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The Miner Mar 27, 1897

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LIlNip  UP
ties will at onco ho, begun, and thore in
overy reason to believe that ono or 1ho
biggest cupper mines in liritish Columbia will be opened up.
Hard Rock Encountered.
Situated as it is in tho very outskirts
of the town our citizens naturally take
a great deal of interest in tho work now
being done on the Boneta property on
Observation mountain.
Believing thai a report ot the progross
CLAIMS TO BE WORKED beinS made woula ba °* interest to our
readers a Miser reporter visited   the
property last  Tuesday afternoon, and
Mora Attention Will Bo Paid   tu the found the work proceeding very slowly,
Work was commenced this woek on a
24x18 foot addition to tho roar of Henderson's storo.
John Rogers went to Greenwood for
shingles with which to complete his
rosidenco on Second street. Ho expects
to have it bo ho can move into it next
Development of Good Properties
This Year Than Ever
Prom All  Parts of the Oity ia
the Sound of Hammer and Saw
and Many Contracts
are Being Let.
chiefly on account ot tbo nature of the
rock which the tunnol is being driven
through. The tunnel is now in about
40 feet through a very hard seamy gran-
  ito formation which is very difficult to
drill and shoots so poorly as to neceesi*
At last the long looked for Chinook  talo literally burning it out with pow-
has put in its appoaranco; and the snow   der.
is daily growing beautifully lesson tho      The lodge evidently dips very decided-
mountainssurrounding the town; bring-   ly into the mountain,and as near as can
ing joy tn tho heart of many a prospec-  bo estimated it will be necessary to drive     _   i
tor who has been snowbound here for  from twenty to thirty feet further beforo  have been able to
tho past few weeks.
The lumber was placed on the grouna
thiB   week for tho forty-room lodging
house to bo built by A. B. Jones and
_      ,   work on tho building is to bo pushed at
O. Si Lambert, who is building three
bouses on South Rivorsido avenue is
crowding the work as fast as ho can
procuro material, and expects to be able
to havo them completed in about two
Work on Dr. Averill's now buildings
Mr. Simp5on last woek started up his
saw mill and has been running steadily
ever since.   While not able to supply
tho demand ho ha3 so far apportioned °>* tho corner of Riverside avenue and
tho output so those who havo been Bridge street is being pushed as rapidly
waiting patiently for lumber for so long  -ia possible mid it is expected to bo ready
--    start work.     As a  £or  occupancy about the 5th of next
]mn"s tho ora bu,Jy* although it may  result iu every part of town  the sound  month,   The corner store will  be  used
1-orsomet.me past prospect ors_ havo  be struck at any shot now, everything  of tho Bnw and hammer can  bo  *leard  by Dr. Hepworth as a drug storo and
been almost daily arriving at the Porks, depending upon tho angle at which tho
from the different parts of the country vein pitches into tho mountain.   Unless
where they havo beon wintering,  with lhe rock gets   much easier to work it
the expectation of boing ablo to get ;out will be at least from threo weoks to two
to thoir claims ln tho near vicininty  of months  before the ore can be reached
uovu   and   do   asse'it-tne it   '.iVo   tho a* tho work is now pn.c^eding at i-ic
weathor breaks up sufficiently to allow rale of only a few inches a day.
of their beginning prospecting; but tho
protracted cold  weather  aud   un.preci-
and the   iiiobI   imaginable   activity   iB
evinced in building circles.
At present work on a number of
buildings has toon suspended on account of the inability to procuro
shingles. Ono or two contractors sont
to Caecado City  and   Greenwood  for
tho other ono by Fulton, Ward & Aikman a3 a law office, While tho office on
the second story havo been rented by
Bobbins & McCabo as offices.
dented snow storms havo prevented
work boing done on any proportisB unless preparations had been mado and
operations bogun last fall before the
winter set in.
If tho thaw now on continues work
will bo commenced within the next two
woeks on a number of promising prospects within a few miles of Grand Forks.
Iu the meantime negotiations aro boing conducted for tho sale,   bonding or
working of a number of  properties in   by Spokano parties who have driven
different sections tributary to tho town.
Brown's Big Deal.'
R. A. Brown of this city, ono of tho
pioneers of lho district and owner of the
famous Volcanic, has received word
from !iia Baltimore correspondents to
Fror< tho surface indicatione,however, shingles in order to complete their con-
when tho ore is finally reached tho Bo- tracts on time.   From tho present  indi*
neta   will  become at onco ono of tho cations it is apparent that thegrowth of
best mines in the cntiro Kottlo Rivor tho town will bo considerably deterred
district.                           ,
No Information Yet.
So far as wo are able to learn tho government has not yet fixed tho date of
tho city olsction of Grand Forks, Last
week's Rossland Minor contained the
announcement that an ordor in council
on account of the difficulty of procur* had been made fixing the date for the
ing material with which to build. On first city election in Grand Forks, Rossland and Nelson had boon made. Tho
date for tho nominations of civil officers had been fixed at April 17 and the
election on April 22.   From tho above
it would bo generally Bupposed that our
ledge, tho croppings of which aro over   it to bo Mr. Simpson's intention  to put  olecti.
100 feet wido.   This property is owLcd  on two shifts as soon as arrangements
can bo perfected to work advantageously.
Work on LaFleur mountain
A great deal  of   work   is now being  Monday     next     Mr.     Spragget   will
dono on LaFleur mountain, somo seven  havo   his   mill   on   the    south     sido
miles west of Grand Forks.   Among tho  of Ktttlo river, in operation and will aid
properties now being opened up is tho  materially in relieving tlio present strain
i. well   defined  en tho lumber market.   We understand
Blaine, which possess
ion would occur on that date.
Tho last i;suo of tho British Columbia
tunnel some 40 feet and aro still pushing      One of the neatest and most substan*  ^l^a^aV^^ZuoTil
'Krii       ■        m. residences in tho city is that now Ros3land on tho ™ of "    0n *
lhe Vulcan is another promising pro-  under  course of construction for I, A.  ination dav on the'Vd* .liiiT
pcrty on this mountain.   It is owned by  Dlnsmore, our efficient provincial con-   "* °° '7N°."   ,Jh!    J 1     ,"
a Spokane syndicate who aro.running a  stable, in VanNess' addition by contrac  Keto^SttS^A^.8*
tunnel to crosscut the lead.   The oro on   tor A. B. Hart, which is a cottage 86x42 tiv-.lv P     r°SP°C"
the efioct that a deal which has been this claim is rich in gold and copper. of tho most modern architecture. On A rm-nn, ■ • , .* L
ponding for some time, whereby Mr. Work is also boing prosecuted on the the first floor thero will be six rooms, in,Xl°,1° r "'7 T i!" .T"'
Browns Copper Mountain property on Star and Crescent claim which is sup- besides a hall, pantry and bathroom JSaSS TalT'nT^T
Smdkameen river is to bo taken hold posed to bo an extension of the famous which will be supplied with the latest ZernmBn,,, tt 7 77 th"
Of by English capital, is now practically La Fleur or Comstock mine. This pro* improved hot and cold water appliances. pZuuthoriljIf* '^ -?**"!
assured of cons, mafon. perty bm heoa lato,y Btockod uador tho  Tho intei,or   of tho   buildi     '„*,.   bo  ^*^J^ *» thTT T °'
The property is to bo incorporated by  name of   tho Star and  Crescent Gold   lathed and plastered; part will bo hard  UiaDd X orks'0WIDS to the lack of cer-
a powerful Bngiish   syndicate, and   a  Mining company.   At present six men  finished and the balance   kalsomined in
aro at work having started a tunnel tints; tho wood work will bo finished in
which is now in over 20 feet. A quant- oil and will bo trimmed with round
lty of ore was recently sont to Spokane molding. Across tho entire front of tho
to be assayed and it is expected it will  houso thero is a veranda which  extends
bond of 800,000 is boing taken ou the extensions of tho Copper Mountain, Mr.
Brown receiving one fourth of tho capital stock of ,ttio company for his holdings. Tho deal'is all arranged and only
awaits tho report of tho experts to bo
sent out by tho company to make an examination of the property, when tho fi-
tain information nooossary, and would
not until the required data had boen secured.
jive fair returns
Thomas Donan, owner of tho X claim,
is now in some 50 feet with the tunnel
ho is  running to ascertain  the where-
nal papers will at onco bo signod.   That  abouts of the ore body.   This tunnel is  windows are af tho lattest pattern and
this report will be a favorable ono can  0x7 in the clear and is expected to make  design   and   taking   it all in all  when
hardly bo doubtod, as tho proporty in-   tho bost showing of any on the niouu-  completed Mr. Dinsmore may well   bo
around ono side aud will bo decorated
with artistically designed cornice, whilo
a neat comb railing runs clear around
the roof of the building.   The doors and
volved is among the b,*st known in that  tain.
section and has a well defined ledge, tho
croppings of which aro in tho neighborhood of 700 fcot wido and from whicli
assays of 5 ozs. of silver and 71 per cent
copper havo boen obtained.	
With the consummation of this deal     Silver-plated   knives
active development work on the proper-   Manly's Hardware.
.Several other properties on the nioun*
taim are being worked aud from tho
showings being mado it is evident that
before many months LeFleur mountain
will havo more than ouo shipping mino.
and   forks  ut
Want a Postoffice up the Fork.
A petition was circulated during the
woek addressed to the postal authorities
ut Victoria and praying that a postoffice
be established up tho North Fork at
Clark's camp and that Robert Clark be
appointed post master,
Thero is no doubt but tho establishment of a posteflieo at this point would
bo a groat  convenience   to  tho public
and especially the different camps up
___ tho North Fork as at present the min,.re
ment to any city.     A few more such  and Droan6ft-*n,  „„!,," ,BmlneM
,   .,,.      .   ,,        ., .,       ..,     ana prospectors are compelled to come
buddings in tho residence portion of the to (in.„d ,,*orks ,. u. th(
city will do much toward stimulating
the faith of tho outside world in lho
future of Grand Forks.
proud of his new home, which will not
only present a very neat and homelike
appearance  but   would  bo   an   orna-
Heir mail,
Inspect Gill &. Kirkland's shoes before
buying elsewhere. THE  GKAND FORKS MINER,  SATtJEDAY,   MARCH   27,  1B97.
We Should Be Better Represented and
Have Our Local Government
Nearer Homo.
Filley & Ogden,
Mr. Richard Sidley, J. P. cf Summit
near camp McKinney, in speaking of
the prospects of this section, whilo in
conversation with a Minir man the
other day said:
"What the inhabitants of eastern Yalo
really want is a division of tho county
at a point at or near Pentieton. Then
we would have all the county machinery
nearer home and have a local member
instead of looking to Vernon for many
things that should bo dealt with by
local powers."
Iu speaking of the most suitable place
for the new county town in case of division Mr. Sidley thought that Grand
Forks would bo in all likihood tho coming county seat as it had most of the
requirements necessary for the making
of a government confer. He also suggested that the people in oastern Vale
should at once agitate the division of
tho county and further stated that if
the voters of the county would only
register he thought tho required division
could bo obtained sooner than waiting
in the usual way till unother session of
provincial legislature.
With reference to the proposed route
of the Columbia tit. Western Railway
from Grand Forks to Pentieton Mr. Sidley said that it v/as not nearly so rough
as was generally supposed and that
many natural passes were along the line
making it anything but an expensive
lino to build. He further stated that ho
had been iu tho country for the lust 15
years and had during that period
watched the growth of this section,
and especially the different towns that
sprung into exisistence tho past year
or so, with much interest,*and was sorry
to seo that there were petty jealousies
between the places which wore iu no
way opposite to each other in interests
and hoped that this bad feeling would
die away and tho inhabitants of the
Kettle River and Boundary districts
would join hands and pull together,
following the good did maxim "In union
thero is strength."
Business and Residence Lots
For Sale on Reasonable Terms.
The Future of Grand Forks is assured—it will be -a
city.   Get in while lots are Cheap.   We solicit a share <of
Will Organize a K, P. Lodge.
For sometime past a project as bsen
under way among thoso who aro members of the order of Knights of Pjthis,
residing iu the vicinity of Nelson, to
organize a lodgo of that order at that
place. Last Saturday night a meeting
was held for the purpose of taking the
preliminary steps necessary for organization. Thero were present representatives from Carson, Greenwood, Anaconda and Midway, After a canvass of the
situation it was unanimously decided
that sufficient suitable material was
available for a good sized lodge. The
number was placed at not less than 20
and as many more as could be secured.
A cominitleo was appointed with instructions to procuro the necessary para*
pbunalia and charter as soon as possible
and it is expected these will arrive in
time to permit of the lodgo being instituted some time between April 20 and
May 1. Purties desiring to becomo
charter members can procuro all tho
necessary information by addressing or
calling on H. M. Geuin, Nelson, or F,
XI. McCarter, (irand Forks.
If  y°ur business.   Call and see us, or address us.
Carson, B. C, March 26th.—[Special
Correspondence.] — Everyone is complaining of the backward spring.' It is
beyond comprehension in the memory
of the oldest inhabitant.
Thoro is considerable discussion at
present as to whoro the railroad depot
will bo located but the supposition is
that it will bo at or near the swing
bridge and in close proximity to tho
present wharf or steamboat landing site.
Joseph Shustor spent a few days in
town this weok on his return from Spokane. Joo looks well after his trip and
says he had a good time; also that
stock in tho Gold Bond Miniug &, Milling couipanviu which ho i.-f largely in
terested is held at a good figure and is
selling readily.
Captain Kawlston and John Meyers>
were guests of the Grand Prairie hotel
for the past few days and report things
flourishing in Wellington camp.
Messrs. Oomstock and Fisher, of
Greenwood, wero pleasant visiters in
town this week.
Mossrs. Meyers und Baor of Wolf's
camp, the former being a brother of
Mrs. DaviB tho genial landlady of the
Grand Prairie Hotel, are stopping in
town for a few days.
It has been rumored on good authority that the conference held at Grand
Forks last weok was highly satisfactory
and that plans and s^acitications are
being prepared for the dredging and
-snagging of Kettle River at certain
points between here and (Grand Forks.
'Carson people as usual hove taken quite
nn active part-in the niattor, and well
they may as -it-will make this point the
head of navigation. Weare pleased to
mote that City Clerk Uoko*ash Johnston
has been authorized, on and after the
"flrst of April to joceive 'tenders for trie
above work at his office in the city hall,
corner Government street and Vancouver a.venue.
We have a carload of hardware coming in and are prepared to supply pros-
poetors with anything needed at the
lowest posible living .pneoc. -Mauly-i
 > ■ , ■    — THE   (iliANI)   PORES   MINER,
i H'.r
Items of Interest Picked up hy the Cat
in His Nightly Round-up.—Why
tho Boys are Looking so
Melancholy Lataly.
The ether evening; as we were sitting
before tho lire condemning the weather
clerk for the class of weather ho was
"Bluffing" off on us, and figuring on our
chances of standing off tho sanitary inspector until the snow goes off, and
wondering where the necessary "needful" was to come from to provide the required amount of driod apples and water
—no trouble about tho water, but the
apples troubled us miglitly- to keep our
corporation from collapsing until 6Uch
times as wo wero able to realize more
substantially on our assets than jaw-
bono pudding and promises on toast;
the office cat came in from his nightly
ramble and jumping onto a chair beside
us began smoothing down his satiny coat
After watching, the delicate manner
in which his majesty performed his toilet,
for some time, in the meanwhile steadily
revolving tho preplexing question, wo
almost unconsciously began to relate
our trials and tribulations to our side-
partner, whoso full name is "Tom Two-
bellies"—but who is called "Two" for
'•Well, 'Two,'" we asked/'Whut aro we
going to do about it?"
"That's simplo enough." ho answered.
We havo always known that "Two"
was tho smartest cat in the district and
have frequently remarked that he could
do anything except talk. Yet, here ho
was actually talking 1
We rubbed our eyes in astonishment,
finally j inching ourselves to make sure
it was not a dream. Thero could bo no
doubt, wo wero very much awake and
Tom was talking sure enough.
"i'ou, look surprised old man!" ho said,
giving his mustache an extra twist, "but
I could havo told yuu what to do long
ago if you had only a3ked mo."
"Weil, 'Two,' " said we, "What shall
we do?"
'•Keep a stiff upper lip! keep a stiff
upper lippor and hustle. I hear people
complaining all the time about money
boing scarce, but it seems to mo tho
trouble has been they havo no enterprise
and push about them. If they would
only wake up aud get a movo on thoni
they would bo all right. Now, for in -
ntunce, there's Knight, tho baker, he's a
hustler—and has always got the
"Yes," he went on, "the country's alright, but its tho people who are wrong.
This is tho best country on earth, why
within a radius of twenty milesof Grand
Forks there is a bigger surfacs showing
of mineral than in any other two of the
world's greatest mining camps. It ia
bound to be the distributing paint for
tho entire Kettle finer ami Boundary
creek district, tho Buture railway center,,
uqaUdk sits—but I '{in"-"*   V aw,SQiso-
what off tho track; you see I have been
reading the hack numbers of the Min B
and have becomod enthused.
"But, as 1 wa« saying in the lirst place,
all you havo to dj is to keep a stiff upper lip and hang en. spring ie opening
up now, and livo, wide-wake, hustling
business men aro looking this way for
investments. Now take,Filloy & Ogdea
for instance, Within twenty-four hours
after they arrived in town, tin- contract
for their building was let and work commenced, and inside of ten days they wero
ready for business, with a big advertise-
n ent in the Minek.
"R.G.Butler, a hustler from Butlio,
will be in the field shortly with n stock
of straight groceries, and the way ho will
tualto lho other fellows hump for trade
will take their breath way, for ho is an
"So, you see Dad, that those fellows
who can't afford to advsrtise now, when
competition comes in, will havo to do so
or go out of business.
"You must hear a great many things
in your rambles which would not como
to our notice." said wo, recovering somewhat from our surprise.
"Indeed I do," replied "Two." ''Now,
just a fow daj'B ago I was up to Manly
■t Avorili's store— by the way they're got-
ting a mammoth stock of goods in, and
are prepared to do a jobbing business
as well as retail- -as I started to say before, I went up there to see my mother,
and I heard a pretty good thing."
"What was that, ''Two?"
"Well.you ;ee I was up thero and
Cap. Carter came in with some specimens Cromoneof his claims. Vou know
Cap—of course you do everybody
knows Cap—weil, ho was showing theso
specimens, when up steps a fellow aud
begins to ply him wilh questions—one
of those yellow-legged experts and middle of the road prospectors, you know.
'Where did you get these.mygood man?
he asked picking up ono tho finest looking pieces. 'Well,' says Cap, looking
him sijuaro in the eye, 'I got them up
in tho hilis and this one,' holding out
ono of tho pieces, T found up in a tree,'
That kind of took Mr. Yellow-leg back
a bit and of eourss tbo gang gave him
the horse laugh. But ho wasn't to bo
shut off so easy, so he camo again.
'Where do you go to prospect?' he
queried, 'Right in tho middld of the
wagon road,' replied Cap. 'Right in
tho middle of tho wagon road; be sure
and don't got oil! tho road or you might
get lost It you can lind u railroad track
that's a good place to prospect, and say,
if you should happen to run onto a
miner's boarding house up in the hills
you'll get lots of tlie livest croppings you
ever struck—good day' and Cat) stalked
away leaving the questioner in a semi-
councious condition."
"Do you know, 'Two,' why so many of
the boys are looking so down in tlio
mouth lately?" was our next question.
"Didn't you hear about that?" he
answered in great surprise.
"No," wo replied,
"Ob, that's because some of the boys
got a 'straight tip' ou tho Corbet Fitz-
simnion fight. Now, thero's Kelly, one
of tho 'deadest game' sports in town
He backed Corbet to a finish; bet that
wagon of his on the tight; stayed up till
the stage camo in Thursday night and
when he found he had lost, rushed homo
on the jump, took tho wagon to pieces
and carried it into his cabin eo thai the
winner couldn't take it away with him,"
"Say, did you, got onto all tho new
rings in town lately';'1 suddenly asked
"Two" after a moments pause.
"No, what about thenar"
"Oil., nothing u.iueh,"bv fe\ilied» "nuly
Kettle River Stage ^*^fe
line. . CTBaa^tfpap
G. W. WILLIAMS, Hanager.
Stage Leaves Marcus on the Arrival of the northbound train, arriving at Grand
Forks at 8:45 p, m. Leaves the Forks at 1:0(1 a. in., arriving at Marcus in time te
connect with northbound  train
1 Livery Teams, Saddl
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale.    Teamiug of all Kinds Done.
Boundary Ho
1 -Cll-J,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Termius of
Stage Lino From Marcus, Washington,
McAuley & MeCauig,     -   -     Proprietors.
Should carefully consider
the cost of matorial, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
can be purchased at the
Qrand   Forks
C.  K, SIMPSON- Proprietor.
Tlio best wire spring in the world is
mado in Grand Forks. I also do alJ
kinds of line furniture and other
and Seals.   Agent for tho best makes of
.Sowing machines,    Also   tho Hummer
b!x of tho girls begun wearing rings on
the middle linger of their left hand the
last tow days and I was just wondering
whether it was an epidemic of engagements or a cheap jewelry man that had
struck tho town."
Just then camo a sharp oatorwaul
from tho rear of tho olliee and "Two"
jumped to the floor and was oil' saying
as he left, "That's my brother 'Sporty'
we're going up to the club together for
a ijuiet little game."
Will Handle the Business.
A large passeuager travel is expected
with the opening of spring and in order
to accommodate this increased travel,
the managers of tho stage lines running
between the Forks, Bossburg and Marcus, with the utmost dispatch and regularity, havo decided to increase their
facilities so as to enable them to take
caro of the travel. Theso gentlemen
should bo commended for their elforts iu
providing means of rapid transportation
between the Forks and outside points,
as it will be a big factor in increasing
the development of tho vast resources
of this district.
Another Test Alade.
A secon test of LeRoi oro at the 0. K.
stamp mill was made last weok. All
caro possible was used in tho preparations for it and every precaution taken
with which jto insure a perfect result.
Oapt. Hall, the superintendent of tbe
LeRoi declines to devulge any information as to the tost for the present, pro*
fering to have overy detail fully in hand
before the result is announced bo their
will be no wrong inpressions concerning
the result. The outcome of this second
test will be awaited with interest, and if
successful will practically settle tho con-
eenstration of low-grade ore on an extensive scale.
When applying for Crown Granto request that the notice of application be
published iii the Qrand Forks Minei;
the best advertising medium in the
Kettle Rivor aud Uouudary districts.
11. A. BltBADS, J. ADAMS*
GRAND   FORKS   MINER,  tationof fwight ought to bo arranged
on a basis on actual construction.
If. II. McOabtsb liiSOK - -. - ■
(i. K. McCaiiter.
Every resident of the Kettle river division of Valo district who is entitled to
vote should register and soa that thoy
have tho right of franchise before an-
othor election comes around, which will
occur in little over a year. One of tho
chief obstacles tho people of this district are confronted w.th when asking
auy favors from tiio government is tho
scarcity of actual voters. A petition
sont to the government signed principally by a!'ens is not given tho same
amount of consideration it would receive were it signed, eniirety by British
It is now announced that the provin - subjects and. voters. In a great mcas-
eial legislaturo will adjourn before ure this stato of affairs has beon one of
Easter. tho groat difficulties the people of- this
s .        ; ■ vicinity havo had to rvcrcomo in  thoir
The political kettle continues to boil  appeals of   late for  government  assis-
Tnr* MiNTR:« published on ':!itnr-;ny and will
nmilt'l in Bubnqrlber on p-.j-ine'it of Two
UJllars a year.
Displays*! AMlvertUsmonts 86 r.n Inch por
niontn. A liberal dfaeoupt a.lowed ou long
•wi* tracts.
Tranciant Advertisements ?u cents a line first
Insertion and 10 contra line lor eaob additional
liocnl or reacting matter notices "-i, cents each
Job Trinting at. Fair-rates. All accounts lor
job work and advertising.payable on the lirst of
aach mont-li. F. II. McGABTBR tt SON.
possibilities. Ho believes in tho country thoroughly and if is an ambition ho
has lnugod entertained to got his railroad in thero and establish connection
between that region and tho Columbia
river.—Rossland Minor.
XT alter date hereof y int,-ml to apply to tbe
Honorable, the Ohiof Conuitssionerof Lands
a:nl Works for permission te purchase Mil aerea
of land, situated on the North If-ork of Kettle,
river and described as f-olinv.r.: Commencing
l!,t tliosollliiwest ,'Ornernf lot717, Osoyoos DIvi-.
sion bruit District, tbeuce we.-t 20oliflin8, thence
north 40 chainB, thence east 211 chains, thence
south 40 chains to tin; point of commencement.
Grand Forks, II. C, March 2,18U7,
SATURDAY, ilARUH i!7, 1807.
mei rily, and the problem of- who "owns
the French 7ote" ia still unsolved.
As yet John A, Manly is the only candidate for the office of mayor at tho
<;oming city election who is suuarply out-
before the people.
tanco in the construction of bridges and
other road improvements The number
of actual voters was very Btnall. For
thi6 reason ovory voter should see to it
that he registois at onco.
Sittings of tho County Court of Vale will bo
holden us follows:
nt tlie hour oi ton o'clock in-tlie forenoon  respectively. .
Bycommnnd W. G McMYNN,
Government Office, Midway* B. 0 1    D. R. C. C.
March i!4,18W. )
nersotp heretofore KuirfdKii.ng between its
tlio undersigned us hotel keepers in tlte Cosmos
Hotel in the town of Grand Fork-, B. <;., has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent. Al
debts owing to tin1 said partnership- are to be
paid to John H.Smith, the imdrstgned at <;raud.
Forks aforeBaid, end all olnJrnfl against tin: said
partnership arc to be presented to the said John
II. Smith, hy whom the same will he nettled.
Dated at Grand fforkfl* TJ, C, this nth   day of
Maroh, A.D» 1897. A. \V . PRESLAR.
H. C. Cxyu-.y, J. II. SMITH.
As to signature hy A. >V. Piles)ns.
A. O. Sution, as to signature hy J. H. .Smith.
No. 357.
The incorporation epidemic has struck
tbo town of Trail and at a meeting held
last week a petition was prepared and
forward ed. to the gpvarnmant rc-ueating.
Sworp's municipal election, ainei-.d-
ment act has passed. It's object is to
correct a mistake made last year in depriving the non-resident tax-pore of tho
right to voto.
TiiE necessity of Yale district being
divided is more apparent ovory day and
the sooner our people awake to tnis fact
tho better it will bo for all concerned.
What we nsed.is a representative in the
provincial legislature who is a resident
of tho lower portion of the district,,and
the only way to accomplish this, is to
divide tho district Let every British
eubjoct see that he is properly registered, and that atonce. The larger tho vot",
tho bigger tho pull with the government.
Ono year from next Juno tho annual
election will occur, and by starting at
once to agitate this onestion, it is safe to.
Watch Repairing My Syecialty.
All Work Warranted.
B.   C,
Colonial and Foreign Mining Regulations.,
Prospects for thu precious mltiil-i and gems
Organizes prospeotlug and exploring parties.,
Kxitiuines and reports on mining properties,
With Colin Campbell,
Till*. British Columbia Stock of  Exchange is tho latest acquisition to tbo
city of Rossland, The officers for the Srst  predict   that   such   a pressure can bo
term are:-, E., J, Bealey, piosidont;. X<
W. Rolt. vice-president;. O. G-lJrietiRed-
den, treasurer; Ernest Kennedy, secretary. 	
Some enterprising snappor-jtick i as
"hopped" onto tho townsite of Fairview
and staked a pre-emption ever it. The
good people of Fairview should (ile a
ntttioe with tho aforesaid individual,
requesting him to "jump" out of tho
country inside ot twenty-four hours.
brought to bear on"tho next provincial
legislation that a divison of the district
can be secured, and we will be accorded
an opportunity to send a man from our
own midst to Victoria to represent  us.
The Mini.i* iB publishod in tho interest of the mining industry or tho Ilet-
tle river division of 'f.a\o district, and
will endeavor to give correct reports ou
each and all jiropoctics,regardless of the
locality in which they are situated.   In
I*r ip reported from Qrand Forks that
a meeting held there this weok for the
purpose of nominating municipal offi-
t ere. it was found that no livo residents
of tho town could be named who wero
eligible for alderman, and that Mr. John
A. Manly alono had the necessary qualifications for the mayorality.—Boundary
Urnek Times.
In tho language of our esteemed contemporary wo would "add a word of
warning against tho folly of exaggeration." Now, brother Lamb, tho facts
aro these.   Besides John A. Manlj thero
T  H. FEATHERSTON,. li. A. S. c.
And Mining Engineer.   Member of Qiieboc Mining Society.   Mineral Claims Examined
and. Reported on.
Uhas.de BloisGreen CEPL-J,   F. Wollaston P L S
Provincial Land Surveyors
Civil Engineers, Etc.
Ofiice in VanNass' Addition with.J.II. Featherston, assay or.
"Companies' Act," Part IV, andamfnd-.
ing Acts.
"TUq    Supertor    Mining    Company'"
Registered the 18th day of February, 1897.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day registered "The SuiK^inr Mining Company"'
(Foreign), under tlifi '''-ompanios' Act," Part
IV.. "Registration of Foreign Companies," and,
amending Acta.
Tho head office of the said company U situated at tho City ot'Spokane,' -state of Washing-,
ton, U. S. A.
Tne objects for which the Company is established are: -To work, operate, buy sell, lease,
looRte, own, acquire, proonre, hold and deal in
7Diues metals and mineral claims of e«'erv kind
and description within the Province of liritish
Columbia. Canada, and the United States of
America; to cnriy on and conduct a general
mining, smelting, milling and ijy&uotive business; to purchase, acquire, hoJd, erect ami
operate electric light ami power plants for tlie .
purpose of mining and treating ores, and for
tlio purpose of furnishing lights and erecting
power fnr all purposes; to bond, buy, lease, locate and hold ditohuK, flumes and water rights;,
to construct, lease, buy. .sell, build, operate and
conduct railroads, ferdes, tramways or other
means of transportation for transporting ore,
mining audothtr material: to own, bond, buy,
sell, lenseaud locate timber and timber claims,
aud finally to do evetythiug consistent, proper
and requisite for the carrying out of the objects
and pn-rposofl Aforesaid in their fullest, and
broadest souse \vithiu,the territory aforesaid .
The capital stpok Of the snid Company is one
million dollars, divided lhtfi one million shares
of tho par valuo of one dollar each.
(liven under my hand and seal of oflice at
ViptOria, Province of British Celumba, tnis liUl*
day of February, 18'J7.
fL. 8.1 if. Y. YVOOTTON",
'Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
And Civil Engineer.
order to accomplish this misa.on wo ask is P' T' McCallum, our justice of the
the co-operation of everyone  interested Peaw who has the necessary  qualiQca
in the district.
The friends ot W. K. C. Manly, voll
icgret to learn that he is disqualified-for
tho   oflico of alderman, on account of
tions for mayor, and if wo aro correctly
informed expects to make tho race for
that office. At the mooting you re-
for to there woro five person nominated
for alderman.   As to theirqualifications
aot having his deeds  registered in  the. that 1S a matter that can 0,,|y bo detor-
land registry office the required length mined when called uPon to tako   the
ef* timo prior to tho election.   It is very oath of office, and it is. hardly probably
■oofortuate that such reliable and trust- that «*«»? would ^ow themselves
worth business men, as Mr. Manly  has to run for an office that there would be
proven   himself  to be,  who are   also "° cbanoe to fill if elected,
heavy property owners should bo disbar-
Barber Shop.
Centrally I-ooated.  All Work Gaurantoed to be
Uiret-Class in every Respect.
tod from having a voiee in the management of the affalra of the city.
Tun Toronto Globe says: If tho
Canadian Pacilic railway company ie
willing to build tho Crow's Nest Pass
Railway without aid, rather than mako
auy concessions, we  can still   maintain
Has Faith in the Coujitry.
P. A. Heinze continues in New York.
Ho has now been thero for more than
two mouths. His long stay is interpreted to mean that be is negotiating for
the capital with which to build tho Columbia .t Western into tho Boundary
country. Whilo nothing liearing on
this subject has been   heard  from him
tho public right iu theso  pasfleB to  tho
utmost limit of tho law. Wo aro strongly  there are reasons for belieringthut he is
in favor of the  Rossland  proposal   that   at last   meeting   with   encouragement,
ajl uvorbonding of railways, and   undue
increase of profits by construction  com
panics, and stock   manipulations,, shall
It is is known that Mr. Heins.0 haB very
complete information as to the mineral
and general  commercial possiblitien of
bo prevented to the utmostof the power  tho Boundary country and it is  known
t£ Parliament.    RatoB for tho transpor-  ho has the most unshaken faith in thoBo
Searcher of Records.
Notary Public.
fWP^M■———■■B—i———■— Minn ■ ■
Does all kinds of repairing aud horseshoeing.
Work strLotly llrstelass.
Bath  Rooms,
1UVKKS1IJK.      -     -      -       CiUAND FORKS*
Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue Tax.
Rock Creek Division of Yale District..
•ATOTICE IS HEP.EHY GIVEN, in accordance
IN' with the statutes, that Provincial Revenue
Tftjt and all Taxes levied tinder the Assessment
Act are now due for tho year 18071;
All of the above named Taxes collectible
within tlie Rock Creek Division,of Yale District are payable at my olliee at Osoyoos, B. C.
Provincial Revenue Tax. $;i per year.
Assessed Taxes aro collectible at tho following
rates; viz:—
If naid ou or before June 30, 1SS7:—
Three-flfths of nno percent on Real Property
two aud one-half DOr cent on the assessed value
of wdlddand, ouedialf of one per cent ou Personal property. On so much of the income of
any person as exceeds onethuusand dollars, tho
following rate;., namely:—Upou such excess
when the same is not more than ten thousand
dollars, one per cent-: when such excess in over
ten thousand dollars and md more than twenty
thousand dollars, one and one-quarter of one
nor cent; when sucIl excess is over twenty
thousand dollars, ono and ono-half of ono
por cent.
If paj«l on or after 1st of July, 1897:—
Four-fifths of ouo pcrqento i Real Property,
three per cent on tho asses«ed value of wild
land, threu-((uartors of one per eenton Personal
Property. On so much of the income of any
person as exceeds one thousand dollars the following rates, viE*-—UponsuCh excess, when tho
same is not more than ton thousand dollurs,,
one and one-ipiarter of one percent; when
8UCh cxecss U over tOD thousand dollars and
not. more than twenty thousand dollars, ono
and onedialf of one per cent; when anch excess is over twenty Jtbo isanil dollars, one and.,
three-quarters of one percent.
Jan 'J, L807, C.A. LAMBLY,
Assessor and Collcu'-pr,., THE   GRAND   FORKS  MINER,   SATURDAY, MARCH
What Has Been Doing the Past Week
in Mining; Circles.—Renewed
Activity Apparrent.
There seems to bo no limits to the
possibilities of the North Pork district.
G. C, Adams, a mining man from
Spokane, was among thoso registered at
tho Victoria this week.
Tho chinook has arrived at last and
is cutting the snow off tho mountains
and hills at a rapid rato:
Ed. .Davis loft on Monday, for Fisherman's creek, where goes to do assessment work his claims iu that locality,
Several properties in the vicinity of
Pierre's lake, on the reservation, wili be
developed with the opening of spring.
Preparations are being mado for extensive development on the Seattle. It
ie expected work will bo started within
the njxt 30 days.
Parties coming down from tho North
Fork this week report that tho ice haa
commenced to go out and we may look
for a gonoral break-up now soon.
The Joker proporty, in the vicinity of
Pierre's lake, on which considerable
work has beon done this winter, i.s said
to be showing up some line looking oro.
A number of Pass creek mineral claims
having good surface showings, can bo
purchased at a bargain if taken within
the next thirty days. For further
information call at the Miser office.
ti* Schorn, one of the owners of the
Blue Bird claim about 10 miles up the
North Fork, is sinking a shaft on this
property, bei-ig aow rlown some 25 foet.
A recent assay mado from tho croppings
ran S8 in gold.
Mr. Wolf, owner of the Lamo Foot
claim in White's camp, is steadily pushing development work and before many
weeks have elapsed wilt havo a fine lot
of shipping oro on the dump, if present
Indications count for anything.
Max IC'.intz waa down from his prop-
erti3S tho Iron King, aud Columbia, in
tho vicinity of Brown's creelt. In con -
nootion with his partner, John Millar,
he has this winter run a 70-foot tunnel on
tho former and 40-foot on tbe latter, and
reports the oro improving right along.
The Eagle claim on Hardy mountain,
owned by Frank Richtor and others,
gives great promiso of becoming a dividend payer with development, assays of
GO ounces silver and 70 per cent, lead
having been obtained at the Tacoraa
smelter from samples taken out of the
workings ou this property.
S. M. Kirkham a well known North
Fork prospector, was a passenger on
Monday's stage from Marcus, having
just returned from a two months trip
to the coast cities. He reports that a
largo immigration will take place tho
coming season especially from fcjeattlo
and Tacoraa.
C, S. Rutter, tho mining broker o£
Spokane, was a visitor at the Forks
tnis woek. During his stay Mr. ii.
visited the property of tho Roservatiu n
Mining and Milling company, situated
in White's camp. He reports work progressing and expressed himself as being
very much ploasd with lho future outlook of this property.
W. H. Fife, representing BonisDn it
Co., mining brokers of Rossland, spent
a day or two in tho Forks. Ho camo
over to examine some North Forks properties, but owing to tho largo amount
snow still in the hills., had to* postpone
his trip until later in tho season. Mr.
Tife expressed great  confidence in the
the future of Grand Porks and the surrounding count ry,
D. F. Wetzel, the jeweler of Spokane,
was a visitor in the Forks last Sunday,
having come to examine the work being
dono on the Reservation Mining and
Milling company's properties In White's
camp, in which ho is interested, but not
boing an equistrlan or pedestrian he
had to abandon tho trip for tho present.
Mr. W. reports this district being much
talked about in Spokane and predicts a
big rush for it the coming season.
Newton Rice and Tom Walsh have
sold a one-third undivided interest in
tho Gold Bug and Hidden Treasure
claims in Deadwood camnp. The purchaser being an Englishmen, who has
recently become interested in mining in
this district. The consideration of the
above sale was 81,000cash down. Messrs.
Rico and Walsh have several other line
claims in Dead*-ocd oamp and aro to bo
congratulated on their success in the
mining industry of tbe Kettle river district.
C. A. Saunders, at one timo owner of
the stago lino from Marcu3 to Grand
Forks, has struck it rich on tho reservation. Mr. S. is one of tho largest individual stock holders in tho ricotia Mining company, which own3 eight claimB
on Toi-lou mountain. Considerable development work has been done and tho
properties aro said to have developed
into as good as any on tho reservation.
The lower tunnel is in about 200 feotj
the last liftoeii of which has all beon in
ore, crosscutting tho voin, showing a
largo body of shipping ore, assays from
which aro very satisfactory. The com*
puny expects to commonco shipping in
about sixty daya.
Charles Ragland, a reservation prospector, laBt week informed the Journal
scribe that tho 200 pound tost from tho
Anaconda sent to tho Tacotoa omclier
went 8-132 to tho ton in gold, silver and
copper; there was 20 ounceB in gold.
This property is on Sand croek, a couple
of miles this sido of Hall's ferry, and
about 14 miles from Bossburg. A. J.
Miller, of East Spokane, is tho lucky-
owner. There is four foot in width of
this ore oxposed. Adjoining the Anaconda is'tho Yellow Jacket ownod by
the same party, whilo only in 10 feet,
four foot of galena oro is visible, eight
inches of which is solid steel galena.
If merit cut3 any figure, thia is bound
to bo a hot camp.—Bossburg Journal.
Work goos merrily forward on tho Empire claim across the North Pork the
shaft now being down about 10 feet and
tho tine showing mado at the beginning
of tho work still continues. From the
Rossland Miner we clip tho following
regarding this property. The first
meeting of tho stockholders of tho Empire Gold Mining and Milling company
was held yesterday and resulted in tbo
election of W. A. Campbell as president;
Colin Campbell, of Grand Forks, vice-
president, and T. P. Long, secretary and
treasurer. The other directors aro J. F.
McCrae, Montreal; Thomas Anderson
and A. Omon, Grand Forks. A report
was read from (J. R. Propper, that one
great advantage of the property was that
it was within townsite of Grand Forks,
and that the railway must pass within
60 feet of the tunnel. This tunnel was
in 12 feet on the lodgo and was exceedingly promising. Upon this report the
directors appropriated8600 to continue
the work of development,
When it Comes to Looking For Bargains,   Call and be
Convinced that you can Find Anything you
Want  at  POPULAR  PEI0ES.
just arrive;
Four flore
On the Road
We Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assorted
Stock  of    *
When applying for Crown Grants request that lho notice nf application b.i
published in tlio GRAND Potties Minki*
- the best advertising medium in the
Kettle Rivet: and Baundai;"-* cl.istcict'i.
In the Kettle River and Boundary Districts, Consisting of Groceries, Provisions, Queensware, Hardware,
Sash and Doors, Wall Paper, Dry Goods, Clothing Boots,
Shoes and Drugs.   Also a Full Line of
Mail Orders receive Prompt attention.
Give us a trial order and we will gurantee
The "Big Store,"
Biverside Ave., Grand Forks, B. C. THE   tiRAND  FORKS  MINER,   SATURDAY,   MARCH
$1,500 000
?M'» Will Make the Eettia River and
Buundiii-j Greek District? the
Greater Gold Eroduoerq
in the Pr-j-vdenoc*
'Si *> following concerning the building
->f the Colombia & Western from Rob-
son to Pentioton, published in the Spokane Chroncilo of the 18th inst., will bo
welcomed by every ono who is in any-
yay interested in mining properties in
the Kettle river and Boundary Creek
districts. We believe this is the IJrst
time that the announcement has been
made that Mr, Heinze had really secured tho uoney to. built, tho Pentieton
branch, and if this report should prove
17 be true, will go much toward substantiating the rumor that has beon extensively, circulated of late ttat it would
'ie a race between Corbin and lionise to
see which will get in this territory first
with their- road:
"A mortgage for $l,5pa000 has Ivo.i
Sled in the. county auditor's ofijpo at
Butte on all the proporty of the Montana Ore Purchasing company, including its smelters, claims,, leases, etc. It
3b in favor of Richard Lacy of New
York. The Montana Ore Put chasing
company is practically owned by P. A.
Helnae and his buither, A. P. Ilcin-.a*.
The mortgage was authorized at ;v meet*
ing of tho coii'pany held at its New
York oJ1i.ee on March -1th.
Tho filling of thijt mortgage tvpdoubt-
tdljthas a great significance regatdiug
Mr. Hoinze's future in liritish Columbia,
Last winter when Mr. Hpinze faded to
itaise the money in England for the extension of his Columbia & Western railroad, Mr, Heinze announced aonlidently
that the iiud would be built iust tlio
same. A few days ago he again announced confidently that tho road
could be built just tho suave. A few
days ago ha again announced that he
would commenced buildingbis road from
Robson to Pentieton in af_-w weeks or
US soon as tho weather became settled.
Prom, the fact that he has .lust mortgaged his Butte proporty for thtr enormous sum of fl,50tJ'.CXIf> it may safely
h,b gathered that Mr. Heinxe intends to
put up the money himself. If this latter surmise be true it. certainly shows u
wonderful faith on the part ot Mr,
Heinze in the future development of
liritish Columbia.
Mr. Roberts, chief engineer of tho
Spokane Palls & Northern railway, spent
a day cr two in Grand Porks and vicinity last week. Just what lho object
ef this visit was, has not as yet been
made public, but from late arrivals from
Rossland who elak-n to be in a pDsition
to know, it is learned was to mako preliminary arrangcuventu looking toward
tlie commencement of work on the line
between Northport aud 'Irand forks,
which he says will l*e Inaugurted within
ninety days.
The loll'^viug letter from  tho   I). C.
Oorbin published in the last issue of tho
Boundary Creek Times, is suflioieutly
explicit to re.jrjro no comment:
Spokane, March 15th, 1897.—[M. Mori
timer Lamb, Esq., Boundary Creels
Times*] Dear Sir—Answering your lot-
ter of the Cth., which has been delayed
owingto my absence, I have to say: I have
so far carred out my undertakings in
regard to extensions i,P our lin ■ into tho
upper country, about as I planned in
J893, I huvo alway? had your district
in view, I bayegreat faith in its future,
but am hardly in a position to say definitely, at the present lime, just when
construction will commence. It ia my
intention,as scon as tho Season and roads
will permit, to visit the principal pointR.
in thi! Boundary Creek country and
take a look at your m'nos; and when 1
do so, I shall hope to have the pleasure
of meeting you.    Yours Uuly,
D. C. OoitniK, President.
At present there are over 200 men and
two pilo drivers working three shifts on
the Hed Mountain railway bridge, £ow
under course of construction, across the
Columbia at Norlhport. The false work
is finished and the work of sinking the
pier has commence I,
Tho entiro cost of the Slocan river
lino for which the C. P. It. ha;i advertised for tenders is estimated at about
S5P0.Q00. Theso tenders were opened oil
March 15. Tho right of way men aro
making good business,.,aud will bo ready
to give tho flpld to the graders u*s soon
as the frost leaves the ground.
A Postoffice Badly Needed and Should
Be Established at Once.
Cascade City, Bitualed about ono milo
and a half north ol the boundary )i;■ u
and two miles from Christina lake, has
taken on a new impetus of late and will
undoubtedly become quite a trade center with the opening of spring.. Besides
being beautifully situated it is tributary,
to au estensire mineral belt, and haa a
line water power which can be utilized
with comparatively little expense, At
pr-esent there are two bot*ls, two livery
stables O'.ie store and ono saw mill. Tho,
townsite owneis in connection with D.
C. Corbin,,as soon as lho fv<>st is out of
the ground will start work on a wagon
road, between Pole Pierre's and tho
bridge now being constructed by Russell Brothers, across tho Kettle river on
the reservation, about ono milo south of.
thu boundary line. When completed
this road will avoid, the steep hills and
bad stretch of road between Pierre's and.
IJall's ferry, and is expected to shorten
the distance between Marcus and Boss-
bug to Cascade, Grand Pork:! and all
points on Boundary creek. There is
one thing that is badly needed at this
point and that iB a poslnflice. A large
iimtuint of,development is certain to bo
done tho coming season, in the Christina
lake and other districts in that vicinity,,
which will give employment to a largo
number of men, who should not bo
forced to travel ten or fifteen miles to,
get their mail. As soon as this new
routs Is oponod for travel, all Etage linos
will pass through Cascade and the cost
of establishing a postolliee would l>o
comparatively small to the government.
This matter should, bo attended, to as
speedily as possible by the proper au,
Capt. (>. W. Carter, who hap been in
tho (irand Porks country during tho
past winter, was in town tho lirst part of
tho woek. lie reports that George Tye
and himself havo located and own tho
Viola mineral claim, situated on thu
North Pork of Kettle river, running .'111
per cent copper and i-..'!0t> in gold. It is
about three miles from Grand Porks.—
Northport Kev.-g.
All kinds of Meats, German Sausages and Head
Cheese always on hand.
Bonds of Electric, Steam
•XII    l'\C§
Persons having mining or other Properties that will
bear investigation, can have a Company promoted, or
sell th?m, by addressing.    ,   .   .   ,
17 and 1!) Broadway, New York City.    London  offices:— Chiswell   House, No.
139 Pinsbury Pavement, London, E. C, England,
Grand Forks, B. C
The Mammoth Hotel of the Kettle River District.
MRS. A, V. DAVIS, Proprietress.
8 Grand Forks,   =    -   ,»     B. C.«
Q .™__ r„T_.,_,r^..  0
£2 Estimates Furnished on All Kinds of Work. 0
W* jf-n,* xji\*i>. j-r-uf* ft\u *•■>» jtf-« fn.0"\jr \*w\^!>!tLMtxr.' <\0X0*iiriiit%jr»!si
HI  I ■■?
J lili
We will Offer for the Next Thirty Days a
Group of three Claims on
Pass Creek,
At a prico that you can double your money insido of ninety*
days. This Property will Stand tho closest Investigation and
will satisfy anyone that it is a good investment..
"*-» •*%»
We huve unwou Bliln Ibe following K'.nil proporties:—
GROUP Or        1    One-half mill! from Grand Porks and adjoining the celebrated
TWO, CLAIMS.   \    BONETA mine,    Will bo sold as a group or singly.
GROUP OF       )    Ono milo and a  half from Grand Porks, quartz ledge, good
TWO CLAIMS.   ).   Assays and an immense surface snowing of oro.
OVER TWENTY        )    Por sale <'HEai- in  tlio vicinity of tho Groat   Volcanic
GOOD PROPERIES  \    Mountain unt.t Soattle mining properties.
The Above     /     We can honestly recommend as good investments.      We can "go
Properties      )    you good claims in any particular section at bed-rock prices.
-Correspondence Solicited.
McCarter,, Johnson & McCarter,
,—(ir ind Forks,, B,. C...
Or P. H.  J1cCART!;R,
SfH-k-tiic, Washington,, THE   GRAND  FORKS M1MK,,   SATURDAY, MARCH  27, lB^
open for settlement anyway t-oon, it will
bo the big town of this upper country,
having the advantage of being on tho
American side and central location, boing practically in the center of the mineral bolt both of the reservation and
British Columbia.
This Year They Will Carry a $SQ,000
Stoclc—Progress Has Always
Eeen Their Watchword-
Mocha and Java coffee, 4oc a pound at
Gill & Kirkiand's.
Elsewhere in this issue will be found
tho advertisement of Manly St Averill,
dealers in general merchandise. This
establishment under the skillful management of Dr. W. G. Averill, is one
among tho few which havo kept abroast
of the rapid growth of the town.
About eighteen months ago Dr. Ave*
■rill, junior member and manager of tho
firm, purchased the interest of L. A.
.and W. K. C. Manly, who at the time
were interested with their brotfiier John
in the general merchandise business under the tirm namo .of Manly BrotberB.
The stock at the time of tho transfer,
including the log storo and ground on
■which it stood, was invoiced at 813,000.
In order to give Mr. John Manly.-senior
member of tho firm, an opportunity to
look after his largo mining and othar
interests in this vicinity and in and
around Rossland Dr. Averill was mado
manager of tho company's store, which
under his careful and judicial guidance
has increased until it has reached huge
proportions and the firm ranks as one
of, if not tho largest and most substantial in the Yale district. In order to
make room for tho 830,000 stock of
goods they now cany a 30x6 0 foot addition was found necessary, which gives
them a store room 100x30 feet,
Their stock of spring goods, five carloads, has commenced to arrive and
■comprises a full and well assorted lino
of general merchandise consisting of
.groceries, provisions, salt and dried
■meats, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes,
hardware both shelf and builders, stoves
tin ,varo, wall paper, paints, oils, sash,
■doors, windows, glass, and a full line
■of miner's supplies—in fact they have
in stock everything a person needs from
a needle to a threshing machine.
Beside their large retail business they
■havo quite an extensivo jobbing trade
throughout tho district. A mail order
.department ha- beon added, which is in
charge of a competent person, and all
orders will receive prompt and careful
attention and all goods sent out are
guaranteed to be as represented.
As this tirm purchases most of their
.goods in car load iota they are in a .position to offer special ir.ducemonts to
parties conto mplatwig outfitting for
.prospecting and to companies doing development work.
The success of the tirm is in a great
measure duo to the untiring effort of
Dr. Averill who by ,careful and experienced business methods has fully demonstrated what can be accomplished
.by push and energy.
Will Meke a Town.
II. M.Gouin, mining recorder of tho
reservation, with headquarters at Nel-
■son, was a pleasant caller at tbe Minmr
office this week, aud reports everything
nearly at a standstill in that vicinity at
.preBont; also at present there a number
•of prospectors, at Nelson, who are anxiously waiting for the snow to,disappear
.sufficiently to enable them to get in with
the   necessary   outfit  for,doing assessment and development work,   lie pro-
■diotB thut Nelson  will enjoy a healthy
■growth the coming season,  and  says in
cawi the reservation should bo  thrown
W. H. Hustings has boen clioson as
onganizer for the Conservative party io
Tho Bnow fall in tho interior is so
great that prospecting and mining operations are seriously retarded.
The Consolidated Cariboo Hydraulic
Mining Company with 85,600,000 capitalization is seeking a charter from
Tho Postmaster-General will soon issue, for a limited period, a special three-
cent stamp, commemontting tho diamond jubilee.
Mr. Kellio has givon notice of his intention to introduce a bill repealing the
Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway subsidy Aot of 1892.
Canadian Pacilic Railway Company's
traffic receipts for the weok ending
March 7, were 832o,000; for the same
week of last year they wero 831i>,000.
The Winnipeg Free Press is authority
for tho statement that owing to the
progress of tho Kootenay country the
('. P. R.muy restore the fust mail service in voguo in 1893.
The Minister of Justice has caused
communications to be Bent to tho several Provincial Governments to see if a
mutual agreement cannot be reached in
reference to tho appointment of Queen's
J. V. Perks, formerly of Vancouver,
has beon sentenced at Nelson to three
month's imprisonment for breaking into
a lady's house at Balfour with criminal
intent. After hisoffence the lady found
him at his hotel in a <n uuken sleep and
gavo him ahors3 whipping,
A Nelson despatch states that Civil
Engineer Porry, in chargo of tho location survey of the Crow's Nesl" Pass railway along Kootenay Lake reports having completed liis work to within 10
miles of Balfour and has gone to Slocan
City to superintend tho construction of
tho Slocan river branch.
ThePostniaster-General has beon considering a scheme for the extension of
the money order branch of tho postal
service. Tbe demand is for new offices
in iplaces where the population has
grown up rapidly of late and it is calculated that fully-300 such ofHoes could be
put'in to aid tho 1,200 alraady doing
Mr. H. Bostock, M. P., after having
made a partial tour of the electoral district of Yale-Cariboo, where he was cordially recoived, has left for Ottawa,
■whore he expocte to be able to bring to
tbo attention of the gevernmentithe
'most urgent wants of his constituents
beforo the house df Commons. Southern JCooten&y as well as other sectiuns
of Mr. Bostock's immense district aro
developing rapidly. Tho immediate
wants are therefore groat and to the
most pressing of thoin he has been do-
voting attention and, we hope with such
results as will crown his efforts with
success. Jt not granted all that he asks
for, it is certain that .he will do tho.best
ho can on behalf of tho people.
Leaves Bossburg on the arrival of the southbound train arriving at Grand I orbs
at'9 o'clock same evening. Leaves Grand Forks ut £ o'cIc-ck a. m., arriving ui
Bossburg in time to connect with northbound train. Express andfreight promptly attended to and handled at reasonable rates.
Seeds! Seeds!
A Largo Stock of Northern Grown
Garden Seeds in Bulk. The 'Very
-Best (Quality at Eastern Prices.
First Class Quality aud the prices Will Please You.
Of   Ail Kinds at Spokano   Prices .Freight <and
Incidentals   Added.
O.  ®L   &   P.  B.  NELSON,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Wines, Liquors mi Cigars.
The Only First Class Establishment ittf the City.
Billiard and Pool Tables in Connection.
Financial and Mining Brokers.
Groups of  Claims Bought for .Stock Companies, IBtc,
SThe Arcadia,
Oyotir.s 6erved>in any Stylo on Short Notice.
Finest Cup a?. Codes in tho City.   Boxes for Private Tarties.
'MRS- HAMER, Eroprietress, Riverside Ave.
Joa6op Drill Stool. Powder, Cii'iB .and
■KuKo.at. Ma n|y!e .Hardware.
K Open All Night,   Give Us a Call.
*      M0 /■
nn; grand forks miner, Saturday, march 27, imt..
a veranda 18 b lng built tn ffont of the Cosmos hotel.
Bteel Tray Wheel Barrows at Manly's Hard
.Tin-.- Store.
A, C. Sutton madea Bring trip to Carson this
tvauk Thursday.
William Mnlholluiid, a resident ol Victoria,
waa sizing up the town this week.
rudgo&pltika passed through towu this'wcek
enroute (torn Midway to Rossland,
C. K. Huff has returned to tho city and ex-
poets to remain with us for a awhile.
Ii you are looking for Bnaps In real estate or
mining) go In and see Wiley «Sc Ogden.
Wm. Urobilin, of Colville, contemplates engaging in tbe hotel business in the Forks.
KlieTuvuJloy proprietor of the Valley hOUBe,
on Christina lake was married at Rossland the
other day .
Qeorge Ingraham moved, tills week to Billy
•suit ridge's residence, on the bench in the west
end of town.
List your property with Filley & Ogden if you
(Taut to make a quick sale, as thoy arc having
inquires ail tlie time.
We noticed the genial countenances of Ed.
lirlscoll and Dun McLaren, of Carson, on the
streets this week.
C. M. Be ml ell of Anaconda, camo over the
mountain this week and took in the metropolis
aud registered at the Victoria,
\Y. K. C. W&my is having a large sign painted
on the side of his hardware store. Jones the
sign artist is doing the work.
SteveHepworthcamo down from tho Mug-
gliiB claim a fow days ago and reports lots of
good rock in sight on thut property.
ft iioafa to !«et that there, ere not a dozen
sports in the city who did not know just how
tlie Corbet-Fitzsim-mons fight was coming out.
Silas White formerly a mill man lu the vicinity of Whatcom, Wash,, is looking over this
territory wilh-a.view of establishing a shingle
E.JBpraggett will Start up his saw mill on
Monday nest and will, soon ho ih a position tu
supply all kinds of building material on short
Chas. Van Ness returned ro Rossland on Wednesday last to look Mter hit, business there, fie
BXpeci&tO return to4he Forks In a couple, of
Veokfl time.
The bachelors of the olfty aro making prepnnv
tlons to give a grand bull at an early date. The
promoters of tbe ailalr Bay that it will be a
Brando parur >.
On and after April 1st school will commence
at *J o'clock in the morning Instead of i»:;!f) as In
the Winter month;* ui required by the yehool
aotof tbe province.
Jacob Case-i ol Whatcom, Wash.,.w*fls a pass-
shger on Thursday's stage from Marcus, lie is
looking for a locution to establish a shingle mill,
and talkeoi locating,
William Guttridge came down from tho Bri-
tanlc property in Brown's camp yesterday. Ho
lays.this claim is looking well with aline body
of ore boing now in sight.
Candidates for alderman of the new city of
Grand Forks are not quite so nuinoroua<since
that little mutter about qualification has becomo more thoroughly understood.
Thee is consolation in tho fact that even h
the woather has boui bad and the spring backward, that the fellow you have a grudgeugalnBt
\t getting a large sized chuck of tho same lumt.
The member:* of the 1'rcsbytcrLnn church will
elveaooneort-socialon the evening of April 14.
A fine pi'ogamwill be rendered and a cordial
Invitation ts extended to everybody to be pr©r
1C. II. Soaford of Anaconda was a, visitor at
tho Forks this week and was registered at tho
Victoria. The object of his visit was business
connected with his mining Interests in this vi-
Robb-ln & McCa.bc. is the name of anew -firm
which has swung its shingle to the breeze in
Grand Forks, They make '(..specialty of writ-
lug insurance und doing a general brokerage
U. IL Baker, of Nurthport, Washington, h*. in
town and reports thai their Iso great influx
01 people now Into the Northport section, many
of whom lutein! to come to Grand Forks as soon
us th" snow takes it departure
Chas. Emmert wljo has been freighting between Marcus and Grand forks arrived borne
last Thursday afternoon with n hmd of general
merchandise, lie Bays the condition of the
reads will stand Improvement.
0. K. Sehofleld of Aberdeen, was is in lown
tho past week looking after a business opening.
He Left on Thursday morn iug for Mu-.-ws where
ho had left his family, and will likely return
in a few days and locate permanently at the
Both the Marcus ami Bossburg stages are
crowded with passenger every night and it is
do (infrequent occurrance for an additional stage
to i>e put on in order to bring the passengers to
Grand Forks,
Geo. Edwards and wife, of Edwards ferry,
were in the Porks yesterday on a shopping expedition, Mr. Edwards gave it as his opinion
that the high water will not make its appearance before June this year.
Mr. und Mrs. James Ed son of Victoria wero
arrivals in town this week nnd at once rented
a house and commenced house keeping. Mr.
Edson Intends to make Grand Forks bis future
home and will at onee erect a residence.
F. W. Goerioko owner of the well known Coy-
otte claim near LaFleur mountain, spent a lew
days in the Forks this week. Mr. G, has at present a number of men at wont on his property
and expresses- himself entirely satis Hed with
the results,
I). Ourmady, representuting a syndicate of Victoria capital 1st,has secured an option on the property owned by Robert Watson, near Grand
Forks. The Option, we understand, calls for
$5,000 and will more tlian likely be taken up before it expires,
James Campbell, at one time foreman of tho
La tfleur mino on the reservation, passed through town yesterday surouto for Spokane. Mr.
Campbell is a gentleman who bus had extensive experience in mines aud it is to bo hoped
that he will return at an early dute.
Ou Thursday evening last a number of tho
young peopleof Grand Forks.drovo over to Car-
sou aud held a surprise party at the residence
of the .ucLureu Bros. After spending a most
enjoyable evening the party re tinned home
much pleased with their evenings entertainment.
Mr. Reader of Torre Haute* Indiana, was an
arrival in town the past week. Air. U, expects
to remain in the tforjes during the summer and.
will spend oousidorable time iu the hills, During hisH.-jouru he will haveonarge 01 Charles
\ nn .Ness's business interest.
In lust week's issue it was mentioned that after ihe 16th of April school would he held in
w. K. 0, -Manly's hall. Tnis was a mistake as it
has been artauged to continue tne Bchooi in tlie
building now occupied by Mr. Hall as a tailor
thop in die southern end of the town,
I). M. Snyder has just returned irom a five
days trip up tne Mirth Fork, having gone as far
u-B ibe tJeaUio group, He reports the snow over
three feet deep in that section and thinks that
ii will be a couple of weeks yet with good
weather before prospecting can bo prosecuted
in the bias to advantage.
Neils Larson returned home, via Tuesday
nignt's stage irom. apuaanc where no went to
attend a meeting 01 the Olive Uoid Mming
company, advertised tor me juth inst. on ins
arrival in .-.-pokuiio Mr. Laueu learned Lhut
tho meeting was again postponed ueoause
there were not a BUhlolont number ot sioeK.
homers present to Constitute a quorum*
Mr. Robert Petrio, the popular assisstaut
postmaster, expoots to go to opokauo sometime
iiext week to purchase his stock ol tobacco,
cigars, confectionery uooks anu stationery,etc.,
Which lie expect-, to open up in the new po&i-
ouice building un Briugo street, nou*. is a lav-
ontti wim nit who Miuw him unit we predict
thut he wili enjoy a good business from tlie
Elsewhere in this issue will he found the advertisement ol O. 11. tt 1*. ji. Nelson, proprietors
01 Hie reservation store -Nelson, Wash. Tuls mm
are receiving at present a weil selected stueu:
of geneial lnorchanuise, and coustauiiy keep
a number ofirolghi teams on the road hauling
gpous, They are selling goods striotiy at tipo-
Kane prices with tiio cose, ot UUUbportatlon
0. Van Nobs, the Rossland and Grand Forks
hotel man, was a opoaano rails as Northern
passenger l'tiosday, on his return troni Washington, D. u., aud omor eastern points. He
slated that tlie people lu the east are enthusiastic over the inluiugprospeetS'of tins country,,
and that the.lolyniu ieBervation is loeeivluga
good sunroof tne attention irom the eastern
investor,—bossburg journal.
The Cosmos hotel changed.hands again thi-i
wees., Mr. Jack bmlth ciunnierriug bis interest
to ins partners and me ijuainoas he realtor win
be conducted unuer the Urm name ut 1 uvidsou
a Co. 'Ibis hostelry has made quite a reputation for ltseli during its short career, anu tne
present proprietors nave declared their intentions ui Keeping the reputation oi the house Up
tu the stauuaru all ready attuiuud,
Mr. James Fox, the locator of Empire camp
on the leservation, come over tu tne burks
'ihursdaj uitera supply ut powder with, which
to Continue ttie Ubvelopment he is uuiug
on tne i.clio. Mr. Fox says tnat 111 company with Mr. JohiiHoudauattemptWaBmade
10 lake in un oiitut oi tools and supplies, tan
owing to tho snow, which was melting very
fust, making travel ulmosL impossible, tne tup
had to be ananuoned at 1 ena-B&et's runcn.
The present condition of the roads between
0 iu ml irorks and Marcus are any thing, but agree-
able to the stages unt\ iteighters and a source
ot uny amount ot annoyance, on account ol tho
continually changing uom runners to wheois
and vice Versa, maue ueueSm ry Oj some puns
oi the coed being bare,ano then again there aro
long stretches oi fuir sleighing. Fium parties
w ho atrived Horn Muious uuring me vveea it is
luiirud Uml oisannd Height Wuguus are Strung
ullaiuugthc route, tne lapnl melting oi the
htiow from oil tne nibs making It u very duii-
CUit mulier io uaul fteiglu over the road.
March 20—Emerald, W, B. Rlekarps, Deadwood.
Snow Flake. Martin F. Wiles, Brown's.
Jofi* Davis, Jell. Davis. Wellington.
March IS—Bowes, % Interest, 0. W. Carter to E,
March   19—8pnynix,all  interest condition.illy,
Lewis Hind io A. Sfc George Hommorslev,
March 20—Etheopia, J. 0. Ilaas to Herbert Cuth-
Etheopia, R. Cuthbort to  British  Canadian
cold Fields Exploration oompany*.
Lewellah, Jus. F/Cunningham and Archibald
McP'omhl t-» Fferbert Cuthbort.
Eewellall, D. Cuthbort toB, c. (h V. Exploration company.
Nuggett, }i interest, Wm, Sliaw to Jas Jcr-
Mother lode, ^fntercst, Wm. McCormlck to
John Weir.
Mother I.ode. Malcolm MoCualg to John Weir.
RathmulIon,Trafalgar, Glasgow, Westerward.
1D», Lauslng, Ben llur, Malta and Boh Buy.
John li. Henderson, w. M. Ward. Thomas
Carmichael,  T. 8. lligginson and (ico. E.
Drew to Jus. M. O'Toole.
Gibraltar, Helen  Ray,  lone  and  Nanie F.,
Harry Gager, I. J. Evana, C. E. Hull'and  J.
H. Boyd to Jas M. O'Toole.
Gibraltar. Glasgow, Helen Bay. Westward
Ho,  Nnule  F, Lansing,   Rathmullen, Ben
llur, Trafalgar, Malta and Bob Boy to Jas.
M. O'Toole to Rathmullen Mining and  Development company (Lt\i.)
Climax,,K interest,  Itichard Watson to Jan.
Maple Leaf ami Louisa, % iut each, Jno. Mb-
lutoah to Hugh MoEWan,
March 16.—J , A. C, Boundary Creek M. &M. Co.
Northern Belle..). C. Sears.
March 19.—Snowbird, Harry Shrtmpton.'
Alice Maud, a. Castteman and W. T. Smith.     GRIND  FORKS
Alona, J. M. j.H.Ciiv, M. Giro,P. Coutourler,  VJLW-X1>J-'  L VJ*ao
A. Gamier, P. Mather and 0. M. Oirc. —■■-.,„ „
March 20,—Prince Enward, R. S, Eraser.
Iva Lenore, H. Cuthbort.
Lewelht, 13ritletnCanadian Gold Fields Bsplo
ration, Development ami  Investment/ Com
puny, Ltd.
SurpiiBe, Robert Clark.
Oyster a-nJ Coffee House.
The Arcadia is the name of a neat aud oosy
oystoi and cotl'ee house, just opened by Mrs.
Homer, next door tost icln':; barbershop. This
lady thoroughly understands iha art oi cooking
and serving oysters in any style; We bespeak for
her a liberal Bharo of the public patronage,
tho will make a specialty of Berring a cup of
pure Moelin and Java coHee and light lunches.
A choice line of fruits, homemade confections,
and soft drinks, ote, The Arcadia will remain
open all night and is provided with boxes for
private parties, The opening will occur this
evening and an invitation ii extended tu everybody to call.      	
A New industry.
M. R. Feeney, a blacksmith from Fairhaveu,
has rented Dr. Averill's big Building on east
Second street, and hits opened a general blacksmith; wagon i.-ml carriage factory. Mr. F.
comes highly recommended as a first-class mechanic. He rnaikea asne dalty of horseshoeing
and too care of horses feet in which Une he has
boon very successful lu the past. All kinds of
new wagon work will bo done in firet-olaea
Htvle and anything from a lumber wagon to the
finest carriage will be put up in a workman liko
manner and at prices that uro right.
Overalls 75c at Gill & Kirkland'B.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc,
- 13. o.
\V!!I Develop Mines.
J. E. Gibson, formerly of Logan sport, Ind hum,
end a brother of Dirk Gibson of this place, has
just returned from a somewhat extended trip to
Bound cities, having goue as far south as San
Francisco, Mr. uibson Intends to ooullne his
attentions to mining ill this vicinity and has
already secured several first-claSB pronerlieBj
amoug which is the llrltanic claim up the North
Fork which in bow belilfl worked. For the present ho will make Spokane hiB headquarters
but will more than likely move to the Forks ns
scon 08 KpringopenB up. Besides starting work
nn (he Iron Cliff, Bound Butte una UrUiime he
is making preparations to open up Several other
good claims in this vicinity. Mr. Gibson expressed much surprise ut finding so much snow
in the bills, as when lie left San Francisco some
two weeks ago the dowers were iu full bloom
and the climate had assumed the appearance
of summer.
Tenders Wanted'.
For Mayor oi Grand Forks.
There is a unanimity of opinion us to* the most
available candidate for mayor of our neighboring towu ol Grand Forks, or at least that is the
way it appeared recently when a large delegation of representative citizens called uDonJonu
A. Manly and urged him to stand for the Office.-
Mr. Manly gracefully acknowledged the compliment ana-let his f fiends know that he was
ready to accept the honor. Mr. Manly is one
Of the pioneer residents of Grand Fork*--, aud as
the proceedings thut led to hiB selection as a
candidate for the mayorality would Indicate, ix
very popular in the community iu which ho
Resigned His Job.
Capt. Fitzstubbl, for many years past the gold
commissioner of West Kootenay has tendered
bis resignation to the government to tako chert
on the appointment ot his succobBor. It is generally understood (hut the Captain had a mueli
larger piece oi government pie in ids baud before he let go of the chunk he had. The name
of Mr. Flttzstubbs successor has not yet been
made public.
Try Gill & Kirklaod'a Red  .Seal tout;
and coffees.
%        0:;e of the Best Towns.
J. H. Bergh roturned yesterday from Croud
Forks. Mr. Borgb predicts ihai our busy neighbor across the lint' will be one ot the best towns
ln British Columbia, Ho also brings the report
that Idii Madder, (lie Imtclicr, has again left
his family i'or parts unknown.—Bossburg Journal.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
TTJ    G. JiEPWORTtf, M. D„ O. xM.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olliee In Drugstore.
Tenders will be received by the undersigned
until such times us he may deem it necessary to
receive no more, for dredging and snaging the
Kettle river between (.'arson and (irand Forks,
The main work wili he at Bpragget's, Almond's,
and Rondell*n bars, Mm ray s I aland,; Pa ton's Rapids and Ruckles lord; plans and Bpeoidcatlons
can be seen at the olliee of the city clerk, Car-
son, B.t\ All bids must be accompanied by
sufficient cash with which to treat the city officials. The lowesl or any tender not nceessiir-
lly accepted The one having the largest cash
deposit will receive tlte most consideration.
City Clerk.
e. Deiscoll, Mayor.
It Donen't Pay to Worry
and Stov.' Over u Hot
Stove Whotl Vou Can Buy
Seventeen Nice?, PreBli,
toothsome Loaves For
One Dollar at
Opened For Business.
The opening of the White House last Tuesday
was a success to my tho least. This house iu
now ready tor business and will be conducted
strictly tirst-class in every respect. At present
they have ten rooms furnished and this number
will be increased whenever the business re
quires it. The table will be supplied with tho
best the market ati'ordfi. A Choice brand Of
cigars and liquors always found at tho bar.
Messrs. Hamilton i&Duford are the proprietors
ami will no doubt receive their share of tho
Tha snmo Rule Applys to
Pica, Oakes, Doughnuts,
Cookies and all Kinds of
Pastry, Etc.
All Roads Lead to Parson.
Dealer in General
Carries a Complete Lino of
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Also u Full Lino ot
Harness, Saddles, Bits, Spurs,
Etc, Etc


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