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The Fraser Advance Jun 8, 1907

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31 Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, Especially Devoted to tbe Interests ot itbf fraser Valley.
The Fraier Advance:  Vol. I, No. 21
i. Progreiii y.Ql. XVII. No. 10
It is expected that the prize
list for the Provincial Exhibition
will be iuued about July 1st.
The employes of the B.C.E.
Ry. Co. have applied for a 20
per cent increase in wages.
A Kansas City usurer was
fined $100 for loaning a man
money at 71 percent, per month,
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain has
returned to London, and it is re-
\ ported that there appears to be
> but little improvement in   his
George Morgan, twenty-three
years of age, was drowned in a
small lake near Hope on Tuesday.
Morgan, who was a carpenter,
was working for the C.P.R.
' San Francisco and cities for
125 miles down the coast experienced an earthquake shock at
midnight of June 5th. No serious damage is reported.
Thorleif Larsen, a Norwegian
by birth, but who came to New
Westminster with his parents
when he was three years old, has
won the Rhodes scholarship for
t; j Province of British Columbia.
Dynamite was exploded under
a street car in San Francisco on
Tuesday. The forward truck
was raised from the track, and
the passengers were badly
i frightened, but no serious
'* damage was done.
The Irish Bill was formally
dropped by the government on
June 3rd.
A feeling of apprehension prevails in Tokyo regarding Japan's
future relations with the United
Addressed by J. II. lAnderton, Dtp.
Minuter of Agriculture end Dr.
S F. Tolmle, V S.
Esson's logging camp on Knox
Bay, Thurlow Island, was
burned on Monday. A great
deal of valuable timber was
The editor of the Fredericton
Gleaner has been committed for
trial on June 18th, on the charge
preferred by Hon. H. R. Em-
The unsatisfactory condition
of both Federal and Local politics has caused Sir Wilfrid Lau-
rier' cancel several European
engagements and he will return
a full month earlier than he expected.
It is reported that a large instalment of Japanese laborers
will come to this province during
the coming season under contract, at an average wage of
$1.10 per day. Local Japanese
are opposing this scheme fearing
that wages will be reduced as a
On May 31st, Hon. C. W.
Robinson was sworn in as premier of New Brunswick, to succeed Mr. Pugsley, who tendered
his resignation in order to contest St. John in the Liberal interest for the House of Commons.
A woman getting on a street
car in Vancouver on Saturday,
dropped a parcel which on being
picked up was found to contain
several sticks of dynamite. The
car was full of people at the
time. The woman said she was
' taking it home, as her husband
wanted it for blasting stumps.
Harry Orchard, the self-confessed murderer of former
Governor Stunenberg, in his
testimony in the Haywood trial
in Boise, Idaho, on Wednesday,
stated that he is a native of
Ontario and that his real name is
Alfred Hamsley, and that at the
age of 20 he came from a Michigan town to Nelson, B.C.
Sixty per cent, of the logging
camps on the coast will shut
down on June 29. 2,000 men
will be thrown out of employment, and the monthly pay roll
will be reduced about $200,000.
The state of the market is
alleged as the cause.
Capt J. Kock, leader of the
famous Finnish Red Guard, the
revolutionary militia of Finland,
has arrived in New York. He
states that the best soldiers in
his army are women, 5,000 of
whom are in the militia, all
armed with the latest model
Mauser rifles.
On Wednesday a fine of $500
was imposed upon the Japanese
charged with tne illict manufacture of intoxicating liquor on a
small island in the Fraser river
below New Westminster. The
defendant declared that the
liquor was used as a preservative
for salmon to be shipped to
The general Development Co.
of which Adolphe Lewistron is
president, one of the strongest
combinations of mining capital
in the world, is about to commence operations in Dawson. If
conditions prove favorable, millions may be expended in the development of British Columbia
and Yukon mines by this company.;
Mrs. J. W. Haskins, whose
husband was taken ill on board
the steamer Princess May as the
vessel was leaving Vancouver
two weeks ago, and died shortly
after returning to shore, was
found dead in her room at the
Balmoral Hotel, Victoria, last
Saturday morning. It is believed
that her death, like that of her
husband, was due to heart failure.
The following is from the
Boundary Creek Times: The
Longboat education fund, inaugurated by the Toronto Globe,
has closed at the magnificent
total of $180.25. It seems a pity
that say five others of Toronto's
citizens had not kept a cent each
out of the Cobalt pot and
rounded the thing up to $180.30.
That would have been a thirty
cent ending at least. And Toronto aspires to be the educational centre of Canada! It
doesn't look as if Longboat was
going to get much of an education. If the list were not absolutely closed we would suggest
taking up a collection for the
fund in some little Jim Crow
mining camp out west, and
raising the amount a few
Dr. S. F. Tolmie conducted a
Stock Judging School at the Fair
Grounds on June 4th, about 50
farmers being present Score
cards were supplsed to each.
The first animal that was judged
was a cow, which according to
Dr. Tolmie's judgment, scored
851 out of a possible 100. Out
of 20 students that scored, F.
Barr was first, 86; R. H. Cairm >
second, 831; J. A. Evans, third,
There was quite a difference of
opinion about the weight of the
cow, the range being from 800
to 1,200 pounds. Dr. Tolmie and
James Bailey guessed 925 pounds,
The cow when placed on the
scales weighed 935.
A fine Clyde mare was then
scored, 11 students took part.
Five out of the eleven correctly
guessed the age to be seven
years. One student from the
Bunch Grass Country declared
the mare to be 11 years old. The
student that scored the weight
to be 1,900, was laughed at, as
the lowest score was 1,560. The
actual weight when placed on
the scales was 1,815 pounds.
Dr. Tolmie scored 73| points,
James Bailey, 75; Wm. Cornby,
711; Jas. Grigg, 691.
Dr. Tolmie pointed out the
good and bad points of the
animals, and also called upon
the students to explain their
reasons in reference to the scale
of points. The meeting lasted
for three and a half hours and
closed by giving Dr. Tolmie a
hearty vote of thanks.
The evening meeting was
held at the Court House,
about 60 being present
Mr. Anderson, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, addressed the meeting in reference
to Farmers' Institute work, and
was sorry to hear that the
number of Institute members
seemed to be decreasing. Chilliwack should have a membership of at least 250 members.
The Department of Agriculture
are doing their best to assist in
the matter of securing proper
men as Institute speakers, and it
rests with the farmers whether
they take advantage of the opportunities offered. A great
deal of the success of an Institute rests with the secretary.
The chairman then called on
Dr. Tolmie to address the
The Dr. said tnat his subject
would be Animals and their Diseases. He was glad to see that
Chilliwack is making progress in
producing good animals. He
had just returned from Vernon,
testing horses and found some
splendid specimens, valued at
$200 to $500 each, and as far as
his opinion goes Chilliwack can
produce horses for the market as
cheap as they can in
other places. Good light hones,
if well broke, can be disposed of
in the coast cities at high prices.
A large quantity of the beef
that is used at the present time
comes from Calgary at a cost of
6 cents per pound live weight
Chilliwack should produce more
beef. From 50,000 to 75,000
sheep are imported from the U.
S. annually for mutton.
The Dr. spoke at length on the
diseases of animals and asked
the farmers what symptoms they
had noticed in cases of hog
cholera and if they had been suc-
csasful in treating the disease.
One of the farmers present had
given a liberal dose of blue mass,
castor oil and fish hooks.
The Dr. in speaking of tuberculosis said that it is an established fact that bovine tuberculosis is dangerous to the
human species.
A hearty vote of thanks was
tendered to the speakers.���Com.
The Union Sunday School Have a
Pleasant Outing.
The annual picnic of the Union
Sunday School on the Ford Road,
was held at the South Sumas
schoolhouse on Saturday, June 1.
The cows had never been so
easily and quickly milked as that
morning, which shows what can
be achieved when there is a
bright hope inspiring. On our
way to the grounds we met
pleasant faces and merry voices
everywhere, all heading for the
little paradise. The weather was
given by the Lord so favorable
that it could not have been
better. Swings were erected by
Messrs. Alward, Pearson, and
Arthur Beaumont and when all
was ready for the start the
ladies, too numerous to mention
all by name, had prepared a fine
lunch an the soft grass and
seasoned with wit and humor, it
was one of the best meals we
ever had. Then the boys played
football and the girls had a
swing and others took a walk,
and the older ones felt young
seeing the joy of the little folks.
Some thought we ought to have
every week a day like that,
others wished that all our days
should thus be spent. Schiller's
word "To something better are
we born," were re-expressed,
and I hope sincerely that the
effect of that day will leave an
everlasting benediction, and that
belief in one God and Father, in
one church and a united Christian family will strongly absorb
all more and more.
May this little stone, a united
Sunday School, quickly increase
and smash all the images and
realms of isms completely. I
thought of years gone by when I
attended German Singerfestivals
and wished that here the power
Secretary W J.   Brandrith  Pays
Valley a Vltlt.-Danger ol
Hlqh Water Past
W. J. Brandrith, of Ladner,
secretary of the B.C. Fruitgrowers Association, was in
town yesterday and called at the
Advance office. His trip to Chilliwack was for the purpose of
personally ascertaining the prospects of our fruit crop for the
6resent season. He expressed
imself as highly gratified at the
conditions here, declaring with*
out hesitation that the outlook
for a good crop in Chilliwack
was decidedly more promising
than in any other part of the
province. As far as can be determined at the present time,
the frosts of a month ago did
less damage here than in most
places. In some sections of the
province the cherry crop will be
almost a total failure, while other
fruits have suffered as well. Reports from the fruit belts of
Washington and Oregon show
that the cherry and peach orchards have suffered greatly,
and the probabilities are that the
entire fruit production will not
be more than half the usual
amount. Mr. Brandrith, however, thinks that unless something unforeseen transpires, the
loss throughout British Columbia
will be just about offset by the
increased acreage in bearing this
year, so that the total production for the province will be
practically up to the average.
Asked for his opinion regarding the prospects of a high water,
Mr. Brandrith thought that the
danger line was past. On his recent return from the interior he
observed that all snow had disappeared from the lower hills,
so that the water now coming
down is all from the Upper
Thompson and Fraser rivers.
With ten days before the next
high tides and over five feet of a
margin to rise before there will
be any real danger, things look
pretty safe despite all the alarms
sounded by the sensational press
Dam Burets
On Thursday of last week the
dam in Garnet Valley, five miles
from Summerland burst, and the
water rushed to the lake, carrying with it uprooted trees, and
damaging bridges and orchards.
The residence of Hector Sutherland was completely demolished.
The dam enclosed a body of
water three-quarters of a mile
long, thirty yards wide and fourteen feet deep, and served to
irrigate about five hundred acres
of land.  	
Labor scarce.
Owing to the scarcity of labor
in the Boundary, the Coal Company at Fernie has sent a representative to Winnipeg to collect men for work in the coke
ovens. The fares will be paid by
the Company.
of song would be more realized.
We forgot to sing at the end
"Praise God from whom all
blessings flow." As it often goes
men forget to be thankful, but I
trust all will privately give
thanks for what they enjoyed
that day. Jacob Zink. V   If yon with  *lilfi5^j!yprf^*'
"Perfectly    Bate,"    nays    Caiutukor
iFCfsyitiSSKBrtptldin in the Valluy ui-
lira I fllffl
R(| 19lsW /lUill
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||V Itlms la monf)l     ������.,        y,,,)}        M
BD lOjIcrid
by ��nlliiiR.*B'j;it|  il^i'l ���": SOUlO I8BOO1
,dthbtm& .1, .7/    lo"L "dj *�� fijn,"'!' '
OW^E. "BENT   :/   ":J
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���Ahf* M bollco ).���!'.: v.ji^if^iilW^o^lHnctDvil imuoq wqBii
WldOoi qtoilH .wflflo oonavbA womooubwq biuorfR >b��
'"EWi��k��Lif!5 >h,r"'1 ooo,3T 0.1 ooon nun
A Washington man, wishing to take
rit.V4iirt��m(lii^*h��vapu*<4 ifthM����'^hw*V#WQ JJtf
Uor on It." summer, one nay erosaia ovoFTo the
In  view  or  tlm  fnaiH  wmen some
Komi people contlnuo In untei'tiiln re
ftrlffirmcr iwufrqrol! the i��irlinWmiH
dyko,   llio   Advance   look   occasion   a
at 11 small farm with a vlow to ront-
U/itfflXl.lXhjlthliiK was to his liking*
and negotiations were about to be
completed: When OB qUBstlUll Ot HIT'
few  days  ago  to  specially  Interview
(U),   *.Mi[hMiM\\WM��rWil'.Wfting' tfW''<��?nar> c"w ��"rn,!
tye matter.    If anybody should be In
a, position to speak with a degree of
/|V   asw   .nolAnooaH
ilirltic bellaobnfl v.aba
ft w
irfj to:
art) mo'
000g irff
MH*th0 JMMkf Ml1IW*
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0 ".There J�� ubsolutuly, nothing In, It.
jtfgifliojci fjjiQffl fjTbi*��osi 1
j ���..
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Golds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
ThisramadyIs famous for ltTure��nver
alarg-a part of ttia clvulzuil world.. It can i
.always 6s dependod uuou.   It ctmtuliis no .
opium or other harmful drug and may he
glrea as oonlldmitly ty u buliy im tunu adult
Price 26 cts; Large Size, 60 ots.
.....-,- ,.   -JBolutuiy, nothing Iilft, .__
^  thcP^yiW!IWa^r��3.e'lr(rlJ',<.av��rr'* %<ftl
bna hGmi&m Tio MBB^pn>bsl*w,Bl';tawa'Bfc4'i��,r,,WmIft'fi>e,!'
���   \i      ,i/fii i Jr'11f,ut,b6'iAWfb^^W feftY8bf??4 'te
_Woak Kidney*, snroly Mint to weak kidney
jforvos, Tho Kidneys, Ilka tho.. Heart, ami tho
Stomach, And thalr weakness; not In tliniinron
Raelf, but In tho niirvos that control and auidn
' and stnmgthon thorn. Dr. Bllooii's Kestoruttvu Is
A modlclno siMicillcally jpruparod to ruuch thuao
controlling nerves. To doctor the Kidneys ulono,
Is (utile. It Is a waste 61 time, and of money as
If your back aches or la weak, If the nrtno
scalds, of Is (lurk and Ktrnnfr, If you have symptoms
Of Bright* or other dlstrnsatiig or diMigcrniM kid.
?ey disclaim, try Dr. Slump��Ituatomtl vn n month���
ahlets or Liquid���nnd smi what It run and will
Dr. Shoop's
The Advance,   #1.00  per year.
���i- ���' ..J   ).!.V
was h,ii ex
olared, and
��^titpr4ty,s)��thbf��fVf)j��*ttHi��i tOraHHtHnhf"" uhe would ,lve ,lx QUftrt' of ml
ijtanki' tal.itei-Uauilyii Hint/, tfnnn) rlHrtfi
'fong connectldm \v)lh.iO*d 111* pres-
Ait relationship to the dyke ought
"t)i   glvo    hla   words   ut   loast    aomo
,wf*htl'-.>iJ*<iHiutytn(r;��uiui��ioiiid fiH.tli!
^hntrf* 5��rf��i
lri-jl..!.    .1.1.    ..I   ,!�����    D..,..m������     .���   1������W
In the matter of the estate of Robert
V%H��9iiWtfe '>T\Chilliwack, deceased.
Notice' is* hereby given that all.
u editors)   and   ethen  hoving -olainw���.
aoeiientjOPifr, thoiarpier^ae-
nd even after  feeding., het
against the estate of the said Robert
rDu|in,isy|o (ii��dft��orl��boutjH|*1iptl)1d|y
of March, 1907, are hereby required.
Oil uT before the 80tli da�� of June, 1007,
to send by mst,nrepaM oft dflUyer to
4, Pelly of ChmiVarik!,lB.t.,,rJ(llicltor
u daj.,,, VB(*.j\iw.t)��,a,(laj!l'i' palmed,
the ^���4h>j��g^n.fl^,;,.,'7lt)��i'f,)lp more!
Then,   suddenly,   observing  the grjlrj.;1
following Its mother about the pas-
iKTy."   *,    .;'
iiw locimn
gjrjgtfjgv lo    in
p^'tBlrrjWiriiil. no :���;
:" .m3  .A .11  ..mil  u, titAn
III.   M , ' ...
8V/00   al
^he'.l^elpjite 'is,, tji^..riosJ.^It",,
/cjent  Cream' Separator' ��� "yet ''
TtfroWleA?7' Thfe^'Melotte" ft'
��� sold -absolutely ori^'itS'rne*��1ssP^ft
turns,, e^siej^, varjfJ;   m\\1:)a$ ,,
,hi'any crgani'separja'
Worla.""1 :'r-' '
in::'    )Ofl    DllJOO
;;',.t6r m'l
���'"��� IT99G
1    ;4 ganger of cuttirikIB'IJde*>rfrjb^rb6ie"fo.
oi: tiwsw tm��M ��ftWrh9W�� ��Sr����
*!the'ttina'^paratef^hfcK m\\%ialV%tfiS^t\y%er^m 8;
��i����ri��h the-reas? anS^nt^'labor;!^%rd^s^uami^iH,^he,:>'!
: quickest time, the easfestito. ctaj^h ar^'twwtaB^iaruii'nuft^d
r- iflurabteandisafe,,. A|rial willliKMivJncetharoQst'aJsepticalri'ji
that..the "Melotte"tis M^^o^^yfrWh^SrnWiWiim iai
'these'conditions.    ' '."" '"''. ,, ���, ''.." ,' ..-''.,
���   ���������-,  ���    .y:\i-. ��������� -I....   j;:..-;;,iT;-i,   '���-���    . i:;'j��i   ���������*���-������.'   :'.'J In   OltO
.���   ���:   '      '
���������'��� il   I
���������'. '
���    oi
9fiJ :iv;
E. G. PRIOH & (JO., tTD.
.1)811 ���"
���:   lif;clj
���C Hfli
.������      .1    103 OiiJll   >   )   tO
Vancouver, ���      ri /
.'���'���.') on
:   "    "i'f VI
Ui.Ht dyku. )n llrltlsh't'oluinbUi to-duy..
'Those who were, .Here when It was
built cttn'not queHtlort Its "Aolld'lty. Oura
operated by englueM were u��ed In lt��
e,ipnpt4uetlnr\, tShf^lrjufikllbeJiiii falged as;'
the. i')nl)ai\l''ii'.iil. Wiib built uu, . Tliua,,
wlie,n the dyke was .enmpleted It wua
thoroughly jincknd and to-dny Its In-
U'llor L'ould. only.'be licnetidUidi.wllh
a pliilt, , .HuHitUw out' dyku Is mueh
larger, than moat flykos. running, from
'eight to ten feet on the lop'and from'
arty to lot) Ceet at tne Mere;   it Bta'tSts'
two: I'otH above the..hvol nf the '1)4
Mood and I .have no lienituncy [in suy-
Ing that water can Uu on It within
one l'o.ot of the top with pepfect mtl'e-
ty. ' i have Just Inspecfiid It from
one end- to the other nnd found It
In perfect ;condlUqii, so you etui tell
the people'to real easy uyen��� If..there
Bhquld. be   it   Hood,' which   I   do   not
Jfl'tlOVi  '.L .     !���-���"'     .  ;'   ���;
expect.     In   fact,   I do  not  expect  to'
ace the pumps run ilitx yen!', which
will rrinko tho fourth year In succession, that: we have, be��n freo from
pumping charge^. ,'J:b)s|ty a fiict.w.h.lcu
'our popple. ,,oug)it not to overlook,
when' ' tlifeyl rerteinb'er' rn'iil ��� nearly
ievtity ��� othe'r Oyltlng; 'district', oh I 'tHe^
p'raser haa to ru89 ltg'jpumps.feach
yean from ��� one to two months,"
"is there any danger of the bank
befrtfe cut away arid tne dyke' tfnder-
mlfiia^" b9iJ��0 OSlfl u... ,..j.wi;;
>���/ TjUbisblrfJeljdiiifliie. OUlEJthJobUaBgeJl
J)OjBt��lia>l*! *#n .n&mhrflet. iby,��jiRfl;
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remedy. Let me send it now. It js
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septic balm'. Cwrtalniriif such1 healing
ingredients as Oil Eilcaliptua, Thymol,
Menthol, etc., it gives inatant and laat-
ing relief to catarrh of tbe tnose and
throat, Make the free test and see for,
yourself what this preparation can' and
will accomplish. Address Dr. Shoop,
Racine, Wis. Sold by H.J. Barber. 20-��>
for the executors of the last will and
testament of .the MM. deceased, their
descriptions, the full'tiattl('ukr'K:ilf'Ui��ir'-il
d the. nature of the securities, if any,
id,4y tnJm:)ri{ '," nowiqme BrlT
''And"fii'rtnur Wtotfe*tHat trUer.JI
such   last 'rMirrtiOrrfe^sJftltJfI ��� thai11Mrid'ii |
executors will procded'to distribute the
ttflljtftataMf thorde^eased fi^^m****
notice, and that) the said eJtecutlfVs^iil"
pot be, liable for. the said assets or any
wh6ise clklmg'Mice'snKlfSWtHkVe'boUiv'ri
received' bj> tfieW ut 'the timeof bOt>Ts��W
Dated the 18th duy of May, iwii>'?jd
J8-21''['. "'''��� Soll'cftor'for'the'exeiutori.1
nation of fresh Incursions, by, the rjver.
'indeed, it'V a wjeU known"facV;tni
��   -ITf
e. dxke  is   perfectly   sar��,,a
.1(138910   uuiiau    ,. ,tW
alte, my reputlfflon on It."
M   v.tt)q9(i   .nogTgbnA
Jfo'hn lion'
flows across his lot near Elk  Creek,
V'lWater'WomMsaloner'Jc. 'O.Vtftsh**
'at; H&jt]Wfl'ftm{',st*fi;..#ie ^tac^fe^toi
.bi^used for domestic, and] Industrial
pdt-p'bsfes. - Wo'^uh'dirttahtt ftnaf-lilrV
.���BondJ tntenda/, to/erflctj^j.pniall, mill
.and wood-working factory at an early
���*at3Maom rstol  :������. lo qlti
I arl
Fred G. Crisp. Frank L. Gwillim.
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, &c..
'���    . OFFICES
Old Safe Block, Vancouver, B C.
���q     Telephone 1772.   P. 0. Box 635.
Bank Blk., Daweon, Y. T.r
Telephone 239.   P. 0. Box 26.
W. H. T. Gahan
'(Royal Bank of Canada Chambers)
'       -Ghilliwack, B.C.    ;
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run no risk���therefore, use Catarrhp-
zon'e���at our expend if not satisfied.. ��� ,
tti ;-i;:
jfiom hiiti
A Fatal Pall.
:.;.)   Mifrrfirfj
Charles Krancls Train 'was recently
.r.soortlng an English gentleman about
Hoston. They were reviewing the
'(li'rfereht; objects ot attraction, and
dually came to Bunker Hill. They
stood looking at the splendid monument, when Mr. Adams remarked:
'"This;de the place, sir, where Warren
.fell!" "Ah,!", replied .the Englishman,
'evidently-' not very faWrllar7 with' km-
���erloan' ljistory. "Was i��e seriously
hurt by his fall?" Mr! Adams looked
r.t ;hts friend. "iHurtl" said he. "He'
was killed, sir." "Ah, Indeed!'! jthe,
,Epgllshman replied, at.111 eyeing top
monument and commencing to1 o6n��-
Ipule; ptemglj$ In, :;Ji{s-,- Own)mhid..
"Weil, I should think'he might liave
beeni^-falllng : so    tar."'"���' Harper's
Wfieitiy.-r;yn<i   i   [��r0 ai jfjewMd'
For 25c.
we will send to any address post
prepaid a good TOOTH BRUSH
and a box of
"Tooth Powder
,   '������"     ���������    .. '.      ' 01 ��9Vi
'   '"''' ���'���",'/'v>'i    ���'' ni ,.' ������ ���
: ,.'.: At\b >'���'��� m  . I ibl   ���.."���   :
I   Ui   ���'.'. 'l;.:i i   ���..!       ,J;        i,
New lot Stamp I Mat: Patterns*
).8 .noalsM oi
.! .."
o mmiMirWSEo-i ad lii
CAPITAL (All [initl up).
���     " """ '    ''���''::';,���.���'. ���   ��� n
Branches   througout  Canada   and
Newfoundland, and  in London,  England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City. ��� tfd     I
���   ���'���'.���- /
A  general  banking business transacted.
' ��� '������ ��������� ���   '
Letters of Credit .issued, available .
with correspondents in all parts of thfr'
Savings Bonk Deportment. i;$��M$
in sums of $1.00 arid upwards, and in- ���
terest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum /
(present rate) added: FOUR TIMES
A YEAR.        .,.     ;,,,,""'..    ���,jt.i .'..;.
��Total Assets Over $l��5,M0,��wJ ^ Vi
Chilliwack    1J ranch
WtehAXATIVE Bftolaoft'tJIrVitiBTaWets. n
All-tfruMlat* refund, the irwsey �� it ful|s t�� j
rcnrf.;B).|Wrr?r9v��;s slgwtuije son.ea^fitiox.
  iomustisr no .igvpooajft
is��-wbfry.��tib*8t/but'the wonry can.be
cixiu TOViioonaV anivaol
 aEBV oi
,,    ,-,.; |  -'LAQUSlfeETS, y<ARNISHESt'i4S
,   jonu  lionu of JSMt Chilliwack Wis1      grfj   :?i:   fflOQI T.il ni    fitwh hmu.'t
'-�� saw
Ig&tmawib lo ��xoiia [aievsa
[1 li bsh\':/t
j fa /.&mmxMvTLMet'rme:
t b&vaaspani .anmiomvwruiJMi�����   ��������     i ,   ,   ^
mmsi%Mm0mm Wm.^ ^ill cook-lyouco%eds.ito��
^ic^ aMj\9JMt TOv);ne; .wli^
PAMOUS-we have thjBjn-^StdT6�� ana BWlteftiBnoboIovoi
Our Line of Garden' Tools MlS^
arrythinfi:*t all-in the hardware .business' that ybti ifetitrti'e, Wfecan '
and will serve ^oulwitb. pleasure..! ' '-''���'.'" .'-'ll:
��� irmn
sonboV/ nU
illO Jn99 t. Jff'ja     iviutDPnssirnn milO      !|fi'U. )!/)lfll   I"'
30 r. Ji('.i,I JINITOKPORATED 1800.
-J   ii :,���>.-:Kiila
nt'b'tWV&littuon aj,
��� *t it i,i ���'*���% (���������r***'*<
'.Ewhty-five' liianolies tb! rpurjhOOt JCatifcc(a, tJnite'di 8l��t��B'Bod'0ob'a.   'I
-i. .TliK       J:;..:   .It; .;ij,";,;���. ,���;��� ������,,  I I _ I 0} nomfea  TO)
-:   :   ,     ,r   ^BArJCHJEB.WBBJTISH COLUMBIA:
Ghilliwack,   , ,���,    Nanaimo, Vancouver,
Cumberland','  , '.'    '   J,',''J rj'sititiri;      >   .���, r,��� r/   do,(EaBt End)
^ _ ^_ in
tive Bromo Qwanne tium*s
in i��ti�� Booths, ���    TWl iJgilataw,^
001 JNew'-Westfjii
I9S "Boislen.d,'.
orii 'ilVerngn,
,    dp- Hiae
uionirjo   VaL \��;|l
jmrjoi iv
doSMi' Pleasant'.
do7Grahvillerit.'    (;
ttrttnrV**ofW:o';   ���' ;':>!'-
Ladiier, tialo  rioun
^ori,,,, 919W ���j,,,,, ���iiv.ffleRa j .V;;/���; ')JjMGmm&
cure, a''HOMB' ��AiVfNGS'>JBANKi.;'!oil
returrvoif'brink i��t good oonditiom.' ���/
.    ��. *.-fTlXSOi*. X'i 'V"ni;n ��oJ��Y brin
.^by'jbnua   Manager Chilliwack BlAHOHJ^rifiq
s'tl t>
Too] ,8 avwt ,7/.o;rrr/.*,.��.)! ,>i imv/muihu .aoviAYdA .<i;.w.:n hut
lnt In attendance,   irregularity In at-
tortdWnde... QRi absence,   fur���-.tvl.v��lnu��
riiaaonri. iiitorlere*,ni<Mit awlously with
tho advaiHiurmt iifthjri ��unli..   a    i
If), Heuulro .your,, child  to ,do sat-
i'IKI"  Lill'J rl01    lilil'Utl.'lJt.lil    I'll.l'
J^n,^lei��i%'iiapjlfnflM1*     UlgnfoMfollfl ����r, ��^,jMi^?f��tt��*
(If J*PV/l��>*HH0r!W,0,i error r��H mer)' ' A ��e^sVr' lelu'tfop IWlJ? ptjroht*
MfSirritf8mMJ l!i.^��r,.-r4iilo*ljlr����iij'oiJlun*.||*iliiSntos 1st fi> MIVAMrifailtHnfrio
nMP'WWMyniawlHire PlKmHauHd,* of InleiwiL oN.thu. t>ultll*t v��rn4��rfh*r��
. mufti bnWMl M eNM .atWHtfw* $Xew~Veiits"M��� WSffiw's+J.
. ��4oiliirt.?)1V1����s>V>liH%'*ouBfitj,ii��dl:(.��hi��- IWiisHJndlftiuay'iTf ��^��*W4l��i��tl(3tOof
���< ifo��UWwthH�� (IjMwOMBllMlipM dlM t>**1  childj-wmtul rkaiHV.ihqKf to-staalfWlllh
b i.)la��n1oit.r��lBrt��ite��;i��toly��j��J itMAM"���' 'Mm^TkfoQMm&Uk WfflStM-
. ���stwriilqiwil.wtli ari,��am*tmi' .frlttidK <^&J hrWWtfir-nM VJrrHor
���������, aatqnaJntilrfdHi. unthisnm.-Kt tMostj, ||yj0 if^afiWiouJwtwnos^ -from parents
1 .wM.npplsaD ��Bih��vs;itli��<irAiiHl^nJdyf   lnturost .taken  byj pa rent a  In  school
rnAni.-.Ujnillps. tOltttortlhiVfWrsjIiljKiw! WA\�� SuTOtPWW fMP* htthdrtd-
I inndl.ipkiiHuro aW)kttaii��|ii.tt��WhMfcjMlfrl    WMftTta |jrt*>v Jfull'! making(Hi
���Itthuvmn Wd#r lUidW W��''WV>lriW��p*tu)liiiiotlJijqfr����a 'tbdi��6)i<rWrtif i��ig
to HtosjnsoiKttftflA
Write to tlm aid rnllililB rml utais flrm nf flAWIiFlY * WW*
for Information concerning: the Chilliwack Valley. Mr. Cawley has t��er
a resident of the Valley for 28 years and Mr. Paisley has had 16 years
experience in theamjje -place, updwrs thj*e4qle in a position to give yoi
full and reliable information as to desirable buys in any part of Chilliwack.
Write for their illustrated pMrmftrfet descriptive of the Valley, which
will be promptly mailed to you.
aa Jas rjtQiyT^Ufey.
 ,ybf;y/iiiiii'.> 'in '. JiiittibiKtiK mij ,:;	
Chilliwack Livery*
Feed & Sal^^rJ
V' nvii'i orii rfJiw il
I keep nothing bill, llrat-nla'a turnouts, Onod
Haddlu horses, ul.ci. 'litis meets all boats. Cor
oreii stage leaven for Mnlloiialii's Landing
uvjsry inirnlrBat. Il::��iii'<(laikinuiiiuiil.|sls\wllfi
"Ifc.lillrjMi. wllali oinsjoll wliV allCj*. It!
I apt arl wns I,
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave each terminus at 5-50 a
and0:50 ,���>,��.,-fuid .half-hourly tliei
af ter until ll/pmT,~'-/
We'rjua'|rs>i!lajls7Mlilitlii,r�� het we.
Westminster and Vancouver, add i	
shipments are handled with tlie utmost
mm and dsllveseMUo-soaaiaase wit heat
l/xlao aruhnid In ilia Mawonm Hall,' lilillwaiii"
on, Che frldav nn or haforii the Kull Moc lot.
The lloiriilarConiiniinli'alfons o
'   '"   In   "" 	
itiiith.  Hnjmirning brethren arec jrlt'
_ _|r'l In attend.
I. JmisHON, *V.M. J, II. SiuiiT. Ids
I. <>. F
'i^ouri (dhilliwack, No. 4118,
Meets^very second and fourtl
""    ' m*, tttt 8 ��>. m
flrfi s>VHJ(rrm'('lc()rje.
JtflCS Men Ben, Cf
Telephone 829
P. O. Drawer
ear.   An "ad" in it will pay'
Xi iMei^hant; w* ">* <>*" n*m ��at
ot  ytilni  naiiw   noilf r.qjob
3(ll     riaiJOI.'ll    l'.it.'l    9S99L
'W'll moor Mi s;uui#mito huipy  ofyputvchlld.   The bettor the teacher
MM "W(,,,',, Tli Unfa   " WdJMandWMhlStf fhe'tieftorjJho
!}}'i��,d hr 0QaOTPbir����tivffl? ���fi
'ill'!' #ffft(,tlofrl Irfa/tts* ()!n*r)r/?4n'ec
i"f. b*eMrnfJ8e%gStf',S^ rWWW* M
places U.U^^ayorarBirrnany PeodiaJ&ateifeS*ftt�� V��V^HIJt��t ���PttfnuWe
are Inclined to.belit've If a person haa case that the schpqla havo to do the"
WMu-s'fhe"hesfarritff wVA to win ,sup3 Hflngs: **feh sr/dttid 4liv> b��e(fHlt)'i.ffj(
cess, but this Is a mlstalwt-"Th�� nub j*Jtr.'hi$jp.:.'T[0Urj sShw��la>;a'ro JaMiliro-
thors, the artists, the actors and ora- forinatyrles,. Shey 'haye. to,d9' with"
tov whAjhave made,|helr mark-haye ihe'Yor'ifffattbri'br the'pffpil,"nbt wTth
renl���|p��ittlWUab<ti��Wil��Can* lits/otfotinwtmnio ot lo i oaoqioq
hard  fn theip chosen  calling.    OruV   ;J,, Do, not thliytihat your.ajiitborlty
.���.���,.,    nary ability supported by the,wllllnt-' :aW 'rc^dnslBilTty Yoase   when   lhp)i
8 a'nd.aoe Its ail vantages befor��t>les'r^^ <��'lwo>;'t;i">hskantly am^ :pe'rsl* -: ahllririit, ftr<r. sent lib 'school. '���.ri'tHa,
S'tt^.-W11 ao))lev��.��iiccbM!itaiaiiy iprb-
,'rt W bM*J^��''Jo'Trhj
trlous men, such as, Nupo(eon,  W��b
Ington'/Mlitoiff'ttlfid triany others, teich, .Uecsjlsi
this!od��ii��r1in��flfheme-Jfll,K��l,^tnnof fng^*
hvPPnfi'-1 " ""   - "-"���'' """"
M W ^MfJi'W.f?- ju ^*W!��.��n��rV r W��P- tnorr cpiidreh.to our schools an
Iftoos' nien, such as, Napoleon,, WvP-1 &��tVmumW> ts%tWoltW|la d^
,���^J'^.^'^, ...._, ...,,,.,M!.  .    l^thJ^v^ilSldJnM
them, is ai.iad.cprnment.
DK Snoop's3'
it fs'made all
rtliiWnioe is thd VsUr(pV,j^]ft^in,;iwWi bayi^Jpidl" JW9��T��WnibuorfiIfl .
,Bjoiit, ,and by coqa^n^yttforV/fKi ak'e      3. VMt.rthe ^school ,J:cem;|n, which-
lOTo^^Jo'JW** j$*llft��PVTt'W' V<��ur ��Hrlfi  l?'^'rworrt"ifA^W��,'rn5re5..
!4nf!B��i'x��iiB����rjt)nttfiai��n.': banttisb
������i.i.,,.m- .��������...,..r;W i�����,'nw; mo   _i,.Co not ^rafeQ^e.iteueher.,and-
���il.l,S,l,-^iioti,:u";i^;n��rli.|wtv.MyWm):.l)J;' ^y'ffii riftfyH-'Sf WfSfts'aWurriiir
la>or.    :rhei;^,1la,.,noth|n*,'n,��b,ler;l loi �� i*'eilco��i'eots.your olU'ld at-iaettb'ol
��h>:,w,"r|d,il^an|b,iinpMtiitoHr.jM*��*;ls, Hfimcinben thore   la :also . Uiv   teach-
all  .that. wllL.:.bptaa-.*PcW)m>  M;vtheJ WsldtfW'ih'e'cnse, WWch'-your^tlld
aft^st wptiid.,e^eel..hr)-;niHSt,w��H*t no'vfc Wrify not 'tindnrsttno.910/11 oJ fiofl
and again mon  iise,.toii��mlnennfl|.by  .. 6. Nevae,. .say^panythlng  <U>nklpd
.'PlSWi��cc^det(t.  tout the.g9*.-falafi are a'bout "ybij'r'ieac'ner.ln the'presehco'of
;W��r.y..r#i,o,..��nroi��-<��f oiic -g?eai<ost- m��n.:j��ur tehUVM ���'RJV��ryl'Hlit^^:l^bif-:'JSftrV >a<>
:W.wt�� .-/Pojuri; cpuntryi ihoja- lwimi��cauc-:
ct-tidejl by. munual.laban AAjef: il�� ���!�����'-
member .that Idlllgum-e- M-trievmMh:oi< '-
nf.,,good fottunst'.'addowllhouailftlryujs-. *j||vei,^ -your,,RWp,(l��pm<)j< Aotft|lrl"
try very little; hstpplness-Cah tn'Hbil'. that la" well fiscTpllnf d , and vyejl'-
Thp���world;/a��t,B,-.r:U|e .oflflrsi.haKlhlgfi' Ifrained'a^rrrfmelAWy 'riee'd'a erirfW-.
nlnnan     *A      It,,,      lal>n��Au.      ��� Ji _
#?K/Mm SrWifJflW '"Rf0 .'.%��ni;U>a,
teacher.,       ,. .    , .. i e
<;'* (M��H����v>-��ddd tt.ilfiinK.'itt.d''dHfcl,
hr   Is   to   be   advanced   too   lapld(y).
Encourage'hlnfTo'TKaTTn lt\teieat In
hlswortir11   ���   -   ���   ���   .-"" (qhcwdua
���-'IK-Kndw what your'l>oO-Wl'.flrirng
and whore ho spends--tits time when
hviandt at 'honit.i-^Thir i^rqle.
PI -n't iu jfiM-.i/iiij o.'inavba noi;o l.j',9
iirnUnoo ".o iijilw 10a ,09110 no&qlioi
i [liaadm Uu* Ww/'Of UWeWMirarHtw
A small boy who had"' fee'i'h't'ly
passed hta-frrrirblrttrday was riding
'lfl����'lstfHurbirl ear With' rlfs htcWher,
wTheh t1tey'v.-et��-����ll��i9<r.tHle- ctaldrYiary
Vfutstirm; "Wow old it��offi%isJty ^Ax't-
'ti#-'belns;'toW()tli*'e*frtbt 'ag��rwh��h
did not require a fare,- the'eotatlte-
tor passed-on to the next person.
Tho boy aat quite still a�� K- pondering over soma question, and then,
.flfM^iflflipg^rhaft^ltHUvlnforrBa^lon ,��� had
,nQt.he.��n,-,#(,v��yi��-oa(led, loudly,to,-- ^Jr8
wnAuntnr.-.Mten, at���th��i.othpr i��f>4ipf
the.:fiM:; "And ;tnother'��, thirty, onei!"
���Human Life. ;; ,;j
GhlllflrPrf>VeF��t4lf'1 !.
If warmth  and circulation ate. not
Neryelineon hand.   Ta,kenin hot water
Neryeltne on hand.   Taken in hot water
ItnrSks'ut) a'cWll lit WiorninutasT By
tnerr children to our, schools and a
proved the value of Poison & Pffcrve-
"Yda"9nbuT��r^(Jt a bottle today.
rjaSBirbg, fri&%m wisiMd
Xpadi'njst.Cp,, is building^ the'fir>t
,rfil'road,'^|�� i)ui}t in,, iy��W?,%Sr-
? A 'iiHHfe^**
ienX7mMe'lW>flJ t����)>^wna��r��*Be,BBO����rllKOiJ*e|r , a eUARAMTEED CliiRC PQrV>li'|S
a*ion,i*p<*tiv^^ ^^^S^SlS^^r^
, painfpL; protuding,��r ilind .pllmldfc-      8- Be sure .th��tily<ain-j<i��ll�� jtfwdjfslJtjK^^Jre anySSTayiniattefof hgwgy
la ��t ,. ,.    n: .      ,e getg {o ,chool ,on tln^^.   There
Is njc
better   lesson   the   school   child   ci
learn than tl
son of punctuality
,: <T?ne yvtnint'peii from
iy��   fall, lo cure ao�� aw. no mauer oi o"-V"
lo es^fllnfivbn  odi  In9ix9  ieoliisrj) silt ol slcissiqqii Iliv.
",U'.A/.l.'."   ii!l lo Tj';';-l>i;'l  f.UO'!9irjy Dfi
Btsblorl   l.i.��.! ��dl io  Btfldmon bna
;i iH'jirl bi :'' 3d '   : I !''j.',"->- .''U(t>'l 10 >/IS
,'fi; IS jf. vi "fl 9TOfl 8i ���i-jfr:r::ij-ri    i;,l'��i'-"1   --n  '���   ;. '" '���";������
-v/inia flv/o'rs lisooJ   ';���?. ������'���. 'itoilibitB gniqoa^  oIrs i >riJ ���   I    .
,'-;,.. :.       .   ....   :   OJ
ir-''','''-       V tt --'���:!.' ���'���      ' - >t,   t' -     <������������'     ''    '    K    -'   -
V         ^ r^ .We beg to 4ttnoun^ I
i; a.  .-,   \���t^--,. ������..--^^ ;e-i   .vL.,.-.:j'��'a,'=^Va;.��^  '������ ���- ���-' -1''      I
I- /'       v      -.'I.            fl'V-'J'    "   -..'     Llij'j"1^���^^        UUIIII|ii|ia��aTawawssaa����WitaWa>p��aa��ai| i, |||i|! ..Inilll)     H    .. ||!   !       ���              I          .,      I,      I        .         I      k
ll   w
ntsyi I
sib     -I il    IJ     ������'������'.
���SBJ��I ���'���a ?����� '�����'���
.i:flQft:i.Ti ':i
i ,ii ,atUttniil(j;Vf> ..'n ������ J^Jl ,��y?&'j Jjtu.';<
!   n ':.     .    '..::.
The display lis an Jintey^^inj;; exhibit o^modern Effects.
toVsdw/ov     -  ,-   . ; '"       ���      I,      '.,'���.    Old    T t^r.V'J^^"* ..��<���.-       VJ&i.       St,'..... j...
These are not expensive, yet quite the most artistic that ar^ pfltered.
^^r^ZII����f.:r^E3EifflTB YOUR INSPECTION.        j
~7" Style and Fit Guaranteed or Nbt Charge.
I io or.   ���. ,  -.       ������������/..-.      [1
 . ^;-Htjiu-' ���������' ! ;��/iiTDAvn/iOj
)    Id'.'!''    ���  301    '  :.'    9(J III A'   "      .
[d fltn fIC3 9fl lYflR' - 'j\l;'.  qo Ol     ij'.i
9Si3 99-IliT
:   . '  ��� [ i  l��a '' K 2   .'"!::) 2 .oM I
.aaaaaam aaaaaaa. aaa.     aaa. - - ^
00^~~' ���  ���     -
TX ^
D .9 .wiloonBV ..)? oIIrvnB'iO OST ,in9sa ,nanavlfl08 .T
S. T. Malcolm   i ':-i; .^BwiilidyOPl Bi^ap^g||^gr
,9 .wrucansV ..)? oiirvne'iO OsT ,in9Sfl ,nanavlflo3 .T       i��tmaTiiir��ii""TT*r-'",m-"'^'*,.''-"i"n'-'ffiri''' ���nn-^"^'-'j",gr"^^-''',m'^'K''''���rAv'"'j'"!!-'.'-j "'���"���   dL^ THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1007.
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially devoted to the interests of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday morning at
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
Single copies
fl.OOper yenr
5c. tai'li
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will It be continued
without renewal beyond tha subscription term
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Advertising rates on application.
All matter intended for publication,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0. Box 296, Chilliwack,
J. BURTT MORGAN, -Editor and Proprietor,
The recent verdict in the case
of McKenzie vs. Chilliwack has
laid a fresh emphasis upon the
importance of this municipality
taking every precaution to safeguard the lives and limbs of its
citizens, as well as incidentally
to protect itself against unnecessary claims for damages. The
deplorable tragedy enacted in
the basement of the Court House
last October, with its harrowing
and heart-rending details, is too
fresh in the public mind to require mention. Now that the
court has placed the responsibility upon the municipality, the
matter is open for public discussion. According to the view
taken by the judge and jury, the
case appears to be very simple.
When the local authorities had
arrested and taken into custody
the two men they were responsible for their safe keeping and
should have taken the necessary
precaution to protect their lives
against all possible harm. This
was not done simply because of
the utter impossibility of one
man properly performing the
duties of constable, gaoler,
health officer and lamp-lighter
all at the same time. The arrangement whereby so many
offices were vested in one person
was due solely to considerations
of economy. How economical it
proved is now quite apparent.
For the sake of saving a few
paltry dollars, the expenditure
of which would have made no
appreciable difference to any
tax-payer in the district, two
human lives were sacrificed, two
families plunged into grief, the
community disgraced and a snug
bill of $7,000 and costs incurred.
Indeed, in the estimation of a
good many the municipality is
fortunate in not having a much
larger sum to pay.
Tuition in the school of experience always comes high and
the fees invariably have to be
met. In the present instance,
as in all such cases, there is only
one way of squaring the account,
and that is by heeding well the
lesson for which we have to pay.
However desirous we may be of
keeping down taxation it must
be borne in mind that there is a
point below which we cannot go
with safety. As as orderly, self-
respecting, up-to-date community
we are bound to maintain cer
tain institutions for the convenience, safety and well-being of
our citizens. To starve the
public service is to decrease its
efficiency to the point, not only
of usefulness, but of positive
danger. Better no service at all
than a mere pretense. It is about
i uu taut the good sense of the
people was thoroughly aroused
to this fact and some radical
changes brought about in the administration of our public affairs.
We presume that no chances will
be taken in connection with the
custody of municipal prisoners
hereafter, but there are other
matters which demand attention.
It is a well known fact that
although several bridges in the
municipality have been condemned as dangerous for months,
yet they have been left open to
the public, a menace to life and
property and a standing invitation to more damage suits. Dead
cattle and other animals are
complained of as public nuisances in different localities,
sending their pestilential odors
into neighboring residences.
And what shall we say of the
danger to unwary travellers after
night, offered by that uncouth
block of granite commonly called
a "fountain" which serves no
purpose but to obstruct travel in
the street centre of the busiest
corner in town ? . Should somebody be killed or maimed by collision with this obstruction the
municipality could certainly not[
escape liability. On the veryl
lowest plane of possible financial j
loss, the people of the valley
should arouse themselves to demand a new order of things, and
that without delay.
Sumas Dyking District.
the Commissioners of the Sumas Dyking District did on the 3rd day of
April, 1907, file In the Land Registry
Office tt the City of New Westmi rste.
(a) A plan showing the works proposed to be done and the landi intended
to be benefitted by tha dyke proposed
to be constructed by the Commissioners.
(b) A memorandum under the hand
of the Civil Engineer approved by the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, containing an estimate of the
coat of the said intended worka and
countersigned by all the Commission-
(c) An assessment roll showing the
amount which is intended to be assessed
against the respective lots or sections
of land and the intended mode of payment of the cost of the works with the
amounts to be raised annually, both to
pay off the interest on the cost and to
form a sinking fund to pay the principal at maturity, signed by all the
GIVEN that a Court of Revision of the
said Assessment Roll will be held at
the Town Hall, Upper Sumas, on the
20th day of June, 1907, at the hour of
10 o'clock in the forenoon, at which
time and place all parties concerned
who deem themselves overcharged or
otherwise improperly assessed, are required to attend
All parties who deem themselves
overcharged or otherwise improperly
assessed or who make any complaints
against tha said assessment shall give
notice thereof to the Commissioners in
writing at or before the commencement of the said meeting.
Dated this 4th day of May, 1907.
Clerk to the Commissioners.
Bdv. 17-22
Summer is here all right if the
heat is not. Local grown strawberries, cherries, asparagus and
garden parties have appeared on
the Chilliwack market.
The river has dropped six
inches during the past forty-
eight hours at the wnarf and is
still declining.
Jos. Peers leaves today for
Nanaimo as a delegate to the
Grand Lodge I.O.O.F., which
meets in that city on June 12th.
Somas Dyking District.
an Amended Plan and Engineer's
Memorandum of the cost of the work
proposed to be constructed by the
Commissioners of the Sumas Dyking
District have been prepared and that a
public meeting of the land holders of
the said district will be held at the
Town Hall, Upper Sumas, on Wednes
day, the 19th day of June, 1907, at the
hourof 1 o'clock p.m., for the purpose
of submitting the) said amended plana
and memorandum for the approval of
the said land holders, and in case the
works as therein described are approved by three-fifth* majority in interest
and numbers of die land holders present or represented at the said meeting,
the said Commissioners will be at liberty
to undertake the execution of the said
Dated this 4th day of May, 1907.
adv 17-22   Clerk to the Commissioners.
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Trade Mark*
Anyone sanding a skat oh and description mar
iilokly ascertain our opinion free whether at
..iventlon Is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patenta
tlona strictly confidential. Handbook on Pa
sent free. Oldest agency for secnrhupaMi
Patenta taken through Mann A Co. re
tseeau noMa, without charge, In tha
Scientific nmnai.
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Window and Door Jambs
Moufdingrs, Casings, Pickef Fencing
Sash and Doors fo order
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to conduct
in the Municipality of Chilliwack.
Those desirous of disposing of their property by
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ridiculously small opening provided on common furnaces
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the generous feed-door of the "Magnet."
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Large enough to easily admit big, rough chunks of wood,
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, And this   feature  is only one of
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���the furnace built on sound,
sensible lines.
Built for
wood, but
will also
burn coal.
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A regular meting ot the council of
the township of Chilliwack was held
nn the court house on the 1st day of
June, 1907, at 2 o'clock p.m.
Present, the reeve and all the
councillors. The minutes of the last
regular and adjourned meetings were
read and adopted.
The following communications were
received and disposed of as follows:
A, E. White, secretary New Westminster board of trade, re conservancy of Fraser river. Received, and
the council concurred In and endorsed the resolution to be submitted to
the Dominion government re the
deepening ot the Fraser river.
Thos. Hall and others, re grant of
450 on Hall road. Received and
O.  W.    Chadsey,    re    assessment
vChUllwack-Sumaa   dyking.     Received
and filed. -
. E. P. Wright, re remittance of license for circulating religious literati  a-i-, * '���-* <aj ;,*���,-     % ���������'. ���> e
ture. Received and filed and clerk to
notify him that request cannot be
complied with.
Messrs. McDonald & Winn, re
taxes lot 371, group 2. Received and
It. G. Ballam, re clearing out hog
pens. It was decided that R. Q. Ballam be paid |5 per month as caretaker of the wharf whilst the steamboat lands at same.
John Hepburn, re assessment lot
271, group 2.   Received and filed.
W. J. Glanvllle, re road work. Received and filed. Clerk to notify htm
that request cannot be complied
G. W. Chadsey, re resolution Agricultural society. Laid over to next
Chas. H, Evans, re completing Evans' road. Pathmaster Evans was authorised to expend the sum of (40 In
brushing on his road through' to the
S. S. road.
Mr. Kipp addressed the council, re
 tztui - 1���
certified plan of part of lot 332,
group 2, after which the reeve and
clerk were authorized to sign the
certified plan of subdivision of part
of lot 832, group 2, N.W.D., providing roads on said plans are sixty-six
feet wide.
Ashwell���Barrow: That in future
the council will not be responsible for
any accounts unless upon the signed
order of reeve or councillor.   Carried.
On motion the council resolved Itself Into committee of the whole to
consider the estimates for 1907. The
committee rose.
Barrow���Wilson: That a road beat
be established extending on the Barrow road from the river to Camp
Slough, with Charles Gill as path-
master, and the others on the north
ot Camp Slough be transferred to the
beats on the road on the south. Carried.
Barrow���Evans: That the board
of works let by public auction on
Tuesday,  June   11th,    the  following
work: Gravelling on Hope Slough
road near J, L. Denholm's at 10 a.m.;
McSween road at 10.30; Camp Slough
road, near J. Chapman's, at 11.30;
Chapman road at 12 noon; Nevln
road at 2.30; Ford road at 8; Trunk
road at Bradford's, 4.30.   Carried,
The following bills were found correct and passed for payment: G. A.
Calbick, salary $20, balance, 132; F.
KIckbUBh, expenses Vancouver, McKenzie vs. Chilliwack, $25; C. Warring, special constable, $8; O. W.
Chadsey, court fees, $22.02; Jos.
Scott, witness fees, McKenzie vs.
Chilliwack, $13.50; Jos. Teskey, Mt.
Baker, $3; Bartlett Bros., nails, ditch,
$1; Smedley, filling hole, P.C. road,
Good���Jackson: That the board of
works let by public auction on Wednesday, June 12, 1907, the following
work: 10 a.m., gravelling of the Chilliwack Central road at Ashwell's
farm; 11 a.m., the gravelling of the
Prairie Central road at the Vlekerson
road; 12 o'clock, the gravelling on
Willis road at the Semthauk bridge,
near Willis'; 1.30 p.m., the grading
on Willis road from McQulre road to
Bailey road; 2.30 p.m., the gravelling
rn Bailey road from Willis road to
the mountain at junction of Bailey
and Willis road.     Carried.
The council adjourned to June 15.
1907, at 2 o'clock p.m., in the Court
house,  Chilliwack.
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Often causes a good deal of trouble.
The beat cure is a prompt application
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Fresh Groceries
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r triumphs through marii
ns htoii ihe /Ifd Kjard of
lion       --���-.--
1'luy us a Factor In Health.
Tho  philosopher    Herbert Spencer
At the Coqiiuluetia,
lllolil over from last wo ikl
l    No other agimujr for liaaith haa no many
faithful friends-none oiher doauivaa so
many.. sSJOIiaJnaUUja���jw life ini
, ���;ira rnTO^"Ttt^rseTrrTfigs viaoi
liui.lth wl.hall the physical activity thai
"* No matlerwliatVd"i!ra��o yon have, thjsjs^j^ onlvjia^ural cure for It.   I here la no danger,
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It will la I a llluliine and "
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Mr. Jaa. Anion, Roilland, H.O.. Oan��� wrltea. Maroh 11,I8W i "dome Ave years sgeUotOar
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  .... 3LWKT.MM^f8O0^ Mll^flKK
ty held oi
irw!F Wur
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Bhn had a mIi
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I D038I
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Dr H, SANOHE & Co.,    SB* St. Un^M,^'lR1oJ^|rJ%9%,TJ'
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VteH   .nofla
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nr   ogioo boold ��.;niwin ���'jU'j'jt.i.itiB aj
siJ9ri9q on .gnoijs on Jnomyinll
tmmm m'immm.
.Tii.'rii   vliini/
workers   and
I'eputaMe eitf-
1   . A
amounted to abbifY lfo.���
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n* ::.
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T. E,
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with tho old-plny   has   a hygienic
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...lioai-t,  tho (irgaria  must  likely .to  be
brokon .down, througli hard work and
oyw*ii jhwWB ��MnM.t9ii��avoJari|.��|dmir-.
able  effeqt Jn  equallzliiB' t^ie,.clrculii-
t)on  of the blooij and  iu.' mitigating
the strain  placed" on    tt>s ���dlflterent.
organs. ..Piety  furnishes also' a  kind
of jnental. training whioh )a very ne'-'
cessary In adult lite.   It takes (he at-'
tention-tiffl%;^,.sin'glp,.''.'*f��a|rl^fiJVd it
keeps.all th<|:sense1organs,oJei;t.   Nor
can )ve,,malf�� t^o,jpjtjc^V0!?:Weisocial
element ^v thJ_s,r(jftUff,..(A jreojd,|>iay-
ground is the best means,of counter-.
uctlug the ,dl��erentlaWqn... from each
otiier if(httjjj;]ye..under��iiin; tie *st��ug,-
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; tljne, .for; gai^es:?(,, -^Vho,^an ^j?aye, his
t.uslfljesa. to. spend ..pi lj)fuir~$.iFffioH
every. p>y. of..;his,llf��i,?;. |^fe. have !?een
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cessfully, by a communal' boyvllng'
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selves In a very simple, free and' easy'
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��� bia
new Westminster! b.c.
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V^elephone 73. t)upoh't Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Henderson   Undertaking
Complete Kne  of Caskets,
Coffins, Trimminga.. Burial..
Robes, also first-class Hearse
1 .1      . 1907
J C��JrtJ6NbBRS0r>|
Professional Embalmer and Filheral
e often said
that what he had needed waa play,
simple   play,    "useless"    from every
ating  f*r system*^   J*n*i<"
man prMKopl
pendent,    la    gaining    ground every
without  play,
City  llfo   particularly
aaaasasgpator relaxation for
ure  in    mature  life.    In
those who
this way only can tho burdens of llfo
..^.hep}, torn, w^rlnpr.^n^.o.ut tu'onitt-,
Wgejjy. PufthV, there' is no' doubt
that tho public can so provide for
relaxation ;ind recreation that the
wdle^o'rfmuiifty! s'h'aif'fibf t'mvbenll
Mount fWrnWlfsBftftary standpoint,
and In the reduction of crime.    Pub-
mkny^r'wBglan and"SwIks rtuVrtrnni-
tles. It works admirably In the wuy
of keeping health and a good social
laughed and  shouted  and  recreated
���_^ ,���^,ft
etl 0To��rr^'d1��4ef^0��el.��Thi
do not quite All the bill, however, as
family games. What we want Is a
j:\ibllc recognition of the value of
rlay, and opportunities for gathering
together precisely as we would group
our children The Circle for May.
You Melancholy Women !
Can't even sleep���restless days and
niehts���brooding over imagined trouble
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brain but in the blood which is thin and
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'lis   groun is   of   the
> Wednesday
float sue
wero 400
Tfo evening
'iiqualeeUa   Institute   on
evening of last week was a
cess, every  part of the  vu|ley  being
Is estimated that there
H1'1 l"^"lp grounds,
jlgjil Jil  all  present
delighted wl h the e
The band of the Institute
music  at  Intervals during
Ing.    The  flug  drill  by  th]o  girls
the school was well execut
delved hearty applause fron
tators.     The  two  sgleotloni
by   the   double   iiuurtottc
leadership   of   Miss   KlnleyJ the
trim  of  the  Institute,  won
eelved,  especially  the  com I
IwHIolW was "encored,
The principal, Mr. Cairns, expressed
grout satisfaction with the attendance
lo  an
VIIH    hi'llIK
es of the
1 hey were
the sup-
He   thought their   presencje
JhWlffep Were Interested
tent   In   the   work   which
carried mi under the nuspl
school,    lie said the work
doing there  was worthy  0!
port   of   the  iiiiUuu   lii   vldw   of  tho
met llnu sum.'d labor wai
CMfliwaek Post Office
the beau-
to ID.OO.
lolldays the OlBoo Is a   tasd
and Money Order bugnasa
1.00 dally, for all parts.
of those having look
looked until JJ.00.
110 Sundays.
B Mki.LAKD I'oatms
great lie
it would WTioTfiTng" lesstffSffi crTW-
l.iinl on tho part ut' the people of
*fanttda rto' WloWanJWJfiflfls of ;'c'hl|-
d'^eir'to Tjr'erw'\i|r'fit, lgnpiuhcei and
tho Institute Is taking this:%' tnai-'
teflal'&nd after :yfc'ili'9 .Qfr {piffling and
���motiidln'i? tufnln'ir Wut sbm'e very; efficient
Midnight: Oil
.'! iii.tr.}  .J 7
at 'Cetera/
llfl rfroJ��alJf/noW Pr*" Mfi ��* ��il>i l44n
dress  ��� -J     *- ���     ���    - ������ -
dress  made  to  some  schooi-c$MA% C^^^^X^^JPS^SiS
"My young friends," saldAe^sWlttt
rer, "1*^ me urge .ugon; yeu jgi^ieces-
'u fW>;��l:iWt> onljf,.^^ fto^d J}ppksn
" Pit ��l��9r:9{ ownlflfibem, Mjttwjtypu
may. liavo access-tQ them %t ail,times.
Why, when I was a young: jngn X<
BW4do-��fl#J��nHJf8l��i wor^jajl nl^ht ;t.qi
cam money to buy books, and then
Soft,  chestnut-colored,  rich;
Tho' part Is false, I do declare,
Tou can't tell which Is switch.
 I    ��� RldgwAy's.
Several more large consignments of Spring Mattresses,
Iron Beds and Bamboo
Goods just arrived. Heavy
Felt Mattresses at light
prices. See 'em->-come and
see 'em go i -o- Window
Shades, Curtain Poles and
Extension Rods, all lengths.
Just think ! We had to
order ano'her 2 doz. Carriages and Go-Carts.
Another large assortment
of tables, all sizes, to arrive soon. Please hold
your orders for same.
at the
I Jscksoa,
in. Onedl
plerk a
Sllef of r
Officer-J.C. Hei
)liee-(��. A. Calbick
,ev, It. V. siilliniui, I'
H��r��,lces qvii'V Sunllav at 11 n.m
7:l(>��)lll SiiulKiy Selioiil ill !I:IMI
TOMlnrlh l)ejigMa<��iferv Monday at
in,   lyHlTvr JnA'iing  every Thu
C/IWaN (fhiuiCil-Divliie surlri
everjljfuoday atJiBO p.m. ?
pWaWUYi'KKlAN CHUKCH     I     w
JjmmimwMkm $mmmm)dmm^t *
���Biimi'.B��liiiiiimv sl.fTa in, anil 7M p.in
Sunday School in the afternoon at 3:80
I'layl-rftllVtlh^Vv^f'IIMI'syiHy even
[fULM. 8 o'ojprjf. | Undies,; .Aid/ every
second ;l hursijjur,��} .1 ULin,w.(rirlal Ml��
Wo,n Bang Jjvejjy igB8H"JSA'!)lttSnV i. P,m
AOTIB'r^eS^SoM >mi ���8"0''
bos    sv99i    snl  ,lri9B��iS
-SiiiiAa^' asrvlpWiat'lfi'ti. illtWnil^itttfP-m.
Young People's l*i;av^et^1 IklBfeVlntt: every
Mondaya'if'8ini'rri.' reaver hm\ag. on
'    '"   - '"Mi   '
Sti THOMAS' UHUttCH rolsnlm
avIsseAj-iBgiygeiJia ^frflaa
 _. 8rd
BoWdayln Iho'mnBtK !ilIk.rar4s'l Sun-
'day to tb^ moiiift."' BIM�� Glsss'each
week on Wednesday at 8 |>. mJlb'ths
Vestrye .xesftadO    .W .o
rjsjfjajfc- iIiiiiiihis gSjSjBjjBgfeggslUhjghafa
Wm. a
Rates : ��� American
Pla�� *1.25 per day
A good livery in con-
iiection with the
Empire Hotel
Cor. Hastings and Columbia Ave.
American Plan, $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
European (Rooms only) 75c up per day.
The only Auto Bus in th? City,
meets all trains and boats.
IOIJO ���������
.-   .  i<]��u& 'svofJ
Our Soda Fountain is now running Ice Cream Sodas���all flavors
Philadelphia Ice Cream, fi^lden'
Orangeade, Fresh Crushed Fruits .
���Pineapple,   Peach,   pHemjeijj   j ;'
Rainier Cafe.
reoojt) daei'B r/
When you go to Van-l//
couyer get your lunch \\~
at the New RaWier Ckfe *A
and see the' prettiest Ot)
Cafe, on, the PacificW
I Coast. Meals and lunch- <1'\
��� es at'all,hours.; Qnenl My
; a^Mrlffl������" vj
309 Cordova Street   /V^
W. fj. HOLTZ,    ���    Prop��4��pr.
m& 56 ������ >,ii'iU   v��'r
Abbotsford Fei
- Allti-aifisHie'tddily::   (/J-
���\ fj'odd'.li'ofses' 'ftjb'd ,rigi(rand
saddle h6rs6s  suppliers-oil
 short notice;-       ,%\
Your patronage is respectfully solicited
I u
THRiKUASlfl!UPMJSj���*WM,iflrAjjlf, k,ij.,ftwmm.mm.:<\��<nn
bull ���,
11 n ii
)1o nuJij ;
_, mil to  .<hiiv> r.h   " sdunrtS bus
The onJjupomt- in common?l^^eMi.itkii Dej.n .^i iLi^J
'.,lA',mostimbcesMfHl    garden   party
wan Wld 'undef the auspices'of the
Methodist church on the'lawtV of Mr.'
O'. Tribe on the 27th'urt. the weather
jbelng Ideal a large crowd assembled'
und : enjoyed  to . the' full  the  many.
good  things the  promoter;* hud  pro..
uVlded.   ���' '   ���'"' I ., ";-������ ':   I     ���
��� IUI   ,-.i!i.- l-.iv 1   ,; ' (-i 1   , 1  ..,,..,,1:    ni
The  programme wan good, among
.'the number from town who assisted
' ,>y>r��, tyrs. .botV'iln-rfir'^MWtoMry
Helideraj       "" ""
fahr o&^M&rB^^ "5
w��-U,i bmu
-W, ���Mft;^*l.l*e)frI1,1�� .0 .a
JoroiC'i wabi.isttjBfiard ; j nu,
ejntt^i'^vH^Vintf he' > is^  'I .'��� ���
>>"'lT<iU���*��li*j��'l    ISU
are always mfenor-get RnJBferAW'rO [WflwoiiedlA .
/ T T -i <r v 1 1 T^ujeevyou, are rigat.:-dmu(f   .sevoofl   .1.1 ...
..-.;.: in t, ,iA8K,FQRiQUlR CAfemOaWE.;.J/iO .ooDima ' Am
.O.ti .jtoawillidO IqlouD .ojelloO IniWJloarraJ
11, ill i j a 'in  11 r  1 in' ii   1   n mi    1,1:1. nruiiii   gay a
IM 1.
aliO ..
I .,,|i' [OUT lo osfiq   nortqitasdTia  !
,:v/i!iid j    -   _ibootibei   saw   lenujiiiaiijoll
The De Laval Sep^raterr G����
0  i '���" I i ��� Representatives Everywhere.
plowing  and   enough   of jt���ajl
lit. far!
i.wn a good farmer
'   "We believe that (lis Mstlfertilitfir
for any mill Is a spirit of Industry,
I'intouprise,. afld intelligence. W|th-
inut this, lime;gnd gypsum, bones and.
gfsen munure, marl and guana, will
"Wei believe In food Jenceg,  .good,
lams,' good farmhouses,-good stock
\ Bm*iiH<iiftJ1/mB
:   OR
' NO Mleaa IpluaWNOipMesi/analts,-
j ;   NO cobleas corn-Just old rellabta ;:
'IJ^iKH MVi-aeujuro lam rftadatr sjfcateesi atwii
i'iijn)l����W*ii��ljiBd ��uod inthbisjs) toil'Jthfr idlt
i��u|iti����si.Wat.*oia^liji��tld^i��<l9r��ariB��! aa
t ,wJrWiau4lln* tneueuealng.oa.wl A.'.-Ms- dAMrd-Beeeher. . .
>|o��iUf|��"*H';''<hei WtMtag.fNM��4*Mtta��JidJ   ,*q��q  ��Mo'>   hind  oiu1-.ua8 HOff
evening: were In the neighborhood of
'|-70. He said the work during the
'.','yi.ar., showed gratifying' Results,' as
" .they had wiped out the'entire 'debt 6f
Ihe. church, and secured an organ for
the church, but hotter than even this
had been the hearty co-operation and
unity with which ail'denomination's
had asslsled.
���   ��� ;     ..:���:���������������:���
. j ���.:    .    \-i BUj      (in >      ���.!
Sinall & BucklinLumber Go. Ld.
���f> '.,��� ">       .'������ )TJ3irJ   ja. !������:������
.".  Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu' Island Bridge.
'")    ,'/   ���:?/���;''.!.���:     lit) 'iOTHHl '     _     ._
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat.,. ., 1 " ' *   """""""��'"���""
~drlnk���wh|sky -
ii-i   ..���li.Hi'Tmo.lT .k.L   SUrfw brw '.|
i����*[cfJsMiAteA, ��ri��>��r:t'fi��icohfaluk40h!��fjw\
���]^)^pfoKrd'��Wtf'4'iipr8ils��d;ihto.' emaaii sis l^lmJlfOj^JlHflllnil^iRfUlLuf; ;,
31 {ailsfaction  with  the  events  of  ihxr.  :�����.���''   ;l   ����3 ���iBeenwil
;;i,'**UM;, iffliwy��^a'?WfhViflBgBteviBT01' F,'aser At';vnn":"n'01
���'H|s��;4^5v;biit,i)��.;)iius..juu.'a��^.iu,.ap-     jt��Hteo^fciat��tdfilA yqaMknot�� theit, 1
��� lMw*...,XMh   m  .��8ftWfij's8^rf^l ffip hilVe ahlved'Ih Elngfeiid at Wst.if.l
sfm-TO" TrJiwrTii .'"visSSi Sna'lo/ff Klrlf
k fVs*-If your local merchanU do not '   ���ifot
Haadle mysaeda. land direct.. We. pre-. ;	
lay Mpackels asnnned  varietlea of    ;
no'j /ckki jojlaoq 11 .risuolE Bim'i
i^B|<ilWllMlim<MltJrlll>*llllWlllllWlllWl ?fM
loob Iv;k eljlninlpn �� <"'" lertwrsoi
Jin'  I ' -a
1W��'1   "JlilU.  jUilJOflU'Jff
ni �����h��dwfld8 b:;PAEEBW3
.9onsboiioii !  ffwon^TO
n9rtW   o.'nii'j  mil   u!j       .Jue :.
-.wdoio    nialq"    ei
is a nice cool place these hot daya.., When in   ���- / is es
JMill\W ^IWflaaijjc/io^yoursell wi^,��,^e!iciouB(,,     .. :oiV
of icecream.
V-..:.' j'
triov/oq ��ii  to dioii/ v-i bnanobntJ
' Picnic :and Private Partita catered for.
"Terms Reasonable
w^man .vH'yjiv
'1: i       ., '"-���.���' "^r " "   lore-to be 'liberally ��d:' v*"" ��"' >������' '
iihfertSr-sl* llttt-H'-1 W^rt"lfft��a Jtt^a,'ftwe4'elle^e!,in fcWcroSa'lta
21 H^��aJ nligolm   fgdainy ,nal����a n ' .W^WlffijJw?Jbdw?pv'< * **���
wo.i/i  3'nob I"    ,beliiJii9   .-{ijili
At., Jflektaiv 1 -Sask,,,.,. about|.(
.    , JMm,;i   .....    _r
Ji^^^at^Tri^fth,;^^. waAtiag^/he^ ejjiajflRli
i��Cv3i]oW0Sfi^iWp ^X^^'mmWMBda^ri foww
baiiis UmW��!rMrf^dsi.<Bwi|��ti ffie^'fribh'stood' ���'��� Iff 'J'tdH*ifr*e
���'������'i'j'i'J ^S"*��� (?) ttoiin qinanwt tidIuos siexsiufs v���� vwi   .gnunonrll
j ^no is��Mif��srj.jBoOS(t,n0i,9M
a aaiai - -
looim^iq bflR vnftI.}o Jiupr/ -
>are of fences.
,{0T8) '{Jnovas bnii boubnun
.'."jv.,*--.;;���',/. r
'���;it ..".'iili.' I
III   iBs'fl    3fl3   ;
asiill lo I bna
-������':   ���:   '���.'.':   ���
01 h    ' ��� bias
,,.   ;,      |   -.'._..,
...   -:  lori ���;:���������
to Jnioq ".-'j ol
,-,-i :������   ��� ���
���������>    ���   in   ..-. hi 0   llntf-on) bus \;i.
-   i   iu i ' j I lainq bi��a doiilw ,889
sil 9����l i on >.i atorU
���'; b"�� V dJ eImiowi
Il   ��� ���
. Kev. K. D. Braden succeeds . Mr,.
Thompson and will take,charge on
June   Slh,.   i , : .,
Hev. Mr. Rlddell, of; Wlhhlpeg, arrived last week - to take charge of
Pa!mp Slough, Rosedale and East
Chilliwack Presbyterian churches..
' iRev. R. M. Thompson leaves for
Ashcroft on the fourth of June, .whero'
ho will preach. , until Octoberj jvtheu
he will return ,to, Columbian College
to eontlnuo his studies. , ..
; Herb.-Brush has bought a lot from;
David'Qreyell,' o'n: wMch'he intends'
;fa> atJ once build a slwre to be oCou-
fled by Wllt'l'am McBwan. '"-��� '-" ���'
u Strs';'rBarti'ettfbsdld-,''Jher" prppe'ftVi'
comprising seven" or*'-eight"acres; to
Mrs. Sharp, who with her sister, Miss
Armstrong, have come, from .the
Northwest to reside In.Rosedale.     ..'
'After' 'leavliife'Winnipeg wo aWlcorti
tlnued-to lose time' whaHaWlvflAi ib:
Montiea.1. ulKhL iuura. latii.__iUxe.we.
stayed for over two days 'Intending
tri see trie tlt'yi but on -account of'the'I *'!|Ti
tfaln travel the children were 111 and
tho doctor 'had to be called' In.
However, on the evening of May 2nd
at 7:25 wo left by special tourist for
St. John, New Brunswick. 'With a
friend 1 saw Mr. (f. Mel.. llroWn
Iu the Hoard of Trade building and
Obtained many courtesies. from him,
Including the rirrangement of the
tourist cur (for the C. P.'R. runs no
tourists.' troml Monti'eiil t" St. John),
and a personal letter to the purser
ot the Empress of Britain. Owing
to u train wreck we were delayed tor
twelve hours (it Lowelltown, Maine,
and this delay resulted an..our nriiv-
ing.at oui' bout ut' about 2:20'a. m'.
Imagine tlie fun we 'had with the
children, just awakened,,, dirty and
hiuigry,' and nt !this,,'(ih'enrftly Wbuf
In the morning;'''arrafiglnfe'"nboitt-
cabin; table, etc. Our cabin trunk*
got- mislaid and for four days.-.w^.
��� luxuriated (?) In dirty linen; nor
were, they: found, until, after, I] ha<k
been through tyo/pf t|jie. ship's hojds,;
By error the agent .placed a thi^tf In-
slead of a second label on them���<'
heirce''6uY- troubles.'--'We Hid tfepled^
did" passage 'over': the Atlantic and'
arrived in WverpoQI early, on Satur?
day  morning; In ^ood/tlme  to  ^ake
>%t)1   .lovlrs  omoi bns
^ ml   miiilliXf  i)l rfgvTCW   t-nil InrJ
7 DiKJJjhBfLedT   ltli(uLgJ)aa.BOniioq
Cttei. Ca.
Ii'!! I     1
;��� MOVM/dr.0  (.'. 1 ���.���...;
The Farmers' Creed.
'������ "We Lbelleve in small farms- and
thoarttugta coU|valiaru.JA .obaiBt) MK
;T. ���W*"Bfeli^e��:th��''8oll IbWs'-'to Ml
���'as well1 asVfts rfirnerV^htfoaKrit^hefe-
fore^o' befii^rafly %6J5'u��na ('"
leave the,land better than,they found
,lt���making the. farmer And the farm
li Xy'.^l/Svi tkwTj-'jJ Rilriiw ,-.n vi
both glad at once.        ,
.snola :.(" :��� ���-; aosi
'We believe In going to the bottom
\VntWl-6 % forhf^f 'rj'rrrrf fitirm*
. olitniiifiblc in the miirkt't.
Bridget Whist.
"Ph-were   hov yez  been  this  aven-
'ln'?"  asks  O'Tunder of O'Toole.
. "SUre,   I've   been   playln'   Bridget
whist   ,'TJs a foinegamc, it is."
VBrldket whlsf?'   An'  hoW do- yes
rp]a,y;tHot?"j   -'!  "���       ' 3   h
. VOI sit In the kitchen .wjd. Bridget
nnd ate pie an' cake an' chicken, and
idheri [Bridget .'.pea^.tHe. mistress
comln' she says. 'Whist.' and OI hide
1^ tbe' panthry';"���Short Stories.
:I will mail you free, to prove  merit
the. 8:30  train ,f6r  Gloucester.,  and gampies of my Dr. Shoop's Restorative,
and my book on either Dyspepsia, The
from there prodeeded 'to our destination; which we reaehed about i p. nt;
' The Empress of Britain l�� bv tarn*
boat, but I should think In a heavy,
sea would roll badly, having too
much deck works.
-! Tlie country Is looking lovely^;��nd.'
as we came over  the Cheshire leaa
we Masted our eyes' on Uhe hilly ���soen-
ery and the magnificently 'green grass.
" Two days before-we'arrived spring
Mad' literally  burst' into  heltt'g afta
Jftverytlilng looked and felt good. Sfilce' TT^XSS?tC'""UK,
I landed I .have.been (indulging, .in g. ���jTfft��li ��W ���
laky, fit and .tills Is the .nrsf .letter.that  m*ae n 8 mme'-
'l 'have' wrltten*"frbir( tfVe mdtl'ielrtindr
Oi  plirSuaniceH'��f - this fit,' 'hoW"
again continued. & close.
- - ��� ...r ;"���;-���-- r-r -'-:,;,   "        ���     :���-'""���"���  ���>���''���  bns  --Jt EJa.i��y. :i ,b^k~-Dr: 8hoofc"Radrte7 W4��. ��� The.
a*#|^K^ flni, ^.'tj^^re^.in; deep.; H MaxU,. 1W., , ���,,;,���:,..,   ���;; . !,-.,., ,.JBe8terative:issofdbyrI,J. Barber20-86,
Heart op The Sidneys.   Troubles o.f tra,.
gtqmacH,'Heart or kidneys, are merely
syjnJWffflPW a deeper' ailment. 'Don't   2
make the - common error of treating - ��� ���
Symptoms only.   Symptom treatment ia
treating the result of your ailment, ancT
Wit the cause. ; Weak stomaeh nerve***/
toeJBside n?rv��j-me��^sjb3mac^h.��ealF-..,t
njesgr-always, and the heart ahd Wdhey,
a# well, "have their controlling or imT��'-
fo othe"l"remedy ereh
*���w*���rf- j^iflrtoi^tthef'inaitoneryiie.,:/AJWiaa
��"toJ��e igJinpiSlon. use Dr. Shoop's RestorativV.' ^'
'��������"-1 ������ ^mW^WmhW sample ahdrfr4�� -'���
���i., '��� :.-i " , ���> nv/sds
-���'.  ' .���   ��i
rhalir Minq
'-1   bias iu
10   rdww.; ���;  .';   -ivi^:  i;I-/.' j        Q T| J ^ i'T     .-.'.      in   \\��t
\ The^l^ri^^he' jr^f^n''��|k^B to tie t^^JkliyrkhtB IdieniksUed dd&U 11 I     C%    JWI ff
������-: i^   Good gdfiJrSNL'XrM\y#uia��i August8,9t iQvJSgMemter 11,,12, 1?, and.tvial,r!ejtura.liTOit;flO days frorn date QjEjsalei XM
���;..���-. '-.- s   ��� I lliw y.i ������-)������{ eirlT     i-J
,    .    ;���        .'     ���     1     ,;;:,.  -,||,,i    ,,,;-.   ���. '���   I
men   i'l  nb    :>   iriJ   0 S3
I    Chicago  /.'. :-v"; ..���'.). .���������(iiii^vi .pfS
New Yoifk and Philadelphia..
' SuS?Wt:,' -; MWMiMiMAiiv::.;
HalliajfOW'.i j .���/..���, ,L-Iyvsb- .'[y1:
WMhlpeg, Fort WHir<mi,vSt:' Pattl,^: Duluth
.tooonsreOsrtJ JqoozfJ i(V?:Kiil- boeei  - 0 pttfl^oHd brm.
^nA'iAus.^l��ri.,ge9,illi3fn i'^.ijeftjOO'
ji'/l rtoWoo
,i?w?. mm, :��.<;n')M.    86i00^ it��q
il:! .-������:���-    it'    :'r^j."-'?-.;'
tJififl.|B9b'8 rfjod ..ti'/t nofir/) v.'i.vi Vi oiji:iri   ^.. t^i,V^riiiiS*
ontreal ,..,... ��� ��� -\vsi6jc.?   sfliflO
q vortflijond '-"{^ttaWaJ v!1: P.???w.B.'1?. !'."A???{?A'^ :!.7. j?W	
I h:. rnoja 'jgt. John,: NiB (. ii-nW��a.;si;tl.^vi ji��'i smoYflA.,;.
-.-ii aov jloidv/.a/rten .orfl08i3Bfi98 oa   >3 iqmoa 1 :;���) 9no'JPfJkoriuitekq.9ii<)-7/.ij'i.I) ittw om*fios9^.oJ' onoJaifl ������
',',,,',',.r^^-'TteniBjjys areaHow^d^for��� pa'sWri'ger;tb re'ifjh'destihaltioti;' ^tb^oyer1 ^H^il^g^g***i�� Wailii'-tliiie Htilite."'  ; !l
1 ,vi     For further information as to rates to other eastern points', write or call on
r        r        rr     r ��� ^r     .- ^-r TAT ��     f CTfJTCr
��� ��� ��� ������;;.;
,'���   '���     -���   ���       .      I
,100(1     ��� -���'
,'^ofcn/.v/a .a ^HOi
W. R. HEUHS, 0 CR, Tieket Ag��iit, -
r a r.
��di ,9oni!vb/. 9riT ni eehiovbA     ��.r.,-.... r.....	
. i'-ts^ 'jAK'JffK ��fl&iVnt
Advance Wants,
Small Advertisements at Small Cost.
Wanted.-Everybody to let their business wants be known to the public in
these columns. It will cost you little,
and will pay you much. Only one cent
p r word for each insertion. THE
Fraseu Advance, P. 0. B 296. Chilliwack, B. C.
For Sale���House and Lot at Sardis.
Apply to Jesse Lapum,  Sardis,  B. C.
For Sale.���A team of general purpose horses, waggon and harness   Apis. C.
Fob Sale-A modern home in New
Westminster, located in centre of best
residential section of the city. The
house is practically new, has all modern
conveniences and has just been handsomely papered throughout. Two large
lots In connection, assessed at $600
each. Price and terms on application.
Apply to The Fraser Advance, Chilliwack, B.C. 9-tf
Strayed-From the premises of Carl
Grossman, a yearling Jersey heifer
Information leading to its recovery will
be rewarded. 21
ply to Street Bros. Chilliwack, B.
Lost.���Old Swedish razor, return to
this office and receive a reward of one
dollar. 19-tf.
Lost���Between Chilliwack and Rosedale, either on the Yale road or via
Camp Slough, a pocket book containing
one $60 bill, one $2 bill, two II bills,
and some silver, together with a hay
bill from Nowell to Dolman for 1,470
pounds and a knife. The finder will receive a $6 reward on leaving the purse
either at the Advance office, with
Constable Calbick or the undersigned.
C. Dolman. 21
FOR SALE-Bees.   Apply to Mrs. J.
F. Wilkinson. 18-21
For Sale.���Bee hives and supers, all
with comb, from Mr. J. Stade's. Apply
H. Tryon, Preston Road. 19-21.
For Sale���Good milch cow,  fresh.
A. P. Cummins, Elk Creek Bridge. 2-21
For Sale-Pure bred Collie pups,
aable and white.   Jos. Thompson.   2-21
For SALE-Rubber tired top buggy and
single and double harness. See R. F.
Lost-On May 24th at the Fair
Grounds, a 22-inch frame Rambler
wheel. Finder will be suitably rewarded by W. R. Nelems. 20-21
��fl!TWWWn���HI!!!l?WWnWWWW??WW?ll!lli��     Dr. MacSween,  dentist, Irwin Block
Good pasture for horses or cows.   M.
MacSween. 20-tf
John Rennie was among this week's
visitors to town.
Buy Ladies' Summer Vests, in all
sizes, at Ashwell's. 21-22
Miss Josephine Peters of Vancouver,
is a guest at the Dominion Hotel.
Thos. Dinsmore, a former resident of
Fairfield Island, and now of Vancouver,
visited the valley this week.
Buy Ladies' Summer Corsets, in all
sizes, at Ashwell's. 21-22
Buy Parasols at Ashwell's. 21-22
Jas. Patterson, ofJPatterson & Eckhart, Elk Creek, was at the coast this
week on business.
Buy Summer Hose at Ashwell's. 2-22
Swimming Suits and Tights, buy
them at Ashwell's.   All sizes.       21-22
The Ramona had a large cargo for
Chilliwack on Tuesday.
Mrs. A. Hall and little Ab left on
Sunday last for a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. Hall will be a guest of her sister,
Misa Lena McKenzie.
When bathing you cannot sink if you
use swimming wing?. Buy them at
Ashwell's. 21-22
A well known ex Chilliwackite who
had been practicing for some weeks to
sea how much of a "load" ha could
carry, was reported to have been separated from his roll in the vicinity of
North Bend. Relieving him of wad
may have been a blessing in disguise.
It is expected that a lacrosse game
between the Chilliwack and Indian
teams will be one of the attractions of
the Epworth League Garden Party at
the Fair Grounds on Friday next.
A garden party will be held at the
residence of J. L. Denholm, Hope
Skugh, Tuesday evening, June 25.     21
Mrs. J. H. White who has been visiting friends in the valley, returned to
Westminster by the Ramona on Wednesday.
The Chilliwack Co-operative Association has decided not to open its place of
business on Wednesday evenings as
previously announced. 21
The mails will leave the postoffice at
6:30 a.m. and arrive about mid-day. No
mails in the evenings during the summer months. 21-tf
Thos. R, Whitley, formerly manager
of the Royal Bank of Canada here, is
being welcomed by his many friends
about town this week. He arrived
from Victoria on Tuesday in company
with his wife and child, and are guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Coote. Mr. and Mrs. Whitley enjoy
their new home in the Capital City very
much, but none the less appreciate the
beauties of Chilliwack. They will remain for a couple of weeks.
A garden party will be given by the
Woman's Auxiliary of St. Thomas'
Church in the Rectory Grounds on
Thursday evening, June 2J. Programme. Bind in attendance. Ice
��� ream and strawberries. Admission!
10 cents. 20-22|
The Girls' Auxiliary of the Parish
of St. Thomas held their annual meeting at Mrs. Gahan's home on Tuesday afternoon of last week. The attendance was good and the meeting
was under the direction of the rector
Officers for the ensuing year were
elected as follows : Mrs Gahan, su -
oerintcndent; Miss N. Smith, treasurer;
Miss Johnson,   secretary;  Miss  Haw-
shaw, Miss Carvolth and Miss Cawley,
works committee. During the past
year the Auxiliary has made clothes
for an Indian girl at Yale, besides accomplishing considerable parish work
as well.
The Chilliwack Epworth League will
entertain the people of Chilliwack
Valley at a garden party in the Exhibition grounds on Friday evening, June
14th. Band in attendance. Admission
10c. 20-21
It's time to sow turnip seed, buy it
at Ashwell's. Rennie's, Ferry's or
Steele-Brlggs turnip seed. 21-22
Sticky Fly Paper, Insect Powder,
Chloride of Lime. Buy it at Ashwell's
Drug Counter. 21-22
The Royal Bank of Canada has just
Issued a neat little booklet entitled
"TheFarmer's Complete Bookkeeper,"
a system by which the "income" and
"output" of the farm may be rendered
as effectively as the business transactions of any well managed factory or
mercantile house. Farmers will find
this booklet very handy as it contains a
fund of valuable information and will
also serve to advertise The Royal Bank
as well.
Full assortment Taylor's Toilet Soaps
and Perfumes just received at Ashwell's Drug Counter. All marked at
grocery prices. 21-22
A garden party will be given by the
Sumas Ladies' Aid at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. A. Evans, on Thursday
evening, June 13th. Ice cream, bananas, strawberries and oranges. Admission 10c. A cordial invitation is extended to all.   Good programme.       21
Everybody come and have a good
time at the annual Garden Party of the
Presbyterian Church at the Manse
Grounds, Monday, June 17. Good programme. Band ih attendance. Refreshments.   Admission 10c. 21-22
The well known circus of Norris &
Rowe will show in New Westminster
on Friday next, June lf>th, and will no
doubt attract large numbers from the
Fraser Valley. Many new animals
have been added to their menagerie,
as well as a variety of features to their
hippodrome exhibition. One of the
chief attractions will be the wonderful trick bicycle performances of the
famous seven Avallons. With their
reputation for a cleap show Norris &
Rowe will draw large crowds as usual.
The first hack in Chilliwack made its
appearance on the streets on Saturday
night last an did a rushing business.
The soft seats and rubber tires seemed
to produce quite and exhilarating effect
on the "boys" and the hack horses
must have thought they were drawing
the steam calliope at the tail end of a
circus parade. After inspecting the
"dyke" several times and singing
"Don't tell them that you saw me,"
"Waltz ma around again, Willie," etc.,
time and wind up was called, and the
jovial crew who initiated the hack,
sought out the strongest telephone
poles and waited for their respective
houses to come along.
The June number of the Canadian
Horticulturist is replete with carefully
prepared articles for fruit growers in
ail parts of Canada. Among the topics
discussed are "Thinning Fruits on
Trees,'' "Orchard Tillage," "Ripe
Strawberries and How to Handle Them,''
"The Currant and Currant Pests," and
"Improving and Originating Varieties
of Apples. Letters are published on
fruit topics from special correspondents
in the various provinces. A strong feature of the issue is fruit crop predictions based on the bloom this spring
Many other articles and items of interest to fruit men are contained in its
columns. The section for vegetable
gardeners is of much value, It contains
articles "Transplanting Tomatoes,"
"Growing Cauliflowers, "The Culture
of Celery," and "Cultivating the
Market Garden." Vegetable crop reports from regular correspondents are
published. For amateur flower growers
there is much practical information, including articles entitled "Color
Schemes for Flower Gardens," "Growing Salad Crops at Home," "Lawn and
Garden Hints for June," "The Mixed
Flower Border," "Mowingthe Lawn,"
"Bedding Plants," "Rose Pests,"
"The Culture of Gladioli," and "Hardy
Trees and Shrubs" An article of particular interest to ladies comprises recipe* for cooking and preserving rhubarb and strawberries. Among the well
known writers who contributed article*
are: E. D. Smith, M.P., Winona: W.
T. Macoun, Central Experimental Farm,
Ottawa; B. S. Pickett, Champagne,
III., August Dupuis, director Quebec
Experimental Stations; Rev. Father
Burke, Albertob, P.E.I.; G. H. Gordon,
Vernon; F. F. Reeves, Humber Bay,
Ont.; Wm. J. Wilshire, Montreal: H.
H. Groff, Simcoe, Ont.; Wm. Hunt,
Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph;
and Miss L. Shuttleworth, Torouto.
Since the subscription price of The
Canadian Horticulturist was reduced
last fall from $1.00 to 50c a year, its
circulation has greatly increased.
Sample copies can be secured by writing to Canadian Horticulturist, 90
Manning Chambers, Toronto, Ont,     21
Some time last year two "plain
clothes" gentlemen who were passing
a certain place not more than 1,800
miles from Chilliwack, thought they
heard certain words which sounded
strangely familiar to them, viz:
"Stand pat," "Mis-deal," "Hit the
kitty," etc., and as the meaning of the
words came back to them their
thoughts evidently wandered back
to their boyhood days, for they
dectded to "sitin" and take a "stack."
Their advent caused a little uneasiness
for a minute or so, as they came into
the lodge room without the pass word
or the proper raps, and those in the
' charmed circle" did not know for a
while whether they were playing I
Casino or Old Maid, as their X ray
eyes were trying to pierce through the
strangers sleeves to see if they had a
"holdout." The fun came when one
of the "plain clothes" gentlemen
thought it wastime for a "show down"
and as he held a "club" flush and the
others held���their breaths, then everything began to look "blue" and the
"pot" was anybody's for a while. One
of the "boys," who is somewhat of a
magician, and who possesses the wonderful faculty of ma it ing one believe
they are coming off the top of the deck
when in reality they are dropping from
!the bottom, was heard to murmur a
'. little ditty, entitled, "I don't know
where I'm going, but I am on my way,"
and at that instant both "pot" and
magician vanished into thin air, at
least it seemed that way to those in
the gallery. From information re.
ceived from those who "Don't go home
till morning," they say checkers could
easily have been played on the coat tails
of those who had suddenly decided that
"there is no place like home," and that
the 100-yard record was reduced from
10 seconds to 7 and 3-6.    These enter
tainments being rather strenuous on
the actors, there will be "nothing
doin' " for a while at least, and everyone is now whistling that old familiar
tun.e "Wait Till the Clouds Roll By,.
Jennie." ThU happened In Youbadam,,
I'll stop your pain free. To show you
first-before you spend a penny-what
my Pink Pain Tablets can do, I will
mail you free, a trial package of them���
Dr Shoop's Headache Tablets. Neuralgia, Headache, Toothache. Period
Pains, etc., are due alone to blood congestion. Dr. Shoop'* Headache Tablet*
simply kill pain by coaxing away the.
unnatural blood pressure. That 1* all.
Address Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis. Sold
by H. J. Barber. 20-21.
The Farmers' Exchange will
pack cherries for its members
this season. For further information inquire of secretary,
Chas. W. Webb.
Barrister and Solicitor at Law.
Chilliwack, B.C.
Solicitor forthe Township of Chilliwack
The Bank of Montreal,
Chilliwack Oils, Ltd.
R. C. Menten, captain.
J. H. Harrison, purser.
Bus will leave the postoffice at 6:30
a.m. and Henderson's corner at 3:30
p.m. every day for the steamer connecting with morning trains, east and west,
and afternoon trains east and west respectively. Returning bus will arrive in
town at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.
^^������  w
A Garden Party
under the auspices of the
Ladies' Aid of   Carman
Church, will be held at the
Camp Ground, on
Wednesday, June 19th
Ice Cream and Strawberries in
-'ShidlN'W srxrs-
\  \   vv'^n^vvA" \" v' \:;,
'     .'���v��l*'��4fc���'
What is There in a Name ?
I will give a $6.00 rocker or
$5.00 on any piece of Furniture, Carpet, Carpet Squares,
Linoleum, Oil Cloths, Window Shades, etc., in the store to the one who will suggest a name (that
suits me) for a new $10 mattress, fuily guaranteed, that I am now offering. This mattress is
made of pure cotton felt, both sides, and the best hand picked moss in centre, (this moss is like
hair) which gives this mattress a softness and buoyancy possessed by none, except the Ostermoor,
which I sell at $15.] Anyone can see this mattress by calling at the store and get full particulars. If two or more send
the same name, the first one to reach me will draw the prize. Anyone can compete, so send in the name which you believe is appropriate. This contest will close on June 15, at 8 p.m. I will now have the best $15 mattress, which is the
Ostermoor, this $10 mattress, and the best $5 and $3.75 mattress in B.C.
G. P. CHAMBERLAIN, Funeral Director and Embalmer
iek 8*&ta!�� %%B��^' Picture Framing and Upholstering
10 Cents
Under and by virtue of the power*
contained in a certain indenture of
mortgage which will be produced at
the time of sale, there will be offered
for sale BY TENDER the following
property, namelv.
ALL AND SINGULAR that certain
parcel or tract of land and premises
situate, lying and being in the District
of New Westminster, Province of
British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as part of the
South-east quarter and South-west
quarter of Section Three (3) in
Township Three (3) Range Thirty (30)
west of the Sixth Meridian ana more
particularly as follows:
Commencing at the South-west comer
of Lot Three hundred and seventy (370),
Group Two (2) Township Twenty-seven
(27) New Westminster District, and
running Northerly along the Western
boundary of said Lot 370 and Lot Three
hundred and seventy-one (371) to the
bank of Hope Slough; thence Westerly
along the South bank of said Slough to
Indian Reservation; thence Southerly to
a post seven and seventy-six hundredths
chains; thence Easterly to the point of
commencement, the same containing
Twenty and one-half acres, more or
less, which said parcel of land is more
particularly shewn on a plan annexed
to said Indenture of Mortgage and
thereon colored green.
This property will be sold subject to
certain Indenture of Mortgage in favor
of the Canada Permanent. Loan and
Savings Co. for the amount of Eight
hundred dollars and interest thereon.
Sealed tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to and including the 30th
day of June, A. D. 1907.
The highest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
For further particulars apply to
Kamloops, B.C.
Solicitor for the MORTGAGEE.
Dated this 11th May, 1907. 18-24
Advertise in The Advance, the
paper that everybody reads.


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