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The Grand Forks Miner May 29, 1897

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Grand   Forks'   First   Fire
Thursday Night.
the  metropo-
sflw a mo-
it; believes
Small Frame Dwelling oh Main Street
Eurned to the Ground -Ad-
jdining   Buildings
About 10 o'clock last Thursday evening, as our peaceful citizens wore retir-
Ing for the night, the ertiro town was
btartlad by tho cry ot "Fire!   Fire!''
Rushing out of doors a lurid glow in
the western part of tovVn soon located
Hie blaze in a small duelling hoOse dd
Mam street. The entire building was
a sheet of flame before anything cobld
lie done So all efforts **vere directed to
lhe saving of the adjoining building,
owned by David Woodhoiid and occupied by Mrs. Nye.
All of Mrs. Nye's household guoils
were gotten out and for a time it seemed
as thoiigii the building must surely go,
but Ed Posey cliihbed Upon the roof
and with a blanket thrown over him
faced the terrible heat froiu the burn-
ing building, which was only about lo
feet distant, and kept the roof Wet iin-
lil the tiro tad died, down mid tho Build-
iug was saved,
The building in which tlie tire EHitrted
was owned by VV. J,Penrose and was unoccupied. I'.iperhangeis and painters
had been busy during the week putting
on the finishing touches. Spontaneous
c inibustion seems to bo tho only way to
account for the origin ot the blaze. Tho
building which was totally .destroyed
was uninsured.   Loss about $101*.
■ .Steps are being taken- to organise a
backet brigade io order to bo prepared
for other mishaps of .this kind which
are sure to come'sooner or later.
Number Two!
) 0. 0, Luther, camp very near being
homeless tonight. lie has been living
ivith his family in n tent in tho,western
pint of town near tho root, of .Observation mountain, This afternoon, Mrs,
Luther left home foi* a whilo leaving a
■ niudge in the front yard to keep tho
inotquitos away. When, she .roturhetl
.the smudge had caught in. the dry grass
jind pine needles and tho wind was fast
fanning it into a furious .blaze. With
the assistance of Mrs. DeFrey, Mrs.
Luther finally succeeded in subduing
the lire but it was a vory close call for
!I:b tent. ~
P. H. MnKiie, of Rossland, Is in the citv.
.,        ... .      .
A. W. Preslar is out u,u a prospecting trip. ,
i .1.1*. Walker is iii Spokane on  mining  busl-
11.'SS. .      ,
t Mr. R. liot'k,   of   Colville, Wilshii   Is In  the
•it/. . ,i;
• Andrew Spenco, of Duyton, Wrtsh., is in   the
<ity i
■■ Miehenl Cfllldgh&n, of Bmke, Id alio, is in the
■■ Tuo "Isithoteiioughforyoti" idiot is ngaln   ut
« !ce delivOied to any part of the city.   b. M.
Koene. . , ,.,, .
;   M. MCAuluy wi'.:; in  tlio   city  Friday   finm
5po.-ume. c   r K i "   j" •
' B. M, Rushtoii, a 8ealUpit6; ic a temporary
resident. _ ,  .
1 Rovt T, A. l'. Frost made d, trip to Roselatid
tills week,
■- iiii.t. Gibson, of Birtle; Manitoba, in viiltiiig
tn ihceiiy.
C niB. H. Russell (jiiiuo  In  from  Mavotia  on
■| humi-iy. r .
'' Larry HartniCtt v as an rftrivnl frrjifi WUlabOj
[tlabo, j'L'Btet'ciay.
Ho sine and stop at Edwards1 ferry for good
i u tls and Clean bud.        ....
: J. 0. Raistnn, of Spokane, is In trie city looking
aftor mining Inter estSt .*
1 Win. Alberts, of Mat yf-yille, Cal.,   is Bojourn-
in the city for a few days.
' .Mr. MeFtirlaiid of tli& dnuid  Forks   livery
stable has gone to Marcus. »
I'. T, MeCtilluin,   J. -P., lias moved   h'.s ofii;.-c
to the Van Ness addition.    •
Uuy your supplies of Gill it Kiikiauds, the
cheapest cash store In town.
, VV, M. Deans, of MidvVay.  is In tho city, hav-
l:iS Cjme over to attend court..
*' Jos. Jerniyn,   or  Greenwood, came over the
r..ngcon Monday last aiid spent a few   days
taking in tHe Bights of the city.
G. Guilbnan, of KocVurceli, was a) plisfienger
'.ni Tuesday's Stage from Greenwood;       •     .'"
it. Campbell [a in the city from Rossland.   He
f>t o ns well satisfied witli our outlook.
A. ie. Stuart, agent'for tho "Midway tdwnelte
p( inpauy if* in tiio city for a few days.
■   Freighters and travelers Wili ttlwayfl And the
j «tof aeconiniodatlons at Edwards' tetif,
0. 8. Clark, of Rossland, is iu  town, lav Iny
"o'.-ie over on Monday's stage front Mareus.
Torn rJartmpntn will be one  of the ronteftt-
ni Is for the t>-'ize In the bicycle race tho22d:   '
.n, Rouruett, of I'orilaud,   Oregon)   Is in the
Bity looking around with' a' View of investing.
Mr. lie wis, of Greenwood, was in the city
Friday taking iu the progre
The Mine): devil swears that 1
squ'io the other evening but no
Fresh milk delivered at your jnnr morning
and evening. Grand Forks Dairy, Manly it
Brown, Props,
Robert Wilson, of Nelson, has beeh spending
several days among us and in much pleased
with our youngdity.
Geo. ('inning, Jack Huron and Ruhc Hull
have moved into their summer cottage on the
banks of the Kottle river.
Another big lot of dry goods just Opened at
Manly it Averill's. 1'rices ure way down.
Come and see for yourself.
A. Leamy came over the range from Greenwood yesterday and reports things lively
the other Hide of the m miit-iins.
Samuel Rembler, of Colfax, was a visitor iii
lho city this week, having come un ttt look
around witli it view of investing.
Frank Truax lias opened up tlio large now
livery barn built by Mayor Manly and is ready
tb carry on A lirst-elass livery business.
Rev T. A. R, Frost lias secured a lot at the
Cdrnor of Winnipeg and Fourth and will lie-
gin tho the orection of a church building at
Joe Washburn, of Nelson, Wash , was a
pleasant visitor at tlie Miner olliee this ntorn-
Ing and reports things moving along nicely at
GrdnJ Forks iB gCltitfg to b^ quite ti bicycle
city aud every evening the enthusiastic cyclists
are out enjoying a spin over tho level roads of
the Grand Prairie.
Chas. Mathoson U in tbe city from the No. 1
group in Seattle camp ami rep'jrtt*; things
lively,In that neighborhood find His claims
snowing up well.
J. !.. Batlantyne, an Ontario capitalist who
has been in Ibis section for the pust few weeks
looking after mining Interests1, is again in tbe
city for a few days.
The stago last night brought in eleven passengers Und an extraordinarily heavy loud of
baggage. Owing to the above facta it did not
arrive until neai midnight.
Assessment work is being done oii the Crown
Jewel fraction ou Observation mountain.
This claim is slipfosed to be located on tiio
Bonota lead.
Prof. Blair's famous Plymouth Rock eggs $2
per (totting. Laid here lu tho Forks anfl guaranteed Eresh, Apply to Geo. Ingriiliam at
Manly & Averill's.
Rev. H. S, Akchurstj of Nelson,tB. (J., will
conduct church services in the Province hotel
block tomorrow at." p. m. A cordial invitation
is extended to everyone.
Now is tlie time to insure your buildings.
Call and see the low rates that can be obtiiined
lyiusiriugtlirougliJ.lv. Johnson, lire Insurant c agent for this section.
. The water is gettiiig down to where the trout
live and anumtiGr of the flsh are daily leaving
the streams and finding their way into the various frying pans of GrHnd ForkB.
.Judge Wiird Spinks, of Vernon, Is ln tho
city, having held court here yesterday. Rehire
leaving it is expected he will lot a qontract for
COjOSldeiyible, wqrk oti the Grey Eagle on Observation mountain,
C.. Scott Greening Is in the city from LOS*
Angeles, cal., having been attracted hero by
the glowing reports of our section which have
reached that place, lie scqms well pleased
with the country aud may invest beforo leaving.
W. A. Stewart, traveling representative) of
the Rossland Miner, Spokesman-Review and
San Francisco Examiner, spent two days in the
city .this week. He is much taken .with this
city raid says that when a railroad starts for
here he is going to join the rush and go into
business in tills city. No townsite that he ever
taw, he says, possesses so many natural advantages nor Is bo attractive \ts Grand Forks.
Mr. aud Mrfl. Chas. CummlngS .arrived last,
evening from Spokane, Mrs. Cuminings recently returned irom the east and Mr. Cu Darnings nlet her In Spokane, They Were brought
from Bossburg hy. Frank Truax with one of
Mayor Manly's teems. They left Bofesburg at
1:80 and arrived in, Grand lurks shortly after
10, which is excellent time for a single team
to make with three persons and h'.'avy baggage. 	
Rowland's First Mayor Visiting Grand Forks,
He Thinks Tliat With Goo; Prospect"
of Railroad Transportation Soon
Grand Forks Has a Great
Future in  Store;
Col. ttdbert S. Scott, drat imyor ot
Eussland, the nucleus of tho whole of
thi; great mining country, is paying n
Visit to Grand Forks und while here is
the gUest of Mayor Manly, When interviewed by a Mineb representative
yosteiday Mayor Scott snid: "I havo
hear! praises of Grand Porks Bounded so
tiiueh that I camo here prepared to Had
a delightful place—otle of the beautiful
valleys ot British Columbia with a (ine
stream of water running throdgh it —
and on teaching here I, hav., not been
at all disappointed, I And here one of
the pl-eldest spots in lii*itisli Columbia;
a natural *ini*k three utiles wiJe and 20
long, with tho North Fork lind Kettle
river forming a junction here at Grand
Forks. T Bud hero rich agricultural
land, an.l I imagine this would be a
splendid country for growing fruits of
ul! kinds. And from what I learn here,
it is ribH in gold aiid in the surrounding
mountains, I understand, are some very
good mining properties which at tho
present time are only bsing slightly developed, but In tho course oE pfil'haps
only a few inonthS you will huve railroad communication here aud then no
doubt Grand Grand Forks will com'o
rapidly to the front as a mining center,
Fortune hi*-* favored Grand Forks with
an unlimited supply if water which
V.*i!l undoubtedly bo an incentive for
the erection uf. smelters at this point.
Grand Finks, 1 consider, has groat prospects beforo it, with the probabilities of
a railroad being here in a very Bhdi't
time, and this beautiful vulley and
mines only awaiting development. 1
pi-edict that in tho course of only a few
yaars, Grand Forks  will  bo a fine city.
"I was much pleased to learn of Mr,
Manly's elecliun as first ulayorof (Irand
Forks. With his large business experience! coupled with his extensive interests here, he is especially adapted to
put this oity m good working condition
and bring it rapidly to the fri.it as om
of the successful mining cities of British Columbia."
racs**, tug if ,,,ii. s.ck race, bicj ill
parade, etc., for which additional prizes
will be given.
On the evening of the 22d a grand
ball will le bold in a hail which will bo
sufficiently large to oejommodato the
ci'oivlr'. and ma celebration will continue through lhe 23J, I:i the horse
and oilier race:- n i bar is raised a nd
anything can run tl.„i wears hair.
Chas. Cumings Tells Wimt Tiikv
Think hi* Us in ISi'tiK.*,"•*::.
Mr. Chas. < umings, manager of tho
Townsite Co., who In,- bd3n spen ling a
week in Spokane, was asked last night
by a MiNKii representative what was
the drift nf soutimont in th it 'ity rel.i
tive to mining. Etc replied; "VoU
would be surprised ij sec bow well
posted everyone appears to be in regard
to the itincs ot this section and tbo way
things are going in this city. 1 talked
with no ono who did not believe that
this section would eventually lead them
all and that Grand Forks wojld bo ono
cf the most pi-Jiuineni if not the fore-'
most city of the mining country. And
they look at this i.i j. different light
from ulost of the netf sections in that
none of them seems to d mlit thai ihis
town and section will be substantial in
its growth and will have an element of
stability that is not so certain in somo
localities. I heard as taiichj if not niore,
talk abnUt Grand Forks than 1 did concerning any other town or ca.np. Uf
course, it is the general impression that
tho lack of railroad facilities is acting
as a brake on tbo rapid d valopment of
businers bore, but I'll tell yod what it
is, this piaco star.da all right on tlie outside." 	
A Social  livening.
On Wediu-s.lay evening last a merry
party .gathered at lho homo of Mayor
lind Mrs. John A. Manly to meet Mrs.
H. S. Akohurst, of Xeison, II. 0.
About twenty guests wero pres^ut and
passed a ttlost dolightfi'I ev*n'nj with
vocal and instrumental music and pleasant conversation, Mrs, i'liil rendering
sonio 'ine selections pn ;'.. bttnio and
violin. Ice cream and cake were serve..!.
Tti2 party broke up at a late li r.ir, o ich
an.l every f^uest fooling that thiy had
spoilt a thoroughly enjoyable evening,
Mrs. Akohurst is traveling through
this section with her husband, Rev. U.S.
Akohurst, ,ho is thinking of establishing an I'jpiseopal elrjivh at this point,
lie has gone on to Greenwood to take a
lojk at the tow 'is in that neighborhood,
but will bo back in time to spaak here
Overcome by the Heat.i;
. A prospector by the name of McCluro
was overcome by tne heat at Nelson
jesterday. llo had beon out inti the
woads after a load of ^vood and reeling
oppressed by tlio boat started back to
town, tjust., aB. be reached the black-
Smith shop bo gave otit and dropped.
Dr. Darker was at once summoned, and
after working ovor tbe stricken man for
sou o time brought him arcilnd und he
is now idl right again.
.   Twent>   Dollars t*nd Costs.
Thomas Kingle was arraigned before
p, T. McCallum, J, P. yesterday on a
chargo of assaulting Mrs. Covert, The
justice, after giving.the accused a good
lecturing, imposed a hrioof S'20 aridco?ts
and warned him that if he was ever
brought up again he might expect the
full ettent of the law*.
>       Grand Forks Sketched.
F. II. McCarter has received a Und
charcoal drawing of., tho city of Grand
Forks. It was • prepared by Edwin
Lange, the architect for "tho Gnarid
Forks Townsite company. Photographs
and half tones will ,b,i prepared and
distributed. The sketch will also be
printed in a folder descriptive of the'
country—Chronicle. '.
flood Rock.
Chas. Cameron got in this affernodli
frdmPaEe creek whore he haa been doing assessment on some of his propor-
tioB. He brought in somo splendid rock
and th'eie eooiua to bti no doubt but
his properties will turn out'vvell.
.Cheapest   stcro   in   town   at Gill  ft
Ai.u.i-snEMKNTs Being  Rapidly   Made
I-* i .      .      , i
Tint <, Magnificent CkLEitn.viToN.
Tho posters for the Diamond Jubilee
celebration in this city havo been issued anil will be distributed throughout
tho territory,adjacent to and within 150
inilco of Grand Forks, as ,it is expected
that people will come from that dlitaace
to witness an event which has never
been paralelled in this section of tho
country. .Tho clatter bf hol'ses' boofs
which in this country have not bepn silenced pii tho track by .the whirring
wheel, will make glad the festive slwash
und the white admirer of a spirited
horse race,,        ,
Five events l:'*iv6 been at'l'anfjjd for
horses as follows:
.   Quarter- mile dash—First prize, i?10C;
second, S1U.
Half-mile dash -First prize, silo; soc-
bnd, fe"i.
Three hurid'.'cJ yard dash, 865,
Milo trotting race, 850.
..Saddle'lioisp.raee, quart?l'-iili!e daeli—
First prize, 8-0; second, 85. ,
One bicycle race has beon provided
for, a. mile open with prizeB of $25 and
Tho great eve it of the day, hitfevor,
will bo the double band rock drilling
contest and the winners of this will receive 8150. Tlio expectations are that
this amount wid bi ai1 incentive tpt **,
spiritod contest, and the probabilities
are lhat Kettlo rlv;jr miners v.ill have
tho pleaSuhi nfcompoting with outsido
1111311 for the monoy. ■
A display of (irowjrks will ^j given
which, it is safe toisay, has novor boen
excolled on the American Continent fo*
Econic elTocl. Observat:o;i -itiountaiii
.^111 bo the pedestal for Ihis pyrotechnic
display aud its background will bo the
northern sky, whose stars for a timo
will be dimmed by the splendors of
earthly merry making..
■ The progrttm ae published p""'.'klos
fiitho expenditure of .?lU(io in prizes
and fireworks,, and beside' the-events
!iboi*e enumerated.  thEl'o wil! be fotit*
Anothei Chur.h
Another step in the progress of but*
town has been maiked by tlie fact that
a row church is 'sooh to be erected.
The Itev. T. A. P. l'"rost, Baptist minis
ter who has been in our midst tho past
few weeks- preaching to large audiences
and visiting all homes irrespective of
religious distinctions, opened up a subscription list that all might have tho
privilege of subscribing towards the
Ih'st church in iho city limits. In about
tv,*o hours 811(1 was subscribed, besides
many promises given, A few more subscriptions will enable tho work to com-
monco next month and thus a felt want
in the town, will bi met. Any donation
no,matter How small will be .thankfully
receive I. List at M,anly ,*' Averlll'si
*Viviees Sunday morning and evening
in the province block
County Court      ,
Iho Bitting of tho c.iunty court, tbal
was advertised for'the 2Sth inst,. was duly
openid by His Honor Judge Spink:? at
i o'clock ill tho Club roni.s. The llr?t
case,on the docket was that of Hugh
McQuiar V3 Folgsr, Th * point id d|s*
ptlte in this action *.*, js thi well l.nown
Little Babe claim on Hardy mountain,
gome three miles west of this city, Ful-
get*claiming hit interest In it linilef a
grab stake agreement. The testimony
of live witues-ios besides ,thi plaintiff
and defendant as well as the arguments
of both connse.'. Tho judge gavojud,'*
■pent for the plaintiff with costs ..A. .).
Aikman appeared for the .plaintiff and
H, S. Cayley for the defend int., 0 mi* t
thbo adjourned till Ti'ld this evening.
Gold anu  Silver Coin,
Work will bo started on Monday
morning on the Coin claim about four
hiiles from the city. Tlufe property is
owned by the Gold Coin Mining Co., ot
Rossland. and is one of the most promising prospects IH this section,
• Very high assays in grild, sihfir and
copper have beert obtained from ilio surface of tl.o claim and It gives every iii
dicaflon of becoming a mine with
J. A. Klliott, well known her'*, is nolv
on the property with a force of men and
will [usli lhe wcrk as last as  possible.
Ladies' shirt waists at Manly & Av-
Council    Resoinded   Their
P.   T,   M'OALLUM   OUT
His Eligibility For the Liosaiing Board
Question;,!   J. A, Aikman Appointed Oity Solicitor   Assessor Sot ti Work.
The city council held a irieetlng
Thursday afternoon In the Graud Forks
(hub rooms, the tin;" of u1ooting,Jiai ins
boon changed Ir u, Friday OU accounl
, of tlie court ln'ing hi'ld un that day,
The lirst business was tho coneidera
tion of an application by J. A. Aikman
for city solicitor. Dr. Hepworth moved
that a city solicitor be selected without
any regular salary being fixed Tho
motion carried and ,tlio ballot resulted:
Aikman ', A. V. button :!. Mr. Aikman
was therefore ddciared elected,
Councilman  Davis raised th*> point
tliat Mr. McCallum and  Mr   Mot'aren,
ivliii   woro   reGomuiended   al   the   last
meeting for  appointment us inotrlbs s
of the licensing board, were both   inter
ested personally in  the  licensing  I>iiss
no-?, and bo moved that these names In-
withdrawn  and  two disinterested par-
tL-s recommended,   Clerk.   Cayley   explained that Iir bad already sent in fhe
names of Mr. McCallum' and  Mr, Mc
Ciiren, and Dr, Hepworth thought that
the appointments  would havo already
been mado and the  recommendation of
new 'nmes would be us*-.Ipss.   Mr. Cayley explained that   t nder tbe  new  law
no jiistlc3 of tlie peace nil i own *d an in
terest in a licensed  business could   I
eligible for appoint r.ent o*p»tlte»licens
ing board.   Councilman   I'jvis  recommended Mr. Addison and  ftr.  l'*eather-
■t'.ii r ■■: this positiotl.   1,. A . Manly said
it was an insult to the two  lir* t  named
t,, recommend tbeiii to tho g ivernnient
for appointment and thon a week afterward recommend having  them  thruvn
out.   The motion to reconsider the recommendation  for appointment of  Mr.
McUallum and Mr. McCaren carried.
L. A. Manly then renominated Mr.
McCaren, P, J. Davis nominated Mr.
Featherston and J. K. Johnson ncuii
naled Mr. Addison. The. ballot resulted, McCaren .".. Addlsp 5, Fealb r-
ston ;i. The clerk was directed to notify tho lieutenant-governor by telegraph lo substitute the name of Mi
Addison for tint of Mr. McOalldm on
account of doubt" regarding the eiig!
bility of the latter.
The finance committee. reCoiiniiended
the payment of bills for road work
amounting to 857.
On motion of Mr. Davie; Dr, Hep*
worth, Mr. Johnson and L. A. Manly
wen- appointed a committee to draft a
bylaw for tiie citj founded on bylaw
No. I of Rossland,
Mavm* Manly reported that when In
lvosslitnd he. had talked i.itb brokers
relative to a city-ioan aiid they bad expressed thomsoLves as being willing to
P'.akp a loan at ^ per tjent, but Wai'.t"d
an idea of v\hat the iissessihent would
be, ,'.l'|)e .niatter of , prepijrlng (hi city
afesessment roll .for this jear was folly
discussed, Assessor .Addison joining if)
the .discussion, t'poii ..motion of W, K,
C.Manly, Mr. Addison was directed to
make au assessment roll at once,
The Salary of tin.- as.-less ir was fixed
at 81 per day for sit■*, ice a.clually jier-
formed. The council then adjourned
to June 4..	
A Good Trip,
Wm.,Guttridge leluiuod during the
week .from ;i pl'oSpecling trip 'up the
West Fork of tbe Kettlf i'lV r. He went
up about 05 ini:es in all taking in Long
Lake and sevaral of the other principal
cauips oh his -fray, Billy reports things
llvelv iti that, section and brought baclt
is ith bun some splendid samples of rock
taken frotu the surface croppings ot
some locutions ho made, Two of the
specimens are free milling quart* which
gives every evidence of being rich
in the precious mi tal and the others
arc nbiiest Bolid iron with good show-
lugs of copper sulphides.
MeMynn Cleared.
. Wn. (!. MeMynn, mining recorder,
who was tried before Judge Splnks at
Midway last Wednesday on a charge of
shouting Jamos Hood some weeks ago,
was acquitted, the pioeecution having
fall d to establish Its case..
Overalls 75 ceuts per pair at Gill &
John R.Cook Has Bonded thi -'■ ■
Loaf i-Tir Nixi n   1>    -.
Colville,  May 25.—[Special  correi
pondence.l-C. J. Smith,   general   i a
agar of the Pierre's Lako and Flat Mining company, left for the reservation
this morning for the purpose of arranging future  development work  on   the'
Morning and Evening claims which are
owned bj that company,   The management   wero   apprised   last   week   that
quartz mixed with cnppir pyrites waa
coming   in   at  Un*  bottom  of the si.   !|
and   that   li'T'cptalile quantities of i ree'
gold prevailoJ, and  it  Is the purpose ol
the company to take the 50 foot shaft,
now sinking on  the Bven'ng, from the
hands of the contractor as soon  as it  i3
finished to that depth) pul an additional
shirt of men   on   the   work and  put it
down 100 feet.   Al the s tm3 time Contractor James Crawford  will i,"i  to the
other claims and finish up  his contract
to sink threo 50 foot shafts which   were
I1 ai iicd  as  the preliminary work,   On
Ih" Humming Bird claim,  belonging to
tin'same company  there is   a   line vein
of broinides considerably over a foot in
thickness that Will run all the way from
650 to83*000 in gold and  Bilver, and il i
from this  vein  that tho company ex-  . 'i
peets to make ils shipment,
John R, Cook  of Rossland has taken ,
a 00-daj bond on the  Sugar   Loaf  neai
the Mission, and has five   men  at  work
on the property at pres mt    Tho  prop
eity le  o*Vue I   by   Pu il   LaPl ml   a
).,. Dilshoimer,    Spokam Chroni :le,
Anothei   Enterprise,
Mr. •). Anderson, of (i-tkvill ', Man
itoba, jvill open a new Eh re on I ues lay
June i. in Hay •*> McCailum's bl ick
upper Grand forks. Ho will carry a
lull line of general merchandie i. '
large consignment of groceries, canned
goods of all kinds, dried fruits cro i; ti
In ol- and shoos, miners supplies, cloth
ing, and in fact everything needful ti
the comfort and conv onion io of man
kind, has been receb ed end i i i ,
ready for inspection.
Mr. Anderson is *in  *.- peril i •■■ I met'
chant, having bei n in busine is for - em*
tim" in Manitoba and his establishment
will bo a great convenience to the residents of  ippei Grand Forks.
Hontana .Man  Interested
li. M, McNulty, a  protninei i   Butte
Mont, mining man. « as in tl; i city this
jveek looking up hi   n  i in;    inter  its in
this vicinity,    lie  left  for bis l.
Butte on Wednosduy  morning  bul   ex-.
peel.- to  return   in   about  ibn u  -   ■ .;
and devote conslderabli   time to lhe development  of Ip-'  iuti rests   in I
Mr, McNult; is inl      ted ii     gro ,;,
of six claims up th h I    r I and in
tends before tha i
their vali ■■ fu   4 den  instrated,
i'chool  Election.
Dr. Ilepworth, secretary ol th board
of temporary ..school tfpstoos for this
city, has received jnstrrictionfl from the
superintendent of education lir iting
him to call a mass meeting i
izens.of Grand Forks, on Monda* the
fth of June next in the Province  block
en   llndge   street   at   1*-'       '.   i
The  object   ol   the   i, eeting   '.*. i I
gleet three school tn   ti es fi r  the co in
ing year,	
Nefc  Moat Market
, Tlio Chicago Meal MarKi I i   ■     , 1
Up tin Ir ne*   bUI her sh ip    I
leiilding ou Wi dm       .   ai t u   i ure ,
ready receivin;.; a fair share ol the
lie patronage,   They . n*  nj    )   litl
up and always   well   supplied    vith   the
1 est of fresh and  salt      >ati.
its it" ei "j (ii-" ipl    illentioi I  tl
well deserve llieii   shuro ol        | n
Settlinfi Cap's r-in
' Mr. i i'l  intmr, . : It,	
ton ii tor it law any*:
I   i   lie,I illy     . '     -' ul II.    -   . .
wil     tills Ms  I rsl   Vll.ll   ' '   "1"   ) '
lue.l l"ts II   Ijl'ii*! '   ftttllrO  111 -'! II
ImTi'Im 'he Iv.lco -i "1 |.ni-;', —   . ll
•oiii years   Hie ,i   eri.h  itnhod   Ca|   Ctrl
whom Dr. P.,we. it ono.   Mr.-Ciuti
Apiil uml  Mr,   u'C iinmr i- lior   ee Hi
p isb "' ii-i'i'ieiii ing  w luii  . 1-iJms  ho locn
while prosjiccllng for Dr. ie wos,
Public School
The  public school   whiei    .       b
closed far tbo  last few  day*-',    ving ti
tho dilliculty in obtaining  a,     . i
bo re-opened or  Monday next,  tho  11 I
inst. at ll o'clock ..a. nt. invtho  '
lately .occupied by L. S.  Henri I   tl i
rear of Jeff Davis ,t I'o.'s store
For   sale   at   a   bargain      ' omp   I
prospector's qtitiit.   horses, te  *    cook
ing outfit,  riile,  blacksmithii'ig   outfit
tools,   Apply Wm.  Guttrid|*9i   Grand
Forks, B, 0,
When applying for Crown Grants r
quest that the notice of   application   be,
published in the Guanh Foi US   MlNBB
-the best  advertising  medium  in  the
Kettle F.ivet' ahd Motmdary districts f'RAND   KORKS  MINER.
Thk Mineb .   . ..ml will
mailed   to ;    <    on payment ol Two
ursa yi ar.
Displayed   a :    ■ an lnc]
month.   A 11! [lowed un   1  ti|i
I'rauclent Advei '
iiiserti      i   , .   .
.   .-..   Mi,,11.
i teal or n a ling inutti
: rintliig
work e ud advei tisinir pnvft'
raontl ■ ■
THE    KA'iti.NI)    IUBILEE.
Tl    '.■ e:   ary Creek Ti       ■■: (Ireen-
wood i ii.\. ii. its iesu. of IhbI  Saturday
a rn nits us follows:
•■I 'r i.. tl " lasl isi ue of Ibe (Irand
Forks Miner we gather that it is the in*
lention to celebrate at Grand forks
the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on th"
I ofJuhe, instead of, as previously
aunouueed, commemorating the Amor
jenn day of rejoicing -the lib of July.
IVhi er i*- resp msible for ihis change
of plan certainly deserves commendation, .'ind no doubt lhe newly ele led
major, Mr. Manly, (to whom, bythe-
way, we offer hearty congratulations
upon the—to him and his supporters—
satisfactory result of the recent municipal contest) saw tho questionable taste
of celebrating in a Canadian town tho
anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, au event lo which while the
citizens of the Groat Republic may fittingly do honor, is hardly as associated
with English history an occurrence
lhat Englishmen are proud to remember. Americans and Canadians aro ex-
.''lent friends, and the cousinly relationship is rarely strained; why. th. re-
I'ore, make a display of the family skeleton?"
The iu alter of holding this year's celebration was fully discussed at tho
council meeting held last Saturday
night, and the council adjourned with a
unanimous determination to make tin
I liamond Jubilee au occasion long to be
I'emembered in this section of the country. And the Times rightly remarks
that this is as it should be. Never in
lhe history of Great Britain has a
sovereign stood at lhe head of this
great nation for so long a time.
.■md il is Bafo I" say tliat ages may come
and u> eie another "diamond jubilee"
will be celebrated, On the 22d day of
June a full tide of rejoicing should circle tbe earth with the sun, and wherever the Union Jack floats a loyal people, diversified as the antipodes in everything except their love for the Queen,
should devote this day to joyful thanksgiving. A greater day has net er been
lolebratod in tho great British Empire,
and excepl as additional homage may
bo paid to Quoon Victoria as tho yearn
of her reign increase, a greater one
never wil; be.
t,riu.d Forks will give tbo great day
proper recognition a.id she invites her
sister cities and towns lo join hands
witii her jn making tlio Diamond Jubi-
■ celebration th" grandest that tho
Kettle ri vi r and Boundary country has
ever witnessed,
P I i tpi riem i has taught her nol to
I tor   favors in   that direction, but
she hai a righl to bo tree!.',] with lhat
i .."".., if in- u ess that nn go\ rn
i. : nta! Ilicial shoul 1 he without, ii it
be ti .I" ! hut a  large  b rce  ef men i- ,.i
oi Hi :"ii bel.,e u ' in mvoi I
ami Pentieton, and n i one who is acquaint! i   ■■■ ith   the  ,_-i i tleman who in-
'i ihe Mineb to this effect will
o ml i his word, ti' n why is it thai the
road from Grand Porks to the boundary
lino near Edward*.' ferry U being so
redly neglected? Should not tiie fact
that more freight passes over this road
than any other in the district be ar. incentive to a fair-minded officer to give
thii road ,' least tho corresponding attention that other roads ie the district
are receiving? This is simply a ques-
ii nol fail".:'M and equality, and no ono
after looking the mailer square In the
face, can di quite that this immediate
locality ha.= been shabbily treated by
the road commissioner,
Whebe was that heavyweight constable of ours last Monday when ouo
n au war. folio ving an ither all over tho
city thi  atening io kill him'.'
Mobe development work and less talk
nl mt the wonderfui richness of our ore
bodies is what wo must havo to bring
in tho railroad-: and smelters,
Wobk is Wii.i. Under Way and Will
Shun Be < 'ompletei"),
The business men and < itlzens "i Te--: urg
can congrululate Iheiiit-elves thai tho much-
bilked about and lit 'essary road leading from
tlie ferry landing through Scymo-c's pass to
conned ti ill, the .,;■! road en tin- other side of
Jim- Seymoro's houso i> well under way aud
pushc I in ei uiplet I ■■ . aj i Me Bu -
Lu!'.' Journal. The ' terrl ;, 1; i .', irg iii;;1'
.'. bi lie a thing "1 Hie i ast. Tie- greatoi pari
ni tlie road has boen contr ue. il to bo built mid
will be finished iu ten lays. I barley II .
been given tho oontract : > build lie- r< ail
along bis liiml, from ihe brldgi al Hilly Dunn's
place, aud keeping on the righl -Tie ef ihe
slough along th" slope m his house From
lie:,' Joseph Seymoro will grade along the
north seii-"'' I>!b land to :h" i d .. 'I wesl of
his houso. This wil, moke oni ol Ih" lie. st
drives in tho country, and comparatively
level after reaehlii r the top • f th- hill. An
eaBy grade from ihe ferry bus boen surveyed
nut wish ini ee.Til per cent, grade. Donation
work h is also been ion ted on lib,   part of the
Nearly *f Mil luis 1 • en "Tl si rili. 'I by the cil-
luens ol liosshurg toward tiie building ol ihi-
road and more his i». cu promised,   ll   in estl-
matod ii will take about 1610 to gel  it in - I
NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN lhat thirty days
after the date hereof, or whenever tho
Hoard of Licensing Commissioners situ 1 i sit after snid date 1 Intend to apply tu tliu mill Commissioners for ti license to Bell epiritous und
fermented liquors by retail in  and about the
*~£ *^J
ifi iiirii u-u  min.'!*-* .(>    luuiii    hi    uiiu    .mum    uiu
premises known as The Windsor Hotel, situate
ui-mi Lot l, Mock :l. in tin- citv of Grand PorkB.
Dtitcd tlii- 15th day of May, A. D. 1897.
to apply to the board of License commissioners for tii.' citv <>F Grand Forks for
a retail liquor license to sell ivliies, beer und
other fermentci ll'inors in a concert halt on
my p emfsi * - n BiidRe street, consisting of the
building Ijeiiifi erected on town lot No. 5, iu
block No. i1 in the Citv of G: and Forks.
C. A.  JONE3.
Grand i orks, Ma; i i, 1! J7.
Nii'l ICK IS IIEHF.HV GIVEN lhat at) This
after dale hereof, or n honevi r tho 130 ird
ni Licensing Commissioners shall sit after sold
date, I intend In apply to the said CominlB-
Btoncis forn liecnse to Bell Bj.Irftnu*< and fer-
nieiiiiil liquors hy retail In and about tho premises known as ihe Alberta lintel, situate upon
lol Nn. I" in block Nn. J in the City "f Grand
Forks. Abe li.u.i.
Hated Ihis l.'.th day uf May A . 1>. 1807.
Driving the ;!ocan  Star lunuel.
Tbe fifth tunnel on the Slue in Slur is
in uiiout bob feet, and it is thought bob
feet will slrilte the ledge, 'i tiree drills
are now used.
Leaves UoBsburg on the arrival of the southbound train arriving at Grand forks
at IJ o'clock same evening. Loaves Grand Forks at i o'clocK a. ra., arriving at
Bos-iburg in time to conned with northbound train.   Express andfroight prompt
ly attended to and handled at reasonable rates.
When it omes to Looking  For Bargains,   all  and ba
onvinced that you can Find Anything you
Want  at   POPULAR   PRICES.
The latest thing in railroad rumors is
that Ui, 0. i'. R. will build a line into
this country from Pentieton.
On the Galena Farm.
At lli'i Currie, on ti.e Galena
l*'iirni, a Rand -jonipvessor is being
placed in position.
tlltl*.'-, ul' the l.iee-.sill.- COIirl fur  III" Milllll-
e::i portion ul Ihe Usovoos dlvlilon ol Yale
district will bu hold af Osoyoos and at Midway mi Tuesday, the l.irh of June, IMI7, ut tbo
hour ol eleven o'clock in lhe forenoon.
C. A.  R. I.AMIU.Y.
Government olllco Osoyoos, l.Th May, 1B07.
(FORM 1'.)
$^%J? iC&tUS- -fe.
f. 7
Queen's Birthday Celebrated
in Style at Greenwood.
NOTICE IS HEREBY  GIVEN   thai   Ezra lu-
body,of lb.' City oi Grand Forks,intends to
upplv to the Board of License Commissioners
lor lhe City uf Grand Forks ut the next meeting
turn transfer from Mrs. Aggie \V. IJreslar to him
of tin; license te. sell liquors hy retail in the
building known us the Cosmos Hotel situate u*i
Lot 20, Block 2. lu Grand Forks u'ore-aid, now
held bv the said Mrs. Annie \V. Preslar j  and
further hike notice thut the said Mrs. Aggie W.
Preslar consents tu the said transfer.
EZRA INI'.uliv,
Dated ul Grand Forks H. ('., May .*-, 1807.
CITY     lMi'UOVbriENTS.
Now lbut tlie wheels of government
have b igun rovolving steadily it is well
forthocity council lo -jet their coats
oil' anil ■,*,. to work with a will upon the
lasl; of fitting up (Irand Forks wilh
thoso improvements which no city of
any note in these modern times is with
oul, and without which no, city can
hope to attain any kind of a respectable standing,
A waterworks system i*- needed and
that at "iiee. The lack of lire protection i.-. tbe most prominent drawback to
■ nore substantial devil ipniout of tin
building industry. If a lire should gain
tnj headway in the frami buildings of
which tnis city is constructed, it is
eafotosaj thai practically the wholeof
dho business portion of the oity wculd
be wiped mil and nothing I be city could
do wilh the pii'ieiit faciiit'eB for extinguishing Are could prevent it.   Ilia
USOleSS   lo   expect    WOll   lo erect costly
'business hoiiHoe hero whilo ibis condition of affairs oxiat. Then there is another feature that is to bo considered,
and thai is insurance, Experience of
otl] I Cities have proven that a good
water system more than pays foritself
In a bhort timo bj Ibe saving iu insurance rates, Whoi the Insurance com*
baiiie...""' i bai a city has good facilities
for extinguishing lire thoy make sub*
itanl 'ai reduction in insurance rates,
'l'he city is fast building buck Irom
the nvers and Ibe question of supplying
'the bouses with water iH ono thing that
needs pi* impt attention.
It is important that work on a water
Bystotn : boiil'l begin at once, for unless
Tt is completed ibis summer, it  means
that   we   Will be   without Ibis necessity
until next year or else thai groat additional expense will bo Incurred in working thl'OUgb the winter.
The city needs electric lights though
this need is not so pressing an that of a
water syst; in. While tbo latter is bein-,'
put in, however, it would be well to
construct tbo former alio, for tliu two
naturally work together. Then thero
are mutters of establishing street grades
laying sidewalks and regulating the
city's six hundred and'steer dogs; but
the council will reach these things nil
Mil good time, und jus1 now all should
pull together for it water syi ten .
ni:  i-AiK.
'   All that Grand Korku wiwits frdln tho
road  bommiBsloner  is fui- treatment,
Everything   Passed   Off   Successfully
and Everybody Had a Thoroughly Enjoyable
The celebration of the Queen's birth-
Jay at Greenwood I ity on Monday last
was a most successful and enjoyublo af-
Talf. .The day was bright and clear and
eytyything passed oil well,
Tho principal interest centered on
the races and other sports which were
under the auspices of u committee com*
pored of Messrs. Nelson, Comstock, F.
IS. Smith, Ouirie, Liaray, Galloway,
lireslaucr, Black, Sutherland and Hodgson.
First on the program was a trotting
or pacing race, bu'; ue there were no entries this was scratched, Then came a
running race with four entries; Salem,
Curlew Iloli, Johnny and Maud. Salem
won the tiist two heats and the taco,
Next was a saddle horse race straight
away dash. There were three entries
for this event; Ply, Skookum aud Gray
Bird) Fly winning after a hotly contested race,
At noon a royal salute was fired which
fairly shook the surrounding hills.
Immediately alter dinner a laiiee'
saddle race was run; this was probably
the most exciting race of the day,
There were three entries; Mrs Winter,
riding Fly; Mrs. McOlung, on Little
Brownie, and Miss Hopper on Gray
Nellie; the riders crossing tlie finish lino
in tiie order named.
Tiou came the sports of the day.
These were open to ad comers and were
very interesting.
First on the program was a sack race
run by Messrs Hoflstetter, Meddill and
Coryell.   Won by Meddill.
Por tho 100 yard foot race there jp'ere
entered Johhny Snodgrass, Jack Hull'*
Btettor, Johnny Murray, Tommy White,
W. ' i. Spenco and McKinnon,
Spence won by about a foot.
In tlie contest of putting the stone,
Kory McLeod came oil winner with a
thro* of:30 feet,
Tlie hi idle race was won by F. B.
Smith, the other entries being Hoflstetter, -Meddill, Spence and Snodgrass.
In tho long jump Spence was winner
with a jump of nine ieet.
F. Coryell captured the hop, step and
I'. li, Smith won tho high jump with
it jump of 1 feet 8 inches:
The crowd then adjourned to Government street whero the drilling contest took place, a tea-n from the Sunset
mino and one from the Canadian competing. Ihe Sunset boys had bad luck
with their drills, several breaking. The
result was; Sunset team, 13 1*8 inches;
('ana lian team, 11* 3*8 inches.
Last on the program was the tug of
war, Greenwood vs. all' comers. This
resulted in a defeat for Greenwood, tho
outsiders proving ti heavy for then..
In the evening a grand ball was held
In Sanson tii. Holbrook's hall on Govern-
tii'Mit street. A but b0 couples were
present and tripped the light fantastic
until an early nodi the next morning.
At IJ o'clock "i lod Save the Queen" was
sung and afb.r a dollclous supper tho
merry party broke up and the great
celebration wee ended.
"Companies' Ait." Paut IV, andai-sjkC-
rai A its.
"Rock Creek Gold and Copper Mining
Company" (Foreign).
Registered the fith day of March, 1S97. .
T HEREBY CERTIFY thai 1 havo Ihis.luv reg-
1 Istered the "Keek Creek lie! I and Cupper
Mining Company" (Foreign), under tlie "Com'
panics' Act. Part IV., "Registration ul" Foreign
Hump,noes,"ninl amending Acts.
'l'he head olliee of tlie suiil cohipany is situated at the City of Spokane, State of Wash-
to-i, r. s. A.
The objects for which the Company Is etab-
Ushcd aro;—To buy sell, lease, bond,explore,
inbie und mill, ninl tu de any necessary ivurk
lor tho development and operation ol mining
propertv; to construct, nnibibiin and operate
reduction mid smelting plants or mills fur private or public use: to construct, malntaih und
operate trails, roads, lines, uf transportation by
luiiil ur water: tu build homes or ditches, or
acquiro water powor or water rights, und tu
lease iiutlscll the same; in f.ict, t" curry una
general mining and reduction business, in all
ils various departments, Incompliance with tho
laws ef lhe St'ito of Washington, mui ihe Province ul Prltlsh Columbia, Canada, under ivMi.Ti
wcshall operate.
The capital stoclt of I tie said Company la eight
hundred thousand dollars, divided Into eight
hundrrrl thousand shares of liu par value of
one dollar each,
Given undermy hand and seal Of olliee nt
Victoria, Province of liritish Columba, this,"ith
day ef Mme:), 1SU7.
[i„ s.i       • s. v. WOOTTOX,
'Beglstrar of Jolut Stock Companies.
Nu. 104.
"Companies' Act,"Paht IV., amdamiind-
iko AI is.
"The  Yelloirsione   Gold Mining Company" (Foreign.)
Registered 9th day of .March, 1897.
T HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day
J. registered "Tlie Yellowstone Gold Mining
Company" (Foreign) under tlie "Companies'
Act." Part IV.., "ite-iistriitiuii ui* Foreign Companies," and amending Acts.
Tiie head oIHco ol the said Company is situated ut the Citv of Spokane, in the .Stale ef Washington, I*. S. A.
The objects fur whicli the Company in established are: —
To work, operate, buy, sell, louse, locate, require, procure, hold and deal in mines', n.etels
aud mineral el a i ins of e\ cry description u iiliiu
tin* I'mteil States uf America and ihe Province
of British Culum'oia, Canada: to carry on and
conduct u generi I mining. Bmelttug, milling
uml reduction business; to .purchase, acquire,
hold, erect mid operate.electric jigh! ami power plants fur the purpose of mining aud trea ling
ores, and for the purpose of furnishing lights
and creating power for nil purpose*1; lo bond,
buy, lease, locate and buhl uiicbcs, flumes and
waler rights; to construct, lease, buy. sell,
build or operate railroads, ten'les, tramways or
other means of transportation, for tho transportation of ore, mining and other minerals; to
own, bond, buy, sell, lease and locuto timber
and timber claims; and fliuilly, to do everything consistent, proper and requisite fur Iho
currying out nf the ohjei ts und purposes aforesaid, iu their fullest and broadest sense, within
the territory aforesaid.
The capPal stuck uf tiio said Company is nue
million dollars, divided Intoono million shares
of the par value nf ouo dollar each.
Given under my hand and seal uf olllco at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, bus 9th
day uf March, 18'j7.
U.S.] S. Y. WOOTI'uN,
Registrar of Joint Stiiei* Oompauies.
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain E'ys.
Certificate of Improvements Notice.
Bonitn Mincrnl Claim, sltudto iii the Kottle
itiwr Mining l>h'iM<>u oi Vale District;
Where located! — OBuurvutlou mouutoin,
Grand Forks.
TAK!': NOTICE thot I. I'. Wollaston,acting as
agent for the IJonitn Uohl Mining Company
Kreo Minor's CeriiAcute No, 8H,Si)0, intend, sixty
da: s from lho date hereof i" upplv to tho Mining Recorder for a Certilicate ot l iii prove mon ts,
for the purpose of obtaining n Crown Grunt of
tin; above claim.
And fpriher take notice Ihol nction,tunder
section :>7, nnrt be comnn need buforo tin.- issu-
mke oi such CertlAculo of Improvements.
r. \M)I.LA*TOX.
Daiod this 7th day of May, 18'J7.
We Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assor
Stock  of
"Companies' Act," Paut IV., and amkno
ilGohle)i   Eagle   < 'onsolidated Min ing
Company" (Foreign.)
Registered tin- JOtli day of April, is.7.
IHEHEHY OERTIi'Y Hint I hove this day
. registered tho ''Golden Eagle Oonsplfdateu
Mining oompany" (Foreign), under the Companies' Act, P.u>t IV.. "lleglstration nf For-
elgn Companies," and amending Ac*s,
The head olliee of tiie s i'l Oompany i-. Rita-
ated at the City of Spokane, State of Washington, t*. S. A.
The objects for which tin Company ls» rstai:-
lisiicd are:— Tin-the purpose of ini ning, selling,
milling, concentrating and smelting the ores
and minerals contained in lhe minis known as
tlie "Golden Eagle" and "Pack ■Paddle" mines
or claims, situated aboul six miles above G'and
Forks, ll. C, cast side of the North Fork Keltic
Hiver, and tliu "Hlue bird" mine or claim,
situate two miles west of Grand Forks, I! d,
all in Yule District, ICottlo Kiver Milling Ulvi-
sion, liiitisli Columbia, mid lo tiho woik, operate, buy, sell, lease, locale, acquire, hold and
deal iu other miues, metalsJaunjminerul claims
:;f every kind and description within the United Suites and Province of liritish Columbia,
Canada, and to issuo fully p.iid up slock in payment thcroior, and for the purposes hvivi'i to
Issue and receive negotiable instiuments, ami
to purchase and sell real <'slnte and personal
property, and to generally carry on a mining,
smelting, milling nnd reduction business; to
purchase, acquiro, hold, erect, and operate oli-o
trlc u id power plants for thupurposo-o! mining
ond treating ores, aud for the purpose of furnishing lights »nd creating power for ail (purposes; t-i bond, buy, louse, locale and hold
ditches, iiumesund wutoNrights; to construct*)
lease, buy, .sell, build or operdte railroads, ferries, tramways, or other means of transportation for transporting ores; mining and other
material; to own, buy, sell, lease und locate
timber > ml timber chi'ms, and finally to do
everything consistent, proper, Convenient and
lequhltc for the curryingaut of the objectB and
purposes nforesdid, in their fullest ami broadest sense, within tho territory aforesaid.
The i apllol Btock of the said Company i.s one
million dollflrs, divided inio one million shares
of tin- par value of one dollar each.
iii\on under my hand and soal of office, at
Victoria, Province *u* British Columbia, this
20th day of Apiil, isyt.
[i.. >-.} s. V. WOOTON,
Registrai of -Joint Stock Companies.
In the Kettle River and Boundary Districts, Consisting of Groceries Provisions, Queenswar.e, Hardware'
Sash and Doors, Wall Faper, Dry Goods, Clothing Boots;
Shoes and Drugs,    Also a Full Line of
Mail Orders receive Prompt attention;
Give us a trial order and Vvre will guranted
Riverside Ave.,  Grand Forks, B. C.
Tho only All-rail Route, withoutchango
of cars, between SpDkane, Rossland Nelson,
"Companies Aot,"Pari IV., am> amk.nd*
ino Aits.
"The Mcnterey Gold Mining Company"
Registered Hie Otli rtny ni Mttroli, 1897,   ..
IIIKBEBV CERTIFY Hun I bare this day
roBlstorod ' Tin* Montoroy Gold Minim; Com-
imny" Foreign), under the "Cdmpaatos' Act,"
Part 1\'., "Reglatrtitton of.Forelgn Compatlie*i,"
mid amending Acta.
Tiie Head orncaof the *,Hi<l Company Is situated
ntthe City oj Spokane, State uf Washington,
ll. P.. A
The objects for which tliu com),uny i.s ostnb*
llshcd are:—
To work, *Dperate,.buy, sfill, lease, locate, nr-
qulrc, prooure, hold and 'l,*:il in mluos, liiL'tHlii
mnl mineral rhtim*; ol every' description within
the United Btatesof Amcrleaaud the Province
of British Columbia,.Canadaj tn carry on uml
conduct n general mining, smelting, milling
and roduction business; to purchase acqtltril',
hold, eri'i'i und Operate electric light und nower
plants for the purpose of mining anil treating
ores, and Im' the purpose of furnishing lights
and erenting power for nil purposes: tn bond,
buy, lease, locate and lmhl ditches, flumes and
water rights; in construct, lease, buy, sell, build
oropcrntu railroads, ferries, tramways brother
means ot transportation for the transporting i.-f
ore, mining und oilier minerals'*; to own, bond,
buy, sell, lease uml Innate timber und timber
claims, uml llnally, in do everything consistent,
proper, und requisite for the carrying but of the
objects und purposes-aforesaid hi their fnllefct
and broadest sense within tiie territory tifore-
Tlie capital stock of the said Company is one
million dollars, divided into one million shurea
of the par value of one dollar each, .
Given under my han'l and seal of olliee at
Victoria l'rovinceoi British Columbia, this nth
day of March, 1HH*T.
[I.. s.j S  Y. WOOTON,
Registrar ol Joint Stock Companies.
We Will Offer for the Next Thirty Days a
Group of three Claims on
At a price that .vou cun double your money insi.lo uf binet*
flays. This Property will Stand tho closest tnVeatigalbti ana
will satisfy anyone that it is a goji! i;i\ estmonti
We have now en sale tiie f611o*lng g00(J propertles:-
Properties      )
One-half mile from (Irand Forks and adjoining
HON IOTA  mine.   Will ho sold as a -,-roup of sin
Oco milo  and  a  half from Orand Forks, quar
Assays and an immense surface showing of oro.
'    For sale oiikap in  tho vicinity of tho G
Mountain and Smttle mining properties.
The- Above    I    W.c can honestly recommend as good inveitmonf,-..
you good claims in uny parCitfulaf section at bed-fc
tlie eel
mat  1
ck pri
a, good
olcnn ic
can gel
daily k-;ii:i.t sL*:.„.iv. -j-. tOHAEt) TlilORlEN,
(.oin. North.                                   GblnSSollth,    fA
...   MARCUS 1:60
12:10 a. in.
 i  iveiiiu  Eluer iinil  tlnundury      t)oci nil kinds  of ' kitids  of  refaihing
Creek connect at M-ireus with stuco daily, horse shoeing,  All work gaurantoed,
CI isS connections at Nelson vitl* steamboats
for Kaslu and all Kootenay take I'niats.
PussailgetS for lii'ttle
Corre.sponilence Solicited.
'McCarter, Johnson & McCarter,
r ...i      Grand Porks, B. C
„„,  Or P. H. HcCARTER,
ann Spokane, Washirigion ———M
Of Municipal Officers By City
Council Last Saturday.'
Committee Selected to Arrange For a
Grand Celebration oil the Diamond Jubilee   Licensing
Board Eecommended*
TheseQopiJ meeting ot the city council held huit Sal unlay evening iu the
Orand Forks Club rooms, was lull of
iimportant busjnes-*. A corps of ollicers
for the enduing term was selected with
tho exception of a city solicitor whoso
appointment was deferred until tho
next mooting. The officers appointed
aro as follows* OlerK, H. S. Cayley;
constable, S. V. Ilepworth; treasurer,
Et. McCaren; assessor, James Addison;
engineer, J. H. Featherston) steno
grapher, Harriot S. Sheads.
There was no contest for any of the
offices except those of cleik and constable. For the position of clerk, j. A,
Aikman, John IJ. Swanson and II, S.
Oayley had applications tiled and tho
■ballot resulted; Oayley, it; Swanson, %\
'Aikman,!. For constable, S. I". Hep-
ivoith received 1 votes. A. VV. Preslar 2,
and Jas. W. Seals, 1,
Tho constable's salary was fixed at
•■?50 per month, and tho clerk's at *?i").
On the other officers' salaries no action
'was taken. For city solicitor the only
applicant was A. C. Sutton, and tho
appointment to this position was deferred for a week upon motion of A Ider*
man L. A. Manly, in order, as lie said,
to give the other attorneys of tho city a
chance. •
■ The matter of recommending to the
lieutenant-governor two men 'for 'appointment on the licensing board was
discussed. As explained by Mr. Cayloy,
•the board consists of the mayor, police
paagistrate and ono member appointed
by the lieutenant.governor. Hut in
case the c<ty haa'no-police magistrate,
then tho lieutenant-governor appoints
two members of the board. Fetor T,
McCallum, who was' present1 at tho
meeting, claimed that'orily one name
should 02 recommended for appointment, but Mr; Ckyloy deiholistruted
that it would be necessary'to recommend two. A ballot was taken upon
the names of W, K. 0. Manly, R'. McCaren an 1 P. T. McCailuui, which resulted; Manly, -J; McCaW.-'n, 5; McCallum, 5. The clerk was directed to notify
the lieutenant-governor of tlio result.
The present hotel licenses in this city
expire -Tune 30 audit is necessary for
spet-dy'actbn to be taken in organizing
the board in order that they may act
upon the next licenses.
Upon, motion of Dr. Hepworth tho
mayor was authorised to negotiate a
loan of 82,000 to meet tho present running expenses of the city,
The clerk was instructed to notify
the assessor to procure assessment
Rills for JOT for road work wero referred to the committee on finance
Tho warmest discussions of tho evening was precipitated by a motion of Dr,
Ilepworth that the city give official
recognition to June 2*2, the Diamond
Jubilee, as a public holiday, L. A,
Manly, who had already begun preparations for a big celebration lasting
through the 3d, -ith and 5th of July,
opposed the proposition to make the 22d
more than a formal holiday, on the
grounds that a greater crowd of visitors
could bo secured on the {th of July, and
that as a money making schctrjo and
advertisement for tho city the latter
date would be by all tpcans preferable.
After fully discussing tho i'U**stion,
however, it was decided to oxpend oyery
pcergy and all the money that could be
raised in making the Diamond Jubileo
pelebration, which will last through tho
22d and 23d of June, the most magnli-
cent that this section of tho country
has ever witnessed. Tho city will appropriate a snug sum, just how much
has not yet boen determined, and a subscription list will bs circulated among
the business men of the city, somo of
whom havo expressed their willingness
to donate liberally to tlie cause. One
thing is certain, and that is that no
stone will be left unturned to mako
this alFuh* an ucparalelled success.
L. A. Manly, W. O. Hepworth and
P, J. Davis wero appointed a committee
of the council to act with a citi/,ons'
committee in arranging tho celebration.
An adjournment was then lakon till 1:30
Friday afternoon.
finding"good mineral as ho keep-; sink-
•'*«• .   I
Tho boarding houso which io being
erected on. tho Pathfinder claim is Hearing completion and will be ready for tho
accommodation of the miners in a few
Mr. Williams, .vho represents a Rossland syndicate, has just returned from
that city over the Dewdney trail. Ho
is on his way to Pass creek to inspect a
group of claims which his company are
contemplatirg purchasing.
A S.'ii; gold assay was recently m ido
from a sample of ore taken from tho
workings of the Star and Crescent claim
on Lalleur mountain. It will bo re-
membsre.d that this property was recently stocked and has been steadily
worked for some weeks past.
Henry P. Toronto was in tho city on
Wednesday and reports things progressing on the Bonanza claim whero he is
now working. Ho safe the ore now
taken from the 30-foot shaft is literally
covered with copper and that tbo ore
body is widening as depth is gained.
Road Commissioner's Treatment of Orand Forks.
New  Mining Companies,
Tbe following articles of incorporation were tiled with the county auditor
at Spokane May 15:
Mcthow Superior Mining con pany,
capital stock 81,000,000. F. S. Griffith,
T. F. Spencer and F. J. Holman.    a
Ainsworth Number Four Mining
company. Capital stock, 81,000,000. J.
M. Davis, C. W. Hunt, Mrs. Mary Ad*
deiiy, J. VV. Wcntworlh an J F. IJ. Garrett.
Great Republic Gold Mining com-
pany. Capital stick, 81,500,000. II. ('.
Pigott, Charles Grant and W. A.Freuch,
Mining and Railroad Men
Visit Grand Forks.
Surprised at tlio Population of This
Section—Peter Larsou, the Helena Millionaire Interested in
Deaiwood Camp,
A party consisting of F. W. Gilbert
and Thos. Wren, of Spokano, PetOr Larson, of Helena, Mont., and T. L. Grdea-
ough, Missoula, Mont.,' were in Grand
Forks about tho midcllo of last woek
and again on Sunday, having come up
to look at the Great Hopes properly in
Wellington camp which is owned by tho
thrie gentlemen last named, and upon
which considerable work is boing dono.
They seemed to be .veil satisfied with
the prospect and Mr. Giecnough stated
that tho ore from this property would
pay to ship in wagons.
Mr. Gilbert is division superintendent of tlio Northern Pacilic railway for
eastern Washington. Whon asked by a
Minkt; representative whether his visit
boj'e any significance in regard to railroad building into this section, Mr, Gilbert replied: "This is more of a pleasure
trip for me than anything else; thore is
not much business connected with it.
I havo wished for a long timo to visit
this section, so took advantage of this
opportunity. I am surprised at finding
so large a population here; thero are a
great many more peoplo than I expected to see. I consider this a very
desirablo section for a railroad to enfer,
but cannot, of course, say what ate the
piaiiB of tho Northern Pacifig in regard
to coming aftor tfiis trade. Thoro is a
great interest being taken in this country on tho outside—a wonderful interest. What yop need hero moro than
anything else is development ot yoiir
mineral resources.''
Mr. Larson, pf Helena, is reported to
be worth in tho neighborhood of three
million dollars. His mining operations
aro ijuito extensive both in this country
and the |Jntted States, and ho is also a
noted railroad contractor. There is not
a now railroad contemplated in tho west
that Mr. Larson is not cognisant of,
and tho fact of ho and Mr. Gilbert boing hero together looks very significant
to say tho least. Mr. I^arson and Mr.
Greenough are heavily interested in
Mullen, Idaho, minos, having 200 men
working for them thero.
-i good idea of In.v Louis V. Cuppage.
commissioner of roads aud bridges for
this district- is discriminating against
(irand Forks may be had by a talk
with Ed Truax, who last week* drove lu
Pentieton with VV. S. Oloustou and Mr.
Rentol, of Montreal, and E. Pitt, of Victoria, all officers of tbe Bank of Montreal, who bad been visiting Grand
Returning from Pentict *n, Mr, Truax
covered the distance cf 120 miles j'n two
days with a singla team, which will give
an idOa of the condition tho road is in.
He s.iys that l;:*t.*,o ti Pentieton and
Greenwood thoro is a groat deal of work
being done on Ihe road, although il is
in belter Condition now than tho road
from Qran'i Forks to tho boundary lino
toward Marcus. Mr, Truax passed five
camps of road workers, and says that
men aro stationed all along tho line doing section work, picking up slimes,
filling tho ruls which may be made,
clearing away rallen trees, etc. Then
the grade is being widened, new turning
out places made, culverts bein.* put in
wherever there was a mud hole in'the
spring, and in fact, enough governmental
attontion being paid to this road to
oreate the impression that there is au
immenso trallic ovor it, as though it
wero the m -st important road of tho
Tho Tact is that live tim?s as much
traffic comes ovor the road from Edwards' ferry—on the boundary line—to
Grand Forks as passes ovor the road to
Pentieton, and yet, as Mr. Truax was
told at Camp McKinney, Mr. CuppagO
has allowed 82,000 for work on 50 miles
of road from Pentieton to Camp Mc*
Kinney, while he allowed a paltry 8200
fbr work from Grand Forks to Edwards'
ferry, and that,' too, to repair a road
which was ip'infinitely worse shape bo*
cause of the heavy trofile'over'i'f than
the road from Pentieton to (amp McKinney.
Ono'madholo on the Qrand Forks
road cost the city 857. It should have
been llxcd by tho government but was
delayed until tho cily was fore.d to repair it or hnvo a freight blockade within
sight of the city. The expense to the
city, however, was little es compared
with tho h.ss to freighters and merchants through tho wagons miring down,
or upsetting in an effort to get out of
tho hole, freight becoming wet or
broken, and timo lost in making tho detour of half a day around tho mire.
Betwoon Grand Forks and Gieeu-
wood, a distance of 25 miles, only two
men aro at work and they aro on the
Greenwood sido of tbo summit. It bo-
gins to look like tho road commissioner
has an axo to grind with this city and
is making USD of his ufliji.il position to
vent ap.irsonal spite.
A   new   line   of   boots and  shoes at
Manly & Averill's.
We have some line residanoe proporty
on tho Sound, improved ami unimproved, to trade for proporty here or in
lower California.
Any person desiring to purchase a most de-
Blrable dwelling house nnd lot, the house containing six rooms und a kitchen, can obtain
full Information by calling at Tin-: Minici olliee
Where the property is listed,
Cap Rogers is  pushing development      when applying for Crown  Grants ra-
work on  tho  Hilltop claim  near  this  quest that tho notice of  application   bo
published in the Guano Forks Miner
—tho best advertising medium in tho
Kottlo River ami Boundary districts.
city.   Somo fine oro is being uncovered
from tho workings on this proporty.
Paul Bataglia is pushing work ou tho
Bluo   Bird claim on Hardy mountain.      Oysters sorvod in any style on  short
Ho is sinking a shaft on the lead  and is  notice at tho Arcadia.
Should carefully consider
tlio cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough aud Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
cijn bo purchased ut the
Qrand   Forks
Sawmill , . , .
—— ■»•--&.(-■■	
C.  K,  SIMPSON,  Proprietor.
Manufacturer of
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
Dealer in
GRAND   FORKS,   n,   0.
Saw Filing und all Kinds of Repairing,
Carson Lodge I   O. O, F. No. 37,
X, U< v,', 1. oveiifng ot 8 o'clock lu their
luilliit Carson,* 13 C. A cordial Invitation extended tonll sojourning brethren.
I', n. NELSON, II. s.
!>. I*   M'Lu:,.' , N. G.
Church Notice.
Sabbath in tin. church at 1! a. in. nud 7:!n
p' ra. in lhe sehool room nl Orand Forks. Sub-
lath sehool 10:30 n. ni. ln tiie school room,
At Carson weekly a p. in.
BEV. Tuns. I'.uo;:, Pastor.
), Kl*. UK.
A Gre-t Deal of Work is Being Done
on the Pentiotou   *■ oail 'Where
Not   Partiotlarly
THE following sootion, numbered 101 ol tho
"Companies Act, 1S!'7," relative i" tlm Issue 01* a [roe miner's cerlillcnlo i- puhllshc I for
the Information of JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. James Bakeii,
Minister of Mini s.
Provincial Secretary's Olliee, Mth May,
101,   Notwlthstnndliig anything  to tl on-
trary lu section I of th ■ Mineral Aot, 1- ni or
section   I  of the   plue r  .Mining Act,   Win, or
elsewhere In the snid Ar-1 01* under tl iiiiug
laivsofthc province, 11,, free miner's ecrtllieate
shall be issued ton joint slgel* einipiinvfni 11
longer p -rioil Hem one year, and sueh ect'li
catc shall date from the :10th day of June In
each year, und every free miner's ccrtlllcalo
held hv 11 ibint stool* comp:i ly al 11, ■* passing of
Ihis Act shall he vulid  and existing  nut I mil
shn'U'expire on the 30th day oIJ , I.S'.I7. I ,oi
nnplyiiiif lo renew any sii li eertiliente on or
liefbro' the .".'iii:   day  ..   h i ejoiul stock
company shall :*e culltli ! '., a Lute of a pro-
O'lttinnute uiiioiiul of the fei pail for nccrtiil-
cute heretofore, i-. nod a ■■■ rdin:* 1 1 Hie forth ir
timo for uTiieli ii ivpuld hill for thi.' section
have been valid.
Watch RbpairinS Mv Siiecidlt'
Ali Work Warranted.. 1. .
GRAND   l*'OKI*:s,   -----   11.   C,
Bath   Rooms,
 _,      *       1 , ^  .         ,    r_f
T   II. FEATHERSTON, B. A. 8, 0.
And Mi nine Engineer.   Member of Quebec Min-
lug Society.   Minern! I'hiims Examined
■    .        and Reportud on.
Provincial Land. Surveyor,
And Civil Engineer.
Ol'FICH, Midway, n. c.
Associate Member Canadian
Society   of Civil   Engineers,
Law and Collecting Agency.
TJT    (;. HEPWORTH, M. D., (.'. M.
VV ,
Physician and Surgeon.
M,',111.1.,   MONTREAL,
Olliee In Drug Store.
Jas. deBlolsGroenCEPl 3,   F.Wollaston, I'l.s
Provincial Land Surveyors
Civil Engineors, Etc.
Barber Shop.
Centrally Looated.   AM Work Gimrantoed to bo
Firsl Class in every Respect.
PETFR A Z* PARE,      *      *      PROPRIETOR.
SpLiqiioi}, Etc.,
Olliee, Main street,    -   GRAM) FORK-, ll. B,
Ndtai'v Public, Eto„
grand forks,  -  -  british columbia.
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FORl{S,   B.   C.
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
J. 1'   FLOOD,
n 1 I orki. Gn   uwood ,
m-All kintjs of Meat8 Get man Sausages un   II . ; I " ■    1        uyuonHand.
lt\--1   "R ■:.   ,.;©"** 'IK* iL~.~-.-iu ill
Kettle   Riyer   STA(p   Line.-
G. W. WILLIAMS, nanager.
I^togo Lsaves Marcus on Iii- Arrival of the northbound trail   arriving at Grand
Kurlis iil*K:t.i'i,i':M.    Le;. i    the Foi lis at 4:00 u. tt)., I   riving        ::.i   .:*■■ in time ti;
eonoeot wrthliwrthbiund train
-\0^&-ljf^-Of^-k0W\0\0\0-K0-i0-\0''i0 ■..■mi!, H.iB'.iu«.-nji*-BU*-..-ft'■*>■-••>
%      '^-£   A     IONFS
H0 -m  *
P*   ^™ ,   -
pu  -    '*    -i - ■     f«     -     **-- •-► =n
linns nnd spcclIipntlonB drawn, esl.im.iles fur-
uislinil mi nil klndsof bnjldlng, Worli strictly
A    B. HART.
Contractors and Builders,
oillee, Store, and Snloou Fixtures a Spoolalty,
Finns uml Spoclliootlans Mud" nnd Estimates
For Sale or to Let.
Tho Ranch ownod by O. N, Rondell
adjoumiog townsiteof Grand Forks, li.
C.   For terms, -fee.   Apply to
U. Arthur Rendell,
Greenwood < ity, D. C,
ffl -Grand Porks,
•*w. *>
B. C. o
0 Estimates JPurnis-hed on Al! Kinds of Work. C
lMVW\0^-lP\? \5-i>-V,t;*i0-l0'<0 WH 0-0.3* 0X0 'U<Sf tt.U,' ti»-i*SR*»H*
tf?.#^:.'iX,t?.PKtf+fl-:*p*fi\«?\tB90\iF-K*A;:*,?l<r.i; i0\0*ifylfX0X0XpX0\.0X
m§§ m JblectriG, Steal
'§§ .fcar Runways
PXjA( :
Peri       ( i iving   mining or other   Pr ipi rti -s   thai   wi
1 bar :   .' I    i itii ii'  cun  have a Q Impany  pn motod, oi
sell   ;        'Y-'YAv  ising.   .   . ' ,   .
!>y a.! ;.
17 and 111 Broadwnv, X w Vork City.
139 I'iindiurv Pavement, London, I-.:. C„ !•' • jjlilHtl
....'_•. ind
ifli Ohiswell   IIoufo,  N*.
loifndaru Creek ilifli l%Mm
SANS0M & H' Li R    ..
Financial and Mining Brokers
Groups of   Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc,
I Seeds! Seeds!
ir  t!
jT5 A Large Stock <<i        rthi
^ Garden   Sei ds  in   II Vi i ■
(^ Ui -: Quality ul  Eai I        Pncos
2     NEW   STOCK   OF -.-■-«..
-y* First Class Qualitj and the prices Will Please "i ui
-^ Of   All Kinds al Spokano   Price,;,   freight and   |^
^ Incidentals   Added. S
S   O.   B.   §   P.  B.  NELSON, g
Grand Forks. B. C.
The Mammoth Hotel of iho Kettle River District.
MRS, A. V. DAVIS, Proprietress.
'Jthmmm\ livery feed ami sale stable
1n^^s| Llnerii Teams, Saddle
^O^^^-^S*'       Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses,
Harness Shop in Connection. Teaming of all Kinds D
Good Accommodations and the Tabic Supplied with tho
Best the Market Affords.
Mrs.   A.   Bryant,      -     -     -     Proprietor. „* ***■. \*i •-
The Cracker Jack Group at
Christina Lake.
Evtrj   One   01   the Group Whioh Has
Been Develo] e i Shows up Well
Iu Cre From the
Grass Eoots,
Tho Cracker Jack group at Christina
laki is attracting considerable attention
jt ;| ni present owing to tho amount ol
l"v!"pi!.!Ti, 'I"ii" mnl the fine showings
n hi di are being made,
l his now well known group o[ claims
consistsof seven properties of more than
ordinary  merit,  whioh  are situated on
■ the east side  ul  Christina   lake.   They
are owned  by   I >.  ('. Beach atd others
who are living or, thoir claims and open*
'ing them up   with   all   possible speed.
Thi first, and probably th*3 bo=t known
' claim in the group is tlr-
Possessing several well-defined ledgos
which are found in a diorite formation.
A  shaft  has  bein  sunk  on one of the
lead  to n depth  of  about    L5 feet and
was in solid ore  from  tho grass roots,
■assaying   at   the   bottom   of the (-haft
840 in gold and silver,
The  Victoria
I? also n high grade proposition, liav-
ing the same Cracker Jack leads passing
through  it.   Work is now  being don;
. ;i this claiii) i'1   tbe  way  of running u
' tunnel,
The Copper riouniuin.
Is identically  of  tho'samo formation
aa tho two former properties  and  is re-
'garded by mining  men ns one that will
'be n nong the curliest   producing mines
in Christina lako district.   Al present a
force ut men  are  at  work opening up
this claim,  and  judging  from the ore
'that  comes   fr nn    theso  workings, tho
Copper   Mountain   will   yet   l.e  heard
lhe Champion.
Lies next to tho Ci pper Mountain,
and is principally a cupper and gold
proposition aseveii the tenderfoot pros-
"poctor can fell by inspecting tlie crop*
'p':i gs of the ledges oh this claim whioh
are rich in copper Btain and j pyrites of
co* per, making it a must desirable
'chini to own.
The Helena.
Another if this'valuable group of
claims joins tli. Champion und takes
'.u a rich Eijuare of mineral ground
'within its lines. Assays huvo been
mule from surfuce croppings of theso
properties running into tho twenties in
go'.d alone, to say nothing of the other
y din s.
flinnle Ball Fraction.
Is n fraoti inal claim and lies next to
Uu* famous Cannon Bull property, Al-
^1 u ugh Ihis claim is only u fraction, it
■jntains a rich doposit of tho yellow
metal, as was shown from the oro produced at the completion if the assess-
i: ent just finished on this claim,
Evening 5t.ii.
The last of the group lias several
strong iron caps crossing its surface
i nl it is hard for its owners to decide
where is Ihe best place to commence,
development work as almost tho entire
tiaim is covered with a mineralized
(surface. The peculiarity about the
group of claims is the fact that what is
y merally known as iron capping whon
found on these properties is so thin as
to expose tho ore on the surface, having
■.oinpnratively little work to be done by
lhe prospector. Already capitalists are
(liking an interest in this group, and it
js learped on good authority that an
English syndicate is negotiating for the
burchase of the Cracker Jack group.
Amendments to Milling  Laws.
The following are the principal
pmondmentB made to the mining laws
of Iho province ut the recent session of
(ho legislature!
l'he eiii| loyment of fern lies or child.
hi, underground is prohibited. Chinese
(ind Japanese may not be employed
underground nor in curing for machin-
i ry. No wages must bo p.iid in or near
places where liquor is Bold. On or before January Kith of each year returns
must be sent to the Bureau of Mines
for tho year of tho output of minos and
other information that may be required,
Provisions are made for inquiry into
accidents in mines and general rules are
made for proper ventilation and to prevent the storage of explosives in minos,
Each niino is to havo a suitable devioo
for thawing explosives and iron tamping rods are forbidden. Every working
vertical shaft in which persona are
hoisted or lowered, if over .'100 feet deep,
nitiFt have n eafety cage and guido
Mine owners must assume the responsibility of lowering or hoisting men, or
ii ust prohibit it positively. Provisions
are also made for proper timbering, lad-
derways, etc., and penalties are imposed
forii.fraction of the regulations.—Kooto-
Bay Mail.
Kain w <■->">- ■>-! Manly <V Averill's.
Short order lunches at all hours at the Ar
cadi a.
Robt. Fultou umiu: In on .Suiuhiy from Port
w. H. Harris came down from Bummltearap
on Sunday lust.
The cheapest place in town t<> buy everything Is Manjy it Averill's.
Thos. lie missy was In the oity Saturday ."rom
bis camp on Brown's ereek.
T, \. Ireland, ol Bossburg. was a visitor in
the city tho Brsl of the week.
J, T, Koberts, of Spokane, vrtm au arrival in
the city the lirsl oi tho week.
D n. Munroe, of UreeawooJ, was registered
ii' tl e Windsor last Saturday.
J. F.Snyder, a Spokane miniug man, spent
several days In tbe city this week.
Michael Keagau was among tho many visitors from Greenwood last Saturday.
VV, M. Wardner, of Spokme, was aa arrival
In the city Lsst Wedu isday evening,
!', I!. Hicks is in from Seattle nnd may decide in miiko his permanent resldebce here.
<;cn. W, Klilott- well known In mining circles
lien   - i- .i '  iitor fro n Carson on Monday.
I.. Majei Is In tbe city rn in Seattlcand seems
veiy favorably Impressed with what be seoi.
Jas. Clark, tt prominent Spokane mining
man, wasan arrival In the city last Saturday.
.i. A. Cameron dropped in from Greenwood
on Saturday lasl to take a look at tbe metropolis
1' C. Morgan, a Rossland mining man, was
tin arrival on Monday night's stago from below.
It. M. Hargrave Is in from the hills again after dulng aa^.'ssi'icnt (tn several of his proper-
i les,
ii. Katclitflo came over from Greenwood last
Saturday and Bpenl >i couple of da. s in the
Daniel Rcmster, of Colfax, Wash., spent several days in tho city this week looking up our
A. W. Knizer. ol Calgary, spent a few days in
the oity this woek looking about with a view to
Otto Pastou, of San FranciBoo, arrived In tlie
city last Satutday evening and may invest
u. 0. McClynientcamo in fr >m Rossland during the week and te looking about wil 11 a view
of luvcsting.
EiXJ.R. Campbell, n pilgrim from Kirbileld,
wandered in on Wcdhesday aud may remain
for somo time,
A .!. Aikman went over fo Midway on Monday to attend the sittings of tho county court
held ai that town on tbe 20th Inst.
UIck Gibson came down on Wednesday from
the North Fork country where he hai been doing development on some claims.
Miss Marie Sexton, who was employed at the-
Windsor hot.-1 all winter, left Monday morn
Ing or be: borne in Harrison, Idaho.
J. W, Jones Is all smile-; these day*. It is an
eight-pound boy and came last Monday morning, -Mother and chll ! i re doing well.
Mrs. Prybllski left for Greenwood on Thursday^ stage taking with her a supply of millinery goods as a sample to Bho.v the residents
oithe Boundary country how the Grand Forks
ladies dress
The Pioneer.
Tho Slogan Plonper has made its
appearanqe, publisheJ at Slooao City.
It ia a well gotten up publication und
vory creditable to tbo publishers. J* O.
McFadden is business manager.
tota Pacific
Properties Reported on,
Ran ken & Campbell,
Development and Assess-
ment Work Supervised.
Yellowstone Park Line,-
Has on sab a fine line of
illinery Goods,
Hats Trimmed to Order In
Conveyancers       /
Kcconls Searched j
And Investment Agents.
Grand Forks, B. 3.
TERMS $1.50 AND $2.00 PER L:AV
tho latea style of the art.     New
goods arriving all tho tin o.
Gall and See the New Styles.
Superior Service.
(Koi-MKRi.v Thk Grand Poiikh IIotki.,)
Tho sitting of tho County Con-'tol Yalo advertised lobe holdcn at Midway on the 17th
instant, and at Grand Forks on the r.nii instant,
each at 10 o'clock iu tbe forenoon, have be.n
postponed until tbe 26th and 2Ktb instants, respectively at the same hours and places.
Itv command W. G   MrMYNN.
Government Ofllco, Mltlwav, H. C.j    D. tt. U. C
May m, 1897 \
Through  tickots to all  points in tiie United
States and panada.
Direct connection with  tho Spokano Falls &
Northern Railway.
No 1 West 8(2*9p, m.
No.-j i:.;s-  7:00a. m.
Tickets lo fni an a d china via. Tucomq and
Northern 1'aciiie steamship Company
For in forma'.
ots ap|ily to agents  -f  the  Bpoknno'-Falls &
Nortlieru audits connections.or
F, l>, GIBBS General Agent.
Spokane, Wash.
A. D. CHARLTON, ,\  (J. P. A.,
No. 2ft5 Morrison St., Portland, Or,
Write for new map of Kootenay country.
i-eakr in
;IoT,ulcaP-d8, i-i.-* Ud nek- Groceries, Salt Meat, Fruits, Confectioneries.
A Fu|l lino of Fl ships Taokel just Received, Prospeetors and Miners will
And it to their interest to give me a call beforo purchasing as I can save yoyi
money.   Don't forget the place. BRIDCt STREET, CRAND FORKS, B. C.
PAVIIJON     ICE-CREAM     PARLORS. Carson Shaving Parlors and   Bath Room,
O, M. KEENE, Proprietor. w_ j, snider, Proprietor.
Lunches and short order meals at all hours, When you want i.nything in my Line give me a call,
Fine   Home   Made   Tally   Fresh  Daily.
cosmos hot:
Paints, Oils, Brushes, Sash & Doors,
Anlhlpg Vou Wiu.t in ihe Hardware Line and Can't P|nd il go to
W. K. C. Manly's Store, Grand Forks, B. C.
Everything -New and Best Furnished House in  Town,
INBODY   k   DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Found at the liar.   Spo-jlal attention   Paid to 'JYansuiont Trad \
The Corbin System to be Consou-
dated and Mortgaged,
A gentleman who enjoys tho conddenco of
I» ('.Corbin, and wlio was in Nelson a fow
days since, is the authority for th-a statement
that the Corbin system ot railways will to extended to tho heart of the Moundary ereek UIh-
trict at tho earliest possible date.
The present season te liable lo wil ness a
inoBl exciting race betwe in Corbin and August
ili-inze ns lo wbii'li shall be first to build a
railway into the Kettle rivor country,
Mr. Heinze has Obtained important nsslstauoo
trpm thp prpviucial government In tiio matter   ■
of subsidies and  te supposed   to bo on  tbo   !
friondliest terms with   tii"  Canadian  Pacific   I
railway company.   However, President t'orbin   |
of the Spoliano   Falls a: Northern  appears  to
hflvo arrived at the conclusion that the  great   ■
resources of the Boundary creek country would
prove highly  prolftable  to him should he be
able to monopolize the transportatign business
of this district.
The Corbtn system at present consists of tho '
Nelson A: Fort Sfteppard, the Spokane Falls &
Northern aud the Red Mountain railway.'*;.
Kneh line is owned by a separate corporation,
although Mr. Corbia is the controlling factor
in all three.
The Miner's informant declares that arrangements are now being made by which these
three lines will be consolidated undor ono
company,and tbcontiro property will be covered by a blanket mortgage. The money thus
obtained will bu used iu constructing the
Boundary creek extension. It is expected that
New York financiers will be induced to furnish lhe money so that the work of grading
will b.'commenced this summer,
The proposed extension will run fromNorth*
port, thence up Sheep prcek, thence into tho
Kettlo river valley at tbe southern, end of
Christina lake and so westward toGraud Forks.
Mr. Corbin's engineers claim thai this is the
shortest and most feasible route to tlio Boundary orook district.
Engineers of the Columbia A- Western rail
way havo completed their survey for a railway
extondlng from a point opposlto Robson on
the Columbia river. The route, after following
the banks of the Columbia for a short distance
northward, turns to the west and by ft circuitous rou|o winds through tiie gold range to
the southern end oi Christina lake. From
thence to Grand Forks, the Heinze road will
follow the- same course as the Corbiu line.
The Interesting question is: Whleh railway
will be first to reach tho Kettle river valley?
Wh'le President Corbin's route is the shortest
he lias not yet raised the necessary funds with
which to build his extension. On the other
hand, Mr. Ilein/.e has the benefit ol fat subsidies from tha provincial government and is
said to have all financial arrangements completed—Nelson Miner.
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, fermius of
■--,--:■ ss;.;!S'.csvrs  -. ■- - - cm- ■ , Sta^e Ljge From Marcus, Washin^tQn.
I Butler's Cash Store Prices j MeAuiey & McCauig
amnulatcd Sugar 12 IU for $1.00 I McLaughlin's XXXX Coffee....4 pk for $1.00
While Navy Bonus 22 lbs for jl.00 Tomatoes Oralis forfl.00
Evapointed Apples  8 lbs for 1(100 ] String Beans. .,**** 7 eaus for $1.00
§ Evnpfiriited Ajuiicls 7 lbs for $1.09 I l'Q"s 7 eailB for $1,00
Ivoporated Pc-athes  71bsfor$l,00 Torn 7 cans for $1.00
French Prunes  11 lbs fur $1.00 i Pie Fruit gallon cans 6&a
Arlmi'klc's Collce .-t pk fur $1.00 I Best Spokane Flour persack|20p
Good Sugar Drips iw gallon 7.5c
Wo nre Leaders in Low Prices asv.eEell for  Cash.     Don't forget  the
place.   Opposite new post-olfice,
Butler Mercantile Company.
May, 29, 1807. GRAND PORKS, B. C.    1 All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfa-ttion.   Special attention paid to Ci*.' in
TgmtM&HBSSBaWBUt\SB&fflmUKmmBWfflmB^m~mBmBm  ing and Repairing.   Givo me a trial order.
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable Prices.
The Plan for the Carson
Will be  on
Mining Critic.
Tho British Columbia Mining Critic
is the latest addition to our exchange
table and is heartily welcomed. It is in
magazine form and is issued weekly by
the British Columbia Mining Critic Co.
of Vancouver, The Critic is well filled
with mining news of the province and
will be read wilh interest by all who are
interested in our mining resources.
Just ariivod at Manly & Averill's a
fine line of dry goods, and moro ou the
-fc iMr ^t- -*£- -^ &■ ^"it- ik «
5ale in a Few Days
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in on
this deal. Its the most desirable Residence
portion of Grand Forks.   Easy Terms.
Agents, Grand Eorks, B. 0.
•■*s\^HktkW&W%% $


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