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The Grand Forks Miner Jul 3, 1897

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Array i
SECOND   YEAR.-NO.   60.
GRAND  FORKS, B.  C,   SATURDAY,   JULY   3,   1897.
Plenty of Material [to Talk
About This Week.
Ths Vnloanio, Iron Oap and Wolver
ine Claims Cause a Big Stir by
an Attempt  Being   Made
to Relocate Them,
During the present week Orand
Forks has experienced the greatest ex-
'citetnent of its history on account of
the reported jumping of tho Volcanic,
Wolverine and Iron Oap Claims, the
property of tho Olive Gold Mining Co,
" The whole affair appears now to have
Settled down and vv'ith a few nloro days
to heal over the wounded feelings of
borne who *wero interested in the deal;
the town will again be as peaceful as
a happy family and the fow days df un*
test will be remembered only as a Cii-
bumber nightmare.
Tho Olive Gold Mining Co, was ln-
borporated August 31, 1890, with S. I*.
Bhope, of Chicago, president, John A.
Manly, vice president, Harry W. Treat;
Chicago. Bectetary, and Edward Blew-
felt, Seattle, treasurer. The trustees
named, besides tho foregoing, tfore Nels
L*ii*sen, of this city, and Thos, McCauley, of Midway.
The company was capitalized for $20,-
1)00,000 and the intention was expressed
bf proceeding at once with the development of the Volcanic; the most e*tten-
kive mineral deposit in the known
•A-orld. But all doss not seem to have
been harmony within the company; at
any rate the development of the great
ledge has been delayed.
The last sossion of the provincial parliament passed a law to tho effect that
incorporated mining companies would
bo required to pay an annual license of
$100 by the 1st day of July. The Olive
Gold Mining Co. failed to comply with
the provisions of this law and their
plaims therefore became vacant at midnight of June 30 and subject to relocation, or "jumping," as this is frequently!
ihough Incorrectly, designated.
. Wednesday night Chas. (timings
and Dave Woodhead went tip the east
■side of the North Fork to stake the Volcanic aud Iron Cap, and Geo. Cumings and Ed. TltsWorth went up the opposite Bide oi tho river to tako in the
,Wo|ve**ine. Both patties had a wet,
poW,night oil it, but the first succeeded
in putting up stakes on the Voicanic
pud Iron Cap, while the other two
failed to find the Wolverino but staked
the Moriilng Star claim by mistake.
James Seals, who assisted them in their
jvork, after daylight staked tho Wolverino for himself,
i On tho morning of the 1st, Dr. Aver:
ill, who is heavily interested in the
.Olive Gold Mining Co., became alarmed
as to the safetj of his intel'osts, and,
upon the advice of Gold t'ommissioner
Lambly that a day'B grace would be allowed to mining incorporations for tho
payment of thoir liconso money, drove
to Midway and took out a liconso for
tbo Olivo Gold Mining Co. This had
tho effect of placing the threo claims
in a position no they could not be
jumped or relocated, so that the stakes
tot by tho Cumings brother!*, Wood-
h»ad and Titsworth havo no effect
whatever on tho-*:laiins,
Tlioro havo been a great many rumors
piiculntod. regarding Mayor Manly's
••oncection with tho affair. Mr, Manly
was tOeli by a Miner reporter this
morning and spoke for publication as
i "I had good roasori to , believe that
certain parlies wore calculating to to-
cute thoso claims and wo had stakes set
bofore any one olso for our ow"n protect
tion. Tho fact is, tho company hasn't a
•loot! to tho property yet; it. is all .iu my
name, and if any one should jump the
claims it wouldn't hold, but to save
complications I had the stakes Bet, and
simply because I didn't tell every one
in the country about the plans, there
was somewhat ot a stir made about if.
. "And I want to say here that I am
emphatically opposed to claim jumping.
When a party willfully lets his licens'8
run out- the ground reverts to the gov-
3rnuient and any one can claim it.
That is not claim jumping, however.
}Vhen I have large interests I intend to
protect them, as it would be any man's
duty to do. The position of no member
of j the Olive Gold Mining Go, is'
-llianged. Mr. Larson, I understand, is
trying hit) case on the  street cornet's
and making some wild statements, but
he is as well oft as he ever was, and
there was no intention, in relocating the
claims, that any member of the company should lose a cent."
R.A.Brown, the original locator of
theso claims, whan seen by a reportff,
said; "You can say that I am BatiBfied
with the explanations that have been
made in regard to this affair. If I had
had a gun that morning 1 should certainly hare dono some shootingi but
since thoro has been time to consider
everything intelligently thero is at least
ground to believe that the course pursued might have resulted tor the best
for me. It is a hard matter to trust to
promises of friendship, though, when
there aro billions involved, and suspicions ate natural. There are circumstances In connection With this affair
that cannot be made public, bu t which
Would largely explain certain features
of the case. So far I have fo llowed the
advice of my lawyers and I shall depend upon them to straighten Up the
tangle. If they fail, then there will be
another course to pursue. I am oriiy
sorry that I eVor let the Voicanic go out
bf my own name.''
Mr. Larscb appears to have been the
most Seriously worked Up of any one interested in the affair. To a MIner reporter ho stated that he ovvns a quarter
Intorest in the company and that Mr-
Manly told him at 11 o'clock on Wednesday that a man had boon sent to
Midway with money to pay tho company's license.
As to the reason why, instead of pay-
ing the license it was decided to relocate
the Claims; the public will have to sur*.
mise for themselves, as no member of
the Olive Gold Mining Co. will tell, but
dcaieful review of tbe whole situation
would lead one to believe that had the
relocations stood and the company's license Hot been taken out, none of the
resident stockholders would have suf-
feted thereby.
Free Gold Scattered Through
A EeSetvation Property Tuut Assays
Five Thousand Dollars in Tree
Gold in a Four FoBt
At a Depth of Thirty Feet the Book
Mafies   a   Very   Fair
Messers, Porter and Morgan, who are
driving a tunnol on the Groy Eagle
have for two days boen working in rook
that is very much superior to anything
they had previously encountered, and
if it keeps on improving at the present
ratio the completion of tho fifty feet of
tunnel will find som,e very fair ore exposed. The slide mattor appears to
bave been passed through and the formation is becoming more Eolid and more
heavily mineralized. Tho tunnel is now
in about 30 feet and next weok will witness the completion of the present contract.
it is understood however that an additional contract for 50 feet will be let
to Messrs, Porter and Morgan at once,
the company being extremely well satis-
tied with the character of the work and
ihe speed with which it is being performed. The Grey Eagle tunnel is
demonstrating that good contractors'
wages can be made in tho rock of this
country at a much lower price than has
heretofore boen figured pn.
During tlie absence of Mr. VanNess
from tho oity H. A. Sheads is making
reports to tho company in Rossland regarding changes in the character ot the
rbclt and tho values obtainod therofrom.
customs Removal.
1. ~~~~ i
The New Office, Will Be Ready is a
Few Days,
, J.'S. Clute of -ftew Wesmin6ter, who
is chief inspector of customs of British
Columbia, is in the city for the piirpose
at superintending the removal of the
customs office from Mr. Gilpin's ranch*
between here and Cascade, City,, to this
plaae. The building on Bridge street
fornierly occupied by tie. Butler Met
oantile Co, will be tised tor an offico
and the removal will be made as soon as
the building can bo prepared for occupancy. .
Mr. Gilpin; who -has been tho customs
official for this district and has performed his duties in such a-manner as
to win tho respect and esteem of all
with whom he has come in contact,' has
beep appointed collector, for, this,port.
Mr. Clut6 'Will also place officers at
Cascade City, Carson and MIdwny.
Mr. Stumdon, ot Ottawa, who is a
Special officer of the custom's department, has also been in the city for several days.
"    '        '  ■ ■
. Looking For Snaps.
Dr. Powell, one of the' leading citizens
of Victoria was in tbe city early in the
Week, leaving With' Mn Cuppage on
Thursday for mining points west of
here. Mr. Powell it it understood, is in
this* section for the purpose of investing
in mining properties/
Without exception the prettiest roek
coming under the observation of The
Miner from this part of the 'cbuntry is
that from tho Rattler claim, owned by
Chas, Van Ness. The room is live
quartz, and sprinkled through it are
particles Of gold ranging in size from
the invisible to twice as large 'as a pin
Tho Rattler is located on the reservation about four miles this side of
Eufeka damp and was discovered by
Mose Burns and Henry Ellis While
prospecting for Mr. Van Ness. Two
hundred dollars worth of development
work has seen dene on the property
and tne ledge does not vary from four
feet in width between well-defined walls,
and the ore is the same value across the
vein; Mr. Van Ness stated to a MiicKs
representative that assays of thi rock
Bhowod 95,000 in free gold, and from the
appearance of the ore this assay is pot
In tho least to bo doubted. Mr. Van
Ne6s undoubtedly has one of the greatest bonanzas of this country and Mose
Burnb ahd Henry Ellis, who aro working tho property, will also benefit
largely by it as Mr. Van Ness has ex
prepsed his intention of deeding them
an interost.
Up The West Fork Of Not'TH
There are now in the city two gentlemen! A. E, Bennett and C. S. Greening;
whp have just returned from a most
arduous and interesting trip up tho
West Fotk of the North Fork of Kettle
river. In conversation with a Miner
representative Thursday, Mr. Greening
"We started from Grand Forks and
went up the North Forlc to Psbs creek
whero there is at present a great deal of
activity. A gentleman whose name I
have forgotten, haB taken up several
millsites and Is making arrangements to
put in a iO-ton smelter which is at present situated on Meyers creek.
"J. A. Corye'l has run the boundary
line for tho government townsite and IB
only waiting for further orders before
cutting it up into lots,
"They haVe some wonderful m-neral
showings around Pass creek, some of
the croppings being the largest I have
ever seon, and if b ne in 500 of tho ledges
makes a mine it will be a great mining
"From t'asB creek we struck across
to tho West Fork of North Fork and
went up that stream for several miles
where I am confident no man ha3 ever
boen before; we had literally to hew our
way aud for several days averaged
about two miles a day.
'•We wore out in all about 15 days
and it rainod for 13   days of  that time.
"We expect lo return to the Wost
Fork country again soon prepared to
make n more extended stay and fully
boliove that it will be ono ot the greatest mineral belts ot this section,"
Nelson Note.".        .
Tho Star &, Crescent property will be
working again in a few days, arrangements having  been   made^ to continue
the tunnel an additional 50 feet.
Jim Casey, of the Big Iron property,
is at present negotiating with eastern
capitalists for the purchase of -this
claim on a bond. Tne Big Iron io ono
of tho best known fclaiths in this section and should prove to bo a mine if
ono can judge from surface indications.
Tho owners of the. Lame Foot property are not letting the grass grow under thoir feet, they having a quantity
of oro on the dump and moro in  eight,
Senltle-tirnnd   Forks Railway.
John IL Bryant, president of the
Seattle & International Railway is making a trip through the Okanogan yand
Grand Forks countries with the purpose of determining whether a proposed extension of his railway into that
country is advisable. A gentleman in
Trail who,is thoroughly familiar with
the count-ty from Wenatche t6 Grind
Forks Biiys there is a natural roadway
for the entire distance and predicts
that no'w it Mr. Helnze's project .has
been defeated, the Great Northern railway is Almost sure*to build a branch to
Ora'hd Forks.—Trail Creak Mihor.
Wm. DirckBor, went to Spokane this
morning to remain indefinitely.
The heavy rains of the past few days
have brought tho river up about 18
O. E. Lambort has uucu vored a f jur.
fuot lodge of oro on the Iron Butte
' iaim on Hardy mountain.
Many new locations are being made
around Christina lukei rich strikes b-s-
ing reported sevoral times a weok.
Thomas Dakaw, of London, England,
was among tho visitors from the other
side of the world during the weok.
Guy S. Heophny ia in tho city from
tuo Curlew country on tho reservation
and says the claims in that section are
all right.
W. J. Welch, of Norwayi Mich,* is in
the city looking up our proBpects with
a view of acquiring mining interests in
this locality.
II. W. Rosmerson of Midway was a
passenger on Monday's stage. He reports thingB flourishing on the other
side of tho hill.
Mitchell Bros, delivered yesterday
foUr huge loada of hotel furniture to B,
A. Manly whioh will be used In the
Victoria hotel.
L. V. Cuppage, inspector of roads and
bridges, has a force of man at work on
the new wagon road between Greenwood
and Hong Lake.
D; T. *-Wets*!el of Spokano ha3 been
spending a few days ia town and is
much pleased with tho appearance of
the metropolis.
MiSs Elsa Jackthan arrived in tho
city on Wednosday evening from Spokane and ex'pects to open up a ttrstclass
dressmaking establishment.
J. C. Ralston,  who owns some  good
properties in Eureka camp on the re.ser
vation, w»b in tho city on Thursday an J
reports things lively in that section.
J. Ij. Drumheller, one of .Spokane's
prominent raining men, was in tho city
on Monday on his way to Eureka
Oamp, where ho hits business interests.
Miss Gortrtlde Cosgrdvo ot Edwalb
Wash., is visiting her sister; Mrs. J. J.
Gill, of this place, having arrived in tho
city last evening Irom the lower coUn-
A. A. Booth) of Spokane, deputy mineral surueynr for Washington, was in
the city last night on his way homo
from Euroka whero ho went to survey
the Black Tail.
Mr. J. Murray, provincial timber inspector, was in tho Forks last week on
his regular collecting tour of royalties
from the mills Using timber from
government lands,
J. Monagban, the well known Spokane mining man, passed through the
city this woek onroute for Ihe Cariboo
mine in Camp McKinney, in which he
ia largely interestod.
J. E. Jackman, was an arrival from
Covington, Ky., on Wednosday evening's stage from beicw. Ho is hero
looking up Bomo mining interests and
may poBBibly decide to remain,
F. H. McCartor, one of the proprietors of The Miner, left on Friday morning for Spokane and expects to roturn
aboul Monday or Tuesday evening accompanied by hie wife and daughter,
Dr. A. Starke Oliver, the leading dentist of Spokano, teturnod. homo this
morning after a few days,' vioit with Dr.
Averill, with whom ho was formerly as
sociated in dentistry work in Butte,
There will bo an ice cream social
next Thursday ovonlng at tho residonco
of Mr. George Ingraham for tho benefit
of tho Presbyterian church. Let everybody turn out, as this iB tho first of tho
Beason and desorves our patronags.
W. T. Smith, who is largoly interested in tho Republic Mining Co., operating tbo Last Chance, None Such and
Republic claims in Smith'B camp, waB
in the citv on Thursday and Bays tho
Company's properties aro looking
J. F. Haber, whp for the past few
hionths has boen managing the work on
the Boneta on Observation mountain,
left on Monday morning for Spokano
where he expects to go to work at railroading. The Boneta ihas boon temporarily closed down pend ing tho examination of the prop erty by the secretary, James C. Cuninghatn, 'Of Spokane, when it will be docidod Whero future operations will be carried on.
S, S. Schuler has just completed his
annual assessment work on tho Last
Chance property, adjoining tho Seattle
mine. During the work he struck a
largo Strata of copper ore whioh was
over eight feet in width. There is no
doubt but that the strata is an offshoot
from the Seattle ledge as the ore Was
We Will Give a Discount of Ten Percent on Anything
in Our Well Assorted Stock on -> J- & ^
July 4th and 5th.
On those two days we also propr.se to close out a lot of Glassware, Notions'
and Tinware if Prices will do it.   Como and inspect our bargain counter,
O. B. & P. B. NELSON * -
Kettle   River   Stage   Line.,
G. W. WILLIAMS, native*
Stage Leaves Marcus on tho Arrival ot the northbound train, arriving at Grant!
Forks at 8:43 p. m.   Leaves the Forks at J :00 a. m., arriving at Marcus in time td
connect with northbound train
—C. A.   JONES^— a
Paper |kger,8ip Writer, Etc i
Grand Porks,   *    ■   a     & C.
Estimates Furnished on All Kinds of Work.
Bonds of Electric, Stearrt
or Horse Car Railways
r-        Pr.A-Tc-n   AT   SH0E ESt   NOTICE
Persons having raining or other Propertieb that Will
bear investigation, can have a Company promoted, 01
sell them, by addressing	
17 and 19 Broadway, New York City.    London  offices: — Chiswoll  House,  No
139 Fiusbury Pavement, London, E. C, England.
Boifndaru Greek filing Exchange
Financial and Mining Brokers.
Groups Of   Claims  Bought for Stock Companies, Etc!
Good Accommodations and the Table Supplied with the
Best the Market Affords.
Mrs.   A.   Bryant,      -    -    -    Proprietor.
Christina City   Notes
Kli i-«a Valloy is building some boats
for uso on the lako, tho largest nf
which is capable of carrying 20 passengers. It will be run by hand power
aided by a substantial wheel.
Several fishing parties havo boen
here during,the last Week, among whom
were Mr. Graham's party from Edwards' ferry, that gentleman succeeding
in capturing ouo trout weighing 6;!j'
Berries of all descriptions are in
abundance in this soction ahd largo
parties ot Indians are busily engaged
gathering them.
Mr. Brooks,   of .the Gold  Flint ^a;id
Mother  Eve   properties,  has   made   a
lucky strike on tho former  claim, hav
ing   uncovered   a   ledge of copper ore
some eight feet'in width.
The hills around the lake aro full of
prospectors an d .new strikes are reported almost every day.
must be done run tho thing for all it
la vyor.th* get up steam and keep it up,
or *ult, slide out and let nature tako its
course. If you want business to come
lo your town encourage thoso who do
come. If you want a prosperous town,
whero people can come who are dis:
posed to mako homes, then do away
with and bury from sight all jealouy*
and spite and work more for common
prosperity and mutual benefit. Wnl;o
up! Rub your eyes, roll up your sleeve
aod go tq work. Do not work in ft af
and trembling but tako it for grant.' 1
that blood \vill tell. Leave results l i
themsolvcs, borrow no trouble, but h'I
Unite to make the biggest kind of :i
town.   Go to work.
Fresh nUtMcltvered at your ddor ntdrnlilg
nud cvetaifig. Qrand Forks Dairy, Manly a
Brown, Preps.
How to Run a Town.
We lind the following in an exchange,
It strikes us thatit is particularly -applicable to this place just at present:
"Either run it with a vim or sell out
and leave it. Men who are always trying to get out of business will never do
much for any town.   One of two things
When in need of anything in the line
of job work do not forget that The
Miner oan supply ;yoli at the lowest
possible price for good work.
The partnership heretofore exlstW mulct
the name ol Oafvert it Anderson 1» this any
.hereby dissolved by mutual <*on*!ent. Each oj
ihe tindersi-iriiod do hereby agree to pay oiiti ■,
hall OI all debts contracted up to date and tn **■
collect one-halt oi all bills recaivable by salt)
firm up to date. O. J. G-vfvkrt, -
Aaron V. Anderson.*'
Dated orand Forks, 13.  O., this 3d day of .luly
169?. KJfe£*AUttti±a*a
Thf. MiNF.tt 11- published on Saturday and «ill
mallei to Sabserlber on payment ui Two
Dollars 'i vt-nr.
Displayed Advertisements $2 an Inch p.-r
mouth. A liberal discount allowed on long
Tranoleat Advertisements 20 ecu!.*, i. line first
Insertion and 10 cents 11 line for each additional
Loral or reading matter notices 25 cents each
lob Printing at Fair rates. All accounts for
job wort, and advertising payable on tho first »i
ciclini.  ith. F. H. .Met:.* i-.teii &Bjk.
Tin: ' -v. ■ that .Mr. Corbin has a force
"r • ■ ,.< in  thi   Held  sur Byin , a
lino from North Port tn Grand Forks
will bi .! y -.ith ,..■; li . iii fat ion. It
is I. i'i,:".. 1 ol r,'"'i, ;. ide trom bring loy-
al io i' imi .'i.i' rp , th building of
il," Spoki I  North rn rail-
tray Into this section would benefit it
more than anyother line, Now that
the Dominion government has p rralt-
t. .1 ii -.1 to be a party to a blackmail-
in ■ ■ in", by listening tn tin* ropresen-
',1:. of irreipossible speculator 1
chart r-mongi rs, hailing from Victoria
:u, i 1.: her coast cities* who by their
own aokn iwledgement state that tho
only reason thoy had for desiring tho
lefei of the bili was that Or. Milne,
the leader of the gangi had failed to obtain 655,000 blood money from Mi*.
Heinze, the promoter of the Coluirbia-
River Pentieton lailway charter. Tho
Mini:: tails r. see why it is not perfectly legitimate Cor the inine owners
and business men nl' the Kettbrivtir
and lioundary districl i, to turn their
attention and aid toward the building
bf a y railway tini. wii. con;,, into tho
country <•> iln- United States. If the
the government itself i;i not Interested
enough in the prosperity of ita own
bountry In look after its trade, why
should the       iness men do sofor them.
"At oke time this spring," says the
Tiail Creek News:., "Ther*! were 07 ears
,'i eight al Marcus, awaiting trans-
l'i .lion by wagon to Grand Porks.
To iin'j' that installment aloue it re*
qui '1 070 wagons, Thai is a fiaction
a :. hat th" Vi.: iria and Vancoa a r
pi . aro I - il g yi, I will continue lo
!os" i' some nt Ih mo carry their point of
del iting li. • O. & W. subsidy. De-
foal ot that subsidy means the loss of
the trade of the Boundary country to
Caniido. It will be captured by S] i-
tane ami Seattle.
The farmers of Okanogan and Spall-
un cheen are making a united efforl I >
esl Wish n pork packing establishment
it Vernon. We are not advised as to
thi number of hogs raised iu thoso
paits annually, but we do know lhat
there are enough two legged ho-is in
Irand ForkB to run an establishment
of that character for .1 long timo.
From Un* number and tone of tne resolutions passed nnd forwarded to tho
aa iug premier, it must be clearly apparent, to that distinguished personage,
that a very strong Bontiment prevails
through the province that the Charter
should be granted tj the Oolumbia &
iVostetn company with out further do-
Atii free miner's certiHcateS held by
incorporated mining companies expired
on the last day of .June. Proai now on
ccmpanieB must be possessed of a
Bpecial certificate issued for f."0 to u
|Ci mpany having a capital less than
8100,000 and tor 810!) to a company
having a capital of more than $100,000
1 The efforts of W. Mclnnes, M. P.,
Jo prevont the employment of Chinese
and Japanese in the construction of tho
Nelson-Lethbrldje railway has meet
H'i'h tiie approval of tho people of British Columbia, even if his amendment
to that elf net failed to cany.
The Boards ot Trade and other organizations' on tho Coast have passed
resolutions iu*d in most cases tele
graphed them to the government to
giant aid for a railway from the Columbia river to Pentieton.
Twk.n'i'v int; hotel and saloon keep*
bit* have advertised that they intend to
tipply to tbe municipal board of licensing eotilm'isOioners, to sell liquor nt
wholesale or retail,
All Sorts of News Thrown
Street Grading Begun   Hew Business
Projeot-J—Fresh Mining Hews—
Ubangcs in Fr«-vineial
. Tur. city council ot Nelson IJ. C. hts
pffered a prime of 8500 for tho best set
;if plans for water and a seworage ays-
Flic Chief Appointed,
. Frank Truax, on the recommendation
of the fire, \v\ier, md light cotuir.itteo
of the city aouDcil,'has been appointed
iihief of the Grand Forks liro brigade
which will be formed in the citv at once,
thore beifljj a number of experienced
Bremen in Gran.l Forks, thoro will bo
very, little dilfeeulty in securing the
Beijvices of capable men to fill the other
offlces in tho brigade.
Ladder Conticcf. Let.
- J. W, Jones has received a contract
from the city council for tho construction of a forty foot extension ladder of
throe sections, and one 20 foot ladder
and one 15 foot ladder, suitable for tire
brigade purposes. These ladders are to
be ipado and ready tor activ'e service by
T.tly l.2tb, 1897.
C. A. It. Lambly, S. M. wat 1 pleasant visitor in the Furls Iii.* week.
Mr. L. as gold commissioner ie. at present superintending the trauscriblb« of
the records in connection with the establishment of tho Recorder's titih • in
this city. He also itati th it th • office
to he erected for the recorder
in the Forks will be used only
for that and court purposes
and the residence of the recorder will
bo elsewhere. The exact time of the
opening tiie office here could not bo
stated, but it is thought it v.ou'd be
about the first of August.
Will Open <i Wholesale Liquor House.
J. ('. Douglass and wife arrived via
Tuesday evening's stage and expects to
make Grand Porks tlieir future home.
Mr. Douglass until recently tfas engaged in the wholesale liquor business
in Vancouver und expects to engage in
tliat line of business in our elty,
Mr. Douglass has expressed himself
moro than pleased with the outlook for
the future of tho Forks, aud stales: that
witli the inauguration of work on a
railway into this section there will bo a
big rash of peoplo.
Pushing Tilings.
Last Monday Joseph L. Wiseman
was awarded lho contract for grading
thu hill at the head ot Main etroet, and
on Wednesday ho started to work with
a large force. Mr. Wisemin expect.; to
have tho work completed with In a
week from the time it w:ts begun. The
dirt from the hill is being used to fill up
the low plac.* on Bridge street betwoen
second and third street
Work on The Gladstone,
Mr. H. B. Cannon started a force of
men to work 011 the Gladstone property
on Hardy mountain, last Tuesday, and
expects to push development work right
along until tho m.-rits of tho property
are thoroughly demonstrated, Ho expects to commence shipping ore via
wagon to Marcus soma time noxt
month, and if the experiment proves
successful will continue to ship as long
as the returns will justify it.
Will be a Ores) Camp.
A representative ot tho Miner in company with Dr. Averill and John Ogden
made a hurried trip to Eureka camp on
ti.. reservation this *.- eek. The mineral of this camp is a freo milling proposition and thore seems t* ho any
amount of it in sight. Considerable
work has boen dono on lho various properties iu tho camp, all of which aro
showing up nicely, and fully demonstrated tho fact that it is bound lo be
ono of tho greatest mining camps in the
A Rich Strike on The Reservation.
A rich strike is reported to hive been
mado on tho Brimstone claim, situated
on LaFleur mountain near Nelson, on
the reservation. Assays mado from
samples taken from a streak of peculiar
looking decompose.1 ore., oi brown color
which was found in a tunnel boing
driven on tho property, rdn as high as
8L500 to the ton.
Like tho Eureka 01'e, at lirst very
little attention was paid to it under tho
belief lhat it was of no . ,ilu.-, but curiosity* induced tho oweors, Messers.
Phar and Conlson, to havo an assay
made, which resulted ns above stated,
Constable Ch«.nge.s.
As a result of tho recent visit of Sup-
erlntendent Hussoy a number of changes have beet made in theconstablery
of the district. W. G. MdMynns lias
been reinstated as chief, constable of
of Midway; Constable Deans of Mid
way has been transfered to Osoyoos;
Constable Blkins, of Greenwood, to
Fairview; Constablo Gardon; of En-
derby, to Aiid way, and J. B. Brown has
been appointed a special constable.
The Midway irrigation ditch is completed.
R. Millar ..f Vancouver is visiting
friends in the city.
Thos. McDonnell will open a hotel in
Boundray Creek City.
G. B. Taylor, of Rock creek, has beon
appoiutetl a notary public.
"Sandy" .Campbell has opened a
branch olliee in Eureka camp.
William Tuttlo of Denver, Col, ia
here  and  may remain some little time.
W. J. Callaghan of Burke Idaho was
a passenger on Monday's stage frcm tho
Robert C. Adams, eC .Montreal Quebec, wa> a visitor in the city the first of
the weok.
O. O. McKay and W. J, Brickley of
.Spokano were Visitors at the Forks the
past week,
M. E. McDonald ot Rossland has beau
Visiting friends at the Forks for the
last few days.
O. "JO. Williams of Rossland accni
pauied by A. Wootlhouse huve beon in
the city tor the last few days.
A. II. Whipple of Sand crc ik camo to
tho city a few days ago and will remain
a few d^iys and tako in the Sights.
The Roman Catholic residents of
Greenwood and Anaconda are making
an I effort to secure a resident priest
. Henry White, of White's camp, was
in town this week ou business, and reports everylhihg looking well in his
local ty.
J. Palktngham of Ro?sland was a
passnnger on Monday's stage from the
lower country, lie is here with a view
of investing,
A. J. Cytln of Northpo-.t appeared in
our midst the Srst of thia week ho is
hereon a business trip and will return
in a few   days,
J. i'. FLOor.
The sitting of the Count;-,* Court ol Vale will
MIDWAY OS i'.lST JULY, 1807,
AT (jllANt. FOI'K- OS -*■ AloUST, 18*17,
a* the hour of It o'clock  in   the forenoon, respectively.
K\* command W, G Mi^iVNN",
fiovernmeat Oflice, Midway, li. C.j   u. R. u. C
June 1, ls.,17 l
Kerr & Flood, Butchers,
Grand Forkp, Greemvood and Midway.
ISfAll kinds of Meats Geiman Sausages and Head Cheese Always on Hand.
r*> '■*;
5  ■ ,\. /-*:■■-'' -:\  •     *'
« ,-*-*". '•■•,-•-. **£' :■::'.i **"**,'. •J-'
His  HONOUR tin- Lieutenant-Governor litis
hen pleased to make tlj.o foi lowing appointment:—
22nd May, 1807.
smsi'-.v  it i ipse i.i.  Almond, of the town of
Grand Forks, Esquire, to be n mining Recorder
for the  tiriiu.l   Furl's -Miuin.;  Division uf the
Vale Bloetoral District.
Certificate of Improvements Notice,
mmmm$^m. prospectors
<&%-t^.WS£j\ GRAND FORKS, B. C.
>.'*a!!i.r. _-•-,- ■■
wmmm LiuBFU Teams, SaddlB
^Sj^^sBm^^       Pack and Ladies Saddle Horses.
Harness Shop in Oonnecfcion- Toatnin g of all Kinds Done.
Properties Reported on,
Development und Assessment Work Supervised,
Ranken & Campbell,
Bonita Mineral Olnim. situate in tlie Kettle
River Mining Division of Vale Distrii t
Where located: — Observation mountain,
Grand Forks.
TAKE NOTICK that I. I7. Wollaston, acting as
agent for the lion tin Gold Mining Company
Free .Miner's Cerliileiite No. S8,8D0i intend, sixty
days frota the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, STRICTLY FIRST CLASS.
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above olaim.
And further take notice thai action, under
section :J7, inn-1 be commenced before tho issuance ut Biieh Certificate of improvements,
Dined this 7th day ot May, 1897.
And Investment Agents.
Records Searched| " (jraUCl £ OlKSj ij. J,
TERMS SI.50 AND $2.00 FER M1
Transacted Much Business,
The regular meeting of the cily council iviis
hold yesterday afternoon at 131 in the Club
room. The mayor and all the members of tlio
council were present with (lie tixcoptidn of
Alderman Dtifon .
The minutes of the previous meeting bolus
read by Cleric AJknian, they were adopted
on motion of Alderman S, K. Johnson, see-
ondi .1 by Alderman VV. G. Hepworth. The
following communications -veto then read by
tho clerk: The first was n letter from Hie Engineering Kecord, Of Now i'ork City, Inquiring
whatstepshad been lakeu towards establishing a water works system iu this city, they re-
questing tlii.i information r.,r ibe pnrpose'oi
publishing the Barae in their contract news
columns, tvuicli reoords the progress of nil
such undertakings In tho United States for lho
benefit of cngiin ors, contractors and others who
nre specially Interested in those matters. This
communication was ordered filed.
Tbc ncxl wns a letter from the Chollaa Wn c.-
Co. relative to tlio supply of water works machinery. This coiiiminiiciitii.il wii.s alio re-
ceived uud tiled.
The clerk then read 11 bill from W. K, C,
Manly of $-19 for ballot box, shovels, etc. This
was referred to the finance committee for their
icy..y thereon.
The roport of the committees being the next
thing In order, Dr. Hepworth, on behalf of (he
linanee committee, recommended payment of
Mrs.   Keys'bill   of  $75 for writing the bylaws.
The city ongiueor's bill of $12.50 was thou
presented, being for services rendered In rc-
contly establishing a grade on Bridge street and
Riversid*- nvemic. This bill was referred lo the
finance committee lo bo reported on at next
Aldei man L. A. Manly, on behalf of the board
of works committee, IntrOduoeMho subject of
lilling in tiie slough at the head of Bridge street.
After considerable discussion relative to the
advisability of filling it In or planking it, a motion wits mado by the above-nnmed gentleman
Unit lenders be received for the filling In of
this slough with earth nnd also for planking it
the full width of the street with three-inch
The bre. water and light committee recommended the appointment of Frank Truax as
chief of lhe lire deportment for the city.
The matte- of sidewalk building was .lien
taken up, W. K. O. Manly moving tlu't a bylaw-
be in troilticed providing h,r the building of a
Bidowolk on both sides ol lirdge street up to
.Vain Btreol,. and on Riverside nvenue from
IVlnnipeg avenue to Main street. This motion
wns seconded by Alderman i'.'tvls who then
moved no adjournment.
Does all kinds of   kind* of repairing anrt
horee shoeing;   All work gauranteed.
Spokane Fall's & Northern.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard,
Red Mountain Elys.
(Fokmeblv The GBakd Pdnirs Iloi'ut,)
Dealer in
The only All-rail Route, without chiiuge
nf care, between Spokano, Roes*
land Nelson.
Groceries, Salt Meat, Fruits, Confectioneries
A Full '.t.ino ot Fishing Taokol just Rocoivod. Prospectors ant) Miners Will
And it to tlieir interest to gIVe me a ball bofore purchasing as 1 can bavo yoi
money.   Don't forget tho place. BRIDGE STtiEET, GRAND fflRKS, B. C.
Going North.                                     GolligSouth.
12:10ft; nl....!    MARCU3 1:50
Close connentlona fttNeladli with Bteamboats
for Kaslo and ull Kootenay LitkoPulnts.
Passengers fnr Kettlo Riner and  Boundary
Croek connect ut Marcus with stage daily.
Northern Patdfic
C, M. KEENE, Proprietor.
Lunches aud short order meals at all hours.
Fine    Home   Made   Taffy   Fresh  Daily.
GRAND   FORKS;   B    C.
Yellowstone Park Line..
Everything New and Best Furnished House in Town;
INBODY   &   DAVIDSON,   Proprietors.
Always Found at the Bar.   Special attention Paid to Transcient Trade.
Freighters aud travellers will always find tlie
bet of accommodations at Edwards' ferry.
Nev  Miners- Hotel;
NieiHardj \b building a substantial I >^ hotel near tho mouth of Mme creek, eleven miles
From the city, and he exj.cetr- to have it completed and ready fur occupancy In about a
weok. It i: u tvuMory structure of ample
proportions to inrnish sleeping uud eating ac*
coinmodatlons for the public who may be traveling along the wdst side Qf tbo North Fork.
partnership heretofore subsisting between
James Hamilton and Edvnopd Duford. as hoiei-
keeperain the W'hile Hduse, in tlio towu c»i
prand Korks. Jt.c . has been dissolved by mutnl
consent, und tbo busfnesa of the 6ald firm has
boen purchased by Oliver Bordeau, who will
coini net tho same lit tlie old stand.
Jambs Hamilton,
Omveb Dui'onn.
]■. ted at Qrahd Porks. B. 0., this 26tb dayol
June, A. D., 18971
NOTICE tS&KHBBY GIVEN that I intend tn
apply to the Board of Uceneiiig Commls-
pionors at its next sitting for a transfer to me
of :' *' license to sell wines, beer ami spirituous
liquor's now issued to James Hamilton, in the
premises known as tho White House, sitnale
noun Kiverside avenue iu the City of Or aiid
Uated this 24th day of June, A. I). 1897.
Oliver Bobdau
James Hamilton.
The Fast Line,
Superior Service.
Tliroiigli tlokatl to .ill liolnts in lho United
Suites and Canada.
Direct connectloti *.vith (be Spokane Falls-Si
Northern Railway.
No, 1 West  BlMp, m.
No.2BaBt  7:00a. ra,
Tickets to Japan and China via. Taeomii nnd
Northern Pacific steamship Company.
Por iiii'.ii'ninti(.;i, lime cards, niiips ami tickets apply t.t agents .f the Spokano Fnlh. &
Norliiein nnd ils couneotlonB. or
F. D, GIBBS, General Agent,
Spukalu*, Wash.   .
A. I). CHARLTON, A. G, P, A.,
No. 2M Morrison St., Portland, Or.
Write" fur new map of Kootenay cuiintry.
Boundary Hotel,
First-class Accommodations Good Stabling, Termius of
Stas;e Line From. Marcus, Washington.
MeAuley & ^ieCauig,    -   -     Proprietors.
Mr, Williams, manager of the stago
lino between this city and Marcus, has
purohacotl tho Simmonds' Btago lino bo-
tA'eon the Forks and Greon Wood. *
Be sure and stop at Edwards'  terfy (or good
mea'sand olettn I.Rd.
:Th-sitting ol Die County Court 0! Yale Will
le held at .  ...i
Osoyoos .ui Wednesday lhe 28tlt .'iily, 1807,
!■.' the hour t'f 11 lu tlit- forenoon.
hy ' '.."I'niiiuind C. A. K, L'AlCBLY
Goyeramgnt Oflice, Osoyoos, I it,   C.  c,
JuueBU. I
Should carefully boneider
the cost of material, and
by figuring) lind out that
all kinds of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Etc*
con be purchased at tbe
Grand   Forks
Sawmill «...
C.  K, SIMPSON. Proprietor.
Suits Made to Order at Reasonable Prices
,      All Work Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction.   Spouial attention paid to Oloan
ing and Repairing.   Qivo trio a trial order.
Pairits, 0il5, Brushes, Sash & Doors;
Anthing You Want in the Hardware Lino and Can't Find it go to
W. K. C. Manly's Stort, Grand Porks, B. C mm
i  i   ■
By-Law Regulating Trader's
Licenses Passed.
WHEREAS, [t is expedient to pass a by-law
il Rnnltflnn VrIIr ami Knrthcrn rail- to regulate Hie proceedings of the Municipal
u opoBane rails anu iNoruurn ran    0ou»0l] ana ln'committee of the Municipal
Six Lots Purchased For a School House
Site. -The Contract Tor Grading Bridge Street Let
to J. L, Wiseman.
An adjourned meeting of the city
council waB bold last Monday afternoon with the inayor and all lhe members of the council present.
By-Law ho. D respecting traders
licenses was introduced and tho council went into a committee of the whole
for tho discussion of tho same, with
Alderman Ilepworth in the chair.
After a thorough discussion of the bj-
law it passed, its first, second aud third
reading and the mayors signature was
attached to the same.
A communication from the Land
Registry office at Kamloops was read
by the clerk, who was instructed to forward tiie samo to C. A. R. Lambiy, at
A letter from tho Michigan Brass and
Iron works relulivo to furnishing the
machinery for the propoeed water works,
was  also read and placed on file;
Tho question of the city purchasing a
plat of ground for school purposes was
next introduoted. Alderman Hepworth, who is one of the school tiustees,
stalld that he had interviewed thtj
manager of tho townsite company relative to their donating sutficent ground
torn school site, and that gentleman in-
formed him that be had no authority to
donate any property until the matter
hud been considered at a regular meeting of the town company, but that Mr.
Cumings bad made a proposition to sell
tne city six lots for S?3.00 a piece, which
was ono half the regular price for the
After having tho regulation amount
of discussion it was moved by Ilepworth and seconded by A1. Manly that
the proposition be accepted; and was
curried without a dlscenting voice.
The grading of tho hiil at the head of
Main street was the uo,*t matter for deliberation. As a result of whi.'li Davis
'moved that Joseph L. Wiseman be employed to do tho work, which motion
was Boconed by Alderman Johnson and
beiny; put to a vote tlio work was ordered done.
W. 0. K, Manly introduced a resolution providing tor tbo grading of Riverside avenue und Bridge street. As
this proposition met with tho approval
of the entire council, it passed, and on
the motion of W- C. K. Manly and seconded by Jeff. Davis the city engineer
was instructed to establish a grade ou
the eaid streets, and prepare a profile of
the same.
On motiou of Alderman Davis an adjournment was taken until Friday July
Surveys Being Made into the Boon-
Cheek District.
The Miner learns from an authentic
source that President Corbin of the Nelson and Fort Bheppard, Red Mountain
ways lias despatched a corps of engineers to Sheep creek for the purpose of
Biirveyfng a line from Northport to
Grand ForkB. It is said that Mr. Corbin proposes to take advantage of the
differences that exist between the promoters of the Columbia and Western
ant) Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern
companies to corral the trade of the
lower Boundary district. The route
that his engineers have heen ordered to
survey from j^nrthport is along Snoop
creek to Kettle river, thence past tlio
southern end of Christina lake to
Grand Forks. It is said that this is the
shortest route to the Boundary.—Nelson ^liner.
BYLAW   no.   l.
A B.*-law   fur regulating the  Proceedings of
Council and for Defining the Duties of the
Officers of the Corporation of  the  city of
Orand Forks.
Bon't Ask The Earth,
An investor and manager of a development company, not unmindful of his
own interests, nevertheless makes somo
'good points in un interview in the Victoria Colonist.   He says*.
"Parties owning claims which they
have either located themselves or purchased for a song, should givo men with
capital a fair interest for thoroughly
testing lho value of tho claims, rather
than demand, as thoy aro doing now,
large sums of mon3y to bo paid for
what may not prove to be worth a dollar. The unwise policy of holder** in
..this regard is doing much to hinder
development in variotis parts of tho
province. The day is gone by—and it
is very fortunate for the real mining interests ot the province that it has—when
men aro willing to pay a large prico for
,a piece of mountain side which has no
evidence ot mineral beyond being some,
.where near a claim that has good showing and some stakes to mark its boundaries. I bad an experience the other
,du> which shows, however, that all
claim holders havo not.yot learned this.
In a certain district I had representations as to tho groat value ot a claim
a few u ilea frotn ono of tho mining
towns, so with some other gentlemen;
including au engineer and tho intending vendor of the claim, visited it. lho
engineer found n,o ledge—indeed nothing for a long time but a littlo float.
After a time, however, ho did find a
.valueless stringer of quartz. This the
owner of the claim hud not seen before,
and immediately it was pointed out to
him his prico went up 100 por cent. It
is noedleBB to say that our mules were,
turned immediately towards their
1 Tho moral of this intorviev? 16:
""Stand in with capital'" If you don't
"where are you at'"
Council of the Corporation of the Cily of arnu.l
Porks, and to define tho duties of the several
(llli.'ci's of snid Corporation, and tlie manner iu
which said duties shall be fulfilled!
THEREFORE, The Municipal Council of
the Corporation of th * City of llrand Forks, lu
Council assembled enacts as follows:
1. The said council shall meet every Friday
in the vear at the hour of 1:80 p. in., unless
Otherwise ordered l.y special motion, or unless
sucli .lav shall he a public or civic holiday according to law, when lhe council shall meet at
the same hour tlie next following day whicli is
not a public ur civic holiday.
2. The mavor may nt any time summon a
special mcotlng of tho council and ii shall bo
iiis duty to summon a special meeting whenever requested in writing so to do by ll -tuit-
jurity of the members of tlie council.
8. rules, thoro stall be a quorum present
In half nil hour alter tho time appointed for
the meeting of lhe council, tbo council shall
thon stand absolutely adjourned until the next
■ lay of meeting unless a special moeting bo
duly called in ihe incautlinei and the clerk shall
takedown the names of the members presenl
at tho expiration of such half hour.
.1. lu case of the absonco or death of the
mayor or head of the council, n sue.-nil meeting may bo summoned at anytime by the clerk
upou a special requisition '" hiin signed by a
majority of the members of the council.
r., As eooii after lhe hour of meoling as there
shall h" a quorum present, tne inayor shall
Boundary take the chair nnd the members, uncovered,
shall be called to or Jer.
II, lu case the mayor shall not be In attendance within thirty minutes after the hour up*
pointed, tbeolerk shall call tho meottng to order until a cliai man shall be chosen, who
shall preside until thy arrival oi the mayor.
7. Iu case of the death or absence of the
mavor, the council mav, from amongst themselves, appoint a presiding olllcer, who, during
such absence, shall have all the powers of
mayor and preside at all m otings of tliecdun*
8, inimediiUclv after the mayor or other
presiding ollicer shall have taken his scat, the
minutes of the prfCodtng meeting shall b.• read
by the clerk, in order Hint any mistakes therein
may bo corrected by the council.
•i.' The mayor or other presiding ..nicer shall
preserve order and decorum and decide .pi. •••
tionsdl order, subject to an appeal lotho council by any member,
ill When the ninvor or other presldlug of-
llcerIs called on to decide a point ol orderor
practice, he shall do so without uuuecessary
comment, mid shall stale lhe rule or authority
nppllonlilo t. th.* case if required.
11 if the leaver or other presldlug officer do-
ha built into sires to leave {the ollnlr [or tile purpose of
ue   uuni into  tftkt t -n tno debate, or otherwise, he
shall .all one of the aldermen to (ill  his place
— until he resumes the chair.
12 Every member previous to his speaking
to any question or motion, shall rise Irom his
seal, and shall address himself to the mayor or
other presiding officer.
13 Every member who sha.l be present In
the council chamber when a question is put
Shall vote thereon, unless the council shall
excuse him, or unless he be personally Interested iu the question, pruvldcdo sueh interest Is
resolvable into a personal pecunary profit, or
sucli as is peculiar to that member, and not In
common with the interests oi the cltise. S lit
hire", and in such case he shall not vote, and
if anv member present persist iu refusing to
vole .'or other than the reasons hereinbefore
slated he shall be recorded as voting 111 the
nogativeon tho question beloro ihe council.
If a member claims to be exouBrd irom recording his vole a motion must bo formally made to
that effect. ,        ...
U A member called to order from tho chair
shall sit down, but niay afterwards be permitted to cii.lain, and lino council, if appealed to,
shall decide on ine case, but without debate: if
there he do appeal, thedeclsion ol ihe mayor
or other presiding olllcer shall be final.
15 Anv member mny require the question or
motion in discussion to be read at any time
during lhe debate, but not so us to interrupt a
member while speaking.
16 No member shall Speak more than once
to the siuuo question, without leave of the
council, except, in explanation of a material
purl of his speech which may havo been misconceived, aud iu so doing he is not to introduce n new matter; a reply Is allowed to a member who has made a substantive motion to the
council, but not to uny mombcr who lu-.B
moved to change an order of tlie day, an
amendment, the previous question or an Instruction to a committee, and no member without leave of the council, shall speak to the same
question, or in reply for longer liiau a quarter
of au hour.
17 No persons except members and oincers
of the council shall be allowed to come V. Ithiii
the bar during lhe sitting of the council without the permlssiouof the mayor or other presiding officer. ...
is No standing order or rule oi the council
shall be snsp.iidyd evoepl by a vote of two-
thirds of '.he members pre-ent.
Ill lu all unprovided easei in tlie orocoed-
inys of the council or in committee, the law ef
parliament shall be followed.
20 The general order of business at oyory
regular meeting shall be as follows:
First.   Heading of minutes.
Second.   Original communications.
Third.   Petitions.
Fourth.  Keportsof committees.
Fifth.   Consideration of reports of  committees.
Sixth.   Enquiries.
Seventh.   Introduction of by laws.
Eighth,   Unfinished business.
Ninth.   Motions.
Tenth.   Consideration of the by laws.
Eleventh.   Oivlng notice.
.21.  All  communications, accounts and petitions shall be considered as having been referred to the proper cuniiiiiitecs, unless otherwise oid.'red.
22 The business shall in all eases be taken
up in the order 111 which it stands, unless
Olltorwlse determined ou by a vote of two-
thirds of thu members present, end without
debate thereon,
28 Notice at a previous mcctlnii shall be
given ..fall motions for introducing new matter, other Hum matters of privilege and bringing up petitions and communications unless
the council dispense with sucli notice by a vote
Of two-thirds 01 the ipeinbers present without
2-1, All motions, except motions, to adjourn
Or go Into committoo of the whole shall, when
required by tho ii'ayoror his presiding ollicer,
be in writing and seconded before being debated or pdt from tlio chair. When a motiou
is seconded it hall he road, or, it viva voce,
stilted, by tin* mavor or other presiding officer
or clerk before debate.
28 Altera motion Is rend by tbe m.iyoror
other presiding olllco r or clerk, it shall be
deemed to bole possession of the council, lint
may be withdrawn atony lime before decision
or amendment, witli permission of the council.
*>.(.. A motion for commitment, unlit ll Is decided, shall preclude all amendments ef the
main question.
*"7 A motion lo ad|o'..ru shall always be In
order, but no second motiou to tne same
idled shall bi: made until some intermediate
proceedings shall have been had.
?s When a oucstion iB under debate no
motion shall he received unless to commit it.
to amend it, to lay it on the table, to postpone
it, to adjourn, or to move the previous question.
20 Tlie previous question until His decided
shall preclude all amendments of the main question, and shall be put without debate, in the
following words: "Shall this question be now
put;"' and h' this motion be resolved in the
lU-eheavllyintorejitod in the prosperity of Qritnd aillrinatlve, ihe original question Is tube put
Forks, would bo anxious to asslBt every enter* forthwith without any amen.Imeiits or debate,
i.rls,. iluit I.,,** n t,.,,,l...icv lo build un the tm.-u 80 All amendments oh.ill lie put ill the reprise lhat tins a,ten.lent) to build up the tow n, v*BrBe 0td0r Of which Ihey nre moved, except
even it It sh.otill coit a trifle more, owing to the •„ milng up blanks, when the. longest timo
fiicl thai every dollar put in circulation nt home  and largest sum shall be put first, and every
bolus la ince'iso II... ni'osni.i'tv of the town amendment submitted shall be reduced to
Mips I., meieise in.   piospcitj 01 tile town.   wrltfn»  when required by the mayor, and he
THE MiNKiiis preparing a list of those who arc Welded Upon or wiihdrawn before the main
in the habit oj sending abroad for goods that question Is put to vole, (inly poo amendment
can be obtained at home, and will at some In-   8>mU J*> ""owed t" an ninendmonl   and any
amendment more than one must bolotlio main
May Have a Railroad Yet,
W. T. Smith, of the Republic Mia
ing company, has returned from Spo
kane, says the Boundary Creek Times,
and reports that notwithstanding tin
unsatisfactory railway news,
Creek district is attracting the attontion of many mining mon in that city.
All in Spokane who aro acquainted
with the mineral wealth of the district
are confident tl.aa but a short time will
elapse bofore active railway courtruc-
tion into tho districts begins. Mr,
Smith met Mr. Corbin, the president of
the S. F. & M. Railway company, and
that gou tinman said tlut he had by no
means forgotten Boundary creek, and,
intact, intended visiting the district at
au early date to look over tha situation
for himself. The Victoria Colonist says
that Corbin's engineers uro now on
Sheep creek surveying for a route
wherever a line can
Boundary creek.
Christina Loke Notes.
J. P. Burks ono ot the owners ot tho
Piolot knob proierty has just haa an
assay of tho croppings ot Ihis claim
which ran 80.07 in gold at the very grass
Tho Mother Eve and gold Fluit
claims are looking up well, for the
amount of development that has been
thereon, the owners being rewarded for
their labor by gratifying gold assay returns.
Out of an average of threo assays
tako from samples at tho workings of
the Cracker Jack claim, tho result was
an assay of HI in all values this being
only a few feet from the surface.
Tho Elmo which is owned by Mi*.
Ilutcheson of Rossland is turning out
most satisfactory tho owner having
struck copper ore only eleven feot down
and is now Biuking a shaft in the genuine ore which assays well up iu the
''teens" from the surface.
Object to lhe Convoy.
An appropriati jn for a wagon road
from Hall's Ferry to Nelson on tha reservation! has been made by tho United
States government, and a party ot eur-
veyo s are now in the field running tho
preliminary survey for tho samo. It is
said that two or three different routes
are under advisement, but it seems to
be the general opinion of those who arc
in a position to know, that it will comb
over what is known as liono Ranch
past*. It is understood that tho road
will be completed and ready for travel
about the lirst of September which
will be in timo for tho full and winter
business. The great kick on tho present routo tho reservation peoplo had
was the expense of a convoy, which had
to be sent through with every load of
freight for reservation pjints.
The New Mining Lrtw«*.
Wo are in receipt of lho Directory of
Mines for May, 1807, published by the
Mining Record, Limited Liability, P, O.
drawer B7, Victoria, B. C.
This book contains tbo only complete
synopsis bf lhe mining laivs of British
Columbia yet published, with alnend-
tnenls passed at tbo late session of tbo
Legislature and is ut hresent the most
valliatila work for n:ining mon to bo
found in tho market, All who wish to
know the state ot tbo mining laws as
they stand today ahou Id procuro a copy.
Single copies lifty cents. Annual
Subscription prico for tho four quarterly
issues, Sl.'.iO.
Faironfee Home Industry.
It Is to be regretted that sonic ol our Ijueliiesy,
ii'en who arc depending ou the local trade lor
their own I: iGines;*, are in the habit Of sending
out for nearly everything they use themselves
just because tliey can save a few cents. It would
naturally be supposed, that ut least those who
tyre date publish the sanio for the information
p| tlie public, believing as we'do, that if tb.cy
dcscrlmtiiate against home Industries that* tlio
people of, arai'd Forks should not favor then!
With their patronage.
'ice delivered to any part  ol the city.   C.'M
•: Tbe MltlER ia now preparared tc do
job work of all kinds at the lowest pos;
Bible prices for good work. If you uro
intaeed of Anything in this line give ud
t>. call.
IU In all motions tortile apnolntment ef nnv
person to any olliee in the gift of the council,
the name of all candidates Shall be submitted,
before, any veto is taken, and tho nominees
Snail ofi then voted Upon. Iu the appointment
ol any peraoP to nny position in tbo gift of the
council the candidates shall be proposed and
then voted lor'by ballot, the balloting
papers having been previously prepared and
initialed- by the clerk of lhe council, the candidate receiving the loweBt number of votes being dropped aftor caoh tote until oulytwo tc-
lnnhi; or until one  shall havo received a ma
jority of the votes 'CABt. When more than one
person isto be elected or appointed, each member of the council shnll be entitled to vote for
as many as there are positions t" bo tilled.
Any candidate receiving a majority of the ballots cast shall he elected. If more than one
ballot is necessary the candidate having the
smallest number of votes on the preceding bal-
ott Bluill be dropped.
:*2 After nny question except one of iinieti-
11 ito postponement any member who voted
thereon in the alh-miitive may at the same or
the lirst inc.ding thereafter, move for a reconsideration thereof but no discussion of the
main question shall he allowed unless reeon-
sidereil und there shall be no reconsideration
unless notice of tbesam.* bo given a: the meeting at which the main motion 1*1 carried, and
niter such notice Is given no action Bhall be
taken by the council on tl." main motion un-
til such reconsldetution is disposed ol aud no
question sliall i»: reconsidered more than
88 When the question under consideration
.■oi ita ins .list inei propositions, upon toe request
of any member, the vote upon  each p-oposl
lloti'-leill be taken separately.
::| Aftcrany question is Dually put by tho
mayor or other presiding officer, no member
shall spe.ik to the question nor shall i"y other
motion la- made mil il after ibe remit i declared, aud the decision ol the mayor or other
presiding olllcer as to whether the quo-Uosi has
been liually put shall be conclusive.
3". Whenever il shall be moved and curried
that ihe council go into committee of Ihe
whole, lhe mayor or oilier presiding ollicer
shall leave the chair and shall appoint a
chairman of com tali tee ol the whole who shall
inai .tain order iu the committee, who shall re-
port tho proceedings of tho committoo, but the
chairman ol a- coramlttco whose report is under eons,derm Ion, in a mombcr Lntroduclnga
l-vlaw shall u.y be required to tako tbo chair.
';:.! The rules of lb" council, with the exception ol Hole 10,shall be observed In committoo
of the whole so far as may be applicable except
tliat no motion shall be ruquit'od to be seconded nor sliall a motiou for the previous
37 Questions ol order arising in committee
of the w bole shall la' ducldod by the chairman
subject to an appeal to the mayor, and if tiny
disorder should aiisy in ibe committee, the
mayoi or other presiding officer will resume tho
chair without any motion being put,
38 On motion iu committee of tbe whole to
vise and report tho question shall he decided
Without debate.
8'J Amotion in committee of the whole to
vise without reporting or that the chairman
leave tlie chair, shall always be in order and
sliall lake pie.-e lence of any other motion; on
sucli motiou debate shall be allowed an.l on an
affirmative votu tho subject referred to the
committee shall bi considered us disponed of in
the negative, nnd the mayor or oilier presiding
olllcer shall resumo the chair, and proceed witli
u.e next order of busluess.
READING     OF       llV-LAWS     A*:iJ       I'llocl'I'.lilN'os
TllRHB I.***.
iii Every bvlaw slull be introduced upon
motion for leave, specifying lhe iltlo of the bylaw, or upon motion to appoint a committee to
prepare and bring it iu.
•II The question, "lhat ihis bylaw be now*
read a first time" Bhall be decided upon without amendments or debate.
12 Unless previously reported otl by a committee every bylaw sliall.unlesiotherwlso determined by the council, he committed aftertho
Becond reading thereof to a committee of the
whole to ropoit the finine,
■13 Every bylaw shall receive three several
readings and on different days previous to Its
being passed except in urgent, uud extraordinary occasions, and upon a voto of two-thirds
of the members present when li may be road
twice or thrice or advanced two or in ire sin.'es
iu one day.
•ll When a bylaw Is road lu lhe council tho
clerk shall certify tlie reelings nud lime
ou the back thereof, alter ihe bylaws have
passed he shall be responsible for their correctness if amended.
4.r» Iu proceedings of committeeou the whole
upon bylaws every clause shall ue considered
in proper order.
Hi Any bylaw tor the appropriation of money
brought iu on the report of a committee of the
whole, simll pass throughall its stages without
being again referred to die committee of thu
whole unless upon special motion in writing,
■t7 All amendments made iu committee of the
whole shad be reported by the chairman to the
council which shall receive fhe same forthwith; after report the bylaw sh .11 be opon to
debate and amendment before it Is ordered foil third reading. When a bylaw is reported without amendment it shnll forthwith be ordoreod
to he read a third time, at such time as may bo
appolutcd by the oouncll.
•i.-i Every bylaw* which has passed thj conn
ell shall immediately bo signed by the mayor
or presiding ollicei'ami city clerk, nnd sealed
with tlie seal of the corporation and shall bo
iu the custody of ihe clerk.
lit Every member who shall introduce a bylaw, petition or motion npnn.nny subject which
mav lie referred  to a special  committee,   shall
be one of the comniltteo without being un d
by the eouncil,and shall, unless lhe committee otherwise determines, h'O eh lii'iiuui of such
Sll Of Hie uuii.bc'.'oi' member-coup isi.ig.iny
standing or select committee, two members
ther of shall be a quorum competent to proceed lo business.
i.i   There  sliall he annually    appointed   at
the lirst   or second meeting   of  each   ue", ly
elected council the following committees ■■
sliall e.inpose tne standing committoi i of th.
First   The standing committee on i.   u
and assessment]
Second.   The standing committee cu works
and property;
Third.   The standing committee   on   lire,
water and light;
Fourth.  Tnostandlugooinmltteoou police,
health and relief.
62 Each standing committoo of tbe council
shall consist of two members of the council
and ihe mayor shall he ex-otllclo a momboi of
all committees.
83 The members of oach standing committee
of the oouncll shall at their lirst meeting pro-
cced to elect from among themselves a chairman, and Immediately after such chairman bus
been elected, the day oi the lirsl regular meeting of such committee shall be determined,
and alio the hour at which such meeting sliall
be held.
61 Members of the council may attend the
meetings of any of its committees, but shall
not be allowed lo take any pari in any discussion or debate, except by permission of a ma
iority of the men'hers of the committee
:."i The business of the standing and special
committees shall be conducted under ine following regulations , and subject to Hie rules
governing procedure in the council except that
no motion will be required to be seconded, nor
sh'.ll a motion hi'' the previous question he allowed, nor shall the number uf iiu.es a member
mny speak to thcquestlon under ideratlon
be limited.
First. The clrii'iiur.i shall preside at every
moeting and sliall voteou ail questions submitted and lu ease of an equal division the
quest ion shall be negatived.
Second. The eliairienu shall sign nil or
tiers and documents which Hie committoo
may legally adopt.
Third, lu his absence one oi the other
members shnll b ' elected to presideW'llO shall
ilischarge all the diiilesof the chairman for
the moeting, or until tlie Arrival ol the chair-
Foitrth. Ko order or authority to do any
matter or thing shall be recognized as emanating from any committee unless 'tis In
writing nor in..ess It Is signed by lhe chairman or acting ' nnii'inan.
.'ill Thu j'eucriil duties of Hie standing and
special commlttoeo of tbo council shall be as
follows: ,
First. To report to the council from timo
tii time whenever directed bv the council,
and as often as the interests of tlte city may
require on nil matters connected wuh the
duties Imposed on them respectively, and to
recommend such action by the council in
relation   thereto as may   be deemed   neces-
Sccond.. To pleparennd introduce into the
council all Such bylaws'as may be necessary
to eive eU'ect t 'he reports or reconiieelidli'
thins of the i eeclive committees that are
adopted by the council
Third TcglvecU'ect by the instrumentality ei'tho propi illcer or officers to all bylaws andresolui, us of the council tliat re
lat.'tothe duties o< the respective ooinmlt-
Fourth. Tor .,i u'l accounts connected
w'th the discharge Of the duties Imposed hy
thecounc.il oi'wi'h tbe periortnaiiee of any
works or the.purchase of any material or
goods under the supervision of their respective eoinmlUees.
Fifth. To consider and report respectively
on anv and all i itters referred td them ly
the council, the chairman signing such re
port and. bringing up the same.
Sixth. To present to tlte council ou or before the last regi.i ir moeting of the eoucil In
cncli and every vein* a general report ol lho
'State of the various matters referred to the
committees from lime to  time  during the
year, flic work or business dome through or
by such Committee ami the expenditure
made under their authority or duperttttend-
Seventh. To see that the person iti ofii.t:
or appointed lo office Conducted with the de*
partment of each respective committee hate
given or lo give the necessary security required of them for ihe performance of their
duties and iu the case of any new appoint*
ments that the security is given beforeany
such person enters ou Ids dutl. s.
57 In addition to the duties prescribed by
law or by tins bylaw or 1 y auy bylaw "f the
Cityof Qrand Forks, the dutlei  tally imposed on He- standing committee on finance,
hereinafter referred to aa tb ■ Bn ■ ..    ( immtt-
lec . shall be a- follOWB:
First. To Buporvlse ad contracts, oTders
engagements, ri porta, recommendations and
proceedings lin I.i . : be <■>;■■ -...li- . ol
money ol all i      ■■■  ., I   i .a ■       dttci
II IID I,  , .i.   ■   Off! '-a    ui       :
porutlou,   and   1.0 coin   ■■ i.  order,   engaii
ment,  report,  reco.umi di   i ie tl-
ing Involviii ■   tic expi        money ol
any ol the sin I oommi'.l except us herein
otherwise  provided.      . I   nuy officer of the
eon tlo i shull y      [a   ell i I 01 ■■,
eration until   ihe sit  u     . .;i  ha  b b
before  the said   111 au, .        mil   i    .     or until
the council shall im.,. ;.e. iod   the -a  ll'
the usual manner,
Becond.   To   Buporvlse  all   a. count
pendituroB and outlay, aud all sums payable
uudercontraots, beforeany moneys aro paid
Ihel'el'or,   of all   the   other commlttoes, and
shall require Hie lav/   aud   ail    bylaws and
resolutions   of    the    council   with    i-   peel
thereto, to be complied with before clulms
or accounts are paid; and no account, .labor demand whatever not cxpreBBlj  authorized to be paid by statute, bylaw  oi resolu
tiou ol the oouncll  shall be  paid lllltl
same have been lirsl laid   before tho said
nance  committee and   reported   on   by Hi"
said committee.
Third.   The finance committee Bhall I
lhe right to object to any contract, order, eu
gageineut,   report,   recoitiiiien.iaii.it.   claim,
account, or proceedlug,  involving ti x-
pondlture *>i money In case the same shall
not comply (i; with the law or with the
bylaws of the council; or {/) Bhall exceed
the appropriation made to tlie commute. .'.:
(3) or shall exceed the. appropriation to the
special work or sei vice reported ou; orfllin
ease lhe snloe shall require lhe exp3!l.ll l l
of any money beyond the estimate lot' liu*
year for any work orsorvice.
in case a contract, order, engagement, re
port, recommendation, claim, account, or
proceeding of any other commit! n
stlnll lie objected to ou any
of the grounds aforesaid by lhe lb nice
committee and Hie same is appealed a* di si
by any member of thecouucil tiie objectluu...!
lhe finance comintttoc shall prevail, unl --a
two-third vote of the council be recorded
against such objection.
Fourth.   To introduce a  by-law after tbo
adoption of lhe estimates iu each year to regulate   tlte manner In which  the revenue
quired for the current year should be raised,
Fifth. 'I'o consider and report a- ofleu as
may he necessary on the management of all
matters connected with Mocks, !„,mis. or
sy.iiriti s, ,q anv Kind I'.ceJ bv tee cdreci'u-
Sixth.   To  have  Hie special SUpcrvlsii ;
tne books of account, documents and vouch-
ers, mnl ,,i all moneys, debentures, an.l securities iu ihe treasurer's, auditor's, lit ■ <■ ill.
ors' and assessor's offices, and -.mil also have
Hie .-iip-ei vision of ihe tr insurer and auditor,
nnd of unv or all offices in •,:■" departments
under them.
bevuuth, To advise the treasurer, auditor,
tax collector, and assessor, when called upon
to do so, iii an; or all matters pcrti Iniug to
their offices.
iightli.   To see that all duties aud bc
which ought lo la- performed by tne elt* clerk,
treasurer, auditor,; sor, ecd tax collector,
and any officer or officers iu Hi" dep irtmeius
are fully execuled.
.Ninth. To forbid tbeslguingor delivery of
any cheques or ol any security, oi the payment df uny money, if Ihey Bliould think it
expedient so p. do, mini the matter can bo
further considered or cm be referred to the
TeiiMi. To regulate all matters connected
wiih tho receipt and payment of money, and
to order the adoption ol such regulations In
< miction thei.'With as mny be deemed tiee
essary lor   ihe  prevention   in' any   payment
being made in contra* entlon of the      In
and generally lu manage Lhe llmincia] allall's
oi the cily.
Kleventh. To have supervision ovi L' al!
matters  relating io boluls, saloons,   ■:.'-,
shap*.   billiard   l lie,   bowling    alleys,   ale
house- . ie' other Ill-USC: Wliele any gam or
games of chance or skill ai, played for -' 1. i
or wager, or when payment >.i' reward
accrues io the owner or oucitpuut of said
house or houses, and generally supervise all
busluess or ealliugs subject io license.
Twelve, fo regulate all matters connested
with or relating to the licensing of auctioneers, horses, cal -. carriages,  omnibuses, mid
other vohicles used for hire, aud t     ter
aud report on by-laws governing tl." -.nee.
Thirteenth, i'o recommend to tbe i 11
such regulations as should appiy to titu
or petty chapmen, and oilier persona carrying
on petty trades, and lo consider aud repori
thereon, and ihe sum or sums which should
be levied for license, permitting the said per.
sons bi carry on suit! business.
Foil    i   ia.     !'•» have Slip irvisiOll OVI I' all olli
cet's ..    ie corporation appointed ,,s police,
unl...      u::v. i ■- provided by slatuh . luspi i t-
.■eu-e. ana to re [orl   .1    eon as oeea-
si      .  .(Hires.
... a 11.   'l'he poundkeopcror] n.lkeepera
ol tho city shall dlscluirgethls or t iclr duties
under tne supervision .*.' n." committee on
license and in accordance with le.- I.j law
and all other by-laws of the statitle- lu that
ii**. ,\ siimiiinri/. 1 slatontonl oi all expenditures made nnd estimated ami ascertained liabilities Incurred shall be furnished by other
committees whcncverealli d upou Uy the finance
committee to do so.
."ia. No sum 01* money for taxes, ront.ilsj
licenses, fees ol :oiy kind, <v otherwise iu uny
way affecting or diminish! ug 'he revenue of the
cily, shall be rcn Itted ur suspended by lhe
counciluutii recommended to ihe council as
aforesaid by sreh finance commllteo.
on. No committee o. officer ol ihe council
shall exceed the appropriation madu to such
committee for any purpose, norshall II he lav.
ful with..111 Hie approval ol tlie llntinoocommittee and of the council I'm an. committee toex-
pond money appropriated to anyone purpose on
auy other proposeil work or service.
Tin: ii" '.an or WORKS.
ni lu addition to the duties proscribed by
law or l.y this by-law, or by any other hy law
ot the Ciiyof tirand  F..^,-, prescribing duties
lo   the   Committee on  works  nud  properly,  the
duties especially imposed on the committee of
winks and proporty shall be as follows:
lirst. To consider and report on nil matters relating to sewers, drulnsj streots, lanes.
alleys, and public thoroughfares.
second.    'I,, rep,:'!   null   I a .'onillii'lld to   111"
council   site'i   regulations for He itldl ol
private buildings, dniiiisand leu.  s.tismai bo
requisite for the public safety and welfare.
Third,    i'o  rep.'il   to  the coudoll in their
final   repoll    for    each   year on   ull   .veil.- 01
pelnianciit Improvement connected with lhe
city proporty aboveeniinleratftd as 11 ma) :.<
considered essentia! to the wclforo uud convenience 01 the clii/iii., p. be carried oul
liming lhe ensuing year, together with ihe
est 1 nulled cost ot Hi" work so reconinicudcd
Fourth. Todin-ei and control tb. city engineer und his -bul in [he discharge ol their
duties nud lo report to I he council froth lime
lo time 011 all in.illei's ctuineeled wilh the
duties of hi" department.
Fifth. To give .-licet to such orders of the
council hi relation lo u.e performance of
work under oilier committees.
sixth. And shall confer from time lo time
Willi any other committee, commission or
company, having special authority in the
streets, so as to provide a uniform .system of
opening up streets or breaking in upon inu-
oiuhimizeil, planked or paved portion- thereof
with the least damage thereto as possible.
Seventh', To manage and report ..a all mailers connected will. Hie proservatl. fell
grounds set apart for public parks, gitrdcits,
walks or cemeteries, uud all build nys thure-
011. and all market buildings, lire calls, jails.
lookups, hospitals, or other cily buildings,
and the prevention df'OnOrOaolinicul op sueh
rii-litb. 'I'o report on all matters cou-
I't'cbal with fencing, ernaii.eiitiPe nnd pre1
serving the parks, garden-, walks or cemeteries, n- aforesaid, ninl lo curry out all such
works connected therewith as the council
may authorize.
Ninth. To consider and report on nil affairs
connected with the leasing or selling of .iiy
Property. *,
Tenth. 'J'., consider and report eu 11P matters in connection with the parch..-" ol situs
for public buildings, and the >i'ee ion and
maintenance of all buildings orocted thereon.
l-'leveuth. To examine into or cause to he
examined in to and roportcd on. ill in isaucos,
.sources of liltli, sickness caused by a .healthy
promises, contagious diseases, and epidemics:
'to enquire into and report on lhe best means
of prevention or arrest of any infectious dis
orders; to see that the conditions of an\
public health by-law of the city nre strict 1)'
carried out and obeyed, and that offenders
against tbe same are dealt with as provided
b\ sueh by-law; and generally to maintain a
strict supervision over all matters relating to
oraiieciing H„* public   health.
Twelfth. To have control over Hi" medical
health officer, inspector, city scavenger, and
all other health officers, appointed bv the
council, mid io see Hint the -aid officers properly perform llicdutles required of lliein.
Thirteenth, 'i'o enquire into and repori on
an}- ense- requiring relief.
committee ox nnx, water am. liuht.
.'■■:   In 11.ld11i1.11 to ih.. duties u 1 -
law or this by-law, or any other 0   law <.  ibe
city of Qrand Forks, th.. dutlei • pei
posed on the standing committee on lin 1
and light, shall be a- follows;
First.   Fo manage and report on tin   irganl
nation of a tire brigade, tho supply and main
t nance  of Ihe  necessary   englui -.
hose, hose carts, .vatcr I ink-. any td 1
apparatus connect. \ th. rewlth.cn.l In       that
'le   1 ni" when  |.i icured are kepi  i.    ■     1
pair md efficiency,
■     ;• I.   To enquire ini'. and  'uu,,, 1 '..h"t.
Ol   ll     tbl      '      l:i   a    pi ...
1 euglm ii'"i-   .,; hous   . the est!-
■   ' "■' "! en . 'ine the bulldli  Imitd'
...       li.      ' '■•      the       '     '     and    I,...  ' 1.1
plans  in-,, for,  should   lie  .-aa.. !
'  I IllillU   "i   11   '.'■     I
■ II lol don,
'I n 1,1.   To hnvi er the 111 in
bers ci,    - ri I rlgiule.
I' 'Ill,     'I'" repci'l   on    the   ]i :;   :
elly, 011 the 1 imps, ui
I 011 tl . 1   if,
1  fib,   'I'" cnqulr.  Inl    a. d 1 ip 1
■ . '     '   ivatei   : i 1: • , :••" ii a and
■ hydrants, tanks, • 1
ie  in. ..: supply.
Sixth    '." 1 msl :      md 1 0    mat
tors connected with the nr,
Hen!-, an.1 the luspi ctiou ol ill.lii ivlth
referen ■ ,,, 0( ,,y
fenders   iigainsl  sueh  regiilal   in
euaci -1
■ I1 confer with    :       mt
inllti 0  mi   works   511 as to provl      1 11
..-: en ol "p. Dill    ll|     '     • '■    ml
upon the 1    1 "'a. i. -i,   pi    ken     r 1 ive.l
portions   thereof   v ith   i.e.    leusi     .1 1
thereto p issible
AIM   -'■'. 'i.NT .* " net;.-   of ""1 [1 ' IK* of -iiiif
corpor ition;
i:.|   Tic .1 iti. ■  of Lho v . ; ei. ..ni tp
.''"'1'"""!""   In ml ia!     those 1 n.l l.\
law or any   bylaw   or re.-t.ilni    1 of tbe
Bhtlll 1" a ■ Ml!'.'..'-:
': In  duties  of th" clerk of the |
Fo ;■    in ad littou ' ' :'i    e I,.',!     .
mi) bylaw or resolution of lhe
le ' lion   with   ali   sum ling aud
mil bo:
li I,   '!■,  pomniuuii   te  01  col
1     ' h
1 ifei-re.l by Ih   c   1 a II
f*ecoi .1     I'o tl ■   uol       to the 1 1
ni"    n        fugs therm iclil
>h an. . ibi i- .la, ih in  tbe d ty   ■..
the reaii lar ineelin is,
(■my ■ Ita. II  I',--  •...      10 nn
ue 'led the        ,
Lb   ,   ivor     Ihe 01 Lhe
Ilnauce, or m required I
F.mrtl .    : lore    hall   1     paid 1
■!erk t'nr th      -    ol I
person who   dnill dclrc I ■   !
1 11. v, :      ,  "      I i.i mi.
eve in which e-   '   I'] li   ttiou     hall
wise cone 'rued, Un      u! 0 1   loll
Fifth.   Itshail      lhe did       11 .     |
win n requ      I by tbi   mi ,
of anv committee, to deliver I      he .same    I
documents  nnd    papers   un ter   1 i
• vt'bi y rAay be 1   |ulred  le  ij    a i'cd upon by
11 ouiiell or -aid couuiiiti
Btxtli.    ll    bull i." the dllty nf I i       :'•
III'!' ;■   I!.'   pa ■ ll ■     of   a: v   1       ' :
ci 'ne i! direi ting the       an   t of sum ol
money 0:11 of tb   1 It.   tr in 0 c.'jiniininl
ciltc tlie sail..' lo tli" tre  -in rlllied iindei
hi- hai"!
81   The . 1111 i.*-*..I' lb" treasurer "'1      1   ;' n]
■ u: 11.1 Fori ■ sli ill  :i"  [hose pn ■ 1 c ,:    n law
■ r y> nn' h) law di tli iii.il.
05   Tin   .loii".. 01* Pn  auditor ..   1 ,   0]
tin  '   :    "1 i-rii'til  Forks   -li nl  be  11    pre
law   '.r l.y any b\ law ot 1 he ■ .'.. icil.
.      ,      01  ■    '    [.LECTORS   \ ' u OTHER   IF]
THE ' I'yl.'i: ITII *.
Cil   lu ad.lily.a p. li cdutic* pi iw
or i.y any by-law on rcsoluli ,1  tli
He colJocI " and 1 very offi r ef liio 1 : ,oru
lion .o'lier than  the   tn tisi   • iy   a 'uu ■
tons ids receiving or cpllccti fo
the corporal ice shall unless oil
:■:   0. -law, or  resolution ol ,i in   !   pay ti
the tn asurci dally nl' !,;- collection.- and ball
at the    u ■    th requti   I   I , ■
deliver I.. 11." add feustu'er, a di irnliou
-ey.., iy. such collector, orotli roll! ■ ■ ..   ,
Heel lhat the nmounl *,   ;
Ilia' iv        re   Ivi 1  op lo the time 01   ,    If
sucli pn) inetu, and tbe I    isurer 1
coniiultlci on I'm..in*., n.a;, require sueh 1
■ Ion i" be sworn before the mayor.
i he treasurer *hal!     nn'time to t
norl 10 tbe coun 11 nil otl li   innke di fauli
in   omplying i* iih tin .erj ■■;:■ uieiit.s .,, i b   pr
reeling -cell.,11 of :!..-   hi -i IV . .villi '!"■ parti. 11
lars ,11 Hie default.
68   All a; propria!    a- •■•' ' mi y -hat; 1," -ii1,
uiitted to a eonimitlecofthei
passed by I oc cotiu.
1    1 n ber of Ib   •     nei I
iy. N,, . mil ... ie .:. of Hi" . ouiiell
mel n.i officer of I  e 1 >rpoi ation .hall   in iielnil!
.a th ...a [er into a contriu t without
bav oi" ol,taiiie.1  1.)   :,\ law or reso
previous utitltorit) or sane! Ion of 1 ie council.
Va   N yie.'  in 11 ail "i   .ii'.d or raised  foi
any purpose sliall bc applied lo nny other nil
pose without expressly rescinding or repeiuiu 1
ill., resolution orb) 'av b) or   a-1 r  a ilcii  tin
Biime was t oted, so fat a- * aeh   esolu 1 111 or hy
b tt staled the purpose.
71 Evi r Lendi r foi w .el; 01 supply of male*
rial shall I"' accompanied a; iii- lime of ils
in Uvery !•' Hie propi ;' elerk or officer of lb
1 by an       epted bond, cheque, on
clepia .1. equal to live per cenl  ■'! ! he   w hole
amount ot the contract  for which    ueh    elide
shall be ina.I" or pai in and I rcr;   •     he iei]
• hall i' ■ forwarded in and remain iu the custody
n' lie ' reasurer nit', ci ■ tion mill the con
trnel for -a bleb such tend, r -hall have been !
in Is award a a 1 I thi 01 .-t -1. tied, win 11 lb.
en ic- 111 1 deposi! • et [li 1 ai ; ;-. ,.]■ a payment  by  '.ne ciiy. -hail be returned to
Ihem   end i 11 lid ea-' I W lai" a li ad. :' has   I..a I'
accepted, and the part)   tendering falls    ■
cut" his contract ami furni '
and sut'i ties, 1 le-  inn deposited shall   1
orl i" the use "; the elt;
7J   .Mi contr.li 1- ia-: 11 the » ity nf '.rand
Forks, aud cont raptors  under which  labor is to
be employed shnll contain 11 provision  inaki
i; Imperative upon the contractor to furnish the
treasurer at least 01   ■    verj   two weeks with a
pay li-i  properly filled tl] I certified l.y the
Contractor tn bo a  correct  exblbll   01   al    1 la
[11 - ol  'sons ,-n) 1,1, >, i d   and   .1 a   • -   . . ■ !"'d
mull :   aei . ni true!   tin lai title. 1 n.l Uml
lhe |» moils nam.a!   nol'  d "11
Hie work epihri 1 iii ' a. 1 antra I, oh    111
ii null .aai on i ie ; trl .a the elt) i- ■ ii •     to hi
paid din ■ ■ -   Ihn  1. li  ii"' Ireasurei     " 11
P"i .ai appoint! d 1.. tin   ell)    tin   -. 1 1 ,'1 -
inn  1 .. i.e.- 'ii" same lo tl    contrnctoi
;;: A I contracts between ihe eft; ..! llrand
!•*..ti. . uud ll . ei ntraetoi - shall contain a pm\ 1-
[011 ban in ■  ;. an    tors iri'in (.'bines,, and
Japanese on tin   ■ ". 1.   ■ inlt'aete.1 l"i*.
-, 1 .1 progrossl*. e nuinbei shall be givi 11 te
ever) contract made b) th. 1 liy.beglnnii •■ lb
uum'bcrone for the first contracts made h) Hie
authority of the eounell
.HViN A. MANLY, Mayor
11. s. o.wi.i'v, city elbrk.
The above i- n Inn copy of ii by-law passed I...
lhe MunclpalCorporation df the City ol Urniul
Forks, on Uielttb day 0! June and reconsid
ored on the bah duj* 01 blue. 1SD7, and al!
persons nre hereby t*»**uhed lo take notice Hint
nnv one desirious of iipplylns to have such bylaw oi'iinv part thereof quiplie.l must make hi-
application for Hun nurpos io ihe supreme
coun within one month next after the publico-
HoilOi'thls bV-lilW ill tlie liritish Coliluihia Un-
;:clte,orbe will be loo bile lo be beard in lhat
ll   ■-. Cavlev, Oity Clerk,
Theosophirp! SOcibiy.
WELBOK BRANCH: -Meets icvcry Sun la)
evening at 8 o'clock at the residenoe of N
Larson. A cordial iuvltatlou by Hie society is
extended 10 nil w ho arc interested in the binds
of Theosophy.
Cannon Lodge 1. 0. 0. F. No. 37-
1, U- U. 1 ' evening at s o'clock in Iheit
hull nt I'arsou. B C. A cordial invitation ex
tended to nil sojourning brethren.
0. i). McLaren, k. g; FOR EXCHANGE.
We have some fine residence property
on the Sound, improved and unimproved, to trade for property here or in
lower California.
One to Pass Creek Will Be
He Talks Regarding the  Pass  Greek
and Other Eoad Propositions.
Four Miles  of Work
is Sure,
Louis v, Ouppage, superintendent of
'roads and bridges for this district, is ia
tho city for the purposo of figuring on
building a road from Limo creek on
the west sido of tho North Fork to Pass
creek, a distance ot about four inilos.
Buch a riniil is urgently needed for tho
development of the Pass crook proporties whicli are among the most important of this section. A considerable effort has been made to socuro government ai 1 for the building of this road
uud the elfort appears to be about to
meet with success. Mr. Cuppago yesterday informed a Miniii reporter that
if the property owners would do tho
share of the wo*K that thoy had promised the government would do tlio rest,
and the road would be built very
r A good wagon road has been put
through to Clark's, eight or nino miles,
and from thore to Limo crook, a dis-
tacce ot two miles, a passable road baa
been built, so tbat it will be necessary
only to build a road entire from Lime
breelt to Vw-s creek, four miles. This
distance, however will bo hard to cover
lis it is impossible to put a road through
thi swampy bottom lands and considerable rock work cannot be avoided. Mr,
Cuppage says that the governnie.it has
$500 to expend on this work und Unit
this, with what assistance tbo property
bwners will furnish, will build the road,
In any event ajgood trail will be built
on wagon road grade, which can easily
he widened.
Tho work on the id; in road between
Grand Forks and Greenwood is nearly
Completed and tho local supervisor, Jo-
se;,*h Wiseman, will examine it in n fow
days witn a view to accepting it for tho
Mr. Cuppage stated, in reply to a
'question, that thero is no probability
tbat a read up the east side of the North
Ftrk will be built this year.
Dr. W. Norman came in on Monday
from Spokane
Hans Oieso was in tho city ou Thursday front Tueonni,
Mrs. Dowdney was in the city from
Midway this week,
Mrs. ti. Douglas came in from Ross-
fund last Tuesday evening.
J. W. McFarland was in tho city the
last week from Vancouver.
R. K. Neil, a Spokauoile, was in the
cily lhe lirst part of tho week,
T. A. Ireland, of Bossburg, was a
visitor in our city lust Sunday,
J, N. Campbell, of Spokane, spent a
few days iu tbe city thia week.
, Mrs. C. W. Tyren was an arrival from
Spokane on Thursday evening.
I'homas llarh, of Montana, is in the
city looking after mining interests.
W, 11. Cordon, of Spokane, was a passenger on Tuesday's stage from below.
| Mrs. T. Ruth has come in from l-'po-
kane to make this city her future home.
Frederick Law was among tho Ta-
coinaitcs who visited tlie city this week.
W. J. Hurley camo over the mountains last Sunday to take in the sights.
\. II. Kenyon, a Spokano mining
man, was in tho cily tho lirst of the
•I. Iv. Hiorden. ot Spokane, was in tho
city during the week looking up mining
J. Gill arrived ih the citj on Sunday
lust and spent several days takir.'r in
the sights.
('.A. li. Lainhly, gold commissioner
for thia district, was in tile city on
, W, C. McDoilgall dropped in from
.Rossland on Thursday to iook up miffing interests.
. !•]. 11. Huj-li dropped in on Tuesday
from Neison. li. C, and spent a few
days in tho city.
J. McMillan, a Vahcouverite; was
.among the coast pilgrims who wandered in this week.
A. Reeves Ayres, a lacoma capitalist,
.was among tho arrivals in tho city ihe
lirst part ot the week.
.1. W. Powell, came in from Victoria
dining the week to try his fortune iu
ths: mines ot this district.
i E. S, Masson was over from Rosdand
■.luring the woek and reports much iu*
■erest in this section being taiien there.
Thk Mineb is now prepararod tc do
job work of all kinds at tlio loweBt possible prices for good work. If you aro
iu noed of anything in this line give us
a call.
The Plan for the Carson
A By-law lu Define the Conditions, Requirements, nftd Regulations of Licenses fnr tin sale
of BptrituoB, Fermented, Intoxicating and
other Liq.iurs in the City of Grand Forks, for
limiting tin- Number of Licenses tn be issued
to Hotels.
WHKKKA3 it f- loomed oxpedientin the Interests of the (.'ity nl' Grtuul Forks, that the conditions, requirements, and regulations in order
to obtain aiid imi<i licenses for the sole of
spirituos, tormented, and Intoxicating liquors,
should be defined by by-law.
I (to Where tbe words'liquor*' nr "liquors"
occur in this by-law. they »l>nll be construed
to mean and include all spirituos ami malt
liquors, end all combinations of liquors ami
drinks, end drinkable liquors which are in-
toxica ting.
(hi Where die words "Board" or tho "Com*
missioners" orthe"Board of Licensing Cora
misslouers" occur in this by-law they shall ho
construed to nioan and tncludo the board of
licensing commissioners of the City of Grand
•2  The board of licensing commissioners of
the City of Grand Forks, may tiircci the issue of
licenses written or printed, or   partly   written
ami   partly    miutetl,    which may   bo   in   tiio
form contained In schedule "A" to this by-law,
ami to be signed  by the chairman, or acting
chairman of the board, and countersigned by
the city clerk, of the several kinds and descriptions following, that is to say;—
fnl   Wholesale licenses,
lb]   Hotel licenses.
[c]   Special  retail  liquor licenses at public
:; Bvory such license shall authorize tjio sale
by tho person named, and upon the premises
named in tho licenso certilicate to sell, according to the terms of iiis license, and subject to
the prdvislons of this by-law, all spiritous and
mult liquors, and all combinations of liquors
ami drinks, und drinkable liquids which are Intoxicating.
■I ,\ wholesale license shall authorize the person mimed iu the license tn sell nnd dispose nf
liquors irom out of Ins warehouse,  store,  shop,
or place defined In the license, in quantities nf
not less than two gallons, and win-never such
Selling by wholesale is in respect of bottled ale,
porter, beer, wine, or other tormented or spirituos liquor, each such sale shall bo in tjuantiticfi
of not less than one dozen reputed quart bottles.
No liquor shall be consumed In or about the
hdusc or promises, in respect nf which the license is granted,
fi An hotel license shall authorizo the person
mimed in the license to sell und dispose of oil
the premises named in the license, liquor by
retail in uny building used us an hotel und containing not less than ten bed rooms actually
furnished and used for sleeping purposes for
guests of the house.
6 A Bpccifll license Bhallauthorize the holder
of a retail license to sell liquors by retail at a
booth, fair, or public picnic held within the
limits of the municipality; such license shall be
lu force for the period mentioned therein, not
exceeding forty-eight hours, uml $10 shall bo
paid therefor, and only one such special licenso
shall be granted for tin: same date.
7 Iii the event of the premises named in any
Licenso being destroyed by lire, torn down, removed or dosed for tne purpose of rebuilding or
Improvement, it shall be law ful for tho hoard of
licuusiug commissioners to grant to the holder
of sucli license permission to sell liquor under
the authority of the license temporarily in any
other promises in tho Immediate neighborhood
thereof during sucli rebuilding or improvement.
h The mayor may ^rant permission tor a temporary transfer of a retail liquor license either
from one premises to another or from one person
to another, hut subject to ratification by the
board of ltcehsingcommissloucrs ut Its first sitting thereafter.
ti No wholesale license sliall be granted to
auy person who carries on u retail business of
aUi' kind, oil the premises for which a license is
10 Kvery license ISBUed shall lie in force from
tho date of its issue until and inclusive nf the
1st day of July, or the 1st day of January whicli
rarer shall first happen after the date of the issue thereof, unless in the meantime revoked,
cancelled or suspended by the license ci.mmis-
sinners who ahull huve the power to revoke, cancel nr suspend the same.
II Nn license shull be issued until ihe applicant has lirst. paid the license fees prescribed, ad
payable In the schedule marked "H" to this bylaw, for licenses for the sale of liquors.
12 No person shall sell or offer for Bale, intoxicating liquors of any kind within the limits
of the Oity of Grand Forks without having first
■Obtaining a license authorizing him to do so
under this bylaw, but this section shall not
apply to sales under legal processor for distress
or su'les by assignees, or Insolvent dob tors, or to
Bales made under licenses lawfully issued under
the provisions of "An Act Kelatlug to Licenses'1
Chapter 78, Vol. I. nf the "Consolidated Acts of
1888" and now existing,
18 No person having n license to sell by
wholesale shall allow uny liquor sold by him or
in his possession for sale and for the sale or disposal of Which such license is required,to he
consumed within his warehouse, or shop, within
any building whicli forms part of it or is appurtenant to, or which communicates by any entrance with auy Warehouse, shop or other
premises wherever any article to bo sold or
disposed of under such license is sold by retail
or wherever there are kept uny broken package
of such articles.
14 No person unless he is duly authorized
as aforesaid, shull by tiny sign ur notice give tlte
public to believe thai he is so licensed.
l'i No person snail keep or have in any
house, building, shop, eating house or house of
public entertainment, or in uny room or place
whatsoever.for the purpose of selling, bartering,
or trading therein, any intoxicating liqours unless he is duly licensed for thut purptfso under
the provisions of this by-law.
it- The proceeding section shall not apply to
prevent any practicing chemist or druggist)
duly authorized under any act, in force In the
ProVinoetO dispense medicine-, from keeping,
having or selling liquors for strictly medicinal
purpose:!; but no such sale shall he made in
packages of mon* than six ounces ut a time,
except under certificate of u registered medical
practitioner. A record of every sale 0 rolhcr
disposal Of liquors so made with the name of
the person to "whom sold or disposed nf, and
the name of tho medical man wh" granted the
certificate for the same (if any) shall be kept in
a book which may be Inspected nt all reasonable hours by any police olllcer.
17 All licenses and certificates Of transfer of
licensei- Bhall be constantly and conspicuously
exposed in the licensed warehouses and shops,
and In tho barrooms oi hotels and saloons.
18 Not more than one bar shall be kept in
any hotel or licensed house under this bylaw.
10 Every hotel who receives in payment or us
a pledge for any liquors supplied In or from hia
1 Icon Bed premises anything hut cum nt money.
or the debtors own cheque oil a hunk or banker
or mining stock Bhall for each offense incur a
penalty not exceeding twenty dollars besides
. osts.
20 Any oflicor. policeman, constable or Inspector may for the purpbse of preventing or detecting any violation of any of tho provisions of
tins bylaw which ii Is hia duty to enforce at any
time enter into uny and every part of any hotel, or house of public entertainment, warehouse, or other [.lace wherein (refreshments or
liquors uro Sold or reputed td be sold, whether
under license or not, and may search every
par: thereof and of the promises connected
therewith, as he thinks necessary for the pur*
I use aforesaid, and every person who is therein
and who refuses to admit such oillcer, police*'
man, cobs table or Inspector; demanding to enter iu pursuance of tnis section in the execution 01 hi&duty, or who obstructs or attempts to
obstruct tho entry of .such officer, policeman,
Inspector or constable, or anv Mich search as
aforesaid, Bhall bfl fiutij&t to the penalties of
this bylaw.
21 1N0 license shall be granted to any applicant under this bylaw who Is nol of tho full
age of twenty-one years;
22 Kvery person licensed under this bylaw
who permits drunkenness or any violent, quur-
relsonu; or riotous or disorderly conduct to take
place on his premises, or who soils or delivers
Intoxicating liquors to any drunken person or
permits Tiny drunken person to consume Intoxicating liquor oit his premises, or permits persons 01 notoriously bad character In assemble or
meet on his premises, shall incur ti penalty not
exceeding 0) with Costs of prosecution.
28 Every hotol keeper who falls or refuses
either personally or through any one acting on
his behalf ezcepl for BOme valid reason, to supply lodging or accommodation to any person
demanding the same, and every- hotel keeper
wo refuses to supply meals to uny person ao-
S Now on Sale S
Don't Miss the opportunity to get in on
this deal. Its the most desirable Eesidence
portion of Grand Forks.   Easy Terms.
Agents, Grand Eorks, B, C»
WHITE & KER, Proprietors,
Special   Sale of  Hats.^    / *°p
Two dozen Straw Hats at a Bargain. Vwrfl VS wi^'C-X  Y
Two dozen Straw Data at a Bargain
Watch Repairing a Specialty    «*
low opon for inspection a line line of
Including Tea Sotr, 8C.50 for 45 pieces; Dinner
Sots; 812.50 fer 87 pieces* Also a large assortment plain white dishes, Toilet Sets, colored and
plain white 83.25, and up.   Also, a largo stock of
Dry Goods, Miners' Supplies, Boots rT'
All Work Guaranteed. Wall Paper, Straw and Felt Hats, VJTUCCXlCfc/
mnndlng the same shall bo guilty r.t.in olttmso
linder this bylaw.
•-'4 Every hotel authorized to bo Hocused tin*
dor this bylaV shall contain nnd during the
continuance of tlio operation of this bylaw shnll
continue to contain, in addition loMvhat i.s
needed for iho uso Df tho family of tho keeper of
such premises not loss thnn ten hod rooms used
for truest purposes, oaoh of Which simll contain
nt nil times livu hundred nnd sixty cubic feet of
spaco foi'each person occupying lhe same, and
each sn.'l. bedroom Bhall haven window to open
at least two feet square together with in every
case, u suitable complement of bedding nnd
furniture, and overy hotel in addition thereto
shall \,o and shnll have during the continuance
of tho licenso lo the satisfaction of Ihe l.onl.1, a
well appointed and sufficient dining room in
the snniL' premises capable of seating the num.
bor of guests that can i.e ordinarily accommodated ui the hotel in accordance with the Bedroom accommodation hereby provided with
the appliances   requisite   for   dally  serving
28 Any perron who has lawfully Obtained a
license under tho prdvislons of this bylaw may
on application to the licensing commissioners
and on sattQj'yllJgsuch licensing c.nnmissionors
that suoh transfer is not made for the purpose
of defeating, delaying or hindering nnv persons
who became creditors of such llcensco while he
hold such license in respect of the business curried .ni in such licensed premises) and on payment of the fee therefor set out in the schedule
hereto, transfer snid license to nnv person or to
nny other premises to he approved of by said
'-'ii When in consequence of the death of tho
person holding a license, or In case he bring a
tenniit oi the licensed premises is ejected, or his
lease expires by effluxion of time, or he absconds, or l.y operation of tho laws is doprlvod of
the premises, the legal representative of such
person or the assignee nt law)inay on application
to the licensing commissioners notwithstanding
the non-production of lhe license, obtain a
transfer of sueh license on such terms ns to the
said commissioners may soom just, and for such
translerii fee of twenty dollars shall be paid to
the cily.
27 From and after the date of die passing
hereof the keeper of premises which are licensed under thd provisions of this bylaw, (excepting only the holders of wholesalo licenses)
to whom such license is issued, simll designate
the licensed premises under shine distinctive
inime or sign to he approved of i.v the licensing
commissioners of the oity and shall not niter or
vary the same without the consent of the said
licensing commissioners. A register shall i.e
kept l.y tl'... city clerk in which till such names
or signs and a description of the premises to
u-hion they apply shall be kept. Kvery keeper
of licensed premises shall cause tlie nnnie or
sign by which his promises nre known lo I.e en-
Icrt'd In tho said register, aiid a fee of one dollar
shall be paid by such keeper for even* entry so
2» And tho constable of the oily on being so
Instructed by a resolution of th*. oounoll shall
he prosecutor or complainant tliidor this bylaw.
All convictions Obtained under this bylaw
ngniust persons holding licenses shall be endorsed by the coiivictlng magistrates on the
back of said licenses, nnd anv licenso or renewal of licenso issued iiniler tills Inlaw shall
be ne absolutely forfeited whenever three convictions undor this bylaw shall have been obtained and endorsed on ibe hack of nnv licenso
certificate issued in accordance with the terms
ol this bylaw, All Information ore. m plaint (or
the prosecution of anv offbnse agaiifst nnv of
the provisions of this Inlaw shall he made inlaid in writing within thirty .lavs after tbo '*om-
missioil of lhe Offense.
2li For any and every violation Of Section 18
of this by-law, a penalty of not exceeding two
hundred and fifty dollar., together with the
anion it Which should Inn e been paid for such
lioensebesides costs, mny be imposed by tlie
mayor, poll '0 magistrate, or justice, or justices
of the peace, convicting; ami for nnv and every,
violation of any other part or portions of this
by-law, for which no penally of penattie* hereinbefore imposed, a penalty not exceeding two
hundred and fifty dollars besides cn.-is, may lie
imposed by the mayor, police magistrate, justice, or justices of tne lance, convicting and in
default of payment of any suehpenalTies and
costs, the same he recovered by lhe distress and
sole of tne goods and chattlos of the parson so
convicted, and ln casosuoh goods and chath Is
prove insufficient to satisfy such penalty aud
costs, then by [Imprisonment of such person
for any term uot exceeding tl.lrlj :' », in the
common goal or lock-up house.
BI tiKDUbE "A."
. *,,r *• has paid thesumof
*- InredpcCtofs license to sell
liquor by and is entitle.', to carry
on the business of nt
   from \ \ .. to
Date '".'..'i'.ioj"!"
Boot and Shop Shop.
Boots and shoes made to order of t he very best
material.   Repairing promptly done.
&> <£ Clothing- Waterproofs and Rubbers & <£
Church Notice.
t .
Chairman Hoard of Licensing ( ouimissloneri
 Cliy Clork.
There shall bo paid the following license lees
or duties for such licenso respectively from time
to time issued by the license commissioners of
tlie city of
Wholesale Liquor License fdi* each six
months     J12 30
Hotel Liquor License for each-six mouths  100 UO
Special Liquor Licenso for public picnics
forlMiours      10 00
Transfer of Liquor License      10 (io
Reconsidered and llnally adopted, the seal of
the city attached thereto, and numbered */, on
tho loth day of June, I8U7.
U.S. Cayley, City Clerk.
The above is a true copv of a by-law passed by
the Muneipal Council of the Oity of Grand
Forks, on the 15th day of June, 1K<I7, nndall persons are hereby rciulred to lake notice tliat anyone desirous ol* applying to have such by-law or
any part thereof quashed, must make his application for that purpose to the supreme court,
within one month nfter the publication of this
bylaw in the liritish Columbia Gazette, or ho
will bo too lute to be heard lu that behalf.
H.s. Cayley, Oity Clerk,
A BY-LAW to authorize the borrowing of $*!,*■•
000 from the Hank of Montroal:
WHEREAS it is provided by section 11 of an
"Act to Accelerate the Incorporation of Towns
and Cities," passed by the Leglslat've Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia, in the vear
1897, tbat the Oouncll of tlte City of Grand
Forks may lu the tlte year WW, but not afterwards, pass by-laws lor contracting debts bv
borrowing money or otherwise, and for levying rates, for tlie payment of such debts, on the
rateable lands or Improvements, either or both,
or ihe rateable real property of the Municipality, for any w.uks of Immediate necessity,
which are wlthlu the Jurisdiction of the Council; such del.Is, however, not to exceed ln the
whole the Bum of $20,000 (I iventy thousand dollars), without observing the provisions of section G9; sub-section 8,*of section 70; sub-section
0, Of section 71; sections 76, 70, 77 or 70 of the
"Municipal Clauses Act, 1j.;ii>."
AND WHEREAS In anticipation in I oriowiug
tho said sum of twenty thousand dollars, (lf20*
000) the Council of Grand F*orks find iu the
meantime it will bo necessury lo borrow the
sum of two thousand dollars, [#2,000) to meet
the current expenditures of tlio corporation;
AND WHEREAS the Hank of Montreal is
willing to make tlie required advance of two
thousuud dollars, (B,000), therefore the Council
of Grand Forks In Council ilSBei.ililo.t enact as
1. That It shall and may he lawful for the
Mayor and Treasurer of tho city of Grand Forks
undor the seal of the Corporation to borrow from
the Bank Of Montreal the sum of two thousand
dollars, [(2,000] to meet the current expenditures of the corporation.
2. Thatit shall and may be lawful for the
Mayor and Treasurer of the City ol Grand Forks
to execute tad deliver to ihe manager of the.
said bank at lhe City of Rossland the promissory note Of tho Corporation for the sum of two
thousand dollars, [**2.i'0:i|, payable at the olliee
of thu said hank tn the city iii Rossland .it such
times as may be agreed upon Willi Interest at
the rate of eight per cent per annum.
8. The said sum of two thousand dollars, [$2,-
Oft*], so borrowed as aforesaid shall be repayable
out of the lirst moneys which sliall eome'into
the ireasury of the said Cori.orntion ond shall
fo.nl a first charge thereon whether tile same
shnll be represented by or be the proceeds of the
sale of the debentures issued bythe said corporation, or otherwise;
■I That ou the maturity of tlio said note it.
shall uud mny be lawful for tlie snid inayor ami
treasurer on behalf of ti.Q sui.l City of Grand
ForkB to execute and deliver to the manager of
the said Dank nn'oihor promissory note, or other
prmuissory nolos, in renewal yf.nny or all of.tlio
snid nines for such sum or sumo, as may be then
due thereon with interest thereon, as aforesaid,
and so on from lime to time to execute and deliver to the said bank manager othci promissory
notes in farther renewal ns aforesaid until tlm
said sum so borrowed Is fully paid and satisfied,
Provided that nny uud all of theaaid miles shall
becomo duo and pavahlc not later than lhe
thirty-Ant day of Docomberj A. li. ihU7.
Donoand  passed  iu council  at  the city of
Grand Forks, this sixteenth day June, in tho
vear of our Lord one thousand eight iiuii.lreil
and ninety seven. JOHN A. MANLY.
Mayob of the City ok Giia.vd FORKS.
H. S. Cayley.
Clerk of tho City of'Orand Forks.
Sabbath in the church at 11 a. m. aud 7-.:i0
p* m. In the school room al Grand Forks. Sabbath school 10:30 a. m. in the school room.
At Carson weekly :i p. in.
Rev. Thos. Paton, Pastor.
GftAND   FORKS,   B.   C.
Law and Collecting Agency.
a l. Mcdonald,
Contractor and Builder,
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.
Plans and speclllcations drawn, estimates furnished on all klilds of building. Work sirlctiy
i i
Watch Repairing My Specialty.
All Work Warranted.
GRAND   FORKS,   -----   B.   O.
Bath  Rooms*
RIVERSIDE,      -      -      -        GRAND FORK-J
Resident Physician & Surgeon.
 '     in i    i  m i    r- —
Provincial Land Surveyor,'
And Civil Engineer.
Office, Midway, h. c.
Associate Member Canadlaiji
8ocloty  of civil  Engineers;
Notary Public, Etc.,
grand forks. - - british oomih-biaj'
h. a: sheads,
Provincial Land Surveyor;
Civil Engineer, Etc.
Barber Shop.
Grand Forks *» /♦ <
and Eureka Gamp,
Sfakiig Carson, Nelson, Curlciv, Eureka nnd
BahB foil three times weekly, TtioSdnys, Thursdays und Saturdays.
I N. OWENS, Prop,
Centrally Located.  All Work Gaurantood to be
First-Class lu every Respect.
PETER A B PARE,     •      ■     PROPRIETOR.'
Solicitop, Etc.,
Office, Main Street,   -   BRAND FORK*1, ll. :*,
Awl Mining ft.hglne( r.   M&mbSf 41 Quebec Mining Sooiety*   Mimna! Claims Exfunincd
and Kfeported on.
J. W- JONES,     I
Mauulacturcr of
Spring   Beds,    Mattresses,
Dealer in
GRAND   FORKS,   B.   C.      j
fjifSpvi Filing end ell Kinds of Ropairini}.
Contractors and Builders,'
Office, Stoic, and Saloon Fixtures n Specialty)
I'hiiiHfinti Specifications Made ami KBtimatoa
Physician and Surgeon.
Office In Drug Store. , . 1*


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