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 VOL. (>, NO. 16.
Price Five Cents
South Conservative
Association Meets
Pacific Great Eastern.
Excellent progress, despite the
unfavorable weather conditions
Last Saturday evening a meet- no,w Prevailing jn the interior, is
ing of the Smilh Fort (it. .g..>!heinK made in the work of ex-
Conservative Association WasjtendinK the Pacific Great Eastern
held for the purpose- of electing from Lillooet to Clinton. Rails
new officers and attending to the are now close to the latter town,
general business of the organiza-1which is 47 miles north of Lillo°-
lion. Capt. Foster was elected et It is expected that rails will
president, and E, A. Seaton sec-,reach Clinton in a few days, and
retary-treasurer. The meeting that a ti .-weekly service will be
was well attended ancl consider- operated to that town bv the end
able business of importance was of the present month. Clinton
disposed of. 's ^ m"es north °f Squamish.
Contrary to opinions expressed     „, ,.     i~~TTT   ',   .
,.      ., .,....      ,..       Talk about introducing some-
regarding the possibility of thej...     ,   0     ,.       ,     ,,      .
.,   iU ,.        ••.     _ 'thing!  Speaking of sudden de-
South  association   loining hands       . »      •   . t...,
... .,   n .       n V      .    partures;   for   instance,   little
with the Prince George Associa-!., .  ,     ...   .,     . ,. ,
.. iiii Mabel with the taking way de-
ion it was unanimously decided camp8 with     ur K
that he South Fort George As- sheblew, What-sthat?   If that
sociation shou d remain an inde-  ,   „ ,. ,      _   -/•
.   , ,   ,.       _,     ,,    doesnt become famous we quit.
pendent organization.   For  the	
general    welfare   of   the   party!    Frank Cooper left the city this week
cause this   is  undoubtedly   the; for a visit to Butte, Montana.
best thing to do.   The South as-  .	
sociation is the oldest organiza-;
imu in the district, and has done
good work in the past, and with
newly elected officers and a re-
juvenated spirit much can be ex-1
pected from this source.
IHBaBBpfag-'- '
H. J., Montgomery, formerly
manager of the Royal Bank in
this city, has been visiting here
during the past week.
Dr. R. W. ALWARD 	
WILL BE ALDERMANIC ' ™e ,Fort Ge°r*e Auxiliary of
n k .mm a tc u/ a nn o I ^e "e(^ Gross Society realized a
CANDIDATE WARD 21 profit of $2fi last Saturday, when
| a Christmas tree and tea at the
Dr.  Alward,   well   known  in home of Mrs. H. E.A.Robert-
Prince George and  throughout son provided entertainment ofa
this district as a dental  prac- novel character for the many
tioner,  will be an  independent present.
candidate fnr the coming civic 	
election. Dr, Alward has been Game Warden W. A. Ryan has
a resident for considerable time l resigned his position and will de-
in this city, and has made a care- vote his time to farming.
ful study of the needs of Prince, —	
George and the surrounding! J. E. T. Armstrong has return-
country. As president of the j ed from the coast cities to spend
local conservative association and the holidays with his family.
an active member of tbe  city. 	
board of trade he has been an
indefatigable worker for the
betterment of general conditions
here, and the announcement of
his candidacy will no doubt meet
with the hearty approval of the
voters in Ward Two.
The Agent-Generalship.
An error has been made somewhere in regard to Mr. Turner
and the office of Agent-General.
He is quoted in a London dispatch,
as having said that his appoint-
i ment was by Act of Parliament
and for life.   Mr. Turner is too
experienced a public man to have
said this, and he must have been
misunderstood.      Appointments
are never made by Acts of Parliament, or   of  Legislative   As-'
semblies.   The office of Agent-
(leneral was  established  by  a;
Provincial Act passed in 1901;,
the tenure of office by the incumbent is during good behaviour,
and he is removable only nn an
address   from   the   Legislative!
, Assembly.   The tenure is, there-;
fore, of the same nature as that
j of a judge or an auditor-general.
I Practically it is a life appoint-
(ment, but it can be vacated by
! resignation.
Canadian cavalry training in England before leaving
for the front. A specially prepared exercise track has
been made with some easy jumps to accustom the men
to the rough country at the front,
Carnival January 5th
Jack Robertson is back in the
city, after a visit to Clinton.
The post office will be open
Christmas morning between the
hours of 8 and 10 a.m.
The Odd Fellows are holding
an   "At Home" next Monday
evening, December 27th. Whist,
....        ...     .    , musical selectibns and dancing
The carnival king will reiioi j wi|| ^ the on|^ of the evenlnK,
supreme at the Pnnce George |wjth refreshment8 served.
Rink, on  Wednesday evening,!
January 5th.   Pour prizes, two
for men and two for ladies, will
be offered for the most original, ..    ,,.,,„     ...
costumes. Music will be provided J00  to.Pe.nd *e hol,daj'S W,th
for the occasion and the carnival Ihis fam,ly her^_
promises to be a most enjoyable
John Melnni(| arrived in town
yesterday morning from Vander-
The new five-mile tunnel under
Mount MacDonald is almost completed. The bore has been finished and there remains only the
work ot finishing. It is expected
j the tunnel will be ready for use
j by July. This is one of the big-
j gest works of its kind ever undertaken, The new tunnel will
LONDON.—The Germans in Belgium appear to be eliminate the use of a dangerous
getting short of certain articles of food. According to the piece of track, will save time and
Rotterdam correspondent of the Daily Mail, the military lessen operating expenses, the
authorities at Bruges have confiscated 100,000 pounds of cost 1S ten milllon dollars-
cheese. This supply was evidently sent to the Internation- j The gun yfe Assurance Com.
al Relief Commission, which is supplying the Belgians I panyof Canada is about to absorb
with food, but apparently it has been taken over by the the Manufacturers' Life Assur-
Germans with the customary formality of a "requisition." ance Company.  The local agent
iof the former company, Mr. C.
PARIS.-The latest news from the Balkans leaves A Pyne makes thjs annoUnce-
many things, uncertain, but- it throws a clear light upon; ment and says that the strength
one fact—that is the threatening character of the advance | of his company has been strong-
of the enemy toward the Albanian coast. '* evidenced by the fact that they
British and French observers necessarily have had j h™ subscr.bed .2.000,000 tothe
.,   .     .,    ,.       , . a j      .1    /.     1 i     j.-        j Canadian war loan, $1,000,000to
their attention chiefly centered on the Greek frontier and I the second Briti8h ,oan and wil|
the arrest of the enemy on both sides of the Vardar Valley, i take 1,000,000 francs of the new
Change of Schedule
First of New Year
Commencing the first of the
year, Prince Oeorge will have
hut two trains a week each way.
The change actually takes effect
January 3rd, when the first train
running on the time of the new
schedule will leave Prince Rupert
at 10-30 a.m. and the first train
from Edmonton will leave that
city January 5th, at 10-35 p.m.
This will mean that trains will
arrive in Prince George from the
east every Monday and Thursday
evening and from the west every
Tuesday and Friday morning.
Commencing Saturday, January 8th, from Prince Rupert,
there will be a mixed train
through to Edmonton every week
and commencing Tuesday, January Ilth there will be a mixed
train through from Edmonton, to
Prince Rupert. This weekly mixed tr .in from the west will arrive
in Prince George every Sunday
morning, at about 6 a. m. From
the east thi3 train will arrive
every Wednesday, about 10 a.m.
The G. T. P. boats will leave
Prince Rupert at 9 a.m. Saturdays, and 7 p.m. Tuesdays, arriving at Vancouver at 7 p.m.
Sundays, and 3 p.m. Thursdays.
These boats will leave Vancouver
for Prince Rupert at midnight
Tuesdays and Fridays.
Mr. and Mrs. Reg.   Brehaut
came in from the west on yester-
A Vanderhoof visit.,.- in town this j day's train.   Reg. looms up as
week is George Outram, formerly with the bright particular star in the
The latter, however, have not been idle, nor is this to be
Wondered at when it is remembered how serious a matter
the reconstruction of the Serbian army would be for them.
LONDON.—Fighting is in progress between Greeks
and Bulgarians at Corjtza, according to a despatch received
here by the Central News from Rome. Official announcement to this effect, the despatch said, was given out in
the Italian capital.
NEW YORK.- Intimations that the fleet of giant
war aeroplanes ordered by the British government from
French loan.
The Jews seem bent on extermination. A half million of
them are on the firing lines in
Europe. Most of these are with
the Russian forces, while many
of the balance are showing their
loyalty to
the  lands  of their
When the bill to prolong the
.1. T. Armstrong, of Ihis city.
No, John didn't make the raise.
; Prince George stellar hockey aggregation, unless someone proves
a better claim to the honor.
the C»rti_. Aeroplane Company was destined to deeide l'^,Tt'£3
the campaign on the western front, were contained in Commons^ recently, Premier As-
statements made on the arrival in this country on the iqujth suggested as a compromise
American liner St. Paul, of George O. Robinson, a repre- the present parliament be exten-
sentative of the Curtjss Company. .ded eight months instead of a
mirri  tt a /.im V a     •    '• u-     •     .u i    year-   as  Previously   proposed.
THE HAGUE.—A crisis is approaching in the ranks This amendment was accepted
of the Socialist deputies in the Reichstag on the question by a vote of 158 to 23.
'■ as to whether the Socialists should or should not support 	
Yoshihito, Emperor of Japan.    A. G.  Hamilton is spending jh ..      f fch  government. In other words, wheth- Dreamland Theatre
Christmas  w th  his  family   in       ,       ^   *   ..,,*, , ,      *-"cuiiuuiiu i ftcuwc
Vancouver.   RJr. Hamilton will * they are so split into two camps as a war party and a      presents p{ne £f|{
visit Victoria before he returns; peace party.
here early next month, and ex- AMSTERDAM.-It has been officially announced in' The christmas show at the
■^ta?2X.!lir^ntolBer,ln' that the small (ierman cruiser Bremen and a tor- Dreamland Theatre is an unusual-
! be undertaken in this district.    I pedo boat accompanying her have been sunk by a submar-' ly good one. The regular weekly j
v       " ine in the eastern Baltic Sea. ' The announcement stated j Hearst-Selig Pictorial will be part j
i   in  all probability  the new that a considerable portion of the crews of the vessels of the bil1-   "In Bridal Attire" I
i • j        ti u    *_•__'_ „k_„f To„ ! i ls a breezy comedy, and an ex-
! bridge wi be staned about Jan- were saved. ■   M   t T A-    . _    t *  L
* wcic oavcu. ce ent Lubin   two-ree   feature
Lord Derby's plan seems to
have been a great success, although in the absence of any
official announcement to that effect, wojld be premature to
speak with definiteness. Whether or not the necessity of resorting to con.9crip.tion has be-en entirely obviated remains to be
seen, but there is no room for
doubt that the voluntary response
of the British people to the call
to arms has been the most amazing demonstration of patriotism
the world has ever seen. We
await with great interest information as to the total number of
men who have come forward
since the opening of the war and
offered their services to the
country. Perhaps reasons of
state may prevent the number
from being given out at present,
but it is one of which the Empire
may be justly proud. In proportion the people of Canada are
very far behind.
Paris.—According to a despatch from Malta, an Austrian
submarine has been captured by
two torpedo boats presumably
General Kuropatkin.
„ary 3rd    Some delay in receiv- .      The Bremen was built in 1903.    She had a displace- ..The Man from the Sea.-com.;
, ing the plans back from Ottawa ment of 3^ tong) WftS 340 feet  ,ong and 44 feet be&m> ^^ (. e ..„_ I
te"n _ZH ' wl shoeu.adnbeInr!and in peace times carried a crew of 300 men. On Monday and Tuesday even- i
- - will be shown two two-reel pic-:
ten day
full swing
Japan has sold   Russia
quantities of munitions and arms. I tionhood.
"Up in the Arctic regions the
nights are six months long," remarked the Extensive Traveller.
"Thasso'.'" said the Inebriated
One. "Gee! Think of a crowd
of Eskimos singing 'We won't go
home till morning'."
12500 men enlisted in Canada
during the first fifteen days of
I this month.   The fighting forces
; of Canada now number 185,000.
The grand total of recruits is now
205,000.   Some showing indeed
huge 1 for a country just entering na-.
"What is best that best I wish thee."—Shakespeare.
No words can better express the sentiment of
hearty good wishes than 1 this quotation from the
immortal poet. With the World at large plunged in
darkness and gloom, we, in this favored country,
have great cause for thankfulness. To you, our
readers and friends, we extend Christmas Greetings.
May happiness surround you, peace dwell within your
walls and Christmas cheer gladden your hearts.
tures. One of these "The Moving Picture Cowboy" is a fine
Selig comedy, full of laughs from
start to finish. A two-reel Bio-
igraph drama "The Ticket of
'L?ave Man" tells an interesting
story in a new setting.
Down with (lull care! Sink your mis-
ery—if you can have any in auch a
corner of .den as this—and rub up that
physiognomy of yours until it beams.
Don your glad ragu! Shake out your
sails and drift, down to the rink thia
afternoon, where you will probably see
the Prince Georgo Goodenoughs put it
all over the Southsiders,
Commander of the Russian
forces getting ready to strike in
$1,50 Per Year, In Advance.
Tn the United Stntea$2.00,
All communications should be addressed to
The Herald, Prince George. B.C.
Xokman H. Wesley,
R. R. Walker,
Mamiffing Editor.
Veil   V  U   -     11 * '1'
IU IV VI I I fl i - I '
The New
St. Stephen's, South Fort George.
Sunday, R a. m„ Holy Communion
(second and fourth Siindnys); .'I P.m.,
Sunday school ; 7-30 p. m., evening
prayer and sermon.
Wednesday, 7-S0 p.m , evening prayer with intercessions I'ur those engaged
in the war.
St. Georce's. Central Fort George.
Sunday, 8 a.m., Holy communion
(third Sunday); 11 a. nt., morning
prayer, litany and sermon; 12-15 p.m.,
Sunday   school.
Tuesday, 7-30 p.m., evening prayer
with intercessions for those engaged in
the war.
Prince George-Temporary church'
on Seventh Avenue.    Sunday. H a.m., j
only by virtue of the acceptance of thei^p.£Bi?schWV»W;
Full Line of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos.
Barber Shop in Connection.
Corner 4th Avenue
and George St.
SATURDAY.   DECEMBER   25th,   191.5.
jJRITISH Columbia has a new Ministry, not
Premiership by Mr. W. J. Bowser, but by
reason of the introduction of new elements into the Cab-
Stephen's, South Fort George.
7 a.m., Holy Communion.    II a.m.,
Morning 1'rayer and Sermon ,
George's, Central Fort George.
12 o'clock  (midnight)   Holy Communion    3 p.m., Evening Prayer
and Carols.
St. Michael's, Prince George.
8-30a.m., Holy Communion. 11 a.m.
Morning Prayer and Sermon.
First Methodist Church, Prince .
George, near Princess Theatre, Third
Avenue west.   Rev.   H.  L. Morrison,
j b.a., pastor.   Services at. 11 a.m., and
Sunday school, 12 p.m.
evening prayer and sermon.
Holy Cominunioli at all these churches
on holy days and week days, according
inet which he has formed. Until the premier has announced to notice,
his policy any observations in regard thereto would be,
premature, but we may feel confident that he and his col- St
leagues will devote themselves to the determination of the |
lines of action rendered necessary by the new conditions
that have arisen in the province.
The personnel of the new Ministry will commend itself
to public confidence. The Premier is so well known, his
abilities as a leader are so well understood, his vigorous
and courageous disposition is so fully appreciated that any
comment upon him personally is uncalled for. He has
undertaken a serious task and we are sure that he will
discharge it well and faithfully. Mr. A. C. Flumerfelt,
who becomes Minister of Finance and of Agriculture, is!7-30p.m.
one of our most successful business men.   He is widely
known throughout the province and as widely esteemed. |  FlRST CmmcH( FonTgeorge. -Rev. i
His activities have been in a direction that fits him in an c. m. Wright, b'a minister, services
. ,,. n -ii T    at 11 a.m.  and 7-3(1  p.m.;   Sahbath'
especial manner for handling the financial department,   lt j school at 12-15 p.m.
will be a matter of some surprise that he has been willing j  Knox church/south fort George, ,
1        .       , . ,   ,     , 1 ..Rev.  A.  C.   Justice,   H.A.,   minister.!
to abandon the semi-retirement, m which he has been Iiv- service every Sunday morning in the!
•1      ,      ,, t...    1 ,      ,1.       1    ,       . _. ■ church at 11 a.m.;   Sabbath  school at
ing, and enter the political arena, and nothing but a strong 2 P.m.
sense of dutv could have compelled him to the sacrifice he j  saint Andrew's church, prince
1 ■ "mi • •    c    . i-i       •       1 • • Georgk.    Rev.   A.   ('.   Justice,   It.A..
is making'.    I no province is fortunate in having his service minister, service is held in the Con-
at its command and Victoria is to be congratulated on hav-; ^"ntn^'in0?-';^ Ixn^\sa_b«thS. "h^-'i
ing an opportunity to secure so competent a representative, in the Kex Theatre, at 2-30 p.m.
Messrs. Tisdall and Campbell are members of the Legis-1  — -~
lative Assembly and both have been regarded as Cabinet
timber.   Mr. Tisdall who represents Vancouver, is one of
the pioneers of that city and among its most successful 1
business men.   He possesses qualities that will fit him in J
a special manner to discharge the onerous duties attaching;
to the offices of Minister of Public Works and Railways.
Mr. Campbell comes from what is at present the premier1
mining constituency in British Columbia and is a practical
business man occupying a position of great trust and responsibility in private life. No man has greater confidence
in the future of British Columbia mining than-he. He
takes office untrammelled by any previous public record in
that line of activity, and his wide experience and practical,
Barrister and
Armstrong Block,
Prince ceorge.
The "lime to Buy.
THE price of cljoice farm-lands is lower
today than will be the case when financial and world conditions once more become normal. The careful buyer of good
property during this depression will realize
a big profit. The man in search of a
home, where success is assured, will find
his opportunity here and now.
We own exclusively some of the best
pieces of agricultural land in the Prince
(ieorge district aiid are offering some exceptional bargains.
Write for our free illustrated booklet
or call at our George Street office for full
R. R. Walker, General Agent.       CEORGE STREET, PRINCE GEORCE, B. C.
II111 Mil 111111 Milium 1
Nightingale _
The Quality Barber Shop.
We carry  the  finest  line  of;
high-grade cigars, cigarettes and
tobaccos in the city.
& CO.
Dominion and B. C. Land Surveyors,
Surveys of Lands, Mines, Townsites,
Timber Limits, etc.
Victoria. B. 0.
Ml, IVllilMTteiee Hide/.
F. C. Green, M(tr.
New Hazelton, B. C.
B. C Affleck. Mitr.
turn of mind justify the belief that he will make an excel
lent Minister of Mines.   Mr. Thomas Taylor, who was
Minister of Public Works and Railways in the McBride
Administration, has accepted the portfolio of Provincial
Secretary ancl Minister of Education under Mr. Bowser.
His new duties are very much less heavy than those of the
departments he has relinquished and in which he made a %S^a_i&et
reputation for good work that extended beyond the limits j   F'K B"rd°n'MKr-
of the province.   Mr. W. R. Ross, who made such a con- j ^'^j^insir
spicuous success of the administration of the Lands De-j """'    	
partment during the latter half of the McBride regime, I
has consented to continue in office.   His retirement would j NEW YORK
hive been very greatly regretted, not only by all persons|T A TJNDRY
having business with the department but by the' public at I
large, who have had many evidences of his sagacious grasp!
of the very important questions appertaining to his office.'
Mr. Manson, who represents Prince Rupert in the present i
House, becomes President of the Council.   Among thei
private members none have been more highly esteemed I
than he, ancl his counsel will be of great value to his
The new Ministry is an exceptionally strong one. It will
be able to bring to bear upon its duties the untrammelled
discretion of business men of high standing, men who TU \iarA..n \.mUr 9nJ
understand the requirements of the province very thor- m mmm imm m
oughly and whose large personal interests are a pledge of
their determination to keep British Columbia upon the
highroad to prosperity.
Home Builder
rE will sell
you a fine
residential lot
which is within
two blocks of
George Street,
for $325, providing you a-
gree to build a
house costing
$1,000 thereon
within a year.
Fort (George Hardware Cc.
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specialty.
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
Phone 12, Prince George. General Repairing.
Fort George & Alberta Telephone & Electric
Company, Limited.
General Telephone and Telegraph Business. Business
Phones, on private lines, $ . a month ; >',i a month, party lines.
Residence Phones, s'i a month, private lines; $2 a month, party
lines. Shortest and quickest line to Vancouver and shortest
cable line to Europe.
Phone 47 Prince George for messenger or other information.
CHARLES   A.   GASKILL,   Manager.
The Millar Addition of Prince
(leorge promises to become
the best residential section of this city.
0   G. T. P. R.
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
NO. I Leave Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 10.86 p.m
WESTBOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.00 p.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays S. 15 p.m.
Arrive Prince Itupert, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 6.16 p.m
NO. 2 Leave Prince Rupert Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays 10.80 a.m
EAST BOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.110 a.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays .  8.46 a.m.
Arrive Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 8.00 a.m.
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
District Pn .e-nire-i- Agent.
Winnipeg, Mun,
Goods called for and delivered. Lowest prices,
work guaranteed.
Fourth Avenue,
Prince George.
Phone 103      George St.
Boehner's Billiard Parlors
Best grade Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos
Barber - Shop in connection.
Ruggies Block   :   George Street
Mercantile Co., Limited.
Manufacturers of Hij.h
Grade  Fir and  Spruce
Dealers in General Hardware and Builders' Supplies.
Prince George and South Fori (leorge.
Real Estate.
J^ COSTLY lesson is often cheap at the price.
The fire fiend visited Prince George for the
first time in nearly a year last Monday morning,
when the home of Charles Goddard on Sixth Avenue was
completely destroyed. As good fortune would have it, no
other buildings were in danger, once the. city firemen
reached the scene of the blaze.   THE CAUSE OF THE
had been moved, and in the opinion of Fire-Chief London,'1V1'   ^«    " 1 Lrl_ 1 JN fe,
'he chimney had become impaired, with the above disas-l
roils result.   There are many buildings on George Street, i
lght in the heart of the business district, which have been
hoved here from other places, and despite the best efforts!
ot the lire department, we are in constant danger of fire
unless the chimneys in these places are properly repaired
Walter F. Gregg,
British Columbia Land
and cleaned
Specialist in Prince
George Lots, Farm
Lands and Acreage.
Post Building,
Prince Georoe.
Vanderhoof, B. C,
25 Rooms, Excellent Cuisine,
Finest of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars, American Plan.
Rates - $2.50 per day.
Contractors & Builders
Ooi Our Rnlliimloa Froo eif Chars<l ::        Joli Work Ne.uily nml Promptly Exocuti.
Phone 26
Prince George Hotel.
E.   E.   1'IIAIR
Modern and up-to-date in every respect.
Entire building Steam Heated.   Hot and
Cold Water in Rooms. Public and Private
Baths. I   I   |W     KJ&U____-S*°'J:'\iJtnU
Struck by Meteorite.
Dawson. Y. T. — Three dog?
driven l>y Andrew Johnson a tele•
praph lineman, were killed by a
plant meteorite which fell on the
Yukon tele, raph line near Nahlin
south of Atlin, according to word
reaching here. Johnson, who
was traveling fifty feet behind
the animals, was stunned for
several hours as a result of the
impact. The meteorite made a
hole nearly fifty feet in diameter,
The earth all about appeared subjected to intense heat. Johnson
has fully recovered.
Preparing For Session.
While no date has as yet been
set for the forthcoming session
of the Legislature, the approach
of the end of the year, which always heralds that event, is signalized by more marked activities in the various branches of
the provincial departments. After the holidays more frequent
meetings of the executive council
will be held, when considerations
will be given to forthcoming
The Next Election.
That the Prince iieorge dislrict will develop into an important dairying centre is a certainty. The fine natural pasturage provides excellent summer feed for stock, and the productivity of the soil assures ihe farmer of the best of crops for winter use. Fresh milk ia
today selling for twenty cents per quart, and fresh dairy butter brings from fifty to sixty
cents per pound. With the increase in production of these market staples the prices will be
reduced some, but for a great many years to come the dairyman will find here a rich field for
The date of the provincial election has not been settled but it
seems certain the new government will try a session first. Roth
Liberals and Conservatives have
already put their candidates in
the field, and there is time between now and next May when
the election seems likely to take
place,.to prepare for a strenuous
campaign. It should be a good
fight, and the Liberal party has
a fine chance of proving its vital-,
ity, despite its previous overwhelming defeat. It is generally
believed that the Labor party
will put forth a great effort to be
represented in the new Assembly
although it is feared in some
quarters that the division of Lib-'
eral and Labor votes will be a
source of strength to the Conservatives. The election, however, is likely to turn much more
on'the individual and his policy
than on party affiliations, and the
by-elections which must be fought
hy some of the new ministers
unless the Liberals are willing to
allow them to be elected by acclamation, may indicate to some
extent what the people think of
the new individual members of
the government.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will lie made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia at" iu next Session,
on behalf of The Naas & Skeena Rivers
Railway Company, a company incorporated by the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of llritish Columbia, by Chapter till of the Statutes of British Columbia, 1911, fur an Act to be entituled
"The Naas & Skeena Rivers Railway
Act. 1911, Amendment Act, 191(1," extending the periods prescribed hy Section 79 of the Railway Act, within
which The Naas & Skeena Rivers Kail-
way Company should bona fide commence the construction of its railway,
procure the bona tide payment up in
cash of not less than fifteen per cent of
the authorized share capital of the company, and the expenditure of such fifteen per cent in, upon and towards the
construction of its railway, and the
completion and putting into operation
of the said company's railway; and
for such further and incidental powers
as may be necessary.
Dated at  Victoria,  B. C, this 24th
day of November, 191!>.
1urnard, roeertson,
Heisterman & Tait,
Solictors for the Applicant.
Jan. 29-6t.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewal for a further
term of 21 years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of
five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine
shall furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being operated,
such returns should be furnished at
least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights o'ely, rescirdeel hy Chap. 27 eel'
4 5 George V. assented to 12th June.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Grand Trunk Pacific
#   #   #   #   *
"Jones is in the hospital, very
much run down." Nervous prostration of automobile ?" |
The hand that rocks the cradle
may rule the world, but the hand
that wears the boxing glove puts
you off to sleep.
Of all the wrinkles that adorn
My deeply furrowed face,
I know a few that got there when j
I failed to draw that ace.
We love pork sausage because
we are passionately fond of beef, j
A celebrated dancer says she
learned much of her art through
watching the cavorting of dogs,
'lhe sky-pilot says dancing sends
many to the dogs.
His Satanic Majesty's chief of
staff, Kaiser Spillem der HlufT,
now states that his liege lord,
Mephistopheles, he of the spiked
tail and fiery element, announces
that hostilities will cease in February.    lOnd of their resources ?
and New
Fare and One Third
For Round Trip
Between all stations on the Grand
Trunk Pacilic Railway in Manitoba
(Winnipeg and West) Saskatchewan
and British Columbia.
Dates of Sale
FOR CHRISTMAS : December22nd to
25th, 1915, both days inclusive.
FOR NEW YEAR: December 29th,
1915, to January 1st, 11)1(1, both
days inclusive.
The subscription price
of the Herald, the oldest established paper in
this district, is ONLY
.50 Per Year.   %
Woodrow would row no longer
alone. Since Woodrow would
row no mo' Saturday he said the
Missus Woodrow awhile.
Did a society reporter ever yet
find a debutante who was not
winsome '.'
War or no war,  we will all
start retrenching today.
JANUARY 4th,  1916.
For Tickets, Reservations and full
particulars, apply to any Grand Trunk
Pacilic Agent, or Train Agent.
District Passenger Agent,
»   «    »    »    *
Grand Trunk Pacific
Slam! Bang! Bill'I Nothing at
all people, nothing at all-just a
political argument around the
"A Bigger and Better
Paper for a Small
^        Prince George.        ^
Needed in Canada
To make Ammunition for Home
Ogilvie's Royal Household
Canada's Best Flour
Kennedy, Blair & Co., Limited,
Just Stop and Think
of the risk ancl inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be up-to-date? Have your house wired,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office - Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
==       i ' iesssraeaae=eaaaap=aaasab=eaas
Electric Light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phone 19- Four Rings, South Fort George.
Phone 10, Prince George.
Johnson & Finlaison
Pioneer Coal and Wood Dealers
Mined in the West.    Beware of Inferior Grades.
Our Motto is "Full Measure."
Phone 90 Yard: Queen Street
Shot and Shells
Shotguns and Rifles
Ammunition and Traps.
Kennedy, Blair & Company, Limited.
Cigars, Cigarettes", Tobaccos, al \\'liolosale and Retail.
Stationery, Mngiuinos, Newspapers, ('(infection!*, and
Toilet Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Laselle Avenue, South Fort George.   ::   George Street, Prince George.
KODAKS - GRAMOPHONES - RECORDS M. ('. Wiggins is  visiting Vancouver
at present.    From  there  he will go to
Victoria, pay a visit lo   the  many well
known members of the  battalions sta- j
tinned at that poinl. who enlisted here,
anil will   then   probably   visit Toronto
and   other  eastern cities.    "Wigg"  is
one   of  the  real   "old timers"  of the;
Georges, coming into   this  part of the
province  in May, 1910.    We sincerely
trust  he  will  take  no chances of ei -!
dangering his claim  to plory by ie-1
maining away too Ion. .
*    *   #   #   #
Thc annual meeting of thc Knights
of the Round Table will he solemnized
New Year's Eve al the home of Mr.
and Airs. George McLaughlin, South
Knrt George. Sever.el new knights will
he received into the sacred order io lili
the vacancies of the absent members.
The religious initiation of these forlun-
ntes will he a very pretty affair, and
those fortunate enough to he bidden to
Il.e feast will long remember the occa-
#       ■>'■       X        \        V
Thc lirst annual dance of the Prince
George lire department was held in thc
_ilts-Kifer Hall lasl Monday evening.
A jolly crowel attended anil enjoyed the
efforts of lhe firemen to provide an
interesting evening's entertainment.
Kerr's orchestra furnished the music, '
whieh was most pleasing, and at midnight a dainty supper was served.
We have a large number of the
latest books, many of them being
Ithe most recent publications.
Nothing is more suitable for a
Christmas present than a good
I book. - Panama News Stand.
years a resident business man of
this district, will be an alder-
manic candidate in Ward Two.
Mr. Keegan is not supporting
any ticket, but is running purely
as an independent.
I,asl Saturday afternoon, on Ihe South
side rink, the government team went
down In defeat before a team of business men from Prince George. The
score of live to nil hardly furnishes a
fair idea of the quality of the losers'
play. They played a good game, ancl
only Ihe line' work e.l' Munro in the
Prince goal prevented the telling of a
different story. A return game will
probably be arranged soon.
tl      tt      tt      tt      r
Neil Gething left thc city this week
feer Vancouver, where' he will make a
short stay before proceeding to the!
Kootenay country, where he has large
interests. Mr. (iething is a strong believer in the future of P>. C. mining
anel never loses an opportunity to boost
the' industry.
*    *   *    *    #
A hockey team composed of athletes
representing the Cache took the measure of the Alexandras at the rink Tuesday evening. Apart from a six to four
score, a few broken shins, heads and
hearts, warped and bent athletic aspirations and innumerable mix-ups, the
affair was a tame one.
Mr. & Mrs. Capt Wilson, of South
Fort George, left on Thursday night's
express for Vancouver. Capt. Wilson
has accepted a position with the Empress Line.
ti   tt   #    .    .
Miss Olive Hubbard, of the local li.
N. A. staff is spending the Christinas
holidays with her parents in Vancouver.
John Lind
TENDERS  will  be  received" at thej
office of George Snell, Riml Superintendent,   South  Fort George, up ,
to Monday night, January 3rd, 1916, for
the digging of a  well  on the Prince
George School grounds.   The well must
be lined with weep holes around, com- j
mencing  ten  feet,  from  the  top, the
concrete would be carried up nine inches
above ground and  top  covered  with a
substantial frame  and  planking, with
hinged   manhole   with   padlock.    The
well wiil have to be carried sufficiently
deep  to ensure  an  ample  supply   of,
water for the closets, lavatories, steam
heating and for general use.
Deputy Minister and Public
Works Engineer.
Opening Game
The First
Will be Played on
Prince George Ice
At 2-30
Skating in the
Christmas Suggestions
For Late Shoppers
6 Pairs, guaranteed
six months or new
hose free   ■   $3.00
Hockey Shoes
Dancing" Pumps
(Patent and Cun Metal I
JHf ••'
Big Shipment New Xmas Neckwear.
BAIRD'S, George St.
Watchmaker and Jeweler
High-Class Barber
Razor-Honing a Specialty
NOTICE is hereby gicen that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of thc Province of
Pritish Columbia at it; next Session,
on behalf of The Naas & Skeena Rivers
Railway Company, a company incorporated by the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of llritish Columbia, by Chapter 69 of the Statutes of British Columbia, 11)11, for an Act to be entituled
'The Naas & Skeena Rivers Railway
Act, 1911, Amendment Act, 191(1," extending the periods prescribed by Section 79 of the Railway Act, within
which The Naas & Skeena Rivers Railway Company should bona fide commence the construction of its railway,
procure the bona lide payment up in
cash of not less than fifteen per cent of
the authorized share capital of the company, and the expenditure of such fifteen per cent in, upon and towards the
construction of its railway, and the
completion and putting into operation
of the said company's railway; and
for such further and incidental powers
as may be necessary.
Daled  at  Victoria,  B. C, this 2-lth
day of November, 1916.
Barnard, Robertson,
Heistkrman & Tait,
Solictors for the Applicant.
Jan. 29-6t.
" They who go down  to the sea
in ships "   Many   a   well   filled
schooner will turn turtle today.
Major General Funston
President Wilson's representative who reported
o:i Mexican affairs.
United States commander
in charge of the army on
Mexban border.
QOOD merchandise
behind careful
advertising will always bring satisfaction. The Herald
is the best advertising medium in this
district. An advertisement in our columns will bring your
goods to thc notice
of ready buyers
with profit to us all.
Phone 25.
Corner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge. B.C.
Rates  $2.50 and $3
M«athl7 and weekly rate* on application
Best of wines,
l.i iiieirs and clears
Albert Johnson, prop.
Wholesale ancl Retail
Telephone 7.
Shamrock Brand.
Umi Expre
Stage leaves B. X, Office Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 a.m.
J. I). Mooue, Aoent      -        -      South Fokt George.
Best Quality Kiln-Dried
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Sash and Doors, Lath,
Shin, les, Lime, Cement.
fiogue & Browne Lumber Co.
Glass and Builders' Supplies.
Get "Moro Money" for your Furs
Beaver, Foxes, Muskrat, Wolves, Marten, Fisher,
White Weasel nnil miner Fur lie .arum collected la your lection
SHIP YOlin I'llItSDIItECT l.i "S1IUI1ERT"lhe Uracil
house lei llie- World dr .ling exclusively In NORM AMERICAN RAW ItlKS
Motion exist::-,. i<er' more ihai
I-.-Still rfi-.ercl .it", c-eeli:.-. I nr.
AND PltOlUTAIlMS returns,
the only reliable, accurate marl
!']|ei!ise\e illi fill lltlllleMllislie.'li ri'|l»
ii tli inl of a century," a Ionic, ir*
iJtiersprotnoi.SA'l .SPACTOkV
Write i"i "IletAliulirrl Meii_efr,"
■I repori ami price list published.
Wrllf. Inr it -NOW-ll'n I'HEK
A. B SHUBFRT Inr «••» west Austin Ave.
ri. a. JnUDL.   1, inc. D.ptC97 CHICAGO, U.S.A.
< ieorge Street.
Only High Class
Pictures Shown,
Photo-Play Piano.
(Seven instruments in unci
Shows Every Evening,
List of pre-emptions
with full description
price and terms.
The Wright
Investment Co.,
Prince George.
City Express &
Cartage Co.
Parcel Checking
and Storage.
RUSH BROS., Proprietors.
Phone 51.
Prince ( ieorge,
Opposite Station.
Nechaco Feed
and Sale Stables
2 doors North of Post Office,
Vanderhoof, B. C.
Mail Stage lo Fort St. .lames,
every Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Saddle and Pack Horses
for hire.
D. H. HOY, Prop
Dr. R. W. Alward,
Ruggies' Bldg., George St.
Panama News Stand.
The Panama News Stand can ies
your home paper. A full line of
fiction is always on hand, an well «•'
all current periodicals. Best quality stationery, cigars, cigarettes and
snufl's. We aro up-to-date in everything.
George Street - Prince George.


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