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The Fraser Advance Jun 22, 1907

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31 Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, Especially Devoted to tbe Interests of tbe fraser Vafht^Q    "S
 ���===r������ ^Sgg,  Q   n,
The Krnsor Ailviince:   Vol* I, No. 23
Chllllwnck Progress:   Vol. XVII. No. 12
According to reports from
London, Hon. Jos. Chamberlain
is dying.
As A   Mcsult   British  Columbia's
Cass Not Prejudiced By Amendment To B.N A. Act.
The thirty-sixth annual convocation of A.F. & A.M. opened in
Vancouver on Thursday.
It is reported that King Edward purposes paying a visit to
the Russian Emperor.
Mayor Schmitz of San Francisco, has been formally removed
from office.
The prohibition against the
presentation of "The Mikado"
has been withdrawn in Great
Messrs. Chappell Bros., a
wealthy Anglo-American fum,
have decided to start a shipbuilding yard in New Westminster.
Commissioner Coombs will address a meeting in Vancouver
tomorrow on the general work of
Ihe Salvation Army.
The tri-weekly flyer will arrive in Vancouver on July 6.
The journey across the continent will be made in eighty-five
and a half hours.
Chester Thompson, the Seattle
boy who shot and killed Judge
George Meade Emory last summer, has been confined in the
ward for insane criminals in the
sta'e penitentiary.
The first irrigation convention
covering the. provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British
Columbia, will open in the city
of Calgary, Alberta, on July 17.
A company to be known as
the Victoria Apartments, Limited, is being formed in Victoria
with a capital of $250,000. It is
proposed to erect fine, up-to-date
apartment houses in that city.
Dr. T. S. Sproule, M.P., for
East Grey, Grand Master of the
Sovereign Grand Lodge, was one
of the speakers on Wednesday
evening at the mass meeting of
the Orange Grand Lodge.
The engagement of the Earl
ofMunsterto Mrs. Potter Palmer of Chicago, is reported from
London. Potter Palmer's estate
was valued at $8,000,000 at the
time of his death in 1902, and it
has steadily increased in value.
Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan were swept by terrific
wind storms during the early
part of the week. Great havoc
was done by rain, hail and wind.
Horses were killed by lightning,
farm buildings blown down and
several persons injured.
A Cranston, Alberta, report
says that American railroaders
are beginning to realize the possibilities of the Canadion Northwest, and plans have been prepared to cover the country with
a network of lines between Winnipeg andtne Pacific coast.
London, June 15.-Hon. Richard McBride's negotiations with
the British Ministers had a sequel
in the Imperial Parliament on
Thursday, when Winston Churchill, as spokesman for the Colonial office, introduced an amendment to the British North
America Act, readjusting the
subsidies to the provinces.
Mr. Churchill spoke at some
length. After reviewing the
stages leading up to the measure
he dwelt upon British Columbia's position, and stated that
while the Imperial government
was bound to give weight to the
representations of the Dominion
Government, backed as they
were by all the provinces except
British Columbia, yet they did
not want it understood that these
alone were to be regarded in a
matter in which the right of a
single province was affected.
Action of British Columbia.
He referred to the action of
the British Columbia Legislature
in protesting against the proposed settlement being "final and
unalterable," and in this connection spoke as follows :
"The Prime Minister of
Quebec, also Sir Wilfrid Lau-
rier and Hon. Mr. Fielding, have
made personal application to the
Colonial Secretary or myself on
this question. On the other
hand, Hon. Mr. McBride, Prime
Minister of British Columbia,
has also stated his case very
fully to us. He has, with great
fraakness ana much force, place i
us in possession of the views and
grievances of British Columbia.
While we are unable to accept
his opinions entirely, we have
endeavoured as far as possible
to make the legislation agreeable
to him, and we have not introduced into the legislation the
words 'final and unalterable,'
which it had been proposed to
introduce, and which would have
prejudiced British Columbia's
chance of making some other
friendly arrangement in the
future with the Dominion and
with the other provinces."
Special Grant.
The bill contains a clause providing that nothing in the act
shall affect the obligation of the
Dominion to pay any province a
special grant in addition to the
Hon Richard McBride remains
here until after the second reading, which is expected in about a
Star's Report.
Nontreal, June 15.���A special
London cable to the Star says
"Winston Churchill, as Undersecretary for the Colonies,
brought up in the House of
Commons yesterday afternoon
the Bill amending the British
North America Act respecting
federal subsidies to the provinces.
" It was given its first reading
without opposition. The bill
gives legislative sanction to the
compact made last October in
Ottawa, between the federal,
government and all the provincial ministers except British Columbia, under which the prov-j
inces are to receive increased,
���per capita subsidies.
Sum Inadequate.
" Hon. Richard McBride.
Premier ot British Columbia,
who is still here, has made vigorous representations to the
Colonial office against what he
deems the inadequate sum given
to British Columbia. The Colonial office takes the view that
the question is one which British
Columbia must herself settle
with the Dominion, but the Imperial Bill introduced to-day
makes an important concession
to British Columbia in eliminating from the Dominion Government's proposed amendment the
fateful words "final and unalterable." British Columbia's demand is thus left open, and Mr.
McBride is satisfied that the
feeling of his province is so
strongly with him that the Dominion Government will be led to
accept the proposal for arbitration by a court to which
Canada, British Columbia and
Britain will each appoint a member."     	
Two Proposals.���People ot   Rosedale Decide to Support Gasoline Launch.
Commissioners and Enqlneer  Hill
Discuss Project with Property
Owners at Lower sumas
A meeting was held qn Tuesday evening in the Orange Hall,
Rosedale, to discuss the proposed plans for a ferry connection between this place and
Agassiz. Two propositions were
placed before the meeting. One
was a proposal to form a joint
stock company and to put on the
river either a $2000 or a
$5000 steamer. The other offer
was made by Gill & Ryder, who
have ordered a gasoline launch
of 7 h.p., with an accommodation for fifteen passengers, to be
completed by July 1. The first
proposal was turned down as
being too far in advance of the
present trade requirements, and
the meeting then unanimously
voted to support the promoters
of the gasoline boat on condition
that it met the requirements of
the trade.
The outlook fpr salmon has
brightened considerably during
the past week. Large catches
are reported during the past
few days and it is expected that
duringthe next two weeks sufficient fish will be caught to keep
the dealers supplied with all they
can handle profitably.
Man cannot thrive apart from
the land.
A spirited meeting to discuss
dyking matters was held at the
Achelita School House last Friday evening. It was called by
the Commissioners and was one
of the most largely attended
meetings yet held.
E. J. Campbell acted as chairman and performed his duties
impartially. L. Broe was appointed secretary of the meeting.
The chairman remarked that
he wished the matter re Sumas
Dyking should be discussed amicably between the Commissioners and the ratepayers present.
J, L. Atkinson then explained
that the meeting had been called
to meet the objections that had
been raised against the Sumas
Dyking Scheme through the
press and otherwise.
By request D. McGillivray,
Commissioner, then took the
floor to answer the objections.
He first referred to an article
in The Fraser Advance of June
1, 1907, which states that, according to Sec. 17 of the Dyking
Act of 1897, crown lands are not
assessable, and therefore the
present assessment roll, which
assesses those lands, does not
represent a true statement of
the facts.
Mr. McGillivray said re this
that the Company is not acting
under the General Dyking Act
of 1897, and that the crown
lands will Qe assessable.
S. B. Hill, Engineer, who
came after meeting had been in
session some time, took the floor
with Mr. McGillivray. Mr. Hill
read the complete operations of
the Sumas Development Company to the present time. He
then referred to the crown
lands question, saying that it
was not a settled matter, but
that the Company is willing to
take their share of the assessment on the above mentioned
crown lands as soon as the proposition is ready to proceed.
Re the matter of each parcel
of land being responsible for the
cost of the whole construction,
Mr. McGillivray said that the
Sumas works is not in the hands
of the Provincial Government,
but is managed by the Inspector
of Dykes, and that such a responsibility would not materially
affect the landowners anyway.
Here a discussion between Mr.
Rose and Mr. Hill brought out
the fact that the assessment held
not only the land responsible
within the dyke, but the holders'
propertv outside the dyke, if he
do not oppose the construction
of the work,
Numerous questions were
then put by those present to
which answers were given by
Mr, Hill and Commissioners
Atkinson and McGillivray.
Much   valuable   information
was elicited and although the
discussions, which were infor
m��l throughout, waxed heated
at times, the atmosphere was
decidedly clearer when adjournment was taken at 1 a.m.
Scarcity of Labor.
Many of the contracts of the
United States Government have
been advertised several times
without securing reasonable bids.
The government is confronted
with the proposition of doing the
work by force account or of postponing it until there is an improvement in conditions. The
present time is most unpropiti-
ous for the government to undertake doing the work itself.
There is an unusual scarcity of
labor. Wages are from forty to
sixty per cent higher than two
years ago, while efficiency has
been decreased rather than improved by the unlimited demand
for laborers. Owing to the remoteness of much of the government work from cities and
towns, labor is not attracted
thereto, and as a rule the government gets only the leavings
or the most undesirable class of
laborers. The steady and skilful
workers are all busy.���Ex.
Alessaqe From One of Chilliwack'
Admirers By The Sea.
The writer, when visiting the
public hospital of the city this
afternoon saw Mr. W. T. Jack-
man, of Chilliwack. Readers of
the Advance know that Mr.
Jackman has had one leg amputated ju3t below the knee. His
health seems to be robust, and in
spirits he is jubilant and hopeful. .The treatment at the hospital; has been satisfactory in
every particular, from the doctor
who has charge of tha case to
the nurses and other attendants.
Still Mr. Jackman thinks that
Chilliwack is the best spot in
all the world, and hopos soon to
have the pleasure of meeting
his many friends in the Valley,
where nature deals out the beautiful so lavishly. We all feel a
sense of sadness when we see
our friends in a hospital. A
hospital is a kind of benevolent
crutch, invented by human
sympathy to alleviate pain and
suffering. When we need the
crutch we thank God for it.
When the ailment is gone that
made us need the hospital we
are thankful and happy for the
release. These were some of
the thoughts that flashed throug' i
the writer's brain as he wended
his way from the city hospital.
There is a large influx of people into the city this summer.
They are coming from nearly
all parts of the world. Some
people land here from the old
country without the remotest
conception of the conditions of
Continued on page 4 THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1907.
If you wish to purchase  property of A
any description in the Valley ot        ���
the lower Fraser "River
You will Save Time
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Opposite the Post Office
1 Chillwack.       -    -     B. C. 4
Cough Remedy
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This remedy Is famous for Its cares orer
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Heart Strength
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Krength. Without that the Heart must continue
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these tame controlling nerves.
This clearly explains why, ns a medicine, Dr.
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Dr. Shoop's
The Hague Conference opened
on Saturday, June 15th.
The Alberta Government have
pnrchased 260 acres for a university site.
Reports from the Kootenay
say that the outlook for the
mines is very favorable.
The order appointing Percy
Henderson to the Yukon Com-
missionership was approved on
Rideau Hall is to be altered
and extended, and will be made
a residence worthy of the Governor-General of Canada.
In the lacrosse match between
the All-Canadian and Westminster teams on Saturday last,
the score was 17 to 0 in favor of
New Westminster.
A motion will be introduced in
the House of Commons on June
24th by Premier Campbell-Ban-
nerman, controlling the power
of the House of Lords.
Let us not live fretful lives.
God will never stretch the line
of our duty beyond the measure
of our strength. We ought to
live with the grace of the flowers, with the joy of the birds,
with the freedom of wind and
wave. Without question this is
God's ideal of human life.-W.
L. Watkinson.
The Advance,  $1.00 per year.
" I am writing an article," he
said, " on 'The Way to Manage
a Woman.'"
" I suppose it will be a long
one," she replied in a slightly
scornful tone.
"No,"he answered, "it will
be quite short. In fact, it will
consist of only two words���
' Dont try !' "
A Persistent Backache.
Can have but one cause���diseased
kidneys, which must be strengthened
before backache can be cured. Why
not luse Dr. Hamilton's pills ? They
cure the kidneys quick, make them
strong and able to filter disease ���
breeding poisons from the blood. At
once you feel better, stronger, brighter.
Kidney health is guaranteed to every
user of Or. Hamilton's pills. Get a 25c
box from your druggist, and refuse
Fred G. Crisp. Frank L. Gwillinu
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, &c.
Old Safe Block, Vancouver, B C.
Telephone 1772.   P. O. Box 635.
Bank Blk., Dawson, Y. T.
Telephone 239.   P. O. Box 26..
For 25c.
we will send to any address post
prepaid a good TOOTH BRUSH
and a box of
Tooth Powder
New lot Stamp Mat Patterns;
just to hand.
The Melotte is the most efficient Cream Separator yet
produced. The "Melotte" is
sold absolutely on its merits.
The "Melotte" skims cleaner,
turns easier, and will last
longer than any cream separator in the world.
The Hand Separator which will most efficiently separate
with the least amount of labor, the largest quantity in the
quickest time, the easiest to clean and manage, and most
durable and safe. A trial will convince the most skeptical
that the "Melotte" is the machine which best fulfils all
these conditions.
Rev. G. A. Wilson, pastor of
Mount Pleasant Presbyterian
Church, has been appointed
General Missionary Superintendent for the Church in British
Columbia. He will resign work
at Mount Pleasant at once.
The receipts of Seattle's recent floral parade will be devoted
toward building an automobile
boulevard, which, in time, will
extend around Lake Washington, a drive of 135 miles.
It is suggested that New Westminster should be represented
! on the All-Canadian Team. W.
IG, McQuarrie offers $25.00 to
I head a subscription list for this
A number of Fraser River
Fishermen have purchased gasoline boats, and find them a great
saving of time and labor.
Edmontonton Lumbermen experienced a severe loss by the
sudden rising of the Saskatchewan on Saturday night last.
Over 100.000 logs were carried
away by the flood. The river
rose twelve feet from 6 o'clock
Saturday evening until 1 o'clock
Sunday morning.
Examinations for the position of Inspectors of Steam Boilers and Machinery, under the Steam Boilers Inspection
Act, 1901, will be held at the Parliament Buildings, Victoria, commencing
on Monday, June 24th, 1907. Application and instruction forms can be had
on application to the undersigned, to
whom the former must be returned,
correctly filled in, not later than June
17th. 'Salaries, $110 and $115 per
Chief Inspector of Machinery,
22-23 New Westminster, B.C.
Drug, Spectacle and Seed Store,
New Westminster
The Advance, $1.00 per year.
A splendid advertising medium.
k of Mont
CAPITAL (AH paid up)....$14,400,000
RESERVE FUND 811,000,000
W. H. T. Gahan
Notary Public.
(Royal Bank of Canada Chambers)
Chilliwack, B.C.
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.
A general banking/ business transacted, j
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Department.   Deposit?
in sums of $1.00 and upwards, and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum
(present rate) added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $163,000,000.
Chilliwack    Branch
E. Duthie, Agent.
Customer (facetiously) : Do
you suppose you can cut my hair
without making me look like an
idiot ?
Barber (diffidently) : It will
be a pretty difficult thing to do,
but I will try.-The Circle.
" You have a model husband,"
said the lady who was congratulating We bride. The next day
the bride bethought her to look
up the word " model" in the
dictionary, and this is what she
found : Model : A small imitation of the real thing.
Teacher : " Who was the most
patient person that ever lived ?
Student: " Mrs. Job.." Teacher : Why how do you make that
out ? " Well, Job had to endure
a whole lot, but she had to endure Job."
Dead Sick of Asthma?
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is a worry at best, but the worry can be lessened by using good
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Our Line of Garden Tools Sntft
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Printed musical   notes were
first used in 1473.
���fCWlTW* <
���tlMlon of hit
Capital paid up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund  4,400,000
Eighty-five liraoches throughout Canada, United States aud Cuba.
Grand Forks,
New Westminster,
do (East End)
do Mt. Pleasant
do Granville St.
do Cordova St.
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Savings Bank department
iu which deposits of One Dollar aud upwards are received. Interest added
quarterly.  General Banking business transacted.   Money orders issued.
A deposit of $1.00 will secure a HOME SAVINGS BANK
which will be refunded on return of bank in good condition'
MaMioiB Ohiluwack Bunch.
Write to the old reliable real estate firm of CAWLEY & PAISLEY
for information concerning the Chilliwack Valley. Mr. Cawley has been
a resident of the Valley for 28 years and Mr. Paisley has had 16 years'
experience in the same place, and are therefore in a position to give you
full and reliable information as to desirable buys in any part of Chilliwack.
Write for their illustrated phamphlet descriptive of the Valley, which
will be promptly mailed to you.
Cawley & Paisley.
Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
i. q. bowatTpropiietor
I keep nothing but flnt-ola'a turnout*. Good
Saddlehoraen,etc 'Hun moatH all boat*. Cor
��rad ���tag* leave* for MoOonalo't Uncling
everjr morning at 6:90 o'olook, connecting with
etr. Minto. which amneott with all 0. P. II.
No. 10, a. r. A a. h.
The llegularCommnnlcatloai of the
Lodge itreheld In the MMonle Hall, Chilli wack
on iho Friday on or before the Full Moon of
every month.  Sojourning brethren are cord!
ally InvlUd to attend.
1. Johnson, W.M. J. II. Svaht. Seo
i electric Railway Co.Cd.
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave each terminus at 5-50 a in.
and 6:50 a.m. and half hourly thereafter until 11 p m
We run first-class freight cars between
Westminster and Vancouver, and all
shipments are handled with the utmost
eare and delivered to consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipments.
Our wagons meet all boats and trains.
For rates, etc, apply to
Traffic Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
I. O. F.
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
R. C. Menten, C. R.
W. C. Bearchoft, R. S.
Telephone 829 P. O. Drawer 932
Bird & BrydorwJack
J. Edward Bird.    A. Brydon-Jack.
324 Hastings St. West,
A High-Class Hotel at Moderate Rates.
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Grossman's Grocer)
Sash and Door Factory.
Window and Door Jambs
MoufrJings, Casings, Pickef Fencing
Sash and Doors fo order
STREET BROS. Chilliwack. B.C.
Minutes of June 15th, 1907
An adjourned meeting of the
Council of the Township of Chilliwhack was held at the Court
House, Chilliwhack, on Saturday,
June 15th, 1907, at 2 o'clock.
Present: The Reeve and Councillors Good, Evans, Wilson,
Jackson and Barrows.
Communications were received
from the undermentioned and
dealt with as follows :
A. Malcolm re Grade cTuiR-
whack Central Road. On motion received and fyled.
A. N. Smith re crossing. On
motion received and fyled ; Clerk
to notify Mr. Lee that if proper
evidence produced the Council
would prosecute.
B. J. Walker, C.M.C. Burnaby,
re Ditches and Watercourses
Act. On motion received and
Hope, Gravely & Co. re opening road south of Bellrose place.
On motion received and fyled.
G. S. Wilson, Sec. U. C. M. re
subscription from Council. On
Motion received and fyled.
E. A. Wilmot, dyking assessment notice. On motion received
and fyled.
C. N. Parsons, re powder and
fuse for blowing out stumps on
road. On motion, received and
fyled; Clerk to notify that requisition is granted.
G. W. Chadsey, re rebate to
Hope, Gravely A Co., on amount
paid for thistle cutting. On
motion received and fyled, cheque to issue tor rebate due.
Mr. Bonnycastle, and others,
appeared on behalf of H. Reading and others re Hope Slough
Bridge. Moved by Councillor
Jackson, seconded by Councillor
Good : That the petition of H.
Reading and others re Hope
Slough Bridge be received and
that same be laid over until the
incorporation of the town takes
place, and that it be dealt with
jointly by the two municipalities.
Moved by Councillor Jackson,
seconded by Councillor Good :
That Councillor Barrow investigate the proposed road to Popcum
along with A. A. Cruickshanks
and report at next meeting of
Council.   Carried.
Moved by Councillor Wilson,
seconded by Councillorr Barow :
That Councillor Evans be authorized to attend the Court of Revision of the assessment roll and
the public meeting to consider
the plans of the Sumas Dyking
scheme, with power to act on
behalf of the Municipality. Carried.
Moved by Councillor Evans,
seconded by Councillor Wilson :
That the sum of $50.00 be appropriated for repairing road, money
to be expended by Pathmaster.
Moved by Councillor Wilson,
seconded by Councillor Barrow :
That the appropriation of $50 on
the south Sumas Road be placed
in the hands of Pathmaster Carter to expend in connection with
the statute labor in Ailing in the
ditch and straightening the grade.
Moved by Councilor Jackson,
seconded by Councillor Evans:
That the communication of Hope,
Gravely & Co. re rebate tax be
received and that a cheque be
issued for the amount due to
them for over-paid drainage tax
on the Bellrose farm.
Moved by Councillor Evans,
seconded by Councillor Wilson :
That the repairing of culvert on
McConnell road be left in the
hands of Councillors Good and
Board of Works Report.
We, the undersigned members
of the Board of Works, beg leave
to report as follows :
That we let the following contracts for gravelling on Wednes
day, June 12th :
Chilliwhack Central Road to
Ford Bros., at 75c per yard.
Prairie Central Road to W,
Hornby, at 90c per yard, upper
Willis Road to Alex Murray
at 65c per yard.
Bailey Road to H. Monkler at
35c per yard.
Prairie Central Road to W. Hornby at 90c per yard lower end.
Also that we instruct Pathmaster
Charlton to expend $50 in grading
on Willis Road, extending from
the McGuire road to Bailey road.
P. H. Wilson, Geo. Good, F. C.
We, the unersigned members
of the Board of Works beg leave
to report as follows: We have
let the gravelling on the Ford
Road at Rosedale to John Cameron for the sum of 61 cents per
yard, Pathmaster Mercer to oversee gravelling: $40 to spend.
Geo. Good, F. C. Kickbush.
We, the undersigned members
of the Board of Works beg leave
to report as follows: That we
have let the gravelling on the
Ford Road at Cameron's place
to Ford Bros, for the sum of
50c per yard. ��� Good, F. C.
We, the undersigned members
of the Board of Works, beg leave
to report as follows : That we
let the gravelling on Hope Slough
at Denholm's to the crossing at
50c per yard, and at McDonalds
at 55c per yard: on Camp Slough
Road at Ferguson's at 23 cents,
and on Chapman Road at 34c
per yard. Borrow, Good, Kickbush.
Raine & Carmichael contract.
We, the undersigned members
of the Board of Works beg to
report as follows : That we examined the cleaning out of the
C. C. road at distance of 404
rods and found the same satisfactorily done. P. H. Wilson
F. C. Kickbush.
I, the undersigned member of
the Board of Works beg leave
to report as follows: That I have
examined the bridge on the
McConnell road and find it not
safe for travel and would recommend a new culvert to be put in
and the bridge filled in. Geo.
All of which reports were, on
motion, received and adopted.
Moved by Councillor Good,
seconded by Councillor Jackson :
That the Board of Works let by
public auction on Thursday, June
20th, at 2 pm. the work on the
Patterson road.   Carried.
Moved by  Councillor Evans,
seconded by Councillor Wilson:
That the Board of Works let by
auction the following contracts
on June 22nd.
At 10 o'clock the fill at Atche-
litz Bridge.
At 10.30, the gravelling of
Sumas Trunk Road.
At 11 o'clock the gravelling of
Sumas Landing Road.
At 12 o'clock the repairing
West and Keith Wilson Road.
At 1.30, the repairing of Hope-
dale road,
At 2.20, tho gravelling south
Sumas Road at W. McGillivray's.
At 3 o'clock, the gravelling
of south Sumas Road at Jas.
At 3.20, the gravelling of Uns-
worth Road.
At 5 o'clock, the clearing on
Forsyth Road.   Carried.
Finance Committee's Report.
Chilliwack, B. C, June 15th,
We, the undersigned members
of the Finance Committee, beg
leave to report the following
bills correct and would recommend payment of same :
H. J. Barber  ��� $1.25
R. G. Ballam  - 10.00
J. H. Bowes   ��� 30.00
S. A. Cawley - 13.50
F. Lickman    ��� 10.50
T. J. Armstrong 10.50
Beattie Gibson- 6.25
Jos. Scale      - 14.00
Bainefi Carmichael 181.00
P. H. Wilson, E. D. Barrow.
Moved by Councillor Wilson,
Seconded by Councillor Barrow :
That the Finance Committee's
Report amounting to $280.80 be
received and adopted.   Carried.
On motion, the Council adjourned to July 6th, 1907, at 2
J. H. Bowes, C.M.C.
F. C. Kickbush, Reeve.
Vancouver Jockey Club
Dominion Day Meeting
Saturday and Monday,  June 29
and July 1.
$2550 PURSES $2550
Dominion Day Handicap $500
$900 for Harness Races.
Sixth Regiment Band.
Entry Forms and all Particulars.
P.O. Box 102. Secretary
Below follows a full programme of
both days :
1. Trot or pace���Three minute class,
two in three, mile heats, four to
enter, three to start.    Purse $200
2. Trot or pace-2:20 class, two in
three, mile heats, four to enter, three
to start.    Purse $200
3. Fairview Dash-Weight for age,
five-eighths mile, free. Purse $150
4. Hastings Handicap���One mile, entrance free.     Purse  $250
5. Granville Stakes-Weight for age,
three-quarter:mile, free. Purse..$150
6. Burrard Purse - For three-year
olds and upwards, half mile, free.
Purse $150
1. Trot or pace���3:40 class, two in
three, mile heats, four to enter,
three to start.    Purse $'200
2. Trot or pace���free for all, mile
heats, three in five, four to enter,
three to start. Purse $300
3. Vancouver Stakes ��� Weight for
age, seven-eighths mile, free. Purse
4. Dominion Day Handicap-One and
one-fourth miles, free. $350 to winner, $100 to second, $50 to third.
Purse 1500
5. Victoria Purse-Weight for age,
half mile, free.   Purse $150
6. Consolation Race���Weight for age,
three-quarter mile, free, for horses
not first or second on either day.
Purse $100
In all the harness races five per cent.
entrance and five per cent, extra from
winners will be charged. THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1907.
\ Journal of Optimism and Helpful-
n i :a, especially devoted to the interest? of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday morning at
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
B. C.
Single copies
$1.00 per,yi- ������
5c. each
This paper will be sent in nobody except upon advance payment of tlie subscription price, nor will it bo continued
without renewal bsyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will bo inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Advertising rates on application
All matter Intended for publication,
ns well as all business communications.
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0. Hex 296, Chilliwack,
B. Q.
J. BL'HTT MOIlll.W, - Editor ud Pi ielir.
Tho report of the results of
Premier McBride's mission to
London as contained in the press
dispatches, which reached the
people of this Province through
the daily papers of last Saturday
and which we reproduce elsewhere in our present issue, must
have been highly gratifying' to
every loyal citizen of British
Columbia. It is pleasing to notice that the press of the Province with scarcely an exception
refer to the Premier's achiev-
ment in complimentary terms.
Even those papers which less
than three months ago saw so
much humor in the very suggestion of Mr.McBride's carrying
British Columbia's case to "the
foot of the throne," and confidently predicted that he would
not even get a hearing, seem
now to have awakened to the
importance of his victory and are
found in line with the prevailing
public sentiment. We have no
disposition to be unkind or unfair, but there is something
truly ludicrous in the efforts
which some of the Liberal organs
are making to swing into line
and claim for their party a show
of credit, it will take a little
more than soft talk, however, to
make the people soon forget the
opposition which was offered to
the) Premier's course from the
beginning. It is true that the
opposition voted practically with
the government on the main
issue, but beyond this it can
scarcely be claimed with justice
that the influence of the party
throughout the Province was
with the Premier. Moreover,
it is the acme of absurdity to
say that Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
his companions in office at Ottawa have not been responsible
for the Province's failure to
secure what was sought. Mr.
Churchill's words in the Imperial Parliament set this point
at rest, " The prime minister of
Quebec, also Sir Wilfred Laurier
and Hon. Mr. Fielding, have
made personal application to the
Colonial Secretary and myself
on this question." In the light
of the facts it seems only fair
to regard Mr. McBride's achiev-
ment as at once a personal, a
party and a provincial victory.
There has been an impression
abroad that had the vote of the
land owners of the Sumas Dyking District on Wednesday last
been adverse the whole enterprise would have been blocked.
This is not the case, as we un-
! 11 it, since the engineers
u...i,..,tl plans were duly approved some months ago by vote
of the people. According to
these plans the Chilliwack River
| was to be carried down what
has been called the lower diversion. Later the engineers
advised using the old Luck-a-
Kuck channel for this purpose
and submitted amended plans
accordingly. It was upon these
that Wednesday's vote was taken, and had it been adverse the
validity of the former vote would
not have been affected. As will
be seen, however, by a brief
report in another column the
amended plans were approved by
a small majority in numbers and
an overwhelming majority in interest, thus leaving the Commissioners the option of accepting either the original or the
amended plans.
A Vancouver Breeze
Continued from page 1
this western land. As a consequence there is quite often
severe disappointment and suffering. In conversation with a
family recently from a large
city in England, I was told that
they knew practically nothing
about Canada before landing
here. They were having some
experiences that would tax the
good nature and patience of the
most magnanimous examples of
our race. I presume that such
struggles and trials are the
ordeal by which the hetrogene-
ous elements of this far western
city must learn the bond of sympathy, which is the keystone to
true democracy. In some cases,
the experience thus gained may
cost too much, Too severe an ordeal with some dispositions tends
to obtuse rather than quicken the
finer sensibilities of the mind.
The great body of the people
coming here are learning the art
of assimilation, which enables
j them in a short time to adapt
; themselves with advantage to
the peculiar conditions of the
new land. There is a steady
progress going on in every direction. People, who one year
ago, were pa-sing through a
severe struggle, are today in
prosperous circumstances, and
rejoicing over the time when
they were led to come to Canada
in quest of better opportunities
for themselves and families.
At this time of the year when
summer outings are in the air,
and one hears something every
day about the best place to spend
a few weeks' vacation, the
writer has often thought about
the valley, and streams
and mountains of Chilliwack. What about the electric
railway between Vancouver and
Chilliwack ? What about the
utilization of those splendid
natural resources in the vicinity
of Cu'tus Lake ? When will
those opportunities be made
available for the general public,
who are in need of them during
the season of vacation ? The
people of Chilliwack have an
asset in her lovely spots and
select places for summer visits
that must in time be made inviting to the outside world.
If some of the people who are
dosing themselves with drug
nostrums in the City of Vancouver could be induced to go up
Cheam mountain side and sleep
in the open air for a month, live
on vegetables, fruit and water,
w��lk and laugh all day, and
learn that God is the author of
all vitality, they would come
back here with an energy for
life's duties that they have never
dreamed of.
You ��ho live In the valley
should be thankful for your
grand heritage, but please don't
forget to let the outside world
know what you really have.
There is a generosity which
carries with it ail advantage
both to the donor and receiver.
Be generous to make known to
the outside world more thoroughly, the attractions, health-
fulness and wealth of your beautiful valley. CITIZEN.
John Comyn,  President of rhe
Northern Securities, Ltd., Vancouver, died on Thursday from
injuries received while diving
from a float at English Bay
bathing beach on Tuesday
Mayor Keary of New Westminster, is in receipt of a letter
from G. S. Wilson, assistant secretary of the U.C.M,, requesting
him to read a paper on "Reports of the British Columbia
Uiron of Municipalities," at the
convention which will be held in
Montreal shortly.
Delegates from Vancouver to
the Baptist Young People's
Union Convention to be ��held in
Spokane in July, have decided to
cancel their trip, owing to the
prevalence of smallpox in that
Restaurants, hotels and other
places that cater to the public
must, if they use skimmed milk,
display prominently a'sign reading, "We Serve Skimmed Milk,"
j according to the new ordinance
' regulating the dairies and 'the
sale of milk which has received
the favorable consideration of
the Seattle health and sanitation
We are now in a position
to conduct
in the Municipality of Chilliwack.
Those desirous of disposing of their property by
should consult with the firm of
.J. HART SCO, Ltd.
Dr. William Saunders, Director of Dominion Experimental
Farms, spent three days in Ag-
gasiz on his way to the Coast.
He was very favorably impressed with the results of the
experiments in the fruit-growing
line there. Over two thousand
varieties of apples have been
j tested. Dr. Saunders says that
I there is a remarkable future in
store for the province. British
i Columbia fruit has become famous. The farmers of British
Columbia may look forward to
some new and valuable information issued by the manager of
the farm at Agassiz.
Barrister and Solicitor at Law.
Chilliwack, B.C.
Solicitor for the Township of Chilliwack
The Bank of Montreal,
Chilliwack Oils, Ltd.
I'll Btop your pain free. To show you
first���before you spend a penny���wnat
my Pink Pain Tablets can do, I will
mail you free, a trial package of them���
Dr Shoop's Headache Tablets. Neuralgia, Headache, Toothache, Period
Pains, etc., are due alone to blood congestion. Dr. Shoop's Headache Tablets
simply kill pain by coaxing away the
unnatural blood pressure. That is all.
Address Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis. Sold
by H. J. Barber. 20-26
Open the draft from
When you feel a trifle
chilly, it's not necessary to
go down cellar to turn on the drafts of
Vx      Fun\
Simply pull up the chain from the floor above, as
shown, and a strong draft through the ash-pit door
is opened.
Fire soon burns up
briskly���chilly feeling
quickly disappears.
When warm enough,
lower the chain.
For a genuine comfort-producer, buy the
Built for wood, but
will also burn coal.
Sold by enterprising'
dealers everywhere.
Electric Rays Treatment.
Note, this is not the X-Ray, as this is one of the latest discoveries. The
rays of this machine is a microbe destroyer and perfectly harmless, it cures or
relieves pains and diseases almost instantly���skin cancer, skin diseases, weak
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headaches from eye strain. No tedious waiting for relief. Many of the above,
with other disagreeable symptoms, removed ashy magic.
Call or write, you will not be disappointed.
531 9th Ave. West, near Bridge Street.
Hours 1 to 9 p.m., Sundays excepted.
By using one of our Canners there will be no loss from overripe fruit or bad markets. Easy to operate���anyone can run them.
Three sizes.
No. 1 Cap, 1000 cans per day $ 30.00
No. 2 Cap, 2000 cans per day     60.00
No. 3 Cap, 7000 cans per day    90.00
The Modern Canner Co.,     ST-J$$BS-
T. Scrivener, agent, 720 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.
/ r*<
5   W
After   long consideration  it  has  been decided that the
Clothes Make the Man, and that
are the tailors that can make the clothes.
With their stock of Worsted Serges and Tweed Suitings to choose from, anyone and everyone can be a
well dressed man.
If a cheaper suit for summer wear is wanted, buy one of those natty, well made ready-to-wear suits you
see in their window���they can be bought for $8.50.
They are making a specialty of Summer Clothes and Furnishings of all kinds.
[We do not hold ourselves responsible
for either statements made or sentiments expressed by our correspondents
published in this column.]
In your issue of June 15th, I
notice a communication over the
signatures of D. McGillvray and
J. D. Atkinson in which they
have tried to answer our letter
of June 1st. Now what have
they done ? In first question they
have mutilated our letter by
cutting out the figures 1897,
and only using the words " Dyking Act." We consider this is
done so that they can better deceive the readers. No doubt we
ought to have expressed it thus :
'' The Drainage, Dyking, and
Irrigation Act, 1897, Chap. 64,
, Clause 17," instead of Dyking
* Act, 1897, Clause. Nevertheless
they do not injure the clause as
the force and effect remains j"st
the same, viz.,���there cannot be
any legal taxation registered
against Dominion Land. But I
would here further add, assessing those lands is one point, but
collecting the tax is another. To
verify my statement I will here
insert a paragraph, copied from
a letter of recent date, from Department of Interior at Ottawa,
fully signed, which reads thus :
" Therefore I must further
state that lands the property of
the King in the Dominion of
Canada cannot legally be taxed."
Now from agreement between
Department of Interior, and one,
J. H. Lewis, of Chicago, and his
associates, I abstract the following :
" That when they shall dyke
Sumas Dyking District and reclaim Lake Sumas, either through
a company or commissioners,
and pump dry the bed and bottom of Lake Sumas, so that no
person or persons who own land
in the dyking district, whether
in the bed and bottom of Lake
Sumas or otherwise, shall be
inconvenienced or injured from
the re-flooding of the Lake at
at any time from any cause
whatever." Then after that has
been done to the satisfaction of
the authorities at Ottawa and
also here they are to receive
letters patent for those Lands.
So it will readily be understood
that James A. Lewis and his as-
Summer Goods
We are ready with everything you need this
summer for wearing and eating.
Read this list, it gives you a slight idea of
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Dry Goods
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Summer Corsets, at 50c, 65c,
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Summer Dress Goods, per yd,
35c, 40c, 50c, 65c and...75c
Summer Muslins, per yd, 12Jc,
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Summer Parasols.
Summer Socks, per pr, 10c,
15c, 20c, 25c, and 35c
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Summer Coats, 90c, $1.25,
Summer Shirts, the W. G. &
R. brand, at $1, $1.25, and
Bathing Suits and Trunks.
White Canvas Shoes and Oxfords, all sizes, for men,
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Running Shoes, all sizes.
The Best
Pure Groceries
Hot Weather
Malta Vita, 2pkgs 25c
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salmon, per tin 15c
Geneva Sausage, per tin.. 25c
Sterling Tea, in 1 lb.  white
pkg., perlb 45c
Blue Ribbon Jelly    Powder,
10c ea., 3 for 25c
Cooking Figs per lb 10c
on your
6. K. Jlshwell & Son
We want your EGGS���We pay highest prices.
sociates at Chicago have no hold
on those lands other than those
set forth in the agreement.
But we here consider that if
this work is accomplished
through Commissioners, which
means the people���that if the
Lake should ever re-flootl from
any cause whatever, that the
^V Landowners in the dyking clis-
rJN trict will be liable for any dam*
j��j ' ages sustained by those who own
/ij I land in the bed of the lake.
Vg/j As to the second question, the
teQ amendment referred to is an
S^�� amendment of 1898 Dyking Act,
^jgj which distinctly states that each
w/ parcel of land assessed is held
Vvf I separately liable for the whole
fcQ I amount. I would say this amend-
Ny�� j ment is law and ready for use
y^J I at any time, if required, and will
i^ | remain so until cancelled by the
Qy j proper authorities.
ffi)i Re assessments becoming as
\ 11 private debt : At a meeting in
l^! Atchlitz Schoolhouse on the
i evening of June 14, Wm. A.
; Rose put the question to S. B.
Hill, thus : Do those assess*
ments become private debts or
j not ? S. B. Hill tried to mislead
>*��7' the people by reading other
)^j clauses in the Dyking Act for
nearly half an hour, when Wm.
A.   Rose,  put the question re-
!ferred to again. With a call
from the chair of question, and
more forcibly from the audience
of "Answer," S. B. Hill dis-
m*?i tinctly stated that to such as
' sign for works to go on and for
Commissioners, they do become
as private debts. Now all know
full well that private debts can
!j be    collected    anywhere.    No
vv matter where your property is
V possessed they can follow you
and collect them lawfully.
Last paragraph re False Prophets :
To this I would say : In June
1905 false prophets did arise
among the people and some of
I them being aged were well
versed in the acts of trickery
and falsehood and whose ways
were much like the ways of
]\A Beelzebub and his legion, who by
x false illustrations and mis-representations did deceive many.
From this class turn ye away,
for by their heavy assessments
5A, and insufferable maintenance of
W dykes and pumping, your homes
x will become their homes, or the
property of a Company, and you
will have to get out.
Thanking you for space.
Yours respectfully,
Victorious Through Merit.
OXYDONOR trlumphu through merit
���(or intra It, hu bean ihe lite Kuard of
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ace.   A lmor of love for humanity.
No other agency for health hu 10 many
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health wish all the physical activity that
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The genuine h*a the name of "Or. H. Sancha * Oo." plainly atamped In lte metal parte.
Dr. H, SANOHK & Co.,    364 St. Uutharlne St. Went, Montreal.
' book Y, mailed
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Lee's Furniture Emporium
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Telephone 78. Dupont Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Henderson   Undertaking
Complete line of Caskets,
Coffins, Trimmings, Burial
Robes, also first-class Hearse
��� 1907
Professional Embalmer and Funeral
Livery Stables
Feed and Sale.
All orders promptly
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The members of our local Cow
testing Associations, which are
just getting into line, will be interested in the figures given below, which are just to hand from
the Dominion Dairy and Cold
Storage Commissioner's Branch
of the Agricultural Department:
For the period ending April
30th, 81 cows in the Brockville,
Ont, Association gave an average yield of 769 lbs. milk and
23.8 lbs fat. One cow in the
30 days gave 1260 lb. milk, testing 3.5 per cent of fat.
At Beaverton, Ont., 79 cows
averaged only 522 lb. milk and
18.91b. fat. The highest yield
was 1055 lb. milk testing 3 6 in
the 30 days ending May 8.
The 264 cows at St. Marc, Que.
had an average of 488 lb. milk
and 15.5 fat. The best cow gave
750 lb. milk testing 3.1 during
the month ending May 14.
Henryville, Que. with 89 cows,
stood at 556 lb. milk and 18.7 lb.
fat, with the best yield 1125 lb.
testing 3.2 for the thirty days
ending May 14. Normandin,
Que. averaged 555 lb. milk, with
990 lb. as the highest yield.
At S. Barnabe, Que., 58 cows
gave an average of 504 lb. milk
and 18 lb. fat, with the best individual cow at 680 lb. cow at
660 lb. testing 3.8.
The Association at Milton, Ont.
for the 30 days ending May 12,
had an average from 135 cows of
551 lb. milk and 19.4 lb fat. The
highest was 1130 lb. testing 3.3
per cent of fat.
Lorneville, Ont, from 31 cows
had an average of 429 lb. milk
and 14.2 lb. fat The best
cow gave 1000 lb. milk testing
The averages for the first four
months of this year of the Associations in Ontario and Quebec stand as follow :
Do Babies Pay ?
Total No.
Cows Tasted
Average Yield
lb. Milk Teat     lb. Fat
Jan. Ont  80 479 3.6 17.6
���   Que. 239 310 4.6 14.3
Feb. Ont. 41 579 3.? 20.0
���   Que. 163 415 4.3 18.0
Mar. Ont. 123 741 3.5 25.3
���   Que. 194 480 4.1 20.0
Ap. Ont. 1076 671 3.3 22.4
��� Que. 762 494 3.7 18.2
Ottawa, May 22.
An Irishman wishing to take
a homestead and not knowing
just how to go about it, sought
information from a friend.
"Mike,' he said, "you've
taken a homestead, and I thought
maybe, ye could tell me th' law
concerning how to go about it."
" Well, Dennis, I don't re-
mimber the exact wordin' uf th'
law, but I can give ye th' manin'
uv it. Th' manin' uv it is this :
Th' government is willin' t' bet
ye 100 acres uv land agin $14
that ye can't live on it Ave years
widout starvin' to death."���Selected.
Free, for Catarrh, just to show merit,
a trial size box of Dr. Shoop's Catarrh
remedy. Let me send it now. It is
a snow-white, creamy, healing, antiseptic balm. Containing such healing
ingredients as Oil Eucauptus, Thymol,
Menthol, etc., it gives instant and lasting relief to catarrh of the nose and
throat. Make the free test and see for
yourself what this preparation can and
i will accomplish. Address Dr. Shoop,
Racine, Wis. Sold by H.J.Barber. 20-26
("Do Babies Pay? " is the subject
that is being discussed by some of the
editorial writers of the day.)
Each night when I go home from work
Tired with toil of day,
A little tot is waiting me
To drive the cares away.
"Here tomes papa ! " aloud she cries���
Her chubby hands raised high���
"O doody, doody, papa's home 1 "
I hear aa I draw nigh
And then she toddles down the walk
And meets me at the gate,
And I forget I'm tired out
When she begins to prate :
"O papa, I'm so glad you tome���
I fink you're awful nice-
Say, papa, how much did I tost,
And am I worf the de price? "
She tells me what "a splendid time"
She's had "wif dolls and toys"
A perfect little chatterbox,
Chock full of life and joys.
And every evening she and I,
When supper time is o'er,
Can hardly wait until we've had
A romp upon the floor.
And when her mamma interrupts
With baby's little gown,
She cries, "Oh mamma lookey here !
I've dot my papa down I "
Then as we tuck her in her bed,
She says, "Tome tiss me twice���
And papa, how much did I tost,
And am I worf de price? "
The glory and satisfaction of beautiful womanhood can be known only to
those possessing the unlimited advantages of health. No weak woman
can be happy or enjoy half the pleasures
of life. Pallid cheeks, sunken eyes, exhausted nerves, all tell of a terrible
struggle to keep up. What the weak
woman needs is Ferrozone ; it renews,
restores and vitalizes instantly���it's a
woman's remedy,"���that's why.
Ferrozone makes women strong,
plump and healthful because it contains
lots of nutriment, the kind that forms
musle, sinew, bone and nerve. Vitalizing blood courses through the body,
making delightful color, happy spirits,
true womanly strength. Fifty cents
buys a box of ferrozone in any drug
The Secret of
A Beautiful Complexion
now revealed
What beauty is more desirable than
an exquisite complexion and elegant
jewels. An opportunity for every woman to obtain both, for a limited time
The directions and recipe for obtaining a faultless complexion is the secret
long guarded by the master minds of
the Orientals and Greeks.
This we obtained after years of work
and at great expense. It is the method
used by the fairest and most beautiful
women of Europe.
Hundreds of American women who
now use it have expressed their delight
and satisfaction.
The secret is easily understood and
simple to follow and it will save you
the expense of creams, cosmetics,
and forever giqe you a beautiful complexion and free your skin from pimples,
bad color blackheads, etc. It alone is
worth to you many times the price we
ask you to send for the genuine diamond ring of latest design.
We sell you this ring as one small
profit above manufacturing cost. The
price is less than one half what others
charge. The recipe is free with every
It is a genuine rose cut diamond ring
of sparkling brilliancy, absolutely guaranteed, very dainty, shaped like a
Belcher with Tiffany setting of 12kt
gold shell, at your local jeweler it
would cost considerable more than
We mail you this beautiful complexion recipe free when your order is
received for ring and $2.00 in money
order, stamps or bills. Get your
order in before our supply is exhausted.
This offer is made for a limited only
as a means of advertising and introducing our goods.
Send today before this opportunity is
32 East 23rd St., New York City
p To    women    for    collecting
rffifi names and selling our novel-
* 1VV tjegi we gjve BIG PREMIUMS. Send your name today for
our new plan of BIG PROFITS with
little work. Write today. Address
C. T. Moseley, premium department,
32 E. 23 St, New York City.
CMIHwaok Post Office
Offloe hours, 8 to 11.00.
Ob Statutory Holidays the Offloa la opaaed
from II to IV.
Barings Bank and Money Ordar buaiaaaa
oloaaa at 18.00
Malls eloaa at MOO dally, (or all parte.
For ooavaalenoa ot those having look, botes
tha oflco door la not lookad until B.M.
Tha oflea la oloaad on Sundays.
8 Millard Postmaster.
Municipal Council
Rstive-F. O. Kickbush.
Councillors���K. Dodalay Barrow, T.
H. Jackson. J. A. Evans, J. H.Ashwsll.
Geo. Good. P. H.Wilson.
Clerk and Nolicltor-Juoltnian Pally.
Assessor���Joseph Scott.
Cnllactnr-G. W. Chadiay.
Medical Health Omcer-J, C. Henderson, M.B., CM.
Chief of Pollcs-G. A. Calbick.
Rev. R. K. Hiillnian, Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:110 pin. Sunday School at 8:00 p.m.
Kpwnrlh League every Monday at 8 p.
in. Prayer Meeting every Thursday
at 8 p m.
CARMAN CHURCH���Ulvlne service
every Sunday at 2:80 p.m.
Rev. Ii. J Robertson, H.A., Pastor
Services Sunday at 11 am. and 7:80 p.ni
Sunday School In the afternoon at 9:80
Prayer Meeting every Thursday even
Ing at 8 o'clock. Ladles' Aid every i
second Thursdayat8p.nl. Girls' Mis 'v <
���lon Band every second Friday at 4 p.m
Sunday services at Ham. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School In Ihe afternoon at 2:30.
Young People's Prayer Meeting everv
Monday at 8 p iu. Praver Meeting on
Thursday evening at 7:80 o'olock.
Rev. Mark Jukes, Vicar.
Sunday services���Morning prayer and
sermon 11 a, ru.s Even song and sermon at 7:80 p.m. Sunday school at 0:45
a.m. Holy Communion���8 a. m. 3rd
Sunday in the month. 11 a.m. 1st Sunday in the month. Bible Class each
week on Wednesday at 8 |��. in. in tba
Rates : ��� American
Plan $1.25 per day
and upwards	
A good livery in connection with the
Empire Hotel
Cor. Hastings and Columbia Ave.
American Plan, $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
European (Rooms only) 75c up per day.
The only Auto Bus in the City,
meets all trains and boats.
Rainier Cafe.
When you go to Vancouver get your lunch
at the New Rainier Cafe
and see the prettiest
Cafe on the Pacific
Coast. Meals and lunches at all hours. Open
day and night.
309 Cordova Street
W. O. HOLTZ,    ���    Proprietor.
Abbotsford Feed
eod Livery Steble.
All trains met daily.
Good horses and rigs, and
saddle  horses   supplied on
short notice.
D. FRASER,    -   -   Proprietor.
303 Hastings St. West
Next the Arcade, VANCOUVBR, B.C.
Your patronage it respectfully solicited 7fr
De Laval
The name upon the separators in
every creamery and model dairy.
Like "Sterling" on silver it is the
stamp of merit and genuine worth
Would you like to try a De Laval ?
Ask us about it.
The De Laval Separator Co.
Representatives Everywhere.
The Youth of the World.
When a genius like Edison
says :
"I calculate that we know
one seven billionth of one per
cent about anything.''
How pitiful seems the egotism
of the rest of us, boasting of the
knowledge we have gained. The
world is young ��� six thousand
years young. Science and invention are in their infancy.
Mystery still surrounds us on
every side. There is plenty for
the mind of man to learn. When
one thinks of the possibilities of
discovery during this century,
he can but wish that he could
live to see its close.
���Ottawa Journal.
C. A. Woodworth has sold out
to Jack Hickman. Mr. Wood-
worth does not intend leaving
the Valley, but will engage in
chicken raising. He has now
as the result of three incubator
hatchings 525 chickens. From
the last hatch he realized 95 per
Dr. Drew came up from New
Westminster on Saturday and on
Sunday performed an operation
on Robert Harrison's knee.
��� uiUuiiuuuuuuUtlUtMilalats^isiilaMal
Experience is   the germ of
Valuable Advice to Mothers.
If your child comes in from play
>ughing or showing evidences of
Grippe, Sore Throat, or sickness of any
Small&Bucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
Instructions Needed.
Everybody knows one or more
of those conscientious egoists
who cannot rid themselves of the
idea that no one can be trusted
to carry out the simplest details
of routine work without their
personal supervision.
It was one of these men who
sailed for England, leaving in
his brother's care a parrot of,
which he was very fond. Alii
the way across the Atlantic he
worried about the bird, and no
sooner had he landed at Southampton than he rushed over this
cablegram to his brother :
"Be sure and feed the parrot."
And the brother cabled back :
" Have fed him, but he's hungry again. What shall I do
next ? "���Woman's Home Companion. 	
coughing or showing
Grippe, Sore Throat, or
kind, get out your bottle of Nerviline*.
Rub the chest and neck with Nerviline,
and give internal doses of .ten drops of
Nerviline in sweetened water every
two hours. This will prevent any
serious trouble. No liniment or pain
reliever equals Poison's Nerviline, which
has been the great family remedy in
Canada for the past fifty years. Try a
25c. bottle of Nerviline.
is e nice cool place these hot days.   When in
town come in and cool yourself with a delicious
dish of ice cream.
Picnic and Private Parties catered for.
Terms Reasonable
The Fraser Advance $1.00 per
year. Ad "ad" in it will pay you,
Mr. Merchant.
An optimist is a person whose
chief business in life is to grin
at a pessimist.
" How far are we from Chicago?" asks the passenger,
plucking at the sleeve of the
conductor as that official passes
" Three wrecks, one misplaced
switch and a washout," answers
the conductor, hastening on,
lighting his red lantern as he
Piles get quick and certain relief from
Dr. Shoop's Magic Ointment. Please
note it is made alone for Piles, and its
action is positive and certain. Itching,
painful, protuding or blind piles disappear like magic by its use. Large
nickel-capped glass jars 50c. Sold by
H. J. Barber. 20-25
Under and by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain indenture of
mortgage which will be produced at
the time of sale, there will be offered
for sale BY TENDER the following
property, namely.
ALL AND SINGULAR that certain
parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being in the District
of New Westminster, Province of
British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as part of the
South-east quarter and South-west
quarter of Section Three (3) in
Township Three (3) Range Thirty (30)
west of the Sixth Meridian and more
particularly as follows:
Commencing at the South-west corner
of Lot Three nundred and seventy (370),
Group Two (2) Township Twenty-seven
(27) New Westminster District, and
running Northerly along the Western
boundary of said Lot 370 and Lot Three
hundred and seventy-one (371) to the
bank of Hope Slough; thence Westerly
along the Soutb bank of said Slough to
Indian Reservation; thence Southerly to
a post seven and seventy-six hundredths
chains; thence Easterly to the point of
commencement, the same containing
Twenty and one-half acres, more or
less, which said parcel of land is more
particularly shewn on a plan annexed
to said Indenture of Mortgage and
thereon colored green.
This property will be sold subject to
certain Indenture of Mortgage in favor
of the Canada Permanent Loan and
Savings Co. for the amount of Eight
hundred dollars and interest thereon.
Sealed tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to and including the 80th
day of June, A. D. 1907.
The highest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
For further particulars apply to
Kamloops, B.C.
Solicitor for the MORTGAGEE.
Dated this 11th May, 1907. 18-24
Seeds, Trees, Plants
NO saadleaa plunia, NO plMe��e apples,
NO ooblaaa corn���Just old reliable
varieties at reasonable prices.
Baa Supplies
Spray Pumps
���praying Malarial       Cut Flowers
Etc., Blc.
Oldaat eitabllshed Bursary on th*
Mainland of B. O.        nalaJsffue Free.
Omahouaai-avIO viestalasUr Road,
Branch Nurerrle*:-8. Vancouver.
P.S.���If jour local merchant* do eat
handle my seeds, send direct.   We pro-
Bay JO packets assorted varieties of
aRDEN HS.KD8 Iu ordinary to papal*
(tested stock) I* your near*at post offloe
fas |l-20 packets for Wo, trial collection.
Tvmih Pomp
Write to us for best quotations
obtainable in the market.
Advertise in The Advance, the
paper that everybody reads.
The Farmers' Exchange will
pack cherries for its members
this season. For further information inquire of secretary,
Chas. W. Webb.
I I will Imail you free, to prove merit
samples of my Dr. Shoop's Restorative,
and my book on either Dyspepsia, The
Heart or The Kidneys. Troubles of the
stomach, heart or kidneys, are merely
symptoms of a deeper ailment Don't
make the common error of treating:
symptoms only. Symptom treatment is
treating the result of your ailment, and
not the cause. Weak stomach nerves-
the inside nerves���mean stomach weakness, always, and the heart and kidney
as well, have their controlling or inside
nerves. Weaken these nerves and you
inevitable have weak vital organs. Here
is where Dr. Shoop's Restorative has
made it's fame. No other remedy even
claims to treat the "inside nerves/' Also
for bloating, biliousness, bad breath or
complexion, use Dr. Shoop's Restorative.
Write me today for sample and free
book. Dr. Shoop. Racine, Wis. The
Restorative is sold by H. J. Barber. 20-25
The following are the return rates to the different points mentioned below :
Good going ONLY July 3, 4, 5, August 8,9,10, September 11,12, 13, and final return limit 90 days from date of sale.
Winnipeg, Fort William, St. Paul, Duluth $60.00
Chicago  $  71.60
New York and Philadelphia    107.50
Buffalo     86.00
Halifax    108.30
Montreal $  91.50
Ottawa ���    90.05
StJohn, N.B    101.50
Toronto      86.00
Ten Days are allowed for passenger to reach destination.   Stop-over privileges given within time limits.
For further information as to rates to other eastern points, write or call on
W. R. NELEMS, C.P.R. Ticket Agent,
Advance Wants.
Small Advertisements at Small Cost.
Wanthi).���Everybody to let thoir business wants bo known to the public in
these columns. It will cost you little,
nnd will pay you much. Only one cent
p r word for each insertion. Till-:
FRASER Advance, P, 0. B 898, Chilliwack, B. C.
Ftm Sale���House nnd Lot at Sardis.
Apply to Jesse  Lupum,   Sardis,   B. C.
For Sale���A cart in good condition,
cheap.   T. Crosby, Sardis. 22-24
For SALE -A modern home in New
Westminster, located in centre of best
residential section of the city. Tho
house is practically new, has all -nodern
conveniences and Iwib just been handsomely papered throughout. Two large
lots in connection, assessed at $000
each. Trice and terms on application.
Apply to The Fraser Advance, Chilli-
wuck, B.C. 9-tf
For Sale��� Without reserve, nearly
half acre, on Reece Avenue. Apply A.
N. Smith, agent Confederation Life
Association. 22
Standing hay for Sale. ���M. Mac
Sween. 23tf
J. D. Brymner paid a week end visit
to town, returning to Westminster on
Ashwell's are having a crockery and
glassware clearing sale, don't miss it.
*"" 22-23
W. T. Jackman hopes to be sufficiently recovered to return to his home
by the end of next week.
Buy a dinner sett during Ashwell's
clearing sale in crockery and glassware. 22-23
Thos. Moore of Vancouver, bought
2i acres off the Hodgins property this
week and will build at an early date.
Thos. E. Caskey made a business
trip to New Westminster early in the
The Ladies' Aid of Rosedale Presbyterian church will give a Garden Party
at the home of T. G. Bartlett on Tuesday evening, June 25th. Programme
and refreshments.   Admission 10c.   23
The mails will leave the postoffice at
6:30 a.m. and arrive about mid-day. No
mails in the evenings during the summer months. 21-tf
A. S. Rankin went to Ladner on
Wednesday on an official trip as Inspector of the Cow Testing Associations.
Postponed, but not forever. - League
Lawn social will bo hold Friday, June
28th. 23
Mrs. Hugh D. McKay and child, of
Vancouver, and Miss Mabel Harrison
of New Westminster, are visiting
friends here
When in town don't miss the crockery and glassware sale at Ashwell's.
See the useful articles on the 10c, 15c
and 25c tables. 22-23
Rev. E. Manuel will preach the
annual sermon to the mambers of the
1.0.F. local lodge in the Methodist
Church tomorrow morning.
A Garden Party will be held at the
residence of  J.   L    Denholm,   Hope
Slough,   Tuesday  evening,   June   25. '
Band in attendance.   Moonlight launch
ride.   Admission 10c. 23
Messrs. Barritt & Banford have in-1
stalled a cold storage plant this week \
in their meat market, a much  needed
adjunct to their growing business.
Coming Yet.���Epworth League Garden Party. Fair Grouuds, Friday evening, June 28th. 23
The Last shall Be Best ��� League
Lawn Festival, Exhibition Grounds,
Friday, June 28th. 23
Chas. Hawthorne, J. A. Willis, Geo.
Howe, Jas. Bowman, Chas. Dolman
and Jos. Wilkinson, were among the
Beaver's outgoing passengers on
Don't miss it���the crockery and
glassware sale at Ashwell's. There's
something you need on the 10c, 15c and
25c tables. Be sure and see the display when in town. 22-23
Buy a tea sett during Ashwell's
j clearing sale in crockery. 22-23
' Would the party who removed the
I jack-screw from the rear of my store
be good enough to return same.���D. E.
i Stevenson. 23-24
Miss Crosby is closing her music class
this week for the holidays, with the
intention of re-opening about the end of
August, shortly after which a recital
will likely be given. Miss Kathleen
Henderson has been prepared for the
higher division music examination of
the Associated Board, which takes
in Vancouver in a few days. ' 23
A. W. Youmans was in town this
waek securing a party of men for work
on a government road to be built this
summer near Pemberton Meadows. He
went to Westminster on Thursday und
expected to take the boat for Squamish
yesterday, going in over the trail from
that point.
When having a moonlight ride in the
gasoline launch try our home made
candy. Hot coffee and cake after
landing at the Garden Party at J. L.
Denholm's. 23
Rev. Mr. Scott of Wawanesa, Man.,
preached the anniversary sermon at
Cooke's Presbyterian Church last Sunday to a large and appreciative congregation, and occupied the same pulpit in the evening also. Mr. Scott will
preach again tomorrow morning and
The undersigned have all but completed arrangements for a large ferry
boat, 25 horse power, to run on the
river between Agassiz and Chilliwack.
This steamer has been used as a ferry
between North and South Vancouver,
and will, we think, meet the increasing business of that end of the
valley. It is expected that the ferry
will be ready for business on June 24.
Braithwaite, McGrath, Thompson &
Co. 22-23
Take a look at Grossman's windows!
this week, they are very tempting.
New Confectionery at Grossman's'
Grocery. Fancy Bon Bons, 25c to $1 i
a box.   Pure Turkish Delight, 25c lb.    I
W.N.   Gordunior,   B. Sc. E.,   who {
has been  spending the last  few days !
with his  sister,   Mrs.    Ed.   Thomas,
returned  to Tacoma  on   Wednesday,
Miss Marguerite Thomas accompanied
Among its other valuable assets
Chilliwack may have a gold mine right
within its borders. S. Schiotz, who
has had many years experience as a
miner in Mexico and the Yukon, claims
to have discovered promising traces of
the precious metal on Shannon Mountain, one mile from town, and has staked
a claim accordingly. We have not
been ablo to locate tho locator before j
going to press and cannot send our
readers a sample of the " stuff " this
week. I
R. Burrows, a young man who came
out from England about live weeks ago
and engaged to work for D. C. Barrow
of Camp Slough, was taken ill with inflammatory rheumatism shortly after
his arrival here. Last Saturday upo i
the advsce of Dr. McCaffrey, who has
been attending him during his illness,
he was taken to Columbia Hospital.
On Monday, however, it was found
nacessary to remove him to the Insane
Asylum. It is thought that his derangement is only temporary, being the
result of a weakened condition of the
heart and it is hoped that he will soon
A very pleasant and successful Garden party was given by the Woman's
Auxiliary of St. Thomas' Church on
Thursday evening, on the Rectory
grounds The Band was in attendance
and discoursed such music as Dur Chilliwack boys alone can. A programme
was also rendered, one of the features
of which was a Japanese costume
song by four little girls. Refreshments were served and the evening in
every possible way rendered enjoyaWe
The attendance was larger than usual
and over $75.00 wa3 realized. A handsome painting of a scene in the Yellowstone, by Fred Lee, was raffled, Mrs.
Batchelor holding the winning number.
A largely attended meeting of the
landowners of Sumas Dyking District
was held, pursuant to notice, at
Upper Sumas, on Wednesday for the
purpose of voting upon the amended
plans of the engineers. Since the adoption of the former plans some months
ago, the Company's engineers had decided that it would be preferable to
utilize the Luck-a-Kuck channel for
the diversion of the Chilliwack River.
The vote upon these amended plans on
Wednesdry was 94 for and 62 against,
giving slightly over the three-fifths
i majority necessary to approve them
The majority representee over two to
one of property interest, however.
The Court of Revision lias been adjourned until July 23rd.
A unanimous call to the pastorate of
the Baptist i hurch has been accepted
by Rev. Mr. Stewart of Owen Sound,
who has occupied the pulpit very acceptably several times lately. Mr.
Stewart arrived in town with his
family on Wednesday evening and has
located at Mrs. McGillivray'? new
cottage near the High School. The
new pastor comes highly recommended
by those who know him well in the
east, and high expectations are entertained of his success here.
The Garden Party given by the
Ladies' Aid Society in the Manse
Grounds last Monday evening proved a
decided success. The weather was all
that could be desired Tasty refreshments were served from prettily deco
rated booths, which were well patronized. The Band boys came out in their
usual good form, playing first at the
corners and thon marching down to the
grounds, putting all in a mood to come
and have a good time. A good program was given as follows : Chorus by
the Choir, "Stand For The Right/'
Duet, by the Misses Gertie Knight and
Bessie Henderson. Address T>y the
Chairman, Rev. Mr. Riddell. Solo and
Chorus, " Under Southern Skies,"
Miss Olive Henderson. Solo, Mr. Herbert Street. Mr. James with his auto-
harp was also in evidence. The National Anthem closed u most enjoyable
Mrs. Katherine Robinson has disposed of her home to Mr. Halpenny,
and may move to Vancouver.
The Vancouver Jockey Club are
holding a Dominion Day Meeting, July
1st for 2 days. Programme published
in full on page 3.
A large party of Chilliwack people
took advantage of the excursion to
Port Douglas yesterday afternoon by
the " Beaver."
Mrs. J. H. Atkinson, who recently
sold her house to Wm. Morden of Vancouver, will dispose of her household
effects next Saturday by auction, at 1
p. in. Mrs-Atkinson will make a trip
east and may return later to reside
The marriage of C. L. Royds, of D.
E. Stevenson's bicycle department, to
Miss Constance II. Stiff, the popular
trained nurse, is announced to take
place next Wednesday at St. Thomas'
Church.   May the day be bright.
Notice is hereby given that the Court
of Revision of the Assessment Roll of
the Sumas Dyking District which was
held on the 20th day of June, 1907, was
adjourned until the 23rd day of July,
1907, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, at the Town Hall, Upper
Clerk to the Commissioners.
Dated the 20th day of June, 1907.  23-27
All owners, lessees or occupiers of
land upon which Canadian Thistles are
growing within the Township of Chilliwhack, are hereby, notified to effectually destroy same within fourteen days
hereafter, and in default thereof they
may be prosecuted according to law.
Dated this 20th day of June 1907.
23-tf Chief of Police.
In the matter of the "Trustees and*
Executors' Act," and in the matter of
the Estate of Reuben Nowell deceased.
All persons having any claims or
demands against the estate of Reuben
Nowel, late of Chilliwack, British Columbia, deceased, are hereby required
to tile with the undersigned (J. Howe
Bent), their names and addresses and
full particulars of their claims and the
value of the securities (if any) held by
them, duly verified, on or before the
tenth day of August, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that after said
I date the executors will proceed to distribute the said Estate amongst the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
only to the claims of which they shall
have had notice, aud they will not be
liable for the proceeds of the Estate or
any part thereof bo distributed to any
person of whose claim they had not.
notice at the time of distribution thereof.
Dated this 20th day of June, 1907.
Executor and Trustee,
Estate of Reuben Nowell, Deceased.
Chilliwack, B.C. 23-28
In the matter of the "Trustees and
Executors Act," and in the matter of
the estate of William Bell, deceased.
All persona having any claims or demands against the estate of William
Bell, late of Chilliwack, British Columbia, deceased, are hereby required
to file with the undersigned, their
names and addresses and full particulars of their claims and the nature of
the securities (if any) held by them,
duly verified, on or before the 31st day
of July, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that after
said date the executors will proceed to
distribute the said estste amongst the
parties entitled thereto, haying regard
only to the claims of which they shall
have had notice, and they will uot be
liable for the proceeds of the estate or
any part theri of so distributed to any
person of whose claim they had not
notice at the time of distribution
Dated this 7th day of June, 1907.
Executors Estate William Bell, deceased, Chilliwack, B.C. 22-27
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders will be received up to June
29th for the erection of a double house
on Victoria Street.
Plan and specifications can be seen
at the office .f G. K. Ashwell & Son
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Chilliwack, June 20th, 1907. 23
R. C. Menten, captain.
J. H. Harrison, purser.
Bus will leave the postoffice at 6:30
a.m. and Henderson's corner at 3:30
p.m. every day for the steamer connecting with morning trains, east and west,
and afternoon trains east and west respectively. Returning bus will arrive in
town at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.
All members of Excelsior Lodge No.
7. I.O.O.F., and visiting brethren, are
requested to attend the Memorial and
Decoration Service on Sunday, June 28.
Members will meet at Lodge at 2 p.m.,
and at Cemetery at 3 p.m.
S. S. CARLTON. Rec. Sec. 22-23
i    I keep in  stock  and will  supply to
I order pickets in any length desired.
'22-29 Chilliwack. B.C.
A Few Snaps for the
Next Ten Days
Oilcloths and Linoleums, 3-6 and 12 ft. wide, per yard, from 25c to $ 1.25
Chamber Sets, 10 pieces.    See them.
Buffets, usual $35 for $30 qq
Buffet and China Cabinet, usual $50, for $45^00
Sideboards, solid oak, 4 drawers, large bevelled mirror, usual $35, for $30.00
Sideboard, bevelled mirror, a snap, usual $20, for $15.00
Parlor Suite, mahogany finish, spring edge, tufted back, great value, usual #35 for. $3o!(M)
Iron Beds, Springs and Mattresses, the best value.   See them.
G. P. CHAMBERLAIN, funeral director and embalmer
Brick ^dence oSv?r1torehmiwack-        Picture Framing and Upholstering
'Si'': iJS^V^ln'.iNV-is..���*���. N^" S   S  N   !   \ X  \   \N
; The members of Court Chilliwack
I No. 4115, I.O.F., are requested to as-
! semble at the I.O.O.F. Hall at 10 a.m.
I on Sunday, June 23, for the purpose of
| attending the anniversary services
| which will be held in the Methodist
Church at 11 a.m. All visiting breth-
I ren are cordially invited to be present.
! 22-23 W. C. BEARCROFT,  R.S.
Several more large consignments of Spring Mattresses,
Iron Beds and Bamboo
Goods just arrived. Heavy
Felt Mattresses at light
prices. See 'em���come and
see 'em go ! -o- Window
Shades, Curtain Poles and
Extension Rods, all lengths.
Just think I We had to
order another 2 doz. Carriages and Go-Carts.
Another large assortment
of tables, all sizes, to arrive soon. Please hold
your orders for same.


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