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The Grand Forks Miner Dec 10, 1898

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Full Text

Array ■**M  ' IXT"
.1 ^^=>
ii (
^    Propretors.     I
.Tr^^'^*-tT-'".^."v^":'*s-^-^.-^"*-r''':-:*".'^r'C'~*fT'-"':'''-*' ™ '■""-■ ':? ">'
B 3it FurnsLed House in the City. ««
No. 5 Gold 851.00: Copper 2.5 per cent
The Windsor
ISA ill 8111. •*-. *™ ,,„_ I NEW ROAD COMPLETED.
1 Rooms by tlio Day
i        ur  Wttek.
Yoy Can Find Anything You Want ior   Ij
Christmas at the Big Store. \> r i ctil
j    The Crftnd F rlis  Mercantile C6,'.still   N'"-* 2 (su\fa -j Gold 81 8?; Copper 21
'    i    .,            '      a      1       a    -'           "TK7"     t    keepi  in   the lead   of  n'l  co^pe'ltOFS;   •■-. -    .         «            -,,    ,                    :'  r ceut.
^Umtcd And  Active Work T „.k th,v ,—..,,.,, ,,, „;c„ .One of ths Best Claims up   1*0.3 (u ftjoow ij4«: coPP.-r58
iho idy ''t,.'.' stock of st pie and fanrv ,-,      -. r       ,    -^    -,                    percent.
giooi-rk-s.a line of Fi'ai kfitt nnd Gar- tilC   INOI'tD   lOr&i                      So.4 (12'ft)  C-.ld   P1.6.1;  C pper 5 0
iic tin- i.1.''--. t.'i [ii'dj^-j uine  irhportt-ri perceni,
i:..!:«'r.M;       I'!--;- i  7   1   1 '(..;,.!   ^tll-.     ! KKOM   TL'X.SFL.
Best Brands Wines,'Liquors and Cigars at   the Bar. J TO MAKE A   BIG   CITY.
LUNCH 18 to 2 P. M,    liiv\i*ii r. t<> s P. M. ^;|
.Short Orders at all Hours. !>p^%rS^o^.S ne" |j
Few the Money Was Expended.
(irand Forks Hai The Advantage Ovcr
Altyother Town in The District,
If lier People  Embrace Their
•♦♦WsftAAS-Mftii'M'. 4**fc4-Mi *WS*S**^*S*S'*'*S&*4'W!'&A<MSft*^&-S3M*-ftte££ft?
ITS3SSE3E3 !->
W. R. Megaw takes much pleasure in announcing to the residents '*
of Grand Forks and surrounding country 11. ii we are   nov/  open to  do |
business in our new premises on Bridge strcel, next to Manly's   Hard- .'*,
ware store.    In a few days we expect to have passed Info stock a larg3 Ji
shipment of ''.-
Dry Goods, Carpets & Oil Cloths
Also a full and well assorted slock of
Xmas Groceries I
*   and other Fancy Goods for the Festive Season. %
It is our intention to keep a well assorted stock of up-to-date Gen- A.
eral Merchandise and we  shall endeavor to satisfy our customers in *
every particular. i«
Hoping to meet all our former customers, az well as many   new .-.
ones in our present location, .'■.
Wishing everyone the "compliments of the season."
Yours Respectfully,
H. SWEENEY, Manager.      ;
- • "■«?
Qm^*$tfftt$¥;*\^w*'&V*j'*$ VT VV «'» V '^'^^Sif'?'^*^V^5^^^^^9^V<^^9;^?©
Wholesale ancl Iti'tuil
Dealer in
Manufacturing <*..<* l\
flftaattta.ctttritig •*» ~5  w
j» «** j» Department. IP
I havo associutcrl with me in I g"
my Manufacturing Department jj ujT
Mr.O. A. Pettyjohn and we are j g£
putting In machinery rm- the I ?'.*>
manpfauture of Mattresses, DocI {J U>
Springs, Lonm;es- Etc., «nd will S B£
supply the trade ut wholesale or ; Eg
I have now under oourso of eon-    i-****.
rrtruetlon a business house 24x70 I   B-   J
feet, 2-story, which, whon com- j    H"   ' t.
plttril I intend to keep full of    •»■..
Fiirnitiiro nnd Houst-'/uhl Goods j
of all kinds to meet nny tleninml
In the eonntry.   If yon need nny
thing-in my Hun let mo give yon
figures hefore huyini;.
Seeds of all Kinds.
*wwm^^wm?mwwm^ wwi w&Wvv+
Wliolcedlo ami Retail Dealers hi
^**#^*S4Mt*ftft^**!ft*4*f!#(fcA*4*t4ftA*i*A4l AsftSuS *.ft**.*.*•)   H *
ive ana   s g
I Fresh and    Fish
iCtired Meats and Oysters pressed Poultry S j
wwwwVwwSlSWWW vvfi'ittw^SrM^v-J-ivv'fH^'/Js&ii?)    \i
H»" Meats DeliverBd ut Min-^s fi- e of c h tree. §)
Muil Orel, r; promptly atttuded to. i^.
Riverside Ave. Grand Forks, B.C.I
Qt-and Foflcs,
Cciacade City, f^)>
Oreenwood, Q/$V
Midway. ^°
II;.h a I-'Jne l.ino ul
Which will arrive some time the coming Week. It Is the biggest Stock every opened In the city and consists of everything
ossentlal to make the children happy.
Be Sure to call and See the Toy
in eouneetioli.   Meals served ut nil hours.
Best Braads Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the Bur.    in Eve1^ Re£Pect
Strictly First-class
Heretofore the position occupied by
the city ol Grand Fork*, with rcKpcci t<
the surrounding dl>trict bas been ra.hc-r
* roblematica), chl< ily on account of th'.'
fa t, that the business men and citizens
generally, -rfere rather apatbrtic, with
rej^nr ■ *o tbe developement of the rich
I min in g camps, wbich combined form
what is known far ar.d near as the H jun-
dary country.
R c.ntly, however, and sincethecom-
m |jce nen of railway work in the district by tbe C i'. R, maters have
ill ing d in i vory :n ir ;-d drjjjree, and
r. ''pi are no-A* h.!in:-j taken by t'-ii b»iji-
ness men of ibe citv to get pos>es>ton ol
wh: t ^!i"**1*1 hq tl»eir ih'ire of  the trade
of tl:.!  surrounoUng  camps,   ■'"'■    'r-
tue es<l illy too, ive are £lad t:> bo able
to state. This however i-> but one pha.c
ol the ciues'ion ȣfecting the per man em
conditiou ni thc city, and it p. o.sr o1 j cl
here to in some ■• easu'e ;-.t least, cal)
aitcntiof) to the splendid capabilities oi
G and Forks for bc ominrj the future
':o»ime/ci U iind fmancia! centre of what
has now boen rccojfnized.as one cA the
truest cxtertive and richest mineral
districts m America.
The one feature likely to he of primary importance in this re**p'.ct, is the
large irvestmeht made bere lately by
Mr. Armstrong on-behalf of his company, who are now -commit-cd irrevoc
ul ly, to support;'and encourage the
developem-nt of the plaaj in every
lesptct. This mMf-n1*, il it means any
thing, that th ri -ve ik-ijy corp irtt o \ will
indr.ee tbe ts'abti hmett of cnmnieicial
Bouses.of high funding, capable of controlling the wholesale fa Id oi fh .* city.
Possessed of every natural adva^tagj,
and given the strong supp «rt now assured, u become.: but a 'tratter <if short
time before the standing of the com
mu.iity, represented by it^ c imcejercial
institutions will irr vocnbiy fix upon U
ns thr;  future   metrodolis   ^-I   tho   j'cli
ai   tary country.
Ap  it fr.-n ;   :, ' i : '■   .- n» c f large
ra nit-rti . in 6 lu-ie. ih« [•.(■?uo;i le-
! .; i. ■,      ill    lull ; t :   I ui   (I'll   lory
■ t : ' i ■ ' . .'■ ' : ■ r!i;t ' ■ ■'■ v ''■: cd
;■'■'■. ',!:;■*: lhe l;i t'e-1 ,<■■•':,
l 'id    I t! po :': •:
'•■■■; here,
I '   '■    ■       v. i'1!   *,
vi: .'■..*.*       .*   ■   : ■ tro  and
ri ers   '..■■■.      i ■ i   ;   *      i   ! i r.
-   .    the   .i    i ,.■
d*A       kj    ;.■■'•■.';;:'.;.■';■ ii Tl U
is -1 ! !U*I .i Wh '. : ) c.'i'-i ;:'■■: Ul oi
ii If, \ • ii 'SS ' ■' ' ':'■. 1 j ■ ■ H>
:: ■ ■ • lti ■ i  th.-, m    t   suit I lc and
c inn   t ] av     die,   I I :■ ■;■     to:* t
arlifii.ii-1 at*i ay   l •   olfrr*d bj
some less (avuural ly :ii , tl d \\ ce,
wl ■    ma> ti  a ■■ oit   1 '■     i on
pi rrrtanent i Vantage o[ I he ! ir;:« r and
natural       :- .
I-i -.h-w therefore of these things,
h ; rch must )>e puUnt te ■ very observ
!.-      lUzffi here, ■■■■..   Item il v    o to I »iut
■ ut ■''■•'.!■      nl tin  -,  '    ; 'i
ri m on rt      tho com.
.notary,   l-ii.d-.it,     nd   t th*5r
ml ■ f Ui      '•- ■■ end,, that (hi
•      I     !•- ' ,.: ■;   . ul
■ . c-y   '" '-- '      11 if   Individ
intercrtel in d    ;■ ■
cf  niict-s   m  tht        i i.'i
.: ■ ii     . . ■    ■            Fork*. Mo  rity  ol
impoifu            •■■■.: :    . ■ -i ■ i
in d i •     inteieMs li  hi irtrl il   and
'.'■■■:',      I'      '   . ;  ■      *   r    i=|    -,  *        *    at*"
l i h iw ■: ll if.niial they i y br. The
way to astfuic the u s rtcp.in I here
i. aa. ■ f i ■ -. ■ Mi' 0-■' ; *:.. ipal pnrtio i t f
-i'te mi i;..; bu ine s of ibe district Iii tbe
ri'.y, ii . !■■■ wl !g a-' nke methods keep
it, so tl at Or-i ;! Kuik i may r t tbo
bi ,.!.'«! thi trade which rightly, be-
i ■ :.. to it, nn ! a! ieh oi ce e^t iblisbi d
In re v ;;* afwaj - rem*in, to the nature]
,-..\ image ol the Cily and tl e outr'ide
r:;,:i;,i.- ilion; w hii.li have made it tlieir
From O:-: pt 'eent time fore ward these
matters will have to be dealt with) or
we sh iii see it tlonc ch ■ ■: vi i ., a,id n
all probi bibty by nity ha\ -
jhl; coneidetablj I » attractioi to ■■■'-. r
in the way ol permnn- nt h |ii rtera
to the 1 ',', nn nber oi i ... 'toi a ure to
find thi ir \* ay into this di itrict, than we
h iv« ! ere. The question timp y is, are
w*t ;'i''i to u ..i.i the most cf our opportunities, or te the business ne w
available fiom tv is scource to be allowed to Unit wherever it wili.J
pi i, ■ .' ; i . ir i .'. .' :■ ,]■•■:■■
nu ,;, ,i v:i v, li ■■ i i hai li' ". Ri s ih
it'enr I '-el ofturVe-s, rhi lien*, dtirks
ind nees< , f rr the byli iayd they have
t:r.-i.b\r :■■ , <revii appUs.by thc box or
pound, a'l kinds of j*.*llles und j-um ir*
buckets nnd cuns, in fact you cancel
anything you want for a Christmas dinner. Mr, W, 15. I) v«y, the genial
-naii.ie.or belongs (otbat class «ho never
makes a failure ol anyihing he* under*
lakes, and when h: once uudtfup his
m nil to buildup a whdlesMe business
i.i firand Foh?, hi* turned his en'ire
energies in ihat directlun and that i*-.'
has made a success a ViV.t to ihis estab
lishmtnt wiil satisfy anyone, U r, motto
is to lead -'nd *n ko :t'l ntn^rs follow.
A Move in ih: Right Direction.
Mr. Frank Sears, at bis home in the
North: Addition, near tho west bank of
the North Pork of Kittle riv^r, has
planted thn fill live bunded strawberry plants, five hundred blackberries,
raspberries and dewberries, md twenty
'six apple, p >nr, peach, u! i n and ch-jm
tree.s. .Mr. Sears pui'! H.rl these
plants, berry bushes and trees from J.
Henry, the well-known nurseryman of
V •'•'*■■..i". ivlio sbipn d th< m by ex-
press via penficlu"*""*-*M^ '"'-■'-,-. It '■••
to be hoped that'ihe ci i/.--:n:. of fi'.-/'1
Fork:; wi 1 follow the rx-impl: 3t 1 them
in this rooict by Vir. S-.vr-i, aj nuthin^
can be better calculated to improve ibe
appearance of a hanio, and h ; unfy t; e
ph.c.' ;ji thtf same time, than tbu p?u ■■•■
mg and cultivation of good • arUens and
sb.rubbery about ihe dweUii-g-i through
out tbe city.
A General Description of the Property
ar.d the Development  Work
Done tin tt.
This p-opcrty i^ situ Lted or; ]',-\ fiidcr
MounUi ■ nu th-? K i''. side oi the Nnr b J B
For;--, rif Kettle rivtf-r ?nd aUout ihirteen j ai
miles from Grand Fo*Us, from wh:ch
3';\>*e a w.Tgon road c\t nds to the
property, giving easy access, ?hd the
mean*: of transportation necessin for
d^velopcni nt of t. e
question ol transput-
tation has howe^'cr reoived its final
solution at the hands of ih : C. P. R. Co,
who have expressed th-ir  intention lo
N ..   f tjuld  8i.o ■;   Copper   136  pet
1 cent; S Ivcr 15 ozs.
No,  2 Gobi  8146 jo; Copper   I.';  pci
■ c.'-v.i: Silver ."i < 7.»,
Nr-. 3 Gold 8i"».oo; Cupper () per ■ ent.
; T hia I-iit which in exceptionally good,
j.rd *v'iii.h can ba duplicated :it any
! ti r.e, is evidence sufficient to convince
'ay p't*o.i in the least decree familiar
wi b mining, lhat die Pa hfindei miifi
.11 ra !•: am.Jiit* ihe b'g minea rf the
undary cuuntiy, wbich already has
almost world -M^e  r« putaticn nwnij;
A Compli te Statement of the Am Hint
Received and who get it  There
Was no Rake-off fi r Ai ytody.
, all
'*>* the
ec* ne:r..c
l'.i ■>]-
anil Invest
L'abllity, 0
build a branch fro n n. ir main lino near
Niatfara u;. il;e Narth Fork ol tl t l.'c t -.-
river, crossing to the E"st .i.'eol lhat
stream, atnl ca-i>ii:j{ il:** iin.y aioun-y
ihe !.■ y i- i.f P'thfii'di-r Miiiin'a'n, it-us
providinc rallvvny trapsportation lor thr
or..* fio .1 r.i- and arij *lnin^ projicrtic.*.,
With this a-stiryi-..rc trom tbe ta l.v.iy
c*):np..nv it U n-.it to b-y vvoailered .'*,
lhat thi P-.thlintlL*;'Co. has decided to
pu-jh fonvar.] lac \vo*.****bf   !rr?!ppni^^t
a Cfj..
r* spect.
Si ooo.ooo m
Co 1 v.a-, -e.
an amp]   f..i
ni LLi.* ji] 0 or
Off   For a   Holiday.
VV., A. I';-.lifer, i.i tin. city, ■
our ia st kno1
dav'sstage for Spokane, from whence
he tvi'.i start in a fe* days f >r hU o\<l
homy in Groensbu-g, Indium.
Mr. P'eifcr is well-known iy mir.ii tr
circles here, nnd was one of tbe original discovprs ol the Pathliiirl rr mine be-
ii*.;**;..lil> one bf the principal n-.vn...ry, nnd
Vrce-P.o^tdent of '.he conipmy. Mr.
1'fei'er e*tpf-cts lo remain at In.; home
tor at least a couple of months ai.ii w i 1
iindotiti cd:> t'oronchly rrjny 1 i- visit,
he havinfj been absent now Ior thirteen
T-e Minisr wiih.
a pleasant j lUihej
(".rand Fork', »hc
will be »'!.-d t > set:
and safe teturn to
■e his tnauy I.lends
dm a^a'n,
The Province.
The furnit :r.: lo the Proyince hc.t-.-l
is new at BOtslm.-j and will arrive .in
the city Feme time in'x' week when n
will be pi a-..il ti. position as rapid a-
possible, Mr. A. VV. Fiasei h iBassoti-
atid ivith I i.*n Mr. ly. j. Stark, an experienced i uj and ptipuUr ho'tel man ftom
Pullman, Wash , where he is now oo:.
ducting, a hotel. A large kitchen is t...
he encied at thu re-ti oA ;'.i; bail,lin.;
at bnce, The Province will be th
largest nnd b: t n in; e I byn.e in ihu
City, wheit coniplt-.tcd, and »ith lit.-
popularity oi both Mr. If raker and Mr.
Stark, the success of the house is full..
as-ei*. d. The house will be ope: cd
sometime dining thy holidays,
Li Possess!™ of G, cat Bribin,
It is reported thai ihe Uritlsh Admiral
has hoist- tl lhe Union Jick over Tin -
hai. c pi ii I of ihe Island of Cbusan, : nd
uvi r several other islands in the t'hus.-n
Archipelago. Tbe Chusan Ar hlgelago
i.s jnst sou-h of ihe month ol the Y.n,.--
tse'Kiang river, and commands ihe entrance to Han-cbow'bay, on whicli tbc
rity of Han-Cbaw is sittialcd, It is nn
import mt railway let.'.inns, and is ul
great strnlegolic Importance, ..s regards
the valley of thc V.r-.y-lsi-Kiurg river.
The seiz re Is Ibe prabible lorecast tl
similar art:..a, and i (plains ',', igl.ind's
continued war preparations,
r-;.y.* C    loms Reg il.Ulon**.
0 i y. d i fn i J . ■.. ;■    I-n tli   i   w . u .
ton    :...  'a , :■     . '  ;, •* ■ I. ri . i  ol
u. ■. i nt le-y!ut.*ilji .' i i :i *-. v. i I
go into ill a*. Aln r 'it .' i .- Itnpt rt-
ere v, II ! e n quired lo c'jirt -I .t ■ ic.1
invoice rej)re?eiilts the nciu.il trans c-
Hon and that tin v ilu howii on •■■ tiy,
not invoii e, o-dbits ibe fan market va'ui
ol il: goeds :'i'u i ir home consumptii i
ill thc coLiuti) ol i- not*.
Si !; *,       •   i ..* i] yy'sys.
Mr. II   !.   *-       * .  the  ;. (pulai   cle ..
ol the Ubri  . li■. . I,        united in  :	
■•:'.      lo    Hi l.<  M iry !.   M. I   , oil,   ...    :
venii     ..i X \*.   :.:•■■   the   ','.•.    t'  ■
- !:i ;i 1 ng    The  n ai ; ig •  ,vaa   i   v ■-.
qtlii-t on    h. inj -   rt ■ ,, • ■   ,>-
tivo of bin ii ■ ... ■ 1 :^ i . r.iltt
la ipns me i ow in i ■ , Here is oui
m~ s; alie.
Doing At .iiuyat woik.
Mose liui  i and  rt.   Lund  me doing
the as: essnn nt «or!t  in    li;   1' ut-,. i I  r
mi ii r il    i um,      i i il .I    on   Morning
creek,   The Paymaster belongs io T. F
(-'uiip.n :
. al.
on their propy'itV *.'.:ia toe least posElu.e
delay, Fbut men ary alreatl) at wotk
nnd tha* intmh tr .vill he a* least d .ubl a
at once itnet tbo **ro !■. kept going con-
Tbe Pithtindec nre b.'idy carrie-
I through tha centre ol the properly, and
jl.es between diniite antl porphyry,
I showing up for a dLt nee cf ci;;!a hnnd
. .1 feot, with a widtti of four hundred
| Ivor. Ti.e l-ei.d of this deposit :s North
| East and'South WtH-, thc ore having tt
.VesieTy di;,.
Neat the centre r f the prop rtv the
principal d. V'-lupmcnt wtiri: bas been
dono nnd a in ign ficent ore bo !y nponi d
up. Op-rations ii.-.ve boweverso far pur
taken in ore cf tHe charactef of preliminary p o peeling, than definite or permanent development wor'r,
Aiittoit in the ex it centre of the
property the lirst stall, known as No. I
shaft, has been sunk lo a depth ol lift;,
five leei. Tt-is i? a veili.'al shaft a. d a
the fi'ty five fcol level a crosscut fotty-
tive in lerigili wis driven to the Na.-ih!
io inu.:.c.! the ore body. Tin., c ossi ul.
was e/it'tety it. uiy fur the last twtlve
: feet, but :':e lull .shr.t of this ore bbdy
t will j..i! be determined until the hanging [
wail h. s been leached, which is Ilk ly j
to be a very considerable distance
ahead yer, as no in.'lieati ms id il iv rt
apparant wlien work on ihe crosscut was
Two hundred itr.d fifty fee1 farther on,
shaft  number two ha*  been  sunk  to a
[depth of -.ix'-vf-ve fe.i.   This shaft has
been sunk vertical!) for lhe lust twenty.
; live feet, from ".hii b point it'is an me line
i fallQv.'ing tbe banking  wall down to the
j tinty-five loot level,   Ac twenty-five le.l
j the oie tn this -shaft ppiit into two vein.-,
lone going   down  vertically   --.l.iie  the
other followed the hanging wall along
j which the .-halt was stink.   At seventy-
live leet deep, a drift has been  staited
ttlotig the   tanging   wall, nud   carried
forward  fifteen   leet,  tit   wbich   point
there  was in  the  face, a well dctintu
i toad of ore, f,.ttr [. ct in width.
Seventy feet South from No. tivo shaft
au cpen cut i-vus slatted td i tosscut Ihis
veu neartho surface. When thu m:
bad been carried forwatd loity feet it
1 wus in deep -.round,and tunneling f.-as
commenced. This tunnel was carried
in twenty feel crosscutt'ttg the vein, A
.lirt was then started S-ui!i along n
iviil u-'hah porphyry wall, and can led
luruard a distance ol fony-live lett
Tbis drift was eni-rely iu ledge mattei
and ent the top ol llie heavy ore chute
ior Ihe whole distance it was run. 'lhe
..bowii;; here waa ten arketbly good, and
values obtained, as \.eT as the size ol
the ere body, give guarantees ot hie
values, und a permanent bodyol mineral
.li.it place tbis property beyund the
initial Or speculative stage o! its t...is
ii.nce entirely. I.i addition to the
t eeper woik a'ready mentioi-ed, a latge
ami ti. I of open ' url.nro cuttirg bas been
dbi ', .'I'd ine lesnlt. h:.s prov d success-
'ul .-.ii ! sa.|sfactor> in cvey respett
fhe following list t:f :*. says, some ol
ivb-oh w.re node at the Trail smelter,
and o'it-is bv tepittab'e assayers in
Rossland and elsewhere, will give some
i . : .f h 1 i,,h character o; ibis pro
No. i Gold*51l.*to Copper3 per ctnt,
No 2 Gold $12,0. j Capper 8 per cent.
No. 3 il ile 812.80; Copper 1 o -.-• ret t.l
N a 1 Geld tiy645; C.yp;> *r 3 5 p 1 eent
Stiver 40 ( Zi.
Su'j infd we f ublisb the report and
lull account of receipts nnd ixpindi-
•ttrea in connection with the shot cut
Niagara wag-m road, I. will le sten
th ;t the ni.iiui r in which the citiz ns of
ihis oily subscribed the ca-b necessary
'0 : ;t"Y 'h-nn-.h rjrs work, was highly
crtdi'aUr, nnd slow, t at the pub i:
sprit so tucessary to insure the ad-
:tn'"'ne**'. of any community is not
la-king hi-.**.
Tbe thank: nf the community is also
due to the Niagara Townsite Company
for their donation of twenty-five dollars
lowa'ris this work
Tbe mad at present is in good  con'i-
i' tt und vet en the snow becomes deeper
j w II Im rn a splendid sleigh  road, mak-
il'zition of tlie company is   ing thr disi nee bsteveen  here and  N*.
$1 00 shu.es ol  v.: 1..h jj:.,*:;;*!■' : I   least   one   ar.d   a   half   miles
a:.;, t  as treasury  proving   shorter than  by  way tf  L'.per Grand
develop*' em ! Fork':.
In cennrclicn wi.'h this nu h   need-d
nprovement vet)   greit  credit  is  due
10 i.s  immense  ore  budie
;* .1 1 and c ipper.
I'tiis  property is ovuert
fintl r  Mining,  Redact 0 1
ment   Company,   Limit.d
provin: ia! company incorporated M irt h
4-h, 1897 and  having its bead uflice :n
(irand Forks,
The present cl'ft.ersof the cotnpar-y
aie:    Tho:.   J.    Parkinson,    President;
' .11     ...   Pic fer   Vi ,e 1' esident    ard
, Sec'y.-Treas.
nuy'.- title to ihe p-opctfy it
:a.it and  is petfect 1:1   can
l'i- the
1. Alib
le ;*.r--■.-._(.: t:y*e. there
*~ :..,i- ....'L-. e...t'i-' i:tv'». iryi'.tury aud
available f-.a the iiperatioa A. thr property, 23-;.oo*) shares, which witn the
oenmi.d now existing ior Ihis stock will
assu-e tne couipany all fu .!; neees. iry
lur Ills ii'-jst eoiiti-lete dyVtlci-j.nciit t.i
tr.e mine.
1'ne  Pathfinder dyes not  stand  a'or.c
for  many oi  the a j imng  claims are
showing up big  bodle* of high gr..de
ore, aiuung   tttose  may  lie   in ntioned
the     "Little     Bertha,"     " Christina,"
' Ibree One," " Diaini nd If itch," " Pay
Ure," "Kittle VV," "Mammoth," " I'lger"
i.iy.i  "Lit.le Winnie," while  two miles
.'innih is thy celebrated Volcanic mountain, on winch is situated the "Veli aide'
and "Iron Cip"  claiitifl, tbe ".'.in, .1... n
(froup'1 a.-i.l   the  well  known  '-Goldeu
E igle," under op it) io Lortrion buyers
an I now hci ,.r ra,jidi/ developed
i    t) i  t.-- P 1". 'ii 1  e.   property the co n-
p.'.ny he.:   eryaed   1   y.„A   Lwj  s'o ey
bjilding  iSxj)   feet    wi h   kitchen  at-
Uached,   al,)  stor-i   house   mil   stable,
I     rae property is aiso .:i...i..'i.d with a
1 whim suitabie for   sinking 10 a depth el
hundred and fifty iu t.vj hundred
In view of-.he foregoing facts, an.y
many o.hets t-.'.'.i.li have been over.
13-kcd, o- v;bic*i it i. impossibie ii
enumerate bere, it ts perfect./ evideut
t't.t'. this j-i-j-iert/ has a splendid futu'e
1 1 :.t a.: and th-Lt the lucky shareholder*
iviil vei y soon be placed in a position tu
tenlize from tben Inteiest in th .- cun
pany, nol alone from their o»vn tfl'ii-.s
in now e'eveloping thr, spkn :tj pr..
per ty, but I-i.111 the fact that the eat 1)
completion ol the C. P. ie. branch abev
referred to, wil! provide ttie.n with ti
market far t'.ie product of the ci .-.**,
which ftom the veiy nature o'lhy deposit evill certainly tie enar tie.it
We cannot conclude this article without congratulating tbc company ;i u
only on the possession of & nigntfi en
properly but Ilk revise on the pirn !e .-nil
dcteriniuation thyy haze shoevn ii it*
develop unit up to the pres-ent itnc,
That the same careful in .na.-.ei:ieut and
business s igactty th tt h is ch ir clerized
tl 1 - Company's oi'iinon during the
past wi'I be continued, Is c-trtain, and
the public may always expect to hear ol
thy Pathfinder am nig '.he leading mines
of lliitisb Columb 1,
The   Winni ,*.;;.
Ever since work started on this'
properly It hns been cont need without
sm pi 1 ion and ihu result h .. b ten
highly rntiriaetcry. At pie ent the
.».'.■ ii, is being done on tbe30o-loot leve',
which \„ f.v.tl to be the deepest working
level in the district Djiing the fail
tnelve men hive been wot king two
shifts. Tl no is ever lor.o feet ol v.* ■ •.
aire dy done en tbe proporty, consist-
ing of stalls, 1 pen cuts, drifts a-.-d ciott*.
Will Arrive Next Wednesday or Thursday.
Miss. Zoo McCarter desires lo an-
nounct to hei ninny friends tbat slit-hns
luade arrangements wi I. Kris K ogle, to
nuppiy lie chtldn 11 of Qrand Fo Is .,n'l
ei int y with '. hri-tm.s goods, consist
:ng of a fine line of sleds, toys, picture
books, dulls, etc. Th.s.t goods wili
arrive Wednesday or Thursdiy cf next
week and sbe invites the public to rail
und examine her stock. Reineinb r Ihe
number—/"i- McCarler, ihe up-to date
•ant oner, MINER Block, Riverside Ave.,
Q aid Fcrks, B.C.
uir.", A. Sht'.ads who worked con-
st..iiiijy and faithfully from 'A.z 5rst until tbe work wis rompletcd, and the
.-■y ess if lhe whole matter is due in no
small degree to .he efforts of this public
Tbe fallowing report rigne-d by Mr.
Sbeaels a- manager end .M . H. A. Ijen-
ilorson, treasurer, will give all information regarding this work, ar.d we com*
mend it to the consideration ol all inter-
To the gentlemen who con'ribuled
towards tb. construction of tbe cutoff
road to Niagara we submit the following
report of contributions and expendi-
tuier-: The road is finished and is from
one ar d a half to two mile a cut off to all
po' ft-, up the North Fork. Mr. F'isher
was employed .-ts foreman, and in our
opinion ' e has m de a first-c'a*s j tb of
the work It will be seen that $v.,2 75.
leaving a ivtl-n ce 0:* $77 ro. V\ e deca
:• r the rood of -he real 11 bold the bal-
:i". 0 un i spring, as in all probability
after the* g-ounu thaws out there will bo
■some repairs needed nnd this balance
can be used to *ood advantage.
J.cui A   Mllly •..iti   Jeff. Duvli »2a*
I.Ui.e.l A.Mni.ly ....
W K  C   llalily..
C   II   ClnodiVO   ....
A II Dawson ...
.1 W Jones	
Gi'oritA Fraser .
M 11 White	
11 A Henderson.
Fred, rlek Br a	
Il.eri  Duulop.
. 5
IV   Rfnele	
.   5
Miiiisnii it Lind.
r..x .*  .I.ui^	
W 11 Megaw	
I il K igli	
.1   Westland	
f II   l-'.C-.r	
li   inbody	
Find   lam.'	
.1 Donaldson	
11   i.'.n en.y	
K Sprn-rsi-tt	
II  Mo itiiitr	
f   Keep	
.   S
1'   Pure 	
Ituht   Petrie	
M li I*'.*. n...v	
1'   be-rns	
Hihbnrd anil Dn'
n.l .
. 10
Niagara Townsite
Poter-nin nnd Ifn
. 10
Uranil Fork" Mere
Total M8U
r. 1 I.WKP.Manly.powder, hipeA.-.t 1.75
1-1 E ninnfli'lil. 8 1*2 honrs work, 2 55
II" Ki Mnnlv, jirnv lerfuse, ftc, *l 00
-'ii a II leliiii.nn, 411 luiiirs work, 12 00
" E Gtlnu ..". hours irurk  15.60
*■  v. 11 11 l,r.;n: 1 3 Ins; team 2.-. 56
*'  G Anderson, .I.'- hours work. Ill .".0
" 'V H Fisher, D3 1 a lioiiM  VS (15
" J \ Slrinl.y, 17 12 hro., team. la.JS
'   MortlnOlion,881*8hours  1155
"   St-oqllrHt,.'l7 hourn 	
** Hnrkland.Mboura	
37  IV 11 FMu-r 40 huurii	
''       do FIO hours, trnm..
"  Mfiitin i» *  hi  hours ....
■ Eriek ImlrmoD, 20 1 2 hr ....
** .1 A Mainly 1...111. 50 hours...
' Etl Uuekles, tram 11 hours...
'* liini !■; h'.-":i. .".-I hours....
n in
. 18.60
.   8 85
111 20
•I   VV il Fininr, tr-iiin, 13 1-y lirn. 211,75
.1"       do   47 1*3 h.'iir-i   21 IIS
"   Eiii-k Audorson, 50 I-'i hours 10.95
*    I.ouls rtnse, DI! 1-3 hoars  16.08
"   Brail Erllnson, 211 buurs    8 *.0
'* 1.1 I! nl,:.*.. t.nui, :8 : 3 bra. 1D.M
ii u Kf Manly, powder, elo..., 16.80
...   300
..  :i 00
I.'iniM Post., Ill Iniiin* .
II Heckiuir, 10 hours..,
Collected .
Paid thit..
Balance on h.-uu].
. 480 00
.   77~2S
l!r- Geo. Coopir worked two dn.vn with l.ls
r.-nin uilh,nit pnj| Mr. I.uu.l workrel mo
.hues: Mr Fisher tliiTDdnys; the Prosiwatora
si 11 hit. luri.ishi'tl saddle ll"rt.t' for HHVl-rtil line *.;
ni*. nlso, Fis-il Luut', uml Davis, Daniel A St-i-
nnrl. of llie-lle.'llainl .-Slithli's, furliltihp.l tlm
use ..I a team nn.l nugou fit*.*, whuueverneod'
i-.l II. 1. sUEADS, M.eAsoiiK,
H   A   lli:*:in:irso\. rn.iiMiir*.r.
I ff. Davis ,fc co. a e 1.0.V occupying
their new addition on thc ca^t rude of
tbeir stcre, THE   MINER.
TUB MINER Is printed on Sttturunys, and will
ba uiniivi :■■ liny addresfl in Canada or the   dates, who ibey are to be and
Untied St»t**fi for one year on receipt ol two
dollars.   Single copiee tlve cents.
CONTRACT .vUVKlCTIdKMKNTS incited at the
raw of W per column I urn per month*
TRANSIENT   ADVIi&TIi-KUENTd  inserted  nt
tha rate of  IS runts per  nonpareil   line Urst
Insertion.    .Advertis-i-mems   rnnntng for a
shorter period than three month* an-rUR-jetl
OOaafiSPONDlIfCa from  e»ery  pert  oi  thr
Tale District end commonieaUona upon lire
topics  always acceptable.  Bend In foot
nesfs while it Is fresh, and wo will do the
JOB PRnrrnra tnroedont in Hrst-eiaM rtjto
at the shortcut notice.
Address *. H. McCARTER A BOSS,
{iBAnn P0RKI. P 0.
p. fi. tfctUvnto, Hr 	
Buitneu MKu>iK»r
o. Rari. McCabtkb
F&avkH HcCii%m,Ti\,
Carson Lodjje I. O. O. F. No. 37.
WEEe&P 'ilr'*t tl'  o'clock iu th^ii hall it
*^-*'-    Corson,   RCA cordial invitation extended toall sojourning* t.-*ettiren.
* \I   Sl.CIAItK. N, G.
IT. M. Oxitm, -"erretary.
The fact tbat there is much money*
thioti-ihout the chief financial renter.
waitmvT prorttaMs investment is too well
known to require comment, ft is this
fact however, which makes the incor
poration of j-int stock mining companies so attract ve at present, for it is
well-known that whrre the property t*.p-
ernted poe-ses&es merit and the mana?*--
mc~t :** c^p.-l-ie eer.a trustwortbv. thc
inv'5-cr iianrle a littler chance of receiving re*ru!*ir and high dividends tban
be can reasonably hope tor from any
other elans of investm. nt. In this connection an exnmple of what has taken
place in older mining communities,
where greater and -.-nter neveiopnter.'
r-f -be properties hai been attained than
has been tbe case up ;.j tUc present in
th*.« province may be given. Quiring
front a Salt L'lte exchange, tbe Vancouver World, publishes tbe following:
' A we : known gentleman refused
$2to,noo spot cash for a block of 10,000
shares 0.' stock be held in a ru:r,ino
proposition. When he bought it, it cost
bim $7.50 per share. It bas since paid
47 consecutive month'-/ dividends of 2.1
c tnts ejtb. At present be is receiving
tp.ooo per annum on a 1175,000 irvrst-
m-;nt. This is one of tbe reasons why,
in hese days of cheap money and 3 per
tent per annum interest, stocks in well
managed mines are largely sought for
as investments." .'
It must be perfectly evident to every
one the least acquainted with the con
dition cf affairs throughout the world at
present, tbat the foreu'oing, although an
exceptional case, only marks tbe course
ef events, and shows the trend of
public preference to be for investment
id .veil managed mining properties.
That the properties must have merii
to begin »i*h, and that tbe management
must be careful and competent, are matters thai require no special mention, but
granted tbat these two requirements are
met, it is perfectly clear that investors
are/safer and better paid from invest
ments in stocks in companies of this
charade-, than they can possibly be
under any ordinary conditions from any
other scarce. One thing stands out
clearly to guide the investor in selecting stock for purchaac, if he only takes
the time and trouble to Jinquire before
buying, and that is the faet that, neither
a capable nor competent management
will be identified witb an inferior property, at least not permanently.
The world wide preference for thi
class of investment, coupled with the
fact tbat lhe section for which this city
forms the natural centre, is renowned
for its mineral wealth, now being rapidly developed, shows plainly tbat the or-
gantiation of mining companies ought
to be undertaken here, and this city
made headquarters from which they
■hall be managed. No better means of
bringing about a permanent and prosperous condition oi affairs exists any
where, tndii Is with the utmost confidence
we commend tbis plan for making
llrand Forks a great mining centre, to
tbose in a position to undertake successfully this class of business.
Examples are not wanting of what
bas been dona else where. Spokane
and Rossland have grown through tbe
organisation of joint stock mining companies, one from utter dullness to prosperity, and the other from an unmarked
wilderness to one of the greatest mining
camps known today. Neither one of
these places had anything to recommend them, in which Grand Forks is
lacking, in fact a comparison of the mineral resources of this section, with tbose
operated from and adjacent to Ihe
above places, will be entirely in our
favor, and it is for this reason alone,
apart from all other considerations, that
we urge this important subject upon the
attention of our readers, trusting tbat it
will not be lost sight of, and that the
day may not be far distant when the
new Grand Forks will be what we are
all so anxious to see it—one of the chief
mining and commercial centres, not
only of tbe province, but like our older
rivals, prominent throughout the world.
The approaching municipal election
is already prereeded by the usual rumors regarding tbe number of enndi
bat thei.
qualifications are. For mayor the
name of the present occupant of tbat
office, Mr. J. tf. D ivis, is mentioned wnb
considerable favor throughout the city.
Mr. Harvey, ct Bridge street, Mr. L. A
Manly, Dr. Stanley Smith and Mr. | W.
Jones each have friends v. ho maintain
they are tbe right men to occupy the
chief position at tbe city eottn-il  boa-d.
The Miner intends t>> maintains ncu
tral po.man in retard to the selection
of.cjndtda'cs, but wisbts to suggest the
advisability of holding a convention by
the supporters ot the different gen'ie-
men named, the fixing upon a single
candidate and his return by acclamation,
a rour>e wbich wiil redound to the benefit ol the entire city, reduce tbe expense
of holding the election, aid prtvent the
ill feeling so often engendered in a community liie Grand Fork.-,, mere tbe
candi-Jaies and their friends as a rule
take a serious view of these tnatieis,
which of course is perfectly right.
Tbe selection cf aldermen for trie ensuing year may very well be conducted
upon the same lines, and thus tlte city
be saved a useless agitation, antl a very
considerable expense.
To PeterT, McCallum and J. K. Johnson, Justice"-, of the Peace.
tion to apply at thc next sitting of the Licensing court for ihe lower portion of the Osoyoofl
Division Of Yule District  to he  hold  ut  (irand
Korks on the 16th day of December next for a
transfer to Charles Van Ness nnd Win. Gra*
ham ofa retiiil Liquor License for my premises
known hs the Edwards' Ferry Hotel, situated
at Edwards' Ferry.
GKORfiE Edwabds,
Dated at Grand Porks, B. 0., this 15th day of
December, 1398.
notick fs hereby given, thnt the undersign*
ed Intends to apply to the License Commissioners of thc city nl llrand Forks, al their
next sitting, for a license to --hi liquor hy retail
on the premises known nn The Hquare Hotel Otl
lot—, block —.in the City of Grand Korks, B. c.
Dated thin llth day of November, 1808,
NOTICE Is hereby -riven that at tlie first nit.
ting of the Board of License Commissioners of
I the City of Orand Forks, held niter this -lato,
i r.v -hull iipr.ly f..r a transfer ro Westland <ti lin..
I nf th.. hotel limine held by Mrs. A. Pn-slar
(for tne whit*-  House, sltusted on  Riverside
Avenue street in snld City Of (imnil Forks.
Dated at Orand Foiks, B.C., this 10th day of
November, ISM),
The interest now being taken in tbis
section is shown by tbe references regarding it, its various canons, and the
values of the ore there, which are now
appearing in tbe various provincial
papers. Wc can add our assent to all
lhat has been said regarding this rich
section of the Province, for there can he
but one future for a country so rich in
miner:;! as the Similkameen valley and
its enclosing mountain ranges. On
Copper Mountain, about twelve miles
above Princeton, exists one of the gaeat-
cst cop;.er showings in the country today,
while tbe same section boasts an extent
of proved hydraulic ground unsurpassed
by any other section known today. The
work of tne past season b.'.s ptC'.cti this
beyond till '»*"-.:|"T., ".d assures tbe
immediate woik ng of these large deposits by the hydraulic process. Twenty
miles down the Siinilkarneen at Twenty
Mile creek, a n. w district, rich in copper and gold and now known as Camp
Headly has been opened this seaton and
seems likely to become a rival of the
older and better known camp at Princeton. Twenty five miles further down
tban Headly, and forty-five Irom Princeton is Keremeos, where exists some of
the greatest mineral deposits in tbe
Province. Keremeos will within a comparatively c'joit time, have a large mining population, as there can be no
rea-.onablc doubt regarding tt> richness,
w-btle thc extent oi mineral ground
already proved guarantees its'ability to
support a Ian;**, population.
Between Keremeos and the international boundry numerous high g.ade
properties have beeu located, and considerable (.reliminary work done. The
principal values ali through tbc Similkameen is in copper and gold, it being
nothing uncommon lor lhe owners ol
several of these claims to melt tbe pure
copper in la ge chunks from pieces of
ure placed in tbe sidu 1 forges used for
sharpening their drills. In addition to
its mineral riches tbe agricultural capabilities of the valley are very great,
while the climate is pmhaps tbe finest io
be found anywhere throughout the interior of British Columbia. It is sale to
predict a splendid future tor the entire
NOTICK Is hereby given, that the undersigned Intends to apply to the License Commission-
era of the City of Grand Forks, at their next
sitting) for a saloon license Lo Hell liquor by re
fail mi tho premises known aa the Grund
Central 8ftloon, on lot 11, block No. 2, In the
City of Grand Forks. H. C*
Dated this 10th day of November, 1808.
NOTICE Is. hereby, Riven, that tlie undersigned Intends to apply  to tbo  License Com*
j raiSBfoners of Iho city of Gmnrl Forks,   at their
next slttliitr. fora license to sell liquor by retail
' im the premises known as the Stockholm Hotel,
i sltniited on lots, block 4, In the eity of Grand
Forks. B. C.
Hated this 10th elay of November, 1898.
The Victoria Daily Colonist has sent
to the editors of a number of Provincial
papers a short circular letter inviting
opinions on the above question. This
has been done by tbe Colonist in order
to ascertain tbe bent of the country as
regards the amendment to the Mineral
Act having for its special object the exclusion of aliens from the placer mines
of the Province.
The grounds for this proposal is, that
the cost of opening and working placer
deposits are insignificant as compared
witb the profits, and that aliens wbo
take up and work snch ground take
tbeir departure for tbeir own home in a
foreign country witb the proceeds of the
mine they baye acquired for little,
and which cost so little to develope and
operate, the Province consequently receiving but little advantage from the
operations of aliens engaged in placer
mining. This view should not be taken,
as every white man who comes into the
country and takes up and works a
placer claim contributes most materially
to tbe permanent development of the
country, inasmuch as tbe placer miners
are five times out of six, the pioneers
who open np new districts, and induce,
if they do not become themselves the
locators of mineral claims, whicb result
in tbe permanent development of the
country. It will be a serious matter
for the Province the day a law is passed
restricting the acquiring and operation
of placers to citiz ens only, and we hope
the good sense of the Legislature will
prevent any such action being taken.
In this connection it seems to us that
it would be a good plan to let the
present Mineral Act alooe long enough
to enable prospectors and miners to
become familiar with what it really is
and what is required of the general
mining fraternity in crder to comply
with its provisions.
notice ts hereby gtren.that rhe undersigned
Intends to apply to tne License (,'om miss ion era
Of the City of (irand Forks, lit thei; next sluing
for a license to sell liquor by retail on the pre.
mlses unown an tbe Windsor Hotel on lot No-
14, block No. '2, in the City of Grand Forks, B. c.
Dated this 10th., dny of Nov., 1898.
NOXICB ig hereby fflVffO- thnt the under*
slsfned intends to apply to the License Commissioners of the C'ty of Grand Forks, at
their next sin ing, for a license to sell liquor
by retail Otl the premises known as tbe Province' Hotel, on lots in block 3, plan 22, in the
City of Grand Forks, B. C.
Dated this llth dny of November, 1998.
NOTICK in hereby given that the undersigned
intends to apply to tbe License Commissioners
of the City of (irand Korks, at their next sitt-
iiiK, for a license to sell liquor by retail on the
premises known as the Criterion Hotel on lot 1,
block 8, Iu the City of Grand Forks, B. C.
Dated this llth day of November. 1898.
To Messrs, 8   R. Almond, Esq., J. P.: P. T. Mc*
Cal turn, Esq., J, P , and J. K. Johnson, Esq.,
J, P., (irand Forks.
Gknti.emkn:   I hereby give you notice that it
lis my iti ten tion to apply ut ihe next sitting of
the licensing court for the lower portion of o--
ovoos division of Yale district to be held on the
ISth of December next, for a relail liquor license to sell spiritous liquors, wines and beer at
the Union Hotel situated on Jut No. '■ iu block
No, 9 in the townsite plan of Niagara.
I have the honor to be Sirs,
Yours Respectfully,
Niagara, October 10th, lsos.
To Messrs. S. R. Almond Esq., J. P.. p.  T.  McCallum Esq,, J. P., and J. K. Johnson, Esq ,
J. P, Grand Forks, B.C.
Gentlemen;   1 hereby give you notice thatit
Is my intention to apply Ht tho next sittitiK of
tne licensing court tor rhe lower portion of Os-
oyoos division of Yale district to be held on the
16th of December next, for a retail  liquor  license to sell splrpous liquors, wines and beer at
the Niagara Hotel Hituated on lot No. 5 in block
No. 5 iu tbe townsite plan of Niagara
I have the honor to t»e S
Yours respectfully,
m. Lawder.
Niagara, October 16th, I8f>8,
first sitting of tbe Board of License Commissioners of the City of Grand Porks,
held after thlc date, we shall apply for a transfer to Inbody & linker of the hotel license held
bf Ed Inbody for the Cosmos Hotel, situated on
Main street in the city of Grand Forks.
Dated at Grand Forks, B. C., this 19th day of
November, 1898,
To PetcrT. McCallum and J. K- Johnson, Justice;* of the  Peace.
Take notice that it Is our Intention to apply
at the next sitting of the licensing court for the
lower portion of Osoyoos Division of Yale District to be holden at (irand Forks, B. C, on the
15th day of December next for a transfer to O.
<;. Frederick of a retail liquor license for our
premises at Cascade ('ity, B. C, being on Lot
No. R, Block No. 10 and being commonly known
ns the Commercial Hotel.
CnszuM a Baldwin.
Cascade City, B. 0„ November 20th, 1808.
To Mepsrs.8. R. Almond, Esq., J. P.;  P. T. Mc
''til him. Esq., J. P., and J. K. Johnson, Esq.
J. P., Grand Forks.
GWtTLBMXMl   I hereby give you notice that it
is my intention to apply nt the next sitting of
tho I icon i» Ing (Wirt for the lower portion of Oa-
yoos division of Yale district to he held ou the
I .'-Hi of December next, for a retail liquor 11
cense to sell spiritous liquors, wines anil beer at
the International Hotel situated on tho Iron
Horse mineral clam, In .Seattle camp.
1 have thu honor to be Sirs,
Yours Respectfully,
Grand Forks, Nov. loth, 1898.
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
"\ ate District. Where located—In Wellington cninp.
Take notice that I. John A. Corvell, ns agent
for 0. Van Ness, Free Miner's Certificate No.
70888, Intend, sixtyttfayt from  date  hereof, to
npply to the Mlniiiy Recorder fur  a  Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
u Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take  notice   that   action,   under
Section 87. must be commenced before tbc is-
■uanee <>f such Certificate of Improvement*,
Dated this 25th day  ot October, 199S.
Situated in the Grand Forks Mining Division nf
Yale District Where located:—In Brown'r
Camp adjoining Wolverine mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John H, Smith, Free
Miners's certificate No 89723,  intend sixty
days from  the date hereof to apply to the
mining  recorder for  a ccrtitictite of   improve
ment for the above claim.
And   further taite notice that  action under
section 87, must he commenced before the
siiance of such certificate of improvements;
Dated, tbis'27th day of November, 1806.
undersigned hnve sold out their entire
interest ln the Royal Hotel known as tbe
Folger property in the City ot Grand Forks to
Messrs. K, Frederick and OlufT Larsen, who will
carry on the hotel business oh tbe above-named
premises lu tbe future and have assumed all
liabilities in connection with the aforesaid
business from this date on.
Frkukrice a Petedson.
Grand Forks, B C, December 1st, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
hitherto existing between A. Traunwiser and
A. W. Frazer, In the botel business, under the
firms nameof Traunwlser-t Fmxerhofl been by
mutual consent dissolved. All accounts due
the said firm will be collected by A. Trauu-
wlser. who will pay alt tbe iudentedness of tho
ohl firm.
r, rand Forks, Nov. 10th, 1898.
Situated in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yule District Where located:—Brown's
camp, North Fork Kettle Hirer.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hugh S. Oavlcy. Free
Miner's certificate. No. 80B8A, for myself
and as agent tor Fred J, Fulton, Free
Miners, certificate No. 7621 A, administrator of
the persona! estate of \V H. Hlckerson, deceased, intend, sixty dayi from the date hereof, to
npply to the Mining Recorded for a certificate
ot Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of the above olaim,
And fmther take notice that nction. under
section 87, must bc commenced before the is-
suranceof such certificate of improvements,
Dated this 10th day of November, 1&8*.
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale  DistrlcL   Where    located:— Browu.e
TAKE NOTICE that I, R.A.Brown, free miner's
'   certificate No, 8085A, intend, sixty days rrom
tbe date nereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the
purpoBeof obtain Ing a Grown Grant of the above
claim.   And further take notice that action, under section 87, must bc commenced before the
Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of October, 1898.     |Ol-u28]
Situate Inthe Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District, Where located—Iu West
Wellington camp
TAKE   NOTICE that we John A. Finch. Free
Miner's Certificate No. 167iA. an*1 "";;,;Hrn
Hrt T^(r'.nUh.' Fl?e M'-.<er's' "Certificate
No- 14046A, ;,itfc„„ sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Min-
:"'g Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before tbe issu
ance of Buch certificate of improvements.
Dated tbis 80th day of October, 1898.
Date of first publication, November 12th, 1898.
Situate In thc Grand Forks Mining Division of
Ynle District. Wbere Located—In Central
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hcnrv White Free
Miner's Certificate No. 8131 A, intend,
sixty days from tne date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of tbe above claim.
And further take notice thnt action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sueh certificate of Improvements,
Dated this Wth dav of October, 1888.
Date of lust publication, December 17th,  1898,
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District. Whete located—In Central
TAKK NOTICE that T, J. P. Graves, Free
Miner's Certificate Nd, 1*1268 A,
intend, Bixty days from the date
tiereof, to apply to the Mining Recor
der for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of theabove
\nd further take notice thnt action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of suoh certificate of improvements.
Dated this 13th day of August, 1808.
Date of first publication, October, Wth, 18P8.
Date of last publication.December 17th, 1868.
Situate In the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located—In Brown's
camp, North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKE NOTICK that I. Ilu-h S. Cayley, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 8Q68A- intend Sixty
days from thc* date hereof to npply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of  improvements for the purpose  of obtaining  a crown
grunt of the above claim.
And further take notice thnt action under
section 37 must commence before the  Issue of
such certificate of improvements.
Dated tbis 5th day uf November, 1898.
Situate In the Grand Korks Mining Division or
Yale District. Where located—Summit
camp about one mile north of thc B. C.
ton, a*? agent for Jno. H. Hende'ann, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 8386, intend, sixty
days from tha date hereof, to apply to tbe
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of tho abo.*#e claims.
And further take notice tbat action, nn.ler
section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day ot December, 18U8.
Situate in the Grand Forka Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located-In Wellington camp north of and adjoining the Monte
ton, as agent for B L. Daniels, Free Miner's Certificate No. 12703A, and George
Hicken, Free Miner's Certificate No. 8102A,
intend, Sixty dayi from the date here
of, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, muBt be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 1st day of December, 1898.
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where located-Heattlecamp.
as arent for Churles Matherson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 18331A, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of the above clufm.
And further take notice that action,  under
section 37, must be commenced hefore tha issuance ot such certitieate of improvements.
Dated this 8te day of December, 1898.
John A. Cohybu-
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where located-Beattlecamp.
as agent for Alex.'McKenzfc, Free Miner's
Certificate No 8373A, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above clftims.
And further take notice  that action,  under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sueh certificate of improvements.
Dated tbis .M h day of December, 1898.
John A. Coftiu-.
Situate in tbe Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District    Where locnted-'Jeuttle camp,
as agent for Hector A. Ross. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 8103 A. intend, sixty days
irom the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tiie
above claim.
And Iurther take notice thnt action,   under
BCCtion 37, must be commenced before |the Issuance ot such certificate of improvements.
Dated thiB >>th dny of December, 1898.
John a. coryeu-
THOMPSON sixty days after dute iutead
applying toihe('hlef commissioner of Ijiuds
and Works for permission to purchase three
hundred and twenty [820] acres of land situated
on a creek known as Baker creek, at or about
the place where the same empties into Christina Luke, uml being ahoiit two and a half miles
up the lake from Lavalleyn ranch, In the Grand
Forks Mining Division of tbe District of Yule,
and more particularly described as commencing
at a post, marked North West comer post of
Ross Thompson's Crown land claim, thence one
half mile lu a southerly direction to tbe southwest corner of the said property, thence oue
mite in un easterly direction to the south-east
corner of tbe said property, GiPiiee one-half
mile in a northerly direction to the north east
corner, nnd thence oue mile in a westerly
direction to the place of commencement.
Dated the 1st day of November, 1S93,Rossland,
1 after date I intend to apply to tb*
Chief  commissioner of Land nnd Works. Vic
toria, B. C, for permission to purchase the foi
lowing dcHcrlhed tract of land situate ln tbe
Osoyoos Division of Yale District: Commencing at a post plnnted on the Northern bank of
Fisherman Creek near tbe crossing of the wa-
§on road leading to thc B. C. mine; thence
outh eighty chains: thence East forty chains;
ihence North eighty chains; theuce West forty
chains to tbe point of commencement, containing three hundred nnd twenty ucres.
8l7-ol9] F. W. RUSSELL.
Grand Forks, 12th September, 1898.
Qualification of Voters for Municipal
Elections for the Tear 1899.
1. All ratepayers who have on or beforo the
first Monday In December 1898 paid all municipal rates taxes, assessments, and license f,-,-**,
payable by him or her to the mi:;;;.;i,miity, or
2. Who ia a recent of aud carries on bus!
iiuRsauais a holder of a trade license in tbe
municipality, the annual lee for whicb is not
less than five dollars, or
3. Who Js a householder and that the rent or
rents or rent value, or values, thereof Is not
less than sixty dollars per annum each, and
has on or before the first day of December, 1898,
personally delivered to the asseshor or city
clerk a statutory declaration mode and subscribed before a jm.ge, stipendiary or police
magistrate, justice of the peace or a notary public, forms of which can be obtained at tbe city
clerk's office.
J. K. Johnson,
City Clerk.
Grand Forks, B. C, November 18,1898.
the Munfclpal Council of the Corporation of
tho City of Grand Forks enacts as fob
1. No person shall indecently expose any
part of hia or her person lu any street or public
place, nor shall the plea of answering the call
of nature be considered a palliation of the offence.
2. No person shall post up any indecent placard, writing or pictnre, or write any Indecent
or immoral words, or make any indecent pictures or drawing on any public or private build'
Ing, wall, fence, sign, monument, pout, sidewalk, pavement orou any other thing or place
luanv street or public place or grounds.
.'{. No person shall sell, or offer to sell any
Indecent or lewd book, pnper picture, plate,
drawing, or other thing nor exhibit any Indecent or immoral show or exhibition, or perform anv Indecent, Immoral or lewd play or
other reprewutatwjs of the like effect within
the fity limits.
4. Any person who shall be found guilty of
keeping or mat main iug, or being
an inmate or habitual f-equenter of, or ln
any way connected with, or In any way eon-
tirbutiug to the support of, any disorderly
house or houses of fll-faine, or who shall knowingly own or be Interested In, as proprietor,
landlord, 'enant or ooaupant of such house,
shall.be subject to the penalties of this by-law.
fi. No person shall make nse of profane
swearing, obscene, blasphemous, or grossly insulting language, or be guilty of auy other Immorality, or indecency on any street or public
6. Any person found drunk or disorderly in
sny street or public place, and all vagrants
[the meaning of which shall be laid down in
the Criminal Code of 1892 of the Dominion of
Canada] found within the city limits shall be
subject ta the penalties of thia by-law.
7. No person shall expose in any street or
public place any table or devloe of any kind
whatever upon or with which any rmne of
chance or hazard can he played and no person shall olay at or upon such table nrdevice.or
at any unlawful game or games of chance or
hazard In any street or public place.
8. No pei son shall keep, or permit to bc kept
or used, in any house, room or other place, for
the purpose of gumbllug,a ny faro bnn k,rouge-et-
noir, roulette table orother device for gambling, or to permit or to allow any games of
chance or hazard, with dice, cards or other device to be played for money, lin nor or other
things within sucli house or place, and the
police magistrate, nr other justices of the peaoe
may order all faro banks, rongo-et-noirs. roulette tables, and o her devices for gambling
found ln any such hoiise.a room or other plnce
to be seized and destroyed.
9. No person shall sell or give any intoxicating drink, tobacco, cigars or cigarettes to any
child under the age of six tenn ywnrs. nnr shall he
knowingly pel mil any prrson under the age of
sixteen years, other than his own child or em-
employee to remain lu such a saloon, bar-room
orother place where spirituous or intoxicating
liquors, tobacco Hgurs or cigarettes are sold, or
kept for sale, or in engage lu any giitue of cards,
billiards, bagatelle or any other game in aucb
saloon, bar-loom oi  place aforesaid.
10. No person shall be guilty ol wantonly,
cruelly or unnecessarily beating, abusing or
over-driving or torturing any cattle, poultry,
dog, domestic animal or bird, nor shall auy
person while driving any cattle or other animal, by negligence, Ill-use the same, by meanR
whereof any mischief, damage or Injury is done
to aueh cattle or animal, nor shall any person
encourage, aid or assist^at the fighting or bait
ing of any bull, bear, badger, dog, cock or other
kind vf animal whether domestic or wild nature,, nor shall any person build, make, maintain, keep or allow a cock-pit to be built, made,
main.ained or kept on premises belonging: to
or occupied by bim,
cBiLnaeN ckdiu the age or sixtxkn  ybabs.
11. No child under the age of 18 rears shall
be on any public street within tbe city limits,
miles***, accompanied br his or her parent, or
guardian after the hour of eight o'clock ln the
evening at anytime between the first day of
October and the first day of
March and after nine o'clock In tha evening at
any other time, during any year.
12. AU persona who are property owners or
tenants of nny property within the city of
Grand ForkB, before which property there le a
board or plank sidewalk shall keep tie same
clear of snow, after the hour of eleven o'clock
in the forenoon of every day during the winter
months except on Sundays and any person
above-named who neglects to shovel the anow
off the sidewalk in front of his or her premises
aforesaid shall be subject to the penalties of
this by-law. Provided that the police magistrate or other justices of the peace may [in the
ereot of th* property owner or hauseheldor ra-
fusing to keep his sidewalk free from snow,
after being notified by tbe chief of police] order
the snow to be shoveled from nny sidewalk and
the expense of doing the same may be collected
summarily from tlie offending party.
13. An* person convicted of a breach of any
of the provisions of this by-law shall forfeit
and pay nt the discretion of the convicting
mngistrate a fine not exceeding fiftv dollars for
ench offence, exclusive of costs, either forthwith er within such period as the said convicting magistrate Hball think fit to order, or be
committed to prison for any term not exceeding one month, at the discretion of the convicting mngistrate nnd iu case such fine and costs
shall not be paid at the time appointed, the
lame mny be levied hy distress or sale of tbe
goods and chattels of the offender and for want
of sufficient distress such offender may be imprisoned for any time not exceeding one
month, the imprisonment to Ceaae upon payment of the fine aud costs.
This by-law may he cited for nil purposes as
the "Public Morals By-law 1898."
Passed the Municipal Council the 2 >tb duy of
November, 1898.
Reconsidered and finally passad the 2nd day
of December, 1898.
. _  „ JKFF. DAVIS, Mayob.
J. K. JoUNbon, Cily Clerk.
The above Is a true coDy ofa by-law passed
by ibe Municipal Council of the Corporation of
tbe Oity of Grund Forks on thc28ih day of
November, A. D., 1898, and all persons aro hereby required to take notice thai anyone desirous of applying fo have such bv-law or any
part thereof quashed, must make his application for that purpose to the supreme court
within one month next after the publication of
this bvlaw In the British Columbia Gazette or
he will be to too late to be heard In tbat behalf. J. K. JOHNSON,
City Clerk.
Notice of Arbitration.
Oboyoos dibivion or Yalk District.)
In the Matter of the British Columbia
Railway Aot and In the Matter of
the Oolumbia and Western Railway
Comp»ny and Lot 153-Grroup 1.
in the Osoyoos Divison of Yale District.
To H B. Kcott. of rhoenl-t, in the Stale of Arizona. In the Unl led States of America; K.
Bpraggett, of Grand Forka, In the Province
of Brlu.«h Columbia. Administrator of the
late Jnmi's MeConnell: Prank Ricter, of Osoyoos. tn the snld Province of Brltlsn Colnm-
Wa: William B. I'avej, of Graud Forka aforesaid,Georgina I* Davey and Mary Jane Davcv,
both of the City of Victoria In (he said Province, and D RKer, Joseph Wilson and A.
i. \ilst, all of Uuswih 'j;*y ol victoria, trustees ol the estate known as tbe Erb estate,
owners of the property hereinafter described.
the provisions of the British Columbia
Railway Act at d Amendments:
1. Tbat the Columbia and Western Railway
Company requires for the purposes of Its Railway, certain lands in the Osoyoos division of
Yale District belon*rin*{ to you, shown on a map
or plan deposited in the Land Registry Office at
Kamloops, being part of Lot one hundred and
fifty-three [153] Group One [1| Osovoos division
of Yalo District, partlcnlarlv dcscrll.cd as follows: Commencing at a point on the westerly
limit of said LotlM.4 feet north of the southwest corner; thence 298o.s feet north 62 degrees
45 minutes eaat to a point on the easterlv limit.
loitf.5 fe t south of the north-east corner containing by admeasurement tun acres more or
2. The said Company ls ready and willing
and herebys oilers to puy you the sum of three
hundred and forty dollkr-t [fSlo.00] as compensation for sa-d lands and all damages in respect nf the taking thereof, for the purposes of
the company and in the exercise ofthe powers
cohferred npon it by its charter and the said
act and amendments.
3. The company appoints Robert Garnet
Tatlow, of the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia , its arbitrator if its
said oiler is not accepted by you.
4. Application will be lorthwlth made in accordance Willi tho notice endorsed hereon.
Dated tills 16th day of November, A. D., 1S08,
at Rossland, British Columbia.
Solicitors for the Columbia and Western Railway Company.
notice that because the said The Columbia and Western Railway Company requires the immediate possession of the hind
within referred to which Is necessary to carry
on part of tht said railway with which the suid
company is ready forthwith to proceed, application will be made to tho judge of the county
court of the county of YBle. al the court house,
Vernon, on the 19th dHy of November, A. D
1H98, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon tor a Warrant to the sheriff of the snld
county of Yulw.to put the sairl coinpany In possession of the saia lends wilder tbe provisions
of The British Columbia Railway Act, which
will issue, unless you-ou that oeeassion or lu
tbe meanwhile show good cause to the contrary.
Abbott & Ham-McHaro,
Solicitors fnr the Columbia aud Western Railway Company.
Osoyoos Division or Yalk District. |
In the matter ofthe British Colombia Railway
Act and In the matter of the Columbia
and Western Uuilwrly Company and Lot
IS), Group 1, in the Osoyoos Division of
Yale District.
Upon reading the affidavit of H. T. Wllgrc-s
herein dated the 16th day of November lstw and
the certificate of Sydney M. Johnson herein
and the notice of arbitration, 11 — ordered thai
thc notice of arbitration aforesaid be inserted
three times in the course of one moult in the
(ibsnd Forks Minbb Newspaper published iu
the Osoyoos Division of Yale District.
Dated this 5th day of October, A. D., 1808.
. . Wm. WAR»8ritt*».
Judge County Court of Yale.
era of sale contained lu a certain mortgage, wbich will be produced ut the time
of sale, there will lie offered for sale by public
auction by II. A. Huntly,  auclloueer,  at his
store In Grand Forks, B. t:.,
Oa non-lay th* lath day of December, 1898,
at the hour of 12 o'clock, noon, the following
iropcrty:   Being situate in the lown of Grand
orksa.id more particularly known and described as town lot number 5 In block number
11sub-division of part lot lOd.Groupl, Osovoos
Division ol Yule District, Province of liritish
Columbia, 011 which Is areeted a one-story
frame shingle roof building, OMtlpiod as store
and dwelling.
Terms and conditions of sale will bo made
knowu at the lime of sala.
For further particulars apply ta H. A. Bunt-
ley or J LU1I1.
„ H. A. Hdmtut, Auctioneer.
Orand Forks, B. C.
Carriage Factory
D. M. FEENEY,   Propietor,
The care of horses feet and up-to-date
shoeing made a special study. There Is
nothing in toy line of business that I
don't do and will make you anything
from a wheelbarrow to six-horse coach
Jt   Jt   OV ANY KIND,
Our Prices arc Right
(McGIII Univ.)
Coroner for Grand Forks Mining Division
of Yale District.
OFFICE :-JubIlee Hospital, Grand Forks, B. C.
-OFFICB-Nent Post Office.
Solicitor, Etc.,
Office st  Residence,  Just  across  First Street
Bridge, Grand Forks, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineer, Etc
Provincial Land Surveyor
And Civil Engineer.
0,nc«, MIDWAT, B. c.
Associate Member Canadian
     8oclety   of Civil Engineers.
Barber Shop.
y Looated.
PETER A. I PARE,     •      -     PROPRIETOR.
Centrally Looated.  All Work Gauranteed to be
First-Class iu every Bespect.
Bath  Rooms,
RIVERSIDE,      -      .      .       GRANP FORES
Riverside Ave,. Grand Forks. B. C
If you want a nice easy, clean shave or an up-
to-date stylish hair cut, give mc a call.
a l Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder
GRAND   FORK8,   4   0.
Plan and specifications drawn, estimates for
nished on all kindsof building. Wsrk strict!
Manufacturer of
Brick and Lime.
Contractor of all kl win or Mason Work. EstlJ
nmtoi ou work cheerfully Riven.
Carpener and Builder,
Estimates furnished on Application. Store
Fronts and Flxures a Bpeelalty.
And "
A. Baumgaertner,
Bridge Street,  Grand Forks, B.C.
#)****** Boots and Shoes made to order.
The best workmanship like mariner.
Repairing done on on short notice.
All work guaranteed.
Express Line
Running Dally Between
Grand Forks and Niagara
AU on lew left at tha Victoria Hotel
or the Btockholum will receive prompt
attention KipreHa learea Otauri Forki
1& the morning returning at evening.
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
The Only All-rail Ronte,without chance
of cars, between Spokane, Rowland and Nelson.
Co Inn Nortli.                                      Going South
12:27 a. m MARCOS  11:18 a. m.
Train leaving Marcus at 11.13 a. in. makes
close connections at Spokane for all
Close Connections st Nelson with steamboat
for Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake Points.
Passengers for Kettle River and  Boundary
creok connect at Marcus witn stage dally.
C. II. DJXON, 8, P. & T. A.,
Spokane, Wash.
When in need of wood call and  see
K-s-sTry, so Bridge street. t^
-mpu" j
T*' *f '^t-t-ti'' v
* )
::the merchants bank-Halifax
incorporated tees.
CAPITAL PAID UP, S1,500,000.00. REST. $1,175,000.00.
J Head Office, Halifax, N. S.
T. E. KENNY, President, D. H. DUNCAN, Cashier.
Lnnenbtigr, N. S. Rossland, B. C.
Maitland, N. S. Saokville, N. B.
Moroton, N. B Shubenacaclie. N. S.
Montreal, P. Q. Summerside, P. E. I.
do     do     West End. Sydney, N. S.
do     do     Westmount St. Johns, Nfl'd.1
Nanao, B . C. Truro, N. a
Nel am B. C. Vancouver, B. C.
Newustle, N. B. do     do      East End.
Pictou.N. S. Victoria, B. C.
Port Hawkesbury, N. S. Weymouth, N. S.
Woodstook, N. B.                            Ymir, B. C.
London Bank of Scotland. ] I'nris  Credit  Lyonoais.
Bermuntla Bank of Bormnnda, Lt'd. | New York Chase National Bank.
Boston...National Hide ft Leather Bank. | Chicago America National    Bunk.
Ban Francisco First Nntionnl Bunk. | Spokane, rYash Exchange Nt'l Bunk.
Seattle, Wash...Washington Nut'l Bank, j Honolulu Bishop ft Co.
China and Japan Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp'n.
Antigonlsh, N. S.
Bithnrst, N. B.
Bridgewater, N. S.
Charlottetown. P. E. I
Dorohester. N. B.
Fredorioton, N. B.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Guysboro, N. S.
Halifax, N. S.
Ki ston, N. B.
Londonderry, N. S
A Branch of this Bank Has Been Established at
GRAND FORKS,   <j*   &   #   B. C
A General Banking Bimlnepu Transacted.
Drafts and Bills of Exche pe,   Bought and Bold.
Accounts Rec'Ted on the most Favorable Terms.
Interest Allowed on Special Deposits.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of 31.00 and Upwards Beceived and Intoreat Allowed at
Onraent Bates.
All Bnsinoea by Wall will Receive Prompt and Careful Attention.
ALEX. MILLEK, Manage',
Grand Porks, B. 0.
»$»•**•••**•• •-•-•- " ~ " ~ ~
G. Stabile, F. Oliver & Co., Props.
Niagara,      -      ■      B. C.
Fine Wines, Liquors beer and Cigars.
^ Lime Creek Hotel^
NEIL HARDY, P-roMisrro*,
Twelve miles Irom (jrand Forks on tbe line of C, &. W. railway construct
ion, and tbe nearest Hotel to tbe Summit,
Excellent Dining Room and Best of  Accommodation Guaranteed.
[fo©ee*-**^0»*S*^tti^'J«<t*tte<Wi MWQt*yiJbi*09.JiiiiQiilJ00<iU0Q$
Lloyd A. Manly trXjs
■Phesaat ClgorjS
Can Compete with any Merchant and Freight added. ~ IL_M      eg
;HT^ Wholesale liquors, cigarsft
Next Door to Post Office, Orand Forks, B. C.
Honson & Lind,   jt   j>   Proprietors.
Just Received. .
A Car load of Stoves, whloh  w*>   Invite the publlo
and iuapect.
We carry one of the moat complete ■tocki of Drill Steel,
Powder, Caps, Fuse, and al) other Miner's Supplies to be
found In the district. Everything Is of the best quality
and our prloes five our competitors a shock.
Tia aad lepair Shop ia
Wa have a splendid Une of thia elegant, clean)* aad durable kitchen ware; including a novelty ln thia lection—
ir ran lte ware fry pam. You iho old try theae, aa they will
Be aura to pleiiHC you.
W.K.G Manly,
Bridge Street, Qrand Forks, B. C.
Fslrvlew Livery Barn
Fairview, B. C.  Jt Jt
Jt   Jt   Jt
Orand   Forks,    B.   C.
Jt  Jt  Jt
Since The Love Feast Everything Passes oii
as Smooth as a Toboggan Slide,
The regular session ol the city council
was held Friday evening, December 2,
with .-.ll the mi mbers present with the
exception of Mayor Davis.
On motion oi Alderman McCallum,
seconded by Aldorm.in O'Connor.Aliler-
man Jones was v- ted to the chair.
The minutes of the previous meeting
wero read aad on motion ■ f Alderman
Knigbt were adopted, with the eycept-
son of the clause referring to Mr. Fisher's
wood contract, it being understood that
Mr. Fisher uas fo continue his contract.
The following bills were read and on
motion of Alderman O'Connor, seconded by Alderman Knight, referred to tbe
financecommittee: W. H. Fisher, $96,-
91; J.E.Kelly, $3.50; A. McDonald,
$750; W. K. C Manly, one for 1834.65,
and $22.64; J. W. Jones, $20 00; Jas.
Addison, $19.00: and Maurice O'Connor,
A communication from W. M. Fisher,
in reference to his contract with the
city for furnishing 200 cords of 4-foot
wood, was then read and ordered
placed on file. The report of City
Mar.-hal Sbeads, showing the amount
of road and dog tax collected, was read
and ordered filed.
The prayer of the property owners on
Bridge street asking that a cross walk
be built on Bridge, at First street, was
granted, aud the walk ordered built at
On motion of Alderman O'Conner Bylaw No. 19 was reconsidered and finally
An application from Dr. Stanly Smith
requesting that he be appointed city
physician and medical health officer was
read, on motion of Alderman O'Conner,
seconded by Alderman Manly, Dr.
Smith was appointed city physician and
health officer or ib; Ui.uts mentioned in
t-5 ?.^'r'.',oir.iion.
On motion of Alderman McCallum,
seconded by Alderman Knight, theeity
clerk was instructed to notify Mr, Fisber
regarding hia continuing bis wood
There being no further business tbe
council then adjourned.
Messrs. Beer and Dunlop have built a
snug little office in wbich they now conduct their general brokerage business.
There is some talk of the citizens of
Niagara organising a skating club, as
tbey have very fine skating on tbe North
Fork of Kettle tiver.
The addition to the Fisherman House
is now about completed, it is 24x20 and
will add greatly to the comfort and appearance of tbat establishment.
The furniture for the Wisner House
has now arrived and the genial boni-
face of that establishment expects to be
open to the public by the i6ih of this
Mr. Williams of the firm of Williams
Bros., has purchased a lot on Jones
street and is erecting a store bui! 'ing
30x20, Messrs. McNee and Stuart have
the contract .
Mr. Armstrong is building a concert
hall for public entertainments. It is to
be a comfortable building with a seating
capacity of 300. A dance will be held
in it on Christmas Eve.
Messrs Hughes and Crawford are
erecting a substantial store building on
the corner ol Greenwooil and Main
streets. They intend carrying a nice
li ne of hardware, dry goods, etc.
W. M. Livingston of Brooklyn, bas
bis store building now about completed
and he expects to be open for business
by the early pirt of next week. His
stock is now on the road from Greenwood.
Messss. Stabile & Oliver proprietors
of the White Star hotel are furnishing
that establishment in the best possible
manner, They have a fine piano on the
way wbich will be at the disposal of
their guests,
Notice is hereby given that P. Arena
Is not included in the social firm of
Messrs. Gioacchino Stabile, Frank Oliver tc. Co., owners of the White Star
hotel, in Niagara, B. C.
Grand Forks Interests should be Placed Before the Legislature.
The meeting of the Provincial Legislature is fixed for January fifth. It is
certainly necessary that steps should be
taken here to place the requirements of
this city and surrounding district before
the house in such a manner at to insure
tbe attention of that body. This is a
matter tbat the Board of Trade should
take up at once, and a committee appointed whose special duty it will be to
have the interests of the city and dis
trict thoroughly represented.
Livery, Feed <£ and*^ Sale Stables,
KlVBBSpE ATBNOE ^j***tJ*+^**S>w***iS'*w^^ ORAND PORKS, JI. C.
Fi rut-clam  Livery  Rig-i, Pack and Saddle Horses always on hand.    We make a specialty of
taking passengers to any part of the district.
J>      w*
The Golden Eagle 00 Volcanic Mountain.
The Golden Eagle still continues to
show up splendidly The shaft is now
nearing the 50 foot level and the vein
has become much stronger, widening
out from 4 leet to 12 feet. At the 50-
foot level a crosscut will be run to define the hanging wall, the values likewise have increased, and there seems
no doubt but what the Golden Eagle
fully merits the reputation it bas, that
of being a bonanza mine,
Midway is experiencing a building
Greenwood is to have a skating rink
They are still sinking the shaft en
the Mother Lode.
A brick famine prevails at present in
the Boundary country.
Work on the Jewel in Long Lake
camp has becn resumed.
Eholt, Rendellji Co's new lown in
Summit camp, is to have a hotel.
The Old-Timers of Midway will give
a banquet during holiday week.
A number oi properties are being
worked on the Noith Fork this winter.
J. A. Schubert, road superintendent,
made a trip over (he district last week.
The shaft on the Snilor claim, Camp
McKinney, is down 30 feot and in gold
Machinery in the King Solomon mine
in Copper camp, is expected to move
About fifty men are at present employed on the Cariboo in Camp McKinney.
Tbe Moody hotel, at Christina Lake,
is being pushed to completion as rapid
as possible.
The shaft in the Red Rock, owned by
Messrs. Naden and Haas, Greenwood
yanyp, is down fifty feet.
The Travellers' Home, is the name of
a new hotel soon fo be opened at Chris-
ma Lake by C. J. Eckstorm.
S. W. Meek, has accepted a position
with Mann, Foley Bros ,& Larson, as
book-keeper in the Cascade office.
If all reports are Swe Brooklyn is a
tVmg of 'he past, and its merchants are
going west to grow up with the country.
The Scotch residents of Cascade cele-
orated St. Andrew's day on Wednesday
evening, of last week, by giving a banquet at the Columbia hotei.
Tbe John Bull group of gold claims,
in the vicinty of Gladstone on which
active development is now being done
is said to be shuwing up fine.
A report is current that the Big Copper, in Copper camp, has been bonded
for $70 one. This property has an
enormous ledge of high grade ore.
Assays from ore from the Waterloo
properly, Camp McKinney, taken from
the foot wall in the shaft which is fifty-
five feet, gave returns cf $8,120 in gold,
The ground of the Sailor mineral
claim has been surveyed into town lots.
The work was done by Sydney M,
Johnson and tbe town will be called
Camp McKinney.
The Cascade Record is the authority
for the statement that one firm in that
city shipped in $7,000 in bills recently
at one time, ai d a single day's money
order business at the post office aggregated over $1,200.
Judge Spinks bas appointed Chas. E.
Miller, at Cascade, administrator ofthe
estate ot Ahx Mason, the merchant
tailor, who recently died. As soon as
the administrator has filed the necessary bond the estate will be wound up
Parties just down from the Golden
Eagle on Pathfinder mountain say that
property is looking remarkably good.
This claim is row under bond to a London capitalist, and the second payment
on tbe bond comes due, on tbe 19th inst.
James Miller, the man who Sullivan
tried to liberate from the Cascade lockup, bad a hearing before Justice Rose
and Rochussen on Wednesday of la t
week on a charge of stealing $1.00 from
an Italian. After a severe lecture from
the court he was turned loose with instructions to leave town.
Boundary Valley Lodge, [.OOF, of
Greenwood, elected officers as follows
at a meeting Tuesday evening of last
week: T, M. Qulley, N. G.i H. B.
Munroe, V, Q.; Duncan Ross, R. S.;
N. H. Lamont, F. S.; G. B. Taylor,
Treasurer. The officers will be installed
tbe first Tuesday in January.
Officer Humphrey, of Gladstone, arrested Wm, Dobbins, at N.agara last
we-.-k on a warrant from Brooklyn,
charging bim with selling a watch for
$10 tbat did not belong to him, Dobbins was iaken back to Brooklyn by the
officer. He claimed that be was innocent saying that the watch was his
Mr. Thomas Haidy and Mr. Ralph
Stnailes, will contest for the honor of
Mayor of Greenwood. We are not
acquainted with tbe latter gentleman,
therefore don't know whether he would
make a good mayor or not, but Tom
Hardy is alright and the citizens of
Greenwood would make no mistake if
they elect him.
Three Months at Kamloops.
Provincial Constable Dinsmore went
to Midway Wednesday with Geo. Kee
man, a freighter wbo was arrested in
Cascade City last week on a charge of
appropriating $28 entrused to him,
Keeman had a hearing bere on Saturday last before justices McCallum and
Johnson, who gave him a three months
job working for tbe government at Kamloops,
Ink bottles
Writing Tablets
Jnuriiult* and
Day Hooka
En fact everything yon may
require in thut line.
Nice Lin** Qf \r i-i-**-'
Fancy   £SO£lpS
Full assortment  Rogers and ;
Gallets Perfumes.
These Goods Just in.    |
J. H. Goodeve,
Dm-rclst and Stfttionftry.
Grtuii] Forks.
w'vso-y'-fv^pQe******^*****'?****-^ seoaaa
a^BEER & DUNLOP, <jt
eS:.j-.Af-.»'<*i--Oy-^ >>*■!»*» waw^
-•nXJrand Forks, B.   C.-v/v*-
Everything New and Beit Furnished
House, and is in everyway prepared to
welcome Guests and provide Good Accommodation
VX£ Headquarters for  Mining Men.   Best
- of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.    Special
attcntioa paid to Transcient trade."
Jpf? 5***y •-»-5s*v5;*3--5*^5P-5^-3? 5^5595 9 9 9>
All KlmlH of:
| House Finish, §
Hi *
% Sash  Factory,       1
(ft V
ft        Store Fronts a Specialty, *
I FarnitureMade to Order, I
Saloon and Store Fixtures.
$     All orders will receive Prompt
£ attention,
| Ea Spraggett, J
I      Grand Forks. B. C.
Riverside Are,   •   Grand Forks, B. C.
European Plan.
A. H. DAWSON,   -;- Prop.
J.Ho£a'ison Johu Wt'titifuiti
Otis. S-.vtirif.tiTi.
HivmRatpm nvm.   oiramd fomna ,a.c.
Good   I'inini,-    Room   In   connection
with tlio house.
First-Class Rooms by Day or Week.
t  gay •^<;s' Ri'ttnds Wines, Liquors
5 and Ciyars at Ihe Bar.
The British Columbia
Mercantile and
Mining Syndicate, Ltd.
CiSOiDB CtTT,  B(lliNOiHV. B. O.
We beg to announce that we have
opened our new general store in the
above town. We shall carry a complete stock of miner's supplies, tools,
powder, etc., hard-care, groceries, dry
goods and clothing. Miners and general public will be able to outfit here and
find all they require.
Quality Good and
Prices Low.
Cascade City is the headquarters for
Christina Lake, McRae Creek, Burnt
Basin, Castle Mountain and other mining districts.
We beg also to inform all those interested in mining that our assay office in
tho above tow-, is now open under the
superintendence of an exerienced as-
s.-iyer and we shall be able to undertake
all kinds of assav work. Personal,
prompt and careful attention will be
given to all work entrusted to us.
British Columbia Mercantile & Mining
Syndicate, Ltd.
I Special Announcement! f
$ 9
fn Wo have added a now Department to our business oontistiug of ifa
| Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, |
i^t,        Dress Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Ribbons, Laces,        $r
Embrodieriea, In faet ererything which I* kojit In a flrst-olaw Dry Goods Store
These Goods have all been purchased direct from the Manufacturers Agents in
Montreal, Trronto and Chicago, and aro all A 1 value, and the latent ntyles.
The people of the Kettle River District will now not bf» compelled to J-*i*J
away from home for their dry goods, rf they will call at onr store we wili be
glad tojsbow our goods, and yon will be convinced tbat we can sard you money
hcBiden having the satisfaction of making ymir own selections,  Shipments wil
bo received weekly.   A Flrst-olass Stook of Heady Mude
Clothing 5hoes and /liners' Supplies
Always in stock.   Goods delivered to the camp* free.
Grand Forks Brewery*
G. A. FRASER & CO., Proprietors.
Lager Beer, Porter 1 Soft Drinks
Particular Attention Given Orders From Private  Families.
First-Class Accommodations,  Good Stabling-, Termius of
Stage Line From Marcus, Washington.
McAuley & Keightley,
| The ALBERTA ..
The ONLY fcj
Holtl In the cily.    «*?
^ EUROPEAN ... |~-= ; £9
J9 OR AMERICAN PLAN .,.      | A. TraflUWeiSe", Porp.    **t|
S A first-class sample room and Bar in connection withths House ®
Can always be had at our store ai we keep onr stork righl ap tothe market nmi hnve no
old, Bhelfworn goods to wort off on our customers. Wo mulct' a specialty of always having
on hand
Fresh Eggs and Creamery Butter.
We pet in a new supply every week nnd can roaranteo our stock to be always freth. Sow
potatoes »re another thing whloh can only be found hi our store, win have lu a nice lino
of Dtdting tackle in a few days.
G. W. WILLIAnS, Manager.
Daily from Marcus to Grand Forks
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway
and All Points on Colville Indian Resevation.
Stafje Leaves Marcus on the Arrival of the Northbound Train, arriving at Orand
Forks at 8:45 p. m.    Leaves the Forks at 4:00 a. m., arriving at Marcus in time to
I connect with northbound Train.   Passengers from Kootenay I'."       make eonnac-
Bra***'** It McR-w Us-Ha*  Chrlatia. Ukc ' tio*i at lloaabiirj; i*jinC nnd ct*i*a!nK.
- a***-;
, .A.V.*. (•■,•£•'£■• 5 #• «■*"** 5*69*2? £'■* 3 *» ? *>■'* *
|LOCnX-'"NOTES.| T'ijrjr      f T™^1 f   e
^«----—^ wp haw Kwrvthinp'
The red hot wincr wourst man has bit       W *|     ^       "g, £<&*•   V   W     «aW«S   V   Wl    V   fc*JL AAA 4**SL
as Dinner
Last week we told you we would furnish you with a Large Fat Turkey, Chicken, Duck or Goose for your Christ-
H. T. \Vil:;r. 5 Ep :nl a day cr two in
town t '. * ■'■ i
»ownWe. '*.*•." mas Dinner, but we did not mention we had just Received a large invoice of Frankfurt and Garlic Sausage, Packed
Spokane thi" week. *fl jar(j  p;c];-*|ec! pjp-g Feet an(j Tripe, French Sardines and Holland Herring, in fact anything you want in that line.
For an all around   first diss place the <-* r ...
Trwindolt.witt u. k .rimming     No Chris nr. 'is dinner is complete without Cranberry sauce.    We die! net overlook this in ordering and can
ere fashionable al prcst i -..
Chas   Emmert  weni lo  Spokane tl s ■   -,,.■-.*-,',
week to buy ... pair ol sli    '  . * 'j; j*"'*4
Metbodisl  service   on   Sunday,  Dec. ..- f« #
Ilth.in Victoria hall at II a. m. "sOftm f   ll    ffl     th»»   mltl*fCT
Owl yill^.     L*   ill      L..    .*•   wl f..;l,X AWE.
The thei men i'ier has I■• en i I :-.ii *.-
dotvn in zi.ru'-. back yard ior the pat-l
Hotel Stockholm 1 as  • ■ ned t1 e pro
lyyou.    We have just received 50 boxes of choice Winter Apples* In jams and jellies the finest as-
Our Poultry will be here about December 17th; so get your Orders in Early.
See their
in     another
i  .,*   ;
lit ol
lo his  partners
Frank ^hcr :: -, of '
sizing up (. an i h'u - i
thu *oA,-..
Thc 11 iorol the - Y c
of thc Ciiterion botel lo
with oil cloth.
Mr. C.is Svanson ha
est in thc White llou ic
Westland and Co.
Mrs. M Farlai d gave .".;i .if ■ :::•■ on
tea to the I. lies of tli .'. o an I
Charities I.i.t Wednesday nflcinoor.
|.J. Walters a* I L. C. K , I • •
vlM known ci'.i*/ nt A ;. \ ■ 1
registered .*'.t ti e Ciitciiou  '.... ■; .
C ipt   L. II  S-0 t   a !:.!!; ng  I i
Sj.ok n<, sp' li   a ,: ■*. oi   i-   i   in   luwn j
lui-, wetk.   \lz', p'H up at tue CriUri
Jimmy  Welsh -Abo  lias *i hi avy
contract   between    .\ .!.,, ..*   ai.d   N'eii
Hirdi's place w.s in   In-city \e.lerd.iy
Mr. J. A. S ...      I       t
ro. i :i : '.  i* ; i *. *       t. ■
Civ and (J  •  :. ■ i  i   i ii
thi,   IVt ■..;,   .:..!,     ,    ,    I I ,     .  I    ':      ...
The advar.cn guards of the Salva'icn
Army anived in town last Tuts   ;*.\   :.:.
has been holding forth even i ,/r.t. to- i
ii, Victoiia ball,
Woik was commenced la.*.* Tuesday
motningon Conmiodore biden-s li i<.
li wi I he v. ben cu .*■;■.. od iho oni; u: -
lu-ua'.L- hi. . k in the ciiii:] I
j. a. <:.   '..uui i   . •. u ■'. i '■ ■
b.uktt li -i. i ,  - ..      i. :-
re-,;* in ih m l'i i. . .    li.   . . d.
bis boi.ic at t .e . I ....
They have ihe most ace*.mmodating
drunks in Grand Forks you ever heard
of. Tnty evtn go to tbe city marshal's
le-i. i Die anil n.si.i i ii heir** l. eki d up
L A. H.i.nil on land commisMoner of
tbe C. P. i;., at W n. i. eg, an I W, F
Tye, chief engineer d[ the Columbia &
Western railway arc cxpec cdt-> airivc
in the cily o.oiy
J. '.V. S..: v    ;.   M   i :, A A y   Ll; >,.  &
When it comes to Saddles, Harmss,Etc., In Staple and Fancy Groceries
iVe lay all competition in the shade.    Be „. „    „     ,,.    _,    ,..,,,,,
1 :        , We Keep Everything Found m A First-class
Bare and ask to see the latest thing in Leg-
!.'7..';;.';: gings and Riding Boots.   They are the finest /1?)A/fflTY
I'TIleyor siiown in the distrie- I Ull V liiOll
Oar stock of Boots, Shoes, Rahber Good8
Clothing, Blankets, Hats, Caps and Gent's
Furnishing Goods is complete in every particular, and our Prices are Right.
These goods will stand inspection.
A Full  Line Of Miners'
L 1 **
■: pecis
Mention given to Our Wholesale and Jobbing Department, which we are miking a Prominent Feature of Our Business.
" "•   rsrr
,   Y:     WC  IIVA   'A.-".
nound in fr.
buying only in Car Loads, which gives us an advantage over would be Competitors; we h^ve the advantage of one cent a
tight over Greenwood, and as we deliver all Goods Free to Camps and adjoining torvn^, our patrons get the benefit.
YjA *„.„i, I A
^-«—    -.t^rtC    .*-. u\
-H^lllir*5 ^r._^-r -y*^.
wt tt9
Jan y the Biggest
Stock in t::o Zmizn Couiiiry,
our Stock.
^Makers of L,ow-«i
its and Ketauers
eneral Mercoanaise, S *£> Grand Forks, B.' C-
Ice to:* Everybody.
Ur.  W. 11. Fisher h« leased a tra t
I of laud  from   Mr. John  Manly, on thc
Records of illlncral  Locations    Proia   Nov.   ,,• 4 , .;.:, c!  th;. fjortn  j\,toi opposite
I7st, to Dec. 3ril, 1898. the electric and wakr plant, on which
Lvov iTih.-liai.jo,  li--.lv   mountnin,   ii    ii  he wi 1 build a  large ice  hou-i*, with a
1...11HI..1.. .1. i. i■..'.*■.:■ *. ;*..:*:.  E.'■•  Hohli I view of suppljitig the citizens of. Gra d
Condor, U riei's  i-ump,  1.  f. Stru.V.vlcln   Fork;   with    ice    next   summer.     Mr.
ip, H. H. Climron.  [ Ki,h?r will put up seycral hundred ton-
L us-i.'a i -i .. .    ■■ i ■ - i, ■- i .  i y cit;
tills iv*.*.!-.    li    i.u      .  . i in ui in p, ...-
io.i to approv- i   . :i .. i.. >
lur lasl in ..'... i
Messrs. Stabile and Oliver o! th..
White St.yr bulcl, Niagara, was in iii.
city this week purchasing fiirnituie foi
their hotel which thtyare li.ting up in
most uiouein slvle
X .... Istli —MWii B i   Klnri    Bui imh   famr      , .
Frank Piilton. J. W.Chocr,  J.K.  OnnnlnB- ! ot ,ce '  '
litim; Miiliil lit. Sinnnilteiimp,.!. 1'". Jinrol,   way here an Ico plow au 1  «i:l    .  i    i
1. ii i   ...   ...I..      ;■. i.ir.l ......in      A      ,1
llllT.l I
up.  •■■ ■'   I to p t u,y i;.c lor
lit has now on the
Ml 1
ind all  who may
eamp,   ft.
Mr.C-iu.  Mit'ajioa, one of   l'i;   oil    Sov. 2jtli.—Wlgivnm, Cuatlocut, K. P.'Mailiuiv-   ijnown railway contractor at Gla
i. i
.   1 .    :   :
time   prospectors   ui   I.
owner   ot   a u    lib  ■   ol
claims up the North i    ;.
or two in towu thi- in.li.
M.  1).  White,   tbe
renouncement  in   thii dn*; up his watch hospital in first-class
shape, and in the future  will turn all
work out promptly on lime.
Chas. Cuoimingu left last Monday
afternoon lor Nelson, IJ. C. to attend a
sitiinR ol the supreme court nov in
session then-, The cyli-brnie.l Seattle
case is the causo oi ins wanting to bc
present al court.
Claud 11.I'm ret n I from R I; d
Thuisday evening, w  ei   be   ii .s been
for ihe past  three   mont    iug   tht
honors at ths Uar liajjle hotel, lie
will resume Ins i Id pool iuii aj l.o.u
clerk at the tliami Forks,
One ni*;ht recently a well knqivn
society lady dre scd   in   Ik.- husbands
P.   II.
Will I.r Giv.'ii to lho ppop'.i. of Grand
Pralro and surronudlns Country
Upper Grand Forks, Bee. tl,
[\ thnPubllo Rail, whi'h i.s botnstharouh-
ly rt'iio*. \U'd \i.< tho uew ami competent manage ment, «liii-b will spare no pains to mane
it the most attractive lm!I in the district.
Excellent Mntrie will be provided. Ciifo In
connection. friends »t Cascade, Qrand
Forks, Niagara, Greenwood, Curson, Kelson
mnl Republic Bpecially invited.
Ticfcets$J« | Everybody Invited | LadksFrce.
Tbis case waaheird some two   wetks   a -©-©-&-©-©--©--©-©-©-© -q-q
a-^o ard j .dgement was with held pend- T ^^       « « „ .  ^^w—.     X
ing an agreement from  the   respective j M.    D.    WHITE,  j
council.    11. S. Cayley   ticted   for   thef f»
plaint ff,,while Earnest Miller acted  for i 6
ll. riiitbley; Liueol
..-.-. y-i--.-7--.-.-01-   Seen, Wellh
in-. 22ud.—Glndatone   Malrl, (.llbrnltiir, I'luV.u
I Rplin,   Ki'ilniiiii*.  Uewy    creek,   Arthur
Hrumson and -*. K. Hi-Id.
ov.a-nl    UonDow, I'ara creek, Thos. Dobloj   ment for tbe defendent in   the   cub.
Crcemv I camp, .in*. S.Uredcn,      | Fred Sou rice vs J. uies Mel,tun,  a well
McLean Bros.
I.i the sm di nebis i ourt last Tuesdiy
Police Magistrate Johnson gave  judge-
NIAGARA,   B.   C.
Tlie fiost of Accommodations.   A flr.st-cluss
Bar in l.'oiHii t'lion ii itii tlm IIoiikl".
Overland Stables.
Grand Fork?, D. C.
jt     i ecf.ml Street,      jt      Opposite Jeff Davis A C».
Sov. 28111
Sov. 80th.—Iron Horse, Christina   1
;. beach,
December. 1st.—Victor   Frost,  Summit camp,
Jeweler bas a i j„...  n.   iicndorson: Unldmi  Crown, Mo-
isjue.       Hy   io        Rao crock,. Frault J- Conuol. the detepce.        ^_
li. i   2nd.--Park, N F. Ouo*. llinUen; UoodLnoi**, 	
Niagara, Sam llendcrtuu. Wc!! Mong VV'ltll "is S\ ork.
TB.txsVr.Bs. Mr.Janes D..,;.iiii, who  has  th>  first
Nov. 18tli.—Norfolk!sInterest, Jnek Coekelllo  contract bel nv I ■■■   . i- oie  of  the  few
!•:. I. I'.c.t.   Maston, Jj Intercat, l.A. Nelson   c. P. K. t   i   rac!   ri  who   is  well
I.. . ll :;:•■- [tUCklcR,
N.iv.yyn.i    G. P.,   nlllntercst,  ■'. II. Sash to
M   P. Toronto.
Sov. y th, -Exci li lor nil int.iiv.-t, J,   W.  Mc-
i ool,  to ll. M,   Austin.   -:, Interest, .t. IV.
McC 'ol to M. M. Au-llii.   i'i..c. nil Interest,
,i.   v   ,, ncbor  M   It.   M.   Austin,   White
i ion I,all Intercut. Gen, li. heaoh to  II.   M.
Austin.   Si Ison, nil !nti ret, aoo. IC. Loach
to II. M. Austin.   Wesl Superior,  nil lut.r-
c»t, Vni.i iml Scd Kxtcn.lon, nil iinu.-i        c;,y License Cc.nmissioners Will Set
■>«•«-• '•■'■"•-" '" "* "• *"8""' '•!""■*• ' The regular qnarterly session of the
► Ilin.. Iraiitlon,':. merest, Tins, llur ly to ,   , •,,
,»„", sciionelih rn- <-■>■■■ M-Ph- r.eai city license commissioners will sit next
nud Gladitonc, !i lutorcst, Mania McEwen Wednesday, the I4H1 inst., In the
[•men M. Mi 1: *i*n. city clerks office , when licenses Ier   the
,l11"'I sale of intoxicating  liquors In   the  city
Practical U'uti-h Repairer and
wiih I is w-.rk ■ >■ . ■'. day, oi this
v.... li 1 e finis ttl I *i raper nnd 1 irt
w rk,. :. ■ A        ,1    . ill  in:: v-r.t
ol . art '■■       to  I, ,, L*tc his  con-
tntc A .'• '■;', I* be v ill '■"'■ mence
! : ii ft .■ . . Irei^ht bctvvoen Yo^
cade Cry an I ...  sburj;.
i.. JEWELER..'
to A Full Line of
i> Watches,   Clocks and Jewelcry i
6 All Kiinls   of Repairing  Done
i Promptly.
I All orders left with Blkins A William's T
©stnirn line, I'lis'-iidp, will reooive Prompt ©
lAttf.riiit.il.   Postollit-n bulldlnff A
".BHdgo St.      -     GRAND FORKS, P.. C.™
9® a o a o •© © o 9 o©  ®
...New Sleek, New Rigs, Evervthing New...
A.   Specialty made of taking parties to all parts of the district,
and furnishing* Saddle and pack horses, Sleighs,  Buggies, Etc.
Public is invited to give us a call.
Our Terms are Reasonable Reliable Drivers Fumbled.
Grand Forks
J. n. KUUL.Y,
Dry  Pur  nnd Tama*
nii1 wood
.•Pot* Sal©..
Worn! delivered  to
nny pint of tho -Mty
"best «nlt of clothes," went outto call on I     '.. Interest, Marganl O't.'oi r ... Jnlla     ' endi e       ,. , t _j   q        ol,.Uortnotfoe.
her lady friends.     Harry Saeads   can       O'coiuier. _ „fihtad IRJ 0(111   Kfl    All ordon  left
, .     .   Sov.iitli,   Lowlston, Qranroote, Oslflo, Mon-   1B08, Will De. firamoa, , UUI III   I    |\l|        J. K. Jolmton'i
tell you the rest, because  we  premised        t; ;,   ,,,.,  ,,,„, ,.,„,,,. K,.y  .,„„„„„. " : II UUU   UUl   ..Ilk- willhe proa
not to give the snap away. rjiwiosi.M interest, s. K. Held to it. Me- was Postpnnea. ^       , ly attended to,
Dr. StanL-v Smith, of thia  cry  has        1 '■        ,.,,,.      , ,.   ,.
,   ,    ... sov.-aih.-tron ohicl, U lull-rest, C. k
been  gazetted   to  be    medical   health ,      „„ t0 J. W. Belron.
1 fficer   ol   the   Grand    Folks    Mining r>o...2nd,   RobUny, !S tntorost, J. 0 Do
Division.    Mr, Smith  is a hard working        II. Sweeney.   Columbia, i-W I
md  successful   physician  and   ihe np BI ger to W. II. Iluioliiuson. .
.      ... , Doc. 3rd,—Lexington,all Interest,  C.  ..I.   lo
pointment meets with y;.pi*ovnl. ,    ( :i „,,.;,„., (,1Mi„„a.
Messrs, Bjrns and .Vil on,*ol  NM son, citaTiptcATB-oF wonx,
il. C.| wholesale an ', rcta i  1 utel   is ol
A II own, II. C. Suftoi
It ui de n trip t.i Nelaoi
and Robt.
t* ii   week,
10 by  pie ent at  tha  hearing  of  thy 1
, 11. H. I Seattle case,* which was   postponed   on
account   of Ji!,'  Irwin  declini *.g  to
] hear lhe cay otl the grout d. that   prior |
(to Lis appointment as Judge  he had i
been attorney for the bfeudanls in the |
Sov. 17lh,-0.   P„  .1. II. N.i-n.   Ili.nlil.-r,  J.   S.   fase
the   Kootf lay  ...     I      luary    countiy,        Miller   Western Boy, N-n* v..rk  Fraction  *
were among the arrivals at tbe .lib. u       and Ethel, John a. Korr. j    The Windsor Cafe was opened to the
this  week    Th»y    my  1    Mug a   tup   Sov. 18th.-Florenee,Kllaclnrk.   Brltton, Ella  pubHc yesterday.   A specialty  will  be
- -ad Nell McCallum.    Iron Horse,        d     £ Sunday Dinners.    Drop in  and
nrk.    Virginia   City,   Chas.   liar. ! '
:.*.. Davis and I.. P. Dijir.   Sllvo- , see them to-morrow.
Tbe Cosgrove merry makers Will give |      Knob, Ella Clark. m*i™ IS., Nelson Tynon
STJv&Tl^rSStdI   Er:;:,:;i:"" CnuInol"; N";i 'T!" At J. Donaldson's this Week F^esh Bread'
firs  CO'mbinailon is j Nov.21st,-Coloradn, Thos. Walsh  nnd W. T.        Fin|
by lh; !      Oliver.  Cuba, E. M. Munns and 0. It. Nn
Ibrough the district che. ku.,;
different branches.
up  tl e r
T. II. KnightS has orire
more taken charge of this
establishment an'l is pre-
p-ited to furnish the citizens
of (irand Forks with
Tuesday evening.
Bpoken  of in tbe  highest   terms
[aval Oranges.  A large
incin ..I the Hi .t
press wherever they bave-been.   Tbeir   ^^1^^ GrSBniSry Butter 2t 35dS a
tpovlDg   pictures  1
pnOi o{ admission.
till   woi'.h   the ;
iiiinitiiiiii.   Maple I.onl, M-.-lnio.sti nn.l Mo
Cigars, Oaniltes and Oonfectioner
Bread Delivered to all parts of
the City.
joe McCarter,
Desires to Announce to the Citizens of Grand Forks
and vicinity that she will open ber stock of
ugti or
Dressed Lumber
Lath, Etc
Thursday,   Dec.    15th.
Which consists of a fine Line of
Sleighs, Doll babies, Picture books, the
Latest Novelties in Machanical Toys, in fact
Mill seven miles closer Santa   Claus will make his  headquarters
than any other mill     with lier during the Holidays.   All orders
left with her will receive prompt attention.
You are invited to call and examine my goods before purchasing, as
I am satisfied that I can suit you*
to Niagara,
AU Orders left at the Grano
Fork Hotel or at tbe Mill
two and a half miles nort.h-
v est of town wili receive
p'ornpt attention,


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