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The Grand Forks Miner Nov 13, 1897

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' *^**
.n.idc to (ray
._.ii.ori   in   town.
iars. Address D.   0,
i, u. c.
THERE has always been a popular idea Unit New York did not
value beauty la its women ns
highly us style. Gotham's feminine
types nre perfect in their way, clear
Ctlt, high bred, well-groomed, and above
all, perfectly clad. But they are uot,
as a rule, pretty, lu the sense that a
Southern or Western iniiii would use
tbe term. It Is In the South that beauty
reigns supreme and a girl on the other
side of the Mason and Dixon Hue, be
6lie ever so rich, clever or stylish, is not
*7 [i        *      ■•>
MAI!IK ciiunciiiLi,.
a belle unless she lias also the divine
gift. But lntely Gotham, untrue to
tradition, has beeu Imitating the Southern elites and worshiping nt the shrine
of beauty. Miss Marie Churchill is the
honored object of this adoration. She
is conceded to be th* most beautiful
woman In New York. She Is prominent in tbe more exclusive social circles, Is a woman of superior accomplishments and a prime favorite among
the 400. When the picture printed here
was tnken Miss Churchill posed lu the
costume she wore at the famous Bradley-Martin ball.
Afflicted wllh Anierienilltis.
Tbe physical troubles of college women ln the United States have been ascribed to what Is named Ainerlcanltls,
rather than the college education.
Amerlcnnltis Is defined as the desire
to "get on," regardless of everything
else. It ls Ameiicnuitls that prompts
the farmer's daughter to get a college
education nnd make opportunities for
herself belter thun those her mother
unci father bad before her. Therefore
she goes to a small college lu a small
town with a preparatory department
attached, where she often begins her
education ns a "junior prep." She furnishes a single room, In which she, and
often n roommate, study, sleep, eat,
make their clothes, and sometimes do
their laundering. She keeps up In her
studies, joins n choral class, a literary
society and the Young Women's Christian Association, goes to chapel once
every day aud twice on Sunday, and
very often falls In love and "gets engaged" besides. At the beginning of
her senior year she breaks down. That
ls the least she could lie expected to
do under such conditions.
wilh the cloth iu color. Collars continue high, are gored and undulating,
anu may be lined with fur, velvet or
lnce. Wattenu effects are seen. Capes
will continue to be worn. The novelty
lu their trimming Is a flounce of the
same material about the edges, described by tbe Trench modiste as 'cut
iu round.' "
The New Shaped Corsets.
It Is being announced by tbe fash-
ionable modistes and women tailors
that they will lit gowns ouly over the
new shape corsets, while the cloak and
mantle makers say tbat all garments
for the fall nud winter itrnde will nlsu
be modeled for figures wearing tlie
same style. There ls a most pronounced
change from tlie old corset, whose chief
end seemed to be to accentuate the
length of the waist nud to rnlso the
bust. The new corset has what the
shop girls call "Ihe low bust" and "sudden hip." The brick Is noticeably narrow, the hips very full and the bust entirely without formation. Except nt
the waist line lhe garment scarcely
touches lhe figure nt nlL The change
Will not be objected to by slender women, while, ou the oilier baud, to women
with n superabundance of flesh the new
corset will be nothing short of nn abomination, which Ihey will be slow to
Harmony In Contrasts.
We have always been taught to believe that one of the canons of good
dressing Is the harmony of color In eyes
and gown; but this theory bas beeu
exploded, nnd It hns been clearly demonstrated by women of good taste tbat
nothing Is more fatal to good effect
than a blue-eyed woman gowned In
blue, or a browu-eyed woman dressed
all In brown. Colors of contrasting
shades are always becoming and stylish If properly combined, nnd If well
suited to the wearer are very effective.
—Woman's Home Companion.
Powder uud Putches Again*
Women ivho nre never satisfied with i
the color of their hair will no doubt be i
glad to learn that powdered hair Is j
again to be In vogue. Not, of course,
for dally wear, but for dinners mid all !
ma uner of dressy f unci Ions. The ef-
feet ls one that women have always
liked to emulate, and its appearance In
1897, together with a host of other re-
Vlvals, will be hulled with . delight.
Patches are, of course, thc natural ae- j
companinient of powdered hair, and I
they have not been forgotten. The ;
woman whose while locks are plied co- i
quettlsbly on lop of her head plans a
pretty contrast by scattering half a
dozen little black patches over her 1
cheeks and brow. The effect is still J
further helped out if she chances to
have dark eyes and eyebrows that are
slender dark curves. Xo French marquise of olden time could look daintier .
than the dame who manages her pow- ,
der and patches aesthetically.
Over Ihe hills and fur away,
A little boy steals from his morning pluy,
And under the hlosryomias apple tree
He lies and he rlrenihS of tilings lo be;
Of buttles fought and of victories won,
Of wrongs overthrown aud of great deeds
Of the valor that he shnll prove some day
Over lhe hills nnd fnr away—
Over the hills nud far away!
Over the hills nnd far nway,
It's oh for the toil the livelong dayi
But it nintterelh not to the soul aflame
With the h.ve for riches und power nud
I On, 0 ninn; while 'he sun Is high;
On to tho certaia joys that lie
I Yonder where blur/.elh the noon of day,
Over the hills and fur away!
i Over the hills nnd fur nwny,
An old irfAn lingers at close'tif day;
1 Now that his journey is almost goitt-
llls battles fought and his victorieAwo**))
The old-time,honesty und. truth,  *
The trustfulness and fhe friends of youth,
Hume and mother-—whore ure they?
Over the hills nnd fur awny—
Over the hills and far nwny?
—Eugene Field.
Popular Jacket for Winter.
"The tendency of the winter Jacket
Is toward tbe blouse effect, which Is obtained by darts," writes Isabel A. Million, In the Ladles' Home Journal.
"Yokes, collars, cuffs, pipings In fur,
whether It be mink, Persian lamb, ermine, sable, sliver nnd blnck fox, or
monkey, will be popular. Velvet nnd
silk braid of all widths are much used.
Satin cloth ls really the novelty of the
day, and obtains ln heliotrope, green,
mode, golden-brown, sliver-gray, royal
blue, dove anl Lincoln gr*)en. On this
ure seeu, not ouly the fur decorations
mentioned, but also a very thick,
coarse, black woolen braid, ond tiny
(traps of leather matching w conitrast-
Wheii She's in Good Form.
When Invited for a day's yachting
the girl doesn't rig herself out In nautical costume.'
She never forgets an unobtrusive deference to old age.
She lets somebody else boast of her
season's conquests,
She doesu't make her ebaperone feel
a "superfluous woman."
She regards her.writing desk as one
of the surest mediums to social success.
She Is clever enough to make people
believe tbat she never considers three
"a crowd.' '
Her perfumes nre of the best, the
faintest and the most mysterious.
However well acquainted she may bo
with certain members of a party, she
doesn't make the others feel like "rank
outsiders" by constantly addressing her
Intimates by familial' mimes.-riilludol
pblu Inquirer.
Adcliitn Putti.
Latest photograph of the prima dou-
na. showing the great singer ns she
looks to-day.
Popularity of the Teu-nrown.
The tea-gown has never been lost to
sight siuce It lirst camo Into general
use, and this dressy affair Is courted
by many women both summer and winter. A gabrlelle front and Wattenu
back nre inseparable from the regulation tea-gown, though the most elaborate and newer editions of this style
of dress nre more like a fancy princess
slyle thnn anything else. However,' In
this, as in nil other garments, variety Is
the rule, and the manner of trimming
and change of materials lend style nnd
effect to tlie garment more than the
original cut, which may be In belted
style or not, us the fancy dictates —
Woman's Home Companion.
Never put a bottle nipple Into youi
mouth nnd then Into the baby's mouth.
This will often prove dangerous.
Plain, boiled water, given between
feedings, will often aid the digestion
nnd satisfy the child when restless.
An Infant ls a creature of habit, and
usually responds to the wish of   the I
mother, if the mother has order ln her
Feeding at night after the third
mouth ls both inconvenient nnd unnecessary. Sleep at night Is better
than food.
More Infants' lives nre taken by overfeeding than by starvation. Never
liken nn infant's digestion or diet to
your own.
Vomiting nnd diarrhea nre Indications that the child Is either slek or approaching sickness, and probably needs
a physician.
Cholera Infantum would be of.j-are
occurrence if pi-bper attention was'always given to the quality and quantity of the food.
lu an awkward
flx. My husband
did uot see It. of
course, nnd when
I hud said for the
thirteenth—I love
to be accurate—
for the thirteenth
time that evening.
"Whatever nni I
to do?" he only replied, to his newspaper, apparently, "If money will be of
any use to you, dear, I can let you have
a blank cheek."
I very nearly said: "It has taken
more than money to keep your house
properly for the ten years we have
been married. It takes brains," but he
Is such a dear, good fellow, that I
stopped In time.
However, nt the fourteenth time of
asking, he simply replied, "I'm going
to bed," and went.
I still snt thinking, i o be sure. It was
only the cook who hud left suddenly
that day on account of bud news from
home. With the assistance of the
housekeeper 1 had contrived to prepare
a respectable euuugh little dinner for
onee, and, for the matter of that, could
have contrived to do so mull I was
properly "suited."
I do not change my women servants
ofteu. The boy is a more valuable
tpiuntlty, but when 1 do I prefer to wait
a little rather than take Just anybody.
StilL there was that friend of George's
brother Jim, iu Queensland, coming on
Thursday to speud a few days, and this
was Tuesday.
1 could not put lilm off, ns It was the
only time he bud free, and Jim had
seemed really anxious Unit we should
meet him.
"Harry is terribly cut up over the
loss of his wife, through that dreadful
mistake of which I think I told you lu
my lust letter."
lie hadn't. Just like Jim's careless-
"This wns, Indeed, the cause of his
coming home. He Is a line fellow and
a true friend, too true a friend, indeed,
to one thoroughly undeserving," continued Jim, somewhat irrelevantly.
"But the virtues of Harry Gordon can
by no possibility brenkfnst and luncheon and dine him for three solid dnys
If I don't succeed In getting a cook," I
concluded as I wandered sleepily upstairs. "I must try Miss Griggs at the
Young Women's Christian Association
rooms, aud lake whoever she offers me."
Thitherward I accordingly wended
my way the following morning ns soon
ns I had got George comfortably breakfasted and dispatched lo the office.
Miss Griggs heard me with attention.
"Well, Mrs. Mason, I think I have a
girl living here nt this moment who
might exactly suit you, provided you
ore willing to take everything about
her on trust. I have been constrained
to do this for the sake of her sweet,
true face. I can't sny that I would go
to every mistress with that suggestion "
"But, you know," Interrupted I, "that
we look at things from the sainc standpoint, aud remember that In the highest sense we are every day being taken
on trust ourselves."
She smiled, nodded, and left the
A moment later the door opened gently and a slight, graceful girl of about Z\,
with brown hair and eyes, aud pule,
regular features, stood before me.
She wns very simply dressed lu n well
mude blue serge gown, but her soft,
low voice, a little nervous in its accents,
was beyond all possibility of doubt
the voice of a lady.
I was so much fascinated by that
voice—a deep,musical one,the kind that
haunts you, with the tiniest suspicion
of n foreign accent In it, and yet not
foreign either—that 1 scarcely know
bow I stumbled through tbe usual questions.
"What Is your name?"
"Mary Steven."
"Have you nuy written character?"
"Can you give any references?"
"No, ma'am."
A pause.
Suddenly she proudly raised I.er pretty bead.
"I have no character, madam, and no
references. I shnll uot tell you anything about myself but my name. I
like your face. You seem a motherly,
Christian woman." (Motherly, and,
again, woman to me!)
"I like you," continued this strange
creature, "und if you nro willing to
give me a quiet corner lu your household nnd some small wages, for I have
no money"—ns If I tfould take anybody's services for nothing.-"! believe
you will find me a capable cook and a
faithful servant."
Quite a little (peach, you see, with '
delicate  cheeks  all ablaze,  and   tiny
hands nervously clenched.
"My dear," suid I, impulsively, "I will
take you ou trust."
So my new cook came home. Four
faultless meals she prepared, and ere
the hour for the flflli arrived Harry
Gordon arrived nlso.
He was a tall, thin, quiet man, with
wavy hair, almost pure white, though
he could uot be over lio, brushed back
off Ills temples.
Not at ill my. Idea of au Australian
shepherd king, which indeed he could
scarcely now Is* ••ailed, as ut' late y-nrs
he bad-devoted himself much to colonial politics. Indeed. If Jim's rn...ir-
ous account could be believed, u great
future.lay bofore^blin In Unit direction,
could lie. ouly abate, off the loud of de
presslon wlileh appeared lo be resting
Oil* him.' He* S'%ilj*d, ns my husband
renmj.-kod.-W'i'.Ve ,tv. Die, "in great want
of tt metftW't(SoVo;."**
Sllll,    his^ctiuvorsntlon    was   most '
ogreeabio., IJe^jpidheen a keen observ-1
er of miMi-aiumhraSS, und could relate
his experiences-well.
. Only .he. s'eedlf.d^'burdened  will   a
strange reserve. ..His home he never
mentioned,  nor'.the dear, dend  wife.
Perhaps he oouldnot trust himself lo
speak of these with composure—at least
not yet.
Jim hud intrusted a small parcel to
hlni for us, aud a short time after dinner he roseto leave the room to letch it.
At the same time I felt rather thun
heard a light footstep ascending Ihe
stairs.   Carelessly I noted It.
"It is Mary going to bed. She wns up
Her room was on the top tint, and to
reach It she had to ascend the front
Mr. Gordon had just paused on the
landing, his hand still lightly catching
the handle of the door.
Suddenly the footsteps faltered—
The man's heart was in the cry.
The little feet flew on ns If ou wings.
Thc door reopened, and with the lnce
of one transfixed he again stood before
My husband started up.
"What Is the matter?"
I am afraid I lost my head a little,
nnd to relieve the strain of Hie situation
reninrkeil foolishly:
"Mr. Gordon looks a* If he had seen
a ghost instsiil of such -n ordinary person ns the cook." ,?.
"The cook!*he repeated*' "Mi's. Mason, it Is my wife!"
George found his voice first. '
"But I thought you said you had lost
your wife?"
A new light broke upon inc.
Yes. "lost," but "found."
I do not generally speak lo my bus
band lu a tone of authority, but on this
occasion 1 did.
"George," 1 said, "go down to your
study directly nnd wait for me there.
Stop here, Mr. Gordon."
I went up to Mary's room—a tiny box
of a place, 10 feet by 7, but 1 like each
of my girls to Lave a room, however
small, that she can call her own. .The,
girl lay prone upon the little while bed.
"Mary," I said, "you must eome
She shuddered.
"Is she with him?"
"She? Whom?" said I. "Oh, there
hns been some sad misunderstanding!
Come with me."
I led her, unresisting, to the drawing-
room door nnd left her there.
At this point I may us well tell you
the story which we gathered iu detached bits later on.
In her uinideu dnys In that distant
colony Marie Steven hud I wo lovers,
friends of one another, and bearing lhe
saiqe.Christian mime. There wns. however, In her mind, no question of choice
between t'lem. For her Harry Gordon
wns and always had been the only ninn
in the world.
For some time nft'er the marriage the
friendship between.the two men continued to nil seeming unimpaired, Then
ugly whispers in regard to Gordon's
happiness nnd personal affairs began
to limit about. .These hud, of coui.se,
orlglnut.ed.fi'OH'ly.In lhe fertile brain of
his respectable namesake, and by him
it was duly arranged that they should
reach ihe ears of,the young wife. Perhaps from ii dread of hearing them confirmed by his owu lips, she from day
to day delayed repeating them lo her
husband. Wild suspicions tore her
heart nnd left her with no rocks of
firm faith on which <o cling lu the
crisis that was fust coming.
sitting alone oue afternoon Marie
wns surprised by the entrance of her
husband's friend. He placed in her
hand the letter of a woman signing herself, "Your deserted wife, and conjuring Harry to remember the promise of
other and happier days.
"Can you doubt his guilt, Marie, or
my disinterested love? This letter must
have broken all ties between you. Come
with me, nnd lu the old country we
sliall together begin a new aud happier
"Yes, to the old country I shall go,
but alone, with no meaner man, 'Not
Lancelot, nor another.' There I shall
Indeed begin a new life. There he enn
never discover me nor persuade me to
condone what this reveals."
That same evening one of the great
Pacific liners sailed with a new stewardess, who had turned up nt the last
moment, soliciting employment just In
time to till the place of oue who had
been taken suddenly III.
More than on hour later we went upstairs, to find our guest and my cook
sotting on the big sofa before the drawing-room fire, neither of tbeiu saying
much, apparsflJBy, but the little brown
head nerillnfflffh*'- ~~"" ■ ilways
have been anTTuit.
botk their e" i I
A Snow Locomotive that Huh Been in
Srui rssl'ijl Operation in Michigan
Pincrict* fi.r Two Years Will lie Used
-bOO Miles in Four lluys.
The Proposed Koine.
As Utopian as lhe project of rapid
transit to the Klondike country in ihe
Winter may appear, it is one lhat bids
fair to be carried out. Imagine a modern snow train of from eight to ton
box and passenger cars mounted on
runners, currying 100 tons of freight
and passengers, propelled by an eight*
top steam engine, whose wheels make
live rasfoliiHins to each push of the
piston, climbing up the sleep While
..pass, gliding over .".(I or more, mill's of
ton Trail runs lo Fort Selkirk, a small
place ut the Junction ol Lewis and
Pelly rivers. Tlit.se streams form tbe
Yukon river, From Fori Selkirk to
Dawson City ii is uln.ui ttoo miles down
Hi.. Yukon river. This is known ,*rs
I in' 'Overland Route.' From Fori Selkirk io Dawson city will bc traveled
on Ilu' Yukon, which is frozen solid
seven months in lhe year,   i calculate
Diuyixo wh!*.m. or nnr enoixe.
that we. can. cover the distance  wilh
level table lands anil through .-is.many | two .locomotives In eight or ten dnys
miles ojt'r virgin, forests,, coursing  ils ! anil ultimately,in four days.
wny over the hills uud through, the
dales, climbing huge ice gorges, slipping over lakes  like a   slcain  yacht;
Road  Will   He Pei'iniiiicut.
"Tlio road onee 'opened',- it is readily
seen  llfnl  ii   will  ire permanent  and
wending ils course along lhe tortuous grow belter with travel.   Turnouts aud
river ways In thnt arctic country, uljin stations for supplying wood fuel will
average speed of from \" to 2ii miles be distributed along the route where
an hour—or from Fort Wrangel to Fort needed,    When a sleep grade exceed-
Selkirk. and then Dawson Cily. ri distance of Sill) miles-iii less I Iran HI
days on the first few trip's nnd nflcr
that in less than six, and then yon will
ing ,'tu percent, is encountered a stoum
windlass on the locomotive will be
pressed into service lo get over il. The
means   used   will   be   a    wiry   cable
lhe other night lu his shirt sleeves nnd
took in the glorious breeze thru came
down Morgan street In nil its glory. It
has been a rare occurrence to see tho
Corporal in negligee attire. He hns beeu
suffering terribly from rheumatism,
anil throughout the summer has worn
his hea,vy woolen coat, even when lire
humidity would woo it from him. When
fate had him transferred lo Algiers au
Irish lady living over Ihere told him of
i hi' virtues of tlie [iotato. She gave him
iwo small "prathles" lo carry lu his
trousers pockets, and he swears lhat
he at once fell the rheumatism sneaking from iris hones. Iu a few nights it
was all gone. The potatoes have begun
to get as hard as a rock, and Corporal
"Bill" swears he will carry them
through life.—Chicago News.
A Very Hail llal.il Which Often Lend,
to Maliunuiit Dint-ruses.
Don't kiss your dog, uo mutter how
dear he or she may be to you! Aside
1'i-t.iii Ihe'fnot that It Is n nasty habit,
there Is grave danger to the human being from all sorts of microbes and
germs. which-iiVe Comler-of Hie-human
bejiig than of the dog. This has been
amply proven hy scientists' nnd even
the Board of Health, Says Hie-New
York World. As a matter of fact the
latter body has several well authenticated cases of diphtheria contracted
Irom dogs on ils records. Diseases of
nil kinds lurk iinon lire lips and.body
kjwj*-z+ _<„ ,;
maam - * * A\ ■-. I •■«*
,...,'; i/rfe
:; .* -~rfeB*^-*--
-j      ''*i        "^*-
have a clear conception of this great
scheme for opening communication
Jfttli the Alaskan Eldorado.
George T. (Hover ol* Chicago is the
orlgluntor of the scheme. Two years
ngo he Invented a new locomotive, duplicates of which have sin.-e been In
i operation in the Michigan pineries.
Several of them are oil Secretary Al
ger's land. Glover wrote to Secretory
Alger .and naked for government anl in
establishing n Hue nf snow trains .to
Klnodlke. Alger endorsed lhe scheme,
but other cabinet members dceuioil il
less practicable than the plan of sending food to the Klondike minors by
reindeer teams. The government's
failure to adopt his plan hns nol discouraged Glover. He says be will interest capitalists, organize n company
and have his snow sled road iu operation before winter closes.
"There are two routes," says Mr.
Clover, "by which a snow train can
reach Dawson City, execptlug the
route from SI. Michael's to Dawson
City, up lhe Yukon river. The shinier Is from Dyea through the Cllllkat or
White Pass, which Is about five miles
north uud west of tho Cliilkn.it  Pass.
si retched from I lie top of thc grade nnd
nttached to lhe locomotive.   The li ■
motive will then wind the train up with
perfect   ease.     In   case  an   ice   gorge
should be encountered the sumo means
i wiil lir' applied to gel over It.    If the
gorge be  very  nbrupt, then  a  steam
; power 'ice dog'  will answer the pur-
| pose.   The locomotive will be equipped
I wllh   every   device   needed   for   such
"Tho locomollvcs lo he used In Ibis
system will nol be rrs heavy ns ihose
now In operation In lhe Michigan
pineries, which In I It r rouge from eighteen i" twenty Ions, lustend, however,
they will !"• bull! on r1 p some principle,
nol weighing more thnn eight ions anil
wiili a hauling capacity of from T."i to
inn ions ol* freight. The locomotive will
be housed like the one shown in lhe
pictures, pulling from six to eight cars,
one or two of which will be for passengers, sleeping and baggage purposes,
ami the others for freight. Tho train
will be like a modern mixed train,
snugly built to protect life and supplies. Two locomotives will accompany
the tirst train, lo help it over high
grades and out of deep cuts, over rough
places nnd around curves. Three men
ore necessary for each locomotive—an
engineer, lireinnn and pilot, who siaiids
in trout.
The locomotive is \u\-y simple iu principle nud construction.   There is a boiler, twin engines,  driving  wheel,   ninl
oilier   necessary   appurtenances,   supported by a Bteel frame.   This frame
rests upon runners fore and aft, and to
i It is hinged by melius of steel beams a
huge traction wheel between the runners.   Thore is a drum In the wheel.
Vhe traction win cl is rotated by engines
I with horse power ranging from twenty
. lo sixty, geared  from live to nine to
' one.   Mosi oi* the heal from the boiler
furnace and from the exhaust sieain is
litillzed III, the drum.  Into which il   rs
conveyed   through   the   trunlons,     Ky
' this means the wheel Is kept sizzling
ol' the dog.   A dog will wonder about,
even though of high pedigree, uml !•
the coin's., of liis journeyji-t
ihe .'ii"iunititnnci. of iL,
gree.    lroi*iS.ettIe    RlVCT
1 erobes Vi
■ return homo r ; <;, \{$ 1 :CU - ■,.■
J tribute his colli . .ralely.
Then Ids inisit-itew.iV ■■ •*' film up in
her anus and  will bug and kiss him.
Typhoid,  diphtheria,  cancer  and  dis-
The highest grade for about two miles
through White Pass is about I.i per
cent. A road through It is now being
cut and corduroyed. Even now tho
pass Is 1,000 feet lower than the Chil-
koot Pass and can lie gotten over with
but little difficulty, I think. Willi
such au improved road, however, ns Is
now being mnde through While Pass
a snow train can ascend almost as
easily ns a cable car through the Washington struct tunnel, for a 18 per cent
grade has the same ascent and descent ns the said tunnel. After getting through While Pass there Is n
*-»<U*atlvely level stretch of table
**.**,Q^nlies, through which Dal-
liot. About lite wheel V-shaped teeth,
ll by It! Inches, are set "dodging." The
nction of the heat from the toothed cylinder prevents the snow from clogging,
and al the same time compresses, with
the aid of the weight, the snow Into n
solid, compact moss of snow Ico, thereby giving siifllclt-t resistance to enable thc teeth to pull o train with 100
tons burden or more. The pictures of
the log train and traction wheel will
give the render a fair Idea of the loco-
m("*.ive and lis principles.
eases too horrible to mention may result
from the caress.
Physicians have repeatedly warned
agolnsl the habit of kissing rings, but
seemingly lo little purpose. Every day
the papers chronicle cases where some
disease, has in* (tcrlously appeared and
where tho source of contagion is unknown. Hi nine oul o'f every ten sueli
rn-es. dog kissing Is lo bhiine. Bui leaving osldc lire possibility of danger from
disease entirely, the habit should be
stopped by all Bclf-rospeeting womeu,
for what man would care to kiss tlieui,
knowing thai they had previously denied their lips kissing n dog? No mailer how clean a dog may bo; no matter
how great a favorite, it Bhould never,
no matter what tbe temptation, be
Caring for Hie Tooth.
Do not cat. ur do nol feed your children on, while bread, which is deficient
In phosphates, ond causes the teeth to
crumble. A little hard food requiring
thorough mastication should betoken
at every meal. The teeth should be
brushed both night nnd morning. Avoid
sweets. Drink nl least two quarts of
water a dny—a glass the first thing In
the morning, another the last thing before going lo bed, the remaining quantity between meals. Consult n good
dentist about every six months.—Ladles' Home Journal.
Arotiml the World on a Wheel.
Miss Annie Londonderry, the American woman who has made a lour of
i the world on her bicycle, Is now writing an account of her experiences.   She
! was unattended, nnd it required two
years and two mouths for her to make
the trip.
Anll-ltbeuniatlo Potatoes.
Corporal Tanner, of the Algiers pro
ciuct, sat out In front of the station
Hurtl nt It.
"What makes Chawlie Dunno look so
doosld abstwacted?"
"Haven't you heard? He's inventing
n gnmc of parlor golf."—Cleveland
\ Vflfilfi££3>      pC-
''* ~-)M0t&'l on Saturdays, tui't will
juift atlilross 111 I'nrra.la or tho
.fx-rn- on receipt of two
* life cents.     ,
\,.,ir*.   OulpUl   WVUil,WF.'.»:>"'* n■-   llClUtllie
•       Sli.-.tl.tlO      /"fi0*ftP>n '"Ch I" I irdlill.
.■niiijt  n g  A^VKttrisKMKNTs Instrietl nl
iK^.Jot IS cents per nonintroll line firm
lafehMn-     Arlvcrlisi'lirtiirls   nililiilirr l.rr 11
simriet ptrto.l limn iliw montlia nreclassed
COItRBSrtmpKN' I! Irom every  part ol 11..-
Vnle Ilislriel Slid t-ollltutlIIicttli.tns ll|ioll live
topics  »Kia>«  at'ceptnble.   Bend  In your
news whll* iii- Instil, nnd »>• will .1" tho
JOB I'KlSTIS'n Iririicloiit  111 ur- -class style
nt lhe shortest nrittct..
Atlflri-M P. li. Mi CARTIill .V SOS.
iin.M. Koass, ll. 0.
Carson Lodge I. 0. O. p. No. 37.
I/-. /~\ *£J MEKIS KVI'.KY SATI'lll-AV
. U. U. r. eveliiim nt« n'rlneii In Hiflr
1,1 ill nt 1 ntr 11 ir.   A rorillul Invitation ex-
I- ll.ll.I   '.Ollll SO lilirililll- 1,.,'lllM'll.
'    J-'HN IV, Mi I..M1KN, N  Q
A. I*. C0CI.HTON, It. S.
Church Notice.
S11I.bath lu tho church ut 11 n. in. and 7::w
ir in. in tlie Ki'hii'il room ut Grand Fm ns. Bab*
I nth Bi'liuol 10:30 11. m. in the tiiln.fl room.
At Cnimill weekly :) p. 111.
Pin. tics makes queer bedlellows.
As export duty on ore will kill the
mining interests of Briti*.b Columbia,
still there are tho«2 who advocate it.
The city ir tub of poliricians wilh
schemes to down whit they call th:
administration ticket. Those composing
that ticket claim that they wi 1 be in lhe
ting truring that Interesting process.
It is lo be hopoi in me coming city
election that all petty differences will
be laid aside and a ticket ol piactic.il
business men will lie chosen to look
alter the interests oi tic cily lor the in-
suing year.
THOSE oi our cit'j ns who havj bem
>o hard to please in the conduct ol mil
m.ip-,1 ; flairs had bsttoi or.- casting
around for suitable materir I for car.di-
dites lor municipal t.Iii xis lor the furthcoming election.
The Ros'and Ue.oruand the printers
unitn of tbat tow,: have go; into a controversy and a boicot lus been placed
opon that sheet and as a result lhe
council h.15 taken the ci y printing fiom
the Record pending a settlement oi tbe
money bylaw and under a suspension of
lhe usual rute this bylaw pas.ied its
three reading.*.
The clerk men re.-u! '.he applications
of \nn A Idison, Fred Goop:r and
rbotnai Dartmouth, t ir the inspector-
ship ol fhe *>at'" r r 1 light system, and
alter mm discussion u was decided toj
defiir action until th*; next meeting
The remuneration of th: said inspector
was fixed at *5ioi. The council thea
ar'jnurned on motion oi Al UrrmanllAvis.
Provincial Constable Dinsmore returned home Wednesday evening from
the Midway section where he spent several days in company with Provincial
Constable Lawdero!Greenwood, searching tne country for the horse thieves who
ran off a band of some 100 horses from
Kamloops recently.
Constable; Dmmore and L'.wlcr
were to search tbe countrv from Camp
McKinney tl'*s way while Cmstable
Simmons ot Vsrionand the Kimioops
officers wcie to -.enrch wyst of Camp
McKinney dow 1 to the II .uniary line,
and it wa; wh le ibus engaged thn
Constable Simmons and the KunUiop.
offic;r came upon the horse 'hieves n;ar
I'nnctori in the Smilkanierii country.
The thieves made no resistence when ar-
rested and a. .h;y lu*i all the stolen
horses when t iken the whole ou-.fitwas
taken back to Kamloops by tbc officer?.
One of the thieves is named Little
while the name of the other is unknown.
Marcus Slag,.' Line Changed Time.
On and alter toil.v Williams' mail
stage will leave M.t u i> after the northbound Ir. in ar lives and will come as far
as Hall's Ferry tiiy sin; evenin,-. It
will be met by the stage that leaves here
in the morning which will bri.ig tbe ma'l
to (irand Foiks arriving about norm and
w.11 layover here until 4 o'clock '.he next
morning, lly ihis arrangement passen
gers going out w 11 make c nnections
with thc Ir.ii 1 lor Spokane at Ma cos,
and the Rossland train at Bosr-burg,
while the incoming passengirs will re-
main over nightat Hall's ferry arrivlhg
heic next dav.
in older to operate in haimony uih
this change tie Cier nwoi rl stagev.illar-
liveheie about noon carh dav ar.d leave
on the return t.'i;i upon the ariival of
Ihe Marcus stag', Ihis the in iii from
Fenlicton will arrive in Grand Forks on
Mondays,Thursdays and S.itu.d.i>s and
depart on Mondays, Wednesdays und
Fridays about : p. m instead of ihe present arrange neiit.
City of  (*-*<§!.
x    Vvo.\
i Columbbl pushed  in thf sixtieth vear of Iter
*: MaJePty'B rebsii, rltaptei ii.. entitled "An Act to
>»i \i'r ,»f.uc  ti."   lucurporntloii   of Townl nnd
TCttica," ttudcr whlt-Il Vt tbo said Utyts ini'or-
•■• ;**eqiiiru tho sum. Ol II.-'
nmui.|y fur u peri <1 uf tw-fnty
....    .-.*.*-.-. i t .1  i _..„ »..-».-.:.
B. STACgff.
E.*it Room*,
nt nnd
in in tli
ter-wt of tlie
I)*.- ruist'.t n'in
• tho fonn-.iii-i
ment of the dclit
Id il.. bt.- ti ti 1 re», ti 11»*i v
i-i ilelil, mid tho mitn of
1 tydiiritif the mime por«i ulVEitsiDK
of 11 BitmlUB fund for ibe j
routed hy tin- mid di-hcn-1
tun-, tpnttltig in (i'l ilto stun of 12 07a \o he levl-
i <! .mil ruined uti"onlly for I lie period nf rwonty '
joira to redeem the nriitctiwl and interest of the
lenenturof. j
ind Whereas ft is deemed advisable by the
CoiiueUof ilm Municipality to deposit tliu snid
sinkhir fund ami nil paymeuts lo ue raised on
-out thereof witn ■: u irn.-ti- ntu Guarantee ■
iVllieeol HfllUIn ■ iiliiniutii in tilt   lu'imuiH mrrvui wit-a iuu t ni,i.m mmu ixuBrauivu - ■
leemed KdVAtitajfOoua to thocitf
Aud iVhcroas mi lndAntuxttof asreeracut em-
hi tyliif the aaid  teryishave   beeo arrived at
11 •'. prepared and liatbaiiH read atid lAprovetl
tnis C'liinril.  om original duLiK'ntt ■
irltli tho letter "A"
\ li'i-h uBrecnir.nt is Utretiuto aasexfja marked
Tlitrefore  the Municipal Council of the Cor-
ution of the City of Qraud Fork* cnari as fol
io .v
amottnt oi *n .mu, i
inniiuy tliereoo [or
mediate piiuii.t nej
(n) To provide! a
[hi To provide
Jo]   Kor street im,
WUERKAn, hv nn A<'t  p-ajPe-1  l'i' th
tore of the Province of Rnush t olun
Mix'Ieth vtnr o"
t-iiteen. entitl
uTporationoiTo'.vn.s and Cities   it was amongst
other hingaenacted that it should he lawtui
i-i tbo i.ieuteiiuni ..■Oienior ni the I'roviueco
jji-it tan Columbia In Council by Letters i'uteni
under th-j public aeal to Incoporuto into a city
uudvr ilu; hoadlnffoi the ''The CityofGrallQ
Korltb'   tli« iiin.li mentioned hi thu schedule tn
fie K:ild  Act, iietiiK ull i hut niece or parcel ol
Jiiml Bittnitu in tUoOaoyoos Ulvuiouof S'ale l»i«
trict, bouuded as follows:—  Commencing ut a
point wheru the  northerly bonndarj' oi lot BS5,
urotip 1, in   t'uld Ulvislon  prudoct-il  eU'ttcrly
would niu-i.'ti't the center uf the Norm Fork
ol Kettle ilvcr: th -nee westerly followiug the
r-,i.i .lortberly bouuduryol Lot6S5totbe north-
ueat corner thureof; Ihuuee southe'ly following   ...
the wtit'Tlv boundary of said ;.ot BSTj tu the J v
a mtheuaterly corner of Lot Tni; thonco westerly i r
loltowlus th i southerly boundary ol Un 7-1 i to > bi
thn northwest corner ol i.otSSl; thei.c   suith-n.i
erly aloutf (ho western bottudurloa <>t l-ots ail, c
undl&J to the south west corner ol said lot W2\ iti
thence easterly  following the southerly boun-1
dury nt' Haiti lot 3)2 to the coitorof Kett u liiver; i    .,,.,.       .   ., , .      ,,,   ,       , .   ,
thouee nortuerly wild ntalerly following tiie     Thia by-law ahull take effect on, from  and af-
cenlerefauldKettloKlvortowheroil I iterseets  Ur the naaalng thureof.
ihe aouMeriv > 'a-.' of Lot liw produced!    1'uasod In opened Council tola fith.day of No-
.,..„,... . theiico uiiaturt   fdlovvi.iu the south-   vember, I8U7.
urly bo'iudury of Lot4'H twenty eliuins; thuuee '    Ho ■onsldored  nnd   llnally adopted this oth
duo north, forty chains   more or lew, t<.  the   duy of November, 1807.
northerly uouudary o s i 1 but I'M; ihenou w -t-1    Council Qraud ftirki. November0th. 18H7.
erly ft.Ilowlugthe nuniieriy boundary of add      IsraiJ .ions a. MANLY, Mayor.
Lot t'JQ produced to the center ol the said North !    ritKD WoJ-LAaTOW; Oity Clerk.
Furl; ui Kettle ilvcr; iheiieo northerly uud weal*
urly followintt Lite center of said North Fork ot
-      -      Jrtla>rORKl
n  A. SIMUM.
That iiic aaid agreement In dupli
the  '■' ■	
^ dtited
uy ol November, A  b 1h»7, oue orlgi-
pllratc «( which ls heretoanneied mark-
h the li Iter "A", made and eutervd tnto
between the Uorpotation of the- city of Uraud
■ki <>f thc on; part, snd The Trusts and Oua-
tee cum) anv, Limited, of  the ottajajA ■ari.
ile;ned and executed iu dupllcHle <m &-%«-¥
I his  Miiuiclpiility hy   the Mayor and   t Ity
I that thc coinmou seat of this Cora^t*
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.
Rt'siiient Physician .V Surgeon.
i liu iiilirtird iberelo.
Kuitlu illv
III.'  |illlf
III pur.ua
nl It'll..
illlil, Thu I.
01 llrllish t'.'limitiiii in l
t'lilrin rin.l.'i- rtif]iiii.l;i! -r
\;...| A. ll in.*, In y I r •>.'
.1 Html Into tilt!City "I >'•
Ami iVIiuroiiH, it m*i
ur 1-L-l
iff nl tin' mild Act tlio
I'lllir III 111." riiiviiifi!
.iirii'il Ima by Lt-'ifia
rr lluwil in., lotll liny
■ i.'.r.'U in..* sai I ir.ict
nn.l Korks;
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Ami Civil Engineer.
Office, Midway, b. c.
Aatrnfltttc  Mfmbyr (yaliaitliin
Society   of  Civil   Kngliiucra,
Solicitor, Etc.,
omoe, Malu Btrcot,   -  fiiiANn fork**!, b. b.
Paints, Oils, Brushes, Sash & Doors,
Anthing Yon Want ir. the Hardware Line anil Can't Find it go to
W. K. C. Manly's Store, Grand £oi-ks, B. C.
The ahoy
With water wotks, electric H&bts,
a good wagon ro^d tu Summit cainp nnd
thc assurance thut John A. Manly will
DJt b_* u candidate for re-'.-L-etioi tbe
citizens uf Grand Korks ou^ht to be
perfectly happy and contented with
their lot.
DURANT, the conde.nned niunjere,r of
Mi so Blanche LamoiU, and prewmably
oi Miss   Minnfl Williams  also,  in   San
nciico something over two years ago
o have lieeftfc^gtd yesterday
~)Crime has been
■^^T)?    Supreme
I.. - ^ot'lU©  was totally
destroyed bv .—j ^-ttrtck ago. At the
time the tire s:art-td0l oKb-j employees
were absent and beforeet was discovered
it was burning through tbe windows and
roof. The stock and plant was insured
(or S3,OGo, and the building which
belonged to the townsite company was
valued at --bove $1,009 and was a'so
us nlmvc i-i ft truooopyol n hy-lmv piaaed
hi. Mtinfeljml (Jounuilol the city of tirnnrl
Koraa on the sixth dny of Novmnbur, a. l>., 1807.
and all [wranua are hereby required to take no-
■ tit i'thai iinyouo ilubiruua of npplylUR to have
Mich by*law or nnv part thuruot, qiiAshud, muat
mako his npplh'iitfou l-jr that purpose to tne Hu-
premo court within oiifl month noxt after tbe
p ibticiUluii of this by-law lu iliebriilsli Coltim-
hi i (itiK-dtte, or he will bi to late to bi>. heard in
that behalf,
i    (ii   lu ('an-' noftppH atlontoqnaihaby*lnwla
made u thin una iiunuh next alter thu pubheii-
tion  in Hn1 iiiiiish Columbia Uastotlo of such
By-law uud notice aa provided in soclioti ao of
ih'i.s iicr, Um liV'fnw or so much thereof ns in not
the   suhjtct t t! nny such   application,  or   not   Centrally Looatpd
quaalied nnou aueh npplicatton, to farm* Hie
tume uid'ilns. prescribe.** or directs anything
within the nroper competence of the Council to
irdnli, iicr.-cnhc or direct, shall, notwilhstaiid-
luicany wnut of HUbPtaue*? or fotm either lu the
: i;> daw itself t r in tho time or manner of puss-
hiB the saitiL- hen valid Mydaw.
fusn Woi.iastos, Oily Click*.
i irtl.ereiiuotcd In* Lhe wild Ac*of the Letfiala-
i nre'uf U.itiah colnmb.a, nu Victoria Chapter
l.., ilu,-lu-c nincii oi lho Corpora tion of ihe
Ultyui G.'rtti 1 Forks tultfht litany Uuu lu the
vi nr 1-SU/, and ivitlumt Btibmimiitt th ; aamo tu
'ihe rutjuiyers pats Ity-lawa tor wni'.rauiliii)
debt-tin b ir.owing money orotliurwUtsaud ior
levviu ■ ratun for the paytnutit of such dobla on
thera cable hind* oi im|irovementaet;hjr< rhuth
ir ihe rtnutblurinip-opt-rtyof tfiu .tnuclpniUy,
for nuy works of imiiu-ilintu neui^a ty which
are'w.uiiu ihe |urit>dieilonof Ilu hiui Cntn.oii,
Midi debts however, not to exceed lu the whulti
llie sum of fiU,uU0 0J;
Ami Where is a idubta have been eontractod
or money borrowed upon lin; aoeurll < »l debentures or othcrwlco for or on account of the aaid
sum nf ajJUu'Jso permitted to be borrowed by
tin- council of thu said Municipality uudcr the
Mill Aet;
An l VVhereiiB, it h neeo.s.'fary to Im na l lately
pruecetl witn tneeonstruetlo I ol n Waterworks
.v.-teiii u.'ii of au eieoiriu-ihjht a>atom for ilia .   , -.-,-.,
BiiidCityof Uraud Forsa  aud tu improve ihe     Nolicoii her:by given that the I'a.tnerslilp
atroetH ui tl"- aaid City; i horetotoru existing   between the undersigned
And Whereas, it is desirable to raise bydeben-! **■ !':-, Cooper and T. >\ Cooper aa ;'c.ootnetpn
t ires on ihe credit of Hie Corporation of the City 'l'" builders hiw this day been dlao v.ort by iA«-
tu' Urand Fork" and on tin ere lit of all tha rate- ""ll ennsoct, All liabilltes due by the add linn
able land and' uiiprovoiiiouta and aasessablo will ho dh'diargod by T. G. Opooer, who.wlil
property of every kind therein, aud as it first
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineer, Etc
Dealer in
Tobacco and Cigais,
The Only Place in  Town
that Handles Fruit.
rush Supply Hucdvcd Dally.
Groceries, Salt Meats and Miners Supplies.
£»-l'rospi.irlor8 nnd Minors will find It lo their Intereat to givo mo a coll Beforo bumhuiim
1 can Kiivo yon niniify.   FuiU.Inoof FlihlngTaoklo lint l.'utclvt-.l.
The weekly ne:sion oi Lhe cily cojncil
wai held yuterday in the council
chamber all the members being present
wilh the exception of Ihe mayor.
W. K. C.JManly, was voted to the chair,
rind the minute, ofihe last unrytrn^ were
read and adopted several conuuri-
tiications of iiiinoi imp iriarrce were
read. Thi clerk presented a bid from
H. S. Cyaley for $75 for legal seivicei to
the city. Thelinancc committee recommended that tic bill be allowed by the
payment of ;u> and after consideration
of the council the recommendations of
thc finance committee was concurred in.
Mr. Rogers, ot the Williams stage
line, was present and asked permission
from tbe council to build a small tttage
station on the right hand side of the
bridge. Alter some discussion on the
point Aide rm in J. K. Johns in m-ved
lhat the request be -'ranted to Mr.
Rogers. The motion was seconded by
AldcrmanDavis and on being put by the
chair was carried.
C. C. McDougnll, agent of the Kettle
River Smelting and Tramway Company
requested lhe council to recommend bis
application (or a wattr right of 1 lie
north fork water. After diseasing the
matter at some length alderman J ihnson
moved that the council endorse .Mr. Mc-
Djugall's application provided he sign-
el an agreement that actual work
be commenced on the smelter or water
rightat Ur .ml Fork; within the nex'
three months and that the clerk send
Copies of this re*:>!utioi 11 gov:rnm;nt
agent Nonis, at Vernon and Mr. VV. C.
HcDouguU's resolution was unanimously
The matter ol the sidewalk b lilding
wy8 then introduced by Alderman Jnhn-
► .ii who said that he thought the coun
cil should build tl.e sidewalk on lots that
h id no wrrl.s and charge the r?aine ip
to tho propeity, as some of the residents
had built their walks acting on the supposition that the city would build these
other walks. All of the o lit r members
of the council thought the city cimlrl
pot. afford to construct the sidewalks at
present t(me and so ibe matter was
Ti c finance committee reported that
it would require a levy of io mills on
lhe dollar to meet tbe running expenses
tf the cily for the ensuing year.
Alderman McCallum asked learc In
iBlr°<fo*;e  it b-flmv  repe*v'uij«'"tlj« -jld
W, Stirling has purchased from J.
Newby and others .1 group of three
claims consistn g 1 f lhe Silver l'luine,
Remainder and Ordanaro fraction located in Summit camp. The terms of
this deal being a cash sale for a gocd
The Jnsie property, in Summi' camp,
owned by A. L. Rogers and J. W. Young
is looking well there bting nowa 50-foot
shaft on this propeity which shows up
six feet of f 130.00 ore.
Neil McCallum is much pleased with
his recent location as it appears to be
exceedingly rich on the surface.
VV. J. Wells ot CWIUwaok, has opened a blacksmith shop and will be ready
lor business bv the 15th inst.
Stage Linz Changes Hand.
Riohard Defreese and Mr. Parker,
manajrrof the Golden Crown board
ing house, have purchased tbe st=ige line
between Grand Forks and Greenwood
from Sam Martin. A stage station has
been built at tbe Summit where a change
of horses will be made thereby enabling
them to make butter time than it is possible to do when the horses are driven
clear through. New stick will be put
on tho route and o.h*rr improvements
made so that a fust-class service will be
given betweenGreonwocd and the Foiks.
Work on the road to Summit camp is
orogei-i finely and it is exp'.cted 10 bavi
it co npbtcd in the course olafew days
Remember ihat Elwa-d's Ferry is the
only wayside house on the road where
good meals and clean bads can be found
Foil Sale—A tour-roomed furnished
cottage in Upper llrand Folks. For
further inforimtion enquire at thisoffice.
.. .a..
»*'i 1-a, '. *%?
es^'ii^c ■-'•'^2
—n        aa
A ilttlng of tha C'niiiiiv Court ol Yale will bo
holdcn at
Alldway, on Friday, the i-(tli Day of
January, i8yS,
nt 10o'clock in tho roroii.mil.
Hy command «'. <i McMVNS,
Ilovernrooirl OIHoc, Midway, ll. i',l   11. li. 0. (.',
October, '.'7, lr«, 1
MINEFAL   ACT   1896.
Uny Eaglo Mineral claim, attnate in llie Grand
Porks  Miiiinir Division of   Yato Dimi-irt.
Where Located:—ijbaorvatloii M.iiiiitnlii, n.l-
j.icfnt to (irand Porks,
TAKK NOTICE thai I, Prcd Wnlluaiuii', holing
1 an agent for PrancosJ, Wolkor, .I'n.'t'iiiiiirr'.s
oortWoatoNo. M.llllr ir. o'lirlcn Itoil.liii.-free
miner's certilicate So, ii;,<(in:-Normaii*l,r*.loi.k-
» freo miner's omlilcriio S'o.-ririir,.*.; chas,
Van Ni'sn, free nriiiOr's .vrtillriit.. No. TU.Kril; W
H'ardHplnln, [roc minor's ccrtttlaatc No. irin.t;
Win. Ili-riiy Uft., fruir miner's certtlkrale No. si.-
716, ninl ft. Scott, fri-o miner's certlQoata No. B,-
liu.i, Intend, sixty .liivs from .lulu hprcof, to up.
ply in Un* Mlnltiv Uocor.il.r for n cfortlllcatc n!
tmprovmouts, for tho imrpceo of .cttituliilno a
Crown Grant for tlio nhovechtim.   And furihor
lilko notice Ilinl tli'li.ill, uliilcr soi'liorl 117.  lit»«t
In- conimcncod before iho iHBiianco in aueh 1
tlflcata of Irrrpr.
Iliili-il this l.'rtl
,'litrr.     PlIRD \\ HI.I.l.STO.N.
of Scptoinhorlstff,
MINERAL   ACT   1896.
MoinrlHin ItOfro Miirt'rnl Olaim, slttinti. In tlie
Grand Forks Mininti Division of Valo 1Mb-
trict   whore locatt'dr— Summit Camp on
Eust of tlio Emma Mlnt'inl clulin.
TAKE NOTICE Hint 1 W. T. Smith, froo minor'n
1 certiiiealo No. sw>, tntoiitVsbcty days from
the date hereof, tonppfy to the Mining Rocor-
ilttr lor :. cttrliilcAtft of  fniproviriiiints. for lho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Oriuit ol t lie above
claim.   Anil Iurther Iiikc notice tint! action, un-
.ler K'etinn 37, must bo commenced beforo the
Issuance of sucli cerliliente of Improvements.
fiatr.*.! lliis .|ll\ day of Oetohor. IMC*.
hero tho said sum of (y 1,101 1".
purpTiso 01 mirofiiistllg and corisri'iloiiui
ci'vcting tlie s ii.1 works nn.l systomt and .
pi'i'vim* the said stioon togctlttr tvlt.i In
thereon at bjvoii pe rr-'H'. pj.'.m in 11 lu.* ti
Aud Whereas, It will roq tiro tho sum ,
11.11. iki to l.c raised annually lorn perloii ul
ty years, iho currency cl the ttopentiiros to i.u
Issued under and l.y virnio 01'.this Uy-law, tu
pay ilm Liiloresi 0,1 iiic s.iid ileiit, an i tho sum
of fill ro ir.* riM-l nnii illy di.-.u- in-j
S.UH0 period ior the [mnauo lof usftiKtnt hunt
f.n* tliu payment "i the .let created l.y nils uy-
liiw, lllttKlllg 111 rill the r-lllrr t.l •I't.tlTy. to Ij ■ r..isuil
ir:inii.iily as aforcduid to rciucm 1 ii*-* pi'liu'lpal
nn.l Interest of the said debentures;
Therefore the Municipal Council
partition or the City "' '     '
11 shall bo lawful for ihy Mayor ol the said
Muiiluipullty ur raise hy way uf loan upon the
so-nifty of the debentures hereinbefore in   *
uuiied ir.un nny person
bodies corporal
nliuiic llie said business.
P, E. Cool-Kii.   - -
T. U, Cuol'l'.lt.
i.nl Forks uuitels a-
Number Four minora! claim situate lu lhe
lii'.ni.l Forks miningDivtsonof Ynlodistrict.
Where I.ucatod:—lu 0-*iiir.ii camp.
TAKE NOTICE I John A. Coryell ns agent for
I Henry while free miner's certificate No.
H753I iiiiil M. W. Pitlmorston free miller's cortlll-
onto No.lilA, lutond, sixty 'lavs from the ilnie
here,if,    to    apply     to   tho     Milling     Iteooi*.
dor for certilicate of Improvements, lor the nnr-
po-c orobtuiiiluga Crown grant oi ihe above
I further take notice thnt action, under
n, ry. must be oouunoiinud bofore llie issu-
u( r-iich corttliotito of ^nprovu aunts.
y person or persons „r body or i ,1  IIS A. Col'.YF.l.l..
e who may I.e willing to advance !    Dated this I Ith 'lav of StPtuinbor, ISIKI.
lime upon the ereilil ot the snid debentures,
Mich sum n- suiiisol mniicy us Ire may be ubltf
to irhtiltn lir-rel'or or thcrculi  a.rfl   ...,.
tniuc lo bo . .11 ..
of tho colli c.       tr tno rrwjt.i.i..mia illsn
joct ubuvc reel
• turn
bU< tn
It simll bu IttWfii)     "lert'liitjciui*
uny iiunibcrof dubeii-fc ^-tnuut o*  I
sums of money u nt*v  i''*'"
i-iirrciicy or lusturUli   ^flnfj uut Uu
Ciuuidiuti monuy or^ '
and not ujuwodtuy In tlio w
|)iu'|kjs«3 iu thu prt'ji'i'iii^ ttuuti-v*
Mii'i ilmi the said rtebuntuiuanhiill Ij
thu teal ni the Jinii   ortiomtlon nud
by thogntd KUforandTrciifiuior,
The Mid ddbtMiliiri-K hIiuII bo mad-
twenty yMM from tho lltli day o
1M27 cithe»in enrruney or Btcrang, iu ttw lio-
minion of CknmU, Urout Britain ot cUMtoiii>,
Audi •hull huve Attuched   to ilium   liajr-)v:iriy
enu(0RNfar the puyinentui Interest.
Thc said dcb-'iittirei and Interest coupons
shull bea ti rut ebiir^o upou nil uasussuble real
nutl terional p 'onor y oro.* within tbo Mnniel*
nallty, nud s.iiill bu paid in pri n-itj' to nil dui
buntnres or.d-jb.Mituru clubtu BUbequcmly )»•
Hued 01 created by tbe Municipality.
The said ilebcnturesshall bo.vr interest at the
rnti! of bi'veu pur cent per annum from the
thai! thermit, which Ititerenl .-luill bu paveb e
half yearly on tlm U.ii dny of ilu uunniia ot
June nmi December hi eueb year, nt thu plnce
Mini debeucui'Oftai'o inn t-j payabiu lis
^j»       ^m x 1 a<;M act 1897.
™     'i L     -jfaTIFiCATK^ I.MPKOVKMKXTS.
V    N aJ^TlfJK.
AhhtIc: iik'ft;::c M:_i*ml CTalm, Kltunted In thf
11 l ■
Unring twonty ycara, the currencj
bentuves to be Issued uudur tho autb
Bylaw, tbo sum of $1,400.00  sliall liu
iui*ui> for the payment of in
or the do
irltyof tliu
IllibUlI   llllll tlm said
'irand ForkiMtitlpK Dlvldlon of Yale Dis-
v trli't. Whtfe located |—WcllttiffiQil camp,
KujiU' mnuutiiin.
JTAmSOTlUK lhat I, Hugh s. Cayley, nn ngent
i! for iphn T. O'lirien, free in titers certitieate
tf». 89W8nndJohn Holm, freo aini'r'i oortHI-
cute No. 106A, Intend, sixty (laysflum the date
hereof, to apply to tlio Mining Recorder for u
Certtifeati! nf Improvements, for the purpose of
obtii-UliHg u Crown -.rant of tbe aboro claim.
.vnd further tako notice thnt action, tinder
section 37, must be Aiinmenceit tiefore the It-sit-
aitee of such Ceriltlctteaf haftrvvcuicut*..
Hated tbis'JIst dny of KeplettHtr, 18<>7.
Barber Shop.
Looatod.   All Work ilHiiruiiteeil to be
FiiHt-CluBS iu -.very Respect,
PETER A. I PARE,     *      *      PROPRIETOR.
Mnuniucturer of
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
GItAND   FOltK'8,   U.   C.
Son* Filing and all Kind' of Repairing.
Th;Providence Fur Company
Providence, R. I.,
Wants all kinds nl
Raw Furs, Skins,Ginseng,
Si'iir-m. -ri*!. Print's tjunted fnr next sixty days
ure its follows;
BiivofFox tun 00 to tun 00
Hear •    fi uu to    2fl 00
Otter     4IHIIO     '.10(1
Millllll      '2 IW 10      II un
Ik-nVLi' (per pound)    H 1)0 to     111)0
Wolf    l ODtto     ri «i
Kid Fox     1 Otl 11)      'J00
Mink       JS'to      1 OO
Skunk       Mto     IW
Gray F.,x      •:-.,       M
Km       80 *»        93
rrii'tr l.lst on ruI other fnri*. ind akkia rlimlsji.
ed upon spplit'ntinn. Fall prices guor-tntoetl,
t'luvful Gt-lt't-tton, courteous irttstmciit anl lin-
mcdtiilc ryinlltsme on all enullyiimfiitfi.
Chicago   Meat Market,
BROWN & SEARS, Proprietors.
The Finest Fresh and Salted Meats
^Grand Forks Hotels
Is the Oldest and Leading Hotel in tlie city,
and Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men. The house has just been refitted
and the rooms are unsurpassed for comfort in
the city, while in the Dining room can ba
found the best food in the market.
All Stages Stop at the House* S <S
Joseph L. Wiseman, Proprietor:
Nelson, Wash.
■ Hires, nnd the huh of f >;*i --hell be raited
annually for tlie purpose of terming n sinning
fund for tin* pnyuiout of the prtneipul of tlm
said loan of |Jo,o u in twenty year , making lu
nil list-   mini of f2,0?2 lo lie raised uilUUHlly its
nforosfttd- and that n Bpeeiul rate on the dollar
upou tlie HBHeasablo value of nil tlio rateable
property botti renl nud perMoual In tliu ciiy of
Urand Votki over an i auovo all other mien aud
taxeo. and which Hpeolal rato«htill be milllelent
to produce in oael, year the Mini of $i,0.2.00sliall
be lovled aunimlly aud collected irom ihu veur
one thousand elgnt tiuinlrf<t nnd ulnty-cfght to [
tho year oue thousand nine hundred aud six-
iceti, both years Inclusive.
Monte Curio Mineral iditim rdtuftted lu the Grand
Korku Mining  Division «(  Vale Dlstrler.
Whero located:—Wellington -wisp, Kagle
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hugh S. Cavley, Mutnt
1   mr John T.O'flrion, free miner's fertloeau.*
No. S!i7--..i. und 8 M. Kirkham, freo mlner'scor-
tiiiente No, SH237f Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to npply to the Mining lteeorder f*r
a I'ertlili'iiic of Improvement a for the purpose
of oh tni ni ui; il Crown Grant nf the above eluim.
And further take notice Mint nction, under
section H7, musl be commenced beforo thoii-.su*
since of suoh Certilicate of Improvements.
H. 8. Cayi.kv.
Dated this 21st dny of September IW.
That the sum of $21,000 When
bu applied forthcporpisos aho-
according to the true intent and
This Bylaw shall take otl\ ui un tho 61
of November, hfi-7,
Passed in open Council thtsof 5th day Ni
ber, IMiT.
lteeoiihlderod and llnally adopted this
dsy of November, 18:17.
Council ( hamber.rtiand Korks. NovemborOth,
JOHN A, MA.sIA", .MaVou.
FiutD Wollaston, City Clerk.
•btalnod simll
spe filed, nud
eiMiltig ui linn
MINERAL   ACT   j8(>5.
Rattler Mineral Claim* Situated in the ("irand
Korks   Mining   Division of    Yale  District.
Whero located:—In Wellington (.'amp, near
ih,-.-iiiiiniu ot Lookout Mountnin.
Northern Pacific
Yellowstone Park Line
The Fast Line,
Superior Service,
Thmniili Tickets to nil i-olnts In the Unltcrl
Htntt'S uml t"rrtiit lu.
The »
iovq Is ii true copy uf n by-law passed by
lelpal Corporation of thu citv of Oraad
n ihe sixth day of November, A.D.,
ml nil itorsniis nre hereby rein lake notice tliat any one oV**
Irons of apply lus to bave such by-law or any
part therfiot qunsliedi must maka his appllm*
Mon for Hint purpose to tho supremo eoun, with
in one month next after the publication ef tiifN
by-law iu the British Oolumbia Gazette, or he
will he loo lute to be lien nl In lhat helm If.
[2] In ease nofipplicatlnn to squash a ..j-la.v
Is made within one mouth next aftor tlie pub-
licntion iu the British Columbia Uazetto of sueh
by*1aw, iind.'iotiee as provided lu soetlon 80of
this act, the by-law, or so much thereof ;im Is not
the subject ol any application, or not quashed
upon such application, sp far us the vhuig or
dalns, prescribes, or directs anything within
the proper compeiouoe o( the Couucit to ortlaiu,
prescribe, or direct, shnli, notwithstanding any
want of substance or form, either lu the i-y-l-iw
Itself, or in the timo or mariner of passing the
same, be n valid hv-lnw.
KitKD Wollaston, City Clerk.
Direct ConnocHous with the Spokane Kails &
Northern linllway.
No. i West   8:2fip. m.
No 2 East  '. .7:00o.m.
Tickets to Japan and China via. faeomn and
Northern I'licille Steamship Company.
Kor information, time cards, maps and tickets
-TAKE NOTICE that I, John A Coryell, ssagent I apply toftgePW of thc Spokano Kails Ai Northern
-   forC. \ tin Ness, l-ree Miner's Ccrtlfleatc No,   „„„ u*i»„«MP*nlln«*a nr
7I8U8, intend, sixty dajsIrom the date hereof, *"«>«conncellons,or
to apply to the Mining Recorder fara ceitmeate I '' u* I,I,IHh-
of imjir-jvemonts, for the purpose of obiaiulUK I General Agent Spokane, Wash.
a Crown giant of tbo above olaim. And iurther     ,  ««».«»«,	
hike notice that action, under Bection 37. must     A- a CHARLTON, A. O. p. A.,
I before the IsBimnt'o of such eer-1 No. 9W .Morrison St., Portland, Or.
Write for new map of Kootenay country.
■nte of Improvements.    John a. CorykUi.
iied tills Hith day of September, IHU7.
City of Grand  Forks
tion of a certain agreement between lh*
City of Orand Korks nnd the Trusts and
Guarantee oompany, Limited, providing for the
Investment and saie-keep-ug ol a .dnk ing fund
to be raised to redeem debcuturefl of this Muni-
otpalltyto the amount of 120,000 for the construction of public works ol innnediate necessity.
Passed November sixth' t8U7.
Whereas ty-lnw-.No. 9 of this Mnniclpiilltv, j
dated and passed on the 6th day or Novembc,!
1807, authorizes the isRtio and Satfrby the City oi j
debentursw to tbeaisount oi|30,00i u r tho pur*!
pose of constructing public works of Imntedl-ito *
necessity in oeeoroVnee with thc borrowivsb
powers bestowed upon iho Miinleipalitv of —
-Vetj of the I t^islaiureof the provlQ-gS-saflK
WHITE & KER, PioprietorB.
Special   Sale of   Hats.
Two dozm Straw Huts at u Bargain.
Watch Repairing a Specialty   j*   ***   All Work Guaranteed
•tO    l)||)' III!'   I,f-|   HIl'C'l
iv tliu bust -'-.sills.
Canton Steel
is tlie boat and can be find the
cheapest at outsold Log Stoic
NcIkou, or our Eurtka ..Store
Special Prices on Larft Ltatj;
This Bteel is GunrantftdftftlM
Kqual to, Jessep's   in hook
Dealers hi Uencral Alercbaadlse,
First-Class   Accommodations,  Good StabMrig, Termius  of
Stage Lin-j From Marcus,  Washington.
McAuley& Keightley,
■s^^Grand Forks, B.
EverythinK New and B:.-t Furnished
Ilouye, and is in everyway prepared to
welcome Guests and provide Good Accommodation.
MX£ Headquarters (cr Mining Men.   Best |
ejej ol Wines. Vquors and  Cigars.    Special
0X0X attentio   paid to Transcient trade.
Choice Wines Liqtfors and Cigars,
This hotel is loca'e 1 about 12 miles from Grand Forks up the North Fork.
Or od Fishing and Hunting in the vicinity. Meals served at all hours, and
ire best of sleeping accommodations. H. P. TORONTO, Proprietor
The Miners Home.
(Formeily thc White House)
Firstcli^s Meals 25cts. Board and Lodging
I f.25 a Day*   Give us a Call-.
iWfeies, Liquors and Qg**,
Boundary Greek Mining Exchange
■£ Financial and Mining Brokers «£
Groups of cl.ims Bought for Stcck Companies,  Etc., Etc.
Stage m^M. Line,
G. W. WILLIAH5, Manager.
Daily from Marcus to Grand Forks
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Eoundary Falls, Midway
■in*** All Points on Colville Indian Resevation.
Stage Lea«i Marcus on tbe Arrival ol '.hi Northbound TrMn, ar.ivirg at;Qiand.
»»'*•*«* tlti P. » Leaves Hie Forks al 4 »o a. m., arriving at Marcus in time to
0MMM*itKMiMOtMKi Train. I'-isBengetitfrotn Kootenay Points make eemnM-
twa af •>stk*rg goiag nnd ccm b-j.
lUItupt  l"im Iti' I.
Tha Golden Crown is Literally Crowned With Go'd.
The Stockholders Meeting In Qreen.
wood Nov. 3,  Shows a Most
Sttifisct'ii-y Slate of
lion. Thomas Maync Daily,ex-minis
ter of the Interior at Oitawa, now of
Roasland; Andrew Kelly, oi the firm ol
Alexander Kelly & Co, millers of Brandon, Manitobia; W. C. Orde, of Rossland, formerly of tbe Dominion Land
Olilce; W. A. McDonald Q. C , of N .1
son, B. C , formerly leader of the opposition in Manitobia and G. II. Collins,
comae;, running dovn beside the ledge,
which at this paint is about two and one
half feet of solid ore on the surlace, and
consists of alternate •earns of solid
pyrrhotitc and line liTtlr*0»rU literally
lot _« -ftth Qa«-Mr **5piide3, iron
l»yrv_-u «Hd pei*J***A copper. Splendid
aaaay] ba** been obtained Irom surface
ore at this point, an average sam ile
taken irom near the surlace returning
ai assay valu: of "157.56 in gold and 3 to
6-10 per cert, of copper. The dip of the
lead taking ii away from tbe vertical a
crosscut was run in nine feet at the 50
foot level, exposing the lead and showing five feet of solid ore samples of
which generally maintained similar a:-
say values to those mentioned above of
ore obtained near the surface. At a
depth ol 52 feet the shaft became 90 wtt
that work her ■ bad to be suspended lir-
til the pumping anil holding plant,al-
roady ordered, slall be installed and set
to work.
In the old shaft sunk down by W J.
Porter, the locator of the property and
now superintendent of the mine a similar slowing of ore to that in the Win-
nepe*> lead was ma^e. Near the surface this ledge carried considerable free
gold but it became more base as it went
Various shafts  and open cut1, hnve
CariddaUs Getting in Shap.'
fjr th'. Affray.
Qualifications Necssary  in Order to
Run for Mayor Alderman  at
the Coming Election.
"e—Or who is ,1 house holder i'*
municipality. «     .
"Thai the voters' list sbal'
thc lirst Monday in  Decembgi  —   D
corrected; revised and certified  by the
Mavor ,,n or .before the thtid  Monday
in December, *
"Tha ihtr clerk immediately alter such
correction or revision shall prepare an
alphabetical list of voters suting such
vo.ers' cjnalificat ons.
*' That the council shall bv bylaw or
resolution pa-sed in the month tf December appont the places for holding
nomina'ion, the returning officer and
deputies and thepolli -g places and shall
prior to the day ol nomination furni,h
the returning officer with a list of voteas
lor each ward and uiranrje lor the coming election.
"That the nomination shall be held on
the second Monday in January from 12
nOon to 2*p. ,m. a d the polling shall
take place on the following Thursday
from 8 a. m. to 4 p m.
of Greenwood, were in the city Thurs-,, 	
j 1  1   .  ...«.i.    ti,<.   r,„,   been put in, opening up in a I  six (lis
day evening of  last   week.    Ihe   lirst- ,,,,,.
,        ,, _     ,,„ „   ,  ,•_., 1 tinct    ledges   all    showing   the   same
named gentlemen are members ot the .   ,        T     . ?  .
; general character of ore and all carrying
i good values iu gold and copper.
I    The mam working  of  tbe  property
' j however is  the great crosscut   tunnel
llrandon & Golden Crown Mining Co ,
of Rossland, B. C , on their way  home
from tbe ai.nual stockholders meclin
held at Greenwood  Nov.  3.  and   Ml. 1
thej wlii.his b;ing run to cut five parallel
Collins, the managing director of
company accompanied them as far as
the Forks on their j lUrney. returning to
Greenwood Friday mirning.
The gentlemen expressed themselves
as extremely well pleased with the mineral showings of thissectioo and predict
for it a great future as a mining district;
they also spoke very hopefully of the
outlook for a railroad, which they
Beemed to think very bright. Another
thing which elicited particular mention
was the beautiful situation of the town-
site of G-anl Forks and iis p-ospicts
of becoming a large city thc entire party
saying that it was one of the best situated towns in British Columbia.
At tbe meeting of the stockholders
first held officers were elected for the
en ruing yearaa follows: IVesid mt, Hon.
T. Mayno Daly, ex minister of Interior;
vice-Preside t, Andrew Kelly, of the
firm of Alexander K lly&Co., Brandon;
Sycretavytreasurer, \V. L Orde, of
Rossland; Manyging-direcior, G. II.
Cj'.lins; Directors, Hon. J. N. Kirch-
offer; Senator for Manitobia, Brandon;
W. A. McDonald, Q. C, Nelson; W. A.
Fuller, Spokane; W. M. John-:o.i, B-an-
don; W. J. Porte.*, Greenwood; J. Jcr*
niyn, Toronto. The repors of the president, secretary-ttoasurer and nmnagitig-
director developed a most satisfactory
state of allairsani encourag id the stockholders to a gre iter fai*.h than ever in
their compiny and its property, wbiyh
by the way is without a doubt one of the
best and mo.t promising properties in
the entire ICetile river and Biundary
districts. From the gool showing at
t 0 mine it was decided to advance the
price ot the stock in the company, most
■ pf which is being disposed of in England, although the people employed in
the working of the properly are alio
buying considerable quantities from so
cents to 25 cents.
The Company's Prop.rty.
Apropo of this moeting of the company and the large amount of development whieh they have done on their
claims a short description of the properties opened by them and the work done
to date may not be out of place.
Tho company owns in fee simple tbe
(.olden Cmvn claim in Wellington
camp and has a bond on the Calumett,
veins. This tunel is uow In about 200
feet and is expected to tap all the leads
for which it is being driven within the
next icoo feet. When in about 70 feet
a blind lead with a width of iS inches
was tapped and since then two other
blind ledges one six inches the other
lour feet wide having been cut which
gives at least eight veins to be opened
by this tunnel when completed, provided no more blind leads are tapped.
The general character of the ore is
practically the same in all the workings,
solid pyrrhotite alternating with copper
sulphides and iron pyrites in qur.rlz, and
all the  ledges  cut squarely across the
Seven weeks from next Thursday the
qualified electors of the municipality of
Grand Forks will be called upon to
elect a mayor and i-ix aldermen to serve
ior the ensuing year. Already the mayorality bee is buzzing around the cats of
a number of prospective csnjid ites and
the contest promises to be a lively and
interesting one. According to the municipal election act the qualifications
necessary to entitle a person to be nomi
nated and eleetcd mayor are that he
shall be a ma'-' li iii h suljectcf the
lull age of twenty-one years, who is not
disqualified under any lav aid has been
for the six months ne t preceeiling the
day cf nomination the registered owner
inlhoL.nd Registry e I'li :e, of lind or
renl piopetty in ihe cry • f ihe assessed
value of one thousand do lats or more,
over and above any registered incumbrance or charge, and wio are otherwise duly qualified ;.s municipal voters
This narrows the list down from which
to make a cholco for mayor to the Icl
lowing persons: John A. Manly, W. K
C. Manly, L A. Manly, Jeff Davis, Robt
Hewitt, Dave Woodhead and P. McCallum, and as Mr. J hn A. Manly bas
lately declared that he is not, and under
uo consideration will be a candidate
for re-election, it lessens the number by
one from which to make a choice.
The friends of Peter T. McCallum are
A rich  strike has ju-.t been  made on
the   Lame    Foor.   propeity   in   Wolf's
camp    It appeals that a 275 foot tunnel
j has been run on this claim of which 87
feet is in ore lhat  rum gp to the tor.
In cruiseatiing this thi; 87 foot a seam 1 b iller and 23 hone power hoist, a No. 5
of countty rock was encountered which j pump and all appurtenances rrnd
purchased f.i
left last Sunday for Eu eka
I follow the practice of bis
Jr. Manly
ere he wil
proles ion.
M *. Frar.k Hemenway, superintendent
of (be 0 d^Ironsides mine, spent a day
or two in tcrvn the fore pan. of the week.
Mayor -Manly returned to Rossland
lar.t Sunday morning to close up some
business affairs, alter wh ch he expects
to return ta llie Forks to spend eom-
Mis. AI Pre.slar came in fiom Eureka
last evening nnd will reman in the city
a few days loo'cing alter some husiness
affairs. She is accompanied by her
daughter P.arl
Duncan Mcintosh, of the Wi rncpeg
property came 'iiA'n Saturday '-veiling
and place! an order with E. Spraggett
lor lumber for Ibe Lu Idings now being
erected on that iroperty.
The machinery fr r the Winnepeg
passed through 1 Irani Forks last Sa ur-
day. it consists of a complete hoisting
and  pumping  [.■ ant, a do-horse  power
formation, which is djorite and granite..
There   is growing   on the  property' quietly feeling the public pulse in his
plenty of good  timber, suitable for   use
f oth in the a ins workings and for fuel;
an abundant supply   of water for all
purposes is also possessed.   The  prop-
1 crty is heated  on the summit ot the
j mountain ridge between  Fourth of July
I creek and L'nd creek, with an altitude
' of   about 4500   feet.   The wagon road
between Gran 1 Forks and Greenwood
crosses the properties and gives a down
gtaee full nine  miles to Grand Forks,
and the proposed railway lino from the
Columbia river to Pentieton is surveyed
within a shoit distance of the mine so
it will be easily accessible for ore shipments.
A complete hoisting and* pumping
plant has hem ordered from-ithe Inger-
s'.l S'argetnt D '11 Company, a 50 horse-]
power bii er, a 4 > horse pVwer Standard Ledgerw'ond hoisting cn»ine and a
180 gallon Knowles vertical sinking
pump.* together with a full 'complement
of accessories, mcludiia] 400 feet of >V
inch frire ropt, bWSkr-t* 1 iping and all
othar Siting!. Th* macs-bury is now
oa Its waf from Mareufband as soon as
it caa be placed in position "sinking will
be returned in the shaft on Ihe Winnepeg lead and it will be pushed down
to a depth ot 403 leet as expeditiously
as possible. Work on the big tunnel
wiil also be continued all winter.
From twelve to fifteen men are now
employed by tbe company and it is ex.
pected with the installation of the machinery plant an increase of four or five
men will be required ts be made iu the
working force.   Ample building accom-
same camp and onlr «ne claim from the I modation lor a large force has already
Goldea Crown; these properties are U j been provided as well as for all other
the Grand Forks mining division and al-1 m'""* purposes, including boarding
thoughcomparativelylittlehe.irelofafcw|h*)us^ blacksmith shop, etc. Tho corn-
months ago the Golden Criwn, by reason j P^'y ba- recently erected a large shaft
o.' the extensive development and the | house, a commodious building for the
wonderful showing it has made under j protection of its machinery plant.
the same has now become the "show"
property of this entire section and faith
in its becoming a dividend payer is
more   universal  than   In   perhaps any
behalf and if it is found to beat suffi
ciently strong to insure his eloHton they
will enter him in the race. <M the condition of; ffiirs have change*! lince the
last election they feel confident that be
would be a winner. But In tbe event
that it is apparent that Mr. McCallum
cannot develop tbe necessary strength
to secure an elec ion, a combination
will ho effected whereby his friends will
name the Candidate and that gentleman
will be returned to his seat in the council.
The feeling still exists tbat it would
be detrimental to the
city to allov the management
municipal affairs to pass under the con
Irol of Mr. MgCaltuni and bis followers
and with that view in end 'he friends ol
both W. C. K, and L. A. MAuly ur;
canvashig the situati >n for tbe purpose
of ascertaining which one of the gentlemen will put up the strongest race. As
the contest is young yet it is a hard
matter at this time to pi edict which one
of-them will be decided upon to head
the aiiininis'.raiioi ticket.
The friends o( Jeff Divis are qiietly
resting 011 their ores, wearing a knowing
smile on their face, watching ever/-
movement of the followers of the o-.her
candidates. They cluai that from tbe
way thin ;s are shaping up it will be im
possible to keep their man iut of tire
race. As an argument in fav ir of this
ibeory it is claimed lhat Mr. Divi*
being a sueces.fu1 bu dries; man, not
lied to any clie'i* or fa:tion, is better
was 25 feet in thickness. Ahcr leaving
this country a seam of ore was found
the thickness of which has not as yet
been ascertainetL A', present a double
shift is working on a crosscut being tun
for ihe purpose of ascertaining the width
of tills If ad. The ore from the new
strike assays as high ar f6o in gold nnd
copper. The La-t e Fo t is owned by
a Spokane syndrca'n ot -.'hich Jacob
Gorlz. better known as "Dutch Jake" ii
at tliu he id, who are determined to demonstrate lhe s'zo. 1 f the ore body in the
property if money, perseverence and
hard labor will do it. It is the intention,
as soon as th : ore body they are now
working in i; erosscu', to tun another
tunnel some 6x1 feet Irom the s.nfacc,
by which ihey expect to tap the present
ore body at a depth of about 8o~ feet
Upon the completion of ihe lower .uonel
n shaft is to be su It to coanect the two
tunnels. When this propi ted work is
finished the owners ol the property wiil
be in a position to ship ore. as the Laore
tFoot will undoubtedly have reached
thM stage where it can properly le
classed as a dividend payer.
Bert Campbell is building a waeon
road from Nelson to!,is property, known
as thc Sorpri-e, on Lone Ranch creek
a distance of about a m.le and a ha't
Tne Surprise is tbe best developed property on Lone Ranch creek and notwithstanding this fact Mr, C impell intends to
push development work all winter,
Messrs.Hamilton, Rii.gec Ranee, who
own the Sitka, have now over 70 feet of
work done on this claim and their
pay streak holelr cut well, tbe average
assay being £101 in gold, silver and cop-
I per.   They lave a quantity of ore sack-
F, R. M nd'nhal!, the
Kosrl.u.d representative of the Jeckes
Machine Company,
W J Schui'izk and his brother have
just returner from Camp Fairview
where they h.-o teen for Ihe 11st three
ii mills, tint 1 they left here in July
last they hav: visited Eureka ramp,
Camp McKinney and sever,,I other min-
ng regions and after si/erg them all up
ihey srry none of '.hem w 11 compare with
Grand Forks sec **-;! for either beauty
of tuvnsite or '-'i.e.-s of miicra't?,
The boys are i*tMl*ing arrangements
to leave in a couple of weeks for Seattle,
ibcy will remain for the wtiitur and then
leave for Ihe Klondike.
MRS. FRIBILSKY, $300 Takes It!
Tne furniture, li\tu t*s and even thing
with a btisine h that can be made to pay
Kood money. Best location in town.
For Furthyr particulars, Addrcsa D. O.
Box jc, Grand Forks, B.C.
Riverside Ave.    Grand Forks.
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways*.
Law ail(l  Collecting Agency,  TheOnly All-rail Route,without change
of cars,between Spokane, Ross
land and Nelson.
li.tll.Y   BXCEI'I
CIobo CoiioccLInus Rl Nelson with BtKiui
I for Kuslitiunl ull K'-'i'.'.'iinv Kill,--.* I'ollltJ,
UK! riSIl   ' Ml.r.MP.IA
passenger* for Kettli
Creok connect ol Man in
Riyer nud   flnnm
witli staui (Inl .
A Beautiful Situated Townsite, at the Natural
Gateway one of the Greatest Mining Sections
of ihe Wotld, and in the center of one of the
Finest Agricultural and Fruit Growin sections
British Columbia.
interests of the led for shi;an nt tottie smel'.er, but own
f the irfg totie d'ffieulty in getting freighters
to handle it tbey txpectit willbe some
days before it can be shipped to Marcus.
Pat O'Connw fell from-jlhe RooPof Jeff.
Davis' Store and is Badly Injured.
Last Tu e-day altornoon I'atiiekO'CSn-
nor met wi'h a painful ace'i'iflM f.-uiV,
the effects of wuich he will be laid up
for a long lime if not VripplcdKfor l'.f;
>' Tbe circumst rnces leading up* ti$rie
accident as near as can be learned are
as follow1:
Mr. O'Coimer was engaged in asking George Copper o build a chimin y
on Jeff Davis ec Co.'s store and hid been
sent onto the roof lo swer*p off the sr.tr.v,
while thus engaged one of the deals on
which he ivas standing gave a«ay and
as the roof his a steep pitc 1 and being
coveted with snow at tlie time, i: was
impossible fir him to tetain his position
and he slid off of lhe roof to the gio"nd
below, a distance ot some 20 feel, alight
Goods in Every Department v/ill be Slaughtered.
Commencing next Monday morning
G. W. Averil will inaugurate a Grand
Clearance Sale in ev r/ dcpnr'ment in
bis Big Store, including (1 roceries, Hardware, Dry Goods, Boots at -el Shor's, Hats
and Core, Furniture, Wall P»|.er,
Wagon limber, Doors and Windows and
Clothing, in fact every Hoe of goods to
be found in the store. Owing to being
overstocked in every department nnd
in order to convert ll-.e ^goer's into cash
this step has been found necus ry. If
you are in need of anything in these
lines be sure to call early, before everything is picked over. Tbis sale is str'ctly
lor cash and prices will bc slaughtered
rif.ht and left.
The Following Desirable
Property at a
Forks now Prc-
sents one of the best opportunities ior investment.
Ten acres
ini bmiu.ii
II Will
other property in these  parts.
The Golden Crown and Calumett are
in excellent company being separated
from one another by the Winnepeg
which although only a fraction of same
33 a;res is acknowledged by all who
have eximined it to be firstly entitled
to be called a mi ie and which is valued
at in the neighborhood of $60,000 and is
well worth that pi'iee from [resent >'o-
velopmcnl alone. Only a short distance
away are the Gild Diop, Snowshoe,
Old Ironsid.s, Knob Hill and Stem
winder, the great prop ntics of Greenwood camp and in fact on all sides of
tho company's claims are located properties of acknowledged merit, and many
of which have been proven beyond a
doubt urines of great merit.
The Calumett has been oper.ed up by
numerou; open cits, shafts and other
workings and aline showing ot pyrrhotitc
ore has been made but as yet not in
quantity suflieentto make its development proli'.abl-. It is believ.d however
that the Winnepeg lead extended into
their p-operty as it docs through the
Golden Crown and since it is uncovered
there will be no further doubt aa to the
value of the j,roperty.
On the Gilden Crown tha l;ad bas
been opened for 700 feet by a series of
open cuts at distances of 100 feet apart
along the course ot the ledge. In the
cut near lhe noith line, where lhe vein
was first found the lead shows up about
five feet wide and is good ore right from
Ibe surface of the ground, In each of
the other cuts, which are about two and
one half feet wide, from 21 to 00 feet
long and ; to 15 feet deep, tbe vein
shows up strong, cutting clean across
the formation and varying from two and
ons half to five feet in width. In ihe
cut about 5oo feet south of the place
where   the   veil   was   first   struck tbe
The company is most fortunate in its
management, tbe directorate being composed of businesi men of high standing
who have gone about opening their
mine in a business like manner and have
succeeded to such an extent that while
almost every mining conpany in the
country is having a bard time to keep
afloat in any wriy they have not only done
over $8,000 worth of development work
on their property, but have purchased a
fine plant of machinery, pushed the
price of s'.ock up from 10 10 25 cents,
opened up ono of the greatest pioperties
in the district and arc now reaiy to continue work all winter on a larger scalo
than ever before.
Tbe 1 Iti ;eiu exercises a careful
general supervision over the affairs ol
the company and the wo*kat the mine
is carried out under the officiant direction
of G. II. Collins, resident managing
director, und W, J. Porter, mino superintendent.
qualified tj till tbioffi re tli ea either  of lingon'apileofbrick,   Fortuna-ely hefcll
the three candid He i, and ii  the event! f^'firsl which fact alone dou'nlesr saved
! hi. Iile.
The unfortunate man was conveyed
to his Inuie on Riversid; avenue, ,bv
those who witnessed the acciden , anl
Docors lleoworth and Smith were both
summoned 11 administer to the wants ol
the inj ired man. An examination revealed the fact lhat lhe right leg was
broken at the ankle as well as one of the
bones in the left foot, which were set and
the patient was made as Comfortable as
of his ele:tion—they point with pride to
his sueccssful business careeri 1 this city
—and claim that the cit/'sbusness would
be conducted in a careful and judicious
manner.   As each of the f ,u.- gentlemen
above   named  have  maiy   wtrm sup
porters the indications are  that there
will    be  a lively  aid    good   natured
skirmish for the nomination, and when ! possible under the circum
the situation bas narrowed down to the
two tickets the contest will be fought
on the merits of the opposing candidates.
While thi interest 111 the race for
aldermen is not so great as lhat for
mayor, there prom.ies to b; a lively
scramble for stats in the "golden
chariot"as it rolls by. The q lalific.ions
neccrsary to entitle a person to be nominated and elected for alderman  are th
Tho doctors say that while the fr'C-
tines nr-e bad onep, and as there are no
internal injuries, mid Pat b- ing a strong
yori rg man of t> mpera'e habits Ihi y an-
ticinaie na trouble in having him about
again in lie due 0 'or e nf 1 me
Conlrac's Let.
Contractor W. B. Davey left fur Rossland last  Wednesday afternoon, where
he goes to arrange his business trffaiis
same as those' for mayor excepting "that jin that cil>' s0 lhat he <iln kivc n'3 Per
it only requires a five hundred dollar I *on, attention to putting In the writer
,.',',.. ,    , ,        I works nnd electric light system in  lh'*
land qua ihcation instead of one theus- city, llm* oxp'C's to be'absent about
an?' ..     , .1 ten or fifteen days
At   present   the list   of    prospective 1     jj fo e leaving   Mr.   Davey awarded
tundidatei for aldeimatic honors con-, tho contract for the consruction of ihe
po-vcr house, res voir and othe-s wniks
i. co miction with the water nnd light
*>v*tem. The successful bidders were
P.-rer Hanna, who was awarded the contra *t for the resevoir and power house;
Work Suspended.
Work on the wagon road from Greenwood to Summit camp was suspended
last week, on account of the funds bein;
exhausted. The road at present is completed within a mile and a half from the
road to the B. C , which it is said can De
built for about $250. The woik already
done on this road by the enterpiising
citizens of Greenwood amounts to nearly
$1,200 and it is a pity that opperations
have to bc suspended forth* paltry sum
of $e;o, and as the people of that city
bave spent thousands of dollars in building roads the government should at leart
see that thi sroad is completed*
Thanksgiving Day Service-
Communion at 10:15 a. ro.. Thanks.
giving service at 11 a. m. By kind per
misnron of tbe school trustees tbe above
services w'll tie held in tbe school house
011 November 2.0th, by Rev. H, Irwrn ol
Rossliid. 'All are cord-ally invited to
ainsthe 11 ir.ies of J. W. J011C3,   Robert
Hewitt, J K. Johnson, Geo. Cooper, J.
Wisenien,   Robt,    Peiiie,   Dr,   Smith,
Richard .McCairen, Al. I'raunwiser and I
lhe four
ble chance for a scarcity of timber Irom j the  power house,   The  contract cills
which to construct a council. 1 for work to be commenced at once and
As there seems 10 be awid-j difference is t0 b; completed as soon ns oraciical.
e , ,.c Immediately upon Mr.   Davey s  return
of opinion as to tbe qualifications necw-1 f™S Rossland excavating on Bridge
sary to entitle a person to vote at the I sttect ami Riverside avenue and the lav
forth coming election, we paMHh below ' ing of pipes willbe commenced.   In the
• named prospect condidates for I Hugh Cannon the contract for gitrin.
, . ,, _      .    out the po'es  for the electric n.-stem,
.-,."I !!*".,!. i[.C.,S_!!°*.0SS':' and George Cooper the mason work or
richest ore was found and a double com-      Don't .forget to drrjp iii and see Gra;
■partnjent shaft has been sunk on the ham, at k|w«r<lji,'ferrx. \c yOU pais by,
that portion of the municipal election
act of 18967 relative ta that point, as
well as the sections, prescribing the time
of closing the voters list; Hfc.:
"That anv rna'e or female British subject ol the furl: ge of 21 y tata may vote in
the ward in which be or she is a resident
and a ratepayer raid who has paid on or
fbefore the first day ol November, prior
to the-Jay ol nomination, all municipal
rate«, taxes, assessmentsandlicense fees
(■xcept water rates) but the council have
the power to pass a bylaw al'owing such
persons to vote although such payments
have not been made, and who has been
a resident of the mun-cipalily for at
least one year prior to the dale of the
elate ot the closing of the last municipal
revised voters' li-t and
''a—Who is the assessed owner of
lands or Improvements or assessed oc-
cu ier 0'. land situate within the municipality,
"b-Or who carries on buiiness and
is the bolder of a trades license in the
municipality, the annual fee of which is
at least $5.
event cf the present snow remaining
'he ground it is saidthat this work could
be accomplished more easily as the
ground would no*, be frrren.but in auy
case Mr. Davey is aiming at having the
work fully completed by January 15th
Ladies' Aid Society.
The weekly meeting of the Ladies'
Aid Society was held last, Wednesday
afternoon in Cases' hall. Among n'lrer
matters the society had under consideration w-s the giving o'a public Chris.-
mas dinner between the hours cl 2 ;rn.^
8 r. m. for which a small admission fee
-.vould be chrrrg i!
Bv a unanin 011s vo'e of the sorie'y
thc rank of 'isterhood was conferred
upon F. H. McCarter rrntl he w is .n'.nirr
led to memhersbip as an "bouoran"
member /tfjtr discussing several other
matters :;f minor importance tire meet
irg adjourned to meet with Mrs. Nei's
L-rrs-n nix&'Wednosda" sfternoon at
3 o'ciocV. on which occasion ••"•" newly
elected .ujSnber wiiLJie r*ii*itiated into
Ibe niys^esot the tpeieiy.'*
(iiior.. ur lens) lylncf along n.e north.
r.lrrrv ol lot Hft2.   A. Nn. I Garden tanil.
1 III.-re isi-ri'i-U-il a ...'iriiit rlwelliii** house.
1 ?n ACHES, more or less liiylnp nl.>ntc tin-
l?U .'oiitlwra Iniiiniliiiy ol snlrl Inl rl-;*. ruin
bounded on tha oust by.tlic main Kct'.lo river.
un tin- north i.v tliu Van Nan's addition lo (Irand
Forks. A nnc-Uitrd liuerosl In all tin- unsold
im« t.. «alil VauKoss Addition.   Tlni above i>rj-
all situated   will.in tlm iiicnriiuritteil
film oity of Orand Forks. Will also sell
An ACH153. mure or led, lylniralaiig Ilia Kiwi
OU em bniiiiil in* ot snid Lol rise, mnl louiuled
in the UY-imiii Ndrth by th. main Keltic river,
nn Inoiudarl in Ure Int'iirOiilnli'llmiis.
Will sull ihe above property in Anu group in-
inv portlnil in Miii iiuralmsar.
For further partiiiulars apply In
Peter T. McCallum, J. P
TS sure to be tlie Leading' Riii\v,;y and
Mining Center of the Kettle River
and Bound iry Creek Districts, its location makes it ihe Natural Gateway to
one of the Largest and Most Promising
Jt <tkf
nly I'nurt ol Yale
A sittlngoftl
aldlrll at
Grand Forks on Tuesday,the
ol Juniiary, 1898,
ul lit,.Yin.'!.; in ll
ith Day
lit (Mill
. IS1
r   R. AI.Mr
Forks.  1 ll
I ci.iY
Unpaid Taxes Within ihe Alunicipa
Limits of the Cities of Qrand Forks
and (ireenwood.
ining Districts
In the Woild. 1! has
on the East, the North Fork of the Kettle Riv.-r On ih ■ North, Boundary Creek
on the West, and the Colville Indian
Reservation nn the South As every
character of ore necessary for smelting
purposes are found in these d stricls.
and th.1 central location of thi
makes it beyond a doubt tiie
smelting and distributing point
of this
Ileal Bsitito
U.e year IHI
mi) by Un
Ara, 1S07," ri
tuxes within t
oftlraud Fork
r, i- payable to llie- ri
In order thai the I'n
merit r..ll inny be elosed, In ■•» fr.r rrs rolat
property assossed Miliiu said irllles, notlco Is.
hereby glvon thai unless all arrears <»i taxes .In.-
nnd payable on sal.I property oro paid to Ibe un-
derslguatlat the Assessor's olllci', Osoyoos, ..f
or before the r.nrli ilay m November, iwt. tlio
lands aud property against which taxas Heathen
unpaid will be advertised lor- salo 1 tioenrdauro
wllh lhe provisions of Tun sales in.Ier Hie "Assessment Aot."
'-.   V. II. I..V1IHLV,
Assessor nail I'.ill.-.tnr,    j
Oovormcnt crdee, Osoyoos, Oetobor Gth, l.**7.   1
TIT*   li. UEPWOBTH, M.D., O. JU.   T -
Physician and Surgeon.   i*^W^A  -rlQCI
omee 111 rri*ir ft Slur*. ▲
Invest before a Railways Starts to Build this
way. Work once star.ui on llie road the price
gf lets will double,   The PUn for the
to Grand Forks*!
Boot and Shoe Shop.
Kent nml nhooa maile to orderor tho vory licat
ii.ucrial.   Hejiiuilng promptly done.
1,. Mcdonald,
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in en this de?I.   Its the
most desirable Resider.ce portion of Grand  Foiks.    Lasy
Contractor and Builder,    Terms.
Further Particulars
cr Ad J re s
diiANP mines
Plans nrr.l speatlli
nlshctl on nil kind
of brilillrrg.    \\
IllliltCS I'nr- ;
ll* sif.etly j
Agent Grand Fotks Townsite Co.,
GRAND   FORKS,   IJ.   C r„„.„„„,.,„8ffv
Timely Topics. «E
The   latest   Nlcaraguan   revolution
quit ut the end of the Urst round.
There's n growing feeling in Indiana
that lynchers hereafter must skip the
rope .ri- --kiii the State.
The next embezzler, instead of starting for Canada, will probably make
tracks for the Klondike.
A judge nl Stockton, ful., wept on the
bench because a lawyer had accused
hlni of bias and prejudice.
The Greeks In Athens are now
clamorous for war. II is too bad that
ihey didn't think of that sooner.
England may call a fourth-rate power if she wants to, but we- have the best
amphibious navy in tbe world just the
Lieut. Peary is entitled lo some credit
for having at least succeeded in bringing something more merchantable than
One deaf mute has sued another for
1500,000 damages for alleged breach of
promise of marriage, ami now they do
not speak as they pass by.
The author of thc song, "A Lesson In
Kissing," was shot at the oilier night,
but not lilt. Both the son;; writer and
lhe marksman matle a bad score.
graph, the Standard and Ibi Chronicle.
} What they say or do ri"i s.-ry. therefore,
ls comparatively unimportant as respecting their influence on English
opinion. Hut ;t straw may show In
what direction tho wind is blowing and
these London straws indicate that at
present England is feeling somewhat
sore as regards ihis country. The Venezuelan incident ami the Sherman letter still rankle and the undignified portion of the- press is undiplomatic enough
I., iliselose where Ihe shoe pinches. The
si. James* Gazette, after discussing a
s.-lioollioy hypothesis in a schoolboy
manner as to what the United states;
may, might, would or could do in re-;
yard to Jamaica, bints of a possible co- \
nlition of England, France, Spain nmi
Holland to protect their West Indian
possessions and then concludes, very
satisfactorily to Itself: "We rather fan-.
cy thai for a time at least the I'liited
sirries will lie content with bullying
poor Unit. Spain." Possibly the United
States would, if it wore in the bullying
business, bul when It does *;o Into that
sort of tiling It usually takes one of lis
size, as in lhat little Venezuelan unit* r
i.i*. Tire Dnlted Slates has not bullied
Spain uml has no thought of bullying It.
| in ihe meantime, ihe London Chronicle,
commenting upon ihe outcome of the
(ireeo-Tiirkish treaty, holds England
responsible for what it says will bo the
disappearance of an Independent, civilized, Christian nation, "whoso one
crime was lhat she set herself single-
handed to do Europe's dirty work ninl
failed." England has not made sueh a
success of her Interference In Crete
that she .should seek lo Interfere Id
lien ur Loll!--, unl, |]«e uiinriz
Manning sum tu tbe Tun—A 151T,-
iinii Cleanup nl Dlk city. Itlnlio—
tii*,* siii|jiii.*iiis. \in Kaslo—Le Unl.
In Switzerland a milkmaid gets better wages If gifted wilh a good voice,
because a cow will yield more milk if
southed by son-;. Ambitious amateurs
please note.
Tho French courts havo hold that
titles are family property, just like linger rings ami other jewelry. Hut they
are not so useful, because they cannot
be "hawked."
Au Atchison woman was kept busy
all summer putting up fruit and entertaining company, and slur reports that
scalding tomatoes is easier work than
smiling at guests.
Cncle Sam's licet of live torpedo
boats Is called "a mosquito squadron."
and If It lives up to Its name the discomfort of ll neiiiy will be all lhat
could he desired.
The Brooklyn printer with a fninlly
wtio has successfully jumped from the
Brooklyn bridge sa.vs hi' ilirl so "just
for the fun of it." Luckily he wus not
tickled to death.
In considering the advisability of
stationing a naval vessel lu Alaska the
department should not overlook the
chance to send one of those shore-
climbers to hold Chllkoot pass.
Advices froni India state that 1,181
persons In that country died from snnko
biles hist .vear. The Hindu is forbid:
den to use nlcohol, bonce the sovereign
remedy of Kentucky Is unknown.
Even the nuggets of gold which leave
Alaska worth millions of dollars are so
contracted by the intense toi.i that
when they are unpacked uml counted
nt Seattle Ihey are found to be worth
only a few thousands,
Somebody dropped Jf'I.OOO in a Niagara Falls Hotel the oilier day, and forgot to return for It. Don't worry; some
liaeknian, if lie notices his loss, will
stroll in anil claim the money one of
these days when he Isn't busy.
The scientific mail who asserts that
people call live 100 years If they choose
to take the means, prescribes a regimen whicli will make people satisfied to
leave this life, even If the lull term
specified In the contract should not he
A newly discovered letter of Hetija*
lain Franklin lo the British authorities
I.s being published, under date of 1774,
In which ln speaking of the famous
"lea parly" 111 lloslon he declares that
"the Clamour against the Proceeding
Is high and general." There wore toi'les
lu those days.
Au unusually wise young woman of
Boston has discovered an unfailing
cure for Insomnia. "All one has to do,"
she says, "Is lo shut out of the mind
every thought excepting that of sleep
Just before retiring." How simple, lo
be sure! Does she favor chloroform or
a club?
Machine shops are Iho hist places III
which female labor has appeared, a
bicycle company in Toledo having put
women at work on milling machines,
drill presses and oilier machines used
ou bicycle ports. The "Iron Age"
protests against tills ami with good
reason. Iu the long run nothing will
be gained by this uml ihe next generation win suiter.
There ls nothing BO exacting lu Ils
demands nor so serious In Its obligations ns perfect freedom. It has ii joy
of Its owu, but not of the giddy and
careless kind. There arc continual
choices to be made, decisions to accept
or refuse, actions lo perform or leave
undone, oil fraught with consequences
more or less Important nnd far-reaching. Wherever authority Is absent, responsibility Is present, nnd In ther same
There Is something appalling In the
thought of the vast Increase of fears
on the earth as the race progresses—
the anxiety of parents, of rulers, of the
t'UHtodlnus of treasure, of the owners
of palutlngs and costly treasures, lhe
shudder of the possessor of plleil-up Investments nt every little soclnl outcry,
the uiorul apprehension of the good
who realize the growing evils of the
times. What a trembling goes round
the world with lhe fall of night—what
worry aud pang of dread as man's being ripens, nud lie can be more hurt or
The Loudon press, or rather au Important, segment of It, Is still harping on
Cuba nud the United States. The Even-
log News, the Globe nnd the St. James'
Gazette are merely the tall of the kite
which ls composed of the big London
■Sallies, such as the Times, the Tele-
Clark ('cure the Only Man lyver Known
to l>o Such u Thin*;.
Clark Genre, the only man that wns
ever known to return n pension to the
United Slates, is a citizen of Monrovia,
Morgan County, Indiana. He astounded llie ollielrils of the pension bureau
recently by sending back his certificate
and $350 lu buck pensions which had
been paid hiin. Genre carried a musket iu the war of lhe rebellion ninl became afflicted with rheumatism owing
to exposure, After leaving the army
he grew worse anil applied for n pension. Ai lirst he wns given ?ii a mouth
and ihis was afterward Increased lo
.-rui. He drew his pension for a time,
luit ns ho recovered from his trouble
he began lo lake care of himself ami
neglected in apply for lire money
when it came due. Of lute his term of
nonappltcntlon approached its end, ami
hail he not appeared his name would
have been scratched from thc list. Hut
Genre turned up on the very last day
at the pension olliee Iii Indianapolis
and received his arrears. As his ilisri-
blllty had now totally disappeared he
felt lliiil lie was no longer entitled to
the pension aud accordingly returned
Ihe money and lhe certificate to Washington. Mr. Genre Is a quiet, unassuming 1111111 of ill, with silver gray beard
ami hair, ls well to do anil hns a fain-!
ily of four Interesting sons.
A great gold strike hits been made on
Upper  Sage  ereek,   is   the     report   from
Butte, Mont, A large ledge running for
miles and the quartz running .$100 to Union hns been discovered and lire people
in Hint part of the stale are wild with
excitement. The town of I'tieu bus been
almost deserted by tit.- male inhabitants,
who have staked out the whole surrounding country. It is reported that
from any [nut. of llie great, ledge rock
.-an I.e broken Unit runs $100 and more
i.r tin- ton. Some prospectors have gone
In work with plows nnd scrapers lo uncover tlie vein. Another report of lhe
discovery "I n rich placer deposit has
reached Butte from Flk City, Idaho,
where Judge Lindsay and other Butte
parties have been interested in mining.
A $17,000 clean-up has just, been made
nmi ilu- deposits me said to he richer
than anything yet discovered   in    Mini
tire   SI,Ipn,fills   From   KiinIu.
The following figures take no a unit
ol those mines that shipped via the Xuk-
usp & Slocan railway, clearing ut Revelstoke, This list, would Include prominent
dividend payers like tlie Idaho and Monitor, neur Three Forks. The records show
II shipping mines I'm- 1895, 30 lor 180(1
and 53 for 1807.
This then is a comparative statement
of me shipped from parts of the Slocan
nnd Ainsworth mining districts, passing
through the custom house nt Kaslo for
llie lite recorded months of the year
1805, nil of 1800 anil the lirst nine months
uf the year  1807r
dross Welsh!   UrosB value nf
Vear— or ore In lbs.   ore In dollars,
1895   If,   montllS)  2,202.SD'I $   114,641
1806 (12  months) 23,341.621 l,m,im
1807 (Ii   months) 17,13!*,, GDI, 1,853,440
Totals    ..72,088,010 18,082,007
litis  I'ol.l   From   Alnsku.
'l'he schooner M. M. Morrill, Captain X.
V. Johnson, bus arrived at, Seattle from
Cook's inlet, Alaska, wilh nine passengers nnd about $20,000 in gold. Half of
this amount is the property of Ilu; United
States Mercantile Company. The other
half is distributed between A. Williamson
of California, William Ellis nnd L. F.
Arthur of Oregon, who have claims on
California ereek. a tributary of twenty-
mile creek.
I.nrckn   emu-,.
The Republic mine in Eureka camp is
reported to he showing; up sensational
twines under development. The south
drift on the 130 foot level is in 175 feet,
and for the lust 50 feet the full face of
the drift, six feet wide with neither wall
in sight, has averaged over $-00 in gold to
the ton. Assays the full width of the
drift have run lis high ns $800 lo lhe ton.
This drifl is going in nt the rate of two
a  ilny.
Tin. l.c llni Dale,
That lhe ileal for Ihe sale of llur Le Roi
mine to a London syndicate for a price
between $5,000,000 nnd $0,500,000 lias
been practically closed is the information
that has come iu n private cablegram
from London.
Tin. War Basle,
'l'he total workings in the War Eagle
nt Rossland aggregates 5700 feot. The
Bhaft is now approaching llie 1125 foot
it is Dangerous null the Government
Will Remove It.
Arch rock, one of the "sights" of San
Francisco bay, will be removed by the
government. It Is the most conspicuous of the twenty-four dangers to navigation which have been located and
charted In the bay, 'The rock is twenty-six feet long at low-water and rises
10 a height about equal lo ils length.
It is of soft rock and the waves beating upon its base (luring uncounted
years have worn a hole twelve feet In
Mitel   Ip   Wllh  I'Vu'iiuliimli und Evils.   Ill    It..It,is    III,li'i;-   Slucl-M.
Butte, Mont., Nov. 0.—It is said the
United States marshal has discovered that
the John Bull, who wus shot, und seriously wounded in Spokane a few days ngo,
during a shooting affair witli II. S. Burnett, a variety manager, is the John
Bull against whom the grand jury recently found an indictment for using the
mails for fraudulent purposes. He has
lived in Chicago ninl associated with .M.
F. Feguulnisb ninl II. ('. W. Evans of
lllltle iu the sale of bogus mining slocks.
Fegiinlmsh and Fvnns were also Indicted ninl arrested, hut Bull was supposed
to have fled the country and gone lo Canada. If he escapes ihe Washington law
be will he brought to Butte to answer
the Indictment;
An English bishop once confided to
1 nn old Welsh clergyman his difficulty
lu mastering the Welsh double 1. The
parson replied: 'Tut the tip of your
apostolic tongue In the roof of your
episcopal mouth, my lord, aud then hiss
like a gander."
j    The  father of a lawyer now  well
known In San Francisco, was In his last
■ Illness talking with a clergyman, when
1 the latler asked him If he had mnde
his peace with God. "Sir," replied the
old gentleman, "the Lord aud I bave
never had any trouble."
Thatl Stevens once had a colored servant In Washington named Matilda,
who one morning smashed n large dish
nt the buffet.   "What have you broken
now, you tl d black Idiot V" exclaimed
her master. Matilda meekly responded;
"'Tnln't de fo'th commandment, bress
de Litwd."
At a school In Dudley the Inspector
was examining the second class In geography, l'olnting to the N'orth Sea,
lie said: "NOW, boys, why does uot the
water of this sou ruu over the land
when so ninny rivers nre always running Into It?" All the boys lu the class
Beamed puzzled for some time, but nt
hist one little boy put out his hand as
a signal that he knew. "What do you
think, my boy?" said the Inspector,
"'Cos the fishes drlukln' It," was the
Verdi labored loug before he persuaded Victor Hugo, who wns vexed that
the tragic beauties of bis "Le Rol
s'amuse" had been turned Into operatic
effects, to attend a performance of
"Rlgoletto." He succeeded nt length,
nnd Hugo sat iu the box with the composer and listened to the o;iera. But
not a word did he spenk. Verdi's impatience got the better of him, aud he
asked: "Well, what say you—about the
quartet, for Instance';" "Show me a
r way lu which four persons can be permitted to speak simultaneously," re-
I piled the poet, "nnd I will write some-
■ thing more beautiful than your qiisir-
; let."
A certain learned professor In New
York bus a wife and family, but professor-like,  his thoughts    are always
with his books.   One evening his wife,
. who had been out for some hours, returned  lo lind the house remarkably
1 quiet.   She had left the children playing about, hut now they were nowhere
j lo be seen. She asked what had become
j of them, and tho professor explained
' that, as they had made 11 good deal of
' noise, he had put them lo bed without
waiting for her or calling a maid.   "I
j hope they gave you uo trouble," she
said.     "No,"   replied     the    professor,
"with the exception of lhe one In the
cot here,    lie objected a good deal to
i my undressing him nnd putting htm to
' bed."    The wife went lo inspect the
cot.   "Why," she exclaimed, "that's lit-
[ tie Johnny Green, from next door."
One hard winter, when sickness came
to lhe poorly paid pastor of a certain
New England church, his flock deter-
I mined to meet at his house and offer
■ prayers for the speedy recovery of the
I sick ones nud for material blessings
upon the pastor's family.    While one
of the deacons wns offering a fervent
prayer for blessings upon the pastor's
household, then: was a loud knock at
' the door.   When the door wns opened,
11 stout farmer boy was seen.   "What
I do you want, boy?" asked oue of the
I elders.    "I've brought pa's prayers,"
: replied the boy.   "Brought pa's prayers?      What do you mean?"    "Yep,
brought his prayers, an' they're out In
' lhe wagon.   Just help me, an' we'll get
'em In."    Investigation disclosed the
filet that "pa's prayers" consisted of
potatoes, Hour, bacon, cornmeal, turnips, anples, warm clothing and a lot
Of jellies for the sick ones.   The prayer
meeting adjourned in short order.
Anon not'K wn.i, disappeaii.
diameter entirely through the mass.
Small bonis can pass under the arch
thus formed.
Owing to lhe formation of the rock
under water an area of 30,000 square
feet will have to Ire Included In the operations in order thai a uniform depth
of thirty feet may be obtained. Tunnels such as were used In clearing Hell
Gale will not be necessary, since the
rock Is so soft as to admit of attack by
drills operated from boats. The work
will require about two years for Its
completion, the climax being one tremendous explosion, by which, if the
calculations are correct, the great ledge
will he Instantly demolished. The
spectacle will be grand In the extreme.
—Chicago News.
Sole uf 1 ...liini l.nutls.
Missoula, Mont.. Nov. 0.—The laud oflice has received notice from the interior
department that the Indian lands of the
Bitter Hoot valley are again upon the
market for sale. These nre the lands
thnt were appraised hy General Carring-
ton at the time the Bitter Root Indians
ever transferred to the Jocko reservation.
For several years they were upon the
market and some sales were mnde, although it wns always thought Unit the
appraisal was loo high.
.1,   I).   Fnri-ell   IiUiiueliotl.
Jennings, Mont., Nov. II.—The slenlll-
er J. I). Fnrrell wns launched under the
stars and stripes on lhe Kootenai river
yesterday. 'l'he launching wns witnessed
iry nil the people of Jennings nnd wus under tin1 supervision of Captain Al. I,. Mc
Cormack. Little Anita, the 6-year-old
daughter of .Mr. und -Mrs. James Harris,
broke tlie bottle of champagne over the
how ninl christened her the .1. 1). Fen-ell.
Talking It Over.
Myrtle—They Bay Unit you made a
regular fool of Algy Plcrsons, at the islands, lust week.
Maud—No, they are wrong, I might
huve done II, but for olio thing.
Myrtle—What wns that?
Maud—Somebody   lind   finished   the
job before I got hold of him.—Cleveland Leader.
Toronto Concern Goes Dntter.
Toronto", Nov. 8.—The directors of the
Farmers' Loan and Saving Company of
Toronto have decided to recommend to
the shareholders the gradual winding up
of lho eoiiipnny's business by minus of
ovlunlnrv liquidation, 'tin's nction is
taken owing to the depreciation of Toronto real eslate nnd the holding hy the
company of large blocks of unproductive
pi-operly.    The liabilities are $1,853,000.
A shallow ninn mny always sets the face
of n fool by looking into a deep well.
Edison ns an Editor.
In  hcr "The Life Story of Edison"
j Mrs. Sarah A. Tooley relates the following concerning the Wizard:
"Having   been  so successful   as   n
j news seller, Edison lost uo lime in becoming an editor aud  publisher, and
like Garrison—
What need of help?   Ilu knew how types
were set,
; He had a dauntless spirit, aud a press.
"True, Tom Edisou's press ouly consisted of a disused set of type purchased
for a nominal sum, nnd his combined
printing office nnd editorial sanctum
was a dilapidated luggage van, but it
j possessed nn advantage of which even
Printing House Square cannot boast-It
1 was migratory. The van converted to
this novel purpose wns attached to the
, train on llie Grand Trunk Railway, of
which the young editor was newsboy,
mid appropriately enough (he paper
wus entitled the 'Grand Trunk Herald.'
1 A further venture wus 'Puul Pry,' In
which, It' one may be excused a pun,
Ihe editor 'pryed' into things 111 too free
11 milliner; and some Individuals, Incensed at his full nl their expense,
dipped him Into the river to cool his
imagination. Further disaster followed
when one day 11 phosphorus bottle upset In his laboratory and nearly set tue
I ruin on live,   The 001111110(01' promptly
1 removed Edison and nil his apparatus,
printing nnd chemical, on to the plat-
I form nt the next stopping place.
j "It wns a blller moment, of which
Mr. Edison ennuot think-without feeling over again the sense of utter hopelessness and desolation which came
upon him when be saw the train whirling off while he stood alone and forsaken among his broken gods, bis ear
tingling with n brutal box which  In-
' Jured his hearing for life."
Wlteii They Arc Nicest.
She—Are you fond of babies?
He—Yes; girl babies of the reciprocal
She—What's tho reciprocal age?
He—Sweet 10.
Economy: save io cents on
a package of "cheap" baking
eat   the   cake,
do  better—for
The longer we  remain In business
the greater admiration Ave have for the
people who can say a great deal in a   grocer S.
few words. |
powder   and
You   couldn't
your doctor.
Schilling's Best money-back
baking    powder   is   at   your
A Schilling; 8e Companr
Sao Francisco
All Krect Carriage.
A gymnasium director of long experience disapproves shoulder braces.
They weaken, so he thinks the muscles
whose function It is to keep the shoulders In their normal position. This
they do lu two wnys: by relieving tbe
muscles of their work, and by pulling
a constraint upou them and so depriving them of 11 normal supply of blood.
instead of artificial shoulder braces,
the director recommends the frequent
and persistent use of exercises specially adapted to promote au erect carriage.
It ls not enough, he says, to work an
hour or so dally In a gymnasium, The
proper exercises should be takeu many
times a dny, nnd therefore should be of
a sort that can be practiced anywhere
and without special apparatus.   Some
of tbe habits and exercises on which
he lays stress nre as follows:
1. Make It a rule to keep Ihe back
of the neck close to the buck of thc
2. Roll the shoulder backward and
S. Try to squeeze Ihe shoulder blades
together many limes a day.
4. Stand erect at short Intervals during the day—"head up, cbiu lu, chest
out, shoulders back."
5. Walk or stand with tbe bands
clasped behind the head and the elbows
wide apart.
0. Walk about, or even ruu up stairs,
with from ten to forty pounds on the
top of the head.
7. Try to look at the top of your high
cut vest or your necktie.
S. Practice thc arm movements of
breast stroke swimming while standing or walking.
II. Hold the arms behind the back.
10. Carry a cane or umbrella behiud
the small of the back or behind the
11. Put the hands on the hips, with
elbows back and fingers forward.
12. Walk with the thumbs ln the
armholes of the vest.
18. When walking swing the arms
and shoulders strongly backward.
14. Stand now und theu during tbe
duy with nil the posterior parts of the.
body, so far ns possible, touching a vertical wall.
18. Look upward as you walk ou the
sunny side of the street.
The foregoing exercises, It will be
seen, nre happily varied, and are, many
of them, such as can be practiced by
anybody In almost nny occupation. If
he cannot use oue, he can another.
The director goes on to say that even
in a gymnasium a man must be ou
his guard against forms of exercise
that tend to Induce a stooping posture.
"As round shouldered as a gymnast,"
he says, has almost passed Into a prov- j
He recommends also what he calls '
a lie abed exercise.    "Stand ou    the j
back of head, the back shoulders and
the heels by arching the back," and re-'
peat the operation a dozen times or so.
—Weekly Bouquet.
The Strange Belief Once  Kntertalned
In England.
It used to be firmly believed ln England that there was a see*, above the
clouds ami thai ships sailefsfcion this
sea. over tbe bends of tbe ptxiple otl the
earth's surface. The following lllus
tratton of this curious superstition by
au old English writer is not without
Interest: "One Sundny the people of a
certain village were coming out of
church on a thick, cloudy dsy, wheu
they saw the anchor of a ship hooked
to one of the tombstones—the cable,
which was tightly stretched hanging
down from the air. The people were
astonished; and while they were consulting about it, suddenly they saw the
rope move as though some one labored
to pull up the anchor. Tbe anchor,
however, still held fast by lhe stone,
nnd a great noise was heard in the air,
like the shotitiug of sailors. Presently
a sailor was seen sliding down thy.
cable for the purpose of unfixing the
anchor. Wheu he, had Just loosened it.
the villagers seized hold of him, and
while In their hands lie quickly died;
just as though he had been drowncirt.
About an hour'afte^'-Mfe'sailors nbbvi
hearlug no uiore*of;fft'otr*.©uil'»<Ju,..i*'l**»;
the cnble and sailed away. Iu memory
of this extraordinary event,- the.Veilittt-
of the village made the hing«s.-t*f.((tlii$,
church doors out of the Iron yf„()fja,
anchor." It Is further stated tblit these
hinges "are still to be seen there;" **a
bit of evidence much like Muiichaii*
sen's rope wherewith he once climbed'
to the moon, if you doubted the stoi'y
you were confronted wllh the rope.
There Is another queer talc about
this aerial oceuu. "A merchant of
Bristol," it ls said, "set sail with his
cargo for Ireland. Some time after,
while his family were at supper, a knife
suddenly fell In, through a window, on
the table. When the merchant returned and saw the kulfe, he declared It to
be his owu, and said that on such a
day, nt such an hour, while sailing In
an unknown pnrt of the sen he dropped
the knife overboard; and the day and
the hour were found to be exactiy the
time when It fell through the window."
When a cheerful, brave, light-hearted
i woman is suddenly plunged into tbat
! perfection of misery, the iilues, it is a
I ifad picture.
It is usually this way*—
Who has been feeling- "out of sorts"
for some time ; head lias ached, aud
back also; has
slept poorly, been
quite nervous,
and nearly
fainted onee
or twice; head
dizzy, and
heart has
beat very
fast; then
that bearing-down feeliu*?. Her doctor says,
" cheer up, you have dyspepsia; you'll
be all right soon."
But she doesn't get "all right." She
grows worse day by day, till all ut
onco she realizes that a distressing female complaint is established.
IJcr doctor has mude a mistulce.
She has lost fultli in him; hope vanishes; then comes the brooding, morbid,
meiarteboly, evcrlustlng ni.i'Es.
-1 Lydia E. Piiikhum's Vegetable Com.
.{mutid-instantly asserts its  curativo
rrjiowers in all those peculiar ailments
,o£.)Yi>inen, and the story recited above
afe ^ftS- *,ru(* experience of hundreds of
w-jmen, whose letters of gratitude aro
.to be^ound on file in Mrs. Pinlcham's
"lrfiMiry,    Try und see for yourself.
Ilelus.il   ¥3OO,O0O.
Winnipeg, Man., Nov. 9.—Hon. George
Foster announces from Rat. Portage thut
tho owners of the Olive gold mine at
Seine river had refused an offer of $500,-
000 front the Rothschilds of Loudon for
: Ihe purchase of the mine.
New  CnlonlntH  llencli  Orenron.
Salem, Or., Nov. 8.—The Crozer Bros.
huve just arrived from Puck City, Iowa.
! accompanied by an  Iowa colony of 27
people and have purchased 157 acres of
■ land and the Seott-Seheidler sawmill at
Scott's mills.    They take possession No-
1 veniber 15.
More Comfort and  Um,pines than in
Big Centers.
"The higher salaries of the larger |
cities is, perhaps, what attracts young
men more potently thnn auy other factor." writes Edward W. Bok, In the
Ladies' Home Journal, poinding out
"Where Success Awaits Voting Men"— ;
In the smaller cities. '*But, unforlu-
nately," he says, "as thousands of
young men huve found for themselves,
these salaries nre not so high as they
were led to believe, nor will the city
Income buy as much iu the metropolis
as they bargained for. A salary of $-',
OHO a year In the big city will not bring
a young mau the comfortable living
which one thousand dollars n year
means to him ln the smaller community. With a far more moderate salary
the rising young clerk, manager or business man in the small city lives like a
kiug In comparison to the man of equal
position In the large center. If bc enrus
a thousand or two a year he has his
own little home, by lease or purchase.
For $25 per nianth he can have his owu
pretty cottage, with Goel's pure sunshine on four sides of It. Ills children J
have their own grass-plot for *tlie,r play-
ground. Ills porch Is his evening pleasure and his Sundny delight. Trees
shade his street, cool his rooms, aud J
make living a comfort. His friends live
all around him. He kuows the man
who lives next door. His neighbor's j
children are his children's playmates.
Ills social life has a meaning to It: It Is j
a joy aud an exhilaration to him. When
ho goes out lu the evening it is Into a
home gathering where every face Is
familiar, and where he Is known and
welcomed. He has time to read, some- i
thing which the man lu the larger city, [
whom he envies, bus uot. Ills church
Is lo him like a faintly gathering every
Sunday morning. The man in the pulpit Is his pastor, who, perhaps, has baptized him, married him, and will baptize aud marry his children. Respect-
ed in his circle of friends, every step
of progress lu his business is known 10
Ihem, nnd is the cause for courgratula-
tion. He ls within ensy walking dis-
tance or trolley ride of his place of
business. To his wife his home is her
joy, and not her care. She has time for ,
her children, her home, her social duties, her rending and her church. The
blood of health rushes through the
veins of his children as they sleep and
piny In an unpolluted atmosphere. Life
means something to such a man: It
means happiness—the true measure of
nil success."
Two Independent People.
Irving Gilbert aud his sister Florence
left Sioux Oity several days ago for
Newton, Mass. Near there they will
buy a small farm, ou the protlucts of
which they propose 10 depend directly
for the necessaries of life. They will
raise only what they actually ueed for
their own food, will make their
own clothes, cultivate the soil with
their owu hands and map out their future lives to suit themselves alone.
They will sell nothing and what they
cau have only by purchase they will
do wlihout. says the Kansas City Star.
Their phiii Is quite distinct from that
of Count Tolstoi or the Brook Farm
nnd Fi'ultlands experimenters, aud Is
more lu line with tbat so successfully
I rled by Henry D. Thoreau on thu
shores of Waldeu Pond, near Concord,
Mass. They seek no prooolytes and are
quite Indifferent to the effect the success or failure of thiB experiment may
huve ou others. Absolute Independence le all they seek and this they are
determluetl to have.
The Gilberts arc well known In Sioux
City and their radical departure from
the ordinary plan of life has created
much comment among their friends.
The broUier was thWorlglnator of the
plan, and Induced his Bister to join htm
by his representations of tho happiness
he hoped to attain, -?He was employed
as an architect on several of the
World's Fair buildings. He ls a sufferer from dyspepsia ami nervous prostration, both of whicli he attributes to
the tension of modem life and both of
which he thinks will leave him soon
after his return to tbe simplicity of
Miss Gilbert ls a graduate of the
Sioux City high school, was a teacher
In tbe public schools and In the past
has always taken a leading part lu the
social life of Uie city.
i That the world Is coming; to an end sud-
I ilenly at a given time is not what Is hero
I referred to. There are different kinds of
< sensations, us very many people know
I who feel sharp twinges of pain in the biff
nerve of the thigh. Sciatica is a very
I painful sensation, and the torment ol* It
I makes one think something Is eome to
j nn end. But just at the nrst sensation
I or twinge is lhe best lime to use St. Jae-
; oh's Oil. The less pain the more easily
I It Is cured, and the Oil prevents its de-
1 velopment by soothing the nerve.   At any
stage it will cure.
To get the good out of the years wt
j must Ienrn how to live each hour well.
, "King Solomon's Treasure," only Aplirodlslacal
Tonic known. (See Dictionary.) lo.oo a box, rl
weeks' treatment.   Mason Chemical Co., 1'. O Box
; 517. Philadelphia, ra.
The average bullock weighs 800 pounds.
Wearing nightcaps is said to prevent
I dreaming.
1 We are asserting in the courts our right to the
j   exclusive 11.se ol the word " CASTORIA," uud
I    "I'lTCHliK'SCASTOltlA," as our Trade Mark.
I I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of llynuiiis, Massachusetts,
I wastheorlglnatorofPITCHER'SCAsroRIA,"
j tlie same tbat lias borne and docs now bear the
facsimile signature of CHA9. H. FLETCHER on
every wrapper. This Is lhe original" PITCHER'S
CASTORIA" whieh tins been used iu the- homes
of tbe mothers of America fur over thirty years.
Look Carefully nt the wrapper and see tlmt it is
the kind you have always bought, and lias the
signature  of CHAS.   H.   EI.ETCHER   oil  the
wrapper.   No one* lias authority from me to use
my name except "file Centaur Company of which
Chas. II. Fletcher is President.
March S, cfyj.        SAMUEL PITCHER, M.D.
Delayed Information.
"Is there a mau uamed Bailey living
In this neighborhood V" asked a mini on
horseback of a barefooted urchin standing Idly by before a cablu In the backwoods.
"I diinno,' 'was the reply. "I'll ask
Jim. Su-ii-y, Jim! Iu there u man named
Bailey round hyar nny placeV"
Jim wns nn older boy, who wns playing with a lean yellow dog.
"1 duuno," said Jim.   "Ask Liz."
Liz was 11 tall, barefooted girl standing ln the cabin doorway.
"I dunno If there is or If there ain't.
I'll ask inn. Mil! There ain't no fara'ly
named Bailey round hynr, ls thereV"
"Not ns I know of. Ask pa."
"Pa! Is there a family mimed Bailey
round hyai\*y,
"Never heerd of 'era. Ask yer gran'-
"Grnn'pap! Is there any Baileys
round liynrV"   .
A grizzled old man came to the door
and peered over the shoulder of Liz.
"Hey?" he asked.
"Is (here a man named Bailey llvln' ]
round hyar?     This man on the boss
wants to know."
"There used to be," snid "grau'iuip,"
"but I dunno wliar he lives uow.   I'll '
ask grnn'ma'am."
And In a moment or two he came
back to the door aud called out:
"Grnn'ma'am says she thinks he's
dead, but you ride ou to the cabin at
the fork of the rond 'bout six mile from
hynr, an' they kin tell you If he's dead j
or If he ain't, an' whar he Is."—Youth's
How History Gets Mixed.
In oue of the debates toward the end
of the last session of Congress a Senator, wishing to make a polut against
the proposed pngennt nt the Inauguration of President McKlnley, referred
with a sigh of regret to the time when
Jefferson rode 011 horseback unnl tended to the Capitol and hitched his horse
to a fence."'"
Although (here ls not a word of I ruth
In the story, It has made It's way Into
what may bo called our folk-lore, and
even luto some books that prcteud to
lie history. Experience shows lhat
when such an error gets a linn foothold It can never be dislodged.
Tbe story was first told by an Englishman who wrote a scurrilous work
on America, but who never visited ihe
country until a year lifter Jefferson
became President. The truth Is to be
found In the newspapers of the dny and
In a full account given of thc ceremony to the British Government by
Mr. Thornton, the representative of
that government at Washington.
Jefferson bad his home at a lionrd-
Ing-liotisc not more than a sloue's
throw from lhe Cupltol. . He walked
from that bouse to lhe scene of the Inauguration, escorted by n body of inlll-
lla and a procession of citizens ou foot.
In our dsy such a progress would be
extremely plain and democratic; but at
the beginning of litis century, and lu
view of tbe nenrness of Jefferson's
home to the Cnpltol, It did uot convey
to the minds of Ihose who witnessed It
a marked contrast to the display on
previous similar occasions.
Thc truth about the occurrence may
bc found, by those who care to look the
matter up, in Heury Adams' or Mc-
Mnstrr's history, and In "Losslng's Cyclopedia of American History." The
error Is a curious rather than nn Important one. for Mr. Jefferson, no more
and no less than Mr. McKlnley. Is to be
judged by what he did, nnd not by lhe
circumstances of his journey, ou one
day of his life, to the Cupltol.—Youth's
Cull a little nutn great, anil other little
people will throw up their hats.
T never used so quick a cure as Plso'a
Cure for Consumption.—J. B. Palme*..
Box 1171, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 25, 1S93.
Everybody says "Go up higher" to the
man who is "getting there.''
Try Sehilllng'3 Best tea and baking powder.
The ass might sing hetlcr if he didn't
pitch his tune so high.
The famous Appliance nnd Itemedlos of
the'Krio Medical Co. now for tho first timo
offered ontrhil without expense to any
honest man. Not h dollar lo be paid
In advance. Cure Effects of Errors
or Excesses In Old or Young. Manhood
Fully Restored, How to Enlarge and
Strengthen Weak, Undeveloped Portions
of Hudy. Absolutely unfailing Homo
Treatment. No 0. (>. I>. or other scheme.
A plain offer by u Arm of high standing.
! For ConBtlpBtlon, Biliousness, Torpid Liver,
I Kidneys, it is the best  pill  n-iuilo.   O-.ly
ond ur two required to net; and regulaKJ ttit
j bowels.  Send 26c. and we will mail you same.
....FRANK NAU....
Portland Hotel Pharmacy. Sixth end Monison St,.,
Send for Catalogue
"Were there any good-looking girls
at your hotel?"
"Yes, Indeed, my dear fellow—perfect
belles—ten, all tolled."—Harper's Bazar,
Poor   Felltwl
"What a dreadful thing It wns about
young Mr. Bobbletou being takeu down
ou his  wedding day, so that nobody j
but the doctor could see him!    What I "~~~~
do you suppose was the matter?"       j	
"He gave a dinner for his bachelor j M- **• £'
friends the night before."—Cleveland
WASTED — Um and Wornon to
know tbe -obeape-tl- cunlval mi-1
bt'1-.lriHtt-M'' kUiMHki:. ii.,iv
to go and make e">prn*>-ut an
thewuy. Circular fr-Ru fur stamp.
if-*.-*.'*- ■■'Mitiil fonteamcr lint*.
It. W. Me*P»Y,
Id."-i Htxtiu l'tittloir.l. Or.
No. 46, 'OT
Thero Is oue fact about humanity
that all may agree on; It Is always safe
to watch it        	
PISO.-S eiARE  FOR   m,.
IUURtb WHUIt ALL LLat iAIlb. „    En
Rent Cough dyrup.  Tastes Good. Due Rj
In I lnm     flnlri liv dnifff*lBti<, HI
-e l«


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