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The Grand Forks Miner Apr 24, 1897

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FIRST   YKAR.--NO.   50.
GRAND FORKS, B. C,   SATURDAY,   APRIL  24,   1891
A Report That the Ledge Had  Been
Struck on the Boneta Sets the
Town Wild-Nothing Certain About It Yet-
Mining circleB have boen Very active
this week and seVefal oVontt* of considerable importance have transpired chief
among which may be niention the strike
tin tho Belle claim, about thtee miles
north of town; and the rumbred strike
on the Boneta.
Wednesday morning the town was
considerably stirred up by the report
that a big strike had been thade In the
Boneta property, oh Observation mountain, adjoining the town limits. The
strike was made Tuesday night; according to the rumor, and immediately all
but one man were laid off, a guard was
placed at the mouth of the tunnel with
i-rderB to admit no one Whatever and a
courier was started post haste for Spokano. Ab none of tho partieB engaged
in working the property will give out
Uny informntiob hbthing definite can be
learned until word is received from Sno-
The Strike on {lie Belle.
There iB no doubt, however, about the
Btrike made on the Belle claim at the
head of Mill creek and Ubotit three
miles north ot town.
This property was recently bonded
by A. L. Rogers from Dave Woodhead,
the origional locator; and three men
were started to work on it last Monday
morning. Dave had Btink a shaft to
the depth of 10 or 15 feet on the property. Work was resumed in this shaft
and on Wednesday tho orebody was
struck with three feet of solid ere in
sight. Parties who havo visited the
property since the strike was made revolt a splendid showing. The ore iB
iron pyrites and copper sulphides in a
sort of ribbon-schist formation. In the
bottom of the old workings tho oro assayed as high as 88 in gold and 5 to 10
per cent copper, and from all appearances
tho new lind will carry nnich higher
values. It is Mr. Roger's intention to
continue the shaft to a depth of 50 feot
when he expects to havo a mine, equal
to any in this section.
Summit Camp',
Wm. Guttridge came down yesterday
afternoon frotn Summit Samp whero he
has betn working on the Moran claim
for the past ten days. He reports a
Btrike of good oro in tho shaft which is
only down six and one-half feet.
Tho vein was encountered near the
surface and followed down, showing an
average width of six inches of solid ore
which IB almost pure copper sulphides
with some hematite. The Moran adjoins tho famous R-Bell property, on the
north and iB owned by Dr, Ilepworth
and others.
On the R-Bell work haB again been
delayed by the water, it having been
found impossible to keep the water out
as fast as it comes in without tho aid of
machinery. While waiting for this to
arrive, Mr. Keough, who has, charge of
tho work has had tho assessment done
on the Aspen and a number of other
claims he is interested in. Tfiis work
has just beon completed with most satisfactory results.
Buying Property.
, During tho week Mr. E.Spraggot pur-
phased a half interest each in tho Mammoth, Levithan, Royal "and Little Gladys
claims from ArthurLanford. These properties were among the first locations in
.Knight's camp ud the North Fork and
quito well known.
"Look a Leddle Oudt."
, Prospectprs would dp well „to fratch
for soft spots in the tiails just now, as
there aro Several place*} where horses
will easily mire down. jWm..Guttridge
lost a valuable animal last week fr im
this cause. He was travelling along
the trail about 6e*ven miles Up the east
sido of the North Perk when, suddenly
tho horBe Btepped into a soft spot in the
road and mired down, all but its head
and back: going out of -sight.. After
Working several hours ito relo-iBe the
unfortunate animal ho was compelled
to shoot tho poor brute to relieVo it
of its miBer).
Robert Prybilski started Thursday for
a short prospecting trip up tho North
Work is to be resumed soon on the
Empire across tho North Fork from
C. A. Jones has mado a now location
on Christina lako, and calls it the Ko-
The snow is well off tho foothills now
and prospecting is beginning again with
a vongance,
During tho past week several good
locations have been mado within a mile
or two of town.
The town iaf jll of prospectors waiting
for the snow to go off so they Can get
back,into the hills.
The Spring lirook is the r.amo of a
location recently made by 0. A. J n< *
up the North Fork.
Win. Guttridge has sold his Ajax
cliam at Christina lako which was con*
sidereti a Very promising property, C. A.
Jones beitig the purchaser.
Ed. Titsworth is again busy making
bonanza locatious. Ed's taBto is very
extensive, ranging from "black diorite"
to "micasious schist" and he has claims
at all prices, from 81,60 up.
Assessment work has just been completed on the Britannic and Big Porphyry claims; up tho Fork, and very
encouraging showings aro reported.
Geo. Ingraham and Wm. Guttridge are
tho owners of the former and Dr. Averill owns the latter proporty.
Word comes from LaFleur mountain
that Mr. Warren; the Fairview "wifcard,"
has succeeded in locating tho ore body
on th9 Egyptian claim, owned by l'lios.
Donan. It haB been opened up and
found to be a very valuable load.
Last week Mr. J. E. Gibson purchased
of C. II. Miller and Max KuntH all ol
the tron King and Kupper Queen, and
a two-thirds interest in tho Col u in Ida
properties on Pass creek. As these are
among tho best knoWn propertie.- in
that section it is on,y fair to persume
that tho consideration was no small
liguro. Mr. Gibson intends to fully
domonstrato the properties as soon as
More Mines Opening Up:
F. D. Stanley, of Spokane, arrived
yesterday in town. He is interested in
a groiip of mines In tho Pierro Lako district, among which are the Mother Lode
and War Bonnet, and on each of these
contracts for development havo been
let. Mr. Stan'ey went out to the camp
to put men to work.—Bossburg Journal.
Surface Rights of Mines,
Tho provincial legislature is framing
a bill, which has conclusively passed
and become a law relating to surface
lights of mineral claim0. This law, in
substanbe; does not effect mining claims
where a prior right has been obtained
through a crown grant to mining claims
within corporate limits, Buch as now
havo their legal effect with respect to
Rosslanu, Nelson and Grand Forks.
In all these cases special acts of the
legislature havo been made.
Following is a eynopsiB cf tho new
law and its attendant provisions :
"Crown grants to mineral claims are
made to convoy Surface rights including
tiuiber tor tho purpose of working the
claim, other surface rights being vested
in the crown, but tho owners of crown
grants for mineral claims may purchase
all the Burface rights for $5 por acre.
CaseB where a mineral claim iB located
on a railroad grant the owner of the
crown grant shall be entitled to appropriate the surfaco right in fee simple of
the cdmpahy, tho amount not to exceed
85 per aero.
Other provisions ihako clearer the
laying out and location of claims and
recording them. A miner to abandon a
claim must give uotico in writing to the
mining recorder.
For the purpose of a crewn grant,
work done on a claim by tho predecessor in title may be deemed to be done
by the applicant, who receives the
Notice of the application for a crown
grant must be made in a newspaper in
the district, if thero are none 'lieu the
nearest paper to the mine.
The survey of a claiih may be counted
as work on the property, but not to
exceed WOO.   ,.
To prevent any more uncertainty as
to partnerships no free minor, shall be
entitled to interest in a clailn located
by. sothe one,else ekeept whero a written
agreement .exists.
Tho onus of proof against a previous
locaction is placed on the adverse
claimant. I These aro tho priricipal pro-
visiDns of the new latV.
John   A. Manly   and  P. T* McOallmn
Pitted Against Each Other in
the Race for Mayor.
i  Oysters served in any stylo oh  BhbH
notice at tho Arcadia.
When applying for Crown Grants request that the notice of application b-
published in the Grand Forks Miner
—the best advertising medium in the
Kettle River and Boundary districts.
Tho suspense and agony which has
been weighing heavily upon the minds
of many of tlie citizens of Grand Forks,
and some who aro not citizens, is ended
at lust. Grand Forks has at last been
duly incorporated by tho poWers that be,
and the only thing that remains to make
her a full-fledged city is the election of
a mayor and council.;
The official proclamation of tho lieutenant governor directing that tho first
election of a mayor and board of alder-
men has been Issued and will bo found
elsewhere in this issue.
The coUncil will be composed of a
mayor and six aldorulen who are to bo
noinimted upon the lirst day of next
May. Providing but ono ticket Is proposed at that time and each candidate
has the proscribed Qualification to hold
office, it shall be the duty of tho returning office to declare them elected; but
in the event there are two sets of candidates an election will be held on the
eighth day of May.
Mr. Jambs Allen Aikman has been
appointed returning officer and upon
him will devolve the duty of registering
thoso who may appear and are qualified
to vote, Ho will also have charge of
tho election and at its close make the
official declaration of the result.
The returning officer will b* prepared
daily until tho day of election to regis-
ter votes at the office of Filley &. Ogden .
Tbe names of voters will bo onteret}*in
a book in alphabetical order, with the
address, occupation; and each votor will
havo to make mid sign a declaration in
writing before someone authorized to
administer oaths that ho can qualify.
Persons qualified to vote shall be
male subjects of the full age of twenty-
ono years, and who have resided within
the corporate limits for not less than
three months proceeding the date of
election', and who shall, in duo time,
have been registered.
Lil*c our neighboring cities, Nelson
and Rossland', thero will be two tickets
in the field for mayor—Hon. John A.
Manly and Mr. P. T. McCallum--both
of whom are well and favorably known
by the settlers of this valley. But for
the benefit of those who are rtot acquainted with these gentlemen a short
biographical sketch of their lives and
business career will prove to lie interesting reading ;
Representatives of all business and
professions are rallying to the cause
espoused by lion. John A. Manly, the
geutleman who has boen appropriatly
christened the "Father of Grand Forks,"
owing to the prominent part he has
taken in its growth and prosperity since
its inception as a town ; to his untiring
energy and largo expenditure of money
in improvements and bui ding is due, to
more than other cause, the rapid
growth of our flourishing young city.
Ail organisation of the above named
gentlemen has been perfected and all
honorable means will be used to secure
his election, and already pledges of
earnest and hoarty support havo come
from every source and no doubt is entertained by his friends concerning Mr.
Manly's election.
Hon. John A. Mn,uly whs born in the state of
Ohio in the yoar I960, ol EnBllsh-Fr.tmoh pur-
onts, being the second issue of the union of Mr.
J. Manly arid Eliza La,Barr. When four yciirs
of ai;e lie renjoved with his parents (o Grand
kapids. .Michigan, where he made his home
until twenty yeai-Sof age, gra*luatln*| from Ann
Arhur, Miebiiiun, as ti civil oiuiiueeri 'in leav-
lligschool he Secured thiplqyineiit in tho engineering department ui th**, Grand Rapids,
Newauu iind Lake Slum* rai.road, with which
company he remained for eight ycius, being
promoted to „the., responsible .position of chief
engineer at the ui-e of '.2 yqal'6, which position
he resigned to accept a Btmtlai' one with th,.
Chicago ii'id West Michigan. Alter, remaining
seven yeitrsin tlie ciyploy of thiseoe.piiny, during which time he had charge of the oonstruc-
oi its tnalu lines uml nil the branches built by
this roiid, he resigned to engage In business In
the city of Chicago, where tor twelve years he
enjoyed a successful buslnesB career.
During the time ho was in business in Chicago Mr. Manly became largely interested in the
various ruining districts In the west, whloh
made it necessary for'.htm to make Frequent
trips to thd various mining districts. It was on
one of these trips tn the year 1880, that Mr.
Manly's attention was attracted to this section
aud becoming infatuated with the beauties of
Qrand Prairie, and his keen business judgment
foretold a grand future for this section, In* purchased the farm of linn acres, about six miles
down the river, known now as the Manly ranch.
With a view of engaging extensively in the
stock business, in 1891 heptirchased the ranches
of Messrs Kerr Bros., Overton, Putcb Fred and
James Morrissey, and iu 1894-95 purchased the
land on which (Irand i'orks is now located, of
Colin McCrea. During rbis period he also purchased large tracts of government land until he
is now one of, if not tbe largest land ownerin
the Yaledistriot. In 1894 he opened a general
merchandise store in the log house now occupied hy .Manly ,v. Averill, ami later ou his
brothers I.. A. and W. K. C. Manly became Interested with him in the store, which partnership was continued until the summer of 1895,
when Dr. W.G. Averill purchased the interest
of the brothers iu the mercantile business and
also a half Interest In the hind on which Grand
i-'orksls now situated, lu October oi ihe same
year the townsite of Grand Forks was platted
by Manly brothers & Averill ami lhe foundation of our now prosperous city was laid,
From Hint time until the present Mr. Manly
has hail unbounded faith in the future of Grand
Forks ana has backed that faith by putting his
money and influence into any proposition thut
would benefit t je growth ol the city.
When Rossland was in its infancy Mr. Maaly,
by his keen liusiness experience readily fore-saw
its future and 'invested largely iu that town,
both in real estate and business enterprises and
bis holdings iu that place alone today are valued at not less than (100,0011.
Tho followers of Mr. P. T. McCallum,
who ure composed of those who were
against the incorporation nf tlie town,
! are equally as certain that their champion will be the coining mayor and are
earnestly at work to see that no stone is
left unturned to accomplish that end.
P. T. MeC.U.IJ'M.
Mr. 1'. T. Me' allmo wa* boru in the province
of Ontario, township of King, county of Yoik.
on the 5th day of October Will, aud was tbe fifth
son of it family of tun children. In the spring
of IKM) he moved to California hnl in tile latter
part of the same year he returned to Canada,
locating at White Valley near Vernon, this
province, where he resided until the lull of ''.'1.
when he moved to his present homestead whicli
contains about 250 acres and was purchased of
Donald McCrea, 'lhe giouter portion of thi*
land lies within the incorporated limits of
Graud Forks and silaereshuve been platted nnd
laid out lutb what is known as VanNess' addition.
Mr. McCallum claims tlie proud distinction of
being the only pioneer settler who was a resident Of liio valley, al the time he came here.
who resides within tlie limits of the incorporation. In 181)8 he was appointed a jus'iceof the
pence, Which officii he has lield lo III, entire
sallsfabtlon of bis constituency.
Card of Acceptance.
To the Elector* of tlio Corporation of
the City of Grand Forks :
Gentlemen ; ln compliance with a
numerously signed petition of residents
qualified to vote at Ihe coining election
requesting me to allow myself to bo
nominated as a candidate fur the mayoralty, I lako this opportunity of announcing publicly that in accordance
with the wishes of my friends I will
accept the nomination,
While 1 realize the responsibility of
lho pDsition 1 full} appreciate the
honor you would Confer on me, and if
elected, will endeaVor to the best of
my ability to servo tho city well and
The int stsofthin young  fair city
will be best served bj a careful and
economical policy, as 1 feel assured
that with the development of our rich
mineral district, and lhe completion
of ono or more railways chartered to
pass through the beautiful Valiey of
tho Ketllo River we will soon huve
people and mpans to build uh one of
the most prosperous citi; s in this province. Yours faithfully,
Peter T. McCallum,
Another New Firm.
Attention is called to the advertisement of the new lirm of Rariken &
( ampboll, mining brokers and investment agents, who have opened a cosy
olliee on the second flour of Manly it
Averill's building on the corner of Riverside avenue and Bridge street, lioth
of these gentlemen are well and favor*
ably known lo lho mining community
and an introduction is tilmost unneees
sary, both being pioneers of Rossland
and of this district and having hud a
varied and practical experience. Mr.
Campbell was formerly mining recorder
on tlie Colville reservation but realizing
the advantages that were to be gained,
resigned that office to engage in business in this city. Any liusiness entrusted lo them will be promptly and carefully httetidetl to, and as th-cy have
many cor'*ospond>ntn they havo good
facilities for handling mining  property,
two New Additions.
Two new additions to (irand Forks
havo been recently surveyed aud will be
placed on the market _ shortly. The
first consists of forty acres just across
the the Kettle river, and is now being
platted out into town lots, an Ruckce's
addition, by L. A. Manley and Richard
MeCarren. The second, owned by the
samo parties, consists of sixty-acre lots
oh McCarrcn's farm about two miles
west of towr,
and be able to accommodate the people*
intending to go to Greenwood City,
Midway. Camp McKinney, and all
points west of here.
They are adding new stock to tbe
toute and when the proper time eomee
will have a number of men at work on
this side of tbe hill as far as the cut-off
to Wellington camp, when they will
change the route around by the new
road through Greenwood camp.
Traffic Between Greenwood and Grand
Forks Resumed.--Other  Items
of General Interest.
Prospectors on the Move.
As rapidly as the roads and trails become opened and passable to the mod
remote and inacessible parts of the
country a class of industrious and experienced prospectors are getting out
into the mountains. All seem to bo
well provided witli provisions for this
clasB of work. Parties are coming in
here every day with pack animals and
ate otherwise providing thenselves with
the necessary equipments. They go in
all directions to their lield of work for
the summer. No one knows where they
go and the object of their mission.
They are in fact a class of reticent and
businesslike men, having in view—to
an extent—a thorough investigation of
lho country, 'ihey are miners and experienced prospectors coming from all
sources of the mining world.
They hear all sorts of sfrries and take
them for granted as far as they go, but
they have been subsequently informed
uf the actual resources of the country
and take these items as information be*
starting oht. The day ha-- passed when
practical proepectorB can be induced tu
c une into a tow mining country and
allow its inexperienced people to lend
them i stray by tluwery titles of favored
fields and their fabulous riches. They ;
study with precision the geography of
the country and then go into the sec
tiou offering them the best Induce*
The country promises tu ba '.veil filled
up with good prospctorsthis season and
by their efforts and energy many new
districts will be opened.
Woke His  Ankle.
Word was received  here during  the |
week that  Rubt.  Dentsler,  well  known
throughout the district  as  one  of  the
pioneers of Greenwood camp, had been
kicked by  a  horse: aud   had  his ankle
broken.      It appears that Denver, in
c mpany with Duncan Mcintosh still-ted froth (Spokane with a team of restive
horses to drive through to Greenwood.
Somewhere  on   the road   between Spo*
kine aud Marcus an accident  occurred
to the harness and  while  Denzler   was I
engaged in repairing the damage one of
the horses suddenly kicked him un  the
leg breaking one uf  the small  bones in |
tlie ankle.    The injured man wus taken
lo a physician and lhe bone set.      He is
now being brought up from  Marcus to I
his camp near GreBbwood.
New Stage Station.
Now that the roads over tlte mountain ato getting in reasonably passable
condition, and the travel inctoasing,
the Qrand Forks and Boundary Greek
Stage company have concluded that necessity will require them tu greatly in.
crease their staging facilities, [nstoad
of running buck boards they are now
running a thorough brace coach through
to Greenwood, making the the first trip
A stago station i.s now proposed at the !
crossing on upper Fourth of July creek. '
nheie   a   burn will soon be built  and
stock    kept     tl.ero   fur    tho     change, ,
This will enable  thci-i   to  make  better'
tiuie anil to accommodate the  Ira''cling 1
public  in  every  detail.   Mr.   C.  torn*
stock, the manager of the line, Is getting
matters In shape as si eedily as possible i
at this end'. ,
Por the past two months there has,
been great difficulties to contend with
and in a source tho company have lost
considerable money, making their regular trips as best they could, sometimes
bv hofSebabk, and other tim**s by drug*
ing light tigs over the mountain through J
New,Store, New Prices, New Goods
at Butler's. Guarantee to sell lower
than any linn in this Boction,
tlie snow und mud, greatly to tho disadvantage of (he travelling public as
well as tho company. At tithes passen-J
gere have boon compelled Tor their own
safety nn 1 to mako lime, forced to walk
unit uf the way, but now it is different, j
Tin' mads are in very fair condition,
and with the exception of a few bad
places, freighters can get over tho hill
with very littlo trouble.
With tho addition of a stock station
at Fourth of July creek, about half
way.   "ex   can  easily  make good time
Por a cup of coffee and cream go to
the Arcadia,
You can get B.'feeu doors aud window*
shades at Manly's Hardware store.
Chinook Brand of cured meats it*
what liutler carries, and prices lowest
in town.
The live now dining parlors at the*
Arcadia restaurant will be open for its
patrons ou Tuesday.
Mrs. Preslar anil daughter Pearl re.
turned yesterday from Spokane wheie
they have been spending the paBt few
Prospectors can save money by get
ting prices on groceries at Butler's.*
He cuts the life out of these credit
store prices.
A gentleman by thenamcuf Carter h'lS*
purchased the proierty on the bench
just west of tortn. formerly owned by
Wm. Outtridgo.
Contractors have been compelled to'
draw on Cascade City fur a large
amount of lumber in order to keep ut
work on their contract*.
Gilbert \V. A. Kaoken has purchased
of Mr. Dick McCarren. two and one*
half acres * f land adjoining that al
ready owned by him un Mr. McCarren's
Mr. Aikman opened tlie rogistrati nf
books tot the coming municipal election
yesterday afternoon in Filley A; Ogden'^
office A lit ti ti b) the name of Edwards
was the first per.'.on lu register.
A cable ferry is being put acr ss lho
South Fork at the fool "f Second streel
by private subscription to take the place
of iii • free ferry which was washed out
by the high water the lirst ot the week-
Mr. Albert Klockman, manager ol the
International hotel at Rossland, cam3
in Thursday and returned next day.
Mr. Klockman is one of the must eloquent of It ifasland's many public
11. L. Donnelly, t! mining engineer,
recently ti om London, is in the city.
Ho is largely identified with mining
interests al! ovor this* country as well as
in South Africa. Ho is favorably im
pressed with this section and -ays we
have a bright future.
The "cheese is off" with the free f..n *
which Ihe government maintained neai
the Johnston ranch! about "i»* ami one
half miles down tho river During the
high water the first uf the woek it was
torn from its fastenings an,! went sailing
down stream, never to return.
During the high wider this week
Frank Fortioi Was employed in keeping
floating lugs from striking and forming
a jam at the. bridge across the North
Fork, Hut fur his efficient work the
bridge would almost certainly hove been
carried away two or three different
Antone Moran better know*.] as
"Jumbo," had a narrow escape from
drowning last Thursday afternoon, lb
attempted to -.ross the river, at the June
tion of the Forks, in a small bunt anu'
was capsized by the current. Tbe boat
went swooping down the stream and it
was only after a hard struggle thai Mi
Moran succeeded in getting ash ire.
J'h" work "f moving the plant uf lhe
(irand Forks saw-mill company, from
its old location on the east side uf the
North Fork tu its new location on New
by's ranch was commenced un Monday
of this week under the direction ol
Manager Simpson who expects to have
everj 'lung in shape tu commen so opera
tionB about the middle of the coming
Tne weather permitting Mrs. John A.
Manly Will entertain her friends, next
Friday evening by what is known, down
in "Dixie," as an old fashioned barn
warming. The large new livery barn
that is being erected at the hoad of
Bridge street, east of tho North Fork
will be the sceue ot the festivities and
dancing will be the chief amusement of
tho evening; an old fashioned cake .valk
occurring at 12 o'clock,
Tho Cosmos hotel under ith new man*
agetnenl is gaining an enviable reputation with the travelling public. Messrs.
inbody and Davidson are sparing no
pains or expense to provide every comfort for their guests, Tho dlping room
has been leased to Miss Olive Cooper,
recently from Spokane, who although t\
stranger to tho public of Grand Forks
has earned for hersslf a reputation as, a
caterer that iB hard to beat. No
Chinese help is employed. r.RANI)   FORKS  MINER.
'I iir Minsk is published on Saturday and will
mailed to Bubseiiher on payment of Two
ullars a year.
Displayed Advertisements (2 an Inch per
luontn. A liberal discount allowed Oil long
"ou tracts.
i lai.eieiit Advertisements 2 cents a line lirst
insertion and lo cents a line for each additional
Local or reading matter notices 25 cents each
Job Printing at Fair rates. All accouii'i for
job work and advertising payable on the lirst ol
each month, !■'. II. SIi CahtekiStSon.
i irand Forks is about lu enter un tho
throes uf its initial civic contesti the
eleei iun uf a mayor and six alderman oc*
curing on Suturday, May sth, is; 17.   At
pri ■■■nl there nre t *. lidut IS   in the
field fur the mayorality chair- Hon. John
A. Manly, the father of Grand Forks,
and [lie Worship, P.T, McCallum, and
although the rulers are hardly up in
the race, il promises to be spirit' d and
hull} contested by lhe   friends  uf   both
these gontlemen.
For aldermen ihe situation at present
I3 different, there being only one set nf
uhl r 11011 in the Hold, those that were
nominated at Hi'* mass meeting held on
the evenii :: "f March loth, but there is
ho doubt that otherB will be placed in
nomination beforo tin- timo uf election
Thero is une thine that is sincerely to
be hoped, and that is, that the campaign
1 e mado strictly on Uu* merit.- uf the aspirants for municipal honors, devoid uf
nil personalities which are likely lu be
crowded into a contest of this character,
thereby doing away with the bitter feol-
ing, jealousieB and heart burnings that
nre engendered by a personal attack on
the chtuactei uf any person who may
stand tor public honors.
The selecting of good men to fill the
ulli'-e ol 1 mi}ui* 11 ml 11 Menu ■" to form the
first board uf officers uf Grand Forks is
apparent tn every resident of the town.
The funning of and adopting a code t:i
govern our future is a most important
tusk, and thoso who aro delegated with
this duly ih mill bo only those who are
known I" be decidedly concelVatlve on
all isslus, judicious in their expenditure of public Jnuney, and fur the firs!
year pass only such la vs as will be uf
direct interest and to the best advantage tu the city.
As speedily as possible after election
ive must recognize the immediate necessity uf a system uf sewerage, tho
sanitary benefit of our city and the great
Importance of adequate tire protection.
Then thero are streets and public
thoroughfares passing through the municipality that will from timo tu time
need fixing, In order to do this work
tu an advantage it will require the
election of men who havo had unlimited experience; men who have shown
by the success Ihey have attained in
their own business that they arc capable of handling the affairs of the city in
a safe and cartful manner, and at the
same time let progress be the guiding
star which should lead Hit 111 in their le
liberations, Therefor we urge upon
every voter the necessity of studying
carefully theporsonel of every candidate
and cast your vole fur only those whom
your are satisfied have the interest of
(band Forks at heart.
Who said that Grand Forks  waa  not
to be incorporati d?
Mw Sth  is  the date  and  don't   you
forget it.
In another column will be found all interesting communication from Mr. R.
G. Sidley, the efficient justice ot the
peace at Camp McKinney. and postmaster at Sidley, telativo to tlio division of
the district ot Vale It contains a largo
amount of valuable information* and is
conclusive evidence that Mr. Sidley is
well posted on the condition of affairs in
the provience,
Don't let personal feclltg guide you
In casting your vote fur tin* man who
shall be the lirst mayor nf (Irand Forks,
I ho needs uf lho time require lhat the
man who tills lhat position shall be
progressive and up tn date in every respect.
Tin, announcement that our first
election was to occur on tlio Sth of May
was received with pleasure by all our
citizens, even by those who havo shown
a marked opposition to the incorporation of the town.
(Jin thriving neighbor, Greenwood,
over the range has caught the fever and
is making prep-uations to incorporate.
Neighbor here is our hand and we vvUh
you every success in your step forward
in the road of progression,
In tho heat of the coming election
don't overlook tho fact that the roads
and trails leading in and out of Grand
Forks are in a very bad condition and
need the attention of the proper au
tborities. "
Cark should be taken in selecting aldermen for the forming of the lirst municipal government and none but careful and conservative men Of tusinoss
should be chosen.
Thk people of this city want a mayor
who is for Grand Forks first, last and
all the timo.
Locations, Etc.,  From   /larch 29 up
to April 20.
March 80—San rruncisco, Newby creek, 13,  M.
Summit, Cascade City, A. II. McKay.
Queen of the Hills, North Fork, J. 11. Smith.
Jolly Hoy. ditto, .1. II, Smith.
Lucky Bess, Summit camp, II. A  sheads.
Frank and Fred, Summit camp, J. H. Perkins.
Two Friends, While's camp,  W.  Sands  and
11. king.
March 31   Echo, Kettle river, It. Bubar,
Apiil 1   Holdcn Age. skylark camp. .1. Christie.
Silier Bank, North Fork. !•:. Titaworth.
Copportleld, ditto, B. Titaworth.
blue Bird, CnUer camp. .1. Ci. Wright.
.1.1 J, ditto, C. M. Tobiassou
April2-1 T I*, Midway, R  M. Melnlyro.
Apri ;i -Parke, Brown's damp, H. Thomas.
AprllO   I'otlaeh, skylark camp, 0. Dillcr,
Lady Ellen, Kettle river, (i. I'. Minis.
April —lticl o. Hi" Desert, Clark'scamp, John
Bed Mountain, Bummil camp, Ella Clark.
Eley lirncc, brown's camp. A. It. Jones.
Seiing Brook, ditto. (. A. Jones.
April 10—Emma,  f'ract., Summit camp, Wm.
Rawson and C. M. Itendi 11.
Filllbuster, ilrand  Forks,  II   A. sheads and
Numbers, Central oamp, Jno, W. First.
Dr. Williams, hong Lake camp, Wm. Hnnna.
April    12—Hardey,    Eagle    mountain,     I'm
April UI -Cany fractional, J. and II. Pounder,
(irand Forks.
Bevlew, D. K. Lareva, Grand Forks.
Belcher, W.   Purr, A. I..   Rogers and J. Ash-
field, Morrissey creek.
Troy, A. Olson, North Fork.
Two Brothers.Frankaud Fred, "W, J Schmuck,
Carter camp.
George Washington, J. ('. Wright, Seattle.
Little Kink and ,1. 8., Jab. Seal. Grand   Forks,
April l'i—Don Julio, tract , 1". Keller. Deadwood.
Jig. .1. M. Stephens, Midway.
Bialts and Alpena,S. K. Walker. IV ss creek.
Champion, Eliza, Virginia, Dorel Is Kid. and
Three Jolly Hoys,   A   Dorais, Ed. Davis und
Joe baron, Summit.
Key. [ruction, It. 0. Poo and J. W. Young;
Missouri and Men Steam, .1.11. Perkins; En-
catcand Delaware, J. W. Jones; Burlington
and Hamilton, JuB. Addison, Grand Forks
Queen's Diamond Jubll-'e, fraction, A. s.
Black; Sprtngdale, W. it. I'aton, Skylark.
April 10—Monitor, F. Vaughan and H. Jeltrles,
April 15—White Cloud. Wm.  McOormick,  In*
graham mountain.
April hi-Iron Top, ,1. J. White and StratUers.
April 17—Ndrtll Kiel, J. c. Haas, Graham.
Jubilee, J. W, Be id, Graham.
Midnight, D. Stewart, Deadwood.
11. II. ,V N.. 11. Mi'iiuair. Spokane, S. M. Kirk*
ham; Portland. Jell   Davis, and llopilesa,
I'nieii E. \V. Nelson, Brown.
Apiii m-I.eroy, l>. D, Euycurt, Copper.
Excelsior, M. II. Kane, Providence.
Durham, J. Beekwlth, Graham.
Truth Conquer-, Rock creek; and  Northuin-
bain,  James   Beekwlth and  W. II. Morris,
Alma. IV. II   N'o-ris   Graham.
Puma, J  M  McDonald, Graham.
Apiil -111 -Amy and Alvy, it. Watson, Kettle liver.
Trilby. 11. PettendiIgh, Kettle river.
Hilda, J. li. Broumand, Kottlo river.
Riverview, A. \V. Armstrong and F. Hutchinson Christina.
British Columbia, VV II.   Hlckcrsou, Brown.
Independence, 1:.. Petri... cm ter.
Lo Grand, W. J. Schmuck, Carter.
Domingo, 11. tlollinan, North Fork.
Alberts. 11. Olson ami Cannon, Nurth Fork.
Sehrautou, Chas. Bennett, Summit.
Non l'uiell. C, tt'. Cottam, Boundary Falls.
March 'j.' -Gold Bug, ',, Interest, W. 11. Hutchinson lot   Wuish.
Gold Bag,,.*;Interest, J. T. Costelloto 1*.Walsh.
II ,Men Treasure, ',, interest, D. T. C. Bird to
T. Walsh.
Gold Bog, Ij interest, N. Bice to T. Walsh.
Hidden Treasure,; j interest,   N.   Hice to T
Gold ling, all interest, T Walsh to A. Druckor.
Hidden  Treasure,   all   interest, T.   Walsh  lo
A. Diucker.
March 80—Bismark, all Interest, F.  Graf to G.
A. Rcndell.
t'nele Sum,  nil   Interest,   F. Graf   10  G. A
Maroh81—Humming Bird.'., interest. 1'. (1 Connor lo M. O'Connor.
(1. IC, c, interest, M. O'C lortoP. O'Connor.
Mullen, <,. interest, J, McBrldotoJ. McMuihui.
April I- Butte cily.',, Internal, E. P. Stiydara to
F. !■'. Greenwood.
Ontario,}-, interest, W. Haws iii to G. Soyuiour
Granite Falls, all Interest, J. Sullivan to 11.
A. Ilolhrook.
April:; -Mavis, ail Interest, J. Christie to B. J.
Bruno, '„ interest, J. S,   Bruce lo It. tt*. Jakes.
Magglo Call interest. J, Flanagan to c. \v.
Edna,all Interest, J  Flanagan trie. W. stanlos
Humming Bird, !3 Interest, r. O'Connor to
.1. Flrlch.el al.
April a   Lincoln, Bid, and Dykehoad '.*. interest
oaoh, Teller ii interest, T,  McAvoytoA, .1.
Woe,I and F   Sloll.
Keystone, '„ Interest, .1  M  Lloyd too. Frank.
April 7—Butte City, Terrible, ti each, F. M.
Greenwood lo B. L. Garrison.
Nellie D,'. interest,   Thos.  J.   Alexander to
Jno. B. Stacy.
Ditto, 8-12 interest, Henry Boss to J. Stacy.
April 8-WUd Rover, ;.; interest, John Glllun to
A. It. Hart.
Aurori, Ibex, 'i each, J. A.  Currio to C. B.
Ellon, Glasgow, Lizzie II , W. tt'. Saunders to
Zendu Gold and Copper Mining Oompany.
Elsey May. ditto to Aurus Mining Company,
April 0—Lilly, % interest, II. P. Mitchell to Coll
Cosgrllf and Geo, M. Miller. ,
Brill, li Interest, tt*. M. Law to Robt, Intram
April 10—Copper King, Black Hoar and Yankee
Girl, }.j each tt', I. Schiuuck to Jno,  Rogers
nod II. L. Jones.
Bigl,).' interest,  Jtis. B.  Estop  and James
Smith to Robert Buckley.
April II—Empire, Alex Onion   and Joe Gelinas
lo Empire Mining ,*■ Milling Co, I nl.
Coin,, J. i. Ellidttaud II. A. Sheads  to Gold
Cain Milling Co. Ltd.
April   18—Mlcavuber.   % interest, Leslie Belor
lo J. P   Anderson.
April 18   old Jim, Robert Clark.
Aprli 11—Hruce. A. M. I'ymson and R. Denr.ler;
Mavis,   I.   B. Mulraney  and   J.   Clirlstce;
Highland (Jin on, C, I.. Thrirndt ami  V.  tt*.
McLalnc; Nightingale,  It. Smniles; Mountain View, R.Sinilcr and T. Hardy and  Little Ch Id, J. Fisher and J. B. Derssiers.
April 17—M, II. Kane; Iron Pyrites, E. C. Brown,
J. P. Harlan and VV. G.  McMynu;   Margue
rite, J. P. Harlan, E. C. Brown and I). M. Mc
Martin; Asplu, Jno. Keough* Ottawa, Alex.
Audel and J    Boyer.
April 1—Barbara, G. A. lien,lull.
April :i    Miner's Delight, G. Aruett.
old Guard, Rob Boy, Alex Wallace.
MInne, D. W. Dillon. •
April.", -Jim, G. Cook.
April 6—Outburst, VV. A. Glover.
Park, A. B. Wiiliams, et al.
Cracker Jack, C. D. Beach, Thos. Furri.ll and
Jno. Dauielson.
April 7—Gilt Edge, B I.. Garrison.
April 0—Boundary Foils, II. Hemlow and A. E.
Apiil II.    Nellie D, T. J. AleMuider, II. T.   Boss
and J. It. Slus.-i.
Boulder, Jesses. Miller.
Granite Falls, D. A. Ilolhrook.
April 12- Barney Bara,,to, Lewis Hind.
April la-Hamfat, J.-J lnterosl   Jno.  Cockill ami
Geo. Ameii toe. .1. MoArthur.
Superior, % interest, 1). W.   Dllllon 10 *■:. 11.
Wil lots.
I -uig Lake, ti Interest, Mocking Bird J.;Inter-
tcst, C   Slcwal't lo R. Gillian,
Mountain Chief, ti interest, Sunset, % Inter*
est, VV. II. Heckorson to It. Gillian.
VVaueta, Silver Basin  and   Don,  C.  Grant   to
Nan.,nal M and D Co.
April II- Great Eastern,  'j interest Geo Henderson 10 F. Coryell,
Hope Well, 'j intcresl. A. Connors to A. Cor
Summit, Yi interest, A. Cdrbctt to A. Conners.
April 15—Hilltop, A. 8. Black to li. a. Ilolhrook.
IN after date hereof 1 intend to apply to the
ill rabte, tbe Chief Commissioner of  Lands
a-i,i Works for permission to purchaso -so acres
of land, situated on tbe North Fork of Kettle
river and described as follows; Commencing
at the south west corner of lot 717,0 oyoos 1)1 vl-
-i ou Yale District, theucewest20chains, them e
north 10 chains, thence east 20 chains, th nee
south 40 chains to the point of commencement.
Grand Forks, B. C,, March 2, ls'.ty,
Will Build West.
The Rosslander inis been informed by
a gentleman connected with the Red
Mountain railway that it is tho intention of Mr. Corbin and his associates to
extend tlio road a distance of about 125
miles to the westward this summer
through British Columbia. Tha road
will give a chance for the miners on the
Kettle river, Boundary creek, Christina
and other districts tu market their ores.
and will doubtless stimulate prospecting
and lei d to the districts. Mr. Corbin
and his associates have been led to take
this step by the great Buccobs that has
attended the railroads which they have
already constructed and are operating
in this section.
The extension westward, it is claimed,
will be connected in time with tbe Washington Central, which will be extended
north from its present terminus so as to
take in the mining, stock raising and
timber region in the famous Okanogan
country in the .State of Washington,—
Midway Advance.
Hon. Mr. Martin's Pledge.
To the Editor!—At the meeting at
Ka in loops tu winch reference was made
yesterday in the house by Mr. Semlin,
Mr. Martin pledged himself to resign
his portifolio should any measure for a
money bonus or guarantee in aid of the
liritish Pacific scheme be brought defwn
by the government, reserving to himself
the right to acquiesce in any further
land grant. We made a memorandum
in writing of tho terns of Mr Martin's
pledge on the same day. Mr. Martin
had evidently no written nieiiiorandun*
lo refresh his memory, and his statement last night that he was only pledged
against Biippoiting a grant of annual
interest to the amount of $210,000 is nol
correct. There were other gentlemen
present, personal friends ot Mr, Martin.
and politically opposed to ourselves,
whose recollection of what Mr. Martin
did nledge himself to is likely to bo less
bias3ed than his.
C. A. S10MLIN,
Victoria, April IB,
Mines of Wolf Camp.
Geo. Wolf was ever from tho reserva
tiou country recently, having closed
(lown operations on his property fur the
present, in Wolfe camp, seven miles
from Eureka. Four men were being employed upon tho property; and good re-
tuniB are reported. A shaft was sunk,
on the vein, all in a solid body of ore,
from which a drift 100 feet has been run
to tho west all in solid oro. Tho vein
carries a carbonate of iron, cUperite and
line grained Bulphides which runs very
high in gold. The property is owned
by Goo, Wolf, and Jake Goetz, "Dutch
Jake," of Spokane, and four men huve
been employed there most of the wilier.
I'liey have a line showing of free milling
nre and intend to develop tbo properly
extensively during the coming season by
a crosscut tunnel and shaft.
Intelligent ninirig.
Work your mino on tho Bame principle as a man would build a building for
business he had in v ew, being sure of
his business beforo he built. Miote mining a legitimate business and not a
speculative one, and the reward will
como in increased work, good living and
time of prosperity. Those wh ) make a
business of mining intelligently, succeed, while failures as a rulo ccine from
want of knowledge and bad management, Develop the mine lirst; find out
how to work your ore, if good enough.
then put in your machinery.—Waatorn
Mining World.
A New Brick Yard.
Messrs. II. 1J. Breton and Soiib have
all the machinery and everything in
readiness to commeneo work at their
brick yard, on the farm of P. T. McCallum, within the incorporated limits of
Grand ForkB—as soon as the weather
will permit. They havo the facilities
for making 100,000 brick every thirty
days and expect to have tbo lirst kiln
ready fur delivery in about thirty  days.
Oysters served in any style on  short
notico at the Arcadia.
RUtiiiRft Of the County Court of Yule will be
holdeii an follows:
io tin» iiuiir of tun o'cl-M'tf in tbe forenoon respectively.
Uycomtnniul VV, <i m. MYNn,
lovernmont Ofllce-j Midway, H.''.'    l>. K. i*. ('.
March -Jl, 1897 »
"< ompanies* Aot," Part IV., and amend
INC A.0T8,
"Zenda Gold ami Copper Mining Cent-
jutuy" (Foreign.)
Registered tho 2nd day of March, 18*17.
T HEREBY CKRTifY that I havo this day
1 registered lhe ' ftcndn Gold and Copper
Mining Oompany" (Foreign), under thu Co in-
juitii-s' Art," 1'ir t IV., "Kugistratlon of Foreign Companies," ami amonding Ac's.
Tho head olliee Of tile s.id Company is .sitn-
utedntthe City of Spokane, In the Slate nf
Washington, V. $. a.
The objects for which tho Company is I'stnb-
lished arc:—To purchase, hold, dwn, work and
operate mines of gt-ld, nilvor, lead, and other
minerals, and to sell the same; to buy und sell
un of nil kinds; rn build, n)nip. own and operate any n'ill, smelt it or reduction works ueces
-nry or convenient fdr .such business, nnd to
Unit end to purchase and own nil;' real estabe or
personal property necessary or convenient
therfor; and to construct and own any wagon
load,tramway, railroad, or teldgraph line or
telephone line that maybe neesBary or convenient for Buch business.
The business of this corporation to be conducted in either the United Htutes or in British
< olnmbia, ot- bcjth;
Phecapital stock of the snid Company is one
million live hundred thousand dollars, divided
into one million Hve Hundred thousand shares
of tbc par value of one dollar ouch-.
Olven under my hand and seal of olliee at
\jctona. l:rovinc3 of Hr'iiau Columbia this/in.
day of March, 1897.
l'i.. -.] s. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint 8toc« Ooinpaules.
"Com pan i es' Act/' Pa rt IV, an d a k ,• nd-
1NQ Acts.
'■The    Superior    Mining    Company"
Registered the l!'th day of February, 1S97.
I HEREBY CERTIFX that I have this day ree-
istered  "The Superior   Mining   Companj,
(Foreign), under the ''Companies' Aot,    Part
IV., "Reglstintion of Foreign Companies," and
amending Aims.
Tbe head olliee of the said company 1s sitnat-
ed ut tbo City oi Spokane, State of Wash-
ton, u. a. \.
The objects for which the Company is etab-
lished are:-To work, operate, buy Bell, lease,
locate, own, acquire, procure, hold and deal in
mines metals and mineral claims of evi ry kind
nnd description within he Provinco of lint'fsh
Columbia. Canada, and the United Mates of
America; to carry on ami conduct a general
mining, smelting, ili.lling and reductive business; to purchase, acquire, bold, erect and
operate electric light and power plants for the
purpose of mining and treating ores, and for
ihe purpose of furnishing lights and creating
power for nil purposes; to bond, buy, lens <, locale and hold ditches, flumes and water rights;
1.1 construct, lease, buy, sell, build, operate and
conduct railroads, ferio?. tramways or other
means of transportation for transporting ore.
mining and other material; to own, bond buy,
sell, letise nm\ locale timber and timber claims,
and tiimllv to do everything consistent, proper
and requisite for the carrying out of tlie objects
a.id purposes aforesaid in their fullest and
broadest sense within the territory aforesaid.
The capital stock of the suld Company is one
million dollars, divided into one million shares
of the par value of one dollar each.
Given under my hand and seal of olliee at
Victoria, Province of liritish Culuniba, tnis I9th
day Of February, ISD7.
[L, 3. | S. Y. WOOTTON,
'Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
"CllMrANlK.b' A<*T,"P,U.t IV., AND AMENDING ACT**),
"The     Aurus     Mining     Com-pahy"
ReglntOreilMill flay of Kelinniry, 1*'.i7.
IHKHKBY CERTIFY thai I huve llils ilny
registered "The Aurus MiningCompitny"
II'eielgn) undor tlio. ■ Ctiiiiiiiinies' Act." Pari
IV.. "Registrationol Foreign Uumpaniei*," uml
amending Acts.
The lieinl ofll**o nl ihe siiiil Company la situated al ihe City of Spokane, In lhe Btitto of Washington, U. B. A.
The objects for wnlcu the Company IB established are:—To purchase. Imlil, own, work and
operate ininea of gold, niiver, leod and dther
metals, and to soil the same; to buy and sell
ores of such n\etals; to build) uquii', own and
operate any mill, dmelter or roduotlon work*
neeessiirv or ooiivonlent iu such bilsluess, and
to that einl tn purchase and own uny re»l estate
or personal property uecefi&ary br convenient
therefor; ana to construct and own any wagon-
road, trainrfny, rnllrninl or telegraph or tele*
phone Une necessary or cdnvenient for sueh
business; said business to be conducted either
In Hie United States ut British Columbia, or
'1 he 1 iinitnl stock of the snid Company is one
million dollars, tlliiileil lulu une million failures
of Hi*' par value of quo dollar each.
Given under lny liand aud seal of olliee. al
Victoria, Province of British Oolumbia, this
26tb day of February, 1897.
|l,  s.f '.8. Y. WOOTON.
Reglstrai of Joint stock Companies.
Manufacturer of
Spring   Bedsj    Mattresses,
llealcr 111
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.     7.
Saw Filing una all Kinds of Repairing.
j Lii/ery Teams, Saddle
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale,    Teaming of all Kinds Done.
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable  Prices.
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction,   .Special attnntlon paid to Clean-
ing aud Ropalring,   Give me a trial order.
Grand Forks, B. C.
The Mammoth Hotel of the Kettle River District.
MRS. A. V. DAVIS, Proprietress.
Wright & schwan. props.
Lnay.jB Boscburg on thearrlvalof the southbound train arriving at Grand Forks
nt .» ii clock siine evening. Laaves (.irand Forks at 4 o'clock a. m., arriving at;
bossburg in time to oonuectwith northbound train, Express and freight prompt,
ly attended to and handled at reasonable rates.
When it Comes to Looking For Bargains.   Gall and bef
Convinced that you can Find Anything you
Two Car Loads
Ready in
Still 3 flore
On the Road
We Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assorted
Stock   of
In the Kettle River and Boundary Districts, Consist-/
ing  of Groceries, Provisions,   Queensware,   Hardware;
Sash and Doors, Wall Paper, Dry Goods, Clothing Boots
Shoes and Drugs.    Also a Full Line of
Mail Orders receive Prompt attention;
Give us a trial order and we will gurantee
The "Big Store,"
Riverside Ave.,  Grand Forks* B. C. LET US DIVIDE
■Were It Not For the Vote of the City of
Victoria the Government Would
Get It Where the Chicken
Got '-he Axe*
Siolky, B, C., March 31, 18^7.—[To
fho Editor Qrand Forks MinkicJ—Sir:
According to promise I send you a list
of the votes oast at the last provincial
general election. Had I known the
(rouble it was to compile it, I would not
havo promised so readily. This list is
(ibsolutely correct with th** oxcoption of
the total number of votes cast for Cow-
jebau and for Esquimalt. As these two
constituencies went b/ acclamation
1 havo given the government credit for
the total number of votes, as given by
the name on the voters lists, but in
summing up the total number of votes
cast, I have deducted one-third as that
is the average proportion (judged by the
other constituencies) of names on the
voters list, and actual vofes cast. As I
trust you will agitate the division of the
East Riding of Yale into two (say from
Pentieton, south), I send you tho number of voters as given in tho Dominion
goveriur-ent list and voted at the last
Dominion election. It is needless to say
that the population has doubled 6ince
Elector pi Disttjct.
City of Victoria  4 U211 29111 12167
North Victoria  1 13B 103 *»!!
Bauth Victoria l 271 loo 374
Blty of Nannlino  1 4*il 411 842
North Nanalmo 1 ill 189 660
South Nannlino   1 141', 120 261)
Coinox  1 2'ai 1211 808
Cowloban * (aoclalmation) 2 6H1 311
Esquimau* (ditto).   .. 2 452 301
Vancouver  3 2626 fill! 7St:ib
Westminster  1 674 5i>7 1171
Rijtlinond  f 200 368 058
f'lllllln'lick  1 808 325 f,28
Dewdney  1 221 327 551
Pelta   i 317 616 802
West Yale  1 132 1118 330
North Yale   1 312 227 639
EastYale  1 401 417 821
East Kootenay  1 250 16(1 110
North Kootenay  1 217 125 342
frouth Kootenay  1 258 101 Gotl
','arlboo  2 452 237 089
West Lillooet  1 01 86 07
l'jist Llllonet  ] 82 73 166
L'nsslar  1 117 147
*j3   18304 13114   81468
('oiling Dist. No. 21,   Osoyoos    2:17
"       "        25,   Midway    Ill
"      "      "        20,  Ketllerivcr    110
Total    468
So that without taking inlo consideration the increase of registered voters, it
will bo seen that this end of the East
Riding ot Yale has moro voters than
eleven other constituencies, some of
which return two memberseqch, As at
tho last election this end of tho district,
gave Mr. Vernon, a majority of 33 over
Mr. Graham, it must bo counted as a
government stronghold, and apart from
the justness of tho claim, should be a
(natter of policy on their part.
A curious fact which you can elicit
from these figures is, that deducting the
government majority in tho city of Victoria (which can alwayB bo relied
pn to support any government bribing
jt with 61,000,000 buildings) the opposition has a clear majority of the votes
past at tho last election.
Yours Resp't, R. G. Sidley.
Chinamen Bsoominq British Subjects
to Protect Thkm From an Alien
La 110r Law.
If anyone thinks for a moment that
a rhimainen don't "sabo" his business
|io is badly mistaken. During the past
few weeks about 250 chinamen, most of
whom aro employed in tlio canneries in
the vicinity of Victoria, havo taken affidavits before notaries public and justices of the peace, declaring that tlioy
can comply with all the requirements to
becomo citizens. The havo also declared allegiance to tho Queen. A three
years' residence is required before a foreigner can becomo a British subject, aud
all tin so Chinamen have sworn to a residence ranging from live to twenty-live
years. These affidavits are now being
filed with the registrar, and all that it
now necessary to make British subjects
of theso Chinamen, most ot whom can
not read or write English and some of
jvhoiu who connot even speak it, is for
the declarations to be read in court.
This sudden burst of patroitism on the
part of thoso (Jhlnamen cannot truthfully bo tributed to any lovo they have
for the Queen or British institutions, as
it is a well known fact, tho ordinary
Chinaman loves the flowery kingdom
too well for that. Thoy havo no doubt
been prompted to take this action on
account of tho agitation, which is meeting with favor throughout tho provin-
ence, against the employment of Chinese, and also for fear tnat the Dominion government may paBS Mr. Adams
bill now beforo that body which will debar their employment on any character
of work that will bring them in competition with the laboroting man,
Carson, B. C, April U2.—|Special
Correspondence.]-Last week's meeting
of tho council was a stormy one, His
Worship, Mayor Driscoll and all of the
alderman excepting Mr, Shaw were
present. City clerk R. C. Johnston reported a bill on lile from J. Shuster &
Co. of $637.13 for constructing sidewalks
and cross walks at several points on
Government street and also repairing
two culverts on Graham street. Tho
clerk also reported lhat ho had been
waited upon by a delegation of citizens
who are highly indignant and wish to
know what right the "powers that be"
had to let private contracts. Tho mayor
grew very indignant over tho matter
and intimated that ho would show those
meddlesome pooplo what was what, and
would teach them to keep their noses
out of olhor peoplo's business, and
ordered the mattor referred to the
finance committee for settlement and
the money paid at onco without any
further comment from any source whatever. Mr. Coleman, however, did not
see tho matter in lhe same light as ids
worship and rose to a point of order demanding an investigation; stating that
he considered it vory improper and unbecoming any government, civic or otherwise, to pursue tho coutbo which had
been practiced in this instance, and he,
Mr. ('., was in sympathy with tho taxpayers, and contended that tho usual
routine should have followed, and ten-
dors called for.
Alderman Shustor being placed in a
somewhat embarrassing position, rose to
a point of privilege, and made a personal statement explaining at length
the matter in detail, declaring that he
had no other than the good will of the
city and its inl abitonts at heart, and at
the timo ho executed tho work, his worship oxplainod to him lhat it was a very
urgent necessity as tho streets above
mention wero in a very bad, and in fact
almost impassable condition, and that if
time was lost in calling for tenders great
damage might have resulted which
would have cost the city a great deal of
money and anxiety.
Mr. McLaren, of course, had to have
his say in tho mattor; ho claimed that
while it was the proper thing to have
tho streets kept in repair, at the same
timo ho considered that his worship
had mado a grave mistake.
His worship then exponded his ideas
in a very few pointed remarks, stating
that it was his duty, according to the
city ordinance, to keep tho streets iu good
repair and probably thoso poiq lo who
were making such a howl would have
had a good doal larger kick cjming, had
this matter not boon looked in to.
Mr. Coleman then rose to a point of
privilege, when he was called a hot number or to order, by the mayor. Just
at this pjint a couplo of dogs got into a
fight on the opposite side of tho street,
your correspondent took his departure
from the scene, aud from tho heated
manner in which thoy ware discussing
matters, and tho compliments they wore
exchanging, we are of tho opinion they
had all drawn a hot number.
Mr. S. Shaw has gone to Spokano on
a business trip,
Mr. A. J. Miner returned to Spokane
last week and took with him a sack of
specimens, that would dazzle tho eyes
of the most sanguine, from his claims
in the Birdina group.
Mr. Jas. McNicol, of Midway, spent
a few days in town, last week, on his
way heme from Spokane where had he
been on a business mission. In speaking of thocojdition of limes on the other
side of tho line, Mr. McNicol said that
they wero a little siow at present, but
the people wero generally hopeful that
as soon as tho new administration, i. e.,
tho MeKinloy faction, gets everytning
organized and iu working order, times
will look up which will prove beneficial
tousaswoll as our cousins across the
Frank MoFarJand and James MeOl-
Ian arrived in town last week from an
extended trip up tho North Pork, where
they spent the wi'.ter. A fair amount
of beaver, martin and other skins, as
well as doing several months work on
their respective claims is tho result of
their trip. Both of tho boys aro looking
hale and hearty and intend returning
in the near future to further develop
their properties, whinh now have a good
Every town, aB well as individuals, has
its trials and tribulations and its variety
of inhabitations in tho way of good, bad
and indifferent people We regret to
ehroniclo tho following, which is certainly to the discredit of the person or
persons who figured in tlio affair: Aboul
1:30 o'clock on the morning of tho 13th
inst., a false alarm of tiro was turned in
from box 301, which brought out tho entire liro department, In the run engine
No. 17, was badly broken by colliding
witli one of tho electric tram ears at tlie
corner of Vernon street and Yalo avenue.
Although the car, as woll as tho engine,
was badly demolished, and sevoral por*
sons seriously injured, fortunately no
livos wero lost. Judging from the grave
countenance of the major, police magistrate and city officials generally, it will
be mado rather warm for the guilty parties should tho polico department be
successful in rounding them up.
CoL'iix Holds That   Defect In Titlh
Wis Oueed by Recording Assessment.
An imnortant decision  was recently
I made by Judge MeColl of tho  supreme
I court of this province, in which he  decided that defect in the title  of a  min-
I oral claim could bo cured   by recording
■of assessment work.    Wo herewith give
the facts of the case as published in the
Rossland Minor of tho 2nd inst:
Justice MeCall, of tho supreme court
of the province, yesterday decided tlie
ownership of the Qrand Prize mineral
claim in favor uf the Grand Prize company. It was an action brought by
Charles EJ, Wati'rliouso on n declaration
that he is the owner of the l Irand Prizo
mineral claim on Deer Park mountain,
and not CharlesLiftchil i. the defei dant.
Plaintiff claimed thai his location on
July, IS'.lli, was a good one, and the one
of the original locator in May, 181)1, was
a bad one,    lie railed as witnesses John
Kirk, George EJllia and II. 1,. Blecker,
In his allidavit of location tln-ro was the
allegation that the ground was not "law
fully" occupied as a mining claim by
anybody, tlio word lawfully having been
Judge Met all remarked strongly upon tbe impropriety of altering iu this
way the form of affidavit provided for
by the mineral act, and said that people
who did so took upon themselves a serious responsibility,
Defendant called as witnesses John
Kirkup, A. W. Lilj.'gran, Issac Loug-
hoed and John Hi Wilmot, and showed
that whon Watorhouse located tne claim
it was in actual operationlby Liftchild:
that, Waterhouse found Liftohild's men
working there and knew thoy were Lift-
child's inon.
Judge McCi}ll in giving his decision
said: "In thi" case I shall give iu writ-
lag, for the purpose of any appeal, the
reasons for the judgment which I shall
give now. I find that the defendant was.
at tho time of the alleged location by
the plaintiff, in actual occupation of and
actually working tho claim under tho
title which is impeached, and lind the
facts which are in dispute in favor of
the defendant. I hold that sub suction
D of section Kj of the act of 18DG does
apply iu this case, as in all cases in tfhicb
the opposing party located after the act
came into force. If your client's luca-
lion had been made before tho act came
into force I would hold the countary,
but, as it is, he having located after the
act came into force, I hold that this act
applies, and find in defendant's favor
the fact necessary to entitle him to the
equity of that section. That is all I
think it necessary to say, except that
the plajntiff's case fails and that this
action must be dismissed with costs."
For a cup of coffee and cream go to
tto Arcadia,
On the Reservation,
From the Bossburg Journal,
The last assay from the Little tiiant
of average rock taken from across the
vein had a value of $65.45—in gold
634.1-1, copper ?5 'Jl and silver Slo 37.
Phil Greaser came in from the Eureka
camp Tuesday. IIo reports mu.-h activity in that locality, which is considered by capable joining critics as the
best free-milling gold camp on the Colville reservation, The I lark 50 and 10
stamp mill will soon bo in operation,
R. B. Lane arrived in town from his
camp at the head of Fifteen Mile creek
Wednesday; en route to Colville. He
says work in tho new tunnel on tin-
Quadra company's properly is progressing. The snow is disappearing fast,
and it will only bo a few days until it is
all gone.
The Saratoga Mining company has
let a contract for several hundred feel
tunneling recently on their proporty,
located about midway between Marcus
and Bossburg, ou the reservation.
The pump for the Silver Group has
arrived, and from now on nothing will
interfere in pushing development work
on this promising mining properly.
Thero is no doubt but what this will be
a shipper inside of six months.
The Scotia Mining it Milling company havo received thoir hoisting plant
which will be installed at onco. They
will increase the force of men and will
bo in condition to ship ore in a short
timo, Their properly is located six
miles from town.
Worth of Praise.
The province owes much to tho pro-
vincial mineralogist, W. A. Carlyle, for
the systematic and practical annual mining report which was presented to the
house a few days ago -tho lirst annual
one he has issued, fur it was only a year
ago that he was appointed to his present
position. Hitherto reports wore only
made onco a year, and then in a manner
that was both incomplete antiquated,
owing to tiio absence of a properly constituted bursal of mini's. This, how
ever, it just tho boginnin -, for it is proposed to gradually extend the scopo of
tho department so that in time it will
not only give all available information
on the mining industry, but becomo the
nucleus of a provincial school of mines.
The Proposed O. R. & N. Line.
Oul of tin* numer ius railways reported lo be headed toward tin* Kettle river
district this sea vm it is safe to predict
that wo will hive railway oonnection
before the snow lies. The lutes! one
projected this company has run preliminary survey from Wallula or Umatilla
Junction, in Oregon, up the west side of
tlio Columbia river through tlie counties of Yakima aud Kittitas, Washington, and up the Okanogan, which it
follows north to a.point neai tho boundary line, from whence it will run in an
easterly direction across the reservation
to the Kettle river and Boundary creek
Cosmos Hotel
Dining: Room
Firtjt-class Meal,
Good Service,
Pripe-s Seasonable.
Board by the Day or Weok. 'lhe table nil!
ihvays he found supplied with tho bos! tlio
narket affords.
Everything New and Best Furnished Eouse in  Town-
INBODY   k.   DAVIDSON    Proprietors.
A l.vays Found at the liiir.   Special attention  Paid to Transcient Trade.
First-clasg Accommodations Good  Stabling, Termius of
jf Stage Line From  Marcus, Washington.
COUNTY COURT NOTICE. I McAuley & WcCauig, Proprietors,
A siltinn of the County Court ol Yalo v. ih bo
holden at
OSOYOOS ON FRIDAY, THE   l-oi It I kkstii
DAY OF M IV, l-'.'7,
Ai the hotirof In o'elock iu the foronoen.
By Commute),
c. A. II, LAMBLY, U. C, C.
Government  olliee, Osoyoos,   II.   (.'..  April
2th, 1807.
Does till kinds of repair iug nnd UorseBhoeing.
Work strictly flrstcla&s.
Should carefully conside*
tho cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
cim be purchased nt the
Grand   Forks
C.   K,   SIMPSON.   Proprietor.
Why Bake
Your Own
It Doesn't Pay to Worry
and Stew Over a Hot
Stove When Vou Can Buy
So enteen Nice, Fresh.
Toothsome Loaves For
One Dollar at
Boundary Gr^Bk ]ining Exchange
Financial and Mining Brokers.
Groups of   Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc,
W*0*0\0\0M0%0\0 + 0*.0*.0*,0\0\0 + 0\0\0\0\0\0+.0*.01i0*.0]*0\0
C. A.
g Paper Jianger, Sign Writer, Etc g
5 Qrand Forks,   =
-    -     B. C. 6
\0   V*
■«5 Estimates Furnished on AH Kinds of  Work. J5
*»*. *»
VUWVVWWWV£WWW ***** 0\0%.0\*
0\0\0X0\^0\M\0X0\0\0\0\0\fc aa*■*■*. #•-•>••■> *•*.»*»»>•>» j**■*•*****
Kettle   Riveh   Stage   Line
O. W. WILLIAMS, Hanager.
Stage Leaves Marcus on the Arrival of the northbound train, arriving at Grand
Forks at H-A~> p. m.   Leaves the Forks at 1:00 a. tn., arriving at Marcus in time tq
connect with northbound  train
•EL-** C **
Ths same Rule Applys to
Pies, Cakes. Doughnuts,
Cookies and all Kinds ot
Pastry, Etc,
A Large Slock of Northern Orown (^
Garden Seeds in Bulk. I'll" Very ?S
Best Quality at Eastern  Pn tfc.
^ Roads Lead to Carson.
Dealer in General
Carries a Complete Lint of
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Also a Pull Line of
Harness, Saddles, Bits, Spurs,
Etc., Etc.
2 Seeds! Seeds!
(j*^     NEW   STOCK   OF
I     = SHOES =     §
^ First Class Quality and the prices Will Please Vou. ^
|  MINER'S SUPPLIES—*-       £
,3 Of   All Kinds al Spokano   Prices   Freight and   '
^ Incidentals   Added,
S   O.   B.   &   P.   B.   NELSON,
We will Offer for the Next Thirty Days a
Group of three Claims on
Pass Creek,
Spokane Falls &   Northern
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain R'ys.
At a price thai you can double your money insi.lo  uf  i
days.   This Property will  Stand the closesl  Investigation and
will satisfy anyone thai il is a goad investment,
> lui vi* now ou suit' tin' nuioiviiii.* f-uuu |uii|m.ii it--..—
iOUP Or        /    One-half mile from Grand Forks and adjoining tha celebrated
VO CLA'MS.   \    BONETA  mine,   Will be sold as a group or singly.
The only All rail Route, without change
of cars, between Spokane, Rossland  .Nelson.
We hnve now on sale tl"' following good proporties
GROUP OF        (    One  mile  and  n  half from Gtand Forks, quartz lodge, good
TWO CLAIMS    s    Assays and Rn immense surface showing of oro.
OVER TWENTY        I     For sah   oheai* in  the  vicinity of  the Croat   Volcanic
GOOD PROPERIES ij    Mountain and Seattle mining properties,
The Auove    I    We can honestly recommend as good investments.     We can get
Properties      \    you goo*i claimsin any partioular section at bed-rock prices.
(ioiiiu North.                                Going South,
lltlln. m    MARCUS 2:l,*i
Close connections ut Nelson with steamboats
for Knsloitml nil Kootenay l.nkePoints,
l'nsBeiiiters for Kottlo  Rluor uml  Boundary ' Or F. H.  HcCARTER,
Crook connect nt Marcus with Btngo dally. | Spokane, Washington.
Correspondence  Solicited.
McCarter, Johnson & McCarter,
.Orand Forks, B. C. OWN   AND     DISTRICT.     Carson Lodge I. 0. 0. F. No. 37.
  T    n    fl    T    MEETS  EVERY   SATURDAY
1.  Ui Ot X 1 evening at8 o'clock In the'
Strictly Fresh Kite's you will always
find at Untler's cash store,
Mrs. Spraggetl visited in the city this
week at Mrs. John Manly's.
Mrs. Perrine will soon move to her
new hi me over Davis's store,
.Mrs. .luh 11 A. Manly (,'iveB a barn,
warming next Friday evening.
Best Creamery Butter received twice
11 woek, by express, at Butlers.
Mi66 Elsie McLaren and Mrs. John A
Manly visited at tin' ranch on Saturday.
l-:d. Driscolli ofJCarson, came over to
the metropolis thia week on a business
i; ission.
I;,,. itkee] I* wagfs divided With ft**.
lomnrs al Butlers' Cash Stdre. Wo mis
till,,-" « ton you pay cash,
Mi. I'V .1 Wollaston i-* • ■ nitt- s'.ck, let'
I-  ; " careful 1 nrsing from  many
r 1';• -r 1 •". — and win boo 1 I nl.
The "knockeis" are out in full force
but Atlh all thai the Btago cothes and
i;ocb as usual and tin* world movos,
Robert Watdrup, of Toronto, came In
thi*, week to look ovor tho Boction with
a view t" making some Investments.
Mr. Ceo, Cutnmings, brother of our
Mr. ( has. Cummings, came in 011 Tuesday's [stage and lift 011 Thursday for
Don't put it off until the house is full
nf Hies bef ire you put up your screen
doors. A full lit"' can be found nl
Manly's Hardwure b! ,
Mi. Robert liarvoy ami wife, of Alameda, came in on Thursday's Btage to
inake ub a visit. Mr. II thinks wo have
a beautiful place here and that this will
make a great summer resort.
I; C, Porter, tt coutrdctai* and builder
In.in Duruilgo, Colorado, arrived in our
city last Saturday and was bo well
ph asi d with lhe outlookhas decided to
Incut* and engage in business.
II,Miry Alheidt, of Unit" Mont, litis
I urchused of Cooper llros. a lot on .Main
street I etween Riverside aveuue and
Second street, on svhicb he prnpotos t"
build ns soon as tlie material can l»*
pn cuied.
0. Lake, Wm. lierrin and Mr. English
1 f Spokane spBni u day or two in town
1 his tint: enruuto to Eureka Camp on
tbe reservation. They eXpoct to visit
the various mining camps in that vicin
Hy l„ foro returning.
ph,, „,,:, Bfrora ef tho English -v
French 1 'o„ aro about to let a contract
lo sink lil'iy feet on their proporty, L'he
1 mpany has six claims in their incorporation, 'hi* Bonanza and Napoleon
Bonaparte looking particularly will.
Mr. Martin nf Spokane passed through
tiiend Forks Thursday, enroutotothe
reservation whore he goes to examln 1 tt
number 1 f of mining * roperties for Spokano partiee; among which is the U.S.
I.. Roi v loch is said to havo a woi.der-
ful showing.
invitations are out announcing tin*
marriage "I   Miss Jennette A. McLaren,
hall at Carson, B   >.   A cordial  Invitation extended touUBojourulng brethren.
I'. It. NELSON, it, s.
I). U. Mi Lakkn, N. '■.
Church Notice.
Sabbath In tho church at 11a. m. and 7:30
•»* m. in tin' school rooiri ',1 Grand forks, Sab*
1 nt li Bchool 10:*)0 m. 111. in tin- Bcliocl room,
At Carson weekly :: p. in.
Rev. 'tit"-. Paton, Pastor.
Barber Shop.
i-niitillv i. iti'il.   AU W'.rli Claurant
I'list-Class In overy Respect,
I'tlcR A. Z. PARE,
1 tn hi'
Does »;i kino's nf   kinds  nf  ropnJrlng »u<i
liorso BhOUlllg,     All  .. ■ ■: k ^,i'H'nMl«'i'i|.
CANAli \.
VICT01UA, by tbe Grace of Hod, oi ibe. United Kiiigilnn. of Grt'»t Britain and I relitnd.
cjueek, Defender of the Faith, &c, -&o., &c.
To nil to whom these presents  Bhall come.—
:>. M. EnKBTfl, Attorney-General.
WHEREAS by section 'J of the "Speedy lueor-
poratlon of Towns Act, IW7," it in provided
thai it shnll be lawful for the Ueuteiiant-Governor in Council forthwith, u nliout requiring
ibe inhabitants of tin; lands proposed to be incorporated tu observe the provisions of section
j of Hi" "Municipalities Incorporation Act-JMlfl,"
by Letters I'aleut under the Public Seal, to Incorporate under the Baid Art into » city the
tract of land hereinafter set out, nnd that sueh
Lctteis Patent shall have the same force and
iVrt as Letters Patent Issued under the pro-
■* , - i- ■ 11 - and after compliance witli all the formalities "i the said "Municipalities Incorporation \ct, 1-'.if,,M : ave and except as provided in
tho said •'Speedj Incorporation oi I'owns Act,
Aud whereas lho Honti ruble Edoak Dewi>-
s by, Li utenanl i lovcrnbr of Our Province, by
and with the advice of the Executive Council,
under and by virt ue of the powers and authorities couforred upon him bueach of the snid
Acts, and of all other powers and authorities
him in that behalf enabling, hath ordered that
nil that piece m parcel of laud ,-iuuitc In tin-
Osoyoos Division of Yale District, In the Province of liritish Oolumbia, bounded ns follows:
Oommeni ing ut n point where the northerly
boundary of Lot nSn, Gictnpl in said division,
produced easterly would Intersect the centre of
the North Fork nf Kettle Ulver; thence wester
ly, lollowiug Hi.- said northerly boundary of
Lot ">>■<*> to lhe north-wesl orner thereof; thence
southerly, following the westerly boundary of
Miid Lot ■>■■' lo the south-easterlv comer of Lot
.)'.. thence westerly, following the southerly
bonudary of Lot 74<*. to lhe north-west (orner of
Lot:isl; theuci- southerly, along the western
boundaries 01 Lots331 and HK2, to the southwest
corner of snid Lot :iH2; thence easterly, follow-
Ing the southerly boundary of said l*,ot B*»2 to
thoceutre of Kettle Kiver; thence northerly
and easterly, following t .-■ centre ol snid Kottle
Ulver to win-re ir Inlursc. Is the southerly boundary of Lot -uu produeul vvestei-iv; thence east
erly, fnliowing the southerly honndnry of Lol
I1.*:; twenty chains; thence due north lorty
uh ;ins. more or less, to the northerly boundarj
il snid Lol l".:; thence westerly, following the
northerly boundary of said Lot lug produced to
the centre of the said North hork of Kettle
Kiver; thouue northerly and westerly, following the centre of said North Fork Kettle Kiver
to the place of commencement, containing 737
acres more or less, and the Inhabitants thereof,
shnll from nnd after the With day of April, 181)7,
he Incorporated ns a city Municipally, under
the snid "Ainnleipaliiies Incorporation Act,
18110," and hath made further provision to the
tenor nnd eiVcct hereinafter appearing;
NOW KNOW YE, thai by these present
A Few Hundred Dollars Invested in Property in
. .I,, hereby order nn.1 proclaim Unit ihu locaiitv
ilaugbti-r ot Mr. John  McLaren ol (Jar*   hereinbefore described, and  tlio Inhnbitunt's
,on,to Mr.jamPBG. McNicoi ot Mi^-!!:;:r,';-,un,n,vrvn;;X,i!;'i1,::!^.1,;;!:;:(r
■vay.on Wednesday evening, April 23, | and snhjvet.{"^^"^J"^
[807, nt 8 o'clock, t*.l  the   Presbytenai
Ii.iihiii.ii Act, i**.',i," und
'Speedy Incorporation uf Towns Act. is'.i:.'' and
ntidor and subject to thu provisions licreiitaftei
I'oiitttiiioil or referred tn.
Tin' Mi.'l Municipality shnll be called und
known by the name mul stvlo of "l'he I'orpur-
ution rn' the city of (irand Korks."
The stilil  Municipality shnll  i prise thOBO
i i,'i r- ui Iii in I hereinbefore described.
i In' i ..mull shall iMiisiM of nix Aldermen
mid it Mayor, an ' tlie whole number p useni ui
i'iH'1 Ming thereof shall nol be lentliiin four.
I he iioitiiiiution shall Ink., iiluee, und ihe poll
(if uny) shall be held at tlio School House,
< ■ rn ml forks.
The in nn 11 in I im i lor tho first election of u Mayor uml Council shall be on tho iii'Bl iluy oi Mav,
A. Ii. 181)7, «t 12 o'cluek noon, dud tlie polling
(If any) shall beon the eight day of May A. U.
i-.'j7, nnd sh.ul eoniinuc for one .1 v only, nnd
tliv poll thai I bo kept open between the hours
i,t in u. in. und 1 p. tu., and James Allen Aikman, K.-.IHUIV, nf i.i.iii'l Kinks aforesaid, shell
in tho Ketnruinii Ulllecr there nt.
'lhe persons quulitlt-d to hen [nuted for and
elected Mayorul such city ut  the first election
shall lie si,it, persons us un, mile British  sub-
jectsol tho full ugu nl twenty-one years, an,I
are inn disqualified under uny law, and
(a.) lliu,: lu-fii nn tin- three luouthsnoxl pre*
ecdltiK the day ul   lumltiutloii the reals*
terod owners   in tlie Limit Megtslry olllcc
in laud ui real tiroperty in tlie city of the
vnluc of one Hi" isiiitd dollars over mnl
above any rcklstered Liiciimberaneo, nnd
un' otherwlhc qmtlitlcd tu  v ,tu nt such
elect ion: or
tb)   Who have been for •■'.i"li throo uionths
lhe sole teiiunts in pnssesslon of luiiil real
property in lhe city  ol Un* vali  two
thousand dollars nuderleusotii tvn Ing (or
nut  Ifs  tliiiu   .me  year,  mi' otherwise
II. A - .:, IMhewyor-n-porUfoatL,^
liu hi- iii.ii t. - nt  least twelve  testa  from   oh ctlon shall be such pi rsous us arc male Brit-
church in tlni- city.
John I). Swi i nil. I arrifiter nt law,
arrived with hie family this week from
Foilage la Prairte, ami expi cte to locate
In UraLd ForkB, Mr.SwauRon in more
""than pl< ufi tl with tbc future ot < Irand
Fi rlts and feels confidenl thai il will be
the tt wn of tbe Kettle rivet district,
Miss,.*;. Gibson, Hargrave and Manly
have lei n contract to Mr. Fred Cross
for tbe sinking ot n 30-foot shaft on the
lu,ii t lift, work to commence at once.
These gentlemen propose to push the
work ol development on tbia propeit) as
It ng as tho it.ilii'iitions are favorable,
Meters.  Washburn, Caeoy and  llur*
[••rave letl ') burs lay morning for Curlew j
creek i n the rescrvatioh, where they go
for thf pur] 086 of di ing atseBsuieut on j
tboir properties in that locality, known 1
ns tho Erin and Iiarclup claims,     I.bey
expect to continue work as long as the
shown g warrants,
diffi rent claims up Ihe North Fork this
'.vt'tli thai ranged in value fiom three
dollaiB to tifty-two. This ho bousidei'B
very good for Buifaco Bhowing, The
I est noMtist was 812.50, tho beBt silver
l>3 ounces and the best copper 21,7 per
Edward ()'( < hnor, attorney ;■! law
from Spokane, spehta day or so in the
1', rks ou business.   Mr. O'Connor, like
sii subjecti* of the full ngc of twenty-one years
nd nn- not dlsqiialliiL'd under any law, und
(.i ) Have been lor three months nexl pre
ceding the day ol nomlnatlou t'i i re'glsier-
ed uivi.i-is iii Hie 1.mnl Ueglstry Olltoo nl
liiiul oi i,mi property In the otty "t lhe
villi..- of live lininli'i'd dolint's over nud
iiboi i' any reglsleri I luctimbraneos, mid
lire otherwise qtuililled lo vote ut sueh
eleel [ou: or
tt,.)   iVbo have been tor sn di tin  months
tin' sn!" i' minis in possession of land or
rettl proporty lu tho city ol the Vultto of
one thousand dollars updor leuse in u lit.
ii"..* tur in.i less thnn ouo year,  I are
otherwise qualified to vote at Bitch oleo-
The persons quallliod tovotofor Mayor and
everybi dj i Ise who visits our town, wits   Aldonnouatsicb lirst election Bliall beiillsuch
in  Iban pleased with its location and   persons who arc male British subjectsof the lull
sum undines,   and had no  hesitancy in   ''Beottjvonty-oiie years and have resided with*
.,    .   \ .../     , I in tin' limits nl siicii I'ltv 'ui tin. tlir.e  mun: ts
saying that it has every possibility of next pioeediuu the date^ of sueh election, and
becoming the business center of tho who shall, boidre tlio day of eueli election, have
Kutllu iivnr district i tipphed tn tin* HettirnliiuOlllcer and havo bad
tv ine nn   u...ui-i. their names plneoii on the list of electors for
Every   Btage  from Marcus is   loaded |   u shall bo"the duty of ihe t^turnlng OiBoei
•lown with peob'e  who are   looking   for   to enter in a book, in nlphaboilcal order, the
investments,    li.no instance  has any- '"""'"'■ "'"XuT'l' "'"V"'r",,"liM','!*',*! "(,"•' s'"'"
,   *. persons, ((UHliued us tuoresaiil, who make n ,-
one   expressed   themselves   dissatisbed   plication to him, us nforesald, i ivo their
with the future   prospects  of  our  o\\\, numes pluced on Buch list, and such list shall be
and all are final us in  thb opinion a^^l^^J"i^^S!:p]Maei
that wc have every requisite to make the „„ thollst. he shall make and simi a declara-
townof southeastern   British   Columbia,   tiou In writltit}, bet some person authorized
in administer oaths, Betting toitli his tunne, ml-
P   V   M'lnhin   the iioiiiilnr   iiriniriol or dress, occnfii'lon and qualifications, us more-
*      ,     / 1'OpUMI    pitipiuii.l   ;h„„i  u |,i(.|, ,,,.,.,„,,„;,,„,  :i.L.I Willi   tho
of thf B, C. U'riny. made Ins appearance  Hemming officer.
this week  with   a  new  turnout in   thu,    Such list aud declinations shall be open to In-
ti,,,.„ ,,r ., np-t, pjilb waffon,    It i*** Ltailv   speotlonb.\ uny person wit lawful bums
sli,i|.coi a new aiiiB "rt-'";    "Ksnuy      Any person y complulu thut bis name i-
pBlllted vv111, the name CI  the  dairy in  ] imi.roi.urly omlttud I i the voters' list, or that
scribed on the f,tic in bright letters, and i auy other name Is Improperly Inserted theteun,
Mr. M is now able to make  prompt de* \ ".^XlinnJ. ui'Z^n^rZ^
livery to all in need ol pure,   sweet mills  ,  httve „liy mimes Iropronerly  Inserted
nnd fresh creamery butter. ' thereon struck oil' tho said list,  ln such latter
il li/t/y
Will double within Ninty Days.
Talk with
The Bustling EealEstate Agents,
Grand Forks, B. C-
'•ns" rcftyonable notice, tu be tleterinlnert by tbe
.h One iipplled to, shftll be given to the person
\\ ir se name is proposed to be struck oil. Tbe
Judge uliall hear aud dlsposo ol all sncli appll-
i-iiti.ins iii a summary way, and tbe Returning
OllhM i bIih 11 amend the lUt in accordance with
tbe Jndge'fl decision.
At least sis diiys' notice of I lie time and place
nf nomination and of holding of the poll (if
any]shrill he «iven by tho said Retnruing Otll-
eef: suph notice to bo posted during that per«
iod in the manner provided by suction **.) of the
■ Municipal Elections Ant, 1890 "
The Returning Olllcer shnll, on the day of
nomination, nt '2 o'clock p. m.. nuuouiicc the
names of the persons put In nomination in tlm'
lichalf »s eandidates for the utile,' uf Mnyor and
Alder -ion, ns prescribed by the Municipal Klev-
tions Act, istlii."
At the clof-o of the time fur nomlnntlng the
candidntes the Ruturhing Olllcer shall deliver
t i even' enn lidate, or agent nf ii candidate, applying for the same, a dulv certified list of the
names of th" several candidates who simll huve
been nominated; aud uny votes given at tho
i lection for any other candidates than those so
nominated shall l,e null and void.
h', m tbe expirati n of the time appointed For
ihe eieetiun as nf rcsa'.d, no more candidate-
stand nominat id than there aro vacancies lo be
filled up, the Returning Ofllcershall forthwith
declare the candidates who may stand nominated to be elected, and return their names to the
Itegls'i ir uf the Supreme Court.
No speeches or interiiptiun to the proceedings
of nominating candidates ut tbo hustings shall
bu permtted hy the Returning Olllcer between
■be reading of tbe notice of election and the
e'osingof the proceedings on nomination day
by the Returning Officer,
If. ai the expiration of sueh uue\ more candidates stand nominatedthau thcie are vae»neie>
tube filled up. the Returning Olllcer shall duel nre the names of the candidates, and publicly
pr< claim the day previously stated in his proe
Irtinatinn, and the place or places al which the
i oil shall be so opened in the Municipality', for
the purpose of taking the votes of the electors
according to law; and shall then adjourn the
election, and shall tike a poll by ballot, nud
shall cause to he posted up notices of his having
granle 1 such poll, Indicating the n im -s, residences, au-l occupations of the candidates s;
liriiiinali'd, in the order lu which they shall be
printed on thu ballot papers, whldb notices
shall, as noun as possible after the nomination,
be placarded in all tho places where the proclamation for the elebtion was posted up,
if, alter the adjournment of nn election by
the purpos! of talcing a poll, une nf the candidates nominated shall die beforo the pole h is
commenced, the R-etumiug Olticor shall, upon
hi'Mur satisfied uf the fact oi such death, countermand notice of the pull, and all the proceedings with reference to tho election shall
be commenced afresh: Provided that no fresh
nomination shall be necessary in the case of a
candidate who stood nominated at the tim i of
the countermand of the poll
lu case ot a pull being held the eandidates
fluty quallled] who shall obtain the greatest
number of votes shall be Municipal Aldermen
and Mayer respectively.
Every'person qualified to vote shall have sewn
votes being une for each Alderman to bu elect
cd. and one for Mayor, but he may vote for any
li ss numbei than seven: Provided always, that
he shall not cast more than one vote ln favour
ol any one candidate, or vote on more than one
occasion. And In the event of the number of
votes being found io have been eqiuu for any
two or more candidate, one tn' more of whom.
mil not all of such candidates, i eiug bv the
state of tbe pull entitled to be declared elected,
thu Returning Olllcer shall by a casting vote or
votes, as the case may be, decide which of the
candidates for whom the votes mav bu equal
shall be elected; Provided that tho said ftc
turning Olllcer shall not vote except in case of
i u equnlllty of votes ns a foresaid.
vll expenses attendant upon the Baid election
shall be hdrnc by thu candidates In equal pro
i onion; so 'b expenses shall not exceed lu the
whole ono hundred dollars.
lhe opening of the ballot boxes and count-
lug ibe votes shnll be in ihe presence of the
eandidates ii they ftttu *d foi that purpose,
The Kuturuina Officer alter the  declaration
■ n tbe pull, shall retain the ballot papers and
boxes until a < bik shall be duly appdiuUd,
tu ivhoui be .shall forthwith deliver tbc same
Every person who shall have presented him'
PClf for nomination* and who sna'l have been
elected a Municipal Ahlemlan or-Mayor m is;
serve for the term for which he has been- lee-
ted, unless in the case ol -iekii's-, u. in default pay.a miui of fifty dollars lownrtls the
Municipal Revenue; such sum, with costs,
shall be locoverablo by tho Cleric of lhe Municipality, summarily, beforo any Justice ol the
Any vacancy in the oihce of Mayor or Alderman shall be tilled as provided by thu "Municipal Elections Act, lsinl."
The UrBl .meeting ot the Council simll be
held on the lirst Saturday after the day of
election, at the School-home, Urand Korks, ut
L2 noon.
Until provtsl in he made by by-law, in that
hhall, all proceedings at and relating tu tlie
meetlURS of the Council shall bo he'd and
taken in accordnuce with the provisions eon
tallied in the "Municipal Clulses Act, HsOG..,
and all the powers, privileges, and duties of thu
Mayor and Qpuucil simll be the same as prescribed by the said Act.
At the lirst meeting, or as soon thereafter as
possible,   the   Council   may   elect    a   Clerk,
n-ea.-urer,  Collector,   and   Assuror,  or  such
officers as they may deem necessarv, who shall
hold  such  olliee  during  the  pleasure of the
Council,  and  receive  such  remuneration   as
the Oouucll ma, by bv-b,u appoint.
In Tk-ti.M'NV   WhhUEOK,   We  have  caused
these f>ur Letters to be math'   Patent,  ui.il
the Great Seal  of thu said   Province tu lie
hereunto  affixed;    Witness,  the Honourable Elm a it  Dkwpnby,   Lieutenant-Covcr-
nor   of    Our  said    Province   uf    British
Columbia, in (tur City of  Victoria, in oui
snid Province, this   llfteenth dav of  April,
"ne ihousuiiu eight hundred  aud  ninety-
seven,   and  in  the sixtieth  year ut' our
By Command
Provincial Secretary,
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the electors ol the municipality or (irand Korks that
I require the presence of Use said electors nt the
school house in (irand forks aforesaid on the
first day of Mav, A I). IS'.'?, nl Vl o'clock noon for
the purpose of electing poisons to represent
them in the municipal council as mayor or al-
The modo ol nomination of candidates simll
be as follows:
Tim candidates --hall be nominated in writ-
lug; tlie writing shall he subscribed by two Voters of the municipality a* nroposor anil *< cmd-
crand shall bedelivercd to the retumlnp officer
at any time between the date of the notice and
.' i'. in. oi the day of tin- nomination, nud in the
'Vent of a poll being necessary sueh pull will be
opened on the eighth day of May, A. U 1897, at
tje school bouse. Urand Korks aforesaid, of
which every person !-• hereby reqult'cd to take
in.lice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to bo nominated for
and ducted mayor of such city at the lirst election shall h" such persons as are male B Itlsb
subjects of the filll age of I went- -one years und
arc not disqualified under any law and have
been for the throe months next pieeeding the
day oi nomination the registered owners In the
land registry olliee of land or real property hi
tho city ui the value uf une thousand dollars
over a mi above any registered incumbrance
aud aruothorwlsc qualified 11 vote at such ejection, or who have been for such three months
the sole tenant.-> in possession of laud or real
J pr pcr'y in the city of ihe value of two thousand dollars under lease In writing for not less
than one year and are otherwise qualified to
Vote at such election
I Thelpevsotis qualified tube nominated for and
I elected as aldermen of Mich city at the llr&teloc-
j tiou shall be such persons as are male liritish
| subjects of the full age of twenty-one years ami
i are not disquaiitiod under any law, and have
been tor three months next preceding the day
of nomination the registered owners in the
1 nil rcelBtry ulllce of laud or real property lu
tiie city of the value of five hundred dollars
over ami above nn) registered incumbrances
ami aie otherwise qualified to vote at sueh election or who have been for such three mouths
tiie side le.iauls in possession of land or real
property in the city of tlie value of one thousand dollars under lease iu writing for not less
than ouo yoar and are otheiwise qualified tn
vote at such election.
Oiven under my band at Urand Korks. B.C.,
ibis twenty-fourth day ol April, a. 1). 1897.
.1   A. AIKMAN,
Returning Officer.
\tj K. STAOHEi
VV ,
Bath  Rooms,
Law and Collecting Agency.
U7   G, UEPWORTH, M. D., (!. M.
Physician and Surgeon.
Mil11.1.,   MOSTREAL
OIBoo In Drug si,ui*.
11. FEATHERSTON, 1;. A..S.-I
Ami Miuiim Bnglnoci'.   NleinberofQuebficMln-
l!igSociety,   Mineri'l I'iuims Examined
iillil Hoiii.rt.il im.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Anil Civil Engineer,
Oitick, MibwAY, n..:.
Associate Membpr Canadian
G'.ci. ty   ol civil  Engineers,
Wutch Repairing My Sneoialtj.
All Work Warranted,
GRAND   CORKS,   *   *   -   -   -   C.   0,
Properties Reported i
Develepraont and  Assessment Work Supervised.
Ran ken & Campbell,
And Investment indents.
Conveyancers      i
11 cords Searched (
Grand Forks, B. 0<
Bonds of Electric, Steam
or HorseCar Railways
Persona having inininr; or other Properties that will
bear investigation, can have a Company promoted, or
uell them, hy addressing	
17 end 19 Brqadway, New i'ork City,    London offices:—Chiswell  Jlouse,  No
139 Pinsbury Pavement, London, 1*J. 0., England.
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
Qrand Forks, Uroenwood und Midway,
l^-AII kinds ot Meats Geiman SaueageK and Head Cheese Always on Hand.
Good Accommodations and the Table Supplied with the
Best the Market Affords.
Mrs.   A.   Bryant*      -     -     -     Proprietor.
Carson Shaving Parlors and   Batli Boom.
W. J. SNIDER, Proprietor,
When you want anything in my Line give me a Ball.
Jus. .le Minis liu nil' K PI   ',    p.WolllUton, I' I.S
Provincial Land Surveyors
Civil Engineers, Etc,
OfllQO ill Villi Ness'Aililll Ion with J. II. K'jutlii*!'
stun, tisKt'yi'i'.
X.iT.Mtv I'uiu.io, Etc.,
Contractor and Builder,
tilt ANU   FOURS,   B.   U.
Plana nnil Boeclftcatlona tlrawn, ostlnitites fnr-
nIshiMl nn all kimlsof bnlldliig.   Worli scrlotly
TT   S. cavi.k.y,
Sot.icrrtiii, E-i-r.,
OIBoo, Mala Street,   -   QRAND FORKS, B, B,
T       lIMiRI.-ON,
MIDWAY, 11. C,
Abstract1* Promptly Furnished.
i.ltA.-'D FORM
h   A. SHI-ADS,
Laundry  Work Done With   Neatness
uik! Dispatch,
collars  .."•'■ epi'li or *! lor 10c
Siiutll Clothing ".uu no*
Ladles' Skirls 20c eiicli.
Ladles' Waists, 20o eaclj
Woolen Blankets  50a eaoli
Grand Forks, B. C.


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