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The Grand Forks Miner Sep 18, 1897

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 oCA^C UK -
SECOND   YEAR.--NO.   71.
i.-nzxr^-r?.xtf-x^m ao-orx
Manager Keane of the Ca iboo
Shot  Keane   From   His    Horse and
Avenged the Killing of Alar*.
tin Roderick.
Word comes Irom Nolon, Wash., that
a report has just reached there to the
effect that Manager Keane of the Cariboo at Camp McKinney, who shot and
instantly lulled Mai tin Roderick last
wlntei on lhe suspicion that he was the
m.in who relieved Goo 15. McAuley of
the Cariboo gold brick--, was shot from
his horse, some time' Thursday by an
ambushed assassin on the road between
Camp McKinney and Rock Cieek and
not far from thc scene of ihe celebrated
Keane left the Cariboo mine Thursday morning intending to jide to Midway on business and Thursday afternoon a party of prospectors found his
dead+>ody lying in the road.
He had been killed by a heavy bullet
which struck him in the leit side of the
abdomen and ranging upwards came
out under tbe right armpit. All the surroundings would seem to indicate that he
was murdered by someone who lay in
ambush at a turn in the road and fired
before he had an opportunity to defend
No trace of the murderer has becn
found and no clue to his identity can be
obtained, but it is supposed tbe murder
was comtni ted in revenge of the killing
cf Martin Roderick, by Keane, last winter and some slight suspicion is advanced that tbe murderer was lhe biother of
Roderick, who, It is said, had vowed to
be revenged Ior his brother's death.
Or.lyveiy meagre particulars of the
muider could be obtained but it is said
the person who brought the news to
Nelson was onecf the party which found
the b'.dy so there seems to be no reason
tor doubdng the lepott.'
''Honest John" Trots a Half Mile Against
a Man on a Wheel.
A couple of week ago 11. T. Huntley
expressed thc ouinion that bis trotting
horse, "Honest Charley," could make a
half mile quicker than any bicycle rider
in town, and offered to back his judgment by a wager of $10. After seveal
trials of speed bad becn made by the
bicyclist it was decided to match Arthur
Milthrop against the horse, and last
Saturday afternoon was set as the date
of the race.
The novjty of the affair attracted
quite a large crowd to the race track to
witness the contest. The conditions
of the race was that it was to be a half-
mile-straight, standing start, and in
order to avoid any conflict the wheel
was started a ion feet behind the horse.
Jack Donaldsou gave Milthrop the starting push and while the horse trotted
well, it was apparent fiom the start that
he was over matched. Before the quarter pole was reached Milthrop passed
"Honest John," and finished about
loo feet ahead of him, covering the distance in oue minute and ten seconds,
which, considering tbe rough condition
of the course was an excellent recoid.
The judges were Ur. Ilepworth, Al-
Tranweizer at.d Billy McKay. Notwithstanding the (act tbat Milthrop was the
the favorite from the start and odds of
two to one was offered on him considerable money changed hands on the result,
There is some talk of another race being arranged between the same parties
at an early date.
Will Spend thc Winter Here.
Pr.'S. H. Manly, of Stockton, Calif,
was an arrival in tbe city via last Wednesday's stage. The doctor is a brother
of the Manlys of this city and is an old
timer in this Bection, having practiced
bis profession for many years in Colville. He was one of the framers of the
constitution of thc State of Washington,
representing Stevens county and Spokane. During the time of the doctor's
residence at Colville he was frequently
called into this section to attend patients
and it was on one of these visits the
beauties of (1 rand Prairie attracted bis
attention and as a result he took up the
Manly ranch tome five miles below
town. The doctor expects to remain
with us through the winter resting anil
looking after hi; mining intetests in this
Ex-City Clerk Aikman has gone to
Ross and.
li. McDonald of Michigan, appeared
in our midst on Tuesday.
The famous Bossburg red stage coach
is a thing of tbe past.
J. K. Johnson has moved into Mrs.
Brown's residence on thc first bench.
Frank Wears and wife left lor Spokane
this week where they will remain lor the
H. A. Ilain of Rossland was a passenger on Monday's stage Horn the lower
Chas. Cumings his been keeping the
trail hot between the Forks and Rjss-
land this week.
It ie said that Arthur Milthrop contemplates changing his place of abode
lo the Upper town.
Ur. Aveiill left for Rossland on Tuesday lust having been called there on
important business.
J H.Featherston was over from Eureka
last Sunday on a pleasure trip. He returned home Monday.
J. J. Gill returned on Tuesday last
from Rossland, where he has been fur
the past week on business.
William McKay left for Eureka on
Wednesday last, He expects to return
in about four weeks time.
John McPharlan, a mining man from
Butte, Montano, has been visiting in the
eity for the past few days.
Ur. Averill went to Rossland yesterday morning for the purpose of consulting with his partner Mayor Manly.
W. H. Young of Victoria, was among
the arrivals in the city this week for the
purpose ol looking over this section.
J. A. Boss, M. McLean and G. A.
Bryan, three mining men from Spokane,
arrived from Eureka Wednesday evening.
Quite a number of cases of lever are
reported, the cause for whieh is attributed to the sudden changes of the
weather of late.
When 5 ou go to see your girls, boys
don't take your dogs along. If you don't
believe ask Ralph Brown about it at the
Chicago meat market,
Jacob Goe'z of Spokane, one of the
principle owners of the Lame Foot property on the reservation stopped over
night with us on his way to Eureka.
A large delegation from this cily attended the dance given at Nelson,
Wash., on Friday evening of last week,
and a mast enjoyable time is reported.
I*'. II. McCarter, j**, who has Been
spending the summei in the Fork;, returned io Spokane last week to resume
his studies in tbe Spokano high school.
R. S. Stocker, one of the owners cf
th; Cascade City townsite was in the
city last week and had seventeen deeds
acknowledged before Justice McCallum.
John Sta *k,who is interested in mining
properties in and around Eureka, p iss-
ed through the city yesterday on his way
ro Spokane where is geing after his family.
John Welty, who has gained considerable cheap notority by bis connection
with the Black Tail property in Eureka
camp, passed through town last Sunday
on his way to Spokane.
Parties who aro in a position to know
state the reason why a postoffice has not
been established at Cascade City, was
because there was not a resident of the
place who could qualify as postmaster.
Mr. Mitchell, of the firm of Mitchell
Brothers who own the transporation line
operating between Marcus and Grand
Forks, has leased the Seats residence
for the winter and will move into it in a
few days.
John A.Coryell 1'. L. S.,with headquarters at Midwa , was in the city Thursday evening, having come down fioin
Wellington camp where has been surveying a number: oi claims for the purpose of ciown granting them,
Residents of now town and Van Ness'
addition are strictly in it now, "The
dclivety wagon fiom the Chicago market will herealter make daily visits to
residents of that part of town for the
purpose of taking orders and delivering
The Cosmos dining room under its
new management is making a locord
for itself. With Ed. Inbody in charge
of tbe bar and Mr. D„uglass to provide
for the wants of ihe hungry traveller,
the Cosmos is bound to retain a place in
the liont ranks of the hotels of the city,
Chas. VanNeas came in from Rossland
Wednesday evening arid wi I remain for
a couple of weeks looking after his extensive business inteiosts here. Van s.**ys
that business is steadily improving at
Rossland and that tho indications are a
tide of prosperity will roll ovor the
country, and looka fora prosperous sca-
"n next year,
Attempted Holdup of Mr. A.
J. Privitt.
When Called Upon to Throw Up  liiJ
Hands He Put a Bullet through
His Assallent.
The little town of Nelson, just over
the line on the reservation, was thrown
into quite a state of excitement last
Saturday evening by the report, that A.
J. Privitt, president of the company
which owns the Big Four cliim*. on Lo
Fleur mountain, while on his way ta tli:
mine from Nelson whero lo had boen
to purchase supplies, hed been held up
by a masked highwayman some four
miles fiom Nelson. Tho attempted
robbety took place between four and five
o'clock in the afternoon right on tkej
trail leading up to the   Big  Four  mine.
The circumstances connected with the
affair are best told by Mr. Privitt himself, and as that a gentleman was a visitor in the city last Wednesday we gi\*e
our readers a full account of the affair
as related to a Miner representative
by himself:
"I had been in Nelson buying supplies
for tbe mine and was on my way back,
riding along without any thought of danger, when, just after crossing Kursmoos
creek, I reached a point where a large
stamp leans out over tbe trail at a sharp
turn. I caught sight of a man's leg
partly bidden behind tbis stump and at
once made up my mind that he iv»j
there for no goad purpose.
"I.istantly I ..topped my horse and
reached for my revolver. The man saw
my motion and sprang from behind the
tree and called upon me to throw up my
hands, at the same lime leveling his gun
which fortunately missed fire. We then
both fired at once, my budet clipping
the tree beside his head while his tore a
hole through the brim of my hat.
"The fellGW then turned and ran and
I fired a second shot, lie fed tohis
hands and knees and as my horse was
rearing and plunging so 1 could not control him 1 did not see him get up but
when I once more caught fight of the
p'ace where he bad fallen the man was
gone, Feating that he might have
friends in ambush I butritd on to the
mine to bring b.'.e'. . party and search
for the robber. After I had gone or,
pel baps 300 yards I beard another shot
down in the brush in the direction in
which the highwayman bad gone and
came to the exclusion that I must have
wounded him badly and he had shot
himself. Returning with the men from
the mine we made a thorough search but
could find no trace of the fellow.
"I was unable to recognize my assai!-
lant as be was masked wilh a faded red
handkerchief, and anyway I vas tl.filling about other things than what the
man looked like. He was rather above
medium height, slightly built, light complected and wore a soft black hat. It
must have been some one well acquainted with th: country as he picked out
the best place in the whole trail to wait
forme. I believe he intended to murder me and relieve me ef some money
which I had in town with me."
Mr. Privitt is an old-timer in this nc-
tlon and has large interests, both heie
and in the Pierres' Lake district.
jH**r*-»**.,*wm*.J»l..A*-i-..-.-----cv*"*-"'** v
Sensational    Stories    Concerning    Mayor
Manly's Prolonged Absence,
livery town has it fuli q lotaoi gossip- I
en and Grands Forks is no exception to j
the rule, tn f.ict we believe  tint if she'
was to enter a contest held between the
various towns of tbe provin :e,fora jold
medal, she would wag off wilh tbo tiitt
prize.   At present the family  affairs  of j
Mayor    Manly   have been   furnishing
plenty of food for ihe scandal mongers
to feast upon, and the number of wid
stones that are in circulation are is so
great lhat they would fill a volume of a
sei sational magazine.
* X-
S':.*cc Mayor Manly took his departure
from theeity nearly two months ago
the report has been current that he would j
not return to the city to reside, At lirst
there wis no attention pud to the rumor
supposing it to b : the production of toe
idle brain of some imaginative person
with nothing bcttcrto do tb into *_utsu :h
stories in circul it-ion.
As time a'ter time set for his retur-,
came and passed without his putting in
an appearance, the report of his nonreturn began to h ive some sembl mce
of truth, and the developments of the
past week have been of such a nature,
even his staunches friends and admirei .
in the city are in doub: as to his future
intentions, Waile the Miner is of the
opinion that there i.. 1.0 doubt but
Mayor Maily will return as soon as he
can get bis business affairs in Rossland,
which have gotten into a very tingled
condition owing to this partners mis*
111 magement,straightenedoutii believes
that Mr. Manly Bin u!d either leturn to
the city or forward his regisna-
ticn as mayor at oace. By so doing he
will put a stop to the scandalous rumors
that aro afloat whioh are doing him irreparable injury, as well as untold damage
to ihe welfare oi the eity.
Ihey Do Say We Wi:
Railroad 1 tun
Telegraphic Connection With Klondyke.
The Toronto World is agitating tbe
building, by the Canadian government
of a telegraph line into tbe Klondyke,
and in commenting upon the proposition says:
"The building cf a telegragh line
through Canadian te*ritory into the
K'ondyke would be desirable from a
national point of view as well as prove
a profitable investment commsrclally,
The cost will run up to a quarter of a
million rioliars. Trie receipts fiom a
telegraph line into the Kiondyko would
be phenomenal. Two or three years,
operation of the line ought to pay for its
entire construction. Postal communication with Alaska will be annoyingly
slow for years to Come, A telegraph
line would attract all the business communications between the Klondyke and
the outer world. The Government
stands to make a heap of money if it
will rush through this proposed tele,
graph line. The existence of the line
will do mnre to ensure good government
in the country than the expenditure of
three times its cost In soidiets and ammunition. By all means let the Canadian Government take this work in
hand and put us into communication
with the Klondyke before the great
rush of next spring gets in."
the lower jaw so  badly  was  her mouth
As there was no slumps or rocks in
the vicinity where the accident occurred
that she could bave struck in the fall,
and as tbe ground there is a sandy loam
the suppo-ition is that the horse kicked
hcr in the mouth alter s'ue bit the
This is the   second   time  Helen has
been thrown from ths pany, the other
lime on the I Ith «,f last month, and she
LOOK OUT FOR THE CARS  bad only recovered  from the first  f.,11
wl.cn this las', accident befell her.    Mr.
  ' and Mrs    Ingraham  have the sincere
I sympathy < f tbe community in their mis-
iald the Columbia & Western Will  fortune and trust that before many days
Keep Right on Building When        ,■-»'' •- -*•'- • ■*-•■ •-- ~~~ md again.
ft Reaches Robson. NORTHPORT IS BUSY.
  I Work on the Smelter and Bridge
Being Pushed.
A Northport correspondent of the
surveyors in the field all doubt regard- Spok(,sman.Revicw writes: ,*The foun.
inS his intention of extending his line L,^ waUg fjr t,_„ m,m par£ of ^
from theColumba river to Pentieton smslter arB nearly i£ not qaite coma\et.
seems to be at rest, 'lhe question now , ed> anf> w,„,. on tb(. „;Ilbers ha
uppermost in the mini's or   the citizens
Now that Mr, Heinze actually has his
Beyond these statements of facts the
MINER does not care to discuss the matter at present, preferring to withhold
further comment until such time as Mr:
Manly lias had an opportunity cf vindicating himself against tbe accusations
made against h m.
s commenced with a force of carpenter**,
More men havebeen put to work,ind the
smelter site presents a lively s:.en : these
days. We noticed boilers and machinery already on tbe ground and we anticipate that '*. few days rr.or.y nod th-;
force o! carpenters and laborers will be
materially increased and a smelter building will loom up to view ere v.*e are
Thebridge forces at woik on tli*: railroad blidge present a lively scene, work
there on having been resumed the first
part ef the  week.   Already the workmen have replaced the lower tier of piling* with one span, and before tbe week
clcs* s will have the upper tier in place.
There were only two of the spans  unfinished when lhe high water of the Reason caught them.    As soon as the piling
is a*l replaced they will make short work
in charge of ihe Colu mbia aod Western j ,,f throwing the bridge across Irom pier
survey, passed through theeity Sunday   to pier, as the timber* are framed and
on his way over tha rauge, v.h :re h: er.- ; -uatle ready lor putting together.   Only
of this section is when will the work of
construction Commjnce, Tne reports
in regard to ihis part of thc program are
many and varied, but none of autl entic
nature have as yet been given ou: from
Mr, Heinze's headquarters. But from
those who should be in a position to
know, the statement is made thot
upon the completion of tbat portion.of
the line now being built between Robson and Trail, operations on this end
of the line will be started, The character of the work to he done this fall and
winter will be the clearing of lh*.- nglu
of way, getting out ties aud bridge tim-
be s so that e\ erylhiug wiil bein reaii-
ness for the construction of the line early
in the sprlug,
I    Mr. J. G. Sullivan, the civil engineer
pects to conm.'.ice the survey at o pant
short distance this side of Camp McKiti
n •■/. While in Miday he informed a representative of lh: Advance ''thai at
present two survey parties belonging to
his 1 ne were in lhe   field.    Mr.   G.  R.
a fen* mere weeks and the railroad ferry-
will be dispensed with, aid the iron
horse wi!! be driven oeer the new
Miners are getting ready to perform
their assessment work ior 'he year,  and
The Granite and King Silver to he
Visited by Owners,
II. P. Palmer, G. A. Stewart and W,
L. Root left yesterday, ravs the Spokesman-Review of lost Sunday, for tlie
north country to inspect tbe Granite
mine, in which alio! them are interested.
The propeity is eight miles noit'n of
Northport and i; said to be showing up
Messrs. Palmer and Stewart have another mission, however, which i; of ever,
greater interest to them st this time.
They received the tews Friday of a
rich strike of galena ore in the King
Silver mine, which is owned by the King
Silver Mining company of this city, and
is situated on the Kettle river eight
miles from Grand Foi Icy, just on this
side of toe line. They will investigate
the discovery and Trill probably burg
down samples of the ore for the fair exhibit. Development work is being done
by contract aod the shaft is d .wo about
50 feet, A contract for 50feet more v.il!
doubtless he let while I .o owners are
visi.ir.j4 the property. The ore was of a
silver copper nature at tbo surface ind
develops into a galena proposition at
depth. The lead is i.| feet wide. Tie
surveyed line cf the Spokane Falls &
Northern road runs within two miles
of lhe mine.
Fan* is at pre.-cat running a preliminary | thousands of dollars will be expended
survey from the mouth ol McRea creek ; *n the next few months to preseive in*
on the cast si ie ol Ceristina lane, up .Mc   tact tllc tule to *ocated m.nlll.; ground.
R ie creek and dow.i D..g creek to Rob -
Min.    An effort would be made to  have
It is to be presumed tbat many will neglect lo perfoiri. assessment in the hope
this portion of lhe survey co npleted be-  Q, be*     ,he ,-rs. on  t,,e d  ,Q lc.
foie snowstruek tbe sunvmit.    Ibis section" Mr. Sullivan stated "would .re the
most difficult to construct, especially
along Dog creek, but not nearly so difficult as was hitherto supposed, especially the C. P. R.  engiuecrs."
The othei survey party of which Mr.
Sullivan Ins charge, according to the
Advance, is at present at Anaconda and
will start at once lo survey t'.'.e line along
the divide between the Kettle river and
the Okanagan. I*, is expected that the
route wil. be sufficiently defined this fall
catc after December 1, but those claims
that are thought most of will in the main
be ivoike cl.
Three Arrests Mad? for Refusing io Take
Out a Trade's License.
Toe city a ithorities have been experiencing mor   or less difficulty in collecting thi trade   license  lax  recently  1111
posed by the city council.    As to the ad-
to allow construction to co nmance a s j visability of imposing this trr.dcs license
springs opens up. J the Miner is a*, doubt, bat now we hove
— + _ [ it on ou.. statue book it should bestrictly
A **reat may rumors relative to the enforced, as there is nothing that will
propo-cd route are at present llerog |kiil rcol<-* effective an obnoxious law
around, one ol" which is being extensive j '*>ai lls enforcement,
circulated by those who arc ant agonistic * 0 *, Mondiy last, Louie G;e, propric
to tlie lu'.uro prosperity of Grand Forks, J ,or 0[ urlc 0( -|le laundries, was arrested
is to the effect lhat the linn instead ol | and   taken   b *u!e   j,, <g . j-,hnson ml
complaint of   City  Constable  Lambert,
who charge:! him with an infraction  of
Athletic Club Organised.
Latt Wednesday e/e.n.ig the Grand
Forks Athletic club was otganiznd by
lhe election of Richard McCanen, pie
sident; W. A. Such:, vice-president;
C. L. Bliss, secretary: ,M. U. White,
treasurer, and Paul Fisher, leader. A
constitution and bylaws was adopted,
and oilier preliminary steps taken lor
the successlul operation cf the club cuing the winter, Thc initiation has been
placed at gi and the monthly dies at 50
cents, The Club for the present will
meet every Thursday evening in Victoria
coming clo.vn Christina lake to Cascade
City, acror's Christina creek and along
the nortli ha k of the Kettle river to
Grand Forks, that the line would pass
around the northwest .:idc of Coris ioa
lake and come  through a p .ss   which
the city by law No. 5 relating to trade
licenses. On appearing before His Worship Louie plead guilty and was   p:r*
had been recently been discovered about imittedto *.a:e out a license upon lhe
ten or twelve miles north of town and payment of the cost 0! suit amounting
nearly opposite where  Pass creek c>n*   to 5-1,50
On Wednesday J. West and VV. II,
Merchant were also summoned before
lis Worship, ch trged with carrying on
the business of bakers without first obtaining a license for the sun:, Mr. M :r-
ch.-nt though In: could noti.fford lo take
out a lieenrc and agreed to discontinue
the business. Under ihtse circumstance the ease was dismissed upon the
pavment of lhe co;t.
In the case of West the plea ol   pro
pties into the North Forks. To anyone who is acquainted with the lay of
ibe bind in th • locality referred ta th ■
story Will cany but lut:c weight.
Another Time and the Funeral Will Take
Place Tomorrow.
What might have  been  a  fatal  accident   happened  to   the   ten   year   old
Will Hold An Election.
Owing to the removal of Alderman
Duford from the city a vacancy has becn
made in the city council, In accordance
with the the municipal act un election
will be held next Thursday, between
the hours of 12 o'clock* neon and 2 p. m.
for the purpose of electing someone to
fill lhe vacancy. Next Monday at Ibe
hourol 12 o'clock noon, is the time set
lor nominations. The names of several
gentlemen have already been mentioned for th: place prominent among
which are P. T. McCallu n, James Addison, Robert Hewitt and James Kerr,
anyone of whom, in tho Miner's j idg-
najnt would creditably lid the position.
Fresh milk delivered at your iloir
morning and evening. Qaand Korks
d mghter cf Mr. George  Ingraham last   verty vas set up and be was given four
Monday evening.   It appears that Helen ■ days in which to take out his license,
was cut in the act of  searching  for her:
cow in thc neighborhood of Mr. Burdens I
residence some half mile west of ihe city,;
Council Me. tint..
At the council meeting yesterday af-
when the pony she was riding suddenly terr.oon Fred Wollaston was appointed
became frightened and becoming un-1 clerk. Next Monday was set for r.o.ni-
manageabl'e threw her with tremendous nations Lr an alderman to fill the va-
forcc to ihe ground and then started off ' cancv c-.us; cl by the removal cf Alder-
at full speed. Fortunately some pros-j man Duford from the city,
pectors happened to be passing by at After the regulation amount of discus-
the lime the accident occurred, and I -ion it was decided to send the city clerk
at once ran to tho child's rescue, On j to Rossland to assist the mayor in ncgo-
reaching Ihespotwhcretbe child was 1>-1 dating a loan on the city's bonds
I ing 'twas found that she was unconscious
and bleeding profusoly at   he month.
' She was at once con. e>ed 10 tor  home,
when  Dr. Smith  ...    summoned  and,
r .     , ., ,    „.   to this office are requested to call and
on examining her injuries it was found  5ett)e_   Au tbose indebted to this olliee
I th it several of her front teeth had been
I knocked out by the tall, those on  thc
The meeting then adjourned.
An exchange says:
Perrons knowing themselves indebted
upper jaw being knocked in and those
on the under j iw out. It was found 11c-
cessarv to extract some nine teeth be-
a id not knowing it, are requested to cal!
and find out. All those knowing themselves indebted, and not wishing to call,
are requested to stay in one place long
enough lor us to catch them. All those
who are i.ot indebted are  requested t*J
sides jeiflov
e a  portion of tbe gurn of  call and get indebted, (iRANl)   FORKS  MINER
The MiNF.rt ik published on Soturony and will
mailed to Subscriber on payment ci Two
:-.jl!nrs u yr'rir.
Displayed Advertisement!! ■*.' nu Inch per
inoiith. A liberal dlscouril allowed .rn long
Tranclcnt Adyerl tsemcnl -
iirBcrtli.ii and 10 ccnl   a line Ir   cucli additional
t.irnl ur reading matter notice! '2~> ccntB oacli
| .-.■["' oi.
Job I'lin ting al Pair rate**, All accoun's for
j..i. '.n.;i; rirr.i ml*, ertlsing payable ou IhellrM ol
.. uili mouth. !'■ II. Sit tlAUTEU ii Son.
political opponents as well a.*, Ins politi-
I cal friends, and it is the prevailing opinion tint it would, perhaps, have been
impossible to lind among the public men
of Canada, anyone who would have
more fittingly and happily represented
ihe largest colony of tho Empire.
The semi-annual statement of thc
condition of the Bank of British Columbia shows a prolit of /ja'^Sa, which has
been appropriated as follows—viz. ,.£12,-
: ooo in payment, 011 the 3rd ol August,
1 I :i dividend al the rate of a per cent
per npnum and, ,£2,382 carried forward.
, Uo June 30th nearly £1,500,000 was due
on current deposits; and, apart from in-
There seem • to bea diversity of opi- ] vestments, a sum ol 637,000 pounds was
nion as to whether or n* 1 it is adviseablo 1 available in the form of c ish and money
for the city, at the  present  lime  lo ;u-  at call, etc.. or i 1-.p ,:ie  and  gold  bare
tempt to erect a system of  waterworks  and dust.    ..,___
and electric light plant. Wid e every- ONbihilTol ihe Cubden"club, Lord
pne agrees lhat the city should own and Farrer has presented a gold medal to
control its own waterworks and electiic Sir WilfriecJ Laurler in recognition ol
light system, and that a handsome re- his distinguished service of tree Iradc.
venue would be derived from the : *.* 10 *,, acknowledging it the Canadian I' e
in the near future, they aro other ques- miergaid* "He was a Ine trader be-
lions to be considered at this time, A |fore he came to England; what, he had
system ot waterworks and electric light seen since he came here bad confirmed
plant that wil. meet die requirements ol (,;, ,_,*_-1 ief in lhe great principle of nec-
the city in years ta come should be built doni of trade, and while Canada," he
tyhen it is done, and we are of the opinion said, "was for free trade, the other co-
that the cost of such a plant hy lhe city Monies would follow."
at present is beyo' d its financial a'cili'.y. —*.* yye^rr
Th? advertising of tenders for the con*. Sjr Louis, minister of matme for tie
strueuon of a oystr in of waterworks and 1 do ninion, iu referring to the extent and
electric light plain is premature and ill resources of Canada said that sometime
advised. Whoever hcird of a contractor ! ago there was a tendency towards union
bidding on the construction ol a system
pf waterworks and furnishing his o vi:
plans and specifications, Tocc* is a
Wtong way and right way to do everything, Hweae to have a system of
waterworks, the first 11.ir 1,-- to be done j
should be to secure tbe service ed 0
Competent engineer, have him go ever
the grounds carefully, prepare plans
and specifications of a systenp of waterworks tha,t will be best adapted fer the
requirements of the cily, and furni.-h an
estimate of the cost of the same. I! it is
then found that the city has not got suf-
jicent funds to complete the works, it
could bo easily arranged so that a pardon of tbc system could b: built at pre
sent, and completed at such times as it
may be advisable.     By following Ibis
w.tb the United States.butevoiy vestige
of that bad passed away, and now there
was not a public man of any standing
who was in favor of annexation.
Present indications arc that there
wili ire no display from the G and For! s
mining crivisr.i at the coming Spokane
exposition. But, then, we have so many
other attractions to commend us as tbe
future alining center 0! the Boundary
creek district, '.bat v.e don't need a dig-,
play at the Spokane fair.
?-'ayor Manly while in Spokane recently informed a newspaper reporter
that he would see to. .t personally lhat
Grand Forks would be represented by
a mineral exhibit at the Spokane Cxpc-
ai ion.   Mayor Manly, like most public
Course the money spent ai present wili | men, don't always m:an what he say.
not be a total loss, by putting in a Systran j ~~~= ---
of waterworks which will be practically |    The  N",*iJ" Economist is  authority
(useless in  live years hence. j f'*,r t!lc statement that tbe C. P. R.  pio-
_     .... I poses hercufter to control the carrying
So far Grand Forks has been very
fortunate with regard Iq fii"s. Under
such existing stale of affairs we are very
liable lo grow careless ninl overlook he
fact that at thc present time we are
practically without fire protection. It is
iiue that sometime ago an attempt was
y.i.ade to organise a volunteer fire department. After several meetings bad been
jailed a sufficient number of signatures
were finally securetl to organz:,tbe city
Council purchased ;o*.;y buckets and an
extension ladder. Owing to ihe lack of
encouragement and interest displayed
by our citizens the fire brigade has all
most "Ojae to be a thing of the past,
and with the mager appliances for fighting fire at hand it is a question of grave
doubt, a lire once started anywhere
in thc business portion of the city, if it
could be checked before it had burnt
lhe entire business part of theeity. Under the existing state of afftirs loo much
care cannot be exercised by everyone,
pot only in relation to lire appliances
ibout buildings, but in permitting paper
ind other waste inlV'.rrunable material to j
accumlr.ie in places where u c«reie.ss'y 1
thrown match or cigar stub may cause a j
great deal of mischief. Fire once started
in a wooden city has a very dreadful
meaning, and every precaution should
be used to prevent one being started in
our midst.
f trade of the Kootenay ur d that the alien
project of smelting British Columbia
ores in American territory will he circumvented.
The Chronic e, Spokane's eve ing
paper, has passed into the hands of the
Spokesman-Review and is r.ow published from the latter ofii :e. A marked improvement i> mtiee.iMe in tbe paper
eir.ee the consolidation.
British Columbia, we miy mention
has an area, which msy be stated in
round numbers at 300,000 square miles,
that is it is upwards of three times as
large as the United Kingdom.
The libera! press of the province is
putting forward William Tetnpleman
for the high office of Lieutenant tlover-
nor cf British Columbia.
A BRANCH of thc Bank of Montreal
has been opened at Lethbridge, Alberta,
if. VV. T.
The following from the Vic oria Colonist relative to the rod vay 1 t cl grants
will he cf interest lo a majority of tbe
residents of this district.
The Rossland Record makes the
startling statement that the provincial
I government has given nearly all the valuable lands to rai1, oads. It is possible
i that the Record believes Una. It may
: be thai it only gives a new illustration of
 _, _,     ,„__,    the carelessness which characterizes the
THE MANITOBA  WHEAT   CRQP«LS8e*rt.bns of the opponents of the gov-
  I eminent. Wc may slate the facts brufl *
From an official bulletin on the crops as ^ey are. Because the Nelson ti,- Fort
recently issued by the Manitoba govern- Sheppard company lave a land grant
ment the following facts relative fo  the j which they'have earned, and the Col*
r it, *. „..:„,.,  ... i..,,„,.,i.        umbia & Western bus one that it may
crops of that province   are learned j ^ our cotemporary * R* ,ha fon>
'The lota! wheat yield is estimated at clU8j0n that most of the province has
21,284,27.1 busiiels, ihe average being been given away. The area of British
estimated at 14.40 bushels per aero. Columbia is close to 251^00,000 acres.
,,     .... 1 .„, •„     „f .,,,   , •„,-.  ,,r   Of this vast area we venture to s:ry lhat
Manitoba s product on of all kind-, of nearly 325,000,000 yet remain the pro-
ceroais -s shown to be rorty million ! perty 0f lnl. cr0Wn, and thai after every
bushels, and all departments of agricul- j railway subsidy contemplated by exist-
tural are reported to bo in satisfactory , -"IT legislation has been  provided  for
j*.      ■■   tl«.   ■*...„..„-   ,*.  m„o  tn  there  will  remain at   least   200,000,000
condition.    These figures, it must bo , acreg Q, |am| ye, w b.; uk, n       ' ft,   q|
borne in mind, do not include any por- which will average in value quite as high
tion of the Northwest Territories, and j as the land lhat has been alienated to
apply only to the province of Manitoba.: private individuals or railways, or is
..-, .   '.    ■  1 1 , „     •    .,,„   likely to be   alienated to  railway  com-
'.Tho a,vo;age wheat yield peracrein the pamJs under any ^.^ 6UJsidie3
t-rovincoj was over twenty bushels to ; yVc arc, indeed, of the opinion that the
thc acre, and in other portions exceeded ' portion of the province which is ai yet
eighteen bushels. However, inthesouth*. untouched by any of the subsidy acts.ex-
. ,   ,. . , , : cept tbat in aid of the Canada  Western
western portion it was only thirteen, and o7ntrali popuiarly  caiIed  the   BritiBh
this pulled down the average for the Pacific, is more valuable from thc stand-
province. The total yield of oats is 12,- point of the actual settler than those
-.17,112 bushels, the average per acre be- : Portions in which railway subsidies have
?   ' „.,       •  , .    t u„ ,     •      r.     r been   granted, The   Record  ought   to
ing 26.73.   The yield of barley is 3,643,-, bc morc c.lrci'al in maklnff asserlfons aR
788 bushels, an   average  per  acre   of  to what the government of the province.
28.fi.   Tho total yield of flax is 382,795   has done.	
bushels, rye 55.037, and peas 38,217." Ogilvie'r-Opinion on the 20 per Cent. Royalty
  In an, interview at Victoria given  ro-
SiR Wij,frid Laurier, on his re-Icer.tly Mr. Ogilvie being asked if the
turn home from England, where he government intended to enforce tlio 20
went as Canada's representative at tbe ; per cent royalty said; "I have been
Diamond J abilce, was given the greatest j to Ottawa on business that is wholly in-
reception ever given a Canadian. As compatible with any such policy," ho
our representative, Premier Laurier had said. "Such a course would put an im-
a most difficult and important part to* mediate check upon thc envelopment of
play during thc celebration of the Jubi- j the country—stop it entirely, perhaps —
Another Forward Step Taken by the  British Columbia Iron Works Co., Ld.
of this City.
Prom the Vmn ouver World.
The mining resources of this province
are being rapidiy developed. New
claims a;o being located every day, and
for Ibeir development good and cheap
u.achinery is required, Tho progressive management ul thc British Columbia
Iron Wori^s company, limited, of this
city, havo realtz d tbe necessity of expanding their business, so as lo meet the
increased demand certain to oris-: for
new and improved mining machinery,
and lor tbat purpose have added a mining department to their already extensive plant, and placed the san-e under
ihe in nagement of Mr. J 0. Nrbom,
an experienced mechanical engineer,
who for many years has becn engaged
in the m inufuoture of all classes ol min-
irg machinery in San Francisco. Mr.
Norbom is a thoroughly educated, theo
roticaly and practical engineer, and has
for the last 12 years devoted Ins special
attention ro the requirements of the
mines, lie has traveled through all the
mining districts of the United States
of America, and also those of the
republic ol Mexica. This year he has
given bis attention to this province and
ihe bright outlook for the future in the
mining regions throughout the co.is', as
v. ed as those in Kootenay and other interior districts, has covinccd him of thc
fact that there is no country looking
more promising at thc present day. Mr.
Norbom has b.en consulting mechanical engineer for several years for some
ol ho largest mining companies in California and will continue the same business here. He bas designed and manufactured water whetls of a highly effective type. He is also well up in steam
engineering and power plants generally,
having designed tbe 7,coo horse power
t'iple expansion engine for tbe San
Francisco & San Mateo Electrical railway in San Francisco. On his two trips
to British Columbia las* spring Mr. Norbom placed mining machinery and rnado
..ontraets to the extent of $60,000, includ-
'ng the plant of the Tin Horn mine ai
Fairview, all it which came from San
Francisco. With their present plant
and tbe making of a few alterations and
additions the Britit-h Columbia Iron
Works company an manufacture a'l of
ihis class of machinery. This will mean
tbat a great deal of money th.it now goo s
to a foreign country and elsewhere will
bo kept in tits province, Tho miner
will not only get as good rn article for
less money, but '■■•'ill not labor under tbe
disadvantage of having to send so far
for repairs and supplies It wili s*i r.u-
lato the manufacturing industry cf Vancouver, and givo employment to many
mere mechanics. P ogrossive people
iil-o the managers of the British Qolum
br 1 0:1 Works company are what our
province should bo proud of. Witli
eveiy one desiring to see our city ron-
linuo in its prosperity, Tne World
wishes tbom every success in thii* on-
e'e ..voy to develop the latest resou ees
of our young, but rich and ptomising
con uny.
iee, and the manner in uhich he filled his mission was so creditable that it
jftCeiljed   tbp   commendation    of   his
and the development of the resources of
the country is the first desire of the government."
Mr. R, Donagin, owner of tbe Hope
claim in Skylark camp is doing the assessment work.
The tirst payment on the bond of the
C. 0 D. claim has been made,
Thc Commerd d hotel was opened up
for btieiuess ia:t week.
The Tarn O'Shanter claim in Dead-
v.*o,.d camp, is  showing up some  very
rich looking ore.   This property belongs
Paul Meyer.
Hereafter there will be a dally mail
service between Grand Forks and Greenwood, instead cf tri-weekly as is the
case is at prcs.'nt. Steps have been
taken to have the matter properly p'.a-e i
before tho postal authorities.'nthe meantime, however, the merchants of the city
bave subscribed sufficient money to pay
the cost of carrying it, in case the government refuses to do so.
Greenwood is to have a mineral exhibit at the Spokane fruit fair, that is a
settled fact. The city council bas taken
hold of lhe matter and propose to send a
display of ores from Boundary Crick to
Spokane lhat will b? worthy of tbe district it represents. Tho council besides
appropriating S50 to defray the expense
of getting tr.e exh'bit to Spokane, have
resolved itself into a committeo io collect the fame, the mayor and each uf
the nlderine'i aie to look after a camp.
A By-law to enable tlio corporation oi the OHy
of Grand Forks to raiSBthesumof J20.000 for
the purpoi l*a tin n In sol forth.
WhercQfl >t te provided by section 11 of nn ncl
to accelerate the iucorporatlon of towns and
cities passed by the Legislative Assembly o
the Province or British Columbia, in the year
1807, thnt tho municipal council of the city nf
Grand Forks may, In tho year 1897 hut not afterwards, pnss by-laws for contracting debts by
borrowing money or otherwise nnd for buying
rates for tho payment of such debts on the rate-
able lands or improvements, either or both or
tho rateable real property of tho municipality
for any works of Immediate necessity which
are within tho jurisdiction "ft lie council, such
dobts, however, not to exceed in the whole the
sum of $20,000, without observing the provision*
l'i' section •'''. sub-section 8 of section TO, sub
Bection c of section 71, sections 75, 7ti, 77. or 79 of
tlie "MunicipalClauses act, 180(1."
And whereas the Municipal Council of th-
corporation of the City of Grand Forks hasro
solved to raise the sum of $20,000 to bo used foi
the purpose of constructing, maintaining, nn
operating n nyBtc.ni of water works, (iid foi
supplyIiik the snid municipality with water
nnd n!>:.i for other miotic works.
Knwthoivfore tha Municipal Council of tlie
corporation of the City of Grand Forks onaclf*
as follows:
J l! t-hnl! nnd mny lie lnwftll for tin' imiV
orof the corporation nf the city of Grand
Forks to raise by way of loan from nny person or persons, body or bodies corporate,
v ho mny be willing to advance lhe samo
upon the credit of tho debentures hereinafter mentioned, a sum of money not ex*
cecdlng In tho whole ihe sum of $20,000
(twenty thousand dollars,) and cause the
stune to he mifd into tiie hands of the treasurer ol the said corporation for the purposes
and with the objeel above recited
2 it shall be lawful for tbo said mayor to
cause any number of debentures to be made
for such sums of money as may lie required
UOt less tImn $500 (live hundred dollars)
each and lhat the snid debentures shall be
sealed with the seal of the said corporation
and signed by the said mayor,
:\ The said debentures shall beat date tho
2M duy of September, A. D. 1897, nnd shall
lie made payable in twenty years at farthest
frnm the said date, In lawful money of
Canada, at the head nllice nf the Ihm'k of
Montreal, in the Citv of Montreal. Quebec,
and shall have attalched to ihem eon*pons
ror iho payment of interest, and the signatures to thu Interest coupons maybe either
tt rlttcn, stumped, printed or liihogmphe I,
-1 'i he said debentures shnll bear interest
at and after the rate of seven percent per
annum fiom thc date thereof, which interest shall be payable half vearly at tho Hank
of Montreal at tho Citv of Montreal, Qui bee.
0 Ushnllhe lawful for the mayor of the
said corporation to negolintc and Bell the
said debentures or nuy of them for less than
par. bm In no case shall lho said debentures
or any of thcni be negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-live for centum of their foco
value. Including tno cost nf uegotlatl iigimd
sale brokerage and all other incidental expenses.
ii For the purposo of paying the interest
on the Bald, debentures tlier-c alia)! be set
apart tho sum ni $1,400 annually; ond for
the purpose of creating n sinking fund thore
shall bo sot apart the sum of $7v0 annually
nnd tlit* said sums shall bo a DvM charge
againsl the revenues derived from all sources
of the said corporation of tbe city of (irand.
7 It shall be lawful fortho said Municipal council from time to time to purchase
any of the said debentures upon such terms
ns may bo ogrcod upon with tne legal holder
or holders thereof, or any part thereof,
cither at thc time of mile, or any subsequent
time or times aud nil debentures so re-purchased shall be forthwith cancelled aud
destroyed and no rc-Isstio ot deb ntures
shall li'.: made in consequsuce of sucli
h  This by-law may bo cited for till purposes as the "1'ublic  Works Loan  By-law,
Read a lirst time the 28th dav of .lulv, 1807.
Head a second time the 28th dav of July 1807.
Head a third lime tiie 80th day of July, 1897.
llefsocsidpred c-ud dually passed this Oth dav
of August, tei'l.
[I- s.] JOHN A. BIAK&Y, Wvvou.
J. A. Aikman, City Clerk.
j. KLiin.
The above is a true copy of a by-law passed
by the Municipal Council of Grand Forks, on
iiio ('-th day of .yAugn**!, A, l>. 189,7, and (til persons are hereby required to tnlre noti-ee tbat any
one desirous of applying to have such by-law,
or any part thereof," quashed, must make his
application for ih tt purpose to the Supreme
Court within one month next after tho publlcft-
tlon of this by law in the British Columbia (in-
fcette, or he will bu too late to tie beard in that
behalf. JAM KB AlKMAN, City Clerk.
Carson Lodge t. Q. O. F. No. 37.
±t U» vi JT i evening ats o'clock- in then-
ball at Corson, 13 '.:. A cordial invitation extended to nl I sojourning btethron.
.nun w. McLaren, x. g
A. C. COULSTnN, R. 8.
Northern Pacific
Yellowstone Park Line,_^
Bound   Over,
Peter C.ostello, who committed a brutal iis-rauk 0*1 Lawyer Cn-iyn, i'l Ross-
lanil a short time a*;o, has been h*ykl for
trail at tho October as'lzei at Nelson,
The prisoner was admitted to bail at
$l,ooo. Judge Forin commented veiy
severely on tbo attapks on the prisoner
made by thc Rossland press, which had
compelled the defence to produce chai-
aeter evidence, Ho said thai, if the trial
were proceeded with, ho could see no
way of not inflicting a penalty on Cos*
tcllo. Personally he had such strong
ideas on the subject of assault thai bc
would alio v ihe case to go the assizes at
N.lson nvct month, where tri al by jury
could be secured.
Tlie Fast Line,
Superior Service.
Through lii*k,.|R to all points iu tlio Unlte.l
8tftt**9 ninl Cuim-l'*..
Direct connection with the Spofc&no Foils &
Northern Hullway.
No. 1 West ....."'.
Nu. 2 IrJlHl	
.8123 P.  111.
."■Wil, ui.
Tickets to Jnnair uml Cblno *■ In, Tooomn and
Northern I'aci,ilc Btemtuhtp Oompany.
Vofinformation, timo cards, maps ami tirk-
sts apply to itr.unis :*i* tho Bpokauo Kails A
NurtliL'iii and Its commotions, o^
F, u, QJBB8 General Ags-nt,
bpoknuc, Wash,
A. I). CHARMON, A. ft. P, A.,
No. 253 Morrison irrt., Portland, fir.
Writo for new ninp ol K'uotumiy country.
The Fall Fairs,
The following are some of the dates oi
the agricultural and mineral exhibitions
to be hold throughout the province thii
fall: Kelowna, September 22 and 23;
Vernon, September kj to <).:tobu* 1;
Duncan, September 24 and 25; Chilli*
wack, September 215 to October 1; Wost
minister, October 7 to 9; Kamloops, October 13 to 15.
What to Shoot.
You can now shoot blue grousej ptarmigan, fool hen, meadow lark, wild duck,
bittern, plover aud heron bef-ins. Prairie chickens, willow and 111 (tled grouse
cannot be shot east of the Cascades this
year at all.
Spokane Falls & Northern.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain R'ys.
Tho only All-rail Route, without change
of cars, between Spokane, Rosa-
land Nelson.
Goin-,- North.                                GoingSontli.
l*2:12n. m    MAEOUS 2:28
Close connections at Nolson with ^k-nuiboalrr
for* Kaslo and ull Kootonay Lake Points.
Passongers for Kettle  Riiier an.l  noiindnry
C'rrc'.'k connect at Ma'.'cns wit'i slaso daily.
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
Grand Forks, Greenwood and Midway.
£ Grand Forks Meat  Market* S>
CSf'All kinds of Meats Gennan Sausagea aud Head Cheese Always on Hand'
Near tho Volcanic, Brown's Camp.
GcoclEoom, and Meals Served at all Hours,
B. J'. TORONTO, - - -      PROPRIETOR.
H.A. HUNTLY,^*^--—
Dottier in
Groceries, Salt Meat, Fruits, Confectioneries,
A Full Lino of Fishing Tackel just Received, Prospectors and Miners will
find it to their interest to givo me a call beforo purchasing as I can save you
money.   Don't forget the placo. BRIDGE STREET, ORAND FORKS, B. 0.
Everything New and Best Furnished House in Town.
EZRA   INBODY   Propriotor.
Always Found at tho Bar,   Special attention Paid to Trausciont Trade.
Be sure to buy!,the best steel
to insure the best results.
is the best and can be had the
cheapest at our
—————— 0LD L0Q STORE.
<£ <£ Special Prices on Large Lots «g *tf
O. B. & P. B. NELSON ------- NELSON, WASH
iltaj Creel piling Mange
fln&ncml and Mining Brokers.
Groups of  Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Termius of
Stas;e Line From Marcos, Washington.
McAuley & McOauig,    -   -     Proprietors
Lii/ery Teams, Saddle
Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses,
Harness Shop in Connection. Teamin g of all Kinds Done.
Proporties Reported on,
IVvelopment nnd Assessment Work Supervised.
And Investment Asenis.
Grand Forks, B. Cf.
Conveyane-era      k
Records Searched(
-■it ■**
Kettle   Eiveh   Stage   Line..
Q. W. WILLIAMS, Manager.
Slago L~avo3 Marcus un the Arrival of tho northbound train, arriving at Grand
Porks at 8'Ao p. m.   Leaves the Forks at 4:00 a. in., priivi.ng at Marcus in tiu>e ta
..'onnocl; >vllh northbound train rfaum-muni' i-.> ■*.'»■'*r**rr-v
1st', Is'.rll, rrt Midway, B. C.
Notice is hereby ffiven by The Kettle River Mining  and  Development Cornpanv of British Columbia, Limited Li ibility,  and  S.  Thornton Langley, tbat they will not be responsible  for any woik done oi
debts contracted on the "Christina" mineral chim, asabovc, unless such
work ia rrrxnresslv authorized by the Hoard of Directors.
s. Thornton Lanoely, Vice-Prcsidfjut.
■^rASl-of'-Iiid? Was he sorry? Did
yy he feel triumphant? Dldhefcel
bili' rlj aBlioiucd?
Will Spencer linked himself .'rcse
questions over ami over, wearying uf
the repetition, and yet never able to
end it by saying heartily thai he was
glad anil triumphant, or bitterly that
he was sorry and ashamed. The plain
fact stared him ever in tbe fuee, that
Helen Raymond did not love him, and
that Mrs. Raymond had urged his suit.
nnd exeried her maternal Influence and
eloquence until Helen had consented to
be his wife, telling him very frankly
that her heart was in the grave ol' her
lover, (leorge Vanhorn, who had been
killed in a railway collision nearly one
year before.
'•Mother was never willing I should
marry George," Helen said, sadly, "be-
i ause he was poor, and we have suffered
all that poverty can inflict, lie was on
Ms way to Colorado, where his brother
hns been sueeessful, when he was
Will Kpencer winced, for he was rich,
mt.v rich, but then he put to the wound
that southing salve, "I will win her love
when she is my wife," that has wrecked
bo many lives. It may eome, this love
that will not be hidden, to a man and
wife, after they are bound together for
life, but the risk is great, and Will
Spencer knew it.
Vet he cherished the delusion that
love in the end would win a return,
and he knew his own love to be strong
and enduring. He had stepped back
v. J.en George Vanhorn war, met with
Sif.'i a smile, for he could never win,
J.ud kept from pressing his suit when
thc name of Helen's lover appeared on
the list of the killed in tbe account of
i he railway collision, but after the lapse
of several months he had won Mrs.
il**.} mond to bis side, and so, by proxy,
wooed Helen and won—what? a cold,
reluctant consent to be bis wife.
Vet she was .not, cold, thi.*; girl of SO,
whose heart had been crushed ever
since the day when George Vanhorn's
i.imie was recorded as dead. He could
have told how hcr eyes could Eoften
v. ith love's tenderness, hcr cheeks burn
with love's blushes, her low, sweet.
voice tremble with love's whispered
words. L'e had won what all the Spencer gold, the riches of long generations,
Could not buy.
Before that fatal railway collision she
was a bright, beautiful girl, with large,
expressive brown eyes, a voice of
music, the step of a fairy, singing as
a bird sings, from sheer joyouaness of
heart, bringing a jest to all lhe household worries, laughing merrily over her
own blunders in thc culinary department, turning old dresses, renovating
old bonnets without a complaint, living
on love and hope.
After that day she moved about slowly, hcr eyes were dull and weary, her
duties met with a rigid mechanical precision, her lips compressed, her cheeks
pale, a shadow of her joyous self.
Mrs. Raymond was often afraid that
she. would yet miss the golden prize she
had partly won, and heartily seconded
Will in his preparations for- a speedy
wedding. It was Mrs. Raymond who
went with him to open the house that
he had bought, to adorn for his bride,
who aided him in the selection of oar-
pets, curtains, furniture, and gave him
instructions regarding the kitchen department, of whose needs he was ns ignorant as most young bachelors. It
was Mrs. Raymond who received an
anonymous letter containing a liberal
sum, which she rjuietly appropriated
for a trousseau and a suitable dress foi1
the bride's mother.
She was a woman of rare tact. Having won Helen's consent to be Will
.Spencer's wife, she never bothered hcr
}>y complaints about her listless indifference to her lover or her future prospects. She simply made all the arrangements for her, without once admitting a possibility of change. The
betrothal was spoken of on all occasions, the preparation of the house, the
selection of the trousseau referred to, in
matter-of-fact words that made Helen
feel, as it was intended she should, that
she had walked into a net from which
there was no escape.
And Will Speneer knew it all, and
writhed under the knowledge, being,,
frank, loyal man, whose impulses wero
generous and honorable, and who loved
Helen wilh all the strength of his heart,
lift en he asked himself how he could endure life, if he found his wife a faithful
clave, instead of the happy companion
he hoped to make hcr.
"If she never loves me!" he thought,
bitterly. "If all my love fails to win
hers, what will my life be?"
He did hcr justice. He knew that if
his love failed to win her heart, his gold
was powerless to make hor happy. He
knew that if her mother died or could
ucl bo benefited by her marriage, she
would lather beg her bread herself
than be his wife.
While mutters stood in this unsatisfactory state, Mrs. Raymond made a
suggestion: "1 want you to go away
for a mouth," she said to him, "aud lei
Helen miss the constant devotion that
she has had ever since your betrothal.
Let her feel that a void has come into
hcr life, and how dull and cheerier.'; it
would be if she. lost you. The wedding
d iy is set !'<.;• June 10, and this Is April.
Stay away until the 5th orUth of June."
Ii coemed lo him good ail.ice, and Le
had busini ss in the west tl   ; *..;  ..',
his time profitably.    !l gavo l.i.'i'. I.
firs!   really happy  mou      '   of 1 r.** c
gagement, when Helen said gently, ye:
w ith a shudder:
"1 cannoi bear to think of you on rail
way trains, Will. Write often, that 1
may know you nre ciife***'
Her lips n i I Wa in ■■■ tender ; ri snure
such rr'*. a loving i Istoi  -
l.ut  with far more n IT. *ii  .
had ever befori   gb    ■  him.    Wa
winning In r?   Thc hi	
expected 'absence endurable, ur.d foi
two weeks life held more plcasun Ilia:
it bad done in all thc days of i.i*; i ourt
Then came a blow, sudden, sharp,
overwhelming! Uo war; in a largi
wester eity, when, after night, return! e;
to his hotel, a man on i rnfehi s irri i ■
for charity, 'i he voice waa ::...ri!i::;
nuil, iii a shock of horror, l!..' i;:r
struck him. One gucping cry cscapci
"(leorge Vanhorn!"
The man would have hurried away,
bul he followed easily..
"Lei me go, Spencer!" the crippled
man pleaded. "1 did ucl recognise
you!    Don't you know 1 nmder.d?''
"I know you arc coming iri here with
me," Will sairl, gently, subsfitufin*** I'.ii
arm for cue nf 1 he crub lies, and . nuy
ing* tlie hotel where he had a loom.
"Steady now!" and he lei! him, fecliii]
how lie trembled, until he had bin
sealed in a great arm-chair in hi:; rccr.i.
and felt his heart stirred with dee]
compassion at the havoc pain and poverty had made.
lie would not let his guest speak until he had ordered a supper and made
him comfortable. Then, i liming to
him, he saw that ho was •i.e. j ing,
"See what a woman you make oi me!"
the poor fellow said. "Vou thought 1
was dead?"
"Ves!   All your friends think so."
"It was a narrow escape, ami 1 won-
wonderwhy I was spared. Nine months
in a public hospital have left mo crippled and incurably ill. They would nol
keep me after 1 could gel shout on
crutches, bul I havo begged or starved,
and it will not bc for long! 1 would not
let anyone know for fear it would get
"You want to hide from hcr?"
"Ves—yes! What would her life he
tied to mine? You will nol betray me,
"Hut you may recover."
"No! I should be only a wreck if I
could, but I cannot. 1 have internal
injuries that the cold and hunger of
last winter have increased, filially."
Will Spencer literally could nol speak,
Tbis man asked of him only ihe silence that would give him Ids wife,
Could he let Helen remain in ignorance
of this strange adventure thc memory
of her old love might die away in time.
When he cou),l speak again he led lhe
conversation tn Helen. He wc *. very
frank, telling George Vanhoi n how t ru-
ly he had been mourned, but saying
nothing of his own hop.s, and it was
easy to see how George had loved her
how utterly self-sacriilcing his silenci
had been. To spare her pain, he had
kept from her all knowledge of his own
Hut his pride yielded to Will's eu! rent
ies to be allowed to befriend him. He
was very weak, very ill, and he allowed
Will to get him a pleasant room ia a
quiet boarding house, to furnish hiin
with necessary clothing, to engage a
doctor, nnd to take a brother's place
beside him.
And then true, unselfish love triumphed.
"She will never marry me," Will
thought, ruefully, as he folded a long',
long letter, "but she shall not be
cheated out of what little happiness life
may still hold for her."
lie wrote, too, to Mrs. Raymond, a letter that caused that respectable lady to
grind her teeth, hut whicli she obeyed,
packing hcr trunk and accompanying
Helen in the journey westward.
It was Will Spencer who mol the two
nt the depot, and aooompanled them tn
the hoarding* house, where he kept Mrs
Raymond in the parlor after ser.oin**
Helen upstairs, alone. II was Will
Spencer who smoothed away every difficulty, engaging rooms for mother and
daughter, and quietly effacing hiraaeir.
It were far too long a story to try lo
record the three months thai followed.
(leorge Vanhorn was resolute on oue
point. He would not marry Helen, tie
had no hope of recovery, but if thc unexpected should happen he would not
rish ruining Helen's life by binding it
to his.
"Oh," she would ery, "what am 1 to
deserve the love of two such men?
Mother, it humbles me to think how
they love me!"
And by this love her courage was sustained through the three months, when
she and her mother smoothed George
Vanliorn's path to lhe grave. Such happiness ns could be hers, she knew that
she owed to Wili Spencer, who showed
his love only by his care of tho invalid.
He never spoke of love to her. giving
her up entln ly, bul upon hcr lover he
lavished every kindness wealth could
procure, or friendship dictate. He gave
him n brother's devotion until thc las!
parting came, and when he war; laid in
the cemetery Will Spencer took Helen
and Mrs. Raymond back to their home
and left Ihem.
ft was three years later when he came
home from a Kuropean tour and called
on Mrs. Raymond.
"The old lady, sir, is dead." I'm* servant told him, "an' Miss Helen's h\ in' in
|  street.   Maybe yees didn't   hear
' ulic's come into some mi ne*   from h"r
uncle, si;, and M
this house, sir."
Come into some money! Well, she did
not need him. lie would wait awhile.
But in a few days a little note reached
"If was unkind to let me hear of your
return by accident. Will you not come
to see me?"
Would he not? And when he went he
could not keep the love out of his eyes
or hia voice, and she—at last! Her eyes
drooped under his gaze, her cheeks
Mushed for him, her voice faltered, with
tenderness. He had wonhisbride! Am!
he had no seen* i bidden from her loving
eyes, no treachery he would dread to
have hcr discover. By the frankness he
had though! would alienate hcr forever
he had won her true, faithful hoe, a devotion as entire as that she had givi n in
her girlhood to the man he had so nobly
befriended.—N. V. Ledger.
Terrible   Y IsH.-*: ior.H  ol Dial i'oioi During}'  tlio  World**,  History.
It. idusi nut h<* supposed that the
famine whicli is now devastating India,
horrible as it is, is unique in the world's
history. Tlie annals of history give authentic record of not less than 350 famines, dating from Scriptural times down
to the present, says Frank Leslie's
Weekly. Famine ami pestilence havo
always gone hand in hand, the one
causing the other, and vermin and fllUi
have always been among the chief
causes, S;> recently as 1855 there came
a plague of locusts in Utah and only the
appearance of seagulls, never before
seen so far inland, prevented thc totaj
destruction of tlte crops and consequent famine.
Besides insects and vermin there may
be other causes of famine, some natural,
some artificial. Among these axeraim,
frost, drought and other meteorological
phenomena, war, defective agriculture,
defective transportation, legislative interference, currency restrictions, r peculation and misapplication of grain.
lu connection with this last-named
cause it may be snid that, although India, has becn cursed with frririiiy more
than any other country, linking had ill
within, the century, as a whole country
it always produces food enoughforallof
its inhabitant.*, ami even ia yea is of famine ther.* arc regionsof plenty sufficient
to feed the .-lar.lag if only the grain
could be brought to them, li isnaturaJ,
therefore, to suppose that the causes of
Indian famines are quite as much artificial as natural and that legislative
foresight could do much to prevent
Birthplace oi Faust, the Faraoufl Conjurer, Goen to Seoon*l-II**iii*1 Dealci".
The house iu Radar, Sii»xe-Altenburg,
where Dr. .Inirann t'rrayl. the fair.ous
magician and soothsayer of legendary
fame, was born toward Uu* last quarter or the flfteen'th century, was
knocked down to a native junk dealer
for $25 the other day, and is now being
dismantled. Five years ago. when the
world's fair commission dispatched a
small army of curiosity hunter's to all
p.irts of Cue globe to seek attractions,
the good p-op'to of Roda asked a cool
$100,000 for the little pile of brick, wood,
iron, mortar and dust that, was to be
taken down and rcerected in this city.
Hut the price was considered loo stiff,
and tho negotiations fell through. In
order that the hdiise might nol fall
down, the municipal fathers of the little town ordered its immediate demolition, says the -New Vork Sun.
This 'historic structure sinod until
quite recently on crock eminence near
the Jennlsoh-es Thor (.city gate), ll was
o, frame, building, very rickety, and had
T.cen extensively repaired. There is a
legend that it: dated back to tlie year
1450 or Moo, as do many other buildings
of Roda, That' Faust, saw tho light in
one of ils dingy rooms, witli Hours oi
trampled earth and tiny windows in
leaden frames, is attested, l.y several
authentic statements in tlie town chronicle, and also in thc Fans! Buch, printed
in 15S7, from which all iater writers on
the Faust, legend quote, ami which is
their chief authority.
Their AftorthonBhts <"-•■- Their   Ac
tlona Showed That.
One cold and storm evening lard
winter  a  prosperous-looking business
man stopped in t he vestibule of a large
olliee building, or. his way oul. anil attempted   to   light  a  cigar,    says    the
Youth's Companion.
Au urchin with
in armful of papers also stood within
the arch, stamping bin teet un the stone
step to warm them, us ho lustily cried
his wares.
The wind blew out thc hist match
which the flur-coated broker had about
h is person, and lie I timed to t he boy and
said  :
"Here, boy. give men match."
The hid eyed thc gentleman furtively
as he. inquired'.; "Say, mister, is that a
demand oc a request '•'"
Instead of being angry at this reproof
the gentleman.—for he wns sucli—replied kindly:
"A request, my hoy. ahumhle request;
and I'll lake a couple of evening* papers,
too, I guess," he added, us he received
the match from tho youngster's hand
and passed him a quarter, "and you may
keep thc change."
"Thai man's got manners if he's a
mind ter use 'em," -aid the boy, as his
patron boarded a. car.
"Tliat. hoy won't always have lo sell
papers if he practices what he
preaches," thought the broker, ashe sat.
down to read tl..- news
$300 Takes It!
The furniture, fixtures and everything
with a business that can ba made to pay
cood money. Best location in town.
For Further particulars, Address B. O.
Box ?<:, Grand Folks, B, C,
&*    I    PA
NOTICE Is hereby given tlmt the Town Lota
in the subdlvlwm uf tlmt portion of the
North-west Quarter of Section 11), Township 68,
Osoyooa District, lying west of Kettlo Iliver,
will in* ollercd for sale at Public Auction nl
Kuek Croek
On Thursday, September 23, next.
Sat- to commence aloiiGo'olock,p,in,   Terms
Coplcsof tno plan of tho Townsito may bo
seen nt Hie lull..win--, place:    Midway, Croon*
wood, Osoyoos, Grand I'm lis mnl Vernon.
8. I:   MAUT1N,
Chief Commlssionor of Lauds nud Works.
Lands nnd Works Uopt.,
Victoria, B. C, Augusl 2nd, 1807,
The sitting of tho County Court of Yalo will
holdcn nn follows:
A Nil
at tho hour oi 1C o'clock   in   tlie  forenoon, respectively.
By command W. (i  McMYNN,
Govorninoni Olllcc., Midway, B. Cl   !>. It. c. C
AUgUSt 12, IS',17 j
«& jit *h
j*a .-}-.ir".^"u: V*: ,-*-
•«*' Vo:v*'."i   ■ ;i..j&
Provincial Board of Health:
N"OTICE* te hereby given Unit at th-.: last meeting of the Provincial Hoard nf Health, held
July 5th, in Victorin, a resolution, in accordance with section flof the "Sanitary Kegnla-
tions, 1S96,M was paBsed declaring tho snid
regulations tn bo in force in ilu- following lately
incorporated t'i!i<'> oi this Province, viz. itos's-
luii'i, Grand Forks, .Casio, Nelson, Vernon.
<;k.>i..;k  II. DUNCAN, AI. l>*
Secretary. Provincial Hoard of llealth, ll. C
Notary Public, Etc.,
qkand forks. - - british columbia.
l. Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder,
Plans and specifications drawn, estimates furnished ou all kinds of building. Work strictly
Contractors and Builders,
Office, Store, nud Saloou Fixtures n Specialty,
Plansand Specifications Made nud Kstimutos
UT   G. HEPWORTH, M. I)., O. M.
Physician and Surgeon.
Olliee In Drug Store.
Boot and Shoo Shop.
ll.rot- mid shires made to order of the very best
matorial.   Repairing promptly dune.
ENDOFTIIE nuilirilr:, - -   - GRAND FORKS.
Law and Collecting Agency.
HXO V> » B 1 C •
A Beautiful Situated Townsite, at the Natural
Gateway one of the Greatest Mining Sections
of the World, and in the center of one of the
Finest Agricultural and Fruit Growin sections
British Golumbia.
ii urana rones now Presents one of the best opportunities for investment
•> sure to be the Leading Railway and
Mining Center of the Kettle  River
and Bourdary Creek Districts, its location makes it the Natural Gateway to
one of the Largest and Most Promising
ining Districts
in theWoild. It has Christina Lake
on the Fast, the North Fork of the Kettle River on the North, Boundary'Creek
on the.West, and the Colville.Indian
Reservation nn ihe South As every
character of ore necessary foKVnelting
purposes are found in these'districts,
and the central location of the town,
makes it beyond a doubt the future
smelting and distributing point of this
N'ew Building In Cook's Addition,
Father     field's    SchooL
(livis boys ii good practical education mnl
prepares them for business, trades, mining, on-
plncoring, telegraphy, t't<\. etc. Theoretical
Instructions al the college and practical application ut the dliTerurt offices and slions in
Spokane connected \vt;h tin- college. Writo
for terms and information in tlie
P.O. Box, 1885.
Invest'before a Railways Starts to Buikl Jhis
way. Work once started on the road the price
of lots will double,   The Plan foCthe
ition to  Grand  Forks,
Dealcf  In
Riverside Ave.    Grand Forks-
Djn't Miss th: oppoitunity to get in ou this deal. Its the
most desirable Residence portion of Grand Forks. Easy
Terms.   For Further Particulars Call or'Addre^s.
Agent Grand Forks Townsite Co,t
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C. -■
'; ijjhts and prospectors c.-*.n always
ood accommodations at  Edward's
. anj;em-;:Us are being made for the
liate working of the St, Elm i
at Christina.
> • Hull,of the Reservation Record,
I criencing the i 'vs of an attack ci
id.   Just at present he is improv-
: ■ '-"cliiiir r .-•::-.! others have finished
■in il assessment work on the pro*
known as the Robin Allan, which
lhe :-'.* title,
.*'■ ithi rl ind - ft on   H '.'ur.!:*." 1 h t
■ cri   k, where lit; has gone to do
nment work on his cl.iims,    He ex-
.    •   to be absent about lour wcel  .
■ '.. Knkuirr came down from II i dy
..ut:i on Wednesday, where he 1 13
.  working  for   the  past month on
: properties   belonging to himself
Hugh M Q liar,
■*'. A. Strong, manager of ihe Black
I property at Eureka 1; authority* fot
statement that the rcaio:i  for shut-
r oivn work was not or. account of
■ recent litigation commenced by A.
. Blackburn.
lenry Harshber^er an 1 "Pink1
i .*.n*, late proprietors of the Chicago
•at market, pulled out last Saturday
irning for the S*il*non river country
iicre ihey eontonijila'e spending the
-*.ntcr in r!rvelopi*i>; Lome prospects
ili-:y have in that locality.
Mr, Kelley of Christina like was in
the city b-st Wednesday and reports a
large n.imberof claims being •.',<.:!red in
that vicinity. Mr. Kelley is negotiating at present for the sale of a hilf interest in one of h;r, Cirri,Una claims to an
V, 1 '!ish  party for $2,ocu.
Jack Coryell, I'. L.S., is surveying the
R ittler clain:, Wellington camp, prepar-
lory to applying for n crown grai.t for
ihis proparty, Tbe Rattier is in Wellington camp and has a very line show-
in;; of *;opper and gold boarlng quartz
and is (iwncd by Cbas, Van Ness.
M. R. Peeney, pronrie'or of the Grand
Forks Blacksmith and Carriage Factory,
left yesterday morning for !,!.-, old home
at Fairhaven, Washington, Mr. Feeney
havjng corUracU'd mused 11* rheumatism
found it necessary to make a temporary
change until such timj jig his health is
VV. j. Herald, mechanical engineer
imd general agent [or tbo Royal Electric Co., of Montreal, Quebec, was a vis -
tor in the Forks this week "'-"l sa-ys DC
js coufidentth.it transportation faciliities
will be* provided next summer and has
great faith 111 ihd futujfl -inspects of
Grand Forks,
Capt. Rogers brought some fine ore
into town this week from tit. Josie claim
in Summit camp, The sample shown a
representative of The Miser was very
rich in native copper and spp'ars to be
lii„rh grade■*,•<*.. It is Mr Roger'.i intention to do con*,'..!, rablq woik on the
property Ihe coming fall.
C. Scott Galloway, oi-.o of the owners
of the townsite cf Greenwood, passed
(broygh lhe Forks this v.*;'ck on hi* way
io Spokane where he will remain until
after the fruit fail*. Mr. Galloway was
accompanied by his family and his mission to Spokane i^ to look after tbe
Boundary creelt exhibit at the fair.
Mr, and Mrs. It. S. Cayley were in
town on Tuesday on a honeymoon trip
from Vernon to the i-oitlh c ountry. -Mr.
Cayley, who i; now one of the leading
lawyers at Grand Fork,, was oae time
editor oi the Calgary Herald and at another period of hJ3 career premier ol the
Northwest tierriories — R-jvelstok; H :r-
That was a gentle hint one of our society young men got from hi- best girl's
mother the other evening as ho called,
it was something after this fashion: "il
you must come to see my girl, you will
have to confine your vists lo Sunday
evening iirjtcad of e.-ery night in the
Mrs. l'errinc and her daughter Mrs
Shinholzer were pissengers on la*-t
Monday's stage for Spokane where they
will reside in the future, During their
.-esidence among us they have made
many waim friends who hope that they
pjay return to the Forks to reside in the
near futuic.
The owners of the Chieftain group on
Lone Ranch creek on the reservation,
are so well pleased wilh lhe showing
made by the work so far done, lhat they
have decided to continue work on the
property all winter. In accordance
with tbi%.determination a contract has
been let to E. .Spraggett for the lumber
ior boarding houses and o*her permanent winter charters which are being
constructed as fast as the work can be
H. M. Austin, one of the locators of
the Spokane group which consists of
eight claims north of McRea creek, in
ihe Chistina lake district, was in theeity
Thursday, having business at the record
office. Mr. Austin has just finished cutting a trail in to his property Irom McRea creek. No work has as yet been
done on this group, which has a very
fine surface showiug. The company
owning this propeityis heae'ed by Col.
Stratton, of Spokane, and expects to
develop ■' ali 6fl eafty d-i'.S*
Record of the 1 ei rtifli. 1 - oi work
r ■ . ■■ .* ,:.   orded at the Min      R
olliee, Uraud Forks, ii. (.'., ry_,r the week ending
3 pt ii,!. 'i* '.Tin, !-;.;;
"    eul' '■•>'', rn. '  All Ore,  Christian lnkf,
Lnri-i:i ■*:.'. 1, -nniiiil camp,  W. ('. McDou-
- .'.: ii.y.y : i :—
Jumtlon City, nnd Whito Elephant, Browns
.'..:i.I.. S. II. Hose.
1 liaucelor, Fourth of July creek, James '■'■-
ri'  igall.
I   1 mb r '■■'■: —
i'iiiii:n :  Fraction,   v.*. Iliugton oa np,  E.  V.
.:;. dam, et nl.
-   lla,' i ..-. 1 ir ini;,', Jhs, Elanehett.
-.;.    i'   - : 1 li-
iy ;.,.■ il    •.      I Prnirl r, J. F. Burr, et ni.
,y   nber 15:
*:■;<.  jinn iit<      ., 1'. ' i. *• rlsim.
Itruuil   intnnii,   li lstiiu lake, Jas, K . ii- '.ly.
- ..■  in
Von . '. .: •« ereek, 1:   .*•!. Austin,
1 ..1:11.y. '. f.:   .ir w.'::.,.
:  lurO:
ii-.,. 11 1 1 I.nke, 1:1. Snsront, ol nl.
Hlfl, I.i nny  '. II ir|.er, e-l nl.
Ni vurk, J. I- la ini-faii, et-al.
Sepli 111I1 1 ■
rjoldeu Heaver, and Fanny ir ii, <;. i» 1.1.■ r-.-
i-i ni. '
Iii yrrri, nnd ij ry ill, II. Barns, et 111,
- ptemher 10:--
.*■;    1 .. chas. Will ir- y,
.*-!.   Lawrence,  mil N'uw   St.  Maurice,   .1. M*
nil... .1 nl.
s p| !M 1 -.■ 11;—
Mini.liir.l So. 2, and IC li.', W. It. Lalla,
Bend, rr. C, Bernard.
L.1I : ■ .li". A. I'. Hunter, ot nl.
M.:. Stevens, J. 11, Perkins.
Independence, it. Petrie.
September 13: —
Nn   I, It. Whito, cr: n.l.
lilgO, Alex W.ill r.
liav.'keyc, \'. It Swansi n.
Koyal lin i*. .1. II. Ashfl rid, el nl,
rigor, Ilogers, Ashlleld, et nl.
Red Cross, Rogers, ot ni.
Septcmbei 11:-
M tain Lilly, I:. Gillian.
1y.i1 Entry, Jas, F, Burr,
toml 01 15:—
pykelieu I, T MoAvoy, "1 ..!.
Robin Al .dr. ir. 11. Pettyjohn, et nl.
Legal Tender, .1. A. Drain.
rfiaut, Culden Erii  Miniug nnd Development
Royal, and King John, A. C. Luff, ot nl.
September i:: '■
Golden Slipper, Joseph Poundor.
than 1-1:.:-.
September Ill-
Royal, all, M. J. Luff to Arthur C, Luff.
lUiynl.nmUKIitg J.ihn.', engh, A. C. Luil'to
Ju-. il.u .'..'.
Ouster,'.;. Goo, Moore to !■:. Dalliy Marklll.
September IS: —
Iiayllght, Ya, Chns. Otissnu to J. ii. C. Fraser,
llomestahe, nnd Cresnent, nil, J. W. V'oung tu
A. i.. Rogers nud J. II. AshBoldi
t'opteinber 1 Ir —
lii.rii'i.'trn, ann-lit, Ella   nu.i Amerion,  Frnni;
Una, etal to A. J. McMiUian,
September 11;: -
Layover, nil, W. J. Hughes to John Bymo.
Everybody is Busy in the Eastern Part pf
the Reserve.
II. C. Smith, ihe old-time prospector
nr.d mining man, was in tlie burg last
Friday, -uul-the Journal is indebted to
him for the follow leg lepoil of soriie of
his observations while reconnoitering a
portion of the Colville Indian Reservation, which gives an idea of tbc amount
of development work being dono en
claim;, that have been given very lit'.Ie
promiiiefiu 1
The Echo, n which Hugh Wallace,
M.E. Login, C. il. Fassett, the Jic-
Cormiek Machinery eo npany and others
.to interested, and located north of
Pierre lake, has shipping ore. Prader
ei Imhol'f has a contract of running a
100-foot tunnel lowfttds the main lead
on this properly. Tli* conti actors have
passed through a blind lead live, feet
thick of copper bearing an.l hrorride of
silver, which will pay shipping. This
lead was encountered 15 feei from the
mouth of tlm tunnel.
The Old Stump, adjoining the Echo
on the south, and about one mile southwest of the Port Hep.', is being woikcd,
ith s a tunnel of about 50 fect,,u:id the
lace is in shipping ore.
Thc Windfall, worth of Pierre lake,
has a shaft down 3H fee', and at the bot
torn a 12-foot diilt, which shows up some
low grade ore, not being in far enough
for t e main ledge. Tbay are now waiting for a pump.
The Bpld F-agle oompany are v;gnr-
ously prosecuting work on their (ive
claims porthwest ol Fi*rre lake and east
of the Little Giant, Jefferson & Son are
the contractors, On tlie Gray Copper a
shaft is down l.) feet in nice ore. A shaft
has been started on the Fir Trie, which
is now down eight feel in line looking
ore; they intend to continue sinking heic
30 feet more this fall.
The Syndicate company, east of the*
Bald Eagle group and west ol Contention hill, have five claims on whieh considerable work is being done. The Svr.-
dicate has a large incline cut costing
about J:jo, which is in ore assaying
about j",3'3 iu copper, gold and silver.
The Maiy J. has a tunnel 35 feet in
length, the face of which is in good ore.
The Stir has a cross-cut extending
about 25 leet. The Sun has an open
cut |2 leet long, lS feet det ]j in the face.
The Swamp Queen has cone assessment
wo.-k by sinking II feet.
Oa the e 1st end of Fisher hill lhe Reservation Chief company are doing good
development   work  on  their   property.
Mr Craig i; rushing work on his claim
directly east of  tho   Reservation  Chiet.
The Spencer Consolidated company
aie still prosecuting work on their
Loomis location, Fisher bill. 'Ihey are
working four mon and are down on a
abaft 35 feet in copper and gold^re,
showing some galena. Assays run from
58 lo SM—Bossburg Jourual.
At Al1 Saints Church, Vernon, on the
6:h inst. by the Rev. T. VV, Outei bridge,
Hugh S. Cayley, son of the late Hon.
j Wm. C-rylev, of Toronto, Ont., to Nora
A Cocl r rne, \oungest daughter of W.
M  Cochiane, of Vernon, solicitor.
Milo.   GLAljGre^i'Ji£.
::.-r Silent Influence on tin.* Affalra of
A  woman's  silent  influence on tho
. "' era of a nation is show ninl he career
. Mrs. Gladstone.   She is nut. ti social
:■ , ilitlcal leader, nor in any way a
diploma!   in  petticoats, says an    ex-
yr'i*.    She Ls responsible, however,
far mure than in generally known, not
.:   y I'm* her husband's vigorous health
I,' ■ 1 ipe old age, bul nl. .1 for   his
' ability to accomplish the amount
I, he hns done through birr public
: ■ : r.d since his fetircment.   When he
:,.; iii office il wns her ceaseless care
'at In* should not. be distracted by an,r-
y'r.y  that, she  could prevent, words
1   meant remarkable    eelf-almega-
• n.   The interests of a growing fuci'.Iy
i so*. e*i children, with a    fond    ami
ry ■ -1 1.1 oilier, might, easily have njiide
): -'il. rable demand upon ihr' father's
ention, butneither these nor any 1 1-
::il iliiliery nor household perplexities
vere ever permitted to touch hi."' leis-
:i. from statecraft cares,   llcri* v.'air'.i-
'ulness has not decreased these later
.**:■;:.    She is still his best physician
:rd saves his strength in Innumerable
•vnys,   trifling  in themselves, but  ini-
orla'nt in the nggreq-aite and possible
nly to one who lias made such saving
life study.   Blessed lir-rs.-lf with cx-
II 'nl health all her life, she -wears her
y years lightly and still shows many
■aces  nf the handsome Miss Glynne
■ ho captivated the rising* young M. P.
)vcr half 11 century ng*o.
—1 ———t
MINERAL    ACT    1896.
Rattler Mineral Claim, Situated  in the QroHd .
Korks   MintiiK   Uivislon ot    Vale   District.!
Where loiiatvn:—In WelUiigton Camp, uear
thc Summit of Lookout Mountain.
ite Nu.
intend, sixty days from lho date hereof,
l<> npply td tlit; Mi ii in;/ Ut order for a ccrltnVatc
oflmprovements, for the purpose of obtaining
11 Crown iiiHiit 1,1' the ubove claim. Aud lurtiier
tttko notice that nction, under sui'tion :,7. must
be comineneetl before tin* issuance of such eer-
tillcate ni' improvements. .John A. Cokykll.
Dated thi< lOtb day of September, is:»7.
"TAKE NOTICE thai I.JohnA Coryell,u
'   hire. Vim Ness, Free Miner'sCertific
ACT    j 896.
Orey Englo Mineral clHlm, sftnnte in iho Grand
FnrlCN   N'mmiilt  Division   nf   Vale  DiHrict.
Where Located:—Observation Mnuntoin, ad-
Jiicent in tiraud Forks.
TAKE NOTICE thai I, Fred WolloRlon, ncllnR
' hh Agent for Francos.I. Walker, free miner's
ecrtllicule Nn. 8!i h'1 (' O'Hrii :i Re Min. frrs_>
mini r'« ceitlllcsie No. 1)7,71)0; Norman I.. Jnek-
Boti, free miner's cerlKlc lie Nn. ;;.",:.'". \; t I ,:-.
\ ;• ■ ■ ess. ii "■ u'lue; ■ , -u i ■ '■■ : :' 8^3 \y
uiial ciiiu , free mfner'H cenitJc.Uo No 193Ai
Wm. Henry (lee, free mlner'n ecrllllcatc N». bl.-
715 tiittl It. Scoll free miner's certificate No, 5,-
I in \, In lend, sixty days fmui date iiereof, io ap.
ply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of
Improvments, for tlio pur] o»e of ohtninlnp ji
Crow n Grant for ilu- above eh:ini. And further
tak-.* noti-'O thai action, under soction ::7. must
in- commenced before lhe issuance nf such Ccr
tiflcato of Improvi muntn. Fkbd Wollaston.
Doled this I5tli riav of September 1S97.
^ Courr of Revision for the purpose of hearing all complaints against iheaeBCSsnien' for the
year 1897, n= made by the assessor of the eity of
Urnnd Forks, B. C , will be held at the council
chamber, in the city of Grand Forks, ou Monday
,,i- inn day oi October, *.. D.. law, at 2 o'clock
-. m. .1   k. Johnson, A< ting nierk.
City Clerks OMie-', Grand Forks, 3ept, loth, '97.
E7o\t ibe* Wily Tnrlc fleaonclleil n \,3U-
\-.-A l"«" ChninpOBiiewltli the Kornsj.
The William Penn, an American
..nnv of (150 Ions, commanded bv
'apt. John Codman, was thc lirst trans
•ji't flying a foreign flag which wns
y*.r*l.*retl by the French govt i iron nl ii
the Crimean war, says thc Troy Tii: ■ s.
:.;he was a newcomer in the Dardanell -
yy! went aground on Nagara point, the
very spol  where Leuadei' sw«im lo hi
Hero.   Tho  pasha of ll
■ i   ■• off to the ship, tei
with the
il. Ca.nt. (
jidden bv the
Dnnliini Ilea
ring his a -
•od lotic n of
ie, thai
ihiii table,   '"i
lhe oi '■■ :;;:•!•.
: hcl lo j:ar-
ivaa excluded
iiir!: thr*n. of
."; oni 11n1 can
ir e itstonls-hineiit," writes Car:!
man, "nt a g* title hint from lhe pash
::■■■. to chi mpagne. It was, of courte, in
r.:"rli*ilely produced. Upon my ri a '■
'ng that'it liar] not been olTcrcd br :'■ ■■
• m n rcounl of regard towlmt I supposi
;*r lie 1,1s religious scruples, he ri plli
".'lh nn air of perfect sin-eerily: 'iv'r*
*"  f^.-liid'-'n bv I'*" *"*r.nlir't :  nut  c
t.sgne. Champagne did n-ot exist I • h:
day: how, then.eould hphnvp rnrl'.vd. i
it" Aiadhallabi' Ood is great,' eontin
..•.nl yiileyman, smuuuiiii( ,,..-. i. -.w. tic:
soothing his conscience, 'Puss the hot
linn* a 1'nsn 1'ienil WorUed Ail van oc
*.?.vt.: anil Paiiltslie<l I.e: Croci r.
The theatrical agcuf who ; .. ..;:*
dhead of asbowahvays bus in u;; lunnj
Csjiericnees auel cspeeially will: the1
;,eeket* after free passes in t!r: rural
cities, says th-j New v..;:* Tribune.
llamsay r.iorris, who is nilvanee man
for -May Irwin's company, tells n 1 unny
story about his last trill to Pit) ibiirgh.
lie lingered oven* to see the show open
.Monday night, and while standing in
the box olliee of the theater in thc
afternoon he haard the ticl.et ecllev
having an argumenl over the telcphi oi
with somo cue. "Finally thc ticket seller
hungi up tho reteiver* with an oath.
Mr. JMonls inquired what ivas the matter,   The -tiekel seller* said:
"That is from M- ■-, the dramatic
critiej he* never fails to work even* ad-
ranee mqn for four passim tr. the
"Guilty," -mid Mr. .Moiiis. "I gave
him four, but what's the trouble?"
"Well," said the ticket eeller, "that
fellow pays his board with tha ■, i
und buys groceries nnd d e; either
fJxiD.g». lit' has jusi called up he-re to
lake up two passes ami refuse admit
Inner   to  the  holder.    He says thai he
I'rm- them to his grocer for two dozen
cggi and that the egga wero bad, and he
wants to get even."
Miner***' liampN on Hhlpbonril.
'I he use of a miner's safely lamp to
avoid the accidental firing of explosive atmospheres ou board ship is advocated by nn Rnglish writer. lie
. laini* a suitulily-lill.-d safety lair.ri
gives the mosl ready, trustworthy and
delicate tests for such clangorous gases
cr vajjor. If the Hamo of u safely lamp
be extinguished when il was carried
into air containing combustible gas or
va] or \'l o atmosphere is almost certainly ii err irrcsplrable and explosive condition, und the. spaee .should not be entered until lho. atmosphere bus keen
completely rcplaeeid by ventilation. If
■ hydr y . ' lin me be substituted for the
..iy **il thinic the test is made still
more delicate.
I ..r>'-r'.;*.l*'l Cnnnrlii'M l,Iotltcr»ln-I.nw.
'■";:.■ late Mgr, Pabvo, bishop of Montreal, was a thorough Gaul, During
one day at, tho table of the govei 1 en-
gcneral of the dominion, he referred in
the course of conversation to "France
our mother." "France your mother!"
'',.''■. In l ho governor; "what, then, Is
, d to you?" The bishop smiltog-
ly : rr.* *-*i..i his shoulders and replied:
"Cur mother-in-law."
pencil witli Electric -Llprht.
A tiny elPctrlo light, attached to a
•-rrnei:, onahlea Frerreh re,>orters to
ial  ■ : oi ..::l r*>t\t,
County Court Notice.
Tho slttliw of lho County Court til \'nlc will
Ire. liulilen ul
at lite hour of 11 in the forenoon
ir   i nnimillflllil C. A. Il  I.AMHLY
Qovorninont OtHee, Osoj'oos, 1 B,   (.'.   0.
August 25,1807. i
NrOTICEIs hereby ei'
1 N nt rehip, lieietoforu
t l.utlier 18 llii
•en tlinl  Iho co-pn tner-
i xlktlngbetwcoii \\"riyht
ISOlVcd by   lull! Ilr-.l   I'tll.
.1. G. Wriuiit,
ii. C. I.ir-nrr.i:.
f],t. I8lll, 1897.
Uranil ForliB, I). 0.,
-' niini ni tin-in.iuil nl WorkH will he reeeivnl
up to r-ix o'clock ].. iu.. Salitrdny,HcpleMnber Hit'
2i:tli, 1897. f.irri (■M]ii|.!('tey\>lt,!ii'.rf wnterWovks
mnl Electric Light plant, for lho city of iirnnil
I* i irk **. B.C. Pinna and specifications mustne-
I'tiini'iiuvt'.icli I.id. Continctnrs toiidprfng fnr
sniil work inrr-.t. iilsn. accompany their Mil
Willi n certified check for twenty l cr c nt in the
am itnf their tender,  the S'ii.1 cheek to bc
held until tho work Is completed as a guarantee
of good faith on tbo part, oi the successful Iriil-
'!it. The counsel reserves to its sell ihe right
to reject any or ull bids.
I... A. M.ini.v, rh.iirni.'.n.
Grand Forks, ll. C , Sept. 7,18»7.
GRAND   FORKS,   1).   C.
Resident Physician & Surgeon.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
And Civil Engineer.
Office, Midway, b. c.
Associate Menib.yi' Canadian
Society   i.f Civil Engineors,
Solioitob, Etc.,
Office, Main Street,    -   ORAND FORKS, B. B.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineer, Etc
Barber Shop.
Centrally Loouted.
All Work i
i i : every !
MOTICE In lurcbv Riven
I' wiih Seetlftn Kill nf U.e
I'mvlnelal I'oai
r.irr rcgnlalinii
ol Grand l-'orkp
tlmt In aceorda
unitary  Re.'Ulai
ution hns lyeii p Bsed  l.v
lot Health declaring Ihn Si
nf IMC. Ill
f  I'l
11:**-   A
Ial Boar.
H. Ii.
r Health.
■nnteod tube
SUnufaoturcr of
j Spring   Bods,
[8th August, 1^
1113 HONOUR the
IX   buon plfiiauil to
Ltflutunant-Govornoi1 hns
ipli lint William Sinclaii*.
tho City oi VJctoriii, Esquiro lo he
Wuter Comn,iH>toner uutlnr the provlfeiotifl ol lhe
'• Water Clauses Consolidation Act, hW."
ORAND   FORKS,   11.   C.
ESf-Sw Filing and all Kinds of Repairing.
A By-law to provide for lhe construction, regulation, and repairing of sidewalks.
YYIiori-as it is expedient to Imilit sidewalks in
tbe City of Grand i oiks:
Be it therefore enacted by ihe Municipal
Council of tlie City of Grand Forks.
i in llie coumiuctiuu ul this by-law the word
"foot-path" shall mean a sidewalk nut exceeding four feel in width.
2 Every sidewalk or footpath In the City of
Grand Forks shall bo la'd out, constructed, nl-
tored lit necessary], and repaired.under the
direction of the corporation oi the citv.
:: Each such sidewalk or footpath shnll be
constructed  of  such  material, width   [not ex-
ceeding In any case i sixth ol tlie street ln
width] 1 gradient as tlio corporation of tho
city shall direct, subjoot to the provisions here-
iunit!'! contain' d,
•I Each such voaden sidewalk or footpath
shall be constructed of one uniform material,
width ond gradient throughout lhe entire length
ol tin block abutting upon any street and, so
fer as the corporation of tho city shnll deem it
piaetlcablo and expeditious, iliruiinoui tlie eu-
lire* length of each sheet.
0 Every wooden sidewalk shall be constructed of two-Inch plunks Bin inches wide ninl iini-
formly sawn Yvilh bearing of 2x(, inches, cross
beuriugs where required, ami poBts placed on
biIIb uot less than four Inches, ll ihe shicwuii;
lines nut exceed six foot in width it shall havo
throe bearers, iiii exceeds six feet und dues not
exeeed twelve foot it shall have four bearers:
all sueli bearers lo be i roperly braced with 1x0
inch iiirniils. All plunking shall be nailed with
four Inch nails, two nails in each bearing, and
all posts, silrn and braces shall lie properly
nulled. The heads nf all nails siwll be driven
in niie-fmirili of an Inch below lhe surfaco t.f
U.e plank.
0 Kvery wooden footpath shall he constructed tit two-inch planks on :;.**'i inch hearers
placed three foot centers on four inch posts, to
bo nailed ns specified lor sidewalks.
7 YVheie ihe corporation of theeity shall
deem li necessary n propcrrailingshall be built
upon any sidewalk or footpath.
k All iin.ti-i'ii..! used or to bo used in tho con-
Btruction.altcrution or repair ol anv sidewalk
or footpath slinil he subject to tho approval or
rejection of the corporation ol tlio citv, ..r their
ollicer or agtnl,
tl The municipal corporation of the cily
may from timo to time by resolution outer lho
owner or owners of any land abutting upon any
street to construct usldeYvak or footpath or
oiler the existingsidewolk ur footpath in fiuiit
of the land so ownod by bini. her, or them respectively, in conformity with the provisions
beretnoftorcontainod, and at the expense, costs
and charges of sucli owner or oYvnors,
ID   If uny sueli owner or owners shall full lor
thirty days  alter notice of such arcsoiutlou
shall  have been edven, as here nailer provided,
to construct, or alter uny sidewalk or footpath
ins ordered by such resolution the corporation
, of the city may cause such sidwalk or footpath
to be constructed or altered in accordance with
I such resolution and mav assess and levy, iu ad-
, dltion to all other rales "whieh may be lawfully
imposed,  a special  rate or special rates upou
sueh owner or owners and the hind of any such
OYvncr or owners opposite whicli such sidewalk
is constructed, for lhe purpose of such construction or alteration.
11 Kvery notieo under tlie last proceeding
section shall boil) Yvrlthig signed by Iho mayor
or by Un-c;:y clotk owl Bhall be Berved upou
the owner or owners, occupier or occupiers of
the land therein referred to, or upon l he* ageut
of sii.ii owner or owners, or, if sucli laud he.
un eeupifrd, by pohttugsuch notlceupon nemo
cor spiciiuns part of sucli laud.
le i lil-i by-law may bo cited for all purposes
as lhe * sidewalks By law. 18U7."
hccoiisidorod and iluollv passed lho  Municipal council this 27th day of August, A. 1).  1MJ7.
I, K. IOUNson, Chairman.
J A. Aikman, city Clerk.
The. above is a true copy of u by-law passed by
the Municipal Corporation of the oity of Grand
Korks, on Aug. H7, A. I).,1897.and all persons are
hereby required to lake notice that any one de-
sirouft of applying to have suoh by-law or any
part thereof quashed, must make liis application fer lhat purpose to the supreme court, with
in one month next after thc publication i.f thia
by-law in the British Oolumbia iiuzeite. or hu
will lie too late to he heard In that behalf.
James a. Aikman, Cily Clerk.
-Jj5Jl     V'.'.i'r'*"    <*jfi-f
t*> '"*,*'■ •'••■'y'.'.-.i' -'.rv <!?
(f% A :::■'■}-■■ ^
>,***■-.l-'y   ■; \::Ai. ti'^l
18th August! 1S9'
'CTIS Honour the Lieutenant-Governor In Co
li.   . i! has been nlcaoed to direct .lie publ
WHITE tic KER, Proprietors.
Two dozr o straw Huts at u Bargain,
in n;
ufcolldution Af
Uy Coir,
Provincial Secretary.
.il 60 iRehcB above -00
r> VO
6 DO
5 00
:i oo
X oo
0 2u
Rjscoitt»s op Watijb foi: Domestic, Aoatcui/ru-
For every record or tutormln record of
100 inches nf water or le.«.<) .... ..... T  5 00
For every iidditioiiul 100 Inches u ]• to .'•00
For every ndditii
For apportioning tho water authorized
to be used under any record	
Inrcspect of every record orintermin record (except i:: respect nf wo ter ro-
corded Rod actually used for ngricul-
lural i"UrpoBCf) an annual fee up to
thc lirst HOOinchoR of	
For every additional fri) inches annual
fee of	
Inspection or search of nny record in
any record of water rights 	
Filingaiiy notice or document with a
( ommissionor or Gold Commissiotier
l*or ccrliilud uoni \s nl anv record or doc-
umenl per folio of loO words 	
fublieatton in lhe Giuctte according to
tho scale of cliai'Rcs as dcflncu in
Schedule A oi lhe "Statutes and Journals Act."	
Annual feot to bo paid I" the Commissioner for tho Distriol on or beforo
tho 80th duy uf June io each your.
bciiedulk two.
The Supplying op Watbr dv Water Woiikh
sy8tk3iht0 cities, towns and i.s-
corp0ratgu locamtmcs.
Every Munlcipnllty or specially Ineorpor*
ntcd company i*lial 1 pay In respect of each nf
the several matters in  Schedule Ono  of  this
Schedule mentioned the fees in respect of such
matter by Bnid Schedule One prescribed:
For ilu' preRonting by n specially incorporated company ol n petition under
Bcctlou 63 of tin- Act and tho filing of
tif documents by  Bection  52 pro-
Bcrihod, a fee of  ( 33 00
For every Certlfjcate Issued under section 65 oi'tbo Act, n feofto %Q paid to
and for the use of thc Judge of the
Bupreme Court grauting such poti-
tion) of    100 uo
The Acquisition op Water and Water Power
for   Industrial  on   Manufactdrino
ri.Ri'OKFhi hy Power companies.
Every power oomnany slnill pay in respect
of each of the several matters in Schedule One
of thiB Schedu.e mentioned tho [ens In respect
af snch matter by fcaid Schedule One prescribed:
For the filing of (he documents men-
ttMiio.i in bection 85 of the Act, it fi't:
of f j: oi
For overy Certifioitte un ior section fe8 or
section OU of the Act, a fee of    luO o:i
For thc examination and approval of
cvory schedule or proceeding fixing
tolls, rules, lares, rents or charges, u
fee of      U) Oo
Watch Repairing a Specialty
All Work Guaranteed
Paints, Oils, Brushes, Sash & Doors,
Anthing You Want in tho Hardware Lino and Can't Find it go to
U2r' W.K. C. Manly's Store, Grand Forks, B.C.
0 50 " '
Is the Oldest and Leading Hotel in the city,
and Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men. The house has just been refitted
and the rooms are unsurpassed for comfort in
the city, while in the Dining room can ba"
found the best food in the market.
Stages Stop at the House, oft *&
Joseph L, Wiseman, Proprietor:
BROWN & SPONG, Proprietors.
The Finest Fresh and Salted Meats
OUVER  BORDEAUX,  Proprielor.
lVines, Liquors and Cigars,
"Did"' Brown, well known all over thc Kootennys as first-class Restaurant man
has been secured to talce charge of the Dininf**  Room, and (.very effort will be
P. O. Box 1795.      Spokane, Wash, jj I made to make the boys from the hills feel at Bom*?-    l-e suit; and  stop and s?ij
i^T^r~ftn„*m.ift^rr-rafk'ani  "VM";,Tld 0>cfe whe^ in town,
Gold and Gold Ores Melted, Re-
lined and Bought.


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