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 VOL. 3, NO. 34.
'lim   baseball   match     held    last
Sunday un the diamond at tbe Ne-
chaco bull ground, again terminated
In a score    which  marks    another
sweeping victory for the home Uam.
Tbis time South Kort Qeorge put it
all over the Nechaco team,  with a
score of ninotesn to nine. South Fort
George bad their new pitcher at the
game, Qeorge Sheradin, from up the
Fraser. Sheradln Is a clever pitcher
willi ii fast delivery that fooled tha
Nechaco boys badly. The excitement
wus intense   during the game until
the Hoiith Fort Qeorge team gained
its big lend. Some of the players on
the Nechaco team showed a degree of
unsportsmanlike "soreness" that was
nt marked variance with the general
conduct of their players. Dr. Lazier
who was umpiring the game, failed
to get his decisions accepted in some
instances, it being the apparent desire of a few of the Nechaco players
to break up the game in a row sooner than take the worst of it. To The
Herald it appears about time that
the baseball season should end, for
if sport is not to be conducted upon
a sportsmanlike basis it had better
be eliminated as a factor of amusement between towns which allow the
reflex of a townsite war, no matter
how bitter, to enter into the grandest  of   all entertainments—outdoor
There were a number of ladies at
the game, and apart from the bitterness that was occasionally noticed,
the afternoon was alone marred by
the presence of a few drunken individuals who seemed to be bo far under the influence of liquor as to have
fuddled alike their brains and sense
of decency.   It is    up to the local
police to either put in an appearance
at public gatherings of this description, or sec that a deputy is on hand
to tnke   cure   of  the  foul-mouthed
uranUrd and    his Saturday   n'ght
liottle, who usually haunt such con-
mfiationa and cause embarrasment
■•ml anxiety to the women and anger
a'»'l resentltnent amongst men. This
also applies to the boors who gain
admission to places where dances are
k'"e Md, there usually being one
or '*<) dissolute characters who seem.
0 ffi«fce it a point to get drunk on
tte "ccasio,, of a public dance and
»«   on the    festive scene with
m rottui iag aboard and adver-
ls^*act from the back  of the
i "all.
I ate,
tampion, Inspector of Fish-
llov  1M among8t   tne arri\als in
•■ ™< week. Mr. Champion came
i m the stumer Chilcotin, and in-
' W t'.io river along    the route.
• Umpi0„ is an old-timer in this
district u
liut.i Was bor" ln Barkerville,
'^istheflrsttimehehas vis-
""" Place. He stated   that he
■"A surprised at the develop-
1"• here.
A«»n was sentenced to six months
I    "^nment   by Magistrate Heme
'^^ "rolling" tt drunk.
,tl0» came
t8i*l Wit),
the w    .WiH enter» team against
„    ,ng   te>m up here for the
y Uullenga   cup.   This inform-
i'l' this week and is re-
■■iithuHlasm     here. The
IJeati,.*'" Iwve t0 be a "sudden
not poBBniteBt '0r the CUP| as !t ,s
■jiirsnci l° "lay a 8erleB wltn
tran8lm °*, 6 to the "Pin8e ot the
,o,; tatl0» etc, but If time al-
*hete»mChian5e8W'"-bepl,iyed "y
*o il'aekay' °'The HenUdrtaB
Ipri,,,. Z week 'or Harrison Hot
'"from he g0es to"*k r8"
it he u 8tomaclle troubles,  writes
I ■I'eciaiut0'"8 t0 Vancouver t0 8M I
Pso an' ' a"d may P°88i»ly un-
h'i wii1('"eration'   We trust that
H^ ClX -[t MwaMtJt0
, . Topographical Survey of Reserve Completed
The topographical survey of the Indian reserve, that is to be
the Grand Trunk townsite here, was completed this week, and
a number of men were laid off, us no more work will be done
on the Reservation until the ty .<, n'site sub-dividing is commenced.
Engineer Gill, who is in ch| ge of the survey work on the
Indian Reserve, has a force of men engaged in erecting
temporary quarters on the north east corner of the reserve, for
the accomodation of the engineers during the winter months,
The profile plans of the reserve have been forwarded to
Montreal where they will be digested by the engineering staff
and the townsite designers. A plan; or scheme of sub-division
will be decided upon, and the Grand Trunk Pacific's landscape
gardner will probably be sent in to lay out the detail of the
townsite. Engineer Gill and his staff of surveyors will
subdivide the land with the assistance of a provincial land
The topographical survey has been very carefully executed,
the contour lines running every 500 feet apart over the whole
of the reserve. The topogrophy of the island at the mouth of
the river have also been taken. The plana forwarded to
Montreal this week will give the engineers there an exact
reproduction of the surface of the Indian Reserve.
EVery visitor here who sees the Indian reserve becomes
enthusiastic regarding the beauty of the tract for townsite
purposes. The land is all lightly- timbered, principally with
spruce and poplar, with a jadk-pine growth on the western end
where the gravel formacion commences, The area is broken in
some places by small hills and valleys, and terraces break the
formation into different levels at places near the river front.
It is not possible to accurately gage £he length of time required for the work on the plans before the engineer department returned them here with instructions to commence the
work of subdivision, but we imagine that this work will be
under way before snow flies.
We are continually receiving enquiries regarding the date
when the Indian Reserve will be on the market, to which, as
yet, we are unable to reply with accuracy. The Herald hopes
that we will shortly be able to make a statement with regard to
this matter which will be of a definite and satisfactory nature,
Our own opinion is that the Indian Reserve will not be on the
market for another year.
There arrived in town this week
from the tipper river a big fair man
in a green shirt that was rent by a
flying rock up in tbe Grand Canyon
where he is driving a gang of rock
men in his work of clearing the obstructions to navigat'on out of the
river, and tearing out a steamboat
channel with dynamite and steel. His
name is P. C. Freeman, but among
his familiar friends he passes muster
under the name of "the river hog."
He is a silent person, this "river
hog", speaking only whea you ask
him things, and then not answering
at nny length. He works for Foley,
Welch & Stewart, the railway contractors and his task is to free the
rlvtrs they want their great sternwheelers to navigate, from the rocks
that threaten their safety on the
rivers. A few wee'.-.s ago the "operator" a boat that can load 300 tons
of freight, smashed on a rock in the
Goat River Rapids and her crew jettisoned about 160 tons of freight in
order to save the vessel fr.im total
destruction. Since then the "river
hog" haa visited the Goat Ra;)ids
w'th a crew of his men and a load
of dynamite, and a clean channel has
been blown in the living rock of tho
river bed, and no longer are the
G:at rapids a m:nace to navigation;
end a place t:> whiten the hairs of
the river captains who gamble their
skill against the rooks that lurk in
ambush bent ath the muddy waters of
thc great river that flows so s -viftly
on towards the sea.
In the Grand Canyon, Freeman is
tearing the land to pieces wh:re it
crowds the waters too closely. From
the river bed, with steel and dynamite, under his direction, men are
clawing the hungry rocks. The great
walls of the canyon give back roaring echoes as huge charges of powder
in the coyote holes shatter the
roc.s, and the waters close quietly
over the scar in the canyon's jaw,
wliere, since things began the great
hungry tooth has has gnashed and
torn at every sign of the coming of
the multitude and their fleets to
The "river hog" is now commencing operations up the Nechaco
River. The White Mud rapids and the
Isle De Pierre,, both dangerous shutes
of rock strewn, white water, will be
harnessed and broken, and made to
run smoothly through a wide, deep
channel, after his men come and go,
and aftjr he has spent gome hours
perched on tbe rocky shores watching
tbe play of tbe qrazy water as it
leaps and foams, and tries to hide
tbe bare fangs of the river from the
prying eyes of the man who seeks
them out and tears them to atoms
with the greatest force within human
You might see him sometimes, if
you travd the river these days,
s:ated upon some huge rock by a
wicked piece of water, chewing tobacco and watching the race of the
flood, whilst now and again, as he
learns tbe secrets of the channel as
the waters foam and. eddy past, determined from his knowledge of river
lore, he will spit with precision into
the torrent that roars and cu U
about his resting pli.ee, a cynical
smi'e upon his bronzed face.
And so we leave him to his task,
this "river hog," He has a big task
in these noi the. n waters, but he is
used to handling big jobs, and when
he passes along there will be many a
placid shoot of water where the river
has laid in wait with death at hand
to trap the unwary as be runs the
Sam MaiofHin'h warehouse, up at
his camp, was looted by robbers on
Thursday morning last. Indications
point to Indians as the culprits.
J. R. Greenfield, postoffice inspector
for Birtish Columbia, paid South
Fort George bis annual visit this
week. Mr. Greenfield stated that he
was pleased to note that the mail
service was giving more satisfaction
to people here now than in the past.
Tbe Herald interviewed Mr. Greenfield regarding the proposed twice-
weekly mail service during the
winter months. The postoffice inspector was non-committal, but he admitted that tbe Importance of the
towns here warranted tbe improved
service. He would certainly recommend that the twice-weekly service
be inaugerated witb the close of navigation, he assured us, but he could
not make a definite statement regarding the matter.
Strong resolutions and petitions
have gone to Ottawa from both
towns here, requesting our member,
Hon. Martin Burrell, and tbe Postmaster General to grant the badly
needed increased facilities. We fail to
see bow the matter can be considered
adversely by the government, for
considering tbe fact tbat for six
months of the year we have to rely
on the stage route for communication witb tbe outside world, and
that this will be the last winter
before the advent of the G. T. P.
steel, It is certainly up to our
mamber and the post office denart-
ment to decide the matter- without
any hesitation in favor of tbe rentiers ot the people of the northern
interior of British Columbia.
Owing to the fact that t**e mail
addressed . to "Fort George", the
name under which all townsites hereabouts are generally referred to by
people who are not In a position to
appreciate tbe fact that there are
two seperate and distinct townsites
here, goes to a postoffice three mlleB
past the main business centre
here, there will always be a great
deal of confusion in tbe mall service
as long as the townsite registered
under tbat name is allowed to apply
it to its post-office also.
Tbe time is going to come when
the Grand Trunk Pacific people will
place tbelr parent townsite on the
market, around which all other sites
inhabited or uninhabited, are grouped
at present. The main town will, of
course, be on the Indian Reserve
and this main town will, in tbe natural sequence ot Its creation, have a
main postoffice. Whet tbe Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway Company will
call their town remains to be seen,
and it tbe rule hitherto adhered to
follows, their postoffice will be given
a similar name. This will make a
worse mix-up than we have here at
Mr. Greenfield is of the opinion
that matters will adjust themselves
as time goes on, but this is not
borne out in our experience up-to-
date. Mail intended for tbe main
town of South Fort George continues to go to tbe Nechaco townsite
called "Fort George" if correspondents fail to understand that this
name is the personal property of a
Vancouver promoter who has tacked
it on to part ot .its townsites by a
defined process, and that it applies
only in theory to other places in
matters ot mail distridution, as certain nice distinctions must be observed as outlined ln the Postal
At the present time tbe combined
population of the two towns here is
not large enough to Justify any departures from tbe rules that have
been followed to solve the problem in
the past, but the post office department will do well to realize that
sooner or later tbe matter will have
to be rectified, and it would redound
to their credit to do it soon. It is
not to be presumed tbat the Post
master General is going to allow tbe
mail for a large and important community to be sifted through a little
two-by-four office out in a little one-
man town on. tbe very edgt of tbe
possible suburbs, to gratify the desires of a townsite promoter and bis
crowd of boosters.
As a solution we would suggest the
naming of tbe new postoffice on the
Grand Trunk townsite "Fort George"
and the present Fort George post-
office "West" Fort George, the mail
for all tbe offices passing through tbe
central office on delivery from other
centres. If the G. T. P. fix another
name to their townsite, which we
believe they will do, the whole
system will have to be revised if a
proper delivery of mail is' to be expected.
■■■ mammmmun 5555,5 imu n, j 15 Sap
The fifth came ln tbe Carney Challenge Cup series will be played on
tbe South Fort George diamond tomorrow afternoon.
F. W. Crawford, who is evolving
the Willow River townsite for the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, (is a
very busy man. He announces that
the site will be ready for the market
in the near future. The Willow town-
site will be a good point if tbe Peace
river branch leaves tbe G. T. P. at
tbat point as is anticipated, .and tbe
Barkerville and Willow River Railway comes down tbe Willow, both of
which projects are probable. The lots
are to be sold for one fifth cash and
the balance in payments every three
months over a considerable period.
Ham'lton Avenue is being graded
over the breast of the.ridge at Fifth
Street. Tbe grade is being cut thro-
ueh the ridge of tbe terrace, affording an easv grade to tbe bench. The
Northern Development Company are
doing tbe work. Hamilton Avenue
Is now tbe principle business thoroughfare of tbe town, and t^e work
was done on the recommendat'on ot
Messrs. Cooke and McLaughlin, both
of tbe Northern Development Company here.
Russel Peden, of the Northern
Lumber Company Ltd., has gone to
Quesnel to superintend the overhauling ot the steamer "Quesnel." which
his company has recently purchased.
Captain Martin, recently mate of the
ateamer Chilcotin, will command the
"Quesnel" and Mr. Peden will take
charge of the engine room. Chief
Engineer Peden is now on tbe job.
George McLaughlin, manager of
the Northern Lumber Company, returned from the coast last Monday
after an absence of about three weeks
which he spent in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, and Portland. He
states that a great deaf of interest
if evinced in this place wherever he
A reserve on Beaver is again gaz-
ettaed. Tbis reserve remains in force
until November of next year. It applies to all white and Indian trappers excepting tbe Indians living on
the Arctic' watershed, who are permitted to kill Beaver for meat and
sell the pelts to traders.
The steamer ' B. X." took down
tbe largest load of passengers since
she was launched doday. Tbey were
all people who bad come in to look
over investments, and all went away
satisfied. A part; ot American capitalists, who came up with Mr. F.
Baird, of Des Moines, Iowa, a representative of the Nortb Coast Land
Company, consisting of Dr. 8. S.
Taylor of Des Moines, Mr. Chas Sullivan of Corning, Iowa, and Mr. E.
L. Belshe, ot Chicago 111., were particulary deligbted with tbe country.
These gentlemen spent several days
looking over tbe country.
The ball game which was played in
the "clean town" last week was held
over until Sunday School came out
at 2.30.
» '
1 advanced the theory that Snort
! George, our destination, had been inhabited centuries ago by a race of
mmmSmm to. m *~ — —% - z
'•"-—*'.""7", -M.W «•■• ■••<•■*•"»»»"•""
the   interests   of   Fort,  __  4ImH ln th(S diniue room
sntu »* Thk
refunded by tbe sole agents and joint
owners of tbe city, the Unnatural.
Scourges Co. Ltd.
Devoted   to
Ueor^e aud the entire Northern  Interior.
J. B. DANIELL. Editor.
smell we noticed In the dining room
of the chief hotel there. G. and myself, being blatantly modern, after a
lew hours of such learned discourse,
^m~—m    i .       ' again and again tried to divert tbe
.... .    . ' attentions of our frind to the obiect
It has been   announced   for some i '
. _        .   .,        u       l.       ,*.._     • i t-f onv visit. At length he reluctantly
time pust, through such mediums of I
, ,        ,. . ... ,,    I concerned     to   tell us about Snort
luforuiutiou uu generally give notice
I George.     Although    no   admirer  of
of thi schemes and operations of a
townsite promoter whose methods of
promotion we have always taken ex- j
caption to, tbat a fall fair will be
btld on Scpttm'.er tbe 17th., under
tbe sue; ices of an organization rets, red to as tbe Fort George Agricultural Association,
The government of this province
have donated the sum ot (500 towards the success of the event, and
it is to be presumed that tbe fair is
a free fo:' all, public spirited, and
s.rictly inlependent allair for the
general advancement of the district,
and if this is so The Herald wishes
the scheme tbe best of success—but
is It?
The fact that the affair is being arranged by men who are the known
and accredited agents of a townsite
promoter who takes advantage of ve*
ery contingency to inflate the lagging importance of his townsite proposition, will wo.-k against its success. We would point this reference
by stiting that pictures of crowds
attracted to the promoter's town-
site by a baseball game, have been
introduced in evidence before the
Railway Commission in an application for privele es the granting of
which would have operated against
the welfare of practically all tbe
people who visited his townsite that
day, and who were photographed and
exhibited as a prop to bis scheme,
In a booklet recently issued by tbe
concern of which the promoter referred to is president, this picture is
reproduced, whist overleaf a back-*
ally photograph ot this Mown is
dulbed "Fort George's Suburb-
South Fort George on the Fraser."!
If tbe people of tbe other town are
anxious to expurgate their public enterprises from an atmosphere of suspicion and Intriuge, they would be
Will advised to keep tbe touts and
heelers of the promoter oft their
boards of management.
It the fall fair is to be turned into
another scheme tor gathering advertising material, then, from what we
hear on the street corners, the good
people of the real town here will not
"fall" tor the "fair" ss easily as is
If, on the other hand, a g.nuine
i (tort is to be made to have a large
and well directed exhibition of the
district's possibilities, then the lore-
going remarks can not apply, in so
far as they form a comparison between a promoter's literature and
his past endeavors to use similar
means for the gathering of a crowd
to stage a mob scene in which he
drifts into the centre of the stage
end poses ln the pure white light of
the calcium ray to receive the
plaudits of the multitude.—Odds bodkins, we wot not.
After a motor   ride of about 15fl
miles my    friend    G.   and   myself
boarded at    Coda Sbreek the river
steamer that was to take us to our
goal 150 odd    miles up-stream.  We
should   have keen   somewhat bored
by the monoti ny of tbis Journey, had
lt not   been    for    the     appi trance
of t cretain     gentleman   of distinguished and aristocratic appearance,
bearing all the hall-marks ot intelligence and good breeding, ln striking
contrast to the prlmative creatures
around us and the wild country thro
which we were passing. It waB a real
pleasure to   meet someone who did
not want to talk about real estate,
townsites and tbe like, but rather of
the heroes ot old. We were treated by
this    gentleman,    whom    I   myself
thought thought resembled Socrates
in appearance, but whom my friend
0. likened to Diogenes emerging from
his tub on a cold day, to a Uvrned
discourse on the decadence ot Greek!
art in the third century B. C. As a
matter ol fact this gentleman even
things   modern, he   admitted to us
that  Snort George,     of all present
day cities was IT, and the rest nowhere. He often referred to a certain
southern suburb   which its inhabitants had the audacity to call South
Snort George. In accents of withering contempt be described the detestable enormities    of this diminutive
burgb.  Sodom    and Gomorra must
have been abodes of saints compared
with such a    place as that. About i
2 p. m. the next day we arrived at
that sink of iniquity where quite a
crowd of people welcomed us. From
the remarks of our friend we expected to see a few half-starved creatures
and several Indians, but they seemed
to be very much like ordinary mortals. At this    place nearly everyone
disembarked, G. and myself and Socrates being the only passengers left.
However two or three people got on
board   here and immediately introduced themselves to us and made us
feel quite at home.  From the very
start we realized that here were some
more people of the Socrates type and
we wondered wblcb    century before
Christ was their specialty. These new
friends of ours also seemed disinclined to talk about real estate etc. The
whole time that we were travelling
from South Snort George to Snort
George proper these gentlemen had a
freamy far-away look in their eyes,
dwelling, no doubt, on the beauties
of Helen and the sack ot Troy. One
of them in particular, whose shaven
pate reminded me of Pope Pius X,
but G. said it gave him the appearance of one who had enjoyed a period
of enforced leisure at His Majesty's
expense, kept on muttering to himself as we passed fertile valleys en
route "what a place for pea-vines;
what a place for pea-vines." I took
this to be some mystic saying, culled
from the records   of tbe Oracle at
Delphi but I have since   found out
that I was wrong.
At length there burst on our view
what is destined to be, lt it is not
at present,   tbe metropolis of Central British Columbia—Snort George.
For miles abd miles and miles the
wilderness has been pushed back and
in   its  place    bave   appeared    the
mighty works of man. With tbe exception of a water tower and a band
stand G. remarked that the works ot
man were conspicuous by their absence,  but then G.  always was irreverent. Just belore we reached the
landing stage we were treated to a
burst of music tbe tune of which I
did not recognise. Judging, however,
trom my    companions,   I presumed
that it must be of a classic nature.
On our arrival we were greeted by
a tew people ot paternal and patr-
iarcbical appearance. Here again we
were made welcome but there seemed
to be everywhere a feeling of inertia
and depression. It seemed as if everyone    was    saying     to    himself
'wbats the   use;     whtts the use".
Tbis is not what we expected, but
then perhaps    we Uad expect.d too
After a bountiful teed at the hotel
consisting ot tour courses of assorted pickles and water thrown in, we
were ushered   into a    spacious and
comfortable    building   called   "The
Ten    Million     Fairly    Satisfactory
Club."  I     asked    Socrates   exactly
what this meant, but he was at that
moment engaged lu flicking flies oil
Plus tbe X's head, and was too busy
to answer me.  I then turned to a
small man of extroadinary vitality.
He seemed to be built on wires and
was a perfect store-bouse of information. I learned trom him that this
did not mean the number of bottles
that were consumed on the premises,
or even the   number ot fish stories
that were told, but merely signified
the population that was expected to
greet the arrival of the first train.
In fact lots in the City were being
sold on the strength of this, and lt
the population    dld'nt    reach that
figure by then, all money spent in
the purchase of   property would he
Clear, Beautifully
Grained Fur and
Spruce Lumber
Our timber is cut high in the
hills, where the clear green
Spruce and lir grows. It
makes superfine lumber.
Our mouldings iuclude anything listed in this line;
Our Merchandise
and groceries
are selected from the ■*
goods the market offers
A few of our exclusive lines- &
Carhartt'a Overalls ' f,
Hartt's Boots and Shoes       B
Campbell's Clothes
House of Hebberlin
Tents and Flies a specialty
Statistics compiled from Government reports show that lu comparison to population Alberta bus more
automobiles than any other province in the Dominion of Canada,
there being 3,000 cars, or one to every 124 persons, estimating tbe population at 374,6(13. Manitoba is
second, having one car to every 151
persons of its population of 445,614,
while British Columbia has third
place, reporting one auto lor every
165 persons of a population of 392,-
Sashatchewan is fourth. It has 2,-
537 cars, or one for each 114 persons
of its population of 492,432. Ontario
has the largest number of cars, reporting 7,338, or one (or each 344 ol
a population of 2,523,208. ttfova
Scotia has the smallest number of
automobiles, there being one to each
852 of its population, whinch is
placed at 492,338. New Brunswick,
witb a population of 351,889, has
595 autos, while the province ot
Quebec, with. 2,002, 712 population,
reports 801 cars.
Prince Edward Island is the only
province in the Dominion of Canada
which prohibits the use' of motor
vehicles on its highways and in
public places. The penalty for violating thiB law, which was enacted
because it was thought to be necessary to public interest and tor the
safety of the travelling public, is a
fine of |500 or six months in jail.
It is estimated that fully 25  per
cent of the automobile exported by
manufacturers in tbe United States
is shipped to     Canada.   Tbirty-two
hundred   and seven     machines were
bought in the States in 1911 and it
is expected that more than 5,000 will
come in tbis year. Tbe average value
ot cars shipped into the Dominion by
American manufacturers was 11,887.
English manufacturers    shipped 240
cars, of an average value of 11,809
to Canada last year. The foregoing
figures do not include tires and accessories.   Canadian    manufacturers
and American    builders   assembling
cars in Canada also report increases
in business, Baying they have no difficulty in disposing    of any vehicle
that comes up to the mark.
■ky-serasiers te rre*
Edmonton will not become a city
ot architectural monstrosities, commonly called sky-scrapers, unless the
clause in its building by-law, adopted at tbe last meeting of the council
is repeled. Tbe new order limits tbe
height  ot buildings to ten  storeys.
The city fathers believed that this
legislation was advisable ln view of
the fact that there is more actual
construction and development in Edmonton today than in any other city
of tbe 50,000 class on the American
Permits issued in July Involve a
total expenditure of 81,494,320, as
compared with $474,909 tor the same
month in 1911, while the cost of
buildings, for which permits have
been issued since January 1, amounts to $9,032,190, as against $3,-
672,260 tor the twelve months of
1911. It is expected the total (or this
year will be about $14,000,000.
The Edmonton board of education
is arranging to expend $1,000,000 for
twelve school    buildings,    including
$250,000 lor sites, while the municipality will    expend    several million
dollars in public buildings and other
civic    Improvements.      Considerable
capital from Great Britain and the
United States also is being invested
in business and office buildings, manufacturing    concerns    and   dwelling
houses. Oeorge    H. W.   Pearson of
Glasgow, Scotland,    announces    his
principals will erect store and office
buildings    costing    fully   $1,000,000
next year, and in addition the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway company will
build a hotel, costing $750,000, and
a union   station estimated to cost
-*.     x-1544a*mC *fo»" tlie field we excel, i
£^£ fJUlHll"r»5 Actual experience teaches ji
what you want on your trip.   We have made a life study of I
E subject and our years of experience are at your disposal,
Call and talk the matter over.   Any hour.   Any day.
Building Material,
for your building.
It will pay you to get our estimate on the material |
We can supply you from cellar to roof. I
Northern Lumber Co., limited j
W  F. Cooke Russel Peden i
The two policemen here are busy
men thtse days, one or the other of
them generally being on the road between here and Kamloops With a
prisoner or two,
Mr, Merchant that your goods can reach you from Soda
Creek within 40 hours if shipped by the Royal Mail
Full particulars from our local agent
Auto, Stage and Steamboat Owners
— South —
Fort George
——Is cheaper per front foot today
than hundreds of towns in Canada that have little
or no future ahead of them by way of railway development or strategic location.
—Everyone admits that South
Fort George has a great future and nothing can
now stop it from coming into its own. , Why not investigate and buy before the prices double, which
they are sure to do, in a short time?
.—We have re-llstings of lots that will
pay you to ask for—they are money makers to-day.
Garden Tracts
2 1-2 acre Garden Tracts, close in, that can be bought
on easy terms, that later will become residential property.
Prices $75 to $125 an acre. $50 down and $15 a month.
Farm Lands
Some that are close in, at $12.50 an acre.    A good buy.
Large tracts for colonization at attractive prices.
Write for particulars of what you are interested in to the
Cotton Bldg.
SOLE AGENTS South Fort George Townsite
OWNERS South Fort George Gardens
,^-i.ifel (Section ao. j
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
-7th day of August next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the grant of a
licence for the sale of liquor by retail
;n and upon the premises known as the
Empress Hotel, situate at South Fort
(-'eoree B.C., upon the lands described
a9 Lots 15 and 16, Block 10, D.I,. 934.
Dated this 27th day of July, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that the reserve existing on crown lands in the vicinity of Stuart River, situated in the
Cariboo district, notice of which, bearing
date December 17th, 1908, was published
in the British Columbia Gazette, dated
December, 17th, 1908, is cancelled in so
far as the same relates to the lands
surveyed as Lots llll, 111,4, 5415,5379,
5433 5380, 5381, 5382, 5383, 5384, 5385,
5417 5419, 5391, 5389, 5388, 5387, 538fi,
5432 5437, 5438, 5431, 5392, 5393. 5394,
•-,395' 5396, 5397, 5421, 5424, 5403, 5402,
5401 5400, 5399, 5398, 5430, 5439,5429,
5404 5405, 5406, 5407, 5408, 5409, 5427,
5414; 5426, 5428, 5425, 5413, 5390 and
5412, all in the Cariboo District.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C., 12th June, 1912.
NOTICK IS HEREBY (HVRN liial tho reserve
oxistinK over Crown Lunils in tlm viciniiy ot
Stuart River, Cariboo, nfllico of whioh bearing
ilulc February 15th, 11*10, was published in the
British Columbia Gazette, February 17th. l'JIO. is
cancelled, is so far as the same relates to the
lands surveyed as Lots 11261, 6232, 6253, 6251, 6255,
6266,8267,6268,6265, 6272, 828f, 6297. 6296, 6231), 6271,
6266, 6264, 6259, 627S, 6280, B281. 6279, 6274, 6260, 62113,
6267,6170,6290,6295,6291,6269; 6288, 6262, 6261, 6275,
6278, 6281. 6277. 6270. 6285, 6286, 62»7, 6288. 6292, 0293,
G2SH, 6295a. 6301, 6805, 6300. 6299, 6903, 6904, 6907, 6908,
8108a and 6906, all in the Cariboo District.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department.
Victoria, CC. 12th Juno. 1912 jun22aepl4
The Board of Investigation under the
Water Act is prepared to receive
claims of persons having water rights.
Mr* C, H. Dunbar, of the Water Department, will prepare claims for hold-
ers of records, and for such purposes
will be at:
150-Mile House, Tuesday, 13th of
Hanceville, Friday, 16th of Augpst.
150-Mile House, Monday and Tuesday,
Wth ami 20th August.
Quesnel Forks, Friday antl Saturday
mornings, 23d and 24th August.
loO-Mile House, Monday and Tuesday
mornings, 26th and 27th August.
Soda Creek, Tuesday from 3 p.m.
'7th August.
Barkerville, Friday and Saturday,
"Oth and 31st August.
Cottonwood, Monday, 2d September.
Quesnel, Tuesday p.m., Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday ami Saturday morn-
lnS», 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Sept.
('<>pies of water records, title papers
to land, and roughly drawn sketches of
•he lands and streams affected should
te shown to Mr. Dunbar by persons
wish.ng to file claims.
Acting Comptroller of Water Rights.
Provincial Secretary's      e,
Victoria, July 31, aul0s7
FOUND-Stray horse about one
*cel> ago. Grey and white face. No
brands. Owner can have same by
""Ving expenses.
(For information see milkman in
aouth Port George, Aug, 3, 1912.
Most modern up-to-date hotel in the interior of British
J2   Columbia.
«j   New four-storey building.   Accommodation for 120 guests
Ja   All outside rooms—large, well-lighted and ventilated.
S|   Steam heated,
Weekly and monthly rates on application
Wire for rooms Wire for rooms
E. L. KEPNER, Proprietor
Single and Double Driving Horses.   Saddle and Pack Horses.
New Buggies and Thoroughly Reliable Rigs.
Application for a Licence to Take
and Use Water
NOTICE is hereby given that I,
Francis Hoffcrcamp, of Soutli Fort
George, B. C. will apply for a licence to take and use one cubic foot
per second of water out of Tan Creek
which flows in an easterly direction
through P. R. 1243 antl empties into
Fraser River near middle "ol eastern
boundary of P. R. 1243. The water
will be diverted at its source in Lot
820 and will be used for irrigation
purposes on the land described as
Pre-emption Record No. 1243.
THIS NOTICE was posted on the
ground on the 15th day of July 1912.
The application will te filed in the
office of the Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
IN THE MATTER of the Companies
Act; and IN THE MATTER of
Cooke, Peden & Company, Limited.
Cooke, Peden & Company, Limited, will
at the expiration of one, month  from
the first publication hereof apply to the
Registrar of Companies for approval of
change of name from Cooke, Peden &
Company, Limited, to  "The Northern
Lumber    &    Mercantile     Company,
Dated this 4th clay of May, 1012.
Quesnel, B.C.
Solicitor for Cooke, Peden &
Company, Limited.
District of Cariboo.
TAKE notice that Arthur Charles Egbert McElroy, of South Fort George,
B.C., manager, intends ,to apply for
Iiermission to purchase the following
described lands:
I'ommcncing at f. post planted al the
Northwest corner of Lot 4201 and
marked C. McElroy's Northeast corner,
tbence south 10 chains, thenco west 40
chains, tbence north MO chains more or
less to the Nechaco River, thence following the said river southeasterly to
the point of commencement and containing 140 acres more or less.
Arthur Charles Egbert McElroy.
May (ith, 1912. jul20
and 5t.ii Sundays in month, Holy Communion, 8 a.m.; Evensonp; and Sermon, 7:110 p.m. Second and 4lh Sundays in monthi Matins, 10:80 n.m.t
Holy Eucharist and Sermon. 11 a.m.—
Rev. R. H. Isaac.  Williams,  Vicar.
KNOX CHURCH-Services every Sunday evening at 7.80. C. M. Wright,
Fort George - Service will be
held every Sunday morning in
the Maple Leaf Theatre at 11
o'clock.' T. Griffiths,  pastor.
Robert Spinks
Painting and Paperhanging
South Fort George : B.C.
I am prepared to
Locate Pre-emptors
Good Government Land.
N. C. Jorgensen.
P. 0. Box 21. Soulh Fort Gtorge, B. C,
P. A. Landry J. H. McGregor J. F. Templeton
T. A. Kelly, Timber Department
Gore & McGregor
British   Columbia   land   Surveyor*
Land Agents Timber Cruisers
Chancery Chambers, Langley Street, VICTORIA,
B.C., P.O. Box 152, Phone 684.
McGregor Building, Third Street, SOUTH FORT
Office and Store Fixtures.
Hamilton Ave.    South Fort George
A Do you contemplate ►<
A       BUILDING?       ►<
* Then invuHtigat-u our workmanship and  B
fA ,-H't our csliiniit*.'.; h>
J2 Contractors
M   utul Hiiil.li'i>*.
We do a large mail order business
and guarantee satisfaction.
Our stock of general merchandise
is large and up-to-date, which enables us to fill all orders quickly.
Give us a trial
JoIhe A, Fraser
& Co., Ltd.
Front Street Quesnel, B. C.
i iiiiiiiiiKin unu   Tt
1 Fii'Ht -streets    m
K <3^J --WJ -J^ *W* ^** ^* ^* 'A
Hamilton and
Little Nugget
The most modern and best-appointed
cafe in Fort George.
Meals       -       SO Cents
Short Orders a Specialty
Mrs. F. C. Nahrwai.d, Proprietress
Cor. Hamilton and Third
South Fort George.
Fort George, B.C. Victoria, B.C.
F. I1. Burden, Mgr. F. C. Green, Mgr.
Nelson, B.C., A. H. Green, Mgr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Civil Engineer*, Dominion i B. C. Lud Suneytn
Surveys of Lands, Mines, Townsites, Timber
Limits, Etc,
Prospective Builders
Are you aware that it takes less labor to build with OUR BONE DRY
LUMBER, and that the result is permanent, weatherproof and saves
repairs and fuel; also that the lumber costs no more than other lumber?
All Kinds of Lumber and Mouldings For Sale.
The Fort George Trading & Lumber Co., Ltd.
SOUTH FORT GEORGE, B.C.    Phone 11.   Chas. E. McElroy, Mgr.
Pioneers in Sawmilling and Steamboating on the Upper Fraser
and Tributaries.
Our GUMLESS SPRUCE SIDING and V-JOINT will not warp, check
nor shrink endways, and contains no gum to cause the paint to peel.
Farm Lands,     Timber Lands,     City Property,     Garden Tracts.
Fire, Accident and Life Insurance,
TWO SECTIONS of choice land In the Salmon River valley. Price,
per acre S12
575 ACRES of land suitable for subdivision. Only one mile from
town.   Price, per acre M5
TEN-ACRE Garden Tract, close In. Per acre - - - f 180
Terms on this 1-4 cash, 8, 12, 18 months at 6 per cent.
o Roberts, Jones & Willson a
EDWARD ROBERTS:NotarrPsklic.     E. E. JONES.     A, J. SEIWYH-WIUSON, *■*■«.
FOR SALE: Farm Unds. Garden Tracts. Timber Limits. Mineral Claims. Valuable town lots.
Offices: Hamilton Avenue, South Fort George: Central Avenue, Fort George, B. C.
Hotel Northern
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Fort George, B.C.
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates $2.50 and $3
Monthly aad weekly rates on application
Best of wines,
liquors and cigars
Albert Johnson, prop.
Manufacturers of High-Grade Confectionery
ICE CREAM and all kinds of SOFT DRINKS
Catering Tobaccos and Cigars
1 '■■
^M&^sspcsKknce i^m
//$ [mMmwts/n^zk &*
sed/an]\jfl// bededft
Oakland,  Iowa'.
Editor, Hera'd:
Will you kindly inform me
where I can obtain an authentic map
of t e FOrt George country. I own
Home land Soutii West of your town
and am therefore interested. Kindly
refer me to some one who can furnish a map that will show general
topography of the country as well
as locations of towns and rivers.
1 r.ad yo.ir paper every week and
can s.ty that its candid truthfullness
is refreshing; the truth has always
hcen interesting.
The Bureau cf Provincial Information, Victoria, B. C, will supply
you with maps of the Northern Interior, show ng rivers and centres.
The Surveyor General, or any of the
district Clovcinmint Agon s, will
supply maps show'ng the land unalienated. We do not know of nny
maps showing t ppography in d.'C il,
but the Victoria Map and Blue ynnt
Company supply blue prints to any
scale of most sections. If you want
a map of any particular section of
land woild advise you to address
any Provincial LBnd Surveyor In
Victoria and have him obtain copy
of your field notes and make you a
detail map.
Either from the settler's or from the investor's viewpoint our
Salmon River LftHO
h the best in th> distric'. Good so"l-«lt aid blac't loan-opsr. meadows,
abunlance of water. A large tract to select from. Come and see the land
It will stand inspection. Write us and get particulars. Special inducements to settlers.
VAV]DTJ7d!R: ltl03>wn.oiTrastBid.r.   Bjc 2?,S)ithFjrtG^r?e, B.C.
GISCOMB PORTAGE is the natural
outfitting point for the
Peace River Country
At Giscomb Portage we have a large stock of general merchandise, carefully selected to fill all the requirements of the
Our store is the logical supply point for pre-emptors and
others located up the river. All steamboats call at our landing
IN THE PEACE RIVER COUNTRY. You can consign your
freight to us at South Fort George and we will deliver at Fort
McLeod or the headwaters of the Peace Riqer
j Travellers and Shippers to Fort George
and New British Columbia
Travel in comfort and safety via the Steamer "CUlCOtln" the only
oak-ribbed steamer on the route; and consign your goods to the care of
the "Chilcotin" at Soda Creek, they will be carefully transported Jo
their destination.
The Fort George Trading & Lumber Co., Ld.
The Pioneer Operator* of Steamboats and Manufacturers of
Lumber on the Upper Fraser and Tributaries.
The Auto Transit Company
Agents at ASHCROFT, B.C.
Lenox, Iowa.
Editor, Herald:
Will you he so kind ni to
tell me how far s:ction No. 4556 is
west ol Fort Ge.rge, also is there
any townsite laid out near lt, and II
so haw far from thc same?
Your land lies ahout 57 milcs west
of Fort George, and 3 milcs sauth of
the Nechaco river on a small lake.
The G. T. P. Townsite and Development Company are go'.ng to put a
townsite on the market sooner or
later about 3J miles north of your
lot, at thc moith of the Stuart
river. Lend next to yours is cut up
into 40-acre blocks and is being sold
by an' outfit calling themselves the
Grand Trunk Pacific Lands Company, but who have no connection at
all with the G. T. P. Railway, for
$10 an acre.
Winnipeg, Man.
A. B:-The South Fort George Pioneer Realty Company have no p'ace
of business taat we know of. We do
not believe the concern exisls outside of thc stationery for the team
doing business under thc name. One
of the men you mention is a t nhorn
Fort George Hardware Co.
General Hardware and Sheet Metal Workers.
All kinds of tin and sheet Iron work done.
Camp stoves
Hot air Furnaces, etc.
I Fresh Meats
Beef. Mutton g
and Veal
Wholesale and Retail
Is. &, J*P* *JK 3R &L JR ^^ *3**R &4 v*P> ^K civ *^ ^# ^^ ^R ^^ JO* ^^ ^5 ^^ IW &4 JK ^^K
Montrose, Ttnn.
Kditor, Hera'd:
1 would like to inquire from
you ns to the coming lot sale on the
railroad townsite, on the reserve.
What, in your opinion, would be the
opportunity to secure a desirably located lot, for business purposes, and
what, In your opinion, are the prices
llke'y to h.\ and the ttrms.
I would like to hnve a lot or two
th re, aid I tli'.n't business lots increase fastest in value. I might lntor
huve a building put on lt, to rent,
nnd lot it lny for the future. Could
you select a lot or two for mo when
thc auction s.Ue time comes?
It is hard to state exactly when
the lot sale on the Indian Reserve
will he held, but we would judge
about Septemter 1313, The whole
site will he sold by auct'on, and the
prices, we nidieve, wil largely be
gaged hy tho policy which the G. T.
P. Railway people adopt In thc laying out of tho s.te and the development work thoy intend to do them-
Smokers' supplies
a specialty
Four pool tables
Splendid environments
Man and wife to work on ranch at
Willow   Kiver.     Man  to do general
farm work.   Woman to cook for 3 or
, 4  men.   Good   house   and   complete
j kitchen.   Reply to Dr.  Evans, Hotel
j Northern, South Fort George,        agio
sJvos. The most valuable business
locations will be on the main streets
which will run north and south, in
all probability connecting with the
best strcti on thi4 townsite. The
tsrms of sale will probably be the
same as those imposed at Prince
Rupert, on.' quarter c sh, and the
balance in one, two and three years.
The Herald will have a representative
at the sale, with a thorough know-
lodge of tho ground, and we shall bo
pleas.d to act in behalf of any person
desiring proper location In tl.c real
future hus'ness centre,
Intend Building?
NOW is the time to build,
whilst seasoned lumber is
obtainable. Labor conditions
are now in your favor. We
contract to design and construct your building, guaranteeing satisfaction: Call
or write us.
Bronger & Flynn
Builders and Contractors
Land Timber Cruiser
Pre-emptions Located.
Prescription a
Fort George
Drug Co.
large shipment just received
Toilet artlcaln, Patent M«ltcinnH, I
Mtt(razlm!«, Hooks, Stationery, I
Toilet Articles, Druggists' Sundries    |
The intelligent disbursement off;
money for your daily needs is as fl
great a power towards success as |
money-earning ability i
We select our goods with care, \
and sell on the low-profit rapid-sale j
principle (
Close & Brown Co., Ltd.
Lasalle and Second Street
Soutli Fort George, B.C. f
| 1836 |      Assets Exceed Fifty Million Dollars      | 1912
. Bank of British North America
Your money Is safer in the Bank than in your house or in your
pocket. It Is not tied up. You can get it out at any time without delay. NOTES discounted. Local and Foreign Drafts bought
and sold. COLLECTIONS made promptly.   Money Orders issued.
Establish a Credit for Yourself
A careful man, with a systematic savings account, will in time of need receiv
greater consideration from his banker than the man who lives up to his income
If you have not already done so, open a systematic savings account with this
Bank. $10 deposited monthly will, at U per cent interest, compounded half-
yearly, within 10 years amount to nearly $1400.
91 Openi an
S 50,000,000
II. C. Seaman, Manager
South Fort Georgo, B.C.
Head Office:
VANCOUVER. B. C.     &=*■-=
R. P. McMCNNAN Esq., President,
McLennan, McFeely & Co. Wholesale Hardware,  Vancouver, B.  C._
L. W. SHATFORD Esq., M. L. A.
Vice-Pres. Mercliaut, Hedley, B. C.
HIS HONOR T. W. PATERSON, Lieutenant-Governor British Columbia.
M.  1.   CAH.LIN.
Gnpitnllst. Victoria, D.C.
A. ISTEI, Esq.
C. S. 1M)U0I,AS Esq.
Robert Kennedy, New Westminster.
J. .\. MITCHELL, Esq.. Capitalist.
Victoria. Ii. O.
E. H. HEAPS) Esq., E. II. ItaPf *
Co., Lumber ami Timber; President
Columbia TnlBt Co.. Lid., Vnncouver, 11. C.
J. A. HARVEY, Esq.. K.C, formerly
o£ Crnnbrook,  H.C.  Vancouver,  B.L.
L   W. SlIATFORD, General M'gr.
Fort George
Nechaco Valley
Bulkley Valley
Skeena Valley
In every case our
lands were carefully inspected by
expert cruisers before we purchased
THE GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC RAILWAY will make all these districts
accessible to all the world. Every rail laid aclbs
i to the value of the land
North Coast Land Co. Ltd.
General Offlcei: 619 to 624 Metropolitan Bide., Vancouver, B.C
London Office:   6 Old Jewry.
PAID-UP CAPITAL. -        -        .


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