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The Fraser Advance Mar 9, 1907

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Array THE
Jl Journal of Optimism and defpfulness, Especially Devoted to the Interests of tbe fraser
The Fruiter Advance:   Vol. I, No. 8
Chilliwack ProR-i-efw:   Vol. XV. No. 40
Dollar wheat is among the
possibilities of the season.
Prince Rupert will soon have
telegraphic connection with the
outside world.
Woodstock, N.B., lost a large
block in its principal business
section on the 2nd inst., by fire.
It is expected that the new
city market in Vancouver will be
ready to handle certain classes
of products by July 1st.
David McNabb, who recently
robbed the   Carnegie   Library
strong probability of gaining
still more time before the Atlantic is reached.
The provincial government of
Saskatchewan has introduced
into the Legislature this week a
University Act, which provides
for all the necessary machinery
for the. establishment and conduct of a seat of higher learning
for that province. The new
university will be maintained out
of the general revenues of the
province by such sums as may be
appropriated by the legislature
for the purpose, and by a percentage of the net receipts of
the province for the current
year under the succession duties
Samples should" be securely
wrapped in strong paper or enclosed in cotton bag, and should
contain not less than one ounce
of grass seeds oi all kinds or
white or alsike eloVers, two ounces red clovef, alfalfa or other
seeds of like size, iftnd three ounces or a small handful of wheat,
oats and i barley or other large
seeds. The rate of postage is one
cent per ounce an* should be prepaid. All testing is done free of
Address Dominion-Department
of Agriculture, Seed Laboratory,
Dr. OlfcnhyalekaThead of tie
I. 0. F.. died at Savannah, Ga.,
on Sunday, March 3rd.
view is that the Attorney-General, by virtue of his office, has no
option but to give cmsent to
prosecutions under the Dominion
law, unless such prosecutions
shall be shown to be petty or
malicious; and, further, the intent of the law is not that the
Attorney-General shall, if he desires, over-ride the law,, but that
he shall secure its just administration. He is but an officer designated by the Act, to secure its
fair enforcement. Otherwise he
annuls a law which, the competent Legislature passing that law,
says is in force. The jurisdiction
of the Dominion in this particular
has never been questioned.
England-has given '.its decision
that the provincial Sunday laws
of Canada were ultra vires, and
before consenting to introduce
to parliament a Sunday law the
Hon. C. Fitzpatrick, then Minister of Justice, prepared a draft
Provincial Law and submitted it
to the Supreme Court of Canada,
with the result that such legislation was declared incompetei t
for the provinces. In view f'
these decisions and notwithstanding the example set by the
Province of Quebec, it would
seem inconsiderate on the part
of any province to attempt direct
Sunday legislation.
"Assuming, however, thatjthe
Birdseye of Chilliwack Town Looking Wist
From Chilliwack the Beautiful by Cawley & Paisley.
museum, Vancouver, of a valuable collection of coins, has been
arrested at Victoria.
King Edward and Queen
Alexandra are now in France.
After three weeks' rest at Biarritz, they will cruise in the Mediterranean and re. urn home
about the end of April.
The deputations of the canners
and fishermen are now at Ottawa
and have presented their cases
to the ministry. No announcement has yet been made of the
results of their pilgrimages.
Premier L. J. Tweedie of New
Brunswick, has been appointed
Lieutenant - Governor of the
province in succession to the late
Hon. J. B. Snowball. Hon. Wm.
Pugsley will succeed to the premiership, speaker C. W. Robinson will be provincial secretary
and C. J. Cosman, speaker.
The latest reports of the results of Thursday's voting in the
Province of Manitoba make it
abundantly clear that the Rob-
lin Government has been returned to power with a large
working majority. Out of forty
seats in the legislature, twenty-
six are conceded to the ministry,
while the opposition claim ten.
Of the remaining four it is believed that the government will
at least win two.
ordinance, and further out of the
fund collated by the supplementary act. The real and
personal property of the Uni<
versity is to be exempted from
TheC. P. Ry. is having lively
times with its "Over-seas" mail
contract. While the last westbound mail was five days late
getting away from Vancouver
for the long run across the
Pacific, the "Overseas Limited"
bearing the east-bound mail is
reported five hours ahead of
time at   Winnipeg,    with the
Seed Testing Laboratory tor the
The new Seed Testing Station
established by the Dominion Department of Agriculture at Calgary for the convenience of the
farmers and seed merchants of
Alberta and British Columbia is
now fully equipped and in operation.
Seed will be tested at this Seed
Laboratory for Purity and Germination. The purity test shows
the amount of weed seeds or other impurities contained in a sample, and the names and quantities
of each kind. When a farmer is
buying seed or even if using his
own, it is important that he ascertain whether or not it is free
from noxious weed seeds.
The germination test shows
what percentage of the seed will
germinate under favorable field
conditions. Many conditions affect the vitality of seed such as
unfavorable weather, immaturity,
freezing before harvesting, lack
of proper storage or old age. Appearances are deceiving and often
very good looking seed is low in
������ A report of the result of each
sample sent in for purity test will
be forwarded within a couple of
days from the date it is received
at the office.
The time required for final
germination test of wheat, oats,
barley and clovers is ten days,
timothy, rye, grass, etc., fourteen days, vegetables ten to fourteen days. A preliminary report
will, if requested, be forwarded
within four to six days from the
date of receipt of sample.
Secretary Rochester Speaks.
Referring to the announcement
recently made, that the provincial government contemplates introducing Lord's Day legislation,
and that in the meantime no assent would be given by the Attorney-General to any prosecution under the Dominion Lord's
Day Act, Rev. Mr. Rochester,
Western Secretary of the Lord's
Day Alliance, makes the following statement:
"So far as the Alliance is concerned it regards it as a matter
of no consequence from what
source legislation comes, whether
from the Provincial or the Dominion Government. It may be
that the legislation contemplated
by the local Government would
be more acceptable to the Alliance than the Dominion Act.
The important requisite, however, is that legislation comes
from a competent source.
Act Now in Force.
"In the public's view of the
present situation one fact may
easily be over-looked, namely,
that the Dominion Lord's Day
Act is now in force, and it is assumed to be known to be in force.
Everyone, therefore, violating
its provisions by an open Lord's
Day, is violating the law of the
land. The words of the act are
specific in this particular, "that
this law shall come into force on
March 1, 1907." The action of
the provincial Government in no
way alters that fact.
"The attitude of the Attorney-
General is an important consideration. Whether rightly or
wrongly, the Dominion, in this
legislation, has placed responsibility upon his shoulders. As to
the nature of this obligation there
is a difference of opinion.   Our
"It is well to notice that British Columbia alone in the west,
has taken this position, with respect tp the Dominion Act.
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have signified through
their respective Attorney-Generals, their desire to secure the
enforcement of the Lord's Day
"In its application to this province it may be fittingly urged
that this Sunday legislation can
give little ground for complaint.
The Act, whilst able to secure
national wellbeing, is broad in its
consideration of individual liberty
and is generous in its provision
with respect to the commercial
interests of this province. This
has been clearly brought out in
the recent interview with the
Attorney-General, published in
the daily papers.
"The whole question of jurisdiction of the province is at once
raised by the government's announcement. Has the province
power in this particular? It is
asserted that the Dominion
Lord's Day Act purports to give
liberty to the province to legislate in its own interests in respect of the Lord's Day. It is to
be remembered, however, that
its saying so does not necessarily
convey to the province such
power. The prOvi nces have their
constitutions under the British
North America Act, and if they
have such power in Lord's Day
legislation, they have it independent of the Dominion Parliament; and if they have it not,
the Dominion cannot bestow
these powers.
provincial law ultra vires.
"So far as this question has
come under review, the provinces
have no encouragement to move
in the direction of Lord's Day
legislation. The judicial committee of the Privy Council of
ques.ion of power to pass Lord's
Day legislation has not been
settled, and that there is still
ground for believing that the
province has power to enact a
Sunday law, a course is open to
the government which would
commend itself as fair and one
that would save much trouble
later. According to the ' 'act regarding the constitution, practice and procedure of the Supreme Court of British Columbia," it is competent for "the
Lieutenant-Governor in Council
to refer to the Full Court or a
judge for hearing and consideration any matter which he thinks
fit to refer, and the Full Court
or judge shall thereupon hear
p.nd consider the same." The
act then specifies particularly
matters which "relate to the
constitutional validity of any act
which has heretofore been or
shall hereafter be passed by the
Legislature of this Province, or
of some prov> sion in any such
act." Therefore, in the present
circumstances, it would seem a
reasonable method to pursue
that the local government should
prepare a draft bill of its proposed legislation and submit it,
according to the terms of the
act quoted to the Supreme
Court of the Province for consideration and judgment.
' 'Meanwhile, awaiting whatever action in the judgment of.
the Provincial Government may
be deemed Jbest, every citizen
ought to remember that t,i,o
Dominion Lord's Day Act is no v
law, and, because it is the lav
of the land, it should meet with
respect from every honorable
citizen. If its provisions are unreasonable in any particular, redress may be sought not in disregard of the law, but in amendment thereof, when opportunity
offers." 2
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A New Theology.
The Rev. R. J. Campbell, of
the City Temple, London, has
enunciated a ''new theology" in
which he not only disposes of
the belief that the Bible was divinely inspired, but states emphatically a disbelief in eternal
punishment, and says that ultimately every soul will be perfected. By his new doctrine, or
"re-stated theology," as, he
terms it, Mr. Campbell has
thrown a bomb into the camp Qf
the Christian churches throughout the civilized world. For Air.
Campbell has been recognized as
one of the most potent exponents
of present day Christianity.
From advices which have come
from England it would seem the
churches are on the eve of a new
period of controversy and one
that may rival the Colenso and
the Farrar ferments in the English church, or the Robertson-
Smith and Marcus Dodds trials in
Scotland. Within the next few
months Mr. Campbell is going
out as the apostle of the "new
theology,'' addressing gatherings
of ministers in the leading provincial towns, by invitation of
the ministers themselves. It is
fully expected that grave developments will follow, for the
movement is by no means confined to Nonconformity but is
agitating sections of the Christian
church throughout the world.
What is this new theology and
how does its leading exponent
define it ? The following is an
epitome of the utterances of the
famous preacher who with the
face of a boy, the silvery hair of
an old man, and the burning,
piercing eyes of a prophet, delivers all his sermons with the
quiet emphasis of one who has
thought out his. intellectual position.
The "new theology" denotes
an attitude and a spirit rather
than a creed. Its starting point
is belief in the immanence of
God and the essential oneness of
God and man. Man is the reflection of God and the universe,
one means to the self-manifestation of God. The word God
stands for the infinite reality
whence all things proceed. In
common with the whole scientific world it believes that the
finite universe is one aspect or
expression of that reality, but it
thinks of it (or Him) as Consciousness rather than a blind
force, thereby differing from
some scientists.
It thus believes that there is
no real distinction between humanity and deity. Man's being
is the same as God's, though his
consciousness of it is limited. In
all surrounding objects there is a
revelation of God.
The "new theology" holds
that human nature should be interpreted in terms of its own
highest attainment, and therefore it reverences Jesus Christ.
It looks upon Jesus as the perfect example of what humanity
ought to be-the life which purposely expresses God to a limited
human experience. So far as
man can see the highest kind of
life than can be lived is the life
that is lived in terms of the whole.
Every man is a potential Christ,
or rather a manifestation of the
eternal Christ; that side of the
nature of God from which all
humanity has come forth. Humanity is fundamentally one,
and all true living is the effort to
realize that oneness. This is the
truth that underlies all noble effort for the common good in the
world to-day.  <
The "new theology" looks upon evil as a negative rather than
a positive term.' It is the shadow
where the light ought to be; it is
the perceived privation of good.
It belongs only tp finiteness. Pain
is the effort of the spirit to break
through the limitations which it
feels to be evil. The "new
theology" believes that the only
way in which the true nacure of
good can be manifested, either
by God or man, is by the struggle
against limitation, and, therefore, it is not appalled by the long
story of cosmic suffering. The
things which man most admires
and reverences in his fellow man,
are thethings involving struggle
and self-sacrifice.
The new doctrine watches with
sympathy the development of
modern science, for it believes
itself to be in harmony therewith.
It is the religious articulation of
the scientific method. It, therefore follows, that it is in sympathy with scientific criticism of
the important religious literature
known as the Bible. The Bible
it handles as freely and as critically as it would any other book.
It believes that the seat of religious authority is within, and
int without, the soul. The
individual man is so constituted
as to be able to recognize, ray by
ray, the truth that helps him upwards no matter from what
source it comes.
The "new theology" represents in the sphere of religion
the same movement that in the
sphere of. politics and sociology
is making for a better social order. The two movements are
not simply parallel, they are one
and the same.
It believes in the immortality
of the soul, but only on the
ground that every individual
consciousness is a ray of the universal consciousness and cannot
be destroyed. It believes that
there are many stages in the upward progress of the soul in the
unseen world before it becomes
fully and consciously one with
its infinite source. Man makes
his destiny in the next world by
his behavior in this. Ultimately
every soul will be perfected.
The "new theology" brushes
aside many of the familiar dogmas still taught from the pulpit.
It believes that the story of the
fall, in a literal sense, is untrue.
It is literature, not dogma; tne
romance of an early age used tor
the ethical instruction of man.
The very imperfection of the
world to-day is due to God's will.
It is a working out of Himself
with its purpose, a purpose not
wholly hidden from man.
The doctrine of sin which holds
man to be blameworthy for deeds
that he cannot help, is a false
view. Sin is simply selfishness.
It is an offence against the God
within; a violation of the law of
love. It rejects v; holly the common interpretation of the Atonement���that another is beaten for
our fault. It believes in no final
judgment, but in a judgment that
is ever proceeding. Every sin
involves suffering which cannot
be remitted by any work of another. When a deed is done its
consequences are eternal.
It teaches that Jesus was and
is divine, but so are we. His
mission was to make us realize
our divinity and our oneness with
God. And we are called to live
the life which He lived.
The "new theology" is arousing widespread attention
throughout England, shaking as
it does the fundamental principles of the Christian church.
The same theories have one and
all been advanced heretofore but
only in an isolated and disjointed
fashion, and certainly never by
such an eminent divine as Dr.
Campbell. What the outcome of
the preson' controversy will be
remains to bo seen.
Dr. Campbell abandons much
that the devout will be reluctant
to lose. He discards the doctrine
of the Fall of Man. He surrenders with it the Atonement. He
appears to surrender with it also
the freedom of will when he
speaks of the deeds that cannot
be helped.
Humanity is yearnirig'for a definite knowledge of what lies be
yond the veil. For thousands of
years it has sought for an explanation and songht in vain. Plato
knew as much 2,300 years ago of
what becomes of the soul after
death as the greatest scientist
knows to-day. Science as it advances merely describes facts; it
does not attempt to explain them.
The explanation for which humanity is hankering is withheld,
simply because it is not known.
It is indeed questionable if Dr.
Campbell's "new theology" is
even a step in the right direction,
and doubtless in company with
previous controversies of a like
nature, when it has run its course,
it will be relegated to the limbo
of forgotten things. ��� Victoria
God never buys anything, but
is forever at work; but if anyone
does trust in work, he has yet to
learn he must trust in nothing
but strength���"the self-existing
strength only." The man has
begun to be strong who has begun to know that separated from
life essential, that is, God, he lb
weakness itself, but of strength
inexhaustible if he be one with
his origin.���George MacDonald.
Kev. K. F. SiillutRii, Pastor.
Services fiery Sunday i.t 11 a.m. and
7:3(1 p in Sunday .School at 3:00 p.m.
Epworih League ever. Monday at 8 p.
in. Prayer Mem lug uveiy Thursday
at 8 pm.
CARMAN GHURCH-Dlviue service
every Sunday at 2:80 p in.
Re*. H. J Robertson, B.A.. Pastor
Service- >u ..lav at II a m, and 7:30 p.m
Sunday ��� I! i < il III the, afternoon at 2:30
PiHjirlMff ing every Thiii'Milay even
ing at'8 o'clock. Ladies' Aid every
second I'hur'ilav al 6K��i (Jills' Mi's
���ion Bind eV rv second Friday al 4 p.m
Sunday mm vices at II a ill. aid 7:8np in.
Sunday School in the. aflaru on al 2:30.
Young People's Praver Meeting everv
Monday in 8 p in. Praver Meeting on
Thursday hvci ing at 7:30 o'clock.
" Uev. Mark Jukes, Vicar.
Sunday services���Morning prayer and
sermon II a. in.; Even song and sermon at7p.ni Sunday mji.coI at 0:45
a.m. Holy Communion���8 a. mi 3rd
Sunday In the month. 11 a.m. 1st Sunday in ihe month. Bilile Class each
week on Wednesday at 8 |i, in. in the
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Plumbers as Agreeable Men.
By Charles Dudley Warner.
Speaking of the philosophical  	
temper, there is no class of mtn chance���or was it by design ? I
whose society is more to be de- happened to read of your mar-
sired for this quality than that vellous compound. After taking
of plumbers. They are the most several dozen bottles I was able
agreeable men I know; and the to go to a horse race or two
and round.   I could not sleep at    Chlliiwhack Township Council.
night   I don't believe I could 	
have slept in the senate. My A regular meeting of the Cor-
doctors told me to go south. So poration of the Township of Chil-
did my political friends. They liwhack was held in tne Court
feared the worst.   So did I.   By House on Saturday the 2nd day
boys in the business begin to be
agreeable  very early.     In the
dryest summer days my garden
fountain became disabled:  the
pipe was stopped up.   A couple
of   plumber's,  with the implements of their craft, came out to
view the situation.   There was a
good deal of difference of opinion
about where the stoppage was.
r found the plumbers perfectly
willing to sit down and talk
about it-talk by the hour.   The
work dragged a little���as it is
apt to do by the hour.   Sometimes they would find, upon arrival, that they had forgotten
some indispensable tool, and one
would go back to the shop, a mile
and a half after it, and his companion would await his return
with the most exemplary patience,
and sit down and talk���always
by the hour.   I do not know but
it is a habit to have something
wanted at the shop.   They seemed to me very good workmen and
always willing to stop and talk
about the job, or anything else,
when I went near themi   Two of
them will sometimes wait nearly
half a day while a comrade goes
for a tool.   I think they have
very nearly solved the problem
of life; it is to work for other
people, never for yourself, and
get your pay by the hour.   You
then have no anxiety and little
work.    Working   by the hour
needs to make one moral.    I
Two weeks later I was on my adopted.
of March, 1907.
Present-The Reeve and all the
The minutes of the last regular
meeting were read and on motion
way back to Canada a new man.
Mr. Hyman might hope eventually to gain the dizzy heights of
Hon. John Costigan.���Brockville
Times.       >  ���
Somethlnq to Please the Children.
By Wallace Irwin.
Something to please the children,
Something to entertain I
Shall I dance, my dears, or wiggle my
Or balance myself on a cane ?
Shall I stand at the parlor casement
And sing to the crowd below?
Or pour hot tea over Grandpa's knee
In a comical way I know ?
Something to please the children;
Anything droll will do!
Communications were received
from the undermentioned and
dealt with as follows:
Mrs. J. H. Atkinson re goods
got by her late husband forthe
Wilson-Evans-That the account presented by Mrs. J. H.
Atkinson for articles furnished
by her late husband, amounting
to $24.85, be paid.   Carried.
G. A. Calbick re Municipal lockup, re building materials on Wellington Street and re awnings.
Barrow-Wilson-That the communication of G. A. Calbick re
lock-up be received and filed and
it be left in the hands of the Police Committee, and that the
Clerk write the Government for
Shall I lash myself to the mantle shelf permission to place said lock-Up
And poke my feet up the flue ?
Shall I spill hot wax on the carpet
Or cover my nose with soot,
Or gum my hair, or drop a chair
On the top of my gouty foot ?
Something to please the children;
Something that's light and gay I
Shall I whistle and scream at the butcher's team-
So .the horses will run away?
Shall I hang the cat to the curtain,
Or scare Aunt Jane with a mouse ?
Shall I stutter and groan through the
And then set Are to the house ?
Something to please the children ;
Nothing that's trite" and tame I
on the Government at back of
Court House.   Carried.
Ashwell - Wilson - That the
Clerk be instructed to communicate with all parties whose awnings are less than 7 feet in the
clear that they must be raised up
to this standard at once. Carried.
Ashwell-Jackson - That the
Constable be instructed to have
obstruction complained of removed at once.   Carried.
S. A. Cawley, Secretary ot'
Board of Trade, enclosing a resolution of that body requesting
the Council to communicate with
the Council of the City of New
Westminster, the Municipalities
never heard a plumber swear or Theycrow with slee as they come to of Kent, Upper Sumas, Matsqui
exhibit the least impatience at
any small vexation, working by
the hour. Nothing can move a
man who is paid by the.hour.
How sweet the flight of time
seems to his calm mind!
Hyman and Other Quacks.
Some enterprising patent medicine man ought to get after Hon
I'm never at loss for a game.
They greet me as Uncle Henry,
And jolly good times they see
In the jovial ways and genial plays
Of an elderly man like me.
���Saturday Evening Post.
Langley, Surrey, Delta, Rfeh-
mond, Coquitlam and Maple
Ridge, asking them to co-operate
in the gathering of data as to the
silting up of the Fraser River and
in circulating petitions to the
Provincial or Dominion Governments in that behalf.
Jackson-Good-That the communication of S. A. Cawley, Sec.
Better Than All the Rest.
Three little boys were boasting  ... ,,___.
���or ex-Hon. whichever you about their belongings and their of the Board of Trade, be ireceiv-
please-Hyman and get a testi- parents. "Well," said the first ed and filed, and that the Clerk
monial from him in explanation boy, "my father is going to build be  instructed to communicate
-"     "      ' -       *        ' ������ " ltn""" ""u" " <-*<""*u "" ,+ with the several Municipal Coun-
of miraculous return to good a house with a steeple on it,
health. ' 'Dear Sir, I wish to ex- . Oh, that's nothing," exclaim-
press my gratitude to you for oa the second little boy scornful-
your marvelous compound. Two ly. "My father is going tobuild
months ago I was so sick (politi- a house with ;a flagpole on it.
cally) that my friends despaired... The third boy, who had been
of my existence, ���in parliament
cils as requested.   Carried.
G. R. Ashwell & Son re sidewalk in front of their store.
Barrow-rWilson-That the communication of G. R. Ashwell &
Just after the revelations of. the
London bye-election I was unable to retain my seat. Everything seemed to be going round
listening quietly, threw his head Son. be received and filed, and
high in the air, "Gee, that's that the Constable repair any de-
nothing. My father's going to fective planks in front of their
build a house with a mortgage on property.   Carried
it."���The Ladies' Home Journal.
Motfet's 'Best' Flour
for Bread making. It is so uniform
in quality, so strong, so pure and so reliable. ���
There is never a fear of waste or
worry on Bake-Day when it is used.
Young Housewives will find Moffet's
"BEST" Flour a faithful ally in bread-
Milled in B. C. by
TrSe Cofumbia Ffourincj Miffs Co., Ltd.
Enderby, B. C.
Jos. H. Collinson re Ford Road.
Barrow- Ashwell - That the
communication of Jos. H. Collinson be received and filed, and
that it be referred to Board of
Works on Tour of Inspection.
. H. H. Collinson re defective
Wilson-Barrow-That the communication of H. H. Collinson be
received and that the matters
therein referred to be referred to
the Board of Works for action on
their tour of inspection. Carried.
Capt. Gardner re landing barge.
Ashwell-Jackson - That the
communication of Capt. Gardner
be received and filed and that G.
A. Keefer, Resident Engineer,
and J. B. Kennedy, M. P., be
communicated with, calling to
their attention the urgent necessity of immediate steps being
taken to relieve the present situation and would recommend the
suggestions herein outlined to
their serious consideration. Carried.
Jos. Scott, Assessor, advising
completion of Roll for 1907.
Wilson-Evans���That the communication of Jos. Scott, Asses*
sor, be received and filed and
that the Council sit as a Court of
Revision on Monday, April 8th,
at 10 a.m., at. the Court House,
(Continued on Page 6.) THE FRAHER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, rl C��� SATURDAY, MARCH ��, 1907.
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially aevpted to the interests of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday morning it
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
B. C.
Single copies
$1.00 per year
Be. each
tramline propoMil everybody
concerned should have been, advised of the fact from the first.
But this is not all. No thoughtful person who is at all acquain-
hi wirli tlie country and the
Luiiilitioii of triillic can be induced to believe that any sane
body of men  would  build  and
MXCKErT��� ifA'gON. - At the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Perrin,
Vancouver, B. C, on Friday,
March 8th, Mrs. C. F. Mason, of
Hamilton, Ont, to Mr. W. L.
Macken of Chilliwack, B. C.
Joseph Johnston, an es-
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
bOtsford and then stop short of
Chilliwack.     Abbotsford   is al'
Advertising rates on application   .
, All matter intended for public: lion,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0, Box 296, Chilliwack,
operate u tramline as fur as Ab-' teamed citizen of Chilliwack pas-;
sed away on Wednesday, aged 61
years. The funeral took place
on Friday afternoon from his
ready served east mid west by late residence to the Oddfel-
the C.l'.ll. and will soon have lows*   cemetery, and was large-
the Great Northern as well.    To lv attended.    	
talk of that town as an object- FOR SALE
iye point for a const tram line is Three milch cow8' and one
the acme ot absurdity. A line heifer. Apply to C. Robertson,
from Chilliwack to Abbotsford Lickman Road, Sumas. adv. 8-tf
would pav,  but one  from West-   -- ��� ��� ���	
minster to Abbotsford-never.      - FoR Sale -pure bred Suffo,k Down
J. BUKTT MORGAN, - Editor and Proprietor.
No little consternation has
been created in Chilliwack during
the past few weeks by the announcement made by some of
the coast papers, with a considerable show of official authority behind it, to the effect that
the proposed Electric Railway
line from Westminster to Chilliwack may not be extended farther than Abbotsford unless the
Sumas Prairie is dyked. Little attention would have been given to
such an obviously absurd report
but for the fact that the same
thing was strongly liinted in a
letter addressed ��� by General
Manager Sperling to the Chilliwack Board of Trade, as well us
in some remarks made last week
by Local .Manager I). J. Mc-
Quarrie, at a meeting of the
Westminster Board of Trade.
We have neither seen Mr. Sperling's letter nor did we hear Mr.
McQuarrie.s address. If thesa
gentlemen, however, are correctly reported, it is quite evident that the impression conveyed, if not sought to be conveyed, to both Boards of Trade
was quite in accord with the impression which has gone
abroad.       .
It is little wonder that.the people of this district should experience a decided sense of shock at
even a bare hint of a possible
change of the programme of the
B.C. Electric Railway Company.
The fact is still fresh in the minds
of everybody that only a few
months ago the most definite
announcement was made by Mr.
Buntzen, Managing Director of
that Company, that if the Municipalities interested would grant
the desired franchise concessions
the Cohipany would proceed to
build the line. If, as Mr. Mc-
Quarrie is now quoted, "in all
the discussion with the British
Directors, over the proposed
Chilliwack extension it had been
taken for granted that the
scheme (Sumas dyke) was as
good as an accomplished fact,"
the people of the South Fraser
heard nothing about it. After
all franchises haye been signed,
sealed and delivered it surely
is.rather late in the day to spring
Buch argument. If the successful
dyking of Sumas Prairie was to
be one of the conditions of the
serious   consideration   of   the
Ram Lambs at reasonable prices.
We do not know what interest ply Jos. Thompson.
Mr.  Sperling or  his Company'	
may    have    in    boosting   the
Sumas Dyking Scheme, but he
has certainly   done   no
credit either to his Company's
good-faith    or    his own good
judgment by his attitude in this
Mrs. Carvolth begs to announce
that she is showing new season's goods.
Millinery and Dressmaking estab-
large lishment,   Chilliwack, opposite  drui
adv 8-tf
Corrected Every Friday.
We are indebted to one of our
valued exchanges for the follow-
Hay, loose, per ton   $10.00
Hay, pressed, per ton  12.00
Oats, per ton $22.00 to 23.00
Wheat, per ton  30.00
Peas, per ton $26.00 to 27.00
Chopped Grain, per ton. 25.00 to 30.00
ing brief biographical sketch of Potatoes> per ton (scarce)  15.00
the new   Provincial Secretary, Carrot8i per ton 10m
Henry   Esson  Young,  M.I)., of Parsnips, per ton 10.00
Atlin: Beets, per ton  10.00
Hon. Henry Esson Young was lumf8' '���*��?* Per to" ,"?
born in Cliateguay. near Mont- Turnips, for Table, per ton  10.00
real, in 18(57. and was educated 2mo"8' P"���4'  "��� ���;:' ' 2l����
in Kingston, Ont.    In  1883 lie *���*��� Per �� $ ��������t0 :JJ,
was graduated   from    Queen's J*J P<* ">���.......       ����� to .051
Universitv  with   the degree  ()f Mutton, per lb. (scarce)   .05 to .05
Bacbelor'of Arts, after wliicli he **'$*' pe1'-lb' �����������������*�� -Off
took    the  "medical    course af "��?f'fat' perJlb  ���*?
McGill from which he received ^*ens, per doz    .....  6.00
the degree of M.D., CM., in 1888.  Butter- ^ Per lb       25
Butter, creamery 35
Eggs, per doz 23
A Good Market Yesterday.
Yesterday's market in the Royal City
went to the latter place in 1901, showed a good supply of articles in gen-
and has since resided there. He ����_**!&��� f2Lrj? jffL*ZS&J2*
was elected member for Atlin
constituency in . the Provincial
Legislature at the general elec
He afterwards spent a year and
a half in England, engaged in
post graduate studies.
Upon his return he went to St.
Louis, Mo., where he practiced
his profession until attracted by
the gold discoveries in Atlin.   He
tion of 1903, in Uie Conservative ���|Lu*e0fd wS of&c
interest, being again returned at with B demand which wo
tl.e election of Feb. 2.   In 1904
ready sales.   Beef was normal in quantity and quality and all sold readily.
Mutton was short in supply and in good
demand.   The supply of veal was good
id quite as good.   The
_ was only fair,
.   would have taken
many more. The call for little pies was
graduate of McGill University, ful but were in good demand.  Thede-
The new Provincial Secretary is mand for chickenB was also good, while
nn jnlliprpnt nf the Prpshvtovian tne offering wbb fair. There were very
an ailnerent oi tne rresoytenan fcw duckiBon the market( Dut ^veid
UlUl'Cll.  ^^^^^^__^ enquiries for them.   No geese were of-
  fered.   Apples were fair in supply and
brisk in demand.   The quantity of po-
for tatoes offering was fair, with the de-
hja mand improving.   The usual auction of
cattle, horses, calves, etc , was well at-
home and its contents by   fire a tended and fair prices were paid all
Much  sympathy   is felt
Robt. Dunn in  the loss of
mhn round.   The prices of the day were as
wno follows:-
to 9��
to 64
to 14
to 35
few days ago.   Mr. Dunn,
has been ill for some time, was Beef, hind quar., per lb 9
alone at the time and practically ���"   front ".
... j      tt Mutton, dressed,
nothing was   saved.    He   was veal, *
brought to town yesterday and Sork-
<. ii.    t\     ���  ���      tt i i Onions, per sack....
is now at the Dominion Hotel. Eggs, per dozen
  Butter, per lb   30
Chickens, per dozen  7.00 to 8.50
We would respectfully   direct Fowl, per dozen  8.00 to 9.50
the Council's attention to the {Saftrf1^
condition of the Young road and Apples, per box  1.25 to 1.50
beg to suggest that the judicious Potatoe11' "" ton
expenditure of a little money
just now would greatly expedite
the departure of the snow drifts
which otherwise threaten to last
till June.
Ecezma, Tetter, Salt Rheum. Itch,
Ring Worm, Herpes, Barbers' Itch.
All of these diseases are attended by
intense itching, which is almost instantly relieved by applying Chamberlain's
Salve, and by its continued- use a permanent cure may be effected. It has,
: in fact, cured many cases that had resisted other treatment. Price 25c per
box. For sale by H. J. Barber-adv7-ll.
Bates : ��� American
Plan #1.35 perday
and upwards	
A good livery in connection with the
Sheep Dip
English Dip
Empire Dip
Tor Spraying
Blue Stone
Gillet's Lye
Whale Oil Soap   ,
2 boxes Mrs. Gray's Complexion
Soap for 25c.
6 cakes fine Oatmeal Soap for 26c
Also lines at 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c,
and $1.25 per box.
A large shipment of Fresh
Seeds will arrive in a few days,
now is the time to place your
-������--'.���inVmiil ] di<si<U"' ���    aub .<\<\
H. J. Barber,
Drugs, Stationery and
Straight Goods
Right Prices
T. Gifford, The Jeweller
Carry a full line of
, .AND ..
Also Hardware,
Paints and Oils
Marshall Bros.. Chilliwack
Ura L. Baker, Ladner.
K. K. C'lugHton, Eburne.
Ilalvcrston & Hoiikimi. MatsquL
A. iMatheson, Clovorilalo.
When in New Westminster call and
ook through our warehouse
Get Our
Quotations On
LYE (Gillet's)
Drug; 8pect��lclt ahd Seed Store,
New Westminster' -
Bank of Montreal.
CAPITAL (AH paid up).... 114,400,000
RESERVE FUND $11,000,000
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.
A general
banking business trans-
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
SivrnasBiifr Detriment.
in sums of $1.00 and upwards, and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum
(present rate) added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $168,000,000.
CJhilliwack    Branch
E. Duthie, Agent.
Subscribe for The Fraser Advance, only $1.00 per year.
Captlal paid up $1,000,000
Reserve Fund  4,400,000
Eighty-five Brauches throughout Cauada, United States aud Cuba.
Grand Forks.
Nanaimo, Vancouver,
do (East End)
New Westminster,
Vernon, ���>���
do Mt. Pleasant
do Granville St.
do Cordova St.
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Saving Bank department
in which deposits of One Dollar aud upwards are received. Interest added
quarterly.  General Banking biitinecs transacted.   Money orders issued.
Manaobb Chilliwack Branch.
ammmtmmm 0
Do tbe Clothes Wah the Wan?
If you wnnt to appear well dressed and to have a clean, tidy, healthy and prosperous appearance you will wear
the* clothes turned out of
They are the tailors who dress the natty and smart looking men you see upon the streets.
They have a full line of Serges, Worsteds, Tweeds and Pantings to choose from and their work is of the beet.
They can dress you from top to toe in the most stylish up-to-date clothing to be found upon the Coast.
A Few Words
With our Subscribers.
Dear Friends:���You will have noticed that some radical changes
have taken place in our paper since it came under its present management a month ago. Its scope has been broadened and its name
correspondingly changed. Better paper and better ink are being
used and the price has been reduced from $1.50 to $1.00 per year.
This programme can only be successfully carried out by the hearty
co-operation of our friends. We must nave more subscribers and
in every case the paper must be paid for. On our present mailing
list are hundreds of names of persons to whom the paper has been
sent for years without any return having been made therefor.
This condition of affairs-is, we,believe, due largely to thoughtlessness, but it is none the less serious. The present owner has bought
all these accounts from Mr. Jackman, and must ask that they be
settled during the present month. Until this settlement is made
the old price of $1.50 per year will be charged in each case, so you
will notice that it will be to your interest as well as ours to make
an early settlement For the future the paper will be sent to nobody without advance payment, and when the subscription expires
the paper will be stopped unless renewed. In this way only those
who wish it and pay for it will get it. Only thus can we make the
price $1.00 per year.
As a further inducement for prompt settlement, in all cases over one year in arrears we will on payment of amount due to date,
advance the label to July 1st, 1907, and in all cases of two years
arrears we will in like manner advance the label to January 1st,
1908.   In no case will we stop the paper until all arrears are settled.
Will you not do your part to help make our own paper the best
rural weekly in the West.
Yours very sincerely,
J. Burtt Morgan,
Editor and Proprietor.
How to Secure Help.
Farmers, Contractors, j'danu-l
facturers and all employers of
labor desiring married or single
men will do well to apply at once'
to Major C. W. Creighton, Salva-'
tion Army Immigration Department, 439 Harris St., Vancouver,!
B.C., or Rupert St., Winnipeg,
Man. \
Blank application forms will be
supplied and each application will
receive careful attention.
Note.���No men will be sent un-.
less applied for in the above'
manner. i
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Our Line of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades, Etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia.
We can si.vo money for any fanner or townsman in the Fraser Valley    Prices
talk and a lair comparison will convince you that our claim is
justified. Give us ti trial.  Correspondence solicited.
Tel. 73. Dupont Block, New Westminster, & C.
Private Sale
-OF-   _.,,
Household, Furniture
Forthe next few days, without
reservation, at the residence of j
Everything practically new, including sideboard, dining table I
and chairs, 4 bedroom suites, 3
couches, 1 large upholstered reclining chair, 6 oak and cherry
rockers, 1 oak and 1 cherry settee, 7 carpet squares, 7 prs. lace
curtains, linoleum, stair carpet
and pads, hall, stand, Jap screen,
pictures, book case; 7 oak, wicker, bamboo and ash tables; 2 box
mattresses, 5 chamber sets, 2
brass and enamel bedsteads, wire
and hair mattresses, 1 elegant
velouis velvet couch, 23 window
shades, cooking stove and 3 heaters, drawing'room and plain
lamps, kitchen utensils, kitchen
table, fruit jars, etc.
Look out for Announcement of
McPhee & McPhee,
General merchants,
Abbotsford,   -   -  British Columbia,
in this space.
Chilliwack  Creamery
Association, Ltd.
i   The Annual General Meeting of
I The Chilliwack Creamery AsfeQcla-
1 tion, Limited, will be held in the
Court House, Chilliwack, B.C.,
on Monday, March 11, at 2 p.m.
Consideration of Annual Reports, Election of Officers and
other business demands the attendance of Shareholders and
adv. 7-8 Secretary.
Abbotsford Feed
and Livery Stable.
All trains met daily.
Good horses and rigs, and
saddle  horses  supplied on
short notice.
D. FRASER,   -   ���   Proprietor.
New Spring Goods.
it New Blouses
in the Latest Styles.
New Dress Skirts
and they're stylishly made.
New Figured Muslins
New Corsets in *��J��A��
They are guaranteed good fitters.
We sell Lamps, Crockery,
and Butter Crocks.
Empress Shoes and
Oxfords for Ladies.
This brand has a reputation which is known
from Halifax to Victoria. They are in the lead for
style, fit and wearing quality. We are selling them
at Eastern prices. Call and pick your size while
our stock is complete.
Fish and Fruit. )S
Kippered Herrings 2 lbs. 25c. U
Nice Halibut 15c lb.
Finnan Haddie 15c lb.
Cod Fish 2-lb. blocks 20c. T
Canned Salmon * 15c.
and every can guaranteed. ��x
Navel Oranges, 20,30 A 40c doz., according to size. '
Bananas 30c dozen.
Grapes, most delicious        ��� 25c lb.
G. R. Ashwell & Son
The only Departmental Store in Chilliwack. ,}
Ferry's, Steele* and Ramie
Seeds, all Fresh
and at Catalogue Prices. THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, MARCH !>, 1007.
Victorins Threngh Merit.
OXYDONOR irlumphs through merit
���lor years It ha* beon I he lite k srit o(
more Mini ,t million uursons. It Is ihe em-
bodlmonl ot in. highest law ktuwn 10
human suloiimi In It is conouniin. i'il ihc
uxperin ii u n( the KreMest solnnllnt if tbe
jjv |ik>or of love for humanity. r*
��� <�� '"agonoy f��r health has ho many
r    i.si.t  friends���none o'her desmvix so
j.(yOONOR instills now life into
ii i' -y��iem; ninoim iitcis, relnvliorntrsitnd
vi .tuKja every omen Into Ihe proper (lis-
i Ii irii.i nf the function for which nal lire In-
i..iuuil Lbmnji Us use brlnns vIkoidiih
health wl.h all 111 J physical activity thai
Ii   only ivilural nire for Ii.   I hore Is no danger,
'     "      oKNI) TODAY for book Y.'millod
makes life wort'''Ivlnu.   fl
No matter what. dUease yo i li.ivu, i lm I*
no pain, no doctor nm in jarclue In using OX ..   .
It will li^lu iitetimn nBil serve the whole family
froo.   Write us a ilocripiiej) of your ease.
,   Mr, Jas. Anson, Kow4lnnil.'B,O..Uitn��� writes, March II, MM: "rtomo live years ago I Rot Oxydonor for my wife who was sulVoriuR from female we.'.kmws,  After a week s use the doutor
himself was surprised to llnd suoh a change, In fact It was enough lo Induco him to get an Oxy-
donor for his slst< r. ��� -���
"A short time ago my wife had k�� attack if Inlliniiina ory rheuinall in. She could not
walk and her Joints wore much swollen. Mie applied Oxydonor aud before night the pains had
ceased, and next morning there was very little .welling, slid she could walk us wull as evor.
She had a similar attack Wore we got oxydonor and wus under a doctor's cure for a month,
and suffered agonies."
"It has oured me of a sevoro cold,"
The genuine Ii is the name of "Dr. Ii, .Sam he Ic Co," plainly siumi-cd in lis metal parts,
Dr  H, SANOHK & Co.,    .'JH4 St. (Jittlinrliio St. Wrist, Montreal.
And as such we handle none but the very best makes.
Our flour is ke.pt. in a.warm, well ventilated room and is
never allowed to become cold and damp like flour that is
piled in an ordinary storehouse.
Select from this list and you get
Five Roses. .'���>..      per bbl.
Royal Household ....... '   '���'
Premier Hungarian "
Moffet's Best	
Salem Pastry ���A'. 1 .per sk.
Drifted Snow      "
Graham Flour      "
Whole Wheat Flour ....     "
Breakfast Foods Galore.
Denholm & Jackson.
Walworth-Rolston Co., Ltd.
Feed Cutters
Sweep   .
Carriages. Wagons, Harness, etc.
MM Westminster Ave.,   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
1 keep noLhinK but ftr��t-cla * itiriicii'-. ,f<>od
Saddlehorees.eir 'Huh pujoi call f'o��u. Cov
ered stage leave-1 for MoltonaloV I Hnnlni
every m roiriK *i fl::��n u'clook ciintieolIng witn
0Ur. Mtnto, which a nnoou with all C. I*. R.
jralnn uaotand wen t
Livery Stable
Op-to-Date    in
Every Particufar
Ed.RBBCe, Clillliwack,B.C.
One thoroughbred Jersey cow due to
calve about March 1st.   Apply to
Township of Chilliwhack.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision of the Township of Chilliwhack, to hear complaints against the Assessment as
made for the year 1907, will be
held in the Court House, Chilliwhack, B. C., on Monday, the 8th
day of April next, at 10 a.m.
8-11 C. M. C.
Chilliwhack, B.C., March2,1907.
' For Catarrh, let me send you free,
just to prove merit, a Trial size Box of
Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Remedy. It is a
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free te3t and see. Address Dr. Shoop,
kacine, Wis. Large jars 60c. Sold by
H. J. Barber.-adv. 7-11.
The Saving Habit.
The days of the long stocking
hoar/1 and the sub-mattress baflk,
even in the most rural farmhouse
of Canada, are fast departing.
As temporary depositaries they
are excellent institutions. A
branch bank was recently" opened in a small hamlet where it
looked as if there were not $10,-
000 in cash available in the whole
country-side. In less than three
weeks, the deposits reached
The habit of saving counts
more than the amount saved, especially in the beginning. < Those
who continually are planning to
save some day, when it shall be
convenient, seldom save anything at any time. Those; on
the contrary, who make a practice of saving regularly find it
impossible to save under conditions decidedly unpromising.
And the smallest sums, saved
steadily, in due season make totals pi surprising size.
A loving and thrifty father
rendered possible the special
course his young son desired and
needed by 'going halves" on the
cigar question and outlay during
jfche boy's infancy andhigh-schdol
years. Every, time he smoked a
cigar he dropped an equivalent
sum into a small bank kept for
the purpose and periodically emptied in the bigger bank's favor,
with a result as physically helpful as mentally satisfactory
to him. Another impecunious
but affectionate father for years
saved all the loose change found
in his pockets when he drew his
weekly salary to purchase little
refinements and luxuries for his
family. Guitars, violins, concert
and theatre tickets, holiday trips
and many other good things
came out of the "spare change
fund,',' and left. nopody feeling
the poorer. A mother, saving
all the pennies that came to her
household purse, purchased a
fine dictionary, a piano and a
good picture, in a surprisingly
short space of time.
A bright Chicago girl began a
course at College not long since.
There is not much money in her
family, and a friend expressed
surprise that so good and
expensive an educational centre
could be afforded.
"Oh. mama's to blame for it,
bless her!" was the prospective
freshman's pleased explanation,
"She's been saving for my college course since I was a baby.
Father's salary never has been
large, and a cent a day was all
she.could aflord for, some .time,
but even then. that - counted up
slowly, and later other small
sums were added, with all the
money gifts my numerous and
good-natured relatives made me.
By and by, as I grew up, I earned a little by fancy work and so
on, and, taught by my careful
mother, placed this in the bank
also. Now, I'm not likely to become a collegiate Croesus, and I
expect to make all the extra
money I can from the first. But
my legitimate expenses all have
been planned for, and even if I
never make anything while at
college I shall be able to graduate,
with care."
Other parents who believe in
systematic saving, successfully
have adopted other methods of
accumulating a little money for
the benefit of their children. In
some cases a lump sum has been
invested during infancy, for future use, or an endowment insurance policy, maturing at the
right time, rendered an adequate
amount of "college cash" possible, in others the slow but sure
methods easier for salaried people, though no less effective have
been called into service. One
dollar weekly can. be spared by
many families without pinching,
and $62 a year is worth saving.
Even $1 monthly is better than
nothing with the varied needs of
the prospective young man or Slough bridge.
voung woman in view. Barrow��� Ashwell ��� That the
There are wage-earners who, petition of H. -Parker and others
never affluent, never are penni- be received, and filed t and that 4
less or without the moral support same be held over until tour of
of a small capital back of them, inspection.   Carried.
These have acquired the habit of    R. Shirley and others re ex-
saving and find it as easy   to tending Vickerson road. On mo-
maintain as any other  habit, tion received and filed and left
.The lowest salaried  man in a over for tour of inspection,    i
shop or office frequently has the    Jackson���Evans���That the So-
largest bank account to be found licitor be requested to give' a
in that group of workers.   There written opinion regarding the le-
are other salaried toilers who, gality of the collecting of school
muchebetter equipped for saving, taxes south of the Vedder Creek 1
never know what it is to have a and being in the School District
spare dollar on pay day.   These, of Lower Sumas.   Carried,
however capable and vigorous,     Wilson���Barrow���That the loan
should consider the possibility of of R. Roberts be extended for
illness or misfortune, the proba- five years and the matter left in
bility of missing good money- the hands of the Reeve and Clerk
making chances for lack of finan- to adjust, and that a small por-
cial  leeway,   the   certainty   of tion thereof sold to T. Bartlett
death or old age. 1   ��� ���       be released from the mortgage,
For this class of individuals and that the Clerk be authorized
there is small hope until the er- to produce the Certificate of Title
ror of their ways is seen and to the Land Registry Office for
conquered, though the fact that that purpose. Carried,
they are spasmodically provident Evans���Wilson���That the Town- ���
holds promise. Those who do ship of Chilliwhack hereby en- 1
not care or will not take the dorses the petition presented In^J
trouble to' save until such action the property owners of Chilli^B
becomes easy,'may acquire finan- whaok��andSufnas''to theLefrWa- .
cial wisdom through some sudden tive Assembly of the Province.^
need, perhaps entailing the sac- British Columbia, and that C. W.
rifice of'*independence or self- Munro, M. L. A., be notified to
respect, the necessity of refusing this effect. Carried,
a friend assistance, or even yet Ashwell ��� Barrow ��� That the
sharper suffering, of the unsaved Chief of the Fire Department be
dollars so lightly spent and authorized to inspect the Hender-
squandered.    , son Hall in accordance with the
And for the vast, unthinking Egress and Public Assemblies
multitude of those who, always By-Law and report on the safety
meaning to save a little "some of the same to the Council at
time," push that time further their next meeting on the 5th
and further into the future, inst. Carried,
there is but one safe rule to fol- The Rules of Order having been
low. suspended the Temporary Loan
Begin to-day���not next week By-Law was then introduced,
or to-morrow���and save a little read a first and second times,
out of each pay check or envel- committed and then received its
ope. The habit, once established third reading, and will be recon-
will prove in many ways inval- sidered on the 5th March, 1907,
uable, a corresponding reduction at 8 p.m. 1
of salary inevitably would estab- - finance committees report.
!"& wt P��ssibility of. ,liv\n* Chilliwhack, 2nd March, 1907.
without the sum set aside be- We, the undersigned members
cause of the sensible self-promise of the Finance Committee; beg
��# ZrtSn'llft* Jg leave toreP��rt the blowing bill!
egg   may mean all the differ- correct and would reconfmendW.
ence between comfort and dis- payment of same._        n,mena>
comfort, debt and deliverance, �� T�������~~- i~ ��,.���.���
prosperity   and   failure,  when S- {e WW loan ������-W <
least expected to evidence its ��'vJGESSL.  ,���
worth. -T_he Financial Post.        Jg; ^cheon .........      ug
,n   ..     j,      n     ���,      C.B.Reeves      16.25
(Continued from Page 3.) .    j, 0. Nichol       5.65
Chilliwhack, B. C.   Carried.        J. O. Nichol      1400
H. N. Smith (2) re drainage John Wilson       5."00
scheme. On motion received and Chilliwack Lumber Co.. 20.59
filed. G. W. Chadsey       4.00
H. Bose, Sec. U. B. C. M.  On J. Pelly       60.00
motion received and filed. ��� Mrs. Atkinson      24 85
W. D. Lighthall, Sec. U. C. M.  _
v0.n motion received and filled. Total $3639 34 <
Petitions were received'from       J. H. Ashwell)
the following:      ... P. H. Wilson  Finance Com.
E. Reece and others for side-       g. D. Barrow)
WJackson-Good-That the peti- Jj^t^SSSj. That t* I
tion of E. Reece and others re f��Z^��Ti&&L !eport' *
sidewalk on the west side of Mary S5SH JgJB*ft K re" <
Street be received and filed anS ceftS ��� cS2a% SftSr'
the request complied with, and J^^&^t^SSS"^
that a committee be appointkto SLS, ��ow jfc��� tor^h on 'J
wait on the Directors of the Ag- March 5th, at 8 p.m.  Carried.
ricultural Society asking their 7. u r   "
consent t6 the moving of the  ��� M# c*
cattle sheds in order to widen Even as the difficulties of the
said street to a uniform width of past have been surmounted, pro-
66 feet.   Carned. Dlems solved; so shall the future
The Reeve appointed Council- be taken care of, and all is weU  !
lors Ashwell and Jackson and will be well.-Fred Burry.
G. R. Ashwell & Son and others J
re road to Popcum. ~ \
Wilson-Barrow-That the pe-        OMfMwaofc Post Office |
tition of G. R. Ashwell and oth-   omo. hours, g to 19.00. i
ers be received and filed and that lr����?8*oui9.rir H',"d���yl, the ���"���"^ t,0P����e<i
the Council agree to open the  l8*viEp1B%nk >nd Mone* 0rd" business  '
road requested sufficient forthe   Swi?oiolSrat3Ji.uod��ii7. for .11 parts,
purpose at present provided the th��SErWffi^
Provincial Government Continue    The offloe Is oloaed on Sunday..
the said road as far as Popcum.      , �� mellabd Postmaster.
Thos/Whittaker and others re Municipal CounoH
gazetting of road. S8**6^'c' jf lc.kbu,,b-
Evans-Wilson-That the peti- u^^^f^^Vl^Si ?>
tion of Thos. Whittaker and'cTth- iLtStifi. mZ.3'H> A,hwe"'
ers be received and filed and that   clerk and Soiiciior-Jmtinian Felly
the road be gazetted as requested   Assestor���Job��ph Scott. ' J
when the 1907 Gazette By-Law is   ffiteJfiSfllXiSSfTn ���  A    "
being passed.   Carried. Jt^taMkOBmt-J.c.Bn*t.
H. Parker and others re Camp   Chief of PoMm-g. a. Caibiek.
__ 1I'
 Ui ! I '    "    -I 	
%i'. VI
Always Kf p�� Chamberlain sCouqh
* ' Bendy In His House
"We would not he-without Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy. It is kept t n
hand eontinuully in our li<>me," BfiysW,
W. Kearney, editor ot ih ��� lndependt nt,
Lowry City, Mo. That is just whut
every fnmily should do. \Vhen kept at
hand ready for im unit use, n cold may
be'chstk'd at the cutlet and cured in
much l.ts t'me than niter it hua become
settled in the system. This remedy is
also without a peer fcr croup in children, and will prevent the attack when
given iib soon us, the child becomes
hoarse, or even alter the croupy cough
appears, which can only be done when
the remedy is kept at hnnd, For sale
by H.J. Barber.-adv. 7-11.
It will not coat you n cent to tty
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, and they are excellent for stomach
troubles and constipation. Get a free
simple at Barber's drug store, idv 7-11.
The Newe-KoPure Drug Cough Cure
eawa wculd bo needed, if all1 .'ough
cureaw��re like Dr, Shoop's Cough Cure
is-and has been' for 20 years. The
National Lnw now requires that if any
poifens enter into a- eoigh mixture, it
must be printed on the label or package.
For this reason n-.others, and others,
should insist on haying Dr, Shoop's
Cough Cure. Ko poison-marks on Dr.
Shoop's labels end none in the medicine, else it must by law be on the label,
And it's not only safe, but it is said to
be by those that know it best, a truly
remarkable cough remedy. Take no
chance, particularly with your children.
Insist on having Dr, Snoop's Cough
Cure. Compare carefully the Dr. Shoop
p icknte with others ami see. No poison mniks there! You can alwgys be on
the safe side by demanding Dr. Shoop's
Cough Cure, Simply refuse to accept
any other. Sold by H. J. Barber.���adv.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tain Laxative Bromo Quinine Tatt*. jb ^2
StvwMraMiwmMMtajartlamitfhjk      Thift jtogtjjN,*W�� "fir?"
In Two Day*.
on every
box. 25c
When Women Sutler,
Look out for weakness or disease.
See if there is not a sideache, headache
restlessness and the "blues.'' The ���
symptoms indicate that you need the
gentle assistance of Dr. Hamilton's
Pills. They are women's greatest relief, prevent functional derangements,
renew the life of the blood, purify and
clean the system throughout No tonic
so potent, no results so marked as follow the use of Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Price 25c per box nt all dealers ���Adv, 7.
Road By-Law No. ts
Whereas it is expedient that certain roads in Sumas Municipality be gazetted.
Be it enacted by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the District of Sumas as follows:���
1. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the line, is hereby established, commencing at
the North West corner of the South East t of Section 3, Township 16, and running due South on the
half section line to the International Boundary line, known as the McKenzie Road.
2. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the centre, is hereby established, commencing
at the Railway crossing where the Hill side road crosses the Canadian Pacific Railway in Section 14,
Township 16, thence running Northerly on the West side of the C. P. Railway to a point where it intersects the McKenzie road North of the Abbotsford Lumber Company's Mill property, known as
the Huntingdon-Abbotsford and Riverside Road.
3. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the Section line between Townships 16 and 19, is
hereby established, commencing at the North East corner of Section 1, Township 16, and running
due North to the Yale Road, known as the York Road,
4. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, com
mencing at the Whatcom Road on said line in Section 6, thence East on said line to the centre of See
tion 6, Township 19, known as the Porter Road.
5. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Lot 253, G. 2, thence running Eastalong said Section line to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Vey Road.
6.' A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established! commencing
tX the N. E. corner of Section 8, Township 19, thence running West on said Section line to connect
with the Yale Road, and commencing on same Section line at quarter post between Sections 11 and 14,
Township 19, thence running East to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Chilliwack Trunk Line.
7. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Section 24. Township 16, thence East along said Section line to the Vedder
Mountain, known as the Campbell Road.
8. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet wide on each side of the Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at the North West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East to the Eastern Boundary of Township 19, known as the Fire Clay Road.
9. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the North West corner of Section 31, Township 19, thence East to the East line of Township 19,
known as the Boundary Road.
10. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 6, Township 19, thence North to the Northern Boundary of
Township 19, known as the Straiton Road.
11. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at a point on the Yale Road where it crosses the East line of Section 5, Township 19,
thence North on said Section line to the Northern boundary of Township 19, known as the Cole Road.
12. A "road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence North to the South East corner of Lot 367, G. 2,
known as the McDermott Road.
13. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section Hue, is hereby established, commencing
at the South East corner of Sec. 3, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township
19, known as the Marion Road.
14. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 2, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of
Township 19, known as the Bellrose Road.
15. A road 33 feet wide on the West side of Section line is hereby established, commencing at
the South East corner of Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township 19,
known as the Lake Road.
16. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the South West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East along said Section line lo the South
East corner of Section 29, Township 19, thence North along the East line of Section 29, about 12
chains to the North West corner of lot 223, G. 2, Township 19, thence East along the North line of lots
223, G. 2 and 222, G. 2, to the North East corner of 222, G. 2, thence North to the North West corner
of lot226, G. 2, Township 19, thence due East along the North line of lot 226 to the Lake Shore Road,
known as the Atkinson Road.
17. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of line is hereby established, commencing on the
South line of 368, G.2, at a point where the said line crosses the Lake Shore Road, thence due West to
the South West corner of Lot 367, G.2, Township 19, thence due North to the South line of lot 222, G.2,
known as the Eldridge Road.
18. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, commencing at a point where the Yale Road touches the North line of the S. E. quarter of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence due East to the N. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, known as the Corbould Road.
19. The road known as the Frank Arnold Road is hereby abandoned and the gazette cancelled.
This By-law may be cited for all purposes as the Sumas Road By-law No. 75.
Passed the Municipal Council this 21st day of January, 1907.
Reconsidered, adopted and finally passed the Council this 28th day of January, 1907.
C. M. C.  . '    Reeve.
Take notice that the above is a true copy of a By-law passed by the Council on the 28th day of
January. Any person wishing to quash .the same; or. any part thereof, must make application within
30 days from the date of said By-law in order to be heard in that behalf.
CM. C.
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ton's store on Wednesday evening,
March 13th, at 8 o'clock. S. Carleton,
President.���Adv. 8.
D. B, Hall's Prices���3 packages
Raisns 25c, 3 packages Fry's Cocoa 25c.
Sweet French Prunes that need no
sugar, 6c. lb; 25 lb. box for $1.25..
Jap Rice, $2.25 for 50 lb. sack. Manitoba Rolled Oats, large sixe, 30c, B.
& K. Rolled Oats, 25c. D. B. Hall.
-Adv. 8-9.
Temperance Address -Dr C. V.
Emory, Dominion Secretary for the R.
T. of T. visited Maple Leaf Council,
Sardis, last Monday evening The
Doctor delivered a very enthusiastic
address, A number of members from
Chilliwack drove out and enjoyed the
Removing-The many friende of Dr.
and Mrs. W. J Curry, whose sale of
household effects is announced elsewhere in our columns, will learn with
sincere regret that they have decided
to remove from Chilliwack at an early
date. Their new home will be either
in  Vancouver  or Victoria.    For the
Present the Dr. will regularly visit dif-
erent points on the coast in the practice of his profession.
School Matters.���Secretary A. L.
Coote, has just returned from the provincial capital, where he has been as
one of the delegates to lay before the
ministers the resolutions passed at the
recent convention of Trustees at Nelson.
He informs us that Contractor Peebles
condition. To be sold cheap for cash.
Apply Percy Collin, Sumas. 7-8
Wanted.-A carload of first-class hay
for horses. State price placed on the
steamer. C. Hill-Tout & Son, Abbotsford.
For Sale-A few tons of
Apply I. C. Lucas, Sardis,
Registered Yorkshire Sow, due to Farrow May. 16 Yorkshire Pigs 10 weeks
old. Apply to Norman Richardson,
Fairfield Island.   8 ft. ,
For Sale - Business Site. Lota 46 and
62, opposite A. C. Henderson's residence and runninif from Wellington to
Alma Sts. Apply to F. J, Hart* Co,,
Cawley & Paisley, J. Howe Bent, or
Mrs, S. J. Turner, Cor 7th Ave, and
8th Sts., Weat, Calgary,'Alberta. -8-9.
For Sale-Two milch cows,
Coatham, Sardis, B, C.-8-ft.
J, A.
Eggs wanted at Ashwell's -Adv. 8-9.
Good dairy butter wanted at Ashwell's
26c. Ib.-Adv. 8-9.
Still the leading coffee is Ashwell's ��
sterling brand, fresh ground in a mtn-
ut'i 46c lb -Adv. 8-��,
New goods are arriving by every boat
for Ashwell's spring stock of Dry Goods.
Boots & Shoes, etc.-Adv. 8 9
Toasted Corn FLAKES-The newest
cereal. Wins its favor through its
flavor, at Grossman's Grocery,   adv. 8
Dr. MacSween, Dentist, Irwin Block.
Delicous Malaga Grapes, 25c lb, at
Ashwells' Grocery ��� Adv. 7-8,
Highly Pleased.-Mr. and Mrs
Richardson, of Melitta, Man. are the
guests of Mr. Wheeler, an old friend
and neighbor in the Prairie Province.
On Wednesday the visitors were driven
over the valley by a member of the
May, for a fourth year.   Mr, Hall has
the matter under consideration.
Mr. and Mrs. John Orr took their
daughter, who has been confined to her
bed for some months, to the General
Hospital, Vancouver, on Wednesday.
Miss Orr will likely undergo another
operation next week, from which her
attending physicians anticipated the
best of results. It will likely be aiwor
seven months before she can be around,
A Favorite Remedy for Babies
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a favorite with the mothers of small
children. It quickly cures their coughs
and colds and prevents any danger of
pneumonia or other serious consequences.   It not only cures croup, but when
given as soon as the croupy cough ai>-
���-.-, --,- -     "i t. ��� i i       ...��   pears will prevent the attack. For sale
firm of Cawley and Paisley and expres- f H , BUber _a(iv y.n
sed themselves as highly delighted with Dy "��� J- Ba���^' _��>�����_ ' "���
what they saw They are likely to return to us a little later and become
citizens of Chilliwack.
0. W. Munro, M L. A. left for Victoria on Tuesday.
S. A Cawley returned last night
from a trip to Victoria.
Mrs. W. T. Jackman returned last
night from a short trip to Vancouver.
Willie McKenzie puid a visit to Vancouver this week returning on Thursday.
A. 3. Robertson returned on We- nts-
day <rom several days visit to the (.oast
Lol. Wm. Hall, of Chilliwack Mountain, has been spending the week in
R H. Cairns made a business trip to
Vancouver last week, returning Monday evening.
A. C. Wells has been attending the
sessions of the B. C Dairymen's Association in Victoria this week.
Mrs. Wm. Smith who is at present
undergoing treatment, at the Royal
Columbsian Hospital, Westminster, is
improving and hopes to be home in two
or three weeks,
The numerous friends of Mrs. Asael
Munro will be pleased to learn that she
is making good progress toward recoV'
will be up on Monday to complete the ery as the result of her recent; oper-
work on the new school building, which "tion at the Gen. Hospital, Vancouver,
will be ready for occupancy in about Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Orr and Wm. Orr
three weeks time. While in Vancouver )eft on Monday for Calgary, where they
Mr. Coote visited several city schools wjh visit friends for a week or two.
Report of Observations at the Chil
liwack Meteorological Station.
Tim ret'oi
il for  week
< ii'liug Mar.
7, )i)ii7: -
Fiiility...   .
     48 5
81 8,
88 0
Wednextlnv ���
27 0
mi for wi'i'lc 0.32 in.
M. Jukkh,
Large consignments awaitiug the
opening of the ice blockade. All good
financiers are holding their orders for
You are invited to come, just to see,
not necessarily to buy, but to learn
what really good values you can get for
your money
Snaps in Picture Frames and Mirrors
and witnessed their very excellent fire
drills. With charcteristic spirit he declares that we must take no chances of
fire panic here such as occurred in the
recent deplorable disaster in Montreal
Regular fire drill will be established
just as soon as our schools get into
their new quarters.
Should they not decide to settle in the
vicinity of that city, they will probadly
go north to Edmonton.
The Quarterly Official Board of the
Richmond Circuit at the February
meeting unanimously requested Rev. T.
W. Hall to return as their pastor next
CARPET  SQUARES,   Linoleums  and  Oil Cloth, Matting,  Etc.,
Remember I carry them 12 feet wide.   See before buyinc;
Just received the best lines of Iron Beds and Springs ever offered in Chilliwack.   If you want
a good piece of furniture you can get it at
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
Residence over Store. 	
"^f^fsa h-y^yst
Nr V"'N
Tenders for Wood for Schools
Wood to be delivered before
Sept. 2nd, piled in school yard
shed, 2 ft. lengths.
Cords.  Cords.
High School, 6 alder 1 cedar
(lik. School ...20   "    4    "
Sardis 10   "    2 fir
East Chilliwack. 10   "    2 cedar
Rosedale 10   "    2   ."
Cheain    "i    "     1     "
Camp Slough...  ,r>   "    1     "
Lptbiniere  5   "    I,   "
Sumas   "i   "    1
South Sumas j. .">   "    1
Atchelitz  5   "    1     "
Fairfield  5   "    1     "
Tenders to be sent in to the
Secretary before March 21st,
adv. 7-8 Secretary.
To Whom it May Concern.
The School Board pay all their
accounts' once a month. All accounts must be sent in to the
Secretaryliefore the.21pt or. they
will not be paid till the next
A. L; COOTE,    ���
adv. 7-8 Secretary.


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