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The Fraser Advance Feb 16, 1907

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?.       FEfi 211907    ^ jj
J? Jmimm/ of Optimism *nd delpfulntss, Esptcitlly Dtvottd U the Jntmstt pf the Tnur U*lhy.
The Frn����r Advance:  Vol. I, No. JV
Chllllwnok Provreaa:   Vol. XV. No. 4(1
The Hague Conference will
likely assemble on June 15th an!
remain in session about two
The branch of the Bank of Toronto in Rossland has been closed,
after having been in operation
for about four years.
E. H. Heaps & Co., of Vancouver will re-place their mill recently burned at Cedar Cove by a
larger and better one at an early
Mr. James Bryce, the new
Ambassador of Great Britain to
jhe United States left Liverpool
for New York on the 13th instant
accompanied by his wife.
The Provincial Legislature of
Manitoba was dissolved by the
Lieut-Governor on the 13th, inst,
and rumour has it that March 9th,
has been selected as the date for
the election.
The First Baptist Church, of
Vancouver, will commence at
once the erection of a $44,000
church of pressed brick and
stone, on the corner of Burrard
and Nelson Streets.
At the recent annual meeting
of the Royal Bank of Canada at
Halifax the capital of the Bank
was increased from four to ten
millions. The annual report
���showed ^ ver,y prosperous year.
Rev. Geo. M. Campbell, of the
Queen Square Methodist Church,
St. John, N. B., will retire from
the active work of the pastorate
in the early spring to accept the
Secretaryship of the British and
Foreign Bible Society of the
Eastern Provinces of Newfoundland.
The Imperial Parliament was
opened on Wednesday by King
Edward in person, accompanied
by Queen Alexandria, with all
the traditional pomp and pageantry of the middle ages. The chief
items of legislation foreshadowed
in the speech from the throne,
are bills to restrict the powers of
the House of Lords, and something in the direction of Home
Rule for Ireland.
The famine in Russia is daily
growing more acute, and will
likely soon have reached such
proportions as to put a complete
stop to the exportation of wheat
from that country for some time
to come. In 1906 the production
of wheat, oats, rye and barley,
combined in Russia, was 462,000,-
000 bushels less than that of
1905, and 662,000,000 less than
that of 1904. The result of such
conditions is likely to be greatly
to the advantage of the grain
growing districts of this continent.
On Monday night last the three
masted schooner Harry Knowl-
ton collided with the steamer
Larchmont in Block Island
Sound, Rhode Island. The
schooner sank almost immediately with about 150 passengers
and a crew of forty men. The
wind was blowing a gale and the
thermometer below zero. Only
nine passengers including two
wdmen and ten of the officers and
crew survived the catastrophe.
The discipline and conduct of the
officers and men of the Larchmont seems to have been beyond
A Valley Scene. Lcokmg South towards Sardls.
MENT.     ,s
The Foresters monthly social
and entertainment was given in
their Hall in the Odd Fellows'
Building on Monday evening,
when, notwithstanding the bad
condition of the country roads, a
large number of the members of
that growing Order, and their
invited guests, were present.
Immediately after arrival, these
assembled in small groups at
tables scattered conveniently
throughout the Hall, and engaged
in social games with cards, or indulged in such other pastimes, or
social intercourse, as taste or inclination suggested. While this
was in progress instrumental
music was furnished by members
of the company, and the sweet
melodies gave zest to the enjoyment of the pleasure-loving assembly.
Mr. A. D. McEachern was requested to address the audience,
and responded by delivering an
interesting and forceful narrative
of the introduction of the Order
into the Dominion of Canada-
its phenominal growth from a
handful of members with meagre
resources, to a present membership of 250,000 with $10,500,000
in the treasury. The various
benefits to be derived from membership were set forth in order,
and emphasis was laid upon the
fact that said benefits were not
restricted to payments to be made
after death, but that through the
several benificent departments in
operation there were benefits to
be enjoyed in life by the membership���benefits extending from
the earliest stages of life up to
the period of old age with its infirmities. Mr. McEachern was
listened to with earnest attention
by his large audience, and at the
close of his address was heartily
This was followed by a short
but excellent programme, consisting of recitations, vocal and in-
strumsntal music, etc., as follows:���
A solo by Mrs. Glennie was a
faithful rendering of a southern
plantation refrain, in which the
characteristics of the darkey
songster were admirably reproduced.
A solo by Mr. Sydney Raby,
consisting of a character song,
was rendered with that gentleman's inimitable talent ��� convulsed the audience with laughter, and received a vociferous encore. The song given in response was even more humorous,
and stirred the risibilities of the
most stoical.
A* recitation by Mr. Forsyth
followed, the subject of which
carried one .back to the.scenes of
internecine "���strife between- the
British warriors and the patriotic
Scottish chief8 'during the dark
days of the Middle Ages. Mr.
Forsyth's rendering of this piece
was such as to disarm the most
critical, and the varying moods
involved, ranging from pathetic
dejection to ale flash of
" That stern toy which warriors feel
In foemen worthy of their'steel,"
were vividly set forth.
By general request, Mr. Raby
sang the character song "Following in Father. Footsteps"���ai
song with whiai ';e had oh other!
occasions dclightecr Chilliwack
audiences, and - which on Monday
night was greeted with an irresistible encore. Anothercharac-.
ter song was rendered with like
result, followed by yet another,
the encore to which could not be
complied with. It would be impossible to speak too highly of
the talent possessed by Mr. Raby
for that kind of song���a talent
which, if it could be brought into
use in the large centres of civilization, would result in yet fuller
development, and ensure him a
prosperous and popular career.
A performance of instrumental
music by Mrs. R. Bamford, was
given in faultless style and elicited applause. The programme
was brought to an end by a trombone duet, "Larboard Watch
Ahoy," the excellent rendering
of which by Mr. A. C. Hall and
Mr. Jack Henderson elicited admiration, as the difficulty of giving a faithful interpretation of
the famous piece of music with
such instruments was realized.
A hearty encore was given, and
was responded to by rendering a
duet of a totally different class
of music, with equally excellent
At the end of the programme
light refreshments were served
and were heartily partaken of by
the large assembly. After the
hall had been cleared of all obstructing furnishings, the members of the Order gathered in
the centre in a circle, and with
hands linked in fraternal grasp
sang the national anthem, in
which all present united with
hearty good will.
The orchestra then filled the
spacious hall with melody, partners were chosen, and the rest of
the evening was given up to the
exhilerating fascinations of the
dance, until the "wee, small
hours" arrived and admonished
the happy throng that it was time
to disperse. The whole entertainment was a source of unalloyed pleasure to all who were
fortunate enough to be present,
and the geniality which pervaded
the atmosphere throughout the
evening, together with the fraternal spirit with which all were
greeted, will malce it an event
that will be long remembered,
and will contribute not a little to
publish to the world the beneficent fraternal work in which the
Foresters Order is engaged.
Rev. M J. Robertson Retracts Statements and Ao-aogizes to
Mr S. A. Cawley.
I've been down to the city, an' I've seed
the 'lectric HghtH,
'Die twenty story  Imildiii's, an'-the
other stunnin' sights.
I've seen the  trolley  cars  a   rushin'
madly down the street.
An'all thoplaceftlookin'likca fairyland complete;
But IM lather see the big trees that's
a-grow.in' up to home.
An' watch the stars a twinklin' in I': \<
li'iio an' lofty dome;
An' I'd rather hour the wind that goes
a singin' pist the door.
Than the tramcof the city, with its
bustle an its loir.
I reckon I in peculiar, an' my tastes is
ki'-d o' low;
Bn', what's the use o' denyin' things
that certain y is so?
I went up in a concert an' I heard the
music there;
It soni'ded just like angels'-"harps a
floatin' thro' the air.
Yet. spite of all its ilory, an' the gUil
ncss an' acclaim,
If 1 stopped to think a minute, I was
homesick just the same;
An' I couldn't help confessin". though
it seems a curious thing.
That I'd rather hear a robin sweetly
pipin' in the spring.
Chilliwack, B. C, Feb. 8th, '07.
S. A. Cawley, Esq.,
Dear Sir:���I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of
Feb. 6th in which you refer to
remarks made by me in a sermon preached on the evening of
Jan. 27th, which seemed to imply
that a certain man had had whiskey supplied him in the office of
the firm of which you are senior
partner, with the purpose of influencing his vote in the approaching election.
Since I have made further enquiries into the matter I am assured that the said individual
not only did not receive the liquor
on your premises but that he did
not get it from anyone acting as
your agent during the campaign.
I regret exceedingly tnat
through any words spoken by
me any imputation has rested
upon you and I hereby exonerate
you so far as I am able from any
connection with the unfortunate
incident and authorize you to
make any use of this letter you
may see fit.
Yours sincerely,
H. J. Robertson.
Ayres-On Feb. 5th, 1907, at
Chilliwack, B. C, to the wife of
Mr. Harry Ayres, a daughter.
Marriott-On Feb. 5th, 1907,
at 12:00 P. M., at Vancouver, B.
C, to the wife of Mr. E. Marriott,
a son.   All are well.
Turner ��� On Tuesday, Feb.
12th, 1907, at Chilliwack, B. C,
to the wife of J. W. Turner, a
Whitley-On Feb. 9th, 1907'
at Victoria, B. C, to the wife of
Thos. R. Whitley, a daughter.
Thornton-On Feb. 2nd, 1907,
at Promontory Flats, to the wife
of Mr. Ed. Thornton, a daughter.
Reece-On Jan. 31st, 1907, at
Chilliwack, B. C, to the wife of
Mr. Ed. Reece, a son.
Menten-On Jan. 31st, 1907, at
Chilliwack, B. C, to the wife of
Capt. R. Menten, a daughter.
Rough treatment invariably
makes a mean dispositioned horse.
Hahuison House. ��� II. E.
Sorley, New Westminster; J. E.
Menzies, MirinedoSa; H. t.
Cooper. Vancouver; W. (}. l.illie,
Vancouver; J. Hand Morgan.
New Westminster; Theodore
Morgan, New West minster: T. M.
Travis, Snrdis: Mr. and Mrs.
Suart, Mrs. W. ���'. Lander. J.
Burtt Morgan, Miujguerite Morgan. New 'Westminster: M. I).
Morrison. Victoria: ���Vr'.k^.si*-
law. Vancouver: Allen Grant,
Harrison Mills: C. A. Jackson.
Harrison Mills: F. J. Hart. New
Westminster: I). E. Muiin. New
Westminster; U. W. Acton. Vancouver; Mrs. Hood. Vancouver.
Dominion Hotel. ��� Alex. Cars-
well, Brandon: R. Brett. Elk
Creek: Joseph Tube. Calgary,
Alta.: Clias. de Bruyn, Vancouver; Alex Mrinro and wife. Vancouver; J. F. Cariin, Mount
Vernon, Wash.; Ed, Cariin. Mount
Vernon, Wash.
Commercial Hotel. ��� W. R.
Anderson, Vancouver: C. W.tJill,
Vancouver: .1. A. McLeod.
Vancouver: Fred McLeod. Vancouver: John O. Russell. Vancouver; James Simpson. Brandon: Alex. McMillan. Vancouver;
Dr. Tanner. Blaine. Wash.: II. F.
(J recast reet. Chilliwack: Charles
Bloomfleld, Vancouver: S. A.
Parsons. A. M. Parsons. Town:
.1. M. Conneley, Mission: H. F.
Millbank. John W. McLeod. Vancouver: John Cariin, Ed. Cariin.
Mt. Vernon: VV, R. Anderson, F.
McLeod, C. W.(Jill, J. A. McLeod,
B. C. Telephone party from Vancouver.
I beg to thank the many electors of the District of Chilliwack,
who supported me during the
late campaign. Although we
cannot congratulate ourselves on
having won the seat for the Conservative Party, yet it is pleasing
to note that we have been able to
reduce the majority of tb��.
strongest Liberal that could ha
put in the field by fifty votes.
On the other hand we congratulate ourselves on the general results throughout the whole
province, as they clearly show
that the electors of the province
generally stands for good, clean
government. .
Faithfully yours, .
Agency for
the Genuine
Slater Shoe.
For the best assortment of excellence in all the
leading good makers of Boots & Shoes, for
everybody go to
where you can have a choice of the highest quality goods at the fairest prices. Every line in
stock is a money saver to you. I keep and sell
the best lines of staple goods which are to be
had. My stock of Mens', Womens', Boys' and
Missesfine goods are representative of the leading makers at right prices.
M. P. Empey
Henderson's Undertaking Depmt.
Larue uuil complete lino of Uudeitnkini/ lequisiles, Ciifketc, Cuffins,
Trimmings,'Biujiil Hobon,   Also FiltST-CLASS HEARSE.
 ��� 44���� ��
Tuneral Director, Embalmer and Pro'
fesshnal Undertaker,
after twenty five years experience in prn.c icnl Undertaking business    [
in Cbilliwnrk, needs no iiitrmluclion,
Any owner of Farm Land desirous of disposing of same
quickly, to list with us.
We also have several clients wishing to exchange City
property for choice Farms.
W. <*. T. GAKAN
lOver new Royal Bank Building)
Vancouver Agency
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial AgC'ts
Westminster Ave., VANCOUVER, II. O.
���k- If you wish to purchase  property of
Iff any description in the Valley ot
W the lower Fraser "River
��� v' (Ume U monoj)
n\ by vailing on
Jfil Opposite the Post Office
�� Chiliwack.
B. C. $
Lite and Death.
(By Lucy A. Walker.)
There are some subjects which
seem always to be avoided in
general conversation, and thereby acquire a significance wholly
unproportionate to their real importance : death is one of these.
We all know what life is, or think
we do, but death is to most people only the cessation of life.
An old adage declares that there
are'only two absolutely certain
facts���death and taxes. Well, if
that is so, I am sure we calk enough about taxes, and discuss
them pro and con, but avoid the
subject of deajft, or talk only
against it, never even trying to
say anything for it-
It is time we should look death
in the face and see what he really is. Solomon says, "There is
one event unto all"(Eccl. 9:3),
but he also says in the same
verse, "This is an evil among all
that are done''under the sun."
If it is an evil, why continue it ?
We have always accepted it as
inevitable, and no fault of
ours, yet have tried to put it off
as long as possible, and have finally succumbed with the assurance that it was "God's will."
Well, if it was God's will, why
did we fight against it so long and
call it evil, and an enemy ? Even
Paul calls it an enemy, and says,
"The last enemy that shall be
destroyed is death." How shall
we destroy it ? Certainly not by
yielding to it. Because death
has always been considered as
an enemy, we have feared it, and,
fearing it, we have never tried
to conquer or, destroy it. But
how ? The way we teach a
horse not to fear a thing is to
drive him up and let him look at
it; let us do the*fcame with ourselves. Jeans said, "Love your
enemies." 'Have we ever tried
to love death���the greatest of
them all ? Then we have not
fulfilled his commands. The first
step toward loving a person or
thing is to become acquainted
with it. Let us acquaint ourselves with death and fear it no
Not long ago an article appeared in a Sunday paper entitled,
"It is a crime to die," and Paul
says, ' 'The wages of sin is death;
but the gift of God is eternal
life through Jesus Christ our
Lord.'' (Rom. 9:23.) "Through
Jesus Christ our Lord," not
through or by his death, for he
is the holy one and shall not be
permitted to see corruption. If
death is the result of sin���a falling short of the mark���let us
"press toward the mark for the
prize of the high calling of God
in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 3:14), and
abandon the way of ignorance,
and set our feet "in the way of
righteousness," which is "life,
and in the pathway thereof there
is no death." (Prov. 12:28.)
What did Jesus mean when he
said, "There be some standing
here, which shall not taste of
death, till they see the son of
man coming in his kingdom"?
(Matt. 16:28.) Jesus also said,
"if a man keep my saying he
shall never see death." Neither
of these meant that their bodies
would not pass away, but that,
before that time came to them,
they should understand and know
what death was, and pass through
it as through an open door into
life and liberty; that they should,
by knowing it, be able to overcome it and not be overcome by
it. We can do the same. We
have feared, dreaded and avoided
it because it separated us from
our friends that we loved; we
have called it cruel even when it
has done what none of our friends
could do���ended suffering and
given rest. Let us examine this
so-called enemy of mankind.
Draw a circle and call it eternity;
make two marks in the circumference and call the enclosed see*
tion life, or that part of eternity
which we know as such, and
which is divided from the whole
only by the two points or events
known as birth and death; now
how does this arc differ from the
rest of the circumference ? In
no way at all except in being
bound or limited by the marks
we have set, and when we have
removed our limitations, set by
our ignorance, we continue on in
one unbroken consciousness of
life eternal.
But what is the death of the
body which we so greatly fear ?
Is it, even it, anything so very
dreadful? No it is simply life
unorganized. What does that
mean ? Well, take for example
a community of people. Each
and every one is an individual,
filled with life, love, hope, desires and ambitions; but as one
alone cannot accomplish much,
they are banded together under
a head or leader, and as he directs so they all do, because it is
for the good of all and each;
then let the head be taken away,
and though they remain together
for a time, they will eventually
disband and each one seek the
environment best suited to him
or his requirements. So it is
with the body; it is an aggregation of atoms, each of which has
life or is life, but organized with
one body that they may express
something higher than any alone
could do. The head of this aggregation is the soul, and when the
soul has used the different atoms
to the extent of their usefulness
to it, or to the extent of its knowledge, it lets go of them, and
each one goes to its own domain-
earth, air, fire or water.
At the World's Fair at Chicago,
in one of the exhibits was a collection of jars, ranging from
very large to very small, and the
whole collection was labelled,
"A man." Each jar containing
its proportion of elements belonging to an average sized human
body; but there was no jar labeled Soul, for no chemist or anatomist has yet been able to ideate it.
"The Lord God formed man of
the dust of the ground, and
breathed into his nostrils the
breath ofjlife; and man become
a living soul." (Gen. 2:7) And
this living soul, which came by
the breathing of the spirit, and
is now, and ever will be a living
soul, is both chemist and anatomist (one who knows how to use
atoms), and according to its
knowledge, or ability to use its
knowledge, will the resulting
body be. Then what should the
death of the body be. Simply an immediate returning of
its atoms to their several native
conditions, and such will it be
when each soul has learned to
use matter, which is only one
form of Spirit, in the right way;
when each has learned to walk
in the way of right-use-ness.
But'this will never be till we begin to study death instead of
avoiding it, nor even by saying,
"There is no death," until we
understand what that means.
As a power in opposition to Life
there is no death, but as a casting off of that for which we have
no further use, yes. Every day
of our lives we do that, and Paul
says, "I die daily;" but let us
learn to live daily by taking in
the place of those discarded atoms only those that shall be of
use to us, and not just any old
thing that may happen along.
A plant selects from the earth
and air sue1! elements as it needs:
one plant takes one thing and
another takes something else,
or different quantities of the
same thing; surely the soul
should be able to excel a plant in
growth or exceed it in knowledge.
If the soul believes in matter
as matter, it will build accordingly , but it will not be able to
perpetuate the body it builds,
because the body needs some
thing more���it needs Spirit,
which is Life, and the soul needs
knowledge, which it gains by
experience. That is what we,
as souls and bodies, are here for,
and it will help us greatly to affirm constantly, and believe with
nil our hearts and iiiIiiiIn that
"There is but one Power ami one
Presence in tin* universe���the
good omnipotent, and Spirit it*
the only substance���infinite, etei'. \ \
mil, unchangeable."
Well, when we have all learned,
iih some of us have, what death
is, ami that the soul remains the
same, or as like a child learning
from failure how to succeed, and
that, the separation of bodies
need not lie separation of souls,
we shall have made great progress, anil will be able to say with
Paul, "<) death, where is thy
sting? 0 grave, where is thy
victory?" The sting of death is
sin," ignorance, wrong ideals;
when we have discarded those
and also the law (mati-madft),
which is "the strength of sin,"
or ignorance, then we shall be
"transformed by the renewing,
of our minds, and able to
finish with Paul's exultant
assertion, "But thanks be to
God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus
The Thaw Re-Hash.
We cannot see that any possible good purpose can be served
by the publication in Canadian
papers of whole pages of matter
dealing with the notorious Thaw
trial now going on. All the disgusting details were given us before, with illustrations from every possible point of interest, but
now it would seem that the whole
programme was to be gone over
again. There may have been
some justification for the telling
of the story in the first place, but
surejy none.whiitevev f6r this re-��
hash. CunndituM-uuty boj 'and
are, interested in this case to the
extent that they would like to
know what the result of the trial
is, but they surely do not care
for all this warmed-over sensational trash. The notoriety
gained by those connected with
crimes of this nature serves only
the cause of crime itself, and lias
an absolutely demoralizing effect,
as has been often proven. We
are careful to keep off our billboards pictures that might possibly incite to wrong-doing, but.
newspaper report and enlargement upon such crimes as this
are far more suggestive and provocative of evil.���The Christian
" Ever try an uutoinile, J udgeV"
said a friend. "No," replied the
Judge, but I've tried a lot of people who have."���Yonkers Sta tes-
Rev. U. K Sullnian, 1'aator.
Servian every 8unday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 piu. Sunday School at 3:00 p.m.
Kpwnrlh League every Monday at 8 p.
in, Prayer Meeting every Thursday
at 8 p m,
CARMAN CHURCH-Uivine service
every Sunday at 3:30 p.m.
Rev. H. J. Robertson, B.A.. Pastor
Services Suudriy at 11 a.m. and 7:80 p.m
Sunday School la the afternoon at 3:80
Prayer Meeting every Thursday even
lng at 8 o'clock. Ladles' Aid every
second Thursday at 8 p.m. Girls' Mis
���ion Band every second Friday at 4 p.m
Sunday services at 11 a.m. and7:80 p.m.
Sunday School in the afternoon at 2:30.
Young People's Prayer Meeting every
Monday at 8 p in. Prayer Meeting on
Thursday evening at 7:80 o'clock.
 : lj
st. thomas' church
Rev. Mark Jukes, Vicar.
Sunday services���Morning: prayer and
sermon 1,1 a.m.; EveDing.song and sermon at 7 p.m. Sunday school at 9:45
a.m. Huly ���011111)110100���8 a. in. 3rd
Sunday in rno month. 11 a.m. 1st Sunday in the month. *v
Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.
'Mason & Risen" Pianos
Thomas" Organs
"Weber" Pianos
Easy Terns
Note the new nddreaa:
659 Granviffe St., Vancouver
An Innocmt Criminal
Frederick of Prussia had
great mania for enlisting gigan
 ~    ill
No. 21,762. I can say very seriously and sincerely that she was
a faithful wife and an accomplished mother. So that matters
may proceed more rapidly, I send
you herewith an official certificate
of her death.    Her illness has
tic soldiers into the Royal Guards,
^BSSSfBtFSUm be^verVshorf. nevertheless she
belong* to the
Real Estate Firm
Cawley & Paisley,
sergeant chanced toespyaHib"
erman who was at least seven
feet high; he accosted him in
English and proposed that he
should enlist. The idea of military life and a .large bounty so
delighted Pat that ne immediately consented.
"But unless you can speak
German the King will not give
you so much."'
"Oh, be japers," said the
Irishman, "sure I don't know a
word of German."
suffered very much, which ren
dered my sorrow the more
intense. I trust that you will
help me in consoling myself by
sending me very promptly the
aforesaid amount, especially after
having received my formal promise���and I make it to you this
very moment- that when the
time comes I shall insure my
second wife for $6,000, double
the amount of insurance of the
defunct. My sorrow is immense;
however, the prospects that you
will hasten to satisfy me, sustains me in this terrible trial. In
But, "said the sergeant, "you jr��r ���- t ���:������.- v~iV��� "��� ���"""
can learn in a short time    The the ���>ve that I shall soon receive
can learn in a Mortjjme,^ inj.^ ^^ inmnA< l ftnd my
I King knows every man in
! Guards. As soon as he sees .
he will ride up and ask you how
old you are; you will say Twenty
sevenV in German; next, how
long have you been in the service;
you must reply, "Three weeks';
finally, as to whether you are
provided with food and clothes ;
you answer, 'Both,
K. C, Mkntkn. Captain.
J. H. Harrison, Purser.
Leaves new landing every
morning at 7:00 r. hi. mid (1:80 p; in:
for Harrison Stntion, c nnecling villi
all 0. P. R. trains enst and west, arriving at Chilliwack nt 10:45 n.iii. u:ni
8:00 p.m , where 'bus iii'ds all Louis
For further information -is in >>hh-
seuger and freight rites, apply in the
purser on board.
m D. lMacbern,
Contractor and
Plans and Estimates furnished
on application.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwack, B. C
electric Railway ���o. Cd.
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouv
er at 0 a.m. and hourly thereafter until
9 p.m.'.Saturdays and Sundays at lOp.tn
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster
at 7 a.m. and hourly thereafter until 10
p.m.; -Saturdays and Sundays at 11 p.m.
We run liml-dnss f relgbtoara between
Westminster and Vancouver, and all
shipments are handled with the utmost
care and delivered to consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipments.
Our wagons meetalt boats and trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
D. A. 8HILE8,      F. R. ttl.OVER,
Trallio Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Intention la probably natantaMs. Commonlca.
Uoniatrlctl/conSdaiitlal. Handbook on Patrata
tent frae. OMeat agmor for Mcurini^DHMMi.
Patcnta taken
Tnaoc Mark*
Anyone undine a rt��tc�� uid dMcrlptlon out
mloklT aiceruln onr oplnton^fraawnatbar at
nor f
��__ ���   _ uiiib
.jwdol imMm, without Oban*. In tha
Scientific American.
A h��ndl6me]y IIUMtratad wwilr. I*����it otr.
anlatlon or any identlOo Journal. Tamil, |l ���
war: f onr montha, ��L So*) by ail newadoalarn.
Lots 42 and 52.   Block II,  running
from Alma to Wellington sts.   Apply
Cor. 7th Ave. and 9th sts., West,
Calgary, Alberta.
To the premises of the undersigned
about 14th January, two yearlings���one
heifer, brindle and white, and one steer,
roan. Owner will please pay expenses
and take them away. If not claimed
within 30 days from date they will be
January 2Srd, 1907.,.
43-46 ' McGuire Road.
A Reward of $25
Will be paid to anyone giving informa-
, tion leading to the conviction of any'
, body shooting game contrary to law.
President Chilliwack Game Protection
144-47 Sardis, B. C.
" ��� children pray you to
$S sincere gratitude,"
accept our
When Bishop Berry, of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, was
a young preacher, he once gave
a lecture in a rural community.
Wishing to be witty, heannounc-
>u answer   nuui ed to his audience that he was a
Pat soon'learned his German berry, and called upon them to
state what kind of a berry.
Nearly every berry known in the
vicinity was guessed, and the
speaker refused to share the
qualities of any of those- named.
At last an old lady, whp was not
sympathetic with the seeming-
levity of the lecturer, arose and
exclaimed in a squeaky voice:,
"I know what kind of a berry
you are. You are a gooseberry,
and a very green one at that.
Go on with your lecture." And
the lecturer aid-quickly.���Christian Work.
answers but never dreamed of
getting familiar with the questions. In three weeks he appeared before the King in review.
His Majesty -rode up to him.
Paddy stepped forward with
"present arms;"
"How old are you ?" said the
"Three weeks," said the Irishman.
'"How long have you been in
the service ?" asked His Majesty.
'Twenty-seven years.
or are you
Am I a fool
roared the King.
"Both," replied Patrick, who
was immediately taken to the
guard-room, but pardoned by
the King when the latter understood the facts of the case. ���The
Ladies Home Journal.
The scorcher who thinks of
nothing but his bicycle caught a
cold, which left him with a very
sore throat. He decided to see a
physician. "Well," said the
doctor, cheerily, "what seems to
  be the matter?"   "I can't say
An Insurance Story. ?xactly'u- Was  ft? J$**in 3
, heavy whisper;    but it feels and
An exchange says that a cer- S0Unds as if I had a puncture in
tain insurance company recently my   jnner tube."-New   York
received the following letter: World.
"Dear Sir: It is with deep sor- "     <  .
row that I take the pen to inform Don't think that because your
you that my dear wife, Annie stable is warm it is also healthy.
Marie, nee Linker, insured with You must not fail to provide good
you���you will find the number in ventilation.
your index���for the sum of $3,000,
has died suddenly, leaving me in
this world in the bitterest despair.
This painful blow befell me this
very day at seven o'clock in the
morning. Will you not try to get
me the amount insured as quickly
as possible?    The policy bears
This is the
ready season,
date you will
farmer's getting-
If you are up-to-
'get busy" right
Young and growing animals
require a food which will make
bone and muscle rather than fat.
Sash and Door Factory.
Window and Door Jambs
MouFdineys, Casings, Picket Fencing
Sash and Doors to order
STREET BROS. Chilliwack. B.C.
Bake-Day Joys
or Terrors.
Some women look forward to Bread Baking' with trepidation niul the results are just about what they anticipated.
Others use
Moflet's 'Best' Flour
and look forward to Bread making with joy and enthusiasm,
certain of the results.
This celebrated family Flour possesses the greatest possible bread making virtue, being milled from the choicest of
the wheat only.
TJhe Columbia Ffounng Miffs Co., Lfd,
Enderbg, B. 6.
The Economy ol Sheep-
One of the greatest advantages
of a flock of sheep on a farm is
the economical way in which
they can be carried. It has been
established that it costs about a
cent a pound less to produce mutton or lamb than it does to produce either beef or pork, and
that is largely brought about in
the reduction in the labor, and
you can easily see that there is a
great advantage to any man who
has the inclination to start breeding a flock of sheep.
It is not necessary to have an
expensive outfit in order to start
in the sheep business; very inferior protection from the weather is all that is required. In fact,
except for a very short time in
the year, I believe that sheep
will do better for the owner if
they are not protected from the
weather at all. I believe the
greatest success Can be had m
sheep raising if they are left entirely out in the air, and I have
proven this to my satisfaction,
even in the fitting of sheen for
show purposes. I never bring
my sheep in from the time there
is grass enough for them to go
out in the fields in the spring until they are brought in to take to
the exhibitions. They are never
housed night or day, and I find I
can succeed-better in that way
than I can by bringing them in
and housing them. I Know that
a great many exhibitors still think
.iCnecessary.to house them ; but
I also know that'I can feed them
more economically and to better
advantage, and have more
healthy and vigorous sheep than
when I house them, and one of
the advantages of sheep raising
is the small expenditure that is
necessary to provide the building
to take care of the sheep.
Then the number of different,
kinds of forage that a sheep will
devour and thrive on is another
advantage, and it is a very considerable one. I have heard a
great many farmers say that one
of their objections to sheep was
that they were very hard on pasture. My experience is that you
can carry more sheep, more
pounds of sheep to the acre, by
25 to 30 per cent, than you can
of any other class of stock; that
is when they are living on the
pasture alone. Lots of farmers
will have all the cattle and horses
on the pasture that the pasture
is able to carry, and then they
will put on a flock of 25 to 30
ewes and lambs, and, of course,
these sheep are going to eat
closely. Sheep naturally do bite
close, and the cattle will have the
pasture in such a condition that
the sheep are compelled to bite
close, and then, of course, you
will have a short pasture. But
if you will take twenty acres,
and put cattle on ten acres of it
and stock the other ten acres with
sheep, and stock both fields up
to their full limit, you will find
that you can carry from 25 to 30
per cent, more live weight of
[sheep than of cattle. T have
proven that several times, and I
think any sheep man, who has
tried it, will bear me out.���A. W.
Smith, in Nor'-West Farmer.
Wheat bran is not only a food
rich in bone and muscle-forming
material, but it tends to insure
the proper movement of the bowels, and more or less can be used
to advantage all through the
A plentiful supply of dry bedding not only makes it more comfortable for the animal to lie
down, but adds to its warmth
and in every sense increases its
Every farm on the Fraser is a
mine richer than those of the
Kootenays or the Klondike. Are
you working yours to its full
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially devoted to the inter;
ests of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday morning :���'.
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
Single copies
11,00 per year
fie. each
This paper will he sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nnr will it bo continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Advertising rates on application    '
" All matter intended for public lion,
ad well'818 all business communication?,
shouU be addressed to the Editor and'
Proprietor, P. 0, Box 296, Chilliwack,
B. O.
or by invitation or challenge to
lace us, nnd eveii'nbw with char,
ucterirttir; evasiveness would shirk
theisHiHy   Wo admit that it is
mil tin luost glorious., thing in
I  i' w.i, j I to shoot ii coward us
III' IM.IS. Illlt H(Mtli'tillll'S it lms to
be done in the public interest.
If, therefore, Mr, Miiiiro presents
the uii-Spai'hin-lIke spectacle^
being wounded in the back Instead of in the breast, we rim
scarcely iii justice be Warned,
Mitmy personal.
; I 'BIlatT MORGAN; -. fcditpr aafTProprit^r.
The solicitude lYinnifested by
certain of the opposition papers
for.PremlerMcBrideinhis fancied
troubles in determining the personnel of his cabinet is ludicrous
in the extreme. In the fevered
Imaginations of the editors of
these journals, "poor Dick" is
well nigh distracted over the
problem of whom to select for
cabinet preferment from tlievnst
urmyof importunate claimants
who hourly besiege his office.
The initial error of these "scribes
pharisees and hypocrites" is in
supposing that Mr. McBride's
supporters in the recent campaign' were like themselves in.tlie
fight for the purpose of personal
emolument. But granting this
premise for arguments sake, the
troubled souls need have no fear
for the Premier's ability to settle
a few greedy and recalcitrant
hangers-on, even if he had them,
The man who two years age settled General Manager Morse and
sent him back to the east empty-
handed, muttering maledictions
against the Premier, his ministers and the province in general,
who settled the smooth-tongued
Sir Wilfrid and his marshalled
myrmidons in the fight tor-better
terms, who settled the "Ottawa
Machine" interference With the
affairs of British Columbia and.
who settled theopposition blather and the Mclnnes conspiracy
on the 2nd inst., is scarcely a fitting object of opposition solicitude just now. Oh, no! Don't
worry. "Dick" can take enre of
himself vet awhile.
If Mr, ('. \V. Munro persists in
taking Ml'. S. A. Cawley'swat in
the l^wlature when 'thtv-llouse
opens, we venture to predict for
hlin the nios't ���jiitevcsting anil
withal the hottesi session pf his
political carecv. Some of the
gentlemen who will sit on the tyl-
minstrat ion'benches ������are-knov^n
to be hard hitters, and it is more
than probable that they Will not
hesitate to train,their guns up-,
on one whose position is sii' vvjl-I
nenilile.   '
Those who have read Dioken's
Pickwick Papers will remember
that when Sam Weller was asked
by the judge in the Pickwick trial
if he saw the person who had just
interrupted the court, he pi zed
at the chandelier and Sagely replied "No, your honour." This
is about the attitude of some of
our good Liberal friends at the
present time in this constituency.
"There are none so blind as those
who will not see."
Ex-Judge Henderson made his
first appearance as a practicing
lawyer in the Vancouver Police
Court, on Tuesday last. He won
an assault case and secured the
imposition of a fine of $10 and
costs. Ii will take a good many
such victories to salve his
wounded pride in having failed
in the big assault of February
2nd upon the honour and resources of British Columbia.
C. W. Munro, M. L. A., was in
town on Tuesday.
Mr. W. L. Macken went down
to Vancouver on Thursday.
Mr. B. Bartlett and Mr. R.
Brett went to Vancouver on
LA Thornton and wife of Vivian,
S. Dakota, are visiting their father and
brothers at Promontory Flats
''.,,', Miss Patterson, who has been
staying-at>.< the home of Rev. R.
F.Stillmaii, left for Harrison on
Wednesday. \y, ���,-������;,
Mr, it T. Howe, of the dtiilli-
waek Co-operative Association,
left for Vancouver, on Monday,
on a business trip, ai\d returned
on Friday.  .'..',,'
Mr. A. L. Coote, Secretary of
the School Board, left for Nelson
on Monday, to attend -the Convention of the School Trustees of
the Province to be held in'that
city. ���'���'' -   ik    : 11
Miss Hall has gone to Vancouver to,
buy the spring stock' of Millinery for
Messrs, Ashwell & Son, she will make
her selection from the samples of J. B.
Cavcrhill & Co , the largest Millinery
firm in Montreal.
Rev. H. J. Robertson preached
his last sermon in connection with
Cooke's Presbyterian Church last
Sunday, and accompanied by his
wife departed for Winnipeg on
Wednesday to assume a pastorate in the Prairie Capital.
To stop a cold with "Preventics" is
safer than to let it run and cure it afterwards. Takenatthe "sneezestage"
Preventics will head off all colds and
grippe, and perhaps save you from
Pneumonia or Bronchitis. Preventics
are little toothsome candy cold cure
tablets selling in 5 cent and 25 cent
boxes. If you are chilly, if you begin
to sneeze, try Preventics. They will
surely check the cold, and please you.
Sold by H��� J>J5arber.-r-Adv.
Straight Ms
Right Prices
T. Gilford, The Jeweller
Carry a full line of
, .AND ..
Also Hardware,
Paints and Oils
Marshall Bron��� Cliilliwaek.
(leu. L. Baker, Ladoer,
K. E, Clugston, Eburne,
lialverston iv. llongen, Mataqul.'
A. MatheMim, (Jlovordale.
When in Now West in luster call a.nd
ook through our warehouse.
Good Reasons
Why the opportunities for profitable investment in New Westminster, Vancouver, Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley. B.C., are second
to none in Canada.
Irate subscriber, "Stop my
paper!" Calm editor. "All right!
Please pay Up."   Tableau.
The verdict of the man in the
street���" It's up to Munro."
Lame Back.
This ailment is usually caused by
rheumatism of the muscles and may be
cured by applying Chamberlain's Pain
Balm two or three times a day and
rubbing the parts vigorously at each
application. If this does not afford relief, bind on a piece of flannel slightly
dampened with Pain Balm, and quick
relief is almost sure to follow. For
sale by H, J. Barber. ���Adv.
A letter from an esteemed Liberal friend, who wishes his paper
'disdontinued,contains the following:���"Allow me to congratulate you on the "hit" your cartoonist has made in this issue
He seems to have sized the situation when he put you-, hi the
unenviable position of firing from
behind. You know what every
honest man thinks about the individual who fires from behind."
We are fully in accord with
every word of this statement,
but our view-point slightly differs from that of the writer.
True we shot from behind, but
what else can one do when the
ioe shows you only his back ?
The public is well aware that Mr.
Munro could not be induced eith-
Corrected Every Friday
Hay, loose, per ton $10.00
Hay, pressed, per ton  12.00
Oats, per ton  $22.00 to 23.00
Wheat, per ton  80.00
Peas, per ton $26.00 to 27.00
Chopped Grain, per ton. 25.00 to 30.00
Potatoes, per ton (scarce)  15.00
Carrots, per ton  10.00
Parsnips, per ton ...' .".... 10.00*
Beets, per ton  10.00
Turnips, feeding, per ton    5.00
Turnips, for Table, per ton  10.00
Onions, per cwt    2.50
Beef, per lb .? .03J to     .04
Veal, per lb 05  to     ,05j
Mutton, per lb. (scarce)   .05  to     .051
Hogs, stock, per.lb 06  to     .06i
Hogs, fat, per lb 06  to      .061
Chickens, per doz     6.00
Broilers, per doz  $3.00 to   4.00
Ducks, per doz, Scarce  11.00
Butter, dairy, per lb... $0.20 to     .26
Butter, creamery 35
Eggs, per doz 40
For years Dr. Shoop has fought against
the use of opium, Cnoloform, or othar
unsafe ingredients commonly fonnd in
Cough remedies. Dr. Shoop, it seems
has welcomed the Pure Food and Drug
Law recently enacted, for he has worked along similar lines many years. For
nearly 20 years Dr. Shoop's Cough
cure containers have hid a warning
printed on them against Opium and
other narcotic poisons. He has thus
made it possible for mothers to protect
their children by simply insisting on
having Dr. Shoop's Cough cure. Sold
by H.J. Barber.-Adv.
"The man I marry," said she,
with a stamp, "must be a hero!"
"He will be," remarked the
cautious bachelor.
���Piles get quick relief from Dr.
Shoop's Magic Ointment. .Remember
it's made alone for Piles and it works
with certainty and' satisfaction. 'Ifch-
ng, painful, protuding, or blind piles
disappear like magic by its use. Try it
and see! For sale by H. J. Barber.-Adv.
NEW WESTMINSTER is the natural
centre of the well known and fertile
Fraser Valtey, and during the past
year the rapid growth of established
industries, and the introduction of
new ones has given a tremendous impetus to all branches of business.
New Westminster is a modern city in
every particular, possesses the only
successful farmers market and fresh
water harbor in B. C, and from every
viewpoint is a natural site for. manu-
i faeturing industries and an ideal city
of homes.
CHILLIWACK is the commercial
centre of the beautiful Chilliwack
Valley, "The Garden of the Fraser,"
famed for its fertile lands, well
equipped creameries, profitable fruit
growing, magnificent scenery and
mild climate. In the near future
Chiiliwack will be the terminus of an
electric railway from Vancouver and
New Westminster, which means an
immediate rapid advance in its town
and farm property values. Chilliwack
is also the base of supplies for all the
adjacent mining camps.
about 300,000 acres of very productive agricultural land, has a cash
market for everything that can be
produced, forests containing billions
of feet of the finest timber, the greatest salmon river in the world, mineral
deposits of copper, iron, coal and fire
clay. Great railway enterprises,
both electric and steam, are now being developed throughout the valley,,
bringing it into close toucj witr{ the
market cities of Vancouver and New
Westminster, which will make it more
than ever "The Farmer's Paradise."
VANCOUVER, with its natural position and splendid shipping facilities,
being the terminus of several transcontinental railways and on the Highway to the Orient, is destined to be
"The Great City of the West" and
we cannot too strongly urge our
clients to "Investigate Vancouver"
without any delay.
"Blessed is the man who
knows his limitations:" but
thrice blessed is the man who
realizes and makes the most of
his possibilities.
���If you are constipated, dull, or
bilious, or have a sallow, lifeless complexion, try Lax-ets just once to see
what these will do for you. Lax-ets are
little toothsome candy tablets��� nice to
eat, nice in effect. No griping,
no pain. Just a gentle lax-ative
effect that is pleasingly desirable.
Handy for the vest pocket or purse,
Lax-eta, meet every- desire.. Lax-ets
come to you in beautiful lithographed
metal boxes at 5 cents and 25 cents.
Sold by H. J. Barber.���Adv.
An English journal expresses
a wonder whether the pronoun-
ciation of some of the ignorant
classes is the worse. For instance the groom says, '"Arry,
'old my 'oss." But the curate
says, "He that hath yaws to yaw,
let him yaw.'' And the doctor's
wife Bays. "Jawge, please go to
Awthah and awdah the hawse i;
and don't forget to look at the
flah." And the vicar Bays, "If
owah gwacious sovering wur-ah
to die!"-Selected.
The Reason Why
It will mean money to YOU to CONSULT US, is because we have been established in the: business here for fifteen .years, and covering as we do, the entire
country 'from "Vancouver and'New Westminster to, Chilliwack, with offices at
these points, being thoroughly posted, 'and well equipped to handle the business,
we are therefore in a position to offer you the best money-making investments
on the market.
Call or write for our handsome 64-page illustrated pamphlet on farms and
farming in B. C.
F. J. HART & CO., LTD.,
The Farm Land Specialists
New Westminster.        CHILLIWACK Vancouver.
Capital paid ttp $1,000,000
Xeterve Fund .'  U,WO,000
Eighty-five Branches throughout Canada, United States aud Cuba.
Chilliwack, Nanairno, Vancouver,
Cumberland, Nelson, do (East End)
Grand Forks, New Wes:minster, do Mt. Pleasant
Ladner, Rossland, do Granville St.
Victoria. Vernon, do Cordova St.
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Savings Bank department
in which deposits of Oue Dollar aud upwards are received. Interest added
quarterly.  General Banking bu��ine��s transacted.   Money orders issued,
'SfANA&M Cmuwaci BaahoH. 1
Do the Clothes Wake the Wan?
It' you want to appear well dressed mid to have a clean, tidy, healthy and prosperous appenrance you will wenr
the clothes turned out of '
They are the tailors who dress the natty and smart looking men you see upon the streets.
They have a full line of Serges, Worsteds, Tweeds and Printings to choose from and their work is of the best.
They can dress you from top to toe in the most stylish up-to��date clothing to be found upon the Const.
When Children Are Sick.
They eat something thnt disagrees,
catch cold, have cramps or colic. If
there is pain just apply Nerviline,-it's
good to rub on, and for the inside it's
most comforting. Effective and pleasant, you can't And a household panacea
to equal Poison's Nerviline. Used with
satisfaction for half a century and in
better demand every day because it
does stop pain, ease suffering and cure
the thousand and one ills that constantly ariae in the family. Large bottles
at all dealers for 2fac���Adv.
It Creeps Like a Serpent.
Steals through the system like a thief
in the night. That's how catarrh acts.
Don't experiment with a doubtful treatment. Time and experience prove that
Catarrhozone does cure, that it gives
quick relief and so thoroughly destroys
the disease, that it gives quick relief
and so thoroughly destroys the disease,
that it dies forever.
Get Catarrhozone in the first place,
and jour cure is assured. In 25c and
$1.00 sizes at all dealers and guaranteed
in every case. ���Adv.
"Mtldoo" for Your Headache.
Ascertain its cause and the cure isn't
hard to find. Look to the stomach and
bowels. Aren't you constipated, isn't
your liver sluggish, isn't the stomach
failing in its mission ? What you need
is the cleansing tonic influence of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. Their effect is lasting
because they aid all the ailing organs
flush out all unhealthy matter, and
tone up the stomach. With Dr. Hamilton's Pills your stomach gets a chance
to recuperate, and does so quickly. For
real buoyant health use Dr. Hamilton's
Pills regularly. 25c per box at all dealers.���Adv.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Our Line of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades, Etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia
We can si.ve money for any farmer or townsman in the Fraser Valley    Prises
talk and a fair comparison will convince you that our claim is
justified. Give us a trial. Correspondence solicited.
Tel. 73. Dupont Block, New Westminster, B. C.
r& SM3zmsz&^m&z&^^
We Are Setting Read] for the SPRING RUSH
OUR CLEARING SALE has put our store in the best shape it has ever
been in for the reception of our Mammoth Spring Stock for which we
have the Invoices, * as follows: . .        .-J.
Consisting of the latest in Dress Goods, Suitings, Organdie
Dress Muslins, Brussels Nett, New Prints, New Lawns, New
Blouses, New Wrappers, New Corsets, New Kid Gloves, New
Coats, etc.
New Clothing for Men and Boys.    New Hats, New Underwear,
New Gloves, New Ties, New Shirts, etc.
We are selling this season "THE WALKOVER" for Men,
"THE EMPRESS" for Women, Ahrens, Amherst and Ames
Holden & Co.'s Make for Boys and Girls, Men and Women. We
will guarantee every pair to give satisfaction or money refunded.
Our Aim Is to Make this the Most
Popular Store in Chilliwack.
We are proud of the part this Store has played in building up
this Famous Valley, in distributing Groceries of quality at reasonable prices. Proud, too, of the ever young ability to meet
new conditions, and the determination to be greater still bat
proudest of all perhaps in the fact that our basic principles are
the same today they were 36 years ago when we opened our
doors for business in Chilliwack.
Department Store.
G. R. Ashwell & Son
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Money Refunded.
Victorious Through Merit.
OXYDONOR triumph. I hroueh merit
-for jear�� liliiw been lha life a ard of
mora Chun n million Burtons. It In iho tni-
nodlmcnl of the highest law ki own to
huiimn'-i.'ni'it In It In conuunira.eri tin'
mi i"-l' ," I Iht greatest ncli'nllnl of tin'
��.. �� . r of love for humanity.
,\ .1 it r igencjfor health horn many
I'.ful  iilende���Bonn other ilowinc mi
/XfOONOR Instill" new llfn In'n
. ii > Mum; ri*one��a'ew. rulnvlaornli-Hiind
\ ,i zi'si'v rv organ Into the prop.'r din-
tin K��of i lie fund lim for which nmuoln-
iwhI.il ill"".. In iim bilnnn Vigo nu>
_. hcalili wi li Ml llw pliBJIoiil activity ilmi
makes IIWwolihHvinK. ��� 	
No mulior �� hut dl.i'iwe yo i hnvn. this i< thu only nu. tirai i lire fur II.  'I here In no dangu ,
no pain, no dnetor nm medicine In u��ing OXYDONOR. .. ...       ���  .
Hwlll l��.| �� I'fi'iline and K-rre the whole family. nKSII TO-DAY f>r book \. mailed
free.   Write us a description of your oate.
Mr. Ja��. Annen, UoMland. B,i'.    ai. writes. March II, ISM. "dome Ave >ear�� ago I got Oxy-
donor for my w)f<i who was -iatr.-< i- it from female wcui,..    After a week��use the do, I or
himself was surer!* d to And such n ui, ,nge. In fact, It wn- enough to Induce him to get nn Oxy-
donor for his slat r t
"A short time ago my wlfj h <l an attack of Inllnii ma ory rheumatl'in. She could not
walk and her mint- w��r�� much ewqnm. She applied Oiylunorand before nluhl the p��in�� had
ceased, and next, morning I hero was very llttleewelllng, nnd she could walk as well a�� ever.
She had a similar attack Mfore we got Oirdonot and wan under a doctor's cart for a month,
������d suffered agonies." '
"It has cured me of a severe cold."
The genuine has the name of "Dr. H. Saaeht * Co." plainly stamped In Us metal parts.
Dr H, SANCHK & Co.,    364 St. Catharine St. West, Montreal.
And as such we handle none but the very best makes.
Our flour is kept in a warm, well ventilated room and is
never allowed to becom&coldvpnd damp like flour, that is
piled in an ordinary storehouse.
Select from this list and you get
Five Roses per
Royal Household	
Premier Hungarian ���
Salem Pastry per
Drifted Snow      "     	
Graham Flour      "     	
Whole Wheat Flour....     "     	
Breakfast Foods Galore.
Denholm & Jackson.
Walworth-Rolston Co., Ltd
Feed Cutters
Carriages. Wagons, Harness, etc.
1016 Westminster Ave.,   VANCOUVER, B. C.
It is seldom that a parody can
be classified as genuine poetry.
The most notable exception to
this rule which has come under
our notice for many years is furnished by the Vancouver Province of Feb. 4th, in the form of
a clever adaptation of Tennyson's
"May Queen" to the case of Mr.
W:W;-��Mcfrmes. *fiveryvefte*
is replete witb hits which are
both pungent and witty, and the
whole constitutes a humourous
poem of real literary worth, at
once creditable to the author and
calculated to immortalize a man
whose public career is destined
to consign both his name and his
history to the waste-basket of
the years. Thus far the author's name has been withheld, but
must sooner or later become
known. For the benefit of our
readers who may not have already seen it, we take the liberty
of reproducing the poem below.
I -The Eve of the Election.
You must r.-.ind and call me early, call
.... me early, Kelly dear;     ,
tomorrow '11 be the proudes*r*day I've
known for many a year;
Of all my fitful life, Kelly, the meniest
of the whole,
For I'm to be top o'the poll, Kelly ; I'm
to be top o' the poll,
There's many a sharp, sharp tonque,
they say, but none so sharp as mine;
There's Bowser and there's Henderson,
and many more that shine;
But none so cute as Billy, on all the
city roll,
So I'm to be top o' the poll, Kelly ; I'm
to be top o' the poll.
I fidget so all night, Kelly, that I shall
be awake,
And eager for your coming when the
day begins to break ;
I must get a pretty flower or two to
deck my button-hole,
Epj I'm to be.top o' the poll,   Kelly.:
I'm to be top o' the poll.
As I came up on Granville street whom
think you I should spy,
But Tatlow, at the Postoffice, with sad
and downcast eye;
I could not help but pity him, that's
true, upon me soul;
For I'm to be top o' the poll, Kelly; I'm
to be top o' the poll
He shuddered as he saw me; his hair
was out of curl,
And I passed him without speaking like
any sullen churl;
They call me cruel-hearted, but I care
not whot they say,
For I'm to be top o' the poll,  Kelly ;
I'm to be M. L. A.
They say that Garden's awful sore because he can't get in,
They'say ;McGuire will'have a'fit, but I
don't care a pin ;
Macgowan, too, I'll humble, in the
dust I'll make him roll,
For I'm to be top o' the poll, Kelly ;
I'm to be top o' the poll.
I've got a wire from Wilfy, he says he
hopes I'll win;
And you'll be there, my Kelly dear,  to
aee me carried in,
And the Lib'ral boys from all the wards
when the band begins to play,
For I'm to be top o' the poll, Kelly ;I'm
to be M. L. A. <'
II.-After the declaration of the
..... -  Poll
They told me I was sure to win   the
mean, deceitful crew, -
That Bowjer hadn't got a chance.-but
oh, it wasn t true ;
But now the  legislative halls I shall
never, never see,
So you can tuck me in my bunk and
think no more of me.
Bowser will make his speeches to a
sympathetic cheer;
Macdonald-oh,    confound    him���will
make a mark I fear :
And Hawthornthwaite, the demagogue,
will beat hia noisy drum,
While I, in some small office, am a-bit-
ing of my thumb.
In some small office, Kelly, I shall have
to grumble on,
And chew the cud of bygone years when
all my foes are gone,
And In the long lone evenings, by the
fireside shall sit,
Instead of brightening the House with
'���''���   my free arid'nVshfng wit.
When 'discussion waxed  high   Kelly,
within those noble walls,
When McBride shall lead to vict'ry, or
Carter-Cotton bawls,
You'll  never hear my eloquence, nor
when they call out "vote,"
Hear me call out "aye" or "no" with a
bold and manly throat.
I have been hot and hasty, but you'll
forgive me now,
You'll shake me by the hand, Kelly, and
not make any row,
Nay, nay, you must not weep,  Kelly,
nor let your grief be wild,
There's Farris still remains to you���
you have another child.
Don't let Neelands come to see me while
I feel so very down,
But he and Henderson may call when
.- - ��� I've gone out of town; -
They'll find my notes of speeches upon
my bedroom floor,
Let 'em take 'em; let 'em use them: I
shall never want them more.
And tell that cursed Bowser,  with his
pert and chaffing tongue,
That to the nearest lamp-post I should ]
like to see him strung :
If I had won-I  ennnot  tell���I might
have been a knight,
But now I'm doomed to linger on in sad
and sorry plight.
But not for long, I've had about enough
of public life,
I'll see what Wilfy means to do;   I've
had too much of strife;
P'raps he'll send me to Jamaca,  with
my sorrow in my breast;
For after the time I've had.  Kelly,
why earthquakes are a rest.  .
The Best Physlr.
When you want a physic that is mild
and gentle, easy to take and pleasant in
effect, take Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. Price 25 cents.
Every box warranted. Get a free
sample at Barber's drug store and try
them.���Adv.       i
It Imparts Strength.
Just think of the enormous strengthening power Ferrozone possesses,���consider what it did for H. V. Potter,
well known in Kingston, "I was aub-
je rt to spells of dizziness. For eight
months I had intense pain in my right
side between the shoulders. I waa almost incurable with weakness and lack
of vigor. Often I scarcely ate any
breakfast and felt miserable all day.
Nervous, easHpiexciferfc troubled with
heart -weakness, I- was in bad shape.
Ferrozone restored and nourished me
back to health in short order." Whatever your weakness may be Ferrozone
will cure. Price 50c per box at all dealers.���Adv.
Report ��f Observations it the CIM-
liwKk rkteoroloflicil Statioa.
The record lor wools ending Feb,
Friday     421 87.0
Saturday    48.0 85.0
Sunday       60.0 81.0,
Monday     49.0 80.0
Tuesday     87.8 86.0
WediH'wlav     60,0 86t4
Ti��ur-<i<y...-,���>   '4.9.8 \ ,        80.0
liniiifnll for week. 1.68
M. Jukes, Observer
CMmwack Posf Office
Offloe hours. 8 to 10.00.
On Statutory Holiday- the Offloe is opened
from 18 to 19.
Saving* Bank and Money Order business
clone* at 18.(10
Malls clce at 21 uo il.i ly for all part*
For^convenience of I hooe having look boxes
Hie omce door 1�� not locked until 88.00.
The office is c ns-i-d on .Sundays.
a Mki.i.ari) Postmaster
Wonicipaf Councif
Beeve���F. C. Kickbush.
Councillors���K. Dndslev llannw, T,
H. Jackson. J. A. Evan*. ,T, H.A-I ��,|l
Geo. Good, l\ H. Wilson.
Clerk and Solicitor���Jusliunu Pelly.
Assessor���Joseph Scot I.
Collector-G. W. Uhadaev.
Medical Health Ofheer-j,C, Hender-
son, M.B., CM.
-Chiel_ofPolic9-0 A.Oatbick: )
Chilliwack Livery,
Feed &jale Stables.
1 keep nothing but. nrst-cla>�� turnouts. Good
Saddle horses, etc. 'Hub meets all boats. Cov
ered stago leaves for McDonald's Landing
every morning at 8:30 o'clock, eonneotlng with
str. Minto, whioh oinneots with all C. P, R.
.rains oast and west,
Truck and drays alwavR ready lor
all kinds of work. Ample provision
for carrying goods to aud from the
boats. Prompt delivery, First-class
livery in connection. Civil employees.
Which allows your own Choice of Physician, your own Choice of Hospital, and is GOOD anywhere in Canada or the United States.
We guarantee all necessary Medical. Surgical and Hospital Expenses in cases'of both Sickness and Accident.   Seeour contract
and you will have no other.   It is a Winner, and the Price is Right
The Western Hospital Association, Limited
Head Office:   Room 2, Jones Building,
407 Hastings Street, West
SURJT M9|tGA]N, Managing Director.
A few good Agents wanted. I
Mksnhs. OawjjEY and 1'aihi.ky.
Chilliwack, Bi 0.
Dear Sirs:���YourbelateH pn k-
agt* oi ������l'iiiliiwa"kr!ie lteautif.il"
reports Witched me just two
weeks uji' i, oil the eve of my de>
piu'tuivfrtv ifivisit to tlii�� parrafil
of Bmwaitle on tlieScotisli border. \\ iwoastle ..as Hip home of
nly {internal ancestors duriiij;
the eighteenth century, and I
was much'interested in its history, some nf which 1 may be
able to give my Chilliwack friends
i in the near future.
Having so many tine pictuius
of tlie valley for my lWtiiri.' on
British Columbia t ion enabled
to bring before the people its
beauty, ivrtility and opportunities and* 1 have already placed
several of the reports in interested hands.
Yesterday I returned from a
few days visit lo Scotland the
^gkhonie of my maternal forbears
in Diinifi'iesl'iiie. Mere 1 gave a
lecture on British Columbia to a
laood sized and* intelligent audience. Everywhere I go 1 Hud
people greatly interested in t'an-
ala and 1 never fail to pointout
that 1$. I', is the fairest province
and Chilliwack its most favored
spot therein.
Since coming to England in
November 1 have spent most of
my time in Cumberland near the
city of Carlisle and I have been
revelling among historic ruins
and rejoicing in the folk-love of
this border-land country. A few-
yards from where 1 write is the
site of an old Roman wall built in
the second century. The plow-
shear still turns out stones from
the foundation and a depression
marks the line of the moat.
Walby, (by the wall) my cousin's farm and my present abode
is three miles from Carlisle and
we can follow the wall site, into
the" city. Carlisle lias seenstlr-
vingdnys. Kings haw died within her castle and a tower still
stands where Scotland's beautiful Queen Mary was held prisoner
for live weeks.
My brother John, well known
in Chilliwack, joins me next week
aud we will then go south to
London. In the two mouths 1
have been in England 1 have had
the best of health, given several
lectures and had a good time
Today 1 have been much interested in the process of making
black puddings. I am not sure
that 1 shall like them but I shall
s ample them in a day or two.
With best wishes to friends in
Chilliwack, I remain,
Yours truly,
Jean Templer.
Walby, Crosbv-on-Edeii,Carlisle,
Jan'. 17. '07. England.
The Council has no money to
spend on snowshovelling so if
you have not already done your
duty in cleaning off the snow
from the little strip of sidewalk
in front of your place of business
or your home, you want to get a
hunch on, as on the Statute
Books somewhere, it is required
of you to do this thing. Even
were there no law in existence
compelling this work to be done'
surely your pride for your town
or at least your desire for easy
walking will stimulate you to an
extra effort right now. A
little shovel exercise will do you
good, and your action will certainly be appreciated by the
walking populace.   Come now.
Itching Piles-
If you are acquainted with anyone
who is troubled with this distressing
ailment, you can do him no greater
favor than to tell him to try Chamberlain's Salve. It gives instant relief.
This salve also cures sore nipples, tetter
and salt rheum Price 26c. For sale
by H. J. Barber.���Adv.
The Blessings of Modern Business
Whatever may be said in opposition to modern business methods
by those critics wh. j make it their , __
business to tad-somethtewxong Common Co|ds ^m, Ull8e of
To Cure.a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tat**, j* rot A
Sevn mm bom t4Mb|*��ia swaths.        TM> IJgnatBTt,^ **��#*
In Two Days.
on every
box. 25c
in every department of life,
Henry C. Fnck, who, starting
his business life as a clerk in his
grandfather's store, climed the
Many Serious Diseases.
Physicians who have gained a national reputation as analysts of the cause
ladder round by round, until he of various diseases, claim that if catch
reached the very top, still holds in��coM couW he "olded �� long list of
the opinion that "the tendency dangerous  ailments  would never  be
of   our   modern  industry   and heard of-  Every one kn0WB that P��eu"
commerce is sound and helpful moni8 and consumption originate from
to th J whole human race," and a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
that "such evils as may exist are *nd a"throat and lun8 trouble are ag-
incidental and temporary." gravated and rendered more serious by
Mr. Frick continues, as quoted each fresh attack.   Do not risk your
ill The American Grocer:  "The life or take chances When you have a
gr^at achievement of industrial
enterprise on a large scale is the
prevention of waste of human
effort. By the massing of capital, useless competition is eliminated ; administrative, inventive,
and manual skill are combined
withlihe resources o? .nature on
big lines; and in such an ordered
system, brains, energy, and
character find their true level.
"If it be established, and this
seems to be the case, that msn
are to have shorter hours of labor.
that the raw wealth of the world ickl cured b its uae. - It coun.
IS to be Utilized to the highest teracts any tendency of a cold to
degree, and that the intalligence result in pneumonia, and if given as
and strength of the race are to soon as the first symptoms of croupap-
tell as they should in:advancing g-jjj* ^^ figfe. S
Civilization,   then it   is   Obvious mothers give it to the little ones with a
cold. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
will cure it before the disease develops.
This remedy contains1 no opium, morphine or harmful drug and has thirty
years of reputation back of it, gained
by its cures under every condition. For
sale by H. J. Barber:���Adv.
A Habit lo be End uraged
Ths mother who has acquired the
habit of keeping on h:nd a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, saves
herself a great amount of uneasiness
and anxiety. Coughs, colds and croup,
to Which children are susceptible, are
Incorporated by Act of Parliament.
Nurseries and Seedhoases
paid up I.
Hon. Lord Sirathcona
and  Mount Royal,
G.C. Mi (1 Hon. Piesideut
Hon. Sir G A, Druminond...President
K. 8, Cloiisto'i Vice-President and
General Manager.
General banking business transacted.
Branches in all the principal citien
in Canada, in London, Ens;., New
York, Chicago, and St. John's, NHd,.
and correspondence in nil parts of the
CDhilliwnclv    Branch
Headquarters for Pacific Coast
grown Garden, Field, and
Flower Seeds in season.
Large stock of HoME-GROwr;
Fruit and Ornamental Trees now-
manured for the Spring trade.
No expense, loss or delay of
fumigation or inspection.
Spraying material, Greenhouse
Plants, Cut Flowers.
We do business on our own
grounds- no rent to pay and are
prepared to meet all competition.
Let me price your list before
placing your order.
Catalogue free.
i give i
feeling of perfect security.   Sold by H.
J. Barber.���Adv.
that we have entered the
threshold of better times. The
tendency of our modern methods
of commerce and finance is to Victoria, B. C, Feb. 2nd 1907.
give courage and stability to The B.C. Permanent L. & S. Co.
enterprise. No important busi- Vancouver, B. C.
ness has to stand alone, exposed Dear Sirs :-l beg to acknow-
to the shocks of fortuitous condi- iedge the receipt of cheque for
tions. It can-command credit, the sum of $1,500, being, full ma-
support and sympathy from the turity value of ten shares Class
world about it. Gradually the "C" Accumulative stock. To
whole fabric of American indus- me this has Been a' most satis-
try, commerce and finance has factory investment and I cannot
grown into inter-supporting rela- too strongly recommend your
tionships, the result of a sensible 8ystem for building up a reserve
understanding of the present fun(j. Kindly accept my thanks
and the future. Conditions in for prompt payment of above
this country were never more cheque,
sound and wholesome, the out- ' y0urs truly,
look never more encouraging (Signed) M. J. Little.
than at present. Adv.-5.
"It is true that the develop- 	
ment of modern methods of busi- .    ., " _           .        , n ... .
ness has disturbed old conditions In the supreme lOUTl 01 British
and that there has been some
consequent suffering. That is,
however, an incident of progress. It is a temporary phase of
a great, necessary, and wholesome growth. The vital fact is
that the instrumentalities of production are increasing; that vast
works    impossible   twenty-five
In the matter of Kenneth H.
Cousens, deceased, and in the
matter of the "Official Administrator's Act."
Take Notice that by order of
Mr. Justice Morrison, dated the
years ago are easily accomplished 2nd day of February, 1907,
to-day, that the field for inven- Charles George Major of the city
tion, skill and energy is broaden- of New Westminster, B.C., Offici-
ing; that wages are higher and at Administrator, was appointed
hours of labor shorter, and that Administrator of all anil singii-
the productive forces of the lar the estate of the above named
country and the financial credit deceased,
back of them are not at the All persons indebted to the es-
mercy of chance, and one blunder tateof the said deceased are re-
by one man can not arrest prog- quired to pay the amount of
ress or bring ruin to a whole their indebtedness forthwith to
community. This is just as im- the undersigned, and all persons
portant to the manual laborer as having claims against said estate
it is to the capitalist. "���The Cir- are requested to present same,
"It would pay most of us,"
says W. R. Yendall in The Hardware Bulletin, "to be cranks on
thoroughness for a few weeks:
not toward others, but toward
ourselves. There is hope for the
man who stands off and looks at
his own work and asks himself,
'Isn't there a better way ? Surely I have not exhausted the possibilities of this thing. How can
it be improved ?"
duly verified, on or before the
28th February, 1907.
Dated this 14th dav of Febru
arv.A.l). 1907.
Solicitor for the
Adv. ")-rj      said Administrator
One thoroughbred Jersey cow due to
calve about March 1st.   Apply to
"Don't overwork," says the
New York commercial. ' If you
are in business for yourself, you
can't afford it; if you are in
business for an employer, he
We have in our possession a Red and
White steer about 3 yrs. old, that has
for the past 6 months, been living on
the Ashwell Farm, East Chilliwack.
The owner is requested to pay expenses and remove same. If not claimed
within 30 days, he will be sold to pay
IW10 Westminster Kit.  Vancouver. B.C.
Write to us for best quotations
obtainable in the market.
Itching, Blind, Weeding or Protruding I'll���
Druggist* refund ni"ney if PAZO OIKTMr NT
fail* lo cure anv r��*p, no mailer if ho* It.ng !
standing, ln6tnUduy��. First iipptlontlongived {
eaaoand io*t. 50u. if your JruggUt lia *n't It
send 50c in stamps and it will lie forwarded I
post pai 1 by Paris Mtdictne Co.. St, Louis. Mo .
A High-Class Hotel at Moderate Rates. j
Be sure and see its advantages before
making arrangements elsewhere.     j
Kates: American Plan $1.2.1 and uu- j
wards per day.  KijropvHii Plan (H,ion>s
nnlyl 50o to 11.50 p��r day.
'Bus absolutely free.
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
Thll remedy la faroon. for It. cure* over
1 large part of the civtilied world. It cu
ways bo depended upon. It c.mtalua no
opium or other harmful drug and may be
given H confidently to a baby nt to an adult
Prto. S5 cts; Large Size, 50 eta.
auaaMawaMww.ii ii��  n xmna,
W. A. Nevard
No. 10,  A. K. & A. M.
The Itegularfommunloalions of the j
Lodge areheld In the Masonic Hall, < 'hill! wack
on tho Krldav on or beforo the Full Moon of
erery month. Sojourning brethren are roiill
Tlio cli-ice4 men!..
Als.i Bnnsriue and Fresh
of all kinds.
V one tablet in
ally invited to attend.
O. B. RBaU-c. W.M.
DR. McCakkiiky. See. \
Shop oi>poalte Drus Store.
I. O. )F.
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
I. Johnson, C. R.
W. C. Bbarcroft, R. S.'
All drumiM* mfnnd ihc monny if 11 fill, to
cure.   B. W. drove'* algnnniri. I* on each box;
W. H..T. Gahan
Chilliwhack, & C.
S. D. Trethewey
Has a good stock oi dry Flooring,
Rustic, V Joint and Gasiugs, Is able
to fill all orders on short notice.
Straw Cutter, (Bell No. 40)
For Sale.
Good as new and up-to-date. We
will sell above at reduced price, as it is
too small for our use. Apply to A. C.
Wells A Son.
No matter where you want to
go: East, West, North or South
I can sell you your ticket.
You can travel across the Continent by the All-Canadian route
or around the world on the Over-
I seas Limited and I can ticket you
Call in and let me outline to
you some interesting trips that
can be made at very reduced
- - :.
C. P. R. Ticket Agent. aT"   iMilTil
The exclusive choice of those
most prominent on the world's
list of good dairymen. Sold
on the guarantee of unqualified superiority.
The De Laval Separator Go.
14-16 Princess St, Winnipeg.
New York
San Francisco
D. E. Stevenson, Agent for Chilliwack District.
Flows, Brag Harrows, Disc Harrows,
.Single Disc Brills. Shoe Drills,
Hoe Brills and Cultivator*
Farm and Garden Hand Seed Brills and Cultivators.
Small &Bucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
The line la up!! Hello, Westminster!!!
Chilliwack la to have a tennla club.
: Dr.  MacSween,  Dentist, Irwin Block.
Dr. W. V. Havies, Dentist.
Office over Denholin & Jnekson's
Caskey & Carleton have decided to
continue the sale for another 30 daya
at 25 per cent discount
TURNIPS.���A few tons of first-class
turnips for sale at $4.00 per ton at the
pit.   J. L. Denholm.-Adv. 6-6.
For Sale-Pure Bred Suffolk
Down Ram Lambs at reasonable
prices.   Apply Jos. Thompson.
For Sale-A young cow due to calve
middle of Feb., also a 120-eeg Incubator, good as new. John H. Yaul, Fairfield Island.
Don't go Hungry-B. T. Malcolm
har ' rt received via Harrison a full
supply of those necessities of life of
which the town was running short.
During Lent there will be Litany
service and address each Wednesday nt
4 p. m., and even song and sermon each
Friday at 8 p. m. in the Episcopal
A Cougar���An Indian from Cultus
Lake arrived in town last week bringing in his sleigh a Cougar which he
had killed. The animal measured 6 ft.
7 in. in length.
Commendable-Protection work ,at
the bridge at Vedder crossing is being
pushed forward to completion by the
Provincial Government. A large force
of men being employed for the purpose.
The boys of the brigade have rendered faithful service in saving property
from the ravages of fire, and every effort should be made to facilitate their
work. Whose business is it ? Everybody's business is nobody's business.
Pie Social.���The ladies of the
Methodist church will hold a pie social
in the Oddfellow's Hall on Wednesday
evening, Feb. 20th, at 8 o'clock. Toothsome pies and a spicy programme are
in the making and everybody will be
there.   Admission 26c.   Children 16c.
BitEssMAKisii.��� Miss Carvolth
is now prepared to take and
execute orders for evening,' dresses, good fit and style guaranteed. Samples and estimates on
application. Millinery and Dressmaking Establishment, opposite
the drug store.
Garden Seeds ! Garden Seeds I���
Ashwells' Department store wants
your seed order at Eastern Catalogue
Prices. We are handling this year
Rennie's, Ferry's, and Steele Briggs,
Co seeds. Our reputation for selling
seeds of quality for the past 36 years
in Chilliwack is our recommendation for
your seed order ���Adv. 5-6.
Annual Clearance Sale. ��� Mrs.
Carvolth begs to announce that she is
selling off all winter stock to make room
for new season's EDods. Felt hats 26c,
trimmed felt ana colored hats at half
price. Various other articles in children's and ladies' wool goods, also
skirts, blouses, coats, etc., to be cleared
regardless of cost. Millinery and Dressmaking Establishment, Chilliwack, opposite the drug store. Evening gloves
and silk waists a specialty. Orders
taken for dressmaking.
Croup can positively be stopped in
20 minutes, No vomiting-nothing to
sicken or distress your child. A sweet,
pleasant, safe Syrup, called Dr. Shoops
Cough Cure, does the work and does it
?uickly, Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure is
or croup alone, remember. It does
not claim to cure a dozen ailments. It's
for Croup, that's all. Sold by H J.
Large consignment* awaitiug the
opening of the ice blockade. All good
financiers are holding their orders for
You are invited to come, just to see,
not necessarily to buy, but to learn
what really good valuea you can get for
your money
Snaps in Picture Frames and Mirrors.
About 20 tons of Turnips for sale. J.
T. Maynard, Cheam.
Read Ashwells' advertisement. They
want your orders for 1907.���Adv. 5-6.
Garden SEEDS.-Ashwell'swantyour
seed order. They are selling seeds of
quality to the best farmers in Chilliwack Valley.���Adv 5-6.
Rennie's, Ferry's, and Steele Brigg's
garden seeds are sold at Ashwells' Department store. They will fill your order at catalogue prices.���Adv 5-6.
���Engagement and Wedding
rings. Solid gold. Furnished
on the I). (J., at Thomas the
Jeweler's, Opposite Post Office.
Auction Sale-L. W. Paisley, Auctioneer, will hold an auction sale on the
farm of R. C. Greig on Monday the 18th
inst., of stock, farm implements,
household goods, etc. He has a fine
herd of good dairy cows that are money
makers. One good cow is worth two
poor ones.
The Value of a Cheque���depends not upon the perfection of
the writing, but upon the standing of the man who signed it. J.
B. Rockfeller's writing may not
be half as perfect as that of an
ordinary roustabout, but it
would be good for at least #100-
000,000, while the roustabout's
would be worthless. Thus it is
to your interest to deal with
Thomas the Jeweler, who is behind his goods and will give you
a square deal. Opposite Post
Debate.���On Monday evening the
Epwor'h League of the Methodist
church held an interesting debat' ::i
which the following question was iiYir-
ougl.ly discussed. "Resolved, that the
prcpoBed union of the Methodists,
Presbyterian and Congregationalists is
in the best interests of Christianity."
The Carman Epworth League espoused
the affirmative side of the question and
the Chilliwack League the negative.
The pros and cons were thoroughly investigated and threshed out, with result
that verdict was given in favor of nonunion.
It's Up to Somebody,���Ithas been a
matter of general comment in town
during the past week, that the hydrant
at Smith's corner stands buried under
a huge snow drift. It is obvious that
it would not be available for use, if a
fire should occur in that vicinity, until
the snow is removed, and valuable time
would have to be given to the work
which might be devoted to saving property. Whose province is it to look after such matters? Surely it is not
proposed that the members of the Fire
brigade shall be confronted by a difficulty of this character if a conflagation
should occur.
0.0.Cough Drops
10c per box.
Winter's   Cough
Spruce and Tar.
White Pine and
�������^r�� ���-
Anti - Eroak for
H. J. Barber,
Druggist & Stationer.
To the Settlers
of the Fraser
When you want anything in our
line and want it promptly, send
the order to us. Ours is one of
the largest and best drug stores
in Canada. Our stock is reliable
in every particular. Our average
prices are lower than others.
The Bigr Safe of Furniture, Carpers, Carpet Squares, Linofeums, Cork Carpet,
Oifcfofh, Window Shades, Etc.
These prices only good for the next 30 days, and the party purchasing the largest amount of goods in that time will be entitled to $5.00 worth
of picture framing free.   A few of the many bargains offered:
Drug, Spectacle and Seed Store,
New Westminster
China Cabinet, quarter cut oak.   Usual $35.00 for $30.00.
Hall Rack, quarter cut oak.   Usual $30.00 for $25.00.
Buffet, oak.   Usual $35.00 for $30.00.
Sideboard, oak finish.   Usual $20.00 for $17.00.
Linoleums.   Usual 70c for 60c per yard. 60c line for 50c, and
60c line for 40c.   3, 6 and 12 feet wide.
Oilcloth.   Usual 35c for 30c.
Carpet Squares from $3.50 to $20.00.
Table Oil for 30c.
Don't miss this Sale as a dollar saved is as good as two earned.
Funeral Director and Embalmer,
;   Residence over Store.
P. Peebles
Estimates Given.
Promptness Guaranteed.
Th��y All Failed.
Many have tried to devise a corn cure
equal to Putnam's but after fifty years
nothing has come upon the market that
ao painlessly curea coma and warts.
Don't experiment, use the best, and
thafa "PutnamV'-Adv.


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