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The Fraser Advance Mar 2, 1907

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Jl Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, Especially Devoted to the Interests of tbe Traser Valley.
The Krnser Advance:   Vol. I, No. 7
Cliilllwnck Progrens:   Vol. XV. No. 48
The new Lord's Day Observance Act came into force yesterday throughout the Dominion.
Lord Curzon, formerly Viceroy of India, has announced his
intention of re-entering public
life at the earliest opportunity.
The Thaw trial now promises
to end within the next week.
The murderer of Stanford White
will probably be declared insane.
Mr. F. F. Busteed, the new
General Superintendent of the
PacificDivision.oftheC.P.R., is
on his way to Vancouver lo assume his new duties.
; -: *****      ~**   *7 'L       ���  ^H
mtf-: ^ J*';.1
SrJ5j$J!.'Srf .i'H';'.' '   9                     1
��� mk
H   <,v'Vi'"-Y
w,5 ���:�����;<. Vif'.;i- r ��� fl            1
K ���"���
fi ta-.A:
v >'fJM
...                                         list-     jll                                         iM
. '*itmm
BE;V:- '���*
Hfeifl        1
Nearly $200,000 has been stolen
from the U. S. Sub-Treasury at
Chicago. No trace of the culprits has yet been found, although
several suspects are under police
Residence of Mr. C. Cr.adsey, Sumas.
From Chilliwack the Beauti.ul Ly Cawley & Paisley.
The new passenger rate for
immigrants to British Columbia
went into effect yesterday on the
ment and industrial expansion of confined to Canada and the United
the peninsular Province of the States.   It passes on to the build-
With the departure of the snow
spring activities are fast manifesting themselves here. The
Abbotsford Hotel is building an
annex 34 x 38 feet on the east
side which will be carried to the
same height as the main building.
The first floor will be occupied
by office and sample rooms, with
a few good guest rooms att\.
rear. The second floor will be
wholly devoted to guest rooms,
which will give an addition of
about 11 or 12 rooms to the hotel
to meet the increasing demand.
Messrs. McPhee & McPhee,
who last year purchased the business of Mr. R. J. Shortreed, are
doing a thriving trade.
Mr. Willband has a crew
camped on the hillside just east
of the town preparatory to installing a portable saw mill for
cutting railway ties.
After a shut down of some
weeks the Abbotsford Lumber
Company started their mill again
full  force  last  Monday.    The
The   Hochelaga     Protestant
ing of the temple in Toronto and
the establishment of the Union
Trust with Mr. Foster as managing director. The purchase of
North-West lands by the Union
Trust is gone fully into.
placing'uV'asiVdoeson a fair dren lost their lives. Oi the many Jhereport says: "The oper- everTb^Hving onThe Prairie: soTdXthe?CtWSh��rn Sltf
footing with the prairie provinces, catastrophes which have recently ations of the company were bold Thetime js drawing near when lav Cto ffi!2 fit
C. P. R. It promises to greatly School, Montreal, was burned on
assist the influx of people to this Tuesday and the lady principal,
Province from the British Islr , Miss Maxwell, and 17 little chil
The farmers are getting ready enterprise of this energetic Com-
for the spring work. Already a pany is one of the chief factors
number have begun ploughing,    fn the up-building of Abbotsford.
This is oneofthe seasons when The Company contemplate re-
the need of better roads is im- moving about July 1st from their
pressed .upon the thoughts of present location, which has been
occurred this is perhaps the most and multifarious, embracing lum-
A head on collision near Brook- heart-rending,  more         ~'~
field Station, N.S., on the I.C.R. llas,it. seemed so unnecessary.
way Co.,   to Abbotsford  Lake
is the most ana muiciianous, emoracing mm- this rapidly developing section of about a mile ava7 At nre-nT
,       . particular- ber   limits    sawm,)l8, western the c^    mU8t* h%        ided KarV?SdK their ���,?���n
..__ _.���.���. ^ as it. seemed so unnecessary, lands    United   States  railway with bett/r facillties for locai ^fiJKh^raiSWS
on thXhult. reWited in the The building was entirely with- securities,  residential flats and travel.  Too many people are liv- SSKcWtt
death of Fireman Luther Hill, ���t fire   escapes and although loans and other assistance to of- m   here and there is too much St    s7 north of the stLL
Driver Flavin and Baggagemasl the firemen made most heroic fc*�� in their private specula- time and labour lost on the roads This line wiT be extended 2>m4
ter Sam Keith.   The accident is efforts to save the children eigh- tuns. *u. forthe nt conations to be two^or three ffilS bSSid tte
alleged to have been caused by teen lives were sacrificed.   After     Theland deals of Mr   Fowler tolerated much longer. mill site into tKiSlimitl
- ���      Flavin having over-run Miss Maxwell had handed out 40 and Mr. Foster with the Union    Mat    j fa^hav|anew public SgJgtSS sunTh the mi  w th
little tots, she was implored by Trust are fully narrated, the dif- hall at ��n earl   date    Ste��8 are PJ aS^KTO^6A*S
the firemen to leave the burning ^nC%b^e^fictllT0p3r", being taken for the erection of a gffoS^manufacturedlumte  At
The immigration retun��_fcr bmlding,    but. to _n?. purpose,  ���*�� .of J2a>,000 ��id   he rea  ^^ b ^,f   ^       .gj $Z��g*^ffi��*
uty nve pose on pront Street.   The build- output of Messrs. Chas. Hill-Tout
his orders.
ine  uniiugrauuu  returns   lur ��� .  <=>'     �����.-��   ������-.. i/uipvn..   , _ -   .       ���, tf ���
the seven months ending Feb. Heroically turning again into the ?a^a'" ,ot >naJ^ UL ^rtM.f��� f������� ��� ����������   *.��=��u���u- 0Uroui
1st, show an increase of 58 per smoke and flames to look for thousand   dollars for property ing win be 30 x 66 feet and will & Son's tie mill beintr huilr at
cent overThose of the same per- more little ones she was over- purchased in British Columbia probably be two storeys high, fhother end ^AbbotsfordLake
iod last year from Great Britain, come and lost.   Somebody is cer- was paid over by Mr. Peter Ryan ^he  ^ floor win contein ��the ��� ��JJJ Si of the AbboNforri
and 31 per cent, from the United tainly guilty of criminal neglect ��Mr. Fowler.   Mr   Fowler of publfc hall while the upper por- Lumber^   Ltd   win �� tW
States." The total increase is and ought to be severely punish- gs amour* gve^ Foster ?ion will b finished up FfrL a Jjg? update TneverV^:
over 49 per cent, over the same
��� period last year.
McCormick, $1,000. and Mr. Ir-
lodge-room.   The new building ticular and wiF have V da1lyPca-
A dispatch from London dated ���, $��   {. Foster was ^SSS^SSASi P^ig of between 50.000 and 60.-
Feb. 27th, says :T"In the House *^J^ff *^^.*e. Jgw local men. ,.	
The enterprise of the Vancou-
wSTSRort o^rwrocked jfCJ^t^TZSZ company,Tli^KamloopsLumber
steamer Berlin off the Hook of tion in favor of the disestablish- ^t^AiJSj8r'2S^A
Holland last week.   Fifteen sur- ment and disendowment of the 1"��� 1 mitdeaIs are recorded.
vivors clunir to the after Dort of church   in   both England and    T?e different insurance com-
^S^lfVS^SS^ Wajes, was adopted by 198 votes KfeW^frankly'6
iXVrsVard blttling with^the   �� "This resolution does not com- Cox* connections with' the Can-
wa^e^SWufeiv-mit  the Government,  but Mr.  ada Life comes in for review, just
ing crews.
ver Fire Clay Co., Ltd., at Clay-
burn is going steadily forward.
The Company has about 60 men
nanaiea jn jts employ at the present time,
senator and wjii l^iy bave more a jjttje
Last evening (Friday) some
fifty friends gathered at the
"Minnehaha" to tender a reception to Mr. and Mrs. Rennie and
Matters political   are uppermost in the minds of the people i ustified
of Manitoba just now, and as the ii������,���u ������ ��� ������:���;t������i u i,
7th of March draws near things S&^TOSm1^1
are waxing hot.   Next week we ^Y^^A^tnai
shall be able to announce the re- S ' itt   wlhl ii,? il"f
suit of the contest.   It is to be ^S^SLSSSSftnA? S
hoped that the good sense of the JJl GZ* Z    fS?,' ^��w"
people will  return Mr.   Roblin SZiSdffi^T:
to power with as good a working ^ My . responsibility in the
majority as B. C. gave Mr. Mc-
Bride on the 2nd of February.
.            ...  ���������������. ��� ���������    ,     Messrs. Halverson and Hougen family.   The host and hostess,
Augustine Birrell, the Chief Sec- a? doe,s Messrs. Mackenzie and report business g00d an 1  are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Macdonald,
retary for Ireland, said he failed Mann s dealing with the Manu- i00king forward to a good vear    extended a hearty welcome to all
-������----        -������ . ft��h,����  a h���. _.   *_ _     _.     .��      ���      .    the guests and declared the house
to see how the continuance of
the established church could be
Far from harming the
 .,,   disestablishment, he said, would re
facturers1 Association. Mr_ c R   Crist hag recently
........ ��� ������..... .��_ purchased the stock and good-
HERBERT S. COLLIN LOSES HIS LlfE will of the business of Mr. G. A.
Halverson and is busy getting
-  "This is the first time in its
  history that the House of Commons has adopted such a resolu-
The legislature of Nova Scotia tion.   The only previous time a
in a Heroic Effort to Save Another
Advice has been received here
from Hamilton, Out., of the recent death by drowning of Mr.
Herbert S. Colliu, who lost his veniently, the people" "of the
life in Burlington Bay in the at- Prairie would much prefer to
tempt to save that of his friend dispose of their surplus stock oh
NesbittFalconar. f00t.   As for the creamery out-
open  for the evening's enjoyment.   All sorts of games were
  ��� ���   ,  .........0 held.     The Government campr
things in shape for the coming [n charge of Mr. Silas Yeomans
season's trade.
There is a good opening
for a butcher business as well as
for a creamery. If they could
get their fresh meat supply con-
turned out in full force and left
no stone unturned to fill the evening's programme. Mr. Cruick-
shanks' party, which has just
been located, joined in the fun
and gave a good account of
themselves. Mrs. Rennie was
delighted with the gathering of
both old and new friends and
said that they should ahvavs re-
,   iTI,.��� ,,    iri, ��� ,     .   ., , -, <-     -     Falconer was making forthe look there are enough cows with-       ------      .    ,~ ���-
met at Halifax on the 15th *eb. similar resolution was pressed to north shore of the bay when he in easy reach now to warrant the member the occasion as one of
The Murray Government, which a division was in May, 1871, and disappeared, and Mr. Collin, di- undertaking and the number is the pleasantest in their lives,
has thirty-three out of thirty- it was then rejected by a large vesting himself of his coat and rapidly  increasing.     Milk  and The supper was good and very
boots,   promptly   went to his cream which is not manufactured much appreciated,
friend's assistance.   The bodies in private dairies, is shipped to
of the two unfortunate young Abbotsford 	
men have not yet been recovered! ster.
Mr. Herbert Collin was the son
eight seats in the house, has out
lined in the speech from thethrone
a new and progressive policy.     The report of the Insurance
A complete system of technilogi- Commission with a draft   bill
cal education is to be established, attached was presented to the
% -'laving a central school of techn- Dominion Parliament on Wednes- of Mr. F. W. Collin of New West
ologyof university grade as its day the 27th ult.   An  Ottawa minster Junction and brother to
crowning feature.   A good roads dispatch says of the report:
policy, the promotion of immigra-     "It is a voluminous document,
tion from the British Isles and Dealing with the Independent
the inducing of expatriated Nova Order of Foresters, it starts out
and New Westmin-
"Preventics" will promptly check a
cold or the Grippe when taken early or
at the "sneeze stage." Preventics cure
seated colds as well. Preventics are
little candy cold cure tablets, and Dr.
Shoop, Racine, Wis., will gladly mail
That doesn t cure the corn.   Just ap- you samples and a book on Colds free, renew the life of the blood
Mr. Percy Collin of this place.
Never Silt Your Boots.
Scotians to return from theUmted With Dr. Montague's visit to Aus- ply the old standby, Putnam's Corn Ex- if you will write him.   The samples dean the svstem throughout
States, are further features of tralia   and   the   extravagance tr^ctor- It fts hke magic. _ Kills the prove their merit,  check early Colds ���'""' thl0U*h0Ut
the new nroirramme which m-om- there      Then  (-ho tn**l*n ��1ij Pam cures the corn; does it without with Preventics and stop Pneumonia.
L0Y���nr?i?^ ,.V��J ���k    j      j       }om��n fie,d burn or scar.   Get the best it's "Put- Sold in 5c and 25c boxes by H. J. Barb-
ises much for the future develop-was abandoned and operations nam's."-Adv. 7. er.-adv. 7-u.
When Women Suffer.
Look out for weakness or disease,
See if there is not a sideache, headac> ���
restlessness and the "blues." The.-;
symptoms indicate that you need t'.j
gentle assistance of Dr. Hamilton's
Pills. They are women's greatest relief, prevent functional derangements,
purify and
No tonic
so potent, no results so marked as follow the use of Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Price 25c per box at all dealers ���Adv. 7. THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. C, SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1907.
Agency for
the Genuine
Slater Shoe.
For the best assortment of excellence in all the
leading good makers of Boots & Shoes, for
everybody go to
where you can have a choice of the highest quality goods at the fairest prices. Every line in
stock is a money saver to you. I keep and sell
the best lines of staple goods which are to be
had. My stock of Mens', Womens', Boys' and
Missesfine goods are representative of the leading makers at right prices.
M. P. Empey
Henderson's Undertaking Depmt.
a Large and complete liiic of Uiideitakinc lequisites, Casketc, Coffins,    ���
Trimmings,'Burial ilobcs.   Also FIRST-CLASS HEARSE.
Tuneral Director, Gtnbalmer and Pro* \
fessional Undertaker,
lifter twenty five years experience in prno.icnl Undertaking business     j
in Chilliwack, needs no introduction.
We have several good paying farms for disposal in Chilliwack Valley....If you want to sell or exchange your property list at once with us.
W. "* T. GAHAN
(Over new Royal Bank Building)
Vancouver Agency
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Age.ts
Westminster Ave., VANCOUVER, I?. C.
If you wish, to purchase  property ot
any description in the Valley ot
the lower Fraser River
you \yiLL ��AVE JIME
(time is money)
you "Will Save money
by calling on
Opposite the Post Office
B. C.
A proposition is capable of demonstration when the proofs of
its truths are presented to consciousness and accepted.
Truth is inherent in itself, consequently its own producer, and
admits of no contradiction, cannot be disputed. It is a law unto itself; it is as immutable as
God Himself, being omnipresent,
omnipotent and omniscient. Never having been derived from anything, it stands on its own merits;
self-vindicated, needs nothing to
sustain it; accepted by all without dissent, no evidence can make
it more truth. The life of Christ
delineated, vindicated and elmin-
ated it in its entirety and showed
his oneness with it. In living, he
lived it; and in dropping mortality, he erected on the ruins of
false beliefs, the grandest demonstration of its eternal existence,
and proved its existence with the
eternal God.
Truth is freedom resurrected
from the tomb of false beliefs.
Truth is the essence of the eternal spirit shown to us in the life
of Christ in its fullness.
The life of Christ is manifested Truth.
Truth when presented to the
mind is accepted without argument. We do not ask what it is.
By intuition we know its presence
without an introduction. It is a
principle underlying the stratum
and foundation of the heavenly
kingdom, having Christ for its
basis in the great realm of universal spirit.
It is the base upon which Christianity rests. It is synonymous
with the New Thought. It is an
elementary principle permeating
all the ramifications of the intricate and secret recesses of the
universe; known and read of all
men in a language common to
all, no matter of what nationality;
interpreted without a teacher,
comprehended by no aid from
science, grasped unassisted, for
everyone has a key which unlocks the storehouse where it exists in all its fullness, because it
is Freedom's release and Liberty's God-given birthright to all.
It is God's pure Self. Christ is
its personifier, and by divine right
was the first one to bring to our
notice and understanding what
seemed a stranger, until its familiar face was recognized: and
then we knew it was always present; but comprehension seemed
to have been absent on a journey
among creeds and dogmas and
the rubbish of ages, where it
supposed Truth made its home;
and it wandered so long as to
think it had no existence, but
found that it was near at hand
and never lost, but hidden by a
veil so thin that it wondered that
its familiar face was not seen before.
When a problem is solved and
the answer attained, the proof
of its correctness is Truth. It
comes to our understanding by
intuition, and we recognize it as
an old friend; it stands on a
foundation as broad as the universe, omnipotent as Deity, and
as limitless as eternity.
Truth recognizes its own reality. It is conscious of its own existence. It knows for itself that
it is a distinct entity. It has its
origin in itself, which is the Divine Spirit. It need not go back
of itself to prove its presence,
for it could not if it wished to.
It is accountable to nothing, being superior to everything else;
it stands alone in its freedom.
Truth reflects itself in its own
mirror. Christ is Truth's vicegerent on earth, personated by
no pope, priest or teacher, whose
still, small voice proclaims in
tones of thunder, its presence,
and says, "lam very God."-I.
E. Herriott in Unity.
U. S. Senator Vests Famous Eu-
logv on the Dog.
Gentlemen of the Jury���The
best friend a man has in this
world may turn against him and
become his enemy. His son or
daughter that he has reared with
loving care may prove ungrateful.
Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust
with our happiness and our good
name, may become traitors to
their faith. The money that a
man has he may lose. It flies
away from him, perhaps when
he needs it most. A man's reputation may be sacrificed in a
moment of ill-considered action.
The people who are prone to fall
on their knees to do us honor
when success is with us may be
the first to throw the stone of
malice when failure settles its
cloud upon our heads. The one
absolute, unselfish friend that
man can have in this selfish
world, the one that never deserts
him, the one that never proves
ungrateful or treacherous, is his
Gentlemen of the jury, a man's
dog stands by him in prosperity
and in poverty, in health and in
sickness. He will sleep on the
cold ground, where the wintry
winds blow and the snow drives
fiercely, if only he can be near
his master's side. He will kiss
the hand that has no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and
sores that come in encounter
with the roughness of the world.
He guards the sleep of his pauper
master as if he were a prince.
When all other friends desert he
remains. When riches take
wings and reputation falls to
pieces he is as constant in his
love as the sun in its journey
through the heavens. If fortune
drives the master forth an outcast in the world, friendless and
homeless, the faithful dog asks
no higher privilege than that of
accompanying him to guard a-
gainst danger, to fight against
his enemies, and when the last
scene of all comes, and death
takes the master in its embrr<">
and his body is laid away in l
cold ground, no matter if ail
other friends pursue their way,
theie by his graveside will the
noble dog be found, his head between his paws, his eyes sad but
open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even co death.
Not Alone.
In your edition of Jan. 22nd,
I noticed an article on the complaints of some of your neighbors
regarding the cold weather they
are experiencing in your usually
pleasant valley.
I lived for a number of years
in Chilliwack and I thought at
times that it was the coldest
place on earth. But time and experience will change some ideas
at least.
If one of those complaining
men could picture himself perched on a load of freight holding
the lines over four or six restless
horses when all small thermometers are put to sleep and the
large ones were indicating 60
below zero, and just enough of a
breeze blowing to make the icicles
rattle a merry tune as they dangled from coatcollar and whiskers.
I say if they could form such a
picture in their mind's eye it
would be some consolation to
know that they were not the only
ones receiving a visit from Old
Jack Frost.
There has been more cold
weather in the Yukon this winter
than has been experienced for
many yea: s although the mercury
has not yet dropped to last winter's record of 75 degrees below
This slight reminder, to those
who may be inclined to -grumble
at their seemingly hard lot, may
come rather late for this winter,
but may serve its purpose in
years to come.
Thanking you in anticipation
of your alloting space in your
valuable paper for this article.
I remain,
A Scribe from the North,
The Quarterly Official Board of
the Sumas circuit met in the
Methodist Church Sumas, on
Wednesday Feb. 20th, at 3 o'clock.
The following officials were present viz :-Rev. R. F. Stillman,
superintendent of the circuit, in
the chair; Rev. D. A. Storey,
pastor; Mr. N. McGillivray sec.
of board; Mrs. D. Chadsey and
Mrs. A. Clarke, stewards. In
addition to the officials the following members were present;
Mrs. H. Toop, Mrs. A. Evans,
Miss E. Toop and Mr. A. Zink.
The following gentlemen were
appointed a committee to carry
out arrangements in connection
with church repairs: Messrs.
C. Chadsey, A. Evans, F. Potts,
A. Zink, and D. Chadsey. The '���'
question of making the circuit
self-supporting was ably dealt
with by the chairman, which was
followed by a short discussion in
which all took part. The remainder of the business was of
a routine nature and was then
gone through, after which the
pronouncing of the benediction
brought the proceedings to a
Always Keeps Chamberlain's Couqh
Remedy In His House
"We would not be without Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is kept on
hand continually in our home," says W.
W. Kearney, editor of the Independent,
Lowry City, Mo. That is just what
every family should do. When kept at
hand ready for instant use, a cold may
be checked at the outset and cured in
much less time than after it has become
settled in the system. This remedy is
also without a peer for croup in children, and will prevent the attack when
given as Eoon as the child becomes
hoarse, or even after the croupy cough
appears, which can only be done when
the remedy is kept at hand. For sale
by H. J. Barber.-adv. 7-11.
��*I Rev, it, p. Stillman, Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p m Sunday School at 3:00 p.m.
Epworth League every Monday at 8 p.
in. Prayer Meeting'every Thursday
at 8 p.m.
CARM AN CHURCII-Divine. service
evtr.v Sunday al 2:80 p m.
Rev. H. J Robertson, B.A., Pastor
Services. Sunday at 11 a in. and 7:30 p.m
Sunday school in the afternoon at 2:30
Pi'h.wi Meeiina every Thursday even
int: al 8 o'clock. Ladies' Aid every
act-mid l'hiirsdav'at 81 p.m. Uirls' Mis
sion B mil every second Friday at 4 p.m
Sunday set vines at 11 a in. and 7:30 p.id.
Sunday Solum! in the afleniui.n nt 2:80.
Young People's Praver Meeting everv
Monday al 8 p in. Praver Meeting on
Thursit:iv eveiiiua at 7:80 o'clock.
�����* Rev. Mark Jukes, Vicar.
Sunday services���morning prayer and
sermon 11 h, m.; Even song and ��er-
Ilinn til 7 p.in. Sunday sclif.pl at 0:45
a.in. Holy Communion���8 a. m. 3rd
Siiiidui in the month. 11 a.m. 1st Sunday i�� the month. Bible Class each
��eek on Wednesday ut 8 p. in. in the
One thoroughbred Jersey cow due to
calve about March 1st.   Apply to
Spring Announcement
J\JY selections of Spring Millinery, for
the season commencing March 4th,
have been made with unusual care. The
range of styles is more varied than
ever. Our milliner can show you-new
and artistic ideas and give you valuable
suggestions. You are invited with your
friends to inspect my display including
a special selection of Veilings, Flowers,
Feathers, etc., how on exhibition. The
latest novelties and exceptional values.
Millinery and Dressmaking -Establishment. Opp. Drug Store, Chilliwack. THE FRABKK ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1907.
Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.,
'Mason & Risch" Pianos
���Thomas" Organs
"Weber" Pianos
Note the new address:
659 Granviffe St., Vancouver
Easy Terms
if desired
belongs to the
Real Estate Firm
Cawley & Paisley.
H. 0. Menten. CnBtaln.
J. H. Harrison, 1'urser.
Leaves new lauding every
morning at 7:00 n. m. and 0:80 p. in.
for Harrison Station, C nnecling willi
all C. P. R. trains east iinl west, aiming at Chilliwack nt 10:45 n.ui. a jil
8:00 p.m , whore 'bus ni'ets all hoats
For further information -is In \<n��-
senger and freight tatec, apply t" the
purser on board.
JI. D. mc&cten,
Contractor and
Plans and Estimates furnished
on application.
Satisfaction guarantetd.
Chilliwack. B. C
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sensing a sketch and description mar
sulcklr ascertain onr opinion free whether si
Invention Is probably patentable. Communications strictlr conBdontfal. Handbook on Patent!
sent free. Oldest agency (or securlngjjateMs.
PatenU taken throosh Mann * Co. lecelrt
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Scientific flimrican.
A handsomelT lllastrated weekly.   Lamest dr.
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filiation of any scientific Journal.   Terms, Al a
year i four months, IL gold by all i
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Electric Railway ���o.E<L
(Westminster Branch.)
Cars leave Westminster for Vancouv
er at 0 a.m. and hourly tbeieafler until
0 p.m.;Saturdays andSunanysat lOp.m
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster
at 7 a.m. aud hourly thereafter until 10
p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays al 11 p.m.
We run first-class freight ears between
Westminster and Vancouver, and all
shipments are handled with the utmost
care and delivered lo consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipments.
Our wagons meetall boatsaud trains.
For ratea, etc., apply to
D. A. SHILE8,      F. R. (tLOVKR,
Traffic Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Q 381 Broadway, j
fctV fit. Washington. D.
Lots 42 and 52.   Block II,  running
from Alma to Wellington sts.   Apply
Cor. 7th Ave. and 9th sts., West,
Calgary, Alberta.
We have in our possession a Red and
White steer about 3 yrs. old, that has
for the past 6 months, been living on
the Asnwell Farm, East Chilliwack.
The owner is requested to pay expenses and remove tame. If not claimed
within 30 days, he will be sold to pay
expenses. ���
A Favorite Remedy for Babies
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a favorite with the mothers of small
children. It quickly cures their coughs
and colds and prevents any danger of
; pneumonia or other serious consequen-
| cei. It not only cures croup, but when
given as soon as the croupy cough ap-
I pears will prevent the attack. For sale
I by H. J. Barber-ady. 7-U.
Sash and Door Factory.
Window and Door Jambs
Moufdings, Casings, Picket Fencing
Sash and Doors to order
BROS. Chilliwack. B.G.
The Elephant
Feeding Horses.
"When the time came for the
big elephant to appear she walked right over to the cheriliat and
raised him from the ground and
"In talking about the intelli- hugged him so close that it was The following short hints on
gence and remarkable memories uncomfortable. But we could horse feeding are intended not
of elephants Mi-. Bostock [who not release him until the elephant for the experienced, but in the
has been a trainer and exhibitor was ready. The elephant purred hope that some owners who, with
of animals all his life] said : 'The like a cat for almost twenty min- the best intentions, know nothing
elephant is the most intelligent utes."-Boston Journal. of the delicate organization of
of animals.   It is the easiest to the interior economy of a horse,
train, the most good tempered Irish Wit. may be induced to pay more at-
and interesting of all. An Irish  priest  had labored tention to the feeding of that
"Speaking of the memories for hard with one of his flock to give useful animal, says an exchange,
persons and events that elephants up whiskey. "I tell you, Mich- All probably know that a horse
have, I would like to tell you an ael," said the priest, "whiskey requires three meals a day, but
instance that. came under my is your worst enemy, and you are not careful of the proper in-
own eyes some years ago when I should keep as far away from it terval of four to five hours be-
was in England. My father was as you can." "Me enemy, it is, tween each meal. Few, for in-
the manager of a show, but he Father ?" responded Michael, stance, know or care to know
having died my mother was in "and it was Your Riverence's the time required for digestion-
charge. We had several ele- self that was tellin' us in the namely, at least two hours for
phants, and one of them was of pulpit only last Sunday to love oats and three hours for hay-so
unusual size. He was within our enemies!" "So I was, Mich- that the hay should be given in
three or four inches as tall as ael," rejoined the priest, "but I the evening when the day's work
Jumbo and a trifle heavier. didn't tell you to swallow them." is over.   The evening meal should
In the rural places where we -Sacred Heart Review. be, of course, the most substan-
were exhibiting at the time it   Mai, for, the work being over,
was" the custom of the people to To each one, his own highest there is ample time for rest and
have large baskets of apples divine ideal of God, is God to him. digestion, and for the renewal of
placed by the side of the road He is incapable of paying hom- exhausted tissue or muscle. Some
after they had been picked from age to anything beyond.-Henry horses are such shy feeders as
the trees.   This particular day Wood. to eat only at evening or night.
our show was passing along a
street and the elephants all ate
of the apples.
"Not long after the big elephant was taken very ill.   He
Feeding should be regular, and
Trying to bring ourselves into the horse required to work as
the light through creed is like little as possible on a loaded
trying to lift ourselves over the stomach, and an interval of half
fence by the bootstraps.   It is an hour should elapse before food
laid down on the ground and was contrary to natural law.���Nannie is given to a heated and tired
apparently unable to get up. We Montfort. animal.   It is equally injurious
did not know whether he had   to feed ahorse too often, or too
been poisoned or not. Finally So long as we love, we serve, seldom, both being productive of
a chemist was called and he gave So long as we are loved by others the same result���namely, colic,
the elephant some physic. I would almost say we are indis- The horse fed at too long inter-
"It did not appear to do much pensable; and no man is useless valsis apt to fret  and knock
good.   For hours the animal lay while he has a friend.-Robert about, eats too greedily,  when
Louis Stevenson. he gets the chance, and is apt to
become a cribber.   Food, then.
on the ground and the chemist
kept giving him medicine.   By
standers jeered at the man for    I am as timeless as eternity, as should be given about every five
his apparently unsuccessful ef- boundless as infinite space,  as hours, when the previous meal is
forts.    Finally,   however,   the tireless as eternal energy, and as digested,   before  charging the
elephant began to revive, and at limitless as Spirit.-M. Evalyn stomach again.   But little food
last stood up on his feet.
"Seven years later we happened to visit this same town again.
The big elephant was drawing a
chariot with two others in the
lead, tandem fashion.
or water should be given during
short stoppages,   in order that
If you want to be miserable, both stomach and bladder may
yoy must think about yourself, not.ta overcharged   while  at
w about what you want, what you ^ork.   Most people know how a
We were lik   what respect people ought bucket of water will stop a race-
passing along the street when
the elephant  suddenly  paused SfaJJ^, ^-HbertHub&wt''
and walked up to a man standing .	
on the sidewalk.   She placed her        Another Great Discovery
trunk around the waist of the
to pay you, "and "what people horse, but few  think now the
..*;.'.���'       _..      ��� ..��   r    overcharged stomach affects the
lungs of a horse when at work.
A horse when fed while heated
and out of breath cannot digest
,.��.   j , . .    ,, i     A well known gentleman in Black ..   ��    ,       , ,, ,    -.     "
man, lifted him up in the air and Bay, Ont., Mr. John Cowan, has discov- ��� food, and the result is cliar-
drew him to her. She began to ered an absolute specific for Rheuma- rhoea, or curiously enough, the
caress him, purring loudly all the tism, and writes: "I was affected with extreme opposite, in the form of
"Come to find out, this was
the chemist who had cured the
animal of her sickness seven
years before. The man remembered the-elephant and the ele- _ _^  ���
phant remembered the man.    At old sufferers will experience quick re'
the performance which we gave suits   The reason is that Ferrozone
the chemist was among the ^ugft^^***^
tators. 60c per box at all dealers.-Adv. 7.
Sciatica and chronic Rheumatism which eni:_ op JnJ��~~,H���n _T����> V�����~
I contracted years ago. The disease �����J'C?j indigestion. -1 he i arm-
had a great hold in my blood, and it er s AaVOCate.
was hard to make any impression on it.	
Reading of Ferrozone I was convinced
of its merit and it's certainly the best
I have ever tried. Why it just drove
away the Rheumatism.   Even stiffened
Warm Separator Milk for Pigs.
Moffet's 'Best' Flour
costs no more, but will produce more loaves of sweet,
nutritious bread, to the sack, than any other flour
ever milled. We positively guarantee this statement.
"BEST" is rich in gluten (the element of nutriment
in flour) and possesses rare absorbing- qualities. Try
a sack and you will be delighted with the results.
The Columbia Ffouring Miffs Co., Ltd.
Enderby, B. C.
A question sometimes asked by
those interested in hog-feeding
is whether warm separator milk
is injurious to pigs. Following
are the opinion of two American
feeding authorities:
Prof. Wm. Dietrich, swine expert, of the Illinois Experiment
Station.-"There are no experiments on record to test this matter, but I see no reason why the
warm milk from the separator
should in any way cause trouble
in pig-feeding. Warm milk is
the natural food for pigs, and I
think the trouble arises from
some other cause. It may be that
the scouring and running down
in flesh, sometimes complained
of, is caused by sudden changes
in feed, such as, for instance,
change from cold, sour skim milk
to warm, fresh, skim milk. The
skim milk in either form is good
feed, but it will not do to change
from one to the other very suddenly. Another cause of the
trouble may be that the pigs are
being fed too much. Sometimes
people think that when the cream
is taken out of the milk there is
not much left that is of any value, and young animals are fed
very liberally and often overfed,
and this becomes a very serious
matter. The skim milk has relatively more protein than whole
milk, and a comparatively small
excess of protein in the system
will very likely bring about the
conditions above mentioned."
A Journal of Optimism and Helpfulness, especially devoted to the interests of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday morning at
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
B. C.
Single copies
$1.00 per year
5c. each
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
Advertising rates on application.
All matter intended for publication,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the ��� Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0, Box 296, Chilliwack,
B." C.
J. BURTT MORGAN, - Editor aod Proprietor.
We seriously question if any
district of equal importance can
be found in Canada which Iuih
such a thoroughly unreliable and
inefficient telephone service as
that portion of the Fraser Valley
which lien on the south side of
the river between Chilliwack and
New Westminster. It is no exaggeration to say that for the
past three months the B, ('. Telephone Company's line over this
district has been out of commission at least half of the time, not
to mention the fact that most of
the time when IheMine has been
open for business it was mo unsatisfactory as to be little better
than useless. Wherein the fault
lies it may not be easy to say,
but certain it is that we are not
receiving fair treatment, and the
time has about come when a
radical change must be effected.
As we understand the situation
the frequent and often prolonged
interruptions of the service arise
chiefly from two causes. In the
first place, no care whatever is
taken to free the line from the
impediments of trees and brush
along its course or to protect it
from falling limbs. When the
owners and operators of the line
are granted the free use of the
public highway throughout the
entire sixty miles of its course, it
does seem but a reasonable expectation that they should be
willing to incur the expense of
keeping the route clear of trees
and brush for a sufficient distance
on either side of the wire. In
point of fact this precaution is so
absolutely disregarded that the
most gentle and harmless breeze
is liable todisrupt the service for
hours, if not days.
In the second place, the poles
in use are not only old and decayed but are entirely too slight
to carry the burden of two wires,
to say nothing of three or four
which are in some places put upon them. This fact is especially
emphasized when their strength
is tested by sleet storms such as
we had during the lust week in
January and the first week in
February. On such occasions
scores of poles are snapped off
like pipe-stems, and the line thereby demoralized for days at a
stretch. Indeed the last storm
of this kind' deprived us of the
privilege of halloing to the outside world for over a week, and
ever since we have sounded to
our Westminster friends as
though we were shoutingatllii'in
I'l'uiii tin* planet Mars.
Tuut this condition of things
cannot be longer tolerated is ob.
vious. Unless we greatly misjudge the temper of the people
whose business interests arethus
being sacrificed, something has
got to be done and done at once
to giveChilliwack and the rest of
the district such reliable means
of communication with the rest
of the world as is essential for
the proper and profitable transaction of business. As we understand the situation the remedy is
within the reach of the people
and comparatively easy of application. The line in question is
really owned by the Dominion
Government, who are under obligation to the Province to keep it
open as a telegraphic line, not
only from Westminster to Chilliwack, but through to Yale. Some
years ago it was passed over to
the C. P. R'y Company on condition that they should fulfil the
terms of the existing agreement
between the Ottawa and Victoria
governments. Subsequently it
was leased by the C. P. R'y Co. to
the B. C. Telephone Co., with what
result to the people we all too
well know. Now, it appears to
us.tliat, in view of the fact that
the line has not been handled in
accordance with the original
agreement, the lessees have forfeited all claim upon it and the*
people should at once demand its
resumption by the Ottawa authorities and its future operation
from Westminster to Yale or
some nearer point on the C. P.
R'y, as a government line. If
this claim is properly pressed
through Mr. J. B. Kennedy, the
district's representative at Ottawa, there should be no difficulty
in its enforcement. Connection
by way of Westminster may have
sufficed heretofore, but the time
litis come when we need telegraphic communication both east and
west, and since we are justly entitled to it by solemn compact
we are certainly foolish if we do
not demand it. The matter is
one in which the Municipal Council and the Chilliwack and Westminster Boards of Trade might
very properly move. We beg respectfully to suggest to these
bodies that the necessary steps
be taken without delay.
wack to provide the means to
retain these few acres for purposes of rest and reerention for
our citizens now and in the years
to come.- Seven, or eight thousand dollars will secure the land
now and a few thousand more
will render it beautiful with trees,
shrubbery and flowers. Why
not raise the amount if need be
by public subscription, pending
the incorporation of the town?
After that the property could
either be purchased by or donated to the new corporation. If
this is done future generations
will rise up and call us blessed,
if the opportunity is allowed to
pass unimproved it will be a
matter of never-ending regret.
The return of Mr. 'Hymen to
his former post in the cabinet
councils of our young nation,
after the scandulous revelations
of the London elections investigations which are still fresh in the
public mind,is one of the most outrageous insults ever offered to
the intelligence and moral sense
of the people of Canada. It certainly looks as though the Ottawa administration had lost all
sense of decency and were piling
up for itself wrath against the
day of wrath. One feels almost
like crying out in the words of
the ancient prophets, "Howlong
Oh, Lord, how long!"
TheB. C. Telephone Co. has
either a sublime sense of humor
or an unmitigated effrontery,
we are not sure which. A short
time ago a message sent four
days before from Victoria was
delivered in Chilliwack to the
editor of this paper in an^envel-
ope on which appeared this fa
miliar legend. "Mail is quick
Telegraph is quicker. Telephone
is instantaneous." In point of
fact the mail would have borne
the same message on a postal
card for one cent in less than
twenty four hours.
Sheep Dip
English Dip
Empire Dip
We understand that a proposal has been made to the Municipal Council, or to the Agricultural Society, or to both, for the
sale of the present fair grounds
to private parties. What course
these bodies may think of pursuing we are not in a position to
state, but we feel satisfied that
no greater mistake could be made
from the standpoint of public
interest than to alienate the only
public grounds which Chilliwack
possesses. It is true that the
time is drawing near when it will
be desirable that the fair should
be held at some other point' outside of the town proper, but this
does not mean that we should
dispose of the only site available
for a public park. Surely there
is enough public spirit in Chilli-
Corrected Every Friday.
Hay, loose, per ton $10.00
Hay, pressed, per ton  12.00
Oats, per ton.... $22.00 to 23.00
Wheat, per ton  80.00
Peas, per ton $26.00 to 27.00
Chopped Grain, per ton. 25.00 to 30.00
Potatoes, per ton (scarce)  15.00
Carrots, per ton  10.00
Parsnips, per ton  10.00
Beets, per ton.... .*.  10.00
Turnips, feeding, per ton  5.00
Turnips, for Table, per ton  10.00
Onions, per cwt  2.50
Beef, per lb ....$.031 to .04
Veal, per lb 05 to .051
Mutton, per lb. (scarce)   .05  to .051
Hogs, stock, per lb 06  to .061
Hogs, fat, per lh 06  to .061
Chickens, per doz  6.00
Broilers, per doz ...... .$3.00 to 4.00
Ducks, per doz, Scarce  11.00
Butter, dairy, per lb... .$0.20 to .25
Butter, creamery 35
Eggs, perdoz 40
Rates : ��� American
Plan 11.23 per day,
and upwafrds . |	
A good livery in connection with the
Hotel... ,	
Tor Spraying
Gillet's Lye Blue Stone
Whale Oil Soap
Carbonate Copper
2 boxes Mrs. Gray's Complexion
Soap for 25c.
6 cakes fine Oatmeal Soap for 25c.
Also lines at 25c., 35c., 50c., 75c.,
and $1.25 per box.
A large shipment of Fresh
Seeds will arrive in a few days,
now is the time to place your
H. J. Barber,
Drugs, Stationery and
Seeds.       -
Straight Goods
Right Prices
C*<_> TO
T.Gifford, The Jeweller
Carry a full line of
,  .AND ..
Also Hardware,
Paints and Oils
Marshall Bros., Chilliwack.
Geo L. Baker, Ladner.
K. E. C'lugston, Kburne.
Hulverston & HoiiRen, Matsipii,
A. Mathosoii. Cloverdale.
When in New Westminster call and
ook through our warehouse.
To the Settlers
of the Fraser
When you want anything in our
line and want it promptly, send
the order to us. Ours is one of
the largest and best drug stores
in Canada. Our stock is reliable
in every particular. Our average
prices are lower than others.
Drug. Spectacle and Seed Store,
New Westminster
ok of Moot
CAPITAL (AH paid up)... ,114,400,000
RESERVE FUND $11,000,000
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.
A general banking business transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
SiviNs5aiikPcwr!mait.   **��*��
in sums of $1.00 and upwards, and interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum
(present rate) added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $163,000,000.
Chilliwack    Branch
E. Duthie, Manager.
Subscribe for The Fraser Advance, only $1.00 per year.
Capital paid tip $1,000,000
Reserve Fund  L,LOO,000
Eighty-five Branches throughout Canada, United States aud Cuba.
Grand Forks,
New Westminster,
do (East End)      y
do Mt. Pleasant
do Granville St.
do Cordova St.
THE CHILLIWAOK BRANCH operates a Savings Bank department
in which deposits of One Dollar aud upwards are received. Interest added
quarterly.   General Banking business transacted. . Money orders issued.
,������ ������-" Mrnow Qna.vmti Buwin.
amm l<
Do the Clothes Wake the Wan?
if you want to appear well dressed and to have a clean, tidy, healthy and prosperous appearance you will wear
the clothes turned out of
gAgggre & CARLETON.
They are the tailors who dress the natty and smart looking men you see upon the streets.
They have a full line of Serges, Worsteds, Tweeds and Pantings to choose from and their work is of the best.
They can dress you from top to toe in the most stylish up-to-date clothing to be found upon the Coast.
A Few Words
With our Subscribers.
Dear Friends:���You will have noticed that some radical changes
have taken place in our paper since it came under its present management a month ago. Its scope has bean broadened and its name
correspondingly changed. Better paper and better ink are being
used and the price has been reduced from $1.50 to $1.00 per year.
This programme can only be successfully carried out by the hearty
co-operation of our friends. We must have more subscribers and
in every case the paper must be paid for. On our present mailing
list are hundreds of names of persons to whom the paper has been
sent for years without any return having been made therefor.
This condition of affairs is, we believe, due largely to thoughtlessness, but it is none the less serious. The present owner has bought
all these accounts from Mr. Jackman, and must ask that they be
settled during the present month. Until this settlement is made
the old price of $1.50 per year will be charged in each case, so you
will notice that it will be to your interest as well as ours to make
an early settlement. For the future the paper will be sent to nobody without advance payment, and when the subscription expires
the paper will be stopped unless renewed. In this way only those
who wish it and pay for it will get it. Only thus can we make the
price $1.00 per year.
As a further inducement for prompt settlement, in all cases over one year in arrears we will on payment of amount due to date,
advance the label to July 1st, 1907, and in all cases of two years
arrears we will in like manner advance the label to January 1st,
1908.   In no case will we stop the paper until all arrears are settled.
Will you not do your part to help make our own paper the best
rural weekly in the West.
Yours very sincerely,
J. Burtt Morgan,
Editor and Proprietor.
Dog's Long Vigil at Master's Grave
A Trenton, N.J., dispatch to the
New York World says:���Every
dayfor four months a little mongrel dog has hovered over the
grave of Frank Riley, hoseman
of Engine Company No. 6, who
met his death while fighting a
fire that destroyed the works of.
the New Jersey Pulp and Plaster;
Works in this city last July.
Shortly before his death Riley j
found the dog almost starving
and being mistreated by a gang
of boys near the fire-house.        >
He took the dog to the engine- i
! house, gave it food and a place
| to sleep, and soon the little fel-
| low was the pet of the place.
! The dog would often follow
1 Riley to his home, but refused to
i have anything to do with any one
except his master.
After Riley's body was buried
in St. John's Cemetery, the dog
I was not seen for several days.
! A search was instituted and the
dog was found on its dead mas-
I ter's grave. No amount of coaxing could induce the dog to leave.
Driven to the point of starvation, the dog left the grave today and appeared at its late master's home on South Broad street.>
After being fed the animal returned to the graveyard. .
It is one of the most remark-1
able cases of animal devotion in1
this vicinity.
For Catarrh, let me send you free,
just to prove merit, a Trial size Box of
Dr. Shoop's Catarrh Remedy. It is a
snow white, creamy, healing antiseptic
balm that gives instant relief to Catarrh of the nose and throat. Make the
free te3t and see. Address Dr. Shoop,
Racine. Wis. Large jars 60c. Sold by
H. J. Barber.-adv. 7-11.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Our Line of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades, Etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia.
We can s:.ve money for any farmer or townsman in the Fraser Valley    Prices
talk and a fiiii- comparison will convince you that our claim is
justified. Give us �� trial.  Correspondence solicited.
Tel. 73. Dupont Block, New Westminster, H. C.
Look out for Announcement of
fflcPbee & McPbee,
General merchants,
British Columbia,
in this space.
Chilliwack   Creamery
Association, Ltd.
The Annual General Meeting oi
The Chilliwack Creamery Association, Limited, will be held in the
Court House, Chilliwack, B. C.,
on Monday, March 11, at 2 p.m.
Consideration of Annual Reports, Election of Officers and
other business demands the attendance of Shareholders and
adv. 7-8 Secretary.'
Abbotsford Feed
end Livery Stable.
All trains met daily.
Good horses and rigs, and
saddle  horses  supplied on
short notice.
New Spring Goods.
I m
if New Blouses
in the Latest Styles.
New Dress Skirts
��� and they're stylishly made.
New Figured Muslins
New Corsets ta *<%��&&+
They are guaranteed good fitters.
We sell Lamps, Crockery,
\( and Butter Crocks.
Empress Shoes and
Oxfords for Ladies.
This brand has a reputation which is known
from Halifax to Victoria. They are in the lead for
style, fit and wearing quality. We are selling them
at Eastern prices. Call and pick your size while
our stock is complete.
Fish and Fruit.
Kippered Herrings 2 lbs. 25c. ft
Nice Halibut 15c lb.
Finnan Haddie 15c lb.   ,
Cod Fish 2-lb. blocks 20c. I
Canned Salmon 15c.
and every can guaranteed. j^
Navel Oranges, 20,30 & 40c doz., according to size.
Bananas 30c dozen.
Grapes, most delicious 25c lb.
G. R. Ashwell & Son
The only Departmental Store in Chilliwack*
Ferry's, Steeles and Rennie
Seeds, all Fresh
and at Catalogue Prices.
Victorious Through Merit.
''OXYDONOR triumphs throunh merit
-lur yearn It nan been the life k ard of
more than a million norsonB. It In ill. embodiment of the highest law kiowito
human science In It Ih cono.ntra.edih.
nxnerlant'U of the Kreatest scientist of the
��������������.      I�� or of lo\ i> for humanity.
. i , ii r sgeney for hea'th ban co many
I      i u  friend*���none o'her doseivo. no
jX/OONOR Instiila now life into
.��� y.ieni; regono ales, relnvUoratesand
vi unZunevir.v organ Into the proper dl��.
��� Ii i �������� of 'tie funotlon for which nature in-
t.ititid IliO'". IlH una biiliKS vigoious
heal.h wl.h all the phyalual activity "   '
Ostites life wor:h living,
I'o ln.itlei- wlnil iliM-iiNii you have, thi
ure fir li.   I hero Is no danKor,
\Y f>r book Y, nulled
iivimwi[nin.iiu..��., -  i   only natural
no pain, no doctor noi nuriiciuc in using OXYOONOR.
Ilwlllla-ta litelime and nerve the whole fwnily.   aKNI) TOI
free.   Write un a description of your cafe.
Mr. Jan. Anson, llossland. B.C.. tan., wrlten. March II, 1001: "Some live J earn ago 1 got Oxy
donor for my wifu who was suffering from female weakness.   After a week's use the doctor
���������-"-. such a change, in fact It wan enough to Induce him to get an Oxy-
Barber. -
the pain,
adv. 7-11.
For sale by H. J.
himself was surpris:d lo find
donor for his sist r. IIIMI^���,
"A short time ago my wife had a" attack if in II -niuna ory rlicumall-ni.
walk and her .joint- were much swollen.   She applied Oxydonor ami before night
She could not
       ��� iiiucii Bwoiieu.  biid.|iiiikuuw...����     -.-    thei pains had
ceased, and next morning there was very iiltle swelling, and she could walk as well as ever.
She had a similar attack before we'gol Oxydonor and was under a doctor's care for a month,
and suffered agonies."
"It has cured me of a sevore cold."
The genuine has the name of "Dr. rt. Sam he & Co." plainly slain.,ul n its metal parts.
Dr  H, SAXOHE & Co.     :i(U St. ijiitli.irlnc St. West, Moiitroul
And as such we handle none but the very best makes.
Our flour "is kept in* a warm, well ventilated room and is
never allowed to become cold and damp like flour that is
piled in an ordinary storehouse.
��� ���       Select from this list and you get
Five Roses per
Royal Household	
Premier Hungarian
Moffet's Best	
Salem Pastry per
Drifted Snow      "     	
Graham Flour      "     	
Whole Wheat Flour       "     	
Breakfast Foods Galore.
convincing, yet we would not be      Afflicted With Rheumatism.
^  surprised to know that "the "orTly1"11'1! Was and am yet afflicted withi
flnrui Arii/*rti��inn departmental store inChilliwack" rheumatism," says Mr. J. C. Bayne,
OOOO AOVerusing. ^j & mahing Christmas trade-  editor of the Herald, Addington, Indian
It is not often that the business largely because of its "onlyness." Territory, "but thanks to chamberlain's
methods employed in a small When I buy presents for "moth- Pain Balm am able once more to attend
co untry town, attract the favour- er,' sister or sweetheart'' I buy at to business, it is the best of liniments.''
able attention of the outside the store which states the prices, if troubled with rheumatism give Pain
world and one held, up as models Money talks and talks strong and Balm a trial and you are certain to be
f c r the emulation of others. We convincingly in an ad. You catch more than pleased with the prompt re-
are pleased to note, that this, is. on,-Mr. Ashwell! Buyers want lief which it affords. One application
just what has taken placeincon- to know the price���especially
nection with one of the leading when they go after gifts. Apart
business houses of our own Chil- from this I rather like your ad.
liwack. The February number put more ginger into your copy,
of the Dry Goods Review^ con- state prices and you're safe to
tains a short article on "Good hold your own against any de-
Advertising''   by T.    Johnson pftrtmental store which rtakes its Ssstvaria^XXle^rof
Stewart of the Review s regular appearance in your section. Catarrhozone which has cured catarrhal
staff.    In  Order to illustrate ��� his   deafness of twenty-five years standing.
point the writer presents fac- We have produced the second Penetrating through the passagesid the
similes of two advertisements,- ad not to praise it, but. to point ^^t^,t$$F$:
one as an illustration of a good out its defects. Mr. Kaplan aeeds of Catarrh and thereby allows
advertisement and the other as starts out with a lengthy editori- nature to re-assist herself. Try Catar-
that of a faulty one. It must be al on the big things he accomp- '���h��?��ne v��u.r8e.,f> 2BCAjani $1,0�� 8,ze9
very grgtifying to Messrs. G. R. lished the previous week. All ��o'dby all dealers.-Adv. 7.
Ashwell & Son of this place that that is just so much space wasted. Rheumatic ,ufferes can have a free
the former is a reproduction of People do not want to know what sample of Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Rem-
that firm's Christmas announce- you accomplished last week or edy with book on Rheumatism by slynj^
The Deaf Made to Hear.
Deafness because usually due to Catarrh, is quite curable. In a thousand
cases this is proved absolutely true.
Denholm & Jackson.
Watworth-Rolston Co., Ltd.
ment in the Progress.   It is cer- fast year"   But they do want to ly "writing Dr. Shoop   Racine", W.i*
tainly pleasing to us that  the know what you can do for them llw ^P��H w'" ex3lain how ?V. S^p *
,���_i; ~f 4.u:��� Jfi���,n ������ ..,-��n n��� 4-V.n *""*' "iS" *uu,7.     .     "v,.     ,     Rheumatic Remedy successfully drives
work of this office, as well as the now- The, pubJift,.is sublimely Rheumatism out of the blocl This
enterprise of onfroronrforemost callous to any reason you may remedy is not a relief only.- It aims to
patrons,   should be. thus com- have for holding a sale.   That's clear the blood entirely of Rheumatic
wt^feh^ n0trthS P^Hc's business.   The ftS^T^Tl!*S&.
We take the liberty of presenting next ad. you write cut the intro- _adv 7-11
the Review's article below for duction short and sail right into	
the benefit of our readers. the facts.    That  "Gentlemen's
Since all advertising is goody Department" is good strong stuff | 	
more or less-talks under this and you mieht have spread it,  onioo hours, a to '0.00.
head   may    seem   superfluous, profitably.   Man is a curious ani-, fr��nn^f|S,l,J,,jr H"lrt,>ys ,he 0l,lc6 is ��veaeA
Therefore it is necessary to clear- mal when he contemplates buy-]  savings iiank m-i mo e}- ornir business
ify the atmosphere by a few gen- jng an overcoat.   And you must qIMaiu oimlfa.
eral remarks regarding advertis- admit,  Mr. Kaplan, that it isn't   For ponveuic.
ing from the  retailer's  stand- very illuminating to inform prob-
point. able buyers that you "hold over-
The retailer who is a good coats which must go at fifty cents
judge of human nature is a good 6n the dollar." You may have
ad-writer. He can produce pret- cleared out all the overcoats you
ty strong copy-and copy is the refer to in that particular item,
essential thing about an ad. But but there's nothing about it which
the retailer, who is a good would make a man hustle around
judge of women���the man who to your store.
considers it worth his while to	
study the wants of women, can The New8_No Pure D Cou h Cure
produce far stronger and better Laws would be needed, if all :ough
Copy. Had Solomon lived in our cures were like Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure
"    " "   "    is-and has been for 20 years.   The
Feed Cutters
GMfliwaek Pes* Office
til tin 'y forn'l purls.
      of llntse havinu lo. k boxes
the office door I- not linked until 32.110.
The office Ih c nsed on Sundays.
S  Mki.i.ahd Postmaster
Wunicipaf Councif
Reeve���F. C. Kickbush.
Councillors���E. Dodsley Barrow, T.
H. Jackson. J. A. Evans, .1. 11. Ashwell,
Ueo.tinoil, P  H. Wilenn.
Clerk and Solicitor��� .Tnsiit.inn Pelly,
Assessor���Joseph Scott.
Collector���G. W. Chadsey.
Medical Heullh Oitieef��� J.C. Henderson. M.B.. CM.
Chief of Polic���G A. Cnlbick.
day he would have had us all sit
ting away back in the rear of the
hall. John Wanamaker would
have been paying him $100,000 a
year and perquisites. Solmon
certainly could have handed out
a line of talk to the ladies which
would have made any bargain
National Law now requires that if any
poisons enter into a cough mixture, it
must be printed on the label or package.
For this reason mothers, and others,
should insist on having Dr. Shoop's
Cough Cure. No poison-marks on Dr.
Shoop's labels and none in the medicine, else it must by law be on the label.
And it's not only safe, but it is said to
Carriages. Wagons, Harness, etc.
11116 Westminster Ave.,   VANCOUVER, B. C.
counter rush you ever read about be by ,th?se tha* J<now '*best- a, tru'y
look  like  a  prayer   meeting ��f remarkable cough remedy.    Take no
The dry goods merchant
desires to produce effective
meeting of
advertising must possess a knowledge of womankind and a sympathetic knowledgeat that.
N.B.>-This knowledge can be
gained without emulating Solomon in every particular.
We reproduce two ads this
month which most retailers can
study a few moments with profit.
G. R. Ashwell & Son's ad. is
just about as pretty and eyecatching as any we've seen lately.
The arrangement is pleasing and,
although the copy is not very
chance, particularly with your children.
Insist on having Dr. Snoop's Cough
Cure. Compare carefully the Dr. Shoop
package with others and see. No poison marks there! You can alwgys be on
the safe side by demanding Dr. Shoop's
Cough Cure. Simply refuse to accept
any other. Sold by H. J. Barber.���adv
When Long Breaths Hiirt.
You know that troubles exist which
need quick attention. Proper action
consists in a vigorous rubbing of the
chest and side with Nerviline which
sinks into the tissues where the pain is
seated, and gives relief in a few moments. No liniment so clean, so strong,
so powerful. Results guaranteed-with
every 25c bottle of Poison's Nerviline.
Get it to-day.���adv 7.
Chilliwack Livery,
Feed & Sale Stables.
1 keep nothing but flr&t-ela-s turnouts. Good
Saddle horses, etc. 'Hns meets all boats. Cov
ered stago loaves for McDonala's Landing
every nvrntnir at 0:9(1 o'clock, conneotlng with
prr. Mlnto. which c nnects with all C. P. It.
.raiUB east and wee r.
Livery Stable
Up-fo-Dafe    in
Every Parficufar
hich allows your own Choice of Physician, your own Choice of Hospital, and is GOOD anywhere in Canada or the United States.
We guarantee all necessary Medical, Surgical and Hospital Expenses in cases of both.Sickness and Accident.   See our contract
and you will have no other.   It is a    inner, and the Price is Right
The Western Hospital Association, Limited
Head Office:   Room 2, Jones Building,
407 Hastings Street,    est
J. BURTT MORGAN, Managing Director
A few good Agents wanted.
���        *v  *,��'..-    p.;   ...
���      *T���" ,\   ,'   r ������ ���������   ff.i ,T7T'T���.. 37���77-: ^-��� T- ,   _ tt. '- ..' , ���-J"--* v    ��� 7-
\    ������ *. -i*   *   1      fr '.1 THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B.C., SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1907
(Continued from Page 3.)
Prof. H. R. Smith, Nebraska
Experiment Station. ��� "I do not
believe there will be any ill effects from feeding warm separator milk it' it is supplied in a
limited quantity, as it should be.
Some farmers make a mistake in
feeding milk in-excess. In our
experiments we use three pounds
of milk to one pound of corn
meal. You have perhaps noticed
by the Cornell (New York) experiments that much more than
this quanity of milk is less satisfactory. I can readily understand
that, in extremely warm weather,
when pigs are suffering from the
heat, as such animals do, warm
milk would be more injurious
than cold milk. We know that
excessive heat is conducive to in
digestion, and when animals are
overfed during hot weather, or
when they are given too much
exercise on a full stomach. Under ordinary conditions, I should
be very much surprise 1 to have
ill effects from feeding warm
separator milk, unless the
same is badly contaminated. In
'that case it would- be nearly as >
injurious cold."
We doubt whether either of
the Professors has struck the
mark. Experiments some years
pgo by one of the New England
stations, indicated that sour milk
is better than sweet milk for
pigs. This accords with our experience and that of most men
with whom we have discussed the
subject. Warm separator milk
would be sweet,  hence the dif-
To Cure.a Cold in One Day
I Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet*, j? *�� k
[stvwwaontcaw��*owiii��swtiameatht.      Thh signature,^'***���
b Two Day*.
on every
> box. 25c
ficulty. The advice offered
above, viz., to limit the quantity
of milk and to avoid radical
changes in the condition of the
feed, is good, but we recommend
our readers to let separator milk
sour slightly���not excessively���
before feeding to hogs. ���The
Farmer's Advocate.
It will not cost you a cent to try
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, and they r.re excellent for stomach
troubles ana constipation. Get a free
sample at Barber's drug store. idv7-ll.
Road By-Law m H
Whereas it is expedient that certain roads in Sumas Municipality be gazetted.
Be it enacted by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the District of Sumas as follows:���
1. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the line, is hereby established, commencing at
the North West corner of the South East J of Section 3, Township 16, and running due South on the
half section line to the International Boundary line, known as the McKenzie Road.
2. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the centre, is hereby established, commencing
at the Railway crossing where the Hill side road crosses the Canadian Pacific Railway in Section 14,
Township 16, thence running Northerly on the West side of the C. P. Railway to a point where it intersects the McKenzie road North of the Abbotsford Lumber Company's Mill property, known as
the Huntingdon-Abbotsford and Riverside Road.
3. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the Section line between Townships 16 and 19, is
hereby established, commencing at the North East corner of Section 1, Township 16, and running
due North to the Yale Road, known as the York Road,
4. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the Whatcom Road on said line in Section 6, thence East on said line to the centre of Section 6, Township 19, known as the Porter Road.
5. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Lot 253, G. 2, thence running East along said Section line to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Vey Road. '���'���''
6. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the N. E. corner of Section 8, Township 19, thence running West on said Section fine to connect
/ with the Yale Road, and commencing on same Section line at quarter post between Sections 11 and 14,
Township 19, thence running-East to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Chilliwack Trunk Line.
7. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Section 24, Township 16, thence East along said Section line to the Vedder
Mountain, known as the Campbell Road.
8. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet wide on each side of the Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at the North West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East to the Eastern Boundary of Township 19, known as the Fire Clay Road.
9. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the North West corner of Section 31, Township 19, thence East to the East line of Township 19,
known as the Boundary Road.
10. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 6, Township 19, thence North to the Northern Boundary of
Township 19, known as the Straiton Road.
11. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at a point on the Yale Road where it crosses the East line of Section 5, Township 19,
thence North on said Section line to the Northern boundary of Township 19, known as the Cole Road.
12. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence North to the South East corner of Lot 367, G. 2,
known as the McDermott Road.
13. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section Hue, is hereby established, commencing
at the South East corner of Sec. 3, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township
19, known as the Marion Road.
14. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 2, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of
Township 19, known as the Bellrose Road.
15. A road 33 feet wide on the West side of Section line is hereby established, commencing at
the South East corner of Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township 19,
known as the Lake Road.
16. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the South West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East along said Section line 1o the South
East corner of Section 29, Township 19, thence North along the East line of Section 29, about 12
chains to the North West corner of lot 223, G. 2, Township 19, thence East along the North line of lots
223, G. 2 and 222, G. 2, to the North East corner of 222, G. 2, thence North to the North West corner
of lot226, G. 2, Township 19, thence due East along the North line of lot 226 to the Lake Shore Road,
known as the Atkinson Road.
17. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of line is hereby established, commencing on the
South line of 368, G.2, at a point where the said line crosses the Lake Shore Road, thence due West to
the SouthWest corner of Lot 367, G.2, Township 19, thence due North to the South line of lot 222, G.2,
known as the Eldridge Road.
18. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, commencing at a point where the Yale Road touches the North line of the S. E. quarter of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence due East to the N. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, known as the Corbould Road.
19. The road known as the Frank Arnold Road is hereby abandoned and the gazette cancelled.
This By-law may be cited for all purposes as the Sumas Road By-law No. 75.
Passed the Municipal Council this 21st day of January, 1907.
��.i     Reconsidered, adopted and finally passed the Council this 28th day of January, 1907.
C. M. C.   Reeve.
'��� ICTOR1A, B.C.
A High-Class Hotel at Moderate Rates, j
fi- -.in., ii (I si., |fa n.|v��iitHKHs liefore
mi  ki- k i"iuii;eiiif i.N elsewhere.
Ha'ikm A nt in Hlmi Ifl 'J"i tiiiil me
iiil-.l. n.-l >!i.. Klll'lll" nil I'iiiii (K.lljlljr
.nhl .V'o i" (l.Mi ii'i'ilnv.
Mills ���iiurtlului) f ec
I . Peebles
Estimates Given.
Promptness Guaranteed.
j Seids, Trees, Plants
NO Bfdti, k plum., NO p.tUs s apples.
Ml i"ti cs. turn- just old reliable
rarictlc* at ren-uu-ihli- prices.
Fertilizers Bee Supplies
Spray Pumps
Sprnylnft Material       Cut Flowers
Etc., Etc.
OI lest. o-tHbli-'heei nursery on  the
Matylaml nf I, C.        'tataloguo Free.
Oremhouse:  311111 \\ e-uninster Road,
U-an Ii N.urserles}���;*. Vancouver.
P.3.���If ymir local merchants do not
handle my seeds .end direct. We prepay 5U packets assorted varieties of
On tllENHKKIM in oidlnaty 3c papers
(tested stock) id yuur nearest post office
fos 11-2(1 packets for Sec, trial rollec-
Write to us for best quotations !
obtainable in the market.      !
Itching. Wind, Heeding or I'liiimditig I'l'es
DruKKiBi��refund iimney If HaZOOIN I'.vi NT
fails 10 cure anv ease.tio mailer'f l.o�� n'lig
standing, in 6tu 14 Jay-, first aeiilie.- InnRh ��'
easeandicsl. 30c. If:|rinp>:it'iMirMlmwl It
send .'*! in stamp* and li will lie f n win* i d
iiust.-;-ui i tiv Paris M diiliiet'o. St. i.eu.s  un
No. 10, A. F.& A
rhelle-gularComnw Meat Ions of the
Lodge areheld In the Masonic Hall, - hilliwack
on the Friday on or before the Full Moon of
every month. Sojourning brethren are cordt
ally invlt��d to attend.
I. Johnson.'V.M. J. ll.Su.vnT. sec,
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
irjghs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
Ails remedy Is famous fnr Its cores over
Urge part of the civilized norld. It can
.ways bo depended anon.   It contains so
opium or other harmful drug aud may be
given as confidently to a baby as to an adult
loa 25 cts; Large Size, 60 eta.
I. O. 1
Court Chilliwack,
No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
R. C. Menten, C. R.
W. C. Bearcroft, R. S.
To the premises of D. W ' hedsey,
Sumas, one in Nov. '05 and the other
in Nov. '06 two Jersey grade steers,
one and two years old, ear marks If
not claimed within 30 days from date
they will be sold to defray expenses.
March 2 '07. 7-10
Straw Cutter, (Bell No. 40)
Fop Sale.
. A. Nevard
lie choicest meats of nil kinds.
Alan Sausage and Fresh Vegetables iu
sen Miti.
hop opposite Drug Store.
Take I
Take notice that the above is a true copy of a By-law passed by the Council on the 28th day of
January. Any person wishing to quash the same, or any part thereof, must make application within
30 days from the date of said By-law in order to be heard in that behalf.
C. M. C.
Good as new and up-to-date.    We Aj(
will sell above at reduced price, as it is | cunt
too small for our use.   Apply to A   C
Wells & Son.
Weak Kidneys
Weak Kldneyt, surely point to weak kidney
Nerves. The Kidney!, like thoIHeart, and the
Stomach, find t'.ietr weakness, not in the organ
itself, but In the nerves that control and guide
and strengthen them. Dr. Shoop's Bestoratlve la
a medicine specifically prepared to reach these
controlling nerves. To doctor the Kidneys alone,
to 1 utile. It to a waste of time, and ol money aa
If your back aches or It weak. If the urine
scalds, or is dark and stron g. If you have symptoms
of Brights or other distressing or dangerous kidney disease, try Dr. Shoop's Bestoratlve a month-
Tablets or Liquid���and see what it can and will
do for you. Druggist recommend and sell
Dr. Shoop's
druggists refund the money If It fails lo
K. W. Drove's signature is on each tog.
^o matter where you want to
East, West, North or South
sell you your ticket.
You can travel across the Continent by the All-Canadian route
or around the world on the Overseas Limited and I can ticket you
Pall in and let me outline to
ydu some interesting trips that
cdn be made at very reduced
The exclusive choice of those
most prominent on the world's
list of good dairymen. Sold
on the guarantee of unqualified superiority.
The De Laval Separator Go.
14-16 Princess St., Winnipeg.
New York
San Francisco
D. E. Stevenson, Agent for Chilliwack District.
Plows, Drag' Harrows, Disc Harrows,
Sinjile Disc Drills, Shoe Drills.
Hoe Drills and Cultivators.
Farm and Garden Hand Seed Drills and Cultivators
E. G. PRIOR & 00., LTD.
Small & Bucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards and Mills at foot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship via Car, Tram or Boat. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
Dr. MacSween, Dentist, Irwin Block.
Delicous Malaga Grapes,  25c lb.  at
Asbwella' Grocery.-Adv. 7-8.
Dr. W.  V.  Davies,
over Denholm & Jackson's store.
For   Washing   Machines   Ashwells'
have 3 kinds to choose
from. -Adv. 7-8.
Huntley & Palmers Cream Soda
Crackers, 35c tin at Grossman's Grocery.
-Adv. 7.
For Sale-Pure
Ram Lambs at reasona
ply Jos. Thompson.
Juicy, Sweet Navel
wells' Grocery, 20, 30,
cording to size ���Adv
Engagement   and
Solid gold.   Furnisher
Thomas the Jeweler
Dentist.   Office
Suffolk Down
ble prices.   Ap-
Oranges at Ash-
and 40c doz., ac-
Wedding rings,
on the D. Q. at
,  opposite Post
Emprss Shoes and Oxfords
New stock and nil sizes
See their window. -Ajdv
for Ladies,
at Ashwells'.
lb;   Halibut,  15c
2 lbs.  25c,   at
See the window
Finnan Haddie, 15c
lb; Kippered Herringp.
Ashwells'  grocery,
display.���Adv. 7-8.
DBESSMAKING-Misies Dool & Cameron, Dressmakers and Ladies Tailors
have their sewing roopis at the Dominion Hotel.���Adv. 7
Garden seeds at Ashwells'. They
want your order Thnr stock is, fresh
and reliable and price) are same as the
catalogues.���Adv. 7-8.
Pulpit Supply.-
hurst of Central Park
pulpitof Cooke's Presbytt
to-morrow morning
Rev. J. R.  Elm-
will occupy the
;erian Church
Graniteware at Ashwells
window for display.,
new   articles  that
Housekeeper. ���Adv,
New Arrivals.-
ery, Oranges, Lemon^,
Finnan Haddie,
in bulk, 20c pint, at
ery.���Adv. 7.
The Annual
with the Carman
held during the ev
day, Aprillst, in "
An excellent
ed.-Adv. 6-7
Concert in connection
Sunday School will be
ening of Easter Mon-
Carman Church, Sardis.
programme is being prepar-
Special Prices. -[ Compare D B.
Hall's prices with others. Raisins and
currants, three packages for 25c; 40c.
tea for 25c; two cans oysters 25c;
Hungarian flour, $5.25 per barrel.
Chop, $22.00 per ton, a carload of shorts
just in.
Buy a New Clock.���Don't borrow
time from your neighbors. The old
clock that has stopped has probably
served its time.   New clocks now ar
riving, all warranted
expensive.   Thomas
and they are not
the Jeweler,  op
posite Post Office.-Adv. 6-7,
The Sumas Dyke. -Th s Sumas Dyking Commissioners are spending the
week in the coast cities on matters pertaining to the Dyke. On Wednesday
evening they met wi;h the members of
the Westminster Boird of Trade and
requested that body to join them in recommending the undertaking to the
consideration of the Provincial Government with a view t> receiving therefrom substantial financial aid. The
Board signified their willingness to assist in this way. It is understood that
the Commissioners will proceed to
Victoria to-day for tie purpose of pre
senting their case to
the Executive.
Ecezma, Tetter, Silt Rheum. Itch,
Ring Worm, Herpes, Rarbers Itch.
All of these diseaies are attended by
intense itching, which is almost instantly relieved by applying Chamberlain's
Salve, and by its continued use a permanent cure may bfe effected. It has,
in fact, cured many bases that had resisted other treatment. Price 25c per
box. For sale by H. J. Barber���adv 7-11.
Chas. W. Munro, M. L. A., went to
the coast on Sunday.
Mr. A. C. Wells went down to the
coast this week on business.
Mrs. Joe Thompson left on Tuesday
morning to spend a few weeks with
friends in Victoria.
Dyking Commissioners D. McGillivrav
and A. J. Street were passengers to
Westminster via Ramona on Sunday.
Mrs. Higginson, of Sardie, is visiting
her daughter Mrs. H. Nevile-Smith at
New Westminster, and is undergoing
special medical treatment.
Rev. D. E. Hatt, who occupied the
Baptist pulpit acceptably on Sunday
last has gone to the interior in pursuance
of his duties as Missionary Evangelist
for the Province.
Mr. A. W. Robinson, who has been
in the employ of Messrs. G. R. Ashwell & Son for some months, left here
yesterday for Vancouver, where he fills
another position.
Mr. John Chadwick, brother of Mrs.
Shelton Knight, who has been spending
the winter in Vancouver and other
parts, started for his home Tuesday
morning. Mr. Chadwick owns considerable property in Saskatchewan and
parts in the North-West.
Miss Bessie Henderson, daughter of
Mr. J. C. Henderson, who has been in
Kansas City for some months, returned
home last Tuesday evening. Miss Bessie travelled by the Northern Pacific
and made the trip between Kansas City
and Chilliwack in exactly four days.
She reports having had a most enjoyable trip.
See their
There are several
will interest  the
F[resh Lettuce, Cel-
Salt Mackerel,
Sweet Pickles
Grossman's Groc-
Lawn Tennis Club Organizing.
A meeting of those interested
in the formation of a Lawn Tennis Club, was held in the office
of W. H. T. Gahan, on Friday
evening. Those present being,
A. L. Coote, Dr. Davies, C. Grossman, E. Duthie, T. Bonnycastle,
T. E. Caskey, W. L. Macken, A.
N. Smith, R. C. Barwell, H. P.
Wilson, and W. H. T. Gahan acted as secretary.
The minutes of a previous
meeting having been read and
approved of, the matter of a
Club Constitution was taken up
and the Constitution governing
the Vancouver club was read
clause by clause in order that
suggestions be received from it.
In this manner a draft of by-la'"s
was made to be finally appro,'a 1
at a later meeting.
Messrs Barwell and Wilson reported on the matter of securing
suitable grounds for playing.
They had looked at several but
had made no definite choice.
The election of the Club's officers was laid over until a later
Those desiring to become members of the Tennis Club and of
assisting in its organization
should at once communicate with
Mr. W. H. T. Gahan, acting Secretary.
A Favorite Remedy for Babies
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a favorite with the mothers of small
children. It quickly cures their coughs
and colds and prevents any danger of
pneumonia or other serious consequen
ces. It not only cures croup, but when
given as soon as the croupy cough appears will prevent the attack. For sale
by H. J. Barber.-ady. 7-11.
CARPET  SQUARES,   Linoleums
Remember I carry them 12
Just received the best lines of. Iron Beds and
I t    a good piece of fur
and Oil  Cloth, Matting,  Etc.,
wide.   See before buyiu'.y
Spring's ever offered in Chilliwack.   If you want
nitiire you can get it at'
Funeral Director
and Embalmer, '
ver Store.
Magistrates Court.
On Wednesday Ernest Smith
was tried for assaulting one Mc-
Dermid one week previous. Fined
$5.00 and costs.
Everyone appeared satisfied.
McDermid���that the majesty of
the law had been upheld. Smith���
that he was only paying for giving McD. a well deserved threshing. The law���well the Munici-
Eality will get some new roads
uiltout of the fine. And the
dog, the cause of the fracas,
sleeps iu peace with his fathers,
or roams the happy hunting
Report of Observations at the Chilliwack Meteorological Station.
The record for week ending Feb,
,88,1907 I���
1>,"I'K. MAX. MIN.
Friday     45 1 1)1.0
Saturday     170 811.0
Sniidnv        44.1 85 0
Monday       47.0 8(1.01
Tuenlav       44 1 82.0.
Wednesday    40.4 84.0
Tlnii'Ml iv     88.5 88.0
Rainfall for week.  8 20
Precijiiliiltiin lor mntitli 10.82 in
which 4 in above the average fur the
Inst 10 years.
M. Jckks, Observer
��� ��� ^=g=nc3������������
Small Advertisements at Small Cost
Wanted.���Everybody to let their business wants be known to the public in
these columns. It will cost you little,
it will pay you much. Only one cent
per word for each insertion. THE
Fraser Advance, P. O. B 296. Chilliwack, B. C.
For Sale���3 first-class Jersey grade
Cows; also 1 Sharpies Tubular Cream
Separator (500 lbs. capacity) in good
condition. To be sold cheap for cash.
Apply Percy Collin, Sumas. 7-8
For Sale���1 first-class milk cow. Apply A. L. Coote. 7-tf
For Sale.-A few tons of Peas and
Turnips for sale. C. Rooke, Cheam. 6-7
Wanted.���A carload of first-class hay
for horses. State price placed on the
steamer. C. Hill-Tout & Son, Abbotsford V
Wanted.���A first-class dining room Gir 1
immediately. Call upon or address Mrs.
McKenzie, Dominion Hotel, Chilliwack.
Large consignments awaitiug the
opening of the ice blockade. All good
financiers are holding their orders for
You are invited to come, just to see,
not necessarily to buy, but to learn
what really good values you can get for
your money
Snaps in Picture Franies and Mirrors.
Tenders for Wood for Schools
Wood to be delivered before
Sept. 2nd, piled iii school yard
shed, 2 ft. lengths.
Cords.   Cords.
Ilifili School, 5 alder 1 cedar
Chk. School ,,.,20   "    +    "
Sardis 10   "    2 fur
Bast Chilliwack. 10   ��.,    2 cedar
Rosedale 10   "    2   ,"
Clieain   5   "    1     "
Camp Slough.,. 5   "    1    "
Lotbiniere   5   "    1    "
Sumas  5   "    1     "
South Sumas...  5   "    1     "
Atchelitss -5   "    1    "
Fairfield  5   "    1    "
Tenders to be sent in to the
Secretary before March 21st. I
���    A. l; COOTE,
adv. 7 Secretary.
To Whom It May Concerns
jSThe School Board pay all their
accounts once a month. All accounts must be sent in to the
Secretary before the 21st or they
will not' be paid till the next
adv. 7-8 Secretary.


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