :    rid::,
P. W, .'I :l   an  ot   B' R?land,   i.'n -   ia
-jreutir.s :; lar-jo ■ to r ir*.iildii << ou :: ri i^ i
Btro it,  I" il<  n trip   l!ii   .'. > -k ti   Ci
lina lako  and   ricinity,  r- I.:: niiK;  ;■
While oul lio v. enl i leur ai :nd
( in i- iii,:i lake. :-■ ail i dial arcc i ii t n:i
the Di'wdivy trai1, and ;,! ■ > n.a I a
bIioi'I trip i hi 'iiifh tii i ( ol vi l>i r rvn
!'• •', ll,' is v ' * ii null |il : ed with
whirl ii'- *.!«■ and is mor i liruily conv
oed lhat) ever thut this eounlry !, .. a
■^re-lit future,
A groal deal of ivnrk is being doi
around Cln istinn lako and many ; .
; " tors are going into the !;!';- in Boari :
of Hi * proei ius inotal, Som i j. ■ i .
oro is being disnovered but the <:r ..'
brav. baiiii for that Beution, IVtr. Mel «m
Bays, ia going to Im tho ! i :', of
Iranni.u tu ti in fin tliti'33. Until that
is overcome that Bnction can n ivei : aiio
to th" fr ml as ii shoul i.
Along the Dewdney trail Mr. M • met
largo nuinbors oi' people coming from
Rossland into this districl an i I i a* i
tin: rush is nol yi ! fair y b igu 1.     Evoss
land :■•■ full ol p loplo « '.: i  ru, il to tho
mines this Bpring and ivh . wont I i lio-s-
land lirst bncouso it '■•■■:■ easy ol nooas
but who are now fuming thoir r.ttontinn
in this direction and about U, ■ liret of
Juno Mr, McLean thiol;-.! wo may c-xpi cl
a largo influx of investors nnd home
BBekors froni tho Frail crook country.
And i:., Swo Hours  Resisted  .11 Bf-
iVrts id li-' dov lit    Fi ';tily Dis-
]i)i":u i  After a Qi and
Tflg  of '''.'ar.
*-;)i,:.-'\* hat i I ii ir- "i tain ■' i| byi
down the  North   i   *'*   ksl   Th irs-da;
i veiling   I'roui   thd   Ho IS    fields
chill ol aricti r ,1 ts iu li-d   '    ■ ih  m    '
tor ■ with frozi n   l!. •■  •    il	
n.i   ' ible   as   tli nigh    il
On iw V7i t*e  maki ig a   last di   i   •   '
fori to reg d.*i   po        ion    f  ii	
which tin: soft  Emib  (aid iii   I
of Fumu.cr   ii;. I   -       i   '    .,     ' I
bn ue.    !j lose pa]   ri   ;vcn   vhirl   I liig'i!
in   air   a .■>  the Bign   bit ir ,. . vurig (
in.'I fro, urea : \j   Ih -;'' disappr (al   '
tho bar ill   treatment  the;   were i*ec iv
ing.   Pn lestriun** wh i through   tin  d i>
hu I enjoyed tho balmi  ;l ,v .:* i  r it th
Bumnier    bultona I   their   co ns   aboul
them   when   i i"ia   Bulky  i hil I  of   I I]
i' irea: stru ik tho city,  an I iv "l I  mt-
: ig for n stove,
About 9 o'clock  "  gianl notl  a * .
tree which tho  wind  ha !  luuil led ii '
lho river s un iwh' re up   in   liu
: : .*■   ' ama  broa :-i';    d  .vn   tli •   .■■' i tl:
L-'oi * ..;, ! lodgi 1 b\ ainst tl       ■•.-  ■■ pier
■ ' ;!": bri '.:*.
Tl ■■ sv. ift cum i pi I -I up . vi- il
with a ''",i" :, if h cata *n ' "' at bi "■/ I
:"s: ! mts n inr th :. r i i if th i:
:.     . '    ' ■   './:. -  '  id ha* ; I.    il
vras pla h that tl     I	
Btarted or  there  iv  nl:l  ho
Jim bn r.ing and Ih   bi   :     being ti
"■:'.    Rope    w re  '   cui ■■ I   ,;    I m
:    "■,'"', fl'orls  n:   L* to i
'    '     .-.■:;',.     \'
: ..r,    !;;■;;      fori
plaiting     a    pike     * Ih     y    ii
a    ,.,..i    ,-    ,',.,     trunk,    wit!
i■•*. o fa toned to the I     li    Th
l.e eiui g to  the   liml eis    .   .   ::.'    piei
. '. i '..   i  lhe   pike  ■    ai'y,       ::        ar
ried   lhe  :-;       to-.vi.ul   Ma     .    Mil    y'
I ' use,   mi i   art: i    I .  ni.i lite .** ..
sueh  a-i   .. ay  be    ncovmt"i
: ., '   lug ol   wi      tl     Ire   ga     a lift!
then   turned  si ■■   -    around an
tin I 11 !.  i bri '.;•   '• v tu i tin  Cma I  h
there !.: 1 ■ whipp : ! Inl i elivi ■
the ;i-:.   . aid     of the  goi   - .
Dan* e Last NVi-.r  VVam  a Most  Rn*
The danco' last evi nin : for the rur*
pnseof raising fund.- to pay oii an in*
debteilnopa wi-urrerl  by tho sickness o f
Mrs    Madp, ••»ho  haa hi nfini i 1 -
her be I for somo time  p isl   wn - u mol t
unqualified success,
A   iti'iaii il   progtam    was    .. nd ■ ed,
consistii g of eovoral  sole I   nn the
banjo   and   \ iolin  by  Mrs, SI d
Aftor th'i musical pari nl tha pro
griit dancing was begun and about 25
couples wen led their way through tbo
liiazea of the dance to tho mm, i '
Prof, HepwoiIh s orchostra until thi
wee sum' hour.0 of the morning, lhe
floor wns very fair and everybody
Boomed to thoroughly enjoj themselves,
Financially the affair was a groat
success. Almost all the expenses were
donated and Lho proceeds amountod to
a slim sufficient to clear otl the indebl
e'dii'esB which the c immitteo had guar-
nnteed to pay.
("lore (iooil   Ore.
Some   fine   rock   was brought di wn
from the llardscratah c laim in Brown's
camp this wei !..    Assessment  work has
just been doll i the   property and tho
ore uncovered very much roeombles thai
FI*om tha Diamond Llitch, Mrs, A. V.
)) ivisand others are tho owi era of thifl
promising prospect,
Fin.- Oio.
Some lino rook was brought down on
Thursday from the Gladstone claim, adjoining the Coin on the south, on whii !i
Hugh Cannon Is no.v d ling the apsoss-
ment. Tho ore broiight in sin A*, well
in galena and copper, and gives a total
assay Value of 810. Considerable more
work will be done on this pi operty during the coming Blioimerj the owners boing much encouraged by the line showing already mado.
A    WORK    OF    ART.
VI.'.' OH   Manlv   , UK    la I K*.    I'm-       .   ,
ol-'   i.   Ma: wil It'i '  !'   I  II   'I I'l",
Ptofessor  \V,  A.   Lanu     il  0 vmj in
i arlj tin.- *.vi ek e •:■   uted a i   ign        il
pun  ramie pictur : of I Iran ' fori .    md
s tin • undii **    ■   nv i   .-..'., ■, ::. - •■
(tins as tar  north    ■   ti  ■ :r ■ .      I
i sigi nl ing the pi in :ipal   i.it.i
i y arr iws.   0      V'H     ■ laj   ni  Id   :;
i-i. tuio   ,vas  latlled  in I   Mayi .   >; i    ■
win (lie luck, . a b      ttfu
piece if I   : k n   I i        * h       .       resi
dent  of  ti is t ity   would   reel prou i i .
own,   .Professor ban i le! I  I ir   *<p>j| o
ou Thursday tiiornii...
Roads Not So Bad After Ml.
A. !'. Freeman  an I 11     I  l. i  I
of   Spokane,   nrrivi I   In   the  cil ■   !.   I
ovi nil j; on their whi o\t> h ivingrid
since  vestordi y  m-irning
port.   Notwithstnn Iii j   thei r ti ip   f I
: dies ov r in mi tain • iads, they did u i
eeem taliguu I, ai '  al ten i ■ ; i he  I
last   ni.Jii.     iii   a in.  " iti 'I-   ■■  *
•A •   i  : ii ; .   *   i \
pari of their trip t* as      ,, i■ ■■  lo . n the
lailroad track belwi   n   '■ ■■ : .,■ 11 .
liossburg,    Uetwoen   i ho   Init• r   ■
and here the roads  wciro   .'ei y fa i   vitli
: lie   exception   of a few n
tho sand bids.
Making :i Fine Showing,
i o ' 'elitiap, u v ell I- nown pn :j>""('.;-
of this bi cti in nn 1 ono nl r largo
sharoholderB of lho fronch nnd ISngl-ish
i lold M ii ioj ('"., eniii.' down t daj
fi"ii: I'le; i h camp whet* - ;a* hns beon
■ ia kli ;: ' i the (irfi id I- rks li •!! ■ a id
MayHo-ver claims, owned by his com-
Minx and reports a splendid showing
being 'naile.
Mi >' I   Pinto, Demi        li imp,  M.  M     .'.
J. r. A  di      ■!      ; ;    K
H  1 rene, Miiyer,'    imp, J. A. Coryi
Lydla u     M man ;       MorrlB;
■liver   Kli   .  ■ I,,
DuM-il    i.
-:•.' " I, M'.in I   Prairie    Hi.        ■ :   '
'■ ■■     mon main, J     II.   r
kl   -
Stni    ■ ibn rvnl    n uitahi    J.   i    Hul
nnJJ   I   Mb
I... li. .    C. Rnhll
'   ' ■ itii r, T, Pi 11 p
liio •
rood ennip   P. IIlow
-    .    1-  Urlbl,
:    . , :
li  ' Ity, i*  firlii
-....'   '■.. Joi
!    . ty, Kli     ■■:..' I.!...'.,
Wil yi .. 1 .   :.    . |.. :;.   II.  I..   '
I   ■
■" "; ,■. , W. M   law.
fori., ■ lU-icli    M.   ..
liriilu il ii    I '     Itei
I ■■  '. 1
I      ■  1 .    ;    :.■..'■■ atul   .
-   II
• ' n  •■ t   i*   l'i   . i ■   ■
'.  i" ;. ■   •        ... n ip, .1   Lii-jlmi ill
n  K   scuttle earn '   .■   ill.
tt, l-'ourlli ly ni  i*l,*, I'. II. .Min
i.en'*, II
Start: r. druiiil I'm    ■        ■     .  - n   n   i] .1
. '     , ..       1-0,11 1
. si ...
Hie ■    ■
1 m      1 y en in A. W
:'...       * i. i.   .   . .
iij  .
:.- '   ■'      *
*•     '• ■
■     ml   ti   li '. *■
.    I   IP
l..>:. I alio J. Kl.-lii
|. .: ■
P.nl.l rs     ■ II. I.m'
I (I. Kli
 "I"'     ' ,.,„! '
;, .   ■ ■
.- ii   - ii
:   .
.,'. imore
:     '    A
' .  -■.   i    i'
11    I Jill's
M    ;'
it    .:. '.   11
inl u
. i
i   .. ■
in ■
■   .
!',. . 1    .
11 ■        ..I     II    .
".'  ii.iri
I. Il.li'.u
:   -
.1    ll
II    \\
i .* n . 1 1
'    M
.    '  '
III   '
Hem '
'  -'
i in-:
In     !    IM
-TOCK    iiiMl'AV:
Two Feet of Ledgi .
I. W. Vi ling was  in   the city   todaj
from Summit camp whero  ho I	
working on his propei Ij the 11 ijal
Banne v. aial i eems v. ry wi 11 pli ased
with tho "ihnwing ho is making, il-
Oiough only dowii soWin fool ho has two
feet if lodgo In sight aud th" nre is de-
Cida llj promising.
Another *:tiiki'.
Another strike was made today almost within the cil;,* limit**. A. L.
Rogers, tthd has bdndad tho Hilltop
clailM from Dave Woni'lieiul, started
work on tlio properly this morning and
aln'ost tho first Bhot revealed a lodge
nearly four feet wide of uhno t oolid
iron oro.
Tflllll ! i ■'       ■
I'limi nile    i.  . . ....
sno "'.,■■      liner's i'1'rtlll.en
"...   JDIS'I
I - Iambs B.\«
-■   i '    . '....".'    ,*, 1-*'.
liil,    Sol i\ II lisi Hilling  anj tiling   ■
i-.'.ii'   "i  *. ftli  i lot tha Min  mo   tel   i flii   n
sm tl in   :  "I the   plae :i   Mlniiis   \ ..   i-'i    i
here In the said Act nr undoi
laws of the pri   luce, no free miner's en
shnll iir  Issued ton j ilnl *■'"■'.  rn        ijr
longer  i ■ rlod   Minn one year, and ■ i li eertili
,. "    shall date Irdm the Ilt'th day  nf   'nue in
h \ ear, and t vory free miner's eei i Itii..
lu'lil by a ii'ini Block company al ia - passl
Oils Ant sliiitl I." valid and eslstln : mil . I
shall expire on the H ith dayof June, IS '.. I'l on
in'lilvlii.i; lo i'eneit any Buch certllleate on oi
bfeforo the HOth ilnv of June, the jdlnt stock
company shall be entitled to a rebate of a pro
pprtlonato amount ol the foe paid for n certlll
cute heretofore Iss led accorilluu to ti".' lunliei
time for whloh ii would bul i'.,r this seetlOi
huve been valid. ftRAND   FORKS   MINER.
Thi *..-:'•: i- :       [shod on Sutur-lay and will
mi      I (o ritei on payment of Two
.'     'r' -
UUj liyed   Ail . mentis   ;j   an   im-li   per
month. A ll.." . discount allowed en long
- -;.::." t*>.
1 ■„:. i ■'.*. Advertl-enionts :" cents a ii:;" lirst
Insen i< n a ud |0 rest- n ii:    foi dditional
.   serin  i,
I Ural or reading m ittei ni I res - ■ ents each
Job Printing at Fair rates. All accnun's foi
Job work unit advertising -Jtivahlu mi th" lirsl ni
i .i :. I.. !'. II. M.l'.il'.M.': ,'- S '.'•.
SA'IL'UDAV. MAV 21, 1897.
ii;," nf the most glaring cases of of
lieial can i -si ess imaginable i*- the wa,,
I:: ;,i I,' h ii. Kettle i iver road is neglected l'i r yea - '.he provin 'ia! "hie
oi:- i ■,. In icd aboul building a de
cent i':i! between Qrand Porks and
r , ity, aud the.,  would probably
.:   : j t" ih" i nd  "f their o\\-i
:.;■'■  without   doiug   anything,   would
i.. i 11," ;' upli v. horn necessity forces t"
.I- Ihli  : iad domand lhat   il In* made
puss ih - and -lai" llieir demand in such
'.a "ih " I", a.     as   tn   ;  lUfO  those V. li" j
  has   vested   will, a  little brief  than fifty undavloped prospers.
autln nl/ tn stir their lazy stumps and
gel something accomplished,
The residents of this Vicinity have ei*
ii I'isi il i atienco until patience cased to
left, as too iiraay are pro ie to do. .Such
work as this does no go id to either th"
prospector i r tho o mntry; in fact it is a
detiiment to loth. When a man locates
twenty, thirty, or even fifty or sixty
claims in one season, there is not tne
slightest possibility of his ever boing
able io d ' assessmont work on even one
half "f them lie starts in and puts
perhaps a few shots here and a few
Bhots thero trying 1" hold them all until la: eaii lind a buyer, and the result is
Unit at the end of the year .his claims
begin to hips-: he loses one after another, finally holding pro! ably the poorest of tlie entire lol: h : has found buy-
.:r, for perhaps tine" or four claims,
the purchase pt'i ie aggregating three or
four hundred dollars, am! he has no
: ally "'ell devel ipod or valuable claims
after his entire season's work. Wheroas,
if bo would conflue himself to Hire",
four, or even live claims ho would bo
ablo to develop oaoh of Ihom proparly
and demonsirate'their Milne. In uiiu
casce on' uf ten h • would have nt least
ni:" property among his tour or liv ■
whi *li would   brie,'   him  a largor pric i
Party   iii*   qrand   Forks   Residenss
Take   a   Moonlight
party consisting of Mrs.  John A.
y, Dr. Ilepworth, Mr. Wollaston,
Jeff Davis and J. A. Aikman. went to
Cascade City lasl Sunday evening in
order to witness the effect of the moonlight upon the rushing waters in the
Cascade gorge. Miss Luna was mil of
sorts that evening, however, and refused to look down upon the waters for
the entertainment of the (Irani Forks
enthusiasts, =) they had the plenum of
cantering borne with ut witnessing the
beautiful sight which they had ridden
two'.VO miles to see, 11 is rum ired that
lhe next day after the ride the me*..
chant and civil engineer were lather
cautious in the 'ideation of cha'r.s whon
Ihey .vent to their meals. Tho rest cf
the pirty, however, enjoyed tha rida
without experiencing any discomforts
arising therefrom.
NOTICE 15 HEREBY GIVES lhat thirty days
afti i the date hen of, or whenever lhe
I, lard "i Licensing Commissioner** shall sit after said dt'.i" i Intend tn apply tn the said Commissioners for a   license in s,-lI ,p rl ous ami
fenm-nted liquors by retail lu   niiil about the
i'.  tiises known as Tbe Windsor (Intel, sininie
in .a Lol i, Mock a in Ibe Citv nf Grand Forks
Dated llii- rili day id May. A. 1). 1S'.I7.
IN to apply to the biard of License commissioners for tin' City nl* Grand Fnrks for
n retail li'innr* license In sell v, laes, beer and
other fermented liquors la a c 'iieert hull nn
mv premises on Il'Itige stre t, consisting of tbe
biiilding bel'**g erected oi loivn Int Nn .",, in
block Nn. I',, i . thcClti nf Jiaii I For»s.
I*. A.  .! >XE3.
Grand Forks, May li, 1837,
-vj-uTl :li is HEREBY GIVEN Ihut an days
IN afterdate hereof, or whenever the Hoard
ni Lie 'Using CommissionersMiill sit alter snid
ilni". I intend tn apply to Ihe said Comiols
sinners for n llceniu in sell Bpiritou. and fer-
rneiucd il i n us by retail In and aboul tbe proin-
i-. - known aa Ibe Alberta Hotel, sitnnle upon
I.,i N,,. in in block Nn. J Iii lhe City "1 Grand
Fork- ami: II.w.i,
I)ii!".| thiBlSlh day nf Mav A   II. IS'J7.
Leavas Bos, burg on the ariivnl of the soutlib >und train arriving at Grand I'' irksj
at 9 o'clock same evening. Leaves Grand Forks nt i o'cloca a, m., arriving nt
liossburu' in time to connect with northbound train. Express and freight promptly attended to und handled at reasonable rates,
(lui.ir ; A'lte.ii 'n! was o ;•■ :-:oae I at
Cascade Oity Bomo timo since by a re-
i nrt, which originated no one knows
how, that tho government had decided
l.e a virtue. The provincial legislature ,„ CBtablisll a postodlco at that place
appropriated 818,000 for road building v.i|hil] ,;„. coraing ,„„ v,,.lrR, Ltpol)
ii Gaf-tern Vtlo distridt which becomes dal.e{u* investigation, however, the re*
availabb July 1 and in order to have port waB touIK* t,; fo without founda-
the loads adjacent to liu:: city put in ■•„,, although it Was established Upon
repair, the businessmen of Grand Kirks good autburtty lhat the government hai
agreed tu advance material for road ,,,„,,,■ ,„,n,.|u1e.| to send a man down
Constiuctioii an.I Walt until July for ,hen, dUl.jng tilp nPXt Vl..,,. 01. fi(J alu]
their pay. They also eOourod nlen to do see if a postoffice was really needed at
:"" *"-■'•• '!" {l1" •■"'••■ on tho same that point. This is veryencouraging to
terms. So Loin's V. C'tippd-,0 in his |ht, „,in,,,.H ,11](| p..ogpB(.t(jra working
deal .visdoln set aside 8200 of this sunt claims in the vicinity oi Christina lake
rcr  c'ppuiring   preclically  rebuilding-  as it gives them an opportunity to hopo
|s  ■'" "'  ■'"-1'1 fn"'!  •••'il"J fofkstd  ,,,.,* tttsoirotimoln the far distant l'i'-
the boundary Una belo* Cascade ci*;,'. ,„,,, „„._,. in.,y -,„*,„ Ull, pieaguro of
Mr. Cuppago exercised oiie sir,,.' ot getting their mail at Cascade City in-
gopd itidgmeht in depulif.im; Mr. Wiso- j.,,,.,,, „, b(.ving .„ ,.,,.„,, tv,„ln. m*leK t()
luan In superintend the vVorkol eipend- (h(. ,,,,,,.,„ fcJ1. it .that ig if the energetid
m 0| ,! ■'J'**""1  govornirlent official who   ha-  charge of
Corbin's Proposed Road,
'l'he propose.! railroad to be eon
BtrUcted by D. C. Corbin through lhe
Colville Indian reservation and into lho
Boundary creek district, ub mapped cut,
starts from opposite Northport) th'-nce
down tliu Columbia river a coup!' of
miles to Crown creek; thence up that
creek to the head of Plat creak, and
from there across the boundary line,
running on tbe liritish Bide to Grand
l'\ii Its.    Pacilic Patriot.
Sittings nf tin.' LicQiiBtn**; eoait fnr tin:
em portion nf the Osoyoos division i
district Mill be lield nt OsnVoi s ninl :
uny na Tuesday, iii: l-"'h nl June. irtil",
hour of eleven O'clock lu the forenoon.
C. A. It. U>
o. V ri.meal olliee Osoyoos, i'ta May, 11
f Vnle
I Mid-
lit lhe
lie mule !t :;n as fai as it '.Volild, working hard liiu'-eif ai'T seeing that Ids
men .li:! th6 S'liue, iiul SiJOO will not
go very lar in road building ami Mr.
l'u* page, if he knows anything at nil,
these matters does no! fall  asleep again
ami forge! the matter entirely,
IIun't neglect having yoiir  nanlo pvlt
on  the  vottis'  list.    Do it ut  once so
knows  tint   to expoct S'30d  to  put .l^ flare  will  be  Ho chance for a failure,
miles ot mountain   road  in  any kind of We can never obtain  from  tho govern
repair is the height cf folly, ment the   neceslairy   improvements ia
Two or three places this Bide of i'i'.s loads, trails, etc, \Vhicli this section Is
cade were  put  in good shab'o with the rightfully entitled to linlcs* we demand
•r-Oli and then the work had to stop, inn! them  in   na  uncertain  terrhs and back
lhat old eye soie, tlie m'.id hole bettfeon this dethand with  a  '.olers'  iir.t of cdh*
the North Fork asd tho bluff ou the o{)- side!*:'.1 le  ptopoftlons,    it is votes that
Jiosito   ii!"   of  tho   rlvef  from (Iran,! bourit with the B. CotDcials.   We havo
NnricK is HEREBY   GIVEN   lnnl   fern lii-
body, nf tlie City nf Grand Forks, Intends i!>
apply to the  Hoard nf License Commissioners
Im' die * Itv nf Gran I Forks nl tile next inecliiij-
for n liT.nsier from Mrs. Agglo w . I'realar tn bin,
of tho license tc sell liquors by retail in the
building known ns the CoRmos llbtei situate on
Lot U0, Block'2. Iu Grand Fotks tt'orusnid,  now
held by tlie Said Mrs. Aggie w. l'roslnri  and
further inke notice that, tlie sitid .Mrs. Aggie W.
I'l'i'-diir CDtisiiiits tu the snid traiuHer,
AGGIE W. I'ltESl All,
DittoJ :'! G'-.iiid Porks*, li. c, May B, lS'JT,
"CVM-'.'Nll::*' Adr,"PAR*J"IV,ANi3/K.Enb.
iSg Ai.'is.
Rock Week Gold aild Copjie,  M'.niny
Comp'dily' (Foreigil).
(FORM  I')
C,i*/)'/?i'o?'" of ImproVemtuts A'p/iV
l'lnoin Mineral oiniui, kllllilte I • Hie Ketlid
I'.ivi I- Mining fllvhlou of, Ydle Pistiict.
Where located! -- OUservllllon lilbuilliil'n
Gittnd Fni-kB.
TAK E NOTICE tliat i. 1'. Wollaston, rtcting ai
agent for the lioiiltn Gdld Miuini! Compil'iy
Free Diiior'a CerlilleUte No. 6t),SII0, Intend, Mxtj
do sfrohi die dnte hereof In lilipl tnlhoMin'
!ng Recorder fnr a Ortiliente nf llliprdv. meals,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant bf
the above claim.
And fnnher Hike liotltie that abtlon, under
Seetlon :17, nnet iib cniiuiieiiced beloro tin: issii-
n!i ie of fltii'li Cerllflcata nf Inlprdvcnlents,
Dated ihi'' 7th dliy of .uny, hs'.i*.
When it Comes to Looking  For Bargain:*!,   O.ili and be
Convinced that you can Find Anything you
Want;   at  POPULAR  PRICES.
Two Car Loads
Ready in
Still 3 flore
On the
Wp Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Rest Assorted
Stoc-k   of
foiks, had lo remain untottchod,   As a
ii; nit,   Bixtceb   fi'ei'ghi    teams   riil.ed
..v.:  ■ n Mi i liay. bill  by pulling eight
lind ten hbre'es on, ai! of the vVagdns
•vorc  Solteii  cat   until  number  sixtBon
cuini along an 1 'hat or.i   Stllck  fast; re
Inaining heeled over in the  ir.dd like a
the Votes bore; but   until  they thoy ate
registered the,'/ will not be recognized.
A i-i ■•,■.■■■"•* the division of  1 ale diotrict;
Hammer away rtt this ijuestion   until it
is an accomplish id   fact.    If iva can get
tliis pai l of the  'lislric!  separated frotti
hipwicekcd\ ssel hntil the sb'oceeciiug   the western portion   wo  may,  it we are
'li.is    ncuri-ed   early   i':i  the ui*   Ihbky, get d govern IbeUt official  or two
tcrnooi* anJ while lliis freight wagon
leinaii,. (1 slock i:i the mu'd the stl'itig
which wtl'o following it hud lo pull up
in Hie road it rati ea,*i'p until the way tia'n
'"''ai".I   and  put  in paseiiblo condltioh
who takes some Interest in the fJrdgl'Q 0
of lids section.
Op.ASD FUbksI should have i.s own
water and li^ilil plant. The city is "ilhall
enough now   so   til.:   ', iaat
iid I*.
Hc*rlstbi*bd tbenili dity of JLtreli; 1M1'\
f IIKKI'-HY oiikTlFY Hint 1 hiive thi- da'.* roc
i. istereil tile  "Riitik CrBek GHld nnd foilrJcr
Mining Compaiiy",(Forolf»n), under tlTc "Com
The bend bflibe nl the safd enlnpniiv i< ''Itiinl.
id r.i   tin: City ef Spokane,  siute  of   Wash*
TileoPje'ets forivhicli the Comptln}* i- etab-
llshed nre: -To buv Sell, loaSc, bond; explore,
mine nnd Mill, ilml to do any necessary ivolk
lor tile development anil operatldii df mining
property: to constriict, ninfntilin nnd operate
reduction and amcltlng illiiuta ot mills for private or public uso: tn construct, maintain ion!
operate trail-, ronds, lines.nf transportaUun by
land oi water: lb build Humes, or ditches, ol*
acquire water power or wntel' rights, Hud tl)
lease Und sell tho same; in fact, tn carry una
gbiieral niTnliignuB reduction lnir,in,.tr,. i'l nil
its various departments; ln boinjillaiice with lhe
law*, nf ihe si ,t" nf Waohlngiou, nnd Ihb I'rov-
ine. ol Prltlsh Columbia, Canada, audi r « 111. li
wesl.nll operate,  .
The capital stocl of tile sold Collipanj is! luiit
hiniilred Ihousand ddllars, divided IntOeLhl
Hundred tlioil"*and shares ol tlio pur vuluo of
one dollar en. h.
Given undor my linud nnd Boal.df ofllbo nt
Victoria, I'rnvinei, nf lllilisii Culunlbn, tniSsil:
ilnv i,f Mnr! h, 181)7.
*s'n. 45\
"I'lllU'AKIKS' Ai:l',"PAU*t"lV., AND A.MIItl)
i.M. Acts.
"Goh'en   Ea0   Conhlidaled Mining
Ccuipany," (Foyciy',:.)
Regime,i:d HY .*lili'di'.ycf April, IS'.'T.
*j IIEREHY CERT1M II,nl i huve this dijt
1 registered tile ' Golden Eagle Oqiisolfdated
MiningCdmpany" (Foreign), under the Chin-
inn' n' Abt/'I'a't IV., "Rogisttiltlon cf Fl r-
:':,:;u Companies," ninl nm*)ndln*j Acts.
'liu* lii'inl nllii-e iii the s.i.l Oomllnnv Is sltn-
nti'.l nt the I il4: oi StioMnb; tiU'e bi Wuali
iu-rtdn, U.S. a:
Tlie objects for which'ho CDinnnnJ: is rstnb-
nnd ml ni'i'niM nntn in, a. In tin: minis known as
tlie 'Goldbn Eagle" and "Hack Ruddle" mines
i rein ins, Minuted nbbntalx mllbsabove GiAnd
Forks, II tl.. cast Side.of (lie North Fork Kettlb
li'vur. Ibid liie '-llllle lllrd" iHlno iir blaim,
situate two mi' ...,:■'-    -*■«.,	
by ^dividual efforts of the freighters  t-blldTeda't d'roaoonalile'oipense  and
onco established it could  bo etLsily enlarged as needed.
s. Y. \vddTTO.fr,
' jnlut Stock Companies.
i'iti*:cn '
tallies   wore
forced to take '.he roSd near the brewery up over the hill -nd  iiiako a'dotour
bf marly a  hiile over tlie bunch ghlsb      Bid   mining   strikes,    tailfoads    am!
rango  beforo  they  cohl'cl get back thto   smellers  Ure  again   becoming th: chief
lhe road beyond the blockade. Tho incoming stage idade the sau: * detotlr af
a great loss of time a:.d considerable
risk lo lhe lives ar, 1 ItmbBof the passengers, lo Bay nothing of landing then', in
Grand Forks in an 111 hu'dior Hud naturally prejupibed against tho whole
"lountry j list becabse one little road of-
Iii 'al had dilly-dallied along and let his.
ri a.Is ci t into an iihpassabl - condition.
It must la* uridorstdo I that nil of the
height, not : !y for (Iruinl forks, hut
Im ('arson  Nelson   Mid-ray  Anaconda,
topics cf interest in our city.
fir. win e! s of our mtniibiptd gbvefn-
ibont are now fdlly in motion and working sitloothly.
A reoont acsay froiii tlie O.u* Minnie
claim at ( hHstina lake showed returns
of $id in gold trod the surface crop-
pi ngo.
■tack ^mitli is pdsblng work on the
Silver King   frhctional claim,   This   is
" '.ce
''Ct^ipA^iivi' Act,"Paul IT., AriD /.mk.ni:-
Ikg Acr?.
'■'The  Yeliowu6)l,c   Gold Mir\in.# Co$i
tfaiiy" (ForeigJi)
Registered flLli day of March, L897.
T HKIJKiSy ('KliTin Hull I luivc tlii;; day
X lVKlr.tered "Thu Yt\l low stone noltf-Minlnu
Gampany" (Fdreltfii) uimIli' t,lje ''Companies'
Act." Port IV.. "Hfuistnition oi Vor^u Ccin-
uiiiil''::." ^nd fiiiienrUng A,cts.        ,
Tlie liead oflice of thr s;i iij Comrlany Is situated ni tin; i 'itv of Spokane, in the Sttlte of Wash-
iuRton, r. S. a. .
TJia objects for whiel tlio ComiJanyii esitib-
Mslied lire.- .   .   ,   .        *    ,
Tn work, oiierate, buy, BCll- teasQi locate, na-
,«i-..    I . *... *  I  ■ 1.-,.. I  I.,    I,,!,--,-,»     , ..in
bitunte two miles west Bi Grand Forks. I! ('
nil In Yalo DIstHbt, Kettle Kiver Mnjrig Ulvl-
■^ioii* IJrliiflli Cnlnjjil in, i.ii'i tb.nlPo wt'iii.-nper-
nto, buy. soil, li nPc, locato, neiuire, liold nnd
(!"':ll ^li'lillieiMiiii/t'^, lne'nls nnd miiienil cln'mi)
of cyery kind ai'd description within tlie Uni-
led stnte.'i nnH Province of IJittlBll (.'olnn.M.i,
L'aiHulii, nut! tn !ss ie fully pp.id |tpbtobk in j.jiy-
liiont thnrfefor, anc\ foj* tlie pnrporios Iicruln to
is^uc and io eive^iiegoliable Infitiuraents, and
tii purchase and sell real estnte mid perfional
broperty, rind lo genbraily carry on (I mining',
smeltipff, niililng nnd roantitlon business!, to
I'.urcluise, iicqnliv. hpla, elect, nnd,operate eloC;
trie :l id \to\\ it p'HliH fur l'ie pui] OSC o! miiHnR
nnd treating pres, niu\ fnr tlio, purpose oi I'm
nishiug ii^litr end cretlting liowei' for nl! purposes; to bniillj bliy, l,eaae(-locate and hold
ditches, flnniesuiid watcr-rlgjits] to construct;
lease, buj'i sell, build or dporate rail rends, for-
rit'H. tramwayS, oriothi^r menus c>f transportaJ
lion for thinsportlng ores, inlying nnd other
iiuii'jiinl' toowti, buy, si'.i, lbaso and locate
Umber i iid limber ebrms, nud linilly to do
evehything consistent; proper, convenient and
lequhittj I'or.ilie carryingo,ut of the objects an 1
purposes nfareBlliri, in their fullest hiiiI b*-o:ld
est s^uBp, within the territory aforcBaia.
'I b't; fiipltal stock of the snid CoirtpanJ is dny
]nr"i'm nc.j Lrs, 1;< idtt in!.; cuii mil1' ;n bliarsi
''•f the pnr valuo of quo dollar each,
.Given under my hand nud seal df ojlice, at
Victoria. I'rovlnee of liritish Coluratua, this
jniii aay of Aptll, 1897. ,   .    .
|t,  •••■.] ,     ,S. V. \VUO.T()> ,
Ueglatrai of Joint Sto''!v. Conipanl'eE.
in the Kettle River and Boundary districts, Gonsist-
mst of Groceries3, Provisions, Queenswavc, Hardware.)
Sash a::d Doors, Wall Fsper, Dry Goods, Clothing Boots*
Ihos^ and Dri'gs.    Also a Full Lin(1 df
Mail. Orders receive PrOmjlt attention^
GiVe us a trial order arid we will gfuranted
Sat isf aetidrii
riANtV  & AVERllJ^
'(In i ntVOOd, ami  n!l  Hie   mi nil..,  i an.ps   ,,''," V,V'!" ,i','.,r'i',Vl',',lw!'i')i' o-!^'.'' \.:Z 'f" werli. njieriilc. hay iici;   iciisu, locate, rie,
, „   ,     ,,       ,             ,   ,.     ,    ,-   ,    ..      the   claim   that Inn1  the 82],215 surface tnilrt!,,tirdcurc, bold unci ileal ln mlncl!, iiii-iein
uf tho  Boundary and  Kortn  lnrk dis-    ■„,..„.,*, <.,,,,;., ,i„ „ ,;,„, ind minoral claims of every de-tcrlnftuil within
Iricts  has  1„  he  hkuletl  over this road          ^.^                  ^            ,                   , Mt-*l^uffi.Mt'lInffiaMfeiirPv^n'ond0
whKh M     ,.        .„„      .    ^  (;;   j     fc        Sam    lutohoaon  am! S. M,  Kokhani ^X^l Vnl-r ^f.^VC'^JluV,*'. nnlii'^
i ,.   ;.'.   i..,...!   ,i,,.; ;..i   .,„ nnrt rndiirilnn i.iiMini".*!: lo'iMirelinne.  nehulre.
RfRTIFIGATE  ilf   I HE   KE0IS1 RAtJoifi   0^ A
Riverside Ave.»  Grand JjWks, B. C,
HPi^P is
iv lo 'ii Mi. ''; 11 ■; o ■ ■-' ■ * wanted to tin rcr
.-jo. lhal rei 'leni'i i> all Ihefio districts coming fl'otn and going to the
outpido -vorlil, as well as dll tlie pro3-;
Rector*-' home* seeketfl, raining man arid
intending in esti l'i* v. ho cotuo to thia
Bection have t i Btiind a niiaerablo jdll
Ing over this road lliat Mr, Road Super-
visa- thbjght could i.c li'" d with 1 lie
amount   of   money   iluit   an   onlimiry
San1 llotelle.-in and S. M. Kii khani
have ilist poihpletbd tUeir annua! as*
Hi.-.-i"ent work on the Star and ( res-
cent claim on Past* "nek.
I-*vim I'Vitus, vli i oh ii-* fiovord! A No.
1 properties iu lids Bection, letton Mon-
lay I *^t for Sjiokai e 'vhee he liaa gdl e
to  close   a deal on 'Boiue North  Foril
| rotie'.'ties.
A 1,'ossiaiul syndicate are lit [irer.ent
f uu.11   Would  take lo build a chicken   negotiating for thb plirehftse on a bond
coop and hog peri. of a group of lour clai'aiB on t'ass creek,
It must bIbo be remembered tliat this   tho well known Bidehill star being one
6:ctioc  is going  to  be tho niosl pope-   of the number.
lous, the iuoi! inlliientia! o-jctipti iii the Several hew locations were niade this
province, It has the uridovelopod week at Christina lake and judging
wraith "!■ mine, * alley and forest to from the samples that wore brought io
make it audi And the men who de town tlie owners have BtriicK some-
velop the:" heso'tirceB :'.nil mnhe of tlio thing worth developing.
Kettle l!i 'or and bounda'^ cli3lricts a QoB ,, ,„,„,;, bas )ogt ^.^ (]njn,
jiowci in proviiieial aftaire, afd dot go :lf^u,,nt work 0n the Ring claim,
Ing to fol-gBt that carjy in   the name   ^^  .y,^ M^ ^ .^ ^^ ^
the; c wero  government   ol** " 	
through willful or careless
deavoreil to retard this part of the country from taking its place at tlie front.
Thorn oii! other matters of roil J wo 1:      TTnr   M'lltt  r\v ffi    T l*i
which may need touching.up in piibllirv      X UI   K5alC UI   W   X^lc
issue, though it is a sad state of affa't'O
AlT,"l'Ai"T IV.,
i*o Aits.
mnl rcdllrCttotl I.iL>II1.--h: tnlplirejue,;,'.   ne'plir,.
iinlil. en" t and operatecleotrli* ltgllt,nild pnw
er i iir n in for the |Mii|,.i-e ul i ii ini ng n 1111 treat Ing
inns, uml fi,'.' the. miiV.'-c nf ,1 iiuil-liiii^ lli.lits
**' *■' r lor nl"  J)!-" -  •" ' '
'A     .     "> t'.oo'Ji  tnrce  nines un   aie   '\orui i'oik,
'■emit*   who,  This property ij owned by D. P. Mi.toh;
neglect, oil*  (;ll an-J Mr. Oosgt'dve^rid is looked upon
as one, of the strdngeet iron caps in this
.when a go'.x-riii' t will  p
to make euch-a ccuwse nuceseary
tho Ranch owned by C.  N.  Rpiidell
t v,*ill  put in oiHcialB  adjourning townsite of Grand Porks', li.
C,   For terms, ,<c.    Apply to
Vi. Ani'iioi: RraiiKi.t.,
Greenwood City, B, C.
Now that tho season for prospectini:
,is again   beginning, we   wish   to again          ■■■-—__
warn the prospectors against the foolish .(jys.ters serv.cd in any style on  short
bractice   of  staking clainib  ri'ght and notice at the Arcadia,
,ni,l i i'cntli.'- |,,,'.'.,rl;ir u\) liei'i■■,;■■*•;*. le ),. in',
Iniy. l'liie. lueiiii mnl lieli, dltclips, Dnmoo nnd
waiter  right**;  lo tionutrni t.  lease,   buy,  noil,
build or uporata rilllr is, lorricfi, triimwoyi i r
ei her ujeiMis ol transportation, fprtha transportation qf oro, mining nm! otUot ralnoralsi in
a«n, bonil, buy, roi], liiilsj nnd locato timber
nnd timber ("latins' mi'l ioiully. tu do gvery-
thlngconsistent, proper and requisite .fbr tbc
1'iiriyiie-nut ,,i the objects .and purposeE afore
"niili !u tlielr fullos] I I3r lesi Bouec, wltlitti
the lerrltnr** aforesaid.,    ,   . ,
The copl'ul stock uf the said Comnnny none
mlllloll dollars, divided Intoono njlllloi! Hiin•*.■■
nf lhe iiiif \ r.lue "1 cue dollar each.
(.liven euilcr inv liiiiil nn' koiiI ol olllco ;'t
Vivtiiriii. lvovlinv ef British Columbia, Hi's Dth
llllv nl Marill, IHUT.
[i..».] i s. Y. WOorroN,,,,.
Uegtstrtli nf Joint Stoc.t Oonlpaulcs.
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Ft. Sheppardj
Red Mountain B'ysi
Tho only Alllui! Roilte, withoutchango
of carp, beiwebn Spokane, Elds's-
lunt! Nelson.
U.W.A' lUtn'T  BUMDA i.
boing N'orth.                              GbingSouth.
i9:10a. m    MAftci;^ uw
Close comiontlon.8 at NToladn with stoanlbdatS
for lCoslo iiiul nil Koototmy Lake Points,
• I'aasengers for Kottle Bluer anM Boundary
Crook connect at Maroug with Htago daily.
lTne Mcnteiey Gold Mining Comi'.dnp"'
hegisterod tlio dtli dtly m" liaroli, 1^07,
T IlKKKHYi CKRTlKV.tliilt iillavfl .lliiw (lay
X rt (dstdrod ' Thd uont( toy Gold Mlnitia Com-
pftiiy ' (Korpign), under the KCdmpavilea .Act,"
l'i n iv., "RoglnttqUort ':f Foreign CbmpaiUos,"
nnd ainuudlvK Aotsj       ,  ;
Tin- Head oiHcaofthesiiiuCQjnpanyJsBituntcd
til ine City ni' r'pokftuo. State of Washington,
U.S.A. ,    |
i-^Tlle objoots for whleH tno Oomprtity la efltob-
liahed urt': —,    , .   .
i To wprk, operd^e.ibuy'i ^'ili.i leas;-, locate, ao-
qulro, i roc ure, hold and deal In -niiiu's. hiotala
a\k\ miiiyrul eluiniK of every dcsCnptioll within
tue United BtateBpf Amorlqaai-fd tne Rrovlnco
oi Britifll Cq),umbta( paniutA; to Carry on unJ
conduct ii gbneji'ai mining, -smuUtng, milling
and reduction 1 iusfness; to purdllaso, acquire^
hold, cicct aud operate eio( wlc Hriit nnd Rowef
plontb fotthe ptu^oBe of mining ant) treating
orefl, and for tfte purposa of lurnishing Itghta
and er-a'aungepowoi" for nil rinrtiosca: io bond,
buy,, ledge, locnto und hold ditches, Dumen hint
wtitcr rjgbtsi to rdhBtruer, lease, buy.sell, bulla
:>r operate hail (onus ferries, triimwayB or.bthor
means of trttiisportatldu for the trahspbrtlng df
uhe, mining iuid other riiinerals!] to pwu, bpndt
buy, sell, leant; nnd ideate tlmtier and timber
claims, and lin.i.ly.,tw do bVeri;tiilhg<cquatstei>tj
.proper, and Requisite for tlio oUnryitig Outof the
objects.and purppBes .ufpteaiUd in their Fullest
lynd broadoBtieiitte Wtthiii the territory aforo-
bald. . ,*
The catiltttl Block bf the earn Company is one
mil.Uoii.doll^r.**, divided into onb■million BhareB
of the pttr value of one doll art each.        . i ■
Given under my Uaua ang Beat .of blilco tit
Vit toria, Prdvliicpof British udlumbla, thisUtn
day of March, 1807.
tl.. H.) ■       i.     A -1'. WOOTON,      ,.   . ,
Rtglatrttr ol Joint Stook Companies,
We will Offer for thd Next thirty Dfi.ys a
^roiip of threB Claims od
At tt Jiric'o tliit .i*oti can doiilaleS yoiir niddey ir.si.lo of nlnetv
tlayH. This Property will Stand tlio closest Tnvostigiiti m anJ
will eat'isfy anyone that it Is p. -*;o:>c! infentinent,
W| ha, e in.iv on i.nle iitfl Ir.'iiou hig g lod properl
(1- '- ■ -
*RQUP OF        j     Oue-hiilf mile from Grand Fonks iinil ailjoiriin*; tl',9 Celebrated
"W; CI AIM?.  \    BONETA uiifii*.   will ho sold as a gi;oup or sin-jly,
GtROUP CT        1    ()-.d  milo anil  a  hilf from Oiand l-^nrk-j, 4nart:; l-!.!-,'*', go.l I
TWO ClaIMo    J    Assays abd ah immorise surface snowing of ore.
QVER, TWENTY        }    kol; sale cheap in  the vicini^ of  tlio dreat   Volaanii]
GOOfi PROPERlES  5    Mountain and So , tt lo Ihining properties,
ll'ip /cbg,ie    1    Wp can lioneoyy reoomnicnilds good.inv.*. ituirat-i.     Wa. can gef
riopeilies      )    you goo! claiinsin any \articular suction at bed-rdoll prices,
(oiiIrd TifttiiRx;
Does all kliuls  of   kln-ls of  repnirin*; unit
horse shoeing,   All wiirk gaurantsod,
iflrT'"*'1—Coriespondence Solicited'.
^ii^-^McCArter, Johrtson & McCarter,
Oi* F. H. ItcCARtER, *»i—-—Grand Forks, B. C
S)pok»n6, Washington, CUPPAUli    SLOUGH.
I'liiai.iin n> Had a Wkhkv Time Kmii.v
IN THK Vl ! >; IJua'i.i.no WaOOKS
Through  It,
Monday  cn.l  Tuesdaj   of  Ibis  we, I*:
were   veritable    picnic   days    for   the
freighters, and the  rocording angel, if
he took down all the swear words which
lioated in the air over Cu] page slough,
must have had three* or four assistants
pressed into service or else dictated the
names and offences to a ly- --writer to
in transferred into hia look when the
road was fixed an 1 the pre^s of business in the swearing department was
over. A number ol freight teams were
hung up in the mud on tin* opposite
side of the North Fork from tho city
aid all Eorts of maneuvers were gone
through to drag tlie fioight wagons
through. The usual method was to
hack in a light wagon, remove the load
Irom the freighter and then yank the
Btranded vehicle i ut \\l h eight horses,
While this diversion wan proceeding)
a number of driv rs who had haarc! of
lho rink hole iu time, turned out of
the road into Manly's pasture, cur..'
around on Ihe lort'er bench of Mineral
hill and down by the brewer}') taking
nn hour and a half to gain a distance
that would be made in fifteen minutes
had an equitable apportionment of tlie
load fund for East Vale district been
made and properly expended. Three
oul li ts Were blockaded O'l the mad j List
beyond the Sink on Monday night and
in- Tuesday the horses .vein, hitched to
tlie rear of the wagons, anil with tfro
In en a hold bf the tongue to do the
steering the Wagons V, ore pulled buck-
wards half a wile beforo they could bo
turned around and tlia trip up through
lhe pasture lilade. Tho last of the throe
wagons to bo thus dragged back n!et
with an accident while making the turn
a few rods iicyond John Robert's caljiil.
It was backed out of the fond onto the
slope above the river When tho Make
broke und the Wagon ran down into tho
old road, st luck a log and turned half
over; so that the four wheels pointed
toward the tree tops. Tiio load of
stoves, hardware, etc., was securely
lashed in so Hint veiy little damage was
done though it was by ths merest
chance that Ihi* wagon Called to iliakb
Unothel* turn and go completely Into the
river. The freight wits consigned to \V.
K. (J. Manly and the otitfit belonged to
Mitchell Bros,, who have just ptlt their
teams upon this line.
The little slough *.','bere the iVagohs
were one after another shipwrecked; his
been ruined itftel' tho road eoniniissione;*
because ot thu interest Whicli thai gentleman took in building a good nia**adii*
tiiizid road across it—nit,
alaptedto  milling, and  85   per cent of
the gold is Bavod on the plates.
Tbe White is the only other claim in
the grntp which has beeu worked to
any extent. About 500 tons of ore have
been taken from the claim and the
average value is about$20 per ton.
A company is to be organized under
the provincial act of 1807 to take over
lhe entire property. The capital is io
bo 8230,000, with 650,000 in the treasury
foi development work, new machinery
and oilier improvements. 'The capital
will I e divided into 1,030,000 shares of
the par value it 25 cents each, hence
there will be 250,000 shares in the treasury. According to thu new l rovincial
law lliu shares of mining companies
wid le absolutely nonassessable, and
the new company is fortunate in being
able to av lil l'.self of this provision,
The trustees of the new company wid
be Hector McRae, J. Fred Ritchie, J,
Fred Hume, M. 1'. 1'., A. U Davenport
and Robert Bwart, The new cimpany
will start out under t ie most ci c lurag-
ing coud ilioce,—Rcssland Miner.
Rn'Oii'1'i..n    Strike    on    ihi.   BonitA
Piiovks   id   In:   lii't   ,\
(onsideralih:   excitement   was   occasioned in the oily last Monday by a retort which started  no one knows how
" !' '
that (lie me. body in the  Bonita hai
been tapped by  lho tunnel.    A Mi:*t:i*
representative went at once to tho mine
to ascertain  the ficts in tin: cage and
found   that   the    miners    had   simply
passed through  one, seam  of  rock and
were   commencing walk on  another,  a
little different id  character,   Tho seam
through which  they liaVo just passed
was about VI feet in thickne:-,   an.l lay
diagonally across  the tunnel, while tho
Jaco of the new seam 1b lit right angles
witli   Hie   ttinqol    and    perpendicular.
Both of theso strdtas are mineralized to
a certain eitont', but   the ore  body  for
which   tlio   residents   of  this  city  are
watchine; wil'.!   so   much interest', has
pot  yet  beer,   encountered.     'ill.*   rock
through which the turned  is now driv-
ing is exceedingly hai* I  nnd,  in  street
narlanoei "don't do a thing'' to the drills.
fdorrtian Mill*! Sold.
There was con dud; I in Nelson Tuesday night oi.e, of the most important
hnnlng flbals of tho season. It was tho
purchiiFh of%lhe well l.'iown Poorman
mine, In tin Nelson district, Ijiy a syndicate behded by Hector Mcltao and ,1.
Ficd Ritchie, of RoBSland, for 8100,001),
Mr. MeKae nrr.vod In town yesterday
afternoon and i ontiriited the report of
the Eitie. The deal has been oh httnd
for 111 days or more and was r.t tho
'point of radii,g through two or three
The Poorir.au io lho priuoind free
milling gold property of We::l Kootenay.
It has jiclcled 8100,000 already and has
beeu a tegular pioducel' for Severn!
v'jars. It was .owned by A. L. Dltven-
p at and his brother-in-law, Robert
Ewart, It is equijped with a Klstamp
mill, a compressor, hoist and power
drills, all operated by whtei power.
The Poorman .is lot one cf a group of
six claims included In tho purchase,
'the other claims are the While
Hardup; Hat'dscrabble, Election und
Mycuier. ,
, Tho work oii the Poorman consists of
'about l,0d0. foot.,of tunnels, rhul'ts and
drifts. A crosscut is now being run to
tap the vein at a depth of 11*20 feet.
(This lunn.l is new in 110 feet and will
Jhave to be run 100 feet further to tap
■the ledge. Tho ledge is woll defined
jind persistent, and carries an average
■if Sit   iu  g il.l.   The  ore is perfectly
April U-J—X EC Ri Dead wood camp. J. I*. ITftrl in.
Gem, Greene mnl camp, J. Cunnlti*eham.
April  -M-Iie'iin'iitc,   Deadwood  camp,   J    I..
sti1 'le.
Hesper, Welllngtda oilnlp, 'i. I'. Slims.
tough Mat, Hardy mountain) Q. I'. .Mime.
I'lslieittcr, Seattle ciinip, J. II. McDonald.
Tho Opal, Lynch crick, Ii. t'atcrsoh, th I.ce.
Vermillion, Lynch creek, ditto.
Qoldcn Eagle, HorrlseJ* creek, L. Knhilil.
April im—Eureka. Boiindaty crbek, J. J. Ilnrriv
City ol PaWs, Moi'li Fork; E. Ocrmohd.
Copenhagen, Nortll Fork, S. Peterson.
Jltij- 1—Ftcmont, Sliyklrk iiinip, .1. M. Lloyd,
smuggler, Smith'.-, c imp, I'. It. Wl'lio,
Rattler, tluckliiberry nluiiiitaln, \v. I'oireM.
Tim Fhigs; ditto, A. Cameron;
P.inin'i Sun, Har.ly iiionn"nin,o. M. TbblaiBon
Blue Bird, North Kurk. J. Murtlll.
I>n- y  Crockett,  Ruby   ireek.  T, Wlliity and
E. 'I. Dili.I.
Black Cldud, PSsi creelt, A. Olseil ami II. 13.
f. llllnea.
Allco, Summit bamji, II Helvltt.
Lnbky GreeUhohi, ChrlStlna lttko, U. ' .  Rose
and it. r. Sadler.
I'liil, Uiir.lj' m.ianttUn, II. Iloll'inall.
Bio Grand, Summit oailip. W. J  Sclu'iacli.
.1. K.j Summit camp; W. II. Keough,
May  3—Everett,   iloiiinlary   creek|   -M.   (Tiri.-
A., fini'tic'au). ditto, 8. J. Jc'iscn.
Loo lain. White's camp, H. Mount*!,
Silver Strand; Delidwood camp, J. I.. Steele.
Amazon, ditto.
JLiy I—Midway, Gfeemvood eaitli', C. J. Lurid}'.
A, \V„ fractlontll, Deadwood cain*', J   1'.  Ac
ClU'.TIl'.C.ITI*.. er wel'l".
April 27— D. A., Boiliidnry Creek Mining it nil
Milling i-on'pany.
.'.nil1 :N-Three Hue, M. Uealy; F. M'c lulro dud
\V. llaiitllton.
Sew York. It. r-liuo
bnlumbiis, J. tluniililgham arid .1  McGulrk.
April 20-idnlloNo. i, M. ( yi nn 1.1. Mailer;
April :''i -Royal Oak, .1. J. Hiirrii';.
tieadwood, J. w. Spauldlng.
Cannon Will, Orr Graden.
Alma, J. \V. Spalding ami n Grlideli.
Dixie, W. lliClniiui.
M..y 1 -Monarch, T. Ituiriiirfey,
Mining Link; II. L. Morgan, et ■•.!.
Hand;', J. W. bind.
Ti'iliiy. it. Stuart, et al.
April fs —II c'-la,'... 'mere;*. J. Andtirsoil row;
li. McMyiin,
April 29 -PatllflndBr, all, 1'. farklnfion ami VV,
I'tcifcr to Piithliinler Mining company',
idallo No. i, H int rest, M    Cj*r to J.   Mailer
and M. J   l'arr'oll.    ,   ,     .
Vi/hi. '*, Interest', W. F. 'I ye in Ed. Bdwef
.May I -Juiniio, !, inn rest, Mosobdck, Y, 0. C.
(iundorson in J. II  Shook,
jumbo and Mojsbdok, V,  lutcrcSt cacll, O C.
Gunderson tn A. K. Ogilvlo.
iutnbo, Jj interest, 6. C. Guudorsori lu A. V.
Downs.       . ., '   .„
Jtimbq.JiInterest, W. L   O Council hi 0.  C.
Gtindcrson.       . .      i  .
Saakoy, till ini en ■ t. .1   M. Blackburn to A.
Miiii"ns and E. W. Pretty, .
.Mcv H-Nu.:!. '„ liiiorost. .1. Douglas toT. w ake.
cihiiax, '-i Interest, J. Atw 1 m I'. Wake.
Eree Coinage,;,' inn reel, W. M.  Muck to *l.
A. Howard, , v
May l-l'a'nlwr. !■: Interest, ij. O'Nfe.l to K. J.
Huteiunsou. ... .  r,
Ceiitct Star, \i Interest, W. J Bchmuck tc K.
.1. Hutchinson,
Isnln*'.! [interest, J. Diifojlt to J. I* Desroslers.
Man* Mafgaret, w, J. lli.iley in W. J. Hurley.
RjHitd I cite, nil, L. A. Manly ion1 J   M. Hai'
grave In .1. E. Glbsdn.
Wo'-kingon *be Reserve.
Marcos, Wash,, May lo.—-tallies
Crawford has resumed work on his contract with the I'iere'fe Daks and Flat
Creek Mining Company to sink "'0 feet
of shaft on each of three of the properties in tho group located at I'lereV, lake.
Mr.  Crawford   las reached a depth ot
10 feet on the Evening claim nnd has
encountered a vein of heavy spin* mined
with niiart'/ with an occasional sprinkling of freo gold. Tlie test of tlie surface rock gave i-'l.l'l gold, five ounces
silver and two per cent copper to tho
ton, Tho character ot the rock remained the same fbr the lirst :i() feet of
depth, but during the lasl few days the
formation seems tu have gradually
changed, until it is believed that at a
deptli of 60 feet tiie property can bo
classed is the best of tlm promising
1 l'jspects of tho camp.    The tl il mining
Bird', i iluatcd in and being one ,cf the
same group, has developed a 15-inch
vein of bromides of silver, carrying a
liberal percentage of gold and copper,
Bossburg, Wash., May 15.—The
Scotia mine, on Tuulou mountain, six
miles Trim this place, lids struck a pay
c.hute. of ore at a depth of 235 feet in
thu tunnel, It was fpiiud while b|ast
in,-out a landing preparatory ti sinking on the ledge at the terminus of,.the
tuii.ne). , A sack cf the qre waa (nken to
Marcus for assay and gave an average
value ih gold, Eilver and copper of^over
8200, Tho owters.snj* this wiH place
tiie Sei)ti:i on the list of self supporting
propertied on the reservation.
THE   i^AHIS   BELL :.   CASE.
Chief Justice Davis's Decision  Ri-
vkksi.ii by the Full Court.
The fuil court, consisting of Justices
Me'reighl, Walkem, Drake and MeColl,
have delivered judgiinnt in the famous
Puris lie-do case, alio .ring the appeal,
thereby upsetting tin judgment of
Chief Justice Davie. Thu case is that
of the Nelson & Fort Bheppard railway
company against the owners of the
i'a: is llelle claim, which lies within the
b wn limits of Rossland. The railway
company claims the land as part of its
grunt Irom the government, nnd at
tacked the validity of the mineral claim,
the I itter carrying with it surface rights
if it is held lo b i valid. Chief Justice
Davie on the hearing gave judgement
for tin company, holding tho Pari;
llelle claim invalid, an I the judgment is
uow reversed by the full court.- Inland
Another 1-eKoi Surprise Party,
The Lo Roi min" al Ivjsil.ri I allows
nothing exciting to appear in that famous camp without taking a hand ia it.
11 is as full ot surprises as a poker game
and aiways, apparently, in tho interest
of the jropertyi TbO latest i.i some
specimens of the prettiest free g iid th it
can be found in the whole northwest
The other day when Captain Hal!;
the superintendent, was ldoklug over
the works; he saw souio specimens of
reckon tho dump of the lilac; Bear
claim, at No. 3 shaft) that caused his
eyes to bUlge out. It was a piece of
r.par in which was bright yollow gold ih
s'Jeh strength that it lo ike 1 liko a
dainty Watch charm. The captaia sent
one of the specimens doWn to Colonel
PeJ'tda yesterday and tne c-ilunel Was ed
pleased that he could ui.i'.tu no comments. "I really knotf very littlo about
it,'' he said, "except it was found by the
doulpressors at No, !! shaft and apparently canie from a (M-foot depth. There
Boenis to bo Ihreo foot of tho sa'.i!o grit le
of ore; hilt tho lind lias been so recent
thilt no details haVo as yet reached mo.
There have been indications for 3ou*o
tittle that thuL? Roi ores *.t*ei*3 changing
and Ubdoniing suscoptible of relUation
by lho free u'.dling and djnMntrating
process; and this ffoilld apparently rciore
than conl.rnl thu previous indications.
The spar in cbjcslion is bright and
clean, without a particle of refractory
properties, ind do richer si^'ciulon lias
ever been fotinit in tlio northwest il'.an
that ln the possession of Colonel Poy-
ten.— Spokesman-Re iew;
"ChH-uind LrUT/T
A. F. Hunter, who is back froth Curia-
Una lake, reports matters 'pi'ite brisk
there. Tho sno*,'.* is all gono and a
gteat many prospectors aro out. Mc-
Craecieek', ab nit half Any Up tho a'.;-, Is
attracting tne greater number of Ihem.
Considerable a3sessn! mt and develop-
ment work is tilso being done and slioWs
very good results,
A man named Stapler, haa a good copper showing on the Honancj. 'l'he
Lalla brotb'era arid Batnard.are Working on the Standard and Effle group:-,
tllael* who has Rossland part .rs:
has ben Working all winter on ins
ciaiuis and liiib a line showing of ore,
and the Cascade Mining and Milling
company are also starting work, Mr.
Hunter, who is a chief shareholder iu
the Ptlro Gold Mining company', Intcntib
to go back ia ii few days to put men to
work la.* the company. SoVoral boat
lines are doing well taking prospectors
and their outfits up thu late', alid the
whole place has an air of busicess.—
Carson Lod^e I. O. O. F. No.  37.
1, Ui Ui Ii evening at 8 o'clock in Ihclr
hull ni Carson, B r. A cordial Invitation extended ton! 1 Bojourniug brethren.
1*. 1!. NELSON, II. S.
li. ii   M   L ,111 '., N. 0.
Church Notice.
Sabbath ia the 1 lunch at 11 11, m. and 7 U
p' 111. in the sclinnl 10,,111 at llriind I nrks .-nl,
lath school 10:30 11. in. ii the school r.niiii.
At Carson weekly " p. 1:1.
l:; v. Tim-. P.itom, Pastor.
1   ;■  . .     ■,
Kerr & Flood. Butchers,
Irt'ormaticit   Wanted.
During the past winter persistent in*
ijuiry w;),s niade to loam I he whore*
abouln of J. li. Baxter', the owner of a
halt locative inter* Gt in the DaVotaia
most promising t':nd splendidly adVan
inged propoGiiioii for tunnclirg and lo
cation', being situated only nda half
mile from Crand l-'orks on Observation
mountain, between the Cray I'agie and
Bonita claims', which so favorably promise* te becomo great mines. )'. appears
that Baxter hiternatei! in Spokane city
nnd sold his libit to 13 S, Graham of
lhat city, the fortunate owner of the
Pay Rock group ln tho Slocan, an,1, of
the Tesas group of eight fioli. am! copper-gold claims 011 higraham mountain
on kottlo river, about four miles above
Midway, and across which group any
railroad east and wost must neoe.-Sttrlly
pas3. _
All Mining Machinery Free,
Finance Minister Fielding, in his
great speech in the house of commons,
introducing the new tariff bill, had the
following to say on the subject of the
fre3 admission of tinning machinery:
"We recogniio tho great mining industry of the country by placing on the f!*eo
list all machinery exclusively used in
mining enterprises, We do notconP.no
it to mining machinery mado in Canada,
but wo say jt is more important ty develop the mining interests oi Canada
than even to make ,11 fe-v Ijiachiijes.in
Canada, anal so we put, mining machinery exclusively,used for the, purple' ot
•inning enterpriser, en the freo list,*1—
Uossland Miner.
iS:"Ail kiinis "!  Meats Co man Sausage*? and II ad I :  '   ■     •  n   I! o  ;
A sitting nl the County Courl of Yale » iii lie
iiul li'ii in
OSOYOOS nN ElUDVY, THE  !■'! :;'!;■:F.N IT!
DAY ni-' MAV, I    .*.
Ai lhe hoilrol in ni 'hi'.. Iii th • 1 . ciioon.
Uy l'i ;■, iiiunl.
c. A. it. i.',m:;:.y. it. c. c.
Qoverumcill  Olliee, Oso; 1 lis,   ll.   <*..  Apt ll
21b, 1 IT.
Thoal-m   sitting of cnim Iiasb0;n |luslpouod
niilll Tucr I iv, M v 2\   Wili,
Mny I, 'HT. r. A   Ih I.AM I*.   V
Kettle   Rivet*   Stage   Line
G. W. WILLIAMS, manager.
Stage Laves Marcus on tho Arrival of the n    I   1   11   I tru      irriving at Gr.11 I
Foi Its 11! M:h" p. 11,,    I, ; *., - ;!.,. ! oiks at 1:00 u   in., an vi   g al .' arc':*- in 11 a,   * •
conned with northbound train
p!',i)   li. STOCKING,
Watch Repairing Mv Specialty,
Ah Work Warranted,
ORAND   i o;:ks,      -  -  -  *   H.   c.
\\J 13. STACHK;
VV ,
Bath  Rooms,     -p Qfand Forks
UB^i.i'***f'a*.«i*ts.*c,... *a ajic,^ njt\S\0\0%0\i0\0 \r^e'i.ri*s:\0-B,0Kc:\0\e.
0X0\f!M.pK0*,e*Jv.0\e:t.0*0%0'a0\0K0'nF^i,^ri':::: ,. ,s eti0\ *\MM #**»«*.
* >
-,  Ae  Julibbj
er Hanaer, Sian Writer. Etc
HOUSE AND CM,;:;.' * .L ! AlNTER,
IIIVKK-IliK. -      -       GRASD r::i(K'i
ll. A:  SHEADS,
B. C. h
li Estimates Furnished on AS^ Kirtis of Work, n
f A ,-r...
U0r. 0M>-<tfijs;i4*"iisA0ttBftiftttfttjfa-r w-j*\0\g\tKB •■■>■ ^.-^jt.i-ntKtv,,-
[■•..pt^^yTHn^s-!.ai.?*9'as.iMipf-a0'zg-a *W 0\0\ >? *i.-v-i: -•,--■» jt; -r*a„"a»v ii*5Pu
Bonds of Electric, Ste&ni
or Horse
Ali.\ Mining Engineer,   tfcnibernf tiucbocilln-
IngSobiety,   Mincra! Ceiiiiis E*taiiiineil
i'liil l:,.piirn■■' nil.
Provincial Land SUi l^eyor*.
And Civil Enginefer.
Ot**'*tt 1:, MOt.v.iy, a. c.
ASsoctatc  Member ('Unailhin
Soeletv   1 I  civil   Engln ie!"
Persons having milling or other Properli s thai wi
bear Investigation can hut' 1 u ' nilpany j : m iteel, •
sell ll: 'in. by addreBfling	
17 Dnd 19 Broadway, Now York City,     hiuidin  offl to       Ghiswell   House,  N
IDS Finsbury Pavement, London   l-\ C, 1*3 igland.
Boita Creel Mininn Excliancre
Law aiid Collecting Agency
CnAN'I)   FORKS,    -     BI IT! ill   ( dM'MRlA
TT;    O. HEPWORTH; M. I)   t:. M.
V V ,
iFinanciaS and Mining Brokers.
Group!; of  Claims  Bought for StocK Oonipanies, Et.
Physician tod Sargeon.     mmJ-SJ?Ml0mMM&tf&MfMS&
Mi.'Ihl.,   MOSTHEAL. (^ ^
%randkorks,i.e. % Seeds! Seeds!
Olliee le Drug Store.
J.i-- deBlnlsGi-c'cnCE i'l •■'.    F.\\"olliistDn, P l.a
(iRni^l & WOLLASTON'
Provinciiii i and Surveyor*:
Civil Englue'era, Etc
ttAND FORllS ildTfeL
A Largo Stock r*i    Nori Urntvn    .
(,'arden   Si 1 ds  ii     I   1        I In     Vi 1*:    ■«*>
Ui -1 Quality a!  I h*-.
Barber Shop.
Ccnltally ' )oatGd. , All W' rk Gnurantcod Id be
L^lrat Class In every Rdspecf.
Eoui it*' i*. Etc.,
ii,,: e, Mst'i  -i-'i'l,    -   GHA>"I1 roiih- 1!  il.
(K     NEW   STOCK   OF .-^... ^
1    - ^HnP^» ;;'
^ Pi ret Class Quallly And the piii 1 - Will Pleaso i"ou ^
•3 Of   All 1 hai- al : • .kane   Pi 1    Freight ai ( ,
<■% incidentals   A. g
§   O.   B-.   &   P.  ti-   NELSON; 5
Noi'Ai-.Y i'l'i'i.n. Etc.,
(IK.'.NIi  r'.'.I'''-. T.ltl I'-ll  ' "I UMIli 1
l. McDonald;
Grand Fbrksi ll 0.
The Mammoiii R.tel of the Settle Rivei frfetrict.
MRS. A. t, DAVlS, Proprietress;
OoiUractov and Builder,
lilI\N"   lVhK-*,    II.   C.
l'hiiis iiii'l rai ci lieut,inns drawn, eallin ilea Tur-
iilnhetl mi ni: kin' * or li aiding, vv.nli strictly
J&Tluf^Mi    LIV.KHY FEE? a"..l SALhi STAB1.P
A      11.   HAUL
Vontractors and Builders,
olliee, stnr.', and Saloon Flml'iros a PpBo.lft'ty,
l'hirs ami N'l't'hh'atien*!  Made and  EutLniate-i
viR\M) FORKS, 8. C
I Livery l$m, Saddia
;'i *v>
Pack and ihdieo Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale,    learning of all Kinds Done,
FOR i:?(CHAN(it*.        ,   ,
"vVo havb sbiiie tine renid'ttce tiropJifty
on the Bound, iniproved nnd unimproved, to trade for property hero or in
lower California.       . ..  .
,     PILLEY a* OGDBN,
Whet, applying for Crown Grants ie-
iiuest that the notice of application txi
published in the (Juand Fokks .Mixkii
srthe beat advertising medium in the
Kettle River aud Houndary districts.
Spring   Beds,    M&ttreSseB,
Dealer in
GhASl)   FOKK9,   t!.   C.    ~
saw Filing and nil Kinds oi Repalrlnf
Good Acioiniviodations and thb Tabic Supplied with tlie
Best the Market Affords,
Mrs.   A.    Bryant,      -     -    -     Proprietor* BHINERY.
: ; ■ i- ■ .::■):; fn in spol in ■ I, bI Mo i
l..y tv;-:::.-.
Kredi M Loin cam: -.' er i m \i Iw ;
lay'cvi   Ing.
E. E. I r imton, q| Sp i] am . ■-. as [u tbe fit;
d .n.i: tlie week.
tl. J. Uealy, the Gre mwi d ' bjwl .. .* is tn
the citj      n e lay.
A.J. Miner -.vusamongtlje hosj "i -i okanetteg
in tlif i.';. thiD weak.
A   COMPRESSOR  PLANT o^X^™*^ f™ '"	
\v. J, phristie, >>i Greenwood wap a \i-ii'.ot-
i:i ■ ..- city last Saturday.
$10,000 Worth to Bo Put ou
the R-Bel!.
Tni:,.- j.in.,aie In announcing ti thi
Ladies i.i Grand "-'orksan'd vi.rnity
tliut sin: i.ar. opened n First'thi-;.
btock I
I'ropcrtl'.B Itipirlcd .; i,
i,i Wiri- Bupervtsed.
iVil I hflPrll S^nnfl9        qieilttrnjoftlie County Comtql Kale ad-
l"l ! i 11 iiOL L UllUliOi   Inslalft,.-.ndatGrand Forkso"5ie 1911)iifstilitl
Ranken & Campbell,
"t brok
*c, „ . A. II. Giles, of Victoria   was an   arrlvu
SH-Kin   Pijppa   and Drills and  a   Meat  Sunday's'stage from I'eiitictqn.
Complete Outfit of Mining Ma-
phi pi ry Will J:. Put en.
R. A. Gariett, uf Montreal, *vnv among '.lie
many visitors nt the T' rks tills it ■■".,
!.. i: -:u.:, Toronto, <int., was atppng
tlie many visitors n' the Forks this week,
E. II.-iii'-iin I'.iccii.v !, cninc over the*
Hate Trimmed to Order In
the Last S'ylu known ti(ho art A
Une of Laces, Rlbtjons, Flowers and
|nFaqtEverytl}lq£kepl in [it Fir-st-
.■lus*-. .Milliiii.ry Stqro. I:.;: Seulttr Attention !;;i ! ' ■ " u] Qrdcr^.
' each :.t i|) o'clock In tin- forenoon, have be n
postponed until the JGtli and J*th tnbtants.'re-
pp'eetively at tho mme hours and places
Hy oommand W.'G Mc.MVXN,
Goyeruipent Oflice, Midway, ii. U.l   1». K. C. C
May in, 1S97 !
i' mveyancprp      ;
KCcorus £ arched
E. ii. Simmon   oi oreqnwooq, came qver tne   >.   n        -i nt       ,i      •»-.-        r,,    -t
■i; ,  on Monday lasl :■ itsll tlm n„i,, ,11s     0311 aild lO-P LilO J}J<**W iSCyle^i.
p. Allcp, pf B*(>"£iinC|  arrived  :;ist  Monday       	
Jack   llanlv.   ,.ie*' of tlie   membereof l»>d'"ay conclude to scttl    here permanently.
iv ugh li ..Id'.M ...in-Co.. 11.-Salt Lake '■■ ""l ?f pi--carJi|.c ""■*•"• omnng »>e   ]-*' J j jj- } nTSTJfi!
,      ,,   ,, ,,   .       many visiters fi iistcrn Canada  this week,   -** ! *"i—  -—--^•i-.-J
;:ii' win Ti   owns   Hie   I,, uoll   As
,   ,,               .     . Knlit, II. Ilergtnau, inn among the Midway.
I*      Itvinington   and   Qo iar in Sum |t08 lvho visited our citv .luring tl.o past wS"ik.
'nP> ••)••««   !'   ll'"   "">   *'"  I'"'"*- .;..;:,  j    ltein«r,rr,i      Warwick and q. II.
od a*-  is  always  the case, was I aded richer, of Spukanr    wero visiting In town this
Mr. Ilanly "'"'••■
I'..  C.  *.(oCntcl;eso:i rru ) Alex Giljson, of Spo
fforttern Pacific
Yellowstone Park Liiie,_«^
And Investment Aneins,
Grand Forks, B. 1,
TERMS $!.50 AND $2.00 PER DA'*,
(FoiiMiiui v Tn*-; Gi'ami Forks Hqtbc,]
p ,vith good mining no
bays  thai   810,(100 w nth of machine!*-
has h 'ii: ordered al Sail   Lake by   his
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, and   „.,,        -j . ....
by figuring, lind out   that   lilC  J* USl    I.UtC
all kinds of
k"i:.-. were  piissengen      Tucsilii* - sttitfcfroin
Ronj^b and Dressed Lumber
Sliperior Seryice.
fi.A. HUNTLY,^
Dealer in
Groceries, Sail Meat, Eiuitf?, Confectioneries
company to use this  summer in prose- 0e0. ,,. Kittinger, dropped miast week I.  o, ■      i         Til      T>
cuting   tho  further deyelopptient of the geattle to look over 'resources'with a v(ow fei.jlDgJ.6S,   Latil,   J ,CO.
ll. I!,:,.   Tlieinacliinery consists of an oi invcsijni,                                                                 can be purchased at the                                                                                           A. Full Lino p{ Fishing Tackel just Received.   Prospectors and  Miners will
M! leave  power   boiler,  33-horse power k  J  Ilnuly, of Ivcllo,, Idaho has been look                    ^           *'                                   utltffSfd oiSS! lQ b:| lm!"ls ;"'!!" i;':ifc !   Ond'it to their interest to giv'o'mo a call  before  purchasing as  I can save  ™„
cngiiie, pmnps apd an compreesor plant, Ing over somo ol our Nurt.i 1-ork   properties                    ft „g. *- A       l^f\ftr G.                         '   "
....          ,   •    ■    i                     ,i during the week.                                                                 **-» -'■ t-19 5-i.2       fi   1JI Ix-3
and  will  to  put  iu jgst as soon as the
govi rnnient roa'd to Pass creek is coin.
O   K,  SIMPSON,  Proprietor.
It, K. N'cil arrived Mon ! is* evening from .-po*
k.vic and will sp :  I si  n ' time  here   lookina
pletcd.   Mr. ( uppage, the road commis- ,,..,,.,,.,, ..„ilr(.„.
Biouer, has promiaed that work shall be     K s sh„mon, ,, kno.vu  u,.ecn„ ,
begun on x'.tw road by  .'one 1,  nnd   i!a *10*c| „,„„.   ,V1S ,,,lll::i   ;i,,. ,,.mux visitors in
ceniplelion ivill be  !'.. I -yi\   by   actiye the city last Saturday,
work on the R. Bell,    'I'!''  double coip- Sam Jarrel, of Portland, caipe In mi Sunday   -'"* -■ iV/IfiH/lTl ELS
partment shalt,8pfoet deep, is now full ""'* "I'-'"1  Mew dayi tn'/lng lu the sights  of                       _. 0,
,                  ,.                          . oar bustling motrop'qlls
ci vat' r hut when tic pumps aro in po-
sitii ;; they will mako short  work o" it
iVieanwhile, Mr. Hanly is ".vcirUtug the with a view cf settling her.*
il'O.nii/.ii, i-inking a idial't fro:;., which, .i,,,.;; Uanlcy, superlntondeut of the Old Peal a depth of l",|l feet, a level will be million mine, was nn arrival nn Wednesday's
run for 3C0 feel along the strike of lhe stage from tlio lower country.
vein, 'the Bonanza is a low-grade ■' r.. Bnltuntyn, registering from Ontario,
_,, , .,. came in last Saturday an I his been siundlus
proposition,  running  i.*'„, oO to Ql r ,,,.,.. k loo!tll)g QVor .,, ,!V
cot lead, with 10  ounce,   of   silver lo . ,        ^^ _ „,,  ;  ,  „-oflncstlav f(1 ^
li;" I'n.     flip orn is  very  ea.ily. mined stales after a throe weeks' trip iutotJroenwooJ
and   Irented,   however,  and   Mr.  Ilenly and the other Boundary creek cijinp-i.
fbvs  Hat  il   '-'.'ill   I"  a payer from the Chas   K.  Itusor was I; the city ou .Monday
j...,,.- from  Hie Skylark    mine  where  ho  inc.  had
'   Mr'. Keough, aftor whom  tie Raough eX"irs<
Gold Mining Co. was named, \r, now da-
liirocf connection  vith tlip 9potnno Falls
N .'I'llicni Itailwav.
money,   Don't forgot the place
Kfl. 1 West .
•     Ne.'.' KuUI   ..
vfoS!!:"!: Carson Shaving Parlors and   Bath Room.
VV. J. SXJDKl', Pj'oprietpr,
When you want anything in tpy Lir.o giyo irje a call,
Tickets to Jnpon ;; il C|i|nn vi.i. T'|co]*i*i i
Korlhern Pa*.ilia Steaiiishi.) Company.
Northern audits couucctlons, or
1*. li, t.IIiBs Gcneinl Agent,
sjijiLiinc, \\ aii..
A. II. (TiAKI.TO.-l, A. C. I'. A..
No. liv, Mi,rr|son .-t , Port.and, Or.
Wiite for ueiv map pi l(ooteuay country,
_J J_J
Chas. Mathison, of lie*  noil  kr.qwn   Nu    1
property Iu Clark's camp, was ia town this week
ing ageessment woik upon the Delama)*,  ,„,.]-ni,l thai his eialin was showlu*; i p well.
Peter Stoop, nf Spokano,  ret'irnod  Tiieiday
■\ eiiin : From a iii], up the North .I'm!,', during
ivhlcl ho did assesimenl work  no  somiolhis
Wi. .-Ti.i'i.ii I-iisk mi Time  ii* W'k wis   properties.
■j,i 1! ai Tiii'M *'* "'  ■■I'1*1*1'', a promiaont Spokaiu mining
ii'.an, y.'iis nia.mg the arrivals  in the city lasl
This   warm    weather   is  a  reminder  Mcuday owning.   lie i- looking rjp his large
thai lho city   need.-a water system and   mining Interests in this vicinity,
needs it just a- quickly as it can be so-      •
'-Hints, Oils, Brushes, Sash & Doors,
Anthing V..u Want k lho Hardware Line and ('; n'l Fii d i; go to
? E=^ Everything  $ew and Best Furnished House in Town,
INBODY   &   DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Found at tho Bar.   Special attontion Paid !o 'J'ransiiant Tradj
rY Hor
jure,',.    It   is   aiso a   rqmirder that in
mil   Y.T-^.YllERS.
order to secure  ils  water rights Qrand On Monday and Tussiiay (Irand Fork--.    '-'"-' ''
Porks, through its ooun,cil  and  mayor, was visited by W. S. Cionston, of  ,\li:i-    |   g-j,
must   shortly   mako application to the Ireal, chief  inspecto;' of  tho   Bank  ot
provincial  governinnnt   fof  permission Montreal,   fnrpector    Rentol,   also  of
to put in a water system. Montreal, and   *"..  Pitt, assistant man-
From the spocial  wntct   bills   which ager of tho bank  a!  Victoria.   The ob-
passed the legislature it  appears that a iect of their visit '.vas  to report on tho
Cascade   City   aompany    Becureei   tlie advisability ol'  establishing  a  bank in
water rights I'm' ID miles squure around this city, and it their conversation whilo
lhat plane, and this  takes in the Xorili here is any critsri in by which t
Fork   fur   icveriil  miles   above Grand their report wili he entirely favorablo to
Forks and t-luit,; out  private corpora- the city,   They  wero  mot at IJossbur.,'
tions from using this water   for   estnb. by My. Truax with one of M'-'yor Man-
W.K. C. Manly's Store, Grand Forks. B. C.
  Fi^t-slass Accommodatiors -Joocl St; bl'ng, Termiuc of
Sta?;e Lino From Marcus, Vvrashingto:3,
-   -     Proprietors..
'^s^^^m.^t:'' :~ ^^^^i^rs^i^^ii^^Si^ii^n^
tsutier &
ifQ pf jg-gs! McAnJey & MeCanfg,
^rmuilnti ti Si;-.':t"	
v i.i '■ >:„v. i enns	
Gvap itntotl Ai |i ca .
K\ iipnrit'.Oil Apripnr,*: ,
;            a   Sviipd it i'il fem pes  .
French l'mncs	
...1*2 lis for fl.03
atigliltii's XXXX Ci,|*.'oe....l pk for $!.(..
■J 10s fnr .*1 in ; Tomatoes  a nnna fnpll nn B
-'lbs fur *1 in i String Beans.
; ins fo,- .flam I Peas	
; His I'm "*1,00 | Corn	
1 His for tl Q0 i l'ie Fruit....
j     May, i<*J, 1197
inkle's Co!!ce  4 pk for ifa* 00 , Bast Spokane Flour.
Tien : Sugar prips  per gall-in 76c
Wc-are Lenders in Low Prices  as ve sell  tor  Cash.     Don't  forget  the
lishing ir.unicipal  tght or wator plants ly s teams   ant   brought   to   Im* oily,    »-) plueto.   Opposite net*,* poa'-olflc
The general   water not, however, pro. leaving in tho same manner for  Pontic-
ndos that cities de.-iring to put in th*>ir ton  Wednesday  morning.   While horo
own water  or  light  pystems, may have they expressed themsi Ive i as being v iry
.. prior right over any privil' ;es granted much pleased with tho location and sur
by spocial hills in caio such cil)63 niako ^onntlingB if   Cram.:   l''orks, anil were
application   for euch   rights  within ,'10 surrriseei  to find  here so largo a town,
iays  after  tlie  pan*age of the general AuRther matter of Biirpriso   v.as  lhat n   '!$'%*%(%$'%')&%{'%■
i, railroad had uotalroadv reached here and  W   '
This is a  matter for the     pity coun* while not 01111111111-,'  to know  anythia.j   ?V' ■ \p>-
u! lo consider and act upon at its next definite regarding  the  proposed move-    f|l;MPs''
meeting.   It   is  of   paramount  inipor- nients of  tho railroad companies, they   jjil'VV*
tanoe to the city to havo  a   water   and said that-judging  froip  the  number of   ||^i
light  ayatem,   and   the.   only   way  for people in tins section and   the immense   «|
Grand hoiks to get sueh a, system  is to resources to be developed, they believed    S||
build   it  for   herself,   The  application that railroad building in   this direction    ^
for the water right should bo put in at could not much longer bo delayed, that    ^.
once, tlici  the council  can uso its own the   business instinct   of   thu  railroad   "^;
liscretion in the matter of designating ooippanies would dictate that co-pmuni.   '*jjg
,vhon tho plant shall bo built, cation   with   this   territory should bo     "
The city should by all   means own its opened up at onoe.
■ evn wale' and light systems, f; r  when A number of the busin iss men of the
the consumers pay directly  fir the pro* eity  called   upoj  tho visitors at Mayor
ml   in-tee!   or  having  to support a Manly's   residence   Tues ay nightand
ie r I ' '   rp ratlin officers,  the iir... found the bankers very much interested
duct   can   Im obtained ai a minimum Jn the whole of this new  mining ooun-
,                              ,   .            .   . try and  especially   In   the   Kettle  river
cost,   the   rogulatmg ot chargos being anl Boundary distihts tor whloh they
directly under tho direotion of  the city join with all  who have given this S3s-
council, tion any attontion In predicting agreat
"Hello,  Central!" ,,,         rT^      t           ,  ,,.,,   .
1,   .,    .,-.,    ,  ., •           ,1    ,,     .. (heapent   Btoro   10   lown   at  (1     ii
Uy the "iiih of   this   month   the   Spo- [-rifkland's
kane  and  liritish  Columbia telegraph	
and telephone com*: any will   have their
!:;;.: completed  from  Spokano  lo Rosb- I-I
land.    Tin in   are   II    men  working in _
the   vicinity   of   Midway   and   16 near BLACKSMITH.
L j 111    Lako,   There   ar 1   also  1,'i men
seven   miles  south   of Northport.   in
addition to this force  there an* 12 men '   "';":''    :     ' ; :,"'! ': v' '■■■'■■•■■'■■■■
cutting poles and  clearing the   right of
way.   As soon as this line is completed
the   compacy   inte.ids   to   build   from
either Marcus or Nothport to the bound
ary line, connecting  with tho  Vernon G „ ,  .  ...      a a •-  mo  h
and   Nelson   company,    touching    all «■" ftftatl     mJk mm &Jk        "Sp,
points in Qrand   Forks and Greenwood Laundry  Work Done With   Neatness  Ws
country.    The line when completed will and Dispatch,                         -jjf
not only connect Greenwood and Grand
Forks with Spokane, but will  also con- ,   ,                                            ,                    .a,
('.,'!;' , .   1 .    I 1    , ,t*     I    I, ,,     I 1 in uWJf-
\ r
a. 1
B RI D G E  ST REE T;  G R A M D i;'Q R K S, B C
Butler Mercantile Company.    | Suits Made to Order nt Seasonable Pricey,
GRAND FORKS, Ij. t'.    | All Work Guaranteed to Qivo Satisfu^ti in.   Spec;,: attenti 01 paid to Clean
^J^moWm^Btti^smmm^mamiimma^^fB  iig and Repairing.   Give me a trial order.
*'3tfrsri^,.-zrxT^."r*-*r-"T^,r-.'L'.«^- -, -—oi
-^-v^i^v-vv -1^| ^ ^:^ ^ % % m
The Plan for the Carson
Will be   on
Sale in a Fe
11. uuvv
GREENWOOD c: 1 V   ;;
1 kinils nf repni
Work strictly lirslchiss.
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in on
this deal. Its the most desirable Kesidence
portion of Grand Forks.   Easy Terms.
Agents, Grand Eorks, B. 0.
Cellars  50 080h orliforlOc
omit   Rossland,    I rail,    lioundary   and   Smftii clothing   BOoiloz  *jK|;/.y
oilier   influential   points.—Tjail Creek   Ladles'Skirts 211ceach   *£a\Ij///.
News. Ladles' Waists HOC each   'gfc~'%fy
  *     - Woolen Blankets 5Je each   ^W;
Overalls  75 cents  per pair at C;ill tic
Grand Forks, B. 0.


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