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The Fraser Advance Apr 6, 1907

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31 Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, Especially Devoted to tbe Interests of tbe fraser Valley
The Fruiter Advance:   Vol. I, No. l!
^u^m ^ v
/ &
Chilli Wok 1'
Vedder Bridge
The txtreme left of the picture shows where the stone
protection wall has bean built.
C.W. McAna, mayor of Kulo,
B.C., died on Saturday evening,
March 30th.
An increase in the salaries of
Ontario Cabinet Ministers will
be voted upon this session.
A severe earthquake occurred
this week at Bitlis, Turkish Armenia, causing great loss of life.
A Toronto dispatch, dated April
2nd, says that J. W. St. John,
Speaker of the Ontario Legislature, is at the point of death.
The Douglas Lake Cattle Co.
has sold its valuable horse and
cattle ranch to an English syndicate for the sum of one million
Calgary City Council, on
March 30th, adopted the report
of the Public Works Committee
recommending the borrowing of
$250,000 to install a street railway system,
, James J. Hill has resigned the
presidency of the Great Northern
Railway but will still be chairman of the Board of Directors.
Louis Hill, his son, succeeds him
as president.
A disastrous wreck on the
Southern Pacific, caused by an
open switch, occurred at Colton,
Cal., on March 30th. Twenty-
six are "reported killed and one
hundred injured.
Premier McBride will leave in
a few days for London to attend
the conference of Colonial Premiers, with the object of laying
before the Imperial Parliament
the question of better terms for
British Columbia.
J. C. Olmsted, the famous
landscape artist of Brookline,
Mass., who made the preliminary
plan of the grounds of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition, at
Seattle 1909, is at present in that
city in connection with the general exposition scheme.
May 24th has been set as the
date of the unveiling of the
Strathcona Horse Monument in
Montreal. This monument,
erected by popular subscription,
has cost $30,000, and is to commemorate the deeds of Canadians who fell in the South
African war.
the truth.   This is done for sanitary reasons.
Tho Right Rev. Arthur Ingram, Lord Bishop of London,
England, will represent the English Church at the general convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church to be held in
Jamestown, Va., in October next.
Previous to this convention he
will visit Montreal and Toronto.
The Pensylvania Railroad is
placing large orders for steel cars
to replace the wooden coaches.
The greater number of deaths
in,railroad accidents is attributed
to the burning of the coaches
after the wreck is over. It has
also been demonstrated that
telescoping would be abolished
by the use of steel cars.
Prince Leopold of Saxe-Co-
burg and Gotha, a grandson of
the late Queen Victoria, was a
passenger on the Empress of
Japan, upon her arrival in Vancouver on April 1st, and is a
guest at the Hotel Vancouver for
a few days. Prince Leopold,
accompanied by his secretary
alone, is making a tour of the
The Toronto Globe says: "Immigration statistics warrant the
belief that almost, if not quite,
300,000 settlers will come to
Canada this year. Over two-
thirds of them will be from
Great Britain and the United
States, and of as good Anglo-
Saxon or Teutonic stock as the
present population of Ontario.
The prospect for a homogeneous
nation are excellent. But why
should the new-comers so often
say that there is dislike for
Englishmen in Canada ?"
command of the troops at Gibraltar, Malta, ('ypiMs; Crete and
in Egypt.
The Provincial government of
Manitoba is about to construct a
municipal telephone system
making Winnipeg the starting
point of all long distance li nes
throughout the province.
The Washington hotel, one of
the old landmarks of Seattle,
was destroyed by fire on the
evening of April 3rd. The loss
is estimated at $10,090, with no insurance. An unconfirmed rumor
has it that contractors who have
been gradually tearing down the
building set it ablaze, thereby
saving $1500 in wrecking. The
building was owned by James A.
Moore, who will build a new
hotel on the site.
Wreckage, apparently from
some large sailing vessel, is
coming ashore between Car-
manah and Clo-oose, on the west
coast of Vancouver Island. It is
believed some vessel has foundered at some distance from the
coast. A piece of teakwood rail,
eight feet in length, has come
ashore in the vicinity of Car-
manah. There are also long
pieces of deck of white pine and
several large panels of maple,
veneered with mahogany and
bordered with black. At Clo-
oose, a large yard with some
pieces of sail attached, was
San Francisco has been visited
by another disaster, this time in
the form of a two and a half million dollar fire. On Tuesday night
the electric light and power plant
of the San Francisco Gas and
Electric Company, situated at
22nd Ave. and Georgia Streets,
was entirely wiped out and five
firemen seriously injured. The
city was plunged in darkness and
all business for the time paralyzed. A steam pipe is said to
have exploded in the engine room,
scattering fuel oil in all direction. The latter immediately
caught fire and in a few minutes
the entire building was wrapped
in flames.
A Montreal dispatch dated
April 3, says that Dr. William
Henry Drummond, one of Canada's best known literary men,
author of the Habitant and other
volumes of verse, was stricken
yesterday with paralysis at Cobalt, whither he had gone in
charge of work on the Drummond
mine, owned by his brothers and
The best medical aid obtainable
has been hurried to Cobalt from
this city, and the condition of the
stricken man is said to be serious.
Nova Scotia has taken the initiative in regard to providing
pensions for the disabled and
aged. The bill introduced by
Premier Murray provides for the
appointment of a committee to
formulate a scheme for the establishment of an annuity fund
for the coal workers or the province. To this fund, the miners,
coal operators and government
shall each contribute two cents
per month for every miner
seventeen years old or over. At
the end of three years this will
provide an annuity for workmen
permanently disabled, and for
all men over 63 years of age.
The chief social event of ....
week was the Volunteer Fire
Brigade Ball on Monday night in
Henderson's Hall.
Although the attendance was
not quite as large as at some of
the season's previous similar
function, it is doubtful if a more
pleasant evening has ever been
spent in Chilliwack by those who
love to "trip the light fantastic
toe." About fifty couples, gay
and beautiful, as became the occasion, "chased the hours with
flying feet," to the strains of the
Chilliwack orchestra.
Of the firemen of other places
who had been invited, Chief D.
H. Dick of North Vancouver,
was the only representative
present. Chief Watson of New
Westminster, planned to come,
but the loss of two men from his
force within a few days, made
his absence from the Royal City
inadvisable. Chief Carlisle of
Vancouver, was also expected,
but was likewise detained by
pressure of official duties.
Those who are only familiar
with the appearance which Henderson's Hall presents on ordinary occasions, would have experienced a delightful surprise had
they peeped in upon the scene
presented on Monday night. No
pains had been spared by the fire
laddies under the tasty tutelage
of Mrs. Thomas Knight, in
making the place as bright and
attractive as its architectural
defects would allow. An artistic
blending of bunting, evergreen
and flowers, disguised all that
was unsightly, while the floor
shone as the result of a skilful
blending of wax and elbow-
grease. Add to this the gay costumes and graceful movements
of the fair dancers and the picture was as bright and pleasing
to the onlooker as the old hall
has ever seen.
The music discoursed by the
orchestra under the efficient direction of Carl Grossman, was
all that could be desired and
called forth many expressions of
About midnight the gay company repaired to the Commercial
Hotel, where mine host Dundas
had excelled himself in spreading
a tempting repast Having refreshed themselves, the dancers
returned to the hall for a few
hours further gaiety in the giddy
whirl, dispersing to their several
homes before the "wee 'sma
hours" had grown too large.
The ball was as pronounced a
success financially as otherwise,
despite the small attendance. To
the credit of the management
the net proceeds amount to
$39.50, which go to swell the
funds of the brigade for the
purposes of further equipment.
Had the people who usually
patronize such functions given
their loyal   support,   a  much
X many
  .... Joys are making creditable progress with
their equipment, which now includes a hook and ladder truck,
two hose reels, four nozzles and
two Keystone chemical extinguishers. The latest acquisition
is a 900 lbs. bell which arrived
last week from Hillsboro, Ohio.
This will probably be installed
over the Fire Hall, Knight's
building, in a few days. Thus it
will be seen that through the
generosity and self-sacrifice of a
goodly number of our public spirited citizens we shall have a fairly respectable fire-fighting equipment to be handed over to the
new Corporation when formed.
All honour to those who have
done the pioneer work.
Close Call
What might easily have proved a
fatal accident occurred at the Vedder
Crossing on Tuesday of this week.
While the crew of men in charge of S.
J. Youmans were engaged on the rock
wall which is to protect the river bank,
a fallen tree broke loose up the mountain side and came tearing down the
steep declivity. Sam Dan happened to
be the unfortunate man in the path of
the on-coming log, and only escaped instant death by being partially protected
by the bank beneath which he was
working. As it was, his back was s r-
iously injured, resulting in temporary
paralysis of his legs. He was removed
to his home at Sardis and Dr J. C.
Henderson at once summoned. How
serious his case may prove it is hard to
say at present, but it is hoped that he
has sustained no internal injuries and
may soon be about apnin. Mr. Dan
has a wife and several eiiiidren dependent upon him .-.:i! in! ti; misfortune
to be bnrnt out in the Sweetman place
about a month ago losing everything.
He is living at the present time in a
cottage belonging to A. C.Wells & Son,
opposite H. Hulbert's place.
Auction SALE,-Of Live Stock of
famous purebred Shorthorns of Mr.
J. Sampson, which consists of his beat
milking strain which are known all
through Canada. The sale will include
fifty head of graded shorthorn Dairy
Cows. Also, about forty head of graded Oxford Down Ewes, and Cow-
dale horses. The sale will be Mldoa
April 17th. Lookout for posters and
catalogues.���Adv. 12.
Report of Observations at the Chilliwack Meteorological SWiM.
The reuiii'il Im week ending April
4, lil()7:���
d/tb. max. mix.
Friday  40 4 82.6
Saturday  50 0 840
Snml.v     4',).5 41.0
UmiilHY    48 0 85.2
TiibsIhv    44 8 84.5
WetlnuKiliiv     ... 47 0 84.0
Thin-diy  49 0 89.5
Preoipi'tUi m I r wojk 1.87 in.
M. Ji-kkb, Obsebvkb
A new method of swearing
witnesses has been adopted in a
Montreal court. There will be
no more kissing of the Bible, it
being necessary only for the
witness to place his hand on the
book and swear that he will tell
The reorganization of the
British military commands in the
Mediterranean, which is to take
place during this year, will result
in the creation of a new Com-
mander-in-!'hief, with a salary
of $25,000 a year. It is understood that the Duke of Con-
naught will be the first holder
of the post. The new Commander-in-Chief will have his
headquarters at Malta, with a
chief of the staff, and will be in
On April 1st the Griffin anti-
gambling law became effective in
Helena, Montana. As a result
all games of chance are strictly
tabooed. It is the first time
since the discovery of gold in
1863 that nowhere in the state
can a public game of faro, roulette, poker or dice, and even slot
machines, be found. All of the
latter were removed from cigar
stores and other establishments
Positive instructions have been
issued by the Attorney-General's
office to all peace officers that the
law will be strictly enforced.
Under its provisions such officials
will be removed if the prohibited
games continue.
J. E Menzle's Residence
From Chilliwack the Beautiful. THE FRASER ADJANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, APRIL (i, 11)07.
Henderson's Undertaking Depmt.
Liivgo mid oomnlcto lino nf UiiderUliiug ronutsiLon, Cnoltotu, Oofllna,
TriiiiniiiiRs, Burial Hoben,   Also FXRST.OIiABS HEARSE,
funeral Director, ���mbalmer and Pro>
fessional Undertaker,
lifter twenty live years experience in nrnoiioal Undertaking busiucBS
in Chilliwiick, needs mi introduction,
We have several g'ood paying farms for disposal in Chilliwack Valley....If you want to sell or exchange your property list at once with uh.
(Over new Royal Bonk tSullulnft)
Vancouver Agency
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Age��ts
Westminster Ave., VANCOUVER, H, I).
If you wish, to purchase property of A>.
any description in the Valley ot        W
the lower Fraser River
you \yiLL ��AVE JIME
(time U mono) I
by oalliiiK on
Opposite the Post Office
9 Chiliwack.
B. C. #
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
Tile remedy In tnmmn for Its cures over
alerge pert of tho clvlllzoil world. It cos
always be depended upon. It contains no
opium or other harmful ilriiK and mar bo
gWen M confidently to a bahy as to an adult
Prloe 95 cts; Largo Size, 60 eta.   ,
Stomach trouble In but a symptom of. and not
In Itself a trim disease. Wo think of DjiPepiia,
Heartburn, anil Indigestion aa real diseases, jet
they are symptoms only ot a certain specific.
Nervo sickness���nothing else.
It was this (act that first correctly led Dr. Shoop
In the creation nl that now very popular Stomach
Remedy���Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Going direct
to the stomach nerves, alone brought that success
and favor to Dr. Shoop nnil his Restorative. Without that original ami highly vltalprlnciple.no
���uch lasting accomplishments were ever to be had.
For stomach distress, bloating, biliousness, bad
breath and sallow complexion, try Dr. Shoop's
Restorative���Tablets or Liquid���and see for your,
���all what It can and will do. We sell and cheerfully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
It. 0, Mkntkn. Captain.
J. II. HARRISON, Purser.
Lr'.'ves new Inudinu every
morning nt 7:00 n, in, and 0:80 p. in.
for Harrison Station, ci miectiug with
all C. P. R. truins eiii-i aud west, arriving nt Olnlli'wn'ok nt 10:45 n.in. and
8:00 p.m , where 'bus meets nil bouts
Fin- further information 'ts to passenger nnil frei^lit rites, apply to the
purser on hoard.
The dread of responsibility is a
disease of our times.���Bismark.
As men, we are all equal in
the presence of death.
"Preventics" will promptly check a
cold or the Grippe when taken early or
at the "sneeze stage." Preventics cure
seated colds as well. Preventics are
little candy cold cure tablets, and Dr.
Shoop, Racine, Wis., will gladly mail
you samples and a book on Colds free,
if you will write him. The samples
prove their merit. Check early Colds
with Preventics and stop Pneumonia.
Sold in 5c and 25c boxes by H. J. Barber.���adv. 12-15.
A Favorite Remedy for Babies
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a favorite with the mothers of small
children. It quickly cures their coughs
and colds and prevents any danger of
pneumonia or other serious consequences: ' It not only cures croup, but when
given as soon as the croupy cough appears will prevent the attack. For sale
by H. J. Burber.-ady. 7-11.
[We do not hold ourselves responsible
for cither statements made or sentiments expressed by our correspondents
published In this column.]
The Socialists and Old Aye Pen
Editor Advance: Dr, Young
has introduced a bill into the
Provincial Legislature to endow
a Provincial University by setting
aside a million acres of land.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite objected on
the grounds that it was claw;
legislation and that the money
would be better applied to old age
pensions. Mr. Hawthornthwaite
is not consistent. The humblest
and lowliest person in British
Columbia should have an opportunity of receiving a university
education. If Mr. Hawthornthwaite really has the interests of
the people at heart he should not
obstruct legislation intended to
promote their welfare. It is to
be regretted that Mr. Hawthornthwaite is not more evenly
balanced. Many of his efforts
are worthy of more loyal members of society, and, personally,
while depreciating his action in
regard to the University Bill I
appreciate anything he can do to
secure the workers of this province, against want and discomfort in their old age, by setting
apart a portion of the Crown
As time rolls on there will be
more [need for such a provision,
as women are now entering, in
increased numbers, into the domain of labor. They are not paid
adequately for the work they
perform and it is only right
that, in their latter days, they
should be amply provided for.
The land belongs to the people
and it matters not whether anyone of the people is born a man,
or a woman, he or she, have
equal rights as far as any herit-
ance they have entered into as
British Columbians, is concerned.
In no better way can the future
of a woman, if she remain unmarried, be provided for, than
underthe old age pension scheme.
The scheme should permit of her
receiving a pension at the age of
fifty, as women need rest earlier
than men. If Mr. Hawthornthwaite is in fa'; or of the old age
pensions we certainly shall not
expect any opposition from the
Socialists when the matter is before the legislature.
Frank Richards, J. P.
Vancouver, March 27th, 1907.
My Education���I was taught
all sorts of things, and learned
all sorts of languages. By dint
of imprudence and quackery I
sometimes passed for a savant.
My head lias become a library of
odd volumes, of which I keep
the key.
My Sufferings- 1 was tormented by teachers; by tailors who
made tight dresses for me ; by
women ; by ambition ; by self-
love ; by useless regrets, and by
Memorable Epochs.���At the
age of thirty, I gave up dancing;
at forty, my endeavors to please
the fair sex ; at fifty my regard
of public opinion ; at sixty, the
trouble of thinking; and I have
become a true sage, or egotist���
which is the same thing.
Respectable Principles.���I have
never meddled in any marriages
or scandal, I have never recommended a cook or a physician,
and consequently have never attempted the life of anyone.
My Dislikes.���I had a dislike
to sots and fops, and to intriguing women, who make a game
of virtue; a disgust for affectation; pity for made-up men and
painted women; an aversion to
rats, liquors, metaphysics, and
rhubarb; and a terror of justice
and wild beasts.
Analysis of My Life.���I await
death without fear and without
impatience. My life has been a
bad melodrama on a grand stage,
where I have played the hero,
the tyrant, the lover, the nobleman, but never the valet.
My Epitaph.���Here lies, in
hope of repose, an old deceased
man with a worn-out spirit, an
exhausted heart, and a used-up
body. Ladies and gentlemen,
pass on !-The Scrap Book.
The chief clhim which Feodor
Vasilievich, Count Rostopchin,
lays upon the memory of mankind is his action when Napoleon advanced upon Moscow, of
which, at that time, Count Rostopchin was governor-general.
The ancient Muscovite capital
was the goal of the French conqueror's expedition, but he occupied the city only to have it
burned about his ears.
For the burning of Moscow
Rostopchin receives the blame or
the credit, though he himself
later denied specific responsibility.
It is known, however, that he
fired his own villa, near the city,
and surely that was an example
to be followed. Whatever the
truth on this point, the Russian
Count was a strongly marked
character, a man of original
quirks and many oddities. He
was removed from office in 1814,
and retired to Paris, where he
devoted himself to literature.
We may yet get his flavor from
his singular autobiography,
which is so brief that we print it
in full with no fear of tiring our
l*(?3.(lGl*S *
My Birth-On the 12th day of
of March, I emerged from darkness into the light of day. I was
measured, I was weighed, I was
baptized. I was born without
knowing wherefore, and my parents thanked Heaven, without
knowing for what.
One ot the Saddest Stories.
First it was a cold, neglected of course
and catarrh developed. Nothing was
done and consumption followed. Watch
the little cold, keep it from growing by
using "Catarrhozone." nothing simplier
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kindered ills. Two sizes, 35c and $1.00
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T. J. Trapp & Co.
Ciiit.v ii full line nf
. .ANII ..
Also Hardware,
Paints and Oils
Marshall Bros,, Chilliwack.
(loo L. Baker, Ladner,
It. K. Cltigstnn, Kbiirno.
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Straight Goods
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T.Gifford, The Jeweller
CAPITAL (All paid up)... .��14,400,000
RESERVE FUND $11,000,000
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.
A general banking business transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
Savims Bads Department,   ggjjjj
in sums of $1.00 and upwards, and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum
(present rate) added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $165,000,000.
Chilliwack    Branch
E. Duthie, Agent.
Subscribe for The Fraser Advance, only $1.00 per year.
Capital paid up $4,000,000
Reserve F<>nd ;,SOO,000
Eighly-iiv�� Branches throughout Canada, United tital 3 and Cuba.
Grand Forks,
New Westminster,
do (East End)
���lo Mt. Pleasant
do Granville S'
do Cordova K
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Savings Bank department
in which deposits of One Dollar and upwards tiro received. Interest added
quarterly.   General Banking business transacted.   Money orders issued.
Manager Chilliwack Branch. THE FRASER. ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, APRIL ('��, 1907,
Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.,
'Mason & Risch" Pianos
'Thomas" Organs
"Weber" Pianos
Note tlit> new mUlrcxs:
659 Granvilfe St., Vancouver
Easy Terms
if desired
belongs to the
Real Estate Firm
Cawley & Paisley.
MRSt CARVOLTH begs to inform her numerous
patrons and friends that she has now at her store a complete
stock of SPRING MILLINERY in all the latest shapes and
styles. Having secured the services of a good practical
milliner, she is prepared to execute all orders at shortest notice.
Orders Taken for Dressmaking.
1 wonder why Bonie Pas have none,
And others have so many.
It Beems the poor Pas have the most,
And rich ones haven't any.
The richest man I know in town,
Huh just one small boy only;
But Pa says, my! he pities him
In that big house so lonely,
It Boems to mo 'twould be so nice
If kids all come out even;
And when I Bsked Pa why they don't,
He said, "Bo quiet, Stephen!"
Then fam'lies all'tl have bills like Pa,
For ua live kids together,
He says, would bust a cattle man,
We wear out bo much leather.
But when the circus comes to town,
Pa's glad he has so many,
For he has more fun takin' ua
Than if he hadn't any,
My Pa Bays some day that he'll be
Too old to go on workin',
And then he hopes that none of us,
Our duty will be shirkin'.
You bet we won't!   We all love Pa,
But wouldn't it be funny
To have your father hangin' round
And askin' you for money !
I've most a quarter in my bank
To buy a bullet-moulder,
But now I think I'll save it up
For Pa when he gets older.
the couple went out, asked-"Do
you always do that, Charles ?"
"Do what ? Marry them? Oh,
yes." "No, I mean give the bride
a present." "A present! Why,
wasn't   that   her    umbrella?"
Condemns Ihe "Art" that Depicts
As the impulse of each century
is toward a kinder and less savage humanity, let us hope that in
the next hundred years our art
gasped the alderman.   "No, it will show the7e?ning"process"of
was mine, "replied the Congress- time
man sadly.-Sel.  Wai\ murder and bloodshed are
An Indorsement. still rampant in the world, yet the
A bride's mother presented her gSM l^feiS %
with a checme on Christmas Dav   p,       1�� ,them-   ,We  ar��   all
With afeSoflMXtlX ?t�� eZrieft i " *"
portance, she took it down to the ^Sg Peo^ ^ried injt
tank in which her husband had wEnCJL��M &Z tt22h?.&f &
onened an account for hpr Tho , y.,, ould we PerPetuate its
casS took the chenue then horrible scenes on canvas, or buy
handed iutk'^liteirsayiSg : ?��f*����� '�� ht"8 UP��n ��Ur
3m ?" NrSrse Afeat'     The" ornaments of our homes
eTtS bride   puzzled     'PYe " T a par!tf the mentai trainin*
acrossthe back vouknow" re' ofJour children- our domestics,
her bewilderment.    The bride Since frequent
carried the cheque to a desk, laid ' wu'l ;iOOD,,M ia +ha���a {��� _.
it face downward, and niobled inWJ?'. PSf��� wj�����*���"}***-
the pnrl of �� nen rViniierhrfniiv  "1* on a graphic representation
Thenms4atiSn cam^ and she ��f carnag!' of lookin�� at life"like
^WBer,  terment of humanity.
JL D. lMacbern,
Contractor end
Plans and Estimates furnished
ou application.
Satisfaction guarnutci d.
Chilliwack. 1$. C.
No. 19, A. K. & a. H.
The UoKUlarCommunlcat Ions ot the
Lodge aroheld In the Ma��onlo Hall, Chilliwack
on the Fridav on or before the Full Moon of
every month. Sojourning brethron aiecordi
ally invlt.d to attend.
I. JOHNSON, w.M. J. H, Suart. Seo
electric Railway ���o.��d.
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave each terminus at S'50 a m.
and 6:50 a.m. and halt hourly thereafter until 11pm
We run ttrst-class freight cars between
Westminster and Vancouver, sad all
shipments are handled with the utmost
care and delivered to consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipments.
Our wagons meet all boats and trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
'frame Mgr, Local Mgr,
Westminster. B. G.
Subscribe for The Advance.
I. O. E\
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
R. C. Menten, C. R.
W. C. Bearcroft, R. S.
Punishment to Fit the Crime.
When Congressman Small was
a young lawyer he was once
arguing a case before a country
magistrate. "Why," said Air.
Small, "the man at the bar,
Jones, would just as soon kill me
right here before your faces as
The old magistrate slowly took
out his spectacles, put them on,
and peered over to get a good
look at the desperate Jones. Then
he pointed his finger at him, and
said, "You, Bill Jones, if you kill
John H. Smith here before me
I'll fine you one dollar and fifty
cents for contempt of court, durn
my soul if I don't!"���Woman's
Home Companion.
The realistic in literature, in
the descriptions of scenes of vice,
or murder, may serve a useful
purpose as the plot proceeds and
unfolds the mechanism of cause
and effect.
There can be no purpose in a
Book as realistic picture of brutality and
A Model for Modern Ministers.
Dean Swift is credited with
having  preached   the shortest
sermon on record.   The story is
told in the April Scrap
On one occasion he delivered a What good end is attained by
charity sermon, eloquent and im- blemishing our fair walls with
pressive, but so long that it tired the picture of a dying deer, seized
many of his hearers and so hurt by a pack of hounds, or two wild
the contribution. As he was to beasts tearing each other to
deliver another shortly afterward atoms, or a frenzied bull goring a
in another church, the local au- horse, while the bull is pierced
thorities were apprehensive of by the spear of a human monster,
disastrous results, and dropped or two men bruising each other
hints to the effect that if the in the prize-ring, or dying men
sermon were too long the amount and horses flung in horror heaps
of the collection might suffer, upon the battlefield ?
All these things occur, and it
is terrible enough that they do,
and that we must read aboui
them and hear the details.   Bui
Telephone 829 P. 0. Drawer 932
Bird ty Brydoii'Jack
J. Edward Bird.    A. Brydon-Jack.
324 Hastings St. West,
A High-Class Hotel at Moderate Rates.
Be sure and see its advantages before
making arrangements elsewhere.
Rates: American Plan 01.25 and upwards per da.v. European Plan (Rooms
only) 50c to 01.50 per day.
'Bus absolutely free.
Sash and Door Factory.
Window and Door Jambs
Mouldings, Casings, Picket Fencing
Sash and Doors to order
STREET BROS. Chilliwack. B.C.
The Bride's Wedding Present.
A Congressman on a visit to
New York the other day called
on an old friend, an alderman,
down town. While they were
chatting an Italian couple came
in and asked in broken English
if the alderman would unite them
in marriage.' The alderman performed the ceremony, and, after
accepting the modest fee, politely handed the bride an umbrella.
The Congressman observed the
proceedings gravely, and, after
Dean Swift merely smiled and
"I won't tire them this time."
Ascending the pulpit, he looked
down upon a crowded congrega- why should we perpetuate then
tion eager to hear the famous in art for unborn generations t(
wit and preacher, and announced gaze upon?-Ella Wheeler Wilcoj
his text���"He that giveth to the in Our Dumb Animals,
poor lendeth to the Lord." 	
"Now, my friends," he began,      Rheumatic sufferers can have a fre
"you have heard the terms of the ^"P1? of  Dr.   Shoop's   Rheumati
loan.   If you are satisfied with
Remedy with book on Rheumatism b
simply writing Dr. Shoop, Racine. Wis
This book will explain how Dr. Shoop'
Rheumatics remedy snccessfully driv<
rheumatism out of the blood.    Th
the   security,   down  with the
Then he turned and descended        , .
the pulpit without another word. %���?VJ {\ot 5 **$& ��n'y-, S
The congregation saw the point, SSSM?** <*.*
and the collection was a phenomenal one.
posions, and
die a natural
aims t
then Rheumatism tmu
death.   Sold by H.   .
I deceive all   diplomats  by    When we pause to think,
telling them the truth.���Bismark often miss our opportunity.
As a Man Eateth
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the deliciousness and sustaining strength of
Bread made from
Mofiet's 'Best' Flour
Best is strong in gluten���the vital essence of wheat. ���
It's very richness lends a creamy appearance to it so different from that of ordinary dead white flours. In ordering
flour from your grocer, ask for Moffet's "BEST."
The Columbia Ffouring Miffs Co., Ltd.
Enderby, B. C
Ecezma, Tetter, Salt Rheum, ltd
Ring Worm, Herpes, Barbers' itch
All of these diseases are attended I
intense itching, which is almost instan
ly relieved by applying Chamberlain
Salve, and by its continued use ��� pe
manent cure may be effected. It ha
in fact, cured many cases that had i
sisted other treatment. Price 25c p
box. For sale by H. J. Barber-adv7-'
Not the people of the citit
but the people of the count
make a nation.���Bismark.
Land Registry Act.Re West
acres of Lot 433, Group II, New We
minster District. A Certificate of Im
feasible Title to the above property y
be issued to Robert Hamilton on I
6th day of May, 1907, unless in i
meantime a valid objection thereto
made to me in writing by a person
persons claiming an estate or inter
therein, or in any part thereof. C.
Keith, District Registrar of Titl
Land Registry Office, New Westminst
B. C, 25th March, 1907.
The person or persons having in tt
custody or possession the follow
Title Deeds relating to the said prot
ty are requested to deliver the sam*
the undersigned. 20th June, 1891. Sa
Bowes to Christopher W. Ford. C
veyance in fee. Justinian Pelly, Sol
tor for Applicant.���11-15
A newly married man may
willing to attend his wii
church, but he continues to v
A Journal of Optimism and Helpful-
ni'ss, especially devoted to the interims of the Fraser Valley,
Published every Saturday morning at
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
B. C.
Single copies
���   $1.00 per yenr
lie. each
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will bo inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Advertising rates on application
All matter intended for publication,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0, Box 296, Chilliwack,
J. BU1HT MOUGAN, - Editor and Proprietor.
Perhaps no piece of legislation
in recent years, either provincial
or federal, has occasioned more
widespread interest or more
general discussion than the
Lord's Day Act which came into
effect throughout the Dominion
on March 1st. Whatever may
be our political prejudices or religious convictions, there can be
little difference of opinion as to
the desirability of having some
sort of Sunday legislation. Xo
well balanced, sensible man, who
is loyal to his country's best interests, can desire to see the time
honored and divinely established
institution of one rest day in
seven lightly set aside. From
the standpoint of the state the
question is not, however, one of
religion, but rather a question
of the maintenance of those
orderly conditions within its
bonk is which secure to its
citizens the largest measure of
personal liberty, which minister
most generally to the highest interests of all and which contribute most largely and effec-
tfvelyto its own preservation.
In some of the older countries of
the world a spirit of mediaeval
ecclesiasticism may lead men still
to cling to the tottering anachronism of organic union between religion and statecraft.
but such incongruous relations
are not tolerated on this western
continent. By no process of
logic can interference with the
religious faith or practice of the
individual be shown to be a
function of the state. So generally
and so absolutely has this principle been accepted by the people
that there is no longer occasion'
for argument in order to estabish
its soundness. It only remains
for us fearlessly, faithfully, and
conscientiously to apply it to
every case which may present
itself for adjudication.
Assuming, then, the tenability
of this position, the vital question in connection with the new
Sunday law must be, do the requirements of this Act trench upon the rights and liberties of the
individual? We believe that
there is a very general feeling
throughout this province, at
least, that they do, and we believe that to this feeling, quite as
much as to an inordinate greed
for gain, is due the opposition
which has developed west of the
Rockies to an enforcement of the
Act. A careful analysis of the
second section of the act, which
constitutes the gist of the entire
chapter, will show what justification there is, if any, for this
feeling.   It reads as follows :���
"It shall not be lawful for any
person on the Lord's Day, except
as provided herein or in any provincial Act or law now or here-.
after in force, to sell or offer for
sale or purchase any goods, chattels, or other personal property,
or any real estate, or to carry on
or transact any business of his
ordinary calling, or in connection with such calling, or for
gain, to do or employ any other
person to do, on that day, any
work, business or labor."
i,, the words of The Lord's
Day Advocate, "This section is
very sweeping, It applies to not
only iiiiiiiutiiTbut mental laborers.* No class is exempt. It prohibits n it only the work of one's
ordinary calling, but any work
done for gain. Just so, but the
enquiry will arise in the average
mind whether it is not a trine
too sweeping. In so far as its
design is to prevent individual or
corporate greed from coercing
the laborer to work seven days
in the week, or to prevent any
person or persons from so pursuing their regular vocations on
the Sabbath as to become a
menace to the rights and liberties of others, or to treat every
class in the community with the
same even handed justice, it will
receive the hearty endorsement
of all intelligent and right-thinking citizens. Rut by what right,
human or divine, does tha state
assume to enter the sacred precincts of a man's private life and
say that his hands and his brain
shall alike refrain on Sunday
from those activities which engage their energies during the
other six days of the week. We
maintain that every man has an
inherent and God given right to
exercise his own powers whenever, wherever and however he
may elect, so long as he does not
trespass upon the similarrights
of his fellows. Within these limitations the individual is supreme and across their borders
no authority on earth, whether
ecclesiastical or legislative, may
venture without committing
an unpardonable and indefensible trespass. To Deity alone
remains the right to enforce His
own laws in His own ways within these sacred precincts. No
good end has ever been served
by the over-zealous incursions of
mankind into this realm, however pious of purpose they may
have been. In short, neither
piety or religion can be created
by legislative enactment. While,
therefore, we will not yield second
place to anybody in loyalty to
the Divine institution of the
Sabbath, we cannot but regret
the unfortunate wording of a
measure, whose authors must be
credited with the fullest measure
of sincerity and earnestness.
In conclusion, and apart from
political bias, we must express
our sympathy with the Attorney-
General of this province in the
peculiarly trying position in
which he finds himself placed in
connection with the enforcement
of the new law, No valid reason
has yet been adduced for Section
15 of the Act in question, which
provides that "no action or
prosecution for a violation of
this Act shall be commenced
without the leave of the Attorney-General for the province
in which the offence is alleged to
have been committed." No other
law on the statute books contains such a provision. Why
this, unless it be, as the opponents of the Ottawa administration suggest, for the purpose of
shuffling the responsibility of administering an unpopular
measure off upon other shoulders?
If Sabbath Day legislation is
ultra vires of the provincial
authorities, why should ihe latter
be saddled with the onus of
saying whether a Federal measure, in whose enactment they can
have no voice, shall become effective or remain a dead ietter? To
say the least the situation is unfortunate and one not calculated
to foster good feeling between
the federal and provincial
It begins to look as though
Chilliwack would soon don tne
dignities .of city-hood. Nearly a
year ago a largely signed petition on which appeared the names
of nearly every property owner
within the proposed limits of the
new corporation was prepared,
and all the other neivtssary pre-
liiuininary steps taken to fulfil
the requirements of the Municipal Clauses Act governing such
cases. Hut there have been delays ut several stages of the
work, occasioned chiefly by the
difficulty in getting busy men
on the committee to perforin gratuitous service. At; last, however,
it looks as though the goal
were near. S. A, Cawley, who is
chairman of the Citizen's Committee, started for Victoria, on
Thursday morning armed with
all the necessary data and documents to put the matter finally
and fully before the Attorney-
General. Unless some unforseen
difficulty should arise, the prayer
of the petitioners is likely to be
granted within the next few days,
and with the bursting of buds
and the bloom of spring flowers,
our hitherto unchristened burg
will burst forth in all the glories
of an incorporated city. "The city
of Chilliwack" will certainly
sound scrumptious, and then let
the town of Vancouver and the
village of New Westminster look
to their laurels. We gave them
and the sleepy hamlet of Victoria
fair and timely warning that the
metropolis of the Fraser Valley
will soon be in the race for the
premier place among the cities
of British Columbia.
Do You Want to Make
If so, you have the first opportunity to buy LOTS
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(The Nowell Estate)
For the small investor these lots are the best and
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our Vancouver, New Westminster or Chilliwack
Prices,   from $250  to  $300  per   lot,   (66x132).
Terms, J cash; balance 6 and 12 months.
F. J. HART & CO., Ltd.
The recently announced decision of Premier McBride to go to
London shortly in the interests
of British Columbia's claim to
better terms, has been the signal
forafresh outburst of pleasantry
from the Opposition press. Home
of us remember the facetiousness
of these same knights of the quill
prior to the last election, and
would gently remind them that
"he laughs best who laughs last."
Don't worry, brethern, Dick can
take care of himself as well in
London as he did last year at
Ottawa or as lie did on Feb. 2nd,
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Our Line of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades, etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia.
We can save money for any farmer or townsman in the Fraser Valley    Prices
talk and a fair comparison will convince you that our claim is
justified. Give us a trial.  Correspondence solicited.
Telephone 73. Dupont Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Messrs. J. A. Coatham and
Geo. I. Thornton, our new Inspector of Fruit Pests are busily
engaged in their respective
duties. The appointments have
fallen into capable hands and ere
long a marked improvement will
be noticeable in the local orchards.
Since Rev. Mr. Crosby returned from Eastern Canada he has
become acquainted with the
gregarious nature of the Hindu.
The reverend gentleman has a
small garden patch which he
wanted spaded. A gang of the
men of the East came along and
in his usual demonstrative way
the Indian Missionary tried to
engage one of them. Neither
English, Indian nor Chinook
prevailed in making them understood that one, for a few
hours work, not eight, was required. To end the parley all
went to work seven in the garden patch and one, crowded out,
was told off to work at a job
near by. For a while standing
room was limited, but the work
was soon finished.
Master Duncan McMartin, who
has been undergoing an operation at Hillside Hospital, Vancouver, returned hame, last week.
A serious accident; befel one of
the workmen at the Crossing a
few days ago. He was working
at the lower side of a big log
which unexpectedly started rolling down hill and passed complete-
HAYING purchased the business of the H. A. Edgett
Co., at Abbotsford, we take this opportunity of
thanking our customers for the patronage extended to that firm during the past year and hope
to merit a continuance of the same generous treatment by
conducting a fair, honest business, and selling only the best
goods at prices consistent with quality.
B. C.
ly over the unfortunate man leaving him in a very precarious condition.
One of the most important
happenings of the week was the
Carman S. S. Concert which has
become a fixed Easter anniversary. That it is popular was
evidenced by an audience which
completely packed the building,
in fact many were unable to gain
admittance and had to go away.
Much of the success must be attributed to Mrs. E. A. Wells and
the Misses C. E. Stevenson,
Caroline Knight, and Pearl E.
Pearson who had charge of the
programme. The costuming
was better than in former years
and good judgment had been ex-
cerised in choosing speakers and
singers who were able to make
themselves distinctly heard. Especially was this noticeable in the
dialogues. The programme was
quite lengthy and we would hardly like to trespass on the generosity of The Advance to insert
it here in full. Suffice to say
that every part was well .taken.
We would like to suggest before
closing that a fixed rule should
be adopted in connection wjth
Children's evening entertainments, that when the programme
presented is ample no performer
should be subject to encores. It
would be also well for public
safety to have better means of
egress provided for the building.
An incipient fire at any stage of
the proceeding would have been
attended with results most disastrous.
A. 0. Stewart, Inspector
of Schools, visited Maple Ridge
District last week.
J. Moore, who has been
visiting friends in Seattle, returned last Saturday.
The body of C. W. King, who
was drowned over a week ago,
was found on Wednesday last.
J. H. Heaps made a business
trip to Vancouver last week.
At a largely attended meeting of the
congregation of the Methodist Church
on Thursday night, it was unanimously
decided to proceed at once with the
erection of their proposed new church
building. The edifice will be a handsome frame structure with brick
veneer, and will cost $10,000. * The
brick will ke supplied from the Clay-
burn Works of the Vancouver Fireclay
Co. at Matsqui. The architect's plans
and specifications have already Men
prepared and accepted; and we hope to
be able soon to present a cut of the exterior vieW of the new building to our
readers i
Do the Clothes Wake the Wan?
Yes; to a certain extent a man is judged by the clothes he wears.
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C. W. Munro, M.L.A., spent the
Easter Recess at home.
New and elegant line of Table Glassware just opened at Ashwell's. See
their display up-stairs.    Adv 12-13
T. H. Jackson went down to the
coast yesterday morning.
New Wall Papers 1907 designs. Be
sure and see Ashwell's sample book of
wall paper before buying.  Adv 12-13
Rev. J. F. Henderson, D.D., of New
Westminster, attended a meeting of
the Presbytery here last Tuesday evening in Cook Presbyterian Church.
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Grocery   Adv 12-13
The ownership of the Commercial
Hotel was transferred this week into
the hands of Chas. Hatch.
The purchase was made from
D. B. Hall and the consideration reported to have been in the
vicinity of $6000.
The pulpit of Cook Presbyterian
Church was occupied last Sunday by Dr.
Nugent, medical missionary to Central
India, now in this country on furough.
Dr. Nugent has beeu induced by the
Minsterial Association of the coast to
devote himself while here to work
among the Hindus.
Fill your Perfect Pantry from afresh
stock of Groceries, Spices and Cereals
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Best Rice 6c lb; Pastry Flour $1.50 per
sack. Bring your eggs aud fresh dairy
butter we pay highest market price for
the good article.   Adv. 12-13
It is not often in this law-abiding
community that it becomes necessary
to make complaint on account of the
abuse of dumb animals. Unfortunately,
however, we are not entirely free from
representatives of that vicious class of
people who seem to take an inhuman
delight in the exercise of their superior
strength and intelligence to wantonly
torture the humbler creation. A case
in point has just been reported to us
It seems that an inoffensive little dog,
which somehow strayed into the town
during the winter from some unknown
quarter, has been availing himself of
the friendly shelter of a kind-hearted
lady's premises. A couple of days ago
the little animal came tearing into its
adopted home howling with pain and
terror, and bearing a tin can tied to his
tail. Examination revealed the further
fact that his sufferings had been intensified by a liberal application of turpentine. If the fiend who perpetrated this
brilliant bit of cruelty could be located
���and his identity is strongly suspected
���he would likely prove to be the same
individual who has from time to time
poisoned dogs in the community. Just
what form of punishment should be
meted out to such characters it is not
easy to suggest, but in our opinion the
pillory or the whipping post would prove
the most effective remedies for such
dastardly cowardice.
Paint, Paint, Paint makes the old
house look new; makes the old fashioned
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ras nror
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Victorious Through Merit.
OXYDONOR irlnrnph- Ihrouah merit
rm' soars it him tit'un iho llfo K ant of
lliort) l Ii in li mill,(Hi eerMtWH. It Iri I Ins flu
Imdhneiit of iho IiIkIii'vi. luw known 10
luiiiru, woleneu In it Im inneenlrn eil iho
oxporlii'i, 0 of Iho xroalost. sulonlNt. of Iho
auo. 0 la or nf love for humanity.
Sonili'T iiKuhey for liiin tli naMO nmny
flitthflll    flHtlllllH��� 1IIIJU)   O llltr   llOri,-|VIH   Ml
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���in ; niHOiioraios, roluvlsomU'sand
1   . KM ovary urwin into iho proper <)l��-
 ,, of tho fiiiiniion for whlolj nut 11��� In
. mini  ilu"n.      lis una hitn^s  vIkoious
Imiillh wtli nil tho physlmil nativity ilml
makre life worth HvlnK.
No mattor what diurnal] you have, this In h only natural euro for li, I hero In nn dan|��or,
nonnln, nnilorioriuii modlelne In using OXYDONOR.
It will la-tii iltolimo and ��orvo tho vrholo family. dl'INI) To 11 VY (,ir hook Y, in tiled
froo,   Write ui 11 ilusci'inllon of your otiso,
Mr. Jhh. Anson, Ittwdnnd, H.O.. (Jan., wrllon, March II. 1001: "domo lli'u rear* into I got Oxydonor Cor my wife who wassutl'oriiig from fardftlo wo'.kni'M, After a wook's uno the dowlor
himself was surprised to Hml such 11 change. In f .mt. It was enough to iiulnro him 11 got an uxy-
donor for his Mlat,p. ' ���
"A short time ago ray wlfo hud a" attack of Infllimtria orjr tlicinnnll in. Bhocould not
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censed, mid nexi inoiiiing there w,m very ill tie swelling, ��nrt >lm could walk as well us ever.
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Tho genuine has the name of "Or. H. Sanrhe & Co." plainly stumped In Us metal purls.
Dr H, SAXOHK & Co.,    364 St. Uiitliiirinu St. Went, Montreal.
If You Are Not Preparing
For your spring work you ought to be, and just to jog
your memory that Spring really is coming, we thought
we would talk a little tilling machinery to you. Plows
and Harrows, Manure Spreaders and such like. Of
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WalworMolston Co., Ltd.
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Carriages, Wagons, Harness, etc.
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Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
1 keep nothing but llrstclam turnouts. Good
Saddle horses, oic. 'Bus meets' all boats. Gov
ered singo leaves for McDonald's Landing
every morning at 8:9(1 o'clock, connocting with
etr. Mlnto, which omnocts with all C. P. H.
.rains east and woe t
Livery Stable
Up -to- Date    in
Every Parficufar
Ed.R88C6, cwww��cfc,��.c.
One thoroughbred Jersey cow due to
calve about March 1st.   Apply to
For Catarrh,  let me send you free,
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H. J. Barber.-adv. 12-15
consciousness is a ray of the universal consciousness and can not
be destroyed." It frankly
"brushes aside many of the
most familiar dogmas still
taught from the pulpit. We be-
over the movement lieve that the story of the fall in
"New   Theology," the literal sense is untrue," and
The New Theology In Great Britain
The   great agitation felt in
theological circles in Great Bri
tain lately,
called   the
with a chief spokesman in the that "the very imperfection of
person of Rev. R. J. Campbell of the world today is due to God's
City Temple, is already snowing will  and is a working out of
signs of abatement, at least as Himself with its purpose, a pur-
far as newspaper discussion is
concerned. To what extent it
will continue to claim attention
in the pulpits of the country remains to be seen ; it is reported,
however, that the league which
was, in the excitement of the
moment,   formed   to give   the
movement encouragement
doing no propagandist work,
is remaining entirely inactive.
After reading carefully the
fairly lengthy extracts of Mr.
Campbell's written manifesto,
quoted from the London Daily
pose not wholly hidden  from
Mr. Campbell goes on to repudiate as a false view "the doctrine of sin which holds us blameworthy for deeds that we cannot help." "Sin is simply selfishness."   "We reject wholly,"
is he says, "the common interpre-
but tation of atonement, that another
is beaten for our fault. We believe not in a final judgment,
but in a judgment that is now
Every sin involves suffering,
Always Keeps Chamberlain's Couqh
Remedy In His House
"We would not be without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is kept on
hand continually in our home," says W.
W. Kearney, editor of the Independent,
Lowry City, Mo. That is just what
every family should do. When kept at
hand ready for instant use, a cold may
be checked at the outset and cured in
much less time than after it has become
settled in the system. This remedy is
also without a peer for croup in children, and will prevent the attack when
given as soon as the child becomes
hoarse, or even after the croupy cough
appears, which can only be done when
the remedy is kept at hand. For sale
by H. J. Barber.-adv. 7-11.
Mail by the Literary Digest, also suffering which can  not be re-
extended reports of a sermon or mitted by any work of another,
two  by  Mr.  Campbell dealing When a deed is done, its conse-
directly with the same subject, quences are eternal.
we   were   lead   to regard the     "We believe Jesus is and was
theories in the nature of a theo- divine, but so are we."
logical freak not calculated to     Among the many distinguished
deeply or permanently affect the divines and scholars who have,
trend of   Christain    teaching, as we think,   commented con-
There appears little really 'new' vincingly against this New The-
in the ideas, except the unusual ology, is Dr. Joseph Agar Beet,
grouping   of doctrines,  which whose name and works are fam-
hitherto have not been considered iliar to many of our readers,
as correlated.   As we first read From a recent article we quote
the manifesto to an   intimate the following paragraph on ons
friend, before an evening fire- of the most vital points involved.
side, we remarked that it seemed Dr. Beet says:
to bring together a bit of Unitar-     ' 'A conspicuous feature of Mr.
ianism and a sprinkling of Theos- Campbell's manifesto is the ab-
ophy, and this criticism, we now sence  of any appeal    to   the
see, is voiced by many other and teaching of Christ as this  may
more competent minds than our be inferred with certainty from
own.   As a great admirer of the the Four Gospels and the expo-
late Dr. Parker, whom we knew sitions given   by the   various
personally, we have always been writers of the New Testament,
sympathetically attracted to his Indisputably the infinite change
brilliant young successor at the wrought by Christianity in the
City Temple.   He holds a most world is due to His teaching as
remarkable position as a popular re-echoed by His immediate fol-
preacher,   but   while intensely lowers.   It is therefore of prime
earnest, and greatly gifted, he importance to reproduce    this
appears to be of erratic tempera- teaching.   Instead of  this, Mr.
ment which has not yet found a Campbell gives us a long list of
settled theological basis.   We by matters which he and his corn-
no means depreciate the idea of panions 'believe,' i.e,.,  a new
progressive    religious   thought creed.   In a sermon preached
but not everything which is pro- last    Thursday   at    the    City
claimed as new need necessarily Temple, he says, in reference to
be   accepted    as   progressive, the atonement:    "Paul's opinion
Anything which claims the right on  this great subject is sup-
to displace old doctrines in the posed to be decisive.   * * * But
theological as in the   scientific it is not so.    Paul's opinion is
world must at least account for simply Paul's opinion, and not
the visible facts of life as ade- necessarily infallible, although it
quately as that which it claims to is to be considered weighty.' He
supersede.   We cannot reproduce seems to have forgotten that in
here all that Mr. Campbell says teaching that our pardon comes
the New Theology means, but he through the costly   means of
tells us "the starting point  *   * Christ's death, and that for this
is belief in the immanence of end He willingly laid down his
God and the essential oneness of life���and this is the doctrine of
God and man.   The word 'God' the Asonementin its simplest
stands for the infinite reality form���Paul's   teaching is con
whence all things proceed. Every firmed conspicuously by each of
one, even the most uncomprising the Four Gospels, the Epistle to
Materialist believes in this reality, the Hebrews,  the First Epistles
The New Theology, in common of Peter and of John,  and the
with    the     whole   scientific Book of Revelation.    This corn-
world, believes that the finite bined testimony, contrasted with
universe is one aspect or expres- the teaching prevalent among
sion of that reality; but it thinks the Jews before Christ appeared,
of it or him as conscious rather is decisive proof that this teach-
than a blind force, thereby dif- ing,   which   has moulded   all
fering from some scientists.  Be- Christian   thought and    song,
lieving this,  we   believe   that came actually from   His lips,
there is thus no real distinction Any 'New Theology' which does
between humanity and Deity, not take account of this 'Atone-
Our being is the same as God's, ment'is self-condemned."
although our consciousness of it    Mr. G. K. Chesterton says that
is limited.   We see the revelation Mr. Campbell "only asks us to
of God in everything around us.   give up a theelogy that doesac-
The New Theology looks upon count  for the visible facts in
evil as a negstive rather than a favor    of    a    theology    that
positive term.   *   *   *   Pain is doesn't."    Two things  helped
the effort of the spirit to break doubtless to intensify the agita-
through the limitations which it tion caused by the announce-
feels to be evil." ment of these "new" doctrines:
He goes on to say that the One, the fact that they have
New Theology believes itself in been proclaimed, not as for-
harmony with the development merly by those outside the
of modern science, and is in sym- Christian churches, but by a dis-
pathy with scientific criticism of tinguished minister inside the
the Bible with the same freedom church; and the other, that the
any other book might be criti- great popularity and gifts of this
mBaA   It "believes in the im-chief advocate, coupled with the
marked, as a megaphone to carry
and increase the sound.��� i
Methodist Recorder.
GHiHwbcH Post Office
nflloe hours, 8 lo 10.00.
OnPtatulory Holidays the Olllco Is opened
from 18 lo III,
Havings Hank and Money  Order hustnoss
closes nt I8.IKI
Malls oloso nt'.'.' iki dally for nil purls,
For convenience of those having lock boxes
the olllco donr Is not looked nnl II M.IK).
Tho office is 0 osod on Sundays.
8 Mkm.akii l'ostmaiter,
Municipal C euncil
Reeve���F. O Kluki'iisli.
Councillors���K. IMflslev Burrow, T.
II. .laekson. ,1. A Kviiiis, ,1, II. Ashwell,
Oao.tiooil, I'  II. Wilson.
Clink it 11 it Hiilloliiir���Juallnltiu I'elly.
Assessor-Joseph Si'iilt.
Onlleotnr��� U  \V. (Jhniltev,
Medical Health OH I'���,j,0, Mender-
son, M.H., CM,
Chief of Pollo'J-G, A.Ctilblok.
m sh
K*v. It. K.Slillnmn, Pastor.
Kni'vlocH everv Sunday hi II tt.ni. ami
7:80 p m Sunday School til !l:(i�� p.m.
Kpwnrlh l.i'ttL'tiK every Monday nt 8 ��..
in, Prayer Mention every 'i'hundnV
at 8 p m. T
CARMAN CHUKCH-Dlvine sorvice
every Suntlny nl 'l.di) p m.
Rev, II. .1 Roliiitsini, U.A., Pastor
Services811 uilhv hi II a in. and 7:80 p.m
Sunday School in iit.i afternoon at 3:80
Prayer Meeting every Thursday even
iiiE tit 8 o'clock. Undies' Aid every
second Thursday nt 8 p.tn. Oirls' MU
stop Band every second Friday at 4 p.m
Suntlny sen-ires nt 11 n m. and 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School In the nfieriioon at 2:80.
Young People's Prayer Meeting everv
Monday nt 8 p 111, Praver MeWlng 011
Thprsihv evci inn nt 7:8o o'clock.
*^ Rev. Mark Jukes, Vicar,
Stipdny services���.Writing prayer npd
sermon 11 a. ui.j Eyen song and ser-
mtui nl 7 p.m. Sunday .chrpl at 9:45
a.m. Holy Cotumupioh���8 h. m. 3rd
Sunday in the month. 11 a.in lsl Sun-
dnv in the moplh. Bible Class *Hch
week op Wednesday ut 8 p. in. in the
Rat kh: ���American
Plan $1.25 per day
and upwards	
A good livery in connection with the
Empire Hotel
Cor. Hastings and Columbia Ave.
American Plan, $1.50 and$2.00 per day.
European (Rooms only) 76c up per day.
The only Auto Bus in the City,
meets all trains and boats.
mortality of the soul, but only on prominent pulpit he occupies,
the ground that every individual have served, as Mr.  Stead re-
Rainier Cafe.
When you go to Vancouver get your lunch
at the New Rainier Cafe
and see the prettiest
Cafe on the Pacific
Coast. Meals and lunches at all hours. Open
day and night.
309 Cordova Street
W. O. HOLTZ,    -    Proprietor.
303 Hastings St. West �����
Next the Arcade, VANCOUVER, B.C.
V. V. VINSON, Prop.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited
Struck by Lightning. *
Neatly describes the celerity of Put *
nam's Corn Extractor.   Roots corns out  I
in short order.   Causes no pain, leaves
no scar, and gives perfect satisfaction.
Remember there fa only one "best"
-tot's Putnam'a-flfty years in use. lV
The exclusive choice of those
most prominent on the world's
list of good dairymen. Sold
on the guarantee of unqualified superiority.
The De Laval Separator Go.
14-16 Princess St., Winnipeg.
New York
San Francisco
D. E. Stevenson, Agent for Chilliwack District.
Plows, Drag Harrows, Disc Harrows,
Single Disc Drills, Shoe Drills,
Hoe Drills and Cultivators.
Farm and Garden Hand Seed Drills and Cultivators.
Small & Bucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
Select Your Medicine With Care.
In debility and weakness medicine
should be mild and far-reaching. Many
pills and purgatives are too harsh, are
drasti: instead of curative. Excesssive
action is always followed by depression,
and knowing this, Dr. Hamilton devised
, his pills of Mandrake and Butternut so
as to mildly increase liver and kidney
activity, flush out the elementary canal,
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Dr. Hamilton's Pills eliminate poisons
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restorer of health-sleep. Best medicine on earth, 25; per box at all deal-
I era,-Adv. 12.
Be a Strong Man
Increase your vitality and nerve
energy, restore vim and force to your
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port, N. B., who writes: "I can say
Ferrozone has given me a new lease of
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nothiug compares with Ferrozone, 50c
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Among the! An-ko-me-nums of the
Pacific Coast.
There has just come to our
table from the publishers, William Briggs, Toronto, a neat
little volume of nearly 250 pages
bearing the above title. A community which knows the author
so well as do the people of the
Fraser Valley, need not be told
that this book is one which will
hold the interest of the reader
from the title page to the close
of the last chapter.
Mr. Crosby's well known
fascination of speech, both as a
conversationalist and as an
orator, is equally in evidence in
the written narrative and carries
the reader along from page to
page, tempting him to finish the
entire volume at a sitting. The
authors style is simple and
natural, direct and earnest, and
delightfully free from any artificial attempt at rhetorical effect.
There is no redundancy of speech
and the reader is never wearied
by side excursions or prolonged
dissertations so common to many
authors Mr. Crosby has something to tell and tells it.
The book opens with an appreciative introduction by Dr. A.
Sutherland, Secretary of Foreign
Missionsof the Methodist Church
of Canada. Then follows the
authors presentation of the
people about whom he is to
write, "the An-ko-me-nums, a
branch of the great Salish or
Flathead family of Indians,
whose territory is that part of
the Pacific Coast now known as
Northern Oregon, Washington
and Southern British Columbia."
Briefly sketching the history of
the religious life of these people,
he proceeds without delay to tell
the story of his twelve years of
unbroken labor among them.
British Columbians who know
the ground traversed by the
missionary during these years
and who understand the conditions under which his work
was done, can most fully appreciate the heroic toils of this pioneer preacher. And yet he
never assumes the pose of a hero
but tells his story simply and
modestly. The book should
have a large sale both east and
west���in the east because of
the reliable information which
it gives of British Columbia and its aboriginal inhabitants,
and in the west on account of
strong local colour. Especially
should every home in Chilliwack
possess a copy, because of the
space which is devoted to this
place as well as of the fact that
the author is one of our honored
citizens. A goodly number of
the excellent half-tone cuts which
adorn the pages of this book are
of local subjects includingpotrait
of the author, the first Protestant church in the Chilliwack
valley, Coqualeetza Institute, a
group of Coqualeetza students,
Skowkale church and Skowkale
mission people.
Mr. Crosby's well known enthusiasm respecting the marvellous resources and mighty
possibilities of his adopted Province finds expression in a brief
concluding chapter from which
we quote the following paragraph :--
"The future for British Columbia looks very bright, with four
transcontinential railways seeking entrance through her unopened valleys and stretches of
uplandjto ports on her magnificent shore line; with a climate
unexcelled for variety, from the
clear, bracing, dry climate of
the interior to the mild, humid
climate of the coast; with her
abundant resources of timber,
minerals, fish, farm and orchard;
with the ever-widening market
of the Orient, as well as in the
great North-West provinces, for
her products, she must speedily
take her place as the imperial
province of our great Dominion."
In conclusion the author expresses the hope that he may
have the privilege of telling of
his twenty-five years among tbe
Indians of the north in
another book.
We understand that the present volume may be had from H.
.!. Barber, Chilliwack. The price
Is $1.85.
When You Are Introduced,
"When she is being presented
to an older woman, a lady should
rise, but she keeps her seat
when a younger woman or a man
is presented to her. A hostess,
however, always rises and offers
her hand to all her guests. Upon
receiving an introduction it is
not necessary to say anything at
all, such as 'how do you do,
'pleased to meet you,' etc. A
woman may smile and bow her
acknowledgment, unless she
wishes to show special friendliness, when she extends her
hand. Men usually shake hands
with each other. It is a mistake
to embarras a lady by leading
her about a room and presenting
her thus to a roomful of people.
If there be a small group of
people, the hostess then may say,
after greeting her, 'Mrs. Black,
let me present Miss Brown, Miss
Elsie Brown, Captain White and
Doctor Green.' Men should
always be taken to a lady to be
introduced. In her own home a
hostess may introduce as she
pleases, everyone to everyone
else, but it is always well to remember, at other places, such as
large balls, receptions or indiscriminate gatherings of any kind,
that we must consult the wishes
of others before giving introductions. As the introducer is always responsible for the person
presented, much care should be
taken in this respect, and the
possibility of thrusting upon another an unwelcome acquaintance
avoided. A lady's permission
must always be asked before
presenting to her a man who
wishes to make her acquaintance.
Of course, there are exceptions
to all rules and at small, informal
dances among young people who
know each other well, girls and
boys freely introduce their friends
without asking permission."���
New Idea Woman's Magazine
for May.
Rheumatic sufferers can have a free
sample of Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Remedy with book on Rheumatism by simply writing Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis.
This book will explain now Dr. Shoop's
Rheumatic Remedy successfully drives
Rheumatism out of the blood. This
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clear the blood entirely of Rheumatic
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-adv. 12-15
Seeds, Trees, Plants!
NO Medio*! plun.ii NO pltioii apploi,
no oqblsu ooro -jmt ola ralmbTo
variolic* <U raaaonftbiO prison,
FcrtltlicPH Bee 6up|>llc��
Spray Pumpn
Wppiijluft Mnterlnl        Cut Flowers
Etc.. Htc.
Oldest e'tabllihcd ouwery on (he ^
MnLtilunri cf P. C,        ''umloKiH' Freo.    -
Greonlio\iHO:-.'IOin Ventfnlrt��tor Road,
BhiihIi Nurnrrlea:���8. Vancouver.
I'.S.-lf your local merchants do not
handlo my needs, wind direct. We prepay A0 packet" aborted varieties of
OaUDKN' SKKDS In ordinary 9cpapera
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fi�� 91���20 packet* for Mo, trial collection.
W. A. Nevard
! The choicest meats of all kinds.
Also Sausage And Fresh Vegetables in
Shop opposite Drug Store.
P. Peebles
Estimates Given.
Promptness Guaranteed.
NEW WESTJPSTH,   ���80111*1.
town Pamuon
Geidekt Co.
Write to us for best quotations
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Dtnt Use Greasy Liniments.
A century ago they were popular, j
Today people want ssmething easy to
apply, certain in results, and above all j
a clean liniment. When Nerviline is
applied aches and pains disappear by
the pores absorb its soothing healing
properties. Nerviline penetrates to the
core of the pain, eases instantly, and
leaves no oily, bod smelling memory behind. Good to take in, capital to rub
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Don't fail to get a large 25c bottle.���
Adv. 12.
Abbotsford Feed
and Livery Steble.
All trains met <lnilv.
Good horses ami rigs, nixl
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To Cure a Cold in One Day 2^.��^
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. �� m/L       EtTSfS
Seven Minion boxes sold In past 13 month*. This Signature, M" ^^Wt^1 ���<���� * JC.
Afflicted With Rheumatism.
"I was and am yet afflicted with
rheumatism," says Mr. J. C. Bayne,
editor of the Herald, Addington, Indian
Territory, "but thanks to Chamberlain's
Pain Balm am able once more to attend
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If troubled with rheumatism give Pain
Balm a trial and you are certain to be
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Barber.���adv. 7-11.
The selected thoroughbred Percheron
Stallion, owned by the Chilliwack
Percheron Horsebreeders Association,
of which E. D. Barrow, J. A. Wilson,
and R. Henry are Directors; J. T.
Maynard, President, H. Jesperson,
Secretary, is now being fitted for the
Breeding season. We wish to call
Farmers' and Stockmen's attention to
this horse, having many preat qualities,
being solid compact built with heavy
bone, best of feet, good action and
style and proven to be sure. The
Stallion can be seen the last Saturday
in March and first Saturday in April at
Chilliwack. We intend to travel this
Stallion from Rosedale to Sumas. Fot
further particulars see posters. H.
Jesperson, Sec. 10-13.
Advance Wants.
Small Advertisements at Small Cost.
Wanted.���Everybody to lei their business wants lie known to the public in
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Easier   Concert, - Keep  the date
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on Monday evening, April 1st. The
programme committee are sparing no
pains to make the event a unique success.   Admission ffic. 9-11
FOR SALE-Three milch cows and one
heifer. Apply to C. Robertson, Lick-
iiiuii Road, Sumas. * '''
For Sale -Well bred Berkshire Boar.
Registered Yorkshire Sow, due to Farrow May, 16 Yorkshire Pigs 10 weeks
old, Apply to Norman Richardson
Fairfield Island
���8 tf.
Eggs for Setting-BulT Orpington
and Barred Rock eggs for sale, from
first-class laying stock. 75c per setting
of 13 unpacked. Packed for shipping
$1.00 per setting. Incubator lots from
Buff Orpingtons $4.50 per 100. J.
Arnould, Sardis P. O.-Adv. 8-13.
Wanted���You to know that I am collector for the Percheon Horsebreeders
Association.   Henry Jesperson.    11-14
Eggs-Barred Rock eggs, Duck eggs,
50 cents per sitting. Broody hens one
dollar Rock chickens for sale. A. P.
Cummins, Elk Creek Bridge.      11-12
Strayed -From my ranch on March 25th
a yearling colt, (horse) color buckskin,
back somewhat darker than rest of body.
Was wearing a new leather halter when
last seen by owner Infornation leading to his recovery will be gladly received.   A. Mennell, Sardis. 12-tf.
For SALE���Two milch cows. J. A.
Coatham, Sardis, B. C���8-tf.
For Sale.-50 acres of   land i mile
i from school, church and post office with
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��� Barn 30 x 60.   No house.   $50 an acre
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For Sale-A modern home in New
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house is practically new, has all modern
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Apply to The Eraser Advance, Chilliwack, B.C. 9-tf
For Sale.���Thoroughbred Brown Leg-
Fos Sale���One pure bred Guernsey
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j bred Guernsey bull calf, dropped 12th
Feb. 1907. Enquire of or address J. C.
Henderson. 12-15
Wanted-Butter-maker to take charge
of Creamery. Must be competent in
every respect. Apply in writing before
Saturday April 13th., giving references
and stating salary desired. Chilliwack
Creamery Association, Ltd. 12
horn eggs for setting at 50c per doz.
A. E. Willis, McGuireltoad.
For Sale���A pair of handsomely
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Fraser Advance, Chilliwack, B.C.   9-tf
For  Sale - Two  sows.
C.   Rooke,
For Sale -Two Cows both young; one
due April 9th, the other milking.   Also
. 1 Sow with litter of 12.   Apply to Mrs.
H. E. Walker, Maguire Road.      12-tf.
Miss Orr is still improving.
M. S. Wilson spent Easter in Vancouver.
C. Hawthorne went down to the
coast on Thursday.
Mrs. Powers of Vancouver is the
guest of Mrs. Thos. Knight, Jr.
Mrs. Carvolth returned on Tuesday
from a business trip to the coast.
W. H. T. Gahan returned on Monday
from a business trip to Vancouver.
Geo E. Glass and family removed to
Vancouver from East Chilliwack this
Mrs. Duthie was a passenger to
Westminster on Thursday by the Str.
W. Morden, real estate broker of
Vancouver, spent a few days in town
this week.
D. E. Stevenson made a business trip
to Vancouver on Monday, returning on
Miss Gertrude Ballantyne is a guest at
the home of Rev. Dr. Henderson in New
James McConnell returned on Tuesday after spending a week at the coast.
While in Vancouver he embraced the
opportunity of hearing General Booth,
and pronounces him a wonderful man.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Ashwell returned on Wednesday night from Vancouver,
Jas. Chadsey is reported to be slowly
recovering from the effects of his
operation for cancer.
Miss Nichol and Miss Hunter were
passengers to Westminster via the
Ramona on Wednesday.
J. Beaton of Kamloops was among
the visitors to town this week, the
guest of W. T. Jackman.
Miss Cameron, of the popular dressmaking firm of Misses Dool & Cameron,
is visiting friends in Vancouver.
J. E Menzies left last week for Min-
nedosa for the purpose of removing his
family to their new home in Chilliwack.
Mrs. Chamberlain, accompanied by
her daughter, Miss Chamberlain, returned from the Royal Columbian
Hospital on Wednesday.
E. Langley, the well known and
popular representative of E. G. Prior
& Co., spent several days in the valley
this week in the interests of his firm.
Lawrence J. Carleton returned on
Monday from Agassiz, where he had
been engaged for the previous ten days
installing the Pitner Lighting System.
Mrs. Kent was brought home from
Everett Hospital by her father. Henry
Kipp, on Saturday last. She has been
ill for se vera! weeks, but we are
pleased to say that she is well on the
road to recovery now.
Dr. MncSween, Dentist, Irwin Block.
���Tinsmithing and Hardware at Ger-
van's.���Adv  8-13.
A session of the County Court will be
held in Chilliwack on April 11th.
I have secured a Tinsmith and am
open for your business. Gervun's
Hardwnre.-Adv 8-13.
The weather has been threatening all
week and unless there comes a deetel d
change soon, old timers predi it rain.
Sterling Brand Flavoring Extracts
are made from pure fruits. Ashwell's
are selling agents here.���adv. 11-12.
The total shipment of live hogs from
Chilliwack during March was four
hundred. This is not up to the average
number. Three hundred and sixteen
were shipped in the nine days in February after the opening of navigation.
A Beef Steak Pie Supper will be
served by the Ladies of the MethodiBt
Church on Tuesday, April 16th in Mr.
Rowat's new sample room, near the
Livery barns. Time from 6 to 8 o'clock
P. M. Everybody welcome. Admission 25c.-Ad. 12-13.
Alex. Smith, the popular Westminster Street shoemaker, has just
installed an up-to-date sewing machine.
Mr. Smith found this necessary, as his
business is growing so rapidly that this
very useful article could be dispensed
with no longer. Mr. Smith says if
work keeps increasing he will have to
have help and possibly larger premises.
The high class work that he turns out
is the key note of his success.
Ladies Attention!���You are invited
to inspect the elegant display of new
collars, new ties, new belts, new hats,
new blouses, new gloves, new corsets,
that have just been opened at Ashwell's
Dry Goods Department. See their advertisement.���adv  11-12.
The Easter musical service at the
Methodist Church last Sunday morning
was furnished by the Intermediate
League under the direction of Mrs
G. H. W. Ashwell. The League had
decorated the building very artistically
with Bunting, Oregon Grape,
Crocuses, and Easter lilies, and the
members were all daintily dressed in
white for the occasion. A short address was given by the Pastor. In
the afternoon the exercises were repeated for the benefit of the Sunday
School. Great credit is due to Mrs.
Ashwell for her painstaking work,
which resulted so successfully.
E. G. Stover of New Westminster,
arrived in town on Tuesday from Hope
with a herd of cattle which he had
just purchased from William Bristol of
that place. A number of Hope boys
who helped him down with his charge,
returned home on the following day.
Mr. Bristol, who has passed the four
score mark, is well known throughout
this district since the days when he
used to carry her majesty's mails from
Westminster to Hope, before the advent of railroad or steamboat. He is
one of the few remaining landmarks
pointing to the old order of things in
"the early days." With the passing of
this generation much of interesting
history of pioneer days in British Columbia will be lost forever.
Thomas, the Jeweler���Fine watch
repairing a specialty. Opposite Post
Office.   Adv. 12-tf.
Garden Seeds at catalogue prices at
Asliwell's Department Store. Leave
your orders early.-Adv. 11-12.
The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Thomas' Church will hold their Easter Sale
of Work and Afternoon Tea In the Oddfellows' Hall on Tuesday afternoon,
April !>th, from 3 to(>p.m.-Adv. 11-12.
The Reeve and Council made their
annual tour of inspection of the roads
of the Municipality last Monday, preparatory to making appropriations for
the current year. This important matter will likely come up for formal consideration and adjustment at the regular meeting of the Council this afternoon.
Lowney's Cocoa, buy a tin at Ashwell's, it's only 15c, and there's a heap
of satisfaction in its delicious taste.���
adv. 11-12.
The Beaver carried a big load of
freight out of Chilliwack on Thursday
morning. Her cargo included over 30
tons of potatoes, 20 head of cattle, over
30 veal calves, 9 live hogs and 12 dressed hogs, beside quantities of beef, hay,
apples, eggs, etc., etc. It was 8:30
o'clock when she pulled away from the
lower bar and 11:30 when she got
through loading at Sumas
Huntley & Palmer's mixed cakes have
a delicious taste, that's all in the way
they are made. Ash well's sell them at
20c lb.-Adv. 11-12.
A telegram received on Wednesday
by Mr. W. T. Jackman conveyed the
sad intelligence of the death of Mrs.
John Caesar, of Markdale, Ont, mother
of Misses Edith and Gertrude Caesar,
who are at present guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Jackman. Mrs. Caesar's death
was quite unexpected, as she had only
been ill a short time. The Misses Caesar
have the sympathy of their many Chilliwack friends at this time.
A few days ago Albert Knight of
Sardis, in pulling parsnips in his garden
got hold of one whose deep attachment
to mother earth at least breaks all
local records. Mr. Knight, however,
was determined to get to the bottom
of the matter and kept on pulling until
he had unearthed over six feet of root,
which this ambitious vegetable had sent
Chinaward last season. If any of our
readers wish to verify this statement
by ocular demonstration, they may see
the parsnip in question, tail and all, in
the window of Cawley & Paisley's
office, Wellington Street.
Word has just been received from
Hope that Engineer Tracy of the G. N.
Ry. Co., is at present in that place
busily engaged in organizing a survey
party to go into the mountains again as
soon as possible. This looks as though
the G. N. Ry. were determined to solve
the problem of putting a line over the
Hope mountain. Next to the building
of the tramline to Westminster the
question of the plans of the Hill company in this district are of vital interest
to the people of Chilliwack. Everybody who has the interests of the place
at heart earnestly desires to see the
proposed line of the G. N. Ry. take the
Hope mountain route. Definite announcement of the Company's decision
in this matter will be eagerly awaited.
Eggs and Dairy Butter wanted at
Ashwell's Department Store. They pay
highest prices.-adv. 11-12,
D. Morden, lately with Storey &
Campbell of Vancouver, has acquired
the stook in trade and goodwill of the
harness business of R. J. Mcintosh,
anil Is now in charge. Mr. Morden
came a few months ago from South
Bend, Indiana, but is a good Canadian,
having been horn in York County, Ont.
He is n practical harnessmaker of
over twenty years experience and is
capable of handling all lines of work.
He will likely manufacture much of his
own stock right on the ground, us he
will have associated with his brother,
also an experienced workman. This
will be welcome news for the farmers
and horsemen of the valley, and Mr.
Morden may be assured of a warm
welcome and liberal patronage. The
Advance extends the "glad hand" to the
newcomer and wishes him every
Corrected Every Friday
This week has witnessed litrto
change in the local market conditions.
Prices have remained practically stationary, with about the average
amount of produce moving. Several
large shipments of potatoes have been
made and considerable veal and pork
have gone ont. The prevailing quotations are as follows:
Hay, loose, per ton $11.00
Hay, pressed, per ton  13.00
Oats, per ton $23.00 to  25.00
Wheat, per ton  32.00
Peas, per ton $28.00 to  30.00
Chopped Grain, per ton. 25.00 to  30.00
Potatoes, per ton   16.00 to 18.00
Carrots, per ton  10 00
Parsnips, per ton  10.00
Beets, per ton  10.00
Turnips, feeding, per ton    5.00
Turnips, for Table, per ton  10.00
Onions, perewt    2.00
Beef, per lb 04
Veal, per lb 05J to      .06��
Mutton, per lb 051
Hogs, stock, per lb 06J to..      .061
Hogs, fat, per lb  06| to      .07
Chickens, per doz   6.00 to 10.00
Butter, dairy, per lb 25
Butter, creamery 35
Eggs, per doz 25
If You Buy at CHAMBERLAIN'S You Get the BEST
To make room for a carload of ciders I am going to give
special value for the next 3d days.
A few of the many bargains offered :
Parlor Suites, usual $35 for $30.00
Couches, usual $18,  for  16.00
Couches, usual $8, for    7.50
China Cabinets, quarter-cut oak, usual $35, for  30.00
Exteusion Tables, usual $15, 8 ft., for  13.50
Sideboards, usual $20, for    17.00
Carpet Squares, from $3.50 to   20.00
Linoleums, 12 ft. wide, per sq. yd. only 60
Linoleums, 6 ft. wide, inlaid, best made, per yd. from
40c to $1.00
Cork Carpet, usual $1.25 per yd, for    1.10
Now is the time to have your Box Spring Couches, etc., re-
upholstered.    A nice lme of coverings always in stock.
Iron Beds, Spring Mattresses, the best for the money.
I handle the Ostermoor Mattress, the best in the world,
4 ft. 6 in. wide, $15
Picture Framing and Upholstering
Sale of Baby Carriages and Go Carts
G. P. CHAMBERLAIN,   Funeral Director and Embalmer
Brick Store, Main Street, Chilliwack.   Residence over Store.
The market was held as usual again
this week on Friday, and was quite up
to average in the amount of goods offered and the attendance. Meats
generally showed an upward trend in
prices and met with ready sale. Dressed beef advanced from half a cent to
one cent per pound for both front and
hind quarters, over the prices of last
week. Mutton was not any too plentiful and all went at 14c. The supply of
veal was good and all sold at the quotations given. Pork showed an increase of half a cent and changed hands
readily. The supply of eggs, which was
not up to the demand, retailed at
30c and wholesaled at 25c, an advance
of five cents in the week. The offering
of butter all went readily at 35c.
Chickens and fowl were none too plen-
tifnl, with a stiffening of prices. Potatoes still showed advance in price
and the supply was readily taken at
$25.00 and $26.00 per ton.
Beef, hind quar., per lb  9  to 10)
"    front   " "  6|    to 7
Mutton, dressed,       "    14
Veal, "     11 to 11J
Pork, "   101 toll
Onions, per sack         1.50
Eggs, per dozen  30
Butter, per lb  35
Chickens, per dozen  7.50 to 9.00
Fowl, per dozen  8.50 to 10.50
Ducks, per dozen 12.00 to 13.00
Geese, each (none offering)
Apples, per box  1.40 to 1.50
Potatoes, per ton 26.00 to 26.00
W. H. T. Gahan
(Associate Counsel,  Wilson, Senkler &
(Royal Bank of Canada Chambers)
Chilliwack, B.C.
Just received, the largest consignment
of Iron Beds, Mattresses, Pictures,
Mirrors and Mouldings ever imported
into this beautiful valley, and manufactured in oup own country. The Iron
Bed is one of the best in America.
Your choice from 6 large cases of Pictures and Frames; 1 large case of
Moulding; 2 cases of Mirrors. Children's
Carriages too numerous to mention.
Please remember we guarantee good
value every month.


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