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The Grand Forks Miner Jul 31, 1897

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SECOND   YEA11.--NO.   64.
GRAND FORKS, B.  C,   SATURDAY,   JULY   31,   1897.
Nelson Wash. Getting Into
a Squabble.
Matters Getting Warm Tor tlie Eeser-
vation Town—EepoitVThat  a
Grand   Porks   Colony
Will  Start.
RUSH 18 Oil
and therefore he claims 80 arces of
land for himself aud wife and each of
hia children,
In (looking up Peon's rights it has
been discovered by the attorueys that
tbe secretary of the interior rendered a
decision May 8, 1891, wnerein ho held: I
"This act provides that a tnarriago bo-: T*,, v(A,n \„ n TTlimrrtor Vt\v
tween a citizen of the United States I JJUreKa IS d, Hummer £ OT
and an Indian woman not only docs
not give th2 man any rights as an Indian, but dees change the status of the
woman by making her a citizen of the
United States. The children of Buch a
marriage, both parents being citizens,
are unquestionably born citizens of the
United States and not membere of any |
Indian tribe or nation.   This being so, | *
they are not entitled   to   any   tribal i
property, privilege or   interest   what-1 Plenty of Extfite ...ent and All Classes
Under the caption "Who Owns Nelson," yesterday's Spokesman-Review
prints the following letter from Nelson,
concerning the affairs of our neighbor
village and to a lesser extent those of
this city. Many of the statements in
this letter will be news in both places.
Perhaps tho n.ost startling paragrap his
that containing the unblushing assertion that a number of our citizens do-
pire to form a new townsite on tho other
Bide of the line,   Tho letter follows:
"During the past week Nelson has been
aroused by another townsite movement. Several days ago a number oi the residents oi
Grand forks, six miles across the line, expressed a desire to settle In Nelson.
- "The conditions under which title to property iu thiB place is held are unsalisiactory—in
fiict.'therclsnotlUeat all. First, the ground!
»*as claimed by tbe Peons, two brothers oi Indian blood, who had a portion ot the ground
under ience. Next came the opening of the reservation to mining, and placer locations wero
filed on the lund, incltiving thegrcat portion of
the cultivated Held ol Xarcisse Toon, and a
small portion of that of his brother Dennis. In
the meantime the miners who had congregated
proceeded to lay out a town by having a preliminary survey and plat made of the ground outside the Peons' fences. The platted ground was
rapidly squatted upon, buildings were erected,
und the town now makes quite a showing.
' "A short time ago a combination of the placer
mining interests was effected and an application for patent was made under the name of
the Jim Crow Placer Mining Company, owning
16 acres of ground. Tho Peons immediately
lilcd notice contesting the application for patent.'
"To furthor complicate matters a number of
the citizens have organized a townsite company, and a potition has been sent to the secretary of the interior praying that the ground
lie set aside for townsite purposes, statiug in
their, declaration that tbe ground is more valuable for a townsite than Ior larinlng or placer
mining, and citing by way of argument that
similar actions have becu taken by citizens of
the lilack Hills and Colorado and havo been
supported by the interior department.
' "The townsite peoples' petition also prays
'that the funds realized from tho Bale of the
lands, after survey expenses are paid, be
turned over to tbe Indians, who first owned
the hind,   They also disclaim r.ny desire to ab-
Undor this decision the attornoye
can not ;see what boneflt it is to Peon
to stop the patent, oven if ho could, for
the department holds that he is not entitled personally to any rights on the
reservation, by reason of his being a
half-breed Indian. They are now looking up the matter to see what authority Captain Bubb had to give Peon any
privileges on the reservation which he
would not give to any other citizen of
the United States.
of   Sooiaty   Represented;—
Many Business Houses
Going Up.
Record of the locations, certificates of work
transfers, etc..recorded at the Mining Recorder's
otlico, Grand Forks, B. 0., ior the week ending
July 29th, 1897:
July 23—Sunbeam, Hardy mountain, Joseph A.
Miller and J. A. Cairns.
July il—Tho Unite, Browns creek, Jas. Moran.
Happy Boy und Loret, Eholt crook, Josoph
Kmpiro. North Fork, Emanuel Meyers.
Bohemian and R...1 mil, Christina lake.
Christina bake Mining and Milling Co,
Morning Star, Wellington camp,  John K.
Ground Squirrel, Pass cteek, Frank Ilaltoii.
July 28—Sun Rise, Wellington camp, J. A. Millar.
July 27—Snow Ball, Summit camp, R, Gillan
an.lT. E. O'Brien.
Good Hit. Christina lake. B. T. Wood.
July 23—Early Dawn, Greenwood camp, Jas. L,
July 2u—Patrick Henry, Brown creek, 0. J. Mc-
July 23—Golden Axe, John Holme and ll, P.
July 21—Iron Cliff, 0. K. Simpson.
Eureka oamp, on tho Colvillo Indian resorva*
I tion, still continues to he the Mecca toward
which the eyes of the prospector and "snap investor" are turned. The camp presents a very-
lively appearance with its dusters ot tents,
brush houses, "shacks," and log cabins among
which swarm crowds.of men, with here and
thero a woman or child. Otic of the Eureka
merchants informed a Minkr representative
that 2,000 would be a fair estimate of the people
now in lhe cttinp and if this is at present overdrawn, a fow days will see that number reached,
judging from the number of new tents that are
pitched every day.
One meets there representatives from every
social class, every business profession nnd trade
while that class of professinal "do nothings" is
also well represented. Tho camp however is
unique in its general freedom from lawlessness,
ami this is undonbtly due to tbc fact that tbe
aws of the baited States  prohibit bringing In
toxicants onto the reservation,
nor disturbances originated by
There arc  ini
raall  hobo
element but they arc frowned upon by the
camp tu general and there is.now talk of serving notice on this element to seek oilier fields.
Tlio most pronounced act  of  vandalism   performed by this gang was the brutal bqating  of
a Japanese woman  1..-;  Monday night.   The
side of the tent near her head  was raised  and
she was beaten Insensible, presumably with tiie
butt cn.l of a pistol.
Nine  tenths ol tho population   could leave
Sailor Boy, W. 11. Iliekeson and S, 0, Myers. | ihere in a day, but there is no probability  that
Diamond Htlchand Tiger, G. W. Walters       , such an event will hupp ii for   tho   mineral
July 27—Tennessee, O.J;". Ralston. showlng'ot tlie oamp is sucli as  to a-.uro pe
Blue and Grey, J. Flouernoy,
Original, J. T. Barr, II. Stevenson and  C.
Van NcsB,
Criteriou, Grubstake and Little Maggie, Barr
and Ralfe.
Lodger, Barr. Rolfe and Stevenson.
Davenport, B. Kliigsbury and c, M. Brown,
Midnight, O, E. Nelson and T. P. Irwin.
July 2s, Mass Battery, II. E. Beach, J. P. Gordon
and A. Lcinuy.
Redwing, Louis Peterson.
Christina, F. C. Hagen.
July ii—Elliott, all int., J. C. W. Callahan to
Vancouver uud B.C. General Exploration
Co., Limited.
July 211—General, % int., Hugo Schroder lo J.
B. Carson.
July 27—Helen Roy, and Nannie F. No. 2, \V. C
McDougiill to Rathmullen Consolidated
Mining & Development company.
lone No. 2, Jas. M. C. O'Toole to same company.
Lake Shore, David Good to J. P. Brocks and
W.M. Wolvcrton.
July 29—Marie Stuart, '-ii int., Randolph Stew*
art. to R. W. Deans and Mary MeMynn.
Citv of Denver, Jj int., Frank Gome to Geo,
It. Nadcii.
Tub Office Cat Not tiie Oklv One
Drunk Last Night.
.   ,    ,, , .   .       . The   sun  was just darting its rosy
sorb the holdings of the Peons, claiming ihere , beam8 ^^ ^ eaBt0rD p,   * hjs morn'.
is ample room Ior townsite purposes outside ■ .      ^ wfl  awakened   wilh *   BUrprised
the fenced land of the Indians    Further,   hey , ^ from ft del    htfu| dream vho*oia a
claim   tbat   the contest nf  tho placer claim >
owners Is Ior the furtherance of a speculative
scheme- claiming tlmt  tho  ground   is   not,
Mrictly speaking, valuable for placer mining
purposes, and the object is to charge cxhorbi-
taut rates for building privileges.
"Tho Grand   Forks   citizens, who dnsirc a
change of location, have employed a surveyor
and proceeded to lay out a townslto covering
greon cucumber ahd a dish of icecream
were running a footrace up and down
our ailmontary canal.
As wo lay there in the gray ot early
dawn, rubbing the "sleepy" out of out-
eyes dnd trying to make up our mind
"whore wo were at," a long, low, plain-
tiv.i wail flloated down Rivorside avo-
.,.    , .   ,   . nue, around the corner of tho printing
100 acres ou tlie cast side of Kettle river, at the   offlce am* flna,.   reac|ied our oar8i    We
moulh of Lone Ranch ereek, uud about a mile g&. _ *n surpri(iei Was if?_No!-Yes!
and ,, half from Nelson, and In the event ot the _jtwas Bomeone BjrgiDg. and aa w0
Nelson townsite not being settled iu he near lutened the „•„ er „8me nearBr and we
future, will petition the Interior department to oouJd catoh -^ worda;
set aside the land for townsite purposes,   'lho*! i™*i...ii ._,.,„
tie Falls and following along the west
shore of tho Kottle river. Tho other
survey commences from tlio Northport
bridge and run3 In a southwesterly direction along the wost bank of tho Columbia, until near tho mouth of Flat
creek, thonce across into Pierre's Lake
country and north along tho east bank
of tho Kettle rivor.
"Since the smelter is to bo established at Northport there can be no
doubt that the latter route will bo followed. For some timo previous to the
definito announcement of the Le Roi
company, engineers have been cut on
this line doing  work of a much  inoro
thorough character than is required  in j 	
a preliminary survey.    To buil 1  from j
Meyers Falls would necessitate a sec*; An Engllsll Syndicate the Purohaser--
Fred Wollaston have tho
The B. C. Claim in Summit
Camp Sold.
ond bridge across the Columbia, where
as tho big iron bridge at Notthport is
.louring cotnpietion,
"The Northport route will give easy
shipment to tho many valuable mines
around iron and Jumbo mountains,
Pierre's lake and tho Touloti, and will
undoubtedly bo pushed at once into
the Eureka country. This will give
nearly all the principal mines ol the
western reservation a direct and short
routo to the smelter.
"Northport is already feeling the effect of tho good prospects. Real os-
tato prices show a marked advance and
the town is full of people looking for
business losations."
Wagon  Road   to Be  Built.—
A Stamp Mill Tor the
Harry Sheads and
Kloudyke fever.
Tbe plasterers have completed tlie work on the
UcGaw building.
He sure and stop at Edwards' ferry for good
meals and clean bed.
M  Flahertv and Geo. Kvans, Eureka, arc registered at the Windsor.
E. A. Saunder, N. Y.. was among the arrivals'
at lite Alberta ibis week.
The berry season Is now nt hand and berrying
parties are quite comihon.
Frank Qroenwood,  of Greenwood citv, was
reglsted nt the Alberta Wednesday.
L. D.  Wolford
Spokane push lor
Dr. D. O. Newman, ol s-polaine, spent   Thurs
d iy night in the eity on Ids way to Eureka,
The farmers on   Grind Prairie arc all bus]
cutting hay, the crop of which Is suid to bo
very heavy.
Fresh milk delivered at your door morning
and evening.   Grand.   ForkB  Dairy,   Manly tii
Brown, Props.
ol Spokano,   was among the
Knrekn this wet k.
Hugh Mod hub sI*T There Were no ! lP.?J?_ihe surtace of tho led83 b? cl'"a
One of the most important deals of
the season ih mining circles has just
been completed by John Koough and
Mr. McEwen, tho latter representing an
English syndicato, Tho doal in Volvos
the sale of the B. C. property in Summit
camp for tho sum of 600,000 spot cash.
The tlgure realized from the sale of this
property is testimony to tho magnificent
surface showing, but little work having
been done on the claim aside from show*
I     T. M. Kiel
I McKiuuev,
Windsor thii
ardson and E.  J.   ttraula,  Camu
iverc  among the arrivals ut the
Easl side, west side,
"We painted red tho town.
"Filled up on bad whiskey
"And did the thing up brown
"Constable dropped on us
"Ah soon as we were broke;
"And shoved us in the lock-up
"Which wasn't auy joke.
Thon  came a Bhort  pause and the'
early morning pedestrian  bogan again: |
"There's a llttlo back room
"Whore each evening there come
"The boys and tho girls of the city.
"And there Is a side door,
* Whonco come bottles gu'.oro
"Of thechauipiignc SO sparkling and pretty.
"Oh, theglrlBare so swell
"Ami the boys just raise—well,
"If I'd tell It would be a great pity.
"Next day they feel "sore,"
"And vow that no more
"Will they visit that back room su pretty "
"Every evening, to that back room they go
"And play the little game they call solo.
"They 'trog' and 'booze' and
"lJlow iu all their 'dougii,'
"And raise the very devil
"In tnis little room off the back alley."
ground surveyed wns previously staked as
placer, but no work, waa done. Il is covered by
,a heavy growth of timber, lies adjacent to a
number of promising niluiug claims, aud is in
every respect an Ideal Bpot for a nourishing
mining town."
Undor another "scare heud" in another part of the bpokesman-lieview is
au article relating to tho legal sido of
the Peons' claim upon the land whereon the town of Nelson is built, It rotates that a startling discovery haB boon
■made in relation to tho rights ot half*
broodB, "squuwmen" and Indian womon
.on tho Cuivillo reservation, it has
,been gonorally understood thut every
•Indian man, woman and child was untitled to 80 acros—that the husband of
an Indian woman und the father of In-'
dian childreu camo in for his Bharo not
only for himself and wife, but also for
each of tho children,    Por   tho   first
'time this broad proposition is disputed, ]    Nearer and nearer came the song, and
in a caso before the United btates land \ thon came a sharp caterwaul at the olllco! British Columbia,
department, I door and we knew that Tom Twobellies   Chronicle,
. nineuce. Seveiul Immense parallel leads of
quartz run through the biinehgr.iss covered
liLls in n belt about a half mile wide and three
miles long. Tiie leads are'iu a bir.ls-eye porphyry formation. The quartz as.ays all the
from a trace to ? 100.00 iu free gold and ih * immense size of tlie leads and the ease \\ ith which
they can be worked, establishes good ground
for the assertion tlmt Kure.-a is certainly a
wonderful camp.
There have lieu about Ave hundred claims
staked lu Eureka camp proper, and a vory
large percentage of these have a little or in.
mineral in sight. Tlie bills for a mile or so on
both sides of tbo belt hiuc been staked aud
many ol ibe claims are good for nothing but
for grazing. Every camp lias its wildcat loci*
cations and Eureka Is no exception. The
sound of blostlllff at all hours ot the day and
night give- ample proof that on the bonafi.le
properties development work is earnestly pro-
Among the properties thai arc working may
bo mentioned tbc Tom Thumb, which Is under
bond witli Banker IIolluool; of Garlield, Wash.,
mnl on which two shifts of men are driving a
tunnel.   The Republic and Lone 1-ine are both
working three  siiifls,  about 28 men in each
min.-, tunneling.   Two shifts aro  working on
the Knob HiU properties, including the Knob
Hill, Mammoth and Mountain Lion  which  are
owned by Brown  and  Bourne.   Tiie  Sun Poll,
owned    by    Campbell   A    Finch,   has   three
shifts of men both sinking and tunneling.   Two
shifts are tunneling on the I'nilp, Black Tall,
Lost Lode and First Thought, and on the Bon
Tillman. Butte, Boston and a number of others
| day shifts are working    Ou the Copper mountain a200-foOt tunnel has been run but no work
1 is being done at present.   The Admiral owners
i have uiT.tnguieuls  nearly completed for com-
; meneing active work ou their property.
i    Some of the old   timers in   the  oamp appre-
1 bond lhal with Ibe proof of the value ol*  llicse
j mines being established It will be necessary  to
1 organize a vigilance committee to take care of
the jumpers Who will be sure  to spring   up.
The most recent jumping was done by   Matt
I Guthrie ou tbe Qullp whicli is on ono of the
1 main leads and is owned bv E, L. Tate, 0. P.
1 Crum, G. H. Br.iloy, D. G. Russel, G, M. Welty
i and G. J. Eicbeiniuer and was locate,! by Mi.
Welty QU April 11,1886,   Later au amended lo*
i cation  was   made,  and   tho    jumping   was
' done ou   the   ground   tbat   the amended lo-
i cation notice does not state tlio date of the original locution.   There will be a bitterly contest
ed legal tight over Ibis claim as both sides appear to be determined.
Eureka's busiuoss houses consist of four general stores, live cigars aud coniectlonery, tour
bakeries, six hotels and resturnuts, four barber
shops, two meat markets, two ussnyers, two
blacksmiths, one livery stable, t wo doctors, two
attorneys, one dentist, and one veterinary Mil-
genu. Tills number is dully on the increase
The Clark brothers 01 Spokane, have applied
for putcutson '.he Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
llilo aud Rosa claims wbicn, when patents are
secured, win be platted Into a townsite. At
present campers are not allowed ou these
claims and tlie "towu" lies higher up iu tbe
I hills, occupying a number oi narrow galleys
j and grassy ridges.
i Irs Location Means That a Railroad
Will Come Here.
The final decision of tho Lo Roi com-
! pany to locate its smelter al Northport
I sooiiis likoly to hasten  tho much  dis-
! cusso'i extension ot the bpokano  Falls-
i i  Northern System iuto  the   Colville
I reservation and ou through to lho  vul*
1 uable properties of Myers croek, Grand
I Porks, Oroenwood and   A naconda   in
says the Spokane
Grounds for the Jumping.
Hugh McGuiar, who with John Hoi- ,
mes owns tho Atnorijan lili^lo claim ;
on Hardy mountain, which was jumped j
July 22 by Henry Blair, when a-:'ked by
a   Miner   reporter   regarding   Blair's
claim on the proporty replied that there
were absolutely no grounds  whatever
for   tho   jumping.   "Do   you think I
would  leave a claim   of   mino    lyiNg
around loose so that jt could be jumped?"   Ho asked.   "Well  I  should say
not.   If that claim had to bo jumped to
hold it I would have jumped it myself."
Ho laughed  at the idea that  anyone
woul.l think tliat he would leave a claim
open to jumping.
A peculiarity of this lcd-,'0 is that it
lien in a hollow on the mountain, in
what is almost a Bivamp. Fow
would look for mineral iu such a "local
ity and tho prospoctor who last rn*n*ing
sold the B.C. to Mr. Keough for a paltry sum, ovidently had little faith in it.
Mr. Keough however al once commenced extensive prospecting work,
with the result that a lodge has boon
exposed noarly the full length of tlm
claim and in.places fully LOO "foot wide.
Assays  for   copper   from   surface rock
Tbe Providence Is the name of a in w hotel just
polled in Boundary '..reek citv, bv Messrs. Mo-
oDoflald & Holbrook!
Jiniiuy C'la-k dropped In from Eureka Wed?
iiesl.y and registered at tbe Cosmos. Mr. Clark
vas i p Iii-- way tospokane.
G. S.Thomits, representing A BchclllngA i'o..
San Francisco, spent a daw or two iu town this
week InterviewiiiL- our merchants in tin. inter
eat oi' bis firm.
J. E. Walker ami tanitly left j isterdaj1 morning for Spokano where-Mrs, tValkei and children intend to hereafter reside. J. E, will return in a few days.
Wm. McKay who Is making use in Eureka of
people   ids maguilieent  drllliug powers, spent a few
days in tin city this week, returning to tho reservation this morning.
Tlio many friends of Janes MoCounoll, a,
pioneer of tho Kettle river district, will regret
to learn that he is iu the Greenwood hospital
suli'erlug wiili pleurisy.
Frank Ifnufor.l. federal jltdge for lhe state ol
Washington, was a passenger ou Tuesday even
lug's stage. The in lee was "ii his way to'Eureka
where bus mining interest.-.
J. E. Walker and , has. Van Ness ra ni- a Hying trip to Enrcka camp itii-. weis.   Van
if I lie townsite com:
showed that IO' per cent was contained.   ^^irciervS "" '
Wuh  this a substantial gold  value is j   chas, Cumings, m
Carried. | nnuy, returned from Eurekalasl evening, where1
Mr. Koough has been placed in charge : 'lu iias '"'■-'" examining a number Dfelafmi him
of developing the property and  yoster* |8e" i"ld M*.<*0'':**'lll*>
day purchased an extensive camp outlit
and   provisions,   Fifteen   men  will be
First Ball of  the  Volunteer Fibe I put to work at ones in threo shifts, and
Brigade Last Nioht. as fast as roim is made  for moro, the
The Grand Folks Volunteer Firo Company   toi'06 will bo increased.
*i.*l,l livery successful social ball last evening      It has now become doubly  important
In the Victoria hall.   Nearly all of tho city's ; to the business men of  this citv that a
;^i^;.tTc^i^rti^ti!i\t^,^„s,;?<^c^it;i;;^ i wuf^ ^^ m into summit *»mP
lesBthe llnajicofl of the brfgado were given a  H!jl1 Mayor Manly hits personally under-
'   'ded Impetus by th'6 afialr. j takon the task oE   raising the  money
ommtttees who had charge woro as  necessary   to   complete   tho  work, for
rieral committee-Arthur Milthorp, Fred I which $800 will be  needed.     The  road
rVollastotf- Dr, Hepworth, Wilson Luoian.
Sub-committeo-ttobert Petrie, LaRue P';'* | road where ittcrossos Fisherman croek,  h
Hell' i
Mr. Chan. Cumings, manager of tlio toWnsita
company, 1ms ma-rie the generous offer of a lot
aii'l church organ to the first church society Uml
erects or builds a place of worship in urand
iVrtliur ll. Lawder, provincialconstabl * with
headquarters at Greenwood, spuni a couple ol
days in tho Forks this wees iookiug after his
business Interests, Mr. L. te Interjste t with l'.-.
Hopworiih in the drug buslnoss-
Volumo I No. 1 of tho iCamloops 31 indard hns
made Its appearance on our ex inang.) table. It
te ably edited and its ad\ rtising columns give
assurance of a liberal patrouuge. The Standard's provincial polities will be const rvative,
-yl'-" llo; ;*"V";"",;.:.I   ."  ...'■   I      k | ^iS^%\^J?^Ti^V2^U
rme, John Featherston,
Floor committee—Arthur Milthorp, Robert :
Petrie, Laltue 1'erriuc, John Featherston.
Minnie Moorr   Purchased
W. T. Smith.
W. T. Sinilh, ouo of the Pianeei* loca'
tors on Boundary creok, has purchased ]
from John Keough the Minnio Jloore
olaim in Summit camp and will put a;
force of mon at work immediately s.nk* j
ing a 40 foot shaft, at the bottonj of j
which a crosscut will bj run for 10 foot, j
The lead on the Minnie i.loore is in a |
contact of pnorphyry ou ono wall and I
lime on the other. Tho oro assays j
on the surface !?1 in gold, eight ounces
siiver and 11 percent copper; Mr. :
Smith has unbounded faith in Summit
camp, and says that it is bound to bo
iho greatest producor in the Grand
Porks d'vision.
and will follow this croek to tho sun'.init,
ab iut six mill's. Tho work will bo commenced at once aud there in no uncor.
tainty regarding the money being raised
sufficient to push it through to completion.
A Stamp flill.
Tho Christina   claim,  near Volcanic
mountain owned by the HagenbergBros,
mew lias become interested lu mining oil
Boundary creek whero h owns somo valuabh
Joseph I.. Manly, of Grand Rapids,' Michigan',
has arrived and will make his homo iu this
city, lie lis- routed Mr Sear's residence and
will reside there wlth.hls mother. Mr. Manly
is a brother of tho mayor nod councilman oJ
this city.
Application is about n. h ■ made to ti, i grand
lodgeof tho province ,\..f. aud A. M. for n
■■   a Masouli lodge .,: Oreou-
. „      J ..    .   .'"*     ,". "*       ','   charter authorizing a M>
ami an Ameroan syndicate ts making such , u,„,,.  Ullrt ■„ ,hl, „,„ ;i hll, ,„.,.,, ,.„„,,,,., ,,,„
an excellent showing that u stamp  mill ■ dttioually, thai a ra isoulc temple he built upon
will bo put in  within the nest 30 days,  il wltlllu twelvo m<-*u.hs,
Nothing has boon said about   this claim      '"'"* rhley made a hurried tripto Eureka thU
,.,.,,,",„„„-... ,,        „ week, golua over ou Sunday an.l returning on
by its owners and it is a matter ot sur- Monday. George says that she Is u "red hot"
prise that free milling quartz is found camp and tho only thing that keeps It from
in paying quantities iu this camp, most, sloppingovo.r i
of tho loading properties  in  this neigh- j
Every Indication That the New Hotel Wkl  BE  POPULAR,
The prroid opening of tho Alberta hotel was
that tbe
.a open for settlouient.
Mayor Manly returned f.ora Rossland Titos-
day evening where he ban H II :" il-'!..'
weeks Looking after his i stonsi' i Inter - In
ihtit city, Uurlug bis absenei be purchased
the interest of his partuer in th-j lul 'uatio al
hotel aud hercaftei ilia, popular house will ta
conducted under Mr. Mauly's direction.
.1. It. Perkins has purchased of Hugh Cannon
the building on the lol in the rear of the Cos
, , , ,, , i mos lldtcl and formerly uccupied by Gid Prop.
, the property, and the assurance that a p6r and will movoit to tho lol on Kiverside
, stamp mill will go in on tho Christina, opposite w. t*. stacho's barber shop, and will td
I mark an  epoch  in the mining industry ! iZlV^^iiToll tX h^^S
borhocd  being concentrating or smelting propositions.    Nevertheless it. is a I
fact that the Christina averages 6200 to i
the ton in freo gold, in a quartz  ledgo
four Eeet across.
Tho  sale of tho 13. C. to a powerful
syndicate that will energetically develop ,
I of the district, and the closing   veek of
! July is to bo retnoinberod as one consis
ting of rotl letter days.
held last Tuesday evening arid tlio institution
lias commenced business in a manner that por-
tends abundant sueeess to its proprietors.
The furniture, which will compare favorably
with any in the Vale distrlot, is being placed in
position nj rapid as possible, and the place 1*
gradually assuming the
In the distribution of static passengers each
evening the Alberta appear;
liberal share of the patronage
An Interesting Talk.
A most interesting lecture  wan delivered at the Presbyterian church on
Tuesdiy evening last, by Rev. Dr. Rob-
iir df a metropolitan [ ertson, superintendent of Fresh- terian
' missions, on tho subject of  tho  trip  he
Narcis Peone haB filed at the United l had just got home from tho Piroman's
States land oflice a protest ugainst theh ball, ■	
xatentinu of the Jim Crow, Dominion, ^, ,—v"—— ^7"
Victoria, Pickwick and Verba  Duouo.| Telephone Connections,
■mineralclaims iu Stevens county. Ho i W. B. Aris, W. H. and O. M. Oakos,
protests on the ground that it is not | of Meyers Falls, aud Dr. J. M. Lefevre
mineral land, but is agricultural land: | of Vancouver, spent a day or two in the
that be settled there in 18t>G with his J Torks this week,* making arrangements
family; that he owns it by virtue of his I for the construction of a telephone sys-
settlemeut and cultivation and for the J tern between Bossburg and Grand
' reason that he holds a written permit! Porks, by tho way of. Cascade City,
from Captain John W. Bubb, an Indian ! This line is to be the Grand Porks con*
.agent, ' • nection of the line now in operation be-
■ W.M. Clark made application for tween Spokane and Boesland, and it is
'patent Cor thiB land July 8, 1897. This | the intention ot the promoters to
'is the same land that Botrte partios on have the line completed and in optra-
tlie reservation claim tould be niade tion tfithi.n ninety days. It is also the
the town of Nelson. intention to build a line from this place
Narcis Peon   is a half-breed Indian to Eureka on the reservation.
A prominont business man from ono
of the northern towns is in the city and
gives it as his opinion that the actual
work of construction will soon be
commenced.    Said he:
"You need.not mention my name, for
I don't profess to be in tho confidence
of the moving powers aud my opinion
would have no greater valuo than that
of any other person who had my opportunities for observation.
'litis a woll known fact tbat engineers in the employ of tho Oorbin people have been.ovor tho grouud Bad
clone preliminary work en two possible
routes, the first of these branches
from the main line at Meyers' Pails,
crossing the Columbia river between
the mouth of the Kettle rivor and Ket-
Clu'iye of Mani-gcment.
Tomorrow morning the management cf tbe i
Windsor hotel iIihukcs, Ceo. I'. Minis, who has i
so successfully conducted mo business lor the
past vear, retinue and Joseph I.. Wiseman, the I
original proprietor ol the bouse assuming con* i
n..1. Tho nairieol the bouse will he Changod-j
back to Its former name, The Orand Forks.   Mr. ,
w. needs ho Introduction w the publia, having
made many fiionds as a caterer In tho early days j
of the towii. nud his many Iriends will bo i-'lad
to learn tint be will resume its uuinac.'i.icnt.
Mr. Minis cues lo lyireka where lie will  open a :
olgaraiid tobaccoltdre. While his many fnondi
in ibe Forks rci-rcl to have htm leave, they all
wish him unbounded success in hie new llo
'to be Betting a j recently made to Scotland, whither  he
' was ocnt by tho general assembly, for
plates moving I' i- family
By a recent postal regulation all postofllco*1
that sell ovei fUOO wortii <ii postage stamps pel
an mi in nre en titled lo haye a money order olllcc
established there, in consequence of this tact
acting Postoiiloe inspector i-tugers, of Victoria
was in the Forks yesterday perfecting arrangements whereby Grand Forks would become a
mouev order olliee.
John Holmes and F. M, Folger have , I-'
complotod tbe ossessmeul work on the Gold
Axe, situated on II... ly mountain. A shall
w.us sunk un the Ledge, win n can he traced ou
the surf..,'lor a distance of over "iifJ foot, to
the depth of about in foot, rho oro i- white
[quartz heavily Impregnated win, copper
which tmprovefl win, depth,
it appears tbat s illftoeu men commeuc I
work im- in,,nn ng un Hie pi ,l ,. I ....',.;.
; Robert Clark's place and Lime creel-., t,    .-
pulling in bridges over sloughs and otlu r .■• Lse
improving the road to Mme oceek uii.-i, thei
unl continue li ns fur as Pass ereek. Ibe work
■ is being dont* under the supervision ol Mr
cuppugo road suporvlsor for t.,,-. distrlot.
Al. Preslar returned Thursday evening fi  v
igurelta  whol*** be  bos boon  for Ilia past : w
vvooks doing conii'iiet work.    Al  looks  rathe]
i p.ue, liu-i my lust got ovor a  even  spi I oi dek
i, ii . which ,. mi' "i "nl1- ',  few  "i ij    Uuratlop
1 In.,I a telling e it on turn.   He evi... i- to rq
iiiiiiin  fe.v days  in  u.e Forks recuperating^
r whluh he will relu-u to lureiui un
, ,... , hasbeoomoluterasted lu several properties he
, by Arthur .Milthorp of this  p'ace  lolt   tmuks will turn out alright with dovelopmun(
town on Thursday last   for   Midway.,   The Gold Bug Placer syndicato Is tho uainool
, \ i thoy woro going by way of the  rsServa-| oompany that has  been urganUed In   Grand
'   ■ tion and everything  was lovely till thoy
the purpose of collecting money to
sist tho missions of this country.
Tho attendance was very good and
the lecturo extremely v,-o:l received.
The Doctor expressed himself as extremely well pleased with the progress
made by tho Porks since his last v.sit
about two jeur.s ago, at which time
there wan ono log cabin whore tlm city
of Grand Folks now stands, 11,* pre.
diets a great future for lis,
Kettle River High.
. K. Stuart of Midway aooompanled '"'
Liberals Meet.
A mooting of the liberals of llrand Foi It:
held last evening ln the  Minbii olllcc, ,fo
purposo'of organising ft liberal club.   After i...
Informal dlsoussion of Hie object of the meeting
the following officers of tbe association  were
elected:   Jnnii-s Addison, president: J. W.fiwau-
son, vice-presidout, and J. K. Johnson, scre-
tary.   'Ihere are no ices whatever lu connection
with the association, and everyone In sympathy I from a tour down Dtrouil*, in cnnsoiiouce
with the libera cause ere requested tc sign the '   ,   ...    •»,,.,       . n   j   ,
roll ol membership, which can be found at the I <-- this Mr. Stuart was compelled to
oilice of the secretary. The association will i walk some H miles tc Midway unJer
meet every.second Moni'ay Of the ln.uith, the | the scorching sun whiio Mr. Milthorp
SS?tl0?h°.    g       g C" 5' ' bl'0URht the rig back to (irand Porks.
■ attcniptoii to cross tho Kottlo rivor nour
the mouth of  Curlew,  hero  tho  water
j waB exceedingly hip;h aad  it  w;i3  with
tne rig wa
trean\ in ci
Cosmos Hotel Arrivals.
MnlilSt, Gmnd Forks, B. (*.; Mrs A. Pirslfir j
Manaffor.   Ghns. Uftchild, a. V. DomoriM. W.1
\Ic\rtluir, W. H, budden, John iuoFeer lU-iiaf-s,
H AUenuet'gi li. B'. Williams andJ. P. Cameron, i
ripokjuie- AV. B. (ioodan aud J, CmrS, Eurfeka;
Dr, Bowed. Chas, Bobbins; Ed, Kirkpatrick, Mr. ,
Mdrrlil J. St. Ki'ar.T. E llak-y, Kllln^.Ioiuisnn. '
Mrs. Dolleudu ana Father Pat trWin, ftbaslatid; [
V. K. M-aoktjustOj UoUax,.Wash.:   QolQJi-sl Hay,
Tort Arthur:  A.   L. MoBrwln,  Kngland; O. B.
TUpmaai Chicago:  Webb, BtmllikamQen;   Joe,
Ivy, Marcus: C. Wi MiloOurne'i .Ndlrton:   Ml  B."
Feeney, Neil McCallum, Jott DaVls aud Fred
Wollaston. city, I
Will Develop tbe Ontario Boy.
C. JT. FolKcrcanH1 ddvfh from tlie Ontario Hoy
olaim, last Baturday. where he has 1 ecu doing!
doveloOment Wotk for thi.1 two or ttiree  weeks.,
A 20 wot shaft has bcou sunk, on this* property
whicli struck the.tedgo about Is IVet down. The
ore ia a white quartaanB gives evcrv Irtdloattoo
ol being rich both in tola and copper.   Mr. K. :
iHRo well pleased, with the way that Ihe pro-:
pprty te snowing that he has decided to start a 1
fdrce oi men to work next Monday running al
cross-cut on tne ledge1 to determine ite width, j
ond if it proves as good as bo anticipates, work
willbe continued tndeflnately.   The Ontario
Boy joins the Pathfinder on the north.
I'ork.s tu operate three placer claims situated on
' the Kettlo rlvofi about a Mile and u hall from
town.   The otlluorsof tho company are: W. k.
C. Manly, president! G,  W. AvorUi, vioc-prest-
i dent; J. o. liolluntyne, treasurer, and J. H. iv r-
' iiin>, secretary,  ii i-** the Intention ot the oom-
■ puny to put a force u* mon lo work on this property at onee.
i    work was resumed on the Grey Eagle Wedi
nesday upou tne ordet of Uhasi Van Ross, tbe
1 resident director oi the syndicate that owns this
' property.   Messrs. Morgan and Porter Will have
charge of Uie workVwhtch is  in the character
of sinking n shaft on tbe ledge thnt was tapped
i in   the tunnel somo time ago.   Judge  BplUkfl
! who is also heavily interested In this property,
I will be here on Monday and if ho Is satlsHo.u
with il"'; bowing work will be continued.
Tom Parkinson-) president of the Patherflnder
Mining, Reduction and Investment oompany,
eame down from tho company's Property ou'
Pathfinder bill yesterday* ana reports everything running as BUlootn as clock work up
there. Two shifts are now working in the
miuc, and the number of men will be increase^
as rapid as they can be worked to an advantage.
The shaft is now down toa dvptb of N feet.ftatl
•a'crosscut will now ho fun to ascertain the
width of the ledge, mineral appearing at pr$
scut on ull sides ot the shaft.
The Ilullion group in Crown Point
camp is being worked by six men.
Tho machinery for the Okl Ironsides
mine will bo ou the ground about August lirst.
The tunnel ou the Sunset is in 160
feet. It is expected thut thi* regular ore
will bo tapped at about ILK) feet.
Dr. Christie and ,T. Hamill are out on
a ton day's prospecting trip through Mc
Rao pass and on to lower Arrow lake.
The Climax c'aim in Skylark camp is
showing up well. The oro vein is ubout
iiJ-2 feot assays from which havo given
&!*) in gnl I and silver.
Six feet of pay oro was recently
struck on tho lionunza claim, cne of tho
propoities owned by tho English tic
French Gold Mining Co.
A largo number of locations aro being
made in tho vicinity of Christina lako
whero it is reported that quite a number of properties aio turning out well.
Frank Gousel, a well known reservation prospector aud who lately left hero
for Seattle, has left for the Klondyke
having lately caught the mining fevor
in (he Quoon City.
Brady tic Smith owners of the lirady
property on Pathfinder mountain ure
pushing development work on that property, large gold and copper assays aro
rewarding thorn for their work.
A rich strike of base oro is reported
in the immediate neigbborhoo I of Blow
Out mountain, some miles up the North
Fork. The samples that were recently
assayed ran 602 in gold and copper
from the surface.
Messrs. Keighlley, Humphries tic
Lind have received tho final payment of
813,500 on account of the Monarch
mine in Greenwood camp. The report
is current that considerable work will
bo done on this proporty at once,
Tho Exchange group, on the lowtr
tnd of Slocan lako between Lemon and
Sprii gcr creeks, in tho Slocan district,
has passed into the hands of the New
Gold Fields of Britisn Columbia, Sir
< harles Tuppcr's London company.
Tho price paid is reported to bo 841,000.
Frank llemmenway, of Spokano, pas-
sod through Grand Forks last week on
liib way to Greenwood to take charge of
tho development work to bo dona on
tho Knob Hill, owned by Spokano parties. II is expected that it will take
from two to threo mo**.lhn to perforn*.
tho work contemplated
'J'bo owners of tho Okanogan mine,
which is situated on Okanogan lako
within a half mi o of Pentieton, will
thoitly cominenco operations the oro
to tc shipped to tho EverettSmeIter.bav*
ing secured a though rate of So 50 from
tho ('. P. It- company from Pentieton to
Everett. It is earnestly hoped that
tins undertaking will prove successful,
us shipping mines are what is needed to
bring the district to the front.
Mr Alfred Woodhouse, representing
a London syndicate, has closed a deal
with Mr, E. A. Bielenberg, the owner,
(or the purchase of tho Anaconda
group. By the terms if the agreement
Mr. B. secures 82,000 cash, and Mr.
WooJhouso has signed a contract to begin development work by the first of
At gust, which is to be continued for
threo months. At the end of that period it the results aro satisfactory to Mr,
Woodhouse, a company is to be organized and Mr. B. gets another cash payment and shares in tbe company fer the
forcing a sale of said campany's pio-
perty in execution of said judgment,
and by divers other means and devices
, to destroy tlio value of the shares of the
said company. As a result of tho bearing the prisoners wero admitted to bail,
tho former in the BUm of t'0,000 and the
latter in tho sum of $1,500.
Klockmann Sills His Interest in the
International to Mayor Manly.
A. Klockmann bus sold out his inter
est in tho International hall to Mayor
Manly ot G.and Forks, who already
owned the remainder of it. Mr Manly
wili place a manager iu charge temporarily, but proposes leasing tho place if
he rinds a desirable tenant. Mr. Kindt*
ICBOD will devote his attontion to tho
opening up of the woll known Continental mine. situatuJ a. few miles north ot
Priest lake in Kootenay county. Idaho.
JIo and John Manly <i«n a half interest
Mr. Klockinan became interested in
the Continental in 1893. It is one of
the largest galena prospects in Idaho,
having enormous oie bodies running
about $60 ir all valuta. A wagon road
will bo constructed from tho mino to the
Kootenay river, a distance of IS uiil'8,
and ore will be shipped on th it river by
boat to the Groat Northern railroad at
Bonner's Forry. Mr. Klocliniann hopes
to begin shipments this wiutor.—Boss-
land .Miner.
Held ln l.'ail.
President J. W. Hasklns and Score*
II. A. Brown, of the Orphan Boy, had a
■preliminary examination in Vancouver.
They were charged with unlawfully,
fraudently and deceitfully conspiring
und agreeing together to defraud A. E.
Giavey and other shareholders in tho
said company by collusively obtaining
judgment against lho j-uid coiniwny aul
Circular Setting Forth Planks
Agreed on uy the Executive Committee.
The following circular from the execution! committee of the opposition party
has boon received!
In accordance with a request to that
effect from representative men of the
party in ull sections of tho province, the
members of the opposition in the legislature consented to uct as an executive
committee of tho party.
In that capacity the members recently
held a meeting when it win thought desirable to lay down the general principles of tho policy which lias guided tho
opposition in itscour3ein the legislature
and ou which, in the opinion of tho
committee, the party can with confidence appeal to the provincial voters at
the ensuing goneral elections.
Tho committee believes that it will
havo the support of u very large majority
of the provincial \oters, whethor they
are supporters of the opposition or tho
government, in its view that it would be
extremely detrimental to tho interests of
tho whole province at the present time
to introduce Dominion issues into the
discussion of provincial affairs.
Tho committee, in consonance with
this viow, proposes tho following as the
platform on which the opposition will
appeal to tha electorate:
1. Tho adjustment of tho ropiesenta*
tion of the provinco on a general principle, by which au equitablo system will
be established, districts thinly settled
and remote from the populous centers
receiving a larger proportionate representation than those districts with a
greater propulution and nearer tho largo
cities, while in turn those districts will
have a proportionately larger representation than tho cities of the provinco.
2. Bo organization ot the civil service
with a view to greater efficiency und
economy in administration.
3. Liberal expenditure on necessary
public works under such rigid supervision as will secure commensurate results.
i. DiscouiagJtuent of Oriental immigration.
5. The amendment of tho Land act
so lhat coal will bo recerved along with
other minerals. Timber to be disposed
ot by optn competition and in such
quantities as tho trade demands. Agricultural lands to be reserved for actual
6. Repeal of tti3 tax commonly known
as the Mortgage tax.
7. Amendment of the law in regard
to freo miners' licenses so that a mar.
shall not be compelled to tako out a
free miners' licenso beforo he can work
in a mino for wages.
8. Provincial aid to railways in tho
past having resulted unsatisfactorily,
both as regirds economy in construction and moderation in transportation
charges, any future aid to railways to be
based on efficient provincial control both
of tho raising and expenditure of the
capital and of tho r* t;s of transportation.
While Ihe committeo bo'ieves that an
administration of provincial affairs on
the lines laid down in the foregoing
platform would conduce to the goneral
prosperity and assist in the rapid de
velopmentof thegrea' natural resources
cf tho province, it does not ignore tho
fact that the most sagacious policy may
fail in results by extravagancnor incompetency in carrying it out and it con-
-.idors that tho present government is
open to the strongest condemnation in
both those respects.
With united and energetic action ou
tho part of thoso who arj in sympathy
with the views of tho opposition, the
committee has no fear of the result.
C. A. Si'.mlin, Chairman.
j they would havo more saved at the end
of the week. Dont let ui in this young'
city follow in tho footsteps of Jim Hill J
the man who balieves in employing man i
nt fifty cents a day, to work on tho rail- I
| roucls, but let us pay tho working men I
' a decent sum for their days labor and [
the City will prosper.
This is also a matter that comes  with* !
in thu province of tho city council   and
they should loso no lime  in   fixing   the
rate of wages on all city work at the J
rate of 82.50 per day.
Employ Home Labor.
As there is likely to bo sevorul thousand dollars spent in tho c'ty during tho
next fow mouths ou a water works system, and other civic works it should bo
arranged that the mon employed on
these works be local men. This idea of a
contractor importing mon f ir.any pub
lie work when ho can procure just as
good workmen at home is not right.
There are a considerable numb-r of
workmen of every description hore in
Grand Forks that can be had on short
notice and this idea of bringing in men
from the outi-ide to do this work is an
outrago to the community. The city
counc 1 ehoul I take immediate steps toward passing a by-law making it imperative for all contractors on city
works to emploj local men on Iho works.
Another point that should bo noticed
is the sn.all wages paid at present on
street work in this city; 82 n day is not
enough for a man who works all day
long in the hot sun. By tho time he
pays his board ho only has ubout seventy five cents a diy saved. In a civilized
community thin looks bad, wh,*r..as it
the men were paid at least 82.50 a day
A Hot One.
Hera is the way a Texas paper puts it:
'•When you ask a man to subscribe for
your paper and he says: 'Oh! I never
rend much, besides limes are too plagued
tight,' for God's saltes apologize to him
for the mistake and lo.ivo him. Life is
too short to wasto time in trying to
teach a mule to sing .Soprano. All gentlemen nowadays read newspapers —
and lots of them. Show us a man who
lives in a town or county and never
subscribes for tho paper published thero
and wo will show you a man whoso head
is shaped liko a piece ot pie, with tha
point up, and whose igooranco is only
exceeded by his gigantic gall. A loc-tl
newspaper is an institution that works
every day and every night, and every
docent man in the community is in
honor bound to assist in its support.
The great trouble is that somo swell-
headed galoots fancy they are making
the editor a present when thoy tako his
paper, Wo havo the profoundest sympathy for the man who lives in a town
for years and never subscribes for his
homo paper: If that poor follo.v wa3 to
encounter an idea in a lane, ho would
turn and tly tho other way, with tho
tail of hi;3 garment beating the atmis-
phere, Ouo of thorn hasn't common
sense enough to keep war u in hades."
The Keystone Company.
Tho articles of incorporation of the
Keystone Consolidated Mining company wero filel with tho county auditoi,
at Spokane, Fiiday of last weok. Five
hundred thousand dollars is given as
the capital stock, divided into 500,000
shares ot 81.00 each. i'Lo trustees
named and shares held by each are:
Patrick Clark, 70,912 share*-*; Mary R.
Clark, 13,000 shares; N. V. Durham,
0,900 shares; B. C. Kingsbury, 03,231
shares; II. L. Frank, 70,077 shares; A.
ti. Campbell, 57,500 shares; D, M. Hy-
inan, 57,500 shares; J. P. M. Richards,
]i„')75 shares; Honry M". Richards, 14,-
875 shares; F. W. Gilbert, 1.0J0 shares;
Frank Gibbs, l.GOJ shares; It. K. Neill,
■1,000 share;; F. E. Lucas, 1,000 shares;
John A. Finch, 66,850 shares and J. A.
Finch, trustee for II. J. Jory, 10,000
The property to bo worked ly this
company is situated Eureka camp on
the reservation.
Will Have a Church.
O.ving to tho tact that tho Presbyterian church ie situated at Upper
(irand Forks about ono mile from tho
business portion of tho town, it has
been deemed necessary for Grand
Forks proper to havo a church of its
In viow of this the citizens are moving in the matter nnd uext week a sub-
ccription list will be taken around for
signatures in this work, (irand Forks
should have a church, and that at onco.
Whilo this church will belong to tha
Presbyterian church tho district understanding will bo that it is to bo used
for genoral church purposes, irrespective of uny denomination, so that overy
body no matter to what denomination
he belongs can put his shouiuer to tho
wheel und help according to his ability.
a shoi-!t cur.
A New Wagon Road Between Marods
and Grand Forks.
G. W. Williams, manager of the Kettle rivor stags lino was in the Forks a
coupla of days this week looking after
tho affairs of bis line. Mr. Williams
has been for tho past two weeks, in
company with ( hief Engineer Roberts,
of the .Spokane Falls & Northern railway, on the reservation examining tho
dilfarent passes from tho Columbia
river to the Kettle River valley on the
reservation, with a viow ot selecting a
feasible route over which to construct a
wagon roa I from Marou** to Eureka and
other reservation pjints, thoreby shortening the distance between thoso two
places. At present the travel mostly
comes by Grant Forks making tho distance by sta^o about 80 miles,
In conversation with a Miner representative Mr. Williams expressed tho
opinion that a road could bo built by
ono of these passes that would cut tho
distance down to 47 miles, which would
make the distance from tho railroad to
Euroka considerably shorter than by
any other route. The distance from Wil*
her being 63 miles. As to which ono of
tho passes tho proposed road wou'd bo
built o.er Mr. Williams stated that nothing delicate would be known until
such time3 a3 Mr. Roberts had made
his roport. D. C. Corbin hid agreed to
giro 81,000 toward tho construction of
tho road and it ia thought that no
trouble will bo experienced in raising
the balance of the money needed. Upon
tbe completion of the road it is Mr. Williams' intention to put a daily stage on
the route making the trip in about the
sain.) time and manner tho run is being
made between Marcus and Grand
Forks at prosont.
A Veritable  Bee Hive of Life and
jAinos lliimilt.tn, formerly of tho White
IIuiiso ol this city, Is working his propcrllos on
thin hill with good results.
The Cioltl Drop, belonging to Qafverd und Anderson, is showing up well, a well defined ledge
being now exposed.
Tiie Iron Ore olaim owned by O. E. Lambert
nnd others is looking well, the owners having
just commenced work ou this olaim, in the
manner of sinking a shaft on the ledge.
A number ol new rich locutions huve been
made on the west side of Hardy mountain some
of whloh nre exceptionally high grade.
A.L. Rogers who owns some claims on this
mountain is pushing development work on his
properties some of which aie looking very
Snyder lieed, who owns n group of properties
on this well known hill, is s.iid to be nego-
liiiting for the sale of these claims. The pur.
chaser be'ng uu American syndicate.
Lod3e Organized in Nelson Last
Saturday Nigut.
Nelson lodge no. ins Knights of Pythias was
organized list Saturday night at Nelson by S.
P. I) .nn ir, deputy grand organizer for lhe state
of Washington. Tho list hud been signed by
twenty residents of Nelson and sixteen wero
present at tlie orgn.nI/.utlon. Theoflicors of tbe
new lo.lgo were elected .13 follows: O. U. Nelson Chancellor Commander; A. Duniphcy, Vico
Ohancollor; P. B. Nelson, Prelate: II. M. Geuln,
Keeper of Records and Seal; Andrew Johnson,
Master ol' Work; C. K. Stmson, Master of Exchequer; Henry White, Master of Finance; Otto
Grims, -Master of Arms; II. \V. Covert, Inside
Guard; Wm, Chirk, Outside Guard. After the
organization was completed the assembly sat
down to a i excellent luncheon. The ludge
will meet overy Thursday evening.
No Use for Wild Cats.
The Spokesman Review says that the
framers of the amendments to the B. 0.
Mining act know no moro about mining than a cat knows about tho force ot
pow ler.   The allusion to cats  is  particularly happy.   They know  something
about wildcats ull  right enough, espe
daily the interesting variety whose  ha- j
bitat is .Spokane.   Some of them  have
helped to nourish a little kitten or two !
themselves.   Tho province has legisiat-
ed wilh a view of  confining  thoso  animals, as far as [ ossicle, in future to their
native heather, and moans to stay by it.
It is a thousand pities wo did not have
the necessary legislation to keep them I
out of Kootenay two years ago—Revel- [
stoke Ileralo.
Located at Northpoit.
As i t was stated bv a number ot persons who came upon thelled Mountain
train yesterday afternoon, says tho Rossland Miner of last Sunday, that Sol.
Came run of this city had obtained tho
contract for building tho Lc Rol sinol-
ter, a reportor called oa that gentleman
to learn if thj rep irt was cirroot. M r.
Cameron was averse to discission tho
matter and referred liis questioner to
Mr. Williams, of thi Li Rii co.npiny.
lie admitted, however, that he had the
contract to build tho smelter plant at
Northport, and sail ho uitendel to start
work on Monday.
Hjy Shut Out Foreigners.
A Washington, D. C, dispatch says
that information has reached that oity to I
the tff.'ct that tho Canadian authorities
have under  ctutiJeration  taking steps:
to prohibit any but BrltiiU subject.!  in-|
the Eldorado of North America.    As
the Kloodyke minss are without doabb l
iu Canadian territory, it is said  ut  the
state department tho dominion authorl* !
ties have the right to  prohibit  tho  en* i
trance of foreigner*) if it shoul 1 so son
Wants an Extension.
According to the Victoria Colonist of
the 22nd inst. D, C. Corbin, president
of the Nelson & Fort Shoppard railway,
and Jay II. Adams, of Spokane, were in
Victoria on that date. One of the objects of Mr. Corbin's visit was to see tho
government with respect to the exten-
tim of timo given last sossion by the
legislature for ths survey of the N. & F.
S. laud grant.
Happy Enough, But —
Mr, Corbin, of the Spokane Pulls nnd Northern, has a force of engineers in Iho lield surveying a line from Northport to Grand  Forks, and
the people of that section are correspondingly
happy.   They scorn eveu more pleased than if i
the Dominion government had subsidize! the i
Heinzo road fro.n Kobson to Pentictoo.— Slocan j
City New;.
They Didn't Win.
We hear a great deal these dajs about our
beloved Quyeu Victoria, and many peoplo uro
telling through tho press about the day they
tirst saw her. Most of these writers seem to
delight iu telling Ibe world thut they have guz-
od on one queen, but we arc Just the reverse.
We wore introduced to (our queens, all In one
day, and no soul in lhe camp every heard us
mention lho delightful tliu.. we had lu their
company.—New Denver ledge.
An Etherial Connection.
The llnuniliiry Creek Times attempts to connect the Unionist Willi Mr, Heinze. There is
about as much connection between tho Colonist
and Mr. Heinze or .Mr. Ileinze's plans as ihere
Is between the Boundary Creek Times aud the
moons of Jupiter,—Victoria Colonist.
Paints, Oils, Brushes, Sash & Doors,
Anthing You Want ir. tho Hardwaro Line and Can't Find it go to
W.K. C. Manly's Store, Grand Forks, B.C.
Bonds of Electric, Steam
or Horse Car Railways
-i-i—,    ,_   PLACED   AT  SHOE EST   N0TI0E
Persons having mining or other Properties that will
Lear investigation, can have a Company promoted, or
sell them, by addressing	
17 and 19 Broadway, Now Vork City.    London  ollieos:—Chiswell  House, No
139 Finsbury Pavement, London, E. C, England.
Lii/ery Teams, Saddle
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Harness Shop in 0onnection- Teaming of all Kinds Done.
Properties Reported on,
Development and Assessment Work Supervised.
Conveyancers      |
Records Searched j
Ranken & Campbell,
And Investment Agents. X
Grand Forks. B. 0.
TERMS $1.50 AND $2.00 PEB DAY
Windsor Hotel,
(Formerly The Grand Forks Hotel,)
Groceries, Salt Meat, Fruits, Confectioneries,
Dealer In
A Full Line ot Fishing Tackel just Received. Prospectors and "Miners will
(ind it lo their interest to give me a call before purchasing as I can save you
money.   Don't forget the place. BRIOGE STREET, GRAND FORKS, B. B.
Everything New and Best Furnished House in Town.
INBODY   &   DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Fountl at the Cur.   Spocial attention Paid to Transient Trado.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Termius of
Sta^e Line From Marcus, Washington.
McAuley & McCauig,    -   -    Proprietors.
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable Prices.
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.   Special attention paid to Cleau-
ir.g and Repairing.   Givo me a trial order.
W—«■■!, .   MM KHAKI)  FORKS  MINER.
1 fib Hiker is imblM..,*.! on Sntnittay nnd will
mulled 10 SnbscriU.T on ^.ij-mti.t ol Two
•J j'iurs n your.
OlsnUyed Advertlsenienlfi *"'! an inch w-r
moufj). A Ui.erai discount allowed .•*.. long
'f*->.u.*i,-iii A'ti-orli-caieols 20cents ft lin... lirM
insertion hu.1 10 centsm line Ior e-tci. addition***!
ljjciil or reading matter notices -'. t.i-uts eacl*
Job Printing at Pair rates. All nci'nnn'a for
jobvork and advertising payable ou Hie first oi
anch month. I*. 11. MctlABTIK J: SON.
lAIUBDAY, JULY 31, 1897.
Iu tlie ISouodiry Crea-**' Times ol the
24tii inat ive lind the following wail:
•'When the mining division <>{ Orand
Forks wan created wo von lured th*** as-
hrrli. n that the object of tho government in cj-.tom.ling iho western
lioundary to the lummil let«'><D
tbe North Fork end K ttle i vj .
was for the puiposo of HSKiniing
llin.-e interested in Urjnd Forks town-
*-it« in making the iavtstil.g publiu bo-
ii.-vi* that Grand Forks was tha centre
<f u large und important mining district, 'lho last ibsuo of tne Gbahd
Fokkb Minsk attrtnps to boom tlie .Duly created division because tho Golden
Crown wus among Ihapr p'rU-sinclu '-
iii therein. The Times fully endorses
ever; word tbat is said bv the Miner
commendatory of the Gdden Crown,
l.ut neither the B-ar.il.n anil Golden
Crown mining company—nor Grand
i'orkp, for that mutter—will bo benelit-
tecl by tho assertion that "u.ider tho
i.e.v arrange., ect o. opining divisions
1Mb property belong-;to t**i* Gi«'id Forks
mining division, and ils development
will be a great l**-*lp toward milking this
lho greatest tuineral district in the
country." The Golden Crown, like
other valuable proporiios io Wellington
camp, are being operated from Groan
wood, when*, its manager makos his
lieadquarters, buy-) all supplies and
transacts ail busiuefs cosnetited with
the mine. BecauBe tbogovornmont saw
lit lo place a portion of Wellington
tamp in the Grand Forks mining ilivi-
i-iiiii property owners aro of eourso compelled to go thw-i to transact any busi-
lieenconn .'ctu I with the recorder's u!Ii.*i\
l.ut beyond that Ibeii a inflection ceueos
with that pretty little ronii village on
the banks of tlie Kettle river. We are
quite wil.ing to give Grand Fork:-" ail
thu credit for hying adjacent to thi Volcanic and a few other oluirns, but properties in Wellington and Greotiwood
catupt, are liibutary to Greenwood, ns
thOKupplies for allot them lire pureLased
We are soiry our neighbor, representative of lho charming'y locate*! min*
iag camp of Greenwood, sees lit to get
its ire up and cttl Grand Forks disparaging names because wo v.'ero unfortunate euccit.li to mention, in writing up
tin; Golden Crown, that this property
liea within Ui.s Grand Forks mining district. We didn't say thai tho supplies
tor tho mino wore purchased here, and
if the Greenwood iperuhabts are inter*
prising enough to shut out uompetelioo
in selling the Brand in & Golden Crown
Wining Go. tiie provisions for their
men, wo can only say that they deserve
commendation foi such enterprise and
the tame is herewith extended.
Had we suspected that the fivo lines
to which the Times objects would have
rulil'd their feathers, tluy would probably havo never been written. Wo dislike any controversy wilh our neighbor
journalists. Wo have onough in that
line to attend to at home. Tho Times
will then-fore take notice that in writ
ing up the Golden Crown the idea uf
"booming" uny town or district was tho
furthest fr.no our thought'.--, and the
only object wub to give proper recognition to a really inagciticiont mining
The number of kicks registered against
the payment of the trade licenses 119
scheduled by tbo city council aro num.
irons and in some instance no doubt
just. A trade license is proper in most
I'iisn*-', Lut caro should be taken, that
it is not carried tuo far, and while it may
prove a benefit to tho city in tho shape
of rovonue, still in tho matter if trade
it may provo a detriment Wo will tako
it for instance, is any ono so short sighted as to think for a moment tliat tlio
farmers of Grand Prairie will como to
Grand Forks to trade, if thoy are compelled to pay a lico.isj of &» every six
months for tho prlvolege of marketing
their produce, as provided for in eectioo !>
of tbo schedule With but a few exceptions it will bo fonud that they will give
tbo town u wide birth, and do their
trading were they aro not forced to pay-
tor that privilege
Tbo vast difference botweon tbo rate
exacted between a merchant thut carries
u 830,000 stock and that of a livery stable
keeper, is another bone of contention.
Uy observing tho schedule it will be
seen that the former is "hold-up" for
only 810 a year, whilo tho lattor is required to produce 830.   Is it just?
When it comes to planing a tax on an
individual who by tbo force of cirouiu-
btdncs ia compsllod to gain a livelihood
by tbo sweat of his brow, sueh as con
tractors, manufactures, etc., itiaevldent
that someone Iuie used bud judgment.
Tho city could better afford to foster and
subsidise institutions of that character
than place a tax on them.
The MiNf.uia of tho opinion that it tho
gentlon.en who drafted tbe by-law had
taken   the  government schedule  as a I
guide there would bavo boon k-ss causo •
for complaint.
The*. London Sun expresses the opinion thut Secretary Sherman's mtssage
on the seal question infers tnat Uncle
Sam wants to "scrap." The editor of
tho Sun, it is plain, is cot acquainted
« ith that old gentleman. Senator Sherman is a "dead game" politician, ac-
custo-rod to imputing evil motives to
eveiybody that io not on hia side of tbo
fence, and docs not draw the lino bo-
t'.vpon tbe language of politics and that
of diplomacy. Thero aro ten chances to
one he would not stow tho least inita-
tlpj should Lird Salisbury, if such a
thing were possible, openly express" tno
opinion tbat in its position the Unitud
btates was dishonest.
Hekr Andkbb has started on his attempt to roach tho North Polo by ba-
loon. Men who haw given tho subject
BnfBcieot stirJy to qualify tbe:n to talk
un tho mattor believe that it ia possible
by JhiB means to aecoruplibh what Nan-
sen ant) so many others have failed to
do hy water. Still the common overy
day Uiiocl will consider the undertaking
m >re dangerous even than tho Arctic
Yontures, and are willing togivo bigger
odd.-? than a Grand Forks sport on a
fobbed" horse race, that tho courageous
Andres will land in that port from which
no traveller leturr.B.
Tin: Nolson Tribune speaks disparagingly of tbe construction of the railroad
from Pentieton to Boundary creok and
alludes to it simply as a scheme for tho
"outdoor relief" of Victoria laboring
men. Woll may tho tribune throw
old water on the construction of tbio
road for with its completion this will bo
one of lhe greatest mining camps in tho
province, and tho ruph. to ii will c-quul
that of tho Klondyke.
Mr. Heinzb has offered tho LoRoi
peoplo a free smolter site, certain adjacent wator powi r, half of a townsite and
a half Interest in th© water power he
controls at Sayward, if thoy will locate
their proposed smelter at Trail. It
would bo a good thing for Grand Forks
if tho townsite company would quit
trying to do so nrmy big thin?-? and do
a few Biuull ones like Mr. Heinzo.
Every mine owner and holder of a
claim should lend all assistance possible
towards making tha exhibit of minerals
at tho Okanagan Agricultural and
Traders* exhibition one ttat will reflect
credit on the Grand Forks mining division. Specimens shojld ho sent in at as
early date as possible and left at tho
office of Filley & Ogden, who will have
charge of tho exhibit from this city.
Thk sale of the ilonanzi mine, near
Baker ( ity, Oregon, to an eastern syndicate for 8760,0130, is an evidence that
eastern capital is moving this way for
investment in leg'tmate mining properties. Whenever a initio owner can show
that he has something of merit ho will
experience no trouble in Eluding a purchaser at a good round figure.
A LARGS numuer ot lots wero sold on
Main street upon tho representation
that the North Fork was to bo bridged
on that street. Can anyone give us uny
information as to tho date and time
lhat work wilt bo commenced on that
Tub majority of lho papers of tho
Kootenay aro howling about the
wretched mail oorvico. Thoro m iut be
something radio ally wrong wherj thore
is so much kicking and steps should be
takon to remedy tho difficulty.
Thk papers on tno other sido of the
line are devoting considerable spaco to
tbe KloudyU-i excitement, hut not ono
of them mentions the fact that it is i i
Canadian territory.
WllX Bomebody point out an incorporated town in tho provinco today,
outside of (Jrand Forks, that haa not
u money order department in its
postal service.
Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco
aro endeavoring to control tho trade of
tho B.-itiah Yukon, At prosoat Seattle
has the lion's share.
Wn would suggest to the city council
tho advisibility of putting a fence
around tho town in order to slop tho
exodus to Eureka.
The Rossland Miner wants tho Board
of Trade of that place to reorganize.
Liberals Will Organize.
Tbe liberals of Grand Fonts in viow
of tho coming Provincial election noxt
June, aro moving in tho matter of forming a liberal associatioi so that they
will have all the political machinery in
operation in time to do good service f.t
the coming political contest. Every liberal in Grand Forks Bhouid not fail to
have his name placed on the member*
ship list of tho association, roineuiher-
iug the old maxim "thit in uuity there
ig strength,*"
BY-LAW NO. f«.
A By-law for levying nud collecting license fees
from certain traders, aud to regulate and
govern certain tranus.
1. It shall bo lawful for the council, from
time to time to appoint an Inspector of Licenses, tmri hy resolution define his duties and remuneration therefor.
2. Everv bouse, building or premises licensed
under this by-law shall be liable to bo inspected
at nil times by tbe Inspector o\ Licenses, or by
thoChlefof Police, or Police Constable, duly
authorized In that behalf, and any person or person rofnsingthe above officers admittance, or
preventing such inspection, shall be liable to
tho penalties of this by-law.
;i. ISaeli and every porson, persons or body
corporate, tiffing or foltowinu tho peroral trades,
occupations, professions, or business set forth
in ihe schedule hereunto annexed, and purtieii-
larly described herein, shall take out a period!'
cnl licenso for such period ns in said schedule
set forth, paving iheivf-ir. kih.1i per tod ten I sums
ns Is therein spcoiftud, whleh sulosu in shall in all
cases be iwii.l hi advanoo,as specified in this bylaw.
■1. Any person or persons. Who Shall carry on,
use. practice or exorcise nny trade, occupation,
profession or business in ilie said schedule, do*
scribed nruampd, without first taking out ami
bad grunted to him, or her thenocessary license
in that behalf, shall fnr eaoh olfuoso be 'liable to
the penalties of this by-law,
5. Sn person, persons or body corporate, shall
own within tbo Oity of Orand Korks any cab,
enrriftre or omnibus, aroiher veblclefor thecou-
veyuuco of passengers for hire froni one place
to another within the oily, or own anv trunk.
dray, enrfc, wagon or other vehicle used hi tho
transportation of goals, wares or merchandise,
or other article or thing, from place to place
within the city for him, or keep teams for work
oT any kind of hire, iu the said city without
having first obtained a 11 cause to do so. Neper-
son holding four licenses under this section
shall be liable at the snino time to take out *>r
pay for a license in respect to the livery stable
at which hie vehicle mentioned In sueh license
is kept.
0. No person, persons or body corporate shall
own any cab, 'ttrrin-ge, or omnibus or other
vehicle for tlie conveyance of passengers for
hire from any place or places outside of the citv
to any point within the Oity of Qrand Korks
■without having lirst obtained a licence to do so.
7. Every description of vehicle except omi-
bnses, street railway, or tramway ears, used in
the conveyance of possongers, for hire from ono
place to another within the city, unit whether
drawn by one or more horses or other animals,
shall be deemed a cab within the meaning of
this by-law.
K. Every owner of more than one cub. dray
or omnibus, shall take out a license for ench
cab, .1 ray or oinn i bits, und each aueb vehicle shall
have In a conspicuous placo thereon, und subject to the approval of the License inspector, a
number, whicli number shall correspond with
tho number iu the record or register kept hy the
License Inspector,
'X The person In whoso nn men license fs taken
out under the provisions of this by-law shall i»e
considered as the owner or proprietor of tho vehicle or [dace Ifeonsed, umt shall bo lltble io tin*
l>eiialtiefi In this by law contain orl for any breach
of Lho provisions thereof, whether committed
by Httid owner or proprietor or by any employee
or sold owner or proprietor.
ltt. Any person purchasing the interest of any
other person in any cab, dray oromnlbus.Hvery,
sale, food or exchange stable whoshaU continue
the business wirhoul having obtained a transfer of such IlecnStt. shall be glllHy ot a breach
of this by-law, ami shall, on eonvtcttou ba subject to the pen-ilties therein provided.
11. Kvery owner licensed to Koop anv cab or
omnibus shall keep the saraecontlnuolly clean,
the Interior thereof dry, aud tho harness or
equtpmonts u-ed therewith always in good repair, aod every owner licensed to keep a livery
stable, feed or sale stablos shall beep tho samo
ulean, and the vehicles, harness mv\ stable
aquipments in connection therewith elenn and
Bound, and the horses therein proper aid sufil-
eionttodotho work, and all places, vehicles,
and horses licensed to be kept under this bylaw shall be subject to the Inspection of tho Liconso luspeotor al all reasonable tlmea.
Y2, Kvery driver of acibslmll, when required
by any police officer, give olfielal Information
with reference to the aadressof the houso or place
to-which he may have driven any parson gent and
any other iuionnathm couUGOtod therewith
which may have come to his knowledge, nnd a
refusal of such information shall las deemed ti
breach of this by-law.
13. Kvery driver of any cab or dray, shall
when en Ilea itiMin to do so, nBslst any police of.
doer In tlie conveyance lu his caber dray of any
person or persons to tho common gaol, or auy
police station in tbe city, ar In tho conveyance
to lhe hospital or elsewhere, if required, any
porson who may have met with an accident, or
Is 111 or wounded, provided such illness is not
of an Infectious nature; and said driver shall
be entitled to his usual fare therefor by sueh
persons so carried, or by tho eity,
11 .socab.cart, exptess wagoner other vehicle
kept lor litre, shall Stand Upon or Lu any street
while waiting for Live or engagement, except
upon and on such stands ns may from time to
time bo appelated by the council fur that purpose.
Ik No person (not being a government officer
Belling by auction government property, or
sheriffsotftout'or bailllfi selling lands, good", or
Chill ties, taken in execution ur Cor the witlsfao-
tion of rents or taxes), shall sell or put up for
sale by public auction, goods, wares, m.-rchau-
dise, ortuatSi or real estate or cany on tbe business or calling of an auctioneer within the city.
Without having obtained a license so to do, ami
paid the fee therefor, Hint every such license
shall contain the name of one person only, aud
shall not he used by a partner, servant or agent
Ol such person so licensed.
Iti, No hawker, or petty chapman, or other
person who carries on u petty trade or \v ho goes
irom place to place to other incus houses on
loot, or with any animal bearing or draylug
goods, wares,or merchiindisj for sale or otherwise carry goods, wuies, or merchandise for
sale, tuber than tlio growth, produce, or
manufacture of tho Province uf liritish. Coluiu*
bia, Bhall exercise such calling within the city
without having obtained a license so to do, nnd
paid the fi'.! therefor set out In thu schedule to
this by-law,
17. Mo parson either on his own behalf, or ils
agent for another, ur others, shall sell, solicit,
or mke orders for the sale by retail for goods,
wares, or merchandise, to uo supplied or tur-
nished by any person or lb-m, doing business
outside ui the eity, without having tirst obi al ned
a license, aud paid tho feo thurufurj set out hi
the selud.ile lo this by-law
IS. No person or persons simll for bireor pro
lit, liireetly or indirectly, keeji or have iu his,
her or there pussosKion ur on bin, her or their
p-eini-Kcs within the eity, any pool or billiard
tabic, or have any such iuhleu in auy place ll-
ccusud us a saloon, hotel, vie^inUlinu luiiibe,
ordinary, or place of public ontertuiuuient- ov
icso'l within the city, wiieMier buch tables ate
lined or not, without having a UauusQ ami pail
tbo fee thetctor, set oui Ul lho schedule lo tins
hj No person, persons or body corporate,
except chemists or UrUggisla, using the same
iu preparations of prodorlpuous ui medical
praotltfoaer, shall within tne uit_- of Grand
links sell, barter, or exchange, or ln auy manner whatsoever tralUa Lu or won opium, in any
foi ui whether ei ude ur manufactured, without
havmg tirst obtuitied a license so to do, and
paid ttu fee therefor set out iu the schedule to
this by -law.
2\i. For every retail trader in the business as
a hardware, drugiS stationery, boots uud shoes,
or turulturu metchaut, Liie sum of JT».uu lor
each six mouths.
2,1. tot every second hand dealer and store,
the sum of fSO.OfJ, for every six m mths,
22, ij'or every person other than a barrister
or solicitor, who has taken out a license io
practice as sueh, titling the oucupatiou of coa-
veyaueer or laud agem, or both |j.(X) for every
six mouths.
2a. Au auctioneer who unduly makes a noise
in tlie streets by lhe undue ringing of bells,
shah be deemed tu have Committed a breach ut
this by-law.
21. Any violation or breach of any of the
provisions of this by-law, shall subject the offender, upon conviction before the Mayor, Po-
lieeMagistrate or any Justices of the Peuce
having jurisdiction within the City of Uraud
Forks to a penalty uoi exceeding one hundred
dollarswimcosts. All ponaiUesaud costs imposed under this by*ia\v shall tie recoveruole by
diatresB,aud iu case of uusuiUeieui diatrebs belua
louud, i.upi isoom-'iu, with, or without nar.i labour, in tne discretion of tho couviotiug Magistrate may be imposed for liie period nut lo exceed Unity days.
l For every license undQr sub SQCtiott 5, ?ii:,l)
fur every six uiauihsi.
2. For (very license under suh section six
|5.00 for every "six month 8
3. For every livery stable license $15.00 for
every  Blx months.
4. For every person owning a pack train of
six or mon'animals, freight wagon, stage coach
or omnibus, used for transporting goods far pro-
tit or hire a distance of more than ten miles
$2.50 lor every six months.
5. For every hawker, petty chapman or dealers license 3*50.00 for evory six months, and
peddlers Belling farm products of 11. C. f&OO for
every six months.
(L For every transient trader oragouts (mentioned In clause It'.), $50.00 fur every six mouths.
7. For every auctioneers   license $50,00 for
-cry six months
8, For every billiard or other table as per section 17, $2.59 for everv six mouths.
ti. For every bowlfug alley, or rifle gallery,
$5.00 for every six months.
m. For every dealer In opium, crude or manufactured, other than chemist or (driiggsit In the
preparation of physicians prescription, $250.00
for every six months.
11. For every person who keeps or carries on
a public wash house or laundry, a sum of $5.00
lor every six mouths.
!_*. For every transient street fakir, or patent
medicineman, the sum of $5.0J tor the first
week] and $35,00 per week for each week thereafter.
IS. For every barber, hairdresser, oto,, $5.00
for every six mouths,
11. Forevery contractor and builder$5.00for
overy mx mouths.
ir;. Blacksmiths, paint shops, and printing
offices $5.00 tor six months,
Hot onstdered and llnally passed this 16th day
of July. A. ii.,lS'J7.
[L. S.l Signed and Healed
Jambs a. aikman, Oity cierk.
The above tsa true copy of n by-law passed by
the Munch.nl Corporation or the citv of Grand
Forks, on tho   day of June 1897,   aud all
persons an- hereby required to take notice that
any one desirious of applying to have such bylaw or any part thereof quashed, must make his
application for that purpose to the supreme
court within one month next after the publication oi" this bv-lawin the British Columbia Ga-
SCtte, or he Will he too bite to be heard in that
behalf. -IAMBS A. AIRMAN, City Clerk.
BY-LAW NO. it.
A by-law to amend the by-law to define tho con-
dltitions requirements and regulations of
Licenses for the salecf spiritous. fermented.
intoxicating and other liquors in the cily or
(.irand Forks.
VV'B ebb is, at tho time of the Incorporation of
the city of Grand Forks there existed licenses
to sell wine, beer, und spiritous liquors, and
Whereas, by By-law No. 2 of the said eity of
(irand Forks it Is provid'd that Hotel licenses
only shall be issued, and
Whereas, it was not tbo Intention of the Municipality of tbe City of Grand Korks t, .Interfere
witli any liquor licenses existing at the time of
its incorporation
Ue it therefore enacted by the Municipality of
(Jrand Forks that all licenses to sell wine, beer
and spiritous liquors existing at the time of tho
j"-">rporatiou of the Said cily of (irand Forks
thai be and remain existing licenses upon payment of the fees fixed by By-law No. 2'of the
by-laws of the said citv.
J. A. AllCMAH. City Clerk.
partnership heretofore subsisting between
.lames ibimilton and Kdmond Duford as hotel-
keepers ill the White House, ill the towu ol
(irand Forks, li. C , has been dissolved by mutnl
consent, nnd the business of the said tirm has
been purchased by Oliver Bordeau, who will
conduct lhe same at the old stand.
.J AM lis   ll.'.MII/roN,
OfilVBK Di'I'OKI).
Dated ut Ornn ! Forks. II. (J.,  tins 25th day of
Jane, A. D., 1807.
Nance cf AP?ucAri(j;-i m transfer of
NOT1CB HIIFllKin' GIVKN that f intend lo
apply to tho Board of Licensing Commissioners at Us next Bitting for a transfer to me
of the license to sell witt.-s, beer and spirituous
liquors Uow issued to James Hamilton, in the
premises known us tho Wliite House, situate
upon Kiverside avenue lu the City of Grand
billed this ailh day o[ June. A. I*. 1897.
Jam Ms Hamilton-.
The sitting of the County Court ol Yalo will
bolden at
*tt the hour of li o'clock In  tbe forenoon, re-
»y command \V. G McMYNN,
GovernmentOtHoe, Midway, ii. G.I   u. ii. c. C
June I, 1887 i
The sitting of the County Court of Vale will
be held at
Osoyoos on Welnesd-tv ihe 2St!i July, 1807,
tit tuo hour of 11 in the forenoon
By Comminand C, A, It. Lamih.v
Goveruiuent Office, Osoyoos, j it,  c.  c.
June ;jo. \
And Mining Engineer.   Member of Quebec Min-
ing Society.   Mineral chums Examined
and Reported on.
Notice to Contractors.
SEPARATE Scaled Tenders, endorsed "Temle
Government OiBoos, Grand Forks,"or "Tea
dor look-up, Greenivood," as the ease may be,
will bo received at the Government Oflice, Vernon, by tbe undenrigued up to 12 o'clock, noon,
of Friday, the 6th day of Algust, 18U7, for the
erection of
Provincial Government Offices
at Grand Forks
Lock-Up at Greenwood
Each tender for tbe offices at Grand Forks
must be aeoomp'nlod by au accepted bank
cheque for$200, and each tender for the lock-up
at Greenwood by an accepted bank cheque ior
Such cheques will be returned to unsuccessful competitors, but will bu forelted by nny
bidder Wli0 may fail to execute a contractu
culled upon to do so, and will la? returned to
ihe contractor upon furnishing approved secur
ity for tlie due completion of work.
when mote convenient cash may be sent instead ol marked cheques
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
l'I ins nnd   specifications may  1«  seen and
form of  tender obtained  at ihe Government
Office, Osoyoos; Government OIKco, Midway:.
Provincial  t'olieo Office, Gi eon wood;  Miuiugl
Recorder's Office, Grand Forks, or at the oflice
of the undersigned,
Leonard Ndtmts,
Asst. Com. of Lauds and Works
GOVt.Office. Vernon, H. Q,
^        June aathtW. 32
His HONOUU the  Lieutenant-Governor has
i-ecn ploased to make Uto following appointment:—
Kind May, 1807.
SlDNBV   RUSSE/iL    AUIOHD,   of   lhe   town   f»f
Grand Forks, Esquire-, to be a Mining Recorder
for; tin- i,rand  Forks Mining Division of lhe
Yale Fleet.mil District.
Watch Repairing Mv Sueuialtv.
All Work Warranted.
/<■■*>:  'v..".\ <■■y~,i,~'/j"^\
East Riding of Yale District.
"Qualification  and  Reoistoation ok
Voter's  Aut."
NOTICE is horebv given tlmt I *.li..ll hold a
Court of Uuvisiuu  ut tbe Court House,
Vernon, ou
MONDAY,    THE    2ND   DAY   OF
next, at II o'clock,... tn., for 11... purpose of hear-
inn an.l determining obleotfoiib Rgalnst tbe
retention of nny imniefi on tt.e Register of Votera
tor the K.\st Riding ol Yule Eleclornl District.
Leonard Norms,
Collector of Votes.
Govt, onice. Vernon, B. C.
Juno anli, JN!*;. ;*21-B
(FORM e.)
Certificate of Improvements Notice.
Bonita Mineral Claim, si tnat e in tlie Kettle
River Mining Division ol Yale District.
Where looatod: — Observation mountain,
Grand Porks.
TAKE NOTICE that I. P. Wollaston, acting as
■iigent for the iionittt Gold Mining Company
Tree Minor's Certificate No. ns,r<4), intend, sixty
diiysfroia the date hereof to apply to the Min-
Ing Recorder torn t'ertiticiite of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above ehiini.
And further take notice thai action, under
section 37, inict Ik: coinnieneed before the issuance of sueh Certificate of improvements,
Dated tblsTth day of ilay, lsi>7.
Theosophical Society.
1VKMJ0N BRANCH: -Meets every Sunday
evening at a o'clock at the residence of N.
I.nrson. A cordial Invitation by the society i-s
extended to all who are interested In the study
of Theosophy.
Church Notice.
Sabbath In the church at II a. ra. and 7::so
[)• m. In tho school room at Grand Forks. Sal>-
hath school 10:80 a. m. in the BCboel room.
At Carson weekly ;; p. m,
Rav. TltOS, PATOK. Taster.
Carson Lodge f. O. O. F. No. 57.
J-i -U*" VJi £ ■ evening at8 o'clock in their
hall at ('arson, U c. A cordial Invitation extended toall sojourning brethren.
1). 1). McLAMttN. N. G.
GRAND   FORKS,   li.   C.
RpBident Physician tic Surgeon.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
And Civil Engineer.
Office, miuway, b, o,
ABsoelate Member CaMdlan
Bbeloty of Civil lSngiueen.
A   0. BUTTON.
Notary I'cui.ic, Etc.,
iiuan1) korks. - - british columbia.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineer, Etc
Barber Shop.
y Looated.
Centrally Looated.   All W.irit Oaurantced to be
First-Class in everv Rospeot.
Contractor and Builder,
URAND   KORKS,   B.   C.
I'lfintt.tB'l BneeifiPfttlOD), drawn, estimntsl lur-
iilshed on ul) kii.dt.uf buildlDg. Work »trlcti*f
A     li. HART.
Contractors and Builders,
Office, Store, and Saloou Kixtnres n Bpeeialty,
j'lansand SpeelOoatlons Made and Estimate-*
Ty   Q. HEPWORTH, M. D., O. M.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olliee In Prug store.
Boot and Shoe Shop.
Root.- and Rln.es made it. order of the very best
material.   Repairing promptly done.
Law and Collecting Agency.
Bath  Rooms,
RIVERSIDE,      -      -      -       ORAND FORKS
Grand Forks ....
and Eureka Camp*
Making Carson, Nelson, Curlew, Eureka and
Suns Poll throe limes weekly, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
J. N. OWENS, Prop.
Solhitor, Etc.,
Ofllca, Main Street,   -   GIUKD FORKS, B. B,
Spokane Falls & Northern.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain R'ys.
Tho only Ailrail Route, without chango
of care, between Spokane, iloss.-
, land  Nelson.
Going North.                                Going South.
12:84 11. m	
Close connentlonv at Kelson with steamboat*.
for Kaslo uml nil Kootenay Lalie Polots.
Passengers for Kottle Rlner and Bonndary
Creek connect at Marcus with stage iiMiiy.
Slorthern Pacific
Yellowstone Park Line..
The Fast Line,
Superior Service.
Through tickets to all points in the United
stnit-s nit.) Canada.
Direct connection with the Spokane Falls <b
S riiiem Railway.
No 1 West.  8:2.r. p. m.
No.2East 7:tK)u. m.
Tickets to Jnnnn and China via. Tacoina aud
Northern Pocino ateiunsblp ooropeny.
Por lulormatlon, time cards, maps nnd tickets apply to ngonts .'f the s>«ik»iit Kails -.t
Northern audits connections,or
F. j*, GIBBS General Agent,
tpokanu, wash.
No. 255 Morrison St., Portland* Or.
Write tot new mon of Kyoteuay country. ■MMME
i financo committee call
: Carter in a friendly way
! how he arrived at tha li*.
: that   Mr.  .McCarter
ou  Editor Mc
and  aacorlaii.
jur99.     Ho saio
was  a reasonable
And Transacted   Considerable Business.
the "Miner" Bill, Which Caused Considerable Discussion a Week Ago-
Passed Without Eednotiun.
—Other Matters.
The regular weekly meeting of the
bity council was held yestorday afternoon.
A statoment from the fit; treasurer
jvas read, showing that he Lad .... .v on
hand IBB2.8CJ, ?007 in the bank and 510.80
In cash. Monoy for road work to date
has been paid out in the amount of
, Alderman Hepworth reported that he
|iad interviewed P. H. McCarter relative to the Miner'**! bill for printing, and
recommended that the bill be paid as it
stood. L, A, Manly moved that the
bill be paid aud a vote of the council
showed no dissenting voice.
, L. A. Manly moved that tenders be
called for tofill the Bridge street slough.
The cleric was directed to prepare the
tenders calling for a stated amount per
yard, the gravel to be brought from tho
Main street hill.
Tho by-law relative to borrowing
$20,000 was considered in committee of
the whole and passed its third  reading.
L. A. Manly moved that tho clerk pre-1
pare the bond uf.tlio city troasuror who
has reconsidered  his   intention of   resigning.   Carried.
The cily clork was directed to receive
bids from Shaw-Borden 3s Co. and
John W. Graham tic Uj. of Spokane for
printing tho city bonds.
Tho couccil then adjourned.
The Last Week's Meeting.
Tho city council mot Wednesday afternoon in lieu of the mooting adjourned
' from Friday. Mayor Manlv was present to preside. Iho minutes of the
last meeting, held July 16, woro read
and approved.
A letter was received from the pro*
vinciiil secretary, giving notice of the
appointment of J. K, Johnson as justice
of the peace. A letter was also received
'fniQ J, A. McGilvord of tho Independent
Order of Foresters, to tho effect that
the order has ceased loaning money on
city debentures. A letter from C. Q,
Bmitb, city clork of Everett, olToriug
for sale a two-tank chemical engine. A
number of letters were read fioui companies wishing to Hgure on putting in
electric lights and waterworks, All
these letters were placed on file for future roference,
B. II. Roso presented a letter uskicg
permission lo build 12 feet over the
rivor bank on lot 25. Tlie permission
was given.
The mayor presented a verbal communication to the effect that a Mr.
Daly of Rossland, a public contractor,
wishes to bid on putting in waterworks
Bnd will bo ovor nest week to look over
the ground.
The finance committee reported on
the Miner's bill for printing to the
effect that the account was onl a half-
rate charge for printing and recommended that the bill bo paid as it was
presented. Dr. Hepworth, chairman of
the committee, sail that there could
probably bo uo reduction made and it
was not much uso to kick.
The mayor believod tho only thing to
do was to pay the bill.
W. K. C. Manly hadn't changed his
opinion, he said, as to its being an exorbitant chargo and wanted to know who
bad tho authority of making tho printing rates. He suid if any more printing
was to be done tho rate should bo fixed
before the order for printing waB done.
Mayor Manly said that the charge
wuh based ou tho charge of tho Gazette
aud W. tt. C. then gave another com*
. parison between thU town and other
towns where city printing is done,
claiming that in a small town legal
notices should cost less than ln a large
Alderman Johnson explained thai
the regular legal rate of the paper had
been cut in two for the city. He said
that tho Vernon News charged the same
rate and W. K. C, Manly said he would
bet that the News had ten times tho
circulation of the Minkii. This proposition was too ridiculous to bo controverted.
Dr. Hepworth and Mayor Manly said
that tho criterion to go by was the comparative circulation of tho newspapers,
W. K. C. Manly Baid that if he wanted
the Bnmo amount of advertising in the
Miner ho would get it done for halt the
The  mayor  recommended   that the
man and  would   explain    matters   to
Thin recommendation   was    adopted
and that bug a-bear,  the bridge  street
road, was broi ched.    The cost of  grad
ing the street has not yet been reportod
to the council but it is understood that
! not enough is left of the 82,000 to fill in
i the slough.   The mattor  of  putting in
water works was discussed and Alder-
I man Davis championed tho causo of not
spending any money und wailing for
tho "country ta go ahead."    L. A. Mau-
ly shewed that no new buildings could
be ei[.ected  until  wator   works   were
built and that tho reduction in insurance alone would pay tho cost of the
wator works. Davis said that there
were somo tax payers that didn't pay insurance (he is probably one of them.)
That this is only a mining town and we
don't know whether it is going to
amount to anything or not. He said
wator works wouldn't build a town,
W. K. C. Manly said that one thing is
sure, that a town will not bo built until the residents lustle for public improvements.
The mayor said that there was no
doubt a3 to the permanency of the town.
Ho knew positively of ono railroad that
was coming in here next Bummer and
there would certainly bo a large number ot people hero in the spring,
Davis said that whon w;ater works
were built they "cost liko the very devil."
Mayor Manly explained how a waterworks syotem in keoping with the needs
of tho town could bo built without any
great eXpenro, and both waterworks
and olectric light system will pay their
way when once started.
It was decided finally that the whole
question revertod to whether tho city
should mako the $20,000 loan or nol.
.vlayor Manly stated that this amount
will pay for all improvements necessary
at present, and the interest charge will
work no hardship on the taxpayers,
L, A, Manly accused Davis of weaken ■
ing on the country. "Havo the hills do
predated any?" he asked. "You busi
ness men came in here on the belief
that the mineral was in tho hills. Because a railroad hasn't como in hero the
mines are no less valuable but on the
contrary thoy are getting better all the
The mayor believed that a light system and waterworks would do more for
tbo town than anything that could be
done. Thoy lend stability to a town
and assuro the protection of property,
thus encouraging building vontureB.
Besido the proporty protection tho
ylectric lights would cost consumers less
than coal oil and would moro than pay
tho expenso of running.
After a lengthy discussion relative lo
issuing bonds for the 820,000 the clerk
produced the by-law relative to tho same
which was drawn a month or more agov
lho bylaw was introduced by Hep*
wortn and considered, passing through
its first and second readings, final consideration boing doforred until next
Friday's meeting.
W. K. C. Manly movod for permission
to intioduce at tho next meeting a bylaw relative to laying sidewalks, Tho
motion was carried.
The city clerk 'was, on motion of Dr.
llepwoith, Instructed to write to Osoyoos for the city's rebate for provincial
taxes, also to Midway for permission to
use tho provincial jail for city prisoners.
The matter of tho treasurer's bonds
was again brought up, tho city clerk
stating that ho had not yet instructed
the treasurer to furnish tho samo, His
order to do so was continued,
W. K. C. Manly stated that the Qre
company was figuring on getting a donation of a lot from the townsite company and wanted the city to build a city
hall on the same. It Boomed to bo the
sentin ent of tho council, however, that
the city could do without a city hall for
a year at least and it was ordored that a
shed for keeping the ladderB and buck-
eta be c*matructed on tho lot at the
west end of tho bridgo in case permission can bo secured from the townsite
company for usiug tho property,
An adjournment was then taken until Friday afternoon,
The Plan for the Carson
S> Now on Sale S
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in on
this deal. Its the most desirable Residence
portion of Grand Forks*   Easy Terms*
The County Court.
The August sitting of tho county
court of the district of Yale will open
in Grand Forks Monday morning at 10
o'clock, a. in., Judge Spinks presiding,
Tho following is a list of tho cases sot
for trial, the order in which they will be
called and the names of tho attorneys
representing tho cases: *
Buron va Comstock, H. S. Cayley for
Roberts vs Clark, H. S, Cayley for
plaintiff and A, C. Sutton defendant.
Jeff Davis tic Co., vs Empire Mining
company, Cayley for plaintiff.
Nelson vs Olive Mining company,
Cayley for plaintiff.
Smilh \s McKay. Cayley for plaintiff
[Be sure to buy the best steel
to insure the best results.
is the best and can be had the
cheapest at our
<& oi Special Prices on Large Lots & <£
O. B. & P. B. NELSON ------- NELSON, WASH
Kettle   River   Stage   Line.,
d. W. WILLIAMS, rianager.
Stage Ijeavos Marcus on the Arrival of tho northbound train, arriving at Grand
Forks at 8:45 p. tu.   Fioaves the Forks at 1:00 a. its., arriving at Marcus in time it
connect with northbound train
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
Grand ForJ:B, Greenwood and Midway.
{t®~Ail kinds of Meats Goiman Sausages and Head Cheese Always on Hand.
and Sutton for defendant.
FiBUer vs Cooper Bros., Sutton
plaintiff and Cayley for defendant.
Ashfield   vs   Spencer,   Swanson
plaintiff and Aikman for dofendant.
Stewart vs Gillian, Sutton for plain
When in need ot anything in the lino
of job work do not forget that The
Miner can supply you at the loweBt
possible prico for good work.
% ~C. A.   JONES**—
8 Paper J-ianger, Sign Writer, EtB.
M Grand Forks,   =    -    -     B. C.
wl Estimates Furnished on All Kinds of Work.
Pbomisino Mineral Belt Discovered
Ten Miles From Ecseka.
The greatest oxcitomont iu Eureka at
present is ovor tho recent discovery of
an apparently rich mineral bolt near
the head of Toroda creek, ubout ten
inilestroui Eureka and a little west bf
north. The new belt was discovered on
the 18th of this month and when a
Miner representative last Monday interviewed U. II. Carter, one of the original locate rs, about itt) claims had been
stakod off. The original locators, H. H.
Carter, J. H. Woolery, D. M. Snydor, T.
J, McCory, aud Mossrs Hadlny, John-
hou aud Howe, organized and named
tho camp Sheridan camp, A large
number of the Eureka prospectors
havo gone to the now field in the hopes
of striking something rich. The belt is
reported to be about % uiile wide and
l)j long, the gold occurring in a quart?,
very similar to that in Eureka camp.
Freighters aud travelers will always find the
best of accommodations at Edwards' ferry.
Dealer   io
Riverside Ave.   Grand Forks.
Manufacturer ol
Spring   Beds,   Mattresses,
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   O.     .':
Saw Filing end all Klnd.i of Repairing.
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, nnd
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough aiid Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc,
can be purchased at the
Grand   Forks
C. K, SIMPSON. Proprietor.
Just received a largo consignment of Ladies, Misses, Bd^s and Youth's fins
Oxfords and Bals, direct from Milwaukee. Call and Soe these goods and get
prices.   We bave also a large consignment of tho world's best
Just arrived. Try our tea and you will use no other. A full line of Choice Groceries always on hand. Aliio a fine assortment of Dry Goods, Clything and Wal
paper,   Satisfaction guaranteed.   Call and see us.
J. Anderson & <£ Upper Grand Forks, B. G
Financial and Mining Brokers.
Groups of  Olairos Bought for Stock Companies,
WHITE tic KEK, Proprietors.
Sale of   Hats<
Two dozen Straw Hats at a Bargain.
Watch Repairing a Specialty   -■-*   &   All Work Guaranteed


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