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The Grand Forks Miner May 15, 1897

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GRAND FORKS, B.  0.,   SATURDAY,   MAY   15,   1897.
CMix-out -ui*.,"*M9'-*:flB »f;:-*af,*i wuc«-   .i-vi
rz^iKtr-r?!;*..:,- •..-".. ;/j.*Rsr4
Elected the First Mayor of
Grand Forks.
The Oouteat'Was Very Spirited but Net-
as Closo hfi Many  Expected—
Scramble for Appointive
Offices  Begins.
The election of Grand Forks' first
mayor and board of aldermen hist Saturday, wns au occasion long to be remembered on account of tbe extraordinary interest attending it. Ever since
it was officially announced that the
election would take place, the event has
been the chief topic of conversation
with almost every resident in tho city,
aud many a midnight caucus has been
1. jld by tho supporters of both candidates for mayor.
The main tight of the contest was
made on the mayoralty, notwithstanding the fact that many of tho supporters
of Mr. Manly claimed his election by a
big majority, thero wero others who
were of tho belief that tho contest
would bo extremely close. So far as
tho aldermanic candidates were concerned, very little attention was paid to
them, and there was not one of the lot
who polled the full vote that was cast.
The polling was done between the
hours cf 10 a. m. and 1 p. m., and the returning officer was kept busy administering oaths to voters whose right to
vote was questioned by the different
eandidates. Fully half an bout* previous to tho opening of the polls, a fair-
sized crowd had congregated in front of
the sohoolhouse door anxious to register their votes aud when the polls were
opened Mr. Hugh McGuiar stepped to
the window and recorded his vote,
thereby claiming the honor of casting
tho Hrst vote at the lirst municipal election held in the city of Grand Forks,
During the polling a closo check was
made of those who voted, und until the
proceedings terminated would tho sup-
i orters of Mr. McCallum acknowledge
defeat, Considerable monoy changed
hands on the result, but the beat of
good feeling prevailed throughout the
.'uy and not even a dog fight was
"jumped up" to detract from tho inter-
est centered in tho mayoralty contest.
Of the 715 votes registered, 03 were
ca;t for mayor, two of Mr, Manly's
votes being thrown out owing to some
irregularities in the marking. W. K. C.
Manly received tho greatest number of
voles for aide: man, and .!. il. Featherston the lowest.
Tho vote for mayor was:
John A, Mfittly	
P, 'i  MeCaliuiu	
.. .4:1
Manly's majority 20
Tho vote for couucilmon was;
Lloyd A. Manly II
W.K. c Manly 40
\V. ii. Hepworth -M
p. J. Davis   II
K. in it. ml luii'iil'd -u
J. K. Johnson :*i
.1, ll. Peatlierstoii  — :'-
The work of counting the ballotB was
concluded about C o'clock and when tbo
lesult wus announced on tho streets the
supporters of John A. Manly beenmo
hilarious, handshaking was general and
it loyal salute was tired, which was tho
commencement cf a jubilee which con-
tinned far into the night; as they felt
sure in securing the election of Mr,
Manly Ihey had placed a man at the
head of the city government who would
v.oik untiringly for lhe advancement
and prosperity of tho city of Grand
Early In the evening the friends
of Join, A. Manly gathered at his residence to express their satisfaction over
the result of the election and congrat u*
late him upon boing elevated to the
highest position within the gift of tho
municipality. The spacious parlor was
crowded with friends and neighbors i f
tho new mayor, and among the number
wore many who had been opon supporters of tin* opposing candidate, but
who, after tho election was over, took
pleasure in greeting tbe victor and
pledging their assistance in laboring
I'm- the advancement of tho city's interests.
Tho gathering wub an entirely in
formal ono and was brim foil of a tooling of good fellowship. Various amusements served to enhance the pleasures
of the evening, among them boing dancing aud impromptu singing, Messrs.
Ilepworth and Shoads, with violin and
piano, furnishing the music, Mrs. Manly
was the life of the wholo company, and
shared equally in the popular expression
of  gratitude   at   the   selection   of  Mr.
Manly as mayor of Grand Forks.
The second act in lhe play I
tho boards and the race for the v ous
appointive offices promise:! to be as
spirited as tho lirst one on tho bills, tho
aspirants coming to tne front like a
quarter horso on tho home stretch.
Just how many officials the board of aldermen wili deem necessary to manage
tbo affairs of the city remains to be
Tlm first heal to bo trotted will I e
that of city clerk", although it may bo
possible that tbe judgi - ' i include
to scratch this off tbo list and combino
it with the second. Up to the time of
going lo press there are three ontrys,
viz; II. *-!. Cayley, John D. Swahson
and A. C, Sutton.
The next on tho program will be tho
city solicit.irship. This will be a free-
for-all go-as-you please, and will have
four contestants for lirst piece, Messrs.
Aikman, Hwanton, t'ayley and Sutton,
In the event 11.ere should be an extra
on the program the friends of Mr. James
Addison are very quietly advocating his
appointment as city assessor, claiming
that owing to bis wide experience as a
builder and contractor he is bottorquali-
fled to place a more equitable value on
property than a person who ia not ac*
quainted with the cost of building. J.
IL Featherston, the mining engineer
and assayer, is also an aspirant for this
position and has a large following who
seem to feel confident that if tho office is
created ho will bo tho successful man,
Theraoofor city con:.'.;'::'- promised
to be interesting and closely contested,
Like the city solicitorship thoro are four
in the field, Messrs. Frank Fortior, A
Preslar, James Seal and Richard The-
rien, any one of whom the Mikeb h of
tho opinion would lid tbo office satisfactorily.
In tbe event it should  becomo   a   lei
fury to  have a custodian  of  the
funds, the friends of  Mr. Rich ai
Carren are of the opinion that he would
bo a proper person to sign  the cheques
Tho lirst meeting of tho city council
of Grand Forks, met at 12 o'clock noon
today, whon tho mooting .vat, adjourned
to 7:110 this evening.
yill IH  hlllM,
Many Properties Working
Near Greenwood.
Eil    ■'.'.•   ,■■  •.   | '■,.:,,   .'i.-lel ,j
a Big Celebration on May 24,
The Sawmills  are
Kept Susy.
£till the Building Boom Continues.
Tho past week lnm witnessed the
foundation-laying of several now buildings in Grand Forks, principal of which
is a hotel on Riverside avenue botwoen
Main and Bridge street■-. which is I i p
constructed by A. I!. Ilarl for A. '1 raun ■
weiser of Calgary. The building will bo
three stories in height, wilh bur room,
dining room,  kitchen, etc., on the lower
Qoor,  and   Bleeping apai ts above.
Mr. Hart expects to have thi building
completed insido of Bix weeks, providing ho can get lumber us he ni s Is it,
The furniture fnr tho houi o will be h
before tho building ii finished, and it
will be at once fitted out in Bral elu
style and managed by  Mr, Traunwei er.
Mrs. Lucy Ii. Brown, Mrs. Sheads'
mother, is having a residence constructed just beyond the junction of
Main and Bridge streots, on the ed] i f
the "bench." This is one of the prettiest residence portions of the city. W.
H, Fisher is also building a dw illii ;
in the samo locality,
Mr, McClaine is making good pro
gres6 with his meat market build ig on
Bridge street, and W, K. C, Manly is
constructing a two-story building in the
rout* of his handsomo Btoi •, the lowoi
story of which will be used for a ware
house, and the upper story for a tin
Celebrate at Greenwood.
The past day or two  there  hue been
some talk of calling a meeting for  tho
purposo of taking steps  looking to  tho
perfocting of arrangements foi a       md
celebration  on   tbo  24th   of   May, in
honor of tho Queen's  birthday.     The
Mineb is of the opinion that such      to*
would bein bad form on tho part      I ■.■■
citizens of Grand Forks, now thai   our
sister town, Greenwood, has mude
lungomonts to do  honor to tho birth of
of tho Queen,  in a mariner  befitting to
the occasion.   Let us not come in at the
eleventh hour and try to  do some thii
vie would undoubtedly make a  failu
of.     We   would   suggest   thai   (
Forks turn out enmass and go oi   r and
celebrate   with   Greenwood   and   hi !p
make tho ocassion one long  to   be   ro*
uieiiibored in the annuals     the "■
ary creek distiict.   1.ef   ..   go ovor i
become   better acquainted    with   oui
neighbors and pel haps we   .nay   ii
them to come over and hi   d< brei I
us en the 22nd of June, on ' he      i
of tho diamond jubilee,
Changed the Name.
Mr. <,.'... P. .'.'inei, thi    genis     pio
prietor of the Grand Forks hotel  has
decided tochangethe hu       I thi . p
Ini'   hostelry   to   the    Windsor   I
Owing to bis rapidly  increasing  trade,
Mr. Minis has fottn 1 it necessary t"> se
cure mora room and has sicu
on a portion of tho building, now  u di
course   of  construction   ty   Manly  &
Averill   between   their  store   and the
\V'iii'.'tli*r Hotel,   and   when   completed
will open a first class bar in   iouni ctii
with the house.
Register Your Name.
All voters who  want to have  their
names placed on the  Provincial Voters'
list to entitle thorn  to vote at the .
ing election should lose i o timi   in hav
ing thoir names entered  in the blank
applications which  are al  the t ffice of
Peter L.   McCallum, J. P,    Thia I lust
be dono before tbe ,st of Juno   next, as
the books will be closed  sixty daj     I
l'oro tho 1st of August, when the voters'
list will bo completed.
We have some tiuo residence property
ou the Sound, improved and unimproved, to trade for proporty here or in
lower California.
Greenwood Citt, B. 0„ May in, 1807
—Editor Minor: Now that the season
has fully opened and the most principal
can:;.*, are freo from Bnow, the usual
amount of development work is bein.;
prosecuted and the bills gradually tilling
up with prospectors. A number of good
dis il     o been made already this
iprii  [, and as is always tho rule, in lo-
alitiea   ivhi re   mineral  was least   ex-
pi el. 1
incipa!   Irift  of pn   poctors i".
towai .'•'■   I   '■' >rk  country in ar.d
ii        I Roc .:<•!•• some vi lua ■
bli    ilaii is  havo  be *n   located.    The ;
s who havti g me  up to
tho hen B ■■  ere   i  and I i
■■■■  ' i  prospect  in th
Gianite 1   It,   Jack  Dnford and thre
ir thi re two weeks agi
and a   i paid to hi ve made 'some rich lo
cati '■''''■ : ire,    Bob Robin
Bon, i E L ing lake, and his partner, from
Rn ha  ■■ also  found  somo   vert
poets   to   the   north   u'
lak i, ■■*. h 'I-.- this belt starts in.
1      enn   Mi I ntosh   has   a   purty of
ea tern   capitalists   here   n iw   lookil :
over tho Wii       ■ % ground, and thore i
-pe their  bet orning inter
ested   in   this   valuable  properly,  dud
v    '. ■ ill bo i tarted at onco.
The Divining  Rod   oi   "witch-hazel"
man, R, 8, Warren, has been  the  cause
of si     rai  : r pi rl ies  !   ■'■,. .- tensiv il y
■'■■'■.    I he     :   rrison,  in   Dr idwo id
eai   p   '    beii g  opi ned  up   in   sever-!
ii:.":- ■   under   bis direction or advice
Big ( am dia n,  in Skylark camp, is
ale   '   ing worked by Messrs, Qormanio
and Sutherlai  I, under his advico.   Jim
'•.. '   te,   of   Boundary    Falls  has   also
star ■ . - irk ( a two propi rties in which
tho "witch-hazel" man  has located   tha
-  i bodies.    ' ■ yel   noi e of thi in hai e
urtling b Jii B of ore.   No one
' ih coi H lei c   in his schen :*, b it
arc li >:..:; bis medicil o as a last  resort.
The  force at (hi   I' 'Men  Crown  in
Wollii y\ mi camp  has b< en increa ed lo
lbr ■■    : :!'": and work will bo pushed us
rapidly  as possible until  the 300 fool
'....   I is completed,   Tho work is being
picsecuted under tbe supervision of -iir.
t'ollim for a Moi 'real com] any,
Ihe Bhaft  at   the Jewel iB now d wn
i    I ,... la  im    howing of ere is being made,   ... large Corliss pump is here
awui in|   tho c implotion   of   a wi gon
road  ip Eholl croek to lho mine.
In Deadwoi d camp four mines are
bi .: g ■ irki: by ;;. od fori ei "1 mi ioi •■
': .. ntrai ' '..:' i cently li t for tt 300-
: crosscut   tunnol   t u   tho Sunset.
J hi     ..."i .. ■    i*>  being   worki i;   the
Mi thei Lode and tlio Great 1 lo| es,   In
tl pie Hi*o about 30 men employe 1 in
n  ,.v od a d C oppei camps.
'  ml   ■■   of  '!.'   Parrot company, of
i   •• ■ ho own the Stems indor aro is
peeled here dai'y to starl   up work on
tl is propi rty in Greenwood cam).   The
li Id    I 'i"P   and   Km b
mini     iu    ...   ■  b iufi   pul in sha|    tor
tensive dov
i !..:. I tl      ... all tin ri are t>   ■ il
,   .,■ n the mini a aroun I
i.        ■ ■ ■ dayli no tho to
nytl but I vi ly but   al   nigh    ■
mi        ,   ,      u      their work the
•   - .   oly,
,      pros   i     quite  a  li
... -asion 'd by the
igaudli hngu| ; i th n-dugh-
faro pro| n •■ •;• foi Ihi o brut it of
; tl I ■ ii tb 21th, whon
. tpeeted a grand time will bi h id.
f am lequ Btnd to stat i tha a : nei il
invitation ie extended tu the |n i pie of
Gruud Forks to join us on tin a ij in
thei festivities, An elaborate program   has   boon   Issued    and   every   ar-
r in ■ n     ;        for a  (•■rued tune on
day v . '■ 11 ri m imber you on
oui th oi July.
| uu th ■' li; Ion way has
increa I vvondarfu ly during the past
two weeks and i1 i lown is fuli of
strangers, Prospectors are coming
from  .iii soui ;ei    .   I     e soon in thi
.  . finitoly li
thai ti rai road hai de       .  I
■ i .    ,   .-.   rj    |       wo will   ; ■■ a boom
at all 1 listricl
The sawmills aro oil kept busy and
several line business block., arc going
up, consequently lumbor is utilized
about as fast as it is produced.
-—■-—- -■ *—  :'       ■«--».   r.-. .'.
Fbank D. Gum   of thk Nobthekn IV.-'
cific  ih';.   Pleased   With
Grand Forks.
Frank D. Gibbs, general agent 'if tho
Northern Pacific railway at Spoka ie arrived on tbe stage yester lay having bet n
visiting Rossland, Mr, Gibl peaks
I ' [hiy ol I bi mli is of the tags ride
from Bossburg but wasn't particularly
el::! it r Lk • iti ■. of i toppin ' OV( r
night •' road. Mr, I libl r, I i ■
:       | '■ v •- '. porter what I
ught of (Irand Fori    repl ei
"You have th.* making of a i iocI i Ity
here,    I i   ■        « a  m n ■    il trai .
locate I tow asib .        '■    .     dho  who
oph ion is   «     ' .1    lis* ute
that you ha  thi        itesl mil
eral deposit in li." northwest. Of
:o irsi ; '.. u '. s: oct to build a city
in a day. Gr md Forks will irely
city, but it will not bo tomorrow, nor
next week m r next m ml b, I ood
start has already beon made and I e.r
pent to see a stea 1 sul stantial growth
with perhaps something of the boom na-
tuie to it in case u raih ad starts build*
i' g till'; v.'iiy."
"Well I .1 n't know thai thi re ie anything particularly new. Grand Forks
will surely gel a railroad but 1 am unable to Bay iu t v.hen it ",ill lie built.
Vou si .• iv tyono : tho roa Is has had
a hard pull the last three or [ mr years,
nearly all have gone into a receivers'
bands, and they only just lately have
been gettin ; in i' ir ffi ii; ;aiu. i'liey
will naturally ■-'.'■ to n t! e a little
money first I v     ... ,■■■   vi
ti ■   ivt ly in building new n ads,    i anticipate 1        i-i ■       t new road
to be built in tho northwest *, ill bo oi e
to tap the Ki ttlo  Ri ■■■■■■ \ nd   Boi    : ti ■
n ii ii •>. districts. Yes, I think theNoith-
ern                            .  i ie sh ire
business,   V,',:  i   ike thi   beat c
ti.. is with the S* .1".:'" Fall   .     ,
■"I! E ir the north i ly  turn
• ■.'.-  a lar ■■ numl   ■   of       lei gers to
I aat road.'
A   CHA . ■ ;RED   BANK,
R,   J,   Beai v   oi ii,   Thinks
Grand i;'        wn    Gei  Oni   in
iort Tim**!.
R. J. Boaly of  th ;    [nvestmonl
company, Rosi land, was in the city this
week :in his way to  Greenwood  wh ire
Ids c itupttuy ,;:.' ■ establish. ' i bu  king
bueinoi   . Boulv said thu 	
pany « ml I   pr ibnbly  hai e gone  into
business in this c ty   ..:• • * pros-
I eels so ravoral . ( ir a railro id and
chartered bunk i : !..'" ii ::. .. a
short time that il . u i i ne profll
able for them to open up h re. The
Bealy Investment ;nmpany estal ishes
high   rai i I in   tho   new     ing
■ .   ips, but a rterod  lan.c
makes its ap] ea a i e th y ar   f. n id to
gc out of tne !'. ii ling busi
No ii ith   ■
Aboul ten days ago tb. ri a | i red an
ilem in the Si ok isman-Reviewfn m our
neighb ir over th. line, Ni li on, Wi h .
to the effect that tho Bntire output of
both the saw mills in this vicinity had
been purchaei .1 bj  Mr,  Bea! ■. ... d  the
tizens o   '''.'.   . I. . 11 I i til    . t!... I
II v , ould n.it, g t lumber, until uch
tunes as the citizeni ol I Irand Forks
had l« a su] I, I en hj i ndi avi i ing
to en l <[ ■ ■■■ p i hat tho , iw n
of Gri d Fork trying to de . tbe
growth of otl ib; Bhuttiu
ti.eir on ber supply. ar i , ei id to
state that tin re h .... trul
ment, and that i the
"dough,"   in. ■; i cti "      ' they
liv<r, can obtain all the luinb r tb ■,.
am.! if any citiz n of Nelson or eli
doubts thiss sertii    i I '! eni pla    their
rder uccom] anic I by the ; :i ih b . 1 then
watch the n i ult,
Working Then* Properties.
Noil  MeCnlliun, ...     ■     I illlcors oi  lhe
' ■   '       ai      ■                  :
....           to the.         ' ■        ty on Tin
day lasl   foi    In    ■   "    ie    il i iaki  i* i nmgi -
meats i" b*m rl n .... co oi  inei doiap        elop-
.  ■ -■■     , mil   work. A uuur
a,th a ; i'n.i rm    [Dgaaotl on Llie ttin-
'.;... ;n, ia.       . ■■   tuils.     '    In
V , r c'mltn
will  i idi wi    ;.   On  th
good  - ,f well  inluei     ned  white
.;..:.!!/   I   '-•      ■ 'Villi.
,:        '  '    !"'  .'       ..
■'.... rn ■
I i i |1 ll I      liu
mil ■ .
1 ll ,   ■ .    ■ i lit tliu
li til" J : hi        ii .,
'...,,....,.. ni I       .. .:  il    ■ pi
r-"0- iiet.
Hon Join returned yel
ti eovet'til ■■} si !"' Hi ssland, where li
went i bus ess, id roporl I uslu ■ . Ill il
town   noli ; i :   some
montlu past, owl tb        '   li
opening ul spru    it hi ' ml n* spoel
rn,   nnd   utlii.       ,'h.    have  been   ivinte
ilierowcul   to the  hills  for thesiimiiiur,   He
Bays thai, (.in    I I ti|   si eatl'   ti : :
al  an.  It ii       ,* .'■' '. time w li n the
tide ol inn. igrutii ■: will ae luriic I thi*, way.
At Last!   At Lastl
J ('. ".' .- nun  .; tely appt inti d is... pnty by
Mr. i  .. itpei   a.' ri. ul   .a  rod Is  nnd
lirli      .i       t force oi men nl   work Monday
In ..... recn a.'"'
mid the . eo this bit of road  hns been n
iiuis.iii     to i ave ei -1 voi -. e spiing
gan to open up, and ill lev that thegovern-
mont has a I isl ivake icd rrom itn lethitigy
ninl stai i".i in place It ii .oil eoadltlon « III
he received with joj by the public.
Edward Driscoll Dies Suddenly at Carsorj.
Overalls 713 cents  per pair at ('ill A:
Cheapest  store   iu
town   ut  (Jill   &
8 . Says the Con ■ i ftei  a
Post-Mortom   13 lamination
Laid to Ecst oa Monday A '* moon
On I ri lay I '.'"ning lasl       si ll     '■  ...
lam  ■.  '.*'•' - -'aril- d '.'.   : ;;-   not s that
Mr, Edward DriBcoll, a prominent   i
chant of   that place,  bad  been       ...
di ad in bed.
Tho news wa*' brought to < Irand Forks
Saturday morning and Constable
more at once went over  to take char)
e remains until the arrii ul ■
in ner.
Mr. Driscoll's di mise v a   m i '   unexpected  as  hi iipp trently  in
1. alth up to i o   -   ik I   ida;    ifl
...   vhich   tinn    ho   ■ ent   iuto  th.
■ ; oi    ipied by Mr. Col I
.   ing t ha   '    '    I
draw   '  re  nested to 1     allowed I
■  on ''. b.  .ii    the   housi :
leing gran ■ •  '
slept until abi fhei
■ ■ i :       ;,'- ned  I y    I r.   C ile > '- ■
told I im ' i :-"'   i ■        : :
Driscoll   repli   It     t ho did   nol
like ea ti n g b u t        : ■     lo ti n ish t
. ■   [tie ited Ci   'man 1    lo r
i .'  ..' ul 1    ■     i.     him,     Mr, C
lid so ;     I went aw	
I   '    ick when, '      i bo  1
hia      ■   . dea 1.
■'. iritii s wci    '.   ' • ■■   .
«'     not      kos can
wood on Saturday i i     I
day    Fiimmi   i       i       '• i • ■
Thomi ■ Hardy, J.  1,0 ry II,   : ihi  Mc*
Lan   . 1 1        lohnstoi
James Si      i     Di     tanley Smith    (lhe
Forks,  vas th    surgoou   i;:  alb
ami held a p. .stmoi te n   e* . ninal   .
i be remains in on   r I     :.
ibli tin cau ■' ".      ..
A Iter  heui ing tbe      idencn   und  i    i
"!:■■ .on'areporl        jury i     I
oi ■  i: at  d." th s       .
. .■ ':.    ition ol
l'he   funeral   look   |
Monday,       lor the au
1,   ■ . 37, [, O. O. I
lar ■ . .■ il tonde 1.
Mr, I h'iscoli wa   font .    • ernoi
having bad
partmen     "   ,  . .'
,:.:        I    t that plac   ;  •  ■   ■  i  i
yeai        til, ti igo.hu
tn Carson wl  ■
I usitn   :'    : tl  • Be I ■•   I
tho ol 1c        !  '    . aster.
lb    leav .- .     ifo und
who, ah   g with his 1
Vernon  and   this   section, will  i
his loss.
LO< AL <  • .' '
Jeli Drtvi    v i ■'. ■     * ■ ..'.■'•':    L ten
:■:   '
;■!.:;   .    ■--■■■ ■■ or from Greomvi   tl I
i ■:>-• ■■'' thu v oi ;-.
Besure    id stop hvurd rj   fori      (
\ ii *. 11  -; ■   .* mounl lina from
;       .   CllUl '
Dave   Hoyer uliiy from Koi
laud und i
Buj yi
.; ■■-! casl *    ■■■-
\\. \v« ti lai       *   '    ■ . '    -■
mny rtuci le v
Clirl        "■ :.f n    I
men, la stopping -  few '1 ys
James L. Troobui      i   Rom
■ ■■ ■ *.*(■?    >;.   I ■■'■'.*■.   - l lll-.C IP ■'
pr lighters and travelers
■ ol a' uomtno ti  I mt ri Bd h i
\, 1 ounder, ol Kosslai  1, ■•
ou lliun lay's stag) Ii      the
. John sou  Irop i
md took ii  ■
IV. 1 :
.■.     week.   B
ti   ..
■i        ■ ,
■    •
..,,,.      ...        ...
i .. ;    ■    ■
:- '* ' - ■.. cU,
I       I tn ■'■■'.■
I ■.   vi imvi-iv l'i       Imi
R. C. Martin, ol Kinijst       r "       ;; .   . *
,.*:-   cnidsl    !'!.:'**   I ■ fit!   Ih will
. '■-' oi in ■ .•.■.-■li. if.
t !. ih. sru arl    ud i '■>; ~. • . ; ■■:■       ! ■
wen     aoug the many unii   I i i   ■■ ■ *i •
:i ■ ■  i Monday last.
A. Fisher came over      "-1    . nl Tli ire
-..l.**'      |    ' oi
■ nyor ■■   ■' -'■'■'"■'
Will        Postei ■*■■    I ■   i Rrnlthv
h,   .  , nun   up on Williams' ttaa    the ti
the \ -.a ;. froi i Marcus.
.\. riiil'njij, "f theSidehil  -;.i: i lai n oi  Pans
i rei i'  ■ -ii' ■   low ii ou M< i Io i  lasl       ■     p-
-■ .: prop        ■ <o\ ■■ ■    rt'dl
rin     I'-,   ly, t!- well knu1      '.■■"..
h ■ 11vi, was among the many dsil ira  i i I'1'!
bu   ling yon tig city this weel .
M. A. Huutloy is training his trotting horse
"Charley" for the races to occur on the 14th oi
May at Greenwood, and if  tho spurts ou   tho
li .   Id   o     ie range can bea tin
break the Gran I Foi
:■■.•■ i
hats   I c pory latet-1
r bloc!
If. Ti ppi
our    rei i   re s.    !!•   -
■ ■ -   .      iiwhai
'•    ;■    ;  i ■     i     f the Diamond      teh i
i        this week
.   ■■    , , during
,o      ■■...;.
r on
h ul
....        Ill    ,
lias been ,    ' i
eo. I.. Da'
I , Wii.-h.
I!        ■
the lvi'tllc rl
wliti run the
-,. mil I
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:     '
i'llS  11
tlib  ueul
'. . ■ ■
tliu i • is li
1 '.
Mm iinn
■     .:
-    " ICriti
.'   in,    .v
...   ■  ....
'    ■
I .   .
Ijoltom   |       i.   A  ful
B. Pel
. "
'   . 5 ■ i
• I: '      ;■
NOTK •■.
'■■■■ e Licensing i
en ; .'  i
held   h    isi ■■■■ ■■■ ii I-
'.-.;■     . i icn ay, tli    !■' Lli ->i June,
.. ■   eleven o'clock In tli    oi
C.   v   li   I
'■■;■' iyoe    '.'M^'.
Ni' is KBKGBY GIVEN   thai   ! ad
to apply I i ;ii'' hoard of I i        ■. -
;    '       i;ii Forks foi
rail ......     , u w ', [■gl :„. ; and
otl   * iei tneutod  liu 's  I i h u tneorl hall on
i . remlseson Bridge street, i insisting of tho
building being erented on town lot v> ■, Let
'.i'   . No. '. lu the City of Grand Forks.
U, A.   J'.IS !.->.
Grand Forks, Mav 15, 1897. (IRANI)  FORKS  MINER.
'I hk Mikeh is published "it Saturday tunl u ill
iiiallvd  te "Subscriber on payment of Two
., illam a year.
Iilsplayetl Advertisements IJ an Inch per
month. A liberal discount ullnwutl on long
Tranclent Advertisements 20 cents a line lirnt
Insertion an.l in cents a lint* fur each additional
Local or reading mutter notices *-'"> cents caeli
Job l'riiltili'-at Fair rutef. All aecoun'B fnr
j.,1, work and advertising payable "ii tlie Urst of
each muntli. F. ll. Mi Cabteb tb Bow.
" SATUKIJAV, MAV l:,. 1897!
be the surest and safest method where-   STRICTLY    ALL   RIGHT APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF LIQUOR LICENSE,
hy the oast portion of tho district would
get our share of thu appropriations made
fur th" construction of  roads and trails.
People without money will play in
big luck if they stay away from Grand
Forks, as it is a good ways between
drinks and the labor market is fully supplied.
What the Kettle River and lioundary
Creek districts need is a representative
in the provincial legislature? Divide
the district and we are bound to get  it.
A Prominent  U.  S.   Land   Attorney
Tells What He Thinks of
Qrand Forks.
■VroTICE IS HEREBY   GIVEN   that   Ezra Iu-
With this issue Tin: MlNi.n enters upon the second year of its career as an
advocate of the future gieatness of the
Kettle River divison of the Yale district,
as a tnii ing Bection, and tbe advantages
offered by Qrand Forks as a place of
residence and the principal business center .if the district, How wed tlii.-i
mission has been fullilled in the past
we will leave for others to judge, Fully
appreciating the fact there is no town
within the limits of this district having
such a bright and desirable future as
Qrand Forks, which every indication
goes to show will shortly enjoy u phenomena! growth and become a place of
great commercial importance, Tin*.
Miner is perfecting arrangements where
by this journal will bn so improved as a
medium for the publication of news, not
only of this vicinity, but the entire Kettle River an! Boundry Creek districts,
that it will rank as the leading nows-
paper of the district, and among tho
foremost nf British Columbia,
Xew presses,type, machinery and other
appliances will be added to place US in
a position to do all kinds of printing,
from a visiting card to a full sheet poster in colors, ctiual to any similar institution in the province.
I'lie eleetors have declared that the
lien. John A. Manly be the first mayor
of Qrand Forks and from the majority
he received there can bo noqrtestion but
that they were others who coincided
with the AIinku in the opiniotl that he
was the right man for tho place. That
his reign will be based upon thorough
business like, economic and progressive
methods, no one who is acquainted with
that gentleman will doubt.
Upon tho incoming council, more than
anyone else, rests the grave responsibility of inaugurating a Systeiii of goverh*
ment that shall bo for the advancement
of the city, and it is placed in the priiver
of that body to establish a policy Uy
which (irand Forks will at no distant
day rank as the most desirable place to
reside, as well as lieing the business
center an 1 distributing point for tho
Kettle Kiver and lioundary Creek districts, as well as the reservation. In
order to bring about this state of affairs
the greatest care and judgtilent liiust lie
exercised, and the efforts of those who
are delegated with this responsibility
should be aitled by every citi'/en who
has the interest of the city at heart. Let
the feeling,whicli is liodntl to bo tlio outgrowth of every hotly contested cahi-
paign. lie huried and instead tf tbe
factional light being continued as has
been the case heretofore] the united efforts of the entire town be directed in
one channel—that of building one of
the most prosperous and beautiful cities
in the province,
As the business interests of the gentlemen who compose the first board of
aldermen are largely centered here, thero
seems to be no i*ueStion but that they
will uso their best endeavors to place
lhe city on a perfectly sound business
in conclusion the MlNEB desires to
state that as a citizen it has tbe highest
regard for Mr. P. T. McCallum. who is
a gentleman of sterling qualities, respected and held in the highest esteem
by all who are fortunate  enough to  be
acquainted with him.
We learn on good authority that Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney and the lion.
(J. li. Marten contemplate paying this
district a visit in the near future.
The scramble for appointive otlices
has already com men -ed.
Tin: lirst session of tlie city council
occurs at noon today.
The ( ity of (irand Forks, now) if you
We tip our hat to His Honor, Mayor
It was the cutl
A Gbeenwood Firm Trying to Cor-
iial the Pass Cukeh Trade.
Rendell &. (Smailes the well known
Greonwood firm have made arrangements to deliver goods anywhere on Pass
creek for the saxo cost as they can be
obtained at the company's store in
This stroke of enterprise on the part
of this firm, if something is not dono
by our merchants to offset it, will bo
quite a pull toward turning tho trade of
that section to Greenwood) which properly belongs to this place.
A New Townsite.
Last year the government reserved a
block of land at th- mouth „f Pass creek,
which empties into the North Fork Of
Kottle rivor several miles above tho town
of Grand Forks,
A reservation was put upon the land
as it was considered it would be valuable owing td the fact,of its being upon
the surveyed route of the Columbian &
Western and Vancuuvor, Victoria &
Eastern railways, and is located at a
point where it is expected that either of
these roads Aould after running up the
North Folk turn suddenly tf-est and enter the pass through tfhlcih Pass creek
Believing the present to bo ii propitious Utile in which to put this property
on the market; thegovernuiont hits given
Mr. J. A. Coryeil instructions to sitrvey
this land into town lots, a duty he Is now
performing, and as booh as tho stllvoy
is complete dnd approve!; tho people of
the district will be given an opportunity
of acquiring soriie real estate at this
point shoilld they so desire.—Midway
Ma. Norms, government agent from,
Vernon, it is rumored will pay Grand
Forks an ollicial tit-it sumii time tho
last of this month or the lirst of June.
Let steps be taken at once to collect the
necessary data relative to the needs of
this Bection in the way of, rouda and
trails, with a map of the North Fork
and Pass creek districts, showing the
number ot locations! those that aro now
being worked, etc., so that they can be
properly placed beforo that gentleman
on his visit here', so ho can obtain something of a correct idea of thecondnion of
affaire, and we fool safe in predicting
that good results will be obtained.
A New Ferry.
Owing to the increase of travel up1 the
main Rettle river and the rfest fork of
the same, it has been fotind necessary to
furnish some means hy whicli prospectors and others may readily ctobs the
West Fork; a stream which Just now is
ijuite forttiidilblo but which in the fall
may bo forded conveniently. The fact
that largo mineral areas, practically un*
proBpected but known to be rich in copper antl gold, lie to tho north and west
of RocK Croek, being recognized, quite
a number of men aro turning tHeir attention in that direction and that their
progress may not be checked, Mr. Mc-
Pherson has decided to at once construct
a ferry to bo operated upon the 6tream
above referred to. This will be in use
for the ne'St two or three liionthii and
wid be a great convenience to travelers
nhil it is to bo Hoped ii source of profit
to the enterprising proprietor.—Midway
The Hon. John A. Rea of Olympia,
Washington, who spent laBt week in
Grand Forks in inquiring into the resources and possibilities of this section,
was asked by a Miner representative:
"What do you think of this country!"
"As we say in tho states, it is a great
country! I can understand, now what
we lost; when Jamee K. Polk agreed to
the present boundary line on the 49th
paralell. Fifty-four-forty or tight! tho
campaign cry of 1814, elected Polk, but
it did not enlarge our territory on the
north. Even if Mr. Polk had compro.
mised upon paralell fifty-one, all of thiB
famous area south of Rovelstroko would
have been American soil. An imaginary line, however, should not interfere
with tho growth and development of
that area. Tho absonco of commercial
union, may handicap both sides, but I
believe thero is so much wealth in the
mountains between Crow's Nest on the
east and Okonagan lake on tho wost,
and Revelstoke on the ncrth and Grand
Forks on the south, that no artificial
nandicap can defeat it. Within the
lltnite of tbo comparatively narrow Bection described, you have an almost uq-
rivaled climate, unlimited mineral re-
Bourcesi an abundance of tine merchantable timber, and some of the most beautiful agricultural valloys' on the continent. Your mineral wealth is typied in
the LeRoi and Slocan Star, and your agricultural wealth in John A. Manly's
magnificent ranch, and your climate iu
these fair days.
"In the midst of such an environment]
cities will grow. You will have another
one in Qrand Forks. My reason for believing that your town Will be a city is
primarily founded upon your location.
It is a strategic location. A railroad
from the east, the Columbia and Western; Hein«e's road, or the Spokarte,
Northern, Corbin's road, ulust pass
through this place. The topography of
the country forces tho road your way.
You occupy the pass."
''When do you think we will get a
"Conditions favor it this J-ear. I wodld
not be suprised to see a race between
Corbin and Heinfce. The first road that
reaches Cascade and Kettle river will
have tile advantage. From Northport
up Sheep creek is Undoubtedly Corbin's
rodte and Heinle's is frotil Robson down
the edst Side of Chridtina lake to Kettle
ri-fer. Cobin's roilte Is the shortest but
Ileinsto is probably the swifost than bf
lho two. You are doing so much here
and ptojecting bo ttidch moro; tHflt the
sagac'iods railroad mdn tHiist see thdt
there la business foi* tl roid; Cdhbln's
l*ecent experience with his Spokdne
Nokhetm thu6t convince hint that a tilin-
ing country is a dividend payer. He
must be familiar with Grand Forks,
"the gateway of the great Kettle River
tlnd Boundary Creek districts;" as Jim
Hill's folders ca'l it. He nldat knovf'
the possibilities of your mineral ledges;
the fertility of your valleys and tho
splendid location of their cotnthercuil
center. The same is trite of Heinle, it
will be a great surprise it he does not
start we'd aB soon as his road to Robson
is built. He has a land grant of c-120;-
000 acres per mile, nearly as milch per
mile as the great grant to the Northel'n
Pacific and with a cash subsidy beside;
it looks as if he would not be slow to
anticipate any move by Corbin."
In American slang and a single phrase:
"Grand Forks is all right."
Putting In riachlhery.
George Schramm and Dave Flaherty
of Spokane, owners of tho Noonday
claim situated on Myers creek, on the
reservation, aro Jituhing development
work on this property, with such Mattering restilts that they have decided to
put in the nocossary machinery to facilitate tho work. Mr. Schramm passed
thrtMIgh town on Monday hist d'n hie
way to Bossburg, whero ho goes to receive, the necessary machinery.which
will be placed in working operation on
tho property as soon as possible.
Great care should he exercised by tlio
ouncil in tlie selection of a city solici-
As a complete code of by-laws for
the government of the city will have, to
bo framed, none tut a person who is thoroughly acquainted with the laws of th#
brovincei and at {be same time badBulll-
cient experienced in corporation business, to permit of his being able to pass
upon the legality of such measures as
may be submitted to him for consideration. ,...._
The latest advice from Cascade Cityi
is to the effect that a poBtofhco had
not been established at that point as
yet, but it was confidently expected that
one would be sometime during tho coming century. -
body, "I die City of ("'rand l'orfcH, Intends to
tpply to the  Board uf License Commissioners
'or tne City oi Grand Forks at the next meeting
I.ir a transfer from Mrs. Annie \\ . Preslar to him
uf the license tu sell liquors hy retail in tho
building known as the Cosmos Hotel situate on
Lot20, Hlo.-k 2. in (iraud Forks a'oresaid,  now
hel.l hy the said Mrs. Aside W. Preslar'   nud
further take notice that the said Mrs. Aggie W.
Preslar consents to the said transfer.
Dated at Grand Forks, B. c, May 8,18!)7.
Good Accommodations and the Table Supplied with the
Best the Market Affords.
" Mrs.   A.   Bryant,
.     Satisfactory Tesf.
The test recently made by tbe Hall
Mines smelter^ of Nanainio coke, has
proved most satisfactory and the probability is that coke will be used to Buppiy
the sm^lte^ duping the (Jriming year.
Superintendent Johnson closely followed
the working of this coke and states that
it is much superior for smelting purpose^ than the American article.—Nelson Miner.
A division of tho Yale  district would
A New Location.
Jack Smith formerly of the Cosmos
hotel haB made what promises to be a
good location, which he calls the Silver
King Fraction, and is near the well
known Brady claim. From an aBBay
made from surface rock taken from this
property, by Harry Sheads the well
known assayer, $21.2j in gold was shown,
A Bitting of the County Court of Yale will he
liohlen at
At the hour of in o'clock In the forenoon.
By Command,
C. A. H. LAMBLY, Ii. 0, C.
Government Olliee, Osoyoos,   B.  C.  April
2th, ISO?.
The above sitting of enurt liasheen postpcnlSd
until Tuesday, May 21, 1KH7.
May 1, '1)7. C. A. R. LAMBLY.
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
Grand Forks, Greonwood and Midway.
tyAll kind6 of Meats Goiman Sausages and Head Cheese Always on Hand.
Ordered Flying Machines.
At a meeting of North Forks prospectors held in thiB city laBt Saturday,
it was decided to farm a pool and purchase a Hying irhchino to prospect with
owing to the trails being in a such a
condition that it Is hi!possible to get a
pack horbe over them.
When applying for Crown Grants request that the notice of application be
published in the Grand Forks MiNEri
—tho best advertising medium in the
Kettle River and lioundary districts.
"Companies' Apt,"Part IV, andamknd.
inci Acts.
"Rock Creek Gold arid Copper MiiAnVj
Company" (Foreign).
a  ;
Registered true "itlida** of March, 18117.
+ HEREBY CERTIFY that I hiave this thi,- reg-
X Istered the "Rock Creek (.old anil Cupper
Mining Coin-iany"'(Foreign), under tho "Companies' Act. Part ly., ''JRi'glstration of Foreign
Ctynpanles,"andnitiending Act*!.,i f       s
The head olflce of the said company ts Bltuat*
cil at the City of Spokane, State of Wash-
ton,, U. ti. A. i . n,.,.i   ■
The objects for which the Bomf-any is etab*
lished. are: -To buy sell, lease, bond, explore,
niinei'ind mill, nnd to do tiny necessary work
lor.the development and operation of mining
property: to construct, maintain and opcratu
reduction and smelting plants or mills fur prlr
vateor public use: to.construct, maintain and
operate trails, mails, lines'of transportation hy
hind or water; tn build lliim,i*s or dltohjes. or
acquired winter power or water rights, and.to
lease nud sell the same; lu fact, to carry on &
general mining and reduction Business, hi ail
its various departments, ln compliance with tiie
laws of lhe State nf Washington, and the Province uf Prltlsh Columbia, Caumla, under whicli
we shall operate.
The capital stock of tlio sd id Company is eight
hundred thousand dollars, divided 111111011(111
hundred thousand shares ol the pur value of
one dollar each.
(liven under my hand and seal of olliee at
Victoria, Province of British Coiumba, this 5th
day uf March, 18117.
[1., s.| g. Y. WOOTTON,.
Registrar ol Joint Stock Companies.
Carson Lodge I. O. O. F. No.   37.      KETTLE      RlVEK       STAGE      LlNE.
G. W. WILLIAMS, flanager.
1 U> vi Xi evening atfi o'clock in their
ball at Carson* It C. A cordial invitation extended to all sojourning brethren.
P. B. NELSON*, R. 8.
I). IJ. McLakkn, N. G.
Church Notice.
Sabbath in the church at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p' nl. in tbe school room at Grand Forks. Sabbath school 10:;t0 a. m. in tbe Hchocl room.
At Carson weekly 8 p. m.
Rkv. Thos. Paton, Pastor.
Stage Leaves Marcus on the Arrival of the northbound train, arriving at Grand
Forks at 8:45 p. tn. Leaves tho Forks at 4:00 a. in., arriving at Marcus in time to
connect with northbound train
Watch Repairing My Specialty,
All Work Warranted.
GRAND   FORKS; B.   0.
——■■■■— t
m a. stAche,
Bath  Rooms*
tilVERSlDE,      -      -      -       GRAND FORKS'
Bonds of Electric, Steam
or Horse Car Railways
Persons having mining or other Properties that will
bear investigation; can have a Company promoted, oi
sell them, by addressing	
17 and 19 Broadway, Now York City.    London  offices:—ChiBwell  House, No
l!)9 Finsbury Pavement, London, E. C, England.
Boundary Greek fining Mange
Financial and Mining Brokers.
And Mliiiii-r.Knglnccr.   Mcnlberof cjucboc Min* „_._,_    . „   „ _ _ _ . , ,. . _ _ _^   „,r-p,7    0   n
Ing 8ooft{y.rt Mineral Claims Examined OFFICE A l GREEN WOOD   CITY,  B.C.
Ilntl Reported on, ,
bridge street* GRArtt, frc-fats. Q-roups of  Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc,
TjCrbes m. Kerby,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
And Civil EngineeK
otricK, MibwAY, ivc, t     ,
Assnplate  Memucr Canadian
Soelety   of Civil  Engineers.
Law and Collecting Agency. 0 fi        -  -HnH_
g -~~& A. JONES,— I
W 7 V'
Paper Hanger, Sign Writer, Etc ||
B. c. H
G. HEt-wdRTH, M. D., O. M.
Estimates Furnished on All kinds of Work, p
Physician and Surgeon.
Olliee tn Drugstore.,
'Grand forks; b. c.
Jus. deBlols Green CE PL8.   F.Wollaston, P LS
Provincial Land Surveyors
Civil Engineers, Etc.
Barber Shop.
Centrally Donated.   All W"i**t (lauraut'*>od to bb
First-Class lu everj* KeBpoet.
PETER A: Z- PARE;      • t»R0PRIET0R.
SoLiciTon, Etc.,
Olllde, Main slrcct,    -   GRAND FORKSi B. B.
A   C. sbl'TON,
Notary Public, Etc.',
Seeds! Seeds! |
A Lnrge Stock of   Northern   Grown 5»
Garden   Seeds in   Kulk.   The   Very %fe
BeBt Quality ut Eastern Prices. ^
First Class Quality and the prices Will Please You. ^J
Of   Ail Kinds at Spokano   Prices   Freight and
Incidentals  Added,
l. mcdonAld;
, , i
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FORVkS,   B.   C,
Plans and Bpcclfleationsittrawn, estimates furnished.tin al! kinds of building. Work strictly
A    B. HART1 Ji CO.
Contractors and Builders,
Offlce, Store, and Saloon Fixtures a Specialty,
Plans und Specifications Made aud Estimates
O:   B.   &   P.  B.  NELSON; ^
Grand Forks, B. G*
The Mammoth liotel of the Kettle River District.
MRS. A. V. DAVIS, Proprietress.
Liuery Teams, Saddle
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale.   Teaming of all Kinds Done; PW TARIFF.
Mining Machinery to Be On
the Free List.
The Duty ou Spirits is 15 Oents a Gallon Extra and Prices of Cigarettes Will Go Up*
Wi; give below a list of the chinf
changes that have been made in the
tariff by the last dominion  leglslaturei
Mining machinery, whether uitinufac
lured in Canada or not has beon planed
on tho free list.
Duty on spirits Increased 15 cents per
Com placed on tho free list, except
v.inn imported for distilling) Hour reduced from 70 to 00 cents per barrel)
wheat reduced from 15 to 10 cents per
•bushel; corn meal reduced from 10 cents
per 100 pounds to 20 cents, right to import corn in bond to grinders abolished
as it has given risa to much complaint
on the part of the trade. No change
will,be made in tho tluty on cleaned rice
Iut thu raw material is changed from
3-10 to % cent.
Uoal oil is reduced 1 cent.
Regarding the -.oal duty, Mi*. Fielding
said ho hoped tho government would in
the end reduce the tluty *10 cents, if the
Americans will allow theirs t) remain at
10 cents. At present it is not advisable
to make tho reduction, In case tho
American tariff is retained at 7.1 cents,
li.t' duty on bituminous coal will be
raised to 75 cents, with the rate on anthracite coal as well.
lho iron duty is reduced on nig,
wrought and scrap.
Skates aro changed from 10 cents por
pair and[30per cent to 35 cents.
Hay knives und other agricultural Im-
pliments and shovels, from 35 per cent
ami 25 cent to 35 per cent; mowing machines, binders, ploughs, portable engines anil sawmills from 30 per cent and
20 per cent to 25 per cent; barbed wire
fencing, 15 por cent to January 1, free
Lumber and timber manufactured,
from 25 per cont to 20 per cent.
Glucose or grape sugar, glucose syrup,
D tl corn syrup, from ,'4 to ;'/ c:nts psr
1,'itw sugar is unchanged; the duty nn
n lined is advanced lt-100 of a cent,
Tea is unchanged.
Collars of cotton lined celluloid, from
20 cents per dozen and 25 per cei.t to 35
per cent. Cotton fabrics, printed, dyed
and colored, from 30 per cent to 35 per
cent; grey and bleached cottons, from
*.'*.",; per cent and 25 per cont  to 25 per
ut; cuffs from J cents per pair and 25
pot* cont lo 35 per cent; shirts, from 25
per cant and 81 per dozen to 35 per cent,
velvet, velveteens and plush, from 30 to
35 per cent; laces, braids, fringes, embroideries, handkerchiefs and table
liis, from '10 por cent to 35 per cent,
cotton sowing thread anil crochet cotton
on s| ools, 25 per cent; cotton sowing
thread and handkerchiefs, bleached or
unbleached, from 12 to 15 per cent manufactures of liouip, juto and ilax, from 20
to 25 per cent; shawls; travelling rugs,
children's dress goods, coat linings,
alpacas, cashmeres and quilts, from 221.;'
to 15 per cent; socks and stockings, from
lo cuts per dozen pairs and 35 per cont
to 35 per cent.
1 ut tobacco, from 15 cents per pound
and 12'., percent to 50 cents and 12lo
per cent; manufactured tobacco and
Mill'. Irom 35 cents per pound and 12J*j
per cent; to 15 cents and 121 rf  per cont.
Buttons, from •! cents per gross anil 20
per cent to 35 per cont,
Cloths for mackintoshes, from 12'..
per cent to 15 por cent.
Tho excise duty on opiritn is increased
from 81.70 per proof gallon to trl.llo per
proof gallon.
The duly on cigarettes, which is now
■'1.5(1 per thousand, is Increased to 82.
On foreign raw leaf tobacco; unstem-
ned, there is a duty of Hi oedtfl per
pound, und stotuuied 11 cents per pound.
\t present it is on the freo list.
Binder twine, from 12'.; to 10 per cunt.
Aftor 1st of July, 1808, this article will
be placed on the freo list.
Builders' hard ,varo, upholsterers', harness-makers' and saddlers' hardware,
including carriage hardware, lucks,
hinges and saws aud table cutlery, from
ll'i to 30 per cent.
Tools of all descriptions from 35 to 30
per cent.
Files and rasps froni 35 to 30 per cent.
Firearms from 20 to 30 per cont.
Sulphuric ether from live Cents por
pound to 25 per cent.
Acid phosphate from two conts por
pound to 25 per cent.
Lubricating oils from six cents per
gallon to five cents per gallon.
Printed music froni ten cents per
pound to 25 per cont.
Books not being foreign reprints of
British copyright works or ljiblos, prayer
books, psalm and hymn books or blank
books, from six cents to £0 por cent ud
■  Advertising pamphlets,   bIiow  cards,
illustrated prico   lists,   fashion   plates,
chromos and works of art, other than
those dono by hand, from 0 cents por
pound and 20 per cent, to 35 per cent.
Gas, coal oil and electricity lixtures,
from 27J^ to 30 per cent,
Buckthorn and strip fencing of iron or
steel, from '.j cent per pound to 25 per
Cast iron vessels, plates and irons from
271*; to 25 per cent.
Cast iron pipe, from 810 to 88.
Boiler tubes, from 1Y", to 5 per cent.
Screws, from a variety of specific rates
and 30 per cent ad vabrem to 35 per
Tacks, from 1 cent per thousand and
ljjj cents poi thousand to 30 per cent.
Wire nans, from 1 cent per pound to
35 per cont.
Forgings of iron and Steel, from 35 per
cent to 30 pel* cent.
Plate glass from various speciHc duties
to 30 per cent ad valorem. Silvered
glass from 27}jg to 32Jtj to 30 per cent.
German looking-glasses from lT-z to
20 per cent,
Crude petroleum, fuel and gas oils
other than niip'hn, benzine and gasoline, for list, for fuel or for manufacture
of gas from 3 cents per gallon to 2'.,
Paralli.ie wax from 2 cents per pound
to 30 per cent.
Olive oil prepared for salad purposes
from 30 to 20 per cont.
Newspaper supplements from 25 per
cent to 20 pel* cent.
Medical wine of more than JO percent
alcohol, 8. .60 per gallon. This is a new
Musical instruments, including organs
and pianos, from 20 per cecti and 35 pei-
cent to 30 per cent.
From the Development of Minks
Near Grand Forks.
J. II. Perkins of Grand Forks, B. C,
is spending ti few days in the city. Ho
said last evening: "There Is considerable development going on in tho mines
in that vicinity, and 1 look for some
big results as development is progressing. The Volcanic and Seattle Claims
are Ihe most prominent in the district,
and bid fair to make big producers of
ore. The surface showing is certainly
enormoUs, Tlio Bonita is another promising property, ai.d is being steadily
worked. There are other claims on the
.North Fork from live to ten tulles from
Orand Forks which the owners expect
to make mines of. Among Ihem are the
Pathfinder, Coin, R-Bell, Bonanza, Independence and Minnie, all of them more
or lors developed. Tho Minnie has A
shaft down 00 feet. The assays of the
oro from the bottom of tho shaft show
that tho property possesses merit.
"Tho town of Grand Forks is in a
flourishing condition, and is growing
rapidly. An election takes place tomorrow. The registration was 53 when
I loft, and has probably increased to fJO
by this time. For myself, I am an enthusiastic supporter of John A. Manly.*'
— Spokesman Review.
Q'hky are Alright if he Carries Them
Mr. C. V. Cuppage, superintendent of
roads and bridges tor this district, who
is at present making a tour of inspection of this vicinity looking into the
condition of the roads aud trails, was in
Greenwood the other day and in an interview with a representative of tho
Boundary Creek Times said:
"Is it true,'- he was asked, "that as reported in the Vernon News the appoint
ment of another road superintendent
has been made?"
"No; tho News was ovidontly m*sin-
fornied, Vou see I have been trying to
get men lo work on tho roads who would
accept time checks payable 11 ixt July;
ut tho same time J reserved tho right to
dismiss men when 1 thought lit. A good
many whom 1 employed objected to this
and demanded their pay when thoy wore
dismissed. Hut I succeeded 111 getting
three gaijgs to work and I wo foremen,
and 1 then went to Veinon and engaged
Mr. Bates as foreman for the third gang.
He has eight men undor him."
••What do you think of the old arrangement of waiting until the revenue
has been collected bofore the roads aro
repaired T"
'•I think il altogether absurd, and
what I propose to do is this: I havo
asked for a pretty large appropriation
this year and I mean to reserve an ado
quate sum (say three or four thousand
dollars) for putting tho road in a decent
state of repair in the spring. That is
decidedly the best time of the year for
carrying out the work on tlio roads, for
you can see just whore the bad and impassable spots are. Thero has been a
good deal of kicking this year, and
merely for the sake of peace and quietness 1 have on oiu or two occasions advanced money and paid men out of my
own pocket and paid men to improve
parts of tho main road which wero in
particularly bad condition. Really
though, you know, the teamsters themselves aro to blame to a certain extent
for over-loading wagofls with 50,000 to
00,000 lbs. cutting up the roads fearfully. Then one wagon Will makd one
rut going through a nitid hole, and thb
n.'.xt that passes will make a new rut.
If; however, us you renlarked, the work
of repairing ,vas done early in tho yedr
and culverts wero put in where needed,
the roads in this section Would be by iu
means bad for a new collntry,"
From the Boundary Creek Times.
Quite a number of prospects are now
working on I'uss creek and all are showing up well. Two parties left tnis week
to develop claims in that camp, Al.
Clifford is sinking on the Sidehill Situ*.
Work was resumed this week on the
Canadian, in Sky I irk camp. A tuuriel is
being driven from the lime contact on
the south to tap the lodge.
Messrs. McCuaig and Larson are making arrangements for the establishing of a
now hotel at Rook creek. The materlii
is also on tho ground foi a hotel building
which is shortly to bo erected on Mr.
McDonnell's ranch on Kholt creek.
A Mr. Burnyeat, representing American capital, who visited Boundary crock
this week, w is very favorably impressed
with the great showings of mineral
which he Haw on some of the principal
claims of the camp; admitting Hint while
ho had been in most of the mining camps
of the province, the resour ces of Boundary alone are not only not exaggerate!
but understated on the "outside,"
Crowded out lasl week.
II. L, King and J. I. Daniel, who
have been doing development work on
the Mountain Chief; situated on La
Flour mountain, have uneartho.i a line
body of ore in a shaft thoy have boen
siuking on the property. At present
the shaft is d.nvr only about 10 feel.
nine of which.Ib said to be in solid ore
which carries giilemi, copper and sottie
.Messrs. King. ICernin. Like am!
English havo just returned from a
prospecling trip in the hills in the vicinity of Line Ranch creek, and report
the locating of a line group of live
Claims which huve a surface showing
above the average.
Mi'EBt'K. King and Horn in who luiwi
been spending a couple of weeks in this
vicinity in looking oVer the cmntry,
left for home Yesterday. They expect
to return in about a month.
Mr. O. F. Btaurt has opened a real estate antl abstract olliee in the building
formerly owned by Ed Thompson.
A largo number of prospectors aro
arriving daily and at unco leave for tho
hills for the purpose of doing assessment work on their properties located
last season.
The reports received here from the
various canine are very encouraging
and every indication points to the reservation becoming one of tho best mining
sections in Washington.
Notwithstanding the backwardness
of the season about forty Ideations have
been recorded since the lirst of March,
besides a large number of transfers.
The linnl arrangements for the organization of tho Id Ige of Knights of Pythias is nearly perfected; anil it Is expected
lhat ever ylhing will bu in readiness for
the lodge to bo instituted some timo
during the hitter part of May.
TT    II.  HUFF.
Doe? all kinds of repairing awl horseshoeing.
Work strictly lirstelu^H.
Does all kinds of   kinds  of  repairing uml
li »rsc shoeing,   AU work gauranteud.
Manufacturer of
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
Dealer In
(JIIAN'li   FOURS,   II.   c    Z
ft&~.-a\\ Filing and nil Kind-; nf Repali ng,
Should carefully coi-side**
Ihe cost of material; and
by figuring, lind out that
all kinds of
. \V. K. 0. Manly's addition to (Irand
For.ks, "North Addition;" as it will appear on the maps, has been platted and
will be placed on tho market as soon as
tho maps ura completed. This add!-
ti.in contains somo of tho most desirable resilience property in the city and
lots in it will undoubtedly bo in great
demand by. homo seekers, The addition extends throe-eights of a milo
north from tho townsite of Orand Forks,
and lies botxoen tho North Fork of
Kettle river, and Observation mountain,
which, in the summer, afternoons, will
throw ii shade upon a large portion of
the addition.
This proporty includes the Hat, fertile
land along the river and the ''big
bench," which rises about 31) feet .aliovo
the bottom land and runs back to tho
mountain aij level, as a floor and carpeted with rich, grass. Near the sojith
sido of the addition apcl below the southeast corner of Observation mountain, is
a second bench containing a row of lots
which will prove to bo some of the
prettiest residence locations in the city
Tho addition contains about iOO lot-?,
not ouo of which but will prove an admirable location for a residence, whilo
many will in time, as the city grows,
make good business lots.
Don't put it oil until tho house is full
of Hies boforo you put up your screen
doors. A full lino can bo found at
Manly's Hardware Btore.
Still Another.
Tlie Golden Kiigle Consolidated Mining company of Spokano has been Incorporated with 8l,000;6dO capital stock.
The trustees are J. W. Douglass, J. W.
Osborne, J. F. Rice. Joseph Campbell,
Paul Bataglia, Julius Brandt, Spokane^
a::d J. W. Whitacir, Toronto.
This company is organized lo operate
the Golden Fnglo and Pack Saddle properties, situated about six miles above
the city, on the east side of the North
Fork, and the Blue Bird about two
miles west of towu ou Hardy's ranch.
Tho incorporators of the company are
prominent Bpokanltes and hiive ample
funds back ol them to do any development Which may lie necessary to prove
the valuo of their property.
Mr, Paul Pataglia one of the chief
shareholders, arrived on Tuesday to take
charge of the development and as booh
as tho necessary tools and supplies can
be procured he will put a force of men
at work on the properties and will push
tho Work all summer. The claims to bo
operated ate well kno*n throughout
this section a lino showing having beon
made by the Work done on thonl last
season by Messis. Bataglia and Brandt
the original locators.
The only All-rail Route, without change
of carsj between Spokane, Ross*
\        ■
land  Nelson.
^:M^Jl^<-^SJ^. )£U'l
Leaves Uosfburgonthe arrival of the south bun ml train arriving at Orand Porks
at 0 o'clock same evening. Leaves Grand Forks at 1 o'cIock a. in., arriving at
Bossburg in time to connect with northbound train. Express aud freight promptly attended to and handled at r, asm,able rates.
(It,ing North. Going South,
Whon it Comes to Looking For Bargains,   Call and bo
Convinced that you can Find Anything you
Want   at   POPULAR   PRICES. "
Two Car Lo*
Laundry  Work   Done   With    Neatness
and  Dispatch.
Collars  lie ccoli or 3 lor loo
Small Clothing .'iOc 'I >/.
Ladies' skirt,*  20c ouch
Ladies' W'tii.sts  'Jilc each
Woolen Blankets  60c each
Grand Forks, B. C.
Takes pleasure in announcing to the
Ladies of Grand Kdrks nnd vicinity
tliat fitio  has opi ned  a   First-class
Stock nf
Millinery Goods,
Hats Trimmed to Order In
1 li,* Last Style known t > tlio art. A
lino ol Laces, Rlbltons, Klnwers and
tn Fittit Evcrj'tliing kept In'u First-
class MillineryStrirc. I'artlculttrAttention paid tu Mnil Unlets.
Call and See the Now Styles.
n the Road
We Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assortwl
Stock   of
Rough aiid Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath) Etc,
can bo purchased at the
Grand   Forks
 • ***.-»——
C.  K, SIMPSON. Proprietor.
Why Bake
Your Own
It Doesn'l I'm lo Won",
and Stow Over a Hoi
Stove When "t ou ('an Buy
Seventeen Nice, Fresh,
Toothsome Loaves I'm*
line Dollar ul
Ths sumo Rule Apply! to
1'ios, (.'likes'. Doughnuts,
Cookies and all Kinds ot
Pastry, Etc.
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain R'ys;
In the Kettle River and Boundary Districts, Consisting of Groceries Provisions, Queenswarc, Hardware/
Sash and Doors* Wall Paper, Dry Goods, Clothing Booh
Shoes and Drugs,    Also a Full Line of
Mail Orders receive Prompt attention.
Give us a trial order and we will gurantee
"Big   St01~,
Riverside Ave.,  Grand Forks, B. C.
All kinds of Meats, German Sausages and Head
Cheese always on hand,
We will Offer for the Next Thirty Days a
Group of three Claims on
Pass Creek,
Al a price that you can double your money inside of ninety
days. Thi" Property will Stand the closest Investigation and
will satisfy anyone that it is a *jood investment
Vve have now on tittle tlio following good properties:— , .
GROUP OF       (    On.e-half mile from Orand Porks and adjoining tlie celebn
TWO CLAIMS.   )    BONETA  mine.   Will be sold as a group or singly.
(il-'Ol'P OF       (    Due mile and a half from Grand Portts*., qunrtz ledge, good
TWO, CLA'MS    \    Assays and an immense Surface snowing of ore.
OVER TWENTY        j    Pot* salt   cheap in  the vicinity of the Qreat   Volcanic
GOOD PROFERIES \    Mountain and Sbattle mining properties.
The Above    |    We can honestly recptiimondiip good.investments,     We can set
Properties     )    you goo*1 claims in any partii ular section at hod-rock prices,
12:10 a, ra	
Oysters served in any style on  short
notice at tho Arcadia.
Close connections al Nelson with iteamboats
for Kaslo and nil Kootenay Luke Poiftts.
,,.,„, , n      ,       Or F. H. HcCARTER,
Passengers for Kettle Bluer and Boundary m,,,*,,-,.  w-ishlnOrfon
Creek connect nt Marcus with Btage daily. spOKane, vv asiiinjrioii
Con cspondence Solicited.
McCarter, Johnson & McCarter,
jurnm. Qrand Forks, B. C' B LARGE DERI
j 'tie Winnie, DeWimon and
Gclden Nugget Sold.
A. Finch and Others lnteronted-
New   Srtike   of   Free'Milling
Quarts -Eiverside Shews
Op Well,
may be run over it.   The new road will NOTlCE OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENSE.
open  up   easy  communication   ffith  a WOTICB H HBBEBYPIVEIf that thi laydays
1 ■ ; ll   lifter  tin,  ilnto hereof, or whenever  lhe
number  ol the   leading  mines   oi   the Board qf Licensing CoramUsioners ihall sitnf-
»-    tl  n,   , ter'stii,! datel intendto atipl'y to the said Coin-
ivortn 1 orh. ii.jssloners for a liceiis*! to sell spirttous and
The Pathfinder company intend mak- fermented liaupni '■>>*.retail in and ibont tho
,■.''/        . premise! known is The Windsor Hotel, situate
mg   connection   with   their    qnne  by unontotl, BlqokTi. }n the City of Grand Forks.
building two  miles oi wagot. road and Date,- Ws ,-,„, ,,a5. (]f Mf.y,A. p. ^ M*MH"
put tin*;   in  a ferry across   the   Jsorth ,
Properties Reported on,
Develepment and Assess
ment Work' Supervised.
ho. 169.
Certificate of the registratiojs
l'Cp)4pAgl£8' Act," Part IV.
tnh Acts.
tf A
"Golden   Eagle
Co in pi i in/.
deal was closed here yesterday
by ('. E, I lint', .1. II. Boyd and
A. Kincb became lho owners for a
consideration, of the Little Win-
'e Winloii and Gold Nugget claims
litown's camp tn the   North Fork,
n miles from this city. The pur-
was made from Frank Stonechest
I.   II. Smith.   The claims  lie on
'icier   mountain   near   the Path-
mine   and   between   it and  tlio
ous Volcanic mine.
facl of Mr. Finch taking hold in
e linn is a great encot ragement to
- of claims along the  North Fork,
.mi- alone being sufficient guaran-
r the value of the property, nnd
r that its value will be demon-
I with all possible speed, Mr.
who elosetl the deal, hasgivep in-
■ tl parties to understand that
will be begun by June 1 with a
force of men and continued stead-
■ fall   and  probably through tho
It  is  not expected that these
will  be slocked.
Pathfinder Co, is pulling up a
I   r\  lodging houso 18*30 on theif
ty  for  lhe   convenience  of their
: ei, work is commenced.
i   Parkinson   and    Frank   Stone-
I last Tuesday staked out tho lnde.\-
ho North   Fork  and brought in
es of magnetic iron capping which
iy lis in  a number of seams rmi-
tlirough a strata of quartz '200 feet
dlh.   They have not as yet had an
i made lint the quartz undoubtedly
ie   free milling gold as the gravel j'l
■ 'k b id belu.v tho load \yhen
d, gave a good prospect in placer
-lioulil  assays  prove this quartz
• carry free gold in paying quan*
it  »ill create tbe biggest excite-
' that this se.-tion has over expori-
The   locators   ure   both   well
here and have an excellent rep*
n for being conservative and
ugh mining mon.
owners   of   tho   Riverside,   the
er brothers, are  tinted over tho
ii g that a little development work
nt> on their claims. They havo
Mo,! an eight foot vein of solid
ar the surface, being a cotnljlna-
if copper  sulphide and  magnetic
Mining men <>r the city believe
rive a good thing. Their claim
or miles north of (irand Forks,
ik on the Boneta, less than a milo
'he city on Observation mountain,
oily progressing, the tunnel  now
in about 75 feet.   The last  few
he   character of   the   rock  has
I considerably and is now bo
g impregnated witn mineral so
he workmen are undoubtedly near*
io vein. Any day may bring a
so on  this property und the suc-
iliis mine means much to (Irand
Mr. C'nppago has also arranged to
have tho road between Orand Forks
and Cascade City put in ropair.
Resolutions of RenpecJ.
At a special meeting of Carson Lodgo
No. 117,1. (). (). F., held Monday evening, May 10, Ihe following resolutions
wero unanimously adoptedi
Wiiki.k.vs Our brother, B Prioeoll,
has been untimely removed froni tliiu
earthly shore, air!
Whereas, We deeply mourn the lots
( f'bur departed brother; therefore  bo it
Resolved, That the members of Carson lodge extend to the widow "and
children of our beloved brother our
heartfelt sympathy and condolence in
their sad bereavement, praying that Our
I'lither in heaven will "strengthen and
uphold Ihei.i in Ijioir sorrow. We realize the great loss to them of a kind and
considerate husband and latjier, and
the lodge an active
ved That a copy of this resolu- ^.^If'!,,,,! Province'i,Mlriti8l, Columbia,
turn he sent to the widow of our do- Canada, and to Jssue fully paid upstook tn pay,
parted brother, one spread upon the mont therefor, aud for tlie purposes herein to
minutes of our hooks and   published  in   ^-l^-o^.e^iJl'^tiyrirr^!!;!
* ' )ttuT local newppapers.
(). K Nklson,
t). I). 'McLarkn:,
!'. IJ. Nklhon,
The Sitting Of the County Cpurtof Vale advertised t<> be lndiien at Bifid way on the 17 th
Instant) and lit Gran(3 Forks on the lptjj instant,
each at l;t o'clock in thu forpno°n, have be-n
postpone?! until the 26th und 2i»th instants, respectively at the viimu hours and places.
By Command W. G McMYNN,
and amend  Government Qfllce, Midway, B, GJ   u. R. c. 0
'    May 10, 1897 »
Ranken & Campbell,
Dpnveyancflrs      j
Records Searchedj
And Investment Agents.
-        - -    Grand Forks, B. 0,
Registered tlm ji)
I HEREBY CKIVI'Il-V that I have this tiny
registered the 'Qnlden Eagle Onusoliilated
Miningcniiipiiiiv" (i'"on:ij;ii), under the'Com-
pallid1 Ael,'' hie I IV.,' "IliTistriitiout,! I'"i,r-
plrti Companies," mnl amending Acts.
The head oflice of tho snid Oompany |s sine
atcd nt the City uf 'Spokane, suite ol Wash*
Initqn, U.B A.
The objects for which tho Company is estab
llshod are: -Por the purpose*, *,f infnlngi Belling,
niiilintr. conccptrfljliig'aiid smelting tlm ores
i,n,i minerals contained in the mint's knotyn us
the "(ioltlun Eaglo" am} "Pack Baddle',1 mines
or claims,1 nitniileil nhntii six miles above Orand
Forks, II. ('., east side ot the North Fork Kettle
River, iiutl tins -'Blue Bird" mine or eiuim,
situate two mlleB west of Qrand Forks, B •',
all (a Vule District, Kettle River Mining Division, lliilisli ('ollilnliiii, nliti to ttlso \itnk. o|'t'r-
and  sympathetic  ato, hliy,sell, leapp, locate, acoulre, hold and
(ienl iu othor mines. mctalB aiid mineral claims
Resolved,   That a copy of this resolu-   "( every kind ninl desciiption within the Cnl-
Consoliihited Mining If       11   _„.„.     T"1A«.!.P.!«
^zxl Northern ftcifiG
. V  that  I  have this day   /
TEAMS $1.50 ANP $2.00 PER DA)
Winsdor Hotel,
(Foumkri.v The Grant, Forks Hotel,)
Yellowstone Park Line,.^ geo; p. mims, proprietor, grand forks, b. c
The Fast Line, -H. A- HUNTLY,
Superior Service. Groceries, Salt Meat, Fruits, Confectioneries,
Vernon and i
For Sale or to Let.
Tho Ranch owned by C. X. Rendell
adjourning townsitoof (irand Forks, B.
C.    Vov terms, t&c.   Apply to
G. Arthur Rknoki.l,
Greenwood i ity, B. C.
rty\ and to genetally carry on a mining,
j&ineltiug, milling and red up tion business; to
purchase, ficqflire, hold, erect, and operate ejep-
trie a id power plants for the purpose ol mining   States ana Canada,
and treating bres;and for the purpose nf fur* mnnov
uishing lights and creating power for all pur-      Direct connection with the Spokanp Falls tt   IiluI1Lj-/
poses;   to bond, buy, lease,   locate und hold   Northern Railway.
pitches, flumes' and water-rights;  to construct, mmwi
lease, buy, sell, tmild or operate railroads, fer- TRAINS   DEPART:
ries, tramways, or other means of transporta-   No. 1 West  Bi25p, in.
tiou for transporting ores,  mining and other   No. 2 Eflit 7|00a. ra,
material; to own,   buy, sell,   lease and locate     '
timber and  timber claims, and  finally to do      Tickets io Japan and China via. Tacoma and
everything consistent, proper, convenient and   Northern Pacinc Steamship Company,
requisite for the currying out of the objects and
purposes aforesaid, in tliolfr fullest and broad-      For information, time cards, maps and tick-
est sense, within the territory aforesaid. ets apply to agents  ,-f the  Spokane Falls tt
'  The capital stuck of the said Company is.one   Northern audits connections, or
ion dollars, divided into one million shares
Through tickets to all points iu tlie United
Oysters seryed in any stylo on  short
notice at the Arcadia.
of tbe par value of une dollar each,
'Given under my baud and seal of oflice, at
Victoria,   Province of   British Columbia, this
2t)th day of April, is<jt.
\h, h.) * S. Y. WOOTON.
ReglstravOf Joint Stock Companies.
F. D, Gi-k-KS General Agent,
Spokane, v\ ash,
A. D. CHARLTON, A. G. P. A.,
No. 265 Morrison St., Portland, Or.
Write for new map of Kootenay country.
A Full Ijino of Fishing 'fackel just Received.   Prospectors and   Miners will
find it to their interest to give mo a call   before  purchasing  as  I  can  save yotj
Don't forgot tho place. BRIDGE STREET, CRAND FORKS, B. C.
Carson Shaving Parlors and   Bath Room,
W. J. SNIDER, Proprietor.
When you want anything in my Lino give mo a call.
Certijloate of Improvements Notice..
Bonltn Mineral Olalm, ritnute In the Kettlo
Kiver Mining Division nf Yule District.
Where located: — Observation mountain,
Grand Forks,
TAKE NOTICE tlmt I. v. Wollaston, acting ns
Hgt-nt for tho Bonita Gold MIniiiff Company
Freo Minor's Corclflciite No. 88,81)0, intend, sixty
da?B from the date hereof to apply to the Mining RecoVdcr fqr a Certilicate of Improvements,
for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, undor
section "7, mint he commonood before thu is.su-
auce of such Certilicate of Improvements,
Dated thi*) 7th day of May, 1S!)7.
No. 403.
Paints, Oil$, Brushes, Sash & Doors,
Anthing Vou Want in the Hardware Line and Can't Find it go to
W. K. C. Manly's Store, Grand Forks, B. C.
'•.i- Wi*- ti '>/-.n
"Comi'an;ns Act," Part IV.
IMG Acts.
Mineral Act Amendments.
ng the iinienilnientu to t|ie Min-
nt passed by the present assembly
i   the   following  ur   regards the
■ inn of "Rock in plane" und "val-
n.'l* in place' shall be deemed to
an I Include minerals, not neoea-
in n voin or lode, llinl is, whon
i* "I in tbe same place or position
oh it was originally formed or tie-
I, as distinguished from loose
entary or broKon r el. or float,
by decomposition or erosion of
.■lis, is Found In wash, loose earth,
or Band.
duable deposits of mineral'shall
■tned to ineiin and include mineral
ice'  in appreciable quantity, hav-
present or prospective  valuo   Buf-
t to justify exploration,"
;' is  is a  matter of deep interest to
rospectors as under  the chief jus-
decision  in  tho  I'lit'is  Hello case,
.<   in   plane"  required welldelinej
I... something which not ono in *20 of
•Mineral claims possessed.
\    ROAD   TO   PASS   CREEK.
ork to be Commenced at Once and
Pushed to a Finish.
1, mis V.  Cuppage,  commissioner of
.mis, streets and bridges  for Osoyoos
ivision, has finished viewing tho route
in proposed road to 1'nss creek, and
:-   he  can   safely promise  that work
.ill be commenced  on the  toad  by the
i of June.    It will be  built through
.  Pass   creek,   and    trail   connection
made with tho government trail.   The
new trail will be built on an easy grade
so  that in   case it is desired  to  take
'navy machinery into any  of tho mines
.* hit-h the trail will  tap, the mine own-
is can easily widen it so  that wagons
t'T/te Mcntevey Gold Mining Company"
Registered tin* 9t)i day of Maroh, 1897.
I HEREBY CERTIFY tlmt I huve this di|v
registered ' The Monterey Oold Mining Company (Foreign), under tho "Companies' Act,"
Part IV., "Reglatration nl Foreign Companies,"
and tiiniMiilimr Ants.
I'ho head olllco of the sanl Company iBSltuated
ntthe City of .-nol-ano, .Shun of Washington,
U.S. A.   '
The objocts for which the company is established arc:
To work, operate, buy, sell, leaso, locate, on-
quirc, procure, hold and deal in mines, motals
mnl mineral claims of every desoripdou within
the United States of America and tlie Province
of British Columbia, Cauada; to carry on and
conduct a general mining, sraolttng, milling
mnl reduction business; to purchase acquire,
imlil, erect nnd operate elm trie lifjht nnd power
plants for the purpose of mining nnd treating
ores, nnd for the purpose of furnishing lights
and creating power for nil purposes! to bond,
buy, lens,., locate nnd hold ditches, flumes nnd
water rights; to construct, lease, buy, sell, build
nr operate railroads, ferries, tramways or other
i ms of transportation for the transporting of
ore, mining and other minerals; to owu, bond,
buy, sell, li'Hse nnd locate timber and timber
claims, nnd llnally, to do everything consistent,
proper, unit requisite for tlm carrying out of tho
objects and purposes aforesaid iu their fullest
and broadest sshBO within the territory atoro- a**h:
said. jra
The capital stock of tbe ftaic} Couipany is one -*■£
million tlollarB, divide! into one million shares *-*£■'
of ih,* pur value of one dollar eaclj. '-"■£
Given under my hand uml st'iil of oll'iei* at
Victoria Provlncoof British Columbia, thjsDtU
day of Maroh, iv.>7.
[ti. B,j s  Y. WOOTON,
Registrar ol Joint Btock Compnnli
Everything New and Best Furnished House in Town,
INBODY   &   DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Found at the Bar.   Special attention Paid to Transciont Trade.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Termius of
Stage Line From Marcus, Washington.
McAuley & McCauig,     •   -    Proprietors,
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable  Prices.
Special attention paid to Clean-
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction
ing and Repairing.   Give me a trial order.
-\*M*-'*ki--''W qjL ^ '*
^> -W *•»(■;'*-*l-i .•*•!■>.'
So, I'M.
"Companies1 Aot/'Paht IV.
ing Acts.
lThe  Yellowstone  Gold Mining Com-
pony" [Foreign-)
Registered9th day ol March, isot.
T HEREBY CERTIFY that ] have this day
1 regUteret) "The Yellowstone Gold Mining
Company" (Foreign) under the "Companies
Aft." Pan iv.. "Registration of Foreign Companies," and amending Acts.
The head oflice of the said Company in situated at the city of Spokane, In the State of Washington, U. S. A.
The objects for which the Company Is established arc: —
To work, operate, buy, sell, lease, locate, acquire, procure, bold and deal iu mines, motels
and mineral claims of every description within
the United States of America and the Province
of British Columbia, Canada; to carry on and
conduct a genen 1 mining, smelting, milling
and reduction business; to ^purchase, acquire,
hold, erect and operate electric light and power plants for the purpose of mining nud trea ling
ores, and for the purpose of furnishing lights
and creating power for all purposes: to bond,
buy, lease, locate and hold ditches, flumes end
water rights; to construct, lease, buy, sell,
build or operate railroads, ferries, tramways or
other means of transportation, for the transportation of ore, mining and other minerals; to
Own, bond, buy, sell, lease and locate timber
and timber claims: and Anally, to do every-
thlpg consistent, proner and requisite for the
Oarrying out of the objects and purposes aforesaid, In their fullest and broadest sense, within
the territory aforesaid.
The capital stock of the said Company is one
million dollars, divided into one million Shares
of the par value of one dollar each,
(liven under my hand and seal of olliee at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 9th
day of March, 1897,
[l. 8.] S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint StocK Companies.
The Plan for the Carson
Will be   on
Sale in a Few Days
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in on
this deal. Its the most desirable Residence
portion of Grand Forks.   Easy Terms.
Agents, Grand Eorks, B. 0.
i m


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