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The Grand Forks Miner Dec 3, 1898

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Array \
Duncan D. Monroe and Alice
Hay Married Last Tuesday Evening.
The Oroom Is a Prominent Young Man
ol This City  and  tbe  Bride  the
Daughter of one ol Our float
Esteemed Citizens.
A pretty wedding was solemized last
Tuesday evening, Noy. *X)".h, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hay, when
Mr. Duncan D. Monroe, and Miss Alice
Hay were united in marriage. The
happy event, which was one cf the most
noteable to take place this season, was
witnesseti by a few invited friends of tbe
family and contracting parties.
At 8.30 o'clock, the groom, accompani.
ed by tbe best man, M D. White, took
his place in front of ths bay window, at
one end of tbe spacious parlor. Immediately after, the bride entered on tbe
arm of her father followed by the
bridesmaid, Miss Ethel Hay.
Tbe word's were said which joined tbe
two young lives for aye, by the Rev.
Wallace, of tb* Presbyterian church,
and were very impressive. After the
ceremonies were over and congratulations had been offered, the invited
guests together with the bride and
groom and their parents sat down to
a sumptuous wedding banquet. At the
close of tbe repast Mr. Monroe responded to the toast, "Tbe Bride and Groom"
in a very appropriate manner. Tbe assembly then adjourned to tbe parlors
and a most enjoyable evening was spent
in dancing, singing and social intercourse. Tbe pleasant pastime was continued until midnight, when tbose present bid adieu to the happy couple, who
took tbeir departure for tbeir new borne,
in rooms over Mr. Megaw's building, on
Bridge stieet, where tbey will reside for
the winter. On leaving the house the
newly wedded pair were showered with
r'ce, and old shoe, *(tcr old shoe, was
thrown after, them to give them good
luck on their journey through life.
The bride and groom were the recipients of many handsome and useful
presents among which were noticed the
A handsome solid gold neck chain,
from tbe groom to the bride; a half
dozen silver knives and forks, Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. (Jarland, Portage La
Prairie, Manitoba; pepper and salt
dishes, Miss Buddie Johnson; sett
dishes, Mr. H. Sweeney; silver cake
basket, Mr. and Mrs. A. Dismore; combination salt and pepper castor, Mr. and
Mrs. Ferguson, Kaslo, B. C; hanging
lamp, Mr. and Mrs. E, Spraggett; half
dozen silver knives and forks, the
Missses Garland, Portage La Prairie;
china syrup jug, Miss Maggie Johnson;
embroidered silk picture drape, Mrs. T.
Strudy, Portage La Prairie;carving sett,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hay; massive
bronze clock, M. D. White; silver truit
basket, Mr. and Mrs. P, Wright; one
half dozen silver knives, Mr. and Mrs.
P. McCallum; parlor lamp,Mr, and Mrs,
F. H. McCarter; sett silver strawberry
spoons, Dr. and Mrs. Wilson, Vancouver; one half dozen silver coffee
spoons, Miss Etbel Hay; a five dollar
bank note for tbe bride, Donald McDonald; set of table mats, Mrs. James
Hay; banging lamp, Robt*. Petrie; silver
cake basket, Mr. and Mrs. Cowan,
Portage La Prairie; combination silver
trimmed salt and pepper castor, J. R.
Wright; carving sett, Neil McCallum;
silver mustard dish, Walter W. Hemming, Portage La Paririe; parlor lamp,
Mr, and Mrs. A. L. McDonald; pure
silver salt dish, Mr. and Mrs. R. Harris.
The groom, Mr, Duncan D. Munroe,
is one of the most prominent young men
of tbe city, and at present Is holding a
position in the general mercantile store
of W. R. Megaw, of this city. He is a
young man of exemplary habits, of
keen business judgement, and eujoying
the esteem and respect of all his
acquaintances. He is to be congratulated in securing tor a helpmate in life so
estimable a young lady as Miss Alice
Hay. Sbe is the accomplished daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Hay, among the
most respected and substantial residents
of the district. The bride has numerous
friends in both Grand Forks and Upper
G.and Forks, all of whom extend best
by Father Palmer, of Vernon, who happened to be in the city. The Miner
extends congratulations to the newly
married couple and wishes tbem a happy voyage through life.
He Finally Brings op in the City Lockup
After Giving the Officers a Hard
The city police force have been having lots of fun this week. On Wednesday, a bad man from "Bitter Creek"
came to town. He had more money
tban he knew what to do with. So he
began to blow it in for "booze." After be
bad several drinks, begot itnphis "nose"
that be was the best man in B. C, and
that he could "ride anything that trod
the streets of Grand Forks." With this
idea imbided in his bead, he started out
in search of trouble. Not finding anybody lhat wanted to measure strength
with bim, just for pastime, he became
more abusive than ever. Finally be was
advised by friends to keep still, as ths
attention of the police had becn called
to the way he was acting. He then
and there declared himself. "There was
not enough men in Grand Forks to lock
bim up " Later on he went to the
blacksmith shop of Mr. Feeney, who he
wanted to fight whether or no, Mr. Feeney
finally becoming tired of bis abuse
and caused* his arrest. When Officers
Sheads and Kelly went to make the arrest, he made an attempt to make his
word good. He was finally landed in
the city jail, but not until Office Kelly
bad rapped him over the bead several
times with his club. On Thursday
morning, on the advice of Police Magistrate Johnson, the "bad man" contributed $25 to the city exchequer.
Will Be Opened Next Week.
The addition to tbe Windsor hotel will
be completed some time next week.
Messrs. Cox i. Jones, have everything
in readiness to place the furniture in position as soon as the house is ready.
When everything is in running sbape,
tbey will have sixteen sleeping rooms,
besides a kitchen, dining room, office
and bar room, which are all on tbc
ground floor, and so arranged th.it the
guests of the house can go to any one
of them, without passing through any of
the others unless they so desire. During the week decorators and paper-
hangers have been at work putting
the finishing touches on the bar room
and office and tbey now present a
very metropolitan appearance. The
back-bar and other fixtures, which got
lost in the freight jam recently.have been
located at last, and will arrive sometime
next week and when placed in position,
there will be no bar in tbe Boundary
district that will compare with it. The
cafe baa becn leased to Messrs. Hanker
and Rose, two experienced cateicrs, who
will enter the race for public favor next
Elected Officers.
Last Thursday evening, Nelson (Wn.)
Lodge, No. 108, K. of P., elected the
following officers for the ensuing term:
H. M. Genin, chancelor commander;
W. M. Claik, vice-chancellor;T. G. McCormick, keeper of records and seal; J.
D. Thomas, master of finance; J. E.
Kelly, master of exchequer, and J. C.
Price, master of arms. The newly elected officres will be installed on the first
Thrusday evening in January next, and
a cordial invitation is extended to all
members of the order in this city to be
To Manufacture Beer.
Articles of incorporation have been
drawn up for tbe organization of a stock
company to be known as tbe Grand
Forks Brewing, Malt and Bottling
Works. The capital slock of the company has been placed at $10,000, divided into shares of *ioo each. The object
of tbe company is the brewing of beer,
manufacturing of malt, soda and mineral water and soft drinks of all kinds.
The head office and place of business of
the company is Grand Forks, A large
portion of the stock has already beeu
subscribed by Grand Forks people.
A Christmas Turkey.
Mrs. Wm. Graham of Edward's Ferry, has placed the Miner force under
obligations for a fine large Christmas
turkey, of which she raised quite a nuni-
berthisyear. Mrs. Graham belongs to
tbat class, which is rarely found in this
day and age—generous to a fault, and
is the happiest when sbe is doing something that will contribute pleasure and
enjoyment to her friends. During her
residence at the Kerry, wbere, with her
husband, she has been conducting a
botel, sbe has made many warm trends,
who never tire in  their praise of her.
A Desperate Character Shot
By the Night Watchman.
Eight   Shots    Exchanged,   one    of
Which Orazed the   Side  of
Officer Kennedy.
Took in a Partner.
Mr. Chas. Cusson, one of tb* genial
proprietors ot the Queen's hotel, was
married last Monday .evening to Miss
Li uto Dutord, daughter of his partner.
Tbe wt doing was a very quiet one, there
only being a few friends of the family
present,   l'he cernwi.y was performed
Thanks Brother Norris.
A Toronto'Syndicate, represented by
Mr. Richard Armstrong, purchased the
townsite of Grand Foiks aud much adjoining land, a few-days ago. As a result the Grand Forks Miner predicts
that its town will be one of great importance in tbe near future. It is sincerely to be hoped the Miner's expectations will be amply fulfilled.—Midway
One man dead, Nigbt WatchmanKen-
nedy shot in the fleshy part under tbe
arm, and another man winged is the result of a shooting affray in Cascade
City last Tuesday morning.
Word reached here Wednesday afternoon of a shooting scrape which occurred Tuesday morning between 4 and 5
o'clock, at Cascade City, in which Pat
Kennedy, the night watchman of that
place, got a flesh wound in tbe side, and
Tiin Sullivan, who was attempting to
liberate a friend from the town lock-up,
was shot through the.stomach, from the
effects nf which, it is said, he died, and
a man by tbe name of O'Neil was winged in attempting to make his escape.
A good many rumors are aflout regarding the circumstances leading up
to the shooting and the m st authentic
as far as wc are able to learn are about
as follows:
Last Monday Tlm Sullivan, a man by
tbe name of Jtmes Miller and a companion, railroad laborers wbo bad been
working in one of the camps between
Gladstone and Cascade City, proceeded
to fill up on "booze,"
During the afternoon James Miller
was arrested by Night Watchman Kennedy and locked up in the town "holdover" on r charge of stealing Hi.00 from
an Italian. During the evening
his three companions proceeded to en
tertain the night watchman in a most
royal manner. About 4 o'clock Tuesday morning Sullivan and O'Neil dropped out of the party and went to tbc
calaboose for the purpose of liberating
Miller. Shortly after their departure
tbe officer noticed their absence, and
from remarks tbat had been dropped.
during the evening mistrusted the cause
of their absence and borrowing a revolver trom the bartender at the Commercial, went in search of his newly made
acquaintances. In coming out of
Black's he saw two men in tbe vicinity
of the jail and went over tn investigate.
On seeing him coming the men stepped
into tbe alley. Just as Officer Kennedy
reached the alley one of the men sprang
out and struck at him; he dodged thc
blow, but in doing so fell. While on
the ground one of tbc two men took a
shot at him, tbe ball striking the flesh
under the arm and glanced off. The
two men then started to run. Officer
Kennedy ordering them to halt, and
tbey refusing to do so, he commenced
shooting at tbem. Sullivan received a
ball in the small of the back, which passed through tbe right kidney, coming
out at the brea-1. He fell as soon as bit
and was taken to the Commercial hotel,
trom wbich place he waa removed to
tbe hospital.
Tbe companion of Sullivan made his
escape in the dark, but from circumstances which occurred shortly afterword it is believed that he was also
It is understood that Officer Kennedy
has been arrested and will be tried for
shooting the man by tbe provincial authorities.
Only a Kid.
The Midway Advance in its last issue
says: "Now that the Bank ot Halifax
bas opened a branch at Grand Foiks, it
will not be safe for the Boundaiy Creek
Times to refer to banking matters at
that point, or it will be accused of having again contracted that dreadful disease "green eye." Grand Forks is to be
congratulated upon being able to give
to the world such an evidence of prosperity as that afforded by the establishment of a chartered bank. "Midway's
turn will como" apd then will be fulfilled tbe prophesy of the great father of
the town who hath on more than one
occasisn made use of this expression."
The trouble with the Boundary Creek
Times is tbat the editor of it is a novice in the newspaper business and is
inclined to let tbe prosperity of any
other place but Gioenwood irritate him
to such an extent, that ho allows himself to say a great many things that he
is sorry for afterwards. But then, you
must remember that he is nothing but
a "Kid" and he will get over thr-se
shortcomings as he grows older,
Commenced Work.
Work was commenced this week on
the Catholic church, which is being built
on a tract of land between the school
house and race track, donated by John
A. Manly. Tha building is to be 50x22
witb an ell 12x20 which will be used as
a vestibule. It will be one story and when
completed will bea credit to the church
and ai ornament to the city.
The New Townsite Meting Holds a Meeting and Organize.
A meeting of the Grand Forks Town-
site company was held in tlie effice of
the secretary yesterday, being an adjourned mettin*; cf the special meeting
called to bc held in tbis city, last Monday, November 2Stb. The sale of the
stock of tbe company to a syndicate of
eastern capitalists, represented by Mr.
Armstrong, was confirmed and the transfer of the same to the representatives of
the new company was formally made.
Immediately after tbe transfer had becn
made tbe new company proceeded to
organize by tbe election of the following
officers: Richard Armstrong, of Grand
Forks, president; K. E. Keough, of
Toronto, vice president; John Smith, of
Grand Forks, secretary. T. W. Holland,
of Vancouver, treasurer. The above
gentlemaroalso constitute thc board of
In conversation with Mr. Smith, the
secretary of the new coinpany, be stated
tbat contracts would be at once let for
the building of a number of cottages of
the most modern architecture. Already
the most of them have been rpoken for
by C. P. R. conraytors ani others who
contemplated taking up thoir residence
in the city.
"One of our chief objects will be to
encourage people to locate with us by
providing thera with co:nfortablohouses
to reside in at a moderate rent, and
whenever the party so desires we will
build them a house and sell it to them on
the installment plan.
***dl BuiU a Hall.
Grand Forks is at 1 ist to have a public hall that will be a credit to any city
three times its size. This is an assured
fact and work will be commenced on it
within ten days. During Commodore
Bidens recent visit here he purchased of
ex-Mayor Manly, the lot owned by him
at the end of the bridge on the southeast
corner of Riverside avenue and Bridge
street. This week Mr. Manly received
instructions from the Commodore, who
is now in Chicago, to at once let a contract for tbe construction ot a three-
story block ci tbis lot. The building,
which will be the finest ever built in the
district and up-to-date in every rospect,
will cover the entire lot, which is 45x70
feet. The lower floor will be divided into store rooiji., which will front on llridge
street; the entire second story will be
devoted to offices which wiil be in suites
particularly adapted for professional
men, and on the third fl«or will be the
hall. The building will be steam heated, lighted by electricity and supplied
with warm and cold water throughout.
Mr. Manly is authority for the statement, that the contract had already been
let tor the material, and the work of delivering it would he commenced tbe
early part of next week.
Now Walk Chalk and Toe
The Mark.
Rube Hull of the Republic Record,
is in town.
A. H. Harrison and Mr. Blancbard of
the Ii. C. mine in Summit camp, were
in the city yesterday,
A dance is announced to take place
in Laurier hall on the evening of Dec.
23rd.   A good time is promised.
J. W. Jones, the furniture dealer returned home (he fore part of the week
from a business trip to Seattle, Wash.
J. Smith, secretary of the townsite
company, left for Rossland today. He
will return Wednesday or Thursday of
next week.
The social given by the members and
friends of tbe Church of England, in
Victoria hall, Thursday evening, was a
pronounced success in every respect.
The program was good, tbe supper was
better. After supper tbose wbo desired
were given an opportunity to trip the
light fantastic for an hour or two. As
a result of the entenainmeut the church
society is about -130 a bead.
Will Keep Inching Along.
The C. P. R. surveyors who about
a week ago went up the Ketile river,
are at present camped at the mouth of
Beaver creek a northern tributary of
the west fork. From this nuint they
will work in d'fferent directions, their
ultimate object being to reach the
Okanogan valley either by way of McLean or Pentieton creeks. Tho*.**- who
seem to know something about the
natter claim lhat lhe C. P R. i> ill push
on toPenticion by this route during the
coming summer. The very energetic
way in whicb the suivey is being carried on certainly lends color to this
assertion.—Midway Advance.
The Coniract for 200 Cords of Wood wi'h
Mr. Fisher is Receinded and Awarded to Mr. Rush.
At the regular session of the city council held last Friday evening, November
23rd, the Mayor and all the aldermen
were present wub tbe cxcep.ion of Jones,
McCallum and White.
After the miutes of tho previous meeting had been read and adopted the foi
lowing bills were referred to the finance
commi'.tee: One from A. C. Sutton for
$10 r.nd oncfrom F. II. Knight for 1(13.50.
A bill from Geo. Chapnel for laying
water mains was presented and on motion
of Alderman Kn'g'pt.aeconded by Alderman O'Conner, an estimate of $400 was
allowed to Mr. Chappel.
A communication from Mr. Rush in
reference to bis tender to supply tbe
city wi.h 200 cords of wood was read,
and on motion of Aider.iien O'Conner,
second--*! by Alderman Manly, the action of the city council at the previous
meeting, awarding Ihe contraclto W. H.
Fisher was receinded and the bid of Mr.
Rush was accepted. Theeity clerk was
instructed to notily Mr. Fisher of the
A report from the board of public
works was real and ordered filed.
On motion of Alderman Manly, seconded by Alderman O'Conner, the
der-.; was instruc(cd (o notify the city
treasurer to transfer tho city account
from the Bank of Montreal, Rossland,
to -he Merchants B.tnk of this city.
The council then went into the com
mittee of the whol: with Alderman
Manly in the chair. On motion of Mayor
Davii. By-law No.iq was put through its
thitd reading. The committee then
rose and reported to the council tbat Bylaw No. 19 had been read for thc third
On motion of Alderman Manly, seconded by Alderman O'Conner, tho electric supplies of lh; city was placed in
cha'ge of Alderman K.iight, with instructions to give them out to the electrician as the occasion may require.
Alderman McCallum, who bad came
in after the meeting lud been called to
order, moved that Chief of Police Sheads
be requested to furnish the council with
a statement of thc amount of road and
dog tax collected by him. This motion
was seconded by Alderman O'Conner
and was carried.
There being no further business the
council adjourned until the next regular meeting.
The Grand Forks  Board of Trade
Steps to Properly Organize.
At a meeting of the Board of Trade
held in the Minet office last Tuesday
night it was decided to take the necc-
sary steps to p.-ocure a charter. Mr.
Earnest Miller, the secretary, was instructed to procure tbe necessary papers
and forward them to Ottawa to President Armstrong, who will aucnd to
securing the same.
r7TO"e7|  IfySPHtt your property with Frank
rityi-i.  s».irn, representing some of the beet
emni-Mine. In tltu woil.l.
A rich vein of ore was uncovered this
week, by lhe railroad contractors near
Len Newby's ranch, on a claim owned
by W. B. Davoy, C. C. Campbell' et al
The size of the vein we were unable to
The Municipal Council of tho CorpornttoTi til
the City ol Qraud Forka chads as follows:
t. No person shall Indecently expose any
part of hia or her person In any street or public
place, nor shall the plea o( answering lhe call
of nature be considered a palliation uf the offence.
2. No person shall poet Up sny Indecent placard, writing or picture, or write any indecent
or immoral words- or mnke nny indecent pictures or drawing on any public or private build*
lug, wall, fence, sign, monument, post, sidewalk- pavemout or on any other thing or placo
in iiuv streol or public place or grounds.
8, No person shall sell, or oiler to mil any
Indecent or lewd hook, paper picture, piale,
drawing, or other thing nor exhibit any Indecent or Immoral show or exhibition, or per-
form any Indecent, Immoral or lewd piny or
other representations ot the liko etleot within
the cit> UmitS.
K00B9B  OF  ILL-r.\UK.
■I. Any person who Bhall bo found guilty of
keoplug or maintaining, or being
ing an Inmate or habitual (roqutnter of, or in
anv way connected with- or in any way contributing to the support of, any disorderly
I h"ii--w »r nOUSOS of ill-fame, or who shall   know
fnglyowu or be Int-jrusied in, as proprietor,
landlord, tenant or ocoupnut of such house..
shall be Subject to tho penalties of thin by-luw.
ft. No person shull make use of profane
swearing, obscene, blasphemous, or grossly insulting language, or bo guilty of any other Immorality, or Indecency on any street or public
0. Any porson found drunk or disorderly in
any street or public place, und till vggrnntB
I [the meantug of which shall he laid down in
I the Criminal Codeof 1892 of the Dominion «-r
Oankdajtound within the city limits shall he
i subject to the penalties ol this by-law,
7. No person shall expose In any slr^ct or
public place any table or device of any kind
whatever noon or wilh which any galno of
chance or hazard can he played and no person Khali play at or upon sueh tabic nrduvlco.or
at any unlawful game or games cd chauce or
hazard lu any street or public place.
8. No person shall keep, or permit to he kept
or used, lu any house, room or other place, lor
i the purpose of gambllngtouy faro bank,rouge **t-
I noir, roulette tabic or other device for gambling, or to penult or lo allow nny games of
chain e or hazard with dice, can's nr other device to bo played for money, Honor or other
things within such house or place, and the
polico magistrate ol* other Justices ofthe peace
may o der all faro hanks, ro igo-nt-nolra, rou
letie  tables, uud o*her  devices   for ggmbilll
! found fn any snch limine,a nvom or other place
to he seised und destroyed.
9. No person shall soli or give uny Intoxicating drink, tobacco, figure or cigarettes io any
child under tbe age of sixteen years, nor. shall ho
knowingly permit anv person under the age of
sixteen years, other than hia own child or em-
employee to remain in such asaloon, bar-room
orother plme where .spirituous or Intoxicating
liquors, tobacco, cigars or cigarettes arc sold, or
kept for sale, or to engage in any game ol cards,
bill lards, bagatelle or any other game Iu such
saloon, bar-room or place aforesaid.
10. No person   shall  he guilty   of  wantonly,
cruelly or unnecessarily beating, abusing or
over-driving or torturing any cattle, poultry,
dog,domestic animal or bird, nor shall any
person while driving anv cattle or other animal, by negligence ill use tho snine. by means
whereof any rafsoh lef, da mat-"1 or injury i done
to such cattle or animal, nor shall any person
cnoourago,aidnrasslst^atthe fighting or bait
ing of any bull, hear, badger, (lop, cock orother
kind of animal whether domestic or wild nature, nor shall any person build, male, maintain, keep or allow a cock-pit to be built, made,
maintained or kept on premises belonging to
or occupied by him.
11. No child under the age of lfi years shall
be un any public street withiu the city limitp,
unletIS accompanied bv his or hcr parent, or
guardian alter the hour of eight o'clock in the
eveningm anytime between the lira day of
October and       the first      dny       uf
tiarch and after nine o'clock in the evening at
any other time, during uny year.
12. All persons who nre property owners or
tenant* of any property within tho ciiy of
Grand Korks, before which property tiiere in a
hoard or plunk Bide walk shall keep the same
clear of snow, after the hour of eleven o'clock;
In thc forenoon of every day during the winter
mouth* except on Sundays and any person
above-named who neglects to shovel the snow
off the sidewalk in front of hiB or her premises
aforesaid shall he BUbJect to tbe penalties of
this by-law. Provided that tho polico magistrate or other justices of the peace may [in the
event ol the property owner or householder refusing to keep his Bide walk free from snow,
after Being 0 Otl fled by tbe chief of police] order
the snow to be Shoveled from any sidewalk and
the expense of doing the same may be collected
summarily from the offending party.
18.   Any person convicted of a breach of anv
ofthe provisions ot this by-law shall forfeit
and pay at the discretion of the convicting
magistrate a firm not exceeding fifty dollars for
each offence, exclusive of costs, either forthwith «r within such period us the said convicting magistrate shall think fit to order, or ho
committed to prison for any term not exceeding one month, at the discretion of tho convict*
lug magistrate and in cose Buch Qne and costs
shall not bo paid ai the lime appointed, the
same may be levied bv distress or stile of tiie
goods and chattels of the offender and for want
of sufficient distress such offender may be imprisoned for any time not exceeding one
month, the Imprisonment to cease upon payment of the Hue aud coats.
This by-law may bo cited for all purposes as
the "Public Murals By-law 181)8."
Passed the Municipal Council the 25th day of
November, 18<jS.
Reconsidered aud finally passed thej 2nd day
of December, 18SS,
JEFF. PA VIS, Mayor.
J. 1C. Johnson, City Clerk.
The above is a true cony of a by-law passed
by the Municipal Council of tho Corporation or
the Oity of Grand Forks on the88ih dny of
November, A, I)., 1898, und all persons are hereby required to take notice lhat anv one desir-
0U8 of applying lo have such by-law or anv
part thereof quashed, must make his application for tliat purpose in thc supreme court
within one month next after the publication ol
this by-law iu the British Columbia Gazette or
he will he to too late to be heard in that behalf. J. K, JOHNSON.
City Clerk.
Notice of Arbitration.
Osoyoos Pihivion ov Valk DISTRICT,)
In tho Matter ofthe British Columbia
Railway Act and In tho Matter of
this Oolumbia and Western Railway
Compar.y and Lot 153- Group 1.
in tho Osoyoos Divison of Yale District.
ToH. B. scntt. of Phoenix, in the State of Arizona, in the United States Ol America; R.
SpruR^elt, of Grand Forks, in the Province
nf liritish Columbia, Administrator of tbe
late James MeConnell; Frank Rioter, of Osoyoos, lU the said Province of British Columbia: William M. Davey, bf Grand Forks afore-
BaidtGeorglnat<.Daveyand Mary Jane Davey,
both of the i ity of Victoria in i lie said Province, and D. R. Ker, Joseph Wilson and A.
J. Yates, all of these Id City ol Victoria, trustees Of the estate known as the Erb estate,
owners of the property hereinafter described,
tho provisions of the British Columbia
Railway Act and Amendments;
1. That the Columbia and Western Railway
Company requires for tho purposes ot its Railway, certain lauds in the Osoyoos division of
Vale District belonging to you, shown on a map
or plo ii deposited iu the baud Registry Oulce at
Kamloops, betng pari of  Lot  one hundred and
fifty-three [188] Group one fij Osoyoos division
of Tale District, particularly described us follows: Commencing at a point on the westerly
limit of said Lot 156.4 foet north of the southwest corner; theuce2085.8 feet nortli 82 degrees,
■15 minutes east io u point on the easterly limit
KHfl.fi foi t south of the north-east comer containing by admeasurement li.ilt acres more or
2. The paid Company Is ready and willing
and herobys offers to pay you the sum of three
hundred and torty dollars [8810.00] as compensation for stud lauds and all damages in respect of the lukttit; thereof, lur the purposes of
the company und in the exeivim. of the  powers
conferred upon it by its obnrtur and Lhe said
act ami amendments.
3. The conipanv appoints Robert Garnet
fallow, oftho City ol Vancouver, In the Province of British Columbia , Its arbitrator if its
suid oilt r is not accepted by yon.
•I. Application will be lorthwlth made in BC*
cuidance witn ihe notice endowed hereon.
Dated this 18th day of November, A. D., 1808,
at RosBiaudi British Columbia.
Abbott & Uart-McHabo,
Solicitors for the Columbia and Western Bull*
u ay Company.
notice thHi because the wild The Columbia and Wotlern Railway Company requires the immediate pnst-esxfon of the land
within referred tn which ia necessary t*> carry
on putted tin sattl railway with widen tho said
oompany Ib ready forthwith lo proceed, application will be inudo to the judge of the couuty
conrl Of tie county of Va;e, at the court house,
Vernon, on the ltd ti Day of November, A D,
1598, at the hour of 10 o'clock In thu forenoon forn Warrant to tlio sheriff of the said
county oi Vale.to put tho snid company in possession ofthe suid lands under the provisions
1.1 ihe Uritlsh Columbia Railway Act, which
will Issue, unless you ou that oocasslon or iu
tbo meanwhile show good cause to the con**-
Abbott A Hart-McHarg,
Solicitors for tbe Columbia and Western Kail-
way Company.
. Osoyoob Division op Vai.i; Pistuk t, 1
In the matter of iho British Columbia Railway
Act and in ihe matter oi tho Columbia
and Western Hallw-iy Company and Lot
lfi't, Group !, in thu Osoyoos Division of
Vale District
Upon reading the affidavit of tl, T. Wllgrwa
herein dated the 10th daj ol November IKOSnud
the certificate of Sydney M. Johnson herein
nnd the notice of arbitration, it is otdered that
tiie notice of arbitration uforcftlld be inserted
three times in the course of one mnn'h in tho
(JltANli Koiiks MtSKc. Newspaper published in
the Osoyoos Division of Yale Distiict.
Dated this filh day of October, A. D., I8D8,
WM. tt ah.. SpwKRi
Judge County Court oj Ville.
*i THE   MIN ER.
THK MINER is printed on Haturuuys, antl will
be mailed lo any address in Canada or the
United States lur one year on receipt ol tsvo
dollars.   KiiiBk- copies live rents.
rate ol U per column ineli per month,
the rate ol 15 cents per nonpareil ilnu lirst
insertion. Advertisement running Ior a
shorter period thuu three mouths areelassed
0OEEB6FONDKNCE Irom every part ot the
Tale Uistriel und eommunieutions upon live
topic! always acceptable. Send In your
news whilu it Is Iresli, nnd we will do thc
J011 PRINTTNO turned out In first-class style
ut the shortest nolice.
Address t, B, McflARTKU* PONS,
K. H. McCetkb. 8b Business Manager.
G. Kaki. tfcCAB-TBB Editor.
Frank II McCabtbb,jb  Becretarjr,
Carson Lodge 1. 0. O. F. No. 37-
&5cj4j£sih nins at8 o'clock In their hall at
^9w';' Carson, U C. A cordial invitation extended toall sojourning brethren.
H. M. ggnin, Secretary.
That lhe prosperous times so long
predicted have commenced at last is
patent to every ono at all familiar wilh
the present condition of affairs throughout the Boundary country. The rapid
grading of the C. P. R. line, and the
vigorous manner in which thc work is
still carried on, has given confidence
in the intentions of that corporation to
complete the road with the least possible delay, and this assurance has inspired the commercial, monetary and
mining Interests of the country to new
and more energetic efforts than ha s
hitherto been characteristic of the business concerns of the Boundary country.
That business of all kinds has heretofore been dull, and that with but indifferent prospects for the opening of our
mining interests, upon which the prosperity of the country really depends,
there was really soms reason for such a
state of adairs, is perfectly true. New,
however, all tbis is altered, and a stranger
would hardly recognize the country today as the one of two months ago, so
great has been the change in every way.
One of the surest signs of a prosperous and definite condition of affairs here
has been the establishment, both in
llrand Forks and Greenwood, of branch
es ot four of the principal charter banks
Ot tbe Duuilllluil. Theso institutions
have commenced business and tave
doubtless satisfied themselves of the
permanent condition of affairs which
exist, and will develop here, in the future. That they will do an immense
business goes without saying, and that
tbe country will be benefited and invigorated by their presence and assistance
is also certain. In addition to the establishment cf these banks the investment by Toronto parties of a large
amount in the purchase of thc Grand
Forks towr.site and surrounding properties, and the expressed intention of
the purchasers to make this the leading
wholesale and commercial center of
Southern B. C. all combines to give confidence, and stimulate tbe established
interests of the country, as well as the
investment of fresh capital,whicb promises to be on a large scale, and in some
degree commensurate with the magnificent resources of the district.
With the completion of the railway
during the coming year, and the consequent development of tbe mining interests of the district, it may be confidently expected that local smelting, will receive the attention it so well deserves,
and which the immense quantities of low
and middle grade mineral existing here,
will force on the attention of the owners
of such properties, as well as attract
capitalists who will be quick to perceive
the opening for the renumerative employment of reduction works in this section. Then within all probability two
railways, the mineral deposits opened
up, and their product handled by local
reduction works, with the management
of the principal centres in the hands oi
wealthy and experienced men, the activity tbrcugbout tbis section will be
something wonderful in comparison with
whicb the prosperity of today, although
very considerably will be  insigniiicf.ni.
The city council at Grand Forks has
voted $500 to Richard Armstrong, who
is going east to protest against the C.
P, R. locating its station two miles
away from the lower town. It would
be interesting to learn the council's au
tbority for making this appropriatron.—
Boundary Creek Times.
The Miner does not desire to say
anything to reflect upon the truth and
varacity of the editor of our esteemed
cotemporary, but we cannot but help
thinking that he has a faculty of making "misrepresentations" whenever he
refers to Grand Forks. The city council did not vote $500 to Mr. Armstrong
as stated by tbe Times. It merely
placed that amount at the disposal of
the mayor, to be used as he may deem
best, to secure Irom the C. & VV. railway, the best arrangement possible in
the interest of the city. Wo would not
refer to this matter, but according to
his own statement "there is nothing lo
be gained by misrepresentations,"
"What is good for the goose is good for
the gander."
only anxiously waiting their permit to
start business.
The Kettle River Stage Co., under the
management of D, Holbrook.commence
on Dec. 4th, to run a daily stage between
Greenwood and Cascade, leaving Greenwood at 7 o'clock in tbe morning and ar
riving at Cascade in thejafternoon, passing through Niagara and Grand  Forks.
Mr. F. Crocker who is putting in* the
water plant here, has a gang of men at
work constructing a dam 1,500 feet up
Fisherman creek, the water will then be
conveyed in mains through Mr. Ward's
preemption to Niagara. A free water
tank will be placed on Main street for
use of freighters and teamsters.
Niagara, Nov. 20th, 1898.
Kelley has all kinds of wood. Leave
orders at Johnson's office.
The Cascade Maple Leaf is a strong
advocate of the Corbin charter in referring to it editorially in its last issue it
"But what right has the government
to refuse to grant any man a charter,
without a bonus of any kind. They
might as well refuse a license to an
American, to sell soap or socks, in order to protect tbe Canadian dealer.
Canada is under no oblieations to tbe
C. P. R., they have had their roads
built with the peoples' money, and all
the people have received in return was
tbe privilege of paying five cents a mile
to ride on what ought to be their own.
Corbin's is a fair business proposition,
all bc neks for is the privilege of spending a lew million dollars in the country,
and why should he be refused."
Let the man who is discontented
with our climate spend an hour reading
h: appalling accounts whicb come
Irom all parts of the country of storms,
snowfalls and blizzards. Philadelphia
I is suffering from a winter which is said
10 be worse even than that which
brought tbo memorable blizzard of ten
years ago. Some day we will have just
a slight touch of winter which will serve
to suggest what it must be like in the
cast, but no mote.
The NelBon Economist say**: "The
Young Mens' Christian Association of
Victoria has gone out ot business. The
question now is, are Victorians so good
as to no longer require a Young Mens'
Christian A sociation, or are they so far
sunk in iniquity as to he'ihclaimable?
The Boundary Creek Times denies
the statement made by this paper that
the C. P. It. is getttng a land grant and
$4,000 a mile for building a road from
Robson to Midway, and its spirited repudiation of this vile slander will be
everywhere honored if the same is endorsed by the attorney-general.
Winnfpeg Liberalism retains enough
virtue to make a thirty-six volt kick
against putting C. P. R. buttons on the
parly's cloth, and who can say even
that much for the Liberalism of this
Gentlemen of the late opposition
party who have not yet found an abiding place should not tail to keep in
mind that the good "old party" always
keeps open house.
The moral wave is now doing business in Grand Forks. Immoral persons generally provide life-preservers
when the moral wave turns loose.
Mayor Davis' friends have unanimously docided to support him for reelection. Whether or not he will have
a walk-over remains to be seen.
At present Grand Forks seems to
have a lead-pipe cinch on being the
wholesale, mining and commercial center of ;he Boundary country.
With a $1,000,000 fire and several
breach of promise suits on hand, Lucky
Baldwin is bothered a deal to live up to
his reputation.
Spain begs respectfully to  call  tbe
j world's attention to the painful fact tbat
she signs at the point of the ultimatum
They say, the board of public works'
report was dry reading.
In its issue of last week the Bound*
ary Creek Times tenders us advice regarding a misrepresentation of thc C. P.
R. Perhaps we are in need of this attention from our sprightly contemporary
but we are not sure but what we could
have worried along without it.
It might perhaps be a good thing for
tbe times and its patrons if the management of that paper would live his attention to what we are doing and more to
the especial business of the paper tbey
are publishing, so that they likewise
may be in a position to do good work
for the Boundary country, whatever it be
in furthering the interests of the Corbin
charter or in producing a paper that
will meet with respect and attention
both at home and abroad.
What our Sprightly Neighbors up the North
Fork are Doing.
Eleven applications have been made
to the licensing board for hotel licenses
for Niagara.
Mr. Reece, of Trail creek, has purchased a corner lot and has a very substantial building now under construction.
W. M. Law & Co. are contemplating
an addition to their store. At present
they are erecting a warehouse on Jones'
Messrs. A. York & Co., of Spokane,
have opened tbeir meat market, and
have just received a large consignment
of fresh oysters.
Now tbat Mr. F. R. Crocker bas closed
the deal for a complete water work
system here, all that is needed to make
Niagara complete will be an electric
Messrs. Kempt and Lockhart's hotel
is about completed. One load of furniture arrived yesterday, and they are now
Riverside Ave,. Grand  Forks. B. C
If you want a nice easy, clean shave or an up-
to-date styliah hair cut, give mo u call.
To Peter T. McCallum and J. K. Johnson, Jus
tlces of the Peace.
Uou to apply at the next sitting oi the Licensing court for the lower portion of the Osovooh
Division of Yale District to be held at Grand
Forks on the 15th day of December next for a
transfer to Charles Van Ness and Wm. Graham ofa retail Liquor License for my premises
known as the Edwards' Ferry Hotel, situated
at Edwards' Ferry.
OKORQB Edwaiids.
Dated at Orand Forks, B.C., this 16th day of
December, 1898.
notice is hereby given, that the undersign'
cd intends to apply to the License Commissioners of tho City of Grand Forks, at their
next sitting, for a license to sell liquor by retail
on tho premises known aB The Square Hotel on
lot—, block —, in the City or Grand Forks, B.C.
Dated this llth day of November, 1898.
NOTICE Is hereby given that nt thc first sitting of the Board of License Commissioners of
theOity of Grand Forks, held after this date,
we shall apply for a transfer to Westland A Co.,
ofthe hotel license held by Mrs. A. Preslar
for tiie White House, sitimted ou Riverside
Avenue street Iu said City of Grand ForkB.
Dated at Grand Forks, B. C, this 10th day of
November, 1898.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned Intends to apply to the Licenso Commissioners of the City of Grand Forks, at their next
sitting, for a Saloon license to sell liquor by retail cm tho premises known as the Grand
Central Saloon, on lot 11, block No. 2, In the
City of Grand Forks, H. C*
Dated this 10th day of November, 1898.
M0N80N tb LIND,
NOTICE is hereby, given, that tho undersigned intends to apply to the Licenso commissioners of the City of Grand Forks, at their
next sitting, for a license to sell liquor by retail
on the premises known as tlie Stockholm Hotel,
situated on lot 8, block 4. in the city oi (Jrand
Forks, B. C,
Dated this 10th day of November, 1898.
NOTICE is hereby given,that the undersigned
intends to apply to the License Commissioners
of the City of Grand Forks, at thei; noxt sitting
for a license to sell liquor by retail on the pre'
mises known as the Windsor Hotel on lot No
11, block No. '>, In the City of Grand Forks, B. C"
Dated this 10th., day of Nov., 1898.
NOTICE la hereby givon, that the under*
slffned Intends to apply to the License Commissioners of tho City of Gruml Forks, at
their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor
hy retail on the premises known us the Province Hotel, nu lots IS block 3, plan '22, lu the
City of Grand Forks, B. C.
Datod this llth day of November, 1998.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho undersigned
Intend! to apply to the License Commissioners
of the City of Graud Forks, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor by retail on the
premises known as tho Criterion Hotel on lot 1,
block 3, in the City of Grand Forks, B. C.
Dated this llth day of November. 1898.
To Messrs, S. R. Almond, EBq., J. P.; P. T. McCallum, Esq.. J. P., and J. K. Johnson, Esq.,
J, P., Grand Forks.
Genti.kmkn:   I hereby give yon notice that it
Is mr Intention to apply at the next sitting of
lhe licensing court tor the lower portion of O'-
oyoos division of Yale district to be held on the
10th Of December next, for a  retail  liquor h-
Oense to sell SplrltOUS Honors, wines and beer at
the Union Hotel situated on lot No. ii in  block
No. 9 iu the tOWnsltQ plan of Niagara.
1 havo the honor to DO Hirs,
Yours Respectfully,
FnANK OuvKit, Stohil ib Arena.
Niagara, Oetober Iftth, 1898.
To Messrs, B. it. Almond Esq., j. v., p. t. Mc
Callum Esq., J, P., uud .1. K. Johnson, Esq.
J. P., Grand Forks, B.C.
Gkntlrhrn:   I hereby give you notice that It
Is my intention to apply at the next sitting of
tne licensing court for tho lower portion of Osoyoos division of Yale district to be held on thc
loth Of December next, for a retail   liquor  liconso to sell splritoiiK liquors, wines anil beer at
the Niagara Hotel Situated ou lot No. Bin block
No. 5 ln the townsite plan of Niagara
I have the honor to lie S
Yours respectfully,
M.  L.vwfiKit,
Niagara, October 10th, 1898.
first sitting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Grand Forks,
held after thlc date, we Bhall apply for a transfer to Inbody & Baker of tho hotel license held
br Ed lubody for the Cosmos Hotel, situated ou
Main street in the city of Grand Forks.
„      , INBODY & BAKER.
Dated at Graud Forks, B. 0., this 19th day of
November, 1898,
To PeterT. McCallum and J. K. Johnson, Just-
Ices of the Peace.
Take notice that it is our intention to apply
at the next sitting of ihe licensing court for the
lower portion of Osoyoos Division of Yale District to be holden at Grand Forks, B. 0., on the
15th day of December next for a transfer to O.
G. Frederick of a retail liquor licenso for our
premises at Cascade City. B. C, being on Lot
No. 6, Block No. 10 and beinc commonly known
as the Commercial Hotel.
.  „ Chezum a Baldwin.
Cascade City, U. C., November sou*,, 1898.
To Messrs. S. R. Almond, Esq., J. P.; P. T. Mc
Callum. Esq.. J. P., and J. K. Johnson, Esq.
J. P., Grand Forks.
Gentlemen:   I hereby give you notice that it
is my intention lo apply at tbe next sitting ol
the licensing court for the lower portion of Osoyoos division of Yale district to be held on the
16th of December next, for a retail liquor license to sell spiritous liquors, wines and beer at
the International Hotel situated on thc Iron
Home mineral clam, in Seattle camp.
I bave the honor to be Hire,
Yours Respectfully,
Grand Forks, Nov. 10th, 1898.
undersigned have sold out their entire
Interest In tho Royal Hotel known as the
Folger property In the City ot Grand Forks to
Mewf8. K, Frederick and Oluff Larsen, who will
carry on the hotel business ou the above-named
firemlsesln the luture and havo assumed all
iabilliicB In connection with the aforesaid
business from thiB date on.
Fridxriok a Prtkkson.
Grand Forks, B  0., December 1st, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that thc partnership
hitherto existing between A. Traunwtser and
A. W. Frazer, in the hotel business, under the
firms name of TraunwIserA Frazer has beeu by
mutual consent dissolved. All nccouuls due
the said firm will be collected by A. Trail n-
wiscr, who will pay nil the IndeDledncss of the
old firm.
Grand ForkB, Nov. 10th, 1898.
THOMPSON sixty days after date Intend
applying to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permission to purchase three
hundred and twenty [320] acres of land situated
on a creek known as Baker creek, at or about
the plnce where thc Bamc empties into Christina Lake, and being about two and a half miles
up the lake from Laval ley's ranch, In the Grand
Forks Mining Division of tlie District of Yale,
and more particularly described as commencing
at a post marked North West corner post of
Ross Thompson's Crown land claim, thence one
half mile In a southerly direction to the southwest corner of the said property, thence one
mile iu an easterly direction to the south-east
comer of the said property, thence one-half
mile In a northerly direction to the northeast
comer, and thence one mile in a westerly
direction to the place of commencement-
Dated the 1st day of November, 18g8,Rossland,
B. C.        ' ROSS THOMFHON.
•I after date I Intend to apply to thi
Chief  Commissioner of Land aud Works. Vic
Situate In the Grand ForkB Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located—In Wellington camp.
Take notice that I, John A. Corvell, as agent
for 0. Van Ness, FreeSMliter's Certificate No.
798H8. intend, sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to thc Mining Recorder for n Certificate
Oflmprovemehts, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant oi tlie above claim.
Ami further take notice that action, under
Section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 25th day of October, 1998,
Situated In the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District Where located:—In Brown's
Camp adjoining Wolverine mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, John H, Smith, Free
Miners's certllleate No 89722, intend sixty
days from the date hereof to apply to the
mining recorder for n certilicate ot improvement for the above claim.
And  further laice notice that action under
section 87. must be commenced beforo the Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated, this 27th day of November, 1898.
Situated In the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located:—Brown's
camp, North Fork Kettle River.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Hugh S. Cayley, Free
Miner's certificate. No. 8058A, for mvself
and as agent for Fred J, Fulton, Freo
Miners, cerliliente No. 7621 A, administrator of
the personal estate of W H. Hlckerson. deceased, inteiut, sixty days from thc date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorded for a certificate
of Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining a
crown grant ol the above claim.
And  fiuther tnke notice that action, tinder
Section 87, must be commenced before tho is-
surance of such certificate of improvements,
Dnted this 10th day of November, 1888.
Situate in the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale  District,   Where    located:—Hrowu.s
TAKE NOTICE that I, K.A.Brown, free minor's
1   certificate No. 8086A, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Grown Grant of the above
claim.   And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before thc
issuance Of sueh certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of October, 1898.     |0l-u26]
torla. B. C, for permission to purchase the following described tract of laud situate ln thc
Osoyoos Division of Yale District: Commencing at a post planted on tho Northern bank of
Fisherman Creek near the crossing of the wagon road leading to the B. C. mine; thence
smith eighty chains; thence East forty chains;
theuce North eighty chains; thence West forty
chains to the point of commencement, containing three hundred and twenty acres.
B17-019] F. W. RUSSELL.
Grand Forks, 12th September, 1898.
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FOKKS,   B.   C.
I-lai. and spec!flcatlous drawn, estfrastes furnished in all klndsot bnilding. Work; strictly
Provincial Land Surveyor
And Civil Engineer.
Omc>, Midway, ii. c.
Associate Member Canadian
Society  of Civil Engineers.
Barber Shop.
Centrally Looated.   All Work Gauranteed to be
First-Class lu every Respect.
PETER A. Z- PARE.     •      ■     PROPRIETOR.
Qualification of Voters for Municipal
Elections for the Year 1899.
1. All ratepayers who have on or bofore the
first Monday In December 1898 paid all municipal rates taxes, assessments, nnd license fees
payable bv him or her to the municipality, or
2. Who" is a resident of and carries on business nud is a holder of a trade license in the
municipality, the nntiual fee for which is not
loss than five dollars, or
8. Who is a householder nnd that thc rent or
rents or rent value, or values, tiiereof ls not
less t li tin sixty dollars per annum ench, and
has on or before the first day of Decern ber, .1898,
personally delivered to the assessor or "city
clerk a statutory declaration mndfe-afid/Sub?-.
scribed before a jur.ge, stipendiary., pr police
magistrate, justice of the peace or a notary J>(ib-
llc, forms of which can be obtained at the city
clerk's olflce.
J. K. Johnson,
City Clerk.
Grand Forks, B. C, November 18,1898
OFFICE-Next Post Office.
(McGIll Univ.)
Coroner for Grand ForkB Mining Division
of Yale District.
OFFICE t-Jublleenospital, Grand Forks, B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.,
Office at Residence, just across First Street
Bridge, Grand Forks, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Civil Engineer, Etc
Situate inthe Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yale District, Where located—In West
Wellington caaip
TAKE  NOTICK that we John A. Finch. Free
Miner's Certilicate No. 1674A, and William
T.    Smith,     Free     Miner's     Certificate
No.    140-Ki A,     intend,       sixty      dnys     from
tlie    date    hereof,   to   apply   to    the    Mining   Recorder   Ior   a   certilicate   of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant Of the above claim.
*Aud further take notice that action, uuderscc-
tion 87, must be commenced before the issu
ance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 26th day of October, 18H8.
Date of tirst publication, November 12th, 1898.
Situate In tho Grand Forks Mining Division of
Yalo District. Where Located—In Central
TAKK NOTICE that I,   Hcnrv   White  Free
Miner's    Certificate No. 8131 A,    Intend,
sixty days from tne date hereof,  to apply
to the .Mining Recorder for n certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of   obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such certitieate of Improvements.
Datod this 10th day of October, 1888.
Date of laBt publication, December 17th, 1898,
P.   Graves,    Free
No.       1-I20S A,
from     thc     date
Mining    Recor-
Situate In the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Vale District. Whcte located—In Central
-Miner's Certificate
Intend,     sixty    days
hereof,    to    apply    to   Oil      	
der for a certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
\iiil further take notice that action, under
section 'ii, must be commenced hefore tlio issuance of such Certificate of improvements,
Haled this Pith dav of August, 18118.
Date of lirst publication, October, llith. I8il8.
Date of last publication-December 17th, 1808.
Situate In the Grand Forks Mining Division of
Ynle Distrlot. Where located—In Brown's
camp, North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Iluvh 8. ('avley, Free
Miner's Certificate No. SOMA, intend sixty
days from the date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improver
ments for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of the above claim.
And further  take notice that   action under
section :17 must commence before the  Issue of
such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 6th day of November, 18'JS.
Carriage Factory
D. M. FEENEY,   Proprietor,
The care nf horses feet and up-to-date
shoeing made a special study. There if
nothing in my line of business 'hut I
don't do and will make you anything
from a wheelbarrow to six-horse coach.
BOOTS, shoes im
|iy\ and /'/I
*Mmta fl 8S*fcft*ifc Hkwmat
A. Baumgaertner,
Bridge Street,   Qrand Forks, B.C.
JW^1 Roots and Shoos made to order.
The heat workmanship like  manner.
Repairing done on  on  short  notice,
y   All work guaranteed.
Express Line
Running; Dally Between
Grand Forks and Niagara
All orders left at the Victoria Hotel
or the Stockholum will receive prompt
attention   Express leaves Grand ForkB    *
In the morning returning at evening.     ?
The British Columbia
Mercantile and
Mining Syndicate, Ud.
Cascade City, Boundary, B. C.
We beg to announce that we have
opened our new general store in the
above town. We shall cany a complete stock of miner's supplies, tools,
powder, etc., hardware, groceries, dry
goods and clothing. Miners and general public will be able to outfit here and
find all tbey require.
Quality Good and
Prices Low.
Cascade City is tbe headquarters for
Christina Lake, McRae Creek, Burnt
Basin, Castle Mountain and other mining districts.
We beg also to inform all those interested in mining that our assay office in
the above tow** is now open under the
superintendence of an exerienced a=-
sayer and we shall be able to undertake
all kinds of assav work. Personal,
prompt and careful attention will be
given to all work entrusted to us.
British Columbia Mercantile & Mining
Syndicate, Ltd.
Brut* »- McRae Uadiai*. Cirlsstea Lain
117 E. STACHE,
Bath  Rooms,
RIVERSIDE.      •      -      -       ORAND FORKS
Manufacturer of
Brick and Lime
Contractor of all kinds of Mason Work.   Estl}
mates on work cheerfully given.
Carpener and Builder,
Estimates furnished on Application.   8tore
Fronts and Flxures a Specialty.
Spokane Falls &
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Railways.
The Only All-rail Route,without change
of cars, between Spokane, Rowland and Nelson.
Going North.                                Going South
12:27 a. m MARCUS  11:13a.m.
Train leaving Marcus at 11.18 a. m. make,
close connections ut Hpokan-1 for all
Close Conaections at Nelson with steamboat
for Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake Points.
Passengers tor Kettle Rlter and Boundary
ereek connect at Marcus witn stage daily.
C. H.DIXON, O.P. AT. A.,
Spokane, Wash.
Grand Forks
Saw Hill
Rough or
Dressed Lumber
Lath, Etc
Mill seven miles closer
than any other mill
to Niagara.
AU Orders left at the Grand
Fork Hotel or at the M.H1
two and a ball miles northwest of town wili receive
prompt attention,
I   '
m • • • • •
• a • m-
• ••••••■»■»■»■»
CAPITAL PAID UP, $1,600,000.00. REST. $1,175,000.00.
Head Office, Halifax, N. S.
T. E. KENNY, President, D. H. DUNCAN, Cashier.
Antigonlsh. N. S.
Bithurot, N. B.
Brldgewater, N. S.
Charlottetown. P. E. L
Doro heater, N. B.
Frederlcton. N. B
Grand Forks, B. C.
Guysboro, N. S.
Halifax, N. S.
El ston. N. B.
Londonderry, N. S
Lunenbugr, N. S.
Maitland, N. S.
Mocoton, N. B
Montreal, P. Q.
do     do
do     do
Rossland, B. C.
Saokville, N. B.
Shubenaoadie, N. S.
Summerside, P. E. I.
West End-    Sydney, N. S.
Westmount St Johns, Nfl'd.
Nanao, B . C. Truro, N. S.
Nelscn. B. O. Vancouver, B. C.
Newcastle, N. B. do     do      East End.
Piotou, N. 8. Victoria. B. C.
Port Hawkesbury, N. S. Weymouth, N. S.
Wood3took, N. B. Vmir, B. C.
London Bank ol Scotland. | Pari.  ...Credit Lyonnuin.
B.rmunda Bank ot Bermunda, Lt'd. | New York Chase National Bank.
Boston...National Hide k Leather Bank. I Chicago America National    Bank.
Han Frauci.cn First National Bank. | Spokane, Wash Exchange Nt 'I Bank.
Seattle, Wash...Washington Nat'l Bank. I Honolulu Bishop 4 Co.
China and Japan Hongkong and Shanghai Bauking Corp'n.
A. Branch of this Bank Has Been Established at
GRAND FORKS.   <*   *>   **   B. C,
A General Banking Bustneei Transacted.
Drafts and Bills of Eicba.ge,   Bought and Sold.
Accounts Ree-'ved on the moit Favorable Terras.
Interest Allowed on Special Deposits.
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits of $1.00 and Upwards Beoeived and Interest Allowed at
Onraent Bates.
All Business hy Mail will Receive Prompt and Careful Attention.
ALEX. HI LLER, Manager,
Grand Porks, B. 0.
w • m ••••••• • im	
G. Stabile, F. Oliver & Co., Props.
Niagara,       -      -      B. C.
Fine Wines, Liquors beer and Cigars.
First-class In Every Respect.
Everything Mew and Homelike.
Finest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars at the Bar.
Montana Hotel,
NELSON & CO., Proprietros.
Headquarters for Min-)  C^^CCtAo Citv   R   C
ing and Railroad Men. \ V^aSCaoe V^liy, D. »^
Agent for
lllrunncr Bros.!
Jpbesant Cigar*
Can Compete with any Merchant and Freight added.
Lloyd A. Manly 1
Can Compete with any Merchant and Freight added. %
Ct Wholesale liquors, oigarsl
xxxxxxxxxxxxkxjooosxkxx: J
Next Door to Post Otllce, Orand Forks, 8. C.
rionson & Lind,   j*   j*   Proprietors.
Just Received . .
A Gar load of Stoves, which wa   Invite the public        eal
and Inspect.
We carry one of the most complete stocks of Drill Steel,
Powder, Cups, Fuse, and all other Miner's Supplies to bo
found hi the district. Everything Is of the best quality
and our prices iflve our competitors a shock.
We have a splendid line of thlseleirnnt, cleanly nnd durable kitchen ware; including a novelty lu tlm section—
rranlteware fry pans.   You should try these, as they will
be sure to please you.
Tin aad Repair
W.K.C. Manly,
Bridge Street, Qrand Forks, B. C.
- Fairview Livery Barn
Fairview, B. C.  Jf_J»
jt   Jt   J*
Prospectors Stable jt jt
Orand    Forks,    B.   C.
Jt   Jt   jt
Livery, Feed S and«^ Sale Stables.
First-class  Livery  Big*, Pack and Saddle Horses always on hand.    We make a specialty uf
taking passengers to any part of the district.
*    .**
Minton has to have a sawmill.
A fancy dress ball will be given in
Niagara on Christmas eve.
The City of Greenwood is agitating
the selection of a cemetery site.
The C. P. R. has ruu a line into the
towo of Minton on Christina lake.
Three marriages occurred last week
at the Windsor botel in Greenwood.
Mr. Robt. Willis has established a
regular stage line between Cascake and
The goveruinent huilding at Fairview
has been furnished and is now ready for
Tbe main shaft on thc Minnehaha
claim in camp McKinney is to be sunk
another loo feet.
Fred Mountain, late chief of provincial pilice, it is said, will be transferred
to Cascade City.
The Rev. Bradshaw, of Grand Forks,
preaches in tbe scboolbouse at Cascade
twice a month now.
V. Monier & Co., wholesale liquor
dealers, have established a bonded ware-
bouse in Cascade City.
The many friends of Dr. Jakes will be
pleased to learn tbat he is rapidly recovering from his late serious illness.
Mr. J. R. Brown, mining recorder at
Osoyoos, has moved his family to Fair-
view, to which point he has becn transferred.
James Kerr expects to visit Scotland
sometime during the lirst part of thc
coming year.He willbe accompanied by
his mother.
D. McD. Hunter has been appointed
principal of the Greenwood public
school, vice Miss Wickham resigned on
account of sickness.
Dr. Oppenheimer of Vancouver has
opened an office in Greenwood. This
makes five doctors in t:»t town now all
of whom are doing a rushing business.
A business mens'club has been organized at Cascade. The object of the organization is to impress upon the government the pressing needs of this district.
Tho British Columbia Mercantile and
Mining Syndicate has been compelled
to erect a largo addition to their store in
order to accommodate the large stock
they now carry.
J A company has bean registered to
work the Il'acU Hawk, A. D. A., and
F.iirview claims, in Fairview camp.
The Black Hawk Is a very good prospect an i work is to be started at once.
Ji-i-my Welsh, wbo has a mile and a
half contract ot rock work between Niagara and Neil Har.ly's place, has un-
coveied three feet of fine Peacock copper oro on the Bell of Ottawa. This
property is owned by the O'Conner
Bros., of Grand Forks.
A petition is being circulated, requesting au appropriation for a wagon road
up ihe Kettle liver above Rock Creek.
There are many promising mines in
that locality and the necessity for the
road is apparent to everyone who is acquainted with the situation.
The Knob Hill claim situated in
Beaver camp, bids fair to give iis big
namesake in Greenwood camp a close
chase. The surface showing on ihis
property is said to be vcy large, the
width of the ledge being 52 feet between walls, which are plainly defined.
The Podunk and Grey Eagle, situated in Central camp, have been bonded by Messrs. H Johnson and Buch*
man of Rossland, wbo represent eastern capital. Tbe price stipulated in thn
bond is $10,000 ten per cent ot which
was pail down on the execution of the
Mr. J. Keane is again placed in
charge of tbe Cariboo mine, in camp
McKinney, as manager, under whose
direction a vast amount ot development
work will be done on the Cariboo and
allied properties, owned by the Cariboo
Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling
Work will soon be resumed on the
Hecla claim, in Orio l-'ino camp at
Rock Creek. A 47-foot tunnel was recently driven on this properly. An assay made on ore taken trom the surface
of tbe vein, just before work was suspended gave returns of nine per cent
copper, $2 r>o gold, making 20 in all values.
The Second Annual Ball of the Indepen.
dent Older of Forresters.
The committee who bas been entrusted witb the arrangements of the second
annual ball to be given under the auspices of the Independent Order of Forresters, on New Years eve, in Laurier
hall, ore leaving nothing undone
to make it the swell event of the
season. The Criterion orchestra has
been engaged to furnish tbe music; ar-
rangments are being made to convey
gueuts to and from the hall, and a most
sumptious supper is to be served. The
members ofthe order in tbe surrounding
towns have been iuvited.
Had a Good Time.
Those who attended the ball at Carson last evening report having had a
good time and that everything passed
off pleasantly.
Ink bottles
Wrltinff Tablets
Journals nnd
Duy Hooks
In fact everything you may
require in that lino.
N"""T„„cy Soaps
Full assortment   Rogers and
Gullets Perfumes.
These Goods Just in.
B   E.IL. BKKIt. J. K. DUNLOP, Jit.
C ei»*WUIsi tfUWU Wtrf*>«Mw^«**rfUwt/*i>«U (MIXMOWO wQOQIJwUQUtAtViriHtQ <
-■•\--Grand Forks, B.   C.-s^v-
Everything New and Best Furnished
Houoe, and is in everyway prepared to
welcome Guests and provide Good Accommodation
. *****
Headquarters for Milling Men. Best
of Wines, Liquors aud Cigars. Special
attention paid to Transcient trade.'
_v5t A^^.jfr-a-^.a->>.a..^>..>..>K.^..^v.>..-v.*^.-«v.^..«*. .v   „
Special Announcement!
\Yb have added o new Department to our business consisting of
J. H. Goodeve,
Drugf-ist and Stationery.
Grand Porks.
House Finish,
Should be Made to Settle.
Last summer the city council passed
a by-law imposing a tux of $i 00on male
dogs, and $2 for each female dog. At
the time the by-law was passed a number of owners of dogs wee "beld-up"
for tbe tax, wbich was right and proper,
At present tbe town is full of dogs,
among whicb are a lot of curs, wbo
bave neither tag or owner. The city
marshal should see to it that every dog
has a tag or is killed at once. The object of the by-law waa not so much for
the purpose of deriving revenue as it
was to keep tne town from being overriden with dogs.
Sold for Three Cents a Share.
At the sale held last Wednesday forenoon, by Sheriff Pemberton, of 10,000
shares of Pathfinder Mining stock, the
property of James E. Walker and seized
by him to satisfy a judgment of $9! 22
for certain taxed cojts and she-iff's fees,
the stock sold f it three cents a share.
i Sash  Factory.
m        Store Fronts a Specialty,
$ Furniture Made lo Order,
4}        Saloon and Store Fixtures.        Jj>
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, 9
Dress Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Ribbons, Laces,
Embrodlci-ies, In faet everything which Is kept in a first-class Dry Goods Store
Those Goods have ull heen purchased direct from the Manufacturer. Agent! to
Montreal, Trronto and Chicago, and are all A 1 value, nnd tho latest styleB.
The people of the Kettle River Distrlot will now not be compelled to send
nway from home for their dry goods. If they will call at our store we will he
glnd tolshow our goods, nnd you will he convinced that we can save you money
besides having the satisfaction of making your own selections, Shipments wil
he received weekly.  A Eirst-clnss stock of Beady Mudo
Clothing Shoes and fliners' Supplies
JjX   Always In stock.   Goods delivered to tho camps free
fjeS Davis & Co.^J
' X-wvvwvvwTT???*v*C*C*v*?--!
m     All orders will receive Prompt
I E- Spraggett, I
Grand Forks. B. C.
Riverside Are,   ■   Grand Forks, B. C.
European Plan.
A. H. DAWSON,   -;- Prop.
Fln-it-clnnK In Every Respect.
1 Best Brands Wines, Liquors and
Cigars at the Bar. I
Grand Forks Brewery.
G. A. FRASER & CO., Proprietors.
Lager Beer, Porter 1 Soft Drinks
Particular Attention Given Orders  From  Private Families.
First-Class  Accommodations,  Good Stab:ini.r, Tumius of
Stage Line From Alarcus, Washington.
McAuley & Keightley,
The ONLY fc"
Hotel in the city.        -
J A.Traunweistr, porp.
A first-class sample room and Bar in connection with the House
Can Always be hud nt our itoroni we keep our stock right up tothe market nnd hnvo no
old, ib el (worn goods to work ofl'on our customers.  We mako a specialty of alwuya having
on liaiiil
Fresh Eggs and Creamery Btttter.
Wc L'f»t in a new supply every woek and aan guarantee our stock to he always tro»h. Xew
potato* s mo nnother thing which can only bo found at our store, will huve lu a nice line
of ftthing tackle In n few nays.
•>. Hogansou John Wcsi'im1'   g
l| Gua. Swanson. fi
X!  Good   Diniiif:    Room   In    connection
2 with tho house.
First-Class Rooms by Day or Week.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors
and Cigars at the Bar.
G. W. WILLIAHS, Manager.
Daily from Marcus to Grand Forks
Greenwood City, Anaconda, Boundary Falls, Midway
and All Points on Colville Indian Resevation.
Stage Leavy-s Marrus on lhe Arrival of the Northbound Train, aniving; at (irand
Forka at 8:45 p. m. Leaves the Forks at 4:00 a. m., arriving at Marcus in time lo
connect with northbound Train. PasseiiReis from Kootenay Pol make toi nation at Hotsburg going nnd ctim ng. SPECIALS   NOW   ARRIVING^
Call and Examine them for Yourself and see that we are making no Misrepresentations.
We  will Sell You
so cheap that it will make
here about December J Oth; so get your Orders in Early.
Chicken, Duck or Goose
you smile.    They will be
When it comea to Saddles, Harness, Etc., In Staple and Fancy Groceries
We lay all competition in the shade. Be
sure and ask to see the latest thing in Leggings and Biding Boots. They are the finest
ever shown in the district.
Our stock of Boots, Shoes, Rubber Goods
Clothing, Blankets, Hats, Caps and Gent's
Furnishing Goods is complete in every particular, and our Prices are Bight.
These goods will stand inspection.   .
A Full  Line Of Miners' Supplies
Special Attention given to Our Wholesale and Jobbing Department, which we are making a Prominent Feature of Our Business.
We are now buying only in Car Loads, which gives us an advantage over would be competitors; we have the advantage of one cent a
pound in freight over Greenwood, and as we deliver all Goods Free to Camps and adjoining towns, our patrons get the benefit.
Call and Get Our Prices and Examine our Stock.
Carry the Biggest
SM In Itis Boundary Country.
^Makers of L-ow«j*
Jobbers and Retailers of General Merchandise, & S Grand Forks, B* G
W. K. C. Manly's new barn is finished.
Tohn A. Manly is bnilding a barn on
tbe east side of the river.
The office ot the new townsite com-
psmy it nearly completed.
Jeff. Davis * Co.'s addition to their
store is nearly completed.
Mr. N. McLeod, Nelson, B. C. was an
arrival in tbe city yesterday.
W. R. Mejjaw is building a large addition to his new store building.
Mrs. Pribilsky's Christmas novelties
have arrived at last. Call and see
Mrs. Chas. Cumings neturned last
Tuesday morning from a short visit to
friends in Spokano and Rossland,
The Merchants Bank of Halifax has
leased the Keep block on Bridge street,
and are fitting it up in metropolian
Mr. Chas. Gire, left last week for his
old home in St. Etienne, Loire,
France. Mr, Gire expects to be absent
about three months,
Mr. R. R. Oilpin has moyed his family
into tbe city for thc winter, having rented the Kerr property io the north west
part of tbo town.
Contractor McDonald has been awarded tha contract for putting np Alderman
Knights' block and expects to commence work on it next Monday morning.
Inbody & Baker, of the Cosmos, contemplate the enlargement of their house
at once. Ed. says he is getting tired of
hanging out the "Standing Room Only"
sign every night.
Mrs.W. K. C. Manly returned this
week from a three months visit to
friends and relatives at Grand Rapids.
Michigan. She was accompanied by
her brother Mr DeBarr, who expects to
make Ins borne in Grand Fork**.
For overshoes, light and heavy rubbers, womeiit' cardigans, Mens' and
boys' arctic socks, wool mitts, underwear and wool goods, go to J. Anderson's, Upper Grand Forks. A large
consignment just opened up at low
Elsewhere in this issue will be found
the advertisement of the Overland
Stables. Messrs. Davis, Daniels and
Stewart, the proprietors are experienced livery men and their rigs are all new
and first-class. They make a specialty
of taking passengers to any part of the
.district.   Call and see them.
The new brewery building is progressing finely.
W. T. Smith, of Boundary Falls, was
in town yesterday.
Kelly bas all kinds of wood. Give
him a call if you are out.
Chas. Cumings returned from a business trip to Vernon and Rossland Thursday evening.
Dr. Westwood returned from Greenwood yesterday, where he has been for
the last five woeks helping the other
five doctors ot that town to look after
the sick people thore.
The plasterers have finishrd the Provence and it is now in tbe hands of the
painters and decorators. The furniture
is new on tbe way here and Mr. Fraser
expects to bave the house ready and
open for business about the first of the
A report reached here Thursday afternoon that a railroad laborer employed
in McClellan's camp, bad the misfortune
to get his leg broken Wednesday afternoon. Our informant was unable to
give the particulars. The unfortunate
man waa removed to the hospital at
Cascade City.
The Cascade City Maple Leaf says
Geo. Baker, an old muleskinner for
years in the Slocan and other parts of
tbe west, has sold his skates, quit the
trail and gone into tbe hotel business at
Grand Forks, where he will throw up
boozerino and family disturbance to the
weary travellers,
J, W. Stout, of the firm of McPherson
Bros., & Stout, who have the contract ol
furnishing the timber and ties for the
construction of the Colombia & Western
railway, was in the city Thuriday and
while bere made arrangements for the
construction of a cottage, and when
completed will move his family here to
T. W. Holland, Vancouver, manager
of tbe Toronto Guarantee and Trust
Company for British Columbia, was an
arrival in the city on Thursday evening.
Mr. Holland visited Grand Forks last
summer and expressed great surprise
at the change that had been made in
the town since his last visit.
The Oosgroves are coming herd on
Dec. 12 and 13, with the moving pictures of tha and an immense collection
of moving Kinetoscope pictures also a
vast collection of musical Novelties,
beautiful statue posing with cororel calcium light effects by a special calcium
light machine. The press and public
of both [be Dominion aod the United
States speak in the very highest terms
of their entertainment, and the people
of Grand Forks and vicinity may look
for something extra good.
New time cards came into effect on
both the Marcus and Greenwood stages
last week, whereas the Marcus stage
no arrives at g a. m. and leaves at 3 p. m.
The Greenwood stage arrives at 12 m.
and leaves at 2 p. m.
II    t«F
Zoe McCarter's
stock of stationery
and novelties arrived.
She is making a
a specialty of Patent
Bachelor Buttons this
UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF  THE   powers of sale contained ln a certain mortgage, which will be produced at the time
of sale, there will be offered for sale by public
auction by H. A. Huntly, auctioneer,  at hia
Btore in Grand Forks, B. U.,
On Holiday tho lath day of December,  1898,
at the hour ol 12 o'clock, noon, the following
property: Being Bitmite in tho town of Grand
Forks and more particularly known and described aa town lot number 5 in bl(x;k number
U Bub-division of part lot 108, Group 1, Osoyoos
Division of Yule District, Province of British
Columbia, on whloh is erected a one-story
frame shingle roof building, occupied as store
and dwelling.
Terms and conditions of salo will be made
known at ihe time of sale.
For further particulars apply to H. A.  Huntley or J 1. Gill.
H. A. Huhtlky, Auctioneer.
Grand Forks, B, C.
Hood Bo.
Dry Fur nnd Tama*
rao wood
..Por Sale..
Wood delivered to
nny part of the city
on short notice.
All  orders    left  at
J. K.Johnsou'u
offie will be promptly attended to,
Mil mili-tr! ii re I' Of
Spring   Beds,   Mattresses,
GRAND   FOKKS,   B.   0.
XV-Hiiw FillnRand a lIKlnds of Repairing.
T. H. Knight) has once
more taken charge of tbis
establishment and is prepared to furnish the citizens
of Grand Forks with
Fresh Bread,
Bread Delivered to all parts of
the City.
Overland Stables.
Qrand Forks, B. C.      jt     Second Street,     Jt     Opposite JeH Davis & Co,
.Jew Stock, New Rigs, Ererrthiug New-.
A   Specialty made of taking parties to all parts of the district,
and furnishing Saddle and pack horses, Sleighs, Buggies, Etc.
Public is invited to give us a call.
Our Terms are Reasonable Reliable Drivers Furnished
-Stock Is now Almost Complete at—
W. R. Megaw's
We have a splendid assortment
in Heavy Serges, Covert Cloths,
Fancy Boaele Tweed effects,, etc.
Also Fancy Silk Plaids, Braids
and other Dress Trimmings, and
a new lot of Ladies' Cloth Jackets and Caps. In our Staple Department we showing Heavy
Blankets, Balmoral Light Blankets, Flannels, Flannelettes.Sheet-
lugs, Ginghams, Prints, lite.
Department is well filled with
many new lines comprising- well
known American and Canadian
manufacturers best efforts. Also have Carpet Slippers and Rubbers for men, women and Children, and Heavy High Shoes for
Miners and Prospectors.
We have added many new goods to our
Grocery Department
and now can give you good attention !n this line.    Hoping to receive a
ig  share of^'your patronage I remain
Yours Respectfully,
H. SWEENEY, Manager.    |
P. Burns& Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers ln
I Fresh and
t Cured Meats
Live and
DressedPoultry «
and Oysters
********«'««*«-#*-#--r*««*r«'r« •#**♦•#*♦**#* *****»*»#'«w***Z
Meats Delivered at Mines frea of charge.
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
Riverside Ave. Orand Forks, B.C.
Orand Forks,
Cascade City,
a0O0O©0**^(9©O©Ot9O00OOfW>t?'0©0f3©00000 0©00©0000©©0©©©t9 f
v Lime Creek Hotel y
NEIL HAFIDY, P»oj-*t/*.ro».
Twelve miles Iron: (jrand Forks on the line of C, &, W, railway construct
ion, and the nearest Hotel to the Summit,
Excellent [Dining Room and Best  ol  Accommodation  Guaranteed
} »*woe4***-v\j<>u^


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