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The Grand Forks Miner Jul 17, 1897

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Array SECOND   YEAR.--NO.   62.
GRAND FORKS, B.  C,   SATURDAY,   JULY   17,   1897.
18 Jl
The Golden Crown a Perfect |
not the Golden Crown te as wonderful a property up the surface showing would indicate.
Under the new arraugnunt of mining divisions
this property belongs to tile Grand Forks Milling Division and its development will bea
groat help toward making this the greatest
mineral district in the country.
Every One of1 Whioh Carries Sblid Ore
en the Surfaoe—Extensive Development Work Novf
Being   Done.
Til*-; Grand Porks IJecokdf.rs Office
Opened For Business.
Grand Forks is at last a full fledged mining
division lho recorder's olllcc having opened for
j business on last Monday morning.
For Iho present the olliee Is established in
the jail building, where it will be conducted
until such times us tlio recorder's dllico and
court house is completed, wbleb will be sometime ubout the lirst or second week iii September.!
Willie the general routine of recording, trans-
ferlng, etc., can now be conducted here, It will
be necessury to go to Midway whenever it Is
desired to look up the records of claims for
Borne time, as the transcribing ol the Midway
records Has not been completed.
Gold Commissioner.Lambly and Mining Re-
.   -      „     -.:. ..   v. „,.   ...   i ,.   i cordcr 8. Almond have been for the past throe
The* Golden Crojvn, in Wcllil.glot* camp lilts   ^^ ,ju*ny        ,uyod ;n makiu; a 0, th(,
!at.*ly been worked so vigorously.ahd has been I ^ ^^ f g, (hi|f ,,„.„.„*     ,nr.
makWig sueh a tine   showing that from being , ^ q[ ^ ^ |jow h       b . u |( m [()
boniparatively unknown it has come to the front J buatlctt.«ttimolltll or tw0 yol lj(..toro t,-0 „,,-.,-
until it is now one of the best known properties j fs jjom„iatea
iu this entire section. l'Tlie Urst claim to be recorded In the new of-
. On Thursday repi'ese.ttat.ves of  the. MlNBB'   fl0fl.tf , ^^      lQbatea a))out ,!„„ mlk,8
pn.ie a trip tb the property f9r   ho purpose of j      ty w^. j chri3tina ^   am- rec<,rded
' for UieinseU'cs its mneli talked, of  mine-
by Dan Sinclair.
Under the aet defining the boundaries of the
nil showing.   To. say a surprise awaited them I
would be putting It very mildly indeed;   thei , ,.  . . ....       . .       .      .   , ,     ,
, .    i . ^   „ , ,.        new division   all the claims located west of
amount ui ore exposed bv the surface, workings i ,,, j     ,   ,, .,    ...   , .,     , ,
'   ___* ,_. .„_-,..-,,.. _,nJiiU1         I Sheep creek, in the Christina lake country must
come here to record, as must also, tliose of all
on this great properly is really astonishing.:
. Arriving at, tlie mine we were first served witli
au excellent dinner at. the boarding house,
which is a substantial log structure about 20x80;
lhe other buildings consist of two neat cabins
and several outbuildings. - -Attar dinner, in
pompany with Mr. G. H. Collins ,.the genial
managing director of tlie Brandon tt .Golden
yrown Mining Co. W-hlch is operating tiie
property, a tour of,the Mine wtls ma(le.
The Calumet; lying north of the Winnipeg lihd
also being operated by the Golden Crown com-1
pany, was first visited Und the numerous open
cuts, shaft! and other workings.of the property
inspected) A line showing of pyrrhoiittj ore has
been made hut as yet not in quantity sufficient
to make its development profitable. However,
the bond on the property, which expired Oil..the
16th, has befeti extendoilfor three, months and-lt
is firmly believed that before that time the Win-
u li peg lea. 1 will be uncovered on this property!
of the North Fork, Pass creek, Summit camp,
Wellington camp and a great portion of Greenwood camp.
Record ofHlie locations* certificates, of wbrk,
transfers,(ct-p.,recorded dttiie MiningRecoJrder'fl
olliee, Or And Forkfe, fur tlio week ending July
16, 1897.
July 12—# ad ax, Christina lake, Dan Sinclair.
Black Tail, do, Geo. A. Citnlorbn.
Bonanza, Colorado,  and .Nevada,   Knight's
ctlinp, Bonanza Mt.; G. Co.
CaSdade, Christina hike', Leonard Loivnd.*,
Delmott, Summit.gamp, 0. R. Butts.,
F. A 1C. fract,, Central camp) U. H, Collins.
J. D., Christina lake, Jetl'buyis.
Maultou, Mcltae ereek, R. Cooper.
Nlgtit Hawk, Christina lake, Jno, Sinclair;
Pilot, Puss creek, A.. Cbssftird.
Silver Hell*, Summit camp, A.-.E. Kcpdgli,
Fisherman creek,
F, E
and its value fully proven. I Jul>* g^1™ Dcsporandum
From the Caluniet Ule pa.ty were taken across |       -' K* "}ry-
tho Winnipeg, which splePdid property we are ' JuI>' li~G,i Kg BrotfB
ultid to-leahiia sooh tt* he operated again, obto j
Lhe Golden Grown, whore the Winnipeg lead
was uncovered a short time ago.  In the -open j
cut, near tlte rlortliei oriiiie, where the vein was
first found tlie ledge fhows up about five feet •
wide and Is good ore right from the, surface of
the ground.   Continuing on southward the lead .
has been opened lip. for a distance bf about 700
feet, by a Series im Open cuts about two and one
half feet wide, from 20 to 50 feet long and ft to ly |
feci deep.   In each of fch"eB6 cuts the vein shows I
up strong, cutting clean  across the formation
and varying f<-om two and one-half to five feet i
iu width,   lu tho -lust cut, which was run during
the past few.days has-been found the  richest!
ore and, it has been decided to sink a shaftjhefe
on the contact, running dofrn beside tho ledge
whioh at this bolnt is about two and one-half
feet of solid ore on the Surface, and consists of j
iillernale scams df solid   pyrrhotitc aud  fine |
lively quartz literally loaded with copper sub j
pliides. Iron pyrites and peacock Copper.  Splen- ■
did assays have been obtained from surface oro i
at this point, several  running $100 aiid over.
Parallel to the large ledge aud dipping slightly
toward it is a scam of ore only a few Inches wide
but very rich and the country rock between Ihe
two oro bodies Is sprinkled with native copper,
bunches of which arc gathered on tlie footjvallj
A fine double  compartment shaft has been
Started and will bo put down 150 feet before
drifting is commenced. .
The Old shaft put down by W. J, Porter, tlio
locator ni the property and now superintendent
of tlie niiuV Wns next v'sitcd and here was
found a similar showing of brbto that'in-the
Winnipeg load. Near the surface this ledge
curried considerable free gold but it became
more base ai il went down. 1
Various shafts Hud open cuts, opening up tu
all nine distinct ledges were inspected and then ' ^u^' -■*
we damo to the principal working of the prop-1
erty; the great crois cut tunnel which ig being!
driven to cut live parallel vflins, This tunnel is !
how in about 1B0 fe-Sf and is expected to orqSs*,
int the lirst of the'ore bodies for whioh It is!
being driven In a few feet more..
When In about 70  feet a blind  lead with ii
width of 18 tin Hes was tapped, which, if no new I
ones are found will inake six veins to bu operated hy this tunnel u'lien completed.
All the workings on the property show practically tho same kind oE pre, Bolld pyrrhotitc al-
H-rnntlng -with- cbppcr sulphides rtud iron
byrltOS in quartz, and "11 the ledges cut si-pnu'cly
Dultn aud E. K
Jbsephus, JEagle
Mayflower, Christina lake, ( . O. Qualkpim.
Oecidental., 4th of. July creek, L. McLaughlin.
Onomiagna, do, W. F. PlfiK. -
Omaha, Wellington camp, W. F. Fisk.
Ocean Wave, GoatMt., .Tuo. Kilhy.
Portland Jack, Summit damp, Martin Angel
Gust Holmes, o ' ,
Wanderer, and  Victory,  Clirislina lake, J. B.
. CbautrcU.
July 15—Astoria,  fra-3tM Summit camp, Gust
Holmes and Mart iti Angel.
City of Boston, Mcltae creek, John Lowless.
C & C, North Fork. V. A. McDonald.
Crow's Nest, do, D. A. McDonald nnd W. H.
CHil, McRne crceki J. D, -iio.^.     '
IOtit, Tract, Brown S Creek, L. R. Perriuei
Kansas Cityj Mcltae creek, H. M. Austin.
Louisiana, and Tenncseo, Christina lake, P.
B. f'linndler and C. Sander^
Marriuetta, K. F. WnrrtMi.
JforcLNans'en, P. Freidrich.
prdfbssional, McBae creek, R, n. dark.
Snow Drift, do, Mike -: lileklo.
Viola, do, H. M. M<-Kuy. .
July 12—Alpha, Prank MoFailane.
DrumlummondjA. B. Roger.
Fc|io, Alex Shannon.
Frank George, Peter it anu an.      '   ■•
Lincoln. Riverside, River View, Waehiugton
an.d Whah-hiick, A. L. Rogers, et al.
Lizzie B., ZcndaGold and copper M. Co.
■Mury L., Alex Shannon.
July 18—Christina", D. ^fcltato;!!.
Great Western, C. M. TebitU'on,
Great Eastern'. Ed. Titsworth.
Our Minnie, Peter A. Z  Pare.
Betts, E. K. Alexander.
Gladstone, li. B. Cannon and R, C. StiudV'ick.
Mammdthj Fviin Kvaiis add W. It. Uolohan.
Pheasant, UiehaJ'ds and StbwaVt.
PhilUpsburg, fract, F. S, Jakes.
July 15—American  Eagle,  John  HolraeS nnd
iiugh McGuIar,
Blue Bird, ('has. Mnttiieson.
Bismark, Alex MpKcnzle.
Stdndatd No. 2, 111 (j; Ro^v
TI'..\NsrER«.      ;
July 12—carbonate; I X L, aud JTolly Pritciinid,
1 -, In eacli C. P. Bhoehan to O. B, Nelson.
rfan'e claims, C. P. Sheehan to H, M. Qenln.
form ation   which
dlorlte   and
to Win.
July 18^-Juno ami. Vanoourer, M, J- P. Kelly to
i j, o. Wallace.
July 11-Lady tSlglllj XA, Geo.  P. Mini
Janseii and W. Porter.
< raTini'*TK or imiuiovfji/'nts
Jitly 12—Hoienj'Gerald T, Hodgion,
across ih«
granite. .    ,
while in iho tiiiino! the writer had liio pleas*
lire of seeing the two Callahan brothers, Mike
and Pat, at work. Mike, who will be rernem-
pored as p member oPtho winning team in tlie
drilling GOhtefll hern, recently, ip without a
doubt one of the Bost, If not tho best, Iniu-mer
ineu in thisseotton and the Gohleu Crown people are lobe congratubUeit tipon . secutfng tho
services of such men as Superintendent Porter,
Callahan, l.yncli, also of the winning drill tea'm,
and In fact all ol the men employ eu on .the
property. ,,.,      ,   . ;
In accordance v itii the chw^ of minero which
It employs isnlltho work on the Golden Cretan
being donei., The Brandon * Golden Crown
Mining 06.', is Composed of business man and
thoy are going at their mine Hia businesslike
manner, Only tho best of everything is nsed
and all the work is done in tne best possiblo
manner.       ,        .
Iti- intended to drive the (iinnol In a distance of about BOP foot aud to continue (the shaft
on the Winnipeg lead down to a depth of 300 of I fa}l, a nephi;w of W. C, McDnngall, arrived in
'(ooiVct, and the company are now arranging! tlig city and on Wednesday signed the contract
Sor. the .purchase of a steam  hoist,  pumping • nbove referred to.
plant, compressor drills, etc., In fac;t(.vnfything { Thursday the lumber, was haulod ou the
necessary to prove beyond a doubt whether or   ground for thk boarding houso to be put up for
An Amalgamator to be Put o:
PLAC^rt O.atmh.
♦.A deal ,was elospd. tn\ Wednesday Bitornbpil
and ttcb'ntrrfct signed whereby a full plant of
roid Bating machinery is to he put in opefatlon
on tno/Eignteeri Kurat group of plr.cer 'dniins,
lust inside tho citv limita.
, i j
At tho time this group was located Mr. W. C.
MaboUgnilj of Etosslafia) wns in tho city And examined the placet'*;. He wa,s SO( well satiftiietl
with the results of his investigations tliat be nt
once matte an dffdr fqr the purchase df .'(he pro-
pei;ty.. .This oiler being refused be made ft| proposal to put in mooliinerj fer au interest in the
claims. This later otl'er wus at once accepted,
aud on Tuesday evening last Mir. Juu._ Me'Jou-
the accomodation of the men who will at once
bo put to work ou the property.
Messrs Schuler and Willett, who have been
working the property, this week increased the
length of their flume to fiOO fest and run a
double shift untfl the water became so low that
it would not carry away the tailings and they
were forced to close down. They are now engaged inputting iu a wheel to raise the water
sufficiently to give them the necessary force.
Under the coutrret signed by Mr. McL'ougall
be must have tho machinery in Successful Op-
ertaiiou by the oth day of August next.
This machine will be watched with gfeal iu
(crest by all our citizens as Its success means a
great deal to tlio city.
Will Hake a Shipment.
Maurice O' Connor reeehed au exceptionally
good return on Tuesday last from au a.-jsay of
ore from the Humming Mini property up the
North Fork. The certilicate shows a value of
$66 in gold and copper. A second assay was
made ou Thursday from samples taken from
different parts Of the claim, which gave a return of (68.80ln all values. Mr. O'Connor and
his associates aro so well pleased with the result, that they have decided to make a shipment of u carload of this ore to the Trail smelter as an experiment.
Another Strikb.
The Diamond Hitch bids fair to become bne
of the( most notable properties up the North
Fork, as the wor~kof development advances the
showing of ore becomes enormous. Only a few
days ago a new ledge was .struck about one
hundred yards from (he old workings aud it
now shows up eight feet of solid ore similar to
that found elsewhere ou the claim. Work has
been pushed on this property all winter and
spring in the shape of open cuts, shallow shafts
and other surface development, until it Is one of
the most promising prospects In the entire district.
Grid R, Propper Left In a
Which He   Borrowed   In   Greenwood
And rltilson And Sold In Marcus -Arrests   Will
Be Made.
Two tnSnnre working ou tlio Llttlo Winnie
property, near the Diamond IllteU. nnd a fine
allowing is beipg made. tC. K. Unit, the owner
of the qlnim, econis more tlulu sutiufied with
this property.
Mefisra. Keough and poll aib l.hsllj* engSged
ln sinking a shaft on the B. O. property, situated in Summit camp, on whloh an ,enormous
ledge \i**s struck right on the surface some
two or three weeks ago. The ledge lu\s heen uncovered enough to show a Width nf forty feet of
well njiueralized ledge mailer with stringers of
solid nrh from si.\ inches to two feet.in width.
Thd shaft Is now down ahout five.feet and the
showing,continues to improve. It is helicved
that with depth these stringers will unite ih one
huge Ore body,
A rich .strike is reported ou the Rio Grande
proporty, in Sumniit oamp, there boing an eight
foot lo'lsc of copper ore in yly'.t. This "lain, is
owned liy Willianl Spmoucl initl .others, and Is
situated close to the famotls B. 0 , belonging to
John Keough.
ThcJoslochii in Summit ,canip,*bulongli*g
to Rogers and voting is showing Up well, a large
body of c'^ipoi* ore having recently heen discovered on this property,
Ji.liti l.ayeaux is doing* development on his
proporty on Brown's creek.
l'he Shannon BrOs, are steadily pushing Work
on the Jeannie Stay grout., having now a quantity of pity ore ln sight.
James Hamilton Is working liken beaver ou
his Hardy mountain property.
William Mulh.ilhind lias purchased tlie Bird
of the Desert and James Seal, one of the owners
of tho LaVeta claim on Observation mountain
lias sold his interest to Mr. Hurveyof this city,
Tm; R Bell anu Els-ie May Pas*-: Into DiFt'i'itNT Ownership,
Robert Moll ha? recorded the Go iiy claim,
whicli Is a relocation of tlie tflsi'j May mineral
claim situated just north of the English nnd
French group and about two miles this side of
Volcanic mountain The property was. owlied
by the Aurus Mining company of Spokane.
The original locator. K. II. Farren, found that
the company bad not taken on', its license July
1st. so be relocated the pnBperty foi Robert Moll,
naming it the do By, The members of the At*.-
rus coptnauy areW. W. Sautnhrs of Spokane,
Niel MpCalluin and V7 R. McDonald :of this city,
it is understood that the resident members
claim that a license was taken out but this is
not shown at the records in Midway.
The R Bell, the. most promising property of
Kummltcnmp was also relocated, the,'Keough
Gold Mining company of Bait Lake city, whioh
owned'the property having failed to comply
witli the law in regflrd to companies licenses.
Mr. Keough when asked by a Minks repo-icr
today regarding the relocation replied that he
wrote the company on June Nth that it would
bo necctsary t.. take out a license and supposed
tbat the matter bad been attended to. un Jurist however a pan;,'came up to the camp ard
told Mr, Keough thai he had been sent up to
relocate the R Bell, the I ompal.y's license not
having been secured, ihe Keough boys, \v . If,
nud A'bert, then rc-stalied the property and
Mr. Keough says that the company will probably los.) nothing by. It. .Frank Gdffln of
this Oity made tho trip Up to tell Mr. Keough.
but lho name of the party who instructed him
to relocate the It, Bell cannot he ascertained.
An Unkind Cut.
The Boundary Creek Timet* has ihe
oieanheBB to Insinuate that Mr. Ilein/e
obtained tho land grant for the Columbia ti- Western by means of a ehum-
pagno suppel'. One oun usually jitdg-e
of a man's prido by what ho thinks
other pooplfe. cin be bought for. .OoeB
the Boundary Creek papei' wish it to be
understood that it eau. bo bought, for a
bottle of dhkmpa'U'ne? If not, what does
it mettti by ity miserable insinuation that
tho Lioutenant-Govenor, the provincial
ministers and members of the legislature
Wore bought by a supper? We ery "For
Shame" against eiieh tlospieablo in air. -
uatiuns either in tho legislature or the
press, bet us.at least have tho deceuey
to accord to our political oppjnonts tho
prdinary attributes of rniuiiuess.—Victoria Colonist.
Oid R. Propper, erstwhile orignator
of boom newspaper articles for the
Graud Forks Townsite Co., but who
for tho past two months has mado
Greenwood his head.iuarters. is now in
a fair way to becomo prominently beforo tho puplic In a new role, that of
having to explain .hiB connection with
the Fale in Marcus of two horses
neither of which belonged to hith.
On Wednesday of,la'it woek Propper
borrowed a horse from Patltiekeyof
Greenwood for tho purpose, ho ssid, cf
visiting tho No, 'I mine, expecting to ro-
turu in two hours. Instead of going to
the No. 7, however, he rode to NelBon.
Wash., and Btayed thoro until Sunday
aftornooh with tho. exception of the
time consumed in making a hurried
trip to Greenwood and return. . In Nelson he solicited business from the mor-
chanta of that place for a newspaper
which ho said he intondod establishing
there. Ho met with little encourage-
ment, according to. tho statements ot
the Nelson busings men. Ho made
arrangements, wit^i ,Wra, McCluro to
rent a building from him for a printing olliee. . i
Meanwhile Propper had picked up a
you.pg man w;hb has been drifting
around this section of tho country, but
whose name cannot be given, Propper
had also traded horses with Joo Mc
Donald. On Sunday afternoon he borrowed MoDonald'o horse for his companion also borrowing a .saddle from
Wm. McOlure and a bridle from J. T.
Medlure. staling .that he wished to
come to.Grand forks and make arrang-
ments to havo his newspaper outfit
shipped to Nelson on the succeeding
Instead of coming to this oity however tho couple croeso.l the rivor on
tho Carson bridgo and again at the free
ferry about a milo.below the city, thus
avoiding recognition here.
On Monday morning J. T, McOlure
called at tho MlHKB office where Prop*
por'B outfit was supposed to be stored,
but finding tliat that gentloman had
no interests here MoC'lure conveyed the
intelligence to Nelson, and McDonald,
started for Marcus to endeavor to recover hiB property. There he discovered
that Propper hai sold both outfits for
810. A Marcus livery stable nn'n purchased ono aod Henry Pllis tho other
tho ono Henry Eilis had being the cue
that McDonald wanted, Mr. Ellia had
left for Wellington camp so McDonald
returned to Nelson and on Wednesday
evening went with J. t'. McCluro to the
oamp whero Mr. Ellis was staying, The
latter displayed a bill Of sale fur, the
horse saddle and bridle signed by G. R,
Propper, and refusod to give Up the
outfit without being reimburse d for the
outlay ho had put into it.
On Thilrnday EtftSrnddn McCluro returned with Provincial uonstable Dinsmore ami Mr. Ellis turned the property
over to the ollicer and accompanied him
to this city of hie own 1'rou will.
Tho horse which is now in Mr. Dins
moreB keeping is claimed by Pat
Hickey of Greenwood of whom Propper
originally obtained it. and also by Joe
.McDonald of Nelson to whom Propper
traded it for tno other horse which is
still In Marcus.
Steps aro boing takoil for tho arrest
of both Propper and his companion, tho
former of whom is beloived to bo in
Rossland aud tho latte:' in Meyers Kails,
Oni of thei horses being Btiler? In Canada and tho other in tho United States,
arrests can be.tr.ado ho mattor in which
country they aro found...
In Marcus, Propper gavo a3 an eyeuie
for selling tho horses aud saddles r.o
cheap, that he was going home to Spokane and eouldu't take the animals
with hith, \Vhou ho retv.rr.od, ho Gaul,
ho would like to buy them back at the
081110 price. .
Fresh milk delivered at your doer morning
find evening. Grand Forks .Dairy, Manly .t
Brown^ Props.
Business Picking Up.
The New Denver Lodgo cotite.l to
hand this week largoly increased in
sizo and mtiqh improved in appearance,
with an entirely now faco and. every indication of prosperity. Tho Lodge is o
good paper,
As!; for Grand Forks beer.
Mltoheal Firnicrty came iu (rom RoBEland on
Jan. H. Brown waa ovar from Itldway dutlng
the week.
Jno. J. Gully, came in from Brandon tlie first
of the week.
\\\ T. Ohio was ov ji' from Kob8iui:.l the lirst
of the week.
John DreelttiH'c cu-ne OYCf from Hossltiul
lost Saturday.
E. Hanly, of Spokauo was a visitor iu the city
lurit Saturday.
Ctias. A. Demfly, came hi from Rosslsnd on
MoudaJ evening,
John Bfesunbaii dropped lu from Rossland
during tbo week.
J. It. Letfei vra.s a visitor from S-felflon- Ii. C,
during the wecU.
Jos. Trlhey was an arrival froni Rossland the
first of Lhe week.
W. H. Hooper was in the city the lirst of the
jyWOOk from ban Joso, Calif.
Percy A. Jenns name in from Vancouver on
Saturday evening's stage.
John Stack, a mining nian from Ilo«. li'nd,
was in the city during the week.
E. w. iforry was over the line from Ndlsdrij
Wash., and took in the .sights.
G. r',. Uarr was re&istered iu the Wiiadsor on
Saturday, from Lewiston, Wash.
Guy. .4. Hepuey was in the city again last
Saturday froni the DUrlew district.
Mrs. Win. Farmer, daughter^ and son, have
arrived in tlie city trad may remain.
Mrs. aid Propter passed through Grand Forks
on Wednesday enroute for Spokane.
N. E.t Linsloy, a prominent Spokane1 mait
was among the rrfany arriyalfl cm Monday.
A. J. MeMulIau was among the many lions-
lauditcs who arrived in the   :ity this weok.
>*. H. Lenmout, of Frapddn, y-aMjuiiQiig tlie
the passengors, on Monday evening's stage.
Jas. F. Leahy, a Efpdloy, OJ'io., man, was
among the arrivals in the city on Saturday
lost.       , ,    . ..,•<■>■
M. 0 Brlen, a IU^slaud mining man, was
among tlie visitors il) tile city oh Sunday
lust. .   -   i
W. M, Clark, a merchant from Nelson, Wash.
was a pleasant visitor in the city the Mrst of the
L. H. Long-was among tlio many pilgrims
who wandered in from ttoselaild dur'ng tho
Mrs. Saitaord uj Nelson B. 0.. accompanied by
her children, was regfstered.at the Windsor on
K. K. Stonoi a^Bosi-Iand mining man, was
among the many arrivals 111 trie Oity the flrafc of
the week.
Chris. Daugberty was -ftmohi j many Spo-
kaneit-tts who arrived on last Saturday evrjn1
lug's stage.
Chas. H. Russell, of Marcus, took n run lip to
tiie Fi rks dip iio1; the w-rl? to see how we  wore
getting along.
Jas. Price joined the dxodus from Rossland to
this place dutl-ig«the week and landed here
Monday eveiiing.
Henry Hersberger aud Jack Carratier stnied
for tho Okanogan country Wednesday, after a
baud of beef cattle.
Lieutenant Governor DewditeV hns appointed
J. K. Johnson ti Justice of the Peace for the
city of Grand Korks,
Mr. Frknk Cole of Minnesota Was in the city
this week for a few days. He is making a
tour of tho mining country.
The town wit is now busy telling about the
fellow who mailed due df the Jubilee stampe
and forgot to nut the letter on It,
Wiley A. Glover, who owns some good properties ou pass creek and in tho other camps of
thia vicinity, was in tho city .on Monday.
Charles Cumings, manager of the Grand
Forks townsite company, was registered at the
Grand, Spokane, on \\ edncsday of this woe.k.
Dr. Hepworth and G. K Stocking went to
Christina lake Sunday on a fishing trip, and it
is the same old story tho big llsh all got away,
Kvery property owner should attend tli^ meeting tb be held this, evening in Victoria hall ht
8:80 to perfect tho organization of tha Tire Bri*
'Die friends of Contractor Broton, vho has
beeu confined to his bed by an attack of fever,
will b'opleased to learn that he is recovering
and will soon be able to bo out again,
L. S. Henriclcs lei't on Thursday for < hrlstlua
Lake Camp where he will prospoct forthene^t
thirty days. He took a Wagon load oi provisions etc. including a baat for thelake.
Charley Kocrie started foi' Eureka, Wednesday
where he will open u news stand, luucli counter
and cigar store, Charley Iso. rustler and we pre-
diet that Iu- will have success In his Held.
P. C. rnnes, president of the company which
owns the Gold Drop In Greenwood camp, was
in thu city the first of the wcvU on his wo-J
back to Spokane after Having mad ■ au lui>poc*
lion of lhe property.
t'coik Truax. arrived from F.ureka camp ycs>
terday, lie report^ about 400 people In the can n
all apparently busy at some tli ipg or other '"tt
thinks that tjie rush will nol lasl much longei
as everything iti g< tting over dbne.
Mr. Rankin, ot the firm bi ttanktn <■<■ C i ip-
bed,  mining  brokers and conveyancers, has
gone lo Spokane I" close ll mining 'leal. On
his return Campbell dVpc*cts to go to Eureka
where ho wilt open fl branch olliee of tbe1 firm.
The attention of pur readers is called fothe
ad ol the I'onau/.i. Stove, Uppor Grand Forks,
which i.s ottering a special discount *alo for tho
next 80 days. Their stock is new and fresh and
it will pay you to coll and get pricps before buying,
The products! of tli b Grand Porks brewer^ pb.li
he found on sale at the Cosmos hotel. White
House, and Charles VanSess', Grand Forks,
McLaren Bros., Carson and Edwards' Ferry.
Don't fail to pafrouizc homa industry and
thereby keep your monoy at home.
The removal of the customs hou;c to tlio
Forks will be effected within the next week or
ten days.   The building .formerly occupied by
the Butler Mercantile company, is being put in
fln&po to acorn mod ate the office until sueh
time as tlie   government shall deem it nece*
] sary to erect a building: which fs thought to be
■ at no distant day.
Frank Sears returned on Monday from
Eureka camp, where he went to lpok after hi^
interests in that locality, Mr. Sears eXprfcpf-ed
himself well pleased with the prospects of the
future of that section and expects td return in
a short lii'ie to ataft work oil some properties
ho bos in.the camp,
W, R. Megaw the leading merchant of Vernon
WOBan arrival ou Sunday evening last from lln:
upper country. He has moved his Carson stock
bf goods to his now store on Bridge street and
Is shipping a stock of belie- dry goods from
Vernon whlcb will bolleieinabouttbree weeks
time when tlie new store \iiil be opened. Mr.
Davidson who Is In Mr Megaw'semplovmeni
in liis Vernon estp.bliflhment Wili takecbftrg^
oi his Grand Forks store. Ir is Mr M".<aaw'.- in
tentldn to rfarry a stock of general merebandisc
comprising a complete ass »rtraent of ladles dry,
goods. Such a business Is in great deoianq
licre and We predict u large trade In store for
him when he has once opened up.
The Victoria Colonist of July loth Contains,
the following regarding tbe possibilities of tllq
Boundary Creek district Bepurlpg railway connections tills year: "Hon. Mr. ') urncr told thy
Board Of Trade yesterday tiiat tho Provincial
government has renewed it? efforts to secure
the construction . f the railway from Pentieton
to lioiindary Creek, and that he was hopeful oi
a successful result. The importance of this
piece oi railway i-s snob that it may cornmend
itself,to tlie Fe'.ieral government for linmedf
ate consideration. For some reasons bes^ know u
to theioiolves, and which, we believe, we couhl
very cloBdly guess, ri certain noisy but uninflu
cuHal clique In,. Victoria are opposing thi-.
They would rather the railway ndvei should be
built, that the development of tbe Boundary,
Creek country should be retarded nnd that its
trade should fie -druwri away tn United States
cities, thai* that the Turner government fchould
bj successful-in its efforts to promote the hu
mediaie constructiorJ nf this linu. This Is un
fortunafe; becaiiso any division infltcommuu-
Ity on it ijne^tion of thls-eliarnctf'r is piejudii
cial; but the eilort to Iiiive the railway begin
this year, may yet succeed In spite of these ph
Btfuctionists, as every odier [dan foiLthe better:
ment of Iho-clty and Province li^ssucceeded i;:
spite of their opp'ositlorl.'
Sidney Norman, a prpmipent SpoUjane min-,
ing broter, recently rcturrcd from n ivisil \<
New- Yurk. Montreal, Toronto'and Winnipeg
He says! "The outlook In the cast is not encouraging. 11nieSt-are dull, strikes aro on, dib-t
satisfaction exists add it ldfiUs as if tf ore wa*
trouble alterid. Minlngauflbrs with other en ten
pri.oes. Tlie'podpleof Toronto arc filled ip will
stocks and those who'Spectilate are not able ;■>
curry more. Montreal reali- is the poasibiiit!'.,5:
of the Slocan country, but the people (jonnol
be interested to toy extent} teufheieut al leas:
to make investments. It really look- as if th •
poopTohandling mining propositions had bettei
look to Ihe Eastern States forluvestors.thou-gh :;
present tie times there are far from eucosraj;
ini;. One fll'tlib'disagi'eeablo things a fellow
Btunlblesnp igalnsl Is tho law In dntario pre
bibltingthe sale of British Columbia stocks by
authorised agents until such companies have
been reglBtored in Ontario and statements of
their bondltion laid before the jifoper author!'
ties; 'Thlslaw-was passed undoubtedly in th'
Interest of the Lake or^-the Woods miueral district, and lor a time gave them an.advantage
over liritish Columbia. There wns quite au excitement over the Lake of the Woods district
for tt while.but it has tiuieted down now,though
there Is a great deal of development work be
ing done there at present.''
E. If. Duvis.and J. H. Ben?!    l"   repn ■
tlvesof the international Freight aud Transportation company of Bossburg, mot with fiat
teringsuccess on their trip ty Kettle  river an.l
Boundary creek points.   All the merchants and
shippers iu the different places; except one firm
in Grand Forks, expressed tin ir pn fen a   ■
having their freight shipped via Bossburg, nou
thui a respdnslblb company has been formed
here to guarantee tbe safe delivery of the good -
Themerchants up there will also tn and Induce PresldeUI Corbin oj the B. '. & N. Ky., I
have bonded  freight  unloaded  from cars  at
Bossburg,  thus saving one  days' journey  bj
wagon.   The Greenwood.   City  merchants m
having considerable goods shinned In by uny of
Pentieton, now that^he Spokauo Fall" .v North
em refuses to deliver bonded goods to th'e con
bignecs' own teamsters, and nai fig  hei
freight nt the railroad station Uesiguated  i
shippers.—Bossburg Jo'i
Till   A'T-; ASSElJ! ED TO.
At the late session'of the Dominion Hous<   ■
t ommbns tho following acts, ha ■ In ■    il   en
to British Columbi i yperc4 issi nted to    Au a< •
to Incorporate the i oluml In Kiver Bridge < o
an act to iueorp irate ti o Manitoba and Puciii .■
railway  (fomptiuy; an aot tb Incorporate the
Mining, Development  and Advisory Corpora
tiou of liritish America, limited I an bi * ■■■ i .
cor]   rato the 1    Llsh V ikon Uluii g ■
,ni act respoclln   tlie * olumbln and Id
Itailway and Savl^ation company; an acl r-j
speetlng tin* Trail tlreek and Columbi Iraf vi
coml>any i an art respeei     tho Britli   Uolu
'   if hern rallw rj   co apanj.   in act td a
tborlze a  e ibsldy for a  railway thn     hi
Crb.M 'i Ncsi Pass; an aei to authoi i ethe grant
ingof subsldlei iu aid bf the" construction ol l  ■
liuofl of railways tlleri In mention.
\ Money makei:.
Fprl ■-tee'' Is OiakJiig money fast for the Pro
vinHU] Government, tninets' licenses arm min ■
claim registn'.tioli and other fees there are bringing In just nd.w nearly $1000a wer'k,   Easl Ko
tenay is booming in advance of early busy.do>
velopmont, riiid it is even hoped now by thou ■
lutoretited, tliat the ftimchs big fcaluatloii oi  11
Craubrook property may notprove ''sofar out
lis practically, everyone declared, it at tlio lime
of, making) wl* nit, In fact, rather anticipate ■
and prophesied future values than quoted pre
'-(■ni oiies.—Bj c. MiningCritlbi ,i
Be sure and stop at Ed^Vflrds' ferry For
meals aud clean bed.
n\ GRAND   FORKS   MINER \ one of tho craziest freaks of. Chance,
i who iB distrusted by his supporters arid
The Minee is published on Saturday ana will  held in contempt by a large percentage
mail...! to Sul.MTlbci'on pavmcnt of Two     -,,.,„       ■ *,    .      . ,,r    -,-     .      a. .
Collars a year. , of the residents of Washington State.
Displayed Advertisements  *!2 an Inch
inonti,.   A liberal  discount allowed on
Tranclent Advertisements 20 cents a line first
luHerit.M and 10 cents a line lot each additional
Local or reading matter notices i*. cents each
Job Printing at Fair rutes. All accounts for
job work und advertising payable i.n the first of
each uiol'th. F. II. MrC* KTBB it Son.
SATURDAY,  JULY 10, lh'J".
Jesse Foultzo and Jack Doano returned last evening from tho mining
country north of .Spokane. They report it would seem that tho bottom has
droppod out of at least a part of tho
British Columbia boom.—Daily Olympian,
Jack aud Jesse didn't come to Grand
Forks. If they liad, tho Minkk would
havo detailed someone to show thorn
around and demonstrate that tho bottom hadn't dropped out of all British
rtainty iu regard tc railroad j Columbia anyway. If thoy had been
this country, while no boro Monday night and seen the four
Immediate growth | stage loads of p. ople roll in from Boss-
burg and Maerus and tho street full of
rubber-necks running to get the front
rank aud hate a good view of the incomers, the Olympia boys would have returned home with a dilferent improssion. The
trouble is that thore are no railway facilities for this part of tho country and
that ia why sileh reports become circulated. Visitors go wherever the railroads will tako them, mako a superficial examination of tho cities they visit
and form opinions of tho whole country
The ur.ee
building   Into
doubt derogatory t.
of the towns and settlements, still in no
wise detracts from the wealth of the
district. Not a mineral ledge is altered
iu wid'h or depth, aud just as heavy assays can oo obtained fiom the nlineral
as though a dozou trains wero daily
pulling into every camp in the district.
The holders of property that makes
any kind of a r.howiug ut all aro in no
.wise discouraged. They know that
fhey have the niineral, and that the
matter of a year or bo will not detract
from its value, but may in fact prove a
blessing in disguise, for while this district is lying dormant as it were, other
localities .are springing their little
booms, entertaining for a while a transient population and then relapsing into
a state uf comparative obscurity.
, When lhe time comes tq throw open
the gago of this section's advancement,
,we wai't every .counter, attraction re-
jmovad and the way cleared for the ra-
pid and permanent development of tho
mineral resources,
, Meanwhile xhnolopment work is proceeding in a quiet way upon many of
•the leading properties. Litllu ia heard
.of it upon the streets, but a trip along
•any of the trails connecting the various
jcamjjs with their supply headquarters,
is convincing testimony that beneath
(the quiet exterior is an undercurrent of
progress, and tho almost continual
feour.d of blasting bears evidence to the
fact tbat the prelimtrry development
cvork of lb.* district is boing rapidly
The next trip that Jack Doane and   at which
„   ...     f-      ..,,*-....,, tiskopt.
A By-law for levying and collecting license fees
from certain traders, und to regulate aud
govern certain trades.
1. It shall he lawful for the council, from
time to timo to appoint an Inspect..!* of Licenses, and hy ,'es.ilution deiine his duties and remuneration therefor.
2. EVcrv house, building or premises licensed
under this by-law shull he liable to be inspected
at all times by the Inspector of Licenses, or by
the Chief of Police, or Police Constable, duly
authorized 111 tliat behAli, and uny person or person refusing ihe ..Love officers admittance, or
preventing such Inspection, shall be Liable to
the penalties of this by-law,
:1. Bach aud oven* person, persons or body
cirporate, using or following tiie sever.!! trttdo*.
occupations, professions, or business set forth
in the schedule herou uto aiiiiexed. an.l pal'ticu*
liirly described herein, shall Hike ...it u periodical licens*) for sucli porlod as ill srti.l schedule
set forth, '..lying therefor, such periodical sums
as is th. iciu specified, which said sum shall iu ail
.•uses be paid in advance, us s-jeolned in this bylaw,
■I.   Any person or persons, who-shall curry on,
use, practloo or exercise uny trade npuliou,
profession ,.r business in the said schedule, described or named, without lirst taking out and
lino granted to him, or her the necessary license
in that behalf, -.hull for oach offense he liable to
the peiiullies of ihis hy-luw.
■'.. No person, persons or body^corporate, Shall
rfwn within lho City of Grand Korks auy cab,
carriage Or omnibus, or...ther vehicle for the conveyance of passen-yors for hire from ono place
to another within the city, or own any trunk,
dray, cart, wjigon or other vehicle used in tin
transportation ofgodds, wait':- or merchandise,
or other article or thing, from place to place
within the city for hire, or keep teams for work
of any kind of hire, iu tiie said cily without
having lirst. obtained a license to do so. No tier-
son hOlditlg four licenses Undo.' this section
sliall be liable ut the same time to tiike out or
pay for d. license in respect to the livery stable
' his vehicle mentioned in such license
Jesse Foitltz  trtake,   the MiNEii hopes S ,"iC"lXo pev-Suu, persons or body corporate shall
will be to Grand Forks,, and if they wi''
bring along a fow of Doanes pan roasts
and.a keg of Capital beer, we will meot
therii with a brass band.
!' In refusing to insert in 4,io Crow's
'Nest charter clauses preventing the
employment of mongol cheap labor on
'the line and in its coal mining in dustry
the government made a gi*3at error.
There are alrea ly in tho Kootonay and
Vale districts, and will bo moro, sufficient sturdy men of British, American
Teutonic and Scandinavian birth, unemployed und ready to work for a moderate compensation tin all lines of
work involved in the-C'row'B -Nest undertakings, without employing any.
'Would it be to tbe interests nf British
Columbia to sea these men superseded
bv less sturdy and' skillful' mongols,
.vhosc only advantage to employers is
that they will live dn the lowest conditions of life sustinance and contribute
a portion of their earnings monthly to
tho railway officials for th ~ privilege of
holding a situation. Jf such an ur.do-
sired state of all airs should come .about,
it will result in the greatest possible detriment to the settlement of our Prov-'
ence by men of British or like assimilative stock and like capacity for social
betterment, but thero ie. almost certain
to bo raised a racial an.l 3ocial probiom
of menacing dilliculty. Kvery pesorn
who is in anyway interested in the
future of British Columbia should eyort
every point to eeo that it is retained in
the main as a land ot European and
American settlement, and if a railway
and its contractors attoinpt to , introduce into this province a mass of mon
gol labor, they should be set down on
with both feet.
In tho Northport.News of. last week
in reference to tho Pend D'Oriello river,
the natuo was spelled "Pond de Ray."
Now this by no means a reflection upon
the News, which is a very bright representative of a lively little towu, but it
is simply another demonstration of the
heathenish practice of loading onto
towns, rivers, lakes ;aud mountains foreign names that not one English speaking person out of a thousand can spell
without reference to the map. Either
theso outlandish names should be dropped or their spelling changed to tit their
sound when pronounced. -
Thk lack of interest taken in the organization of a Ere department by the'
proporty oiVnors and business men of
the town, is Very discouraging to the
promoters of,the enterprise. If those
who have their all invested in buildings
and goods are -not sufficiently interested
iu tho organization of an association
whose main object is to protect property from fire, to lend their presence
at a mass .meeting called for that purpose, fre fail to see why those, who'
are comparatively disinterested, beyond
the pride they take irt bavitlg an effl*1
cient fire brigade, should exert them*,
selves. It. is hoped tbat the meeting
this evening in Victoria hall will be
largely attended by property holders
and business men tv*ho can at least
show their appreciati on of tho efforts of
others td protect their property by tluir
presence and words of encouragement,
even it thoy do not doolie to become active members,
The July number of the Kootenay-
Guide is out. It contains thirty pages,
mere than the June number and is
otherwise improved. The railway time
tables are now accurate and much new
mining information has been added and'
a handy, addition is made in the shape
of several blank pages for memoranda,
making alltgether a. convenient packet
directory that no travelling or business
man should bejwithout.
Soine' wag is authority for the follow*-
{pg: The rush to England' from all
parte of the world tor the Jubilee is
now explained. Four (pillion extra bottles of champagne had boen imported
for the occasion,. .
Tna rush to .Eureka continues. What
aro they going to do af tel* they get there
ie an after consideration that may prove
a Berious problem before it is Bolvsd,
Commenting upon the Diamond Jubilee the Aberdeen Kecordor, Washington, says;
"Yes, we tec Bftd heartily Bay, 'God
■ save the Queen,' and if He has time,
aftor saving the quoin, v/o suggest tho
propriety ot Hie luokiug afler Gov. Rogers just a little—just* enough to save
the state from the legitimate censo-
1 iiuer.ces of the Roger*?.Dubs combine
To ask more would bo to presume too t £ d pofkg ^ -^
much upon the toorcy of hrqviiietiee. ; •, „        , , ,   ,, ,, jM
V     i1 * step forward id the, growth of our city,
The   Recorder   shews a    disrespect ,-     •   j   ■■■'■    .-/ *  \ .-,
first for the piety, second tor Her Maj-      It must have been au absent tujnded
estjv and third fer an expression that "is | Irian th-^t maijed a jubilee sUmiJ with-
dear to the heart of every British .sub- j cut attaching the lettor toil:.
I jeot, in thus nuking use of tikis exprcs- ' " "    '     *'"""*
sion to lead up to a referonco to Gci\ I
Rogers, The. Miner .objects, to thei
names oC Queou Victoria and Governor \
Tin; Kuiuloopfl Inland Sontlnil has.
cQtn.mei\ced tho publishing of a 'four
pa^e extra whioh will ta issued on Tuesday of each w^eek;, .    ',
The opening ot the Recorders afflcos
1,1   ■ ■ -   u ' -    '■ la -Etnbthef
We have some fine residence property:
|'b{l\ the   Sound,, improved.and   unim-
i proved, tb trade for property here or in
Rogers being associated in  the   same; lQWOi. California, *   .   .■ .,?
4 paragraph, except may bo fdr the" p«r- j FtLLEV & OGDEN.  ',
poee c;!.' eomparison between a great and|    ,'    •       -' ■, ■"  --■■—~ ■     j r
• wis- BOVeHffD who holds tho love-pi mil- * -Thk Mwm;k ig.now ..prepararod tc  do
\ i t i   °i t,„i,ur.+c  unH un avmaaM \ Job work of all 5100-3 fit the lowest  pos-
N iions of loyal eubjeets. and an arrogant  ^ fl ^ ^  ^^    If yQU ttre
and  egotistical  dreamer who was  elo-   jQ need of anything   in this line give us-
vated to his present position  through I p. call,
.vn fuiy.ocLb, carriage, ■ or omnibus or otiicr
vehlclo tor the cdrivoydttcd of'passongdrfl for
hire from nay jiliire or r>la<J0S outside of thg city
to nny point within tno Oity of Graiul Forks
without hAving first obtained n license to do so.
7, Every description ot vehicle except omi*
bUBCB. street railway, or trtimway nirs, lised in
the eoiiveyunee of passengers, for biro irom one
place to another within, the city, nnd whether
arawfl hv one or mon hnrse.s or cither nnimnls,
shall bedeeniedn cab within the meaning of
this by-law.
f(. Every owner of move llin.il oho '-'lib. amy
or omnibus, shall tnke out a .license for each
cab, dray, fdmnitius, an4each such vehicle shall
liavo In u cou'splcuptlB vln.ei* thereon, tuid subject to the approval of the Elconsc Iilspcctor, n
number, which number shall correspond with
the number in the record or register kept by the
Licenso Inspector,
!>. The person in \Vhosounnid st license is token
out under tlie provisions of this hy-law shall be
c msidored ns the owner or proprietor of ihe vehicle or place licensed, nnd shall lie liable to the
penalties In this by-law' feontalned for any breach
of the provisions thereof, whether committed
by snid owner Or proprietor or hy nny employee
or said owner or proprietor.
10. Any person (ntrclliisjnS the Interest of nny
htiior person in nn\ cub, drny or omnibus,livery,
sale, feed or oxchangostable who shull continue
tlie business without liaViog obtained a traus-
jor of such licence.,shnl| be gailty o( n bt'oaoh
of this by-law, nud shall, on Conviction he subject to the penalties therein provided.
11. Every owner licensed to Keep nny cab or
omnibus snail keep the snme continually clean,
the interior thereof dry, nnd the harness or
equipments used therewith always In good repair, and every owner licensed to keep, a livery
stable, feed or sale stables shall keep the same
cleai), nnd the vehicles, harness and stable
equipments in connection therewith cledri nnd
sound-/arid the horses tUdrcin proper and snlli-
clent'tqdo.tho work, ami all places, vehicles,
and horses Licensed to he kept under this hy-
liuv shall be'.snbjoct to the inspection of the License Inspector at all reasonable time's.
12. EVery drtVerol a cab shall, When required
by any police onicer, give official information
with reference to the address of tlioTionie Or place
Io which he may have driven nny passengers and
any other information coun oc ted therewith
which may nave conve to his knowledge, and a
refusal of suqu information shall be daemed a
breach of this by-law.
IS. Every driver of any cab or dray, shall,
when called upon to dO sd, assist any police of-
licer in the conveyance ih his call or dray of any
person or persons'tn the, common gaol, or any
police station in the cityi or id the oduVeyauce
to the hospital or elsewhere, if required, any
person who may nave mot with an ac\ ident, or
is ill or wounded, provided such illness is not
of an infectious nature; and said driver shall
he entitled to his Usual fare therefor by such'
persons so carried, or hy the.eity. .
14. No cab,'.art, express wagon or other vehicle
kept fdr hire, shall stand upon or iu Jiny street
while wnitipgfor hire or engagement, except
upon and ou such stands as inay from lime lo"
time be appointed by the council fpr that purpose.
1*".. No person {.not being a'otoverjimont officer
sidling I iy auction government property, or
sheriffs omcei or Bailiff, jelling lands, goods, or*
(buttles, taken in execution or for the satisfaction of rents or taxes), shall sell orplit up for
sale by public auction, goods, wares, merchandise, effects, or real estate or carry ou the business or calling of an auctioneer within the city,
without having obtained a license so to do, and
paid tlie fee therefor, and every sueh license
shall contain the name of one person only, and
shall not beuised by a.partuer, servant or air en t
of such person so licensed.
Iti, No hawker, or petty chapman., or other
person who carries on a petty trade or who noes
Horn place to place to other mens houses on
foot, or.with any animal bearing.or drayiug
goods, warei, or merchandise for sale or other*
wise carry goods, wares, or merchandise for
saloj other than the growth, produce, or
manufacture of the Province of British Colurn-*
Ida, shall.exercise such calling Within the city
without having obtained a license so to do. and
paid the fee therefor set out in>.the schedule to
ttiis by-law,   *,
17. No person either on his own behalf, or as.
agent for another, or others, shall sell, solioU,
or take orders for the sale by retail for goods,
wares, or merchandise, td be. supplied or furnished by arty t portion Or arm,'doing business
OUtsldoof the city, without having lind obtained
a license, aud paid the fee therefor, set out in
lhe schedule to this by-law. ■   .
18. No person or persons shall for hire or profit, directly or Indirectly, keep'or' have in his,,
her or tlleru possession or on his, her or their
premises within the oity. any pool or billiard
table, or have any su-r.'li cables in any place licensed as a saloon, hotel, vicluulliug bouse,
ordinary. Or place of public' entertainment, or
resort within the city, whe.t.nar mob tables me
used Or not, without having a license and paid
tho fee therefor, set out iu tho schedule to this
H>. No person, persons or body corporate,
except ehepdsts or druggists using the *nme
in preparations of prescriptions of mod leal
practitioner, shall'-within the Oity of Orand
r'orks sell, barter,, or taxebaugo, orin any wiau-
ner whatsoever tramp 'u'or with opium, In any
form whether crude or inannfaetured, without
having lirst obtained a license so to do> and
paid the fee there for set out'in tho schedule to
this. by-Jaw.
20. For every retail trade'r in the business as
a hardware, drugs, stationery, boots and shOM,
or. furniture merchant, tbe sum of f>,0o for
each six month?. •   ,.
n. For every second hand dealer and store,
the Bum of f'O.Ui), for every six months.   ;
'21, For every person other, than a barrister
or solicitor,,who ha» takeu out a license to
practice aB such, filling the occupation ol conveyancer or laud agent, or both $3,00 tor ,every
six mouths,    .....
28. An auctioneer who Unduly makes 4 noise
iu tbe streets by the undue ringing of; balls.
shall be deemed to have committed a breach, of
tliis by-daw.. .        *
'li, Any violation or breach of auy of the
provisions of this by-law, shall subject thy of;
lender, upon odnviotion be to re th« Mayor, Police Magistrate, or any Justices of the Peace
hAving jurisdiction within tbe City oi,Orand
Forks to a penalty not exceeding one hundred
dollars wiVii costs, All penalties auw costs imposed under this by-law shall be>recdveraDle by
ilistrosH.ttiKliiwjp^eot nosujllcieut-distress being
!pund, imprisonment, with, Or without hard labour, iu the discretion of the OonviCtlDgMagistrate may be imposed (or the period uoi to exceed thirty days.
1* For every license under sub section 5,|2.6Q
for every six mouths.
'2. For every license under sub-section six
(5.00 for every six months
3. For every livery stable license $15.00 for
every six mouths.
4. For every person owning a pack train or
six or more animals, freight wagon, stagecoach
or omnibus, used for transporting goods for pro-
tit or hire a distance of more than ten miles
$2.50 ior overy six months.
-"». For every hawker, potty chapman or dealers license $50.00 lor every six. months, anil
peddlers selling farm products of B, C. $6.00 for
every six mdnths.
ti. For every transient trader or agents {mentioned in clause 16), $50.00 for every six mouths.
7. For every auctioneers license $-50,00 for
every six months
5. For every billiard or other table as per section 17, $2.50 for overy six months,
!>. For every bowling alley, or rifle gallery,
$5.00 fnr every six months.
10. For every dealer iu opium, crude or manufactured, other than chemist or [drnggsit In the
preparation of physicians prescription, $£50.00
IOT every six months.
11. For every person who keeps or carries ou
a public wa.-h house or laundry, a Sum of $5.(10
for every six months.
IJ. For every transient street fakir, or patent
medicine man, the sum of $5,09 for the flril
week, and $26,00 per Week for each week thereafter.
M. For every barber, hairdresser, etc., $5.00
for ever.V si.S months.
11. For every contractor and builder $3.00 for
every six months.
16, Blacksmiths, paipt shops, ahd printing
offices $5.00 ior six months.
The. above Ls a true copy of a by-law passed by
tin.' Muticipnt Corporation of tho Citv of Qrand
Forks, dn tho — day. of June 1S1>7, and all
p'-rt-oiis are hereby required to take notice tliat
uny one desirious of applying to have such bylaw oi'auy pari thereof quashed, must niake his
application for that purpose to the supreme
coiirt within one month next after the pu.hlicn-
Lion of this by-law in tb.e British Columbia Gazette*, or ho will be too late to be heard In that
behalf, JOHN a. manly, Mayor.
Jami-m A. AimtAN, City clerk.
BV-L.WV, NO. 0.
A by-law lo amend the by-law to define the oon-
dititions requirements and regulations  of
Licenses for the sale of spiritous. fermented,
Intoxicating and other liquors in the city of
Grand Forks.
WiIereas, at the time of the incorporation of
the city of Grand Forks, there existed licenses
to sell wine, ■poor, and spiritous liquorsi and
Whereas, by Uy-law No. 2 of the said city of
Grand Forks it is pfovidi-id that Hotel licenses
only sliall be issued, aud
Whereas, it was hoi the intention of the Municipality of the City of llrand,KUt'ks to interfere
with any Mquor licenses existing at the timo of
its incorporation
Tie it therefore enacted by the Municipality of
Grand Forks that all licenses to sell wine, beer
and spiritous "quors existing at the time of the
Incorporation of the said oity of Grand ForkB
shal be nud remain existing licenses upon pay
moat of the foes fixed by by-law No. 2 of the
by-laws of the said citv.
J. A. AtKMAtf, City Clprk.
'l'he partnership heretofore existing ugder
the name of Gafvert .t Anderson isthis.l.iv
hereby dissolved by mutual consent. Each of
the undersigned do hereby agree to pay one-
hall oi* .ill debts contracted tip to .lute an.l to
collect one-hall of all i.iilH recatvable by said
firm up to date. C. J. ('afveht,
Aakos v. ASDERBON.
Dated Orand Forks,  is. (.'., tliis j-l davof July,
I'KdviNciAt: sl-.oin-.fAkV**** OkfIck.
HIS  IIONiM"ll the I*ii.Mt**!iRiit-';overii..r has
been pleased toiimk.-tik' folloMrlngappointment:—
22nd Mnv, 1897,
BlDNSV  KTsRia.f.   Ai.m.iki).  ni  the Town of
Grand Forks, Usqtilro, toho i  Mining lidcordbr
for: tlie  orand   Fork*. Miniug  DlvfiloH 81 the
Yale Electoral Dlstrltti
NOTlCK ISHFKEUV'GIVKX that 1 intend to
apply to the Hoard of Licc.ising't'ommis-
. (doners at its next sitiiug for a transfer to me
of the license to sell wines, beer aud spirituous
liquors now issued to James Hamilton, in tho
premises known as the White House, situate
upon Riverside avenuq.in the City of Grand
partnership heretofore subsisting between
James Hamilton and Edmond Duford ils hotel-
keepers in the Wliite House, in the town ol
Gram) Fonts, B.C., has been dissolved by mutal
consent,,and the business of the said firm has
been purchased by Oliver F.ordeau, who will
conduct the samo at the old stand.      '.
James HaSiilton,
OiavkU Duford.
Dated at Grand Forks. B. G.,  this 25th day of
June, A.'D., 1&. \.
DtttelVthis'SUb day
of JiHie, A. P. 1S9T.I'
James IlAMii/rof*;.
The Bitting of the Couuty Court ol Y'nle will
holdcu at '.*' '  *'
MtlnVAY OS illt'T .I0LY, 18D7,
ANU' ,.
AT dlUNn FORllS 0*< ID Al'dliST, 1807 ,
nt tile Hour til'l'C d'clook iu  tile Wrenboii, rc-
By command '■•■ W. G McMVNXi
fiovernment'Olllcet Midway, B. C.j    U. R. G. C
Juno 1.189T i     i
■The silting of Uto Oov.tltv Cotirl pi Yalo will
13c Held at
Osoyoos nn Wcdnes'lav iho 28tli July, 18'..7,
at t*he hoar of 11 in thcforenooii,
By'ltbmmmind o. A. K. Lamiily
Govtrnment otliee, Osoyoos,| R,   C.   0.   ,
June 30. I
Notice to Contractbrs.
Sly PAIlATl*; KbtllCd Tenders, eildtjricil "Tondo
(lovennnmit otllees, (Irund Kurlts," or "Tftu
dor Lock-up, (ireeuw.i.t.l, 'as the case mity bei
will be rccolvod at theGoverninent Olliee, Yer-
non, In- the nnderslgitcd Up to 12 o'eloelt, noon,
of Friday, tie tltb .lily .if A igtist, U9T, tor tbe
erdctluu at-   , |
Provincial Govifntficnt Offices
at Grand Forks
* *      " Ulld
lock-Up at Grcen^oocl    <
Ktiel) tomle
for tHo'**offices at (JMindj Forks
be aiirmiipruled. by   au acceutetf bank
eli^.tue'for (200. Add eaon tettdbr for the loek up
itjjSWbemvOOd by an aeijepted bttnk cbo.iue for
Such eticnnis will be returned ttr liusm'c****-
ful competitors, but will bo forelted Jiy any
bidder who nmV fdil tp execute a eontr-fct.lt
called Upon to do so, an.l will bi* Mturped (IT
llieicoiilnu-tor upon furnishing apprbved*.security ft.r tlte dilC-'complellBii of Work. .,'; ,
• When uiore convenient ciish iliay bo sbnt 111-
■iteud of .iiArked ellotine*. *   *
*. The lowestiiir.any tender not necessarily m:-
eepted. , . ;
Plans and spei'ltlcatlous in.i.y le seen and
form bf tender obtained nt the Government
Office, osoyods) Qove-rnmont Olllae, Mi".\niy
Provincial Volloc Office, uroomvoou; Miniug
KeeordorV. UJIiee, Grand Forks, or at tlib bfllCB
of the duderjiiglied.
I.IiONAItD N'.lllllS,
: Asst. Conu ol Lands lind Works.
Govt. Olliee, Vernon,
Junc-Stli, 1807.
1). li*
112! -i
East Riding of Yale District,
"QuAr:iFiOaTiDN   and  RrxiisTn .mdN OF
Voteb's  Aot."
ATOTTCE  Is hereby Riven that I shall hold a
XH    Court of  Revision  at  tlie  Court House,
MONDAY,    THE    2ND   DAY   OF
next, at tl o'clock, it. in., Tor the Jiurpoae of hearing and determining objections against the
retention of any names on the Register of Voters
ior the East Riding of Yale Electoral District.
Lko.Vyud Xoititt's,
Collector of Votes.
Govt; Olliee, Vernon', P. C.
JuuoSOth, 1S97.    ' 321-f.
Certificate of Improvements Notice.
BOntta Mineral\Ol-aimi Situate in the Kettle
River Mining Division of ^ ale District.
Where located: — Obsorv'ation mountain.
Grand ForkB. ! t
TAKE NOTIOB that l.F. .WollaRton, acting bb
agent for the Bonita Gold Mining Company
Free Miner's Certilleate No. 88|890\ intend, sixty
tlays from tlie date hereof apply lo the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate oi Improvements,
for the purposo of obtaining a Crown Grant of
tho above clnim-
And further take notice that action,;.under
section ;;", inuH be commenced before tho issuance Of such Certilicate of Improvements.
Tatcd this 7th day of May, 1897.
Watch Repairing My Snecialtv.
All Work Warranted.
GRAND   i-'ORKS, B.   C.
a l. Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder,
GltAKD   FORKS,   B,   C.
Plans and specifications drawn, estimrttes fui'
nlshed on all kinds of building. Work strict: |
A    B. HART.
Contractors aiid Biiildersj
Office, Stoic, and Saloon Fixtures a Specialty*
Plans and Specifications Made and Estimate*
M ade.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olllcc In Drilg Store.      ,
Boot and Shoe Shop.
Boots and shoes mjiJe to.order of the very besi
juaterial.   Repairing promptly done.
EXDOFTllfitilUDGE, • -   - G^ANt) FORKS!
Law and Collecting Agency:
GRAND   FORKS,    -    BHrrlsH   COLUMBI/
rtr e. stActiE,
Bath  Rooms,
Theosophical Society.
WELBON BRA,NCH:-Meets .every Sunday
evening -lit 6 o'clock at tlie residence of N.
LarsoU. A. cordial invitation by the BOeiety is
extended to all who are interested la the study
of Theosophy.
CHui'ch Notice:
8obbath In the church at 11 a. m. and 7:80
p' ni. ln the school rooni at Giand- Forks. Sab-
lath school 10:30 a. m. in the schocl room.
At Carson Weekly 8 p. m.
Fvuv. Tubs. I'Aton, Pastor.
Carson Lodge I. d. O. F. No, 3^.
•Li U* vi I. evening ats o'clock iu their
hall at Carson, B' C* A Cordial invitation extended to all sojourning brethren.
D. D. McL.ntuN, St. O.
Resident PbyslciaH & Surgeon. '
Provincial Land Surveyor,'
And Givil Engineer.
OrriCE, MinwAY, ii. c. ,    '
Associate Jfo-ulJer Canadian
Society   01  Civil  Engineers.'
A    C. Sl'l
NotarV PbliLiI*, Etc,
QBAito FORKS,   -  ■-   llRtftsH COLUMBIA.
h.Jn Sheads,
•n WOt.LAJTON,   , ,
. , _ i-> 1 i
Provincial Land Surveyor.
j      Civil Enginewr.'Etc-. *'
BitrBei1 Shop.
b.chtritUy Loottted.-  All Work Gaurantotfd to;l-o
,       Firrt Class In el'ery Respect.   ;   .
PETERA 7. PARE, ,  '*y     -      PROPRIETOR.
 SSl,tcliOi.,E'rc.r     ,
Oflice, MttlU Street,    -   GRAND FORKS. B. B,
Grdnd Forks ;; \ \
aiid Eureka Caiiip:
■.-.. 1
Making f.'.irson, Nelson, Curlew, Eureka a*i.J
Sans Poll three times weekly, Tuesdays, Tilt;'.:,
days nnd Siitucdayi.. ..
J. R OWENS, Prop!
Spokane Falls & Northern',
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard,
Red Mountain Wyi
Tha only All-rail Route, withoUt.ehaiiRn
of cars, betweeh Spokane, Ross-
ittnd Nelson.
ny.ir.Y Excri-T suNBAt.*.!
Going North.                                  Going Sou*.!,
12:lBa.m 1    MARtiUS !!::■
Close.connections tit Nelson with Bteatiiboi.te
for Kaslo and alt Kootenay LaUcPolnts.
Passenger!* hit ftcttle Rincr and Bbtindnry
Crbek couiiect lit. Marclis with fltage ditlly.
f ellowstone l?ark Line-_
'■   1
The Fa6t Line,
1 ■ ■ ,    .    1
Superior tfera-ftti
ThfoUtli ticket*! to all points In tlie t'ni
States and Canada.
Direct, conncctioit With the Spnkanc Fall. Si
Northetji Railway.
-■  ' . '   ..     TRiTN'S   DF.PAET:
No. 1 \Vesi  «*2-r' P- in.
No.^Ea;t '.;' '...; f'.OOa. ill,
Ticket*, to Jiilmi iiul Cliina vfit, Ttlcomtt ill'.il
North'.".*i"..F'icllif steaninhlp Company.
'W**'ihfotihftt!o;*', time cards, nnipf and U.*'..
et,; apply to agents <*f the Spokano Falls ."
BoHhSl'ii tint1 itK conn..ctIons, dr '
S'. D, QIbBS GBncr.1l Agent,
Sl'okane, Wt'.'*
A'. t>. 'OtiARf.TOrVA. <3. V. A.,
No. '2.V. Alorrison St., Porth.ud, Or.
Write for ucw map of Kootenay country
. _■_*,_.. ... T0FI6HTFIRK
Volunteer Fire Bri g&de Organized:
Su**  EckluiiG Cnocec F*;i* Chief And
Arthur Milthoip Astistant—Thirty
Seven Members Already
on The Boll
A Volunteer Uro brigade was organized last Saturday night io Fashion hall
and from tho manner ih whioh., tho
young mon of tho city aro entering ints
it, Grand Forks will have as good volunteer fire protection ns cat bo found
anywhere.      . /
The meeting was called to order with
ti. McCarren in tho chair and Robert
Petrie acting as secretary, The business of electing officers was' at once
takon up and Gus Fcklund was chosen
for chief with Arthur Milthorp for as-
siestant. Robert Petrie was oleotod secretary of the organization and R. Mc
Darreq treasurer! A roll was clrcula
tod for names of* those who wished to
become members and adjournment' was
then taken until Monday evening;
Tho second meeting was hold'in Victoria hall and was called to order" by
Tom Dartmouth. F. II. McCarter was
chosen as chairfnari pro torn and Frank
Sears as secretary pro torn. The secretary wan directed to prepare a rol) of
' members and officers and present it to
tho city council'for confirmation. At
the close of the'meeting short addreeos
■were delivered by the chief' and assistant chief which were well received.
The next meeting of the department
will be held Saturday evening, July 17,
at 8:30 in Victoria hall,.    , '     j   . .
Beforo adjourniug,   votes of thanks
were extended to tho chairman and secretary-pro te*£ for their services, and to
.L. A. Manlv for the use of.Victoria hall
for meeting purposes.
,   Following is a list of thoso who have,
joined the organization:   Gus.Bkclund,
chief; Arthur Milthorp,.as3!t. chief; Robert   Petrie,   eecretary;    R.  .McCarren,
treasurer;.CI. Blake, T.C. Cooper, C.
Cusson, Goo. .Depnis, Tom. Dartmouth,
■ Daniel Dawson, F. H. Emerson,, A. W.
Frazcr, Frank Fortier, J. J. Gill, Lauis
Ganthon, Joseph Ganthon, D. Harris,
H.A, Kuntly, J.K.Johnson, Peter Han
na, F. D. Jjucien, O. E. Lambert, Thos.
Lacy, Arthur Marshall, P. H.* MoCarter,
F. II, McCarter Jr., L. A. MahljvAlex
Olsou, Jaiaes, Petrie, Ed. Posey,.-La-Rue
•Pel ine,' H. W. Russel, F; B.'Reynolds,
G. S. Schiller, Frank Soars, W. J. Schen-
•ner, E. H, Willett. ■ ...."■*-
Proposition to Utiuze Tire Cascade:
-'    Water Power.
A dispatch from* Rossland states that
there1 1s' 'a' hie deal on foot there now
"which, if consummated*, will prove a
great factor' in developing'the Btiund-
'ary country, including Cascade' City,
Grand Forks, Greeriwood, Fairview and
"the othor western campS, It is stated
'on reliable authority that onb of the big
'railway corporations'haB made an offer
to theoWnersot the'townsite and water
power at Cascade City to' purchase the
absolute right to the magtiificent watei
tall at that point. It is stated should the
company secure the powor it will establish car'shops and terminal facilities at
Cascade City and develop tho water
power to such a degree ils to furnish
ample power to the mines of that dis
triot and light and heat to'the many
camps in tbat'eountry.
There seems to be some serious trou
ble, however, Over the title. The owners of the Cascade City townsite claim
to havo had tho right to tho water power given them under their crown grant
and therefore assort their rights as own
ere, while other parties at Vancouver
and Victoria, who secured a charter
labt Bession, claitt) they are the sole
owners of tho powor, ynless this dis
puto is settled in short order the vyholo
Railway scheme -vyill fall to the ground,
niuch to the detriment of the Boundary
[niniug interests.
feot by 120 feet fqr church pv.rpr.sec
J.R. Erovvn, A. K ' Stuart, anJW. P. I
Richards were, appointed a copamittee
ti tako the building matter in hand
and it was decided ts appeal to friends
and sympathizer*!, including many resident in  Erialand,  tor donations tc the
building fund.—~
anoduver World,
.,..*; :
iv.ri. i ;
,;cn miles
and Bays l
borhood .
rl I.,:!-» |-
llivcn tl..
.1 i.ouco.
:t .'. p. ■ ropFji I..
in to\vp from Cascade Ci ■   I . .'
east of Grand Forks', ..n cl   ..-*'; a
here are soino yon non] ti. in that
'.r. mii.li in need of y postofllcea."
tluj nearest    Tin  government
n\ fl sell.to! ayjl is put'tlng up a
!'.'!iti<.u:' hi vo 1 een pent iu for
nil effect co far.—Row'and Kc
Church For Midway,
At a meeting of the supporters of tho
Church of England at Midway last
week, Rev. If. Irwin, widely known as
Father Pat. of Rossland, iu tho chair,
it was decided to try to raise money by
subscription for the purpose of erecting a church building. It isstatod that
Capt. Adams has promised, on behalf of
tho Midway Company, which owns the
townsite, to givo  a block of land 150
Loyalion.'i, ccitiiici tes and traurfers rci'tii'.ed
at Midway, I.'ettlv River tyintng DiuclCii, ,bc-
-wreu June 21 and Julie 80,1807.
Junc21-Pr,rtlah.l. Lulu and Wolverine, Can*
vou ci'i'f.'k. II I. Ncv.'l.c, nt al,
June 58.—Treasure 'Trove* Sm th cm*., P
Ilamllti.il ami P*. MeL. Fiorir
Mougio S,'(!op|.ct.nun-.n', J. Gillau.
Con mi.u.ler, Lphg Lai*... W. If, (.'...ygrovo.
Produoer, Long I ake camp, 1) J McDonald,
Big Thins, Qroomv^oa o:.m]i. L. Hln...
Qqo*Jellouili, ninth fori: h'ctlle river, A J£ilriU-
sr,:i hud i   Hj.'.'klalul. *
H..111I...I.V, C.'ir'siiuii laic, 0, I-iaidn-jr r.lul P
13 Chandler.
.  Hiawaltli, Rock rrcek, w A Olflvotf,
Jiihilte, Hri.wu camp, F II Keiidricl*. et nl.
■KnimaKent, fraction, Deadwood camp, e A
Rolf. ' ■       .
Ida May, Wellington ramp. Vi R Muck.
Silver Dick. Christina Ink", F I.nngo.
Tlir.ni". Iru'tiim. Gtreenwoou cari'.p, J Cunning-
hntii and A Hainllion. -' *
June*lr-Hivei*side, Rock creek, Ii and \V F
Mastodon Cmnd Porks, J A Nelson.
Morning.Star, north fork Kettle rlvpr, C Qui-
nette nnd II llillyer.
Red Jnck. Christina lake, .1 H Cnlhonn.
Erin and Lnkcvlcw, Cnrlstftm lake, p Fitzgerald.
Lindsay, Klmbrrh 'cai,.*-., W Rnwson nud J B
June 26-Moonlight, Deiiil.voi.l camp, W J
II.iilv iimi JS Martin*,
Wild Pea, Blue Grouse. Wild Sunflower nnd
Wild Currant, Kettle river, Albert Hilul-.es ot nl.
Boundary and Madison, Myers creek. D Con-,
no***, nnd T Liunb.
Owl, Central cump, W OosJ.ellr, nij.i H M Milliner,
June 20—yomig Qenpgo, Pass ereek, A Poggi
nnd G. Jlacl.olto.
Gate and D V K.. Oontrsl <nmp, J Fislier.
Alma, fraction, Central camp, M M Killinet.
S W, Movers creek, M. Ki-rliv.
Bride of tho Sill. Dead wood oamp, E K eight-
Big Mack, Hardy mountain, M f) Kecfe.
Fanny D, Carters oamp, M o Kcefe.
SfiirnlugStur, iraetinu. Curlers enn. *,,.J Petrie.
Boltoh, Copper cninp, M Grlflin.
Treasure L6de", Dcndiyood gamp, J P Kelly*.
Dolly Blitz, Kottle rivor, h. Lur sen und D Mc-
Curthy, ■,■'.-
Juno 23—Diamond fraction, Province camp,'
F 0 Bailey.
Bobble Burns and IJriite, Khnl'oily cy.mp, W
McCurrach etal.
William Widlaeo, Klmhcrly cam)., W* Mccur-
Blue Bell, Grojis Mountain, S Btrijuso.
Gomelta. Grus.s mountain, (', N Corneliljs.
Opl.ir, Crass inonntnin J J Murphy.
Durnn.il, Grass mountain, D J Durnnd.'
Portland, Grass mouutaiu. R SWilkins.
Gladstone, Grass mountain, M Smith.
Empire No. **, G'-uss mountain. A B Colby. ■
Eniplre No. 1, Grass mountain, 0 IH Shaw.
Gold Hill, Grass mountain, T K Haley.
Dcinark, Grass mountnin. E S l«ars.:n.
Ben Hur N... 1, Summit cam]:,'W 0 Mr nougnll.
Grub Stake and Deuvei*, Cmiyon ereek, II 8
Bringmau et al.
June 20—Jubilee and K6peiTn/a,C.inyon creek,
F Bagslmw and S palmcc,
Door Trail, Oauyou creek, F Bftgshaw and S
Iron Master, Canyon rrcek, P A Wilson.
Hidden Treasure add Sunflower, Wellington'
camp, BC McCord and C PTaohoroail.
Mnsonlia, Ccdur crock, E Snllivim and A
Baldy, fraction, Wellington cninp, J M Kelly.
MnintS, Grnss mountain, CDGiVeu. .
Bossio B; Grnss;inonntnin, PB Huntington.
Lizzie A, Grass mountain, E G Bicker.
Jubilee, Hardy hioiintnin, J Mcintosh.
June 10-Liily,'p CpsgrifEand I' Mitchell.
June28—Dominion* iii! Hughes, and G A
Finch.       ,•"'■/.
No. 2, E H Hughes and If Scions,
Ellen, Zet'.da Gold and Copper Mining Co.
Roman Fugle, W C Poulton.
Monte Carlo, H McGuire and E W Johnson.
Coppe*. King, C E Surlg.    ,      . •
Vera, T Troinblv.
Glasgow, Zendo Gold and Copper Mining Co.
Mossback aud Jumbo, O U ('undersoil et al.
Florida, PAspiuwull nu*l FJohnson,      •'       ;
Brown Eved Qucon, W J Porter.
Girl of tlie Period, J J Fftroll and W J Porter.
Beaver, J J Fnrrell.
Samson, G. S. Gnl|.oway.
Ethiopia, British Columbia (loldfields E.-ti.lor-
ing, Developing an.l Investiiient companv.
June 21-tiarflclil, G.H Rutherford.
Hattle Green, S A Madden el nl.
Silver Pltnno, J Newhy and A. Connors.
White Horse, J B Singer et al.
Last Chance, S S Schnlcr and E Titsworth.
June 26-wMary Margaret, P McKenun and
W J Hurley.
Legal Tender, Free Coinage cud Silver Star,
S A Howard et al.
June 26—Carlotta, A Peggie and G. Jaeliclta.
Topsey, W 11 Conkle.
Golden Engle, J Lliidjand H Hamlin.
Evening Star, J Lind and .V V Anderson,
Garumatta, M Grllin et.iU..
Virginia, H T BuruSs et al,
Sydney, M Morris,
Uarqiia Hala, M Grillin et al,
HonolulUi (J. Ritcr.
June 28—Monto Curio und Littlo Burn, T Ro*
Frederick S, R N McXenn et al.
Queen Hess, W P Hofrstettervt ul.
June SI—Buckeye, RN -McLean and J Hodges.
Double Standard, F Mercliander. '
Little Babe, H McGulrc et al.
Fourth of July. E Sullivan and A Waddell.
Mulduon, W'W Gibbs.
Colorado, A Waddell.
Idaho, E Sullivan.
Molilalia, E Sullivan and A Waddell,
Ocean Wave, Contact, Vernon and Tidal vViyvc,
Tidal Wave Consolidated Mining company.
June •2.1-Hoinau Engle, nil Interest, W It Poulton to J-J Walker.
June 2-1—Last Chance, A C Suit.in to S S Schiller.
June 2.1—Goleonda, clcyi'land, Loco..it, York
and Wild Rose, 's interest In oaeh, J (' 11ms to
G E Foster.
Giizoua.,1:, intorost.W McCullock toTW Stack.
June 20—lied Clou.|, all Interest, L Scboeii to
i: Ouiactte. '       ' i...   i
Doniornes,!.; interest R A Brown to Mrs A V
Alma aipl D F K. Ji Interest, J Fisher tp E 11
Pirate and Sister, till Interest, W II Lotta to
r c Bernard,
Hill Side,',' Interest, 0 Stewart to A (imou.
Illlll'alo, ;3 interest, J W Young to A (.nnon.
Bijou uud Herald, Mi Ii*terosi A tlniou tu C
Stewart, _^;
lliiekhnrn, 'a Interest, S Larson to J Dunn,
Honolulu, all interest, G Riter tori Rlladen.
June 28—Excelsior, alt intercut M H Kulc to
F I Bailey.
June39--Mother Lode, Glasgow, Holpn, McGregor and Lady of tbo Lake, houn.lary Mines
company to F Keller.
Wonderful, 'i, Interest, A B Williams to W
Gold Nuggctt, Pay Oro, Quartz King, American Hello aiid Western Queen, nil interest, Observation -Mountnin Gold Mining company to
J H Perkins.
Crown Jewel, >j" interest, Observation Mountain Gold -Miniug company to .1 H Perkins.
llelenn, champion, Copper Mountain, Evening Star, Victoria, Cracker Jack and Minnie
Hull, T Farrcll to 1 M Farrell.
Birthday, Edison, Electric, Picton aud Monc-
ton, 1*1*. Interest, A I' Hunter to it Piewman.
Pearl, Hartington and Olfretta.}.,, Interest, J
Wheatcrof to G R Nadcn and III H.tllet.
Jfr,   Heiu?e Sijs ilo May Build To
Penticlou AitLouf*;)i T] ere is
Nothing Certain
About It,
F. August Heinze name into Kpikane
wearing an overcoat last night, sayh the
SpokeEmah-Ri'viev. MoGt of the Spokano pooplo had their vent:; o!T, wero sitting putside v, here the soft and gentle
zephyr from tho oo'wost could fan their
porspiring brows, and were ovorjoyed at
being tble'to keep perfectly nuiet, But
whon tho cab stoppou in front Of tlio hotel and Mr. Heinze, woaring a black
overcoat, fetopped out, t!*ore was a look
of relief from the hotol loungers, and it
was apparent from the way coats woro
buttono*! up that thoro was a sudden
change in the temperature.
Mr, Heinze was as cool as a cucunjber,
dignified, preoccupied, and--sad. But
ho was not cold. Ho mot a reporter tor
the Spokesman-Review and shook hands
with ths same, cordiality that ho extended to the president of tho Le Roi
Mining Company.
"I have beon absent sinca last January," he said, "aod am now rctumin*.:
to look after my interests in Trail creek.
I stopped in Butte cbout ton days to
rest and recuperate." ,
The fact.ic Mr. Hoinze is not at all
well. He spent the greater part of th?
winter and spring at Ottawa, lobbying
for a subsidy for his Columbia & Western railroad from Rob-.on to Penticto!),
on Okanogan lake, but failed at last,
owing to intorferenca *from the' coast.
The strain, was great, and it has
left him in a measure depressed and
worn out. He needs' tbo mountain air
and a brief respite from me ntal labor.
"I can toll, you nothing about the
railroad question that you have not al-
ready told-, your readers," slid Mr.
Heinze, when asked about his contest
for a subsidy from the government. "1
feel uow as I have felt all along, that we
wera entitled to it, We hav*- spent vast
sums of money in that section to develop the territory., whilo the Canadian
Pacific has spent nothing."
"What are your plans for the future?
Will the ro£d be built toPoniictcn anyhow?"       . ■       •
"That question I am unable to answer just" uow. It depends on several
things, and"for that reason it is impossible to'say at present just what will
be done. If is possible that something
may be done; but there is nothing certain about it."
"Havoybu any hope or assurance that
the ^overninent will allow a subsidy at
it6 next regular aessiou?" i
No, thero Is no hope from that source.
If certain things can be accomplished
we may be" able to go ahoad but it is
difficult to tell anything about it yet."
"Does tho widening of your present
road into a standard gauge mean that
the Canadian Pacific will use it to get
into Rossland?"
"No arrangemont of any kind has been
mado wifh'the Canadian Pacific, and
none has been attemped."
Mr, Heinze then went into a conference with tbe Le Roi officials on matters pertaining to the smelter, and retired early. He m?y romain hare sev-
eraldays before going to Trail.
How the Situation Sizes up.
A special dispatch from Trail to the
Spokane Chroniclo fitatos that F. A.
Heinzo, is oxpected in Trail eyiry day,
Before his arrival bo has ordered tho
Columbia & Western widoned to a
standard guage, which involves new ties,
new rails, now curves and new rolling
stock—almost, in fact, as an ongitteor
said, "a ne\y rajlroad." Ifo will Hud on
bis arrival }i\s railroad to Robson ready
for the rails. Ho will find hisOoluuibia-
Kootonay mino working in pnlid oro
twenty foot in width, ant] enough of
shipping stuff to mako good tho loss of
the Le Roi, What ho will do with his
Pentieton scheme is still a question
among the Trail pooplo. I( ho and tho
Canadian Pacilic people are pulling together, it is not impossible the road
wCBt from Robson will bo started this
year, This is moro than probable if
Corbin indicates ghis ability to extend
his system into the Grand Forks country. It would be a serious handicap to
the business of the Canadian linn if
Corbin got into tho Boundary country
first and intronched himself as he has
dono in tha Salmo-QuarU* Creek district
afn: in tEe'EoEsJana • am'p.
Jt baG beon li.,* gossip, more or less
reliable, tbat Corbin's allier: ■ oa"1 a
{•would become cur. ihis tsqath, -..'"I'
on-. :.:uit*i*ti*";c and Bttcient :-y.r*:lv* in
the treasury to justify tho Grand Forks
eztecsion. His opportunity :.-: now
precent, if !;■; ccn Beize il—If Wall
street will help liiiy. llein.e e:k1 vat*.
Horn must see that Corbin is a danger-
ous factor and -Unit they would icri c
groat deal of the bu"ine=s of the best
portion, almost, of the province if he is
permitted to invade lioundary first.
Fii*:.t means more to the C. P. pud
Ileinra than it does to Corbin.
Tho surprise is general that IJoinzo
ban not fi::ed up v. ith tbo La Roi people.
He noy gets fli a ton for transports
tion'asd smelling and if h,o v/ould contract with tho Le Roi to do bofh for 89
sa;, tbo two interratF. might got together.
In this connection it is some people's
gU023 th*lt Senator Tumor may have
had a successful'interview with fir
William Van Homo during bis recent
visit to Ottawa, It is more than prob
ablo tbat they talked about tho Lo Roi
smelter and transportation ratee. Van
Home undoubtedly told him be could
fix'bo'th, and tho question, not divulged
yet, is* "Has he dono it?" If be is in
with jHeinze he may have done It. The
Canadian Pacific has the oifo right
o the Trail smelter upon  the same
11*.   It  haaalso the slto at Robson.
'bo  Canadian  Pacific can oit'or tbo in-
ueeineii.to and it looke to the layman
if  lhe  Cana.:i;in 'Pacific would do
at very thing.
Scnr.vE of Dk. Jordan to Kill B. O.^
■  Sb*.li>-g Bcsikess.
Our southern.* neighbor Uncle Ham
has entered into a combination with
David Stijrr Jordan, president of tho Lo-
land Stanford University, to destroy
pelagic sealing. Pelagic sealing is
whero the seal hunters cruise around
outsido cf thu three miles of water
along the coast claimed by tho United
States, and shoot thB. seals when they
come up tq soo what kind of a day it is.
Thon if the seal fioals they go get him
and if ho Einks they cuss a little and
hunt for another one.
Ju3t plain sealing is whore thescneak
up on the seaU whon they aro asloep ou
shore and kill them with a club. This
is much mora profitable and not nearly
so profaue as the other kind, but tho
trouble is Uncle Sain wont let B. C.
sealers kill any seals on shore and now.
he is mad because the seals that the
pelagic fellows shoot and don't f»et, fail
to come ashore to bo killed by the U* S.
sealers. Then too a lot of Mr3. seals are
shot and thon tho baby seals that have
boon loft on shore while their mothers
went out to catch a salmon, never grow-
up and as a matter of consequence the,
soals aro getting few and far between.
So now Dr. Jordan, who has an extra
long head, has decided that tho way to
do is to brand the. Miss seals v/itli a big
S on tho back whero seal-skin cloaks
grow, so when thoy get to'bo Mrs. seals
and go out to fish tho polagic soalorB
will not kill them because their fur will
be no good. Then Dr. Jordan wili build
.1 big corral in a harbor'of the Pribylofi!
Islands, and herd all tho Mr. seals into
it so that they can't go ou I and be
killed.    *
Dr. Jordan is now on his way to
Alaska to carry out his scheme accompanied by Mr. farmer who invented tho
jlectrjcul branding machine, and a lot
of medical students who, when all the
little seals aro caught, will tell Mr. Farmer which are the Miss seals, bo that
he will know which of thotn to brand.
(Durratit wanted to go along as head
expert but tho sheriff was keeping him
in after school when the party lefl .San
Francisco, so h'js services will be lacking.)
Jordan, Undo Sam tic Co. anticipate
that thoir scheme will drivo tho B. C.
sealers out of tho business because the
only seals that will bo out wnero thoy
can be shot, will bo the Mrs. seals with
big S's on their backs, so thoy will hav e
to catch tho Betds first to see whothor or
not tboy arc branded.
The probability is hovyevor that the
fact of a soalslf.il] having an S on it will
not detract from its contmercial v(*lue.
Thore are Shooney sealskin cloak sellers
with just ft! long heads as Dr. Jordan
aud thoy will just draw two bars, down
through tbo S, mako a t? mark out of it
■ind brand tho prico of tho cloak on
eveiy ono. Then sealskin cloaks and
jackets will be all the rage and in the
iwell churches of tho F.ast, rising above
the low backed pews, may be soon jacket backs of all sizes stamped 8150, S1T5
5180 aud bo on. Then every lady will
'je able to display tho cost ot her jacket
and also havo the excuse that sho
couldn't holp it.
When in neod of anything in the line
ot job. work do not forgot that The
iliNKR can supply you at the lowost
possible price for good work.
Patios, Q}|£, Brushes Sash & Doors,
*.    *      ;     f • j'
'. . ■ I
Anthing >.ou Want :r, tha Hard-flare Lino end Cant Find it go to
W.K. C. )Mai>."iy'<'. Store, Gnuid Forks. B.C-
J. P. 7L00D.
Kerr & Flood, Bateliers,
1 " K. A. MAT'IWS, MANA.'KR.
EgTAll kinds of. Meats Gctp-an -Sausages arid Head Cheese Always on Land.
GRAHJD FORKS, 1.2. C.    i       *i   t
Mi! reams, mm
Pack and baclies Saddle Horses.
Harness Shop in Connection.  Toamiu g of all Kinds Done,
properties Reported dm,
..Ranken & Campbell,
1\ '   lopmi n. .iH'] A^e-v;
ment. Woi-Il SUnppyised,,.
And Investment Aeents.
7 "DO
awaoal - - -     Grand Forks, B. 1
:■.»JCZ* .ll TO * *lt-W
TERMS $1,5(1 AfID $2.00 PER DAi
.','....       b XI
(Poe.-iieki.y Tn:; Grand Forks HpiEt,)
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Groceries, Salt Meat, Fruits, Confectioner^.
;■    ,','-.■••...' *
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Hud it to their interest to give me a call beforo purchasing as 1 can save you
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tr.t-b-m.-HKBgurF —.ir«**cr:-. uumw<.* ■vn.np.-r*"■■•■ wr.f•«■ w^««ti*n?.1/11
Everything  New and Eest fu^pishefi House in Town,
INBODY   tic   DAVIDSON,   Fropriotors.
Always Found at tho Bar.   gpecul attention I?aiU to Trarjacient Trade.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Terming of
Stase Line From Marcus, Washington.
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Suits Made to Order at Reasonable Prices.
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.   Special attention paid to Cloari-
log and Repairing,   Give me a trial order. I The silence was broken  by  Clerk  Aik-
j man.
"Anyone second?"
Johnson—"I second it?'*'
Clerk--"Passed f
Johnson--"Tho citizens bad a meeting
The City Council In Active aud olopt°a a firB thief- Thoy want to
the council  will  ratify
Language Forcible ]f Not Elegant—
S'.rae Business Done And Odd*
side>*ablt:  talking   In
•   dplgfed In.
Tbe city  council   held  ils  regular
weekly meeting fosterday afternoon
without the presence ur tho mayor and
Aldermen Duford and Davis. When
Die MiM-.i:*roportei- entered tho matter
of publishthg a call for bids to (ill in
Hie Bridge street slough was being dis
cussed anil the following interesting dialogue took place W. K C. Manly spoak*
"I don't see any uso to donate any
more to tho newspaper if they want so
touch for printing. It would tako only
a few minutes to write out tho notices
and thoy wili do just us well.'1
L. A, Manly—''What is the aewopa
per for anyway if it isn't for tho public.
They mako their money out of tho business advertisements and ought to publish notices to contractors tor nothing."
Johnson—"It is simply a mattor of
I'ticiness with tho paper. This is just
ns much advertising as anything."
Hepworth—"We know everyone that
would want to bid, don't we? Wo could
just tell them what we want and that
would do just as well."
W. K. 0, M.- "Well tho paper warmod
it to the city in great 6bape for those
J K J --"That is just half the advertised rite for that character of advertising."
W k C .M—"It don't make any dJlT'-r
ence.   It is too dammed much.   No one
'else is trying to touch tho city in that
way.   Here is a bill for 8330 for printing that it didn't cost $25 to set.''
J K,.1 -"Well of course they have to
make a reasonable profit. You wouldn't
sell things out uf your store without
malting something."
W K C M—"Ne, but 1 don't want to
make live thousand per cent, I would
like to seo McCarter mako some imney
but I don't want to soe him punch it to
the city too hard."
•i K.J- "Other towns pay as much and
a greater rate than this."
W K C M—"It don't make any difference, This is only a small town and
shouldn't pay so much for its printing
us cities. These by-laws are going to
cost us nearly as much as Rossland had
to pay, and thero is a city of 5000 people."
J K J—"Then if this town is too poor
to pay its bills it shouldn't have incorporated."
W K C M—"Woll, that may be."
Johnson—"I move that Alderman
Hepworth take the chair.'.' Tho idea of
B motion seemed to stun the council for
they sat perfectly rigid and silent for
what seenjed a long timo. Then the
clerk declared the motion carried, and
without being called to order the business proceeded.
A bill of W. G. Hepworth forS2.l.5 for
rubber stumps, etc, was referred to the
Seance committee, as waa also a bill of
Tin. Miser for C'-l for printing -1000
assessors' blanks.
Then a bill from Tin*. Mikeb for 6842
for publishing the city by-laws was presented.
W K (' M ''( think it would bo a
good idea to recommend turning the
treasury over to tbe Gkanu Forks
Miner at the rate they are going." 'The
bill w. t.l to the finance committee.
The Bnance committee recommended
paymentof a bill of Manly tic Averill
[or letter press, bookB, etc. No action
was talten upon il.
Johnson moved that all by-laws passed
up t.i this date be reconsidered and
finally passed. The motion was seconded but ufter waiting a whilo tho minds
of the council turned to something el3e
without tho motion beinc put.
It evolved that the city treasurer had
not yet furnished bonds and W. K. C.
Manly moved that be furnish a bond
tor'loflOO with himself and threo sure.,
ties. During the interval of waiting tor
a second to tho motion, tho council was
no doubt occupied in thinking of how
this matter was discussed two months
ago and settled at that limo, while tho
fact that uo record of this appeared
upon the minutes forced them to tako
action  again   upon   the   same subject.
kcow whether
their action."
Everyone hero talked at once and
Johnson wept out after au officer of the.
volunteer firo brigade. During his ab-
6onco tho printing bill waG again discussed, tlie clerk averring that "llie dam
paper hasn't tho circulation ot un ordinary paper anyhow.'
W. K. 0, Manly after stating that the
wbrkin tjWtiori didn't cost "610 said:
"A newspaper is a good thiiij; for a town
and wo couldn't got along without one.
I want to seo tho paper mako money
but thero ia no *uso of thoir charging the
regular rates for city printing."
Li. A. Manly—"Woll, of course 1 don'i
understand theso things and don't know
what would be right, It is out Of my
lino of buciness."
Jubtiso!'. then returned with the min
ules uf th. organization of tho volunteer tiro brigade. The clerk road of the
elections of officers and Juhnson moved
that the council accept the appointments, Tlio motion was declared carried
without being put,
The fire, light and water committee
was instructed to provide a suitable
place for tho lire buckets and ladders,
also to secure a fire alarm.
mf ■
The Plan lor the Carson
With n terrible eohl In his head,-
An.l his oyoltds heavy nnd sore,
The editor sut in his broken elinir
And bitterly, eufnestly swore.
A youth had dropped in with a pc.om,
Ainan'was presenting a dun,   -
While anothei wns frying tp tell liliti
How the paper had ought to ho run.
An irate subscriber had told him
That his "m.;'' wasn't lit to bo rend:
While another Ini.I faithfully promised
To punch the editor t, head.. ' '
The "devil" wus colling for copy,
The wind whistled in nt the deer;
And this, with a few other reasons,
V.'us why the editor swore.
Ent the angel whn tnok it to heaven
Recorded the verdict up there:
"The Jury Unci in this instance
'Twas a justifiable swear."
Tho Mp'KR is not, as a r.ile, in favor ol making its troubles public. Wc bellovp in t.-iiin*.
..ur troubles to the pblloeman, but in this Instance fbe pollpoiiian had troubles of his own
and .... must a*.k the Indulgence of the reading
public while wo tell rr.ii' tale pf woe.
We lind ilial Aliliaiuliis Is not 111 it witli the
ordinary l'rei.liter .',:;'! that the movements of
the Ii. C. goyertiiiiopt are asligbtiiiiig compart d
with the spaed ol the ordinary freight wagon,
Woeks ago, long before our slock of newg paper
began to run short, we ordered from Spokane
enough to last us until winter. Over three
weeks ago word eame that the paper was nt
Marcus. Since then we have lived ln daily
hopes oi'ooejng itdeiiicred at the MiNicii olliee
but it Cometh not. I-ast week we had to print
on yellow paper and this week sees the Miner
again coming out tinted, Still the paper is not
Hope sprlugs eternal in the human breast, bat
it has been springing so eternally ii; our breast
lately that its shiu hones ache with the exertion. Tomorrow we take our express messenger's double barrelled eight-guage shot gun, a
pocket, full of buckshot shells, and start for
Somewhere next week thero may be an empty
chair. Little ones may wait and listen for the
sound of feetstups lhat never cumc, a home may
lose a fath.Tor brother, but tho Muii'it willbe
published on white paper If we have to use
paint to make it white.
The Pure Gold Mining Co,, which
owns a group of claims on Mcltae creek
are pushing development on thoii prop,
A. P. Hunter has sold a quarter interest in the Addison group to a company
who will start work immediately.
The Lalla Rookh ' company, which
owns some 19 claims at. the foot of the
lako are opening up some of their claims
with good results.
A now school house is being built at
Cascade City.
Geo, B. Stocker, of Cascade City, has
just returned from Spokane, where he
has been on a business trip for the past
Few days.
A. W, Bobinsop, of tho Christina
Mining and Milling Co., has just returned from Spokane accompanied by his
family who will reside at tho lake permanently. 	
Vive Rossland.
Wo arc glad to welcome the signs of
returning activity ie. Rossland. The
mining capital has been through a boom
with tno inevitable reaothin. All mining towns pass through tho two stages,
and if they cumc out nf Itheiu as Hoe?
land hits done, stronger than ever, their
future is assured, KoBSland has a
steady payroll, the chief mines around
■t, are shippers, and whilo tho Le
Roi, tho War F.agle, Center Star and
tlio properties continue to produce the
precious uro ive may know thut just so
long will Rossland continue to go
ahead. The city has shown a
plucky face during the threo months of
considerable depression, It will now go
on and continue to prosper,—Vancouver
II",. iit nostock, M. 1'., went through on his
way home last night. He was accompanied by
G. E, Maxwell, the member tor Burrard. Mr.
Bostocb remained in the seclusion of the Pullman, much to the disappointment of a number
of his supporters who were anxious to Interview
'.lira. As the train pulled out. be appeared on
the end of the car and saluted his constituents
with a gracious wave of his hand.—Revelstoke
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in on
this deal. Its the most desirable Residence
portion of Grand Porks.   Easy Terms,
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cheapest at our
<& *& Special Prices on Large Lots *£ *£
B. & P. B. NELSON ------- NELSON, WASH
Eiveii   Stage   Line*.
G. W. WILLIAMS, flanager.
Stage Lr.aves Marcus on tho Arrival of the northbeund train, arriving at Grin .1
Porks at g*4G p. m.   Leaves tho Forks at 4:00 a. m., arriving at Marcus in tinr.   ,'i
connect with northbound train
Persons having mining or other Properties that will
bear investigation, can have a Company promoted, or
sell them, by addressing	
17 ond 19 Broadway, New York City.    London  offices:— Chiswell   Housa,  No
139 Finsbury Pavement, London, Fj. C
London  offices:— Chiswell
Specimens of Oats and Baulky
Grown Neak Here.
Diverging a little from tho principal topic
of interest in thia gecUpn, of mining, the
Miner would, liko to call attention to some
Bpeciiiiena of oata and barley em-ami by George
Rose on Mayor Munly'n magnificent farm six
miles east of the pity. The specimens may be
seen in this olliee anil they Would linike a good
showing Reside Similar varieties of grain grown
anywhere in the world. Tlie otits grow over
six feet tall and thfl barley averages lour feet.
Both grow on land of which there is an abundance jn the Kettle Kiver valley, and they demonstrate lhe facl tliat there te a quality of
agricultural laud here to .support the population Which the mining Industry is sure to
Mr. Koso lias nisei raised thi'* year a large
variei, of vegetables all of which are growing
to perfection, In the rpspeot oi being able lo
produce its own cereals and vegetables, as well
In having en abundance of Ijue glazing land
,and good Umber, this fieetion is exceptionally
fortunate, it probably presents a greater
variety of resources than auy other mining
section in the world.
Manufacturer of
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
BRAND   I.'OHKS,   1).   C.
A'u?*.'-'.'.'.!' Pilinganf) all Kinds ot' Rpppiring,
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Estimates Furnished on Al! Kinds of Work.
Is now giving a special  discount Bale ot Hats tor the next 30 days '
givo SI por cent oil' all Men's, Boy's and Women's
Sorry it Happened,
A Victoria special ot July II says:
•■Tuduy at tho annual masting of the
board of trado tho general report ox.
prossrd regret at the failure of the Dominion government to at least build
tho Pentieton road. Premier Turner,
who wae present, said tnat at the present moment the provincial govern moat
was in correspondence with the Dominion government on tho very subject, urging strongly that immediate t-teps bo
taken to secure the road, This was
greeted with applause.
And Mining Engineer,   Member of Quebec Mining Society.   Mineral Chilian Examined
and Reported on.
Should carefully couside1
tho cost of material, and /
by figuring, lind out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
can be purchased at the
Grand   Forks
Sawmill ....
C.  K, SIMPSON-  Proprietor.
Also ,■; 10 percent discount an all calicoes for tho s-imo length of time. Av til
yourself of this snap. Remember only :]0 days. All other goods at lowest posi:.
bio prices.   Dont fail to call and soo us.
J. Anderson & & Upper Grand Forks, B* C
reek piling
Financial and Mining Brokers.
Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc*
WHITE & KER, Proprietors.
Sale of  Hats,
Ttvo dozen Straw JIats at a Bargain.
Watch Repairing a Specialty   «•*   -^   All Work Guaranteed1
--''■-fil1, .,'.■;-
'   .. ... -.


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