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The Grand Forks Miner Mar 19, 1898

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Array /
<;kam> FOURS, B. C, SATURDAY, MAIM II  |0f I89S.
Lay hhu nwny,
It mutters not whero;
Iiig u bote iu tin* ground
And deposit linn there;
'Twill be useless to raise
A shaft o'er his head,
Kor heaven's aware
Ut' Ihe faet that he's dead!
Lowly his lot,
And bumble hia sphere.
The world—the big, busy world knew* not
That he ever wttfl BCDl t<> tniuiater here;
He gathered uu tulllious- he built up no
Cornered no markets, robbed uu one of
liis raiment was ragged, he lived upon
Hut heaven's aware of the fact that
he's dead!
Did he worship in ehiirrh
In the orthodox wny?
Did tbe rafters ring when
It wuh his I urn to pray 7
Alas, I know not—
Hui let it be snid
Thai heaven's aware
Of the faet that he's dead!
The orphan he fanned
Through feverish days
May live or may uot
To cherish bin praise;
The sick that be nourished when stricken
The starving that, wheu he was hungry,
be fed.
May pray for bim now, or may not, as
they list-
Hut  heaven's aware of  the  fact that
he's dead!
Lay hitn nwny.
It mailers not where;
1>JK a hole in tiie earth
And deposit hiin there;
When lhe lasl trumpet sounds
He will hear, he will bear
As well as the man
O'er whose bend people rear
The highest of columns-—
Aye, put bim to bed!
If there is a God He will not forget
That this lowly man lived—and is dead!
►— Cleveland Leader.
A N  you  tell fortunes?" she asked,
leaning her elbows
on  the  tabic  and
shuffling llie cards.
"S o in e people's.
I r.v  y our
mother's?"     Her
mother wus dozing
In llie n nucha 11- by
the 111*....
" 0 h ,   don't   be
sliiy! .ilinn's fortune Is told,"
'Tool' iiiiiinina!"
"Well, you know what I mean—all
tliai's wui-lh telling. She refused llie
fair ninn and married tlie dark one;
wasn't very rich and wasn't very poor
—i|iiilo iiiini- enough!" She shrugged
hcr shoulders and mado a dainty grimace—alas! iiiiiinnialile. "Had two tiresome hoys and one very nice girl—vollu
"Who was an Incorrigible lillie flirt
and tense," 1 suggested bitterly.
"I-'oi-llines don't go Into such details
about ser-nnilary persons, even If Ihey
happened lo be Hue, which Ihey
"Oil, yes. Ihey do."
"Since you know so much about It.
you can tell mine." She scattered the
cards toward me with a crash. "It's
ull right,.mum; I'm only throwing the
curds at (,'uusiu Harry." Her mother
guve a sleepy smile, and returned lo
lier slumbers.
-you mustn't blame me If lhe cards
arc unfavorable"
"1 .shall know you've made It up If
they ure."
"I wouldn't dream of jesting upon
such a subject," I assured her. "ITor-
tune-telling follows certain essential
principles, which are Immutable
"Should be practiced, not preached.
Oo ou."
"To start Willi, then, you are the
Queen of Hearts."*
"Why J"
"Because the Queen of Hearts represents feminine ln-nuty uud charm."
"Oh!" she leaned back and laughed.
"If you are only going lo Hutler me I
won't listen."
"I merely slate a fact. You are the
Queen of Heart*;."
"So, I'm not. I'm spades oi'cllllM, because I'm dark."
"Excuse mc, ll Is not n mailer merely
of cumplcYon, bul of general appear-
unce. Spades represent plain people,
diamonds passable people, nud hearts
very nice-looking peoplo. Therefore
you are the Queeu of Hearts."
"Lota of people wouldn't consider me
good-looking nl all." Her tone Invited
"Very likely not." She flashed «n In-
dlgn.imt glance nt me. "Hut ihe fortuneteller Is the mile Judge on these occasions."
"I'm glad the fortune-teller Is so appreciative. Of course, 1 know you're
only pretending." She looked at me for
denial, but 1 busied myself with the
cards. "Ho on!" she cried.
"First, I snulllc the cards—so. Then I
cut Ihem—so. Now I place my hand on
them—so. Vou place your ham] on top
of mine." She did. "Now I place my
oilier hand on lop of yours—so—and
you put your oilier hand on top of
"I uever heard of this before," said
she, doubtfully. Neither did I, but It
had occurred lo me as an Improvement.
"Now you must sit quite still and silent for a lull minute."
"1 know J shall laugh."
"Then tbe fortune will be spoiled."
"I don'l believe It's necessary."
"Yes, It Is—to place the teller and the
trllee ea rapport."
"Bat we aren't, you know. We always quarrel—at least, you do."
"Couldn't we be. Just for a minute,
Mllly?" I didn't mean to speak seriously, hut I did.
She nodded gravely, and I snt looking
al nn.l watching the pink color steal
ovcr her pretty face. I ilrink it uiust
have becn two minutes that we sat like
lhal, during which I forgave her all ber
III tie wickedness.
"There!" snld l, reluctantly. "Now
for tin* fortune. (Jut llie cards, Mllly.
The fortune must be your own making."
"You have made me feel quite serious," said she wllh u nervous Little
"It Is going lo be a serious fori line."
l meant it to be.
"Then—then won't you cut, Ion, Hurry? To repre-se-nt other people?   1 don't
like all the responsibility,  Please!" Ho
I cut, too. It didn't matter, you sec,
because I looked at the cards before I
put ttit-in down lu the shape of an
opened fun round the Queen of Hearts,
Of course, I don'l know anything nbout
fortune-telling, really.
"The disposition of lhe curds," I said
gravely, "Indicates many possibilities
of happiness nnd good fortune, If you
take your opportunities; but much Is
left to your ow.li decision."
"Whnt a nuisance! Don't they say
how 1 shall decide?"  I shook my head.
"The hearts near the queen show lhat
you are and will be much liked and admired."
"1 believe you're making It up."
"The three kings next to her I ridicule
three admirers—perhaps lovers."
"Whoever enn they be?"
"The King of Clubs, with tho oilier
clubs close by, I tako lo be a soldier—
good-looking, dashing, and, from the
diamonds In lhe same line, not badly
off. The hearts nt the end of the line
denote that you have given him some
"I'm sure 1 haven't," mild she, wllh
some warmth. Of course, she know I
meant Cnpi. Klchnrds. "Thc cunts ure
"Perhaps Ihey mean thai you will do
so." I suggested, Inquiringly; but she
twisted np her handkerchief and made
no answer.
"The King of Diamonds, with spades
following, means an elderly suitor who
has prospered In trade, He Is shown
by the diamonds, ending wllh the
knsve, lo have made n fortune nnd re-
tlred, bunding over ihe business io his
son."  I meant old Parsley.
"I call It very unkind of you. Harry."
Her lip dropped a little, and I hastened
to apologize.
"It Isn't my doing.   It's thc card*."
"Well, you know It Isn't true. It's
only"—she looked over her shoulder to
sec Unit her mother was still asleep—
"mamma's silliness. Why, he's us old
BS dad; nnd I wouldn't. You know I
"The cards leave It lo you. Mllly."
"Don't you bellevo mc?" She looked
quite hurt.
"Of course—If you say no." I patted
her hand, whicli wus lying mi the In-
blo, but she drew- It sharply away and
rubbed the touch off wiih hcr handkerchief.
"Well? The King of Hearts? What
does that menu?"
I considered u moment. "The King of
Hearts," I pronounced slowly, "means
a handsome young fellow who pnid
you u great deul of attention when you
were staying wllh the Queen of Clubs,
a dark relative - probably your uuut."
"1 won't listen lo another word!" sho
cried, Indignantly, "l-t's il nasty, horrid
fortune, and quite untrue.   There!"
"Very well." I made ns If I would
sweep Ihe cards together.
"Don't be disagreeable." She looked
nt ine reproachfully, Willi one of her
kaleidoscopic changes. "I wmu lo
hear It—my proper fortune—not nonsense."
"Well, Isn't (his true?"
"No, it Isn't."
"Didn't he pay you a lot of alien-
"Young Jophson?"
"Yes." He was the rival I really
"Nothing special."
"So many pay yon attention lhal you
think nothing nf 11."
"You silly fellow!" said she, scornfully, "Why, he's almost engnged lo
cousin Annie," 1 felt as though a
weight was taken off me.
"Why," I said, "how stupid of me!
She must be thc dark lady, I suppose.
I ought to hnve connected him wilh
her Instead of with you."
"I don't believe you understand lhe
fortune business n bit."
"It's very difficult," I apologized.
"But you sec lho cards arc all right,
when you read them properly."
"What else do they sny?"
"The next point is money. Tho seven
of diamonds, next lo the knave of
club*—probably your uncle—Indicate*
a legacy; and "
"No, no!" she Interrupted, "I don'l
want to know obout money."
"Well, lhe duration of life Is shown
"Thnt doesn't matter," said she
quickly, shrugging her shoulders.
"Then I hardly know what else
there Is lo tell." 1 looked at her doubtfully. There was one thing only that I
wanted to tell her. "What do you waut
to know, MlUy?"
She put her elbow on the table and
rested her bend on her hand. Them she
laughed uneasily, aud I held my breath
for u moment.
"Isn't there—I mean did you finish
with—Hit—the—admirers, as you call
them?"  .
"There Is another," I told her, "but
he ls hardly worth mentioning."
"Why not? Becuuse he doesn't care
for—dosen't admire, or whatever you
call It—much?"
"Oh, no! But he's poor, you see. Being ouly the Klug of Spades, he has to
work for a living, so he admires at a
distance. There are two canln between
hlm and hcr, you see."
"But," said she very gently, "they
are hearts."
"Yes," said I, "they are hearts; being
two, they show that he Is distantly related,"   We are second cousins really.
"They Indicate that he Is very fond or
her. hut leave it doubtful If she Is more
lhan slightly attracted lo hlm." I looked nppciilingly lo her, bul her eyes
were eusl down,
"Hon- do you make Unit out?" she
asked uI length.
"The card next to her Is the two; but
that by hlm Is lhe ten, which means
greal affection."
"Wliiil dues lire rest of the line
"The nine of spades, on llie other
hand of the king, shows thut he has a
great deal more work lo do before lie
can be iu a position lo ask the kuiiv.i
of hearts—her father—for her hand.
Meanwhile the eighl of similes and the
ace of clubs show I lint he must loll at
some risk In u land across Hie sea."
She clasped her hands suddenly ninl
looked up.
"Oh, uo. no!" she cried.
"Yes," I snld quietly nnd Badly,
"Where?" Hcr dainty mouth wns
"The cards do nol say. But II Is lhe
Cape. I believe, where n relative hns
offered bim u good berth."
We looked nt the enrds in dismal silence for a while. Thon she smiled nt
me ever so bright Iy.
"There Is the ace of hearts al the end
of the line, Henry," she whispered.
"What docs Hint mean?"
I took the hand nenr me gently In
mine. "I think, Mllly." I said earnestly, "it niusl be my hcnrl because it Is
ovor by you.   Will you linve It. dear?"
She looked down for u moment, then
pushed 11 gently toward me. "1 think."
sho said, "II niusl he my heart—which
Is going over the sea wllh you."—Black
anil White.
(Vlio Wns Ouce a rVltfiire iii tlie G
est Trial ,.1'lire War ! r,•;...!.
Wise Men of Wiinhinulou Wero Filled
with Alarm.
lu one of lhe many glass cases In the
Smithsonian Institution at Washington
Is a stuffed ewl. This particular owl Is
ihe one, In the words of the bile President Hayes, "thai jarred the Washington monument," and therein lies llie
During centennial year Congress resolved to provide the necessary funds
for the completion of the monument,
which up to that time hnd been,worked nt only while the several smaller appropriations lusted. It was discovered,
however, lluil the original foundation
wus likely lo be Incapable of sustaining
lihe enormous weight of marble neces-
sury for carrying Hie shaft 650 feel
above terra lii-ittu. A now foundation
was therefore needed, nnd architects
thought u solid concrete bod Kill feet
square and nearly H feet In thickness
would accomplish i.hc strengthening
Daring the operation of replacing the
old foundation it wus considered expedient to provide menus for noting cure-
fully lhe slightest vibration of lhe
walls lest, the monument might be iu
danger of collapsing. Accordingly a
heavy weight was suspended by a stout
thread from the apex to a pun of thick
syrup located on l.lie base, so Unit no
chance draught of air would be likely
lo sway tin: weight. An Ingenious contrivance wus so attached lo tlte weight
thai ihe slightest vibration of lhe shafl
would he faithfully recorded, uud Ils
Insecurity would al once be nn established fuel.
One morning a few months after
these careful preen ill Ions hud bei-ii
taken there wus u great commotion
among the workmen. A complete record of numerous perburballons and
l rem bl I tit's hud ben written on lhe Index, Showing conclusively Hint the
mammoth obelisk had jarred, swayed
and settled during I lie night. Scientific
heads were dubiously shaken.
After much persuasion one of the
men llnally con-yen led to go to the tup
and examine Into the cuiisc. The ns-
toulshlug report Into the midst of tlie
anxious throng below Hint nn owl In
seeking shelter In the lofty tower had
somewhat nuinuged lo catch It-s wings
In the thread und was still hanging
there, suspended to the Interior!' of the
monument, and Innumerable flappings
and struggles of his owlshlp had ull
been recorded by the Index ns lestl-
inony against the stability of plumb*
laid marble blocks und solid concrete.
LBAltN t.r rightly manage yourself before you attempt to manage a husband; Never hy word
or nction sny or do lhal which may lessen your husband's respeel for you.
Ever um lnm in n gentle dignity, avoid
Ing sarcasm, nagging, .h-sis which reflect upon his personal appearance or
conduct. Study his disposition and
tiisti-s. nlso your own. uml govern yourself accordingly. Be ever ready io
compromise, He patient, but not cringing; keep your proper footing with
your husband; lie will respect you the
more, If you assert your rights with
gentleness nn.l tucl. li is not wisdom
to weakly yield trr unreasonable
Respect his feelings nnd appreciate
his attentions. Keep home comfortable
and cheery, properly care for his clothing, rightly attend to his meals, Do not
waste time by recounting the trilling
annoyances of the day when something
of Importance nbout ilm household demands his attention. Walt, If possible,
until he is properly i.-rl nnrl rested n
bit before you seek his counsel, Bc ne-
turned always by the spirit of love, ns
well as wifely affection, liearlng nnd
forbearing, and then is no fear of failure wllh the average imiii, who is a
reasonable being.
Young; Cabinet Lndy.
Miss Helen Long, youngest daughter
of tin- Secretary of the Navy, who recently christened tin American bulll
Japanese warship liusugl after lhe
unique oriental iuclh.il of libcrullug n
pigeon as shg prouu meed lhe name,
must l,.. really rcckoiiSn among Ihe cabinet Indies, for Mrs. 1 g is s ich uf
an Invalid that she is unable to do hcr
full share of entertaining, leaving a
good purl nl' these duties lo ju borne
by her handsome nnd talented stepdaughter.
Miss Long wns first Introduced In
Washington society lust spring whim
she presided over hcr father's home
during the nbsence of .Mrs. Lung,   She
U13S mri.i'x i.oxn.
Peculiar « iisiutn In Norway.
Rome friends who have Just returned
from n tour In out-of-the-way purls of
Norway tell me of a capital hotol system In vogue there which might be
adopted Willi advantage lu some parts
of Scotland and Ireland, lu every village where no hotol exists sonic one of
lhe more prominent Inhabitants Is sub-
sl'llzi'.l by lhe Norwegian Qovernmcut,
and In return Is bound lo provide accommodation for not less (ban four
travelers; he mny lake lu more If he
chooses, but four Is lhe minimum. My
friends made frequent use of these sub-
sldlzod hostelrles and are enthusiastic
concerning the excellence of tho accommodation and food supplied. I did nol
galher whether the larlff was regulated
by Government, but I presume It Is;
nuywny, the charges ure absurdly moderate. Norway owes much of her prosperity to tourists, and she certainly
treats them well.—London Sketch.
Blind Girl Onrllnner.
A blind girl owning a few ncres of
bind In Oak Hill. Texas, Is said to be
making n living by the sale of vegetables. She hns cleared aboul $200 each
season iu this way, besides Improving
her land. She does most all of her
own work, and her highly developed
senses of hearing and of touch seem to
make up for her want of sight.
An Old   Man's Work.
George Du Maurlcr was nearly GO
when ho wrote 'Tctor Ibbetson;" he
was quite 60 when he wrote "Trilby;"
aud 03 when ho wrote "The Martian."
It ls always safe to distrust the mnn
who goes Into n busluess enterprise
"more to please Ids wife than for anything else."
showed that she wns fond of the social
whirl, for, lu spile of llie limitations of
hotel life, she managed io give some
very enjoyable receptions iu their
apartments at tho Portland,   she bus
many friends in the capital, where she
lived nnd studied for six years during
her father's Congressional term.
Secretary Long has sill! another
daughter, older tint it Miss Helen, bill
she bus lillie time lo devote to society,
She Is a young woman of unusually
bl'llllnnl mind and is bent on putting
her talents to BOtllO use. Lust year she
was graduated from Smith College,
und sl.c Is now studying medicine nl
Johns Hopkins University In Baltimore.
Won't Mind the Doctor.
A prominent physician, who hns
what is termed n "fashionable" practice, recently told some of his troubles
to u friend In a burst of wroth over
a cuse of n society woman, "When
nnneiiilc girls, sleepless women und
dyspeptic children arc brought to mc,
I fee Hike going out of business," he
declared, "I have one pal I cut, n girl of
18, who might ns well go lo u fortune
teller for advice for all the benefit she
will ever get froni a doctor. I give her
a scolding nmi draw up a set of rules
for her lu live by, prescribing certain
things to cut. certain limes to sleep,
certain hours for exercise, give her n
Ionic and dismiss her.
"Ho you think Unit girl Improves?
Nol she. In n fortnight she trails Into
my olliee, pallid and melancholy. I
hnven't the heart lo scold her, bill I an-
tlcipale her answers to my questions.
Has she tnken the Ionic? Oh, yes, she
hasn't missed n dose. Hns she eaten
pastry or lobsters or drank Ico wilier
or Ice cream soda? Well—er—onee or
twice. Has she eaten the oatmeal and
raw beef and drunk the hot water and
beef tea? Yes. She doesn't add 'once
or twice,' but her pale face adds It, And
has she gone in bed curly? (lot up
early aud slepl nfler lunch? Well, not
every day. And yd lhe girl of Intclll-
gence nnrl apparent common sense
■■ wonders why she doesn'l get well. 1
run going to try mice more. If she
doesn'l uliej me, then I shall positively
refuse trr attend her further."
Woman 1 nn l-'numerator.
The only woman dog enumerator in
the world is Mrs, Sarah A. Klchart, of
Kansas City, K'nii. The canine census
taker hns the farther distinction of
ing without
^ 'iSf-^fc i'"*v- ""' fru'ts or
-•i'rji; //;§»! !"T u'"rl* being
'* ' " r-./Js^ lurncil over to the
lie library. Her
ii lies arc to see
hat ilu- owner of
"mi:-, nu ii. i, t. every dog In the city
I pays Un- proper municipal tax. she
wus appointed by the Kansas City,
Kun„ City Council at tbe Instance of
the l-'eih union of Clubs, one of Ihe
slrougest women's organizations In the
For n lung lime, tin- question of dng
t.-rxes hnd been n botheration to lhe
city.   Some   people   paid   nnd   sonic
didn't, riinl ii wns next lo Impossible
to force lhe delinquents to obedience.
Tin. condition of things wns somewhat
bettered when Iho dog luxes, through
nn ordinance, were turned over lo the
public library, nmi ih.- library was given clou-go of llie collection.   Tee Federation nl' Clubs, which Is al the helm of
lhe Library Association, wns consulted
I ns to ivluil was the bos! menus lo l-ent-
! i .ly Ihe evil.   M wns lhe federal Ion Hint
suggested the irlc-i of appointing Mrs.
: Itlcliarl io taku charge of the dog lax-
i es,    li  wns decided  lo cull  lhe olliee
I Mrs. ltlcluirt wns io In,lil Hint of "city
! dog enumerator," as it sounded better
! Hum "dog Impounder."  Since thai lime
I the qucsliou ui dog   tnxes has   beeu
Women's Pockets.
Ladles IIfty years ng". when going on
a journey by singe coach, carried Iheir
i ash In Iheir under pockets. There
were no railways opened in Wales then,
uml people who had not rr close carriage
cither went In tlrr- mall conch or in n
post chaise. Farmers' wives nnd niur-
kel women won- these large under
pockets. 1 remember my Welsh nurse
had nue w herein, If she look mn oul
cowslip picking, in- null ing. or blackberry gathering, sliu can-led ti bottle
uf milk nmi u lot ol' 1,1.-, nils or n parcel
ot sandwiches, often n cleuu pinafore
ns well. Iter pocket ou those occasions
wns like u big bag. I wns very proud
when she stitched ii|r rr wee pockel for '
me to went- uuiii'i- my frock out of some
stuff like bedtlcklng, similar to lhal of
which she made her own big pockets,—
.Notes nnd Queries,
Their Dcnutifnl  Hun.I...
To American women belongs the dis-
lliicilou of having ih.- siunllcsl hands
In the world.  Next conic ihe women of
Austria, Spain, France nr:.! Italy. Kris
sinus have long bul beautifully shaped
hands,   while those ul' Spaniards nnr
often spoiled by ihe thickness of Ihe
lingers, which are :i|.i In round al Ihe
lips.   Thc hands of aristocratic Englishwomen nre apt lo lie ivoll shaped,
| but nre somewhat Ion*: ninl frequently i
I hard. No one. perhaps, Hikes such good
care of her hands us Ihe Fi-cih-Ii worn- '
| uu of fashion,   (lorinnii women usually
1 huve lui'ge Unl bauds, Willi llrli lingers.
I Hon   In  this  line successfully   Intro-
; diiced hns been the 'dinner coat."
"Tennis, gulf nmi   bicycling    have,
I however, lu Ihe Inst three or four years
111   ""'    rl1"*""' "'   M"1- 'utility, |  m.    ,,„,   „.ciu.lng  „,-   ■l-niokorbuel.e.- *
liidluuu, is nn old muu who once was , m ,,,m|m„, ,,,„, Uiey uo longer occasion
""* '"' --"-■  '""-1   ' ;""';  "J-™  j remark.   Men who wm mt for uu.*
rn, agitated time,   lie is Stephen llur j „,„„„„■  ],..,,-,. appeared on the stt i
icy.   Horsey, together wuh Col. Lain    ,    bicycle 'knickers' a tew years »gu
bin,  Mllllgnu,  llornge    llefl'i-on,    Col.
Bowles ninl n number of oilier Hull-
i iiiilnus,  was  arrested   In   Im;i   ou    ii
charge of high treason, the arrests ere  !
tiling lhe grcnlcsl   scllsulluu,  ninl   In-
ing Hi ii- f the discovery of a
sucrel  soclel,*,   cnllcil   tin-   Knights  uf
[in- (loliU'ti Circle, which v.n- alleged
I., have ircasoliablc purposes. Tin- men
ni-rcsieil   were  taken  tu  ludlanapolls
mnl citsl Into prison nnd treated ,\ Ith
greal cruelly mnl rigor.
Their nlr,Is were held before n mill-
inry i-onililisslon or court- ninl. llur-
ii.- UoH'ron, u prominent attorney .rf
s.ii..in, broke down under tin- strain
md mude ii confession.   Tin- oilier men
were condemned lo death by hanglug,
Imt   ul   ihi-   point   (low   Morion   Interfered, nii'l though In- ut lirst  in-i-ted
ni conviction, was now anxious for n
iiioiliiii-niion ot* ihe sentence.   Pardons
were offered Ihe men  if Ihey  would
ipply, Inn  Mllllgiin utterly refused to ; j'
ilu this nn.l Hn- cuse w.is liiken t" thr
I niieil   States   Court   on   n     writ    ol
habeas corpus,    (lull.  Hovey declared
Hint In- would disregard th.- writ wen
. ii Issued. Tin' coui'l could nol ngrei
! nud tlie case wns appealed in the Ini
led s .s Supreme Court, which de
I clnreil lhe entire pi ceding uncousti
llillniiul uml lu violation of nil I.i h . Tii
attorneys  for the n.-r-iise.l  men  wen
I. li. McDonald, .1. s. lllack, Jin  A
EVBNINO   lilll-s or   TIIE   ri-'MIli:.
now wear lliein ns a niiiller of coin's
tinrllel 1  David Dudley Field,   i:' ""*'  sl "l"'li'■ "»*■ ""'* " ""' "
greutesl array of learned, loval    nud   '"lin' "" """'" lml'< ""' '" "'"'"' ltm'
able in> ii ilirn ov..i- pleaded together
in one case before one court. Horsey
rellred gladly front hi- Involuntary no-
loriety, bul slncu Hull mcinortililc trial
ninl acquittal no history of Hie war
lime hns been complete willinul men-
iron of hi- name.
Tin- Ktilgbls of the li
Sous of  Llbcrly,  us ii
breeches iu u ballroom thnn ou the
•■As lo iii.. old lime atllre being suit-
rriil.. for n ballroom, there can In- uu
question. Dnnciug is much more violent exercise lhan wheeling, nnd a
sensible mnn duos nol wish trousers
,     ,..   . Hupping around hi- ankles when dune*
I''ll  l   It I'll'    oi'
,,,„,..,„ I ing. Again, line,- buckles und silk
stockings give it mull nn nii' of distinction lir. never can hnve when wearing
trousers, mnl render li Impossible in
mistake him for* n waiter.
"Formerly  knee  br -lies  for   men
were made only to order mnl wovo ex
pensive. Now there tiro, thousands of
expert mnkers of Ihese garments, ami
iii.. kins, breeches can lie made for S.1,
Suitable Blockings can In- sold for $-,
mil putenl leather pumps fur*?:!.   Su It
«'.oil,I cost Un- average uu nly .'-J
;-. change from trousers to lhe costume
of Washington. Oh, yon will see the
new-old fashion 'ealch on.' am! whal's
more, when swallowtail coals wear
um. you will sec long dinner com- replace   thelll,   -"   llllll   Iry   1000  evciiiur."
dress w ill conslsi of dinner cont, waist-
 il. knee breeches, silk stockings ninl
Million tins Dethroned Clco lie .Meni.Is
no.I (HIi. r Actress Hivals.
Paris hns again transferred its alio
glance mnl now Hie reigning beauly
aboul whom the boulevard frequenters
rage i- Munoli. Sin- im- -u. cceded Old
He Met-odc, wliu made only n mil,I
sensation In America, Iiul Mauou i
sway Is -rriil io in- I'm- more broader,
stronger nud enthralling thnn hn- been
thai of any r nl queen of beauly. To
in.]* charms of person Manon nlso adds
.-.   ■
wn- sometimes called, wye- orgnuis*eil
In Orange f'ounly, liullnua, probably nl
French I.irk. wh. re Cl. Bowles resided, Mllllgiin and Horsey orgrinlzed the
Mnrllti ''..nnr.v Branch, .-unl were still
active in lhe work of installing lodges.
Horsey was a picturesque character,
and his iniiure purlook of much nl' tin
rugged ness thai made his Marlln Coun
r.v hills wild am! romantic. He was n
Justice nl the l'i nee rn Ilm Hum he wits
so actively engaged iu tho alleged treasonable work mill wns considered nn
llllllli llli.-ll   rilixill.
Wesley Trauler, nf Shoals, Ind.. hud
liein Induced lo Join lho lodge thai
met nl Stephen Ilorsey's bouse, near
Hull lown, and II was he who lirsl gave
ihe government u knowledge of ihe so
-ioly's existence, li was Tranter's confession Hint caused ihe urrcsl of Bowl
i--. Mllllgnu nn.I Horsey, mnl on hi-.
lesttmony princlpnlly ilu.' were cun
After Presldenl Johnson hnd released Hn* n Hor-. y returned to Martin
County, pool' in pursi 1 broken in
spirit.    His  property  hud  been  dlssl  l
paled iu attorney's fees, nnd he wn-
no longer a man nf Influence.   The war '
feeling was siill high, and Horsey wn-
practically nn outcast.   Horsey hns nl
ways claimed that he had n groin Ij    ""' clemciil ni  mystery, I'm  r
wronged mnl  Hull      wrong    i'..,iM ' ' *'■** " '"' "'"' '* '"' ■■'*1*'-'1' -1'
never In- righted,   Ilorsey's coiiiculfou    ,l"'".
wus Hint lho iu'gniii'/..'iil'in  was uol  In
opposition in Hn  Cnlteil Sim;- govern
incut, ninl  he declared  Hint   perjured
witnesses brought nbout hi- downfall.
Excepl lor lhe christening robe, llie
buliy's ilris.si -, .-lips nud wrappers are
nil made quite plain, inn nf the finest
French urtin-nuk. Wheu luces mot embroideries are used, only those of daintiest pattern nnd tines! quality nre In j
I'.oo.l lll-le,     Plalll hems ul tire bottom,
linud-liuislit'd or hem-stitched, ure simple, babyish ninl nlwuys iu good taste.
In must dresses the trimmings are r-oii-
llned to ihe yoke, neck nnd sleeves,
wiili perhaps a band of irlmmlng In
mark the vt-aist-linc. Many have the
fullness nl lho buck held in with a sash
of the snme materia! starting from
ench side of the fullness in lhe front of
lire waist, whicli makes n garment
easy to launder and rashlou.—Woman's Home Componlon.
Moduli Wedding Kiiinr.
The fashionable wedding ring is en-
graved with ornamental chasing and
enriched wllh precious stones. Fanciful Ideas arc allowed full piny lu the
choice of emblematic stones, Thoy a u
made lo spell "Amor" by means of an
amethyst, a moonstone, an opal aud a
Vessel* with Vniiies lending In  "A."
Murine Insurance   underwriters   nl
iva.vs 'inii' -hy "f vessels whose mimes
en.; in "a,"   Thi- lias liccoii specially
true since Un- lotnl 1"—. wiili nil ou
hoard, nf ihe steamer Cily of Phlladel
pbla, aboul n year ng". Tin' niy ot
Philadelphia   lefl   New  York  I'm- Snn
Kvciy once l„ a w  ibe  „ii-:l . I I'mndseo   and wen. down   win, all
tuilurs In,,,,.' llie boom   or km,. , '"""'*•  f ,""', '•'""l:!"'1 ,ls,"f'     »
lit che-.   ,o   be   worn   will,   evening r"1""'" i,"""'   !'    ^li^liT",
dress,    llcriiofoie ihe  veinent  |111S   Pretty generally as n loo.   I he most
boen fosler y cr-  ,., •- s„|„,v    «er!otis wrecks ol last year huve I ,
Men Arc Sni.l In lie   Bendy  lo   Adopt
the Clrncei'ul "Knickers."
bul recently Ihe matter hn- been takeu
up by -nine of ilu* large clothing houses,
wlm believe Ihey hnve Hie real thing
in booms ut last.
une claim advanced I'm- tin adoption
of knickerbockers ns dross gnrnients
Ims ilu- element of being novel. Am!
the element of cheapness suggested by
ihe dealer ml.I- considerably tn in,, m-
tract!veness nf ihe scheme. Thi- is the
wny he inn  il:
"Of course you know the merchant
tailors huve mnde desperate attempts
to Induce their customers tn wen' koiiic
thing itesiiles lhe funciyil wniter -nil
fur evening dress. There is very lillie
for tailors in dress suiis. I'm- customers
wcur them su long thut the average
man orders one only once In Iwn or
three years, and the fashion In dress
suits has not changed appreciably In
leu or fifteen years.   But ihe cllenln;
vessels carrying the hoodoo latter, one
duy tlie telegraph announced that (lie
British ship Androsu, from Sun Francisco to Liverpool, wns losl with u very
vnluiiiile cargo, The next duy word
wns received Uml the Orenlln, bound
from Victoria fur Liverpool, had been
swept by heavy -ens nnd badly diiin*
llgoil. Her mute and one sailor worn
drowned. The wires told on Hie same
day of llie loml loss of the British ship
\ illmitn mnl the drowning of her nuts-
ier, neur Freemantle, and a low day«
In lor the papers gave tlie news of thi
loss of the steamer Wallapa uud of lhe
benching of iho Dora. During the Inst
iwo or lliree yen's the most serious
wrecks uu Hie coast were of vessels
whose names ended with the boodoo
letter. Besides the wreck of the Cily
of Philadelphia, the wreck of the Coll-
inn   was the niusl   horrifying of    all.
of the merehnnt tailors hns nol   been    Then came the less of lhe steamer Co-
' large enough lo enable Ihem lo make | lumbla, and a few weeks later tlie pns-
iiny Impression ou the general public, ' senger steamer (Jmntllla run   ashore
and  men have gone on  wearing  the i nnd narrowly escaped    destruction.*
I standard dress suit.   The ouly Inuovu     Philadelphia Record, THK   MINER.
THE MINER ti printed on Saturdays, mid will
be mailed to auy address in Cauads nr Um
United suites for one year on receipt of two
dollars;.   '■iii'-lL' copies eve ivi.l-.
CONTRACT AOVERTI3EMEST3 in-■■!'...! nl llie
mte of t*y per ei'liiiini inch per month.
ri'.ANsiKST ADVER1 i-i.'-ll.si- Inserted .11
tin* rnte of is cents par nonpareil Ion-rust
insertion. Advertisements runiilnn for a
shorter period lhan three i r.-nti; ■ areelassed
JCORRE9FONDENCK from every part .: the
Yule District and communication upon live
topics always acceptable. St lu -■ ir
news while It li Ir-.-r nr: 1 IVO will do llie
Juu l'ltlsl'INT. turned out In Bnt-clau stjlo
at the ihortest notice.
Address 1'. II. MCCARTER* BOH,
Orand Eokks, u. tr.
Carson Lodge I. 0. 0. F. No. 37.
r f\ ■*"» TJ MEETS l-.V! l:Y UTURDAY
•1. YI. Y). r. evening ats o'clocV nr Iheir
frail at Canon, B C.   v cordial lavltal ex-
eii'li-.t ...urll sojourning l-rrllir.-ii
I'.i   *.'i. ■    S    N  U
Wm M, i'i.iiik, It. B
The la,e.I advice ironi Ottawa is to
the r-ff.-ct tliat lhe chances ol the Ket*
il j River Valley railway securing a
charter arc very flattering. Through
the influsnee ol tic able arguments
presented hy thc Boundary Creek delegation at Ottawa, Sir Willred I.nur*
'ier Las withdrew his opposition, if he
pad uny, to the granting ol tho charter,
which will have considerable weight
with lhe members of the cabinet when
it comes up before li.yni for consideration. The only objection that be had to
this measure was that it was an America >. line ant it would baye a tendency
lo enable Americans to transfer the
Bmelting of Canadian ores from our own
to an alien country. It was fully explained to oim that the development of
the Bcundhry Creek district, the ores
*of which are neaily all low f,T?.dc, depends a'togeiher upon tbe shippers
having all possible competitive facilities afforded them lo L-r-cure (reigb:
rates at thevcry lowest possible future.
So far as the question of smelling liritish Columbia ores is concerned it tens
clearly shovn thai it could be speedily
settled, a; cornyuni.,-: were already
formed for the ertfeti vn of smelters at
Grand Forks and other points in the
dittrtct, work on which would be commenced as soon as it wus certain that
competition freight talcs would \}p ai-
for ed. .Viler fully Koing in'.o the matter .yid sa'isfylng himself that the fayrs
presented by the Boundary Creek delegation were as represented, Sir Wilfred
expatascd himself as seeing no reason
why the Kettle River Valley railway
should not be granted a charter. Thus
it will be seen that unless some unforeseen pbstacle arises the ei.uation looks
There ia no question but Hut a crisis
will be reached in the relations between
Sp.un and the United States as soon as
the Mime board of inquiry jias made its
lejjort. Whether or not the great disaster was due to design or accident, it is
difficult to see hov intervention -by' tbe
United Sty.tcs in Cuban afiairt can
longer be delayed.
The rcpoit of thc naval board is
looked lor now any day. It has been
sitting ovcr two weeks. From thc very
nature of the dis.a-.ler, the inexplicable
chaos of the wreck, the lack of conchi*
s.ve information ic^arding the existence
or non-existence o. mines or other ex-
plosives jn Havana harboi, and the
coirscof the investigation, generally,
the prediction is safe tbat the boird will
not be able li make any absolutely
authoritative statement as to the source
of the explosion. If, however, it is
shown to be reasonably certain tbat thc
cause was external, and Spain liable for
contributory negligenpe, a demand for
ir.demnirywould lie the basis of proceedings, while, on the other hand, if it
were shown 10 be cither accidental or
obscure and uncertain, the Maine incident will have to bc dismissed from consideration, and the Cuban status quo
would-be as it was before the disaster.
Intervention wou'd ihen be justified on
thc grounds of humanity and the horrors that have laid wistc the whole island and Sluin thousands un thousands
ot innocent men. women and children;
but it cannot be doubted that President
McKinley is getting ready to use force.
Intervention does not necessarily mean
war, however; as the signs art multiplying that tlie bankrupt and decaying
.Spanish monarchy will go tc the last extremity short uf dishonor and disgraceful humiliation. A demand, for the
stoppage ot this bnrbaroui strife would
undoubtedly lead to negotiations and
the liberation ol Cuba would be secured
on some satisfactory commercial basis.
Theic is a posyibiiity, however, that
Spain might prefer war as a means ol
letting go of Cuba and for tbe |. o.octlon
of thc present dynasty. It is plain that
Ihe United States is getting ready for
Sillier alternation.
Mil], I'. Booth, of North Victoria
was unanimously chosen speaker of the
house vice Mr. Higgins resigned. Mr.
liooth has been a member cf tho bouse
Since 1871 when he entered the first legislature after confederation, and is reported to bc a gentleman of marked
ability and commands thc highest respect of the house and public A notable illustration of thp complete separation of the dominion politics from Hie
affairs ot the provincial legislature is
afforded by the fact lhal while Hon. J.
y. Booth is a Libera! in dominion poll
tics, he has been the unanimous choice
if a house overwhelmingly Conservative.
Spain paoses in its mad rush to avoid j
being licked by America long enough j
to drop a few tears ou tho grave cf a
bull fighter.
It lias been clearly demonstrated that
a candidate wilh a "pullable leg" cannot help but make a great run ior
The Vancouver World seems lo have
chnn;;ed its views considerably in regard ton charter being granted to the
Kettle River Valley railway. In its issue of March nth it editor-uily saya
"Acorrespondent writing froml Ittawa,
and who is in touch with the views of
the government upon many of 'he public questions which aro nov bring discussed in tbc commons and f-e sena'.e,
states tbat the Adu.iais'.ratic i's railway
policy at presont is the ono absorbing
tonic. Already we have stated that the
premier on Monday night announced
that it was the determination ofthe Government tin', in addition to building a
line of railroad from tbe Stickiite river
to Teslin lake, a decision had been
reached to cu'ry that line southward ro
some point or arm of the sea, in this
province which could be reached by
ocean-going craft. There is likewise a
very atroug fooling arising that Canada
has reached Unit period in her existance
when she will ha veto strike out for herself,
and her very first act in tbis direction,
w.it be, we believe, to make such
arrangements as will enable this
country to con'ril '.he trade of
thc northwest, or the Yukon country,
and that every legitimate means will
bc used to achieve ihis end. The rail
way situation in the southeastern section of the province islike.v'i3ecommand*
ing much attention. This is in corv.c-
quence of tbe railway which exi-its between thc different parties wbo are asking for a dominion charter* lor tbe construction of aline cf railway westward
Irom the Columbia river to Pentieton,
and these having many friends there, it
is naturally a keen rivalry, and lhe government is being irnpor'.uned on every
side to promise ad ta <*. particular line
by its supponers. The feeling is very
strong in favor of the immediate construction of tbis road. It is felt that
without it, an exceedingly rich district
will not prnspci or develop as it would
otherwise have done if it had increased
transportation facilities, The application, our correspondent -dels, of Mr. D.
C. Corbin and others fo a charter for
the building of a line into tbc Boundary
Creek and Kectle River districts is like
w ss being warmly supported. This is
owing largely to the fact '.bat Mr. Corbin is not asking for any subsidy, and
that bis ro.a.1 will bo practically an ex
tension of the Spokane Falls & No.-i!,-
em, and the furthy, fact that British
Columbia's representatives arc not a
unit on the question as to whether the
charter should be granted adds color to
the belief thit the government will no-
cede to Mr, Corbin's request, Then
there is a l.ar„rc number ol people who
think lhat the effect of cucii a road
would be to enable Amyric'tns'to transfer the smelting of Canadian ores from
our own to an alien c; untry. Many
contend lhat tbe development of thy
Boundary Creek district depends altogether upon railway construction, and
thit even if there was another road running from Robson, being practically an
extension of thc Ciow's N??l railway
into lioun iry creek, or coming from thc
coast by way cf Chilliwack and Pentieton it would still be desirable to allow
the Great Northern railway, through
Mr. Corbin, to have access into that
part of the province. The Boundary
Creek ores arc of low grade, and it is
held that ail possible competitive facil-
ties should be afforded ihem so as to
enable shippers to secure freight rates,
etc., at the very lowest possible figure.
Our correspondent adds that the question is a difficult one. to settle with anything like general satisfaction; but the
feeling is general in favor of the' first
possible railway facilities. So far as
the question of smelting British Columbia ores in United States territory is
I concerned that could be speedily settled
I by tbe imposition of an export duly,
The remedy, to be sure, is a drastic one,
and not founded upon the principals of
progressive Liberalism, but there are
occasions when it is proper to make exceptions to every rule, and this may be
an occasion when this will be done
The belief is general that once the railway problem in the southeastern section of the province is solved, by lines
being built and in 0 peration, that such
itst.p as this will be taken by the government, ami when it is taken, and nol-
withstanding lhe fuel that it may cieate
a certain amount if odium and tempo
rary dissatisfaction with some it will
be found that ultimately it will have
(the effect of establishing here up-to-
j date smellers which will be perfectly
CO'mpett lit to handle thai important nut-
■ ural product of this  countiy.
Thc Kelly claims at thc foot of the
lake are showing up some remarkably
fine ore. The are situated cr. Souther-
land creek.
The C. I'. R. survey party that is now
working between English point and
Cascade City, has increased its force of
f   When Corbin Gets liis Charter.  J*
Peter A. Z. will bite a lady cashier,
Eggs will be worlb two bits a dozen.
].. ff Davis will be in the race for mayor,
(irand Forks will have a $00,000 hotel.
Wm S ache will put in Turkish baths.
Every hotel in town will be crowded.
There will be a custom officer at Car
The Purl.finder   will   be paying dive
_.,"    'J-!.- "f '.—:
NOTICE ts lien-i.y given that h apodal meeting ol the "Pathfinder Mining, Reduction
uml Investment toiiip.u.y.I.iiiiite'i Liability, will be held at the office of the company, at
brand Forks, B. C.  Monday, the nn Uny of
April. IS'.ls. at the hour of noon, tor the follow-
iiiy ;.'iii.iim-s:    |nl  To consider a proposition
to purchase to additional mineral claims; |nj   .
to consider a proposition lor tbo sale of tl:<-   T ".-,,,
u n r,K..in   ' I gistcred Hi
B H r.s ,111     x ,,!„,„„ ,.,
"Rock Creek Gold and Copper Mining Company."
latercd the 1171
K HIT FY llinl I ltav
day  of Jpiinaiy. A. D.. .
0 this day n-lW
f We Lead Others Follow.
A This week we are Oiter'ng a fine As
sortment of
The back*cappcrs association will dL-
'Jr. Averill will finish the Providence
French and English stock will gp up
to par.
Ni r.h Pork prospectors will wear diamonds.
The First street bridge will be completed.
The price of city real estate will
Harry Shea is will have bis  whiskers
I mowed, '
John Manly will return to the  Foiks.'
to live.
The C. P. R.wil! budd into IbcBound-
an country.
' Pa" Addison will bc a member of lhe
city'cou:;. 1.
B rb Petrie wiil di-pcoe cf his reservation interests,
M. 1). White will rc-open his matrimonial agency,
The electric light ar.d water plant wiil
be completed.
The agitators will have lo go to woik
or be "vaged."
Woik 0:1 the Grey B gie and Boneta
will be resumed.
The boycott en Victoria and Vancouver will te raised.
R. A. Drown and Nelson Larson will
kins and make-up.
Al. M inly wiil give the "rubber-necks"
a wine '"blow-out."
Jeff DavisiSt Co.wil! sell goods cheaper than ever beioie.
The English syndicate wiil take up tbe
op'ion on the townsite'.
Tbe mosquitoes wiil bave resumed
business in tne valley.
Thc Bank of Halifax will establish a
branch in Grand Forks.
Every merchant in Grand Forks wiil
advertise in the Miner.
There will bc 50 properties start to
work up the Noitu Fuik.
H. A. Huntley & Co , will do the grocery business of me town.
A-Jioo.oco smelter will be erected on
John Manly's smelter sit.
Police Magistrate Johnson will wear
a gown when he holds com t.
There wiil be no mere rag-chewing"
over ihe municipal election.
Richard Dsfreeco will coninue tp do
the livery business ot lhe town.
Wc will be connected by an electric
car li. c wilh Carson and Nelson.
Chas. Cumings will bavo a car lead of
leal estate sn^ps for his customers.
Ail the mining companies. wi'I purchase their supplies in Grand Folks.
Tbe Townsite company wiil build a
two-story block on Winnipeg aveeuo.
The Alberta will have to build an rd-
dition to accommodate'itsovciijow trade.
Tbe Cosmo; will h.ve to enlarge to
keep pace tvith its  increasing  business.
Everybody wil celebrate and the
band wil play "A Hoi Time in Old
Everybody will baye business of their
own to attend lo and will not have so
much tioie to attend to other people's
Thc Associated Charities association
will erect a brown stone front public
library building.
There will bc an electric car line botween the old and new town with a co
minute seivice, and tbe "hatchet" will be
The Grand Fork, Mercanlilecompany
will erect a live-story brick building on
lhe coiner of Riverside avenue and
Bridge street.
Hank Henderson will put in Russian
leather upholstered chairs for the "gang"
to sleep in and gold lined cuspiJores to
expectorate in.
[0 eoiislili-r 11 propoail on  lor  too -rile  ol nn-    s •-. ;,,..,,        ,,,,,,—i    .-         t Ji\. 11    ■■                    *                    mlm                            -              _^^ IS:
fir :.!, 1 ml,r,.-„lcl,i,,. ie„] I , p:,»s n r, « .1.1- ' J. l;"!'-'.""-    ■«' "Ihrea  Creek  Loir    jn? Copper   /» *|-^                    rf                      *|-^                       rf                «|—.**a .t.
Thus. I. Pakkihsok; President.    ;ltv ','' ""-' l-oai-slaturi. of lintis'i Columbia en- : w w
Dated at Uraud Forks, March 2nd, HIB.            : "*'.','.', ',     .   „•      .....                       .  ,,     r!<                  ^.           , XU
"' I          '       ' '
MOTICE is HKKI'bV GIVEN THAT SIXTY ' fliclit hundred ti
-N   dnys after date I Intel
Tin- liftnd olliee of the Comi'imy Is rritimtcd in
thc City of Si»o.;iine, stuti: uf Washington.
!   Thu iinitni.it <if the- capital of the Company 1*1
^   eighthuudcrd thousand dollars,divided into
eight hundred  thousand shiires ul   one dollar
,.,.:; t Worfs foe j»ur-',   ,llie head office <.f the Company in thin Pro-,
■nlMion tu purcbaae  the following de*. nV-d . viii.-els.siti «>'lini umy;.    >ni'^iv(r, n      ,
.uuHlt-din.he Osoyoo*  PlvMonuf Yale J XTadStti: ^'(i'm.^lle B^'el ^^ !
ver, i.s the attorney for tho Company.
Direct from California, It will piyyoti
to call and inspect tur stock as
Our Prices are Right.
(■Alt <K'~   MINKU.U-   i I.AIM.
Mr. Matheson, school teacher at Cascade Cily, has purchased two mining interests in the vicinity of Kelly's camp.
Tbe townsite company of Cascade
City are building a,|oxico foot lown hall
the up stairs of which will be used for
As a result of the recent visit to
(Irand Forts of Assistant Commissioner
of Lr.nds Norris, .Mr. Andrew II. Thompson is likely to have his title lo lit. prop
erty at Cascade City cleared.
Prospects are weekly changing hands
in this section and snuu little *tl,ooo
deals are of common occurrence.
While Kid McCoy claims the pugilistic championship of tbe world, the
Spanish situation and thc Kloi dvke
continue* tt* hold, the cer.tic of (lie
.*tagc.        ■'   '-'"'-•*   -  *
Eggs For Sale    ? I 50 Per Setting.
From tnli-niood Plymoth Rock chick-
cub.   Premium slock.
■    ■'■■ Geo. W. IiNGitAiiA*.!.
An Act Defining tne Meaning of the Word
A matter oi great importance to the
mining districts, more especially, now
before the legislature is the bill "ic.-pect-
ing the legal meaning of expressions relative to time." Such a measure has become a necessity where mining rights
expiring at seme stated hour, usually
midnight, throw the properties open to
relocrtion, generally wilh dozens waiting to seize them at the lust opportunity
afforded. The bill nov/ before thc legislature Is the first of the kind in tue history of Canada, and •Jlbougli of great
Importance to mining commit uuos, is so
short that w; reproduce it iu its entirety:
It is as follows:
Where an expression of time occurs
in any act of thia legislature whether
heretofore or hereafter f ,-yysed, or in any
rule of court, by-law, deed er other legal
Instrument whether htretolore or be-io-
after enacted executed, the time referred lo shall, unless it is otherwise specified, staled, be held to be standard time,
and as regards tbat pait of the province-
which lies east ol the meridian of 120
decrees west longitude, standard tunc
shall oo reckoned as seve'j hours behind
Greenwich time; and 'ai regards thai
part of the provinco which lis west of
Baid meridian, standard timo shall be
reckoned as eight hoars l)eh nd Greenwich lime. The hours of the day may
in any locality he numbered in one series up to 24, according to i;ie "24-hour
notation'1 so called, and the nirmbrrs so
ti-ed shall be equally valid with the num
bers so used in the division ot the day
into two series of 12 hours, distinguished
as "a. in." and "p. in."
Appears in a New Role.
James Reeder appears this week in a
new ro'.e that of innkeeper, having assumed the management ol the Grand
Fo ks hotel. If Jim shines ns bright as
hotel keeper as he does as a mixologist
the star boarders at that popular house
will have ham and eggs three limes a
da;:. .      ...
Situate in Hie Orand Fnrim Mining Division of
Yr.le District. Whore Lo-iatud*—In Pass Creek
Takk NOTICE that 1. 11. (I. Brown, Free
Miner'b cerllti, nte No, I'.i'iA. intend, sixty
iluvs II  rl.e .lute tier.'. I, In tiel'ty I" die
Mlnliiff  Itccorderr fi.r r-evjiili'iiie cf unprovs
nicnts, for tli.. purpose oroblaioiug a crown
grunt 111' llie .il.ove eluii'i.
And Iurther take notice Hurt notion, undor
.iviion rr, must in- oommoncei! befuro tin- Issuance of sucli (ti-riiiictite i.f improve nems.
Dated this ISIh day nf March, WOS.
Inite ..I lirst publication, March 19, in, MS.
Unicoi' lust publication, Mav 21, ISIIB,
ed In tho Orand Forks Minrii:,* Divison 1
Wliere lueaieil—In Paw Creek
TAKK   NOTICE   that  I   II. IJ. Brown, Tree
Miner's certificate No. fiSA, intend, sixty
*. .*.!-*.' 1 :-.'n .■:.
s in.in the nuie hereof, to apply to ihe
Bulling Recorder for 11 certitieate of Improve*
limits, I'm- the i-urpose t.f obtaining a Crown
Orutttof tlte above olaim,
Ami further lake notice [Inunction, under section 37, must he commenced bofore ihe issu
ance of srri'li cer ifh-ute el Improvements.
Piiu'dmis lyih day cf Maroh, 181)7.
m'arltl-maySl, lsos. '
roads, lines of transportation by hunt or water;
lo blllld flumes 01- ililehes, in- OOQUire water
power OJ? ivaior rlgjlts ami lo lease ainl sell tile
same; in faft to carry on a 1,'eiienil milling an.l
reduction business iii nil us various departments In complluni e will. Itii' laws 1 I lire Mute
of Washington ami the Provmee of liritish Columbia, Canada, under whloh wash-all operate
t.lve ini'li r tnv  Ittui.l mi.Uetil ol liflloe al Vic
torU. I'm.'! 1 uf British Columbia; ihis "ffih
day of January, ono thousand cieht huiulreil
uml nlnoty-eight,
[i„ ».]                      s. Y. WOOTTON,
■ Registrar of Joint Stook (Joint los.
Oiiteol lirst publication, Mnt'oh .tilt, 1898.
Hale of last iilihlteiitii \prtl lull, ]S98,
(MeOill L'ulv.)
*     Milling l>hlsli,n
Coroner for Uraud Porks Mil
of Yalo Dlslnet.
Blue Vitrei.
We huve just received
a large quantity of nine
Vitrji. Don't overlook
tliia   fuct   when    you
JefF. .Davis
&. Co.,
The Up.to=Bate Merchants
Garden Seeds. *#
if you want tu raise \ /
Rood   Keeping Onlona*,. i i
Ihey kuL'i) the Celehrnt- 3 V
ed   Fhiiho Onion Seed \ ■
for Salt'.     Also   oil Inn v •.
gtjttsuii'i Beodsolkludg. \f/
OFFICE!—Juhik'i'Hospital, (ii-ninl Forks, B.C.
MINERAL   ACT    18$.
Coin Mineral Claim; sthiufr In tlio Grand ForkB
Mining Di via Ion   of Yalo  Distrlot.   Win* re
located:—On the south side of Newby creek
about ono mile west of the Noith Irurk of
Kettle river.
TAKE NOTICE that I Fred Wollaston, acting
'  as agent ior tho Cold Coin MliUngcompany,
Limited liabilities free mlnor.s eortiiioato No.
; Ml A,   intend,    Blxty    days   from   the  date
hereof,    to   apply    to the    Mining   Recorder for a ocrtlncato of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of thqabQVg
claim.   Ami further lake notice that action, mi-
iler section 87, must be commeueed beforo the
Issuance of such certlticlite of improvements.
Dated this 8rd day of February, 181)7.
Data of 1st publication, Fob. I2th, I-B8S; date of
lost publication, A pril letli, LOth, lbSJ,
Ontario mlnornl claim', situate in tlie Grand
Forks Mining Division of Yule District
iVlicre located: Summit camp.
TAKK NOTICE that I William Shaw, Free
1 Rlinur'SlCertlflciito No. 87,520, intend, plxtv
dayi form tiie date berenft to apply lo tbo fining Ueeorder for a Certlfleato of Improvements,
for tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
tlie above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Beclioii 87, mnBt be commenced hfloru the In-
$uauui! nf such Ourtiticate tif [mprovementa,
"Dated tins Wth day of Deeenribor, ISD7.
MlNKKtLnACT f8g6.
"It. <".." mineral olAlm situate In the
Grand Forks miniug Divison of Vale district.
Where located:—in Summit camp.
TAKll NOTic'E I [mmc H iliillet, lis agent for
* Albert Kt'ougtffreo miner's cnrtiflcote No,
8BJ8a, intend, sixty days from the datfi
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for :\ certilicate of Improvcmouia, for the
purpose of obtatuiug a Crown grant ofthe above
\nd further take notice that action, under
section :n, must be commenced botoro iho' Issuance of such corllllcate of improve.munis,
I. Jt. lUi,L!:rr.
Dated this 7th day -m" January, 1898,
A sitting of thn County Court ol Yule \rill be
holden at
Midway, on Saturday,  the 7U1  Day
os May, 1898,
at 10 o'cloek in tho foronorui.
Uvenirrlnnn.l W. 0   MeMYNN*.
Uovernment Oifloo, Midway, li. c. I   D. R. c. f:
Mmoh, l'i. ls'JS i
^y    tr ..'. ':^.'v'.-:t*1,V'f;'J**N   ^v
.'-- >i     ■■*:'-: .y.-rV'-i'Cr ^«
ills Honour, the Meu tenant Governor, hns
been pleased to make the following appoint-
ment: —
18th February, 1808,
JOSRPH IClBKPATUICK .follKHON. of tlie City of
Qrond Forks, Esquire. J. P., to bo t'oltee Magistrate within mid for tin'said Citv.
AsscB.iinenl Att end Provincial Revenue Tax
Act Rock Creek Dlvlnlon of Vnle District.
iliiine Willi tho >lnliili'H Hint I'rovlnoiH)
Itrvenuo Tnn, iin.l ull otli.'r TitM-n lit led
iiinlfT tho Assotsineut \et, ure notv duo for ilm
year 180s. All llie nbovo luxes oolleotublo witti-
ln Ihe
Rock Creek Divison of Yale District,
are payable at my office at Osoyoos, Vale District.
Assessed taxes aie collectable ut tlie follow-
ing rales, viz:
If Paid on or Before Jane 30th, 1898,
Threc-fHthsof nheper cent, on real property,
Two and one-luilf per cent, ou hsbosscu value
pf wild land.
''One half of 0UQ per cent, on personal pro
pcrty.   '
on sn iitncii of the income of any person a*
exceeds onu thousand dollars, the following
rate?, namely; Upon snch excess of l(i-
ennie, when tin* samo is not more than ten
thousand dollars, one percent; when snch excess is over icit lliousiuid dollars and uot more
lhan twenty tlions.nd dollars, nnq and ouo-
quartor of quo per cent.; when snch excels
is over twenty thousand dollars, one and ono-
Imlf of one percent.
If Paid After July Ist, 1898.
Four-fiftlisbf one per cent, on reiil properly.
Three per cent, ohthe assessed value ol wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, ou personal
On bo min ii of the income of any person as exceeds one thousand dollars the following rates,
Upon snch excess when tho same is not more
than ten thousand do!hi s, one and one-ipmrtcr
percent; when BUCh excess U over ten thou-
snnd dollars and'less than tu'only thousand
dollars, one and one half of one per cent; when
suoh excess is over twenty thousand dollars,
one and three-quarters nf one per cent.
Provincial Ikvanvo'JVut Q.OQ per capita.
O, a. R. i.AM'ii,Y, Aisesedr and Collector,
£?C£008i B.'On'J-HU    . IS98,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
And Civil Engineer.
Office, Midway, b. c.
Associate Member Canadian
Society   of  Civil   Engineers.
Solicitor, Etc.,
Oflice, Mai". Street,    -   GRAND FORKS, B. B,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineer, Etc.
Barber Shop
>- Irfiniitei.
Centrally Located,   All Work Qauranteed to bo
First-Class in overy Respect.
h. a. sheads;,
Bath  Rooms,
Mannlactnrer of
Spring   Beds,   Mattresses,
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.
£)^-Pa\v Filing and all ICintls of Repairing.
Oo to
Via McElroy s
Stage Line*
Daily stage betwen Grand
Fork*. Leaves Grand For'is
7i30 a. ra,, reachir.jf Eureka
same day.     Return jf;-, afj.iv
in Grand°Forks at 4 p. m.
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
The Only All-rail Route, without change
of cars, between Spokane, Rowland and Nelson.
DAIl.Y KS'-El'T pi-NIlAY.
(loingKorth.                                Going South
li>rlj n. in MARCUS  H;28p. m
Close Connotrtinns nt N-jlsnn tilth Rtoumboats
lor Kaslo untl nil Kiitilt-iitiy I.ako I'olnts.
Passenger, fur Kettle River ami  nnutidiirj
I CrueU connoet at Marcus witli sta'ila tlaily.
If you want to Subscribe for
any Leading Magazine or Periodical, cali on
Dealer in
LatestNoveties in Stationery
W.V.I >i 'A. . i   V,
[)o You Want a Stove?]
If you do be suro to call and
examine tnv mamui ith stock
»hh:h is the la.*;..-Bt in the
district. Also a complete line
stock is always kept strk-lly up
to date In every  rkspeet.
Tin aud Repair Shop in
\\ri,u);ii. iron Kungc.
t ridge Street, (iranil Forks, B. C.     i
tl      B  . Dealpr-in
Tobacco and Cigais,
The Only Place in Town
that Handles Fruit.
resit Supply Received Dally.
Groceries, Salt Meats and Miners Su pplies.
£5^* Prospectors anil Minors will Uml it to their interest to givo mo a cull before purch slug
I can save you moncj.   Fnil IJno ol Flshlm* Tackle Inst Received.
Choice Wines Liquors and Cigars,
This hotel is located nbout 12 miles from Grand Forks up the North Fork.
Good Fishinf* a. d Hunting in lhe vicinity. Mi-als'served at all hours, and
the brst of ah epinij ar.cor.-.n.odations. 11. P. TORONTO. Proprietor.
ressed Beef Provision Bo., Lt'd.-
Wholesale ami Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salt Meats j
Hams, Bacon, Lard, Etc,
First-Class  Accommodations, Good Stabling, Terraius of
Stage Line From Marcus, Washington.
McAuley & Keightley,
■>/vGrand Forks, B.   C>^v-
Everything New and   Best  Furnished
Houuc, nnd is in everyway  prepared to
welcome Guests anil provide Good Ac-
»5?« pf Wines, Liciuors and Cigars,   Special
0\jt\. atlentio.. paid tp f ranscjent trade.
Headquarters for  Mining Meti.   Bej
pf Wines. Liquors and Cigars.   Special
Wow-Si VWM W ■ u
-& Financial and Mining Brokers «4
Groups of cliims Bought for Stock Companies, Etc., Etc
0. W. WILLIAHS, Manager.
from Marcus to Grand Forks
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway
and All Points qn Colville Indian Resevation.
Stage Leives Marcus on the Arrival of the Noithbound Train, arriving at^G-and
Fo-ltB at 8:45 P- m-    Leaves Trie ForVs at 4:00 a. m., arriving at Marcus in time tp
connect wiih northbound Train.   Paneeugets from Kootenay PjV*,M make''fliir.T.'!
tion at Bossburg going nnd con ne. „   > >•-     --'    '•■ ■ ■ y «'1-t'i.i
•u      :,   *>. L    .-,  -/.  .- *   •ii  ■%.
\ j.i. ■■     Uim  ".'J If |l-If  llH.tltB
I The    Grand    Forks    Hotel
Chan^ep   Hands.
Hie   Tide    of    Prosperity    Turned
Towards   the   Boundary
The tide of prosperity bas commenced
Ito ebb this way. The first indication
■that it bas turned is tbe reported sale
■this week of the Grand Forks hotel to
iMr. Chas. Van Ness, tbe consideration
■being $5,ooo. Tbe furniture, good will
land business of the house are included
lin the deal, also two lots facing on First
btreet and directly in the rear of those
Ion which tbe hotel is located. This sale
lis looked upon as an important one as
IMr, Van Ness bas been operating in tbe
■ mining camps of HriCi. Columbia for
Jthe past several years, and it is a well
■known fact that whenever he branches
lout, it is a pretty sure indication that tbe
|town has good prospects of becoming a
"hummer." Mr. Van Nesa left )iVcd-
Inesday morning for R issland, but ex-
■peels to return in about to days when he
■will have the house overhauled from top
Ito bottom and when completed he expects to make it tbe leading hotel of the
Property Changing Han-Is.
Scott McRea,   largely  inteiested  in
[Deadwood camp,  and  locator  of  the
■ camp, was in tbe city on Wednesday
[shaking hands with his many friends
(bere.   Scott reports quite a number of
■ properties being worked in Deadwood
I camp and that a number of srorll sales
tare bein*? m.a^e every week in and
land around Greenwood. Scott is an old
Itimer in the Boundary country and has
[great faith in its future. He was the
■discoverer of the pass through which
I tbe Columbia & Western railway will
■be built into this country and bas done
■more prospecting in the North Fork
(district than any other -man in the
■country. Every year be makes a trip
Ito tbe head waters of the North Fork on
la hunting and fishing expedition and
■ does a little prospecting just to amuse
1 himself.
Asking for $150.
A petition is Lelng circulated by the
promoters of the First street bridgeask-
ing the city council to make an appropriation of $150 toward the building of
tbe bridge. The reason for this, as set
forth in the petition, is that the cost of
lis conairuciion is something over $300
more than it was estimated. The
cause of this deficeincy ,1s owing to the
fact that the high water has washed
away about 30 feet of the river banks
since the estimate was prepared, which
was early Inst spring, making it necessary to put in three spans instead of two,
as called for in the plans and specification, thus making the bridge nea'ly Oo
feet longer than was originally intended.
This additional work will necessarily
incur an extra expenditure of about
■&300, bring the total cost of the bridge
up to $2,000. Ot this amount $1,000 has
been appropriated by the government
on condition that the remainder of the
amount bc donated by the settlers and
citizens of Grand Forks. The MiNKrt
is of the opinion that every effort tending to optn an avenue leading into the
city, through which a dollar:: worth ol
tiado would be diverted, should receive
the hearty endorsement ol every public
spirited citijteo. Th; amount asked for
being only a small proportion of tbe
cost of the construction of this bridge,
and tbe benefit tbat it will ultimately
prove to the city is so apparent, there
should be no haggling over the proposition of the ci.y ap:ropriating $150 towards completing tbe work.
President Van Horn Throws OH His
(Tgik and Takes up the
! ^fy(o(c(.(.(s(crefc(ote('>'3f.'oft(2,'v<c(Q(,i,'pf9fi»'.   T"
  1     Fred Oliver was in town yesterday.
ti        «-»     i->     ri       a      • ,, J"*"!   Keough is doing  Eureka this
Thi C,  P. R.   Against   the (week.
John A Manly s;jent a day or two in
to.vn this wetk.
Plain everydav lights are only  wort!, 1
a dollar spiece in Grand Forks.
Several mining expeilo have been inspecting North Fork propyrttes thh
A. C. Sutton has moved his office to
he Iront rooms ot er Wright & Luiher'-,
restaurant on Bridge street.
Solicitor McLeod, of Midway, was ir.
he Forks this week attending court, be
ing interested i<* several cases. J
Charles Clor;*b, a mining broker from I
Spokane, passed through theeity Thurs-
day on his way home from Eureka.
Mr. W. G. Mc.Uvnn came over from
Midway on Sunday to be presented at
the silling of lhe counly couit beio on
Mr. Joseph Wiseman moved with his
family this week lo the  Manly   ranch.
The following" special telegram to the
Miner, received tbis morning from
Mr. Richard Armstrong, ■vim is in Ottawa in ihe interest of railway legislation for this district ii self explanatory.
Ottawa, Ont, March 17—[Special to
the GRAND Forks Miner J—Tho bill
granting a charter to the Kettle River
Valley railway cams up before the railway committee today for discussion.
President Van Home of the C.  P. R. J°e8a-" that """afar he   will conlin
si ness s
With the Biggest Stock cf
f        Tf W
fcnanofse i
1 his Week we are Receiving a Carload of New Goods
in all Li-es. You will A'ways Find our Stock Up-to-
Date and Our Prices Ri*.-.hi    Give us a call.
5Grand ForksMercantileCompanv.fcirij
5  ....       ■ *;  J s
^X^S?S'        BWWBOOTS  AND   SHOES, giffflji    FURNITURE.
spoke   and   bitterly   eppooed  it. The
committee   ha:   adjourned   until next
Tuesday.   It is a neck and neck race,
but we will likely win.
Should Be Patronized.
For  the past  week or ten days the
[Marcus stage has not been getting in until 3 and 3 o'clock in the morning, owing
[to the bad ^tate of the r tic's.   List season for nearly two months the stage laid
lover on the reservation, at Hall's Ferry,
Ion account of the roads, which was very
■unsatisfactory to the public    This seo-
lion it is tbe intention of Mr. Williams to
Intake the trips through from Marcus to
iGrand Forks and return daily without
■laying over.   In order to do this it bas
|b:en necessary to put  on   extra   stock
and the expense of operating the  line
has been largely increased,   In view of
[this fact everyone having  occasion to
■pass over tbe route should see that his
jticket reads via  William's  stage  line.
■Everyone knows that there   is   barely
■business enough to  keep  a  first-class
Jline running and the efforts of Mr. Wil-
■liams to give the public a good daily
■service should be encouraged.
A Big Marble Deal.
Among the many deals made in Grand
iFurks this week there was one worthy
■of note.    The marble playing craze bav-
ltng struck the town and the demand be-
ling greater than the supply in this cotn-
Imodtty, consequently "agates," 'chinas,''
["glassies" and "daubies" have been in
great demand, and the boy who has a
corner on the marble market is of more
(importance than a "Wall Street Bull or
iBear."   On  Monday one of the crack
•players got broke and being unable to
■get any of his associates to stake him he
■put up a six-bit jack-knife  *md four-bit
pocket book for a dozen marbles.   In
f.his connection Miss Z >s McCarter de-
fiires to inform her  young friends that
(ihe will have a complete variety of mir-
||>leB of every description in stock next
yeek and would be pleased to have a
hare of (heir p-rtronage.
Till Build an Opera House.
For sometime' past the need of a large
land commodious public hall has been
I sorely felt l)y a)l who have attended any
T of llie entertainments given during the
[past season. Tnat this long felt want
Iwill soou be supplied the Miner is hap
I py to state, W. B. Davey having de*
I cided to furnish the building on River
I (side, between the Log store and the
IGrand Forks hotel, begun last spring by
IMessiH. Manly and Averill, The lower
{floor will be used for business purposes
and the entire second story converted
[into an opera house, t|je size of which
I jjrill be 30x100 fee(. Work Is to be com-
Lmenced at once and it will be completed
[within sixty days. The announcement
I that Mr. Ilavey intends to provide a
j -suitable place to bold public entertain-
I tnents will be received with satisfaction
I by all.
Getting Ready tf> Do Assessment Work.
Con Cosgrove, who  is  interested  in
f several North Fork properties, was an
I arrival in the city on Tuesday, from Re-
I public, where he has been for the past
| several months working on the '/Black
j Tail" mine   in   Republic camp.   The
J pbject of Con's visit is to do tbo assessment work on bis North]  Fork proper-
lies which will keep hjrq busy for the
next three br four months.   Con is an
['A No. 1" miner and a hard worker, who
iias great faith   in   the  future  ot   the
North   Fork  district,   and  all  of  his
friends hope that it will only be a short
time before be will strike it rich.
Land Commission Sits.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands Noi-
ris of Vernon, was an arrival in ttw city-
last Monday having come fer the purpose of receiving evidence in tbe now
famous LaVally landdisputeatChristina
Like. Mr. Norrls received the evidence
in tbis case lest Tuesday and reserved
his decision until writlen arguments bv
the respective counsel had b,ecn sub
Tbc circumstances in connection with
this case are as follows: Some few years
ago Neai Hardy pre-empted the ground
in dispute, but failed to comply with the
law regarding residence and improvements, within the required li.Tie.
It seems then that Mr. James Dundee
of Rossland, acting on the supposition
that Mr. Hard's title had lapsed purchased this land from the government.
It then appears tbat Mr. Neai Hardy
abandoned his right to ihis preemption
and Mr. Eli LaVally at once pre-empted
it. The dispute is now between Dundee
and LaValley. A. C. Sutton is acting
for Mr, Dundee, while J. P. McLcoJ of
Midway is representing Mr. Lu Valley's
This is What Kimball Grts for His Greenwood Trip
The Kimball trial ended Tuesday by
PoliceMagistrate Johnson sentencing thy
accused to one month in the county jail
at hard labor, bis sentence to date from
the time of his arrest. The evidence
"in the case showed that the accused was
under the influence of liquor when the
check was given him, and that even
when arrested by Officer Diuimore at
Greenwood, was still intoxicated. This
fac, although not excusing the crime,
doubtless bad its influence with the raag-
istra e and had much to do with the
shortness of tie sentence.
Tbo prisoner was dofendid by Mayor
Manly, whtle Clerk of the Peace MeMynn prosecuted for the crown and
Barrister H. S. Cayley acted for the private prosecutor.
Getting Ready for Work,
The farmers throughout lhe valley
are getting ready to commence their
spring work. Those who are in a position to know say that the acreage sown
this season to grain will be considerably larger than last year. Mr. McCool
who is operating the Johnson ranch, just
below town, expects to put in about 120
acres in wheat and h*)s already commenced plowing. If the Boundary
country moves as is expected to tbis
season it wil) tax the valley to raise
enough to jupply tl.-: market.
The Texas Sold.
The Texas, a promising mineral
claim in Prjvidence camp, owned by
Messrs. Wisem in and Van Ness of this
city, was sold tbis week lo Mr. Chas.
Collins of Greenwood, the consideration
being $1,000 cash. There was considerable work done on this property and the
showing was above the average. It is
understood that Mr. Collins expects to
develop the property the coming season.
Beautifying His Yard.
Mr. Chas. Cumings is putting in bis
spare time .tt pres.nt in getting ready to
beautify the yard around his horn; this
spring. Hi expects to enclose ij with a
neat picket fence and set out flowers,
shiubery, evergreens, etc. Charles has
a nice home and with hut little labor
can make it a very atlractiue place.
City License Commissioners Meet.
Mayor Manly and Police Magistrate
Johnson held a session of the city license
board last Tuesday, when the Mayor issued a temporary permit to Mrs. Preslar tor the Preslar house in order to give
her time to present a legal application
as her present application for a license
was irregular, and could not be considered by the board.
Right ol Way Through thc Reservation.
A Washington dispa cli tothe Spo:<ane
Chronicle of the 14th inut„ announces
that ibe United States senate has passed
the bill granting 10 the Kettle River
Valley railway a right of way through
the Colville reservation.
Three Sections.
In order to accommodate the heayy
travel tho William's stage line had to
send out three r;ction^ on Tuesday
from Bosiburg amf Marciis. From now
on Ihey will run two stages daily, one
l.tjiii Bp.ssburg and one from Marcus.
The V. V. & E-So Says City Treasurer
Mr. James Addison returned home
from a three weeks visit to Victoria and
Vancouver, on a special stage from
Bos=burg. In speaking of the railway
situation he sa-,s that the ru.nor that the
Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern railway
would be built into thc Boundary country this season is based on good author
ity, and work on it will be ccmaienced
not later than the first wetk in April,
and quotes the leading members of tbe
government and Contractor Mann as
authority for this statement, whom he
interviewed during his sojourn in the
In reference to the Grand Forks
"innnicipal muddle" Mr, Addison was
informed t.ljat nothing could bs done re
garding the calling of a new election
here, until after the estimates had been
passed, which would be towards thc
end of the session. In the meantime the
present city council will continue to
t-ans.ict the business of the municipal-
ity, and when the measure comes up,
there will be a clause legalizing whatever they have done.
While he was in Vancouver he interviewed the members of the board of
trade of that city and fully explained to
tbem the rarlwny situation of this
district, and requested tbat they
would not do anything tbat would
ket*]) Mr. Corbin fiom gutting a chatter,
Mr. Add eon say; that Grand Forks is
most favorably known *jt Ihe coast.
A Social Session.
The members of the Associated Charities spent a very deiightlul evening
•vith Mrs. Dr. Averill last Wcanosday,
Alter a short business session, at whLh
Mrs. Averill presided, tliti evenir.g was
spent in liBtening 10 several selections
uf instrumental a"d vocal mnsic tendered by Mrs. Averill and Miss Jannle
Johnson, waicb was appreciated by
those present. O.ving to not being able
to obtain a hall the date of thc calico
bull was iitdelinately postponed. B", H.
McCarter was appointed a committee
of one to look after a hall, and Mir dames
McFarland and Larson, ar.d F. II. McCarter were appointed a committee on
music. The next meeting of the
associalion will bi held with Mrs. Chas.
Emmert en the first Wednesday in
April at 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, at
whicli time it is expected that the date
of the ball will be decided up-yn. An
old fashioned May D.iy Celebration and
May polo dance will 11L0 be discussed
at this meeting.
his attentions to raising pumpkins.
St. Patrick's day was pretty generally
observed by the people of Grand Forks,
and nearly everyone showed their loy-
nlity by wearing the green.
Somebody must have switched the
bottles on the boys. Six "scraps" in
one day and nobody hurt. "He w--o
tuns away will live to li^ht another
A)-. Charles Leary, of Spokane, was r.n
arrival in Grand Forks this week. Mr,
Leary is an old newspaper man and ex
peels to make Grand Foiks his luture
Sittings of the County Court.
At the sittings of the counly court
held by Ills Honor Judge Spinks lhe
following cas?; were dealt with.*
Manly vs Mitchell. Adjourned till
next court on payment of cos's of day
by the defendant H, S. Cayley for plff.
I. H. Hallett for Dft,
Van Ness vs Ke**r. Adjourned till
next court on payment of costs of day
by the plaintiff. Hallett lor Plff, Cayley for Dft.
Davey vs Averill. Adjourned at request of defendant. Defendant to pay
costs of the day. Cayley for Plff. Hallett for Dft.
Cronyn vs Costoll,-., city of Grind
Folk-, garnishees.    Adjourned till rtex
Judge Spinks left Wednesday morning for Rossland where he goes to hold
ti sitting of the counly tourt. From
there the Judge goes to Kamloops and
then to Victoria.
A. C. Sutton solicitor left yesterday
for Nelson, B. C, to attend ihe sitting of
he supreme couit there on the 21s:
inst. Mr. Sutton is representing Mr.
Roller: Clark in a suit envolvlng the
title of the well known "Boys" claim in
So.itlle camp.
L. .-V, Manly ro'.urncd home Sunday
from a 10 tlays business trip to Spokane
and Rossland. Ai na*,s tha* tne number of people in Spokane ib.tt is going
into Repuntic th.s season is wonderful
and ihnt ihe prospects are thit evrry
class of business will be greatly over-
H G. Ilrown owner of the Gamett
and K'n-r Bee mineral cbirns, situated
in Brown's camp gives notice »his week
that he bas made application to crown
grant these properties. If the owner
could loii1-*. at cr.Irs property as others do
ho would be satisfied that he had in
them the making of a mine.
In knottier column * ill bi f und the
advertisement nf Mr, Pete Hannan, carpenter arrd builder. Pete Is a first-class
'riechaii!c and jnv woikenlrusled tohim
will be executed in n manner thai will
insure satisfation, lie makes a spec-
ally of putting in store fronts, counted,
shelving, store fixtures :,r,d insrde finish
ing. Kstimates furnished on. application.
James Kerr cam;; over from Gr'en-
wood Tuesday on business connected
with the Kettle River Dressed Beef and
Provi.-ion company, which last week
took ovcr tbe butcher shop fdrmerly run
by Mr. Sears. For the present Mr
Flood, the manager of thc company.
wili havo charge of the busitiCSB here
and proposes to keep up their reputation of furnishing nothing but first class
An adverse has been filed against lhe
B C mineral claim in Summit camp, by
I.J. Ev-ins of Spokane, who it is said
is backtd up by 0. E. Lambert, oi this
city. The nev.t payment on this property is due nbout the 15th of May next
and tne action of Mr. Evans is looked
upon as nothing more than a blackmailing -cneine, hatched up for the purpose of bleeding someone out cf a few
Louie Gee, well known to many of
our cit'zeus us a "washre man," '"-is
fo ind dead in bed at his quarters about
noon yesterday. Gee bas b :en a MiflVr-
er from thit dierded disease consump*
lion for the prist two years, and for the
p ist two or ihree weeks has been failing
very fast. The funeral will tike place
tomorrow afternoon under the clircc-ron
of the t.tlicr "china boys" of the town
and will be according to lhe custom of
th^it country,
Grand Forks Mining Division.
ei.;itrn*.".Mi: op woiik.
March 11:-
llinl j| the Desort, Win. Mlllh.illrtn.l.
iiul.It'ii Bugle, c. M. Tobiason.
Josluandtit. i.' air, A. I.. :..•■■'..■.- ot nl.
Mureli Hi—
All .Ini nnrl Oniof-i, A. L. Rogers cl nl.
St. Olijlr, J. W. V'oung el ul.
Ilnviil Panner, .1. II   AsllOeld ol ul.
HorsoShoe, J. \V. Young,
Mureli 15-
Snowflilkc, M. F. V.'iltrs.
t irii'riF.e.iTK.s trr i.tn'iirivrtMirNi*.
Muilii 111—Ontario, Win. situtv.
March w-iinic-i, ry N. Marten.
M.iri-h 11—Cuba, ]4 interest, E. A. Bio'enbcrg
I.i T. A. Uiirliiinl.
Kettle River Mining Division,
March »:-
I.iintlini, Dcadwootl camp, Geo. Andrews anil
II. t. Wright.
Mitr.lt 11:-
Ar!)nglon>„t>]*ylurkcamp, J, P. Auderson.
Mitri-li l-Jr-
Monitor, lieiidtvrtitrl camp, H*. A. Bteleiiberg.
March 11:-
Eriiiiiii.li,, s. Benoriuan mnl (.-. I.. Thoinet
Hoi.Uiiy, I), c. McDpunld, John Lindsay aud
I.. S. M. Uiinelt.
Vlrrlrir, ,1'ntviilt-nt't., (.'. Ktuo!-:e.
March »!-
SlttitViiltqo, W. W. Iiililis, It. Ilfinirli-1* uml T.
Iiirnero arc.id ami Jowol, Leslie Hill.
t icrtTii-riytiK OF .'....rrrt.
Highland itu.--.-u. I' W. llet-alue.
i Fetiruary y.i:
1   Hninvsiiitc, Ureonwoodcnrnp, Robert Demzlcr,
Robert VYuud --.nil Tlitnitos Mylltntiiull.
j February 20:—
I    Truro, Qmss Mountnin, \.{ Interest, I.. ArchI-
11,1,1.1 in i.'lmrlcs It. Fltsmaurlce.
Aniicoudn, Kootenay anil Colun-bla, I- Inter
est in cnt'lt, 1-:. A. Bicluiiborg in A. Woodhouse.
I tllacte, Roriiiolre, Alininy uml Coltliubitt, lu
Interest nmi Little Itiith, Y interest, Win. SI,
i l.n-.v i.i |i\ I Miller.
•Slur l'uinlor, 15 interest, F.J. Miller tu W. M.
Jlnri-li 1:-
Black Prlaeo, KInterest, W. W. MoOarty to
M. Mnloiley.
March 8:—
Moonlight, !£ interest, Frank Clougli to M.
Teutonic, Clear Grit, Moonlight and Golden
Treasurer, all Interest, K. C. Hooper lo J. F.
Merry. in-
Goldon Fugle, r.,* interest, I'ltos. Humphrey to
L.T. MollltoU lliirtt-tr.
March sr-
Mj rtle Fraction, Jj intere'-t, Walter Stlrlltlgto
R. M. McEnllro.
At the Holds.
At the Alberta: Smith Curtis, Pet-r
C. Bess, Mat Corn, Dan Fraser, H. K
Llppman, Re". H. Irwin, Geo, Sinbcck,
Peter McCallum is building  an addition to the rcsiuen. e on his  (arm lying
court on payment  of costs ol  day   by   between the two towns.
plaintiff.   Hallett for  Plff.   Cayley  for
Glover vs Walker. Claim and counterclaim, dismissed, Ca>lcy for P.ff
Hallett lor Dft.
An Interesting Batch of News  From Rur
Spritrly Neighbor.
Thc Rev. McLennen expects to coon
occupy lhe mante.
Mr. Hanscom's famly arrived from
Nnt-ihport Wednesday,
0. E. Lambeit has purchased two lots
just in the ieL;r c-f tbc postoffice building.
The townsite company expect to have
iheir water system in working oider in
n ryl-.ort tune.
Police Court.
That well known character John Doe
and his running mate Richard Roe
have made their appearance in the cily.
These two distinguished individuals
aeem to have a faculty of getting into
trouble in every town thsy strike and
tbeir advent in Grand Forks was no exception to the rule, and Tuesday they
were up before Police Magistrate John-
sou charged with breaking '.he peace on
last Sunday by fighting. As this was
their first offence ihey were each fiued
$i, thc judge remitting the costs. His
Honor says that thc next victim that appears bofore him will have lo suffer for
these lellotvs getting off so light.
Another School Election.
Another school election will be held
on Saturday next, the 261b inst, for the
election of a trustee to fill the vacancy
caused by tbe resignation of Dr, lieu
Mr. W. C, McDaugal returned frum r.
business trip to Rossland Ian week,
where he went to close lhe R.i-.hniu ten
Mr. D. E. Norns has enclosed his
proporty with a neat picket leircy whli li
adds greatly to the appearance 1 I Lis
place. This is the first picket fence in
either town.
Tl eeatpenters have commenced work
on Chas. Hays' residence nnd the wuk
of framing the building will be commenced aa soon as the Inundation is
completed. A. L. McDonald bas thc
Eight men were at work on the town
hall tbis weok. The time for the com-
plect on ol the b.tJl las been decided on
and the opening has been announced
to take place on the evening of Easter
Monday, an i it is the intention to stake
the affair the event of the season.
D. E. Norris e pects lo have his hothouse in operation next week. Besides
being able lo supply lhe demand fot
tomatoe, cabbage and cauliflower plants.
heconttiyoplir.es trying the experiment
of supplying the market with early vegetables, such   as lettuce, onions, etc,
For S.*.,!e 3t a Bargain.
A dairy business; 20 cows  ami paying
milk route; all the machinery Ior making
it is understood that Mr.  Fred   creamery butter    The best   of   reasons
r      .      ,, . ,., I for   selling.   Address   box   20,   Grand
Cooper will be a candidate. Forks B.C. >
lugl, Frank Carpenter. A. A, Boo b,
Peter Jtix; Situ I Silverman, H. S.
Percy, Spokane; 0. W, Bell, Bossburg:
G. W. Brumberger, E.,) Edtvaids, .Mrs.
Millar, A. K. Stuart, Gieenwood, 13. C.
Jno. F. Honiinway, Old ironsides; E R.
Cleveland, Los Angel.is; Harry* B :d,
Trail; H. C, Barnhart, Warrincr, Idaho;
Jud^e Spinks, Leo. Norris, Veinon, II.
C; 1. H. Hill, Butte, Mom.; E. M. Hog-
djton, Colville; iUrry Kii.ffruan, H. J
Hcwtiz, Wm. t . Clary, James A. Ptick,
T, J. Millar, Republic; W. D. Glaze,
Wm. G. MeMynn, J. P. McLeod, M'd.
way; Mr and Mrs. Chas, Cumings, citv;
W. J. Snodgrass, Okanogan Fails, E. E.
Ilaichard, C. A Coffin, 11. C. Mine, W,
D. Barnett, Nelson, B.C.; G. J. T..mp-
kins, Denver, Coin.; F. A H inlon, Ed-
wall; H G. Phillips, Columbus, Kan;
San: G. H. Porler, W. E. Williamson,
H. Monroe, D. C. Stokerberg,  Marcus,
A..U-   T).,,l         A     I*     , .......f.....t     C...
^A::-A-:a"-/: y'' I^'^^^B^JS*-*'  ■■'  y  ,*'   *^^.^-S.tS, ,
0 ■<*■■£>■^■f&-2>--<?,.   •„. •„,-v.y•,.**'.s?^'.^^^>
Grand Fcrks, B. C.
'S a new House, wilh new Furniture SO^
and everything comfortable  for the frM
'traveling public, and has accommo- W
lions for a  larga  number of people. W
The Dining  Room   is   provided  wiih Qp
everything in the market. *■'/&
The bar  is repleted  wiih  the  best (vfe
Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ^
... -. mfc
-•^. *^-s-
iX-'^cB^i'- % *:0>^ii
*: ■■:<: r,,y <mix%L%^%%}ZKmkxxmtxxmm
The C. P. R.
**^ <C i- li    i
• S3
T-, ***
Bridge St., Grand Forks, B. C.    55
a a
ivery i&
II     Saddle and Pack Horses a Specialty,
p Open Bay and Night.
Freighters ran At
P Plenty of Stall Room1
Possongcrs lalren tu nil Points In liritish
Columbia ami ho Iti-servalfon at Reasonable ..lite ine a frill nittl get !,'V
I'rtees.   I H'lll useyoti rilrilt.
$%mo$mxxm}Qzmmxximxxm xx m
P »SSS j?a»8S898a9»98*»**»&*?a,    tv
« All Kinds oi
1 House Finish,
% Sash   Factory,
m        Store Fronts a Spccial'v
n) '
?3| T. G. COOPER,
S Mtiiiltfiii-tiifcr
ick and Lime.
\9      Contractor <>;' ;i:i kinds nf Ma5on Work.   Kstl
-^   innUBim v.nrkuh.iL'iiiiiiy i-.:   ;,.
| Furniture Made to Order, I Plain and
jj        Saloon and Store Fixtures.        jji:
latjn^:rswiu ,0';tivc i,ro,"pt liFancy Stationery
I E. Spraggett, 1
i      Grand Forks. B. C.     |
At the Preslan   A. S. Crowford, S|i(.
kr.ne;J. I, Lonj**, L.   H.  I,on*r,   Repub-
lei M. I. Wbaln,  Nelson; O.   Bardenu,
1,-iconda:] Loyeux, Notrh  Fork;  1*1.
 "--    '■*-'—--   ' r.   .   C.   Sindtr,
/iina-au.i ; j L-oyeux, iNtirni totk; c
l.avrfllpy, Chri-iii,;a l^kr; C. Sindei
("asendn City; Gcoriio B. Windsor, M
Thompson, Marcus; J P, McLocd, Mid
way; M, Dufour, citv.
Will Bc litre in Time,
The water works boiler is s-low^y but
surely nearii.j,r Grand Forks. At [ te-;.
ent it ishctween the Rock Cu* and Hall's
Ferry. Is w«is put on wheels on its ar-
rival at tin: Rock Cut last. Monday ant
it is expecttd that from now on that *h-.-
progress made «i!I 1)^' considerably
more rapid than i: has l*<.'<:n. Contractor Davey Is descrying of mm h credl'
for tbe persistent mannfr in which li
has acted to jjut the boiler and waier
works machinery in, anl if bc dot's not
succeed in ge ting it here in time to
have liis contract completed in thy sp* c
Ificd lime there should he no blame at-
inched to him as he has done everything in his power to do so. It ii has
been proven tiou- and time a^am thnt it
is imposs'.^!'- to auccvBafully handle
heavy macbincvv over mountain roads
111.the spring of the year an1 the gen
eral opinion seems to be that Mr. Dtvey
has been fully convinced of this fact.
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FOUKS,   B.   C.
Plan nn'l specifications tirawu, psri.nfltr. tur-
nlslicd in all kiiulsol bnililtng, Work; strlctly
Carpenter and Builder^
Estimates furnished on Application-   .store
Fronts mnl Flxini-s a Bpeelalty.
SnaiDS tills Week.
Do you know that now ia (in; time id
pick up Property
Before ThigSuminor Is over will have one
Railroad and Probably two ami Proi^erty
Will Double Every 60 Days.
Wat. h this Space For Snaps Every
JY'ii. Price.
A flne Lot on Riverside aromiOt I nivi ixi $  zoo oo
Good Lot nn Win ni pup aveiniR ..      400 <;o '21X1 00
Five room luni.se nnd 00-foot int  l.OCO 00 BfiO oo
Lai^e Store on HrldctesircLt  'j,s:iu in 1,500 00
Good Lot ninl st«>re in Upper Grand Porks, Ufr-u co 650 00
Beside,-. ttUundrpdothers, if you hsvoanythlup to'sell Lift It
wiili ii,e.   -tfo etfargu iinU'iitSnlp i» mude
if j-ou want 10 Buy anything come and sec ran and 1 will save
you money.   Address
Secretary flr.-iml Forks Townsite Co.
|(,^ Secretary Oraml Forks Townsite Co.       .tt
.4-...t^^^u    f.   I-,,,   m    mi   1111    ■   in    mi  ,m un   .i,    ,. . r     Sn.S»4H,S. ^
' x**^-tc--^-^*^-c*^>^*-c^-^-s-*^--^**t>i.;!ff-5r^* fj Timely Topics.  J
The Bohemian did nlso •-.•.in- lo bo
pretty hoi stuff.
Those back -.f the preseul rise In
wheat sny its further a cereal Btory In
tint! It's going in I it'inn.-.1.
in that Kentucky entertainment with
cards where eight people were killed
somebody surely played the deuce.
"What Bhall wo do lo keep Impurities out ot our mllkV" asks the llnllas
News. Keep Impurities oul ot the cily
"Cremate your Kugllsli grammar."
advisee the Sew York Sun. The average writer, however, la i-outcul nn relj
in murder it.
The man who hns eiiough money
aimui his clothes lo buy n proper Klondike outfit can casllj l.nj a farm nnrl
have :t sure tiling.
ICngland Ims l IT war vessels in course
nf construction. This means It sin- isn't
going in in- lhe greatest power on earth
Bhe int.ans i.r In- su nn walcr.
1.t,nil,.11 may have u monopoly of Iho
perfumed butter business; what this
country really needs In thai Hue Is an
u green I ile odor for the decadt ui egg.
The latest Inslunee ui dispensing
with llie "middleman" is supplied by
tin- s.-i..iiiisi who proposes to make
butter dlreel from tlte plants ninl veg
i-tnlilt-s which rows t-tit.
The Philadelphia Inquirer snys "I.tiel-
ti-i matches were lirsl made sevcuiy
years ago," hut there niusl he some
mistake nbotit Unit. Lucifer made matrimonial matches long before Hint.
A special dispatch from Xew Itnven
kivs tlnii n youug millionaire of Mint
place witn has been smoking a hundred
cigarettes a day hns decided to go lo
an lustiii.. asylum. Well, lie lias taken
Ihe right route.
The new counterfeit IflOO bill is ti
quarter uf an ini-h shorter lhan lhe g.-n-
niiu-.   Tu tist ihis ii is only necessary
to borrow one ot tin unterfells aud
then borrow one of the genuine nn.l
couipnre lliem.
Speaking of .Mrs. Ayer, whom no
Ktu'tipt-an prince wns able lo capture
matrimonially, ou American correspondent remarks Hull princes in Paris arc
iiltiinsi ns common ;is colonels 111 Kentucky. And in- inighl have added Unit
their ml.-- are uot half ns honorable.
"A Marylnud widow set ,-t benr-trap
In front ut' hcr smokehouse door," s.tvs
tt i-iinvni news Hem, "ami married ilu'
man .she caught In it." It must have
been tr desperate case; lhe overage widow never its.-.; any oilier snare than
"ihe magical Imp of nn auburn curl."
Prof. L'rnniptori, oi Columbia Unl-
verslly, 1ms discovered Hint ir is possi-
ble iu lugriil'l purl ul' nn.- Insect's body
ii|iuii part ul' a nol her Insect, This Is a
great scheme. Why nut combine Insects sn as it. eliminate the sunlit end
of wasps ninl the north eud ul' mosiiur-
New V.nit's Irii.-si outbreak nf aslnin-
li.v takes the form ul it new "Order of
Hie Crown," whoso quantitations fni*
inenibersblp are that "all applicants
must l)o lineal descendants from royalty." There probably will he very few
marriage eerllrtcntcs among the archives ..f thru society.
'lh.. IS-yenr-old King uf Spain is
about io Lu betrothed tu tin- Archduchess I-lllztilieih uf Austria mi tin- verge ul'
the divorce soon tn In- nnuounccd of tin.
Pearl ut' the Antilles from lhe crown of
Castile and Arragou. 'l'he Austrian
dynasty litis been unlucky heretofore
iu America, as the memory of Maximilian bears witness, ami the Monroe doctrine hns had much to tin wiih this.
There is something almost sublime
tu lhe fuel Htat a greal mathematician
wrote "Alice in Wonderland." Ii is n
fact lhat preaches a mighty sermon.
It says Hint a fairy tale tu lie greal
must be true. Mr. Hodgson, the greal
mathematician of Oxford, won success
ns n fairytale teller because he wns
able lo bring logic eveu Into a ilrenin
better If ri- gooil as nun „r Prank
Stockton, recently elaborated in ..tie ot
rim popular magazines, .-unl certainly
Btockton's story was more Interesting
eveu though lacking a few elements of |
fact.   Unl history may repeal its.-ir in -
llllll,ill-.'    StOek     Ill"    .llllr-s    ViT f'
i: •■ unrili pole, U Im .nn deny the possibility V
Wars nn.l rumors of wars, iu which
ih.- I'nlted States might he concerned,
either as principal or ally, have drawn
tin- nn..inii.n uf in., public tu the
strength or weakness of our nrmy and .
navy. Win. II. Curtis), the well-known
correspondent, throws light upon thei
hitter when he says: "The strength of
:i navy is measured by arbitrary rules,
and oui by ihe courage, experience nnd
-kill ui* ihe olllcers and crews of the ,
ships, li i- possible Unit the people of |
l'i.- Culled Sillies nn- tilth- lu wallop lhe
liritish without the slightest difficulty,
an,l thai in' are equal to Hn- Germans
ttiul I'tfiiili combined, Thill Is n inn* .
ter ul opinion, tnnl perhaps several peoplo wh.. have written tn criticise my
si.-iumt in lhat Uu- United Sinies is
fifth in thu list ut* nations may he eu-
llrely right, but practical experts hn
nut limit tit things Unit way. They
 nsiire n navy hy thr- armor, Un- tonnage, Un- horse-power anil lhe speed of
ihe ships, tnnl ih.. number, ihe caliber
nmi ihe ctTecllvo range rrf their guns.
together with the numerical strength uf
their crews. Por example, a ship of
."..niiu inns protected by armor is consld-
. red tn lensl 30 per ceut. more powerful
than a ship ut* iht- same lonnnge with-
..in armor. A ship ot 7,000 tons wiih
Hve rnpld-llre six-Inch guns is considered mon- powerful th.in ii ship ol* 10,-
000 tons wiih ii.ii old-fashioned, slow-
thing guns uf twelve-Inch caliber.
These measurements are made by rules
iliai are as unintelligible to laymen us
ilu- computations of astronomers concerning ihe heavenly bodies or those of
cugnleers In calculating Uu- strength of
tt bridge. While Uu- public mind may
exaggerate Un- strength of ihe United
Sinies navy, ii inn be estimated with
the greatest accuracy from a military
standpoint, whieh measures ihe courage, skill ami experience of combatants Un- same in nil nations."
After thirty-six years nf faithful service William il. Qttlnltin .Ir.. cashier ami
director of ihe Chemical National Hank
ul' .New  Vurk, made a  mistake,    Tho
presldeul of lhe I k tnnl his I'ellow-
direetoiv., on whom much of ihe burden
ui' his nel inns*, fall, call it l.y no harsh-
r-i name, and thu world has uot lhe
righl lu ilu -ii. ijitinlan lent the bunk's
money on securities which nuw appear
t.. In- worthless. Ilu soeius in have been
Un. ylcll f some of (hose most dim-
gerous ut' luniillcs,  ihe ovcrsnuguiuo
promoters ol* the Col, Sellers type,    lie
hail tt legal, though nnr a moral, right
tu iiuike the hums, lie tlitl nol prolit a
dollar by Ihem. When he discovered
thai In- had mnde it mistake and that
his bank would probably i»- a loser to
Un- amount ul nearly ^1111-1,0(10, In- miidu
a simple, dlreel anil frank confession
of Un- fault, anil resigned. The bunk
can sininl ihe loss, The hetivlosl blow-
falls upon ih'' devoted gray bond uf iis
faithful servant. Por lu- was faithful.
Por ihirty-slx years lu- had worked for
lhe bank, lb' had occupied a position
ut* ih,. greali si trust, ll.- had held Ihe
Instil ul Inn iii almost equal nffecllon
with his family, ilu had given lo its
growth ami developntenl his most
watchful care and tin- aoutesl powers
ut' his iniinl. lie had passetl upon hundreds rn' dollars worth nf securities for
it. placed millions nf dollars of ils money, always wllh thi- feeling that what
In- tlitl would I r beuelll to thc Institution he served, nnrl Inking deep sntis-
fnctlon in it. How. ihen, did he tin lhe
bank litis injury? Thai is lhe question. Tlte directors say ii was temporary aberraiion, They say he lenl Ihnu-
-rnitl- iu ti ninn tu whom no sniio cashier would hnve lent n silver quarter,
This is charitable ami possibly incor-
t i. 11 nttiy be that long success deceives, mnl Unit as age advances men
must watch themselves more ami more
closely, lesl Ihey bluuder, At besl it is
rr mystery.
Society Fad!
Tlte world of novel writing is to be
represented at ihe Klondike, as John
Maekle, the author of "They Hint Sit
In Darkness." Is preparing for mt expedition to that region.
Mink Twulu's new humorous siory.
which he is now wilting iu Vienna, ls
io go lo the Ladies' Home Journal,
which magazine has also secured P.
Marion Crawford's new slory. a title of
ihe unreal, with the strikingly uncanny
title of "The Dead Smile."
Sir Martin Conway will shorlly Issue
h lKx>k of travels, being tin account of
further explorations in Spitsbergen.
I/Hst year S-lr Martin confined himself
almost entirely to the eoast parts til'
Spitsbergen; Ibis rime In- has been ou
the high Inland portions, where Ihere Is
Utile but lee. Between Uu- two liooks
the Islutiil Ir. exposed lo the world.
A note recently received by Ilough-
lon. Mlttlln <S* Co.. tiie authorised pub
Ushers t.f Longfellow's works, from
Alice M. Longfellow, lhe poet's duugh
ter, throws this light upon ihe pronunciation of the mime Hiawatha: "The
pronunciation used by father was 'He-
awa-lha,' lhe accent on the tirm syllable being slighter than ou the 'wa,' tlie
'a' sounded Hke 'a' lu 'mar,' not 'war,'
as souietluies used. I should lie glud
to hnve this Impressed ou the public."
ln Mine, Couvrcur f'T'nsma"), who
died ut Brussels while still almost "In
her earliest youth," the London Times
loses a zealous and able correspondent
nud Australia one of the liest known
of bet- novelists. The authoress of
"Vncle Piper of Piper's Hill" was a
woman of no ordinary ability, and from
time to lime many bright and amusing
stories from her pen His well as the
serial novel. -'The Penance of Portia
James") appeared. Mme. Couvreur
was probably the best living delineator
of life ai the antipodes, and Hie place
she has left vacant Is uot likely lo be
soou tilled. Her husband, M. Auguste
Couvreur, once a promlneul Belgian
politician and economist, tiled some
three years ago. nnd his widow hail
been lu Ill-health for many months
nt it
i-llt Hit art is tc elegant
Send any size or kind  of
"-   rned
photo with name or address plainly written on back, which will be ret
to you unharmad or disfigured in any manner.
Large aits, like till, One for illi-la., Tin  for nil.oo, I,,.-,ill int- a UK. rolled
■rolfl enameled brooch.   Small size, one for 'rr. els.. Three
forSOots.   Iluit.l painted »5 ots. each extra.
Owing tt. the special low Drive m nre rnrrkirii*. to Intrti.liitre these goodll, we [dust Invarlsblj
have Cabm With 0111.1:1:    We lolldl eorresponaence.   Bend stamp (or highly Illustrated (rata
inane it work nl un.   [Salesladies ind Salesmen wanted, P5.00 per week- nn.l expenses.   Nu ox
iii-ilein-c necessary,    oi'ii <*i:.vitANTi-.Kr If goods ure not salislsetory,money will lie re
Funded, ur inw photo, tarnished.   Estimates luriiishe.l (rom one dozen or nue iniiuou.
L. P. DAVIS CO., Dept. K, Chicago., Illinois.
With a piece ol string and a lillie sand
nud grease some Hindoo convicts recently sawed through tin iron bur two inches
in diameter in live hours tnnl escaped
fttiiii jail.
iir-   col lisle.
it is anuouueed that the Italian Gov-
eminent as a revenue measure intends
tu sell ih.- lltlo of prince for 558,000,
marquis for $0,000, cotiul for $4,000,
and baron fur $1,000. The story undoubtedly is a canard; imt it' it were
true ii would lie a great advantage to
tlie  heiresses   uf   ihis   country,  who
could Ihu11 l.llj tl lltlo virtu.til being
compelled to accept lhe baggage which
UOW goes with il.
The latesl (ml iii London is perfumed
bullet-. You can gel most any odor you
wain by calling for ii, and it they don't
lmve it In stuck Ihey will semi mil I'm*
lhe extract that   "HI give it.    There Is
butter here In America thai would be
Improved, perhaps, by n little oulslde
scenting, hut mosl uf it is too strong
tn be trifled with, on Uu. other hand,
there are eggs well, there are eggs in
taming which tin' Inventor uf tin- perfume fad could win eternal tamo.
Gold-laden miners from the Klondike
continue lo arrive over those torriblo
passes aboul which we have heard so
much, ami "in. party of them follows
another wiih a regularity that hints at
something much like a conspiracy on
the part of the first prospectors lo exaggerate the dangers ut' tin- Journey
und so prevent loo minute a division of
the new-found treasure. If tlie miners
could make Iheir way from liawsuii
city lo Skaguay in the middle of December, the jolll'ltey Is not Impossible
ut any tint'-.
It Is not long since Jules Verne Urst
entertained the world with his marvelous submarine boat, yet bis conception
became reality lu less thun u generation. Hence it will not do hasllly to
ridicule tin- sehemo of rr young Haiti-
morean named Alfred Itledel to reach
the uorlh pole under the lee. True,
there seems nothing lu his plan, so fur
M the newspaper accounts go,  mucu
Recently Elected to llie Presidency ot
Monmouth, ill.. College.
Itev, s. u. Lyons, win, bus recently
been elected in ihe presidency of Monmouth Ull.) College, has beenii minister
iu ilte service of Un- United Presbyterian Church I'm* ihe pasi eighteen
years, Ihlrlccn of whieh have been
spent ns Un* pastor of one of the lending churches of Bloom!tlgtou, Ind. He
has u,i mile familiarity with institutions uf education. During lhe past live
years he has been a member of the
Board uf Trustees nf ihe University of
Indiana, nnd much of Hint time he bus
served as secret ary of Hn- (acuity. He
i- mi eloquent orator, a vigorous writer
mnl rr iiinii of wide culture and modern
Dr, Lyons is a unlive of Wlunslioro,
s. i',. mnl is is years old, When In- wits
n ind uf t; hi- parents, owing lo their
dislike uf -Invery, removed from tho
wv all know what toothache Is. wllh lhe
naaglng, Jumping, throbbing of a single
nerve In a single tooth. Now when wc
come lo reflect Hint a system of nervc-S
concentrated In some part uf tin- body arc
till aching til onee, with their lliroua tnnl
pulsations of pain, we know whin tbo
worst form of neuralgia Is. It is very
common, very violent, simply because it
is, very often, like toothache, allowed to
lillie lis own course. Now 11 is known as
a fact thai when SI. Jiteoh's Oil Is used
on llie inirts affected, with pntlent application, Uu- pain will succumb and relief will
certainly follow. This is true ot acute or
chronic eases, founded upon th*. testimony of many who have becn cured of
the worst form.
-I'lre riirelinserH of Hie Hope Mine nl
iiasiii, Mom.—liritish Columbia
Properties Bonded—Onyx Mines lu
Stevens County
swank  District.
WiinIi.—In     Hie
Wluil in one sense is the most Important strike ever mnde otl Hie North Fork
hits just been made on the Jackson, a
claim six miles above Murray, Idaho,
owned iry Charles Manlcy and Charles Til-
den. The lead la 14 feet wide anil carries
ore from wall to Willi. Five feet of Ihis is
almost pure galena, the balance being
good concentrating ore. It lias long been
known  Unit  there   is n silver-lead bell
before, hut the product has not proved uf
commercial value in sen*- eases, owing lu
the fact that it could not bc extricated
except in a fragmentary slate.   The ledges
near Valley  station, in Stevens county,
■ nre said to be ol sueh a character tlt.it ini-
' niense blocks of the materia] lie at the
fool ul lhe cliff broken off by lhe action
nl the elements The must Important problem Hint confronted llie people who were'
developing lhe quarries,after the question
of il market had been settled, wns wheth- j
er the stuff could be quarried in blocks t
large enough to be of use for heavy orna- j
mental work without piecing  tnd patch-
, ing,    Secretary Nofdykc, of the United
.Slates Marble Company, hns returned to:
I Spokane from n visit to the .puirries witli
the news tlnii, the experiment has been I
Hied ami the result exceed yd expectations.
Slollie iiuuhe-. Group.
i    Xew Denver, P.. C.  reports lhat another I
' deal has been consummated on the Mollie
Hughes group.   This property was bought
line., weeks ago by local men for $2.1110.
11 has been held for three years by George
, nnd Felix Hughes, who did a great ileal of
work nn il, but were unable to sell nt a
' figure siiilable lo them,   At Inst, thor-
' uuglily discouraged, (leorge Hughes, who
'had  secured control  of the enlire prop-
■erly, sold the group at the small figure
named,   The late purchasers put men lo
i work at. onee, and results were so good
lluil  capital was at onee inlcresled, and
Ion February 20 Uu- group wits sold to tlte
Englfo.li syndicate operating in lluil sec-
I Hon fur $411,0110.   The terms of the agreement are 10 per cent down, the balance in
one year.   It is understood .'10 or 40 men
will be put to work on the property ns
soon as ui-iirngeinents enn be made.
Better Times   In   Kant--   (rump.
The news comes from Eagle, Idaho,
that the scheme now in process of development lo dredge the deep placers of thnt
pint of the Coeur d'Alenes promises to
,ible ufter the
A hundred years ago unlive oysters
wire sold in England nt the price ol a
penny fur five.
erossing the country towards tho head of mako a decided difference in conditions
Pilchard ereek, bul nothing near equal to j around Eagle this summer.   Not that the
Ihis lins ever been found there before, nnd
I tlte
iiibahlv nothing Ims ben uncovered
Have Mouths of Gold.
The expression "He has a heart of
gold" will soon be changed lo "He bus
a mouth of gold." If ibe opinions of a
London tl.-nrlst are not exaggerated.
He says:
"From a variety of causes teeth up
pear to decay much earlier ami much
more rapidly than ihey used io do, In
(*onsei|iienee ihe study of denlstry has
progressed by leaps and bounds, until
now I'. Is really astonishing what can
be done In the way of arresting decay
md In sur-niounlalng the affliction when
It has run Its course.
"In oue sense Ihere lire people whose
mouths   are    veritable   gold    mines, i
Speaking broadly, the people of London carry no less than £40,000 or £50,- !
II0O worth of gold aboul with litem In I
Iheir  mouths,  representing something j
between two or three hundred weight, j
It  conies ln books,  each sheel  being i
hammered out it: the thinness of tissue
paper.    The books cost nbout ill each, i
but each bonk represents a tremendous
amount of dental  work -work  which j
might be estimated at about £20.   The
demand for gold  filling nnd stopping
ls increasing year by year.    Iu spile of
other substances whieh lmve (rom time
to time been tried for economy's sake,
gold «rtlll stand supreme.   Aluminium
was at one timo spoken of as a rival
which threatened lo OUBt the more pre
clous metal from use, but the demand
for gold has steadily Increased, and no
doubt  will continue to do so.     The
iwnou'it annui'lly spent by lhe people of I
London on their teeth Is very little less ;
than half a million sterling.   A mem-
ber ot the profession recently  volun- I
t-oered his opinion that in two or three ,
years' time the people of Londou would
be carrying in their mouths gold to lhe
value of £80,000    Just think of that.
Theu bear in mind that such no amount
of gold represents nearly half a million
sterling In dental  work."
We are asserting in the courts our right to tlte
exclusive use ol Hi*; word  * CASTORIA," iinU
"FlTClll-lR'SCASTOKlA," as our Trade Mark.,
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyanals, Massachusetts,
the same that has borne and dues now- bear lint
facsimile signature of CHAS. II. l-'l.KTCUUR nn
every wrapper. This is the original" PITCHER'S
CASTORIA" which has been used la the homes
of the inol hers of America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it iv
the kind you have always bought, and lias tile
signature of CHAS. II. KU-ITCIIKK ou the
wrapi-er. No one has utlthority from me lo use
my name except The Centaur Company uf which
~has. H. l-letcher is President,
March S, :*'/,>.        SA.MUliL PITCHER, M.D.
Cotter d'Alenes to exceed it. No assays have been reported from it, but old
miners attending court ut .Murray are n
unit in pronouncing it similar to tlie ore
from the Standard on Canyon ereek. All
the way from the neighborhood of Raver
over to thc Mountnin house there have
been discoveries of galena, and there are
old lown will ever again assume the position Unit il hold during thc lirst rush,
when it was lhe grent center of the
camp, hut there wili lie a decided increase
in lhe number of men working around
there, tlie past few years having seen
most of the claims in tlie vicinity lying
idle, although iu both quartz and placer
there is plenty to work on.
The machinery fur the dredging plant
not wanting men who predict Unit the j ia a|| 011 *j10 ground, aud the contract for
day is coming when the Nortli lrork will
not only be a great gold producer, but will
run the South Fork a close race for supremacy ns a silver-lead producer. Whirl
lias hehl development work back in this
district bus been the lack of transput la
the ue
ssury lumber litis heen let to the
aw mill, to be delivered as soon
A Chat With Miss Marie Johnson.
The balance wheel of a woman's life
Is menstruation.
Irregularity lays the foundation of
many diseases, and is in itself a symptom "of disease. It is of the greatest
importance that regularity be accomplished as soon us possi
flow is an established fact.
Lydia B. l'i
ham's Vejjetuble
Compound is t
known to
health became so
poor that I
bad to
sohool. I
was tired all the time, and had dread*
Jul pains in my sido tmd back and head.
I waa also troubled with irregularity of
menses, and lost so much ilesk thut my
frionds became alarmed.
" My mother, who froiocxperience, is
a firm believer lu the Pinkham remedies, thought perhaps they might benefit mc. I followed tlie advice Mrs.
Pinkham gave me, und used Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ninl
Liver Plllsand am now ns well ns 1 ever
was."—MtBB MAKiK F. JouNSos, Ccn-
traliu, l'a.
liu-siu is making extensive arrangements for tlie peoplo of Siberia to put
millions of acres under cultivation and tu
build great factories along lite line of tlie.
new railroad.
Governor Bastings lias issued a proclamation designating April K nnd 22 to be
observed ns Arbor days iu Pennsylvania,
New Zealand hns 22 establishments for
freezing meat for l-luropcnn markets. They
enn handle 4,000,11110 sheep a year.
ln the Missouri Pacific hospital at Kansas Cily an operation was performed by
lhe hospital physicians recently on Leo
Selfrled, a hrakemnn, whoso skull wus
crushed in an accident. A little more
thnn six square inches of skull were removed, ami severnl ounces of brain tissue,
taken nut. lie is able In litlk, but forgets words, nitines und phrases, but not,
Knglish farthings are no lol
lo he mistaken  fur lialf-sovei
now they are minted not only
ent size mid design, hut  even ,
out color, being a dull bronze.
ger likely
•igns, foi-
if a tlilTer-
if a differ-
tiou, it being evident that a claim must |0]lll |,nnaic gravel by lhe   thousands   of
I be abnormally rich in order to pay for: y,u.,*s, .,„ ;1 quartz  '(.|tnip   its   history is
present  conditions, | yet •„ |„. written.    There arc   us good
ledges around Eagle as around Murray,
the gold ribbed    bands running   through
iical ions     He remembers nuthing since
us tin. condition of thc roads will permit. I the accident, but every event before that
While tlte placer days ure past except j time he remembers distinctly,  The physi*
for tin- miner working iu u small   way   si*ms nay ho willr-acover.
A   carload of goats was shipped  Into
Moiiiesauo from Portland lhe other day.
working   under   the
: while nothing but. concerted development
work or the discovery of something ah-
the  country in
tout-lied i r sitn[
Allen'a Fool-Ease, a powder for the feet,
it cures painful, swollen smarting feet and
Instantly takes tho sting out of corns and
bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of the age. Alien's l''oot-Ktise makes
tight-lining'or new shoes feel easy. It is a
certain cure for chilblains, sweating, damp,
I callous and hot, tired   aching  feet.     We
j have over 10,001) testimonials of cures. Try
It today.   Kohl by all druggists and shoe'
'stores. By mail for 26o. ill stamps. Trial
package FREE.     Address Alleu S. Oliu-
i sled, Ce Hoy, N. Y.
directions, either minted ami hehl by
nm III feet per annum upon
-sessnieut work. Nothing is doit, but the goltl shows at tlie
old is here    to
The absinthe drinker, with ids pule,
drawn, omaeiated features, is n familiar
figure on the Paris boulevards, Thc
liquor is a villainous concoction of spirit
flavored with wormwood.
I normally great would ever in in,
transportation facilities.
The lfope Kline. . |)lrn
The recently organized coinpnny which  then
purchased the Hope mine ut Basin, Mont.,  vein
the other day has just let tlte contract for  surfnee, nnd lhe placer
sinking the shaft 200 feet.   There will he show that It   was  here  in   considerable
uo delay in sinking, for Uic contractor quantities,  Beside   the  goltl, it is   only
• must employ three shifts and will use a . s01ne ]u,if dozen miles to where line ga-
Hurley drill in the work.   Tlte company | |Cna hits been discovered, nnd beyond Unit
j has ordered new machinery fur the Hope j nobody knows what may be in store for
; mill, whicli will bc practically remodeled,  tint prospector, as the country is almost a
I as a new process is to be introduced.   The j terra incognita.
i new machinery is expected io bc on the >i>i,,. Trilby Group.
Tlie Trilby group oi seven mines, situated in the Swank district, Kittitas
count v, Wash., has been sold lo a I'liiln-
aud the animals will be put. on a ranch
nenr here lo help clear oil the land.
Public improvements now proposed in
Seattle, exclusive of the construction of
the Cedar river water system, aggregate
in estimated cost almost $200,000.
The nnme "yokel," which we apply lo
an awkward rustic, signified formerly one
I witn yoked oxen and oilier animals
After bplnp HV.'Indled by nil othern. floml un
stamp for tJiirticularn of King Solomon's Tiviih-
ure, the ONI^Y renewer of nmnly strength.
MASON CHEMICAL CO., P. O. Box 7-*7, Philadelphia Fa.
Iii India tho rdododondron grows lo
height ni" :td fret Marigolds and cam.
miles in Nortli Africa reach si licighl <
[our or live feet.
CITS Ffrraai ui iily Cuml. No His or nervousnea
rllw after firm OiiV'tJ urn* of Ur. KliiuVs Orent
.Sf'iVt'1-.t-sKiriT. Kcrnl for MIMIC Wtt.OO trial
boltlnHndtrwitiRP. DR. K. U. KLIKifi, UA, WW
Arch street, PhlladelpUltt* l'a.
In iTupan then' arc apples trees ;
about tour inches hi^h, which bo
freelv, about tlio size of currants.
Li' fruit
Tongue 'I'liniflPi'M.
If your toujfues be !n good eoiidition
for doing a little acrobatic work, try
rending the following wordcurloslry
aloud. It may be familiar to some of
you. for ll Is oue of thc treasures that
tho Boston Journal dug up out of au
old scrap-book:
]f you stiek a stick m-ross a slick
Or stick i CVOM acrn«s u stlek
Or erns* n stick acrois a stick
Or mick a cross across a cross
Or cross a cross across a stick
Or cross a cross ocrosw a eroh«
Or stick a crows slick acvoiB a stKR
Or stick a crossed stick RCI'OSB a eroKno.1
Or cross a crossed stick across a cross
Or cross a crossed stick ncross a slick
Or cross a crossed slick across a crowded
AVould that be an acrostic?    i
We will forfeit $1,00(1 If any or our published tesllmonals arc proven to be not
genuine.    The gjgo Co., Warren. Pa.
There isn"t a saloon between
Ala., and Paducah, Ky., on the
the Tennessee river, a distance
banks of
of   atm
Another phase of the cigarette smoking
evil is attracting the attention of Cincinnati physicians in the case of Joseph Savage, in years old, in one of the cily hospitals. Through smoking 40 cigarettes
a day he contracted an ulecv which destroyed the membrane behind the palate
In his throat, and he now exhales smoke
from his oars :is well 08 from his nosliils.
und and set up within 40 days. The j
j new Hope company purchased tlie mine
from fhe receiver of the First National
I hank, who bought it for his trust hist
.lanuary upon foreclosing a lien held
against (he property by thc bank. The
sale, which was made upon the. authority
of the courts, wns made on condition that
M. h. Uewett, the general manager of the
coinpnny. should pay to the receiver $34,-
01 il) of receiver's certificates against the
bunk and give his nole for $60,000. Upon
the payment of the note and after compliance with other conditions of the agreement, one of which requires the company
to sink the shaft down 200 feet within a
year from March Iii next, the title will
pass into thc hands of the company absolutely.
Several Proper*lvn  nomlc.l,
0. 1). Maekay of Trail, li. C„ who is
understood to represent tho Anglo-Columbian Company of London, is at Boundary
(.'reck examining thc several properties
which his engineer, 1{. W. Miufarhinc, has
secured for him under bond. These are
the ltuby, in Smith's enmp; (he C. O. 1).
group, in Long Lake cam]); thc Snowshoe,
in (Ireenwood camp, and the Republic
group, in Smith's camp. The amount of
the Snowshoe bond is ^00,000, payable in
four instalments, covering a period of one
year. Work is being pushed on the claim
1 in order to test as far as possible the
value of thc property before the first payment falls due. Tlie bond on the Republic is for $75,000, of which $3000 has already becn paid, and the balance i:
delphia syndicate for $10,000,   The money
has been paid, and Robert Engcls, who
came out to manage thc property, has left
for the mines to push work on them.
A   Stir   in   Pierce  District.
There is already evidence of a stir in
lhe Pierce district for the season of 1808.
Placer miners are preparing for work,
which will soon commence, as the snow is
melting rapidly. Most of those, going in
now are men who have heen working
claims for years past, succeeding iu cleaning up enough in the fall to make them
good wages.
Tlie western portion of the camp appears to bo the most, active part of the
district, while most encouraging reports
come from the MusRelshell district, 20
miles east of Pierce The work in the
latter district is mostly confined to
quartz, since the discovery of a rich ledge
last summer by some miners who were
praeer mining. The rock assayed $000 to
the ton, and occasioned much excitement I
at thc time. Work lias been kept up on
the Pioneer mine, and with the aid of an
nrastu some ore lias heen crushed, which
eA'en with this crude method paid the
men well. A shaft is being sunk and arrangements arc being made to put a five-
stamp mill on the property this spring.
I'll I mer  Mountain   DIM trict.
The past season has been a roeovd-
hreaker for tiie Palmer Mountain mining
In proportion
about 25 limea a
to its
i fasl a
llKO  a   II v   wal
I onyx havo been opened in the northwest
iiev. s. I!.  LYONS
South and setllcd at Maris-a. III. Thera
Iir. Lyons worked on a lann and attended ithe district schools between
times. When he reached his majority
he determined to engage himself lu lhe
ministry, and after his graduation from
Monmouth he entered tbe Xenhi (Ohio)
Seminary. Ills first charge was at his
did home, where he remained until
1885, when he went to Hloomlng-ton,
Monmouth's new president Is a genial,
charming man. a capital story-teller, a
warm friend and the bead of au Interesting family.
A fat man doesn't care to be told
th,vfc he is smart, or good-looking; be
wants to be told that be ls growing
thinner. -,    -.   .• -    * ■——i
Turkey Within a Turkey.
A St. LouK Mo., commission nmr-
chunt has brought to light a phenomenon which Is attracting the attention of
fccit-nliHts Iwe. While one of tlie employes of th« commission house was
dressing a turkey hen Iip was dumb-
founded to find In Its Interior a live.
well-feAt he red young turkey as large
ss a full grown pigeon. It is perfect
lu every way excepting the bead, which
was attached to Ihe mother and Is a
fatty growth. Tiie little turkey died
rr soon as U was severed from Its d.nid
mother. 11 was preserved in alcohol
aud Is now in the collection of Ihe
Missouri Medical College, where it is
attracting the attention of the medical
Use only one heaping  teaspoonful of
s   Best
quart of flour.
Su must um twe teaspoonfuls of other baking powder.
three instalments, extending ovor a period   district in advancement and development
of IR months.   The bond calls for at least j In faet all the Okanogan county with its I
$.")(KI0 worth of development work. j diversified resources   has   enjoyed   pros-1
Huge Onyx mocks. pcrily in a high    degree.    Tlie   ranchers.
Tlie development, of the immense depos- j have received good prices for their abuml- !
its of onyx and marble in Stevens county ant crops; the stockmen have disposed j
is being watched by mining men with of a large number of horses that were driv-
more than passing interest.    Deposits of j en to points across lhe line in liritish Co- !
lumbla; the price of beef cattle has boen
|higher than since IMS, and more money;
has been spent in mining development
l than in any one year since the lirsl min-
i era] discoveries were made iu the district.
DuOtly  Mill   Will  Nliirt   A will ii.
Murray, Idaho, reports that Uia Daddy
{ mill is expected to start up again soon.
I l''oi' sonic weeks il has been idle or only ,
i running part   time, owing  to a  scarcity
of ore, the development work    not   liav- j
ing kept pace \\illi the miners.   The lower
tunnel is now almost Into the ore chute,
I and when it is cut it will not he long un- 1
i til stamps   will   bo   dropping   regularly
again,    The   Daddy  runs  more steadily
| than any other mill iu tlie gold belt, aud ,
it probably pays the most dividends.
Both tlio hk'UhhI ainl resnlts when
Syrup of Pigs is taken; it is pleasant
ami I'ot'roshilig to tlio taste, and acta
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Fins is tin-
only remedy ol ils kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in'its
effects, prepared only from the most.
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend il
to all and bave made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in Bfl
.-ent bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist vhn
may not have it on baud will procure il promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
LOolStlllU, ItY. NEW rOflK. #.**.
V.'e ui. li I  .iMiin l.'0,(XX)
i ■inei*.■, mnl notionofla
1 I'tijr tlDay Kaili-li.
Nik*. Kurly S|triiit! Tumi;-,       Mb ?
"      Kuril.-!  li.-.l l*i---, UK) -J
"    lli-uii-u-i'l** Uii-Miniirr,
"   o.u'i'ti yfotorts bottuooi
•■    KliiuilykiiMeli.ii.
"    .t-iu.lm liiiuit Oidcn, V
"      iiriilii.nl. Flowor hci-il",
Wortli $1.00, for 11 Mttt*
Al.-.v.. 10 1'lor.i. forth #1-110, we Wf|l j
iuijI v.iu free, tnfi-'th-iT witli uur j
icrunt Plnat nmi Beeu Ontitips
ni ii hi r iut of iii in notice nud l.
t. i-.i it ci-.   Wo i i iv m- .vim- triil-i ami ]
nuw vrlioii yim 0000 try BtlSU'l (
hi-i'-In viiii will IIOVIT Kl't  ■iloti't wiili-  I
mil   ihem.   I'uliitocHut Sl.oO I
allbl.CatAlofiHimiotk:.  No.
hU/.KIl    SEttJ   CO.,    U    CROSRK,   WIS, j
to   a
Type, Ink, Wood Goods and Machinery.
To the Printers!
Is it WronR?
Get it Right.
Keep it Riglit.
j Moore's K«vei,lfil Kennedy willrloit. TlilBO
Kiiipi'iin- William, in n speech, to naval : d0Eelj wln m,tc you (eel Iroticr.   oet It (rom
i-ccriiila,   sniil:     "-Wliero* Um   German j yotir druggist or any wholesale drug house, or
.-.._.  C.........-«   f.   II..1......   IVn-n.     Cn.il.ra
nnrl fixed Its
in ntiil will
• •••
A« i lie Kn-cH-ili hee \Jtt.
Reports iu the noi-lcly columns of thu
Knglish newspapers say tliat "the lor
mayor of Missouri recently attended
his inaugural ball lu a Prince Albert
coat, white duck trousers, russet slices,
a turndown  collar without a necktie ,
and pearl gray gloves, to say nothing | If you want to Increase your plant; or change machinery, let us flgure with you
of a black dotted white vest."
I f you are poor you are proof against
eome of the Ills of people who have a
little money: attorneys' tee for iu-
ftaaco. ~~
American Type Founders' Co.,
JNO. H. OODEN, lo Monroe St.
Manager, Spokane Branch.
eaglu 1ms seized li
thai country is <i
To stop burglaries oi Paducah, Ky., n
curfew law 1ms been adopted by the cllj
council, and Rusptciotts characters are being driven out of town by a vigilance com*
A social purity campaign, started in 0s-
kalmsa, la., 1ms resulted in 47 indictments being found against its citizens by
the grand jury und the suspension nl' tho
county attorney.
The Garfield "cormpi practices law" 1ms
been sustained by tho Ohio supreme court.
The law limits the amount of money
whieh eandidates for public offices may
spend to secure election,
tn Japan coins are generally of iron,
uud in Shun they arc chiefly of porcelain.
Experiments are to be made in free mail
delivery in Bucks county, Pa
from Stewart & Holmes Ding Co., Seaitle.
INDIAN  WARSwri-,r.,r*-„*,
I ruBtton ImporUotto mirrUornatta wldowi* ---I
ImliimwMrvi'ierniiH. TA BKR & WUITMA N CiU
, iviistonanii Pateut Attorney*- WfuimtiftOD- i>. (.
for tracing anil locating Gold or Hilvor
r».  lost  or  burled trcitsuri'M.   M.  1>»
>AVI,EK.ll<ix a:i7.H(mlliiii«toti.Couii.


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