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The Grand Forks Miner Apr 30, 1898

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GUAM) FOKKS, 15. C, SATURDAY, APBIL .'50, 1898.
KiikHhIi S> iuIm-hO Secures an Option uf a It-huh la nd Property—
Work In the Pierre'* Lake Din-
trlot— Atlinbaitea   Mine   Floated   In
London—Placer*    in    the    Upper
Tho quartz ledges of tlie Coeur d'Alene
gold belt arc divided into two distinct
classes, says the Murray (Idaho) GOlTe*
spondent of the Spokane Hpokpsnmn-K-j-
view. The ono on which the most work
lias heen done are small veins running
from a few inches up to lliree or four feet,
the value is ordinarily only $■' to $S per
ton. There are frequently pocket* found
iu all of thein which will run as high ns
$201)0 or even higher. These pockets are
sometimes quite ex tensive, uh much as
$00,000 having- heen taken from a single
porket, and several others have closely approached these figures Jf one of these
veins is opened at a pocket it can he
worked by poor men, an enough ean be
taken front the pocket to open up the
claim and tide the owners over until another pocket te struck. If n pocket Is not
found at thst the owner holds on, doing
bis annual assessment work, knowing
that sooner or later he will strike one, and
if it is one of considerable size he will be
independent thereafter No mine will ever
be found among ledges of this class that
will become known throughout the mining
world, although there will be a lot oi
them that will make comfortable fortunes
for their owners, und a combination of
several of thein may become a really great
mine. It is in these ledges that the success of the camp lies, as they will always
insure ti divided ownership. The other
doss are large leads running from 10 feet
in width upwards to oO feet or even more.
While extremely rleh ore has been taken
from them, in the main they run more
regular values than thc small leads, and
from a. few assays taken at random one
ean determine pretty closely what the
average Value of thc vein will be, barring
the change that will come with depth.
These will run from $8 to $15 per ton, a
value that would pay well if the gold
could be readily extracted, but the ore is
generally base after the first few feet below tlie first surface, and it requires expensive appliances to work them to advantage. While it costs $28 per ton for
freight nnd smelter treatment, and without extensive plants of the most approved
machinery a large part of the assay value
is lost in thc tailings, little can be done
with thein by men of limited means.
Eventually numbers of them lying contiguous to each other will come into the
possession of men or companies of large
means and they will develop into rivals
of the Homestake and Treadwell. While
most of the wealth of tlie district will
finally come from the leads of this class,
they will not be of so great value to the
camp as the small ones, for they will
throw the control into the hands of too
few men. While gold and silver form the
principal values of this class of leads,
there is some lead and copper in them, one
of them in particular, which is now in
mind, having pretty general assay returns
of 10 per cent lead. Of course there are
some exceptions to this general classification, but the differences noted here will
apply to nine out of ten of the veins iu the
gold belt.
Thc  Iron   Col*.
The property of the Iron Colt Gold Mining Company, Limited] which consists of
thc Iron Colt mine, situated on Columbia
and Kootenay mountain, in the Rossland
district, has been optioned to an English
syndicate. The terms of the option are
private, but it is suid to be about $100,000.
The purchasers, it is said, are amply supplied with funds and stand ready to expend a large amount for development
work. The sum of $30,000 has been expended in development work, and the
property is fairly well opened. What is
now needed is capital to sink to a lower
level. Thete iB a strong lead uncovered
that is from 0 to 35 fe'et wide, 80 feet in
depth and 300 feet in length (one of thc
largest ore chutes in thc camp), and runs
about $0.50 a ton. Thero are 2500 tons on
the dump. The company was incorporated
in October, 1890, with a capital Btock of
share, and thc money so derived was spent
$1,000,000. Some 240,000 shares of the
treasury stock was sold at 15 cents per
in the work of development. There is still
a balance in the treasury. There arc also
some 40,000 shares of the treasury stock
on hand. The ore of thc Iron Colt contains an excess of iron and is therefore in
demand for flux. Thc smelters pay a
bonus for each unit of iron contained in
sueh ore. The property is highly valued
by the chief shareholders, and Borne of
them are loath to part with their holdings, because they think tlte property has
merit, ft is believed that richer ore
chutes will be encountered when a greater
depth has been reached.
1'lerre'n Lake Dlalrlct.
K. T. Trimble of Colfax was on the reservation the other day for thc purpose of
viewing thc work done on propeity in
which lie is interested on Sulphide mountain, in the Pierre's Lake district. Mr.
Trimble is president of the Sulphide
Mountain Milling and Mining Company,
composed of business men of Portland and
Colfax. The ore is copper and galena, and
runs well in gold and silver. A small
crew has been at work this winter sinking
a shaft, which is down about 50 feet. The
ledge is quartz, with diorite and slate on
the foot wall, serpentine gangue rock and
porphyry on the hanging side. It runs
northeast and southwest, dipping a little
to thn east. At 30 feet a crosscut was made.
The ledge had widened considerably from
the surafce and showed a fine ore body of
from four to five feet. Assays taken from
the ledge at this depth gave a value of
$58.28; of this, $17.34 was in gold, the remainder being copper, lead and silver.
Work is to be pushed to the 100-foot level,
where another crosscut will bc made, and
it is thought that the company will be in
position to ship ore by that time   Tlte
Corbin surveys runs within a mile of this
The Athnhaaca Mine.
News comes that the Athabasca mine,
in Nelson district It C-, has been successfully floated in London, and thc stockholders will receive more than double the
highest price ever paid for the slock in
this part of lhe country Hand Him of
Vancouver, of which firm 0. li. Hand of
Spokane is a member, are heavily interested in tlie property, and through their j
efforts the deal Iiiih been made. The slock
of the company will be taken in hand by
lliree leading brokers of the London stock
exchange and will be sold at not less than [
0 cents per share, wbich will net $700,000
for thc mine.   Deducting a commission ->f
10 per cent for the brokers, the stockhohl-1
en may expect  lo receive  63  cents per .
hare.    Ten per cent of the agreed price
of the stock, $70,000, lias been paid.   It is j
further   provided   by   the   terms,  of   the]
transaction that the sum of $100,000 shall
be furnished at once, iu addition to the
amount paid, and this will be applied to .
the development work and the purchase
of  machinery.    Other payments  will  be
made during the summer, as lhe stock te
In lhe I'ltper liu Ine,
Highly Important developments are
taking place in upper lloisc, where the
IV in Spri rigs I Macer Com pa ny a nd tlie
Upper Uoise Hydraulic Company have
been putting in large plants for working
the high bars marking the old channel of
tbe stream. The Twin Springs Company
has had a giant playing on a 00-foot bank
on Buckley flat for some lime, and the
ground is found to yield 00 cents a yard.
This result is regarded as phenomenal.
There are vast deposits of gravel in high
bars, and it is said they will keep the
companies busy for many years.
Marble on the Clearwater.
A remarkable discovery of marble along
the Clearwater above Agatha last fall has
resulted already in fostering another industry in the line of burning lime Samples of the marble were sent to different
parties for testing, who reported most favorably on the qualities. And as marble
makes a fine quality of lime, parties took
bold of it and have,just finished burning
a fine kiln. With tlte railroad extended
up the Clearwater, this enterprise will be
given a stimulus.
She's little and modes*! and party,
As fresh as a rose, and us sweet;
Her children don't ever look dirty,
Her kitchen ain't uo wu.v but neat.
She's the kind of a woman Id cherish,
A help to a feller through life.
Yet every old lieu in tbe parish
Is down uu the minister's wife,
'Twbh Mrs. 'Life Hawkins begun It;
She alters bez had the Idee
That the church wus built no's she could
run it,
'Caime Hawkins is deacon, you see.
She thought that the hull congregation
Jest marched to the tune of her life,
But she found 'twas a wrong calkerlutlon
Applied tn the minister's wife.
Then Mrs. .ledge .Teaks got excited,
She thinks she's the hull upper crust—
Wheu she heerd the Smiths wus invited
To ineetin' she quit in disgust.
"You inuy have all the paupers you choose
Sez she, jest as sharp as a knife,
"But if they go to church, I refuse to."
"Good-by!" sea the minister's wife.
And then Mrs. Jackson got stuffy
At her uot comln' sooner to call,
And old Miss MacGregor Is huffy
'Cause she went up to Jackson's at all.
Each one of the crowd bates the other,
The church hez bin full of their strife;
But now they're all hutin' another,
And that one's the minister's wife.
But still, all the cuckle unheediu',
She goes in her ladylike way,
A glvin' the poor what they're needtn',
And helpin' the church every day.
Our numbers each Sunday is swelling
And real true religion is rife,
And sometimes 1 feel like a-yellin',
"Three cheers for the minister's wife!"
—New York Press.
Tells   lion*  He   Would   Have Carried
On  IIIn Campaign*
Brussels, April 23.— The Xew Yurk
World correspondent colled on Dun Carlo**
at his hotel and obtained the following
declaration from him:
"If the Cut-lists had been in power in
Spain, war would have been inevitable
two years ago. Hut Sj-ain has erred on
the ?ide of generosity and chivalry, and
thus gone lengths hardly compatible with
national honor. The United States has
takeu advantage of this attitude and has
utilized the interval by strengthening her
Meet, lint we Spaniards are tough fighters ami enter the contest fearless of consequences, We thank tho holy father for
his kind offices, hut the time has passed
for intervention and the final catastrophe
is now inevitable."
The World correspondent bad expressly
asked for the reply to the question whether lion Carlos would, under all circumstances through his sympathizers with
Spain, support the present government
against. America, but on that crucial point
ho preserved a significant silence.
The pretender's sudden removal from
Ostoml to Brussels has excited much comment. His intention is believed to have
been to go on a visit to Earl Ashburnhain,
his chief supporter in England, but owing
to popular indignation against Spain he
was advised that such a visit would bc
impolitic. He therefore went to Brussels
Is able lo obtain Ibe books she needs,
she can accomplish much eveu ln half-
hour 8nalcbes. Somebody Icarucd
I-'rcnch while waiting for dinner, and
almost everybody bus time for a 111tio
reading every day, and many a mlokle
makes u muckle.
How Women J-arn Money.
The cleaning of bicycles Is, says tbe
Household, comparatively speaking, a
modem occupation, usually taken uy
by a inun lu connection wllh some other busluess. A clever Englishwoman
hns conceived the Idea thai ll might become a lucrative employment, for one
wbo could go ubout to the different
bouses dully, or at stated times, und
make a business of cleaning bicycles.
The greater majority of the riders are
youug people, uud such arc Inclined to
shirk tbe proper care that should be
glveu a machine, or are sometimes too
tired from the exercise to attend to It,
but are ofteu willing to devote some of
their spending mouey to get rid of the
This woman has started in the business, and goes from house lo house, so
that oue need uot take tbe cycle to a
shop. She soaks tbe chain ln kerosene
oil aud, after drying, rubs It with
graphite. She carries an assortment of
rugs, cheese-cloth, free from lint.
These,  well  permeated  with oil,  nre
ITp snid: "The clouds hide yonder range,
!    And doubtless it will rain to-night.
Ah. well! 'twill he a welcome change;
j    These fields art* bul a tiresome sight."
He crushed beneath his careless feet,
'    The while those dull,  blind  words he
The clover blooming, dewy sweet.
Where Dawn has made her rosy bed;
Nor heeded how, like thistle-down
From purple blossoms lightly blown,
The mists that veiled the mountain crown
j    O'er all the opul skies were strewn,
. —Symposium,
can get along with him.
I'm very sure," said Josce-
lln.l Darkrldge,
"Nobody could get aloug
with hlm!" chorused the
thrre oilier Miss Dark-
ridges, ln unison.
Uncle Black was tbe personage of whom they spoke
—a crabbed, Ill-tempered,
If I He old man—who lived lu
a superb old country seat
among the Catskllls,
He had money to leave,
but his nieces and nephews
secrelly   believed thnt it would be a
deal easier lo go to California or tlol-
conda, or some of the fabulous places
and dig fortunes out, nugget by nugget, than to stay at home aud earn them
py making themselves acceptable to au
bid gentleman wlho had as mauy angles
used upon tbe intricate and working jas a rose diamond, nnd as many prickly
parts of the wheel.   A bit of flannel | spikes of temper ns s porcupine.
polishes the trimming! after there has
been applied to them a paste snob as Is
used on harness trappings, The cleaner also adjusts the saddle and handlebars, testa everything to sec that It ls
Arm, tightening nuts when necessary.
She pumps up and tills tires, cleans,
trims, and fills the lamp, nud puts It securely In place.
Types of Nebraska Beauty.
The selection of tlie two Nebraska
girls, whose faces shall be a part of tbe
composite photograph to adorn the
trans-Mississippi Exposition medal,
proved to be a greater lask than anything yet undertaken by the directors,
After three mouths' delay the selections
have been made, and Miss MnyeO'Shea, led Hues, relieving the hoste
of Lincoln, and Miss Netta Hat-mer, of I weariness and anxiety. To manage
Syracuse, are the young women thus | und order luncheons, teas, receptions,
honored. According to the test,the facial nnd other social affairs, and to supply
expression of these two young women; menus or recipes.  To give Information
Naomi Dat'krldge had fried It first.
Naomi was a soft-voiced, Blender girl,
with a bead which reminded one of a
drooping Illy.
"No one can help loving Naomi," said
Mrs. Darkrldge, as she kissed ber
daughter good-by.
But in three weeks Naomi came back
half frightened out of her wits.
A New York society woman has add- j ..-,,, scol(ls s0 i*,.,,^-^--,,;. 8a*.- Na
ed a novel venture to the business en- I omi „And ,,e ,ooke(* „, ,ne „„ tn(.
tcrprlses of women.   She has opened a !,vol- must hnve looked .,, u,tk, ,((,(,
dainty office, which she calls "a bureau of social requirements." She offers to supply Ideas nnd original designs for entertainments on establlsh-
f    all
Nature   of   the   Package   Suspected
mid  the  l-reni-li'iit  Saved.
Washington, April 23. — An infernal
machine was sent to the president Thursday. Fortunately its character was suspected and efforts are being made to capture the sender. The machine was enclosed in a cigar box. An ingenious contrivance was arranged so when Ihe lid of
the box was opened there would be. a
Hash of powder, which would explode a
slick of giant powder sufficient to blow a
man to atoms. Lieutenant Cross, in
charge of the White House police, soaked
it thoroughly in a tub until its contents
were saturated, and then opened it.
Thn human skull contains 30 bones.
Ireland is about the size of Missouri.
Tlie moon moves 3333 feel per second.
The lower limbs contain 30 bones each.
Thc cerebral  matter is about seven-
clghlhs water.
An ordinary   elephant   produces 1*20
pounds of ivory.
Korea is exactly  the size of Kansas,
S-i,tHKI square miles.
An acl of congress in 1H72 abolished
(logging in the navy.
The human skeleton, exclusive of teeth,
consists of 20S bones.
Is supposed to be the best type of the
female beauty of the State. They were
selected from a group of several hundred. The whole number of photographs selected will be sent to New
Y'ork, where a composite photograph
will be made. This picture, typical of
Western beauty In the best sense, will
adorn one side of the trate-MlsslsslppI
Exposition medal.
The roots of hair penetrate
about one twelfth of an inch.
lhe skin
Thc normal weight of the liver is between three nnd four pounds.
The cells composing the epidermis aie
1-1000 of an inch in diameter.
The wrist  contains eight    bones, the
palm live, thc lingers have fourteen.
The color of tbe skin depends on pigment cells in the inferior epidermis.
Tlie wliite of nn egg applied at onco
to a burn or scald gives prompt relief.
Fashionable Stays Costly.
An American authority ou woman's
dress, commenting on the fact that a
Loudon court recently expressed amused astonishment because a woniau had
paid $25 for a pair of corsets, says that,
as an actual fact, considerably more
than this sum Is constantly paid for
stays mnde to order. Then, again, a
pair of corsets are often but part of a
regular costume, owing to the fact that
the brocade of which tbey are made
matches exactly the material of which
Is composed the underskirts to bc worn
with them. The very plainest corsets
made to order at any good house cost
betweeu ?10 and $15, nud they are
worth the money paid for them, for
tbey last a great deal longer than
ready-made slays, being composed,
down lo the thread with which they
arc stitched, of the very best materials.
Keeping* Clothes Smart,
It ls tbe tumbling about on chairs and
bedposts tbat ruins quantities of
clothes, and thus dresses are ofteu
"worn out" while not being worn In tbe
actual Beuse. A Philadelphia authority
advises women to bang nil dress waists
and skirts, but suspend them on "coat
bangers," uot on hooks or nails. The
way shopkeepers care for ready-made
garments Is an excellent object lesson.
If you can't get tbe ready-made article,
manufacture It. Half n barrel hoop,
with a loop of string In the middle,
makes a satisfactory substitute. Hang-
lug only serves for heavy fabrics, not
when tbey are of thin goods. In that
case, garments nre apt to become
stringy. Light materials must be folded, sleeves aud liows stuffed out with
tissue paper and all given plenty of
room. Skirls should be brushed when
taken off and then put nway at once.
A Hint for BiiBy Women.
If a woman with only a little time
for reading has an ambition to bc really
well read lu some oue direction, It Is
Imperative that she should select a specialty. It may be a broad specialty or
a narrow specialty—French history or
bumble-bees—but whatever It Is, If she
Is really Interested In the subject, and
on social matters, where any knotty
point Is vexing the uninitiated.
Must Supply Bath Money.
Among the Turks bath money forms
an Item to every marriage contract, the
husband engaging to allow bis wife a
certain sum for bathing purposes. If It
be withheld, she has only to go before
the cadi and turn her slipper upside
down. If the complaint lie uot then redressed It is a sufficient ground for divorce.
Goes to a Con Tent.
Queen NutalJe of Servla Is about to
say farewell to the world and bide herself aud hcr troubled life In a convent.
Her husband, ex-King Milan, Is a moral
monstrosity, and her son, for whom tbe
father, having made himself totally unbearable, abdicated his throne, has
shown decided traits of imbecility.
Owned by a Woman.
The system of electric street railways
In Tampa, Kin., is practically owned
and operated by u Mrs. Cluipln, who Is
said to be thoroughly familiar with
every detail of railroading, and to bo
the general manager of her road, which
Is a belt line, passing every place uud
point of Interest In Tamps.
Briefs Aliout Women,
The Queen of Greece Is the only woman Admiral lu the world.
Oulda never shakes hands. She declares It to be the most vulgar form of
The little towu of Nasso, In Sweden,
has a female contingent, 150 strong, In
Its tire brigade.
Since the college doors were opened
to women ln Scotland the female students bave shown a pardouable patriot-
New Zealand women have full suffrage, the native or Maori women belug
allowed to vote us well as their European sisters.
Mme. Payer, a Swiss woman who has
taken the degree of doctor of medicine,
is strongly opposed to tight boots and
gloves, corsets, and long skirts.
Mrs. Zerlsnb Gould Mitchell, who died
recently, Was the last Indian princess
ln Massachusetts, and was a lineal descendant of Che famous Mnssosolt.
Japanese theaters have their boxes so
arranged that the ladles can change
their dresses, as lt is not considered
stylish for a lady to appear an entire
evening In oue dress and with the same
Hiding Hood, oh, mamma, I couldn't
slay there, uot If I were lo lie mad.;
richer thau Miss lSurdetl-Coutts hcr-
Mngdnlenn Darkrldge went next; but
Magdah'iiu, although a line, tall girl,
j with a spirit of her own, was cowed by
j Uncle Black's savage eyes lu less lhan
a week.
"I'd sooner sweep crossing for a living," said she, "than be Uncle Black's
And so she came home without loss
of time.
Ithoda Darkrldge, In no wise abashed
by the successive failures of her sisters,
was the third one to try Black Grange
und Ils possibilities. But she also succumbed before the terrible scourge of
Uncle Black's savage tongue.
"It's scold, snarl, snarl, scold, from
morning till night:" suid Ithoda, as In
three days' time she tearfully relnted
her experience to her parents. "Oh,
you don't know—nobody can know—
what a dreadful man Uncle Black Is!"
"Oh, hang the old scamp!" said Mr.
Darkrldge, who was of a free-and-easy
nature, nnd thought his girls a great
deal 1oo sweet and nice to be snarled at
by any rich old miser. "Let him alone.
My daughters needn't go begglug for
any man's money."
But here   Joscellnd,   tbe   youngest,
tallest and prettiest of  tbe four girls,
spoke up:
"I'll go!" said she.
"You don't know what you are undertaking," said Naomi, with a shudder.
"He'd wear out a stone," said Mngdnlenn.
"He's a ghoul!" shuddered Rhoda.
"I can get along with hiin, I am very
sure," said Joscellnd, brightly.
And she packed up her little trunk
ami went to Black Grange.
It was sunset—a red, flaming sunset
like one of Gilford's pictures—when she
came up the terraced flight of steps tbat
led to the house. Everything blushed
blood-red lu the deep light, aud Joscellnd could si* how lovely was the
scenery, bow substantial this old gray
bouse, wilh Its square towers aud semicircular, colonnaded porch. Uncle
Black stood ou the steps.
"So you are Joscellnd?" said be. surveying her wllh little twinkling eyes,
I like glass beads.
"Yes, I am Joscellnd," said the
.bright-cheeked girl, giving him a kiss.
j "You're late!" said Uncle Black.
I "I am lale," said Joscellnd. "1
i thought the old beast of a stage never
would have gol here. The horses fairly
crept and the roads were horrid."
"It's a dreadful warm dny," growled
i Uncle Black.
| "I'm almost roasted," sighed Joscellnd.
| "The whole summer has been Intolerably warm," snhl the old gentleman.
I "We might ns well be In the tropics,
n.nd be done with It," retorted Joscellnd, Hinging off her shawl and fanning
herself vehemently,
I    Uncle Black gave her the keys that
night, Just as he had three times before
' given them to her three sisters.
j    "I shall expect you to take charge of
tbe   whole  establishment,"   said     he.
"Tbe servants are miserable "
j "No more than oue might expect." In-
' terrupted Joscellnd, with a deprecatory
I motion of the hand. "Servants are
lucre frauds nowadays!"
j "And uothlng goes right nbout the
' place."
"Nothing ever does!'' snld Joscellnd.
Uncle Bluck eyed her queerly.    This
.was quite different   from   the  deter
mined cbcefulness aud systematic good
spirits of her sisters.
At breakfast next Morning Uncle
Black began to scold as usual.
"I-'lsb again!" snld be. "This makes
four mornings this week we've bad
"I detest fish!" said Joscellnd, pushing away her plate with a grimace.
"Aud the rolls heavy again!" growled
Uncle Black, breaking one open.
"Please give me the plate, Uucle
Black," said Joscellnd, and she mug
the table bell sharply,
Belly, the cook, a stout, good-humored Irish woman, made her appearance,
"Betty," said Miss Darkrldge. "be so
good as lo throw these rolls oul of lhe
Betty stared.
"Do you hear what I tell you?" said
Miss Darkrldge, with emphasis.
And Betty Hung tbe rolls oui among
the rosebushes, where they were -I I-
liy devoured by Cato, tbe Newfound,
land dog, und Itob and Boy, Ihe two
"But what am I lo eal for breakfast?"
bewailed Uncle Black.
"Crackers, of course," said Joscellnd,
"Anything Is better than Imperilling
one's digestion with such shift" as this I
And, Belly, If you send up auy more
llsh In a month you may consider yourself discharged—-do you bear?"
"But, my dear, I am rai her fond of
flsh." put lu the old gentleman,
"One can't eat llsh the whole time."
said Joscellnd, Imperiously, "Here.
Betty—this coffee Isn't til lo drink! and
the toast is burned! and you must have
put the cooking butler on the table by
mistake! Let these errors be rectified
at once."
Betty retired wllh an ominous rustle
on her sillily starched apron,
"My dear," said Uncle Black, apprehensively, "Betty Is a very old servant,
aud "
"1 don't care If she Is the age of Methuselah," said Joscellnd; "nobody enu
be expected lo put up with such wretched cooking as this!"
"1 really think she Is not so bad.
If "
"Oh, pray don't apologize for her,
Uncle Black!" snld Joscellnd. "They
are all shiftless, lazy creatures, who
must be discharged promptly If they
don't do their duties."
Uncle Black began to look frightened.    Ile had kepi Belly. Sylvia and
old John for ten years. Was it possible that he hail scolded al them for leu
years, only to have Joscellnd Darkrldge
outscold hitn now?
"I wouldn't be too short Willi 'em.
my dear, If 1 were you," be remonstrated.
"Then let them do their duly," said
Joscellnd, with the nlr of au empress.
"We are all mortal," pleaded Uncle
Uucle Black ate the rest of his breakfast with but little appetite. Sylvia,
the housemaid, was finishing dusting
his library when he entered it.
"Not   ihrough  yet!"  growled   Uncle I
Black, the fretwork of wrinkles once
more coming inlo his brow.
"Sylvia." said Miss Darkrldge, severely, "If Ihis happens again I shall
dispense with your services! Look at
that clock! Is ihis the lime of day to
be dawdling about the rooms with a
broom and duster? Remember Mr,
Black does not pay exorbitant wages to
lie lu bed until noon!"
"My dear," said Uncle Blnek, "Sylvia ls generally a very gmul girl, if- —"
"Dear uncle," Interrupted Joscellnd,
"pray permit me to be the Judge of
these matters. You have ruled your
household with a slack and Indulgent
baud altogether too long. 1 sliall now
Institute a reform."
And poor Slyvla had never moved
aliout so briskly as she did that day.
old John, the gardener, was not exempt from bis share of the general turmoil. Miss Darkrldge chanced to hear
her uncle reproaching the old man for
some fancied neglect In the flower beds,
whose diamonds, ovals and crescents
of brilliant colors were the pride of his
horticultural heart, aud she promptly
came to his aid.
"Gardening, Indeed! Do you call this
gardening';" she said. "Uncle Black,
I'm astonished that you keep such a
man as that about the place!"
And the torrent of taunts and reproaches which she showered upon the
luckless head of poor old John was
enough ns that Individual observed, "to
make one's flesh creep."
"My niece Is a young lady of spirit
and energy," apologised Mr. Black,
when at last Joscellnd had gone back to
the house.
"Veri-a like you, sir. verrn like you!"
said old John, scratching his head.
"Like me!" said Mr. Black, slowly.
And he slisnl full five minutes, quite
speechless and motionless, staring at
lhe mossy rim of nu ancient sun-dial
half sunk In the velvet grass. And at
the cud of five minutes he s|>oke two
other words, nnd ouly two:
"There's uo knowln' the niaslher.
bo's that changed," said Betty In the
kitchen, n week or two later, "lie's as
mild as a lamb and as peaceable as a
"Sure, Isn't thai wlial the young lady
told us," said Sylvia, "when she came
down Into the kitchen that first morning nfter the fire was lighted, and told
us she wns goin' to try nn experiment,
we wasn't to mind a word she said,
'cause It was all by contraries? 'lia
doesn't kuow what his temper has gol
to be,' said she, 'and I'm going to show
hlm.' And, bless her sweet heart, ber
plan has worked like a charm."
It had. In good truth. Uncle Black
wns a changed man. And Joscellnd
had relapsed Into (he original sunshine
of ber temper- and all the domestic
wheels of Black Grange seemed to revolve on velvet.
Bul Uucle Black took all the credit to
himself. lie never knew that Joscellnd had taught hlm a lesson.
"We can get along very nicely," snld
he, "now that my niece has subdued
those little tempers of hers."
And Joscellnd was his heiress and
darling after all—for be will always be
lleve that It was he "who formed her
cbaxaeter."—Ouinhrldge Trthun*
"Bill" Anthony, Who Informed in-.
Captain the Ship Was Sinking,
On the fateful evening of Feb. 15,
wheu the United States cruiser Maine
uyis lying peacefully at anchor ln the
harbor of Havana. William Anthony,
a private of marines, was doing duty
as sentry on the port deck of the warship. He passed up and down before
tbe cabin of Capt. Slgsbee, whose orderly he was.   ti aptalu was Inside
writing a letter to his wife.
Suddenly there como thnl fearful explosion, whose echoes will linger long in
the hearts of ib>* American people. The
great snip was lifted bodily oul >,r tbe
water for a moment. Then as she Bank
lhe decks were lorn opeu and death and
destruction were scattered all around.
Anthony stood al his post, rifle in hand,
during the Hying ordeal. Al the lirsl
explosion Capt. Slgsbee rushed out of
his cabin, and as be did so he was
Btruck lu the cheek by a Hying missile.
lie stumbled against Anthony.   That
brave marine, as steady as If be were
ou parade, saluted ilu- captain and then
ma,I,■  ihis simple s| *b,   which   lias
sine,, mode his name known from tbo
Allnntlc to the Pacific;
"Excuse me. sir. but 1 have lo Inform
you thai tbe ship Is blown up and sinking."
The captain ordered Anthony to get
out  the boats and save his comrades.
The brave fellow was ou ' the lasl
to leave ih,-doomed ship and left only
when the water was Mowing over the
"Bill" A in bony, as the cool-headed
marine Is popularly known In the navy,
lias spoil ninny years in Uncle Sam's
service, as soldier and marine. He saw
some hard service in the army, and has
fought Indians in the West, Ten years
ago be enlisted In the navy, and there
he has since remained, Standing sis
f, et two, bulll In proportion, and with
handsome features, he Is a soldier every
Inch of hlm nnd would long ngo have
been promoted bul for one weakness
love of   the  bottle,    While   be never
drank on duly, and has always I n a
model on board ship, his conduci when
on land has kepi hlm below the grade
Of a iioii-eoniiiiissioned officer.
New   Interstate   Commerce   Commissioner Was Once a  Farm Hand.
William .1. Calhoun, recently appointed Iusterstate Commerce Commissioner, was ,,ne of the early McKinley men
lu Illinois. Mr. Calhoun Is aboul 50
years of age and Is a native of Pittsburg. Early In life be was left to shift
for himself and as a lad he came Into
coutnel wiili the McKinley family, and
especially with the President, when the
hitler himself was a rugged youth. At
thai time Ml'. Calhoun was a farm
hand III Ohio. Later In life, when the
President returned from the wars, Mr.
Calhoun knew hiin Intimately as a
young lawyer, and the two became
friends. Then the currents of their
lives diverged and Calhoun settled In
Illinois, to follow the profession of law.
Successful Co-operative Colony.
A Tennessee community living as one
big family hns just established n college at New Economy, the head   of
each household putting In a   certain
I sum for the purpose.   The standard of
j value In the sclHemeU'l Is an hour's labor; iu ils home commerce li has uo
I money  and  needs none—a cei-uilcaie
' that labor has been performed takes its
i place.    A pound of lea costs   eleven
hours' work; seventy hours pay for a
pair of shoes; two and n half for   a
pound of crackers, and so on.   Everybody works and all—men and  women
alike   receive the same wages.   Tbey
have  heretofore  worked ten  hours  a
day, but expect  soon  to reduce lt  lo
eight.    They have a kindergarten and
adequate educational machinery, music,
languages and a linillod technology being taught  In addition to the regular
branches.    Numerous communities of
the kind have been founded In   this
country, but ouly a few have lasted u
decade. From present Indications, however,  this one ls destined to enjoy a
longer term of existence.
A good forgetory Is sometimes better
than a good memory. tar
.THE MINEB Is printed on Saturday**, nnd will
be mailed lo any address in Canada or tho
United States tor one year on receipt ol two
dollars,   single copies dvi eonte
GONTIUCT AHV11UI-, Ml ."I lb leitedalthe
rats oi?y percolumn Inch d r month.
theratoo! lSceutaper nonpareil lino lirsl
Insertion.    Advertisements   running ior «
shorter period than three mouths are classed
PQ8BESK)NDKNC1! .-■ in el part ol tho
1'ale Qlstrici an I conn ■ upou live
topics always ac, ei ti I le Send In your
news while it I- Iresh, and we will do the
JOB I-RH.TINO turned oul In '■
at ilie shortest notice.
AddtMS 1-*. il   McC.UtTl R * SON,
,;i:iM. Fonil -   !' '*■
SATURDAY. APRIL *0   lfi 8.
I. O. O. F.
Carson lodge I. O. 0. P. No. 37.
MEET**   EVRttY   "'■
t ats 1    •    k in I hell
hall Lt Cars) n, 11 C.   A cord
»m!o*ttoalf.ojou    insbrcj .   ,   (.
VIH. U. CI.IIIIl. K   *'
All lines of business In tins district
■s 20 per cent better than 11 wa:, rfl days
Was may not Ijc a nice thing to think
about, but everyone In tbir. vie nity
pee-ns to think that war is a nighty nice
lhirg to read ab U
Public indignation with ihe government's redistribution bid is thc steed on
which thc opposition hopes to ride into
power in the coming election.
In six months troin date good purchased in Victoria or Vancouver will be
a novelty in tbc Boundary country.
The mining men, prospectors and everyone else have got tbem  on thoir list.
The indications are now that the raca
»or the mayoralty will narrow down to
Jeff Davis and L. A. Manly. We are
willing to give odds and let you name
.your man, that tbe other fellow will Be
War between lhe United States
.and Sp-.in will nol hurt tbe mining interest ol British Columbia in the least.
The indications are that it will have a
tendency to bring more American capital into the country.
The coast papers are chuckljng to
themselves over ibe, defeat of the Kettle Kiver Valley Railway (barter, ll
.will only be a short time until lhe people
of the Boundary Creek district will be
laughing at the defeat of someone else.
Volume i, No. i of tbe Northport
Republican has reached thi > office; Mr.
W. H. Jackson is editor ar.d C. F. Murphy proprietor. Tbo paper is chuck
full of news, and In make-up and mechanical appearance is far above the
average.   Success to thc Republican.
road   woe! il have been  completed by
early autumn.
The Toionto press speaks out in sharp
condemi lion oi the action of pa,rain •-.:■ "No explanation," say- the Daily
Globe, "can gloss ovcr the fact thai a
.iv heavily subsidized in money
and land has prevented parliament from
granting a charter to another company!
which asked tor nothing but the power
to build a railway without subsidy, privilege or monopoly. No appeal to patriotism can prevent sueli a piece of
discrimination from being regarded as a
grors injustice."
Tbe Toronto World says "there is a
wave oi righteous indignation sweeping
over Ontario :.;; iust ll ouee of commons for it., conduct in rcgaid to tbe
Kettle River 1 lilway Ull. Tl it tl *
1 ■■ ■ . the pioneer in
be K nay c uu'.i y, who ha    already
• ■     . [red: usands ol  d ill irs
j   pu I ig rail**   yi In thei -', is to by  re-
•■    •   • ermlssi, n furth r to extend his
bis own , without ask ng
Iry for a 1    lar, --ens to us  to
•    iu ■.      •' *   Toe bei t»
ilbb thing tha pen  the  K ,o-
•        country would be to have ra
I Ilion, lo 1 1 wo railway! spending monej ther Inst, d of one, to let
the whole world know thai enti
and capital are encouraged and ni 1
driven away Injur that promising district."
Canada will not adhere to thii Ial e
policy. It Ins been lobbied upon the
country by the Canadian Pacilic, but
that greal corporation, strong and resourceful i, it is, can not long buhl an
enligh'ed, progressive people to a policy which Asiatie nations abandoned.
The day has passed when even China
and Coma drive common carriers from
their shore:;.
Thc news of the defeat oi the Kettle
River I-Uilway charter 1:1 tbe house of
common*-, says the Rossi -.ed Miner,
conies as a surprise to many people of
this district and bas occasioned ^orrie
disappointment! We dp r.ot believe
that Southern Fritlsh Columbia has sustained any great loss, or that tbe development of the Bon. cl iry Creek country
will be retarded. We understand that
in denying Mr. Corbin the right to extend bis railway system up the Kettle
River valley, the federal government
has arranged for thc construction ol tiie
Robson-Penticton branch of the C. P,
R. this year, lt must also
bered that when the Canadian road in-
vad-s the Boundary Creek country its
ttaffl : rales will be always subject to revision by the government, should they
ptove excessive. With cheap fuel, low
smcUiu ,' rat s by local reduction works
and an all-Canadian railway through
Southern British Columbia, it may bs
expected that tho country to tbo w
will develop very rapidly, and
as a nation will enj >y the whole
Grand Fort-, Mining Division.
April 21-:
.-, 1 11 ,n. Grand Forks, v.*. A. Pounder.
Walla *. North Pork, Emma Huntly.
Hiram, North Fori,, 11. A. llnally.
J. P., North Fork, Joseph rounder.
April 29-:
Grgnel Fraction, Wellington camp
, J. Rogers
ct al
War Cloud iii"l Nabob Fraction
camp, C. M. Crouso.
Oomanchleand Williaiuiie, Castle Mountain,
Jas. Uarey.
Mc] 1 id, Ncwi-y creek, Robert Harvey,
Mcliitiui und Main, Summit oamp, J. Gelinas,
April 25-:
Moriinoi, Summit oamp, William .-ihaw.
April 27-:
Free I*:'-*, Pass Creek, J I.. Manly.
Noble I, lirowu'scamp, DeBroslers.
Corullh, Mcltat Creek, C. ptxon.
Fairj K.y .■, Christina Lako, <». Johnson.
1 ly.iiin .\ ra ,u* wi.i-.k.
April ya   :
AUuras, John Hamill et al.
April 21-:
and   Coryd in,  !'< ichl p Consolidated
Gold Mining.
Uico, It. Hewitt.
April 22
I ipper Qu un, Bhadwlok et ai.
II a!.It. J  S. Miller.
Dixie, Win. Hoffman.
1. w. Lucian.
Park, Williams ol el.
1 1 an 1 roller, J. K. Kelley.
... ibi- ,-t nl.
ud, T, MoAvoy ti al.
iprll2d -:
1 King, .1. E. Gibson,
, ..,.,■ :.*i..en and Oolaialjia. J. IC. Gibson.
April 29:-
Aniiiii... ('. OOSgritt*,
Rqohestcr, C. \v. staples ot at.
Penobscot, A. L. Boyantotal.
April ill-:
Cyolope, ';, ink-rest, J. P. Hill toll. E. I-oe.
April 21-1
LeUoy, Tip Top and Wlnedot, % interest In
each, il. \v. foe ct ol to J. W. Smith ot al.
April 28 -:
Wizard and Cleavage, M quarter Interest T.
Kellar 10 P. Hums.
April 25— i
Hose.! j interest, H. Korllng to T. .1. bead ruin.
Slin 111 rock, t/i interest, A. U. Anderson 10 T. J.
Thistle, 'u Interest, T. J. Lendrtnn.
Buauirock and Tliti-tle, '3 interest cucli, A. 13.
A nderson to 11. 0. lteayh.
Shomtook and Tblstle, % Intern it In racli, II.
A. Barton etal toll. 0. Beacn.
Shamrock and Tliistle, il-7 ot S10 Interest,
and lice, 2-0 lutorojt, D. 0. Beach to R. D. Ma-
Shamrock and Thii tie, r.-7 of tl-10 interest, and
Rose 2-9 i.ucrei.1, IJ. C. Belch to J. McMano.
11. C. Fraction, all interest, J. Cunningham to
A. lt. Hnrri.,,11.
Ketile River Mining Division.
be remem- i April 13- :
Allan, Norwegian Creek, Thomas Henderson.
Evergreen and C. 0. D., Canyon creek, VV. B.
Stockholder's Sleeting.
ffl"w'SsTE COMPANY,!5!^.? 3f£
Will be beld at the office ol tbe Secretary uf the
Company, ut
Grand Forks, B. C, Monday, the 23rd
day of May, 1S98,
., for tbc follow*
at the hour of two o'clock i
iny Kpurposes:
(u) To ratify nn option recently given for tlie
wile oi the unsold city lots belongingtotho company,
(b) I'o elect oflii'ors for the coming year.
(c) To act on Btiob other business ns may
conic- before the meeting.
A Simon of Hie County Court of Yale will be
holdcn nt
Grand Forks on flonday, 9th Day of
May, 1898.
at 11 o'clork in the forenoon.
By command s. R. almond,
Government Office, Grand Forks, *   D. H. C. C.
tl), c, March IS. ls'JS.        I
We have several nice dwellings to se'l cheap.
We have applications for a number of Dwellings to rent.
If you have anything lo rent or sell Come in and have it listed,
Rents anj other collections given prompt attention.
jMOiflce—Next Door West ol PostoifcejM
OTICE IS HKKKHV GIVEN  that the court. Midway
tn' revision for the pur] o of bearing nil ■ "MUW"J
•omplaluti agalnsl tin- tiaaownient for the  year (
i-.-- j;- made by   Lhe  asai «boi of (he t Hy  «.f
irniul Porks, li, <'., will bo held nt tin- com,dl
hiuui.t i* in theeity of Orand Forki on
ruesday, the 31 of Alay, A. D., 1S98
at two o'clock  p.  m.
City Ch'ru'H 'illii
roN, City Clerk,
tk-., April 28. i-.i
liny** nfter <hite  1  Intend to BPply '"
Clilel CominlsF-ioner ol Landi and Worka for
hermlisiou to purebeso the following di Huilbcd
land situate tn the district of Yale nnd lylua
between tho Kettle river where it skirts tho
-.■mill bouudary of Lol thi mnl lhe Interna*
(.tonal Mmiinlnry Line mnl more particularly
described as:—Commencing at n im*-t marked
"f.   K.   Milhoiirnc'H N.   B. Corner  uml Initial
post" and running thence south iu chains,
thence west80chains, tbeneo North to Kettle
river. Ihence east following Kettle river to initio] post, coutaming 8floacres more or less.
Dated ot firand Fork*-, B. 0. March Slst-MflJfc
H.itoof lirst publication, April'2, 1808.
Date of last publication, June 4th, 1K'.)8-
A sittinij of tlie Cminty Court oi Vale Will be
holden nl
on Saturday,  the 7U1  Day
of May, 1898,
at lOO'olock In tile foren	
By command It. t: MrMVNN,
(lovernmenl Olllco, Midway, B. C.j   H. it. 0. C
Mureli   12, lima ,
(MoQlU Cnlv.)
Now that Corbin Has Got His Chartere Every-
ne Wants A New Suit of Clothes.
We are Utfering this week a fine line oi
ol V,ile I
lier lor araud Forks Mining Division
■ District.
OFFIGEi—Jubilee Hospital, Qrand I-Vrlii., 1). c.
When lhe Turner government was so
ready to abolish all the rights and interests of the Boundary Cieek district for
the benefit of the C. P. K., why should
the residents of the Boundary country
hesitate to use their influence toward
abolishing the members of the of thc
government from power.
Tin-: United States have at last formally declared v/ar against Spain and
both countries are making every preparation possible for war, and .1 conflict
jnay be looked ier any day now. The
fear that other nations would be drawn
into the conflict seemH to be disappearing as one by one they are announcing
.that a decree of nutrality will be maintained. Cotnmyuce ing wilh noxt week
.the Miner will give thc- latest war news
obtainable, thereby keeping its readers
posted with regards to the movements
of both nations.
1'. W
War is the principal topic ol the day
on the street. The arrival of the stage
from Marcus is eagerly watched for
every evening in order that the latest
war news may be learned from the Spokane daily papers, and it is no uncommon occurance to see as liij?h a*, six or
seven people grouped around one
paper drinking in evety word ol news
as 11 is read. People, who a woek ago
were condemning President McKinley
for delay, today are commending bun
Ior his sagacity.
The ro-.ent action ol G-*eat Ilritian In
deciding to treat coal as contraband of
war in her West Indian possessions is
causing considerable speculation. The
general opinion, and the only one that
oeems warranted by the information at
hand is that such action is entirely in
.the interest of the United Sta'es. This
is due largely to the fact the U. S, is so
near where the sea; of war will be that
she will be wholly Independent of the
coaling stations in the West Indies, and
her vessels nm procure coal at her own
ports. On the other hand, the only
available cosl supply Spain will have is
her stores at Porto Rico, which is more
.than likely will be one of the tirst poinls
attacked by the United Slates. II this
phce can be captured early in the war
.the coal supply of Spain will be almost
effectually cut off, which would undoubtedly mean an early termination of hostilities.
Resolutions Passed by the Electors of the
Boundary Creek District.
The fpllovving resolutions weie passed
al a meeting ot tho electors of Oieen-
wcod and Boundary Ctcek district, Tuesday .--prii 19'b, i8-)3:
Whereas, The redistribution bill introduced by the provincial government
11.) Practically disfranchise the pco-
; In i I Boundary Crook district
(>) Creates the electoral district of
Rossland with a voting population of
Hoo votes—a number out of all propor-
■ion to that i : o'.her constituencies in the
(3 ) Leaves the rich and growing
Boundary Cre;lt distiict at the mercy of
tbc now more populous district of Ross-
land \ iein.ty.
(|.) Places in one constituency people
who have no business relations with
each other, who are separated by a high
range of mountains.
(5.) Creates a district tbat is dirjointed
and cumbersome, making it impossible
fer one member to attend to its require!
(6). Is an infamous gerrymander.
(7.) Leaves t e people of Boundary
Creek ci^ri'it without political power or
political influence.
(8) (lives them no voice in the government of tbe provii.e :.
(q) Introduces the barbarous policy
of taxation without rcprcsentaihui.
(10) ls based on the policy of government of the many by the few, perpetuates the evil of pocket boroughs, gives
extensive powers 10 small and sparsely
populated districts.
(it.) Is a measure vicious and dishonest, disgraceful to tho government whieh
introduced it and humiliating 10 those
whj supposed they lived in a province
blessed with responsible government,
Be it therefore
Rl SOLVED, That the people of Greenwood aud Boundary Creek district in
meeting assembled do strongly de-
nounce the me.isure: That wa ask for
i's withdrawal or for rur.h amendments
as will give us ehuilar n;;l ts to ihose of
Other portions of the province. Arid be
it further
Resolved, That should the government not givous redress, that we respectfully urge upon the opposition members
ol too legislature to obstruct the passage bf the redistribution bill in its present form, as the old redistribution ii
ferable 10 tho present; and  be  it
Situate In the Grand Forks Mining Division or
Yule District. Where Located—In l'ass Creek
TloRtlini I. n. 0. mown, Freo
Certificate No, 00A, liiti-nd, sixty
im tne date hereof, 10 apply to llie
Mining' Recorder f„r certitieate of Improve-
incuts, for tlie purpose of obtaining n crown
grant 01' I Im* aliove claim.
Ami furllicr take notice thnt action, under
section 117, must lie commenced before  llie Issuance of sucli ccrriticai,*, f Iflturovoments.
Dated this 12th dav oi March, 1808,
Date of lirst publication, March 11), 10, lsus.
Dale of hist inibllcati Slav 21, 1808.
.Miner's 0
flays Iron
SnowilakQ, Canyon Creek, G. 1*. Miller.
April 11-:
Minnctte, Bkylark cami,, O'.io Dllller.
April lo-:
Marguerite, fraction, jendwood camp
Lull IT.
Apiii 16—:
Hoot, fraction, Long Lake camp, B. W. Ley son.
I, T. V., Central ciiiiip, Thomas McAuley.
Apri IS-:
Lytda, Graham cninp, W. It. Norrls.
Globe, Main Kettle river, V. It. riwauson.
Hard to Beat, Main Kettle River, .1. Peterson.,
Gilt Edge, Main Kottlo Ulver, V. K. Bwanson
and ?. A. Luiaberg.
April 19—:
Prldeof Poith, fraction, Graham camp, I.. M.
April 11-:
Durham, G A. Rondell.
Wlnedot, A A. Engoart et al,
Tip Top, K. M. Smith.
I.eroy, A. A. Eugeart.
April 1-1—1
Sprlngdale, W. IJ. Paton,
April 16—I
Midnight, Floyd Vaughan ot al.
Alma, IV. ll. Norris.
April 10: —
Gem, .1 nines Cuunlngham.
Tncoma, Sam J, Jensen.
\prll 18:-
Margarct, *y lutorcst, Rock cr--ck,.Ali Ling to
j. M. Lynch.
Midnight, ',J Interest, Deadwood c.imp, J.   0.
Hans In IV. S. lielcher.
April 14—:
London,!.' Interest, Deadwood camp, George
Andrews and 11. A. V, i-l-jlit.
April 15:-
HardCasli, % interest,  Wellington camp, J.
Mcllaiu to '.Irs. Laura Bhouquest.
April lot-
Texas, all Interest, Province camp, C, Van
Ness nnd J. L. Wl.-cinau lo C. N. Collins.
April 13:—
Constellation cud Dixie Queen, M Interest
In each, Lonjj.Lako camp, lyinitii Johnson to J.
I*.   Buster.
Situated iii the Grand Forks Miniug Divison ol
Yale District, Where located—Iu Pass Creek
TAKE NOTICE Him I. II. (1. Brown, Free
Miner's certllleate No. 66A, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, io apply to tlio
Mining Recorder for n certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Gram of Hie above claim,
And Further take notice that cotton, undor section :i", must be co 'diced beforo lhe issu
ance of such ccriilicnlc of improvements.
Haled this 12th day of March, 18117.
mnrlll-may 21,1898.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
And Civil Engineer.
OFi-icK, Midway, b. c.
Associate   Member Canadian
bociety   of  Civil   Engineers,
TT   8. CAYLK1*,
Solicitor, Etc.,
-  grand forks, b. b.
At Extremely Lew Prices.
fo Underware, Dress   Shirts,   Overshirts
9        Fine Shoes and Miners' Shoes.
Blue Vitrol.
Wa bave Just received
a iarnc quantity of Blue
Vitro) Don't overlook
tills   luct    when    you
Jeff. Davis
if you ,.vnnt to ralsa
good Keeping Onions!
they keep tbe celebrated Fanno Onion Seed
for  Bale.     Also  onion
TheUp.to-DflteMerchants Bettsandseeasoikindii.
& Co.
Garden Seeds.
*. ^j..»-•-■--. - ,       ll    ■■   in     ,*   ,■,   ■ »   i.   it,,   ,m   m.   m.Twt,, Tarn    ttf
onico, Main ftrci
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Civil Engineer, Etc
situnte iu   the   Grand
, ision   of  Osoyoos  div-
"Ski" mineral   claim,
Forka   Mining   DI
Islonof Vale [Usui  ..
Where  located:   On  Sbninrock   mountain
ii hop t three mHcs e ,-t of Christina i.n Ire.
TAKE NOTICE thnt 1 John Drummonc] An
» dcrson, I'. L. B.,ot Trail, B. 0., acting as ag*
ent for lt. A. Williams, l-'reo .Miner's CertiB-
cute No. S17I1A and It. II. Hnv, l-'rcc Miner's
Ccrliilcale No. 81908, iiilcnd, Sixty days from
11,e dale hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Uortlfientoof Improvements, for the
purpose   of  Obtaining a Crown   Crailt   of the
above claim.
And further lake notice that   action, under
seethe.:;;. must bu commenced belore tl,u is-
suanec of sucli Ccitiilcatc of Improvements.
John IJ. Akuiuison.
Dated this 20th day of April, Mis.
Date of lirst publication, April 80th, 18118.
Dale of last publication, July 9l.li, 18**8.
Alreidy southern Kootenay (eels the
Injurious effect ot the dominion parliament's relusal to churter the Corbin
railway into thu Boundary Cr-yek diy-
t*rict, sAy3 the Spokesman-Review, pros-
pecctors, tni'iery and moneyed men who
Jiad planned to op^rnte in tho Boundary
Creek country, piovided the Corbin
charter were fc'rnntcd, are turnins their
attention and efforts to the Colville reservation south of the boundary. Thc
C. P. R. has promised to buiid in the
Boundary Creek district this year, but it
is well understood that even if this
promise be kept, construction will not
begin before thc closing months of tbe
year, and at best Boundary Creek will
bave no railroad until 18,59. Mr. Corbin would have built immediately.   His
Ki. OLTKD, Thnl if no other relief is
possible, tbat a bumble petition be present!-.! by the electors of Boundary
Creek to His Honor the Lieutenant
Governor, requesting bim lo witbold hut
assent to tiie measure; and Ivy it further
Resolved, Tnat the electors of Green
wood and lioundary Creek district here
assembled unanimously pledged themselves lo oppose the Turn, r govern-
ment and any government candidate unless a lair and equitable redistribution
bill Is substituted for ibe one no.v before
the legislature; nr.d be- it further
Reshlvid, That copies of the-*c rc-so
lulions by forwarded to members of thc
legislature, ann lh:: pross of ihu province.
H. B. MUNUOE, Clerk.
Will Re-open His Shop.
D M. Feeney, proprietor of t:iy G-ayil
forks Blacksmith and Carri.tge works,
who bas been spending the winter with
his family at Fair haven, Wash., was an
ariival on last Siturdty evening's stage
Mr. Feeney i.r better pleased wiih Giarid
Forks than ever, and has the lumber ou
the ground for the erection of a shop, on
Bridge slree*. just east of the Case building. As a horso shoer Dan has but few
equals in any man's country, and announces that hry wijl be ready, ior business sometime next week.
Fire at Greenwood.
Provincial Police Lawder relurncd
Wednesday afternoon from Greenwrod
and brings with him the particulars of a
narrow escape that town had from a
serious conflagration. Sometime Tuesday nigbt a fire was discovered in the
burn oi Messrs, Rendall and Naden, in
the rear ol Rendall & Co.'s store. The
fire brigade promptly responded to Hie
alarm, and aided by the citizens soon
had tbc fuc extinguished, A fine horse,
the propeity of Mr. Naden, was badly
burned before tu..y succeeded iu getting it out.
"Beech" lain,-nil claim siliiiitc in lhe
Qrand Forks mining Divison of Osoyoos ui\-
i-ion of Yalo district.
Where   located :—o!l   Shamrock   mountain
about time miles cast Of Chrislilll, hike.
TAKE NOTICE Unit I John Drniiilnond Alider
t    son, P li. 8., of Trail, B, C, aclin,; as ggeni
lor W, H, Morris flee minor's ccrtitieale Nn
SP.TiA. Robert 0, Grader, free miner's cci-UIlcntc
No. 7098A, D. C. Beech, free miner's certificate
No, y-yr/A and li. Lavqlley, free miner's ccrlilieutc No, 78287, lutend] sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to thc Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for Hie
purpose oi obtaining}-,Crown grant of tlie above
\nd furthor takefnotlcc that acilon, under
section ;:7, must he commenced before the issuance of sucli eemiicate nf Improvements.
Dated this 20th dnv of April, 1898.
Hale .,1 ilrs; pnbllcitlon, April 3th, isos.
Date of lasl publication, July 'Jill, 13'JS.
Barber Shop.
Centrally Looated.  All Work Qauranteed to be
First-Class in every Respect.
PETER A. I PARE,      *      -     PROPRIETOR.
[)o You Want a Stove? j
If you do be euro to call and
examine my mammoth stock
which is he largest in the
district. Also a complete line
RIVERSIDE.      -      ■      •       CRAND FORKS
l. Mcdonald,
our or two of real licalhful  cnji.y-
laentllcnt one of our
1    I
All Kinds ol
All orders will loceive  Prompt  n)
attention, X
' ,,:        . i     i   ■ ■: ,.       i .*.   > ... if,
(fl ffl
(tl §
«l J>
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FORKB,   B.   C.
Plan and specifications drawn, esliiimtes furnished -ui all kindsof building, Work; BtrlollJ
Manufacturer oi
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
(JRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.
£$Jl*-Snw Filing and all Kinds ol Repairing.
Wroujjht Steel  Range.
$ &>-(4>*L> &> a> CA- (I> o*l>
Dealer In
Tobacco and Cigars,
Our stock is always kept strictly up
to date in overy  respect.
Tin and Repair Shop in
Connection ^-
Bridge Street, Qrand Forks.'B, G.     $
The Only Pljtce in  Town
that Handles Fruit.
rcsh Supply Received Dally.
Groceries, Salt Meats and Miners Supplies.
ggp-rrospectors and Miners will lind it to their Internal to give mo rt call beforo pureh slug
I can save you money.   Full Line of Fishing Tackle iust Received.
Choice Wines Liquors and Cigars,
This hotel is located nbout 12 miles from Grand Folks up the North Fork.
Good Fishing and Hunting in the vicinity. Meals served at all hours, and
the best of sleeping accommodations. H. P. TORONTO. Proprietor.
Grand Forks Sash and Doorr
Carpenter and Builder,
Estimates furnished on  Application.   Store
Fronts and I'ixurcs a Specialty.
Famous <£ Brantford
nud Up-To-Date-Whoels.
dyssoN, -
ii. 0,
s In every inspect.  Tlie bar wiil nl-
nnd BUppllSd with tlioclmieest wines
House Finish,
Sash  Factory,
Store Fronts a Specialty,
I Furniture Made to Order,
Saloon and Store Fixtures.
Grand Forks, 13.
«se6«*ss 'esses? ^stE-Beesse*-?;-****
Mftiiufiu-tm*er oi
Brick and Lime*
Contractor of »n kinda of Mason Work.   Est!
nates on work cheerfully given-
rancy stationery
ia McElroy's
Stage Line,
Daily stage belwen Grand
Forks. Leaves Grand Forts
7:30 a. m., reaching Eureka
same duy. Returning, arrives
in Grand Forks at 4 p. m.
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
[DrBSsed Beef Proifision Go., Lt'dJ
Wholesalo aud Retail Dealers iu
Fresh and Salt Meats j
Hams, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
First-Class   Accommodations,  Good Stabling, Tevmius of
Stage Line From Marcus,  Washington.
McAuley & Keightley,
■■V/V--GRAND Forks,
Everything New and Best Furnished
Houae, and is in everyway prepared to
welcome Guests und provide Good Accommodation
B.   C.>/>^
Headquarters for Mining Men. Bes
of Wines, Liquors and Cigais. Special
attentio.i paid to Transcient trade.
The Only All-rail Route,without change
of cars, between Spokane, Rowland and Nelson.
r:n-r BUNDAY.
Going North,
1211a a. in...
Close Conn.
for Kaslo
nl nil K,
■r tor K
IIAKCUS    3:1
in nl NclKon with (.ten
Hitenny I.ulcc Points.
-tile ltivcr 1111,1   Do
reus wiib sliure ilc'.l
Ing South
8:38 p. m
, W1LLIAH5, Manager.
ally from Marcus to Grand Forks,
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway
and All Points on Colville Indian Resevation.
Slage Lelves Munn:; on the Arrival of the Northbound Train, arriving at^Granq
Forks at 8:15 p. m.   Leaves the Fn'His nt 4:00 a. in., arriving at Marcus in time Ifj
connect v. Hi northbound Trai
tion at flossburg Eolng nnclco
PassengeiS frqra Kootenay ?■>'      make -"onner-
-■■■■imi ■—«--yy-,; *f pja*yyqi
debicrincis of the laic firms of Manly
Averill &  Company
W. 3. Divey and J. A. Manly
After Dr. Averili.
THEY     UiE     DYNAA11TE
Two Law Suits That Will  Be oi Interest to the Residents of
Grand   Forks.
Wm. B. Davey, plaintiff vs George A.
Averill, '-'eteudant, is the title of nn action recently commenced belore the supreme court at Vancouver, wherein
plaintiff claims damages for fraudulent
misrepresentation on tbc sale of defen-
dant's business as general merchant al
Grand Forks, B. C., and of his book
debts and securities, suid sale having
been made on Juu. 7th, iSylj, and dam
ages for nondelivery of ceitain securities and of a certain judgement debt
which wore represented us assets at
time of said sale:
And to havo a bill of sale and an
agreement both bearing date Jan. 7th,
1898, and made between the defendant
and the plaintiff rectified in so far as
they are affected by said fraudulent
.misrepresentation and non-delivery, and
to have a bond given by plaintiff to defendant and bearing da,te Jan. 7ih, 189S,
or thereabouts, set aside or rectified 01
cancelled as having been sufficiently
-fulfilled as to its conditions.
And for an injunction restraining the
/defendant from negotiating or enforcing
ythe above securities and judgment
The facts connected with this case
are known to many of the readers of the
Miner, and in substance are about as
>In January 1897 the firm ol Manly et
Averill purchased a large stock of gen-
.eral merchandise in anticipation of a
large trade. These goods were purchased on thirty, sixty and ninty days
time, and owing to the general stagnation of business which followed in the
.spring of the same year the firm was unable to meet its obligations. Sometime
in the early part of June, J. L. Ballan-
tyne purchased an interest in tho business ot the tirm of Manly & Averill, and
was placed in chaige of the business,
with the_hope that he would be able to
retreive the business which tbe firm of
Manly & Averill had lost by bad business methods.
In August several suits were commenced against the firm of Manly &
Averill, and judgments were rendered
against the firm.
About this time John A. Manly disposed of all his interests in the store
business and firm real estate in Grand
Forks to J. L. Ballantyne in consideration of Ballantyne and Averill
entering into an aj-y. emeut with him indemnifying bim, Manly, against the
debts of the partnership, which amounted to about f 17 000.
Averill & Ballantyne then set about
getting an extension Irom the croditors,
Dr. Averill taking some two weeks in
getting an extension from all the heaviest creditors. Averill & Ball.intync
.then endeavored to negotiate a loan
on the partnership real estate, an undivided one-halt of which had been
transferred from Manly to Ballantyne,
with the proceeds ol which loan they intended to pay off the greater portion ol
the firm indebtedness, and thereby putting the business on an easy financial
On going into the title of the firm real
estate they found it so tangled up that
it would require two or three quitclaim
deeds Irom John A Manly to place the
title in such a position tbat they could
raise lhe loan on it. They requested
Manly to execute these deeds, but he,
it is claimed, refused to straighten
the titles, although he waa by law bound
to do so, yet it would mean a lawsuit of
several months duration. In the meantime the creditors, growing weary of delay would have closed up the business.
The result was that by reason of Manly
refusing to straighten the titles to thc
property he had conveyed to Ballantyne,
Averill & Ballantyne failed to get their
loan, the direct result of which was that
the sheriff took possession of the stock
in trade, remained in possession for several weeks causing hundreds of dollars
of expense to Averill & Ballantyne,
which could easily have been prevented.
The Sheriff was finally got out by Dr.
Averill, after several unsucessful attempts, raising some monoy in Spokane
on some firm notes. Another attempt
was made to get Manly to straighten the
title to the land which he had conveyed
(0 Ballantyne and in which ho had no
interest whatever, but he still refuued.
About this time Mr, Ballantyne gol disgusted with the way Manly had acted,
sold out bis Interest in the business to
Averill and returned to Ontario.
Dr. Averill canied on the business up
till abaut the 1st ot January last, when
W. B. Davey, ^appeared nn the
scene, he came to Averill and asked
pirn to sell out the-stare business, au1,
at the urgent request of John A M-tnly,
Averill sold out lhe whole 6tore busi
ness and partnerslrio re-il estate to
Divey, without an/ consideration o her
than a bond, given by Davey to Averill,
indemnifying him, Averill, against ihe
partnership debt*:. Au agreement wns
nlro entertd icto between the parties,
a cynop;s's cf which ii as follows:        ,
Whceas by two separate Indenture*!
made between the sreid W. 11 Davey .'.ui
W. G. Averill, whereby in consideration
pi Davey indemnifying Averill of, from
and against nil Indebtedness of tbe busi-
lic:s carried un by s .i.i Aveiiii as a general Merchant in Grand Forks aloresaid
Jj lhetX:entoflfi;i-j;iiid^o;itJie,:'. <i '.. ■
Tf llfTlt D   * Averl11' Ma?'y- AvelM &   Company   IK/ WFMW
11 Ul ( 'V I a ' and Averill and  B He  tyne up till  tie   j T \\\ L  \\\
H 11 I Ll-T-1   4'h ol October, 1897, VV. G. Averill uar.s-    I II IV11   I
lllUjiUjj^s,,. Davey certain  real estate form- !ii IIJJ11 1
erly   owned   by  the ft-in of   Manly  & j	
Averill, the stock in trade, good*, wares j
id mercbar disc, book debts, crcdiiy, '
promi-sory norys arid effects which su'd
Averill is on the day of the dale thereof
possessed of and which had not been assigned, negotiated or otherwise di-
posed of by said Averill, and it is further
,c,reei that Averill shall not bo responsible or liable to said Davey for any
book debts, due bills, promissory notes t r
effects assigned, rn-gutiated or otherwise
-lisposed ol by bitn u:> to the day of the
date hereof. It is further agiced these
:wo indentures shall be deposited in escrow in the Hunk of Biitish Noah j
America, at Rc-sslana, to be delivered
to Dayey upon his producing evidence
ihul has paid $2,.Ico of the indebtedness cl the said hrni within 4;
days irom the date thereof and $1,000
within 70 days, provided the payment ..-I
£4,800 or of uny greater portion ihereol"
than $1,000 on a certain claim maiie Ly
the Bank of Montreal against the (irmol
Manly & Averill,
It also provides that in the event irf
Duvcy's failure to keep his part of the
agreement that Averill is to regain possession .of the property transferred lo
Davey. Alistol the outside cigdltors
is alio attached to the agreement.
Tne bond is one of ordinary f,-rrn und
indeminnes Averill in trie sum of *5,8,uou
igainst the indeb ness of the said liitn.,
itifl is signed VV. 11 Davey alone.
Afier D.ivey got hold of the business
he immediately incorpoiated the Grand
Forks Mercantile Co,, with John A.
Manly as president, aud the old stock
of the liini of Manly & Averill, we
has   been transferred   to the
Erumi-iing   Copper    Properties
Boundary Cour.tr/.
Th? reported rich strike of copper gre I (5»)B>>>>)«*D*t*j*o>jf>j«o>>-)»i^:jyi»;^:y
■  ion the Pathfinder mine in the boundary I    The   Pathfinder boys were paid off
! country   i;   what   called   ex-Governor
A   Bl-f   log   Lodges   AgaillSi   Mackintosh back to the province so sud-
,       .,   . , ! denly from his London trip and before
ih? Bridge.
The Experiment   Nearly Causes the
Loss of the Nortli Pork
of Grand  Forks  came
; the  bridge across  tbe
new company.
It will be noticed that by tho loims 0!
of the agreement D.ivey agrees to pay
£3500 within 70 days from the 7 of January 1897, and tbe deeds were deposited
in escrow in the bank of British North
America, Rossland, until said payment
had been made. This payment has
been made, but be now refuses to make
any further payment to the creditors of
the old firm, claiming that an investigation of the books of the firms showed an
indebtedness of something over $24,000
instead of the amount claimed by
Avenll ut tiro time of the sale, and as a
result suits for sums aggregating $6,000
have been commenced against the firm
of Manly & Averill.
John A. Manly, plaintiff vs Geo. W.
Averill and Airs. Flora Averill, defendants. The plaintiff's claim is against
G. W. Averill on a bond conditioned to
keep the plaintiff indemnified against
all the debts and liabilities of the late
firm of Manly & Avenh and of Manly,
Averil fe. Com pany; and to have a decree directing the said defendants to
convey an undivided 1-10 interest and
an undivided 1-6 interest in the Sunset
mineral claim situate in the Granite
Creek Mining Division; and to have set
aside a certain deed or deeds whereby
the plaintiff conveyed to the defendants
fee simple of lot 14, in block 1, in tbe
city of Grand Forks, and lots 4 and 5 in
block 1, East Addition to Grand Forks;
and lor a lis pen dens; and asks to have
the defendants restrained from disposing of any interests thoy have in the
aforesaid mineral ciaims or real estate.
To say tho least John A. Manly is
very modest in his request considering
the fact that Dr. Averilt paid hiin $10,-
500 when he cu-nc here, and practically
paid all the money that was paid inlo
the store business, while he was in it.
Of course this is not tiers to our
readers, Nearly everyone in Grand
Forks has heard the threats made by
Mr. Manly that he would not quit
until bi chase 1 Dr. Avenll out of the
countty, had possession of his big houso
and everything he had. In fact he
seriously though of bringing criminal
proceedings against Averill and it was
so rcpoitcd on tbc strict.
Dr. Averi'l on being seen by a Miner
representative stated tbat ha bad
endeavored to keep cut of litigation but
now that itjhad been forced upon him,
he proposes to give theso people all
they want of it befoie they are through
with it, and if they get anything out of
me they I will have to show their
grounds for it. The doctor has retained
the best counsel at the coast. As the
matters are now sub judlce, we refrain
from sating anything further in the
The citizens
vory nc.tr losir.j
North   Fork river   last Tuesday afternoon.
About three o'clock a large log lodged
against the middle and v.'-ysl piers of the
bridge anil all efforts to remove it weie
fruitless. Frank Fortier, who ht.d
charge of the movement to dislodge the
log, concluded that i: would bo an easy
mat er to blow it oul with giant powder.
This-idea seemed 10 meet the approvi
of the rubberneck association, and a j
messenger was dispatched for the necessary implements of war. He scon re-1
turned with fifteen sticks cf this harmless looking stuff which was placed iuto
a gunny-sack. In turn thc sack was
tied to thc end of a long pike pole and
placed in the water in such a manner
that the current carried the sack under
thc log. A match was touched to the
fuse and everyone anxiously waited the
result. Talk about the Maine explosion! Well, if you had seen that log go
up, you would have thought that some
one had placed a submarine mine in tlie
bottom of the river. Nut only the log
but a large portion of the middle section of the bridge went to. The air for
a hundred feet up and in all directions
was filled with pieces of logs, bridge
timbers, etc. A daughter of Mrs. Mader, who resides at the end of the
bridge, happened to come out of the
door just as the explosion occurred and
narrowly escaped being hit by a large
piece of falling timber.
At first: everyone was cf the opinion
that tho west span of the biidge was
completely wrecked. But examination
proved that such was nut the case, eiud
beyond the blowing eff of tlie planking
of the bridge, and the breaking of two
or throe of thc brace beams, jpo damage
had been done. Every available car-
pcoter war, at once put to work and. the
bridge was repaired so that travel could
he resumed by midnight.
For the last two or three years the
practice of blowing out driftwood
lodged against the bridge his been followed and this is the tirst time that any
accident has occured.
he ha 1 finished his badness transact
ions, says the Rossland Recor 1. Thy
B. A. C, corporation has au option on
the Pathfinder group and have a force
of men at woik on the ground now.
The second payment is soon due on
the option, and Mr. Mackintosh wished
to verify the reported licb st iki per
sonally, before any more aymmts were
made. He will return to London in
the course of a few days, to finish his
conference with the other directors of
the company.
Mr. Mackintosh's hcalih was not good
while in London having quite p. severe
attack of sciatica but he has eu'i-ely recovered since his return.
A. B. Doalty of London has been appointed Loudon manager of the corporation and all business proposals should
bo addressed to hirn directly iu order to
insure iheir early submission tu the
board of directors. F. A Labouchei
has been appointed London secietary
of the corporation.
11 James Monaghln, late superintendent
t I of the Great Western lull Ior the li mn-
d-uy country ta look after the 1',. A. C.'s
properties iu lhat district. When he
returns trom there and makes his report he will be sent up to inves igu e
the corporation's propetties In the Yinir
this week.
Sabbath schpoi
at 2 p. tn.
The travel between Spokane- and Eu
A.  Manly's  ball
moved into
moved hi*, fara-
The Pioneer Dairyman.
CM. Mardon, who sometime since
offered his dairy for sale, has concluded
after due consideration lhat Grand
Forks is good enough for hirn, and will
remain right here and do business at
the same old stand, Besides delivering
pure, iresh milk at your door eveiy
morning, ha will supply a limited number of families with bis celebrated
creamery butter, pronounced by all who
have tried it, as being superior to any
other found in the cily. Recollect tbat
Mardon is the- only milkman that supplies his customers the year round, and
drives the wagon wilh the B. C. dairy
painted ou the bide.
$107   PEE.   TON.
Returns Frcm the Fourth Car 0: Republic Ore.
Returns on the fourth car load of ore
shipped from the Republic mine, on the
Reservation, was received at the company's office, in Spokane, last Monday.
The ore carried c;S5 ounces gold and
6 65 ounces silver, and the value was
$207 per ton, which is double that of thc
first carload shipped, in February last.
This lot of ore came from the lover tunnel. The returtiB are most gratifying to
the olliccrs of tho company inasmuch ar.
thc daily assays have been practically
verified by the Btne'.ter returns. Thr
four carloads shipped hy this mme have
shown increase ia v.aluts, thy first shipments being from tha upper workings.
The four cars returned values as follows, respectively: £103, S114, 1*169 and
The First ot the Season.
Ths musical, literary and ice cream
social to be given under the auspices ut
the society of Associated Charities, next
Thursday evening in Victoria hall prom
ises to be of more than ordinary interest and will fully repay .all who attend.
The program includes numbers from
the best musical and literary talent of
the city and will bo something entirely
out of the usual order of entertainments
heretofore given by the society. After
the program is completed icecream and
cake will bo served.
Thc piice of adinis ion has b'oyn fixed
at 25 cents, which untitles each holder of
a ticket to one dish of ice cream and
reka is increasing.
Mr.  Joseph   Manly
his new reside nee,
Richard Dsfreese b;
iiy to Republic, Was:!.
Emnert Bros, have opened
barn at Republic, Wash
A *.-:a*yy frost Wednesday morning
nipped ihy early g irdcns.
i} lite a number ol   Rossland   mining
men have been in the city this week.
"Father Pat," (Rev, Irwin), of Rors-
land, spent a day or tuo ,,, town this
W. It. ii •■■ • ha taken , ■ ■ s lion ol
John Manly's residence   n    e east 1 ide
of the North Fork.
Lu *i .11 Wilsor las finished do-
ing the assessment work on his
Puss cieek property.
J. S Holland 1 whel ia!c iiq ior mnn,
f ,.,0 :-,-.i,' i-i ■.■--. in :.. cily this '»-.i*r
He :;■*.    ■ em ;■■ Eureka.
D.'-'. lie e.h of Cas, o Ie City was un-
[■;. in ye euo 1 '■■ lh 1 other ,..,*,■ to cui
h s foot badly wiih 1 n axe.
City Tieisurei .',. :. on fi last Wednosday lu; I ley. i.:,>.., 0 .!, v here he I.-:.
gene en a vi- it ui bis parcuts,
The fishing scuson is on here, and explanations ot just Iri.v "ihal big o.ie"
-*ot '-.way, ate new iu order.
Rev. M. C.  McLennan  will   preach | M
next Sunday eve at 7130 p. in. in L. A. §3
Manly's hall, ou the "ideal City."
"Dynamite Frank'' and ''Twenty
Sick Bill'1 aie the two latest 1 elebrities
that nave located in Grand Fcrks.
Dave Woodhoad left Thursday afternoon for 11. r-iy mountain, to do'the assessment work ou lhe Copper mineral
Is pi
(*.:■;- FoiJtS- B. C.
*f"S a new House, with new Furniture
I and everything comfortable for the
""traveling public, and has accommo-
tlons for a large number of people.
Tire Dining Room is provided wiih
: Ing in lln; market.
'I ha bar is \ epleted with the best
Wines, Liquor*: and Cigars.
'. .';AA •r:*..r^.*^..~s*?r. YA
yy>* v> ,_''v;- v    .y-'-.s-'y-i-"
•     • ,-fi-«!.^?;-<?-«2.<e*jgj.^;
>- •  §.\2£&? '*■■* .* - "«:■:''■'<:.
|»(K imxx% wxsi i ijos mxxmxxm
The Prospectors'   S
Livery & Feed m
   STABLE,        I
Grand fcrks, IS. C. ard Republic, Wash.  ^
Saddle and Pack Horses a Specialty,    £
|| Open Bay m
s been cor,.
witn rhen
cut on Un
Robs Thompson, an old timer in the
Rossland district, was in the cily Thu is-
ay, on his way to Summit camp.    Mr.
net others have a bund
Friday May 13th is the Tims Set for the
Municipal Election.
There is very little public interest so
far displayed iu municipal politics, and
everyone seems to be waiting fnr tbe
proclamation cf the lieutenant governor
setting a day for the holding of lhe election.
Mr. Peter T. McCallum has declared
positively that he will not be a candidate for mayor, executing that cither
John A. Manly or L, A. Manly, comes
out, then he is in the field to stay. As it
is almost a certainty that   one   or   the
other of Ihem will be a candidate, Peter | and llis [ricad5 ;lre mMng a sUm,
might us we'l commence grooming his
mayoralty horse.
Jeff Davis is out for the mayorship
straight, tbis time, and nothing else.
Friends of John A. Manly say positively that he will not l)g a candidate
this year. This is contrary, however, to
Mr. Manly's declarations when he was
in the city the last time. But as that
gentleman will be here some time next
week he will have an opportunity lo
lo speak for himself.
A large number of the friends of W.
K. C. Manly are very anxious for him to
enter the race, but up to date, he has
positively declined lo mix up 111 the
matter again.
The number of prospective aldermen
is above the average at this stage of the
cause, and taking everything into con-
sidetatlon the prospects are that there
willbe a very interesting contest when
the time comes.
There is onething cerlain, and that is,
the future of Grand Forks depends
largely upon the business qualifications
and make-up of its next municipal of
ficers, and no pledges should be made
until both slates have been made up,
and then none but l.hoip who have
proven themselves to bc reliable business men should ho elected.
City Clerk Wollaston receivoc a tele-
grain today announcing that the Lieutenant governor had fixed May   10th ns
l-'re-Iglitora run Mivaj'H I ii .1
Plenty of Stall !<oorii
r..'.•>':,!■< is taken to all I'ointu in Bntlati
ColmubJu ami mi tboRt-tcrvationat Ki-n-
ponnblo Rlvc me a cull and get liny
I'm -*.;■■    Wu will une yf ti iij{ht.
.. y • .■; a a**:: ?' J a. ■. I. t* nTS a 5K,.',-'. "a sTy. rf ,       •■ T -rtjtt 30 iii-.*KX-5.*» i'iy «&• *X».ir Si- iv
Thompson ana. tuners nave a bono on l ,oe day of nominating and May nth as
thc Orodenero in burnout c.imp,  wnich I 1.      r      ir   ,
expires sometime seou and the object      ■'      Polling.	
of his visit was for the purpose of per-1     «,    „„,.   .. .„   r-i,_.   , „ ,     ,
fecting arrangements lor an c-xten >o J „ Mr'a"d M,S\,C:1 i;„L^ry' who for
of time. Ho says that tho people of I!?! P^!L0>?fl!Sf,hil^.J>e«..™!5a?
Rossland are vciy much disappointed
tne Cor**nos hotel, have returned lo
Spokane to live. Charley had been so
accustomed to a "buttcilly hie" that tho
monotony of living in a town the size ol
Grand Forks "b.oke him up."
Mr. Frank Newby and family, of
Winnipeg, arrived in the city this week.
Mr. Newby is a brother to the Newby
boys, and expects to locate in this vicir,-
over the refusal ot the dominion govern
meat to grant a charier to Mr. Corbin
10 build the Kettle River V.dley railway
which would have given the Boundaiy
country competition in freight rutes.
All goods for Grand Fcrku and British Columbia points coming ovcr thc
ESpokane Falls & Nor.hem are shipped
10 Bossburg, while everything billed Ier
Republic   or  reservation   points go to!""*''	
Marcus. Tbc causo for thu is owing to J. 1) Anderson, C. E„ ot Trail, B, C,
tbe fact thai the warehouse facilities at was a pleasant caller at the .Miner of-
Marcus are not sufficiently large enough ' fag yesterday.
to i.ccommodate  tho vast  amount of, ——. *—
freight that is coming into this section For Sale.
at t re present time. |    Qne of lhebest farms on Grand Prairie;
G. W. House, of Hlilyard,  Washing-  healing orchard and small fruit.   For
ton, owner of the   Black  Tail  mineral tlhti,dd
cl:mn in Summit camp, was in  tus city
lest week, and p iid bis annual r.^ess-'
nient to the Minkr.    Mr, House was on I
his way to Rqmbltc to take a Joolc over \
tbc resource of that camp, aud oxpect^
to return to this district sometime  next'
month, fur tlie purpose of  commencing]
dtivelopinuKt woik on U.e liiaejc Tail,
Harry Donough, who h
fined in the Jubilee hosp^r
matistn, is nuw able vj L
R A. Brown went to Ross'and this
week on business connected with the
bonding of tbo Sum>et claim 0:1 Copper
John H. Todd, general manager cl
the Spokaue Driving Parle association,
?;&:> in Uu city last Monday cu his waj
to Eureka,
Woik on thc Pathfinder hns been suspended on account of the B. A. company failing to take up the bond thoy
nelu on it.
Mr. A. H. Fraser has decided to locate in Grand Fortes, and has rented
Richard Defreese'a house in the north
west part of U>\\\\.
Dick Gibson came in irom Spokane
Monday evening'. Dick h bcim* ac
cused ut coming over on this si ie of the
iino to £(-t away iro.il going to war,
Mr. C. Tringie, a mining broker from
Rossland, spent n day or two hi thc city
tbi:i week ii.quiting into the mineiul re*
source0 of this suction, with a view of
Assistant Postmaster Petrie dutr-
butes the mail now after the arrival of
tha stage, in the evening, Thia ts done
m order that everyone may get the latest war news.
W. C. McDougal was a passenger on
Wednesday morning's :t>«<e fur Rossland, i-vtace he goes lor the pu-po e o
closing a deal for the sale bf some North
Fork properties,
Pariieu w 0 nre in n. position to know,
state there are in the neighborhood ol
fifty freight teams operating between
Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway a d
Reservation points.
\V. li. Davey returned from Rossland
last Saturday afternoon, wheio he had
becn for a week consul-in tf with John
A. Manly, president of the (irand For-ks
Mercantile company.
Fred Wollaston, V L. S., is su veying
five claims on Pathfinder hill, for the
purposo of secuiing a crown giant for
them. "Hughy" Cannon and Mr. Ne-
wet are assisting him in tbe work.
The Ralston Brothers are doing t:e
assessment work on thc Tiger in Brown's
eimo. The character of the ere found
on this claim \i s mihir to that found on
the Diamond Uuch and Pathfinder properties.
Fred Oliver cam.: in from Rossland
Tuesday and kft Wednesday morning
for the Winnipeg mins in Wellington
camp. He was accompanied by G?o,
T. Crane ar.d Frank C. Loving, of Spokane.
K. D. Carpenter and lady, of Rossland, passed through the Forks Thursday en route to Eurek.   Mr, Carpenter
is an experienced prospector, and bus
just returned from the Klondyke country, where spent last summer.
W. A Corbett, of Greenwood, owner
oi the Orodenero mineral claim in Summit camp, was in the nt/ Thursday,
Mr, Corbett has extended the bond, ioi
another year, which Ro.-s Thompson
and others havo on tbat properly,
Mr.   Chas.   Cumings  is   exhibi iug
some snap and enterprise theso days by
_  ,    .      . I generally   beautifying  and   improving
10.   It is also given out that Shipments \%\s residence property.   A picket fence
tothe  smelter will be continued even  has been built and a lawn  and Miade
after the mill is In operation,  as  the  troes p'onted around tho promises.
company has plenty of ore land the rate j    "Two steam hoisting plants, said to
of hauling out is not excessive.   The  ^ for the Stemwinder and Brooklyn in
, ,     ,. , .,, (,1'ccti*--* or,d camp, are sdeirael: d here,
teams would oheriv.se return without £he s,p(nwindc/^nd tho ikooklyn were
loads, after having brou-fht freight in, recently  bonded  by  |,  E.  Boss  and
and for Ibis reason the rate per ton is j olheis oi Spokane."*— llossburg journal.
reasonable,^ ■ Frank Soars has becn elected scro-
ire. rej rt.      7   -T-  -, tary of the Pathfinder Mining, Rcdi>
The First Over tne Trail. j ti.-,1 nnd Investment company vice Geo.
List week four Uinamen   walked   ingraham losigned, who has moved to
over the Dewdney trail without show* Curlew to accept a position in the  niyr*
Effort Being Made to Have One
Created for Rossland.
An effort is being niaeiu to have an
American consul placer! at Rossland instead of a con lular agent, as at pre;e nt.
It is argued that the change would bc of
considerable benefit to that city. N. A.
Burrilt is spoken of as a possible incumbent of the ofiice in case it is created,
effort to secure thc creation of the position and his appointment to it. There
is at present a consular agent there in
tbe person of Fred Bloekberger.
Well Pleased With thc Bridge-
Louis V. Cuppage, superintendent of
bridges and roads for tbis distict spoat
a day or two in town last week on business connected with his department,
During his stay here Mr. C. inspected
the bridge recently built across thc main
Kettle liver, within the city limits, and
expressed himself as being very much
pleased with the substantial manner iu
which the work ha 1 been done, Tbe es
timated cost of this bridge ir $2,200 of
which amount the government appropriated $r,ooo an.I the settlers anl citizens of Grand Forks the balance.
Ready by May JOih.
The Republic mill Y nearing completion, and the last ot the maehinery is
nnv on tiie way between this city and
lhat camp. The company expects to
havo it in operation  oa or before  M ly
shoes from Rossland to Cascade City in
two days. Tne first duy out they reach
ed Big Sheep creek rind the next day
thoy walked over the range into Cascade
City. There was ten feot of snow on
il.o summit, but they managed to get
across on the cru-t.
tablishment of Humphrey &
.-■-■>  "        -*• •*--_■        .-~>.y       • \-.-~ gv**,,.
Mm tii I
ou know i-nit lion ' ■ th.
pick up Prop ry
r^tO    "Q
Beforo TI1I&S1 mmor Is ovor will have ouo
Uutlron-1 and I'robalily two nnrl Property
I  Will Double Every 60 Days.
^ Watch ihis Si';;ce For Snaps Every
v.'**!- ii.
A fine Ln*oniUver*ldc avenue 1  coo oo
Good Lot on WJnnlpogaveuue      100 Oi)
Five row    :■■<*.■ i-ttur.1 5u-fool lot  1,001	
Large Sti ra on  jridsestreet  -.-i'-) 0(1
tJood l."i_ I'.-.u! lMdiv in Upper Grand ForkB, l.OU) 00
.r>il 00
:. ■ l (nl
550 00
wllh in
■:, alTnndrcdolhers.   If you have any thing to Bidl Li-^t it
No c'jargu nnli bs Snip is mnde
■■-. .:i' ;.i [(uy iu)) tiling como und   ec me and I will have
jy.   Aiidrcsa
ecrctnry Qrand Forks Townsite Co.
\-.... ■-■:.■; .    -\.Y^-....-^   iA%*. ,.,..:..*«.  ,.'ii.;*v'*.*:     :•*",- '.e>-*c-.-:: ■ ;-.T-.'. y -.■■..-■*■.•
J.i^Vii/ifl.n.n-fl A
that the
is hei
whereby the Grand Forks
Saw Mill sold its entire output to the
C:y.yy J. va-*wl™J^ w.^i -^
Lumber Pool has expired, and I am
now rrepare
all  lands
Eggs Fo
II. Covert, Carson, B. C.
r Sab    $1 50 Per Setting.
From lul!-n!ojd Plymoth Rock chick
Pixinium stock,
OKO. W, iNdllAHAM,
A New Town on the Trail.
A new town on the Dewdney trail has
boen laid out where it crosses liig Sheep
creek, to be known as Melville, in
honor of Magistrate Melville Newton of
Rossland. Mr. Fred Lindsburg, of
Rjsslnnd, is erecting a new hotel, and
will shcu-tly pat up a crural and barn
f ir the accommodation of the travelling
Branching Out,
J. W. Jones, the mattress and spring
manufacturer, has just received a large
stock of furniture, and is now prepared
to furnish anything in the furni.iie line
at reasonable price*.
Chas. Van N:r,s returned ou Monday
Irom his trio ihrough lhe Baundarj
country and lift Wednesday ini- Rors-
lanrl I i expects to return to the Porks
in t'nrj iu be prc-rcnt at the ne.vt sitting
of the county court which occurs on
May q.b.
C.   M.  Tobiason   came   down   froni 1
[Brown's  camp   last Tuesday  evening,      ,f
where he has been   doing  assessment   S1DJ
j wc.rk on the Gelden Eagle.   Mr. Tobia
sou bad   with  h-m some specimens of
peacock-copper quirtz taken from this   -«.—,-, ^>
'. propertv, which has the appearance of   HvSu
being very rich both in gold and cop-'
' per.
.Vr. Geo. Hicken   received  a  letter
this week from IT -a: h McGuier who is
i now   on his way lo Klondyke.   Hugh
■ says that he lo-t his entire outfit in thc
I Sbeep Creek snowslide.   He also stales
: that in all his  mining   experience   he [
never witnessed anything  ecpial  to the ,
rush nf people  pushing to  the  Alaska
guldfeids, |
&3il  EiVjJ'    l&xibi   IUL  AIS.
Shingles, Etc*, on the Shortest
Notice*    A share of yourbusl-
Grand Forks, April 30th, 1898, A HINT FROM THE KLONDIKE.        QUR   BUDGET OF FUN.
Joseph Lardue, the famous trapper
ninl miner and the present owner oi'
DaWBOn City, find for muny years the
agent cf the Alaska Commercial Company, gives, a hint t-> persona going to i
Alaska, and pays great compliment to a
well known article.   He writes;
•■ I have always used tlie Royal Bak-|
ing Powder in Alaska ami Northwest!
Territory, as no other gave equal sat-1
isfaction in that harsh climate, 1 also
found ray customers always insisted on
having that brand."
The globe of the eye ia moved by bIx j
A cablegram from London says that Mr.;
Gladstone may not survive longer than
sixty days. That is tlie opinion of his
physician after having carefully ding- ]
nosed his condition,
lu 1ST" Falcon island, in the Friendly
group, began us a smoking shoal. Ten
years later it was a volcanic island 300
feet high and over one and a half miles
long,    Now it is disappearing.
A dispatch from   Pittsburg, Pa,, says
lhat the Carnegie Steel Company has received on order for the Bteel plates and
material for l"*> torpedo boats from thei
government    The work ean be done in !
two weeks.
The governor **f Michigan has sent to'
the legislature u message recommending
authorization of a war loan of $500,000.
A BCene of enthusiasm followed the reading of tho message, and the bill was
passed within half an hour,
A company has been chartered nt To-
piku, Kan., with a capital stock  of $:..-
O0-.UHH), to colonize a land grant of 4,000,- ;
ono aires in the central part of Mexico
With 25)000 Indians of the five civilized !
tribes who are dissatisfied with the Dawes I
The tllionis butterine law lias been de- '■
clared unconstitutional by tho slate supremo court. The judges decided that
manufacturers have u constitutional
right to color butterine or oleomargarine
yellow or imitation, which was prohibited under the terms of tlie law.
A naval reserve battalion of Um men
has been formed al the University "i
Michigan al Ann Arbor.
The Swiss government has forbidden
the importation into the country of lush
fruit from the United States.
The insect population of a single cherry i
tree infested with aphides was calculated |
by u prominent entomologist to be  12,-
Jokea and Jokelcta that Are Supposed
to Have Been Recently Born-SuyUnea
and Uolnicn that A re Odd, Curioua and
Laughable—The Week's Humor.
lo the   Matrimonial   Harbor.
Dixon—Is that lighthouse Job of yours
a government position?
Hlxon—Lighthouse job! I dou't know
w hat you mean.
Dixon—Aren't you going to look after
n lighthouse somewhere?
Hlxon—Certainly uot. What put that
Idea Into your head?
Dixon—Your wife told mine yesterday that you were going to try light
housekeeping next month.
What We Seem to Be Coming To,
Porter—Klondike     -u.on;   change
here for lhe North Pole.—Ally Sloper.
llotli tlio method ami results when
Syrup ul' Pigs is tnken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to tho taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on tho Kidneys,
Liver nnd Bowels, cleanses tlie system effieotually, dispels colds, head-
aohes and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to tlie taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its aetion and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most .
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs  is for sah- in M
cent bottles liy   all leading drug-
gists.    Any reliable druggist who '
may not have it on hand will pro- '
e.ure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it.    Do not accept any
-Jf    SAN FRANCI300, CAL.
lOvtSVIUE. Kit. HEW YORK. N.r.
Iliir.l to Tell.
BlKus—I eau always tell a man tliat
has been employed as a hotel clerk.
DIggs—My experience has heen very
much to the contrary.
DIggs—Yes, I ean never tell them anything.   They think Ihey know lt all.
He Must He Satisfied.
Mini wants but little here below,
Because he's tun polite
To Interfere when woman strives
Fur everything in sight.
He Wasn't Perfect.
Giles—1 Just heard that Hawkins referred to tne as a perfect Idiot.
Smiles—Oh, don't mind what Hawkins says; he always does exaggerate
more or less. I'm sure no one believes
you are perfect.
Timely Information.
"How do you keep that big clock
woundV" asked tbe rural visitor as he
passed lhe government building with a
chance acquaintance.
"Thoy have a winding stairway In the
tower."—Detroit Free Tress.
As a Reminder.
Albert (time, 11:00 p. m.)—Really, 1
must be going uow; It's getting late.
Laura (yawning)—Well, you kuow
the old saying.
Albert—What's that?
Laura—Better late than never.
Got His Becond slant.
"When we were married a year ago,"'
said Mrs. Oldby, "you were constantly
telling your friends that our marriage
was Hie result of love at first sight ou
your part and now you are always find-
lug fault with me."
"Yes; It Is true that It was a case of
leve at Urst sight wheu 1 met you," replied Oldby, Willi a sigh, "and I'll uever
forgive myself for leaving my spectacles at home that morning."
Not nu Unusual Thing-.
Dixon—1 don't believe young Khort-
lelgh Is half as extravagant as people
sny he Is.
Illxon—t'ei-han,s not, but I've noticed
that he has a suit of clothes for everyday In the week.
Dixon—Is that so? Why, he always
had the same suit on every time 1 met
lllxon—Well, that's tbc one.
is mm
It la Ebowi m
Wilts to HI .sorrl It,   Onr bosk SB
f Hullst BSNT FHSB.
Cleveland Oil & Paint If;. Co.,
in Barrels Weighing from 268 to 32011)1.
Cut tlm out ana uenrl witli order.
"Why," the member from Wayback
was asked, "do you think the measure
would bring calamity upou ns?"
"Because," he replied, "it was not introduced by a member of the party to
which I belong."
Inconsistent   Wife.
Wife—You shouldn't be so wild, my
Hubby—Pehawl Before we were
married you said that was the reason
you liked me.—Philadelphia Press.
The Mother Bhtpton Head-fear.
Ill Occident.I Ant., Seattle. Wash.
XcairH anH TstiC
H.orVlR..r.l«-l Ksm.Hr vllld,,II, Tbrss
dssss will nsks /ou Issl bstt.r. Oet It fists
yonr 4rurf Ut tr sur whole.alt drill horiss, or
frost Slswsit A Holmes Drnf Co., Ssatlls.
Is It Wrong?
Get lt Right
Keep lt Right
Suggestion for a hat to go with thc
latest coiffure.—Scraps.
Poetry of Motion.
She—Poetry seems to have deteriorated in late years; don't you Ihlnk so?
He—Oh, I don't know. I read quite
a moving little verse a day or two ago.
She—Indeed! Where did you discover It?
He—In a street car. It was an advertisement for something or other.
rnr tracing ntiil locating Gold or Hllvcr
Ore. lost or tin ri cil i r.-jt-n !■■ *. M. Do
FOYVXKR. Box aiff.Soulhinietou.Conn.
No Utte for Them.
Stranger—I understand there is some
talk uf doing away with the bridges
over the Oh lea go Kiver.
Native—Yes; It Is thought the water
ln the river will soou be thick enough
to walk over on.
I        CURES tHilHt ALL Hit lAILb.
Hart Cou-rh Syrup.  Tastea Good. Oiw I
Sold by dro-ft-tnt*.
Her  Gratitude.
"You'll never have another offer liko
this," he said, as the maiden spurned
"Thank you," she replied. "I was
afraid you were going to say something
disagreeable." .        „
Headed Off.
"Here," said the philanthropist, "ls a
dime. Now let me give you a little advice.   Never "
"Hold on," Interrupted Slouohy Slmp-
klns, "take back your money. My lowest price for llstenlu' to sermons Is 50
Expelled by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
A IiUcernintc Maiden.
Old Gottrocks— What reason have
you for thinking this young man
doesn't want to marry you Simply because I'm rich?
Miss Gott roe ka—Because It was not
until after I told him all your property
was ln mamma's name that he proposed to me.
Her Guilty Conscience.
Mrs. Mumley—And so you have decided to withdraw from Dr. Brierly'a
Mrs. Weeds—Yes, he Insulted me. at
my husband's funeral.
Mrs. Mumley—Insulted you at your
husband's funeral? Oh, surely you
must be mistaken.
Mrs. Weeds—No! He said my poor
James had gone to a happier place und
would surely not wish to return to this
world, even If he could.
Motlier-in-Luw'-**. Turn.
"Is your daughter's husband a man
of regular habits?"
"Yet*, very. He never gets home l>e«
fore midnight aud ls always lu the
same condition when he arrives."
6he Couldn't Help KuylnK It.
He—Do you ever experience tears ln
the dark?
She—Not unless I am all alone.
A moment Later it struck him and he
turned down the gas.
Mrs. B. A. Lombard, Box 71, West-
dale, Mass., writes: " i have reason to
think tliat I would not be here now if
it had not been for Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. It cured me of
a fibroid tumor in my womb. '
they could not cure me at the hospital.
I will tell you about it:
" I had been in my usual health, but
had worked quite hard. When my
monthly period came on, I flowed very
badly. The doctor gave me medicine,
but it did me no good. He said tho
flow must be stopped if possible, and
he must find the cause of my trouble.
*' Upon examination, he found there
was a fibroid tumor in my womb, and
gave me treatment without any benefit
whatever. About that time a lady
called on me, and recommended Lydia
| E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound;
said she owed her life to it. I said J
would try it, and did. Soon after the
fiow became more natural and regular.
I still continued taking the Compound
for some time. Then the doctor made an
examination again, and found everything all right. The tumor had passed
away, and that dull ache was gone."
It can be truthfully stated that
such a result can be accomplished by no
other remedy upon the market, and
forcibly proves the peculiar virtue of
tlie Vegetable Compound
' us 1*1 in    Will*    Prevalent   Auiunv   the
Kiirly -Christians*
■ The cremation of Francis Willard, fol-
1 lowing that of several other famous people, BllOWS that the new mode of treat*
I ing the dead is increasing in popularity,
says tlie New York Mail and Express.
When it was started, nearly thirty years
ngo, it was a nine days' gossip. At the
time the theosophists cremated Baron do
Palm and strewing his ashes in the
waters of the Hudson it was the talk of
the city. Jtut now it is so common that
no one pays any attention to the practice.
Curious enough, the chief opposition to
it, today comes from several of the
churches, This is hard to understand, as
the early Christians were almost as much
in favor of cremation as they were of in-
limitation., aud as the church at another
period made use of the hones of dead
Christians to ornament the walls of the
catacombs. So strong was the belief in
Immortality at that time that the body
was viewed as a more husk, whieh was
scarcely worthy of attention after the
bouI had left it. In some of the Italian
catacombs the number of skeletons employed in decorating the walls is measured by the thousands.
A harking dog will never bite,
They tell us aud, by jinks,
1 guess by this same token that
A talking person never thinks.
Of Course He Got Her.
The Old Gentleman—I would rather
see my daughter In her coffin than married to you!
The Young Fellow—Oh, come, now,
you can't mean that. 1 know coffins
are cheap at present, but she tells me
she'll be satisfied with a very modest
wedding outfit, and I'm willing to pay
for tlie gas that's burned during the
A Blight MUtuke.
1. Mr. Flirt—Ah! There's a pretty
girl waving her handkerchief at me.
I'll just follow this up.
2.   But it was ouly Bridget washing
Proved an Alibi.
Tlmkins—I understand that Miss
Anteek brought suit for damages
against against young Softlel-gh for
casting reflect Ions upon her,
Slmkius—So sihe did; but she lost her
Slmkius—She did, eh? What was
Softlelgh's defense?
Slmkius—Oh, he proved to the satisfaction of the jury that he wasn't
bright enough to cast a reflection.
Easily Explained.
"Why Is It that you never see a bald-
headed barber?"
"That's simple enough. Bald-headed
meu can't stay In the business, because
one of thc chief sources of the barber's
revenue ls from the sale of hair tonic."
Hard Work.
"Do you succeed lu picking up a llv-
InV" said the robin to the toad.
"Oh, yes," roplled the toad, "but It
keeps meou the jump."—Indiana Woman.
Europe is less than one-fourth the size
of Asia.
John Jacob Astor, president of the
Kindlay, Fort Wayne & Western railway,
lias ottered to place ids road at the free
disposal of tlie state government of Indiana for the movement of troops and supplies.
There are no orphan asylums in Australia. Every child who is not supported
by parents becomes a ward of the government and is paid a pension and placed
ill a privatti family, where hoard and
clothing are provided.
It is reported from Barboursvllle, Ky.,
that five more murders have resulted
from the Maker-Howard feud, among the
victims being the wife ami two children
of one of the participants. The murderers lied to the mountains.
Key West reports that thc United
States government has established a censorship on telegrams, forbidding transmission of code messages to or from Havana,
President McKinley has issued a proclamation announcing the blockade of the
north coast of Cuba between Cardenas and
Bahia Honda, and the port of Cienfuegos
on the south coast.
Captain General Blanco has published
a decree confirming his previous decree,
and declaring Culm to be in a state of war.
lie also annuls his former similar decrees
granting pardon to insurgents, and places
under martial law all those who are
guilty of treason,- espionage, crimes
against peace or against the independence
of tho nation, seditious revolts, attacks
agatnBt the government or against the
authorities, and those who disturb public
order by means of printed matter.
NiiiiiUK li'K 11  In in flu   Inlo  (lit-  rnjil.nl
nnd TiikrM ricturn'M.
lt is a strictly enforced rule of the
United Slates senate that no camera can
he brought into the visitors' gallery while
congress is in session; but Mrs. Cushman
K. Davis, wife of the senator from Minnesota, smuggled a kodak into the capitol
under her jacket, determined to procure
snap shots of all the striking scenes during the reception of the president's message and the proceedings following it.
When the scene on the floor became interesting Mrs. Davis produced her camera
and began snapping ii right and left. The
officials of tlie senate soon discovered her
Utile trick, and it caused a great commotion; the sergeant-at-arms was appealed
to to Induce her to desist from her photograph hunt, but his efforts did not prevail, and she succeded in obtaining the
only photographs of the senate on the
memorable day when the president's Cuban message was sent in.
Prof. Willl'am Keith Brooks, who holds
tho chair of zoology in Johns Hopkins
university, wus 10 years old yesterday, ami
the students presented 'him an oil portrait
of hhnself to mark the event. He Is well
known throughout the scientific world for
researches and discoveries in marine ani-
mols of the groups Crustacea molusca and
tho primitive vertebrates.
Prof. J. W. Hoffman of the Srate Colored college at Orangeburg, S. C„ who
was elected a fellow of the American
Geographical Society 'lho other day, Is
the lirst colored man to be so honored.
Prince Pontatowski Is at the head of a
new corn-pany, which will bring a 10,000
horse-power electric curre-nt from the
slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains tu
Sun Francisco.
If your grocer
doesn't sell Schilling's Best tea, tell us his name,
what kind you want (Japan, English Breakfast,
Oolong, Ceylon, or Blend), and what size package you want.    We'll see that you get it.
Don't send us any money     We don't sell at
San Francisco m       A. Schilling & Company
Marital Strength, Vitality, Manhood, In Two  to Ten Days.
Weak and Impotent men cun secure healthy, vigorous marital strength, vitality uml development In from two to ten days by tha use of Dr. Archambaulca Wonderful PARIS (
vital si'ahks.   in ninety per <'t'nt of the cafes tin! results are permanent and lasting.
LosaeB, drains cease at once.  They cure varicocele,   restore  lost  power,  give  wonderful '
vigor and strength to mnn or woman; build up quickly the weak, nervous, broken-down ■
system.    A FOOD for nerves, brain and muscles.   At  last a remedy that 1b beneficial  to (
nil. mnl tlmt nets on the organs »s rapidly us a cathartic acta on the bowels.   Always
effectual.   Never falls.   Results permanent.
Act at once, and their continued use for n few days builds a man or woman  tip  wonderfully.   The medicine is a scientific  French preparation, perfectly n»fe to use—cannot possibly injure you, but on the contrary will Btlmulute your organs to he like a youth of 21. .
If you are saying to yourself. ••! wish l were dead,*' then there is something wrong with '
the Inner man; yon ure morbid, melancholy, unhealthy, and It is your duty to yourself and ,
family to brace Up uml  tuktt  PARIS VITAL,  SI'AHKS. s
PRICE S3 P.RSg.  100 DOSES ^"att^9
To Inspire confidence In our remedies, we will mall, closely sealed, u regular full month's (
treatment.   100 doses.  $;t package of  PAR S VITAL SPARKS, for 48 lc stumps. *
This eitliieoffer ls an holiest one from start to finish, No deception; means exactly what I
It Bays, ami Is made by a responsible ai.tt wealthy Medical Company, who believe In
doing as they would like to be done by. and wbo can refer to the leading and largest
banks  at   home   ami  all   newspapers   in   which tills advertisement appears.
Vou cannot get Something for nothing. Avoid all so-called free cures. No one cay pay i
for advertising medicines and live and cure you free. Kvery offer uf this kind Is a trap.
When discouraged try our PARIS VITAL SPARKS, Our offer gives you Three Dollars'
good value, if in need of treatment, for only 48 cents*. We make no money when we send '
a full month's treatment, loo doses, a three-dollar package, for only 48 one-cent slumps; (
but our Paris Vital .Sparks are so reliable, so effectual, that we always make many other
customers  at  full  prices  through  your certain cure. I
Just as soon as you commence to tuke PARIS VITAL SPARKS, just so soon will you
commence to feel yourself a man made over.   Why not try today, or ut least cut this out'.'
Failing Vigor in Cases Past Forty Our Great Specialty.
"S1N''I-'R1TY In speaking n. they thlnk.bellevlng uh tliry pretend. actiliR aa thpy pro-
Test., performing nn Ihey promise, un.l being ab they sppssr tt. be. Thia la wlml Dr. Aroh-
smbsult Co. ulwayt. does."—Post.   Write tu.iiiy.   Don't delay.   Address plainly,
82 Pemberion Square. BOSTON, MASS.
His Plain Address.
The Lord Paruliam of fifty or sixty
years agu Invited a tenant farmer to
dinner who hnd no experience In the
methods of addressing titled personages. Ile consulted a frleud In his perplexity, who told him on speaking at
first to say Lord Purnham or Lady
Farnham, and then to talk to them as
other pt-ople. On meeting his friend
afterward the guest told htm he hnd
got on well at dinner and soon felt
quite ut home. "I took your advice,
and, having said, 'How do you do, Lord
and Lady Farnham?' I culled them
plain Mr. nnd Mrs. Farnhnm for tlie
remainder of the evening."—Westminster Gazette.
Nothing  Serious.
"What's going on ln your house this
morning, Tommy?"
"Oh, It's Just Bertie. When he was
playing In the pantry he knocked the
molasses Jug off the shelf, and the
nurse ls combing his hair."—Collier's
The man who breaks the law often
finds tbat the law evens things up by
breaking him.
Wise men make feasts lhat fool*
may eat and get the gout.
Power that will save joii money and
make you money. Hercules Engines
arc thc cheapest power known. Burn
Gasoline or Distillate Oil; no smoke,
lire, or dirt. For pumping, running
dairy or farm machinery, ihey have no
equal. Automatic in action, perfectly
safe mid reliable.
Send for illustrated catalog.
Hercules Gas
Engine Works
Bay St., San Francisco, Cal.
Hercules Special
'*-"■< actual horsepower)
Price, only $185. r~
New Ways of Living; Bring* New Bales
in Manners.
That element of gallantry which Is
nothing more than a hypocritical display of Insincere devotion has for many
years tended to disappear and ln the
march of progress will continue to do
so, not more because of the widening of
woman's interests than because of the
broader view of life and one's duty toward one's neighbor among both men
and women, says the Springfield Republican. True gallantry, In Its best
and slncerest form, will never be "out
of date" as long ns men are men and
women are women. Men will always
respect women and If gallantry be paid
to Intellectuality rather than to Ignorance lt Is no less gallantry.
A man who gives up his seat ln a
street car to a pretty girl and then goes
home nnd "kicks" because dinner ls uot
ready Is not gallant. With new ways
of living for both men and women,
gallantry must take new forms, adapting Itself to conditions, but lt will ever
exist In the hearts and be shown In the
actions of generous men and noble women.
A homely bit of gallantry was enacted ln this city a few days ago by a
driver of an ordinary, everyday watering-cart. A woman had a fall from her
bicycle Just In front of the street sprinkler nnd although not at all hurt her
hands were considerably the worse for
contact with the dirt of the road. The
driver watched her from his high seat
aud then called out cheerily: "Want to
wash your hands, mlss'i" She admitted that It would be a desirable thing,
so the mnn turned on a small stream
from his cart and held his horses still
while the woman washed her dirt-covered hands. Then, acknowledging her
'Thank you" with a smile and a bow,
he drove on nnd the wopian resumed
her ride. The driver's action was as
true gallantry as ever knight performed in olden time—and such as Parisians
would uever think of.
Press Blunders.
Probably no article on typographical
errors ever appeared without containing a typographical error, unless the
proofreader has been fortunate enough
to Intercept on the way to the press the
mistakes whioh seemed to be predestined for that very list of mistakes. A
queer blunder recently appeared ln a
New York Journal's elaborate article on
Iu this article the following paragraph occurs:
"The account of the locomotive striking a car and cutting her Into 'calves' ls
perfectly understandable."
No doubt this would have been "understandable" If the word "car" had
been printed "cow," as It was written,
and ns It stands In the traditional Joke
which forms the basis of thc story.
With some of his other stories the author of the article had better success.
He tells of the author of a classic Roman drama who, by the undeslred aid
of the printer, mnde his hero exclaim,
"Bring me my togs!" Instead of "Bring
me my toga!"
He relates that one of Mr. Black's
heroines ouce perished from swallowing a dose of "opinion" Instead of
opium; nnd that ouce there was a
proofreader, one of a sporting eleven,
who hnd rend for the first time the title
of Dickens' "Cricket on the Hearth."
"Impossible!" said thc proofreader;
"you can't play cricket In a fireplace,"
and he corrected lt (o read, "Cricket om
the Heath."
A famous aud dreadful blunder was
once made In nn advertisement, where
mistakes of the sort are comparatively
Infrequent, by reason of greater ea.re;
a blunder In an advertisement may be
expensive. The advertisement of a
great manufacturer of marmalade was
mnde to read:
"Blank's preserves are not to be
A "b" had dropped out before the
"eaten." It was probably an engraver,
nnd not a compositor, who made a wedding invitation rend, "Your presents ls
requested" Instead of "presence." Barring the grammar, this version would
be well enough In n great many cases.
An old English newspaper, mentioning the absence of the prime minister,
said: "Sir Robert Peel, with a party of
flat'ds. Is shooting pheasants In Ireland." This might have beeu no Joke
In nn opposition paper, but this one was
friendly lo Peel Instead of being "flend-
ly" to hlm.
Uncle Bill's   Letter.
We hud a note the other day from uncle
way out west-
Been gone some twenty year or more, an'
Is hy fortune blesu'd.
He sent bis photergraph along, an' In his
letter sold
He's livin' on a ranch alone au' uever yet
bas wed.
"I guess the Mnynnrd girl sjill lives," he
wrote, "tin's pretty still—
She who wus known as lloxey when I to
her was Bill?"
Wc showed the photergrnph ter her—she
rend the letter through,
An' with a little sigh she said, a little
nervous, too:
"Well, Mr. Smith deserves good luck—a
noble heart, God kiiow-B-,"
An' then ber face turned strangely like a
white and wilted rose.
Perhaps the kind words fetched a chord
thnt straightway felt a thrill—
"She who waa known us Roxey when 1 to
her was Bill."
Ah, undercurrents of nil lives!   •   •   •   •
Around her children play;
She hns a husband who is kind—an' yet
who knows, thut dny
When she remembered thut one henrt In
all the world of care
Still  turned  to her   ia   tenderness   an'
thought her pnlc checks fair,
She felt a pnng of deep regret—longed for
the old dream still,
When one wns known as Roxey, an' one
wus known ns Bill?
—Chicago TlmeB-H6rald.
Japanese Doctors.
In Japan doctors tie not charge for
their services, but, ou the contrary, decline to name an amount, and protest
against nny Idea of remuneration. The
patients, on their side, are too proud to
accept such services free, and send to
the doctor, not as a fee, but more ns a
friendly gift or token of gratitude, a
sum of money proportionate to tbe
menus of the giver, wllh some piece of
silk, bronze, or lacquer work, tbe Idea
being Hint medical attendance Is by far
of too Important nud elevated a character to be desecrated by barter for
filthy lucre.
This Is
Take it
Now to
Feeling. Go to your oruggisl and get
a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla and login to take it today, and realize at once
the great good It is sure to do you.  Q
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Spring Medlolne.
It   WimiM   Naturally  Not  H<>  Perfect
nt tlie Start.
Nobody 1ms expected, nor 1ms anybody
had tho right to expect, thnt a perfect
government would spying Into existence
in Cuba immediately upon tho downfall
of Spanish rule, says tho Washington
Star. Such a thing could nt.t possibly
he. Tho island has been torn with mis-
government and contentions for a groat
many years, Tlie people, necessarily,
havo given thought principally to their
distresses, Thoy have had little time, for
anything else. United, as thoy have beon,
iu thoir detestation of Spain and her
methods, they have devoted themselves
to organization for tho purpose of throwing off the Spanish yoke.
Hut. tbeir aspirations upon tho point
of better government are clear, They are.
looking here for thc model of that which
thoy think would bc tbe host model for
them. A government of the people, by the
people, and for the pooplo, adjusted to
Cuba as that government is adjusted to
the United Slates, is the object of their
desires. And who shall say tliat it is n..t
within their reach? Not working perfectly at once, of course. Our own government started off slowly and encountered many difficulties, but by the exercise of patience and firmness wo succeeded.
The main point, as thc Star stated a
few days ago, te to got rid of Spain. Tho
problem then becomes one appealing to
ovory man in Cuba whp desires the betterment of his own and tho general condition. It will bo difficult in the extreme.
It will demand sacrifices, just as thc revolution lias demanded sacrifices. Tiie
United States will lend lis aid, and with
that aid failure will be impossible.
We are asserting In the courts our right to the
exclusive use of the wonl '■ CASTORIA," and
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyatinis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "PITCHKR'SCASrokl A,"
the same that has hot ne and docn now bear tho
fac-siwile signature of CHAS. H. ■PI4HTCHI{R on
every wtapper. This is the original" PITCHER'S
CASTORIA" which has beeu used in the homes
of the mothers of America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper aud see that it \s
the kind you have always bought, and has the
signature of CHAS. H. KI,KTCHER ou the
wrapper. No oue has authority from me to use
uy name except The Centaur Company of which
Chas. H. Fletcher is President,
March 8t 1897.       SAMUKL PITCHER, M.1X
Canada is a little larger than the United States.
Hair is vory strong: a single hair will
boar a weight of 1150 grains.
The readers of this parim* will be plensed to
learn that there la at leant one dreaded dlseuse
that science haB been able to cure ln all Us
stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall'a Catarrh Cure
Is the only positive cure now known to tha
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the dtseuse, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature In doing Its work. The
proprietors have so much fulth In its curative
powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that it falls to cure. Send for ll-.it
of Testimonials.
Address:   F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists,  76c.
Hiill'ii Family Pills are the best.
Asia is (lie largest continent, 1(1,000,(100
square miles.
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder for the feet
lt cures painful, swollen smarting feet and
instantly takes the sting out uf corns aud
bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes
tight-fitting or new shoes feel easy. It Is a
certain cure for chilblains, sweating, damp,
callous and hot, tired aching feet. We
have over 10,000 testimonials of cures. Try
tt today. Bold by all druggists aud shoe
■tores. By mall for 25c. in stamps Trial
package FKKK. Address Allen 8. Olm-
ited, Le Hoy, N. Y,
Tho only involuntary muscle composed
of red or striped libers is in the heart.
FITS Permanently cured.  No flteor nervousnes
rilv after ll.-si day's use or lir. Kline's Ureal
Nerveltestorer. Head for FKKK Stt.OO trial
bottle aud treatise. DR. It. II. KLINE, Ltd., '..■«>
Arch street, Philadelphia, l'a.
Tbo weight of the average sized man
is 140 pounds; of tlio, woman, 12").
After being swindled by all others, send ns stamp
fur particulars of King Holoniun's Treasure, the
only renewer of manly strength, MASON
rilKJIU'Al- TO., P. O. Hox 747. Philadelphia, Pa.
The sense of touch is dullest on the
When a local Incident suggests   an
Abe Lincoln s-tory, It cannot be printed.
I know that my life was saved by Plso'l
Curo for Consumption.—John A. Miller,
Au Sable. Michigan, April 21. 189b.
Kvery hair has two oil glands at its
In the spring cleanse your system by -using
Dr.   Plunder's Oregon  Blood Purifier.
Straight hairs arc nearly cylindrical;
Cltrly hairs the elliptical or flat.


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