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Fort George Herald Sep 12, 1914

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<v w
VOL. 4, NO. 54.
^TBP?   &*w*?imm*&i^
Pans, Sept. Ilth.—It is officially announced by the French office that the German centre as well as the
right wing has been pushed back with tremendous loss to the Germans and that they are in full retreat. The
French and British troops were invincible in their offensive movement, the Germans being unable to stand up
against their onslaughts.
London, Sept. llth.-The British forces in Africa have defeated with great loss the Germans in Nyassia
Land, British Central Africa. British also victorious in East Africa. Many white officers were killed on both
sides. The conditions in Africa point to Germany losing all her possessions in that hemisphere, as well as her
holdings in Asia and the Chinese Empire.
Munro Easily
Defeats Opponents
Fair Crowd Witness Clem
Exhibitions ii Ritts-Kifer Hall
Preliminary—Anderson ts. Wood ill
On the  evening of Monday,
Sept. 7th, (Labor Day),  in the
Ritts-Kifer Hall at Prince, at 10
o'clock, Harry Anderson the
well-known lightweight met Jeff
Woodall in a fast five round preliminary.   From the first gong
of the  bell  the  fight  was all
Anderson's with the  exception
of perhaps the first round, Wood-
all landing several straight lefts
to Anderson's jaw which made
him take   notice,    lhe   round
elided   about even.    After the
firsi round  Anderson was the
aggressor, forcing the fight during the remainder of the bout
and landed at will, Woodall be-
ing on the defensive,   Woodall
landed several blows with telling effect, but they didnot seem
to fizz on Anderson.   In the 5th
Anderson mixed things up fast'
and showed his superoir general-
ship.   The referee awarded the
decision to Anderson on points,
the fans being well pleased with
the verdict.
Monro vs. Herron
After the preliminary the mat
was laid and everyone awaited
the arrival of the grabblers. At
10:45 Munro appeared on the
mat, followed a few minutes later by Joe Herron, both men re-
ceiving applause. The referee
announced that Munro agreed to
throw Herron and McDonald
each two falls in one hour or
forfeit $500,
At 11:00 o'clock, after the
usual handshake the contestants
laced each other and the big
match commenced. Herron
tried for a leg hold and in doing
so slipped, Munro as quick as a
fash grabbed him and pinned
his shoulders to the mat with a
hammerlock, Time 2 minutes
and 20 seconds,
After the usual rest time was
called and before the crowd
realized what had taken place
Munro had secured a body hold
with which he forced Herron to
the mat for the second fall.
Time 20 seconds. Munro had
completed his agreement as far
as Herron was concerned and
Herron retired. Herron possessea
a line physique but lacked experience. The fans were by this
time well pleased with Munro's
clever work and anxiously awaited the arrival of Duncan McDonald who was supposed to be
a clever mat artist.
Munro vs. McDonald
When McDonald appeared the
crowd cheered. A moment later
the gong rang and Munro faced
his second opponent. McDonald
although much lighter put up a
flne exhibition and after ten
m»mtes hard work Munro discovered that he had more than
an amateur to deal with, and
McDonald by his quickness and
acrobatic feats got out of many
We visited Hoods' new store
on opening day Tuesday last, and
found a pleasent sight in busy
clerks and a display of goods in !
a fine new store that the city
will be a long time equalling.
The glass front and show windows with three spacious;
entrances give the building an
imposing aspect. The high ceilings upstairs and down with the
various departments divided off, j
is a unique arrangement of Mr.
Hood's, making an attractive
place to trade in. Mr. Hood and
his able assistant Mr. Bradley
are to be congratulated, and the
best wishes of the Herald are
extended for their success.
The Sick Man of Europe seems
to be getting along better than
any of the rest of them.
tight pinches and kept Munro
worried with a scissor hold on
the leg with which he managed
to hold Munro for several minutes
Munro was the aggresor. The
fans were well pleased with the
clever defence McDonald put up.
After a fast exhibition of over
thirty minutes duration Munro
secured the first fall with a bar
and arm hold. Time 37 minutes
and 40 seconds. After the rest
the men faced each other for the
final;McDonald on the defensive.
Munro previous to the last fal
secured a crotch and half nelson
with which he could have pinned
McDonald to the mat, but preferred giving the crowd a run
for their money and allowed McDonald to break the hold. For
awhile it looked as though McDonald would stick it out, but
Munro's weight and severe holds
were beginning to tell. Munro
secured the final fall with a
half nelson. Time 3 minutes
and 20 seconds.
In almost three quarters of an
hour Munro succeeded in defeating his two opponents by four
straight falls and had over 15
minutes to the good.
Munro was declared the winner
amid great cheering, and several
of the fans jumped upon the
mat to shake hands and congratulate him upon his great
'Fighting' McKay refereed
the match.    The crowd was
well pleased with his decisons
and went home satisfied,
It is rumored that Harry Anderson intends leaving our midst
in the near future, Frisco being
his destination. He will meet
several of the Canadian lightweights before crossing the line.
The fans wish him the best of
luck enroute and hope that they
may again see him in action in
our northern city at some future
Munro despatched Herron
in short order, but McDonald
by his clever work always kept
Alex, guessing.
For a big man Munro is sure
a whirlwind and his generalship
throughout was unsurpassable
and he should find very little
trouble in getting a match with
some of the top notchers
Special to the Herald, London, Via Vancouver Sep. 11.
After four days of almost continuous fighting the
general situatiorf along the entire battle line of nearly
One Hundred Miles from Paris to Verdun, the allies
have steadily driven the Germans back in an easterly
direction forty miles in the four days. The Germans
show signs of wearing down, having exhausted themselves in their tremendous onslaughts. A decisive
battle is hourly expected, the English, French, and
Belgians it is believed have the situation well in hand
and have driven the Germans into a corner where they
must fight.
The Russians also are reported from Koenigsburg on
North to Galicia as advancing in a westerly direction
two hundred miles. They are preparing to besiege
Breslau and then move on Berlin. The Austrians are
said to be in a panic since their overwelming defeat in
Galicia and Lemburg where they lost 150 guns, and
are ready to sue for peace. This battle lasted seven
days; the Russians captured large nnmber of heavy
and light guns, artillery and field kitchens. The
Austrian losses were enormous. The Austrian third,
eleventh, and fourteenth corps were entirely demolished and part of the 7th and 12th.
The British Squadrons have swept the North Sea but
found not a single German warship.
The White Star Steamship Oceanic coverted into a
cruiser and transport in the British Government service
struck a rock on the coast of Scotland and is a complete wreck.
The officers and crew were gaved. It is believed she was on
her way north to convey Russian troops from Archangel on the
White Sea, south through the Arctic Ocean down the coast of
Norway into the North Sea and thence to Belgian or French
ports. The Oceanic was easily capable of carrying 8000 to
10000 men.
Ottawa, Sept. Ilth.—The Government has fixed Monday,
October 12th, as Thanksgiving Day for all the Provinces of
London.-The British Navy has captured over one hundred
and twenty German Merchant ships since the war started.
They are now being dealt with by a prize court,
Quebec—The Canadian forces will sail within two weeks.
Announcement has been made that all Atlantic regular Steamship Sailings have been cancelled and vessels requisitioned for
the transport of the troops.
New York.—A Hospital Ship under the Red Cross Flag sailed
from New York yesterday for Europe with nurses and full
equipment donated by the people of the United States.
London.—Lord Kitchener's second army is enlisting at the
rate of 30,000 per day,
London, Sept. llth.-The Secretary of State for India, announced in the House of Commons to-day that India's Contribution to the war amounts to fabulous sums of money, thousands of men, horses, guns, and camels. All of the chiefs demand the right to fight for the King. Sir Pertab Singh, aged
seventy years, sent out of his force 70,000 men who have since
arrived in France and are doing good fighting for the Empire.
Vancouver, Sept. Ilth. —The German Press Local Paper here
has been suspended by order of the Police and forbidden to
issue their publications,
New Papal Secretary of State
Benedict XV, the new Pope,
has named Cardinal Ferrata as
the new sceretary of State to
succeed Cardinal Merry Del Val.
Cardinal Ferrata was long the
associate of Cardinal Rompolla
when the latter was Secretary
of State. It is said the new
Pope combines the diplomacy of
Pope Leo with the Piety of Pope
Room by the week or month,
CUT to meet the HARD TIMES,
at Hotet Robarts.
Sell good goods. We have
found out that it doesn't pay to
cheat. We have found that the
Golden Rule brings in gold.
Smile 1 Damn You! Smile!
The following telegram was
received by the Prince George
Chamber of Commerce from the
Board of Railway Commissioners
in regard to the station site :—
"Refering to your letter of
August 28th, I am directed to
advise you that the matterof the
Fort George Station Site will
have to stand until the return of
the chief commissioner from England whom the board expects
about the 20th inst."
(Signed) A. D. Cartwright
Predictions which fill us with
hope or unrest
Have been freely and fully rehearsed,
The result may not be quite as
good as the best,
But it can't be as bad as the
worst,-Washington Star,
Dun's Review on trade condi-
 tions throughout Canada is very
On the afternoon of Labor Day | encouraging this week. Busi-
for the first time in the history j "ess in British Columbia will
of South Fort George the citizens ishow for August, in staple lines,
witnessed a game of Lacrosse j especially in groceries, an in-
between  the  newly   organized'croase over the same period of
South  Fort  George  team  and
The Quesnel players were all
young men and good runners
while the South team was composed of old lacrosse players who
were sadly out of practice and
lacked wind.
: Repeatedly throughout the
game the South team shot on the
Quesnel goal; but in every case
the shots either went wild or
were easily stopped by the
visitors goal-keeper who played
his position perhaps better than
any other man on the field.
The home team lacked practice
and training and considering the
hurried pick up team they put
on the field deserve a great deal
of credit for the showing they
| made against the seasoned Quesnel players.
The Quesnel players scored a
goal in each of the first three-
quarters. The locals tried hard
to score;but they lacked combination and without it no team can
hope to accomplish anything.
The game was fast throughout
and quick work kept interest at
fever point always and it was
with a sigh of regret that the
!spectators heard the  whistle
! terminating the game.
We hope that the boys will
practice now and by the time
they clash again with Quesnel
will have the satisfaction of (in
our own phrase) putting it all
over them. It would be a plea-
sure indeed to see Billy Cooke
the manager of the locals blush-
ingly accepting the "Roses of
The day closed very pleasently
with a dan:e tendered to the
Quesnel visitors and their lady
friends in Burch's Hall.
Come again Quesnel we like
you better every time you make
a visit.
Rah!   Rah!   for Quesnel.
Editor Fort George Herald,—
The South Fort George Lacrosse Association wish through Ihe medium of
your valuable space to sincerely thank
the people uf this district for their
cordial reception of the first Lacrosse
match which we have been able to
arrange in this northern part of British Columbia and also for thc kind assistance wnich made the visit of the
Quesnel Lacrosse team and their
friends such an unqualified success. The
following extract of a letter received
from their Club is self explanatory.
A. B. Moffat,
Sec'y. South Ft. George
Lacrosse Association,
South Fort George, B. C.
Dear Alcx,-
The Quesnel Lacrosse team enroute
down the Fraser wish to express their
cordial appreciation of the splendid
treatment received by them at the
hands of the Lacrosse team and people
of South Fort George. That appreciation is especially to be expressed to
W. F. Cooke, the instigator of the
whole project. We would further express the hope that the cordial reception by the people of South of the
game may mean the permanent establishment of our national past-time in
northern B. C.
We are asiurred that the return
g.»me will be received with equal pop-
1913. The general feeling is one
of confidence in the future.
Threshing returns tend to show
that reported estimates of the
oat and wheat crops have been
somewhat below the mark. There
is a general feeling that there
will be an exceptional and continuing demand for food stuffs
from Canada this year and next.
Most commodities have advanced during the week. Bank clearings show some falling off but it
is not as large as in other trade
centres, The merchants are
conserving their cash resources.
Conditions are looking forward
to brisk trade with the setting
in of the fall weather and actual
cash returns from the crops. Altogether a not too discouraging
report considering the conditions
of the world in general.
When Soloman was about to
judge his people and was asked
what gift he most desired, he
prayed that he might be given
an understanding heart. The
aspiration of that wise man
ought to be on the lips of every
modern Magistrate. Justice and
mercy have their seat in an understanding heart as well as in a
logical and analytical brain.
"I've come to kill a printer,"
said the little man.
"Any printer in particular?'
asked the forman.
"Oh, anyone will do, I would
prefer a small one, but I have
got to make some sort of a show
at a fight or leave home since
the paper called my wife's tea-
party a 'swill affair'."
Keep up your hearts. Do not
forget that ours is still the best
nation on earth,
Everything HOME - LIKE at
Hotel Robarts.
ularity in Quesnel when your team
visits us on the l'.Mh inst.
(Signed) W. Stott, Manager.
We wish to tender our thanks with
those of the Quesnel Club to Mr. W.
F. Cooke our live and rustling president to whose efforts so much of the
days success was due. We are also
deeply indebted to Mr . Geo. E. McLaughlin for her gift of flowers, to Mrs
A. B. Moffat for her able handling
■ if refreshments, to Mr. Walter Adams
who acted as floor manager at our
dance and to the business men whose
gift of refreshments made the dance
We would filso like to announce that
by special arrangements with Captain
Browne of the Steamer B. X. and  the
B. C. Express Company a return rate
of $10 has been offered the supporters
of the South Fort George Lacrosse
team, and a large number of citizens
who, we feel sure will take advantage
of theBe exceptionally low rates to
visit Quesnel on the tilth inst.
The team is in honor bound to make this
return visit and will appreciate both
the presence of those who can make
the trip and the assistance of those
who cannot.
Yours truly,
A. B. Moffat, Secretary
South Fort George Lacrosse Team
U*. 1
Meats Z
':.-:: : Ihe
1   C<A-. t       JL  .
vz .ha:  : . -..-.'.   -V.umbia is :he last
"•'-     "       : •_   cX'... •'. .~.-r...    T.'c'TS.'Z <_
 .--_,•    ■-- -. r'v . r '': ~'r'(-
Summit Lake
It is the intention of this __m •
vice from GisooMi •   to -"
Outfits will be trans-    -   -
Parties wh;    : -..   ~"V "...',.
coming season car. be
Goods forwarded   - . ;;        .
Portage, will be stored tint. .
Prince George
Builders Co. Ltd.
._,'.__.<*_. _.:.
Quit Baking
3 Lw.es Brd for 25:
£-'ii    '.•.  -.r.-.J    Li-.    S:i.tj.r
Prince Rupert, B. C. \
a .rear c
an _ again we pick up a finan-
to read how strong the Banks
in tbis crisis and troublous
rav '.vhv should they not be?
ippled business  the country
:;' vt.:. Y-ZZ.r.2ever, o ".e-tr:t:r..ate commercial
_-.r.-.-.-.-rr.. ....... aid on the most limited
tbe far- scale.   Ne matter bow strong or how good
::" '-*••'■- ::.-.  .-.".lateral the edict has gone forth no
'" more loans and reduce all possible what
['   '".' loans are sot   Meantime, what has become
. .-. .:' ah the money ? Where is it being stored ?
.-■■■_'. Who is getting the use of it?   Byeandbye.
ei _• . ben the business world can get along with-
has led   :-. money, then the banks will be urging
 ~ '-■ v.- ase   But in the time when credit is low
when rr.'.ney is needed to tide over business
ZZrZ. stringency the business man cries in vain
'AZrZ for help.   Evidence seem; to multiply that
■■■.-'.   ::._ each bank knows what the others are doing.
irank There seems to be a community ot interest.
isements . - r. oi gentlemen'; agreement, that they
■-"•    are shah keep each other posted on what they
are loaning or refusing to loan, and compar-
:;,'   ing notes on all who apply, using concerted
r.ZZZ action to depress business enterprise.
.,_., ffi .£     This article is not criticising wild cat busi-
: better, oess, or rea! estate promotions, that could
ovinceof not stand the light of day or that are a
-:-.'"• "--■ rr.era:-e to good business.   It is the banks
lDd ~::-~-:- tha: drive more business to the bankruptcy
,j ,      courts because of the  refusal  of  timely
j_ rirZ~.  assistance to legitimate financing.   It is a
-;:;:.-■■ j   well-known axiom that the time to hang on,
. Central the time to buy. the time to prepare for the
aeration^ future golden opportunities, is when condi-
with the tjojjg se&m the darkest, but at that time the
general, j-.^^- u;aajjy withold credit and assistance,
•j»        and reap for themselves the profits which
... ..?, j g s hould belong to the business and commercial
orld.   Whv are the banks allowed to make
P. BURNS & CO. Ltd.
Wholesale awl Kdai Deakrs ■ _1 hd_ ti
Fresh  and  Cured fzz:.
Butler, Cheese, Eggs;
Highest Prices   paid for Hides and Lhe Stock
rfc***"     Fort George and South Fort fee.     Pi«* «•
G_ T. P. R,
Change in Passenger
Train Service
THROUGH passenger  trail
Prince Rupert and Edm i
service to Prince Rupert. Edm
and Winnipeg, was inaugurate
Standard sleeper in both dir
tion standard sleeper from E h
Westbound.   Leave   I
and Sundays at 9-15 p.m.   Arr
7-45 p.m. Mondays ar.d Wedne
Rupert. Tuesdays and Thursda
Eastbound.   Leave
nesdays and Saturdays at 10a.r
George at 8-30 a.m. Sun lays eu
Edmonton at S a.m. Mondays i
In addition, weekly train
Fridays;   Arrive   Prince   Ge
Standard  sleeper to Jasper
Pnnce George Tuesdays and i
A. •■• I Prfj .-   o    tf_\
. -.   .ties spring up wnere
.". ._.-are much less ar.rac- 1-5 to 20 per cent, profits or dividends on
rairies where one town- their stock.   Such dividends in the business
ar almost  on a par with -iVOr]fj are the exception and not the rule,
- re r-f..-..:tv ha> A
of the present
Mpt It
rpAKE notici tl al _
1 Joseph V. .;.
September Iti
Bhlpin the condu th
Alley and Cigar Sta
"Hon Tun Bowling Alle
due and owing to the
September 4th,  1914, r
JoHi-ph P, Jorgenuon
OWing by the lirm |,r
"■ I
her 4th, V.ili, wi
Signed, Wn.i
.,        . JOSEI
•Sept. S-St.
end a
aid I.,
ii !■'.
pre\ i
be |
II ace
to Se
j Josi
'. Ro.
and further it is pertinent to ask how can
. the banks legitimate!v make that amount of
gem atn... man. oi _7iom can look back to ,
when Winnipeg. Edmonton, an(] net revenue on the legal rates of interest.
'.. ..    were merely Hudson Bar Posts, a^ter WW the expenses of operation of
an   the lentres v.i..re Indians gathered by their many and numerous branch and main
net, unconcious of the value and mean- offices.
-.-..-. n centres,  upon which later     \Ve have seen quite an experience in the
great cities of the present. ^oc, :obbing rf the marts of thg wor]d
: ie universal law of rapid transition where bj  bus]ness h  iven lhe    ive]       f
in effect m our own city, although per- .     .    ,       ,,    ,    ,    ,      ' ,.,
hi ■   many do not realize it.   A few years drawmg from the banks hu^e sums whlch
ag ' I   rt George, which was on a par with 'n tum 'a taken ^rom 'e-"'tiniate channels of
other town-sites then placed upon the commercoto serve the purposes of the big
map, has witnessed its early rivals drop into men on the inside circle, while the game was
. ion, while in the city of the Georges stacked to unload at high prices, when the
gi   i A. progress, and permanency, are evi- money pates wou]d be d        tQ ^
a mt on every hand. «     c u 11
,, . .,   ,    - , other fellow, and hence we get the term
.\lany who arrive here come with the ia se lifVl, lnv_,.  ,     .   ..     ,    , ,,
.•,.,,,,,,,.                 .  ,      the lambs are in the street.
impression that all that is necessary is to    T,   T. .   . _
invest in first payments on a number of lots- The lnited Statea recently Put thro«ferh
that will double and threble in value in atheir Legislature a so-called currency bill,
few months, and when disappointed, picture and have taken from the bankers the power
in their minds Fort George a failure, and t0 create money strinfcrency and panics, or
the resources of the entire country a blank. t0 Undu'y pre^ the le3S fortunate business
-wv.il,   11 n i.       ■-•   1,      u ja • :man-   Gently some of the Banks over
While all the western cities have had their fuor,0 t„;„,i t)./,,, .     ...     ,      vei
, . , . ,. . IM , „ . there tned tne old game of calling loans on
crop of short sighted "knockers yet we the middle and lower class tradesmen and
are pleased to note that we have also with were at once called to time by the Secretary
us the elements that usually form the back of the treasury and told if they did not loan
bono of every progressive city, and see in the>r fm<k and cease to discriminate their
the future a metropolitan centre. Supported conduct would be made subject of investig-
by the land, the immense pulp industry, the Edm ^'"^ mG'd™™ taken a^ainst;
I great railway centre, the gateway to Alaska, |     " ' '      (CoDHnaed on page 4)
Corner Fourth .and Hamilton        •       Soulh Fori
On American Plan. Rat •
Bright and  comfortable   re-    -
suites at the Empress.      :
G. WARCUP   "    -
eone, B.C.
Your particular attention is cal.
our High-Class stock ol
Scarfs, Muffs & Coats
which are made in the very latest
and designs.    Our stock  consis
Ermine, Mink, Sables, Persian L
Etc.   Every garment made to or
from our Stock, is guaranteed,   c
attention to mail orders.   Any mtorn
ation gladly given.
Furs made to order, re-model!
and repaired at reasonable prices
Burnstin Fur Co.
8021 GRANVILLE, (near Robson,) VANC(
Selling at Cost
No business can be conducted on the "SPILING AT
COST" plan. Firms claiming to transact, their's on these
lines are either decern.g the public or are in business for
I e sport of the thing-the latter is hardly probable.
Anyone with a grain of common sense will agree with
s when we make the statement, that in order to sell goods
a firm must bear a certain amount of expenditure such as
Insurance, Taxes. Salaries of Clerks Etc., Etc People
engaged in lhe mercantile business are not mere philanthrop-
ists; they MUST get a certain amount of interest on the
capital they have invested, AND THEY DO
So Eeware of 'SALES AT COST', They Are Fakes.
The secret of selling is buying right. In this we excel
and it places us in a position to sell you the highest quality
of goods (not junk) at the lowest possible figure and still
* I lOOKE. Pro. RUSSELL PLDEN, V, .-Pre.. C. E. BcUUCHUN. Secular,
Gml Furnishings      Furniture      Hcuse Furnishings      Hardware
Hex 27f Kort Georcf.. P C.
The Cookson Plumbing
and Heating Co.
Plumbing,  Steam and Hot Water  Heating
F. ERVNOLSON, Local Manager
(Late Roberts, Jones eft Willson)
Keal Estate ancl Insurance Agent
Improved Farms and Garden Tracts For Sale.
I    ne 2, South Fort George P.O. Box 23, South Fort George
C irner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge, B.C.
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Hates   $2.50 and $3
Monthly nnd weekly rales on ap*
I* st ofwlnefl,
I i mors and cigars
Albert Johnson, pr«P.
If you are going to PEACE KIVER
Ai Mile 194 G. T. P. care George McDowell
We will store and deliver to SUMMIT LAKE for $26.00 per
ton. Motor Boat will'leave I'M every Wednesday with freight
«i«l passengers for GISCOMBE.
An independent newspaper is
'one that realizes that no party or
j other combination of men has a
monopoly of all the fruitful ideas
land high principles.
It is a newspaper that deliberately preserves its freedom to
! stand for what it conceives ti be
the right wherever it finds it-
no matter what label it may
bear. - •
It is a newspaper that insists
on finding its opinions in the
mental processes of its makers,:
in contact with the realities of
life, instead of having them cast
in the molds of the official pronouncement of partisan chiefs.
It is a newspaper that makes
no pretense of infallibility; that
shirks no issue where it believes
a vital issue exists; that declines1
to be drawn into personal, partisan, or political controversy on ;
the mere assertion of interested
parties that a great isssue is involved.
But over and above all this the
independent newspaper seeks the
"higher ground" of agreement
between opposing factions that
are sincerely struggling for the
public good.
A good French priest once said
substantially this we quote frem
memory: "I care not to argue
with my opponents. I care only
to be united with them in a
higher synthesis."
Always to seek the "higher
synthesis" that will unite all
those who stand for public good
in a common effort.
Always to try to perceive amid
the fret and fury and inconse-
quentiality off action some higher
ground embraces all that is vital
and patriotic in the views of all
Always to proclaim this higher
ground when once it is clearly
perceived and to endeavor to
rally good citizens to it by all the
means within its power.
That is the really independent
newspaper-the only newspaper
that can make the title a true
badge of honor.
...........,i,. ,i    ;.:;.; i.j,11  \_IHX
al Prince George
The Port George and Alberta
Telephone and Electric Co., Ltd.,'
have established a telegraph office
at Prince George. All telegrams
for and from Prince and Central
will go through that office.' The
company are placing a free de-
\ livery sen ice on between the two
towns, "i IA v, ill be quite a help
to residents of thai portion of the
city, for in the past they had
either to 'phone their messages
or come to this part of the city
to have thcTn sent off
The South telegraph o_ice will
continue as before, but will receive messages for South Fort
George only.
The Herald is in receipt of a
communication reading as follows :
Much work seems to be getting
done on some of the roads in the
lower portion of this town, while
the residental portion south of
Laselle Avenue on Sixth and
7th street although residences
have been built for over two
years have no road but only trails
cut by wagon wheels when taking the nearest way have gone:
through many private lots. I
think the residents of this portion of the town are en til led to
a little of theJr tax money spent
in front of their property.
X.-W •      Ms    m-t .»_.-. mmmnw
The Jewelry Manufacturer
Maker of Artistic
Gold and Platinum Mountings
Repair work of all kinds given
prompt attention.
NngBet Block       .        Third Street
South rort George
The Basket Social and Dance
of the Catholic Church, held in
the Ritts ■ Kifer Hall, Prince
George, was a complete success.
The Church wishes to thank the
ladies for their aid, especially
Mrs. McLaughlin for the very
pretty flowers that furnished the
decorating of the hall, Thc proceeds of the social amounteo to
$270.00 clear of expenses.
"The World at War"
Poet Tennyson's Prophetic Vision
For 1 dipt into I lie future, fur as human
eye could pee,
Saw the vision ol the world, and all the
wonder tnat could be ;
Saw the heavens till with commerce,
argosies ol magic sails,
Pilots of the purple twilijrht, dropping
down wiih costly bales ;
Heard the heavens fill with shouling,
and there rain'd a ghastlj dew
From the nations'airy navies grappling
in the central blue ;
Far along Ihe world-wide whisper of
the south-wind rushing warm,
With Ihe standards of the peoples
1 lunging thro' the thunder storm ;
Till the waf-d rum throbb'd no longer,
and the' battle-flags were furl d
In the Parliament of .Man, the Federation of the World. -
Ft. ni l.eml Alfred 1_tinyiu_t-
" l..i.'k_.v Hall."
We quite sympathize with the
people in fhe residential section,
as we have an occasional cause
to go into their part and have noted the manner of trails winding
in and about, and over oilier
peoples lots and lack the comfort
or convenience in getting around.
jSome work should be done in
this section if no more than to
grade and cut through the east
and west avenues, Laselle and
Hamilton Avenues.
But then the good people residing there must know that we
; all have cause to complain that
our taxes, and money paid for
lots has gone to Victoria,   and j
j very little ot it ever found its
j way into civic improvements in :
| these parts.
What work has been done in
South town or anywhere about'
i the Georges has been accomplished largely by private subscrip-;
The people in  the lower part!
; of the town have long clamored j
;for a little improvement and asl
a beginning must Le made somewhere and all improvements can
not be secured in a day, we trust
in the near future to have the
upper part of the Town receive
some attention.
Hamilton Avenue
It's Ihe Fresh Eastern Oysters
It's the Ham anel Eggs
It's the Holler
It's the Meat Specials
H's the Baked Spuds
H's the Pun'! Maple Syrup
It's the Honey in comb
It's the Pie Crust
H's the Service
H's the H.st. in the City
1       Motto : Quality and Service
Foe-I. Georg*, B.C. Victoria, B.C.
F. P. lieerekm. Mirr. F. C. Green. Mgr.
Nelson. B.C., A. H. GHXto, M(rr.
Green Bros., Burden & Co.
Gvil Eineiwea Dominion « B. C. Lund Stn-wym
Surveys of Lanelee. Minos, TownBite.  Timber
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Haight Bldg. Prince George, B. C.
P. 13. Wilson   ::  I,. P. Eckstein.
Mr. Hugh Stewart, Lie, r. i. b. a.
President Wilson's Mexican
Contractors & Builders
"'i F. .InejU,-Free of Clenrire ::        Job Wirk Noatly and Promptly Exeoutod
Phone 26
1FFICE     -     .     SECOND STREET
"'""' -      -      THIRD STREET
Fort George Undertaking Co.
.1. P. MILNE
Stock of Caskets ancl Shipping Cases always on
hand.   Out-of-town calls promptly attended to,
Phone Sandiford 28,
WAPSHOW,   Licensed   Embalmer,   Manager.
President Wilson early laid
down a Mexican policy   based
on sheer idealism   f a n t a s tic
idealism, it was sneeringly called
Its essence was lhat he would
not recognize a Mexican government based on usurpation and
murder.    For this there is   no
warrant in international law. il
was said, and there is not,   Precedent was against it, so it  was
charged,   and  the  charge was
true.   Nevertheless, the idealist
clung  to  his   position through
ill,   He calmly left the whole issue to time and thc slow grinding
of the mills of the gods,  asseit-
ing that "the steady pressure of
moral force" would break down
the barriers of pride and prejudice,   and    that    "we   shall
triumph    as    Mexico's  friends
sooner  than   we  could as   her
enemies- and   how  much  more
handsomely,    with   how   much
higher and finer satisfactions of
conscience and of honor." This
day is that saying fulfilled in the:
ears  of  his  countrymen'   The
country will speedily admit, what
the outside, world has already
admitted, that the Wilson Mexican  policy,   boldly   conceived,
steadily  maintained,   and   supported  with  patience and   re-
sourcefulness-the one great objective being always the retirement of   General  Huerta—has
marched to an astonishing success.
The Prince Qeorge Chamber of
Commerce held a concert in the
Princess Theatre on Wednesday
Evening of last week. The
Chamber wishes to thank the
Prince George Amusement Co.
for supplying the ball free of
charge, and also the artistes that
aided in making the concert a
success. The proceeds amounting to $130.00 will be used for
the fire department,
The Ltsser Evil
The man from Glasgow bad
suffered grievously in crossing
the channel, antl when he next
had occasion to repeat the journey, he did not intend lhat there
should be so much acute physical
discomforl attached to it. So he
marched into a chemist's shop,
"Have ye oiiylliing to stay
the Jiangs of seasickness?" he
"Certainly, sir; we have the
very thing,'' said lhe obliging
"Hoo much is it?"
"Half a crown, sir."
'lhe Glasgow man  staggered
back a pace,   visibly shaken.'
"Loshl" he Rasped, when he re-;
covered himself.     "I w o ti I d
sconer be seasick!"
Girls Outgrowing Boys
Church of England
Holy Communion 1st and 3rd
Sundays at 8 a. m.
Every Sunday at 11 a. ni. song
with sermon.
Morning \ rayer at 10:45.
Evening prayer and sermon
Presbyterian  Church
Rev, A. C. Justice, pastor,
Services: 11 .. tn. and 7.30
p, m. GoBpol service.
Sabbath School meets at 10
a. iii. for summer months.
11 a, m.—The Minister.
7.30 p. m.- The Minister.
Sunday School 10 a. ni,
A. C.'Justeie, Minister.
Yoei effect nn .eui-eneves gnvintr on Windows,
Doom, Meml,lii-»«, Pen eh Columns, etc., Building Paper aeeel 1 ,e|.!..:=' Hae-ilware by buyinfi:
eiiem-t ley mail.       NOTE THESE PRICES :
5-cross panel doors for d'i 'Ilk
light stain or oil ?!••"
ij-cross panel doors for        tfi CA
dark stain or paint <P*»«»"
Window Frames $1.30
Door Frames $1.35
Everything in slrck for immedia'o sli'Pmergt.
lit nell lo anyone.    Ship everywhere.
On account of tlie present crisis it has
I been deemed wise by tli. management
pf the I'lirl George Agricultural Association to cancel the fair to be held this
i Kail, in the FortUeol'ge liistrict. This
' notice is inserted by the Association so
that the friends of the Exhibit may
have ample notice.
Brown--"I wanted to get
married when I was twenty-one,
but my father said I didn't have
sense enough. So I waited till I
was thirty."
Coro--"And you married at
Brown-"Oh, no; at thirty I
had too much sense."
Statistics show that girls are
putting on weight right along
and growing taller with a rapidity which has never been observed before. And, accprding
to all indications, it seems that
in the somewhat distant future
the "females of llie species" will
be much taller than the "male."
One pf the main reasons ascribed to this development is the
growing love of sports and outdoor exercises on the part of
women, They have more time
to devote to sport while the men
are busy pursuing their business
London.--A prominent diplomat of the highest official standing in a neutral government, who
happens to be in Europe observing the developments, predicts
that the Kaisr will make the lirst
overtures for peace jn two
| months,   He said :
"It is clearly evident that the
Russian advance will  make the|
Germans' position untenable in;
the long run.
"It is evident equally that the
Kaiser cannot afford to permit;
the fatherland to be crushed in i
the final stage of the struggle, I
ns final defeat even after early
military   victories   would   mean
the probable loss of his imperial)
crown and serious   internal
trouble in Germany.
"Diplomatists who at first
took the view that this would be
a fight to the finish are now taking the vieVv that the Kaiser will
endeavor to end the struggle
with a grand flourish of German trumpets, even though Germany gets no fruit of victory,''
Having recently established a
lumber mill here we are prepared to deliver rough lumber
of any dimension,
Ordway &   Wakeley
Newland, b.c.
Alex. McEachern
Builder and
Estimates given for all classes of work
Address: General Delivery,
Smile ! Damn You ! Smile !
Telephone 78
til- ■ ' ■ :■■■-.■
East Side
Fraser River
ATH!    Hotel
ie( l's
Co.. Ud.
: rue tion at
w s e r a -. d
Swet b
Victoria Hotel
In Canada we have had the spectacle of home funds
deposited in Canadian banks I y Canadian depositors sent
-.ess into foreign markets for speculation and call loans, and we
are told this was because in the call loan market they had
better control of their funds than they could get at home.
be* in the meantime we hear of legitimate business interests
begging in vain for funds on ample security to carry on
their enterprises.   If the money collected and deposited in
banks is not to be used and loaned out at reasonable rates
of interest, for the development of local territory, then of
what use are our banks.
: : "'J'/'     Investigation and questions brought out in one instance
..-.',. where a loan was sought, that thev had to take care of
:..-;■.. i '-heir big customers who would use more money in certain
quarters in the future fifty or hundred years, and that
their wants would have to be given preference.
the Hotel    In another investigation we found that these big con-
tha week cerr.s would borrow great sums: for example, $100,000,
:«r. =:»>-- u_e a ,.jar_ 0f jj. ancj ]eave y_g j-jaiance on deposit in the
"'Z Z bank for future use, but the bank would again loan the
„ Z, same money, the part not in use, to another large borrower,
and hence the double interest.
It has been known that a bank would have a customer
Comfort with a deposit of fair proportions, a loan with  good
collateral and yet have his loan called and the customer
put to some sacrifice to meet the call.   Here is where the
u ao» b banks cause failure and stringency, and no commodity is
so timid and suspicious as credit or confidence.
We appreciate that moral and business character should
__ govern the business of a bank in making loans and not
., alone collateral and present business stability, for reckless-
_ ness or loose living can break the strongest financial bark.
Our argument is not with this class of business.   It is quite
plain to many who have studied the situation that banking
tb Fon George is largely in the interests of the big financial concerns, the
so-called trusts, while the deposits of the smaller business
man is taken to provide a fund for the operations of the
cliques and pools who control the personal and interlocking
dispensers of life's necessities to the common people.   As
one of our leading citizens of British Columbia recently
wrote, it looked as if the Money powers told the Govern-
r ment what to do instead of the Government telling the
money powers what they could do.   And all of this, with
much more than the space of a single article cannot cover,
adds to the burdens of life, higher costs and greater strain
and wear and tear on the human race.   It is one of the
causes of the high cost of living, the misery and toil of
life of the millions to pay tribute'.to the favored thousands.
In these days of storm and fright, values are just as good
as they were two, three or more years ago, collateral just
as valuable, men's characters just as good, then why this
pressing down of the market, this scaling down of loans ?
These values will re-appear and some day we will all be
wondering what it was all about.
The real reason is that the general people do not study
and seek to understand economical conditions so that they
can elect to office men who will see to it that their welfare
is scientifically cared for. So that laws can be passed that
will protect the rich and poor alike, and that will make for
the welfare of all the people. The French Revolution was
fought because the Rulers of the people became so arrogant
_•;:,.-. who wish to join the Fort \ that life was not worth living in the tribute they exacted
»rge contingent are asked to meet j from the millions. Life could be no harder so they
tbe f weatiy office, on Fourth St.,! determined to end it or mend it. We do not want another
»tb Fort George, at 7.3o P. m. ___■ French Revolution, but the Moneyed Powers and Favored
..  Sept   13th to arrange for drills,'
.    Captain W. J. Leatham, R.F.A.
wigc i/rug io., Limited
\ ictor Gramophones and Records He—
_ EXCLUSIVE a-,:•..■.:' "
Drugs,  Stationery,  Toilet Articles,  Cigar.   I
Tobaccos. Wholesale and Setai
SPECIAL Rates by week or
m nth, Hotel R
♦   *
.   •   •
Tke  ." |ire Cod
en zrA Dance held
it the ;. tte-Kifer
H■-.. 7r.-_rse.ay night
:--■-:. B-eeea
-...   ar.d enjoyable
■'    A   ..".   J.
0.00    ta   realized
'■.   i.. r. a
)propriateed to the
relief of suffering
and distre_3  caused
-.;. the present wa:
in Europe.
•   *
♦    *    •
' a;-.a!-. Leatbam received thia  week
tbe in  wing teles
ran; from Ottaw?:-
.■:-'■ n .:' service
. ...-.if and other-
"..... '*-.'. ' rezi&tCe-L
Number of Volun-
of  present require-
nem.    yon will 1
_■ notified when  ad-
. tional troops are
called for.
Adjutant General.
I-. view of the ■
ibove it ia thought
that the time  ■■-
.  come when a de-
::-.:•:    ■:.■::■:    -:.'...
d  be made to  get
eady  .' .- a sudc
en   call.     All  men.
P. C, K
In Hiding
Ali MODERN Conveniences at
Hotel Roberts.
*        *        4       4        4
The  many  friends  of  Mr. Seaman,
manager 'ef the Royal Bank will  learn
terrible overl
T h o m p s i
though?   V
any more law
to hire him!"
as be-
b o d v
I! v, yer
'.   ;-!<u   ll
dn 'the
if I have
I'm going
Rulers would do well to mark the change of the times. A
patient and a long suffering people will one day take the
bit in their teeth ancl there will be a reckoning. The
present war is on the one side a last attempt of the
autocrats of Europe to fasten on the people the rule of
divine right, and on the other a determination of the
people restless under their burdens of Government and
regret of his coming departure j private privilege. The rulers are covering up their
^av*j domestic difficulties by foreign aggression, but the people
are getting suspicious of what is going on. So it is the
wide world over. The common people are coming into
their own ; every year marks a new epoc. Let it be a
peaceful warfare but a warfare just the same.
There is not a single dollar less in the world. Credit is
the commodity that is assailed and the banks are the
greatest offenders in frightening confidence and credit.
for Vaneouver, where he wi
charge of one of the Royal Bank
branches. Mr. Seaman hag been in
South Fort George since May 1910
corning in on the First B. X. Boat
of that season to open up the Traders
Hank and later when the Traders was
merged with the Royal retained the
rnai.agement of the branch in South
Kort George and recently was transferred to the new branch in Prince
George. Mr. and Mrs. Seaman will
take with them the best wishes of the
'. entire community.
M.V.    I!;
good pro~posit
easily arrange.
ation,   l„w  terms.   A
foi right party. Terms
Box 1
ind Cigar (    Remember our Rates are absolutely the lowest if CONVENI-
ii- .■ edlENCE and COMFORT is consid-
I ered, Hotel Rybarts.
Apply Miss Peri
, Phone 101. A  spirit of  confidence   and
8-29-4i-p. j optimism will go a longways to-
" i wards  cheering  and
°e,Rew IH. The I ^08e around  you.
"One-half of the women in
this world retail gossip," remarked Mr. Stubb, as he lit his
aftersupper cigar.
Why shadow the beauty of sea
and of land
Quite considerate of you not |With a doubt or a fear?
to*ay all of them retail gossip, ^God holds  all  the swift-rolling
snapped Mrs, Stubb, as she wash-'   worlds in His hand,
ed the dishes. A d sees what no man can as
"Oh, no, only half, Maria. T .eLyeft u"de/f.^-
__. Lit ...x.r.i__ni_ » >i I That out of life here,
With its smile and its tear,
other half wholesale it.
LOST-Little White Dog, nnderpleaseLr"0   ^""f
return to Victoria Hotel? Reward   The those a r ° u n d
party holding it after this nutiee will be  ' 'Quit?"
prosecuted. ■.""..
Who said
EXCHANGE-320 Acres, Salmon River
District, for landin Bulkley Vallevn
Smithers preferred,
1'i.d, Smithers, IJ. 0,
■ulkk-v Vail.
Address P.O.
For the Germans it is a case of
"Now or Never;" for the Allies
"Now "or Later."
Comes forth into light, from
eternity planned,
nal leaps to defense of the much ^£^5 gha],
abused cigarette,  saying it has
The New York Medical Jour-
been proved scientifically beyond
cavil "that of all methods of using tobacco, cigarette smoking
is the least harmful."
... appear.-Elizabeth Porter Gould.
The greater heroism. The
courage of the vidowed mother
that goes unisung
Stick to the Guns!
NEVER before in the history of mod
ing has there been a greater opporti
the advertiser who is using the right an
and who sticks to his guns.
This is a time of crisis, a time for re-ad
a time for quick action, a time for greater
Big business men and economist? ar
their opinions that the situation existii _
period of great prosperity for business.
Retrench ? loose the hard work of
unnecessary panic ? NO ! strike from a
re-adjust; analyze your business as y
before ; bring it up to modern standards
your possible markets.   In the face -1
certain failure seize the germ of supreme
and cultivate it.
Modern advertising will prove its w rt
never before.   Advertising with a rea.
it and a real object before it, will win
face of odds.
Are YOU going to take a back seat or f
business to the front ? If your business
the decision rests wholly with you.
Efficient, carefully-planned and pro]
ed newspaper advertising will open the
Write to-day for advice and valuable su.
without obligation.
VICTOHU k V.-iCOtm  It.
Coal Wood
Windows, Doors, Shingles, Build: _
Wall Boards, Ready Roofings.
Bone Dry Lumber       Coast Flooring k Finish
•I w nei man-dire
Gtt nr I- - ■
Pmoni I
Timet Gctrfe
• ND
V        C. Mi Elboy. Manager
Always buys the genuine article, especially when it < ^
at equal price with the inferior. She will therefore s
judgment by putting in the winter supply of the tamo
Finlaison's Fir Wood while prices are cut. Our cord"p
that money can buy.   Our motto - FULL MEASt R
Johnson & Finlaison
Phone 45, 3 Rings.
See "s
built this _ ^'nahiph
Why Wait? Do it
•' ... .   ■   -..! 1,1,1,,
;( „i' wurl."1'"
at your command. - n jncc fieWj'
DANF0R1U i McINNIS, Wuffl Sooth Fort George^


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