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The Grand Forks Miner May 1, 1897

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FIRST    YEAK.---NQ.   .,1.
GRANp FQHKS, P.   C,   SATURDAY,   MAV   1,   1897,
I'KU'K   !*!\|*:   i|*;NI\
Both Running Full Blast and Will Soon
Eelieve  the  Lumber  Market
and Enlarge the Build"
ijjg Boi-m,
Tho era of building whicli has boen
practically suspended for a week or
more, has begun again, and tho merry
hum of the carpenters' saw, with hammer accompaniment, tills tho air with
welcome music. The building activity
has not reached its height, nor will it
until the saw mills are in a position to
furnish lumber as fast as it is required.
Tho breaking of the log boom at Simpson's mill on the North Fork and oon-
sequent loss of logs has been a serious
drawback on the lumber market, but
the mill has been moved to Mr. Newby's
pluco at the foot of Hardy mountain, and
will be running in full force in a very
few days. Adjacent to the mill is over
a million feet of timber standing, and
when tlie work of converting this into
lumber is commenced, tho stiingehey
in the lumber market will be over."
Spraggett's mill commenced operations again last Monday, alter having
been shut down for two weeks because
of repairs necessitated by the breaking
of a wheel which could not bo fixed here
but had to he sent to Spokane. Sprag-
get's mill has orders ahead for half a
million feet of lumber and tho orders
are being tilled as fast us Hrstelass mill
machinery i an tur.*, out the lumber,
Dr. G. W. Ayerjll lias po\y under
course of construction a three-story hotel on Bridge street, whicli will be a
inotr.v maker from the start for the man
who secures a lease of the building. It
will baveSO rooms and be furnished in
thoroughly modern style. The need of
more sleepirg accorr modal ions is keenly
felt in Grand Forks, and the new hotel
will till a want which if not long felt, is
at least pressing.
Dr. Averill is also building a three
ptoiy structure on Riverside near tho
big store which will have two storerooms
on the ground floor, and sixteen rooms
in the upper.stories which can be used
for offices or living rooms.
Manly tit Averill are putting up a
building on the corner of Riverside and
Bridge, which will be occupied hy Ilepworth * f'o.'s drug store. (1, Ii. Stocking
the jeweller, the law office cf Fulton".
Ward & Aikman, represented in (Irand
Forks hy Mr. Aikman; Ranken & Campbell, real estate dealers ; attorney Swan-
son and Dr. Hepworth.
J. W. Jones is building sn addition to
his wire mattress manufactory, lie
intends to put in improved machinery
for the manufi cturing of mattresses and
conduct the business on a larger scale.
The addition he is now building will bo
used as a mattress and furniture ware-
bouse. Some time this summer Mr.
Jones will erect u 30 room lodging houso
adjacent to Ids manufacturing establishment Mr.Jonesisalso preparing the
fixtures for the new postoffice which is
constructed on Bridge street, by Post
master L. A. Manly.
0, B, Lambert is constructing tivo
ground floor offices, on Riverside between Bridge and Main streets. These
will he ready for occupancy in a short
J. Case is erecting a two-st.ory hotel
on Bridge street which will be ready for
occupany within a tow weeks. Mrs.
Case arrived yesterday morning from
Hoillngswortb, Wash.
11 ai man & Kekinnn have lininished
their carpentry establii-hment ami have
put in roi chinory I'm* the manufacture
(f sash, doors, etc., in a.Million to their
regular carpenter work.
I'. W. McChiine, recently arrived from
Roeslahd, will put up a two story building, on Bridge Btreet, liu lower half of
which will be used fur n meat market.
On the east side ..f Kiverside lj. A.
Manly is erecting a bonded warehouse
in whit n will l.c stored liquors shipped
in bond for tho wholesale trade. Tho
building is a substantial structure of
slone, the walls being 110 inches thick,
l'he roof will bo made of cement over
which an additional roof of hhingles will
le placed. The warehouse will be absolutely fire ami frost proof. It will bo
finished in about a wick and the papers
are here now for the bond which Mr.
Manly will give in the sum of $5,000.
Grand Forks, beside being the business center of lho entire district, will
be a city of attractive homes. Joim A.
Manly's pretty white cottage on the Cast
bank of North Fork, is admired hy ah
newcomers and itB owner contemplates
making internal improvements which
will make it a model of comfort and convenience. Arrangments have been
made for an air pressure system which
will supply the residence throughout
with water from tbe North Fork, and
will also supply the new homo of Chas.
Cumings with a perfect water system
anil lire protection. Mr. Cumings' residence on which the work of construction is being rapidly pushed, occupies a
pretty site near the river and when
completed will be a beautiful homo.
Dr. Averill is building a 810,000 homo
on the side of the hill, across the North
Fork from the  business  center of  tho
town. The work will not bo completed
for at least a "month; but \yhen' it js done
the result wjll be a homo of which any
one might well be proud. The opportunities for landscape terracing above
and below the residence are unlimited
and in time this will be known throughout this great mining territory as one of
the most beautiful coiubii ations ot Art
with Nature that could oe ell'ected.
A number of smaller residences aro
Springing up around the business nucleus, a.si.ithers will be built as soon as
lumber can be secured. In noticing
the building activity of (irand Forks
the John Manly barn must not bo overlooked. This, at the present time nc.'u*
ties more ground than any other one
pudding in tho city. It is being constructed in accordance with most modern plans, and will bea model of uli'ity
and convenience, It will bo equipped
with a vater system of its own, hoisting
apparatus and hay folks, and will accommodate a large number of stock,
with ample room also for vehicles, hay,
grain, etc,
While wailing for an opportunity to
build, many of tho residents of Qrand
Porks, A'hu but recently became such,
occupy tents which are pitched on vacant lots in various parts of tho city,
giving it a rather pioturesqeappearance,
By the imice Cat.
Wlio went to church the other day?
Shook hands with all, along the way.
Why, "That'sour candidate,'1 thoy say:
"Our" Peter,
Who platted out another towu;
And then from it moved .'iih'ily down,
Who prays something will "bust" this town?
Why, Peter.
Who says Unit Grand Forks ovorflows,
And at the slough turns up his nose?
Who next week will tur i  up his toes?
That's Peter,
\\ ho wants so had that mayor's place?
Who stands not one chance in the rnce?
Who'll get it just below tlie fuee?
Mime lvter.
Who makes the chief note of his horn
Th'* fact that he's Canadian b.-rn?
Whoso heart with grief will soon he lorn?
I'oor Peter.
Who never will disturb the town
By having things torn upside down,
.Making Improvements all around?
His Worship.
Who tries so awful hard to get
That French vote iu his little "niit?"
Whp'Jl iJdt itsure?   Well I guo-s "Nit:"
"Our" Peter,
Who is it that will sadly lin.l
When in the race lie's left behind,
That someone "had an axe to grind!*'
Poor Peter.
Who'll be the "power behind the throne,"
And make poor Peter sweat and groan—
If in the mayor's chair he's thrown?
Grand  Forks  Wili, Offer a L,srok
The Fourth of July will be celebrated
in Qrand Forks with unparalleled splendor anil preparations are already being
made for the event. It is proposed to
spend at least three days in feasting
and dancing, games and racing. Over
S1000 will be given in prizes, and lho
largest amounts of money will go to the
winners of boise races. Thore will be
running races for quarter mile, half
mile and 800 yards trotting, bicycle,
races and other sports. On tho F. nrth
there will be a danoe afternoon and evening with music by a .Spokane brass
band and it is proposed to havo a dis-
play of fireworks from the summit of
Observation mountain, The celebration will last through the 'J bird, Fourth
and Fifth of the month. Full particulars will be given later,
Two Candidates For Mayor and Seven
For Alderman.
Nominations for city officers to be
elected on next Saturday have been
closed and the oomplete list now on tile
with returning officer J. A, Aikman, is
as follows; For mayor, John A. Manly
and I'eter T, McCallum. For aldermen,
W, K. O, Manly, P, J. Davis, J. K. Johnson. W. O. Hepworth, J. II. Featherston,
Lloyd A. Manly and Edmund Duford.
Six aldermen are to be chosen and seven
nominations havo tern mado, so that
one aspirant will bo left out in the cold.
The Lumber Combine.
A lumber combine has been effected
between the Bpraggett and Simpson
Baw mills and hereafter lho entire output of both will be handled by A. Q,
Heals of tho Hrin of Beals Bros, of Tillamook, Oregon. Mr. Heals has contract
ed to take all tho lumber manufactured
by both mills for a year and has opened
an office in Dr. Averill's now building,
corner of Bridge street and Kiverside
It is not the object of the combine to
raise tho price of lumber, for tho prices
which prevailed before tho new deal
was made will continue in force. Tbo
fact is that the new plan will bo a convenience to both the mill men and tho
lumber buyers. Tho mills will now run
steady aud their owners, not having to
attend to taking orders and figuring on
buildings can devote tUeir entiro time
and personal attention to tho manufacture of lumber and tho result will be an
increased and Bteady output. Then too,
the workmen in the mills know where
their money is coining from and that
it will como regularly on pay day.
On the other hand the purchasers of
lumber have but to call at Mr. Beals' office on tho principal corner of the city
to have their wants promptly and properly attended to. Mr Beals has had
wide experiouco in the lumbor business
and his patrons will prolit by it.
FUN IN 11 BfiRfl
Vote for John A. M;oily for Mayor.
Who predicted lhat the river would overflow?
II. B. Monroe, Greenwood, spent a day or two
in tuwu ibis week comparing notes.
Freighters and others report Hie rotnls between
tlie Forks iui.1 Miln-usimproving daily.
The eakes for tbe MoNlool Mebiruu wedding
Were furnished by Knight, the baker.
Messrs. l.ee and Patterson of Rosshin I. .. | r.
registered at Ihe lirioid Forks this week.
William's stage lino brought in twelve passengers yesterday from Marcus and several were
It'll I'.ehiuil. '
Wm. IT. Ni.rris, editor of the Ml.l.vtiy Advance
spout Thursday in tlio Forks hobnobbing wiili
our poHtffia.
B|iiic|).g Continued Until Late in  tho
Night in Spile oi B-aiii-   Cake
Walk  and   Eed River
Olog TK.iice.
Mrs. John A. Manly's barn warming
last night was a success in every sense
of the word. The affair was intended
to provide pleasure and never was a
mission moro faithfully fulfilled. The
large new livery barn was for once turned into a ballroom, and mirth and laughter until far into the night echoed from
board walls and unfinished roof.
The event had been advertised, and
ehorlly after 8 o'c'ock tho crow! commenced to assemb'e, until the immens i
barn loft contained more than 200 people, The attendance waB not confined
jf) citizens of (Irani Forks, but Carson
and Nelson were both well represented.
The placo was lighted with Rochester
lamps and on ono side ol the room a
platform was placed for the orchestra,
while benches for lhe ladies were arranged around thice sides of the IJ't.
At the front and almost entirely covering a door, was hung tho following:
EVKNINU, Al'IUI, BO, 1897.
i Haymow*— .March.
2, Pole-team—Lancers.
:;. Pack-saddle- Waltz.
I. Fly-uet- Quadrille.
6. Breecb-strap   Virginia Reel.
...   Buok-board-Schottlsche.
7. llliud-briille   Cotllllcu.
a.   Back-band -Waltz Quadrille
8. Ilbieioiiilhiteli-ijniidrille.
10. Breast-strap—Minuet.
II. Double (Ilnoh—Mazurka.
12.   Bldo-saddle—Cotillion,
IB.   Pitch-fork—Polka.
11. Curr.-eomb - Lancers,
IS,   Martingale-Cirellliiin rlrele.
If,.   Sielgh-bells—French Minuet.
17.   Bed-down—Tuckor.
And all go home.
Music hy Prof. SiiiL'letree Ilepworth, .lerklj no
Shannon and tlorseradtih Sheads.
Box stalls down staiis lor the ladies, boys take
the corral.
" The grand March- led by Mr. an 1
Mrs. John A. Manly, commence 1 shortly
bef.ire 9 o'clock and from that moment
until the last strains of "Hum?, Sweet
homo" had died away, there was nothing
but pleasure unalloyed. The fact that
a shower of rain camo up and that the
unshingled roof let the water down upon them,did not dampen the enthusiasm
of the dancers They just picked up
their effect*", moved down stairs and
continued tho ball with increased enjoyment. Air. Lucien a-'te-l as floor manager and caller
When "Hay and Oats" on the program was reached, an a; potizicg lunch
of sandwiches, coffee etc. was served,
after whioh dancing was again resumed
aril continued until tlie hand of tha
clock was long past the hour of midnight.
Before lunch was served an exhibition
of clog dancing was given by R. A.
Brown, Chas. ( usson and Joe Lodgmo-
nier in turn. Each of these gentlemen
showed remarkable proficiency in this
art. and their elforts met with well deserved applause.
Immediately after lunch an old fashioned cake walk was held, Ihe judg. s of
who were the most graceful walkers, being Mrs. Sheads, Mrs. Fisher and Mr.
Dinsmore. The contest was a spirited
one and the judges had no easy task on
their hai ds but after requiring tin n-
lestants t.i walk with various partners
end in single Hie, the prizes wero awarded, the lirst to Mr. and Mrs. Qill and the
second to John Featherston and Mrs.
In the absence ot the judges tho odi*
tor of the Miner took tbo cake, just
before lhe cake walk began, but Constable Dinsmore happened along just
then and made him put it right back.
Tlie barn warming was an original
idea and was carried .mt in a unique
manner, Through il tiie citizens of
(irand Forks and vicinity are indebted
to Mis. Manly for an evening of wholesome amusement.
For a cup of coffee aud cream go to
tbc Arcadia.
Strictly Fresh Eggs you will always
find at Butler's cash store.
You can got s.'reon doors and window
shades at Manly's Hardware Store.
Chinook Brand of cured moats is
what Butler carries, and prices lowest
in town.
A trip up tho North Fork of the Kettle liver will convince you that the Kettle River districl is bound to become one
cf tho best mining camps in tho province.
Mr. Snyder camo down from his camp
on Brown's creek, where ho is running
a crosscut on the ledge ot the Olympia
which is making a line showing.
John Kilby reports a strike on his
property, tho Hoiuestako ill Chirks
camp, in the shape of a largo blowout
between two well defined walls carrying
free gold and copper. John has started
to sink a shaft which is now down
four feet and expects to strike tho precious metal at a depth of fifteen feet in
paying qualities.
The friends <>f Fred WoUnaton will he pleanod
tn leu rn i hut lie in slowly recovering from his recent attack of lover.
Mrs. Madder, wlio has beon very sick for the
past few diiys, is reported bettor, und hope*, are
entertained oi lier recovery.
thus. Mjithofson, t. North Fork prospector,
wna in town this week und repjrts everything
looking well iii lIiul section.
Forbes M. Kerbyaud Frank Uoryell, *>f Midway, wero visitors at the Forks yesterday und
look in the burn warming last night.
J. T. Inn-nit, owner oi Observation mountain mining jiinpi. riy, was in the city the lore
1 art oi the week looKing utter his intei'-sis.
I*. K. McCormick, representing Kelly, Douglass it Co., u ho.esalo grocers, viiiiuom er, was
circulating among our merchants this week.
Jaincs Monaghan of Spokane, passed through
tlie Foil;- Uiis w*ck, on Ins uny tu rump bic-
Kiiniev tolooK alter hlsiaterostsin Unit locality.
\V. Forrest, of Cascade City, is spending a i few
days ui Grand Forks, lie sajs Hon neur Christum hdee where he is: working he sees four or
live deer every day.
The Int;..; news from J. K. Johnson, who was
called to Verioju by the serious illness of Ins
lather, is in tlie ctleet that he is gradually getting
weaker mid death is expected any moment.
We arc requested to announce that those
who donated eakes to the Bachelors ball and
lust church social, and failed to have their
plates ictumed to them, can lind them at the
home ol Mrs   Perrine.
The free ferry ut the font of Second street is
now iu riiiiiiiiig order mid lhe setile.s on the
opposite side oi ihe Kettle river, will now have
u chance to market their products v, ithoul he
j ng compelled to drive several miles out of the
nan I.
li. .V. Sheads made an assay no rock from the
Evening Star ou rhursday with the following
results: Uold, $11,10; silver, -*'.■,in; copper,
-HT.-ju; lead, fi making a total yalu'i ol Ml.To
per ion.   'lhe rock, wa.-i pikeii from a depth of
Filley & Ogden, havo only a few ol their
book entitled ■'jiinlugijawsoiBritiahUoluinbia.
United Mates and the .-talc oi Washington1'
left. It is a valuable book, chuck full of valuable information and should be in the posses-
sinu of every one interested iu mining.
J. J. Miller of Spokane, pasgod through the
Forks this week eurouto to Greenwood, where
lie will take the management of the Lntenia-
Lional hotel. John is a thorough going hood
mini and we predn t Hint ine International, under his charge w ill oe a draw lug t ard.
'1 he Alliance Mining coin puny bus
gauized with a capital stucK ot 11,001
withJohnA. Manly, Urns. Cumiuingo, migii
Meuuiar aud James A Aikman us principal
stockholders. The company will work ihe May
L, Uiiark.aud Llttlo May claims in the Summit
1 'A party consisting of J. A. Ogdcn, Chas. Bqn
nett, II. a. Sheads und Gen. Kdwards made a
visit lo CurloW hike the curly part of the week
for the purpose of fishing and incidentally to
look ai some prospects, i hey started Monday
morning und return*d Wednesday. A pleasant
trip Is reported notwithstanding the fact tb.it
they came back without any Hsh.
Duncan Mcintosh, one of the owners of the
Winnipeg, in Wellington camp, spent two or
three days in town this week, on bis way home
from au extended tour of the easr. While absent
Mae visited ucailyall tlie Huanicial centers of
the United rtates, und reports plenty of money,
but very little of which is seeking investment
in uny thing i hat does not pay two lor ouo.
11. Hcnsberger, nuc of the proprietors of the
Chicago Meat und Puckingeompany of Spokane,
Was uu arrival on \\ ediie.-du , 's stage from Marcus Tho Object of Mr. il 's visit was to look
into the opportunities atlbrded by the Forks as a
business point,and so well ploased wus he with
the outlook, he has leased ihe sum.' room of
Mr. Fisher, on liivcrshle avenue near the
bridge.and will open a tirut-class meat market
about the 16th of the month.
Scidt Meltea, one of the pioneers nf Deadwood
Camp, came over the range this week to attend
tbe McNiol .McLaren wedding. .Scott report!
everything lovely in his locality, aud predicts
that Deadwood would be the "King Bee'" of the
i ounditry criek district in the neur future.
By the way Mac's friends will regret to learn
thut be has joined the mystic order i^i Dudes,
and mado his appearance at the ball with a lug
red rosottttucheu to his manly breast.
.1. L. Martin, of Spokane, passed through the
city this week on bis way back from a tour of
Inspection through the reservation, where he
visltodsome the principal properties of Curlew
Lake and vicinity, lie reports the U. S. LeHoi,
lu which ho is largely interested, looking particularly w ell. A new vein has been discovered
about Minfeet from the former Workings and
surface work discloses u wellileliued ledge of
quartz and lime heavily impregnated with
magnetic iron carrying well in golu, copper and
si her.
Kalstou Brothers woro down from their property, the Diamond tlnch, situated on I'ath-
llnder bill, yesterday, u here Ihey are doing development work Ai preseut they arc down in
the Shalt about ten led, eight 01 w bleb are solid
ore,which is pronounced by miners to boarfloni-
cm pyiites, and Is only ton ml in one other claim
tn lli'llish i ol Milt.in, tlie NiOKoI I'liile  nl   (Loss-
laud, and compared with that from the other
m inch oi i hut section is Bald in run live times as
high,    lhe i.oys fee. Jubilant uxw their pros-
peels of sinking il rich.
Tin:   JJii'T-'KUKNi.i;   in   thk Way   Ihey
Wii.i. be Entertained,
ll has been letiruod that the Karl of Aberdeen,
Lieuienuut-Govcrucr Dewdney and Hon. D. W.
lliggens, Bpeakei of the hoUSO, Will visit Grand
Forks iu a short time nud it will evolve upon
the mayor of the citv toeutortaiu them while
il John A. Manlv is elected mayor he will entertain the distinguished visitors ui his home,
will drive them over the country and point nut
its attractive leatures, will show them the mills
and Biueltersitus, the locution of the government building, w.H cull attention to the mineral
ami other resources of this section, ami w ben
they return to their homes it will he with tho
feeling thai they nave seen the most attractive
section oi liritish Columbia, ami one which,
when there are huv government favors to be given oul, should come in for couaiderstlou-
If Pete McCallum is elected mayor what will
hedoto entertian tho visitors, lie will take
them up to his cabin OU tbe bench, and will ([escribe iu glowing terms how theeity of Grand
Korks Is overflowed every .summer and how ho
once landed in a canoe on the summit of Observation mountain. Then he will tell about
being elected mayor after trying lu every way
todefcutthe city's Incorporation, Then probably he will explain bow tho railroad is going
to leave the north bank of Kettle river, cut
across the point of land ut the foot of Galena
mountain and build two bridges over a treacherous river in order to reach his gravel prairie,
ami when Ihe visitors leave Grand Fortes they
wili have anything but o favorable impression
of Hie city, and will feel that their investments
here were poorly made,
Uoet Creamery Butter received twioo
a week, by express, at iiutlcrs.
developi i! cane of deleriuoi tremens
While lie wan still in tho thro s we put*
out the ii^ht and Htole Huftly up to bed
Says Mr. Manly ia Tco Progiessive —
Differeut witli  McCallum.—Disal-
V'iHtages of au Increase in
Our Population.
Last Tuesday evening we wuic siltiiig
all alone in <>ui* sanctum, ponclnring
over the provable result oE tlio coining
municipal electi.hi, when iye \y.io
frightened out of a years' growth by a
terrible icreecli from the rear of the
room, Turn in*,' qpickly around u*c Lc-
held   Tom   Twobellies,   the   offlce  cat,
Btaggering across tin- floor in a truly remarkable manner.
His usually smooth fur was mill id
uml muddy, his eyes were bloodshot,
his feet were braced far apart as though
the floor was fyicg to get away from
him. and altogether lie presented a
tralv pitiable uppearance.
"Why, Two! What 'ai earth is tlie
mutter?" cried we in astonishment.
"Whoopla|    'Bah for Pete|    Wl -
vat,—-ye-ow! McCallum for mayor!
Hail to the chii—Manly? Rats! lb-
iiiut no good! Wed..n't want no American tn come over here and run our t iwn
for us! -Take another with mo!
'J hanks, don't care if l do!—and Two
tottered over to the saucer when* his
evening meal is generally waiting for
bini but finding it empty sat down bo-
side it and dozed oil' into a heavy  sleep.
We set and watched hue fur souio
time in surprise, but at lust our curiosity sot tho upper ban I and wc gently
awakened him toinquirei ''Where have
you been, Two, and what is the matter
with you?"
"Just been up to the McCi'lnin meeting," he icplied. "I tell ,vou wu'ro gaining strength, Why, there was live of
us u)i there tonight, and the last meet-
in.; we had there was only four. I.1 "k
at that, will you! An increase of 2o per
cent in less than two weeks! And, sa}!
What do you think?'
"Haven't the lea.-t idea," we replied.
"One of the Manly aldermen has
Hopped! Yes, sir! Flopped complete;
ami the best of it is that they don't
know a thing about it. Think they've
got hiin solid, end he's working against
them all lhe time."
"What made him Hop?" we asked.
"Oh ," replied Two, carelessly, "wo
offered him better inducements thau
the Manly crowd, so he com*) over."
"Mow about this, Two?" asked we.
"Vol used to be in favor of Manly, what
made you change your mind?"
''What's the good of having a n in.i b'
you can't change it?" be answered crossly. "And while we are on the subject
of changeB I might as well tell you that
I am going to q-uit you. S'es, I know all
about your keeping me all through the
winter, when my credit was gone and I
was broke, but that's past now and 1
can rustle for myself now, so I'm going
to quit vou."
"Where aro you going. Two'.'"
"I'm going to move up on Hay A Me
Callum's addition; they've given me a
lot and I'm going up there tn live."
"Now see here, Two," said we, "what
are your objections lo John Manly?
i'ou must acknowledge that In* is the
more progressive of the two candidates.
Through bis influence we will have
electric lights and railways, the custom
house will be moved up here, and many
oilier substantial improvements will be
made; and there wiil be thousands of
people here inside of a year."
"Yea, that's just it," replied Two.
"Manly's too progressive, If he was
elected we'd have all thos- things and
more; hut wo don't want them. We
don't want electric lights dazzling our
eyes; and railway engines Bearing our
horses and making them run away; its
only nice exercise io rile down lo the
custom house when our goods yet hung
up for duty; and il there was thousun Is
of poo] 1° i" ''iwn Just   think  how   we'd
have   to    hustle   to   eel   good   plliees to
'rubber neck' the stages when they como
in. Now if Pete's elected it'll be differ
ent; we'll mosey along nico and consor
vative, not make any improvement**
except moving Grand Porks up onto
Hay ,V McCalluni's addition and the
taxes on Pate's land won't beany higher,
They diiln'l have any business taking
his land into the incorporation anyhow.
Why didn't they mind their own bus!
ness and leave it out? Hay & McCalluni's addition is the place foi the town
anyway. They libit no frog ponds up
thero—but one -aid it don't overflow
every spriug,"
"What improvements hav e they on
the addition, Two?" we asked, after a
"Well that's a corker." he mumbled.
Look at them nice graded streets we's
got up there. Look at them bricks,
Look at them horse-power electric wagons of ours. Look at zee smelter we'so
agoin' to put up on tbe flat whero you
used to t;o swiiumin' lust spring—its
under water now but soon as the water
goes down we'sgoin to build it. Look
at zee government buildings we's goin'
t,, build. Look at zat—Whoop! Wheel
'Rah I r Pete! 'Rah for Hay & McCallum! 'Rah for my lot! 'Rah for zee
smelter! 'Rah for everybody- 'cept
John Manly. 'Kali for—Help! Murder!
Look at Zut snake!"—and poor Two
tumbled over onto the floor with a well*
Cascade Citv, li. C, April -J.'.). [To
the Editor.]—Samuel Swanson, one of
the owners of the Lalla Ho jk group,
died of inflamation of the bowels at the
Lalla Rook camp Friday, April 23, aged
•Li and was buried ut Cascade City Sunday morning. Mr. Bwanson was for-
raerlj in business in Virden, Manitoba,
where he haves a widow and when he
has that respect and honor from the
commnity wh|ch men of such upright
qualities of character and Buch geniality,
pommand, His wis the lirst death in
this camp and was very unexpected, for
although he had suffered consi lerablj*
fi.rthe pasi two days, two hour.: bofore
bis death he was feeling much better
and was walkingaround, W'.M. McKay
read tho Episcopal burial service and
loving, sympathizing hands of ladies
and chi'dien dpcorafed the grave with
flowers    All his associates at the camp
and many friends at < ascade, about 3Q
in number, were present, and a? far as
possible administered those kin lly and
loving offices those absent wouid -;
anxiously bestow,
We i-li,!!',. .'lull others ,'■ ties,
Our mutual liurdons hoar.
An.I often en' iie-l. other flows
'I i:.' *';. iii'.iiilii.'iii'' tea.-.
Messrs. Earl mid Lynch, operating tie;
sawmi;l, are fast filling their  yards with
all kinds of lumber and from   tie-  -!..;
incuts made to the  Corks their effort*"
seem to be duly appreciated,
Society in CascaJe City ever on tlio
alert for something novel and new in
way of entertainmenl had a most oxcil
ng an I interest! ng tini • a few d ly ■
since. Mine In.si Thompson of Hotel
Cascade invited "the town" to dine with
him; whicli invitation was heartily accepted, After dinner a t sam was al th".
door and all jumped in and proceeded
aoross the boundary bin- lo tbe Colvil ■
Indian reservation where a "den" is
known to ovst, t■• participate in a Rattle
iS.ake Hunt. Armed with guns, clubs
and axes, and with "In ban John" as
guide, the den was s ion reaahed and t ie
slaughter commenced, tho ladies three
in number    vieing with Hi"  men  in ex
terminating    ti varmints;"   killing
both   (he firs I  and  the   largest.      lie
spoils of the day a . isisl -d "1' ■•:',   rallies,
one hi.'e n r   br • 11_ri11 homo alive in a
bottle—and one pheasant,
Mr. James S. Vryu ,,r Spokane, one of
the to'-vnsita owners made a flying trip
here this week,
W. Biown, landlord, begins, spring de,
 'ations by raising a lurge sign read-
in',' "II itol and It isturant."
New Store, New Prices, New Goods
at Butler's. Guarantee to sail lown'
than any linn iu this section.
ah. ir* nn   Town  Grows  Co.mi'e-
ti ! ion Wii.i. 1H*>, i   Him Oct.
There  is  in  this city a m in who re
cently, in answer I" a question, made a
talk   substantially as  follows;   "No,   I
d m't want lie' town to build up yet.    II
we "o ahead and advertise Gra*.d Forks
thero will b * a whole lot of ■ pie come
in here. They will pul up Hue stores
and I haven't enough money to put up
a hie store, so my business will be killeu,
Let's wait three years and then we .-an
all work togethor ami buiid up th.' city,
I am going to vote for Pete McCallum
because I dont think Im is in favor of
pushing tie* city forward."
Now there is argum mt for you. There
is downright hard headed logic such as
a child in the last stages of imbecility
might evolve from its ii tier 10m ii iu
ness. Here is a man who wants to drag
along lor three year- getting double
prices   from   prospector-   for   hit I
and hoarding up his dollars until ran
put up a Lie store. Then ho is willing
that the I own - liould begin to grow, \
Gods aed III: * li." is, luil this man is
generous. Man? lie is more like the
child that wanted the moon and cried
because he couldn't gel it. Thero is an
old fable about a dog w h .;'■ i i ial i I
a inang"i' and would neither ual i • huy
himself not allow the ox to d    io,
The "dog in the manger" policy is i   .1
one that will     develop  our   nine's   and
build up our city, and the sooner th..-,,
wlm advocate thoso tactics are frozen
out, lhe better it will be for I band
Notice is hereby given that A. G.
Beals has purchased tho entire output
of the Spragget saw mill, und also that
known as the Simpson mi.l belonging
to the Grand Forks (Saw Mill company,
for the ensuing year, commencing April
'-7, 1807. All orders will receive prompt
and careful attention.
A. G. Beals,
Olliee     in   Averill's   block,    corner   of
bridge and   Riverside,  Grand   Forks.
11. C.
Prospectors can save money by getting prices on groceries at Butler's.
Ho cuts tho life out of theso credit
store prices.
Don't put it off until the house is full
nf Hies bofore you put up your screen
doors. A full line can ^e found at
Manly's Hardware stoie.
Bookkeepers wages divided with customers at Butlers'Cash Store. No mistakes when you pay cash.
Oysters served in any  style  ou  short
uotice ut the Arcadia. GRAND   FORKS  MINKR.
while Mr. Manly was laboring  with the far as John   A.  Manly is concerned  ho
legislature?    Ho was circulating a pi.ti- refuses to have  his friends  circulate a
tion stating that Incorporation was not petition asking voters to pledge them-
wanted by tbe citizens,  and  endeavor- selves to iupport him, believing  it is the
ing lo defeat the efforts of  Mr. Manly, of  ,luty every elector to judge Ihe quali
In Ihe pasuge of tbo  incorporation   bill lications of tbe respective candidates for
he received a well deserved rebuke. himself,     Ho   lias   absolutely   nothing
But prior to  tho   assembling  of   the to loso by any such comparison.
Local or reading mum . notioos . i oejitu each   legislature Mr. Manly was   taking steps
Dsertlon. " ■ ' ,. hi
Job Printing at Fair rate«.   All aooounn fo,   b.ward furthering the interests of Granrl
Forks.    It was through Ids efforts  lhat
The Miner is published .,11 Saturday and will
mailed   to Subscriber on payment of Two
I.alltirH a year.
Displayed Advertisements 12 an Inch per
month. A liberal discount allowed'on long
Traiicl.'iit Advertisement** 2u eenls a line lirst
Insertion and ID e'etits a Un,: for eacb additional
Cosmos Hotel
Dining Room
job work and advert! ;iti   i
CHL'l. muntii. ! . il
able oa tl.elii-st.
SATUBDAV, MAV 1, 18!)/,
Before anothei issue of ibe JIim.k
lhe people of Grand Forks will have decided upon whom shall devolve tbo re-
sponi ibility of ina igerating a system of
government that will direct, in a gnat
measure, tlie future of (Irand Forks, and
il lies within the power of these gentlo-
ment to establish a basis by which our
city ma) soon becon e the most desirable pla f residence and th" principal
business and railroad center  in   Driti h
But this slate of affaira can only be
achieved by the adoption of thoroughly
businesslike, economic and pr igressivo
methods. For such a policy the Miner
has directed and will continue to direct
its utmost endeavors.
Believing, with every other citizen
who has the interest of Grand Forks
at heart, that no great"!' calamity could
befall the prosperity ol' our city than the
eloctinn of a man lor mayor, whoso candidacy is advocated, directed and boing push, d by the owners of nn alleged
townsite adjoining (irand Forks; men
who have not a dollar'- interest in the
lown. and whose uaile I efforts in the
pasl have been directed toward doing
every thing in their power to deter the
growth of (Irand Forks in their vain ef*
forts to establish a town on their own
property. That this al.iance between
Mr. McCallum and the owners of the
Hay A* McCallum addition forbqdea no
»i.d ti Ibe future prosperity of our city
in Die . vent of hiselection, no fair-minil-
( d man will deny.
For this reason and this reason alone
tlie Miner stoutly and fearlessly supports the   candidacy   of  Mr. John   A.
rks. It was through his (
the speaker of tne bouse, Mr. Higgins,
consorted to visit this city. Ho wis
royaby entertained while here, and in a
speech at tlie banquet which was paid
for by Mr Manly -expressed the opinion that the only way in which (irand
Perks co.ild-.ct the benefit of her taxes,
would bo to incorporate. He was surprised, ho said, to Ij11.1 bore in a section
of lhe country whi'.-h up to a short time
ujnliud been practically unknown, such
an ideal spot for u city, ami so much Intelligence and spirit represented by tho
citizens alroady'hero, II
brilliant future for (Ira
laid especial stress   upo i
of   incorporating,     Mr.   McCallum in
responding to a toast, fully coincided
with Mr. Jliggins' views, but later
showed has inconsistency by working
Bginst tbe measures which, at the ban*
.|iiet. he a; | roved. He was defeated in
bis elforts, however, and then he attempted Io have his own property, west
of the city, excluded from the corporate limits. Ho did not aant bis property in the city and still lie wants to be
mayor. Does that look like bo is in favor of budding up tbe city, or of getting in capital to develop the mines?
lie prevented tho corporation limits
from extending further west to take in
the properly of Hay and McCallum, and
in doing so be "cut of oil' bis own noso
to si ite his face," for th
GjbPong the Chinese murder; paid Fil&l-claSS MghI.
tho penalty of death yesterday, at Spokane, Governor Rogers refusing to interfere. Notwithstanding that no £losu
than eight or nine cold blooded murder**
hav*". been coiiiinitfod *n that toi-n during tho past few years, Gin Pong, is only
the second ono that has paid the penalty
of death, the other being a colored man.
Good Service,
Prices Reasonably.
Everything New arid Best Furnished House in  Town,
INBODV   A-    DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Found at the Bar.   Special attention  Paid to Transcicnt Trade.
Board bj
ulwu'ys  be
aiuikel uff
the Day
found SI
ok.    The tul
1 'vit.li the  li
le will
st  tlio
The supporters of Peter T. parade
with great pride the assertion that lie is
a Canadian born, and they don't want
any naturalized American to come over
and run a town on their side of the line.
Who has  done   more   to   make Grand
Provincial Land Surveyor.
And Civil Engineer,
meg, MipWAV, II, e.
Associate Member Canadian
Bodots*   e;  civil  Engineers.
prophesied a   [Tortca what il is today  than  the
d Porks and   bined forces'of the opposition?
tlie   necessity
A. Manly.
The Valo district should be divided
as soon as possible, Tbo fruitless attempts to interest the government suit!
ciontly to get it to"spriBgiteol£"in spending u few hundred dollars in repairing
our roads, is only one of tlie many reasons why it Bbouid bo divided.
What has become nf the recorder's oflice that was announced to havo been
established at Grand Forks sometime
ago? It should be opened at once if the
prospectors are to derive any benefit
from it this season.
T   l\. JOHNSON,
Law and Collecting Agency.
0. HEPWORTH, M. I.)., C. M.
Physician and. Surgeon,
M.'iill,!.,   MONTREAL.
iillice In Drug Btpro.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good  Stabling, Termius of
Stage Line From. Marcus, Washington,
McAulcy & McCauig,     -    -     Proprietors.
Boundary CreBkJWining Exchange.
Financial and Mining- Brokers.
Groups of  Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc,
Rossland elected a progressive  man
for mayor.   Grand Forks should  follow
lino falls just  suit if she expects to keep up   with the
As •nn; lime for the lirst municipal
election of (irand Porks draws nigh, interest in tlie impending crisis increases
and il is well that it should be so, for
never was a saying more true than that
"Well begun is half done." Wo have
sturted to build a city hero with everything favorable for accomplishing that
■   I.
I . i ne short week we must choose a
mail for mayor, and he must be a man
who bus tho confldenca not only of bis
[i : .\ citizens but of the capitalists in
the money centers. There is but one
man in i irand forks who fully represents every iit.-r. st of the community
and is in touch with the outsi le world,
and his name is John A. Manly. Every
business intc rest demands that he shall
. lecled mayor; and lie w id be. The
■■■i od .-..a'. .■ and business judgment of
our citizens will n >t permit Ihem to
make a mistake at this lime. To choose
fi ■ mayor tbc man who has used every
effoit to prevent the city from incorporating, and who is   now  endeavoring to
I e I
to vent his spite on account of his failure to defeat the incorporation, would
bo a feiai blow. The city must have a
progri ive Bpirit at. its head and not
one wiio wil! retard its growth. The
most important question our citizens
have io decide is that of selecting their
Brs   leader.   By that one act they will
a;  to tl utsido world;
"We have unlimited resources, our
Pius ere ihe guardians of countless
trensun of gold, • i'vor, copper and lead,
nir foi ts will Eurniah homes for millions ol families and, above all, our
I i . , re progress!, i, (' une now, help
U ti o " tho j.'.e ijth that nut .ir * has
.... i u Lilly provided, and accept a
i roil ." or li."v « ill say;
erylhing in nature demands
t' al a i : shall grow hero, but «•• dop'l
want il we ■ ould rather drag along,
■i tt'o c..l mj by our,.elves, without a
id, wil h,ml developing oar mine .,
usii 'of is or cultivating our valley.'. The coyote ia more lovely than
the plow horse and the sound of sledge
an I l>hi-a h distasteful tu our ears."
Every voter must think this matter
over seri. usly, Every one knows the
records of 11." candidates for mayor, so
far as their connection with (.rand
Forks is concerned, and that, regarding
the welfare of the citv, thoy are as directly opposed to each oilier as day and
night. All know that John A. Manly
accomplished in threo months what it
took the combined efforts of tbe Ross-
landers I wo years to secure, the incorporation of tlie city. In Rossland each
candidate for mayor claims that be
signed a subscription list which raised
81,200 to defray the expenses of a com
mittee sent to  lhe   legislature
east of the home of some of bis petsonal
friends, who are pi evented from voting
by being just outside tbe city limits.
During his entire residence here, it is
safe lo say that 1'. '1'. McCallum has not
expended 8100 por year in the employment of labor to delelop the country,
while on the other hand, business
bouses and dwellings, bams and cultivated Melds, are monuments to John
Manly's progressive spirit. His own
success in business is proof that he will
handle tlie city's interests in a businesslike planner, while bis wide experience
and broad minded methods are invalu-
able to the i ity at this time,
Liberal tin-tie;', eoup'ed with sound
business judgment must be employed
in building up the city, for narrow-
mindec'ness and diliatory methods, masquerading under the name of conservatism .".all never ,vin.
There is only one tiling for the residents of Grand Forks to do. They must
have confidence in the man who has
confidence in the future of this city.
The man who will work early and lato
to sec J re population and prosperity for
Grand Forks, and who is willing to risk
everything be bus on earth on the success of "his efforts, That man is JOHN
There b' an attompl ou foot, by the
opposition to John A. .Manly lo ring in
a lot of pro.-pcetois who aro British subjects, as residents of (irand Forks because Ihey happen lo gel their mail at
this point, and already several .if that
character of votes have been registered.
The law is very clear on that point and
••ays: "The persons qualified to vote
tor Mayor nud Aldermen shall be such
persons as are nude liritish subjects, ot
tho full age of twenty-one years and
have resided within tbc limits of such
city for three months next proceeding
Ibe date of such election." Because a
person happens to be working a prospect in some of the camps adj icent to
Grand Forks olid for convenience sake
gets bis mail here, it docs not qualify
him as a voter, Steps will be taken to
see that evory person who has falsely
registered will be dealt with according
to law.    A word to tho wise is sul'.icient.
Oil*. Peter is gradually losing votes
because of his pronounced expression
to lobby of illiberal opinions. Thinking citizens
for the passage of the incorporation bid. who ure as yet undecided in thoir opinio Rosslai d a committee was sent and ions us to whether be or John A. Manly
the citizens paid the bill In Grand is the best qualified to be mayor, are to
Forks John Manly went, and paid tho bo congratulated upon the careful con-
bills himself. No ono was usked to sidoration they are giving the subject
subscribe a penny, but all the timo and before casting their ballots. Because a
money required wub donated by Mr. person did not sign the petition request-
Manly, ing bis Worship to become a candidate
What   was   P.   T.   McCallum   doing  is no reason they should bo abused.    So
procession, Tbo triumph of Robert
Scott should be followed by the success
of John A. Manly.
P, T. McCallum, nersor.ally and in
.his own proper sphere, is a "deucedly
decent fellow, ye know." But as the
mayor of Grand Forks ho would be as
badly out of place as a tree toad in a
pail of milk.
Jns. dcBlolsGreenCE I'I.s.   F.Wollaston, l'LS
Provincial Land Surveyors
Civil Engineers, Lie.
Barber Shop.
• Looatert.
First-* In
All Work ihiiir
in every Rospi
Im tiif, excitement of the city election
don't overlook the fact that there are
several trails and roads in this section
that need lining.
Kettle   Eiver   Stage   Line.
Q. w. WILLIAMS, manager,
Stage Leaves Marcus on the Arrival of the northbound train, arriving at Grand
Forks at 8:1") p, m. Leaves the Forks at 1:00 a. m., arriving at iiurcus in time tq
connect with northbound  train
Poos nil liiie
hin.se shoeing.
a   of    kinds   of   repiil:
All work gauranteed.
Does any person think for a moment
that if P, T. McCallum is elected that
ha would be the mayor?
n EO.
Will someone point out ono improve*
ment that Pete McCallum has made in
Grand Forks.
Watch Repairing Mv Specialty,
All Work Warranted.      "
AtTHE election held in Nelson, B.C.,
Inst week, Mr. John Houston was elected mayor.
B.   C,
g Paper Hanger, Sign Writer, Etc 8
rand Forks,   =
B. C. S
A postoffice at Cascade City should
be established without delay.
Mb, Norms, government agent for
this distiict. we are reliably informed,
will be in Grand Forks somo tiui" next
month for the purpose of interviewing
our citizens upon the subject of roads,
trails, etc, Wo would suggest the ad-
acted mayor only to be in a position   visibility of taking steps toward collact*
ing the necessary information concerning the condition of our roads, where
new trails arc needed, and in fact all
other data necessary to fully demonstrate to any fair minded man we are
not getting a square deal from tin* government, and place them in the bauds
of a delegation of citizens to bo presented to that gentleman on the occasion of
bis visit here. Take him out and show
him the condition of affairs and impress
upon him tho necessity of having the
work dona at once. By adopting this
plan we are of the opinion that much
valuable time can be saved and much
more good accomplished,
g , ^^,— v
£5 Estimates Furnished on All Kinds of Work. ©
0H0*i#*f)l%0'HSItl0-*,0Mk0\iS^0-hp *0\l'*, 0\0\0\0'K.0SBji^.0\0'i0tK0^0%0\
It Doesn't Pay lo Worry
and Stew Over a Hot
Stove When Vou Can Buy
Se enteen Nice, Fresh,
Toothsome Loaves For
One Dollar at
: the County Court of Vn
vill  In
!'!'!* NTH
A slttlt;
linlileii at
osoyoos ON FRIDAY, THI
HAY OF MAY, 1"'7
Ai the hourof 10 o'clock hi the
By Command,
C. A. It. I.AMIil
Government  Olllcc, OsoyooB,
Zf I"l, IB'.
'Il.e nliuv ■ Bitting nf courl lias boen postponed
until Tuesday, Mav 21, IS!)".
May 1, ';i7.    ' C. A. R. LAMB  Y.
A Large Stock of Northern Grown ^
Garden Seeds in Bulk. The Very <^|
Best Quality at Eastern Prices. fc-*
Ths same Rule Applys to
Pics, Cakes, Doughnuts,
Cookies aud all Kinds of
Pastry, Etc.
Carson Lodge I. O. O. I'. No. 37-
X. Ui v. T. ovcnlog ats o'clock In Hieir
hull at rn im hi. h i'. A e.nihil Invitation ex-
n.'ii.leil to all sojourning brethren.
1). I). M<'L.vilUN, N, (i.
Church Notice.
Subbatli In tho church at II a. m. aud":30
p- m. in lho Bel 1 in"in al Ui'iind [."orlcs.    Sub*
i nth school 10:30  n, in. In the school room,
At CarBon weekly fi p. m.
Hbv. Tine'. I'AT'.N, Pastor.
Olliee. Mni'i Street,
an \ni> porks, h. n
Abstracts Promptly Furnished.
Notary Public, Etc.,
grand forks   - - british columbia.
TT    H.  IIUFF~~"
Does nil kinds of repairing ninl horseshoeing,
Work strictly lirstchiM.
a l. Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder,
ORAND   FORKS,   B.    0,
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, and
by figuring, lind out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc.
can bo purchased i.t Hie
Grand   Forks
Sawmill ....
— a •**■••. •	
C.  K, SIMPSON.  Proprietor,
Spokane Falls &  Northern
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain R'ys.
fc*? FirBt Class Quality and the prices Will riease You.
tj Of   All Kinds at Spokano   Prices   Freight and   L.
^ Incidentals   Added.                                                       ^
§ O.   B.   &   P.   B.   NELSON,                                ?
Good Accommodations and the Table Supplied with tho
Best the Market Affords.
Mrs.   A.   Bryant,      -     -     -     Proprietor.
J. Kl'.UIt.
J. r. FLOOD,
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
Grand Forks, Greenwood und Midway,
£^"A11 kinds of Meats (Jetmini Sausagns and Head Cheese Always on Hand.
The only Al
of cars,
■rail Route, without change
between Spokane, Rossland Nelson.
Plans nnd specifications drawn, eBMinates furnished on nil kinds of building, Work strictly
Going North.
11:44 a. m	
Close connertlont
or Kaslo tunl nil K
tng South.
»t Nelson with Btoamboats
nite'iiiy I,nko Points.
Passengers for Kettle
Creek connect at Marcus
Kiucr and Boundary
with stage dully.
Bonds of Electric, Steam
or Horse Car Railways
.»»____plao:ed at shortest notice
Persons having mining or othor Properties thnt will
beur investigation, can have a Company promoted, or
soli thsiii, by addressing	
17 nnd 1!) Broadway, New York City.    London  offices:—Chiswoll   House,  No
139 Finsbury Pavement, London, B. C, England. TO TflE FRONT
Contending Influences.
It is an established fact that all new
countries not directly tributary to railway influences have to take a back seat
in the auditorium of prosperity when
other countries, or sections more favorably located, will deteriorate the
attraction of the former.
In these fretful anil  fluctuating days   'M
Lack of Transportation Facilities Only
One of the Many Obstacles to
Our Progress   New field
Tor Prospectors.
of mining and its ventureome prospects
people of all classes and capital of all
limitations naturally take to the Held
where Ihey can get the "quickest action" and ready returns for their invest-
ments. Thoy go whore the Hood of
speculative investment directs them, at
the same timo having iu view a valuable,
inaceessable, country whoso future pros-
peels will prolit or Undo their former
Kueh is the case with   this country at
  presu.t.    We have a great   future,  but
one  that   relies   substantially   upon its
There is no mining country known to  merits as a mineral section well  known
the   cutsido  world  that   litis  beon   so   to  lhe   world   ns  B   producer,   und   its
thoroughly   advertised    from    natural   mines nre lufatlbly nnd a homo   market
kilning sources as tho southern portion  for tho lirst principle of the reducth f
of liritish Columbia. Its resources havo its ores, by tho processes of concentra-
been highly recommended  through  ab-  tion and inalte.
tual inspection and investigation of ex* We are not like Rossland or any other
perts, who most invariably havo given portion of the Cohntry lual hns made
the country a favorablo report of ils one or two good nones a paying propo-
minee and their futuro as great pro* *--t''<**- but with the same advantages
ducers. The substance of these reporls that have created development, railway
havo been sustantially this: facilities and tho   necessary capital   to
"That the entire British Columbia establish these requisite forerunners
country from tho Okanogan to tbo East the Kettle River section from Christina
Kootenay is a veritable mineral zone, re- Lake west to the Okanogan can astonish
quiring development and tho necessary the world with all classes of pay mines,
capital behind it to open the and the list would readily reach tlie
mine preparatory for production three figures in number,
and tho results of returns from the re- No one can dispute tho valuo of th"
duction of the ores. Until, and not mines of the North Fork country,
until, this tine comes  may the. people
A Few Hundred Dollars Invested in Property in
%\ * ^ ^ ^ TV "W
Will double within Ninty Days.
Talk with
The Bustling Eeal Estate Agents,
Grand Forks, B. C.
interested in the resources of tho cou n-
try expect much in return for their investments and energy to open up a new
mining country. Railway and the essential transportation facilities are
necessary.   Local reduction   works  aro
does not require depth to prove   their
quality and quantity of ore,   From tho
North Fork to the Boundary creek side,
covering an area of fifty miles square   ggg ££ ^*T. •*-#¥'*'■
are hundreds of mining  properties-not          	
mines, but prospects- that have   undis-  '    - .-..-n, -. -
puted values ami are pronounced pro^ .,„,* (,■■•• lirm, uncertain, they wcu'd
an important feature to the future of ducers. Prom Boundary creek to the not know a pure gold quartii voir, frcm
the country. Oamp McKinney country, is a territory   a barren streak of silica.   They are not
"The mines nre substantially and in thai for what Utile prospectid { was done) experienced prospectors; from the sim*
grnernl low grade. This fact must in it lusl fall still continues the richness pie fact that they have not had the re-
sooner or later bo acknowledged; but of this belt or mineral zone, until we -juired experience in all classes of ores
they are of such a character that thev have a territory over 100 miles long by throughout the mining world, frotri
can be worked successfully and economically  when   they can   be  worked  to a
explored country to the n irth in what is
known as the Granite Belt,
There aro other richer ana more profitable sections yet to In opened   through-
50 miles wide,  and   yet we   have not
reached out into the unknown and  Un* '
pore ntago of real valuo upon the
■grou.ad, and lhe concentrates and matte
can bi shipped out to refining works.
The   successful   results of  the ores at
Rossland, have conclusively settled the out   this   vast territorrj 1  greater
queetio   of concentration, and the pro- free-milling camps are to be opened than
'ceea of smelting and refining will do the those of the Last Kootenay. which  now
res. ". the profitable work." seem lo be attracting  unlimited utten
I;   nil take time, money and develop- tion   from   outside   sources.     In   tins
miid •       ove the valueB and continuity respect wo refer to the Fort Steolocoun*
of thi      s of this  country.    Surface try where the lever of  trivilous  invest
th   .vings    no sullicent ns fur as they ment seems to be centered,   There have
ha          ne in a way of depth, yet deep
mining i II in time prove that there aro
•■ n ..'  proportios worthy of the
Jaiji limited expenditure of capi
tal  u attendant  investments to
iiiii . lines.
( : ,; a ing all these details as valu-
abl information from a theorit-
ieai Bourcu, we are inclined to
beli ■ that this is an exclu
siv . in,     based    simply     upon
idc,. •. have in this country all classes
of in L'hei are camps wholly produc
tive of tho
been thousands of people camped and
"hung up" at Spokane for the past two
months waitirg for this country to open,
but on account of an exceptional!}
backward spring, they have become
impatient and   just belere  the  lime to
which eXperionc*) they could identify
the different characters of mineral.
Because we have an Iron-capping
drifting into ii sulphide on Ihe North
Fork, that is no sign thut the iron-capping country plays out arid tlie Country
becomes burren because it goes into a
granit* f annul ion. Oram I e is the mother
of gold us much us iron is tlio rather of
In a granite forma tion can be found
some of the truest fissures from whicli
through :i system of erosion has
tho great alluvial p'ao-r deposits
been made. On nil tho upper tributaries
of the North Fork und Boundary creek
can he found rich placer deposits, and
in nl any instances float quartz full of
free gold. This has come from the small
stratus of gold   quartz   veins coursing
11. A. SHEADS,
II. I'lOA'I'Ii ERSTON, B, A. 3. c.
Ami MluliiR Engineer.   Member ol Quebec Milling Society.   Mineral claims Examined
and IU J'.'i: lid on.
will succeed, while others will find that
they have clouded the sunshine of their
possibilities by changing (heir minds.
We expect the most of them will sooner
Aide class of ore; other or latter find that the Fort Steele coiln-
cam' re gold is found in  the tellu-  try is very limited in  territory and that
rides and ilphurets; where gold is this section with its udimited territory
foui liu ll.i biliciouB ores carrying a is endless iu ils possibilitoff, and we have
certaii im mil of copper in percentage! yet to hear of a miniug man or prospec-
whon lhe antimonial ores are very high lor who complains of the amount of
'grade in silver and gold; where the sub country thai offers great inducements
phidesu i Id md copper exclusively to industrious and ambitous prospectors.
an(] ; ,. , roi toi either smelting or con- In a measure, heretofore, tho ressrva-
bei-trati i; ere thoro are unlimited tion country and its prospects of being
todies if oxides carrying gold and cop- opened, have retarded development m
,,, tiic ,. perito ores in a silicious this part oi the country. Everybody
' . | i;„ ■ ri more or less gold and gees to Rossland first been-so they cau
u l.oinbiual n ui tellurium and sul* get thore by rail; low they are going to
LjjUro1 the Fort Steele country because it  is a
With   In   ■      iblnations ota success- great placer miting section and haB ft
fu)    ... concentration and free  iew iree milling properties.    When a. I
B-noitini oi   -.i'.to a matting prop j,ition,   this outside country has been tuorough-
move to their points of destination, they Mg B0UDtpy -Specimens of this charac-
are inadvertently directed to newer fields t(n. of quai.*tz when shown to a practical
of   presumably  greater  wealth.     Some   ^.^ man ^ bu eai(J,y  idBntified  as
coming from the granite belt. This fact
has been demonstrated by the change
in the character of the formation immediately above tha Bonanza mountain
mines, on the North Fork and the Jewel,
in Long Lako camp, which are in closo
proximity to the contact between the
granite on the north', and the amalgamated formation'** in tho copper and gold
sulphide belt, coinmony known as iron-
capping, in this immediate belt.
These same conditions exist in all
mining states in the union, and why
should they not in llntish Columbia?
A contact from north to south for hundreds of miles has fornied a vast mining aiea. In this particular inslance,
contrary to oilier countries, the trend of
the mineral in this country is from oast
to west. In Colorado, a broken trail in
the range to the extreme east has caused
u different formation, while in I tub tie
to believe that every  ly investigated, and mining people see   vaJng in th*e -j00e ^rles In itB course in
„-|, t ; prosperity of this country   th" Irm- status of tlie limitation of their   ^ dll.BCtlonBi
is , 3ubli hod and through this mines and the intentions created by a ]{ [g thero(0,,0 doubted whether the
(.,„, . p. ,■!, in general has made bomu, ihey will come to this country, BsBUro8 |n tbo fc'r.mte belt carry oul the
„,. fiug in lhe past  two and be patient with tho rest of us wait-   propbeBy o£ tho north and south trend.
ye„i    ., lhat with the   i.eces.   for railway facilities and capital to create   No jgubt thoy  do,  and   reality will   be
,„,     , . , „ I,    development of tho   development and production', when  the   fou|)t) (n (|-| goj .^ (m. ,;.lnb„,  ■„   ,..,„,,,
ties, and   induction   Kettle river country, running tho North   MrKimi„V] „ -,.,.„ mj||jn,, property is of
mo: -. iiiilwaj faci
ffoil, . ho vi   tho  greatest mlnin
..,,, U|   n the 'ace ol the earth.
On" tin...
havo   a   railroad   into   this   country
whether it comes from the east or west
this nature, us well ns nil other free
milling claims located in that country.
Tho granite belt is a promising country country for in up-totuM ail this
season will no dou it r■■'■■! il m i-iy n *.v
mines that are n iw unko.vn .
development and production', when tho
Kottle river
Pork and .Boundary Greek districts, wil
be the largest mining belt  in  British
n.-t bo taken into consi 1*  Columbia,
bration and tha   ie-the present people     Just as soon as it is well known and
here arc not in a position, financially, tb practically established  that wo aro to
'g0 ab ad an ;  •■ irk  the mines that in
reality   aro    worthy   of    development.
Those thai aro worth workiug und able then lhe boom of requisite and essential
toprodui values aro left idle, or tied requirements will come. As soon as the
'upioaomi to   practically  retard   lirst milo of road is built   Intending to
'aevejopment. penetrate this country the army of all
A [m ;i , country has always classes will bo more vivid, wild, and, wo
proven itself infested with a class may say, as unconcerned as that ot tho
of capitalists who wait for rail* Coxy army command,
'road i and in the meantime they It is coming sooner or later and the
take advantage of securing all Miner don't ptopose to make any effort
the    can   that   ;-  worthy   of   produc-   to stop it.     We havo the mines opened
tion and outlive tho  * who aro first mak-   nnd a viiBt country yet unexplored, and  published in the Giox.ni) Koi.i.
'ing i hi nones I,van actual  showing  of  the sooner these outside booms subside,      "    '    '      '      '	
tho sooner tho boom   here  will  assume
its natural proportions.
oie from the surface
What is need in this country ia capital, production and  a pay  roll.    This  —
wiU conic wl   n lb     aeon is open  and Ne-** Field for Prospectors.
Wn Ot meant can  got  round, see  the Th roughotit this great mining belt is
brines and get  down to a principle of what is known us tho section of ''Iron-
Solid, substantial and systematical basis cap" prospectors.   A great majority of
rA dovolopmeul           and tho remunor- them would not know what a sulphide
ativi production. or chloride was should thoy run against,
For Sale or to Let.
Tho Ranch ownnil by C. >T. Rondoll
adjourning to*vn3itooE Qrand Forks, li.
0.   For tortus, &c.   Apply to
(J. ARTHWtt R.KNI?r.r,L,
Greenwood i ity, B, C.
When applying for Grown   Grahtste-
4ueat thdt the notice ot  Hpplication  bi
ibliahod in tho ("JuaM' L^oiyts Miner
tho boet  advortisinfj   medium   in   the
Kettle Rivor and Boundary .listiiotH.
VJJ 0. STACillO,
Bath   Rooms,
KIVKUS1DK,      -      -      -       UIIANl) FOIiKS'
Sittings of tho County Court of Vale will bo
holdcn ns follows:
AT''tl''W.\ v  ON   MONDAY, MAV 17, 1897
A'l GIUND FOBKS \Vl!DNK3I)AY, M W 10, 18J17
at the Injur of tcii o'clock in the forenoon  re-
HycOinmftnd W, G  McMYNN,
Ciovernmentonico; Midway, H. r.t   D. u. C. C
Muri'li L'i, [891 i
VICTORIA, by.tho Grace of God, of "tlie  Ufti-
led Klilplom rSi * J r-ut l-si-f titln aud Irelnnd,
Queen, Dofendcjr of tlie Faith) Ac., Ac., Ac.
To nil lojwhom these prdsetits shall como.—
j). M, Ebehts, Attorney-Gone rai.
WHEREAS hy section 2 of the "Ppeedy lneor
poi'Htioj'i nf Towns Act, lS',)7,"it 18 provided
Unit ir shall, bo lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor tn (Inuhcil forthwith, without ri>quirliiR
lho inhabitants of the lands proposi '1 to he in
corporate^ to observe the provisions of section
2of the "AIuniclpnlltleslneorporHtion Aet,is(j(i,"
by hi Iters 1'ateut under tiie Public Seal, to in -
corporate nii'.h.T the snid Act Into n city the
tnici af laud herBinaftcr set out, and that such
Letter! Patent shall have tho samo force and
cllect ab Letters Patent issued under the provisions and pfter compliance with nil the formalities of the sniii "Municipalities Incnrpora*
lion Acit. 18yii," save and except ns provided In
tin' snla •■Speedy Incorporation of Towns Act.
1897."    i. * "i
And whereas th" Honurnble Eduah Dewp-
ni. v. I.' n vim nt Governor of OUr Province, ly
and with lhe advice of the Executive Cnuneilj
under nnd by \ trtue of tho powers and authorities conferred upon him be each of the snid
\cts,andol all other powers and authorities
him in thnt behalf eiiabltiiR, huth ordered that
nil that piece or parcol of laud t-ltuntc In tbe
Osoyoos f)ivision of Yule District, in tho Pro-
^ luce of, liritish Columbia, bounded ns follows:
. -ComniaucinK nt a potnl where the nottherly
botuuinrv.of u>to8n, Group 1 tn said division,
pr-oduceil s-isterly would hiterscet the centre of
lhe North Fork of Kettle Ulver; Ihence ivesto
ly, loUowititf Hi'   sahl  northerly boundavy.  of
Lol r** :«> live north west  orner thereol: the	
soniherh. f< ll'»u inn the westerly boundary nf
Mild Uil "r*-"i to thu south-easterly corner of Lot
740; thencu wosterly, followinu' tho southerly
houndiirj oi Lol Th''. to the north wesl corner of
Lotiwl; thence southerly, along the western
boundaries ol Lois :t si tind W2 to the south wesl
corner of nihl Lot:i82; Iheuee ensterly, fnllnw-
lily the southerly boundary of snhl  Lol H«2 to
tin'rent e of Kettle Kiver:   thonco  -therlv
cud ensterly, follow Ing the centre of sulci Kettle
Hlvei fo w hero H Intersects the southerly boundary o? ,Li>i. i'-».; produc d westerly! theneo ensterly, foliownig.lho southerly boundnry of Lot
193 twenty chains; thencu doe north lorty
ehalnfi, mo v or loss, to tho northerly boundary
of mill Lot-H'S: thence westerly, following tho
uorthorlv bqiiudary of shM lot 193 produced to
the centre if the said North Kork ol Kettle
Kiver; thence lidrihorh* nnd westerly, follow
ingthoceutrqQf said North Fork Kettle River
to the place io* n uniu'iiecnieiit, contnlnluH 787
ncres mere or Less, find the Inhabitants thereof)
shall from and after (he iHli day nf Apiil, ls-.i7.
be incorporated *s n CHy Mnnlctpalty, under
the snid ,,iuunie'ipalitie\i Incorporation Act,
1896," and hnth n^adp furtner provision to thu
tenor nnd cited lierciiuvftor anpeaiiug.:
NOW KNOW YE, thnt by theso presents wc
do hereby order und proclaim thnt tho locality
hereinbefore described, nnd Lho inhabitants
thereof, shall, from and arte:- the tlnto hereof,
be Incorporated asa City Municipality under
and subject to the provisions of tbo •'Munieipa-
littes Incorporation Act, 189G," and nf the
"Speedy Incorporation of ,Tdwua Act, 1897." aud
under and sohieei to the provisions hereinafter
contained or referred to. .,
The said Municipality shall be called iuid
known by the name and style of "The Corporation df tlio 'ity of Grand Forks "
The flnid Municipality shnll comprise those
pieces ol laud hereinbefore deBcribod.
The Council shall consist of six Aldefmcn
and u Mayor, and the whole number p esent at
eneh meeting tlureof shall not be less thnn four.
'Ihe nomination shall tnk« place, nnd the poll
lif any) shall be held at thu School House,
Grand Forks.
The nomination for tho first election ofa Mayor and Council shall DO on the lirsl day ol May,
A. 1>. 1897, at 18 o'clock noon, und the polling
(if any) shall be on tho eight day Of May A, D.
1897, aud shall continue for one day only, und
tin poll Fhnll be kept open between tbe hours
of in a. ii. and ■[ p. in., and James Allen Airman. Esquire, of Grand Fotk-i aforesaid, shall
h> the Returning Cfllecr thei'e nt.
The persons qiuiJiiied to benouii* nted for nnd
elected Mayor ol such city ill   tl..- firsl  election
shnll bo Bncli persons as arc ul tie  llrlt.sh  subjects of the foliage of twenty-one years, and
are nol: disqualified under any law. and
(a.) Have been lor ih" three months m st ■■
ceding the day of   iwiiinaihui tin  reu
jierodowiibrs  in the I and lteglsiry oinco
\>i laud in- real oro per ty in lhe city of the
,vamc of  one thoosland dollars over and
a!)oveft,ny registered incumlievance, nud
nre otherwise  qualified to   \ »tc nt such
Die. tiou; or
,}•■}   Who havo been ror  '*\\e\\ Ihrec months
tije sole tenants Ip possession of land ri al
pVopitrty in lhe city   of the value of two
thou: ami dollars under lease In wrltiny f r
not  less   than   one  year,  arc otherwise
q untitled to vote at sucli election
■ The persons quuliliod to be u. in inn ted for a ml
elected at   Aldermen  oi si.eh city at   the
election ^hall be such persons as are male P>i
isli sulijeelv of the full ngc of twenty one years,
nn i are nol disqualified u; dor any \t\\\      i \
(a ;   Have Hceii for three months   tie  '   preceding tho day of nominati iu th ■ n uisti r-
eel owners iu the Lund  Kcgistry ■   . ■■>   ol
hind or real property in   the   'ity <>! the
value cf   live hundred dol m- over and
ohove any registered  incumbrance!', and
are  otherwise  qualified to  vote at  sueh
election; or
(IO   Who have been for sifh three months
tbe sole tenants in possession of land or
real property in tho city of  the value of
one thousand dollars under tease in writing for not less than one  year, and are
otherwise qualiiied to vote nl such  election.
The persons qualified to vote for Mayor and
Aldermen at s ich lirst election shall he all such
persons who are male liritish subjects i I i1" full
Age of twenty-one years and have resided within the limits of .sueh city for the three months
next preceding the date   of such election, and
who shall, before the day of such election, have
applied to the Returning Olllcer and  have had
their names plaeed on the list of electors for
It shall be the duty of tho Returning OOIcri
to enter in a book, in alphabetical order, Ihe
names, addressees and occupations of all sueh
persons, qualified as aforesaid, who malic application to him, h- aforesaid, to have II eit
names placed on such list, and such list shall be
the list nf the electors for such elections,
lioforc the name of any person shall be placed
on the list, he shnll make and sign n declaration in writing, betore some person nuthoi ized
to administer oaths, setting forth his name, address, occupation and qualifications, its ai
said, which declaration shall bo filed with tlie
Returning Olllcer.
Sueh list and ikclaratlons simll be open to inspection bj any person within lawful hours.
Any person may complalu thai his tnune i-
impropcrly omitted from the voters' list, or that
auy other name i- Impropoi Ij inserted tin r i,
and may apply to any Ji Igi of the Supreim ot
County Court to have his ni me Inserted there
ou or'have any names improperlj i:.-1"!'-!
thereon struck nil'the said list, In such latter
ease reasonable notice, i i he detenuined by the
Judge applied to, shall be given to the person
win so name Is pro] used to he struck off The
Jndgo shall hear and dispose ol all sucli applications iu a summary way, and the Rel
Olllcer shall amend tho li-t in accordance wilh
tbo Judge's decision,
At least six days' notice of lhe time and pirn e
of nomination and of holding of the poll i
nnyjshail begiven by the Mild Retnruin'- on
eer; such notice to be posted during that period in ihe manner provided hy section Hi) ul the
"Municipal Elections Act, l»liil "
lho Returning Otlh er shall, on the day nf
uomlnatfon, at ■.' o'clock p in,, annoutn c tin
names rn' ihe persons put tn nom tun lion lu that
behalf as candidates lor Iheolileco! Aiv or and
Aldermen, as prescribed bj theMunii pal Kle
tlous Act, 189H."
At the«lose of 11 i   time  E ir nn I  ■
caudldati 8 the Returning Oil i« i shall deliver
to everv candidate', oi agenl of a candl late, np
plying for the same, ii duly ecrtilled list ■ i tho
namusof the several candidates who shall liavn
been nominated; nnd nnj ion i ul at tl
election for auy other cnndldnto* 11 •
nominnted shall he mil! and i-uld
If, nt thu expiration «>i ihe lime aP| oluted for
tbo eioctiou as af resnid, no more cam da
stand nominated than there nre vacnnch i to e
filled up, the Returning Ofllcershall forth a lb
dee line the candidates u Im may stand liol li ,
tedto bo elected, and return thoir name-, to the
Registrar of thy supreme Court.
Nn speeches <t Interuptlou Igthe proeei?dingfl
of nominating candl lates at the hustings shnll
be permtttjd bv the   Retqrui,ng OIII :ci   b \\\vet\
the rending of the   notii f election and the
closing of the proceedings on nominati ui day
by the Ucturnit|gOfueer.  .     i
If, ai the nxpivation of such time, more i audi
dates stand nominated than the to nre \ ncancles
to he tilled up, th" Returning officer shall declare the names of tlio ci^ndldateS-,and publicly
proclaim tin doy previously statet1 in his proo
lamallon'i and \l\o pirn or places al which the
poll shall tre eo opened in the Municipal!) . '■ r
the purpose of taking the votes of the clei tors
ntscordlug to.lnw; nnd shall then tuijonni the
election, and shall takeapoll by ballot, nud
shnll emise to be posted up notices of his having
granted such pah, Indicating the names, resi
deiiQos, aud ocpup-ntidusof thOj.candidates so
iienrnated, in lite order in w hh n they simll bo
printed on the ballot papers, which notices
shall, as Soon as possible after the nomination,
h" placarded hi all the places where the proclamation for tlie elebtion was posted up.
If, aftor the adjournment of an election by
the purpose of tnaingapolL due of the candidates  ninatcd  shall   die before the pole has
commenced, the Rcturuiug Officer HihII. upon
being satisfied of the fact oi such death, conn
t'Tiaaml notice of the poll, and all the proceedings with reference to the election shnll
lie commenced afresh! Provided that no fresh
nomination shall he necessary in the case ol a
candidate who stood nominated at the lime of
the countermand oi the poll.
in ease ola pull  being   held the candidates
r^a ——■ .ne r—. M*-***t-Ea*"Bg*i jcttt/ arm tk »y"
' lllly []U ill     ;■..:..*.-.   ol '. :
\.   ■      r of i otes dial] he Municipal  Aldi     ■■ i
ami Mayor t'espi ctiyclv
! ven pel ...' ■    to     to shnll I
votes     ■ ,-      ■■ ■      ■ ■        ill to he i
ed  and one ;■ i Mnj or   lint he ma     oti  fur nt
less n 11 n        I     I Pro v i s. 111 a I
li,  -! .     mil - ..• i inure thnn one   etc In fn i-uiii
of any nm cm didntc     ■■.■■■■ ■■■-,.
oei nsion,   And Eu tl    c\    it of tin her oi
votes being found to h     i   :      	
tw ■ Mon candidate one m ,|  >> le in
hui not all oi  such   i h        ■ i   ■.   I
state of the pull i utitl  ii l    I I
ii,*' Rel ui ning officer shall hy a i   ■   ■.■-■■
nites as th   ..■■':.,
candl ..ii ■- fol' vi luini   the   voles   ma'
-t... ' h    eh   ted:    Pi 1:
turning officer shall not       -     ■•   ■ ■
i ii cqiiuili r oi    .'■-;■.
\"   i !■."■•.- nt)  ' dm *
he hi   no by the candidal eqn     ■•   ■
niirtioi    ' neb "\ pen-   s shall
.,   i ij, (];-ed dollars
i he ii] ■ ning "i   tlie In   I"!
■ I      '  ;      hi   ■   ■■ ■   nf   lhe
The Kei'ui    na ' llic ■    alter tin    ■
nf ihe pol . shnll   " ; ■■ ot papi      i
Ito.xi • until a i Urk shall lie        -   . ,   ■
to it horn he slin I fort I      th de     ■■■
\ivery jterson u ho 11
sell    fii|'   11   ■'■! li." *"
r. 'cted a Muni dpal Alderman   u   Ma    ■   niusi
servi   foi  tl c tci n   for \i
t< ■•. utiless   In the ■ :•■■     :   -icknes ii   il
ill  pa j n   sum <-i   lifty  dollars
Municipal   Revenue; .   -
■ ■ recoverable by the (.lurk i   th    Mind
cipality, summaril;      ■■   i ■  i
Any vneanev tu tin   office ni   lavor or  Aid
erman si iu - le I by th
nicipnl Klei     ais A  I
'1 he ;.:-'..-■ ol • hall   Im
I- id   in   ihe   lirst   Sat   ■ I ■
« lection   al tin School*Jiou e, Grand In
V2 tn	
I'niil provisi m be nlade by  by-]
beho f, all proceedings    t and n r to tin
mt    '   gs   of  ihe   Coiimil
taken   in   :>■ ..,,'■[ ,\.       .     ;       tl :
lained in thu   "il I CI.ium*h Act,
and all the jioWi rs. and rlntie
Mnvoi a ud Cot I In   "ii       ni '■■'•
Bcribi d by <:     said Aid
At the Iii t an ■■ ;'
possible,   tin    Conn ■    ■    ■ -    a   Cierl
Treasurer,  Colli ■■
ollh ers as ■... ■■■■■-
hold   such      ' tin
i ouiu II,   aud   roi eive
lhe Oouncil   : "    b\   ■ ■ ■:■■ int.
l> Tr-ri.M  nv   Wo. iJi'nr.   We   have   en   sod
tin -■■ < mi Letti rs id be made   Patei t, and
the Great Heal  of the snid   P oi li  tu he
hereunto   affixed:     A itnkss, Ho   mi
■■I'.-   ■■ : ■   . j*   I-      , •■ Lieut'
nof   nf    Oin    naid     Province   of
Columbia, I Oua
said I'rovim       his   til vprtl
one tliousaml uml   i
-     .■..■'.."     tin     ■ ., .'    i       01
!;■ Ign,
Ity Com
| ,1 Seeielat
P'* ■       ■■■!
 i the      ■ :■                          ■ i
I require I      pn ,,*-.,■ iiH
Hnhool  house In        ud V '   ■
first daj of Mav, A. !>. 1V'T, u
lho purp'.e ■      ■. I'tMit
them lu I      ■        clpal
.  ■'
Tl e n i de it nominati  n i
|j|       ■!»■,'
1 he  ca
Ing; tho u rlri \a ■ ■   l#i rib d lo two vol
i rs "i t he mutilclpi .:,;-,
. i mi I shall
c In lenl .1
i; p. m. oi
event ol
up  ned un' the' ■   i-    *      nl
tt      sell        house, tii I
rtiiich every |        n i«   I   rehy reiju     I
uniii    |i    ;   ■■.   .    M ii;i.t f, in     rdin    )
1 im persons ■' nalllh 1 t^- hi nominnte i foj
ah.i ub cted in i) oi o! - ueh ell) al the lirsl i Ice-
tiou shah he sin h pi ;-■ uis aa are mule
si.'*ie, ta in' the full Hge o.l tu cut one yi
art not dU^ua Hied under any law nnd
been for the three ihonth? nexl piecedii « the
i!;i\ ol nomii ation the registered u\v nets hi the
Ian I reglstr.v office of in'id or real property iq
lhe -.ity ol the wine nf one ihoitsaud dollars
ovel ■ d ai> -\e any registered ineumbranco
uml n re otherwise Quali Hed to vote nt sueh elee
tton, or wliu have been for sin li ihreo months
lite '"'" tenants in possession ol I md or real
property in the city of the valuo oi two thousuud dollars under loasu In writing for r,ol less
than "in* year and are otherwise qualified to
vote al Buch elect! in
Thc'i" tsousqualified to be nominati d foi and
electo ■ as aldermen ol such city at the lirst election shall bo such peis.mis nil are mah liritish
subjects of the full age nf twenty-one years and
are not di-nuajjlied under any law, and have
been for three mouths next preceding the day
oi nomination the registered owners in tha
hind .registry office of land or roal property in
tlu City of the value of Jive huildicd dollar^
uver and above any registered incumbrances
and nre otherwise quail It ed to \ oto at sucli lei
tiou or who have been for Buch time months
lhe sole tenants in possession of land or real
property in the city Of tho value i I one Ihous-
aud dollars under leose in writing for not lesa
than one year and are othciwise qualiiied to
\ oto at stich i lection,
(.iven under my hand al Grand Forks, R. C ,
this twenty-fourth day ol April, A   l». ISU7,
Keturuiiig Office^ M
The Groom ia a Prominent Busine**** Man
nf Midway and thu Bride the Daughter of One of Carson's Oldest
A pretty wedding wan solemoitSed lant
Wednesday evening in the Presbyterian
church, Urand Prairie, whon Mr. James
0, McNicol, nf Midway* and Mins Jen*
nette A. McLaren.ot Cal-soDi Were United
In marriage. The Infip}- event, which
was tlio lirst of its kind to take place on
Orar.d Frairiej was Witnessed by about
one hundred friends of tile Contracting
At I' o'clock the strains of "Homo,
Sweet Homer reSohnded throUgh tlih
L'hurch as a wedding march and the
groom, attired in conventional black and
accompanied by the best man, Forbes
M. Kerby, took his plate in front ot the
alter. Immediately after, tho bride entered on the arta of her father ahd followed by the bridesmaid, All s Elsie McLaren.
The words wero Fold which joined
the two young liVestoraye* and the happy couple,accompained by about sixty of
the "old timers'' of the valley; who had
been invited to tho wedding reception;
proceeded to Mr. McLaren's home in
The church wherein the cerefhony
was Derformed rt-aa beautifully decorated, and behind the alter was an illimense
horseshoe of evergreens and flowers;
symbolical of good Kick; whicli it iB the
wish of the whole community, may accompany Mr. and Mrs. McNicol through
the entire journey of life.
The bride's dress wiis a bewitching
creation of cream nun's veiling trimmed
with cream ribbon ar.d lace; and she
wore a handsome veil of white Brussels
net profusely trimmed with orange blossoms and orange blossoms made up the
boquet which the bride carried. The
bridesmaid wore a becoming costtlme of
pink nun's veiling, trimmed in pink ribbons and lace,
Tho wedding reception was hold ih
the Odd Fellow's hall in Carson, whicli
was appropriately decorated for the occasion, Aftor congratulations had been
offered, dancing commenced' tho bride
•and groom leading the tirst Bel. The
pleasant pastime was continued until
midnight, when tho party repaired to
the Grand Prailiehotel which is owned
by the bride's father^ and where a sumptuous wedding banquet was served. At
the close of the repast several toasts
wero proposed and responded to among
whicli were"The Bridej"prorJosed by Mrs.
John Manly and responded to by Mr.
Forbes in a very pleasant manner. "The
Groom" being tho next on tho list, was
responded to by 'himself." "The Bridesmaid," was looked after by Mr. Kirb.v
who closed by proposing "The Ladies'
and called upon LaHuo Perrine to ro*
spond, who was equal to the occasion.
The health of the Hither of the bride
was then drank, aftor which thoso present bid adieu to the happy couplo.
Thursday morning the newly married
couplo loft in a private conveyance for
Spokane where they will spend their
honeymoon. They expect to return in
•ibout two weeks and will reside in Midway, where preparations are beinr< mado
torn reception Upon their arrival.
The bride and groom were the recipients of many halidsome and useful pre-
The groom; Mr. James '.i. McNichol,
is one the most prominent business men
of the Boundary Creek district, owning
b large mercantile business at Midway
and a similar establishment at Anaconda. He is a young man of exemplary
habits, o[ keen business judgment, and
enjoying the esteem aud respect of all
his acquaintonces. lie is to bo congratulated in securing for a helpmeet in
life so estimable a young lady as Miss
Jen nette A. McLaren. She is the accomplished daughter of John McLaren,
o*ie of tho oldest residbnts and mofet substantial men of the Grand Prairie.
'J lie bride hits numerous friends in thje
section of the country, all of Whom extend best wishes.
It is a fact worthy of comment ^hat
the ring ueed in the marriage service
was a solid gold band made from gold
tali en from the Boundary Creok district.
Who controls that, French vote we
havo heard Bo touch about?
Is honebty the onl)* requirement necessary to miike a sufacessfiil mttyor?
If P. T. was elected inayor Would he
con ti ibute acent toward entertaining our
visitors?    .
'Vho would welcome our  distinguish
ed guests if Our Peter was elected
What made Lou bring homo the
wrong team from the wedding Thursday morning?
Why tho man with "chunkb of ore
bigger than t'orbin's cars" took to peddling shoestrings.
Ilowmueh money have the opposition to John A. Manly spent toward
making (irand Forks a town?
If P. T. was elected mayor would wo
have any sewer system, tire protection
or sanitary regulations this year.
How many improvements would be
made during his Worship's term of
olliee—if he should happen to get in.
What Compensation a certain minis
ter of tlie gospel gets for his valuable
services lu running down (irand  Forks?
Who ran tho lirst daily stage line into
Grand Forks at an enormous loss in
order to make it possible for outside Investors to get into town?
ir any man who has property interests
in I irand Porks would be so foolish as to
place a man in the mayor's chair, whoso
whole effort for the past six months had
been to kill the town.
If the MeCai inn faction really thinks
that bocalise a man happens to be a
Frenchman ho can be horded like a
lot of geese and driven to the polls and
Voted?    They appear to.
Whether or not Peter would have declared hia self as a candidate for ihayor
if it had not been foi* the influences
brought to bear by iliteres'ed ohtside
parties witli axes to grind.
What has become of tho hundred
teams lhat used to cross the free ferry
dail,,? Have they quit since tho ferry
washed, away, or do thoy swim over?
They certainlj* do not puss through the
if "bur" Peter is so certain to be
elected by an overwhelming nlajority,
as his supporters claim ho is, what
is the use of going to the expehso
of holding an election? Why not tlira
tho olliee over to him at onco?
Wotikl It not bo ihoro manly for persons who have no interest In Grand
Forks, beyond tho hope that somo groat
calamity may habpeh tb injure the future growth and prosperity of the town,
to keep out of its municipal election?
WoUld any sane person place his business in tlio hands of a uian Who liad left
no stone unturned to injilro his own Individual interests. The same care and
caution should be Used in selecting piib-
lic officers that Would be givon to oiia's
own affairs.
Is it not a fact that the petition requesting P. T. McCallum to be a candidate for inayor was projected; framed
and circulated, by persons who have no
interest in Grand Forks except to do
everything in their power to bldck its
progress in order to build up an alleged
townsite about a hiile further Up tho
"CbtepAKiES1 Act," Part IV, and am end-
ii^g Acts.
ltRoeU Creek Gold and Copper1 Mining
Company" (Foreign).
Registered the 5th day of March, 1807.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that l have th In diiy-registered the "Rock creek Gbld and.Copper
Mining Company",(Poroigu), under the .'•■(■.>mr
panics' Act." Pari [y., ''Registrationof Foreign
Companies," nnd amending Acta,
The head office of the Bala company is situated nt the City of Spokane, State'of Wash-
ton, L*. s. A. \    ■
The objects for which the Company is etiib-
liahed area—To buy sell, lease, bona, .explore,
mine and mill, and to do any necessary work
lor the development and operation of mining
properly; to Qon-StrUCt, maintnbi nnd Operate
reduction ami smelting plants or mills for private or publicluse; toiconstruct, Maintain ami
operate trails, roads, lines] of transportation by
bind ur water; to build numos or ditches, or
acquire water, power or water rights, and to
lease and sell the same; In fact, to curry on a
general mining and deduction ibnblnesB,i in all
it* vaiions departments. Incompliance with the
laws of theStito of Washington, aud tlit; Prdv-
tticfe ol Pritish Columbia, Canada, under which
we shall operate.
The capital stork of the BDid Company ts eight
hundred thousand dollars, divided Into eight
hundred thousand shares of the par value of
ono4dollar each.
■ liven under my ham] und real of » lliee ut
Victoria. Province of BritiBb Columba, tuisfitb
day oIMarbh, 1807.
Cfi. b,J ■ @. V. WOOTTONj   ■
Registrar of Joint stuck Companies.
No-JUB. ■      -      -
"Conh'AMEr*,' Act," Part lV., aSd a.\Ii-;ni>
tNii Acts.
"Zenda Gold an<l Cop^et Mt'nir'g CcHU
pany" (Foreign.)
Registered tlie 2nd day bfjMaROh, U(\7*
T HEREBY CERTIFY that I have-this day
J.- registered the '•ZelidU Gold alid Copper
Mining oompany" (Foreign), under the Companies1 Act, Part IV., "Registration of Foreign Companies," and amending Acts.  1    >
The head office of the s.ild" Company is situated at tho City of Spokane; in the State of
Wn&Mlngtoil, U.S. A'. -
Tbe objects for which tlio Company lh established arei—To purchase, hold, own, work and
operate mines of gold, Silver, lead, and other
mineral^, and to sell the same; to buy and sell
ores of all kinds; rn build, eqtUp, own itnd operate auy mill, smelter or reduction works necessary o* ■convenient '"or such Business, und to
that end to purchase and own any real estate or
personal property neeesnary or convenient
tnerfof! and to construct ArtddWn any wagon
r dad-4 tram way, railroad, or telegraph Hue or
telephone line that may be necssary or convenient for such business,    .1 \ \
The business of this corporation to bo conducted In either the United States or in British
Columbia, or both.
The capital Stock of tne said Company Is one
tuilliiiii five hundred thousand dollars, divided
Into one million live hundred thousand shares
ofthe par value of one dollar each.
(liven under my hand and seal of Office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, thtsiind
day of March, 1897,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Properties Reported on,
Development and  Assessment Work Supervised.
Ranken & Campbell,
Conveyancers        (
Records Searched *.
And Investment Aeents.
Grand Forks, B. 0.
Carson Shaving Parlors and   Bath Room.
When yoU want anything in my Line givo mo a call.
Leaves Bossburg on the arrival of the southbound train arriving at Grand Forks
at 9 o'clock same evening. Leaves Grand Forks at i o'cloca a. m., arriving at
Bossburg in timo to connect with northbound train. Express and freight promptly attended to and handled at reasonable rate**.
Grand Forks, B. C.
The Mammoth Hotel of the Kettle River District,
MRS. A. V. DAVIS, Proprietress,
Livery Teams, Saddle
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Hay and Grain For Sale.    Teaming of all Kinds Done,
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable Prices.
All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.   Special attention pdid to Cleaning and Repairing.   Give ilica trial order.
When it Comes to Looking For Bargains.   (Ml and bo
Convinced that you can Find Anything you
Two Car Loads
AH Ready in
Still 3 riore
On the Road
We Carry the Largest, Most Complete and Best Assorted-
Stock  of
if Peter T., et al, was elected ihayor
woUld he tell all who came to Grand
Forks that tno town overflowed every
year and they would bo drowned out
unless they purchased, property in his
addition about a mile from town?
"Companies' Act," Pa k* IV., and AihidD-
iS'ci Acts'.
"The     Aurus      Mining      Company"
Registered 25! h day of February, 1897,
IHKiRHUY CERTIFY   that 1 havb this day
teeifitered  '/Tho  Aui-us Mining Company
[Foreign}  under the ''Companies'   Act." Part
IV., "Registrationof Foreign Companies," and
amending Acts.    .
Tlie head ofiT e of t.he said Compaiw is situated ut the City of Spokane, in the Stale of Wush-
Iflgton, U. S. A.
T-he obieels.for which the Company is eslnhi-
llshed arc:—To purchase.,hdl<}, own, work tuid
operate mines of gold, silver, lend and other
metals, and to Bell tlie aaiini; U\ .buy nnd sell
ores of such metals; to huild, equip, owu and
operate any mill, Bmelttir or reduction workn
ndeessaryior.oonvenient in'such .business, and
to that end to purchase and own any real estate
or personal property necessary or convenient
therefor; lind to construct and owu ijny wagon-
road, tram .-.-ay, railroad dq teleproph or tele-
phone line necessary or convenient for such
business; said business to be conducted either
in the United Stales or British Columbia, or
both. f*. 1     ■ ■
'1 he capital, stock af tlie said Companj is one
million dollars, divided into one million enured
of the par value of ond dollar each. , 1
Given-under uiy hand-and seal of dfiftce, at
Victoria, Province of liritish Oolumbia, this
25th da* of Febhiftry, 1897.     1   1    ■•
*].. s.] .8. Y. WOOTON.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
Takes pleaBUTQ in anntnincingtotllc
Ladles of (irand Forks and vicinity
that she has opened a First-class
Stock of
Hats Trimmed tb Order In
the Last Style known tl the art. A
line ol LaceBf Kibi'on.s, Flowers and
in Fobtftvery thing kept tnja first*
elnas Millinery Store. J Particular Attention paid to Mail Orders.
In tbe Kettle River and Boundary Districts, Consisting of Groceries, Provision^, Queensware, Hardware)
Slash and Doors, Wall Pa]ter, Dry Goods, Clothing Boots
Shoes and Drags,   Also a Full Line of1
Call Md Sefe M How StyleS.      Mail 0rders reCeive ^r^Pt attention;
 ; Gite us a trial brder and we will guranted
J. W. JONES,     Satisfadtid,
Munulacturer of
Spring   fieds;   Mattresses,
Dealer Iii
GRAND   FOHKS,   B.   Oi     ~
^♦"Saw Piling Una all Kinds or Repairing.
All Rbads Lead to Carson.
Manly & averilL,
The 4<Bi^ Store,
Kiverside Avis.; Grand Forks, B. C.
Tn i-itnviNctAi, LaNd Spkvkyohs
HIS HONOUR the 1 ienteuaul (iovernor In
Council has bood plo««cd to make the following rules and regulations with reference u
tho survey of Pro'iiuiai lands aud mineral
claims' —
1. All surveys shall ho personally made by
duly qualified Pruviucittl laud BUrvoyorsi
2-ijAII Survoyoffl shall use the departmental
fleW book and paper, and at Ihe bottom Of eaell
pane of ibuilehi-uotcs shall be entered the date
anil Signature Of Surveyor.
;t. Tlie original (ieid-notes shall be aoepm
jianied by an affidavit In the Bubjolnct) form.  1
■I. All 'Survyors must promptly "arry out
the instructions of. the Department in reBpect
tn tiie character and amount of information to
he fuhiished In the field-notes, and at all tunes
ht* ready to make sucli corrections and BUpply
such additional dataassceins cxpedieutforthe
Complete ciijeeUiug of their work in.the. field.
6. The' Department will iuvilriably exeroisd
the right'of refusing to accept surveys not made
in accordance with the above -regulations, and
also will retuse to accept aftsatilfactory any and
all survey's made by a surveyor, who has been
iTaiiry of repeated infractions of the pieoedlng
rules. ■)
1 G. B. MARTIN,'
•  •' Chief Cqrb-rof Lands and Works,
Litnds And Works Dewt,! •■ ■
Victoria, li. C, 18U1 April, !8i)7.
Amdavit.;,. M j ti ,-
I I ..*,  ...of ai duly authorised Provincial Land Surveyor 'fer the Province of British Colunibill make oath tind say
iis.foilows:— ,
[l.j I* have surveyed     ....
ed.DMscbk,, yov THT'RTY   DAYS
Dealer in General _L     \J JL \_ -LJ._LL-LV.-L     _L 1~J A. X   -L   k^*
Carricfl a Oomplcto Lint of
Dry Gdods,
Boots arid Shoes;
Also a Full Line of
Harness, Saddles, Bits, Spurs,
Etc!, Etc,
We will Offer for the Next Thirty Mfi a
Grouri df tM'e Claims Bti
Pass Creek,
At a price that you pan double your tiloney insidd of ninety
'dayB. This Property will .Stynd tbe closest Tnvestigation anil
Will satlBfy anyone that it !s a good investment.
[2.\ I c.onimonced tlii' Bald survey bn tlie	
 day of  lH't   , and completed it
on the day of 1K0   .   ,
[8.1 I personally -hi> all llw lines of tlie said
survey on tlio dates, set out iu the annexed lield
hook marked A. ,     ,
M.) The notes cdntalned in (he qpld-bookare
a correct i'epreBeutation of tlie work done on
the ground hy me.
■swbm before..
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Laundry  Wor.k Done With   NeatneEa  Properties
and Dispatch,
l'RICE3, ,       ,
dollars. ia eiich dr 3 for lite
Small Clothing   .'.: SOc doz
Ladies' Skirts 2(lo each
Ladles' Waists  200 each
Woolen Blankets  600 each
Gtrand Forks, B. 0.
We have now on sale the following good properties:—"    •■    ,    i "    ' ', •        I
CROUP Or        )    One-half mile froiil Grand Foi'ks and adjoining the celebrated
TWO ,G'i AIMS.   \    bONETA mine.   Will b,e. sold as a gr.oijp or singly. .,   ,
(jROUP (3F        )    One milb .and a  half from Grand Forks, quartz ledge, good
TWO G-LAlMB.   5     Assays and animtrJierise surface snowing pf ore.,
OVER- TWENTY        (    For sftlt- Cheap .in  th*} vicinity of the Great  Volcanid
GOOD PROPERIES  ).   Mountain (»nd Seattle fining properties.
The Aljave    j    We epp honestly recommend as good investments.     We can get
you gddi claims in any particular section at bed-rock prices.
Correspondence Solicited.
McCarter, Johnson & McCdrteh
Qrnnd Forks, B. &'.
Or F. tl. ncCARTER,
Spokane, Washington.


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