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The Grand Forks Miner Mar 26, 1898

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Array ■
.   '
GBAND FOUKS, 15. ('., SATURDAY, MARCH 20, [898.
I in- Old Klondike rn Havo Nol Vol
Started for AlawUa—Front I lie Ilc-
INirl of (1>«* MuiuiK-L-r of the Alice
.tlliM-—Hit; l'rojcct oil (lie Snlmoii
Kiver in Idiiho—Ore Shi pmi'ii In
From NelNOUt
None of thn old Khmdikers mid Alaska
pioneers have Btartei] on their return trip,
'Ihey will begin to leave from uhout the
middle of tills month until the middle of
April, and will then he in ample time to
get Into the country aud yet everything
ready for the npring break-up. Muny <»f
them are having their outfits prepared
now and when they get their "stuff" to-
gether it is quite a different equipment to
that of the average tenderfoot. The old-
timer will take along n good pair of rubber boots and a pair of leather shoes
adapted to thut. elimute. Hut his main
footwear is heavy moose hide moccasins
with heavy felt insoles aud medium
weight woolen socks. His underwear will
consist of a close woven suit of silk or
mixed cotton and silk, to ho worn next
to the skin. Next to that ho will huve
lhe besl quality of medium weight wo.den
underwear ami over that he will put a
heavy suit of woolen or mackinaw; over
all he will put a well made suit of asbestos tanned sheep hide trousers impervious
lo water und wind. This is his cold
weather rigging. As spiring approaches
liis apparel will he removed, suit at a
lime, until he only wears his summer
garb. Two outlits of this kind i-s alt he
will take.
In the place of blankets for winter use
and for use on the trail, they will take
fur rubes made from the skins of the
Arctic fox or wolf. These robes can he
purchased at from $50 to $100, and weigh
froni IM to 20 pounds und contain more
warmth than a dozen heavy blankets. In
extremely cold weut lier, while nn the
• march, it is impossible to keep warm
with only blankets. The perspiration
pusses into tlie folds und thoy freeze still"
and no amount of them will keep one
warm. In the summer, or when iu permanent eiimp or eithin, they are useful
and almost indispensable.
The old-timers do not use sleeping hays,
as they say they can't "jack knife" in
thein, and that is one of the essentials of
keeping warm iu lhat country.
The prevalence of cercbro spinal men-
Illgiti" in due to thc exlreme cold weather
and careless exposure of the body. Tlie
body becomes healed und perspires while
traveling, and when camp is struck and
flre is made the tenderfoot, instead of al
onee changing his apparel, stands before
(he lire, his foec is heated while his back
freezes iu lhe Arctic wind, and his clothes,
damp and cold, chill his back and brings
on the fateful disease, and in a fow hours
in many cases the toils and troubles of the
SUll'erer cease forever.
Tlie Alloc Mine.
Notwithstanding the low price of silver
Manager T. \V. JJu/./.o has been able to
make the Alice mine iu Butte, Mont., pay
dividends. The president of the company,
Mr. .1. V. Walker, in tlie annua] report
issued a few days sinec, says: The year.
considering everything, wus a fairly prosperous one for the company. We had to
deal wilh a very low price on silver bullion; the average price at whicli silver
bars sold on the market was .50-104 per
line ounce, being ,0(11437 per line ounce
lower thnn the average price in IStiti. The
receipts for the sale of bullion and ore
amounted to ,$">f>0,-l74.47. 1 am pleased
(o state that the company's mines and
mills are in yood condition. A great deal
of work was dine in the mines to keep the
same in good condition, und the Cornish
pump was kept running continuously in
order to keep the water down lo tlie 1000-
foot level The 00-stainp mill was run
throuyhmit the year, except for stoppage
for necessary repairs, etc. The hoisting
works of the Alice mine, also the Magna
Cliarta ami Blue Winy, were kept in operation nearly the entire year. Tlie Magna
Charta, Magnolia uud Paymaster mines
were run only a purl of the time. For the
information of stock holders I have attached to this report a statement of dividends paid from the commencement,
amounting to $1,0^5,000; also statement
showing the discount on silver, -amounting iu $.1.7.'10,7H7.4H, eoveriny (he same
period, fn this connection I would stale
thnt the. discount on silver lor the year
1S!)7 is the largest for uny one year in
(he history of the company.    The eom-
pany has a balance of cash on hand January 1,1808, of $25,110.17.
A   ->ln in modi    ( ii tl *t-rt,i kin k.
The latest news from lhe great horseshoe
on Salmon river, Idaho, where the Horseshoe Placer Mining company is working,
is that they are in 100. feet with their
ditch to turn the channel of llie river, and
(he work is progressing lo theft1 entire
satisfaction, This is a mammoth undertaking, being no less than a proposition
lo cut 1820 feet- through the neck of the
horse shoe, turn the river through the cut
und mine nof only the gravel taken from
and along side of lhe cut, bul also the
Iwo miles of river bed that the changing
of lhe channel will Iny bare. Thc lime was
wheu the river took' the direct route,
afterward changing (o go around the
horse shoe, and tilling the neck with gold-
liearing gravel. So rapid is the stream
that the cut will sirike the stream 10 feet
below its present level, 1 litis furnishing
au abundance of full for miniug. The
hill across lhe neck U high, being so
s(eep thut only 80 feet was run hefore the
cut became a tunnel, and it will continue
to be tunneling until (lie work is almost
. completed. The walcr will he introduced
gradually, a flume being put in, and all
the available gravel of the neek washed
through it. When Unit is no longer practicable the whole river will bc turned
through the tunnel—or cut it. will then be
—and the present bed of the river will
he mined. The gravel so far laken from
llTe ent and tunnel bas run from 00 to 70
cents per cubic yard, uu iininiint that has
gone far towards paying llur expenses of
the undertaking.
Tlie KellofHK Tunnel.
'l'he Kellogg tunnel being ruu by the
Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining and Concent rating company from near their mill
to the mine, is in over 1000 feet. When
completed it will bo nbout two miles long.
It was thought probable that new ore
bodies would he found while the tunnel
was being bored, but thus fur there has
been no sign of ore, although it is getting
well under the hill lying between Ward-
tier and lhe south fork.
l'ureliiiNe Price of Ihe JONle.
The dividend which holders of Josie
stock have been anticipating from the
money paid over on account of the purchase of the property hy 'he British
America Corporation will not be paid this
mouth, Possibly there may he a division
of Hie fund next July, but as there was
a general understanding thut a payment
lo the stockholders was to be mude iu
March, thc people who hold Josie shares
may deem it wise not to build up hope
again until they have the cash in hand.
It was understood, though never definite*
ly slated hy the directors, lhat. the purchase price of the Josie mine was $.300,000.
Governor .Mackintosh has been quoted as
saying tlmthls corporation had contracted
to pay that price. There was a prevailing
Impression, which was never contradicted
until now, thut the price was "about 4-i
cents per share.** As the company is
sleeked for 700.000 shares, this figured up
$308,000. A circular has been issued lo
the stockholders this week ovor the signature of P, 13, Snodgrass, seerelny, conveying the information that the mine sold
for $201,000, This is tho. first information of an official nnture that has been
given to tho stockholders since the deal
was consummated.
Ore Shipments.
The ore shipments from Nelson, B. C,
for the week ending .March 5 show a
marked increase ovcr the previous week,
both in amount and number of shippers.
The figures are as follows: Hall mines,
mat(e, (id (ons: Trail smelter, matte, 103
tons; I.e Roi mine, ore, 1000 tons; Payne
mine, 100 tons; Queen Hess, lul tons;
Kootenay Ore company. S7 tons; Vancouver Mining company, 40 tons; Comstock,
.10 Ions; Idaho, 00 Ions; Black Diamond,
lit) Ions; Poorman, Rossland, 140 lons»
Iron Musk, SO tons; Fern, 41 tons; Monte-
ziiiuan, 37 tons; Whitewater, 131 tons.
Total for the week, 200G tons; value,
$234.7.">0: making the total so far for 1808,
20,815 tons, valued al $2,304,407, an average daily shipment of 325J tons, valued
jit $30,007.14,
The  It <p p u hi lc   t ii mil.
TJnless all signs fnil n/it many yenvs
will ellipse hefore Republic will rank wilh
Unite and the best camps in the Coeur
d'Alenes, is the way it looks to a recent
visitor. So far no serious disorder has
marred lier history. Although lacking
thorough organization under lhe law, the
rights of all are respected, and peace and
order prevail. 'l'he first locations here of
mineral claims only date back about two
years, since which time the development
has been steady and sure, and has re-
j sulled in opening one of the most phenoin-
enul mines on earth, the Republic. While
(he development of thc Republic assures
to its owners great wealth, owners of
other claims have not been idle, and there
arc a good two score of properties within
a short distance which bid fair (o equal
the Republic when developed to the extent of thut property. The first location
iu the camp wus made on February 27,
ISOti, by Phil Creaser and Tom Ryan. A
few days later tticse men located the Republic, l.one Pine uml others. On February 21), 180(1, John Welly located the
Black Tail. On March 1, 1800, doe Sinister located (he Lost I-ode, on the surface
of which is the north pail of the town of
Republic. Other locations followed, until
hundreds of claims are staked mil in the
territory immediately surrounding tlie
ALASKAN   SITUATION l"'"k"l"- .rr1'"'•"»"•• '""the,e *
is opportunity to spread run ovor n
j wide expanse of country, now practic- i
ally unknown, but reported to be Hub
iu gold. Tbeie are Bald to be low
passes through tlie mountains frooi
botli Copper river and Cook's iulut,
leading over to tlie Tnnumi and tothe
head waters of Blrob creel*, by which
the now promising gold fields on the
American side of the line may bu more
lOillier   ii    Cliiiiiue    in    -Tiilm    or    Wnr
With   Amerleii.
Toledo, O., .March 20.—KxSeerelory of
the Treasury Foster says:
"The decision for peace or war really
lies wilh Spain. She must accede to intervention in Cuba or she must declare
war. Senator Proctor's vivid description
of the condition of lhe island and thc horrors suffered by the hapless Cuban recoil,
cen trad os show a condition which justices tin- United states in intervening
promptly. .Vow. what shape should our
intervention take'/ I am strongly in favor of doing it hy the recognition of (he
republic of Cuba as a free aud Independent nation. The United Slates should not
declare war against a weaker nation. Ful
the burden of the decision upon her by
the simple course of recognizing Cuba as
(Iron!   Mortars  ami   Immense   Itlltos
11*011*1 lo n«. Mounted.
I'euKiir-olri. Pin., March 21.—Powder,
sliol nud shell continue to arrive here in
large quantities for the forts and batter-
lea defending the harbor. Three of eight
big mortars for the new battery on Sunt*.
Rosa island have ulsu arrived, nnd they
will bc mounted ns quickly ns possible.
There is greal activity nt Fori Pickens.
In addition tn the si\ nnd eight-Inch rille
guns a 15-Inch gun is being mounted nt
Uu-foil.   Captain .1. W. MoMurray, com-
i "ling thcl wo butteries of lhe Fourth
artillery nl Fori ilurrnncns, has been promoted lir he major rrf lhe KiTlh artillery,
'l'he work oi' deeping nud widening the
channel on ihe bar is progressing steadily nnd lhe largest merchant steamships
now pass through il without difficulty.
It is expected lhal 28 feel of wuter will
sunn In. obtained.
The Spanish peasant works every day
nnrl dances half the night, and yet eats
only his black bread, onion and watermelon. The Smyrna porter eats only a
Utile fruit and some olives, yet he carries
with ease his.loud of 200 pounds,
The Eru-iy Rush ur KriK.-r Gol-lteekers
ill.vii.-f <y-'i!-f<.-tted 111*. Passes,   Other
Hollies Will  Hnve lu lie Opened.
Bpeclal Correspondence.]
Although tbo rush to Alaska mny bo
said to have only just begun, a condition of uft'uirs bas already developed iu
Dyea and Skagway which promises to
disappoint tbo expectations of thousands of eager gold seekers. Tlie t rails
across the Chilkoot and White passes
are practically impassable because of
tbo frequent nmi severe storms, and
will not bc in good condition until
about tbe first of April. Tbo result is
tliat thousands of men and thousands
of tons of supplies and mining outlits
are crowded together on this side nf
the summit tnnl bavo already reached
such number and quantity ns lo create
u blockade.
It bus been generally understood
that it was foolish to go up to tbat.
country earlier than Maroh with the
expectation of crossing the passes, and
that one who did so would simply subject himself to a Ion., wait, to needless
hardships and possible sickness while
consuming supplies whloh should be
kept for service iu the gold lieldH. Not-
withstailding ibis fact, travel begun iu
January and lias continued through
February, an average of a steamer a
day having landed men and freight nt
Dyea and Skagway. Those who look
tbis early start did so because tbey
fearerl a blockade ami were anxious to
get over the summit, expecting tn wait
at the lakes for the opening of the river
to navigation. The blockade tbey
hoped to escape hns come upon tbem
and they are not over lhe summit.
-Many have spent a month of hardship
and toil and are worse oft' because of
it than are ibe newest arrivals.
There are not less than 30,000 people
in Dyea and Skagway euuampcd along
lhe trails ns far an Ihe weather conditions have permitted Ihem to advance,
only a few miles at the most. The
quantity of supplies, outfits, boats, machinery, etc., averages not lees than a
ton to each man. This average will
be kept up during the month of .March,
an.I by the first ol April, when the
work of getting over tbe summit will
begin in earnest, a moderate estimate
of the number of men and quantity ot
freight lhal will be assembled there Is
flu,ouo persons ami 110,000 ions of
The only thing that has been accomplished on the Skagway trail to make
it more passable thun it was last summer bus been tlie building of some
small bridges, and some Improvements
on tlie road leading out from .skngway.
There has been a tramway project there
but no progress lias been made with it.
Tlie indications are tliat the Skagway
trail will not be materially better than
it was last summer, when it was nlock-
arlerl and rendered practically impns-
salde by 3,000 or 4,000 people and their
outlits. Of course, as long as the snow
lasts in the spring the trail will be a
better one than when the traveler has
encounter mud ami boulders, which
were such an obstacle a year ago.
As for the trail from Dyea, whioh is
tlio one experience has proved to be
the best, two tramways am are undor
construction for the transportation of
goods. One of these has a train railroad from Dyea to the base of the summit ridge, and an electric bucket system across tlie summit to Lake Linde-
niauii. The other hns two tramway
cables leading from the tirst and second divides ami ending at Lake Linde-
niumi. Connection between the last of
these and Dyea will be made witli
wagons and pack animals. Neither
of these enterprise is ready for operation, and the possibilities are that tbey
will not bc before the first of April.
Wheu in complete operation, their combined capacity will not exceed 400 tons
per day. Assuming tliat by the use
of pack animals 100 tons per day oould
be taken over the White pass from
Skagway, this leaves the total capacity
of all facilities provided for both passes
at 500 tons per day. Tbis means Hill
days lor transporting 60,000 tons that
will be accumulated there by the lirst
of April. In other words, accumulations could not be cleared away before
the middle of June, The probabilities
me, however, that during Ihe months
of April and -May au equal quantity of
new freight would demand attention.
lu this cnleiibition no allowance is
made for tlie freight which could be
taken on sleds by individuals and by
the ai.l of rings. This would he Inconsiderable, lu fact, wilh such a
miiHH of humanity and of goods, it
would be almost impossible for- freight
to be moved at all on those narrow
portions of the trail where the right of
way would be the subject of dispute
and contention, if people interfered
witli each other last full so as to cieate
a blockade on bolb trails with less than
6,000 people attempting to go over, it
does not. require a great Might of imagination to see ibe utter blockade that
would be created by 60,000 people.
One who intends to go lo Alaska may
well stop and consider whnt bis chances
are likely to be in such a mob, anil
whether be would not do better to seek
some other route or some other objective point than the Klondike legion.
Of course, transportation facilities from ',
the coust ports to Alaska have been j
provided for Dyea and Skagway, but
doubtless as soon as this blockade so
develops that intending gold hunters
demand to be tnken somewhere else,
steamers will leave tlie Dyea and Skagway routes anil seek other ports, such
as Copper river and Cook's inlet. At
theso places there is room for all. No
narrow   canyon   trail   confines lhe gold
Tin- Puke of Wellington wns Prime
I'   Wirier!  though be never call
rliu-cir so, nn.l bud in.-inv other nil-
, ii. 'I01'   Wi 'loo, though he uever called
easily  cached than by  be route across   -,-„,,„,,       „, J     ,.,,
the Chilkoot pass and down   ho hikes  for wWp||  ,„,,,    ■ '
u,,.. rivers      Ibe government   s ,,„w   ,„,,, „  .,,,.,. ,       ■ '
lilting  out an  expedition   for Copper  „,  , , ,,.,,	
river.    Undoubtedly these routes   will I      " '"    ™ "   '"".'i'* """   ''," I"1"' '""
be  opened  up  the  present  season by    °' ' '" '"* ,""   "" j"s    "'«■*
prospectors even should  not  tho greut       7   '   "«e fnke mim-.nd »,.l, ,
stream of travel be turned in tbat diroc  ■ ' - - ,    s ,"',' ''',""'•"' "'"  T"'
ti(lll I lag'   be iir-ked; "why dou I you bring
There nre nlreu.lv   indications  ol'  a
ihe dinner?"
•■\\Y ar
waiting," re
rc-l  ol*  lh.
desire on the  part of gold   hunters to     ''*'' ,W   ",'"'',  ,m  "le"T "
abandon their  idea of  going to   Dven I''■,'   * ' ,       ,'V '" '*' '''' ,l"1""
and   .Skngway, and to  stike out for the   "'""" lw,'"'*v  "'"*
Copper  river   and   Cook's inlet.    Be-J    After his first great successes, W. 8.
yond doubt this tendency will rapidly  Pculey, tin. l-ln.-li-li cm Una, hnd i.r
increase as tlie crowded condition  of
the passes becomes bettor known.    At
present tbe only facilities tin- reaching   "' I bean be jusi kepi alive by |,is "gng
Copper   river and   Cook's   inlet   is ll
United Stales nmi! boat operated by
! tlie Pacific Coast Steam Whaling Coin-
I pany  from    Sun   Francisco,   lire   two
small steamers now on lire route froni
! Portlnnd to Copper river, uud lhe small
! steamer running from Port Townsend
j to Copper river.    These  steamers  lire
already inadequate lo meet tbo demand
■ and  doubtless   inure will   booh   be [iut
on the route.
net   in   ninny   plays,   which   somehow
Old nol sec please the public. Sonu
Attention has also been turned in the lmve lo enlch the hvclve-flfteeu from
direction of the route hy Fort Wrung..I i Waterloo!"
ninl  Stickeen   river, Telegraph   oreek     a lady on Stnlen Isln nd n green
and  Teslin  lake, but as yet, facilities Irish gin for a waitress   U'lor training
; have   not    boen    provided.      Several the girl Tor n monlli, tlie Indv ventured
small   river   steiuners ure being eon- ,„ illvil„ ,vv„ V(TV (,•,,„•■•„• .„,,,,, ,„
struct,,! lor the stick  river, to ply ,],*, „    ,.*,„. two cours™  everything
between Fort U rang, 1  nnd   Telegraph ,Vcnl   well.    Bridge!   refrained   from
creek, which is the point of disembark- ..„„*.-., H>nm „,„ ., „„     „„,, ,.„,k<.(,
at,,,., ior the overland journey of the ,,. ,„.„*,    „„ „ ,..,.,,, „.W|    ,
160  miles  to   Luko   leslm.    On  this ,,„.    ll„t when she removed Ihe flsb
, stretch ,., ISO miles it is proposed by a ,„ *„kl! „ (lmVM ,„ „„. k|, ,     ..„.    .
' "",'", m ' l"*v "' «"*}""" " '■«."; ! bed orr the lop step, tn  -,-,-,,„„ uud
road .the  present year  under a specm     ,,,.,,.   .,,„„ ,
gram froni lhe Dominion parliament ot   " ''*"','T " '"]"t    ,* '"'^'t'T
80,000 aces of  land   per mile,   on.l !  . „     ,   T'c       ,      ,       7,  i      "
the time  net for its completion is  .lie   , , '  ,' V'"'' "'.' ''"IK""1-' b,Ul ll:" '","
first  of  Sep,,-,,,ber.    it   is   thus  seen Q "   \' «»''ver moved n uiusele
that, for Ibis season al  leasl, only such        " «"«'"•"*") I "".' voir  Ilm
travel  cm, go  over Ihe  Stickeen route  ^Irl «ashiNmn'all.i« hi rlcb.**! accent
us  canoe  bandied   by  pack  animals, j  '■»''"•»''lo.ioiuoi ,1,,- Mr,,,-: •• you
' and Ibis, of course, cannot be verv ex- :'"':": "":',MI ''ll1 "!" ■*•>' ''"w" sl"al'-
I tensive.      Possibly   several     thousand j 1"1   '",U*m' "" ""' ''*" i"]"" « '""''■''•"
I people  will  attempl  ihis mule, with !   A certain enilneni judge who wus n-
the probability that a large  portion of  ceully re-elected, when he wns asked
I thein   will   make a   failure   of   their  about the 1'iiclllly wllh which he lurn-
j effort,    should  Ibis railroad  br- Iniili ; cil froi ie case to i ther, replied
i uml a sufficient lirJ-.t draught steuraei I lhat be had learned lluil from vvlitil he
be placed on Luke Teslin nn.l Hootn- ! -"»' ai rr baptism of colored people
linqiin river, in another year the Stick- I when he wns u boy.   Tlio weather win
, ecu route would be tile favorite one.
| Undoubtedly n great many who intend to go to Alaska are waiting to tuko
, the  ocean und   river route  during tlio
'■ summer months. Here there is us
much   uncertainty as   on  the trusses.
', Tbe facilities huve yet to be provided.
Possibly us many us flO small steamers
I are under construction or huve been
purchased   for  use on   thr-  Yukon the
1 coining summer; but navigation of that
: river     is    expensive   and   danger,,n
ter section for $8,000 shake your head." i       NAMES FROM THE LATIN.
he    surd,   llulnlen. the marble slallle. i	
wllh the eyes of the audience, wns, ,,( 'l-jnlflcation of a Hmuii \„u>i,.< of
curse,  Immovable.  "All   right,"  suid Popular Cotfnonien*.
I)nvis, cheerfully.   "I uud these wit-    The Christian names derived from the
nesses understand lhal you wunt ii ut   Latin tongue are numerous, as nilgbl
Unit figure." The uexl duy he gave her   be expected from tbe grpa-tne-Bgr of the
the deeds und  look  ber good  money,   general  debt   whicli  .-ill   modern   hm
She probably might huve made u run-   {tinges owe to tbe speech or Home.
tellliun   In  en,lit.   lull   she decided   llllll '     Aiiilioiiy   (or   Aiilouyi   wns   U     milue
such diplomacy deserved recogulilon, rendered famous by a ltoman, .Mntvus
nnrl so accepted Hip situation. Thai la Antonlus-oue of the three who onee
bow she eunie h, be n IIIildnwucl' ill held conjunct rule over the world. We
Nevada. therefore place It among the appella*
Lions borrowed fiom Boom, though i: i-
derlved from a Greek term signifying
The  Btorjr   Which  the   Patent nllice   "flourishing,"
iierk Brought iiuck .vim Him.     j   Augustas ls a word which radically
The patonl office clerk, who bad been j signifies "Increasing," "waxing In lion-
oil' up in the mountains of Wesl Vir- ! or," aud In this sense wus given as a
gluln, where th.-y come down lo drink I supplementary name to ihe Urst lin-
I ..nr of ih.. clear waters of ihe Upper perlul Caesar, since whose time li has
Potomac, was talking al ihe dinner in* ' beeu common In the families of prlncos.
l.ie in ii,,. boarders who hud heen down I 'The name of Oaesar Itself, It may be
by Hn- sea. : remarked here, Is occasionally used ns
"Oue of llie ur.-n 1 iin-i up ihere." he " Christian name, li most prohubly
wus Baying, "was an Invalid, bin as signifies, elymologioally, "well-haired"
bright of iniii.I n< you could lin.I nny- ul' more likely still "red-haired."
where, ur course, In- hud lived among ' Prom being the generic appellation of
i In i-r- ini.n rr in ins always, nnd his limits ; -he emperors of Rome, Caesar has been
were narrow, nud his knowledge was adopted by other potentates In various
nol   comprehensive,   Inn   he   lnnl   read   'farters of the world.    In lieruinuy,
soil,,-.   .Ill I    he   hnd    heell    especlu II.V    ill-      (">'   O.YUlIipJl-,   It    \VUS    UlUS   USCtl   lU    '.fit
forested Iu incchuuics.   lie had a small   r'"'*** of "Kaiser," uud we believe the
 I chest, nn.l l.y his chair h.- hnd n   northern word "Czar" Is to Iw traced
table or- bench a I   which in-  worked   to the same source.
some every dny.   At rare Intervals in-      Boniface Is a name which wus much
earned small sums by t,i-s handiwork, - esteemed by lhe early Christians, ami
and he wns the general repairer for his   which  ninny  worthy Fathers of the
family and their neighbors.   I: wns ul   Church were well pleased to bear. Boul-
Ids inline I boarded for n we, I. while l ; •m'1' has an excellent signification   "a
was in  the mountains, uml when he   w'<di doer."
learned that I was n clerk In Ihe pulent      Clement and Constantino   nre   two
office, I became nr ,,,  lo hiin the nn* '■ names from the Latin—the flrsi slgnl-
ileus aboul which ul! his cnrlhly Inter- ' '■■ ln8 "mild" or "merciful," ninl the s.*r-
esi seemed to giitlipr. ; "ml "i" lute," "standing tlrni by an}
"For iir.- nrsi two in* tin* lays he   lultig."   Felix is a name lu this same
merely asked me lo wntch hlm nl his   condition: ii means "happy."'
work, nn.l then, ns he could, he asked      Tl"* '"'s' "'" have lo notice was n fn
nn- shy uud enuiioiis questions,   Final-   v°rile in oilier days, though, by some
ly In- unlocked n smnll box, which he   unaccountable award of fate, the name
seemed to treasure lis rl' t precious   is "" """,|' '" |M' heard among men. We
tiling In Ibe world, nnd. opening It, hu   "bud,* to the naine of Hilary,  which
exposed [o my guze the model nf s : signifies "merry" or "cheerful."
kind of n Utile machine, Wlun it wns Laurence is nn agreeable name uml
l did rr..r know, inn I could s,.,. Uml ii "'gullies "laurel like," or "laurel-crown
wns crudely made, nnd thai ir looked us   '■■■•" being derived from lhe Latin "lau-
If ir i ghl in- lhe model for some   riis." a laurel.
small household Implement, such us u      Lionel, "a little lion," In Its etyiuo-
nutmeg grater nr n ,-.>t't" fill,   To lhe   logical sense.   Martin is a good martial
Invalid ir irienui more than he could '""ne, "marrJnl" being Its proper slgui-
sny. und when lie hud set lhe box open ' ''<*«>'<>'"- Maurice means oue or Moor-
before me lie could onl.i nod between it lsh origin, ■■sprung of a Moor." Oliver
and  .is it he were introducing u«.     '~ (r'"" '<"' Latin word "ollva,"anollve
** 'It's mine, nil mine.' lie snld, after u I "'''''•   Patrick bus the sense of "a no-
while, reverently, l,!''" '"' "patrician."    Arabella is tirst
" 'Yes,' 1 replied, will I especial oh.   •'  alphabetical order   ot   the   female
ject. . ' mimes derived  from  llie  Latin,    ,-iu.l
■••V-s. and I have I u studying ir   ""*-*l|r> a "fair altar."
up so long. Kill I hnve ir now.' nud his Bnrbni-n is from the same source n^
fnce brightened, 'and I waul tu gel ii .'""' u"1''1 "barbarous," but has proper-
pi i'i-il.    only    I     hnven'l     mouey   l.v the soflcr meaning of "strange" or
enough, nnd ii is -,, slow lo make i "foreign." Beatrice signifies "making
money here.' happy."   Cecilia (and lhe less common
** 'Hui ir doesn'l require much,' I said, ' ""•l-' "'''""' 'Vl'Ul h,m' l» Hie *--*lln the
enenurngiugly. signification  "gray-eyed," or perhaps,
'"How much?" he inquired, eagerly,   "dlui-slghled."   Clara   Is   one   ofthe
'"Sixty-live dollars.' llnesl of our feinulc mimes.   It hns the
•■■for'this ,;■ he asked, as If sonic-   oi.-nnlrig of "clear" or "bright."   Con*
Ug. '  (III line o.e.-lMiiil.  w hell  II   WTClolr-
erl piny had been going for h wei I.s
III  this Ulillllll'l-, tliC eulleeileil yollllg llll-
Uri'i* cumc behind nmi asked Mr. Pen
ley why In. "gagged" so i -h.      "The
piny will be ull right," he said, "If you
will only speak my lines qulolly nnd
wall for lhe laugh." To ihis Mr. I'enlpy
replied promptly: "That's all very well
for you, old mnn you live in lown;
but, you see. I live iii lhe country, nnd
vi ry cold, so lhal lo Iniinc-tve ihe enn
ilidntcs ihey were obliged u, cui nway
lho Ice.   li befell Uml u bei e of Ibe
female converts  wns dipped  back  in
lire   Waiei',   Ihe   cold   lllrlile   her   squirm
nbout. .-unl lu ii nn,nieiri she bud slipped from tin- preacher's bands and was
down the stream undor the Ice. The
preacher, however, wus not disconcerted. Looking up wilh perfect calmness
ill lhe crowd mi the hunk, lie suid:
"Brethren, ihis sister lialli departed -
Channels are narrow aud  tortuous and   hnnd me dowu auolher.'
known   only to a   few people     Fuel is j    ,,,. „Mi(.„ M.|U MQ w(m| m ^
very difficult to  procuro, und   it ts „,,*   ,,„„ „.,.,, ,,,„,„.„ ,.„,„,.,,,     ,„ „       , of
dorstoorl  thru  the   companies already   ||](, ,.mu|m. whm h| ,, shi,l,|fl, W||(j
pernting on the river have secured ull
that can be bail for several hundred
miles from the mouth of this stream.
These companies will nut take miners'
outfits, preferring to take in goods for
their own stores und sell lliein to
miners after tbey get throe. Consequently miners wishing to take outlits
i will hnve to depend on independent
bouts which promises to be n very uncertain reliance.    Certainly, one going
u shy uml modest man ninl very much
alarmed ui having lo entertain Ids cynical lordship. Coming home in liis conch
wilh lire two judges, he thought il his
duty io make conversation for Ihem.
lie observed lluil he hoped ihere would
'be belter wcuther, ns the moon hnd
ellilllgeil. "And ure yoll such II fool,
Mr. .lories, ns to Imagine Hint th:' moon
has nny effect on  the wentliei'V" said
by tint route should  not undertake it  ;M:I"'1'*  "B«-Uy. Brother Maule," snld
Coleridge,  who  wus politeness   itself,
".vir ure very bard upon our   fri I.
Por my purl   1   think Uu- moon hns rl
considerable ell'ecl  upon ii. Then."
suid Mrlllle, "you nre us grent a fool us
.loins Is."   Aft ei   whieh. conversation
j tlm present condition nf" affairs  would I '" ""' ■--""■lilt's carriage languished.
be the opening up of new routes nnd i    Al n political meeting In n certain
I new objective points for  the thousands i Kew South Wales gold-mlulng ill-strict
' who will be disappointed in  their ex-  the chair wns tnken by   un   athletic
pectntion of getting over  tlio passes,   miner. The candidate during his speech
ind of getting into tlie Yukon country   wns much Interrupted by homings nn.l
unless the transportation company contracts with him to curry him clear
Ihrough to his destination. This, however, is u mutter about which moro
will be known a few months later. As
staled above, the natural  outcome of
ruii.-e menus '
Grace, one of
by the present route
Alnskn Millllla Niites.
Tbe Alaska Mining Record, pub
lished al .luiineau, in its latest issue
has tbe following items brought out by
recent arrivals fiom the interior:
Messrs. J. 1). Douglass and 1). Boyle,
who left Fori Yukon in December, nre
tlie latest arrivals from the interior.
These gentlemen made a short slay at
Dawson Cily, leaving tlmt place in
.Innuriry. They bring the latest news
from tho gold fields, and while rmlliin.
rough ehal'l'. anil his elinli-iuan was
soon iu ri stale of boiling Indignation,
Smothering his wrn'lh, however, be
nitrified th, "buys" by assuring them
thai   ni   lho   end of Un- candidate's
<] -It Ihey should be al llherly in pul
nny questions they chose. Accordingly,
ut ihe end of tin- hui-nngue he arose
mnl Inquired in stentorian tones nnd lu
a rich Irish brogue: "Hns inuy giuile-
iii.-in ii quest Irion to ttlrskV" A stout lii-
tle Welsh miner, who hnd been ,-, conspicuous disturber of ihe pence of the
startling bits occurred, they report a evening, shiiffied slowly up ihe steps
steady prosperity al the diggings, and °r ll"' platform. Hut nl ihe top In-
anticipate tlmt the spring clenn-upwili H-ns mel by llie chnlrmnu, win,, wiih
aggregate a sum not less than 116,000,- °"l 'he slightest warning, delivered n
000. As Mr. Boyle puts it, the yield lerrlllc Icft-atKl-rlghter, uml scn1 the
last year was soinewliat more tbnn *'.',- Welshman sprawling on his back.
000,000! at least 111 limes the number: "Now." roared lire chairman, "bus inuy
of men nre working tbis winter nn.l tin- other glnllctnnn n qncsthlon to nlrsk?"
uitpiit the coming spring cannot he less I -ami there wns no response,
than the sum named, after making nil'
Lnnglry.   who. because  of  a
more before lhe public eye, i.s the own-
in- of u ranch oul near Carson, N'ev, H
wns sold in hcr by "Sum" Davis, uf Ibe
allowances nnd observing nil due con- „„„,*.,.,. „,■ interesting events, is once
eervntism in making the estimate.
Almost every eluim   being worked in
tbe  Klondike  district,   is   turning  out
folly us well us wus antloipnted. I ;;:;:;p;;L .,.,„. w(0t*y of Ihc-snle Is sIiol-I
Hunker creek in particular is making .,,„, ,,,,,„,, „k,. u,.,ioi). but Is truth. Mrs
rich returns, while Lhlorndo, Bonanza, . ,,,,„.,„,. „.„s playing Oalotea. She bud
Sulphur   and    Dominion   creeks   mo   ,..„, s„ln lings with Davis looking
holding their own. |0 ,hl, ,,,,,-,1,,,^,. „,* ,■>,, much, but bud
Dawson Cily is  reported quite and   ,„,,,„ mulblo „, ,„.,,.,, „,,   ,„.,.   „	
orderly, with little lu break the winter   ..«.,,„■   Wlls consequently worried for
and monotony,    lho dancehouses and   ,,,.,,. ,,„. ,,„.,, „, , „„', „„ ,).,-,,„„,,.
gambling places inrnish the only excite-1 s „, n|gll( ,„, „.,.,„ „, ,,„. 9tflge door
"",;''•'     . . ,,   ,    _ ,     I of llie theater where the play was be-
Ihe opinion prevails In Dawson Hut, |ng p,,,,,,,,.,,,. .,,,,1, owing io his edltorl-
the regulation providing (or lhe colic,
tion of royalties will fail of enforcement, tho idea being based upon tlie
fuel tbat in the annual licenses issued
to miners uo mention is made of tho
royalty regulation, This position,
however, is regarded by muny ns untenable und there is little doubt but tbe
miner will be promptly mulcted iu the
10 percent royalty which the regulation
ul position, wus uiliniiied without qui
tiou. lie walled uniil Mrs. Langtry
took up her posltlou as tlie slultie of
Gnlatea, uud then, calling lliree stage
bunds lo Witness, he whispered from
lhe wings lu lier: "If yoll hear me,
wink lhe eye which Is further from the
audience." Galatea winked. 'Thut established DttVls' cuse. "N'ow, If you
i don't wuul lo buy the soul Invest quar-
tiling wer ■ choking nil tin* hope out
l,iin, ih.* sweetesl of nil ihe names given in
■••Ves: , iv n„. snine us nuolher,' I Cbrisilnii women, signifies simply "fa-
answered. *"or." or grace in Un- sense of favor.
".'Bul why si,..ul,I ir be.-  he risked, ul r-Vllc-lu has lhe sigulllcutioii of "happy."
inosr pleadingly.   'I saw Um picture of Julia Is a name In rather uu awkward
n pnteul machine u hundred times ns nredlciiineiil.    Ir    menus "soft-lmlred"
big us ihis liule fellow, nmi ii was only ' "' "uiossy-benrded."   Now whnt, in the
$116.    Don'l you think if s,, big u one "•■""' "*'' ll"l'1'"i'- "re wc lo do wllh a
could be gol for Wi:,. thru so little n oue    mossy chin I Julia, or, still worse, a
us mine might eosl only us many cents! I""'''* ,"1' '•"'•v •'"''' uM "' ,l *■'"•'
And bow can 1 ever get so much uiuney, '''tlthi,  usually  shortened  Into Let
sitting always in ihis chairV "''''• denotes "Joy,"   l.u.yi Is a favorlie
■*li was quite beyond my province lo Uliuje "'"* :|J"""'1 »"•    " 'i derived
help run of his trouble" concluded '''"'" '*"' s;l""' 1*'"ln w"nl "s ■•"* "d-
ihe clerk, "but  1  never In nil my life   )'*''llv'' "l"cld," or light, und hns n h
felt more like inking up n subscription the same meaning,
for the benefit of the suffering." Mabl'1 N '"ilher from Ma belle, slgnl-
  Tying  "my  fuir." or contracted from
The Peanut Core for Consumption, iiuabllls, "lovely" or "amiable."   Olivia
In ,1,■riling wiih   consumption    two Is u good uouie, dortved, like Oliver,
things nre needful: to keep up the heal from  the symbol of peace,  Ihe olive.
nmi vitullly, nud nlso lo kill out  u,e Patience    means    wluii   In   common
tuberculous germs,    (in,- means used i speech the word Implies,
to keep up ihe heal is cdliver oil—j    To close ihis catalogue of baptismal
which we do nol think very much of. us names from the Latin, we hnve bin one
we much l,refer sweei  crerrrn.  fresh other lo allude lo, namely, V'rsula; nud
butter nnd the oil of various inns. j bow ibis appellation eame to In- given
The   "Journal of   Hygiene"   states to any mortal woman we caunot guess,
Uini Ur. Brewer bus u new Idea con- The word signifies n "female bear."-
cernlng food  for consumptives,    His Saturday livening Posl.
Irenlmcnt eonsisis „f ti,,. Inhaling ihe'
fumes of vluegar nnrl  ihe eating of ,           Parthenon i« Veneered,
peanuts.    Ho  gives  bis  patients  ns Tlie Pull  Mull Gazelle usseris thai
many peanuts ns tbey cun ent withoiil w hen mi Inquisitive Investigator climb'
Injuring iheir digestive ol'gaus.    Two cl up the scaffoldings which have been
young ladles, who had been the rounds ereoled for the purpose .,r repairing the
of the doctors iuuI taken cod-liver oil   Parthenon, tl thor day, lie discovered
nnd ionics till they were nearly dead, I Hint, while the outside of lhe structure
wen- pul on his iri-ni in uml reco! ■ I- of Ihe lini'sl   I'entelllc marble,  tlie
ered.    Concerning   these    cases    Ur. material  behind  lho   external    layer.
Brewer says:  "I now commenced f I which, ,»i course, wus never Intended
Ing peanuts,   une would think ihis n   io u i Ibe public eye, is ,,f l( schistic
very Indigestive diet, but they craved nature, nmi hns yielded in the ravages
Ihem, nnrl il bus nlwuys been my policy uf  lime  mftlclenlly    lo    destroy     Clio
to find out what my patients desire in beauly of Ure masterpiece of Phidias,
eat, and unless It ls too unreasonable 1 In  faet,  lhe s,,rrer stone behind  ihe
humor them.   Both young ladles huve beautiful marble bus simply crumbled
become quite plump, nnd after a,venr's  and bronchi down Ih itslde layers
Inhalation hnve ceased coughing, nmi I wiih It,
pronounced theu,   well.    'The    peniltll
wns long known ns an excellent fat-pro* "' believes," said t'ncle l.beti, ",bu
ducer, uml much more agreeable than de t""""" n"'1' would be connld'able
rancid shark-oil Hint oftentimes is sold   " is,'r ■•"' '"'I '' •*' •*"" l"ul'1 8" Vl»
for cod-liver oil.   While nol all cun di* "' l'"11''1' "" nhguiueui as easy us you
gesl peanuts, a great muny i ven will,   khl Ki*   ''" '""',|' " ,'il'''"» PUhew*-
feeble digestion, ea I them without -lis •""'■■"   Washington Star,
comfort.   II bonis lhe Koch lymph, nn.l      .,.„        .,,„.  .„,. „„' f ~ „,„
,s the most satisfactory ireatnieni  I   , lg mto elevator or mine shaft, n
have ever tried tor these diseases," vv„v,,„ ,„,, •„ ,nlllg „„ „.„,,, K|l|l, „r |hi,
Just   Like u Woman. cage,   wilh    cross    nel    partitions    ul
Mrs. Upperten   Answer Un* door bell, s|iori dlslances lo catch Ihe fulling per.
Mury, und sny thai I'm not nt home,     ; sen.
Mary—All right, mum. To iighTtbeflre In n stoic ,u nm de
.Mrs. Upperten (five minutes Inter,- |lMd tllne .,„ obsorbenl roller Is set al
Whowaslt, Mary-? Uw ,op llf au |„t.nne-| Burfaec, n, be
Mnry   Mr-.    Biwnslxine   um    |glllted „,„, „ ,, llll,u„. lhe ■■..,.,,„>
daughter. whl,n  set  lu   Mt,.t ion   by  tbe   clock
Mrs.  tpiierlen—What  did   ihey sny ! uiechanlslll.
when you told them 1 was nol at home? i ——	
Mary—'Tbey snld:   "How fortunate." ' Two Southern men have designed  n
Let »-,«:,.,.« Re Kygooc-s.               I "",l0'' ,01' "M "' eU,Urnln» KhU'u ™'
Lady no applicant)- If vou area good : Bl8ta of H fl"""'w",'k '■'"'.'.vliig n Bhaft,
cook whv did you leave your last place?1 ■1<'vl">* " »ll"1;r,,';1 ",   "'"*' ''"'1 "»d a
Cook-I-'alih, an' It may be for o,- crank at the other, which operates the
snine reason thot yoiu- cook wus afiliei ! l'asher-  |	
luviu you.                                                j jjg woujHn buter Is a single man. THE   MIN Kit.
THK MiNKK Is prluted on Saturaayt, and will
bo mailed to uny nd-tln «• In I anada or tbe
United States :"■ r out u     :lpt of two
dollnn.   Single ropiee Hve cent*.
rate of 12 [>er. olumii Inch per month,
tboratoo! 16 cents per nonpareil line first
tion, however, and tbat is there is an ■
election soon 10 occur and (hat thc electors of tbis distiict can ibow their disapproval cf the oction of the government when it conies to the polls.
"Victoria, li. C , March 23—There
was a lively debate in the legislature on
the motion of Helmckcn ot Victoria,
that the dominion gov1 rnment b: asked
I to r- fu-e a charter to I>. C. Corbin for a
m. Adrerttiuwcuti running for a I railway into the B undary Creek coun
Helmcken took thc * i w that lhe
road would divert British Columbia ore
and traffic to the United States side.
The debato turned into a fi^ht between the governm nt and opposition.
Tbe premier strongly hupp >rled the r^-
1 niantlu areelasaeU
ihorter period than tl
COKKSSI'ONDEN* G 'mm   "Cry  P"rt  0l   tho
Yale District and commimh .iltonsupon live
topics  always   acceptable,   -ocml  In  your
news while it is frwh, and we will do the
JOB PRINTINO turned out in Rrst-clasa stylo
ut ilia shortest notice.
Address F. H. Md ARTER* BON,
GKAI ll   I QHKB, l\, <!.
Carson Lodge I. 0. O. F. No. 37.
ni \ o'clock i" Iheli
till nt car-.hi. M  ''.   \ cordial luvitfttion ex-
Mldedto0ll.ojonrni.,ffbrPathn!n.gj;ji ^
Wm. M.Cubk, R.8.
A s!tting (f'he county court Will bf !
held at Midway on May 7:h.
The (tree a the Winnipeg bas been
increased during the psst week.
Several claims in Wellington camp
will be crown granted this spring.
The owners have done tbe as^esam?r.t
on the 1 abo and Prince claims in Sum
mi: camp.
F, M. Kirov is surveying a couple of
mm -rai cl ims in Wcllii gton camp for
W. Sterling oi Vancouver.
A large amount of development work
will be i ne in the vicinity of Nelson,
on the reservation, tbis season.
Lumber for Eureka-
Mr.   E.  Sp-agpe't   sent   nine   teams
loaded wi h lumber 'u  Repub'ic  this
week ard would hive ser * as m my
more it he could have trot them, as he
b is orders fur 20,000 or 10,000 feet of lumber '.o be delivered at that camp by the
[st of Apri*.
solution, as *il.*o did ihe tn imbcrs ol the ,    Greenwood ban placed n rax rn Caus.
nriir.    r r. .VI .. ., ,       lull     ■ t,    .    mi    w.r-,     int lit   IT, If   fl  .    . ..'.... , «-. ,
government, but -hj opposi ion wanted
delay so they could uee bow the matter
si ond.
I*'rorn this tbc debate turned into a'.-
ttck btiwccn the government and op-
pcei'ion, the government taunting tlie
oppuai'ion with being last y ar opposed
to ttas bill to give a bonus for a Canadian ror.d liom Pentictcn and now sup*
P"ning an American road. Tbc oppo
sition took the view that thc govt rnment were trying '0 give a mon P'-dy to
the Canadian Pacific railroad.
At 6 o'clock, when the bouse usually
rifes, the speaker would not see the
11 lock, ar.d motion after motion by tbe
late [ opposition to adjourn was voted down.
l > ih inn., out   Iron Grey and  one Bway I
backed ueldlntr.   No brand* vixlble: owner
(■mi have the snme i*y calling on tbc undersign-* i
■ ti mid paying cxpmise-i, othervvlso tbe auimals
will be d-twlt wiih according to law. ,
Ohas, Kjimekt.
A sitting of the County Court of Yttlir will l.y
holden at
Qrand l-orks on rionday, pthJDay ol
May, 1898.
at 11 o'clock in tlio forenoon,
ll>'I'liiiiiiuiii.l S. R. ALMOND,
~^'~h-~$-~^'~i'-~^,~L--~&-~^-~y-~b--^-~*'-~*'-~*'-~*'-~- «.
We Lead Others Follow.
This week we are Ottering a fine Assortment of
nl l'*l
. Mfln-lr litir. IS'.:.-
Government Office, Gran*] Forks,
fell, li., Mureli 10. 1898,
c. c.
icvernl   aays   late i opposuion io aajourn was voicu oown.      i p   gen)enway,  superintendent  of
to    ci..**.rmst,irrfs! At las*, seeing that nobody would get  thJ Qld lronsldts  m\M> waB taken   to
any dinner unless   some   one   made  » I ,h;- hospital a', (ireenwood, l>.st  week,
Thc .
Thk   Miner  is
this   week   owing
over  which i' has   no  coniroi.     ln;=| moVe, the speaker left the chair and tbe
1 ilure of o*.ir paper  11 reach   us unil; house found a right se-sion on lis hands
March 31 st, live days lato, has caused the  a day bcfoic it was cxpecteti,
cdi-or to have trouble ot his own.   It | oppose the charter,
Mucus  on    Match  24th and     Late tonight the  Itrgislature passed
This is  something  that   Grand   Folk
oui;ht to have 1 one a long time ago,
R. ('lark is having some cb.im-i
veyetl in  Seattle cnrr.p.   C,   .1     Sbaw,
1J Y. S„ ol   Greenwood,   is   doing   the
The Commercial hotel at Greenwood
' as changed hands attain, Hugh McKce
havii g puicbased the interest oi bis
partner in tbe business,
Mr. Chas. Hay o; Upper (irand Korks
has 1 old   a  one-lomt.i  interest  in the!
Gem mineral claim, in Ijyailwood camp
to E. A. Bielenherg of Greenwood.
J. I*'.  Ikinenway,   superintendent
NOTICE Is hereby Riven Uint h special inet't-.
January, A. D.
iv. will I..-InT.l hi tii.. o.irr.-01 thf company, at! pany."
r'.inir.l Korks. II. C, on  Monday, thf 4th rlrry uf I 	
April, WOS, at the hour ol noon, Ior lire follow. |    „„_..,„„,. lh„ .,-„, ,,„,. „
liigpuniosin:    In)  T shier a proposlticm 1, HMIststefl the 2,rh da>  o
!„ ffsidS .'"im no-''i'l''.;! 'luTOi s!;ii;"oi Ihi l V"EttKBV CKRWFY tlmt I Have this -lay  re  ,
1      r I-   ■,,,',■    i,V     I 1    ',.-  L  .-B.il   - ; 1 l-'i»rrrri-.l lllo "Koclt  Creek   Uol.l nn.l Copper |
toiians a rwom-  J. |,Ullng oompany," as an Extra-Provincial
Company under th -.. ■ ,,.   uu- ■ ,.,
Fresh   Dried   Fruit,
Direct from California, It will piy you
to call and inspect cur stock as
Our Prices are Right.
nidi' ni.
w linli! nr nny part nfthc aasbtfl "f tin1 company;
[c] tudliunargu ono Jus, B. Woll£« from tue
position ol dlrortor ol thv oompany.!
Tung. 1. Parkinhom, President,
I int id ut ..ruiiil r.nks, Mureli '2nd, 1808.
i i,i, i <
lhe resolution opposing the Corbin char-
Bnoulil have been bete on March 24th via ; 'cc
Williams'express line. W'uen Corbin; fbe estimate of revenue and expen-
geis his charier, theay petty annoyances j el 11urty*b (or thc next (.seal year was sub-
will be a thing ofthe past and evcry-r mitted to tbc legislature. The estimated revenue ii $1,443,393; estimated
expenditures, $1,902,600; making n de-
■ licit of over |*,5oo,cco, Tiie large in-
creaso of  expenditures   is   lor   public
Keep your eye on Grand  Forks, the  Wo!ks*	
future smelter  point oi  lhe  Boundary Will Increase Ti«>r Facility.
d strict. IJ■ 11 McBlrov, one of iho hustling pro-
body will 'ct) happy.
Jir^T watch 11-, bo >n*i!
Nut long since the war cry was "Canada lor tire Tuppcrsj" now it is "Canada
for the Gfii'liin;." Wo suggest that
it be Car.ad... lor tire C. I'. K. and then
call it oil.
With a complete wator and etecttic
light plant, a 100 ton smelter and two
railways Grand l-'orks is bound to bc
the future metropolis of tbe district.
All others i.ill be merely side shows.
Victoria ty thc action of her board
of trade has shown that slit- defies the
Boundary counlry. In buying goods
every resident of thc lioundary country
should make it a point lo see that he
purchases nn goods that were bought 111
Victoria. "An eye for an eje, a tooth
lor a tojt'a."
Thk inteie.-t in U.e result of the fight
lor the Kettle Kiver Valley railway
charter is so great here tbat half of the
town stays up until the arrival of the
ii.igc, which is generally between 2 anil
-, o'clock in ihe morning, to see it it
bungs any news Irom O.tatva btaiing
o.r the t'uc.t on.
The war clouds that bavo been hov-
eveiing over the Hulled Stales and
,S|j,ii,i appear t( be breaking away in
the far distance, and the indications
Seem to be that the public has been fed
up,.11 what is ap'.ly termed—-"wind
pudding." The idea of the United
S.a'.es fighting anything is too ridicu*
laus  to  consider.
prielors of the stage line between this
city and Republic, surprised everyone
in the upper country last week by making his appearance in a new suit of
clothes, and when his partner, Charley
Hall of Marcus, heard of it I.e look the
fust singe for the Foils lo find out
what had struck Mac. It is Eaid that
(his is Ihe fust lime Mae has had a
a change of clothes in tix years, nnd
Charley is aytlioriiy for thc statement
that all his friends in M ir- u.- are of tire
opinion that, he had gone insane. On
his arrival in tbe c ity, -.-nd ascertaining
that Mac did not "blow himself" for the
Clothes, but tbat thi y were a present f.-oir. his many admiiers in Ibis ci y,
in uppreciat'on ot the manner in which
lie lakes Hum over the roud, he said
that a greal load h; ii  been  lilted  from
1 his mind. Owing to the heavy travel
between bere and Republic tho b*>ys ex
i peel to increase their tacilities ami wiil
i be able to Bend out extras whenever the
1 occasion demands,
The Opening Ball.
' lj-.uiier hall, Upper Grand Foiks, will
I bc opened on the evening of Iiaster
i Monday, with a grind ball. It is the
intention of those who have the matter
in ha. d to make it the grandest affair of
the kind ever held in the Kettle River
valley. The music for the occasion will
be furnished by Porters's ochestra ol
Greenwood, and the arrangement of the
progrirm has been delegated to Prof,
iioice, teacher of d.inyiiig and fashionable ball room prompter. Tbe price of
admission has been placed at the moderate sum of £!, which docs not include
supper. This hall is the largest one in
the district ami the floor haB been put
in with a view of making it a ball room,
and see that
It may be rather early yet to think ol
selecting a candidate for the  provincial
elections, which in all probability will! Don't overlook the dat
1 ot occur until sometime in July. Hut j your best girl is in shape to be present,
it may not bo out of place to announce | at what promises to be the most fashion-
that when the time arrive.; that Grand j able ball given in the district this sea-
i'oiks will bc in thc field with a winner; son. 	
and don't you lor get it.
Can't Keyp Away.
Frank Sears returned la:,t week  from
where   he   went last fall   to
The bosses of the Vancouver World
must   have  been   "lucking   up" Editor r5*1    ,
»r  r 1    .1    1    . .v. .1   .        «  1 spend   the   winter.     Frank   savs   that
McLagan.    I.i tbe list month that paper    r ' '
, .    . ,. ..     ,..„ there s no place like Grand I-orks and
has switched thiee   times regarding the ,.,',..        , ,
I is confident that it is only a matter ot
1 time until it is one of the best towns  in
British Columbia.
Mr. Sears expects to engage in busi-
! ness here in lhe event of a railway
! starting to be built into the district this
season,   At present Mrs. Sears is in the
i Sacred Heart hospital at Sookanc where
granting of a charter to the Kettle liiver
Valley railway. It is n haid proposition
{or anyone to uuccessfully conduct a
newspaper with a brass collar around
his neck, and Editor McLnganis to be
pitied, because he is a gentleman who
w >uld du what is right if he was left to
his   own  dictation!.    It  is to be hoped
j she is having an operation performed
and exp. cts tc j iin her husband in this
city as soon as she is able to leavo the
hospital, with a view ot making tbe
Tin-: attempt,of lhe people of Ross-' Forks their future home
land to have an electoral district formed
out of the city of  Rossland and that
th it the time will come when bc will not
he o.vned and controlled by so heartless
a corporation as tho C. P, R.
portion of the  Kettle  River basin,   as
should   be
Pushing it Along.
Paul Fisher, manager of the Columbia
Steam   Bottling  works at   Greenwood
[at went as Greenwood, snouia ne j was *n the city the first part of thc *eek
frowned down for more reasons lhan 1 |n lhc jn,erest „■ his firm_ Besides be-
one. Ill the first place two-lhirds of j -ng (,M(, ,„ furnisb aU kinds o{ sott
the population of the t'islrict would be r B0C.Uj-.hey are prcpiued to supply the
in the city of Rossland, winch wou'-l 1 triide with a first-class bottle beer, man-
have a tendency to keep this portion of 1 ufactured by the Lion  Brewery com
oi Rossland. As this company
place we hive no direct connection | a(raid t0 let the public knowthey havea
with Rossland and in order to get there j g );&0,* ^.-^ q[ b..cr for Slle lhey
it is necessary to ",o around Robin-15hould m(,c. w,[h success and we pre-
hoodH burn. Grand Forks and the cl{l- diet tbat it wili only be a matter of a
jens ol the Kettle River valley have thc I shoit time until they are doing tbe bus:-
klndeit feelings for Rossland and i*s ; "ess of this section, as thev handle a
, .  ,, ....        1.   good article and are not afraid to  push
people   as   a   neighbor,  but   when   it I j, „-on„
comes to giving up Iheir birth-right it is
suffering from an attack of fever.
Mr. F. Keefer, resident repre enta-
.ivo of the Boundary Mines company, ;'t
Greenwood, left last week lor New
York, th y headquarters of the comj. any,
A half interesr in ihe Wild West ar.d
Vou No, in Ueadwocd camp, uud all interest in tbe Kimberly, on Pa-S creek,
have byen purchased by A. Eargerson
from J   M. Lloyd.
Tbe government has promised lo put
in a fer.y nt or near thc mouth of the
west fork of the Kettle river. This st- p
was found necesrury in order to accommodate the |rosf.ec:rjrs who have claims
in the Cayon cieek district.
The Greenwood Dramatic club gave
an en.ertaiiinieiit at Midway, Wednesday evening of last week, and rem likable us it may seem, the residents of
that village survived the ordeal At
tbe residents of Grand Foiks have thc
reputation ol being pretty tough you
hnJ better come over and seo what im-
pression you can make on thein.
A tunnel baa been run oa the Bruce
mineral claim, on Ingrim mountain,
near Midway, which at present is in
13; feet, and the miners at work tire-re
think tl.ey have ei lick the foot wall,
and that the ledge will be tapped in
about 15 feet more work. Tne roc'-r
they aie working in is said to be well
n ineralized.
The final arrangements were perfected on the 17th inst. whereby the
Phoenix claim, tn Greenwood camp,
was sold to A. Gait, one of the stockholders of the Old Ironsides company
Tne Phoenix wns located in 1S1/4 bv
Thos. McDonnell, R. Denzler ami Jas.
Schofieid,and lio; between the Stem-
winder and Old Ironside and adjoins the
Idaho. Fair assessments bave beui
dono on the property, r.nd while r.o
strong leads have been discovered,
from tho position of the claim, there is
no doubt bet development work will uncover a good ore body.
OU Ironsides   Concentrates.
Secretary P.nfield, of the Old Ironsides mine, In Boundary Cieek district,
says tbe Spokesman-Review of Ma.cb
23, was feeling especially happy yesterday on account of a favorable showing
made by a local assayer on ore from the
Old Iron.ides,
"1 submitted to thc assayer," said he,
"ore tliat went $15.57 to tho ton for a
concentrating test. I have just received
his reports, which show that thc concentrates assay $6i.34, The test shows that
97.6 per cent of all values aro saved in
the concentration process, of which 7.57
per cent is gold and 21.9 per cent silver.
For Sale.
One of the best farms on Grand Prai rie;
bearing orchard and  small  fruit.   For
further particulrs, address,
VV. H, Covert, Catscn, B. C.
Eggs For Sale.   $1 50 Per Setting.
FToai full-blood Plymoth Rock chickens,   Premium stock.
tliio. W. Ingraham.
1 aftor 'into 1 Intend lo apply to tire
iiiniir.slr.inrr ol Lallrl ii; Works (or per-
mission 10 purchase tho lollowlliK iteicrllicil
land atluatca In the Osuynos IJhisfuit ol Vale
District in Hn- Province "I liiiiislr Columbia.
Coiumoncliifr nl n post marked s. !•'■ oomer ai
the Kouih west earner ol Lot 717 North 1'orl* ot
Kettlo River thence weal forty rhatni, thonco
north forty cliiiiiis, thence first lorry chains,
thence Kouih forty chains lo polntof commencement contatulnglG*) acres inoro or less.
Kl.l.A C'r.AlrK.
Orand Korks, 11. C. Jan. lTllr, 18011.
lintit of rirsi pabllcall ur, Fobruary 12th, I*-'-!.**.
Dateol lust publication, A ;.i-li mill, mils.
Situate in the Grand Korku Mining Division of
Yule District, Whoro Located—In i'liss Creok
Drown, Free
'   iixty
Mining'Itoeorder for certificate of Improve-
muiiiB. for tho purpose of olitittni:jj; a Crown
grant of tlio nbove eluim.
Ar.-l further take iiolico tlmt BCtlon, undor
to lion 37, in 11 .-Llie commenced beforo the issu-
ice of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this lLMh dav of March, l-W.
Dure of lirst nUtJHoatlon, Mureli 19, 19, 1808,
Dale of lust publication, May 21,1808.
TAKB KOTICE thnt I. II. (J. Drown, F
Miner's Certllleate No, OGA, Intend, si
days from iho ante hereof, lo apply to
Situated In the Grand forks Mining Divison of
Yale District, Where located—111 Fuss Creek
*TTAKE NOTICK that I, IT. C. Brown, Free
I      Miner's   cevtiticnle No. liiiA,   intend,   BlXty
* days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mfulng Kccordor fnr a certilicate of Improve*
men tit, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the nbove eluim.
And furl lier take notice that action, under section ii", must be commenced beforo the tisu
auco ot Biich eer tficnte of improvements.
Dated this 12th day of March, 18U7.
marl'.i-may'il, 1SDH.
MINERAL   ACT    1896.
CEUTinCATE Of improvements.
Coin Mineral Claim, Situate In the Grand Korku
Mining Division of Yalo Dit-Lrirt. Where
located:—Oil the booth side of Newby ereek
about ono mile west of the North Fork of
Kettle river,
TAKK NOTICE that J Prod Wollnttton, acting
' int agent for the Hold Coin Mining company,
Limited liabilities free mlner.s cortllicuto No.
8J41A, intend, Blxty davs rrow the date
hereof, to nr-ply to tho Mining Recorder for a certificate of lm pro vein ants, lor the
purposo of obtaining M3rown Grant of the above
claim. And ftmher take notioo thai action, un-
dor section K7, must he commenced before thc
Issuance of such certificate of Improvements,
Dated this 8rd day of February, 18'.)".
Date of 1st publication. Fob. 12th, 1808; date of
lasi publication, April 16th, tilth, 1808.
Ontario mineral claim, situate In the Grand
Korks Mining Division of Yale District.
Whero located: Summit oamp.
pAKE NOTICK lhat I William Shaw, Free
I Miner's Certilicate No. 87,520, intend, sixty
days foi m the date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Itecorder for p. Certificate oi Improvements,
for tho purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
Ami further take notice that action, under
Bection 87, mtiBt be commenced before the ia-
Buancoof such certificate of Improvements,
Dated thiB LOth day of December, 18H7.
'Companies'Act, 189!.
carry out or effect all or an; ofthe objects hereinafter set forth to which Ue legislative Authority of the Legislature of liritish Columbia extends.
The head olliee of llie Company Is situated In
tbe City of Spokane, State of Washington,
The union it of the capital of the company is
eight huudord thousand dollars, divided into
eighl hundred thousand shares ot one dollar
The head oflice of the Company In thiB Province lb situated In tho city 0! Vauoouvor, and
Johanna WuliTnohn- Imperial Qtcnuui Consul,
whoBo address \- No fJOi, Granville street, Vancouver, i* the attorney for the company.
The timo of the existence of tho Company is
tiriv yours,
Tno objects for which the Oompany Las been
established aro:—
To buy, sell, lease, bond, explore, mine and
mill and to do any necessary work for the de.-
vclopmcut and operation of mining property; to
construct, main tain and operate reduction and
smelting plants or mills ior private or public
ufe, to construct, maintain and operate trails,
muds, lines of transportation by laud or water;
lo build flumes or ditches, or acquire water
powor or water rights and to lease and sell the
same; lu fact to carry on ngeneiat mining and.
reduction business In all us various departments in compliance with the laws of the Stale
of Washington and tho Province of British Columbia, Canada, under whicli we shall operate.
Give under my hand audseal of office at Victoria, province of liritish Columbia, this 27th
day of January, ono thousand eight hundred
and ninety-eight.
[I..9.J 8, Y. WOOTTON.
Registrar of Joint stock Companies.
Date of first publication, Maroh 5th, 1*98.
Date of last publication, April 9tb, ISM.
(McQill Univ.)
Goronor for Grand Forks Mining Division
ot Yiiiu Distrlot.
OFMCiEi- Jubilee Hospital, Grand Forks, Ii. c.
Blue Vitrei. Jeff.jMo
& Co.,
We have jusc received
a lar^'e quantity of Blue
Vitrei. Don't overlook
this   fact    when    you
Garden Seeds. #
it you waut to ralso
good   Keeping Onions,
they keep tbo Celebrat- .*■
ed   Fan no  Onion Peed \?*7
for gale.     Also  onion k*i«.
fhe Up.-to.Date Merchant^ ■»-»_»* s?«ti»o»M*rf». W
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Anil Civil Engineer.
Office, midway,b.c.
Associate Member Cuns-ll-in
Hot-icly   ol  Civil   Kngiliters.
Solicitor, Etc.,
Olllco, Main Street,    -   GRAND FOKKS, B. B.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Civil Rnglnoer, Etc
Barber Shop
Centrally Lnoatod.  All Work iiaiiraritee-t to be
First-Class in every Respeot.
tlie district (rom  having  a  rcproscnta-,      n
tive in thc local house.    Jn the second I are   liberal   ;,,iv.-ri.;Jcr,   n-rl   arc   r.nt
a rl ffyrcut proposkion
?"oil the last year lhe  people   oi   the
Second Car of Republic Ore.
Returns on the secomi carloari of ore
from the Republic mine was received at
Boundary country have been regaled ; the office ot thc company in Spnkine
by the va-ious members Of the govern- j iast Tuesday. The returns were at the
ment how much interested the govern- j rme 0( -*,[ i-i per tun, which is about $n
i.ient wns in this distill I receiving ade-' pCr ton better lhan the first carload, re-
quata transportation facilities, and it turns on which were royeived about a
waB stated from the platform at a pub-; montii ai;0* Shipping oto is a serious
lie meeting in Ihis city, by Mr. Martin, I matter at present owing to the long
not long since, lhat il it had not been j i,aul and the fearful condition of the
for the opposition that a rail ay would i road. The early completion of
have heen built through this district the
last yci»r.    Within   the  last two  weeks
i'rem.iir Tumor assured icprcscntalivcs
from this district who interviewed bim on
thesutj ct, tliat thc government was
h.-anily in sympathy with any effort to
have a railway built into this distiict
the coming season.   To show  how  sin-
company's mill will enable the Republic people to extract the wealth fiom
iheir remarkable ore at home.
A New Ficijht Line.
W. I, Snoilgias.-,  senior   member   of
the firm of Snodgrass & Son, Okanogan
Falls, was in the ciiy  last  week,  interviewing our merchants relative to hav*
cere the members of the government i inu then freight come via Pentieton.
are in their professed inteiest in the j He says that hi,* tirm contemplates put-
weliare ol  the  lioundary country the  ting on a string of freight teams  to op-
lollowing telegram from Victoria speaks
volumes. The old saying that "the
pro f cf the pudding is in the eating" is
very  forcibly  impressed   upon   one  in
this ms'iincc-   There is one consoU-
erate betwein Pentieton and the lioundary country, and that through ai-
rangements thoy have with the C. P. R.
they will be able to deliver goods here
ass cheap as il tbey came via Marcus.
Grand Forks Mining Division.
March 17:-
6t. Patrick, Goat Mountain, T. Newby ct al.
Artie, Wellington camp, I). C. McLaren.
Overland, Lookout camp, Jell'. Davis.
March 21 i—
Tammany, Pass Creek cninp, 11. C. Johnson.
March 28-
Jolley, North fork, J. \V, Jones.
Golden, Brown's camp, Alex. Omen etal.
March 17:-
London Prize, J. Wil ford etal.
Tunnel, 1". Frederick et al.
Alden, YV. ll Townsend,
Kittle, J. E. Itlcr.
March 16:-
niack Bear, C. H. Brown
March IS:—
King Bee, H. G. Brown.
Garnet, II. G.Brown.
March 10:-
Smi Francisco, D. M. Snyder.
March 21:-
Ramblcr, Everett & Spokane Mining Co.
March 22—
Blue Boll, W. Shaw etal.
Mureli 23i—
Burprlset R- Cl nrk.
Mnn Battery, H, E. Beach etui.
Kuufimui, J. S. McLean.
Maroh 22-
Ilong Kong, all interest in, Irom M. G. McLeod tn J. Dareey.
Alhambra, all interest, from M, G. McLeod to
J. IJiirccy.
Kong Kong, all Interest, Irom A. Lane tn M.
G. McLeod.
Fawn, ull Interest, from D. A. Good lo J. Dar-
Trail, nil interest, fromT. Donan to O. li. Nelson.
Mureli 23:-
Ballpr Boy, half interest, from \V. n. Bicker-
Silver Key, Lewiston, Gold Blend, Grass
Roots and Kokanee, half interest In each, aud
Panhandle, fourth interest, from 8. R. Reid to
II. McPherson.
Taminany, Rossland, LawleiB, Oxide, crystal,
Neutral Fraction, and Yellow Kid, half interest in oaoh, from A. J. Stewart to II.Mcl'ber-
Etbel   and   lily May, half   interest  In  each
from J.J. Franklin toll. McPherson.
March IS:—
Venus aud Mars, 1-iourth interest, from Tnoa
Donan to J. 11. Fox.
March 10:-
Lowland, third interest, from A. F. Sander
son to K. Wpod.
Lowland, third interest, from J, M.Taylor to
it. Wood.
Mammon, half interest, from D. \\. Dillon to
D.J, E. Davis.
Maroh 21 i—
Sunshine, fourth interest, from John Hum
mertoC.L. McAllister,
March 22:—
Mountain Ch^f, fourth interest, from J. B
Baxter to T. M. Wfi-f-tV
B. C." mineral claim situate In the
Orand Forks mi .ing Divison of Vale district.
Wherolocated: -in summit camp.
rA.'K NOTICE l Isaac H Mullet, ns agent lor
Albert Keough free miner's certitieate No.
i)0JS3, intend, sixty dnys from the date
hereof, to apply to tiie Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for tlio
purpose ot obtaining a Crown grant of the above
\nd further take notice that action, under
lection 87, must be commenced" before the issuance of such certitieate of improvements.
Dated this 7th tiny of January, 1898,
A slttln? of tiro County Court ol Yale will ho
lmlileii ni
Midway, on Saturday, the 7th Day
of May, 1898,
at 111 o'clni-li iii U10 furciiunn.
liv1-1.11111iH.11l W. O McMYNN.
OovoriimuntOffice, Midway, B.C.|   U.K. 0. 0
Mured, 12, lS'JS 1
Assessment Act anil Provincial Revenue Tax
Act Rock Creek Division ol Yale District.
lance With   tho statutes that Provincial
Revenue Tax, and all other Taxes levied
under the Assessment Act, are now due for the
year 1808, All the above taxes collectable within tho
Rock Creek Divison of Yale District,
are payable at my office at Osoyoos, Ytvle District.
Assessed tuxes aie collectable at tlie following rates, vizi
If Paid on or Before June 30th, 1898,
one per cent, on real property.
i-half per cent, on assessed value
of wild lam..
One liuif of one per cent, on personal property.
On so much of the income of uny person as
exceeds one thousuud dollars, the following
rates, namely: Upon such excess of Income, when 'the same Is not mere limn ten
thousand dollars, ono percent; when sueh os-
I'css is over toil thousand dollars uud not more
than twenty thouBaud dollars, one und one-
quarter of one per cent.; when sueh excels
Is over twenty thousand dollars, one and one-
half of one per cent.
If Paid After July 1st, 1898.
Four-fifths of one per cont. on real property.
Three per cent, on the assessed value ol wild
Three-fourths of ono per cent, on personal
On sn much of thc income of any person as os-
coeds one thousand dollars the following rates,
Upon sucli excess when the same Is not more
lhan ten thousuud dollfl s, one i\nd one -piaiter
percent; when such excess Is over ten thousuud dollars und less than twenty thousand
dollars, one uud one half of one percent; when
sueh excess is over twenty thousand dollars,
une and three-quarters of one percent,
Provincial Re veuve Tax W.OO per capita.
C. A. K. I.AMiir.Y, Assessor nud Collector.
Qioybp.*. ll.c, J an. iUWtf,
Bath  Rooms,
RIVERSIDE,      -     -     -       GRAND FORK?
[)o You Want a Stove?!*
If you do be sure to call and
examine my mamm itii slock
which is the lai gent in the
district, Alsoacomplete line
Hardware* I
Our stock is always kept strictly up
to date in overy respect.
Tin and Repair Shop in
Wroiij-lit Steel  Range
W.K.C. Manly,;
Bridge Street, Qrand Forks, B. C.     ;.;
t'l      I Denier iii
Tobacco and Cigars,
Thc Only Place in Town
that Handles Fruit.
rcsh Supply Received D.tly.
Groceries, Salt Meats and Miners Supplies.
£»y-Prospectors an.I Miners will Hnd It to their luterost to give me • call before puroh slug
I cun snve iriiii inuney.   gull I.lneol Hiking Tickle lust Received.
Choice Wines Liquors and Cigars,
This holel is located about 12 miles Irom Grand Fork, up the North Fork.
Good Fishinj-; aid Huntinj; in the vicinity. Meals served at all houri, and
the best of sleeping accommodation.. H. P. TORONTO. Proprietor.
d-d!KETTLE   RIVER.***
Iressed Beef Prouision Bo.. Lt'd.'
Wholesale and Uetail Dealers In
Manufacturer of
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.
g&-f?n.v/ riling nnd all Kinds ol Rep.Iring.
Go to
Via McElroy s
Stage Line.
Daily stage betwen Grand
Fork?. Leaves Grand For'^s
7:30 a. m., reaching Eureka
same day Returning, arrives
in Grand Forks at 4 p. m.
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
The Only All-rail Route,without change
ol cars, between Spokane, Rutj-
land and Nelson.
Going Nortli,                                   Going South
1J;U », m  MARCUS    2:*!llp.m
rinse Connection, nl Nelson with stciiniboals
for Kuslo anil nil Kotitonny Lake Points.
1 Passenger, [nr Kenlc River and  Boundary
Croe|( connect *t parens with slflge dally,
Fresh and Salt Meats,|
Hams, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
First-Class  Accommodations, Good Stabling, Tetmius  of
Stage Line From Marcus, Washington.
McAuley & Keightley,
•st-wGrand Forks, B.  C.->/\/-
Everytliing New and   Best Furnished «tf5tf
House, and is in everyway prepared to C5C5
welcome Guests and provide Good Ac- 5x»l
Headquarters for Mining Men. Bo
oi Wines. Liquors and Cigars. Special
attention paid to Transcient trade.
Boundary Greek Mining Exchange
«£ Financial and Mining Brokers ■&
Groups of chillis Bought for Stock Companies, Etc., Etc
G. W. W1LL1AHS, Manager.
Daily from Marcus to Grand Forks
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls- Midway
and All Points on Colville Indian Resevgtion.
Stage Leives Marcus on the Arrival of '.he Northbound Tr-iin, arrivingat;Giand
Forks at 8:45 p. m. Leaves tlie Forks at 4:00 a. m.. arming at Maicus in time tQ
connect wiih northbound Traiii. Passengei** (rpm Kflottuay IV' "take WW'
tion at JSossburg going nnd com ng. FI6|iTP YET
The C. P. R. and Corbin Contesting for Supremacy.
The  Kettle   River   Valley   Railway
Charter Still Before the Railway Committee.
Up to the time ot going to press no
word ban been received from the sent of
war at Ottawa regarding tbe fate of tbe
Kettle River Valley railway charter and
as far as it is known in this city the condition of affairs are practically the same
as last week A letter received by Mr.
Cbas. Cumings, dated the l8tb inst.,
from Mr. Armstrong, states that while
tbe light is a very bitter one, the chances
are in favor ot Mr. Corbin being sue-
cessful. He also stated that if it could
have been brought to a vote at the meeting of tbe railway committee on tbe 17th
inst. that he would bave been successful
by a good-sized majority. But as the C.
P. R. was sparring for time it was a hard
matter to predict what influence would
be brought to bear on the m:*nbers between that time and the next meeting of
the committee. He was of the opinion
that it would be ten or twelve days before the measure would be brought up in
the committee again. Mr. Charles Hay
also received a private letter from Editor Ross, which substantiate". Mr. Armstrong's statements regarding the success of tbe charter and expresses the belief that Mr. Corbin will be successful.
Tbe Spokane Chronicle of tbe 21st
inst. containing tbe following graphic
account of the fight Mr. Corbin is making at Ottawa, for a charter; which fully
demonstrates the bitter opposition he
has to overcome in the event of bis being successful:
"D.. 0. Corbin is a fighter. This
month he is making the tight of bis life.
Single banded he is battling with the gigantic monopoly that rules tbe norib
half of this continent with as despotic
sway as the white czar rules the north
ball of old Asia. If the comfortable
millionaires wbo draw the dividends
and rake-offs from the Canadian Pacilic
could choose one man In all the world
to be annihilated by some painless process there would be a unanimous vote in
favor ot the quiet railroad president
from Spokane.
No trouble is feared as to securing all
the concessions needed from the United
States congress for tbe proposed railway to tap tbe Boundary Creek country
and connect with the Spokane & Northern road. President Corbin indeed,
need not have visited Washington al all
to secure these privileges.
But over the British border tbe fight
is growing hotter ever day. Every Canadian Pacific official, every dependent,
every editor owned by the great railway, is clamoring for the suppression of
the American line. That tbe people of
the Boundary country want tbe railway,
tbat it is needed by them as badly as the
people of any mining district can nee.1
a road, is a matter of absoluiely no interest to the great monopoly.
At Ottawa lasl week President Corbin
met bis enemies face to face. The Kettle River Valley railroad bill biougbt a
notable gathering to the railway committee room. Messrs. Blair, Sifton and
Tupper were present among the members. President Van Home and other
C. P. R. men were present to oppose it.
Messrs. Bodwell, Corbin and Ross were
there for the bill, as well as well-known
G. T. R. officials, which de-dre to tap
the district. E. V. Bodwell explained
the bill. He said tbe Corbin system bad
expended already $1,200,000 in southern
British Columbia. He denied that the
road would take trade from Canada to
the States. He Said Mr. Co rbin bad no
interest in any smelter in tbe United
Sir William Van Home spoke in opposition to tbe bill. He asserted that
this road would take a hundred million
dollars out of Canada in ten years.
What Mr. Bodwell had said about tbe
trade was humbug.
Mr. Bodwell jumped to his leet: "No,
'tis the truth."
Sir William continuing, said the Canadian Pacific was not a rapacious corporation, as it was granted the Canadian
Pacilic this year would build under thc
Columbia & Western charter from Robson to Midway, a distance of 100 miles,
Mr. Lister asked: "Have you a subsidy?"
"No," replied President Van Home,
''nor have we asked for one."
Referring to a complaint from Kootenay against tbe Canadian Pacific, Sir
Wm. said: "I do not say tbat tbe
C. P. R. was never guilt of overcharging or unjustice sometimes, but I defy
any man to point out any case brought
before the company which was not
promptly corrected."
Mr. Corbin then explained the local
situation, asserting that tbe road was a
benefit to the district. Only high grade
ores could be carried over lo the states
as smelting could be done cheaper in
Chairman Sutherland asked why then
the Le Roi people built tbeir smelter at
Mr. Corbin replied: "Because theie
is no water or land at Rossland available,"
Chairman Sutherland read a telegram
from tbe town of Nelson, warmly supporting the bill, One o'clock having arrived further consideration of the bill
was postponed until this week when
President Corbin will again meet bis
Victoria's cold sholder.
On the same day, away over on the
west coast of tbe continent, another battle for the new road was taking place at
a meeting of the council of the Victoria
board of trade. Mr. Wollaston, a real
estate broker of Grand Fork;, was given
the privilege of addressing the council.
He complained of the action of the
board of trade in opposing the charter
for Mr. Corbin's railway, pointing out
tbat this road would be of great advantage to his town and surrounding interests.
Tbe members o| the council ejpiesied
ieg-et that Mr. Wollaston hsd not pre
senled his case earlier as the bonrd bad
already renched a decis on on lhe m-it
ter, and ibe question could not now very
well bo reopened. It was also considered doubtful if the arguments wbi. h
tbe Grand Forks delegate bid to offer
would in any way change the opinion of
the board.
Here is a sample of the arguments
used by thc Canadian Pacific to defeat
the charter. It is an editorial from the
Vancouver World:
"In the in'erest of the <*on-t cities and
tbe trade of Canada generally, i: is 10 be
hoped the federal government and the
house of commons will s'enuously refuse to grant any railway concessions to
aliens whose avowed object ii to divert
a trade which legitimately belong; to
the people of Canada into foreign channels. This will be the case sho'ild ibe
request ol the promoters of the Spo
kane and Northern railway for a char-
tor enabling them to consttuct a line
from the boundary into the heart of the
Kettle River distiict be granted. The
government and the members of the
house ol commons will not be true to
themselves or the dominion if Canada
if they yield an iota of the peoplts heritage to foreigners. There must be no
surrendering of our national rights lo
those whose aim is to despoil our fair
province of natural resources placed ai
our disposal by an A'l-WiFe Providence.
Th.t the passing of this bill will result
in the building up of Spokane Falls and
tbe American smelting industry cannot
be disputed. Will a liberal administration stultify itself by allowing this to be
done? Let the government and the
people's representatives id this as in
previous similar cases stand by thier
guns no matter what may happen to the
Rossland Alright.
At a meeting of the Rossland board
of trade held last Saturday evening the
following resolution was unanimously
"In viow of the opposition of the
boards of trade of Victoria and Vancouver and other parlies to the granting of
a charter tothe Kettle River Valley railway, this board desires to reiterate its
former position io the matter, and to
urge upon the dominion parliament that
none of the reasons that have been put
forward against the granting of the
charter should be allowed to stand in the
way ot the opening up of the great
Boundary district, which would be done
by the construction of the railway in
quesiion, and the secretary of this board
forward by telegram a copy of this resolution to the minister of railways and to
the member at Ottawa, Hon. Hewitt
This resolution was presented hy Mr.
A. S. Goodeve and was passed without
a dissenting vote, which shows that Rossland is all right and that her heart in in
the right place. If Rosslaml should
ever get in a position where her merchants should make an effort to control
the trade of the Boundary country this
action of the board of trade should be
remembered and every dollar's worth of
goods that can bc obtained in that city
should begot there. The Miner believes in helping thosewho help you and
has no hesitancy in saying tbat it is the
duy of the merchants in this section to
see that the merchants of Rossland are
not overlooked in this respect.
PraTTE—Dunbar—At the Alberta
hotel, March 6th, 1S98, by the Rev. M.
C. McLennan, Air. C. Pratte to Miss
Mary Dunbar, all of Republic, Wash,
Mr. Pratie is well-known lo many of
our citizens, having been in the employ
of Mr. Feeney, the black'.miih.last summer, and his many friends in tbis city
extend congratulations.
Learv—Kaiser.—At the residence
of F. H. McCarter, Wednesday evening
March 23rd, 181)8, the Rev. M. C. McLennan officiating; Mr. Ohas. Leary to
Miss Marie Kaiser, both of Spokane.
Tbe wedding was a very quiet one,
(barring the reception tendered them
by the small boy tin can brigade), there
being only a few intimate friends of tbe
contracting parties present. After the
ceremony was over the party partook of
a wedding supper prepared by Mrs. F.
H. McCarter, The groom is an old
friend of F. H. McCarter they having
worked together for nearly ten years in
tlie composing room of the Spokane
Daily Chronicle. The newly married
couple expect to make tbeir future
borne in the citv, having leased the Cosmos hotel. The Miner exiends it's
best wishes to the happy couple and
hopes that their voyage through life
will be strewn with roses.
A Special Rate of $1.
It seems that the residents of Greenwood
are as bad about starting railway reports
as the people of this city. Everybody
that comes over from there has a "cock
and bull story" to tell about the progress that is being made there in railway building. The latest report is that
the depot has been located and that the
first train is scheduled to arrive in time
to bring in a crowd for the celebration of
tbe Queen's birthday, and a special
rate of $t. for the round trip has been
made from all parts of the district.
Rossland Men to Operate at Republic.
A syndicate of Rossland and Spokane
men have organized a company to be
known as the Eureka North Star Mining
company. Hector McRae, of Rossi ind,
is president; D. Holzman, nf Spokane,
vice-president; John S. Chute, treasurer;
S. L. Silverman, manager, and Ross
Thompson, nf Rossland, R, E. Strickland and B. E. Barinds, of Spokane,
constitute the board of directors. Tbe
company's property is wi'.hin 1,200 feet
of the famous Republic mine, at Republic on the reservation.
Will Build a Lodging House,
Dr. G. W. Averill returned from Eu-
icka camp last Saturday afternoon,
wbere he has been for the past two
weeks practising dentistry. During his
stay Ihere the doctor caught ihe fever
and purchased some town property and
let a contract for the erection of a 20
room lodging house to be completed by
April 1st.	
Laid to Rest.
Tbe funeral cf "Lewy" Gee, tbe
Chinaman who died last woek of consumption, occured at 1 o'clock Snnda-,
under the direction of his fellow country
men in this city. The usual custom? ol
their country v.ere observed nnd Louis
was supplied with plenty of eatables
and money to see him through to that
borne from whence no bad Chinaman
ever returns.
Want East Yale Divided Near
The   Grand   Forks   Board   of  Trade
Objects to Being Added to the
Trail   District.
A special meeting of the bonrd of
had* was held Thursday afternoon to
consider a communication from the
lit undary Creek Mining and Commercial association, relative to the division
of lhe Fust Killing ol Vale.
In lire absence ol Ihe president and
vice-presidents Mr. Chas. Cumings
moved Mr. Jas Addisr.n to the chair.
The following lette-and resolution from
the Boundary Creek Mining and Commercial association was then read by
the secretary, who slated that he had received the same the day before and had
taken thc liberty to call a special meeting of thc board to consider the same.
At a meet ng of the Boundary Creek
Mining and Commercial association held
in the City of Greenwood on the 161b
day of March, 1898, the following resolution was passed:
That Whereas, it is the intention of
the Government of liritish Columbia to
bring in an act for the re-dislribution of
Britiih Columbia into electoral districts;
Whereas, the electors of the southeast
portion of tho Ea t Riding ol Yale district consider that tlie large increase of
electors arid the growing importance ol
lioundary Creek district, warrants the
dividing of the s.yid riding; and
Woereas, through the press of the
Province wc observe that the delegation
Irom Rossland request a subdivision of
the electoral district which would include Boundary Creek as part of the
Trail Division, we emphatically protest
against any such division. Therefore
be it
Resolved by this association, that in
their opinion your honourable body
should divide the E.ist Riding of Yale as
follows: Commencing at the intersection of th.ii Simiik.imeen river wuh the
49th parallel; thence north so as to include Dog lake; thence cist to the western boundary of Kootenay district; and
that copies of this resolution be forwarded to Hon. J. H. Turner and Donald Graham, Esq , M. P , lor this district. Thomas Hardy, President.
J. P. Haiilan, Secretary.
Mr. Addison srated thc he had heard
something relative to the matter tbe
evening before he left Victoria, that a
deputation appointed by the city council of Rossland had been in Victoria in
lhe interest ol a proposition to fc-rm a
new electoral district to bc compose:!
of Rossland and the basin of the Kettle
river, as far west as Greenwood, thus including the gold copper belt of southern British Columbia in one- electoral
district. This Mr. Acidisnn wis of the
opinion would not be satisfactory 10 this
so.:tion,as it would have a tendency lo
keep the Kettle River valley from having a representation in the local house,
and for that reason was heartily in accord wiih lhe resolution adoptod by the
Greenwood a-sccialion,
Mr. Chas. II iy spoke in f.ivoi* of action being taken in the matter, and expressed ibe opinion that we should stale
in very plain language, to the government our disapproval of any such a division of our country. He then related
the result of a conference that Mayor
Wood of Greenwood, Mr. Addison and
himself had had with Premier Turner,
during a recent visit to Victoria relative
to the redistribution of the district. Mr.
Turner, ie stated had giv.-n them positive assurance that East Yale would
have two rcpies-ntatives, according to
the redistribution bill to be handed
down by the government, ?.nd that tbc
Ruling would be divided by a line running east and west, at or near Pentieton. Therefore, he thought that it was
the duty of the board of trade to reiterate our desire in this respect to the govern ment and impress upon them foic-
lbly a redistribution on these lines is
what the people of this district want.
Oa the motion of W. IJ. D.ivey, seconded by F. H, McCarter the action
taken by the Boundary Creek Mining
and Commercial association was endorsed, and a committee consisting of
Mr. Chas. Hay, Mr. Chas. Cumings, E.
Spraggett, Jas. Addisioii and F. H. McCarter were appointed to draft similar
resolutions, a copy of which lo be forwarded to Premier Tumor, Donald
Grabam, and the Boundary Creek Milling and Commercial association of
The injustice of the action of the Victoria and Vancouver boards of trade,
relative to the granting of a charier to
the Kettle River Valley railway was
fully discussed.   It was shown that al-
vi-*t r\ with every prospect of the n'nn-   P"""""""""" ■«—™~™»
ber being largely increased in the   near  j HARDWARE. I
furu-e; .md
"Wbereas, It is reported that a delegate n from Rossland wjittd on the
government and pic-f-.-md a request
lhat all tbat part of Kettle Kiver and
Boundary Creek, including Christina
lake, Casc.de City, Grand Forks, Upper Grand Korks, Caison, Anaconda
.-md Greenwood City should be included in the proposed eleeioral district of Trail; and
"Wbereas, The interests of Kettle
River and Boundary Creek are not
ile-r:ical w th lhat of Ro.Bland and
Trail Creek, owing to the want of any
direct communication, w*e th-riefoie
strongly protest against anv p-ir. of the
present electoral district of East Yale
being included in the proposed Tra;l
division, and consider that to do so
would be perpetrating an injustice. Be
it therefore
'•lii.solv.d, That, in the opinion of
thin meeting, thc pres*.*nt electoral district of Eust Y.ile should be divided
into two electoral divisions as follows:
"The South Easterly, or K ttie River
division to commence at tire interscc-
rion of tlie"Jj.riniikaineeii river with thc
internrr'ionai boundary lin-\ thence
northerly so as to include D..g lake,
thenco ea-terly to the western boundary
of Kootenay district."
The meeting then adjourned.
\"VT T
ii wan
■ ca .-0»fc(* C»C«C*f* <« C« C* C« C»f«C« Co f» (»f* f#f3 c«(<>c« c«-®
j    Next Friday is All Fools' day.
Fred Oliver returned to .Spokane  on
J Thursday.
The Rev. McLennan is at home  now
! at thc Manse.
Claude Bellus is chambermaid at the
Grand Forks hotel now.
Conlraetor Davey returned .Sunday
from a trip to bossburg,
Chas. Comings is putting a fence
around his residence property.
Ur. Averill is registered at Ihe Grand
hotel in Spokane, from R-pirblie,
Thc Raulelon Bros, ary hammering
away on the Diamond Hitch with good
John A. Manly has gone - n another
mining exporting expedition to Baker
City, Oregon.
A tiling of beauty and a j-iy forever,
thai new trout of the Grand Folks Mer-
canrile company.
Capt. A. L. Rogers contemplates
opening up Ins claims on Morressy
creek this spiing.
Pat O'Connor has thrown away h s
crutches and is able 10 get aiound 1. i'.h
the aid of a cane.
It is claimed that the "Earthquake"
claim near Volcanic mountain is producing good ore now,
Tho Golden Crown in Wellington
camp is row working two shif.s of ten
hours each, with good results,
A rumor is afloat that C, II, Folger
contemplates puiting on a stage line between Grand Forks and Republic.
L. A. Manley made a business trip to
Eureka this week, where he has extensive mining and real estate interests.
D. N. N'orris took a load of lumber to
Eureka Hub week for Mr, Demerr hauls,
whj has gone th-yrc to open a bakery.
Woik is being steadily pushed on thc
Pathfinder; a recent assay ni'de irom
the workings showed a gold value ol f,:6.
Tlie Rev. M.C. McLennan will preach
j in Mr. Case's hall on .Sunday evening at
ai 7:30.     Topic, "Science of Right Living."
Miss Pearl Preslar is entertaining
some 21 or 22 of tr.-r little girl friends,
tins afternoon, in honor of her eighth
The Grand Forks Mercantile company is receiving new goods daily.
I heir stock is now up to date. Give
them a call,
The O'Connor boys are building an
addiiion to ar.d otherwi e improving
their resilience on the corner of Riverside and Winnipeg avenues.
Mr. Kennedy, a liquor dealer at Marcus, spent a day or iwo in the Forks on
his wav to Republic, where he goes
with a view to locating in that uamp.
Jack Smith is producing food ore
now from the "Urady'' on Pathfinder
mountain, this property having lately
attracted an unusual uniouut cf attention.
Tbe Minnehaha at Camp McKinney
is reported to be looking well and that
arrangements are being made to install
a large compressor plant on tbis property at once.
Provincial Constable Lawder, ot
Greonwood.has been transferred tn this
city and hereafter he will assist Ol'fi er
Dinsmore in looking after the evil-doers
of this section.
ibe oho.-, ing on the pnperty :mp:ov ng
an the wo.-k progresses. At present
ihero are fourteen men at w.rrk a-.-l it i-
thc intention to increase the force alter
the first of the mn lib,
It is hinted aiound that the govcrr
ment is keeping watch on a number
people who have been in the habit ol
purchasing guods at Nelson and f rrgct-
ting to report the same at the custom
house here. A word to lhe wise in y be
A large porlion of the machinery for
the water works and electri * light plant
have arrived in theeity and the balance
ol it will be here within the next t-vo or
three days. The boiler will be here uot
later than tomorrow aftetnooit anl the
work of putting it into position will be
commenced at once. It iscxpec ed that
unless uuforseen delay is encountered
tbat both the water works and eleciiic
plant will be in full opeiatiou inside of
tvro weeks time,
Ai the Hotels.
At the Alberta: H.J. Pearson
Scott, Ed Welch, Frank Golden,
Ne I, D, B. Hennesy, Jas. Davii
Flyun, R. L. Phillips, J. H. Brummitt,
A. II, Beaughan, il. K. Bard Mrs. L.
Ei-vvm, J. D Elickberg, J. I*. P-s.ild, S.
S. Johnson, Sol, Silverman, Elsie Shinn,
a.o C. Taylor. Frank ISaer, Spokane;
T, J. Milier, f, M, Hamilton, D |. Mc-
Gilvarv Joe Garber, J. W. McCain, li.
E. McElroy, Jno, AI. Burke, D Mait-
l.ind, M. R. Straight, Eureka; Francis
McLean, R. W. McFarlane, John Hull,
Paul Fisher, E. Leible, Greenwood, li
C; F. H. Oliver, David Felker, C, C
Woodhouse, J-*,, A Bringgold, Jrs. J
Taylor, D. O'Connor, G. B.Jones, Ross
land, B C; Matsu and Mrs. Shirra,
Japan ; H. Stouss, Midway; T, Flam
'ery, Win, Ogle. Idaho; M. 11 King, Dr
! J. H. King, St. John, N B ; J. C. Jansen,
Sylvanite, Mont.; lc Herr p, J*. Ski
fi'igton, Tno-, Roche, Sandon; Geo. W.
Leistsidr, Kaslo; Wm. Black, 7 D-vn.,
Idaho; J. Q Morns, M. D, Seat'e; E.
Rogeis, Annanciale, Minn.; Rube Hull,
Nelson, Wnsl*.,
. W. D,
A. 0.
, M. J
Probably Another Cariboo
Considerable attention u ;;t present
tHog drawn to a sectic n of ruii.ing
country situated about three miles up
thc North Fork en the east aide. As recent developments show that immense
ledges of gold bearing quartz exist in
that region. Mr, Joseph Pounder, the
owner i f tbe '-'Rose Bud" claim situated
in ihis quartz belt, hat just received th.
returns Irom an nssay mnde bv M Vicar
th? woll known Salt Lake assurer.
which showed a gold value of $t> rijjht
en the surface.
Tbis fact Ins created quite a sensation as Ibis tin;! of quartz was generally
thought to b? barren. It is claimed oil
good authority that it this quartz will
average three dollars to the ton, Eoveral
properties in this s* c'ioti will bo paying
their owners well befote many rnon:hs.
Getting Ready lor Business.
Mr* J, Emmert, who recently arrived
in the city with his wife from Missouri,
U. S. A., has after a thorough examination of the field, decided to engage in
the livery business with his brother
Charles who hns been a resident cf the
city ever since it was started, Mr. Emmert and his brother lsft lor Spokane ye ertd.iy morning for tbe
purpose of purchasing a number of new
buggies and two or three first-class
buggy teams, suitable for this section of
th*;: country. It is the intention of ihe
new (irrn to hive nothing but first-class
turn-outs nnd if you want to take }our
gtrl out. in a stylish ng vou will be sure to
rind what you want at the Prospector's
Mr. Fred Cooper has   been
the coiifact for the construction ot the;
First street bridge, work on which  will
bc commenced as ston as the iron arrives from Marcus.
Was Eighty-three Years OM.
Mr. Alex. McLaren, father of Messrs.
awarded ' J.-'lrm ard Dan McLaren,  proprietors of
the Grand Prairie ho ci at Carson, die
at 10 o'clock last Sunday evening. Mr.
McLaren has becn confined to bis bed
for several weeks am! his death was the
result of a general dissolution of tbe
system brought about bv old age, he be
ing 83 years of age. The funeral ser
vices which took place at the family residence, at Carson, was the largest eve
htid in this valley. The interimetu
took place at the Grand Prairie burying
ready three firms had withdrawn the rJ| where he recently bonded some pro-
■ r   _  .,    a    ... ,    ,   .penes.   Mr. Uurke expresses tbe op n*
business   from   these  cil.es   and   that | ,'„„ ,*,,, „,,, camp ,, g0?ag ,0 make 'an.
others would follow as rapid  as tbeir 1 other Cripple creek,
business relations with the merchants of . .
Ihese places could by adjusted. Mr, , A teport is current r.n lhe street tbat
Chas, Hay expressed his views very Mayor Manly will arrive in the city to-
forcible on this subject, which  ho  li d : morrow afternonn and that there «vill be
W. K. C. Manley has a car   load   of
hardware on the road between  Marcus
and the Forks.   "Cars" is one of 'helew i
merchants who does not allow his stock
to get behind the times.
Mr. Chas Hay   is   authority  lor   the :
statement  that Grand  Forks will have ! ground, near th
12,000 populario"  inside of two   years, j _    ,,    ,
and lhat the incorporate limits  of thei Stockholders Meeting,
towu will include the "Red Lights." i A special meeting ol the l'a'.hfir.ncr
J. P. Harlan of Greenwood was a vis-1 M,i?lng', Rfducllon & Investment Co..
itor in the cily this week, having come . "'J' he held in lhe companys office In
over to attend the funeral of Mr. Alex, this city at the hour of noon, Monday,
McLaren of Carson, who died Sunday , AP''- '4th for the follow ng purposes!
night and was buried on Tuesday after- .(•■) ro consider a proposition to pnr-
„,",„ [ chase   additional  mineral   claims,   (b)
to consider a proposition for the sale of
the Pathfinder mineral claim, nnd t--
pa^s a resolution to enable the company
to dispose of tliu whole or any part of
assets of the company; (■) to discbarge
one Jas. E. Walker Irom the position of
diicetor of the company.
a new House, with new Furniture
I and everything comfortable for the
-"traveling public, and has accommo-
tion*; for a large number of people.
The Dining Room is provided wllh
everything in the market.
The bar  is repleted  with  the  best
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Grand Forks, B. C.
^V •a'0%>*^& •.i--*._-**.->*-.^-*2?*2i'
^i'^^a-rS-^-S-^*-^;-^ 4a'<&
■*j^%»? A^z-~:-^A%- -s
a&S^^n'-m. S& \0*0S£..M.'H0\0 i&ia&'sur***-' JRC ac.* rtXffl&fiLi vatf •js:****;
m^enjivm^Afyffifflftji -%««,ZM0*0*?t\m0\0M. mm
''''■-•"■"■""*-* The C. P. R.      I
Livery & Feed |
Bridge St., Grand Forks, B. C.    j5
Saddle and Pack Horses a Specialty,     §j
1 Day and Night.
§ Plenty of Stall Roam
; -.**-*.
Paxwngera Uki*
Colmnliiu Mnl («
Bomtblo   dive
Prices,   i will n
to all Points In ISnti-
tlie ItcFerVntiouatltc
ie   n   full  Mill   n-'t   in
u yon riylil.
3 Saras 9sas-&asa?£j33*»»»9ft
^ Hm.tifiu-turer of
I Brick and Lime,
House Finish,
Sash   Factory,
Store Fronts a Specialty,
| Furniture Made to Order,
Saloon anil Stote Fixtures,
All orders will
toceive I'lom
F nil kJriilsorMiuOll Wurl*.    Estl
Plain and
pl j t ancy stationery
. Spraggett,
Grand Forks, B. C.
John M, B'Jrlce passed   throngi  the
city Tuesday ou  hie wry to Republic
Snaps this Week.
Millinery Opening.
Mrs. Pribilsky desires to inform the
the ladies of Grand Forks and vicinity
that ber Spring Millinery opening will
lake place next Thursday, March 31st.
A cordial invitation it extended to call
and inspect the spr-jig styles,
characterized as a pre- e of the rankest
impertinence that he had ever beard of.
Thc plea that w-s set up was so devoid
of truth, that it marie the action of
these bodies appear in the light ot
purely mriliiiousriess, and that the people of the Boundary country c.uld not 1 foiks
use to harsh a ineaniiio to -,'ive them io!tij5 bl
understnnd that we were perfectly
able to take care of our own affairs
wi hout interference from the people of
the roast.
The committee on resolutions reported a? follows, which was unanimously
"Whereas, An act will be introduced
at tire pres.nt session of the local legislature for thc redistribution ot the
province into electoral districts: and
"W'h :10ns, The present OonstttUCI cy
of East Yale is rapidly increasing in
population and where are now between
For SAc at a Bargain.
A du; y business; 20 rows and ptiy:ng
1 meeting of ihe city council held Mon-1 "■'•*< ""''''• "" ,h<' machinery for making
day afternoon. This will be the first creamery butter. Th; best of reasons
meeting of the council held in nearly a, Lar .sel!!'-*I A'^"^ box 29, <■»>:
I Forks, B. C.
l. Mcdonald,
Word has been received that 13. V.
Feettcy   expects   to   reiurn   to   (Irand
in about two weeks and   re-open
cksiniih shop, lie will be ac
companled ty his family t is time, with
a view to making this city his iuture
Mrs. Joseph Manly returned last Saturday from Republic, White ahe went iTitnTmr
some tune since to have 1)'. Manlv ner- I pETER HANNAN,
form nn operation on her, and her many i ■**
liiendi will bc pleased to learn thnt it' /-i . 1  TO    'JJ    ,
was successful and that it will only be a   Larpeilter  aiid  DUMttf
Contractor and Builder,
(iltAND    Kllllk'S,    II.    C.
I'lnii soil sjiecirli-ntiiiiiB rlravrii, oillnities (nr
nlshcdin nil Itlndsof building.    IVork;sirlctly
I BrBt-clnss.
• you know that uo
pick up Pr
,* it the time m
nre Thi
Summer i
over will lia
Irond u
il Pn bai.l.
two and l'i
§  Will Double Every 60 Days.
Wat. li ihis Space For Snaps Every
matter of lime until she
is fully recov-
Wm. Tfeifer   made a trip   up lo the
Pathfinder this week and reports every
MAIN .STRl'I'T, liltANIl FOUKS, D, 0.
fifteen and sixteen hundred registered ■ thing moving along alright up there and
fitillmatos furnished on
Fronts nnrl pixiircs u Spec
AS  ■
AS  .
A fhrr. Lot on lllyersldi' avenue,  .
i; 1 Lol on WiriiiiiHr-rftveiiiii- ..
Five room liotirii' nild50-fnol lot ..
Large Store on DridRostreet	
Wor li.
.. inn oo
. 1,11,10 no
. 2,800 00
ml I.ol ami Stoiv in Upper Grnriil Forks, 1.0.0 00
1101 CO
200 00
050 no
1,600 no
KM ini
De-sidesitlttimlredothers. If you hnveanythlngto'sell Llstit
Ull mir.   No cltarftru units* Shi** is iirrnlc
11 yon wunt io Buy anything como ninl see nre ami 1 will suvo
on mono)'.   Address
Secretary (iian.1 Forks Townsite Co.
ct   uniii.-rir-  *w*j» A}" Latest
Society Fad!
\v i •. i'
Over tbe edge of the purple down,
Wbere the single lamplight gleams,
Know ye ihe road to the Merciful Town
Thai i-> hud by the Sen of Dreams—
Where the poor mny  lay  tbeir wrongs
And the sick may forget to weep?
Hut we—pity ii*«! nii! pity us!
We wakeful; oh! pity ns!
Wp must pi back with Policeman Day -
Bai-k from the City or Sleep!
for three Terms when Horace Twpm-
low veut down to the Nortli Country
vicarage for the little family festival
her parents had planned for her twen- ;
ty-flrst    birthday.    The   young   folk:
A Wonderful Statement
tor bounties were bandicoots, puueiiieloii-..
wombats, wallabies, ..uugavoos. emus, native dogs, llyinji foxes, kangaroo rats and '
haves. ] From Mrs. J. S. McGlllM, of 113 milium
.    The czar, according to a dispatch t'roui: Avenue, B-wkford, ill.
ailed him "Uncle Horace." nnd never : HEWS AT HOME AND ABROAD. - st. Petersburg, hns authorized nn jnoreaae	
Ihey   111 t-ii   from  tlio   scro
Exact Blue.
Made to order, troin any kind ol photograph.   Fasten, like n brooch: an artistic elegant
present; alieautlful souvenir: useful, durable, Inexpensive.   Sand any size or kind ot crown,
photo with name or address plainly written on back, which will be returned '     1' i-llol* rrrnl  prayer mnl  plow—
to you unharmad or disfigured In any manner. I T|„.v •*,„• g0 u]> ,,, ,]„, M(.r,-iriil To«
tMrgB ""^"Siifi .:v:;.o"::' ,iiffii^*JM&fcrtjtf,"#l,"j*K' ""'•"     '•'"'• ^ •»»••«■ «*■«;■ «»■,,
rm-50 eta.   Harul painted :i.-> eta. eu-ih extra.' '■ '" ■■'-''•■ *'*'" '" "'« baths i.f Ni>*lit
Owing io hespeclal 1
considered high days and holidays ami
bonfire nluhts were eoinplele vvltboul
him. Ile traveled all night, and walked
I up to Ibe French window of ihr- modest
. dining-room, where ilu- table «*ns laid
j for breakfast, though nobody wus
' down yet except the Olrton girl. She
; wus so busy outtlug delicate slices of
i in the ordinary naval expenditure of :i.-
'I wns  dreadfully ill—the  doctors
Items o» istormatlon umbered From  000,000 roubles yearly for six years, in ad- ' gaid they  could  cure me, but failed
•   Wide   Area-Political   Bappea- i ''•■■"l- '" thl' special grant of 00,000,000   todoso.
luita and Industrial Notes—Crimes
and   Accidents.
Minister I'm tin-. Colonies Lebon al Palis
roubles for naval  purposes recently
Grent i-nre is being taken iu selecting
men for the new artillery regiments. Applicants must be between -1 uml .'to years
"I gave up
In despair
aud took to
my bed. I
had dread-
I bread and butter, which she pul on her  has refused the petition of Mine. Drcyfns, 0ld, iminuiiied, sound physically and able   ful pains in
Ih-i-'s plate, that she did not nolice ; uir  former Captain Dreyfus, to share i to read and write the English language. I my   heart,
.   and   wus beginning lo pill  lhe   *jle i„n,.,** Imprisonment on Devil's ial-  Hoys between the ages of 10 and  18 may
e iiiliril llivi
have Uabii Wiih Oiidbh   ».- sultclt enrresi ileuee.   Band stamp for highlv illustrated i
inline a work oi art.   Salesladies and Salesmen named, *|U>.0u per week aud expenses.   Noex-
nerlenee necessary,    ni'it Gl AHANTKB: ll K Is are not satisfactory, mouey will i,e refunded, or new photo* furnished,   hstluiates furnished from ono dozen to one million.
L. P. DAVIS CO., Dept. E, Chicago., Illinois.
We   pity us! nli! pity us'
We wakeful; oh! pity ns!
We must ci bnck with Policeman lhiy-
Hiii-k fniiii the City of Sleep!
Over Hie edge of the purple down
Ere the tender dreams begin;
Look—we   may   look- at   the   Merciful
Mi. Gladstone's private library is par
tieulnrlj   rich   in  the classical nnd then
logical department; there is probably not I    Bat we mny not enter in.
n single noted theological work missing   Outcasts all, from her guarded wall,
whieh hns seen the light since the owner      ••""'• "' ?ne »",dl Bb.° cr"p*'
 Irieulated 111 Oxford in 1881. W"   I'"*v "s* nh: l'Uy ""
Amy   i-hvlyi   So.
1   kissed hlm.  .Mnn
Xew York Jourut
nssiun, 1-
tiiv's sake!
'lin yon kuow 1 i
Mawson."   "V I
■ iii'i
u much of
•   In.     1*011
\ \    U.I.- VltOl M>   1 HUM).
\\v need not t:iik about the weather
when we eome to discuss the cause oC ho
many nehea and pains which afflict mankind. Much "f these afflictions Is fro::.
heritage of in Him Ity of the nerves, muscles and Joints of the human body. Many
pnlns and aches, It Is true, nre brought on
by exposure io cold or by sudden chill,
but as a general condition to which we
may bc subject there should bo a remedj
We wakeful; oh! pity us!
We thai go back with Policeman Day—
Buck from the City oi Sleep:
—ltudyard Kipling,
■'"nvs""*        > nilrrrv,. ,„.    Inn wh|ch In a general way la curative for f
enn size MiiWMin up In  two seconds.' .,]].   This is one reason why St.  .Jacob's if
- Brooklyn I.if.-. "il   is  so popular,    ii  cures aches and ~*\
,, „,,,.    .        ....   ,.     ,, pnlns In all forms, and they are wise who •p
Keggy Au Miss dunce, yutliih always in my iiiiinl. ilunli'liRi' know. Miss
Grace—Goodncgs! thai is worse thai,
livini; In ri  Mnl.    Ip-lu liriio,
lie    She   Inlil   lire   I   Wlls   lhe   liglll   o(
lier    heut't. She   Thou    wlml 1     Ile
Woll, her old iiiuu ci ■ down nnd pul
ilu- liglil out.   Columbus Journal,
Her   Mother   Hnve   you heard   my
.Irlllghlel*   sill***,   yilllllg   lllrlir.-     l-lllwill
I nervously j Vers sir bill In spile of
ilia! I should like i.i hriio her, sir. -
Ally Sloper.
Tommy- A liglil Douse is u sign "l
l-.i-Us Isii'l il. p.-iw■'! Mi-. l*'Igg 11 ile
ponds mi wliiiln-i- .vim un- referring lo
lie- seashore nr the dt'iiniu. luiliriu-
upolls .I'lin-iml.
Sitllie lie Win !>., you piny whist,
Mr. l.uugeV Willie Lunge Me play
wlil.s:*.' Well, I ilnii'i ihlnk. sullie De
Wine Ah. ini..; I had furgu.tti'11 lhat.
—Brooklyn Life.
"No, I never lake the news|ia|K'i-R
borne: l'i1.. rr fundi* ni' growii-uji
daughters, you know." "I'upers ion
lull ..I' eilini'. eh'/" "Nil, in., full ..I
bargain nnles."   Triiih.
Killih   sin- sings liu.- rr cniiiiry.   Br r-
rn.-.   Oh, ...,: ii eiiniu-y  lieglns  io slug   ,„.,. ucly continental.
when p»s»p|t> iMlllllllellee in talk: peuph- 	
i-ouiinellee to talk when she begins lu J hows THIS?
sing.   Huston   Transcript.
The Missing Evidence. Untile—
Miimle doesn'l show her age rn rill.
does she*: Kiln So; lull yon ean see
where -he seratebed ii mil ui the fiini-
11}   Bible,   CMdcugn News.
Tnuiniy I'uw. ivhtii -..;*r of u lighter
i-   n   "cyclone   llghlel'V"    Mr'.   l'i.-/   I
don'l know inin-h al  Ilgluei -. inn I
M!|i|iiise it is one who goes blowing
iii-iMiiul.   linliuimpolts .l.iiii-niil.
keep ill steadily on hand to lie used
emergencies at nny time In Ilu- cure
Mi-' most acute attacks.
Smelling   sails  are  ll   prolifu-  inllise  of!
deafness;  nil strung uml  pungent odors,
particularly those whieh net mi the secretory processes, tdiould he avoided us far
We are asserting in the courts oar right tollie
exclusive use of the word * CASTORIA," and
"PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our Trade Mark.
I, Pr. Samuel Pitcher, ofMyannls, Massachusetts,
wastheorlgluatorof" PITCHER'S CASTORIA,"
tile same that has home and does now- hear the
facsimile signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER o"
every wrapper. Tills is the original" PITCHER'S
CASTORIA" which has heen used in thc homes
of the mothers of America for over thirty years.; rather admired, so he tried an expert-
Look Carefully nl the wrapper and see that it is ' ment. He llllIHlllueell Ills lutelllioll of
the kind you have always bought, and has the ' trlking It   holiday, 01*,  lit   Ull  events,   of
signature of chas. ii. pi,etcher on the golug over to the eity for a trip, saying
wrapper. No one lias authority from me' to use ; 1m, WIIS mil quite sure when he would
my name except The Centaur Company of which | |)(. n,,h, „, „,,,„.,,    A1||JU, n (,.,.lo(,k oue
miirulng he went io lhe home nf ilu*
girl he liked best, uud when Ilm door
C I. E V E It   n n il
wealthy  man o 11 c e
told n frleud lhat the
prettiest sight he ever
saw was a girl shelling pens for lhe fuHilly dinner. It was uu
odd remark, but the
circumstances that
,<3 led lo It were sueh as
in I g h t happen uny
11 u r a e e Tremlow
was an only sou, aud
his old father w u s
very anxious Unit he should marry uud
bring home u wife to keep house and
muke It homelike fur Ihem IkjIIi, us lhe
mother hud long been dead, and the
father and sou were too iuueh attached
lo one another In wish to live apart.
Horace was not actually lu love wilh
nuy one. but there were three girls he
Cha.s. II. Fletcher is President.
March S, iSoj.        SAMUEL PITCHER, MJX
Austria is tlie i
whicli Iias never
trnns-mitrine pos-
of the curt
nly empire in the world j ■■'-••■ opened nsked for .Miss Ellen, ami
hri.l colonies    or   even ' *0-1- l'H' niuld to say tlmt he hud called
.-.-ions, iu any quarter  "I -■•••• '"'usual hour in sny good-by,
Her ambition hns hitherto   u* '"' wi,s leaving suddenly, ami hnd
very   lillie  time at  his disposal.    He
] was shown Into a slttlng-rooiu, separ-
j iiied from nnother by  folding doors,
Wc offer rm.-  Hundred  Dollars Ucw-ard  for ] nnd distinctly  heard the Voice of  his
any caw of Catarrh Hint can nol i.e cured by ; chnriiiei- snyllMt lo her mother:
Hull s Catarrh tare. i .
K. .1. CHENEY a rn., Toledo, o.    t      Xo, iiiniiiuiu. I eei*lrilnly will iiul lie
We,  Hi- undersigned,   have   known f. J.   seen nt this hour In this dirty old dress,
I heney l.ir ihe Ii.hi   I., y.-ar^.. mnl  believe tiiin ,     , , .    , *      .
perfectly honorable in all business transactions    wllh no tucker ill ll, mill my fringe mil
an.l financially able to carry out any oI.IIkii- ] cnrloil "
'■ by their tirm.
WEST   .M   THUAX,   VVholei
Drugglats,  Tn
nil   lin
lain cure lor chilblains, sweating, damp,   out of his ease, scribbled "P. 1'. C." on
..      ,.,   m....,:     , ,'uiluus uml liot, tired  aching  feet.     We   It when the servant answered his sum-
have over 10,000 testimonials of cures. Try I ,„„„.  .,„,, ,..„,,, uia .,.„..
live you i ed  bow   Lord   it today.   Sold hy all druggists and shoe ! "'" s"" '  MUt,*' waJ'
smres. y mail for Me. in stamps. Trial i ' "~ "ll™ Slrl he meant lo call on
package PUKE. Address Alleu 8. Olm- r lived half il mile away, lhe house wus
rued, I.e Roy, N, Y. 6IU|lll| „„,, h(,,. p„r,MUS il:ui Ihe ,.cpn|n.
Hi- iipliilnii   "Wlml   nre
.liiiiiiiio*.-"      "Itendlu'    ih'
through." "Uow do you HI
some o* lh'  words I.
balu'l iuueh sense ir
"Dot -. Ihul baby nf yours mils yelV"
"Ills hurl her says he ilinw; Inn if ir is
talk, then ihr- kid hns Invented a new
einli*   nf   sllHlg   llirll    will    lllllkl'   hi
 us."   1'hllttdeliihln Norlh .Vine
ulii   Million- My   dear Miss youug
thing, If you'd only marry  I could
.lie happy. Mi-- yoiiiigthlng Wiry.
Mr. Million, if you were dying, I'd mar
ry ynii in :i minute.   New Ym-I. W
Ethel   ll
sl.il.-l.los drops hi- aspirates'/   Penel- |
,,|„.   iih, I,ur Hints nnllilng in the way
i.e drops hi- vowels   pupa says lie ha-
um more thnn u duzen of his l-n-u-s.
"Wliy lines iho baron look so glum?
I though! l»- hud jrisr uinrvlcd an heir-
ess.*-    "So Im hrrs; bill   he spi'l'lllaled ii
few ilay- after ilm marriage nud losi
iho better h.-rlf ul' hi- wife."    Klleg le
Mr. Itoniiinz   I lull ymi whnt. a hnby
bi'lglltens  up  tin-  hnlise.  an.l  Hull's a
fact.   Mr.  l'nn-il.ki-1   Vi s; we've had
lo keep ilu- gns burning ul! nlgbl ever i
since   ours    wn-    born.   I'hlladelplilu |
■•Whin iii Ihunder do you inesm," ask
.*.! ilm eity otlllor, "by coinpnrlug ihe
nii- in frozen quinine':" "I meant lo
say," sni.l the new reporter, wiih proud
humility, "lhal ir v.a- l.ili.'i* .-..I.I."
Indianapolis .lournul.
llnllie I won.lol* why Love i- repi'e
aeiited nlwnys wiih wlngsV    Mollle
They nre for hi u-" in dying "in "f
ihe window when I'overlj eiilues hi ul
the door.   Don'l von kimn  Hull imiehV
("im-innatl Kmiulrer.
"I)o you thluk lluil glnssen lend lo
weaken tin- >lgln*.*** asked   I'ol.   srill
will's friend.   Ami nl'i.-i- penslv i
siileraiinii il ilonel i*i-|ilieil:   **lr lie-
Mll.l'ixi:, KINNAN ,v  MAltVIN, Wholesale
llruBKlBlr.,  Toledo, .'.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, arl-
lnrr .lir-,-tli- upon the blood aii.l miit'on*. sar-
lai-is .a* Hi,, syatem. Teatlmonials sem free,
l'rlco Tr..- per bottle. Sold by all Dniffglsls.
H;.1!m Far
. lh.. In
In two or three minutes the maid re-
' 111 rn ed lo lhe wailing Horace and said
Miss Ellen was very sorry mil io see
; llllll, bill  she  was in  lied   with  a  trail
"A girl who puts on a dirty dress in
Hie  morning anil tells tlbs Is not Ihe
' wife for me," thought Ihe young man
■ us he weut nway, uml. turning lino the
next row of villas, he rung the bell of
a  door which  was on  lhe chain and
hlonil a lit tio way opeu, giving him a
view nf lhe staircase.      On the hulf-
| lauding stood the girl he had culled In
I Allen's Koot-Kase, a powder for the feet.   M'"' st;ol<JI--S «"»* "tie up almve her so
■ | It cures painful, swollen smarting feet and | vigorously that she evidently did not
nt the bell.    Her voice
was so shrill and Iter Ill-temper SO evl-
H v" --(iii_ i The lirsl peanut oil factory in the 1*111-
1   I,,,, oiiier-i ! ir*d  Slates  will   soon  he  established at
-- ..iini^e. : Norfolk,  \'u.. wilh n capital    stuck    of
. | $110,000.
Instantly takes the sting out of corns and i nolice llie rin
bunions,   h's the greatest comfort diseov
. ry ut the age.     Allen's  l-'oot-Mase makes
lighl-tittiiif* or new shoes feel easy.    It is a
dent Hint Horace instantly took a card
pan-ins had lhe lepnla
j lion of nol  being very   well   off.    He
According to Nil-son, lhe zoologist, the , kl,„ck,,d and gave lhe same message to
weight   of the Greenland   whale  is   IHO   ^ iniilil us he had done at the lirst
tons, or tiil.OlHi pounds, or equal to that \ llous(1.    she wns nol ,ul accomplished
of S8 elephants or 440 beam. | housemaid, ami lefl  hiin standing at
the   open   door  while   she   went   uml
spoke lo her young mistress In a buck
room.   Horace heard the quiet words,
"Ask Mr. Tremlow lo come in," and
he wus shown straight into lhe sunny
The largest gasometer in tlio world is I buck  parlor,  where Miss  Mary Jones
ai   East Greenwich.   When full it eon-  sat In a low chair with a vegetable
lain-  12,000,000 cubic feet   of    gns.    II | dish on her lap and a large basket of
CITS PermanentlyOurefl.  Nofltsorneri
lllo   alter lirst -lay's uso of Dr.  Kline
Nerve Restorer. Bend lor FIIKIC Hns.no trial
bottle mill treatise. BE. B. IL KUNE, Ltd., 930
Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa.
I weighs 22(1(1 tons, is ISO feet high. 300
feet in diameter, requires 1201) tons of coal
to till il with gas. ami cost nearly .CIO,-
a iter being swindled by all others, send aastamp
for particulars <>f Kirm Solomon's Treasure, Ure
irNi.Y renewer nl' manly strength. MASON
CHEMICAL i'ii.. I'. O. Box 747. Philadelphia, l'a.
iliiiqiowiler wus invented by linger Bacon, nn Englishman, who lived iu the
thirteenth century; bul Germany claims
the merit fnr several who lived aboul -'!"
veins after  Bacon's decease.
rise's Cure for Consumption is the mil?
cough medicine used In my house.—D.
(.'. Albright, MlfBlnburg, l'a.. Deo. U, 'us.
peutls, null. Intinllly mt how miiny you i     The Sue/, ennui   is HS miles Ions
Inke."—Washington IBur. reduces th,. distance from England tr
••Is vour  sister  nl   1    Willie***'   din nenrly 4000 miles for ships.
asked Willie's sisters young man.
"No; 1 heard her sny she was engaged
this afternoon Inn don'l be fi-lghlem*d;
1 don'l thluk It's a marrying engagement."   Harper's Ita/.rn*.
rirscieiiiilie. t'ii-si Arctic Explorer
1 have always considered Columbus a
somewhat nvcr-oHtlntuled ninn. Second
Arctic Explorer Why7 Elrsl .Vreile
Explorer He discovered America the
lirst time In- Weill in In"1
■•I  have received niiu
ill   the  lasl   Iwn   lllnlllll-
sayl    Wlml a large number of still
you inusi  have.    Wir   were Ibe |
posals from'/"   "■ 'ne from < 'h
eighteen  from  Ihnl   l-'i'ench  fount."
green pens on the Hour beside her. She
wore a neat pink zephyr dress, white
collar, nnd black He. and a very large
while apron, pinned up quite high on
her breast, end her hair wus just as
nicely dune ns when he had lasl seen
her at a Cinderella dance.
She suid not u word aboul her occupation: II was evidently quite a natural Ihlng fur her In shell peas lu lhe
morning, bin she laughed ami talked
so pleasantly that tlorace stayed till
she had finished and ro.se lo take lier
peas lo Ibe kitchen. Then he went, but
'.he next day he niado an excuse for
coming again, and though he BtIII talked of going lo lhe cily Ihere did not
seem to be any hurry about II.
Mary Jones was quite us quick-witted as other girls and soon understood
wlml he meant, and got one of her
brothers to convey to hlm, III lhe most
When you have nothing tu do never go   casual way Iu the world, thai she was
aftei help, J engaged lo a curate lu lhe North, uml
(in lhe bosom nf lhe mother rests the I 'bey were lo be married as soon ns he
Future of the world.
jot a living.
I'ni* it
Truthful boys are tho limber thnt great     Horace   did  go  to   Ihe  oily   then,
men arc made rrf. , but iu a  few* weeks he returned and
Mo-I people feed thr' body Inn much and ' lived Willi bis father and a middle-aged
the mind loo liule. housekeeper UN lhe old man died. Even
'Tenuity nf violated law" would be an   theu hi' mnde no pretense of being a
appropriate epitaph for half lhe dead.      ■ ninrryiiigiiiaii. uml when chaffed aboul
Tlio child  will l.nigh    irnrl    cry;    the' single  blessedness  by   bis  friend   told
youth will primp and sigh; thc man will   the   slory   or   lhe   pen-shelling,   and
iwi-i  I lie. and nil will groan and die.       laughingly   said   he    must   wall    for
(  pound ot sheep's wool i- capable   Mary's eldest daughter.
'    of producing one. yard of cloth. •■Well." said his friend, "bul If she
        Insurance companies claim that cycling   will have you there will ccrtolnly be
i is more dangerous thnn travelling either   lln heed I'm' her in shell peas. You can
eu   prnpo
"Yuu il
by railway or ship.
Every Package
of Schillings Best tea is a sample.
Your money back if you don't like it.
give a wife quite a line establishment
now ami a carriage Into the bargain."
"Yes," replied ibe elderly Horace, "I
could do all that, bin 1 should like my
wife lo be lhe sweel, domestic, womanly woman lhal money neither buys
nor spulls. and though 1 may Joke
ubout Mary's daughter, I hear she Is
going to tilt-ton, and I don't suppose
she even knows how lo shell peas. But,
: for all thai. 1 believe she Is her mother
over again lu all essentials."
I    Mary the Second had beeu at Glrton
mother's plate, that she did uol uolli
chairs lo the table when he stepped in.
"(i. Uncle Horace, what a surprise!"
she exclaimed, blushing
then lhe others came In
sy-red. and
in.  and
sparks be-
| llie other evening owing to nu outbreak |    The board of regents of the Oklahoma   fore   my
iininiig the Albanian nmi Turkish troops
j he enlisted fnr musicians, bul must hnve
great, excitement at  Yihliz their parents' or guardians' consent.
ihey all talked so much and were so jn the barracks. Many arrests wero made
voluble In their good wishes Ihnl if The flcrman ling has been hauled down
was a very noisy breakfast parly lu- ; ,lt Canon, Isle cf Crete, and the German
deed. Horace sal between the mother Luii-ima* who have heen on duty nshore
and daughter ami asked ihe younger -mjbai-ked on board the German battleship
one Io cut hlm some bread and butter  oldenberg.
Just as she hud done for her mother. A special dispatch fiom Kiel says Japan
While she did It be watched her quick, , |ms pim-buscd the torpedo corvette which
and   whispered  lo her
graceful   us   shelling
capable handi
"Almost    ar-
The elder Mary smiled, and exchanged glances wllh her husband. She had
au  idea  of what   was   coming,   and
was being built there hy the  Kllipps for
A telegram received at  Alameda, Cal., I men were IIIUU feel  from the surfuc
dates that Dr. Gulro F. Yoibecue, a pi-1 pairing lhe air machinery.   The expl
Gov. Barnes and Attorney Genera] Cun-   sometimes
uiiighrim. have lei Un nliael for a new    I   would        )'
normal school building nt Alvc to John J get so blind
Volk & Co., of Rock Island, III.  Thc price   I could  not
lo he paid is $84,000, nnd lhe building is   see for several minutes.    I could not
lo be completed by January, 1800. \ stand very loug without feeling sick
An explosioi lured in slope two of; and vomiting.
]...- Tennessee Coal & lnm company's I also had female weakness, lnflam-
property nt Pratt Citv, Alabama, Satin- j mation of ovaries, painful menstru-
dav.   Six negro convicts were killed.   The 1 ation, displacement of tlio womb, itch-
! ingot the external parts, und ulcers lion
i of the womb.    1 have had  nil  these
oncer missionary, who had labored in .la- j «u> ci'm-ril either by lire'damp or powder I coml,l!li"ts*
pan 38 years, died at Tokio last weok.       I Since the explosion   tne   lire   dump   is'     "The puins Ihadtoslnnd weresoine-
Ofliec'rs have been niiined for the regi-  heavy uud  i nre unable lo reach the' thing dreadful.    My husband told me
when, later lu tbe morning, she saw j lm,nl 0I provisional troops organized in \ ^,.,,,1*    !t  js thought lhe bodies will he ' to trv a boUlu ot Ly-lia E. Pinkham's
Horace   and   her (ilrlon girl Btrolllng  Canton, Ohio, to be known aa "The Presl- hvaelicd this evening ! medicine, which I did, and after tak-
roiinil   nnd   round ihe lawn she was dent's Own."  The regiment is composed  ^  i lag it for a while, was cured."
sure of lhe wisdom of her surmises,   ,,f movc than Will men at present, includ-' pi* uiv thk i:\1'|.ohhh ox ii viiivi:'	
Presently Ihey came together nnd Hor-  •„,„ some o/ the best young men in thei pownBHS.
uce said quietly: city. 	
"Mary has Allowed me lo give her A : jn tmym (|in rdododendron grows to a j Those going to tlie Klondike must re*
ring for her birthday present aiid height of 30 feet. Marigolds and camo- member thnt a reliable linking powder Is
promised lo wear ll till I exchange ii   ,„■■,,,. •„ North Africa reach a height of an absolute necessity.     If, after   a long
for n plain gold one. * I fom, or flVe feet.
He was always a trifle deliberate,' ,lln\„(, .\midon ut Deadwood, S. D„ in-
anil a girl graduate Is not expected to j ntntcted the .jury in the ea.se of the Bux-
be flippant, but they were both very tm,-, against the Oolden Reward to return
happy tor all that, and one of the truest! „ verdict of $220,000 in favor of the plain-
marriages on earth might never have !•■„'. Valuable-mining properly is involv-
come lo puss hud II not been for thai   c()   ,  u,e s„it,
Utile long-ago episode of u girl In aj Thomas Mckean, one of the wealthiest
pink frock shelling green peas for din- Und most prominent citizens of Philu-
uer.-The Princess. j dolphin, is dead.   His wealth is estiniat*
= =-"= T= ed at between $10,000,000 and $20,000,000.
ALASKA BRACELETS. |    •••*,,, --„„„. Savings bunk of Sioux City,
II.uu in. rel Out of Silver uud Ou-iint ly
I Iowa,  has closed ils doors.    The asset
Ornament,,I •<•'<- sli<* '" ,)p fcl'-U.OOO and lhe liabilities
'i*i.„.„ ,...1. ,i .,    '<• .,     -v-   ,,     $00,000, of which $50,000 is school ftlnds,
i hose esthetic people of ihe North- ]
si coast of America, who paint and
and expensive trip and the great cost of
transportation, tlie linking powder proves
inferior or lias* lost ils strength, the miner
will he practically helpless. It is no time
or place to experiment. What is required is a baking powder thai has actually
slood lhe lest of the arctic climate.
Tlie well known explorer, Lieut. Peary,
l*. S. N., says of Cleveland's baking powder, which he used on his Arctic expeditions!
"Cleveland's stood the tests of use iu
those high latitudes am! severe temperatures perfectly and guve entire satisfaction. Mrs. Peary considers that there is
no belter baking    powder   made   than
President Springer of lhe National l.iv
Slmk Association, with the approval nf I Cleveland's.   1 shall'lake il again on my
the executive committee, has appointed   ,H.xt expedition."
(leorge  I,. Goulding of Denver, commit-j 	
Iccninn  from Colorado, trensurcr uf the
.   . ... i
Ki t ii»11»it   Hum   All   l-'ui m-n. 1,1 e   l-Vu
tin- while man found Ihem.   They had I m,SM"  miormeu China  tliat llie intters ,.,-.-» of Same Time I'.isi.
ponderous wrlsiicis   hammered 'from  dclHV '" replying lo thc Russian demands
nuggets of pure copper and Inlaid wiih I would lie construed as nn acquiescence in
ubulone shell,  and others of twisted111"' Hussiun occupation of Port Arthur,  sr.ys;
copper wires.   They mnde iron brace- ^-l' chuule McDonald, the British minis-:    The aggregate
lets as soon as the traders brough! i hem ! •■'■' n- l'pki"r is Bnia ■" b(' urging China | business com inn
How lie Got Out.
"Yes," observed tlie sweet girl, ' I
always liked Charlie Hockllns very
much, lie's always so willing lo pul
himself out for Ilu- ucconuuodnlloh of
"Well," replied the young ninn, "Hint
mny be your idea of It, but he didn't
seem very ready lo put himself out for
the accommodation of others when we
met here lasl Sunday evening. In fact,
he didn't put himself out at ull. I simply bad lo freeze hlm out."- Cleveland
"Cortex's l-'lng.
The Hug curried by Cortes*, lhe Span-
lab conqueror of Mexico, nearly Ull)
years ngo, was until recently preserved
ot a little church In Ilm capital of lhe
State ot TIaxciilii.
curve every object of their belongings,
wbo palul and literally curve their own .
bodies,   were   wearing   bracelets   of
twisted cedar bark, bracelets of wood, :
bone, hom, bears' claws, birds' Ueaks
seals'   teeth,  shells  und  copper   when I    A dispatch from Shanghai states thai
Kus-iii   inhumed China   that the lain
Inviting Ostracism.
Mabel—1   wonder  what's   come between Myrtle Seymour and Tom Sedg-
Mildred—Oh, haven't you heard? He
openly declares that he doesn't intend
to get u chninless wheel this year.
New   York,   March    20,    Bradslroet'..
lhat metal, and ihey learned lo oxidize ' ■" resist.
low of favr
volume of lhe country's
siillicienlly huge to ul-
able comparisons with pasl
We would rather be able lo eat pork
sausage and buckwheat cukes every
morning for breakfast, than be President.
copper by heal itinll ii resembled iron. '     l'he Texas und Massachusetts, battle-; periods alike ia tin- and preceding years
When ihe miner Invaded ihe fnr ships, now with Admiral Slcard's squad*
iruders* realm lhe Indians began to : run, hnve been ordered to proceed nl. mice
receive actual money, to sell instead of from Key West to Hampton l,ouds, where,
io barter Iheir furs. Tbey have never j they will join the cruisers Minneapolis,
seemed lo value or covet gold Iu lis I Brooklyn and Columbia, and other ves-
just relation lo silver, and they hoord I sols yet lo hi' selected, forming a new
ibe  while  ineiul  like   Hindoos.    One  navnl division.
Aside from u quieting demand at a few
leading eastern markets where lllicei'-
Utility ns to the outcome of foreign e in
inliiulinii- i- advanced as a reason for unwillingness to embark in new business,
llie situation i- nue possessing nearly all
nf lhe favorable features noted for snme
We nolice thut girls with steadies
never have fascinating girls eome te
visit tbem.
bul  enniitv
Tllnklt woman amazed au oltlcial by j 'lln- lirst disbursement iiiuierl.hc recent i time past. The best reports us io dislri-
bringing oul O.OilO ami odd silver dol- act of congress appropriating $50,000,000 , tuition iu leading lines come from the een-
Inrs to be counted. They lind the metal for national defense has been made by ter wesl ami the northwest, favorable
dollar a more convenlenl article in ban. lhe treasury department on un executive; weather bus improved lhe distribution of ■
die nnd store lhan llie blanket or beitv- order for $148,005 to be cabled to London dry goods, clothing, millinery, building
er skin, which were lhe former nulls to llie credit of Sir William Armstrong, mnterluls, agricultural implements and
of value and lhe curreul coins, Half I in pnvl payment for 12 rapid-lire guns, nenrly nil other products forming staple I
lhe silver coins that go liito Alaska are | including mounts and ammunition   .      ' urllelcs for consumption iiimmg the pros-
The populist state convention of Georgia j perous farming community.
hns adjourned nfter u long nnd stonily      The movement of iron nud steel is spe
session.   Hon. Thoinus Watson wns nominated I'm* governor, ami although he bus
repcnlcdly declined to accept it. it is be-
l-'iir-riil-liip  may
'l'he diamond mining companies of
South Africa, i-timule their losses by theft
nl 111,1 ,000 ii year, of whi.li llie} recover nbout cut: hull*.
convened Into bracelets, and the native artisans used  In carry oul some
of  their  cleverest   Ideas  in   lids  soft,
easily worked metal,
Tin' lirsl silver bracelets were broad
bauds etched with the totems of their ilicicd by some Hint he will yet consent been a feature of the wee
owners, Iheir rude heraldry ordered by   to make  the nice,    A   full   state  ticket kels.    Southern  iron  inn
revere and arbitrary rules as in any ! was nominated. active, and fruit uml vege
opeau college of sin-h arts,    One!    Hon. Blanche K, Bruce, register of the promise alike to be early and heavy. Dis
s   Um   strangely conventionalized  treasury, is dead,  lie was born in Prince trlbutivo trade is reported increasing a
as severe nnd arbitrary rules as lu any ! w.is nominated
l-luro poun
raven, eagle, bear, wolf and whale of! Kdwnrd county, Virginia, March 1, 1H-11
the great clans most admirably drawn He wus of African descent, was born n
and arranged on such broad, barbaric 'slave, and received the rudiments of edn-
oid wrislets. On one of these Iwo aid* I cation from the tutor of his master's son.
nuils approach in pi-ollle from either The republican state convention of
end, Ihe bears combining iu one ex- Rhode Island hns nominated the follow*
aggerated full face, wllh tlie storied ing ticket! Governor, Klishu Dyer; lieu*
skils. or ceremonial hilts, piled up ln a ] tenant governor, William .1. Gregory;
crown or column of glory. On another j secretary of state, Charles P. Bennett; at-
the one uniinal seems to be split in half i torney general, W. B. Tnyner; general
below the head and stretched around treasurer, W. A. Hoed; adjutant general,
the curved surface. It look a whole |ti. A. Suckett; auditor, A. C. Lands; su-
dolliir to make such bracelets as these, | porinteiidentof education, T. B. Stockwcll.
and by custom the silversmith was I Kcv. Samuel Belts, tho cowboy preacher,
paid twice the value of Ibe coins used j is going lo llie Klondike, says a Grand
in lids work. j Rapids,   Mich.,   dispatch,   lie   will   do
evangelical work along the wny. He is
building n Ill-foot long, 46-lnch beam, galvanized iron puddle and sail canoe, with
uir tight compartments nnd room for bug-
j guge, mnl about April 1 will start on his
About 2,000,000 canary birds are an* .(„,K voyag0 „is r()ute „.*„ ,)(, thr0URh
liually bred l» (ierninny uml sold for j ■,„, 1,lk),H] Kl.i(1 ,,,,„„• an(1 along lh(, Al.
$3,000,000. |,in-i(, nmi Gulf ot -\Ipxi(.o const to Galves-
SiUloii-lu-Ashlleld, 111 Nottingham, ton, and thence by mil lo Los Angeles,
bus given birth to more famous crick- He will follow the Pacific coast nortli-
eters than any oilier lown In Kngliind.   wnrd lo the gold regions and expects lo
Foiltnluebleau's great grapevine pro. j get there sonic time next season.   He will
diieed 7,t>72 pounds of grapes Ihis year, , he accompanied by his son.
which, when recently sold At auction, j    Gray wolves arc preying upon young
liiought In $71.1. entile in  (he vicinity of Luinmir river,
A breeder of Charlerslown, Md.. has | ■'"■"■
n pall* of golden fawn rabbils with ears !    Tl"'  Ceiieiul   Federation   of Woman's
that measure twenty-one Inches from j Clubs bus decided to meet in St. Louis
tip lo Up and drag on lhe ground. next Juno,
Some Egyptian boats, made of cedar,   ' Advices from Home revive the report
probably lu use 4,r,uo years ago, have thn! AraibW'op Corrlgnn is lobe made a
been found burled near the banks 0|  eanllnnl next Juno.
the Nlles epidemic of measles nnd mumps is
prevailing among the pupils of the Stale
Normal school ui Rmporia, Kun.
The British admiralty has ordered Hint
chilly large, but without efl'ecl on prices,
which arc.generally firmly held.    Some
-light advances in pig iron, in fact, huve
k ni some mar-
llllfuetiiicl's   nre
active, nnd fruit nnd vegetable shipments
the northwest, navigation i- practically i §
open on the hikes, and lhe first of April -
will witness a general Movement of craft,
other favorable features of the country's
general trade situation are summed up in
liberal shipments of leading cereals, unprecedented totals of exporji at New
*) ork. fewer business failures und sligluly
linger bunk clearances,
Wheat exports arc smaller thnn Inst
week, but considerably larger than in corresponding periods of preceding years, aggregating 3,025,684 bushels, against 4,-Ul-l.-
1100 bushels lust week, 1,020,000 bushels
lust yeur. 1,502,000 bushels in IHIIIi nnd
2,008,000 bushels in 1805.
Business failures iu tin- United Slides
this week number 2:111, against 2-17 lust
week, 2111 in tlie corresponding week of
1MII7, llllll in   1800, and 252 in  18Q5.
Established 17so.
Wheat    tlnota,l«n»,   Wool    Flg-nrea
•nil the Price of Produce.
The largest known flower Is snld to
be ihe BiitHe-in. of Sumatra, whose
diameter Is nine feel, and which smells
like a piece of putrid beef.
The Khedive of Egypt has a private
zoological collection. He calls most of
the auiinals after persons and potentates whom be dislikes.
all British war-ships lie painted black or
Following are thc local quotations.
Wholesale prices are given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat—Club, bulk 57Jc, sacked fiOe;
bluestcm, bulk 00,0, sacked 03e. At Spokane: Club, bulk 58Jc, Backed 01c; blue-
stem, bulk (Hie. sucked 04e.
Oats—At Spokane, f. o. b„ $18@10.
Bye—Country points, f. 0, b., 05@70c
per cwt.
Hay—Timothy, $11.50(5 12 per Ion:
wheal hay, $10; alfalfa, $11.
Eggs—Bunch, $:i.5i)(?i,:i.75.
Flour—Per barrel, $3.75.
Barley- Country   points,   00@05c per
Wool—Fine medium,  10@llc per lb:
celebrated for more \I
than a century as a <-y
delicious, nutritious, S'i'
and flesh-forming 5J
beverage,   has   our -3»
well-known \»
Yellow Label     <?
.   , <•'
on lhe front of every e^i
package,   and    our ^
trade-mark,"LaBelle -31
Chocolatlere,"on the vi
ft Dorchester, Mass. ®
l"IUr*irr,   "I'll   1,1-1*1 *r 1
1 1'kn-. l:i Uny Ku'li*..,
Pk«. Krirly Shrine Turtiiii.
"    Rarlleku tied Boet.
'      "      Hi.'-iii.'ivi-lt t 'tn .nn'.1 r,
1   "   Kfon-Jyko Moloii,
1    "    JumbtKiiiitit 'tn.i.Ti,  t
a"     BrilliiiLt I'lowuriju.-'tls,   15c J
Worth fl.OO, Tor 11 oontl.
Almve 10 'il.-.-:- worth tJ-l.lB, tffl will I
Ill.'iil    v. ni    ttQQ,   l'-|:rtli.*r   Witli   nut |
fcri'itt IMmit itml   Boad I'litnloiriiu !
upon receipt of thu DOttca nmi lit-. J
iioHlitci'.    W(i Invito your I null' Mini '
Know when  yuu mien Iry 8ft 11
M*i ils j.ni will ui-vert-'i't ftloiiKU
OUI    th.'Hl.     PutUlIM'Hat M1.5U |
alIhl.t;ftt«l«Kftl"iinric-.   Nn. H'
JIIH\   A.   HAr./.llt    hi Ml   CO,,    1.A    (KOSSK.   WIR.
white, abandoning the uniform gmV ool«v! meT1diu"1' Q@\0c'
now in vomte ' Produce—Country butter, 40 and 00-lb.
Tho condition uf cattle rafeers at Fort \tubfi; -lper lb(; 5' !° ?nd 2Vh tuba':i0(,; ;
prints, IIOc; eastern butler, 2o(a>2(\e; couii-
| Worth, Texas, raised a  subscription  for j
. .. ■>..,,..>>.>„..I  ,.. ,1... .1 i ..e ,i.n I...*.,„ .1.1. i
ii monument to the dead of the bntllc-ship
Piles dry up and (He on the approach   Maine
of   cold   weather, and froni the eggs |    Efforts arc bein*.' made at llichinond, j
laid by thein during the summer cornea j Va.,  In  transport  the old   Libhy  prison
n fresh brnod in the following spring.     back  to that  cily  froni  Chicago, where
The chief maker of brooms lu Atchl-lit wns on exhibition during the World'*
son, Kun., us well us one of Ils most   Pair.
prosperous Citizens, Is a blind colored Spain's Ideal hero, Krunseuelo. llie cele*
mnn. Willi lhe assistance of his two bi'ttted bullfighter, who has been honored
brother**, he turns out enough brooms  by lhe Queen Kcgcnl unit high nlliciuls of
try butler, in rolls, 20@25o per lb*, cooking butter, 10c; cheese, twin, lull cream,
l.'!(ffl4c;   cheese, twill, skim  milk, 0J@
j 10c; ranch eggs, $(1.75(3'7: honey, wliite,
! comb,  l.'lc-r* Me;  fancy, 15c per lb.
Vegetables—Potatoes, tOt/H-c per cwt:
Is it Wrong?
Get it Right.
Keep it UigbL
Moore'i RttveMletl lEnnindy will do it. Three
doses will make you feel better. Get il (rom
your drugffist or any wholesale drug house, or
Irom Btewart & Holmes Drug Co., Seattle.
•2c per'lbj Merced Hwoct potatoes. $3 per|WHEAT| UMdi HAHLu GL UnduJ uttll)
to supply luiir the trade of that oity.
dead, ninl nil Spain
Inrlolt-iit  DaiHy.
Sho'w fair of fnoo, is Daisy,
or earth she sn-his the K»lt;
Bhe nay** Bhe'ij tandem erafy,
Hut Imn a grierons fault.
This fuult in not endearing
Her charms to Ueggie'H breast,
J'lir, while he's pumping, »leering.
Sweet 1 laisy does the rest.
■ Pucks
; the govewnnent, i
in mourning.
The department <»i agi'iculture reports
last vein's crops -still in the hands of the
|farmers as follows!    Wheat, 121,000,000  7^0
\vt; cabbage, $1 per cwt; squash, $1,50
l'rMe^-ltecf cws, live $0.25^.3.50 per BEND FOE DESCRIPTIVE LIST TO
ewt, dressed ,*il.5llf-i 7: st '8, live $.*1.75(*
4.0(1. dressed $7(ii7.50; hogs, live $4.50i*rT:
4.75, dressed $0@0.50;   mutton, live 4(5;
C. E. AUGIE. palousb, WASH.
malfon linportanl to niu-vl v»r« and wid
|hushel8i  emu. 783,000,000 bushels;  tmls.
1272,000,000 hushels.
Mrs. Helen A. Clark renounced the pro-
. vision  of the  will  of her late  husband,
' whieh gave her a life estate in property
worth $1,000,000, in marrying A. Charles
i Linthieuin, a young lawyer, at Baltimore.
The men uever carry pocket -books. I    New South Wales paid last year $180,-
They   dou't  uc«d to;   tbey carry  thu lM1" for the destruction of noxious animal
mouey. j pesls.    Among the varieties slaughtered
LJc, dressed 8f«S.'.c nor lb: dressed veal,   iiKiiHuwurvdieruns. TABKJt* WHITMAN <
*-yn\0rt HeiiHlon ami Patent Altorneyn, Wanlitnetoii, li. (*.
i (". oC. | ^ --■   ■       ■■ 1	
Poultry—Chickens* live weight, OfffilOe '. n'AWn rnr tniVtiifi mai lticuting ooia or silver
dressed *5.25fi:5.50; mutton, live 4®4Je,   KUUS %^^^x^.m,SS&%6om.
per lb;   dressed, ll'@12o|   turkeys, live,    __    _
10@llc; dressed, 12(n!l3c: ducks, live, X. \ tl
10c; dressed, KIJiWllc per lb; gce»c, live,! -^—
10@lle;  dressed, 12@125c. "*"
Wo.  in. 'lis.
rxi CUHW WntKt bit ttbt TAIL'S,
Siiii   Francisco,   March   21.— Wheat—       BI nwtCouuhBjiup. Tnntii Oood. cro
.„ .     .          j,, ,,.,  , ,,,     -        x.        ,  „^,,        M        in lime.   Bol-t by dirr-inli-ts.
Shipping,    $1.406i 1.41.1    lor    No.     '   '        **" 	
$1.42.'.  I'.n- choice.
I and


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