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The Grand Forks Miner May 8, 1897

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FIRST   YKAK."\(».
$RANP FORKS, g.  C,   SATURDAY,   MAV   8,  1*97.
IT    WAS    THE    CAT
That Worried the Anti-Progress Forces
The Three Mac's, Su.ton and Hay
Whooped Hopefully But all
In   V ain,
"McCallum s Meeting" was held lust
pight in W. K, G. Manly's hull according to program, and the voters mnl
other residents of Grand Forks wero
treated to nn extremely varied selection of "speeches." Tho ball was
crowded, standing room being held
above par.
J, E. Walker, who had been requested
to preside, called the meeting to order
and defined his position, stating that he
had no interest in tlie pending contest
and that lie would preside in a perfectly
impartial manner, but would permit no
personalities on the part of either side.
He then called for Mr. McCallum, tho
first speaker.
That gentleman read a very nicely
gotten up essay from four or live sheets
of foolscap paper. The Miner is unable to say whether Mr. McCalluni
wrot.! the selection or not, but ho read
it very well, indeed, having to go back
and repeat only a few times in places
where lie happened to look oil' the paper. The pieco in one place read, '.'Could
I l<ill the town of Grand Forks if 1
wished?'' The reader looked at his audience and said "No," and tlie walls
echoed, "no," That part of it was undoubtedly correct.
Mr, McCallum gave The Miner some
valuable advertising for which tho
thanks of the pijper is returned, and if
lu-ever wants to do any advertising ,vo
will try to give him reduced rates.
The essay in one instance hinted that
liio city might expend Hfty or sixty
thousand dollars for improvements,
when Mr. McCallum knows that twenty
thousand is all that the city's charter
allows it to borrow. Me tried by insinuation lo make his hearers believe that
Ih re was a scheme un foot to plunge
llr* city into debt.
In trying to prove that he was in favor
' building U| (Irand Forks, Mr. Mc-
' lallum said that ho hail spent time and
monoy trying to get the church built
here, but didn't name an enterpuiso that
would bring business and capital to the
citv that he had fostered. His failure
io get the church located hero apparently disheartened him from making
any other effort so fat* as his speech
Mi*. John Manly, the next sneaker,
did not havo any essay prepared, sc he
just made a plain business-like talk, tho
talk of a busy man who hasn't time to
write essays. H.e said that his only
platform was to push Grand Forks
nhi-'-d and to the front, So far as expending pubiie money was concerned, if
the council decide.l it was best to borrow 6*^0,000 for city improvements, he
believed tbey should go ahead acd expend it. lie would say nothing about
Mr. .vlci allum, Thk Miner, or the "ofiice cat," but would simply state that
he had always pulled for the towu, had
never tried to build up an opposition
lown. and believed that if any money is
lu be expended in the city   it should bo
■ xpended in tho portion where the taxes
are paid, It the citizens thought that
Mr. McCallum would  In  the best man
n mayor they should vote for him. It
a us simply a matter of business and the
uiai. ought to be elected who would i\o
in - most for the city.    The   people can-
not crowd into Grand Forks too last for
1b good.    Rossland is not supported by
:is payroll, but it is the stream of out-
iders continually pouring in and spend-
ing their money that keeps the town up.
! is must be so until the iiiineH are developed tu such an extent that. I heir pay-
,.ie, will support the city. In Grund
urks we have lived oil' of each other
I ug enough and we want people and
 * ■/ I'rolll the outride, He would allays do everything  he could  Tor the
prospector?, as he always had dono,
in v are lho fellows who get out. and
ind Ine pioposltions that make il pus-
"i lo push the town ahead.
John A. Bea, of Olympia; was next
„,.,,,.   He expressed surprise at being
lulled upon, as he had no property here
md   knew   little   about  the   municipal
ia-i-l; blithe  did  know   that Grand
Korks 1b the stategic point  lor another
'.Hi-laud   and   had greater   attractions
' ..in that city in some respects,   ilee.v*
luined how Grand Forks is destined to
.i ome it railroad center and urged tlie
■ itizenB to take hold and build up a city,
attract population and capital   in order
■ get tb.)   railroads headed  this way.
1 he business of tlie  reservation in  the
Boundary district must be tributary to
this place because as yet cities of any
msequence could not build upun the
Indians' land.     Now  is the  opportune
nue (or the citizens of Grand Forks to
i/e their advantage  and  build  up a
vlr. Ilea, was followed by  A.  C.  Stit-
n. who, witli a copy  ut The Grand
Korks Miner grasped lovingly in ono
hand and the corner of tlio table in tho
iher,     proceeded     to   enlighten   tho
• uiliuuco as to why ho  was  for  MoCal-
itiiu, evidently thinking that  this  was
a matter the general public  would lind
hard   to   understand,   notwithstanding
'he fact that it has been street talk evo,
■-dice the question came up, that he was
to be made city solicitor 1:1 the  event of
■ VlcC'allum's election aud the reason he
opposed Mr. Manly is simply because
that gentleman would not promise to
appoint, him in tho event of his being
lie made the assertion that The Mink it
for the last two months had characterized every person who had oppose I incorporation us "knockers,'' But ha did
not tel| how these same individuals had
stood on tho street corners day after
day and week after week and made
inisrepreeentation after misrepresentation regarding Grand Forks to every
person who came to the town looking
after investments, used every underhanded means possible to induce tliein
to purchase property in their opposition town, and when unable to accomplish that end would adviso them nol
to purchase lure in the Forks.
He then tried to make a point by accusing Tur. Min ei* of raising the race
question, when anyone who has listened to the many foolish and nonsensical arguments produced by his allies
for fhe lasl ten days why Pete should
be elected, know full well that it was
one of their chief guns they were bring
until Thk Miser exposed the fallacy ot
it. Continuing, lie expressed great fears
that if Mr. Manly was elected the town
would grow so fast that there would not
lie anything for the people to do who
camo here. After reiding an advertisement in tho Victoria (Colonist, of one
Johnson, who has laid oil' an addition
on bis property about three miles down
tliejriver, he undertook to make it appear that Mr. Manly was the originator
of this "horrible advertisement," when
he knew positively thai it was a lie ho
was trying to cram down the throats
of his hearers, After telling an alleged funny story and paying his respects to The Miner and olUce cat, he
collapsed like a circus balloon thut hud
been punctured with a pin, amid long
and loud applause from Hay, McCallum
end McCallum.
Mr. James Ad lison was the next
speaker, espousing Mr. Manly's cause.
Mr. Addison is an ex-aldermau of the
city of Hainilt in, Out., and is in a position to speak intelligently of municipal
all'airs. Mr. Addison originated the
idea of last night's meeting but McCallum took it up for use to his own advantage; not figuring however how it would
turnout. Mr. .\d,lisoii believed that
the aldermen should have been heard
regarding their view." on municipal government. He thought their selection
fully as important as the mayor, as the
latter could do very little without t li *
sanction of tlio council. The council
should lie men of good executive ability.
Owing to McOallum's calling the meeting for his own benefit, the candidates
tor aldermen were not heard.
The qualifications of inayor should be
to possess Hrstclass oxcutive abi'ity,
The electors should havo no dilliculty ii
deciding between the two candidates.
Mr. Manly's p irseyeran.ee, ability and
industry has put Grand Forks in the
position in which il stands today. This
is a plain business proposition. He
would rather judge the candidate for
mayor by past record in this capacity,
but in this case neither of tho caudi
dates has filled tho olliee in this city before and they must be judged purely by
their business ijualilications. Mr. Manly
has been in this city a number of yeais,
has made a success of every private undertaking and can undoubtedly serve
the city to the greatest advantage. He
advised the electors to vote for Mr.
Manly. Mr. Addison outlined several
improvements required in tlie city, such
a.' bridges, water supply, lire protection,
sewerage, etc., aud thought Mr. Manly's
election would assure the city's obtaining these necessities at tlie earliest possible moment.
Mr. ('hns. liny was then iiil'ii'liicc'l nnd pre*
faced his remarks hy oxplaluiiiK to his hearers
what a *rroat nud succc-stiil politician he had
been ami what a great swatli he lnnl always cut
in his old home both In government and municipal politics as a ward-heeler, but ili.l not
explain that it had become necessary for him
lo look for postures new because Ihe public
lent ho ;imd pulled so long had become a running sure hv ihe continual sucking he had
given it. Alter paying his respects to Tin:
Miner nnd lhe olliee cat amid deafoning applause by Me lallum, McOalhim ui d McDonald,
no lauded tho city ol Oram] Forks, tlio country
tributary in ii and this beautiful climate of ours
In a very becoming and jusi manner. The nidi it ninl Mini*!: wns again "ripped up the
back" and ill an endeavor topresei.ti plausible oxotiso i,,r Uu- prominent part lie lind taken
In his fruitless attempt tn d ifoat Hie Incorporation In- drifted inn, a personal tirade up ui .Mr.
Manly which .wns characteristic for ii- many
i nri'iiu'i'il misrepresentations, nil ol which was
received by deafening applauso by Hie three
Miles mnl S iitnn Au iiiti'mpt wns thou mado
tu Justify tho candidacy of otor, bin failed to
toll that If that geutlomau had been loll tn ins
owu dictation he would inn have made tho
race—thai liny and Button wo.othj sell mors
Who were behind Ihe llll'iim* win lent Whipped
Poor I'eie nun running, mnl if by any |> isslblu
ehoiico be should be successful Unit Hi -y ivoru
tu be the mayor ami Hint l-oto would Ue tho
"niiiee em" who would bo worked in allnlsi
by tins combination, ami one nf whose main
nliii el iu Beout'lnu In- election Is tn have an op-
pii'riiiuiiv ni handling the miich-talkc I ol fcji),-
ni ii ihey snv tha' Manly will borrow nnd sneud
in making public Improvements, thereby u* \ -
lug work to limny a mail who is in ueudoflt.
Atiaiiai'k waa then Hindu on Mr   Manly's nn ■
loess motliodn, mm in his eudeavorl iku ii
p .hit he Btrctcliod the truth in -i most iloplom-
ble inniiiier. After paying his respects again in
Tub MiNEa mnl tho olliee eat, lie swelled up
like a turkev gobbler and patted liiiasolf ou the
back mnl ikI.i his hearers (this is transliied
irmii be bind lhe scenes' how successful lie had
boen tu the past as muntputalor uf mulclpal
iiil'ihs, mnl ii ihey would eleei His Peter ho
would sue in it personally thu' lie would make
n good und faithful inayor nud t J in i everything
wniml be dnnc in his power tn see nun iiinii'1
l-'oi'it*. would uinke uu strides forward during
Ills term oi olliee, Ue then complained o( the
shortness nf time, und after stepping nn tbc
cat's tail again closed by usklug his hearers In
vote for Mr. Mciinlluui, amid groat applause by
the three Maes and Sutton. Mr. John A.
Manly then ruse to a question nf prlvtlogo,
stating thnt he lind been assured by Mr. McCallum Hint un personalities were to be indulged in at the meeting, mid us Mr. Hays' entire spoeou had been directed utjiiui personally and wns full uf misstatements, le* re-
ipiesteil the privilege of answering them.
Tne chairman at onee realized tlie
ju-itntss of the request aud roadily ao-
quisced to it, provided it was agreeable
lo I'ete, who after obtaining the ojusont
ot ids steernrs—Hay and tjutton—agree-
ed to allow his opponent thu privilege
of replying to Mt. Hays attempts lo
create a lalso impression uy'twisting the
Mr, Manly started at tlio head of tlie
list aud took up in turu eacli attempt
thu previous gentleman bad made to
create a feeling in bjbalf of his candidacy for mayor, which wus being made
througu Fetor, aud explained them sat
isfactorily  to thos:* present   except   tbo
three .Vac's, Hay, and Sutton,
Peter then rose with a sickly sujilo on
his face and apologised lor attempting
to make a spcecli without his notes, tool;
a snap shot at tho office cat, whim; 1 -
credited with attemping to speak lightl*
of .lhe French vote and made a we, It
bid for their support In* giving them i
little cheap tally. He also, denied t! •
intimation lm was trying to herd ui I
vote them, but ho forgot to state that
Sutton, his mouthpiece, has made his
brags that he, Peter catjried this name
French vote in his picket or words to
that effect. He then closed his remark-:
by asking thoso present to cast their
vote for him,
■•-.*■■ tlie three .1/ ic's had lost their slip i
of paper telling tham when to applaud,
and Sutton hai fallen aslaop still grasp
inn the office cat by the tai', it devolve.!
up in t has. Hay to proposa three cheers
for Peter .l/c'allum, the next mayor,
responded to in a sickly manner hy
the three mac's, Hay ami Sutton,
At this point sum ■ one in the rear of
the hall proposed three cheers [or lion.
John A. J/anly for may..;' which was responded to with a will that fully demonstrated who was the favorite in the
Chinook Brand of cured moats is
what Butler carries, and prices lowest
in town.
i\ T Cope, of Vancouver, is in Hie city with
a view tn locnting iu business.
Miss Corn Thompson and Miss Minnie Onelolt
were visitors from lhe coast this week,
Jntiies E. Wilson, n i'".id..nt nf Trail, wns ou t
of the many new arrivals this week.
A. 1!. Hart.contractoriind'bi*.ildor, intends re
moving from Greenwood tu tlij** place,
W. O, Bristol, ol Albany, X.  V ,  was looking
lib ml this week with u view uf Investing,
Fnr ni.'i* clean lied mnl a lirst-olnssm *d st,;,
at the Wayside liuu.s'. m Edward's ferry.
lien. A. Mann, J. J, Hcnncssv and Thos. Fahcy,
nf Spokane, nre taking in the sights nf the me-
Duncan Mclutosh, nf Wellington camp, is
spending a few days iu the Perks enjoying a
toil.ill nf city life.
John Foster nnd Win. Campbell, nf Greenwood, came ever lhe untniiis  Ibis week ninl
remained n few days among ns.
When guing !iu:n Irand Forks to Mnre.us or
Bossburg slop nt Edward's ferry and feed vnur
horse', get II ','nii I s pi ii" men! ninl   tile-Ill lie I.
.link liureii. well known throughout this section, returned Wednesday from Itosslnod. He
inten 's working some of his North Fork claims
this summer.
Thos. Weisor has givon A. B. Hart the contract of building a three story hotel nn lb.. lo-
f.irnierly owned by Hugh Mei.'iiinr, ou diver
side avenue.
John A. Ken, ti prominent land attorney nf
Olympia, Wash,, has been spending Hie week
iu Grand Forks He Is much plensed with this
city and surroundings.
II. t'isliM', ono of the proprietors Df the Greenwood sawmill, has been arrested upon a war-
rant charging him with violating thehealth
regulations by throwing sawdust Into Boundary 'reek.
.Mrs. Geo. Wilson, accompanied by her
daughter, oi Chicago, wns an arrival ln lhe
city last week and expects tn spend the slimmer vf-iting her mother nnd her brothers, the
Hardy buys.
John W.Cbeurol Summit camp, wh i has been
spending Hie winter months iu Spokane, was uu
arrival on Thursday last, lie Intends to start
work at onco on his property, the Uomestako,
in Summit camp.
ii. H, Rogers, brother of our townsman John
Rogers, orrlv id iu Hie Forks yesterday from
l.nsAiutles, rn ir.irtiin, andoxp.'ets to become a
permanent resident of our city. Mr. Rogers
expressed hinis.iii highly j,leased with what lie
has so fnr seen.
In about tell days development work will be
commencod ou the Elscy May. Hie property of
the Aurus Mining company which expects io
spend considerable monoy in ondoavoriiig tn
demonstrate what there is in this claim, which
lias a line surface showing,
A lining Hie many claims tn be devolopod Hi i.s
coming season in Summit camp is the l-.lleu,
which belongs to the Zemin Mining company,
which coutomplates doing a large amount ol
work nt nu early date. Considerable work lias
already been dune and the character of lhe ore
justifies il continuance nf tlie same.
Mr. ninl Mrs Wm. Gralinln, Whom until recently conducted the Star house, al t'oivillo,
Wash., havo assumed the inanngeinetil "i Hie
Wayside house, nt Edwards' ferry, ivhcre Ihey
will he pleased to have all their old Iriends aud
patrons call nnd .see them as they "pass by."
Mrs (irnluiiii needs no I u trod action !■• ibe
traveling public, having been ideiitilied .ii'h
the hute.1 business oil'and un foi the hist twenty
Louis Cuppage, load superintendent fnr thts
distiict, arrived in the Forks on Thursday.
During hi-stay lie appointed Joseph I.. Wiseman to net as his deputy ill Uoiiiil !''M'k.s uml
Instructed Hint gentuman to set lo H rk at once
rcpalrlugthe road between Grand Kurks mnl
Cascade City, and also to build a trail up .he
east side ol the North fork to where the pies.
eii wi-goti road crosses the river al lltuwu's
Volcanic mountain.
W in. J. Ilrmrn, proprietor of the I'loi.o ■■'
house, Cascade ' Ily, was a visitor in Grand
Fori i i-i t'uesday looking aftirsome maitors
rolntt* ■ n» procuring a hotol HcetiBo, und reports .i I n.:e number nl people In  Hie iibls ad*
lacoiii ini .<lu Cityduiug assessment work.
.dr. Urowu i- mi old Itosdandui and well
known among the mining men ui that section,
a iei wo bospcai* for him a liberal share ol the
putronage oi Has in de city.
ueo. 11, Newman, Indlaii Agonl nf the Col-
vllle reservation, speul Ihursday night lu ihe
Forks uu his way to Nelson, whoro ie' goes ou
b.isluess e miieeieil ivtth tho removal of the
.,,.i,i':.ns  in.in   Hull   burg    Jtlsl  cxticll) «inn
 irse .Mr, Newman will pursue, ,i  they -mi
pi isim in building, i- n matter oi conjecture, ns
in- orders from the Indlau ■.• piinneiil ate nut
plain in Hie promises, He -uy- that lie in.- no
ii,eil..iillui. iu lesn.i in force, but ii begins In
look us il ho would lnm ui unless ihuse Into-
rusted  would keep their promises until sueli
tune  ns Hie mutter can I"' uedhythede-
purl uieut tit Wiishinglnn.
j. II. Perkins, I o ik-kiepor at MmilyAAvcrill's,
leu no Wednesday's stage lort) iveniiort, Hash.,
where he goes to conduct the Lincoln county
teachers luslttuto, which Is to be lield ul that.
place next week. Mr. Perkins took with him a
lino bird's-eye view of Graud Forks, Ine work
of Mr. iiuekingtuii, whieii lie will place on ox-
liiuuiun in nue uf the lending hotels in Kpoimuo
I i connection with a large display ol ure taken
l.'oni tne mines tributary in Grand mrks. I bis
is ml original idea With Mr. t'erkliu and a ill
doubtless piovu lo bo u di*.wiog card lor our
citv, Mr. P expeeis lu return iu about two
weeks and will be accompanied by Ins family
with n vie,v oi making tins their homo for a
lime at least.
Be Cautious.
The registration books showed that there
were seveiiiv-twn iiiuues registered. Unit a
iiiiiuii.T in tliosoaro uoi onttilud inn vote In
lir.iud t'ui'ks liu nue will d uy mnl tlio oblout
of tneir names being placedu-i Hie list is plain
to anyone, Let ovory voter before caatlug ins
vote mushier well, WllOtllOl He is .pi limed lu
Vote or inn, mid Hi lnm also remember that
Ibe taking uf pnllu.ilU ill election is a sein, is
matter, ine p unity uu- breaking tne bin being
-s^veii years uf peualsorviiude.
New Store, New Prices, New Goods
at Butler's. Guarantee tu soil lower
than any firm iu this section,
Thia   Famous  Property   Incorporated
anil Development Being Pushed.
Big Strikes May Be Expected Soon.
The past week has been a good one in
mining circles. Although no strikes or
deals of special Importance have been
reported, a large amount of development work lias been started and much
more has been projected.
Several North Fork properties are to
recaive this summer the necessary development to demonstrate their true
value, and it is safe to predict that —unless the usual rule of improvement with
depth is found not to apply in theso
particular cases—over half, if not all, of
these proporties will be proven mines
of great merit before the Bnow IlieB
The  J.    I'l. Rodm 1    Mining    Co.,
stocked for 81,000,000 in shares of par
value of SI each, has taken hill of the
Kcpper Quean, Iron King and Columbia, three of tlie best known claims up
the west side of the North Fork, and
will develop these properties extensively
during the next few innnths. This company is unique in the fact that no stock
is being placed ic the treasury for development purposes, the shareholders
advancing the necessary fun.Is.
Fred Cross, who had a contract tor
sinking on the Iron Cliff and Round
Butte, two valuable prospects owned by
J. I',. Redmoud ami J. K. Gibson, Lo-
gansport, Inl., capitalists, has t.vo men
employed on tho properties, but at last
accounts was experiencing considerable trouble from surface water. If is
expected, howi '.' r, licit the rapid inciting of the snow in He hills will soon
clear them ami obviato tli's difficulty
when work will again lie pushed as fast
as possible,
Wm. I'l'mter. ol' the Pathfinder, was
down from that claim during the week
and reports work progressing favorably
and the splendid showing already made
being steadily improved, lie has also
been doing lhe assessment on the Lib
erty Friii'tniii, adjoining the Pathfinder,
and .says the results aro met satisfactory. He returned Thursday morning
to the camp lo push development work
ahead as fast as possible on the lirst
named properly.
Go the Bonita the ledge has not yet
been cut, the rumor to that effect which
created so much excitement in the city
a week or so ago proving to be unfounded, Work is steadily progressing,
however, ami every day brings the la.
borers at least a little nearer to the
great ledge of mineral which i.o one
doubts li"s beneath tho wonderful sur-
face showing on this properly. Owing
to bad air in tlie tunnel it has been
found necessary to take off the night
s.iiff. A swerve to tie right has beon
made and softer rock is being encountered than formerly, ami the owners
fully expect to t.ip ;lei ore body beforo
lhe end of this month.
Assessment work has just beer, liu-
iahed on the Herald claim in Brown's
camp, and a splendid showing is re
ported. This property adjoins tiie Minnie and is but one claim fiotu the
tan ous Wolverine. Coin, Campbell,
the owii'r, intends having a .'ill foot
shaft sunk dining th I summer.
The Minneapolis, next to tlie Minnie
in Brown's camp, is snowing up finely
ami work is being st.-u Iny prosecuted
At a depth of seven fe •! t'i" ledge
shows a width of live ti eight fei t an I
carries much th* same grade of ore us
the Minnie. The property is owned by
W, X. r-to'i nn : J. li. Hughes wh ■ fi e
L'lnliil.'i I that liny huve u   good   tiling.
Giill'vert .iml Anderson are experiencing considerable trouble with surface water on the Evening Star bul will
pusl. development extensively a*- soou
as this dilliculty is i'1'iniiveil. I icy ar i
DOW it .■ II H' mt In fool on 111 ■ I" Ig •
which has increased in width from a
feu inches to over two (oet. Assays
from this property run very high, s.uiie
going nil i" 340.70 in all values.
Geo. II. Minis his mado a now location which In- calls the Toughnut on
the west si le of I lardy mountain about
six miles From town and close to the
well known Uabe property. Two ledges
ranging in width from six to 2n feci,
have been discovered and traced the full,
lei.'gthof the claim, both are iron ca* s.
Hie lirst being heavily copper stained
and the second being a fin j grained di-
orite, thoroughly iuipragiiuteu with iron
and copper sulphides. Air. .Minis in-
tends doing considerable work on the
properly suortly.
A great deal of interest is manifested
in this city among mining men in the
development of tiie Pathfinder property
in Evans' camp, 15 miles from Grand
Forks on ihe North Fork of Kett'o
river, which is believed by those who
have examined it to be one of tlie most
promising properties in tbisdistrict.
Tue Pathfinder Mining company has
been organized with f. J. I'arninson
as president, W. A. l'fcill'cr vice president, and J. E. Walker, secretary and
One hundred thousand sharos of
treasury stock has been subscribed by
J. E. Gibson, of Logansport, Ind., who
has also promised to place enough more
of tin* sto.k to permit active work tu bo
carried no through the summer.
The Pathlbider was located in 1893
and eonsiderabte work lias already been
done opon it. Four shafts hava been
sunk to a depth of from Into In feet
ami the vein stripped by opi n cuts in a
number of places. 'J hen has also been
a0x12 foot Bhaft sunk to a depth of TO
fe t with a 111 fool crosscut it the I. it-
toei, all in high grade ore chuto from
the grass root-. 1 hi* oxacl size of the
ledge is npt known as neither iiac. ;
nor foot wall havo been definitely located, but the pay chute in the present
workings is about 15 feet wine.
'l'he ilnujp has been sampled an I
measured by prominent milling men and
found to contain over 100 tons of ore,
running from --"il 50 to 829.5U in valuo,
in samples taken from Ih" du up by
conservative mining men.
'I'l oiupany have pur. ilia set! a pump*
ing plant which is now in Spokane and
will be shipped to tin* mine as soon us
three miles of wagon road an* com*
pleted to it. 'J'li'* residents of Gran !
I''' rks are very hopeful of assistance
from the provincial government in tha
matttr of road building, and those ic
position to know say that considerable
provin?ial money will be spent for roads
in this vicinity this summer. The
mines are being developed far ahead ol
tho transportation facilities ami an extraordinary effort will be made to supply good wagon iiiads.
As soon as a road is complete 1 to the
Pathfinder property the company will
order an aii compressor plant and hoist.
ami it is expected that by the first ot
November the working shall will be
completed to u depth of 150 feet and
work ou a level begun, ami that a 'Hi-
stamp concentrating mill will le m th"
ground. Tlie ore is of such a character that from 85 to 810 can b i saved on
tlie plates in milling, a.-' shown by recent tests.
Nun" business m mi cousid-r that the
railroad i|iu*stio.i hinges upon t at nf
getting a sufficient quantity of ore on
the dumps In make it an objeel for the
railroads to come after it, and Ihe
Pathfindsr company is bul "ii" of the
many in the district who will hu\ i a
dump of rich ore by th i lime I ho leu s
tiinrn that will do a miner's heart good
to see.
Mr. James Clark, a well known mining man from Spnkan", spenl a couple
of days in the Forks this week enroute
for Eureka camp on tho reservation,
wl.ierc h.'gocs to perfect arrange men ta
to start a urge force of men at won; on
Hie Republic, a properly that gives
great promise of developing into a first-
class mine. This property has bean
stocked by a Spokane syndicate under
the title of the Republic I iold Mi in
company, which intends to fully d up
onstrate the worth of lhe claim-'. In
conversation with a Miner reporter,
Mr. Chirk gave it as his opinion that
Eureka has the making of one uf thu
richest mining camps in this«section of
the country, and if the surface showing,
which is free milling, improves with
depth, as is generally the case, neither
the Fort Steele or ary other district
will compare xitU it. If tin* devol ip-
inent work proves satisfactory in*
company contemplate tic erection of a
IHslamp mill. Mr. Clark gives it a-,
his opinion that this district with proper
railway facilities will prove lo in*  oi i
the greatest in I he north .v.'St: the full
extent of its richness cannot be fully
demonstrated until smelter ami railway
facilities are obtained. He contemplates spending tin* greater portion of
this season in investigating th" resources of this section with a vijw of
The assessment is now being done on
the llardscratch iu Knight's camp, with
very good results.
A half interest in llm La Win claim
on    Obsenation    mountain,   a Ijoiniug
Hie Bonota, has b i  sold to E, fci, Gru
ham by .). il. Baxter.
A force of men is now al work doing
I In* assessment on the Portlau i claim,
un the N'orili Fork n ir I -l'i';,';. Im*.
Tnis property i.- owned u; '■ re 1 Knight
and others.
William, A.1I re I ai  1   I! 'H 'i*l Me \ pin
ami Chas. Metcalt   passed   to   iu> h    er
city last Thin*- lay  e' ening   em    iti   1 i
lhe Curlew country where thej will put
in the Bummer months prosp icti
Fred Knight and ol liors, who men the
Grand View and Whitecap properties
in Knight's camp, lutein lta\ ing tin so
prospects worked lo a considerable ex
ini immediately,
A splendid grit lu  of u re i:- now i-
taken cut of tn.'   I liam ml   Hitch prop
eriv, which   is  one  ot the nc -l protnis
iug proporti is up I:i ' N >rth F ri..    i ho
e i Ire bottom of t lie dial   is ii
mosl    of   winch   is   nun ibI  n)li I copper
snip i le wil ii cm sidi rable pj horiti   and
excel lent  gold   i alues     I . e   Rauli ton
b lys are the lucky  owners of  this line
property   ami  are   pu -hing tin
development a- fast ai p issibli.
Strictly Fresh Kims you will al'.. I}*B
lind a! Butler's cast] store.
If an absolute stranger had stepped
Into Ih" meeting lust night ami listened to the McCallum forces discuss
the issues of ihe daj he wotiiii havo
thought ri-.-iii the utl mtion paid In tho
Miner's oflBca cat, that tint intelligent
feline was running for mayor against
McCallum, Well, if XomJ1(Xwobellies
and I'ete were running for mayo: we
hardly the think the latter would be in
the race more than half a lap. However, Pete is probibly im' i i blame for
the character of speeches mado .by his
associates, and is rather to be pitied for
Leiug surrounded by mon who couldn't
do much more than roust a yellow cat-
even if it waa a part of the Mines house
Don'l put it off until the house is full
of Hies before you put up your screen
i lors. A full line can be found at
Manly's Hardware stoic
Bookkeepers wages divided with customers at Butlers' Gash Store. CJo mistakes when you pay cash.
HIS    Uli\)   WAS   JUMPED.
'J ori'inNo   Incident  in  the  Tpwi-i.-
.'.■!■■ Rev. Mb.  Paton.
Rather a good joke mi   Rev. Paton, of
the Grand Prairie Presbyterian chu   il
lias come out and it will bear t ipeal
It appears lhat tip- r il er ind ;o i,''
v.,".t   .ut ou the stage last Monday, and
"f c iui -", had the  pleasure of  puttin :
in a night al   Hall's, the   halt   way station ! et« !■' i. I .'ran I Forks ami Marcu :
As has in en th" case  since  the sprin".
i ush into this pnetioa began, there wen
in in    i ■ ban   beds  at Hall's thai
night, lb wever, Rc\. Paton Be i iti
a '-nl in th" general sleeping room early
n. ii." '■■ eiiing, then tl iscendi I to thu
parlor thero to v. hi!" away th" hour be
fori- I."-! time '.vith theological and
wm Idly disci* iii n . P n re* eron I gee
t.eman   I tere ted  in   the sub
ject of 'lo..Is and sewerage, railroad
bridges uml outside "ity additions, and
-'. i bo wa disc ing the pi obabilitj
of a Ho" I, the im; - -- i it ■. uf * verage
in a i 'I'laiii city, th • likelihood of railroads crossing Kettlo river two or Lhn ••
time just f i I nn, and other timely
i npic . an ':■.: y ten rfi -I. who waij
coining  int-'        i  ntrj. pimp id
tl lain,   tin.'   Rev.   Paton   "had   pre
i nn the bed upstairs, and our es-
tin ue i hhor   « as  Forced  to sit op
all niu'ht or crawl into th" bay mow,
and he preferred the former con,-".
STILL   IN    rim   RING.
A.n  Old   Fjh.m   13lt   Ni  .   Goons     n
In vi:,.. !■.
Messrs, i .i'l  ,^    Kirkman.    th"  enter*
pi ising mer :l  inl   .1 Wc il liri Ige street
have   at   lasl    r 'cei\ e I   Ih iir   stock     I
•oioiis  for  ll. ■  spring I. n I", ei nisi I
nl  groceries, booti
oi In  i   anything   thai a  miner n
Having  had  n art,  a year's experiei
in the requiretn int   of I id   of 1
section,  Mr.  Gill,   th,-   ma:        i
c '• ipa ny bus used gre ;
chasing only such   :      Is as a
to meet tie- demands of tne trade, .. hi
P u   ■    th    firm  in a  i iti m   t" i*u  tn
close figures on  ,. i* -' liti-s of
handle.     Espeohl  attenti       i    paid   to
supplying Ih" market -. ii ti Btrii t1 ■ ■
butter a1,., eggs.    When you are i    I ei  I
of anytning in  their line cull and l"-i
prii i-   i n- purchasing, :;.-   a e f
ii. predicting thai   j iu -.*. i I save tuu
by 6 3 dom;
FROM OUR NfclliriEluri UARSON-
C UisoN   It,   '   ,   Mil)   il
rleunt! ;    i ." nt* Lthei   ■■ ;■ ■ ii-
sccms [nippy,   cm' imn   :■•
■i-1 ■■■■     mil '■;■■ -I I'll ■■'--■■ - ai ;  *
pi,   ■   "i- from filar In ij m-st o
-:     ■      . ■       -■ ■       ■ I'll
II :■.'■■■
' i:  I-..1 : ■
Mi. Mvers, of Im i Ri
H   C. Din Is lioslt's-i - i tins 'iiiiml   :' Hoi
HUrl Mr. iiinj Mis-  Josi'pli   ■',-..■
till)   pit) "'   111 ■ ' ■ <■']   lh  I"   ■ ;;    >     '     ■
< umpaui». I '■;' John \> I
VV- 1^. Metftnv, men-hum ol \'
in our mi'l-t for u fev ilays. -
lookl.;-: up .ii I hai   point ...
inipiv-.-.**.] h ;! h tin- ■  ■
i . !■'   I'.r, [clson, of ICamloopx  paid ',- 11
ani * i-i; - Iii-  vvuek.    Ik  rep ■
ho      -   ■ iisiiir.
■ '.,'■■■:'.*
J. A Coryell, l\ I - . Mr. I ■
CanluiU- Mr tit u inei   ami   M .
*-';  ■■ I    ISi ll' l"l  111'' ilisti
ler.s fiMiii Midwti   thia \ ■■■■
Joe .-iin-*-'''! lias renin    I from
lew   .'i i'l   ;'■* Lrihntanea Loliis mn   -
ten sts.
TJere are lu'-' ■ ■   ■
',;. en woo i it:. ;  -i' .,<■-■  puinl    *   ■ ■
roads '.■:.■..■.  li  -■ unlit Mil  ..
ilur. inoii ntaiu ■■■ to in i ■..■■ it a!
to cros.*.   ^^ ith   lleil-t -
: lie present ivai m w . mi
no Uoubl -''Gii dry up.
Gone to His k-.-warii.
W'nl''!   \,;:
the iletith ut lay A
John - ■
Mr     Jolt uso
know o u
$v.o\ laud, in the ■ inadii
u-f h   ■ .i '■■■■■■I upon his cu can
one of tJ '  . ■-  luat   • of <
,\:i". twelve
lieaith ( ■ '■'
entered upo       law career,
■ . ■    . ■ ■
N:.;-; jj\\ ei itories
.   '.■;,-.     ,i   .i
ii,.'   ad - :"-'  ol   In • :■    ..-.'-
Vol "    '■:'    ■■•'   :■ "    ■'
death.      ID'   k'ii   ■-    ■
i       ,    : - ■ V. \\. .
.   :        - . ■
:   ill    .*   ■     *       k   . ■     *.-
i, , . -l
:' .     . ■    -
noli; tin -    - -   -   o
in tlie n    ' ■   ■ '
Lltiuil ' ■
rol her, in the 1 \\
.  y.    : .
i fiiilli .    .     , .1
' . ■   .
■;. con fund     iv In i>
■ ■     ■
-...--i rowanl
"l  ■     ■   ■',.';   .'■■!   -      ■■    .. '        ■
1   t"   ■   ■■{ Mltllij       Mr      * .i . ■     ■ i    :
TAI.I;   Ol-  A   CAT.
VV uuler whj tho oil
Mi N K K
;:i     ■ ■ ,   ■*.   I! iv   wai
speuch'i    I- thoro i
il I ii '■ ■   ' : .'.   ■
I :,* .v < . •    ,{<   ul'    I it'UUiJ    l'i:
which   i nab ■■.-    mo  t>'   i .   : •
mental i'IV-m ts nf il," other,   I
apart?   Qui *u r-iilM''.J
li>*'.-i Creamery Gutter received   twice
a week, by express, al Butlers.
NOTICI-:  I- UKUEBY   GIV1' N   i u
body, »t the city ol Grain! Forti
apply  to tho  Board ot License '   ■ ■■ a
nn- the * Ity of Uranti Porka al thu '■
for a transfer from Mrs. Aggie \\. L'r
,,; th ■  .;■ ■■! si t<   Bell li piorw '■-   retii     In the
liiiiiti.!,^ known ns tin- Cosmos Koti iu
Lol 2*), block 2. in Urau 1 Forks  aioi
hold hy the said  -Mrs.  Aggto  W.   I';
further take uotioe that the said am-    \ ..'ie W.
Preslar consents to ihe said iranafer,
i-:/.i;\ iNiioDY,
Dated al Grand Porks, B, '.'., May 8, 18!)7.
11.IK I' A' ('
Contractors and Builders,
nllice, Store, and Saloon Fixtures a Specialty,
Plans and Specifications Made and Estimator
would accomplish the moBtgood fur the
tit)', the district and tlm province?
"Hut," siime une will say. "McCallum
Is a native born Canadian and Manly is
Thb Mineb is published 01 - turd     ninl..-|l!
mailed  to Bul ierlbcr on  payment or Two
Lnllars a year.
Displayed \ : ■ mi ■- * ' an tin b per
month. A llberul dlscouut allowed nn long
Trancit-nt Advertisements 20 cents a line first        , ..     .    ...        ,.    ... ,,      .    ,
Insertion aud lo cents a Hue (or each additional   only a naturalized citizen.     Well, wnat
t oca! '.r reading mattci notices ■**> cents ■ a1 li
Job Priuting at Fair rates.   All accqun's fnr
A'ork and advertising payable on the first of
i     b month. F. II. Sli C uitf.b .v Son.
Ti tin.', ll '• question uf whether Grand
Fori* - i- t :"i mi record us a progres-
i' n in progressive city will be Bet*
t .i ,,! i • • |' ills, uml every indication
points t-i tbe suttlemont of li.'1 queBt-on
i th right maui "i; iu tart, it is piotty
'■■' . I that John Manly
a ... i ■ elected IJ a nice snug maji ritj.
A i umbel '.I voters who  woro  inclined
lias  thut got   to do   with  building  up
Grand   Furltsf   This is not a question
of  birthplace, but a question of ability.
Supposing that the blood of a line of
.   noble  ancestors as far back as the invasion of Brittian   by  Caezar coursed
z through tbe veins of McCallum and be
fI'huIiI sit on the street corners and cry
out a.uinst the city, prophesying a Hood
in id days with the same asBurauce that
Jonah predicted the overthrow of
Ninovah. Is that any reason McCallum should be elected mayor?
I- it nol showing butter judgment
a. I ound businoBB bi i e to place in
charge ot tho city's alfaii'B n man who,
in itoa I of | ri iliclii.i; 11 mils, Is i|iiietly
rustling to gel outside capital interested   in   our mines,  who   is erecting
at first to loan   toward McCallum bav .
imparing  his effort a to retard   bui*' fBan.d   -".ivi"--   employmenl    to
lho progress of the city with Mr.
Manly's to build il up, lecidud that
the only safe way is tho right way, acd
t iday their ballots will bo cast for John
Manly. The feeling against McCallum
has grown considerably since it has become known that if by uny chance be
should be elected mayor he will close
up busine6B of every description in tbe
city, When McCallum went to ohe ot
tin- candid it.':-', foi uldei man uml said:
"If w,u will agree to close up everything
i*i the city mi Sunday 1 will vote I'm'
you," he lUtlo know that be was dig*
ging   a   pit   into  which   bis own  feet
labor? if Mr. Mm,,, p orbos energy
uml u clear bead, Inn- faith in Grand
forks and is endeavoring to build up
the city, has been for years a law-abiding
subject of Canadian government, what's
the odds whether Im happened to bo on
Cunadiau soil or some other locality
when lie lirst saw the light of day.
Wk would like to nave some of tho
advocates of Peter McCallum point out
any one tiling that gentleman has ever
done towards building up Grand Forks.
Has he ever spent a cent in advertising
the resources of the town or country?
Is il not a fact that he has always work-
would slip.
T„e mm, who would  not deliver milk  ''" ■■••■"■ *** hand with "''*'-•' movement
that lias beon  inaugurated against the
iiitiT.'sIs of the town? In all candor
We ask every thinking p*rson would it
be to tbe interest of Grand Forks to
elect him mayor?
ou Sunday to even tlie infant or the
patienl on a sick bed simply becauso lie
bad .- e vague idea tlm! it was contrary to his religious belii IV. i iw wants
to tix Grand Forks so that tho prospector cannot e..nn' in from the hills on
Ins only day of rest and get a shave or
a square meal. In order to satisfy his
own religious ideas, McCallum is will-
ing and anxious that th.' prospector or
miner who has worked haul all week in
lie- bi.li- without any of th • comforts of
ol.'. and win) has only one day out of
.-'■veil ii. which to enjoy tho company oE
his l'i n-mls am' acquaintances whom he
meets in the city .m that day, will be
fnreed tn rem nn in tlm bills because in
the city he can't got anything to cat -
can't even pro iuro his mail or a plug of
ti baci.'n.
I'n. MiNF.it is not oppesod to ti-uo religion, iut   religion   does   mil   consist
nl '. " in Bitting with a long face during Is it right that individuals should be
the lirsl day of every week, and when a ci mpelled to RO down in their own poe-
mini lor his own idea regarding .Sun- ketB and pay lhe expense of fixing tbe
day, would be willing tu sacrifice tho government roads in trder to make
cuinf  rl and i  uiveiiience of hundreds of   them   passable so  they   nan  get   their
men who tlo 'e actual work in a v. nek   guods in?    What do wo (lay taxes for?
than   ho  does iu  a year, it  is time lor ' *	
public opinion to cry "Hail!"
I'his would be a nice mining city
'.mil e\ or*, iiling actually closed mi Sue-
day, wouldn't if
A i ist of the roads and trails needed
ii. this section should be carefully prepared for the purpose of placing it before Government Agent Morris when
he visits (Irand Forks. Let a meeting
be c tiled and arrangements inatli
whereby the matter will be properly
placed before that gentleman.
One of tho citioE argu ents used by
the followers t f Peter why he should be
elected mayor is, he is a Canadian by
birlh. In every other respect Ihey no-
knowledge that John A. Manly 1b far his
superior and would make a better
I'm, people of  Grand Forks,  Greenwood,   Anaconda  und   Mi  way should
pool their issues ami  see if something
cannot be done toward  lixing the  road
Prospectors, do you want ts come into   over the summit so freighters  can get
tho city uny old dtiy after your mail or  over with anything: of a load,
lo get Bhaved just because if you  come ~.: " *"
111 "» s lay you would shock I'ete'- I',,, Ki, iH,me thing  certain, and  that
Miners, do you want to  lose .me day   is, if his worship  is elected inayor  the
mil ofsixin order to satisfy th.: hyp,,.  city „.*■• ,„.,.,.,. be sued because of  in-
ritical I'anatacism of a Sunday  closing  juries sustained by any one, ou account
I'dinancui of the streots being torn up by any im
l'u-i  .*■--. men. do you  want  to turn   provemeiit boing tuade in them,
ine   key   in   -.'ni!'   door   mi   Saturday :	
April2l-Tcnbrock, M. W. Welsh, Deadwood.
April22- Wiuedot, H. .1. Iltiiiiiiniii, Deadwood,
Tip Top, E. M. Smith, Deadwood
Wm Eagle, E. M. Smith, Skylark.
Niu-.kii, Chigulto, s. Reed, Cedar Creek.
Musk (im. 1.. Uenthon, Summit.
Lady Lampson, F. II Knight uml It. Cannon,
Gland Finks.
Porcupine, F. Cross, Browns.
Maragausette, I.. Neff, Summit.
Parisian Belle, W. Ruwson, l-oug bake.
Chlorite, Chas   frank, bong Lake.
Durham, 6. A. Rendel], Prior Creek.
April _'ii- Minnehaha, B.Tottenham, IClmberly,
(Inl.I IJri.-k, It. -tunit, K.'iili; River.
April   24   Ivauhoe,   !■'.   W.   Schmuck,   Goat
Alt... ]•*. Hutchinson, Qrand Forks.
Northern Hell. .1. B. singer, Wellington.
In.n Horse, A.U. McKay, Boundary Fulls,
llnu lie;, i-. V. R. SwallHOll, 'licit Me until in.
Arrival, F. w. Lucian, Browns.
Kuliy, Jos, Ward, Qrand Prairie,
.-ilvi-it.in. I. A. Dinsmore, Summit.
Hardy. N.-i'i Hardy, Summit,
i run .Inn, F. Daltou, Browns,
Dudley, Jas. Moran, Provldoucc.
Homestake, Jno ICIlby, Provldonco.
Annex, .1. P. Ft I, Deadn I.
April J"   Hong bee, Ah Mug, Rock creek .
Laura, II. I'utlcndujh, Rock Creek.
Ai Last, Thos. Curry, Rock Creek.
nl.I Dublin, T. Wltte, Copp r.
Easter Sunday, .V. Ciistlcman ninl T. Wltte,
Kul .ln-1'i.-t, Fd Sullivan   uml Alex Wuddell,
Kettle Ulver.
April 27—Odell, F. Haworth  Browns.
IMuort, F. Cross, Brown*.]
ei-.KTll'ii'A Til.*- CI' WllllK.
April   2*2—Corrlbluatlon,   Dale,   McAuloy  uml
Wii.i Rose, Wm. Smith el. ul.
April !£)—Don't Know, J. J. Winters.
April 21   Big I, J. II   Estep uml Jus. Smith.
Nn :i- J. ll. Estcii uml James Smith.
Hiittimie, W. Guthrldge and Q. \v. [ngraham,
BIk Porphyry, W. Gtlthrldge aud J    M. liar-
Swansea, It. Mtlrpole uml II. 1'. Toronto.
Dublin, II. Abb it mnl 11. 1'. Toronto.
Win; Bird b. Bchorn and R. ll.itt.m.
Vulcher, b. Snhoru	
Tlerodol Rico, s. Reid.
hell. Ii Wordlieud.
Alpha, M. II. Terrell.
April 22—Last  Chance,   ';, H, Callaglian   to
E. Delizol.
I.:i Vein, J. li. Baxter to E. s, Graham.
Apiil 2:1—(lilt Edge, % interest, 11. L. Garrison
to s. Bresland.
Ititernatiotial, ti latorost, s. liciicinan to C,
J. Lundy
Raft,':, Interest, K. B. Harper to John F1i.ii-
Luke. '.., interest, I'M Nugent In John Flan-
Tiny, '-, Interest, Ed  Nugent tn  John Flan-
(Troy, Newark, Ink.-, Raft) %  intoiest, John
Flancgaii to .1. Grcenley.
(Thistle, Shamrock)':, interest, 3. Kerllng to
.1. HIrsch.
Shamrock, Y\ interest, A.  li   Anderson tn s.
itose, l'i Interest, S. Kerllng to John Hlrscll.
Th.lstle, la interest, T. J. Lendrum to .s.  Ker*
(Itiisti. Shamrock Tlllstle) % interest,   .1. T.
Lendrum tn Hill Barton.
April l'I -sunset,'- Interest, w. E, Gutlirldge to
E. Spragget.
Tamarack, Yi interest, Van llnrne '; inteivji,
(I. Stewart to .1. and G. Pounder,
lionlta, .1. n. Sat'gciil tn ll,mini c ,1.1 M en.
Hii.'  chief,  !•■* interest, City K, c, Interest,
Tn ins.'-, interest, Wm. Austin tn Wash, M.
,v I.. Co.
April 20- tlecla, ',; interest, Tims. MeDoiiiioll
ti, tt. II. Bergaman.
Manchester, Yi in'.crest, A. K. smurt tn ll. II.
Hecla, % interest, II,  II.  Bergaman ml'. W.
olive. W,  H.Armstrong in Passadena G. M.
.-,.:  ted Horse A s. Bliiek in II. Ilemlow,
Don't Know, f. J. Winters to 0. R. Nadon.
Vancouver, ht interest, ,1. P. Kelly toJ.fl.
Cosmos Hotel
Dining Room
Fim-class Meal,
Good Service,
Prices Reasonable.
Board by the Day or Week. The table will
always he found supplied with the best the
market aifords.
GPxAND   FORKS;   B   C,
Carson Lodge I. O.   0. F. No. 37.
I, U< Ui -L, evening at« o'clock in their
Lull ut (ui'tin.li ii. A cordial Invitation extended '."iii 1 sojourulng brethren.
p. 11. NELSON, It.s.
D, n. Mi Lakhs, N. (I.
Church Notice.
Sabbath in the church at 11 a. m. and 7:30
P* m. in the Behool room at Grand Forks, suh-
liith school 10:30 u. m. in tho Bchocl room,
At Ctll'Mili weekly :: p, 111.
Rev, Tims, Paton, Pastor.
"IT   s. t'A-i LEY,
Solicitor, Etc.,
OfBco, Mala Street,   -   GRAND FORKS, B. B.
Everything New and Best Furnished House in Town,
INHODV   A*   DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Found at the Bar,    Special attention   Paid to Transcient Trade.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good  Stabling, Termius of
Staa;e Line Froni Marcus, Washington.
McAuley <fe McCauig,     -   -     Proprietors,
Abstracts Promptly Furnished.
A     C. SUTTON,
Notabi Pl-iilic, Etc.,
grand forks   -  - bkitish colombia.
Good Accommodations and the Table Supplied with the
Best the Market Affords.
Mrs.   A.   Bryant,      -     -     .
J. Kl-.Rlt.
J. 1'. FI.tKII .
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
Grand Forks, Greenwood and Midway.
B^TAll kinds ol Meats Geinian Sausages ami Heart Cheese Always on Hand.
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   G.
Plans nn<l specifications drawn, cRiiniiiies furnished on all kludaof b'dlding. Work kei U:tly
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Ami Civil Engineer.
Office, Midway, h. c.
Associate Member Canadian
Society   of Civil   Knsinoers.
K. JOIlN-t-'ON,
Law and Collecting Agency.
ORAND   Funics,    -     liltH'I-Il   COLUMBIA
Kettle   River   Stage   Line.-
G. W. WILLIAMS, rianager.
Stage Leaves Marcus ou the Arrival of tlio northbound train, arriving ut Grand
Porks at 8*lij p. 111. Leaves the Forks at i:00 a. in., arriving at Marcus in time to
connect with northbound  train
\I7    (I. HEPWORTH, M. D.- C. M.
Physician and Surgeon,
.M.'i.II.I.,   MONTREAL.
OHico In Dhig stun*.
nighl au'J leavu ii thero nil Monday
Property holders, .io you want to
Inn.' iuvestora and home-seekers kept
away from this city because it has tha
i.-| utalion .'1 being ''tiueer:"
li \..ii do, vote lor McCallum.
Qhadek's alien clause in tin* mineral
act was defeated by the provincial legislator.' last .Monday by a vote of 111 to VI.
Also tho efror,t to take i.ir taxation of
working men in tho mini's,
Prospectors can s wo mouey by getting prices on groceries at Butler's,
lie outs lho life out of these credit
store prices,
Oysters served in any style on short
notice at tho Arcadia.
Jas. (I0BI0I9 Green CEP D3,   FAVoltdston, PL8
Provincial Land Surveyors
civil Engineers, Etc,
Barber Shop.
Let every British subject seo that his
lint il' you nam city laws that will name is properly registered for the uext
nlml   tiir  '.u.'l.'.i-   without  injur,mi   general election.   It is votes that count
with tlio goverament,
Centrally Looated,  All Worlt aiuirantood to bo
Fiist-t'lnsii in every Retipeet,
PETER A. Z* PARE,      *      -      PROPRIETOR.
logitimato Im iii-'.; or throwing a
-1 ..iiiiMin.': block in tho way of any ono
who Is endeavoring to earu an honest
li. ing, iilh 'i' 111 the lniis or in tlm city,
il,,-i, vote for John Manly.
In .... 1    foi k publishes Inter-
. i. n s ai •■ ,< 1 i.-i*- given bv gentlemon of
ii.':.   ii lluence  throughoul   tho  entire
li. ii.-li 1 loiumbia thai their
word sli oil : carry more than  lho ordinary weight, liioI wiiilo s|.oitking of mat
lor-  which  wiil   most   redound to the
i'      goo :  1 li.-li gives reasons  why Mr.
*i. ■ I* should be eli cted inayor.    Thoso
,i   ti mi 'i.   kn nv   what   will   influence
■ pi   il I   . .,1110 in here t,, develop  our
mini s.    'They know that there is only
,,   .0:111 in the oily who i.-i sufficiently
.. ,, -'i own in monoy ami railroad cm-
-,,.  io be  able to carry any  personal
oighl   there   in   his dealings.     Thoy
now   that lhe building  up of  Grand
ini means much more to the province
,, : .1 ;i" 's to the city itself.   Thoy seo
. the growth of this city, a door to the
...si    m.'ieral   wealth  of tho  boundary
111,ii., an,I realize  that   the  rapid  au
ucement   of   Qraud  Korku   ineaus a
it'dy development.of tlio  disiriot's re-
s  and  unloosening of its  wealth,
0 i, while enriching the oily and its
urrounding  territory  will ut  tlio same
time benefit the entire province.
Are the wo-rds of sueh men us Hon.
D. W. Higgins aud Hon. J. A. Mara of
any weight? When thoy openly sup*
■lort John Manly for mayor of Grand
Forks, dose it not look as if his election
Tin. rank ami lil.■ of Peter do not even
den) that John  A. Manly  is infinitely
Hi ' Mlpi'rinr of   lhe two 111.'II  to   lill   tho
office of mayor,
11 seems to be the general opinion
lnnl the route of the propose.I British
Pacilic lailway ''runs from nowhoro lo
What has become of all tlie poll tax
collected in this district last year? It
wa.: nol spout on the run.I-.
Sittings nf tho County Court n[ Yale will ho
holtlon ns follows:
ATJllDtt'AV  LN   MnNli.VV, MAY  17,1807
AT ,111AM, FOURS \A KliNKXIMY, M VY  l'I. 1-:.'|
tit tho hour of ten o'cloeic in tl.e lorutioou re-
Hy I'liiiiiiuni.l W. (1   Ml MV.N'N',
liovoriliuenl ii li,'.', Midway, II. C.|    D. R. C ('
M:il,'li -.'I, !-.■,* I
TT    11. HUFl'1.
Ii.ics nil kinds ol repairing nnd liorsushouinj.
Work Btrletly llrstolass.
or Horse Car Railways
Persons having mining or other Proporties that Will
boar investigation, cun have a Company promoted, oi
sell thsra, by addressing	
17 and 19 Broadway, New York City.    London offices:—Chiswell  House,  No
139 Finsbury Pavement, Loudon, E. C, England.
oUtidary Greek lining Exchange
Financial and Mining* Brokers.
Groups of  Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etci
■pIUHARD TllliKli'lN,
li,..-", nil  kin,Is  .,,    kin, 1*:  of   ropnlrlllg mnl
horse shooing.   All ivork gaitrtiniood.
No.   ■'..
130, li. STOCKING,
—=■C. A.  JONES,—
Paper Hanger, Sign Writer, Etc. |
5 Qrand Forks,
The women's franchise bill lias been
killed by a vote of LO to IJ.
V.ni   for John A. .Manly [dr mayor.
Tariff Changes.
Among the changes in the now tariff)
which will principally ull'eot liritish
Columbia, is the placing of mining,
smelting and rclli.ing machinery on
the free list. Tuo ro aro no {change**
which will materially Interfere with our
interprovincial trade with the Territories, as nothing is altered jin tho line
of agricultural produce except potatoes,
raised from 10 to 15 cents pot* bushel,
und barley altered from 10 cents per
bushel to 30 por cent, ad valoie.tn l'Totir
drops from 75 to GO ceiils per bushel.
When applying for Crown Grants re-
quest that the notice of application b*»
published in the Grand Kokks Mineb
— tho best advertising medium in the
Kettle Kiver and Boundary districts.
Best Creamery Butter received  twice
a week, by express, tit Pullers.
"Companies' Act," I'.mci IV, indamsnd-
im: Aits.
"Rocle Creek Gold and Capper Mining
Company" (Foreign).
Registered tli.-.'itli day of Murch, 1807,
I HEREBY. CERTIFY Mini I luivo this day ri «-
Istered tlio "Rook Cruel; Hold and Copper
Mlnitiu* Company" (Foreign), under the "fiotn-
nunit's' Act. 1'iiit IV.. ".RugWiatlon of l'orolgu
Companies,"and amending Ai'Ih.
The Ih'h.I olllco ol the said oompany in ultitat*
col ut tlio city of Spokane, State of Wimli-
t.in, r. s; a.
The objects for whicli the Company Is etab-
lislie.l are:-To buy sell, lease, bond, explore,
mine and mill, ana to do tiny necessary work
lor-the development aud operation of mining
prdpertyi tn construct, niniiiltiiii mnl operate
reduction and smelting plants or mills (or private or public une: to construct, malntalb and
operatb trails, roads, lines ol transportation hy
Inii.l or water; to build Humes or ditches, er
acquire water power or walor rights, aud to
lease and sell tlie same; ln (act, i i carry ..n It
lO'iiernl miningdnd rclin lion business, in nil
its viii inns .It purlmcuts, in compliance w Ith the
laws of tbo SI .to of Washington, uml tbo I'm. ■
luce of I'rltish Columbia, Canada, uintoi- which
wesi.nll operate.
Tiie capital stock of I lie sold Company Is eight
hundred thousand dollars, divided hit'oeight
hundred thousand shares of liio par value of
one dollar each.
Given under my hand and seal of olllco ut
Victoria, Province of Hriiish Coiutnbd, tnis 5th
dav of March, 1897.
fi*. s.| g. Y. WOOTTON,
'Ueitistrar of Joint Stock CuinpaiileB.
Wnioh Repairing .My Specialty
All Work Warranted.
GKANIJ   KOKKS, 13.   C.
.     -    -     B. C. ffi
.... \0
uk Estimates Furnished on All Kinds of Work. JJ
-'■    0*M*srx*ru.*«».*'*>»**»i»^'MVJ«*#>fe****fM
.     0*0\fi*0%0*iil-tf0\0^0'K.?+0'ii0*0i.W0*.0*'l°'»-**» «0\if*0*.0*,0*.0*.0*
Bath Rooms,    § Seeds! Seeds!
RIVEltSIUE.       -       -       -        tIRAl'II) FORKS*
T   H, FKATIIEHSTON, ll. A. S, c.
And Mining Engineer.   Member of Quebec Min-
Ing Society.   Mineral Claims Examined
j     aud-ltoportcd on.
A Large Stock of Northern Grown ^
Garden Seeds in Bulk. Tho Very ^
Best Quality ut Eastern Prices. 6^
-^     NEW   STOCK   OF
|     = SHOES -
^ First Class Quality and the jiricos Will Pleuso 5 ou.
^J Ot   Ail Kinds at Spokane   Prices  Freight and   tj
^J Incidentals   Added. ^|
J   0.   B.   &   P.  B.  NELSON,
:es  Froight und   ^
LSON,   WASH.   ^
wrwwv H0N.J1MM
Incorporation and is at tho present
time endeavoring to establish a rival
townsite to the detriment of this city.
I cannot conceive how any conscientious resident of Qrand Forks can support Mr. McCallum, although I hear
that a few are so blind to their own
business interests that thoy expect to
vote for him. Tho election of Mr.
Manly should he so positive that it
would forever silence these obstructionists and what you call in the States, I
believe, 'soro-heads.' "
Mr. Mara Believes Tnat One  Will Be
Here very Soon and Gives His
Reasons*—Surprised at any
Opposition to Ma».lv.
J. A. Mara, who lor the past two
sessions of the the provincial parliament has represented Valo district in
lhat body, was iu Qrand Forks last Saturday and Sunday visiting friends and
observing tlie progress of the city. Mr*
Mara is a linn believer in tho future of
Orand ForkB, and he is in a position to
base this belief Upon more subst.ntial
grounds than more personal observation of its surroundings. He is in
touch with tho "powers that be," and is
in a position to speak authoritively in
regard to the provincial policy relative
to this section, and in his opinion Qrand
Forks will not bo long without a rail
In an interview with a Miner representative, Mr. Mara said: "Vou may
say positively, that the provincial government realizes fully the paramount
importance of having a railroad built
int.) tho Boundary country und will
bend every effort to havo a Canadian
road in ahead of competitors from tho
United States, and in this thoy will undoubtedly receive tho support of tho
Dominion government. There are two
reasons why the provincial goVeinnlont
is so deeply interested iu building a
Canadian road into this section, principal of which is that the trade may be
kept on tho Canadian sido. Whon the
resources of this mining district aro begun to be utilised- its trade will be simply enormous, and self protection and
loyalty to homo interests demand thut
it shall flow only through Canadian
"Then thero is another and more direct reason for tapping tho Boundary
country with a road fiour this side of
the line. Tho provincial government
has guaranteed the interest for 25 years
on bonds given for building tho ShUs*
wap and Okanogan railroad and navigation system from the Canadian Pacilic south to Pentieton at tho lower
end of Okanogan lake; and at preemt
this is ar.ything but a paying investment. Now if a railroad connection
were had botwoin Pentieton dnd the
boundary, the Shtlswap and Okanogan
would at once becomo telf Buppot-tlng
and the government be relieved of tho
responsibility of carrying it. Tho people, generally, realize that this section
must bo a groat railroad feeder, and
thoy recognize Orand Forks lis tile
geographical center and distributing
point for the whole of tills mineral division, T'ho niorchatlts itnd oaf itulists;
not only of Victoria but of eastern cities,
have their eye Upon this part of tlio
'country. Popular opinion demands
that this section shall be reached by a
Canadian railroad as soon lis possible,
anil popular opinion is generally public
"Tho provincial government hits offered a bonus of 84,0d0 per mile to lho
railroad which shall lio tho lirst to
build in hero and this is an offer which
will not remain long Uliaccepted, Both
the Canadian Pacilic anil the Columbia
A* Western havo charters which would
hnable them to take advantage of the
bonus at.d I look for ono or tho other
to commence laying tails in this direction very shortly, lho Columbia ti-
Western, which io Mi', lleinze's roatl,
will como in by way of Christiana hike,
passing through or near Cascade City;
und will certainly build into (Irand
Porks, Mr. Ilein/o's smelter at Trail is
capable ot being enlarged   to  tin almost
Unlimited capacity, and the mineral of
this section is un undoubted attraction
for hiin. If the Columbia tit. Western is
the lirst to reach here, traffic* relations
with the Canadian Pacilic will surely
ho established.
"Yes, I believe tliat Orand Forks has
a great future in store. Its position at
tho Confluence of the two groat arm's
of Kettle river, along which the highways to the mines of this section must
rut:, assure the city of its being tho distributing center for all points in the
district, no matter what other townB
may spring up farther back in the hills.
With a progressive and intelligent class
of citizens, Grand Forks cannot helfc
but become one of tho groat mining
and commercial cities of the northweBt,
If the pending municipal election !b
carried the way it should be, there will
be no sot-buck in the city's advance towards prosperity. It Is a strange thing
to me that uny man Should havo the
audacity to aBk to be elevated to the
highest office within tho gift of tho
municipality, when he had so recently
Hone everything in his power to defeat
A Pbospective   Business  Man Tells
What he Thinks About thi;
A gentleman who Intends lo become
permanently Identified with the business interests of (Irand Forks was in
conversation a few evenings ag i with a
ropresentaliVe of The MiNeiI, and
among other things tho coining city
oloction was touched upon. His ideas
in this respect coincide with those of
the brincipal business men of tho city
so far as expressions from them havo
beon heard. He said in part: "Personally I am prejudiced ta neither of
tho candidates for mayor. Personally,
either man would undoubtedly be capable ot filling the office creditably. Hut
in this content all questions of personality must bo absolutely sidetracked
ant] tho votes must bo c ist on purely
fold-blooded business principles. I ho
future of Orand Forks is hanging in
the balance, and upon tho result of tho
coming election there Is much more to
be considered than the mere personal
qualifications of the candidates. A
man must be selected Who is clear-
headedi who possesses keen business
judgment and \Vill be quick to take advantage of any turn that may advance
tho city's interests in any way. Ho
tllust be a man of tho World: one Who is
posted on methods of the capitalists
and Who can correspond intelligently
with them. A man who has handle I
big deals for himself will know how to
handle big deals for others, and I tell
you ritht now that Orand ForkB is going to be a big deal if she gets olf with
the right foot foremost.
"This is not a time to sit idly by and
see other cities with fovVer resources
and loss attractive locations being
pushed to tho front. It is a mistake to
presume Unit a city will grow simply
because it. is fair and has minos back of
it. Pjsh and energy aro required to se-
curo population and wealth. People
aro liko sheep; they liko to dock together and when you get a band
started in ono direction all the rent will
folio*. Now we want to get tho people
headed in this direction und the rest
Will boons}*. But it is going to take
hard work to start the stfthepede* and
wo must have a leader who Is a rustler
and strictiy onto his job.
"If sound senso prevails in tho election this woek, Grand Forks vHII have
put herself on record beforo the ollt-
eitlo word tls being ready for business,
I hope that no mistake will bo made;
and I don't believe there vfcill be.
"There is little hotnr, no pay: and a
great deal of hard work connected with
tho olliee, so tho only question to be
considered is which of the two nien can
do tho city the tlioit good. From what
I have been ablo to learn I believe that
no votei who hail tho intoiosls of tho
city at heslrt should hesitate , about
casting his Vote for John  Manly."
Mining Convention's.
The Rut Portage Mining Exchange
will hold a mining contention at Hit
Pottage on June II, -J and 5, and o'.'ory
indication puiuts to the fact that it will
bo ohe of tho largest and important
gatherings of the kind oVer held in Ontario. Special arrangements havo boon
Itiade whereby visitors wili bo able to
visit and itispeat tho various working
mines and other interesting features in
the Vicinity of Bat Portage. Both the
( anadian Pacific and Great Northern
railways havo granted a rate of one
and one third faro.
llesitloB subjects relating to liio operation of mines and tho treatment (if ores,
special consideration will bo given to
the discussion of measures for bringing
tho gold industry into closer touch
with capital and for iiidtioing a moro
libohil  investment  thereof, and   dlffuB-
It g a witlor knowledge of the opportunities for investors now open in this
Tho National Mining Bureau of Colo
rtidn has issued a call for an international gold minors' convention to be
held In Denver on the l5th and l'Hh of
June. In connection with this exhibit
It is proposed to havo a grand display of
gold ores and mineral. In order to
make this donvention one of tho most
successful ovor hold a request has boon
made that all state mining bureaus,
schools of mines, boards of trade.
chambers Of commorce, miniug exchanges, and ail mining organizations
to send delegates und lend such other
assistance aa posslblo in forming tho
exhibits. Hvory mining district iti
British Columbia and Mexico aro requested to elect tlnd send delegates,
The Principal Regulations that abb
to be Adopted in the Acquirement op Mineral Lands.
One section of the Smith amendment
of lho mineral act is designed to exempt
from free miners' license men who are
merely employed to work in the mines.
Another provision is that in entering on
private lands a minor is not first required, a? at present, to put up security,
but only does so if requested afterwards
by the owners. Another section allows
work done outside of u mineral claim,
if having direct relation to bitch claims
anil in direct proximity to it, to be accepted in lieu of assessment work and
also it provides that a partnership not
exceeding eight claims in number may
put in assessment work for p group on
on claim, the amount expended being
equal to #1(10 for each claim,
Crown grants to mineral claims unmade to convey surface rights, Including timber for tho purpose of working
the claim, other surface rights being
Vested in tho c own, but tho owners of
ctown grants for mineral claims may
purchase all th ) surface rights for .*?•',
por acre, ln cases Where a mineral
claim Is located on a railway grant tho
owner of tho CroWn gl'ant shall be entitled to appropriate tho surface right
in fee simple of tho company, the
a mount not to exceed 85 per acre.
All the sections hero referred to are
in italics, for private members Cannot
bring Ihem in and when in italics are
supposed tint to bo seen until the government gives Kb consent in the house
to their insertion.
Other provisions make Clearer tho
laying out of claims and tecording
them. A minor to abandon n claim
must give notlco in writing to the
mining recorder. For tho purposes of
a croiVy grant, Work done ou a claim by
a predecessor in title may bo .loomed to
be dono by tho applicant who receives
the transfer, Notice of the application
for a crown grant must bo made in a
newspaper in tlio district, or if there is
none; then in lhe nearest paper. Tho
Survey of a claim may be counted as
Work on tbo  claim., but  not  to oicood
To prevent any more uncertainty its
to uartnerships; no f. eo miner shall bo
entitled to interest in a claim located
by sonle ono else except Where a written agrecihent exist. -Nelson Miner.
NO! I.K.
To Provincial Land SunvKYOR*,
HI- HONOUR   ih'   Lieutcnnm Governor   lu
Council haB beed pleased to make the foi
lrfiving ruie<i and  recuhitioiifl witli reference to
the survey >>i ProvTnelal   lands  and  mineral
claims: -
1. Al! surveys shall in- personally made by
duly ijinilillt.il I'rovfnelul land surveyors.
•j. All Surveyors shall use thn depart mental
Held honk and paper, and at the bottom of each
pnire of liu lleld-nob h shall he entered the date
uml signature of Surveyor.
:;. The original Hold-notes shall he accompanied bj an aindavil in the - nbjoined form.
I. All Surveyors must promptly carry nut
the Instructions of the Department in respect
to the character and amount of information to
bo furnished in tin- field notes,aud at all times
be ready to make such corrections nnd  supply
such additional data arts us expedient for the
complete rheckliiK of their wo I; in tin- Held.
-V 'Ih" Ucparlmcnl will Invariably exercise
thi- right oi n*iii>*iiL' to accept surveys not made
in accordance with the above regulations, and
nlso will refuse to accept as satisfactory any and
nil surveys made by a Surveyor "ho has been
guilty of repoutcd InfrocMonsof the preceding
(i   B. MARTIN*,
Chh-i Com.r of Lands and Wurl;«.
Lauds and Works Don't,
Victoria, U. C, mill April, [«l»7.
Survey of PitovjNi ial Lands,
I   of ,*...» duly   au
thoricd Provincial Laud Surveyor for the Province of liritish Columbia make oath rtud say
as follows: -
[1.   I havo surveyed ..
Leaves lioB:bnrgon the arrival nf Hi.'sou'libound train arriving at Grand V rki
at li o'clock same evening. Leaves Grand Firks al 1 o'cloca* a. m., arriving at
11. ssburg in time to c muect with northbound train. Express and freight promptly attended to aud handled at reasonable rates.
When applying for Crowd Grahts to-
quest that the notico of application be
published in tho Grand Forks Miner
— the best advertising medium in. tho
Kottle River and Boundary districts.
[2.| 1 Conunoncetl (ho snid survey tin the	
 day of  w.i   , and completed it
on tho  Hay "f l-">   .
[:*.] [ personally run all the lines tif the sni.l
survey on tlm dates net ..ut in the annexed lield
lii.nl; marked A.
11 ) Th,. notes contained In the (lolrl-book are
a correct   representation of tlte worli done on
tlie ground by me.
glSworu before .
  )   Provincial hand Surveyor.
Takes pleasure in Announcing Iodic
Ladles of Grand fdrks and vicinity
Unit nlio lots opened a Flrst'cUss
Stock of
Champion Rork   Drillers.
At a rock-drillihg contest held at
Rossland recently between Mike Rums
and Jack Riley, on the ono side, and
Messrs. McLeod and Ross on tho other,
foi* a purse of S250 and the championship of British Columbia, tho former
wero successful, the insult being as ful
lows: BUrna and Riley, 85J-JJ inches;
McLeod and Ross, 82 7 10 inches. Captain Win. E. Hall was judge and George
Owen o'lici: 1 time keeper. Each team
drilled IB minutes; changing dlills every
minute and changed striking every half
ninery tiooas
Hats Trimmed to Order 111
tile Last Stylo known t > the art. A
lino ol Lacos; Ribbons, Flowers and
tn Fact Everything kept In Jo first-
.■lass Millinery store. Particular Attention paid to Mail (irderH.
Call find See the Now Styles.
Whon it Comes to Looking For Bargains.   Call and bo
Convinced that you can Find Anything yon
Want   at   POPULAR   PRICES. "
Two Car Loads
All Ready in
Still 3 riore
On the Road
We Can'y the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assorted
Stock   of
i r^
LaUodry Wohk  Dono  With   ^cjitnosn
und Dispatch;
On liars •''<: each rirS for 10c
Small Clotlilug  r»0c rtoss
Ladies' Sklrbi .      arte each
Lad'cs' Waists 2dc each
Woolen Blanket-
50c each
Grand Fork,?, B. C.
For Sale Or to Let.
The Ranch owned by C. N. Ron-loll
adjourning towdsiteof (Irand Forks. 1!.
C.   For tortus, Are.    Apply to
G. AhTHtlR   RKf'llKr.L,
Greenwood ( ity; 13. C.
Mniinfni hirer nl
For a clip of coffee and ci'eam go to
the Arcadia, 1
Why Bake
Your Own
It Doesn't Pav to Worry
anil Stew Over, a Hot
Stove Whon Von Can liny
Seventeen N'ice, Fresh,
Toothsome Loaves For
One Hollar at
Spring   Bedsj   Mattresses,
Dealer in
GRAND   FOHItS,   11.   ('.    ™
g0r~rr.w Filing and nil Kinds of Repairing,
ill Roads Lead to Carson.
Dealer tu General
(Y.mefi « Complete Lint of
In the Kettle Biver and Boundary Districts, Consisting of Groceries, Provisions, Queensware, Hardware;
Sash and Doors, Wall Paper, Dry Goods, Clothing Boot,-
Shoes and Drugs.    Also a Full Line of
Mail Orders receive Prompt attention;
Give us a trial order and we will guranted
The uBig Store,
Biverside Ave.; Grand Forks. B. C.
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Also a Ftill Liino of
Harness, Saddles, Bits, Spurs,
Etoij Etc.
Ths same Rule .Applys tn
Ties, Cakes, Doughnuts!
Cookies and all   Kinds of
Pastryj Etc
Should carefully Consider
tho .cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumbei'
Shingles, Lath; Etc;
can he purchased at tho
Grand   Forks
Sawmill ; . . i
Cheaper than
anywhere else,
c. k, simpson, Proprietor.   o£SRSS!SSfaSSS&•^a?WS?*®!ld'M, 0r r* »• „ncCA5JE& -
' .spok-uic. Washing-
We will Offer for Ihe Next Thirty Days a
Group of three Claims on
Pass Creek,
Spokane Falls & Northern
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard,
Red Mountain R'ys.
The only All rail Route, witbor.l change
ot cars^ between Spokane, [lose-
hind Nelson,
IlAlt.Y  K.Xt'l'l'T  SI'NI,\ ,'.
(loini.- xorth. ti.ilnit South.
At n price that you can double your money inside .,f ninety
days. This Property will Stand tlie closest investigation ami
will satisfy anyone that it is a go id investment
\Ve hayo,no\v on Btilo fli*^following good properties:— (
GROUP. OF        j    One-half mile from Grand Forks and adjoining the ct lebral
TWO CLAIMS.   )     HONKTA   mine.    Wili he sold as a group or singly.
GROUP. OF       \    One mile  and a  ha|f frqin drand Forks, quartz ledge, good
TWO ClAIMS.   \    Assays and an immense surface showing of ore,
OVER TWENTY        i    For sah   rmi.M   in  the Vicinitj   of the Grout   Volcanic
GOOD PRCPERIES   )     Mountain and Seattle mining properties.
the Above    {    Wp.can honestly,1'oc.oninu'nil as good.investments.     \Ve can get
Properties     )    you good claimc in any i articular section at bed-rock prices,
 Con espondencc Solicited,
11 :ll u. m.
Clole t'onnettiuiii,,it Nelson with steiuiilniat-.
for Kiislo anil nl] Kootenay l.nke lNilutH.
McCarter, Johnson & McCarter,
.Qrand Forks, B. £'
Spokane, Washington. TWO LETTERS
Intending Purchasers of Property tre
-  Waiting to See H.w the Elec
tion is Going- — Will Buy if
Manly   Wins.
The following letter, received by a
residenl of this city from the Hon, D,
W. Hiegtns, shows what is thought of
the ,*le"li.,n in \ let,ilia:
"'llear Sir I enquire you copies of
tie petition circulated in Orand Forks
by P, T. McCallum, signed by Inn self
and his friends, ih their attempt to defeat the Incorporation of Grand Forks.
The inconsistency of tho man! After
doing everything he and his allies could
to keep 11 rand Forks from going ahead.
leaving no stone unturned to defeat
everything that would benefit the city,
after sending Buch a petition as this,
which reflects the . haracter of the man
sending it. he now winds to bee..mo
mayor of tho ci'y he tried to kill. 'Consistency, thou art a jewel.'
*l am certain McCallum will be defeated at th" polls as he should be,
and a well deserved rebuke administered to I,im fur his exhibition of eon*
"il and nerve. Certainly, no sensible
businessman would vote to put u mini
iu this position of trust, who has tried
to betray their financial interests ns
11 nun McCallum lias done. He certainly will be defeated end Gram!
I orks will continue to grow. V mis
truly, ['. W. HioCiNS."
The following li Iter, received yester*
lay n. this city, is self explanatory;
"Rossland, li. G„ May -, '97,
Chas. Gumming!*, Grand Forks, 11.0.
Vottrs at hand asking bow Orand
Forks' I..Is are going an I what Un*
prospects are for the  future,    lu reply
..v.ml.I say that II lection seems to al
tract as much attention here us in
Orand ForkB, I have Boveral parties
who are going to buy property there, but
will nol do it until the election is set
lied. If Manly is elected I am 'Joining
over wilh a party of four who want to
_". into business there, but will not
earn In start in a mining town where
Puritanical ideas prevail, as such towns
iir. to,, slow for these times. Manly's
election means much lor tho success of
Grand Forks In.t McCullum's election
would throw you bank two years.    Well,
u Ibye.    Sue.-os    lo   Orand   Forks.
Vours truly, K. T. Dmini.v, '
quite a building boom this spring, new
business houses being built besides several handsome residences. He also reports quite a rivalry between the residents of the town iu the matter of beau -
tifyicg their resident property by plant-
in-; flower gardens and laying out lawns.
With the advent of water for irrigating
purposes there is no reason why Midway should not make one of the hand*
sotacst cities in the province.
Narrow  liscape.
.1. ]•'.. Walkers' favorite horse "Fox,"
bad an experience this spring which
camo near costing him his life and his
owner the loss of a valuable animal.
Tom Dartmouth had tho horse up Pass
creek, which was badly swollen aul in
which, just below the place whero Tom
wanted to cross, was a log jam. Tom
left the horse on tho bank of the stream
whili be endeavored lo break lhe jam.
While he was working at this the bank
caved and the burse fell into the stream
ami was instantly carried out of sight
under (he logs. Torn waited tor bun to
reappear, but was Anally forced to give
the horse up for lost and proceeded on
Ins way mi foot. Tbiee days later ho
found 1'..:v on the range with some other
horses. How lie got out from under
lhe jam no one will ever know, for Fox
won't toll,
Boundary creek Notes.
I-i,mi the Tim.'*..
Tho crosscut tunnel on the Combination has reached a distance ol'20 feet
from tho mouth.
F. A. Bartholomew struck a good
body of sulphite ore last week on tho
Jubilee, on Eholt creek, A shaft is being sunk on this claim.
Mr. McOarren intends to utilize tho
water power at Boundary Falls ind is
now preparing to lay pipes. It is possible that works of somo kind for treating free milling ore will be established
in tlie vicinity of the falls this summer.
I'lir." S hour shifts are to be put on
the (!il.leu Crown in the course of a
week or so; in f et, directly the tunnel
is Under way. At present only four
men are at work on Hie property.
A Few Hundred Dollars Invested in Property in
Will double within Ninty Days.
Talk with
The Rustling Real Estate Agents,
Grand Forks, B. C
Held in $2 o Ball.
The preliminary hearing of W.O, MeMynn was held at Midway last Friday
before 0. A. B, 1 nimbly S. Al., and
Justices Kerr and Hodgson, upon a,
charge of shooting with intent to kill
filed by .Mr. R. J, Hood, lie* injured
party, before O. T Hod.; nil J P., on
March .11, Al lhe opening of the examination tlie prosecuting witness
asked lhat the nature of the charge ba
changed from one of shooting wilh intent to kill to unlawfully causing
grievous bodily injury. The evidence
brought mil at this trial is substantially the same as produced at the government investigation held last March.
After tho prosecution hud closed their
en-.'the .defendant declined the privilege of making n statement, 'lhe mag-
istiates committed him lo stand trial
at the ne-xl term of competent jurisdic-
tion,   .lustier  Kerr  dissenting,   on  lhe
groun I that th" evldei  produced was
ie.t sufficient to justify tho iBauing of a
.. ..iranl of committment, Mr. MeMynn
win  allowed to go on his own security
In   ll:.' Slllll el   3200.
Kamloops Coming to the   Fror.t.
Mr. i',. O. Davidson, representing the
Inland Cigar factory, Kamloops, was iu
the Forks this week interviewing our
merchants in the interest of his house,
win, in ike a specialty of three brands of
("gars whicli are becoming quite popular in this vicinity, known as the La
Morena, Interior and Pride of Kamloops. Mr. Davidson i eports business
picking up all over the district and says
that Kam.'oops iH making for herself
quite a reputation as a mining section,
several very valuable strikes having
been made lately,
A Bridge at Edwards' Ferry.
Mr, Wm. Graham, manager of the
Wayside house at Edwards' ferry, was
a pleasant caller at Tin: MiKer olfco
this week. Mr. Graham expects to
construct a bridge across the Kettle
river at Edwards' ferry, as soon as the
high water recedes sufficient to permit
tlie work t> be commenced, which,
when completed, will lessen the distance
from Grand Forks to either Bossburg
or .Marcus about folir miles. It is expected mat ti.e bridge will bo completed and ready for travel in about 60
days from lime work is commenced,
Brandon and GoHen Crown to Start a
300 Foot  Tunnel-Eepublic
Shows Jour Peet of Ore -
A Deep Shaft,
it is the intention of tho Boundary
Mines company to thoroughly develop
at.d explore this prop u-ty as soon
as possible. Although nearly 300
feet of tunnels anil shafts havo been al
ready run or sunk, still tho ore body is
of such great size that much additional
jvork will be required in order to arrive
at a tin rough knowledge of the claim.
J. C. Haas will begin development
work on the Oolconda group of claims
in Smith camp in tho near future. Ho
is now in Spokane,
The general tide of prospecting for
the summer seems likely to gj up tho
main Kettle river vad-y and adjacent
country. There are many good showing's in this region', tlie ores being
ch'elly pyrrhotites and similar sulphides', and it is expected that a number of good claims will bo located.
Information Wanted.
During the pant wintoi persistent In*
|oii\ A*as in,el" tu learn the where*
abouls ..I' -I. li. Baxter, lho owner of a
half locBtiVe intorrst in tlie LaVeta, a
most promising and splendidly adyan
tug. d proposition fur tunnelicg and location, being situated only ono half
mile from Grapd Forks pn Observation
ti,..i i,tain, between the Gray Eagle and
Bonita claims, which so favorably promise tojbecome great mines. It appears
thut Baxter hibernated in Spokane city
and .-old his half to i'l S.Graham of
thai eil;. |!" fortunate owner of the
Pay Rook group in tlie Slocan, and of
the Texas group of eight gold a*jd copper-gold claims on Ingraham mountain
on Kettle liver, about .four miles above
Midway, and acro36 which group any
railroad east and wist mUBt necessarily
Get'ilig 'n Hie Swim.
A. K. Stewart, agent of the Midway
(townsite company, passed through
.Grand Forks last week entoute to
Christiana lake, Where he is largely interested in mining property, to look af-
ier his interest*) in that vicinity, and
reports   that   Midway   is experiencing
WW Celebrate the Queen's Birthday.
At a public meeting held at Greenwood Inst week, it was decided to ur-
range for the celebration of tho Queen's
birthday in Hint city on the *21th of
May in a mart nor appropriate to the occasion, and committees wero appointed
to prepare a suitable list of gutties, consisting of athletic sports, rock drilling
contests, horse racing, etc. As Greenwood never does anything by halves, wo
predict that the occasion will be ore
lorn; to be remembered in this district,
A Fine Bunch of Catllc-
Last   week   11.  li. ' mv-t.in,  of   Ker.
moose,   the  "cattle king"  uf the  Vide
district, passed  through  Orand   Forks,
wilh   about  80  head  of   fat   beef steers
which hi was driving to lho RoBsland
market. One seldom sees In any country a tiner In; ..r beef cattle than was to
be found in Ibis bunch, which averaged
about-1300-piiunda  oach,   Mr. Cawston
reports stock h oking well in bill section
and lhat Very feW lost uny on account
..r seareily uf feed.
Wants to Build a Hospital.
Messrs Filley & Og.len aro in correspondence with Dr. G. S. Armstrong, of
RcSBland, regarding the establishment
of a hospital in Grand ForkH. Mr.
Armstrong tyis tbe reputation of being
among the foremost of bis profession
and • should satisfactory inducements
be offered to have him locate at tho
Forks, he Will Undoubtedly provo it desirable requisite to tlio future prosperity ol' olir City.
iflsb aiv.l Door Factory.
Messrs. llaiinan and Eckland aro
making arrangements to put in all the
necessary machinery for a first-class
sash and door factory, which they ex.
pent to have in operation und ready for
business inside of sixty days. This
gdod news will bo hailed with delight
by our citizens as it will prove to Do a
groat convenience to bo able to have
anv size door or window made that they
may desire.
The following interesting letter was
taken from the Rossland Minor of April
Anaconda, April 21—The Brandon
and Golden Crown Mining company
has started work on a ,'iOO foot tunnel,
which is to crosscut the ledgo on the
Golden Crown at dyp'h. The Golden
Crown -is in Wellington canip next to
tho Winnipeg mino,, and has shown
somo vory fine ore. It is mostly pyr-
botito with copper, and seine assays
reach ?'2tlO per ton. *Yn assay of picked
ore is stated to bo 8o0.
Good progress is boin^ made on the
Republic claim's.shaft, about one and a
half feet per diy being sunk. Tho
ledge has widened to about four feet
and shows good ore.
Work was bjgun on the Spotted
Horse claim next tu Greenwood town-
site.    _
On tho Hound iry Fn'ls claim tbo
shaft has been timbered, and sinking
was resumed today.
Tho Canadian's deVelopmnnt work
has been temporarily suspended on ac
coiint of water. It is hoped that work
can bo begun again in about two weeks.
Mr. Drflcker, of London, ling., is expect'tl to arrive 'in about two weeks.
On the Hidden Treasure and Gold Hug
claims iu Deadwood camp, whicli he re.
i*'idly purchased ,v irk has baen bagiin ,
Tho wator In the Gold Bug is very .troublesome just at present, the 10 foot
sump being filled every inorolng.
Deepest Shaft, in Boundary.
A I Xo. 7 claim the. work of taking out
rock has practically boon at a standstill
for a week, owing to the excessive
amount of water whicli is Coming in.
It has taken tho undivided attention of
the men to keep il down. However, it
is expected that tho trouble will greatly
lessen us scon as all tlio molting snow
has run off. The shaft on No. 7 is to bd
■sunk 100 feet further al once. When
this is done, the total depth \yill be ilO
feet, making it tho deepest one in the
Boundary district. The shaft is not
sunk 0*5 or next the vein \Vhero the rock
is very hard) but about It) feet in the
footwall whore there is a stratum of
r.oft.serpoiitiuo which makes the cc?t of
sinking vory much less and the work
more rapid.
,W. T, Smith expects to sink the shaft
on the Last Chance 100 feet further
during the summer, lie has heen much
troubled with tho water during the
past two weeks.
The Mother Lode.
Work at the Mother Lxlo is still suspended, bat it is expected  that operations will shortly be resumed there, as
The Trilby, in Skylark camp, has bad
the final assessment dTneoti it.
Charlie Ren lell has completed his assessment work on the Whalo, tin Pass
The Toronto, in Skylark camp, recently bonded by a Vancouver syndi-
oat*, has two men working on it.
jack Bitters and , Antone Moran, better known as ''Jumbo," left on Tuesday
to do assessment work on some property they have in Bonanza camp.
Andrew Jeldness, a mining man from
Spokane, passed through town this
woek erioute foi Eureka caiiip on the
reservation, where he goes to do assessment work o.i a group of claims which
ho is interested in in that sectiun.
A. B. Anderson was in town Tuesday
from t'bristina lako where ha is doing
assessment work on the Rose, Thistle
and Shamrock, situated on Baker creek,
anil reports a goad showing on theso
■properties, the ore of whicli carries
both bon and eoppor.
Mr. I. J. Evans and wife, of Spokane,
arrived in Grand Forks this week, having cotnu overland, anil left Wednesday
morning for Pusb creok, where ho will
do the assessment work on the Mammoth, May, Alexander, Elinnr and Eldorado- a group of claims ho has great
faith in. Mr. Evans sold a group of
claims oolim :tlnh of the Ion.', Nannie F,
Giberaltor and Vou Like, situated on
Puss crook, to the Rathmullen coinpany:,
a Scotch syndiuuto with headquarters at
ltosslaud. who expect to commence doing development work on th.-ir property
iu a short time when a doubio shift will
be worked, This company has an unlimited amount of capital behind it and
will continue work as long as the show-
Ing will justify it.
A slttin-? ol the Ciliintj* Court ill Yule will be
holden nt
At the hoitrof 10 o'clook In the forenoon.
By Command,
(J. A. K. LAMBLY, R. (.'. U.
Government  Olliee, Osoyoos,   B.   C,  April
2th, i8'.l7.
The above sitting of court has been postponed
until Tuesday, May 21, 1897,
Mayli'DT. C. A. R. LAMBLY:
Livery Teams, Saddle
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale.   Teaming of all Kinds Done.
■P   CARR**
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable Prices.
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.   Special attention paid to Clean,
i r.g and Repairing.   Give me a trial order.
Properties Reported on,
Development nnd Assessment Work Supervised.
Ranken & Campbell,
And Investment Aeenis.
Conveyancers     i
Records S<Jurche<U
Grand Forks, B. CI.
Carson Shaving Parlors and   Bath Room;
W. J. SNIDF.R, Proprietor.
When you want anything in my Line give mo a call,
Grand Forks, B. C,
fhe Mammoth Hotel oMhe Kettle River District.
MRS. A. V. DAVI& Proprietress.
Do You Need
Any Letter HeadsV
Bill Heads?   Business Cards?
Envelopes?   Circulars?
Can Supply You at Fair Prices.
But Only At a Reasonable Profit;


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