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 Willi"   " mre
I 91.au a i cur. I
VOL. 6, NO. 10.
Price Five Cents
Conservative Association
Has Fine New Quarters.
The Prince George Conservative Association has opened club
rooms in the premises lately occupied by the Bank of British
North America, corner of Fourth
Avenue and George Street.
It is proposed to hold regular
meetings on the first and third
Fridays of every month. After
business is disposed of at the
meeting to be held on the 19th
inst., a debate on some subject
oi' interest will take place, in
which all members can take part.
At this meeting Ht is proposed to
appoint a committee who will
take charge of an entertainment
for the next meeting, and at each
meeting a new committee will be
tend the regular meetings, the
club rooms are open at all times,
and some of the executive officers can easily be found who
will be pleased to take up the*
matters above referred to.
Vanderhoof To The Front.
The Herald takes off its hat to the
Conservatives of Vanderhoof and
vicinity. They have taken a firm
hold on the situation there and
will present a united front to the
enemy during the coming Provincial and Dominion campaigns.
At Vanderhoof there are two
conservative   associations,   The
appointed to take charge of the: Nechaco  Conservative  Associate.tertainment for the following tion which has been in existence
meeting. It is the intention to for years, and The Vanderhoof
carry out this programme through Conservative Association which
Ihe winter. |was formed this year.   The Van-
Notice is hereby given to all derhoof Association ..is a husky
conservatives throughout the dis-] yearling and has given substan-
trict that they will be cordially tial evidence of its virility by as-
welcomed at these meetings, and i sisting in organizing; other con-
that the club rooms, supplied with j servative associations' along the
daily papers, magazines, writing line of the (I.,T. P., and notably
paper, etc., are at their disposal.
The association is anxious to
secure all information regarding
roads, or the necessity of building same to all outlying districts,
so that an intelligent estimate of
the amount requested from the
government as an appropriation
at, the next session may be arrived at. To gain this knowledge
It would be well to know the
number of settlers in each distriot, the amount of land available for settlement, the need for
schools, and any other matters
pertaining to the general welfare
of the community.
It is proposed to have a large
map of the whole territory contiguous to Prince (leorge, on
which the names of all settlers
and roads to their places will be
If it is found impossible to at-
Don't Miss It!
at Mapes. The Nechaco Association is an old tried veteran in
the party cause and is as hale
and hearty as ever. At the last
convention of the party held at
Prince George last March to select the candidate for Provincial
House, this association placed
one of its members, Mr. Samuel
Cocker, in nomination and all but
succeeded in obtaining a majority
of the votes for him.
Now, the Herald learns, that
the two associations have linked
arms by forming a working or
campaign committee to take complete charge of all matters, political, in that district durirg the
forthcoming Provincial and Dominion campaigns. This is a step
in the right direction and the results will be shown when the ballots are counted. United, we
stand; and united, we shall win.
City is Still Without a
Proper Electric Light Service.
A most interesting bill is being
shown at the Dreamland Theatre
this evening. The feature is a
fine two-reel dramatization of
Bulwer-Lytton's "Ernest Mal-
travers,'' a story of love and adventure that has appealed to a
large number of readers. The
pictured drama is a stirring one
and sure to prove interesting.
A breezy western skit is "Politics and the Press." This brings
into play the typical western
gun-man, the corrupter of press
and politics. A new editor, young
and aggressive, assumes charge
of the local sheet and proceeds to
run the paper to suit himself,
and in the interests of better
legislation. A plot and counterplot, some gun-play, a near-
hanging and a welcome rescue
hold the interest of the audience,
and of course, the niece of the
villain is instrumental in paving
life's path with roses for the
nemesis of the pen. Plain melodrama, but most pleasing at that!
An exceptionally interesting
Htlarst-Selig pictorial completes
the bill. Some excellent pictures
<>f the Panama Exposition are included in this reel.
Next Monday and Tuesday
there will be shown a fine three-
reel feature, "The Lady of the
A man who livet In our town
Thought he mat uiondroui mii«;
He jumped into a busineii,
But wouldn't advertiit.
And wh.n he found hit liutinmu
He Med a method sane;
He started In lo ADVERTISE,
And got It bach again.
Peace River.
A great deal of dissatisfaction
is being expressed regarding the
inadequate lighting service provided the city of Prince George.
No arrangements have been
made regarding the granting of
a franchise to the Northern Telephone and Power Company, and
in the meantime the people of
this city are without proper electric power and light service. Tha
days are getting very short and
will be much shorter before they
commence to lengthen again.
The service afforded at present
is very satisfactory in most ways.
Still, it is only little better than
a twelve-hour service, sometimes
fourteen. Without question
Prince George ,should have a full
service. Light is needed in many
cases all day. Many rooms are
rendered practically useless
throughout the long winter
months unless artificially lighted.
British Columbia is of course
only in her infancy when itcomea
to a matter of the development
of natural resources. This province has every advantage in the
world when it comes to a matter
of providing cheap electric energy. There is hardly a district
that has not sufficient water power to ensure cheap electric light
and power, and yet in this district we aie paying sonethrg
like 30 cents per kilowat hour for
The following, clipped from a
Vancouver paper, gives a fair
comparison of the situation in
this and other parts of  Canada :
the world's largest line of electric
power transmission and at rates
which vary from 1 l-4c per K.
W. hour for over 100 H.P. to 3
l-2cfor3H.P. or less. Without
impairing its world renowned
scenio beauties, the homes and
streets of middle and western
Ontario are thus lighted from
Niagara Falls. The factories and
shops are run by cheap power
from the same source and the
homes in city and country may
be and are supplied with power
to run the sewing machine and
clean the floor, besides running
the thresher or plough."
Everything cannot be done in
a day, of course, but it is high
time that the citizens of Prince
(leorge were provided with a
better light and power service.
Local Man Writes
From Shorncliffe.
A letter has just been received
by Mr. J. G. Quinn from Pte.
Frank Ferguson, well-known in
this district before he left for
the front. Pte. Ferguson writes
as follows:
"It is surprising how many of
the boys from the Georges are
here, or have already gone to the
front. As you are aware, we
were drafted from Calgary rather suddenly, leaving there by
train at 4 a.m. With the exception of a few squad drills wa
never left  the train  until  we
"Peace River. Crossing," the
magic numb which' has been associated with the north ever
since there was any travel in the
vast territory north of Edmonton
is now "Peace River," according
to citizens of the northern town.
A meeting of the board of trade
and citizens was held on Monday
of last week/when it was decided that "Peace River Crossing"
is too un wieldly a name, and by
unanimous choice it was decided
to drop the third word. Advices
concerning the decision have
been made to the provincial government, for its part, has acceded to the request.
It is only during the past two
or three years that the population of the town has increased to
its present large proportions, but
for a greater number of years
than the majority can remember
the site where the town is located
was the stopping place for all
northern travellers, whether for |jsts are losses suffered during, the great allied offensive
The paper adds-that the total Prussian losses alone now i
amount to 2,0&9,454.   In addition, 230 Bavarian, 280 Saxon and 293 Wurtemburg lists have been published, along
with 55 naval lists.
marched  aboard  the  transport
rr._yr.r__,     v , _   , "The success of the Ontario Metagama, bound for Plymouth
LONDON.-—trench forces have recaptured the town hydro-electric power commission;England.   We had an anxious
of Veles in southern Serbia from the Bulgarians according S would call for the advocacy of a time passing through the war
to advices received by the Serbian legation in Athens from j similar commission for British lone outside the British Ialea.
Guevgeli.   lt has been officially announced in Monastir;Columbia-   I" Ontario, power
that Veles was retaken by French on November 8tb.   |    — feSS^
LONDON.—Petrograd military authorities estimate] Windsor, a distance of 242 miles—
that there are 110 (lerman infantry divisions in the West, ]	
50 German and 40 Austrian infantry divisions, with 2S Taxes MllSt be Paid
Austro-German cavalry divisions on the Russian front, and
20 Austro-German divisions invading Serbia.
ROME.—In the Daone valley one of our reconnoitering parties attacked and put to flight enemy detachment
concealed in the vicinity of Murandin bridge, between Val
Daone and the river.
In the upper Cordevole our offensive against the
formidable ramparts of Col di Lan'a was crowned with
success. Exceptional difficulties of terrane, to which must
be added numerous powerful defensive works, the determined resistance of the enemy and the severity of the early winter, have not succeeded in arresting the forward
march of our brave troops.
PETROGRAD.— The finance committee has framed
the terms of a new internal loan of one billion roubles
($500,000,000). The loan will run for ten years. The rate
of interest will' be five and a half per cent, and the loan
will be issued at 95.
ROTTERDAM.-Ten more Prussian casualty lists
have been published, covering the period from October 2
to November 2, inclusive. In this period the Prussian
losses amounted to 78,376, or, roughly, 21,000 more than
in the previous ten lists published.
The Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Cou rant suggests that the
increase in casualties justifies the supposition that these]
Several large properly
in this city have refused to pay
their taxes, or rather have neglected to do sp. Possibly in some
cases the owners have not been
able to do so. However, according to the ruling of the council at
the meeting held this week, it
will be necessary for these people to pay up promptly, 'lhe
cjty requires some ready cash to
carry on the business on hand,
and to pay salaries, and unless
taxes are paid it is impossible to
successfully carry on the work.
They seemed to be after us all
the time. After we picked up
our escort, two destroyers, we
were more at our ease and got
some sleep. The destroyers were
i for all the world just like two
jdogs playing around us. sweep-
! ing the sea in all directions,
owners | The training in Canada is nothing compared with the training
here. This is the the place you
have to get down to business.
A Canadian recruit is not here
long until he is as good as any
of them. He jumps to it on
guard like a steel trap. I was
told by an orderly at the Sarcee
camp that there were over 200
men from Prince George and
that district."
Cultivate local modesty, but make
yourself conspicuously useful.
the Grande Prairie district and
points further west or for the
big reached of territory to the
north. The adoption of the name
"Peace River," will still happily
identify the town with the vast
stretches of agricultural land
that have become known far and
wide as the Peace River district.
Already the Gillespie Elevator
Company, of Edmonton, have
erected two elevators on the E.
D. & B. C. railway, and they
may also build at Peace River. to jtaly to (,stablish relations
It is also stated other companies; wjth profesSors 0f law and other
are preparing to enter the field. I promineht people, were given a
A Permanent Peace.
Berne.—A committee of the
congress founded to study the
basis of lasting peace announces
that the delegation which  went
This year a tremendous crop of
wheat has been harvested north
of Peace River, and west of the
town of Peace River, and this
will be shipped via the Central
Canada Railway bs soon as construction is completed.
cordial reception. They learned
for a certainty that Italians
would participate in some way in
the congress.
The   delegates   in   particular
succeeded in convincing a num-
Hereafter, until further notice'
the services of the Presbyterian
Church will bt-held in the Con-]
servati.e Club Rooms instead of
in the Hex Theatre.
ber of eminent people that the
congress is not a manifestation
in favor of a cessation of hostilities, and has no intention of j
meddling in the pourparlers that
will be precede the conclusion of
peace, it is stated.    .  , j
Photo shows the newest of defences against attacks
from the air. This instrument indicates the slightest
sound of an approaching Zeppelin or aeroplane, even at
a distance of many miles away. PUBLISHED WEEKLY HY THE NORTHERN
fl.50 1
To tin
er Year,
e Advance,
a tea $2,00,
All eoinmunlc
The. Hen
I.l. Prlnci
del Ik. addressed In
George, B, C,
eitM ei s
II. Wes
li. 1!. Walker,
.Mun'*Kiri.   Edl!
of any in the world, and we shall j St. Stephen's, South Kort George.
see an influx of the highest type
of citizens, who will help us develop the natural resources of the
country, and to set up the highest possible moral and political
The Vancouver Sun, in ils issue of November 5th,  prints a
A cable to the Tribune from
Athens say!;: The defence of
Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is now
entirely intrusted to Turkish
troops from Adrianople.
Varna and  Burgas, Bulgarian
striking cartoon depicting Cana- Ports which have been attacked
da welcoming home her crippled ty tlie Russian fleet, are thus
heroes. Canada, wearing a d'a-1 held by the herediary enemies of
dem of maple leaves, stretches j the Slavs against. Russia, Bul-
out eager arms to the sick, thei party's liberator.
lame and the blind, who come1 It is learned that thousands of
back to their homes in a pitiable | Bulgarians, especially those liv-
condition after having served j ing in Russia, are thoroughly dis-
their country, gusted with the policy of their
Much comment can be made i government, and fear eventually
upon this subject. If it is all-(that the whole Slav world will
important that Canada, in order turn against them. Already re-
to uphold her place in the empire, Ports are coming of serious in-
contribute freely of her men and | ternal troubles in Bulgaria. Many
money iu the
Sunday, 8 a. m., Holy Communion
(second "and fourth Sundays); 2-80 p.m.,
Sunday school ; 7-3(1 p. m., evening
prayer and sermon.
Wednesday, 7-30 p.m., evening prayer with intercessions for those engaged
in the war.
St. George's, Central Fort Georoe.
Sunday, 8 a.m., Holy communion
(third Sunday); 11 a.m., morning
prayer, litany and sermon; 2-30 p.m.,
Sunday school; 7-30 p. m., evening
prayer and sermon.
Kriday, 7-30 p.m., evening prayer
with intercessions lor those engaged in
the war. '
Prince Georoe-Temporary church
on Seventh Avenue. Sunday, H a.m.,
Holy Communion (First Sunday); 11 a.
m. Morning Prayer. Litany and Sermon;
2.30 p.m., Sunday School.
Holy Communion at all these churches
on holy days and week days, according
i to notice.
First Methodist Church, Prince
GEOROE, near Princess Theatre, Third
Avenue west. Rev. H. L. Morrison,
B. .., paslor. Services at 11 a.m., and
7-30 p.m.;   Sunday school, 12 p.m.
manage lx. .
Parcel Checking
and Storage.
RUSH BROS., Proprietors.
Prince George,
Phone 51. Opposite Station.
First Church, FortGeorge.-Rev.
C. M. Wright, h.a., minister. Services
at 11  a.m.  and 7-30   p.m.;   Sahbath
desperate efforts of thousands of Bulgarian deserters; school at 12-ir, p.m.
the allied forces to overthrow the have made their way intn Rou- L Knox Chukot, South Fort Georoe.
un ennui ioili _ in n\t iiiuim mt d     •       ft       '!l'v'  A- *■■  ''llstici'.   H.A.,   minister.
pernicious   power  of   leutonic mania and even to Russia, rather Service every Sunday morning in the
militarism, ihen is it also impor- than fight as comrades with their|church at u a.m
tan! ihat nothing he said or done age-old oppressors.
that will in any way hinder the| " '     i
The  London   Daily
puts it this way : "To her eloquent champion, Gladstone; to
her liberator, Russia; to her unfailing friend, England; Bugaria
owes her national existence. For
the rapid mobilization of troops
and the raising of necessary
capital, A prospective recruit
receives little encouragement to
join the colors if he faces constantly the depicting of the terrible price that many of the!3 PeoP,e which is S!av t0 thecore
fighters must pay. On the other!to take UP aPms a£ainst Russia-
band, it is often said that this I whose sons died by the thousand
but incites prospective soldiers to in order to rescue Bulgaria from
quicker action. Far be it from!the oppressive rule of the Turks,
us to judge. ' wou'^ ^ an act °^ Perfi<Iy °f un"
We mav read of the horrors of Parelleled baseness. But hatred
war for a lifetime, sitting back of Serbla and the lust for >m-
in our comfortable homes, sur- jmed,ate territorial acquisitions
rounded by loved ones and many :seem to have Uinded the eV<?8
of life's comforts, and never be and eloi,ded the Judgment of the
able to realize even to a small deJBu!«ra,'ian   poverement  and  its
. ree the dreadfulness of modern i ambitious ruler,"	
armed  conflict.   One   thing  is ~
certain. War is ravaging the AscIuith Is having much the
world to-dav, and what would be!same experience as President
the result ii' our armies were de.! Uncoln in the first two years of
feated ? To contemplate such a!the civil w8r- Reverses to the
result is but to renew every elfortitothe ft'deral armies subjected
to overthrow the despotic influ-!Lincoln to widespread and harsh
ence of Prussian militarism. criticism.   Once   the   northern
The human mind is staggered armies be^an to win- a11 this
at the frightful cost, both in men | vanished. While they have not
and means.   It seems all so fu- had reverses, the British armies
Sabbath school al
Saint Andrew's Church, Prince
i George.-Rev. A. C. Justice, B.A.,
Chronicle minister. Service is held in the Rex
Theatre, George Street, every Sunday
evening at 7-30 p.m.; Sabbath School
in the Ke.\ Theatre, at 2-30 p.m.
Third Avenue, near George Street.
A Gospel Meeting will be conducted
on Sunday, at S-lft p.m. There is no
collection.   All are welcome.
Nechaco Feed
and Sale Stables
tile and hopeless.   Mankind must
suffer unutterable woe no matter
in the Dardanelles have  made
little headway,   and.  a  notable
what the outcome may be; and j victory lhere or in the Balkans
yet the solution of the problem !at the Present hour would stiffen
seems so simple that the continu-1 the coalition government wonder-
ance of bloodshed appears little) 'u"y>
short of actua ■_,„  ,,,.      ...
If the   city council could  by
insanity on the
part of the race. If each and
every man refused to become a
murderer there would be no war,
and all arguments to the contrary
there i.s no dissention that cannot be satisfactorily and justly
settled without recourse to arms.
It is to be hoped, though such
statements seem idle and empty,
that this awful world nightmare
may result in the awakening of
mankind to a truer and nobler
However the rest of the world
must suffer from the economic
conditions after the war, most
people seem to think that the
cessation of hostilities will mean
a great boom in industries for
the West. At present, as we all
know, the lumber trade is badly
handicapped, but the end of the
! chance secure the money spent
by.(ireat Britain  for one day's
I war expenses we should have
some town. The amount is trifl-
2 doors North of Post Office,
Vanderhoof, B. C.
Mall Stage to Fort St. James,
every Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Saddle and Pack Horses
for hire,
D. H. HOY, Prop.
Pastime Pool Rool.
Home Builder
rE will sell
you a fine
residential lot
which is within
two blocks of
George Street,
for $325, providing you a-
gree to build a
house costing
$1,000 thereon
within a year.
^uuuni   -.uisiiNE
Corner Hamilton & Third
South Fort George, B.C.
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly rale* aa application
Bent of wlom,
1-ieninrn und i-ii_«rrt
Albert Johnson, pr«P.
Shot and Shells
Shotguns and Rifles
Ammunition and Traps.
Kennedy, Blair & Company, Limited.
Fort George Hardware Co.
Sheet Metal.   Furnaces a Specif
Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water
Phone 12, Prince George. Generil Repairing.
The Millar Addition of Prince
(ieorge promises to become
the best residential section of this city.
Full Line of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos.
Barber Shop in Connection.
Corner 4th Avenue
• and George St.
JN1 Wesley
| Phone 103      George St.
Inland Express Company, L
Express Carried on. Steamer H. X.
Wm. Somerton, Agent      ■        -     South Fort George.
a !
The Zeppelin.
A very interesting1 address was
delivered last Tuesday evening
in the First Methodist Church by
the Rev. Mennen, late of London
England, The speaker was in
London at the time of one of the
recent Zeppelin raids, and (lescribed the experience in a very
entertain, manner. Mr. Mennen
spoke of London as a very cheerless place, comparatively speak-
in. . The li. hts are nearly all
extinguished at night, to prevent
any air craft from blazing away
war will see, with the release of I at a conspicuous target. On the
ships and the lessened cost of occasion mentioned a bomb set
charters, and the enormous de- afire a large warehouse in the
mand for lumber, prosperity all | vicinity of St. Paul's Cathedral,
along the coast, Experts agree j and the cathedral was brilliantly
also that there will he a greatly I lighted up, giving the enemy a
increased demand for metals,'fine opportunity to wreck that
copper particularly, owing to thej famous edifice. Happily, the
enormous wastage by the war. Zeppelin withdrew without being
As a result of the war also, the:able to continue the bombard-
live .tick industry  will  be more I ment.
profitable than ever, It is very' Despite the fact that much
likely that the termination1 of [criticism is heard regarding pol-
hostilities will see thousands of itical dissention throughout Great
1'fople going "back to the land,"1 Britain, Mr, Mennen says that
which will mean.real estate val- without question everything pos-
ues enhanced, and agriculture on sible is being done to further the
a firmer, better-paying basis, It interests of the army and navy,
will also mean the settling of the and personal feuds are being for-
e\v districts along the lines of gotten in the face of the greater
cently   opened   railways.   In necessity.
Vanderhoof, B. C.
25 Rooms, Excellent Cuisine,
. Finest of Wines, Liquors and
Cigars, American Plan.
Rates - $2.50 per day.
Dominion nnd R. C. Land Surveyors,
Surveys of LandB, Mines, Townsites,
Timber Limits, etc.
Port f.i-art;: Il.e. Victoria. It r.
Il.eeileeei.ii.l Slle-.-l III, IVe,il..-e leeii Itlele.
t\ P. Hurile.il, Mitr. F. ('. Green, Mm.
i N.hien. R. C. Ne.w lleize'llmi, a C,
j       II. , Wurel Street It. () Allle-ell. _Kr.
A. II. Green, Mitr.
= .
F. M. Ruggies & Co.,
The Pioneer Real Estate Agents.
Real Estate : Insurance : Loans : Mining
rtotazi.      GEORGE STREET.      pho_e.i.
Prince George
Livery Co.
Up-to-date Equipment
Corbett & Fahrencroft,
Prince George.
Phone 58.      P. O. Box 195.
Dr. R. W. Alward,
Ruggies' Bldg., George St.
High-Class Barber
Prince George Hotel,
E.   E.   PlIAIR
Modern and up-to-date in every respect.
Entire building Steam Heated.   Hot antl
.    Cold Water in Rooms. Public and Private
Got Our Eeillinatcn Free of Chnrio ll Joh Work Neatly nml Promptly Exociituel
Razor-Honing a Specialty
Ruggies' Block,
< ieorge Street.
Fort George & Alberta Telephone & Electric
Company, Limited.
(leneral Telephone and Telegraph Business. Business
Phones, on private lines, $. a month ; __ a month, party lines.
Residence Phones, S3 a month, private lines; $2 a month, party
lines. Shortest and quickest line to Vancouver and shortest
cable line to Europe.
Phone 47 Prince George for messenger or other information.
CHARLES  A.  GASKILL,   Manager. ye are told that the highest
Authorities   in    Berlin I and   in
Prance had no idea that England
Ivotild enter the war, that even
the eventful day when it was
■known   that   France  had  sent
ord that Russia could depend
■upon her aid, political France and
IBerlin were still entirely in the
|i:aik regarding Britain's action.
ot so the French people; never
doubt crossed their minds that
I Km.land   would   not  stand  by
hem, and when, on August 2nd
Ithe streets of Paris were full of
imarching, shouting and cheering
iicn and women, one of their
greatest rallying cries was "Vive
Well, Mr
I not end
Kaiser Bill, the war
in October.
"Germans are in Ugly Mood"
iys a headline. When were
ley in any other kind ?
We've been wondering lately
[what    (Hj uncivilized    warfare
must be like.
The cream of the Herman army
which the Crown Prince was
leading, seems to have been
whipped cream,
now one o
-.«....,» eia.i    ICOJJUHUCU    nuuiy    tu j l
the cry of the starving Belgians,
and I feel certain that this special
appeal tor sixpence per head will
meet with ready response.' The
appeal is for a most worthy object and it is commended to your
best consideration to take such
action as you may think desirable.
The message has been transmitted to me as premier of Canada
and I feel it my duty to commend
it to you as premier of your
The government of British
Columbia is anxious that this
appeal be given as great publicity
as possible, The appeal is indeed
a most worthy one, and we can
well afford from our comparative
wealth to give generously to the
starving millions of stricken Belgium.
Remittances should be made to
Mr. J. A. Lindsay, 304, Times
Building, Victoria, B. C.
Mr. John Boehner—he of the
glad hand and ready wit—has
recovered from his recent illness.
John's billiard parlors presented
a rather funereal aspect for several days tbis week, owing to the
master's voice being rather
noticeably subdued. What's that?
It would appear that in Teutonic circles General Demand is
outflanking General Supply.
Aeroplanes still have a long
way to go before proving that
they are more deadly in war than
in peace.
It's up to Kaiser Bill to fix a
new date for the ending of the
A man who goes through life
on a bluff is apt to have a bad
fab at any time.
el Asia be menaced and Japan will be jumping over the ropes
j to challenge the aspirant. The Hon- w- R- R°ss '» advis
ed by the Department of Trade
& Commerce at Ottawa, that the
exhibits of British Columbia lumber recently sent to Australia
are being shown at the Royal
Exchange, Sydney, and will
afterwards be featured at an approaching architectural exhibition. The Canadian Trade Commissioner at Melbourne, to whom
v speaking, Mexico is the exhibi's were consigned, is
Cur leading peaceful ?"?"*'"* f?r t'mber importers,
Our idea of a lazy man is one
who would rather pay fora shave
than wash his face.
Nothing is so fatal to the romance of a stolen kiss than to
have the girl sneeze at the wrong
Mr, John Frost left his card in
Prince George this week.
Like father like son, says the
old adage; but a girl may like
the son without having much use
for the old man.
The German gleaners after the
harvest of war—famine, pestilence and poverty, Hardly allied
with kultur!
Appeal For Relief.
builders, and others who are in ,   . T
terested to view them, and re-    ,N?* »■ the **" ft* our pro-
ports that the varied and beauti-1vincial ,nfant mdustnea to grow
ful finish which British Columbia up"
Douglas Fir takes has been the
subject of considerable comment.
It will be remembered that a
number of these exhibits were
sent abroad earlier In the year
and as in the case of the Sydney
Request Comes From Sir G. j display, have attracted much at-
Pprlev to Premier Sir       tention in the imP°rtant trade
m ley to premier sir     j centre9 at wWch they hftve been
R. L. Borden.
Sir Richard McBride, premier
of British Columbia, has received
the following message from Sir
Robert Borden : "The British
National Committee for Relief in
Belgium has sent the following
appeal signed by the Lord Mayor
of London to all the high commissioners and agents general of
the overseas'dominions. It has
been transmitted by Sir George
IV .'ley, and is as follows: 'The
birthday of the heroic King of
the Belgians falls on Monday,
fifteenth November, and as chairman of the National Committee
for Relief in Belgium, I appeal to
the people of the British Empire
lo celebrate this event in a manner that will afford King Albert
the greatest satisfaction, namely
by subscribing money enough to
iced the whole of the three million destitute Belgians in Belgium
All the members of the 82rd
Overseas Battalion, Lieut.-Col.
H. D. Hulme, commanding, are
now encamped at Hastings Park
with the 72nd Battalion. The
left half of the regiment, comprising Companies C and D, arrived from the central mobilization camp at Vernon on a special
troop train. The train made a
quick run from the Okanagan,
leaving Vernon at 6-30 p.m. and
reaching Hastings Park soon
after 11 o'clock the following
morning, where the men were
quickly detrained and marched
into their winter billets in the
Manufacturers' Building. There
are now approximately 2500 men
in camp at the exhibition grounds.
Col. J. Duff Stuart, commandant of the central mobilization
camp, arrived on the regular
train,   He intends to return to
their beloved monarch's fete | Vernon to superintend the breaking up of the camp, which will
be effected shortly.
Some men kick over the heavy
load they have to carry, while
others kick because they haven't
the price of the load,
The sight of the 62nd and 67th
on parade would be an interesting one for the local citizens.
Practically all of the Prince
George recruits who have not
gone to the front are in Vancouver or Victoria. The moving of
the 62nd from Vernon to Vancouver means that before long
this regiment will be off for
active service.
The clerk who addressed a recruiting circular to Lord Kitchener must be either an absent-
minded beggar or an undiscovered humorist.
Coal mining rights of lhc Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, thc Yukon Territory, the j
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province uf British Co- [
lumbia, may be leased fur a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental
of $1 an acre. Not more than 2,500
acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be I
made by the applicant in person to]
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for
shall be staked out by the applicant
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of
five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine
shall furnish the Agent with sworn
returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon. If the coal
mining rights are not being operated,
such returns should be furnished at
least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
the mine at the rate of "$10.00 an acre.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication o/j
this advertisement will not be paid j
Yo|r ^
Nourishin^yj 111
Ogilyies Royal Household
Canada's Best Flour
Kennedy, Blair & Co., Limited,
•lay. Sixpence (12 cents) will
keep une Belgian alive for one
•lay. Therefore 1 appeal for
lliree million limes sixpence to
enable us to'keep alive on this
fete day every one of the king's
British Columbia and Yukon
have contributed 17,500 men to
the cause of the empire.
.1 "....
'r  "
lo AnOdd Frock Which She Wear.      in the N»w\^JAlrr'
The ideal place to live would be
A farm with meadows stretching wide
And right next door a grocery,
And bak'ry on the other side.
A theatre across the way
With all the latest comedies,
And next to thet a grand stand, say,
Where one could watch ten-inning ties.
The cowbells ringing in the lanes
While taxicabs and cars go by;
A station near with frequent trains ;
Neat restaurants and open sky.
An apple tree 'neath which to sit
And view thc traffic in the street,
And movies on a screen to flit,
W hile breezes blow from off the w heat.
A brook to croon, a band to snort;
The city sigh.s, a country view ;
A rural urban home, in short-
I think a place like that would do.
Only High Class
Pictures Shown.
Photo-Play Piano.
(Seven instruments in one)
Shows Every Evening.
QOOD merchandise
behind careful
advertising will always bring satisfaction. The Herald
is the best advertising medium in this
district. An advertisement in our columns will bring your
goods to the notice
of ready buyers -
with profit to us all.
Phone 25.
The Northern Lumber and
Mercantile Co., Until
Manufacturers of High
Grade Fir and Spruce
Dealers in Generaj Hardware and Builders' Supplies.
Prince George and Soulh Fort George.
Panama News Stand.
The Panama News Stand can ies
your home paper. A full line of
fiction is always on hand, as well a:.
all current periodicals. Best quality stationery, cigars, cigarettes and
snutt's. We are up-to-date in everything.
George Street - Prince George.
Johnson & Finlaison
Pioneer Coal aud Wood Dealers
Mined in the West.    Beware of Inferior Grades,
Our Motto is "Full Measure."
Phone 90 Yard t Queen Street
Mason & Henderson,
Building and General
Plans and Estimates
Prince George, B. C.
G« T«  __?• K.
Edmonton - Prince George
Prince Rupert
NO. 1 Leave Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 10.35 p.m.
WESTBOUND Arrive Prince George Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.00 p.m.
Leave Prince Oeorge Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays 8.15 p.m.
Arrive I'rince Rupert, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 6.15 p.m
NO. 2 Leave Prince Rupert Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays 10.30 a.m
EAST BOUND Arrive I'rince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.30 a.m.
Leave Prince George Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays . 8.45 a.m.
Arrive Edmonton Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays 8.00 a.m.
Travel via the
Our Agents will be pleased to furnish any
information desired.
Distiict Pu_e-riKe-r Agent,
Winnipeg, Man,
Just Stop and Think
ii        ——
of the risk and inconvenience of burning coal oil.
Why not be tip-to-date? Have your house wired,
it costs but a trifle more. Rates on application at
our office - Rooms 7 & 8, Post Building, George
Street, and at the plant, South Fort George. We
have a stock of lamps, shades, fixtures, irons, and
handle all utility devices.
Northern Telephone & Power Co., Ltd.
— aaaaaaaaa—oaaa—ag—aaai
Electric light Service and Power Furnished.
House Wiring and Electrical Fixtures of all kinds.
Phone 10-Four RingB, South Fort Goorge.
Phone 10, Prince George. I onuelo v -e
Cross work. A folic ofcaiid.v Is l»'-
inght.il nil tln.v Imlii.v in Hood's
sl .i'<_   Some vi'i'.v kmiptiiig tliiiiitk.
lire liein.   ofl'i'i'i'il.
Owing to Uiu fad lhal ihe mails
lo (he 01(1 Country nre very uncertain, il would lie well for those
sending parcels for Christmas to get
(hem off as soon ns possible, ln
some eases it now requires six weeks
for mail to reaWi its destination in
different parts of tho llritish Isles.
Your early attention to this matter
will save delay and disappointment,
and will also relieve the rush of
Christmas Mail.
■ #'"*#*#
A-l^v-law for the regulating ol'jbe
cleaning of chimneys will he brought
in hy Aid. I . M. Ruggies at the
next meeting of Ihe council. Ureal
danger from chimney lires always
exists in nny community, and this
is a matter of the greatest importance Owing to the unceasing
vigilance of our lire department and
the care exercised by the citizens
themselves, we have been very fortunate of late in this regard. Still,
it behooves us lo neglect nothing
that will prove a safeguard  against
* »   *   ,   #
The Prince (leorge Auxiliary of
the lied Cross Society held an enthusiastic "meeting in the Kirst
Methodist Church, Wednesday afternoon. A new board of officers was
elected, as follows; President, .Mrs.
\V. P. Ogilvie; Vice-President, Mrs,
•I. IT. Johnson; Treasurer, Miss F.
Maundrell; Secretary, Mrs. C. A.
Pyne. The city branch of thc soei-
et.v will hereafter work ujider the
British Columbia branch, instead of
under the A^erta branch as heretofore. <
# *   »   *   »
Mayor Gillett returned from
Vanderhoof yesterday, where he has-
been superintending the completing
of the new school there. His Worship expects to leave for Vancouver
and Victoria to-morrow, where he
will take jip matters uf great importance to tho city.   Tho question
of raising money for city use will be j \]ou. Pink ErwmaA
gone into, and also the question of ly*W V"lUO FOrmta.
the bridge across the Nechaco River
Mr. and Mrs. S. .1. Harms, formerly of Fort Gcorre, are the proud
parents of a young son, bom on the
2nd inst.    Mr. tl;mns was eonnec-
ted,with the Herald before leaving j flict un^| ^ Crimean War be.
for bis new home in Herbert, Sa
lending growl of artillery conveys
,,,,..                  ,      ! a grimmer impression.to the brain
For twenty-three years—from f*"            *?
-,   '           '    ,       ...     than any spectacle.
August,  1792,  when   the  allies! ______
crossed the French frontier toj
suppress  the Revolution,   until
Waterloo   war was a pretty con-1
stant occupation in Europe.   But
after 1815 there was no big con-
Mr. P. E. Wilson, city solicitor,
arrived hack from an extended trip
to the coast last Sunday evening.
While iu Vancouver and Victoria
Mr' Wilson saw many of the soldiers
who were recruited in (his district.
The ner sknting rink  is coming
along in fine shape.    Mr.  J.  Frost
is also getting in good work, and  it
is expected that we shall he treated
to skating and hockey in  the  near
»   *   *   »   •
The funds for the hockey club are
coining in—slowly but surely—and
enough new uniforms to supplement
the supply already on hand have
heen ordered.
j »   »   »   #   #
The cily is practically assured of
having soldiers with us this winter.
There are already l'O recruits, out
of the 2o necessary to form a unit,
and it is expected that there will be
the requited number ready   in  a
short time.
# #   #   *   #
Mr. Reg. Brehaut, manager of the
city hockey club, returned yesterday
morning from Vanderhoof.
* #   ♦   *   #
Good skating on the slough is
giving to many an early opportunity
to hit the slippery sheet again.
Mr. Russel Peden returned Thursday night from K .monton,
The hookey club dance to be held
in tbe Alexandra Hotel, Thursday
evening, the 25lh, will giveourone-
tnne American citizens an opportunity of celebrating two events at
"lie time. This is the date set for
the celebration of Thanksgiving day
in the United estates.
The Prince (ieorge Dancing Club
held a most enjoyable dance in the
Mortsc JIall, last Wednesday evening. The music was excellent, nml
the linich provided by the ladies
most refreshing. These dances are
very enjoyable ;ind arc well,'ittendcd.
Hood's range contest closes this
afternoon, and tbe drawing will' lie
at 3 p.m. There is still n chance
for you to win this line prize.
A meeting was held Thursday
evening in tbe Fort George Presbyterian church for the purpose
of organizing a men's club. Officers were elected and the club is
away to a good start. The basement of the church will be used
for quarters and new apparatus
will be installed. A small fee of
25 cents per month is imposed
for membership dues. This, it
is thought, will be sufficient to
keep the club running.
Such a venture would be very
commendable on the part of
Prince George, in which case a
basketball league might be
'igan in 1854. Concerning this
period Channing observed: "Poverty keeps the peace in Europe."
And again: "When the voice of
humanity cannot be heard the
hollow sound of an empty treasury is a warning that cannot be
The present war has already
been positively about as costly in
men and money as the whole
twenty-three years of Revolu
tionary-Napoleonic warfare. The
death roll of that period is estimated at something over two million men. Mortality since August, 1914, is variously estimated;
but it is certainly rapidly approaching two millions. The
direct money cost'of the Revolutionary-Napoleonic warfare to
England alqpe considerably exceeded three billion dollars. England's bill was no doubt heavier
than Mat of any other single contestant, and it is doubtful if the
total direct money cost exceeded
that from August, 191 i, to date.
Relatively, of course, the older
struggle was much costlier than
this, for Europe is more populous
than it was a hundred years ago
and immensely richer. Population of the territory in the German empire, for example, hu
nearly trebled; wealth of England and France hai rlien from
lent than twenty-flve billion dollar! to more than a hundred and
twenty-flve billions. But daily
destruction, aa compared with a
century ago, is proceeding at a
rate vastly greater than the increase in wealth and population.
Every day increases the probability that the time will come when
poverty will keep the peace.
In the first four months of the
current year, Norway imported
more than twice as much raw
sugar as in the same months last
"WATER ACT, 1914."
Montague Glass, the creator of
Potash and Perlmutter, says an
acquaintance of his, a clothing
manufacturer on the east side of
New York, received a call from
a city salesman representing a
notions, trimming and button
house. The visitor began to
spread out his samples.
"Put'em up! Put'em up!"
said the manufacturer in a tired
businese-man tone. "I wouldn't
care to look at nothing what you
"But, Mister Cohen-"
"S 'nough ! I won't look. Go
away please!"
The salesman gszed at him admiringly, "Mister Cohen," he
said, "I only wish one thing- I
wish I had only fifty customers
like you."
"I told you I didn't wish to see
nothing what you got."
"Sure, you did; and that's
why I says I wish I had only
fifty customers like you. Instead
I got two hundred !"
First photograph to arrive in Canada of the actual
trial of Porter Charlton, the American.youth who murdered his beautiful but middle-aged'wife at LakoComo,
Italy, over five years ago.
List of pre-emptions
with full description
price and terms.
The Wright
Investment Co.,
Prince Georce.
Before the Board of Investigation
IN THE MATTER of Austin Creek,
Australian Creek, Baker Creek, Battle Creek, Beaver River, Beedy
Creek, Bootjack Lake, Big Lake also
known as Four Mile Lake, Black
Bear Creek, Black Douglas Gulch,
Boitcher Croek, Buckskin Creek, Bulbar Bar Creek, Celcies Gulch, China
Lske, Coquette Creek, Cunningham
Creek, Deep Creek, Duck Creek.l
Eight Mile Creek, First Sisters Creek
Five Mile Creek, Five Mile Lake,
Four Mile Creek, Friday Creek,
French Snowshoe Creek, Goose Creek
Half Mile Creek, Half Mile Gulch,
Harvey Creek, Higdon Creek, Keith-
ley Creek, Likely Gulch, Little Lake
Creek, Little Snowshoe Creek, East
branch of Little Snowshoe Creek,
Mackin Creek, Moffatt Creek, Moore-
head Creek, Morgan Creek, Mountain Creek, Mud Lake, Mud Lake
Creek,   Murderer's   Gulch,   Kellies
• Creek, Niagara Creek, Nine Mile
North Creek, .orth Sisters Creek,
One Mile Creek, Polley Lake, Pollock's Lake, Poquette Lake, Prouton
Lakes, Roses Gulch, Roses Gulch
Lake, Sellers Creek, Seven Mile
Creek, Six Mile Creek also known as
Alacks Creek, Six Mile Lake, Skunk
Creek, Slum Gulch, Snowshoe Creek,
Soda Creek, Spanish Creek, Spanish
Lake, Stoney Lake, Summit Lake,
Swan Gulch, Ten Mile Lake, len
Mile Springs, Three Mile Creek,
Twenty Mile Creek, Tyhee Lake,
Warren Creek, Warren Lake, Whiskey Creek, Woodjam Creek, Ya-la-
def-as-la Creek, and all other lakes,
streams, springs, etc, draining into
Fraser River or its tributaries below
the mouth of Cottonwood Creek and
above the mouth of Williams Lake
Creek, in the Quesnel Water District.
TAKE NOTICE that each and every
person, partnership, company, or
municipality, who, on the 12th day
of Mareh, 1909, had water rights on any
nf tha above-mentioned streams, U
directed to forward on nrbefarnthe
Slat day of Dacembar, 1916, to the
Comptroller of Water Rights at the
Parliament Buildings, at Vietorla, a
statement of claim In writing aa required by aection 294 of the Water Act,
1914, Printed forma for such statement (Form No. SO for irrigation or
Form No. Sl for other purposes) can
be pbtained from any "of the Water
Recorders in the Province.
The Board of Investigation will tabulate such claims and will receive objections thereto if filed, and will . ive
due notice of the time and place set for
the heating of claims and objections.
Dated at Victoria, B. C, the 18th day
of October, 1915.
For the Board of Investigation,
Walter F. Gregg,
British Columbia Land
Post Building,
Prince George.
Barrister and
George Street,
Prince George.
Barrister and
Armstrong Block,
Prince George.
ll he Jl ime to JtSuy.
THE price of choice farm-lands is lower
today than will be the case when financial and world conditions once more become normal. The careful buyer of good
property during this depression will realize
a big profit. The man in search of a
home, where success is assured, will find
his opportunity here and/iow.
We own exclusively some of the best
pieces of agricultural land in the Prince
George district and are offering some exceptional bargains.
Write for our free illustrated booklet
or call at our George Street office for full
R. R. Walker, Gcttral Apt      GEORGE STREET, PRINCE GEORGE, B. C.
New and Up-to-Date.
Special Supply of New Postcards
Some splendid views of Prince George and vicinity
M. NURICK, Proprietor.
Best Quality Kiln-Dried
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Sash and Doors, Lath,
Shingjes, Lime, Cement.
Bogue & Browne Lumber Co.
Glass and Builders' Supplies,
Wholesale and Retail
Telephone 7.
Shamrock Rrand.
Cigars, Cigarette., Tobaccos, at Wholesale and Retail.
Stationery, Magazines, Newspapers, Confections, mid
Toilet Articles.
Fort George Drug Co., Ltd.
Usclle AveiM, Sooth Fort Georie.   ::   George Street, Friace George.
Real Estate.
Specialist in Prince
George Lots, Farm
Lands and Acreage.
George Street.
Popular Prices and Kim-Class Service.
ie & Bustin,
The Quality Barber Shop.
We carry the finest line of
high-grade cigars, cigarettes anil
tobaccos in the city.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Get "More Money" for your Furs
Beaver, Fozet, Muskrat, Wolves, Marten, Fisher,
White Weasel nd othar Fir Unn eolleeted la yon Motion
how* la Ike ftKU Suum uchnlvelV In NORTHIMHIR1CAN RAW f 1«S
ii rellnble—reiponsible-nnfi! Fur House with nn unblemished ret*
uuitleen exist nir for "im^e than a third of a century." a Icinir am'-
'?«,*..' .r,"'".''!f"ndlni[I'ur.Shipperspre.ii.tii,.SATISI'AC'niH\
AND HUOFITAH ._ return«. Write for"IT.*DoKerl•WW",
the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published.
. _ ^..WrliatorM-NOW-IC.FHKK
*_. 0. _>rjUDCK 1, UIC. o.piCM CHICAGO. _._■ A..
_. .   ■'


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