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The Fraser Advance May 25, 1907

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31 Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, Especially Devoted to tbe Interests of the fraser Valley
The KniHer Advance:   Vol. I, No. 10 CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, MAY 2ft, 1007. Chilliwack Progress:   Vol. XVII. No. 8
THE WORLD OVER. According to tlie Blaine .Tour- BOARD Of TRADE. the Cultus Lake dirtrict equally     VEDDER PROTECTION WORKS
  nnl it party of engineers repre-   as well, if not better than did the 	
A business panic is threatened sentiiigHtone & Webster, passed Addition!  to   Membership  tultus old road and which could be con- Cribbing and Mattressing Complete
in San Francisco. through that town on a tour of Lak�� Road. strutted at a much less expendi-    Channel Cleared to Sumas Lake
 1_ inspection   last    week.      The _ ture of money, and which would 	
llenorts from Winnipeg state Journal believes that this com-    The Chilliwack Board of Trade have a much easier grade than    This week witnesses the satis-
that seeding has been completed. V^M\ ft&J# ^ the 'r^ui^Sl^^^! M*��oUrmA. factory completionof the Gov-
  construction of a line from Bel- *;Ourt HoUBe ojhFriday evening,    Bejt therefore resolved by this ernment protection work which
*�� ��v.._i, ,     .    I'siV    Hnjriiam. iiirough Blaine to Van. ^ !�����    ,���, ��^JW^-Botad   of   Trade,    that  this has been in progress below the
Sir Wilfric   Uurler left Lon. cmv+r> * �����������..���-.��� announced for;8 o'clock, but be-^^ ,mBtter be brought to the attention Vedder1 bHdge for the past three
don for Parts on Tuesday.       ;  �� cause of the lack of a quorum of ^ provincial Government, months, and now the waters of
��� .   u,,:^.     ,'      *i      The   Dominion   Government ^f^n^
tt,L,Reidta retiring from. the. h     ^ .      .        40.horM. ness for half ah hour after the gate the matter and have the road floods descend with their usual
legal firm of Cowan *. Mfrto 3*588 HE��S BffiSfLK^ZZ C0MtrttCted- W** "**�� "��* ind ��
join   Messrs.   Bowser &  Wall- ^     "    UHw] at   ^ ^^ ary delays are not a little trying    And be it further resolved that without endangering the fields
bridge.                                          st|lteH ,.fe        ,      nt BHinfie,d PSf.S^orlilvlJSlS. * ^ 0f thi8 reB0lutk)n ta for- and h0m88 ��f ^^ and SumaB-
���                                          Creek for use in cases of wrecks Ti.    ���nce has other engagementB warded to the Chief Commissioner To the eye of the ordinary ��b-
Jack   London's   ^acllt,   the      m                of Vancouvw following.     If   those who are 0f Lends and Works, the Public server the work has been done as
Snark, arrived at Honolulu on M   d     T,)e b()ftt ���, w wjj, .��� ��� accustomed to be dilatory in such Wor,{8 Emrineer and to the ^ad substantially as honest labor and
May 20th, twenty-seven   days ^j,,' Ne<v j^ Wfllcwt b> casf.8 C0UW somehow b.e made ^ Superintendent.   The motion was painstakiug care and skill could
from Han Francisco.                   tween #12.000 and #15 000 ffalize the loss of time which carried unanimiously.                  make it, and this opinion seems
                                            _ they   thus  entail upon others. An informal discussion of the to be shared by Engineer Gamble
Immigration    returns   show    ,.,.        .,   ..    ,,      m ... io, this undesirable icharacteristic of desirabllity of pressing also for 0f the Public   Works   Depart-
that during  the   nine months H��e   old   lion.lale   smelting Chilliwack    gatherings    would rebuilding of the Chilliwack River ment, who made inspection of it
ending March last, there were plant has   been   reconstructed speedily become a thing of the road but it was agreed to H this yesterday.    The many who have
8 406 arrivals in British Col,,...- and the iron mines on the west pagt.   The prevailing happy-go- m&^er stand ove/unti, the next visited the Crossing  during the
bm- coaNt ��f lexa'la lMlan<1Tare t0 * l^ky practice, beside detracting        lar meeting   which wi��� be past few weeks  unite in accord-
���     ���     ,"7-       ���,    ��� TUed,"i   l ,��nd.'   ,T6?/' much from the interest of our on Friday, June 7th.                    ing  praise  both   to    Engineer
Jl wS t~*P and it' ' ����re0f f6a tle' * f,.,rm8h,nf Public assemblies, often results * Gamble, who planned and super-
X^&S^^tarA the capital in  connection with in the absence of many of the                                                    vised the  work,   and  to A. A.
before the lXr trouble coin- the reconstruction of tlie plant most   desirable  persons in the           Interest^ statistics.           Cruickshanki who superintended
inenced. antl ��Pmitl��n ��*t,ie "11Iies'         community.    Time is money and                                                    its execution.
    one has no right to rob the other     A blue book just issued in Lon-     .   .���-     '   _�� _hnll.  on mpn
It is reported that Sir Wilfrid Two new fish hatcheries are to fellow of either.                          don contains a number of items   nd   ��� btTg       r     .
Laurier is willing that Canada be established this summer, one     President W. A. Rose occupied of curious interest.     In the past ?_{���*/" f^i  !fnp�� ru ���JS
should subscribe a million dol- at Babine Lake and another at the chair, and Secretary S.  A. ten years it tells us there has ^TinMarcr     It h�� not been
lars forthe London-1 lulifax- Vic- Stuart Lake.   A site is also to be Cawley was in his place.   Among been a total increase in the pop-       t    t " k '    " v have sud
tpna-Sydney mail and passenger selected for one on the west (.'oast, others present were W. F. Ferris, ulationofthe principal civilized        d .      each man  has heen
service. which will make nine Dominion H. H. Gervan, D. B. Hall, E. W. countries of the world of over di    ^    in  the emt)iov of  tbe
  Government  hatcheries in this Thomas,  G. H. W. Ashwell,  A. 63,000,000 persons, the total for Gover���ment    As    before    an
���Capt,  Emil Francke's license province  with   a   capacity  of M.  Rogers,  T.  H. Jackson, R. these countries now being estim- nnl]n������f,   ./   _���nnl���  nf  (,ar>i"
has been suspended for two and 127,000.000. Chadsey,   R.   Moffat, J. Burtt ated at 570,000,000.    Russia has Jj���adei libera? contribution^
a half years because of the loss   Morgan,  G. P. Chamberlain, E. the highest birth-rate of all these i��� both labor and monev
of the Hill liner Dakota on the     The convention of the Western W. Thomas,. S. S. Carleton and countries,   49 per thousand of    Beginning afthe lower side of
coast of Japan in March. Canada firemen  to ^ heid in R. G. Rowat. After the approval population per annum, but strange the north end of the bridge a line
  Winnipeg on July 15 and 16, of the minutes of the previous to say her death-rate is also the of cribbin   tenfgetwide at the
W. F.  Luxton, who founded bids fair to be one of the biggest meeting, Secretary  Cawley re- highest, 31 per thousand.   Spam, base gix ^       the and
the Winnipeg Free Press in 1872, gatherings of the kind ever held ported in behalf of the committee Italy. Austria, Hungary and eighJ. fjMt ^h^has been con-
died in Winnipeg on Monday. in Canada. There will be an ex- appointed to wait on the Munici- Japan all have a birth-rate of structed for a ftgtanc(i of
He waa one of the best known hibit of fire-fighting applian<!es Pal Council re the silting up of over 32 per thousand of popula- im feet down river Tbja
men among Fort Garry pioneers and invitations have been issued the Fraser River, to the effect tion. The population of the chief ^y^ seemg to have been
and assisted in laying the foun- to eaetern fire chiefs to be that the Board's request had been nations at the close of 1905 is buil(. -n .^ most BUbBtantjJ,i
dation of civic and provincial present. All the principal towns presented to the Council and the givenas follows: Russia, 141,200,- manner jti8 croBg tied every
government. and cities between Victoria and latter had promised to take the 000; United  States, 83,143,000; fiye fee*t ��,d bolted firmly to-
  Fort WUliam are to send dele- matter up with the other Councils Germany, 60,505,000; Japan, 47,- ^he^th 3-4 inch iron through-
Vhebusiness men ofVancou- gates. on the Fraser   He had not yet 975^GreatBntain and Ireland, ^   The bottom is covered with
ver, Wash., are discussing the                       been advised of the results.          43,^21,000;   France,   b��,d00,000, a six_jnch spjit cedar floor and
advisability of   changing   the    J. L. Manly of Grand Forks, Communications    were   read Italy, 33,604,000; Austria, 24,971,- ^ whole .g ]oaded  fe ^
name of their city, as the name states that last year there were from the Prov.   Secretary and 000; Hungary, 20,114,000; Spain, ^ rock w,|jle ^ bage on ^
Vancouver   is   misleading   to shipped to the Winnipeg market from the Victoria Board of Trade 18.900,00.   The most crowded of river si(je is rip-rapped with rock
Easterners, who invariably think five cars of Italian prunes, grown and ordered to be filed.                the civilized nations is Belgium, tQ        ent   undermining   The
of Vancouver, B.C.    New Colum- on the Covert estate, bringing Applications for   membership which has an average population cribbing ig bui]t in sections of 30
bia may be the name decided over 2 cents per pound on ears were received from the following of 588 persons to the square mile feet each so that an accident at
upon.                                          at Grand Forks.   He also states persons: B T Malcolm, J. Burtt to its 11,370 square miles of torn-               ;                 be           d
                      that this year's crop of prunes Morgan, S. S. Carleton, G. P. tory.      The Hanse   district in without    involvin- thp   whoie
J. W. Haskins, manager of the lias already been bought for the Chamberlain and R. F. Rowat, Germany is probably the most gtructunj
Rosella Hydraulic Mining Coin- Winnipeg markets.    Mr. Mauley all of whom were duly elected by crowded portion of the civilized A similar,   constructed iine 0f
nany,  who recently  moved to himself has 700 fruit trees of ballot.                                         world, as the Hanse towns have crib work has been pIaced on the
Victoria from Revelstoke, died mixed fruits,  which   this  year     On motion it  was   resolved, a population of over 3,000 persons south side of the river for a dis.
very suddenly on  Monday on will net him a thousand dollars, that the selection of the Board of to the square mile.    The total tonce of  ggQ  fee(.    bek)W   the
board the steamer Princess May, The Northwest and   Manitoba Arbitration be further laid over national debt owed by the nine bridge     Immediately below the
half an hour after she had left fruit dealers are already buying till  the  next regular meeting, most important civilized nations cribbing on the  north  side, the
Vancouver for the north.             up all the available crops in this     Moved by H. H. Gervan and amounts to the staggering sum shore has been mattressed for a
                       valley, so it is quite possible seconded   by   W.  F.   Ferris.- of over twenty  billion  dollars, distance  of  1,300    feet.    This
At the recent meeting of the there may be a scarcity of fruit     That, Whereas the road leading The United Kingdom, France and ^HdconsisS1 of brush two
executive of the Canadian Maim- this fall forthe local markets.       to the Cultus Lake Settlement Austria-Hungary have the high- and a halt feet deep, wired and
factum's' Association in Toronto   was washed away and destroyed est Government expenditure of cross-wired every  four feet, top
it was resolved to urge the Do- Piiinir is beintr sv,jrmprl from by the freshet in the fall of 1906, all the nations, the total amount- and bottom, and securely tied
minion Government to encour- the Boundary Bay District^ to leaving the conditions of the ing to over $15 per head of pop- through at.each point of crps-
agethe immigration of skilled Blaine, where ships are being country such as to make it prac- Nation a year. The city of do^n"ithr^ock and earth Ex-
artizans from England, as the loaded with piling and lumber tically impossible to construct a London is the only city in the perjence has proven this to be a
alien law did not allow of their for Panama.  ^ jn the same pjace ^out world with a population of over most serviceable device to pre-
importation from   the States,    -.    ........ ..  . ..    a large expenditure of money.      four million-Christian Guardian,  vent cutting by  running water.
and several lines of   industry JSS^ PrincVRuirt will    And Whereas a suitable pass ifSHftIS ttlM
were suffering from the want of Kb!^placedSeS this for a road has been found which Subscribe for The Fraser Ad- of the nver has been cleared of
skilled labor. summer. would accomodate the settlers in vance, only $1.00 per year. Continued on page 6 THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, MAY 2.",, 1007.
It' you wish  to purchase   property oi
iiny (losciuptioii in tho Vnlloy ol
the lowor Frnser River
You will Save Time
(Hint I* mono I
You will Save Money
liy ���iiIIiiik on
Opposite the Post Otflce
5 Chiliwack.       -    -      B. C.
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
This remedy Is fnmnm for It* cures over
a larffe part of tho civilized world. It curt
always be
opium or
given u coiifldouily to n baby us to nn adult
always bo depended upon. It cmitiilnn no
"(lam or other harmful drug nud tuny be
ren aa coiifldouily to n bflby its to nn adult
Price 25 cts; Larg-e Size, 50 eta.
Stomach troublo ti but a symptom of. and not
In itself a trtio diswmiiu. Wo think of DyipepcU,
Heartburn, and Indigent Urn aa real dlseajes, yet
they urn ityniptomn only of a certain ipeciflo
Nervo ��lckn��s�����nothing also,
It wat this met. that il rut correctly led Dr. Shoop
In the creation nf that now very popular Stomach
ltemcdy���Dr. Bhoop's Rostoroclvo. (lolng direct
to tho Mniimch norvos, nloua brought that success
and favor tn Dr. shoop and bis Utwtumtfvo, With.
out that original nnd highly vitulprlncfple.no
such lasting HccompHHhtni'iits were over to be had.
For stomach distress, bloating, blllotlsnoBS, bad
breath ami sallow complnxloil. try Dr. Shoop's
KeRtorntivu���Tablets or Liquid���and sue for yourself what it can and will do. Wu sell und cheerfully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
Alcohol Distinctly a Poison.
The minister of a negro church
in Richmond gave out a funeral
notice one Sunday as follows: "I
have to announce to you, bredren
and sisters dat de funeral of the
only survivin' son of the late
Thomas Pinkers an' his widow,
Martha Jane Pinkers, both deceased, will take place an' come
to occurrence on Tuesday next at
twelve M. noon precisely. An' I
have to say, bredren and sisters,
dat contributions for carryin' out
dat funeral will be in order an'
acceptations, or else de funeral
can't take place, exceptin* and
save only as a plain burial; fo'
Samuel Pinkers has got jes'
money enough to bury hisself
without any obsequious ceremonies, seen as he deserves."
���Harper's Weekly.
Tainted Money.
The big touring-car had just
whizzed by with a roar like a
gigantic rocket, and Pat and Mike
turned to watch it disappear in a
cloud of dust.
"Thim chug wagons must cost
a heap av cash," said Mike. "The
rich is fairly burnin' money."
"An' be the smell of it,''
sniffed Pat, "it must be thot
tainted money we do be hearin'
sd much aboot."-Success.
The point with regard to alcohol
is simple enough. It is, of course
distinctly a poison, and it, as a
poison, like other poisons, has
certain uses; but the limitations
of the use of alcohol should be as
strict as the limitations of the use
of any other kind of poison. Moreover it is a curiously insidious
poison, in that it produces effects
which seem to have only one
antidote���alcohol again. This
applies to another drug, equally
as insiduous, and that is morphia
or opium. Unfortunately, the
term poison is by no means an
exaggerated one, when it is
realized that with alcohol as drunk
by the majority of the poorer
classes is mixed a virulent poison
in the form of fusil oil.���Sir F.
The Advance,   #1.00
The Melotte is the most efficient Cream Separator yet
produced. The "Melotte" is
sold absolutely on its merits.
The "Melotte" skims cleaner,
turns easier, and will last
longer than any cream separator in the world.
The Hand Separator which will most efficiently separate
with the least amount of labor, the largest quantity in the
Quickest time, the easiest to clean and manage, and most
urable and safe. A trial will convince the most skeptical
that the "Melotte" is the machine which best fulfils all
these conditions.
False Deduction
A certain offiice boy was wont
to appear at his employer's office
with a dirty face.    One morning
per year, j he appeared with the remains of
________ I a breakfast round his mouth. The
__. J junior clerk with an eye to
business, said, "I bet you six.
pense I can tell you what you had
for breakfast this morning."
"Done" said the office boy.
"It was eggs," triumphantly
replied the clerk.
"Wrong" said the boy; "wot
you see on my mouth is yester
It Broke.
"Freddy, you shouldn't laugh
out loud in the schoolroon," exclaimed the teacher.
"I didn't mean to do it,"
apologized Freddy, "I was smiling, when all of a sudden the
smile busted. "-Harper's Weekly
Vll lie Oil VIM
Huntingdon and Abbotsford License
Notice is hereby given that at the
regular meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners to be held at Abbotsford, B C, on the loth day of June,
1907, I intend to apply for a transfer of
my hotel license lor the Huntingdon
Hotel, at Lots 19 and 20, Block 10, in
the Townsite of Huntingdon, British
Columbia, to Philip McDonald.
Dated the 15th day of May, 1907.
Thousands Die of Constipation.
No condition causes so many incurable
diseases as constipation. It not only
prevents the kidneys from eliminating
the poisonous wastes, but causes
anaemia, stomach trouble and indigestion. Why won't you use Dr.
Hamilton's Pills and get cured? This
excellent madicine restores normal bowel
action in one night. Thousands say so.
Your system will be pure and clean,
you'll be free from headaches, no more
sour stomach-in short, you'll have
jovial spirits and perfect good health.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills are sold everywhere, 25c. a box. Get the genuine
A Clever Retort
An Irishman boarded a train in
which every seat except one was
occupied by two people. This
seat had as occupants, a young
"sport" and a large shaggy dog.
The Irishman stood by the seat,
expecting that room would be
made for him. The young man
did not take the hint, but regarded the other, who was poorly
dressed, with ill disguised scorn.
At last the Irishman remarked:
"That's a foine looking dog ye
have with ye-what breed is it?"
' 'It's a cross between a skunk and
an Irishman," was the sneering
answer. "Shure, then, its a
relative of both of us," was the
instant retort.-Ex.
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To Cure.a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine tim*. �� (% L
��ivwii��taifcoMe��cWfaH��t����otfc>.      TMtrigiiatiire,^^^*^
In Two Days.
box. 25c
Let me send you free, for Catarrh,
iust to prove merit, a trial size box of
)r. Shoop's Catarrh Remedy. It ii a
snow white creamy, healing antiseptic
balm Containing such healing ingredients as Oil Eucaliptus, Thymol. Menthol, etc., it gives instant and lasting
relief to Catarrh of the nose and throat.
Make the free test and see for yourself
what this preparation can and will ac-
Address Dr  Shcop, Racine,
Wis.   Large jars 50c.
Barber.-Adv. 16-19.
Sold by,  H. J.
Get Our
Quotations On
LYE (Gillet's)
.HELLEBORE,, .      v
In the matter of the estate of Robert
Dunn, late of Chilliwack, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all
creditors and others having claims
against the estate of the said Robert
Dunn, who died on or about the 10th day
of March, 1907, are hereby required,
on or before the 20th day of June, 1907,
to send by post prepaid Dr deliver to
J. Pelly of Chilliwack, B. C, Solicitor
for the executors of the last will and
testament of the said deceased, their
Christian and surnames, addresses and
descriptions, the full particulars of their
claims, the statement of their account*
and the nature of the securities, if any,
held by them.
And furthur take notice that after
such last mentioned date the said
executori will proceed to distribute the
assets of the deceased among the parties
entitled thereto, having regard only to
the claims of which they shall then have
notice, and that the said executors will
not be liable for the said assets or any
part thereof to any person or persons of
Whose claims notice shall not have been
received by them at the time of such
Dated the 18th day of May, 1907.
18-21 Solicitor for the executors.
Bank of Montreal.
CAPITAL (AH paidup)....*14,400,00O
.RESERVE FUND 811,000,000
Drug, Spectacle and Seed Store,
New Westminster
KrunclicK througout Canada and
Newfoundland, und in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.
A general banking business transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Department.   Deposits
-t   i   hi    i  ��� i   r  t   received
iu sums of $1.00 nnd upwards, and In-
. mst allowed at 3 per cent, per annum
(present rate) added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $165,000,000.
Ohil liwack    Branch
E. Duthie, Agent.
All druggists refund tho money If It falls to
cure. K. W. Orore'a signature la on each box.
is a worry at best, but the worry can be lessened by using: good
renovating materials.
In the Hot Summer Time
you want a stove in your kitchen that will cook your meals to a
nicety and not heat up the whole house.   This is the MeCLARY
FAMOUS���we have them���Stoves and Ranges.
Our Line of Garden Tools Sjf? g3f��  a
anything at all in the hardware business that you require, we can.
and will serve you with pleasure.
Capital paid tip $4,000,000
Reserve Fund  4,WO,QOO>
Eighty-five liiaueb.es throughout Canada, United States aud Cuba.
Chilliwack, Nnnairno, Vnneouv<-r,
Cumberland, Nelson, do (East. Euil)
Grand Forks, New Westminster,. do Mt. Pleasant.
Ladner, Rossi and, do Granville St.
Violoria. Vernon, do Cordova St.
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Simn��s Bank department
in which deposits of One Dollar aud upwards are respited. Intel est added,
quarterly.   General Banking business transacted.   Money orders issued.
A deposit of $1.00 will secure a HOME SAVINGS BANK,,
which will be refunded on return of bank in good condition..
Mamaokh Chiluwack. Branch.
���T   H"llMMMM $i
belongs to the
Real Estate Firm
Cawley & Paisley.
Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
i. 6. iowatTpmpiietor
I ketp nothing but tnt-olax tnraouu. Good
fladdl.liorvm, Me. 'Bas marts all boats. Cot
ertd tug* l����v���� for MoDon.la'i Undine;
���vtrr muralBRkt SiSO o'clock, connnctlng with
���tr. Minto. wkloh o in neon wllk all 0. P. R.
.r��lu nut ��nd wm I
electric Railway ���o.��d.
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave each torminag at 5-50 a m.
and 6:50 a.m. and half hourly thereafter until 11 pm
We run tfrtt-clasi freighters between
Westminster and Vancouver, add all
shipments are handled with the utmost
eare and delivered to consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipment!.
Oar wagons meet ill boats and trains.
For rate*, etc., apply to
Traffic Mgr. Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
"jmf No. 19, A. K.&A.M.
'���A The Itagulnrllonunnnlrntlanii of the
l/xlge nrehald In tho InVonlo Hall,' 'hllllwnok
on tho Prldav on or before the Full Moon of
ever* month. Sojourning brelhron are cord*
a>llr InrtUd to attend.
I. Johnson, w.m. J. li. Suart. Boo
I. O. F\
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
R. C. Mentsn, C. R.
W. C. Beahcroft, R, S.
Telephone 829 P. 0. Drawer 982
Bird fir Brydon-Jack
J. Edward Bird.   , A. Brydon-Jack.
884 Hastings St. West,
A Btgk-CUfs litel at Morats late*.
Be sura and see its advantages before
makiug arrangements elsewhere.
Ratbs: American Plan 81.88 and upwards per day. European Plan (Rjomi
only) 80c to 11.50 n-r day.
'Bus absolutely her.
The Fraser Advance $1.00 per
year.   Ad "ad" in it will pay you,
,4  Mr. Merchant.
Why Eqqs (Jo Bad
When people find that an egg
is rotten they throw it away, for
that fact in itself seems to be a
sufficient cause for such action
but in these days of ' 'cause and
effect" it is interesting to go a
little deeper into the matter, in
order to understand the agencies
which bring about this change.
In order that it may hatch
successfully and thus perpetuate
the parent species, it is necessary
that fresh air shall pass into the
egg. Hence the shell is provided
with minute pores. Upon everything with which the egg comes
in contact, and in the air that
passes into it, are numerous plants
of microscopic size, called
"bacteria." It is possible for
certain forms of bacteria to pass
the various guards (notably the
shell membranes) and thus reach
the yolk. Now, the yolk is an
excellent feeding ground for
bacteria, and under favourable
conditions they Will multiply by
millions. Each one is capable of
causing a chemical change or
ferment, so the more; numerous
they become in the egg, the
greater the degree of fermentation. If the fermentation reaches
a certain stage, we say the egg
is rotten,
The most important factor,
then for the preservation of the
egg, either as a food for man or
for the chick embryo, is to keep
these destructive bacteria from
becoming numerous in the ogg.
In the fertilized egg that has
been infected with these bacteria,
there will be a conflict between
the bacteria and the   growing
embryo. The bacteria will ferment the food substance that is
so necessary for the life and
nourishment of the chick embryo.
Should tho chick hatch, it will be
weakened, and there is a question
whether it will survive the brooding, fall victim to one of the numerous diseases, or grow up to be a
stunted specimen that detracts
from the standard of the flock.
The unfertilized egg that has
been similarly infected will be
rotten before the hatch is half
over, for the bacteria will have
full play to change and ferment,
as there will be no chick embryo
to gradually absorb its contents.
Cleanliness of the poultry-
house and furnishings is nec-
1 essary, as bacteria are numerous
in neglected buildings. Especial
care should be given the nesting
material, for dirty nesting material, smeared with broken eggs
whose contents have long since
decayed, serves as a certain means
of infection. It is advisable to
frequently gather the eggs intended for incubation; in cold
weather to prevent chilling, and
in warm weather to stay .the
progress of any objectionable
bacteria, which may have gained
a foothold. The eggs should be
put in a cool place as. soon as
gathered, about 50 degrees F.
being satisfactory temperature.
Even if soiled, they should not be
washed, as this process removes
from the shell a natural coating
of mucilaginous nature.
Another source of infection
must not be overlooked���viz.,
dirty incubators. When a mach.
ine is run hatch after hatch, the
trays and bottom having an accumulation of broken eggs, the
troublesome forms of bacteria are
very likely to be present. There,
fore, it is well to clean the machine
thoroughly, especially late in the
season, when bacteria are most
active. Brushing, washing and
airing the trays of the machine
will all help to overcome the
The market demands clean,
fresh eggs���cleanliness of shell
and sweet condition of the contents. It is very essential, then,
that the greatest care should be
exercised to guard against these
invisible destroyers, which are
detrimental to the egg as used
for incubation, or used as one of
the greatest food products used
by man.���Nor' West Farmer.
Cabbage Maggot.
I noticed a remedy mentioned
in an agricultural paper, says a
writer in the Ohio Fanner, which
I have used every year, Since I
have found it very effective. It
is simply lime water. Prepare a
good solution of lime and water
and let it stand a few days. Whan
setting the plants dip the roots in
the solution, then apply sufficient
to wet the stocks and roots at the
end of a few weeks, and your
trouble is over. I do not think it
destroys the maggots, but it renders the plants free from their
Free samples of "Preventics" end a
booklet on Colds will be gladly stifled
you, on request, by Dr. Shoop, Barine,
Wis., simply to prove merit. Preven-
ticsare little Cold Cure tablets. No
Quinine, no Laxative, nothing kerwifol
whatever. Preventica prevent eolda���
as the name implies-when taken early,
oratthe"SneeaeStafe." Foraseated
cold or Lwrippe, break It up safely and
quickly with Preventics. Sold by H. J.
Barber.-Adv. 18-19.
We beg to announce the opening of our
New  Season's  Patterns
The display is an interesting exhibit of modern effects.
TJiese are not expensive, yet quite the most artistic that are offered.
Style and Fit Guaranteed or No Charge.
|MMM    ' ��� ���        ���   ��� THE PHASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, MAY 25, 1907.
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially devoted to the Interests of the Fraser Valley,
Published every Saturday morning at
its offloe, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
B. C.
Subscription,  -  -  -
Single copies
11.00 per yei
UC.  OttC
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Advertising rates on application
All matter intended for publication,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0. Box 296, Chilliwack,
B. C.
J. BURTT MORGAN, - Editor and Proprietor
There has been a very general
outcry throughout both Canada
and the United States on account
of the new postal regulations
which came into effect on May
8th, whereby the newspaper rate
of postage between the two coun
tries was raised to one cent for
every four ounces or fraction
thereof. The change means that
every paper published either in
Canada or the United States will
require anywhere from one to five
or even six cents to carry it across
the line, and in the case of the
larger papers this will prcWeprad
tically prohibitive. The new scale
became necessary because of the
fact that Canada found that
under the former arrangement
she was carrying an immense
amount of American newspapers
for nothing, while the amount of
Canadian newspapers handled by
the U. S. postal authorities in
return was comparatively light.
Nobody seems to complain particularly ut the adjustment of
this obvious inequity, but there
is a strong feeling that sufficient
warning of the proposed change
should have been given, to allow
the publishers on both sides to
protect themselves against loss.
Papers must be delivered to all
advance subscribers regardless of
the change, and thereby a great
hardship to the extent of many
thousands of dollars will be experienced by the publishers. As
soon us this phase of the subject
was pressed upon the attention
of Postmaster General Lemieux,
he expressed regret at the injustice which had evidently been
done, but saddled the blame upon
the Postmaster General of the
United Stales, who he alleged
demanded that the arrangement
should go into effect without delay. The latter, however, now;
declares that he was quite willing
to do anything agreeable to the'
Canadian .Minister nnd would
readily have consented to defer j
the inauguration of the new rate,
untilJanuiiry 1st, 1908, had Mr. j
Leinietx so desired. The general'
public have the choice of accepting
either story according to their!
prejudices or predilections, while
the unfortunate publishers have {
no alternative but to gracefully J
pocket their loss and look'
pleasant. |
Thelibel suit of II. R. Emmet*-
sonexininlsterof Railways again-!
seem to be progressing very fast.
From time to time reports are
sent forth as to what is going to
:> ��� d'l'ie, but the ex-ministers
> ..i I, mi ion is certainly any-
t hiug but swift. A recent dispatch
declares that in addition to a
civil action for #2.">,(lot) damages
instituted against "The Gleaner
Limited,"a charge of criminal
libel will be preferred against
Managing Director Crocket. "In
the meantime," remarks the accused editorially, "all the Gleaner
desires to say is that it is
ready whenever Mr Emmerson
chooses to come on with his trial.
It is about two months since the
alleged libel was published and we
have hot yet received so much as
his statement of claim." Unless
someone is running a big bluff,
things ought to be interesting
when the case comes into court.
Somebody or something will
certainly drop.
Who said incorporation?
The i nl'mit heir lo the Spanish
throne was last Saturday
christened, Alfonso Pio Gristino
Eduardo Francisco Guillenno
Carlos, Enrique Fernando
Antonio. He will likely survive
as he does not know anything
about it yet,
It is about time the water was
turned on the watering trough in
the square. This object is anything but, ornamental, and if its
usefulness is gone it had better be
What Causes Snoring.
When asleep, people that snore
breathe through the mouth instead of
the nostrils which are choked with
catarrh. Just use "Caterrhoxone" before retiring and you'll quickly euro the
snoring habit. By destroying the cause
of catarrh and healing the membranes,
Catarrhosone makes a complete cure in
every ease; it cleans the nostril*, stops
the discharge and prevents dropping in
the throat in a few minutes. (Nothing
so pleasant or certain to cure snoring,
catarrh or colds as Catarrhozone -that's
worth remembering.
Meet Me
at the
Our Soda Fountain is now run*
ning Ice Cream Sodas���all flavors
Philadelphia Ice Cream, Golden
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Grossman's Grocery
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town come in and cool yourself with a delicious
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Picnic and Private Parties catered for.
Terms Reasonable
Sash and Door Factory.
Window and Door Jambs
MoufaMngs, Casings, Pickef Fencing
Sash and Doors fo order
STREET BROS. Chilliwack. B.C.
We are now in a position
to conduct
in the Municipality of Chilliwack.
Those desirous of disposing of their property by
should consult with the firm of
F.J. HART SCO., Ltd.
The man who has been provoked well-nigh to
desperation when trying to squeeze fuel through the
ridiculously small opening provided on common furnaces
will appreciate to the greatest extent the advantages of
the generous feed-door of the "Magnet."
It's the entire width of the fire-box, and very deep.
Large enough to easily admit big, rough chunks of wood,
that would otherwise either have to be chopped up or wasted.
, And this   feature  is only one of
the many possessed by the "Magnet"
���the  furnace  built  on  sound,
sensible lines.
Built for
wood, but
will also
burn coal.
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Electric Rays Treatment.
Note, this is not the X-Ray, as this is one of the latest discoveries. The
rays of this machine is a microbe destroyer and perfectly harmless, it cures or
relieves pains and diseases almost instantly���skin cancer, skin diseases, weak
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Call or write, you will not be disappointed.
531 9th Ave. West, near Bridge Street.
Hours 1 to 9 p.m., Sundays excepted.
By using one of our Canners there will be no loss from overripe fruit or bad markets. Easy to operate-anyone can run them.
Three sizes.
No. 1 Cap, 1000 cans per day $ 30.00
No. 2 Cap, 2000 cans per day     60.00
No. 3 Cap, 7000 cans per day    90.00
The Modern Canner Co.,     ST J$g>Bs,
T. Scrivener, agent, 720 Granville St.. Vancouver, B. C.
��� ���.��� ..������/���    ��� ���.������"���
.  ...
. ���   ������ ������'.������      jv-..:     . '���, si
Do the Clothes Wake the Wan?
Yes; to a certain extent a man is judged by the clothes he wears.
If you want to appear well dressed and to have a clean, tidy, healthy and prosperous appearance you will wear
the clothes turned out of
They are the tailors who dress the natty and smart looking men you see upon the streets.
They have a full line of Serges, Worsteds, Tweeds and Partings to choose from and their work is of the best.
They can dress you from top to toe in the most stylish up-to-date clothing to be found upon the Coast.
Vedder Protection Worm
Continued from page 1
jams to a width of from 100 to
150 feet all the way to Sumas
Lake. This is something that
has never been done before and
will remove a standing menace
to the property owners of Sumas.
With its channel choked as it was
with an accumulation of roots
and trees, the river was liable at
anytime to leave its bed and
. wander at will over the prairie,
Now the country wilt be as safe
as any reasonable expenditure of
labor and money can make it,
and it ought .to be a matter of
satisfaction to everybody that
the work has been completed before the freshet season, v ���    >
The distribution of provincial
tax notices this year has had a
tendency to make friends for the
McBride administration. The substantial reduction in the personal
property tax is one argument
that can bear no trace of sophistry���Fernie Free Press.
How to Cure Toothache.
Any aching tooth can be relieved instantly with Nerviline. Fill the cavity
with batting dipped ih Nerviline and rub
the gums with Nerviline also. If the
face is swollen and sore, bathe the painful parts with Nerviline and cover with
a flannel. This can't fail because
Nerviline kills the pain outright and
prevents it from returning. Stronger,
quicker, more satisfactory than any
other liniment, Poison's Nerviline has
been the largest seller for nearly fifty
years; try-it yourself. -        -   {j
Those Annoying Blackheads.
External applications will never re-
prove, pimples or blackheads. Only by
stimulating circulation and purifying the
blood ean it he done. For quick sure
release from these pests use Ferrozone;
it drives all humors from the blood,
makes the skin healthy, tones up the
system. With the pure nutritious blood
made by Ferrizone it's impossible to
suffer from any skin disease. You'll
have a smooth delightful skin, healthy
color and beautiful complexion by using
Ferrisone���and you'll feel immensely
better as well. Fifty cents buys a box,
containing fifty chocolate coated tablets.
at any drug store.
Piles get quick and certain relief from
Dr. Snoop's Magic Ointment. Please,
note it is made alone for Piles, and its
action is positive' and certain. Itching,
painful; protuding or blind piles- disappear like magic by its use. Large
nickel-capped glass Jars 80e. Sold by
H. J. Barber.-Adv. 16-19
W. H. T. Gahan
(Royal Bank of Canada Chambers)
i       Chilliwack, B.C.
Frqd G. Crisp. Frank L. Gwillim.
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Ac.
Old Safe Block, Vancouver, B C.
Telephone 1772.   P. O. Box 686.
Bank Blk., Dawson, Y. T.
Telephone 239.   P. O. Box 26.
Barrister and Solicitor at Law.
Solicitor forthe Township of Chilliwack
The Bank of Montreal,
Chilliwack Oils. Ltd.
Several more large consignments of Spring Mattresses,
Iron Beds and Bamboo
Goods just arrived. Heavy
Felt Mattresses at light
prices. See 'em���come and
see 'em go I -o- Window
Shades, Curtain Poles and
Extension Rods, all lengths.
Just think ! We had to
order another 2 doz. Carriages and Go-Carts.
Another large assortment
of tables, all sizes, to arrive soon. Please hold
your orders for same.
Money, as the unit of measure co character, has its limitations, Mr. Bryan
declares in the Commoner that Washington was the richest Ansericmn of his
time, and Mr. Rockefeller is the richest
American of Ms time. Right here,
however, the parallel ceases.
Only Department
Never before were we in a better position to serve the people of Chilliwack Valley
than now.   Our new Spring Stock is complete in every department. Our prices are
as low as the lowest when quality is considered.
Here are a few prices picked at random from our mammoth stock :
Fresh Groceries
Mixed Pickles, gallon  crocks I   .85
C.&B. Pickles, per bottle 35
Pumpkin, per tin 15
Prunes, perlb., 6c and 08
I^ey    Sterling (��) Tea, per lb, 35c and 45
/*   Sterling (��) Coffee, per lb, 35c and 45
��; Drugs & Stationery
Epsom Salts, best, 3 lbs for $   .25
Sulphur, best, 3 lbs for 25
Linseed Meal, best, 3 lbs 25
Fairy Soap, best, 3 cakes 25
Lime Juice, per bottle, 25c, 35c and 50
Souvenir Tablets, each, 25c and 35
Souvenir Post Cards, 2 for Oi
Envelopes, per pkg,  5c to 15
Men's and Boys'
Men's Suits, $6 to  % 15.50
Boys' Suits, ��2 to       6.50
Men's Suspenders, 25c to 75
Boys' Suspenders, 15c to 35
Neckties, 15c to 75
Belts, your choice 50
Any Belt from 65c to $1.00 each
Running Shoes, sizes 6 to 10
Sizes 2 to 5 	
Sizes 10 to 1 	
Other shoes for men and women at $1.65 to
$3.00 per pr.
EMPRESS SHOES-92.50,  3 00,  3.50
Walkover    Shoes,   $4.50,   5.00,    and
Dry Goods
Ladies' Summer Vests at 10, 15, 20, 25,
35, 50, 75c and %   1.00
Children's Slips and Vests, each 10c to      .50
Summer Hosiery, all sizes, per pr, 15,
25, 35, and 50
Fine Muslins, per yd, 15c to 50
Ribbons, all widths, per yd, from 3c to S   .60
Laces, all kinds, per yd, from 15
Allover Lace, per yd, from 40c to    1.75
Veilings, per yd, 25c, 35c to 60
Auto Veils, 2} yds long     2.25
Crockery and
Plain Cups and Saucers,  per doz $ 1.00
Plain Plates, perdoz, 50, 60, 75, 90c and   1.00
Tumblers, per doz,  40,  50, 75c,  $1.00,
1.16 and     1.50
Berry Bowls, each, 25, 35, 50 and 75
Berry Dishes, per doz,  50, 60, 75c and   1.00
Wall Papers
Floral Desgins,  per double roll,  10 to 8 .60
Plain Ingrains, all  colors,   per  triple
roll 50
Carpet Squares
all sizes, at per square,  $4.50 to $17.50
We want your Fresh
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6. H. Jlshwell & Son
We want your Fresh
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muki'H llfo worth living.
No unit i or what dlaeudo you hare, this l��
Victorious Through Merit.
OXYDONOR triumphs through merit
-for yoftrn itluiH bcon ihu HIj k urd of
mum tluin it million imii'hoiih, It Ih thu tin-
bodlmonl of tho hlghost law known to
hinnati BOlonoo III It Ih conocntriitod Ihn
oxporioiH-o of tho groatoKt HoionliHt of tho
ago.   a la ior of lovu for humanity.
No othoriigenoy for health hits so many
faithful friends���none oihor dosuivoa ho
OXYDONOR Instills now llfo Into
nn ���< .him; rogiinoriitoH, rolnvlgoniti'Hand
���. ��� /, .Huvery organ Into tho proper ill*-
,. . nf tho funo.ilnn for whloh nature In-
.,,,i .horn.    It* one brines vigorous
hutillll wl.hnll tha physical aotlvlty that
only natural euro for It.   I horo Is no danger,
t.U limitl.'l    nilHVUIRMH J'P'I  III*.Ii,  llltn   in       u        ..-,���,,    .',.
no polo, nodootur not iiudlolno In using OXYDONOR.     ,, ... ,     ....  ... ,i,.j
It will la-it a lifetime and nervo the whole family.   dKNU T()l>A\ f>r book \, mulled
froo.   Write ih a description of your case.
Mr. Ja*. Anson, Rowland, B.U.. Can., writes, March II, 1901: "dome live years ago I got Oxydonor for my wife who was suffering from female we,��knuss.   After a week��use the dootor
himself was surprised to find suoh a change. In (not It was enough to Induce him to get un Oxy-
"��A Bhort time age my wife had a�� attaok of Inflnmma ory rhomnatl-m. She could not
walk and her joints were muoh swollen. She applied Oxydonor and before night the pains had
oeasiid. and next morning there was very little swelling, and she oould walk as won as ever.
She had a similar attaokbefore we got Oxydonor and was under a doctor s oare lor a montn,
and suffered agonies."
"It has oured tne of a severe cold.
The genuine has tbe name of "Dr. H. Sanohe b Co." plainly stamped In Its metal parts.
Dr H, SANOHK & Co.,    364 8t. tlntharlne St. West, Montreal.
If You Are Looking For It
we mean for the very best wagon that ever moved on four
wheels, it will pay you to turn your gaze in the direction of
our warehouse, and following in the wake of your gaze, with
your eyes open, you will find those JACKSON WAGONS
that we have been tolling you about. Our car was held up
by the C.P.R. for several weeks, as they stopped at each
station to show their friends these wagons, but they haven't
been hurt a bit by the admiring gaze of the public, and there
is many a farmer down in the Northwest who is envying the
farmers of Chilliwack their chance in the wagon line. NOW
IT'S TIME FOR THAT ORDER. No need to show you the
good points of this wagon, they are self evident.
BISSELL 3 Drum Still Lind Rtllir
They stand np against hard work and Iota
Of ft. Truw rode MMe* the maM.
Heavy steel plate in all the drums.
Closely Blvetrd Threetghoot and very
strong. Sold by agents. Have a look at
aampl-j roller. None genuine without tho
name "BISSELL."  Manufactured by
Wrlto for booklet "��"
HAVING purchased the business of the H. AVEdgett
Co., at Abbotsford, we take tins opportunity of
thanking' our customers for the patronage ex-
tended to that firm during tlie past year and hope
to merit a continuance of the same .generous treatment by
conducting a fair, honest business, and selling only tlie best
goods at prices consistent with quality.
B. C.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Our'Line of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades, etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia.
We cm save money for any farmer or townsman In the B'raser Valley    Prices
talk and a fair comparison will convince you that our claim is
justified. Give us �� trial.  Correspondence solicited.
Telephone 73. Dupont Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Henderson   Undertaking
Complete line of Caskets,
Coffins, Trimmings, Burial
Robes, also first-class Hearse
Professional Embalmer and Funeral
���     ��� 5
Livery Stables
Feed and Sale.
All orders promptly.
attended to	
A Weird Assemblage.
(Uya Banker)
The most weird and gruesome
spectical to be witnessed upon
the face of the whole earth must
unquestionably be the Catacombs
of Palmero. Descending a long
flight of steps the visitor is soon
in the atmosphere of death. On
all sides are embalmed or petrified
bodies, or skeletons on which the
withered, parched skin makes
them even more gastly and hid
eous; many thousands of them;
many standing, many in more
recumbent posture, many lying
down; some clad in their ordinary
garments, some in their winding
sheets, some in the coarse canvas
grave clothes in which Sicilian
paupers are buried.
Here is a long row of priests,
standing up side by side as if
they were in the chancel of their
cathedral, all garbed in surplice,
and stole, and biretta; their gastly,
evil-favoured visages positively
repulsive; their skin like tough
brown parchment drawn tightly
over their drooping jaw-bones,
and their blear eyesockets
grinning with malevolent, lethal
stare. Here one of Garibaldi's
generals, in uniform, petrified,
and apparently as fresh as when
shot down on the field of battle
nearly fifty years ago, the death
wound on his forehead still visible.
Or here a gaunt cadaverous form
standingin a threatening attitude,
a deathly leer on his grisly, distorted countenance, and the skin
of his hideous face shrunk and
withered so that his projecting
teeth appear to be uttering a
snarling defiance.
And then, still proceeding down
the long galleries, yet more and
more gruesome sights are witnessed; tier above ties from floor
to ceiling of whole regiments, of
apparently, paupers; row after
row of females clad in white flowing shrouds, many of whom in
their youth doubtless Sicilian
beauties; now but haggard and
grisly deformities; and even
hundreds of babies and children
of all ages, some in their cots,
others in wooden boxes, others
lying in a heap as though in a
plague pit.
But enough of these repellant
sights; enough of the dank
miasma of this house of death.
And when the upper day is again
reached, and the glad sunshine
and the flower perfumed atmosphere have dispelled the depression and lugubrious melancholia
of the place, the thought crosses
the mind that a Day will come
when, at the sound of the Archangel's trumpet, all these dry
bones will suddenly start into life.
Then will some who during their
time of probation have served
and obeyed their God, and the
punishment of whose breaches of
his laws has been borne in their
stead by His Son, then will these
with ecstatic joy bound upwards
to the skies. But what must now
be the doom of those others, who
have rejected the Gospel and have
preferred their own opinions to
the Word of Almighty God.
A series of endurance tests
was recently conducted at Yale,
upon forty-nine persons, some of
them meat-eaters and some veg
etarians. The result showed (or
seemed to show), that the
vegetarians were not only capable
of greater exertion for a short
time, but were also possessed of
greater power of endurance. If
the experimenter had only been
able to assure us that the ancestry
was also purely vegetarian or
meat-eating the experiment
would be of greater value.
Fifty years ago the United
States had only about fifty millionaires, and their aggregate
wealth formed about one per cent,
of the total wealth of the nation,
Sixteen years ago the fortunes of
the millionaries formed fifty-six
per cent, of the nation's wealth,
To-day one per cent, of the
population control ninty-nine per
cent, of the wealth, at least so
says Henry Laurens Call.
Somas Dyking District.
the Commissioners of the Sumaa Dv
king District did on the 3rd' day of
April, 1907, file in the Land Registry
Office at the City of New Westminster.
(a) A plan showing the works proposed to be done and the lands intended
to be benefitted by the dyke proposed
to Deconstructed by the Commissioners,
(b) A memorandum under the hand
of the Civil Engineer approved by the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, containing an estimate of the
cost of the said intended works and
countersigned by all the Commissioners.
(c) An assessment roll showing the
amount which is intended to be assessed
against tbe respective lots or sections
of land and the intended mode of payment of the cost of the works with the
amounts to be raised annually, both to
pay off the interest on the cost and to
form a sinking fund to pay the prin-
eipalat maturity, signed by all the
GIVEN that a Court of Revision of the
said Assessment Roll, will be held at
the Town Hall, Upper Sumas, on the
20th day of June, 1907, at the hour of
10 o'clock in the forenoon, at which
time and place all parties concerned
who deem themselves overcharged or
otherwise improperly assessed, are required to attend.
All parties who deem themselves
overcharged or otherwise improperly
assessed or who make any complaints
against tha said assessment shall give
notice thereof to the Commissioners in
writing at or before the commencement of the said meeting.
Dated this 4th day of May, 1907.
Clerk to the Commissioners,
adv. 17-22
Sumas Dyking District.
notice is Hereby given that
an Amended Plan and Engineer's
Memorandum of the cost of the work
proposed to be constructed by the
Commissioners of the Sumas Dyking
District have been prepared and that a
public meeting of the land holders of
the said district will be held at the
Town Hall, Upper Sumas, on Wednesday, the 19th day of June, 1907, at the
hourof 1 o'clock p.m., for the purpose
of submitting the said amended plans
and memorandum for the approval of
the said land holders, and in case the
works as therein described are approved by three-fifths majority in interest
and numbers of the land holders present or represented at thj said meeting,
the said Commissioners will be at liberty
to undertake the execution of the said
Dated this 4th day of May, 1907.
adv 17-22   Clerk to the Commissioners.
Advertise in The Advance, the
paper that everybody reads.
CMlfiwaok Post Office
Ollluo liiiurH. 8 to 111.00.
On Statutory Holidays the OHIco la opened'
from 18 to III.
Savings Bank and Money   Order business
closes at IN.II0
Malls close at 23.00 dully, for aU pnrts.
For convenience of those having lock boxes
th�� olHoo door Is not locked until 23.00.
The olllco Is closed nn Sundays.
s Mki.i.ahii Postmaster,
Wunieipaf Council
Reeve���F, O. Klckbush.
Councillor*���E, Ooilsley Harrow, T.
II. Jackson, J. A. Evans, J, II. Ashwell,
(Jco. ({nod, P, II. Wilson.
Clerk anil Solicitor���Justinian Pelly.
Assessor���Joseph Scot I,
Collector���G. W. CIiihIm'V.
Meillcnl Health Ollieiir���.1. C, Henderson, M.B., O.M.
Chief of Pollce-U. A. Calbick.
Rev. 11. P, Stillman, Pastor.
Services everv Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 pm. Sunday School al 8:00 p.m.
Kpworlh League every Mondnvat 8 p.
in. Prayer Mooting every Thursday
at 8 p it).
CARMAN CHUKCH-Ulvioa service
every Sunday at 9:80 p.m.
Rev. H. J Robartson, B.A., Pastor
Services Sunday at 11 am. and 7:80 p.m
Sunday School In the afternoon at 8:80
Prayer Meeting every Thursday even
Ing at 8 o'clock. Ladles' Aid every
seoond Thursday at 8 p.m. Girls' Mis
���ion Band every second Friday at 4 p.m
Sunday servloes at 11 a.m. and7:80p.m.
Sunday School In the afternoon at 2:80.
Young People's Prayer Meeting every
Monday at 8 p in. Praver Meeting en
Thursday evening at 7:80 o'clock.
Rev. Mark Jukes, Vicar.
Sunday servloes���Morning prayer and
sermon 11 a. m.j Even sons; and sermon at 7:81 p.m. Sunday school at 9:45
a.m. Holy Communion���8 a. m. 3rd
Sunday in tbe month. 11 a.m. 1st Sunday lo tbe month. Bible Class eaeh
week on Wednesday al 8 |i. in. in the
Rates : ��� American
Plan $1.25 per day
and upwards	
A good livery in connection with the
Empire Hotel
Cor. Hastings and Columbia Ave.
American Plan, $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
European (Rooms only) 75c up per day.
The only Auto Bus in the City,
meets all trains and boats.
Rainier Cafe.
When you go to Vancouver get your lunch
at the New Rainier Cafe
and see the prettiest
Cafe on the Pacific
Coast. Meals and lunches at all hours. Open
day and night.
309 Cordova Street
W. O. HOI/TZ,    -    Proprietor.
Abbotsford Feed
eod Livery Steble.
All trains met daily.
Good horses and'rigs, and
saddle   horses   supplied  on
short notice.
D. FRASER,    -   -   Proprietor.
303 Hastings St. West
Next the Arcade, VANCOUVBR, B.C.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited
The Use of a
De Laval Separator
is the commercial application of science and
a sight draft on dairy prosperity. It brings
luxury and profit where there has been
drudgery and wastefulness, and ensures uniformity of product at highest prices.
Get a De Laval-the kind Creamery men use-it pa3 s and
saves labor.
The Ds Laval Separator Oo.
Montreal WINNIPEG Vancouver
Representatives Everywhere.
The Meaning of Suffering.
Small &Bucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
The men of Thermoplyae, who
laid down their lives for their
country's good, did not understand, indeed, all that their
sacrifice achieved. We who look
back upon it, know that when
they stood and died there that
day, the voice of Divine wisdom
and love was saying to them,
"this is the sacrifice I ask on behalf of freedom, your death will
minister to the world, and you
will illuminate the ages with the
light of liberty."
It is the same in the case of
suffering which is inherited. The
man is born blind; it is a hard
case, no fault of his can be urged,
I but how does Christ interpret it?
through this infirmity of his
the works of God were to be made
known (St. John, ix.). If pain
and weakness become the means
of higher revelations to men, who
will not be content to suffer?
Human life becomes exalted as
man recognizes that not out of
caprice, but for the sake of making man, through pain, the
instrument of good to others,
does suffering enter his lot. If
the blow which causes the string
to quiver as in pain, brings forth
music to make men glad, the
thrill of anguish is abundantly
repaid. Did we know what power
lies in weakness, we should, like
the Apostle, glory in our infirmities. Men who start in life
deprived of the powers needful
for temporal success, are like
those who play a game of chess
deprived of their best piece. It
is little matter, therjrame is the
thing. The difficulty ot playing
the game with enfeebled forces
is greater, but the very difficulty!
they encounter is a sign that a i
larger trust is reposed on their
skill. The need of greater
thought, and more adroit management, brings its reward of
more fully exercised judgment.
Increased skill is a greater reward
than victory. The pains and
sacrifices of life have a recompense, and the man who seems to
lose his life may be the man who
most fully finds it.
Bishop Boyd Carpenter.
* HllllllUllllUIIUllllUHUlf """"������"*
Tha Old Days.
There are no boys like the good old
When we were boys together 1
When the grass was sweet to the brown
bare feet
That dimpled the laughing heather;
Whan the pewee sang to the summer
Of the bee in the billowy clover,
Or down by the mill the whip-poor-will
Echoed his night song over.
There is no love like the good old love���
The love that mother gave us 1
We are old, old men, yet we pine again
For that precious grace���God gave us!
So we dream and dream of the good old
��� And our hearts grow tenderer, fonder,
As those dear old dreams bring soothing
Of heaven away off yonder.
���Eugene Field.
Let me mail you free, to prove merit,
samples of my Dr. Hamilton's Restorative, and my Book on either Dyspepsia
The Heart, or The Kidneys. Address
Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis. .Troubles of
of the Stomach, Heart, or'Kidneys, are
merely symptoms of a deeper ailment.
Don't make the common error of treating the result of your ailment, and not
the cause. Weak stomach-the inside nerves means Stomach weakness,
always. And the Heart, and Kidneys
as well, have their controlling or inside
nerves. Weaken these nerves, and you
inevitably have weak vital organs. Here
is where Dr. Shoop's Restorative has
made its fame. No other remedy even
claims to treat the "inside nerves,"
Also for bloating, biliousuegs, bad
breath or complexion, use Dr. Shoop'e
Restorative. Write for my free Book
now. Dr. Shoop's Restorative sold by
H.J  Barber.-Adv. 16-19.
Seeds, Trees, Plants
NO KtedleM plume, NO pltlesH apples,    :
NO oobleM corn-Jim ola reliable
varieties at reaeonable price..
Hie Bee Buppllce
���pray Pviape
���praying Material      Cat Flowers
Etc., Die.
Olden eatabllshed larnery on the
Mainland of B. 0.        r*ialo��ue Pre*.
QreeahouMi-aSIO HeetalaiUr Road,
Breach Nunw riee :-8. Vancouver.
P.B.-If jroar local merchants doaat
handle my seeds, nod direct. We pro-
pay 'SO picket" aetorted varletlee ot
WaRIJEN HIUD8 In ordinary (epsperc
United stock) to your nearest poet offloe ��
ton 11-20 packets for 40c, trial colleo- E
tion. E
Write to nw for best quotations
obtainable in the market.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
Druggists refund money If PA7.0 OlNTMr NT
full* to cure nnv case, no mattorbf how long
standing. In 8t<i 14 day*. Klrst uppliomlonglvw
ease ana rest, sue, if your druggist basn't it
send 5uc in stamp* und it will be forwarded
post-paid bv Paris Medicine Co. St. I.ouis. Mo
The following are the return rates to the different points
mentioned below:
Good going ONLY June 6, 7 and 8, and final return limit 90 days from date of sale
Montreal -
$ 91.50
Ottawa -
St. John, N.B.
Toronto -
-      86.00
Winnipeg, Ft. William, St. Paul, Duluth $ 60.00
Chicago   -            ��� $ 71.50
New York & Phila. - 107 50
Buffalo   -         - ���������������-   86.00
Halifax       -         - 108.30
Ten Days are allowed for passenger to reach destination.
Stop-over privileges given within time limits.
For further information as to rotes to other eastern points, write or call on
W. R. NELEMS,    -    C.F.R. Ticket Agent
Chilliwack \-^ ���������-'���
Advance Wants.
Small Advertisements at Small Cost.
Wanted. ���Everybody to let their business wauls be known to the public in
these columns. It will cost you little,
it will pay you much. Only one cent
per   word   for  each   insertion.     TlIK
Eraser Advance, p. o. b 2%. Chilliwack, B. C.
For Sale���House and Lot at Sardis.
Apply to Jesse  Lapum,  Sardis,   B. C.
For Sale.-A team of general purpose horses, waggon and harness Apply to Street Bros. Chilliwack,  B. C.
For Sale-A modem home in New
Westminster, located in centre of best
residential section of the city. The
house is practically new, haB all modern
conveniences and has just been handsomely papered throughout. Two large
lots in connection, assessed at $600
each. Price and terms on application.
Apply to The Fraser Advance, Chilliwack, B.C. 9-tf
LosT-On May 24th between R. G.
Rowat's livery stable and J. Pellv's
new residence, a black cloth jacket.
Finder please leave at this office.   19-tf
For Salk���Rubber tired top buggy and
single and double harness. See R. F.
Stillman -16-tf.
Lost.���Old Swedish razor, return to
this office and receive' a reward- of one
dollar. 19-tf.
For Sale���Bees.   Apply to Mrs. J.
F. Wilkinson.   . ...    18-21
For Sale.-Bee hives and supers, all
with comb, from Mr. J. Stade's. Appl;
H. Tryon, Preston Road. If
Mrs. G. H. W. Ashwell went down to
Vancouver on Monday.
D. S. Dundas paid a visit to Hope
early in the week.
Mrs. W. T. Jackman and Miss Caesar
went to Vancouver on Tuesday.
Mrs. Thos. I 'rosby of Sardis was a passenger to Westminister by Tuesday's
Councillor J. A. Evans made a business trip to the coast this week.
John Usher, Richard Brett and Jas.
Taylor formed part of th' Beaver's
passenger list out on Tuesday.
Rev. C.   W.    Houghton    and    P
Peebles were among the   holiday visitors to Chilliwack yesterday.
W. T. Jackman underwent a second
operation on Wednesday and is doing
nicely. His physician hopes yet to save
his leg.
Word has been received of the safe
arrival in Ontario, of Mrs. J.H. Peters,
who recently passed through Chilliwack
on her way east to visit her father who
is not expected to live.
A. A. Crucikshank returned from a
trip to Vancouver on Wednesday evening. He reports that his son Norman is
progressing favourably at the hospital,
rut will likely have his leg opened again
to further eleanse the wound.
F. A. Fletcher, Provincial Assessor
and Collector, has been spending the
week in town. In company with Deputy
Sheriff Scott, he made a trip to Hope on
official business on Tuesday, returning
on Wednesday He leaves for Westminster today.
J. A. Coatham left on Thursday for
a two months visit to his old home at
Orono, Ont. Mr. Coatham has not been
home since he came to B. C, about sixteen years ago and is making the trip
now to see his aged mother who is in
a very pecarious state of health.
Mrs. A. Wilson and her daughter,
Miss Florence A , of Sumas, left for
England last Saturday afternoon, and
expect to be absent until September.
This is the first trip Mrs. Wilson has
made to her old home since she came to
this country 33 years ago.
Much to the disappointment of himself and friends, Jas. Chadsey was
compelled to return to the Vancouver
General Hospital again this week for
the remoyal of another cancerous growth
in his mouth. The operation was performed on Thursday morning and a
portion of the jaw removed. Reports
are favourable and hopes are entertained
that the seat of trouble has been reached
Dr. MacSween, Dentist, Irwin Block.
Garden Party at Coqualeetz Institute,
Wednesday, 29th of May. 19.
Ice Cream at the Coqualeetza Institute
Garden Party next Wednesday evening.
Rev. D. E. Hatt will occupy the
Baptist Church pulpit tomorrow both
morning and evening.
I have left my books with Jos. Scott,
and beg to request that all accounts be
paid to him.   R J. Mcintosh.        19-20
Ten Hindus, over a dozen Chinamen
and a number of Siwashes left by
Tuesday's boat for down river points,
decreasing the valley's labor force by
so much.
Chilliwack Souvenir Tablets, 35c. and
25c at Ashwells. 19-20.
Chilliwack Souvenir Cups and Saucers
Plates, Jugs, Butter Dishes, etc., at
Ashwells. 19-20.
There will be a quarterly missionary
meeting in the Baptist Church next
Thursday evening, "Our Missions in
Janan" will be among the subjects
\V. B. 11. Parker, a champion
sprinter la'ely arrived fioni Ireland,
easily defeated *ain and Tom Prest ip
a quarter-milo dash at the Fair
Grounds yesterday. There is talk of
another race.
Fly Paper, Fly Poisons, Insect Powder,
etc., at Ashwell's Drug Counter. 19-20.
Lime Juice at 25c, 35c. and 50c. per
bottle at Ashwell's Drug Counter. 19-20.
Budd Laughlin got a nasty fall in a
football  game  last    night   between
I Chilliwack  and   Cheam,    and broke
i his    collar   bone.      Dr.    Henderson
attended the case and started Budd on
the road to recovery.
A special feature of the programme
at the Garden Party at Coqualeetza Institute will be the flag drill by 24 girls.
Samples of well preserved Golden
Russets and Northern Spys were laid
on our table this week by W. F. Ferris.
Their firm condition demonstrates the
keeping qualities of Chilliwack apples -
that is, prior to their receipt by us.
We beg to advise our friends that we
always have space for such contributions, and guarantee that they will not
find their way into the waste
basket. No restrictions are imposed as
to quantity and return postage need
not accompany the contributed article.
Pasturage on the old Branchflower
place. For rates apply Cawley &
Paisley. 17-19
1 Gallon Crocks Mixed Pickles, 85c. at
Ashwell's Grocery. 19-'J0. j
Oranges, 25c, 35c. and fOc, per doz.
at Ashwell's Grocery. 19-20.!
For Sale���One bay mare, gentle and
jniet io drive; one good, young fresh
Jersey cow, one choice Jersey heifer. I
Nevile Smith, l hilliwack. 18-19,
Mrs. Carvolth has just received a |
fresh consignment of Summer Millinery from the east in all the latest
styles. All orders executed at the
shortest notice with good style and
finish. 17-19
The stock of the Elk Creek Water
Works Co., Ltd., was on Wednesday
transferred to a number of New Westminster gentlemen, who looked over the
ground a few weeks ago, the consideration being $34,000.00. The deal was
consummated by F. J. Hart dY'.'o., and
the Westminster Trust and Safe deposit
Co., Ltd. will act as trustees for the
new shareholders until the reorganization
of the Company is effected. It is the
intentioh of the new Shareholders to enlarge and improve the system to meet
the need of the growing community.
We might say that Thomas, the Jeweler, has a fine stock of watches, (guaranteed timekeepers) chains and .'.harms.
Also a lovely up-to-date line of jewelry
and china which would interest any
lady and at surprisingly low prices. He
certainly has a fine stock for a place
. :he size of Chilliwack. 18-19
A Quiet weddlnq
St. Thomas Church was the scene of a
quiet, unannounced wedding on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, when
Richard Nash Pearson, Resident Engineer of the G. N. Ry. Co. at Abbotsford,
third son of Richard Pearson, Esq.,
Darlington, Eng., led to the altar Miss
Beatrice Marie Hill-Tout, daughter of
Chas. Hill-Tout, Esq., of Abbotsford.
The significent words were pronounced
by Rev. M. Jukes and the ceremohy witnessed by Miss Jukes and Dr. McCaffery.
The first intimation which anybody outside this small circle had of the joyous
and momentous event was when the
happy couple were seen in the gentle
shades of the spring evening emerging
from the church with that charming and
indefinable air which always proclaims
the new found joy of wedded existence.
After spending Thursday in town as
guests at the Harrison House, Mr. and
Mrs. Pearson drove yesterday to Abbotsford, where they will make their home
for the present.
It appears that the marriage had been
planned to take place at Vancouverearly
in June, but for reasons of their own
the principals quite suddenly decided to
precipitate matters a little. On Wednesday morning they took the train to
Sumas, Wash., where they procured a
rig and drove to Chilliwack, arriving in
town about 6.30 p.m. Upon arrival here
no time was lost, the ceremony being
performed as soon as the clergyman
and witnesses could be assembled.
The Advance extends its congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs
Pearson for many happy and prosperous
years together.
Chilliwack Celebrates
Although yesterday's celebration was
not quite up to the standard of previous
occasions in some respects, yet everything passed off very pleasantly and reflected credit upon the Band and Lacrosse Club, which had it in hand On
account of Sunday-School picnics at
Sardis, East Chilliwack and Rosedale the
crowd in attendance was not what it
should have been. The day, however,
was matchlessiand everybody seemed to
enjoy themselves to the limit The programme   was strictly adhered to   as
previously announced and some impromptu features added, so that all got
their money's worth of fun and entertainment. ' Unfortunately our space
limits will only permit brief mention of
the mo.;t important features of the day's I
The parade under the direction of A. j
L. t'oote got away from the Court House
shortly after ten o clock. Although disappointing in size, it was otherwise
creditable. The marching of the school
children was excellent, and the young
ladies' on decorated bicycles produced a
pretty effect, while the Band boys were
therewith the goods as usual. Upon reaching the Fair Grounds C. W. Munro, M.
L. A. was called upon for the speech of
the day. Mr. Munro was in good form
and was well received by the assembled
crowd. "There should be ��� purpose
in all that we do, he said, and
this gathering   was    for   a twofold
Surpose, to celebrate a national holi-
ay in commemoration of the birth of
that peerless woman Queen Victoria,
whose life had' meant so much to the
Empire and to indulge in recreation.
He emphasized the need of recreation
in this strenuous age, and attributed
the unprecedented popularity of King
Edward and President Roosevelt to
their participation in the people's pleasures.- He welcomed the American
citizens present arid impressed the duty
of gentlemanliness upon pur own boys,
concluding amid loud applause. With a
few words from Mr Coote the panders were dismissed and the sports of
the day began.
The Junior Lacrosse match between
North and South held the crowd till the
noon hour. It was a good, clean game
and well played throughout. Although
the advantage was with the North from
the first, the teams were sufficiently
well matched to hold interest to the
end. Scores were made in each quarter,
the result standing 4 to 3 in favor of the
North. Of the former, I. Coote landed
three goals and H Henderson one,
while 0. Bell, A. Jackson and Geo.
Knight scored for the South Some of
the juniors are very promising stick
handlers and will be heard from again.
At 1 o'clock the High School lined up
for a football game against the t oqualee-
tza boys. The play was creditable and the
teams so evenly matched that neither
scored and the prize money had to be
divided. While the game was in progress the boys'and girls' races afforded
good entertainment for a side crowd.
Chief interest, however, centered in
the Senior Lacrosse Match between
Bellingham and Chilliwack, which had
been anticipated as the feature of the
day. This game opened fast and furious aud unfortunately developed
rough play early in the first quarter.
The trouble originated with two members of tha visiting team and met with
too ready response *n the part of some
of our own boys, who reciprocated with
Donnybrook hospitality. Lusier, of
Bellingham, was assigned to the fence
by Referee Samson Charlie and the
temperature dropped a few points.
Just here it should be remarked that
such shouts from the spectators as
"Give him the stick," "Hit him over
the head," and the like, are neither in
the interests of good feeling nor good
play. If such a spirit is persisted in, it
will brutalize and eventually destroy
Canada's national game here as it has
done in many other places.
Despite minor unpleasantness, however, the game was fairly good. Chilliwack put up stronger play than many
of their friends anticipated,
and had their combination work
been as good as in their recent
practice they would have easily beaten
their apponents. The ball hovered more
than three quarters of the time near
Bellingham's goal but only found its
way into the net once, while the visitors
scored twice. In the last quarter
the spectators lost interest because
of the evident determination of
the winners to rag the game. Repeatedly the ball was thrown off the field by
Bellingham players and the referee did
not interfere. Happily for mutual respect and good feeling rough and unfair
playing was only indulged in by a few
on each side. Casualties were limited to
a few bruises and abrasions, and no
barriers should remain to friendly meets
in the future.
The baseball match between the High
School girls and All Comers was largely
a fiasco, because of the inability of the
All Comers to come. Four innings ended with a score of 38 to 4 in favor of
the High School.
Amends were made for this part of
the programme by the introduction of
some bronco busting by a Dakota
plainsman and Ed Allison, in which it
was fully demonstrated that both
broncos and busters were onto
their jobs. More precaution should
be taken, however, with such exhibitions for the protection of helpless
women and children. It was nothing
short of a miracle that somebody waa
not seriously hurt by the first performance yesterday.
Music and dancing claimed a large and
merry crowd in the evening at the
Agricultural Hall, where those with
terpichorean taste tarried well into the
night, thus rounding out a full day of
The gate receipt* for the day were
$204 00, which will leave the boys a nice
balance on the right side.
Notice to Contractors.        4
Sealed Tenders superscribed 'Tender
for School-house," will be received by
the undersigned up to noon of Wednesday, the 29th May, 1907, for the
erection and completion of a large one
room frame schoolhouse at Chilliwack
East, Chilliwack Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender may be seen on and
alter the 18th May, 1907, at the offices
of the government agent, New Westminster, of A. L. Coote, Esq., secretary of the -chool Board, Cnilliwack,
and at the Lands and Works Department, Victoria, B.C.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by cash or an accepted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
undersigned in the sum of *50, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract when
called upon to do so. The cash,
cheques or certificate of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned
to them upon the execution of the
contract. The successful tenderer will
be required to furnish a bond, himself
and two sureties in the sum of 8400
each, for the due fulfilment of the
work contracted for to tbe satisfac-
.on of the Honorable the Chief Commissioner. Upon the execution of the
bond the cash, cheque or certificate of
deposit above mentioned, will be returned to the contractor.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, and
signed with the actual signature of the
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., Hay 15,1907.
What is There in a Name ?
I will give a $5.00 rocker or
$5.00 on any piece of Furniture, Carpet, Carpet Squares,
Linoleum, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, etc., in the store to the one who will suggest a name (that
suits me) for a new $10 mattress, fuily guaranteed, that I am now offering. This r.-.attress is
made of pure cotton felt, both sides, and the best hand picked moss in centre, (this moss is like
hair) which gives this mattress a softness and buoyancy possessed by none, except the Ostermoor,
which I sell at $15. Anyone can see this mattress by calling at the store and get full particulars. If two or more send
the same name, the first one to reach me will draw the prize. Anyone can compete, so send in the name which you believe is appropriate. This contest will close on June 15, at 8 p.m. I will now have the best $15 mattress, which is the
Ostermoor, this $10 mattress, and the best $5 and $3.75 mattress in B.C.
Brick Store, Main Street, Chilliwack.
Residence over Store.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Picture Framing and Upholstering
v v v
s   \   \   \V   s" \  y ,\   v y-y y~   \   \
Under and by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain indenture of
mortgage which w3i be produced at
the time of sale, there will be offered
for sale BY TENDER the following-
property, namelv.
ALL AND SINGULAR that certain
parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being in the District
of New Westminster, Province of
British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as part of the
South-east quarter and South-west
quarter of Section Three (3) in
Township Three (3) Range Thirty (30)
west of the Sixth Meridian and more
particularly as follows :
Commencing at the South-west corner
of Lot Three hundred and seventy (370),
Group Two (2) Township Twenty-seven
(27) New Westminster District, and
running Northerly along the Western
boundary of said Lot 37o and Lot Three
hundred and seventy-one (371) to the
bank of Hope Slough; thence Westerly
along the South bank of said Slough to-
Indian Reservation; thence Southerly to
a post seven and seventy-six hundredths
chains; thence Easterly to the point of
commencement, the same containing
Twenty and one-half acres, more or
less, which said parcel of land is more
particularly shewn on a plan annexed
to said Indenture of Mortgage and
thereon colored green.
This property will be sold subject to-
certain Indenture of Mortgage in favor
of the Canada Permanent Loan and.
Savings Co. for the amount of Eight
hundred dollars and interest thereon.
Sealed tenders will be received by the:
undersigned up to and including the 30th
day of June, A.D. 1907.
The   highest   or   any   tender   not
necessarily accepted.
' For further particulars apply to
Kamloops, B.C.
Solicitor for the MORTGAGEE.
Dated this 11th May, 1907. 18-24


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