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The Fraser Advance Mar 16, 1907

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Array THE
31 Journal ot
The Kroner Advance:   Vol. I, No:. 0
Chllllwitok Progress:
Gets Down to Biiiln.ii Promptly
Speeches on Both Side. Ot the
House are Temperate and
Dignified and Augur Well
for a Good Session
lands set: apart as Indian Re- the remarks of his honorable
serves, and that the correspond- friend. The member for Delta
ence and Orders-in-Council in had claimed that his constituency
connection with this matter will tiad bein starved by tdie govern-
be laid before ua^   -j ment tn *h6 past.   He had tried
10. We trust tnat'Bucc&s will during Tthe* campaign to make
crown the efforts being made by the people there believe they had
His Honor's Government to ob- been starved; but he (the prem-
tain a desirable class of immi- ier) said if there was a riding that
Children's Day Parade U ring ti IILvic* Fair.
. Tne famine daily
in Russia,
���>vows worse
Edward Cochram, II. P. Tor
Northumberland Cou.ity, Ontario, is dead.
The late Timothy Eaton's will
has been probated. The entire
estate, valued at $2,700,000, is
left to his family.
Premier McBride states that no
further changes will be made in
the Cabinet until after the close
'of fhe present sessbn,
In another column will be found   ...  ..	
a brief account of the opening of grants from the United Kingdom, had been well treated by'thi
the Legislature at Victoria, and n. We are glad to be informed government, it was Delta coi ���
the complete text of the speech that the Public Accounts for the stituency. The most expensi, L
from the Throne. The features last year and the Estimates for public undertaking in the proof the second day's proceedings the succeeding year will be laid vince,' the New Westminster
were the speeches of the mover before us without delay. bridge," had contributed to the
and seconder of the address in 12. We join His Honor in hop- building up- of Delta. It was
reply to the "gracious speech" ing that our deliberations will re- true that % railway service it
of the Lieut.-Governor. This ad- suit in promoting the welfare of had contributed also to the growth
dress was moved by H.B.Thomp- the people of the Province. of Vancouver and New Westmin-
son, the. junior member for Vic- Upon the resumption of the de- ster. It must be remembered,
toria in a carefully prepared and bate on Monday, John Oliver of however, that the expense of
well-delivered speech, and was Delta, who was acting-leader of the vehicular part of the bridge
eloquently seconded by Dr. Mc- the Opposition, took the floor, amounted to $250,000, and the
Guire of Vancouver. The follow- His address seems to ha-, e been farmers of Surrey and Delta
injr is the text of the addred.:��� one of the most moderate and could pass over it at any time,
That an humble Address oe best of hi3 p jliLical career. While day or night, for half the cost of
presented to Hia Honor the Lieu- taking exception to carta'i things the old ferry service. The im-
tenant-Governoi*, to thank His in the government's pjlicy and provements on roads in those
Honor for his gracious speech at programme there was a pleasing districts a!se. were due not al-
the opening of; the present ses- absence of invective and abusive ways to the municipalities so
sion, and further, to assure His criticism, and "Honest John" much'as to previous governments.
Honor that: throughout maintained the aigni- When the government came into
1. In view ofthe general pros- ty of his position as Leader of power the state of the treasury
opportune by the givernment perity which prevails throughout the Opposition pro tern. In many was such that-tt was impossibly
forthe appointment of a com- the Proving we are deeply of his statements he manifested to help the murfoipalities as they
missioner to the Yu'.ton, a bill grateful ana. Uu.dcful for the the spirit of true statescraft and should, and, their first duty lay
has been introduced in') parlia- many blessings bestowed upon assured the Government in behalf to the unorganized districts and
the people of British Columbia,    of his party that they would co- next to the municipalities.   R- \
2. We are pleased to be assured operate in every way to promote as the government's treatment
that the finances of the Province legitimate and wholesome legis- was to Delta, the people of that
M. Casiine" Porier, ex-Presi- show a substantial surplus, and lation.   In conclusion Mr. Oliver
dent of France, died at Paris on that the industries of British Co- said:
the 11th inst. oJ embolism of the lumbia are steadily and continu- "If over I was 'envious, it is
heart. The Cabinet proposed a ously expanding, as evidenced by now. And the reason is because
national funeral, but his family the increased production of the I envy the opportunity the British
i.l; u
tion A.ii
. vjntingent j! Salva-
.iii(oigr��iiiti, uv'eriuOO
..idvd at Halifax on
As the time is not considered
ment authorizing the . appointment of an (vicing Commissioner,
district were good enough to
testify to it by cutting down his
hon. friend's majority in a very
substantial way. He (Mr. Oliver)   had spoken  of  Westham
ment that Hon. L. P. Brodeur
will soon resign his portfolio as
Minister of Marine and Fisheries
declined the honor in deference mines, fisheries,  forests, fields Columbia Government has at this Island, where ho did not ;rec a
to the expressed wishes of the and orchards, _ time.    I know very well that vote.    He (the premier) knew
deceased. 3. The question of the financial with such a majority behind him the people of Westham  island
  relations between the Province as the Premier has, he has an op- well and their judgman': was ex-
a a-       u e      mf       and the Dominion, and the report portunity to develop this Prov- celleiit, and that and hot govern-
A recent dispatch from Ottawa 0f tne proceedings of the Inter- mce, such as comes to very few ment promises,   probably    ac-
makes  the unofficial announce- Provincial Conference held at Ot- public men. Speaking for myself counted for their vo';\    It was
tawa, shall receive our most care- and. my colleagues, we are quite certainly a little out of place to
ful consideration.   It is a matter willing to consider favorably any discuss so many del ails in the
,    for congratulation that the Do- measure that comes before the debate on the address, but when
and will go on the Bench of the mrnjon   Government  have   ac- House that we consider will make they recollect 1 that   so many
Supreme Court ol! Canada.   It is knowledged the right of British for the   greater  prosperity of delegations  fro.i    Delta   were
also stated that the Hon. G. H. Columbia to "better terms." British Columbia.   We hold that present that da; and many of
Murray, Liberal Premier ot Nova    4, it also affords us much pleas- the prosperity of thisProvincc them -ore in tr.c gallery, they
Scotia, will succeed him. ure to be advised that the satis- should be placed before the in- could perhaps   understand  the
  factory state of the Provincial terests of any political party, and reason  for it :.ni excuse the
mviai    The demand for Canadian flour finances will enable His Honor's what we desire, most of all, is member for Deltas
Manager lor the Great West in the Orient is fast exceeding Government to introduce a meas- that the policy of the Government
Life to assume the Secretary- all anticipations.    The Ogilvie ure amending the Assessment shall tend to the advancement of
shin of the B C Telephone Co    Company this week booked ad- Act, which will provide for de- the Province of Britiih Colum-
  ditional orders for 40,000 bags creasing taxation on real and per- bia."
In  anticination   of   internal for June delivery at their Winni- sonal property. Mr. Oliver spoke for nearly an
troSblein1$S, England and peg mills, making a total of 170,     5. It is undoubtedly of. great hour.
Russia have reached an agree-
Leonides Presto:1,, one of New
York's multi-nj'.ilionaries, committed suicide by poisoning last
week at the Hotel Cumberland in
that city.
Thomas Martin, Liberal, M. P.
for North Wellington, Ont, died
in the hospital at Ottawa on
Tuesday last as the result of a
surgical operation.
It is reported that ex-Aid. Geo.
H. Halse, of Vancouver has resigned his position as Provincial
ment as to the steps to be taken
by each power in such a contingency to protect their several
000 bags sold to China and Japan importance that the rights of Prolonged applause from 'roth
by this firm to date. This in- licensees under the coal and pe- sides of the House greeted Prc-
creasing demand in the far east troleum licences granted in South mier McBride as he ro^e t) re-
is likely to   materially   effect East Kootenay, pursuant^to the ply.    With his usual grace of
" ' manner and elegance of diction
he commended the acting leider
of^ the Opposition for hi s ''air-
minded speech. Nevert'ulo^.
he must disagree with Mitre of
The Premier than proceeded to
deal in j.ii able ir.anner with all
matbrs of importance which had
been discussed ir. the debate, including "bette- terms," the As-
Lidment Act, ih3. expenditure of
prices before the summer is over.
3.SC 6
Toronto Socialists has passed a    The powder magazine on board    fi
terms of an Order in Council
dated June 3rd, 1904, should be
ascertained and established.
resolution approving of the action the French battleship Iena blew us *for tne amendment of  the
of Alessrs.  Hawthornwaite and up at Toulon, on the 12th inst,   "British Columbia Fisheries Act,
Mclnms   in   refusing   to   rise destroying the entire afterpart 1901," shall receive most careful
in  honour  of  the   Lieutenant of the vessel and killing 150 of-
Governor at the recent opening ficers and men, including Capt,
Adigard, her   commander, and
Capt. Verbock, chief of staff of
the   Mediterranean    squadron.
The Iena carried 25 officers and
tsho Governs
fiihori'M que
to establish a
sity and the i'.
Rceivv. Lie:
or u; ;>. i.e !. ig
0'' t'.i 1 Lbtri' V;"i
pr ivi
p'lrpius.  the
tha proposal
r.cial univer-
c.ci!i Indian
a vig-
. n;'; th '��� action
Government in
:a ci rrge 6
of the Legislature.
The Thaw trial has now been
eight weeks in progress, and it
looks as   if
soon expect a
It is thought that another week
will determine the fate of the
murderer of Stanford White.
7. We are pleased to learn that,
in order that the youth of the
Province may be enabled to perfect themselves in the arts and
sciences without having to seek
the   jury   might 630 men, and had been recently abroad facilities for higher edu-
rehef from duty, overhauled preparatory to join- cation, a measure will be submit-
mg the squadron. ted to the Legislature authorising
  the setting apart of a sufficient
Small-pox of a most serious portion of the Crown lands to cre-
  type  is expidemic   in  eastern ate a fund for the establishment
All the drug stores in Vancou- Queen's County, P.E.I., and has and maintenance of a provincial
ver were closed tight last Sunday this week made its appearance university,
as the result of the new Lord's in Charlottetown. The Board of 8. We deem it very necessary
Day Observance Act. The pro- Health of that city have prompt- that a sum should be appropriat-
prietors decided upon this course ly ordered the closing of ' all ed for the purpose of obtaining a
a week ago to-day, and announce schools, churches, places of en- full report on the subject of irri-
their intention to close every tertainment and all other build- gation and the available sources
Sunday until they "get author- ings in which public gatherings of water supply in the "dry belt."
titative information as to what are held, and have prohibited all 9. We learn with great satis-
constitutes a violation of the Act, meetings of any nature, as a pre- faction that His Honor's Govern-
pendingthe action of the Pro- caution against the further spread ment have taken steps to assert
vincial Government." of the dread disease. the rights of the Province in the
Cultus Lake, a Favcrile picnic Place THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1007.
The Genuine SLATER Shoe.
The American PACKARD Shoe.
The Ames Holden Co. Traveler Shoe.
The J. D. King & Co. Shoe.
The C. Aherns & Co. BERLIN Shoe.
The J. Leckie & Co. Vancouver Shoe.
The King O'th Road Shoe, and a long list of other makes
for Men, Boys' and Youths' wear.
The Walker, Parker Co. EMPRESS Shoe, $3.00, $3.50,
$4.00 and $5.00.
The TRUE-FIT Shoe.
The ROYAL PURPLE Shoe for the Ladies.
All latest lasts and most tasteful styles.
The best values at lowest prices.
Men's MADE-TO-ORDER Boots keeps us busy.
All Custom Work guaranteed.
Repairing a specialty.
M. P. Empey
Henderson's Undertaking Depmt.
Large and complete lino of Undertaking lequieites, Caskelc, Coffins,
Trimmings, Burial Robes.   Also FIRST-CLASS HEARSE.
funeral Director, Gmbalmer and Pro-
fessional Undertaker,
after twenty five years experience in prac.iail Undertaking business
in Chilliwack, needs no introduction.
We have several good paying farms for disposal in Chilliwack Valley....If you want to sell or exchange your property list at once with us.
W. **. T. GAHAN
(Over new Royal Bank Building)
Vancouver Agency
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Age-ts
Westminster Ave., VANCOUVER, B. C.
ikt   "^ y��u w*sh *�� purchase property of
m        any description in the Valley ot
W the lower Fraser TJiver
(lime U money)
you "Will ��avb /vjoney
by nailing on
Opposite the Post Office
���    -      B. C. 4
* Chiliwack.
Rarity of Hydrophobia.
At a discussion on the subject
at a meeting of the clinical
society of the New York Post-
Graduate School, Dr. F. B. St.
John Rossa presided, and said
that the medical profession
should take action upon the
vexed question of hydrophobia.
He had large experience with
dogs and had seen them with
symptoms which were pronounced by the books as hydrophobia, and the dogs had recovered, and people who were
bitten by them showed no signs
of hydrophobia.
Dr. W. A, Hammond said all
stories about persons being
bitten by mad dogs and having
disease years afterwards are untrue. He had seen several cases
of hydrophobia from fear. The
dog should be kept until the
symptoms of rabies appeared,
and not. killed at once, as is
usually done���it will die in nine
days if it has the disease. Bites
through clothing are harmless.
Dr. Hammond had no confidence
in Pasteur's methods. He did
not believe that hydrophobia
could be caused by inoculation
any more than lockjaw. In the
four cases from Newark, N.J.,
which Pasteur treated, there is
no proof that the dog was mad
that bit them. The same dog
also bit four other dogs and two
children and they are all free
from the symptoms of the
Dr. A. H. Smith said that he
had seen three cases said to be
hydrophobia but he did not believe they were genuine. He
claimed that persons bitter- by
dogs could bring on a disease
which would kill simply by the
effect of the imagination, without any virus being in the body.
All scares that come up periodically from the supposed appearance of hydrophobia are without
A hydrophobia caused by fear
was what Dr. T. E. Satterth-
waite believed. in. Out of the
9,000 cases of sickness at the
Pennsylvania hospital there was
only one case or hydrophobia,
and the post mortem in this case
did not show the evidence of the
disease. The spinal cord of this
patient is now shown in lectures
as a healthy cord. One doctor
said that the man died of alcoholic poisoning.
Dr. Ross said that all unite in
saying that hydrophobia is rare.
Hydrophobia is yet to be made
up from the beginning. He
hunted down one case of hydrophobia and found it to be caries
of the spine. He didn't believe
in muzzling dogs and ridiculed
the idea [of preventing the disease in this manner.���"Our
Day," Chicago.
The Inside of a Boy.
The outside of the boy is visible
and audible. He tries the nerves
and arouses the indignation of
every lover of quiet and good
order. He raises the dust and
scratches the furniture; he breaks
the windows and destroys the
lawn; he teases the dog and worries the cat; he is in the way when
he is not wanted, and out of the
way when he is wanted; he seems
to be a miniature jacketted cyclone, full of energy and always
in motion. Ink-stained fingers
and dust-stained face, hard to
keep in shoes and clothes, loving
play, and not much in love with
work, this is something like the
average boy.
Can such a boy become a Christian? Will Christianity take the
yell and the play out of him? Will
keep him out of mischief and
make him a quiet, orderly, low-
voiced angel? Thank God it will
not. If you have that idea of a
boy's religion, please do not try
it on the boys or you will imagine
you have mistaken your vocation
entirely.        '''''
Sheep Dip
English Dip
Empire Dip
Tor Spraying
Gillet's Lye Blue Stone
Whale Oil Soap
Carbonate Copper
2 boxes Mrs. Gray's Complexion
Soap for 25c
6 cakes fine Oatmeal Soap for 25c.
Also lines at 25c., 35c., 50c., 75c,
and $1.25 per box.
A large shipment of Fresh
Seeds will arrive in a few days,
now is the time to place your
H. J. Barber,
Drugs, Stationery and
Seeds.        -
Carry a full line of
, .AMD..
Abo Hardware,
Paints and Oils
Marshall Bros,, Chilliwack.
(loo. L. Baker, Lad nor,
II. E, ChiKNtoii, Khiiriic.
Halvcrston & Hoiiurn, Matsqui.
A. MiithcHon, Clovardale.
When in New Westminster call ami
ook through our warehouse,
Get Our     *
Quotations On
LYE (Gillet's)
Drug, Spectacle and Seed Store,
New Westminster
Straight Goods
Bank of" Montreal.
! CAPITAL (AH paid up)... .���14,400,000
RESERVE FUND 111,000,000
Right Prices
C*0 TO
T.flifford, The Jeweller
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A,, and Mexico City.
A general banking business transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Department.   Dep��8jt?
r received
in sums of $1.00 and upwards, and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum
(present rate) added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $168,000,000.
Chilliwack     Branch
E. Duthie, Agent.
Subscribe for The Fraser Advance, only $1.00 per year.
Capital paid up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund  4,400,000
Eighty-fivo Branches throughout Gauada, United States and Cuba.
do (East End)
Grand Forks,
New Westminster,
do Mt. Pleasant
do Granville St.
do Cordova St.
Continued on page 7
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Savings Bank department
in which deposits of One Dollar aud upwards are received. Interest added
quarterly.   General Banking bueiness transacted.   Money orders issued.
Mamagir Chilliwack Branch. iH
Hicks & LoVick Piano Co.,
1 <      ...                         . ....___
'Mason & Risch" Pianos
'Thomas" Organs
"Weber" Pianos
Easy Terms
if desired
Note the new nddreaa:
659 Granviffe Sf., Vancouver
belong* to the
Real Estate Firm
Cawley & Paisley.
K. 0. Mkn'1'KN. Captain.
J. H. Hahkihmn, l'urser.
Leaves new lauding every
morniug at 7:00 a. m. and 0:80 p. in.
for Harrison Station, e< iinectinp; will)
all C. P. R. trains east, and west, arriving at Chilliwack nt 10:45 a.m. Bad
8:00 p.m , where 'bus im ets all boats
For further information 'is lo passenger and freight rites, apply In the
' purser on board.
fl. D. lMaclwn,
Contractor and
Plans and Estimates furnished
on application.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwack, B. C.
electric Railway Co. U.
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouv
er at t) a.m. and hourly tbeieafter until
0 p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 10 p.m
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster
at 7 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 10
p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run ttrst-dass f reigh t cars between
Westminster and Vancouver, sad all
shipments are handled with the utmost
care and delivered to consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipments.
Our wagons meet all boats and trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
D. A. SHILE8.      F. R. GLOVER,
Traffic Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
.._ Mama
Copyright* *c.
Anyone sensing a listen and description met
finlokir ascertain onr opinion free whether if
nrenflon Is probsbljr patentable. Commnnlca.
t Ions strictly rams dont (si. Handbook on Patent!
sent tree, oldest agener tor securing batents.
Patents taken tnronsh Mann A Co. reoslre
tpMlalnatles, without oliarge, In the   ...i
Scientific American.
a. handsonelr Illustrated Weeklr. Largest elr.
eolation of any selentiae Journal, Terms, IS a
rear: four months. It Sold brail newsdeslsrs.
Branch Met. M t ��t. Washington, D, C.
Lots 42 and 52.   Block II,  running
from Alma to Wellington sts.   Apply
Cor. 7th Ave. and 9th sts., West,
Calgary, Alberta.
No. 19, a. k. & a. m.
The Regular-Communication" ot the
Lodge areheld In the Masomo Hull, "him week
on the Friday on or before the Full Moos ot
every month. Sojourning brethren are cord*
allrinvIM to attend.
I. Johnson, �� .11. J. h. Suaht. See
I. O. F1.
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 'p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
R. C. Menten, C. R.
W. C. Bearcroft, R. S.
Telephone 829 P. O. Drawer 932
Bird & Brydon*Jack
J. Edward Bird.     A. Brydon-Jack.
324 Hastings St. West,
Sash and Door Factory.
Window and "Door Jambs
Moufdingrs, Casings, Pickef Fencing
Sash and Doors fo order
STREET BROS. Ghilliwack. B.C.
the Minus' ram
shown a tendency to be cross, as
many cases have occurred where
such an animal has suddenly and
surprisingly turned vicious, owing to some unknown cause and
done his caretaker to death.   A
aV���. ��... .... rj.^���..    sir    e   The ���*������""��� Yields What Is
One on the Printer. -We of- H,li fl0|.,
fer all necessary apologies to the    _,    .      . ���
persons concerned, of whom in    The farm is more generally ap- ���    ���	
last issue we are made to say preciated as the tendency grows very vicious bull cannot be safe-
"fumigates his garments, "when to ��*VdU against the sordid yul- ly taken out, even with a staff,
we attempted to say "fulminates parity of wealth. The artinciali- and the simply safe way to
his arguments." Wearedispos- ties which money alone procures handle Buch is to blindfold him
- ��� will probably never be enjoyed by securely fastening a sack or
so largely on the farm as among something of the kind on its
the privileged few of the cities.
People who hanker after the indulgence of exclusive luxuries are
not those who will be first attracted by the wholesome natural enjoyment that farm life offers
in such refreshing contrast. The
ed to blame the printer,
terian Standard,
Hia Lucid Answer.���One day
as Pat halted at the top of the
river-bank, a man famous for his
inquisitive mind stopped and
head so that he cannot see either
in front or sideways. This device is equally effective in quieting an excited or nervous cow,
heifer or steer that one wishes
to lead, The writer recalls the
case of a nervous heifer, shipped
"How long have you hauled city Croesus speeds through the alone in a freight car, being so
water for the village, my good country in his automoile.    He excited on arrival at her desti-
man ?" surely does not find much pleas- nation that it was impossible to
"Tin years, sor." ure in it beyond the hollow desire untie her in a car, as she would
"Ah! How many loads do you to do something his neighbor jump at a person,  and would
take in a day?" cannot afford.   The farmer, or have impaled him upon her horns.
"From tin to fifteen, sor."       rather those few farmers, who A horse blanket was thrown over
"Ah,   yes!    Now I have a have learned to appraise the ad- her head, then a sack fastened
problem   for you.   How much vantages of their occupation at over her eyes, and she was lead
water at this rate have you haul- something near their true worth, out quietly and tied behind a
ed in all, sir ?" walks over his fields, drinking in wagon, where she followed as
The driver of the watering the beauty of Nature in her vari- quietly as could be desired.
cart jerked his thumb backward ous moods, reflecting soberly but 	
contentedly upon the higher du-    There has been a good deal of
ties and privileges of existence, discussion recently in some lead-
toward the river and replied
"All the water you don't see
there now, sor."���Christian Advocate.
glad to be alive and estimating ing farm journals respecting the
his advantages for the joy and problem of the  dog  and the
happiness and peace they bring sheep, and so far as we have
to him, envying them not to his been able to observe the dog is
neighbor, who may also share getting decidedly the worst of it.
them to the full.   Not to despise One would  almost think from
common pleasures because they the tone of much that is being
IT    .   T   . , ,,      , are cheap, but to value them be- saie that the dog had not a friend
Jamie, I wish you would not cause tney are within the reach in the country.   Will not some
come to school with your hands ���# ���n ,������ fu �����it���j�� ��* ��.i��j ���� <   j .
A REPROOF.-Oneday a little
boy came to school with very
dirty hands and the teacher said
to him
soiled that way. What would
you say if I came to school with
soiled hands ?"
"I wouldn't say anything,"
was the prompt reply. "I'd be
too polite."��� New York World.
of all, is the attitude of mind to
which, sooner or later, we shall
come. The universal beauties,
the simple foods; a wholesome,
natural, easy life, rich in experiences of intellectual, moral and
religious life, are blessings which
will be more highly
body speak up and tell us what a
faithful and valuable friend the
dog has ever been to the farmer.
His hide hair and carcass may
not be worth much on the market, but the same may be said of
his master. Some other things
avoirdupois and
the dog has no
.  appreciated count  beside
Tonoworth     anh      T nvr  a.s time goes.on'   Let us look for dollars,  and      .._ ..,
felww-tK?Satun��v EveSr ��ese' envvinSn��t.J** PtynK mean record to which to point
-The Farmer's Advocate.
that is being written is inspired
by the thought of the other fellow's dog. We have always inclined to the view that, if the
Post. prints the following anecdote of the Ohio Congressman:
It was shortly before his mar- 	
riage to Alice  Roosevelt that        ���   J���       ... ,     ��� ���
Congressman   Longworth   was        Handling a Vicious Bull.
quite unexpectedly presented, at To any farmer who is disposed aog we5f, PrpPer,y, ,���a ana "*��;
a large reception, to Samuel to grow careless in the handling,
Longfellow, a brother of the we commend the following sen-
poet. Now Longworth, be it sible words clipped from the
remembered, is nothing if not a columns of "The Farmer's Ad-
modest man, and he was just vocate" :���
then in a somewhat rattled con- If a bull has once shown the
dition because of all the notor- least disposition to be vicious,
iety showered upon him by a he should never again be taken
gratuitous daily press. out of his stall without a ring in
He did not know what to say his nose and a staff of first-class
and so he said only: tough wood, with a strong, safe.
eda little less "like a dog,'
there would be r.o sheep problem
associated with his name, nor
any other problem which his own
good sense would not solve. We
say, therefore, go after the owner with a gun and not after the
The Saskatchewan Department
of Agriculture is offering rewards
       T-_    M         AAA       A-       A* **A ��
worth makes the man and the solutely safe to trust even a mild-
lack of it the fellow." tempered   bull that has never
Moffet's 'Best' Flour
I. "BEST" is a local product.
II. Its strength and purity are unrivalled.
III. For the sake of economy.
IV. "BEST" has proven all its claims.
V. Every pound is guaranteed.
For Sale by Good Grocers everywhere.
The Columbia FfouHnj Miffs Co., Ltd.
Enderby, B. C
The People's Bank of New
Brunswick at Fredericton has
been absorbed by the Bank of
Made the Bear Work.-Bill
Winters is one of the heroes
who use their wit to save their
|f. strength. During a camping
trip in the Maine woods Bill was
easily the laziest man in the
Finally his exasperated comrades told him that if he did not
kill something besides time they
would pack him off home.
The next morning Bill borrowed a rifle and went off up the
mountain. Two hours later the
men in camp saw Bill running
down again as fast as he could
come, and close behind him was
a bear. The men watched the
chase with loaded rifles ready.
On reaching camp Bill turne
and shot the bear.
When the men could stop
laughing, one of them said, "Bill
what on earth possessed you to
run that distance, with the bear
so close, when you might have
killed him on the hill and saved
your breath ?"
Bill smiled slowly. What's
the use of killing a bear in the
mountains and lugging him in
when you can run him in?" he
asked.���Boston Herald. I ti
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially devoted to the interests of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday mornii.g at
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
[We do not hold ourselves responsible
for either statements made or sentl-
monts expressed by our correspondents
published in this column,]
Single copies
$1.00 per year
5c. each
This paper will bo Kent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement,'' excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Advertising rates on application
All matter intended for publication,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0, Box 296, Chilliwack,
B. 0.
J. M1RTT MORGAN,- Editor and Proprietor.
The report of the Provincial
Legislature has made such demands upon our space thin week
that not only have oilier matters of importance been crowded
out, but the editor is positively
cornered. We have just space
enough left in which to assure
our friends that we are still alive,
have our ctttiole intact notwithstanding all the dire threats and
fierce anathemas with which the
circumambient atmosphere has
been so recently surcharged, and
finally have not yet been served
with any writs for libel, criminal
or otherwise. We are working
full time, sometimes double shift,
take our usual nourishment
thrice daily, sleep'with imtroubled
conscience and expect yet again
to make our voice heard in the
An extended report of the Liberal-Conservative convention nt
Mission City last Saturday lias
been crowded out. The Premier
was enthusiastically received by
his Dewduay friends, theauuouii-
cement of his retirement from
that riding approved and Win,
J. M'aiiKoii cuoseii unanimously
for the new stiuidard-uedi'er.
We are - again   indebted   to
Messrs. Cawley A: Paisley for the,
cuts  which   adorned   onr   first
A Landing icow for Chilliwack
By appointment Reeve Kickbush and
Councillor Jackson met Dominion Engineers Keefer and Turner on the dredge
Sampson on Thursday last at the
lower bar of the Chilliwack Landing,
re procuring better shipping facilities
for the river boats. The matter of
having the Westminster boats go to
the Minto Landing was broached and
the party proceeded on the Sampson to
take soundings up the river. Ample
water was found until within about a
quarter of ,a mile of the desired spot,
where an impassable bar was encountered. The party then returned to the
lower landing to further consult concerning the situation. The result of
their deliberations was that the government representatives promised to
supply a landing scow, to be surmounted by a warehouse, 22x60 ft'; as
the only possible solution of the difficult
problem. This scow can be moved
from point to point as the water rises
or falls. Its construction will be begun
at once and it is expected that it will
be ready for service within a week.
��tf Watch our announcement
to subscribers next week. Will
our friends not help us to start
the advance payment system on
April 1st with a clean sheet.
Mr l oi�� in and the New Theology.
Editor Advance:-Kindly allow
me to express my satisfaction at
having read in the columns of
your issue of the 9th inst. under
the heading of, "In the Realm of
Spirit," an article entitled "A
New Theology," copied from the
Victoria Times. Some of us realize that if we are to have a theology, which I do not think necessary, (as I think ethics from a
philosophic basis will fill every
need of man) a new one must be
evolved, for the old one will not
withstand the search-light of
reason. I had not hoped that the
coming revolution of spiritual
thought would emanate from
within the churches, for those
who allow themselves to think
on these subjects at all, realize
that dogmatism and progress are
diametrically opposed. I am
therefore pleased to note that
there are men in high position in
the churches who allow themselves to reason and have the
courage of their convictions.
It requires no educated or cultured mind to realize that the old
theology is, to say the least, absurd; for how can the doctrine of
man's fall through Adam, and
the vicarious sacrifice of Christ
be harmonized with the omnicient
attributes of God? or the doctrine
of man's free agency with God's
omnipotent attributes?
Herbert Spencer, in writing on
ethics, gives us a philosophy that
I will try to express as simply as
I can from memory.
The way we may know the
difference between right and
wrong is by the effect. That
which brings lasting pleasure
must be right, and pain is but
nature protesting against wrong,'
to lead us into, or teach us what
is right (not an avenging Deity
satisfying his feeling of revenge).
Although the above mentioned
doctrines are absurd, they are
not nearly as baneful to the human mind as that horrible doctrine of punishment as taught by
the churches. To teach Nature's
law of correction (pain or evil
effect) is reasonable, but the doctrine of an avenging Deity, placing man���his own product���in
ete.nal torment is not consistent
with the omnipotence or omnici-
c\v:e of God, as it admits of failure: for if man cannot reform in
hell, of what use is the punishment?
I am lead therefore to believe
that priestcraft has invented this
doctrine to scare ignorant humanity into submission and to hold
their dupes under control. This
doctrine of revenge and spite instilled into our minds from infancy is largely responsible for
most of the evils (bad effects)
that permiate our present civilization (?)
The above, sir, are my honest
convictions, and were not arrived
at by reading "horrid" infidel
books, but have been forced upon
a mind prejudiced in favor of the
Christian religion, and one who
tried Christianity and found it
wanting. If I have said anything
that is illogical or unreasonable I
am open for correction or confutation.
Yours for the truth,
W. S, Forsyth.
Old Age Pensions In England.
Editor of Advance :���
The Old Age Pension question
has been discussed in the British
House of Commons.- It is proposed to give every man and
women over the age of 65 years,
a pension of $1.26 per week.
About One Hundred and Thirty
Million Dollars ($130,000,000)
will be required every year to
Bay the pensions in the United
[ingdom, but against this sum
may be placed large sums of
money used on the old, wasteful
and extravagant system of the
present administration of the
Poor Law. Then it is further
estimated that a large section of
the people would not draw the
pension to which all would be entitled, therefore, it would leave,
probably, Seventy-Five million
Dollars ($75,000,000) to be found
as a permanent charge upon the
In the year 1894 Sir Wm. Har-
court initiated the Death Duties,
or Tax. At the present time the
revenue from this source would
be sufficient to provide for all old
people in the United Kingdom
over 65 years of age. Therefore,
if the pensions are paid out of
this fund the monies of the rich
will be taxed, when they die, to
pay for the support of the living,
an arrangement which few could
find fault with seeing that the
persons who succeed to the large
fortunes would not appreciate
the deduction to any serious extent.
The interest on the amount ex-
��ended on the South African
far, (which, in my opinion was
wasted as there should not have
been any war), would be sufficient to pay the Seventy-Five
Million Dollars ($75,000,000 per
annum now required for the old
age pensions. It is probable that
the old age pension system in
the old country will soon become
an accomplished fact.
In British Columbia we have a
large number of young people,
and it should be repeated that
the crown lands of this province
belong to the people. Each one
of us have a right to exist, when
we get older, out of the proceeds
of these lands,therefore, we should
take steps to allocate a certain
portion of the proceeds from all
Government land sales henceforth
held in this province. These
funds should be placed into a
separate account and they would
soon be sufficient to pay a reasonable pension to every man and
woman in the province at the age
of 65. I am hoping that it will
be found practicable to reduce
the age to 55 and. that we may
build comfortable houses in beautiful surroundings in various
parts of the province in which
we may live, if we wish, when
we get older. It must not be
forgotten that the money paid in
old age pensions is not lost but is
simply distributed among the
merchants, in exchange for food
and raiment.
Frank Richards, J.. P.
Vancouver, B. C.
March 6th., 1907.
Chilliwhack Township Council
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Our Line of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades, Etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia.
We Mil s.vo money for any fimilfll' or tow1 siuiin In the FriiNor Va I toy    Prices
mlk mul �� dill' oompuvlrson will convince you Hint oiiro.Jn.lm iK
justilii'il.   Give lis ii tl'inl.   CoiTi>s|iiiiiili'iin'si'lii'ili'il.
isCi:\s Ki'irM/rimK kah'okiiivi
Tel. 73. Dupont Block, New Westminster, B. C.
Look out for Announcement of
McPhee & McPhee,
General merchants,
Abbotsford,   -   -  British Columbia^
in this space.
An adjourned meeting of the
Municipal Council was held in the
Court House on Tuesday, March
5th last.
Present���The Reeve, Councillors Ashwell, Evans and Jackson.
The Temporary Loan By-Law
was reconsidered and finally
The Collector was authorized to
strike from off the delinquent
roll certain statute labor appearing thereon.
Mr. M. T. Griffen, on behalf of
the Pitner Gasoline Lighting System of Canada, then addressed
the Council, advising the members to use their system of lighting for street lamps.
References were given and will
be consulted.
The Council then adjourned.
C. M. C.
Is Your Cold Better ?
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Catarrh compares with Catarrhozone.
Sold everywhere, 25c and $1.00.-Adv.
Allard-McDonald On Wednesday,
March 13th by Rev. A. W. Gazley, B.A.,
of Chilliwack, Percy C. Allard, to Mary
M. McDonald, both of Cheam.
Corrected Every Friday.
The lo;al market prices have shown
a general tendency to strengthen, due
largely to a holding back of products
on the part of the farmers. The price
of hay has remained stationary, but
there is little offering. Oats have advanced $2.00 per ton during the past
week. Peas have also advanced from
$2 to $3 per ton. Potatoes are only
bringing $15 still, but are not offered in
large quantities, the impression being
that a higher price will soon prevail.
Beef and veal have both advanced
slightly. Mutton is still very scarce.
Hogs have advanced about a half cent.
Chickens are very scarce at $6 and
eggs have dropped to 22 cents.
Hay, loose, per ton $10.00
Hay, pressed, per ton   12.00
Oats, per ton $23.00 to  25.00
Wheat, per ton  30.00
Peas, per ton $28.00 to  30.00
Chopped Grain, per ton   25.00 to  30.00
Potatoes, per ton  15.00
Carrots, per ton  10 00
Parsnips, per ton  10.00;
Beets, per ton ,. 10.00
Turnips, feeding, per ton.      ....    5.00
Turnips, for Table, per ton  10.00
Onions, per cwt '   2.00
Beef, per lb     .     .04
Veal, per lb          .051
Mutton, per lb 05J
Hogs, stock, per lb 06J to..      .06J
Hogs, fat, per lb Olif to      .07
Chickens, per doz    6.00
Butter, dairy, per lb  .25
Butter, creamery 35
Eggs, per doz 22
Clerk Mackenzie reports a very good
market yesterday. The supply of beef
was good and all sold at quotations.
Mutton was very much short of the demand and found quick sale. Pork was
less plentiful than last week, with a
strong demand. Veal was fair in supply with demand good. The supply of
eggs was good and the demand equal to
the supply at 23 cents per dozen wholesale. The offering of chickens was fair
and all sold readily. Ths supply of fowl
showed an increase over that of last
week, with a good demand and a streng-
thing of price. No geese or ducks appeared on the market at all. Potatoes
were good in quantity offered, with an
equally good demand, especially for
.first-class stock.
Beef, hind quar., per lb 09
"    front   " "    6  to  61
.Mutton, dressed,      "   13 to 14
Veal, "     11 to 111
Pork, "    101
Onions, per sack         1.50
Eggs, per dozen     25
Butter, perttu. 30  to 36
Chickens, per dozen  7.00 to 9.00
! Fowl, per dozen ....*.."..;.. 8.00 to 10.00
Ducks, per dozen 11.00 to 12.00
Geese, each (none offering)
Applet, per box  1.40 to 1.50
Potatoes, per ton .".'. 22.00
Tenders for Wood for Schools
Wood to be delivered before
Sept, 2nd, piled in school yard
shed, '2 ft, lengths.
Ton Is.   Cords.
High School.... ."i alder 1 cedar
Chk. School ....20   "   4    "
Sardis Id   "   2 fir
East Chilliwack. 10   "   2 cedar
Rosedale 10   "   2    ������
Cheam  .">   ������   1    "
Camp Slough... .">    "    1    "
Lotbiniere   5    "    1     "
Sunins   .">    "    1     "
SouthSumas;,. "��   "   1    "
Atchelitfc  ">   "   1    ,;
Fairfield   ">    "    1    " '*,
Tenders to be sent in to the
Secretary before Shirch 21st.
All wood above ."> inches must
be split.
adv. 7-0 Secretary.
To Whom It May Concern.
The School Board pay all their
accounts once a month. All accounts' must be sent in to the
Secretary before the 21st or they
will not be paid till llie next
adv. 7-0 Secretary.
W. hTt. Gahan
(Royal Bank of Canada Chambers)
Chilliwhack, B. C.
Ecezma, Tetter, Salt Rheum Itch,
Ring Worm, Herpes, Rarbcrs Itch.
All of these diseases are attended by
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Always Keeps Chamberlain's Couqh
Remedy In His House
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Iain's Cough Remedy. It is kept on
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much less time than after it has become
settled in the system. This remedy is
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er.'-tdv.'.'T3!!;        " ~" '���*���*
mm tf
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Cough Cure. Simply refuse to accept
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Provincial' Legislature.
Continued from page 1.
the latter matter, Mr. McBride
said, "We were asked to give up
our reversionary interest in 13,-
000 acres of land on the Tsimp-
sean peninsula in addition to the
terminal facilities we have already given to the Grand Trunk
Pacific. We refused and the
government at Ottawa, without
having the decency to consult us,
went over our heads, and said,
'We propose to give these lands
to the Grand Trunk in spite of
you.' It is up to every member
of this house; it is up to the
Liberal party and to the Socialist
party, that we should stand
shoulder to shoulder for provincial rights in this respect."
The Premier held the attention
of the House for nearly three
hours in an address which not
only met all the criticisms of the
Opposition leader but was packed
with information respecting the
live issues of the day. So effective was his defense of the government's position that further
debate of the address in reply to
the Lieutenant-Governor's speech
was abandoned after a brief tornado of adjectives, of which
Parker Williams,' socialist, was
the focal centre. At the conclusion of Mr. Williams' speech,
the address was adopted with
the socialists alone dissenting.
After its three days debate on
the Address the Legislature is
now "down to regular business,
and is discussing a number of
bills already brought in, the chief
of which are:
An Act to amend the "Interpretation Act," by the Hon. Attorney-General.
An Act to amend the "Assessment Act, 1903," by the Hon.
Minister of Finance.
An Act to consolidate and
amend the' 'Succession Duty Act''
and amending Acts, by the Hon.
An Act Respecting Ditches and
Water-Courses, by John Oliver.
The Premier has promised that
all the Government measures will
be introduced within the next
two weeks, so that the session
bids fair to be a short one.
Rheumatic sufferes can have a free
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-adv. 7-11
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Afflicted With Rheumatism.
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Pain Balm am able once more to attend
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 35c to $2.25
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 ....$1.00 to $1.75
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Jackets and Skirts
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Width 60 in. at 75c and $1.00
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Easter Neckwear
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OXYDONOR triumphs through morll
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more ih in a million uorsons. It Is ihe em-
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el port ti ii o of Iho greatest aclonllM of the
Use,      'a^or ef love for humanity.
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ii o j-iuiii ; roKuuo atos, rolnvliioniUsand
vl hI /.es nvcry organ Into Ihe proper dls-
��� liiirgu of Hie fund ion for which naiure In-
teuilid ihum. Itn iisu lulu** vlginnus
he kith wi hull Ih j physloal activity that
  nniy natural pure lor It
nopsln, im iIihiuii inn inn Heine In tiling OXYDONOR
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walk and her lolnts wero muoh swollen. She npplluil Oxydonor ami before night the pains had
ceased, and next morning there was very lliHe.weliinn, ind she could walk as well as over.
Shu had a similar attack before we got Oxydonor and was under a duuior's cur. lor a month,
and suffered agonies,"
"It has oured me of a severe cold."
The genuine has the narou of "Dr. II, Sanrhe Si Co." plainly stamped In Us metal parts.
Dr  H, SANOHE & Co.,    !i��4 St. Unthiirlno St. West, Montreal
And as such we handle none but the very best makes.
Our flour is kept in a warm, well ventilated room and is
never allowed to become cold and damp like flour that is
piled in an ordinary storehouse.
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Breakfast Foods Galore.
Denholm & Jackson.
WalwortHolston Co., Ltd.
Feed Cotters
Carriages. Wagons, Harness, etc.
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Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
I keep nnilitntf hut flrst-ola * iiirnnut-. Ilnod
Saddle norses.eui 'Wis mens nil hoHif. i.'ov
ered siago leave' for MclloimlaV I muling
every tunrntnK ot Qitfe u'olook enniiucting with
str. Minto. which n nnoots Willi all C. I'. It.
.rain* east and wes t.
Livery Stable
Up-fo-Dafe    in
Every Particular
Ed.RBecB, cwww��ck,B.c
One thoroughbred Jersey cow due to
calve about March 1st.   Apply to
Township of Chilliwhack.
Notice is hereby given that the
Court of Revision of the Township of Chilliwhack, to hear complaints against the Assessment as
made forthe year 1907, will be
held in the Court House, Chilliwhack, B. C., on Monday, the 8th
day of April next, at 10 a.m.
8-11 C. M. C.
Chilliwhack, B.C., March2,1907.
For Catarrh, let me send you free,
just to prove merit, a Trial size Box of
Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Remedy. It is a
snow white, creamy, healing antiseptic
balm that gives instant relief to Catarrh of the nose and throat. Make the
free test and see.   Address Dr. 'ol
Racine, Wis.   Large Jars 50c.   Sold by
H. J. Barber.-adv. 7-U. '
Corruption In Business.
From the strenuous and. unscrupulous attempts of one party
to overthrow the other, there has
existed for a long time, not only
in this country but in all countries, what is spoken of as political corruption. Unfortunately, a
crime of this sort is not looked
upon by the people as of such a
serious nature as the general
crime outside of politics, such as
theft, assault, etc. As a result
of the leniency usually exercised
towards the political criminal, it
is sometimes feared that the influence of wrong-doing in that
sphere leads to dishonesty in the
business walks of life.
In this age of keen competition
it is no doubt too often the case
that a man resorts to petty crimes
in order to get the best of his
competitor.    Referring to one
Bhase of the matter, the Toronto
tews says that it mav be suggested that under the new British Act to prevent corruption in
business it will be difficult to secure convictions because the
transactions aimed at are usually
of a secret or clandestine character; and, further, that a loophole of escape from the prescribed penalties is afforded by the
introduction of the word "knowingly'' in the definition of the offence. Whatever force there may
be in this suggestion or criticism
-and the law is pretty well settled as to the construction of a
penal statute where the word
'knowingly" is employed���there
can be no question about the intention of the Legislature. The
Act as a whole appears to be well
calculated to effect its purpose.
It is manifestly a remedial statute, and as such will receive a
liberal interpretation. The fact
that the system of improper tips
and bribes is declared by Parliament, as representing the nation,
to be a crime, is bound to act as
a deterrent; and persons engaged
in trade and business will no
doubt think twice before they
risk conviction of an offence
which is certain to seriously affect their status, commercially
and socially. The mere secrecy
of a dishonest and corrupt transaction is no guarantee against its
Crime as a rule is done in secret,
but the offences which are struck
at by this piece of penal legislation are not the acts of a small
number of criminal agents, and
the chances of detection and exposure are therefore much greater. Every person- contravening
the Act in a secret manner puts
himself at the mercy of every
other unscrupulous or disappointed offender. Nor is there much
hope for any offender escaping
through a failure to prove guilty
knowledge. The secret of the
act constituting the offence will,
in many cases, afford more or
less of a presumption of guilt, and
be sufficient, coupled with other
circumstances, for a judge or
jury to act upon, especially as the
statute is framed on broad lines,
and the courts are likely to construe it in the same manner in
order that the object of the Legislature may be fully accomplished.-The Commercial.
The Annual Meeting of the B.
B. Stock Breeders' Association
will be held in the City Hall, New
Westminster, B. C, March 21st,
1907, at 8o'clock p.m.
As the Spring Fair and Auction
Sale is being held at this time the
C. P. R. Company will issue return tickets at single fare rates,
standard certificates not required.
All interested in Live Stock
matters should attend.
A. D. Patterson, President.
F. M. Logan, Sec-Treas.
Victoria, B.C., Feb. 21st, 1907.
Down to Business With a Strong
>. .     Pfograiffm - Before It.
The first NMsionof the eleventh
parliament of British Columbia
wns opptl with nil due pojnp and
ceremony by His Honour Lieut.-
Croverntir .Fumes Duiihiriuir on
Thursday afternoon, March 7th.
The day was fine and the public
turned out in unusual numbers,
tilling the galleries id their utmost capacity. On the floors of
the house appeared nlmui two
hundred friends of the ministers
mill members, All the government members were in place except Dr. Young, the new Provincial Secretary, who coidd not
take his sent because the h.v-elee-
tion had been called in Atlin.
Unfortunately the Leader of the
Opposition wns absent on account of nn attack of In grippe.
I). M. Eberts was elected Speaker
upon motion of Price Ellison of
oi Okanogan, seconded by C. W.
Munro of Chilliwack. The Lieut.-
Governor then entered with his
guard of honour and rend the
fellowing address :���
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of
the Legislative Assembly:
It affords me much pleasure to
welcome you to this the first session of the eleventh parliament
of British Columbia.
In view of the general prosperity which prevails throughout the
province, I deem it my first duty
to express a deep sense of gratitude and thankfulness for the
many blessings bestowed upon
the people of British Columbia.
I am pleased to congratulate
you on the satisfactory state of
the provincial finances, which will
show a substantial snrplns, and
on the steady and continuous
expansion of the industries of the
province, as evidenced by the in
creased production of the mines,
fisheries, forests, fields and orchards.
The question of the financial
relations existing between the
province and the Dominion will
be submitted for your consideration, together with a report of
the proceedings of the inter-provincial conference held nt Ottawa,
the most important .point in
which is the acknowledgment by
the Dominion Government of the
right of British Columbia to "better terms."
' A bill will be submitted to you
amending the assessment act,
which will provide for decreasing
the taxation on real and personal property.
The validity of the coal and
petroleum licenses granted in
Southeast Kocttenayunder*the:
terms of an order in council dated 3rd June, 1904, having been
called in question, a bill will be
brought down, in order that the
situation may lie dealt with.
A measure will be placed before
you for the purpose of making
certain amendmentstothe"Brit-
ish Columbia fisheries act, 1901"
which it is proposed to bring into force at an early date.
In order that the youth of the
province may lie enabled to perfect themselves in the arts and
sciences without having to seek
abroad the facilities for higher
education, a measure will be submitted for your consideration,
authorizing the setting apart of
a sufficient portion of the crown
lands to create a fund for the establishment of a provincial university.
You will be asked to place a
sum on the estimates for the purpose of obtaining a full report on
the subject of irrigation and the
available sources of water supplv
in the "dry belt."
Steps have been taken by my
government to assert the rights
of the province in the lands set
apart as Indian reserves. The
correspondence and order in
council in connection with this
GMWwaek Post Office
"(Hoe hours. 8 to 19.00.
On Statutory Holidays the Offloe is opened
from IK lo It.
Savings Bank and Honey  Order business
oLiwm at IH.IKI
Malls close at Urn dally, for all parts.
For ounvenlenoe of those harlnn lork bones
the oltlon door Is not looked until ��.l��.
Tim oft!ca Is olosed on Sundays,
S MK1.I.AKH Postmaster.
Municipal Council
Hews���F. Ii Klokbuih,
Oiniiicllliirs- R, Umts'rv Hurrnw, T.
H. Jnckw.ii. ,T. ,v, Kvites. ,1, H. Ashwell,
Geo. <�� I, I'. II. Wilson.
ClHtk mill Slll'ltlllur���.Tllilll.lltO I'elly,
Asscs'iir���J ��"i>b Burnt,
Collector���H W. IMiiidsev,
Medical lloiiliii Ollu'iir- ,1. U, Henderson, VI,B��� o.M
Chief of Polloo-jO. Ai Oiilbtok,
Rev, II. V. Htillumn, Pastor.
Services OVOI'V SiiihIhv lit II ii.lll, and
7:80 p in Hiindtty School ill 11:00 p.m.
Kpwnrtli Luumiii' every Mnndaynl S p.
in. Prayer Minting every Thursday
at H p m.
CARMAN OHUftOIl���DtvinH service
every Sunday hi X!:U0 p.m.
PKKfeBYTKli'iAN CHURCH '*~*" i
Rov. H. J  KiiVitson, H.A., Pallor*
Service*Snednv at II n in. and 7:80 p.m
Hiinduy Sohmil In the afternoon at 8:1)0
Prayer Meeting every Thursday aven
ini; ut H o'clock. Lndlrs' Aid every
second Thursd IV nl 8 n.m Ulrl*'Mis
��lon Unnd every second Friday al 4 p.m
Sunday seivlw�� nl 11 it ro. unci 7:80 p.m.
Sunday School In the aftul'tionil at 8:80.
Voting People's i'niwT Meeting evel'V
Monday hi 8 p in. Prayer Meeting on
Thursday eveuiiiK hi 7:80 o'clock.
Continued on page 7.
Id'v Mmk Jukes. /lear.
Sunday wlvices���.Viunlng player nud
sermon 11 n. n-.j E.cn smig and sermon nl 7 p.in Sui.ill y ���olicol at 0:45
a.m. Holy Coiliinodion���8 a. iu Hrd
Sunday In Ihfl monlli. 11 n.m. 1st Sunday in the month. Bible Clnss each
��eek on Wnluenliv at 8 p. in. Ill Ihe
Rates: ��� American
Plan #1.2") per day
and upwards	
A good livery in connection with the
Empire Hotel
Cor. Hastings and Columbia Ave.
American Plan, $1.60 and $2.00 per day.
European (Rooms only) 75c up per day.
the only Auto Bus in the City,
meets all trains and boats.
VICTORIA, B. C.      i
A High-Class Hotel at Moderate lates.
Be sure and see its advantages before
making arrangements elsewhere.
Rates: American Plan $1.25 and upwards per day. European Plan (Rooms
only) 50c to 11.50 per day.
'Bus absolutely free.
Rainier Cafe.
When you go to Vancouver get your lunch
at the New Rainier Cafe
and see the prettiest
Cafe on the Pacific
Coast. Meals and lunches at all houra. Open *
day and night.
W. O. HOLTZ,    -    Proprietor.
803 Hastings St. West
Next the Arcade, VANCOUVER, B.C.
V. V. VINSON, Prop.
Your patronage it respectfully solicited.
Tie lasMe of i Bay.
Continued from page 2
Half the boy's faults, perhaps
a great deal more than that, are
simply manifestations of the titanic life forces at work in that
small bundle of budding manhood. The boy has a great deal
to learn, and needs teachers. But
he needs wise teachers, and firm,
strong teachers. The teacher
must understand the boy or fail.
The boy must have room to grow.
Somehow, somewhere he must let
loose his surplus energy. Men
say the boy is hard to control; so
would a steam-engine be if we let
the pressure run up, and gave it
no load to carry. Give him exercise; lots of it, but not too long
The boy likes excitement, adventure, and does not know why.
It is simply the voice of the ancient Vikings Unsilenced after fifteen centuries. Don't try to
crush it out; train it.
The boy has a conscience and a
keen eye for inconsistency. His
teacher must be clean; whiter
than the snow is none too white
for boys.
The boy possesses also a high
regard for manhood, especially
for the kind that distinguishes
itself in athletic or intellectual
triumphs, and we must use this
also to win him for Christ and
the higher life.
But above all else the boy has
a loving heart. He wants friends.
He may not be very demonstrative, but he appreciates kindness.
Use him well, feed him well,
speak kindly to him and of him,
and your kindness will prove a
channel through which Christ
can come to that boy. But your
kindness must not be of the condescending type, rather of the
comrade type. Alake a friend, a
chum if you will, of your boy
and your boy is well-
nigh won. Above all, don't
judge a boy by the things
in him that you don't like. Get
inside of him and find what he
really is; find out his good points
as well as his bad ones, not till
then can you help him much, but
if you can only understand him
and get a grip on his heart, he
will follow you anywhere.���The
Christian Guardian.
The Provincial Lqlslitire
Continued from page 0
Road By-Law No. t5
Whereas it is expedient that certain roads in Sumas Municipality be gazetted.
Be it enacted by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the District of Sumas as follows:���
1. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the line, is hereby established, commencing at
the North West corner of the South East i of Section 3, Township 16, and running due South on the
half section line to the International Boundary line, known as the McKenzie Road.
2. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the centre, is hereby established, commencing
at the Railway crossing where the Hill side road crosses the Canadian Pacific Railway in Section 14,
Township 16, thence running Northerly on the West side of the C. P. Railway to a point where it intersects the McKenzie road North of the Abbotsford Lumber Company's Mill property, known as
the Huntingdon-Abbotsford and Riverside Road.
3. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the Section line between Townships 16 and 19, is
hereby established, commencing at the North East corner of Section 1, Township 16, and running
due North to the Yale Road, known as the York Road.
4. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the Whatcom Road on said line in Section 6, thence East on said line to the centre of Section 6, Township 19, known as the Porter Road.
5. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Lot 253, G. 2, thence running East along said Section line to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Vey Road.
6. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the N. E. corner of Section 8, Township 19, thence running West on said Section line to connect
with the Yale Road, and commencing on same Section line at quarter post between Sections 11 and 14,
Township 19, thence running East to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Chilliwack Trunk Line.
]4 7. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Section 24, Township 16, thence East along said Section line to the Vedder
Mountain, known as the Campbell Road.
8. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet wide on each side of the Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at the North West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East to the Eastern Boundary of Township 19, known as the Fire Clay Road.
9. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the North West corner of Section 31, Township 19, thence East to the East line of Township 19,
known as the Boundary Road.
10. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 6, Township 19, thence North to the Northern Boundary of
Township 19, known as the Straiten Road.
11. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at a point on the Yale Road where it crosses the East line of Section 5, Township 19,
thence North on said Section line to the Northern boundary of Township 19, known as the Cole Road.
12. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence North to the South East corner of Lot 367, G. 2,
known as the McDermott Road.
13. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section Hue, is hereby established, commencing
at the South East corner of Sec. 3, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township
19, known as the Marion Road.
14. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 2, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of
Township 19, known as the Bellrose Road.
15. A road 33 feet wide on the West side of Section line is hereby established, commencing at
the South East corner of Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township 19,
known as the Lake Road.
16. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the South West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East along said Section line to the South
East corner of Section 29, Township 19, thence North along the East line of Section 29, about 12
chains to the North West corner of lot 223, G. 2, Township 19, thence East along the North line of lots
223, G. 2 and 222, G. 2, to the North East corner of 222, G. 2, thence North to the North West corner
of lot226, G. 2, Township 19, thence due East along the North line of lot 226 to the Lake Shore Road,
known as the Atkinson Road.
17. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of line is hereby established, commencing on the
South line of 368, G.2, at a point where the said line crosses the Lake Shore Road, thence due West to
the South West corner of Lot 367, G.2, Township 19, thence due North to the South line of lot 222, G.2,
known as the Eldridge Road.
18. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, commencing at a point where the Yale Road touches the North line of the S. E. quarter of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence due East to the N. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, known as the Corbould Road.
19. The road known as the Frank Arnold Road is hereby abandoned and the gazette cancelled.
This By-law may be cited for all purposes as the Sumas Road By-law No. 75.
Passed the Municipal Council this 21st day of January, 1907.
Reconsidered, adopted and finally passed the Council this 28th day of January, 1907.
C. M. C.   Reeve.
matter will lie lnirl ebfore you.
I am pleased to inform you
that negotiations are pending
between the government and
certain transportation and im-
migration agencies, through
which it is confidently hoped that
a desirable class of immigrants
will be secured from the United
The public accounts for the
last yeur and the estimates for
the succeeding year will lie laid
before you without delay.
I commit the above matters,
and all others which may lie sub-
lnitted to you, to your best consideration, relying upon your
Wisdom and prudence to deal
with them in the manner which,
under Divine  Providence, may
Krove most   conducive to the
est interests of British Columbia.
Seeds, Trees, Plants
NO seedless plums, NO pltle��s apples,
NO cobles* corn- Just old reliable
varieties at reasonable prices.
'Boy Wanted "
"Wanted-aBoy."   How often we
This quite familiar notice see!
Wanted a boy of every kind
Of taek that a busy world can find.
He is wanted���wanted now and here;
There are towns to build ;  there are
paths to clear;
There are seas to sail; there are gulfs
to span,
In the ever-onward inarch of man.
Wanted-the world wants boys to-day,
And it offers them all it has for pay.    \
'Twill grant them wealth, position, fame, j
A useful life and an honored name,��� i
Boys who will guide the plough and'
Boys who will shape the ways for men;
Boys who will forward the tasks begun,
Forthe world's great work is never
The world is eager to employ
Not just one, but every boy,
Who with a purpose staunch and true
Will greet the work he finds to do.
Honest, faithful, earnest, kind,
To good awake, to evil blind,
A heart of gold without alloy ���
Wanted���the world wants such a boy.
���Nixon Waterman.
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���praying Material      Cut Flowsra
Eta,, Die.
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Mainland of B. O.        rtaialORM Free.
Greenhouse: -301(1 \\ c.tminster Road,
Branch Nurseries:���S. Vancouver.
P.S.���If your local merchants do Dot
handle my seeds, send dlreot.   We pre-
Bay M packets assorted varieties ot
-ARliEN HKKD8 In ordinary So papers
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Shop opposite Drug Store.
No matter where you want to
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I can sell you your ticket.
"You Heve My Parting. Miss"
A young lady, in hastily turning the corner of a street in London, accidentally ran with great i
force against a ragged beggar
boy and nearly knocked him over.
Stopping as soon as she could and
retracing her steps, she said,
very kindly, "I beg your pardon,
my little fellow. I am very sorry
that I ran against you."
The boy was wholly amazed;
he looked at the lady one moment, and then, taking off his tattered cap, made a graceful bow
and said, as his face lit up with
a smile: ' 'You have my parding,
miss, and ye're welcome to it.
And say, the noxt time you run
ag'in me, you kin knock me clean
down and I won't say a word."
After the lady had passed on,
the boy said to a companion :    I
say, Jim, it's fine to hev some- j
body asking yer parding, ain't!
Abbotsford Feed
end Livery Steble.
All trains met daily.
Good horses and rigs, and
saddle  horses   supplied on
short notice.
D. FRASER,   -   -   Proprietor.
You can travel across the Continent by the All-Canadian route
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Call in and let me outline to
you some interesting trips that
can be made at very reduced
C. P. R. Ticket Agent
P. Peebles
Estimates Given.
Promptness Guaranteed.
Write to us for best quotations
obtainable in the market.
Take notice that the above is a true copy of a By-law passed by the Council on the 28th day of
January. Any person wishing to quash the same, or any part thereof, must make application within
30 days from the date of said By-law in order to be heard in that behalf.
C. M. C.
To the premises of D. W. Chadsey,
Sumas, one in Nov. '05 and the other
in Nov. '06. two Jersey grade steers,
one and two years old, ear marks If
not claimed within SO days from date
they will be sold to defray expenses.
March 2 '07. 7-10
Straw Cutter, (Bell No. 40)
For Sale.
Good as new and up-to-date. We
will sell above at reduced price, as it ia
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Wells & Son. *>.
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The exclusive choice of those
most prominent on the world's
list of good dairymen, Sold
on the guarantee of unqualified superiority.
The De Lavai Separator Go.
14-16 Princess St., Winnipeg.
New York
San Francisco
Eggs wanted at Ashwell's,'* Adv. 8-9.
Dr. MacSween, Dentist, Irwin Block.
���Tinsmithing and Hardware at Ger-
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Delicous Malaga Grapes, 25c lb. at
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bull. Fresh Milch Cows ; also young
work horses. Apply to J. F. Sooter,
on the Kitchen-1
Egos  for   Setting-BuIT   Orpington
and Barred Rock eggs for sale,  from
Palm Brand Tea.-Try our40c. Blend.. first-class laying stock.   75c per setting
You can't match it at the price. Dis
count off 10 lb. lots. Grossman's Geo
Dr. W. J. Sipprell, Principal Columbian College will occupy the Methodist
pulpits here aud at Sardis a week from
Auction Sale. - At Minnehaha, Vedder Crossing, Saturday, March 23rd.
Household effects and stock of general
merchandise.���Adv. 9.
An open culvert at the corner of the
Chilliwack Central and Prest roads is a
menace to the safety of the travelling
public in that locality.
Mrs. Carvolth begs to announce
that she is showing new season's goods.
Millinery and Dressmaking establishment, Chilliwack, opposite drug
store. adv 8-tf
For McCormick's most delicious iced
wafers, Cambridge Wafers, Cheese
Wafers, Social Tea Biscuits all put up
in 1 lb. neat packages, go to Ashwell's,
-Adv. 8-9.
D. B. Hall's Prices-3 packages
Raisns25c, 3 packages Fry's Cocoa 25c.
Sweet French Prunes that need no
sugar, 6c. lb; 25 lb. box for $1.25.
Jap Rice, $2.25 for 50 lb. sack. Manitoba Rolled Oats, large sixe, 30c, B.
& K. Rolled Oats, 25c. D. B. Hall.
-Adv. 8-9.
An innocent looking mud hole on the
Chilliwack central road, opposite the
Ashwell Ranch, is reported by those
who have been unwary enough to try
its depth, to be fathomless. It would
be well for the Council to look into the
matter before  somebody  presents  a
of 13 unpacked. Packed for shipping
$1.00 per setting. Incubator lots from
Buff Orpingtons $4.50 per 100. J.
Arnould, Sardis P. O.���Adv. 8-13.
For Sale-A quantity of Mummy Peas,
also a good Milch cow. S. L. Hodges,
Cheam. MO.
Strayed-From our ranch, about
March 2, a two-year old red and white
heifer. Information resulting in ve-
covery will be rewarded. Raine &
Campbell, Chilliwack. 9-tf
For Sale���A pair of handsomely
matched driving horses, with harness,
buggy, etc.. complete. Apply to the
Fra-ser Advance, Chilliwack, B.C.   9-tf
For SALE-Business Site. Lots 45 and
52, opposite A. C. Henderson's residence and running from Wellington to
Alma Sts. Apply to F. J. Hart & Co.,
Cawley & Paisley, J. Howe Bent, or
Mrs, S. J. Turner, Cor 7th Ave. and
8th Sts., West, Calgary, Alberta. -8-9.
For  Sale-Two milch
Coatham, Sardis, B. C-
J.  A.
Just Opened.-General Chinese Store.
All kinds general Chinese groceries kept
in stock.   Wo Sang. 9-10
For Sale. -60 acres of land J mile
from school, church and post office with
dally mail, 3} miles from town on a
good road. 15 acres fall wheat, the remainder in grass or ready for croup.
Barn 30 x 60. No house. $50 an acre
on easy terms. A bargain; first feme, 1
first served. Inquire of W. T. Jack- '
man. 9-12.
For Sale.-Barred Rock Eggs, also
Duck Eggs, 50c. setting. Broody hens
one dollar. A. P. Cummins, Elk Creek
Bridge. 9.
For Sale.���Six yearling heifers, one
yearling bull, (Shorthorn grade,) also
2 steers, 2 years old. A. P. Cummins,
Elk Creek Bridge. 9.
French.���Should a sufficient number
be desirous a class in Junior French
will be formed for girls between the
ages of 10 and 16 years. Address, Box
1, Chilliwack P.O. 9
For Sale A modern home in New
Westminster, located in centre of best
residential section of the city. The
house is practically new, has all modem
conveniences and has just been handsomely papered throughout. Two large
lots in connection, assessed at $600
each. Price and terms on application.
Apply to The Eraser Advance, Chilliwack, B.C. 9-tf
^nazasn. | claim for damages.
Judge Bole is a guest at the Harrison
Mis'. Orr is making encouring a ,v
gress at the Vancouver General lioj-
C. C. Fisher, government agent of
the district, paid Chilliwack a short
visit this week.
J. W. Little, of Vancouver, representing Simoii Liser of Victoria, was in
town yesterday.
Wm. Smith made a short trip to
Westminster to see Mrs. Smith at the
Royal Columbian Hospital. Mrs. Smith
is improving.
A painful accident occurred a few
days ago at the home of Manager G.
D. Brymner of the Bank of Montreal.
An Important Case.
At County Court yesterday, a
very interesting case Came on
before the IIoii.W. Norman Dole
for hearing, As the matter in- \
volved serious questions of the
respective jurisdictions of the
Dominion Government and the
Provincial Government with respect to crown grunts of land, we
will give a full report next week,
since the case terminated too
late to be reported in full in this
Jas. Milne, Gen. Supt. of the B. C.
E. Ry. Co., arrived in town on Thursday along with four gentlemen, G. E.
Gilroy and P. E. Hart, of Toronto;
J. E. Miller,  of Pittsburg and A. P.
Westminster.   Miss Brymner was sit- Jenks of Chicago,  who  have been em'
-at the-
Small & Bucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
Auction Sale. ���Of Live Stock of
Famous Pure Bred Shorthorns of Mr.
ruinous rure nreu oiiorinonis   oi   ivir.   .  _ ,. ..-.���,_   i���j..�����    u  ...   ������j
J, Sampson, which consists of his best ��*L����S.?*I*?* gj
milking strain which are known all
through Canada. Also about 40 head
of graded Oxford Down Ewes and
Clydesdale horses. The sale will be held
on or about April 17th. Look out for
posters.���Adv. 9.-10.
The Agricultural Society has consented to remove their buildings back
so that the Council may widen Mary
Street to the regulation width of 66
feet. This will make a much needed
improvement when done.
ting near an open fire, when a celluloid
side comb in her hair took fire,  burn-
Miss Brymner is confined to the
in consequence.
J. H. Bowes, the well known barrister of Westminster, has become a citizen of our flourishing town and is
associated in business with J.
Pelly, one of our local disciples of
Blackstone and clerk of the Municipal-
Mr. Bowes will have charge of
Pelly's business during the tatter's
absence on his proposed trip to England, on which he will start about a
month hence. The Advance offers a
shake of welcome.
ployed especially bv his Company to go
over the proposed route of the tramline to Westminster, preparatory to reporting thereon to the London directors. The part^,
F. R. Glover and drove in"
noon to Abbotsford. They will spend
several days on the route.
The party was met yesterday by
the  after-
A Sweeping Sale of CARRIAGES and GO CARTS
For the next 30 days I am going to give the Best Value in the above line
ever offered in Chilliwack���a few of the Bargains offered :
A beautiful carriage, plush upholstered, rubber tires, parasol, complete, usual $24 for $20
A dandy carriage, usual $20, for $17
A nice line, usual $16, for    $12
Go Carts from $10 to ;$3
Now is the time to buy.   Don't let this opportunity go by.    Remember that I carry a nice line
of goods for upholstering Couches,  Easy Chairs, etc.    Window Shades, all sizes and colors.
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
Residence over Store.
deport of Observations at the Chilliwack Meteorological Station.
The record for  week ending Mar.
Friday     58 0 82.6
Matutdnv .���    57 5 40.0
Hnmliiv        42.1 82,0
Monday        47.0 82.0
Tuesday     48 6 20.0
Wc.'.ucsdav     44.1 88.0
Tliui-Hhy     48.1 85.0
Pieei|>ilarioii lor Ivnelt l.OO  in.
M. Jukes, Observer
Just received, the largest consignment
of Iron Beds, Mattresses, Pictures,
Mirrors and Mouldings ever imported
into this beautiful valley, and manufactured in out* own country. The Iron
Bed is one of the best in America.
Your choice from 6 large cases of Pictures and Frames; 1 large case of
Moulding; 2 cases of Mirrors. Children's
Carriages too numerous to mention.
Please remember we guarantee good '
value every month  .
~������---- -


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