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The Fraser Advance Jul 20, 1907

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31 Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, Especially Devoted to tbe Interests of tTfe^fsWVbl^^
The Fraser Advance:   Vol. I, No. 27
Cliilllwnck Prosrrcss:  Vol. XVII, Xo. 16
Hundreds of Japanese participated in the Christian Endeavor meeting in Seattle on Sunday last.
On Monday the President of
France was fired upon by Leon
Maille, but neither shots hit him.
The assassin was immediately
placed under arrest.
The statute of Garibaldi, the
gift of Italy to the city of Paris,
was unveiled with., imposing
civil and military ceremonies on
Saturday last.
Enthusiastic   Reception  to  Premier McBride at Westminster
and Vancouver.
Advices from Tokio say that
5000 laborers will be sent out by
companies in Tokio for construction work on British Columbia railways.
As a result of a series of investigations by the commissariat
authorities of the British navy,
it is probable that large supplies
of British Columbia canned
salmon will be purchased to provision the war ships of the Imperial fleet.
Two big steel freighters, the
Tuscarora, of the Lehigh Valley
Line, and the Maryland, of the
Hudson River Line, met in a
head-on collision in the St. Clair
river early last Friday morning
and went to the bottom. No
lives were lost.
There is a suggestion of the
rapid growth of Northern Ontario in the announcement that
the town of Latchford will hold
its municipal elections this
month. In July, 1906, Latchford consisted of an incipient
sawmill, a flag station and three
or four log houses.
On Monday afternoon the
Canadian Club of Vancouver
tendered a banquet to Hon.
Oscar Strauss, Minister of
Labor and Commerce for the
United States. Mr. Strauss delivered a forceful and pleasing
The Toronto Telegram says
that Toronto is cursed by a
plague of cold-blooded, unprovoked profanity and blasphemy
in public places. Sober, well-
dressed men fiill the air of street
cars with their oaths, and never
seem to ^imagine that they are
sinning against the rights and
comforts of their fellow passengers.
Oregon has hit upon a new
plan td keep their citizens sober.
Every man who drinks is' obliged to take out a license costing five dollars a year, and unless armed with this document
he cannot be served with drinks
at any saloon. Every ,��� six
months the names of the persons who took out licences are
published in the papers so that
the public may know who are
authorized to drink.���Ex.
S. A. Cawley, who represented Chilliwack on the reception
committee last Saturday night
at Vancouver, returned home on
Monday and reports that the
welcome given to the Premier
on his arrival in that city was ef
the most enthusiastic character.
For the moment party differences seemed to be forgotten
and everybody joined heartily in
testifying to their appreciation
of the efforts which Premier
McBride has made in the maintenance of the rights of the
Province. Dense crowds of
people thronged the streets
along which the procession
passed and fell into the line of
There were bands and banners
and torches and cheering, all
contributing to such a demonstration of public feeling as to
leave no doubt of the sentiments
of the people with reference to
the claims of British Columbia
to more liberal treatment by the
Such a royal reception has
been rarely accorded to any man
whatever his rank or office, and
the man who was its object must
have been highly gratified at its
evident heartiness and
The Premier arrived in
Westminster from the
shortly after 8 o'clock, and received a most cordial welcome
from the citizens of his native
town. As the time was limited
the demonstration was necessarily brief but none the less
hearty. A procession was
formed and marched up Columbia Avenue for several blocks,
where it halted and addresses of
welcome were made by T. J.
Trapp and W. J. Creighton, with
a graceful response by Mr. McBride. As soon as the speaking
was over special cars bore the
Premier and a large party of his
friends to the Terminal City.
Upon reaching Vancouver
about 10 o'clock, the cars
stopped at Westminster Avenue,
where carriages were in waiting
and the procession formed. The
line of inarch followed Hastings,
Granville and Georgia streets to
the Cambie street grounds,
amid the playing of bands, the
tooting of automobiles, cheering
of the crowds which lined the
sidewalks. Here a halt was
made, a formal address of welcome was given by Mayor Be*
Loud applause greeted the
Premier as he rose to reply. He
expressed great appreciation of
the greeting given him by ��� the
people of Vancouver. He
sketched briefly the history of
his going to England to represent British Columbia's cause,
and spoke of. his courteous
treatment by Winston Churchill,
(Continued on page 4.)
Important Meeting Held at Kaslo.
Chilliwack Represented by
Henry Kipp.
We are indebted to the Koo-
tenaian for the following report
of the recent meeting of the B.
C. Fruit Growers' Association:
A meeting of the B.C. Fruit
Growers' Association was held
in the City Hall on Tuesday
afternoon. President James
Johnstone occupied the chair
with Secretary Brandrith of.
Ladner and Mr. Kipp of Chilliwack present,
The secretary read the minutes of the last meeting, held in
Summerland and the correspondence.
Mr. Kipp moved a resolution
endorsing the action of the
Board of Horticulture in refusing to allow infected fruit to enter the province. This was seconded by J. W. Cockle and carried unanimously. Another resolution was passed dealing with
the Fruit Marks Act. There
was some discussion in regard to
this, centering chiefly around the
matter of berry boxes.
Mr. Cockle brought up the
matter of affiliation of local horticultural societies with the provincial body, but Mr. Brandrith
stated that this had been tried
before but unsuccessfully.
President Johnstone, at the
request of the secretary, went
into details regarding the B.C.
Fruit and Produce Exchange,
recently formed. The object of
this Exchange ft its to distribute
the fruit of its members in such
a way that they could obtain the
best market prices. The central office had been located in
Revelstoke because it was the
most central point. A salaried
manager was stationed there and
he kept in touch with every retail fruit dealer in the Northwest. When a member had a
shipment about ready, a note
was sent the manager stating
the amount. The manager
looked up his books and wired
the name of the point to which
it should be sent. Tab was
kept on the different dealers'
ratings and in a number of
other ways advantages not
otherwise obtainable, could be
had by members of the Exchange. Membersnip was held
by shares, one share being allotted to twenty people or fraction
thereof at S100 per share.
After Mr. Kipp and Mr.
Brandrith had further enlarged
upon the advantages to be obtained from the Exchange, it
was decided to adjourn and hold
a meeting at night to form a
local branch.
At the evening meeting the
attendance was much better.
Wm. Robb was made chairman.
Mr. Brandrith briefly outlined
the history and objects of the
B.C. Fruitgrowers' Association
and showed what it had done
for the industry in the way of
cheapening supplies and materials. It was also shown that
thr Association had done much
in the way of securing better
express and freight rates for.
At the conclusion of Mr.
Brandrith's remarks a general
discussion as to membership,
affiliation, etc., was indulged inl
After light had been "thrown on
the subject by this means, a
number of local growers had
themselves enrolled as members.
The balance of the evening
was taken up by Mr. Kipp who
demonstrated the best methods
of planting and pruning trees..
Indications   Favorable. ��� Means Bank of Montreal Acquires Busl-
Much to Chilliwack.   local ness Block -Here to Stay -
Company Organized. Consideration $10,000.
It often happens that the A very substantial expression
greateat sources of wealth are of confidence in the future o?
long overlooked, while resources Chilliwack was given by tho
of much less value are industri- Bank of Montreal on Tuesday of
busly exploited. There is more this week, when it acquired by
than a possibility that this is purchase the entire business
what is taking place here at the block in which its present offices
present time. The agricultural are located at the corner1 of
advantages of this fertile valley Westminster ' and' Columbia
are so obvious and so easily-street's. The deal was closed by
made available by the employ- Manager G,..D. Brymner of New
ment of moderate intelligence Westminster, and the considera-
and energy, that the tendency is tion is understood to. have been
to ignore the possibility of other in the vicinity of $10,000:
natural wealth in our midst. Although it is too early for a
Yet there are those who firmly definite announcement, yet we
believe that beneath our fertile have grounds for believing that
areas, on hillside and prairie, at no very distant date the pres-
there lies hidden even greater ent building will be replaced by
riches. Nor are evidences by one of a much more substantial
any means lacking in confirma- and elaborate character. Com-
tionof this opinion. We refer ing as it does so soon after the
now more particularly to strong completion of the handsome new
indications of the presence of oil building of the Royal Bank of
in the underlying strata of cer- Canada, this step by the Bank
tain portions of this valley. That of Montreal is a fresh evidence
there is oil here there can be no 0f the growing confidence in the
doubt. Everybody is familiar substantial nature of our pros-
with its appearance upon the perity which is felt by the most
surface of many of our sloughs far-seeing business people in our
and ponds, and many wells show midst. Nor must it be forgot-
���the same phenomenon. The ten that the Bank of Montreal
only question is whether it can has just completed a handsome
be found in paying quantities, residence for Manager Duthie at
A number of our most enterprising citizens have made special investigations of the matter
and are satisfied that it can. A
company has been organized and
an outlay of over $3000. Evidently both our banks are here
to stay. With such endorsements
as these institutions have given
to the solidity of our real estate
considerable  preliminary   work values, people of "lesser expert
done.     Satisfactory tests have ence ought to have no fears_
been made of the surface pro-	
duct, and an oil expert of wide The Japanese government an-
experience, Mr. Fritz, of San nounces that the Tokio Exhibi-
Francisco, has looked the ground tion will open in 1912, on April
over and passed a most favorable 1, when the world famous cherry
opinion. Options have been se- trees of Japan will be in full
cured on over 2000 acres of land, bloom and will be closed on Oc-
All that is required is a modicum tober 31, when the season of
of capital to secure the services chrysanthemums will have just
of a boring plant to do the de- set in. The exhibition is the
sired prospecting. Not more undertaking of the Japanese
than $3,000 or $4,000 is required government itself, and will be
in addition to funds already in international in scops and equipment. The grounds will cover
an area of 250 seres, the exhibition buildings themselves extending over thirty acres. The government is especially anxious to
invite foreign visitors from every
hand to   thoroughly    test  the
In view of what it
to this place should 8
found,   there ought
will mean
gusher be
to be no
difficulty in getting enough per- quarter of the world,
sons interested in its prosperity
to supplement the work already
One of  the state  laws which
, a     ii      ii- a recently  went    into effect   in
done Snould nothing come of Texas provides that ail who sell
the effort it would mean small pistols are taxed fifty per cent,
loss to anybody, while success of the gross earning:; on all their
would spell a fortune to those in business. ^	
venture and undreamed of
prosperity to the entire community.
' The ironwork for   the new
dredge which is. to replace the
Mud Lark, is nearly completed lows^  The president had along
at the Poison Ironworks,  Tor-
An official statement has been
issued by' President Roosevelt
through Secretary Loeb, announcing a thoroughly good understanding and fundamental
friendliness between the United
States and Japan.   " It is as fol-
interview with Admiral Baron
����f��   ���a  ,���;ii  Ko   Bw,nnaA  +�� Yamamoto, and it was most sat-
onto, and will be  shipped to iafactory   in   every way.   It
Westminster during the present simply confirms what had already
month, where it will be put to- 'been made clear by Ambassador
gether, in the'same manner as Aoki���the thoroughly good un-
was the King Edward,., The derstanding between   the two
new dredge should be ready for governments,  and the   funda-
service by October or November mental friendliness between the
and will employ, forty men.        two nations. THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1907.
If you wish, to purchase property of
any description in the Valley ot
the lower Fraser River
You will Save Time
(time l�� money)
You will Save Money
by tailing on
Opposite the Post Office
* Chiliwack.       -    -     B. C.
��� AmW* a4W* amW* AaW* A
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
This remedy It famous (or Its cures oyer
��� large part of the civilize! world. It can
always be depended upon. It contains no
opium or other harmful drug and may be
firen u confidently to a bnby ns to an adult
Prloe 96 cts; Large Size, 60 cts.
_Mn in tha he��d-t��ta anywhere, hu IU canssj
nln Iseoniestlon, pain is blood preisiire-nothlni
���lee usually. At lout, to says Dr. Shoop. and to
Wot�� it he has created a little pink tablet. Thai
tablet-called Dr. Shoop's Headache Tablet���
.coaxea blood pretture away from pain renters.
Its effect ischarminf.pleaslnrlydollfnthil. Gently.
though safely, it turely equalizes the blood circik
i II roo hare a headache, it't blood pressure.
III It's painful periods with women, same cause.
' II you are sleepless, restless, nervous, it's blood
eontestlon���blood pressure.    That surely It a
certainty, for Dr. Shoop's Headache Tablets stop
It In SO minutes, and the tablets simply distribute
Ihe unnatural blood pressure.
! Bruise your linger, and doesn't it tret red, ami
���Well, and pain you?  Of course It does, it's con.
���eatlon, blood pressure.  You'll And It where pain
il���always.  It's simply Common Sense.
We sell at 25 cents, and 'cheerfully recommend
Dr. Shoop's
The Advance,   ��1.00  per year.
The "MELOTTE" is the most efficient cream separator
yet produced.
Owing to the remarkably small power taken to turn the
large size machines, it especially commends itself to the
large dairy  farmers of the Fraser Valley  who  require
machines of large capacity.
The MELOTTE has been in scores of "Working Contests"
ine very part of the world (except in the United States,
where the MELOTTE is neither sold or marketed) and it
has beaten its competitors over and over again.
Under suitable conditions, alfalfa Is
very long lived, fields In Mexico, it Is
claimed, having been continuously
productive without reseedlng for over two hundred years, and others In
France are known to have flourished
for more thun a century. Its usual
life In the United States Is probably
from ten to twenty-five years, says
Coburn, In "The Book of Alfalfa," although there is a field In New York
t.tate that has been mown successfully for over Blxty years. In Canada
there are fields on clay hillsides which
have yielded splendid crops year after
year for at least twenty years, and
look good for many more. In its
root growth, it Is probably the greatest wonder amonk plants. Roots go
down ten, twenty or more feet, and
a case In Nevada is reported by Chas.
W. Irish, Chief of Irrigation Inquiry, U. 8. department of Agriculture, where the roots were found penetrating crevices in the roof of a tunnel one hundred and twenty-nine feet
below the surface of an alfalfa field.
At first thought one would feel sure
Mr. Irish must have been deceived,
but his statement is endorsed by high
authority. Prof. W. P. Headen, of
Colorado, found roots nine feet long
from alfalfa only nine months old,
and another man reports roots seventeen inches long at about four weeks'
growth, the plants being but six
inches high. In Canada cases have
come to our notice of roots found
down In cellar excavations, in the
hardest kind of clay, and the root of
the plant measured three feet six
and one half Inches, while from its
crown forty young shoots were starting up. No doubt much longer roots
could have been found. In fact, tho
wonderful authenticated instances of
(he root-growth of alfalfa lend color
to the belief that It will go down until stopped by Impervious rock or by
the   watertable.
The alfalfa plant generally has a
tapering taproot, with many branches
tending downward, yet with considerable lateral growth. As the taproot
is piercing the earth, It is also sending out new fibrous roots, while the
upper ones, decaying, are leaving humus and providing Innumerable
openings tor air, water and the fertilizing elements from the upper soil.
Scattered along the' roots may be
seen, as a usual thing, small nodules
or tubercles the size of a plnhead
up to that of a pea. Here dwell the
bacteria which collect nitrogen from
tho air tn the soil, and, after using,
pass it along to the plant, to be built
up In its tissues. Where nodules are
not present, the Held requires nrtlll-
clal inoculation with them, to secure
best growth; where nodules are pre
sent In large numbers, It is sure evidence that inoculation has already
bec-n accomplished in some natural
or artificial way.
By its roots, therefore, alfalfa,
like clover, Is a means of greatly Increasing the nitrogen content of the
farm, while the mechanical effect of
its root growth and decay constitutes
another of the great virtues of the
plant. On well drained land, with
plenty of lime and potash, and a
reasonable amount of phosphoric
acid, it is the most efficient, deep-
reaching subsoller and soil renovator
known to agriculture, clover not <
cepted. It will do best on clay hillsides, other conditions being equal,
for here It is likely to be winter-killed   or   crowded   out   by  grass Far
mers'   Advocate.
W. He T. Gahan
Notary Public, etc.
(Royal Bank of Canada Chambers)
Chilliwack, B.C.
I keep in stock and will supply
Older picket* in any length desired.
22-29 Chilliwack. B.C
Notice ii hereby given that the Court
of Revision of the Assessment Roll of
the Sumas Dyking District which wm
held on the ��ft day ofJune, ����. wm
adjourned until the ��d day of July,
1357, at tbe lw of 10 o'elock in the
forenoon, at the Town Hall, Upper
^^    G. W. CHADSEY.
Clerk to tha Commissioners.
Dated tbe 20th day of Jam, 1907. M-W jvtrmuN mil,
The Happiness of Home.
Very largely depends on the mother's
disposition; if she is animated and
bright, everyone is happy; but if she
is nervous, irritable and cross���everything goes wrong. Bright, cheery
women usually use Ferrozone, the
greatest health-maker known. By
acting through the blood Ferroxone is
able to reach all the organs that need
assistance; it establishes regular and
healthy action of all functions, builds
up the general health, fortifies the
system with a reserve of energy that
defles disease. ��� Don't put off-Ferrozone coats only 50c. at any drug store.
Get it to-day.
A prominent Montana newspaper
man was making the round of tho
Insane asylums of that state In an
olllclal capacity as nn inspector. One
of the Inmates mistook him for a
recent arrival. "What made you go
crazy?" "I was trying to make money out ot the newspaper business,"
replied the editor, to humor the demented one. "You're not crazy, you
are Just a plain fool," was the lunatic's  comment.���Christian  Advocate,
To most people the question of how
to spend a vacation when it is limited
to two weeks becomes a problem, but
in the New Idea Woman's Magazine
for August is an account of a novel
outing which will solve the problem for
many, as it may be followed out in any
part of the country. Given a check of
twenty-five dollars and a ten days'vacation, and here is a prescription that
is warranted not to be regretted. Two
women, who took a Mro hundred
and forty mile uriva through New England last spring tell ot their trip and
the necessary trepttaffena ttade for it,
They procured a horse lor two dollars a
day, piled a carefully selected wardrobe
Into a gunny-sack, ached their simple
B&rMSi!S^LM^!.at Uw-       cooking outitt and' made for tha open
��, ��^ . ^i^S^' 8��, oum.1     ti����l   Th* ���rHda, which is illustrated
8oHdtortaUieTowB��Wp of Chilliwack with plwtographs, is brimful of the
T��5.!ltonki.oL1s*0^r*I2*1' |<��t-door spirit aXi yet gives enough
ChilUwaek Oils, Ltd. I practical information to aaaure anyone
In the matter of the "Trustees and
Executors Act," ard in the matter of
the estate of William Bell, deceased.
All persons having any claims or demands against the estate of William
Bell, late of Chilliwack, British Columbia, deceased, are hereby required
to file with the undersigned, their
names and addresses and full particu
lars of their claims and the nature of
the securities (if any) held by them,
duly verified, on or before the 31st day
of July, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that after
said date the executors will proceed to
distribute the said estate amongst the
parties entitled thereto, haying regard
only to tbe claims of which they shall
have had notice, and they will uot be
liable for the proceeds of the estate or
any part therrof so distributed to any
person of whose claim they had not
notice at the time of distribution
Dated this 7th day of June, 1907.
Executors Estate William Bell, deceased, Chilliwack, B.C. 22-27
Fred G. Crisp. Frank L. Gwillim.
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, &c.
Old Safe Block, Vancouver, B C.
Telephone 1772.   P. O. Box 635.
Bank Blk., Dawson, Y. T.
Telephone 239.   P. O. Box 26.
If you want to be humane as
well as get the best results from
your cattle, use our
Drug, Spectacle and Seed Stores
New Westminster
The Advance, $1.00 per year.
A splendid advertising medium.
In the matter of the "Trustees and
Executors' Act," and in the matter of
the Estate of Reuben Nowell deceased.
All persons having any claims or
demands against the estate of Reuben
Nowel, late of Chilliwack, British Columbia, deceased, are hereby required
to file with the undersigned (J. Howe
Bent), their names ana addresses and
full particulars of their claims and the
value of the securities (if any) held by
them, duly verified, on or before the
tenth day of August, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that after said
date the executors will proceed to distribute the said Estate amongst the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
only to the claims of which they shall
have had notice, and they will not be
liable for the proceeds of the Estate or
any part thereof so distributed to any
person of whose claim they had not
notice at the time of distribution there-1
Dated this 20th day of June, 1907.
Executor and Trustee,
Estate of Reuben Nowell, Deceased.
Chilliwack, B.C. 23-28
of Mont
CAPITAL (All paidup)....*14,400,000
Advertise in The Advance, the
paper that everybody reads.
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.
A general banking business transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
Savings Bank Department.
in sums of $1.00 and upwards, and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum
(present rate) added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $162,000,000.
Capital paid up $4,000fiOO
Reserve Fund  4,400,000
Eighty-five Branches throughout Canada, Unittd State* and Cuba.
Grand Forki.
Mew Weitminiter,
do (Eait End)'
do Mt. Pleasant
do Granville St.
da Cordova St.
i. b. sown j of the racecM of a abnilar undertakinf.
THE CHILLIWAOK BRANCH operate! a Saving* Bank department:
in which deposits of One Dollar and upward* are received. Iatereat added
quarterly. General Banking btuinaw traniMted.   Money ordera Mined.
A deposit of $1.00 will secure �� HOME SAVINGS BANK,
which will be refunded on return of tank in good condition
Safety Deposit Boxes H. P. WILSON.
For Rental. Maxaeaa Onunoi Baanoi.
Chilliwack    Branch
E. DUTHIE, Agent.
is a worry at best, but the worry can be lessened by using good
renovating materials.
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experience in the same place, and are therefore in a position to give you
full and reliable information as to desirable buys in any part of Chilliwack.
Write for their illustrated phamphlet descriptive of the Valley, which
will be promptly mailed to you.
Cawley & Paisley.
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Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
1      1 kess aotklat bat antelass taraeau. dead
'   8*Mh>��rtM,��jM. 'Bst meets all beats. Oov
���red (Uf* Isaves for MaDoaaki's Lsedlsg
���nnmoralacM WOe'olook. eoaaeetlog wltS
���tr. Wats, whleh oonneots with all C. P. R.
Mian eatt sad west
���kctric Railway eo�� Cd.
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave each terminus at 5-50 a m.
and 6:50 a.m. and halt hourly thereafter until 11 p.m
We run first-class freight cars between
Westminster and Vancouver, add all
shipments are handled with the utmost
care and delivered to consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipments.
Uur wagons ment all boats and trains.
For rates, etc, apply to
Traffic Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
No. 19, a. r. A a. u.
The lUa ularGomnaaloatioaa of the
Mas arrtsld In the sfarenle H��1L Ohllllwook
i the Frldar oa er before the nil Mesa of
r month. BaJouralBRbrsthrsaareeordi
"~" J. ��. 8UA��T. BM
every month,
I.Joksson, W.lf.
I. O. F.
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
In each month, at 8 (p. m. Visiting
brethren alwaya welcome.
R. C. Menten, C. R.
W. C. Beakcroft, R. S.
Telephone 829
P. 0. Drawer 932
Bird & Brydon-Jack
J. Edward Bird.    A. Brydon-Jack.
324 Hastings St. West,
A High-Class Hotel at Moderate Kates.
Ee sure and see its advantages before
making arrangements elsewhere.
Rates: American Plan 91.25 and upwards per day. European Plan (Rooms
only) 50c to (1.50 per day.
'Bus absolutely free.
We are tlie common people, the hewers of wood and stone,
The dwellers In common places,
mighty of brawn and bone,
Bearing the common burden that only the shirkers shun,
And doing the common duty that others have left undone,
Dubbed, by the few, plebeian, rabble
or proletalre,
Ours Is the hand that feeds them,
ours Is the  prize  they share.
And ours is the common blessing,
free to the tollers all,
To win from the lowly valley unto
the summits tall.
Common, and only common���
This by the might of birth-
Yet the world In Its need leans on
We are the kings of the earth.
We are the common people, and ours
is the common clay
That a Ood deemed fit   for   using.
when, in that olden day.
He took the dust of the Oarden, the
dust that His will obeyed.
Fashioned  and  formed  and  shaped
it, and man In His image made;
And, seeing that Ood selected such
clay for the human test.
And deeming His wisdom suffices to
choose but the surely best.
We, who are common   people,   and
made of the common elay,
Iieave  to  the  proud  uncommon  to
Improve on the Maker's way.
Common, and only common-
Tattered, sometimes, and frayed���
We are still content with the pattern
That Ood in His wisdom made.
We are the common people, yet out
of our might is wrought,
Ever, by God's own flat, masters of
mighty thought,
Men of that grand republic whose
rulers walk alone,
Piercing the future shadows, knowing what seers have known;
And, measured by these, the unco'
are petty and wee and small.
Playing with gilded baubles, chattering, voluble all;
And these, our sons, surpass them aa
the hills o'ertop the glen,
For their great hearts throb to the
world's long sob, and they are the
saviors of men.
Common,  and  only common���
Hopelessly  commonplace,
Yet out of our loins still issue
The saviours of the race.
Alfred J. Waterhouse.
Why Is the printer's errand boy
called the "printer's devil"? A
writer at the end of the seventeenth
century explained it thus: "These
boys in a printing house commonly
black and daub themselves; whence
the workmen do Jocosely call them
devils, and sometimes spirits, and
sometimes flies." It Is related, however, that Aldo Manuslo, the great
Venetian printer of the fifteenth century, had a blaek slave boy, who
waa popularly supposed to have come
from below. Accordingly he published notice: "I, Aldo Manuslo, printer
ot the Doge, have this day made
public exposure of the printer's devil.   All who think he is not flesh* and
The youger son of a well known
politician of Chicago has spent pretty
much all his life In the big city by the
lake, and consequently knows little
of country ways and things.
Not long ago, he visited a man he
had met in Chicago, and who maintains a big farm near Cairo, whither
he had insisted the youngster come
for a lengthy stay.
One day the Chicago youth was
wandering about the farm, closely
examining the top, ends and sides of
a certain trim, well-made object
fenced round in the paddock.
"What are you seeching for, Jimmy?" asked the owner of the place,
with a quizzical smile.
"Where are the doors and windows?" asked Jimmy.
"Doors and windows! why, Jimmy,
that's a hay stack.
"Look here, old man," exclaimed
Jimmy; "I may be only a green person from the city, but you can't
bluff me that way. Hay don't grow
in lumps like that!"���Exchange
of good jewelry, silver or fin*
platedware are always acceptable and in good taste. If you
are considering such a gift you
can do no better than
Choose Good
We shall be glad to show you a
collection of articles that any
bride will be proud to receive
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want to.
New Westminster
Go to B. T. Malcolm's
Fruit Jars, Rubber Rings, Glass
and Crockery ware, etc.
He keeps the All Glass Top, Crown and Economy Fruit Jars.
Everything the Best and Prices Right THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1907
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially devoted to the inter-
tats of the Fraser Vulley.
Published every Saturday morning at
its ollicc, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
B. C.
Continued from page 1
Single copies
81.00 per your
6c. each
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will he inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Under Secretary for  the  Colo-
' nies, and others connected  with
the Colonial Office. ���  In  conclusion the Premier said :
"As a result of my labors I at
Ins! r.ceiveda letter from the
i oionial Office saying that the
objectionable words, 'final and
unalterable,' would be eliminated
from the Act. (Cheers). They
had endeavored to meet British
Columbia  as far as  they  could
and had   g'iven her   an  OpportU-   We want to double our circulation be-
njty to carry on the agitation till fore the end of the year and we want
Offer for
Thirty Days.
Advertising rales on application.
All matter intended for publication,
ns well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0. Box 296, Chilliwack,
J. BlilflT MORGAN',- EdiloradMltr
The past week has witnessed
marked demonstrations of welcome to Premier McBride on the
part of the citizens of New
Westminster, Vancouver and
Victoria successively, upon the
occasion of his return from London. At the same time these
demonstrations have found an
echo in the utterances of the
press of the province, largely
irrespective of party. In view
of the signal service which the
Premier has rendered to British
Columbia in securing the elimination of the objectionable
words "final and unalterable'
from the amendment to the
British North America Act, it is
both natural and fitting that the
people should thus testify their
appreciation of his success. It
is highly gratifying to -his host
of friends and admirers, as it
must also be to the first minister
of the province himself that he
has been able once more to make
There is no doubt that added
zest was imparted to the words
and acts of welcome which have
been so freely forthcoming, by
the fact of the recent announcement of Finance Minister Tatlow that the  government's sur-
our friends to help us.    One new name i
sent by each subscriber will do it.
With every new subscription  to our
own paper at $1.0 |, we will give
Absolutely Free
The Toronto Weekly Globe
for ono year, or
she could secure better terms. I
And. ladies and gentlemen, if
ever there was a time when we
should be alive to the situation
and should not spare ourselves
in following up the advantage
we have gained, now is that
time. (Applause). It is not a
question for this country alone;
the good government of this
Province concerns the people of
Quebec as much as the people of
British ('olumbia. We are not
asking for favors, but simply for
decent treatment and acknowledgment of our rights. (Cheers).
We must police this great fj.P.R, and other railway corn-
country from Alaska to the panjes have generously come to
southern boundary, and supply the assistance of the committee IL.
allthe implements of govern- 0f management and the most!--
ment, and we must see to it that; ratifying terms have been
all those things which as Brit- j mnde. TheC.P.R. has granted
isherswehold sacred are kept|special rates from all' points
intact. Do not ask us to thrust; over their lines as far east as
on the people of this country j Calgary, and it is from this sec-
more taxes, because there are tion that the greater number of
already taxes enough, but let us j visitors are drawn, it is thought
show that we  have so  strom;
Some Good Buys In House Property :
New five-roomed House and Comer Lot $1500.00
,,   seven-roomed House and Barn  2000.00
,,   seven-roomed House  2200,00
., seven-roomed House and double corner., 2400.00
,,   seven-roomed House and Corner Lot. ������ ��� 2750.00
Good seven-roomed House, close in  2300.00
All occupied, unci will hIiovv Irom 8 ti> 10 |��. c. net on Investment
We have One Vacant House
To Rent
iPop Further f'articuliirs, Apply To
The Toronto "Weekly  Mail and,|
until .January 1st, 1908.
a that tho
case  that  no  Canadian public' larger than eve
11  be much
if ore.     It is
body will hesitate to grant if; not only passenger rates that
and we need no more." (Ap- have been arranged but special
plause.) i | rates  have been  given to exhi-
The Premier again thanked the . bitors and with an incentive to
people for their splendid recep-j bringing their products to Vic-
tion and took his seat amidjtoriait is safe to say that the
cheers, and the spontaneous number of exhibits will be
singing  of   "For   he's a  Jolly larger than ever.    This year the
Good Fellow."
As his carriage
was driven
committee has made aninnova-j
tion in the prize list which will I
plus for
30. had j
?eai ending
ached the ms
crowd,   however,   followed the
June i Prettuer down to the wharf and
k finished   the    proceedings by
and unprecedented total of over giving him another
a million dollars,     It will be re-: ofi as he mounted the
membered   that at  the time of Pf the Charmer, bound
the general   elections in  Febru- toria.
ary, the surplus  was spoken  of
as likely to be  in the  neighborhood of three-quarters of a million.   In  view  of the  present
showing, we think that even the
most prejudiced partisan opponent of  the  government  must
concede that as a  province we
have every cause for congratulation all round.    Nor is it just
to attribute our present financial
hearty send-
for  Vic-
position to general conditions o �� I exhibition a grand success.   The
prosperity.    Everybody does not'fair will be held  during the lat-
succecd when times are good.
It requires business capacity to
take advantage  of even  favor-
from  the grounds  there  were j be greatly appreciated be the ex-
cries of   "Takeout the horses," Ihibitors, which will  be  nothing!
but as  the  Premier wished  to:less than the addition  of a third!
get to the boat  the  committee]prize in nearly every class, and
did not think  that  any further [the list which has recently been I
delay  would    be    wise.     The | f'nf.1Kj  surpasses  anything of j
| its kind ever offered in Western
Canada.    The new prize list has!
been forwarded to all local cen-1
tres, but any who are desirous of
securing a  copy may  do  so by''
communicating with the secre-!
tary, J. E. Smart,     Mr. Smart \
is    already in    communication i
with the big stockmen of East-1
ern Canada, and he has  the assurance from the owners in the
Northwest to the effect that two
carloads of horses from Manitoba, two  carloads of imported
stock from Alberta, and one car
of  mixed stock   from   Ontario
will  be  present.    Besides this
several independent   exhibitors!
have arranged for a car of Clyde-
dales from Ontario,    ^o effort;
is being spared to let the public '< |
know of the big fair which Vic-11
toria each  year gets  together, i I
and as this year's exhibition will'I!
surpass anything ever attempted: |
in British  Columbia,   it  is be- |
lieved that the attendance will 10
be nearly .doubled.   . , . .....
Promises   to  lie Biggest
Effort Spared.���flood
The British Columbia Agricultural Association under
whose auspices the annual Fall
Fair is held in Victoria, is exerting every effort to   make tlie
ter part of September and for
the last four months the committee has  been very  active Jn
able conditions,  to say nothing I arranging  forthe  biggest fair
of one's part in  producing  the j ever attempted in Victoria.
conditions themselves- So it is
with the administration of a
country, and in all fairness due
credit must be accorded the McBride government' for the position in which we now find ourselves.
The committee is advertising
its show as far east as Winnipeg, and as far south as San
Frpnclscoy ahel ,jf Jf expected,
that the'la'rgest crowd ever gotten together in that city will be
present during the fall fair. The
Sash and Door Factory.
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20-gauge stool may
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. -,u.
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ii ii i I1 i 'i im^T-TiHirriinBmnthimi
Optometrist Here.
It will be a Matter of interes
to those who are troubled with
defective vision to know that Dr.
J. W. Hymson of San Francisco,
is making a few weeks visit in
the valley and is a guest at the
Harrison House. Dr. Hymson
is a graduate of the Chicago Op-
thalmic College and is registered
under a certificate of the California State Board of Examiners
in Optometry to practice his pro
fession in that State. Asked' rf*Js
his opinion as to the increasing **/
prevalence of eye trouble in I 'j.^
these days, especially in child- WW
ren, tho Dr. replied that he be- ��� v\(
lieved the cause was to be found! fgj
.in two directions. In the firstiX��
. 'place much of the trouble arises I ��>)]
from the improper lighting of\'fa
our school rooms. Too much
care cannot be exercised by
those who are responsible for the
education of our children in
seeing to it that their studies
both at home and at school are
prosecuted under conditions
which will not unduly tax the
eye. But this is not the only
source of trouble. Simultaneously with this, and even more
potent for evil, is the tendency
to overcrowd the growing child
with work in the present day
public school. The exacting demands of our over-loaded cur-
riculua overtax tho nervous energies of the pupils resulting in
manifold disorders of the nervous system and often ending in
, total prostration. As one of the
most delicate organisms of the
entire system the eye is frequently among the first affected,
although the real cause of the
trouble is rarely suspected. Thus
it happens that the child is continued under the undue pressure
until permanent injury is done,
and the services of an eye specialist are required to repair the.
injury, which might have been
obviated kid the cause been
suspected in time. There is undoubtedly much sound sense in
this view of the case, and a word
of caution to all who are interested in the welfare of our children is timely.
Piles get quick and certain relief from
Dr. Shoop's Magic Ointment. Please
note it is made alone for Piles, and its
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iB. J. Barier. 20-26
if PL
ft oil
II   0S 01 a
A. D. Rothstein the well-
known optician of Seattle, Wash.,
: is in Chilliwack, now at the
Harrison House, on his regular
visit, and will remain until Aug.
: 1.   Glasses  specially  ground to
| correct all errors of refraction.
Consultation and examination
free.    Special attention given to
| school children. Prices very
reasonable and   within   reach of
I all.   Office hours 9 a.m. to '.) p.m.
Chilliwack's representatives at the
Christian Endeavor Convention in
Seattle were R. H. Cairns, the Misses
Laura and Kate Cairns, Mr. and Mrs.
Hunter Henderson and W. A. Riddell
They are all especially enthusiastic in
their report of the gathering and say
that next to Oregon, British Columbia's delegation was the largest in the
Convention, with the exception, of
course, of Washington. We hope to
I give a full account next week.
J    Free, for Catarrh, just to.showmerit,
a trial sue box of Dr. Snoop's Catarrh
! remedy.    Let  me send it now     It  is
a  snow-white,   creamy,   healing,  anli-
! septic halm.    Containing such healing
I ingredients as Oil Eucafiptus,  Thymol.
(Menthol, etc., it gives instant and lasting relief to catarrh  of the nose and
' throat.   Make the free test and see for
yourself what this preparation can and
will accomplish.     Address  Dr.  Shoop,
Racine, Wis. Sold by H.J. Barber. 24-1:7
A carpenter called at a flat to make
some repairs and knocked on the
"Who's there?" asked  a voice,
"The carpenter,"  was the  reply.
"Come In,"  was the  response..
Tho carpenter tried the door, but
It was locked,
"Open the door," said the carpenter.
"Haw, haw, haw!" came the voice
from the Inside.
The carpenter was getting very
mad. Then the woman who lives In
tho Hat on the opposite side opened
her door and said:
"There is no one at home there
except the parrot."���Xew York Globe.
Terrible Back Pains.
They fairly agonize your life. Something powerful and penetrating is needed. Doctors know of nothing so swift
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the worst cases Poison's Nerviline is
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| in use���a good recommendation surely.   < THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1907.
Victorious Through Merit.
OXYDONOR triumphs ihroiiKh merit
-for year* it htu been the life u>.ard "*
more thtin a million borsoiis. It Is the em.
bodiment ot the highest law known to
human science. In It Is oonoentrateil iho
experlonre of tho greatest scientist of the
ago.   A la or ot love for humanity.
No other itgenoy for health has so many
faithful friends���none other dosoives so
OXYDONOR Instills new life Into
it.I- -j-iuiii; reKenetat.es, relnvtiioratvsand
ti i, z w every organ into the proprr dis.
Ii > v of the function for which nature in.
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health wl.li all the physio*! activity that
onlyjtat ural cure for It.  1 here is no danger,
make* life worth living.
No matter what disease you have, this is   h   ����.,	
no pain, no doctor not tuedioine in using OXYDONOR,
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Mr. Jas. Arisen, Rowland, B.C.. Can., writes, March 11,1901: "dome live years ago I got Oxydonor tar my wife who was sulferiug from female weakness,   After a week's use the doctor
himself was surprised to find such a change, la f aot, It was enough to Induce him to get an Oxydonor tor his lister. ���
"A short time ago my wife had ft" attack of inflttmma ory rhoumatlm.  She could not
walk and her joint* were maoh swollen.   She applied Oxydonor and before night the pains bad
.      .���. .��� ,t������ ���......iiiti. .waiiini,. and aha could walk as well as ever.
w��.m -���.��� w��� 1 moon swollen,   one appuea usjaunur au<  <mu>. ���.���..��....�� ,..���- .
ceased, and next morning there waa very little swelling, and she could walk as well as ever.
She had a similar attaokbeT '  3 ��� ���J��� - *���-���������������������* for a month.
and suffered atonies.
������ ��� ���.a 	
there waa very mite sweuinR, aau mia vwu.u  -.��..       ...... ���_,..
leforewegot Oxydonor and was under a doctor's care for a month,
"It haa cured me of a severe oold."
The genuine baa the name of "Dr. H. Sanche * Co." plainly stamped la IU metal parts.
Dr. H, 8AN0HK A Co.,   364 St. Uathnrine St. West, Montreal
If You Are Looking For It
we mean for the very best wagon that ever moved on four
wheels, H will pay you to turn your gaze in the direction of
our warehouse, and following in the wake of your gaze, with
your eyes open, you will find those JACKSON WAGONS
that we have been telling you about. Our car was held up
by the C.P.R. for several weeks, as they stopped at each
station to show their friends these wagons, but they haven't
been hurt a bit by the admiring gaze of the public, and there
is many a farmer down in the Northwest who is envying the
farmers of Chilliwack their chance in the wagon line. NOW
IT'S TIME FOR THAT ORDER. No need to show you the
good points of this wagon, they are self evident.
HAVING purchased the business of the H. A. Edgett
Co., at Abbotsford, we take this opportunity of
thanking our customers for the patronage extended to that firm during the past year and hope
to merit tt continuance of the same generous treatment by
conducting a fair, honest business, and selling only the best
goods at prices consistent with quality.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
OurJLane of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades,  etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia.
Wo can save money for any farmer or townsman in the Fraser Valley.   Prices
talk ami a fair comparison will convince you that our claim is
justified. (Jive us a trial.  Correspondence solicited,
Telephone 78. Dupont Block, New Westminster, B.C.
Bv usinjr one of our Canners there will be no loss from overripe Suit orT)ad markets.    Easy to operate-anyone can run them.
Three sizes. *wnt\
No. 1 Cap, 1000 cans per day * ^.uu
Nc,2Cap, 2000 cans per day     w.w
No. 3 Cap. 7000 cans per day gTJAC���
The Modern Oanner Co.,     ST J��$BS'
T. Scrivener, agent, 720 Granville St.. Vancouver, B. C.
Henderson   Undertaking
Complete line of Caskets,
Coffins, Trimmings, Burial
Robes, also ftist-dass Hearse
ieaa 1��ot
feaaional Emhalmer and Fun
Livery Stables
Feed and Sale.
All orders promptly
attended to	
Ed. Reece, �������*��
Letter from Jean Templar.
Editor, The Fraser Advance,
Dear Sir: For some time we had
eagerly watched for the first view of
Vesuvius. As our train was nearing
Naples, It swung around a curve and
the famous volcanic mount hove In
sight. I could scarcely convince myself that It was tho Vesuvius of three
years ago. The recent eruption had
changed the symmetrical cone, leaving a Jagged uneven top.
It la said that no other town has
such beautiful surroundings as
Naples, but I think there are many
such charming spots on our Pacific
coast. The aquarium contains many
beautiful aquatic specimens, many
oddities and some horribly repulsive
looking creatures. The museum with
its wealth of ancient statuary from
the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii, Is well worth a visit. Of course
you must not leave the city without
a dish of macaroni���we can vouch
for its excellence.
Two hours ride from Naples are
the marvellous ruins of Pompeii.
Here we caught many a vision from
the vanished past. With Bulwer Lyt-
ton, we pictured again that awful
tragedy, when so many of the city's
inhabitants met their doom while the
city itself was lost to the world for
so many centuries.
We spent a few hours In Rome
again on our way to Florence. The
whole city is a museum and every
street an art gallery, has been said of
the latter city. Everywhere there was
an atmosphere of art and beauty
and we walked or drove about the
streets like one in a dream. Here we
saw the home of Dante, there the
birth-place of Michael Angelo and
again the house where Amerigo
Vespucia lived. To mention her monuments dnd her palaces, or to enumerate her statues and pictures would
take too much time and space. The
cathedral and bell tower are Imposing:
structures. The two stand together
and Just In front, the Baptistry with
its remarkable bronze doors. The
finest mosaic work in the world is
made In Florence. The king of Slam
had been in the city the previous day
and we saw several articles in mosaic
and sculptured alabaster that he had
purchased. And what shall I say of
the Florentine Gallery, the Medici?
The noblest in the world, Is the popular verdict. I am no artist to compare relative values, but I stood entranced before the masterpieces of
Da Vinci, Raphael, Michael Angelo
and others.
An interesting Incident occurred
one evening while my brother and I
were suntering back to the hotel' after a stroll round one of the lovely
parks. We had noticed a young lad
beating a tiny donkey that was doing
its best to drag a huge load up the
hill. Hurrying forward to remonstrate, we were In time to see a richly
dressed lady make a note of the
cart number al lthe while indignantly
chiding the driver. She was evidently
not master of the Italian as she freely
interspersed some choice English
phrases. "It's good to hear English
spoken in Florence," I remarked as
we came up. She turned to us with
a bright smile. In the course of a
little conversation It came out that
iho lady was from Ohio and was at
Ihu time on a prolonged visit to her
daughter, who was married to an Italian professor and who was particularly interested in the society for
the prevention of cruelty to animals.
"I shall give the number to my
daughter and this case shall be Investigated," she said as she gave us each
her hand and sweetly bade us goodbye.
Crossing the Apennines, we were
on the rich and fertile plains of Lom-
bardy. From our coach window we
saw the leaning towers of Bologna.
An English professor and his wife
proved interesting company and gave
us much helpful Information.
"Padua," called the guard, and we
heard again Shakespeare's 'Duke
of Venice' asked 'Portia' and 'Nerissa'
"Come you from Padua?" "Llvy was
born here 59 B. C," said the professor
as our train drew up at the station.
"Did you know that the original of
Shylock was a Christian and not a
Jew?" he continued questlonlngly. We
admitted that we were in ignorance
regarding the matter. "But why
should Shakespeare so traduce the
Jew?" I asked. The play would not
otherwise have been permitted on the
stage at that time," replied our
learned companion.
Will some of' my readers tell us
the truth of the matter?
The shadows of evening were falling when we stepped into a gondola.
In a few moments we were quietly
gilding down the main street of Venice.   I shall tell you ef our visit to
this wonderful city In my next.
Tours truly
Camborne, Cornwall,
June II, 1907.
As Reported by Winnipeg Knights of
The Quill-No 'Breakfast to
Perdition' Talk.
WINNIPEG, July 11.���Premier
McBride passed through here today
en route home, and during a brief
interval in the city met Hon. Robert
Rogers and several prominent cltl ���
sens. He also discussed public questions freely with newspapermen.
He disclaimed vigorously the use
of expressions which have been attributed to him by eastern papers.
The disclaimer referred only to the
terms employed, however, and not to
any of the sentiments expressed. The
particular expression to which exception was taken was that which
represented the premier as saying
that he would continue his contention with the Dominion Administration from "breakfast to perdition."
Federal Arena Talk.
"I have been constantly asked regarding my entrance into the politics
of the Dominion," he said in reply.
"I have said that the question of my
entrance into Dominion politics has
never been raised. It is a possibility
that has not been considered. With
reference to the future, I would say
that Its contingencies will require to
be dealt with as they arise. I will
also state this, however, that leaders
in Dominion politics have been active
in the affairs of the Province of British Columbia, and It is only natural
to expect in return that we might
take an active part In the politics
of  the  Dominion."
Reference was made by a reporter to the reception which the Premier would receive on his arrival
In Victoria.
"That Is only Western hospitality,"
replied Mr. McBride. "We do not
take our politics too seriously, and
the boys who were defeated are as
much our friends as the victorious
"In reference to the Province as a
whole, I would say that It was neve.-
more prosperous; it shares In the advancement and prosperity common to
all Canada. We will naturally have
very large responsibilities laid upon
us in connection with the development of the Northern portion of the
Province, which Is to be opened up
through the building of the Grand
Trunk Pacific. We will be called on
to open new roads, build new schools,
administer Justice and carry forward
the various needs of the government
in an Immense new district."
Better Terms Claims.
"With referronce to our request, I
may say that In the past we have
paid into the Dominion government
twenty million dollars more than we
have received. In addition to this
we have given up lands In order to
secure railway transportation, which
constitute an empire in themselves.
I am fully, satisfied with the result
of the negotiations which have occupied my attention in England, and
although the Imperial government
refuses to interfere In our domestic
matters, I have hope that a satisfactory settlement will be reached
with the Dominion government. The
government was very generous to the
province at the time of the Confederation, but the condition has. completely altered since that time.
Mallei' Slmld Be Arlitratcd.
I What I asked was that the matter
should be arbitrated; that we should
I appoint one arbitrator, the Dominion
i government one, and that these men
j should proceed to the west and ad-
| Just the matter on the ground. I
wish to call attention to the fact
that In connection with the discussion of our claim, there has been no
talk of secession. Other provinces
in similar circumstances have talked
of  secession.
"We might have done the same
but we have not done so. We are
loyal Canadians, and British Columbia is as much a part of Canada as
is Ontario," .
"The question which we are discussing Is no local one, and we desire
that It should be dealt with as a Canadian question."
CMmwack Post Office
Office hours. 8 to 19.00.
On Statutory Holidays the Offloe la opened
from 18 to 19.
Savings Bank and Money  Order business
closes at 18.00
Malls olose at 93.00 daily, for all parts.
For convenience of those having louk boxes
tha offloe door is not locked until 22.00.
The offloe is olosed on Sundays,
S Mki.i.akd Postmaster.
Wunlcipaf   CounoU
Reeve���F. C. Kickbush.
Councillors���K. Dodslev Barrow, T.
H. Jackson, J. A. Evans, J. H. Ashwell,
Geo. Good, P, H.Wilson.
Clerk and Solicitor���Justinian Felly.
Assessor���Joseph Scott.
Collector���(J. W. Chadsey.
Medical Health Omcer���j. C. Henderson, M.B., CM.
Chief of Polioe-G. A. Calbick.
Rev. K. V. Stillman, Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p m. Sunday Sebool at 8:00 p.m.
Epworlo League every Monday at 8 p.
m.   Prayer Meeting every Thursday
CARMAN CHURCH-Dlvlne service
every Sunday at 9:80 p.m.
Rev. H, J. Robertson, B.A., Pastor
Services Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:80 p.m
Sunday School lo the afternoon at 2:80
Prayer Meeting everv Thursday even
Ing at 8 o'clock. Ladies' Aid every
second Thursday at 8 p.m. Girls' Mis
sion Band every second Friday st 4 p.m
Sunday services at 11 a.m. aud 7:80 p.m.
Sunday School in the afternoon at 2:30,
Young People's Praver Meeting everv
Monday at 8 p ni. Praver Meeting on
Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Rev. Mark Jukes, Vicar.
Sunday services���Morning prayer and
sermon 11 a. in,; Kyeo song and sermon at 7:30 p.m. Sunday sciiool at 9:45
ii.ii). Holy Communion���8 a, m. 3rd
Sunday in tbe month. 11 a.m. 1st Sunday in the month. Bible Class each
week on Wednesday at 8 p. in. in tbe
Rates : ��� American
Plan $1.25 per day
and upwards	
A good livery in connection with the
Empire Hotel
Cor. Hastings and Columbia Ave.
American Plan, $1.50 and $2.00 per day.
European (Rooms only) 75c up per day.
The only Auto Bus in the City,
meets all trains and boats.
Rainier Cafe.
When you go to Vancouver get your lunch
at the New Rainier Cafe
and see the prettiest
Cafe on the Pacific
Coast. Meals and lunches at all hours. Open
day and night.
309 Cordova Street
W. O. HOLTZ,   -   Proprietor.
I will Imail you free, to prove merit
samples of my Dr. Shoop's Restorative,
and my book on either Dyspepsia, The
Heart or The Kidneys. Troubles of the
stomach, heart or kidneys, are merely
symptoms of a deeper ailment Don't
make the common error of treating
symptoms only. Symptom treatment is
treating the result of your ailment, and
not the cause. Weak itomach nerves���
the inside nerves-mean stomach weakness, always, and the heart and kidney
as well, have their controlling or inside
nerves. Weaken these nerves and you
inevitable have weak vital organs. Here
is where Dr. Shoop's Restorative hu
made it's fame. No other remedy even
claims to treat the "inside nerves." Also
for bloating, biliousness, bad breath or
complexion, use Dr. Shoop's Restomtive.
WrrU me today for sample and free
book.   Dr. Shoop. Racine, Wis.   The ���
Restorative is sold by H. J. Barber. 26-38 Your patronage is respectfully solicited
Abbotsford Feed
and Livery Stable.
All trains met daily.
Good horses and rigs, and
saddle horses supplied on
short notice.
80S Hastings St West
Next the Arcade, VANCOUVBR, B.C. ii
Back of the Sterling
Worth of De Laval Cream
stands an organization which is the De Laval
user's guarantee, of the continued usefulness
of his machine. The significance of this to the
prospective buyer need only be considered to
be appreciated.
The De Laval Separator Co.
Representatives Everywhere.
The latest report of the cow-testing
associations received from the office
of the Dairy and Cold Storage commissioner of the Dominion department of agriculture contains the following figures which will be of interest to dairymen:
Some of the recent results of 30
day periods of testing are:
Ormstown, Que., 83 cows, June 7,
average S85 for milk, 3.3 test, 30.0
lb. fat. Best yield 12S0 lbs, testing
St. Marc, Que., 116 cows, June 14,
average 71fi for milk, 3.7 test, 22.6
lb. fat. Best yield of any one cow
1120 lb. milk testing 3.1.
Culloden, Ont., 319 cows, June 6,
average 904 lbs. milk, 3.4 test, 30.8
lb. (at. Highest yield of milk, 1630
lb. testing 3.0.
St. Jerome, Que., 166 cows, June 13,
average 549 lb. milk, 3.6 test, 19.6
lb. fat. Best yield 990 lb. milk testing 4.0.
Henryvtllc, Que., 186 cows, June 14,
average 632 lb. milk, 3.7 test, 23.4
lb. fat. Highest yield of milk 1060
lb. testing 4.0.
Dlxvllle,  Que.,  207 cows, June  17,
average  605  lb.  milk,   3.6  test,   24.1
lb.  fat.    Best yield    1230 lb.,    milk
testing 3.8.
Ottawa, July 2, 1907. C. P. W.
Small& Bucklin LumberCo.Ld.
Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
Largest Organ in the Body.
Is the liver. Small wonder that liver
troubles makes you feel so miserable.
The symptoms are constipation, dizziness, indigestion, headache, feeling of
depression and lack of appetite.
There is but one sure cure, ��� Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. In every case they
are successful. By relying on Dr.
Hamilton's Pills you are sure of strong
vitality, nourishing blood, bright
cheery spirits. No longer will you
suffer from disordered liver or kidneys.
The marvel of this medicine is that it
keeps you well���prevents and wards off
sickness of every kind. 25c. per box
Pdfkw'S ^ce Cream Parlor
is becoming immensely popular and our many
patrons have nothing but praise to give our Ice
Cream. We want those who have not been in
yet to come and judge for themselves and they
will join our already large band of satisfied
Baker CHAS. PARKER���Confectioner
The Fraser Advance $1.00 per
jrear. An "ad" in it will pay you,
Mr. Merchant.
A United States paper pays this
tribute to the banking system of Canada: "The banking system of Canada
! Is one of the most perfect ever de
I vised. Originally formed on Scotch
I and English plans, it has developed
into a system which is essentially
! new and is peculiarly adapted to that
country's needs. During the last
twenty-five years Canadian deposit-
| ors have lost only $750,000. and note
holders nothing, through the failure
of banks which would have been eligible to organization under the present banking laws. The pending liquidation of the Ontario Bank furnishes strong evidence of the efficiency of the system. The liabilities
of that bank on the day of liquidation amounted to $15,000,000, but Its
affairs are being administered without the disorganization of business
or the loss of a dollar either to note
holders or depositors. Contrast with
these statements the amounts lost to
depositors and note holders through
bank failures, and the methods of
procedure In cases of liquidation of
banks under the laws of the United
States. Receiverships and assessments here, after dragging along for
many months, often years, are rarely closed up without much loss to depositors and creditors, the receivers,
in some instances, absolutely eating
up the assets In salaries and other expenses."
There Is as much difference in boys
as will be found In mon, some being
quick to observe the Importance of
common things, and others paying no
attention whatever to anything they
meet from day to day. Alfred Brown
Is the name of a boy living In Brooklyn. He is interested In natural science, but cares very little for stories
and poetry. He Is what may be
termed an original, practical boy, and
is constantly on the lookout for
"points", as he terms It. While he Is
an ardent student of electricity, having Invented many machines and appliances for his own special use, he
devotes much time to studying
watches, clocks, engines, printing-
presses and other useful articles.
He Is not satisfied simply to read
about the wonders to be found In ordinary things, but he is experimenting at odd times to get practical evidence. Not long ago his mother
bought a new kettle for the cook,
and Instantly he went to the kitchen.
"Well, well," said Mary, "now what
be ye wanting,  Master Alfred?"'    -
"I have something to tell you," he
"About what?"
"About that kettle, if you are in a
hurry you'd better use the old one."
"Go along wid yez," sold Mary,
"Well, let us see," said Alfred.
"Fill the old one and the new one
with water, and put them on the
stove at the same time. If the water
In the old one doesn't begin to boll
first, I will give you a box of candy.'
To gratify the boy, Mary followed
Alfred's Instructions; and, to her
amazement and chagrin, the water In
the old kettle began" to boil much
quicker than  that In  the  new  one.
"It bates all," said Mary. "Now,
why is  that?"
"That's very simple," said Alfred.
"It is because the old kettle is covered with soot, which not only keeps
the heat in, but absorbs It quickly
from the fire. It takes a new kettle
of water longer to get hot because
the bottom is clean and bright. Polished metal does not absorb heat,
but reflects or throws it off. I read
about it one night, and proved It the
next day when you were out."���Brooklyn Eagle.
"Did you tell pour master that I
helped you with your French exercise, Sidney?" "Yes, father." "And
what did he say?" "He said he
wouldn't keep me in today, 'cos it
didn't seem fair that I should suffer  for  your  Ignorance."���Tit-Bits.
Seeds, Trees, Plants!
NO seedless plums, NO pltless apple*,
NO cobless corn���just old reliable
varieties at reasonable prices,
Il Bee Supplies
Spray Pumps
Spraying Material      Cut Flowers
Etc., Btc
Oldest established nursery on the
Mainland of a C.       nstajogae Free.
Greenhouse :-SMO vtestnlmter Road,
Branch Nurseries:���8. Tsaooover.
P.8.���If your local nerebaats do sot
handle my seeds, send direct. W* prepay 90 packet* assarted vatifUe* of
< GARDEN SJCKD8 In ordinary ic paper*
(tested stock) t�� your neamt post aBea
to* $1-10 packets for SSc, trial collection.
'������������ ��?����������������*? ���������*��������!�������������� ��������'
fnm Pwimn
Write to us for best quotations
obtainable in the market.
All owners, lessees or occupiers of
land upon which Canadian Thistles are
growing within the Township of Chilliwhack, are hereby notified to effectually destroy same within fourteen days
hereafter, and in default thereof they
may be prosecuted according to law.
Dated this 20th day of June 1907.
23-tf Chief of Police.
Listen for the Bronchial 'Wheeze.'
It means thatdisease will soon attack
the lungs. Wheezing is distressing to
the sufferer and annoying to his friends.
Nothing half so certain in bronchitis
and throat trouble as "Catarrhozone ";
. it gives instant relief and cures even
1 the worst cases. Bronchitis fairly flees
under the magic influence of catarrhozone which cures so thoroughly the
disease never returns. Other remedies
may relieve, but "Catarrhozone"
cures bronchitis, Catarrh, and throat
trouble for all time to come. Sold
R. C. Menten, captain.
J. H. Harrison, purser.
Bus will leave the postoffice at 6:30
a.m. and Henderson's corner at 3:30
p.m. every day for the steamer connecting with morning trains, east and west,
and afternoon trains east and west respectively. Returning bus will arrive in
town at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Would you like to have The
Toronto Weekly Globe free for
one year ? If so, send us one
new paid subscriber to The Fraser Advance at $1.00.
The following are the return rates to the different points mentioned below :
Good going ONLY July 3, 4, 5, August 8,9,10, September 11,12, 13, and final return limit 90 days from date of sale.
Winnipeg, Port William, St Paul, Duluth $60.00
Chicago S 71.60 Montreal $ W.M
NewYork and Philadelphia    107.60 Ottawa......     90.06
Buffalo     86.00 St John, N.B    101.60
Halifax     108.80 Toronto      ��*00
Ten Days are allowed for passenger to reach destination.   Stop-over privileges given within time limits.
For further information as to rates to other eastern points, write or call on
W. R. NELEMS, C.P.R. Ticket Agent, ���  ���   -
.-:���:������:.X& #2'. '     :. 1
Advance Wants.
Small Advertisements at Small Cost.
Wanted.���Everybody to let their business wants be known to the public in
these columns, it will cost you little,
and will pay you much. Only one cent
fr  word   for  each   insertion.     THE
'kaser Advance, P. 0. B 29(5.   Chilliwack, B. C.
For   Rent-Two  rooms   in   Advance
building.   Apply at oflice. 25-tf
For Sale���Five good dairy cows and
one  high  grade  Guernsey bull,   16
months old.
K. Bellrose, Lakeview
For Sale-
-House and one acre.
Judson Post.
For Sale���House and Lot at Sardis.
Apply to Jesse  Lapum,  Sardis,  B. C.
For Sale���One acre bearing orchard-
v'heap for Cash.   Judson Post.   25-tf
Horses for Sale-A variety of
hoases, including drivers, work
horses and saddle. Prices range
from $100 np. J. E. Harrison's
place, known as the old Prest farm.
Wanted-To buy a farm from 50 to
100 acres, with about 12 to 20 acres
small timber, con.posed mostly of
alder and birch. Address G. B.
McKenzie, Vancouver, B.C.
#iiiUsisiUUUiiUUUl itUisJlsUUiUiuuMs*
Fine China.���Thomas  The Jeweller
a"boiit the
Capt. Jemmett, land
pects  to be  in  Chilliwack
23rd July.
Good farm for sale. For particulars
apply to D. Nevin, Rosedale. 26-tf
THE BIG PICNIC-Get your boiled
ham at Grossman's Grocery.
Ashwell's ten day clearing sale
starts 9 a.m., Wednesday, July 21.
Mrs. Stratton and daughter of Vancouver, are guests at the Harrison
Fruit Preserving Jar.���1-2 gals., $1.25
per doz.; qts., $1.00 per doz.; pints,
90c doz. at Ashwell's Dept. Store. 24-9
Geo. E. Jones and wife, of Brandon,
Man., are staying at the Harrison
Sewing Machine Needles and Oil at
Ashwell's. 24-29
went to Summerland on
A. E. Stevens, C.P.R.
Vancouver, and family,
the Harrison House.
despatcher, of
are  guests at
J. R. Crow, a prominent real estate
dealer of Tacomr,. is yisiting the valley
this week.
Rubber Rings for Ji-iv
Ashwell's Dept. Store.
! doz. 25c,  at
hay  tor  Sale. ���M.
Cultus Lake broke loose. Take a
bottle of Royal Salad Dressing to the
big picnic next Thursday. Potted
meats 10c, at Grossman's Grocery.
Attend the bargain feast���it's at
Ashwell's Ten Day Clearing Sale,
which starts July 24.
A. O. Ecker and family and Mrs.
H. Eckert came up from Vancouver on
Wednesday, and are visiting Mr. Eck-
ert's brother at Brett's mil!.
Fancy Clocks.���Thomas the Jeweler.
Arrangements have been made to
hold the Clerks'Picnic on Thursday,
July 25, at Cultus Luke. The merchants and business men have very
generously responded to the petition
presented, and the stores will be closed
on above date There is no doubt but
nil will gladly co-operate In making
this a successful OUting.
Eggs 30c a doz. at Ashwell's,   taken1   John Cameron of Rosedale, returned     The  annual  picnic  held under  the
same  as  cash  during their  ten  day on Monday from Vancouver, where he!ausrjices of the   I.O.F., Court Chhli-
clearing sale, which starts Wednesday,' was married to Mrs. A. C.  McKeney
July 24. | who came there recently from Idaho.
at Cultus i
Ashwell's store will be closed all day
Tuesday, July 2;!, preparing for the
big sale which starts Wednesday, July
24, at 9 a.m.
Contractor A Cruickshank informs
us that Cultus Lake road will be open
for travel on Tuesday.
Harry Webb left on Wednesday for
Victoria, where lie will spend his vacation.
Ashwell's dry goods, gents' furnishing and shoe store will be closed all
day Tuesday, July 23, to reduce prices
and arrange their stock in preparation
for their ten day clearing sale.
wac'k No. 4115, will be   held
j Lake on Thursday,   Aug.   8.   All for-
j esters  please   take notice   and   bring
i your friends along. 27-tf
A strange  bird was   shot  by  A.  J.
Word has been  received  that Kath- j
leen Henderson has  been successful in j
the music examination which   she took I Robertson near his home last Saturday
recently   in   Vancouver,     under    the
Associated Board of London, Eng.
The little son of Richard Toop who
wan operated on last Sunday for appendices, passed away Thursday
morning. The funeral took place
yesterday and was largely attended.
The deepest sympathy is felt for the
bereaved parents.
Sam Press, John   Barleycorn  and  a
slant-eyed  heathen   named  Gin   Fizz
had a little mix-up without gloves one
Mrs. R. Moffatt and  Jack  returned I evening  this week  at  the steamboat
on Monday from   Ladners, where they j landing, with the   result that  Gin was
have been visiting  for the   past three ' laid away for alterations and repairs.
weeks. I ..,,,,���.
Dr Pagan,   provincial health officer,
Mrs. Robert Marshall and daughter,; pftJd Chilliwack a flying visit last Mon-
Myra, returned on  Mondry  from   the day.   It is reported that the Dr. saw a
coast, where they have  been  visiting | few things here not to  his liking  and
will return at an early date for the
purpose of going thoroughly into
matters with the local health authorities. His services will no doubt be
salutory, if not entirely welcome to
friends for the past two weeks.
Geo. V. Fraser, who with his family,
has been a guest at the Harrison
House for some time, went down to
the Terminal City on" business on
The picnic given on Thursday by the I F- J- Hart & Co- rePort the follow-
Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian inS sales this week: H. Proctor's
and Methodist Churches to Hoods property at Cheam, consisting of 130
Grove on the Chilliwack river, wasalacre8> to L- Wilkinson of North
most enjoyable affair. j Dakota;   consideration    $10,400.     N.
| Richardson  ��,f    Fairfield  Island,    15
Ashwell's are  anxious  to  clear out | acres to G. E. Jones of Brandon, Man.,
their stock at big reductions in prefer-' $1,500.
ence to  carrying it over another  sea-
son. Be sure and attend their Ten | A little excitement was caused on
Day Clearing Sale. It starts Wednes-1 Thursday afternoon due to McLeod's
day, July 24. I team trying to get into the two minute
H. Nelems
Picnic Plates, light and wont break,
10c per doz. at Grossman's Grocery.
H. McCIure left on Monday for Indian Head, Sask.
Rev. M. Houghton of New Westminster, was in Chilliwack on Tuesday.
A. McLeod of Vancouver, made a
business trip to the valley on Wednesday.
Thomas Allen and John Rennie of
Sapperton, are looking over sawmill
property in the valley.
A. S. Rankin went down to Victoria
on Monday and expected to spend about
two weeks in that vicinity.
Kenneth and Keith Macken are here
from Vancouver and will spend a
month with their brothers W. L. and
H, Macken.
MILLINERY-New summer hats,
new skirts and blouses, gloves, flowers,
etc., at Mrs. Carvolth's. 24-tf
The Minnehaha opened on Wednesday. Some good catches of fish are
reported.    The Palmer fly is a taker.
Wm. Dusterhalft, of F. J. Hart &
Co., is spending a few days in town on
Miss Bain has resigned her position
in A. C. Henderson's store and will be
succeeded by Miss Ruby Henderson,
G. D. Brymner was a guest at the
Harrison House for a few days this
J. J. MacArthur, engineer in charge
of the Boundry Survey, spent a few
days in town early in the week.
Look at this ! To new subscribers
we will send The Advance for one year
and the Toronto Mail and Empire to
Jan. 1, 1908, for $1.00. i tobaccollist 0f Vancouver, has  been a
The Royal Hank of Canada have just guest at the Harrison  House   for the
received from Messrs. J. & J. Taylor, past few days.
the well-known safe manufacturers, of |    AgWfl gg  we  undeMtand
Toronto, a nest of safe y deposit boxes, ^ w> T_ Jackman b ^ ^^
which are now installed and opento^  eyeni       fa
rental by the public.   The boxes which
e/ening and is now on exhibition in H.
I J. Barber's window. It is a little
larger than an ordinary pigeon, but in
many respects resembles a cockatoo.
It's breast and throat are a bright
scarlet and its wings, back and tail a
slate color. The beak is hooked like
that of a cockatoo, while the top of
the head is without a crest, the feathers being scarlet and white mixed.
The bird was apparently in a wild
state from the swift manner in which
it was flying as well as from the appearance of its feathers. When shot
it was chasing robins like n hawk. The
mounting was done by Wm Hall.
The Clerks' Picnic will be held at
Cultus Lake on Thursday, July 25.
The stores will be closed on that day
so that both employers and employees
may have a day of rest and enjoyment.
If your business interferes with the
picnic, give up the business.
Don't forget the open air concert
given by the Girls' Club and Football
Club of Camp Slough, at the home of
Mr. Charles Braithwaite, on Friday the
twenty-sixth. Everybody come and
have the best time you have had this
season. An excellent programme and
refreshments.   Admission 10c.
An Eclipse Social under the auspices
I of Maple Leaf Council, R. T. of T.,
will be held on Mr. Geo. Preston's
lawn, Sardis, on Wednesday evening,
July 24th. Good programme and refreshments.   Admission 10c.
W. T. Padmore,  the well    known
class. It seems when passing the
"fountain" the unusual sight of it
being filled with water must have
scared them and caused  them to bolt.
tbe Store
Tartan Corn
Sweet and tender it tastes-
just like fresh corn.
2 cans 25c
Large bottle, patent stopper,
English make.
Walnuts, Onions, Sour Mixed
Girkins, Chow Chow,
W. C. Landor, who has been in
charge of the gents' furnishing department  of G.   R.   Ashwell  &  Son,
severed his connection with that firm IB White Wine or Malt���110 acid,
on the 15th inst, intending to start ^Something particularly good
business for himself in Vancouver or I for making Raspberry Vinegar
will be rented for the sum of $5.00 a
year are open to a customer any time
during oflice hours 26-27
Miss May Sampson returned on
Saturday from Columbia College,
having received her diploma in Stenography. Miss Sampson is now duly
qualified to take a position,
this evening, in company with A.
Cruickshank, who went down to Vancouver with Mrs. Cruickshank yesterday, having received word that Norman
had contracted chicken-pox and had
been removed to the isolation ward.
P. Lickman sold his ranch at Sumas
on Wednesday to A. Coulter of Okaim-
gan. A. M. Rogers & Co. put through
the deal.
nearby. Before leaving he was presented with a nice piece of cut glassware by his fellow employes, accompanied by their hearty good wishes for
his future success.
On Wednesday of last week Bert
Snider met with a painful accident
while at the barn raising of his brother
Jack. He stepped on a stick of timber
which turned over and crushed his leg
quite badly. He has been under Dr.
McCaffrey's care and while still confined to the house it is expected that
he will soon be able to be around again.
The old adage that    "misfortunes
never come  single-handed"   (jas  been
again verified in  our midst.     Following  upon the heels  of  Charlie  Houston's  operation    for    appendicitis  a
couple of weeks ago, two more similar
cases   developed  suddenly last   week,
one the   seven year old  daughter of I
Albert Poet of Camp Slough,   and the ,
other the twelve year old son of Rich- I
aril  Toop  of Sumas.    Dr.    Drew  of!
New Westminster    performed    both
operations on Sunday lust,
or keeping pickles.
Bottle  20c
Gallon  50c
Wagstaff's Finest Product
s Soups
for hot weather.
Quickly and easily prepared.
Try a Walnut
Open Evenings.
To make July a Banner Month I am going to |
give such Bargains in Furniture, Oil Cloth and |
Linoleum, Carpets and  Carpet Squares,  Go- ��
Carts and Express   Wagons That You Wi�� r-�� SurP"aed *'
Sideboards, usual $20, for $15.00
Couches, from $6 up to $20.00
Extension Tables, usual $15, for $12.00
Linoleums, per yard, from 45c to $ 1,25
Oil Cloth, per yard, 25c to 45
I handle the SINGER Sewing Machine���the best in the world; also Oil and Needles to
fit all kinds of machines, Remember you can get the best for the same money you would
pay for a cheaper machine.
Brick Store, Main Street, Chilliwack. PlctUPC Framing  and UpIlOl8tei*ln&
Residence over Store. _ r n
Tables!    Tables f   Tables!
Just received direct from manufacturers at spot cash prices.
The largest assortment ever imported
into this beautiful valley.
Also Mattresses and Springs. ',
See our Jumbo Kitchen Combination
Comforts at Small Prices.
Another large assortment of Iron Beds
with springs en route from the east.
Please hold your orders for same.
Remember everything is manufactured
ih our own country.


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