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The Grand Forks Miner Nov 19, 1898

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Array o^
THIRD  YEAR.   XO. 132
(•IRANI) FORKS, 11. C, SATl.RDAY, NO\ EMBED 19, 1898.
Attorney J. II. AilnniN of Spoknne
Droii-*.,-d Front. Ibe Cnr Plutform
r.ltfht Ml leu Well uf Hope, Idaho
—Down a Rooky Kiiilmukmcnt.
(-Inventor  uf   WnNkln-ftnn   Ismm-n  1IU ,
TlmitkNiflv Ins  I'rocliiuintloD.
Spokane, Nov. 14.—It U feared that
,1a}1 il. Adams, the well known local at
torncy, lost hia life last--evening by fall
ing from Ihe west bound Northern Pacilic train at some point along the road
between Hope, Idaho, und this city. It
is known lie entered the train at Hope
and thai he was not on board when the
train reached Spokane. Tho railroad
company hus went out two special engines and put a large number of section
hands-to work searching along the track-
hut nothing delinile has been heard here
of tho result,
Mr. Adams had been to IIopo with G.
S. Gnbbart, on business. They entered
the train together at that eity and sat
down in the same seat in the coach. Mr,
Adams, shortly afler the train started
westward, left his seat to go back to the
diner, leaving his overcoat on the seat.
That was the last time Air. Gabbart saw
Wlien the train reached Spokane Mr.
Adams did not appear. A search of the
train showed he was not on board. The
railroad officials were notified und trainmen along the line were instructed to run
slowly anil carefully examine the track
between liope and here as they passed
along. A freight train, which received
these orders at Athol, reached Spokane-
before midnight und reported that, no
trace of the missing man could be found.
On  the itm-k.H Near Hope, Where De
Fell   From   the  Trnln.
Katbdrntn, Idaho, Nov. lfi.—Stricken
by apoplexy Atloruey Jay H. Adams fell
from the ■ Northern Pacific train eight
miles west of Hope Sunday evening.
Forty-five* feet below Uie track his head
struck a projecting jagged rock, Which
crushed in his skull. His senseless remains bounded lfi feet and again 10 feet
lower down the embankment, where Hhoy
lodged. Here the reuyiins were discovered at S-ltti yesterday morning by Conductor VV, A, Dikeuuin of a westbound
freight train.' He placed Section Foreman George Connors iu charge, and on
the arrival of the Lruiu at Sandpoint
notified the local officials of the railroad
and friends,of the dead attorney.
Coroner Siibin of Kootenai county held
an inquest ou the remains of Attorney
Jay H, Adams of Spokane, who lost his
life by falling from a Northern Pacific
train eight miles west of Hope. After thc
examination of a dumber, of witnesses,
thc jury returned a verdict of accidental
death by falling from a moving train.
Mrs. Dr. C. 15. Liebcrg, the Northern
Pacilic physician at Hope, was one of tlie
principal witnesses. She testified that
hIic had know' Mr. Adams for six years
and that he had dined at her house Sunday afternoon a few hours prior to the
tragedy. After eating a hearty meal he
complained of drowsiness.
She stated that iif her opinion he had
been stricken with Apoplexy while passing from one car to another and fell from
tlie train. She said ubout six weeks ago
Mr. Adams had consulted her about his
health and had stated tnat he feared a
stroke of apoplexy. He complained of
pains in the region of thc heart and of an
oppressing feeling of fullness.
t iti if or ii In     und     Oregon     Fnetorle*
Will  Kun  Full JHiiHt.
San Francisco, Nov. 14.—There will he
more beet sugar produced in California
in the coming year than ever before in 12
months. The American Sugar Company
will have ts new plant at Santa Maria
running with a capacity of 100,000 beets
a day. The Iluencine factory will use
1000 tons of beets a day. -Spreckels' factory at Salinas, the largest in the world,
has a capacity of .3000 tons a day. Lo3
Aminos factory, near Los Angeles, owned
hy Clark, the millionaire mining man of
Montana, it is siUd, has doubled its capacity and will handle abou.V TPPj-feWMh »■
day. The Oxfoi^fa^^^-ailuiCMn^'1^.
take care of 800£tons^ Mf?8§fadW
Olympia, Wash., Nov. u.
Pogers Saturday Issued the
State of Wailing ton, Executive Department.-—A proclamation by the governor:
The people of the state of Washington are
called upon by every consideration of
duty to return thanks to the bountiful
giver of all good for, added to the usual
and ever present reasons for thankfulness
which constantly claim the attention oi
Americans, we have to acknowledge tlmt
not only have we been given the privilege of life in this, the grandest of all
thc ages, but we have also been placed in
the most favored portion of all the earth.
In no other region of equal area upon tlte
globe can be found so many marks of divine favor and with it all it is evident
that further blessings are yet to be bestowed. The course of empire moving
ever in a northwestardly direction, it is
clearly apparent tliat the shores of our
beautiful inland sea have been singled out
from thc beginning as the site and sceue
of a greater and grander development, for
the unvarying course of things during
the forty or fifty centuries of which man
has knowledge must change if here are
not one day gathered the riches of the
world. Pray God we prove ourselves
worthy actors in the drama of the future.
Now, Therefore, In conformity with
time honored and long established usage.
T, John K. Kogers, governor of tlie state
of Washington, do hereby appoint Thursday, November 24, A. D. 18!tS, a day of
pubiie thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed ■with appropriate services by all.
Let us in our homes and in our places of
worship render thanks to God for his
abundant mercies. In testimony whereof.
1 have hereunto set my hand and caused
to be aflixed the great seal of the state
of Washington.
Done at Olympia, this 12th day of November in the year of our Lord one thous-
nd, eight hundred and ninety-eight, and
of the independence of the United States
the one hundred and twenty-second.
God save the republic.
(Seal.)       J. K. UOGKKS, Governor.
Jty the Governor:
WILL 1). JENKINS, Secretary of State.
llrnkeiunn Wnllei-H und. Flremnn  Do-
renins   Madly   CriiHhed.
Starbuck, Wash., Nov. 14.—A collision
occurred on the O. R. & N. railway, three
miles east of Riparia, yesterday morning.
Two men were seriously injured. The
collision is said to have heen caused hy
a westbound freight running by without
orders. Dr. Huntington, surgeon of the
O. R. & N. at this place, was called and \
wrecking train sent out. Fireman Dorc-
inas was seriously injured, both arms being broken and it is thought he suffered
internal injuries. Urukemau Walters
sintered spinal injuries, and it is thought
other internal injuries. Both men were
taken to tlie Walla Walla hospital.
Both trains were extra freight trains,
heavily loaded. Tlie trains met on a
curve and were only a few feet apart when
seen by the engineers. All jumped and
Mr. Doremas was caught by a falling
box car loaded witli wheat. Engineer
Moran and Conductor Hoot were on the
westbound train and Engineer Tim Edd-
butts and Conductor Candish on the
castbound train.
LVcws From the Mlueral ReffloiU ot
the rueJ.tr North iveHt—PrlxeH
Won nt the Oiuuhn lCxiioKltlon—
Yukon <>uld Dredging a Failure—
The Ilecla Ih u Mine—The Sberl-
diiu   ( amp—Hitting   Notes.
1400-foot drift has been in continuous ore,
and the face of this drill is now iu seven
leet of clean, shipping ore. which assays
ti.i per cent lead and 50 ounces silver.
John A. Einch, A. P. Campbell and Pat* '
rick Clark of Spokane are the chief own- '
1 ers. Tlie Hecla is a parallel claim Lo ihe
I Tiger-l'oormau at Burke, seven miles
from Wallace. Some think its ledge .s
on eastern extension ol the great Standard mine. The present workings are at a
vertical depth of 700 feet. The company
has been shipping ore for some lime, and
it is repurted here is planning io build a
VI   H un hi nmton   They    Com plain    o
Their  Trciitinent.
Crockett factory/ owned by Rittel A,
Co., about 000 toils a day.
In addition to the California -factories
Utah is to have a.:new'one, and the new
one near Paker (Sty, Or., which had a
short run this yetjfe will be in full blast-
in 1800. The capacity of the tfaker City
factory is about .'!.» tons a day.   , i  ,..
There is a shortage oAleep watft" vessels available fo&Jio Hawaiian sugar
trade, and as a Mns^fctofc&Bifioli'bf the
product of the islands will pass through
this city, less going'TtTNew York than in
previous seasons. Three large vessels
which are engaged for the sugar traffic
are now being built on this coast.
The Kutlre Family.
Placerville, Cal., N(#.yl-rSijturrtay evening near Shingle S>pt^ngfi,i. tl\is county,
Jack Nickel shot ai& killed both his wife
and mother-in-law witli a Winchester ri-
lle. Afterward he removed his shoe frohi
the right foot and witb liis to«s-*li.soharg-
cd  the  rille at his .^^-b-W aty.   killing
Washington, Nov. 15.—Three of the
Wilmington, N. C, refugees arrived in
Washington and called at the department
of justice und an appointment for a conference with the officials was made. The
refugees are R; II. Bunting, United States
commissioner and justice of the peace;
John H. Melton, chief of police, und C. H.
Gilbert, superintendent of eity carts.
According to their statements, all were
seized without warrant and escorted to
thc railroad station by the armed and
jeering mob who shouted all sorts of insults after litem as they marched along.
"White niggers" appeared to be the least
insulting of the names with which the
crowds greeted tlhem at every step.
(OfHtflOQ on the train they were told in for-
ii#Wo, language that if ever again they set
f^'foot' in Wilmington they would be shot
on sight. They pleaded not guilty to
every charge brought against them and
insisted they were run out of the stale
for the single reason they were republicans aud refused, at the bidding of tlie
irresponsible mob, to surrender the right
of franchise.
himself almost instafitJj
(■enernl Greely nt Siirif. VrtinelHoo.
S.in Francisco, Nov. 14.—General Greely, chief signal oflicer^o.f thp United States
army, is in the city/'He"will inspect the
Troop*   fur   Duty   In   t'nlin.
Washington, Nov. 14.—With a view to
subsequent transfer to duty in Cuba the
following troops now on thc way from
Puerto Rico have been ordered to camp
at Savannah, Ga.: Batteries C and P.
Third artillery; B of Eourth artillery and
D of Fifth artillery; Troop B of the Second, cavafry and Troop H of the Sixth
. . Mtih After n Murderer.
Glasgow, Ky., Nov. 14.—The jail has
beeu hertvily guarded lo prevent the mob
taking Murderer Brown. He waived examination before Judge Bohannon yesterday and was held to' lhe circuit court.
Mrs. MeClellan und daughters are worse
today.  .
Fatal Flre.
Owbsso, jUieh., Nov, 13.—In the village
of Perry, near here, Itowe & Co.'s large
electrical    work    in ' the   .harbor.      He  livery    barn    was      burned    yesterday.
_j'«ngly   favors   the  establishment  of a
line between San Francisco and Honolulu.
The Savoy theater in London has been
deliberately reviving the charming operas
of Girhert and Sullivan, and finds its reward in as great popularity as attended
their first presentation.
Charles Taylor, one of the proprietors,
and family lived ovcr the barn. Mrs. Taylor, her daughter and a man named Clark,
were burned to death. Taylor got out,
but was frightfully burned and cut
Blind men outnumber blind women by
two to one,
l>. M. Snyder, the father of Sheridan
claim neai Republic, speaks hopefully of
the outlook there. A number of claims
are being developed, but the most work-
is being done under his direction. He
was the discoverer of the mines iu that
camp and takes a pardonable pride iu being the first of thc owners to develop the
mines by sinking a shaft.   He said:
"When 1 began work on the Zella M.
tlie rich pjy.-treak was only 14 inches in
•width, but at the depth of*70 feet it has
increased to a width of .'10 inches, and it is
even richer than it was a few feet below
tlie surface. When I sent the ore to my
partner to be assayed they had only the
richer parts of it assayed, and I remained
iu ignorance of the value of t'he other portions of the ore body until a few days
since, nud have thrown it away as waste.
I shall now save ail of the ore, as I have
learned its value, and, while some of it is
not rich enough to ship, it will pay a
handsome profit to concentrate and ship
the concentrates. A few days ago 1 had
five assays made, two of w'hich were from
the refuse that I have been throwing
on tlie. dump. One showed a value of $8.40
ill silver and $2.00 in gold, and the other
carried $0 in silver and $1.03 in gold. The
Other three were from medium to high
grade oie. and you can see by the assay-
er's certificate that there are not many
mines that can make so good a showing.''
Arrangements have been perfected to
begin active development work on the Polar Star in Sheridan camp. The work
will be done on Polar Star Nos. 1 and 2.
'l'he ledge lies several hundred feet west
of and parallel lo the Zella M. and south
of the Polar Star No. 3, upon which a considerable amount of work lias been done
and some line quartz obtained. It is undoubtedly on the same ledge as the American Flag which is regarded as one of the
coming mines of Lhat camp. The property
ii exceedingly well situated for working,
as it can be worked by tunnel or shaft
and there is plenty of timber and water
for milling purposes within a half miles
of the proposed shaft. The ledge crops out
ut Interval!- of a few bundled feet f r n
ly a mile.
Output   uf   Pierce   District".
Since there is a renewal of operations on
placer and quartz mining in tlie Pierce
district, Idaho, there is much speculation
as to thc gold output of the camp for the
year. Last season it was estimated that
about $lf>0,000 was shipped from the district, while on this season's output the
date is estimated at from $00,000 to $80,-
000. Regarding this, A. AL Ellis, the owner of valuable property in the district,
said: "It is a difficult matter to figure
on, because the gold dust is shipped to
di.Terent points, to Spokane, Boise, Salt
Lake City antl San Francisco, to business
houses nnd other places. Then the Chinese who number about 100, are shrewd
miners and never tcLl what their earnings
are, but I think that the total will be
above the $00,000 mark. There should be
a law requiring every man who ships dust
to register it so that tlie public could keep
posted on the progress of the different
camps. As it is, we can only estimate
from our personal knowledge of the different clean tips what is being done," During the sununer when there was plenty
of water it was estimated that the gold
shipments from the eamp would reach
$4000 weekly.
Claims   lu   Keno   Camp.
W. IL Oakes has returned from the
south half of the Colville reservation
where he has been to see some mining
property in which he is interested with
Henry Gardner and Arthur Curry.
Mr. Oakes says: "The claims are in
Keno camp, about 20 miles from Keller
and three miles east of the San Poil,
where we have a group of nine claims.
The principal work has been done on the
Pappoose und so far it has been most satisfactory. The tunnel is now in about 23
feet, where it taps the ledge about 20 below the surface. The ore is red carbonate, carrying gold, silver, lead and a small
percentage of copper. The assays which
have been made if an indication of worth
make the Pappoose a vuluable property.
"The entire country in tliat vicinity has
been located and many valuable finds
have been made. One property has been
bonded for $00,000 and another for $20,-
000. There is considerable excitement and
mining experts are in evidence. A number of reports are to the effect that Keno
camp is the richest yet found on the reservation.*'
Prizes nt Omuhn.
To the Editor: I beg to advise you
that tlte following awards on mineral exhibits of Washington and British Columbia were made by thc Trans-Mississippi
and International Exposition and medals
arc now being struck:
Washington state collection of gold, silver, popper and lead commercial ores—Silver medal.
Republic Gold Alining Company—Exhibit gold ore, bronze medal.
Kemp-Komar Copper Mining Company
-Exhibit copper ore, bronze medal.
British Columbia—Gold, silver, copper,
ond lead commercial exhibit, silver medal.
Kcco Mining Company—Argentiferous
lead ore, bronze medal.
Ix'inon Gold Mining Company of British Columbia—Gold ore, bronze medal.
This covers nil applications for awards
in the two exhibits and makes a creditable showing under the circumstances. Re-
speetfullv yotirs,
An Idaho Mine.
Another great silver-lead mine hdk been
added lo the list of Canyon Creek's producers. Before tho general public was fairly aware that the Hecla was a mine, it
has suddenly developed into a mine'of
the first class. Tlie last 400 feet of the long
i*.-ullar   llnpiM-uiiiKN    In     All    Uuar-
(en   of   tin!   Olobi—Ulsbn-ps   nnd
IliMiiilvi-nturf *—- Crime*    nud     t,'u«-
ii ;i 11 j.-— Hns | in*'.*.       und     Peifiouul
Item*—General News uf All Kind*.
IlredftfiiK   tlie   Vukon.
Dredging for gold ou the Yukon river
and its larger branches has so far proven
a  failure.    Many  thousand dollars have
been invested in one dredging scheme and
another, but no apparatus has yet been
found that will save tlie Hour gold of the
river beds in quautitie, that pay.   Several
*   * I mama*'c
steamers fitted with elaborate machinery
for dredging have tried all the rivers from
Koyukuk to thc Hoolilinqua. Tlie result
hus been practically the same. In all of
the river burs Hour gold was found, but
the machinery on the ".learners would not
save it. The Hootalinqua and Ixnvia rivers have been worked to a greater extent
than the brunches lower down. Some of
llie companies still have hopes of making
the dredging proposition pay after more
experiment, but tlie outlook is poor.
Uk Mining Suit.
The formal arrangements for the transfer of $204,000 by Alvin/.a Huyward's and
the Hobart estate to J. J. Groom, receiver, in the suit of M. W. Fox against the
Hale & Norcross Silver Mining Company
was perfected in Judge Hubbard's court.
It developed that the. Grayson board of
directors of the Hale A Noreross Silver
Miniug Company would resist the payment of Mr. Groom to thc stockholders
of the Hale & Noren>ss company of any
part of the. judgment. A suit will be
brought immediately to prevent any disposition of the judgment, money on the
ground that it should be paid info lhe
treasury of the company and not be distributed among the stockholders,
CollllllMll   IMlU'lM'H.
Considerable prospecting is being done
on some placer . locations on the west
banks of the Columbia river about eight
miles below Kettle Falls. The black sand
and gravel runs well iu colors and an effort is being made to save a large amount
of the very tine gold which is readily
Washed away in the panning process. The
ground is rich enough so that preparations are being made to work the property ull winter.
Mluliiif-   N~o(on,
Word lias been received that a strike, of
six feet of ore averaging $28 in gold lias
been made in the Evening Sim, Ymir
ciunp, at a depth of 53 feet.
A ^ood strike in n.t....ud iu imu Doug-
last, 22 miles south of Drummond, Mont.,
near the Sunrise, and eight miles west of
Stone station. Tlte ore is wliite quartz
and runs rich in gold. Thc property is
owned by Cleveland parties, who expect
to erect a mill soon. Assays of the ore
run as high as $7o per ton.
The Red Lodge Minors'- Union caused
circulars to be issued notifying all miners wiio come to tlmt city to procure
work iu the mines that if t'hey are not
in possession of transfer or traveling curds
from the Western Federation they are expected to apply for membership in the lo-
oal union within 30 days after securing
lt is rumored that machinery of some
new invention in the shape of a device
for catching aud saving the flour gold
in the Clark's Fork river in Montana will
shortly be set np near there. The promised experiment will bc watched with considerable interest, and if it proves successful the silver men hereabouts will repudiate the doctrine of the while metal
and become gold bugs, pure and undefined.
Lust month there were seven carloads
of concentrates shipped from mines of thc
Vermilion Alining Company, of Missoula
county, Montana, to the East Helena
smelter, from whicli good returns are reported. Tli is month double that number
of cars will be shipped, and before long
the Vermilion district will have a place
in the list of good producers. W. J.
Stephens' mine, the Hidden Treasury, at
Clinton, has been developed to such a
stage that shipping will be commenced.
The ore will be shippod to Butte for treatment. With the Vermilion properties
and the Hidden Treasury making money,
Missoula will have two new and excellent feeders.
Chicago hae 048 churches.
New York City's annual budget is $03,-
The Ant troops for Cuba will leave
about November 22 under Brigadier General Carpenter,
Mi-. George Hear of Kansas City committed suicide just one week after her
Mure Instruction*  Drafted,
Washington, Nov. 14.—The cabinet held
session Saturday night at which instructions understood to be-of a positive
Character bearing on the Philippine question wero drafted for dispatch to thc
American commissioners in Parts. 'fhesc ■ ■*. ■*...
instructions were Uhe outcome of the ago last September they murdered aud
conference held earlier in the day, and robbed Ludwig Herman, a veteran soldier,
instruct the American representatives to  They will be held and tried for the crime,
Much   of the illness among troops at
Manila  is due to their indiscreet eating
land drinking.
The battleship Texas is in drydock and
being placed in fighting trim ut the Brooklyn navy yard.
Hypnotism was employed by a New
York hospital surgeon in subduing an epileptic putient, who had overcome five
The diphtheria epidemic in the western
part of Scioto county, ()., is becoming
The 22d Kansas regiment, now en route
to Manila, will vote on the state election
in mid ocean.
Lord Aberdeen at a banquet in Ottawa.
Canada, spoke eloquently in praise of the
United States.
General Blanco will leave Cuba November 2U, and Pando will be iu command of
tlie Spanish forces.
Inhabitants of Bellefontaine, 0., are
alarmed over the rapid spread of smallpox, and hundreds of people are being
vaccinated daily.
A patty of seven gold hunters from
California is reported to have been en-
gulled iu quicksand recently near Luke
Bennett, Alaska.
A new republic was born tin November
1, called the United States of Central
America, composed of Nicaragua, Salvador and Honduras.
Extraordinary activity prevails iu
Rrltlsh naval and military circles in Hong
Kong. England is ready to tight all Europe, if necessary.
The abode of the Virgin Mary was given liy the sultan of Turkey to the emperor of Germany and by Uie latter to
the German Catholics.
Moonshiners in Cleburne county, Ark.,
are making war on Informers aud tlte law
abiding clement and troops may bc necessary to quell the trouble.
Uiiitid States Consul Hanna al SaB
Juan, Puerto Rico, warns Americans tu
remain away from the island at present
There is no work for mechanics.- clerks
or laborers.
Pear Admiral Miller, who hoisted the
stars aud stripes over Hawaii, advocates
the Nicaragua canal and the construction of a large number of tirst class battleships of high speed.
A party of boys playing Hallowe'en
pranks iu Toledo, 0., frightened un aged
woman, Mrs. Sanger, so badly that 8he
died before the arrive! of a physician.
The lirst test of Krupp armor plate
was made at Bethlehem, Pa. Three shots
were tired from au S-inch gun, thc pro-
jectile weighing 253 pounds, and the velocity ranging from 1S00 to 2000 feet per
second.    The plate was not cracked.
The Grand Army of the Republic is
formulating plans for its national encampment., which wili bc held in Philadelphia next sununer. At that meeting it
will be decided whether soldiers of the
Spanish-American wur shall bc admitted
to the association.
A dispatch from Topeka, Kas., says
that complaints are being received there
by the state board of railway commissioners regarding the scarcity of grain
cars at many Kansas point-?. The complaints say that it if-: Impossible to get
curs to handle the grain.
A peculiar disease has broken out
among the horses in the north part of Carroll county, Ind., und several huve died.
The animals' throatB become Inflamed so
thut they cannot swallow, and consequently they starve to death. There
seems to be no remedy for the disease.
The transport Peru has arrived ut Su i
Francisco from Manila. There were 1500
United Stutcs soldiers sick ut Manila
when thc Peru sailed and smallpox was
spreading rapidly among the troops. The
tilth poured inlo the canals by the Chi*
llese is a proliHc source of disease.
John Hubbard and William    Lamont.
who are  now  serving time  in  the state
house of correction at Toua, Mich., conlid
1 io three fellow prisoners that a year
fommt-iiil*. I.n Jm-i-t-iiN«- Iii the
.Miiiih.-r ut* Ollicers aud un Increase
iii ll.c Pay of Those Serving lu
tin* l'..r.*lKn i ulon)e*i «.f tin- United
copper deposits along ihe soutli shore ol
Lake Superior, •■elebriited liis Ulth hirili-
dny ia Cleveland, O., the other day. In
the early forties he landed at Copper Harbor, and wiih tno Indians as guides went
on foot to Milwaukee, prospecting as be
went. It vas iu IHU that he opened the
first mines.
Kmperor William is expected   to  visit
Cadiz on or about i*.oveiul>er 2(1.
David Kahmveiler, inventor uf the cork
jn Let life preserver, died iu Xew Votk.
Japan is expected to prohibit seal ami
oiler hunting along its ooaat next year.
.Mary Alexander die-t in St. JJouii lasl ; Washington, Nov. 11.—Ailimuiit. Gen-
Wednesday at the remarkable age ol 113 oral Cm-bin hns issued bis annual report
years. to  tin* secretory    of  w.u'.    a contain*
fhe Bank of Spain has advanced to the much of a statistical nature alwut the
treasury 60,000,000 pesetas for currant ex- armies of the United States, including
penies. the regular and roluntcei branches. Gen-
Xhe outbreak of yellow fever In Havana ! eral Corbin saysi
Is causing great anxiety among American
ollu-ials there.
T, 11. Potter, the founder ol* Ihe. Cobdcil
Club, the onee fatuous free Lrade organization, died in London,
Daniel K. Kennedy, of Lynn, Mass., who
wa.s BUpposed to have been murdered in
Portland, Me., has turned up aliv
"Since the signing of ihe protocol the
olli,ers and men oi Un- volunteer re'ri-
ments have remained at their p.>sls of
duty, in most ia-i*.- at greal personal sae-
rili.e. 'lhal they haw* done this cheerfully and without complaint, makes it all
; the more desirable tliat a speedy increase
i ...   ii...  n--iu.il   army  be  provided  for,  in
from  further service and be allowed   to
return to their peaceful vocations."
Genera] Corbin has ihe following lo say
concerning the increase of the regular
"The organization of the cavalry, artillery and infantry regiments has stood the
test of trial in battle and received the
approval of those in command; so that
the increase of the line of the army demanded by our new possessions should
be by addition of the necessary number
of regiments organized as are those, now
in service.
SJiort of Officers.
"The number of officers should bc Increased by one lirst lieutenant to each
troop, battery and company. This would
"liable lhe department lo meet thc demands lo various details required hy law
and then leave the troops officered for
proper discipline and instruction, and in
war allow ibe appointment of sufficient
generals and general stall' officers, without destroying the efflcency of the army.
"At the beginning of thc present war
some -100 officers were appointed to the
stall' and volunteer regiments.
"Many  regiments  were  sent  to  battle
Germany, Ithi stated, will not show her ; order that tlie Vl,iimUier3 nwy be rdeafied
hand in the Philippine controversy until \ trnm   fm.rw  „,„.-,;,.„ Q„,i  *.„ ..u,.,.,
the negotiations take a more definite form.
The Venezuelan arbitral ion court had
received over 2200 documents in Knglish.
Spanish uud Dutch, covering four centuries.
The critical political and military situation in Kurope has caused a sharp advance
iu prices of provisions in all the markets
of Uhe world.
Douglass Island, Alaska, now has several gold stamp mills with an aggregate
capacity for the reduction of 2.500 U>n> of
ore per day.
The Turkish troops at Ketimo. Island of,
Crete, having refused to leave peaceably, |
have been forcibly removed bv the Hus* ■
siati admiral.
It is believed by many well-in formed '■.
persons in Manila that a conflict between j
the Americans and Filipinos i-. ultimate* j
ly unavoidable.
Benjamin -Smith and wife, aged 00 year* ]
respectively, traveled on foot all tlie way '
from  Whitehall, Greene County,  III.,   to
Chillicoilie. 0.
At, ;i religious meeting in Kan-;,:.- City j
Mrs. dennie Walker expressed a desire to !
die and had hardly tinished when .-die sank :
to ihe floor dead.
in the Koque district in Cuba heavy ■ with scarcely more than one ollicer to the
floods have ruined sugar cane and fruit company. It is difficult now, with the
crops which have just been planted for ! sick and wounded officers tor the depart-
the lirst time in bhree years, I incut to get ..ne ollicer to the company,
At North Grafton, Mass., aposseof citi- Und then frequently there have been two
zens Hiirrounded three burglars who liad companies with but one officer. The in-
broken into the postoflice ami eaptured
admit of no further discussion as to the
right to consider the disposition of thc
islands, and state that on that point tlie
instructions already xent must stand, the
only matters for discussion from tho
American view being the matter of giving
over the islands.
Iliere were only four members of the
cabinet present—Secretaries Hay,    Alger j up with the farmers for holding h
and Wilson and PostnuisterGcnonil Smith, .better prices.
—  Nikola Tosla bas invented an apparatus
Another Trolley Held I'll. by means uf  which electrical  power    at
Spokane, Nov. 14.—The Minnehaha car .high pressure ean be conveyed thousands
was held up by two masked men Satur- of miles through air and utilized coin-
day night.    The robbery was committed   mercially.    Thc system  is to convey tho
which has hitherto been a mystery.
The remarkably small accumulations
of wheat at thc principal shipping point.-*
lead experts to believe that farmers are
about lo unload their wheat on the market almost unanimously, demoralizing
prices and creating a panic. The sharjw
and gamblers are getting  ready  to even
ek for
two and killed one of them.
Jamaica negroes arc invading Cuba in
huge numbers. They aie vicious, lazy and
sMftlew people and add io the-number ol
destitute to be rescued from starvation by
the l'nited States government..
The navy department has decided to revoke the contracts for the construction oi
four .-ingle-turret monitors and make new
contracts for building four double-turret
monitors capable of going to sea.
A spoeies of elk, with enormous antlers,
has been discovered in the Olympic mountains, of the slate of Washington, by Professor Elliott of the Field Columbia Museum, Chicago, and named "Roosevelt,"
A-tale of fearful sulVeiing js told by the
captain and crew ot' the schooner Jennie
F. Willcy, which was wrecked in a recent
West Indian storm. They drifted about
for three weeks with nothing to eat but
raw fish.
The damage by fire, smoke and wafer to
the capital buildings in Washington is nol j
so great as at first supposed, and it i*s believed the repairs will nol cost more than j
$20,000 and can be made before congress
A negro lynched two years ago at -Mays-
Held, S .C., for murder, is said to havo lefl j
a written statement, which has just been |
found, confessing that he murdered the
Woolfolk family, for which Thomas Wool
folk, the eldest sou, was hanged, protesting his innocence.
The torpedo boat destroyer Farragut,
during her trial trip at. San Francisco, had
made 'M\ miles nn hour when the air pump
broke down. For 42 minutes she made
31.30 knots an hour. 'Fhe contract requirements call for a speed of >ii) knots an
Nancy Sweeney, aged US years, the oldest woman iu Louisville or the state of
Kentucky, Ls passing away peacefully al
the Home for thc Aged and lnlinu in
Louisville. She is sinking quietly to resl
because the vital organs and the life force-
have become exhausted.
crease proposed would in uo way give a
greater number of ollicers than required.
im-r**iisi*  ot  Pay,
"Oflicers sewing in lhe West Indies and
Philippines will .is a rule be .separated
from their families and their living es.-
pensea greatly increased. It is recommended that all officers below the rank
of major, while so serving, shall have the
p^y and allowance of the higher grade.'1
(Jeneral Corbin recommends that the
men of the national guard who entered
the regular army be readmitted to their
Hate organizations, liis advice is Unit
the members of the national guard at the
yearly state encampment be made dependent for their subsistence on the anny
ration lo be furnished by thc state au-
thorites, or ration returns, and cooked
hy the troops in precisely the same manner as in actual serviee iu the lield. This
.vould give them the same self-reliance
which characterizes the regular soldier
on active duly.
Droj f ii .*t
1'miiiI  l're
Tn-meil    With
M'll     I'l-lllllllt.V.
in a lonely, unfrequented place near wher.
the street car truck crosses tho Great
Northern. There were no passengers ou
thecal* at the time, but George Kjolethor,
the motormon, was relieved of $.'.2, a silver watch and several articles of smaller
value. Kjolether is one of the special policemen sworn in under Mayor Olmsted's
current  to a  great  elevation,  where tho
rarefied atmosphere is capable of conducting freely the particular current produced.
Then to maintain a second terminal, also j
at fl  great elevation,  where  the  current j
can lie collected nud conveyed    to    the
The life insurance romjxintes doing bu
proclamation, but he had no revolver InessJn Canada have agreed hereafter not
with him at the time, and would have to accept risks on the lives of married
had small chance to use it if he hod.        I women   unless  they hnppen  to  be    the
_—  'bread winner* of the family; or, in other
Fow Is are plucked alive in Malta, in thc words, wholly independent of their hits-
public markets, and in aome parts of En- bands. The decision was arrived at with
gland4 a view of cheeking the crime of wife mtir-
\evt   York   RefflttlCni   In   Honolulu   in
lit* lirmiuiit Home,
San Franelseo, Nov. 1 I. The First reg
iment New Y'ork volunteer Infantry now
doing duly at Honolulu his been ordered
home by the unr department. Majoi
General  Morriiim. comin-indor of  this  de
partment, received todaj a dispatch froni
thc war department inst meting him to
recall the First New York rogbnenl Imme
liatoly.   The Aral detnchinont of the Km
pire slate will arrive here on Docombci
0. and will be furnished transportation
New York at once. The retiiaindei
of the regiment will arrive ou Uk- 2oth
und will also proceed to thole native stAtd
without delay.. This sudden and rutWI tin
expected recall of tho New York rciritnetn
from Honolulu is tlie result of the recommendation made to the w.ir depart
ment by General Mcrriam on Friday. Tht:
last report received by the department
commander from Brigadier General Kin-j
showed that the regiment* was badly otl
from a sanitary ]>oint of view, as mail}
of tbe men were ill with fever and tht
dread disease, seemed  to bc increasing.
A leading physiciau says thai pepper is  der for insurance,
deadly poison to the system. |    John  Hays, who discovered the
Will   Not  Touch   Spnln.
London, Nov. 14.—A dispatch to tht
Observer from Berlin suys:
The German Imperial party will not land
at any Spanish port. Owing to Spain's
interpretation of the visit as n manifestation of sympathy with Spain in Kct
present difliculty, she will have to forego
the pleasure of a formal visit from the
Nov. 13.—Madame Dreyfus, it ii
said, has applied at the oflice of the colonial minister for permission to send her
hn-band some warm clothing for his return home. Her request wa.s refused, ou
the ground that the government would
do whatever was necessary.
At the same time thc authorities read
to her a letter from her husband to the
effect that, having for live months addressed appeals lor a revision to General
De. Boisdelfre without getting any reply.
and iK'ing wearied ami exhausted, by his
useless appeals, he would write no more
to his family or to anybody. He described
himself a- ill and dying, and bequeathed
'to lhe generosity of any country the
•aie ot rehabilitating my memory."
Mine. Dreyfus then asked permission
mi telegraph hei husband the decision of
the court of cessation. Thi-; request was
also refused,
Then, through a friend, she appealed
to President Faure, but with no better
results. Her counsel will bring the matter before lhe court oi cassation.
The inn ii i StirrcyM Con Untie,
New York, Nov. 11.- -It i^ learned that
thc war with Spain has not. delayed the
surveys of the Nicaragua canal to an appreciable cMcnt and practically all parties have -cut in their notes to be platted.
al present the surveys of the east and
west entrances avo so far completed that
iccumte estimates can be based upon
ihem. Of the various proiK.ned. dam sites
nol hing better has ben decided as yet.
Mili<nim   Pntrol  in Hiiviinn.
Havana, Nov. H.—Tlie military pre-
•auiious in this ciiy continue, regulars
doing patrol duty, bcinp quartered in fhe
tqunrefl and streets of the town. It is
said the ringleaders in Tuesday's rising
will  be arrested.      Everything is quiet.
oivin|-.iii Pioneer Dead.
Olyinphi, Nov. 14.—Joshua    Miller,   a
pioneer,  died   Saturday   at liis  home  at
Bush  prairie.    UN death  was the result
of a fail while picking fruit
MioemnkeiV   Strike.
Marlborough. Masp.. Nov. lo.- The joint
executive council nf the hoot and shoe
workers' unions yesterday ordered out
2000 employes in seven factories.
Tt wns 300 years ago, in Florence, that
the tirst grand opera was produced. Gkeeswood i» ranking  rapiJ   strides   to
*9m*mm+mm0**am*9*>^w0mt*Mt^mt^*M*0^**^m0**^m0^*0    wunli- 1..-. ouiuig tin- Bu uncial   centre ot   "'«   To I'eter T. UcOtllUW and J.  K. Johnson, Jui
THE MINEK li priii.*--! on Saturdays, and will ; d.Mri I. Haseade the nevfpuper centre, und i j,*,.- of the Peace.
Canada or the ' Qruud Folks hold* the lior.nrn ol being   thi
Sealed tenders will be received by the   under-
.-lirued np till >lX o'clock, p, ni. nn   Fridav   the
__     .,.,.,,.,, ,    „i rwinir   im-       T*KK KOTICK  THAT   IT   IS   MY   INTKN- \ jsih inst. Ior the cutting and dellverlujr   at the
be mailed to any oddrosalu Canada or tholGrutid forks hold* Hie bocon '" ^"'K  ,ue ; .'-,.,, ,'1>lv H, the i.cxt sl.tiiie.of the Uoeu-   Power Honte of 800 cordi or more Ol  four foot.
Tolled States for one vear on receipt of WO I uduiOti and KbolnHlle centre. ,luK coml for the lower portion of |Je WfJOM , Tmnaiai-t or rur wood, dry   or   txnen.       Wood
iiiiieuBiMwii'roiiijeainii   ■-     , | mm     -*-, ^  -Artou of Yiiie DUttitH to-tie held »' Grand j ni-IS( be j-^rfi-ctlv cawed.   The lowest  or   uny
TM  -*.***«. - I-  I ""*   ol   .h,™.^^^
WW ■.«-» to. "I »I ""iv--   Tl,e   f-J-MgU ^S^^%,S 'SSSH 	
rranll .1 not *-i-in to Have uny iptdal »ib-   Jj Kdwtnj,. Kerry. ! — —  "	
===== , ,. ! i..lir-,,.i?ort,B.n;;^r,iToi Qran(j Forks Townsite Co.
Arrga n due M-tumii ol mutual rtpiftnatwii   i)e(.t.ljlbt.r( w*.
dollars,   ^tngle ooptes five cents.
rate of $2 per column inch per moiuh.
transient advertisements Inserted at
the rati' of lf» cents per nonpareil line Und
Insertion. AdvcTtisi-ineiiiR running (or a
shorter i*riod than three months ureclassed
transient. i
COUKRSlMiNDKNTR from every part Ol Ul**
Yale DUtrlel and eoiQiimnfi-alionf upon live
topics always a< reptidile. Send in your
newB while It Is fresh, and we will do the
JOB PRINTING turned out In tlrs'-rliiw*- style
at the shortest notice.
Andres* F. H. UcCARTER A ROSS.
*M ^^^
situated | Growl Korks, Kor. llth, lug*. city Clerk
aa tu bow it ail happened, vie nre offie-nlly
>-.f<>rui--d tliut llie ruilwu, problem in Hnully
eel I lid.
TaKM lire Buil. l.ul let um I,..p.: glorion*.
Iu\h, f..r tll-ute hIio tldiik t hi tbey lmve got
ih»>.aril* will, ii lei e<* it...tun) it.
KOTICK Ib hereby riven, lhat (be underaliro-1 * TOTIClt   IS   HEREBY   niVBS
. ,1*i,,i,..„ Kl., mil. Iv   W   llie    l.ieon»e   Comffllf-    1^ 8|.eeliil meelllix "I tlie Bliarel...
-i.n''*r»   of  tlie   ritv   ol IJ rnii.1 Forks, .it their | *   *■ (jRANO _ FORKS TOWI.SI
Some   . 1 lilt- ra.l.ii.y   M.il'ieB won't   t-tiiii.l
ami Folks. B. <*.
r. n. m.-cabteb. s«	
G. Hiai. M.Cahtkii ...
ni**. Bitting*, lora llcenstj t. .ell liquor liy retnl
on Uie i.reiiiiBes kumiii lis The S.-ll.irt*  ll.e.el nil
lot —, b!oek -, in tin- Cily nf (Irflinl i-'nrks, II. C.
Hnie.1 this nth dny nf November, UM.
tilers .il" the
      SITE   COMPANY. Limited l.i.ibilliy. will i.e held ut the
t.llieu of the nudenlgnod on   Kiverside Btreet,
fifeT-OFFICE-Next Post Office.
(MeUill Univ.)
Coroner fnr Orand ForkB Mining Division
of Yule lliBlnet.
OFFICE:- JiihileeHoBpltMl, Orand Forks, B. C.
Carson Lodge I. O. O. F. No. 37-
nlng at* o'ehK-k In llieli hall at
Canon. B    c   a iwdial Invlta-
tion extended toall sojourning brethren.
«M   M. CLARK, NU.
II. M. OEMS, Seeretery.
.1 Knight 1. biiil-liiig
'glvihgdu) is next  TluirBdiiy  on   llie
if M. K. Migmv M ill Boon
tlie bCttt   beer
is next
■Mill ll.Bl.
The new store r
be Hi ish.*I.
Oran.l Forks M
Unit is mude.
I'tle IllUhamhier lefl Thursday morning  for
IheCnm 'Uf nine fnr llie winter.
_^^mm^mmm,mmm^^^mmmmwmMiHi-BMm    I    Tlie-neiiil bull   to lie  given   next Thursday
— "*      evOllllIH 111 Ylelnrin liall, i.ininls... In he a gliuid
0*ing to the failurejof t' e stttre company to bring our "patent" lro-n Marcus
The MINES has been delaytd tv.o --avs.
Who is at fault we are unable
to state, but can assure our readers
that it will DOt occur a rain, having mare i T'liBiiitsgliliig Turkey
arrangemrnts to print the  paper all  at, 4A Btnge line hns ueen put ou the route between   y','^''['[",'.''
home in tbe future. | ihle ciiy and Ureenwood yia Nla*farn.    Thoy      Dated .hia
D'liod at arnnd Eo.ks, B.C., Ibis lOih dny nf
Novemher, IM1*,
| '1 lie Orand Forks Sinv Mill isnuee more cut-
: ting lumber right nud Wit, biivliitfgut their lug
, chute ill wurl.ni-..nrder.
1 If y. u nwe this piip.r hi yliing j.lease send 11
■ U\. nb the t.lilor  nee.is  a fen   -'plunks"   fnr a
NO'! ICK i-herel.y L'lveu. lluil the iii.dersien-
ed Intends to apply in lhe License Cointnlssi.ni-
erai.f the City nt tlrnlul Forks, al their next
sit-leg, f.iraSiilnnn license In Hell llqiuii by re
t.ill nn the prelilises known lis the OVHl'.d
lontr.ilSHlnon, nn p.! |] block No.
t In nl liriin.i ForkB ll. c-
lluted this 111th dny Of Nnvemher, 1S3S.
In   the
Solicitor, Etc.,
Orand Forks, B. C, Monday, the ■»]**• •^SCdSn^K.To""' **"*
 Stock It now Almost Complete at	
W. R. Megaw's
day of November, 1898.
nt thf hour of three o'clock In the Afternoon,
ini di.' |mi|.i.N" of -.•.■iisi-ii-iinK ftmi, if tli-cmod
ndviseaqle, riispositis ot the whole or a.iy pBrt
of the asRel", lijihtu powers, prtvllftfft'll ard
irnnehises of the <:oni[mi.y to BUfll   |ierMll1   or
company and upon such tcrrmt nud condition*
itM the uluireholilers may di-em iiitvlcenlile. and
to tiaiiPiict ditch other buHlticfli* oi may he lawfully brought hefore the meeting.
See ret 11 ry.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
-**-**-*. Civil Engineer, Etc
TIip revival ol the board of trade in n move
In the right direction. Thin nrtrnriu/ition
di'l nonio goad worlt in behalf of the Kettle
River Valley railwnv charter IhkI winter, and
ne that nam** Bfftit will eome before the np-
t-rniirbiiiii* feitrioii of the dominion purlin-
ment at Ottawa, there will Ijp p'ent.v of work
tor thii organization to do in the Fnme line
tho coming nrlntcr In thin B'niggle l«ft
jenr the only object the penpla of tl e Round-
hty conn try 'had, in making untight to 8e-
eure tin* Corbin charter, was to secure the
COPPtraction of ft railway ttrongh the din-
trict at once. TUej had no oxtevencoB what
ever SgaUutt tlieT. IV It     What they wanted
.\peet 10 make Uie round trip daily.
TheG1 and Forka Mercantile Comtatty have
moved their liny M-a.eis from tbeir old locution
to in front nf their utore building
Mm. 11 Folger has gone east 10 Kpmul the
winter. While nway she will visit tricuds in
Londou, lhiiniltou iit.d Toronto, Oi.tario.
The shcad's luillding is completed
NOTICE In hereby, given, that the under-
ilmied lutcudf to unply tn the Mcciiko Com*
uiissioiiem of the I'iiy nf Uraud Fnrltx, nt their
I next Pitting, for a license tn Nell Honor by retail
■ on 'he pri-mbe* known us the >tnckholm ITotel.
j r-iiniited on lot fl, hkii k I, iu the ebv of firand
lOih dny oi November, 1WH.
NOTICE in hereby clV'-ii.thttt lhe undersigned
Inteudti to Hjiply to the l.tcenwt (JonttnlHtiouerti
nf the city of Grand Korks, at thei. next sitting,
for a liceiiw tu sell liijunr hy retail on the pre-
mises nnow 11 ns (he Windsor Hotel on lot No.
ud  will   14, block No.-.', in the City of Uraud Forka, Il t;
Dated thia 10th
, dav of Nov.. 1MIB.
i tbeir appearunce-i In thu city.   They tra of tne
1 poorest kind and can easily be dotuuted.
wnaJtraniportationb.cilitiPHunl  thevwont-i    The new city lock-up t.s nui what  you   might
.   I C'lll bll
be occupied by a^Mr Walker oi.Mlnueiipolis.wlio
will open*,! stuck of boom uud 'shoes aud gen I'd
furtiithiug good--.
'I he work being  dune by   Mr.  Fox,   on   the
tioldcu Kagle. nhich was recently  bonded for j    .,»-,.„,-,,  ,      ,'     7        .,   . ..     ,    .
'   , ,„.,,.,,        , NOIKE ia hereby given,   that   the   under-
986,000 by a Syndicate of Bugliah capital is aaid I tlgned luteudi to apply to tho License Com-
10 be very satisfactory. mwilouerabf the City of Grand Forks, nt
! their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor
During tie past week a number  of  counter- : i,y retail ou the premises known as the  Pro-
felt lu.'.f dollars und two-bit pieces bave   male ', vlwce Hotel, on lots 18. block S, plan 22, iu tbe
1 ity of Grand Forks. B. t'.
They   locked
ed thera quick, nnd il they lnnl bad nuy port-    .      . ...      ., , ,      ,,     ,
^      ' ■ ~; drunk up In lt Ihu other night and he beat the
tiveauurancolthat theC. P. n.>n,ild have | ulg,|t ,H,11L.tiimll „crojW the ^nd to get a suii.e.
eommenced   the'Teonatruction   of   tt    rood I     ..     .,.,,.      ..,,»■
, *• ,       rrovluelal Constablu Dliisinoie mourns tiio
tbroagb th.l.MtricMhm Pennon there would i0ss oM.Ib socks, some one haniig stole IllCUl
hnve iieeir pnicttciilly no tight made 111 favor t(iv of the clot haa line Monday evening of thin
of the Corbin charter I week.
Thia w-asoo tht^ritnntlnn Is entirely ilif. | Mr. tllsV_ uutley, a mixologist of twenty•
f.-rent. The p-uple of the Boundary country ■ five years experience aud recently of the Holt-
have a. grievance, and if we Bre|not Qbad'y man House, UonHlaud, hi $ been place in charge
iniataken trlU{riae   up^enmnBae^ittKl {seitdMfl   of the Alberta bar.
jvroteat loOttawalng'iinKi-the highwnv rob-      Jjlds will bo iccoivod hy F. II.   Knfzht. up
Wry that have^beeDjprnctlced ay the JO. V It.
from oa^eodjofjt-he'd is trict to the other.
Not lwin< stiti-fl -d with receiving one of
the largest lund.'griintsjever known in Uie
history ol tlie'provinee, find a cusli bonus of
Duted thia Utb day of Novoml>cr, 1908.
Notice is hereby yiveit ih.itthc undersigned
iu tends to apply tn the Lie use CVhimlssioiie'S
of the City of Uraud Forks, at their next siu-
in *, for 11 lieenie to sell liquor by retail oil the
premlsas known ns the Criterion Hotel on iut 1.
block :i, in the City of Uraud Forks, B. C.
Dated this nth day of November. 181W.
Situate In lhe (Irand Forks  Mlnfi g Division of
Yale District.   Where located*In   Wellington camp.
Take notice that I. .Inhn A   Cor veil, as agent
forC. Van Nef-w,    Free JMI Iter's ' Certilicate No,
7WW8, intend, sixty dnys from   date   hereof,  to
npply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certilicate
of Iniproveiti  tits, for the purpose   of obtaining
n crown (jranl of'he above claim.
And further take notice  thnt   action,  under
Section B7. must bo commenced before lhe  issuance of such Certilicate nf Improvements.
Dated this iiS.h day ol October, 1U3S.
Situate iu tbe Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located:—Iu Uro.vn's
Camp adjoining tbe i'athfiuder Mineral
T\KK NOTICE tbat 1, Smith Curtis as ag-
sent for Baoiiell sawyer Free Miner's
Certilicate No. 18810A, Anthony J. McMillan Free Miner's Certllleate No 82D2A.A. William Hitrt-MnHarg Free Miner's Certificate
N i, 8II8HA find Smith Curtis Free Miner's
Certitieate No. M328A, Intend, Sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purt-ot-e of obniiuiiiti a Crown Grant of the
nbove claim.
And further take notice that act ion w under
section 87, must he commenced before the is-
siuutce of such Certllleate of Improvements
Dated this lath day of September. 1R96.
Provincial Laud Surveyor
Aod Civil Engineer.
Office, Midway, h. c
Associate  Member Canadian
Society   of  Civil   Kimineers.
Barber Shop.
Centrally Looated.   All Work Gnurantced to be
First-Clnss in every Respect.
PETER A. Z- PAI1E,     -      -      PROPRIETOR.
We have a splendid assortment
in Heavy Serges, Covert Cloths,
Fancy Bouele Tweed effects, etc.
Also Puncy Silk Plaids, Braids
and other Dress Trimmings, und
a new lot of Ladies' Cloth Jackets and Caps. In onr Staple Department we showini? Heavy
Blankets, Balmoral Light Blankets: Flannels, Flaunetettes,Sheet-
iiigH, Ginghams, Prints, Etc.
Department is well Riled with
many new tines comprising well
known American and Canadian
manufacturers best efforts. Also have Carpet Slippers and Rubbers for men, women and Children, and Heavy High Shoes for
Miners'and Prospectors.
We have added many new goods to our
Grocery Department
and now can give you good attention !n this line.    Hoping to receive a 9
sharge of your patronage I remain
Yours Respectfully, s
H. SWEENEY, Manager.
Fairview Livery Barn
Fairview, B. C.   jt jt
Jt   Jt   J*
Pi-ospectors Stable jtjt
Orand    Forka,   B.   C.
jt   jt   jt
Livery, Feed S and^t Sale Stables.
First-class   Livery  Riffs, Pack and Saddle Horses always ou hand.    We make a specialty of
taking passengers to auy part of the district.
Hmitii culrris.
Situate in tbc Craml Forks Mining Division of
Yale   District   Where    located i—Brown.s
• ARE NOTICE that I, R.A.Brown, free miner's
certificate No. 8086A, intend, sixty Hays frnm
thc date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Grown U rant of the above
claim.   And further take notice that action, under section 0, must be commenced before thc
Issuance of snch certllleate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of October, iwis.    |ol*n26]
Grand Forks. Nov. 10th, 1808.
■   Notice is hereby given that the partnership
hitherto existing between A. Trim ti wiser and
I till Wedi.c-.diiv the&Jrd duy ol November) for  A. W. Frazer, In the hotil hUKinei-s, under the
I building' » house 20x I5, two stories.   Metis and I 'ir»<-'(»»»»« "f Twin wiser * Fraser has been by
.     , ,-.,.,,, „.,     , i iiintiiiil ciiiiHcnt   dlssnhed.     All  ncenuntH due
I pirtiuuuiKiit ki'lgbt s bakery   lhe lowest or  the said Arm will  be collected by  A. Trauii-
; any tender nut necessarily accepted. j wiser, who will pay all ihe indeotcducss of the
Smith Curtis came in from RotiKland Wodnes- . TRATJNWI6KR
»*,000 a mile, thev sent repreaentutives thio-1 ll,ay ™* JfJ °" ^»wji* n'ornb.g on a trip up | •      rRA^KR>   *
'    ,     „ ,       , , ', ,     .the North Fork-to   look   after  ins   mining  iu-
ngbthcdiattict, who Visited every town be Lj^s ii, Urnf eeotUiii; While here Mr.Vurlis
HreenRobsonnndUldwuy.andtheownersond Cxptcth to makearrangeuietiisthsttut work on
promot-flra of the various toirns >i*re called tj,a pAy ore Fraction, ou I'atliHmler mountain.
upon ami give., to understand; that unless K(] DMVIs,.ttie rustler of the Ilrm of Jeff.
they would turn over n rurgo portion ol their | Dnvis & , 0 ( says ttm Iney hmvo hHen B0 bu^y
htUiling** ti t\'tt\ns C, 1*..R.; company, that the \ fur the past *ix weeks tbat he i as not had time
name of their to WOS woiibljuot be^foiittil on | to wiite a change for bis "ad". He says thnt to
tlie naps of the oompany, andjtl ey would do  jn^t tell the public lhat their stock is up to the
atlin  their powtf^to kill their town.   While I ^nndard and their prlets. Well' ~ '-
thewe threata in ulmoat every inatauee   prov   |
»*tl sne'cssfiil. the 0, P. R. ditl uot mnke many
Triends for itself among the people of the dis-
. new* firm took postilion <»f the house last Thut8-
don't  mention
| tbem, hut ji.steomc ami see for yourself.
Kd.  Inbody has sold a halt interest lu the
Cosmos hotel hotel to Mr. Cleo. linker and tb
trict, and those who were.held np and rubbed l-.v*;t hi-, heartless corporation, in a manner .ttiat.J would make n. iiighwnymiin
:w!t'iinc-l^o(Jliiui^cl[,I_will^ not be slow in
getting buck at that company.
Jtist at J| present the represei tutiven
Of the C. P. R. here may feel jubilant ovor
the iiiecess ot the little con RdencejKame they
huve playeil in this section, but when the
time ciuni's for the fight in the dominion
house over the granting of a charter to the
Kettle River Valley railway, they will ivnliz--
That they could bave much hettsr confined
their operations in this district to running a
railway in the interest of the public, iusteid
nt usiug it as a lever to "h *g" ull the town-
sites in the district.
In speaking ol the coming struggle the
lioutrc-i-l Star nays:
"The Stm- is in a position to state thut
the officiate of the Canudtun I'licilic. Railway
will soon have one of tho biggest flghte ol
their existence on their hands, aud it is understood that nt this early date steps arc
Veing taken to get thiogs in shape for the
battle wbich ia aoon to begin with the American railroad iut«reats, leaded liy the Great
Northern railway, over an entrance into
BrititdiColniubi'i, to compete with tbeCana-
biun Pacific railway. The Amerhau roada
prolei-s to kuow that tLeC. P. R. authorities
feur the outcome of the fight on uccouut of
the vaBt amount of capital which is suid tu
tm behind ib • move ou thc part of the Oreut
Northern. At Ottawa it will be tbe Corhiu
light of last session over aguiu, only ou a
much larger scale.
"TheC. I1- R. eame out successful last session after a hard fought battle anil since
that time tbc Corbin interests have passed
into the bands of the Great Nor hern, und
tbat thoy are prepared to carry on the bu*i-
nsswbe.e Mr Martin left off is now well
fcuowu iu mil way circles, Ac (he present
time reprcsFutdtives of the Great Northern,
arc said to be at work ia Cauada paving tlie
way for tbe introduction of a measure at the
next session of Canadian houae seeking legislative approval for the constructiou ot a line
into hoiittcio British Columbia from the
*'fhe coining struggle wilt Ik> ull the more
interesting on accoaut of the fact that all
the American wads whicb have been fighting
agaitiHt, the U. V. R. in the passenger and
freight rates, are allied with tbc Great Northern iu i his matt-er, and it is said would bc
very glad to get in a blow at their most feared rival."
Now is the time to get ready fur the fight.
A few affidavits ol tlie statements and
threats mude by thf C. IV R mil way officials
who have been spending the summer in this
eity would be very intcrestiag reading for
the railway committee at OtLawa aud would
not do tbe Kettle River Valley railway charter any partirul <r barm. People who live ia
glass houses should not throw stones until
they have nut op the shutters.
lay nt noon. Mrs. Preslar, who Is.wfcH and favorably known to thcitrsve'ling public, ie once
morcjhi charge of the dit.ingricm and will he
pleased to sec her old friends Aa a caterer, Mrs.
Preslar few equals anywhere.
.Sam .lurrel has leased the howling alley from
A. It. Jones and'proposes to make the place
the most popular sporting resort iti the city. lie
has added a slock of cigars and soft driuka and
put tn card tahles for the accommodation of
hit patrons. As nn Inducement (or the lovers I oyoos
ot the game to play he is oiTcring cash prizes
for the best score made.
To Messrs, 9  R, Almond, Esq., J. P.; P. T. McCallum. Esq., J. P , and J. K Johnson, Esq.,
J. P., It rami Forks.
Oentlemk:. :   I hereby give you notice *hat It
ts my Intention to apply at. lhe next sitting of
the licensing court for tbo lower portion of o-
oyoos division ol Yale district to be held on thc
l-'ilh of December next, for u   retail  liquor license to sell spiritous liquor!', wines mut beer at
Ihe Union Hotel sittuiicdo > lot No. ti in block
Nu. !i lu the townsite plan of Niagara.
1 have the honor tu tic Sirs,
Yours Resptcifi.lly,
Frank omvkh, stohh. & Arena.
Niagara, October 10th. 1K.18.
Situate inthe (Jrand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located—In West
Wellington caqip
TAKE NOTICE that we John A. Finch, Free
Miner's rertlllcuie No. 1671A, and Wtlltani
T smith. Free Miner's Certificate
No. 1-tOitiA, Intend. sixty days from
'he dale hereof, to applv t > thc Min
ing Recorder for a certilicate of improve*
me pis. for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And furtlu-rtakc notice tbatactlon, under section 8", .must be commenced before ibe Issu
aiiccof such ccr l.tcatcnf improvements.
Dated this'ifitb day of October. 18UR.
Date of first publication, November 12th, 181)8.
Situate In thc Grand Forks MiningDi vision of
Yule District. Where Located—In Central
TAKK NOTICE that I. llenrv White Free
Miner's Ceriilbntc No. 8181. A, Intend,
sixty days from tne date hereof, to apply
to lhe Mining liecordcr for a ccrlilieutc oi Improvements, for tbc purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the abnveclntin.
And further take notice that action, under
section' 87, muit he commenced before the issuance of sueh,certitieate nf lm|in>vem?uLs.
Dated tbis 19th dav of Octoher, 1898.
Date ol last publication, December 17th,  1898,
Mb. . ttoi bos beeu offered the lieutenant
•goverooffliup of Manitoba.   Whether or not
tie will accept tbe "lumh renin ii « io be seen.
Who will succeed   Mr.  Bifton  is a difficult
matter  to  determine.     Muior Sutherland,
Mr Mrtfullen, of On»-ario; Mr. Oliver, ofthe
-, ,", ...... T-eirl   iry,Mr Bostoft't endfl R
AUxaetU *4 thia provibee, aw spoken
this co unci tiou.
Negotiation are being made for a Telephone
sud Electric Light plant to he Installed at
The Boundary Express and Stape Co., of
Cascade have made arrangements to carry pas- |
sengets through from Bossburg to Niagara via
Grand Forks and theuce to Greenwood.
Through tickets from Bossburg will he snld on
and after Monday next thc 21st of November
Dr. Foster thc C. P, R. Doctor from Cascade
waa in Niagara yesterday, having been ou a
medical tour of Inspection to Pat Welch and
Mcllugh's eamp. He reports no sickness although thcie nre over 500 men working In that
neighborhood. Although lonn of earth and
rock are being blasted dally, owing to tne caie-
fis 1 supervision of thc foreman aud road bosses
no serious accidents have so far beeu reported.
The town is rapidly building up aud the
Townsite Company bave only thirty-five lots
Mr, Gocys building on Main Street \vi\%
liougbt by Mr. Welsocr nf Gladstone, tbc price
paid was la the uelghborhoud of |800. A gang
of men are new at work moving the building lo
lhe back of thc lot, and Mr. Wisoer has let a
contract fori 2/i toot addition to be built ou .he
front ofthe building,
Tlie Spokane Syndicate that recently purchased a block of lots on Columbia Street have
mdil out and arc now making arrangements to
piiivhaM- tbe adjoining block of eight lots.
Railway Notes.
The tote ros«i betweeu Brooklyn ami Cascade
city Is betllg repaiied.
Jack O'lenry Is making some four-feet per
day ou his tunnel near Shield's landing.
Contractor McDotinel who has  the contract
for thc6tO-fo.it tunuel Just this side of Ihe summit mi Uruun'fl cre.»k has about200menjat uoik
Jim Dingmcn has his Contract just below
town about completed, and at present lias got
bis outfit hauling freight for thu Grand Forks
Mercantile Co., from BoEShurg.
Mcl'berson Urns. A Stout have their saw milt
wbich was recently moved to Gladstone in run-
ding order. Tbey cxjiect to keep it running
night and day for the greater part Of the winter
and am making a record of 60,000 feet every
twenty four hours.
Pat. Welsh, Ihe railroad contractor, was In
town Thursday, and reports work progressing
satisfactorily antic station just t lie nt her side <>t
Fisherman creek. At present he bus a large
force of men a work grading tbe approaches
to ibe 806-foot tunnel lie has tbc contract to
run. Active work lu the tunnel wiil be cum
n.t-iiccd in id-out hui iJiij -■. Ifc ssys that there
Is no truth in tbe report that he had opened a
large body of ore while grading, aud be had
uot hetnt of any of the other contractors doing
To Messrs. 8. H. Almond Esq., J, P., P. T. Mc-
t.'allum Esq.. J. P., ned J. K. Johnson, Esq ,
.1. P, Grand Forks, B 0.
Gentlemen:   1 hereby give you notice lhat it i
Is my Intention to apply nt the next sitting of'
tno licensing court f«-r the lower portion of Osoyoos division nf Yale district to he held ou the
loth of December next, for a retail liquor license to sell spiritous liquors, wines ami beer at
tbc Niagara Hotel Situated ou lot No. ■'■ in block
No. 5 in the townsite plan ot Niiigu.n.
I have ihe honor to be Sirs,
Yours respectfully,
M. Lawdeu.
Niagara, October 16th, 1898.
Situate in thc Grand (Forks Mining Division of
" *       .d-ln Ci
Yale District.
Wbeic  located
, J. P.
THOMPSON sixty ds>s  after   date   intend
applying to iheoiilef Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to   purchase three
hundred and twenty [:&0] acres of hind situated
on a creek known as Baker creek, nt or about
the place where the same empties into Christina Lake, and being about iwn and a halt miles
up the lake from Lttvalley's ranch, iu the Grand
Forks Mlidng Division oi the District of Yale,
aud more particularly described as commencing
nta post marked North West comer post of
Ross Thompson's Crown land eluim, thence one
half mile iti a southerly direction to the southwest corner nf the said proporty. theuce one
mile lu an easterly direction to the south-east
corncrof ihe said property, thence one-half
mile in a nor.herly direction t.) the north east
corner, nud theuce one mile iu a westerly
direction to tin- place of commencement.
Dated the 1st day of November, 1S9S,Rossland,
B.C. R08STH0M1S0N,
r-r>t?i   fNSn/lK your property with Frank
■ rer1.]   -   • - ^ojiio oi una beet
companies hi the world.
1 after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Land and Works. Victoria. B. C, for permission to purchase thc following described tract ol land situate In Ihe
Osoyoos Division nf Yale District: Commencing at a post planted nn the Northern hang of
Fisherman Creek near ibe crossing of the wagon roud leading to tbe B. C mine; thenee
Kouih eighty chains: thence Kant forty chains;
theuce North eighty chains; thencu West forty
chains to the point of commencement, containing threo hundred aud twenty acres.
B17-019] F. W. RUSSELL.
Grand Forks, 12th September, 1898.
A. Baumgaertner.
Bridge Street,   Grand Forks, B.C.
MP Roots and Shoes made to order.
The best workmanship like manner.
Repairing done on on short notice.
All work guaranteed.
Express Line
Running Dally Between
Grand Forks and Niagara
All orders left at the Victoria Hotel
or tbe Stockholum will receive prompt
attention Express leaves Otaml Forks
lathe morning iciurulng at evening.
i ARE NOTICE thatT, J, P. Graves,
Miner's Certificate No. 1420S A
intend, sixty days from thc date
hereof, to apply to thc Mining Recor
der for a certificate nf Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown graut of the above
ind further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before tlie issu-
mice of such certificate of Improvements.
Dared this 18th day uf August, 1KUH.
Date of first publication, October, Pith. 1888,
Date of last publication.December 17th, 1868,
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District. Where lo ntcd-ln Brown's
camp, North Forko. Kettle River.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hueh S. Cayley, Free
Miner's Certitieate No. 8058A, Intend Sixty
days from tbe date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate nf Improvements for tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of tbc above claim.
And further take notice that action under
sect inn 87 must commence before the issue of
sueh certificate of improvements.
Dated this 5th day of November, 1898.
The British Columbia
Mercantile and
Mining Syndicate, Ltd.
cascadk City, Boi-ndarv, b. C.
We beg to- announce that we have
opened our new general store in tbe
above lown. We shAII carry a complete stock of miner's supplies, tools,
powder, etc., hard .are, groceries, dry
foods and clothing. Miners and gene
rai public will be able to outfit here and
find all they require.
Quality Good and
Prices Low.
Cascade Cilv is the headquarters for
Christina Lake, McRae Creek, Burnt
Basin, Castle Mountain and other mining districts.
We beg also to inform all those interested in mining that our assay office in
the above tow is now open under the
superintendence ot an exerienced as-
sayer and we shall be able to undertake
all kinds of assav work. Personal,
prompt and'careful attention will be
r'ven to all work entrusted to us.
British Colombia Mercantile & Mining
Syndicate, Ltd.        *.
Br«Dth il McKm Lawding, ClrsllM Lake
\U E. Sl'ACHB,
Bath  Rooms,
RIVERSIDE.      -      -      .       ORAND FORKS
Matiufticturi-r of
Brick and Lime,
Contractor of nil kinds of Musou Work.   JCstij
mates ou work cheerfully given.
JI*       Jr*
Carpenter and Builder.
EBllmateB furnished on  Application.   Store
Fronts and Flxures a Specialty,
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
The Only All-fail Route, without change
oi cars, between Spokane, Rosi-
land and Nelson.
CoiiiR North.
V2:27 a. m,;...
oi ok South
11:13 a. in.
Train leaving Marcus at 11.18 a  in.
Close con ned ions ut {rjiokaue for all
('loseConnections al Nelson with stesinbofll
for Kuslo and all Kootenay Lake 1'oiuts.
Pausenner- for Kettle River and   Boundary
creek connect at Marcus witli static dally.
C. II. DIXON, O. P. AT. A,     ^
Bjiokane, Wash.
Grand Forks
Saw flill
Rough or
Dressed Lumber
Lath, Etc*
Mill seven miles closer
than any other mill
to Niagara.
All Orders left at the GrAna
Fork Hotel or at the Mill
two and a hall miles north-
vest of town wili receive
prompt attention,
Next Door to Post Oflice, Orand Forks, B. C.
honson & Lind,   .**   j>*   Proprietors.
Agent for
iBrunner Bros.*
fiPhesant Cigar*
Lloyd- A. Manly j.
Can Compete with any Merchant and Freight added.
saS Wholesale lioifors,-Gipi
I   v Lime Creek Hotel^
I NEIL HARDY, PftoMi-rrdir,
Twelve milts Iron (irand Foiks un (be. line tf C, &. W. railway   tin mc
ion, ai d ihe nearest Hotel to tbe Summit,    ,
Excellent Dinning Room and Best  ot  Accommodation  Ouaranteed.
FirBt-cltiBB in Every Respect.
Everything- New and Homelike.
Finest Wines, Ll-iuora and
Cigars at the Bar.
Montana Hotel,
NELSON & CO., Proprietros.
Headquarteis for Min-)  CnzraAo CiUr   R  C
ing and Railroad Men. \  v^aSCaoe KAly^D. K^
Just Received . .
A Gar load of Stoves,   whioh   we   invite the public
and inspect.
We carry one of the most complete stocks of Drill Steel,
Ponder, Caps, Fuse, and all other Miner's SuppHes to be
found in the distriV     ■ -L'       ......
and our prices give <
found iii flie1 district.    Everything is of the best quality
aud our prices give our competitors a shook.
Tin and Repair Shop in
We have a splendid line of this elegant, cleanly and durable kitchen ware; including a novelty In this section—
granlteware fry pans. You should try these, as they will
be sure to please you.
W.K.C. Manly,
Bridge Street, Qrand Forks, B. C.
Q. W. WILLIAHS, Manager.
Daily from Marcus to Grand Forks
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway
and All Points on Colville Indian Resevation.
Stage Leaves Marcus on the Arrival of the Northbound Train, arriving at Orand
Forks at 8:45 p. rn. Leaves tlie Forks at 4:00 a. m., arriving at Marcus in time to
connect with northbound Train. Passengers from Kootenay P«- make connection at Bossburg going nnd com ng.
First-class In every reBpect.  The bar will al-
ays be l.miul buiu.iI  ' "*"*** "---■--' 	
and llquon,
ways bi. fuuud supplied wlththet-iiolcesi uihea
a l. Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.
Pi an aad speclDeatlonB drawn, estimate! furnished iu all kinds-]' b'-Jldlng.    Wurk; strictly 8TDAJIIM
The Board of Trade Elects
A Railroad Laborer Hit   By   a  Rock
and  Instantly   KHJed.-Tbe  Local Grist For the  Week.
There was a large and enthuastlc meeting of
the board of trade held last Saturday evening In
theofflee ofthe secretary. The object of the
meeting was the minimi election of officers and
to talk over matters relative tothe location of
theC.P.K. depot in the city, and to transact
nny other business thai might come up for con-
The meeting was called to order by the
president, ex-Mayor Manly, wbo after stating
the object of tt, announced that Humiliations
for president would be lu order.
Mr Cumings placed in nomination thc name
cf Richard Armstrong, wntch was seconded by
Mayor Davis. There being no other nominations Mr. Armstrong was declared elected by
Mayor Davis was elected vice-president as
well as CM. Keep, treasurer and K. Miller
The question of making the board nf trade a
permanent organization was then taken up. In
the disc nut, Ion that followed it was shown that
if this organization had been in worklug order,
that one of the banking institutions tbat recently located at Greenwood could have been Induced to have come here, and by a little work
on the part of the hoard of trade that a charter
barnc could be Indueed to eome here now.
On motion of Chas. Cumings, seconded by H.
A. Sheads it was voted to make the organfs-
ation a permanent one and to hold meetings
every Thursday evening. For thc present the
place of meeting will be In the Minkk oflice.
The next question that was taken up was the
matter of finance. Several plans of raising a
fund was proposed and it was finally decided
to place Ihe Initiation fee, at one dollar, vith
dues at twenty-five cents a month. A committee consisting or Chaa. Cumings, IL A. Sheads
and James Addison were appointed ou-member-
shlp with instructions to invite all busIneFft
men and every one else interested in the prosperity and growth of the city** become members.
The meeting was then adjourned.
cured about 10 o'clock yesterday morning iu
Md'ouell'scamp, about ten miles Irom town,
u;> the North Fork, whicli resulted in the death
of a railroad laborer by the n&mc of Phlip Haven being InMantly killed by betiiR hi> jusi over
the heart hy a piece of flying rock from a blast.
It tippenrh that Harrington with a number of
others was engaged in digging a dilrb In order
to drain"'he water from the grade audputastick
of powdi r in a boulder about the size nf a half
bushel measure, for thc purpose of blowing it
o'tt of the way.
Wlien everything was in readiness to set the
Wost off' Haven went betwteu twenty and
thirty feci frnm thc place where the blast had
been put in and went to work lu thu ditch
again, he was stooping over digging wnen the
blast went off, hurling a piece of a rock about
the M*e o* a mini' hand about a foot and a
half irom the ground t-triidng the unfortunate
man just over the heart. After being hit
Haven wheeled around and ran aboul
fifteen feet a;.d dropped dead His remain*
was carried into eamp and u mcK^enger at ouce
dispatched to this city to notify the authorities
of lhe accident. Very little is known of Haven, excepting that he came from Newfoundland. Au examination of his body shows
uo Fjgins of being bruised nud wheu picked up
his lips uud tongue had already turned a dark
pu rplc.
Business Disposed of  With   Neatness and
At jthe" Regular weekly session of the city
council held Friday, Nov. llth. the mayor and
all the aldermen were present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were
read and adopted on motiou of Aid. O'Connor.
The account of W. E. G. Manly of $4,20, was
referred to the Board of Works; while the
accouutsof M.R. Peeuey for $6.50 and $7.80;
P. T. McCall um, $8.00, were referred to the
finance committee.
Communications from City Treasurer Haywood, Dr. Stanley Smith and Mr. Wilgress
were read and ordered placed on file.
A report from City Electrician ^Anderson
in reference to the amount of wire used by
him for wiring buildings was read and
ordered filed.
The finance committee recommended the
payment of the following; accounts:' W. K.
C. Manly, 1407.20; Grand Forks Mercantile
Co., 651.35; Goodeve, $1.55; R. Petrie, $1; Johu
Rowland, $8; W.K. C. Manly, *11.95; S. S.
Schuler, $30,00; S. S. Schiller, $18,00; S. S.
Schuler, $14,40; H.B. Connors, $16; H. S. I
Cayley. $18; and one bill amounting to $2.50
from J. R. Kelly was recommended to be pre.
aentod In proper form.
The account of J. W. Jones for $43.28 for
wire, stove, ete, etc. was referred to the
electric supply committee.
Aid. Knight moved that the top dressing
the streets with gravel be extended on
Riverside Avenue, and that the hole at the
corner of the Harvey Block be filled up.
This motion was seconded by Aid. Alderman
As an amendment to It Aid. McCallum moved that three teams be employed on Satur.
day and Monday to top dress the streets, and
that the work be commenced by filling the
hole on First street in front of the Harvey
Block. This motion was seconded by Alderman White. •
The amendment on being put by the mayor
was lost. The original motion was then put
and carried.
Alderman O'Connor then moved as another
ameudrAent to Alderman Knight's motion
that thc top dressing of Bridge Street and
Riverside a venue be continued three days
more if necessary. This motion was seconded by Alderman Manly, and carried.
Alderman Manly moved that the mayor
appoint a committee to-investigate the railway right of way matter through the Van
Ness addition and report at the next meeting of the council, seconded by Alderman
OYonner and carried.
The mayor then appointed Aldermen
Manly,Knight, and O'Conner as the committee.
Alderman O'Conner then gave notice that
he would at the next meeting of the council
introduce a public moral by-law.
Alderman Knlget moved that the clerk be
Instructed to call for bids for the cutting and
delivering at tho power house of 200or more
of four-foot fur and tamarao wood, Seconded by Alderman Jones and carried.
Alderman McCallum then moved that the
mayor and oity clerk be authorised to sign
a contract for the purchasing of 500 feet of
Rubber hose from the Guttorpereha Rubber
Co., of Toronto, Ont. Seconded by Alderman Knight and carried.
Alderman O'Connor moved tbat the issuing
of a city warrant for $85 to Mr. Chas. Cumings for a plough and other tools be ratified.
Seconded by Alderman Manly and carried.
The meeting then adjourned till the following day on motion of Alderman McCallum.
Adjourned Session.
At the adjourned session of theeity eouneil held Saturday   the   18th  inst., all the
couucii were present with the exception of
-  Alderman Jones, O'Connor and McCallum.
Alderman Mauly moved that the mayor
suid city clerk be instructed to sign the agreement between theeity of Grand' Forks and
the Trust and Guarantee Co., Limited,'of
Toronto, Ontario., relative to the Investment
• of the sinking fund to be raised under bylaw No. IB, and that the corporation seal be
attached to the agreement. This motion
was seconded by Alderman Knight and carried.
On motion of Alderman Manly, seconded
by Alderman Knight that the resolution
passed bv the Board of Trade relative to tbe
location of the Railway station waa endorsed, and that tbe mayor and city clerk be
authorised to sign the same, and that a copy
of the resolution be attached to the resolution of the Board of Trade and forwarded to
Vice-President Shaaghnessey. of the C. P. R.
and Hon. Blair, Minister of Railways.
An adjournment was then taken until the
next regular meeting.
The   Inspector   of  R ilway Mail Service
Checking the Boys Up.
Mr. J. O MiloLoo-1, of Vancouver, Inspa:-,-
torof tlio railway; mail services fir the Pro-
vlnceof liritish Columbia, wus an arrival from
Pentieton via Thursday's stage from Green*
wood 'ihe mail service via stage lines Is out
of Mr. MeLeod's department, but there being
considerable complaint regarding the sn'rvice
between Mur.'iiH and Pentieton, nnd especially
between Greeuwno:! aud (Jrand Forks, ho w.i-t
Instructed by the department at Ottawa, to
make an invcHtlgntlouand us"ortain if possible,
the cause of complaint and wherein it lies* On
his way over he Inspected the various offices
betweeu this city and Pentieton aud reports
that lu the main lie found them nil in a fair
coudition. He spent the larger portion of the
day Friday Inquiring lu to th/'big kick" that
has been made during the past year by the
Boundary Creek Times, against Deputy Postmaster Petrie, and after a thorough investigation of ull the facts lu the case, arrived at the
conclusion, thc fault is not so much with Mr.
Petrie, as it is with the postal department tn
not providing the Grand ForkB otllce with a
night man, as thc busluess of thc office -here is
entirely to large for one person to handlo satisfactorily. The Rowland and Spokane «qpci!s arrives iu Grand Forks'all lhe way from to 10 to
12 o'clock at night and leaves for Greenwood,
Midway and other lioundary creek points at
8 o'clock the next morning, thus making it
necessary for the person in charge of thc otllce
here, ln order to give a satisfactory service to
the towns west of us, to remnlu in the oillce 24
hours out of every 21. Asa result of his investigation he will recommend tbat a night
man be placed in tho office here.
Mr. McLeod will also recommend that Bossburg be made an exchange office instead of
Marcus, as it wiil shorten the lime of the mall
reaching here between twa and three hours
find make a difference of twenty-four to Greenwood, Anaconda and Mid wav between those
point and Rowland and Spokane. A further
recommendation will be made that hereafter
all mails from Victoria, Vancouver aud coast
point for the Boundary country __ eome by
Spokane instead of Pentieton aud that Midway,
Anaconda uud Greenwood mail for coast points
bc scutbv Grand ForkB and Spokane.
Mr. McLeod Iclt yesterday afternoon for
Cascade wheic he will take a peep Into the
manner ihe postoflice lu that city is conducted.
Frnm (here lie will proceed tn Hossburg Sntur
day from whieh point he will wire the post-
office authorities a report ot (he condition ol
affairs us he found them, together with his
The Grand Forks Townsite
Changes Hands.
One of the Biggest Real Estate Transactions Ever Made In Southern British Columbia
Look Out For Them.
Bogus Time checks have male their appearance along the line of construct*
tion of the railway between this
city and Robson. Last week Paymaster
Woodman, at Brooklyn, says the Cascade
Record, was presented with several spurious
time checks, aud were of course thrown out
at ouce. They had beeu cut.hed Ly merchants of Brooklyn,niul were drawn with the
signature of Pat Welch, per McAlpin, his
time keeper. The work is said to have been
very coarse, but being dated late in September, there is no doubt but the forger has
made himself scarce long before his work
came to the surface. The checks were all
under $30 in amount.
Small Debts Court.
Police Magistrate Johnson held a session of
the small debts court and disposed of the
following cases:
Simpson vs StohiJc-v Arena. This was an
action for $93.05 for lumber furnished the defendant, and was settled out of court by the
defendants paying the costs. H. 8. Cayley
acted for the plaintiff.
In the action of Lambert vs 11 an scorn, a
claim for $23.75 for labor performed by plaintiff
for defendant, wus postponed until the 26th
J. H. Harris vs Jos. McDonald this was a
$30.50 claim for wages, the def*ndent being a
railway,'contractor. This case was settled by
tho defendant paying the amount ol the claim
and costs, Solicitor Earnest Miller appeared
for the plain Uff.
Sneak Thieves and Foo' PaJs.
Several small robberies have been reported of
late. A Swede claims to huve beeu held up in
front of the Alberta hotel between 10 and 11
o'clock Monday evening and robbed of $10.o0,.sll
the money he had; nnother Individual claims
to have beeu relei ved of his earthly possessions
on Bridge street sometime Tuesday ulght. Last-
Friday night, during Fred Lane's absence Fome
one tried to break Into his residence, but whs
trlgbtened nway by Mrs. Lane's cries for help.
Monday night thc clothes line of Provincial
Constable Dinsmore was stripped and a number of other small robberies have beeu reported
throughout the city. The city police force
should use every effort possible to capture the
perpetrators of these petty thefts and make an
example ot thera.
Will Make Grand Forks Their Headquarters
Mr. 3*0111, of the Arm cf McPhcrson & Stout,
who have tbe contract for furnishing the timbers and ties for the construction of the Columbia and Westerii railway, from Robson to
Pentieton, was tn the city this week making
arrangements to establish the headquarters of
the firm ln Grand Forks. Tbis city being nearly lu thc centre of the work, it will put ihem ln
touch with all their workings. Tncy expect to
employ a large number of men up the Nortli
Korks for tlie next ten or twelve mon ths get tine
out lies aud timbers.
Mad From Bossburg.
There is a project on foot to have all the
malls come via bossburg Instead of Marcus, as
now Is the case. The change, if made, will
shorten (he distance to be travelled home
several miles an J will be tho means of all stages
coming trom Bossburg, which will bc s great
Improvement, as thoy reach here Irani one to
three hours quicker tban by tbe present arrangements.
A Railroad Laborer Hit By a Rock  From
a Blast.
The first serious accident In consequence  of
tbertihToycoustructioo in this vicinity  oc
Prosperous Greenwood.
Tom Hardy came over irom Greenwood on
Tuesday last on matters connecting with the
custom house. Mr. Hardy says that Greenwood
lsenjoyloga remarkable season of prosperity.
Ho came over via the new tote road and expressed great surpiise at the rapid growth of
Niagara, where two months ago there was uot a
house, but now there Is a thriving village of
600 or 700 Inhabitants with twenty or thirty
For Sale.
Household furniture, only been used a short
time. The (uruiturecjin be seen tr calling at
tho limine north oi Mrs. S K. Almonds on North
Second street.
Probably one of the largest real estate deals
everconsummatcil In Southeru|Brltish|Columc:a
was closed in this city today whereby the original townsite of the city of Grand Forks, the
North Addition, containing snme '200 actcs and
adjoining the original townsite on the e.ist; the
Ruckles' Addition, of 60 acres, just south of
theeity and adjoining thc town on the south;
thoKait Addition, adjoining the city limits on
thc east and across the North Fork, and I32
acres of unplatted and owned by John A.
Manly in thu Incorporated lira Its of the city
between the original townsite and Peter
T. McCallum's place west of the city, becomes
the propeity of an eastern S. nd'eute, represented by Richard Armstrong and J. B.;VeArthur,
Q. 0. president of tic Rossland board of trade.
While the amount involved segregates
$$4,000 It was a strictly cash transaction and the
pajiers have nil been signed and tbe money
paid, so there Is no possible chance for a "fluk'-
In the deal.
The purchase of the Grand Forka townsite
and over 400 acres of land adjoining the cily by
Messrs. Armstrong, McArlhur aud associates
means that Grand Forks is to be made tbe
commercial and mining centre and distributing point of the vast territory between Robson
and Pentieton, and that at no distant day.
Mr. Armstrong Informs us that his company
has a reserve fund of $200,000 which (hfiy propose to expend in the next l'i months in Graud
Forks and vicinity. Thc most liberal concessions will be msde lo nil classes of manufactories desiring to establish here. A large number
of residences will be at once erected so that tbe
new comers will not be without a place to live;
several business blocks are to he put up at once,
us well us un opera house. In the spring a
(20,000 hotel will be built, ftirnirhed and
fitted up in the most modern style, with a view
of matting it the headquarters of thu many
mining operators who are sure to flock Into
this district iu tbe coming sea-on seeking investments
Thecompany will also do a general loan, investment and promoting business, buy and
sell bonds, loan money on real estate, build
houses and sell them ou thc Installm- nt plan,
etc., etc. While the head office of the company
will be in Grand Forks they expect to extend
their operations to all parts of the district, in
the future of which they have the utmost
The Minek has known of this deal for some
time but was not in a position to make it public, until all the details had been satisfactorily
arranged Now that it has been finally consummated lit every resident of theeity rejoice, let
by-goncs be by-gores' nnd nil Jjoin bands
together       in making     Grand        Forks
the greatest mining and commercial centre in
Southern British Columbia. We h.wo the location, we have the natural advantage, and we
now have people with plenty of capital behind
them hold ofthe reins, so there Ib nothing now
that stands between us and success ir everybody pulls together.
Religious Services.
Methodist services ou Sunday, Nov. 2th lout.
In the Presbyterian church at 11a. m. and in
Victoria Hall at 7 SO p. m.
Presbyterian services Sunday, Nov. 20th, in
Victoria Hall at 11 a. ra. and In the church at
7.30 p.m. On Thanksgiving day Nov. 24th, a
service will be held iu tic ehurcliat 11 a  m.
Rev. F. Palmer arrived In Grand Korks this
week and will remain over till Sunday. He
wl.l conduct lhe Catholic service in tlie school
house on tbst.day. High niftiB will be said and
u sermon ['reached ut lu '■'<» *. in.
Church of England Services will  be held iu
the school room ou Sunday next, Nov. 20th, ut
II a.m. and 7.30 p. m    BUllda) school at 3 p. m,
Thursday uext, the 2lth lost being Thanks*
giving Day there will be a Special Tlniuks-
givnig Service held in the school room at 11
a.m. Rev. VYUjiunF, GOVer, M. A., Incumbent.
A Social Dance-
There will be u social dance given ln Victoria
hall, Thanksgiving evening, November 21th,
under the auspices of tbe Whisper club. Ths
orgauizutien gave a number tf very successful
entertainments lust winter,and all who attend
are assured of a good time. Tin: best of music
has been secured tur ihe occasion and the price
of admission has beeu placed nt $1. A turkey
supper will be served ut the Victoria restaurant.
Enlarging Their Quarters.
The enterprising Arm uf Jeff, juvJs <fc Co. are
building an addition to their store room on
Bridgu Street During tlie pa«t hU month! the
business of tills firm hus Increased s'i rapidly
that Ihey have found it necessary to inlarge
their quartern to SCOommodate the big Stock
they have lo carry to keep spa CO witb the rapid
increase of their trade.
To Be \Pinei   and Dined.
At9:30o'clock, Mr. Richard Armstrong, the
newly elected president of the board of trade,
will entertain the members of that organization
at thc Alberta hotel. The event.is to be sort of
a love feast, a sit were, and promises to be one
of lhe grandest events of the kind ever held In
Branching Out.
The partition has been cut out between J. IT.
Goodevc's drug store and tbe room formerly
used by Mr. Spraggct as a lumber olliee, and the
entire building is now occupied by Mr. Goodeve, who Is Increasing his stock of drugs, stationery, etc.
The Short Cut Beeween Grand Forks And
Niaga a.
Thc new wagon road to Niagara ls an assured
success, (lie committee having the matter in
charge having succeeded in raising tho necessary funds to construct a first class wagon road
over thc rout mentioned lu thc last issue of thc
Minsk. A larga force of men was started to
work on Monday of this week, under Uiesuper-
vision of Mr. vV. II. Fisher, who expects to have
the work completed iu about fifteen days time.
Since the last Issue   of  the   paper   Mr. \V.   B.
Davey, of the Grund Forks Mercantile Company,
subscribed $-30, and P. Burns & Co. $10, bringing
the total amount subscribed up to $1K), all of
which has been paid and Is now iu the hands
o( Mr. Henderson, the treasurer. The men employed on (he work will receive $3 00 per day
and teams $7-00 a day, uud will be paid every
week. As soon as the work incompleted a statement will be published showing the amount
of money received and how it was disbursed.
Tho short lime In which this mon ,-y was raised is only another evidence that thc citizens of
Grand Forks expect to nuke ittho town of the
Boundary country they must stand together ou
every uroposllion that has a tendency to
bring trade hero.
A New Stage and Express Line.
The Bouudary Cieek Stage and Express company la a new concern that has recently sprung
into existence It is a combination between
Messrs. Bell &. Duncan, who operate a dally
stage line betweeu Bofsburg and Cascade City:
Williams & Elkins, who have a dully stage line
between Cascade City aud Grand ForkB, aud
Robins Bros., Davis & Company who have
put on a daily stage Hue between this eity and
Giceuwood via Niagara. The new company
carries passengers nud express from Bossburg
to all points in the Bouudary country and Republic.
Prompt  Payment.
The officers of thc local court of tho Independent Order cf Fotrosters, in this city, turned over, this week, a check for $1,000 to Mrs.
Shcrrlngham.beiuglthe amount of the monetary
benefit curried by her husband, who died recently In that order.The papersln this case were
forwarded to the Supreme court of the order at
Toronto, Ont., from tbisclty, on the 9th of October and the check for the full amount of his
benefit was received by the Court hore on the
5th of thiB month. The promptness of tho payment of Mrs. Shcrringhaui's benefit speaks very
well of thc reliability and standing of the order of Forresters in the Dominion ot Canada.
-— *t	
Gone to Buy Goods.
Alex. McQueeu. manager of tlie Grand Forks
Mercantile Company, left this week for Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto, for thc purpose
of making arrangements to purchase goods in
carload lots. The wholesale business of this
firm bas increased so rspldly of late that they
experience ureal difficulty in keeping sufficient
stock in hnnd to supply their trade.
An Express Line to Niagara.
Mr. Henry Folger has established a daily express line between this cily and Niagara. All
orders left at cither the Victoria hotel or the
Stockholm will receive prompt attention.Mr.Folger is well and favorably known and any business entrusted to him will receive prompt attention.
Lumber Office Moved.
E. Spraggett has moved his lumber office to
A. L. Manly's wholesale liquor store, ou the
east side of Riverside Avenue ncross the way
from the Victoria Hotel. Mr. Spraggett expects
soon to build au office building on Bridge
Strive tjuat west of Manly's h ardwarc store.
Christmas Goods
Mrs. Pribllsky, the fashionable milliner, de
sires to announce to the ladies of Grand Korks
and vicinity that sbe has added to her stock a
line of Christmas novelties, and would bo
pleased to have them call and Ispect them.
Records of Mineral Locations    From   Nov.
{1st, to Nov. 16th 1898.
November 3—No Wonder. Summit camp, Sam
November 4— Midnight, North Fork, T. II. Bolton Golden Wave, Nortb Fork, H. F. Libby. Star of Kettle River, North Fork, 0. R.
Fltsmaurice. Little Giant, Noith Fork, 11.
November 7—Athol No. 2. Wellington camp, W.
c, McD-.'Ugnll. Gsado, Hardy Mountain, J.
Holm. Prosperity, Iron mountain, Andrew
November 8- Hardee rabbi r, Lime Aoint, G 'mVf.
A. Rankin.
November 9—Joe^ Knox, Moody creek, M. C
Boss. Isabel and Cliff, Greenwood camp, G.
II. Boyno. Nortli Htar, Fraction, Brown's
camp, H, P. Toronto. Lethbridgc, McRae
creek, Isaac May.
November 10—Callingwood. Summit camp. IJ,
J. Me Arthur, Shafter, Carter's camp, c. W
November 11—Alice, Fraction, Greenwood, J.
P. Kelly and J. risher. Kid, North Fork,
W, It. Moore.
November 12—l'ride or the West, Wellington
camp,G. D. Cunningham, silver Plume,
Summit camp. C M. Crouse. Oro Dctiorn
and Remainder, Summit camp, G. VV, Cunningham. Saninetto, Wellington camp, II.
November 12—Toy Pearl, Wellington camp, I!.
Therlen. Mountain Mnn Ohrlstluu bike, J.
R. Cameron and Gen. Ruiterford. Carlysie,
Seattle eamp, D. B. Pettljnhn.
November lfi- Horse Shoe, Greenwood camp,
Thomas Hardy. Hilt Top, Wellington camp
Robert Wood. Maud 8., Greenwood camp,
M. I). McLeod.
November 8— Chickamln Hon-}, K. J. Wie.kwirc
and A. Connors.
November 4—Woodbine, A. H. Klryland and E.
A Rendall.
November 5—Granite mountain, D. C. Beach. P.
Cunningham and D. O'Leary.
November 7—Victoria, Jno. B. Henderson.
Maud, M. Burns and Chas. Van Ness. St.
Joseph, Margaerite (tore. King County,
Smith Curtis and P. Mc T. Foriu. Sophie, lt
T. Engelskjen.  (>. I*., James H. Nash.
Novembers—Donald, Fraction, William Shaw.
November D—Emerald, Lucy, W. T. Oliver and
Thos. Walsh.
November 10—Midway, C. J. Lundy.
November 12—Oxide, Grassroots, Lawless, Silver Koy, Tammany, Lewiston, Montreal
fraction aud Rossluud, McPhersou, Ken.
Reid &. Greer.
November 14— St. Lawrence, Gire, Wood, et. ul.
Overland—Jeff, Davis,
November IS—Loyal Canadian and Piastre,
Chas. Hay und Clark.   O. P., J. H. Nash.
November 1—Queen Bess   and  WeBt  Mont, %
Int., O. G. Staples to A. T. Bryant.
November 2—Bank of Engl uud, 3-18 int., Thos.
Hardy to Fred M. Munn.
November 8—Sailor Boy, % Int.', Fred J. Fulton
to H s. Cayley
November 4—Bank of England, fi-82 int, Thos.
Hardy to W.  foster.   Iron Home, ull int.,
Nell McCallum to Eva Clark.
November?—Fair Play, % int, II. 0. Teschner
toW. A. Glover.
November 0—Calclfer, i-a Int., J. E    Rankeu to
W.  B.   Davey.   Emlsmore,  M  int.,  D.   D.
Ferynsou to D. J. Mathcrson.
November 10-KIttleW., all Int., Thos. I. Parkinson to W. A. Pfeifer.
November 12—Puvalltip. % int.,  F.   R.   Farrel
and A. T. Mij-eoii to I). D. Mann.   Kawhlde,
3-lfi int., P. R. Farrel and A. P. Mlgeon to I).
1). Mann.   Rawhide, \ iut., J.  E. Boss to
D. D. Maun.
November 16— Bank of England, 1-32 Int., Thos.
Hardy to A. M. Wilson.
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN Application will be made to the Parliament
of Ciiiiii-i'i at the next session thereof, for
an act to Incorporate u Company to construct
and maintain a railway from a point on the International Boundary lineal or- near Cascade
City IJritlfh Columbia, thence in a westerly direction followim* the valley of the Kettle river
to a point ou the said Boundary Line, at or
near Carson, also from another point on the
said Boundary Line at or near  Midway, theme
northerly, following the valley of Bouudary
creek to a point about (wenty (20j miles north of
Midway, with power to Construct, aud maintain
branch lines and ut the said Boundary Line lo
connect with and to operate the whole in conjunction wiih tlie Railway Line of the Spokane
Falls und Northern Ruflway Company, with
power to the company to construct. Operate Ohd
maintain telegraph aud telephone lines, as well
for aomtnercltl purposes as the business of th**
railway, and for ull other neceawry and usual
j lowers.
Dated the 18th duy of July. A. D , 1*9".
Bodwkll & Dorr.
solicitors for the Applicants.
[    ^BEER & DUNLOP, S
Lei^lJW-U<A(Uw!j4>s>v«^lyK^.^*wv<JWUUO^aWv-U (.Wl^t^W Wv.,,**..jUU I
Riverside Ave,   •   Grand Forks, B. C.
European Plan.
A. H. DAWSON,   -.- Prop.
Qualification of Voters for Municipal
Elections for the Year 18J8.
1. All ratepayers who have on or before the
first Monday iu December 1WW paid all municipal rate- taxes, assessments, aud license fees
payable bv him or hcr to the municipality, or
2*. Who is a resident of and carries on business aud is a holder of a trade license ln the
municipality, the annual fee for which is nut
less thnn five dollars, or
:i. Who is a householder and that the rent or
rents or rent value, or values, .thereof Is not
less than Mxty dollars per unnum each, and
hns on or before the tirst day of December, 189H,
personally delivered to the assessor or city
clerk a statutory declaration made and subscribed before a jtir.ge, stipendiary or police
magistrate, justice of Hie peace or a notary public, forms of which can ha obtained at thu city
clerk's office.
J. K, Johnson,
City Clerk.
Grand Forks, B. C, November 18,1808
A Bahgain—One of the very best business
lots in Grand Forks, cheap if taken at once.
Apply to Frank Scars.
Carriage Factory
D. M. FEENEY,   Proprietor,
The Interest of «$ *$
lhe Drug Siore of this
place, am br.tter prepared to cater to the
wants of the people   in
rooking for a continuance of your patronage
and thanking    yov    for
past   favours	
Sincerely yours
J. H. Goodeve.
Stock will now be found complete with
new Goods arriving daily.
Watch This  Space Weekly.
Jjorse Blankets..
A <D
tl All Kind* of; W
It! *
| House Finish;
Sash  Factory,
Store Fronts a Specialty.
| Furniture Made to Order, I
| Grand Forks Mercantile Co.
On limited.
K*l     I    I  .1    I     Wholesale  and   Retail Groceries.     I     I     I    I    I1
I ... NEW STOCK..       '
I   - Harness - and - Whips -
.. SaJdle Blankets!
:=: A Car of Groceries jusi Arrived :■: j
Our Lamps, Glassware and Crockery stock m
replenished. W
♦-■e--© o ® e © 9*o ••-•--.»- W
I**,  «•-♦- ^
Our Rubber Goods have left B ssburg and
will be here next week.
[We are now prepared to do Business
_ in Job Lots.
iui Qoods Delivered Free of charge to camps and adjoining towns ;'K
<§ ================ ji
M\   A Pleasure to show good.   ,*   jt   jt   jt   jt   jt   jt    A Call Solicited.    M
>/v-Grand Forks, B.   C>/\/-
Everything New and Iiest Furnished
Hou'je, and is in everyway prepared to
welcome Guests and provide Good Accommodation
Headquarters for Mining Men. B*yst.
of Wines. Uquors r.nd Cigars. Special
a-tentio ■ paid to Transcient trade."
% Special Announcement! f
We lmve added a new Department t« onr buttineu consisting of
ft Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, *#
if.     All orders will receive Prompt $
jj attention, jjj
Saloon and Store Fixtures.
| E. Spraggett,
|      Grand Forks. B. C.
ih ' '9
fa        Dress Qoods, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Ribbons, Laces,        m
"I*   ntMl.*..ttllM,<ln.  .., f.i.., nvArvthlnv whloh it. kpnt in n tlrst-cltiBs Drv Goods Storp    "*
KmliroiliorieB, in fact over-thin-; whioh in kept In u Bnt-olaU Dry Goods Store-     „
(n  These Goods huve nil been purchased direct, from the Manufacturers Agents in   *y,/
>iV    Montreal,T >nto mill Chicago, und lire ull A 1 value, una tne lulest styles. .|.
jt? Tho people of the Kettle River District will now not be compelled to send W
fn away from home for their dry goods.   If they will eull at our store we --ill )«• «jf
/li Kiad to show our goods, and you will l»e convluoed that we can snve .vou rooney *£»
*}!? besides having the satisfaction of making your own select ions. Shipments wil Ji'
fjn be received weekly.   A Flrst-olasB stook of Beady Made \y/
* CASCADE CITY,   -   B.C.
First-class in Every Respect.
J Best Brands Wines, Liquors aad
Cigars at the Bar. <k
© -©"0—#  ©HP
Riverside Ave,. Grand  Forks. B. C.
If yon want a nice ca»y, clean Khavc nr an up-
to-date Ktylihli hair cut, ^ivc me u call.
Manulauturer of
Spring   Beds,   Mattresses,
QRAND   FOUKS,   B.   C.
£^-Saw Filing and all Kinds of Repairing.
The care rf hor.scs feet and up-to-date
shoeing made a special study. Thete is
nothing in my line of business that I
don't do and will make you anything
from a wheelbarrow to six-horse cofch.
ia*mmtoeimnffammm *<i§£**ma**£
•I.Hoganson John West tin."'
Gus. K-vilnsoii.
4g        Clothing Shoes and /liners' Supplies        w
iii   Always in atock.   Goods delivered to tiie camps free. •£*%
| tfpjeff Davis & Co.^ %
v ■^•^•^•^^■^■^■^-^•■^•^■*4?**w^^^<-<:*??xr*«s:*»»-
Hotel in Hip city.    *g'.«
B A first-class sample room and Bar in connection with the House
Can always bs iia.i at our moro hr wc keep onr (took right Dp to th<- market and have im,
old.sheltworn goods to work off on our customer*.   Wc mnke a specialty ot always having
on hand
Fresh Eggs and Creamery Butter.
Wc get fn a new supply every week and can guarantee our stuck to ho always rn--h. Now
potatoes nre another thing which cun only I..- found at our store. Will Imec in a nice line
of llahlug tackle In a lew Bays.
Grand Forks Brewery.
G. A. FRASER & CO., Proprietors.
Lager Beer, Porter k Soft Drinks
WHITE HOUSE   I Particular  Attention Given Orders  Frcm  Private  Families.
WESTLAND* CO., prop..
Good  Dining   Room  in   connection
with the house.
First Class Rooms by Day or Week.
S —
y[ gap- Bast Brands fVtnM, Liqvors
and Cigars at the Bar.
First-Class  Accommodations' Good Stab'ing, Termiu's of
Stage Line From Marcus,  Washington.
McAuley & Keightley,
Proprietors, Scrofula
Inthe Blood 	
Scrofula larks in the blood of almost every CANYON CITY THE SUFFERER.
one and unless its poisonous taints are
thoroughly expelled from the system, it. is
liable to break out at any time in sores,
eruptions, nip disease or some otlif-r painful form. Hood's Sbrsaparilla cures
•crofula promptly and permanently,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
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Hood's Pills cure Indigestion.  25cents.
tilli.-lnl   KKtfliilileM  PrOID  tlie
-in. i ut   toontrlii.
tn-  Bt£a!ne*a Portion
County Ton n   won
riatiM-s.  Witli a   Lot
ot  the  Grant
Destroyed   '>>
I   of One   Hun-
■il      Tli on nu n d      llulliirw—Cu DSC
ii I.nm [i Ei plosions
j   IU      Nil
y ""■"
ul I ■     ;.i,,
in- Woman Threw o Lamp nt
other nnd tlie Result Wiih il (
i oiiiiutfriitiou—The Bams W«
Caused lost] k'ear's Pin
Skagway, Alaska, Nov. 7, via Victoria,
is. (',, Nov. 15.—Returning Klondikers today bring news that Uie t'ily of Dawson
hoe becn visited with a $500,000 lire in
h Iii'-li 40 buildings wen- burned,
The bla/e was started as tiie result of
.i row between tuo women oi the town,
in which one of them, Belle Mitchell,
threw a lighted lamp at another woman.
lhe lamp lirokc, the oil spread and in a
few seconds the buildings was on firo,
Tlie tire of a year ago was caused by
this Mine worn.in, who threw a lamp at a
man with whom she had had a quarrel.
Baker Oity. Or.*., Nov. 14.—At 11
■lock Friday night tire was discovered
llie Elkhoru hotel at. Canyon City,
county, and within two hours the
business portion and a number "f
lenoes were reduced to ashes. Because oi' a flre in thc afternoon the de-
pan ment was unable to successfully combat tlie flames) owing to a lack of water.
i'lic buildings were mostly frame, and the
tin- made rapid progress. Tlie conflagration was duo to the explosion of :i laini).
The loss will exceed $106,000, The insurance is not obtainable* The following
were tlie losers: A. Flinch, general mer-
chandiee; Cr. D. Overholt, general merchandise; Cuniiinglon and llor.slev, general merchandise; Brown A Simpson, general merchandise; A. J. Stevens, notion-,
etc.; Thompson tit Co., drugs- Dr. J, \V.
Ajfliford, drugs and residence* !•'. C. bells.
T«n   llln.-L    Ti-.)ii|<
HuntBVille,    Ala.,    N«
JackSOn,   Tluop    11,    u.ts
and Corporal Garret I
rs   Killed,
>.    14.—Priv
instantly  killed
Proop 11, mortally
l*y and saloon: Clark it Gucrfl-
Bey,  Baioon;   News printing office;  Mis.
J. Ash ford, millinery; Mrs. James Robinson, millinery* F. C. Sells, old court house,
used as a lodging liou-e;  A. Hindi, shoe
sliop;   Klklioui   hotol'   Cily    hotel;     A.
Ilin li, restaurant; two blacksmith shop**,
two livery stables, harness shop, tin stoic,
j residences of \V. JL. Short, I), (i. Overholt.,
|c! VV. 11. tl.uk. F. 0. Sells, A. Hindi. 1).
Asbury, Thornton Williams. Mrs, Jus.
binson and .Mrs. John Smith.
wounded late Saturday night by "Horse**
Douglas, a negro tough of this city. Both
men belonged to thc Tenth cavalry. No '
oue saw the killing. Douglas was seen:
with Uie two soldiers in the lough part of !
the city nnd his pistol had three empty
shells. He is in jail, hut denies the crime, j
A nunor has been circulated that the j
Tenth cavalry would lynch  the prisoner. I
U luilt-rs   I,iiiil   I'p.
San Francisco*, Nov. 14.—The whaling
harks Gayhead and Andrew Hicks havo
gone to Oakland creek, where  they  will
\* ASlllM-i TON.
The  Blaine nnd  Point Roberts
lies  have  put  up 00.000 cases of e
thi- season.
The Oregon Telephone Oompany
start immediately to connect every
In Clatsop and Tillamook count lei
Three lots at Ch eh alls and 05 bales on
the Cowlitz, less than 450 bales, are ail
that, remain in Lewis county of thc 'UH
hop crop.
The business of  llie Tacoma postofTk-e
is to
w ith
lie up for thc winter.   Others of the Ileet; tor the month of October is 15 per cent
will follow within a few days. j greater than for the corresponding month
 | in 1807, notwithstanding the fact that the
Seems   to  Oet  Ripe. J Klondike business wns then at its height.
One complaint seems to get ripe in au-'' Victor A. Roeder of Blaine shipped a
tumn, and that is neuralgia. To soothe half carload of apples to Seattle a few
the pain, strengthen the nerves and rid the | days ago, which netted hiin forty-two and
system of it, ii.se St. Jacob's Oil, the best I a half cents per box. They were the
known cure. I King of*Tompkins county and the Gol-
 .  den   Ball   varieties,  and   were  grown   on
Ft is reckoned that three out of every [liis ranch at Everson.
130  English-speaking    people    have red ;    Oompany    A, of  the    new    National
hair. Guard of Tacoma, expects to receive its
The number of Chinese in Snn Francisco
about 20,000.
Menstruation, the balance wheel of
woman's life, is also tlie bane of existence to many because it means u time of
great suffering.
While no woman is entirely free from
periodical pain, it does nol seem to have
been na- y^^^^^^^y
ture's plan
that women
should sufTe:
so severely.
Lydia K. i'iu
ham's Vegetable Compound is
the most
thorough female regulator known to
medical science. Jt relieves the condition tbat produces SO much discomfort nnd robs menstrual ion of its terrors. Here is proof:
Dkab Mrb. Pinkham:—How* can I
thank you enough for what you have
none for me? When I wrote to you I
**as suffering untold pain at time of
menstruation; was nervous, had head-
[ulpment before the month of No-
r closes. The company has already
received an assurance that (Jie equipment
will be ready to issue before December 1,
and a*- the Tacoma coinpany is the senior
company in the new guard, it, will be first
II. K. Benedict of Asotin is in receipt
of the repori of the analysis of samples
of sugar heels that, were raised hy hiin
and -ent to the United States department
of agriculture, which is as follows: Average weight of beets, Td ounces; sugar in
the heeis. per cent.. 14.4; sugar in the
jui e, per cent, 10.2; coefficient of purity.
83.1. The latter number is the percentage of sugar in the solid matter in solution  in  the juice.
\\rlh the close of October there has been
more coal shipped from Seattle thus far
than during the whole of last year, by
28,704 tons, or 10 per cent, and as compared with the tirst 10 months of 1807
the Increase was 71,480 tons, amounting
to 30 per cent. The total for ihe year,
up to November 1, was 310,307 ions, as
against 238,827  tons for the correspond*
I ing period of 1S07, mid 381,513 for all of
i that year.
During the month of November the re*
| innining taxes for 1807 fall due, and the
days from now until December 1 will be
busy ones in the office of the county treasurer of Pierce county. The total amount
of the tax levy for 1807 was $7J>2,i 1G.
of whieh  there  was collected  up to the
Washingt on, N ov. 1 1.—Sta (ist i.-ian
Hyde of the agricultural department has
completed the official statistics of the
crops of lhe world for this month, and a
revised review of the world's wheat* is an
Important feature. Subjoined are official
estimates of agricultural departments of
various wlieat producing countries 'if the
liussia. 417,000,000 Winchester bushels,
an increase of 30,000,000- Hungary, 132,-
^TT.noo bushels of 00 pounds; Germany,
115,000,000 bushels ->f ■ -" pounds; Italy,
122-371,000 Winchester bushels: Spain.
1)7,000,000 Winchester bushels; Roumania.
58,000,000 Winchester butfhels; Manitoba,
27,000,000 bushels; Ontario, 33,000,000
The London Times estimate- the wheat
crop of the L'nited Kingdom al 77,!Mhi,0O0
Winchester bushels, considerably in excess
of the estimate a month ago.
As the wlieat area of the more eastern
provinces was larger than in recent years
it seems likely that the tolal for Canada
will reach the highest of last month's c.s-
tlmates, 05,000,000 imperial bushels.
Australia has suffered frnm drought,
hut ihis is now broken. If lho -Australian
wheal crop should fall short of the
Broomhall estimates, the largest, it may
in .my ease equal or perhaps exceed the
very moderate estimates of the other two
authorities last month. The Broomhall
estimate was 64,000,000 bushels of tiO
pounds, while thc estimate of the Bulletin Des Dalles was ,37,000,000 Winchester
bushels. Severe frosts have been reported
from Argentina and the latest accounts
as to the outlook for thc wheat crop in
that country arc not favorable.
cheaUthetime.noappetlte.thattlred !IirsL °* October $433,341, leaving -$358,871:
feeling, and did not care for anything.
I have taken three bottles of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, oue
of Blood Purifier, two boxes of Liver
Pills, aud to-day I am a well person. I
would like to have those who suffer
know* that I am one of tlie many who
have been cured of female complain tl
by your wonderful medicine and advice.
—Mies Jennir U   Mh.ks. Leon. Wis.
Jf you are suffering in this way. write
as Miss Miles did to Mrs Pinkham at
Lynn. Muss , for tbe advice which she
offers free of charge to ali women.
Buy  Direct
And nave middleman's profits. Men's tine tun-
or-made luita-.f3.B6 to IU. Pit guaranteed, Cata-
lngue, Htun|>l.'N. *-.*lf-ux-i.-un lii.-n' hliinks, ete
mailed free.    .Addrewi J. LANDMAN.  McKay
building, Portland, Or.   Mentluu this paper.
Is it Wroflg?
Get it Right.
Keep it Kinht.
Moore'» Revealed lUmr-lv willdolt. Three
dOMS will make you leel better, Get it from
j-our druwist or any wholesale dnn; house, or
from Stewart & Holmes brag Co., Heatllc.
remaining unpaid. There is also a bal
tuice of *l!K,,07;i of the tax of 189ti still
Unpaid, not to mention the balances remaining from prior years. It is expected
that about .^OO.UOU will be received this
r   \\ Uliiim'a   Trip   la   SlirriiiK
ll|l    the    IH pi intm In.
entrr prior to
32,1874, tor la it
inn ncres,
you are entitled to an additional entry,
Which li a*» in liable nnd worth something.
Widows and minor orphans of deceased sol-
4!I'm hata lime rt«ht, I will buy it. Do not
rraiLe pontage unlets yon muds an oiij-lnnl-
• ditv ai naU'i1 abo*. e.
COLLINS,   Helena,   Montnna.
inirv ailt
J lin i*;
ITsW Hie *i for unnatural
dliahargu, Inflammations
Irritations »r ulceration!
of in ii o c ii h  membranes
I'niiili'RH, an-! ma antriii
heEv*N8 0hemic<iCo. K''"1 or polwnous.
Mold by Dru-rrUt*,
"or iicnt  in  plain wmppcr
by  t-xprenH,   pr.'piiiil,   foi
il..», or :i botUflj), fL',7-*..
('irmlar sunt on  nviueRt
No.   17, '98,
New York, Nov. 15.—A special to thc
Herald from Madrid says:
.Nearly all thc heads of thc diplomatic
corps have culled on thc ministry for foreign affairs to inquire what importance is
to be attached to the visit of the German
emperor. The government has made light
of the nutter and it haa further intimated that it expects, aa an inevitable out-
come of events, being forced to relinquish
tho sovereignty of Spain in thc Philippines.
The visit of Kinperor "William has excited the greatest interest in England and
Franco and Uhe representatives of both
equntrice have been particularly eager, under Instructions from their government-,
in making for detail*,. They lmve been
assured that the visit here of the Spanish
ambassa'dor In Berlin is purely casual and
that under the circumstances it is nothing less than natural.
'l'he more staid portion of the political
world does not attach much importance
to the imperial visit ami looks ujn>n it as
perhaps merely to arouxe hopes which can
not be realized.
It remains, however, at the present moment, a matter of political record that
there exists n sentiineni here that
France «»f late has been of snull utility to
Spain in spite of her assurance of friendship, and perhaps the j'hilippines clause
of the protocol has much to do 'villi the
origin of this sentiment.
The queen regent is credited with a desire to seek assistance from more northern empires, and if true, she would now
prefer to be allied with the triple alliance
than wiLh the Fraueo-lJiissian combine,
The total enrollment in the Halley
schools for the first two months and lo
date is 201, an average of 52 pupils in
each room.
Steps are being taken 4oward organizing a Y. AL C. A. free reading room in
Grangeville, Idaho.
A movement has been started to organize a branch society of the Y. M, C. A.
ut Lewiston, Idaho.
Isaac Blake's party have completed
their tramway from the old Peacock mine
to Snake liver, in the -Seven Devils country, 'l'he surveyors are now said to be
working on Snake river, near Vine ereek.
The exact date for letting thc contract
for the construction of the Kootenay valley railroad has not yet, been fixed. Several contractors are viewing the line now
preparatory to putting iu tlieir bids.
Several changes are being made iu the
line, Nothing has been done yet on
cross-section work.
A mau apparently iu a demented condition is at present roaming through the
forests near Ikmner's Ferry. Wlien last
seen he was in the vicinity of Haldy
mpuntaln, He had ."MOO upon his person.
His parents live in Montreal, and he had
becn in the employ of thc Crow's Nest
railroad. A reward is offered ior his capture, and two posses are in pursuit.
Kor some  lime a large  bear has been
coming into the orchard of \V. S. Clark
near Clearwater,      It ate all the fruit it
wanted during  lhe night, and would  go
away  until   the  next night.     .Mr.  (lark i
finally sol   a  gun   with a  string to  the J
trigger on  the trail where the bear came;
over the fence.      About 10 o'cluck a  re-
port  of   the  gun   was   heard, and    next j
morning -Mr. Clark found lying iu front
of tlie gun a brown hear dead, weighing
■100 pound-.    Thc orchard  has  nol   been
bothered  since.
.J. N. Rice, who has just arrived at
Lewiston from Ihiifalo Hump with a
party, reports that Fred Junes, a 15-year-
old hoy, formerly of Asotin, is probably
lost in the mountains. As Air. Rice and
party were coming out from the Hump,
about 15 miles from Florence, they saw
tirst tracks of a horse that had turned toward the breaks of the Clearwater.
A terrible snow storm was raging at that
time, and the rider and his animal had
probably lost the trail,
reached Florence thoy found that vom
She Fulled to Sink When the Crew
Pled, ainl I.lea lu Twelve Feet of
Wilier—The Native* Hnve Stolen
All    Movable   Article*   From   ilu-
Washington, Nov. 14.—The official report to the navy department of the finding
of the Alalia Teresa was concentrated in
the following cablegram received from
Commander Craven of the wrecking tug
Potomac, which had been ordered to Cat
island from Santiago, Nassau, November
''To the Secretary of thc Navy, Washington Potomac arrived. Maria Teresa
near Bird point, Cat island, one mile off
shore in two fathoms of water. Tide rising and falling inside. Temporary deck
broken up, movable articles removed by
natives. The Vulcan not seen. The natives at work since Saturday."
The Potomac was ordered at once back
to Cat island, with instructions to Commander Craven to take possession of the
Alaria Teresa and drive oil' the natives
who are looting the ship. Jle replied by
cable that he would leave immediately
and would arrive at the wreck in tlie
morning. The fact that the Teresa, a
vessel drawing 2j feet of water and waterlogged as she was when abandoned Is
probably drawing nearly 30 feet, has been
driven iu 12 feet of water is regarded bv
naval oiliccrs as evidence of thc great
strength of the storm whieh caused her
crew to leave hcr.
When*    <lM"tnUoiia,    Wool    FlKtirea,
uud   (lie   1'riee   of  Produce.
Following are the local quotations
Wholesale prices are given unless otherwise quoted:
Wheat at the warehouse—Countiy
points: Club, bulk 44c, sacked 45c; 'blue-
stem, bulk 47c, sacked 48c. At Spokane:
Club, hulk 4t(c, sacked 47c; Wuestem.
bulk 41le, sacked 50c.
Oats—At Spokane f, o. b., $1.20 per
Barley—Country points f. o. b., 85c per
Rye—Country points f. o. b., 72c per
cwt; Spokane, 75c per cwt.
Flour, per barrel—Gold Drop, $3.75;
Big Loaf. $4.15; Banner, $3.50; Plansifter.
$4; Superb, $3.75; Spokane, $3.50; Swan
Patent, $4.15; Snowllake, $3.75; Whit*
Lily, $3.50; whole wheat, $4; rye, $4.25;
graham, $3.50
Feed—Bran and shorts, 111 per ton;
shorts, $12; bran, $10; rolled barley, $20;
chicken feed, $15@20.
Corn—Whole, $1.10 per owt; cracked.
Wool—Fine memum, U@7c per lb; me
dium, 0@6o per lb.
Produce—Fancy creamery butter, 40
aud li0-lb tubs, 28c per lb; 5, 10 and 20
lb tubs, 20c per lh; prints, 25c per lb;
country butter, in rolls, lite per lb; cooking butter, 10c Ih; eastern creamery.
prints, 25e; cheese, twin full cream, 12j(
lb; cheese, twin, skim milk. D£@10c lb;
ranch eggs, $0,25@0.fi0; selected eggs.
$0.75; honey, white comb, 13c per b:
fancy, 14e per lb.
Poultry—Chickens, live weig'ht D@10c
lh, dressed 10@llc; spring broilers, $3@
3.bU* turkeys, live 13@14tJ, dressed 15@
10c; spring ducks, dressed ll@12cj gCOSC,
live 10@llc, dressed 12@12M-c.
Aleuts—Beef cows, live $2.50@2.75,
dressed $5@5.50 cwt; steers, live $2.75@
3, dressed $5.50@0; hogs, live $4.50@4.75,
dressed $G@0.50; mutton, live 4@4Jc,
dvefsed 7£@8c; dressed veal, 7@8c; lamb,
12Jo wholesale; venison, 10@20c per lb.
The following prices are paid in Spokane to farmers and other producers:
Hay—Timothy, $9 ton; wheat hay.
$7@8j alfalfa, $10.
Kggs—Ranch, $0.25@6.60.
Vegetables—Potatoes, 85(a;fl0c per cwt;
When the party | «ibbage, $1.50@1.75 per cwt; turnips, $J
'per cwt; onions, 75@90fl per cwt; beans.
V\. W. Wolverton, on his ranch near
Bozenian. raised this year 41 bushels of
oats to the acre. It*was the Silver Aline
variety, and thc acre waa carefully measured.
Sutherland and Donald, whose ranch is
on the Missouri, near Culbertson, have
purchased of Smith & Libby 1000 ewes
and 700 lambs. The price paid was $3.2fi
and $2.25. They want 300 to 500 more
good ewes.
AI. S. Darling., who has returned to
Fort Benton from the upper Teton, reports that about three-fourths of a inile
of the Conrad irrigating canal near Du-
puyer has been completed. Jt is expected to have the three and a half miles
finished by the end of November.
C. W. Cook, sheep inspector for Meagher county, visited the Alussleshell region
last week to investigate the report of
scab, aud afler a careful examination is
pleased to say that no such thing as scab
exists in that section. He made a thorough examination, spending the whole
week in that region and visiting a number of flocks.
While Fred Draper, a rancher living
on Willow creek, four miles below Red
Lodge, was engaged in dehorning cattle
at tlie ranch of a neighbor, he was attacked by a bull and pinned against the
corral fence, lhe bull plunging one of Iris
sharp horns into the imprisoned tnan's
face. lie was frightfully gored and disfigured for life.
Work has begun on the foundations of
the Af on tuna Pulp and Paper Company
building. All of the necessary capital has
been subscribed by the stockholders, who
aro principally Montana men, several
Bozeman people owning shares. Thc best
of bandy straw only will be used in thc
manufacture of paper and pulp, large
quantities of which straw is to be found
in rhe vicinity of Manhattan*
John F. Patterson, sheep inspector for
Chotcau county, has returned from the
scab infected district near Chinook. He
reports that the work of eradication ie
proceeding slowly, owing to unfavorable
weather conditions. About 38,000 head
have been treated to a ilrst dipping, 9000
of which have had a second application.
There is an additional 0000 head that
will have to be. similarly treated.
T. L. Blaekmnnof Great Falls, gcncraJ
manager for the Home Land and Cattle
Company, state that a gang of horse
thieves has been spending the summer in
cam]) at the mouth of Big Dry creek and
has been operating, from that point. Recently, just before the band decamped,
they entered the pasture of the coinpany
one night when a heavy storm was raging and drove off 35 head of line saddle
horses, A reward for the capture of the
thieves and the return of the animals has
been offered, but as yet no clue has been
obtained as to their whereabouts, as thc
storm covered up their trail.
How to
Get Strong
A system which
has become run down
by the trying weather
of the (>ast summer
is not in a condition
to meet the severe
winter of this climate
and will easily fall a
firey to disease unless
a proper tonic is
Pills for Pale People
are the best medicine
in the world for build-
in fl up and strengthening an enervated
Oo not confuse
these pills with ordinary purgative pills.They do NOT act on the bowels,thereby
further weakening the body.They build up the blood and
strengthen the nerves.
Major A. C. nisliop, of ?15 Third Ave., Detroit, Mich., is i» -.
civil engineer. He says: When I had my laHl spell of sicklies
out of the hospital J was n sorry sight.    I could not regain in
Hoy*   Cun   Sot Study   llni'il
Proper   Food.
Jones luul started to the Hump with a I
t&cgram. A neai-chil)**; party was iinnie-
dhUely started out after t'he boy. There
were two and oue-half feet of snow at the
Hump when Mr. llh-e left, and the weather was very stormv.
11@1|0 per lb; carrots, $1 per ewt; beets,
$1.2o per cwt.
Portland, Nov. 14.—Wheat—Nothing
doing; nominal export values; 51tc for
Walla Walla; (12@(13c for valley an.l
Tacoma, Nov. 14.—Wheat—Club, 00c:
bluestem, (H(S04c.
San Francisco, Nov. 14.—Bar silver,
00 l-Bc.
Mexican dollars, 471c
Lead, $3.50.
B-Kt Cough Bump,  Tute.Good. Unl
to time.   Bold br druggists. I
Tin-   Coon   Mont   filing'.
Washington, NoV. 15.—Tlie L'nited
I Sfates supreme court afllnricf) the judgment of the lower conrt ami denied the
writ of habeas corpus to John Anderson,
convicted ond sentenced to be hanged, after trial in Norfolk, VtM for the murder
of the mate of thc Olive Pecker.
Tlio SpinilMli Itcmiltii*h Diiiiiniil Tlieir
I'll .V   hrlnri*   I: in till rl. inu.
Key "West, Fla., Nov. 15!—Private rc-
potts from Puerto Principe and Neuvitas,
Cuba, say that 7000 regular Spanish sol-
dires have mutinied, demanding pay before embarking for Spain. Four thousand
of them, fully armed, surrounded tin-
resident military governor, Genera! Etui*
lio March, who finally Induced them to
return to quarters.
The cruiser Alfonso XII and two gun-
!>osits are on the way to Nuevitas to compel tlie soldiers to embark.
I in vii nn   iiuiiiriMiii(-«-N  Over.
llavnna, Nov. 15.—The disturbance-i
here are momentarily over. Everything
is quiet und the regular Sani-sh troops
arc patrolling the cily.
The Spanish government haa offered lhe
market, here 4L,o,(K){) pounds at three dajs
on London, in order to apply the proceeds to the payment of troops. The two
Spaiii*,h banks to 1^0,(100 punds, hut foreign houses refused to touch the puper
unless first advised that the necessary
funds will he on deposit in London hanks
to meet the drafts.
Or ilea Publico DlftbanAed.
Havana, Nov. 13, via. Key West, Nov.
15.—The mutiny   of    the Orden Publico
forcefl, which for three days threatened ■
tlie peace of this city, resuJU.-d in the dis- j n<;iro  to  participate  in   fhe  anniversary
solution of that  body, wlien after pay- | celebration of tiie creation of the Brazil-
ment. of y».mo arrears and the promise of  ilin republic
full liquidation, the revolting troops laid
down their arms,
S'iii n ish   'J'l'IITIMlini'1
Havana, Nov. 10. -Th
port Le Gnspic went    ashore    yesterday
morning near Cienfuegos   and    is totally
wrecked.   All tlie crew were saved.
A  Third  in  Honp.Mnl.
Springfield, HI., Nov. 13.^Adviccs received 'here from members of the Eighth
Illinois volunteers, colored, now at Santiago, state that fully 30 per cent of the
regiment are in (he hospitals.
The Twenty-Tliird United States infan-
toy are encamped across the hills from the
Eighth Illinois nnd yellow fever has made
its appearance in the camp of the regulars and communication between thc two
camps lias heen forbidden.
J?t. Jacob's Oil cures Rheumatism.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Neuralgia.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Lumbago.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Sciatica,
St. Jacob's Oil cures Sprains,
St. Jacob's Oil cures Hruiscs,
St. Jacob's Oil cures Soreness.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Stiffness.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Backache.
St. Jacob's Oil cures Muscular
Thc death of a student by starvation is
reporled from Trinity college. Tiie young
man, whose name was James Whiting Allen, and whose home was in Kichficld
Springs, N. Y,, was too poor to live properly and slyly cooked what little food he
could buy in his own room. He was in
ihe habit of gelling up at 5 o'clock in
the morning and studying on an empty
stomach, a thing that has been done by
ounfless other students, but in their case*
a good meal generally followed and there
was no continued sapping of the vitality
day afler day. It is recorded that Allen
was of the most cheery disposition and
was well liked hy his fellow students, as
was shown by his election to be historian
of tho freshman class. His apjicarance
lately caused some questioning, but he answered that he was all right and not until he was actually sick from congestion
of thc brain, brought on, as the physicians
say, by overwork and lack of proper nourishment, were his poor circumstances
known. It is difficult to believe that a
student could starve to death in these
days, and this incident suggests that it
would Iw well for the authorities to keep
a closer watch on the daily lives of students, especially the very poor ones.
Many young men, especially some found
in lhe western colleges, sacrifice much for
the beneiit~of an education, living cheaply and permanently impairing their
health. In many instances the college authorities interfere, but even- then many
cases escape notice. It is recollected tliat
a clergyman discovered two students at
one of the Michigan institutions a few
years ago, who had got through the entire year, cooking in the'ir rooms and
paying all expenses at about $120 apiece.
kiicss und enme
_ Ty Higlit. I could uot rcKiihi my Strength,
and could not walk ovcr it block for several weeks. I noticed some articles
in the newspapers regnrding Dr. WilHnms' Pink I'ills for Pale People,
whtch convinced me that they were worth trying and I benight two boxen,
I did not take thetn for my complexion but forstrength. After Using them
I felt better, mid know they did ine worlds of good. I am pleased to
recommend them to invalids who need a tonic or to build up a shuttered ff
constitution."—Dttrcit Frtt Prttt, 9
At all dTu-j-jisti ot diT«ct trom thf  Df.VYilli&mi Midi-      t
cint Company, Schctwctftdy-H.V. Price fifty «nti per box.       M
will send yon this Highest Uraiie Roberta' Sewln-*: HMblna bj frelffbt.
BiiliJ.iet to exa mi nation.   Examine it at   jour noarodt fikuht den
if fdunr! pt-rf<-!-(lv tintisfacti-i-v, eiiunl tn any mn.-hlnu in tin
banker or exprenB ngent Our Special Price, leva the Wo
riditwjtli your order.
Our Special Offer Prloe,
-*    $16.50
for thies-drawcr MaoMne,
$17.50 for flre-lriwer,
and $18.G0 for terci-draver.
Thia is just th» Present to
;1to Wile, Mother or Sitter.
Wo have sold tliouHaiulrt of
thi.se Iiiplii-i-tKnuJu Holi-
ert.iScwiiiff Hnchlnciiaiiil
truaraiiti'O thera lo  five
   Porfect   tttttiaractli.il
IW..1O, In lho RroHteht value ovur ofi'tuinl, tlio lucent prices e
iiameaonthobeHtmncliineiioss'ibio to mako.   TUB   ROBERT
hurtt every  iiiodr-m improvement, every urood p.iint of over
lilKhfcmdeiii'wtiliin mude, with theilofecN vt none.   Btudo hi
host milker in Anieii-M,   Hi.lid oak rahinot, bent cover, latest  ISH
skoiclonrnuno,piKi]t.pf*ll-h.lliiei;tni**k**l drawer pulls, rent-; hn i
L-'-HtorH. hit 11 hearing niljiisluhlo treadle, bet RradolronMand, 11 iieit
vlliratltn*: Shuttle, imtomittio bobbin winder, ndjuMal.lo boartiiEm
jmrat tension liberator, improved toora wbtuLadJostahle fu-''n:
impioM-d (-huttie carrier, rntent noedlo bur,  patent drops
urable and      .**,_
irorml. rii;.u;.\STi;i:i> iho ]iitht<*»t running, most a
npareHtii'iiseleartniocllinemttde.   Kvery known iHliu*hn„.-.-v >■• »u**-
nlsberiandonr HIIKE INSTRUCTION llOoK tolbj juat how anyone
SEi^-i-hS »'.« .V,iil,,,^rffi1'1! mrnny .klL,i ofIfRIi9r work* * W-YKAIt GUABAJfflBE la sont wllh every nnv
W*l&B«S^TOff^w.,.ao,wuS!1t  8pnfl«««wnUwlthyi.nrMilr-r.   We will «aveyou«T.   Ord rVt on'o.
FREE! BttSUIha^ 'V c'n" "&i SS»»VhSnS«K
IMWhh, o-W-*wiin«rMt^ CSW5 SPatn .».i be*ufC-S£%1u,un-«i SSStf'ta!
L-»r/Q*y>ii.   M-K^HMiUCk4UritJr«ll»BMdfltffi,   H-itn,,i,an,l(«h.*rj.   o_f..,U.Aw-- ind Clo»ki!    •MUM" *^
li'T.T« t ii* i-i j UUIopu ft-oulnlug or«r 900f*f w u*l ut>r oat hun-ln**! thauum! cut* u.,J piioM will b* Mat tiprMt piM.
iii.iiin-! i.t-.-t-.
T. IW. ROBERTS' SUPPLY HOUSE, Minneapolis, Minn.
Dr. LukeilS, The Old Reliable Specialist.
OLJ>EST In experience-RICHEST ln medical knowledge and skill—
CROWNED with 26 YEARS of unparalleled succ-eas—the sufferers' friend—
the people's specialist. He has cured thousandi. anil can cure you. All
Chronic, Nervous, Blood and Skin IJlaeHBea, stricture, Gleet, Varlococel.,
Rupture, Piles, Goitre, Cancer cured without cutting or detention from business. Dr. Lukena treats all curable chronic and difficult dlaease. st th.
bom. of the patient with unfailing success. If you cannot call, write your
symptoms for the most perfect mall system. Advice free. Kline-Ros.Db.rf
building.  No.  Ilfi Front  Ave.. Seattle,  Washlngtoa.
The fire brigade of London i-< milled oul
more frequently on Saturdiiy lhan on any
oilier day of the week.
Ilfllef nt   Mmlrl-l  Thnt   rencf Xcs;o-
tlnllonH Will ('..ntliiii**.
We offer One Hundred Dollar. Reward for
any caae of Catarrh that can not be cured bi
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.  J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
We,   the   undersigned,    have    known  P.   J. .
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him I
perfectly honorable In all bualneas transaction. I  cVj.^i    &....„,    , ; ,    ■ ,   ...  ■„
and financially able to carry  oul any obllga-     l.niteil    blules    pelslst   in   their   present
Paris,  Nov.   15.—A  dispatch   to
Temps from Madrid says:
The ollicials here do not believe peace
negotiations will be broken oil'.    If the
tlons made by their Arm.
WEST  &  TRUAX,  Wholesale  Druggists, Toledo, O.
Druggists,   Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, acting directly  upon the blood and mucou.  aur*
tacea of the system.    Testimonials  sent  fr..
Price 75c per bottle. Bold by all Druggist..
Hall'. Family Fill, are th. best.
Tiro  (iriuiil  Diap.nyn  Are Billed  for
tlie  Preaent  Mon....
■ Spanish trans
HilttleHltl-iN nt lllo Janeiro.
Washington, Nov. 14.—The battleships
Oregon and Iowa arrived at Eio de Ja:
The bones or lombs of oyer .21)0 giants
have been found in various parts of Kurope.
Tln.iiHiiii.l-. nt Work.
Pitlsburg, Nov. IS.-Window glass factories, wilh a capacity of 1100 post, started work yesterday morning and nearly
11,000 men and buys are earning their
first money in over half a year.
Thunder can be heard nine miles away.
Flre  ln   rcniisylvniiln.
Cunonsburg, Pa.. Nov. 15.—This town
was visited yesterday morning by a fire
which wiped out fully a third of the business portion, doing damage estimated at
$150,000.   No lives were lost
Pure Tea
in package?
at grocers'
Two grent meteoric displays are promised for this month. Tho first of these is
promised for thc 13th. It will result from
tlie lirst meeting of the advancing columns of the great Leonid meteors, wliich
envelop tbe earth in llery spectacles onee
in every 33J years. The main mass of
these meteors is due in November, 1800,
but, since tlieir array extends over a
length of at least 2,00o|o!l0,000 miles, they
require not less than three years to pass
the place where tlieir orbit intersects that
of the eartli. •
'The. other great shower occurs on the
night of November 27, a»d will be caused
by the meeting of thc earth with the me
tcors known as the Andromedes, or Bie-
lids, whicli are closely related to the famous missing comet of Itiela, if they are
not, in fact, scattered debris of that comet itself.
Kinger nails grow at the rate of rather
more lhan an inch aud a half a year.
Follow   It   Up.    -
Sit down and cool off suddenly, and
then regret it, for stiffness and soreness is
bound to follow. Follow it up with St.
Jacob's Oil and you will Jiave nothing to
regret from a prompt cure.
According to tlie best authorities, there
has never been a race of men who were ignorant of the use of fire.
The Shah has in his palace at Teheran
a 12-inch globe, upon which the parts of
the world nre set out in jewels of various
colors—England with rubies, India with
diamonds, the sea with emeralds, and so
No household Is complete without •
bottle of the famous Jesse Moore Whig*
key. It is a pure and wholesome stimulant recommended by all physicians
Don't neglect this necessity.
Thc wood sawyers of Atlanta, G., 20(1
in number, have formed a trust and have
raised thc price of sawing stove wood
from 75 cents to $1 per day. Kvery member of the organization is a blind man
or a cripple.
When coming to Ban Francisco go tc-
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Hush Bt. American or Kuropean plan. Room and board
11.00 to 11.CO per day; rooms SO cents to
11.00 per day; single mealB 25 cents. Free
coach.   Chas. Montgomery.
claim, Spain will accept the conditions
J after formally announcing ut a session
of lhe commission, ond in a circular !o
I the powers, that she yields to force aud
j owing to the impossibility of renewing
j the war without unobtainable assistance
iu defense of her rights.
London* I-im-nn Comment.
London, Nov. 15.—The I,ondon papers comment editorially upon the peace
conference crisis and the American naval
preparations, reiterating tlieir conviction of tho hopelessness of Spanish opposition, nnd recognizing tliat the United
States have practically no alternative,
especially after the elections, but complete anneation, and that if Spain continue obstinate the l'nited States must
send a licet to Europe, an action which
no power but Great Britain would welcome though none would bc likely to interfere in Spain's behalf.
In West Africa the natives hiss when
they are astonished, in tlie New Hebrides
when they see anything beautiful. The
llasutos applaud a popular orator in their
assemblages by hissing at him.
The Catholic I'relnte of Ore-ton Died
In  llnltlmore.
Baltimore, lid., Nov. 15.—William
Hickley Gross, archbishop of Oregon Ho-
man Catholic Church, died nt St. Joseph's
hospital in this eity yesterday of heart
Arcbblsfliop Gross came lo this citv lo
attend the celebration ut~!3t. Charles* college, Elliott City, Md., and was taken sick
November II, sinee which time he has been
confined to bed. II was thought until
this morning he would recover' but a sudden eliithge tor the werse resulted In death,
The Kaiser (tailed for Holla,
Bcyrout, Nov. 11.-The emperor and
empress of Germany sailed from here Saturday morning on board the ll.ihenzol-
lorn, the imperial yacht, and will first
call at the island of Rhodes for dispatches, and will then sail for Malta.
Mcnti-iii-.'il for bire. '
Geneva,  Switzerhy^d,. .No.v.   11.—Luch-
erii,' tl'MMialiftn irtraft'hi^tv'ivfio assassinated the empress of Austria, has been sentenced to luipyjsppmcnt for life.'
I'lo'ltiiK A'-rnltiNl  llie Knl.er.
Bcyrout, Syria, Nov. 11,—It is persistently rumored here that the departure
of Emperor William and Empress Augusta Victoria was hastened by lhe discovery of another anarchistic plot.
Seattle, Nov. 10.-—Tho state is conceded
to republicans by from 3000 to 5000 majority.
All returns received indicate the crushing defeat of both amendments to the
constitution—one for local option in taxation and the other for woman suffrage.
Landsecr began his studies of dogs al
six.    .
To Care a Cold In  One Day
Tflke  Laxative   Bromo Quinine Tablets.     All
druggists refund money If lt falls to cure. 25c
Porfoet Typo of tho Highest Order of
Excellence in manufacture."
Multnomah Lodgo of Freemasons haa
just celebrated ita 50th anniversary in
Oregon City, it is noteworthy because it
wps the first MaSonlc lodge wost of thc
Missouri river.
Permanently Cared* -No Owor BtrfOttMlM.
After dm iiuy'tt line of lir. Kline's Urea
Wrvf -.teHtorer. Semi for PUKE •*.00 trlf*
bottle and treatise, DR. B. U. JLUNBL Ltd., IW
ircli street, Philadelphia, Fk
The  Duke  of Wellington, six  months
after the battle of Waterloo, Was created
Marshal of ■Fr.incc.
I never used so quick a cure as FtsVs
Cure for Consumption.—J. V. Palmer,
Box 1171,  Seattle, Wash., Nov. 25. 1895.
\ gold minfl under the town of Ballnr-
at, Australia, is considered (he richest in
the world.
Trr Beaming's Best Te* and Biking Powdu
Iron horseshoes have been found dating
back to  the year 481.
Absolutely Pure,
.Cosis Less man QUE CUT a Cup.
Be sure that you get the Genuine Article,
made at DORCHESTER, MASS. li,
**M*M*ay0fs>s**$w*- H r*T(^»<M^*
i-r.,  iiin*ja. oj _
I & CO. Ltd. \
I****        •     j


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