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The Fraser Advance Mar 30, 1907

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31 Journal of Optimism and helpfulness, Especially Devoted to tbe Interests off^TrMMky.^y
The Kroner Advance:  Vol. I, No. 11
��llU^nt,��l&irrW   Vol. XV. No. 5!2
The war in Central America
has been declared at an end.
A despatch from Rome, dated
March 26th, states that the Pope
will create six new Cardinals on
April 15th.
A Toronto dispatch states that
financiers do not believe that
Canadian banks will be seriously
affected by the New York crisis,
j��h The crew of the wrecked S. S.
-".Dakota arrived in Victoria on
'   Monday the 26th inst: en route
for Seattle.
In a head-on collision'in Los
Angeles, Cal., on the 24th inst
six persons were killed and seventeen injured.
An epidemic of spinal meningitis has caused a number of
deaths in Seattle during the past
six weeks.
An Ottawa dispatch states that
at the eighth annual meeting of
the Canadian Forestry Association Professor Macoun declared
that unless the eastern slopes of
the Rockies are protected from
denudation the plains of Alberta
and Saskatchewan will become
Lady Ernestine Hunt, 24 years
of age, eldest daughter of the
. Marquis of Aylesbury, has start-
" ed a norse ranch covering nearly
40,000 acres near Calgary, and
has personally supervised the
conveyance of 17 of the horses to
At the meeting of the school
board in Vancouver on the 22nd
inst it was decided that the
salary of the woman teacher
should equal that of the man,
and increases in the salaries of
two of the women teachers were
accordingly, made.
A dispatch from Ottawa says
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier, despite
the protests of many of his followers, has finally decided to go
to the colonial conference, whether parliament has concluded its
labors or not Sir Frederick
Borden is the only minister who
accompanies him. It will not be
possible for Mr. Fielding, Mr.
PatersonorMr. Brodeur to leave.
In the house to-day the Premier
said that by reason of his contemplated visit to England it
would not be possible to take up
the question of the extension of
Manitoba's boundaries this session.
William Manson was elected by
acclamation last Monday to represent Dewdney in the Provincial Legislature, filling the vacancy
caused'by the resignation of the
Premier, who how sits as a memr
ber for Victoria,
The New Central School Building.
It is expected that within the
next two weeks the 130 pupils in
the four departments of the Central school will be in their new
quarters in the fine two storey
building just nearing completion.
Contractor Peebles is fast pushing his part of the work to a
finish and, thanks to the generosity of the Victoria Government Chilliwack will soon have
one of the best equipped and
most thoroughly up-to-date school
buildings in the Province.' The
new building stands on the olid
completed and rtjll do credit to
the builder ami to the town.
The total outlay will be in the
neighborhood of .$6,000 including
furnishings. The gratitude of
the community is due to A. L.
Coote, the untiring secretary of
the School Bo$*d,. who has
watched the progress of the
work from its inception and
through whose irtbrcession with
the Victoria authorities about
$2,000 worth of accessories in the
shape of sitting! .closets, basins,
etc:, wereaddecUo the original
specifications. . The mason work
was done by J. C. Robertson and
the plumbing by Jas. Munro, a
guarantee of good work ih each
of the Province where it should
be. Immense quantities of Washington fruit are being sold on
our markets at top prices, while
our own fruit has to be condemned. British Columbia is
just as capable of raising first
class fruit as Washington or any
other state or province. Injustice to the industry many orchards will have to be cut down all
over the Province. In Victoria
75 per cent, of the orchards will
have to go. Here the same programme wil) have to be! carried
out, The Indian orchards will
be dealt with as, well as the
others, under .special arrangement -with" the' Indian Depart!
ment at Ottawa..;  Everything
���' M
John Simpson's Herd of Pure Bred Shorihorns
I i   nek ihi- I e.iiiifui, h> rii*lo) * Paine!)
C. Wells and Prin. Cairns are the
Chilliwack members of that committee,
Another matter of interest in
this district was the passing of a
resolution proposed by Prin.
Cairns an 1 seconded by Rev. T.
W. Hall, of Eburne, that the
government be asked to placi*
Abbotsford and Huntingdon ii
the adjacent municipalities for
license purposes the same as is
now done for school purposes.
A resolution was slso adopted to
ask the government to so amend
the Municipal Clauses Act so as to
have all license Commissioners in
cities elected by the people.
The electionf t>f officers for the
ensuing year resulted as follows:
.President, E. B. Morgan; Vice-
Pres., Prof. E. Odium; Sec'y, R.
DV Rorison; Treas., A. E. Carter.
Mrs. C. L. Street, C. W. Munro,
M.L.A., and It. H. Cairns are the
Chflliwack members of the Executive Committee..
In addition to Prin. Cairns,
Chilliwack wns represented tit
the Alliance by A. 0. Wells, Mrs.
C. L. Street and J. Howe Bent.
Mr. Cairns will give a full report
of the convention next Friday
evening at Sardis.
A scheme is about to be carried out whereby the journey between London, and Montreal will
be brought within flve days. At
present the journeys requires
eight days $r longer.
,-j Joseph Philips, the wrecker of
the York County Loan and
Saving Company has been sen-
tencedto five years in the penitentiary; ..,,,.     ,   .',,_.
school grounds on Westminster
street, near the west side of the
town and faces to the south.    It
contains four rooms 27 ft. x 36
ft. with large halls on both floors
and has 14 foot ceilings throughout.   The windows are all on one
side in each room and the seats
so placed that the light will fall
over the left shoulders of the pupils.   The seats and desks are of
the best quality, and are manufactured by the C. O. and School
Furniture Co. of Preston, Ont
Over fifty sittings are provided
lor each room and these can be
easily increased to sixty without
crowding.   Good blackboards run
the full length of both front and
back walls of each room.    All
walls and ceilings are covered
with wood fibre gypsum plaster.
The building will be heated with
stoves and ventilation will be
supplied by the  windows  and
registers in the walls connecting
with an air shaft running to the
roof.   Each hall is provided with
a porcelain lined wash basin,
supplied with cold water. A fire
gong will be placed in the upper
hall.   The ground floor will be
occupied by Principal Calvert's
classes and the primary department under Miss Marsden, while
the intermediates will be placed
up stairs in charge of Mr. Broe
andMiss Bradley.
Immediately, back of toe new
building at the rear of the
grounds a cement cesspool ten
feet square and ten feet deep is
being constructed, which will
receive the sewerage from the
girl's and boy's water closets
which will stand near by. The
latter will be supplied.with self-
flushing eduction closets, four
to each side. , These empty every
two minutes automatically, are
porcelain lined and furnish a
thoroughly sanitary system''free
from the annoyances of "the old
"�������     ,- i  .,-,������'", r.
Although the new building is
somewhat lacking inarchtectural
adornment it gives promise of
being highly satisfactory when
Fruit Growers Meeting.
Address by Inspector Cunningham
A fair representation   of the
Fruit Growers' Association and
the   Farmers'    Exchange    assembled in the Court House on
Wednesday evening for the purpose of meeting Thos. Cunningham, Provincial Fruit Pest Inspector, who has been  in the
Valley for some days on official
business.  The meeting was presided over by Jas. Arnould and C.
W. Webb acted as secretary.   In
addressing the meeting* Mr. Cunningham remarked that the time
was when Chilliwack was known
as producing the choicest fruit in
the Province.   A change, however, had taken   place.   Land
values had greatly advanced and
would continue  to do so, but
many settlers from the east were
disappointed at  the prevailing
conditions of the fruit conditions
here.   Fully ninety per cent, of
the orchards in the Valley had
been neglected.   Many had never
been pruned or sprayed since they
were planted.   Indeed there were
not half a dozen spraying outfits
in Chilliwack.    One local hardware dealer had told him that
he had only sold one such outfit
in the last three years.    Under
these conditions it is useless to
expect success in fruit culture.
The time is upon us when all
should feel in honor bound to
make Chilliwack again the .foremost fruit growing  section of
British  Columbia.    He himself
felt   strong   responsibility   for
present  conditions   here.    But
there had been several good reasons why the regulations had
hot hitherto been stringently enforced.   Times had been liard;
prices had been low and the" Government had not had the funds
With which to' do the necessary
work.   Things are now changed,
and while the Government' does,
not wish to coerce anybody, yet
it must do   everything in its
power*to place the fruit industry
possible was being done to impart to everybody the information necessary about spraying,
etc., and the speaker invited inquiry from those present regarding any points upon which
information was desired. Our
space limits forbid a report of
the interesting discussion which
followed. An earnest spirit pervaded the meeting, and the following resolution moved by G.
McNaught and seconded by A. J.
Street, was unanimously passed:
Resolved that this meeting heartily endorses the forward movement in orchard cleansing." and
we pledge ourselves individually
and' collectively to ' co-operate
with the Provincial Inspector of
Fruit Pests in the necessary duty
and thus restore this Valley to
its former proud position as one
of the leading fruit growing centres of British Columbia.
A hearty vote of thanks to Inspector Cunningham and a happy
.response brought to. .a close a
very profitable evening.
A good congregation gathered
at the school-house on Sunday
morning, but there was no service on account of the unfortunate illness of Rev. R. F. Stillman.
Mrs. Jas. Bradley arrived from
Seattle last Friday night, joining
her husband who had preceded
her a few months ago. Mr. and
Mrs. Bradley will make their
home here in future, having purchased a place on the Yale road.
Their daughters from Chilliwack
spent Sunday with them in their
new home.
Mr. Richard's son Frank is at
present detained from school by
illness. It is hoped that his case
may not prove serious.
J. H. Peters, of Vancouver, was
a guest at the hospitable home of
Jas. Mercer for a few days this
i A: visitor to .Rosedale is impressed with the great possibilities of this district The energetic pioneers who have stayed
with it one sure to reap'a generous and just reward.
Annual Meetlnq of Prov Branch of
the'Dominion Alliance.
Interviewed byarepresentative
of the Advance on his return
from attending the sessions of
the Provincial Branch of the Bo-
minion Alliance at Vancouver
last week, Principal R. H. Cairns
said' that the gathering was a
most important one and the deliberations of intense interest.
Over, one hundred delegates assembled representing Vancouver
Island and the Mainland as far
east as Salmon Arm. The most
important matter, which came
up for-consideration was the
stflpB.tOtbe taken to secure the
Eassage of a Local Option Law
y*he Provincial Legislature of
British Columbia.?. #'draft of
the proposed bill was laid before
tbe Affiance,': unaninovsly approved and a strong committee
ofv21 including tlrree .ladies: ap-
pointecUo wait upon; the Legislature at the earliest possible
date fegAfding"ttfe matter.   A.
Mr. King, a well known citizen
of Ruskin, while attempting to
cross the Stave River last Friday
night, was accidentally upset
His boat was found the next
morning against a boom of logs,
and his hat some distance below
this. He also had in the boat a
sack of potatoes, which was
found above the boom. Although
several parties have been looking
for his body no trace of it has
yet been found.
Mrs. Law. of Victoria, is visiting friends here.
Mr. McKenelly, of Ruskin, is
spending a few days with friends
in Ladysmith.       ���
Mr. Cutler, who has been employed in the Port Moody mill for
some time, moved his family here
this week, and will work in th j
Mrs. Hairsine, who has resided
at Ruskin for some time, died of
pneumonia last Saturday night,
She was a daughter of Mr Marquette, a well known citizen of
The, Legislature endorsed the
Premier's motion on "better
termBj'.byaparty vote of 20 to 1).
SOT >rii THE
Jttr*r '���   '���'' '���' ���'���-�����(*
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The J. Ijeckie &��� Co. Vancouver Shoe..'.���"". '.;.������"
The KingO'thRoad Shoe, and a long li��t of, other makes
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Repairing a specialty.
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I        Trimmings. Biiiiui Liubea.   Also EfBSTrOUSS HEARSE,
I funeral Director, Gmbalmer and Pro>
fessional Undertaker,
after twenty five years experience in piHCiiual Undertaking business    j
iu Chilliwack, needs no introduciion.
[We do not hold ourselves responsible
for either statements made or sentiments expressed by our correspondents
published in this column.]
Editor Fraser Advance:���You
were present at the fruitgrowers'
meeting last night and heard the
discussion on the spraying mixtures and the difficulty of obtaining a reliable article. I intimated then that arrangements might
be made to have the lime-sulphur-
salt solution made in Chilliwack.
I approached Mr. Wm. Knight on
the matter this morning and with
the public spirit which he'has always manifested he kindly consented to undertake the cooking,
by steam of this most valuable of
all spraying mixtures.
; I leave, for Vancouver to-day
and shall send up a supply of
sublimated sulphur and lime so
that Mr.' Knight may begin operations at once.
As stated last night no man in
British Columbia can pronounce
a safe opinion on the merits of
the imported article. It may be
good and reliable or it may be the
reverse, but we do know that
when; the home-made article
leaves Mr. Knight's hands it can
be used with the utmost confidence and at the lowest cost.
I thank you for the kindly interest which you have taken in
this forward movement in orchard cleansing. You have taken
a comprehensive view of the situation which affects not only
every man who has a dollar in-
i vested in Chilliwack but the entire Province as well.
If Chilliwack is to take its proper place in up-to-date agriculture and horticulture every man
must do his duty cheerfully and
thoroughly. There is no better
soil in America than that of the
Chilliwack valley. The climate
is the best by far in this great
Dominion. If \*e do not make
the most of these splendid advantages and opportunities we
shall be brought to strict account
at some period of our existance.
There is no escape from this.
Faithfully yours,
Thomas Cunningham.
Chilliwack, 28th Alarch, 1907.
We have several good paying farms for disposal in Chilliwack Valley....If you want to sell or exchange your pr op-
erty list at once with us.
W. tf. T. GAHAN
(Over atw Royal Bank Building)
Vancouver Agency
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Age��ts
Westminster Ave., VANCOUVER, B. C.
If you wish to pxarchase property of
any description in the "Valley ot
the lower Fraser River
you w,,LL 8AVE TIME
(tliii* la mon��>)
1>T sailing on
Celery   ;
in bulk and package
"Preventics" will promptly check a
cold or the Grippe when taken early or
at the "sneeze stage." Preventics cure
seated colds as well. Preventics are
little candy cold cure tablets, and Dr.
Shoop, Racine, Wis., will gladly mail
you samples and a book on Colds free,
if you will write him. The samples
prove their merit. Check early Colds
with Preventics and stop Pneumonia.
Sold in 5c and 25c boxes by H. J. Barb-
ef.-adV. 7-11.
Japan, until recently, held sixth
rank among the copper-producing countries of the world, but
she has risen to fourth place,
with an output of copper equal
to 5 per cent, of the total production of the worldt
Flower Seeds
H. J. Barber
Drugs, Stationery and
Straight Goods
!'���"   I 'J <   Tfc   ���
At the present price of the
metal the copper mines of the
world are mining at the rate of
exactly $1.000,000 a day for every
day in the year.
Opposite the. Post Office
B. C,
Don't leave your hammer in the
air When the whistle blows. It's
really less labor to bring it down
and strike one more effective
blow before reaching for your
A deputation headed by the
Duke of Abercorn and Lord Lans-
downe waited upon A. J. Balfour
on the 19th inst. and urged active
opposition to the proposed policy
of partial home rule for Ireland.
Rheumatic sufferers can have a free
sample of Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic
Remedy with book on Rheumatism by
simply writing Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis.
This book will explain how Dr Shoop's
Rheumatics remedy successfully drives
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When in New Westminster call1 and
oo kthrogli our warehouse,   -v
Quotations On
LYE (Gillet's)
Drug, Spectacle and Seed Store,
New Westminster
of Moot
CAPITAL (All paidup)....��14,40O,0OO
RESERVE FUND 111,000,000
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.  ���       . ,.
A general banking business transacted. ; ,   ."
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
SivJMSfortDeHrtwCTt.   D^siu
in sums of $1.00 and .upwards, and interest allowed at 3 per cent per annum'
(present rate)  added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $163,000,000.
Chilliwack    Branch
E. Duthie, Agent.
Subscribe for The Fraser Advance, only $1.00 per year.
Capital paid up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund 1J:::::j::::::::::::::::..  4,400,000
Eightyfivo Branches throughout Canada, United Spates aud Cuba.
Grand Korks,
New Westminster,
do (East End)
do Mt. Peasant
do Granville St.
do Cordova St.
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Savings Bank department
in which deposits of One Dollar and upwards are received Interert added
quarterly.   General Banking bufine��m trammeled.   Money orders issued.
Manaokk Chilliwack Branch. sfeyv***-
'Mason & Risen" Pianos.
'Thomas" Organs
"Weber" Pianos
' I * M 4
Easy Terms
if desired
Note the now ncl<lrt>Hs:
659 Granviffe Sf., Vancouver
belongs to the
Real Estate Firm
Cawley & Paisley.
MRS. CARVOLTH begs to inform her numerous
patrons and friends that she has now at her store a complete
stock of SPRING MILLINERY in all the latest shapes and
styles. Having secured the services of a good practical
milliner, she is prepared to execute all orders at shortest notice.
Orders Taken for Dressmaking.
H; D. IMacftern,
Oonfraefor and
Plans and Estimn'ex furuislnd
on application.
Satisfaction guarantet d.
Chilliwack. B. C.
Electric Railway Co. Ed.
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave each terminus at 5'50 a m.
and 6:50 a.m. and half hourly thereafter until 11 p m
We run lirst-classfreightcars between
Westminster and Vancouver, add all
shipments are handled with the utmost
oare and delivered to consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit ship,
Our wagons meet all boats and trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
Traffic Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Subscribe for The Advance.
No. 111.  A. V. & A   M.
The Ileeuln r Communicai ion* of the
l/idge areheld In the Ma��oh1o Hall,> hllliwa
on the Friday on or before the Full Moon of
every month. Sojourning brethren aieronl'
ally invittd to attend.
I. O. F��.
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
R. C. Menten, C. R.
W. C. Bearcroft, R. S.
Telephone 829 P. 0. Drawer 932
Bird & Brydon-Jack
J. Edward Bird.    A. Brydon-Jack.
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A High-Class Hotel at Moderate Hates.
Eesure and See its advantages before
making arrangements elsewhere.
Bates: American Plan 11.25 ami up-
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only) 50o to 11.50 per day.
'Bus absolutely free.
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STREET BROS. Chilliwack. B.C.
���*w ?
'That our* commurlifcy is.to;be
J \��i\
'    .'OS. Ia-^uQ     .
VKil .
, will be found to spring"
m the sanest visions. "���'���'���'������
���"'Nature ���herself' ever worksto-
ward this end.' The enthusiast
t& sSS ffSonasteS.: imm?m^t:*mim*��t ^**mmm$^ty
���fu. -it     j ' as. soon as xne nnu .ariseslr6%'seein��r thiiies out of the enthusiast in another; and
Nevlk Sm?th   C   E    Rnftrii" MsuTO corYfect vfcron.W- }��<* and long, andthe bitterness
coer;tfma&tantsEarri?end **** ���* be exceedingly re-
an��f surveyed through our village truth:. 0ne l���th ���T<Hheld 80
on their way to the teWnlMt ^Am^&^SSao fchf
Chilliwack practically km.'- Irwe exalt the
��.     L'.l   , r. ' .   lotfe of vGod unduly; we will fail
Mr. Clifford Pearsont as sole rigntly to represent his justice ; ,       - , ,   ,
agent for the sale of the Perfect and tne penalties of sin, visible do not a��ree Wlth them-   Often
Pantry in Kent County, Ontario, all about us, may in turn drive our enemies are our best friends,
will: leave for the East about the. us even to a denial of divine love.
middle of next month. We may take a beautiful porch
Mr. Ivor C. Lucas returned from one cathedral, a beautiful
from a business trip to the coast sPire from another, a beautiful
cities last Friday. uome  trom  a  tnird,   beautiful
d     r>   ��)���      ii t> ���"  ���   i    c windows Irom another, and the -,  ^       ,   ,     --
Rev. Dr. Sipprell, Principal of combination may be simply gro- that we had not forgotten, in
Columbian College, occupied the les���uei   Each was beautiful in deed, but whose importance we
pulpit in Carman Church last its proper setting; out of that it bad never sufficiently understood.
Sunday,. The re,verend gentle- may be 0nly a blemish     The    Let us try to attain this wider,
man never fails to draw a large faith of tne christian church is better-proportioned view of life;
and appreciative audience.   Sub- beautiful when'each truth is seen this broader vision that includes
scnptions were taken in aid of in its proper proportion.   This is so many things that we, from
the College Buildings. only p0S3ibie to thinking minds lower standpoints, never sea.  It
Mr. E. A.Wells, one of the ana loving hearts.   The casual wil give us wider sympathy, and
chief contributors to the Spring glance may discover beauty, but a clearer realization of the fact
may oe exceedingly
grettable; yet it is but one way,
and a natural one, of securing
saner, truer proportioned vision.
For this reason it is good for men
to mingle freely with those who
True, they hamper our movements, they oppose our plans,
they contradict our teachings,
yet they force us to look, it may
be regretfully and unwillingly,
yet still to look at another truth
Fair, and his son Master Ray, re- its full value will be revealed only
turned from New Westminster to the steady gaze of the earnest
last Saturday., Owing to the se- truth-seeker,
vere winter and the lingering Sometimes our church and so-
spring, the Fair was not well at- cial relations get all awry. One
tended by the main buyers, the man becomes so intensely mis-
Upper Country ranchers, conse- sionary that he looks upon home
quently only fair prices were re- work as a waste of time.   Or a ,
alized. Mr. Wells considers, how- missionary sister gets so wrapped bound into a common brother
ever, the Fair a step in the right up in the woes of little Hindoos, h00(\ the bonds of which are
direction. that she forgets to get a decent growing stronger and dearer as
dinner for tne little Canadians the centuries pass.-The Christi-
that God has many servants
whose paths, all unknown to
them, ever converge towards one
grand gsal. We are not so far
apart as sometimes we seem. All
honest truth-seekers, in all departments of study, no matter
what their different views, are
an Guardian.
favorite theme nextFrida, eve.. ST^^TSSE *& ��� . ���       ,     ,
mg- and acts as though his own small Pa s "ousecleanin'
The strenuous efforts of the church were the vital centre of When the APril 8U n's a-ehinin' hot an'
Carman S. S. scholars will cul- the world s Christianity; and he tnins8 is nice an' fresh.
minate next Monday evening, grudges every dollar that is taken When the willer's dropuin'tosseis an'
This annual event, as in years irom his community for invest- tne blackbird's in the bresh,
past, promises to be a distinct ment for humanity elsewhere. An' Pa come8 in fer noonin' an' the
success.   Begin spring aright by These things will straighten floors is wet as ^unendorsing the well directed en- themselves out when we begin to Then i''8 "Laws-a-massy on us! Your
deavors of the children. widen our horizon!   But, some ma'8 a-deanin' house I"
To Sardis come the honors for one says, this narrowed vision Then me an. Jim isgure     find
judging live stock at the late means enthusiasm; in fact, en- carpets in the sun
Spring Fair.   Master Ray Wells thusiasm is impossible without it; when we,d  lanned togoa.fishin. fcr
was decided to be the best judge and these narrowed enthusiasts the 8Uckers in ^T
in the junior class and Mr. Geo. are real y the only ones who are But wnile    teke8 hU noon'in.    . the
Knight carried off the highest accomplishing anything.   Some hosses eats their snacks,
honors in the senior class. people seem to think the angels Us b    can beat them        ta while
Rev Mr. Thompson from Che- J��J ^oSasTonSlfwoS we're ^ "* our ^
am delivered an instructive ad- one wh0 apparently imagines he An'tnen next day Pa'8 certain sure to
is the original fabled tortoise on have tf> e�� to town;
whose mighty back the world But he ai*ay8 leaves us orders, "Help
rests.   But,   after all,   man is        to put them carpets down."
small; God alone is great. Right- An'at niSnt> when he gets home again,
  ness of action demands Tightness you'd think, to hear him groan
of vision.    The mind and heart About the hardship of it, that he'd done
^   v  i ?**.' Sost y?u aJcfnt **?&��� of humanity refuse to remain        the job alone.
SSStf-S^mmm*Bmmm\ S^^ffiftSSSSr P0��rma! She has it awful hard, she'll
troubles and constipation.   Get a free <�� wrut���  The truestenthUSiasm, work until she drops,
An'pound her thumb nails half way off.
an' wet her feet with slops;
She'll get so hoarse that she can't speak,
an' sore at every bone;
But pa, he says if it was him he'd let
the house alone.
An' when that night the kids is sick an'
has to have a drink,
An' ma she can't get up because her
back's in such a kink,
If pa should bang the furniture whilst
gropin' fer the cup,
You can feel him gettin' mad enough to
fairly eat her up.
So me an' Jim was sayin', if the time
should ever come
When pa and ma should change their
work an' pa should stay to hum,
I wouldn't like to be a boy, but jest a
little mouse
To hear what things pa would say if he
was cleanin' house.
-William Futhey Gibbons in Woman's
Home Companion for April.
dress before the members of
Carman Epworth League last
Tuesday evening. The topic
chosen was "The Temperance
Outlook in Canada."
It will
lets, and they are
I constipation.   Get a free   .   j     .���   .    ...   , ,        ,,
sample at Barber's drug store.-adv7-ll. that Will be life-long and world
today is an exact science. Given a modern plant, such
that possessed by The Columbia Floueing Mills Co., Ltd., of
Enderby, B.C., an unlimited supply of western hard wheat,
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you can get one result, viz:-GOOD FLOUR. By exporting
all low grades and allowing nothing but uniform granular
Hungarian flour to enter into Moffet's "BEST," this flour is
the finest in the land.    Prove it by actual test.
For Sale by Good Grocers everywhere.
The Cofumbia Ffourinej Miffs Co., Lfd,
Enderbg, B. C.
Afflicted With Rheumatism.
"I was and am yet afflicted with
rheumatism," says Mr. J. C. Bayne
editor of the Herald, Addington, Indian
Territory, "but thanks to Chamberlain's
Pain Balm am able once more to attend
to business. It is the best of liniments.''
If troubled with rheumatism give Pain
Balm a trial and you are certain to be
more than pleased with the.prompt relief which it affords. One application
relieves the pain. For sale by H. J
Barber.-adv. 7-U. ' i
���') i        ,i ��� i . ���
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially devoted to the interests of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday morning at
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
B. C.	
Subscription,   -   -   -   -   $1.00 per year
Single copies     -      -      -      5c. each
A Favorite IH���Jy ter lafciei
Its plessant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Ceugh Remedy a favorite with the mothers of small
children. It quickly cures their coughs
and colds and prevents any danger of
pneumonia or other serious consequences. It not only cures croup, but when
(riven ns soon as the croupy cough spin-; r- will prevent the attack. For sale
by ii. i. Barber.-ady. 7-11.
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the., subscription term.
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
It Does Cure Womanly Ills.
Mr HulbcrfNtftiettoMr Bowman
Editor Advance:-Referring to
Mr. Bowman's letter in your issue of 23rd inst, the absurdity
of his statements will be apparent to anyone cognisant with the
facts of the case; but as the general public might be misled by
some of his remarks it is perhaps advisable to elucidate the
Advertising rates on application
All matter intended for publication,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0, Box 296,  Chilliwack,
Last fall the Chilliwack River,
"I feel it my duty" writes Mrs. s. also knownas the Vedder. Creek,
Mead of Fruerville, Ont.' "to let you owing to an unusually big freshet,
know that sometimes previous to the Very, nearly carried away the
isni'Wffirtre fed gfc *m ����� up cross.
zone was the only remedy and their ing,   erected by the   Provincial
advice was good. Ferrozone put a stop Government, and came within an
to my pain and sicknesB, had a direct ace of  leaving its present chan-
S?5S^^^SSiJWSS nel-whenit mi*ht have caused
and now enjoy perfect health and rest! untold   devastation.     Over this
No womanly medicine can be better bridge passes the only road into
than Ferrozone."    Instant relief is the Chilliwack Valley, which road
found in Ferrozone for female weak- during the past  winter  was for
ness of every kind, 50c per box at all
dealers.���Adv. 11.
I BU11H MORGAN,- Editor and Proprietor.
Through the courtesy of one
of our English subscribers, F. H.
Wilson,Mongonui,North Devon,
we are in receipt, of the London
Daily Mail of March 4th, in which
appears an announcement of the
B. (.'. E. Ry. Co., Ltd., in which
��300,000 i% percent. Debenture
Stock is offered for subscription.
The prospectus states that "The
proceeds of the present issue tire
required for thegeneral purposes
of the company to meet the
necessities of its constantly increasing business and more particularly in connection with increasing the capacity of the hydraulic plant at Lake Buntzen
and with the construction and
equipment of further railways
, radiating from and supplementing the Company's existing system.'- This announcement ought
to remove any doubt in the public mind as to .the Company's
bona fide intent in connection
with the Chilliwack-Westminster
line. The names of F. S. Barnard, Hon. R. Gr. Tatlow and W.
11. Keary appear in the prospectus as constituting the Local
Advisory Board of theCompany.
The first step in the suit of
Mrs. Minnie McKenzie against
this Municipality was taken in
Supreme Court Chambers, Vancouver, before Chief Justice Hunter on Wednesday last. C. W.
Craig appeared for Mrs. McKenzie and secured a grant of his
application for leave to interrogate the Reeve before the case
comes to trial. II. L. Reid appeared for the Municipality. If
this suit is successful it is likely
to mean a prettty snug bill for
the Corporation. The amount
asked is, we understand, $50,000.
Every Scotchman pjesent looked pleased last Sunday afternoon
when Mr. Rochester assured his
audience that those who wished
it might still have their porridge
on Sunday mornings so far as
the milkman was concerned.
Perhaps tin! speaker did not so
intend, but it was nevertheless a
diplomatic utterance in a Presbyterian church.
weeks the only means by which
passengers to and from Chilliwack couli travel. The Government decided to protect this
bridge and the road leading to it,
a bridge without a road to it being of no use. This is the work
being carried out in
The market this week'was held on
Thursday on account of Friday being a
holiday.   The attendance was good and at present
���l��%rt ��LKiceTi�� U2S JLnw the interests of every resident in
^ttdk&Wtt the Chilliwack Valley. The work
ready sale for all that was offered, will further protect a very large
Veal was in special demand. The call
for fowl and chickens soon exhausted
the supply. No ducks or geese were
offered but there were many enqiries
with offers as high Bs $13.00 per doz.
Apples were scarce and sold readily.
The supply of potatoes was fair all
were disposed of easily at $24 per ton.
A special feature of the market was
area of land lying behind the
road, including the dyked area in
the central prairie over which the
water, of the Chilliwack River
have run in times past.
Mr. Hill, Engineer for the Sumas  Development Co., at the
the fine floral exhibits of Mrs. Tidy and public meeting held in November,
F. Davis.  There were much admired stated that the Chilliwack River
and many sales were made for the holi- had gprea(j mt jike a fen an(j
day decorations. over ^ who,e ^ at ^^
" '.'.'.'.'.'. 6 to 6j times trom the mountains on the
"  13 to 14   one side of it to those on the
\\    n to ih other, and if unchecked might do
,19* so again.
25     A large number of settlers re-
to35  alizing the importance of corn-
Beef, hind quar.,
"    front   "
Mutton, dressed,
Onions, per sack	
Eggs, per dozen   	
Butter, per lb 30
Chickens, per dozen  7.00 to 9.00
Fowl, per dozen  8.00 to 10.60
Ducks, per dozen 11.00 to 13.00
Geese, each (none offering)
Apples, per box   1.40 to 1.50
Potatoes, per ton  24.00
Many Children sick.
Get their feet wet, catch cold or
cramps, and give mothers an anxious
time. With the first shiver or sneeze
rub the little one's chest with Nerviline,
gargle the throat, and give ten drops in
not water at bed-time. Next morning
all is well,
at school. If
in your home
Dealers sell it Tn
Adv. 11,
ate nurse, sister of Mrs. G. H. W.
Ashwell and Miss Marsden of the public school, is expected to arrive here
from California about the end of April,
and will soon thereafter open a private
sanitarium. Miss Marsden has had a
wide experience in her profession and
is now taking a post-graduate course in
After the freshet last fall the
Commissioners approached the
settlers on the Luck-a-kuck and
asked them to apply to the Government for a grant to protect
the banks of the river down to
the point of diversion.
A public meeting was called on
Within the next few days we will place
on the market   Building Lots   in the
It is that very desirable location known
���as the   NOWELL PROPERTY���
We guarantee to build a first-class sidewalk
into this property, grade one of the streets
and put on building restrictions.
It Will Pay You to Investigate
F.J. HART SCO., Ltd.
pleting the work at the crossing
before the spring freshets set in
and the present scarcity of laborers, have volunteered assistance
which has been accepted by the
This work in no way hinders
the dyking of Sumas, but on the
contrary would have to be undertaken if Sumas were dyked, as
the river could not be left uncontrolled behind the dyked area.
The Engineer's plan for the
No cold, no time lost at dyking of Sumas was submitted
^BT once! to the people and accepted by the
- large 25c bottles.- required majority,   though the
legality of the voting is said to be
  in dispute.   This plan is to keep
Chilliwack will soon have a thoroughly the water in its present channel,
ap-to-date sanitarium of its own, and the Vedder Creek, down to a
judging from the number of persons point on Sumas prairie and then
from this place now under treatment conduct it in a new channel to be
in the hospitals at the Coast it cannot cut from this point of diversion
come too soon. Miss B. Marsden, gradu- to the Fraser River.
Subscribers, Attention!
We wish to have every label showing an advance
payment by April 1st, and solicit your co-operation in the accomplishment of this desire.
Indeed, we will make it to your advantage to do so.
Look at the label on your paper and then note
what we say.
If you will pay all arrears before April 1st, 1907,
and $1.00 in addition for one year's renewal, we
will advance the date on your label as follows :
TO JULY, 1908.
offer will only be good
April 1st, 1907.
special lines to further fit her for her Nov. 22 and the following resolu
chosen work,  chilliwack will, there- tion passed:   "That a committee
fore, likely have another institution to be appointed to confer  with the
which to point with pride.   Thus we
grow,   Keep your eye on us.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
proper authorities  and others, NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.
tecting\hTland^���e^mIHwack 0urL��ne of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades, Etc.,
The work of the Legislature
was well advanced before the
Easter adjournment on Wednesday. Eight bills have already
received the assent of the Lieut.-
Govemor und other legislation
is well advanced.
Miss Hilda Strumberg, of Chilliwack, is visiting at home for a
few days.
Mrs. Carpenter is nursing her
daughter, Mrs. Gerard, who is
very ill in Bellingham.
Mrs. Geo. Partlow has moved
into her new home.
James MacAdams passed
through yesterday on his way to
visit friends in Rosedale.
Geo. Bellrose and son Gordon
visited Chilliwack on Tuesday.
Walter Harwood has gone to
Columbia Valley, Wash., to work.
and Sumas valleys from the waters of the Chilliwack or Vedder
The following petition, to which
Continued on page 5
Always Keeps Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in His House
"We would not be without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is kept on
hand continually in our home," saysW.
W. Kearney, editor of the Independent,
Lowry City, Mo. That is just what
every family should do. When kept at
hand ready for instant use, a cold may
be checked at the outset and cured in
much less time than after it has become
settled in the system. This remedy is
also without a peer for croup in children, and will prevent the attack when
given as soon as the child becomes
hoarse, or even after the croupy cough
appears, which can only be done when
the remedy is kept at hand. For sale
by H. J. Barber.-adv. 7-11.
is the most complete in British Columbia.
Wo can save money for any farmer or townsman in the Fraser Valley.   Prices
talk and a fair comparison will convince you that our claim is
justified. Give us a trial.  Correspondence solicited.
Tel. 73.
Dupont Block, New Westminster, B. C.
HAVING purchased the business of the H. A. Edgett
Co., at Abbotsford. we take this Opportunity of
thanking our customers for the patronage extended to that firm during the past year and hope
to merit a continuance of the same generous treatment by
conducting a fair, honest business, and selling only the best
goods at prices consistent with quality.
Do the Clothes Wake the Wan?
If you want to nppenr well dressed and to have a clean, tidy, healthy and prosperous appenranee you will wenr
the clothes turned out of
They are the tailors who dress the natty and smart looking men you see upon the streets.
They have a full line of Serges, Worsteds, Tweeds and Pantings to choose from mid their work is of the best.
They can dress you from top to toe in the most stylish up-to-date clothing to be found upon the Coast.
Mr. Bowman refers, was circulated:
"That your petitioners, realizing the immanent danger threatening the Chilliwack and Sumas
valleys from the freshets of the
Chilliwack or Vedder River and
the enormous damage which
would result if the river were to
leave its present channel, request
your Honourable House to make
a sufficient appropriation to protect said lands from such inundation."
A similar petition was signed
by the settlers of Lower Sumas
and both petitions were presented to the Executiveiimmediately
upon its assumption of office.
This petition was shown to Mr.
Street, one of the Dyking Com
missioners, who said,  "This is
just what we want."
A counter petition was, however, got up on the Sumas side
asking, I am informed, that the
work at present being done on
the river by the Government be
stopped until the whole question
could be gone into again, and to
the surprise of our committee the
Dyking Commissioners appeared
in Victoria and asked the Executive for a grant of $240,000 on a
new plan to divert the water
down the Luck-a-kuck, which
has never been submitted to the
people for their vote and approval as necessitated under the Bill
and which plan, if ever seriously
entertained will be fought by
nearly all the paople in Lower
Sumas on the Luck-a-kuck and
old Chilliwack river beds and
those in the Chilliwack central
prairie. Under the circumstances
if the House fails to understand
what the Sumas people want it
will not be a matter of surprise.
The purport of Mr. Bowman's
letter is that the river should be
left uncontrolled, a source of
danger to the whole settled and
improved country as it is at
present, in the hope that it might
run elsewhere and so render the
dyking and reclaiming of the
wild land at Sumas easier, and he
actually has the stupidity to appeal to the public for sympathy
in his behalf.
Yours truly,
Chilliw nek lost one of its pioneers on the 27th inst. in the
passing away of George Bamford.
Sr., at the ripe age of 70 years
and n months. Mr. Banford
came to Chilliwack 35 years ago
and has resided here continuously ever since. His funeral yesterday afternoon was very largely
attended, the older residents
turning out in goodly numbers,
testifying respect for the departed and sympathy with the bereaved wife and family.
Another highly esteaued member of the community, Mrs. C. T.
Higginson of Sardis, laid aside
the work of life here on Wednesday last to take it up beyond.
For some months Mrs. Higginson has been in failing health.
Medical advice and aid were
sought at the coast but without
avail. To-day the home is dark
anil hearts are sad because a
loving wife and mother has gone.
Thefuneral took place yesterjfay
afternoon from St. Thomas'
Church to the English cemetery,
and was attended Ity many
friends of the family.
Ecezma, Tetter, Salt Rheum Itch.
Ring Worm, Herpes, Rarbers Itch.
All of these diseases are attended fcy
intense itching, which is almost instantly relieved by applying Chamberlain'*
Salve, and by its continued use a permanent cure may be effected. It ha.-.
in fact, cured many cases that had resisted other treatment. Price 25c per
box. For sale by H. J. Barber���adv 7-11.
r^   ^
We are ready to show you what's new and correct in Ladies' New Goats, Ladies'
and Children's New Hats, Ladies New Blouses, New Corsets, New Gloves, New
New Fancy Collars, Ties and Belts, New Ribbons, New Laces, New Muslins, etc.
The Empress Shoe for Ladies
CHE great thing about this shoe is
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feel in  it.     In  sizes   2}   to  6.
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Lace Shoes, $3.00, $3.60, $4.00and $4.50
We would be pleased to show you our
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New Muslins,
Embroideries, Laces, Etc.
In this department we have an elaborate showing
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Canada. Wo advise an early selection as the best is
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New Dress Goods
These fabrics have been selected with the greatest
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Be sure and see our range and make your choice
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Men's New Spring Suits
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e glad to have you bring in the boy and examine
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makes and the prices will suit your purse.
if you want satisfaction come to the best store
G. R. Ashwell & Son
The only Departmental Store in Chilliwack.
The Walkover is a perfectly
moulded shoe
' N every pair there is satisfying
...       .       . iWalk-
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*i    A i.f h
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i through mi!
I lit* K *"l
"the  ffiffi5T'fa"wvkl'iiwn S"
In It Ik i
:      w.^.i"
OXYDONOR trlumplw through nmrli
yours uhiw b       '""- " " ' -*
 ihn��H miUion
budlmtint, ol  Ih*  I      _     ...
human boIoihiii    lull Ih ronoaniin eil the
���xperianieuf Iho nrt*t��it w-lnnil-t if ihe
i��Kc.   A law of love for hum nily.
Noolhumgeuoy for h��ii Ih h n -o nnuiy
f i'*Hfnl   frlundH��� none o hur doiciv.H m
,    111. \*.P < ��� if ,* >.,
OXYDONOR InniUlH new llf.i Into
u.u nyniuiii; rd*u io'iu.en, rutnrWnnili h and
vl nl'7,0riov<<ry ni'Ran Into Iho pioptT illn-
rliai'gu ot the CUUQtlon for which n,n ui-o In-
i"iiili-d tlui'ii, Uh iih.i hiliwH vIkoiouh
huiilih wl.hnll Ih i |> lynlml autlvliy iluti
makes life worth iv n��r.
No niiii.uir wh it. ilii-fii-m yo i hitvu, tlin i�� h only mtiur.il euro f ir It, ho'e Ih no ilaiiKu ,
nnp'iin. niiiiiir.iii'nni initltutuu m u-in�� OXYDONOR.
It, will l.i t ii iituliiini nti.l M'tri'" tint whole f.iinily. HKXI) TO 11 tY f ir bunk Y, inilluri
fruu.   Write uh ii ilu-icriiitinn of your Qatftf.
Mr. JiiM. Anson, tiDM.liiml. H.tt, i tin , writes. March li, ItHtl   "dome Itvu yearn lino I koi, Oxy-
ilonor for my wifj who Wiih ttulTorii.R from f,'iniiln \M'i.��ti->>    -Af.or a wei:k\ ii-,n Mm do tor
himself was sururlsjil to llnil mien n ohange. In titui. It. w��< i:tn>"i<h lo Induce him lo got, tin oxydonor for hlH sisi r. ���
"A Hhort, tt'iie nt<o my wife hud n" nt.tarU of I' 11,'t'nm ory liit'ii'iiatl in. she intild not,
walk .and her joint* were tmic.li awollep, she amiiniit Uxylnnnr and In I ir�� i Unt Hut n-.liis had
ceased, and next nin-nitiK there Wn�� Veiy Hitle -welllnK. "ltd she rn'ild wntk us welt us over.
Hho had u similar tit.iutik Inforo we got Oxydutitr and was tindt-r a ritiotor a our foratnonth,
and stiU'ijfod nRonlns."
"Ithasoured me of u severe cold "
The genuino hss Iho narco of "Dr, H, Sum lei & Co." plainly stain lied In Uh nioliit purls.
I)r  H, SANOHE & Co.,    304 St. Catharine St. West, Montielil
If You Are Not Preparing
For your spring work you ought to be, and just to jog
your memory that Spring really is coming, we thought
... .i, we. would talk a little tilling machinery to you. Plows
and Harrows, Manure Spreaders and such like. Of
course we cannot tell you much in this little space so
that it will be necessary for you to come in and have a
look at our goods and if we do not satisfy you that we
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not bore you with small talk. Here are a few of our
These are but a few of the many lines we carry.    Come
in and let us show you our whole stock,
Walworth-Rolston Co., Ltd.
Feed Cutters
Carriages. Wagons, Harness, etc.
1016 Westminster Ave.,   VANCOUVER, B.C.
Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
I keep nothing but tl rut-clam turnout*!. Good
Haddie hones, oto. 'Huh moels nil boats. Gov
ered Btago leaves for McDonald's Limning
over? morning at 8:30 o'clock, connecting with
ftr. Minlo. which cnneotn with all ('. I'. It.
.rains east and won t
Livery Stable
Up-fo-Dafe    in
Every Particular
One thoroughbred Jersey cow due to
calve about March 1st.   Apply to
Township of Chilliwhack.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision of the Town-
ship.of Chilliwhack, to hear complaints against the Assessment as
made for the year 1907, will be
held in the Court House, Chilliwhack, B. C., on Monday, the 8th
day of April next, at 10 a.m.
8-11 C. M. C.
Chilliwhack, B.C., March2,1907.
For Catarrh, let me send you free,
just to prove merit, a Trial size Box of
Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Remedy. It is a
snow white, creamy, healing antiseptic
balm that gives instant relief to Catarrh of the nose and throat.' Make the
free teat and see. Address Dr. Shoop,
Racine, Wis. Large jars 60c. Sold by
H. J. Barber.-adv. 7-11.
THCMtMffiS* POttrl.
Fruit Tree Cleansing
Nflxes a ���standard of quality rn respect to weed seeds, beldhv which
timothy* alsike a*id reel clover
.  _,    _ ... ...   seeds are not allowed to be sold
ThaDepwty Minister of.JVgtt-, for seeding, either by farmers or
culture requests us to pubhshrther*6eed merchants. This standard
following:��� allows of the weed seeds named
In view of the active measures jn the Act about 90 in one ounce
now being" carried'oh by tbePrO- 0f red clover, 200 in one ounce of
vincial Board of Horticulture for alsike, or 400 in one ounce of
the cleaning up of all old orch- timothy seed. It is to seeds that
ards and gardens, the following .wjH paSs this lower standard, but
excerpts from the issue of the are not sufficiently clean to grade
Oregon Agriculturist of the 15th "No. 1" that the term "Govern-
March, are not amiss, and will ment Standard" was attached
serve ti show the effect that such iast season,
work has on property values, to Some seed vendors have adver-
say nothing of , the improvement tised seeds under "Government
in the quality of fruit produced: gsal." No Government Seal is
must spraying IN LANE county, used on any seeds offered for sale
"Lane County fruit growers in the trade. Some reliable seed
were never so active as at the houses sell grass and clover seeds
present time in putting their sealed by them and for which
orchards in shape, killing out old they alone are held responsible
deal trees, planting new ones so long as the seal remains intact,
and spraying in a wholesale man- but not after it is broken,
ner. Fruit Inspector Beebe, who . To avoid the provisions of Sec-
isbusy as a bee, tells us that tion 3 of the Act, which applies
orchardists are anxious to spray mainly to seed grain, some seed
but many of them, not having vendors represent to the farmers
pumps of their own are waiting that, on account of the Seed Con-
patiently for the man with outfit trol Act, they are offering their
to show up and do the work for gram tor sale for milling or feed-
them. Those who are in the field ing purposes. If offered for sale
with the necessary equipment for seeding, such seed vendors
cannot begin to meet the demand are required to make clear to in-
for their services and men who tending purchasers that the seed
are familiar with the business contains wild oats, wild mustard,
can do well by getting outfits and cockle and Euch other noxious
going to work wee(i seeds when they are in the
"The Inspector has been sur- seed.   The object of the Act is
prised at the willingness of fruitgrowers wherever he has interviewed them, to conform to the
law either as to spraying or rooting up old worn out orchards.
Mrs. Huddlestone, Peter Nye and
to protect farmers who want to
protect themselves against such
weeds. It provides the means
for farmers to buy seed intelligently. Farmers who deliberately buy feed grain and use it for
several others are preparing to seed can scarcely hope for legis-
uproot old trees that have ceased 'ation that will protect them from
to bear good fruit and have scale loss on account of noxious weeds,
on them.
"Fruitgrowers are already well
posted on the law which excludes
from the markets wormy or scale
infested fruit and they intend to
have a fine product to offer to
consumers this year.
"The fruit industry of the
County is coming to the front and
the fame of our prodncts along
G. H. Clark,
Commissioner and Official
Seed Analyst.
An association known as the
Okanagan Fruit Growers' Association has been recently formed.
A recent dispatch from Ottawa
says that the outlook for a large
this line, will in a" short time put number of emigrants this year is
the Hood River product on the exceedingly bright. The depart-
run.-Eugene Register." ment of immigration says that
effect of.cleaning up orch- they expect about 300,000 immi
grants this year.   All the accom
modation in the steamers is taken
for some time to come.
"Clackamas County would sell
for a million dollars more this ^^^^^
spring than, last for the single Limcl Registry Act.Re West 25
reason that a prospective buyer acres of Lot 433, Group II, New West-
nn lnnlnno- nver the mwnept minster District. A Certificate of Inde-
on   lOQKing   ��ver   tne   prospect fea8ibieTitie to the above property will
would come upn so many shears ^ iBgued to ^bert Hamilton on the
and pruning hooks in active op- 6th day of May, 1907, unless in the
eration.    The time is nearly past meantime a valid objection thereto be
when the Eastern land hunter's J""*?Zi���n^ritinL��L\S��w
first question shall be, as hereto- ffiSJ, ��fi^�� ^ ******
fore, why are these mossy old Keith^ District R��
part thereof,
gistrar of
therein, or in any
iuic,   wny arc   uicac  mossy Old Keith,    District  Kegistrar  or  Titles
orchards allowed to take up SO Land Registry Office, New Westminster,
much good land'?  When we say B-~c- 2?th M*rch-1907-	
.       , <r,i , -      The person or persons having in their
now to strangers,    Clackamas CU8t0dv or Dossession the following
iivn w oumiB��o, wc��,i.oiuai. custody or possession the following
County can produce a good grade Title Deeds relating to the said proper-
of fruit and an abundance Of it,'  ty are requested to deliver the same to
yeyance in fee.   Justinian Pelly, Solici-
the moss-covered, ragged old
orchards will not mutely whisper
to the stranger as he passes
along, 'it's a miserable falsehood.'
"The law may be rigorous and
we may decry it now, but it is
the first step and an absolutely
necessary step toward growing
fruit successfully in the county.
Within three years there will not
be a voice to condemn it. ���Oregon
City Courier."
the undersigned. 20th June, 1891.
Bowes to Christopher W. Ford,
tor for Applicant.-11-15
"Government Standard Seeds"
A Term Coined by Seed Vendors.
Purchasers of red clover, alsike
and timothy seeds who want a
good clean article should see to it
that the seeds they, buy are clearly represented by a reliable person or linn to be of first quality,
by being marked "No. 1,"
"Prime," "Fancy," "XXX," or
such other designation for which
a special standard of purity is
fixed in Section 4 of the Seed
Control Act.��� '"
"Government Standard" is a
term coined by seed vendors and
may be misleading unless clearly
understood. Section 4 of the Act
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
doughs, Golds, Group and
Whooping Cough.
Tbliremedjls famous lor Hi norm oTor
�� Urg* part ot the clvtllteil world. It cud
alwari be depended upon. It contain* no
opium or other harmful drug and niny be
given W confidently to a briby na to nu mlult
Prloe as ota; Largs Size, 60 eta.
CMfNwaek Pos* Office
'���like houOL 8 to 19.00,
On stmuiory Holiday* Iho Olllco la opened
(roil) 18 lo 10. .
tfnvir.KB Ba.Dk and Money   Order buslnos.>
cIimim at 18.110
Malls olive nt 22 IK] duly for all pnrtH.
For oonveniau.ee of iIioko hnvlnv lork boxei*
the olllco doorl! nol lockedun II 22.00.
The offloe la o oaed on Sunday��,
S Mki.i.akd I'oHt.m&ater
Mumclpal Council
Hettve���F. V KiakiniJlt.
Ctiunoilhii-!"��� K. D'liWfv Harrow. T.
H.[Jnekaaii, 3. a. Kvhiik. .1. 11. Ashwell,
(Jen. (limit, |>   II. Wilsnn.
Clerk mid Snliol'ni'���Jiimli.liin l'ttlly.
Astics,or���J tsi,|ii> Sitiitt.
CMlft'tur���Ii. W, i'ImiIm'V
M.iliftil HtftillhOjtli'hi��� .1,0. Render.
set". VI.H. CjU
Chief nf Pt)llo"-(}. A.Onllilck.
Itev, K. K. Stillninii. l'autor.
S"i'vlttis eteiv Sitiittnv hi 11 ii.ni, ami
7:80 |) III Siiml.'tv St'hnnl til 11.11(1 p.m,
Bpwfcrlh Ijeiiiiue everv Mnmlitv Ht 8 p.
in,   1'i'nyei'   Miiiinij  every Thiiridny
,'lt H (1 111. \
OAltMAN OIIUItCII-DUiiie service
itvi ry Suniliiv si 2:110 p in.
PltKHBYl'KKUN CllUltCll    ~ .. ���
'Kev. H. .1   KolifiUitii, H.A., I'ustor
Sery.'.veiOuuilnv :>��� ll �� in. tttnrt 7:110 p, |g
Stlitil ty KcTnnl i . Hih aft'ernniin at '^>tV
l'r��jir Meetlnu  rvi'i'V   Irnif.mluy even   -
inf; ��i  H u'eliiek      I.'n1|i.s'  Aiil every
���is'enrrl   riiili'il.iv nl 8 p.'il     Girls' Mis
siun 15 iliil KVerv set'iMiil Fiiiltiv ��t 4 p.m
Sllil'iliiy seiv'fei, nt 11 n nil null 7:80 p.m.
Suniliiv Scliiml in the afterti 'im til 2:80.
Yonnu People's I'lmiT !\leeiji|K everv
MmiiliiV nt s p in. I'm vet- Meeting on
TIhiimI'.iv evening m 7:80 o'clock,
Kev. M nk .litki"'. /icar.
Sinn11) setvlei���>��� oiiiintr prayer and
seriiiun 11 ii. " .; E.eii sing anil ser-
Intin al7p.m Smiliiy .-Cni nl a I 9:45
H.iii. Hoiy Ciiniiiiiinirii���8 ��. in 3rd
Suniliiv in the uh.h Hi. 11 n.m 1st Sun-
ilav I" the tuutith Bilile Class each
��ei k tin Wetlrteetli.v al 8 i\ in. in the
Proprietor '
Rates: ��� American
Plan |1.2o per day
and upwards	
A good livery in connection with the
Advertise in The Advance, the
paper that everybody reads.
Empire Hotel
Cor. Hastings and Columbia Ave.
American Plan, $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
European (Rooms only) 75c up per day.
The only Auto Bus in the City,
meets all trains and boats.   '
Rainier Cafe.
When you go to Vancouver get your lunch
at the New Rainier Cafe
and see the prettiest
Cafe   on   the   Pacific ���*
Coast. Meals and lunches at all hours Open
day and night.
309 Cordova Street
W. O. HOLTZ,   -   Proprietor.
303 Hastings St. West
Next the Arcade, VANCOUVER, B.C.
V. V. VINSON, Prop.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited
It. O. Mkntkn. Captain,
J. II. Haiiiiinii.n, rumor. a. j
Leaves nev lumlinu every"
morning at 7:00 n. m. itrnl 0:80 p. m.
I'm Hnri'ihuii Bin tion, coiiutuiing with
nil (!. V. I! tiiiinu eiisi and west, ar-
living nt Uliillnyijek nt 10:45 a.m. and
8:00 p.in , ivlimo 'bus meets nil boais
For further iiil'iuiiintion 'is to pas-
ienger mid freight riles, apply to the
purser on board. ���
The exclusive choice of those
most prominent on the world's
list of good dairymen. Sold
on the guarantee of unqualified superiority.
The De Laval Separator Go.
V "",'���'.   'J4-16 Princess St., Winnipeg.       .,'".."'
Montreal 'NetfYork" . San Francisco
Toronto Philadelphia Portland
Vancouver       ��� .   . , Chicago Seattle
D. E. Stevenson, Agent for Chilliwack District.
Plows, Drag Harrows, Disc Harrows,
Single Disc Drills, Shoe Drills.
Hoe Drills and Cultivators.
Farm and Garden Hand Seed Drills and Cultivators.
Small SBucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards and Mill* at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
A Stephenson Relic.
Another interesting, relic of
George Stephenson, the inventor
of the locomotive, is about to disappear. The bridge which was
built over the river Tees, near
Thornaby, for the Stockton and
Darlington Railroed in 1841, and
which after the absorption of
this pioneer road by the North-
Eastern trunk railroad was retained, is now to be removed,
owing to the exigencies of heav-
ier and greater traffic. The old
structure is built up of cast-iron
girders strengthened by wrought
iron tension straps, and earned
by masonary piers which rest on
piled fonndations at about low
water level. The new bridge.,is
to be of the three girder type
with rolled steel joists and heavy
sectional steel work, designed by
Mr. W. J. Cudworth, the chief
engineer to the southern division
of the North-Eastern Railrood.���
Scientific American.
A man does his hardest work
trying to get a soft snap. ���Philadelphia Record.
Pulillc Meeting Address "d by Rev"
W -M. Rochester.
Although the notice was short
a fair audience greeted Rev. W.
M. Rochester, Western Secretary
of the Lord's Day Alliance of
Canada, last Sunday afternoon in
the Presbyterian Church. The
chair was occupied by Malcolm
McSween, who briefly introduced
the speaker. In rising Mr. Rochester remarked that he had not
expected to be here so soon again,
but the attitude of the Attorney-
General at Victoria, acting-under
the advice.of. the .Government,
had rendered necessary his return at this time. Without wasting much time in preliminaries
Mr; Rochester addressed himself
to the matter inland. ';
In connection With this new
Lord's Day Act there had. been
a great outcry for liberty and
especially for British liberty.
The speaker would; remind' his
hearers of the universality of
law. It is necessary- in every
realm and we find it everywhere.
There is a right and a wrong
with respect, to everything, these
bouies which we live in, this
building which we occupy, the
fields we till and society at large.
We are encompassed by law and
we can't escape it. Obey it and
all is well with us;,disobey it and
we experience the, contrary.
The wrecks which have recently
occurred on our coast were due
to the culpability of somebody.
The ships were not built with a
due regard for the strain and
stress of wind and wave which
they were to endure, and so did
not survive the violence and
shock of the storm. So will it be
with our ship of state if it does
not obey law. Therefore, when
we talk about liberty,���British
liberty, ���let us remember that we
could not have had British liberty
without British law. When we
come to deal with this Sabbath
question we are dealing with a
law���not a church law nor a Bible
law simply���but a law written in
the very constitution of things.
This sputtering and spluttering
about a religious question and
coercion is aside from the mark.
The Sabbath is not a religious institution but a human institution
given to the race. Experience
had amply demonstrated its recognition essential to man's best
interests and highest good. The
present Act has hot to do with
religion, but with work'.
Furthermore, this law is not a
new thing, but it comes from a
new quarter. Instead of getting
it from the Provinces as heretofore, we are getting it from the
Another reason why so many
are excited over the Act in this
Province is because they feel that
their particular views are being
interfered with, and their business and industrial interests endangered. In point of fact British Columbia had received generous consideration in the exceptions which the Act makes. Large
liberties are allowed in the conduct of all necessary work. Those
who wish may have their porridge
on Sunday mornings, so far as
the milk man is concerned. For
four months while this Act was
before the House every industry
had an opportunity to be represented at Ottawa. Now the Act
has become law and the law is in
force. The Attorney - General
cannot withhold his consent except in cases where the complaint
is too trivial to warrant prosecution. It has been unauthorita-
tively stated that he has decided
to give his consent in. all cases.
Mr. Rochester hoped that he
would do s% and thus the law be.
given a fair trial. There are certain sections, of this Province
which* need to:be toned "up, and
the people who are coming in
taught how good a country this
is to live. in.
In conclusion Mr. Rochester
pointed.out that those who are
against the enforcement of this
Act are making themselves heard.
The Premier has been deluged
with letters and importuned by
delegations. Let us speak out.
Let something be done. The
speaker hoped that just as Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
have said, "This is our law" so
British Columbia will say, "This
is our law." ��� v    y.-C&f
Mr. Rochester is- a pleasing
Speaker; presenting hjs theme in
a clear,, concise and convincing
manner! and was '^listened
to with marked.' it >eviden*
ces of interest throughout;' At the
close of his address an opportunity was given-ior. the.signing of
a petition-to the Attorney-General, not toobstruct the enforcement of the law.''""   '
He left for the Capital Monday
morning for the Rurpose of furthT
er pressing the Alliance's case
upon the attention of the government.
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The Airship Hat.
Paris is showing a hat of the
toque order, which is known as
the airship. This hat takes its
name from its likeness in shape
to an airship. It is made up in
soft straw braid, and will be one
of the season's extreme novelties.
Many sailor hats will also be
worn all through the spring and
summer. A very fashionable
sailor is a rather large shape with
the brim wider on one side and at
the back than on the other.
In regard to straws, leghorn
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green, old rose, blue and apricot,
will be much used. A mossy
straw known as caveliri will be
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chip hate will be fashionable, and
also those of milan straw. Neapolitan will be used all through
the season, cleverly, combined
with-a firm straw.���Grace Margaret Gould in .Woman's Home
Companion for April.,,.   ,; /
P. Peebles
Estimates Given.
Promptness Guaranteed.
The English channel tunnel
scheme has been thrown out by
the Campbell-Bannerman Ministry. The Army and Navy opposed the measure.
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The selected thoroughbred Percheron
Stallion, owned by the Chilliwack
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land R. Henry are Directors; J. T.
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Secretary, is now being fitted for the
Breeding season.     We   wish to call
Fanners' and Stockmen's attention to
this horse, having many great Qualities,
being solid compact built with heavy
bone, best of feet,   good  action and   ;.\;
style and proven to  be sure.    The    ,,
Stallion can he seen the last Saturday     V
in March and first Saturday in April at
Chilliwack.   We intend to travel this
Stallion from Rosedale' to Suma s.   For
further particulars see  posters.    H.
Jesperson, Sec. 10-13. THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, MARCH 30. 1907.
Advance Wants.
Small Advertisements at Small Cost.
Wanted. - Everybody to let their business wants be known to the public in
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programme committee are sparing no
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first-class laying stock. 76c per setting
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Buff Orpingtons $4.60 per 100. J.
Arnould, Sardis P. O.-Adv. 8-13.
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March 2, a two-year old red and white
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Carmichael, Chilliwack. 9-tf
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lbs.   N. Rooke, Cheam. 11-12
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Happy Kamloops Mart Bears Away
One of Chilliwack's  ralr
An event of more than usual
interest to the citizens of Chilliwack took place on Wednesday,
March 27th, at twelve o'clock
noon, when Miss Bella Mitchell
Knight, youngest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knight, Sr.,
of Chilliwack, was united in the
holy bonds of matrimony to Thos.
R. M. Porter, of Kamloops.
The ceremony was performed
in the Baptist Church, Rev. A.
M. Gazley officiating. The bride
was given away by her father.
She was charmingly attired in
a white all-over lace robe over
white duchesse silk, with veil
and wreath of orange blossoms,
and carried a bouquet of white
carnations. She was attended by
Miss Wilena McKenzie, who was
attired in cream silk crepe de
poplin with white picture hat,
trimmed with pink roses and carried a bouquet of pink carnations.
Mr. A. B. Hogg, of Kamloops,
assisted the groom.
The bridal party entered the
church to the strains of a "Wedding March" played by Miss
Ruby Henderson.'
A number of relatives and
f riends of the bride were present
to witness the ceremony. After
the ceremony was over the bridal
party and guests met at the home
of the bride's parents, where a
sumptuous repast had been prepared.
Mr. and Mrs. Porter left in the
afternoon and are spending their
honeymoon at the Coast, after
which they will take up their residence at Kamloops. The bride
was the recipient of many beautiful presents.
The Advance extends its best
wishes to the happy couple for a
long and prosperous voyage together.
J. T. Wilkinson is being welcomed by
his many friends on his return to Chilliwack this week after an absence of
several months, during which he has
winged his flight over a goodly portion
of Eastern Canada and the United
States, visited the West Indies and
some points in South America and inspected the Panama canal from Colon
tp-Panama. ��� With .true western instinct, to which was added perchance a'
dash of the sentimental, Mr. Wilkinson
walked to the beach at the latter place
and dipped his hands in the cooling
waves of the great Pacific. To his
poetic sense it was next thing to getting home, although over 4000 miles of
coast line lay between his feet and Vancouver. But as ever, Mr. Wilkinson
declares that he has yet to see a more
delightful spot than Chilliwack. When
once the projected tramline is in operation it will be, in his estimation, without a peer as a place of residence.
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Extractor. Contains no acids, never
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Adv. 11.
Dr. MacSween, Dentist, Irwin Block.
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van's.-Adv 8-13.
I have secured a Tinsmith and am
open for your business. Gervan's
Hardware.-Adv 8-13.
D. B. Hall made a business trip to
Vancouver this week.
Chocolates fresh from the makers at
Ashwell's Grocery.-Adv. 11-12.
H. J. Barber went down to the Capital on Monday.
F. Cawley was among thi. week's
visitors to Vancouver.
F. J. Hart s is in town on a business
Dyke Inspector A. E. Wilmot is in
Eggs and Dairy Butter wanted at
Ashwell's Department Store. They pay
highest'prices.���adv. 11-12.
J. W. Hill is now located on the place
which he recently purchased from R. C.
Greig on Camp Slough.
Mrs. Geo. Clark is somewhat improved but still very weak.
Miss Olive Parker accompanied her
father on a trip to the Coast cities last
Spring Opening-At Ashwell's this
week. They bid you welcome to visit
their store.���Adv. 11.
L. W. Paisley and A. C. Hall, of
Cawley & Paisley, returned from the
Coast on Tuesday
Just arrived. Eocene oil at Ashwell's. It's the best. $1.65 per can,
$3.25 per case.���Adv. 11.
Thos. Cunningham, Fruit Pest Inspector, returned to the Coast on Thursday,
Wm. Smith is still detained in Westminster on account of his wife's critical
condition. Latest reports are to the
effect she is rather better.
Boys' clothes at Ashwell's. They
are ready with their full range for
spring.-Adv. 11.
Miss Lena McKenzie was a welcome
visitor in town this week, returning to
Vancouver yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Ashwell went
to Vancouver on Tuesday to spend a
week with their danghter Mrs. (Dr.)
Cross ft Blackwell's Sardines, an
extra large tin, only 25c at Ashwell's
Grocery.���Adv. 11.
New Prints at Ashwell's Dry Goods
store. See the big range of pretty
spring patterns.
Rev. R. F. Stillman is again around,
after a severe attack of tonsilitis.
Strange to say the whole family were
similarly affected at once, but are all
convalescent now.
Mr. R. H. Cairns, the special delegate of Maple Leaf Council to the Dominion Alliance Provincial Convention
held recently in Vancouver, will address
a public meeting in the R. T. of T. hall,
Sardis, on Friday, April 5th, commencing at 8 p.m. Let us have a great rally
of the friends of temperance. Admission free. Adv, 11
Sterling Brand Flavoring Extracts
are made from pure fruits. Ashwell's
are Belling agents here. -adv. 11-12.
Lowney's Cocoa, buy a tin at Ashwell s, it s only 15c, and thpre s a heap
of satisfaction in its delicious taste. ���
adv. 11-12.
Mrs. W. T. Jackman will hold a reception on Wednesday, April 3rd, in
honor of her neices, Miss Edith and
Miss Gertrude Caesar, from 3 to 6 p.m.
The Dress PARADE.-ABhwell's are
showing a nobby line of spring dress
goods. See the range before buying
your spring dress.-Adv. 11.
Tha Intermediate League of the
Methodist Church will have charge of
the Easter Choral service on Sunday
Garden Seeds at catalogue prices at
Ashwell's Department Store. Leave
your orders early. ���Adv. 11-12.
Special for Easter week only���H. ft
P.  Reading Cracker, 30c   tin.   Take
this tip and secure a few tins.    This
price is a snap.    Grossman's Grocery.
"       Adv.ll*
Rev. Thos. Crosby returned fram the
east last week. His many friends in
the Valley will learn with regret that
he is not enjoying his usual good health.
It is hoped that a little rest will restore
his old time vigor.
Among the attendants at the Spring
Fair at Westminster last week were
the following Chilliwack people: A. C.
Wells, E. A. Wells, R. E. Wells, Geo.
Knight, Jos. Thompson, H. Webb, Geo.
Marshall, J, A. Evans, J. H, Keith, J.
H. Wilkinson and John Parker. Most
of these visitors returned home on Saturday last.
Ladies Attention!-You are invited
to inspect the elegant display of new
collars, new ties, new belts, new hats,
new blouses, new gloves, new corsets,
that have just been opened at Ashwell's
Dry Goods Department. See their advertisement.���adv. 11-12.
There has been quite an exodus of
Chinamen from Chilliwack during the
past week. This time the magnet is
the prospect of higher pay on the rail-,
way construction work of the G. N. Ry.
Co. between Westminster and Suma?,
Huntley & Palmer's mixed cakes have
a delicious taste, that's all in the way
they are made. Ash well'B sell them at
20c lb.-Adv. 11-12.
We are pleased to be able to report
that Miss Orr is doing nicely since her
operation last week, and bids fair to
make a speedy recovery. Remarkable
to say her temperature has been normal
ever since the trying ordeal," although
it had been much higher for along time
before. Dr. R. E. McKecnniciJeTform-
ed the operation, removing part of the
socket arid the entire ball of the hip
joint. Mrs. Orr ia now with her daughter at the Vancouver General Hospital.
Paint, Paint, Paint makes the old
house look new; makes the old fashioned
house look modern, if the colors are
rightly chosen. Makes any house sell
or rent quickly. Makes your house last
longer and saves carpenters' bills for
repairs. When we paint it stays painted and because we use the best materials and labor on all our work, you get
full paint value for every dollar you
spend. M. Wilson, Valley Paint and
Wall Paper House. Adv, 11-tf
Sovereign Brand Clothing.-Ashwell's are Chilliwack agents. You are
welcome to inspect their stock. They
guarantee to fit you.-Adv. 11.
The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Thomas' Church will hold their Easter Sale
of Work and Afternoon Tea in the Oddfellows' Hall on Tuesday afternoon,
April 9th, from 3 to6p.m.-Adv. 11-12.
Sovereign Brand Clothing.���Tailor
made. Every garment is guaranteed
to give satisfaction in style, fit and
wear. Ashwell's have a big stock to
make your selection from. Why not
call in soon as possible while the sices
are complete.-Adv. 11-12.
Huntley & Palmer's English Biscuits.
Largest and finest assortment in the
valley. See our Easter window.
Grossman's Grocery,   Adv. 11
Chilliwack not only carried off a large
number of first prises at the live stock
show in Westminster last week, but
two of our boys captured the first prises
for judging stock. George Knight of
Sardis, led all comers among the adult*
while Ray E. Wells, the 12 year old son
of ^ A. Wells, was the best judge in ,
the plass under 21 years. It is evident \ ,
that we can not only produce the best
stock in the Province, but eur citisens
also know a good thing when they Bee it.
The wily Oriental is . nothing if not
up-to-date, and the Chilliwack chink is
not behind his compatriots elsewhere.
Last Saturday thirty-five followers of
Confucius walked out of the E. C.
Horst < o.'s hop yards at Sardis on
strike because they "no ketchum more
pay." But this time John failed to
reckon with his host, having overlooked
the possibilities which the presence of
the dusky sons of India added to the
situation The hop people smilingly
bade the Mongolians adieu and turned
immediately to fill their places with
Hindus whom they had had in their employ all winter cutting brush. Now
John wonders how it was he did not
We had a call this week from M, H,
Nelems, manager for F J. Hart & Co.,
who has been spending several days
here, As will ba seen from our advertising columns his firm is placiing the
Nowell property on the market, This
property is being laid off into 66x132 ft,
lots and one acre plots, It will be sold
under certain building restrictions with
a view to making it one of the choice st
residental portions of the town. Mr.
Nelems will soon take up his residence
here again and will build a two storey
southern bungalow on the Nowell addition at onee. He will have general
oversight of the Vancouver and Chilliwack offices, spending alternate weeks
in each place. Messrs, Hart ft Co, intend to push Fraser Valley properties
during the coming season, and will have
a recently purchased 28 h.p, automohile
on the road, between Westminster and
tepert of Okservttkmsat the Chil-
liwick Meteoroloiicil Stitkw.
The record for week ending Mar.
Friday    42 6 816
Saturday    44 6 84.0
8uud��y       51.0 81.5
Monday      64.0 .B8.0
TueB.lay     56.5 85.0
Wednemlav     47 0 84.0
Thur-dny     45.1 86.0
Precipitation for week 0.60  in.
M. Jukes, Okserver
If You Buy at CHAMBERLAIN'S You Get the BEST
To make room for a carload of ciders I am going to give
special value for the next 30 days. ������"��� -*���������'
A few of the man^bargalhs offered :    -,
Parlor Suites, usual $8f>'forr.'...........".. '.'���... :. ;J30.00
Couches, usual $18,  for.':;....  ....    ....���.',..���.-...'... lfl-.OO
Couches, usual $8, for?..���'. ' :;,.......-....,.   "7.50'
~  " ' 30.00-
China Cabinets; quart jr-cut��ak, usual $36, for. .-..
Exteusion Tft'ble"s,;:u>uar#$,. 8 ft.,, for .,.,...
Sideboards, usual $20, far -,,. V	
Carpet Squares, from jrtf.50-to .,.'	
Linoleums, 12 ft. wide;'per sq. yij. only,.
Linoleums, 6 ft. wide, inlaid, beBt made, per yd. from
40c to ..'., * J-00
Cork Carpet, usual $1.25 per yd, for    1.10
Now is the time to have your Box Spring Couches, etc., re-
upholstered.    A nice line of coverings) Bl<rnys in stock.
Iron Beds, Spring Mattresses, the best lor the money.
I handle the Ostermoor Mattressj.the best in the world,
4, ft. 6 in. wide, $15
Picture Framing and Upholstering
.���-.-,,���.-,   Saltof Baby C^riages and Go Carts ,
G. F; CHAMBEftL4!ff,   Funeral Director and Embalmer
���   .'
Brick^Stbre; Main Street, Chilliwack.  Residence over. Store.
W. H. T. Gahan
'(Royal Bank of Canada Chambers)
Chilliwhack, B. C.
I Just received, the largest consignment
of  Iron  Beds,  Mattresses,   Pictures,
| Mirrors and Mouldings ever imported
into this beautiful valley, and manufactured in our own country. The Iron
Bed is one of the best in America.
Yoyr choice from 6 large cases of Pic-
|-tares and Frames; 1 large case of
Moulding; 2 cases of Mirrors. Children'a
Carriage*' too numerous to mention.
Please. remember we guarantee gooff
value e^tPf month ...    ���'*���'"���


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