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The Grand Forks Miner Nov 5, 1898

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 KZ?   *
1 '' t
j    /
THIRD  YE Alt.   NO. 130
Tbe    Dormitory    of    tin-    Whitman
COUIlly     r.H.rlioii**.*    ll,'Mtr,i> ,',!     I.i
Flre, Si,|.|.i.s.-.l to llnve ll.-.-n
Started Ity III*- Mini Who I.OMt III.
I.IL-   ju   ill,.   I ..nlli.** rnlh.,1.
EHwrton, Wnsli., Nov. I,—The slopping
iip.ii'iini-iiis nf tlie tii.ili. Inmatoi at thc
Whitman nuiiity poor farm wore destroy-
i'il liy fire yi'-ileriliiy and Q. W. Hull, nn
n-.'!-.! inmate, pori*fhcd in tin- dames. It ia
believed Hull nl the lin1 whloh destroyed
ihe building nmi ooel hiin his life. The
tii. wn-. discovered aboirl m n. in. nn.l
In a fow minutes the building was a mass
of ruin-, amid whirl) could lie seen the
L'harrcd remains nf ihe aged victim. The
building wm a large squaro frame strut*-
lure nf r.ni. and one-hall -.Units ami was
huilt two years ngo. It was dry and
biinn-d like Under.
'Although tlie lire oecurred in the day
time and several of lhe inmates wen' iu
the building, iki effort wns made to rescue Hull beyond calling to'him. He was
lying un a ool and refused to move and
the inmates who discovered him, being
old and feeble, had not the presence nl*
mind nor Btrength sufficient lo ilni*j- him
from the burning building. One Inmate
grabbed an iron bedstead in lhe room
where Hull lay and tried lo save it, hut
allowed the mail lo perish. When W. II.
(Ile.isnn, keeper of the pour fa'rm, returned from town, where he had -.'one for
lhe mail, it was too late lo save Ibe burn-
in*; building or the man.
The body wns burned beyond all human
Coroner Ferguson with Deputy Prose-
outing Attorney Itouthe hehl an Inquest.
The jury returned a verdiet that de*
ceased eame to his death 'by lire and
found no one to blame, lt is the consensus of opinion thai Hull set the lire
wilh sniiiil.il intent. He has frequently
said of bile thut he would he heller oil'
dead and would not live long. Hull had
only been here about 10 days. He had
been here before, but hud been working
near Kndieott anil returned lo Colfax two
weeks ago wilh .$*2.'i. He slaved in Colfax on a continued drunk until all his
money was gone and returned lo the
The property loss is about $500 and
nearly covered wilh Insurance. The fad
thnt a strong south wind was blowing
alone saved lhe other buildings, whieh
ure quite valuable.
Kitlilns county ha« shippi-d 00,(t0l)
sheep   this year.
It. II. Andrews of Centerville bas jusi
sold 1500 head nl* ewe sheep to a parly
in Tbe  Dalles for $2.50 a head.
fc'loK-hlnger llros. nf Asotin county have
brought their sheep oul of the lllue inmtn-
tains and will drive Ihem down lo Sheep
guloh, on Sniuke river, where thousands
of sheep lind pastm-.i-.-e nil ihrough the
winter on the hillsides.
Not in live years have there been so
few idle men in' Ellensburg. It is almost
Impossible to get a man lo do odd jobs
ami the services of all classes now have
to be engaged fur ahead.
Ex-Marslii.il Parker, uf Palrhavcn, who
departed for Soutli America wilh aliout
$40,000 of the city's funds a few years
ngo, is said lo bc in Dawson City. John
De Pries, in a letter to Mis. De Pries, suys
he saw Parker on September 10.
The Washington State Dairymen's As
soeialion will hold its annual meeting at
Ellensburg on December 28 and -ill. J. Ij-
Smith, Spokane; 11. P. Heed. J. P. Sharp,
It. 1'. Tjossem and ,T. 0. Goodwin are the
committoo on arrangement, finance and
•state drain Commissioner Wright said
the oilier dayi "I find there will be a
large number of fanners throughout the
stale wbo will do summer fallowing next
season, and give their land a year's rest.
If Ihey do so, they ean afford to hold
their present crop lor many months, and
then, if there should be a shortage in
thc southern countries, they ean sell at
an immense profit."
The commissioners of Kittitas county
made the following levy ut their meeting
last week: Por county current expenses,
•I inills: for county bond Interest, 2.5
mills; for county road, .5 mill; for counly
bridge. Ai mill; general slnle purposes,
2.7 mills: general stjhool purpives, 11 mills;
general military purposes, .2 mill; gen
oral Interest, .2 mill. Salaries of county
ufllecrs, $l(l,iii,j; suporlor court expenses,
$;1500| justiee oourt, $810] sundry county
expenses, $852.-).   Total, $211,0110.
Ex-Treasurer Lookwood of Pacific county, who recently returned lo Soutli Bend
und surrendered himself for trial on a
charge of emliczzliiig counly funds, lind a
hard lime of it during Ihe six months he
was a fugitive from justice. He waited
on table at Victoria, 11. 0., for a starter.
Then he wenl lo California, and visited
111 counties in his aonroli for work. Thc
places he held were! Driver of* four-
mule team iu a logging oamp, poll tax
collector, cherry-gatherer in nn orchard
at 50 cents a day, cook in n San Francisco
saloon, and kitchen man at a summer
Tl.niikxalvlMK   for  Clary  of   Victory
itii.l "lie Hope  of IN-fie-?.
Washington, Oct. 30.—The president
has issued lhe following thanksgiving
"Ity thc president of the United States:
"■A* proclamation: The approaching November hrings lo mind the customs of
our anee-tors. hallowed by time und runt-
ed in onr niosl sacred traditions of giving
thanks to Almighty Cod fur nil the blessings he has vouchsafed to us during tlie
past year. Pew year- in our history have
afforded such muse for thanksgiving. We
have liecn blessed by abundant harvests;
onr trade and commerce have been wonderfully Increased, our public credits been
improved and strengthened, nil sections of
our country have been brought together
and knitted into closer bond of national
purpose and unity.
"The skies have been for n time darkened by the cloud of war, hut us we were
compelled to Inke up lhe sword in the
cause of humanity, we nre permitted to
rejoice thnt the conflict has been nf brief
duration, and the losses we have hnd to
mourn, though grievous and important,
have been so few, considering bhe great
results accomplished, ns lo inspire US with
gratitude and praise to the Lord of Hosts.
We may laud anil magnify his holy name
that the cessation of hostilities anno so
soon ns to spare 'liolh sides the countless
sorrows and disasters that attend protracted war.
"I do therefore invito all my fellow citizens, those ut home us well us those who
may be at sea or sojourning in foreign
lauds, to set, apart and observe Thursday,
the 24-th day of November, ns a day of
national thanksgiving to eome together
in their several places of worship for u
service of praise and thanks to Almighty
God for all the blessings of the year, the
mildness of the seasons and t'he fi-uitful-
ness of the soil, for the continued prosperity of the people, for the devotion and
valor of our countrymen, for the glory
of our victory and the hope of righteous
pence, and to pray that tlie divine guidance whieh has brought heretofore to safe-
ty and h not*, may be graciously con-tinned
in the years to eome.
"In  witness whereof, elc.
"Ity the President, John Hay, Secretary
of State."
''ii iiUlit     Yellow     Fever      While    01
Govern men t   Duly.
Hnve iieiu'lieil  Jerimnlem.
Jerusalem, Oct 31.—Emperor WUHnni
nnd impress AngU&fl Victoria, witb tbeir
suites, arrived in perfect health at the
encampment oufasido tho lown Saturday.
At 11 o'clock their majesties entered the
Jaffa g-ato and at 3 o'clock visited -the
Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The street*
presented a lively appearance and lhe
buildings were lavishly decorated.
Mr*,  noikln  Arrnlnneil.
P.m Francisco, Oet. 31.—Mrs. Bolkin
wits formally nrrolgnod before Judge Carroll Cook Saturday upon an indictment
filed liy the grand jury charging 1»er wilh
the murder of Mrs. John P. Dunning of
liover, Delaware. Mra. Bolkin pleaded
not guilty and tflie case was held over
until Saturday next to be set for trial,
New York, Oet. 30.—Colonel (leorge E.
Waring, .Jr., died of yellow fever yesterday at bis he.no in this city, where lie has
been since be arrived from Havana on
the Yucatan Tuesday last. He was 67
years of ape. His son Guy lived for some
years in Spokane, ami Okanogan county,
Dr. Blativett. wbo bad been attending
Colonel Waring during bis illness, was
summoned at 1 o'clock this morning, lie
found Waring hnd becn attacked with
black vomit. Thia symptom continued
all morning. Waring died at a quarter
to eight. The body was placed in a hermetically sealed coffin and every precaution taken to prevent spread of tbc disease.
Colonel Waring had jusi returned from
Havana, wbere be was sent by tlie government to ascertain thc exact sanitary
conditions and report the best methods
fnr putting tiie place iu first-class sanitary shape. Waring was apparently wed
when he left Havana and felt only slightly ill during the latter part, of the voyage,
but when lie reached home he was obliged
to take lo bed. It was then discovered
that he was suffering from veilow fever.
I.omlil    liiilliiiiH   Arc    \\ orlhlcsN,   lull
Mil liy 0-lipm Are Dolus* Well.
Washington, Nov. 1.—The majority of
annuul reports of Indian agents to the
commissioner of Indian nll'airs are of encouraging nature uml indicate progress
generally along civilized lines.
Some of lhe reports, however, nre not
so gratifying, and make some surprising
Statements. Unusual in the annual report
is the following arraignment, in the report
in the report of E. M. Verian, in charge
of Ihe Lemhi Indians in Idaho.   Ile says:
"They nre addicted to gambling, horse-
racing and dancing and the iniiuence of
the so-cullcd modioine man operates to
the disadvantage of lhe tribe, Tbeir rail
advancement has nm. been what It should
or what it WUS possible to have la-en under
thc circiiinsluncef*. In the agent's annual
report for 1882 on the Lemhi reservation
I lind 211 Indian familiisi were engaged in
farming) 18 years after I can repyut but
•II following agricultural pursuits, un In-
crease of 12, not one convert a year."
Agent Fuller of the Blackfoot agency,
.Montana, referring lo the opening of the
toded portion under mineral land laws
Inst April, says prospecting has been
practically fruitless und predicts abandonment of the so-called mineral strip before the first of November.
dime n ben everything was made ready
tliat the blast furnaces were shut down
but four hours while the steam power
I was being cut out and the electricity in-
Btailed. There an- a number of motors,
Iwo of 175-horae power each, and three of.
in     i in*
ewes nl $3.2.1 and 500 ewe lambs al $2,110.
1100-horsc-pmvcr, on,- of 50-liorsc    power,! J    l'he Hon. James Fergus of lewiston lias
*|Tiree \ one of .lOHioree power und one of SIMiorse | „-,„.«,,.  i(,.f„»,.»   i„   Helena*  llie  In-   just celebrated  his Moth birthday and is
W.nk ..n the grade of tlie Cobo-Brida
. branch i- about completed.
I    Jonas Hnlverson of filendive has sold I
to John Marti,, and C. O. Narum  1200 TW0  FACTI0NS  AMONG  THEM.
SUttCS   mill   Oxer   Hie   I,in,— Lively    power.
Times     iii    Die    Trull    Creek   Ilia-I Unite  Xol   So   U'nrill.
irict—strikes in Wnaliln-jlon nmi :    'ih,. iiunc district is not hampered by
i.ini...—irriuriiiiun     in    Montana—   conditions  which  exisl   iu   manv  of  tic
-iiinini;  Notes.
mining pactions of lhe world, iu regard to
extreme heat in the lower workings of the
mines.    The  highc-l   lempei-al ure   al     a
depth of 1800 I'eet  that hus I n lound in
tin* llutle copper min.- Is 72 degrees. Thi,
woul.l  indicate    a  comfortable working
Never before in tile history of the Trail
Creek district have so many men been employed in the mini's ol Ibe camp.   Never
before have the mines of tho oautp bi	
shipping so much    ore.    As a  resull   of I telnporaluro.
the',' two , liti„u, llosalund i- enjoying s'"«  »*•' T""-
a prosperity hiUierlo unknown. 'n'"  well known   Wolvori ine  was
The War Magic Cousolidaled Oompany recently sold by thc sheriff lo satisfy a
is essentially a Canadian corporation. The judrTmenl of $500 (Ignimd the olive Hold
company is' incorporated under ihe law* Mining Company, in favor of Sets Urol this province,    llie bead olli if the  »'
company is iu Toronto, where the principal stockholders reside, consequently Imt
little is heard here of the company's doings, ns all business, not directly tributary lfl the mine, is transacted there. The
mine ill addition to paying all operating
experiments, adding penmanen't improvements, additional tuahchinery, etc., sine
dune of this year has been paying dividends al tbe rate of 1.1 cents per share
per month, or 18 per cent per annum on
lhe capital stock.
Two hundred and fifty men nre employed at the mine now. This force will
be more than doubled when lhe new plant
is in successful Operation. Two Ill-ton
skips will 'be employed iu the new shaft
ami these skips will give the mine u hoist,
iug capacity of 2000 tons per day ot' 21
The management of the mine lias openly stated that, from known ore reserves,
there is at least three years' supply of
ore in sight, without Inking inlo nccouul
any ore bodies that will be opened up in
Ibe regular development of the mine. Ir
is also slated that lhe company will after
the lirst of .lanuary increase llie monthly dividend to $50,000 -ami may possibly
make it larger.
Adjoining the War Engle on the east
is the Centre Star mine.
The purchase of the. Centre Star by tlie
I'oodcrham-ltlaekstock syndicate even .il
such a fabulous price as $2,000,000 was a
rare stroke of business. Wilh the Centre
.Star and War Eaglo Ibis syndicate now
holds undisturbed ibe key lo Ited mountain.
Purchase pri.es of mines running up iu
the millions are few anil far between,
and the Centre Star, it is believed by local mining men, is an isolated ease where
two millions word paid nu a proportj ••'
fore a dividend had been declared.
Nevertheless the Goodci-hoin-Bhickstock
syndicate paid this enormous price, and
it is eonlideiitly believed will moro tban
"come oul. even" within the lir-t two
years after acquiring possession and the
commencement of shipments.
Strike Iii the Conquest.
A'.sensational mining strike was made
lust week in a property owned liy Spokane
men, and only 4"i miles from the city. The
miners in the Conquest broke into four
and a half feet of ore. Ill' this, three feel
is profusely mineralized quurlz, which
assays $1(111 per ion. and a foot and a hall
is carbonates, specked  wiib  native cop    [j10 peacock mines from Weiser, nnd it. is
per.    The carbonates have not yei  been  g-<{(t that ihe railroad must be begun wit)
II. A. Brown, lhe former owner of
the Wolverine, has secured the services
of a solicitor and claims that he can prove
that Ihe Olivo (lold Mining Company
never owned the Wolverine. The Wolverine is situated ulxiul ten miles from Uraud
Forks, in Brown's oamp, and is a high-
grade copper proposition.
Ore   In   I.c.iiiiKtnii.
Tin* latest report, from the Lexington is
that the tunnel is in over 10(1 feet, with
three uud one-half feet of white iptai'tz
iu the face sprinkled all through with
galena. The properly is situated ou tiie
upper pari of Elk creek, which puts into
tho South Fork, jusi above Wardner.
Suit Seidell.
Ileal estate was unusually active in
ltosslan.l in consequence of lhe authoritative announcement thut lhe PftJ-is llelle
suit was withdrawn and a compromise effected. Titles may now he obtained to
lots ou Ihe ground which has been ill dispute for years.
1'iisl.iiti;  ii Tunnel.
'llie cross tunnol on the Knob Hill in
Republic camp, has reached lhe 100-fool
mark and is still being driven al the rale
of two feel, each day. two shifts are eon
slanlly employed ou the work. It seems
quite likely thai the. ledge is not far from
IS feet distant from ihe fnce of tihe drift,
Milling Nolo*.
Several men left Wallace, Idaho, to commence work on the buildings for the workmen engaged in putting iu ibe new tun-
nel for W. A. Clark on Sunset park.
Thn dredging plant of the Hon A. nl
Company at liannaek. Mont., is said to !..■
a tolul wreck, l-isl week the 1ki.i1 sank,
submerging the machinery, and on Saturday night llie Ixfttt turned over, and il
is nol though! Hi.n anything can ho saved
The proposed site of the Unshoe smelt
or, east of Anaconda, has been jumped by
a man named Or.iham. who has staked out
a quartz location, which ho calls the
Waterloo, ami is sinking a shaft upon I In-
ground, which lie claims contains mineral.
The location llolleo was posted upon the
property Oetdber 10, but it i- claimed il
has not been tiled in the oflice of the
county .lerk and recorder.
The pending deal involving llie Seven
Devils copper properties, in Idaho, thai
has been in progress of completion for
four weeks past, i- reported to lmve been
con-uniuiatc.l. The deal involves the
building of a railroad inlo the vicinity of
The Conquest is owned by D, W. lien-
ley, Mayor E. 1). Olmsted, Harry L, Kogers and W. M. Rid]<at.h. ll is six miles
down tho l'end d'Oriello river from Newport. The section i.s familiar to thousands of Spokane people who have gone
on the Ureal Northern su miner excursions to Albany Falls.
"The strike was made in the upper tunnel of the old workings," said Mr. Ileulcy.
in III) days and pushed rapidly to completion. The railroad reaches a point within .'WHO feci in elevation from the Pen
Near Three-Mile ereek, n short distance
above Virginia City, Moid., Dr. F. V. Ellis has a pro-peel which is making a most
excellent, showing. It is celled tbo Iron
Wedge. Years ago the Doal from the
ledgo was found by prospectors, and time
ml again the lead  bus Wen  prospected
Dewey Snj-» Tliere Ia Need  of I,lull!
Draft   Gullbontn.
New York, Oet. 30.—iA dispatch to tho
Herald from Washington says:
Two more men-of-wur will probably follow the auxiliary cruiser Buffalo to the
Asiatic station. Orders hnve uli'eady been
given lo the gunboat Helena to prepare
for her long trip through the Suez canal
to the far east, and as soon ns she Is ready
she will start.
Bear Admiral Dewey has impressed on
the department the necessity of having a
large number of light draught gunboats
among the Philippine islands, lite York-
town, it is understood will be placed in
commission on the Pacific oott***t nnd start
for Manila.
At a point 40 feel from the mouth of fofj but with no success until the pasl
thc tunnel there is a break iu the forma* f,.vv months, Now Hi feet of tunneling has
tion, and we made an uir shaft down been run, whicli expoies an ore body four
through it. Fifteen feet, from Ihe bottom j -f.-c-t. in thickness, assays ol" which go Into
of the tunnel, in this air shaft, we fallowed   the hundreds.
Last week a land olliee decision wns
mude by Register William H. Ludden and
Receiver S. A. Wells involving Ihe hind
near Cheney, on which mineral strikes
have lately been made. Samuel T. Mnl-
moo made homestead entry for the southeast quarter of section 82, township 21
north, range 12 east. The decision today
gives him only ."Hi acres in the western
pari of the quarter lection. On this be
makes final proof. The rest of lhe land
..ii llie contest of Qcorgo W. Knglo and u
number of minis was declared mineral.
wluit appeared lo be u stringer, and die
feet in we opened up this ore body, The
assay I have just received gives: Hold,
$5.1(1; nipper, $07.20: lead, $30.40| silver,
The IIoii-lurnM Mill.
The mortar from the Golden Winnie
mill, which bumod two years ngo, wus
taken to lhe Honduras mill at the head
uf Pony gulch, near -Delia, Idaho, lust
week. They claim Hull they will be dropping slumps in llie new mill within a
week. It has been years since any min
ing bus been done on Pony gulch, although  Ihere nre some very  good   pros-
poets there.    The Honduras will  be Lh
first  slump mill iu there, although    Hie   , 1IN„ ,,r several lliiiiilr.il   l'I,...i.nn.l
Puy   Templeton put up and worked n
cannon bull mill some yews ago.    Like
oilier inills of  lhe kind   pul   up   in   Ulio
Coeur d'Ab-nes, il   proved  u  failure, the
Hollar, ui vnnootJTor,
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 27.   Firo brok
i yesterday morning al ;i o'clock at ihe
quartz being loo bard to 1 rushed by  nlU,tings sawmill ami entirely destroyed
it. Tun hundred and fifty men are thrown
.nil of employ ul.   The mill was one ol
t'.'o most complete on the Pacific eons:,
having a capacity of 300,000 feet a day.
or 11,11011,000 feet per annum. All the valuable machinery was destroyed, ns well
as the wharf and company's mill-. Thc
owner- are the Royal City Planing Mills
Company, ami the loss will amount to
•rat hundred thousand dollars.   Throe
that method rapidly enough to make it.
pay. The Buckeye, near Murray, -till
bus one of Ibe cannon ball inills, uml
when it. lias very rich quartz it rou.sts
it and the cannon balls will crush it, but
handling ordinary rock is out of the
question, 'llie Honduras mill will be
driven by water power.
TrrlKUtlon   Sclieine.
11 is understood thai  the conlmel ha
been lei for lhe building of the two large   |,uuhcr ships were saved by strenuous ot
irrigating canals in  Yellowstone counly.   flM|s-
Montana. bv lho stale arid land comniis-
Miiruenl     I.llllll,.lies,    uml    SlI.VH    Ile ! II    ll.lle   a lid   beal'ly   old   lllo II.
win Seise Hie Steamer i-'iii|iiu»a      General    H.   St.   II.   Youug,    formerly
Wherever   He   ClUl   l-Mlnl   Her   I'll- \ colonel   nud  uelillg Superintendent   ol   lh.
less   Prisoners   Were   ISxohon'reil.   National paik, iias I  assigned with his
1 command to duty iu ('nl,...
at    woik
T.VII        TlmiiMllii,!        Iiimii,.,;,.,,!.       Willi
Their   lll'llerr.    Irr   III, ,„„i*l„K    l„r
(ifii,*,* in suuiinu.i—General *.. ooil
Trying to Coulrol Tlieir Factional   Trmihli'N.
Chi,  Odt.  30.   A  special  dispatoli      *\'''''«   "'  •'*" ''•' »* "'" »-  »""- ;    ManzauilU Oet, 31.   The H-dl oi Gen
•„„„ M m„ „„.. j"" ""•;-;''■"»• ■;'«"-' N*>""1" ■■'"■l " » ,„i i.,,,n,„d \\ i, ...,.,.,„.„ .„ ,„,	
Horn .1 in null -a,i   . I report ial thai .-oil more are   m ib.-u   wi\ ,  ,                                    c
Anny officers besl  Infon I of the til    ,0 wol-k ou the Kollspell division. '  ,"'"y  ''"J""'"""!   '"   Si-uittago,  haa  been
iplno situation said i" Lho corrwjiondenl
i ilu- inter -Ocean tliat t'hey were prncti
...une-*. Huhu of Red l/**l^-- lu-* ri-.ih.-il
a pa ten I for bi* deaerl land .-him ui 320
-ally assured blinl the uwnraciHa would U0IW)i \\,, \m dlijxwed <-i tic- raucli tn
make uo trouble nttoul wkhdrawUig can Luo |!lM.|,y )..,,-|; c-i;.| company for a cuu
pletely trom Manila. Orders for Iheir Uideratiou of $2080.
witlidraual euane from Malaloa and luive| j,mMV ^ i^u, of Qlendive dripped 22
reached the Insurgent comitmndcre
The  negotiations  fur tbe exchange ol
the Spanish and  Filipino prisoners drag
head <»i IXhv«gii county beef cattle to
Chicago vvltlch topped tho mark«t foi
western range cattle tlii- Reason, the price
along slowly, Aguinaldo being preoceu-1 i^ng $4,80.
pled with the withdrawal of tlie inrntr- Alexander B. (IpshaW, Industrial teach
genu from Manila. He told Paterno, the Gr ;iI t|H> Crow agency, haii been trans
Filipino negotiator, thai he wns anxious fermj to a like position at tbc lien™
in get rid of the prisoners it the Spanish H<hool in Nebraska, at a salary of s..n.i
would promise to release all political ex*   jM.r annum.
i'"J. li  i> reported tbat  Engineer Ooddurdj
M. Andre, the Belgian consul, i^* very   uJ- ,;n.<lt   Fjl|Uj   „ ho   U,|S  kilM   iu   t|||1
hopeful of tbc sHccrs-i (tf the negotiation!
wbich will be resumed as mmhi as tbe difficulties with the Americans nre settled.
* Jeneral   OUs    and   Admiral   Dewey   an1
heartily in ftivor of bhfl cxdiange.
Aguinaldo seal hi- fcprcscntativc, Ta
vera, on Saturday U> ask Admiral Dewey
to relea.se tlie in-nr<.'cnl launches ami also
the steamboat Abbie, which brought arms
fur the insurgents. Dewey refused tu do
-ii ami lold Tavern thai In1 would eei/.e
I be insurgent steamer Kitipinos wherever
he   found   her.
The Insurgents have four steamboat'-.---
the I'llpinos, Don Francisco, Tagal nnd
Barog. Admiral Howey wrote to M".
Andre, saying thut unless ibe insurgenlv
agreed to exchange prisoners wiih the
Spanish be would seize all four of these
recent wreck at. Flood's, earned $4000
Insurance upon his life, and his famili
is therefore left in better ein-um-taueer
than was expected.
'l'he proposition as .submitted to mid
accepted by ihe board of trade of thc
eity of Missoula to build a public park
aud county fairgrounds on the plot weal
of tbe Kuropean hotel i- receiving eucoiii
aging support   from  the citizens of Mis
SOU 1.1.
Clark Bros., of llynum, recently made n
big sale of lambs to Linden of C-rtscade.
the transaction including some 10,000
head. 'Jhe price is reported as $2.2o pei
head. The .same tirm is delivering tiiiHt
head of yearlings to >. 11. Hamilton ol
Winona, at tbe Benton stock yard-.
\V, I>. Deaton witli a force of men i-
on his way to Billings driving aboul  1200
head  of  beef cattle for shij m   to  the
Chicago market.   Tlie bunch include* .ill
A  Bannock  Indian convert  i-  with  the   of the  II  ii brand,  beside- a  number ul
Xez Perec preachers learning their meth    smaller  Utnds.
ods  io  help  hi-  swirk  among  hi-  o*.n      John  Herman, who is the packer foi
people. tin* Northern Pacific land examiners1 out*
l.a-t season over sHiHMi worth of apples fit, has left Libby for Melbourne with hi*
were -hipped from Troy, in Latah county,  pnek animals.   The outfit that came down
and the indications are now that this
amount u ill be materially added to by
nexl  season.
The advance in ibe price of wood has
caused a number of men to go into timber along the streams tributary  to the
Pipe creek last  week  is expected i
turn  in   a few   days   nnd   will   examine
lands in the vicinity of .Melbourne.
Dr. Hen-hall ami hi- tone have been
busy for several weeks distributing lish
to many  point** in  Montana.    Fish  have
(learwater to'-it wood In l>e rafted down already becn .-hipped i*> \leinw. Dillon,
to Lewi-ton. Wood i-. selling for !?2 Hi Red Rocli, Townsend.. Lombard. Joseph
f. ,i. h. .it Vollmer, and $3.2» at Ken 'ine. Dorsey and Leadboro, Shipments
tlrlck, which te causing the wood choppers ■ will be made to many points on the Great
io bustle. ! Northern    and     Northern    PadtU'    ilu-
According to ihe  Lumberman there i-   month. Al-.. several streams in  the (ial
a good belli on the coasl for a -mall tur    latin   valley   wil!   be supplied, and   sonic
peii'tine  factory.   There  arc   two  species  of tho waters of the Vellowstone park,
of wood rich In turpentine and allied pro ■
dmt-. Douglass lir and "bull" pine, hoth HER GREAT PEACE JUBILEE.
of whieh yield turpentine, resin, wood al- j
eohol. pilih and oilier 30 called naval ■„ ,■,,. MUJiiirj DlNplny Thirty
products. | TliiMixaml    Sotillerd    Miitetiett
Governor Steunenberg of Idaho has re j
■ived   a   letter   from  Colonel   done-  at j    Philadelphia, Oct. 2s,   There was com
Manila announcing the arrival of the reg
imental colors ami expressing high np*
precvition of the gift.   Colonel .Jones add?
pcii-aiion y.*-terd.i\ for the disappointment in the enforced postponement of the
civic parade wbich had been scheduled for
nu letter to Mis- Hmiuo Edwards, wlio   Wednesday.     Yesterday     upeued     witl
hns clmrge of the collection of fund- for  bright sunshine and with every possible
the eolors: "The little bouquet of sage
brush was liiylily appreciated. It- fragrance  brought   back   sweet   memories   of
favorable opportunity for the assembled
trowds to witness the great military parade, which wa- the program for the day
friends, scenes and homes in Idaho. 1 in tbe week's peace jubilee,
thank you most sincerely for it I prize From 25,000 to 110,000 soldier- had
it and keep it in a handy place in my j reached the iit\ to participate in the
room, and frequently regale my olfactories grand pageant, and .ill wen- promptly at
with its frajrnnee." j the assigned points of aasemblage to take
Thc corps of railroad surveyors who their places in tiio great procession,
recentlyleft Kendrick to survey a route up The president and vice president of the
the Clearwater to the (niua- Prairie coun* l'nited Slate- with members of the pn-i-
try are working along the river above Big I dent's cabinet, distinguished arm) and
canyon towards Kaniiah. Big canyon, is navy ollicers, ami hundreds of thousands
lias been generally supposed would he the of residents of ihi- city and other local
route to the Camas prairie countiy. from | itjos honored tlie occasion witli their pros
the fael that the grade Is an easy one ence, and utmost the entire populace ol
and would tap tlie fertile Held- of the the city cheered the soldier- aa ihe\
Cold Springs prairie, wRieh Include a moved over the line of march. President
scope of territory completely emir led by ! McKinley, prior to ihe parade, rode in a
mountains ami 35 mile- in diameter, lt carriage over the route of tlie pttjffPfesion
is now supposed tliat they are surveying to viow the decorations, and was greeted
fur a route lhat will cross the prairie from j with a Continuous ovation,
a ditl'erent point aud yet be on a lin.' General Mile-, the head of the United
with the route that lead- to the Lolo I States army, in thc lead of the procession,
pass, through which it. te generally nn siarted from Broad street nt ii o'colck
lers-tood a .road will bo eventually built   ami  proooedod  via   Broad  street  over a
from Untie io this country,
route of about -even   miles,    Aluml   foin
hours wero occupied in passing a given
point. Thc decorations wire ihr moat pro
fuse ever displayed in the city.
Four   Iloyr*   Sentenced.
st, Joseph, Mo., Oct. 28.- In the erim
Inn) court Herbert Donovan. Alon/o Arte
bum, Charles Cook. James Hathaway and !     THE   ASTUTE   ASTRONOMER.
William Hathaway were -entenced to thc| 	
penitentiary for Id years for robbing the   He  Gave the  hliiK   til   the  Desired
Burlington passenger train near st, do , informnflon,
leph on the ewuing of August   ll.    The 	
robbers aie  mere  boys and are of g I1     (a--ini.  an   Italian   bj   birth,   was   the
famlllos, | best   known  of  the  nfttronomera  of  the
Ptoris observatory wlien founded bv Louis
Ten State Tickets iu Oolorndo-
DKNYFli. Col., Nov. 1. The time al
lowed by law for making changes iu the
stale tickets has expired, The middle-of-
the-road populists* will bave no state lick
XIV., and. iu consequence, posterity has
very generally supposed he wa- the di
rector. Tbat he failed to he sueh was not
from any want of astuteness, It. te re
lated that  the monarch once visited the
sionors,   which   the  latter  havo  been  at
work upon for the past year.   The ditch
ei. the court, having decided, at (bc last observatory to sec a newly discovered
moment, that Ibe party has no standing. | 0lM)|1., through the tele-cope.' He inquired
There an; ten stale ticket-, but onl> four \ |n u|,.,,t direction the comet wa- goin- lo
candidate- for governor. move.   This wa- a question it was imihis-
siblo to answer at  the moment, because
HoiinUfl] snip Arrives. \ 1)ill|( observations and computations would
Now York, Oct. 30.—The own? hospital i u0  ,ieeessary  beforo  the orbit  could be
ship Missouri has arrived from Puerto-1 worked out, Bul Casslni reflected that
IJico ports with 271 sick or wounded | ti,e k(„g „0l,[(| „,,, 1,,,-u ai the comet
patients, most of whom are suffering with ; again, aud would very soon forgot what
malarial  fover.  typhoid and    dysentery,  be had told him;  he*thercforo described
listnuuetital iu bringing all the eloiueuUi
among the ruban** to the fronL Nu fewer than 2000 insurgents, ui whom 7O0
ure olbn'i-. want olli, «•-, and their clamor
amouni- uiiuosL to a demand. I In ic ai«-
two lending factious, one headed by General Jesus KaW, and the ot'her by (Jen
eral l;io-. ,\i present most of ibe of*
(lees aie lield b_» representnlive* ol tlio
Uubi faction, including the mayoralty
and custom house in-|M-et. r-iiin.   General
Wood,   ill   order    lo   pacify    ibe    i.io-   fue
lion, has given tbem six positions in
rural police forces and turned ot cr to
one of their people the light*hou*c iit Cajie
i ni/, logciher wilh several Other minor
appointments. Bui neither party i- sat-
istied, each thinking that it ought to have
all thc olliee-.. General llios does ma
dare evprcsa his opinion publicly on (Jen-
eral Itabi, but he feels in.it thi- te his
district, ;i- he ha- bad the nominal charge
of it for three years and that it ought
to belong to him a- far us appointments
of Cubans to olliee are concerned, ami all
the mon- so because be represents General
i alixto Garcia.
i iiiinnx   will   Sot   Work.
lhe majority of the insurgents hero
have no money, and go a lnm I living |tl,Ml
hand to mouth wondering what will hap
Iicn next. Armed men are m*t allow ed
ration-.. .\- the Cuban-, will nol di-baud
and will not work, nothing remains but
for them to strut about the city with machetes and revolvers. Some of thorn au*
nearly naked, others appear iu long-leg
^ed patent leather boot-- with silver spurs,
carrying superbly wrought Toledo machetes, A tew w ear immaculate w like
suits and Panamas, They are for tho
most part the New Vork contingent, each
man now a veritable bombosto furioso.
Except when be i- on board the gunboat lli-t, whieu brought him here, General Wood i- besieged by these seekers
of olliee. Among the interviews he has
had wa- one with < o-neral Rtos, who
wanted the mayor of M.in/anillo, .me of
Ibtbi's faction, dismissed and hi- own man
appointed, i-ciicr.t! Wo-mI a.-ked oil wii.it
-round- ilu- dismissal could be -u-t.iiiic,|.
ile -aid: "Is ma thc mayor a competent
oilicei': Ha- he n..t an excellent reputa-
thin: Did iic ii •'■ servo bravely and effectively throughout ihe wai':"
To all ihi- General liio- replied in the
afllrmntive. but he insisted tliat hi- own
nominee wa- entitled to the position because I"' was a liios man. '1 m- interests
of tin- citv ami locality were apparently
minor considerations in the mind of ihe
Cuban commander. But Ihi- appears to
be the ea-e everywhere among the Cuban
TrflOlIM   Alter   I ii-ltn n-*..
Denver, Oct, 31. \ special from Vernal, Utah, soys;
Reports irom over the line in Colorado
an- that thc troops from Fort Duchesne
are -till iu pursuit of the runaway lie*,
but the redskins have thu- far elude,)
ihem. It te reported thai Gome Warden
Wilcox is gathering a force of cowboys t >
drive tbc Indians back. The Indian- have
announced their intention to kill n ranchman named Thompson, who lives in the
vicinity of the tragedy oi la-i year and
who the Indians believe betrayed them to
the state authorities.
A   Murderer'*   llefenne,
S.m Francisco, Oct. 31.- In view of the
fact that the Tennessee regiment wa- leaving for Manila thc depositions of several
witnesses in the Walter Rosser murder
case were taken Saturday. The testimony
wa- all in l!o—ct '•, favor, thc witnesses
telling of his previous good Standing and
orderly conduct,   ib r two soldier- who
were with hiin on the day that he murdered Hcun Hildebraml -aid that. Rosser
had been drinking and that lie appeared
to have liecn drugged, General W. II 1.
Hai tie-, who ha- undertaken the defense
of Rosser, will make hi- plea for bis client  on   these lilies
South Africa hns a telephone system.
Tlie Stnnotvntc Trust.
AKRON", 0., Nov. 1.—It is announced
on thc north side of the Yellowstone river | |j1;lt ft combination representing s."i per
will irrigate over 10,000 acres of land, j con*| 0f ||,0 entire production has la-en
and tbe one on the south side will cover fn].|)lrii ln control the nwkTuelion of wliite.
over 50,000 acres. Thc contract includes M,u.|. ;ulil ,.,,]. giam| stoneware in the
the settlement of these laud* within the ('hjUmI Stales. |j. ]■'. Kent of Akron is
next two years.   The completion of tillla .pr0ssUlcn1 of the concern.
important work means much for the state. ,  _— ^—_
Hun hy F.l-pctrletty. ^    ''«■«   «>f  »«■' «'   Million.
The Fast, Helena smelter plant is now! Bombay, Nov. 1.—The greal lire in Se-] evening. The stmies are of immense si/e
being operated by the electrical plant at rhugur, one of tbo capitals of Cashmere, j The olive and lemon crops lmve been eonv
Canyon Ferry, on the Missouri river. All   in the vale   of Cashmere, destroyed   all   pletely destroyed.
thc maehinerv that was formerly run by ' the public, buildings and many residences I	
steam power'is now being driven bv elce- ' yesterdiiy. One man was killed. The | Multon is brought from New Zealand wbere the appeal in ihe Dreyfus ease is
trieity. Tt is related as on evidence of damage'is estimated ut 10 lakhs ($o00,- to London at the rate of about 2 centa a j being heard, became so dangerous tbat the
tbe promptness with which tho work wus  000). pound. lawyers lied,
nldiers died during the voy.i
Ti-rriiic   linn  Storm.
Mentone. France, Oct 31.- -This district
wa- visited by a terrific hailstorm yester*
dav afternoon, which is continuing this
its future path in the heavens, quite at
random, and with entire confidence that
any deviation of the actual motion from
his prediction would never be noted by bis
royal patron.
Friffhtenctl   (lie  l,iuvy*t>rn,
London. Oct. 2S.~-Aceording to a special dispatch from Paris, the anti-revision*
Wt   mob  around   Hie   palace  of  justice,   jn mining claim
\\ iiiiiini  IIj-ile  Denil-
St     I OtllS,   NOV.   1.     William   ll\de,   al
one time managing editor of ihe st. Loui*
lb-public,  died  Saturday    11   hi-   homo  m
this city of hear I disease, lie had been
a nu Iter cr fiom ill health for a long timo.
ami for iwo months prior to hia dentil
had been confined to hi* home. He was
Oil years old and wa- born at Lima. V ^i .
During President Cleveland's tii-l admin
istratiou Mr. Uyde was appointed post*
master at St. Louis,
NoriM*.est  Trap  Shooters,
Seattle, Oct. :!.>. Tom Ware of Spokane
is tbe king of the northwest trapshooters.
Yesterday lie won the Post-Intelligencer
medal, representing the state championship ai inanimate-, for the fourth consecutive year, defeating Williamson ami Mo-
Broom of Spokane, Ellis and Stevens of
Seattle nnd Dr. Smith of Pacoma. in
his tirst string of •_'.'• Wan- missed onlj
one. in lho second he failed on three, making  hi- total -core   Id.
MoiHiiii-i Cane Deo I ile il,
WASHINUTON, Nov. I, Chief Jus
Uco Fuller has announced thc United
States' supreme court decision nfilming
Uie judgment of the supreme court of
Montana in tlie cose of the St. Ixmis Mining il Milling Oompany against the Montana  Mining Company, involving rights
Ft is said that in Paris there are 80,000
dogs, or one for every 30 inhabitants. (**&?.
CllK M-INEltis printed on Saturdays.- ami will
if     be mailed io any address lu panada or tlie
United Stati-H (or one \ei.r ot. TLreijit of two
dollars    Single copies live cents,
OOXTI'-;.: i ADVEKTWEMENTa Inserted at thi
rate ol 12 pereo!limn i- h : cr month,
thenitoof lfi ceifttt pe-r uonpafgil line Urst
Hiscittini. Advertisement! running for a
Bhortcr period than three months art-classed
QORRGSPONDENCK from  every  purl  of  tho
/     Yale District anil communications upon live
topics always  acceptable.   Semi  i;t your
news while ii la rresh, and we i^ III do the
JOB PRINTING turned out In first-class style
ut ibe shortest m-tlce.
Address F. It. McCARTERifc SONS.
Qrand Forks. B. 0.
Kirby.   Big Jack, ■'. Novak and !:. C. Cam ■ fm red to which Is necessary to carry on pint of ki-t\ nrT
■eroii. ,!''' ";li,l railway with which tho said company : NU I iv-.t
.,        ,'   . -..,      . , ,. ,,     .     t. is ready forthwith to pr -ed, application win t
November i-Albm.ii-ra nnd Melton, Jos- Darcy. ,... 11!illU. tot!u. ,mlg0 ol Ihl. ,.„,,.;.; cotirt of liu. 	
Oro, Taylor, Oppenhclmernml Feldman, County of Yale at the court  house, Rossland,   |\T01T- K -   ttBRI
British Columbia,on lhe Oth day nf October, i 1\|   P
hnei    1896, at th« hour of iO o'clock in tho forenoon
ford v.,!'i::.i tothe -.ln-riti'of t!je paid county of
i'alo to put the Hiid eompttt,y in  ptihHd'Sion of
■■ dd In:;,!- ii ud r the pr >vl tons of lhe Brlt-
IMi Coanuhla  I tail way Acl which  will  issue,
vou ou nmi occasion or m  Ihe mean-
■ I  rs for llie Columbia aud Western Railway Company
October26   Pair I'-iy. all1 Int.. H.
tu Mi ■. I'.ioo/
..    :.■-,-.    ' . int. J -  n fl
r. Curran
Octob r2S   UiUTop, li iut . Robt.  tf i id lo R.
,,         ,,,     ,      I'Jiiltj hliowgood caubu totheoontn
Bluart.   City of il  at real,   all   Int., Claude Abbott & Hart-Mi
Gidon to III [i     ■'■ ■
Octi berSl- lopsj  i II mt   John II. l!  \ t .Thos
I.   Par^iuqn.    Caroline,   X   Int.,    Hugh T\VT\VT>
Sweeney to Leo Neff. OKJDilK,
F. if. McCartur. Sit-.
Business Miiincer.
'". ;■:.. hi. MtTAUTKii.,
Carson Lodge I. O. O. F. No. 3'/.
nim; nt s o'clock in Iheir hall at
Canon, H    C,   a cordial invitation extended to all sojourning brethren.
WM.>). CLARK, N.G.
A. M. Gr.MN, Secrctaiy.
Notice cf Arbitration.
Oboyoos tnvi-ioN of Yale.
In th'3 Matter of tlie British Columbia
county of yale, i
Province of British Columbia. |
To-wit: in the mutter oi the British Columbia
Railway Act and hi the matter of the
Columbia mid Wcbtcrn Railway Coin*
pany mid in the matter ot Lot 107,
Township?-', Osoyoos Division of Yule
upon reading the affidavit of if. T. Wllgresa
R.alway Act and in tho Matter of | bereindatcd the4th day ol October UfflS
the Coltimtia and Westorn Railway i the certllleate
Company. landthenotlei
if Brdiiju   -M    Johnson  I eroln
bitraMon.lt lsoid«Tcdthal the
| not ico of arbitral iou aforesaid lie laser led three
r   ., ,, ,,   ,,    ,.,,    ,     ...     -,, .    ,r  . ■    times In the course of one mouth In iho Grand
roH.R. Scott, ol Phoenix in tha State of Ar -   ,,-1)1!Ks Ujsi(k newspaper published In the Os*
zona in the United stato. Williain H. Davey   oyooa Divlaiori of V. !,- Dlstri. i.
oi-irutui i>ori;> in tin' Province --i I>i-Jt 	
Columbia, GeoMitiu   I*  Dave}   and  Mary      Dated this oth day ot October, A. D.( 1898.
Jane Davey, both of the C'tyoj Victoria lu wm. Ward Spikkb.
thcsald provinco D-it. Ker, Joseph Wilson I .—.———— —    l......      —.__-.
nmi A. .1. Yates, nil of thcsald city of Vi.
tnrla. trustees of tli
Erb Estate, Ii. Kpratrge
aforesaid, administrator of Lhe late James
.      Y GIVEN TII \T AN AV-
. lii-iuion will be made to the Parliament
of Otiuuda nt the next session thereof, for
an act in Incorporate u Company to construct
and maintain a railway from n point on the International Boundary Line at or near Cascade   *0^*OFFIOB—:Next I
City British Colombia; thence in a westerly di* j _
reetlou follow lav the valley of the Kettle river
toapolut on the said Bouudary Line, at or
nenr Carson, also from another point un the
--aid Boundary Lino at tfr nenr T&ldway, theuco
northerly, following the valley of Boundary
creek to a point ahoiu twenty f-'ij miles north of
Midway, with power in construct, and maintain
branch lines and m the suid IK-uo-dnry Line to
connect with and to operate the whole in conjunction with ihe Railway Liiu. of the Spokane
Falls and Northern Railway Company, with
power to the compiuiy to construct, operate ahd
maintain telegraph and telephone lines, us well
for commercial purposes hs the business of the
railway, and for all other necessary und  usual
Dated lhe 18th duy of July. A. D., 1808.
I.onwux it Duff.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Grand Forks Townsite Co.
HrVs"nd°k^ Notice of Arbitration.
: of Lhe late Jain
flichter, of Osoyi
mers of tiie propel
Hi.- provlslcni ot the British Col uml
pRallwnv Acl noil Amendments:—
McConnell and K
lu tho Biifd pro' Im e,
herclDuftei described
up uj requires foi
lain land* in thu
trict, belonging to
II deposttC I    in   tl:
id   Wi-h
,e purposo of lu railway
nyons division ol Vale
ni, kIiow ii on a map or
hind registry  utile
Ab the season ndvanoea the prospects of
Qrand Forks becoming e distributing centre
are becoming more ossurod. Bituat'ed as ii
!m in the very heart of llie only furmlng SPc-
,1iiJii in IhiK lorer country and surrounded
"im all Bides by miniug properties of some
note, which insure for this town tin* ivholu*
■unle trade of tbe entire Kettle River district,
16 fs true that most ol the best mines ure not
closo to Qrand Forks, but It is sofa to state
thut within a radius of 13 miles of our town
, ilicte ore over iifly mipipg proi-orties which
have every indication of becoming shippers
wil bin lho next twelve mouths, and ml td
. tliese mines; are tributary lo Grand Forks.
'" It m on,y the matter of a tew montlis until brunch lines will be run from the main
line of the Hallway nt (irand Forks to all the
different mining cumps. In addition to the
nh'nve whioh insures tbe frormaueupy of tie
r-fty the enormous amount of heavy rock
work on the railway construction only some
six miles distant insures the expenditure of
uu immense puy roll, there being over 2,000
men employed uow on railway construction
jn different camps laying from two to twelve
miles from Qratul Forks, thu nature if the
«ork being prosecuted by these large forcew j 0 tfegrc-
of men is composed ebli Hy of u si-Hen of tun- tile
nelsaud huge open opts stretching «ver a !li
th 74 degrees
Boutlieriy iii
south-east c
distance of some eight miles, commencing at | lot numbercd°oIL
Fisherman's creek and ex fending up to Stun-' pn either side of
biit eamp. The length of tine it will take 0f saftlRRS",■'■■
to complete tills stretch of rock work will,  nor of said lot, tin
'    east, i
loop* mnl purilcularlv described »« follows; All that portion of lol number -■-'■• in
township luiinlici'?.' ie tin i iid Osoyoos division Im'Iiik l."» fed on either side of a certre line,
whicli center liin- eomineiiCOB al a |niinl   111   lhe
westerly tlmll of said lol lfiti'2.8 reel souih ofthe
north wesl comer of said lot, thcnce09.li feel
along a 6 degree curve tp the ipfl, thence lltu
feet m degrees 2J minutes Oast,
thence 262.5 feel alongn 1" degree
curve to ihe right, ihencd I8fl.fi feot
. ,i ii im fit) degrees 03 minutes cast, theacefllfl feel
along a ■.-di-uiv curve to tiie left thence LOOfeol
south 4-r degrees 3 minutes east, thencp ■!!, 9
feet along a2 dcurcu 20 minute curve to the
righl, lln nee 180 feel along a 12 degree curve to
the right, theuco 125.1 feet smith 5j dogrees 86
uilnutos enut, ihence 82.2 feet along nn 8 degree
curve to the left tp-a polm in the southerly
limit of said lot C-22A feel from lho southeast
corner of snid lot, containing 4.57 acres nmre or
less; all Uiui portion of lots numbers Im and 827
in the said township being 15 feel on either side
of a certain lino, which certre line, which centre line commences ut a point in the tho westerly limit of said lot tgi, 130.4 feet south of tlie
north-west corner of sold lot Im, thence 2211.7
feetnprihSO degrees 21 minutes eatt, thence
21)5 leet along sn 8 dSgreo curve to tho loft,
thence 141.8 feet north 02 degrees t"» minutes
cast lo a point hi the easterly limil qf said lot
number 887 being 250.4 feot nortb of the nortli
east corner of said lot number 827, containing
6.47 acres more or less; all thai portion of lot
uurabcr851inthesald township befng 15 feet
on either side of a centre iinu, which centre
lino commences at a point in the westerly limil
of said lot 88i* being 10.19 5 feet south of lhe
north-west comer of said lot, llience 780 feel
north 02 degrees l'i minutes east, thence
2188.8 feet along a 1 degroo 80 minute curve to
the right, thence 1188 feot along u r> degree
enrvo to the right, ihence 1882.6 feet  souih -j?
l' minutes-east, Hiem« 780 iconic: s »   ■.r.ii.u'l- w ita
the  left,  ihence  121.5 fi-el ''l W,U1
Osoyoos Disivion of y.u.k. (
In the Matter of tho British Columbia
Railway Act and In thu Matter of
the Columbia and Westerii Railway
Comi a y-
To Thomas ElllB, or Pentieton In the Distrlot of
Vale, Wiiiimu li. Davoy, of Grand Korks In
the said District, Oenrglua L. Davey ami
Mary Jane Davey, both of iho Ciiy of victoria In tho Province of British Columbia,
D. R. Ker, Joseph Wilson mid A. J. vales,
all of tho Bold Oity of Victoria, trustees of
Lho estate known as the Krb Estate, E,
Bpraggett, of said Orand Forks, uduilnlBtra*
tor oUho lute -James MoCnnuel and Prank
Uie liter, of Osoyoos in the snid District,
oh nors of   the   property  hereinafter  de-
special meeting ol the shareholders of tho
GRAND FORKS TOWNSITE COMPANY. Limited Liability, will bo held at tbe
oiiiee of the undersigned on  Biverslde street,
Grand Forks, B. C, Monday, the 28th
day of November, 1898.
at (lie hour of three o'clock in the sftornoon.
for the purpose of considering and, if deomod
udviseable, disposing of tho whole or any run
of the assets, rights, powers, privileges ard
franchises of tho company to such porson or
eoiiiiNinv und neon such terms and condition*
as tho shareholders may deem advlseablo. and
to transact such oiler business as may he lawfully brought hefore the in UO ting.
the provisions of the* British Columhiu
hallway Act ai d ^.moudiuouts:
1. ThatthoColumhio end Western Railway
Company requires for tho purposes of its rail*
way certain lands (n the Osoyoos Division cf
Yalo District, belonging to you, shown on a
map or -plan deposited in the land resis'-rv ofiice at Kamlnoiis and particularly described us
follows: all that portiou of lot uumbeicd 157
lu township numbered 72 in ibe said Osoyoos
Di visit, n being 45 feet on either side of a contre
lino, whloh eentre lina.cpjninenccs at a point
in the northerly limit of snid lot022.4 feet frbm
lhe north-east corner of nald lot, theuco 4L4.fi
feet along an H degroo curve to llie left, thence
257.6feel north 80 degrees24 minutes cast to the
easterlylimfI of suiu let, coiituiidng by ad-
measuremenl 1.16 acres more or less.
1.   The said company is ready and willing
nnd hereby oilers to pay to  vou  the sum  of
thirty dollars i« a oompensatlnn for-.said Ian.is
and ul] damages in respect of the takinu thereof
for lho purposes of the company and in the exercise of lhe powers conferred upon it bv its
charter and tin  said act and ameudnivuts.
3.   Tho   company   appoints   Robert  (lurnct
voflhocify of Vuucouver In the Province oMirlilsh Colombia its arbitrator if its
, said offer is not accepted by you.
Application w ill by forthwith mode In ac-
notice endorsed hereon.
."■ ntiuules east to n point in
it ef said lol 271.4 leel west ol
rner of snld lot,' containing
rless; and all lhal portion of
iu wiid township being45 feel
a centre line, w liich ceniro
t a point in the westerly Unfit
•I cast of the north-west cor*
,-iu-, 87.6 feel south 38 degrees
nee '211 7 feet along a 12 de
Dated thlS4th dav of Oct
Rossland; B. u,
her, A, D., 16D8, at
.uecoidingto what the conlrnclorH doiig the , ylec curve loih'e left, theiico4...; feel south
-Korlv sny,   be   compleied   in   eight  months ; degrees 00 minutes east, thence 609 rect along a
.. .. .       , I twelvedc^ree cui ve   lo   the   right,   thence  122
1 melius mei-i.s thnt muny tboUBUUds of  feet south 18 degrees 18 minutes  easl   theuco
dollursnill bo expended in Qrnud Forks dnr-470fcctnlon*? a 1" ,i"i-"1"'-' outvo to the loft,
, .   ,,   .       .  ,   ,        thence 7.r>'.» feet south c,r, degrees ;n minutes east,
iptfthat period,   lhiafact,   us   -hub  bofora  thence 686 7 feet along a 12 minute curve to the
Muted, Insures the immediate' prosperity of  left, thoucel64JfectnloiigaO decree curvo lo
,,       . ,,   . .....      '   .,,  '   .  ,.       the led io a pnli:i in the easterly iimii of said
Onin.l hoiks  nnd vicinity, so thnt taking hot, 1692.8 feet south of the nonh east corner of
into consideration the natural advantages ol! said lot numboied 058, containing 628 acres
■Uniiul Korks ns a distributing centrp, which I    •>.   Tho said company Is  ready  and   willing
insure permanency  as well as the enorinous \&ViA 9u'er8 t0 l"^''""1'111" :,lhl V HW8 00, ol
' ,. ..   .     ... , whicli one hundred dollars would be approprla*
nmount ot ruilwny money that will be ox-; u*.i to the portion required as above si tout of lot
• puidtil leie during ruilHuy construction, "umbered 184, as a compensation for <nld lond-fl
I      ,    ,,   .     ,. *i      . ,    • .    ' "ll11 "ll damaged in respect of ibe ta'	
Solicitors for th
way Comj
\IU10TT ,t  llART-MCITAnO,
iColiimbla and Westorn Rail*
any,   ■
(McOill Univ.)
Coroner for Grapd 'Forks Ulnlug Uivislon
of Yalo Dlalrtct. ■
Ol'FXOE:—Jttb/Jcenoepltal, Grand Forks, B. c.
*       r.\ MS  P,  n-'iY, ":A Ai        [A I v**j;
TT   S. CAYl.EY,
Solicitor, Etc.,
Olliee at  Rcsi.lenr-e, just  across  First Street
Bridge, Grand Forks, B. c
Provincial Land Surveyor,
civil Engineer, vac
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale Distrlot, Whore loetitfedt-In Brown's
Cninp adjoining ihe Pathfinder Mineral
TAKK NOTICK Hull I. Smith Curtis as ac-
Kent for Bunnell Sawyer Free Miner's
Ceitilieatc NO.18310A. Anthonv .I. McMillan Free Miner's Certificate No. 8382A, A. William liart-Mellaift Free Miner's Certifieate
No. H'JBSA aud Smith Curtis Free Miner's
Certificate No.8728A, intend, Sixty davs from
tho dale hereof, to apply to the Mining He-
corder for a Certlfleateof Improvements, for lho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further Hike notice  that   action, under
Bection 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of improvements
Dated this lath dny ol September, i*ito.
i |W'iri(-i)i-<4 lhe HtiKition   from   ull   hiiii-a
ourcltfjtoriBshould eongrntubiic themselves
'Jbul thc.v nre residing in Grand Korks.
I aud all ell
■ of for ihe nurporo* of the Cninp
exercise ofthe powers conferred upon it by its
i charter and Ihu said net and snicudmeuts.
i   3.   Thecoinpanyappoinifl lloheil Garnet Tat*
l lo.v, ot Mie olt)'<ofiYaficouvi!r in.tlie Province of
British Columbia, Itsiirbltratorlf its satd oiler
Is not accepted bv vou.
I.   Application will he forthwith made In accordance \> ith the nolico oudor>ed hereon.
Dated ibis Urst day of OOtqhor, A. I).,  1888, nt
Rosslund, B, c.
AUBOTT it H.u:t-M''Haiiu,
Solicitors for the Columbia and Western Railway Company.
notice that because th iid I'ho Columbia
and V eslorn hallway Company rcqulrrs
lho immediate possession of tho land within re
forred to whioh isneoessart toenrryou part of
the said railway with which the Bald company
is ready forthwith to proceed, application   Will
be made to lhe judge of ibe county court ot ihe
County of Yale at the court   bouse, Itossland,
.  , - > Brllish Columbia, outhe'6th day of October ni
much but lire quietly saning wood nnd nre  hour of 10 o'clock In the forenoon im a warrant
n   Mm «„,,«  tothe sheriff of the said County of Yale i" I""
n  ini   race  the Baid company in posslnu of the said lands
and utilesa I undorlhc provlBionB ot The British Columbia
ilch wil". :
meanwhile   show   good
cause to [iie contrary.
Aiiiiott & II.\in-Mr]f.\r.: ,
Solicitors for tho Columbia aud Westerii Rail-
-   way Company.
notice iinu because lhe said Tho Colum-
iiia and Wo leru !■' i -iiiy Company re-
qulrea ihe immediatu pijst*ustfIon of tho land
within referred to which is necessary to vn.rrv
ou pun of tht said railway with whfe.h Hie satd
company is ready forthwith to proceed, appll-
cailon will be made to tho Judge of the county
eotirl of the county ol Vale nt the court house,
Rossland, British Columbia, on tho titb dav of
October at thu hour ot 10 o'clock in ihe fore*
ooou Ior a Warrant to the sheriff of the n,dd
county oi Yalo to put the said coinpany in pos-
s.'S'ioiuif the said lands under llie provisions
of Tho liritish Columbia Railway Act whicb
will Issue, unless yon on that occasslon or in
Ibe meanwhile show good cause to the contrary,
Aunon & iiAiiT-ii(.ii.iu,i,
Bolleltors for tho Columbia aud Westorn Hail-
way company,
Situate In the Grand Forks Mining Division ol
Yale Distiict. Where located:—Brown
cam p.
TAKK NOTICE that I, R.A-IJroyn, free miner's
' certlflcatoNp, hiis'iA, intend, Blxty nays [nun
tho date hereof j to appiy tq thc Miniug Recorder for a cerliliente of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining r crown Grant of the above
claim,    And further lake notice that action, un*
| dor Bection 87, nlustbo commenced beforo the
issuance nf-Kuoli certiHcnte of improvements
Dated this 1st day of October, 1808.     |ol-u20]
Is is now Beoicely two months till tbe city
ehViuis will be called upon to elect, n new
innyor nnd eouneil. As to who will fill the
elmirin the administration of eity affairs for
the next year ih nn yet a new matter "of conjecture. It is tin ht likely however thut
'iln'yor Davis will stand for re-election, while
A'lNininn Manly's friends ore ol the opinion
that tho time! oa arrived for AI to come out,
for the mayoralty "luiuo. The many ad-
ipircrw of Alderman ,1. \\. Jones are saying
determfned  to enter Mr. Jones
for the chief mnuiotrnte's offiee
tin. usuul (lurk lidi'M.  mokes  hiH  H|,|M.|irnnn> ^'{""Vim^V.Mi ul'lu'll"'''
again it la almost u ceitclnt; Unit tlio tlirre
iilinvi.*i,iiraHil gentlouifi) will run
for tip highest offloo in lllo ->ilt ol the i'iii-
"wi'iiH nl Urninl Porks.
The race for alderoianie honors till, time
promisee to be somewhat ol n go as you
iilenso nature, The present ,'iimiell will
tland mostllkoly for re-election, aa well ae
Df.'8tttntley 8mlth, Kobort Harvey and 0,
U. Folger.
This rciiiiin-r election campaign promises
li., be the llie hotted in the history of Grand
PaoviNcc op liitrnsii roi.rMiiiA.    j
To-wit: In tho matter of lho liritish Columbia
Railway Act, and ln the nnutiTof tlte
Columbia ami Western railway company, and In the mattor ol Lota 184.827,
B28,888 and 85t, Township 72, Osoyoos
Division ,.f Vnle Distrlot.
Upon rending tlte itHldiivil ol li. T, Wilgress
herein duted tbe-lib day October 1808 nn.l tlte
-   I ccrtlflcato of Sydney il JohU9ou herein and tho
„„-.._,_ ' Nolico of arbitration, it Is ordorcd thai the no-
SHOULD SECURE CITY HALL SITE  tlco of arbitration aforesaid  bo Inserted  threo
| times fn the course of ono month in M..- (in am.
Fours Mtitnn newspaper published in n,u Os.
O)0oaf)lviBloil of Vnle lllsliiet.
Duteil Ibis 6tll dny of October, A   II., WW.
Wm. Ward Spinrs, Judgo.
Wow Unit lho oity bonds are being Bold
nmi tbe city nill be having Fund* onee more,
tho matter of pnrobaolQga buildiug sit,. 1.,,-
ti city hull Hhijuld not be overlooked ni lown
Iota will be raising in value rapidly from now
on.  A suitable lot on   Drldge m, t could
bow be secured for seven or eight hundred
dollars, which next summer would be worth
icvcrnl thousands; oleourso tlio city nol in is
a position to build the eity hall Hiin year.
But tho ground should be secured Utis fall,
when the dtj hall ean he built next year
.Alien Grand Forkahni assumed larger proportion! nnd the assessment roll will havo
proportionally Inoraaud.
No town ol any size and Imporlnne,. is
complete without a good oity oity hall, and
It-Is lo ho hoped lhat tho city couu.il will
not overlook litis mailer but see,ire n build-
0,-jr Hile for a oity hull at onee.
Notice of Arbitration.
Rv'CUt'ds of Mineral  Locations    From   Oct.
26th to Nov. 1st, 1898.
October 90—Connection, Eagle mountain, J, if.
October 27— Extenuate, Pathfinder mountain,
0. C. Rahlfs, D. D, McKarhuiu and G. Xel-
Bon. Three Brothers, Brown's camp, c. 0.
Rah If8. Princton, Christina hike, R, o.
Cramer.   Poor Man, Christina lake   pll bu
valley,    Blue Ulnl,  Christina hike, W,   II
Morrison*  Norfofk, Wellington camp, J, L.
Norfork.   J.  H.  C,  fraction, Green wood
camp, tt*. II. Hind.   Fritz James, MeBao
creek, James Dickson,
October 28—Atlas, Summit camp, 0. BJ.   Tut.fas-
sen.  Mopsy, Brown's camp. J ii, Fox.
6cfober.:v—Cat   Hep,   Brown's  eamp,  George
■ SHlckfili,   Criterion, Bro-.ru's camp, Frank
Scar«. I
OJtober 31—Rlinrock,     frnclion,      Wellington
cAtap, G. W. Rbmberger,  Alliance, Brown's
' camp, Charles Fraulc.   Rate, fraction, Wellington camp,  B. Wolfotd.   Caroline, O.int
mountain, .Hugh   Swcentiy.    llay   Horse,
Wellington, R. S. Fraser.
November 1—Athol Xo. 1, Wellington camp, J
'    McDougall.   Sutherland, North  Fork, .1, S.
C^BTtFICATK Oi' >70llK,
October ^"--^atrplnv, U. MoCippg nnd   P.  M
080Y008 DlHISIOK 0P VaI.IC. j
In tho Mattor of the British Columbia
Railway Act ancl in tho Mattor of
tho Columbia and Western Railway
Com pany.
To Thomas Ellis of Pentieton In the District of
Yale. William 11. Uavev, ol Gruinl forks in
hi Id HiHIrlel.Gcui-tfiiiii   I.. Davey nnd    Mary
.lane Davoy, both of tho City of Victoria in
tin- province uf Hrltl-h roluinhhi. |) |>
Ker. .l,.M|,li WilH.n and A. J. VntOS, nil Of
tliO said City Of Victoria, trUBtQOB id the estate known as the Erb Estate, R. Hgraggott,
or said Grand Kink-, admiufftrator of lhe
latoJames UoConnoll mid Frank   llichter,
Of OsOyOOS 111   the snid    i^istiiel, iuviiern   Of
ihe property hereinafter dosoribed,
the provisions of the PfUlsh rolumhlit
Knllwny Act ahd Amouumouwi
1. That the Columbia and Western Railway
Compauy requires for the purposes of iu, rail*
way certain linids in the Osoyoos Division of
Yale District, holougtng to you, shown 'in a
map or plan deposited In the laud registry office at Kamloops and particularly described as
fOliowsi all thai purii.-u o{ lot numbered 167
in township numbered?*! hi the said Osoyoos
division being 45 feet on either sido of a centre
Hue, whieh centre lino commences nt a point
lLTi.7feelUi.rlh of (he Beft-thtwtcornor bf sold
[ot, thence 111.I feet nouth 7t deprcea and 66
minutes east, theuco 60S feet alone a ■! degree
curve to the left, thence 2023 0 feot north ud do-
grecsnnd2*l minutes east to a polul in the
easterly limit of said lot, containing by
admeasurement B.-iOn-^res more or less,
2. 'I he,-aid Company te ready ami willing
and hereby offers to pay you tho sum of one
hundred and fifty*five dollars n. n compensa-
tion forsald lauds and till danioges in respect
of tho taking thereol for thu purposes of ihe
company and iti Ihe exercise ofthe powers conferred upon it by Its eluuter ami lho said act
and amendments,
8, The company appoints Eoberl Garnet Tat-
low of the city of Vancouver in the province of
British Columbia Its arbitrator if its snid offer
is nut accepted by'-you
4, Application will be forthwith made In
accordance witli the notice endorsed herein.
Dated this 4th day of October, A, i)., 1508, nt
Rossland, B.C.
Abbott & flAa-r-MctlAEG,
Solicitors for the Columbia, uud Western Railway Company.
notice that bocauBe the said The Columbia
and Western  Railway Company requires
the Immediate powe-nsion of the land «iihin ro«
PltOVINCEOF Ui;ni.-:t COLUMBIA.      i
To*wlt: In tho matter of the Drltlah Columbia
KaiU'ay Act and in tlie mailer of  Die
Columbia aud Western Railway Com-
pany and  in   lhe mailer of   Lot 167,
Township 72. Osoyqos Division ol Vale
Upon reading tho affidavit of K.T. Wilgro^s
herein dated the   Ith  day of October |808 and
tho certificate of Kydney M, Johnson herein
and.the imiicc of arbitration, It is ordered thi-i
the nolico of arbitration aforesaid he Inserted
three times m the course of one moirh iu tlie
(iidiN n Fonxa Minjsk Newspaper published iu
the Osoyoos Division of Vale Distrlot,
Dated thiB fdh day of October, A. I)., ISO*.
Wm. Ward Spinkb,
Situate inthe Grand ForksMInlng Divison or
ValeDlstriet. Whereloc.nted-In Wellington
camp, west of and adjoining tlie American
TAKE   NOTICE that I,   Fred Wollaston nn
agent for John T. OBriou, Free Miner's
Cerliliente No. 8031A, intend, sixty days
from   the   date   hereof, to apple to   thu   Min
ftig Recorder for a certificate of improve
ments, fur the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Q rant of tiie above claim.
And furl her la l;e ItOticO thai action, under Bection 87, mubt be commenced beforo iheiBsu
a.ire of suoh certificate of improvements.
Haled thllSttb dav of August, 1837.
Date oi firsi publlcattntt, September 8-*d, 1898.
Date of last publication, October 20, Ittid.
To Messrs, s it. Almond, Esq., J. P.; P. T. McCallum, Esq., J, P , and j. K. Johnson, Esq.,
J. P., Orand Forks,
Gentlemen;   i hereby give vou notice Unit it
Is my lutentlou to apply ift lhe next sitting of
Iho licensing court tor tin- lower portion nf 0--
ovooa division of Yalo district to be hold on the
15th of December next, for a retail'liquor license to sell spiritous liquors, wines and beer at
the Union Hotel situated on lot No. tj in Muck
So. o lu the towubite plan oftNlogtira,
I have the Iiouir to be Sirs,
Yours Respectfully,
Fn ini; Quven- stodil & Abbna.
Niagara, October lOtii, 1808.
situate in thu Orand Forks Mining Division of
Yalo District. Where Located—In Central
TAKK NOTICi: tliat I. Ucnrv White Free
Minei's Certificate No. 6181 A, Intend
sixty days from tuo date hereof, to apply
lo the Mftiing Kecordor for a certificate of I
provements, for the purposo of obtaining n
crown Graut of Iho above claim,
And further tnkc notice thai action- under
section 87, must be commonced before Uie Issu*
anee of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of October, 1808.
Dute oi lost publication, December 17th, 1803,
M.l..t,     I I
To Messrs. S. R. Almond Esq., J, P., P.  T. Mo-
CaJJum Esq., J. P., nud J, K, Johnson, Esq ,
J. P.,Grand Forks, B.C.
Gkntlrajrn:   I herpby give you notice that it
is my iiileulion lo apply al tho nexl Bitting of
Ine licensing uourl lor the lower pCtioti of Os-
oyoos division of Vale distrlot to bo held on the
loth of December noxt, for a retail liquor licence to sell spiritous liquors, wines and beer at
the Niagara Hotel Situated on lot No, 6 in bluck
No, 5 in the towns!to plan of Niagara*
I have iho honor in he Sirs,
Yours respectfully,
Niagara, October liith.iyos.
lays   alter   date   julem!
applying to (he Chief Commissioner .,f Laud..
and Works for permission tu pureboio Uvoc
hundred and twenty [820] aores of laud situated
on a creok known as Baker creek, at or about
tho place where the sama empties Into Chris*
Una l.altc.and biduKahnul Iwo and a half mlleH
up the lake fiom Lttvotley'8 ranch,III the Grand
Forks Mining Dlvlalon of tho Distrlot of Yale,
and more particular).*, described ns eummcnclng
at a post marked North Went comer pi.nt of
Ross Thompson's Crown land claim, ihence ouo
hall' inih! iu a southerly direction tothe wnnth-
WBSl corncrof tho said property, thence one
mile in au easterly d|iecl;oii   [o 'the huulh-east i
corncrof the Bald property, thmico  one-half I
mile In a northerly direction to the north oast
coiner, and   thence  one  mile  fn   a   Westerly
direction to the placo of commencement,
Dated the 1st day of November, lSflS-Ro-Bfiland,
SHuatcin tho Grand Forks Mining Division of
Vale District. Whcie located—In central
1'ICE that T, J. P. Graves, Froo
rtifipate No. 142CSA
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for tho
purpose of obtaining a Crown gram of the above
\nd further take notice that action, under
section;;", mind be eommenoed before the issuance of -nich cerliliente of improvement*.
Dated ibis Ktih day of August, 1808.
Date of first publication, October, lftth, ]6ft8,
Date of last publication.December 17th, 18(18,
Situate in the Orand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District. Whero located—In Brown'!;
camp, North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKK NOTlcK that I, Huah S. Oayloy, Free
Miner's Certlfioote No, 8068A, intend sixty
flays from Ihe date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improve--
ments for the purpose of obtaining a crown
grant uf iuo abuvc claim,'
And further  lake notice that   action  under
seetiun87 mustcommonoo before the Js.*ne of
such certificate of improvements.
Dated this Oth day of November, WHS.
, ■ 11 d. Cayi.kv.
*■  alter    date .'    intend     to    apply     |„     the
chief Commissioner of Land ana Workc. victoria. IL c, for permission to purchase the following desorihod tract of land situate in the
osoyoos Division of Vah- District: Commencing at a post Planted on the Northern bang of
Fisherman Creok near the crossing.of the wagon   road   leading  to the B.   C.   mine;  ihence
South eighty chams; thence East forty chains;
theuco North eighty ehainaj thence west forty
chains to the poihi of commencement.contain*.
illg threo hundred and twentv acres.
sl7-0lfl] P. VV. RUSSELL.
Uraud Forks, ljth September, ihos.
PUBIIO NOTICE IB hcreby'Ktvcn (hot all
parties having unpaid accounts either foi
labor or material furnished for the First
street bridge across the KoUle river, will leave
them with the pity treasurer not later than
Saturday the 5th Ol November next.
J, K. JOUN.-.ON,
City Clerk,
■Grand Fork's, October 21st, 1898.
Tiie British Columbia
Mercantile and
Mining Syndicate, Ltd.
Pasoadh City, Boi/hdaky, D, 0,
We beg to announce that we have
opened our new general store in the
above town. We shull carry a complete stock of miner's supplies, tools,
powiler, etc., hardware, Kiocerics, dry
■joods and clothing. Miners and ->cne-
ral pul|lic will bc able to outfit here and
lind all tbey'require.
Quality Good and
Prices Low.
Cascade Cily is the headquarters for
Christina Lake, McRae Creek, Burnt
Basin, Castle Mountain and other mining districts.
Provincial Land Surveyor
And Civil Engineer.
omcB, Midway, ii. o.
Associate Member Oeuadlau
Sra.loty   ill  Civil   Kiiitllii-rrs.
Barber Shop
y Looated.   All Work liaurau
Flrflt*CIasn in every Respeol
PETER A. Z- PARE,      -      -      PROPRIETOR.
Centrally Looated.  ah Work Gauranteed to be
Flrflt*CIasn in every Respect.
H. A. 5«EADS,
Ul ti. STACHE,
Bath  Rooms,
RIVER8IDB,      -      -      -       (II1AN1) FORK!
Manufacturer of
Brick and Lime*
Contractor of all kinds of Mason Work.   Kstl3
mutes on work cheerfully given.
Carpenter and Builder,
Estimates furnished on Application,  store
Fronts and Fixurcs a Specialty,
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
The Only All-rail Route,without change
of cars, between Spokane, Rosj-
land and Nelson.
GolngKorth, G-iinc south
l'J:27 n. in MA11CUS Jl'.l'la. m.
Train leaving Mnreu. nt 11.18 a  m. lnnkcs
close eonncotlons nt Kpaban*! for nil
Ulnro Oonaootlons nl Nelson with stenmbonl
for Kaslo and nil Knotcnny I.nkv Points.
Passengers lor Kottlo River nnd Boundary
creuk couueotat Mnrous \*/ltii stu.yc daily.
C. II. DIXON, ll. P.' A T. A.,
Suokaue, Wnuli,
Grand Forks
Saw Hill
We bejj also to inform all tbose interested in mining that our assay rlTico in
the above tow is now open under the
superintendence of an cxerienced a<;-
siyer and we shall be able to undertake
nil kinds of assav work. I'ersonn',
p.ompt a*id careful at'ention will be
given to all work entrusted to us.
British Columbia Mercantile & Mining
Syndicate, Ltd.
CASOADl!      CITY,     IHtlTISlI       COLUMBIA
Rmnch at McRry Lnndln-r, Chrlslln*! I.akr
Rough or
Dressed Lumber
Lath, Etc*
Mill seven miles closer
than any other mill
to Niagara.
All Orders left at the Grand
Pork Hotel or at the Mill
two and a half miles north-
v est of town wili rccoive
prompt attention,
We lmve u splendid assortment
in Heavy Scraps, Covert Cloths,
Fancy Huacde Tweed elfects, ete.
Also Fancy Silk Plaids, Braids
and other Dregfl Trimmings, und
a new lot of Ladies' Cloth Jackets and Caps. In our Staple De-
pattment    ive    showing   Heavy
Blankets, Balmoral Lie-fit Blank-
fits, Flannels, Flannelettes,Sheet-
iiiffs, Giiiffhanw, Prints, Etc.
Department is well filled with
many new lines comprising- well
known American and Canadian
manufacturers best efforts. Also have Carpet Slippers and Hub-
bars for men, women and Child-
roil, and Heavy High Shoes for
Miners aud Prospectors.
We have added many new goods to our f
rocery Department I
and noil can give you good attention In this line.    Hoping to receive a 1
sharge of your patronage 1 remain                          ' S
Yours Respectfully, *
H. SWEENEY, Manager, f
Fairview Livery Barn
l-airview, B. C.   j* j*
jt   jt   jt
Prospectors Stable jt jt
Grand    Forks,  ;B.  ~C.
v-       V*       id*
Livery, Feed S and^ Sale Stables*
»^- avENUE ^^^^^X^X oPA,n P0RKS, b. a
Wrstoloss Livery EIBS, Pack and Saddle llors-.s alwoys oi. hiiml.   We mnke n specialty of
tukliij. passengers to uny part of the district.
rand Forks, B. C.
(MRS jt ALWAYS jt IN .
it   Proprietors.
Next Door to Post Office Qrand Forks, B  C.
DE3.!.'-*.WINES- ** .n.QUOR_S Jt AND jt  CIQARS jt ALWAYS jt IN jt STOCK.
Honon & Lind,    ,
iNIAQARA.    :-:    B.C.
NEIL HADY, pHopnmrzit, i
Twelve miles from Cram! Forks en lhe line if C, &, W. railwayconstiuc 3
ion, Fiid tl,c! nearest Ikttl lo the Summit, £}
Excellent pmnlng Room and Pest of Aeccmmodation Ouaranteed. 3
£                                              ; •  a
Ftrst-oluss in Every Respect.
liverj/tliiut; Kew uiitlliouieliko.
Finest Wines, Liquors nnd
Olgars at the Hur,
Headquarters for ,Min
inland Railroad Men.
NELSON & CO., Proprietors.
Cascade Gty, B. G
nuilliiil'i"1'1 "' 'Sl<)vc"' KMeh «'°   Invite the publlo to eallfl
Wo curry oun nf thn most oomulete stooksof Drill Steel,  V
, i-utip. luidull nthnr ^Itior's Supplies tq.be   $K
Powdor, Oapi	
found iii tliH district,
id our prloos jjlve our
Bverythiiisr te of tho best quality
Miiii'i'iii'.iH uHhot'h,
nnd dur-
I "'*> l»iv"n«l>li'i..ll,l line „f this uloKHMt, ,,|-.„T,Iy „,„! ,|,
Si olile kltclien ware)  InclTidln-r n novelty In this sectl™
■J Branltewore fry pans.   1.... si 1 try those, »stliey\,
ffl In. sun. t	
% Tin and Repair Shop in
I     ClllllllXliWl ^r
Bridge Street, (Irand Forks, B. C.
W.K.C. Manly,
vSfrlPP   a\^*^k^^k   \ UW
G. W. WILLIAMS, Manager.
Daily from Marcus to Grand Forks
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway
and All Points on Colville Indian Resevation.
Stage Leaves Marcus on '.he Arrival of the Noithliound Train, arriving at Grand
Forks at 8:45 P. »■• Leaves llie Forks at 4:00 a. rn., arriving at Marcus in time tb
Connect with northbound Train. Passengers from Kootenay P*>i make connection at Bossburg gaiag nnd com ng.
riTKli GRAND Funics, li. o.
I Kirnt-rlnvK iu every respect. The bur will nl-
j ways be fuund pt^ppllt'd with llieeliufeesi; tvliic*
tiuit Unupi*, .- ■  .     .   , Iw /
l. Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder,
GltAND   FORKS,   B.   O.
IMnn nmi spet'lilc-ntliinR .Irnwn, osthnjifcsfiir-
nlsliod 111 all klndsol b-illdltiB, Work-siricMV
ll||t-l;ll\*.».       ..  •,..  1 i 1   .  .*     -i*... t..l,l  \ ^rrts^s=frf^i
The Council Has Held Sessions
City  Bonds  Bring  Ninety   Cents.
Two»inch Water  Main   Laid
to the Brewery.
The weekly session of the city council waa
hclilon Friday tho 2Sth of October. There
were present at this meeting, all the connell
\vith tlio exception of the Muyor und Aid.
On motion of Aid. Manly, seconded by Aid.
/J'Couuer, Aid. McCallum took the chair.
The minutes of the previous meeting wero
then read uud adopted ou motion of Aid.
'Knifdit, seconded by Aid. Manly.
The follow hiK bills were thou roferred to
the finance committee. J.W. Jones, $1,55;
R, Petrie A Co., $1.00; Johu Rowland, $8,001
W.K.C. Manly, $11.95.
The report of acting city Engineer Thomas
ou the grade of the slough ou llridge Street
and Riverside Avenue was then read and accepted on motion of Aid. McCallum, seconded
by Aid. O'Conner, und tliat the clerk notify
Mr. Chas. Cummiugs to that effect.
- Aid. McCallum theu moved that the Hoard
of Works interview Mr. Clius. Edwards relative to liis having authority to sign a contract for Mr. Chappel, aod if he was authorized in writing to sign for Mr. Chuppel, that
the mayor and city clerk sign a contract
with Mr. Edwards for the laying of thc 21,100
feet of one inch galvanized water pipe, and
also make arrangements with Mr. Edward's
to lay a one inch pipe to the Brewery provided he would do it at the same rate as the
21,100 feet of pipe wns to be laid, seconded by
Aid. Knight.   Carried.
' The matter of fixing the wages on city
works was then taken pp when Aid. McCallum moved that a man iim.l teum be paid
0 cents an hour, and meu alone 80 cents an
hour,'seconded by Aid. Knight.   Carried.
Aid. O'Conner then moved that the city
stuud tho expense of the discount of five per
cont on Mr. Fishers city warrants of «$S7.(J0,
seconded by Aid. McCallum.   Carried.
Aid. McCallum then moved that the Hoard
of Wofks take chargo of the city tools and
place them iu the firo hall, seconded by Aid,
OVonner.   Carried.
An adjournment was then made ou motion
of Aid. McCallum.
Special Session
A special session of the  City Couucii was
hold on Wednesday evening last.
'  At this  meeting  the  mayor and   all   the
council were present with tlie  oxceptiou   or
Alderman Wliite and McCallum.
Tho mattor of accepting Richard Armstrong's ofl'or of ninety -cents on the dollar
for the city bonds was then introduced by
tha mayor. When Alderman Knight moved
that Mr. Armstrongs' offer of 80 cents for the
city bonds be accepted uud that he be re-
Voestbd to pvrpaVe tlio required agreement
and by-law if necessary and forward them
here uud tha). tlie sinking"fond be placed
with the Trust Co., seconded by Aid. O'Connor.   Carried.
' Aid. O'Connor moved that a city warrant
tor $4.75 be issued aud amount forwarded to
Pentieton fur payment of express package,
seconded by Aid. Knight.   Carried.
Aid. Knight then mpved thut Aid. Manly
and O'Connor confer with electrician Anderson and order a sufficient supply of electrical
materials fur the inside wiring of buildings
for 500 lights, seconded by Aid. Manly.
An adjournment wns then made on motion
of Aid, Manly,
-Regular Sestion.
The regular weekly session of tlie eity
coun cl wos hold last evening. There wero
present nt thi meeting all the council witli
the exception   f A Id. White.
Thu minutes of the two previous meetings
were read aud adopted on motion of Aid.
McCallum, seconded by Aid. Knight. Carried.
A communication from i/u* t'h'ef Commissioner of Lands and Works Ro the city
making necessary improvements on the
first street bridge, was then read and ordered £ Jed
The following accounts were then referred
to tlie finance committee: 11. B. Cannon, f Hi;
JI. A. Huntly, $2.50; H. f&. Coy ley, $18.00, while
the accounts of S S.Schuler of §30, $14, and
$13 were refearedto the Board of works. Ou
motion of Aid. O'Connon. seconded by Aid.
Knight.   Curried.
Aid. 'Knight moved thnt Mr. Richards offer
of OOcts. for the city bonds of $15,00 be accepted
nud thut the muyor und city clerk beuuthor"
ized to sign uny agreement necessury for the
closing of tho deal.
Seconded by Aid. O'Connor an adjournment was carried, then mnde on motion of
Aide O'Connor.
The Windsor hotel is now open for tbeaceonio
dtuion of the travelling public, tbe building is
nicely furnished and its genial proprietor
leaves nothing undone for the acjcomntogalioii
of his guests.
Mr. c.eo. Seymour, tho townsite agent, bos
opened a private bauu and is busy cashing time
Seven more buildings ere under construction,
aiid lumber bus beeu ordered for a six-foul
sidewalk on Main street.
Mr. I*. Welsh's men iu Luunellug opened a
flue body Of ore, they struck a ledge nt least lfi
feet wide, wblell ahoiild assay very high iu
The petition asking for a postoffice to be established and that Mr, Geo. E. Seymour be appointed as postmaster has received the approval
ot tbe postal authorities, and one is expected
to be opened iu the near future.
Messrs. Munsou und Btruthers have opened
their uew hotel on Main street, und ayu doing it
rustling business. Both gentlemen were well-
known ou the Crow's Nest Ptifs, (hey had a 10
mile contract on that read lust .spring.
Mr. P, Hiekey, of Anaconda, hns purchased
two lots and let a contract for a building 21x80,
Mr. stack, the conductor, expects to have It
(ill is hed by the 16th next.
Mr. McHugh whs 'ii town yesterday and
states that ho has 800 men at work now and
that ihey are making very satisfactory headway
with their heavy rook work,
°/o'*■£.'£ -S.-'S'.S'ft'S'ffl $/9&9&9&w$&/9'8/§$/9[&r®
ST  r\f~* AT       TL T/"V*mTO   % ' ToP dires£ill2 Overside Avenue and Bridge
5J g j    Toe city council is making good head-
Seattle not Sold-
In the last issue oi the Boundary Creek Times
It is reported tliat a deal hai been clt-ectcd  lor
the sale of the Seattle mine. This report is
false at least those parlies at present Interested
in the Seattle claim say so.
Bank of England in Ore.
A mining man from Greenwood ctimp te
authority for tho statement that a large body
oi high grade ore has just been uncovered on
the Uuuk of Knglond property in the above
eamp. This claim isuwiieU by Mayor Wood of
Qreeuwo -d and others,
Polics Conn.
LaBt Sunday John Doc aud Richard Boo were
having a good time celebrating. Everything
went well with them until about 7 p. in. they
come upon Chief of Police Bkeado while ou his
hear! The chief nfter 'putting; some Interrogatories to thesegontlcmeu decided that they need
ed au escort and accordingly gathered them in.
The following morning at 10 a. in. Police Magistrate Johnson called out their names to which
there was no one to answer, and the sum of $17
which had been deposited us a cash ball fur
their appcarqneo at thc Police Court was
forfeited to tiie'city.
&*•&■$&■*&$,'#&$ &*&V&*}&G$V&l*&'S®i way with the
Don't forget the Thanksgiving dance. 's ouj-jhs
Laying 2,300 Feet of Water Pipe.
Last Saturday the mayor and city clem signed
a contract ou behalf of the cily for the laying of
8,800 feet of one Inch water main. The pipe
will be laid on streets which will place the
water main within easy access of nearly all the
Inhabitants of the city. The pipe to the Orand
Forks Brewery Is already laid and the water is
now being consumed at thut establishment..
Charles Kdwarda mid Barney Uoluud seem to be
upto date pipe layers, Judging from tbo short
space oi time tho wider main to the Brewery
was laid.
of the
Co.,  of
Olfer for the Bone's.
Armstrong, on behalf
Loan uud Investment
Toronto, Out., has made an offer of ninety
cents ou the'dollar forthe 815,000 worth or
city bonds which hus been issued home
weeks ago by theeity. Owing to tho fact
thnt this issuo of bonds is it second charge ou
the city and also that tlie demand for
municipal debentures throughout the whole
of Canada seenis to have almost becomo
oxtlnct. Mr. Armstrong's offer io generally
regarded as a very fuir one, and the oily
council noted very wisely when they accepted Mi*. Armstrongs offor without further
Was at Two Openings.
H. Summers Is the name oi a ff-. title
ui€D who wm at an opening of unusual
splendor Tuesday evening when late lh-
same d-iy he encountered Puliceni&t)
Kelly wbo gathered him into the new
city lockup. The following morning
Mr. Summer.i appeared in the police
court to answer to a charge of drunk
and disoiderly. When asked by Police
Magistrate Johnson what be had to s&y
for himself Summers rep'isd we*l sir, [
have been r.t a couplo of opening1!, cue
in a hotel and tho other in the new co'a-
boose,    11" was tin^d ($1.50.
An Excuse Better Than no Excues.
In the last issue of the Boundary ('reek
Times the Kdilor of thai journal -,'oes on to
try to explain why the 0. P. K. litis not let
nny sub-contracts beyond tiio summit. He
"The delay In awarding further sub-contracts arose from tho peculiar wording of
the B.C. Public Works Loan Act Amendment Act, 1008, aud tlie construction placed
upon tho Act by the provincial government.
It U Well understood thut tho C. P. II. de-
elded t#, waive Its right to u land graut
wilder the Columbia ft Western charter and
accepts In lieu thereof the $4,000 a mile voted
iinilor the Loun Act referred to. Now the
Act stat-ns thnt a subsidy of $4,000 a mile Ih to
he paid [nl Kor a standard gauge roud from
Pentieton to the Boundary Hreok district
approximately 100 miles lu length; and Lb]
Por a standard gaugo railway from Hobson
to the Boundary Cronk district tu connect
with tlie railway mentioned lu subsection [a]
hereof, approximately 80 milos.
The 80 miles mentioned In subsection [b]
i-iitds nt the summit. The C.P.R, naturally
expected the subsidy fur continuing this
rood to Mid wny, au additional 20 miles. Hut
the provincial governmont raised the contention that this 20 miles was a portion of
the Pentieton road and tlio only way that
subsidy could bo-earned was by living up
to the conditions of tho Act which stated
that work must be begun and carried on
from Pentieton and the entire road for
which tlie subsidy is grarted must be built
before the subsidy can be paid.1'
' Very wellbrbther Ross niny excuse is bettor than no exeuse*but from present appearances Greenwood will net appear on the C.
P. R. maps.
Gets Six Months*
Braunos Tommas is the name of an Italian
who appeared before Magistrate Johnson and
McCallum ou the 21th of October lost, charged
with an aggravated assult on one Bebastino
Denny another Italian. When tho case was
called ou the above di.te a romand until last
Tuesday was granted on an application made
by the prosecution. The case was finally
terminated last Tuesday, the accused victim
being present In court and giving testimony.
The evidence throughout showed thnt the accused had a had case. Tho magistrates sentenced Tommas to nix months at hart labor In thc
common goal at Kamloops, B. C.
E'TD'CI INVURK your property with Frank
C-JJtvE-l guars, representing sonic of the best
■fciianauiet-i iu tbc world"-i   ••:  " ■■   "
IV;;,;,.-..- .:;.:■ n),:-,.
Must Post Notices.
Those parlies who Intend to'apply for licenses
to thc district licensing board on -December ISth
next, shonld remember that they are required
by law to have a petition signed by two thirds
of tho householders residing in the neighborhood of the premises Bougul to be licensed,
This petition must bo presented to one of the
members of the board nr least fourteen days before the sitting of the board, in addition to
this the applicant must draw up three notices
of his intention to apply fo. the license. Two
Of these notices must be served on two of the
members of the licensing board aud the other
Olio posted Oil the outer door of the government office. Unless' the above requirements
are minutely attended to liy tho applicants for
licenses Ihere will be 11 lot of disappointed
hotel meu ou December 16th next.
Is Improving.
Water and light commissioner Johnson has
just completed his second mntuhly roport which
shows tl(e financial Standing At present of the
water and light systems. Tho number of Ihcan*
desoont lights ln uie during the -monlb id October was ISO, which with the water charges
yielded a cash revenue of $108.00, together with
tho sura of |9 charged by tin* city, for the use
of tjie water for plastering the I'rovinee Mode
made the total revenue for hist month Of $118,00,
Owing to tlm orintliitial delays in receiving
freight iu thii oity, n quantity ot electrical supplies which should have been bete several
weeks ago has not arrived yet mid bus conseqil]
entiy greatly retarded the \vork o.( Biwplying
electric lights in this city. There Is ho over
every reason to believe lhat the required sup
plies will arrive very shortly and that the BOO
lights now ordered will be placed in operation
within the nekl 80 dnys. nud thai by the lirst 1 I
the new year At farthest the water aud light
s»tems wilt pay their wny if uot pay dividends
to tho eity.
Work still continuesjonthe Province Uloek.
W. K. C. Manly's new barn is now almost
G.W.* Rumberger, of Greenwood eamp,
wus iu the city to-day.
A large railway outfit passed through
town on Wednesday.
Henry White, of Central camp, was purchasing supplies in the city last Tuesday.
J. V,'. Jones, our furniture dealer, bas just
returned from a short business trip to itoss-
W.c, McDougall made u flying trip to
Rossland the first of tho week, returning on
Wednesday last.
Patsy Clark passed through town lust Saturday on his way to Republic und  returned
to Spokane last Wednesday.
W.T.Smith, P.M. Munn, IJ. W.Oirr and
Louis Duraunt of Spokane arrived iii this
eity the first ofthe week.
Geo. Blllott n well known mining man of
Republic, Wash., has In en spending a few-
days lu the city this weclc.
The belt tower, adjoining the lire hall, was
completed this week, und adds greatly to the
appearance of that building.
Kobt.Prybllsky, of .Wade city, wus,  a
visitor   iu the eity a few day-s this week.   Ho
reports Casoado as being alright.
Wednesday morning thu mountains
surrounding the town wero capped with
s tow, but it hns since melted Oil tli*'   smaller
Jordan Webb. Democratic chairman of the
State of Washington Is In the city looking
alter his miniug Interests in (ireenwood
Presbyterian services In Victoria 'Hall on
Sunday, Nov. Oth, at 11 a.m. and In the church
At 7.80 p. m. Jambs il. Wallace, M, A.,
Pus tor.
Methodist service on Sunday, Nov. 6th* in
the Presbyterian church ut 11 ti, tn., nnd iu
Victoria Hall at 7:!!'.. p. tt). conducted by Rev.
G. Ii. Brandshaw.
Mi*. Schuler arrived in the city Saturday
evening from Spokane, where he has been
for the past year. George will make thl-g
hia homo in the luture.
Mr. Sheads1 new store building, on Bridge
Street, is now almost completed, it is put up
iu 11 neat and workmanlike manner and will
be n credit to tlie town.
R. McLeod of Brooklyn was n passenger ou
Tuesday's stage froni the lower country, he
is here for the purpose of sizing up the
situation in Grand Forks.
Mi'B. Cjiu.u. Cumings made a'yfllng trip to
Rossland on Wednesday returning Thursday accompanied by iir. Cumings, who had
preceded her several days before,
Mr. Megaw's fine new store building, on
llridge Street, next to W. K. C Manly's hardware Storo, will be completed and ready  for
occupancy In u couple of weeks.
The young people of Grand Forks contemplate giving a Thanksgiving dance.
This is to be one oF tiio most delightful
affair! of the* season. So don't forget to be
Mr. W. Westell's family arrived in the city
Inst Tuesday from West Superior, Mich., and
will mnko this iheir homo in the future.
Mrs. Westell was accompanied by .Miss Jukes
who camo out to visit her brother Dr. Jakes
of Greenwood.
By the kind permission of the school trustees there wiil beohuroh of Englandsorvioes
Indd lu the school house overy Sunday evening nt 7:80. Morning prayer ' with Holy
Communion on tho first Sunday of the
mouth at 11 a. m. Sunday Sah 00' at 8, p. in.
Rev. William P. Grovor, M. A„ Incumbent.
I .
oik of top   dressing  the
Riverside    avenue    and
Settle 1 outol Court.
Lnst Wednesday Louis Suhlcfcld look action
iu the pmnll debts court agailtst Wm. Carter lor
an account ot $:10 due on furniture furnished
thc defendant, Before thc case was called Lhe
defendant settled fhe case, paying all costs,
New Calaboose*
The new city lock-up In the lire hall Is now
oompletcd und ready for occupancy. It Ib
capnble of nocommodntlng eight gucttts. It
is lighted with electrio lights and has all th
modern conveniences of the ago.
Did No1 Apply.
Iu iho Miner's last Irsne It was j-tntetl lhal
Mr. MauTfcc Q'Cbiinnrwas an applicant fnr lhe
position of iiieiit watchman, It seems thai
the Mihbr rrporter hnd been misinformed 'on
this point as Mr, O'Connor did not npp
the ubove mentioned poi Ilion.
Seriously I!!.
Tiie many friends of Dr. Ja|tes of Greenwood will learn With regret thut lhe Doctor
Is at present lying seriously ill with typhoid
fever at his hone In Greenwood. It Is the
sincere wish of tho MlNBIt that his recovery
from his present illness will be Bpeedy.
Should Have a Skating Rink,
\\t)w lhat the winter Ii close nt hnnd steps
Bhould bo takon towards tho arcetlon of n skal"
Ing rink. Thoro Is In Orand Forks a sufficient
number of skaters to mako a rink nay well, if
not dividends to Its owner. A lown in the
winter season wil bout a skating link, is liken
home without a mother,
Running at Full Capacity.
The Grand Forks   sawmill,   up  the   Forth
Is now running al Its greatest enpqolty und
h turning out all kinds of rough and dressed
lumber, flooring, lathfl and shingle., on short
notice.   Mr, Slmt>BOn d**>i*drrn us to state thnt
there ls a flrst-olnss sasli and door factory
in connection and any order that Is left
(au be filled without delay.
Hurl by an Ore Car.
Word ronohes here of d bad noeldenl»«having
Imppenod nt the old Ironsides mine, to one of
lho minors whoso name has   not as yet been
learned.   It seems thnt the ore cur pnssodlthe
end ofttto traok nnd , died over lho dump  Ink'
] in:; th-min ir-wlUi It.   His Injuries whloh it is
I leailtod are nol fatal nre being attended  by Dr
; Jakor.
Bridge Street, there are item fix lu
eight teams and twelve to eighteen
men employed on the works About
one hundttd and fifty yards of gravel
a e b~io£ bau'ed daily. Owing to tl is
top dressing being composed t mi rely ot
gravel, It insures a permanency to tht
woik as :t '-\i)l assume a solid form when
once it becomes tno stened through
Ths work is being done under the
supervision of the Board of works o!
tbe city council Mr. I?ai/ic,ii O'Connor bas bi;i n appointed foreman of tbe
crew at work. It is estimated that tbe
top dressing of these &lougBs will cos*
•onic 86oo outsicie cf Mr. Cuming's con
tr&ct This ol course seems consider
.ibie money *o expend in work lor Which
,1 contract hnd already been let but
when tbe permanency of t^io work i^
Ct QaiOer-d this money seems to huve
b en well expend ed nfter all, t o town
can ; (Turd to neglect its streets, and tbe
citv C'ju.it il should be highly commend
ed for their present y/orlf. of grading
the above named sttosts.
Between thirty and forty buildings already
Last Thursday a MINER reporter
mounted t'he hurricane deck of acayotise
nnd tnailt1 allying trip to Niagara, the
new to vn on Fisherman creek. Since
tl.e Mixer nan had vi-iled Niagara
some two weeks ago, tbat town has tin
proved gteaily, There are now b?-
tween Ihtrly and forly buildn./s completed and ns many more ur.der con
st ruci ion Geo. E. Seymour the
Niagara Townsite agent has bis new
office completed and Is doing business
there daily. Lawyer's new hotel as
well as the Windsor are both complct
e and the proprietors are providing
for the wants of their guests. Tbc
Rey. Mr, Wallace, Presbyterian minis*
ier, has made arrangements tq hold
■ er vices at Niagpra once every second
Sunday, Lie first serv.'ce being to morro v. Anal gements bave been made for j past
thc Installation of a sawmiU plant with
;i daily capacity of five thousand feet a
cay, which will be in running order in
two wetks time.
Tne scarcity oflu Tiber 'or the past
lew weeks ha retarded building
operations in Niagara considerably, but
that difficulty wi'I now be obviated very
W '- '- VtVia'-jn
Riverside Ave,   .   Grand Forks, li. C.
: R^.;yves^eoeoooeovi><jc*4*:>t>*:>c* a 00 00 u$e - eoo 3 >,.., „• ^e.-„vj _
£ t;
$        E. I,. BEEB. j. k. PUNLOP, .III.       |j
i DUNLOP, •*
European Plan.
(B';W5<^'jC--,'.V^'>r-"-'*>rr.'-*'-'*'-'"^^ "->,-.--.--.r,«v^r,*---!r"* "■•":•)
Now Opea For Business.
Wc In1!.'' leave to Aunounoe
this healthful exercl'o wc
busiiio&s- and would be ul.
irive us a i
W. C. MORGAN    -
the   lovers
. now ready t'
id   to have yi
'*■ m i   Wcf, •     I   ^oots an& Shoes.
T Make a specialty I     ii„,-rui*<;,„iv,**,,*.., *,„.*■ i, „,„vi,i-i.„i
$500 In cash t ken from Hotel at Cascade
VVortl reaches bere f.om Cascade
*. ity ol a most daring robbery as baving
occurred en Wednesday evening last at
ire Mor.tir.a boU-1 at Cascade Cily.    Ii
ce.r.s lb-it nbout one o'clock in tbe
uorning Iwo unkn'own men mtercd the
hotel above named and after taking :•
leu* drinl.-i managed lo make th; bar
lender tH-Jnlj* under ihe Influence oi
the flowing; bowl as well iis themselves,
■ h n ihey hid been di-i king some
limo 2iv.l a lavprable opportunity oc*
cured tbey patched ihe cash regis e-
fr-.ira behind '.he counter .yr.d left the
pumi-es with all possible speed. The
;e>;i*_.ter conlalued about 500 dollars in
I*Ivor. Search p.nice at cr.ee rtarleri
out in find the robbers but no trace ot
tiem could be found  anywhere,    The
The Interest of dt <£
lbs Drug Hlore ol thi-
jilace, am bmo* pie
pared to cater to the
wants of the people   In
Looking for a continuance of your patronage
and thanking     yov     1°'"
Sincerely youn
J. \l Goodeve.
Stock will now be fo'ind  complete with
new lioods arriv.pj* daily.
Watch This Space Weekly.
we ean ehow you uto thing you wanl \-i Voot
Wear at Prices thai will astonish you, Ho
sure tu call an I see our stooh before puvoha-
iii^- as wo are satisfied we ean suit vou.
;ourrL!.h.o! our grocery department j
Alld   Gill! I        f« now complete in t\i>vy respect, nnd having t
p, -^y. y      , *, I made arrangements ta buy y:o',i\. [near load lots &
tri^G     I0U    lllSiUC j ne are in a position to make special rates to hotel T
PlfrnVOQ   on I and* yestaurniit keepers, and contractors.   We keep •
rigUtDiS   UU | everything it) the grocery and provision line and
T nTV'i'f*      Orrlpt1c1 l 5'Hl eau BttV0 !:""!' n:,,,"'>' hy consulting us.
"~~" ""*        ""i
k       We still hive a Ii oken Line of I
J Hardware, Furniture, Dry Goods J
® A ye! as w-y are d-opjing Ihese line fron our binineis, and if we have    O
*   anything in thcse'li-ief 5,-01, cm use, we wl 1 rei them to vou ri,;ht. ®
© -a
We are bere to stay and we want you.-trade and  invite you  to call   "
y   examine our stock and get our prices. Y
©Goods Delivered tq an}'Par!; ofthe Distiict, ©
^.A^^L-^L^. JULA& *HSi J| z9dj- ®r^&r@r.9h JfcSiSt <H8 C-O-lt
general hnprcs ion is that
owards Grand Forks.
hey  headed
li I lint town and ns yet no regular mail sni-
vlpo has been established. Tho Niagara
citizens al present nro compelled ta eome to
Grand Forks for their mall.
Post Office for Niagara
Word has boen reeolvod  fiom  thn Postal
authorities Rt Victoria that as   soon   ns   thn
desired information enn lie furnished Inform
A FATAL FIGHT. there is every llltllhood (>r a post office being
  established a! Nlagnra at onoe.  There is no
Man named Hazleburg diesfrom results  of reason for any delay In this matter, at pre-
a free fight aj Cascade City. ! seufc'thero U a population ofsever:,!hundred
During a rough and tumble iree for
all fight at Cascade City last Monday,
a man named Lamb seriously injured
ooe Hazleburg. Immediately aFte.- the
fiyht occured lamb left 11- Orand
Foiks, tbe injured man promising not
to prosecute him. On arriving at '-rand
Forks Lamb secured work on tho street
grade and was quietly working away
until yesterday when he was tapped on
the shoulder by Provincial Con stab1? ', aad Godfather
Elkins of Cascade City who placed M
man in the provincial lock-up at Grand
Forks. M'i?'eburg ihe injured man
died someitme yesterday, and coroner
Smith left this morning for Cascade
City, wbere a coroner's inqnest will be
held on the remains oF the dead man.
•f^ :his case will bc before the courts
Shortly further comment is w itljheld.      ' thn bar is pranged.
On  Wednesday  of   Inst  week,  Kev. Mr.
Wallace, pastor of the Presbyterian church,
baptized iho twin babies of Mr.   and   Mrs.
Robert Prthllsky.   Thoy were respectively
\ nainrd Mildred Edna, Martha1,   and Marie
[ Zoe, Daley.    Mrs-   Wm. Fisher,    and their
Undo Wm. Staohe; standing as Godmother
the former nud Mrs.   M.
I Mader   and .1. ■'. Douglass for   the latter,
| After the ceremonies a  dainty Iuueh  wns
Sarved, to the few Intimate friends "present,
at whieh the twins   presided seated in tlieir
high [chairs side   hy    side   Ot-eatiug  niueli
amusement by   their Innocent baby ways.
We hope they will live to   furnish us ninny
ot her events to chronicle.
The rooms i-f the Windsor Hotol nre now
Only equalled hy the neat maimer In which
Will Likely Sell.
The Anderson Bros,, who own a
<toup of three claims on Hardy moun-
iain comprised of lhe Snowshoe, Hob-
con Hnd Center Eagle, arc about to
c'ose a deal (or the sale of thc* above
named properties, The vendee Co,
-iii be no o'.ber than a Spokane Syndicate, their representative being here
this week ar.d inspecting the properties:,
Ucvel.iptni.-nt work bos been prosecuted
somewhat extcnsivelyim this group, the
work consisting clufly of sbaft work and
open cuts. Assays varying frcm live
dollars to fifty dollars have been made
at different times from samples of ore
which Increases as depth is attained,
The purchasing of this group by a
strong company means much not only
for the owners of this groap but ail
those interested in Hardy mountain pro-
pe-titf, as it will ensure the expenditure
of many thousands of dollars in that
mountain almost immediately,
School Matters,
The matter ol bulldlUB wi addition to the
Public School of which there wni Sp iHOolV tulk
of Uto hiiH apparently died a nntiiinl death. It
Booms tlmt theSrii..i>i board havo boon odv -el
from tho H!i|H-iiim-iidiiit ol Ed una tion v
Victoria that Hie Department Is willing to rent
a suitable building for tho second School room
und huve sat iiparl un nllowanoo < f -fio a month
for rent of the same, ii now ro**ts with tho
School board toseouro a room nnd m yol nntli-
Um has been iinne towards seourltift n su liable
building, it Is wrong to expect iho present
teacher io teach somo sUty chlldron and do
Jusltco to c'fther himself or his pupils, Bhould \
the school board not bo In a (tuuuolal position
to oroct a snltahlo sohool building thoy Should
link tlio city ootrhatl to oroot a building which
should bo used  lor school  purposes.     This
hould he done iit once.
Cutting Timber.
Numerous nn- the obslacies which npparontly
eon front the railway tic contractors, W. H-
FiBher who wns recently awarded a contract t^.
furnish some 70,000 ties Toe tho railway Is lu
trouble just now. It seems that Mr. fisher hud
just placed a largo crow ol men up tho North
Pork to yet. out tio timbers when the various
property owners On which he wns cutting timber notiliud Mr. Fisher t*» stop work tit
onee. The question then arose whether the tie
contracture had authoilty Irom the chief commissioner of hinds and works to ent (hubcr or
not. The contractors claim Unit such authority
has beeu granted, but that thoy arc not person-
oily In possession of the wrtten authority, This
being tho ease lt leaves Mr. Fisher In a uo; ve-ry
onviiiblo position. Oue thing is olour aud that
'», bhould thc railway contractors not be in
possession of this authority It would bo much
better for them to purchase their He timber Hi t
as Inst, and not try to curry out a bluff,
| House Finish,
1 Sash   Factory*
£ #
c;\       Store Fronts a Specialty,
I Furniture Made to Order,
5j^       Saloon and Store Fixtures,
/ji     A!) orders wid receive  Prompt
$ attention,
AI"J"/,|I' w
I?.,*.* .1.3
Grand Forks. B. C.
■s/N^GRAND   l'< IRKS,   B.    C.-v^V-
EverythlnR Mew and   Best  Furr.isl-.ccl
Houy.e, and is in everyway  prepared lo
welcoTie Guests ar.d provide Good Ac-
*i-*^2 Hendquailers fer  Mu in*; Men.   B.-st
^,'°J of Wines. Vquors i'nd Cijjais.    Special
■J'tijhi aitentioy paid to Transcient tmde."
EZRA INBODY,       "-"" - ""-""" ":""     -       Proprietor.
-g^^a-:o/?a^*icr.*^i^r-^OT»r.\ :--•»■-vJO^■^^triJWV^gJ-^-K^
,*i*v.***■*. 3-N."*-*, •')«*, ■"■".*..^S.-*:%.*-^.-*^ .•^."IW.'^-, .-»-.. <*v-'^-..*^...™l*1 >V>tVi^. -^
•>!> *r '** '•** *& <«*'if •*>*'&>"**W•&■ •*>■ U^ -+S '^> '.&•<& 'aT •<&   £S '^ •*& -j*.?^
I Special Announcement! %
«V Wo liavoaddeil a now Department to onr busliiMii coiulrtliior ol iii
ik btaple and rancy Dry doods. §
i\)i        Brass Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Ribbons, Lacs,        y',)
\J? Gmbru-lierlM, hi fad eyer-rtliiiiK which li kopl In n Urst-claS! Dry ';-,..!- Store .!■:
y^3 These Goods lmve nl) boen purchased dlreel from tho Maruifucttirers Agents in »*^
ii\ Montreal, Trronto and t liloairu, i.ti.1 are all A l value, and i lie latesi stylos. .ij
y.o        The peoplo of the Kettlo River District will now not  1..' compeliod lo send V'l
lift away from homo for thoir dry croods.   tf they will call at onr store we will 1„* S$$
'/'A glad to slim, onr floods, and yon will bo convince.' that we can ...tv-. yon money k'Jj
.Jt? besides hnvlnj the eatlHfactlon of ninliin.r:. -.,.*. n selections,   Shipments >\ il .'!'.
Im Ue received weeldy,   A First-class .took of Boady Made \)?
'$$        Clothing Shoes and Itinera' Supplies        V
ilv   Always In stock.  Goods delivered to the oamps rrt*r. .■*-.
Im w
jfl\ a      t+r.     *!-.^ .-«, ^m it'll
cmmmni ilinen Davis & Lo^s %
MATE I ft   i"JL„ /.k*
\j L U— R_, *,        \. >,.•-•-;..-*.... .>-. ,..-,:-.'■,;- ^■'■'.'*--y*-y-*':;^.y-*-"■*'.«; y*'.*'.;*-.-;'';.-:-' .-.i.'".*-^
$        riiunuKiCK & PEIBKSON.
9 CASCADE CITY,    -   B.
' TC*'. I*, 'td *<r, **■ si', .<■■ Jfi'- .-*'. -S  •'"• *F- .*-■'• --"■ *•*-■ ■ -*.**■ jf: JT rf. .£■. ,rc: ^. .V;
>V"-i**«».' --»-V».-sk.*V.-'^. '>k' •V.-v.,.vM--»„--^. v0.>c* s,.*>»,.v^.-%..'.W«».*
FirBt-olats In Kvery Elespeot.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and
Cigars at thc Bar.
-o-e-fr-c i m > > m o
/!-""—"■ •Bit*. * 'ivai'am m\ m« ifctvm «*,*.. -**"*. imui *■••»: t *
Hlvoralde   Avo,. Qrand   P'orks. B. 0<
If yon wilnl a nice t'ltsy, clean shavo <»r nn up-
to*dstO Stylish hair cut, fflvo ma u call.
Hphe Alberta Hotel
*    'fraTolmE?o&s?r'    Grand Forks, B. C.
TS 3. new Mouse, with   new Furniture and everything comfortable  for  tlie
avel.mg public, and has accommotlons for a larg i number of people.    The
""""•Dining  Room   is   provided wiih everything In the market.
The bar is repleted with the best Wines, Liquors and Cigars    A good sample room for Commercial Travellers.
MiMintiii'tiircr ot
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
Q1UND   FOUKS,   B.   0.
,-yr.y-Saw Piling nnd all Kinds ot Repairing.
p«n nlwnvs bo had nt onr More ns wo keep nnr Finch* rlulil up i   '■    mnrVel nl
nlil.sliollwurn gouds tu work olf on our ciistomem    Wi ' illjrn luivlii
on bun.I
Fresh Eggs and Creamery Butter.
We col in a now supply nvorv wouh nnd cart jrnarttnti i on*"       '. tn hi   ,. ■■ uy. frdsn,   Si wr
■tot ill in m tiro ntiothur thins wlileh cup only ho found ii| stovo.    .Vill liuvc tu u nice lino
of [Ish!ns t."',;!*'in " ivw days.
II. A. HUNTLEY   :   •   :   :   GRAND FORKS, B, C.
'■' "H
Carriage Factory
D. M. FEENEY,   Proprietor,
The care i f hones feot nnd up-to-date
shoeing mad* a special study, The.e if
nothing in. my line ol business 'hat I
don't do and will maV-o you anything
from a wht-i'lbffrrow to six-horse coach
■rand, totks Brewery.
G. A. FRASER & CO., Proprietors,
Mi Beer, Porter I Soft Drinks
Particular Attention Given Orders Frcm  Private Families.
NIGHT—McCOOL-OnNovember 2nd in tio
Presbyterian church, Grand   Forks,   by
the   Rev. James   M. Wall* M. A., Jesuit*-*
daughter of J. W.MoGool, tp Henry James
Kntsht, lioth of GhmhI Forks. It, (;.
For  Sale.
Household furniture, only been used a short
t'me.   The furniture can bo seen by calling ni
thp house north ot Mrs. K. R. AUnoudu ou North
H'icoud street,
First-Class  Accommodations,  Good Stab ing, Terniius of
Stage Line From Marcus, Washington.
McAtiley& Keightley,    -    -    Proprietory Every Action HOME
upon tin* principle of Uie toil of a fi-ili.
The right of Puerto Ricans living in this
country to American citi/eu-hip lfi to be
tc-ted in the New York court-.
fl Beatitifql Girl's Affliction.
1 lava 11.1   will   not   be  occupied   by   the
FrvvitUr Republican, Vfr*aiUt*, fnd.
The Tuckers of   Versailep, In«l., like
And every  thought  requires  an  expend!- 	
Hire of vitality which must In* i*e-t*ired by ! "" '
T^&S^^T^^m^^^1^  FAK  AND NEAR'   l;"i"'1 SMe* "lim^ forc°" ""lil ""   H0BS0M  WISHES T0   TKY   I*, an fond P«w* «• completely wrap-1A BAH PLACED OH THE TRACK, irMt behind
  date set for the ending of Spanish bovct- I   ned   up   in    their    children.     Tlieir
The  Min
It Can  Be Made  tu Go.
"nu1 melancholy days have come"; liu*
rheumatism eome with them? It can he
made lo go rigfot off hy the use of St.
Jacob's Oil,   which   cures and  leaves  no
pure, rh h ami noun-Inn
It is made ><
by Rood's Sarsaparilla which la thus the
great strength-giving medicine, the cure
for weak nerves, scrofula, catarrh* antl all
diseases caused by poor, impure blood.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
U Anurlca'i Greatest Medicine,   ji: six lot J-.
Hood's Pills cure Indl gin tion,   25eenu.
He Tblnkfl  Muu the Colon and vi*-
ea>n   ('fin   Ile   Rained   and   Docked
for    l.i*'i   'I'll ll li    ii    Million    Iiul In ri.
iiiiiI  Peal re* fo ii-ciui
daughter Lucy, in particular, has given
thein   much   concern.    She is fifteen,    Tlie Weat-Bomid   Overland   on
The   Snnltnry   Condi I Inns   There   Ar
arrestee* of ihe World eignty in Ouba.
i«    Urlef     i>iiruui-ii|iii<t-.\ci-ideiiiH |),,|, (",nI. - i- expected to Issue hi- prom
and  CrlnM—Dtmlne-M   UTalra   nmi bjod manifesto mon, reaffirming hi- righl :
Intereatlna   Bveutu—Soteii of Mb- io the crown .unl throne oi Spain.
eellnaeouH  Uni»peulua>a. The belief i- strengthening in Washing
  t"n thai the ^paiii-li-Am-'ri-Mu [leaec uc
i, - i   i ii ii Aa ■ gut-iii turns al   l*.m- will be deadlocked.  _-_ 1^1^1^_
it i- reported Uml several large ie*w.is   uinwin„      Washington, Oet 31. -Xaval Construct-  and finally Bhe  became  the  victim of      Wen-itehee  Wash   Oci   ni-u.uuunw -n
have been engaged on Krencli account to   "u £^£*£^3£  or Hoi , .rived m this city Satnnlay.   nervous  p.ostrntion.    Doctors did not' M      ^    .', ]Z No , he 1 train wS  I'ZdVtciSwT'* ?**? ^
loud gram ar. Amencan porU. «    '   '"         .' ' ',"      '" T"             He appeared before the  board of naval   hejp hor.    Most of  the   lime  she  was   arrived here about 9 o'clock Saturday ev              '. V         "   at 9Uftr ers rt,,<1 ^P'
P°rt that Problem Faure of France  ^.^J£!L!^ , -! chiefs for the pwW of explaining the | confined to bed. was very nervous and 1 ^r„^+iiT« ^-„ «^^ ^w^fif S« I °^cl,P*ed .b? th? ^>a«irfh si>l<liers.   Iteporls
nm! from a fining, healthy gill, three
years ago, had become weak and kept
u reekin-v ; jajjjng oflC ju flegh.'until she became a
mere skeleton. She seemed to have no
lite at ell.    Hcr blood   became impure
Great \orlhem Itnllivtiy Derailed
Near Otlom.it While Ti-yliiu to
Mnke I |, I.omI Tlaie.—No (tne li»-
j ii red.
Havana, Nov. 1.—Major Almy and Cap-
Iain Page returned here from Cienfuegos.
Conductor  '^\lf.y
-\ report that l resnlenl banre o  franc ti""",^ ,,.:    ehiefa for the purpose of explaining the, confined to  bed, was very ner
>1    i .    -■ ■.>-> -.- ■ ii i f ,. I    i ii-. . i ... I    f i ,    I >••    11 ■< t ntit I  11*     il-Ml 'M    ■   I i '11   • 11    I 11(     I    II11 l 11   ■    I il IIV*    I 111*   j ... .        . . .    , i   . i        i       .
...-.,-.-..--iiul,,i -.,.,...i i.. in untrue.      ii                    condition of bhe Spanish ship-, ft-teoked Irritable, and  Beeinc-I on  tlie
f li-    1 •"..-.I,     i*. I,..    ,-,       .1     111..ii.    in.   i  i..    -ca.-oil   I-.   -iil.lilet    l null   II.   Iia-   liccli   -"ilii'l'i     „    , . _     * ...  - '.   ,
iii. Koch, »ii.. ....- iKiu unending tin  ,„■„,,.* off the ioa-1 of Saatiugo and the progress  St. Vitus' dance,
i ..I ni   ,,t iii,, K.iK.iii,. i, nm,, in \ nnnl    irii'ime >i,it i-i 11- ii ac been etui uie eu. ,    „ ,. ,       ■    , , ■ _
. ,'   i      I .        . .   ' r   ,,,.;:      "enend Lee's ,rn,v .-ill sur, for CubaH V*»"""'*"' '"T "      , '"'        T ..    °"? m0r"',T    flaid. M?*
ULl..!!".!.,..,.„...ir^..;.;,.,,.,.!' ."' ,t in a u t«-o■ ks.- n,,. nrsi expedition f?r"i™; mwzy: "'\s":' mi'r * .""'■  the ^}°',toli"910 glve lier
,   ,,       , ,     ,,       ">---'i'"*-L "j   ii«- .-*i',uiiNii woniier-*.    itrno h
eniflff, telle of an attempt to wreck the rtf luyL i  , c,      .    .      '   .
.. •       ■ i.i i • i ■ ni'.-.- i -i   i      s^nnishea between Spaniards are in
the   verge of ■ ti-^in, probably by thieves bent upon rob- lC(
Mrs.   Tucker,
1 berv.
Jt is understood  that eight  battalu
lucker, ;       ,e westbound passenger was running nt t,.^^ „„ : •       ,
Dr Wil-    . r ii        i .        i . i*        P* troops remaining alon
ur.uu-   i(     tl    speed   o make up time,     t was   :,„„, ,- „ ,..„
the Jucaro mil
itary line will arrive at CHenfUegOfl ihi
the purjmie of the Americana to take tli
i niiu- group ol Philippine i-l.miU nnd lo
.i--ume -im-Ii proportion of the IMiHlpplue
■ lit .i- hid been InciitTPtl for the bcncfll
of the i-'.uiiN in pubiie works, Improve       The TurkWi tixwps in Civto hegu
menU nnd permanent betterments. | uating the Island l.i-i week.
It was also -.'i forth thai the L'nited
Stales would nol assume .m\ purl of the
Philippine debl which had been incurred
hy sp,iin for tin- furtherance of military
iu- naval operations Lo quell in-mrrcclion*
oi i lie mt I ives.
The session wns adjourned until Krhlay, | miners,
lu  instance Lhey  Btniek  h caravtin, I Argentina,  which  has threatened  to In
consisting -■!  400 iieriWiw,  100 of whom I volve the two countries in  war, "ill lie
nn,-  engulfed   in   the   Itiver thtllec  and   setlletl  hy  arbitration,
drowned. ,v"" 'Snghtnd Uibacco growers fear thai
I their imlustry will be seriously affected
|hy t'l mpetitlon of Puerto Rlcnn, i Uban
3'imber wolves are more numerous this I nnd Philippine plantei*s.
fall in Michigan thnn In inanj years. Indian ConiiuiBHioner Jones say
The nrni)  te short of -t.iil oflice
i lore will be mustered oul al present.
Itieh   diiiuumd   di»eoveriea   in   Western
Austriilin    nre    attracting thousands of
raised and brought t
Yurk or Norfolk n1 ,i eosl of $600,000
for one and l)W00,000 for the other, and
possibly they could )«■ brought In foi
.^iiiii.ihiii iM.it. 'I'll.- government would.
of course, lake the risk of -pending $200,-
ik n each of the vessels nnd in thc
end  might llnd  it   was  unable  lo raise
■ \ fen mi-,, I      iNHClllbllllff    mi     ly 111,- ■--
ii,!  -1, :i ii i.-i ii I  Ircntniciit n   tho  Pillager In-      ,,    ., , , , ,   ,     ,     ,   , ,,
! ,.      ,      , . . .,,   • Mr. Hiflison wanton to bc pli 1 :ii tho
ilians liv wliiii- men Is responsible liu* tin' ,    -, , . , ■ ,   ,
.  * .,      ,       ,,      ,       ,  ... licul iii  ii  ivrecklni! company wnn-li  he
i-eceul outbrCiiK al Bdar l-l.ui.l. Minn. ,     ,, . ?,      V, - .    , .
.,., , ,    . ,   , ,, should orjnin/c ;in.l  lip iiiiUuin/i-.l to CX-
I In- eovornment   ins decided lu allow        , , ;       •.,„.„,.,„.       ,    .
.   .    f       ,  ,,       ,     , ,     ., pcinl ssui'.niin or $000,000 n the two ves.
Spain  novond  Deeenioer  1  t..r the cme- ' ,       ,    ,,,..,    ...
1  .        .-,, ,      .   ,   . ,     .    , . scls.    lie-.n.l tlie hull ..I the \ i/J-iivii was
Million ..I I nli.i. il. Iirill'. ii i.liv-lral tlilliiH- i .   . ,        ,    ., , '.    ,
.,.,. , ,i*  ,'   *        ,     ', iniiici     proposed i" build a cofferdam
sibllHi to transport   20,000 ti-oops bv tliat , , , ,  .     , 4, ,
1 i around hcr ami briny hcr to the surface
„, ta|   ^ ,i «*.„„i i.„. i_ i  ,i i... >f,",r mMnS >n>A"- necessary to ll   *
to give ih.- Spaniards time lo pre- J     fearful |,,s- of life lias I n caused bj
reply.   Th,- session lasted a little  typhoons and snnil storms In the Orient
hour. ' Cieneml I.e.- will c ininil thc lir-i ex
I"*' >  "' Calm, unless  he asks lo be I    i;ene,.,l \Vood has Issued ., uc. ..-   Ml,r    M|.   ,,.,,,.,,„  ,,.„ thl. |„„,,,u
'elleved. fining the American policy \-MiW'  chiefs InformaiUon    rcgai-dlng the  Reina
This year's crop of peanuts in Virginia 1 11"' proclamation guarantees rellgbuslD-  Mercedd8 and „„, Uorrimtte.   The tar ■
promises  to  be   very  large an.l  of  fine I erty, freedom of speech and equal justiee  coujj  \1(,
: qualltv. ■ to .ill Inhabitants. it K
 * |    The'
London, Oet. 31,   There  has  1 ll  til
•aii-i activily at Dcvenport, the site ol   821,000. | H  It'*"", Okk., to Port Sill, ami is 1
iiinn .1 roll.
„ —   ...,..v raised, lie believed, tor
I to all Inhabitaiits. It was apiiarcn't tliat she 1iad been only
•I of guns , ie for L'nited States :    Oeronimo, the famous Apache cdiief, os- „,ul1l,,(l    T|ll, _Mm.i„1.„, ,,,„,,, ,10 mUed
wl   tlefen "'inn  the  war «- W,-|" 'I from hi* guai*ds u-liUo going from am, ho ^ a)l0 mm}jc roraoved #rom«,„
,,,,,,          .    in.null of the harbor,
the Inrgcsl arsenal in Ureal  liritnln, and      LTnited States Senator Proctor of Ver-  Ileved to b aking for his old haunts in	
two ol iin- lines! dry docks ill the world,   niont, lias been re-elected by the leglsla* Ifow Mexico. «TT   «pnnNT1 u.iifn. opt-nuT
The governmenl   is assembling an cmci-   lure. " Hhiperot William has do«lg  n i.inr ■ ALL ■"»>»»■" MARKET HEPOET.
■ye„,v  squadron,  vvhh-h  ii  is un.lersloo.11    The coal  mining   of Wellington, We fountain   whicb lie purposes to erect   whe.(   Qa„tuUon.,   WooI   „.„„„,
ver Island, Is sinking, and a preail In i onsthntlnoiilo as a «ni  to the com- I
is feared.
I.> i.iIh
il   i-   undcistoo
Despite il li __       ^^^
wind has I n bloniu-. almosl a .jiilc the   disaster is feared. I memorato his visii an.l lhal  of lho em
 id  class battlcsliip  Colossus "arrived       Kranee seems to be preparing tor war.] press to tlio sultan's capital,
from    yhrad*    -i  elan  battleship   She is fully nmmung all her coast  forts      The t'uniam-hcs and K!o«**as in llie fn- , wiioleaale prices are given uniess other*
in,, fr  (,i,iee,i-i..«,i ami ll,.. lii-i ,l..-   an.I mobilixbig her Heel. 'liaii  lei*iii"i*y are stealing cattle to keep! „,,„„  ,...,.
Inittleship lien Dull from (Ireenock.   Th
There are seven' i' niie.l st.ites trans-     The "woman in black" who for several  c*uJ)) hlllk 4Rllj g.^.,^ .,,,,.
|...its   in   the   hail...i*  of   Sm   Francisco,   weeks past has teiTorizod-peoplcjlt Dun-1 D11,-. ^ gfaei
rni-er ( Hllliopc, " hi.-li  was "il
lhe  v,a\   tn   Ihe I allaries.  was  intereepte.l
.in.l returned unox] i.-.lly lo Plymouth.
i il her   .Mil'slij
■ ud   the  Price i.f  Produce.
Following   are   tiie   local   quotations,
liolcsale ]
wise quoted
Dticnued Their Daugkter'i Catt/or llimr...
right angles. ,    ,      ,  I    The government has ordered officers and
When the pony truck struck lhe ob- UoWiors who arc evacuating Ouba to be
strueiion it was thrown from iho ni»s. paid In preference to other obllsatlons',
but lhe big drive tvl Is clipped oil one : , ~
end of tile steel rail  Intended -to hurl the C'.in-rht  In   Yukon   lee.
train from Hie ti-aek, and in an instant s.ln i.-ri,ncisw>| jfov, i.-_]Pc was making
an Offending jiieee of Bteel Hew past the on {\i(, Vukon nnd there was thin ice at
patient. Wo began giving the pills i '■"Ki"c ,"h, ""'! lha J"1"^8 of. ,thl" „r;,,n ' l>"i''h harbor when the Portland Balled on
and the ne*, .lay oould see a oluinge for ""? Pu8l,od "n "" th.° °ni0,1' * "' f11''' October 11.
"be better.     The  doctor came and was:  "•'» '•"' a V***" <" " """j *•   '™l
snrprlfl n see such a,,  improvement. : t,rl3oka ';"ml""- I1'""*-'."" *• "e»<but vhf __
He told us to keen giving her the medi- jlln™"' k''>V'»rl u> their position. sand bara in tha Vukon ,„„, ,,n wil, pmh.
olne. We gave her one pill after each | -Utl' ll"> "'"" h;""ls P-»' "ut wnrning ,ll))ly ,„ logt_ Tll(, ,>ilwson n|y is „ |o|il,
meal until eight boxes bad been used 8l8no'f for fP*xteli ng trains from cither WMoki T|,P if(„*,nau and Tacoma are
wlien she was well.     She has not been j 8nd tho .engine '.'iieks were hoislod ii]>on | „j,rollmi ,lm* lnr olnn. boab) Bre •„ 8„(.;i
, ..p they may go Uy pieces.
In the vieinify of Ihe wreck there are I
numerous coulees, and it Ls believed the
men who placed the rail on the track lift
in one of these, expecting in the excitement and confusion of a disastrous wreck
tn rob the train.
The tug Sadie has gone inlo
Winter quarters at Dutch harbor. At
least a dozen river ^learners are stuck nn
wneii sue was wen.      mm lias noi ueen i - »"-" - " "v"- .."—.".. «■«-«. i aground and the olhcr hoat.s are in s
sick since, and we  have no (ear of  the : ™* *«"* l""1 ll'e passenger came on io j p(ll.ilmls ,v,sitions thllt ,vhcn tJl(1100 ,„.,,
old trouble returning.    We think  tbe | " enatohee. ^ ^ | up they may go to pieces.
md mobilizing her licet. I dian Icnitory are stealing cattle to keep   wjBe gU0t-,d,
The report   that   I.i  Hung Chang had   Uiemselvos fi-om stiindng, the ^verament      wl„.uL (||p 	
icen marneri to the empress dowager of rations having he,.,, cut ofl since the ox-      jnU.   a||1 ))u|k •
*«»  "'ns ., newspaper joke ! piniiioi, «i the treaty last .Inly I lm> ,||]lk ^^ ^ '
.qiiadron and to coal.
i.is ordered jihi.iiihi t.,
llllll, !•>    lor
Boston, i).
lippi,   with
lining   i.t  join   ilie
Maine lie.n v urtill
uniting to .-uivey  tmops ... Manila. j more,  Pa    is an   Ilalian man.    He    was,     UjU_M
.  fc-m-l-u-y   I g  mil   ask   congress  to captural last rimrsday mght and so bad- turl<.y_Counti-y pomts,   . o. b„ 75®
increiise  tlie  uuinlier of  sailors  allowed ly beaten thnl he. will probably die. 80c per civt
for lho navy from  12,500 to 20,                  Three years ago Paris began to dispose Jive-Country points, f. o. I,., 70c pel
31     The tmnsporl  Missis-      >IN thousand distress.*.! farmers recently of Its Bowngo alter Uie manner of Berlin, owl)  sp.,kane,'.S.-)(- per owl
balteri    thc   First   in™''«l Tokio, Japan, and petltionel for by turning it Into fields planted with or- j,,                barrel-Gold   Drop,
i tlie period of tax exomp "i»«ii .».i •«*«"    (i,,...i,„,,i,i, „f ii„. '.  i
cure aliunst miraculous.
Subsorihed ami   BWOm   to  before ine
this 38th .lav of April, 18U7.
.Iustice nf lhe Peace.
These pills are won.lei fully effective
In the treatment nf all diseases arising
from impure blood, or shattered nerve
force. They ate adapted to young or
old, and may lie had at any drug sline
Si\ (ci'ii   Feci   ot   Pay   Ore   it nlining
s::uo  to Hie Ton.
Spokane, Oet. 31.—A quart/ lead whieh
rivals in ricluii
9100   REWARD, VlOO.
The rea-iers of thia paper will im pleased to
learn that there Ib at least one dreaded dhteaM
that science has been able to cure In all ks
stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Curt
la the only positive cure now known to th*
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional sUsease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Ih taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucoue surfaces t)t the ayatetn, thereby destroying tht
foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution
and HHsisting nature In doing its work. Th*
proprietors have so much faith In Its curatlv*
Dowars. that they offer One Hundred Dollar*
fe- ft-ay case that It falls to cure.   Bend for list
  I of Testimonials.
" Address:   P. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O,
.led'  -f.ru j-   A ri'tTiteil. Bold by Druggists,  7Gc.
„   •        , ,   ,        n »    on      1   iv  .1 .i Hall's Family Pills are the best
Ihii-e.  Idaho, Oot 80.—Jed Gmy, the |	
'J'lie Seatlle cily officials who have been
visiting Sjjokone were aboard In tiie Wagner cur, and there were .'JO or -10 other
Deteeblres will he put bo work to fathom the cnsOj and If possible eateh the
4UU.W. """ ""*v"j (0 honof, has heen arrested and is in jail
md extent that of any I, A|1(iui|
over discoyered  in America, which  has, 	
man who il is now claimed shot. Wilson
and  Cummins,  for  killing whom  "Din-1 s*0,.v   (lf   i.,.rra,i|t-s   little   "Hop-b'-my
mondlield" Jack Davis i.s und*..* -.-."*"«-.-.   —-   '	
The smallest lwok ever printed is the
cr sentence   Thumb," lately published.    The "book is
il.il l.t-t ewniiiL
ehards and vegetables.   One-fourbli of the
i'.,r >.n .iiiiiI h mnl ..ill probably go lo Ha
\ .111.1.
Mull   fur   111,,Mill.
Pali  [.'ranelseo, Oct. 80.   T*!
X.ealandin, with the fir-t and
t.ilinii-  of  lhe   Kii-i  Tcnlies	
comprising r.lio men, sailed ye3tei
.■nn...n  for .Miiuil.i.
l\ lift'
,,.,,.        ,   .     ... i Big Loaf. $4.1*i Banner, 83.80) Ptanslfter,
.nm. sevi-nire is already thus disposed of, and it ou, <,,,,, ,.i, a..,-r.   o .,        .,.«   .,
,, , . ,                                    .,,,..' ,,      ,  i    *4> superb, p.75   bpokane, $3,50: S«*an
I'.i-nleni   McKinley   ha-  ordered   that  Is liope.1 that In t« -re yenr- the «hole . ,,.lU.|lt|  ^ ,-.   SnoH'(U|.e   $.,7...   wl|i(c
Jcll'erson U-UTOcks, St. [x,uis, be made as  of il will bo. LUy( $m. whl>1(. whml ^ 2
j large a military posl as nm in ih,. coun-'    If has heen announced  in   run  Hoot,  graham  $366
try. ' Kan.   that Geoi-ge Gould wdll estalbllsl.      I.*c'cdll5ran and shorts, $11 per ton;
'"T"'!** f'* n-"l- show thai Amcr-   ^ ming Mens t tn-la  Association head- thorti> $12j bm>i $10. rolled h,lrl '
 I""'- """ 'him tinuc to in   quarters at all towns and cities along the | ohJckeI1 feed, fl6@20.
llaj—Timothy, $8 per ton; baled tim
..I' all mlu
Missouri Pacific and Iron Mountain Byfl
I.-ins nf rail
At  l-irtfrton,  l'a., lasi
i '..i*i..ir.iu  In,,ihers
.ii  night,
way where nflleas, shops and   othyj $10j   w]ie„.   ,,ay_ ,7i(j0@8i60!
, *. ..re..i.in   ini.iiier-   cut   iiunv   li   feel   (if  a    pally.
lie iiiiinl.er <u l.iin,   tier-'.us in Aii-ra-    ,     . . , , . ,   • ,    ,       I     ,,,.,
.. i 1)nn  ,    ,,'     ,       , ,,,.. i douhlc mime house which encroached onl     ' h'
niusl ..ther
proportion  lo tho number of lhe
il   bv   ilu* com
Austrian minister of agriculture hns
Iheir land.
y" Walker, the pugilist, who wn*
KV&&VVV&&V&&V$VVV&&'$%   '"
I knocked .mi by "Andy" Dupont at Omaha,  died  niter  having  been  unconscious
sanctioned an appropriation for establish-   -**,.,„, 5(gUc per lb.
ing  iliirty-thrcc  stations, nt which  Ilu. |    Produeft—Fane
hay, $7.50j alfalfa, $10.
Corn—Whole, $23; cracked, $U.
Wool—Fine medium, 0fe7c per lb; me
y   creamery   butter,   40
E'tabllihed I7S0.
Chocolate, iu
anny is to supply guns and ammunition   aIlJ ,K1.ib tll|,S| z8o        ,b. ^ ,„ an(, w
to the people for driving away all clouds. I lb tub3j 2fJ(. per |b.      jntSi 2-c lb
II is consldei'ed proven that lhe conens- : mnnU.y b[itter> in ro„ m ,. cook
W Tne I niied stales transport Rcrlin sion and the clouds of smoke rising into• [ng butter, 10c lb; eastern creamery
g snilc.1 for Santiago, Cuba, from Xew York the air nffccl the atmosphorle state of prlnu, 25o) cheese, twin full cream lZje
«   with 500,000 rations for sinning Cubans,   humidity, j |bj cheese, twin, .skim milk, B,@10c Ibi
ry ■    The war dejBirtnicnt has issued a com-    ranch  eggs, $0,25@ll.50;    solceted  ottm
g   I'Hall  notes on the Philippines, both      WASHINGTON VOLUNTEERS.      $<j,7S;  honey, white eoinh,  13o     *
g   liwlorleal and geographical. i ■  fancy, 14c per Ib.
V <■. ...11. 1       ...... ,1. ..   j -  ....   .      ,,'....    .,..,,.. ll.,.. ■    ll.. .-..   Bn 11.. .1    fit..   ,1,,.  !        , -        ,    , , ,,   ,
\ egetabloB—Potatoes, 75@80o per cwt;
I one and onc-quarler inches thick.   It can
! be read only by the aid of a microscope,
...,,   nlnM.lv   III feel   ,,f  ... v  i eei-i.r bill   is   eomplclc   ill   even*   WllV,   41,1.1   ha.
shown ahead.i  III foot of pay ore aierng- General Do.l-rc Elected President.   :,„,„. ,.„,„,.v!„„^
ing $300 lo lhe Ion, wilh promise of a      TMll   ohi,s IM   .,H_TUe ^uioU of! ,n°™^	
wider lead, is almost at the doors of Spo* (1||, A        ,)f ,,„, remlosscc has ci,;.(P(1 |
knne.    II. has Is-eti discovered in the l!e-
pulilie mine.                                                     i vol,,||   |„ j,,,],)   ||„,  „„_,  mppti„,, ln rn.,  I lean or European plnn.   Room anil bourd
The  licpiiblic ledge  has  been ciu-oim-1 ,,,„„. fe « nn .„ ., u, „„ „„„.„..  .-
tei-ed in tlie long tunnel at a depth of; .  .
430 feel, nnd  il  assays lfl ounces of gold. Export,,   of   Wlieat   anil   Torn.
'The lirst hews of the tunnel encounter*      Philadelphia, Oct.. 31.—Afore than 000,* j     A new catalogue of the higher plants of
ing   the ledgo  came  Saturday    evening, ■ 001) bushels of wheat and corn cleared the | North America north of Mexico htlfl 14,5114
when .Superintendent Harvey telephoned custom house Saturday on steamers bound   entries, including 15 palms and 210 or-
l.i the Republic olliee that the tunnel was  for European ports. j chids.
just Into lhe ledge and thai the lirst value : ____^____^_____^_^^_ I 	
wn.s $1, 'That wa.s not encouraging, but il
When coming to Snn  p'r.inclsco 8fo to
General Cironville Jf. Dodge president and \ Brooklyn Hotel, 208-21S Huah St.   Amer-
  ' lean or European plan.   Hooni anil board
11.00 to 11.60 per ilay; rooms 50 centa to
' 11.00 per dny; single meals 25 cents. Free
j couch.   Clias. Montgomery.
did not cause the Republic people to lose I JHE   DDTY OF  MOTHERS.
heart.    Marly yesterday  the great uewsj
came that 24 I'eet of ledge matter had been 	
crossed, of which 111 feet is pay ore, aver- j Daughters   Should    be   Oarofully
aging el„,e lo 15 ounces iu gold, or $300;    Guided ln Early Womanhood,
per ton.
No household la complete without a
bottle of the famous Jesne Moore Whiskey. It Is a pure and wholesome stimulant recommended by all physicians.
Don't neglect this necessity.
llsh pipers slate Hint traces of I
I Andree's  balloon   polar  expedition  have
"2 I been found in Franz Josef land.
General mis has cabled lhe war ilepnrl
Battalion* Hnve galled fur tin
I'll lliptilne   Xm1.111.1n.
celebrated for more g I mcltt from   Manila   that   the  better class
than a century as a q   ,,f Filipinos .li. nol  wnni  Independence,
■misers ll.iuuil-al an.l llornci and
delicious, nutritious, -3
and flesh -forming 5C
beverage,   has   our <**}' | been laid up in reserve at Norfolk nnvy|D. Wholley
the monitors Puritan and Teii-or   huvi
Snn   Fn is,-,,,  Oot.  20.- The    United
Stales ii-nus|s,i*t steamer Ohio, conveying
two battalions of the l"u*-t Wnsliingtmi
volunteers, has saih-.l for Manila. The
troops are commanded by Colonel John
Yellow Label
<}' I jMi-d.
g !     l.n-t   Sunday  lho Cubans nl  Santiago
3  celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of tho
on the front of every §   declaration of Cuban independence.
package,   and    our g j     The Veri I  legi-lature hns passed an
trade-mark,"l.allelle g i'"'' n",kl"g ;l bounty "ii wolves, panthers
Chocoladere,"onthe 8   :""i ' "• ''-: '-v'"" *■'* foxes' """* i""1
*3   rnllle-nukes,  t)l.
g |    President Itull'v of the Swiss confedcra. I nonnced.
g   lion, still inue, to receive threatening      Company A   To be corporals, Privates
§   letters   from    anarchist- I   i, closely j H-'Us,  Mitchell,  AckermUn,  De    and
<3   guni-ilcd by the pollco. ' ! Mcllowan.
g WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd., 2     At   Hoston, Mass.. Patrick  Rosdi nnd
«■ Dorchester, Kits,. «',■'""" ''''''"i 1n.n*W "" ,Hj°  ''"','' "! "
$   rom■-tnry bniluinff, ffiuppled onon other
Qenoral Miller rode at the head of tlte
column with Colonel Wholley. Al the
wharf a siil>si;iniial luin-liooii awaited tin-
men, served l»y tho ladies of tlie Red
Oross. Posftnl cards for lost messagea to
friends were also distributed, as well as
flowers and meiucnitoes.
The following promotions have been an
**-■**  ■       ■  ■■«•    *w« n>- ■ m \* m I •■ ■*.
,[■-. xj   linn- -inrv building, giuppled eool] otln-i
^^tC.tG^^-^t5atG^t56t560t5c5i^  i„ „ fiondlsh struggle fell to tho ground
BUY THE GENUINE       '  rreslde'nt Uwrencoof tho Ohio Wool
growers' ussoclnlion, ftdvoen'tofl a oonibina-
tion of .-oitnii planters and woolgiwwera
i,i linn": aboul a iiigh tiii'ift' on raw ma*
...MANUFACTURED   BY ... i Ul'Jnll.
CALIFORNIA FIO SYRUP CO.       At s.n FrajioUco,CW.,Franklin Brown,
tritOTE THII If A MB* a   li vpm»l i-l  of note, died at the (Jennan
~ " j lionpltttl,    Do   tried   l<»  hv|Hioti/.e  a   lloil
JURE YOURSELF!   |sovoml months ago, but Um nninml bit
him. pausing hliNxi poiaon,
Mffilluu" I     Iteeenl   si.iti^ii.-s show   thai,  under   ].'.
in I.r	
There was greo-1 exeitemeni n tho oom-
[i.iny when is beeamio known thai I.ieii-
tennnit Hinckley had boen detaclied and
ordered for service on the ship Toeoma,
soon to depart for Manila, via Honolulu,
where she will pick ii]» a cargo of I'.milry
horsos tiunsportwl that far somo time
ngo. It will lie some months before he
again joins his company,
.lhe regiment loft "ill, almost the same
number of men orglninlly enlisted at the
muster-In, losses by discharge and other*
rtiso equalling the number -d recruits
added in July. The strength of the two
Imttaltons is oxnetJy BOO ofioers and men
There have   '"'it but four dentin In tho
lltl,i -,„, lthtll„    ve,,,- there aro mme bovi Mian girls, bul i i*offiment, llie In    one taking pltuso Thuw
mer 7fi yean there uro mme women Umn dfly  'Mwie Burnhiwn of Oompany IJ.
, . ,, in ,,i.i„ u, ,,„,    nien, and iron  the rboi o 00 to   00 tlie
,.r...nt in i.i. in »,,|.|.i i,7 •    ■       '        FH'e   un.s„i,.,.,..,  i:,,.,„i..,i.
>'   ••' ""•  i..I...I.I. i..i    imnortlon Is aboul ihree bo iu., >u favor
,1.1,1. in :i l,i,(Hi.-., ,y.,f..        '      I
riiiiUur .«i,i ...i raqno.1 | ol the women.
Al tho nil NY.-  V.nh mealing ol tlio
Is it Wrong? directors of the O. It. i N. C5o., Uiosc
Get it Hiitlit. gcntleinen bad a, conloi-cnce with the ml*
KcepHRIsht. 'n*-' P0H'ei*s of the Northern Pacific rail*
Moore'. Kov-nie.i Remedy will do It, Threo »ny. Hie resull. ,.f which conference i-
dosenwill make you leel bellcr. n.l it from -ai.l to have been nu agreement to a plan
yourdruggtBt-br sny ivIioIobbIbdrug lioune, or ! whereby the recently talked nf "cut oil"
bom Stewart i 11.,linen linutl'i
Candle, Crete, Oct, 30.—Five more of
the Mussulmans convicted nf taking pari
in the massacre of British goldiors Sep-
t fin her tl were executed yesterday,
cuhbagc, If I. oil (.i 1.7.'i per c«t; turnips, $1
per ewlj onions, 76@00e jier cwt; beans,
l;fn Ijo jhu' lb; carrots, .$1 per cwt; heels,
9).2*> por ewt.
Poultry—Ohiekcns, live weight, lfl*?i.llc
lb; dressed, llt(.i Kle; spring broilers,
$3.25(3.1.75; turkevs, live 10@llc, dress,
cd 1l'(1i. I.'le; Spring ducks, dressed .f-ll!?
4.*,ll d..z; geosc, live 10@llo, dressed
l-.'ti. I2jcj wild ducks, 26@50oj pheaa-
ants, 30@85o.
Meats—Beet cows, live $2,50©2,7B,
dressed $fi@6.60 cut; steers, live $2.70@
3, dressed W.60@0; Irn^s, live (W.50@4,75.
dressetl $(l@0.60j mutton, live 4<ff*l!c,
dtcrsed 71(»Hc; dressed veal, 7@8cg lamb,
12.!c wholesale; venison, 10@20e per lb.
Portland, Or., Oct, 20.—Wheat—-Wnlln
Walla, (ilK./lile; vnlh-.v and bluestem, 03®
ti-le; little selling; quotations aro nominal.
Tacjomn, Oot, 20.—Wheat—Olub, dllc;
bluestem, 82@03o.
San    Fnineiseo,   Oct.   20.- -Bar   silver,
Mexican dollars, 47jo,
Load, $3,80,
ui.ii.. You lleen,
Do not have loo much air blowing
through your room al night, or neuralgia
mny creep upnn you while you sleep, lint
if ii comes, use St. Jacob's Oil; i'l warms,
-..ithes and cures promptly.
Moxlco continue to furnish ihe Unltod
Slates uilh inore than half of its supply
uf mahogany,
NO FURTHER INDIAN TROUBLE j     What Buffering   frequently   results
from a mothers ignorance: or more
Reports   Tliat   tho   iiod   m*-ii   Are  frequently from a mother's neglect to
Leaving GrniH Comity. j properly instruct her daughter!
Tradition says "woman mustsuffi
Tlie l'nited States is about the only
country which has no established harvest
■customs. In some parts harvest eelebni-
tlons are held, but we have no traditions
sueh as they have abroad.
fiakor City, Ore., Nov. 1.—Tlio Indians
me leaving Grant county as fast as possible, and no further trouble is G.ypecled.
Tlie coroner's  jury   today   cxiiunicd   the
CITf Permanetitly Cured.   No fluior rmrrotiani-i
ill*   at'hr Jlrnt tlny'H use of Ur. Kilue'v Un-at
i   NtTVt■ itftilon.T.   Beud for  FltKK   SV.00   trial
' luiiUi'Biitl treutlHf.   DR. B. 11, iLUWiiL LUL, KM
and   young   women   are   so   taught.   ,     . ,
There is a little truth and u great deal j    Thc lflrgfist orgm] |n t)l0 wfM u jn t]]Q
of exaggeration In ihis     If a young
woman    suffers   severely   she   need.;
body of one of ibe Indians killed near | treatment and her mother should see
Many mothers hesitate to tahe their
QithedmJ of Senile, Spain.
pipes and 110 stops.
Ft   has  53
hands of a deputy sheriff and posse Wil
asked for a peaceable surrender and were
answered by Lhe Indians opening lire,
killing ono of their number, George -Cutting. The posse then returned Ibe fire,
killing five Indians.
Ihitllt-NliIiiN Oregon mnl lown.
Washington, Nov. 1.—A cablegram received at Ihe navy department announces
the arrival at Bahia. Brazil, of the battleships Oregon mid Iowa. The battleships will stop tit Bahta for it few day*.
replenishing their coal bunkers front the
Aberrenda and the Celtic, and then win
proceed to Bio, where they are to lake
part in the groat demonstration on No-
vombor l-l to commemorate lhe nnui-
versary of tlio bin h of tho republic of
lira Hi    (it   Iter.    Siimne)    Mtitelimorc.
Philadelphia,   Oct.   31.—Rev.   Samuel
<ne of  iIm- prominent  mitt-
Mutch more
of the Northern Pacific through the Bit-Mstew  in  the  Presbyterian  church, died
I^i t-%.r    r^5»--f=».*r>t-     "Tijprjiu    tor Root mountains is to be built bv tlie  yflstcrduy at his home in thi* city.
mm ffiflflkO   ^"nl.er..   Pacific  and   tho  O.   O.  &   N.j 	
U/nni   CM l\Vlll   I   O SSSiWHS.      i'*bulv aud lo be 'tperatcd  bv tlicni in n :     The late-*! roster of Uie Japanese navy
WUULtlN MILLOjta*y.W   M.nilar  manner. -how.*, that- of the 13,000 men in t'he ser-
'" J J" " "*"     '--•-"-    • "        j]|(, tlistrlbutioll of tree ratiini- in S.m  ■ vice 5.73 per cent are between the ages Of
go province is demomli^ing the    Cu-1 15 and 20 years, and 38.3 percent between
And save liiiddl.-jiNit* .*■ pro/Its.   Jfon'fl fine tnil-
or-inade Bulif>lf8.tij io $11, in guaranteed. Catalogue, samplOB, sell-measurcinent blank!), etc.,   -1
mallod free.   Address J. LANDIGAN. McKay  |,
building, Portland, (»r.   Mention tbis iuii.lt.    j
N. N. I'.
I itettt i"-».ikii Syrup. Tsstea utHxt. Unl
In timo.    gold br ilriiKK-t-la.
U19. I tbe ages of 20 and 25 years.    Only 1.05
"Wild  Hill" Turner, a despemte nuun-  per cent are over  10 years, and most of
tain  olmiracler    of  Kentucky,  has  been  these arc oflleers,
killed, j   Rabbit fur te w>w au important commer*
All tbe BritUli North American squ.id- cial urtiile. It i-- known to the trade as
ion has boen ordered to mobilize al H.ili-! electric seal, and wlien dyed so closely ro-
tax, som'bles the genuine article as to defy de-
Tlie rnit.'il States supi'en ourl  lias  tectidn except among experts.   It li mid
'OS,  decided thai a live stock exchange is nol   that $500,000 Is Invested in rabbit culture
-— I a trust, j in England.
I    Anotht r fierce battle In- b en f.-tight be-      The tomb of Mubonimcd is covered with
! tween Jopnnesc 'troops and native saMages ' diamonds, sappfhlres and rubies, valued al
in Formosa, I  C2,.">00,000.
A Newark, X. .T.; inventor is experi* The finest, emeralds known are said to
menting   with   a   propeller  which   works'be thoae belonging lo the Spanish crown.
I'm pern r   V\ 111 In in.
JEHUaALEM, Nov. 1,—Tlio   emperor
ami empress of Germany are curtailing
their visit in tlie Holy Land. They abandoned the trip to Jerldho owing to Kur.»
pean Complications, and it is also believed
that they will not go to Syria.
.IiinI   Hie   Time,
This Is just the time of the year we feel
Ibe muscles all sore and si ill', ami then
Is just the lime lo uso St. Jacob's Oil to j
relax thorn and to cure at once.
Spain has greater mineral resources
than any olber country iu Kurope, including iron, copper, Bine, silver, antimony, quicksilver, lead and gypsum,
daughters to a physician for examination; but no mother need hesitate to
write freely nbout her daughter or
herself to Mrs. Pinkham nnd secure
the most efficient advice without
charge. Mrs. l^nUhum's address is
Lynn, Mass.
The following lettcrfrom Miss M auik
F. Jounbon, Centralia. l'a , shows what
neglect will do, and tells how Mrs.
Pinkham helped hcr:
"My health became bo poor that I
had to leave school I was tired all the
time, and bad dreadful pains in my
Bide and back. 1 was also troubled
with irregularity of menses 1 was
very weal., and lost so much flesh that
my friends became alarmed My
mother, wbo Is a firm believer in your
remedies from experience thought perhaps tbey might benefit me. and wrde
you for advice. 1 followed the advice
you gave, and used Lydia E Pinkham s
Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills as
you directed and bin low as well as I
ever was 1 have gained flesh and r.Hve
a good color 1 am ecu,p.(.Ley cured of
irregularity "
To Cure  a   Cold  In  One   liny
Tniif* Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.     All
drugglets refund money if it falls to oure. 25o,
It was ritatod in a London police court
recently that 8 or I) shillings a day can
be made by begging.
I shall recommend PIso'S Cure for Consumption far and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan,
Plumstead,   Ke-nt,  England,  Nov. a.  1895.
Law court records show that the defendant wins his case in 47 out of every
100 eases tried.
In the fall cleanse your system by using Dr. Pfundcr's Oregon Blood Purifier,
Theatrical posters must have the approval of a committee of the cily council
in Hartford.
Um Dr. Pfunder'a Oregon Blood Purlfler now
The screw  of an  Atlantic  liner costs
about $20,000.
Try Schilling'*  M-v-u Tea and Unking  Powder.
Boston has a municipal telephone cx-
Dr. LukenS, The Old Reliable Specialist.
OLDBHT   In   |X|MrIftnefr-!UCB&BT    In    medical    knowledge    nnd    nklll—
crowned with ur, HOARS of unparalleled iucmss—ths   suSsnun'    (Hand—
the itt-o-jle'n ipeolallut, lie hai* cured ttinUHiimls mnl enn cure ymi. All
Chronic, Nerv.ui>.. Ilion.] nnd Skin DImohhch, gtrloturt, lltew; Viirloeoceli*,
Rupture, Plle§, 'loHre, i.'iincer OUltd without cutting ">r detent Ion fltim bun-
lneaH. Dr. hukcim treat* nil enmMe chronic nnd difficult dlsfattet-i -ut th«
home of the patient with unfailing lUOCSM, If you can nut cull, write your
lymptomi for the molt perfect mull «>'Miem. Advice free. KIlne-RoHenlverg
building,   No.   626   Front   Ave., Seattle,   Wanhington.
You cannot buy
Schilling's Best tea
except in packages.


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